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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 83

B.D. NR. 7912 - B.D. NR. 7986
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Book 83 7924

Time and space concept.

20. June 1961. B.D. NR. 7924.

The time concept is only for the imperfect spiritual which still lives in the limitation of thinking and which is therefore also bound to time and space while the perfect spiritual knows no limitation, and past, present and future is the same idea because the being which is perfect can see and experience at the same time past, present and future events, and that is why it will be happy forever because nothing is there any longer which could ever burden the being. Because everything is recognized in its usefulness because it helped the being to perfection. It is overcome, therefore would have to belong to the past and still is alive in the present and always visible in its effect however never bound to time and space. To understand this is already a sign of approaching perfection but not completely comprehensible for man as long as he is still on earth because so long he is also not yet perfect, and so long time and space still keep him bound. Eternity ideas are therefore unimaginable for man, he certainly can imagine endless long times but cannot grasp them with his intellect, as he also cannot imagine that time will once be switched off that he lives and that he equally can move in the past and in the future alike that everything is visible to him, what took place for eternities. Then he will certainly also know about a beginning, but this will equally be present to him as also the reached target of all beings, which took their start in God and have again returned to him. Then there can no longer be a limitation for a being because through its fall into the deep the being created a limitation for itself. The state of lack of light started; for the time being gaps in knowledge arose, in cognition the lack of light was time wise limited because the state of the beings changed epoch wise. And so also the stay changed again and again, what makes a spatial limitation understandable time and space are characteristics of the imperfect which therefore was now limited in its work, exactly because it was imperfect or also, it was bound to space and time, it was no longer free, as it once emerged out of God. It had put on fetters itself or let put on by the opponent of God, and itself determined the duration of its bound state. It also made itself dependent on time, as long as it did not earnestly aim at perfection. But once also time and space will be overcome; once these concepts will no longer be valid because once perfection will certainly be reached. And then the being will not be able to understand that it kept away from God for such a long time, that it was limited in every way, and it again will be able to understand that with God a thousand years are as one day because for him there is no time because that is why also the idea: God is from eternity does not mean anything because he is always in the present; for him there is no past; he sees the future exactly in the present as the past. He was and is and will always remain the original centre, the life spraying power source, the beginning and the end. He was and is and remains the timeless, unlimited being, which none of his created beings will ever be able to fathom. And for him there is no before and after. He is always in the present, and it never stops. And every time and space idea is always only typical of the beings once broken from him, who for themselves created a limitation through turning their nature which let the perfect become imperfect, who formed themselves to something God opposing who turned their original state into the opposite. And the time and space law was now created by what had fallen away, by all imperfect now having to move because all imperfect moves (is) in a certain limitation. Only the perfect is unlimited; what however is subject to limitation is also imperfect according to law from eternity. The being emerged from God perfectly, and for this being there was neither time nor space, and it was unlimited happy. But its fall into the deep has created boundaries in every way which will only then be again abolished when the being has formed itself back to perfection, to its original being, to that state in which it once was created by God. Amen. B.D. NR. 7924.


Book 83 7928

Explanation of Painful Strokes of Fate.

26. June 1961. B.D. NR. 7928.

I will still create many possibilities for you before the end, which are to let you find the way to me. Again and again I will reveal myself to you, even if often in a painful way, but you are always to recognize that you cannot determine your fate for yourselves; you are always to recognize a power above you, which intervenes into your life and, when there is no other possibility, with severity, to still snatch you back from the abyss, which you head for blindly. I want to rescue you, and all my admonitions and warnings are of no use - that is why I at times have to be firm with you and strike you with wounds. I have to take away from you that which you love most, which you own on earth; I have to let come death and sickness over you; you have to be hit by blows of every kind because you do not think of me, because you lead a life without belief in me, your God and creator from eternity, because you do not believe in a power, to which you owe your life. And the cases will increase where I tear men apart, where death makes its arrival, where disasters end the life of men abruptly. I will show myself obviously, but will also be recognized by the willing only, who now finds the way to me and then can also no longer get lost. The end moves closer and closer, and that is why also my love, wisdom and power still has to intervene often. The transitoriness of the earthly has to be shown to men again and again anew; they have to be brought back to their senses, which worthless aims they strive for, und that is why they will often have to suffer bodily and mentally, but are also allowed to experience help any time, when they turn towards me and ask me for support in their trouble. And men are also to think about that they can be hit by the same fate, and listen to reason, that they are not staying on this earth for the sake of earthly life. Every blow can have this effect on fellow men, that they become thoughtful and imagine their own life, whether it corresponds to God's will, when they believe in a God. Every blow can help men to believe when they turn to me and can also recognize me at my evidently help. So also you, who receive my word, explain to your fellow men my at times hard and unloving seeming intervention into the life of men - explain to them that I try every means to win men for me, and that I also will not stop to again and again express myself, because every blow is an expression for my part, which can hit everyone but always only pursues the aim to turn their thoughts to me. Because time is only still short, and you men only pay attention to the world, but not to the welfare of your soul. The world passes, i.e., you can take nothing over from the world into the kingdom on the other side. You just always chase after dead goods, and therefore your attention is called again and again to the transitoriness of this world. And again and again you will hear of accidents and disasters of every kind; again and again you will have to lament the loss of men, and again and again you will ask yourselves, why a God of love allows this. The God of love wants to win you for himself; he wants to make you happy, and that is why he wants you to turn your thought to him. Only my love is explanation of all that what befalls you so heavily, because you again get lost for an endless long time when you do not think of me. And only that is why I reveal myself to you and also intervene hard and painfully when you do not pay attention to my loving admonitions and warnings. Because I do not want that you get lost. I want to rescue you still before the end and protect you from a far worse fate - from the new banishment in the creations of the earth, which is inevitable, when you do not find to me still before the end of the earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 7928.


Book 83 7929

Ending of an Earth Period Lies Ahead.

27. June 1961. B.D. NR. 7929.

The time will be kept, which was set for you for your redemption, and that means, that also a redemption period is ending, that a new epoch begins according to the plan from eternity. As I saw it as necessary and as bringing success to your soul, to the development of the whole of mankind, so this plan was laid down, because the spiritual low requires a reform; it requires the intervention for my part, a turning point, which is only a blessing, which serves the spiritual for upward development. And to me also the time is known since eternity because mankind has arrived at this spiritual low, which necessitates a change, and I will also keep to this time and execute my rescue plan, as my love and my wisdom is always determining for my rule and work in the whole of the universe. And so now also the end of a redemption period will take place, and a new one will again start, because the process of development has to carry on unstoppably, because no standstill can occur on my part and because I want to prevent a still deeper sinking of the spiritual, which goes as man over earth. So that a development period is ending is certain. It will be a spiritual turning point, but which will also have an earthly effect, because as also that which is still bound in form is to become free and move into new forms, this will also necessitate a dissolving and reshaping of the creations of the earth, so that one has to reckon on a total reshaping of the whole surface of the earth, which means the ending of the old redemption section and the start of a new development epoch. What is predetermined since eternity will also come true to the day, which is fixed for this - but the exact knowledge about the day remains hidden for you men, because it does not serve the welfare of your souls when you would know about it. But it is no longer far - whether you believe it or not - the time has expired, and my plan of rescue from eternity will be carried out according to my will. That you men of the time of now are determined to experience the end also has its reason because your resistance against me was strong and did not allow an earlier embodiment as man. But on the other hand the same period of time was set for you as you had to end your course of development. It is also possible for you to end it successfully; to all of you it is still possible to find to me before the end when you only give up your resistance and turn again to me, from whom you once turned away in free will to your own harm. You still stay on earth; do not let the time go passed unused because to a rich degree I pour out my favours over you, and I certainly help you in every way, because I alone know what it means for you when you fail and have to once again go the endless long way of development through the creations of the new earth. Reckon on it that the end is very near, and adapt yourselves to this end. And certainly it will only be a blessing for you when you turn towards me and request my strength and help. Also in a short time you still can achieve much; you can get rid of your last form and reach full spiritual freedom. You only need to want to that you do not cover your way on earth as man in vain. You only need to call to me, your God and father from eternity, for help, and you will find to Jesus - to him, who alone can and also will redeem you. Do not let this admonition die away at your ears; receive it with fullest earnestness to your heart and think about it - and act, before it is too late. Because no-one is to get lost; I still want to help everyone, before the end comes. But it comes irrevocably because the time is fulfilled, the deadline has expired, which was granted to the spiritual, which was supposed to perfect itself in this redemption period, and a new one will start, how and when it is intended in my rescue plan from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 7929.


Book 83 7935

You Men are Going Towards the End.

5. July 1961. B.D. NR. 7935.

A redemption period is ending because the time is fulfilled. My plan of salvation is fixed since eternity, and it will be carried out, as my love and wisdom has decided on it. But you men cannot assess what the ending of a redemption period means because you can never form a picture of it, that a transformation takes place on earth, which destroys all creatures, where all creation, all life, will be dissolved and wiped out. Because a parallel for this mankind has not yet experienced, and therefore it also does not want to believe it, that earth is approaching its end. You men are standing before unimaginable events, but you will not allot the right importance to all of them, because you are not aware of the severity of your situation. You are approaching the end. What you see around you, what exists and can be seen by you, that will cease to be. Everything will be destroyed, and you yourselves will also fall a victim to this destruction, when you do not belong to the ones who are mine, who will be lead away through my power and my will, as I have announced it - who I will rapture before the eyes of fellow men, because they belong to me and I can and will transport them on to the new earth, when the work of the reshaping will have taken place. The time is fulfilled. Because every redemption period is for a limited period, even when also so endless long that you humans no longer know about its start and you therefore also consider an end to be impossible. That you now have to experience this end is only found on your will, on the resistance, which the spiritual in you has offered to me and also still offers, otherwise it could not get lost, i.e. would not have to fear the banishment in matter, in the creations of the new earth. Your resistance alone determines your fate, your lot after the end of this earth, because as soon as you give it up, you turn towards me, and then you also belong to the ones who are mine, whom I want to rescue, before the end comes. For you men who have no spiritual bond at all, everything is obscure what has to do with an end of the old earth, and you will never believe it that the time has come where every single person has to decide for life or death. You have to make the decision; none of you will get round it. And you are not to lull yourselves into a false sense of security that this work of creation, earth, is nowhere near the end. Faster than you think the end is there - exactly because the time is fulfilled. And I am myself in my nature constant; I am constant in my rule and work, and I am constant in my word. And so it must come true what I have told you, that my plan will be carried out, when the time has come. And that it has come, that is visible by many signs, to which I also have drawn your attention, to which I have pointed at all times, when I mentioned the end of this earth. Who has ears to hear let him hear - who has eyes to see let him see. But you men do not want to hear and do not want to see. And so I also cannot reveal myself to you more clearly to force faith from you. But my pointers will not stop until the day has come. And blessed are who believe my word, who lead a life according to this belief and unite with me in love and trust. Because these are saved for time and eternity; I will take care of these in every earthly and spiritual trouble, and they also never have to fear an end because I will rapture them before the hour of dread and they will well be allowed to see the proceedings of the destruction, but only to recognize my power and glory and to certify these on the new earth where all suffering has an end for them and they will be allowed to experience the joys of paradise. The time is fulfilled, and it will come as it is announced, because my word is truth and it will remain for evermore. Amen. B.D. NR. 7935.


Book 83 7944

Coming in the Clouds.

18. July 1961. B.D. NR. 7944.

May it be said to all of you that I will come again in the clouds - that I will come down to earth just as I once ascended to heaven - that mine will see me in brilliance and glory as once my disciples saw me, and that I will also fetch away from earth the ones who are mine, because the day of the end has come. I well am already descending in the word to earth before because I am the word myself, and I have given you the promise that I remain with you until the world's end. But my obvious coming still awaits you because it forms the conclusion of an earth period and the beginning of a new one. My coming in the clouds is to be taken literally, but only few will see me, because my flock is small, and only the ones who are mine will be able to endure my sight, I will only be visible to mine and let them see my power and glory. And that is to be your hope in hours of trouble and distress on the part of powers hostile towards God - because in the end everything will be hostile towards God, the rulers and their following, the people who side with them in the faith struggle. They all will take action against you, you who remain loyal to me and stand firm until the end. And they will harass you severely, and then you are to set your hope on my coming because I do not drop you in the trouble of the body and the soul, I will rescue you and fetch you away to a location of peace, and your faith will be strong, so that I can show myself to you when I will come in the clouds to judge the living and the dead. The great separation of spirits takes place, and my adversary will no longer have power over you. For he and his following will be bound for a long time. Only few people believe this earnestly that my coming again is near. But the time is fulfilled, and I no longer say: I come, when the time is fulfilled, but: The time is fulfilled - you only still can reckon on a very short time, on just few days, compared with the long time, which has passed since an end has been prophesied. You are living in the last times, even if you refuse to accept it. My coming awaits you shortly. Therefore take care that also you belong to the chosen, which will experience my coming in the flesh, who are allowed to see me in power and glory, whom I will rapture shortly before the end. Only want to belong to those, and I certainly will get you the power to also be able to let the deed follow the will. Again and again let me speak to you, and only strive for entering into my will, and you will establish the union with me, you will join me and will now also be counted with the ones who are mine, whom I will rescue before the end comes. Because that I come myself, is certain. And that all of you will be able to see me, you who livingly believe in me and bring your love towards me, that you are also to believe without doubt, because my word is truth, and it comes true. Men who deny my coming, who only want to see and explain this coming figuratively, are not yet so deep in their faith, that they are joined to me, but the great earthly trouble before the end will still strengthen their faith when they are of good will. And they themselves will implore my coming because they only see a rescue coming from myself, which no longer can come from another side. I will rescue you from deepest misery, and that you are to believe and await the hour where my promise comes true. And then my adversary will be beaten, but with him also his great following, which the earth will receive again. Therefore hope and hold out, you, who want to belong to me, because the hour of liberation comes for you, the day of the separation of spirit comes. An earthly and spiritual turning point comes, which you will experience and which was announced to you all the time in word and script. Amen. Amen. B.D. NR. 7944.


Book 83 7951


27. July 1961. B.D. NR. 7951.

All of you still have to make faith much stronger in you, and that means that you have to live in love even more, which gives birth to a living faith. Love activity is direct bond with me, who am eternal love. And that already must make it understandable for you that you, linked to me, can no longer be doubting or weak in faith, because I am then myself the guarantee that your faith does not come to naught. And so also the will to believe can be strong in you - but you must have the same strong will for love activity. Love must drive you from inside to all willing and action, and then also your faith will certainly be firm and unshakeable - you simply will no longer be able to doubt, but be sure of that which you are to believe. And this convinced faith will make you happy and give you the inner peace, because I am then present with you myself, because through love activity you draw me to you all the time, because: Who remains in love is in me and I in him. Love ties us inseparably together, and love gives birth to an unshakeable, living faith. And when you pray for strong faith, then you have to pray at the same time for a strengthened will to love, and you will certainly also acquire strong faith. And when I again and again inform you about this, then know that you approach a time, where you have to possess a strong, unshakeable faith to hold your ground till the end. When you possess this faith, then certainly nothing will be able to shake you, whatever may come over you, because you then know that I help you, and you therefore entrust yourselves to me full of faith. And I am then also certainly always prepared to help; I do not abandon you in trouble of body or soul because you already have become mine through you being willing to love, through your life; you have joint me, and I now can constantly have an effect in and through you. Strong faith is the greatest safety which you can possess because it gives you inner peace and calmness in the face of all earthly events, which I can ward off any time or decrease their effects with you because you believe. And so your prayer is to be all the time: Father, help me that I work in love, and let my will to love become stronger and stronger. And the will to love will grow to the same extent because love guarantees my presence, and my presence guarantees help in every trouble. Love also guarantees recognition of all connections and therefore also understanding for everything, which again must only contribute to the strengthening of faith. Love is everything - when you have love then you are also full of power out of me, and this power enables you to carry out unusual things when it is necessary, when again only love drives you to want to help. Then you possess that faith which moves mountains - and then you will fear nothing whatever may come over you. Because then you are joint to him who is Lord over everything, who also can instruct the elements that they spare you, and who also wants to prove himself as your father - who loves his children and will not abandon them to ruin. Direct this request for the strengthening of faith and of the will to love daily to me, because this is a spiritual request, which I will also grant because love and faith are necessary for your perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 7951.


Book 83 7954

God's Protection in the Faith Struggle.

1st August 1961. B.D. NR. 7954.

Excerpt only:

But do not forget that I am Lord over life and death, over heaven and earth - and that I certainly have means and ways to lead mine out of earthly trouble, even if there seems to be no way out. And whatever is denied you earthly - I will feed and water you in a wonderful way, because also that lies in my power, I who after all has created heaven and earth, who has given all laws after my will. And so I also can repeal laws and feed you supernaturally.


Book 83 7960

Cosmos. Light illumination upon heavenly bodies.

7th August 1961. B.D. NR. 7960.

Excerpt only:

And this is particularly the case with the Moon, which as a heavenly body of lowest-developed spirit beings is also to be addressed in its consistency. . . . It is therefore not excepted from the illumination of the Sun, but it does not always allow its effects . . . . But also the beings inhabiting the Moon are adaptable, which is why the state is not always the same and so therefore also the influence of the Sun upon this heavenly body is a changing one . . . . These are always only spiritual explanations, but which still also can open the understanding for earthly occurrences, but which earthly scientists do not include in their research and therefore seek earthly-understandable explanations, but which are not completely free of error.


Book 83 7966

Paradisiacal State on New Earth.

13. August 1961. B.D. NR. 7966.

I want to build a new kingdom, a kingdom where I alone rule, where my adversary is eliminated for a long time, where law and order is, where only love rules and I myself then can be with men because their state of love allows this and because they have passed their test of faith and will, and now belong to me for time and eternity. And order will again be in this kingdom for a long time, because love is the basic principle of divine order, and where love rules everything will also take place according to my will. And so also the faster upward development of the spiritual still bound in form will happen, because it feels the love around it and that is why it also gives up its resistance faster to also reach the last forming as man. And this kingdom will therefore be on the new earth when my work of reshaping will have taken place, when all creations of the old earth are dissolved and are changed into new creations through my will, when the paradise of the new earth is created and will receive the ones who are mine, who have held their ground until the end. The process of destruction of the old earth will still be visible to them because I want that they are to announce my power and glory to their descendants, and because they themselves are to be made happy through the transporting onto the new earth as reward for all suffering, which they had to endure before for the sake of their faith. And they will forget all their sufferings and troubles at the sight of splendour and glory, which radiates towards them on the new earth in all works of creation. And I myself will be in the midst among the ones who are mine because their great love allows this. A new redemption section starts because much spiritual is still unredeemed and still bound in those creations. And even if men are no longer in the banishment of evil, the later generations of men still will have to pass the test of will on earth, only my adversary cannot have an effect on these as long as love is in men to a high degree, as long as therefore their hearts go out to me in the divine redeemer Jesus Christ and that is why they also do not sin but are redeemed from their original sin through Jesus Christ. And love is exceedingly strong in men, who will populate the new earth at first, and it will break out more and more intense towards me because I myself can make them happy with my presence and will teach them through my light messengers any time, with whom men will directly associate with and that is why they will be exceedingly happy. The paradise of earth marks the beginning of a new time because the spiritual and earthly turning point has been carried out. And it will be a time of peace where there is no hostility, neither with men nor with the animal world. Everything will live in harmony with each other, and want and misery is eliminated; there is no sickness, and also death will only be a painless going over into the spiritual kingdom; the soul just changes its stay, but without suffering and fear because it has led a life in and with God and now enters my kingdom; it lays down its earthly body to now be able to dwell free and buoyantly where it wills. But always in the kingdom of light and happiness. And this happy time is awaiting you, and all of you can be candidates and belong to the ones who are mine, who are allowed to live in the paradise on earth, you only have to hold your ground in the last faith struggle; you have to hold out until the end. And really, your fate in the paradise of the new earth will be glorious one, because I myself am with those who remain loyal to me and my nearness is your happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 7966.


Book 83 7982

Thoughts of an End are Full of Blessings.

2. September 1961. B.D. NR. 7982.

Every thought of a nearly forthcoming end can only have a profitable effect for your soul when you believe in its survival after death. Because then you will live consciously; you will also think about a few things and no longer attach importance to earthly plans and interests, even so you are still not fully convinced that an end comes. But the thought of it will be encouraged in you on the part of the world of light because the intellectual influencing starts from their side because you are entrusted to them for protection and they look after you and your soul's salvation. So from them the stream of thoughts starts, and again and again it will be passed on to you. And now your free will decides how you adapt yourselves to it. So it can be for your spiritual advantage, as you also can reject each of such thoughts though - when you still have become too much a slave to the world and all thoughts about an end are just in your way in your striving for the world. Then you will prefer to listen to what the whisperings of the dark beings have to say; you will pay tribute to the world and do everything to create or to increase bodily comfort for you. Because you then also do not believe in a survival of the soul after death; you only live for the sake of the earthly life, and the light beings have no success because you beat back the stream of thoughts flowing towards you, because you close your heart to all good powers and their admonitions and warnings. And then you will have to experience all what you like to reject. You will be disappointed from the world; you will have to recognize its instability, otherwise you will be given worldliness so over abundantly by the adversary of God that you really have already gotten all reward, which you have acquired on earth, or which is demanded by the adversary of God as price for your soul and which he willingly pays you - by him giving you plenty of earthly goods, respect and power. Do not demand such earthly goods so that you do not become a slave to him, but recognize the times, and gratefully accept all troubles and worries, because they prove to you that the love of the father still struggles for your souls, that he does not give you up and that he wants to win you and your thoughts before the end comes. That is why he announces the end to you, and when you now deal in thoughts with this, then your soul will only profit from it because you will kill worldly desire, you will still work on your souls in thoughts of the end, and you will pray to God that he may give you power to fulfil the purpose of life on earth, and then you also have been rescued from eternal ruin. When thoughts of the end come to you then do not chase them away but deal with them, and only think of that there is no end for your soul - and seek to create the state that you also do not need to shrink back from an end. And when you also find the way to God through such thoughts, because they certainly are a blessing for you, and you also can leave yourselves trustingly to the light beings, which look after you and are worried about the salvation of your soul. And they will now always have an effect on your thoughts and remind you also in these times again and again of the near end. They will never put the world temptingly before your eyes because the world is the kingdom of the prince of darkness, from which the beings of light want to keep you back and whose work they seek to weaken exactly with the pointer to the near end, which always can only be given to you mentally. And so difficult these thoughts perhaps burden you. They are only favourable to your souls, and that is why you are not to repulse them, but let them have an effect on you because one day you will be grateful for every warning cry, which wrested you from the hands of the opponent - some day you will know that you have been lovingly looked after to not again get lost for endless long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 7982.


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