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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 80

B.D. NR. 7549 - B.D. NR. 7672
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Book 80 7549

Disbelief in the End.

15. March 1960. B.D. NR. 7549.

There is no long period of time any more until the end - and even if you believe that the announced end lies in the far future - you will be surprised how the signs increase and it will become far too apparent in which hour you live. But everything will always happen within the framework of the natural, and that lets you also always hope that the end will still be a long time in coming. However your will is to remain free until the last day because under compulsion you cannot reach your goal, which exists in establishing the union with me, to lift the hands to me in free will and to acknowledge through this me, whom you did not want to acknowledge up to now. That is why the earthly life will make high demands on you; earthly you will have to bear many troubles und always have the opportunity to turn to me. But everything will happen completely naturally, which however the awakened will recognize as last signs before the end. And when I again and again announce to you that you are standing just before the end - that only still little time is granted to you on this earth, then you are to take this announcement very seriously and do not always put it off to the future, as it is men's opinion. You are to understand the words so, as they are given to you; you are to take them literally, and it will be a good idea. Because the time is approaching soon where the earth will be purified and a new earth will again arise. But no matter how urgently I also speak to you, you do not want to believe it, and I can give you no other proofs for the truth of my word than that you will very soon be caught out by the natural event and can then also reckon with the end just as certainly. But do you know if you will survive the former or fall a victim to the natural event yourselves? That is why this likewise counts as end because many men will find their end with it, and their life will no longer last long. And so do not be careless and prepare yourselves, also when the earthly life around you is shaped so as if there is only a building up and blossoming. One day only, and everything is gone and fallen prey to the destruction through the elements, and the survivors will be met with a scene of horror because this is my will that they come to their senses and still make use of the last time of favour, which remains for them until the end. Because everything comes true implicitly, what I let announce to you men through seers and prophets, and you will soon experience the truth of my word, and blessed, who accepted my word and then finds the way to me, because in great trouble he will always find a way out; he will visibly experience my help, which I have promised all of you, who call for me. Because that is why I speak with you so that you already ask for power before and then in greatest trouble when you will only be dependent on my help. You will get it, because I do not forget the ones who are mine. Therefore take care of that you count to the ones who are mine. Call on me in trouble, and I want to hear you. Amen. B.D. NR. 7549.


Book 80 7579


17. April 1960. B.D. NR. 7579.

And I again built up the temple as I had promised. I rose from the dead on the third day, and also my body got out of the grave because I wanted it that way that men take note of my resurrection. Because they did not believe in a survival after death, and I wanted to bring them the proof that it was possible for me to also overcome death, so that they then should believe my promise that every man rises from the dead to life, who believes in me. I therefore have let the body in the spiritualized state also come out of the grave; I appeared to my disciples who could see and also feel me because they were to believe that I have risen from the dead as I had announced before. But only those could see me whose state of maturity allowed this because I no longer was bodily among them but body and soul had been spiritualized and therefore were only visible to those who were able to see with spiritual eyes because I opened their spiritual sight. And that again was the reason that men doubted, that they argued and expressed suspicions that my body had been removed unlawfully - as still also today my resurrection on the third day is doubted by those who do not understand the process of the spiritualization of the soul and of the body. Men do not believe in a resurrection of the soul, and still the same process takes place with all men at the death of their body that the soul leaves the body and enters the kingdom on the other side. For it cannot die, only that its state is completely different according to its way of life. Has this now let to maturity on earth, then the soul arises to life - to a new life in the spiritual kingdom. My soul was completely mature; it had united with the father spirit of eternity, and had also known during the life on earth how to determine the body, to adjust to all its desires so that also the body experienced already on earth the spiritualization of all its substances and therefore could rise from the dead together with the soul after death, for which I could furnish proof on the third day. But also this process can only be believed because no proofs can be furnished for it. But whose spirit is awakened, who knows about purpose and aim of man on earth, he is also of convinced faith in my resurrection on the third day, because my spirit announces it to him, which also radiated onto my disciples after my resurrection, which became apparent after my ascension because also this one again only men could experience who were completely mature, who were able to see spiritually, because I wanted it and because they were already spiritually so prepared that for them the experience of the outpouring of the spirit (ascension) no longer meant a compulsion of the spirit. So always only individuals were able to also see me after my resurrection, and I have strengthened these individuals for this unusual experience. They saw me - and I wanted it that way because my disciples were to go out into the world to announce my Gospel, and because they were to testify to my resurrection on the third day. But I did not appear to the unbelievers because they would not have been able to bear my fullness of light which would have shone into their spiritual darkness. But who hears my Gospel, who believes in me and my work of redemption, he is also to be able to believe in my resurrection from the dead, and it will also be possible for him to believe in it because the spirit in him, which radiates from me, teaches him in the same way from within and gives him a living faith. He will not need any further proof; inwardly he will be completely convinced that his soul rises from the dead to life, and therefore he will also live his life on earth consciously, he will strive for union with me, he will rely on Jesus Christ and in him contact me myself - he will strive spiritually and seek to always fulfil my will - and will have no need to fear death because he knows that he will rise to eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 7579.


Book 80 7582

The Paradise of the New Earth.

21. April 1960. B.D. NR. 7582.

I want to transfer to the paradise on the new earth all of you, who remain loyal to me until the end. This promise is to spur you on to eager soul work; it is to be hope and comfort for you in difficult days; it is to give you strength to endure, and it is to encourage you to always only rely on me, to seek strength and consolation with me, to demand help from me when you are in trouble. And I will help you. Who believes in me he will so obviously experience my help, and he will therefore also have nothing to fear whatever may come over men because he belongs to the ones who are mine, whom my constant care is for and who therefore will also pass the last fight on this earth because they believe in me. I want to announce this to you that you well will have to come through a time of trouble, but that you do not need to be afraid of it because you will get through it with my strength, and it will not touch you as hard as your fellow men who have no faith. And when the time will come where you will be pressed from all sides for the sake of your faith, then you also know that my coming no longer lasts long, because for the sake of the ones who are mine I will shorten the days, for the sake of the ones who are mine time will pass quickly - the time of the last faith struggle on this earth. And then you are to think of and hope for the joys in paradise on the new earth which lie ahead of you according to my promise. Once the time on this earth stops, because this is so scheduled in my plan of salvation. And as soon as the first signs are visible, you also can reckon with a fast course of all events. Because I want to establish again law and order on earth so that it can again fulfil its assignment to serve as education station for the spiritual what is soon no longer possible in the present time. That is why a change has to take place, and this is approaching fast. But first the last faith struggle takes place because men still have to make a decision - because a separation of spirits has to happen, which this faith struggle will bring about. But you, who belong to the ones who are mine, you, who believe in me and want to remain loyal to me, you will also get over this time unharmed because in this struggle I myself am your commander, and together with me you will win this fight - because you are also confident and think of my promise. And then the joys in paradise of the new earth will fully compensate you for all troubles and sufferings which you had to endure for the sake of belief, but which you will also get over with my power, with my help. And that is why you are to look forward to that time without fear, because nothing can happen to you than what my will allows. And that is only a blessing for you. You only are to want to be and remain mine. And time will pass quickly because I put a stop to the works of Satan, because his time has run out and he will be put in chains anew - which also gives rise to the end of the old earth and the day of judgement, where I will come in the clouds to judge the living and the dead. Amen. B.D. NR. 7582.


Book 80 7584

Earnest Testing of Spiritual Goods with God's Support.

23. April 1960. B.D. NR. 7584.

To no man the right is denied to form a judgement himself but he also is to know that the intellect alone is no guarantee for right thinking, and no matter how sharp it is developed. This specially applies to the assessment of spiritual knowledge for which no proofs can be produced. Whether now such knowledge is truth or not that can a man assess as soon as he turns to God himself about enlightenment of his thinking - otherwise he is unable to check, to rightly assess. But every man also has the right to refuse what he cannot acknowledge, provided that he is of good will and checks unbiased. He is not to believe blindly; he is to think over what is demanded of him to believe, and is to ask the support of God for it; he is to know that the spirit in him teaches him. Then also real desire for truth is evident, and then truth will also be offered to him, and he will also be able to recognize it as truth. Because much is presented to men as truth, which however often is contradictory, and then it is up to man himself to find out what truth is. But who thinks to get to the bottom of it with his intellect alone, he can expect that he gets entangled in still more error because the intellect gets influenced by the enemy of truth, by the prince of darkness, who does everything in his power to dissuade men from truth and to feed them with error. But man can protect himself from this when he turns to God himself, when he approaches him about that, that he gives him knowledge of truth. That is why no man can raise the objection that he is not able for a real judgement about truth or error. As soon as he unites with God, as soon as he approaches him for enlightenment of the spirit, he will intuitively recognize whether he is to turn towards the spiritual goods offered to him or to turn away from them. And he will always have the inner certainty to judge rightly because he knows that not he himself has formed the judgement but God enlightened his thinking. But always the good will belongs to it, to recognize and do what is right. But a rationalist does not check himself what gets him to accept or reject. Only his intellect works, which however goes other ways, which does not consult God himself, but thinks itself to be able to check. And it will often err because God does not want to be eliminated and because from him alone truth starts. But an examination of spiritual goods is also not to be refrained from because man allegedly does not feel able to a real judgement. Because he once will have to answer for it, and he will not be able to refer to the judgement of others, which he accepted without thinking because it was demanded of him that way. He is to reach a living faith, and that also requires thinking about that, which he is taught. Only the living faith will be evaluated by God; but a dead faith, a form faith, is as good as no faith. And so you men will again and again have the opportunity to comment on one or the other teaching, on a spiritual good imparted to you, and it might be a good idea if you turn to God himself, because he as the eternal truth will also make available truth to you, he will put into the heart for you that you will be able to form your own judgement, and that this judgement also corresponds with truth. You only are not to rely on your own strength alone because as soon as God cannot step in through your will, your prayer, another steps in, and he uses your intellect. And then you will further and further go away from the truth because he does not rest until he has reached his aim. Amen. B.D. NR. 7584.


Book 80 7585

Right Representatives of God on Earth.

24. April 1960. B.D. NR. 7585.

Living representatives of God on earth must be filled with my spirit otherwise they cannot serve me the right way. Because they are to speak in my stead when they want to be my right representatives and they therefore must speak as my spirit tells them – they must allow it that I speak through them myself and therefore men are directly addressed. They must fulfil the conditions, which allow the spirit to work in them: They themselves have to live in love and livingly believe that I reveal myself to those who prepare themselves, and they have to permanently seek close union with me to be able to hear me myself in them. My real representatives on earth speak driven by my spirit, because as they are most livingly united with me, is my will theirs, and they cannot help it than to express that what I want to say to men. My real representatives must be filled by my spirit – then they will also be able to give to their listeners what touches their heart because I then address these myself and my word will certainly penetrate to the heart when man longs for God’s word. Therefore my word can be heart everywhere under the condition that the announcer himself gets first in touch with me so closely that I now talk through him myself. And also love belongs to such a close union otherwise the preacher does not have the desire, to establish union with me, but he speaks out of his intellect to his listeners and these words do not meet with a response – unless the longing for my word is so strong in a man that I want to address this man myself and he then also draws the power out of the word of God. However the knowledge about the work of the spirit has got lost to men and even the announcers of the divine word lack the understanding for it. It is implausible to them that I speak to men myself, that I only help myself to a suitable tool to address men directly. They do not believe it that God reveals himself always and in every way, that he talks directly to a person who fulfils the condition which I attach to a direct reception of the word. And because they do not believe themselves in it, they also do not get ready themselves for becoming a vessel to receive my spirit. And then they are also not suitable to have an effect as my representatives on earth because a real representative must serve me as mouthpiece, he must let me myself speak through him, so that men receive God’s word in truth because the announcers are to speak in my stead, they are not to submit their own intellectual work to men, they are to always only hear what I myself speak to them – they are to let my spirit work in them. But where the belief in my spirit activity is lacking there a man cannot pass himself off as my representative on earth because only alone the activity of my spirit in him stamps him to it. And never can on the part of one man this duty be transferred to another; never can one man feel qualified to elevate a fellow man to be a representative of God on earth, because I alone am entitled to this duty. I choose my servants; I send the disciples into the world; I speak myself through those who have got ready as a receptive vessel of my spirit. I choose the right representatives on earth for me because I know it who is suitable for such a duty; I know it who serves me as mouthpiece, who completely enters into my will, who so closely unites with me that I can speak to men through him. And men will also recognize it themselves whether and when they feel addressed through a sermon because the right representative will find the right words, which stir their hearts. But there are only few of them and still I will insist on my conditions that the activity of the spirit is necessary when a real work in the vineyard is to be done. Who wants to be active for me and in my stead his spirit must be awakened otherwise he cannot pass on the truth to fellow men, which goes out from me myself. But without truth the way to me is blocked because on the way of error will no man be able to reach me. But the spirit out of me imparts the truth to you men, which is why only he can be a real representative of me on earth in whom my spirit can have an effect. Amen. B.D. NR. 7585.


Book 80 7604

Forerunner. Knowledge About Pre-Embodiment.

21. and 22. May 1960. B.D. NR. 7604.

You are not to lose yourselves in assumptions whose spirit you embody, who walk on earth in the last times, to serve me. A veil is spread by me over things, which are of no use for your walk on earth and for your mission. And that is why also the knowledge is kept from you in which pre-embodiment you once walked over the earth. It is enough for you to know that I supply all with great strength and favour who are prepared to serve me, and that in the times of the end that very work of the adversary is so powerful that also strong spirits of light are necessary to oppose and to withstand his work where to carry out redemption work on earth is called for. And these spirits of light have to remain in deepest humility to be able to carry out their mission, since the adversary especially finds the best point of attack in arrogance, in presumptuousness, and that mission could therefore be endangered. And men are all in danger to become a slave to this his characteristic feature and hereditary evil. That is why on my part such a possibility is not supported, but I always seek to have an effect that man remains in deepest humility, because then he also can resist my opponent and does not get into his snare. And it is not expedient for man to know about his pre-embodiment - otherwise this knowledge would be given him with the moment of his work for me and my kingdom. But one will know about that; it will not be a secret for him because he has to carry out the most difficult assignment in the last times: to announce me as my forerunner, as voice of one crying in the wilderness to proclaim my coming in the clouds and to pay for his mission for me with death. But this knowledge will not strain him because he is an over-strong spirit who consciously has taken up the last embodiment on earth in the knowledge of the urgency of his assignment, which he is prepared to carry out in deepest love for me. He is one of the few who seals with death what he announces. He has got the strength for that because he loves me, whom he once not really recognized, who already once had to lose his life for me but is prepared to die thousand deaths for me - who therefore also consciously walks this last earth walk, conscious of his mission and his origin. But in this certainty he will only be when he - who before lives in extreme reserve - will appear before the public, when his close attachment to God will suddenly give him a bright light, which assignment he has to carry out on earth. And then he will tell of me with great zeal; he will do everything to point men to the end and the last judgement; he will talk openly and without reserve against the rulers, whom he does not fear on account of their power, but will denounce them in public, because he recognizes in them the envoys of Satan against which he clearly campaigns. And that will be my last sign, because he will appear in the last end phase, in that time of the faith struggle, which will be waged shortly before the end comes. Whatever you might hear before - not earlier is the time of his work on this earth till this faith struggle breaks out, where the lights will brightly shine, which point the way for men, which all are to go. And he will be the brightest light, which will shine there, where you will expect it the least - he will outshine in brightness everything and therefore also be recognizable to all who do not shy away from the light. But be patient and wait till the time comes, and do not surrender before to wrong speculations. Because you will still often be misled by my opponent, who wants to direct your looks wrongly to put you off doing your own mission work, which you are prepared to serve me as loyal servants. Do not be deceived - you will most clearly recognize it when the time will have come, where such unusual things happen that I also have to intervene unusually to come to the assistance of the ones who are mine. Because also their faith will be shaken through the action of my adversary when they do not firmly rely on me and hand over everything to me trusting for my right guidance. And you will then also feel my will in the heart so that you no longer need to ask what you are now to do. My will will be in you; you will not be able to act differently than it is my will, and also know that you only fulfil my will through your activities. Again and again I tell you: Do not act prematurely, wait, until I call you, until I put my will into the heart, because you can also destroy through premature action what previously was laboriously built up. Always bear in mind that men are all still too weak in faith, that at times lighter food has to be offered to them, so that their soul does not suffer. And to those you are only to preach my Gospel of love, but not submit such teachings they are not able to grasp. And to this also belongs the knowledge about the embodiment of souls of light, because often they really lack the belief in a survival of the soul. It is not always advisable to now announce to these men the appearance of the forerunner before my coming back, but when they accept my Gospel of love then they will also learn to believe and recognize when he appears because first difficult events precede and then already a separation of spirits is recognizable. Men who stand for or against me and now also their spiritual knowledge will be accordingly. No longer much time passes, then all these words will be understandable to you, and then you will no longer ask, but know that my coming is near because you recognize him who was my forerunner at my time on earth and also will be again as it is announced through word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 7604.


Book 80 7611

Separation of Spirits. End of an Earth Epoch.

30. May 1960. B.D. NR 7611.

The walk as man through life on earth is the last phase of the course of development of the once fallen original spirit on this earth - it is the conclusion of that time, which was granted to this spiritual in its upward development, it is the conclusion of that period of time in which the original spirit can again reach perfection when he makes good use of the last phase, the stage as man, when he rightly directs his will in this time. He therefore can reach his aim to again, completely spiritualized, enter that kingdom from which he once went out; he can return to the light, to the original source from eternity, to the father, as whose creature he once arose. But no matter how short this earth lifetime is, compared with the endless long time of the pre-development, there still is the great danger that man misuses anew his will, that he does not strive for his perfection, but again sinks back into the deep. And as this is his free will he also cannot be hindered at that, as on the other hand he also cannot be forced to direct his will right. So it is a matter of testing his will a second time, and he has to pass this test as man, otherwise his walk through life on earth was without result - which also can result in a renewed banishment into matter when not still the last favour is granted to him to slowly ascend up in the kingdom on the other side under far more difficult conditions than on earth. As long as an earth period has not ended, this possibility also exists, because the kingdom on the other side is still open for such souls, which depart immaturely from this earth. But the gates to the kingdom on the other side will close as soon as this redemption period takes its end and a new one begins again. Because the ending of an old epoch also means complete separation of spirits; it means a new sorting out of all spiritual into the outer forms or creations, which correspond to its degree of maturity. And also hell will spew out everything in the last time for the purpose of new banishment; then also every possibility will be past to develop progressively on the other side, which is why before still great redemptive work is done to also still rescue souls from the deep from a re-banishment into matter. It will be a great sifting through in the hereafter and on earth. And when men on earth would think about how far they already have advanced and that they are just before their perfection, they certainly would spend all strength to still make use of the short time, which still remains for them till the end. But they take nothing seriously whatever is still submitted to them; they do not use the time to reach their aim, and the last favour of the embodiment as man goes ineffective past them because all means of favour, which are given to them in this time, are not accepted or made use of properly, and an endless long process of development ends without having found the right ending for the human soul - for the once fallen original spirit, which is to return to God. But men can only be admonished and warned, and that happens to a high degree through the divine word, which is supplied from above through God's exceedingly great love to men as unusual means of favour. And all men are approached by it and only need to open heart and ears to also feel the power of the divine word and to securely ascend. So every man has the possibility to fetch strength, he only has to be of good will and strive for fulfilment of the purpose of his life on earth. He has to consciously live the short time till the end of his life; he has to want that he fulfils the will of him who gave him life; he has to surrender to him and ask him for power and favour. And he will then also reach his aim because this request will always find fulfilment, and God will bless everyone who approaches him for power and favour, and his walk on earth will not have been in vain. Amen. B.D. NR. 7611.


Book 80 7629

Earnest Desire for Truth Guarantees Truth.

22. June 1960. B.D. NR. 7629.

Understand it that only the earnest will for truth has to be present to also be able to receive it. But seldom only is this earnest will found, although every man claims to strive for truth. But this is also a claim, which is familiar to men, without them thinking about it, because the desire for truth has to awaken deep in the heart and no longer get out of the mind of men - he has to fear nothing more than to fall into error, and that is why he has to turn to me in the heart and ask me for supply of truth. And he will get it. But if a man has received knowledge and he clings to this knowledge without ever having checked it for its truth, then it is also difficult to bring truth to him when it does not agree with his knowledge because he resists giving his knowledge away und to exchange it against the pure truth. And then he lacks the inner desire for truth, and he will also be unable to do an examination because he is not getting into contact with me, because he does not ask me to enlighten the spirit to now also be able to judge right. That is why it is also not always possible to pass on pure truth to earth, that is why so much spiritual good is considered to be truth, which cannot lay claim to it. And still it is represented as truth - especially then when its origin is the spiritual kingdom, when it is believed to then have guaranteed received the truth. But as the genuine desire of the receiver is the prerequisite for the transmission of the truth, so the origin in the spiritual kingdom is not always a guarantee for the truth of that which is passed on to earth - an earnest examination is rather necessary. And this has to be carried out with me, with my support. Because also the spiritual kingdom contains beings, which still belong to darkness or which, as imperfect, stick to their erroneous knowledge, which they have taken with them from earth to the other side and advocate it in the kingdom on the other side exactly as eagerly as they did on earth. Because what a man loves from that he is also not able to separate in the kingdom on the other side. And that is also significant for his course of development because it can last eternities until such a soul has freed itself, until it finally begins to accept the truth. But it can do harm to men in the kingdom on the other side when it finds willing men to whom it can impart its wrong knowledge through thought transfer or also through expression onto men inclined to be a medium, which consciously establish a union from earth to the spiritual kingdom. Such a connection can and will be a blessing when the earnest desire for truth controls the man and he always asks for the support through my spirit. Then there is no danger; then man himself builds up a strong wall which cannot be climbed over by beings without knowledge, and only the world of light has access to him, which certainly will only impart truth out of me because it is active on behalf of me and because it is my will that you will be taught pure truth. And everyone is to undertake this self-checking himself to what extent he seeks truth. He is to fear error and always approach me for protection, and his request will be heard because I myself want that you men have truth; I myself want that you receive it; therefore I will also provide the possibility for it, always presupposed that the same will for truth exists in you, which is also for you safe protection from wrong spiritual goods, from wrong thinking and false interpretation of that which is offered to you. Because the man who desires truth will also have the right ability to judge because I have sent it to him together with the truth and he is therefore also able to check the worth of the spiritual goods. I myself am the truth; I myself want to have contact with my creatures, and therefore I also want that my creatures have the truth. And I will protect them from the influence of those beings who try to spread error and disguise themselves as beings of light so that you are deceived and fall prey to error. The close union with me guarantees also right thinking, right instruction, it guarantees to you the imparting of truth through the spirit. Because the spirit spark in you is my part, and it truly instructs you right. And you all are to strive that you are taught by your spirit itself, that you need not to keep to those transmissions from the spiritual world, which you cannot control, because you do not know the spiritual state of those who receive those conveyings by medial means - because the great danger of the intervention of beings which lack knowledge always exists. But where my spirit is effective there you know that I myself talk to you and that I certainly impart the truth to you because I want that my creatures on earth walk in the truth - because only through truth alone they reach me and therefore also happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 7629.


Book 80 7666

Setting up words.

5. August 1960. B.D. NR. 7666.

And it will always be a blessing for you when my flow of favour touches you because nothing remains without effect what flows out of me when it is accepted willingly. And a willing acceptance is guaranteed when you turn to me in prayer, when you desire to be blessed by me – when you desire my address. And so I want that you experience how I want my word to be understood: This do in remembrance of me. Because you have derived an act out of this that you literally hand out bread and wine and are now convinced to accommodate myself in you when you eat this bread and drink the wine. But the proper meaning of my words was not understood by you. And still especially the receiving of bread and wine is exceedingly important but under which I want to be understood my word with its power. You cannot become blessed when you do not hear my word, the bread of life, the manna that comes from heaven. You must let yourselves be addressed by myself who am the word myself, which became flesh for you men. When I walked over the earth I handed out the word of life with full hands; I addressed all men and gave to those who were of good will food for their souls. I gave them bread and wine, my word, which I had blessed with my power. I instructed my disciples and made them to be proper announcers of my word because they were to carry out my word to the world – for all men needed food for their souls, all men were to eat my flesh and drink my blood, to all men my word was to be made accessible so as it went out from me; they were to receive purest truth which only the eternal truth itself could give to them. But my walk on earth lasted only a short time. And in this time I prepared my disciples for the teaching profession. And when then the hour of my farewell was close, when I had communion with my disciples before my hard walk to Golgotha – there I then gave them the assignment to broadcast – I pointed them to their mission to give to the world the announcement about me, about my teaching and also about that which still lay ahead of me, and I therefore spoke the words: Go out into the world. I broke the bread and handed it to them as also the cup with the wine – and my disciples knew that I described the bread and the wine as flesh and blood, that I spoke in pictures to them, and they understood me, that I requested them to bring my word to men so that they remembered me and to no longer let me out of their memory forever. They knew it that they were to hand out to their fellow men exactly as I myself handed out to them the bread and the wine. And so I appointed my disciples into their office for which I had trained them. But I never appointed such a communion celebration as you men have inferred from my words. It was never my will that you men perform an act and hope for an effect of this which however requires other prerequisites than just the receiving of bread and wine. Understand this, it was the assignment to my disciples, to go out into the world and to spread the Gospel – to announce my word to men that in reality is my flesh and my blood, the bread is out of the heavens and is and will remain irreplaceably for men who seek union with me and also have found then when I can address them directly when my power can flow into them directly and the union now takes place which is purpose and aim in earth life. But first prerequisite is that man forms himself to love because I myself – my word, my flesh and my blood – he cannot receive in him when he lacks love. I myself am love. I again can only unite with love. It is therefore not possible that I can move into the heart of a man who performs the outer act, who consumes bread and wine, but whose heart lacks all love. For under love I do not understand an emotional excitement which goes out to me in that moment but I understand under that an overcome self-love, which expresses itself in love towards the neighbour and which now also proves the love towards me. That then is a true uniting with me, in which I now can address him, in which my flesh and my blood is offered to him, my word with my power. And then man will also remember me constantly; he will start everything and end everything with me; he will make an effort to live all the time in my will, and he will go the way of ascent development – he will reach the goal, eternal life and happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 7666.


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