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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 73

B.D. NR. 6795 - B.D. NR. 6867
6810 6832 6838


Book 73 6810

Resurrection on the Third Day.

20. April 1957. B.D. NR. 6810.

How you men confess my work of redemption that is decisive, whether you believe in life after death, in a resurrection out of the grave and entrance into the kingdom on the other side. Because the work of redemption, my suffering and dying on the cross, found its climax in the resurrection on the third day, which was supposed to confirm all my previous teachings, which was supposed to give men a proof for life not coming to an end with the death of the body, but the spiritual life now begins, when man lives according to my teaching. This my resurrection is well doubted and taken note of as a legend. And it also cannot be proved; such teachings only can be believed or rejected. And faith is also an effect of my work of redemption or a sign of the fact that man is redeemed through Jesus Christ - because he believes in him as divine redeemer and therefore also utilizes the favours of the work of redemption. But that my body visibly got out of the grave does not mean that the flesh rose from the dead, but my bodily cover had been completely spiritualized through the suffering and dying on the cross; it was the spiritual clothes which the soul had put on and which I only let become visible to men to show them that death has now lost all horrors, because I defeated death. My walk on earth was supposed to show men the way which led out of the deep upwards. To all my teachings I tied the promise that eternal life waits for them. But I demanded faith in me in Jesus Christ. But I did not find much of this, and even my disciples were of weak faith, and they got the fright of their life when I gave myself into the hands of my enemies. Their faith was not yet so strong that I also was Lord over death, and that is why they also did not remember my words: In three days I will rebuild the temple. All were seized by great sadness who belonged to my closest following; for them something had collapsed when they had to experience my death on the cross. And I wanted to come to their assistance to again strengthen their faith and at the same time prove to them that I am a Lord over life and death. And that is why I let something visible happen, what however is meant to be for all souls - that they cannot die, but wake up in a new kingdom, which is however in a state according to their walk on earth. The soul leaves the body, but it, as not yet matured, stays behind, and that is why man has no proof for a resurrection after death, but which also cannot be given to him because of his freedom of will. But I could let the body arise at the same time because its substances had been spiritualized, and thus there is also no need to doubt this my resurrection on the third day. But not all men could see me, but only the ones who were mine, the reason I appeared to them was because I had announced to them my resurrection on the third day and because their degree of maturity also allowed it. But those who found my grave empty sought sufficient other explanations for the disappearing of my body, and that is why it was no forced belief for them. I had risen from the dead. Men could only kill my body, and even this was no longer subject to natural laws after my death on the cross because it had become free of all fetters. But a man on earth seldom reaches the degree of maturity that the substances of the body can adjust to the soul after the earthly death of the body, and that is why the belief in a resurrection is only exceedingly weak or connected with wrong concepts. And that is why the redemption through Jesus Christ has to come first because a man who is still burdened with his sins also still stands completely under the power of my opponent. And that one will suppress every thought of a possible resurrection; he will always influence man negatively and so also make out my work of redemption and my resurrection to be implausible for them. But that the resurrection on the third day did happen, a man will hardly doubt who completely confesses Jesus Christ and his work of redemption because my spirit tells him so, and thus his thoughts will be directed by me the right way because through my spirit I can work in every man who has again found to me in Jesus Christ. He will also no longer taste death because he will enter into life, which Jesus Christ has promised to him. He has escaped death because he escaped him who has brought death into the world. And he escaped that one because he fled to me in Jesus Christ. He has risen from the dead already with the moment of his surrender to Jesus Christ; only now he has become alive, and he no longer will lose his life for ever. But the unbeliever will also not cease to exist; he also will only lose his earthly body, but not the existence of his soul, it only will enter the kingdom on the other side in a state, which is identical to death. The grave will still keep it locked up, and if Jesus Christ himself does not roll the grave stone away it will also remain in its grave. But the divine redeemer died for all on the cross, and the hour of resurrection will once strike for every soul because once it will call itself for me in Jesus Christ, and I will not let its call die away unheard. Then it will get out of the grave and wake up to life; then the darkness of the grave will leave it, and it will be allowed to see the light. Because I died for all men, and also who rest in their graves will take note that I have risen from the dead and that I also give life to everyone who desires to live. Amen. B.D. NR. 6810.


Book 73 6832

Help From Above in Last Faith Struggle.

16. and 17. May 1957. B.D. NR 6832.

You will be fully compensated in the spiritual kingdom for all privations, which life on earth imposed on you when you receive them in devotion and pay less attention to your body than to your soul. I have prepared a wonderful fate for all those who have to bear suffering and trouble for my name's sake, who assess me and my kingdom higher than all earthly goods and earthly wages - who prove their loyalty to me by gladly taking upon themselves bodily trouble and privations when it is a matter to confess me and my kingdom. For this time will once come and make great demands on you men. Much will be taken from you when you refuse to deny me. By means of brutal force they will try to force you, and you will need much strength to resist, but also receive it in excess. But you will not be able to revel bodily but will always only have what you need for the maintenance of your life. Because that will be supplied by me, because I then myself look after mine when hostile powers take away everything from them. But it is only a short time and thousand times they will be repaid for their loyalty - on the new earth or also in the spiritual kingdom where wonderful things wait for them, which are unimaginable for them. But as long as they still stay on earth I assure them of my constant help, I definitely do not leave them in earthly trouble, and no matter how threatening and dangerous their situation may appear. Who sustains heaven and earth, he can also sustain you who stand by me and also confess this openly before the world. And for the sake of mine I will also shorten the days. I know that they are difficult for you, and I do not want that you become unsure of your faith, because you are always still weak men despite your will and because I also know how much my opponent will press you in your faith struggle. And I do not let you fall into his hands. That is why the last fight on this earth will take place in a very short time, and safely and fully believingly you can reckon with my speedy coming, as soon as that fight breaks out on earth. Just devotedly you are then to take upon yourselves also all severity and to always just wait safely for my help because I do not leave you. And you are also not to mourn for those whom I first fetch home, whose earthly life appears to you to be especially difficult and gives rise to questions of doubts to you. Because these definitely awaits a wonderful fate in my kingdom, and their sufferings and troubles on earth will be repaid thousand times to them as well as their loyalty, which they proved to me. And so therefore no men needs to fear the coming difficult time, who already feels to be united to me inwardly, who is willing to fulfil my will, to serve me and to come close to me because of that. Because this one already belongs to me, and his further fate is only the ladder for the ascent of the last summit. And then also all those promises will become obviously true, which concern my care for you: I will give you rest. I will grant your requests. I will take over the care for your body and your earthly life; I will make the burden easy for you and only burden you with a gentle yoke. I will take care of you as your father, so that you do not stand orphaned in the world. Because the world will hate and persecute you; it will expel you from its community, and my small flock will anxiously flee to its shepherd, and my sheep shed will receive all and grant them reliable protection. I will bar the wolf from his further advance, and shortly therefore also the fate of him will be fulfilled who - completely controlled by my adversary - will play a great role in that faith struggle, who rules himself over his followers and whose measures will be directed against all believers and thus also against me myself, whom he tries to dethrone. He has no long lifespan, and that is also to be an indication for you and hope that then only a short time passes until the end comes, which means redemption for mine from all trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 6832.


Book 73 6838

State After Death.

24. May 1957. B.D. NR. 6838.

After your death you enter a kingdom which is like the one you have left, i.e., your surroundings are now also corresponding to the state of your soul. If only matter filled your thinking then also the world, which you now enter, appears material; it will put all things before your eyes at which your senses are still aimed, only that it is a world of appearance, which passes as soon as you want to take possession of it. But it lasts long for a dark soul before it understands that it no longer inhabits the material world, which is why also such souls often do not know that they have died according to the body. However the things of appearance of their new surroundings become more and more unclear, hazier, so that they then feel a dreadful emptiness because their spiritual eyes are still closed and their power of imagination for earthly things becomes less and less. And so they then move in deserted, endless wide areas - if they do not completely sink into the deep and wage fights with beings of their equals in most bitter hostility. A walk through expanses completely bar of objects can bring the souls to self-contemplation and let them recognize the worthlessness of earthly material goods, and then they also can become conscious of their dead state, and as soon as that is just achieved, that the souls start to think about their hopeless situation, also the time has come where these souls will be helped by them suddenly meeting beings and they now seek a way out together. Those beings come from the kingdom of light, but cover themselves and come in the same shaping to leave full freedom of will to the souls. And with good will their surroundings can brighten noticeably, and now an activity can be assigned to them in accordance with their own will to help. The nature of their activity cannot be described to you men because the different areas of spiritual work also require completely different conditions and often spheres unknown to men also demand unknown work. Because God has let undreamed-of creations arise for the maturation of the still immature souls - but the state of the souls also determines the creation, to which they are now brought for further development. But had man already been able to free himself on earth of matter, had his thinking and striving been turned towards the spiritual kingdom, then the soul can, when leaving the earthly cover, find itself in spheres of light, i.e., it is able to recognize its surroundings, it sees wonderful creations but which have nothing in common with earthly things, which also cannot be described, but can immediately be grasped by that soul due to its state of maturity - thus the soul gets so to speak understanding as quickly as lightning and it possesses a knowledge, which never before has been brought to it. Light emerges in it and around it, and this light makes it tremendously happy and awakens the desire in it to commune, to help and to also make happy. It also will feel transported into areas, which are indescribably beautiful to look at, and it will not be alone, but meet with alike mature beings and wants to be effective together with them. And it will also grasp its new activity as quick as lightning; it will not have the feeling that it comes into a foreign area, but feels being transported home, which it only left in free will. It will also know that this earned it unhappiness and still many beings are in a state of unhappiness, whom it now wants to help to return to the house of the father. An indescribable beautiful fate awaits such souls, which have passed their test of will on earth and consciously turned to God in free will. And indescribable beautiful creations such souls will get to see; they also will be able to be creatively active in light and fullness of power, according to the degree of maturity which the soul has reached. But its care will especially be aimed at the unfortunate souls which were close to it in earthly life and have gone a completely different way than those souls - but whom they do not forget and so have an effect on them in the spiritual kingdom, although unrecognized, to snatch them from the deep for the time being and to also make the ascent possible for them. Because every work in the spiritual kingdom is aimed at the redemption of the fallen. And every being which can go into the light, offers to cooperate voluntarily because it is filled with love and wants to now also carry the light of love, which radiates through it, into the darkness, to thank God through it and to serve him forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 6838.


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