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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 84

B.D. NR. 7987 - B.D. NR. 8040
7993 8000 8002 8005 8014  8027 8033


Book 84 7993

Passing On of Prophecies.

16. September 1961. B.D. NR. 7993.

The prophetic gift burdens you with an obligation: to pass on what has been imparted to the prophet through my spirit. They are always only predictions of spiritual nature, even if they concern coming world events, but these are always spiritually explained, and they are therefore always only predicted so that men adjust to them spiritually; because to take earthly measures is absurd since they are useless because (when) my will chooses otherwise. But men are to know that everything what happens is explained spiritually and happens or is allowed for the sake of spiritual maturity. Besides men are not to be affected unprepared by revolutionary events; they are to have time and opportunity to adapt spiritually to them, and above all to just think about the welfare of their soul. And they are also to try to have an effect on their fellow men along the same lines but what they however will only do then when they believe in it themselves, what they have received as spiritual transmission. But you will only recognize a real prophet by that, that he does not instruct men about future things for the sake of earthly gain, but that he announces my will completely unselfishly, which will therefore be revealed to him through a spiritual forecast. And what I want to announce to men in advance is to always just shake them awake in their thinking, it is to get them to the right attitude towards me and to the world. They are to learn to consider the latter to be passing and eagerly think of their souls; they are to not give themselves thoughtlessly over to daily routine; they are to think earnestly about themselves, always in view of a sudden end, which those prophets of the times of the end announce. That is why my prophets of the end time are to be heard because they are my messengers, whom I myself send to men to admonish and to warn them. And so also every prophet has the permanent instruction to mention my announcements and at the same time point to the unusual favour of my direct address. And since it is especially important in the times of the end that people hear what lies ahead of them, the prophets are to speak uninhibitedly about what is coming. Men will not believe it, but they still will again and again deal intellectually with it, and that is the purpose of my predictions that they are not affected completely unprepared by what is coming and that they then also believe in the end predictions when the first prophecies come true, which concern the forthcoming natural event, which you are to announce again and again. A genuine prophet speaks out of my spirit because he strives for no advantages at all for himself. What he announces to men will not make them happy, and that is why he will mostly be rejected and mocked. But I myself will again and again urge him to speak, i.e., my spirit will have an effect in him. He will speak wherever an opportunity comes up. And that will always be the characteristic feature of a genuine prophet, that he does not strive for earthly advantages and that he does not make use of earthly measures - that he will speak driven by my spirit. Because I will put the words myself into his mouth so he will speak to men who now listen to him; but it will be difficult to get a hearing with worldly people because those who are still captives of the world are hard to talk to about an end, it is hard to find faith with them that the world is passing. It is hard, to get them to change their walk of life, and that is why they will reject everything and also declare the prophets as being untrustworthy. But it comes as it is announced because they do not talk out of themselves, but my spirit gives them what they say, and this spirit does not err. And that is why you are to think of, that there are well genuine and false prophets, but that a genuine prophet will always only announce that to you what serves your soul best - and that you are at the mercy of false prophets when earthly things, which serve your bodily welfare, are predicted to you, which you are never allowed to believe because the time is fulfilled, and I want to always just admonish and warn you so that you do not experience the coming end unprepared, so that you earnestly think of your souls and seek union with me. Because this alone will guarantee you protection and help in all trouble. The union with me alone secures you my help, whatever may come over you. Amen. B.D. NR. 7993.


Book 84 8000

Re-embodiment out of special justification.

23. September 1961. B.D. NR. 8000.

In free will every once fallen original spirit has to bring itself to perfection. And that requires an endless long time of development out of the deepest depth upward. This development process is an event, which permanently needs my help because the being is initially so weak, because it has no strength at all, so that my power has to help to make this ascent development possible. I always had to supply the fallen entities with so much power that they could fulfil a purpose given to them. A serving activity had to be made possible for them, and the spiritual progressed irrevocably in its development. Again and again I have explained to you why this serving activity had to be carried out and that inconceivable times were necessary for it until the fallen original being was allowed to embody itself as man. In this last stage as man the original being however possesses free will, which can bring about both the last perfection and the renewed fall into the deep. Free will can therefore strive for the complete liberation from form, and then man will also receive the strength to carry out the work of perfection. And he then enters eternity as spirit full of light; he sets foot on my kingdom of light and happiness and now also walks upward all the time because the degree of perfection does not know any limitations, because the striving towards me never ceases and still makes unspeakably happy. When man fails on earth in his last test of will, then his existence on earth has still ended with the death of his body – he enters the kingdom on the other side, but however does not find any entrance into spheres full of light. He stays in darkness or also in dawn, according to the degree of maturity of his soul, but always corresponding to his life, which man has led on earth. And now therefore the soul has to bear the consequences. No blissfulness can be granted to it because the law of eternal order also demands justice. Those souls, which are without all light, mostly still move in earth spheres; they are often still earth bound so that they cling to men and now try to determine them to act completely according to their will and view, so that they often suppress the actual nature of the man – his soul -, therefore seize possession of the form themselves, and now as it were lead a second life on earth without any right – and the actual soul of the man has no strength to assert itself and to expel this evil spirit out of him. Man is tormented by sufferings and pains of all kind, which that evil spirit brings over him, until this soul succeeds in establishing a strong union with me, which then enables me to drive out the evil spirit, which now also recognizes that he no longer lives on earth. To now allow such earth bound spirits a second return to earth would only result in the certain renewed failure, as these souls would come to earth without all recollection and still again in possession of free will. Therefore you men must never assume such a re-embodiment. You also must not believe in a transferring back of the soul to earth for the purpose of its perfection when it failed on earth or did not reach the degree of perfection and now believes to achieve it. Attention is now in fact also paid to the free will of every soul in the spiritual kingdom, and when the soul now demands to be back on earth then this desire is fulfilled for it. But it takes a great risk upon itself that it also can sink back into the deep because free will is again determining in earth life. But a soul, which can only show a very small glimmer of light, recognizes the maturation possibilities in the hereafter, and fights against bearing a flesh body again. And a return to earth is never granted to a completely lightless soul because it first has to vouch for a change of heart, and itself is then also no longer prepared to go the renewed course over earth. But in the times of the end cases of re-embodiment are permitted, which however have their special justification: first for the purpose of a mission, where light beings go to earth due to the great spiritual want – but whose embodiment must not give rise to the belief in men that every soul returns to earth for the purpose of higher maturity. But there are also souls, which - as soon as a small glimmer of knowledge shines for them – recognize their great sin, which they have got themselves loaded with in life on earth – isolated cases, which demand great penance, which actually could also be paid off in the hereafter, but which prompt those souls to the great request, to be allowed to pay off this sin on earth – and which are also prepared to fulfil a serving mission at the same time. But such cases must never be generalized because this is a great deception, which can only have a harmful effect for men. And these souls will also have to take upon themselves unusual fates of suffering, which could often let fellow men doubt my love, but which are just explainable by the great sin of those souls, which is the actual justification of their earth life. The deep, living faith in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption guarantees that all sin is paid off through his blood. But those souls did not find redemption through Jesus Christ in their life on earth and that is why they took the great sin across to the spiritual kingdom. But to be allowed to go that renewed course on earth, the soul must have already reached a certain degree of light – it must have found the way to Jesus Christ in the hereafter; it must ask forgiveness for this sin and then have decided in complete free will on the work of penance and requested this from me – otherwise it is refused to return to earth. I always say that the teaching of a re-embodiment is a false doctrine when it is applied to all men who left this earth imperfectly. And I have always spoken of special justifications, which warrant such a re-embodiment. To not have accepted or utilized the favour of my love is a renewed sin against my love, and this sin you cannot brush aside just as you like with a repeated return to earth. You have the possibility to wash yourselves clean from all sin through Jesus’ blood as long as you stay on earth. And my love towards you certainly does everything to help you to perfection. And you must not reject this love, otherwise an agonizing lot expects you in the hereafter, as it is demanded by my righteousness, even if my love is over great and will also still help you then that you once reach the light. For also my love can only have an effect within the framework of divine order. Amen. B.D. NR. 8000.


Book 84 8002

God Speaks Through the Elements of Nature.

25. September 1961. B.D. NR. 8002.

I expect from you, my servants, complete effort for me and my kingdom because the spiritual misery of men requires this. Only a short time separates all of you from the last end, and what can be done, is to still be done for the rescue of souls, because the earth will again absorb everything what has failed as man, and this is a dreadful lot, which I would like to avert from every single one of you men. But in free will you make the last decision yourselves. I can do nothing more myself, than to admonish and warn you through perpetual address, and everyone, who supports me in this direction, will be blessed by me. And so the near end is to be mentioned all the time and also that I will express myself first once again obviously through a powerful natural event - because this is my last warning when I speak to men through the elements of nature, who do not want to hear my word. But this language cannot be missed because men will be fully shocked to be faced with an incredible great natural phenomenon, and no men will remain untouched by it insofar as that the news will reach everywhere where men live, that every single one can intellectually take a stand on it, that every single person can personally feel to be addressed, because the same event can still also affect his country and himself. Because men will fear a repetition and therefore all of them have to prepare themselves for a sudden death. Much suffering and misery will still be going over earth, and still it is just a means, which I apply out of love to rescue the souls from ruin, from the dreadful lot of a new banishment on this earth. But men who are affected by the natural event, those men who fall a victim to it, are not at the mercy of their fate. Attentions of favour will be bestowed on them on the other side on account of their prematurely ended life on earth. They still have the possibility to ascend up; they have the possibility to come to the light on the other side, which they despised on earth. They need not fear the new banishment - unless they are so stubborn that they as true devils sink down to the deep, that they are incorrigible and therefore also would not have carried out a change on earth when they would have stayed alive. And also the effect on men of the natural event will be different because again men will turn in their fear towards me and will also remain loyal towards me on account of the help received, but the falling away from me will strongly stand out in the same way, because one does not want to accept a God of love who lets such a work of destruction happen - because their dark spiritual state finds no other explanation for this event. But such a distinct voice from above has to sound, whether it is recognized as my voice or not, because the end is approaching fast, and although only few souls in their misery find their way to me, this still is a profit when these no longer need to go the long way through the creations of the earth, but can enter the kingdom on the other side, where they likewise can reach an ascent, which now still would have been doubtful for them on earth - whereas with great probability would have led to the deep.(otherwise they would have aimed at the deep.) And I have to submit all of this to you, my servants. Because you are to be armed; you are to learn to view all events around you as nothing but from this side; you are to make a habit of giving yourselves completely to me and to have an effect all the time as my tools in my will. You are to drop all earthly thoughts; every worry - also the smallest one - you are to hand over to me - you are to be totally wrapped up in your vineyard work, however always minding my inner directive. Because overkeenness only does harm since wisdom helps all success and wisdom is always transferred to you when you completely enter my will, when you are only the executive of my will. And I know it that you, my servants, take your assignment seriously, and that is why these directives reach you all the time, which you will feel in the heart as my loving address and that is why you will follow it for the welfare of your fellow men. O, if men would know what is in store for them. But they do not believe it when it is told them through the mouth of my prophets. And they cannot be forced to believe. But the day comes closer and closer, which will create a complete change of living conditions - and blessed who calls on me in greatest trouble because I will listen to him and answer him, and he will not get lost forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 8002.


Book 84 8005

Legal order. Transferring back to earth.

28. September 1961. B.D. NR. 8005.

The ascent development of the spiritual has to take place in a legal order, and that is why my will will always be determining, as long as the spiritual has not yet reached back the I-consciousness, as long as it still goes the course through the creations of this earth. And that is why there is also in this time no relapse, no sinking back out of an already reached state of maturity. Everything ascends in its development until it has reached that state of maturity where it receives back free will and also I-consciousness, where it covers the last short course on earth as men, where it is to and can perfect itself. But then my will withdraws; then men no longer is determined by me; he no longer comes under the mandatory law – he is completely free in his thinking, wanting and acting. But then there is also the danger that he sinks back, that he does not fulfil his assignment, what I however do not prevent to not make human will unfree. The whole pre development process was a ceaseless serving. All my works of creation have their purpose; one serves the other to exist and to subsist; it is a process of maturing, which can exactly only be completed through serving – a purpose which therefore is fulfilled in the mandatory law. But as man he is also to serve, however voluntarily, out of love. He is never demanded to love, and therefore it is his free will whether he fulfils this earth assignment. But the lot is also correspondingly, which he creates for himself as completion of the course on earth, when his soul leaves his body and enters the spiritual kingdom. Now free will again determines its further development. Because of me the being will never experience a backward development because my law of order excludes such. But the soul can in free will take up retrogression, and it will not be prevented from it. But my wisdom and love also must set limits when the being runs the risk to completely sink, when it no longer can make use of free will due to complete lack of knowledge. Then it is only compassionate love when I prevent such a fall, when I do not allow that my adversary seizes possession; then I again dissolve the spiritual I-conscious being again into innumerable little particles and create the possibility for it of a renewed course of development. For it would be an incomparable chaos would I give in to every wrong will and again and again transfer the souls out of the hereafter on to earth; there would also be no guarantee at all for a perfection of such souls, and even if they also would come again and again to earth. There would certainly be no longer a divine order recognizable, and my adversary would have a great harvest when my love and wisdom would not have an effect according to my eternal laws where always only ascent is favoured from my side, but never a descent – a transferring back into that state, which the being has already overcome. This would only then be understandable to you men when you could get some sort of idea of the spiritual kingdom – into that kingdom, where the still earth bound souls stay – when you could follow their thoughts and wishes, which shows no spiritual striving at all. You would understand that these souls – if they would come again to earth in this present state – would not strive for the least change of their life, but devote themselves more and more to matter and therefore to my adversary, what my love and wisdom could never approve of and would just only produce chaos on earth and we could no longer be talking about an ascent development station. Love and wisdom will always determine my rule and work, my plan of salvation, which is to bring about the final return of the once fallen spiritual – what however does not exclude that I respect the free will of every soul. But this must have reached a certain degree of knowledge in the otherworldly kingdom when I am to give in to the free will and allow the soul to return to earth. But believe it, you men, that only very few must expect this privilege, which then also definitely requires deep reasons. Believe it, that you men will also not desire to repeatedly put on the flesh body, because you see the many possibilities which are offered to you in the spiritual kingdom to mature, and with eagerness you will work on yourselves and also certainly reach up when only this is your earnest will. Amen. B.D. NR. 8005.


Book 84 8014

Renewed Pointer to the Natural Event.

8. October 1961. B.D. NR. 8014.

Once again I want to give you knowledge through the voice of the spirit that you are approaching an event of unimaginable effect - that you men will experience something what in its extent has never before been since the beginning of this redemption period. Because I want to shake men into action who go along like in a dream state; I want that they think about themselves, and this is only still possible through a natural event so powerful that no-one can close his mind to the great tragedy, which this event means for men. The whole world will take part in this, and everywhere one will fear to be affected himself by the same event because no signs at all before let a thing such as this be expected and that is why the anxiety among mankind is very great. And it will also be very clear to all men that this event is not one caused through human will - they will know that a power is working against which they will not be able to fight; they will recognize that the elements of nature revealed themself, to which men are hopelessly exposed. And that is what I aim at, because as long as men always hold only other men responsible for that, what happens in the world, no man reflects on himself. But I want that they should find the way to me, and as the spiritual low with men has already sunk so deep that they also deny my existence - as the faith in me has sunk to a minimum, I must reach for the last resort to prove myself, although also now still every single one can adapt himself to it as he wants. Because he will not be forced to believe; he can give himself also every other explanation, and that is also not expected to be otherwise. Again only few will understand me and my voice and open themselves for it; they will call on me in highest trouble; and indeed, I will wonderfully rush to their aid, because I want to win them to witness for me, because they are to stand up for me livingly when the time has come. I have to resort to completely unusual means because men are already so insensitive that the most dreadful events do not mean a thing to them - they receive the news about it with the ears to dismiss it already in a very short time because they have not been affected by it themselves. And an event has to happen, which gives all men a fright, because they do not know whether it will repeat itself, whether they are just partial destructions or whether in the end the whole earth will be affected by it. They have to be put into this state of fright because men are only interested in their own fate, and that is why they are to be worried. And then the possibility is also given that men find the way to me and walk it, and every single one of them can count himself lucky, who already has contact with me or establishes it - who prays to me in spirit and in truth. Again and again I tell you this that you are rescued from ruin, from the new banishment in matter, when you have found me, and may the degree of maturity also still be a low one. You can enter the kingdom of light; you can ascend higher in the kingdom on the other side and need no longer fear darkness. Because as soon as you find me you also have recognized Jesus Christ and his work of salvation, and you utilize the favours of the work of salvation: You ask him for the forgiveness of your sins and now also enter redeemed into the kingdom on the other side. Otherwise you accept without resistance the help of the guides on the other side, who bring you to the divine redeemer. But this always means that you have to acknowledge me myself in life on earth, that your will freely decides for me, which every sincere appeal to me proves. And that is why an unspeakable misery comes over mankind, so that this appeal reaches me, which decides your lot in eternity. You must believe in me as your God and creator, who wants to be your father, and that is why you also have to call as children to the father. But then you certainly do not have to fear, whatever may come over you, because then you will experience my obvious protection, because the time, which comes after that, is the last short time of favour, in which everyone will be able to work for me. And then he is to be able to convincingly stand up for me, and he will also do this, because he was allowed to experience me so obviously, that he is now loyally devoted to me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 8014.


Book 84 8027

Fulfilment of the Prophecy as Proof of Truth.

27. October 1961. B.D. NR. 8027.

There exists an irrefutable proof for the truth of my announcements from above because you will very soon experience it that my voice sounds loudly and powerfully as I have predicted it to you already a long time. I have to decide on an unusual revelation, so that it is easy to believe for those who are of good will; because in the end time everything will be done on the part of my adversary to undermine faith in me as a God of love, wisdom and power. From his side I am made out to be a God of rage, a severe judge, a being, which lacks love and that is why it is not perfect. And through such portrayals the love of men towards me will be decreased; men are given such a distorted picture of my being that they find it hard to love such a being. But I solicit your love, and that is why I reveal myself to you in direct form; I address you and give you insights into my being in all truthfulness. It is true, you now can still doubt it that it is my direct address to you. But you will find it to be truth when you just want that you will be instructed in the truth. And I will prove myself to you, as also this proof is not a compulsion of belief, but only an aid for him, who is of good will. What I predicted to you, that will happen very soon, and you will then obviously recognize the power of your God and creator, who also created you. You will now know, that also everything else is truth, what I have announced to you myself through my word. And you will then also take the way to me. You will call upon that being for protection and help, which so obviously reveals itself to you, which proves its existence to you through its address and which therefore wants to win you for itself. Because you men have to acknowledge me when your life on earth is not to have been idle. And you acknowledge me when you pray to me in spirit and in truth, when you call upon me for help in a difficulty, which you cannot redress yourselves. Everything which still happens or is allowed from my side, has only my love as explanation, my will to help you, to cause you to acknowledge myself and therefore to end your endless long course of development out of the deep upwards with the result, that you again have found your way back to me, you who once voluntarily separated from me. And since there is no longer much time and my adversary applies all tricks to keep your souls in the deep, my effect is also so obvious that you really can find to me when this is your will. And that is why I will deliver the proof very soon to you that you are standing in the unusual favour to be addressed by me myself - because my prophecies come true, which precede the last end, which was likewise predicted to you through my direct address. I demand nothing unusual from you; I take the weakness of your faith into account; I know it that it is much more difficult to reach a living faith in the end times; but what still can be done from my side to make the return to me easier for you, that will also happen, because I love you, my creations, and I do not want that you again get lost for endless long times to come. I want to help you that you are allowed to end your course of development still in this period, that the walk through the earthly creations is completed for you - that you find to me, that you recognize me and long for and strive for the union with me. And I certainly want to make it easy for you to believe in a God and creator who wants to be your father and that is why he expects from you the love of a child, to again be able to draw you to his heart, to be able to again transport you to that place, where you dwelled from the very start - to be able to again make you happy with his love until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 8027.


Book 84 8033

Forthcoming Natural Phenomenon.

5. November 1961. B.D. NR. 8033.

Already in the foreseeable future you will experience the truth of my word because I will express myself through the powers of nature as I have announced it to you constantly. And you will not be able to ignore my voice because it sounds powerfully and brings the world to turmoil. Physically the events will well be limited but of such enormous extent that everyone will get a fright when it first will be brought to his notice. Because at first every communication will be cut off to the stretches of land, which were affected by it. A weird silence will lie over the disaster area because all communications have been broken off as long as the first horror is over. And then the world will hear what has happened, before it receives news that something dreadful has taken place. But mankind has to be addressed so severely by me because it closes its mind to the addresses, which sound softer, because men do not believe my word, which reaches them from above and is imparted to them by my messengers. I therefore have to express myself in such a way that my voice cannot be ignored. And I have to let a judgment come over men, to which many men fall a victim, but who still are allowed to experience my favour on account of their prematurely ended life. And therefore you are to recognize the truth of my word and now let your will become active, because it will be able to make a free decision also after this disaster, because I do not force it that it turns to me. But the dreadful natural event can help that men find to me, because the misery is over great and a rescue can be seen from no side. But what seems to be impossible is possible for me. And when men things of it and calls upon me in spirit and in truth, then he will also be allowed to experience the miraculous. I will reveal myself so visibly to him that he recognizes the power and also the love of his God and creator and now turns to me in deep faith and humble submission. I try everything what still can bring back souls to me, but I also know how difficult it is to win them and that is why unusual rescue measures have to be applied, which also seem to you men to be cruel but are still also only a work of love for my part to just rescue those souls about whose state I know. And these I do not want to fall into the hands of my adversary, who gives them a far worse lot than the greatest earthly suffering can ever be. Believe it, you men, that always only my love moves me, whatever may happen, what is also allowed by me. I make everyone's fate my concern, no-one is too insignificant or too immature, I care for all of you who walk over the earth at the moment as man because I would like to help you to get the last perfection on earth, because I would like to protect you from the lot of the new banishment and want to always only achieve the attention of your thought to me, so that you escape the last ruin - to be again engendered into the creations of the new earth. And no matter how dreadful my intervention may be for men of the affected stretches of land - my love for you justifies it because spiritually seen it is only an act of rescue, no act of damnation. Whatever gets lost earthly to you is unimportant compared with the profit, which your souls can achieve. And when you have to lay down your life, then you are also allowed to reckon with my mercy, which creates the opportunity in the kingdom on the other side to reach the light and to ascend up. Because on earth you certainly would have become a slave to my opponent, and from that you are to be protected, who I still recognize as capable of change. Because the time until the end is only short, and this end will come not long after it. But I still want to give you a sign before, a last admonition and warning, which actually will intervene very painfully in the life of innumerable people, but is to strengthen the faith in my word, so that they are to prepare for the end, which will follow not long after that. Amen. B.D. NR. 8033.


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