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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 82

B.D. NR. 7798 - B.D. NR. 7911
7806 7881 7901 7909


Book 82 7806

Concerted Effort at the Time of the Faith Struggle.

24. January 1961. B.D. NR 7806.

A spiritual community will form itself, which is active in my will when the time of the faith struggle has come. Those men will get together who are of the same spirit, whose will is turned towards me and who also will confess me before the world. Because these receive power from me and cannot help it than to announce my name because they are completely filled with my spirit, because their faith is a living one, full of power and full of strength. Therefore this time of the faith struggle does not need to give rise for you who want to be mine to fear and worry because you will be stronger than those, you will not fear them but your courage of your conviction will be strengthened because more and more power is supplied to you the more eagerly you stand up for me and my kingdom. And you will recognize one another because love will bring you together; I myself will direct and guide your ways that you find the way to each other, and you will transfer the power in you to the other; a holy fire will glow through you, because you know what is at stake; you also know that the end is near and that also my coming is to be expected soon. And that will strengthen your courage so that you joyfully confess to belong to me, that you also would be prepared to lay down your life if I would demand it of you. But I want to grant you my protection because I need you, because still many weak souls are to find you very supportive, because you are to announce me as your divine redeemer, who all men need if they want to become happy. Because my adversary wants to eradicate this faith among men, which is his last aim on this earth, which he strives for and seeks to achieve by brutal means. And that is why you are to stand up for Jesus Christ; you are to confess his name loudly before the world. And you will also be able to do it because who is of a living faith is also strong and fearless towards the world; who is of a living faith also stands in knowledge and that is why he also can make the right decision because he knows which hour has struck. He knows that then also the time has come when my adversary will again be tied up because he quite openly takes action against the faith in God in Jesus Christ and with it exceeds his authority. And that is why you men are to endeavour to reach a living faith; you are to live a life in love, which alone gives birth to a living faith, and through love you are to revive the spirit spark in you, which will then also give you a bright light so that you recognize and the living faith then also is the result of the recognition. Prepare yourselves for this time because it requires great power from you. And that is why you are also to ask already before for this power because I will bless everyone who only has the will to belong to me and to remain mine forever. He will certainly then also receive the power from me to endure until the end, and he will joyfully confess my name before the world. And he will belong to those who experience the end and whom I will rapture so that he is allowed to experience the joys of paradise on the new earth, because then all fighting will have an end; peace will be on earth and harmony and perfect happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 7806.


Book 82 7881

Acknowledgement of God's Plan of Salvation.

28. April 1961. B.D. NR. 7881.

That I unveil to you my eternal plan of salvation is to let you recognize the importance of the time in which you live. In all clearness I pass on to you a knowledge, which grants you an insight into my rule and work, which informs you about your purpose of life, about the whole object of creation - a knowledge, which is so powerful and extensive as it could not be granted to you by human means - a knowledge, which can only be imparted to you by the work of my spirit. I pass on a light to earth, which shines exceedingly bright and can chase away darkness, when you men open yourselves, when you let yourselves be impressed when I address you. And the explanation for this supply of unusual knowledge is that you men are shortly before the end. When you are now initiated into my plan of salvation then it is also understandable to you that a redemption period ends and has to end, because you then learn to look at everything from this point of view: to the fallen spiritual the possibility has to be given to start the way of return to me - may it be man or also the spiritual, which is still bound in the creations, which went out from me as being in its original substance and is also to return as being into the father's house. When you know my plan of salvation from eternity then you also know about the endless course of development, which the fallen has to cover to again reach up. And then you, full of mercy, also remember that which has not yet reached the stage as man and suffers in its restriction, because it originally went out from me as some free spiritual. And then you also know that it is man's free will when he fails in life on earth, and that this free will therefore creates for itself his fate - that it covers the way on earth unauthorized when it does not make use of the favour of embodiment as man. And then you also will understand that this spiritual itself forfeits life on earth and therefore the ending of a redemption epoch is still only an act of love on my part, I who also wants to help the spiritual up, which longs for the last forming to be able to free itself finally through the walk over earth as man. And I pass on to you men this knowledge about my plan of salvation in this last time before the end, and for you this is an unusual favour because you are now more easily able to believe in an end when you once have rightly recognized the contexts. Because when before me even thousand years are like one day - once still the last day has come, which is determined since eternity. And then I will separate the goats from the sheep - and those will be rescued who are and remain loyal to me; none of these will need to be afraid when the earth shakes, because their life is secured until all eternity. So understand my words right, and do not doubt me and my word, which sounds to you from above, which announces a near end to you and which will come true because it is truth. You who take note of my revelations, you are certainly to be able to easily believe because you know about all contexts. Because that is why I have revealed my plan of salvation, that is why an unusual knowledge has been passed on to you, which is to give light to you, so that you are able to believe. You will not be able to determine me to not carry out my plan of salvation; you will no longer be able to stop the day of the end because it is predetermined since eternity. But every one of you can belong to those whom I have assured of my protection when they remain loyal to me - you can belong to the few righteous whom my arm will support, whom I lift away from earth when the hour has come, which means an end for all creations on, in and above earth. Because my power is great, my love is endless and applies to all spiritual still unredeemed, and my wisdom also certainly recognizes the right time where a change is necessary, when the upward development is to progress according to my eternal order. And my love, wisdom and power will always be at work when the return of all fallen spiritual is at stake, which is to come home into my father house. Amen. B.D. NR. 7881.


Book 82 7901

The Father of the House Takes Over All Care.

26. April 1961. B.D. NR. 7901.

Only entrust yourselves to me and my guidance, and you will do and do not what is right before me - you will go the ways where you can work successfully for me and my kingdom. You will serve me in my will because it is then always me who can work in and through you. Only your devotion to me is required, and your way on earth will not be idle, it will lead you to the goal. And I still have much work for you, before the end comes. I want to still bring salvation to many people in their spiritual trouble and need you for this, you who find easier access to those who have not yet found the way to me themselves. And because I need you I will also ensure that you can calmly work for me. I will form your fate on earth that it will be bearable for you, that you can employ all your strength for me and serve me now according to my will. Because your full devotion towards me also gives me the possibility to look after you and guide you that you now can also unhindered carry out the work for me, that it drives you from the inner being to be active in my will. So let now also this my promise be enough for you, to take over every care for you. The house father will make a point of the welfare of his servants who serve him loyally. But the father will also faithfully look after his children and lovingly care for them. And know that everything is decreed according to the mission, which you took upon yourselves voluntarily, because this mission is exceedingly important and significant, as it is a matter of still carrying out much redemption work before the end - to offer to the fellow men my word in my stead because I cannot yet approach them myself and this now has to happen through you, so that they do not get lost. Because quite a few are willing to believe but they do not find the right spiritual goods, which could guide them to a living faith. And to bring my word to these and to point them to a God and creator who is also their father, is certainly a worthwhile assignment, which can have an effect till all eternity. And when only one soul gets rescued from a renewed walk through the works of creation - then the work in my vineyard has not been in vain, und it will earn you blessings spiritually and also earthly. But because I can speak to you yourselves, you possess spiritual goods of immeasurable worth, spiritual goods, which speak to every willing soul, which can lead it to the faith and it now is rescued for eternity. And these spiritual goods you are allowed to pass on; you are allowed to receive my gifts of favour always afresh and work with them. You possess an exquisite seed, which you can scatter, and you certainly serve me as loyal servants when you fulfil my order and carry out the Gospel into the world. And that is why you can also believe that I will prepare for you the ways which you are to walk. You can believe it that I always grant you support, that you can come with every worry, with the smallest request, to me as your house father and I will certainly take all worries away from you. You can believe it that I take over the cares for you as long as you work for me, as long as you make the work for me and my kingdom your concern. And that is why are to drop all worries, which still get you down earthly, because I want that you recognize that you have a father who loves you - that you have a good master whom you serve - that I watch over you because you serve me, and that I bless your work for me and my kingdom. Amen. B. D. NR. 7901.


Book 82 7909

Significance of communion.

3. June 1961. B.D. NR. 7909.

How often already is the significance of communion explained to you, how often already is the presentation of my flesh and my blood made understandable to you as presentation of my word. How often have I said to you that I am the word myself from eternity, that I hand myself to you, that you eat my flesh and drink my blood when you accept my word in your heart. Your soul has to get food which helps it to be healthy because it is sick before, and which gives it power because it is weakened. It must be fed and given drink with the bread of heaven, with the water of life. It needs healthy food, and this food only I myself can give because it has to be eaten spiritually; it has to receive food out of the spiritual kingdom. And that is why you have to have communion at my table with your host who invites all of you that you come to him and let yourself be fed by him. Bread and wine your soul is to receive, my flesh and my blood is right food, and therefore it accommodates myself when it receives my word which I supply myself out from above to the soul. Because whether I address it myself directly or whether it receives my word through my servants always I myself break the bread to it, always I myself hand the water of life to it, and always will it then consume communion at my table, which is amply set, so that no soul will lack food, which wants to be my guest. But I do not understand an external process under this; I am not content with that you carry out outward customs and acts and then believe that I am now myself in you, that you have united with me when you undergo ceremonies, which you understand by evening meal, by communion. These will always just remain external acts and customs when you do not desire with all your heart to hear my word, to be addressed by me when your soul does not hunger and thirsts for the bread of heaven, for the water of life: for my word. For I myself am the word, and a great desire for my word has to seize you, and only then will you be able to say that you are closely connected to me and take communion with me, only then can I give you bread and wine my flesh and my blood. Only then have you gone to my table to have communion with me; then you receive myself as I have promised to you. I am the word. And the word became flesh. And now understand my words right which I spoke on earth: Who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, he has eternal life. Who hears my word and lets the power of my word have an effect on him, he alone can reach eternal life because his soul will get healthy, it will mature, it will know through my word about my will, and my word will impart the power to it, to live according to my will it will therefore not only be hearer but doer of my word and certainly come to life, which it now can never lose eternally. And because I know how you men need the food for your soul, that is why I send my messengers out and call for all to come to my table as guests and to have communion with me. And no-one needs need to go from my table unsatisfied because it is set amply for all who come to me and want to let themselves be fed and given drink by me. I have nourishing food and a healthy drink ready for all of you but you have to come to me yourselves, hunger and thirst must drive you to me, then your soul will also be refreshed; it will again and again strengthen itself afresh for its pilgrimage on this earth; it will not weakly collapse by the wayside because again and again a nourishment will be offered to it as soon as it just has the desire for it, as soon as it most closely unites with me and desires to be fed by me. I will come to you myself; I will knock at the door of your heart, and who lets me in willingly with him I will also have communion at any time and he with me. But do not believe that I am there where satisfaction is given to just the outer form where you close your ear to my word, which reaches you from above, because he who does not listen to my word he also does not listen to myself; who refuses my word he refuses myself, and his soul will remain without food. It must live in want and enters the spiritual kingdom atrophied and miserably when the hour of death has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 7909.


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