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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 77

B.D. NR. 7246 - B.D. NR. 7327
7287 7295 7297 7312 7322


Book 77 7287

Vineyard work after the Event. Preparation for it.

19. February 1959. B.D. NR. 7287.

Very much work is expected of you who are active in my vineyard because the time is still ahead of you where you have to employ all your strength to meet the great rush by which you will be struck. Because many will demand enlightenment from you; many will want to know where God is to be sought when the great event has befallen you, which only few will be able to understand properly. And these few who received enlightenment before from myself will now have to speak and pass on their knowledge and have to explain everything to fellow men in such a way that they are understood and that a wise and loving ruler is recognizable from all of this event in whom they are to believe and call on for help. Great misery will be and that is why many a heart will be open for preaching of this kind - some men will hunger for the word of God through which alone they will receive enlightenment and which they also acknowledge as proper knowledge, which corresponds to the truth. But this work in the vineyard of the Lord will require much good will, much patience and staying power because just as many people will be found who speak against you and will raise many objections for you that it will be difficult for you to justify yourselves. But only a thought of me, a request for my help is already enough that I will now speak myself through you and you have no need to worry how to be able to cope with your task. I will put the words into your mouth so that all receive their reply as it is successful for the individual - for the believers as well as for those who are against you. They will also not be able to answer you; they will feel being defeated and think themselves about it if they are not already too deeply stuck in the power of my adversary that this one keeps the upper hand and people leave you indignantly or will stir up hatred against you. Then let them go but take care of those who seek you, to whom I also want to speak through yourselves, to whom I want to bring my word so that light comes into them after the deep darkness before. A time of calm is still there for you where you, my servants on earth, can still carry out your work in the vineyard quietly and calmly; but it will make way for a time where it is a matter of seizing every opportunity to banish the great, intellectual, spiritual misery, which alone already is because hardly any man is still able to believe properly in a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence and that exactly this unbelief means far greater misery for men because they still do not know where they are to turn to in their trouble. And to help those to believe again is a great work of love and compassion, which you are to carry out who receive my word directly out of my hand. Because you are enabled to give your fellow men the right explanation; you can lighten a light for them, and you can give them consolation and hope that they are led by me myself when they only call on myself for help. And your word will not fall on stony ground because through my intervention the ground - the hearts of men - is already prepared for the taking in of seeds, which you can now generously scatter wherever it is. Then you will also be able to openly come out and pass yourselves off as my messengers because no-one will hinder you because the misery is so great that every glimmer of hope will be seized and men willingly listen when you preach of my love, wisdom and power. But it will not last long that your mission will be forbidden because soon already my adversary's vassals are reacting and they will take action against you in all strictness, which is why you then are to withdraw with great wisdom to not endanger and pull down everything what up to now you managed to put up. But I will be with my blessing with all who listen to you and are not hostile towards you. But prepare yourselves for this time and gather strength for yourselves, which you can draw yourselves only from my word because you will need it for everything that comes, that is intended in love and wisdom and that is why it is to and can only serve you all, to reach the degree of maturity already on earth when you recognize in everything only myself and my rule and work, which only has my love towards you as an explanation. Amen. B.D. NR. 7287.


Book 77 7295

Forerunner of Jesus Christ.

28. February 1959. B.D. NR. 7295.

And when you will hear that someone speaks of the Lord in an unusual way, then you know that the last stage of the end-times has begun, that the forerunner of Jesus Christ again carries out his mission to announce him who will come on the day of judgement to fetch the ones who are his and to execute the change on earth as it is announced in word and script. He will appear completely unforeseen, and he will get into the news because the power of his voice is great, because he will appeal to men in such an earnest and significant way that many will feel to be impressed and will take his word in - because they recognize that he announces God's word, and because also the signs are unusual which he works to help his fellow men. He will be a true miracle-worker for the poor and unfortunate, a helper in need, which befalls all men in the time when he will appear. And he will speak loud and distinct; he will not fear who prohibit his work; he will denounce the more all who talk and act against the will of God, and he therefore will be hated and persecuted by the rulers of this earth, whom he severely accuses on account of their behaviour with men. But the chasm between the earthly and the spiritual world is already too great so that no understanding is to be expected from that side for that what the voice of one crying in the wilderness will announce. They will laugh at him and only persecute him so eagerly for the simple reason that the demand for him is increasing all the time, that there are still men who let themselves be impressed to the annoyance of the rulers who are against all belief and take action against it. And that is the time which lies shortly before you, and not long anymore and you will hear about him. But then you also know that you have to hold your ground because with his appearing you also can reckon with the speedy faith struggle, and then it will be decisive in which direction you turn because then it is only too clear that you have to decide either for God or for the world. And he will be a strong support for you that you will take the way to God because his speech is convincing and powerful. God himself speaks through him so obviously that it should not be difficult for a man to decide to join him because he will also give such visible testimonies of his calling that men can recognize at that who he is. He himself also knows what his assignment is and that this is his last job to go before the Lord and to announce him with a loud voice. He himself is also conscious of his origin and also of his again awful end, but nothing frightens him, and nothing keeps him back to carry out his mission and it will be very blessed. And who joins him is truly doing a good thing because much strength he will be able to draw and fetch much light from the great light, which will shine everywhere where he appears. He already stays among the living but he is not yet conscious of his assignment, which however will become clear to him suddenly and causes his earthly life to change fundamentally, because he does serve the Lord and also recognizes the spiritual low in which mankind languishes. But the call has not yet reached him, however it will happen suddenly. And then he steps out of his calm so far and is fully conscious of his assignment because the spirit of God drives him and gives him fullest clarity about his mission. And he joyfully serves his Lord with a devotion, which always makes him suitable for the last service, which he wants to accomplish for the Lord before the end, before his return. But you men pay attention to those who announce God's word, and you will recognize him, who comes out unusually, because he wants to fulfil an unusual mission: to announce the coming of the Lord and to point men through powerful sermons to their assignment on earth, to be repentant and to seriously work for their soul's salvation because he will announce the end to them, which will also come not long after his appearing, because the time is fulfilled, which God gave to men for their completion. Amen. B.D. NR. 7295.


Book 77 7297

Transformation of Earth.

2. March 1959. B.D. Nr. 7297.

The earth will continue to exist because I do not have planned its total destruction. But everything what lives on it, as well as also all natural creations will disappear, so that a complete cleaning of the earth can take place, which in its present state no longer serves the upward development of the spiritual. All creation in, on and above earth loses its life; it becomes free from the outer form which covers it and can now walk on the course of development, which at the moment is endangered for all beingness. Because my adversary rages in every way and he again and again seeks to hinder or to interrupt that development. But the earth is to still fulfil its assignment through endless times, because on it the still immature beings are to mature to become children of God. And that is why the earth will arise anew after a drastic cleaning has taken place, after all spiritual is directed properly, i.e. is embodied into an outer form which is due to it, beginning from hard matter till men, to whom also again easier possibilities to mature have to be offered to be able to reach the aim to become true children of God. The final destruction is therefore the same as the end of the old earth, even so the heavenly body as such remains, only receives a total change of its outer cover. And that is why rightly the end can and has to be pointed out, which not just means the end of every single civilisation, but an end of all existence for every single work of creation on this earth. And again a new epoch begins because the whole surface of the earth will be again be livened up by me with creations of a most wonderful nature, which the human eye can again enjoy because I will give all new creations again the most marvellous forms, and will assign the most varied beings to men, who again inhabit this new earth and whom I myself will bring to it in love, wisdom and power. Because I form the stock of a new human race for myself out of those whom I could rapture before from the old earth, who remained loyal to me until the end and whom I therefore choose for the new generation, from which again men are to come from, who live in my will and among whom I myself can stay by virtue of their faith and their love. And it will be a paradisiacal state because all new creations will make men happy to a never known extent. Men will inhabit in truth a paradise, an earth, which no longer corresponds to the old earth, because it is inhabit by mature men only, who also can receive a degree of happiness, which was not known before on earth, because mankind already belonged to Satan, which is why a cleansing of the earth had to take place. And this time is before you, and every one of you could still change himself and his character that the great success of the rapture could be granted him. But seldom can a man muster strong faith in it, and also only few men are so full of faith that they belong to the small flock which I will call away, suddenly and unexpectedly. But before times of trouble will still befall the earth, which then should be a very sure sign for you that the day no longer is far. When you can follow the work of my adversary quite obviously, when you will be exposed to the evil action of his vassals yourselves, when the misery is increasing and no way out of it seems any more possible for you, then also that end is near, then through my power I will destroy all arch-evil and rescue the ones who are mine from the sure downfall. And the ones raptured by me will experience the downfall of the old earth, although they no longer can be affected by it themselves. But some day they are to give evidence of the judgement of a just God, they are to be able to see the act of destruction and still praise and extol the one who has rescued them from this judgement. And again I will carry out an act of creation, because my will alone will again let a new earth arise, a dwelling place for my small flock, for my chosen ones, who can now lead the new life in paradise in peace and freedom, in happiness and bliss, in light and power - where there is no suffering and no pain, because the author of all evil is tied up and for a long time can no longer press men. Because an earth period has fulfilled itself, and again a new one begins, which is to lead innumerable still bound spirituals upwards, to one day make the final aim possible, the unification with me as my child. And you men are standing before that because the time is fulfilled, which once was fixed for you to being finally released from form. Amen. B.D. NR. 7297.


Book 77 7312


20. March 1959. B.D. NR. 7312.

You are to know that you cannot repeat the walk on earth as man just as you like, but have to utilize one single opportunity when you do not once want to be tormented by bitter remorse that you have entered the spiritual kingdom immaturely, for which you are to blame. The assumption to be able to repeat earth life as often as you like, until you have reached the degree of perfection, lets you become lukewarm in your striving for perfection, and that is why such a teaching is detrimental to your soul’s salvation; it is a danger because many men are careless in their soul work, always hoping, to be able to make up in a new life for what they neglected. But such a teaching is erroneous. You are to totally make use of the gift of favour of the embodiment as man because once you have entered the otherworldly kingdom then your earthly course of development is completed, and all further development now depends on your attitude in the spiritual kingdom, which can be quite different. With good will, with active help of the light beings and effective intercession of men, you can also still record progress in the hereafter and also once reach happiness, but for it you have to expend far more strength than on earth – but you also can sink to the deep when you are of a completely stubborn heart, therefore of no good will. And in this state it would really not be a divine act to grant you a repeated embodiment on earth, which would never guarantee a spiritual progress because free will is always the deciding factor and due to this freedom of will you also have to be lacking recollection. But if you are of good will then you can also reach that maturity in the spiritual kingdom, which secures the supply of light for you and therefore also a degree of happiness, which can be increased all the time. And then you no longer carry a desire to put on the body of flesh and to enter into a repeated embodiment on earth. The isolated cases, in which this can happen, have their very own justification but are never to be regarded as norm so that one could derive the teaching of re-embodiment from it. For it is not the point that man cannot reach a certain degree of maturity – because for this Jesus Christ has died on the cross, that this is possible, that a single course on earth as man can earn him the complete separation out of form. It is merely the will of man which has failed and for this also has to bear the consequences – an unhappy state in the spiritual kingdom, which he cannot just break of and change as he wants. Besides everything is going upwards according to God’s will, only the will of man itself can be directed backwards. And therefore it would contradict the plan of divine order when a being would be transferred into a previous form through his will, which it has not used properly and therefore one can speak of a misuse of a gift of favour for which it now also has to answer and bear the consequences. A re-embodiment can certainly take place in special cases that for the purpose of help light beings embody themselves on earth, which express their great love for suffering mankind through them taking a repeated walk on earth upon themselves to help fellow men in spiritual want. And so it can therefore be very well believed that men stay on earth who have descended from above, but do not know it themselves und that is why fellow men well suspect it but cannot definitely claim it. But very much less are such claims plausible that men are many times on earth with whom no spiritual mission is recognizable. The teaching of re-embodiment is a danger for men for isolated cases are generalized, and the responsibility of man in the short time of his earth life is disregarded and gives way to carelessness of him who believes to always being able to again and again make up for what he neglected. The discovery in the otherworldly kingdom will some day heavily burden him because it is never possible for man to make up for what he is to be blamed as having neglected in earth life. He certainly can also there still reach a degree of light and increase this all the time, but he will never be able to reach the degree of adoption as a child of God, which to reach is only possible on earth. And besides he is still in the great danger to still sink into the deep in the otherworldly kingdom when he does not seize the opportunity and strive upwards with the help of the beings of light. Amen. B.D. NR. 7312.


Book 77 7322

Descent to hell.

31. March 1959. B.D. NR. 7322.

The more you think about what price I have paid to buy eternal life for you the more the question must also move you what happened to the souls who lived before my death on the cross and died and whose souls were still dead in the sense of the word, exactly why I could not yet give them life. For their souls still belonged to the adversary; ransom to have them released from him was still not yet paid before I did not have accomplished the work of redemption. For according to their life these souls were also in a kingdom of death where they – aware of their existence – led a life which could not be called happiness. But it was that sphere where they stayed still not to be called hell where those souls were who have proved and behaved in their life on earth to completely be followers of Satan. It was a limbo; no place of peace and happiness but also no place of deepest darkness and agony. At times also bright moments occurred in their consciousness where they could exchange themselves, where pictures from life on earth came into memory and where they became aware that their stay in this sphere is not forever but that they once will be rescued by the Messiah who had been announced to them already on earth by prophets. And the souls who had recognized God and had loyally served him through their life expected this saviour. To them now I descended after my death on the cross. Also they heard about the act of favour and mercy of my love; also for them my blood had been flowing; I also wanted to pay ransom to have their souls released from the previous lord. But they had to voluntarily give their consent to it, and that is why I did not come to them as radiating spirit of light, whom they had to follow by virtue of the compelling light, but I came as the on the cross suffering Christ to them with all signs of my death on the cross, however as man who out of love for his fellow men had let himself be nailed to the cross. For also they first had to believe in me without compulsion that I was the promised Messiah; they had to follow me voluntarily exactly like my disciples in the time of my walk on earth. They all could perhaps foresee who I was but the full certainty remained kept from them, which however would have determined them when I would have descended into this kingdom after my resurrection, where light and radiance covered me, where I had put on the exceedingly radiant spirit clothes, which light no being was able to withstand. I descended into hell. From limbo they all followed me for they just still lacked a small light, and that I brought to them through my signs of the bitter death on the cross. But I also descended into the deepest depths to also come there as man filled with love, who had lost his life for his brothers. But I only found little faith, and only few broke away from the tangle of depravity. For they all were still deep in the claws of the enemy who kept them tied up for he had to furiously recognize my victory over himself and that is why he did everything to keep his following in the deep. For now he knew it that I was stronger than him and that I had succeeded to untie the chains of those who wanted to follow me. He no longer could hinder these, and eternally he will have no longer power over those souls who want to free themselves from him for the sake of Jesus Christ. But he will lose more and more following. For I died for all men, and once also all men will be redeemed from him. For also he will once surrender to the power of my love; also he will once long for my love. It is true, eternities will still pass but before me a thousand years are like a day. Amen. B.D. NR. 7322.


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