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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 72

B.D. NR. 6673 - B.D. NR. 6794
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Book 72 6681


30. October 1956. B.D. NR. 6681.

Again and again enlightenment will reach you through my word in all spiritual problems, which you cannot solve alone - where my spirit has to step in, if your thinking is to be right, thus is to fulfil truth. Truth alone has a beneficial effect, but wrong thinking does not yield a profit to the soul but still condenses the cover, which surrounds it, because wrong thinking does not start from me but from my opponent. But men are not always able to accept pure truth unveiled; now and then they have to be taught like children through pictures and parables, but which still completely correspond to truth. And where this is the case, my opponent likewise tries to push is way in and to distort these pictures and parables to prevent that man's thinking is right. And also now the enlightenment through the spirit is the prerequisite to be able to give the right explanation or to be able to rightly understand oneself what was offered to men veiled, what seers and prophets predicted on my behalf. The spiritual state of men required such a veiled portrayal because the unveiled truth would have appeared to be completely implausible to those who did not recognize the spiritual development of men as purpose on earth, and that is why also my written word - the book of the fathers - would have been completely rejected because the events of the end, if they would have been described unveiled, would not have been believed and therefore would have given rise to a complete refusal of my word. At all times I prevented an unveiled portrayal of the last events, but always gave explanations when this was necessary. But that is why also all sorts of opinions are supported among men, and everybody supports the own according to his spiritual state, but an enlightened spirit alone will move in the right thinking and be able to unveil the veiled truth!

The end is near - and the processes which take place in the end will be able to be observed by only few men because they are to tell the coming human race on earth about my power and glory, about the ending of the old and the beginning of the new redemption period. But these few I lift away from earth as soon as the end has come. But when this will happen then a weeping and wailing will begin on earth because this process of rapture is seen by all men on earth and arouses - because it is extralegal - an enormous horror because now men, who are left, know to be abandoned to ruin. My coming in the clouds will not be sighted by those men because I cannot be visible to those who are followers of my adversary. Only mine will see me and hold out the arms towards me being happy and praising me. And I will pull them up in full view of their fellow human beings. And out of deep misery some few will shout for me but not driven by fear but in sudden realization and deepest remorse. I know these and again and again speak to them, and they only still need a deep shock to give up their resistance and to hand themselves over to me in their heart. And these are those men who will arise out of their graves to now also be taken away from earth because I know their hearts and their shout for Jesus Christ sounds in deepest faith in him and his help and they now find redemption from sin and death. And the graves will still release many - dead men who will rise from the dead to life - men who will be more impressed by the events on this earth than they want to admit, where only the lid of the grave has to be rolled away, which will be brought about by the end shock. But what will still come to pass before, can still contribute to the awakening of dead souls because hell will spew out to earth the most evil spirits. And high beings will descend from the kingdom of light, and the struggle for the souls of men will be obvious and also be able to be observed by mine, who now experience the unveiling of that which before was only announced to them veiled. Amen.

And the scales will fall from the eyes of mine because now it becomes understandable to them what so far had been hidden to them, but what the spiritual awakened men understood to mean. But as men in the times of the end are particularly strong captives of matter, also the knowledge about my plan of salvation of the redemption of the spiritual is little known. And this one alone is the key to all revelations, which were given to men veiled. Men know nothing about individual redemption periods, also when they believe in a justification, a last judgment, and in an end of the world. And so according to this knowledge they try to interpret revelations for themselves, which concern that end. And the more they are intellectually busy with it the more confused are their conclusions. But my spirit reveals to them in simplest ways both the signs as well as the proceedings of the end. And the rapture of the ones who are mine will be the last what takes place on this earth before the destruction, before the total change of the outer form of this earth, which wipes out all life on it. Not that afterwards still much time passes where this event still could be discussed by men - because this would undeniably be a forced belief for the ones who stay behind; no man could close his mind now to the knowledge of a living God and be forced to belief in him. But I do not apply such means to win that faith, therefore also the end has then come as soon as I fetch up the ones who are mine from this earth. And the horror about it will coincide with the horror about certain death, which the ones staying behind face because the earth will open and fire burst out; men will freeze and not being able to think further, except the few where only a small impulse is still required that they recognize me and call on me in greatest trouble. But I know these, and that is why I have pity with them, and their souls will have no need to share the agonizing fate of the others. Whatever will take place; this only could be predicted to men graphically because they never would have understood it as long as my plan of salvation from eternity could not be explained to them. And the low spiritual state of men did not allow this. But my word was preached to men at all times, and my word urged them to be active in love. The observance of my word, the observance of my love commandment would have let you men into knowledge and therefore also into the knowledge about my plan of salvation. And then also the graphic description would have been understandable to them, and they also were understood by those who reached enlightenment of spirit through a life of love. But the closer the end is the more the thinking of men got tangled up and all the more puzzling the pictures are to them, which now the intellect tries to decipher. And men should always just rely on what I myself spoke to them, when I walked on earth. They should assimilate and apply my words in themselves, and with astonishment they would recognize that it brightens up inside of them, that they have full understanding for everything so far not clear to them - because now my spirit can work in them and light a bright light to them. But who thinks to be able to get hold of knowledge by himself through eager study but as a result neglects to live as it is my will, he will never come to knowledge. He will be lost in deeper and deeper wrong thinking, and whatever he thinks to discover - he will have to reject it again and find no light in himself. My love commandments and their fulfilment alone ensure right thinking for you, and then you also can understand every word, every prophecy and every clue to the end because then you are enlightened by my spirit, which is never wrong and which always guides you into truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 6681.


Book 72 6689

The Nearby End is to Again and Again be Mentioned.

13. and 15. November 1956. B.D. NR. 6689.

You are to take every opportunity to make mention of the nearby end because with giant strides you are heading for it. You will find no belief; they will laugh at you and deride you but you still are to do it because your words will return to consciousness as soon as unusual things happen on earth, which cannot be explained by men. Also complete unbelievers will think back to your words, and among them there will again be some who reckon with the possibility and therefore concern themselves with in in their thoughts. I know that you only have little success with your fellow human beings when you want to bring the Gospel to them and these keep their hearts and ears closed. I also know that the announcement of the end still finds much less belief but I let nothing come over men without warning and admonishing them first, and for it you are to lend your mouth to me. Because I myself cannot speak to them, as their faith is too weak, and that is why also their hearts are not able to hear my voice. But I can do it through you by you now speaking what my spirit has announced to you. World affairs take their course - and some people will yet establish a connection with what they heard from you. Their thoughts have been drawn to it and this can still be a blessing to them in the time to come. You will find little faith. I also know this. And still it is better that they are informed of it than that they would have received no evidence at all and the end overtakes them completely ignorant. And that is why also every day still is a gift of favour for mankind because it can still be used spiritually, both by you by acting informative and also by them who hear the Gospel from you. Because these only need to take your words to heart and to now to live so as it is my will. They only need to make an effort to fulfil my love commandments, and they would be able to still achieve much for their souls until the end. Do not get tired and do not slacken in the work for me and my kingdom because it is the most urgent in the times of the end, which exceeds all earthly activity in value, although it is not considered to be work by the fellow human beings, although all value is denied to it. But men do not know what useless work they themselves accomplish, when they are just earthly active, without all spiritual striving, without spiritual aim. And you are to draw their attention to this that they will keep nothing, that everything will vanish and they uselessly waste their life power which they use only earthly - they are to know that they could acquire spiritual goods with it and then would collect for themselves immortal treasures for eternity. You will find little faith, but words, which the heart and the intellect once have absorbed, can well disappear from consciousness, but they certainly come again to light and then still can have the effect that they are now taken seriously. Every man will still be approached by me in the coming times, and you are supporting me insofar as you are the link between them and me, that you only speak out what I have to say to them all. And the events of the times will still underline your words, that is why you are to be ready, you my servants on earth, that I can call on you any time when I need you, to speak in my stead. And do not believe that you do vain work because I myself bless you work, and I help where your strength is not enough. Because the time still has to be used until the end, and every opportunity still has to be taken where still redeeming work can be done for a soul so that it will be snatched from the power of my adversary. Amen. B.D. NR. 6689.


Book 72 6717

Setting up words of communion.

17. and 18. December 1956. B.D. NR. 6717.

Often you will be asked questions, which you are now to answer truthfully, and then you always have to turn to me that I teach you through my spirit, that I give the right thoughts to you, that you speak out the right words when this is required of you. But because I want that truth is supplied to men I will always enlighten my light bearers; I will not allow that they receive erroneous thought material; I will always support their defences and their defence will and strengthen their feeling for pure truth and so also always be prepared to solve problems, which can be cause of differences of opinion and debates of spiritual nature. For everything is known to me, and every doubting or questioning thought is clear to me, which is why I again and again give the opportunity to men on earth and also to the souls in the hereafter, to express every doubting question, to then also be able to answer it truthfully. Because in the spiritual kingdom such questions are asked still more than on earth, where men are still too much distracted through earthly thoughts and aims and do not often let such thoughts come close to them. But they are also again often cause of great shallowness on the spiritual field because error is turned down by thinking men and also often now all faith teaching is refused with it therefore error can lead to complete faithlessness. But truth can let such doubters become thoughtful, and they can also come again to the faith when they are of good will. And so it is of special importance to again and again give information about the setting up word of communion, which you men use as an opportunity to make an act, visible to all men, out to be my will, whose neglect you brand as sin, as punishable omission, and you now completely lost the understanding for what those my words meant. One now eagerly complies with the rules and customs issued by men, the other recognizes them as senseless and now completely rejects my words, but whose meaning was and is and will remain still so significant because I only wanted to admonish you men through those words to establish close union with me, which is meaning and purpose of your earth life. Because only through this close union you make yourselves capable to receive from me light and power in form of my word, which help you to completion. You men now believe to enter into close bond through a pure external event, through the accepting of bread and wine, which you consider to be my flesh and my bread. And again and again your erroneous thinking must therefore be corrected. (18. December 1956) I cannot associate with you before you have not formed yourselves to love. Only love establishes the joining together with me, and only then can I have communion with you; I can satisfy you with the bread of heaven, with my word, with my flesh and blood. My setting up words now, This do in remembrance of me, were the request to my disciples to hand out equally, as I had handed out to them, because that what I offered them bread and wine that they had amply received from me because that I have taught them and imparted knowledge to them. I had offered them my word in fullness, and they now were to carry out my Gospel into the world. They were to carry my word further so that men received knowledge of me, so that they did not lose me out of their memory because mankind had to be informed about me and my work of redemption because only through faith in me they could reach salvation. I therefore have, through these setting up words, This do in remembrance of me, given my disciples the direct order to bring my word to fellow men, the bread of life, the manna, which comes from heaven. And as a sign of the spiritual food, which men need so urgently, I handed to them earthly bread and earthly wine. But my disciples understood me because I often spoke to them in equivalents, because my spirit opened the understanding for it. I handed them bread with the words: This is my flesh, and I let them drink the wine with the words: This is my blood, and I meant with this my word with its power because I myself am the word, which has become flesh for you men. The significance to have communion with me, to be fed with my word by myself, what alone is the right soul food, what helps the soul to life, is completely misjudged by men, who are content with to go to the table of the Lord figuratively only, because they can never cause me myself through such an external act to unite with them when the first prerequisite is not there that man has formed himself to love. And secondly man must desire with all his heart to hear my word, only then he desires to be fed, and only then the food for his soul can be offered to him. Then therefore you eat my flesh and drink my blood. The word, which became flesh, gives itself to him, and amply now the food for his soul flows towards him because now he will be fed and given drink at my table; he will be my guest, and I myself have communion with him, as I have promised. When I descended to earth, the word itself came to earth. I brought to men what they needed, and because I just stayed on earth a limited time, I trained my disciples myself, revealing myself to them through the word and giving the office to them, to supply my word to men instead of me, which men then, when they lived it, was to put them into the state to get into closest contact with me and to desire the bread of heaven from me. Flesh and blood is something living, and something living only can awaken your dead souls to life. Also my word can be for you just empty letters and then it will not awaken you to life. Only when you consume flesh and bread when you let yourselves be refreshed by myself at my table, will you feel life and the power of that what I offer you myself, and then you eat my flesh, and then you drink my blood, and you will get healthy and live forever. But the significance which you men have given to my words, can satisfy no man who thinks and earnestly strives for truth because it creates confusion and darkness, it gives no light. And the keeping of outer forms will bring no spiritual progress. But where close love towards me and towards the neighbour creates the prerequisites there also the connection with me is established, and the process of communion then needs no longer to be an empty form, because I then give the food to the soul myself and because it now experiences a strengthening in my word, which also gives it the awareness of life because my flesh and my blood is in reality consumed by man with whom I can have proper communion. Amen. B.D. NR. 6717.


Book 72 6746

Cosmic Proceedings.

25. January 1957. B.D. NR. 6746.

To all of you it would have to be apparent in which significant times you live because the events around you and everywhere on earth are unusual, and everyone, who pays attention, should become thoughtful and seek an explanation. It is the time of the end, which will continually show more unusual indications, as it is written. Because God wants that men pay attention, that they become aware of the seriousness of the times. He wants that the thoughts about an end come up in every man, that also men of the world recognize a climax in world affairs, which almost no longer can be exceeded, and that the prospects of natural solutions become less and less. For only then they become alarming. And so the restlessness among men will likewise increase, the unusual often lets them recognize their powerlessness; they feel threatened, without being able to put things right, and they feel too weak to resist. But only few men evaluate these last times spiritually, and that alone can give them back the inner calmness, because they then know to be under the protection of him, who controls everything and who also can direct and change world affairs. It is therefore of utter importance to again and again point men to him from whom they more and more grow apart the closer the end is. And God will support such pointers by him also letting cosmic events come out, which are not subject to human influence, so that men now direct their sights to others than earthly areas, so that they recognize even more clearly the own powerlessness as well as also the dependence on a higher power. Because what men also try to carry out in unscrupulous plans, what havoc misguided thinking wreaks, all that takes a back seat compared with inevitable cosmic events, which no human will can stop or divert. Then a change in the thinking of men can still take place when they see themselves to be at the mercy of powers in the face of whom they are powerless. And such an event is in store for mankind, and so with it only comes true what has been announced long before, what has been seen spiritually and therefore again and again been pointed out through seers and prophets, who spoke on behalf of God to announce to men the signs of the end. What you men - when you believe in it - put off into the far future, that will soon become events of the presence for you, because it once comes true what has been predicted by the will of God. But no man will be forced to believe in it, and everything comes so that the unbelieving man finds an explanation for it, which has nothing to do with divine intervention, with predetermination or spiritual explanations. A man can recognize a God in all events, but he is not forced to it. But then also the last means has been applied, which still could cause a man to change his thinking, and everyone is badly in for it who sticks to his rejection. For his fate is new banishment in the creations of the new earth. It is an enormous event that will befall you men still before the end; it is an event, whose extent you cannot assess because a process takes place in the universe, which has not yet been experienced by men on this earth. And it will take many men away from this earth, and those who stay behind will now have to get used to completely different conditions, but will also be able to do it when they believe and ask God for strength. And no-one will be able to first insure himself against the disaster, unless he, full of faith, places himself under God's protection, which will also be granted to him so that everything is to his best whatever happens. This event will be announced to you again and again; again and again you men will be informed of an intervention of God, which will be expressed through a natural phenomenon of greatest extent. But you men do not want to believe it, and it therefore will also surprise you unprepared, but it is intended from the very start because it initiates the last phase on this earth, because the end follows this event in a short time. Amen. B.D. NR. 6746.


Book 72 6758

Faith Struggle - Antichrist.

8. to 10. February 1957. B.D. NR. 6758.

The closer the end is the more violent the fight will break out between light and darkness. But you will experience all horrors of the struggle only then when it is directed against my followers, when the faith in me in Jesus Christ is to be ousted, when the work of redemption will become the aim of attack of my adversary - when men are called on to openly confess their faith and a renouncing of faith will be enforced by most brutal means. Only then misery and tribulation begins, the time I promised the ones who are mine to shorten. And the raging of my adversary will become obvious because men know no longer compunction, they will stop at nothing because they are driven by Satan and they completely submit to his will. Let it be said to you that no longer much time passes till this faith struggle, but that first still great trouble comes over earth, but which will have a different ending - which will affect men through my will so that also in this trouble their faith can already be proved or also be strengthened. Beforehand many men will use exactly this misery, which affects men through a natural event of greatest extent, as an opportunity to take action against the faith because now they really doubt a God and creator who himself destroys what he has created. But he who is instructed in the truth, he also has a right explanation for everything and when he now also can carry this truth to his fellow men then the following faith struggle can also produce among them rather a strong faith, which then also withstands all harassments to which the believers are exposed. But that the majority of men no longer has a living faith is the work of my adversary who for that reason also will not stop to work against me and the truth, and will have more success with men than the representatives of pure truth, the real representatives of Christ's teaching. Because only seldom will they be believed, but the adversary can offer men what he wants - it will be accepted. And that is why first already a clarification has to come; every single one has to openly and freely confess me or my adversary. Before himself everyone has to make this decision in the coming time of trouble, which goes over the earth through my will, because when I speak through the elements then every single one is faced with this decision: to call on me for help or to completely isolate himself from me - which is the same as turning towards the adversary. But then once again the decision comes, which has to be made in public: when it is demanded of you men in the faith struggle on this earth to bear witness to me in Jesus Christ. But then you, who have been taught the truth by myself, know that the end has come. Then you know that I will shorten the days for the sake of mine, that I will come myself to help them and to redeem them out of their tribulation - that I will fetch them from this earth to a place of peace before I then accomplish the work of destruction, which means an end of all creatures on this earth. You might believe it what I again and again announce to you. The state on earth should already prove it to you that my adversary rages because he knows that he has not much time left. And that my adversary rages and the earth is populated by the likes of him that is recognizable by all of you and should make you think. But every day still is a favour for men because also the most depraved man still has the opportunity to change and to win faith in me still before the end because I try everything to still snatch the souls from my adversary before the end. And who believes in me will become happy; but the unbelievers have to share the fate of him whom they followed of their own free will. And you will lack nothing; even if it is taken away from you what you earthly need to live. When you believe that I myself take care of you, you who are persecuted for the sake of my name, the measures of your opponents do not need to frighten you. Because what they take from you, you will receive back from me, even if in another form; but you will have no need to earthly live in want because I myself satisfy your hunger. Because look at the birds under the sky - they do not sow, they do not reap and do not gather into barns - and still your heavenly father feeds them. Think of these words; do not forget that he, who created everything, will indeed also be able to sustain what he has created - and that he certainly does it when the ones who are his are in trouble. But the time will come where one wants to force you through brutal measures to fall away from the faith - and who is weak in faith, he will not withstand these measures. They are strong tests of faith, which are imposed on you, but exactly for this time I want to prepare you, then you will also be able to be a shining example for your fellow men; you will be able to prove to them what strong faith is able to do: that you live although that what you need to live is taken away from you. Only always seek the kingdom and his righteousness, everything else will be added unto you. And this promise will then obviously come true with the ones who are mine, with those who stand up for me and my name before the world, who are not afraid of earthly powers because they feel very secure under my protection. And only then it will be proved who livingly believes, and there will only be few of them. Then also those buildings will collapse, which are only built on sand - which do not stand on the rock of faith, on which I have built my church. It will be a difficult time, which no man would get through when I would not first supply the truth to earth, which is explanation for everything and which alone can produce strong faith. But error will give no man the strength to endure, and only where love is, is also the power of faith to be found. An unusual man will offer himself to my adversary as visible cover, and this man then also starts the last fight on this earth. Watch this, and you will know that now also the hour of the end is very close. But also pay attention to my messengers from above who appear at the same time to walk at the head of you men with a light, which you are to follow. Keep an eye on all who announce my word livingly, and join these so that the small flock goes together, so that they again and again can get light and their faith constantly grows. But to all of these I promise my protection, my fatherly care and my blessing. And they do not need to fear to become victims of that brutal power because I myself will come and fetch them as soon as my adversary oversteps the mark, when the worst danger also threatens the ones who are mine. That is why I will also shorten the days, so that mine can hold their ground and do not get weak in view of the persecution measures. But because I still see a last possibility of rescue for individual souls I protectively hold my hand over those who represent me also before the world so that those can lean on their strong faith, so that a power gets recognized, which is stronger than worldly power. And that is why I also will take care of mine in an unusual way, and despite the opposing measures they will be able to exist bodily and spiritually. And everything will take place in a short time. What you still do not suspect today, will then happen, but that is why I also draw your attention already to it, and you, who are taught by me, you also know why all this will happen. To you also the spiritual trouble on earth is apparent, and you also can recognize the state of the clock of the world by the signs of the times. But when this faith struggle will break out, then you still need to reckon with very short time because everything then happens in a special rush. Because that man, whom my adversary chooses as cover, has no long lifespan, and his government does not last long on this earth. And his supernatural abilities will let him become perceptible to you because my adversary will give to him unusually, and that is why he works for him and his plans. And whether also the whole world pays tribute to him, you recognize and see through him. But then you also have to allow caution to prevail and must not wilfully take a risk in overkeenness. You then have to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. But when the decision will be demanded of you then you have to hold your ground and firmly trust in me and my help. Because no matter how mighty men will be, they are not able to cope with my power, and a breath from me would be enough to destroy them. And so I will also call a halt when the hour has come. I will fetch to me who are in greatest earthly difficulty, but the ones who press, they themselves I will put into chains, because time is up, a redemption section ends, and a new epoch begins, so that the redemption of all spiritual progresses. Amen. B.D. NR. 6758.


Book 72 6759

Reasons for Destructions. Earthly and Spiritual Change.

11. February 1957. B.D. NR 6759.

The spiritual turning point also causes an earthly turning point, i.e. a complete change of earthly conditions, which again have to take place through disastrous events on this earth, through processes, which also bring about the dissolving of earthly creations. Because a spiritual turning point can only then happen when all spiritual is again put right, i.e. is added to the forms which correspond to its degree of maturity. For the time being it therefore has to get rid of the old forms to be able to move into new forms. All creations have to release the spiritual, and that means as much as complete destruction of the creations on this earth. It is not enough that only a change takes place with men, that therefore only men change spiritually, but all spiritual is at stake, also that still bound in hard matter, which also once has to continue the course of its development. Besides it is completely hopeless that men strive for a spiritual change - there is no longer any hope that they ever reach a maturity on earth, which the existence on earth is to bring to every men and which also can be reached. That is why the destruction of the earth and its creations and therefore also the ending of life of men is for these no loss because they no longer can lose anything but only still win because new possibilities for development are created for them. But also for the spiritual which is bound in hard matter a limit of its banishment is set - also for this spiritual the hour has come where it is freed and can follow its course of development on this earth bound in lighter outer forms. And this time will also be kept. For God's plan of salvation is laid down since eternity. And thus also a spiritual turning point occurs when the classifying of the spiritual into the corresponding outer forms has taken place - when the old earth is destroyed and a new earth has arisen with creations of all kind, with living beings, men and animals, which now all, according to the state of maturity of the spiritual, lead a harmonious, peaceful and blessed life on this new earth. Because men, who are allowed to inhabit this earth, live according to the will of God, which also means that they give the opportunity to all creations in the animal and plant kingdom and also to the still hard matter to redeem themselves through serving activity, thus the upward development of the spiritual now takes place in a short time - that there is a completely changed state on earth, so that it rightfully can be called a spiritual turning point. Not only is the soul of man at stake - that you men have to consider when a destruction of earthly creations and specially a destruction of the earth appears to be implausible to you. Man on this earth completely fails in the last time, and through his failure he also hinders to a great extent the still bound spiritual in its destiny. A standstill has occurred, which is incompatible with the divine order, and time has run out, which has been set for this earth with its creations. But the development of the spiritual continues. It has to continue according to divine law, and that is why also the work of destruction of the earth and its creations has to happen in such a way as God has recognized it from eternity as being a blessing for the spiritual, which has to go the way via the earth. And thus his plan of salvation is also laid down since eternity, and it will be kept and carried out. For also all creatures sigh after redemption. And what still is to take place on earth, all serves to start the spiritual turning point, and no-one will be able to stop the last events on this earth because this material destruction is included in God's plan of salvation to also free the way of the spiritual which is still bound in hard form, to also create for it the possibility to ascend. Because all spiritual is beingness, which once went out from him, which he again wants to lead back to himself. For his love is meant for all beingness, and he seeks to redeem it. Amen. B.D. NR. 6759.


Book 72 6762

World Affairs. Chaos. Antichrist.

15. February 1957. B.D. NR. 6762.

There will be an indescribable chaos when I will have spoken through the elements because as long as the earth exists men have not experienced something like it. Dread and terror let men become unable to think and act because they fear a repetition of these events, and they are therefore unable to lend a hand to help and to rescue where help is still possible. Only few will recognize what has happened because these have been pointed to it and they now see the truth of my words. But that is why these, firmly convinced, now will also give a full explanation to their fellow men, however only be heard again by the few because men want to accept everything but not a divine plan of salvation, which has been carried out this way. Still good use has to be made of this time and in connection with it also witness to be born to men to the forthcoming end. What has taken place cosmically, that they cannot deny, and that it had been already announced previously can still set some thinking. But the will to live, the own urge for preservation, will still win, and men will do everything to get on top of the earthly trouble, which that natural event has triggered off. And now again the degree of love decides, the will of men to help, to stand by the neighbour, if and how the own situation in life gets better because I will help all those who also make the trouble of their fellow men their concern. But many will have to wrestle heavily when they trust in their own strength - otherwise will find visible support from below when they take drastic measures at the expense of their fellow men. The earthly misery will be great as also the chaos, which comes into being through unimaginable destruction. And innumerable men will now also give away their faith in a God and father because they have been severely affected. But the faith of those was just form; it did not withstand a serious test. But that is why I before already announce these events so that you men withstand, so that you know that it is my plan, that I am also a Lord over the elements and that it is therefore also easy for me to again help men who ask me for help. I do not need to announce to you beforehand; I could suddenly intervene and surprise all men. But then also no men would want to believe in me. But I will that you recognize me, and you can recognize me when everything comes in such a way as it is announced. Then you know that nothing can happen on this earth without my will, and you then can make my will to be inclined to you by you devoting yourselves full of faith to me and asking for my protection. That is why I therefore supply you with knowledge about the forthcoming; that is why I initiate you into my plan of salvation and that is why I call on you, my servants, all the time to also bring your knowledge to the fellow men because the union with me will be your safest protection, whatever may come. And then also he will appear who will be my adversary in the last times, who will take over control because the great misery makes it easy for him, and who will now also issue decrees, which clearly prove his affiliation to Satan. And he will find many followers and lead his government without scruple; he will also want to still snatch the weak believers from me but also finds resistance from my side because I endow the ones who are mine with great strength, and the greater the misery seems to get the stronger mine will be, because they feel me and my presence and will now speak without fear and timidity what my spirit orders them. But all this has to precede the end as it is announced because the struggle for every individual soul will still be on and this great tribulation will also still push men towards me, who still call for me in the last hour and therefore escape the fate of the new banishment. Amen. B.D. NR. 6762.


Book 72 6781

Increased Troubles in the Time of the End.

11. March 1957. B.D. NR. 6781.

The short stretch, that you still have to cover, will still make many demands on you, on your strength as well as on your will because as the time left is only short, which still remains to you men on this earth, the ascent is especially steep and difficult, the obstacles are especially troublesome to be overcome, but the aim can still be reached because I am also unusually effective with my strength and favour and because you yourselves only have to call on me for help, which certainly will be given to you. How strongly you will be pressed by my adversary in the last days, that all of you will still experience because with a great deal of cunning he plans your ruin, and he will stop at nothing which helps him to get it. And so he will also earthly drive men into trouble; he will press through his accomplices all those who single-mindedly walked the way which leads to me. And where he can, he still increases the obstacles, always hoping that men will shrink back and choose a way less troublesome, but which leads away from the aim. The adversary has an effect on men who are in bondage to him that they act on the fellow men completely according to his will, that they do everything to drive these into trouble, that they again turn their senses toward matter of which they already had freed themselves. My adversary also seeks to influence the thoughts of men which he has chosen as his victims. He confuses them and from time to time makes them incapable of getting in touch with me. He goes and stands between me and you, and that is why you often - pressed by him - turn towards that way, which seems to be more workable for you. You all have to expect such temptations, and you have to be and remain very steadfast in this time. You have to think of, that I have already announced all this to you and that you therefore also can rely on my word, which assures you of my strengthened protection and increased supply of favours. All of you still awaits an earnest time of trial because his activity is more and more furious, more and more ruinous the poisonous breath, which he spreads everywhere where he fears to lose souls. Again and again I promise you my certain help, but I surely cannot stop the work of my adversary in these last times because a fight between me and him is at stake when the free will of man decides the issue, but not my power. That is why I leave him his freedom although his shameful plans will still bring all of you into great trouble. But you need not to lose; you can defend yourselves any time through your free will to belong to me forever; and any time you can call on me for help. You then have voluntarily placed yourselves under my protection, and you can also experience it because I certainly leave no man to my adversary who wants to take the way to me. Only seldom in the time to come will a man be allowed to enjoy complete peace unless he totally has become a slave to my adversary. But who still is to decide, who already has decided on me, he will constantly be pursued by the attacks through my adversary. Earthly he will get himself into difficulties, he will be pursued by accident and sickness, harm will be done to him through fellow men, all the time he will have to fight and also often begin to doubt my love. But that is exactly what my adversary wants to achieve because as soon as he succeeds to oust me, he also has won. And of this I warn you, and I again and again assure you that you also will be led through the greatest earthly misery - that you will overcome the heaviest obstacles - when only you will not give away this faith in my love and power. These are the last tests on this earth; it is a time of misery and tribulation, but it is also the last short stretch which you still have to cover. And you can draw strength from me unmeasured; you only need to always turn to me, and the stream of power will flow on to you. You only have to put everything which oppresses you safely into my hands, and I will certainly not leave you. But you are not to let him triumph, and no matter how deep you get into trouble. As long as your sight is set on me, also his attacks are in vain; as long as you are in contact with me you push him away from you, and then you draw favour and power from me all the time and you will emerge from the fight against him as winner. Amen. B.D. NR. 6781.


Book 72 6782

Genuine and False Prophets.

12. March 1957. B.D. NR. 6782.

Whatever is undertaken to oust truth, it will still win the day, although error will claim many victims. But who is of earnest will to reach truth he surely also recognizes error as such, and it is no longer a danger for him. But that men mostly become slaves to error is understandable because error always promises a certain advantage to a man, whether spiritually or also worldly. And men are always anxious to gain an advantage; they do not love truth for the sake of truth but for them it always has to have an advantage, only then they are prepared to accept it. But pure truth gets everything straight and unveiled and can also insofar bring disadvantages to man when the world, his earthly well-being, still means too much for him. And that is why it often meets with little approval, that is why man prefers to accept error than truth because he always expects a certain advantage, because error complies more with his wishes. And so men also want to know and hear nothing about a downfall of the earth, about a ceasing of all life and of all creations on earth. And what is offered to them under the cloak of truth, what yet still gives them a glimmer of hope that the end can be stopped, that they accept and defend rather than pure truth, which therefore also imposes obligations on them because they would have to prepare themselves for a definite end. Prophets will always be found who announce the end on behalf of God, and also such who speak on behalf of his adversary, who as false prophets seek to refute those announcements, who make promises to men, but do not point to the certain end, but seek to make such out to be avoidable. And again these prophets will meet with more approval because men do not want that an end comes, thus they rather accept the teachings which promise them an advantage. Who lives in complete ignorance, he also finds it hard to judge what error is and what truth is. But who has already been initiated into a spiritual knowledge, he only needs to apply this as touchstone of truth and error: what is the aim of a teaching - what does it pursue. Does it want to impart a higher knowledge to man, does it want to achieve the ennoblement of his knowledge, does it want to help him to free himself of matter, then it is also of divine origin and to be evaluated as truth. But when the intention is recognizable to create an improved worldly good living, what often happens under the cloak of piety, then such teachings can safely be rejected as being wrong and being placed into the world by the opponent of God. But many false prophets will distinguish themselves in the end-time on his behalf, because neither the opponent nor his followers would exactly believe the end. And so also men who reckon with an end will again be fooled by him; he will confuse them; he will counter the announcements of genuine prophets with statements of false prophets because in the times of the end darkness will become denser all the time, and who has a light is to guard it so that it will not go out because he can do it when his love for truth is strong, when he only accepts God and his word. But for whom the gentle light of divine love light is not enough, his eyes seek blind lights, and he no longer applies care for the little light that shines for him in the dark night. And then it can easily be put out by the opponent of God, and his trick succeeded, he himself appeared as angel of light and he found his victims: The world and the desire for it won, because what he put forward to them, men prefer to hear, because an end of the earth, a soon to come ceasing, the end of the old and the beginning of a new epoch is questioned, thus lets men believe to be able to control it themselves. They see this advantage, and that already goes to show the work of Satan that he makes men believe to be able to prevent or ward off the realization of God's plan of salvation. But also this activity belongs to the visible signs of the end, and he will still undertake many assaults against the truth and be exactly there especially at work where he finds no resistance through an absolute desire for truth. For there the lie is not recognized, and there he has an easy job of it. But he will not be able to deceive those who are working for God and his assignment because these are enlightened by his spirit, and they will always be able to distinguish truth from error. Amen. B.D. NR. 6782.


Book 72 6786

Disorder - Decay - Chaos - Destruction. Building Up.

18. March 1957. B.D. NR 6786.

Who rules the world he certainly also has the power to again build up what first had to be destroyed because it no longer fulfilled his will. Because God has his laws, which have to be fulfilled, and where action is taken against these his laws there is no order - where there is no order there is decay and decline, there a chaos exists that completely contradicts divine will. And that also means a dissolving, a destruction of that what is outside of divine order, may it be men or other living beings or also creations, which no longer can fulfil their purpose because men prevent them to do so. But partial destructions would no longer be enough because also hard matter starts to revolt because the spiritual in it wants to free itself. That is why also partial destructions cannot meet the eternal plan of salvation because all earthly creations have fulfilled their assignments so far, because a period of time has been fixed for them from the very start, which has now passed - because also for the spiritual, which is bound in hard matter, once the day of becoming free, the day of reshaping of its outer cover, has to come. And so power of God expresses itself for the time being in a work of destruction of unimaginable extent, and then the ignorance of men, through arrogant experiments, through truly satanic tests, continues this work of destruction. The reason it is not prevented by God is because he imposes no limitation on the will of neither his adversary nor men and because he exactly also thinks of that spiritual, which now again is to start its course of development in new creations. For he is a Lord of heaven and of earth. And as he himself destroys or lets destroy what is risen up for the purpose of upward development of the spiritual through his power and his will, he also will again build up by virtue of his power a new work of creation, to which he in wisdom and love again assigns its purpose. He is a God of strength; he is a God of justice; he is a God of love and wisdom, and he certainly will restore that order, which is and remains eternal law. For a world without divine order is the kingdom of God's adversary, who rages in it because he has gained control over all spiritual. But such a world cannot continue to exist; otherwise it also would be hopeless for the spiritual to ever escape his power. But the earthly creation has only been created for the purpose of getting free from his power. But when there is no longer a possibility for this, the destruction of those works of creation is just still a work of God's mercy, who now also again lets his will of love act and his new creation arise, which again fulfils all demands to further the course of development of the spiritual. What gets destroyed is no longer suitable for his plan of salvation, but what arises anew will also again support the divine plan of salvation. But the new can always only then at first arise when the old is completely destroyed - whereby destruction is to be understood to only mean the destroying of the cover, which only still was fetters for the spiritual, but offered no opportunities to it to serve according to its purpose. And the day is coming where the power of God will be shown, but only few men will become aware of it. The day is coming where Satan transfers his devilish plans to men who are willing tools for him. The day is coming where he carries out his last work on this earth through men who are in bondage to him. Then all works of creation on this earth will burst; nothing will remain undissolved what belongs to this earth; but everything will again be seized and newly formed by God's wisdom, love and power. A new earth will arise as it is announced in word and script. And this earth will be in divine order and thus also again be able to serve the spiritual in every form that it walks up. And the power and magnificence of God will be proved to those who will be brought to that new earth, who were raptured before the last work of destruction, because they were steadfast in the end and remained in divine order. Amen. B.D. NR. 6786.


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