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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 79

B.D. NR. 7462 - B.D. NR. 7548
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Book 79 7474

Time and Space Concept.

9. December 1959. B.D. NR. 7474.

They are eternity ideas would you imagine the times where your soul is on its way back to me, and you are lacking all estimation ability, which is why there is talk of eternities. Once however this state comes to an end; once also for you the idea of time and space changes - as soon as you have entered the state of perfection, which no longer knows limitations. Then everything is the same for you - past, present and future - and you experience everything where and when you want it, as present, a state, which you likewise are not able to imagine. But the being only knows restrictions in the state of imperfection, however all restrictions are invalid when the being has become perfect, thus again has returned to its original state in which it was at the very start. That is why the soul will again be able to experience all past things as present and recognize my great love because only now it also grasps the wonder of its course of development from the deepest fall to the highest height, and it is exceedingly happy being aware of now being and remaining eternally my child. Because then there are no longer restrictions, then it can stay where it wants, and also put itself into that state, which it wants, even if it already was down in the past because this one now has become for it a present state. The idea for time and space belongs to the state of imperfection, as every restriction is always a sign of faultiness, what you men also will only understand when once every restriction falls off you. But the prerequisite for it is that you enter the kingdom of light. Also this is a degree of happiness in which scale all restrictions fall off you - because the kingdom of light means lifting of all restrictions, it means looking through time and space, the soul will be able to stay where it wants, where it transports itself to in thought and when it wants it, and therefore also events of the past will become alive in it, because it can experience everything as present. And then it will praise and extol and eternally sing thanks to me that I have led it back to its father's house, where happiness finds no end for it, which it now can enjoy near to me and is always conscious of my love and favour, which cause these wonderful things forever for it. And then the soul will experience my work of redemption and only then realize what this work of redemption has meant for itself. Because only now it recognizes the great love, which has expiated its great sin to be able to disclose to it all the wonderful things of the heavenly kingdom. It recognizes the unfathomable distance in which it once was from me; it recognizes the great favour and mercy which followed it into the depth and lifted it again out of it; it recognizes the never tiring patience and love on the way of return because it also sees its former resistance and warding off of my great love and favour towards all of the once fallen. It cannot help it than to praise and extol him who has created it and who has rescued it through his work of redemption from eternal agony. And again and again it experiences this work of mercy anew because it gains through it always deeper knowledge, what has been done to it to so make it exceedingly happy. And the soul full of thanks will do everything to also help other souls to the same happiness because it sees the great misery of them, which still stay in darkness, and to help them is now its constant will, because love to all the unredeemed is aroused in it in view of the wonderful things, which my love has prepared for my child and will prepare for it until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 7474.


Book 79 7476

Living Faith.

13. December 1959. B.D. NR. 7476.

Every man should strive for, that his faith becomes a living one, that his thinking may be a convinced one, that every doubt may be absent and he always draws power from a living faith, which lets the walk of life become easier. A firm faith will always make the walk on earth of a man easier passable; a firm faith will give him confidence because a firm faith also requires the bond with me, which will always get a man the feeling of security. But only that faith can be alive, which is accompanied by love - because only love revives faith. But who lives in love, he lives in me and I in him. Therefore love ensures you my presence and my presence again also has to revive in you faith and a living faith again gives you strength, which lets you overcome everything because you are constantly certain of my help. To believe livingly means to know in the bottom of your heart that it is truth what you believe - to believe livingly means to not doubt one moment the success of what you plan or request, and to believe livingly means furthermore to let the power of faith have an effect in my will - which will also sometimes result in unusual activity where the power of faith is especially strong. To have a living faith is already bliss on earth because man needs no longer to fear anything because he believes or knows that there is always a way out for him, because for him there is also nothing insurmountable because he is constantly connected with me. Because he now can work in my power, which is unlimited available to him as long as he just believes. But how few have this living faith, how few are so filled with love for the neighbour that living faith would be the sure result of it. And without love faith remains dead; without love man cannot have the power of faith at his disposal, which makes him happy and lets him get all difficulties under control. Then it will remain just dead words when man also would like to assure his faith towards his fellow men, while a living faith has no need of words, but has a quiet effect through fullest conviction and inner confidence - exactly through the close union with me, which is the result of love. That is why this inner conviction cannot be expected from a man who is devoid of all love because he cannot believe, but he will by far rather reject everything what to believe is demanded of him - he is not capable to have a living faith because he is lacking love. The purest truth could be imparted to him, he will not accept it because to recognize it also love is necessary and therefore love, faith and truth cannot be separated because also pure truth can never be proven, but has to be believed and this can exactly only happen in love. A living faith makes happy, and that is why you are to only strive for such a living faith - you are to live in love and that way give the faith in you life, which now also earns you more than enough power to act and live on earth according to this faith. But only living faith is of value; dead faith is as good as none, it neither has the power in it nor can it give life to man - man will fail when once the power of faith will be demanded of him, when he once will have to prove himself and make the last faith decision of which the fate of his soul then will be dependent on after the death of the body - or also the state of the new banishment when man still experiences the end of this earth in unbelief. Then the power of faith will be proven when this decision is demanded of you men. And then that man can call himself blessed who has love and living faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 7476.


Book 79 7479

The Coming of the Lord.

16. December 1959. B.D. NR. 7479.

Prepare yourselves for the coming of the Lord. Because he again will descend to earth; he will come in the clouds on the day of judgement, and he will fetch the ones who are his into the kingdom of peace and happiness. But he will no longer be born out of a woman, but all will see him who belong to his and hold out in all hardships until the end; only the ones who are his will see him, and they will be exceedingly happy. His descent to earth once took place to rescue men from judgement, from the fetters of Satan, and it takes place again and will be a judgement for those who do not believe in him and still are voluntarily under the control of Satan - who do not let Jesus Christ rescue them before the day of judgement will dawn. But to the ones who are his, this his coming will mean liberation because they are in great trouble and shout out of great trouble for him that he fetches them away from earth. And he will come in power and glory but remain invisible to the depraved who will just experience the process of the rapture and are shocked to recognize the hour of their end. But they will not change because they cannot free themselves of their lord and also do not appeal to the one who would have the power over that lord and would also apply it when only a call from the heart to him would sound. The coming of the Lord is imminent. Only a short time still, which will be a severe time of trouble for you, because the powers of darkness rage to a degree that even the believers will have difficulties to hold out, and that also the days will be shortened because of them, so that they do not fall a victim to the harassments through the prince of darkness. Because the darkness is again so great as it was when God himself descended to earth to redeem men. The same darkness is spread over the earth, and men go along in night of death and also do not seek life because they still could have the power to come to life, but they go along indifferently and do not know what is in store for them in the coming time. Judgement is forthcoming, and it will bring men death or life. But life is only to be found near God and with God, and that is why God will give life to all men who want to remain his, and he will descend to them to bring again rescue to them out of highest trouble. He will come himself on the day of judgement; he will judge the living and the dead. He will lift who believe in him, and they will be allowed to see him and live - still in the body they will be raptured to once be allowed to populate the new earth. But he will also judge who are dead in spirit, and assign the place to them to which they belong according to their spirit. Because the time is fulfilled, and all of you are to only still live in expectation of the day which will come as certainly as one day follows the other, which will bring him himself and will arouse rejoicing and jubilation with the ones who are his - but which will also mean judgement for all who are, and will also still remain for a long time his enemies. Amen. B.D. NR. 7479.


Book 79 7482

Love and Justice of God.

20. December 1959. B.D. NR 7482.

You will never have to fear in me a pitiless judge who condemns you mercilessly, even when you would have deserved it. It is true my justice has to come out with every verdict but my love will have everywhere a mitigating say and never judges you mercilessly because it cannot do differently than to forgive, judge rightly and lay the healing hand on wounds, which man has inflicted on himself through his sins. Because all harm, all pains of the soul, all trouble and agony, it has caused itself, and not I have therefore pronounced judgement; it has judged itself in free will, it has created itself the condition in which it now stays. And my justice will not let me lift it out of this self-created dreadful situation when it itself does not ask for the sake of Jesus Christ. It may be in court, but it itself has chosen judgement. That is always to be recognized that I am not a punishing God who therefore has imposed such punishments on the sinner to atone for his sins, but that this state of punishment has voluntarily been aimed at and is entered into by the sinner and that I on grounds of my justice cannot give him a better fate than he has chosen for himself through his free will. I take pity on the trouble in which such souls are which have become sinful, and my love would indeed like to create a better fate for them, but again this is a matter of free will, which neither my love nor my justice will infringe on. The soul itself must want to come out of its trouble, and it must - because it alone is too weak to carry out its will - call on Jesus Christ for strength and help. This is the only way, which can be shown to it; then my mercy will come out, and for the sake of Jesus Christ all sins will be forgiven. Talking now of the last judgement, then not an act of punishment for my part is to be understood by it, which could question my mercy or let my endless love appear to be doubtful. Rather a restoration of order is to be understood by it, a straightening out of the wrong state in which in particular mankind is and also still everything bound spiritual in the last times where men have their fling through the influence of my adversary and live completely adverse to God. Then my merciful love intervenes again and straightens out everything - but can cause no other fate for the spiritual, which has failed as man, than this has aimed at itself in free will. It is true this is a judgement, but unfounded in my anger, but in deepest pity I banish anew the spiritual in form, because justice prevents me to create a fate for this spiritual where it is happy. But once also it has got this fate to look forward to, once the free will of also this spiritual will consciously turn to me, and then I will be able to seize it and let my love radiate through it, without this being rejected. Because whether my love is also infinite - also justice belongs to my nature, and this comes out when the time is fulfilled. Amen. B.D. NR. 7482.


Book 79 7520

New Earth. Romans 8.

11. February 1960. B.D. NR. 7520.

No work of creation on this earth will escape the great upheaval; it will affect everything, beginning with hard matter, the plant and the animal kingdom up until men. Everything will fall victim to a work of destruction, of which the extent surpasses everything, which already has taken place on earth. For everything is affected, so that in fact afterwards it can be called a new earth, when the work of reshaping of the earth has been completed. All banished spiritual therefore for the time being first becomes free from form; but it will not be able to enjoy its state of freedom for a long time because it will again be bound in new creations, as it corresponds with the degree of maturity of the spiritual in each case. That is why the new creations can arise in a very short time; they need no long course of development because for all creations also the corresponding matured spiritual substances exist and just need a different form so that the development goes further upwards on the new earth. And these new creations are so varied that really a great spiritual progress can be achieved in far shorter time than on the old earth because the spiritual is not opposed by so many resistances as it was the case lately in which everywhere the effect of bad forces became obstructively apparent. The act of reshaping therefore takes place in a short time, but no man is aware of it because the raptured will be brought to the newly reshaped earth, but they cannot themselves assess how long they were away from earth because they lacked all idea of time. But nothing will remain in the old forming. And even men will no longer feel their earthly dress so heavily - it is so to speak already a more spiritualized form, which covers them, even though it is still earthly material substance, but they feel no bodily weaknesses and aches and pains and can spend their life on the new earth in a state, which can really be called paradisiacal. And this state will last as long as men live closely connected to God, as long as they have a direct relationship with the world of light and its inhabitants and live according to God's will in everything. A change will also re-enter in time when the prince of darkness again wins power over men; but a long time passes until then because the first generations are still so connected to God, whom they were allowed to get to know in all power and glory, that they remain loyal to him and lead their life under his love and favour. And that is why the influence of men on all creation will be an extreme favourable one; the love of men feels the spiritual in all works of creation, and it therefore comes all the quicker to further development the more love it feels and also gives up its inner resistance quicker in a love filled environment. It willingly serves and often can very quickly leave a form, to be able to move into the next higher one, so that the course of development will be considerably shortened compared with the time before on the old earth. And already for the sake of this spiritual still bound in form should the work of upheaval let men recognize the love of God because not man alone needs the help of God but all creation sighs for redemption. But man has the possibility to free himself from form during earth life. When he fails then it is his own fault that he has misused anew his free will and he now also has to take upon himself the consequences because he then is only given what he himself has striven for in earth life - matter will become his outer form, which alone he has desired. Amen. B.D. NR. 7520.


Book 79 7523

Supply of Power.

15. and 16. February 1960. B.D. NR. 7523.

Excerpt only:

But that is also the purpose in every trouble that you approach me for help, that you seek the union with me and that now in this union my power can spread to you so that you will always feel strengthened when only you open yourselves to me in close thoughts that I can give you what you want: power and favour and an enlightened spirit, which recognizes me everywhere and in all events so that you then also learn to love me and love always unites us stronger and then also every weakness falls off you because you then walk with me and are fed by me with light and power. (from B.D. NR. 7523).


Book 79 7524

Fate of Life Conducive to Maturation.

17. February 1960. B.D. NR. 7524.

From my side every possibility for development is presented to you because your whole course of life is determined by me in such a way that it always gives you new opportunities to work on your souls. Again and again such opportunities approach you where you have to prove yourselves, where you have to let your will become active, where you have to adjust yourselves to it and it now depends on how you bring your action and wanting in line with my commandments of God's and neighbourly love, which are to underlie all your activities. And your fate of life is only organized that you are stimulated to works of love. Again and again opportunities are created for you where you can remember the neighbour and then also prove your love towards me. I am only trying to help you to reshape your will, and that is why I will also always express myself in such a way that possibilities are offered to you to carry out this reshaping. Your fate of life is determined by me but always only so that it serves you best, that your soul can mature through it when your will is good, thus is meant for your perfection on earth. Then you can recognize in all what happens to you always only my hand, which directs you so, that it is to the advantage of your soul. And that is why you are to take also everything devotedly upon yourselves what fatefully approaches you. This is so designed in my plan from eternity, and this plan is indeed drawn up in love and wisdom, and it will be carried out in love and wisdom, always for your salvation. So there exists actually no harmfulness for you because whether it also appears earthly as such, so it is yet spiritually only a maturation possibility for your souls, and it is up to you whether such a harmfulness becomes a salvation for you, whether it has a beneficial effect on your soul. It is up to your will how it adjusts itself to it, whether it seeks and holds onto the union with me and then everything is a blessing for it whatever it now also does and thinks. Everything what fatefully overcomes a man must have its good effect for a man who joins me closely because he will not be left by me and get over every seeming difficult experience because I myself stand by his side through his close union with me. And so his fate actually solves itself and takes a good course as soon as man only is and remains connected with me. And the union with me is purpose and aim of all events, but which not every man establishes and that is why he often has to suffer for a long time before he takes the way to me, I, who then also can take away every difficulty from him when he entrusts himself to me and asks me for help. But he is always to bear in mind that as far as I am concerned always only his maturation on earth is favoured and that everything what overcomes a man serves this maturation - he has to remember, that it is up to him how long such blows put a strain on him, and that he will be free of it as soon as he himself enters the close union with me - he has to remember that this close union only alone is at stake, that he is to return to me, from whom he once separated himself voluntarily. Amen. B.D. NR. 7524.


Book 79 7538

Short or Long Lifespan.

4. March 1960. B.D. NR. 7538.

It is not a long time which is allotted to you for life on earth compared with the endless long time of your preparatory development, which you are not able to estimate yourselves time wise. And your earth life can also still be shortened that you are already called away prematurely into eternity. And that is why you are to think of your soul with all eagerness; you are to see to it that it gets whatever is possible; you are to give it food so that it does not need to suffer privations when its being on this earth is only short. You are always to provide it amply with food and drink and never reckon with a very long earth life because you do not know the day and the hour of your bodily end. But your soul can also mature in a very short time when your will is good and helps it to get maturity. No man can determine his lifespan or know about it, and exactly this ignorance should spur him to eager soul activity; he should lead a life that he can calmly consider each day to be the last without having to fear for his soul's salvation. And very many men will end their life in the times of the end because a great screening will still take place, and many men will be called away prematurely for their own salvation because they neglect on earth to work on their soul, and they are still not to fall victim to the merciless raging of the adversary of God, who draws them deeper and deeper into the abyss, when these souls are not first snatched from him. Exactly those men who are not striving spiritually do not think of early death, and they live their life irresponsibly, but without being able to be called bad. God has mercy upon them, and he wants to help them to get further development in the hereafter, which may well be far more difficult to happen, but is still not impossible, while on earth a complete sinking into the deep can easily be the fate of the souls, which go through life without a sense of responsibility. Enough opportunities are offered to you where you can mature in earth life, but when you do not make use of them, then you also do not utilize life as man, which has been given to you only for the purpose of maturation of your soul. And then it is also unimportant whether you stay on earth for a long time or only a short time when you make no use of the favour of the embodiment as man and help your soul to get the last maturity. But even if you reach a high age, earth life is only to be called short, compared with the time of your preparatory development. But also a very short earth duration is still enough that you fulfil your purpose on the earth. And therefore your maturity is not depending on the duration of the existence on earth but alone on your will to make appropriate use of this existence. And again and again the right way is shown to you through the word of God to reach the perfection of your soul. Again and again the divine love commandments are made clear to you, of which the fulfilment is alone purpose and aim of the existence as man. And you always can practise love, and no matter how short your life is, your soul will profit from it when you lead the life in love. But when you do not keep these two commandments so your life is idling and your responsibility all the greater the longer your earth life is, and you then can only be grateful when your life will be shortened and the possibility of a further development in the kingdom on the other side is still left to you, so that you do not completely get lost in the end of days, where everyone will be getting judged according to his works. Amen. B.D. NR. 7538.


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