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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 70

B.D. NR. 6505 - B.D. NR. 6589
6505 6538 6554 6556 6557  6561


Book 70 6505

God's Earnest Admonition to His Servants. World Affairs.

19. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6505.

With the following words I address all my co-workers: The service for me and my kingdom requires much love for me and for the neighbour because it will not be an easy one in the coming times. You obviously will be hindered through earthly influences as well as also through spiritual conflicts into which you get due to world affairs. And exactly then it is especially necessary to unity with me and to take care of your fellow human beings, which get into trouble through world affairs and are completely helpless without faith. Then you have to point them to the one who can help and will help them. Then you are to always only mention me, and that is why you yourselves first have to be so closely united with me that you are inwardly driven to speak for me. I predict it to you that you yourselves will become weak in the face of that which threatens you but you can conquer this weakness through close union with me. Then do not let yourselves be pushed away from me through world affairs. I very earnestly direct this admonition to you because only in union with me you can be strong and comply with your assignment: to also transfer your strength to your fellow human being, whom you can help to believe and because of that also make his situation easier. Love of me and love of the neighbour carries you through all difficulties, and the more you become engrossed in my word, the more your senses are turned towards the spiritual, the less you are touched by all earthly experiences and the stronger you will be a support for me and my kingdom. I alone am the resting point; from me alone flows all power, and I alone can also direct the earthly events in such way that you remain less touched by it, but this requires exactly this close union with me, otherwise my love radiation remains ineffective, because you close yourselves to it the more you are captivated by the earthly world, the more you go away from the spiritual. Because a great confusion will be among men, and the thoughts of all will only be busy with world affairs, and then is the danger that the spiritual union gets interrupted, that the world stands between me and you and that it then captivates you. Whatever may come, do not get frightened, but always feel safe in my love - stand by me, so that I can also always be present with you and you are then protected from all adversity. As soon as you loosen the relationship with me you are in danger. That is why I earnestly admonish you to always carry me in the heart and to strengthen the union through love activity with your neighbour. Always consider yourselves as my supports in the last times before the end, whose cooperation I need, but which can only be done in union with me. And always only consider world affairs from the point of view that everything has to come that way to carry out the last cleaning on this earth, that nothing happens without my will or permission - but only those men come from it undamaged who do not abandon the spiritual union with me - who also in most exiting world affairs see no danger for themselves because they are completely devoted to me and that is why they enjoy my fatherly protection. I urgently direct the admonition towards you, my servants on earth, to fetch all strength for the earthly life from me only, to start nothing without having asked for my help, my blessing, and to trustingly surrender to my guidance. Only the close union with me can strengthen you in the coming times, and only love of me and of your neighbour gets you over all difficulties, which will still come over the earth through the will of men. It is the storms which still will roar over the earth before the end comes, but which cannot knock you down as long as you remain united with me through love and prayer. Amen. B.D. NR. 6505.


Book 70 6538

Faith Struggle. Hostility. Antichrist.

3. May 1956. B.D. NR. 6538.

I want to bless you so that you are firm supports for me when the faith building is shaken, which is the epitome of Christ's church for the ones who are mine - when that is shaken, which I myself have built up and about which I again and again teach men through my word. This time lies ahead of you where not only the representatives of false doctrine will be hostile towards you but where all belief is to be wiped out, no matter if it is wrong or fulfils truth because my opponent now thinks of handling the sharpest weapon: to oust all knowledge and all belief in me and my work of redemption and to be replaced with materialistic ideas and plans. And then a time will dawn, which you now still consider to be impossible because my opponent will embody himself in an earthly ruler and start his work so cleverly that he at first will be recognized by only few as the one, who he is. And so he will win many for himself, who now follow and obey him blindly when he inconspicuously will change his plans. Because at first he only takes action against some schools of belief and that is how he has the others on his side, who over willingly help him when it is a matter of moving their opponents out of the way. And that is why you will first believe to be exposed to the hostilities of only those who only fight the pure truth because they themselves are the representatives of error and lies. And then you have to be careful and not endanger yourselves wilfully. Not long afterwards these themselves will be exposed to hostilities exactly the same way, and then the goings-on of Antichrist are obvious. And also even then still many will follow him because he already has control over them and he will have an easy job of it with them. There is no longer much time, and the first signs will draw attention to themselves. It will not be an act of violence which starts the faith struggle because my opponent uses cunning, and he even deceives many of the believers who follow him because of it and will be welcome servants of his in later times. But you who are of awakened spirit he will not be able to deceive because I will open the eyes for you and rightly direct your thoughts. Because now it is a matter of preparing for the last fight, which will be waged with a brutality, which you do not foresee. But I want to bless you. I myself will be with you and leave no-one without protection who now stands up for me and my name. Because this struggle is decisive, as it will separate the goats from the sheep and will be the work of my opponent, which judges him. Because as soon as he acts against myself, as soon as he wants to put a stop to the supply of knowledge about me and my work of redemption he has passed the sentence on himself, he will be bound and irrevocably robbed of all his power. In the embodiment as man he will want to carry out the most wicked plan against me - and there will not be many who will withstand and resist him, who will not let him lead them astray because they are and remain mine forever. But a clear separation also has to take place because still too many men are neither fish nor flesh - because many think to be believing and first have to pass this test and unfortunately fail because they are not in the truth, because they have little love and that is why they can neither receive truth nor can recognize it as truth. That is why you, my servants, still have to be exceedingly active because then still many opportunities will arise where you can have an informative effect among those who now - being thrown into doubt - are not discriminating themselves and desire advice. And you will also manage to help the weak in faith to strong faith; you will succeed in pulling a few into your camp, you will be able to inform them clearly and understandably and to introduce me to them as loving God and father who only demands a firm belief to also then be able to help them in greatest trouble und to give them strength to hold out till the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 6538.


Book 70 6554

Jesus' Forerunner.

24. and 25 May 1956. B.D. NR. 6554.

The upward development of the soul is man's assignment on earth. But only few are conscious of this, only few ask themselves about the purpose of existence and the objective. The majority strives for earthly prosperity, for everything that helps the comfort ot the body. But all men have the gift to let their intellect become active; all men can ask themselves the question about purpose and aim of life on earth, and all men would also get an answer to this question - because it is the first step upward. But because men only think up to their death, because they rarely believe in a survival of the soul, the question about their earthly well-being is more important to them, and they give priority to earthly activities and work. They lack faith - because if they only had weak faith then they would find no inner peace of mind despite earthly well-being. The more the end is drawing to a close the less faith can be found among men. And that is why men arise in the times of the end who are unusually united to God who therefore also can have an unusual effect and draw the attention of the fellow human beings to themselves because God certainly still tries everything to help those who only need such unusual impulse to become conscious of their earthly purpose. Such men are embodied light beings for the purpose of a mission on earth, who want to take care of the troubles of men and therefore walk in the flesh on this earth without being conscious of their origin. The strong union with God, but which they establish in free will as man, as also all their fellow human beings could do, gives them unusual power. Because their nature is love, and that is why they have such an alive faith that this is also expressed in unusual work - in vividly announcing Jesus Christ and energetic help to body and soul in his name. Through such men many can still find to the faith because these visibly prove a power which cannot be explained earthly. Men are to be helped to believe, and at the same time the way to God is to be shown, for which unusual means have to be applied due to completely unbelieving mankind, but which still do not force to believe. And more and more awakened men will prove their power of belief the closer the end is. Until a great light will light up - until someone comes who announces the speedy coming of the Lord and again prepares the way. His light will shine brightly wide vicinity. Because his appearance will soon become known, and although he will be a source of power and consolation for many men, so he will yet still receive much more hostility from those who are the majority before the end, who belong to the opponent of God and also will take action on his behalf against all what is divine-spiritual and especially will persecute those who speak in the name Jesus and announce the nearby end. But exactly because of that, because God's opponent takes unusual brutal action in the last struggle on this earth, an unusual light will also be sent to earth - a spirit of light will again incorporate himself on this earth, as it is written. Again this one will walk before the Lord and announce his coming, and again he will come out into the open as a voice crying in the wilderness. And this one will know who he is, however walk his way on earth in all insignificance, which will also again be sealed with his death. But all men faithful to God will draw power from him and again and again be helped up, when the misery of the time seems to throw them to the ground. Because he speaks on behalf of God - God himself speaks to men through him. These also grasp the significant mission of the forerunner of Jesus Christ, and that is why they also expect the coming of the Lord with full awareness and do not doubt that they will have redemption out of greatest distress. When that one will appear, then the time has come, which is announced all the time through seers and prophets, because when that one comes, the activities of Antichrist are also obvious, who presses the believers so unusually that they also need unusual help. For that one will let his light shine, and he will send his rays far out. Wherever it is, men will hear about him, and the believers will know who hides behind this light, and now also know what is up. But the forerunner of Jesus Christ single-mindedly walks his way despite hostility and being forbidden to speak. He speaks on behalf of God and acknowledges no other lord than only the one whom he serves. And his speeches will arouse enthusiasm; they will give power to the weak to resist, because that is how men will also muster the courage to die for their faith. But every man's life lies in the hand of God. He alone knows when the hour of rescue will come, when his coming to earth and the rapture of the ones who are his will take place. And also his forerunner knows about his end, but he serves his Lord also still through his death. Because also this one will complete the work of glorification; through his death the power and glory of God will become apparent. Because only one rules over life and death, and this one will turn out to be Lord, to be victor over his opponent when the last day has come. He will give life to those who believe in him - and all will become a slave to death who are in bondage to his opponent. Amen. B.D. NR. 6554.


Book 70 6556

The World Offers Great Dangers.

28. May 1956. B.D. NR. 6556.

You will still have to feel the world very bitterly when you do not learn to despise it of your own accord because as long as you love the world it is the greatest danger for you. And when I want to rescue you from this danger then I have to ensure that you lose the love for the world. Through the world itself I have to cause you suffering and pain so that you recognize that it does not serve you but rules you so that you feel its rule unpleasantly and withdraw yourselves of you own accord. Much will still happen what will let these my words become understandable to you because what you now still regard as raised enjoyment of life that will increase so uncontrollably that you would gladly give away the comforts to be relieved that way of great bodily dangers. You will have no longer safety because the lust for life of those who are under the control of my opponent will assume extents that consideration for the fellow human being will no longer be shown, that everyone only thinks of himself at the expense of the neighbour and often endangers him so that he cannot get out of the way. What you aim at with all senses will lead you to ruin. And as long as you make this world and its goods the focal point of your life you also do not want to lose your life on earth and seek to extent it in every way possible. But it is still to burden you to a degree that you long for an end. But only those will feel life to be overwhelming and frightening who not yet completely belong to my opponent. And for the sake of these ones will that happen what I announce so that they lose the desire for the world and do some soul-searching because these last ones need strong measures otherwise also they still become complete slaves to the world, otherwise also they become the hammer who first still were serving as anvil. And those men are to count themselves lucky who suffer through the world because these ones I want to rescue from the world. But who already has become a slave to it will mercilessly and recklessly know how to assert himself. A time dawns as it has not yet been experienced on earth. Human life is no longer worth anything; the laws of mankind are no longer sacred to anybody who has completely devoted himself to the world, thus to my opponent. The property of the fellow human is not respected and hence the unscrupulous experimenting, decreeing and taking, wherever only an advantage can be gotten out of it regardless of whether the fellow human being's body or property is harmed. And I allow it because not the body is at stake but the soul of man - and when it finds salvation as a result then it will thank me for it someday even if it had to suffer excessively on earth. In the latter times men cannot be saved from this suffering because as long as there is a means to free the souls out of the snares of the opponent, I also apply this means or allow it although it is basically the work of my opponent on those men who already belong to him. And when men think to be progressive then the great devastations which are triggered off will prove to them the opposite. But the blind sees nothing and wants to see nothing, but to the one who sees the hour of the world clock becomes obvious. Amen. B.D. NR. 6556.


Book 70 6557

Change of Character. Fight Against Wrong Love.

29. May 1956. B.D. NR. 6557.

The greatest gain of your life on earth is the union with me. In it you have to see your aim, and you are not to rest before the union with me has taken place. Consciously and unconsciously you can bring about this union; but you always have to first believe in me. You have to acknowledge me as a being with whom you now want to have contact. This wish in you already proves that the will, which first still belonged to my opponent, has turned towards me. And as soon as you are now intellectually busy with me, you unite yourselves consciously with me, even when the right relationship now just requires that you first transform yourselves, that you make an effort to adapt your character to mine because I can unite myself only with what is perfect; but this perfection can also be reached by you. Thus you first have to shape yourselves to love because my primeval character is love. But as soon as you intellectually establish the relationship with me, as soon as you pray to me, power reaches you to enable you to execute your change of character. Your will now belongs to me, and that is why I can give you power, what before was not possible because the affiliation to my opponent at the same time also means resistance, i.e. repulse of my power of love. That is why the change of will is first necessary, only then the change of character can take place, which requires my supply of power. But my power is radiation of love - and it will again have an effect in activity of love. As soon as you now carry out works of love you call on this power and through it draw myself closer to you all the time. I am love myself, and that is why the union with me can only take place when love joins love - but as also no work of love can be accomplished without me. That is why you also can establish union with me unconsciously, when you live in love, even if you do not seek union with me intellectually. But such thoughts will definitely still emerge in you and also no longer leave you because the conscious acknowledgement of myself has to take place to be able to become happy, and it also will take place where I myself can be close to men because he is active in love, thus calling on my love. It is not that difficult to find this union for man, whom love of self does not rule, but difficult where love of self prevents man from unselfish neighbourly love. There therefore my opponent controls the thoughts of man; there no ray of love from me has access; there I am still far off, and neither deliberately, therefore consciously, nor unconsciously will the relationship with me be established. And without love man in his character is still so imperfect that I myself cannot unite with him. Then man does not reach his aim on earth, and it will also be difficult to get him to think differently in the kingdom on the other side, because as long as he is controlled by love of self, also the misery of the other side will not touch him, and he will never be able to receive power because he never lets the will to help arise in himself. That is why the most important and also most difficult fight on earth is the fight with oneself, the fight against the wrong directed love, which has to be changed to complete unselfishness to be able to be considered to be love, which changes the character. Just where only an attempt is made I help out with my power because love has to find to love, only then you can unite with me and remain united for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 6557.


Book 70 6561

The Earth, a Paradise.

2. June 1956. B.D. Nr. 6561.

A paradisiacal state could already be on earth when all men would live in the will of God and serve each other in love. Neither misery nor worries would oppress men, and they would live together in peaceful harmony, always only one seeking to maintain the well-being and safety of the other and granting support where help is needed. Where love is, there is no discord, no envy, no greed - where love is, there is no arrogance, no impatience and no enmity. Because God himself is there where love is, and he blesses men who are united with him through love. But the earth is no such blessed place that it could be called a paradise. The earth is ruled by the opponent of God whose will is carried out over eagerly and which holds more men who lack love, who therefore live in enmity among each other and no-one aims for the other's advantage but everyone only thinks of himself in love of self. But it is to become a paradise. Because the time has come where an end will be put to the goings-on of Satan; the time has come where the human race has to be renewed, where the few have to be separated who still have love in them and make an effort to live according to God's will. The time has come where the earth will be cleaned and again be changed to the garden of Eden, where God himself again can dwell among his own because love again rules on earth. You men who now populate the earth, you are standing before this transformation, before this cleaning, before the end of the old earth. You will not be able to understand it that and how such a transformation happens, but with God no thing is impossible. And this transformation is planned since eternity, as also the state of lack of love among men is yet also known to him since eternity, which no longer allows an upward development and therefore also causes the end of this earth. The earth is well to be a maturation station for the developing spiritual; the souls are to develop to love during life on earth. But they also can do it, and so men could create the paradisiacal state for themselves already in earthly life, and they would have reached the degree of maturity within a short space of time and could go to eternal happiness. But they misuse the favour of their embodiment on earth. They do not strive for a change of their character; they remain in their state of lack of love, which was the result of the former falling away from God, and so they create for themselves a life in misery and poverty, sickness and worry - and go to rack and ruin bodily and spiritually. For they only have a limited time on this earth. And that is why also a limitation has been given to the human race so that it can sink to only a certain depth, to then again anew be integrated into the process of maturation, which is exceedingly agonizing, but still successful. But the earth will receive a new face, creation wise as well as also spiritually, because the new human race consists of such souls who took their change, their maturity seriously - who developed themselves to love and are therefore allowed to inhabit the paradise on the new earth. And God himself will be right among them because their love allows his presence. And all trouble will now come to an end. All you men are standing before this change. See to it that you belong to those who are allowed to take possession of the paradise; see to it that love fills your heart, that you still make use of the short time before the end, that you live according to the will of God who only demands of you that you fulfil his love commandments. Because soon the time of favour is over, soon the hour of the end has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 6561.


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