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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 81

B.D. NR. 7673 - B.D. NR. 7797
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Book 81 7676

Separation of Spirits.

18. August 1960. B.D. NR 7676.

A separation of spirits will take place at the end of this earth and also before already, where it will clearly be proven to whom men belong, to me or to my adversary. Already before the end men will separate into two groups because the ones who are mine will be persecuted for the sake of my name, and the persecutors obviously belong to my adversary, who will still use his power because his days are counted. And he will try everything to bring the ones who are mine to fall away, but in which he does not succeed, because I help the ones who are mine with great power, and I shorten the days for the sake of mine. And the end will fall suddenly and unexpectedly and bring about the complete separation of spirits. Because the ones who are mine will be raptured from this earth, and the following of my adversary will be put in chains with him; it will be banished in the creations of the new earth and therefore every power over this spiritual will be wrested from the adversary, which will again weaken him for a long time, because his power only exists in his following, he himself no longer possesses the power to have an effect himself, when he cannot have an effect through men, who were devoted to him. But these ones I wrest from the adversary for their own sake and bind them again in the creations of all kind so that they start anew their ascent to once again be able to decide when they will have covered the course of development through the creations of the new earth, which lasts endless times. This separation of spirits has to take place; a just order has to again prevail on earth. The souls have to again been given the possibility to form themselves into free spirit beings, and also the once more sunk spiritual has to be classified into the development process, otherwise it would eternally not come to completion. And this separation always takes place at the end of an earth period - when men on the earth completely forget their purpose of life on earth, when they lead a life completely without God - when they no longer recognize me and do not believe in me. Their resistance against me cannot be broken by force, that is why they again have to take the way through the creations of the new earth, and this way is a way of agony because the being was already partly allowed to enjoy the freedom and has again placed itself into fetters because the free will of man has striven for the deep, but which just as well could also elect the top and man would then have reached his gaol. And the great danger exists that also still the small flock of the ones who are mine are caused to fall by those, which is why the separation of spirits also has to be implemented. All spiritual will have to decide still before the end, and happy those beings, who can count themselves to belong to the ones who are mine, who believe in me and call on me when they are in trouble. Because these have established the union with me, and they will also keep it going and remain loyal to me until the end, because I supply them with great power. And they will also recognize their fellow men of which spirit those are and keep away from those who obviously belong to the adversary. But as long as earth exists in its old way the adversary and his following will be hostile towards the ones who are mine. And that is also the time of the testing of the faith where the ones who are mine are to withstand. But I protectively hold my hands over them, and will know how to prevent it that the adversary wins power over them. I will help the ones who are mine and give them power, and they will hold out until the end and will be raptured on the day of judgement. And then the separation of spirits will have taken place, and the ones who are mine will live on the new earth in peace and happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 7676.


Book 81 7678

Admonition to Humility.

20. August 1960. B.D. NR. 7678.

Recognize your weaknesses and seek to fight against them by you submitting yourselves humbly to me and request my favour, help in spiritual trouble. Because I will be close to the least when he – as one of the least – serves fellow man and helps him to his soul’s welfare. The great will not always be the chosen ones but only true humility secures man the calling and that is why also only few are chosen although many are called to it – i.e. many men would only have to finally make up their mind to true humility to then also be chosen by me. But all men still have too much craving for recognition; they want to stand out of the line of their fellow men; they want to be noticed and so also be recognized, and this already lessens true humility, which results in the receipt of favours without measure. But I leave to every man his will; you only are to learn to recognize what is to your advantage and what is of evil. As long as man thinks to be small and unworthy, he speaks with me in spirit and in truth, when he seeks the prayer union with me. And then also my spirit can flow into him, then I can bestow favours on him without reservation. But when on the part of fellow men note is taken of man on account of his ability to hear my voice in him, then his humility can easily change and give way to complacency, which is always a danger for man. And that is why you should always check yourselves what moves you to communicate with fellow men; you are to know that every complacent thought can grant my adversary access and that you then hinder me myself to stay in you and to address you. And you are to be critical of yourselves – when you want to serve me in truth. Because wherever you stay you always have to pray to me in the quiet closet und ask me for my spirit. And can you withdraw into your closet when you stand in the middle of the world? When you are surrounded by men who are not all like-minded and often just expect sensations? No moment you are to forget that I hear the voice of a little child, which turns in thought to me and also answer it – but that I remain silent when a dubious feeling reveals the complacency of a person who well also prays to me but not in spirit and in truth. Clean yourselves first of this feeling, and you will appear before me small und humble and not try to want to draw the attention of the society in which you live upon yourselves. And so you can believe that I am well among you when two or three are gathered in my name – but that you have no guarantee for my presence where complacency, pride or spiritual arrogance bar my presence and now door and gate are opened for the opponent who will actually also introduce himself in the light garment of an angel but does not give you words of truth and life. The humility of the heart is the best test sign because I give my favour to the humble. And you all have to check yourselves whether you have formed you to real humility when you ask me for my word. Then you will also be able to be sure of my activity, then you will be addressed by me and receive power and light according to your request. Amen. B.D. NR. 7678.


Book 81 7693

Resurrection and Spiritualization of Jesus.

6. September 1960. B.D. NR. 7693.

This you can safely accept as truth that my body together with my soul has been spiritualized, that I therefore could rise from the dead because nothing material stayed behind any longer in the grave, which still had to go on the course of its development. I had become lord in life on earth also over my body; I had spiritualized all substances, i.e. turned them as man Jesus towards my father from eternity; there was nothing any more at the body what resisted the father in me, and I have not suffered the agonies on the cross for my sake - for the sake of the spiritualization of my body - but with them only paid off the sins of mankind. But my body was still humanly aligned so that it felt and bore the great pains. But as I completed the work of redemption for mankind with my death on the cross, I still wanted to bring to you the proof of my spiritualization, which resulted in my resurrection from the dead. Body and soul therefore could rise because they had accomplished the work of spiritualization, and nothing was able to now detain this spiritual in the grave because the spirit penetrates everything, even the firmest matter. This spiritualization of the body was well possible for me because I was completely filled with love and because love dissolves every unclean substance, because - where love is - no immaturity can be left because love guarantees a melting with the eternal love, because it consumes everything and only the pure spiritual remains, which now can unite with the original spirit from eternity. I stood in this love, and when you men likewise form yourselves to love, you will also likewise be able to spiritualize your body, and you will bring all material substances into the right order, and all bound spiritual in it will turn towards me as the eternal love and give up every resistance, which once hardened its substances and has been the cause of the banishment in matter. But only few men will succeed in this spiritualization of their body still on earth, but it is possible. And then also the body will be able to rise together with the soul, only this will not be visible to you men often because it is not necessary for the salvation of the soul that you experience unusual things, which are generally not understandable to men. But that I myself rose from the dead, that also my body stepped out of the grave, you can believe, because my life as man was indeed so that the spiritualization of the body could take place that nothing needed to remain, to undergo a further phase of development. I had found the union with the father from eternity. I was completely penetrated by him; I no longer stood outside of his being; I was melted with him until all eternity. But the nature of God cannot be made clear to you because he is a spirit, who fills everything and penetrates everything. He cannot be personified; he is also not visible; he is power and light to an extent, which would consume everything when it would not have formed itself to a high degree of love, which was in me during the time of my walk on earth as man. And that is why I could be completely radiated through by this light and the power, without ceasing to exist, but also my spiritualized body kept its form despite the greatest fullness of the divine spirit, so that I therefore remained visible to those beings, which face me myself in a high degree of maturity. The great spirit from eternity, which filled the whole universe, had manifested itself in a human form. I became visible to my created beings in Jesus Christ, because I myself am also an entity, which will only be understandable to you men when you yourselves will be full of love and have entered the union with me. And then you will also grasp the problem of my resurrection, the spiritualization of body and soul and my complete melting with the father spirit from eternity. Only then you grasp the unity of Jesus and the father. Only then you are completely joined to me, and you recognize me myself, your God and father from eternity, in Jesus Christ. Because he and I are one, and who sees me, he also sees the father. Amen. B.D. NR. 7693.


Book 81 7705

False Prophets.

20. September 1960. B.D. NR. 7705.

Let this be said to you that you will be more and more exposed to the attacks of my adversary the closer it is to the end because he certainly uses his power in a satanic way, and it will be directed especially against the ones who are mine, who want to serve me and whom he thinks he will still win for himself. But you are just to pay attention because you will always recognize his goings-on; you will always know who hides behind wheelings and dealings, which disturb or completely prevent your spiritual activity. Because it will be proven that many false prophets appear under my banner, that they seek to make worthless my words and my pointers to the near end. It will be proven that men easily are captivated, that they rather believe those false prophets than you, because those will always let them hope that they walk towards a nice future, that they have nothing to fear in coming times, that their worldly endeavours will be successful and therefore should have no thoughts of the end of this earth. And then you also know that you are dealing with false prophets, and then remain strong in faith and do not doubt what I let announce to you and again and again announce that the times are fulfilled and that you men are in great danger when you do not prepare yourselves for the end in such a way that you have no need to fear it. Because who lives right and just, who has found to Jesus and completely devotes himself to him, who recognizes myself in him and therefore calls on me in Jesus when he is in trouble, he will survive the end-times without danger and emerge from it unscathed; he will experience the new earth and its paradisiacal stay, and his faith will certainly earn him the blessing because the end no longer can bring him horrors; he will rely on me and therefore also hold out till the end and become happy as I have promised. But my adversary will rage till the end and seek to win influence over my people. And that you are to know and be not put off. But he has his following, and it will also obey his wishes and spread false teachings among men, which are completely contradictory to my word, which is supplied to you directly from above, the Gospel from me, which you however may fully believe. You only are to check when something is offered to you from another side, whether it corresponds with my word - because what contradicts it that also proves to you its origin in my adversary, and you can safely reject as false prophets, who offer you such spiritual goods that dismiss a near end, which still promise to you men a long life on this earth. You are standing shortly before the end, and you are to prepare yourselves for it, and it will do you good because then you have no need to be afraid of this end. Because then comes the time, which was also announced to you - then comes life on the new earth in happiness and bliss, but only for my people, who believe in me and will also defend their faith until the end. Because all will become happy, who hold out till the end - because they will lead a glorious life in paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 7705.


Book 81 7713

Visible Presence of Jesus.

28. September 1960. B.D. NR. 7713.

Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. I have promised you my presence, and I stand by my word: I am with you, you who make me the content of your thoughts, you who love me and therefore also want the union with me. And where I am present there certainly also my spirit will have an effect, and you all will be of one spirit, because I myself direct your thoughts and express myself through your mouth. I am in the midst of you - but I demand your loving memory of me. You are to gather in my name; I, your God and father, your Jesus, want to be to all of you your aim; I want to be the one, who fills your heart, and you are to speak out my name in faith, in respect and love. And I will be in the midst of you, and you can therefore count on my presence and present all questions to me, which occupy you. I will answer them through my spirit. I still stay on earth, but not in the flesh as once, however in spirit I am with everyone who longs for my presence. But I also can appear visibly to you when this is advisable for you, when I can help or strengthen you in great spiritual or earthly trouble. Perhaps not all will be able to see me, when the degree of maturity does not allow a spiritual sight. Or I will come unnoticed and also go again the same way, and you will ask yourselves why you feel exceedingly blissful - you will need some time until you realize what you were allowed to experience. But you will always experience great spiritual strengthening and fall more and more passionately in love with me, because you already have love in you, otherwise you would not have been allowed to see me. And you are to be glad when you have such an experience because that you know that the father bends down to his children to reveal himself to them. But it will always only be few who will be able to bear me and my visible presence although I appear in a plain garment and leave all fullness of light behind to not blind you, who still walk on the dark earth. But where already a light is roused, there I can appear visibly without exposing the soul to danger. And the troubles will befall you in such a way that you need heavenly strengthening to be able to stand firm. And I want to bring this myself to you - and you are not to doubt it because I gave you the promise: Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. And who wants to stop me when I allow it that the one or the other will be able to see me? Therefore always think of me in close love, and wait for my coming, which is very easily possible already before the time. Because whatever may happen, it is founded in my love and wisdom and is to always only serve the maturity or your souls, which I want to draw to myself in hot love and which are often so weak that they are to be strengthened unusually, which my appearance will also bring about. And so always rely on my promises, and live in the consciousness of my presence, when you gather together to exchange spiritual ideas, and I will be with you because the father longs for his children and also wants to make them happy with his presence. Amen. B.D. NR. 7713.


Book 81 7714

False Spirits. False Prophets.

29. September 1960. B.D. NR. 7714.

That is why I chose you to be my servants because I saw that the will in you is good and strong, that you assert yourselves when it is a matter of representing the truth. Because much is offered to men as truth, and still it does not have its beginning in me. And when my servant now recognizes this, then he is not allowed to remain silent but he must speak, he must counter this error with the pure truth - he then has to show that he is my representative on earth and that he works for me. Thus he must confess my name before the world; he completely has to stand by that, which he himself received from me because I chose him to be active for me as disciple in the times of the end. And to whom I have now assigned this duty, to him I will also give the strength to speak in my name. And he will appear as an apostle of truth and unmask my adversary who also has chosen his tools to cause confusion in my ranks. And therefore hear what my spirit announces to you: The period of time till the end is nothing but short but the day of the end is set since eternity. And wherever you men are, you will all hear about this forthcoming end, because I still let completely obvious signs follow, which will be observed everywhere and which will also occupy men's thoughts. But exactly these signs cause the most contradictory opinions because now the work of my adversary appears and the thoughts of men will get confused because one will no longer understand the other, everyone will pursue other aims, which he will not be able to give up, and few will be of awakened spirit and draw the right conclusions. And then many false prophets appear. And that is it of which I want to warn you that you do not believe every spirit, which wants to confide in you, and that you especially do not believe those who deny the end, who believe not to be able to reconcile my love with an end of this earth. And then be careful and earnestly ask for the supply of truth. Do not believe every spirit, which seeks to express itself through men willing to it, and counter each of such a teaching with my pure word, which sounds from above, because you men are to stand in the truth. For only through truth you reach the aim. And you have many spirits among you, which do not speak on my behalf, but you recognize them at that, that they fight the end, that they take offence at the revelations, which announce a near end, and that they oppose the announcers. The time is fulfilled, and exactly in the time of the end many false prophets will still arise and seek to invalidate the pure truth out of me. And they will do unusual things, so that you believe in them, but it is not my spirit, which speaks out of them; it is not my power, which works in them - they are counteracting forces, which rage everywhere and which, as following of my adversary, are also fitted out with power, because they are in bondage to him and have an effect in his will on men of this earth. And then you, who want to serve me, stand loyally to your Lord; you are to defend truth; then do not let yourselves be disconcerted because you know you speak in my name, and will also receive from me the strength because I then speak myself through you. And where my pure Gospel is so announced, there also the end of the earth is told of and that men are standing shortly before this end and therefore are to prepare themselves. And where your speeches come across resistance there you also clearly recognize the work of my adversary, and from those you are to separate and not to preach together with them, because they are not my representatives but envoys of Satan, who is very especially there at work where the light of truth gains acceptance. And he will also not succeed to put out the light because I myself radiate it down to earth, and it will enlighten the hearts of men, so that they will clearly recognize that the father talks to them who is the light from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 7714.


Book 81 7722

About the Forerunner.

8. October 1960. B.D. NR. 7722.

And it will be shown, which power is in my word - because the hearts will feel to be spoken to by me and break out in love to me who announces myself as father because I want to be united with my children and therefore let my love ray fall into the hearts, which are of good will. But it is alone up to this will if men recognize the voice of the father. The smallest resistance lessens the power of my word, and this resistance man does when he is still without love himself. Then he does not let me speak to him, and then my word remains without power effect, then it sounds to man not differently than the word of men, and he rejects it. But my children listen to my word, and I teach my children therefore: free yourselves from erroneous thoughts by you asking me myself for truth and enlightenment of your thinking. Prematurely you seek to get into areas, which I still keep closed to you - you draw conclusions but they are fallacies - you occupy yourselves with things in your mind for which the time to be revealed has not yet come - you speculate about the fate and the coming of the forerunner. And you conclude wrongly. Because I have told you, you will recognize him - and that means, you no longer will have the need to ask but know that it is him when he appears. But before the time of his work has not come, you also do not need to seek him or assume him in a fellow man - because he comes from there where you will expect him the least. He is not a child of the world; he walks his way like every other man, but his thought and wish is concentrated towards me, although his mission is not yet known to him. But his spirit will then give him a bright light of his mission and of him himself when it will be the time that he is to appear. And I tell you, time will still pass until this will happen. He will be enlightened that his light will radiate in a wide surrounding and that all of you who want to serve me will warm yourselves up with his light when the time of spiritual trouble has come, when the last phase will start before the end: when the faith struggle will break out. But before do not believe every spirit, which things to know more about that because if this knowledge would be necessary, I myself would teach you about that. But what is brought to you through the mouth of man, that accept with caution and do not be deceived because the spirit out of God does not contradict itself, and you are to check yourselves where my spirit has an effect, because I do not force you to believe and it is up to you which spirit you believe. I well have announced the forerunner to you that he will again come before my return as a voice calling in the wilderness, but his appearance is still awaited, because a short time still has to precede, where eager work is to be done for my kingdom, and because you would set a time for yourselves when his appearance would be obvious. I still hold the veil spread over the time of his coming because then also my coming is certain, then the end is near because he will only work a short time on earth, which is but enough to startle men out of their death rigidity. And that is the purpose of his coming, to rescue which are still undecided - to strengthen who want to remain loyal to me - and to announce me and my coming. And although this time is also no longer far, so some short phases have still to pass. But then it is fulfilled what has been announced to you in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 7722.


Book 81 7759

Awakening of Divine Abilities is Possible.

29. November 1960. B.D. NR. 7759.

In all of you powers slumber which you only need to awaken. Because you have to know that all divine qualities are hidden in you and all divine abilities lie in you, that they are well in you, but are to - through your former falling away from me buried - only again come out, but what you have to achieve by yourselves. You were standing in such power and strength that certainly nothing was impossible to you because my power permanently flew through you and that also meant that you could create and form like me. But you gave away all these abilities - you closed yourselves to my love radiation and so became powerless and without strength; you also lost the light, so that you no longer knew about your former state of perfection. But you can now any time bring to an awakening the powers, which slumber in you; you can open yourselves any time to my love radiation and can therefore through this also change your wrong nature to your original character. You can again acquire all divine qualities and abilities to a high degree when you only strive for this with a firm will and create the conditions for this: when you change your character again to love and become perfect as you were from the very start. Then you are indeed my images; you have changed yourselves to gods through love. And there is nothing, which you cannot achieve, because love is a power to which nothing is impossible. As men you are still imperfect, and therefore you also do not know about the abilities, which are hidden in you. All imperfection is also restricted in its work; there are limits to it. Man is - because still imperfect - therefore weak and unable; he is poorly formed; he lacks divine gifts; he is insufficient in his knowledge, in his skills and also inadequate in his love. Because imperfection is lack of love. But as soon as man has love, his state changes; he becomes knowing; he wins power, and he recognizes himself and everything what is connected to his existence. And now again the powers begin to unfold, which the imperfect man - the man without love - does not recognize and therefore also does not strive for by himself. Through love he has come into association with me as the eternal love and can now also again get radiated with my love in all its fullness so that his whole nature becomes divine, so that it adapts to my original nature and then also everything is possible for him, whatever it may be. When the being already achieves this state as man on earth, then he indeed can work as a blessing for his fellow men; every element will obey him; he will work miracles and be able to heal the sick; he will see through everything and uncover the most secret thoughts of fellow men. But he will only work as a blessing for his fellow men; he will never misuse the powers which are awakened in him because he then works with me and in my will because it is my power which works through him, and because he then has placed his will completely under mine. But all this only love brings about, which makes man again to the divine being which he was from the very start - which all of you are to let flare up to the highest fervour in you so that you become perfect as your father in heaven is perfect. Amen. B.D. NR. 7759.


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