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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 75

B.D. NR. 7000 - B.D. NR. 7101
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Book 75 7004

Earnest Pointer to the End and the Transitoriness of the Earthly.

27. December 1957. B.D. NR. 7004.

Much time no longer remains for you. Again and again I have to point out to you and to admonish you again and again to use the short time well for the salvation of your souls. When you just once earnestly imagine that after a short period of time things no longer exist which now your heart is full of, which control your thought and wish, when you imagine that every day brings you closer to this time where you have to give away everything, even if you still keep your life, then you will have the good sense to no longer worry about these temporary things but only strive to gain goods which are lasting. Because such goods do exist. But they have to be aimed at, and you cannot gain them through earthly work because they are spiritual goods which you also can take to the other side in eternity. Because your I remains, and even if everything around you vanishes. And for this I - for your soul - you are to work, as long as you still stay on earth, but not to set your hearts on things which will vanish like foam structures when the time has come. Time rushes faster and faster, and the day comes closer and closer which means an end for all creature. And because you find it hard to believe what I let announce to you already a long time, I will give you a proof of the truth of my announcement still before, although also this one will be very painful for innumerable men. But it is the last sign of warning and of admonition for all who will survive that event, so that they still make use of the short last time of favour and put their bodily well-being last, however think of their soul with increased eagerness. And only a very short time separates you from this event, with which I want to prove to you men the truth of my word. Because it comes overnight, although earnest signs point out to it already for a while before. But men also consider these signs to be effects of human experiments. But here I speak myself - here my laws will be shown, and men will be able to prevent or change nothing. It will be a very painful intervention which will befall innumerable men, but I do not let it come over men without prior notice. And the end of this earth is such an important event for all spiritual that I therefore still let it be preceded by a warning to reduce the disaster, which threatens all men who live for the world only, when they still let themselves be impressed through my intervention to the extent that they yet think of the worthlessness of worldly goods and seek to acquire something immortal. I can only tell you to let all what is to come be announced to you through my servants, and I can also only give you such proofs, which do not make your will unfree, but I will not stop to have an effect on you until the last day has come. Because I do not want your downfall, I do not want that you again have to languish in hard matter for endless times, I want your liberation from the fetter, I want your happiness. But you yourselves are determining your fate. But what still can be done on my part for your rescue, that also happens, even if you men cannot understand it. And I tell you again and again that no longer much time remains for you till the end. Believe these words and prepare yourselves - and you will not have to be afraid of the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 7004.


Book 75 7016

Godís Power and His Love.

13. January 1958. B.D. NR. 7016.

The power of God is unlimited. And so is also his love. You always have to consider this when your body or soul is in trouble. There is one who can avert all trouble because he is omnipotent, and who also wants to avert all trouble because love is his whole nature. But with his love he also has to meet counter love because otherwise his love remains ineffective. And that is the answer when his omnipotence does not express itself towards you men, because you make it impossible yourselves through lack of love. A heart which is full of love grants as it were itself admittance to God, and then he can rule and work in His house. But where the door is still locked, where love is lacking, there also his work is impossible, exactly because he still stands outside and does not enter a house by force, which does not voluntarily open to him. Love is all. It is power and light; it gives knowledge to man to also apply the power properly. Then there will also no longer be trouble for man, neither worldly nor spiritually. But love is still very weak in you all; it is not yet flared up to a bright flame, and that has its effect in a weak belief in God and his willingness to help. Who can grasp him with all his heart, i.e., whose nature lives in permanent helpfulness towards his fellow men, he also has to fear no restrictions on the part of God but Godís love can beam at him with all power, and what that means, that you man do not know yet, otherwise you would be totally wrapped up in love and the closest union with him would be established whose nature is love, wisdom and power. And then also no longer anxious questions would bother you, then every bodily and spiritual trouble would be eliminated, and then it would also be possible for you to again transfer your power to the fellow man who is in trouble. Believe it that you are able to do everything when you are shone through by Godís power of love Ė believe it that there is nothing which would be impossible for you to achieve when you only let love become so strong in you that you through it cause God himself to be present in you, and he now accomplishes what you want to do for the welfare of fellow man. And believe it that you yourselves can be in full possession of light and power because he is in you who is the original source of light and power. In your original substance you are the same as he; you need not be limited in the supply of light and power because your original state was perfect when you took your beginning from him. And you can again become perfect as soon as love completely fills you. And that love rouses in you, which lies in your power, but requires your will. But what you do not achieve because your will is too weak, that prayer is able to do. Because also a proper prayer is a linking with God which secures a supply of power for you. And the power of love now given to you will also certainly urge you on to works of love; you will make use of this power of love obtained through prayer always only for work in love, and you will then also achieve that your faith increases because a prayer which is meant for spiritual goods certainly does not remain unfulfilled. That is why every man can reach the goal because everyone can use the favour of prayer Ė every child is allowed to talk to its father and request from him what it lacks. Because a prayer in the spirit and in truth also proves the love of the child for the father, it proves that the child wants to reach the father, and that is why the love of the father will also supply his ray to it, and the heart of the child will be aroused. And where love has been kindled once, it also grasps all beingness. Men will have to love every work of creation, but most of all his fellow man, and God himself will be present, and his power of love will appear so obviously that man is able to accomplish everything, that he can heal bodily disabilities and also banish all misery, because love, which is God, is also the power which accomplishes everything. Amen. B.D. NR. 7016.


Book 75 7023

Explanation of the Deeper Knowledge. Faith Struggle.

23. January 1958. B.D. NR 7023.

The deeper I initiate you into my plan of salvation from eternity the more valuable work you can do because only then you are able to serve your fellow men as teachers when you possess a great knowledge yourselves. And I trained my first disciples myself and will also teach my last disciples so that they can stand up for me and my kingdom when this is required - that they then can come out when it is a matter of defending the belief in such teachings which are not provable. Because the time will come where every faith teaching will be resisted; the time will come where everything spiritual will be challenged, where no existing school of thought will be spared that enmity will be shown to it and that it will be slandered. And it will also not be difficult for my adversaries to destroy the foundation because many have only built on light sand, i.e., their teachings will not stand up to objections, they will be able to be torn to pieces, and their followers themselves will start to doubt and be able to very easily separate - when they do not remain loyal to the school of thought in fanaticism, without however being able to defend it inwardly convinced. And then also the truth will be fought, and action will also be taken against you who have been chosen and trained by me myself as representatives of the truth, which I myself supply to you. Also you will be included in that struggle, but it will be difficult for your adversaries to catch you because you are able to also defend the truth according to your knowledge and to also refute every objection because you are able to substantiate logically the deeper contexts. And that is why I initiate you into my eternal plan of salvation and so give you a knowledge, which also entitles you to also take up the fight with your enemies. And then you are to fight with the sword of the mouth. Do you now understand why I again and again supply you with a knowledge from above, why I allow you access to a spiritual knowledge which is not part of everyday life, but which to be possessed is denied to no man when he only gets himself so ready that also he can get enlightened by my spirit. The thinking of men definitely got confused, a net of error and lies ensnares them, and they do not find through it because they do not have the will for it. And exactly this darkness will be proved when they are to earnestly take a stand on faith, on their relationship to me and on the work of redemption. Then everything will fold up like a house of cards because the adversary will take merciless action and pull to pieces every single teaching or laugh at it all and mock what was sacred to them so far. But my disciples will not be afraid; courageously they will take up the fight, justify themselves, and this definitely with great superiority because it is then not they who speak but I myself. But still these my real fighters have to be taught by myself because they have to speak of their own initiative and in their language to not force the fellow men to believe. But still also from among the ones belonging to the adversary fighters will join them who are impressed by their words and not able to deny their validity. And so once the time will come where you can make use of all your knowledge and I train you for this time and provide you with teaching material, which not everybody can show and which - because it starts from me - does also not remain without effect. Because I still want to help many people. But it is left to their free will if they accept the help because I well let the unusual happen but always in a form that it does not force a belief. I still pour out many favours but they have to be used in free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 7023.


Book 75 7052

Earnest Reference to God's Intervention and Aftermath.

1. March 1958. B.D. NR. 7052.

Only a short time separates you from the day when my voice will sound so powerfully that no-one will be able to miss it. It only lasts a short time where you still live a normal life. But then a chaos will be, and you men will face enormous problems: to make life bearable for you and your fellow men, to get the chaos under control through unusual help and to again create bearable circumstances for yourselves with the minimum means available to you. For you will lose everything; you who live in the areas which will be affected by an event of nature of unimaginable extent. You men will and cannot yet believe it because never before has such an event of nature been experienced. But the subsequent end of this earth still requires such an intervention for my part because I want to speak to all men once again to bring them back to their senses, to still rescue those who are of good will. And no man will be able to ignore this address but if they open their hearts and ears is again still left to them. Because also then still most men will separate from me, they will remain in their isolation, which they already have reached through their unbelief, and they will seek and give all other explanations for this event than the one that I want to talk to them, that a God wants to come out into the open to them, who speaks to them, to bring them back to their senses, to get them to unite with him in greatest trouble and danger. Innumerable men will lose their life, and the eye of the survivors will see enormous devastations, the misery will be exceedingly great, and only firm faith in me and my help will be able to banish it, but which only very few people have. What does not seem to be possible earthly wise, will still be possible through my help, and I will often have a miraculous effect there, where true believers trust in me and my help. But a shock has to go over the earth; the hearts of men also have to be touched unusually, so that they prove helpful with the neighbour in the great misery, and everywhere an obvious improvement of the situation will occur where this love is visible in unselfishness, in the will to help fellow men. Because only this is the purpose of my violent intervention that men for once put their "I" last and practise unselfish neighbourly love. Because then I also can redress their misery, then I can supply them with the essentials, and I definitely will take care of those who show that unselfishness. It will be a misery as it has never be experienced before, but I have to speak that clearly, that everyone can recognize me in my power, and he will also be able to recognize my love who only pays attention to the unusual help, which humanly would not be expected. Who only establishes or strengthens the close union with me, he will any time also be sure of my help, but people without faith are in a bad way. They will try to help themselves and often at the expense of their fellow men - but they will net no profit, neither earthly nor spiritually. It is not a long time left till this disastrous event but the attention of you men is called to it, and this already is a tremendous favour because you then also know to whom you have to turn to, who can help you in greatest trouble and danger. I therefore again and again announce this event to you, and who hears it he is to ask for strong faith, for power and strength, to be able to remain steadfast. And then he will in this trouble also take the way to me, who alone can help. And he will need to fear nothing, because I will help the ones who are mine, no matter in what way. And to the ones who are mine count all who believe in me, who pray to me, who thus unite with me and therefore can also always count on my protection and my help. And it is the duty of these to also point their fellow men to me, so that also they take the way to me when the hour has come which decides the good and bad of all men. Amen. B.D. NR. 7052.


Book 75 7053

Announcement of the Coming Great Trouble.

2. March 1958. B.D. NR. 7053.

You all will need much strength, but which will always be available to you, because who just listens to my word, he will receive it, when he moves this word in his heart and acts accordingly. Then you are spoken to by myself and thus also beamed at by my love, and power has to be supplied to you because my love is also power. But who lets my word die away at his ears, he will have no blessing from it, because I cannot come into contact with him, and thus also my power cannot flow through him. In the coming times of need you require all strength out of me - because earthly you will not be able to cope with life; only with my help you will succeed. And I want to make your lack of power and strength clear to you. I want that you recognize yourselves as weak beings, so that you seek refuge in that power, which you now well should recognize. And then the mentality of men will become obvious to you, the alarming lack of faith will come to light and the necessity to speak to men of me and my kingdom, of my power and love, to announce the Gospel to them and to lead them to faith. Also in this time of need it will be argued hard; it will have to be fought with the sword of the mouth because many of the weak in faith will still more doubt a God and father because the disaster, which befell men, seems to be incomprehensible to them as work of a loving God. Because all men still assess life on earth as man too high, and to explain to them the meaning and the purpose of their earthly life and to point life after death out to them, is an urgent job of those who want to work for me and who then will see a great scope of work in front of them. Men still go along in indifference and lukewarmness, and they do not think of their earthly assignment. And that is why they have to be shaken in their thinking, because also the innumerable misfortunes, at which many men lose their lives, still hardly frightens them, and the only way to rouse men is through such a powerful event, which will affect every one of them who survives it. And when I point this out to you all the time, then the reason I do it is so that you all prepare yourselves insofar that you practise love, that you accumulate strength, that you connect with me and can receive power from me through acceptance of my word - so that you do not approach this difficult time unprepared, so that you can be a support for your fellow men and you also announce my word to them. I want to think of you all, you who think of me. And I want to leave none of you powerless, who ask me already before for strength, who ask me already before for my protection and my help. And it will be shown which degree you can bear who walk with me, without you however feeling to be unusually burdened. Again and again I admonish you men to join me through works of love and intimate prayer, and again and again I ensure you that you will then receive ample power and have need to be afraid of nothing, even if you lose everything earthly, because I alone can give you what you need, and I will also always care for mine, for those, who do not forget me, who see in me their father and flee like children into my arms in every misery and danger. You, who want to serve me, you will also especially feel my nearness, because you recognize the truth of my word and therefore draw more and more close to me whom you now recognize in his power and strength, but in whose love you also believe and that is why you trustingly devote yourselves to him. And because I then need you as fighters for me and my name, because I need you for eager work in the vineyard, that is why I will help you so obviously that you will also be able to successfully carry out this your work. It all comes as it is scheduled in my plan of salvation because I alone know what serves my creatures to their salvation. And also the end is irrevocably determined. And exactly this earth still causes me to do a last work of mercy before, although this appears to be an act of cruelty. But it will still yet bring quite a few men salvation; the last means will be applied to show my creatures the way to me, and it will not completely remain unsuccessfully. I think of the great spiritual trouble in which mankind is, and that is why I still want to touch every single soul, to win it for me, and that is why I have to let a great earthly misery come over the earth, but which also can be overcome with my help. Because my love and my power will be expressed wherever I am called for help, and my power will receive who just desires such. Amen. B.D. NR.7053.


Book 75 7062

Announcement of the Forerunner of Jesus Christ.

10. March 1958. B.D. NR. 7062.

None of you men would still walk in truth when it would not again and again be announced to you through my spirit. What was preached to men during my life time on earth as pure truth did not survive pure because as soon as human thinking started to make my teaching useful for the purposes of whole peoples, everything was also mixed with human additional work because my pure teaching agreed too little with the selfishness of men, and the individual assemblies therefore tried to also form this teaching more or less useful. And so the church which once was founded by myself, the so-called original church, very soon was only left as a distortion of what it had been at the beginnings. And my pure teaching had to experience innumerable changes. And what is now still left can no longer lay claim to be the pure truth. To preserve truth pure, for it belong pure vessels, into which my spirit can flow continually. The divine spirit has to constantly be able to pour in; the teaching, which was given to men by me, also has to be announced by such men who are full of the spirit, otherwise the words can already be changed in the mouth of the announcer and result in a different meaning. And it always has to be reckoned on that something pure, divine, will lose of its purity in ungodly surroundings because I do not force the will of man. What the individual man makes of the truth supplied to him is up to him, and already during my walk on earth my holy word was distorted when it appeared to be useful for men. I now can well again and again direct the pure truth to earth through my spirit, but I also now will not make men unfree by forcing the truth on them. But as long as men voluntarily offer their services to me, who get ready to be receiving vessels for my spirit, it is also always possible to correct every existing error, to solve every open question and to give men a pure light, which has its beginning with me, the original light from eternity. But on the other hand men hold onto deformed teachings with a toughness behind which my adversary is, who will always fight against the light of truth. And so an almost impenetrable night has spread over men because error and lies are the same as darkness. And it is made exceedingly difficult for my light bearers to break through this darkness because men are already so blinded that they are no longer able to recognize a true light. And that is why a very powerful light will light up, and this light will testify to me and my return in the clouds. It will testify to judgement and to the rapture of the ones who are mine on the day of judgement. A light, radiating brightly, will rise and once more announce my pure word, a voice crying in the spiritual wilderness will emerge and try to awaken men from the sleep of death. He will come to the assistance of those who testify to me and my work with them, he will confirm the truth of that what has been imparted to mankind through my spirit's work. He will speak a powerful language and spare none who goes dark ways - he will also not shy away from the rulers but tear their masks from the face, he will show them up and reveal their true mentality. He will fight with the sword of the mouth because enmity will be shown to him by high and low because no-one wants to hear the pure truth, which however does not deviate from the teaching, which I once preached on earth. So this is my envoy through whose mouth I speak myself and who only will fulfil his last mission on this earth: to once again announce me and my coming as it is written. But when this light lights up then you know that my coming is near and also judgement. And then also extraordinary things will happen through him but it will no longer do harm to men in their freedom of their will, because he will find little faith, and only the awakened recognize him and his mission. But he will mean an unusual strengthening for the still weak because his word is full of power. But then also the last phase of this earth has arrived because this voice will also be the most vehement opponent of him whom men themselves proclaim to be their earthly ruler, in whom my adversary will embody himself to carry out the last shameful work against me. Because now the faith struggle will break out, and the ones who are mine will have a great support in that light, which I myself send to earth, and receive much power to hold their ground in the greatest time of need, which precedes my coming to earth. Because I do not leave you, my loyal supporters, without help, and so that you remain strong I announce this light to you, this voice, and then you also know that I will soon come to fetch you, to make an end to the goings-on of my adversary, to help the truth to get the final victory. Amen. B.D. NR. 7062.


Book 75 7063

Protection in Faith Struggle Through Light Beings and Souls of the Other Side.

11. March 1958. B.D. NR 7063.

It will be an exceedingly violent struggle to which my adversary will induce you who are and want to remain loyal to me. He will try it in every way to make you turn away from the faith, from spiritual striving and so from me myself. And I tell you this in advance so that you are prepared for it and do not doubt me and my power. Because his time is given him, but it is limited, so his doings will certainly be brought to an end by me. But he will still let his anger out on you in every way, as he knows that you were able to alienate much of his following. But exactly this following - many souls in the kingdom on the other side - will grant you protection and help you in many adversities which he will cause you. And one is always ready to help. And when I promise you my protection and my help then you can certainly fearlessly also await this coming time because it does not last long. But it requires your will and your strong faith. Again and again you will have to unite with me in close prayer, more and more eagerly you will have to work on yourselves and also in my vineyard. You will have to draw the strength from my word more and more often and have an open eye for everything what happens around you. For also the trouble around you will increase, and then only love can prove itself. And also your strength will increase with every work of love that you do. On the one side apparent progress can also be seen, also no decay can earthly be seen for the time being - but spiritually everything is heading for decay, and the doings of men obviously show that men are under the control of my adversary. And exactly then you need an unusual inner strength, which you can only get from the inner relationship with me. Because the more the world becomes the focus of attention the more unreal appears all spiritual, every faith teaching and also spiritual knowledge. Because my adversary sees to it that everything is doubted, and he will have quite eager servants who openly act against the ones who are mine and want to destroy all their faith. And if this time would last very long then also the ones who are mine would be too weak to resist - but for the sake of the chosen ones I will shorten the days, and you can believe it that you will get through this time, that I supply you with unusual strengthening because I know that also the struggle is becoming unusually difficult for you. But I do not leave the ones who are mine and enlighten their spirit so that they are not deceived by my adversary. And I already do everything before to help the ones who are mine to strong faith, which then is also strength, with which they can overcome everything. And through his influence one resistance after the other will also arise for my light bearers but who has devoted himself in free will to me, by him also innumerable light beings stand, and resist the hostile power by weakening him through their fullness of light, to which he is not up. And so you just need to continually seek the union, both with me and with all beings of light, that they may surround you for your protection. And your devotion to me secures you now also the help of those beings, which have completely entered my will. And my will it is, to stand by you until the end - and this will is also theirs, and so you surely are not helpless in the face of the activity of the adversary but you will furnish proof that strength and power flows through you as soon as he is approaching you in the form of earthly enemies, which want to hinder you and your spiritual work, which also would like to get you yourselves to fall away but do not reckon on the power of the spirit, of which you are filled. Therefore work as long as you still can work unhindered. Carry the light into the darkness and follow me always closer - and you will certainly be able to stand firm also in the most difficult fight, you will emerge as winner from the faith struggle because my power will become powerful in you. B.D. NR. 7063.


Book 75 7065

Redemption of the Bound in the Surroundings.

13. March 1958. B.D. Nr. 7065.

All of you can contribute to the redemption of the spiritual when only your love encloses everything what still remains in bondage and therefore in unhappiness. Love is the general solvent because love is a barrier which you erect against the adversary, which stops his activity. When you think of the unhappy, bound spiritual, that it is completely powerlessly exposed to the adversary (that it still belongs to the adversary) - when you want to help it and you employ your power to free it, then you certainly do a work of redemption of greatest importance because the upward development of this spiritual is made easier, it is able to fit in to the laws of divine order faster and can also burst open the outer form easier and faster be generated into new formings so that it reaches maturity quicker. And the redemption of the bound spiritual you men manage through that activity, which you carry out consciously in love under God's blessing - be that through the creation of material things, which fulfil a serving purpose or also through help to serve - when you are just always moved by the will to help this bound spiritual to progress. Every work will then, besides its actual purpose, also have a spiritual effect, which you do not see, but which undeniably is pleasant for the bound spiritual and also puts you yourselves into an outer life sphere, that the spiritual in matter and also in the world of nature opens up to you and you yourselves therefore emit radiations and thus your nearness has already an appeasing effect on the still bound spiritual. You can believe it that you achieve already powerful redeeming work when you enclose everything around you with loving thoughts - however not with a love wanting to possess but looking at everything which serves you in daily life with a love, which is compassionate, wants to make happy and help. The spiritual which is bound in matter feels this love, and it is always more prepared to serve you. And that is already the beginning of giving up resistance. But you yourselves then live a conscious life, conscious of your own purpose and also conscious of the state of all creature and all created things. And when you yourselves thus have entered into the state of such a love, which encloses everything, also the so-called dead matter, it will be easy for you to establish the just order in you yourselves because love is then the power which also accomplishes that, to appease substances still opposed to God and to help them to spiritualization. You therefore have as it were to wage war with him who still has those substances under his control. But you can only fight against this one with the weapon of love. That is an irrefutable law that only through love can his part be wrested from the adversary of God. And when you now know that even the spiritual, which is bound in matter, succumbs to your love power, that it approaches you and in your hands so to speak gives up its resistance, that it lets itself be reshaped through your will to now also be able to serve, then it will also not be difficult for you, to believe, that you bring about the same reshaping in you through love - that in love you have such an effective weapon against the enemy of your souls that that one always wins less influence on those spiritual substances, which are still inherent in your bodily cover as unsorted. Love can achieve everything; love also takes pain upon itself when it can accomplish a work of rescue through it. And you men have to summon up this unselfish love because the adversary can no longer offer resistance to this love, he will then flee the place where always only love meets him because there his power is broken. But that means for the time being that you have to form yourselves to love, only then the power is also in you, to be yourselves redeemingly active. And everything needs support, both your fellow men as well as all works of creation, which surround you, may it be matter, plants or animals. All can be helped in the maturing of their soul substances through you who are in the last stage of your development as I-conscious beings. When you radiate much love then also that which is in your surroundings will be hit by this love and moved to decrease its resistance; it feels your radiation of love with relief, and it responds as it were to your will to servingly fulfil its assignment - but as it also feels every unloving radiation and hardens and then also indicates such through abnormal development, through spitefulness or unfavourable influence on its environment. What could all be achieved by you men when love would determine your whole being to think and act. And really also no disorderly states in and with you yourselves would become apparent because your love would constantly secure you the influx of power out of God and this certainly achieves everything - thus is also able to put things in order in a way, to which all still immature spiritual willingly submits. By force you will achieve nothing, but with love everything. And therefore you can recover in soul and body when you try in love to come into the right order with everything. Then love will change everything what previously expressed itself ungodly; the soul will be freed from all covers by virtue of love, and also the body will stop to act against God because love now bars all access for the adversary because where love is his activity has now become impossible. Amen. B.D. NR. 7065.


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