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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 69

B.D. NR. 6423 - B.D. NR. 6504

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Book 69 6423

Happiness and thanks of the redeemed souls.

12. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6423.

The souls praise and magnify me in effusive feelings of thanks, which found redemption from their agony through loving intercession, which recognized it, that they themselves would not have been able to free themselves, because they were of too weak will, and which could strengthen their will through the merciful love of men on earth - which now called to me in Jesus Christ and could be raised up out of the depth by me. Their happiness they now want to express, and their whole love is meant for him, who has rescued them, and they are not getting tired to praise and magnify. And now they want to be active in like manner and again help the unredeemed, which they still know in darkness and which they would like to help to the same happiness. The loving cooperation of men on earth also makes it easier for these souls, when they can receive through men, what they themselves urgently need, to be able to turn it to the unhappy; they themselves must receive light, to be able to let this light shine, and they can always receive light, when it radiates out from God into eternity. Everywhere, where this light is caught, everywhere, where vessels open themselves, into which the love light of God can flow in, there are therefore light and power stations, which are besieged by innumerable souls, which long for light - and the degree of maturity, the degree of love and the degree of desire are determining, which measure flows to every soul - but every soul seeks to increase this measure through perpetual handing out and passing on. A soul, which has once received light, can no other way, than to communicate with other souls; the light has its illuminating power, and the soul uses it. For that reason it is extremely significant, when a soul has found out of the depth to the light, when it was once willing, to let itself be radiated, for now the love current will flow towards it constantly, because it has given up all resistance through the unspeakable feeling of happiness, which the light radiation exerted on it. And a quite certain effect is now, that it passes on the light, to also make other souls happy. But light is wisdom - cognition of truth. And this light therefore imparts my word to them, which persistently goes out from me as love radiation, which could touch all entities in the infinity, but only finds an echo there, where no resistance is. Beings of highest soul maturity can receive it directly, weaker beings on the other hand must accept it again from those, and always however my word means light. And therefore my word always triggers happiness, but nevertheless only with those beings, who long for light, but why every man on earth, who announces my word, is besieged by beings longing for light. But only the pure word will radiate into darkness. And the pure word is again received by God himself. I myself direct it down to earth, to create light stations everywhere, where the souls can fetch for themselves, what they need and what makes them happy. It is without significance, whether these light stations are erected in the spiritual kingdom or on earth, for everywhere the same light radiates, eternal truth out of me. But a light station on earth is often called on by those souls in the hereafter, which still cannot find their way around in the spiritual kingdom and which stay more in earth spheres. But exactly these souls are in the majority, and for these souls the receiving of my word often means the only rescue; for them it means an unusual help, but which they do not believe to be able to repay gratefully enough and for that reason those redeemed souls are again exceptionally active helpers in the spiritual kingdom - which praise and magnify me incessantly and trigger a true turmoil in the dark areas, because they do not rest, until they have persuaded souls to follow them, there, where also to them a gleam of light is to radiate. Their redeeming activity draws endless circles, for my word has an enormous power, which you men on earth cannot gauge, but nevertheless should gather around the spring, which I myself have opened for you, so that you can enter into the spiritual kingdom already radiated through by light, when you must leave earth, so that you can then again hand out, to constantly increase your happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6423.


Book 69 6424

Surprising end. Clear signs.

13. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6424.

The Day of Judgement will surprise you all, for you all do not think it to be so close, as it is however destiny for eternity. Again and again I inform you about it, even so you reject such references as implausible, but your unbelief does not halt the event, which means the end of this earth and of all creatures on it. But if you would know, how close you stand before it, you would truly no longer think of your earthly successes; you would be completely unsuitable for all earthly activity, and for that reason also this knowledge would be of no use for you, for what you would then still do for your soul, would have just been born out of fear, therefore no free decision of the will for me and my kingdom. The end comes surprisingly, and still so clear signs will precede, that everybody, who attends, will suspect it, what is near all of you. And the believer can more likely draw power and courage from it, because he now knows, which hour has struck, and also does not fear the end through his spiritual attitude, through his faith in me, which can now bring in a better lot for him on the new earth or also in the spiritual kingdom. But the unbelievers are badly off, who see also in the obvious omens of the end nothing else than coincidences or natural events - no warnings or admonitions can cause them to other thinking and who therefore are and remain always only earthly minded. And suddenly the end will be there for them, the day, where no man can flee from his fate, where each one has death before the eyes, when he does not belong to those, who expect me and my coming. Already before a last admonition and warning is sent to all men. Already before I let all men experience the horrors of a threatening destruction, but which still does not concern all men, is however such a clear omen of the end, that every man could change his thinking, when he would like to entrust himself to the creator of the heaven and of the earth in the hours of highest trouble and could now recognize his obvious help and guidance. But the far greatest part of mankind is standing unusually low in the spiritual maturity - the distance from me is extremely great, and for that reason they do not recognize my voice, which calls and warns, although it sounds powerfully. And because of the freedom of the will I can give man no still clearer signs of my existence and my power, otherwise it would certainly be easy for me, to lead men to faith in me - but which would then mean no maturity of the soul and for that reason would be pointless. Nevertheless I still try everything, to influence the individual man, and my efforts also do not remain completely unsuccessful. But the day of the end will then bring a separation of those, who stand on my side or still cross over in the last hour into my camp, and those, who found no way to me and for that reason followed him, who pulls them into the depth. And the depth will receive these souls, but in a form, where the return to me is not completely cut off for them. You men are all still too lukewarm, because you think the day of the end still further, than it is. Also you will be surprised, you who believe in me - also you are to still take my admonitions and reference more seriously; you are to let no day go by unused; every day you are to perform a vineyard work and remember those, who are in spiritual trouble. You all are to be eagerly active for me and my kingdom. For you are my supports in the last time before the end, because you can let your voice sound, without that the free will of fellowman is endangered. For that reason create and work on earth, as if tomorrow is already the last day. And your work will be blessed - you will receive power and be able to hand out everywhere, where this is needed.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6424.


Book 69 6425

Warning against ill-considered acting and speaking.

14. December 1955. B.D. NR 6425.

My favour lets admonitions and warnings reach you because you have my love and because your attention is called to dangers, which threaten you directly when you are not careful. There are well guards always ready around you to protect you; still you yourselves also have to know that you would be at the mercy of the elements of blind thirst for revenge without this protection, which is done on my behalf. And that is why you just always are to remain in contact with me because then I am also with you because your thoughts attract me, and then all powers are helpless, which are out to harm you. Hell rages, and its powers also win men for their plans, that is why you are not allowed to give them grounds, which easily can happen through ill-considered words, which a just anger lets you speak. Always be harmless as doves but wise as serpents! Who fights for my kingdom, for truth, will also be attacked by the opponents of truth, and these work for my opponent, who urges them on to false accusations, so that you have to defend yourselves against lies and falseness. But then remember my admonition, remember that you are surrounded by my fighters, and then turn towards these that they protect you, and turn your thoughts also to me that my light of love falls between you and your enemies and drives these back. Everywhere my opponent will try to harm you because he recognizes that he loses power through you - because he tries to put a stop to your work for me and my kingdom and because he will stop at no means to reach the goal - to put out my light. And men are in bondage to him, they hate the truth the same way because they themselves feel more comfortable in darkness. They therefore willingly help him when it is a matter of taking action against you. And that is why human action will be taken against you, and then you have to be on your guard and undertake nothing ill-considered. Full of faith you then only have to trust me to protect you; you only have to form the union with the world of light the stronger all the time because they then take up the fight on my behalf against the powers of the underworld, but which they can only do when you do not leave them and campaign against your enemies for yourself because you are not strong enough yourselves, and you would be defeated without the help of my fighters, without my help. But you have to fear nothing as long as you unite with me in spirit - in prayer. And I only warn you so that you are careful and immediately recognize the danger when it is on the advance. For the opponent has thought up a trick, but which you will recognize when you remember my warning. Because I always have to take your free will into account, that is why I cannot intervene and place my fighters at your side before you do not approach me for help or hand yourselves over to all good forces that they may protect you. But in the face of them my opponent will have to yield, and they will beat off every attack, which is meant for you, because you are active for me and my kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6425.


Book 69 6426

Work of the spirit. Vineyard work.

15. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6426.

That is the power of the spirit, which drives you to uninterrupted activity in the spiritual meaning; what stimulates you men, to do spiritual work; to cultivate spiritual thoughts or to acquire spiritual knowledge, is always the work of my spirit in you, which is always only intent on bringing the true home closer to you, to push you yourselves towards me, from whom you have once taken your start. And my spirit in you has truly great power, as soon as you allow him the work through your will, through a way of life in love. Whether the world then also again makes its demands on you, whether it seeks to push itself into your thoughts - you will not pay more attention to it, than it is necessary, but again and again return with your thoughts there, where your souls finds, what it seeks, because my spirit pushes incessantly, because I myself pull you continually, you who have devoted yourselves to me. For that reason it is also never ever to be feared, that the world wins power over you, when my spirit could once work in you. The soul has then got to know something, what is more valuable to it, and the world begins to fade completely; it can no longer exert attraction upon the soul, although it is still in the midst of the world. But then man is also suitable for work in my vineyard, because he recognized, what his task is on earth, and would also like to lead fellowmen to the cognition of that. And then he will also be a loyal servant, for also now my spirit takes over the leadership in him, and he just willingly carries out, whereto the spirit stimulates him. And his work will succeed well. Earthly and spiritually he will now be active, so long he still wears the earth dress, but he is also enabled to do it, because he always finds support in the kingdom of light, who help, where he himself as man believes to be too weak. He can do the work, for I do not withdraw the power from him, but increase it, but always inconspicuously, because this is better for him himself and his surroundings. However, the work for me and my kingdom must be put first. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." My will is to be fulfilled first, before other demands are listened to. For I can favour these for you accordingly, as soon as you first make the work for me and my kingdom your business. You will never come to harm, on the other hand harvest greatest blessing spiritually and earthly. And you will also always be able to cope with it, for the power of my spirit fills you and also lets you carry out all plans. Earthy seen, indeed, you accomplish useless activity - and this opinion of your fellowmen you must accept, for they do not know the value of spiritual work; they assess alone, what brings in earthly use for them. They cannot and do not want to believe, that in future they will have great lack, when the time of appearances is over and the world of real existence will uncover their poverty of spiritual goods. The spiritual goods you men can only acquire for yourselves through giving up of earthly goods, through giving up of the world. Only then you can gather treasures, which are immortal, which follow you into eternity, which make up your wealth in the spiritual kingdom, in your true home, where you can work again with it and constantly increase your wealth. Let the spirit in you become effective. Be of the will, to acquire that kingdom, that is not of this world. And get into contact with the Lord of this world. And my spirit will fill every heart, which opens itself to me, by it living in love - because I myself can then work in it through my spirit.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6426.


Book 69 6427

Living faith in Jesus Christ.

16. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6427.

You will never be able to break away from your adversary, when you do not call Jesus Christ, that he may help you in the fight against him. Through that call you must therefore acknowledge him and his work of redemption, and therefore you must also believe, that I myself have embodied myself in the man Jesus - you must believe in me becoming man in Jesus. And this faith must be a living one, which was again only awakened to life through love. You can therefore only be redeemed through love, for without love you do not believe, even so you want to testify to a faith in Jesus Christ with words. Who goes along without love, he does not have the will, to fights against the adversary, since he is of the same mind with him. But man can have a weak will - and this weak will prevents him from practising love and to break away from the opponent. But he is to nevertheless know about the redeemer Jesus Christ, and he is to call him for strengthening of his will. He is to just first know, that he always finds help with Jesus Christ. If he calls him, then his will will also soon experience a strengthening, and he will now more and more go over to a love life, and then his faith in the divinity of the man Jesus, in his work of redemption and in his own redemption possibility will become alive, and then he will support me and my name with the conviction, which exactly only a living faith can give. For that reason the knowledge about Jesus Christ is necessary - even so it is in the beginning only a knowledge about earthly events, about the life of a man, who laid down his life out of inner conviction. The thought about this man can already be the first step to a connection with him, which once opens the gate to happiness to him. For as soon as he occupies himself mentally with his earth walk and is of good will, he can no longer get these thoughts out of his mind. For it is Jesus Christ himself, who now seeks to bind him to himself. I know about every thought of man, and I can approach him myself "in Jesus", when he has still found no close relationship with me as his God and father from eternity. But through the "man Jesus" the establishing of this relationship is possible - why he is to be mentioned also pure historically - only then I can still use mental influence, that he seeks to find the reasons for the way of life and the acting of the man Jesus. And then he can also come to the result, that his life and dying was based on a "spiritual cause". And only then it is possible, to win him, for now he is also no longer unapproachable to the teachings, so they are sent to him truthfully. But who wants to completely fight it, that the man Jesus has walked on earth, to him the cognition can hardly come still on earth, because it will never be possible for him, to give his will the right direction, which is still completely in the hand of the opponent. And he will also never want to get hold of the knowledge - otherwise the knowledge about the earth walk of Jesus would also somehow be sent to him. For I have truly possibilities enough, when man just seeks to hear something about it. But it is always a blessing, when my word in announced as love teaching of Jesus - when he himself is announced in the whole world - so that every man has the possibility, to think about truth, about the historical fact and about his mission, so he acknowledges such. Every man, who wants, can also come to the faith, and the intellectual faith of every man can also become a living one. But only the living faith brings in for you men the redemption from sin and death. The living faith in me in Jesus Christ and in my work of redemption opens for you the gates into the kingdom of light and of happiness; and this living faith you all are to seek to reach, so that you can enter into my kingdom, to eternal life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6427.


Book 69 6428

Question to God and answer.

17. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6428.

I truly want to light a light in you, which gives you clarity in all questions, which move you, but you must also want it, that it may become light in you. My will to give is unlimited, but I can always only give you that measure, which you desire, but where I see your questions, where you ask them in connection with your thoughts of me, there I am always ready, to give answer, so far this is helpful for you. For there is also knowledge, which is of no use for you, so long you still have not reached the soul maturity, that everything could be presented to you. But as soon as it is about pure spiritual knowledge, you will direct no question towards me in vain, and I will always answer you so, that it is comprehensible for you. But you get the answer completely inconspicuously, so that you always think, having produced it mentally in you yourselves, and you are for that reason also not always convinced, whether it is according to truth. And I can always only say to you: Ask me before for inspiration; present you questions and doubts to me and ask me for enlightenment - then your thoughts will always be directed right, then they are guided truthfully, and you do not need to fear, to err, when you now represent the opinion won apparently mentally to fellowmen. You yourselves can indeed not prove it to fellowmen, that your opinion is according to truth, but you can for the time being have the own conviction, because I truly let no man walk in error, who seriously desires truth from me. Would you men after all make this knowledge your own, that you are allowed to come to me trustingly and can ask me for truth - that your prayer must just be directed at me in spirit and in truth - but that you then are also certainly led into truth, as I have promised you. So many different opinions could not form themselves, when all men would like to request for themselves the work of my spirit and fulfilled the conditions necessary for it: to seriously desire truth from him, who himself is truth. To acknowledge him through the conscious prayer for the supply of truth and to listen inwards after that - i.e., to mentally concern himself with the questions moving him. Who fulfils these conditions, his nature will also radiate love, otherwise he would not desire truth nor get into contact with me as the giver of truth. For this man believes in me, and a convinced faith if the result of a way of life in love. And for that reason truth can never only be brought to men from the outside, although I entrust my servants on earth to announce the Gospel to fellowmen - the word, which has its start from me and is pure truth. For also this Gospel must before occupy man mentally, and according to his attitude towards me he will accept or reject it - because also the recognizing of truth presupposes the work of my spirit, because also for it the will of man is necessary to stand in truth. But the hearing of my word can contribute to that end, that man seeks the connection with me as source of truth. "The word" can already be enough to let the desire for truth become awake in man, therefore also move the thoughts of man. And then the first step is already done, which leads to that end, that it may become light in man. Then a spark has fallen into the heart, which can arouse enthusiasm, when his will is good. For my will is to spread light on earth, so that darkness may be driven out.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6428.


Book 69 6429

Rejecting of the word of God. Remorse.

19. December 1955 B.D. NR. 6429.

In future it will burden you heavily not having accepted the unusual gift of favour, which was offered to you by me, your God and father from eternity. Many men I have approached, and I offered to them a gift, which they certainly could have recognized as something unusual, serving them as advantage, when a sense of responsibility would have caused them to an examination. But they lacked this sense of responsibility. But once they will bitterly regret it, when they hear, what was offered to them. I myself have addressed them and could not do it clearer because of the freedom of their will, but they could recognize my voice with good will - when they would have just sent one thought to that "God", whom they could not deny as intellectual men. And this God would have truly sharpened for them the feeling for his own word. But men have no connection any more with me, which could persuade them to fetch advice from me in every question worrying them. They hear, smile and turn away. And this will bitterly take its toll, for to the lack of cognition, now comes the awareness of the own guilt, the remorse over unused possibilities for the maturing of the souls. It can last endless times, before they reach this cognition in the opposite kingdom, that once they were offered light in fulness, which they spurned. But the souls of the departed from earth can also, through loving thoughts of men, be lured into their kingdom of light, who wanted to give them my love light on earth already. And then the remorse about their behaviour can bring about, that the light radiates them again and protects them from the sinking into the depth. And nevertheless they recognize, that they have missed something, what can no longer again be made up for. For although the state of darkness changes slowly and they see always brighter light radiate, they will never be able to reach that degree of light, which they could acquire on earth under the influence of my word, which I myself wanted to send to them and which they have fought in free will. They are extremely many men, who could receive my gift of favour and did not take any notice of at all; there are also many men, who let themselves be touched by it and felt its favour and still did not seriously let themselves be influenced, because they did not feel the full effect because of the world, which could record a stronger effect. And there are many men, who temporarily basked themselves in my ray of love, but whose hearts did not catch fire, who practised love too little and for that reason remained cold despite of my radiation - who therefore listened to my word, without, getting active in accordance with it, and therefore the effect of my word on their soul did not occur. They all could have dug up a rich treasure; to all of then a wealth was at their disposal, with which they could work for the salvation of their soul. They did not pay attention to it and will nevertheless know it once, what they missed. For the souls in the hereafter it means an unspeakable happiness, when they hear my address. In the state of light, it makes up their happiness, when they can receive light and power directly from me. But to a soul of a low degree of maturity my word cannot sound directly – and happy it is for that reason, when it is imparted to it - when that is imparted to it, what was offered to it extremely rich in earth life. But a particular favour already belongs to that on my part, that I recall very many men prematurely, who paid no attention to my gift of favour on earth. For I truly use every possibility to send light to my creatures, who still stand in deepest darkness, and so I do not succeed on earth, so the lack of light contributes much in the hereafter, to let the desire for light arise in them, and then they gratefully accept, what they could have received on earth extremely ample. But blessed, who remember in the hereafter their hostility and regret it. Then I will provide for them according to their desire, and already a tiny ray of light will be enough, to let them recognize their offence, and they will ask and receive and now be able to flee from darkness. For my love wants to rescue, but not condemn for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6429.


Book 69 6430

The love work of the man Jesus.

20. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6430.

Unique is the work of love, which the man Jesus has accomplished for you. A soul of light descended to earth, and it went the way as man consciously, to wage the war against him, who had already brought about the downfall of its brothers and whom it wanted to defeat. And the way was hard and bitter; it was the way of suffering of a man, who wanted to atone a great guilt for his fellowmen. What the soul brought with it from above onto this earth, that was an extreme measure of love for God and for men. He had amply, what the fallen souls lacked, however through their own fault. For they had rejected the love radiation of God, but the soul of the man Jesus constantly desired the love of the father, and for that reason this love also radiated constantly towards it. And his love for that reason seized the unhappy brothers and wanted to help them up out of the depth. The soul of the man Jesus stood, through its love, also in perpetual association with the eternal love; it let itself be filled by it. Eternal love itself took residence in the soul of the man Jesus, and so therefore God became man. And the man Jesus now accomplished the work for the redemption for the fallen, because love filling him completely made him do it and because it gave him the power, to carry out that, what brought redemption to mankind: to suffer and die extremely agonizingly. Mankind was in great trouble, for the opponent of God kept it captured, and it itself could not free itself from him. For that reason eternal love descended to earth in the soul of the man Jesus and untied the fetter, by him offering a ransom to him, who kept it captured - himself - his life as man. Love made the man Jesus to take upon himself an extremely agonizing sacrificial death, to free the souls of men from that power. It was truly a work of love, which is without equal, for it was a fight of light against darkness; love - eternal divinity - faced itself its opponent, and it defeated him. And a man accomplished this great work of mercy, because he was to supply the proof to the opponent of God, that love is stronger than hate. Not the power of God waged the war, but his love, and for that reason a weak man accomplished the sacrifice, to whom love living in him gave him the power, to take upon himself all difficulties. And so love was the driving force, which also had to gain the victory, because nothing can withstand it, because God himself had moved into the human cover, who was full of love, and God himself truly had to be victor over his enemy. But he wanted, that mankind was to take notice of the fight against the enemy - he wanted, that the work of redemption should remain an unforgettable event for mankind - he wanted, that the name of him, who has accomplished it, should not fade away for ever. And for that reason the work of redemption also took place in a form, which is and will remain unforgettable, for the death on the cross of Jesus is not deniable, and so long the world exists, the divine redeemer will be mentioned on the part of those, who are believing - because it was not only an outward event of the "crucifixion of a man", but the "pouring out of the spirit", having become possible through this work of redemption, also proves the redemption from the opponent of God - and the spirit of God will now also work again in the redeeming sense. For the opponent of God threw the souls into darkness, but the spirit of God supplies light again to them. The spirit of God is the sign, the proof of a redemption from darkness, but which can only fill man through the death on the cross of the man Jesus, because before the sin guilt made the work for it impossible. The spirit of God will always bear witness of the work of love and mercy of the man Jesus, in whom God himself embodied himself, to redeem men.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6430.


Book 69 6431

Humility and arrogance. Suitable servants.

21. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6431.

To all my servants and maidservants I direct the same admonition, to not let up in the work for me and my kingdom. For so every servants just brings one soul back to me, he has accomplished a work of redemption, which I will truly pay him richly, for what this one soul is again able to do, that is withdrawn from your knowledge, because you cannot gauge the work, which every soul does, which stands in the light. In the last time I awaken men again and again, who make themselves, through their way of life and their spiritual abilities, suitable for the work in my vineyard - but they must then also fulfil their task in extreme humility and devotion under my will; they are not allowed to feel privileged and now do vineyard work in the awareness of their own value, because they then make themselves already unsuitable, because my current of favour is then dammed back, which first necessitates humility, to be able to flow unhindered. And men are all still exposed to the temptations of my opponent, who particularly stirs up arrogance, which is his true nature. And so exactly this danger is particularly great, where the heart does not humbly devote itself to me, that I fill it with my favour. Many men are certainly willing to vineyard work, but not suitable to it so long, as long as the desire is still in them, to distinguish themselves and to be respected as "divinely gifted". However, only the deeply humble man is a suitable servant for me, a maidservant – who are prepared to serve. I have for that reason few co-workers on earth, who wants nothing else, than to work on earth helpingly, who recognize the great spiritual trouble and would like to rescue their fellowmen out of it - who do not think of themselves, but always only of others, who lack light and who for that reason would like to let their light shine for the others - that light, which my infinite love could kindle in them, because they have this will to help in them. And such men are only rare, but I bless the few and help them, that they can cope with their earth task. For they are my supports in the last time before the end; they are servants, who I always use there, where it is necessary. They are the mediators, who are active in my stead, but through whom I myself can cultivate the fields, through whom I myself address the hearts of men and can see to their maturing. And his field is allotted to everyone, where he it to be active - everyone will be able to work in his little circle and always be certain of my support, for I enjoy every willing men, wo supports my kingdom, my name, who passes on to fellowmen that, what he has received from me myself - but who only serves me and not still others lords. For my opponent will often seek to crowd around and want to win the servants for himself. And he likes to do this, that he insinuates, what makes man arrogant - and that he endangers the vineyard work in this way. And for that reason be on your guard against that lord, that he causes no confusion in you; remain devoted to me in deep humility and do not desire recognition; do not desire the approval of the world, and enjoy only those successes, which you can exert on the souls of men - only enjoy that, that you succeed to touch souls, and always withdraw more from the world, the more eagerly you want to be active in my vineyard. So you have helped a soul to step out of darkness into the light, then my reward will be certain for you, but it is to be also enough for you – but on the part of the world you are to demand no recognition and always only think of, that you are able to do nothing without my favours, but that you receive these only, so long your heart approaches me in deepest humility, asking for my love and favour. But then you will also be suitable servants for me and do welcome redeemer work for me. And I will bless you for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6431.


Book 69 6432

Redemption period with Jesus Christ.

23. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6432.

The hour of redemption draws close. No long time passes that the matter of a period will be considered closed, which could bring redemption and also brings redemption to those, who have become a part of the flock of Christ's fighters, who have followed his call and walk the same way as he walked it on earth. A special light of favour had flowed for men of this earth period, because in this last earth period God embodied himself in the man Jesus to redeem mankind - to make it possible for the whole of mankind to once again see the eternal light from which the spiritual once voluntarily turned away and that is why a deep darkness was its fate and would also have remained without the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. The reason this redemption period was so significant was, because it ended a hopeless state, which lasted already an endless long time. And the redemption of all spiritual, which has entered in this earth period into the state of embodiment as man, would have been completely possible. And still this tremendous allocation of favours was not used, and again only few have reached their aim on earth - to be able to end this life in the flesh with a matured soul to now find admission in the kingdom of light. This would have been possible for all men, but as free will is important and this was not used the proper way, innumerable souls left this earth unredeemed - although all received knowledge of the work of redemption of Jesus, of his death on the cross and his mission. But they lacked faith, and also the knowledge of this greatest work of mercy, which ever had been accomplished on earth, had no effect at all on men. And so a redemption period now ends, which could have brought the greatest success - and a new one begins again, so that the opportunity is offered again to all beingness to again to be able to make use of the favours, which were obtained through the death of Jesus, because a complete redemption can only take place with the help of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. And you men are now standing before this turning point; you are standing before the end of the old and the beginning of the new redemption epoch, which also means the end of this earth and the rising up of a new earth. Time still remains for every single man to turn to Jesus Christ with the request for help. The knowledge of his work of redemption could still be used, even if faith in it is lacking. But who can only believe in the existence of this man, he can concern himself with this man in spirit and commune with him intellectually that this man may explain to him why he wanted to seal his ideas with a walk to the cross. And he will get the answer, because the divine redeemer seizes everyone who only makes contacts with him. Intellectual knowledge alone is not of much use, but it can contribute to start a pure intellectual spiritual discussion, which can end more or less successfully. This earth period was blessed by the earth walk of God in person. And men could have reached much with good will, but their will was not often turned upwards. Only a small flock followed him always, and at the end of this period it will also not be much greater. That is why you all can expect the nearby end for certain; you can still before enter into the following of the divine redeemer, you can join his small flock, because he will accept you until the last hour. But irrevocably the end of this earth has come, and for you therefore a great rush is called for and use of all strength; you are urgently advised to ask for the supply of power that you all reach the goal before the last day has come - that you confess Jesus Christ before it is too late.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6432.


Book 69 6433

Birth of Jesus. Sacrificial death.

24. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6433.

No being will ever be able to understand, which infinite love made me to descend to earth and to take residence in a little child, which now was and remained cover for me until its death. The eternal divinity embodied itself in a creature formed by itself, which in free will fashioned itself so during its earth life, that it remained worthy, to receive me. I wanted to descend to earth, to bring rescue to you men in greatest spiritual trouble, and I needed for it a form, which received me - because I had to stay among you as man, because of the freedom of your will. And this form had to fulfil all conditions, to be able to hold the highest spirit of infinity in it, without to pass before my love power. And therefore this man had to spiritualize himself before through love, that I, as myself love, now found the right vessel in him, into which I could flow, which could therefore hold me myself in it, without passing. The little child Jesus was born without sin; it was fathered by my spirit; my will and my power let it come to life, and my spirit could already take possession of the little child and express itself, even so only at times, to give its surroundings a sign of its divine mission, and this spirit developed in the man Jesus, because his love gave him again and again new food - because the love of Jesus as it were forced me, to give myself in fullness to him, so that the man Jesus was now filled with light and power, with wisdom and might. I myself now worked through the man Jesus and what he now thought, spoke or has done, that was the power of my spirit; it was my love power, which accomplished everything in him, to which nothing was impossible. There was no limiting for him, after the unification with me had taken place through the extreme great love of the man Jesus, for I was now myself in him, and my will was his power; my power filled him, and so therefore there was nothing, what would have been impossible for the man Jesus. And nevertheless he remained man, until his mission was fulfilled, until he died the sacrificial death on the cross, to redeem men. When I descended to earth, a time began, which now ends. A time began, where complete redemption could take place exactly through the work of redemption of Jesus Christ. For now I myself had come onto earth, and I spoke to men in an urgent way, to win them for me. And who listened to me and followed my words, they could now end their earth walk with the death of their body; they could enter the spiritual kingdom spiritualized, because the old guilt was taken from them through Christ's death on the cross, what was not possible before. For the form, which I had chosen as stay for myself, only covered the divine, which actually spoke out of the man Jesus. And the divine in it was I myself, and it was truly possible for me, to free men from a fetter, which had held them bound already eternally long. For that reason I had descended to earth; for that reason I have chosen for myself a human form, in which I accomplished the work of redemption, to take action against him in the open fight, who kept you tied up and who needed a strong opponent to be able to be defeated. Out of extreme great love for you as the fallen spiritual I took on a human form, and therefore is was a moment of greatest emotion for all beings in the spiritual kingdom, when the birth of the child Jesus let me descend to earth, and the whole creation stood still in the moment of the birth, because is was an act of most solemn love and mercy, to embody myself in a little child. For my spirit, which rules the whole infinity, took residence in this little child, and it began now its earth course - in the midst of men, who were of dark spirit. And nevertheless it remained light in its heart, because the man Jesus did not give up God, because his love was so deep, that he always captivated me more to himself and in the end has completely united himself with me - so that therefore only the outer form was human, but soul and spirit had completely joint me and consequently I myself walked on earth and redeemed you men through my death on the cross.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6433.


Book 69 6434

Light from above. God's word.

25. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6434.

The world stands under an enormous pressure. Men on earth are ruled by powers of darkness, and it is of greatest urgency, that a light shines into darkness, that men are filled with power, to offer resistance to the powers besieging them. Without light they sink into the depth; without light they find no way, no possibility, to flee. And for that reason God again and again lets his light radiate to earth; he himself comes to earth like once, just not in the embodiment as man, but in his word. He also seeks for himself a human form, into which he can pour his light, that it may shine for a long way into the dark night. He embodies himself in the spirit of those, who are willing, so serve him. It is equally a childbirth, because the same darkness lies spread over earth, on which God takes pity, and he therefore again lets the light radiate to earth, as once. But once men stood at the beginning of a way, which could lead upwards, but now they have arrived shortly before the end of the way, but a great ascent has not been achieved, and soon it will have reached the end. But whether it has led out of darkness? Whether men will follow the gleam of light, which still shines for them now? Whether they will find the right way in the light and still take it, before it is too late? The dark powers exercise their rule in a measure, that God will intervene, to put an end to it. And nevertheless men are not exposed to these powers defencelessly and helplessly, for God himself has lighted a light, which shines so brightly, that every man can recognize the danger, in which he lives. For this divine love light uncovers everything; it also unmasks him, who wishes men ill and who seeks to tempt them under a mask. The divine love light radiates so brightly, that everybody can see, what takes place in the world, when he just opens his eyes, when he just does not himself darken the light through his will, which is still completely turned towards the opponent of God. The divine love light has again been lighted by God himself, and it radiates down to earth, because great trouble is in the dark earth area and again only love can remove this trouble, as once, when the light from eternity itself descended to earth. And God himself addressed men through the mouth of the man Jesus, who, as soul of light, was filled by love and for that reason became the right bodily form, in which God himself could hold himself, to speak through the man Jesus to all men. And so also God again addresses men today; he speaks himself through the mouth of men; he lets the light of truth radiate into the hearts of men, who willingly listen to it. He directs his word down to earth, and men no longer need to walk in darkness, who let themselves be radiated by his divine love light. Brightly and clearly now lies the way before them, which leads upwards, and no dark areas are there any longer for him, who makes use of the divine love light. For he just needs to call to Jesus Christ, and darkness will move away from him; he will no longer be at the mercy of the dark powers, for it is always and for ever the same light, which shines for men on earth. The light of the cross. The cognition of the work of love and mercy of Jesus Christ - the right understanding for God becoming man in Jesus - and the faith in the power and strength, which lies in the call of his sanctified name. Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, is the light, which has come into the world. And whether he himself came to earth - whether the word from above proclaims him - from him alone the light radiates, and without him darkness is on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom. For he himself is the light from eternity, which will always radiate into infinity and which also now again shines to earth, so that all men find the way to him, so that they return home into their father house.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6434.


Book 69 6435

Love achieved the work of redemption.

26. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6435.

Out of my love you have once emerged, and your nature was also love and therefore also divine - until your defection from me, which robs you of all divinity. Through your defection you became beings, which indeed still could call themselves my creatures, but which were far removed from their original state, which were only varieties of that, what I had once created. Nevertheless they were products of my power and also still radiated through by my power, otherwise they could no longer exist. As myself highly perfect I can however not be satisfied with imperfect creatures, even so own will had to be blamed for this imperfection. And the aim, which I have set for myself, is and remains, to again lead these renegade creatures to perfection, to again make them to divine beings, which they were in the very beginning. But the imperfect needs support constantly, for that is a mark of its imperfection, that they are too weak, to make an attempt upwards, and that they are completely without cognition, what they themselves have forfeited through defection to the depth and how they can make good their wrong. The fallen creatures are without light and without power - and if I want to lead them again back to me and to the former perfection, so I must supply them before with light and power; but also then still leave it up to them, whether they want to accept light and power from me. My love let all beings arise, and my love still possesses them, although they voluntarily broke with me and have sunk into the depth. And my love makes incessantly the effort, to change their lightless and powerless state. But one is to blame for their fall, and this one prevents the beings, to return upwards, and he also has power over them, because they once followed him voluntarily into the depth - for that reason a being also offered itself, which had remained loyal to me, to oppose that first fallen brother and to wring the fallen beings out of him for me. It wanted to help those, who long upwards; it wanted to help its fallen brothers to return to the father, where highest happiness is. I myself could not take the beings with my power from my opponent, since I respect each one being's free will. But also he was my son, who wanted to help me, to free the fallen, and also to him I left the free will, because love drove him to his project to accomplish a work of rescue at the weakened beings, which, embodied as man, did not have the power to free themselves from their lord. Love could only make something good, for what love lessness was to be blamed. Only a being filled with power could give away its power to that having become weak, incapable, and only a being could be filled with power, which was full of love. Therefore such a being full of power and love descended to earth, to bring rescue in greatest trouble. And I gave my blessing to it, because I longed for my children, which that light being wanted to bring back to me, to whom it wanted to show the way to me. I sent my son to earth - who bore me myself in him through his extreme great love, which was meant for me and also for his fallen brothers. Love accomplished a work of redemption; love looked after those unhappy creatures; love imparted that power to them and that light, which they had lost - that love, which is my original substance and which filled the nature of the man Jesus, in whom the light soul had embodied itself. Love therefore took possession of him, and everything what the man Jesus now thought, spoke and had done, that was determined by love. And so "love" accomplished the work of redemption at men; love led the children back to the father. I myself redeemed them out of the bondage of Satan and gave them light and power; love brought me back my children.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6435.


Book 69 6436

Real understanding necessitates love work.

27. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6436.

Every opportunity you are to seize, to refer fellowmen to their earth life task: to fashion themselves to love. You are to always preach love and for that reason be announcers of my love teaching, where this opportunity is offered to you. This is the task of those, who offer themselves to me for service, and I will bless them, when they take this task seriously and awaken the sense of responsibility with fellowmen, when they stimulate these to think about themselves. Wherever love is practised, there the understanding for it will also exist, in which time mankind lives. But without love work men lack this understanding, and for that reason they also take no references seriously, which announce the near end. Therefore it is of no use for you, to mention the "near end", when you do not admonish men to love work at the same time, for latter is still more important than the knowledge about the end. Love is the most reliable antidote in the coming time, where trouble and misery will befall all men; love is the anchor, when mankind threatens to sink. Where love is practised, fear passes, because men strengthen themselves inwardly through love work and because they are connected with me through love, I who will always be protection for them in every trouble. When you therefore want to serve me, you must always refer your fellowmen to my love command; you must instruct them, that their earth life is and remains an idling, when they do not occupy themselves in unselfish neighbourly love, and that they can only fetch power for themselves through a love life in the time of trouble, for which they heading. Only few will believe you; only few will listen to you without resistance and consider your words, and you can also inform them about what is coming, for they will not close their mind; they will think it possible and adapt themselves mentally to that. But the knowledge alone does not help them, although it is to be offered to everyone - because you yourself cannot judge it, whether and how far fellowman stands in love. For that reason you are to again and again admonish to love work; love it to be preached by those, who want to be servants for me on earth. For the lack of love is the greatest evil, which lets man walk in deepest spiritual darkness. A loveless man will also only rarely be touched by your love sermon, but also his ear is to hear it, when the heart closes itself. To all you are to seek to make me as "eternal love" accessible; you are to enlighten all, that they can turn to the father in greatest trouble, who himself is love and wants to help everyone, who calls to him. You are to miss no opportunity, to speak to fellowman about the divine-spiritual. Again and again you are to seek to direct his thoughts to that, by which he constantly goes past. When your thoughts themselves are constantly filled with my love teaching, then you can also no other way, than to communicate yourselves with everyone, who crosses your way, and then you will also be good representatives of my love teaching and my name. And for that reason you yourselves must always cultivate a love life, to give the spirit in you the possibility by this way, to express itself. And it will drive you to speak, where an opportunity is just offered. Your spirit will direct your thinking right and let the right words find, with which you address your fellowmen and which do not miss its impression. But you are not to be lukewarm and carry out half of the work, for your work is urgent in the last time before the end. Love must be preached always and constantly, so that men awake and take stock of themselves, so that they think about themselves, when they follow you and your life. And for that reason you are to set an example of love to them, and your example will be more effective than words, which you do not prove yourselves through acts. Preach love and give full expression of my love teaching yourselves, and your work for me and my kingdom will always be blessed.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6436.


Book 69 6437

Trust in divine guidance.

28. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6437.

I guide you all, you who want to serve me, and you will never go your ways alone, but at my hand, because you have grasped it voluntarily, because you chose me as your leader out of your own drive. And my leadership will always be so, that it serves you yourselves to reach soul maturity, but also the vineyard work, which you are to do, for I know it, where and how you can make use of your power appropriately, because I also know about your will, to be loyal servants for me. And believe it me, you will always know it yourselves, what you are to do, because I address all of you myself through the heart. Just trust me fully believing, that I will give you the right instructions, when it is the time, but do not jump ahead. For I bring everything so to you, that you take hold in all naturalness, that you then also have the sure feeling, to act right, for that is my voice in you. Consider after all: You want to serve me. Is it then not also natural, that your house father also gives you the right instructions for your service? I will never leave the power of a servant, who offers himself for service, lie fallow, because I need all of you and allocate that work to everyone, which he can carry out best. So long you ask and are unsure, the assignment has not yet gone out from me to you, for you will clearly and without doubt feel it in your heart and also fulfil without thinking twice. Let me care for you; let me think for you, and always just take me by the hand, which guides you, so that you safely direct your steps there, where I want to place you. And when I have intended an unusual task for you, also then everything will approach you so, that nothing unusual is to be recognized. For I do not want to determine your will, but so you subordinate it under mine, then you always want the same as I, and your thinking and acting will therefore also be right. But so long you still doubt and ask, it is not my voice, which gives you inwardly the task. Then connect yourselves most intimately with me and wait, until complete clarity is in you, which I also surly give you, when you are just ready to serve. And you will be amazed, how everything takes care of itself and how sure you are now able to judge. The trouble of the time requires your complete commitment, and I call upon you, my servants on earth, to industrious vineyard work, but I also allocate to everyone the field of activity, which he is able to cultivate. I am the head of the household, and my will is to be valid for my servants - because you men yourselves cannot assess it, where and how your power can be utilized best. And for that reason you are to always subordinate yourselves to me and my instructions. But then you never need to fear, to do a wrong work. Open your heart and ear yourselves to me through your will. And I will speak to you so, that you understand me, even so you do not hear my word audibly. You will feel it, what I want from you, and therefore you just need to pay attention to your feeling, to the inner voice, which pushes you or keeps you back. For as soon as you ask me intimately for information, I will truly answer you, and you will feel it, what you have to do and to refrain from. Therefore you can at any time leave yourselves carefree to the leadership of your father in heaven. He knows your ways, which you are to go to the salvation of your soul and that of fellowmen.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6437.


Book 69 6438

Cause and purpose of the childbirth of Jesus.

29. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6438.

The core of the teaching of Christ is the love command, because men lack love and love is the most important after all, when your ascent development is to progress - when the soul at the end of life wants to find entrance into the light kingdom. For that reason God himself came to earth in the man Jesus, to show them the way for the time being, which leads back to him; which fashions the being again so, as it has once emerged out of God. The man Jesus taught love and held it up himself as an example to men. The man Jesus also proved through his love life to men the gaining of perfection; he proved to them, that it is possible, to come into a state through love, which makes the joining together with God possible and consequently brings in light and power in fullness. For he was as man equal as every other man. What led him to the uniting with God, what brought in the power for him, to work miracles, what gave him cognition full of light and deepest wisdom - was just love, which glowed in him extremely powerful for God and for his fellowmen. And this love he wanted to put to men as most important for the first time, that they equal him, they therefore were to follow him in their way of life, to again reach the former perfection, which they had once lost through their defection from God in the spiritual world. But exactly through this former defection from God mankind was heavily burdened. A sin guilt weighed heavily upon it, of which the man Jesus was free - a sin guilt, which also again and again dragged down the willing men, which also gave the right to another lord to prevent the ascent - a lord, who opposed Jesus, who was completely destitute of all love and who for that reason prevented those men from love work, who had become his property through the Fall of man, where it was just possible. The love teaching of Christ could have certainly been accepted, but not given full expression by men, so long they still stood under the power of him, who once was to blame for their fall. And therefore his power had to first be broken, men first had to be freed from him, it had to be made possible for them, to go the way upwards; one had to help them - because they alone were too weak, even so they were of good will. The burden had to be taken from men, which kept them chained to their jailor. And this burden, the sin guilt of the former rebellion against God - they could not clear away or wipe out themselves, because it was enormously great and would have prevented the ascent to God for ever. For that reason Jesus took this mission upon himself, to wipe out the guilt for men - for his fallen brothers, to atone for it and redeem men from the power of the opponent. For Jesus was also a being having been produced by God's love as his brother Lucifer - and he as an angel spirit having remained with God recognized the great trouble of the fallen and the impossibility, to get rid of this trouble out of one's own power, when help was not brought to him. And his extreme great love offered itself to this help: To embody itself on earth in the man Jesus and to serve the eternal divinity as cover - the eternal love, which wanted to wipe out that sin guilt through a work of atonement, which it carried out in the man Jesus. Only after the work of redemption was it possible for men, to become free and to rise from darkness, through love work, through giving full expression to that teaching, which Jesus has preached on earth. Because before men would not have been able to do it, because they were still tied up, because their will was so much weakened through the sin burden, that they again and again would have sunk back through the influence of the opponent. The souls belonged to him, and voluntarily he would have never ever given them up, but Jesus paid the debt through his suffering and dying on the cross. Divine love, which had embodied itself in the man Jesus, wiped out the debt itself, and men became free - as soon as they acknowledge Jesus as the divine redeemer and also take advantage of his work of mercy for themselves - as soon as they believe, that God in Jesus has looked after men, to make the way of return to him possible for them - as soon as they now also live in the following of Jesus, as soon as they lead a life in love and fashion themselves again to that, what they were in the very beginning - beings full of light and power, which unite themselves with God through love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6438.


Book 69 6439

Remember the end.

30. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6439.

To all men I direct the same admonition: Remember your end. For it is allotted to all of you; you all must for the present reckon with a natural recall from this earth, when you hour has come. But many of you will have to leave earth life prematurely, whom I do not want to fall into the hands of my opponent, because their power of resistance is not strong enough, to withstand his besieging in the last time. But also those men, who experience the end, must reckon with a shorter life-span, than they assume naturally, for this end is very near to you. And you men are all not so mature, that you can expect this end unhesitatingly. And for that reason I admonish you all, to still eagerly work on your soul in consideration of the near end. I admonish you, to live consciously and to not let one day pass, where you have not accomplished one love action, where you have not offered your soul something, what helps it up to the height. I admonish you all urgently, to receive my word, to let yourselves be addressed by me, to also receive power with my word, which helps you up to the height. Do not just live your earthly life, but at least every day bury yourselves in my word; a short time hold a dialogue with me and recommend yourselves to me and my favour. Already one intimate thought towards me is a refreshment for your soul, and so you hear or read my word in quiet devotion, you supply food to the soul, which certainly helps it to maturity. I just admonish you men to live consciously - to think of it, that your life no longer lasts long and that you create a bearable lot for your soul after the death of your body. Do not let the time pass by, which still remains for you until the end - do not let it go past unused for your soul, and you only then give to your soul, when you devote yourselves to spiritual thoughts, when you connect yourselves in thoughts with your God and creator from eternity, who is the father of you all, who would like to receive you in his kingdom, but your own will is required to do it: to create a state for the soul, which allows it the entrance into my kingdom. For that reason I admonish you again and again: Remember the end. So long you stand in the midst of life, you always repulse this thought, because you do not know, that after that an extremely happy lot can be allotted to you. But my love would like to prepare a happy lot for you, for that reason these admonishing calls sound constantly for you, because you yourselves must want it, that you are happy. Every contemplative hour, every time of inner contemplation will be for you of greatest blessing. But woe betide those, who never find time to do it, who are so closely bound up with the world, that they are not able to break away from it for a short time. For my opponent has them firmly in his power, and they will hardly come free of him, when they are not helped through loving intercession, through the call to Jesus Christ, that he himself may help them. You can call me at any time, and I will listen to you, for I want to remove his fetters from you, but not prolong your captivity. Remember the end - and remember the state of your soul. Call to me for help. My perpetual admonitions are to achieve this, that you remain in contact with him, who alone can help you - that you direct your looks and calls heavenwards and are and remain always aware, that you do not live for ever on this earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6439.


Book 69 6440

Love - divine principle.

31. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6440.

The divine principle is love – and everything, what moves in love, is to be called divine. But where lack of love predominates, there the counter principle of God is; there he works, whose nature has completely de-divined itself through his defection from God, who reversed everything in him, and became the opposite pole of God. But what it means, to be in his area, that can only be explained to you men so, that you are deformed, that you possess no or only inadequate cognition and walk along without power, which a divine being has at its disposal in excess. But you can remove this state without light and power; you can change yourselves again to a divinely enabled being; you can acquire for yourselves a wealth of light and power and use it according to divine will, when you also let the love principle predominate in you, when you consciously break with him, who is destitute of all love. This is easily possible for you, when you always only move in love, when you connect yourselves inwardly with eternal love. Every man, who establishes this relationship, for the time being in thoughts, he will also feel a love current flowing into him, for he will, of a soft heart, feel caused to love work. Only the relationship with God is necessary, because this means an opening of the heart for the love current of God, which is the beginning of the work of transformation, which man is to accomplish in earth life. Every good thought is a turning towards God; every evil thought an abandoning of oneself to his opposite pol. Every good thought is a power source; every bad thought a weakening and either has an effect on the soul of man, on its nature. Both stirrings will fight against each other in man, because the spiritual sphere of man is lightless and filled with all evil thoughts and desires, but the light and love spark of God also glows in the soul, which can shine so brightly, that it can drive out or change all evil thinking. Love can assert itself against all bad desires, but man must have the will to do it himself, to establish the connection with God, then also God himself works, and his work can always only be determined by the love principle – therefore make for man the transformation to a divine being possible, by him letting his love current flow into the heart of a willing man. On earth the lack of love is predominant, because earth is the kingdom of him, who is without love and for that reason is the opponent of God - nevertheless the ray of love of God also penetrates into his area, where it just finds an opened heart, where a man kindles in himself the love spark, where his thoughts rise up to God, whom he recognizes as creator and father, and with whom he connects himself consciously through his will. Then the love light of God can have an effect with all power and kindle a fire, which can never ever go out. And the fire will radiate a light, which uncovers all inadequacies, that also lets the devastations in the kingdom of the opponent of God become evident so openly, that man always makes more an effort, to give his life another direction and to also enlighten fellowmen about the inadequate state, which can however be changed into a state of true life, into a state full of light and power. The love light uncovers everything, and a seeing man will not find it difficult, to go the right way, and he will also want to lead this way to his fellowmen. Where the love principle predominates, there the kingdom of God is truly already, even so man still lives on earth, and already on earth men can fashion themselves to gods, because through a love life they always join God closer and become like his original nature, because they then become again, what they were in the very beginning, God-equal beings in love, light and power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6440.


Book 69 6441

Supplying truth.

1. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6441.

It is the sole truth, which is sent to you as God's proof of love; it his his word, which he himself impart to you from above. And you can fully believe this word and assess it as his direct address, which is irrefutable. What is now imparted to you through God's word, that you can support as purest truth and bask yourselves in the light of truth, and you do not need to fear being led in wrong thinking by this means. And through the recognizing of truth out of God you will also be able to pass a right sentence about the value or unworthiness of spiritual material, which is brought to you from the outside; you can recognize, whether it also has the origin in God or has flowed from another source. You are able to distinguish truth from error, for a light shines for you, which chases away all darkness and lets you recognize all garbage, which could pollute the pure spring water, when it is not removed. What God himself gives you, is honest and clear like purest spring water, and that you are to protect from all pollution - because otherwise it loses power and effect. And you will need nothing else any more, than just the life water flowing from that source, to let your soul recover and to preserve it healthy, to put it into a state, that it can enter the light kingdom after the death of the body. You therefore just need the pure truth out of God - to gain eternal life. This truth is sent to every man, who seriously desires it, because there the opponent of God finds no entrance, exactly through the desire for truth, which is equal to the desire for God. But where this does not exist, there the opponent has free entrance, there he can work unimpededly, and his work will always be, to spread darkness over men there and to extinguish the light, where that is possible for him. And for that reason he easily has entry to the hearts of men, because in them the desire for truth is rarely existing, what emerges from it, that they let themselves be caught in a net of lies and errors and make no preparations themselves, to free themselves from it, that they accept without thinking, what is presented to them as truth, and do not ask themselves, whether that offered to them is entitled to it, to be assessed as truth. The opponent of God has an easy job of it with them. He can always let the veil become thicker, which is before their eyes. He can always serve more error and lie to them, which is again accepted without thinking. It is no life water; it is a drink of death, which these men accept, which poisons their souls and lets them enter the opposite kingdom completely darkened. They lack all life, and powerlessly they become slaves of eternal death, because only the light of truth can awaken them to life, because the light of truth can only come from God and they have not asked him for it. The error is far more spread in the world, than pure truth out of God - because it is not requested, but for that men always have an open ear. For the opponent brings such thoughts and teachings to men, which are for men a joy to hear, which they like to hear and which always strengthen error more and for that reason darkness always becomes greater. But men are given according to their will, and for that reason God can give to you extremely richly, you who long for truth, and he will always give you light, that you can penetrate darkness. He will enlighten you, when errors want to force themselves into your thinking. He will not allow it, that your light may be clouded, but always let it shine brighter, the deeper darkness is around you, from which you want to flee. And his word is brightest light, which he himself supplies to you from above, which he imparts to those, who love him and keep his commands - as he has promised it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6441.


Book 69 6442

Rejecting the direct word.

2. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6442.

You will rarely find followers in church circles, for they do not believe it, that men can establish such an intimate connection with me, that they can hear my voice. They also do not believe, that I announce myself, that I address men directly, when they have entered into that child relationship, which is precondition for this direct address. They certainly preach a God of love, but their faith in my love is so small, that they do not even grant me the love proof, to reveal myself, that men on earth also experience my love at themselves. They are empty words without life, which they announce, when they preach me as God of love, and they prove their lifelessness exactly through the rejection of my word, that is offered to them from above through you. And because they reject this word, they can also never be really enlightened, they can never receive light, i.e. broaden their cognition; they walk along in darkness of the spirit, because they themselves also do not take those love commands so seriously, which I gave to them - because they do not give full expression to love, even so it is preached to them.. My word could fill in great gaps in their knowledge; it could awaken them to life, because in the church circles are also men, who seriously strive for perfection and because also the right way is shown to them through the truth of my word. But so long they do not recognize my voice as the voice of the father, so long they also have not established the close connection with me, they have therefore not yet entered into the right child relationship - to completely devote themselves to me and to let themselves be directed by me - not by those, who claim this right for themselves, without having been appointed by me for it. I myself want to be he, to whom they turn in every trouble of the body and of the soul. And so they do that seriously, then I send to them, what they need for soul and body. And since my pure word is the right food for their soul, I will also send it to them, as soon as this request is directed towards me as a matter of priority. But so long they do not accept my pure word, offered from above, this call for real soul food has not been gone out to me - but men are satisfied with that, what men again offer to them. They do not request more and for that reason also make no progress in their earth life, for one thing results from another. Every serious request proves love for me and finds fulfilment in my love - and the best, what I can offer an earth child during its earth life , is my word. My word can certainly also sound to a seriously requesting man everywhere, and he can also receive it in those circles. But he will never repulse, when my pure word is offered to him through you. He will satisfy himself at the food full of joys and longings, which he recognizes as strengthening for his soul. He will enjoy with thanks my proof of love, but not reject it, because love in him also illuminates his spirit and my word radiates for him as a light, which he no longer would like to miss. So long you find resistance, when you want to spread my word, you are always only have dealings with form Christians, who are still dead in the spirit, who have no living faith, who must first awaken to life and their will is necessary for it, to establish a close connection with me - through love work or also - when their love will is still too weak, through mental connection, through a prayer for help in spiritual trouble to their God and creator from eternity. Then I will reveal myself as father and give their souls, what they need, and then they clearly recognize, that the father addresses them for their salvation.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6442.


Book 69 6443

Work of dark powers.

4. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6443.

It is an alarming work of the evil powers in the last time before the end. The prince of darkness constantly drives them to create confusion, and they also succeed all too well with the darkness of the spirit, in which men of this time live, for they meet with response, and men believe, and no matter whether they are the thickest errors and lies, which are presented to them - they accept it as truth and always become darker in their spirit. But every man full of light could recognize it as that, what it is, when he would just like to ask me myself for enlightenment, so something appears doubtful to him. But the spiritual arrogance of men is already so great, that they do not think it necessary to put this question - but are convinced of the honesty of those, who administer deepest error to them. The lack of cognition of men increases always more, instead that it is removed. But I have predicted it to you, that many false prophets and false Chists will rise, that they will put miracles before you, which my opponent works. I have admonished you, not to believe them. But you men are not allowed to turn away everybody as false prophet, but you must seriously examine them on account of their genuineness; you must believe, that also real prophets rise, who want to help you to the salvation of your soul. You are not allowed to accept everybody, but also not reject everybody, who introduces himself in the last time before the end as prophet, as standing in my services. But you have safe features of a genuine prophet, that he walks along inconspicuously and announces my word to you, that he refers you to the end, that he gives you in complete unselfishness, what he receives from me directly – as I have done it myself, when I walked on earth. My emissaries do not appear in brightness and splendour; my emissaries will not walk among you men differently, than I myself have done it, and never ever will I hide myself behind high and highest ranks, never ever will I reveal myself through such men, who stand at the highest top of worldly organizations, for these are not the right followers of me, I who myself, completely without means and simple, felt drawn to those, who were poor and weak and in trouble. I certainly would also be able to appear there, when the "right following" of those would be proven to me in this way, that they themselves rejected all outer pomp - when their work would go on in quietness and a clear distance would be recognizable from traditional customs - when they would listen to the voice of their spirit and let themselves be led - to be a loving father for the poor and weak, the needy, in quiet care, to alleviate trouble and to truly go the way of the following, by them supporting pure truth, which a spirit filled man now also clearly recognizes in himself. But my opponent prevents this and for that reason feigns to them, what lets them still sink deeper into spiritual darkness. My opponent has great power before the end, but he could not make use of it, where he finds resistance: the most intimate connection to me through unselfish love activity. But such would express itself differently, for it does not show itself outwardly, it does not step out, it does not support a power, which stands before the collapse, for a spirit illuminated through love also clearly recognizes the spiritual low of men and its cause. And a man, whose spirit is enlightened, cannot profess his faith in untruthfulness, but crusades against it. Do not let yourselves be captivated and ask me for enlightenment, so you doubt, but do not accept thoughtlessly, what my opponent puts before you, to still darken your spirit more. Where bright light radiates, there is truth, there I reveal myself and there my prophets will rise, who warn and admonish you and who again and again denounce the doings of my opponent. But in the hustle and bustle of the world truth, light, is not to be found - and worldly is everything what his blinding light sends out, which has no illuminating power. But where light shines, there I myself appear, there is truth, there is my spirit, and it also illuminates brightly the doings of Satan.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6443.


Book 69 6444

Comforting words of the father.

5. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6444.

What sufferings and pains are granted to you in earth life, that all helps you to perfection, when you bear it in devotion to my will. Consider after all, that I know about everything and that, what I allow, can always bring in for you a good success for the soul. I certainly do not approve of the proceedings of those, who cause you agonies or troubles, but all men have free will and must accept responsibility for this will in future. But no harm at the soul needs to arise for you yourselves as a result; you can emerge from all troubles and sufferings uninjured at your soul, but have then also scored a plus, but always presupposed, that you remain in contact with me through love, that you do not let yourselves be tempted to hate and revenge thoughts, but devotedly let everything wash over you in the certainty, that I know about it and will help you, as soon as you just turn to me in prayer. You have a father in heaven after all, who loves his children. Full of faith entrust yourselves to the father, and you will not be disappointed, for he always knows a way out, and no matter how confused it seems. For truly everything is possible for me. Moreover the work of my opponent becomes strongly evident, that you must again and again call into memory. He wants to achieve it, to bring you under his control; he wants, that you give up faith in me, that you break away from me and devote yourselves to him through likewise bad acting and lack of love. Do not let yourselves be tempted; hold out in patience and trust in my help. Where hate meets you, there repay it with love; where you are treated with hostility, there bless in my name; often and intimately express my name, when you are in trouble, and you will be strengthened inwardly and have the power, to repay bad with good. In connection with me, trusting in my help, you will be able to do everything, and the work of my opponent will remain without success, only always more pushing you to me, I who am your father from eternity. And hand yourselves over to the light beings after intimate prayer to me, who just wait on it, that your call is meant for them, who now help you on my behalf, but are not allowed to do it sooner, until they are instructed by me - until you ask me myself for help. They are made happy, being allowed to help you, and where you yourselves feel yourselves too weak, there their work starts, because they are associated to you as guides on your journey through life to protect and help. You are never too weak to be able to resist against your enemies, when you just before take the right way to me, because then innumerable helpers stand by you, but who are not allowed to intervene sooner, until they have received the instruction from me. Why do you then want to be timid? Everywhere and always there are means, which help you in trouble - always only turn trustingly to your God. But what your soul can benefit from all trials and sufferings, which are imposed on you, that you cannot gauge, but in future you will thank me for the earth course, which you had to cover for the sake of your perfection - which brought in for you the close relationship with me, which certainly was a walk of the cross for you, but unimaginable blessed, so you have covered it in my following. And never forget, that no trouble is so great, that I could not remove it. One always stands by your side and just waits for your call. And his help will truly not fail to appear.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6444.


Book 69 6445

Symbol of the church of Christ.

6. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6445.

The work of my spirit is the symbol of that church, which I myself have founded on earth. Again and again I must say it to you, that you recognize my church only thereon, that you are only then followers of the church of Christ, when the spirit can work in you - when your thinking is enlightened, even so you are not appointed to do extraordinary things. For an enlightened thinking proves the power of my spirit, but which can only then express itself, when the preconditions are fulfilled - when unselfish love work has established the relationship of the spirit spark in you and its father spirit. Then you will also be able to believe alive, for love in you has awakened faith to life, and the spirit in you now sees lightly and clearly, which teachings are according to truth, which you then also support with conviction to your fellowmen. So long you still walk along in error, so long your faith is just a form faith without life, so long the spirit still does not work in you, and so long you can also still not say, to belong to the church of Christ - the church founded by me myself on earth. Already that you men do not know this or, when it is told you, do not want to believe, proves, that you still do not belong to my church; it proves, that your spirit is unenlightened, and it proves, that your earth walk is not full of love, otherwise your thinking would change automatically, and you could recognize the truth of these my words. After all, let yourselves seriously be admonished to a way of life in unselfish love. For that is the first condition, to bring the spirit spark in you to awakening, that it now works in you - that it gives you cognition of truth. But do not keep to outer forms; do not keep to that, what unenlightened men tell you, what they have again taken over from unenlightened men and now rigidly support as truth. Get hold of truth yourselves, by you asking me for it. After all, do not be satisfied with a teaching material, which is presented to you, but consider it before, before you yourselves confess your faith in it, and ask me for help, to recognize truth. And so this is your serious will, I will truly direct your thinking right, because I want, that you reach truth, and do everything, to supply it to you, only your free will for it is required, that you seriously desire truth. I cannot declare to agree with your lethargy in thinking; I cannot praise you men for it, that you believe thoughtlessly, what you are told, without you having expressed your opinion yourselves on it before. I do not condemn you, when you believe not being able to accept something despite best will - also when it is truth. But I condemn you, when you accept, without thinking, because spiritual material is to become conviction in you, but this is only possible, when you concern yourselves with it in thoughts and - to now think right - ask me myself for support. How do I enjoy such a request, which I truly fulfil, but how rarely does such a request rise up to me. And for that reason it will also be impossible for you, being able to believe alive; it will be impossible, that my spirit works in you, because you do not give it the right, to express itself. And for that reason you will also never be able to boast about yourselves, to belong to my church founded on earth, which symbol is "the work of the spirit" in man, which "guides you into all truth", which also lets you recognize, that your life is an idling, so long you do not live in love and connect yourselves with me through love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6445.


Book 69 6446

The power of the divine word.

7. January 1956 B.D. NR. 6446.

My word gives power to all, who are weak and powerless and wish to be strengthened by me. For when I myself address them, that flows towards them out of the power source, what they need, because love to those fills me, who lie weakened on the ground. My word holds that power in itself, which lets the sick recover, and sick is everybody, who cannot work in divine fulness of power, as it was his purpose in the original beginning. For you men are all weakened, otherwise you would not have to go the earth way. And for that reason you all need the supply of power, but which you can receive amply from my word, which I always offer you in love. So long you men go past that, you will have to record no ascent worth mentioning, unless you live in love. But then you also receive my word unconsciously, for it is me myself, who is in you through love and whose voice you follow in all thinking and acting. But who closes his ear to my word, who believes, being able to fulfil his actual earth task without my word, he will always become weaker of power for love work, for his weakened state will always become more obvious and become evident though complete thinking and acting against God - because for a life according to my will power is required, which you yourselves do not possess as result of your former fall, but which is amply at your disposal in earth life in the presentation of my word, but which acceptance is up to you. As soon as you are addressed by me, a source of favour opens itself for you, which inexorably flows, but from which you yourselves must draw, to be able to refresh yourselves on it. A source can constantly let the freshest water flow from it - when you do not bend down and open hand and mouth, you will not be able to refresh yourselves on it. And so you must also yourselves be willing, to let my word flow into you, only then you will also experience the effect of the word at you yourselves - you will feel strengthened at body and soul, because my word is actually power, which has always its effect, when it can penetrate into the heart, i.e. is listened to, considered and followed willingly. Then it gives you life; you will be able to rise from the ground and be active, and you will never lack power, because you can always turn to me, I who have always assured you of my help through my word. For I have said: Ask, and it shall be given you - but you must for the present hear these my words; you must know, that I have spoken them to you, and for that reason listen to them for the present, but then you know, what you have to do, when you are in trouble of the body and the soul. Then you know, that you just need to turn to me; you know, that a helper always stands by you; your whole earth life walk you can now lead according to that knowledge, which my word has imparted to you. You will walk in love, when you are serious to take my word as guiding principle, and through love you will gain soul maturity, because you always connect more with me, so you practise love. You must know about everything, before you go the earth way consciously, and my word imparts this knowledge to you. And because I love you, my word also gives you that power at the same time, to carry out, what I request from you through my word. Always let yourselves be addressed by me, and you will become master of all weakness, but do not reject me, if you do not want to be weak and helpless for eternal times.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6446.


Book 69 6447

Hoarding matter. Prompting of the opponent.

8. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6447.

What my spirit imparts to men, is alone to be seen as truth. And for that reason all spiritual material, which is sent to you, must agree with this sole truth out of me, otherwise is has emerged from one other, whose endeavours are and will always remain, to fight truth, and who also makes use of such means, which are to feign me myself as start. What I give to men, will always serve to that end, to gain a soul maturity, which was set for men as the actual earth task - because my love wants to help them, to become free of all material fetter, to be able to enter the spiritual kingdom after death free from care. And every word, what is supplied to earth by me myself, always has only this one purpose, to bring in soul maturity for you. I will always only admonish men, to free themselves, and I will also give you the comprehensible reasons of that; I will enlighten you, what all matter basically actually is and in which way the spiritualization of it takes place in endless long time. My care will always only be meant for your soul, the spiritual in the material form. The breaking away from matter is such a significant act; it is an act of greatest importance, that my word will never ever contain a prompting to hoard matter - to increase it and to enjoy its possession. But all this my opponent prompts - and you are allowed to believe these my words, that everywhere there my opponent has won influence, where such phenomena can be followed, that riches accumulate, that these riches are used to captivate the eyes of men, that these riches do not perform that purpose, which alone is to be addressed as the blessing of riches: to relieve poor and needy men of their state of misery. My opponent will always know to prevent this, and of it you men will also be able to recognize, where my opponent rules, and you will also be able to be certain, that there is also no truth to be found, because my opponent will always fight against truth, but in his province especially, because there he also finds his faithful ones, who are submissive to him. My word from above gives information about the doings of my opponent in the last time before the end. And who belongs to mine, he also sees the signs of the end, and he only still cares for his soul. But my opponent does not want to admit this end and all his own kind likewise not. And these are driven by him to make provisions for a time, which will no longer be. And men follow willingly his promptings; they do not remember the near end, but they create and work and plan and build for coming times and proof in this way their walk in darkness and their lord, to whom they have subordinated themselves. My word alone is truth, and this word announces to you, that you men all stand before the end. If you would believe these my words, so you would not succumb to the inordinate desire for material goods; you would just seek to make the last time bearable for you to each other; you would more remember those men living in greatest trouble, whom you can help. And you would turn to the pure word of God and clearly recognize, where my opponent is at work; you would then also no longer let yourselves be deceived by delusions, by webs of lies; you would obviously recognize the father of the lie, who wants to estrange you from truth. For you would also recognize, how different the spiritual material is, which was offered to you, from that, what I myself supply you to earth. But as long as you yourselves do as he wishes, that he always chains you firmer to matter, so long you will also be blind in the spirit, and so long you also remain in his power. You stand before the end, and all your striving is in vain. For that reason break yourselves away from matter, before it is too late, so that it may not become your grave.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6447.


Book 69 6448

Reception of truth necessitates breaking away from the hitherto existing.

10. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6448.

A ray of light goes out from me, which can never ever be darkened - but which also unsparingly uncovers and illuminates everything, what would like to prefer it to keep itself hidden, what does not endure the bright light. And that is the symbol of the "truth out of God", that it gives bright light to him, who is in darkness and longs for light - that a man gains complete enlightenment, which now also gives the competence to judge, to distinguish truth from error. Every man claims indeed, to possess truth, when he wants to defend his own spiritual material. But so long there are still uncleared questions, so long meaning and purpose of that is not comprehensible, what takes place on earth, and so long man is still not informed of my plan of salvation from eternity, so long he can impossibly move in truth, for it gives him cognition about everything. And only I can impart this truth to men, I who am truth myself - and can again only impart it to those, who are so filled by the desire for truth, that they, for the sake of pure truth, open themselves to me and let themselves be given by me myself, what cannot be sent to them from another side. And these must free themselves from all up to now supplied spiritual material. They are not allowed to be burdened with knowledge, which they are not prepared to give up. They must acknowledge me myself as only source and come to the source hungry and thirsty, but not with a filled stomach. For I will not administer delicious food to those, who are already satisfied, who have already received their food elsewhere. I want to refresh the hungry and the thirsty; I want to give a pure bread and a fresh water to those, who need food for their souls. And this food will always serve them to recovery, when they are ill; it will give power to those, who are weak. But it would have no life awakening effect with those, who come with a full stomach to me. Do you understand this comparison? Only very few men are prepared, to free themselves from preconceived opinions, from spiritual material, which they have acquired for themselves intellectually or what has been planted into them through instructions on the part of man, through exchange of ideas with men walking in error - for which the deep spiritual state of men and their spiritual darkness is explanation. But if man now wants to stand in truth, then I request from him a complete turning away from that, what he has received before as spiritual knowledge. I request, that he comes to me with an empty heart and lets it be filled by me and that he no longer takes other food to himself, than which I now offer to him. For pure truth out of me tolerates no human accessories, and my life source will close itself for him, who does not fulfil my conditions. And that is certainly comprehensible for you men after all, that I know about the most inner stirrings of the heart of man and that no man's words can deceive me? But the ray of my light will kindle in every man and again spread bright light, when he desires to stand in truth. And he will be able to judge, what is not according to truth. But former will not even be able to recognize truth, because the pure light is over radiated by a blinding light, what I certainly allow, because the will of man itself gives cause to it. These men will always lose themselves more in erroneous thinking, but always hold on to it more tenaciously, for the darkness fights against the light, and particularly in the time of the end, where one ray of light - truth out of me - brightly illuminates the doings of him, who is against truth. And you men decide this fight yourselves; you alone decide it, whether you move in truth or in erroneous thinking, for you can receive truth from me at any time, when you do, what I request: to come to me truly hungry and thirsty, to receive from me the food for your souls. Then it will become light in you, and you will brightly and clearly recognize, that I am eternal truth myself.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6448.


Book 69 6449

Convinced acknowledging of Jesus Christ.

11. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6449.

Nobody can free himself from the fetter of Satan without Jesus Christ. But it is of no use, when man calls himself a Christian only in accordance with the name, when he does not consciously reject Jesus, but man must have before seriously devoted himself to him - he must be aware of his guilt; he must recognize his own imperfection and believe, that Jesus Christ can redeem him from his guilt and weakness, and consciously ask him for it. He must therefore put himself under his cross. Every man must realize, that the redemption through Jesus Christ is no formal, general act, which takes place in a stereotyped way with everyone; he must realize, that he himself must do something to it, to partake of the redemption through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has certainly redeemed all men, i.e., no-one is eliminated from his work of mercy, but against the will of man his redemption does not take place. And for that reason man must before express his will, wanting to be redeemed by him. And for that reason it is a fully conscious matter, which first of all requires, to mentally analyse the problem of God becoming man and the death of Jesus Christ on the cross; to consciously confess his faith in Jesus Christ and to now also live on earth in accordance with his will. The convinced acknowledging of Jesus Christ will also let man call upon him for help, which will also certainly be granted to him for the sake of the work of redemption. To be redeemed means, to become free from the power of him, who pulls man down. To be redeemed means, being able to strive upwards free from care, what was not possible before the death of Jesus on the cross, for the opponent of God released no soul. But how many men on earth believe, being "Christians" through the mere confessing of Jesus Christ with the mouth, therefore being entitled to redemption through him. They believe, having escaped the supposed fate of those, who are heathen in their eyes. They believe, that their "faith" in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption is enough, but which is only a form faith after all, so long the inner transformation to a living Christian has not yet happened in them. But for that reason these form Christians will also not be able to resist, when they are forced to the last decision; they will then give up faith with an easier heart, because it has not yet been alive in them, and they will testify to this, that they are and were true heathen, who had just gotten themselves a false name. But there is no redemption without Jesus Christ. And for that reason this last decision means a reinforced fetter, which the opponent of God puts on them, and to be released from this fetter will last immemorial long time, until Jesus Christ will once again hold out his hand to them, which they did not want to see in this life and have therefore not grasped. How easily could all men still escape this great danger, because everywhere in the world Jesus Christ is announced - and everywhere his name is confessed with the power of persuasion, because every man could let himself be impressed from it and once seriously think about the meaning of his work of redemption. As soon as just the will would exist, Jesus Christ himself would help and bring himself into the memory of man. He would himself speak mentally to him and truly make it easy for him, to go the way to him - when the will would just exist to receive a light in this question, which is truly the most important for you men. But the form believer has no advantage over the unbeliever, for he is exactly as far away from Jesus Christ as that one. And for that reason the great trouble is among mankind, and only few men will escape from this trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6449.


Book 69 6450

Change of will. Jesus Christ. Favour - light - power.

12. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6450.

Who knows about the guilt of the spiritual, which is cause of creation, cause of the earth course and the life of men on earth, he no longer rebels against me, for this knowledge is the result of the will turning to me. Knowledge can certainly also be presented to those, who are of a will turned away from me. But then these will never acknowledge such knowledge as truth and accept it; then it always just remains a thought material for those, which they reject as "made up" by men. It is then never a light of cognition, which shines for them - because exactly this change of will belongs to it, which makes man to my child, which has returned to me. Neither own though activity nor transmission through fellowmen can give man the right cognition, for it is like a light, which I myself kindle in man, but can always only then light, when he has voluntarily turned to me. But a voluntary turning to me also always testifies to the will, to give up the previous state of resistance, to go back the way, which has once led away from his father. It is therefore a conscious turning back and consequently also a confession of his former wrong - of his sin against God. The will, to serve me, reinforces this unconscious admission of his former guilt, where, through the turning down of my love, it was overbearing over him, who just wanted to give himself away. The request for power and favour is likewise the admission of guilt, the awareness, that it had forfeited everything through its former sin, what was his share in the original beginning. That man, who is still in his old sin, will send no call up to the father for power and light and favour, because he does not acknowledge me, he therefore is still in his original sin, but for that reason will also never acknowledge a knowledge as true, that makes him aware of his sinful state. And in it also lies the great importance of a change of will, for it abolishes the former state of sin, but will never be able to be managed out of the own power, because the fall into the depth and the sin was too great, than that the being having become completely powerless could transform itself again. And for that reason the one must be called, who alone can remove the weakness of will, who died for these beings on the cross, to be able to send strengthening for their sake, to go the way back to me. Who is therefore truly remorseful, he has already himself handed over to Jesus Christ; he has taken up his favours, which he has acquired on the cross for sinful men. For a turning to me will also always be connected with the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ - for the light in man can only shine with all powers, therefore bring cognition to man, when he is redeemed through the blood of Jesus, because before my spirit cannot work in man, which enlightens his thinking and re-establishes order, which is divine principle. The acknowledging of God and the subordinating to his will, will also always result in the acknowledging of Jesus as God's son and redeemer of the world. For who connects himself again to me, he steps out of his state of darkness, and full of light he also recognizes the mission of the man Jesus and the meaning of the work of redemption. He wants back, and that also means return to the light; it means reception of power and favour - it means the turning to my love in excess - he confess himself guilty and asks for forgiveness. The feeling of the distance of the being from me, his God and creator from eternity, is expressed in his prayer for favour, power and light. His former arrogance he has given up; he has returned to me in deepest humility and can now also receive again favour, power and light unmeasured. The guilt has been written into the sand. The divine redeemer Jesus Christ himself has wiped it out.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6450.


Book 69 6451

Use of the last favour in free will.

13. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6451.

It remains left up to you, to make use of the unusual supply of power, which is given to you in the last time, although you do not desire it. I temper justice with mercy; I heap proofs of my love on you; I help you to an effortless ascent, when you still want to undertake it. And I give you the assurance, that you still reach the aim, as soon as you are just serious about it. You do not know it, that I do a work of mercy for you, which can still rescue you, when you just summon the will, to grasp my saving hand. I do everything, to protect you from a terrible lot of a new banishment, but one thing I cannot - to determine you, to accept my immeasurable gift of favour. This you must do out of your own drive, but power and favour are at your disposal abundantly, because much time does no longer remain until the end. But you do not know to appreciate the favour, that I myself address you, that each individual of you is allowed to hear me, that I approach every individual of you like a father his child and warn and admonish it and reveal myself to it in my love. But it is as if you close ears and eyes, to just not see and hear, what happens around you. It is as if you lack the right senses - you can no longer think right and always want the wrong; in complete blindness you walk your way, and if a hand offers itself to guidance, then you push it back; everyone you unwillingly repulse, who wants to help you, and your father must watch how you voluntarily run into your ruin. But no matter how my love longs for your rescue, I do not determine your will. And for that reason it is each ones man's own concern, how he still uses the short time until the end. But he has all possibilities to still escape eternal death; he must just want, that his earth life leads to the destination, for the purpose of which he has received it. When every man would just be able to summon the will to not live in vain, then this would already be a step upwards, but men have other aims - and these aims fill their complete thinking and wanting. They are greedy for possession, for acknowledgment and sensual pleasure. They strive for everything, what they are to learn to overcome in earth life. They live in complete wrong thinking and are unapproachable to every instruction of their own earth life. And so my rich treasure of favour receives no attention; they go past that, what is offered to them for their salvation. And darkness always becomes greater, which lies spread over earth. But it is the own fault of man, for although my opponent works in enormous ways, because his last time has come, men could free themselves from his control, because the gifts of favour flow just as amply, which would impart power to every man, to be able to resist him. But it is about a free decision of the will; the thing is that which lord you choose for yourself. And nobody is allowed to force you to this decision of the will; freely you must make it, and for that reason you also determine, in free will, your lot after the death of your body. You do not need to get lost, but you must yourselves want your life. For that reason I again and again let my voice sound from above; for that reason I again and again approach you in the word. And my favour I pour out over you in excess. But how you use it, that is up to you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6451.


Book 69 6452

Last phase. Religious warfare.

14. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6452.

You soon enter the last phase, for the time has come, which has been mentioned since the beginning of this redemption epoch. The end of this earth is very near, and you will soon experience all signs, which have been announced to you through seers and prophets at all times. And so everything will fulfil itself, because my word is truth and I myself have spoken through these prophets' mouth. Everything, what I let predict, concerning the end, should just encourage you men to work on your soul, and for that reason there have often been times in this redemption period, where men could believe, that the end was forthcoming. And that was also necessary, because the corruption of men made an intervention on my part credible and again and again some few set about their soul work the more eagerly and were truly rescued for eternal life. But the time was not yet fulfilled; Satan had not yet won the absolute power over men, although also in that time true devils were up to their mischief on earth. A longer time had been granted to mankind, because much bound spiritual still had to embody itself for the purpose of the last test of will on this earth. My plan of salvation unwound according to the law of eternal order, and no day earlier or later an epoch will end, because I saw from eternity, what served the spiritual or is an obstacle to it to the development. But the work of Satan assumes always more terrible forms, because much of the bound becomes free and through his influence now works according to his demand. For that reason also the devilish conduct of men increases, the closer the end is. And my opponent therefore believes to be so strong, that he will be able to completely defeat me and, in the end, he no longer keeps to the laws of his authority, which were set for him at his fall into the depth. And as soon as this moment has come, an end is set to his work - and that means the end of a redemption epoch; it means dissolving of all form, release of the bound in it and re-engendering into new forms, which are in accordance with the state of maturity of the spiritual. And this exceeding of authority will clearly be expressed and be a sure sign for men of the near end. For my opponent will openly position himself against me, by him wanting to rape men, by him wanting to force them, to deny me - by him wanting to destroy all spiritual relationship with me, to get all men under his control. Who knows about the purpose of earth life, which exists in the free decision of the will of man, he also knows it, that such one is completely stopped through that plan of my opponent, and he also knows, that then the moment has come, where I put an end to his raging, where I place him again in chains, with his whole following. And he will now also understand all prophecies, which refer to the end. And for that reason pay attention to this last work of my opponent, where you clearly recognize, in which time you live - pay attention to the endeavour, to take all faith from men; pay attention to all that, what is clearly recognizable as work of antichrist. And particularly pay attention to, how men are treated with hostility, who serve me in truth and seek to spread truth. And as soon as you see all signs of a coming religious war, you know, that you have entered into the last phase of the existing of this earth, and then forearm yourselves, you who want to remain loyal to me, and go with confidence and power into this fight, and know, that I go in front of you, that you fight for me and are and will remain truly invincible, and no matter whether you are far outnumbered by the crowd of my opponent. But him himself I will beat and capture him, when the hour has come, which is determined for eternity. And you, my loyal ones, will emerge out of this fight to new life and no longer be able to be besieged by him, who is my opponent and will still remain eternities my opponent.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6452.


Book 69 6453

Different course of development of the fallen.

15. and 16. Jauary 1956. B.D. NR. 6453.

The divine word sounds far out into infinity, for continually the father addresses his children and his creatures, continually he imparts all entities that power, which enlivens them. So long as the entity is still imperfect, so long as it is still bound in creations of all kind, it certainly receives the power, but does not understand the word going out from God. But in a certain state of maturity it is able to do it, and then the achieving of a state of happiness is also certain. But there are also entities, which are certainly able but not willing to listen to God's word. Nevertheless it sounds for these entities, for it is to aim to achieve, to change their will, so that it once desires and can receive the word of God consciously. God himself addresses all entities, which are in the possession of free will. Everywhere in the universe are creations, which hold spiritual, which has so far matured, to be able to receive the divine word, and everywhere light beings are prepared as mediators, when that spiritual itself still does not possess the degree of maturity, to hear it directly, why therefore also in all worlds the beings have knowledge of God, their creator and preserver from eternity. And the degree of light, in which those beings move, is determining for the fulness and the kind of knowledge, which is imparted to them through God's word. Therefore, in the whole infinity eternal truth is spread, and all entities stand in the knowledge of the "One God" as highly perfect being, from which all entities once went out. And nevertheless there is a difference between the beings of those worlds in the universe and men on this earth - a difference, which only then becomes comprehensible, when the former defection of the originally created spirits from God is seen as "gone on in infinite periods" - what therefore means a Fall of man of such different kind and depth, that also the kind of clearing away, of repatriation and condition for it need completely different worlds and creations and also the beings enlivening these creations are quiet different in their powers of comprehension and therefore all must cover different ways of development, to reach God again. This knowledge is however not necessary for men, is to just let become comprehensible to them, that God's plan of salvation and his infinite care does not just apply to the spiritual embodied on earth, but without exception is also valid to the other world creations. His address, however, always touches the beings so, as they need it in accordance with their former guilt and their distance from God. (16.1.1956) The defection of the first created being, of the light bearer, was no sudden matter, but it took place in immemorial long time, until this being landed in the lowest depth. And his following was also natured differently, according to the strength of the resistance of the first being to God's love power, which again had an effect on the beings created by him. The will of resistance was therefore certainly put into every one of these created beings, but in different degrees - but what by no means justifies those beings, which are fallen and followed him into the depth. For the love radiation on the part of God was nevertheless so strong, that it would have been enough to break the will of resistance in the beings, however did not determine their free will, to turn to the start of that love power. But on the other hand, the light radiation was of different effect, so that beings also preserved an idea of cognition for themselves, which also caused them to the separation from their producer, which hampered them in their fall into the depth, although also they had gone away from God in free will. For that reason also they had become sinful, their way is just not so endless, and the repatriation of these beings requires no so long time, as the beings out of the deepest depth need. But the idea of cognition, which was once left to these beings, would have, on the other hand, also been enough to recognize the guilt, having turner away from God. But the will of resistance was just as strong to God as to their fallen producer - and this will of resistance must also be broken in them, what also proceeds far easier, but the happiest joys of the adoption of God are not accessible to these beings - for their walk upwards takes place in works of creation, which have a completely different fashioning than earth, which serves as schooling station for the deepest fallen - for these beings must live through terrible purification agonies, before they, out of the deepest darkness, reach a small gleam of light, which then shows them the way upwards. They must unimaginably atone for their guilt already on earth, and the change from a being completely controlled by the opponent of God to the image of God is an act of will, which God also rewards with the highest happiness, which brings in the adoption of God for the being, which therefore requires the walk over this earth. But God keeps connections with all his creations, with all beings inhabiting these creations. But the will determines, whether those connections are used, whether they become obviously evident. For where a will of resistance against God's love radiation still exists, there this will also have no love and power effect. His word sounds constantly in the infinity. The will of God is for that reason known everywhere, because his word always only expresses his will. Just mediators must be always and everywhere, who hear it from God himself and then pass it on, may it be in earthly or spiritual creations or in the kingdom of the spirits, which still have found no permanent stay and wander around, until also they find again a place, where they are to and can prove themselves anew. To these therefore also God's word must sound, but in those kingdoms a soul is rarely able to hear God's word, unless a light being stays unrecognized among them, which has exactly this mission to impart. All heavenly bodies offer stay to the souls supposed to mature, always in accordance with their will and aptitude. But the same word sounds everywhere, the same truth out of God. But what it means, having been embodied on earth, that can also only be explained to you men through the word of God, and you will be able to understand it also only, when your course of development has ended and you stay in higher spheres as happy light beings - where everything has become comprehensible for you and where the infinite distance from God becomes obvious to you and the endless long way, which you have already covered. The smaller distance from God has no influence on the depth of the love of God for his creatures, but the maturation process is another, and the last aim, the adoption of God, can only be reached through an ascent out of the deepest depth upwards. Exactly the furthest distance, the burden of this sin is such an unconquerable seeming cleft, that it therefore requires a helper, and this helper - Jesus Christ - makes this ascent possible. But in the spiritual kingdom the joys are unmeasurable, and all beings could take possession of them and serve God uninterruptedly in incredible happiness. But his children stand closest to him; they will receive the love radiation directly from him; they will constantly hear his address and again pass on his hallowed word, for these consciously handed themselves over in earth life to their Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ, and he drew them to his heart in hot mercy - where they will also remain until in all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6453.


Book 69 6454

Guests of earth. Right administrator.

19. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6454.

Remain mindful of, that you all are just guests on this earth, that your actual home is not the transient kingdom, but that you only stay here temporarily, to be able to return to your home matured, which you have once left voluntarily, but must once reach again that place, from where you went out. Would you men be more aware of your earth task, would you really only feel as guests on this earth, then you would also not make the effort, to find your feet in this world of pretence. You would always only think of, to be able to return again to your home quite richly blessed; you would want to acquire for yourselves on earth only that, what you are allowed to take with you over there, and all other effort would appear to you useless and worthless, and then also your maturing would be secured; you would fulfil your earth life purpose and would never ever need to fear idleness. For as "guest" you would not like to acquire for yourselves something, what you must leave behind, and for that reason your striving would be for other things. But as long as you do not feel yourselves as guests, but as lords of this earth, you fail to recognize your actual earth life purpose, and all your wanting, thinking and acting will be wrong; it will not be in accordance with the purpose to increase your soul maturity. And when you also call an earthly possession your own, when you are richly blessed with earthly goods - provided you just consider yourselves as administrator, you will also utilize your possession right and in this way also be able to gain spiritual goods. With borrowed good you are to always keep house the right way, i.e. not wanting to be beneficiary alone of that, but let your fellowmen be part of it. Then it will bring blessing to you; it will bring in spiritual goods for you, which are immortal. So as you receive, you are to also give. For the Lord, who richly entertains his guests, he wants to let all have, what they need, and he himself will call upon his guests to hand out to everyone, who needs gifts. And so you are to also think of, that each one man has the same right to things, which he needs for life, that each one man on this earth is a guest, like you, and that the Lord will want to let none of his guests live in want and for that reason you act in his will, when you give gifts of love to your fellowmen. You must still once give away everything. Therefore seek to rid yourselves already before voluntarily of that, for such acting will bring in for you no loss, but double blessing, which you will only recognize, when you leave this earth and you find a wealth in the opposite kingdom - when you will recognize, that through your acting on earth you have gained the love of many men, which follows you into eternity. How blind are those men, who amass possession, who enjoy their earthly possession and let no one else take part in it - and how miserable will be their lot after the death of their body. You men all know, that your life on this earth is limited, and still your life lets no precautions recognize for your actual life in that kingdom, what truly exists, but which can be very different in its nature, because it is up to you, how you fashion it for you. You will find there much living cooperation, when you have shown love to your fellowmen on earth; it will be measured out to you, as you yourselves have given, and you will truly need to record no loss, but thousand times profit grow for you from every gift, which you hand out with a loving heart. Just consider yourselves as guests on this earth and everything, what you possess as borrowed good, but with which you are allowed to manage things as you please. And therefore administer this good in the interest of him, who gave it to you; work with it in love - and you will experience a blessing, which you cannot measure, so long you live on earth. You then return to your true home richly loaded and so fashioned, as you have once gone out from it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6454.


Book 69 6455

Influencing through spiritual powers. Taking possession.

20. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6455.

It is up to you men alone, how you benefit from your earth life. That way is prescribed to you, which you must go, i.e., everything approaches you so by fate, that every day, every experience and every thought can serve your soul to perfection. But the utilization of all that is completely up to you, i.e., you can let yourselves be determined by this means in your thinking, wanting and acting, that you completely move in divine order; but you can also consciously close your mind to every deeper impression; you can consider your course of life pure worldly only, what you prove in this way, that you believe, being able to master your fate yourselves or to direct life to other paths. Your own will is decisive. And both good and bad powers seek to influence this will; powers, which want to help you to a life in happiness after the death of the body, and such, who want to prevent your change, your perfection. These can now always only have an effect on your will, and they do it in every conceivable way. These powers either belong to God or his opponent - they have access to you, in accordance with your will, but cannot force your will. This must be emphasized, that you men do not stand under their control, that they cannot force an entry into your house against your will, but you yourselves must open the door for them, through which they now find entrance with you, Your soul can therefore still be strongly subject to the law of desire - that means, that its substances have still not sufficiently purified themselves in the pre-development, in the mandatory state, that they still bear in themselves much of the carnal from this state. And the result of this is, that spiritual powers of the same disposition, therefore beings with the same carnality, do not find the resistance of the will, when they seek to influence it. Then those "emissaries" of the opponent of God influence man and often successfully. But the light beings, those powers, who busy themselves on behalf of God, want to win the will of man as well, and they can achieve this likewise only through mental transmission. And man himself is the decisive factor, to which thoughts he gives space in himself. As soon as he, despite his carnality, gives in to the pushing of the light beings, he drives out all bad spirits, which whish him ill. Man must therefore free his soul substances from the desires still adhering to them, from all still opposing the divine order, from all qualities, which still prove a love directed wrongly, because for this purpose the life on earth as man was granted to the soul, so that it - as once fallen original spirit - may completely de-slag itself from all unclean, what still separates this original spirit from God. And this work must happen in completely free will. If a soul is now excessively besieged by the opponent of God and his following, that it is too weak, to resist them, because it does not call him, who can give it the necessary power - then the evil powers can certainly take possession of man and sling the soul far back again, but this does not always mean the complete fall into the depth, because the remaining nature of the soul still makes an ascent in the opposite kingdom possible, why souls, which are very weakened, are often suddenly recalled and, through their complete apathy, offer no point of attack in the opposite kingdom any more for the bad powers and for that reason can find themselves back again slowly and the influence of good powers can then be successful. Every man is exposed to the besieging of spiritual entities, which seek to influence him mentally. But against his will such beings are not allowed to gain a footing in a body, but the soul substances being similar to it feel themselves addressed and begin to revolt. And the will of man can command them to be silent, but always only then, when Jesus Christ gives him the necessary strengthening - when man hands himself completely over to the divine redeemer, that he may free him out of all spiritual trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6455.


Book 69 6456

The only way to cognition.

21. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6456.

A great area is made accessible to you, you who hear my word, which is not available to other men, unless they accept your instructions about it and now try to explore this area in the same way - that they let themselves be instructed by me through the spirit. And what you desire to know, it will teach you. For that reason, the relationship with me myself is therefore for the present necessary, only then the barriers can fall, which are set for you as man, which your intellect cannot pull down. But through the intimate connection with me you let powers in you become active, which you all certainly possess, but which lie fallow, so long you isolate yourselves from me. However, the connection with me lets those powers get active, because they worked in you at the original beginning and will always work, when the separation from me is abolished. You were once full of light and power; the highest cognition belonged to you and unlimited power, so long you let my love power radiate through you. Again and again you must hear it, that the former fulness of light and power is unweakened at your disposal, when on your own initiative you let yourselves again be radiated through by my love power, but whereto the intimate connection with me is indispensable. And to stand in the fullness of light also means, to possess fullest cognition as once - therefore to know about everything, Then my love radiates through you, my spirit, and enlightens your thinking, and all veils fall from your eyes; the limited intellectual knowledge is broadened; also that is comprehensible to you, what the intellect of man cannot fathom. All areas are made accessible to you, and you can understand and explain everything, about which man can get hold of no enlightenment anywhere else - about spiritual problems, about your existence and your and creation's meaning and purpose - and about that being, which exceeds everything in respect to perfection and can be denied by no thinking man. Such knowledge should be desirable to all of you. And it would also be accessible to all of you, but without the intimate connection with me it will never be to be received. And since men also do not let the smallest little ray of light flare up in them, they also do not know, how full of power and light they have once been and how miserable the state is, in which they are. And the knowledge can also not be imparted to them, because a transmission from man to man also presupposes a gleam of light, to be able to be understood. Therein lies the great spiritual trouble, that it depends on the will of man itself, whether his state of lack of cognition, the darkness of his spirit, changes. Even men of highly developed intellectual thinking are satisfied with the exploring of such areas, which are to be made usable for earthly purposes only, but they bear no desire for that knowledge, which alone makes happy: for cognition about the purpose of existence and the original reasons of all being. And in the end of their days they stand in the same darkness, in which they have entered earth as man, for real is only that kingdom, which to fathom they did not strive for - because they established no connection with me, that I would let them be able to have a look into my kingdom. You men come to the world without light and power, but which you can leave filled with light and power, when you just let yourselves be radiated at by my love. Every questioning thought about me will already bring in a ray of light, which drives you, to establish contact with me, which then also secures ample supply of love power for you. And for that reason it would be possible for every man, to leave earth life in a bright spiritual state, but where the earthly world does not let these questioning thoughts come up, there light cannot break through darkness. The earthly world will more likely deepen it; man is not aware of the purpose of his existence, and since he desires no enlightenment, no light can be given him. But you are to be called rich, you who have sought entrance into an area, which you are now allowed to fathom, where you are led by my spirit. Then you will stand in the light and need to fear no darkness any more.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6456.


Book 69 6457

Trouble, which teaches to pray right.

22. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6457.

I grant my protection and help to all of you, so you ask me for it. And for that reason no man can get lost, who has so much faith in himself, that in highest trouble he calls to me for mercy. I truly do not let him get lost, for such a call proves, that he believes in me. Words, which the mouth says without thinking, are however no call to me, because the heart of man is then uninvolved and I always only assess that, what rises up to me in the spirit and in the truth. But it is possible, that also so-called form Christians send a call up to me in times of highest trouble coming out of the heart, that they also have the certainty in them, that there is a God, who can help them, and then turn to him. And I will not disappoint this faith. And the prayer of one single man, which is therefore sent up to me in the spirit and in the truth, will achieve more, than the lip prayer of masses, who just use empty formulas and do not find the intimate connection with me, whose faith in me is therefore a dead one, without power and life. And you men will come into such trouble, where only I can help you, and then it will be proven, who establishes the right relationship with me, who recommends himself to me out of the whole heart and asks for favour. Only a complete hopeless state can achieve this called petition with weak believers or unbelievers, when rescue seems to be possible in no way any more and man almost gives himself up. Then he can remember him, who has power and for whom nothing is impossible. And then all external covers fall off; then man stands poor and humble facing him, whom he did want to acknowledge, but could also not reject convincingly, and then he turns to him with words, which the heart stammers, even so the mouth remains silent. And he will not regret it for ever. Once he will bless this great trouble, which brought the light of cognition to him, because he consciously established the bond with me, so that I could listen to him and also give a favourable hearing. An anxious heart lets the rigid cover around itself fall most easily; it steps out in all weakness and offers itself to me, whom it suddenly recognizes in its great trouble. But a little spark of faith must still be in it, which was buried and now shines as tiny star of hope through the great trouble. But who is unbelieving, he also does not find the way to me in greatest trouble, unless the power of faith of a fellowman could move him to do it, to also devote himself to a power not yet recognized by him. I know about every thought and take it into account, and who still lets himself be rescued, him I truly do not let get lost, for my love and care is persistently meant for men of this earth, that they still find to me before the end. For that reason, whatever may happen, everything is to just contribute to that end, that men acknowledge me, that they consciously establish the connection with me, because then they are also not lost for eternal times. You, you who are of awakened spirit, are to consider all happenings in the coming time only so, that they serve the rescue of the fallen. For much is still to happen, what lets you tremble. And men will be inclined, to deny a God of love. But you know, what it is all about - that I apply all means to cause men to send a call to me out of the heart - and that I for that reason must also employ means, which let you doubt my love, and nevertheless is my love alone determining, because I would like to protect the souls from further banishment, from far greater trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6457.


Book 69 6458

Always let God be present to you.

23. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6458.

Bring all your requests to me, and full of trust you can expect my help. In times of earthly trouble, you are to remember these words, so that they do not press you down and make you unable to comply with all demands, which life confronts you with, as to also cope with the spiritual work. As soon as you have handed over everything to me trusting in my help, I also take over your worries, and I will truly not let you ask in vain. As soon as you have once reached this strength of faith to present every trouble and worry to me and now let me care for you, nothing will anymore frighten you, whatever might come over men, for your confidence in my help also lets nothing seem so difficult for you, that you are afraid. And such a faith will be necessary in the coming time. Although I will always protect mine, not everything can go past them, without touching them, but everything can be lessened by them themselves or completely overcome, when they immediately think of me and entrust their troubles and thoughts to me myself. And I would like to bring all of you to that end, to always feel me near you, because then all trouble is removed from you. I am with you, always when you turn your thoughts to me. And for that reason no happening on earth is to influence you so, that you eliminate me from your thoughts. That it is, what you must practise, what you are never allowed to forget, that you yourselves secure my presence for you through your constant connection with me. And when I am present to you, then nothing can anymore happen to you, then nothing can any longer burden you, for I myself carry your burden, because you hand it over to me. The coming time will make great demands on you, both spiritually as well as earthly, for every earthly burden can only be overcome by spiritual means, when you men do not want to hand yourselves over to him, who certainly wants to give you the power earthly, however then demands your soul for it. And the temptation is great, when you are and remain not aware of it, that you then enjoy only still a short time of a life rich in pleasure and then lose everything. Only the clear cognition, that all you men stand shortly before the end, can still rescue you, by you not succumbing to those temptations, but intimately join me and ask me for help - and although I do not give you that, what my opponent offers you, so your earth life will nevertheless be bearable for you, and your power will increase, and of bright spirit you will recognize everything just as harbingers of the end, and you will hold out in faith in me and my coming, when the time is fulfilled.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6458.


Book 69 6459

Intercession for Lucifer.

24. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6459.

I withdraw my love from no being, and no matter how deep it is sunk, no matter how far away it is from me. For it has once gone out from my love and will remain in my love for ever. And this is also valid for the first created being, which sinfulness removed it infinitely far from me - which arrogance resulted in the fall into the deepest depth and which needs eternal times, until it has found back to me again - until it will again return into its father house and be again received as my son by me - until also its love belongs to me completely. This being was from eternity destined to highest happiness, and for that reason it had been created as my image, which could have light and power at its disposal unlimitedly and for that reason also its happiness was limitless. That this being is fallen, made it sinful in a measure, for which you men lack every imagination, for it stood in the highest cognition; it consciously sinned against its creator and father, whom it also recognized as its start, however did not want to acknowledge. This was its sin, because through the revocation of me myself it rejected my love and so therefore established the out and out distance from me. It consciously set itself up as my opponent, as my enemy, and fought against me from then on. A return of this being needs eternities, because it must go back the same way, to reach me, and because also the act of turning away has required eternities, because also the ascent with it must be covered stage by stage and cannot arbitrarily be skipped. A sudden change of will of this being is for that reason not possible, because it did not let itself be captured as all other fallen beings, for I left him - as my first created light bearer - the freedom, when he refused, to go the same way through creation. But this refusal became a service for me as well as for the entities fallen because of him. He now served me as opposite pole in the decision of the will of those fallen. Also to him every possibility for the return into the father house is made accessible, because my never ending love is also meant for him. But I force the will of no being to be submissive to me. This is the difference, that I bind nobody through my power, whereas he keeps his beings tied up. When I bind the entity in the works of creation, and take the free will from it, then this is a work of my love for the unhappy, which I just snatch from his power, to make it capable, being able to once decide freely. But he himself is in no power; he is free, and everything, what he does, is his most inner desire, and it is truly bad. And he will never give up his resistance against me, so long he is strong, only when he lies on the ground with weakness, he will call for me. But differently stand things with those beings, which he has thrown into the depth, which forfeited my love power through the distance, although I myself did not withdraw my love from them, and which through his power would be detained in the depth for ever, when I would not help the complete powerless and take it away from his influence so long, until it possesses again so much power, to be able to freely decide in the choice of its lord. But then though my opponent demands his right, which I do not refuse him, because the beings once voluntarily followed him. Then therefore - in the stage as man – the spiritual fight takes place, the influencing of the free will of man through good or bad powers. And love decides this fight. Love will and must always gain the victory. And you will now understand it, that and why loving intercession is of greatest success for this struggling spiritual. You will understand it, that my power is not allowed to intervene, because I force no being - that my opponent can always only be opposed with love and that that is the only weapon, to which he succumbs, which weakens him, so that he releases that belonging to him. Jesus Christ brought the greatest work of love for the redemption of the unfree and by this means extricated from the opponent all those souls, which fled under his cross. But to take the way to the cross, to that end many souls also still need help, which can therefore be done for them through loving intercession on the part of already free men. Intercession in love is a great factor with the redemption of the souls being in the power of my opponent - who is the only being in the whole infinity, who wants to rule and exerts force on the spiritual created in fullest freedom in the original beginning, but who does not stand under my power insofar, as that I determine him to his thinking, wanting and acting. As far as I am concerned also this being is completely free. To whom do you now want to intercede for this being? And what do you perhaps want to achieve through your prayer? That I change his will? That I satisfy his hate? That I move him to conversion, which he must begin voluntarily? All ways stand open for him; I do not prevent him, but I exert no force at all on him, even no love force, because his fall was and is something else, than the fall of those beings, which he called into life with my power - and because he is their enemy and acts as enemy on them, because he prevents it, that these beings reach again fortune and happiness as once. He faces me as opponent, and he loads sin upon sin onto his head, so long he abuses his power and so besieges the entities in the stage of free will, that the return to me is exactly only possible for him through the help of Jesus Christ. Only love redeems from his power - and if you want to redeem him, then you must love him, and that means, to connect yourselves with him. Your help, which you can do, exist in that respect, to redeem his following, so that he may get weakened, for he will never change, so long spiritual still belongs to him; only when he stands alone, when everything what was once overthrown by him, has again reached the height, he will give up his hate, his arrogance and his will opposed to me, and then my love can seize him, and I can again be a loving father for him. For then he again desires my love, as it was in the very beginning.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6459.


Book 69 6460

Purification of soul particles. Bad spirits.

25. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6460.

All substances in you still bear immature spiritual in them, both the material outer form, your body, as also the soul, which is put together from innumerable little soul particles. All these little particles have gone through the creations of this earth for the purpose of maturing and also have to a certain degree purified themselves, otherwise they would not have been admitted to the embodiment as man. But exactly only a certain degree is reached, which is still far away from perfection. You are to now reach this perfection in earth life; your soul is to depart from this earth completely de-slagged, therefore translucent, to be able to be accepted into the spiritual kingdom, where it can now constantly be radiated through by light in happiness - i.e. therefore, man must during his earth life bring all soulish-spiritual into order, which is divine law. What is immature, is still not in this order; it still surrounds the soul like a cover, which refuses the light the access. But a divine spark is associated with every soul, which calls to order, which would like to supply the last maturity to the still immature substances and also can it, when the will of man gives it the right to it - i.e. therefore, a man, who wants to reach perfection, knows, that he alone is too weak, that a help must be offered to him, and he seeks it with God. And God gives it to him through the spirit, by it having an effect on man directly, who entrust himself to him, therefore has established the connection with him. This spirit will now always emerge, when the soul substances move contrary to the lawful order - when ungodly qualities want to express themselves, which are not yet completely overcome in man - when desires fly into a passion or loveless thoughts emerge. Then man is warned or admonished by the inner voice, which is always the expression of God through his spirit. No man enters this earth in a perfect state; unclean desires or stirrings still adhere to every soul, which are to be changed in earth life, so that man more and more moves in divine order, that his soul purifies itself and the divine spark in man can spread more and more, that therefore the light from eternity can fill and spiritualize the soul. But always only them, when this is the will of man, that he may reach perfection, and he devotes himself to God, asking him, to lead him to perfection. For every unclean spiritual can also be stimulated by bad spirits, to develop itself more and more, so that the cover of the soul always thickens more - but then the will of man has not been turned towards God, but it longs downwards, it longs back to that, what he had actually already overcome. His soul substances resist the divine order; they always cause greater disorder and are therefore also easily influenced by those powers, which want to prevent perfection, the return to God. The divine spirit spark cannot express itself in such men; it can gain no recognition, because its fine voice is drowned out and because the will of man itself is determining, which powers can work in man. But then the earth time passes with negative success, not only, that man has reached no change upwards, but the soul substances initially already matured to a certain degree of maturity have also lost this degree of maturity; they got into a state, which requires again another maturing process, than it was the course on earth. These souls must, when they do not experience the sad lot of a new banishment, endure unspeakable agonies in the opposite kingdom, to reach again the former degree of maturity and to then slowly climb upwards, but under far more difficult conditions this is possible, than it was possible on earth. Every soul can reach perfection on earth, when it wants it, for the power is given to it by God. But without its will it takes power from the opponent of God, and he does not want its perfection, but its ruin.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6460.


Book 69 6461

Kindling of the divine spark through love.

26. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6461.

You all carry the divine spark in you, which, when it is kindled, brings the decisive change in your existence, the change of your will, the change from the way taken up to now by you - the estrangement from the spheres of the dark spirit world and return to that kingdom, what is your true home. Only one thing achieves this: love - which you must kindle yourselves, which all spiritual lacks before the embodiment as man, but which man is to and also can develop in earth life, because a small divine spark is put into him, but only becomes a flame through the will of man. Love is the decisive; love changes that sphere, in which the spiritual is; love changes the being itself, and love constantly pushes towards eternal love. The whole earth life is empty, useless and also meaningless without love. For it is only given to the soul, so that change may take place at it, which puts it out of the dark area into the kingdom of light. And this can only happen, when the fire of love is kindled in the heart of man, so that all darkness may fade and the soul stands in the light. Love is the redeeming factor; love is the redeeming power, and love carries out the change of the imperfect to the divine being. Love is everything - and it is possible for every man, to kindle it, because the spark exists as divine gift for the entity completely destitute of love. But men attach no or only little significance to the most important in earth life - what should be perpetual endeavour, to arouse and to constantly increase the flame of love, that is hardly recognized by men as important, and men go along in a coldness of the heart, that they perform acts without hesitation, which show lack of love and harm fellowman. Acts, to which they are stimulated by him, who is destitute of all love and to whom they owe their existence in imperfection. They do not even once think about it, that they are certainly God's creatures, but divine creatures; they are not aware of their inadequate state, because lack of love means at the same time deepest darkness and exactly only love can give them light. But since the divine spark glows in every man, "love" is also for no man something unknown, and every man will come into situations, where the spark breaks through, where the feeling of love touches the heart of man. And then it depends on him himself, whether he gives the little flame fuel, that it can flare up, for everybody is able to love, but whether he is willing, that he himself determines. Every noble feeling, which begins to stir in man, is such a flash of the divine spark, to which attention should be paid, for it can be the beginning of that change, which is decisive for the whole eternity. Only then your earth life begins to be relevant, only then the sphere around you will clear and purify itself, only then your way goes upwards, and it leads to the destination. Love alone brings about a change, which makes you, out of unhappy beings, to happy beings extremely full of light. But without love no change of nature is possible and earth life an idleness, since it was only given you, to carry out this change of nature. Without love no approach towards God is possible; without love you are and remain share of the opponent of God. Love alone established again the original state, in which you were once created by God. But that you walk on earth, that is the result of lack of love and your far distance from God, that his love radiation certainly still touches you, but cannot become effective. But God in his love has put a little spark into your heart, because he wants, that the love flame in you is to flare up again, because he wants, that you become divine again, as your were in the very beginning - that his love can radiate through you and you, in divine relationship, are also again happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6461.


Book 69 6462

Effect of erroneous teachings in the hereafter.

27. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6462.

Much erroneous thought material has been led into mankind, but whereon the will of men itself is to be blamed for, otherwise the powers of darkness would not have been able to do their devastating work. Just the smallest thinking could have let men let to recognise, that truth was not presented to them, but that was what they were lacking, and thoughtlessly they accepted everything. And now these false teachings are so rooted in human thinking, that it is difficult, to drive them out, but the danger exists in that respect, that always more false teachings emerge out of this error. No spiritual progress can get achieved, neither on earth nor in the opposite kingdom, so long such false teachings are not corrected and therefore rendered harmless, what again can only happen through the supply of pure truth. But it is difficult to correct one single (individual) teaching, for the understanding for it requires a clear representation of the divine plan of love and salvation, which then proves the senselessness of such false teachings, so that now every error is visible, when man is serious about truth. If a soul now goes into the spiritual kingdom full of error, so it carries on living there in erroneous thinking and can never ever achieve a spiritual progress. But it also hardly accepts, and it is far more difficult, to lead one thinking himself knowing to truth than someone completely ignorant, who is far more likely to let himself be instructed, therefore is willing to accept. Former will only then come to think, when they feel unsatisfied and they constantly go along in lack of light or in quiet weak twilight - when they are not of a bad mind - but which gives them no sense of well-being. Then they begin to think about the false promises, which they followed on earth and which seemed to them untouchable Gospel. To cause those souls to think and accept truth, they often must move very long time in spheres, which do not appeal to them - so that they always think more about the erroneous teachings, obey them and still experience no change of their situation. Only then they begin to doubt, and only then carriers of truth can approach them and slowly move them to other thinking. But much time often gets lost, until a soul comes to cognition. And for that reason it is one of the most important tasks of the servants in the vineyard of the Lord, to already take action on earth against error and lie and to already draw the attention of men on earth to the idleness of their life. Even so they do not believe it, so these ideas can come quicker into their memory, when they depart from this earth, and a quicker cognition is possible in the opposite kingdom. Again and again it is to be held up to men, that everything is in vain, what they eagerly obey, when they do not put the commands of love for God and the neighbour before all other things. They are to be quite openly referred to the false teachings. And there are very many of them. They are to be reproached, that God only requires love from men, to be able to receive them into his kingdom – but that everything else is without value for the soul, so long love is lacking. And no matter whether men are outraged about it, the souls will once express their thanks to you, when they have left the earthly cover. And when they feel poorly and inadequately fashioned and know no explanation for it, then they will think of your references and by their state also recognize truth. And then they are also grateful, when truth is now offered to them, for only it can help them upwards, only through truth they can be happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6462.


Book 69 6463

Redemption out of darkness before the end.

29. January 1956. B.D. NR. 6463.

The redemption work at the end of the days, which are still granted to this earth, takes on dimensions, of which you men can have no idea. It is a rescue work, which affects all spheres, where unredeemed spiritual still is, which is in the possession of free will. The act of the new banishment after the end of this earth is something so agonizing for the souls, that everything will still be done before, to protect them against that new banishment. For that reason also the struggle of light against darkness is now waged with all violence. And this struggle exists in that respect, that light seeks to penetrate darkness. Where the light shines, all dangers of darkness can be uncovered; where the light shines, the work of the dark powers is no longer so easily possible, and only, who close their eyes, who do not want to see the light, they remain in darkness. But you men know, that light can only radiate out from me myself, that it is caught by the light beings, that I myself radiate through theses light beings and they can now again pass on the light current. The love will of those light beings now seizes all what is unhappy, all spiritual walking in darkness, may it be on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom, and they would now like to gather this spiritual in their light area, to make it happy with light hereafter. But since also those light beings can or want to always only act according to the divine law, they will never force the beings with their love power, to expose themselves to their love radiation. They always respect the free will. In the same way, only in the negative meaning, the dark powers influence the unredeemed spiritual, and their influence exists in that respect, to strengthen the will of resistance against the light, to erect a dark wall, through which the rays of light cannot radiate through - or bring flaring up lights to go out - however also without the compulsion of the will, since they are not entitled to this power. And now the free will of the being itself is decisive. It can open itself to the light, but it can also close itself to it, and neither of them causes the light or the dark beings to give up the fight, and until the end it will be fought for the will of the souls. But in the depth still so many unhappy beings stay, which would forever experience no change of will without help. Also these beings are not allowed to be forced, but unusual means of help can be offered to them, which have such a strong influence, that they still long out of darkness. Such means are applied in the last time, because my mercy and my love is also meant for theses souls in darkness. And a ray of light is therefore sent by me directly into the depth. Also in the depth my word sounds at times, which can kindle enthusiasm and still does not force, for it only spreads a weak glimmer of light, which certainly entices to step into its circle, but can also be escaped from. But happy that being, which hurries towards that weak glimmer of light, which is beneficently touched by my word and would like to hear it constantly. No power of darkness can prevent the sounding of my word in the darkness, but my power also does not express itself, but my love only. Also I do not force these beings to follow the light, but my love can cause them, to follow the gleam of light voluntarily. For everything full of power fights with the weapon of love. And so also men on earth, who want to take part in the work of redemption, which is extremely important in the last time, can always only fight with the weapon of love, by them seeking to impart to the souls that, what alone can bring to them light, therefore rescue - my word, my pure Gospel of love, through which light and power flows towards them, which makes it possible for them, to flee from the dark world - by you referring them to Jesus Christ, the love light from eternity. Your love can manage that, that they voluntarily listen to you and follow you, that they themselves call Jesus Christ and are rescued for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6463.


Book 69 6464

Soul substances.

31. January 1956 B.D. NR. 6464.

What causes you to doubt, is to also be cleared for you, because every own uncertainty is an obstacle, to be able to support truth with conviction. So long you walk on earth, it is therefore necessary, to inform you through the word, whereas in the spiritual kingdom this enlightenment can be sent to you like lightning, as soon as you are receptive to light. Then you will need to only touch a thought and also stand in the brightest cognition, then spiritual is radiated through by spiritual. Everything is spiritual power radiation from me, what was created. For nothing could be without this love power, which I fashioned according to my will, which I gave form, which I put outside of me. It was therefore some entity aware of itself, which recognized itself, as well as could also recognise that, what like it had taken its start in me, what like it was perfect. One being was perceptible to the other being; each one being radiated in incomparable beauty and could be seen and felt as something exceptional happy making, which was just a mirror image of all beings, which I had put freely out of me as independent. As once created, they could now also never ever pass – but they could change themselves in themselves. And this change happened through the Fall, through the former defection of those beings from me. The radiating light was dulled; it constantly let up, it lost in illuminating power, the further it went away from me, but the being remained nevertheless, because power having flowed out of me can never pass. This power had just no longer an effect; it had come to a standstill through the will of the fallen being. But a standstill means an activity getting into a hold-up. It means a remaining in the same stage, therefore certain hardening of that, what was originally created to life, to unlimited activity. This process of hold-up was the result of the stemmed power effect, and innumerable accumulations of such power centres having become ineffective were now formed in the infinity, but which my will now gave a purpose. This power was not to remain inactive, because this was against my eternal order, but since the beings themselves abused the fullness of their power, since they, in free will, rejected my love power current and therefore completely hardened themselves through their own fault, I now transformed this hardened spiritual. I dissolved it into innumerable little particles and gave a purpose to each one of these little particles. And so creation originated, of which the original matter therefore is "power" once gone out from me, from which the effectiveness was taken through the will of the entities, what led to complete hardening - to something, what, through my will, became visible, therefore matter, which for that reason is basically really spiritual substance - the same, what emerged from me as power radiation. But these substances can just as well experience again the process of back-transformation; they can always refine and spiritualize themselves more, so that in the end they produce again, in the joining together, the same spiritual original being, which was once put out of me freely and in the fullness of light and power - the aim, which I want to achieve for all fallen spiritual. That my love power remains inactive, is something so rebellious to the eternal order, that I will constantly let creations come into being, to change this hardened state of the spiritual; and so the rebellious spiritual is robbed of its free will and determined to activity in the mandatory law, but which adapts itself to the resistance, which the spiritual still does to me. Nevertheless, this resistance slowly lets up, and the power shows constantly more its effectiveness. But the activity done in the mandatory state has, apart from the maturing of the spiritual, no lasting success - they are just pretence values, which originate and only exist so long, until their purpose is fulfilled: to cause the spiritual to an activity, so that the power may be utilized, which constantly flows into infinity, because my power will never stop to give itself away - but is only in the completely spiritualized state felt as unspeakably happy making ray of love, but then also drives to an activity, which can be compared or made comprehensible to no earthly activity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6464.


Book 69 6465

Connections between star worlds and earth.

1. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6465.

In great number stars orbit in the worldwide space, and everyone of these stars is a work of creation, which has its purpose: to serve as stay for the spiritual standing in ascent development, to promote its development in many and diverse ways. But all these works of creation have always originated for the spiritual, for immeasurable is the number of the fallen original spirits, and immeasurable periods are necessary, until the fashioning back to their original nature has taken place. And life is everywhere - but everywhere also a stage of hardening, therefore every heavenly body bears bound and already freer spiritual in its area. But the life producing entities are also so differently fashioned on the different heavenly bodies and also carry out quiet different activities. And reporting about these differently natured works of creation and living beings can only be done on spiritual ways, because the connection between those worlds and earth can never be established and consequently all knowledge about it would be impossible, when it is not imparted to men spiritually. They are star worlds of enormous size, compared to earth, which could certainly be called the least and most miserable heavenly body, when not its purpose and its particular idea would give the compensation for it. What is visible for you at the firmament, is just a tiny part of the creation of God existing in the universe - they are those stars, which could be called "being close to earth", because they can always still be seen by the eyes of men, even so only in infinite reduction in seize, for which you know no scale. But these stars are also inhabited by such beings, which have been in a certain contact with earth, which results as cosmic caused radiation, which takes place at times from all heavenly bodies mutually, which stand in the area of a sun allotted to them. What you men see as caused cosmically, is however also spiritually not without effect - they are as it were helps unknown to you men of beings, which want to give, what they possess, and would like to take, what they lack - what however is to be understood always only spiritually. The course of all heavenly bodies takes place in divine order, which only the will of God can change, when this serves a particular purpose. But particularly this legal order also prevents it, that stars ever touch one another, that direct connections can be established between such and that the sphere could be broken through by the beings of a heavenly body, which is limited for every heavenly body. There are certainly spiritual connections from world to world, which only serve the purpose of spiritual maturing. And such spiritual connections will be established very frequently in the last time, but men on earth do not know it, from which star worlds they are addressed, when a being of these worlds expresses itself. They do not know it for that reason, because it is quite of no importance, from where these messages come, because a direct approach with the beings of such worlds is never possible. But they continually influence the inhabitants of earth, because they recognize their spiritual trouble and are also informed, what threatens this "heavenly body earth". And for that reason they take a lively interest in their state, because they know about their great chance in earth life, to be able to become children of God, and would like to exert their whole influence, that men reach this aim. More or less full of light are the inhabitants of other heavenly bodies, but they have not become a slave to the dark state of the spirit of men on earth, as soon as luminous heavenly bodies are their place of residence. But also their development is not yet brought to an end; also they have not yet reached the original state - but their course of development is another than with men on this earth, and their activity is also another. Their spiritual missions can also affect the inhabitants of earth and take place in another way, than it is imaginable to you men. You can be under their influence; but you will never be able to get in touch with them otherwise than spiritually, because this is also a law of divine order, which is irrefutable.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6465.


Book 69 6466

Vineyard work in the last time.

2. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6466.

The powers of darkness will gain the upper hand, because the end approaches. For that reason you are not allowed to be surprised, that divine work is not recognized and that inhibitions are clearly recognizable also with those, who certainly believe, but have no so deep faith, which lets them speak and act freely and openly according to my will. The world stands in the foreground, and the spiritual life seems implausible to men; the cleft is too great and can only hardly be bridged, and for that reason also my workers will find it hard to establish contact, for always more attention will be paid to the world, and the dark powers will always intervene and find more likely access into the hearts of men. For that reason the talk must also be about the constant fight against darkness, and also mine must be fighters, that they themselves are not defeated, that they do not become weak in faith, but establish the relationship with me so intimately, that they receive the power from me for an unshakable faith. The will, to work for me and my kingdom, also gives faith the necessary strengthening, for nobody will need to do without my help, who offers himself to me for service. And the work for my kingdom I myself allot to him so, as he is able to deal with it. Therefore, everything will approach you so, that you will automatically do and speak, as it is right and appropriate for the individual man. But a mission activity of great size will only rarely be possible, because only some souls still find the way to me, whereas my opponent exerts far greater influence on the will of men and I will only then set him a barrier, when his time has come. And already thereon you can also recognize, that the end is near, for he rages, because he knows, that he has no longer much time, and he opens all gates of hell, as it is announced for a long time. But you, you who want to serve me, you have an unusual supply of favour through my word. You therefore do not need to fear his work, but it will also be comprehensible for you, why you can show little success. Nevertheless you are to approach your fellowmen with always the same love, who let themselves be captivated by the world; you are to consider them as sick souls and always be prepared, to administer a good medicine to them, so they turn to you for help. But you are not to seek to determine them, so long they show you hostility, for then they are still in the power of my opponent, who does everything, to hold them back from me, and who for that reason also obviously works against you, so that you are treated with hostility. But you are to be harmless as doves and wise as serpents. You are to restrain yourselves, where you feel this hostility, and wait, until they themselves come to meet you. The work for me and my kingdom certainly requires a courage to fight, but also a wise action against the camp of my opponents. And I myself take over this leading, so that you are to act only then, when you feel the urge in you, for I myself then put this into the heart. The time will still come, where you can and must openly support me and my name. But your work is still to be carried out quietly, where the resistance is still too great. Then recommend this soul to me, for which you fight, and keep yourselves ready, to emerge, when it is necessary. Just keep up the relationship with me at any time, and do not let yourselves be captivated through the world; then you do not need to fear, to become weak in hours of trouble. Then you will be for me loyal servants in the coming time, when the decision is required from you, to confess me and my name before the world.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6466.


Book 69 6467

Truth lets the perfection of God be recognized.

4. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6467.

What you must know to successfully carry out your spiritual mission, that will always be supplied to you, as soon as you intend making use of it for your spiritual work and for that reason request it from me. When I give you the task, to support me and my name, to announce my love teaching and to mention my love for you, so everything, what you announce to your fellowmen, must also let this my love become recognizable. You must always be able to recognize my divine nature, which possesses all qualities in highest perfection, and doubts are never allowed to arise in your mind; you are never allowed to proclaim something, what awakens in you doubts in my perfection. With your knowledge it must also be possible to explain seemingly adverse things, so that my nature is always attested in all perfection, so you instruct your fellowmen. But always only truth can achieve this, whereas every erroneous teaching will be a distortion of my nature, a picture, which does not mark me as perfect, but as deficient being. And consequently you men can already carry out an examination yourselves and without hesitation reject as false, what lets doubts arise in you in the perfection of my nature - what lets my love, my wisdom or my omnipotence appear doubtful. I want, that you recognize me as your most loving father from eternity, whose wisdom is superb and for whom there are no limits to his power. I want it, because you can only love a perfect being and because I want to win your love. For that reason I will always give you men a right light, and I will illuminate every false teaching so for you, that you can recognize it as erroneous, otherwise it remains dark in you for ever and you withhold your love from me, because you do not know me. For that reason I myself supply truth for you, because it is only still rarely found on earth - for that reason I choose a way, to address you myself, because no untruthfulness can come out of my mouth for ever and because you now do not need to fear, that my word has already experienced a falsification through human will, which can be influenced by my opponent. My direct word from above guarantees you purest truth, because I want it, that truth is imparted to you, and because I can also truly put my will into effect. And who nevertheless doubts it, that I myself supply my word to you men, he may therefore carry out this examination, whether the spiritual material imparted to you lets a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence recognize, whether it testifies to a highly perfect being. And you find nothing in it, what could give you cause to doubt. But now also compare those teachings, which you have until now heard and supported as "truth". And that god, which is presented to you, will testify to many human weaknesses. He will represent himself as punishing, unjust and little loving god to you, whom you will certainly fear, but not love - who also does appear to you as wise and powerful in his imperfection, because the right explanations can never be given to you, for I reserve these for myself, and I hand out truth, where the foundation has been created in the heart of a man, that he can hear my direct word. And when you men believe in a God, then you must also be convinced of the perfection of his nature. And this faith, this conviction, I want to give to you through my word, so that truth makes you happy, so that you now also learn to love me and have the longing, to join me. Only pure truth will let this longing awaken in you. But I want, that you approach me voluntarily. I can therefore only achieve it through transmission of truth, which lets my nature become recognizable to you, which is in it love, wisdom and omnipotence in highest perfection.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6467.


Book 69 6468

Dangers of mediums reception.

5. February 1956 B.D. NR. 6468.

Much is presented to you men as truth, what was received from the spiritual world in the medium state. And you often support teachings with conviction, because you are convinced you cannot be instructed wrongly from that world. And exactly such teachings can be of great disadvantage for you, because you are then no longer able to receive pure truth. What is received mediumistic, always suggest to greatest caution - let that be said to you again and again. Because only rarely the atmosphere, in which the receiver is, is so purified, so radiated through by light, that counter powers cannot intrude. And only then can pure truth be imparted via the mediumistic way. But the thoughts of the people surrounding the receiver also determine the statements, which are made mediumistic. The receiver himself has given up his will and is now ruled by a foreign will. Only the extreme purity of the circle surrounding him keeps all unspiritual away - but as soon as one person in these surroundings lets an erroneous thought come up, which he represented up to now, he calls over those beings, who immediately want to reinforce his error, because they now also have access to this circle - what cannot happen, when all those present are only inspired by the longing for purest truth and completely hand themselves over to God and everything full of light. But this general will, will soon also reject the medium reception, for these will now consciously ask God for enlightenment, for truth - and an eliminating of the will, a putting in a state of trance is no longer necessary, because God truly fulfils such a serious request for the supply of truth and chooses from that circle a servant for himself, to whom he can impart his word in the conscious state. Certainly not every medium announcement can be rejected, because at times also light beings use this possibility, to be able to get through to men, of whom they hope, to once be able to establish the intimate contact, which makes the sending of purest truth possible. But these medium receptions must always agree with the word of God, which is received in the conscious state. But often differences will arise, which are cause to differences of opinion, because such medium receptions are assessed just as highly. Light beings will always express themselves concurrently; they will always announce the truth out of God. And every deviation must be examined seriously, whether and how far the surroundings or the medium receiver himself was mentally already before imbued with that opinion, which contradicted the consciously received word. There is only one truth, and it goes out from God himself, even if it is passed on by light beings. And where truth is, there is no contradiction. But there are many different opinions, and there are different sources, from which men draw. But only one source is the spring of life, which God has opened. He himself pours out his spirit into the hearts of men, who get ready as vessel for the current of the spirit. This getting ready is a conscious work, a work at the soul - a transformation to love - which is precondition for the work of the divine spirit. But also a man can receive mediumistic, who has not yet achieved this transformation, by him just giving up his own will and letting a foreign will take possession of him. And how this foreign will is composed, he himself determines and his surroundings through the degree of maturity of the souls. Every spiritual awakened man will resist mediumistic reception, because he also recognizes the danger, which hides in it, and deepest desire for truth always fills a spiritual awakened man. But a medium, which has a high degree of maturity, will very soon be able to receive the messages consciously, and these will then never contradict the pure word of God, which flows out of the fountain of life, which God himself has opened. Be careful, when you discover contradictions, and examine the start of teachings contradicting themselves. And so it is your will, to stand in truth, you will also succeed to receive clarity - when you ask God himself for his help, when you present every doubt, every question to him and just always want, that you are instructed right and can stand up convinced for him and the alone true - for truth out of God.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6468.


Book 69 6469

1. Corinthians 1: 19 - 21.

6. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6469.

What the wise of the world cannot fathom, that is revealed to you through my spirit. For the spirit penetrates everything; no barriers are set to it, and only the will of man itself limits its work, when it does not let itself be radiated through by my spirit. But the intellect of men is limited and will never be able to be active beyond these limits. All those areas will remain closed to it, which my spirit will however open to every man, who wants it. And so there is also nothing, what must remain hidden to you men, only your attitude to me must be the right one; it must allow the work of my spirit. You yourselves must get ready so, that I can work in you through my spirit. I always only request from you an assimilation of your nature to my original nature. I request, that you yourselves re-establish your original state, in which I could radiate through you with light and with power. Once you were full of light, you therefore recognized everything; nothing was hidden to you; you stood in a high degree of cognition, for you were divine beings in all perfection. And I want, that you are to become again that, what you were in the very beginning. Therefore I must also want, that your dark spiritual state may change into a state of brightest cognition. I must supply that to you, what you lack, what you do not possess, but can receive from me unlimitedly, when you fulfil the conditions, which I place for you: when you establish the right relationship to me, when you voluntarily join me intimately, from whom you once separated yourselves - and when you therefore again adopt your original nature through self-fashioning to love, when you assimilate yourselves to my original nature. Then all restrictions fall off you, for then my spirit flows into you, and you recognize brightly and clearly, what before seemed to be covered for you in darkness. But all this you cannot achieve through an intellectual activity no matter how sharpened. For that reason "the wisdom of the wise will be destroyed and the understanding of the prudent will be brought to nothing", for they will not succeed, to penetrate into the deepest knowledge, when they do not before get their hearts right to the receiving vessel of my spirit. And no unusual intellect is necessary for it, but only a heart full of love. Whose intellect seeks to fathom divine secrets, he is still far away from the light, and his research and seeking will be in vain. But wo kindles love in himself, he will now be illuminated from the inside, and what that one seeks to fathom, that this one recognizes brightly and clearly in himself, for my spirit radiates through him, which truly can give him explanation, whatever he desires to know. I do not want, that you go along with a darkened spirit; I want to open truth to you, because you can only then be called again divine beings, when you, radiated through by light, stand in highest cognition. But to be able to acquire this cognition differently, will be possible for no man, and no matter how wise he is regarded before the world. I myself am the truth from eternity, and I hand out truth to everybody, who desires it and lets himself be radiated through by my spirit. But where the work of my spirit is refused, there will also no truth to be found for ever, for he still stands outside of me; he has not yet re-established the bond with me, which once united the being with me, but which is indispensable to be able to be flowed through by my divine love light, which guarantees brightest cognition and power in fulness and originally in the beginning flowed towards every being unlimitedly.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6469.


Book 69 6470

Natural creation proof of God's love.

7. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6470.

The free will of the beings brought about the separation between me and them, and this free will must also again bring about the joining together with me. But my will will always only support this joining together, because it means your as well as my happiness. But I will never restrict your free will; I will never bring about the joining together against your will. And so it will also be comprehensible to you, that only you yourselves can create a change out of an unhappy state - which always means the separation from me - into a state of unlimited happiness, which is to be found in the joining together with me. Your yourselves therefore determine your lot, but I do not abandon you to your self-chosen fate, even so your will is still rebellious to me. What can still be done from my side, to just help you to happiness, that I will truly not refrain from doing. But the free will, the sign of your divine origin, binds my power. I do not want to defeat you, but win your love, which then inevitably pushes you to me and which alone can create happiness. But to win your love is only then possible, when you learn to recognize me myself as the eternal love. But you men only let yourselves be addressed by that, what my opponent offers you. But you do not demand my gift, because you do not assess it rightly; because your senses are not yet directed towards that, what I would like to give to you to make you happy. And so also I must offer you therefore something, what touches your senses beneficently, but which my opponent can still not offer you. I must address you through creation, through nature, which can likewise make you happy, which gratefully lets your heart beat higher and can also direct your thoughts towards me - that you remember him, who has created everything around you. Through creation I can address you men and prove myself as a loving God, whom you can again love exactly for the sake of the splendours, which surround you and at times can let your hearts beat high. The natural creations are so clear proofs of a loving, wise and powerful divinity, that everybody could feel himself addressed thereof and find the way to it. And nevertheless innumerable men go past it indifferently and unmoved, because their thoughts are turned towards the material world and they can summon interest for nothing else. And I am not allowed to force their will; I am not allowed to direct it to the right direction, but can only do everything, to call me myself into their memory - what must now happen through trouble and strokes of fate and visible help. What my loving influence does not bring about, must now be tried through harder means. Where the proofs of my love and wisdom are not found in creation, there my power must reveal its identity, to which the power of man is not able to resist. Man must just recognize me, to then enter into a relationship with me, out of which the loving desire can develop, to approach me. Only that I want to achieve, that the being voluntarily turns to me, as it once turned away from me. But I cannot reveal my identity so obviously, that man is forced to believe in me, for this faith would be pointless, and it would never bring me back the love of my creatures, but just fear and subjugation or renewed flight downwards to my opponent. But how easy could you find the return to me, if you would go through the world with open eyes, if you would pay more attention to all that, whereon the will of man and the work of man is uninvolved - if you would think more about you yourselves and your bodily nature, which alone could already testify to you the work of a mighty and wise being, with whom you should seek the joining together. But you consider all this as obvious, and it is nevertheless a conclusive proof for my existence, for an extreme perfect being, to which you owe your existence. You can voluntarily set out on the return to me, for I truly make it easy for you to recognize me, whom you once wanted to deny. But I do not force you. But when earthly trouble approaches you, so I myself approach you and just wait, that you call me, that your weakness and helplessness let you remember him, who is strong and mighty and who loves you. And when I achieve it through trouble, that you find to me, then this trouble was blessed, for you are not to remain for ever separated from me; you are to return to me again; you are to reach fortune and happiness, which you once voluntarily gave up. You are to be able to created and work with me and near me in light and power, but what is exactly only possible, when you again unite yourselves with me and now remain united until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6470.


Book 69 6471

Announcement of revolt and unrest.

9. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6471.

Whatever may happen, everything serves you to perfection. And even though the will of men carries out acts, which have earthly an unfavourable effect, even though the will of men itself intervenes in the laws of nature and triggers reactions, which have a powerful destructive effect, so also such happenings are included in my plan of salvation from eternity and promote your spiritual development. But it depends on you men yourselves, whether you also utilize everything what comes, whether the spiritual perfection seems worth striving for to you or you are only completely absorbed in the earthly and then also only pay attention to the earthly effect. Then though you are badly off. For earthly you men have no longer to expect much good. For the events will come thick and fast, and a completely different picture will arise - revolt and unrest among men, because a new phase starts, a raging of the powers against each other, which it also earthly recognizable. For whether also seemingly peace is among men, the fight goes on hidden, to once also break out openly to the horror of men. It is men's undertaking, but which I do not stop, for the time of peace is also not used by men for the salvation of their souls, and for that reason this time is replaced by a time of renewed unrest and worst fears. For the end is approaching. But whatever may come, it does not have an arbitrary effect on men, and so mine can look forward to all events in peace. And they can believe it, that I look after them in every earthly and spiritual trouble - that I spread out my hands protectively over them, and not matter whether a whole army of devils rages against them. I know mine and smooth all their ways, and they need to fear nothing, because I watch over them. But I will also need their services in this time, for they are to testify for me; they are to tell men, that it is coming to an end and that they are informed by me about the coming. They are to announce me to those, who do not want to believe, and openly support me and my name. For it is the last time of favour, which still remains for those, who do not want to believe, to whom I still want to reveal myself through you, so that they learn to believe. For that reason you are not allowed to become anxious and vacillating in the coming time, but you are to just see the truth of my word in it and also stand up for it all the more convinced. And no matter whether also the powers of darkness will rage around you, whether the world around you lives in unrest and horror - you are to know yourselves protected by the beings of light, which are around you on my behalf, and you are to always carry out your spiritual work in peace, recommending yourselves to me and my favour, and I myself will be with you in every trouble and danger.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6471.


Book 69 6472

Effect of the word in the hereafter.

10. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6472.

All those souls in the opposite kingdom, which once had the opportunity, to hear my word through you, follow all spiritual conversations, all spiritual work, all spiritual thoughts. It is a redemption work of greatest extent, which is done with your help, because only one soul having become free sees its whole task in it, to help with the redemption of souls, which still languish in the depth. And every soul has a great following, partly through earth relationships, partly through the same convictions of the souls in their surroundings, and for that reason every redeemed soul will also find again a great sphere of action, but for that reason again and again return to you, to fetch food for itself, which it wants to hand out again. And you men can believe it, that you do a service for me with it, that I will truly pay you, for the most secure and most effective means to snatch the souls from darkness is my word, but which cannot sound to them, so long they do not turn to me voluntarily. But you men can form a bridge between that world of darkness and me. And I can, without working against the law, exert an influence on those souls - when you let me talk through you to them. This my address does not miss its effect, particularly with those souls, which already languish long in darkness, which long for liberation and who see in my word a ray of light, which makes them happy. The darkness of these souls is impenetrable, but helpful souls climb down into this darkness, and they call upon the souls to follow them, because also the will of these souls is necessary first, to now be able to offer them something, what helps them up. Many only follow reluctantly, but they make an attempt to flee from their lot, and only the smallest will experiences strengthening, for I know about every stirring and every thought and also give to every soul accordingly. But also in the kingdom of twilight stay beings already since time immemorial, which for that reason cannot come into areas more full of light, because they do not call the eternal light, because they do not know or acknowledge Jesus Christ and their darkened spirit does not let them come to thoughts full of light. Also there the call-notes sound, which request to gather, when my word sounds with you. In great crowds they surround you, at first following your work indifferently, until they notice the light radiation, which goes out from you, as soon as you have established the relationship with me and I can speak to you. These light radiations attract them, and soon they also feel their favour at themselves. And once this has occurred, then they will no longer go from you; they will always just wait, until the light flashes again, and also in them themselves it will always become brighter; questions will emerge, which are answered for them by unrecognized guides staying among them, and so one soul after another breaks away from its darkness or its area of twilight. And crowds of redeemed souls now gather again their following around them and lead all into your circle. And I can now address all myself, without having to have exerted a compulsion of the will, because you men have offered your help in love for it, because you believe and for that reason do, what helps you all to redemption - because you yourselves listen to my address and innumerable souls can now take part in it. You have in truth become servants for me, and your work is a blessed one, as it also affects the spiritual kingdom and its inhabitants after all, whose number you cannot gauge. For everywhere the souls will arrive, where my word is listened to or read, and for that reason also every activity will be blessed, which is meant for the spreading of my word, which I myself send to you from above. For only one thing is important, that my creatures connect themselves with me, may it be on earth or also in the opposite kingdom - that they find to me in Jesus Christ and now call me, so that I draw them to my heart as children and can make them happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6472.


Book 69 6473

Spiritual change imminent.

11. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6473.

In a new epoch the development of the spiritual will again make its progress, which has come to the complete standstill at the end of this earth. The danger of the redevelopment of the spiritual is so great, that for that reason the earth creations must be dissolved and also men on the earth end their life, to now go up again in another form. It is a total transformation of all that exists on this earth, that this can justifiably be called the rise of a new earth, of a new creation, which offers the inconceivable to man's eye, because God's will to fashion is expressed in works, which testify to his superb wisdom and omnipotence, which let the glory of God become obvious. And everything existing will pass. This change is forthcoming in shortest time for you men. That for that reason still everything is tried on the part of God to shake up men, that they are still influenced in every way, to direct their thoughts spiritually, and that everywhere still servants are awakened, who refer to the near end and warn and admonish to give up the world and to seek God, is just all too comprehensible for those, who have grasped the seriousness of the time. But the men of the world do not pay attention to all this. And because of these the earth will also be transformed, for they do not utilize the life given to them as man for the spiritualizing, but they go backwards in their development; they again strive for that, what they had already overcome a long time ago. But nothing comes over men, without previous announcement. Everywhere sounds the voice of God, and everywhere the tidings push that what Is imminent. But always only few open themselves to this voice and listen to it; only few live consciously and with regard to the near end. And since no force can be exerted on men, no great ascent or success will any longer be recorded, what God foresaw from eternity and for that reason had fixed the end of this earth in his plan of salvation. And the day of the end will come like a thief in the night. When nobody expects it, it will surprise men. And for that reason vigilance is demanded from all of you, and you are to hold yourselves ready at any time, that "the Lord comes" and demands an explanation from you. You are to always be ready, to receive him. Then you need to fear nothing, no matter what is in store for you. For his word fulfils itself, and he has again and again referred to the end through seers and prophets, and he will do it until the last hour; he will again and again announce his coming through the mouth of his servants on earth; he will again and again let the passing of the old and the rising of a new earth predict through those servants; he will give information to men and initiate them into his plan of salvation from eternity, because he never refrains from his admonitions and warnings, where he still hopes to win a soul for his kingdom. But everything can only happen in the framework of conformity to law, and for that reason no man will be forced to believe, but every man can believe it, for God gives to every man enough signs, and every man needs to just open eyes and ears and see what happens around him. Every man could believe it, for already the world events should let him become thoughtful and let a decisive change consider credible to him. And God will always give clearer signs, the closer it is to the end. And things will happen, which force man to think - but with which success, that remains left to him. But until the last hour, still everything will be done, what can be done for the rescue of the soul. But no matter how the success will be, the day of the end is irrevocably fixed, and an earthly and spiritual change is imminent. And then everything will arise new in splendour and glory, and a new redemption epoch will begin and lead all spiritual to perfection, what had to break off its course of development on the old earth, so that the ascent can no take place again on the new earth in legal order.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6473.


Book 69 6474

Truth is necessary for perfection.

12. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6474.

My spirit introduces you to truth. Could you assume, that I, your God and father from eternity, would like to withhold truth from you, I who am full of love and have created you out of my love? Can you assume, that I would like to keep you in a state, which cannot be called perfect, when on the other hand I have given you earth life as man, so that you reach perfection? So as you men are, you are still far away from perfection, and then you are also far away from truth, but it is never my will, but you yourselves do not want to flee from this inadequate state. But since it is my aim, to change you to perfect beings, also from my side everything must be done, what helps you to it. And the most important for the reaching of the state of perfection is the passing on of truth, the recognizing of truth and then the life according to this cognition. You cannot become perfect, so long you stand in erroneous thinking, for you would then never do the right thing, which would result in perfection. Truth must be sent to you before. Only then it is possible for you, to learn to know and love me as eternal truth, and then only can you be heading for perfection. But the degree of your power of cognition you determine yourselves through the degree of love, which you kindle in you. And for that reason the measure of knowledge can be very different, according to the degree of love, but it will always be in accordance with the truth, when you only want to walk in truth. Your will alone determines it, whether you think right or wrong, whether you get imparted truth or erroneous knowledge. But you can be certain of it, that I never let you walk in erroneous thinking, when you desire deep in the heart, to stand in truth. For as soon as you long for truth, you long for me myself, and this longing I will always comply with. I want, that you become perfect, because only then you can be happy. And I want to prepare happiness for you, because you are my children, whom I love, because you have emerged out of my love. I want, that you become perfect. Do you believe, that you can reach this perfection with erroneous thinking? With that thinking, which my opponent transfers on you, to keep you away from perfection? Error and lie is darkness. They are signs of lack of cognition, results of your former defection from me and signs of belonging to my opponent, who has turned all light in him into darkness. You are therefore in his area, so long you are away from truth, in erroneous thinking. If I now want to lead you again to the light, if I want, that you are again full of cognition, that you flee from darkness, so I must supply truth full of light to you, and you can receive this truth in all fullness from me; I will always hand it out to you, as soon as you want to receive it. Only your will determines the degree of light, in which you stand. The basic truths, which you now receive, will instruct you, how you gain further knowledge. But the basic truth is the law of eternal order, love for me and for the neighbour. And how you now adapt yourselves to this law, so will also be the degree of your cognition, which you can now increase unmeasured, therefore can penetrate into the deepest knowledge, with my support, because through love you become like me, i.e. my original nature and therefore will always recognize more brighter and more full of light, what you are, from where you come and to which purpose you are to follow once, when you are perfect. Everything, what serves you to perfection, you can receive from me, when it is your will to become perfect. And so you will also receive truth unlimitedly, for eternal truth will nothing withhold from you, so that you become again, what you were from the very beginning: beings, standing in highest light, which were unmeasurably happy and for that reason are to reach again happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6474.


Book 69 6475

Light - truth. Darkness - error.

13. and 14. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6475.

I want to be your Lord and master in eternity. And therefore you are to hear my word, because this my word testifies to the connection with me, because through my word you recognize, that I do not break away from you, although you yourselves once wanted to carry out the separation from me, but which cannot be for ever, because you are my share, because you have emerged out of my love power. You cannot separate yourselves from me; you can just consider yourselves being isolated from me and believe, being able to exist alone. But this belief is erroneous; it is already the result of your will, to separate yourselves from me, because through this will you lost your cognition. But I keep you and never leave you for ever. This must precede, to now also being able to understand, why I would like to prove to you through my word the indissoluble relationship. I address you, and who hears me, he will not give me up for ever, for his voluntary return to me has already been carried out. My word is the living testimony of the joining together with me, for nobody will be able to hear me, whose thoughts still reject me, whose will is still so directed, as it was at his former defection from me. He cannot hear me for that reason, because he keeps his heart closed, because he listens to the voice of him, who is against me. And he is still in darkness and can for that reason, when he expresses himself, always only flow out that, what is his - therefore lie and error, which are born in darkness and spread again darkness themselves. When I address you, I give you light, for always only light can radiate from me, which shines far off into darkness. My word only hits your ear and your heart for that reason, so that you can escape from darkness, so that you let the way be illuminated by the gleam of light for you, which leads back to me. I can only win you back, by me illuminating the way for you, for I want to draw you again into the kingdom of light; I want to snatch you from darkness, therefore I must kindle in you a light in you, as soon as you yourselves are of the will to walk in the light. And for that reason I address you, and my word proves itself as the start of the light. For you can never ever receive the same light anywhere else, because apart from me there is no light and all entities separated from me stay in deepest darkness. You can never ever feel something as light, what has taken its start in darkness. But what gives you light, can only have gone out from me; I myself must therefore be the source of all light. What is now made accessible to you by me myself, what imparts my address to you, that is and remains light and will never lose its illuminating power. For I only let it radiate out for that reason, to break through darkness for those, who long for light. Do you now believe, that the lord of darkness, my opponent, would like to give you a light? Do you believe, that he would like to lose the kingdom of darkness just of a hand's breadth, that he himself would do something to that end, to illuminate his kingdom? Not in the slightest has he changed his nature, and very last he would ask men, that they grant him help, to reach out of the depth to the light. For he is full of lies and deception, and his hate against me is out and out. Through my word I want to also enlighten you about it, that light can only come from me, but that everything, what has another start, can always only be and bring darkness. I myself cannot contradict myself, but he constantly contradicts himself, for he hates truth and everything, what could lead to truth. He also hates every activity, which separates his following from him; he hates all work of redemption and seeks to stop it; he truly does not watch quietly, where you men are active in my name, to bring redemption to the souls of the depth, and he tries everything, to prevent you men of it, why he also shrinks from no lie, when it is useful for his plans. (14.2.1956) My plan is the leading back of all fallen to me; his plan is, to keep everything in the depth and to also pull that down, what has already broken away from him will wise; that every means is right for him, to carry out his plan, already proves his will still completely rebellious to me, and for that reason you men must be cautious, and you are not allowed to consider concession whatever from his side as truth. For with it he has already achieved his purpose, that his truly curse worthy action appears in a mild light, that you no longer recognize his true nature right and you show him pity, which he truly does not deserve. And again, I must refer you to it, that I always just want to give you light, that I want to brightly illuminate for you through my word the relationship, in which he stands to me, the point of view, which he takes up to me. I want to hang no veil before your eyes; you, who receive my word, are to recognize right and be enlightened, otherwise you can never understand my plan of salvation from eternity. But he seeks to cover for you this clear picture of his true nature; he seeks to shift his blame from himself; he spreads darkness over you. And everything, what therefore gives no full light, is not from me, but supplied to you from my opponent. And so you can therefore now also judge yourselves, how such words are to be assessed, which do not completely inform you and from whom such words come. For so you know about my plan of salvation from eternity, you also know about the endless far distance of my opponent from me and that this distance is not decreased on his part, until his following is snatched from him. He never gives up his resistance voluntarily, and also does not let himself be defeated by love, because he flees it. For you must consider, that he is no "enslaved" being, but a free lord, who can always decide over himself. He is certainly also subordinated to my will, but I only then bring my will to use, when it is the time, to help the beings enslaved by him, because he abuses his power. Then I bind him for a time and establish first again order, which he has overturned through his excessive raging. Only when you know about everything, when you are led by me into all truth through my spirit, you recognize the true nature of my opponent. But then you will also recognize very error, which was supplied to you as his work, for I myself will always give you the same truth; I will always light a light for you, in which bright shine you recognize all connections and you must now also recognize, with which cunning my opponent proceeds, to again spread darkness, where light threatens to break through. But he will for ever not be able to prevent me, to supply truth to you men. And no matter how fine his net seems to have been spun, the light out of me will have all defects be recognized; the light out of me will expose him and all his doings. But my light will not be able to be extinguished, for truth out of me has great power. And who once moves in truth, he recognizes brightly and clearly every untrue teaching, because it does not fit into the structure of my plan of salvation from eternity. But I can always only oppose those teachings with the pure truth and must leave it to you men, to what you confess your faith. For that reason I seek, to again and again introduce you to the nature of him, who is my enemy and opponent and who also only feels hostility for you. For only, when you know his true nature, all events in and around you as well as in the whole universe will be comprehensible for you - and only, when you know his hate, with which he opposes me and my love, you will understand it, that it still lasts eternities, until he has changed himself and his will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6475.


Book 69 6476

Spiritual decline through error and lie.

15. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6476.

When you men would just want to grasp it, that error and lie is to be blamed for the spiritual decline of men, that only alone truth can lead upwards. You do not know it, that error and lie are the nets of Satan, into which you are to become entangled, and that he always just seeks to prevent, that truth is supplied to you. Pure truth is a life awakening drink, untruth on the other hand a drink of poison, through which you die. If I want to give life to you, as I have promised you, then I must also supply truth to you; I must draw your attention to the disaster, which threatens you through the reception of error and lie - of false teachings, which contradict truth. And I must warn you against the danger, to become a slave to those erroneous teachings. You men can never ever recover at your soul, when you constantly serve it the drink of poison, and its state will therefore always be more wretched, what alone Satan aims to achieve - that you can no longer rise, that you are too weak to strive upwards and he can securely keep you in the depth. For that reason, it will always be my care, to serve you the drink of life, to impart truth to you, which, because it has its starts in me, will also always have an effect on you full of power and draws you upwards. Men do not recognize the danger and therefore also do not seek to free themselves from erroneous thought material, from teachings, which contradict truth out of me. Always more greedily they savour the drink of poison, for because of their imperfect state they more likely get pleasure thereon than on the life-giving drink of pure truth. But so long their thinking is still erroneous, they are also not able, to feel the benefit of light. So long they still have a wrong impression, so as my opponent makes it out to be for them, they cannot yet recognize me properly, for both my love as also my wisdom and omnipotence will appear doubtful to every man, who does not stand in truth. So long men do not walk in truth, they will come across contradictions, whereas pure truth excludes every contradiction. Only rarely agreement is in the thinking of men, and many different opinions should already be the proof for you, that you are still very far from truth. For in truth all opinions meet, and convinced, men now hold on to truth. There is no peace, no harmony, no clarity any more among men; the thinking of everyone is different, and everywhere my opponent has his hand in the game, because he confuses the thinking of men. And so long as the serious wish does not enliven man, to hear the sole truth, he also finds good breeding ground for his sowing. And only the truth demanding man can protect himself against his influence, against his poisoning breath. But most men fancy their own thought material, that knowledge, that they have received and no longer want to give away, but which does not always come from that source, which guarantees pure truth. And for that reason my opponent can always impart more error to them, for they do not fight against it. But they can also never ever go upwards, for this height is only to be reached through truth, but never ever through error, through conscious untruth. But you men are to know about the danger, that the opponent wants to keep you down and always seeks to darken for you the way upwards. You must also know, that he still has very much influence on you, so long you do not refuse him this influence through the close relationship with me and serious desire for truth. You yourselves can fight against him, but you must also want it. You must desire nothing else than pure truth and turn to me in this desire, that I protect you from error, from erroneous thinking, from the influence of my opponent. And this serious desire is your most secure protection; it is the guarantee for it, that truth is supplied to you and that you now recognize full of light, what stands in contradiction to this truth out of me. For so you desire truth, you desire me, and I will truly not refuse to give myself to you, because I want to give you life, but not death - and because life can only be won through truth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6476.


Book 69 6477

The way upwards not without Jesus Christ.

16. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6477.

It is not difficult for you men, to reach upwards, when you just take my word as guiding principle for your way of life - when you receive my word into your heart and live accordingly. This just costs some self-overcoming, a putting back of the own wishes and desires for the sake of the neighbour, a breaking away from the material world insofar, as that it does not rule your thoughts, but is only used so far, as your earth life requires it, to be able to exist. As soon as you succeed turning selflove to unselfish neighbourly love, you always increase in power, to now cover the way upwards with ease. And that you succeed in the change of selflove to the right love, for that I died on the cross and have acquired for you a treasure of favours, which you just need to use, to now also be able to carry out, what you plan - i.e. therefore, you just need to call me in Jesus Christ that I impart the power to you to the change of will, and it will be given to you unlimitedly. For that reason you must therefore first believe in the redeemer Jesus Christ, in his death on the cross, which was a work of mercy at you, and in the becoming of man of your God and creator from eternity, who embodied himself in the man Jesus, to accomplish this work of mercy for you. Only then, when you believe in it, you also take up the favours of the work of redemption; in prayer you turn to Jesus Christ and ask for his help for you. And then you will truly no longer be powerless; your will experience that strengthening, which you need, to now also be able to give full expression to my word, and you will no longer strive for no other aim than the uniting with me, which results in the fulfilling of my love commands. I therefore request nothing from you, what is impossible; I just request from you the faith in me in Jesus Christ - because this faith then guarantees everything to you, because it lets you trustingly request that, what you lack: power for resistance against all temptations and power for the ascent. But without this faith you remain in the depth for ever. And you pay tribute to the world and therefore to him, who is lord of this world; you will always bring up more selflove in you; you will go past the trouble of fellowmen unmoved; you will never call him, who alone can favour a change of your thinking and of your will through the supply of power. Who alone gives your will the strengthening, to separate yourselves from everything, what belongs to my opponent, and to stive for me alone. But before the end of this earth men lack living faith in their divine redeemer Jesus Christ. For men are destitute of all love, although each one carries the love spark in him and just needs to light it. And much trouble is necessary for it, that individual men are still stimulated through such, to practise neighbourly love. Great trouble can still achieve it, that the hearts of men thaw, that they put back their own wishes and busy themselves helpingly, and then they themselves will feel a power in them, which helps them to the ascent, as soon as they are just of good will and do not suffocate the flame of love in themselves, which has broken through the ice of the heart. Trouble could still become a blessing for many men, and it will be applied as last means with those, who pay no attention to my word, which shows them the way upwards so clearly, that they should find it, when they would just accept my word. But otherwise than through my word they no longer can be helped, when they do not want to listen. And for that reason my voice will once again loud and clearly sound for those men, who close their ear to the gentle voice. But nevertheless their will will remain free, for also my loud voice can also die away at their ears and remain without effect.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6477.


Book 69 6478

Appearances of the Virgin Mary. Signs and miracles. Work of Satan.

17. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6478.

Man just pays attention to signs and miracles. He wants to see into that, what is hidden to him; he wants to first experience inexplicable things, and these appear to him more credible than the pure word of God, but in reality, they just strengthen darkness and misbelief, for they are only to be assessed as shoddy efforts of him, who wants to cause confusion and is always then particularly at work, when pure truth threatens to pave the way. Every flashing light he wants to darken with deepest darkness. Only rarely men will stand up for the spreading of truth, whereas the lie and the error find spreading in next to no time and men do not shrink back, to present food to their fellowmen, which has no nutritional value at all, on the contrary poisoning effect. The work of Satan is obvious in the last time before the end, by him making particularly use of those means, which are to feign a divine work. God has promised men his spirit, and he has connected this spirit work with unusual gifts of favour. The power of God expresses itself through men, who announce his word, who are his right servants on earth and who for that reason will also accomplish things, as Jesus has accomplished them on earth - healing the sick and be able to take all afflictions from men, who are full wisdom and power and can see, what God will send over men - who will work miracles like him, because God himself can work in them through his spirit, to move men to faith and to turning back, before it is too late. But all these phenomena only find little attention among men, because they are, as implausible, not announced to the public - and because the divine-spiritual never ever pushes itself forward against the will of men. But in the same way the opponent of God works before the end, by him using his power for deceptive work, for delusions of all kind. And this his work finds attention. He will manifest himself and always appear as angel of light; he will suggest the masses; he will lead them to believe, what they want to see, for this desire gives him the foundation for false miracles, for errors of all kind. Men, who create idols for themselves, give as it were the means into the hand of Satan, through which he now can work. And it is far more difficult, to convince men about it, that they have fallen prey to the adversary, than to make these phenomena credible to them. For Satan also sees to this, that the broad mass of the population takes note of it and is always more delighted by the miracles of the false Christs and false prophets - by phenomena, which are partly made up, but are partly created through the will of men themselves, because that bad work is promoted through the will and misconception of men - because it then needs no great power on his part any more, to let such false miracles appear. God does not influence men this way, and God does not make use of those, whose thinking is so led astray, that they themselves are not able to distinguish the right from the false. He works in the quiet; he pours out his spirit over all flesh, and man servants and maidservants will announce on his behalf and spread pure truth out of God, but never ever will he promote existing error, never ever will he still strengthen men in it, and never will high and highest light beings express themselves so, that they seek to glorify their own name. But Satan can take root in works, which the hands of men let come into being in complete wrong attitude to God - works, which were to still strengthen an existing error and which for that reason are also a right stay for him, who is and will remain the father of the lie and of the error, so long he can work. And men are blind in the spirit and do not recognize his curse worthy work - but they always close themselves more to truth, and for that reason the opponent will have much success, for it is the time of the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6478.


Book 69 6479

Before God thousand years are as one day.

18. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6479.

Eternal times will still pass until all works of creation, the whole material world, which holds the unredeemed spiritual, can be dissolved - until all what is material has been spiritualized - until all what has become imperfect has again reached perfection. Eternal times will pass. But before God thousand years are as one day because he is from eternity to eternity; for him all times are like a moment. But for the imperfect spiritual they are endless times until it again has reached perfection, but then the time of changing back likewise appears to it as a moment. And so you men can safely believe it that the earth will also still exist for eternal times to fulfil its great purpose to help men to become children of God; you can believe it that again and again men will inhabit this earth and that therefore an end of the creation work of earth is not official yet for a long time. But that the earth will change again and again, i.e. will be renewed, that it again and again has to be reconditioned to be able fulfil its purpose, and that this will always take place in certain periods of time, that you can certainly believe the same way, although also the development process is not nearly completed and you cannot call it an end of the world - when you understand by it a complete coming to an end of earthly-material creations. Infinite much spiritual still waits for its redemption; the once fallen spiritual is still only to a very small part redeemed and has returned to God. Most of it is still in judgement, i.e., is bound in creations of all kind. And all this which is still bound has to reach up to the stage as man and is then therefore allowed to embody as man on earth. And that is why the earth will again and again arise when such a development period begins to falter. But the arising of a new earth always means to total reshaping of its earth surface, an end for men populating the earth - except the few whose walk on earth earned them maturity. And that is why an upcoming end also has to be announced to men; it has to be made clear to them what is meant by it, because they do not want to and cannot believe in an end of the whole of the world's creation and you will not be able to refute to them the arguments in favour. But for men it is unimportant if an end of the world is possible. They are just to get used to the idea that the end has come for themselves, that this star earth experiences a reshaping, to which men fall a victim to, even if still eternities will pass until the earth will once have completely spiritualized itself. This time has still not come, and yet mankind is still standing before the end - because a proper further development of the spiritual on earth requires a dissolving and a new forming of creation and such will always take place in certain periods of time. This knowledge can only be imparted to men in spiritual ways, and that is why it will hardly be believed. And the less it will be believed the more the end is on its way, because also the ignorance of men is a sign that the ascent development of the spiritual on earth has come to a standstill, that men no longer reach that degree of maturity, which they are to reach and also can reach - otherwise they would have understanding for God's plan of salvation. Eternally the earth will still remain a station of schooling for the deepest fallen spiritual, but will have to again and again be newly renovated to bring to maturity the spiritual in accordance with the divine plan of salvation. And again and again new human generations will populate the earth because God himself brings men to the newly formed earth from which such generations are to come from - which at the end of a redemption period are nearly on the brink of perfection, so that each epoch will again begin anew in fullest harmony with God and striving for union with him and then also the guarantee is always given that men reach perfection, that they return to their father from eternity as blessed spirit beings standing in the light.
Amen. B.D. Nr. 6479.


Book 69 6480

Work of bad spirits. Demoniacal possession.

19. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6480.

The redemption process of the fallen spiritual takes so place, as my wisdom has decided it for eternity, for I alone know about the deformity of that, what has once emerged out of me in all perfection, and for that reason I also know about the means and ways to the return fashioning, to the reaching of the former perfection. The making divine of my creatures is my aim, which I will also certainly once reach. But this making divine requires immemorial long times; it requires eternities for human ideas, whereas for me the space of time is of no importance, because I am from eternity to eternity. So long consciousness is taken from the entity – so long the spiritual - for the purpose of the reaching of its aim - dissolved by me, still walks through the most different creations, this spiritual also still lacks the idea of time. Only when the little soul particles belonging to an original being have again gathered themselves and now move as "soul" into the human body, this being becomes conscious of its self, and also time now becomes an idea for it. Now the being - a once fallen original spirit - only still needs a short time to work on itself, to bring the redemption process to an end, when is willing to do it. But in this short earth time it is essential, to strive for this aim with all powers: to carry out the last purification, to still liberate the soul from all slags, which still adhere to it, because it is still in the area of him, who is to be blamed for its fall into the depth. And his area is filled with bad spirits, with such beings, which failed in earth life, which could not summon the will, to break away from him, which are like their ruler in their nature and which are filled with hate against all entities striving upwards. These bad spirits surround man, and they seek to win influence on the soul - on the thinking, feeling and wanting of man. And man must now fight with all powers against their besieging - but what he also can with the help of Jesus Christ. Those bad spiritual beings will therefore seek to stir up all bad qualities in man, and consequently it can be said, that every vice, every bad habit, every ignoble quality is the influence of such bad spirits on the human soul and that these bad spirits can also take root in man, when he lets himself be completely controlled by them - when he is not all of the will to resist them. Then he will have to make every effort to get rid of those bad spirits, and only the firm connection to Jesus Christ, the intimate prayer to him for help, will free him from those beings, but which are themselves still full of hostility against every ray of love, because as following of Satan they hate everything good and for that reason they are also not allowed to take root in men, who consciously strive towards me. They will indeed always have an effect from the outside, but they can far more easily be repulsed. But if they have once taken possession of the soul, then the freeing from them is extremely difficult and requires a strong will. And then you men can speak of demoniacal possession; then the work of satanic powers is obvious. And the reason lies in it, that the soul in its predevelopment has not yet reached the degree, but that the time of its embodiment has arrived and for that reason the earth fight is particularly difficult to become free of all its urges, vices and desires, which give those bad spirits the possibility, to besiege it or even slip in with it. The soul in itself is a fallen original spirit, against which other original spirits fight on behalf of their lord, to make the return impossible for it. But I myself stand on the side of that fallen original spirit, and through my work of redemption a barrier has been erected between that original spirit walking as man on earth and the bad spirits from the depth. Every soul, which confesses its faith in me and my work of redemption, flees behind that barrier and can no longer be besieged by those bad spirits in that way, that it becomes their slave - only mentally the breath of poison out of darkness can touch it, what makes constant vigilance, constant prayer and intimate joining together necessary - you men are therefore not handed over to the work of these satanic powers, when you yourselves fight against it. Because for this I have died on the cross, that the power of Satan is broken.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6480.


Book 69 6481

Recognizing and acknowledging God. Denier of God.

20. February 1956. B.D. NR 6481.

You consider yourselves to be independent beings as long as you do not believe in a God to whom you owe your life and your existence - because you do not want to know to be guided by his will, under whose existence you are placed. And yet still you know that you yourselves are unable to form life as desired, and that you are also unable to lengthen your life by one day. So you know that you depend on a power - or when you deny this - on a law, to which you therefore naturally are subject. You have to accept this law of nature, but you resist to acknowledge a being as law giver - you resist to acknowledge a purpose or a destiny of your existence, because in you there is still too much of a mentality of him, who once renounced his creator and made himself out to be alone deciding and acting towards all beings, which he generated in this wrong mentality. You are this entity generated by him, and you go along the same lines with him; you also do not acknowledge his existence; you have the same feelings in you, which filled him and drove him to fall away from God. As long as you do not recognize and acknowledge God, you are full of the spirit of Lucifer - arrogantly building on your own power and besides full of love of self, which is why also your thinking is directed wrongly and you are staying on earth in a darkened spiritual state. What you think of having in wisdom makes you all the time more arrogant and self-confident, and still it is a completely worthless knowledge, because it only concerns things which have died for you with the moment of death. Everyone who denies God, who imagines having no connection with a power, he is isolated from God, and he also remains isolated after his death, but he exists. Death does not wipe him out, as he wrongly assumes in life on earth, he remains then conscious of himself as a being, he only recognizes himself as powerless, when he wants to do the same, what he has done in life on earth. And then it often takes possession of the power of those men, who are of the same mentality, and encourages them even more in their wrong thinking. Because all what is insubordinate to God is still associated - both among each other as well as with that being, which first executed the separation from God. God well put outside all spiritual as independent, so that it was to recognize itself as single being, but he himself did not break off the bond with the single being, but radiated his love power through them all the time. And as long as they received his love power they were happy - but when the first created being rejected God's radiation of love - when it in arrogant thinking thought to need this no longer, it refused God himself at the same time and isolated itself completely from him and became through it unhappy and of darkened spirit. And so the denial of a deity is always an unmistakable proof of the allegiance of him, who once opposed God. In life on earth man can easily come to realize to be dependent on the will of a power, which decides over him, because too many proofs are given him for this in himself and his surroundings. But God never determines the will of man to think in such a way as it is in divine order, but he gives a light to every man who desires light. There is no excuse for a man who denies God, because everyone can recognize him, when he gives up his spiritual arrogance, the hereditary evil - when he lowly and humbly asks questions in thoughts, which surely will be answered for him and can give him faith in a God. Every denier of God is of arrogant spirit, and this arrogance also hinders him to ask questions, because he claims to know, where he is completely ignorant. And every denier of God has contact with men, who believe in a God and creator from eternity, who determines their existence. And through these he again and again is prompted to think it over - but when he refuses inside, then he has not yet given up his former resistance, and he also will hardly accept enlightenment in the kingdom on the other side, when no-one intercedes on his behalf. Who denies God, his way is still endless far to the eternal home.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6481.


Book 69 6482

Concerns end predictions.

22. and 23. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6482.

I will never give men the exact point in time of the end, because such would not be useful for the spiritual development of man. Because in complete free will they are to strive upwards; of their own accord they are to seek to promote the maturity of their soul, but not out of fear, which would be caused by a certain announcement of the hour of the end. I will always leave you men in the dark about that, however this does not exclude, that the end will once take place. And that it once will come, has been predicted to you men since the beginning of this redemption period, even if also only a part of these predictions is known to you. Because they are defined redemption periods, which have been laid down in my plan of salvation from eternity and which always contain a certain period of time, which duration is calculated by my knowledge about the development process of men. With a good will, every man will be able to believe this, who is able to believe in me as God and creator. But most men will doubt it at any time, that they themselves could live in the time where all what is predicted will once become a phenomenon of the present time. Because it is such a monstrousness for men to imagine an end of the earth; it is something the least of men can believe, if they are not already so deep into spiritual knowledge, that they are also able to recognize a reason and purpose in the dissolving of the creations of the earth and the arising of a new earth. But of these there always will be few. So you men will not be able to completely deny an end of this earth - only never wanting to belong to those who experience this end, to whom that, what they well do not think to be impossible in future, will become to be present time. And they are also to keep these doubts if they want, for the sake of their soul's maturity, but they are also to take into consideration such thoughts, and it will not be to their disadvantage. But every forced belief would be harmful and will therefore never be exercised on my part, which is why I always only announce signs, but never the day of the end. And still I tell you again and again: You are standing shortly before that. You cannot assess the spiritual state of men - you cannot see the deep darkness, which is spread over earth - you do not know about the fight between light and darkness, which so exceedingly rages lately - you do not know that the activity of darkness is expressed in the spreading of untruthfulness, of wrong teaching and open lies, because you also do not see how excessively deep error is, in which the thinking of men moves. Only pure truth is light. But where do you men seek and find truth? You well believe to walk in truth, but then you would be shocked to recognize the spiritual state of men and also find it understandable that an end has to be put to this state. And where you men assume to be light, there the prince of darkness only has set up a blind light, which only weakens your eye even more, so that you are no longer able to recognize anything. Because he truly knows how to keep men from working on their souls; he knows how to direct their sights at enticing aims, but which you men will never reach, because my plan is laid down since eternity. But that I grant you insight into this plan of salvation is not to force your belief, I only want to give you men that way the possibility to be able to believe, because the motives are explained to you, which cause me to make an end to a redemption period, because the suitability of such an ending is also explained to you, because you yourselves, so you have this knowledge, can follow all events around you and now also can recognize that an intervention for my part has become necessary. Men to whom only an end will be announced without more detailed explanation are not to be condemned, when they do not believe, although also they should think about the possibility of the arrival of the predicted. But to those who are willing, but suppose not to be able to believe, my plan of salvation will also be made accessible; the knowledge of my rule and work will be imparted to them, and they will not be able to close their mind to the explanations, because surely my love and wisdom is clearly visible, which always only plans and executes the best for the souls. When you men consider an end of this earth only as a punitive action, then you will oppose such teachings - but if you consider it to be an act of rescue, which is not only meant for the spiritual, which fails as man, but also for the spiritual which is still bound in the creations, which is also to once reach from the deep upwards, then it will also be possible for you, to recognize a God of love and wisdom, and then also an end of the earth will appear to be believable. But on which level of development men on earth are now, that I alone am able to assess, although you yourselves also can recognize the spiritual low. But I know it for eternity, when the establishing of my order has to take place - when I have to call a halt to the goings-on of my opponent and what is necessary so that the earth again can serve as maturation station for the imperfect spiritual. I alone know when the low has been reached and when the point in time has come where the work of my opponent has to be stopped. And because I know this, I instruct my servants to mention the forthcoming end, although they will find little belief. But I will never set day and hour - but which is not to cause you to still put off this my announcement into the far future. You do not know how close you are to it, but greatest hurry is necessary for you all; you all cannot eagerly enough be active for your souls, because every day still is a favour for you, because you can be quite successful with good will. Only do not pin your hopes on still having much time. The end comes quicker than you think, and everyone who believes my words will also prepare himself; he will put his spiritual well-being before his bodily well-being and certainly win much for eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6482.


Book 69 6483

Redemption work has an effect in the hereafter.

24. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6483.

Many souls stand in expectation of the spiritual current of favour, which they receive gratefully and refresh and strengthen themselves on it. The spiritual world certainly offers them the same, but these souls are still earth bound, and for that reason they stay more in earth regions, until they have received so much power, that they can soar up - i.e., that they now also accept, what is offered to them in the spiritual kingdom by the beings of light, because they recognize the power effect in it. But the presenting of spiritual food through earth men is an extremely great help for the souls, which do not yet stay long in the opposite kingdom, which lived on earth completely indifferently and could bring over no spiritual goods at all, because they never strove for such, but without having been badly minded. A possibility is now offered to those souls, to get hold of light, without that they are inevitably being caused to the acceptance. This is a special favour, that spiritual knowledge is supplied to them again after their decease and they can decide again to accept or reject, before an endless deserted area receives them, which they must walk through, until they reach the same, what is now offered to them. Only quite occasionally lights flash in the earth spheres, which attract them, and blessed, which follow these rays of light and come to men, who strive spiritually, who have contact with the light kingdom and who also remember those unhappy souls, which languish in spiritual poverty. The unusual of a ray of light in dark surroundings lets many a soul stop and think things over, and as soon as questionable thoughts emerge, an opportunity will always be found, where it is answered. And if it has just once taken part in instructions of such kind, then it is again and again drawn back there, where is has discovered light. Then it has escaped the deepest darkness; it has still used the last gift of favour to its salvation. This kingdom of the earthbound souls is extremely densely populated, and successful work can be done at those souls, why you men are always besieged, as soon as you just direct your thoughts spiritually and connect yourselves with the kingdom of light. In consideration of the near end and of the spiritual low of men an unusual relief programme is urgently advisable, for many men will still be recalled, who all cannot show that degree of maturity, which allows the entrance into the light kingdom, but who are also still to be protected from still sinking into the depth in the opposite kingdom. But where redemption work is done on earth, where consciously or unconsciously help is brought to those souls through good thoughts, loving intercession or spiritual instructions, there many souls can still experience a spiritual awakening in a short time, when they are not completely stubborn and then run the risk of sinking or need a very long time to change their mind, which will always be a time of agony and darkness, of unhappiness. But since also every soul, which is prepared to accept spiritual instructions, reaches light and now on its part continuous the redeeming activity at those souls, which still stay in dark regions, the smallest earthly redemption work can already grow much in size and influence and will for that reason also always be blessed. In the opposite kingdom often far more is achieved than on earth, where the world prevents men from spiritual striving. For on earth it can be preached to deaf ears, but in the spiritual kingdom innumerable souls wait for the address of God, and such an address will never remain without impression, unless a soul is completely God-opposing minded and still in the power of Satan. But then it will also not remain at those places, where light radiates, but turn away into dark areas. But those souls also follow them, which found salvation - to again perform redemption work in the depth. Unmeasurable much you men can contribute to the redemption of the spiritual, as soon as you yourselves just let your thoughts wander into the kingdom of light, for then also a light will radiate with you, towards which the souls now hurry. Embrace all these souls with your love; seek to impart the Gospel of love to them and teach them faith in Jesus Christ. Then he himself will lead them to light and to happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6483.


Book 69 6484

Union with God in free will.

25. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6484.

Everything will serve you to perfection, what gives you cause to the union with me. For this union with me gives you power to fulfil my will, and the fulfilment of my will also secures you the maturing of your souls. A soul, which never breaks away from me, can experience joys and sufferings, it will always join me more, and it has then already passed its earth life test; it has completely given me its will once turned away from me; it has voluntarily returned to me and has completely broken away from my opponent. If I have become the purpose in life for a man, then also earth life will exert no harmful influence any more on the soul, even so it is completely absorbed in the circle of duties, which was set for it in earth life. Every man can already on earth establish the joining together with me, and he will nevertheless not be unsuitable for the demands set for him; he will also be able to deal with them, because he now creates and works with me and my power constantly flows towards him. To strive spiritually needs to mean no failure in earthly life, world men will just not be convinced of it, because they need an excuse, when they are reproached for their spiritual shortcoming. The earth life of a man is extremely blessed, who has completely surrendered to me, for so long he stays on earth, I will truly not withdraw the power, to also be able to be active earthly. But he must put the spiritual striving first; I must be purpose in life for him, and he must always draw the power out of me, but never approach an earthly work alone, which will then appear so difficult for him, that he turns to me - because I want it so. Your earth life purpose is the return to me in free will. For that reason everything will also approach you so in life, that you can feel occasioned, to turn to me. And no matter what now happens, it is of blessing, when you establish the union with me as a result. I cannot block the way visibly for you men and as it were force you to follow me; but I must nevertheless apply such means, through which I can achieve it. And trouble is truly an effective means, to let you recognize the own powerlessness and to move you, to send a call for help to me - which I like to give a favourable hearing, to always attract you closer to me. But you can believe me, that I keep every trouble far from you, as soon as you have become mine, as soon as you have mentally connected yourselves to me so, that I can constantly go next to you. The firmest bond you form through love. For when you work in love, then you work with me, I who am eternal love. For that reason, trouble will often be the drive to love work. You can ask me for help, but you can also do help for your fellowmen yourselves. And you always then connect yourselves with me, and all bond secures spiritual ascent for you. You then cover your earth life with success, when I am no longer imagined as absent in your existence. Then you truly have won everything, for then my love seizes you and gives you spiritually and earthly everything, what you lack. Then your earth walk will be blessed, for you will also want to cause your fellowmen, that they join me; you will, driven through my love power, also draw their attention to their earth life purpose; you will show them the way to me in their trouble. For with me you are capable of doing everything, but without me you remain weak and immature, and your soul cannot perfect itself.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6484.


Book 69 6485

Faith in the existence of Jesus.

26. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6485.

The way through life of Jesus on earth is often doubted, if not completely denied, and also this is an expression of the free will, to confess one’s faith in him or to reject him. For also the believers lack the proofs, and they still do not doubt it, because truth is confirmed for them from the inside - but what could be the case with every man, when he would not still be an opponent of God will wise. Faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world is demanded. Therefore, also no irrefutable proof can exist for it. But since there is no other way to happiness than via Jesus Christ, so is exactly this Christ problem the touch-stone of the will of man. It is an extreme effective weapon of the opponent of God, to put doubt into the hearts of men on account of the existence of Jesus, and he will take up such a doubt, who is still of a rebellious will towards God, but as it is also certainly chased away by men in exactly the same way, whose resistance against God has already let up or is completely broken. But each one man could chase away such doubts, for also the man most talented at reason cannot dismiss all references, all teachings and the Christian teaching itself as "a pure invention". And far more references or proofs speak for than against it. The believing man needs no further proof, for the "pouring out of the spirit", which Jesus has promised men, is such a conclusive proof, that every doubt becomes invalid. But this proof cannot be supplied to an unbelieving man, because only the enlightenment through the spirit presupposes faith in Jesus Christ, which through love has become a living faith. Those men, who do not believe in the walk of life of the man Jesus on earth, are so of complete darkened spirit; they find no connections at all; they look at everything only with worldly eyes; they live no spiritual life at all, and their way of life will let unselfish love miss - which would result in certain brightening of the spirt. They are men, who refer to their awakened intellect, but which is however seized by the opponent of God, and he truly understands it, to strengthen such men in the rejection of Jesus Christ and of the work of redemption. But such "Christ-deniers" will never believe in a continuation of life after death, and their life, the intellectual activity, will always only concern the earthly, and in particularly will such men support wanting to prove to fellowmen, that faith in Jesus Christ is a phantom. For they will not be satisfied with their own view, but also seek to transfer it to their fellowmen. Also that is the influence of the opponent of God, for it is the "redemption through Jesus Christ", which snatches his following from him. And he will do everything, to undermine faith in Jesus Christ. Those Christ-deniers are in his power - and they only work for Satan on earth - what would however only be comprehensible to them, when they could penetrate into spiritual knowledge - but this is only the result of faith in Jesus Christ and his redemption, which guarantees the work of his spirit in man. The fight between light and darkness rages in a measure, which you men do not think possible. And since a redemption is only possible through Jesus Christ, the opponent of God will exactly seek to invalidate this redemption; he will make out the Christ-problem as unprovable and so seek to dissuade men from faith in him. And he will always find men, who follow his mental ideas, which their awakened intellect let them become arrogant and who for that reason seek to pull to pieces intellectually something, what can only be comprehended in faith and in love. For where the spirit out of God cannot work, there the intellect of man draws wrong conclusions - and he is in impenetrable darkness - because he avoids the way, which alone leads to the light - the way via Jesus Christ, the way of faith and of love - of truth and of life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6485.


Book 69 6486

Mark of truth: Jesus Christ. Love.

27. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6486.

Everything what testifies to me is truth, for my opponent will never bear witness for me and my name. Where therefore one speaks for me and my kingdom, where my name is glorified and my work of redemption is mentioned, to also lead fellowmen to me, where the clear Gospel of love is preached, there my opponent can never ever be at work - always provided, that not just empty words are said without thinking, which have nothing any more in common with the "living" announcing of Jesus Christ. And so you can pass a right judgment at any time, how and when truth is announced to you, which has its origin in me. For my work of redemption will always be emphasized as sign of the divine origin of the teachings, which I myself want to know to be spread among men. And so you men should not find the examination difficult, as soon as you are seriously willing to receive truth. Then Jesus Christ himself will be the touchstone, for my opponent never ever announces him, he will rather do everything, to invalidate the work of redemption of Christ, to prevent men seeking rescue with him from sin and death. Love alone, which the man Jesus has held up to you on earth as an example, can redeem you, and for that reason his divine love teaching must always be emphasized; love must be preached and given full expression by all those, who are my real representatives on earth, who speak in my name, who supply truth out of me to you. And you have again a sure mark of a genuine representative of my name: love sermon and love work. Where this is lacking, truth cannot be, because I myself cannot be, where no love is, but only I myself can be the start of truth. There is therefore no need for arguments to arise about, whether I myself or my opponent is at work, so knowledge is supplied to you men, which lays claim to be truth. For these marks you can always recognize yourselves, and where they are lacking, you can rightly reject, what is offered to you, you must just always pay attention to it that you do not let yourselves be deceived through empty words, for my opponent also makes you use of such words, but which are recognized as wrong lights by every man, who seriously desires truth. And it is therefore up to you yourselves, whether you receive truthful spiritual material and recognize it. You do not need to walk in error; it will never be impossible for you, to recognize such, for your will itself determines your competence to judge. You are allowed to reject every spiritual material without hesitation, which does not put Jesus Christ and his work of redemption in the centre. For then I am not properly recognized, I who accomplished in Jesus Christ the work of redemption and am no longer to be separated from Jesus for ever, with whom I could become one through his extreme great love for me and for fellowmen. Who wants to acknowledge me, he must also acknowledge Jesus Christ, for he and I is one. And as soon as a teaching does not clearly show this, it cannot be valid as pure truth, and then also the unselfish love will not be emphasized, which alone was the will of the man Jesus and is consequently also my will and is therefore epitome of the teaching, which Jesus has announce on earth - and which must always be announced, but is never announced there, where my opponent seeks to drive out truth and to replace it through own knowledge. Pay attention to these marks, and you will brightly and clearly also recognize every false teaching - even so it is formed by beautiful words, but which are lacking in living faith in Jesus Christ and his alone effective love. And accept without hesitation every teaching, which testifies to me in Jesus Christ.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6486.


Book 69 6487

Reference to the end.

28. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6487.

In a short time an era comes to an end, and a new one begins. You men can believe these words because that is why I speak them to you, that you now also lead your life so that you do not need to fear the end. I do not pursue another purpose because of that; I do not want to worry you without reason; I do not want to confuse you because of what lies ahead of you; I only want that you live so as it is my will, then the end of this epoch will only be to your advantage, then you will have no need to fear, but look forward to a blessed time. I do not need to inform you of it because no man of you knows when his last day has come, and it would be a completely unnecessary knowledge for many that a redemption period is coming to a close. But this advice still can be for every man an impetus to earnestly think about his soul - it can cause him to earnestly go to court with himself when he is reminded of the transitoriness of earthly goods and now seeks to gain spiritual goods. But he is not forced to believe. Still I call to you men all the more urgently: Believe these words, and do everything which you are capable to do - and it will be a blessing for you. Because all of you are not in good spiritual condition; you all have to work on yourselves and no longer have much time for it. Do not be caught by surprise, but get used to the idea to only still be guests on this earth for a short time. Already this thought will let you live more consciously, and you will turn to me for help when you believe in me as your God and creator. Then think of your life so far, and ask yourselves if your walk was right in my sight. Because you all know my commandments, and you all know that love is the first and most important, that you never can reach happiness without love, and when you now have to admit to have been lukewarm and indifferent towards this love commandment, then make up for it. Because much opportunity is given to you to be active in love. Everywhere you will see want around you, and will be able to helpingly intervene, only be of the will to live good and just and to respect the love commandments, which I only gave to you for the sake of your salvation. And always think of your redeemer Jesus Christ. Call on him that he might direct your thoughts and give you strength to execute the divine will. Then you call on me myself and show me that you want to reach me and you then also walk the right way, the way which Jesus walked before you. Irrevocably the end comes, no matter in what kind of state your souls are. But you still have time to prepare yourselves for it, and that is why again and again the exhortation reaches you from above: Think of the end. It is only my love which wants to rescue you from ruin, but which will never force you and therefore addresses you in a form which you can believe when you are willing. But when you pay attention, you will notice much which could let you believe. A period of time comes to an end, and a new one begins. And it only comes true what has been predicted through seers and prophets. Because also these spoke on my behalf and announced the same what I now tell you men, but your will is free; but as your will is, so will be your fate, when life on earth ends for you. You will be able to live in happiness - but also become a slave to death, an endless long time of agony and darkness, from which you cannot free yourselves.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6487.


Book 69 6488

Intellectual knowledge. Study. Revelations.

29. February 1956. B.D. NR. 6488.

Men assess their intellect too high, otherwise they would not oppose the work of the spirit and its results with hostility. They feel themselves superior to every knowledge won on the spiritual way and therefore do not acknowledge latter, because as it were the intellectual thinking is eliminated and they would have to give a proof, that the intellect does not offer the guarantee for right knowledge - because they would have to admit, that inaccessible areas can also be researched without intellectual activity. They overestimate themselves, without thinking about it, that no awakened intellect is necessary to be happy, that to acquire the kingdom of God is not alone the right of an intelligent man, but this kingdom also stands open to the simplest man, because God does not assess the intellect, but alone the love of the heart. And this love is the key to wisdom. Love gives brightest cognition also for the most hidden things; love gives insight into up to now closed areas; love alone guarantees truthful knowledge; it alone researches the depths of wisdom. Where love is lacking, the intellect alone cannot penetrate, therefore man must first recognize his own insufficiency and in humility carry out a separation between world knowledge and spiritual knowledge. And so also theology belongs to world knowledge so long, which only the intellect of man explains, as man himself is still without love. Only through love it can become spiritual knowledge, and only then man can think truthfully, what it is impossible for him before. But so long a study is requested and so long the study is so highly assessed, that only there truth is valid as proven, where eager study has preceded - so long the intellect of man is too highly assessed, and so long that door is closed to him, which leads to truth. For what the intellect believes being able to research, that love certainly manages in a short time under elimination of intellectual thinking. For the thinking of man is now enlightened by the spirit, and that means, that he now brightly and clearly recognizes everything and has in himself the conviction of fullest truth. And for that reason it stands written: "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent," and for that reason men do not recognize truth despite study, so long the spirit of God cannot have an effect in them through love. For those lack humility - but which causes the flowing in of the divine spirit. But humility does not show off. But the intellectual man is conceited; he assesses his intellect too high, but who can only produce a dead knowledge without love, without spirit and life, who can only control world knowledge, but also this will not be free of error without love. That all those should take to heart, who oppose spiritual material with doubt and hostility, which was won differently than on the intellectual way. And that above all those should consider, who believe representing the "word of God" on earth - that they are just world servants, so long they only administer their office intellectually, that only love makes them suitable to be a genuine representative of God, because only then they are filled by his spirt and are able to differentiate truth from error and because only then they can represent pure truth, when they are "led in all truth by his spirit". The intellect without love is worthless, but extremely blessed will that man be able to work on earth, whose thinking is enlightened through love, who (which) has received enlightenment through the spirit. For God himself will reveal himself to him, and he will be able to announce God's love, wisdom and omnipotence - he will penetrate into deepest knowledge and be active with success on earth for God and his kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6488.


Book 69 6489

Unredeemed substances in man.

1. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6489.

Every man carries many unredeemed substances in him, i.e. small spiritual particles, which are not yet so mature, that they can get together in a soul, but which can also not yet attach themselves to a soul of man, but must either be redeemed by this human soul or repulsed, when the redemption does not succeed. Imagine a soul conscious of self - a once fallen original spirit - in a sphere, where innumerable little soul particles stay, which are nowhere near mature, to form a soul themselves in the joining together - but which, more or less driven, want to get into contact with that soul, but without having the right to it in their immature state. These individual soul substances have broken away from the material covers of pre-embodiments and joined the fleeing soul; they are substances, which do not move from the soul, but as it were also influence it, therefore seek to transfer their peculiarities upon the soul. Such soul substances from the pre-embodiments can completely be redeemed with an exemplary way of life of the man and then attach themselves the soul - but they can also, with their influence, pull the soul down, again more to the immature state in those pre-embodiments, so that urges and peculiarities appear in man, which remind of such preliminary stage. And then man must seek to repulse that spiritual influence; he must defend himself against it and drive out these bad spirits from him - for then these substances are just tools of low standing spirit beings, which still want to assert their influence as followers of Satan and make use of such immature substances in man. This process could be represented to you graphically, when you imagine helpless tiny creatures, which seek protection with you and to which you are to grant stay, when they willingly subordinate themselves - and such, which have a strong bond with beings outside of you, to which they just want to provide the access to you. And you must drive these out of your house; you must keep them away from you and always be on your guard, for they are false and evil, because they are influenced by bad beings. The redemption of those former takes place, when you seek to soften them, when you give up faults and bad habits, when you always just balance everything, when you give those immature substances in you no opportunity any more to let their peculiarities assert themselves - when you tolerate them in you, always only on the precondition that they subordinate themselves to the soul work, which you want to carry out - when therefore also the body declares itself willing to first of all cultivate the soul work. For all these substances take root in the body, which have fled at the same time with the soul from an earlier cover. All wishes of the body, which are not exclusively meant for the salvation of the soul, are their expressions, and the redemption of these soul substances has taken place, when the body is completely prepared, to only just serve the soul to maturity. But then also the purification of those other impure substances has taken place, then access has not only been denied to the evil powers, but also those immature substances have had to leave the body - what means so much, as that man no longer lets himself get carried away to sin, that he always resists the temptations, that he is in contact with divine powers, which grant him protection, and that therefore his soul has already become free of the dark power. The tempter will indeed until death lie in wait for to find a slip-in, but have no success any more, because the soul is now strong enough to resist, and has found this strength through its conscious work, which it however never carried out alone, but always with the help of Jesus Christ, who therefore in truth "redeemed it from all evil."
Amen. B.D. NR. 6489.


Book 69 6490

The moment of the new birth.

2. and 4. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6490.

Nothing is more significant in earth life than the moment, where you in free will take the way to me - where you become aware, that you owe your earth life to a most perfect being and you would now like to get into contact with this being. This moment is the beginning of an inner change, because I seize you from this moment on and no longer let go, to have an effect on you, but without forcing your will. But I already possess this will through the turning of your thoughts towards me, and your way now certainly leads towards heaven. This turning towards me in thoughts must happen voluntarily. You are neither allowed to be prevented nor forced to your change of will, and for that reason you will understand it, how tremendously important this moment of the voluntary turning to me is, for now you give me the right in this way, to draw you. But innumerable men go their earth way completely empty; they reject everything, what could stimulate them to thoughts of their earth life purpose. And they also do not want to acknowledge a higher being, which could make demands on them. References to such a being ineffectively pass them; they only go unheard at their ears and leave no impression. For their will is still directed differently; it still completely belongs to my opponent, whom he indeed also does not accept as a being, but to whom he nevertheless pays tribute through his worldly desire - as he the other way round would also pay tribute to me, without acknowledging me consciously, when he would strive for, i.e. desire spiritual goods, when he would acknowledge a kingdom outside of the earthly world and requested enlightenment about it. For then no longer much time would pass, that he would also acknowledge a lord of that world and turn mentally to this lord. All men are certainly instructed about such a higher being, but whether they accept such a knowledge as true, that is decisive. For that reason this moment is therefore so significant, where the inner conviction becomes alive of a creator and preserver of everything visible and of the connection of him with man himself. This inner conviction is as it were already the passed test of will, for the purpose of which man stays on earth. For who has won this inner conviction, he also seeks to approach the being recognized by him. He is always stimulated by me to do it, as soon as this moment of the new birth has occurred: the recognizing of another world and its Lord. He has then stepped out of an area of darkness, because he saw a "light" and strives for it. Every turning out of the earthly-material kingdom into spiritual spheres is such a moment, which introduces the complete return to me and for that reason will always be favoured and promoted as far as I am concerned, because it is alone about that man on earth learns to recognize me, to now also fully consciously acknowledge me as his God and father from eternity. But since no compulsion can be applied, since my opponent also does everything to prevent this turning to me, it can often take a long time and take up the greatest part of earth life, until this moment occurs, but as it also can reman a futile effort on my part, when the soul still bears much of resistance in it and for that reason completely devotes itself to the world and its lord. But the conscious turning to me can also take place early and now a helper grows in such a man for me, who seeks to influence his fellowman in the same way, because he has recognized, how extremely significant the acknowledging of me myself as prefect being is for all, who stay on earth as men - (4.3.1956) because he knows, that only then the return to me can take place, when I become the aim, that they strive for. And now he also tries to move his fellowmen to this joining together, and for that reason he will confess his faith in me with all eagerness to them, and I myself will bless his effort, for he now works for me and my kingdom, in the belief in me and my power, which is always at his disposal.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6490.


Book 69 6491

The father's reliable protection.

4. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6491.

Trust me and my love - know, that I am your father, that I watch over my children and protect them in every danger, that I never let them go alone on ways, where dangers lurk around them. My father eye watches over them, over all those, who acknowledge me as their father, who call me, who want to be mine in eternity. Believe in the love of your father. Then you will never fear, that I let something happen to you, then you will always know being protected well spiritually and bodily and also do not need to fear my opponent. But you must always be attentive, for more than ever he is after stopping your work for me and my kingdom. He knows it, that he has lost you and nevertheless he does not give it up, to besiege you or to achieve it through cunning, that you let up in your spiritual work. But also my angels always stand around you ready for defence, when he wants to approach you, and their power is from me, and they are truly strong enough, to be able to foil his plan. For that reason you can completely carefree go about your work of redemption; you can know being well protected by my love, and you can always call me as your father, who will always hear you, because he is constantly with you. But a fight it will always remain between me and him, because neither I nor he wants to give up his right on you. And since your free will is decisive, I myself also have the right to those my creatures, which confess their faith in me, which will wise have already become mine. And I never ever give them up. You therefore, you who want to serve me, you have openly already announced your will to me, and you belong to me, although you still live on earth, in his kingdom. But your will has decided, which kingdom you want to take, and so you are therefore ready, to work for me and my kingdom on earth, you have freely professed your faith in me, and now you also belong to me, and I will truly protect my property against every hostile attack. And so you can unconditionally trust me and always be certain that I fatherly care for m children, that I give them, what they need spiritually and bodily, but that I also give them that, what they need for the work in my vineyard. You can be certain, that I never send something to you, what could be harmful for you yourselves or your fellowmen - that I never supply to you untrue spiritual material or let you walk in error. A father always only gives to his children good gifts, because he loves them. But my love for you exceeds the highest degree of earthly father love, and truly my gifts will still surpass those in their value by far, for I want to make you, my children, happy, and I also want, that everybody, who fetches food from you, receives the right food. So long you come to me full of trust and ask me myself for the supply of light and power, you will be allowed to receive and never need to fear, that the disadvantageous is offered to you. You are to just always think about that your father loves you and that love will always only hand out the best, that it wants to make happy, but never harms. What you ask, you will receive. For that reason always only entrust yourselves to your heavenly father - that he gives you out of his love. Then you never ever need to fear the effect of him, who is my opponent, for my love protects you from him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6491.


Book 69 6492

Repatriating of the dead to life.

5. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6492.

I woo the love of my creatures already long, which once became renegade to me, and endlessly long it will still last, until I have won back the love of all, until all are united with me in happiness, until I have reached my aim: being able to create and work in infinity with beings having completely become divine. But just as long my opponent still offers resistance to me, just as long it remains a fight between me and him, for voluntarily he does not give up the resistance, but fights always more furiously for the beings, which he is threatened to lose. But this perpetual resistance is at the same time also power generation. For life is formed persistently out of the power flowing out of me, and where life is formed, spiritual is already again extracted from death, and my opponent is powerless to this life. For the fight between me and him exists in that respect, to lead again back to life that, what his will let come to death, what his will deprived of life. And my will will not stop, to give life again back to the dead. And for it a never exhausting power is at my disposal, whereas my opponent loses power with every awakening to life. I therefore want to bring that, what once flowed out of me as some entity, back to its true purpose, that it is persistently active in the positive sense: work in love and unspeakable happiness. For my opponent had his plans opposed to this original purpose; he wanted to prevent it from all activity according to my will; he wanted, that it was to serve him, that it was to work conflicting to me, to weaken me. And therefore he caused these entities, to reject my love power flowing towards them. And through his plan he became guilty, that those entities became slaves of death, because they rejected the life-giving power. And the fight between me and him is always only, to awaken this dead to life, what he wants to prevent, since every new awakened life is his certain loss. But eternities will pass, until all dead is again alive. And the fight between me and him will therefore also rage eternities, between light and darkness, between good and evil. But once he will be defeated and also arise to life. But so long the fight still lasts, so long one single soul is still in his possession, so long he does not give up his resistance, for so long he believes in his blindness, to still be powerful. For his fall into the depth has brought in for him the greatest darkness; his fall has taken all light from him, and this his darkness always lets him think and act wrongly. No light can be given to him, for it would just reinforce his resistance; it would deepen his hate, and for that reason he flees the light, because it causes him agonies. You must know all this, to understand, which endless distance is between this fallen original being and me and why a premature return to me is impossible - but only for that reason impossible, because his will is hard and unbending, because he, despite him existing, is completely without life - for life causes love power, which he lacks completely and which he does not let him approach in most violent defence. For that reason also every being must be wrested from him, he will never hand it over voluntarily; no love no matter how great would achieve to weaken his resistance, for you must always consider, that love is divine and that my opponent resists everything divine, exactly because he is my enemy, who believes being able to defeat me. You must know about this blinded thought direction, to then also to understand, why there can be no premature return, no giving up of his resistance and why all power must only be used to again put that, being killed because of him, into the state of life - what requires eternities and for that reason one can also not speak of a change of will of my opponent in eternities. Only when all spiritual has come to life and to light, will he be powerless and now start his way into the father house, and then also he will live in light, in love and happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6492.


Book 69 6493

Masses never behind truth. Spreading - opponent.

6. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6493.

You are not allowed to be put off by the blinding work of my opponent, but you are to always just pay attention to that, what gives you enlightenment, what radiates from above down to you as gently light. This light - truth out of me, does not hit your eye with glaring shine, i.e., truth will never so suddenly light up and break through into the public. For the "divine light" is not recognized and acknowledged by the world, and it will not be spread in next to no time, but for the "blinding light" many eyes will open; it will far more likely be accepted than pure truth, the love light out of me. For that is the sign of the impenetrable darkness before the end, that men are accessible for everything untrue, for everything going out of the lower kingdom, that they have no more understanding for divine truth. But as soon as my opponent lets a deceptive light flash for them, they have no defence for it, but they seek to carry it everywhere; they help along, to darken the night still more, because they make their eyes insensitive for a gently radiating light. For they do not want to be enlightened inwardly; they just want to be delighted by a firework display, what is to just feign light and pleases the eyes. And nevertheless always more often light bearers will arise in the last time and go right through darkness and still gather the few around them, who feel their light as favour. In the last time many messengers from above will work on earth, to bring help to those men, who are of a good will. My word will be announced by servants filled with power, who have come to earth because of this mission, to bring the light of truth into darkness. But they all will only work out of the public eye; they will indeed not shrink from speaking openly and freely to men, but in the world one will take little notice of these announcers of my teaching and of my name. But the few, who would like to flee from the night, will receive from them bright light. For their words have great power. And where these my servants appear, also my opponent will not be long in coming and want to extinguish or dip the light and for that reason emerge in so unusual ways, that the world pays attention to it. And on it already you can recognize his work again. You know it, that the followers of the world are in his hands, that they are still endlessly far away from me, and never ever would my work find entrance into their area. But what finds spreading in the public, that has him as origin and the work of my servants will exactly there meet with no approval, but where my opponent has success. The mass will never stand behind truth, but always behind error and lie. But my real representatives on earth will not be bothered by it, that they are not believed - the more eagerly they will work and convinced speak of me and my speedy arrival. For I will put an end to the doings of my opponent, when his time has come. But before many light bearers will still go over earth, because the light is to be carried everywhere, to enlighten the few hearts of men, which my opponent has not yet in his power. These doings will be obvious, but obviously for mine also my care, to lead them out of darkness to the light. Do not be surprised, that you, you who want to serve me, penetrate so little with the word, which you have received from me, for also that is a sign of the darkened spirit, a sign of the low of men before the end, where my opponent can record far more likely success than you, my light bearers. And nevertheless the light will pave its way and once brightly illuminate the doings of my opponent. But his time has not yet come, he can still manage things according to his will. But soon his doings will be stopped, then my light from above will radiate with bright shine, then there will no longer be darkness, then men will be happy, who accepted my light already on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6493.


Book 69 6494

Office of the truth bearer. False legal ideas.

7. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6494.

You will have to fight constantly with the sword of the mouth; with all power and persistence you will have to stand up for my word, which is sent to you from above; you will have to represent it as pure truth, because this is the task, which was set for you at the same time with the supply of my word. Only rarely you will find faith, for men have formed their own opinions, which they do not so easily give up, because they lack deep cognition, which can only be won through a love life. And for that reason also not many men are suitable to fulfil such a task, because the resistance is too great and will always increase more, against which pure truth and a strong will is necessary, to nevertheless administer the office of a truth bearer with its duties. And these exist in that respect, to pass on, what he receives from me. Truth bearers were certainly active at any time, because I have never refrained from it, to supply pure truth to earth - and this truth was always resisted. But it was not yet the time, where Satan was allowed such a raging, as it is granted to him before the end - although he has caused bad devastations in the hearts of men at any time. But faith in God, in Jesus Christ as redeemer, was a living one, and this faith also brought about redemptions, so that at any time the gaining of souls for the spiritual kingdom was recorded, but what always becomes less in the present time, for no life in the sense of the awakening of the spirit among men is any more found, except for few exceptions, but which still do not spur on imitation. And exactly this dead state among mankind gives my opponent cause to the raging against me, because he now believes to stand before the aim. And that the work of Satan is obvious among mankind, that can again and again be established by those, who want the good and strive for good aims, for they will meet with resistance everywhere and be able to follow badness everywhere. Mankind was sinful at any time, but the sinful doing was also detested at any time – and indeed by the greatest part of mankind, whereas now sin has gotten out of hand and is no longer recognized as "sin". For men no longer shrink from openly contravening against my commands of love for God and the neighbour, and it is seen as right, what is openly wrong. Men have wrong legal ideas and no sense of responsibility to a higher judge. And in such a world it will be difficult, to announce my Gospel of love, and purest truth from above will be opposed by unbelief and ill-humour, exactly because mankind stands under the influence of my opponent, who confuses the thinking of men and masterly knows how to disparage me and truth, but always to swing himself aloft more, to transfer himself and his convictions to men and therefore to deepen darkness. And for that reason I kindle a light everywhere, which illuminates his doings and is to lead out of darkness. But the light bearers will always be resisted; again and again it will be tried, to extinguish the light. But I do not leave men without protection and help, who resist the doings of my opponent, who desire light and want to reach their aim on earth. And I constantly admonish and warn men, who are still undecided and have not yet found the right way, for I still want to rescue out of his power all, who are of good will, so that the end may not approach and also they still fall prey to destruction. And I can only do this help for them, by me telling them the truth, which everybody will also recognize, who has not yet fallen a slave to my opponent, who lively believes in a God and redeemer and through this faith has already separated himself will wise from him. He will accept the light and now also loyally walk the way, which certainly leads to me and to eternal life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6494.


Book 69 6495

The opponent seeks to stop the recognizing of the divinity.

8. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6495.

You only still resist me so long, as you have not yet really recognized me. And this recognizing of me myself my opponents constantly seeks to stop. For that reason he will also try everything, to keep my revelations far from you; he will spare no means to stop everything, what could give you enlightenment about me and my nature, what therefore as a light gives you information of my endless deep love for you. I irrevocably win you for me, as soon as you have recognized me. And exactly this recognizing of me myself it is, what innumerable light beings would like to supply to you, what every revelation on my part aims to achieve and what my opponent seeks to prevent with all powers. And so you will also have the explanation for it, that my word, that is imparted to you directly, is doubted or is tried to invalidate if possible. This is so obvious in the time of the end, for my opponent wants to win for himself, what is just possible, and therefore his work starts there, where he fears to lose souls. Clear cognition of me and my nature, of my love, omnipotence and wisdom, would let him lose his following in shortest time, but men lack exactly this clear cognition. And for that reason the fight between light and darkness is so violent in the last time before the end. And it will especially be noticeable for my servants on earth, to whom I myself can reveal myself. For there he works with all eagerness and also often with success. Confusing the thoughts is his plan; lies and deception is his weapon, and what he does not achieve openly, that he seeks to win through cunning. Mine cannot grasp it, that light from above does not break through the night, in which men walk. But light does let itself be transferred to men, who have no desire for it; and my opponent suffocates all desire already in the arising - without that men make a stand against it. For that reason they are to be blamed for their blindness themselves, for they do not want it, that the eyes are opened for them, that they hear about my extreme great love, that they get a proper picture of me. And after all, my revelations cannot be supplied to them by force, although they all could reach their possession. And since you now know, who seeks to prevent this, you, you who receive my word, would have to be especially attentive and not be put off by his counter work. He will do everything, to prevent you from both the receiving as also of the spreading of my word, because he would like to extinguish the light, which exposes him and his doings, and he will apply trick and deceit and find the resistance only in deep faith and love for me, which makes his work unsuccessful. You stand under my protection, and for that reason he will not be able to besiege you directly, but he will make use of those, who are easier to be influenced, that they take action against you or seek to invalidate everything, what you support as truth to men. Always do not forget, that you stand before the end; do not forget, that it is the last time for him and that he uses this time with all powers at his disposal, that he rages, because he knows, that he no longer has much time. And for that reason always join me firmer, and serve me with all devotion and with love eagerness, and you will be able to triumph over him at any time; you will also be able to give light to all those with my revelations, who resist him; you will kindle in them love for me and lead them into right cognition. And these are lost for him; I have won them and my love will no longer give them away for ever or let fall back to the depth - they have become mine and will remain mine until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6495.


Book 69 6496

Invitation to the table of the Lord.

9. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6496.

The bread of heaven is to be administered to you, so that your soul may become strong and can resist, when it is opposed by violence. You are not to need to live in want, for spiritual food is constantly offered to you from above, because my love will constantly supply you with food, which you need, to reach your destination. But come with a real hunger to my table; do not satisfy yourselves before somewhere else, because you are allowed to receive from me sufficiently and only that food is of real value for you, which I myself prepare for you and which you receive out of my hand. I invite you all to be my guests, because I know, that I can offer you something delicious, what is at the disposal of no other host, and because only this food prepared and handed out by me is the right food for your soul. And so you have now received plentifully from me, then also you hand out to your fellowmen and cause them to also go to my table and to be satisfied. Distribute the bread, as I have done, and in love serve your fellowmen a strengthening drink. Let them also drink out of the spring, from which the water of life flows. Introduce them to my word, which is sent to you yourselves from above and which gives power and light to all, who accept it gratefully, who assimilate it in the heart. You men must all hear my word, to be able to live accordingly; you all must know about my will, for you all have to fulfil on earth a task, and you need for it light and power. And you receive these through my word. That soul is to be helped to get life, which still stays in its body in an extreme weak state and - so long this is its stay - is to mature, to be able to enter the kingdom of light as spiritual being full of power and light after the death of its body, where again an activity waits for it, for which it must be fully equipped. And everything, what it needs to mature, to life and to happy making activity in future in the spiritual kingdom, that is imparted to it in earth life in rich measure, when it is just willing to receive. I myself provide for it; I myself help it to get eternal life through my word. Truly, the effect and the significance of my word cannot be presented to you men enough, for you still do not appreciate its value. For whether you acquire for yourselves earthly goods in excess - not in the slightest they can improve the state of your soul; it remains weak and miserable, when that food is not supplied to it, which it needs to the building up, when it cannot refresh and strengthen itself with my word, which touches it like a current of life and gives it power, to develop itself. The invitation, to come to my table and let yourselves be fed by me, goes again and again to you, for I alone know it, how urgently your soul needs food; I alone know it, what helps it to life, and I alone can administer this food to it - but whether I also have to award the most delicious. My invitation is often not heard; men hurry past my servants, who want to deliver my invitation to them, and they satisfy themselves with worthless food, with worldly feasts, where often a drink of poison is offered to them, which does great harm to their soul. And their craving will always become greater for the pleasures of this world. But who often eats of the bread and drinks of the water, which I offer to him, he will no longer need to hunger and to thirst for ever and still receive my refreshment again and again with full relish, for my gifts cause happiness, which is not to be compared with earthly pleasures. For that reason you are to be eager servants and help your fellowmen to receive spiritual food, offered by my love itself; you are to refer them to him, who alone can give, because he alone possesses, and who will always only hand out to his children good gifts - food, which helps the soul to eternal life and which everybody is allowed to receive, who wants to be his guest.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6496.


Book 69 6497

Plan of repatriation. Free will.

10. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6497.

In superb wisdom my plan of salvation is designed, so that it certainly once leads to the aim. But the freedom of the will is always taken into account, why it can last eternities despite greatest wisdom and endless love, until the will of the spiritual completely belongs to me. But free will causes such a plan, which always adapts itself to that will and opens the greatest possibilities to the right direction of the will. But my wisdom saw the direction of the will at any time, and my love could therefore always plan according to this will - so that always success was and is to be recorded and that spiritual again and again reaches perfection, therefore covers the way of salvation with success. But I also saw the many failures, which I must tolerate, because they are based on free will, but which have induced me already from eternity to perpetual love work, therefore my plan of salvation could for that reason already be fixed from eternity. A huge number of beings had fallen, and endless are the depths, which became their stay. The way back is endless far, and still the aim is reachable once. I recognized from eternity, which demands were made on my love on the part of those beings, which did not want to give up their resistance and nevertheless still do not remain left by me in the depth. Only my love can rescue them from there, and for that reason this love designed a plan, which certainly brings all fallen back to me, but also requires eternities, until all fallen is completely redeemed. Love, wisdom and power will achieve this work of repatriation, always under respect of the free will of him, who once emerged out of me as most perfect being. Man can certainly take note of my plan of salvation and now win the conviction, that nothing is arbitrary, that everything has my love will and wisdom as reason. But he can never assess my rule and work for the purpose of the repatriation of the fallen in its complete extent; he can only be referred to it with few words, that my love will never rest, until all once fallen can be active in fullest freedom and in light and power - and that for the reaching of this aim everything takes place as planned, that every thought, every direction of will and every level of development is known to me, that I know about everything and accordingly everything approaches man in earth life so, that he can carry out the return to me, when he himself wants it. In my plan of salvation from eternity everything is included, but compulsion is never exerted, why also the most favourable opportunities can remain unused and the time of the distance from me is extended by these beings themselves. It is therefore the free will, which is decisive, in which time the redemption of the once fallen being takes place. So long you men believe to be unfree in your thinking and wanting, so long you still stand in little knowledge - as result of your former fall. Exactly the free will prevents me of it, to redeem you instantly, what my infinite love certainly would like to do, but then the "mark" of divinity, free will, would be taken from you and you could no longer become perfect beings for ever, but would always just be judged beings, determined by my will, which are not in accordance with my aim, my divine love plan. Men, who dispute a free will, are still of a very dark spirit, for they still stand under the influence of my opponent, who has transferred his will on them. But I gave the right of self-determination to the spiritual engendered through his will, so that it recognized itself and could freely decide for him or for me. And it nevertheless fell and consequently became guilty itself in free will. When it therefore as man still thinks being dependent on a foreign power, which determines its will, then it is also still very much in his power - but can break away from it, exactly because it has a free will, which would conspicuously quickly be strengthened through the call to Jesus Christ, who has died for it, that man at any time can get hold of the strengthening of his weakened will. And for that reason the repatriation to me can take place in shortest time with the help of the divine redeemer, but as also eternities can still pass, because free will is decisive. But in my eternal plan of salvation everything is planned, and my love, wisdom and omnipotence will certainly once reach the aim.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6497.


Book 69 6498

Life spark – Love – Gift of favour.

11. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6498.

You all carry the life germ in you and need not become a slave to death, when you just give food to this life germ, when you supply it with light and warmth so that it can open up – when you arouse love in yourselves. Then you awaken from a dead state to life, and then you never need to fear death. You have been embodied as man on earth for this purpose, to win life, which lasts forever. And so that this is possible, God laid a spark of the primeval life force in you, which you now are to increase yourselves. Every effort from your side is supported; therefore you just need to want that you reach life. Because to stir up the primeval life spark in you would mean to practise love, for which you are well capable, but always have to first find the will. So love will always be the prerequisite that you gain eternal life. Without love you become a slave to death. Would you step into this earth life without this life germ, the divine love spark, it would be impossible for you to be active in love, because then the opponent would be completely in possession of you. But as you already before have reached a certain degree of maturity through the course of development and this degree of maturity is not to be endangered in the stage as man, God put into every soul of man a spark of his spirit, which however is enough, to let a love fire come into being in you, when it is jusy supplied with the necessary food, when man complies with every inner impulse and practises love – because this divine spark urges man on to it from out of the inside, however initially only softly, that it hardly is felt, but still causes the willing man to comply with the urge. And then the soul awakens to life – because love is a power that allows nothing dead around it, which gives life to everything and which will also conquer everything that opposes it. A man who always cultivates love will also feel that every inner weakness is fading, because love power is now flowing through him – because there is nothing divine, which is powerless or could leave a weakness behind, and because love is divine, because it is the radiation of God – because it is the primeval substance of God, who is also power in the primeval form in himself. That is how you therefore reach life, because you draw power directly from God, when you lead a life in love. And that is your assignment on earth and also your final objective, to make contact with God through a life of love, thus to again return in free will to where your beginning was. That you can do this, is an unusual gift of favour, because God still assigns a spark of this power to you, despite your former resistance to his love power, when you step into existence on earth as man. But you yourselves have to let the fire flare up in you; you must not let this love spark die away; you must not spill it, because that would be your death, because you then rob yourselves of all life, and you cannot be prevented from it, because you have free will. Every possibility will be opened for you to win back the life you once lost; but the free will will not be taken from you, and it alone determines, what you do with the divine spark of love. Every man is urged out of the inside to love activity, but when he does not comply with this urge, then the voice becomes softer and softer and in the end dies away completely unheard. And then is the risk that man completely loses himself; that he again completely becomes a slave to death, although God will again and again touch him and again and again give him opportunity from the outside, which could elicit in him his will to love. Because God campaigns for the soul of every single man until death, because he does not want that it becomes a slave to death, he wants that it lives. But he leaves free will to man.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6498.


Book 69 6499

Love light: Cognition of truth.

12. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6499.

You will never succeed to come to right cognition, so long you are still without love. For only the love light in you makes you capably to a right judgement, because then your thinking is enlightened, because you can then think no other way than right and consequently also recognize immediately, what is erroneous. And so men willing to love will always move in truth and feel an inner defence, as soon as something false is presented to them. But in exactly the same way it will be a waste of effort, wanting to supply truth to a man, who is completely without love. He opposes just as violent resistance, because his thinking still stands under the influence of him, who is against truth, who will constantly fight against truth, because it exposes him and his doings. For that reason truth cannot find entrance with a loveless mankind, on the other hand error is supported there, and nobody will seek to free himself from error, so long he himself is of a loveless heart. As soon as a man practises love out of the inside, as soon as his nature itself is love and radiates love, he will never confess his faith in error, for love in him warns him about it. He will first fall into doubt and always feel more resistance against a teaching, which is not according to truth. And he will also summon the power, to openly express his opinion for or against a teaching, because this power fills him with love at the same time and because he is now driven from the inside through his spirit, to support truth and to dispute error. A man filled with love does not remain silent to an open untruthfulness, and will also not acknowledge something only to pretend, what is obviously directed against truth. But to remain silent, that so much error found entrance among mankind, without having come across resistance, is only a proof of that, that also love has cooled among men, which is the surest resistance against the lie and error. And although individual men recognize this again and again, although these are in right thinking as the result of their love life, so the majority of men is still in fullest ignorance of truth, and they feel happy in it. And if love is preached to these, so they close their hearts and ears, and it remains dark in them, exactly because without love there can be no light. But truth is light - love is light - and who wants to walk in light, he must before fashion himself to love, but then he will also recognize, that only one way leads back into the father house, into the eternal home - the way of love, because it is also the way of truth. But who has walked this way, he walks it further cheerfully; for him there is no trepidation, for him there is no doubt and despondency, for the power of love constantly drives him upwards, and he takes all obstacles with ease. Who has found truth, he has also found me myself, and I am and remain the aim for him, towards which he strives. But I am never to be reached without love; never does the way lead via error upwards; never is truth to be recognized by a man, who is destitute of all love. But I want to help you all at any time to it, that you reach the height, and for that reason you are constantly admonished to love work; you are directly addressed through preachers, but also through trouble around you I seek to bring the ice around your hearts to melt. For so long love has cooled among you men, you go completely uselessly through earth life; you live as it were in vain, without achieving the smallest progress, because you are lacking the most important in earth life - the love fire, which illuminates your spirit, warms up your heart, which gives you power to overcome all resistances. But it is still not too late, to kindle the little spark in you, and I help each one, who is of the will, to come to right cognition. For my love does not give you up; my love again and again illuminates you; my love sends light bearers among you, who admonish and warn you and lovingly offer you the light, for you are not left without help; I will woo you and your love until your death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6499.


Book 69 6500

God's protection for servants and co-workers.

13. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6500.

Whatever may happen, I will visibly stand by my servants, them having to do a task in the coming time after all, which presupposes a particular willingness and suitability, which not all men summon for an activity for me and my kingdom. It is a mission, which is enormous significant, to serve as mouthpiece in a time, where it is only hardly possible, that I can express myself to men. Only few men devote themselves to me in complete free will and serve me, i.e., they readily do that, to which I just need them. And the most important is, that men hear from me, what they are to do, that they know about my will and that this knowledge is supplied to them by men, who have received it from me directly. The usual way of preaching of my Gospel, the imparting of my will, they no longer acknowledge, and only few receive my word there. But I also want to address those men, who do not gather there, where my word is offered to them. I also want to touch their hearts and for that reason need men, who lend me their mouth, through which I can then speak to those. But I rarely find such willing servants. But who has once offered himself for service, he is for me such a welcome co-worker, that I will also smooth his way of life, that I truly do not miss his collaboration, that I protect him spiritually and earthly, so that he can conscientiously fulfil his task for me. And for that reason I will do everything, to preserve him for me for this service at his fellowmen; I will obviously stand by him in every trouble and danger; I will also take hold of unusual aids, so such are necessary, but I will not do without his help, because I need each one in the time of the end, who wants to be active for me. Only few men put themselves at my disposal for a work, which is meant for the salvation of the soul of men, for a work, which means help at the redemption of erroneous souls on earth and also in the hereafter, because only few men have such a living faith, that the spiritual kingdom appears more real to them than the earthly kingdom - that they for that reason are only active for that kingdom, which is their true home. Only few men believe it so confidently, that they prepare their life only for the actual kingdom, which is not of this world. Of these few are also again only few prepared to consciously help to gain that kingdom. The earthly world touches all men far more, for what the earthly world offers, that they can pursue, whereas spiritual achievements are not visible and tangible for them and for that reason are also only rarely striven for. And so now a man has recognized the true value and the worthlessness of the spiritual and the earthly kingdom, and he has in this cognition offered himself to me for service, I will also take up his will and his power, which he is prepared to employ for the salvation of souls of men on earth and in the opposite kingdom. Unless I have a still greater task ready for him in the spiritual kingdom, where also services can be done for me, so long the fight still lasts between light and darkness. But for the time being the earth is the aim of my care, for it has soon stopped to be, and the short time of favour must still be utilized fully until the end; much work must still be done on earth, whereto I need eager servants and for that reason also grant every protection to these, so that their work for me and my kingdom is not restricted, but may produce greatest successes.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6500.


Book 69 6501

Signs and evidences to the end.

14. March 1956. B.D. NR. 6501.

Unmistakable signs will announce to you the nearby end but always only recognizable to those who believe because all the others will explain them naturally and laugh at those who attach a deeper importance to them. But still you men will become aware of it, and everyone can adapt himself to it according to his will. But that you will become aware of it, is a special favour, because you now can so prepare yourselves, you can be working on yourselves with strengthened eagerness, because these signs are an earnest admonition for you who believe. They are still final times of favour, which everyone is allowed to experience and which can end a walk of life on earth successfully, when only he makes the right use of it. But in the same way men will pass their days carelessly who do not believe, and the end will surprise them, and immature their souls will experience the end. Because this comes irrevocably. When you men now constantly are admonished and shown, then also these are favours, to which you are to pay attention, make use of for your salvation, because again and again God himself approaches you through such indications, but which can always only happen in such a way that they leave free will to you - that it is up to everyone if you reckon with an end or not. But those who still believe have the considerable advantage because they also adjust their life accordingly; they make an effort to live according to the will of God and to still mature until the end. But still the full convinced belief is only found with very few, because the events are too enormous, which are announced to men; they are events which no-one is able to imagine and which also have not yet ever been experienced as long as men inhabit this earth, because all previous endings of a redemption period took place differently; the same events will never repeat themselves, and never will records be available for it, how such a process of dissolving of creations has happened. But God's word is truth, and God spoke at any time through seers and prophets and announced the forthcoming, only without exact date and time, that is why men will always offer doubts to all announcements of such kind. But those who believe are to be called blessed. No long time will pass, then the earth enters another phase of development, and a new period starts under completely different prerequisites and living conditions, because men in this period have reached a degree of maturity, which also requires different circumstances of their life and assignments, to now complete the course of development. With certainty you can assume that the stage of your life is limited, that many will not be able to cover the normal time of life on earth, but will be called away before their time or still experience this forthcoming end in young years, but also only indications can be given without a trace of proof - due to your freedom of will. But take these evidences seriously, and you will have no need to regret it - live so as if tomorrow is already the last day because the world can only still offer you worthless products which you cannot take over into eternity. But a right life according to the will of God can still increase your spiritual products to a degree that the end of this earth only opens the gate to eternity, which you now can enter richly blessed with treasures. No harm whatsoever arises for you when you reckon more with an end than with a long continuation of your life on earth because you learn to only live with full awareness on earth; you concern yourselves with thoughts of eternity, of God and his kingdom, and you will always only strive for perfection. Not much time remains for you, that is why you must use it to your ability, and the blessing will not stay away. Because that is why the indications are given to you all the time that you think of the end and also live accordingly on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6501.


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