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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 76

B.D. NR. 7102 - B.D. NR. 7245
7145 7151 7159 7166


Book 76 7145

Also the Smallest Event has its Roots in the Love and Wisdom of God.

15. June 1958. B.D. NR. 7145.

Nothing is to give you cause for doubting my love, wisdom and power. You are always only to think of a God who, in his wisdom, has taken into account every event, also the smallest one, and whose love always tries to achieve a purpose with it. You men can actually neither assess nor properly understand my plan of salvation because your thinking is still limited. But I foresee eternities; I know the effects of the smallest events and that always also souls can come to maturity through it. And that is why you should leave everything to me and also try to find understanding for everything - you are to know that my love, wisdom and power are always behind it - and no matter how doubtful it may appear to you. Because also the dark world is under my will, and even if their powers pursue the worst intentions, so still for the time being my permission has to make the carrying out possible for them, and also such permissions I sometimes recognize as being beneficial for you, which is why I therefore do not completely put a stop to the activities of those powers. But you are to believe in my love, wisdom and power. A lot of things you do not understand and also cannot understand as long as you still have not the light of knowledge. But that you once came from my love, that you are to believe and also that this my love can eternally no longer pass away. And when it is also possible for you to very firmly believe in my love and be convinced of it, then it will also be easy for you to see everything from this point of view. And the confident feeling to know to be safe in my love will make you happy and also give you inner peace. Fully believing you will be devoted to me; always certain that only that can overcome you which brings about your salvation because you will not doubt that all power is at my disposal; and also unlimited wisdom you will not deny me because all creations around you prove this. And now you will also know what I want to be known under the acknowledgement of God, under the belief in God. Only the fewest will deny that there is a highest being above you but only the conviction that this being in itself is love, wisdom and power I can value as acknowledgment of myself. And you all are to try to win this conviction, and to this also belongs that you do not doubt my perfection when events and experiences appear to be incomprehensible to you, when you are not able to bring them in line with my love, wisdom or power. I stand above all; I know about everything; I rule heaven and earth, the world full of light and also the dark one. And that I also leave a certain freedom to the different powers is also only based on my love, wisdom and power because in the end everything serves for perfection, if it only is utilized properly. But when this deep faith has grown in you men then you will be carried over the most severe blows because they will not particularly touch you because you will always know to be safe in my love, which certainly cannot act differently than beneficially to you - what once will also be brightly visible to your spiritual eye and you will then also see the many unnecessary worries and thoughts, which strained you in life on earth. My love, wisdom and power certainly cares for every individual of you men; no-one needs to feel neglected, to all the same care for their soul's welfare is meant, to all I want to bring help, all I want to win back for me, to all I want to show the way to the father's house. But the means, which application promises success, are different for all. But always the same love, wisdom and power is behind it, whatever takes place with you or around you. And when you entrust yourselves to me without reservation, then you actually have done everything what you are supposed to do on earth because your complete devotion to me now makes it possible for me to let my will pour into you, and then you will also live according to my will. You have then returned to me, and your walk on earth now also ends successfully; you soon will be able to exchange life on earth with life in the spiritual kingdom, as you also will instantaneously recognize all connections and only sing praise and thanks to me that I let you cover this earthly way. Never doubt my love, wisdom and power. Then you acknowledge me alive, and then only but a short step is necessary for your perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 7145.


Book 76 7151

Natural Disaster Before the End.

22. June 1958. B.D. NR. 7151.

The earth will be shaken to its foundations because men are to be pointed to the end quite bluntly once again, because the thought of death is to rise once in them when they see themselves exposed to powers against whom they are powerless. How these shockwaves of the earth come about, that many men will well ask, but the events, which quickly follow each other, will leave them no time to give themselves an answer. Because now follow detonations of greatest extent in individual regions of the earth, which take away from men all ability to think, which are then followed by a raging of the elements of nature, which results are unimaginable and will only be able to be grasped by the survivors afterwards. And these will then be inclined to believe that human research experiments have been the cause for such unfathomable great work of destruction. But they are wrong. It is my voice that sounds so powerfully and has to sound because men no longer listen to me when I speak to them softly and for their own sake a last work of rescue is still necessary before the end, which follows shortly after that. Innumerable men will lose their life on the occasion, good and evil men will fall a victim to the work of destruction, but it still can be a blessing to the survivors when they draw their lesson from it, when they learn to recognize me and henceforth walk the way with me. I announce this event already a long time but I find little faith because men cannot form a picture of such a powerful natural event and also because such has not yet been experienced since the beginning of this earth period. But this has always been mentioned, and when men only have a scrap of faith in my word than they also would once reckon on what has been announced to them a long time before. However in the time of the end all faith has vanished and even the ones who are mine find it hard to take this announcement seriously although they are willing and are always united with me in love. But suddenly and unexpectedly the first signs will show, that cosmic changes appear, that everything appears to get out of lawful order; strange observations will be made in the night sky, alarming darkenings will occur for short times, but again and again an apparent calm will be after that, until the elements of nature will unleash so fast and terribly that no time remains for a man to think, that there is then only one help to mentally call on me for support in greatest trouble and danger. All men who have taken note before - even if it did not appear plausible to them - have great favour because they know about this only way and only need to call on me in spirit and in truth. But also many of them will not be able to think, and to all of these I only give the advice to already turn to me before, that I may give them my support - and I accept this request because they also prove to me their faith, which I then want to strengthen visibly. How the event will happen does not have to be explained to you men because it would not serve any purpose; but that it will happen, that it will exceed everything in trouble and misery what happened up to now, that you can believe. And you can also announce it to your fellow men with inner conviction because it can only be a blessing to know that everything is predetermined by your God and creator, but not to harm you, but to only be of use to your souls, which are in extreme danger to get lost. Because a short while after this the end of this earth follows, but which will not be brought about by me, but takes place through human will, but which I do not hinder to carry out all-destructive experiments because also for dispirited mankind the time has come where a separation has to take place - because everything which has stepped out of order is to be led back to order so that the upward development, which has begun to fall off, can again progress on a new earth, which my love, wisdom and might lets rise again according to my plan of salvation from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 7151.


Book 76 7159

Earthly Plans. God's Plan of Salvation.

4. July 1958. B.D. NR. 7159.

Men are widely still labouring under a delusion because they strive for comprehensive worldly improvements, they believe they can utilize powers which are so far undeveloped; they are planning for long times ahead and want to create alleged helps or changes for the better, but which all only aim at forming a pleasant life on earth - which therefore would be anything but spiritual achievements. Men are also not going to be talked out of such thoughts and plans; they are convinced that later generations of men will profit from their efforts when they themselves are not allowed to enjoy them. They reckon with the future as with something that is a foregone conclusion and do not suspect how fast everything will once come to an end. Rumours of a near end will well turn up everywhere because everywhere are people who have spiritual farsightedness, who know about coming events, which will take place on earth and among men, but the admonitions or pointers of those remain unnoticed because they do not fit into the plan at all, which the greatest part of men already pursues with great fervour: earthly revolutions of such kind which mankind thinks of enjoying. But on account of the freedom of will of men their thinking also cannot be forced to be directed otherwise. And so naturally two kinds of views arise among mankind - the one being conscious of the present and the other happily awaiting the future. The spiritually awakened man does not plan far ahead because he sees the time has come where everything comes to a head and the end is to be expected daily. But there are far more of the spiritual blind men, and these are ceaselessly anxious to make use of all earthly advantages and to create for themselves or for their descendants a secured future. And everyone follows his way, except that the former achieves his aim, while the latter is on a long wrong track and in the end will be a victim of his blinded thinking. For all events are predetermined in the plan of salvation from eternity. And so also an earth period comes to an end, and a new one starts. And all plans will come to nothing which were drawn up by men because that what those men strive for is no longer allowed for the new earth - because it rather gives the last rise to the dissolving and reshaping of this earth when the time is fulfilled which was set for you men for the liberation from form. No-one of you men can secure for himself that which he covetously strives for when it concerns earthly successes or possessions. But to reach spiritual perfection that does not need to appear to him to be uncertain because when he only once has this striving in him, then he will also be supported on the part of God in every way. And he has to fear neither an end of this earth nor his own death; his future lies brightly shining in front of him, but differently than the people of the world wish for. But everyone receives what he desires - except that the earthly-material, which moves the thoughts of most men, can and will again captivate them; they will again have to suffer under its fetters throughout eternities, but they also have themselves created this fate because to reach freedom has also been possible for them, as long as they still stayed on earth. And pointers and warnings reach all men, which could let them come to their senses. But as the will of man is so is also his fate - and every man's will is free. Amen. B.D. NR. 7159.


Book 76 7166

God’s control of all his vineyard workers.

15. July 1958. B.D. NR. 7166.

You are guided as my wisdom recognizes it as beneficial for the salvation of the soul of you and of fellowmen. Everything, what can happen, to come to the aid of the souls, which are in spiritual trouble, that is promoted by me, as soon as you yourselves just desire to go in my company through earth life, as soon as you let yourselves be consciously guided by me and your will does not resist me. The work of redemption is enormous that takes place everywhere – in the sphere of earth as also in the spiritual kingdom. With all eagerness the souls of those are struggled for who are too weak to be able to break away from my opponent. And so I must give support everywhere; I must bring together the knowing with the ignorant; I must allocate to my servants their activity and therefore help in every way, where the power of my servants is not enough or the resistance of erroneous souls is still too great. Because my infinite love drives me to it, to look after those, who are in trouble and my superb wisdom knows the means and ways to success. And I know mine, and mine know me. Spatial separation I will bridge; establish the strangest connections and therefore give you obvious proofs that you are directed and guided by a higher will. But only few men will recognize such guidance. But my herd will also only be small at the end, because despite my over great love I do not make the will of man unfree, who therefore determines himself, whether man joins my herd, whether he follows the mating call of the shepherd. And because I do not make the will of man unfree, your task is to have an effect on this will and to inform your fellowmen, whom you know to be in spiritual trouble about their actual earth task und their destination. And for this I need you, my servants on earth. You are to carry out that what I certainly would like to do myself, but because of the freedom of will cannot do: You are to bring my word to them; you are to be suitable tools for me, through which I myself can speak to men. And for the sake of this purpose you men are led to those doors, which open themselves for you, through which you can now let a beam of light shine, which will cause many a man to open the crack further and at the end to open the door of his heart so far that I can now myself enter and bring bright light to him, so that he no longer needs to walk in darkness for ever. What is natural for you, that I speak to my children, that those men cannot yet grasp, and to announce to them this proof of my love is exactly your task. You are to speak, where just one ear leans towards you, because you are to always know that no man crosses your way arbitrarily, that every meeting is already planned for eternity in my plan of salvation, that nothing can happen without my will or my approval and that everything can be cause to spiritual progress – even so when you do not recognize it or no success is apparent to you. But as soon as you have just declared to me your willingness wanting to be co-workers for me, I also put you at the right place, and I now claim your activity, and you now as it were carry out my will. For that reason you also need to have no doubts that you can do something, what does not agree with my will. Your devotion to me, your request for my blessing, makes you free of all own responsibility, because now I think and act for you, and you are just the ones who carry out my will.

And since my will is always only directed at the redemption of erring souls, your activity will therefore only pursue the same aim; you will therefore just be right servants for me, who work on behalf of their Lord and create for the blessing of men on earth and of the souls in the opposite kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 7166.


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