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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 85

B.D. NR. 8041 - B.D. NR. 8108
8054 8066 8071 8081 8097  8098 8099


Book 85 8054

Is the Bible completed.

3. December 1961. B.D. NR. 8054.

What misconception you have: to assume that Scripture - the book of the fathers, my word - is finalized, that I myself have set a limit insofar as that I now have stopped to express myself - that I don't speak anymore to the people. Who gives you the right to such an assumption? Who will keep me from speaking again and again as a father to my children? Who gives you the right to make such an assertion that the Bible alone is sufficient, that you human beings do not need any additional word? You who reject every new revelation are in the deepest spiritual darkness. And in this darkness you will also not understand the Bible and therefore is this also for you still a closed book because you do not understand the spiritual meaning of the letters, otherwise you would also find in this book the references to my perpetual revelations and the working of my spirit would be understandable to you. But as long as you yourselves are of a spirit that is not revived you will not grasp the meaning of the word that I myself spoke to my disciples when I was walking on earth. How poor you human beings would be if you would have to be content yourselves with a book that you can't check anymore regarding its unchanged content, if the pure truth would not be made available to you again and again - the pure truth to which you can apply a standard and check if you yourselves are moving in it. You, who want to allow this book of the fathers only, have yourselves not comprehended the word, you have only read it with your mind, but you have not let the spirit in you speak to you, who teaches you and who reveals the spiritual meaning of the word. You cling to the letter and do not understand its meaning. And if I myself want to introduce you to the truth then you deny my activity and you suspect my servants to be associated with my opponent; you deny my will and my power to speak to those who are offering me their service with all their faith and who are therefore able to hear my voice in them. And you stubbornly stick to your opinion that my word is completed with Scripture, which you acknowledge as an exclusive book through which I have revealed myself. And that does you harm because you proof by your refusal of my word from above that you are just dead Christians because a Christianity that is alive is a work in love, and this would bring you illumination of the spirit, and understanding of my exceptional help in times of spiritual want as well. You also would then understand the words of the Bible, the promises which I myself gave you and which point out that I reveal myself to those who keep my commandments. How do you then want to interpret these my promises when you deny every new revelation? Do you want to call me a liar when I announced my comforter, which will introduce you to all truth? How do you understand these words which must be fulfilled because every promise I gave to mankind during the times of my walk on earth must be fulfilled. And why do you not want to believe? Because you are of an overbearing spirit, because you lack the inner aliveness, the awakening of the spirit, and you therefore believe that you can determine me and my work, that you can limit it as you like. But you are mistaken, even if you believe that you have obtained knowledge through studying which allows you to reject my words from above. You are of an arrogant spirit and cannot therefore receive yourselves a revelation from me, because I only give my grace to the humble and you lack this humility. And that is why you are still walking in darkness and you will not break through this because you avoid the light that could give you knowledge when you would desire to step into its light. The love for my creatures never comes to an end and I will therefore never miss to speak to you human beings wherever the requirements are met. And my word will always be heard by those who are of good will, to whom the father can speak as to his children and who believe him in an alive manner and I will proof myself to them and the ones that belong to me will recognize my voice because I can be present with them, I can reveal myself to them as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 8054."


Book 85 8066

2. Peter 3:10.

21. December 1961. B.D. NR 8066.

The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night - the day where I reveal myself to all men with a voice of thunder, which everyone will hear and from which no man will be able to flee. Because one day the work of transformation of the earth has to happen; one day order has to be restored; the earth has to again become a station of schooling for the spiritual, which is to mature and reach perfection. And this day is scheduled since eternity; my plan has been built up on that such a transformation once takes place because mankind itself gives rise to it - what my wisdom well recognized. And so my power will also carry out the plan, and you can expect this day with certainty. It will end a redemption period, and a new one will begin, as it is announced in word and script. Again and again I point this out to you, but as you men are unbelieving, as you do not take my words seriously, you will be surprised, because whether also my adversary in the last times rules on earth, whether he brings men completely under his power, that all belief in them gets lost and only true devils will exist in the end, which oppress the ones who are mine and put into highest misery, so they will still be seized by the same horror, when in front of their eyes the ones who are mine will be raptured and they will recognize, that there is no longer any rescue for them, that they themselves fall victim to a work of destruction; that there is no way of escape and that the earth devours them. Because there is no other way to clean the earth; all creation has to get dissolved and all spiritual bound in it be brought into new forms - a work of cleaning has to be executed which comprises everything so that order gets restored, which also guarantees an upward development of the spiritual and which completely rules out the work of my opponent for a time, which is why he will be tied up with his following for a long time. This day of the end is again and again announced to you men but only few believe in it, and also these few do not foresee how near it lies ahead of them - but I will repeat my admonitions and warnings until the end; until the end I will address everyone and refer you to it, and until the end there will still be for every single one of you the possibility to escape the horror of this end. And therefore do not feel sorry for those who have passed away, which I prematurely call away from life - do not feel sorry for them because their fate is better than yours, who live until the end and do not believe. They still have the possibility to come to the light on the other side, but those sink down more and more because I know that they would also choose the way down in the kingdom on the other side, that they also would not use the favours of an early death because I know about the state of every soul and also form his fate on earth according to it. And if it is also difficult to believe in an end of this earth, still men cannot excuse themselves because they only should live justly, then an end will also not earn them the banishment into hard matter, then they will either belong to the ones who are mine, which I transport onto the new earth, or they will still be called away before and then also not get lost. But it is better when they prepare themselves for the near end, when they reckon on the possibility to suddenly be up against a work of destruction from which there is no longer any escaping. Who once has these thoughts on his mind, he will also certainly find the way to me, to the creator of heaven and of earth, who let everything arise and so also can destroy everything again. And I would like to rescue all of you from ruin, and that is why I will again and again hold the last work of destruction on earth in front of you. And who believes, he also will not have to fear this day because he will prepare himself, and no matter how weak he is and not perfect, but he will find a compassionate judge who does not condemn him but helps him to eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 8066.


Book 85 8071

The Last Hour of Earth.

1. and 2. January 1962. B.D. NR. 8071.

And the last hour of the clock of the World moves closer and closer. To you men these words do not mean much because you do not believe that you are standing so close before the end. And I can give you no compelling evidence for your own sake because out of fear you would be unable to still fulfil your purpose in life. And so you must believe or not, and correspondingly your state will be, when the hour is there. Because my plan is laid down since eternity, and deepest love for my creatures has determined me to lay it down in all wisdom, and it will also determine me to execute it because the time is fulfilled. My nature is eternally unchanging, and what I once saw as necessary and successful for the beings still separated from me, that I will also carry out and not let men determine me to change my plan, as it is built up on the will of men, which I saw since eternity as no longer being able to change on this earth. I do not plan and act arbitrarily but immeasurable wisdom and deepest love determine me to everything what happens. And so there is also no motive to abandon my plan of salvation from eternity because I see through everything down to the last, and so I also know that no profit would be attained, if I would change my plan of salvation or change it time wise. You men have to consider that you certainly had enough time at your disposal and you did not change, you who do not believe in me. Much longer time could still be available to you, you still would not change, therefore a postponing of the end would be completely pointless and of no use, because the ones who are mine would then be in danger to still also fall victim to my opponent when I do not bind him as it is scheduled. You just have to grant me highest wisdom and deepest love, and then you will also no longer ask for an averting of an end of this earth, then you will look forward to the coming time in the fullest trust of my love, which will protect everyone who wants to belong to me, and which will certainly also apply the power when it is a matter of helping men in every trouble. And when you men do not want to believe it that the time comes to an end for you, then after all reckon with the possibility that you suddenly will be called away from earth; because you know that you are not able to prolong the life for yourselves and that you also do not know yourselves when the last day has come for you. Only reckon with death, which you are not able to stop, and think of what then will happen to your soul, which is immortal, which is your actual I and about its fate you decide yourselves in life on earth. But you also do not possess this belief in a survival of the soul, and that is why you all are in terrible trouble on account of your unbelief, because it will not stop me to carry out what is announced in word and script. Because the time is fulfilled, and every day is still a favour, which you can use when only your will is good. But do not rely on false prophets who deny an end, who believe to be able to persuade me otherwise, because they do not speak in my name, but are tools of him, who wants to keep you in the darkness of the spirit and who therefore also would like to leave men in the belief that they have unlimited time. Men will rather believe these false prophets and only always seek fulfilment in bodily good living, but not think of their souls, which existence they doubt or deny. And it will come as it is predicted. I myself will come in the clouds to fetch the ones who are mine before the work of destruction at the old earth begins. And no stone will remain on top of the other because the earth has to be renewed. And a new earth will arise, a paradisiacal creation, which will again receive every still undeveloped spiritual, which got free at the destruction of the old earth and needs new formings to be able to mature further. And this new earth will become the stay of those who remain loyal to me until the end. Because these ones have reached the degree of maturity, which allows them entrance into the spheres of light and who therefore also will be allowed to inhabit paradise, which certainly will be for them the same state of happiness as if they, free of their bodily cover, would enter my spiritual kingdom. But they are to serve me as a stock of the new human race. And a new redemption period can only begin with spiritually mature men, who now also help all in the surroundings still bound spiritual to get to a fast maturity, who themselves are so closely united to me in love, that they also bring up their children and children's children to love and can give evidence to them of the glory of their God and creator and so therefore the redemption from form can take place faster, because I dwell in Jesus alive among them - because all men, who will now inhabit the earth, entrust themselves to their divine saviour and redeemer and also take consciously the way to him in the awareness of the original sin and consequently all resistance is broken because then every man consciously goes the way of return to me, so that I myself can dwell with him since his great love towards me allows this. This therefore is the thousand year kingdom where the victory over Satan is obvious, because he can and will press no men any longer, as all have now completely left him and the return to me is carried out and he now no longer has access to my kingdom, as long as also this blessed time slowly again changes - until men again show the inclination to matter and through this the fetters of my opponent - who is lord of matter - will again come loose and his influence again makes itself noticeably felt. But until that time happens much spiritual has entered my kingdom as completely redeemed. I was able to hold a good harvest, and when also now the fight about the souls again begins with my adversary. I still will be victor, and again and again I will wring souls from him and decrease his stock, in which he sees his power. And again and again he will himself help that the redemption of the fallen progresses. Because what is mine I never ever give up, and whether also eternities pass about it - once it returns to me and remains now united with me until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 8071.


Book 85 8081

Forerunner. Visible Appearing. Fulfilled Time.

17. January 1962. B.D. NR. 8081.

Just an excerpt:

And so that the ones who are mine remain strong they will experience energetic support; I will be with them myself in the word; I will send light bearers to them who shine so brightly that they chase away all shadows and also beat back the enemies who want to press mine. I will make men happy with my presence and strengthen them in the resistance against the enemy. And some will be able to see me and draw over great power from it and they will also transfer the power to their brethren. And then you will also hear of one who announces my coming, who will again appear as a voice of one crying in the wilderness and whose light will shine for you all, whom you also recognize as my forerunner in the time of the end. I do not leave you, who want to be and remain mine, in the trouble of the body and the soul; you certainly are not lonely and deserted although earthly it may seem to be so. I am with you myself, and you will also feel my presence and possess an unshakeable faith in me and my coming on the day of judgement.
B.D. NR. 8081.


Book 85 8097

God's love pursues men. Creation is proof of love.

7. and 8. February 1962. B.D. NR. 8097.

Two excerpts only:

But my opponent has great power over you because you desire that, which still belongs to him, because you still turn your eyes towards the earthly world and that is why you do not pay attention to spiritual currents. And the more you desire earthly things the more you prove your affiliation to him and the less you will pay attention to my soft revelations and therefore also not be able to recognize my love, which is permanently meant for you and wants to win you. 8097.

You are to always only consider everything as a gift from me. You are to recognize that everything what I let arise serves you - you are to pay no attention to the evil men do to you, but what your God and creator from eternity created for you in order to make your life on earth pleasant. You are to gratefully accept everything out of my hand what serves you in life, i.e. to always know that it is me who provides for you and looks after you during your life on earth. And so you would have to recognize and acknowledge much love for my part that it certainly should not be difficult for you to love me again because you recognize me as your benefactor. 8097.


Book 85 8098

God reveals himself in times of spiritual need.

9. February 1962. B.D. NR. 8098.

Excerpt only:

You are furthermore to know that my opponent has a tremendous power in the time before the end, granted him by men themselves, who do not earnestly strive for the last perfection - and that he will also succeed in bringing many men to fall whose walk on earth has then been in vain. 8098.


Book 85 8099

Right Vessels for the Light - for Truth.

11. February 1962. B.D. NR. 8099.

And it will be given to you according to your desire. Who asks for truth, he will receive it, but it will never reach the indifferent or will be recognizable by him because I respect the will of man. And that is why I always want to be asked for truth so that you prove to me that you also long for me who is eternal truth. And that is why also the union with me has to be established first in free will because I will never fill a vessel, which does not open itself to receive my gift. You cannot yet assess the gift of favour from above the right way; you are not yet aware what it means to be addressed by the father himself, to be given a knowledge by the father, which gives you an over bright light in the spiritual darkness, which is spread over the earth. But I do not arbitrarily radiate this light; I look for the right vessels for me for this, into which I can flow and which now also appropriately again radiate this light to such places where it is needed. But a certain prerequisite always has to exist, which is first the longing for the pure truth and second the self-creation to a receiving vessel for my spirit current. Through a life of love man must have got ready to a vessel, into which I now can flow myself. And this requires the free will of man, which is why therefore man himself decides the issue whether he will be chosen by me as a useful tool through which I can pass on truth to earth. And I recognize the hearts of men; I know about their form; I know about the will of the individual, and I also know in which way man uses a gift of favour of over high value. I know it who has the earnest will to serve me in my vineyard, and I certainly also employ him there where I need him and where he is at the right place according to his abilities to successfully have an effect on the fellow men's soul salvation. And the inner degree of maturity of man will always also determine the assignment, which I allocate to him in my vineyard. And his activity will not be done arbitrarily but I will assign it myself to him because I know him, because I know about his innermost attitude, his love towards me and towards the neighbour - and because the assignment, which he now fulfils on earth as my loyal servant, can also always only be accordingly. And so I say to you that not many men are filled with the desire for truth. It is true that often my address is desired and expected, but only seldom is it a question for a man of being filled by me with my spirit, to be introduced by me into truth. And that is why pure truth can also only seldom be passed on to earth because the earnest desire for it is the first condition to receive it. But considering the spiritual darkness the supply of truth, of a light, which breaks through the darkness, is so necessary that I certainly bless the man who requests for himself a light from me, and that this man certainly does not direct this request to me in vain. All of you do not value the pure truth high enough; you walk along carelessly, and it touches you little whether you are instructed in truth or not. And you therefore also do not desire truth, and so it also cannot reach you. And that is why every man desiring truth will enjoy my special protection, because only through such the possibility is given to pass on truth to men, even if this does not happen in a direct way - but the desire for truth must also exist when the directly imparted truth is to be accepted by fellow men. But there are few vessels, which prepare themselves to receive pure truth out of God. There are only few men who ask me for the supply of truth, and I will know how to protect these against all challenges of the world; I will know how to protect them from my opponent who will press the light bearers all the time to cause the light, which radiates from them, to go out. The darkness is nearly impenetrable, and that is why mankind is in greatest misery because only the light illuminates the right way, which men are to go to reach their aim. A bright ray of light is urgently required, which breaks through the darkness, and only where the possibility exists to light a light there is also the prospect of rescue of men before the end. The desire for truth is the first condition, and only a man desiring truth can be a useful tool for me, which I can use to bless all men. Because he is able to carry a light further and to lighten up darkness, because he possesses a light, because the desire for truth has lightened a light in himself, which is now also guarded by me from every clouding, which now sends out its bright ray and illuminates the way for men who are of good will. And these my light bearers will always enjoy my protection because I need them in the times of the end, because men must hear the truth, because only through the truth they can become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 8099.


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