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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 74

B.D. NR. 6868 - B.D. NR. 6999
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Book 74 6875

Which powers trigger off natural disasters?

20. and 21. July 1957. B.D. NR. 6875.

With every spiritual gift you receive proof of my love because you are not to remain in darkness, you are to increase in light and power, in knowledge and strong will, to live and work on earth according to knowledge. Because every activity in blindness of spirit, in wrong thinking, is useless for the soul, and as I want that your soul matures on earth, your activity therefore also has to be suitable, which always can only be brought about by the light of knowledge. And so I again and again give you light where it is still dark in you. I teach you truthfully; I again and again pour out my spirit over you as soon as you hold the opened container out to me, that I can fill it, as soon as your heart longs for me speaking to you. Very often there are still wrong thoughts in you, especially then when you cannot free yourselves of a knowledge, of a way of thinking, which has not reached you by spiritual means, which cannot be called to be the effect of the spirit, but which has been acquired rationally and perhaps was mixed with spiritual results, which is why you do not doubt its truth. But it is not a pure truth, and that is why you therefore also cannot come to the complete clarity until you free yourselves of that way of thinking, until you are prepared to give it away, because only then brightness is in you, which brightly enlightens every recess of your heart. Only he will be able to understand this, who perpetually keeps contact with me, who therefore also recognizes when error wants to approach him - because this knowledge is the result of close contact with me. And so you all can also free yourselves of error through this close relationship with me. Because then I do not allow that you move in wrong thinking, and supply you with truth in some way: The creative process requires power - you will realize that. Power is my radiation of love, which is accepted without resistance. Therefore only that being can be creatively active, which voluntarily opens itself to receive power, so which is of a will turned to myself and therefore also does not resist me at all, which would make ineffective all my beaming at of love. It follows that my stream of love power can always only flow through such beings, which already have joint me, which no longer can be counted to the followers of my adversary, because these still oppose me, otherwise they would no longer be his followers. So these beings neither can take part in creating nor in destroying the created because they lack all power to do this - exactly because they reject this my power through their resistance. But I always speak of beings - of beingness conscious of itself; I speak of those once fallen original spirits, which as single beings entered their fall into the deep and which also again have to enter their return to me as single beings. But the once fallen original spirits only then became again beings capable of being conscious of themselves in the stage of man - while before they - as dissolved spiritual - were lacking the consciousness of themselves. Only in the state of consciousness of itself can the being in free will accept or also again reject my power of love, and be creatively or also destructively active also only in this state. But now also destructions by you men are observed, which give you cause for wrong assumptions. These are destructions or influences, which are executed through the elements, through elemental powers, which let you believe that powers of darkness express themselves through these. And you now first have to be informed of what those elements basically are, whose will and which power they are subject to - you have to know that I leave a certain freedom to all spiritual as soon as it has already worked its way up a little bit in the mandatory state and now also can be unbound for the time being, i.e., when it had to leave a form prematurely and has not yet entered a new form. So then an intervention has taken place on the part of men contrary to my legal order; the spiritual that has become free is outraged at the illegally interrupted course of development and lets its anger out. And it is also entitled to this law because the premature release is no actual freedom but rather a suffering for which it wants to revenge itself on mankind, which has caused this suffering to it. This makes itself especially felt when the lifespan of vegetable creations is shortened out of profit-seeking, out of greed, when normal growth is prevented, so when through human will natural creations are destroyed, which also serve their purpose according to my plan of creation and salvation, and therefore their fulfilment of purpose is illegally prevented. The same also applies when useful earthly creations - i.e. made by the hand of man - are destroyed maliciously, so that the spiritual bound in that matter is released out of it prematurely. And I thus do not prevent this spiritual from it, that it is now elementarily active in union - but I also stipulate only a certain time for it, to then bind it again for the purpose of further development. But enormous power expressions, as they are perceptible in natural disasters, have to be explained and assessed differently again. The degree of resistance of all spiritual is known to me, and so I also know when it decreases, when that which is bound in hard matter can take a loosening of its fetters. These spiritual entities try their hand at their strength by uniting to burst their fetters. As the resistance against the power of love - which covered them so far in form of matter - has already become weaker, also the strength of the spiritual has become stronger to the same extent, and I do not hinder this spiritual that it creates for itself the next form of development by force. So I allow that such spiritual, which is still completely immature, frees itself earlier from the previous state, which happens in the form of natural disasters of smaller or also greater extent, of eruptions, earthquakes, so such natural disasters, which start in the interior of the earth and so are to be considered to be expressions of power of the spiritual, which is bound there. But this is not at all destructiveness as a sign of increased resistance against me and thus work or influence of my counter spirit, but it is only the urge for different easier forming, unconscious to the beingness, but natural awakening in the spiritual through the decrease of resistance, which I therefore do not hinder because this spiritual is still again bound for further development, to again come closer to me step by step. May it also seem to you men as if the powers of my adversary are at work - he himself can change or destroy nothing of my works of creation, and all such events are to be ascribed to my will and my power, but they all also have a spiritual purpose at the same time - even if they take a heavy toll on human life. For also to the spiritual, which is still bound in the creations of earth, the possibility is given, to continue its course of development. And also the ending of life on earth of a human has its reasons, and my love and wisdom definitely lets nothing come to harm so that everything will be to the advantage of the soul of the affected individual. So what man considers being an accident does not need to be a disaster - unless he loses his faith because of that and completely hands himself over to be controlled by my counter spirit. But then he was his follower in free will already before, and he can also still change his will, exactly because he is free. But only that spiritual can take part in all natural work, which causes devastations or destructions, which either is still banished in hard form and seeks to free itself or which was unlawfully set free from already easier form and lets its anger out because its course of development was prematurely cut short. But never can spiritual beings express themselves destructively in such a way, which are active on behalf of my adversary, because these beings, which are conscious of self, have no power at their disposal for such work. The earthly creations are well the area of my adversary because his following is banished in it - but they are ruled by my will only, and everything bound is subject to my law. Amen. B.D. NR. 6875.


Book 74 6878

Judgement Means Newly Directing - Sorting Out.

25. July 1957. B.D. NR 6878.

You are all judged beings, i.e. bound according to your spiritual state. And when therefore a near judgement is announced to you, which is connected with the end of this earth, then this means, that all spiritual will be judged anew according to its state of maturity, thus has to move into the form, which corresponds with this state - so that such order is restored, which is law from eternity. You all are still in judgement as long as you are not yet allowed to inhabit the spiritual kingdom as free spiritual beings, as long as you are still going the walk over the earth, as being consciously or unconsciously bound in the works of creation. You are as long in judgement as you are not yet free. But a state of punishment it is not to be understood under judgement. It is well an act of God's justice but which is always also justified by his love and wisdom, but never allowed to be considered as an act of punishment as far as he is concerned, because God only wants to rescue, but never to condemn. However the rescue is only possible within the order from eternity, and when this order is overruled, which is well possible through the free will of man, then it thus has to always be restored - it has to be directed what has stepped out of order. And such an act of newly directing is approaching you men and also the spiritual, which is bound on this earth. For a complete spiritual and earthly chaos exists at the end of an earth period. Everything got into disorder through the work of the opponent of God and a spiritual ascent development has therefore become impossible. That men have to answer to their God and creator in the end is thus to be understood in such a way, that the spiritual state of every individual cannot be kept hidden before God, that everything is visible to him and he therefore also knows about its fate, about the sphere in which the soul now takes the place of residence, or about such forms into which an again dissolved soul has to move in its individual little particles. Because everything is visible to him and his judicial office consists in the new classification of all spiritual - which is thus the same as the terms perfect happiness and damnation. His justness and his love are determining, because also the state of banishment is just a means to again help the spiritual upwards, but it cannot be passed over because justice could not allow such. And that is why judgement also has to be feared by men who have stepped out of divine order because it can earn them nothing differently than a renewed banishment into the creations, which is also why this cannot urgently enough be mentioned, because the short time till the end is still enough for a change of will when man earnestly strives for this. Because the love and mercy of God still seeks to rescue everything before the end what is not completely opposed to him. He also helps the greatest sinner, but he cannot switch off his justice and make happy who does not deserve it. Amen. B.D. NR. 6878.


Book 74 6882

End Prophecies. You Belong to the Ones Who Are Mine.

30. July 1957. B.D. NR. 6882.

Who counts himself to the ones who are mine also knows that the time of the end has dawned, that mankind stands before a turning point, spiritually and earthly. Because the spirit tells it to the ones who are mine, they can be spoken to by the spirit in them, and they hear my voice, may it be directly or also mentally. And they also accept the word by faith, which is brought to them through my messengers and starts with me. The ones who are mine therefore know in which time they live; they know that soon the last hour of the clock of the world has struck, that a night sinks for innumerable men on this earth and that a new day shines for the others, for the few who remain loyal to me till the end, who belong to my small flock - which I thus call the ones who belong to me. And these therefore still have an assignment on earth: to also announce to their fellow humans what lies ahead for earth. This will not be easy because also as convinced as mine are of the truth of my word - therefore also of the announcements of an end and of judgement - fellow men will not believe them and indignantly turn away when the last end is mentioned to them. Nevertheless they are to try again and again and speak about that the end which I have announced is no longer a long time in coming. And as a proof of it you are also to point to the event of nature, which will still beforehand put the whole world into turmoil. And you are to tell them that with the same certainty also the end, which is to follow it, can be expected, because through the natural event I still want to give to men a last admonition, a last evidence, so that it is not so difficult for them to believe what you tell them. Who is himself in the light also is to let the light radiate into darkness. And who himself believes in me and my word, he also is to try to lead his fellow men to the faith, and to have an effect on them in all love, so that he does not encounter resistance. And that is why the natural event will not be long in coming as it is to also contribute to prepare men for the end. And you are also to mention the natural event, my intervention, of which every man will be able to receive knowledge, because it will be of enormous magnitude and cannot be dismissed as everyday event. So you are therefore to point to this event all the time and not be afraid to talk openly about it because it will come with irrevocable certainty. And who will have heart about it through you, will then also be able to believe more easily in the end, which is likewise announced by me. So the ones who are mine are to be capable co-workers of mine, and when their work also only consists in talking of what is forthcoming. Then they already do a great service for me because I want that men attain knowledge, but can only give this knowledge to them through the mouth of man, which they now can believe or not, but they once heard about it, and they will also think about it, when the day has come, where the whole world will hold its breath at the sight of the natural disaster, which brings unspeakable suffering to men who experience it. Do not be afraid that you spread wrong prophecies, but talk freely and openly, that I myself have supplied you with this and that you believe my words unshakeably. They will not be able to give the lie to you, because faster than they think they will experience the confirmation. But this knowledge is then to serve men to give up their doubts towards the end announcements. And then already much is achieved, then they can prepare themselves and therefore be rescued from the abyss. Amen. B.D. NR. 6882.


Book 74 6923

Free will. Blow of fate.

19. September 1957. B.D. NR. 6923.

Whatever way you may go on earth, everything will approach you fate-like what is to help you to mature. You certainly can shape earth life in free will yourselves and therefore believe to have determined your earth way yourselves. But what touches you fate-like you will not be able to avert, and this steering of fate I take on myself, always according to your situation created in free will. Because you can certainly create the outer conditions, but it is not them that influence your spiritual development too decidedly. But through my will you will again and again be put into situations where you can make the decision of will which determines the destiny of your soul. These are mostly such experiences which you do not want yourselves and would not create for yourselves when this would be in your power – in which you therefore do not take direct part yourselves. But indirectly you have caused such events yourselves because I thought them necessary because of your spiritual low but which you have incurred yourselves. And these fate-like interventions are therefore the ones which let you doubt a free will of man. They believe when they are somehow hindered in the execution of their plans precisely through fate-like interventions, to also have been deprived of their free will. But will is not to be confused with possibility of execution. Man can direct will according to his judgement, also when it is impossible for him to carry it out. And will is therefore to be stimulated to express itself in a certain direction – to which fate-like situations are just to help to. The course of earthly life is not of such great importance than the influence, which such a situation wins on the soul – how the soul feels impressed through it and which way it goes. Because at the end of earthly life it is completely unimportant which successes man has reached earthly through apparent own will efforts. But when the soul can book a success for itself then it is certainly only a blessing when it is reached through heavy blows of fate. And so man can therefore form his life himself in free will, but he will not be able to prevent that my will intervenes where it is necessary for the sake of his soul. So I use my will but without curtailing man’s own will because it is and remains free, and though his hands are bound sometimes, so that he does not succeed to carry out what he wants, so he still cannot be forced to other wanting, and this will alone is decisive. Will alone is valued. Will it is which produces progress or relapse for the soul. And so that will gets active in spiritual sense, I so often intervene in the fate of men myself - well recognizing which blessing this can mean for the soul of man. Your wanting and thinking is not forced, neither from my side nor from the side of my opponent, but from my side it is made easy for you to steer the wanting and thinking right, by me touching you so that a barrier is set to your own strength but which you can cross when you take the way to me. This alone I intend through blows of fate of all kind that you turn to me in free will for my support, that you acknowledge me through this, that your earth existence has not been lived in vain, that you reach your goal. Amen. B.D. NR. 6923.


Book 74 6934

The Fight of Lucifer Against God.

3. October 1957. B.D. NR. 6934.

Already eternal times the adversary of God wages war against God; eternal times already he seeks to acquire supremacy because through the fall knowledge has left him that this is an impossible undertaking, and because in complete blindness he neither recognizes himself and his nature nor his creator, who being in highest perfection, does not destroy him despite his opposing work, but makes all the time an effort to again lead his following and in the end also him himself to the light, thus to knowledge. But this fight, which lasts already eternal times, brings about something: Highly developed spiritual beings come from this, which - as once themselves fallen away from God - still again return to God, but now not only as creatures but as child of God having a degree of happiness, which they did not yet possess before their falling away - because the perfection of a being created by God was not own merit, but the present perfection was aspired in free will by the being, which once fell. The fall of Lucifer, of the first created being, was not wanted by God but likewise a matter of free will of the former. But God built up his plan on this fall, which was to bring real children back to him. But this plan is unknown to the adversary of God; he well knows that through Jesus' death on the cross he has lost following and still loses all the time, but in his blindness he does not recognize the endless love of God, but for him he is just the counter spirit whom he wants to dethrone to acquire supremacy over all creation. His blindness turns into all-consuming hate, which becomes stronger and stronger the more he sees his power dwindle. He no longer is able to recognize the love of God, and although he also seemingly displays a certain cleverness in the play of cunning and intrigues. He is completely deluded; he no longer can grasp correlations; he rages almost blindly against everything which does not submit to his will. That is why there is also no need for men to be afraid of him - for men who already were allowed to receive a small light, who trustingly devote themselves to the love of God, who aim for him and earnestly strive for perfection. Because these are already far above the adversary of God in their knowledge, and they will always be able to see through his goings-on. But he does not give up the fight, exactly because he does not recognize its hopelessness and because he already sees a victory in winning time, when he believes to be able to prevent the return of his following, which however is only postponed through his work, but will certainly once take place. All beings, which fell with him, are ignorant as a result of their fall - all walk in darkness. And when a small light flashes in that darkness then the adversary of God sees this light as a danger for him and seeks to put it out. But every man earnestly striving towards God begins also to radiate - the love of God beams at him and in the heart of him the light arouses. He slowly gains knowledge and now separates himself from the darkness, which arouses sheer outrage in God's adversary and constant attempts of him to put out the light. But light is stronger than darkness. And that is what the opponent of God does not want to grasp, otherwise also his return would happen faster. But the work of return is ceaselessly continued by God, and his opponent even unintentionally offers him the hand for it, by him, as God's counter pole, creating the resistance, of which the fallen is to be tried out, which is dragged into the fight, or rather decides it itself. Because the war is waged about the fallen, which - according to the deluded thinking of the adversary strengthens his power, which however as far as God is concerned is free and is to remain so and is to return in its freedom to him to reach exactly that raised degree of maturity, which secures unlimited happiness. The fight of Lucifer against God already lasts eternal times, and it will still be waged through eternities, but will once still be ended victoriously, when all fallen has again returned to God. Amen. B.D. NR. 6934.


Book 74 6954

Lucifer and His Falling Away from God.

24. and 25. October 1957. B.D. NR. 6954.

My plan from eternity concerns the return of the spiritual, which my adversary tied to himself after his fall into the deep, after his falling away from me and his revolt against me. My adversary arouse out of my love as first created being. I had created this being according to my image, and it therefore stood by me in unimaginable light and power fullness exceedingly powerful and wise - it was the happiest creature because my love radiated through it all the time, which gave highest bliss and again and again tried to increase this bliss for that being. My original nature was reflected in this by me created being, only that it was put outside visible to me, while the being itself could not see me. But it knew about me; it knew that I had let it arise and that it received that heartening love power from me. Because I myself transferred that knowledge to my image because I myself wanted to establish an exchange of our thoughts with it - because I also had given it the ability to understand the word, which sounded in it as imprinted thought and which it now likewise could give back and thus the most blissful exchange took place between us for which purpose I had let the being arise. Because my infinite love looked for a response; it looked for a vessel into which it could spend itself; it looked for an object which it could make happy, to whom it wanted to give the most blessed existence for ever. This plan was well drawn up by me since eternity but it always left the question open if this being would also follow my plan because it got created in all freedom of will and put out as independent being by me, which also could decide itself for itself. Although my thoughts sounded in it in the form of the word, so the being was still not forced to think and to will like me. It possessed the ability to consider my word in all directions - so it could arbitrarily for itself give to the word a meaning, which I had not put into it. But it only was able to do this the moment it entered into a wrong relationship with me, its God and creator - whereas it completely agreed with me on its thinking and willing as long as it opened itself to me in devoted love to receive my ray of love. But the being was also aware of exactly this ability, and it therefore also tried the state of resistance of my love power, to now be able to completely uninfluenced form its thoughts according to its own will. These attempts took place not until after endless long time in unlimited bliss, which my love had given to the being. And during this time of closest union of the first created being with me it was creatively active to an extent that it called innumerable beings into existence, because that need for exchange, for objects to receive its love, existed also in it as sign of my image and I therefore supplied the being all the time with power, which was needed for creation. But as the being made the first attempts to reject my love power streaming towards it, the process of wrong thinking now also started - and the strength to create temporarily decreased. But the being also felt the decrease of happiness and turned again to me in pure love so that I again could make it happy as before and also the creation of beings of highest perfection progressed again. But those temporary interruptions increased. Because the being again and again considered in itself whether it should not be able to produce and create the same without me, and it also tried itself out in its creative activity by occasionally isolating itself from me, thus also preventing me to supply it with love power, and yet still used its available power to create beings completely according to its will, which then also already carried something of its will in them. But these were always just short attempts, and it always returned to me again to experience the bliss through my love power. But its thinking took on more and more hostile forms. This being - the light bearer - envied me the love power, of which he knew that it started with me, and he toyed with the idea of getting me to relinquish my love power through perpetual creation of new beings, to acquire himself the right of ownership of these beings and to therefore weaken me thereby - while he wanted to enjoy the proofs of my power which he had taken away from me and to outdo me in power and strength. These thoughts did not arise suddenly in him, but one wrong thought - one moment of wrongly directed thinking - gave way to always new wrong ideas. The light bearer got in conflict with himself. And he easily could have gotten out of this conflict when he would have exchanged ideas with me about it, what was well possible for him. He got my love power all the time, and exactly this uninterrupted stream let him come to the wrong thinking that this stream would not change forever, also when he isolated himself from him, whom he well recognized as his God and creator. But every opposing thought towards me weakened the supply of power and let him become more rebellious against me all the time - until he in the end totally renounced me and he thereby also ended the stream of power, which enabled him to create. But during this endless long time also an endless number of beings had come from his will by use of my power, who in their inner being were in the same state as their producer was the moment of creation. But my love power streamed through all beings, otherwise they could not have come into being, and this love power also pushed all beings to the same extent towards me as to their producer. Then although that one put his wrong will in these beings, the light of knowledge was still in them, which roused my love power in them. So the beings were not yet sinful when my new adversary let them come into being. But they were also easily inclined to believe his ideas as he made himself out to be the highest being, since none of the created beings could see me. The love towards me pushed them, but who was visible to them, he wanted to be acknowledge by them as God and creator, and he also found acknowledgment with those beings, whose act of creation had taken place in a moment of an inner rebelliousness against me. Those souls were given light as far as I was concerned, they were likewise able to hear my word, and they were also capable of thinking. So they did not have to believe his ideas and acknowledge him, but also their will was free, they could be forced neither by me nor by my adversary, and that is why they therefore became sinful, as they were supposed to make use of the right of self-determination and decided in the favour of my adversary. For they recognized me although they were not able to see me but they voluntarily followed him whom they could see. As it were it was a decision against better knowledge - and therefore an enormous sin, which earned the being fullest weakening, a darkened spiritual state and privation of all power. For the influx of my love power was consciously rejected, as they followed my adversary into the deep. Only who is able to grasp in which perfection once all beings had come from me, how brightly the light shone in all of them, he can imagine the extent of that sin, to have given up the light and to have followed him who led them to darkness. All these fallen beings could not have been called to account, had they first, through the will of my adversary, been robbed of all knowledge, but they all were products of my love power, and so were also shone through by it and as light beings able to make the right decision, when this was demanded of them. But they themselves wrongly directed the will in them, and they were not prevented from this, and in correspondence with their sin is therefore also the distance from me, and the return to me requires eternities and can only happen then, when the representing atonement of the man Jesus is acknowledged and requested by that being, which once has fallen. Amen. B.D. NR. 6954.


Book 74 6970

Calm Before the Storm. Pretence of Peace.

16. November 1957. B.D. NR. 6970.

And if it also may appear to you as if you walk towards a peaceful time, you still should not let yourselves be deceived. It is the calm before the storm; and quicker than you think, the face of those changes, who talk of peace and already start to throw the torches among the peoples of this earth. The calm is dangerous for you because you are only becoming lukewarm that way and utilize your existence on earth only worldly. And that is why I again and again rouse up men from their rest to keep them awake. And that is why also still much will happen; again and again the eye of men will be cast in the direction of misfortunes and disasters of every description. Apart from apparent building up and earthly prosperity, they also have to take part in such events where the power of men is not enough to prevent them; they are to learn to recognize that no man is safe from such tragic blows, and no matter how secure his earthly life appears to be. You are not to be deceived by the worldwide political situation, which seems to quieten down, because they are all deceptive machinations, and there can be a bad awakening for you when you cherish this calm and leave unnoticed every admonition which points to the end. The turning point will come suddenly, and then you all are to be prepared and therefore believe that the turning point will come. You can observe many signs of the end-times, but the same way the adversary will see to it that he throws dust in your eyes. Because he does not want that you believe in an end and earnestly think about things and change. That is why also he has an effect on his servants that they make men believe to walk towards a new wonderful world in peace and joy. And he is also successful because men will always rather believe what they themselves can observe than that what they are told to come from the spiritual kingdom. And moreover they also prefer to believe in a future which is nice and happy for them than in an end of this earth. But I do not stop to warn and to admonish you because not only the short years of your life on earth are at stake but eternity is at stake. And my admonitions will become more and more urgent the more obvious calm spreads over the earth - the more men acquaint themselves with an apparent peace and forget their good intentions, which perhaps were already resolved through the perpetual allusions to the near end. My adversary will once again reach out his tentacles for men through the earthly world, and a great strength of faith is required to not come under his control. That is why I again and again point out to you what is still in store for you. Do not be deceived. My word is truth, and it will come true, and my word announces a near end to you, which is preceded by a noticeable intervention, a natural disaster of greatest magnitude. And this disaster will surprise the ones who believe in peace, and they could also then still turn back and cover the short way till the end in continual striving for perfection. But this disaster will cost innumerable fatalities. And do you know if you do not belong to those? Whether it is then not already too late for you, who move along in indifference and in the hope of the future and let yourselves be blinded by the prince of this world? Therefore always think of these my words when the announcement reaches you about the sudden recall of men, about blows of fate and sorrowful events of every description. That way I want to admonish all of you of a sudden end; I want that your eyes are directed towards that power, which can destroy everything what you build for yourselves, and which can ruin all your plans. Unite yourselves more with this power - find the way to me, confide in me and ask me for right guidance, for protection and mercy, and believe that peace can only exist in connection with me - that you will be cheated when you are assured of a worldly peace. Because mankind no longer lives that way that life on earth can be peaceful; it does not strive for spiritual development and therefore has also forfeited the right to be allowed to live on this earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 6970.


Book 74 6971

Aim of the Adversary: Destruction.

17. and 18. November 1957. B.D. NR. 6971.

Innumerable worlds have already come forth through my will, and innumerable worlds will still arise. Because the work of the return of the spiritual needs these, because all once fallen spiritual has to again be integrated into the process of activity when it again wants to come close to me. And each individual world gives this spiritual the possibility to become active, even if for the time being my will is decisive and assigns the activity to it, which slowly again helps the deeply fallen upward. All worlds serve only the one purpose of the return of the once fallen spiritual, and all worlds are therefore ruled by my will, they are subject to my law of order, they testify to my love, my wisdom and my power. Nevertheless their original substance is spiritual, which fell away from me, thus still belonging to my adversary, but from whom I have taken away the power over this spiritual at the moment of the creation of these worlds, because otherwise it could eternally no longer rise from the deep upward. But my adversary knows about the endless number of those who followed him into the deep, and this knowledge strengthens his opposing attitude towards me, it strengthens his belief to be able to once dethrone me, and it strengthens his hate, because I have wrested a great part of his following from him, which, bound in the works of creation, has entered upon the way of return. And that is why he does not stop to carry out his destructive influence, i.e., work towards the destruction of as many works of creation as possible, in the belief that he then gets the bound out of it and can again take possession of it himself. It is not possible for him to be destructively active himself with those works of creation because the power over it was taken from him. But he carries out his destructive influence in that time, when that spiritual has reached the last stage, where it is again in possession of free will, onto which my adversary has the right to have an effect, because the once fallen spiritual now is to freely decide on me or on my adversary. And during this time he seeks to not only win man himself back, but he seeks to also seize through him the still bound spiritual, by seeking to determine him, to destroy creations, which my love let arise, to help the spiritual to return to me. The adversary's area is the earth inhabited by men, and in this area he works in a true satanic way. Men are the aim of his work, because only with them he can apply his influence, because he has no access to the other works of creation, to the innumerable worlds in the universe. But he believes to also still find access to those worlds, in which he however will never succeed. But he also transfers his confused thinking to men. He also seeks to persuade them that they can take possession of other worlds, and he also finds servants dependent on him, who adopt these thoughts and strive for the same as he. He also confuses their thinking and lets them manage the most unbelievable experiments to break through present barriers to explore the worlds, which are inaccessible to them. The adversary lets them believe to be able to tear down these barriers, and he also gets a hearing when he urges men on to research work of complete futile kind. Because all these research works do not aim at further spiritual development and therefore can never agree with my will. And they will still have less a destructive effect on works of creation, which I let arise outside of earth - exactly because neither my adversary nor man possess the right to rule over those creations, because my will also guarantees to every work of creation its existence, until I myself consider the time to be right where its purpose is fulfilled and it again can get dissolved into pure spiritual substance. But the efforts of the adversary will take more threatening shape all the time the closer the end is. He urges men on to experiments which still accelerate an end of this earth. Those experiments take place on earth, and they affect the earth itself. The spheres outside of this earth are the aim of men; but what they will achieve that is an obvious proof of satanic influencing because the living conditions on earth are changing, harmful changes to the air are created for man and animal contrary to will; and the earth itself becomes a focus of fire, which will also once demand its victims. For the destruction of this earth is the main aim of my adversary. And because men have already become slaves to him he will also be successful, but without bringing him the smallest advantage. Because he does not win back his following, but he loses it all the surer. His aim is the destruction of the creations which I let arise for the purpose of return of the spiritual. And he will achieve much through men on this earth, but will never be able to be destructively active in the area of the other worlds which were created by me, because he himself lacks the power for this and an influence on the spiritual is only granted to him when this walks over earth as man. And so you can gather from this that also the adversary will not achieve to take possession of the universe - and therefore also not of those men who draw up such plans and believe to be able to rule over areas in the universe by virtue of their intellect. They well can manage experiments and extend their experiments on and on, but they will inevitably die when they step out of the area of this earth. But my opponent also aims at this, that no creative authority is acknowledged any more, that men consider themselves capable of being able to do research on every law of nature, and that the distance between men and me continues to grow. He will achieve much, but he will not be able to intervene into my plan of creation and salvation. He will only cause an absolute shambles in the thinking of all those who are already under his control and follow his orders blindly - until his work takes such forms in the end that men themselves endanger the globe, that they experiment without thinking twice and - as I have been completely dismissed from their thinking - set off an all devastating disaster, which means the end of this earth and of all creatures living on it. Beforehand I will still issue an earnest admonition to men, which alone already could let them become conscious of the absurdity of their plan: I will send a warning out of the universe to them, I will bring the earth into a danger, which will be triggered off without human influence. I will let a celestial body step out of its orbit, you men will not be able to resist it, you are helplessly at its mercy - to show you that I alone am the one who rules the world and all creations moving in it. And through this you still can listen to reason and abandon your project. But you have already become too much a slave to my opponent, and so the end will come as it is announced. The earth will catch fire, and men themselves will give rise to it because they follow him who wants to destroy and ruin everything. Amen. B.D. NR. 6971.


Book 74 6979

Last Separation. Coming of the Lord.

29. November 1957. B.D. Nr. 6979.

At any time there have been men who surrendered to the influence of my adversary, as also such who earnestly aimed at me and fulfilled their life's purpose. And the earth will have to show at any time men of both kinds of will, as long as it serves as maturing station for the spiritual. But always the number of those will predominate during the time shortly before the end of a redemption period, who surrender to my adversary, and the number of men aiming at me will be fare smaller - but as also in the beginning of a new redemption period it will be the other way round - and at the beginning of such an epoch the earth will even only serve such men as place of residence, who have completely entered my will, on which my adversary can exert no influence any more. And so it is also no wonder in the last time before the end that the raging of my adversary becomes more and more apparent; almost that spiritual is embodied on earth, which has only little decreased in its resistance against me, although it also went the endless long way through creation. But it had reached a certain state of maturity, which allowed an embodiment as man, and therefore also the possibility exists that it passes the test of will because despite the increased activity of my adversary also I myself help unusually and take care of weakened mankind. But mostly the resistance in them will come out renewed, and it is easy for the adversary to win them back. But that there are men in the end-time who specially believe, who strive to win my kingdom with all eagerness, that is proof that it is possible despite the increased effect of the adversary, because men who are now embodied on earth offered resistance to me for a very long time, otherwise they would have been allowed to embody already before this time - except the individual souls, which have entered earth for the purpose of a mission to help mankind, which is in greatest spiritual trouble. And therefore a last decision is at stake; the wheat is separated from the chaff, and before everything is done that a good harvest is achieved; all souls are helped to free themselves from him to whom they are chained already eternities. But the last decision is their own. And all men can themselves realize that a truly satanic spirit rules in the world, that men have far more become slaves to him and willingly carry out everything what he orders them to do. The world is full of devils, and this will be even more apparent the nearer the end is. Because where there is only one man of weakened will there he slips in, and he strengthens his will, but in a negative way, so that acts will happen in the world, which can only originate in Satan. And as thus the number of those predominates who are in bondage to him, so also the fight will break out exceedingly violently against the far smaller flock of those who belong to me, of those, who aim at me and my kingdom, who want to remain loyal to me and are therefore exposed to those attacks. And these few will also know that the time is drawing to a close, that also my coming again is to be expected, because the trouble becomes almost unbearable from which I myself want to rescue them as I have promised. Men do not much rely on these promises as also on the prophecies which concern the end. They are no longer able to believe because it is a completely different time in which they live and all spiritual seems to be unreal to them. But they only once needed to earnestly consider the phenomena which everyone can experience or observe around himself, and they will then also have to think of the prophecies which point to this time and also to the consequences. But my adversary has great power in the end. Also that has been predicted, and all men can surely recognize that mankind is under the sway of Satan, it does not matter whether they want to accept this one or how they call him, but his activity is unmistakable. But also my activity should be observed and prove myself, a power, which is stronger than that one. For I also reveal myself to those who separate themselves from the counter spirit, who devote themselves to me and ask me for power and help. And I will reveal myself visibly to them when the day has come that I separate the goats from the sheep - when I will bind my adversary and his following with him - when I will rescue mine from their trouble and take them away alive from this earth to let them experience my power and glory true to my promise. Amen. B.D. NR. 6979.


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