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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 78

B.D. NR. 7328 - B.D. NR. 7461
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Book 78 7339

Dialogue. Forerunner.

17. April 1959. B.D. NR. 7339.

In all humility waiting for that which I have to let come for the welfare of mankind and which will also earn you brightest knowledge, which is why this preparatory phase had to proceed. I am not at all a God of wrath, even if the coming event might let it appear so, and you all will be allowed to experience my love far more, which also protect you from utmost misery; but I will then also obviously mark the ones who are mine; I will set them off in such a way that the fellow men are to recognize where true help is to be requested because I want to win men for me, but not lose them to the opponent. But still the destructions will be enormous, and the life of innumerable men will be wiped out, but for many it is still a blessing who can make up in the kingdom on the other side for what they missed on earth - that they still yet can reach the light when they are of good will. And that you all can believe that also the end will come in a short time after it, but that I still give you men a reprieve because the end means a far-reaching turning point in the whole spiritual course of development of the beings, which are to mature on this earth. That is why I have chosen servants for myself who are to still loudly tell after the natural disaster of the coming end. That is why I pour out my spirit all the time to point through awakened men to everything, which will come in shortest time. And I charge all of these only with spreading my word and as far as possible to also mention these events, through which my power and also my love is to become obvious, because men are to know that a God is enthroned above them, who holds their fate in his hand. And whom I have now chosen as announcer of my word, he also has to have been chosen by myself as receiver of my word, and you also can fully believe him, as unlikely as also everything may sound what he announces on my behalf. Because I will give a public sign that he is my envoy, my representative, who is to speak in my stead. He will always be led through whatever may come, sickness and death he will not need to fear as long as he has not yet fulfilled his mission, and I myself will trace out his way, and it will lead to where many men will be able to hear him when the time will be there where he is to tell loud and openly of me and my word. Until then a great light will light up when the fight openly breaks out between light and darkness - when the war against the faith will be waged with unusual brutal means - then that light will light up to strengthen all who work in my vineyard. Then these will be able to draw strength and the more eagerly work for me and my kingdom. And this light will come when the last time begins, when I will have spoken from above, when men will be in a chaos and the separation of spirits will now be instituted - for or against me. And then I will give great strength to the weak; I will give everyone the power they need, and I will lead them in the struggle against the enemy of souls - and indeed, I will be and remain victor eternally, and you will be allowed to enjoy the victory over him. You will be free of him and be able to live in peace in the paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 7339.


Book 78 7372a

Experiments. Work of Destruction.

25. May 1959. B.D. NR. 7372a.

To penetrate into the interior of the earth can always only be permissible to certain limits, and when these limits are exceeded, then also the consequences will be accordingly. The effect will be a work of destruction of enormous extent, of which you men cannot even form an idea, because you will not survive such a work of destruction, but will be as it were the victims of such experiments. Human intellect does research and broods, and it also has already far comprehended the laws of nature. And also these research works could be to the benefit for fellow men, if they would be undertaken in the right attitude towards me, that it therefore would be possible to direct their thoughts (the thoughts of the researchers) according to divine order. But this right attitude towards me is mostly lacking, and the individuals are drowned out by researchers and scientists who stand apart from me and whose thinking therefore also can go astray - which, exactly with experiments of such extent, as intended, results in evil consequences: that they no longer control the laws of nature, that they draw the false conclusions, that they do experiments on false calculations and so trigger powers, which they will no longer succeed to get under control. Men only reckon with earthly numbers, but not with spiritual problems, which are impossible to solve with their attitude foreign to God. But everything rests on a spiritual basis; the existence of earth has its spiritual reasons, and men on it are only to reach the aim to overcome the earthly kingdom and to become mature for the spiritual kingdom but of which existence the researchers and want-to-be-knowers little or nothing want to know or believe. But my works of creation are to a certain degree after all exposed to the free will of men, and men will also not be prevented from a destruction of greatest extent - but to their own harm as all creatures lose their life, may it be man or animal, may it be plants or other creations, in which spiritual is bound for the purpose of upward development. And when the latter is not believed so surely consideration should be shown for fellow men and their life. But men consider themselves to be clever and wise; they believe to be able to also go into the laws of nature, which had been foreign for them so far. They carry out experiments, which they will extend all the time until they will set off powers still unknown to them, with the no longer imaginable result of a total destruction of the surface of the earth, which no created being will survive, as it is predicted through seers and prophets from the very start of this earth period. And I leave the will of men its freedom, but my plan of salvation is built up on this will because I saw from eternity that mankind will then also have arrived at a spiritual low where an establishing of my order from eternity is necessary and I therefore could build up the plan of salvation on it without making the will of men unfree. Because they are the originators of the end themselves; they themselves determine the time despite preceding warnings and admonitions, despite perpetual references to the wrong of their actions, as long as they are not in association with their God and creator from eternity, who then certainly could direct their thinking and wanting properly without applying force of will. But men do not want to believe it that they are walking towards such a work of destruction of the earth, and otherwise they cannot be warned than through my word, which is send from above to them. But when they of their own accord turn their hearts to me, then it will also become light in them, and they themselves will abandon further experiments. But there are few of them who however are not able to prevail although they recognize the great danger which threatens mankind. But there are more of the opponents, and these do not give up a plan, which will lead to the end of the earth. And they cannot be hindered due to freedom of will and will also not be hindered from my side because with it according to my wise conclusion the upward development of innumerable beings will be helped again, because I know how to direct everything, also the bad, in such a way that it still yet results in good effects and this exactly is my plan of salvation, which will also be carried out for that reason according to my love and wisdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 7372a.


Book 78 7372b

Experiments. Works of Destruction.

26. May 1959. B.D. NR. 7372b.

Because I certainly know what serves the salvation of everything once created by me. I know how everything has an effect, and I also can direct everything in its effect in such a way that it is only good for the development of the spiritual. And so also the true satanic action of my adversary in the time of the end will result only in that much of the following will again be snatched from him and bound in matter, so taken away from him and his influence for an endless long time. He thinks to have wrung the spiritual from me and to own it again himself, and still he forfeits it, and the spiritual again begins its upward development anew. Because my love never stops; my love will again and again create new development possibilities to help the spiritual up. And my wisdom also again and again finds new ways. And whether the beingness itself also in the state of free will, as man, very often behaves contrary to my plan from eternity and endangers the upward development - I again and again restore order, which is and remains divine law; but never harming the spiritual but always with the aim of the spiritual becoming divine, which still is far away from this state. Therefore whatever things want to happen in the world can happen - my love and wisdom knows every single effect and always directs it to the good of the spiritual, and last aim will always be the redemption, the return to me and the perfection of the spiritual. The last aim will be the attainment of the original state where the being will be able to work and create as image of God with me in happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 7372b.


Book 78 7403

Last Judgement.

3. September 1959. B.D. NR. 7403.

It will be an end with horror for all who do not believe. Because they experience something which they have not thought to be possible because it is something completely extralegal - a process which they cannot even follow until the end but will be victims themselves because they lose their life in the process; they will be devoured by the earth, and for no-one there is a way out - unless he still calls out of the heart for me in the last hour that I might help him. But men who experience the end, except a small crowd of the ones who are mine - who will be raptured in front of them - have already completely become slaves to Satan, and there will only seldom be one among them who turns around not only out of fear but out of a sudden realization of a mighty God who can help him. And men will also have no longer time for reflection because suddenly and unexpectedly the last judgement befalls mankind. Suddenly and unexpectedly fire will come out of the earth; it will split and devour what is alive and moving on the earth. It will be an act of a very short duration but of an enormous effect; the earth will open like an insatiable abyss and take in everything as it is announced in word and script. And there is no escape - irrevocably it is the end for everything what lives in, on and above the earth. Because time is over which was fixed for the spiritual for its development and much of the bound spiritual has to continue its course of development in new formings on the new earth. And this spiritual is grateful for the reshaping because it goes on in its development which had already been made very difficult through the will of men on the old earth. But the spiritual which is embodied as man experiences a step back in its development because it gets again dissolved into innumerable little particles, which all again have to go the way through the creations of the new earth, which all again get banished in hard matter and again begin an exceedingly agonizing existence in the bound state so that they one day again reach the stage where they are again allowed to be embodied as soul of a man. You men are now before this great earthly and spiritual change, and the time till the end is shortened from day to day. You do not know the terror that lies ahead of you - with calmness you approach the day of dissolving, which still will cause much horror in you with following banishment when you do not belong to the ones who are mine, to the ones who believe in me and - if they are only weak in faith - will be recalled already before from earth so that they do not completely become slaves to Satan because they could not withstand the temptations through the adversary in the last time before the end. All you men who have to give away your earth life prematurely, you all who lament your passed away loved ones, be glad because these ones have been saved from the downfall, from ruin, to which men fall prey to who live godless from day to day and experience the end in this ungodliness. They cannot find mercy with me because I again and again admonish and warn men and so urgently, to prepare themselves for the end without getting a hearing, and I cannot have an effect on them by force, I have to leave them their spiritual freedom, which they misuse in a way that they strengthen the opponent's power till the end and will also be defeated by his power. Still hard fights with this opponent will precede, and the reason I speak to you men is that you place yourselves on my side in this struggle when you want to win and want to emerge in freedom from the fight. And I will speak until the last day but it is completely up to all you men how you decide. But the end with horror comes for all who do not believe and not acknowledge me. But the ones who are mine I will rescue from every trouble; I will fetch them into paradise, and they will be witnesses of the downfall because they are to recognize my power and glory and give evidence of it to their descendants on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 7403.


Book 78 7405

Announcement of a Star.

5. September 1959. B.D. NR. 7405.

What will be given to you through the spirit that you can safely accept. And so you are to get to know that also in the universe the near end of the earth makes itself already felt, that cosmic changes arise because this is God's will, that at the ending of an earth period signs make themselves be felt in every way, which man could not understand naturally, which are to prove to him the power of a creator and which therefore point to that creator most clearly. And these cosmic changes concern mostly deviations of the present course of heavenly bodies, which take a different path and such proceedings are and remain inexplicable for men and still cannot be denied. The closer the end comes the more frequently men will observe such occurrences, at first little discernible, but more and more clearly standing out, so that men can truly say: The powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. And no man's will will have something to do with it; God's will alone will be expressed, and that is why also all men can believe in God, if only they would follow closely such unusual phenomena. But who is not willing to believe, he cannot be convinced more clearly of the existence of a God and creator, whom all elements in nature have to obey. But who pays attention to such things, he also knows what hour has struck. And so one star will break away from its usual course and take the way to earth. And this star goes its way independently of the will of men, and it means a great danger for these, but its course will not be hindered because the earth has to endure a shock, to the harm and welfare of men on it. For many men will lose their life as a result, as it is announced a long time before. And the earth will suffer a shock. No-one will be able to imagine in which dangerous position the whole heavenly body will come, but this natural disaster will not lead to a complete destruction, but will still be of unimaginable extent that with it the end has already come for innumerable men. But who survives it is heading for the last end not far after it - an act of destruction which has been brought on by human will, which is well permitted by God but is not his will - while former cosmic disaster still has a redeeming purpose that unbelieving men will still be given a last pointer to a power which directs everything and nothing happens arbitrarily. A means of rescue shall still be given to them, a last means to acquire faith so that they do not get lost. God himself speaks through these events to men who do not pay attention to his soft voice, but his loud voice often sounds painful, and many will also fall victim to it, i.e., many will be killed, but for whom still the possibility remains to make up in the kingdom on the other side what they failed to do on earth. But many will also still have the favour to experience the last short time till the end, and also now again the will to believe is decisive because the unbelievers' souls do not profit from what they experienced. And the end will earn them only the fate of a new banishment, of which God in his love wants to save men from. And that is why he already admonishes and warns first, and he points out to men all the phenomena in the last time - and happy who pays attention to it, who believes it and lives his life accordingly on earth. He will be guided through all difficulties, and however it also will come over him, so it is good for his soul and for his maturation on this earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 7405.


Book 78 7421

Revelation 16:18. Star.

3. October 1959. B.D. NR. 7421.

A powerful quake will shake the earth - both spiritual as well as earthly the earth will stand before a shock as men have not yet experienced such since the beginning of this epoch. But this is predicted because it is the introduction to the end, which will follow not long after it. It is not a long time any more, and more and more urgently you are pointed to it because you are still to make use of every day to help your soul to maturity, because time is rushing, and with giant strides you are approaching the last end. And then a long night follows for all who did not use the day to work for the salvation of the soul. Because only few will survive this last end and be allowed to inhabit the new earth, only few will stand firm in the last fight on this earth. Again and again the signs of the end will be submitted to you men, and the last powerful sign is the great quake. How it comes about that has already been said to you: that a star breaks away from its course and with giant speed heads for earth. And that you do not yet know about it is because of the great distance which this star still has to cover before it comes into the range of sight of those who will see it. But then also the excitement will be great because everyone recognizes the danger in which the heavenly body earth now is, but no-one can do anything about it to avert the danger. And this last short time that you know about it, you are to make especially well use of because no-one of you knows if he will survive the event, no-one of you knows, which part of the earth will specially be affected, and no-one is to reckon that it will pass him because it is the last great exhortation of God, which he still lets sound before the end, to find faith for exactly this end and still a turning back of those few who have not yet completely become slaves of the adversary. Do not think carelessly about all these predictions; do not let yourselves be put off through the apparent work of building up, which you can observe worldly, but know that the shadows of destruction are already emerging, that no long time passes any more until you will receive knowledge about this disaster, which approaches you in the form of a star, which will be hurled out of its course because it is God's will that the earth will be struck by a shock, which still is to and can rescue men whose will is good. There will indeed be no shortage of signs of the near end, but this sign is of an enormous effect, and many men will lose their life. And no-one will be able to pretend to be deaf because it is too powerful than that it would not touch all men. Except that the success is varied because partly men will let their weak faith come to life again and devote themselves again to God, but partly also still lose the weak faith and turn completely to the adversary, which will be expressed through increased chasing after material possessions, mostly in an unlawful way. And there will be much misery among men. And then the real power of faith shows, which means help for every man who believingly entrust himself to God. For he will help all those who want to be his, who also in their greatest trouble think of him, who alone can help them. And the time will begin where still real work in the vineyard has to be done to help all those who are still weak in spirit and who are to experience a strengthening of faith. Because then the time of the last faith struggle follows, which still demands a last decision from the believers, but who holds out until the end, he will be happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 7421.


Book 78 7423

God Alone is Lord of Creation. Star.

5. October 1959. B.D. NR. 7423.

Eternally already the heavenly bodies circle in their course, which was prescribed to them by the divine creator and which is also kept in the plan of creation according to his will. And it is an impossible beginning to want to change the prescribed course of a heavenly body, to push a star out of its course and to want to direct it differently than it was determined by the divine creator. And just as impossible it is to stop the motion of a heavenly body, to limit it time-wise in its movement, thus to prevent it in some way to go its path. This may be told all those who believe to be able through own inventions to produce a different order in God's work of creation - who believe to be able to add human products to the divine work of creation, who assume that such experiments can be sent into the universe without earnest damaging consequences. I am Lord over the cosmos after all. And I will also respond accordingly to every wanting-to-intrude into my work. A further experiment will be done, and additionally ones will follow them, as long as men will not be stopped. And I also allow such, but I answer when it is time. Because no longer much can be done through the action of men into space - because time has run out with which mankind is still allowed to reckon in the first place. And all experiences, which they still want to gather, will no longer be of use for them, because I myself call a halt to it. But I will reply the same way because this response will likewise come out of space, which they seek to invade, and all their inventions will be futile to repulse the heavenly body or to want to divert it, which greatly endangers them. And so it is left to me how long I endure the activities of men, but I endure it only limitedly; I cannot agree to such experiments, which have no spiritual purpose and only encourage men even more in their belief to be or to become lord of the universe. But the end is soon there, and in this time of the end men will still try much, which only proves their ungodliness, their spiritual arrogance and their spiritual poverty. Many experiments will still be conducted, which contribute considerably to the dissolving of the earth, to the last work of destruction and therefore to the ending of the redemption epoch, which has to make way for a new one, when my creatures are not to get completely lost. But you men, who you belong to me through your will, do not let yourselves be impressed by all of it, whatever may happen. Always bear in mind that the creator of heaven and of earth does not let himself be driven out and that he will clearly show his power without men being able to hinder him to do it. I watch and wait - until the day has come, which is predestined since eternity. Because time is limited, which my opponent uses in a way that men - as being in bondage to him - do everything what he demands - but in which they will still not be able to succeed. Amen. B.D. NR. 7423.


Book 78 7425

About the Last Judgement and the New Earth.

9. October 1959. B.D. NR. 7425.

You cannot really form a picture of the way the last judgement will happen; but it is enough for you to know that it is only a short act, of which destructive power everything is the victim, and that you will then have no more time to change your thought and wish, because everything will happen very fast and will leave you no time to think. You will be judged in shortest time, i.e. come to life or to death in a very short time. You will be raptured, who remain loyal to me until the end, or will be devoured by the earth, which means renewed banishment in hard matter for your soul. And only those men in which there still is a small little spark of faith in God, will have the strength, to call me in the last second, and still be rescued, by them being spared the fate of the new banishment although they will not belong to the flock of the raptured, but still an easier fate will be their part that a new embodiment as man will be granted to them, in which they then are to, and also can, prove themselves, because the time on the new earth is free of temptations through the opponent who is bound for a long time, as it is written. And that is an unusual act of favour, but which will only little be taken up because mankind is completely subject to my opponent in the end, and only seldom a man will break away from his fetters at the sight of the last judgement - which will be terrible. Because all men are confronted with a dreadful bodily death, but before they can think much, it already has happened. And the ones who are mine will be witnesses of this process, because I want that they get to know my might and glory, my justice and my fury towards the sinners and testify to it as long as they live. For they will form the stock of the generation on the new earth. The process of the rapture is just as little conceivable because it happens completely extralegal and such has never been experienced on earth that men will be lifted with a living body and abducted - that I transport them unhurt into a paradisiacal beautiful area, from where they then will be lead to the new earth as soon as this is formed according to my will. And I will need no time for this, because the entire spiritual just waits the engendering into the works of creation, which corresponds to its degree of maturity to continue its course of development. Human eyes do not see the act of creation of this new earth, which is why there is also no need to keep a certain duration because of men. And the men who are raptured lack all time consciousness so that they are not able to assess in which period of time the new earth has come into being. But my power is unlimited, and it will come out into the open with the creation of the new earth because it will have new creations of which you men cannot form a picture, but which will make you exceedingly happy, you who are allowed to experience this earth. It is a true paradise on earth. Because the ones who are mine stood firm with me in the faith struggle and are to receive their wages for their loyalty. And you men all can experience this happiness when you want to make good use of the short time till the end. But you believe nothing and do nothing to increase the maturity of your souls, and that is why everyone will have the wages which he deserves - happy life in paradise on the new earth or new banishment in the creations in it, to be allowed to walk again as man over the earth after endless long time for the purpose of the last test. B.D. NR. 7425.


Book 78 7427

Spiritual Feeding at the Table of the Lord.

13. October 1959. B.D. NR. 7427.

You are to accept much spiritual bread because the time of dryness will still come where you will not be able to establish a close relationship with me for a longer time, where you can count yourselves happy when your thoughts can stay with me for a short time, and where you will have difficulties to make it possible to listen to my address in close composure. Then these short thoughts have to be enough to fill you with strength, which I will not refuse you. But as long as it is still possible you are to make good use of the time and let yourselves be fed and watered as often as it works. I only give you this good advice to strengthen you for the time, which still lies ahead of you because it will demand much strength from you, which you always can only receive with my word. When your soul is fed with bread and wine, then it will also be resistant in all challenges, which threaten it. And I am always prepared to give this strong food; I am always prepared to talk to my children and to advise them, to admonish and to warn them because I only want the best for the ones who are mine, and I will always lead them in such a way that they can satisfy themselves at my table any time. And you should make use of this. You are often to lend me your ear; you are to open your hearts to me; you are to widely open the heart's door that I can enter into my house - and you are to prepare this house for me which can always only happen when you serve each other in love, when you accept my word and live it, when you therefore enjoy food and water and then also be qualified for work on your soul, when you live according to my will, so not only be hearers but doers of my word. And when I now have developed a spring for you, from which the water of life wells up, then you are also to bend down frequently and drink from the source, and all of you will feel a visible strengthening; you will more easily be able to continue your earthly pilgrim course; the load of life will not press you so when you walk strong and healthy and have taken this power and health from the food, which I give you myself again and again. All of you come to the spring and settle down there, and again gather new strength, and also hand out to others from this food who are needy and sink down at the spring tired and feeble to refresh themselves. Draw the water of life for them, and hand it to them, and you will be blessed for it. And lure the wanderers that they visit the spring, that they have a rest and again strengthen themselves first before they continue their way, which again and again demands new strength until the pilgrim's way is over. You all do not need to be weak, you can always request new strength, you can always anew fetch food at my table, and you need not be afraid that I give meagrely or once refuse you food. I am always prepared to give plentifully, and that you are to make good use of it and also demand over abundantly. You will receive everything, and it will always be only for your best. Eat and drink from the bread of life and wine of life. I myself hand to you the food and the cup for your soul, but do not go past it carelessly, trusting your own strength, that it is enough for your pilgrim's way. The way is steep, which leads up, and cannot be covered without supply of power. Always remember that, and therefore settle down where you find a spring, which my love has developed myself for you. The time will come where you will be hindered through the deceit of my opponent, and then are to possess enough supplies, then divine power is to flow through you, when you just send a faint thought to me, because I do not leave the ones who are mine; I will feed and water them spiritually and earthly, also when it seems impossible to you. Because my love for you and my power are unlimited. Amen. B.D. NR. 7427.


Book 78 7440

Protection of Angels in Faith Struggle.

29. October 1959. B.D. NR. 7440.

And innumerable angels will stand by you in the last fight on this earth. You need not to be afraid when this fight will break out because you will receive power and be able to offer resistance, which is demanded of you in this fight. You will remain loyal to me because you are internally so filled with power that you will not at all fall a victim to the attacks of the enemies, because I know about your will, which is meant for me, and because I send my angels to you for protection and this protection will be felt very obviously. It is not an easy fight because it will be led with brutality and fanatic eagerness on the part of the opponent, but you will not feel it so because you are full of the spirit as soon as the actions begin against all men who believingly cling to me and also openly confess me in Jesus Christ. And this courage of one's conviction will increase, and every renewed confessing will fill you with new power because I will then obviously disclose my identity through my spirit, which will fill everyone who confesses me before the world. And these also know, which hour has struck, and they expect my coming daily. And that again and again gives them strength to hold out and to not pay attention to the difficulties. Again and again help comes for them from my side, and my angels protect them against all attacks of the enemy. And as long as these are standing by you, you are without danger, because they always only fulfil my will and are happy to be able to serve me and you. Soon now that Antichrist will distinguish himself. And you do not foresee from which side he will come, but it will be a surprise for all of you. But then also the signs are so clear that there is no being wrong for you, that you most clearly recognize him and can steel yourselves against his action. But before I will still speak myself from above, only you are to know that your mission is not yet over, that you will experience this time and then also receive the power from me to stand firm in the last fight on this earth. To whom I speak through these times, that will feel everyone, but I am with you all who want to serve me because I need you in the last time of the faith struggle, in the time where the last decision is at stake. I need you all that you enlighten your fellow men about what I demand of them - that they are to stand firm and not to be afraid when they are only of the will to belong to me and to fulfil my will. And when they will hear you then they will also take heart and offer resistance, and then the opponent cannot oppose these believers. He has to leave them alone because my angels stand protecting before all those who want to be and remain mine. But the fight will break out and not just against individual believers but be directed against all spiritual striving. But only those who are of a living faith, who belong to my church founded by me, those will pass it victoriously because they will fight under my banner, led and protected by the army of invisible fighters who all serve me and righteousness - until the day has come where I will fetch the ones who are mine and free them out of greatest trouble and distress - until the day of judgement has come, which will follow not long after it and will put an end to all earthly and spiritual struggle. Amen. B.D. NR. 7440.


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