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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 71

B.D. NR. 6590 - B.D. NR. 6672
6590 6619 6620


Book 71 6590

World Affairs. Natural Disaster. Faith Struggle.

8. July 1956. B.D. NR. 6590.

Bear everything with patience, and do not let yourselves become unsure of your belief. Still quite often I have to issue this call to you because for the sake of your belief you will have to suffer, which you cannot yet understand. Because now you still have a certain freedom of thinking; men still take little notice of the spiritual life of those who want to be loyal to me. You are also still not hindered by earthly rulers in your spiritual activity. But the time is coming where you will no longer be free in matters of faith; the time comes where especially those men make a lot of enemies on the part of the fellow human beings and also of earthly powers, who keep thinking right, who take it seriously with their coming to spiritual maturity, who speak truthfully and want to help their fellow human beings to the salvation of theirs souls. And exactly these will be pressed, in unusual ways, while the representatives of false doctrines still will be tolerated and rather be supported than hindered in their activity. And then also you will often ask yourselves why I allow this; slight doubts will emerge in you, and you will become weak because you have to suffer. And that is why I call out to you again and again: Bear everything and remain strong in faith because you will carry off the crown of life. Exactly these words are still not much plausible to you because still no signs at all are given of these hard times. Because suddenly an upheaval will come, because a worldly affair, which will strongly shake men, will cause an open opposition against him, who as God and creator lets something happen, which has an adverse effect on men. And that is why all acknowledgment is denied to this God and creator; all faith in him will be dismissed as being untenable, and enmity will be shown to those who contrary to this opinion speak out in support of faith in me, who confess me and also want to set the fellow human beings right. Again and again I have announced to you that I will express myself through the elements to still shake awake the sleeping and the lethargic. And some few will also wake up but very many on the other hand will still lose their weak faith at the sight of the great destructions and the great human sacrifice, which these events will take. And then various opinions will be expressed, and full of hatred many deny a God and creator and show enmity towards all who do not share their opinion. And then my adversary is at work with all cunning to stir up this hatred, and he also succeeds because the earthly loss, which men suffer through this natural event, angers them and drives them to unjust demands and exploitations of the fellow human being, who cannot defend himself. The lack of love of men increases and what they undertake clearly reveals the opponent, the Antichrist, to whom they are in bondage. And regulations and decrees will be issued, which especially will affect the ones who are mine, who will have to suffer for the sake of their faith and who are hardly able to understand the severity of their fate. And then I will shorten the days for the sake of the ones who are mine - so that they do not despair, so that they do not fall away - so that they become happy. Only rely on my word so that you escape from greatest trouble, and wait for the fulfilment of this word because I myself will come and free you; I myself will also before already unusually appear to strengthen you when you are in danger to become weak. You have no need to be frightened as long as you trust me, as long as you unite with me in prayer, because then you are again and again supplied with power to resist. And always only think that the enemies well can kill the body but not your soul - think of that there is eternal life and that life on this earth soon comes to an end for every man. Then also your fear will dwindle, then a power of faith will fill you, and you will hold your ground and always only give evidence of me and my name. Firmly impress these words of mine in your memory, then they will be for you a consolation and strengthening in times to come. Secure strength for yourselves before already; collect it for yourselves, because still some time passes until I myself will express myself through the natural event. And when you still make good use of this time to strengthen your faith, then the following faith struggle will also not frighten you; it will find you armed, and the earthly trouble will touch you only little, because you then definitely wait for my coming, because your faith has then become so strong that neither threats nor measures against you can shake it. Then you will be good fighters for me and my name, and all powers of hell will not be able to conquer you because I myself fight with you, and I definitely lead you to victory. Amen. B.D. NR. 6590.


Book 71 6619

Responsibility Before Court. Open Confession.

11. and 12. August 1956. B.D. NR 6619.

Come out, you my servants, when it is a matter of defending me and my teaching because you will be pressed into this situation where you have to openly stand up for me. Opener and opener it will be discussed what the story is behind the work of redemption. The man Jesus and his fate on earth, his shameful end, will well be considered to be possible, but a divine mission of this man will never be acknowledged, and that is why also a belief in him as redeemer of mankind will be rejected and ridiculed in every respect to bring men to sober thinking, which is not based on religious basis. And that is the time where you have to come out. And who is filled with my spirit, he will also not help it than to take sides for me and my name because his inner conviction lets him eagerly speak and refute, and he will try to also bring his fellow human beings to this conviction. That is why I get ready to have qualified tools; that is why I supply them with the truth and with it at the same time the power of knowledge because then it will be necessary to come out with their knowledge to be able to put up a fight against the enemies, which is fought out with the sword of the mouth. Wherever Jesus Christ is disparaged, where his mission is doubted and this doubt is openly expressed, there you, my representatives on earth, are to recognize and fulfil your assignment. Because you can do it because you are initiated into my plan of salvation, because all contexts are clear to you and because you yourselves firmly and convinced believe in him, who has redeemed you from bondage. Only such convincing counter objections as you as a knowing one can bring, can reduce your opponents to silence or to thinking. And if you also will not be able to win these opponents, so still some few fellow human beings who are likewise touched by it and become doubtful. You then have to speak courageously and without timidity because I will put the words into your mouth, and on account of the wisdom which is recognizable from your speeches, you will give rise to astonishment with those who are not yet completely under the control of my opponent. These will revile and deride you but that you have to take upon yourselves for the sake of my name as it often has already been predicted that they will hold court over you because you are my representatives on earth. This time will so certainly come as one day follows another. Also if it now still seems to you as if the number of confessors is increasing all the time - the vivid confessing of Jesus Christ is at stake, and that my opponent always tries to prevent. His effect is that men fuse everything - also the religious life - with the world, that they make it themselves in the end to some worldly thing but only seldom, or no longer at all, establish the inner union with me; it all depends on how he can exert his influence on the individual. True, lively Christianity is only seldom recognizable, which consists of men being in the habit of loving each other, that they live in the spirit of my divine love teaching, that all their thinking and acting is determined by love and therefore also in my will. And that is why the confessing before the world is becoming more and more necessary because every man is anxiously trying to hide his inner mentality when it is good, i.e. turned towards me, on the other hand openly comes out where men campaign against me and my teaching. The refusal of my word and of myself will always be openly confessed but the cooperation with me they will anxiously try to hide. And those men who are still weak can win no strengthening, which they need and which they also are to get through eager confessors of myself. That is why I make the demand on you to openly support me and my kingdom when this confessing is demanded. For only through the open confession you can counteract my opponent and undermine his influence. He who openly confesses me before the world, he also can this out of inner conviction, and he will be successful with his fellow human beings and also strengthen their faith. But as soon as silence is anxiously practised, also the weak in faith will not muster the courage to confess their faith. But the open confession looses all inhibitions and frees you from fear because I myself fill you with power when you want to openly bear witness to me. And then your appearance is also sure towards those who sit in court over you. Those who hardly will be able to touch you will really be fuming out of their mouth because now the power of belief is shown and the power of the word, which I myself direct through you towards these. They will not be able to reply to them and only try to persecute you in helpless rage but not be able to achieve anything against my power and strength. But he who anxiously tries to hide his attitude towards me, he will become weaker all the time because I cannot help him before he does not confess me. Therefore I again and again admonish you and again and again state to you my words: Who confesses me before the world him I will confess also before my father. Think of it when the time will come when you are to make this decision and think of it that it is not to your disadvantage because I alone am he who can give to you and take from you and that you therefore are to think first of my will, my demands, before you comply with the demand of the earthly powers - when this is directed against me and my name. If you want to remain loyal to me then confidently take upon yourselves what threatens you because I can and will ward off everything from you when you openly confess me and then my power and glory will become evident. Then you will experience what the power of faith is capable of. Amen. B.D. NR. 6619.


Book 71 6620

Sunlight. (Rotation increased).

13. August 1956. B.D. NR. 6620.

Never will something be contradictory what I announce to you through the voice of the spirit. Only you men cannot always grasp the right meaning and that is why you now and then believe to find contradictions where there are none. Consider that the earth is one of the tiniest heavenly bodies - and that this heavenly body is held by the sun into which range it belongs. This sun shines through, i.e., gives light to it and guarantees therefore also all life of plant, animal and man. The sun again takes its brightness out of the universe; it is fed with light and power from myself or also from all light receiving beings, to whom all visible and spiritual worlds have been handed over. The ceaseless exchange of light and power between me and all my creations is necessary to also sustain the endless many creations. So you know that also the light of the sun is nothing than constantly overflowing light out of me into the perfect beings, and through these all creations are fed with light and power. So you can explain the light of the sun as a spiritual radiation from myself. But then also one thing has to be clear to you: that this radiation from myself penetrates everything. That it therefore is well capable to also shine through the whole earth; that there is no body for it, which would be capable to stop the brightness. Do you understand this? You men reckon with laws of earthly matter and earth-generated light. But these laws switch off, or they can be switched off, when disorderliness has occurred in my great body of creation, which has a spiritual cause, so has to be repaired spiritually. Unheard-of spiritual revolutions prepare themselves, and this always means increased activity - increased movement. I do not stem such a revolt of the spiritual, but I limit its effect on the heavenly body affected by it. And I certainly have the power and the wisdom to also adjust such unusual processes to the lawful order, which rules in my complete creation. It will surely be well possible for me to integrate one individual heavenly body into the great order of creation despite unlawful processes, so that still the existence of the former remains secured until that point in time, which I have planned to end such a chaos and to restore the original order. I have given every law, and I myself can abolish every law again. And so I also can let be day and night according to my will and the prerequisites for it are given in the actual explanation of the sunlight, which is always only spiritual radiation from myself. Is it not said: The powers of heaven will move - sun and moon will lose their shine. Men on earth will notice quite a few changes when they clairvoyantly and clairaudibly look around, and these changes will not be explainable pure earthly. But very few people will be accessible to spiritual explanations. But I put the spiritual first; I announce to you the spiritual processes, but they also reveal earthly effects. What takes place in the great man of creation you are in no position to know, but the world of light also looks after the smallest earthly work of creation and supplies it with light. Thus also the heavenly body earth is looked after by them and is provided with light, in such a way, as it is determined by my will and as it is good for mankind, that it does not suffer want, but also not have to inevitably reach a view, which is detrimental to the spiritual development. Because man has his own assignment, but the revolting spiritual also wants to assert itself, and its work still is to remain hidden to man, as long as he does not yet know about the connections. And that is why therefore also no such noticeable changes of the laws of nature will be recognizable, although they exist. But think of it that nothing is impossible for me. And think about what light basically is - and where therefore also the light of the sun has its origin. And do not doubt, but believe. And you will always find the light in yourselves, as soon as you desire to have it from me. Amen. B.D. NR. 6620.


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