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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 68

B.D. NR. 6285 - B.D. NR. 6422

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Book 68 6285

God's address.

15. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6285.

Blessed are those men, who are allowed to hear my word, who let themselves be addressed by me, who long for my address and for that reason can be given by me, as it is beneficial for them for their soul. Blessed, who recognize in me the loving father, who speaks to them words of love and of wisdom. Blessed, who directly receive power from me, because I have blessed my word with my power. To all of you, who still walk on earth, my love is meant, and for that reason I also would like to give to all of you the possibility, to be able to listen to my address. And for that reason I supply my word in a way down to earth, that it is not just intended for the receiver alone, but also fellowmen can hear it through him - that he can pass it on, in that form, as he has received it. And so all can come into the possession of my word, which is sent pure and unaltered to those, who open their hearts to the address from above. All men can refresh themselves at the source, from which the living water flows out - my word, which is life awakening, because eternal life itself has poured it out. Never ever can he become a slave of death, who drinks from the source of life, who therefore takes up my word into his heart, who does not just let it die away at the ears, but wants, that he is touched by it inwardly. For my word is food for the soul; it is food and drink, which are necessary for the life of the soul. And this word is sent to you men in all purity and seeks access to your hearts. I myself, I who am the word from eternity, stand at the door of your heart, and knock, so that you grant me entrance. And then I myself can feed and water you; I can hold communion with you; you can unite yourselves with me and now remain united until all eternity. For so you hear my word, I myself must also be present to you, and my presence must make you happy already on earth, because you are now able to constantly hear my word and you now always have the proof, that I myself am with you. I want to address you all and inform you of my love for you, because I want to win you back, you who were lost for me endless long time. And for that reason my word from above will again and again sound, and again and again I will choose the right vessels for me, into which I can let my love power current flow. And again and again I will find the access into opened hearts of men, who happily accept, what I offer them, who feel hunger and thirst and are to be refreshed with the right food and the right drink. Again and again my power will flow to those, who intimately connect themselves with me to receive power. For my love for you men is immutable, and it will always send that to you, what you need, to be happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6285.


Book 68 6286

Fight against desires and passions.

16. June 1955 B.D. NR. 6286.

Kill all your desires, and you will mature in shortest time. So you have the will to become perfect, everything must be overcome, what still pulls down to the depth - and these are all desires and passions, which still adhere to you from the time of preliminary development - and which for that reason still occupy you much on earth, because through those urges and desires my opponent has an effect on you, who wants to prevent the return to me through this. But these urges and desires are an obstacle for the uniting with me, because they are undivine properties, which a perfect being cannot have - and which for that reason must be overcome before, before the uniting with me can take place. Man must now fight against every desire, which is meant for matter, for a greed is always connected with it, to possess something, what belongs to the kingdom of my opponent, what therefore only serves the satisfaction of the senses - no matter whatever it may be. As soon as man's bodily senses delight on it, they are desires, which find their fulfilment earthly. Everything belongs to this, what gives man the bodily feeling of wellbeing, so it is striven for by man himself with all powers and for that reason lacks spiritual striving: the cognition of the transitoriness of all earthly. Man are also given by me earthly, and also their earthly life will be blessed and offer them everything, and that also amply, as soon as I recognize their spiritual striving, as soon as their love is meant for me and the approach to me is their first aim. Then my love gives them amply, and also their earthy life will be blessed and offer them everything, because it no longer harms them, because it does not tie up their senses. But as soon as the desire for earthly pleasures, possessions and stimulus is strong in man, then he must wage war against it, for these desires are the weapons of my opponent, which often help him to victory. Nevertheless man is not getting unsuitable for life on this earth; his power will grow, but he will utilize it differently. He will want to work spiritually and only find in that respect satisfaction - however immediately let up, when his looks turn again towards the world, he sees something there, that he desires to possess. For that reason "the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force." The earth is the kingdom of the fallen spirits; it is the kingdom of my opponent. Who considers that seriously, he will also know, that everything desirable of the earthly world always just requires the paying of tribute to him and that, who pays this tribute, will also belong to him. He will also know that there can be no compromises between me and him, that I demand you completely and that man will hardly reach me, wo still sneaks a look at the kingdom of my opponent. You are not allowed to let yourselves be captured by the world; you must control yourselves, which things still seem desirable to you, and you must now seriously suppress the desires for it; you are not allowed to give in to them, but you are allowed to confidently enjoy, what I myself give you. You are allowed to enjoy that, what you receive, without having striven for it greedily - what my love gives you, because you belong to me, because you have recognized the earth life purpose and are now willing to serve me. But be content with that, and always suffocate every emerging avidity, and always only see a trap in it, which my opponent wants to set for you, to win you back for himself. Without inner struggle you will not become victor over him, but if your striving is meant for me, then you no longer need to fight, for then the world no longer attracts you, then your longing is directed heavenwards - then matter has lost control over you, then you learn to despise it it must serve you, because you have become lord over it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6286.


Book 68 6287

Examining of spiritual goods is necessary.

18. June 1955. B.D. NR 6287.

The spirit in you teaches you and it has got no choice than to impart the purest truth to you. When you now come across contradictions, with which you are approached from the outside, you first have to check if the own activity of the intellect or the work of the spirit has produced this spiritual material. And you will always come to the result that the spirit out of me did not work there where a contradiction can be found. Because the spirit out of me does not err; the spirit out of me always imparts to man the same: the pure truth. It is difficult for you men to carry out such an examination as long as you yourselves are not of an awakened spirit, but that is why you are also not to accept everything, especially when teachings are imparted to you which do not contain my Gospel which is to be taken from scripture - when it concerns teachings which have been added to my Gospel, my pure, from me on earth announced love teaching. Then greatest caution is always called for because the knowledge which reaches the spirit awakened man as supplementation, as deep spiritual wisdom - that knowledge which reveals to you men my eternal plan of salvation, can only be imparted to you through my spirit, but is invalidated by the influence of my opponent, just through false teachings, through erring presentations or completely new teachings, the reason they can already be recognized as erring is because such knowledge does not further a maturity of the soul. Because exactly that is his work, to emulate me - to place error in front of men the same way as I hand out truth. That is his work, to train servants for himself who feign the same: to talk to men in divine mission. It is not easy for you men to recognize what is right and what is wrong as long as the desire for unusual, supernatural knowledge dominates, as long as you do not childlike humbly ask for pure wisdom from me, as long as you go to men to let them teach you, without having first recommended yourselves to me, that I guide you properly and let you go the way of truth. You have to do everything - but really everything - with me, and you will then not err, you will not judge wrongly, you will learn to distinguish error from truth. You really can believe it that the earnest will for truth is the securest protection, then the feeling of refusal will come out in you in the face of every wrong teaching, and this feeling is my work in you because you ask for the truth. Products of the intellect are easily refuted when they contradict the truth. But to be able to assess messages which are apparently from above requires awakening through the spirit because only the spiritual awakened man sees through the inferior work of the opponent of the truth, the prince of darkness. He recognizes the contradiction and also can explain this; but he will always only find belief with those whose desire for truth is strong because these already have the same feeling in them, which I give everyone who is serious about the truth - who already has received me in his heart through works of love. Who is in union with me through works of love or sincere prayer, he instinctively rejects what contradicts the pure truth because the eternal truth itself protects him from deception and also can do it, exactly through the close union and the desire for the truth. That is why you are not to fear to be led astray, you who are devoted to me, you who strive for fulfilling my will. I will direct your thinking properly, and you will always be able to distinguish truth from error. Amen. B.D. NR. 6287.


Book 68 6288

"With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."

19. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6288.

You will always be required by me to do eager love activity, and if you follow my instructions, so you also have to expect constant help, for I distribute as you measure to your neighbour. You can therefore also live completely carefree on earth; your earthly needs are also met for you, when you just distribute again, what you receive from me spiritually and earthly. Requesting and starving men are always led into your way, men, who are in earthly or spiritual trouble, and you are to give to them, what you receive from me - earthly help, so they ask you for it, or spiritual gifts, which they always need and which are far more important than earthly care, because latter comes from me, when man just endeavours to really utilize the spiritual gifts - when he is willing to first look after his soul. Then the body is also given by me, for I have given you this promise, that ye are to first seek the kingdom of God, everything else shall be added unto you. And from that you, my servants on earth, will be able to gather, that your care is to first be meant for the spiritual wellbeing of fellowmen, for the spiritual trouble does not become noticeable so obviously, that men seriously seek to remove it, while earthly trouble is perceptibly felt by the body and that is why the care of men is always only meant for the earthly supply. Also there you are to help, as far as it is in your power, but since you possess spiritual good in abundance, you are to distribute this to all, who are in need, and seek to make comprehensible to men, that earthly trouble is just the result of spiritual trouble - that they neglect something spiritually and for that reason must suffer or fight earthly. You are to enlighten them about that, that their love activity leaves to be desired, otherwise they would be given by me according to my promise: With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again - that they therefore must starve for that reason, because they also let their fellowmen starve, because they do not give to them, what they can give: love - which every man needs so urgently. For everyone, no matter how poor he is of earthly goods, can be loving against fellowman; nobody is so poor, that he would have nothing to give away. And even the poorest of the poor can testify to his helpful will, and the help for himself will certainly not fail to appear. The love command is heeded too little, and for that reason also the earthly trouble increases. And if help is to be brought to men, so this has to happen first in a spiritual way, that they hear, what is the cause of their trouble - that men must first make an effort, to meet each other in love, that they are to always pay more attention to fellowmen than to their own trouble, because help is sent to them themselves in the same measure, as they want to help. And for that reason also a spiritual gift must be offered to them, my word must be held up to them, which I taught, when I myself walked on earth - they must again and again be assured that they must keep to my word, that my word is truth and that I stand by my promises - that everyone must just make the test himself, by him doing, what I demand, to then also be allowed to certainly experience the fulfilment of my promise.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6288.


Book 68 6289

Rulers of fate. God of love.

20. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6289.

This you are to know, that I want to win you for me and therefore your whole earth life unwinds so, that I reach my aim, as soon as you do not resist me. It is indeed always up to you, whether you utilize earth life, whether you let everything, what concerns you in this earth life, have an effect on your soul, whether everything contributes to it, that you take the way to me - for you can also resist, by you rebelling against your fate, which I myself have imposed on you after all, to just reach your becoming happy. You can rebel against the ruler of the fate and be indignant, and then you never take the way to him and devote yourselves to him voluntarily. Then you turn again to him, from whom I want to free you. You must first learn to believe in a God of love. Then you also understand his rule and work; you learn to understand it, that he always only pursues a purpose, which it to make you happy. To know to be directed by a God of love will let you bear all difficulties, that he imposes on you, because you then also trust this God of love, that he just means well to you. And you can easily believe it, that I am a God of love, when you just look at the creation around you - when you think about it, that everything is just created for you men after all, so that you can live and enjoy the creations of nature - that you men often get into awkward circumstances, should not let you doubt the love and wisdom of a creator, but always only let you ask, why you get into such situations. Everything in nature is so wise ordained, that one serves the other for the development, that it arises and exists according to wise law, so long the order of nature is not disturbed through human intervention. Therefore you should also come to the conclusion, that you yourselves do not move in the order, which is God-wanted - that you yourselves therefore are cause of sufferings and troubles, which concern you. And full of trust you should now turn to a God of love, who has created everything around you and also yourselves, and ask him, to help you to re-establish order. You men, who believe not being able to do this, just lack humility. You are so arrogant, that you do not want to subordinate yourselves to a strong power, that you rebel against it and for that reason must get into such situations, where you learn to recognize your weakness. And only the humble man goes the way to me, because alone he feels too weak and unable, to improve his situation himself. Faith in a God of love and wisdom also presupposes humility. The arrogant cannot believe, because he does not want to believe, because he wants to acknowledge no power above him, to which he is to submit himself. Earth life with all its fate like experiences could certainly supply him the proof, that he is able to do nothing against the will of a stronger, and with it every man could derive benefit from this for his soul. But his will remains free - and resistance against me just lets him sink deeper and deeper, while subjection lets him climb to the height - to which earth life is given to you. I want to win you for me, to make you happy. For far from me you remain in unhappiness, in darkness and pain.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6289.


Book 68 6290

Strokes of fate. Remedy.

21. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6290.

The wounds which I must strike for you, when I do not want to let you become a slave to eternal death, are truly not the expression of wrath, of lack of love; they are also no sign of just punishments of your transgressions. They are just remedies, to take again from you illnesses, which are your own fault, and they are necessary to let you regain the health of your soul. Through your own fault you have stepped out of order, otherwise only fortune and happiness would be your lot. Believe me that I much rather prepare for you happiness, but that you yourselves make it impossible for me, as soon as you step out of order - but that I try everything, to lead you again back to divine order, to be able to make you again happy unlimitedly. The more trouble and sorrow, misery and illness on earth is visible, the worse are the violations of my order, and out of the trouble itself you men can see it, on which low you have arrived, for I would truly prefer to know men in happiness than to let hard plagues come over them unwarrantedly, to re-establish my eternal order. And although the individual thinks, to be no so great sinner, as the misfortune is, which has concerned him - you men do not know the connections; you also do not know the effect of a misfortune in its extent - and you do not know, the person to whom the fate of the individual serves again for the maturing. You also do not know, what you have voluntarily offered to take upon yourselves before your embodiment as man. But I know about everything, and I truly do not impose on you a greater burden, than you can bear. Moreover I myself offer myself as cross bearer, when the cross presses you too heavily. But unfortunately you do not enlist my help often, and for that reason you complain about the burden and grumble often, that it is too heavy for you - love persuaded you to offer yourselves to the bearing of the burden of a cross. But in earth life you do not know, why you must suffer, you who believe, to belong to me through your will. But I want, that you also go your way quietly and uncomplainingly without the knowledge about the cause, that you take the cross upon yourselves devotedly; I want, that you always bow under my will, in the cognition, that he, to whom you subordinate yourselves, is a God of love and that everything, what comes from him, will bring about blessings for you. For that reason do not rebel against your fate, whatever it may bring - when you want to belong to me, then do not complain and grumble, but always be certain of that, that it is only to your salvation - that it always only means help and establishing of my order from eternity - be certain, that you will recognize it in future and be grateful to me, that I let you go this earth way with its hardships, with its strokes of fate, but also with my love, which is reason for everything, what concerns you, because it always only wants, that you are happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6290.


Book 68 6291

Time of the end.

22. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6291.

In my plan of salvation from eternity the time is fixed when the work of reshaping at this earth takes place, because I saw since eternity when my will has to intervene to prevent the complete sinking of the spiritual into the deep, to again integrate it into the process of development, so that it again can strive up. And the time periods are always so calculated that they are well enough for the complete redemption of the spiritual, but that they also are not allowed to be too long for the ones who are failing, because they sink all the time further and then the return to me becomes more and more difficult and agonizing, because the means for redemption of this spiritual are corresponding to the distance to me. In the time of a redemption a great deal of spiritual is released, but the spiritual which went through the creation is also often still so in resistance to me, that it needs longer time until it can embody itself as man, which is why at the end of such a redemption period mankind still carries much of this resistance in it and that is why just these men have no impetus upwards, but interlock more and more again with matter, so the tendency towards it also pulls down the soul. And when men of such mentality predominate, then also the time has come, where a complete reshaping of the earth is necessary to again further the process of development. Then the separation of spirits has become necessary. And I know about it since eternity. I will never end a redemption period prematurely to still rescue from the new banishment what is possible, because I alone know what such a new banishment in hard matter means for the spiritual. I never let a being fall into this fate, which still offers the least prospects of a change of its will, of a rescue from such fate. But I also will not miss one day longer to not increase the agony of these newly banished beings, but which would make necessary an always deeper fall. I know when the time is fulfilled which was granted to the spiritual to be released, and my plan from eternity is also based on this. And that is why I also have to point you men to the events lying before you because also these pointers can still shake men up and the short time until the end can still bring salvation to them. But the day of the end will not be postponed, because of that. And even when you men are never allowed to know the exact time for the sake of your freedom of belief, so I still say to you that you are very close to it, that you no longer have much time, that your life on this earth is ended very soon. I tell you this very urgently and advise you to believe me and to adjust your life so, as you would do when you definitely would know day and hour. Let yourselves earnestly be warned and admonished. Turn away from the world, leave everything which is transitory, and think of your soul, which is immortal, and prepare a happy lot for it by you only striving for what gives it salvation. Get in touch with your God and creator from eternity, see your father in me, who longs for his children, and confide in me that I guide and lead you in the last days of your life on earth. Make use of the last short time which still remains for you until the end - so that you belong to the few who are still rescued from ruin - so that you live and do not take to eternal death. Amen. B.D. NR. 6291.


Book 68 6292

God's presence and expression.

23. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6292.

I am always with you, so you call me in thoughts, so you become engrossed in spiritual conversations, so you speak for me and my kingdom - always, when you want, that I am in the midst of you. For I have promised you this. And so you do not need to seek me in the distance; you can always imagine that I am present to you, as soon as you are assembled in a small circle and do not hold worldly, but spiritual conversations. And so you can also feel addressed by me, and the supply of my word needs to be nothing surprising to you, for how should I otherwise prove my presence to you, than that I myself address you? For that reason everybody will also be able to hear me, who is of the will, to be addressed by me, and all his thoughts will then be directed by me, because this will, to hear me, also certainly guarantees him my address or right thinking. You know after all, that I am your father and you are my children. For that reason it is also the most natural, that the father speaks to his child and that the child will always then hear his voice, when it pays attention to it - when it does not close its ear or listens to loud sounds, which sound to it from the world. Everybody, who is willing to hear me, he will also hear me, and every thought turned towards me now also secures him his own thinking according to my will. And so it will also be protected from error, when it desires pure truth, when questions or unsolved problems occupy it. But it is never allowed to expect a certain answer with such questions - therefore that answers, which it would like to hear best and which still does not need to be in accordance with truth. Who desires to be instructed in pure truth, to now also pass it on to fellowmen, he is to make himself completely free of spiritual material, which has been imparted to him from the outside. He is to empty his heart and open it for my love current, and I will fill it in accordance with his desire - but also in accordance with his task, when man wants to serve me. And so you men must make a difference, whether you yourselves only want to associate with me mentally, whether you desire my address, that it may give you yourselves comfort and power, so that you can fulfil your earth task - or whether you offer yourselves to me as mediator, that I can speak through you to all men. I myself am always present to you; you always hear my voice, as soon as you desire it and make it possible for me through your desire and you listening inwards. But who has a commission from me, to him I must also give in accordance with his commission - for the fulfilment of the commission requires a certain knowledge, which enables him to a teaching activity. And only a man can receive this knowledge, who has reached a certain degree of maturity and fulfils certain preconditions, which make a supply of my word possible. You men are all allowed to come to me, when you want to hear me myself. You all can believe that I am with you and speak to you, wherever my name is expressed in devotion and your heart opens, that I can enter. But whom I have hired for work for my vineyard, whom I have charged with the office of teaching, to him also that is sent, what he needs for his work. And you are to listen to them in the firm belief, that I myself speak through them, because it is necessary, that you men are instructed, so that you learn to recognize and love me and now also fulfil my commands and are happy thereby.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6292.


Book 68 6293

God's loving address.

24. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6293.

Words of love I want to give to every child, which wishes to be addressed by me. For I embrace all my children with a really powerful love and for that reason cannot speak to them otherwise than full of love. And even so I must admonish and warn them, then it is also still my love, which wants to protect them about that, to make themselves unhappy. And very often men are in this danger, even so they seriously strive for me, because they are constantly lurked around by my opponent and he tries everything to ruin them. For you men still stand completely in the world - and the world is a danger for everybody seriously striving. Not alone that it, with its attractions and with its delusions, can have an effect on the senses of men, also the demands, which are made on you on the part of the world, often cause the faux pas, lack of love, restlessness or even anger, because my opponent will always have so an effect on men enslaved to him, that they make the children striving towards me to the aim of their attacks. For my opponent works with a great deal of cunning - particularly then, when he has scored little success, when he cannot drive me out of the heart of my child. Then therefore my words are warning and admonishing despite all love, to not let my child fall into the hands of him, who would like to possess it. But one short thought of me is enough to chase him away, and this thought you can send up to me at any time, and a delicious peace will embrace you, which I myself sink into your heart, so you loyally keep in with me and are not submissive to the opponent. And I constantly keep watch over those, who want to belong to me, I only must leave freedom to their will and entrust the vigilance to your own care, for each one child means too much for me, than that I want to leave it to my opponent. But at any time you have an extreme effective means to chase away his desires for you and him himself: The smallest work of love already makes him unfit for action; with the smallest work of love you already establish the connection with me, and where I am, he must flee - where I am, you no longer have to fear him. For that reason, when the world assails you thronging, when situations turn out, where you are put in restlessness or bad temper - speak a good word, let a good thought arise in you or do a good work. And by itself all besieging will let up; you will emerge as victor in every dispute, in every situation, where one is hostile to you. For then you direct your will in all freedom right, and then you can never ever succumb. But this will always cost an inner fight. If you pass this fight, if you emerge from this fight against you yourselves as victor, then you have also defeated him, who is my and your opponent. And I bless you for it and surround you with constantly increasing love, and what first appears to you as fight, you will now be able to cope with very easily, and also the world will no longer have an effect on you, because you proved it to me through your will, that you want to belong to me completely. And again and again I say it to you: You can know being loved by me always and for ever, particularly then, when you as man on this earth want to go the way upwards. Then I pursue you, my children, with my father love, and on every way, which you go, I go next to you - and over thorns and rocks I lead you through sufferings and troubles towards the right aim. I escort you back into your father house, where my love has treasures ready for you, which you are never ever able to imagine - which the father has prepared for the children, who love him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6293.


Book 68 6294

Effective means of favour.

25. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6294.

My gifts of favour are unlimitedly at your disposal, because my love for you is unlimited and does everything, to help you to happiness. And so also the supply of my word is an unusual gift of favour, which can help you to the complete redemption out of form, to complete spiritualization still during your earth life. For my word is of unusual power effect, because it is a direct radiation of me myself. The souls in the hereafter obviously feel this power effect, because with good will they come to cognition suddenly and it becomes light, where it was dark before. The power effect cannot be proven to men on earth so obviously, for it would force them to the acceptance of that, what must be received by them in their heart in fullest freedom of will, to be success bringing for the souls. But then the great effect is also unmistakeable, and man and his nature completely change; he fashions himself to love and therefore becomes free of every fetter, to be able to now enter into the spiritual kingdom at the end of his earth life as completely spiritualized, as completely redeemed. Whether on earth or in the opposite kingdom - I must always address my creatures, if I want to be recognized by them as father, to whom they are to strive for as children in hot love. An aim must be presented to them, a perfect being, which they want to reach, because they feel, that this being loves them. And that is only possible in this way, that I speak to my creatures, so that they can also believe in this being, which reveals itself to them. I must reveal my identity to all my creatures as a being full of love, wisdom and power. And for that reason they must be able to hear me - but, to be able to hear me, also open themselves, therefore open themselves to my address from above. But then also the power from above flows to them, and then they must absolutely also be able, to do all that, what I request from them and announce to them through my word. You men are powerless creatures, because you have become imperfect through your former defection from me. Your power would never be sufficient, to reach again the former perfection. For that reason I must supply power to you before, what now happens through the supply of my word, which I have blessed with my power. And now always new power flows towards you, the more often you let me speak to you, the more opened your heart is to receive my word, the more you want that I address you, and in the desire for my word you now also utilize the unusual gift of favour - by you obeying, what I tell you to do, and so therefore step by step go upwards with the success of completely breaking away from the world, which held you tied up throughout eternal times. When I request from you that you are to make yourselves divine during your earth life, so I must give you, as weak beings, also the means, being able to carry out my request. And these means are gifts of favour, a gift from me, which gives you power to ascend upwards. And the most effective means of favour is my word, which is again and again sent to you from above, but which you also possess in the Scriptures, which testifies to me - when you just willingly open your heart, that I can address you. Then you, filled with power, will also do everything, to fulfil my will; you will alter yourselves to love and as free beings be able to enter into the kingdom of light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6294.


Book 68 6295

Development of earth and man.

26. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6295.

You can come fully trustingly to me with all questions, which move you, for I will always answer them for you, as it is helpful for you. You, however, only grasp a limited measure of knowledge - but what I impart to you, is enough to grant an insight into my eternal plan of salvation - it is also enough, to be active to other men enlightening and instructing - and to reveal to yourselves my love, wisdom and omnipotence. And I increase this knowledge, the further you yourselves progress, the more you are receptive for light and power from me - for it is my aim, that you become perfect, as you have been it originally at first, and also deepest cognition belongs to that - a comprehensive knowledge about my rule and work, about my entity and about your aim. Endless long times you men have needed to develop out of the depth to that height, which allows an existence as man. And endless long time was therefore necessary, in which this development has taken place up to man, because everything could only develop up in a legal order - because not any development phases could be passed over, but those development phases went off according to my eternal plan of salvation and this ascent development also needed the corresponding creations - which has become an idea for you as "prehistoric times". The human urge to research indeed tries to put up numberlike calculations about the duration of those prehistoric times, but it only succeeds quite limitedly, for they are eternities, in which the slow ascent development of the spiritual - as well as therefore also the coming into being of creation - took place, which you as man can now see; they were endless long periods of time, for which the word "eternities" is the right description. But the idea of time only started, when the creature "man" was called by me into existence, for before the living beings were not gifted with reason in that measure, that they could independently think and conclude, that they therefore lived consciously and the ideas "past - present and future" became graspable for them. Only that being, that was equipped with intellect and free will, can be called "man", which was able to think in a measure, to now be able to acquire a certain cognition and to now live according to this cognition. And from this time on one can therefore speak of the conscious development up, where the possibility was given to the once fallen, to finally return to me.

The creation of the first man was the beginning of a redemption period, where free will is the decisive factor, not my will as in those prehistoric times, where everything takes place in the mandatory law and must irrevocably result in an ascent development. And now the question moves you, how long "man" already inhabits earth - whereby you always only mean the man talented with reason, freely deciding about himself, as whose descendants you see yourselves. The first man, who could take full responsibility for his acting and thinking, was Adam - although manlike beings were represented already before Adam in all parts of the earth, which carried out already much instinctively, whereto human thinking is suspected, but which were still driven through spiritual intelligences, which therefore also served the spiritual striving upwards as cover and now carried out in the mandatory state, what was necessary for the development of the creation earth - as stay for future man. They were kinds of men, whose instincts and impulsiveness broke through extremely strongly and which still could not be held responsible for it, because also they contributed to it, that spiritual again and again became free and could embody itself new - because everything just served to that end, to prepare for men an area, which was suitable for passing of the last test of will. Those humanlike beings were therefore certainly bodily already strong related to that form, which I had ready for the man Adam, when the time had come for the fallen original spirits, where free will was given back to them, to now being able to finally redeem themselves out of form. Prehistoric creation again and again gave spiritual free, and the development of that progressed further and further, that had demanded as it were the whole coming into being of earth in the bound state - and also the time came for this spiritual, where it was to freely decide. And this was the beginning of the redemption epochs, which have significance for you men, because now free will and the intellect could be used and therefore the being leads a conscious life. The beginning of this epoch also lies already endlessly far back, so that you men can do no calculation about it any more - but through my will the most important epochs with their happenings have remained known to you, which you indeed distribute into for you clear periods of time - but this is completely irrelevant to your own development. But the endless number of fallen spirits makes an endless long time of ascent development necessary - why you are no longer able to estimate the prehistoric time - but why also the embodiment as man must take place into so countless extent, that eternities are necessary for it. And it will not be possible for you men, to fathom the beginning of this epoch research wise, but you will always form ideas, because this lies in the nature of men, as long as he is still imperfect, that he limits everything in his imagination, what is behind - but never wants to acknowledge a limitation of the time, which lies ahead of him - why he therefore does not reject a beginning - but an end seems impossible for him. But former is unimportant, latter, however, so extremely important, that man should direct his complete attention to that, what lies ahead of him - that a redemption epoch finds its end, as immemorial many already before - but that my plan of salvation from eternity remains - that there is never an end according to the work of redemption - that an endless number of fallen spirits also need an endless long time for the return and that I again and again give these spirits the possibility, to climb up from the deepest depth to the light - to me, from whom they once took their start.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6295.


Book 68 6296

Lethargy in thinking.

27. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6296.

The more the world captivates man, the more indifferent truth is to him, the less he desires it, and he accepts everything unthinkingly what is presented to him as truth - or he rejects everything unthinkingly. For his heart does not long for it, to hear truth. And again you therefore see in the world a great danger for your soul, for without truth you do not live appropriately; you do not know at all about meaning and purpose of your earth life, because you receive no real explanation, and you therefore also do not live consciously, but always only chasing after earthly goods, but of which you know after all, that they are transitory, that you can take nothing with you, as soon as your earth live has ended. But you also do not believe in a living on after death - again for that reason, because it is indifferent to you, because you want to know nothing about it and because through this your indifference can also never reach the inner conviction, that life is not over with the death of the body. God's servants on earth would find far more taking up preparedness, when the longing for truth would exist in fellowman, but they are more interested in everything else than the most important: to win real cognition and to now lead earth life according to this cognition. And for that reason everything is to be condemned, what increases the indifference in men. It is to be condemned, when they are instructed, that they do not need to think about it, what is requested of them to believe - that they are only allowed to accept that, what is offered to them from a certain side, and that they are relieved of all responsibility, so long they entrust and subordinate themselves to alleged representatives of God. All such teachings contribute to lead man astray to lethargy in thinking; they contribute to let other people think for them and to feel themselves irresponsible. And as also a love work does not change the thinking of such a man, he remains ignorant until the end of his life and ensnared in error. But only truth leads to God. He is therefore also still very far away from God, when he departs from earth. If the longing for truth would be more found among men, it would truly not be such a great spiritual darkness among them, for their thinking would be directed right as result of the longing for truth. And a right thinking man now also lives according to the will of God and by this means always comes closer to him. But men only want to broaden their knowledge about the earthly, because spiritual knowledge brings no earthly success to them, but through earthly knowledge they can improve their bodily wellbeing and for that reason they also close themselves to everything else, even so it is offered to them as particular gift of favour. And for that reason earth remains veiled in darkness, for the light only there forces a passage, where it is desired, but never there, where its shine is prevented.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6296.


Book 68 6297

Divine guidance.

28. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6297.

You are brought together according to my will - as it is successful for your spiritual activity and always so, that you can serve me to the best of your ability, that you can supply my word everywhere, which I let you have from above - that you can announce the Gospel, where it is just willingly listened to. Nothing happens arbitrarily, and nothing approaches you by chance. Everything is laid down in my plan from eternity, can just be utilized differently - what always remains left to your free will. For that reason you can consider everything as my guidance, what happens in your spiritual activity; you can see all men as brought to you by me, with whom you can speak in spiritual conversations about my "word". You can consider every change of your own situation as promoting for you vineyard work, and every day is so organized by me, that you can ascend, so you have the serious will to it. And that you are to particularly hold before you in the coming time, that I direct your fate, that everything always comes so, as it must come, so that you can be active in the redeeming meaning - for often you will not understand it, that I lead you ways, which hardly want to seem passable for you. But the aim is marvellous, which is only reachable through such ways. And as soon as you just believe, that I myself always walk next to you, as soon as you just begin and end every day with me, blessing lies on everything, what you undertake, even so earthly no advantage grows for you out of it. Then you must always know that I ordain everything so, as it comes, and that it has its wise reason, for I see clearly the effect, and everything approaches you according to it. The number of those, who are seriously willing to serve me, and want to help me in the last time before the end, to erect my kingdom among mankind, is truly very little; but who has this will, him I seize with my whole love, and his earth life is now completely regulated according to my will. Man himself would often act differently out of his will, when he would not have already subordinated his will to me before, so that I can now direct him, that he makes a fit worker for me in my vineyard. But I need his complete devotion to me for it. But then he can be full of trust, that I also include his earthly troubles and worries into my plan, that I will solve everything at the right time, what worries him as inextricable tangle. For when he wants to serve me, then I also serve him, and that both spiritually as well as earthly. But my love and wisdom often have other ways than it seems good to man. But I never want his disaster, and I never leave him in times of earthly trouble. I regulate everything, but according to my discretion, so that at the end of the day it may serve the spiritual development of man himself and many fellowmen, who are entrusted to him, whom he can help and who I therefore lead to him. Leave everything full of faith to me, that I order it for you, and you truly do the rightest thing, for who could perhaps care for you more lovingly than I, in whose service you have entered voluntarily. - My aim is always only the happiness of my creatures. What can be done for it, that I truly do, and so you want to help me with it, so it will certainly not harm you. But you must always know, that everything is ordained by me and always serves you best, that all life situations, good as bad, serve you yourselves for maturing, but also always again and again open doors for you, where new work waits for you, because your actual task exists in that respect, to do eager work in my vineyard, for my kingdom remains existing for ever, but the earthly kingdom passes, as soon as the time is fulfilled.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6297.


Book 68 6298

Earthly world passage to true home.

29. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6298.

The tendency to the world is still the sign of the closeness with the opponent of God, although you men do not like to hear such judgement about you, but you would unthinkably despise the world, when you would have already completely broken away from that one. You can get no pleasure from things, which are material, from joys and pleasure, which lie outside of the spiritual kingdom, for your soul would - so it has broken away from its enemy, long back into the spiritual kingdom, where it had been originally in the beginning; it would know and feel it, that the material kingdom is just a passage, which imposes fetters on it, but never ever long for it. You men have as result of your ignorance the belief, that life on this earth is epitome of that, what you call happiness, when you can fashion this earth life so for you, as you like it because you do not know true happiness, which is completely different than the unfree, burdening life in the flesh on this earth. You do not know the freedom in power fulness; you do not know the radiating light, in which you are allowed to move, so you have broken away from the desire for the world exactly for that reason, because you still belong to him, who is lord of this world. But all desire dies, when you seriously turn away from him, to whom you owe your existence as man. Your desire is now meant for another aim; the soul longs for other joys, than the world is able to offer - the soul recognizes its weakness and inadequacy and now desires power and light; it longs back for the state of perfection; it strives for the spiritual kingdom with all senses, of which the intellect of man has no idea. But the soul, which has broken away from the opponent of God, knows it, that its true home is desirable. And for that reason it is also able to see no attraction in the goods of the world, which it learned to recognize as empty appearances and it therefore despises them. So long you men desire the world, so long you are also still under his control; you still belong to him, because you could not yet muster the power, to break away from him, doing without that, what he offers you, to exchange for goods, which can truly make you happy. But you cannot possess both at the same time. You must give up the one, to win the other; you must - even so you still stay on earth, dare the step into the spiritual kingdom, for this is your decision of the will, out of your own drive wanting to exchange the material kingdom with the spiritual. And so you have succeeded in this, you have passed the test of will; you have freed yourselves form the power of him, who keeps you captive. And you are helped in every way, that you dare this step; you are enticed, and support is offered to you, but you are not forced. But the transitoriness of the earthly material goods is so often put before the eyes, that it truly should not be difficult for you, to strive for that, what is immortal. And again and again God lets his call sound: Free yourselves from the fetters, which prevent you from the return into the father house - give up the world, so that you can again take possession of the spiritual kingdom, which offers you peace and happiness, which the world can never ever offer you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6298.


Book 68 6299

Transitoriness. Destructions.

30. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6299.

Everything earthly is transient. There is no man, who would not know this, and nevertheless there are only few men, who heed this fact and do not strive for earthly goods; there are only few men, who strive for the immortal - but the majority uses all power, to just come into the possessions of earthly goods despite the knowledge about their transitoriness. And this justifies the question, how the desire for it could possibly be taken from these, without curtailing free will. The knowledge about the transitoriness alone is not enough, so long man can just enjoy his possession for the time of his life. And the possibility only exists, to again and again put the transitoriness before his eyes, by him incurring the loss of own possession through effect on the part of humans or through expression in nature. Only when man recognizes the hopelessness of his efforts, only when he recognizes, that he himself does not have it in his power to secure his possession for himself, his striving can slowly change and turn to other aims. But many men need very long time for this cognition, until they get tired of the chasing after earthly possession, and as it were they waste the valuable earth life time, which they were supposed to use for the acquisition of spiritual goods. And for that reason also destructions of all kind are a blessing in a certain meaning, because men lose their material possession in this way and are again and again referred to the transitoriness of the earthly, and the most severe accidents or natural disasters can bring in to men an extreme great spiritual advantage, for God helps them, even so in a painful way, to separate themselves from that, what chains them to earth, so that they find the way upwards easier. Again and again God shows men obviously and unequivocally, that it is foolish, to strive for earthly goods, and he points out to them, to set a spiritual aim for themselves. He again and again allows it, that works of destruction are carried out through human will, through means of which fellowmen suffer, as he himself also intervenes directly and takes from men, whereat their heart is set on - always only for the purpose, that they are to direct their whole striving on it, what remains and follows them into eternity. So long man does not have a good look at it, that he uses his power wrongly - so long he only pays attention to the earthly-material, so long he chases after dead aims, so long his earth life is an idling and completely unsuccessful for his soul. And for that reason the decline of the earthly will come to light more and more clearly, more and more painful events will startle men and the destructions be more and more powerful, to which the life of man and earthly possession fall a victim, and it is the last purpose of that, that men are pointed to the transitoriness - so that they consider and strive to acquire immortal goods for themselves, which can never ever be taken from them. For it is the time of the end, where nothing will remain as it is, where only those goods are assessed, which are immortal and which every man can still acquire for himself.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6299.


Book 68 6300

Last faith decision.

1. July 1955. B.D. NR 6300.

You will be faced with the decision to profess me or to deny me, and this will be the prelude to a faith struggle as it has never been waged up to now. Because it is the last work of my opponent, that he will try to completely drive me out of the hearts of men, because he believes he can overthrow me, to then take up the government himself. And as this fight is waged under the application of the most brutal means of enforcement, as it is not a matter of a free will decision, which in no way applies threats or promises as weapons, this is an overstepping of the authority of my opponent - it is an open action against me, with which my opponent pronounces judgement over himself: that he will be bound so that he no longer can affect men. But for men it is doubly hard - not only that through this decision those are affected who in their inner being are not quite sure or to whom the denying of myself means nothing else - but also those men who stand by me and would like to confess me fully, will be brought into a difficult situation through coercive measures so that they really have to come through a severe inner struggle to be able to prove loyalty to me because they completely have to end earthly life, even if it is still left to them bodily. They have to give away everything what they own, and will eke out a miserable existence as having been deprived of their rights and being outlawed. And that is that time, of which it is written: I shorten the days, so that the elect will not be shaken. They will need to suffer only a very short time and will be so exceptionally strengthened by me also in this time that they do not regret their decision but cheer and rejoice inside on account of the certainty of my love, power and glory. And faithfully they expect the day of their rescue. Only he who consciously has come to an end with the world and only expects my coming, he will be an overcomer and be allowed to enter the paradise of the new earth. And I know mine; I know who is capable to overcome this time of horror for the believers and stand firm against the last rage of Satan on this earth. Nevertheless I point it out to all men because the weak still can raise themselves to strong faith since only a firm will is necessary to also receive power to confess my name before the world. Who still maintains too strongly the union with the world, who still stands in the middle of the world and is not able to free himself of it, he gives in to the measures which will be issued to break the will of the ones who are mine. And he can count himself very fortunate when I snatch him right out of life and save him the fall into the deep. But this decision has to be first demanded so that also Satan can finish his game, so that he shows himself up, that his action is open war against myself. Because limits are set for him, which he is not allowed to cross, but which he ignores and that is why he will be put in chains anew. But after that also mankind comes into a state of peace and happiness on the new earth, because it can no longer be edged out by the enemy of their souls. And then a redemption section ends, and a new one starts again, as it is scheduled since eternity. Much will be demanded of you men in the time of this warfare against the faith, but it also earns the highest those who get through it. And you men can get through it when you only firmly and closely unite yourselves first already with me, when you have the serious will to become and remain mine until all eternity. After that I will never let you fall into his hands, then I will supply you with power and in greatest trouble also be with you myself. And those will be able to see me who need unusual power, and they will withstand until the day dawns when I myself come to rescue the ones who are mine and to fetch them into a kingdom of peace - when the time is fulfilled and the end of this earth has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 6300.


Book 68 6301

The community of Jesus Christ.

2. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6301.

It lies in my will, that my little community firmly sticks together, so that one may be the support of the other spiritually and earthly. All are to camp around the spring of life and refresh themselves on it; they are to draw power from it, which they need the more the closer the end is. And that the end comes, that everybody will know and believe, who lets himself be flowed through by my water of life, for he now sees deeper, and he knows, why the end approaches. And I want, that this knowledge is presented to many men; I want, that the drink of life is offered to all, who cross your ways. And then it is up to every man, whether he wants to remain with you or turns again away from that spring, which my love has opened for you all. Hand out to all the water of life, which flowed from my source. All you spread my word, which comes from above and is sent to you - and help, that the circle of those constantly increases, to whom I can supply power through my word, because I know, how urgently all will need this power in the coming time. Whatever can be done, to spread my Gospel into the world, that you are to do, and I will bless each one for it, for I alone know it, that souls can always still be won, which are sick and flee to the healing source and recover through the delicious water of life. You all, you who receive my word, directly or through my servants on earth, you belong to my small flock, which is protected by its shepherd. You all belong to my church, which I founded, when I walked on earth. You all are my disciples of the time of the end, whom I send out with the task, to announce my Gospel to men. Know, that I am with each one of you, who wants to do work for me and my kingdom - know, that I lead you to those, whom you are to refresh again with food and drink; know, that each one can do vineyard work, who offers himself to me for service. But also believe it, that I need each one of you, because still very much work is to be done until the end and because this work can only be carried out by men, who are prepared to carry out my will, who therefore receive instructions from me myself. Believe it, that I certainly know, what serves the erring souls, so that it may become light in them and that I always give you those means into the hand, which have a successful effect on those - that I always speak the right words through you to them, why my word is supplied to you all, so that I can address every man directly, and my words can truly not miss their effect, where the will is just good and I still see a possibility, that the man can be rescued. Work together with united power, and be certain, that I also stay in the midst among you, that I myself invite men to come to the spring of love and let themselves be refreshed and revived there. Be certain, that I bless each one's services for me and my kingdom, spiritually and earthly, and for that reason work eagerly in my vineyard, for the time of the harvest has come, and I need many harvesters, who are eagerly active, because no longer much time remains until the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6301.


Book 68 6302

Utilizing the divine word.

3. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6302.

Everybody will have to take responsibility, how he has used my word, how he let it have an effect on him, how he has adjusted himself to it, when he had the favour to be addressed by me myself. I will not condemn him, when he did not recognize it as my word, nevertheless in future he will bitterly regret it, having rejected a gift of favour, which he could have recognized, when he would have been serious to do the right thing and to hear truth. But those, who my word did not leave without impression, who felt it, that they were addressed by me and nevertheless did not take any notice of it out of laziness and thoughtlessness, will have to take responsibility, for they still resist me, otherwise my voice would have to touch them. I address every man so, that his heart is touched, when he is without inner resistance against me. But my word demands a change of his nature, and so the man is not prepared for it, he closes his heart and also his ear, and then he makes my word ineffective.

"Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life."

I have expressed these words and made the significance of the acceptance of my word clear to you men. For I myself am that word, that has become flesh, and I myself come to you in the word and bring to you the food for your soul, which you are not allowed to disregard, because it alone guarantees you a life in eternity. You cannot live without this food; you become a slave of eternal death, so you do not receive food and drink, which give life to your soul. You must receive my myself in you, and since I myself am the word, it will now also be comprehensible to you, that you are not allowed to reject or disregard my word, that it does not remain without consequences, so you go past my word indifferently, so it is offered to you. You judge yourselves, when you will recognize it in future, what was offered to you and how you have behaved towards this gift of favour - when you recognize, that I myself approached you in the word and offered you food and drink for your soul, which you rejected thoughtlessly. My word will testify against you; it will rise from the dead on the last day, for a wasted away, starving soul will stand in future before me and through its state testify, how this soul has assessed my word in earth life. And I cannot give to the soul differently than according to its state. For what could help it to life, that it rejected, and what it now urgently needs, to prepare for itself a miserable life, that it will have to gain hard, and its remorse will be great having forfeited on earth that through its own fault, what was amply at its disposal and would have brought it in a marvellous lot in the hereafter. Again and always again I speak to men, but only few recognize the voice of the father, and only few therefore accept my word. But these will be happy, for they constantly receive food and drink for their souls, which can now enter life in magnificence, when they leave the earthly body. And so the soul judges itself, which disregards my word, for it can only be given so, as it fashions itself in free will, and it will enter the opposite kingdom deformed, and my word will testify against it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6302.


Book 68 6303

Effect of the work of redemption on all spiritual.

5. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6303.

The death on the cross of Jesus Christ has an effect on every living and dead creature, on everything bound in creation and on all beings in the spiritual kingdom and in the whole universe. Only that man can understand that, who has already penetrated in to spiritual knowledge so far, that he knows about the ascent development of the spiritual from the depth upwards, that he knows, that nothing is without life, i.e. everything is flowed through by the power of God; to him also the work of redemption is clear, for everything existing in the universe is on the way to God, but would never be able reach the aim without the work of mercy of Jesus Christ. For this work of mercy was not only started with the childbirth of Jesus on earth, but already endlessly long before, when the formation of the spiritual to material works began, when the whole creation was coming into being. For the creation had only the purpose to lead the spiritual fallen into the depth again upwards, and since the own fault - an offence in free will against God - had caused the deep fall, it was a work of mercy of God, to show interest in this fallen and to make again the ascending upwards possible to it. The man Jesus crowned this work of mercy through his death on the cross, and he built a bridge from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. For although all bound spiritual covers the way through the creation, whether the seeming dead matter also once changes to creations testifying to life - the ascent course would once come to a standstill, when the being has reached a stage, where free will is now only decisive. Then it would irrevocably fail - because all spiritual is still in the area of the opponent of God. And in this area the gate has been opened by Jesus Christ into the area of God. Only through him the connection between these two worlds has actually been created; a sacrifice has been brought, through which God let himself be moved to open his kingdom for those, who join Jesus Christ, to be able to leave with his help the kingdom of darkness. The endless long way of the development through the whole creation would be a futile undertaking, when in the height to be reached the gate would then not be open, what Jesus Christ has achieved through his infinite love for the fallen under unspeakable sacrifices and sufferings, for without such a sacrifice as atonement for the inconceivable great sin of the fallen, God would have never ever been able to receive a being from the darkness into the kingdom of light, and although it would have languished eternities in the bound state. The justice of God demands the compensation for this sin, and the love of God, which had embodied itself in the man Jesus, paid the compensation and consequently wiped out all sin. The wrestling in every form before the embodiment as man would have been completely useless without the work of redemption of Jesus, for in the state of freewill the being would have irrevocably again sunk back into the depth, because it lacked the help through Jesus Christ - but which is now at its disposal in so ample measure, that the redemption from the depth is secured for everybody, who calls to Jesus Christ, that he may take pity on him and may carry his sin under his cross. He will be redeemed from sin and death and enter eternal life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6303.


Book 68 6304

Power of love and faith.

6. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6304.

The joining together with me is the aim, which you are to achieve on earth. You became unhappy, when you separated yourselves from me, and can be again in all happiness, when you return to me, therefore long for my presence and do everything, that you are again close to me - that you change to love, because only love can again connect itself to me. If you would know how powerful you can be already on earth, so you establish the joining together with me through a love life. But this is not credible to you, that you are able to do everything, because in association with me you know no weakness and no darkness any more, because you can without restriction make use of the power out of me and therefore nothing to do is any more impossible for you. Men chase after aims, which would seem completely worthless to them, so they could work out of themselves in full possession of power and light and recognize every weakness and limitation as a sign of God-distance. Nothing earthly-material would seem so attractive to them, because through the joining together with me they also have insight into the spiritual kingdom and only still long for it with all their senses. But they would also earthly master everything and be able to develop powers to bless their fellowmen, which can certainly be confirmed by fellowmen, but cannot be requested, so long they themselves have not connected themselves with me through love. For it is my divine love power, which is at the disposal of those, who have intimately connected themselves with me through love work. But no man on earth puts it to the test. No man uses the power flowing towards him now unrestrictedly, after he first fashions himself completely to love and then applies the power in the firm belief in my word. Men are so weak believing and by this means prevent the effect of my love power, but they can at any time convince themselves of that - but what is only possible, when heart and intellect seek me, when their thinking, acting and will completely consciously reaps the benefits of the intimate connection with me - when man therefore does not wait, until I work, but becomes active himself, to proof the God-power having an effect in him. That he does not abuse this power, my spirit in him sees to that, which directs his thoughts right and warns or urges - always provided, that man is willing, to utilize the power flowing towards him unlimitedly from me and therefore as it were to glorify me and my name in this way, so that men learn to believe and now also strive towards me out of their own drive. You have once emerged out of me full of power and light, and you are again entitled to light and power in all fullness, so you have given up imperfection and voluntarily connect yourselves again to me. And you can reach this state already on earth, therefore also then work as divine being, which is subject to no power and light restriction. You can it and are to just believe it, that I do not set limits in your power and light wealth, but that you yourselves do not go beyond the limitation of the imperfect, although you are able to do this. And you are to believe, that it is my will, when you unlimitedly request my power, and that I give you my blessing always, when it is your will, to glorify my name and to serve the neighbour. You are to express the power of love, because also this contributes to the redemption of erring souls.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6304.


Book 68 6305

Create and work for eternity.

7. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6305.

To create and work for eternity is your task on earth, and if you comply with this task, so also your temporal lot is secured, although you still have to pass fights on earth, to not become tired in the striving for the spiritual aim. But so you see in me your father and now make an effort for the right adoption, you are also in fatherly protection, and also your earth life must unwind so, as the father recognizes it as good for his children. But the trust in the love and care of the father frees the child from all fear and worry, for it is full of confidence, that its God and creator, its father from eternity, carries out everything good. And it can therefore create and work for eternity, and love for me is in it, which also expresses itself towards fellowman, and it now performs everything with the look upwards to the height; it fully consciously strives towards me and leads a way of life according to my will. To every man the possibility is given, to recognize his belonging to me, because he can think about himself and his origin and he is mentally led to cognition, so he seriously wants this. Therefore every man can decide to work for eternity, but he is not forced to do it. Every man can claim my direction and guidance, but as he can also cut himself off in the feeling of the own power and strength, but he is then on the outside isolated, unable to the ascent - but also does not strive for it. Then inwardly he stands alien to me; he does not feel as my child and also does not see in me the father, who longs for the love of his child. And then he will also not create for eternity, but only see the world with its goods and desire them with all senses. The burden of life will certainly still press him at first, because I want to direct his thoughts to me, but this burden will become lighter and lighter, because someone else takes it from him and gives him everything, he strives for - but who also demands his soul for it. Create and work for eternity, and do not pay so much attention to the earthly life, but take it upon yourselves with all burdens and troubles, for they truly only bring about your best, as everything only serves you to completion, what comes over you, you who have devoted yourselves to me, you who strive for unity with me, for my presence - you who abandon yourselves to me, that I look after you. You truly have chosen the best part, although you are poor of earthly pleasures, but you are rewarded in my kingdom and receive so amply, that you want to hand out again and also can do it to your own happiness. Do not forget, that earth life is only given to you, to find access to my kingdom - but which you must seriously seek - not, that you forget your task and get stuck in the mire of the world, that you do not succumb to the temptations of my opponent, to keep you far from the actual aim. Know, that a laborious way is the right one, but that always I myself meet you on this way, that I take over your guidance and securely accompany you there, where your true home is.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6305.


Book 68 6306

Uniting of the soul with the spirit.

8. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6306.

When the soul of man unites itself with its spirit, when it therefore leaves the guidance to it, man cannot go wrong, and all his thinking, wanting and acting will now be directed right. But when does the soul unite with its spirit? This is that moment, where man, out of most inner conviction, learns to believe in a God and creator, whose creature he himself is, and when he has the longing, to get into contact with this recognized God - when his thoughts are turned to him and he inwardly wishes, to enter into a relationship with him, which is pleasing to God when he adapts himself positive to God. Then he is seized by the divine in him; the spirit slumbering in him directs him from that very hour, and he will feel inwardly pushed to live so, as it is God's will; he will kindle love in him, because this is already the work of the spirit in man and because now also the spirt can noticeably express itself, because man, through his way of life in love gives him the right to it. Love work is therefore first the sign of a spirit been awakened to life, for the spirit determines the soul - the thinking, feeling, and wanting in man - to do it, and one can certainly say of a man active in love, that his soul has united with the spirit. And then man also lives, next to his earthly life, a spiritual life; then his thoughts will not alone deal with the world and earthly things, then he will often mentally stay in that kingdom, where he seeks God; he will deal with questions, which lie outside of earthly knowledge, and he now as it were asks the spirit working in him these questions, which also answers them for him, although man only imagines himself "mentally active". The longing having a right relationship with God irrevocably results in the uniting of his soul with the spirit, and this longing will certainly be fulfilled for him, for it is a spiritual request, which man sends to the creator of the universe, which is heard and always met, because it is the purpose of man at all, to enter into the right relationship with him. But then the spirit takes over completely the guidance of man, and then he also securely reaches his aim. The divine in man will always express itself, when his thoughts seriously take the way to God, for then God himself also works on him through his spirit, and every thought turned to him is a step upwards, and if this thought is consciously pursued, by man sending a prayer to his God and creator from eternity, so God will also soon reveal himself as father to him, for the prayer is the bridge, which establishes the connection from man to God. But then man is in best care, for the entity God seizes him and has an effect through the spirit on man, that he always more decreases the cleft between himself and God, for the spirit constantly pushes towards the father spirit, and the longing in man, to come closer to God, will always become greater, until it finds fulfilment in the complete joining together with him through love - which now fills the nature of man, because eternal love itself works in him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6306.


Book 68 6307

Redemption only through Jesus Christ.

9. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6307.

To no man it is impossible to redeem himself from the shackling, which was his lot through the former defection from me, for through my death on the cross you can put yourselves into the possession of power, which you completely lacked before, and you can resist, what was impossible for you before. You men do not grasp the significance of my work of redemption, and words alone are also not enough, when you yourselves do not mentally have a good look at it, why this work of redemption was so necessary for you, why a man had to die, so that you became free, so that you could get power for your redemption. You do not grasp, that I have just created a possibility for you by this means, to reach the former height, to again take up the place, which you once voluntarily gave up. You yourselves cannot gauge in your imperfect state, how you were earlier, but you can achieve it again to enter the original state - exactly through my work of redemption, because through my death on the cross I myself absolved the great transgression against me, by me having suffered unspeakably for you and have died an extremely agonizing death. You indeed remain so long tied up, as you oppose the work of redemption, for so long you do not accept a gift of favour, which my love offers you, you are completely unable to free yourselves; you remain without power and without light in the power of him, from whom I want to free you. But the power is to be received from me myself only, and for that reason you must also acknowledge me as him, who brings you redemption from your sin and the death following it. But as soon as you acknowledge the redeemer Jesus Christ, in whom I myself have embodied myself, to wipe out for you the sin guilt, it will be easy for you, to free yourselves from my opponent, for now I can impart power and favour to you in most ample measure. Not one moment you now need to doubt, that you get free, for this freeing I have already purchased for you through my blood, which I have shed for you. Therefore my opponent can no longer keep you back, when you want to break away from him. He has lost his power over you, as soon as you turn to me in Jesus Christ - as soon as you place yourselves under my cross and in this way confess, that you are and want to remain mine in eternity. This will can awaken in you for that reason, because I have died for it, that your will may experience a strengthening, because I have acquired that for you, what my opponent withholds from you - strengthening of the will. For the will alone decides whether you return to me or want to remain with him as his following. But so that you experience this strengthening of the will, you must therefore make use of the treasure of favour acquired through my death on the cross. Only out of this source you can draw power to resist, for only through the death of Jesus the spring of favour is opened and has been made accessible for you men. And for that reason Jesus must be acknowledged as God's son and redeemer of the world, who was just cover for me before the eyes of men, so that I myself could do the rescue work for you men. For you were also my share, and tireless is my care about the once fallen, that it returns again to me in free will. For that reason your will must experience a strengthening, for you would have never changed your will out of your own power and gone the way back to me, for this was prevented by my opponent, in whose power you were since your fall into the depth and from which I have redeemed you for that reason. You all can become free of him, but only, so you take the way to the cross and now recommend yourselves to me as your Lord, I who truly helps you and gives the power, to finally break away out of the fetters of death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6307.


Book 68 6308

God's constant call-note.

10. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6308.

Men have so far removed themselves from me, that my call-note hardly touches their ears, that they are certainly still able to hear it, but they do not become aware, that they must pay attention to it and that they for that reason let it die away at them, because other sounds penetrate into them, to which they willingly respond. The voice of the world is heard by all, and only few close the ear to it, but my voice gets lost, for it does not impose itself, it calls and warns, it entices and admonishes in a loving way, without however exerting force on man, for it must be listened to willingly, when it is to bring blessed success. But the more away man is from me, the weaker is the effect of my voice, and for that reason also my light bearers will be able to record little success with them, whose loveless way of life betrays the far distance from me. For whether the word is also made accessible to them, they do not feel touched by it; it is for them just empty sound, which far more disturbs them than influences them beneficently. Nevertheless, I again and again try to get a response. I again and again bring my light bearers together with them; I myself address them through my servants and still achieve now and then, that a man begins to wonder and pricks up his ears. Rarely only will this success be scored, and still nothing is to be omitted, even so just one soul is rescued from ruin. Who has given me up, will hardly find again to me, and then still quite powerful means are needed, which I also still apply, before the end comes. My voice will then sound loud and clear and only confirm, what was announced to them in quiet address before. My care is always meant for those, who still stand far from me and do not suspect, what this far distance from me means. I give no man up until the end, and so I just succeed, that they once listen to me consciously, my words will be so impressive, that they do not remain without success. But this is often not possible, for the freedom of their will I do not take from them, and free will belongs to it to listen to me without resistance. But then my word has great power; it no longer lets man go of, and he will, when not earlier, send a call full of fear up to me in the hour of the end, which - because it comes from the heart - will be heard by me and the last will be spared him - the new banishment in matter. I only would like to rescue men about it; only that I would like to achieve, that they still find to me before, that I can still recall them, before the end is there - that they do not belong to those, who must again languish endless times in slavery and darkness. The short time of favour until the end is for that reason to still be utilized, and you, my servants on earth, are to think about it, that every rescued soul means an infinite joy for me, because I do not want, that the being suffers and may be banished anew. You are to do everything to make my word accessible to those, who stand far from me. You are to exhaust all possibilities to be active in my name; you are to know, that my blessing will always lie on you and your beginning, because you just carry out my will, when you look after those, whom I would like to address, but cannot address them without your cooperation, because they remove themselves from me and do not hear my call-note. You have access also to those, where the access is refused to me, and you can speak to them pure humanly, and inform them of my work at and in them. They will not believe you, but they will still temporarily open their ears to you, and something can penetrate into them, what comes then to the surface, when the time is there, which I announce on and on. And then a seed can still come up; a tiny little plant can sprout and strive towards the light. A man can like lightning still recognize before the end and then take his refuge to me. And I want to accept everybody, who then still comes to me, for I want to rescue, but not condemn for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6308.


Book 68 6309

Idling of life. Church Christians.

11. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6309.

Men must be influenced directly, for the fate, which concerns fellowmen, they pay little attention to, and they remain untouched by it, therefore also draw no conclusions, which could exert a beneficial influence on them in their way of life. The indifference of men is far worse than a blatant rejection, for such one springs from ignorance and can still result in a change of convictions, while an indifferent man is to be taken hold of nowhere and for that reason gets hopelessly lost, when he cannot be disturbed from his indifference - what always requires a distress of his own life. Despite church faith and apparent religious life men can be in a spiritual emptiness, because their soul takes part in no way at all, because only pure mechanical demands are fulfilled and a spiritual attitude for it lacks completely. These men will count outwardly to the "just", to the "believers". But they are always only church Christians, to whom their Christianity is just a worldly matter as everything else. To instruct these, that they lack the spirit, would be unsuccessful, for they have a too high opinion of themselves and do not accept such instructions, always supporting themselves on the fulfilment of that, what is demanded of them by the church. And nevertheless their life is an idling, when it does not let a change in love recognize. And often these men must be taken hold of hard, so that they wake up from the sleep of their soul, so that they think things over and ask themselves, what perhaps may be the cause of such strokes of fate. They must themselves be affected, only then it is possible, that they seriously deal with spiritual questions, and then the strokes of fate have been a blessing. As soon as man is willing to love, also the fate of fellowmen will touch him, and then he can benefit spiritually from everything, what he experiences around himself. But men are of hardened heart; love has cooled. And no matter how great the misfortune is - it triggers no warm feeling in fellowmen, and it still much less determines him to think about the cause or to the change of his way of life. It is a danger, in which men are, because of their indifference, for all helps remain without success, so long they do not let themselves be touched by them. And for that reason always more severe strokes of fate must come over men, and the trouble will not come to an end, because it alone can be heard as awakening call and bring about a change of mind. For everything is still getting tried, what could serve to the rescue of those souls.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6309.


Book 68 6310

Defection and return act of free will.

12. and 13. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6310.

The separation between God and the beings was carried out in free will. The return to God must therefore also take place in free will, and for that reason God can only open every possibility to the beings, but the will always remains decisive, how the possibilities are used, for although the being has again, after endless long time, reached a degree of maturity through God's love and mercy, which already again means an approach to God, the last step to him must still be gone voluntarily, and because of this last step you men are on earth, you who are the entity in that degree of maturity, which the long time of predevelopment has bought to you. And also now God again opens every opportunity for you, that you yourselves dare the step, but he does not force you, but leaves the free will to you. But when you, looking back, will consider your earth life, then you will see, how easy it was, to go this step. And with only little cognition you will not be able to understand, that a man can fail in this last test of will. But you must pass a fight, because one is, who wants to keep you in the depth and also does everything on his part, to win. For he fights against God and God against him about every soul, but exactly man himself fights out this fight in free will. From both sides therefore man is influenced, and it is man's duty to choose his lot for himself, for that purpose earth life is given to him. For in free will he seceded from God and must now also again take the way to him without all compulsion, if he wants to reach the former glory again, the state of light and power and happiness, in which he was at the original beginning. For that reason the return to God is also a process of endless long time, for the distance was too large, so that it lasts extremely long, until the height is reached again, where then free will is decisive - and this time, although only very short, can in exactly the same way as the final return to God also bring the further fall and then the process of the leading back to God must start anew and for that reason so often endless times are necessary - but which can never be shortened through the will of God, when man in his freedom resists him. What can happen as far as God is concerned to the shortening of the separate state, that he truly does not refrain from doing, because the return of the fallen to him is his happiness - but the free will of man determines it, how long the being remains separated from God. For it cannot be eliminated, because it was the cause of the fall into the depth (13.7.1955) otherwise the redemption of the spiritual would have long since be carried out through God's extremely great love. But then it could never reach the highest degree of perfection, for it would then be a being according to the will of God, which could not be differently than so, as God has fashioned it. A being without free will is nothing independent; it is just a creature of God as all other works of creation as well. But God wants to have free, independent beings around himself, which strove for becoming God out of their own accord. And these beings need for that reason often endless long times, when free will again and again turns away from God and strives towards the depth. But God's love does not let up, and God's wisdom always finds new means, which can lead to a change of will, when man in the stage of free will is to approve himself. He gives up no being, for his love for the fallen is limitless. But free will alone is decisive, which his love will never determine. But man can feel the power of divine love and now voluntarily turn to him, and he is then also close to his perfection, for what surrenders voluntarily to him, that is seized by God and no longer given up for ever. The separation is now abolished and the relationship with God now so firmly established, that the being now never ever breaks away from him, whom it has recognized as its God and father from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6310.


Book 68 6311

Real love is life.

14. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6311.

The law of order is love; the epitome of happiness is love, and God in his original substance is love. And everything, what submits to this law, will be happy und united with God. And that means to be in the possession of power and to stand in the light of truth. It means, being able to create and fashion as divine being in highest wisdom and to be able to rule over worlds and their inhabitants, who are handed over to the care of a being having become perfect through love, which can now busy itself with these in a redeeming sense. Perfection can therefore only be reached tough love, and to perfection belongs the uninterrupted receiving of light and power from the original source - from God. Such a state of perfection is not nearly to be described to man on earth, so long he himself is not close to this perfection. He can still reach it on earth, for every man can live in love. But no man is forced to it, and only few strive for this aim voluntarily, for their wrongly directed love prevents them of it, and this wrongly directed love is therefore the wall between light and darkness, between happiness and agony - between fulness of power and complete weakness and inability to happy making action. Where love is now still directed wrongly, neither light nor power has entry, for the wrongly directed love is the most effective means of the opponent of God, to prevent the return to him and therefore to make the source of power inaccessible to men. The wrongly directed love is the original evil, from which men suffer since Adam's fall and from which they are not freed until they ask the one for help, whose love was directed right and who asks all men, to follow him. He has instructed men, where they are to direct their love; he has announced the right Gospel to them, when he walked on earth; he has held right love up as an example to men, and he died on the cross for the strengthening of the will of men, to show to them, what right love is able to do and in what it results - the "resurrection to eternal life". For love means to be able to work and create in the possession of light and power in highest happiness, because the eternal source of life now radiates uninterruptedly light and power on to a being, which has completely joined him through love. This source of power has now be opened to you men through the death on the cross of Jesus. But love you must practise yourselves, to reach that source, which now feeds you constantly, which gives you eternal life in happiness. For that reason fight against selflove, against the wrongly directed love, which only knows all that as aim, what belongs to the opponent of God - fight against it, for it brings you only death. But ask Jesus Christ, that he helps you to live in love, which he preached. Ask him for power and strengthening of your will; join him, and follow him, and your earth way will securely lead into the valley of life, for he died for that on the cross, that the power for it can be given to you, which you as fallen beings lack, so long you are still in the fetters of him, who is God's opponent. Jesus Christ will release you out of these fetters; Jesus Christ will lead you the way to God, to the final uniting with God, which he himself had already found on earth. For the man Jesus lived on earth a real love life and fashioned himself by this means to the cover, into which God himself could now move - to suffer and die for men, so that they reach eternal life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6311.


Book 68 6312

Seeing each other again in the hereafter.

15. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6312.

There is a seeing each other again in the spiritual kingdom, you men can be convinced of that. But whether a seeing again with your loved ones is already granted to you immediately after you departing from this earth, that depends on the degree of maturity, in which both your souls as also the souls of our loved ones stand, for where it is still not so high, that a spiritual seeing is possible, it must first be reached, what can also still last long times. Only in a certain degree of maturity the soul is able to absorb the impressions in itself. It must therefore stand itself in the light to be able to recognize, who approaches it, although a soul in a lower degree of maturity knows itself surrounded by beings, but which it cannot recognize, so long it lacks the spiritual ability to see. But the happiness of the beings now exists in that respect, being able to communicate with the ones it was close on earth. And for that reason the souls, which already stand in the light as the result of their maturity, will always approach their own, and indeed, to either exchange with equally spiritual mature beings or to help the souls still weak, to also reach upwards. The more mature souls will therefore have the ability to recognize the souls, but not the other way round - because the weak souls are to be stimulated to strive, but are not forced to it through proofs. For it would always be a proof, when a light soul approaches them, which it recognizes as having been connected with it on earth. And so the gift of favour of the pleasure of seeing each other again is also again share of the mature spiritual, which is unspeakably happy about it and now does everything on its part, to help the still immature souls also to this happiness. These seek to help them in most loving way and do not let up to encourage them - but always still unrecognizable to those, because they approach them in the same cover, in the same robe. The longing for souls having been close to them also draws them close and can still be an enormous impetus, and if the moment of recognition has come, then the souls are infinitely grateful and made happy. And only then they recognize the care, which was meant for them, and they look after the souls still languishing in the dark in the same way - they also help them again upwards, for each one soul longs for those, who were once close to them on earth. There is a seeing again each other, but the time where it is possible, you yourselves determine. If you have now won this certain cognition already on earth, so you will also do everything, to reach the degree at least on earth, which allows you the entry into the spheres of light, and you will be received by those, whom you love and be able to recognize yourselves immediately, or else be able to get into contact with them unrecognized, to now be able to begin already your work of redemption at these souls. Just see to it, that you do not go across completely without cognition - see to it, that you have already found to God in Jesus Christ, that you - as redeemed through him - can enter into the spiritual kingdom. Then this entry will already give you happiness, which exist in the joys of a seeing again of each other. But you will have now and then to wait long, when you yourselves do not gain the maturity on earth - for everything can only go on in the framework of the conformity to the law, and the freedom of your will must be paid attention to also in the spiritual kingdom, so that you are once happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6312.


Book 68 6313

Phenomena in the universe.

16. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6313.

Very soon it will become certain for you that something prepares itself in the universe, because unusual events will worry you, because you men are not able to give yourselves an explanation for it. Many conjectures will turn up, many opinions will meet with opposing views, but only the opinions of those come close to the truth, who imagine a connection with what is announced through word and script, what men have been told through seers and prophets at all times. Who sees with spiritual eyes can explain to himself all events, because everything has spiritual meaning and is to fulfil a spiritual purpose: to call men's attention to their actual purpose of life so that they prepare themselves for the near judgement. And also science will contribute to it, because it will first make discovery of unusual changes in nature, of processes in the universe, which perplex them, and of significant phenomena, they however lack knowledge to explain them. They will see and be amazed, but do not agree to accept the only proper solution, that the earth will be shaken to its very foundations, for which these phenomena could well be the reason. They do not want to believe this and that is why they will always talk against it, when they are pointed to scriptures, to the old prophecies, when they hear the opinions of the believers or the announcers of my word announce the near end to them. And that is why it will be difficult to convince worldly men of an intervention for my part because everything will be tried to be explained scientifically. And only few will pay attention to these unusual phenomena and that is why they more certainly will always point to the end. And their calls of admonition and warning I support so evidently that soon also the scientists full of worries will admit their lack of knowledge. And they will discover a star, which continually comes closer to the proximity of the earth and seemingly takes its course in unlawful paths. They become aware of always new peculiarities when they observe its course. And they will recognize it as a danger for the earth - and on the other hand not want to believe in the destruction of this because such was never yet experienced before. But I allow it because my plan of salvation from eternity requires something unusual, which still is to give salvation to men - and as it is to be an omen of the then soon following work of destruction, which brings this redemption period to a conclusion. The closer it comes to the end, the more unlawful things men will experience because they are to pay attention and stop short on account of the concurrence of that what on the part of the believers is stated as God's word, as predictions of seers and prophets, and represented as truth. And my spirit will also now again announce through my servants on earth the nearby end and my thundering voice, which will still sound before - and those phenomena will give evidence of the truth of my word. Pay attention, you men, and see in everything always only indications to the end, which I give to all of you, that you do not fall prey to ruin because everything that happens is so powerful that it could convince you when you are of good will. Time is fulfilled, and the end is imminent. Amen. B.D. NR. 6313.


Book 68 6314

Spiritual rebirth.

17. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6314.

The turning point in your life is the hour, where you walk along the spiritual way, the hour, where your thoughts venture into an area, which is to be sought outside of the earthly - the hour, where you are becoming aware of the starting point, therefore recognize, that a higher being has created you, on which you now depend, both according to the body as also to the soul. This hour can now be for you the beginning of a quick ascent upwards, as soon you now deal from now on more with such than with earthly thoughts; but it can also take long, until you have broken away from the world, your thoughts can therefore again and again wander back to the earthly world, and it then costs a fight, until you then go on the way without wavering, which you have recognized as the alone right one. When you only find it at all during your earth life. If man has now a life on earth fully satisfying him, then he hardly follows that way, but he again and again intoxicates himself, and his senses are extreme firmly rooted with the earth; he hardly can break away, and through strokes of fate he must be caused to other thinking - it must be taken from him, what gets in his way, finding the right way. And out of it emerges, that for the development of man it would not be a blessing, when an easy and beautiful earth life would be granted to man, for in such a one it would take far longer, when the prospect exists at all to a change of will of man. And nevertheless sorrow and suffering must not necessarily be companions of life, for it is possible for man, to develop love for the neighbour in every life situation, and it is this love, which also securely leads on to the way to the spiritual rebirth. It is love, which always will also steer the thoughts to eternal love itself, which then inevitably also takes possession of every man and draws him on to the right way. How beautiful could all you men therefore live on earth and also enjoy this life, when you would like to fashion your nature to love. Then it would truly not be necessary, to have you go through trouble and suffering, then your thoughts would very often be in those spheres, although also the earthly life would give you, what makes you happy. The purpose of your earth life is the transformation to love, the change of selflove living in you to unselfish neighbourly love. What you now do voluntarily, out of yourselves, that does not need to be only achieved through means, which are for you of painful nature. You did not need to suffer, when you would kindle love in you and let it flare up to brightest heat. For then the earth life purpose would be achieved, that you have walked the way, which leads upwards, then your thoughts will far more often change across into that kingdom, even so you have to fulfil tasks on earth or be put in duties, which demand much of you. You will cope with both; but your soul will soon feel happier in those spheres, into which its spirit pushes it, than there, where the body must still stay. But trouble and suffering can be foreign to man, for he then also lives without such according to the will of God, and he is certain of the blessing of God earthly and spiritually. For he has promised it to men, that he fatherly takes care of his children - and love for God and the neighbour proves the adoption of God - it leads to the complete joining together with him and eternal happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6314.


Book 68 6315

"Descended into hell."

18. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6315.

When the hour of redemption struck for mankind, the before departed spiritual - the souls of men before the childbirth of Christ - was in an intermediate kingdom, not on earth and not in the kingdom of light and of happiness, and it waited there for the hour of redemption. This is only then comprehensible to you men, when you know about the original sin and about the cause of the work of redemption, when you know about the endless wide cleft between the once seceded spiritual and God. Earth life as man could not bridge this cleft, although it was covered in divine will, for the original sin was still not wiped out, which man alone would have never been able to wipe out during one earth life - but the redemption through Jesus Christ was meant for all spiritual; the work of redemption was brought for all men of the present, past and future. For the gate to the light kingdom was opened through the death on the cross of Jesus, so that now also those souls of the intermediate kingdom could find entrance, as soon as also they confessed their faith in the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. From the beginning of the leading back of the spiritual to God this plan of salvation of Jesus Christ was fixed, and already from the time of the ancient fathers on it was referred to the childbirth of the redeemer and through seers and prophets his coming again and again announced. And those men, who confessed their faith in God, who made an effort, to live according to his will, all heard of the Messiahs, who was to bring salvation to men. But not all experienced him, for many generations before him were recalled from earth, and their souls had now to wait for their rescuer. For that reason Jesus, after his death on the cross, also descended to hell. He wanted to bring also to those liberation from the fetter of Satan, whom he could still keep bound for that reason, because the sin guilt was not yet completely wiped out. For the opponent of God would have never ever released these souls, to which he had a right, because they voluntarily followed him into the depth. But also in hell were many stubborn souls, which now also only assessed the divine redeemer, as all, as man like themselves and did not believe in the redemption through him from sin and death. Free will had to also be left to them for the decision and for that reason Jesus did not come radiating into that kingdom of the spirits, but as Man Jesus, who had died on the cross. But many knew, that he was the Messiah, who had again and again been announced. And all souls could have found this faith in him, because through God's light messengers they were constantly informed of that, what took place on earth - and because also the fathers loyal to God in that kingdom did not let up, to promise the coming to them of the divine redeemer. For they did this on behalf of the Lord, so that his descent to hell was expected and he now also could bring to innumerable souls rescue and also for them open the gate to happiness. The descent to hell brought back to God the first once fallen spirits, for whom the man Jesus also had paid the ransom through the death on the cross, and therefore only from then on the actual leading back began; the first by Lucifer fettered found its final freedom, although the way before had already prepared the way for this spiritual to the shortly before the still closed gate, but which Jesus now opened and the way into the father house now became free for every soul, which wants to go it with Jesus.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6315.


Book 68 6316

Divine guidance.

20. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6316.

You all need my guidance, because otherwise you would go wrong ways, for so I do not direct you, another directs you, who does not want it, that you reach the aim, for the purpose of which you stay on earth. And I also look at every individual and only want, that you follow me without resistance - that you entrust yourselves to me consciously, by you recommending yourselves, in the admission of your weakness, to him, who has created you. For that you have a powerful one above you, to whom you are subordinated; you know that. For that reason entrust yourselves to this powerful one; devote yourselves to him, and request his leading, his power and his protection. Know, that I love you all and want to lose no one of you to my opponent - but also know, that I do not force you to turn to me, but that you must do it voluntarily. But then I seize you and do not leave you for ever. And what that means, that you recognize in the future, when you looking back assess your earth life and also see the dangers, through which I have led you to your salvation. Do not walk alone, that would be your disaster, for then my opponent constantly walks next to you and seeks to push you away more and more, in what he will also easily succeed, for you cannot resist his temptations, so long you lack the power, which only I can give you. Let yourselves be led by me, and consciously request this guidance, otherwise my love cannot become active at you, which is constantly meant for you, but cannot become effective against your will. And for that reason admonitions and warnings are certainly constantly sent to you, but you yourselves must open heart and ear and want, that I direct you on all your ways. And you will truly no longer go wrong; you will safely reach the aim.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6316.


Book 68 6317

Renewed captivity.

21. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6317.

What is in store for you men, when you do not change, cannot be described to you black enough, for it surpasses everything conceivable to you. It is the most terrible for you men, because you must again give the already gained measure of freedom, because you are renewed tied up and are now again endless long times in captivity, until you in future are granted again the same lot, that you walk again as man on earth. But no matter how bad your lot is described to you, you do not let yourselves be touched by it and could nevertheless still escape this lot, if you just would take it to heart and change. For I just demand your change of nature; I demand only, that you men change your attitude among you, that you help, instead of fighting and treating one another with hostility, that one prepares happiness for the other and may give love, instead of only doing evil to each other and to strengthen hate in you. I only demand, that each one makes a great effort in unselfish neighbourly love, then his whole nature changes, and then man gets into contact with me myself, and the danger of a new banishment after the end of this earth has been removed for him. And whether you also do not want to believe, what expects you, so you are nevertheless to seek to change yourselves, for also earthly a way of life in love would only have a favourable effect, and your life on earth would be a great deal easier, because you have then a power at your disposal, but which the loveless thinking and acting man lacks. The forthcoming can always only be presented to you as a terrible experience, to which you yourselves fall victim. And you can always only be stimulated to work in love, if you want to escape this terrible. When you find it difficult to believe - so you can nevertheless lead a way of life in love, and it will soon become certainty to you, what you do not want to believe, because your spirit is then enlightened through love and you then brightly recognize the inevitable result of the crime against the law of order - because you can then follow cause and effect of all happenings and experiences. But who remains untouched of admonitions and warnings, he will experience that, what he could turn away - and he himself will be the victim of his walk of life without love. For all power will be taken from him, and his soul will again harden as most powerless substance, firmest matter will again restrict the being, and the breaking away from it will require endless times - to in the end start on the same level, on which you are now. An endless cycle, which will repeat itself, until you yourselves reject yourselves through conscious striving and conscious connection to me. Only then the course through matter is dealt with and the way into the spiritual kingdom secured for you. You can achieve this already now, when you would just like to do, what is my will: that through love work you make yourselves free of all fetters, that you believe in me and seek the connection with me - and that you establish this connection exactly through work in love. You can do this, so long you still stay on earth and the life power is at your disposal, but you have for this only still very little time. Use it well; believe my words; believe, that a terrible lot expects you, and consciously get out of the way of this lot, by you just making an effort to live right and just and to practise unselfish neighbourly love. It is an urgent call of admonition, which I let sound to you out of a love filled heart: Change, before it is too late. Remember me and remember your neighbour in love, so that you become free and do not need to fear what is coming.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6317.


Book 68 6318

Redemption out of form.

25. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6318.

You had to walk already through innumerable forms, and you are still not redeemed out of the form, for your soul - the spiritual, which is to develop upwards - is still enclosed by a material cover, which means a fetter for it, for it cannot free and carefree rise into the spiritual kingdom. But an endless long way has already been covered by it, and if you men would know, how short the last stretch of way still is and how close an extreme magnificent aim is in prospect for you, you would only still have this aim before the eyes and head for it. You are indeed again and again told, but you believe too little, and it is also not possible, to give you the remembering back into the past time of your development, because you would then, driven by fear, do everything, to not having to cover this course once again. Without all knowledge you must strive for the last aim, but you are informed of it in the form of instructions, but which you can just as well reject as accept, because proofs for it cannot be given to you. Only few men accept such knowledge as truth, but these have a considerable advantage over those, who do not believe and for that reason lead an irresponsible happy-go-lucky life. For they do not need a proof, because they feel it in them, what truth is, and now also live on earth according to cognition. They overcome as it were the last form, which only still holds their soul until the death of the body, to then be able to completely carefree enter the spiritual kingdom. Men on earth walk already close to the border to the spiritual kingdom; there is no long way any more to the aim, and the death of the body can then be end of an endless long time of development. But the cycle can also begin anew; the being can fall from the height already reached into the deepest depth - the already considerably loosened outer form can again become thicker and endless long time the "redemption out of form" is out of the question because the time of favour in the last embodiment was not used. But which man believes this and draws the consequences out of it? It is a matter of will, which every man must decide for himself; the knowledge can only be presented to men, but man himself must express his opinion to this without compulsion, when he wants to draw an advantage from such a knowledge. But this is made easy for him, when he does not resist, for then so much thought material is brought to him, that he as it were is automatically caused to think about his development, about his earth task and about his aim. What he does not seek himself, that is brought to him and again and again his will is influenced to think about it. Only the last decision he must make himself, and this now demands a conscious life - a life, according to that knowledge - the overcoming of the last form through the intimate longing for freedom, for light and power - for God, through self-fashioning to love. Only through love the spiritual redeems itself out of form, which was only given to you for that reason, because it lacked love. But the power of love breaks every form and gives the spiritual eternal freedom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6318.


Book 68 6319

Peace in God.

26. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6319.

Only in connection with me you find true peace. Only when my love ray hits you, you feel happiness. And even so you believe having found earthly happiness, so it still does not last, so long you are not connected with me. True peace is only to be found in the joining together with me, because only the soul feels it and it is not satisfied with earthly happiness. The thinking and striving of man can certainly only be directed earthly, therefore also the body determines the soul to strive for the earthly joys. But the soul will never really feel happy, for what truly makes the soul happy, can only have its start in the spiritual kingdom, and spiritual goods it can only receive through the direct joining together with me. You men will only experience that, when you have once been fed spiritually, when you have recognize by this means, with which love your father leans towards you - then nothing else will nearly as much satisfy you, even so the body still has needs, which it would like to meet. But only that causes happiness to the soul, what flows to it from my side. Then the soul feels, that its desire is stilled, while earthly fulfilment is still no true happiness, but only a temporary frenzy. But men of the world do not understand that; they only constantly chase after earthly pleasures and joys, and they seek to deaden the feeling of emptiness coming into being in them, with always new pleasures of the senses - they always only feel so long satisfied, as they wallow in the midst of worldly pleasures, to be dissatisfied with themselves and the world, when a letting up of these worldly joys occurs. They will never find true peace, because I myself reserve for myself the granting of it and can always only hand out to him, who turns to me and longs for true happiness. The world cannot give you men this peace, for it is my share; it has nothing to do with the world. But men can certainly move in the midst of the world and nevertheless be happy in my peace. And that you men are to strive for, so that also then earth life can become the source of happiness, when you always only seek in it the connection with me. And the connection with me you establish through work in love. Therefore unselfish neighbourly love will on the other hand bring in for you the deepest peace; you will desire nothing any more, but always just want to give, and the deeper and more happy making will the peace be, which fills your soul. And you yourselves are rich, for you will receive in the measure as you hand out. You will therefore also suffer no trouble earthly; you will therefore no longer need to desire earthly goods, because you receive everything, what you need, and carry no desire for more. Then the inner peace will fill your heart, but which is not allowed to be confused with earthly satisfaction. For I want to give you that peace, which the world cannot give to you. So is my promise, which also fulfils itself, when you seek the connection with me, when you obey my commands and work in love and also give me the possibility by this means, to give to you, just as you hand out. Then a deep peace will sink into your heart, and you will be happy already on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6319.


Book 68 6320

Serving in free will. Selflove.

27. and 28. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6320.

Who knows about the course of development of the spiritual, who is instructed about the meaning and purpose of creation, he also knows it, that man as the most perfect work of creation forms the conclusion of an endless long process of development, which has taken place on this earth. He knows it, that a stay in the opposite kingdom follows it irrevocably, where there are no longer material creations, where the further development can certainly go on under terrible severe circumstances, but completely different than in the material world - when the course of development on earth has not so far been concluded, that the soul can enter the light kingdom. But only the fewest men on earth have this cognition, for being able to grasp and to believe this, the will first belongs to it, to know about it, and it only exists rarely with men. Extremely strong on the other hand is the will of man directed on it, to turn creation to use if possible, that it brings about advantage to the bodily life. Men unconsciously indeed help by this means the spiritual bound in creation upwards, because it serves, even so in the mandatory law. Very much matter is dissolved through the will of man; it is transformed to always new creations, to which all a serving function is allocated, which lets the spiritual ascend by force. But man himself can on that occasion also come to a standstill or even go back in his development, when he himself does not at the same time serve in free will, since he himself no longer stands under the mandatory law and who must therefore drive his ascent development himself forward ahead. As soon as he does everything consciously, always in the will to serve fellowman with it, his earthly activity can bring in an unsuspected blessing for his soul - even so he does not know about the course of development of the spiritual, even so he is without all knowledge of meaning and purpose of earth life and the creations of this earth. He does not need to know it, when he just serves voluntarily in love. But mostly love probably drives him to activity, but only love for himself. Then his activity can also have a harming effect on fellowmen, because selflove is the more satisfied, the more meagre fellowman is given. But selflove has also an unfavourable effect on the works of creation, which have been allocated to man as field of activity, by the development of the spiritual in such works of creation often being prematurely broken off for the sake of the own advantage, because selflove contradicts the divine order and for that reason the way of acting of man is also completely directed against the divine order. Even so such men know about meaning and purpose of creation and of earth life, they would not give up their wrong way of life and the acting against the divine order, because selflove completely controls them and they are inaccessible to other ideas. And these men come in a state into the spiritual kingdom, which is quite terrible, for they can now no longer satisfy selflove as on earth, and the way to real love, to love for the neighbour, is infinitely far and often not to be found at all. (28.7.1955) That man, who only loves himself, therefore also takes the love for matter across into the opposite world, and the breaking away from it is extremely difficult, for things are constantly rising before his eyes, which he desired with all senses, and attract him in the extreme, but to pass immediately, when he wants to satisfy his desires - and these desires become the more violent, and they are terrible agonies, which the soul now has to endure so long, until it itself fights the desire in it, what then also results in temptations becoming always weaker. Men do not know, which advantages they create for themselves for the opposite kingdom, when they already on earth seek to overcome matter, when they make themselves to the lord of it and not to its slave. Man can on earth make use of everything, for that is the purpose of all creation, that it serves man and also all creature - because serving means redemption for the spiritual bound in it. And therefore man himself contributes much to it, when he give matter the possibility to serve, when he himself creates things, which again fulfil a serving purpose, at which he is also allowed to enjoy them as gift of God, but he is to always think of the spiritual purpose of material things, but not chain himself to these, that all his thinking and striving is only meant for the production of material goods, to create for himself a comfortable life of pleasure and to always become more a slave of that standing far below him in the development - what means for himself a spiritual backward step. The development must always be an ascending one, and the aim of man in earth life is to become completely free from the material form, an overcoming of it, then the soul can leave the earthly body free and free from care and bring itself to light heights. Then it is not held back by matter and forced to still stay longer in earthly spheres, although it no longer lives on earth. How infinitely grateful is the soul, which can break away from these spheres, that you men on earth do not know, but let it be told you, that that, what you strive for on earth with all senses, is your greatest enemy. For your happiness lies in freedom, but you are unfree, so long matter still ties you up, and it ties you up so long, as selflove still rules you yourselves, as you yourselves do not redeem yourselves from it through serving love. Only, who serves, is free. And the existence as man gives you constantly opportunity to serve in love. But you have a free will and are not, as in the pre-stage of your development, forced to serve. Love must drive you to it, and serving love will only that man practise, who fights down selflove, who does not want to possess, but give away. But he learns to also despise matter; he breaks away from it and becomes completely free. His course of development on earth ends with the success of the complete spiritualization of his soul, which can now again be active in the spiritual kingdom in the fulness of light and power and looks after those souls in serving love, which still languish in slavery and lack of light and need help, to also be able to finally break away out of their fetters.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6320.


Book 68 6321

Means of favour. Prayer.

29. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6321.

Those favours, which flow towards you men, you utilize too little. For I approach you constantly with gifts of favour; I offer them to you, but you go past them. Why do you not call to me, when you are in trouble - why do you not use prayer - why do you close your ear to my word, which is supplied to you from above through my servants on earth? Believe it, that every trouble is just a means applied by me, which is to help you - therefore a favour on my part. Believe it, that also prayer is an undeserved favour, that I listen to you, when you speak to me, and that my word is the most valuable gift of favour, because it means for you the greatest help, when you listen to me, what I have to say to you and what helps you to eternal happiness. Every means, which I apply to help you, to reach out of the depth to the light, is a gift of favour for you, because with your negative attitude you do not deserve, that my love constantly looks after you. In the time of the end truly gifts of favour flow towards you in excess, and nobody would need to come away empty-handed; everybody can acquire so much he desires, and he would just need to want, that he is helped in spiritual trouble, and help is certain for him. But no gift of favour works without your preparedness to utilize it. For that reason I cannot change you, but you yourselves must do it; your will must strive for a spiritual ascent, and helping rungs will become visible for him everywhere, which he can use for the ascent. But you men have a wrong idea of the word "favour". You believe, being already able to put yourselves into the possession of power and soul maturity through this "means"; you believe, that formal customs are "means of favour", and do not know, what is to be actually understood under favour. I love all men, also those still standing far from me, and I want to help all men to the height. For that reason my care is meant first for those, who are withoutout all connection with me - that they first enter the connection with me. And for that reason I bring them into life situations, where they are to call to me in trouble and suffering - because the call to me has a successful effect. Therefore my love constantly devises new means, that turn to me again creatures renegade to me. And all these means, which are suitable to establish the connection between man and me, are means of favour, because they are undeserved gifts. And as soon as a man resorts to prayer, then he requests my favour, and then he will receive such unlimitedly. I will appear in his life so obviously, that he can win a convinced faith, for through his prayer he has proved his willingness to use my favours, and for that reason they can now also flow towards him unlimitedly and become effective - what always presupposes the free will of man. And in the time of the end everyone can find to me, when he just wants it - in the time of the end all men will be so obviously referred to their God and creator, to a director and helper. And each one can turn to this God and helper out of his own drive. Each one can get into contact with me myself and draw enormous use out of this connection - but he must be willing to do it, otherwise all gifts of favour remain ineffective; but then man also gets hopelessly lost, so the last day has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6321.


Book 68 6322

Always new works of creation. Becoming divine. Life.

30. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6322.

I see the great crowd of spirits striving away from me and my love will becomes more and more powerful, to win these back again. The power of my love is overwhelming, when I let it work, and no being would still remain long in its resistance. But this is not enough for me, to win the creatures back through forced love, for I want, that they turn back voluntarily and strive for me as aim. And so my love power has an effect in another way by me always letting new creations originate and again and again give these to the spiritual as cover, so that striving away to the depth is halted, that the power from below, which comes from my opponent, no longer has an effect on those spiritual beings and they therefore for the present come to a certain standstill, to then be able to slowly ascend again. My will of creation is unlimited, and so long there are still spiritual beings, which have not completely returned to me, the universe will also be filled with creations, for it is my happiness, to always let new works come into being, on whose behalf, in days to come are to be my children. But on the other hand I also see the wrestling souls, which are on the way to me, which have already escaped from the hands of my opponent and therefore already belong to me will wise. I see with theses the success of my love work at the fallen, and every creature returning to me as child increases my happiness and increases my will of creating. And even so the number of those is far less than those of the beings striving away from me, so nevertheless my love for the latter does not become less, for all emerged once out of my love power and were determined to eternal happiness, but the fall into the depth gives them the possibility, to still reach greater perfection as originally in the beginning, for they emerged as "beings" from me, which were created perfect, and can now however become my children in free will, "God's image" which I could not create out of my power, because this is the work of a child itself, to fashion itself to this perfection. My plan for the becoming divine of my creatures fills me with a happiness, which no being can gauge. And the same happiness will in future also each one of my creatures be able to enjoy, because it will in future have the same longing to create and to fashion in highest perfection, and because it will also be able to always fulfil this longing. To be active creating is already actually happy making, but this making happy increases to the unlimited, the more perfect that is, what first emerged out of my hands as creation. For I let nothing dead come into being, but real "life" emerges from me, which exactly like me can also again give birth to the "living". And what died through its own fault, that I awaken to life again, so that it may be happy. And all my creations show life, for my will of love let them come into being, so that they receive the dead in them and lead it again to life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6322.


Book 68 6323

Isolation of world bodies.

31. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6323.

Worldwide distances lie between the creations, which you see as celestial bodies at the vault of heaven distances, which are not to be estimated by you men and for that reason also not to be overcome, because every individual celestial body is a world on its own and these worlds are completely sealed off from each other, insofar, as that they have completely different life spheres, always according to the nature of the celestial body itself and also of its inhabitants. You men are not allowed to believe that my spirit of creation could not be versatile enough in creating and fashioning you are not allowed to believe that you find your living conditions again on other celestial bodies in the same way as on earth, which you inhabit you are still very much less allowed to believe that those celestial bodies would offer you the same living possibilities, which are required for your existence, when you would ever get into the area of such a heavenly body. But it would be a vain venture; you will never succeed to even pick up a connection with other heavenly bodies, if this does not happen by spiritual means that mental transmissions take place from such worlds, but which always only serve you to spiritual ascent, but never concern worldly inquiries planned by you men. You men can indeed develop great abilities in yourselves; you can be active on earth to create and fashion; you can ascertain the powers of nature and turn them to use in every way; you can deeply penetrate in the laws of nature by virtue of the intellect and now emerge with all your knowledge. But your sphere of activity is and remains always only the earth, and so you now seek to analyse all your intellectual knowledge as a blessing for your fellowmen, my blessing of your work, of your effect, will also support it, for then my law of eternal order is followed. But you must also remain in this order; you must respect the laws, which I myself have given and which are clearly recognizable in all works of creation. And to this also belongs the worldwide distance of the heavenly bodies from your earth, to this belongs the isolation of each individual heavenly body from the others, which is as it were marked through the airless space, through the stratosphere, which makes the stay of a man in this space impossible and thus should clearly show you that I myself have isolated you. No matter if you also believe of being able to overcome such obstacles. You men will fail with such attempts; you will perish when you venture into areas, which were closed for you by me. You just prove with it, that you are of a very arrogant spirit to believe being able to make divine laws of nature ineffective; you prove that you neither acknowledge these laws nor the law giver; and you prove that you men are ripe for the total change of this earth, because you lack the main knowledge, that one is above you who speaks the last word that you do not recognize this one, otherwise you would not undertake something to what you are not entitled as inhabitants of this earth: to make yourselves other worlds to the destination of your research, which are and remain completely unreachable for you, because every celestial body serves spiritual beings for maturation and the degrees of maturity of these beings are so different, that all of them need all other creations - creations, in which you men cannot exist, and for that reason there can also never be a connection between the two worlds. My spirit of creation and my will of creation truly has worked nothing without wisdom, but you men will never be able to fathom what is outside of your earth sphere, than only that, that an existence of innumerable celestial bodies and worlds has become certain to you, because this proof does not contribute to a disadvantage of your soul but all further knowledge can only be disclosed to you spiritually.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6323.


Book 68 6324

Approach of a star.

3. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6324.

Open wide your hearts, make yourself ready to receive my ray of love from above and hear what I want to tell you: A sure sign of the near end is the becoming visible of a star, which moves in the direction of your earth and still takes a strange path - which will often escape your view and then suddenly come up again, because it is accompanied by impenetrable nebula, which now and then dissolve to again and again solidify anew. You men experience something which is unknown to you up to now because the effect of this star on your earth is of such a kind that an anxiousness will attack you because you believe that the earth could become a victim of this unknown star, which causes noticeable disturbances on earth, which are however inexplicable to you. There are men on earth who are completely unflappable no matter what hits them - but who now lose their calmness because they see themselves, as well as the whole earth, at the mercy of natural forces, which they fear because they cannot counter them. And for the sake of these men the powers of heaven move. These men I want to reach particularly to get that they confide in a God and creator as soon as they see themselves completely powerless. What human will causes - and no matter how terrible it is in its effect - does not shake such men, but they become small and weak when they see themselves at the mercy of the elements, and then it is possible that they seek shelter in him who is Lord of all creation - then it is possible that they find me in greatest trouble. And this spectacle of nature will cause enormous commotion among men, and the fear will also not be unwarranted, because however unusual phenomena accompany the star, it constantly comes closer to earth, and a crash seems to be unavoidable according to the calculations of those who discovered its appearance and follow its course. But I have predicted this long before that I send to you an enemy out of the air, that a natural disaster of greatest extent still awaits you men, which precedes the last end - i.e. the total reshaping of the earth's surface - and will cost innumerable victims. I again and again point this out to you and my word is truth and will come true. But it is first already to be pointed out to you because you men are to recognize my will and my power - because you are to know that nothing can happen without my will and that nothing is without meaning and purpose what happens - that I then think of those who are completely without faith and whom I still do not want to lose to my opponent. And that is why you men are to know what lies ahead for you so that you gain faith easier when you think of him in the great trouble who is Lord over heaven and earth - over all stars and worlds and to whose will everything is subject. Beforehand you are already to receive knowledge about it, which then can help you to believe when you are only of a good will. A disaster is coming upon you - but it also can be a blessing for every one of you when that way he wins the life of his soul, even when it means earthly death for him - when he calls on me in his trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6324.


Book 68 6325

Earth life only transit to home.

4. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6325.

Consider yourselves only as passengers on this earth, who only always stay temporarily, but never constantly on it, because the true home of you is the spiritual kingdom, but which you can only reach in freedom through a course on this earth. Then you will also walk through your earth life with other thoughts, for so you are sure of a certain aim, you also strive for this aim. For that reason everything you find on earth should neither burden nor bind you; you are to always only consider it as temporarily, so, as if it is also only borrowed or as if it just blocks the way occasionally for you - you are to always only think, that the hour once comes, since you have gone through this earth valley and must leave it - that now the return takes place into your true home. And now see to it, that you return richly laden with treasures, which you can use again in that kingdom, that you do not enter your home poor and miserable, but radiating light and richly blessed with spiritual goods. For all this you can acquire for yourselves in earth life, however and wherever you walk on earth, you can always increase your spiritual wealth through love work, when you do not let yourselves be bound by earthly goods and always think of it, that these are transient and you can take nothing of it across into the opposite kingdom. But you can acquire many spiritual goods in this earth time for yourselves, because there is much trouble among men, and you can always alleviate trouble, spiritually as well as earthly. What you now give in earth life, you receive again back as spiritual wealth - and for that reason you are to hand out, help, wherever your help is requested. And you are to also alleviate trouble unasked, where it is visible to you, and you will be richly blessed after the death of your body and enter the spiritual kingdom, for "with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." But who feels as lord of the earth, who believes having a right to the goods of this earth and feels sure of the possession, without remembering the poverty of fellowman, he will stand there completely bare at the threshold of death; he will enter into a kingdom, where he will bitterly feel his poverty, for he must leave everything behind, what he possessed, and can show nothing of spiritual goods, for he did not feel as passenger, but as constant lord of this earth; he did not remember his actual home and therefore also finds it in an extreme inadequate state.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6325.


Book 68 6326

Love light out of God. His word.

5. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6326.

Only my word is the real light from heaven; only my address holds the power in it, to lead man to cognition, for my word is the real love light out of me, which can enlighten you and lead you to perfection. And this word has now for you men become a source of favour, from which you are allowed to draw light and power unlimitedly. To the mere intellect these words are incomprehensible, but the heart will be able to understand them. For only the inner thoughts and feelings are touched and changed by it, although also the intellect can benefit from my word, for a number of things will become clear to it, what it did not want to hear before. But the heart must always be willing before to accept my word. And the willingness of the heart exists in that respect, that the thoughts of men are directed to establish a connection with me, which now then takes place through my address. Man must want to hear me, then he really benefits from every word, then every word imparts to him light and power, because they are direct radiation of my light and my power. Without cognition it is dark in you men - and whether you are just earthly in fullness of light. You are completely ignorant, which purpose your earth life has at all, what your task is and which aim is set for you. You know nothing of the effect of your way of life, of a happiness or damnation in future - you certainly live on earth, but only a pure bodily life, which can be ended every day. When you lack all cognition, earth life can also become an agony for you, because it does not bring you the fulfilment, which you long for for yourselves, because you are ignorant. But my word imparts to you this cognition and purpose of your earth life; my word gives you the knowledge of the aim, which you are to strive for, of the happiness, which you can reach, and the results of a life contrary to my will. My word gives you knowledge about this my will, and my word gives you at the same time also the power, to lead your life according to my will. My word therefore imparts to you light and power, which the soul feels first, which concern the inner thoughts and feelings - but can also change the outer man so, because the intellect of man lets itself be defeated by the light and the power of my word and man now leads a conscious life in my divine order. Where it was dark before, there bright light will now radiate - where lack of power was, all weakness will be removed. And earth life will now no longer be recognized as end in itself, but as means to the purpose and can now bring in for man the last perfection already on earth, when he constantly fetches power at the source of life, when he constantly draws and persistently receives light and power from me, when he longs for my address, listens to my word and obeys it. Then he will never fall back into darkness any more; then he has stepped out of night into the light of the day, and he can now work according to my will already on earth and in future in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6326.


Book 68 6327

God's presence.

7. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6327.

Wherever two or three find together in my name, there I am in the midst of them. My presence is for that reason secure for you all, you who remember me, when you are gathered together in a small circle, for I know about your thoughts, which are meant for me, and every thought towards me also draws me to you. And it may be said to you all, that my caring father eye watches over you, into whichever life situation you get, for I know my small herd, and whose thoughts were once directed towards me in longing love, I will always look after him, to win him completely still on earth. Do not believe, that I drop one of you, for your father is loyal, and he does not leave you, even so you at times turn away from him. Then my strong arm keeps you surrounded and turns you imperceptibly back again, until you completely surrender to me and only still long for my constant presence. And I have promised you this my presence, and you just need to remember me; you just need to let me become the content of your speaking, then I stay invisibly with you, and I intervene into your thoughts and speaking. For a father likes to hear it, when his children talk about him, and his love will again and again let him step into the midst among his children, to instruct them and to lead them on all ways. Always consider, that you have emerged out of my love and that this love is an untearable ribbon - which you indeed wanted to break once out of your own drive, but which is inseparable and again and again draws me to you, even so I must keep myself hidden from you, because you are still of a will turned away from me. But how much more means a call from the part of my child to me - and your willingness to receive me in your circle - what you men bear witness to through your being together in my name, to hold spiritual communications, to exchange yourselves and fetch power for yourselves from my address. Then I am with you in the word, and you can convincingly speak of my presence. And so I want to send you words of love and ensure you of all comfort and help, when you are in trouble spiritually and earthly. You have me at any time, to whom you can direct your thoughts, and so you just trustingly turn to me childlike, your call will not die away unheard. You must just want my presence consciously - and I will always be with you. For that reason always make an effort to create opportunities to spiritual exchange, and willingly open your heart, so I address you. And you all will have such opportunities, for I bring men together, to whom I want to bring my word, and everywhere and at any time I can influence men, that they remember me and believingly express my name. And then open ear and heart, for then I myself am present to you and in my presence you all can feel safe and secure, and an address on my part will always bring a blessing to you. And this address can also take place mentally, but you will never come away empty-handed, where two or three were gathered together in my name, for there I was also and radiated out my spirit on you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6327.


Book 68 6328

Right will. Truthful knowledge.

8. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6328.

Accepting of faith teachings without thinking can never develop a soul upwards, for such a knowledge cannot be assessed as spiritual thought material, but it always just remains a world knowledge, although it concerns spiritual questions. Only what is accepted by the heart, brings about an advantage to the soul and a mental explaining of the content of a teaching is absolutely necessary for that purpose. And such a one will also give information to a man demanding truth, whether the teaching is in accordance with the truth or is erroneous. And for that reason every man can come into the possession of truth, when he desires it, for then he will think about everything, what is presented to him, and his spirit will direct him. But a thoughtless accepting also shows indifference towards truth - and the heart will remain empty, the soul will not benefit from such teachings. This explanation therefore proves to you, why the one penetrates deeper into a spiritual knowledge, while the other remains ignorant. And this explanation also proves to you, that the will must first become active. If the will for truth does not exist, then man remains in spiritual darkness, because nothing can be given to him, so he desires nothing. But the will is free. And the great spiritual darkness on earth therefore just proves, that men do not use their free will or use it wrongly, for they could truly stand on a higher spiritual level, because everything is given to them for their spiritual progress, so they just strive for it themselves, so their most inner thoughts and stirrings would like to be directed at the most important - to hear the truth. Nobody, neither spiritual or earthly powers, can determine the inner desire, and man is given according to the inner desire. Just as good as the desire can be turned towards worldly goods, it can also be directed at spiritual aims. Man himself determines this in free will, and the supply of truthful knowledge will not be guaranteed for him from the outside, but from the inside. But truthful knowledge will also lead to real faith. Therefore real faith is also the result of a rightly directed will. The opponent of God indeed does everything to direct exactly this will wrongly and by this means to eradicate faith. But favours on the part of God will always flow towards men in excess, so that they are not defencelessly at the mercy of the opponent of God. But to let the favours become effective, the free will of man must, on the other hand, become active. Man does not need to fail, for he is always helped on the part of God, to direct his will right, but for that reason he must also take responsibility for his free will. For in the end it is about the passing of his test of will in earth life, and God demands nothing of men, what they could not fulfil - but their will decides.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6328.


Book 68 6329

Striving for the aim. God's help.

9. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6329.

Everything is to serve you for the maturing, and so every day can let you climb upwards in your development, when you just always remember this, that God directs your fate and that everything comes so, as it is good for your soul. The body will indeed often have to suffer; often your life will appear restless; often worries will press you, and you will become faint-hearted and despond. But nothing comes arbitrarily over you, and your father in heaven knows about everything, therefore also about your situation, because he himself has intended it for you, to help you up to the height. But you yourselves can improve or make worse your situation, for you just need to go the right way, that you find help, but as you will also always feel your situation worse in displeasure and aversion and suffer double, because you grumble. But one constantly waits for your call, because he wants to help you, but he would like to hear your call before, to now being able to prove his love for you. This one wants to help you, and he also can help you, but he demands your faith in his love and his power. You are to always acknowledge him as a God of love, even so you must suffer or his love for you is not so obviously to be recognized. Only love moves him to his action and only love causes him, to now and then take hold of men severely, that they do not again get lost for eternal times. But who now willingly abandons himself to his extreme great love, he is soon led out of the trouble, for God demands nothing further than the complete devotion of man to him. Then he will very soon be free of all worries and sufferings, for the love of God takes them again from him, as soon as he has established or strengthened the right relationship to God. Then the purpose of it has been reached, and then a level has again been climbed, then the soul as done a step further upwards, and then a time of rest will again occur, which is to serve man to personal considerations - for he is to constantly strive upwards; he is not allowed to get tired; he must ceaselessly direct his eyes on to the aim, which to reach is his earth task. And if a standstill occurs in his striving, then also resistances become immediately apparent, which are to admonish him of his earth task. But whatever comes over you, it certainly brings about the best for your soul, and everything you will be able to overcome with the help of him, who has carried the cross for you, who has died for you on the cross. Just always call on him in every spiritual and earthly distress - he knows about your suffering; he knows all human weaknesses and troubles, and he is prepared at any time, to grant you help, and through the call to Jesus Christ you are again connected to him, you go the way to Jesus and with him - and this way leads you safely to the aim.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6329.


Book 68 6330

Explanation of strokes of fate.

10. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6330.

The wrestling in the spiritual world about the souls of men becomes more and more violent. The light world is continually active influencing the will of men, but also the powers of darkness do this, and man is much more likely inclined, to do as latter wish, because the inclination to matter is strong and those dark powers exercise their influence through material goods and pleasure. Whatever can be done to break the senses of men away from matter, that the light beings carry out - often to men's regret, but still in the meaning of love, only to help men. The end comes closer and closer, which lets all matter pass for men; then they must give away everything and can keep back nothing of it. But they do not want to believe in the last passing of the earthly possession, and for that reason they must before again and again experience, how changeable that is, what they strive for with all their senses. The light beings have little access to the thoughts of men, and their ideas are not listened to - i.e., men do not occupy themselves with such thoughts, that they can now be instructed by the light beings mentally. And for that reason they must be exposed to violent interventions, so that they become thoughtful about the transitoriness of earthly possession. And only so you men can explain to yourselves the many stokes of fate, which exist in the loss of earthly-material goods or also the life on men - in disasters or accidents, in destruction of all kind. All these are just means, which are applied on the part of the spiritual world in the divine will, which just express in the deeper meaning the wrestling about the souls, which are in highest danger, to completely lose themselves to the opponent of God, because they have lost themselves completely to matter, which is their ruin. Not much time remains until the end any more. Therefore also such strokes of fate must get out of hand, through which a small prospect still exists, that men are caused to think. The fight in the spiritual world is extremely violent, but the light world does not fight against the dark world, but both fight about the souls of men - man himself is the disputed object; man himself must fight out the battle, and each one world applies the means, through which it hopes for success. All suffering and discomfort, all experiences concerning you men severely, are means of the light world, which just wants you well, which in love for you always only does that, what can be a safe help for you, when you do not resist. But life of pleasure and wealth, earthly joys and worldly pleasures are always only the means of the opponent, and you are to flee from them and not enjoy their possession. For your earth life time is only short, then you have overcome all heaviness, then you are compensated for the hard earth life, so it has brought in for you the spiritual success, that you voluntarily have broken away from matter and your soul has acquired for itself spiritual goods. Do not long for that, what is very soon taken from you, but gather for yourselves spiritual goods, which no-one can rob any more from you and which follow you into eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6330.


Book 68 6331

God's infinite love. Cross sacrifice.

11. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6331.

Love never stops. These words are to be a comfort for you also in the most difficult life situation, for as soon as you believe in a God, who is love, then you also know, that he does not leave you in this trouble, for since you are his children, you can also have the certainty in you, that your father also continually turns his love towards you. Just believe in my never-ending love, which is meant for you until all eternity - then you will be comforted in suffering and have power to hold out, to overcome everything difficult, for love does not let you go under. And when you find it difficult to believe in the love of a powerful God, when doubts overcome you on account of his help - then think of the death on the cross of Jesus Christ. Who has died for you on the cross, he has only done it out of extreme great love for you men, for he knew about your suffering, which is the result of sin, and he wanted to free you from this suffering, which you yourselves had created for yourselves through the sin of the former defection from me. Only his extreme great love induced him to his work of redemption. The man Jesus was full of love, for I myself was in him. And this love wanted to redeem you from sin and death. Do you believe, that my love can ever end, which has given you this proof, that it has taken upon itself the most difficult and borne it for you? I myself could give you no visible proof of my love, for that reason the man Jesus did it for me. A soul of light descended to earth, because its love was meant for you men as the fallen brothers - because everything perfect is filled by love, which goes out from me and radiates through it. And this love does not stop for ever. For that reason do not be afraid, you men, that I withdraw my love from you, and also draw no wrong conclusions, when you see much around you, which seems for you to be a counter proof for my love. All men are my creatures, which I want to lead to happiness, but all go different ways, and I must also give to them differently; my leading is not always the same, but the aim is always and for ever the same. And I also achieve it, even so men need different long time for it as result of their free will. Believe, that I am love, but also wisdom - and believe, that I certainly know it, what serves every individual to its salvation. But know, that I make more the salvation of his soul my business as his bodily well-being, although I also help everyone earthly in his trouble, so he comes to me full of faith and as real child asks the father. Then he will find wonderful granting of prayer, because a believing child achieves everything with me. Just do not rebel. Do not defy my love, but bend to me and my will. For I truly only do the right thing - only that, what brings about blessing for you men.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6331.


Book 68 6332

Satanic work in the time of the end.

13. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6332.

It is the time of the end. You men do not know, what that means in spiritual respect, for in the whole universe is a revolt in the spiritual world, about which I know and also let the light world take notice of, so that they protect the inhabitants of the earth against the onslaught of dark spirits. The dark powers feel it, that a new epoch also starts for them, that their unhappy work finds an end, that they are put in an iron anew, out of which they themselves cannot free themselves. And for that reason they rage in an increased measure, driven by their lord, who in his blindness believes, to still gain power before over all creations and its inhabitants. What can be devised of intrigues, that is carried out by him and his following and a confusion caused by it, which cannot easily be rivalled. And you men are the target of these dark powers - you are constantly surrounded by dangers and do not suspect it, but you would get a fright, could you do a look and see, which hideous features like characters push around you and seek to poison you with their venom (breath). It is the time of the end, which is feared by these characters as torment, why also their doings get worse and worse and you men need a strengthened protection, to not be at the mercy of them. But they cannot get the better of mine, because they always connect themselves to me and stand in the ray of my love sun, which they flee. But they also try everything spreading a shadow over my love light ray - particularly then, when mine are not attentive, when they carelessly get into danger - when they find pleasure in blinding lights, which are feigned to them by those powers, when they are not able to free themselves from worldly desires and by this means offer those powers a handle, to approach them. The tempter lurks everywhere and is not recognized - und he works by cunning and trickery. But he can get recognized by mine, for he will always give himself away, even so he hides under a cover. He stops at nothing; he tells men what they want to hear, when he hopes for success by this means. And that is the great danger, which threatens you men in the time of the end: that you suspect an angel of light, where darkness approaches you in a mask. But I help you, you who want to recognize the right thing and do the right thing. I do not let you fall victim to him, who wants to ruin you; I let my light shine at the right time. But I cannot yet refuse him his work, because they are his last attempts, which for that reason surpass everything of badness, because he knows, that he has no longer much time. They are his last efforts, to extract power from me, for his spiritual blindness always gets deeper, the more he rages against me. And you stand in the midst of this fight and often do not recognize him. But my light beings protect you on my behalf, you who are and want to remain mine, and they lead you out of this fight victoriously.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6332.


Book 68 6333

Jesus Christ means everything.

15. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6333.

No-one is happy without Jesus Christ. And still innumerable men reject him, because they know nothing about the significance of his work of redemption, for also those men, who just confess him with the mouth, must be counted to these, for the right cognition about the love and mercy work of the divine redeemer would also let those men live in his following, which leads to happiness. And although in the whole world it is preached, whether his name is again and again presented to men as sole rescue anchor - only a very small part knows, what the man Jesus has done for his fellowmen and why he did it. For very few men on earth Jesus has become the rescuer from sin and death; those of awakened spirit know about the significance of the work of redemption, and who for that reason also recognize the great trouble on earth, who know, how far mankind stands from the one, who alone can give them a life in happiness. Jesus Christ is preached in the whole world. Many men are addressed by him himself, wo speaks to them through the mouth of awakened preachers. But few let themselves by captured by his words, so that they now no longer go from him and also dedicate their life to the announcing of his name. But most of them forget exactly as quick, as they get enthusiastic - a passing fancy, which brightly flares up and very quickly consumes again. For Jesus Christ does not become alive in them; he does not find the entrance into their heart, because they do not live in love. Love alone makes faith in him alive, but without love the knowledge about Jesus Christ and his work of redemption is no more than worldly knowledge without effect on eternity. For that reason always only few will feel so addressed, that they now become real followers of Jesus, that they find redemption from sin and death - although the divine redeemer leaves out no-one, to lure him under his cross. He addresses innumerable men and will address them again and again and admonish them to work on the soul; he will again and always again announce his love teaching. But he can only become alive in their hearts, when they receive and obey his love teaching. Only then they understand his love work and know, which trouble prevails on earth. For death is allotted to every individual, but a death without Jesus Christ means a terrible lot in the hereafter, a lot, from which it again only gives a rescue through the divine redeemer, otherwise the soul must vegetate in eternal darkness, in unhappiness. Jesus Christ means everything - but extremely little to mankind, for it does not take up much of his work of favour - because it does not recognize him. And it cannot recognize him, because it is not suitable for this, so long love is lacking - and it is cooled among men. And for that reason love must constantly be preached; he must be mentioned, who himself was full of love and has sacrificed himself for fellowmen. And so now man makes an effort, to fulfil the love commands, it will also become light in him, why Jesus has died for men - and he will himself take his refuge to the cross and call him, who alone can bring redemption to him from sin and death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6333.


Book 68 6334

Work of Satan I.

16. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6334.

You all are besieged by the powers of darkness - for where darkness is, there they have already their sphere of power and do not give it up, and where light is, there they seek to extinguish it and to extend their kingdom - where light is, they apply all their powers and art of deception, and they themselves also feign light, to lure men to them and to turn away from the light from the heavens. Satan has great power in this time of the end. And for that reason also the confusion is extremely great, which takes place among men; they are getting torn to and fro by doubts and wrong teachings, and only, who seriously strives for truth, who seriously is concerned with it, to stand in truth, he will also get it, because I myself am close to him and do not let him fall to error. Out from above I let my light radiate to earth, and in this gleam of light innumerable souls fetch that power, which they lack. These are mainly souls of the opposite kingdom, which are attracted by that gleam of light and always receive power, which they use again for redeeming activity in the spiritual kingdom. And so every ray of light from above means help for the redemption of the spiritual still staying partly in darkness - and therefore also breaking away of it from my opponent. He therefore constantly loses following by this means, that my love light can radiate down to earth, that it is there accepted by earth children devoted to me. Understandably this is now the plan and the endeavour of my opponent, to extinguish this light - those men on earth, who receive it, to either prevent them from it, therefore to influence them so, that they turn away from me and again to the world, or - so he does not succeed with it - to let a second light flare up, at which the gently light from above loses illuminating power, because the blinding light flashes dazzling and weakens the eyes - so that they co not recognize the start of the light. But the danger exists, that men strive towards the blinding light quicker and overlook the gently light from above. And that my opponent aims to achieve, for he hates me, and he does not want to lose his following to me. An unusual fight rages in this time of the end everywhere there, where a spring has opened, from which the water of life flows - where the souls find recovery, where the way to me is clearly visible. There the dark powers are quite particularly active on behalf of my opponent, and they will always try, to feign the same, what I let happen to the salvation of mankind. My work for the salvation of mankind will always find imitation, which is staged by the opposite side to irritate men, to cause confusion, but are to be recognized by those, who are pure and honourable and only strive for truth. Whatever happens on the part of my opponent he will not succeed to bring my light to be extinguished, for the world full of light protects all, to whom my light from above flows, because increased work on my part is urgently necessary in the time of the end. But men themselves must want it, that I protect them, because by this means they make it impossible for my opponent, to find entrance with them. Men themselves must only desire pure truth, and never ever the light will be able to be extinguished, which shines for them from above. For its shine will illuminate their hearts, so that they clearly recognize, what truth and what lie is.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6334.


Book 68 6335

Work of Satan II.

18. August 1955 B.D. NR. 6335.

Whatever causes you damage to your soul, that I keep far from you, so your will is good and turned towards me. When a father knows his child in danger, then he will help it, that it gets out of the way of this danger, or carefully accompanies it through it. For the father loves his child. And when a danger for the soul threatens you men, then your father in heaven is certainly the first, who protects you, because it lies in his power and because he loves you. And so you can be unconcerned, so long you feel as my children, so long you see in me your father. But your soul suffers damage, when it is touched by my opponent, for his grip is hard and ruthless, and he breaks, what falls into his hands. I pass a devastating sentence upon him, but only to warn you, because otherwise you dare to go near him too carelessly and then you can hardly rise, when you do not call me for help. You are to be watchful, for Satan walketh about as a "roaring lion" seeking to devour you. Make no friendly picture of him, for then your caution gets smaller, and then everything is possible - also, that he takes possession of you. Angels, however, stand around you prepared for your protection, when your whole will is meant for me, when love for me fills your whole heart - and they will erect a barrier, which my opponent cannot climb over, for it consists of light beings, which through their light alone already push away the opponent, who flees the light. For these are my children, who like you were once exposed to his influence and know his work and who help you, that you find to the father, which can therefore also protect you, because they know about his cunning and put themselves between you and him. Only one thing you must do yourselves: detest him, because he is just hate and sin. On his part he has completely broken away from the spiritual relationship with me - therefore he must have become my opposite pole, for he has turned everything in him, what has emerged out of me in light and power; he is so out and out away from me, that he himself has fashioned himself to a wrong being, that is full of defiance and capable of evil thoughts, to do everything to you, what prevents you, that you are happy. For he wants your ruin; he not only wants to possess, but destroy you, for he is very evil since his defection from me. He is my opposite pole and for that reason can have nothing good at him, otherwise I would have in the same measure bad things at me. But so as I am the most perfect being, he is imperfection himself, and that also means, that he will think and act bad, so long he still works and can work, so long he still possesses a following. Exactly because he still thinks being powerful through his following, for that reason he does not change his thinking and his will. And I know the danger, in which you are, when you just allow him the smallest approach to you as a result, that you show him pity. He does not reciprocate this pity with love; he also feels no pity with your soul, which he wants to ruin. You do not know his hate and his malice, you who are yourselves full of love. But I know about the danger and protect you, for my love is meant for you, whom he has dragged with down into the depth. My love is also meant for him, when he will have found back and surrendered. But until then he is my opponent, of which I warn you, for his will is bad, and he is only out for your destruction. For that reason do not let yourselves be captivated; be watchful, so that you also recognize him under the camouflage.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6335.


Book 68 6336

Plan of becoming divine of the beings.

19. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6336.

My plan of redemption stretches over endless times the plan of the redemption of the fallen, the becoming divine of the created beings, whose decision of the will was once directed wrongly and who therefore need endless times to give their will the right direction, because they themselves have completely changed themselves to something being in conflic with me - are nevertheless to be once again my image.

The process of this transformation or fashioning back requires an endless long time, because it must take place in a lawful order, otherwise an inevitable chaos would occur and the ultimate aim never ever achieved. The fundamental law of my eternal order is and remains love. It is therefore only possible, to achieve a return to me, when I give to all fallen, all having become imperfect, the possibility to practise love. And practising love means serving. I must therefore create opportunities before, where the fallen can busy itself serving. I must create something, where is was possible for that fallen to contribute to the arising and preserving - no matter in which way this happens. And so I devised the creation for me as in accordance with this purpose. I let as it were the spiritual be active at the arising too, however, I had to cause it by force to that end; according to my will it had to move into certain outer forms and carry out in these the activity allocated to them. The serving principle is in control of the whole creation, because my will makes the decision, which is always only the expression of my extreme great love. A serving in compulsion was therefore for the time being necessary, because no being would have decided by itself to serve - to the expression of love, but the return or transformation back of the fallen is and remains my aim. But the serving in the mandatory state already brought about a change, even so it required endless long time. If the changing back has now progressed so far, that the original resistance against me has let up, then a certain freedom can also be given back to the entity, so that it is no longer forced to its action, but can continue the same in free will: to serve, whereto it, however, must kindle love in itself. The purpose and the aim of the whole development process is - that its will now takes the right direction, that the thinking, wanting and acting of the being is now determined by the love principle - that the changing back to love is proven and therefore the becoming divine of the being takes place - that the aim is reached, which I have set for the spiritual put out by me - that the created being has voluntarily fashioned itself to my image, to my child. But in this endless long time of development the being goes through endless many phases, which it will once be able to survey looking back, when it is, in the state of light, able to grasp the powerful of my plan of salvation. And every individual phase will make the suffering and the agonies visible to it, which now only show it the enormous expanse of its fall into the depth, the distance from him, who has created it in the beginning in all perfection. Only then my love, wisdom and omnipotence will become revealed to them, and only then the waves of their love for me engulf over them, and they completely sink into my love current. They praise and glorify me constantly, and they have no other will any more, than to serve me and to help, that I once reach my aim - the becoming divine of all created. They are continually active in love and comply with their original initial purpose: to work and to create in my will, which is now also their own will, because they are perfect.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6336.


Book 68 6337

Work of Satan III.

20. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6337.

I want to live in you and constantly confer upon you my protection and my help, for you need it, so long you still stay on earth in a sphere of darkness, in the kingdom of my opponent. Even so your striving towards me is serious, you are still not invulnerable to the attacks of the enemy, when I do not help you. Only my nearness pushes him away or refuses him the access to you, for my nearness also means light, and the prince of darkness flees the light. But he does not leave you off, so long you still stay on earth, for also he fights about your souls just like me. For that reason let me always be with you, and then you no longer need to fear him. A heart, in which I myself have taken residence, is lost for him, it belongs to me, and I no longer release it. And for that reason you must always make an effort, to secure my presence for you. You must seriously want being connected to me; you must purify your heart of all desires and vices; you must embellish it with works of love; you must long for me with the love of your heart, and you will draw me myself to you, because I cannot resist love. And you will be happy in the awareness of my presence and feel free and carefree, because you are now in the protection of him, who is Lord over heaven and earth, over light and darkness and therefore also over him, who is his and your enemy. But so long desires of any kind are still in you, you must be on your guard, that he cannot slip in with you to create disorder, which eliminates my stay in your hearts. I entrust you men so urgently with that, because my opponent will exactly there work particularly, where he believes to lose a soul - that exactly those men are exposed to his besieging, who seek to come close to me, that he always besieges these, to slip in in an hour of weakness, to urge them, to follow their desires and seek fulfilment. He will not be able to stay long in such a heart, which will is meant for me, but it will have to seriously wrestle, until it has accomplished the work of a complete purification. But the enemy can also cause great damage, by him utilizing the moment of weakness and of the desire to sin in that way, that he confuses the thinking of him - that he darkens the light, which shines in him, that he puts a false light next to it, which is not recognized as blinding light. For that is the striving of my opponent, to so darken my light, that he himself no longer gets into its shine, when he seeks entrance into an area, which was already closed to him. And the man must now first take out of him this blinding light - what the serious will to truth and the call to me about it can already accomplish. Be watchful at any time, that unclean desires do not put you in danger, and always let me be the guard of your heart. Let my light shine in you; let yourselves be given, but do not desire, to know, what does not benefit you - so that he does not give you, what I deny you, because I recognize it, what is of blessing for you and what harms you. Then it is impossible for him, that he also puts a light into you. But your wish opens the door for him. Be watchful and devoted to me alone. And I will truly protect you from him, who just wants to ruin you and for that reason must be considered as enemy, so long you stay on earth, because he does not want you to find the entrance to my kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6337.


Book 68 6338

God's constant care for man.

22. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6338.

How often do I approach you men; how often do I address you; how often do I snatch you away from a danger and offer you my guidance on your way of life. But rarely you recognize me. My obvious guidance you see as coincidence, and my address fades away at your ears; me myself you are not able to recognise, because your eyes are directed past me towards the world - but my care pursues you. And no matter if you are in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the world, I still do not move from your side, always just waiting for the moment, where you notice me, that you voluntarily put yourselves under my protection - that you in the midst of the pleasure for the world still feel your trouble and now look round for him, who pursues you and who can help you. I do not leave off to reveal myself to men. Even so the success is only very small, when it is hardly felt - I pay attention to the smallest will to the approach to me, and then I will never ever move from his side. My love causes me, not to give you up, even so you go through earth life in greatest indifference and do not seek a relationship with me. But I do not force your will to listen to me, and for that reason my words are just quiet and unobtrusive, so that you can easily do not hear them, when you do not pay attention to me. They do not sound so loud, as the voice of the world sounds, which because of that finds your full attention. And because your will itself is to turn to me, for that reason I never emerge conspicuously, but I also do not let it lack of small contacts; I gently push you onto ways, where you, lonely and weak, look for help, to then be able to emerge and to offer you my help. None of you men I leave out, so long he has not yet found and recognized me, and because not much time remains any more until the end, men must also cover shorter stretches of way, and these are a great deal more exhausting and more laboriously to go, because I want, that they need and request my leadership. The strokes of fate will pile up; men will still have to go through much trouble and misery, because they are further then ever away from me, even so I pursue them wherever they go. Until the end of their life I do not give them up, and my stimuluses will always be more violent, to startle them from their indifference, but how they react to that, that I do not determine, but decides their fate in future in the spiritual kingdom. For their will is and remains free, and even my extreme great love does not determine a will, which decides for death, where it could acquire for itself an eternal life after all.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6338.


Book 68 6339

Form Christians. Dead souls.

23. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6339.

It is without value for the soul, what man does in accordance with his duty, to which not the heart pushes him, but the intellect only, even so it is to be seen as work of the love for God or for the neighbour - for only, what man carries out in complete free will, that has an effect on the soul. And so for that reason the life of many men is poor of action pleasing to God, although they outwardly so seem as if they were loyal followers of the church. But this is then not the "church of Christ", which he himself has found on earth - which must include alive followers - men, who have a living faith, which has been won through work in love. Love alone is determining for a right way of life, for a maturing of the soul with the success, that it can, after its death, enter into the kingdom of light and happiness. And that all men should seriously consider, who use their time and their striving for things, which bring in little use for the soul. All should ask themselves, in which measure they kindle love in them, what they do out of the love urge of their heart. All should first account for that, how they fulfil the command of love for God and the neighbour - but not believe, that they love God through the obeying of commands enacted by men. God demands more from you. He demands no "mechanical" practising, but something alive, to be able to make you happy with bliss in future in the spiritual kingdom. For only a heart glowing with love can receive such, which has fashioned itself to love on earth. They are all dead souls, which still have not yet kindled love in themselves, but exactly on this little value is placed - but extremely eagerly carried out that, what is without value for the soul. Love is not only to be preached - it must be practised by every man, and all speaking and acting must be based on love for God and for the neighbour. Never ever will God be satisfied with forms and customs, which he himself has not demanded from men. He will always only look at the heart, how far it is full of love, for he assesses latter only, and only latter is pleasing before God. For only a heart filled with love can connect itself with him and receive power and light and favour, but which are absolutely necessary, to ascend, to mature and to still reach a degree of perfection in earth life, which is your actual aim on earth. Only love guarantees this perfection, but acts or works in accordance with one's duty, which lack love, have never ever the same success. And every seriously striving man will also recognize it in him, that formal customs cannot be enough for God and he will make an effort to live so, as it is pleasing to him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6339.


Book 68 6340

Means of favour. Way with God.

27. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6340.

A time of favour still exists - I still seek to move you men to turning back through all kinds of means or to lead to perfection - only your will is not allowed to be completely rebellious to mine. When you men rise up against me, against your fate and against everything, what is to still bring about salvation to you, then my means of favour are ineffective, and then your life is also endangered - the life of the soul - for it becomes a slave to spiritual death. You men must obey my will, you must recognize it, that you yourselves are powerless and surrender yourselves without resistance to him - who has power over heaven and earth. And only through this devotion without resistance you will also improve your earthly life for yourselves - and then also let the means of favour have an effect on you and have success for your soul. It is the time of the end and for that reason a great time of trouble, because I still want to help men, to the turning back or to perfection. It truly would be no love on my part, when I would abandon you men to your fate and therefore prepared for you a free, carefree earth life without misery and trouble, for then your souls would certainly get lost, because the inner drive to the ascent exists only still in very few men. I must help you, because I love you, and my help I can only grant you so, as I recognize it as beneficial - by me taking hold of you harshly, to bring you to your senses, since you stand shortly before the end and hurry is necessary. But each one man can himself improve his earth lot, when he walks the earth way in community with me, when he joins me closer and for that reason makes every fall into the depth impossible. And then I will also lead him so, that his earthly life is easily bearable. For then I no longer need sharp means of help, because I have won him for me. But so long man still resists me, he only feels the burden, but not my help. But my love is also meant for him and seeks to win him, only with other means, but which are nevertheless means of favour, because they are to only aim to achieve and reach the return of my creatures to me. But how small are these sufferings and trouble against the agonies of a new banishment in hard matter - but which are irrevocably allotted to you men, when you do not bend under my will, in this last time before the end. Nothing else I want to achieve through sufferings and troubles, than that you come to me, I who can help and want to help you at any time. You labour and are heavy laden you know after all the one, who calls you to him. Follow his call: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." And there is nothing, what I deny you, when it just brings about the salvation of the soul to you. Join the crowd of my children; do not put yourselves away in self-will or defiance, but you come also, you who are still far from me, and give up your resistance. For to walk your way with me is truly easier and nicer, for I lead you so, that you reach your aim effortlessly - my way just leads away from the world. For my kingdom is not of this world - but it is your true home, which receives you, when in future you must leave earth. Only a short earth way still lies ahead of you, but it is enough, that you reach the right aim. But hand yourselves over to me and my leadership without resistance for this last short stretch of way, and you will not regret it, having followed him, who is the father of you all, who wants to lead his children to eternal happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6340.


Book 68 6341

Mediator. Intercession.

29. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6341.

Leave the care about the souls of men to me, but help me, where I need you to serve me as mediator. It is a great work, which must still be done, for the access to the hearts of men is mostly blocked for me, and since I apply no force, I must wait until the door to the heart is opened for me. And since this only rarely happens of men themselves, every helper is all right for me, who lets his voice sound instead of mine and requests entry. How often must the way first be smoothed for me, because against the will of a man I do not take an area, which right one disputes to me. And how rarely are men found, who work for me, who prepare the way for me, who announce my coming and so far influence their fellowmen, that they no longer refuse to open the door for me, so I myself come to bring peace to them. I know it, where I am necessary; but I also know, where I find resistance. And I also know, where your help is appropriate, where resistance is to be broken, when I myself speak to men through you. You always just need to do, whereto I push you inwardly; you can carefree leave it to me, which means I apply - for I know about the trouble of my earth children. But very often I need you, for men are far more likely inclined to listen to the words of a fellowman than my words, because they do not want to believe, that I myself want and can speak to them. And according to their will I therefore choose the right means, which can be effective, however, do not force man. And so you worry about the salvation of a man's soul, then just recommend him to my love and favour, and trust me, that I help, so far this is possible under the respect of free will. The resistance is, however, still often so great, that my omnipotence steps back, but that my love steps out particularly and seeks to influence man so, that the resistance becomes less and less. I must so apply different means of bringing up, and I will also always use you there, where your help is appropriate. But you can carefree trust me. As soon as you, interceding, remember those, who still stand far away, who still have not recognized me properly, you also turn power to them, and their resistance becomes less through your loving intercession. You can achieve much, and where you do not succeed obviously, where you see no success of your vineyard work, there give up and call me myself, that I take over the work, which you believe not being able to overcome. No intercession is in vain. And there is always a way, where love intervenes. And so a love call sounds, the door opens by itself. And then I can enter and bring light to that man, who still stays in darkness - may it be on earth or in the spiritual kingdom. I find once the entrance to the heart, and every soul gives up the resistance once.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6341.


Book 68 6342

Trouble is to stimulate to love work.

31. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6342

Everything helps you to perfection, what stimulates to love work. Of necessity there must be difficult life situation, which cause fellowman to helpingly intervene - there must be trouble and misery, sorrow and suffering, so that serving neighbourly love can be practised. The one must need the other, so that man can, through serving neighbourly love develop upwards. Serving in love is basic law, which must be fulfilled, if man wants to perfect himself. Man must first be brought up to love on earth, because his actual nature, as result of the former defection from God, is without love - but the divine father love has sunk a love spark into every man, which is to now be lighted in free will and kindled to a great love fire. But the will of man must first be stimulated, what therefore happens through trouble of the neighbour, which is to arouse his pity and cause work in love. No compulsion exists whatsoever; man himself must feel touched by the trouble of fellowman, and he must want to help in complete free will, whereby the inner love fire is strengthened and always seeks new food. So that now the trouble of fellowman touches his own heart, he is often put into same situations, to experience at himself the trouble, and as soon as he is helped, the counter love for the helper also already awakens in him. Where love is, no trouble can prevail. But lack of love causes trouble. On earth love will indeed never be practised in the measure, that trouble could be completely removed, because the basic nature of men is exactly poor in love, when not completely loveless and the earth course as man only serves one purpose, to bring up men to love, because only love can transform the nature again to its original nature - to the image of God. Nevertheless men could also create for themselves an easier earth life through love work - through constant serving in love - because then also much power would be at their disposal to now master everything. But every trouble serves you to perfection, so long it stimulates to love activity. Wanting to help already proves the divine love principle, then man has stepped out of the spell of him, who, being destitute of all love, just wants your ruin. All you men will bless that trouble, which caused you love work, which gave cause for the lightening of the love spark in you, and you will in future regret every missed opportunity, which could mean progress for you. Only serving love helps you upwards, and rarely only you would practise such, when you would not see trouble around you and felt addressed as a result. But you are not compulsorily influenced, only through own trouble and help is the benefit of a timely help proved to you. And also out of it you will see, that trouble and suffering are also means of favour, that they must be, so that man may practise himself in serving neighbourly love, for the love spark in you needs food, so that it can flare up to highest heat. And only a bright flame of light connects itself with the original light from eternity - what is purpose and aim of your earth life, that you join eternal love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6342.


Book 68 6343

Dead Christianity.

31. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6343.

You will be put before a hard test, you who call yourselves Christians and have yet supplied no proof of genuine Christianity - you, you who believe being appointed to the sole reversion of my kingdom - you, you who believe, that words and external appearances are alone enough to be received by me into my kingdom. You will still have to prove yourselves, and it will then go down with you hard, to remain loyal to that, what you have supported with all eagerness up to now. For once you will have to confess your faith in me - not as up to now only for a building of faith, which will then collapse like a house of cards. And particularly for you it will become much more difficult to confess your faith in me and my name, for you know me too little; you only know unimportant things, and you keep unimportant commands, but you know too little of that, what I myself have taught on earth, and you pay too little attention to my commands. You live too little in love, and because of that you also lack that knowledge, which would give you joyful courage of your convictions, when are put before the decision. You cannot be spared this decision, because you have always taken that too easy, what is your earth life task: to work on your soul - because you content yourselves with formal customs, which cannot bring in your soul the smallest degree of maturity. Your striving for me truly leaves a great deal to be desired, and short hours are enough for you, where you believe to "serve" me. You will have won no inner strength, which enables you to the open confession of me and my name, and it will transpire, that your faith is no alive one, but is just a formal one, a trained faith, which does not prove itself, so it is tested. And with such a faith you cannot be happy. It cannot be enough for me, for I demand love from you, and love gives birth to a living faith. But so long you do not prove yourselves through a love life, your faith can also not be right. And for that reason you will reveal this dead faith, when the confession of my name is demanded from you; for that reason you will fail, because you lack love, because the love commands just seemed unimportant to you, whereas you fulfilled extremely eagerly, what men demanded from you. Empty and ignorant will your hearts be, and you do not prove yourselves as real Christians, for you will not remain loyal to him, who has died for you on the cross - because you have not yet really recognized him. A dead Christianity will not impart that power, which is necessary to confess my name before the world. And then it will be proven, who belongs to my church, which I myself have founded on earth. And only faith alive through love will withstand and make the right decision.
Amen B.D. NR. 6343.


Book 68 6344

Inadequate consciousness of self in the creations.

1. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6344.

Nothing is without having a soul, whatever you men see around you. Everything visible to you holds spiritual in it, which once has gone out from me as entity, but has, dissolved in innumerable little particles, also lost consciousness of self and so long goes through the visible creation without this consciousness of self, until all little particles have found and united themselves again, which in the joining together result again in that created original spirit, which now, embodied as man also again receives back the consciousness of self. Consequently man is therefore an original spirit holding himself in a material cover, whereas all other works of creation beginning with hard matter up to the animal are also enlivened with the little particles belonging to an original spirit, which, however, is not able to recognize itself as entity like, because it had lost this cognition through its former defection from me. But the whole creation could not be, when it would not be enlivened by entities - or also: What I originally created, were beings, which, like me, were put outside of me. But the material creation consists of that entity created by me, which came into being only for that purpose, to make the return to me possible for the spiritual bound in it, from whom it has voluntarily separated. Everything created by me is radiated out power. It is nothing lifeless, because nothing dead can emerge out of me. But everything testifying to life is some entity; it can only express itself in different power effect - but it will always prove itself as power; it will carry out an activity, which can certainly remain hidden to the human eye, when it is small, but is not to be denied, because nothing remains so, as it is, but always lets a change recognize. The more obvious an activity can be followed, the more life the work of creation shows, and only the lacking consciousness of self gives cause to doubts at the entity nature of that, what surrounds you men. But it only then becomes again an independent being, when it has again gained the consciousness of self, although that - to men as also every work of creation - enlivening is the same substantially: power once gone out from me as being. What shows life, already holds this power in greater measure in itself as the seeming dead matter - and nevertheless it could not exist, when it itself would not be spiritual, since in the end everything out of me is flowed out power, which like me must also be like an entity. But there is a difference in the perfection of the entity like, which took its start from me. And this difference also determines the respective activity - which can exist in the creating and enlivening of worlds, but also in a quite minimal service of the imperfect to the likewise imperfect - a service, which, however, will constantly increase itself and leads more and more to an activity, which is also visible to you men - which proves life. For everything is to reach again perfection, in which it was created very initially, to now as individual being conscious of self being able to use the power flowing towards it persistently according to my will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6344.


Book 68 6345

"My kingdom is not of this world."

2. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6345.

And although it draws you to the world - it is not that kingdom, which can truly make you happy; it only offers you a pretence happiness; it gives you pretence goods, which do not last. Before you lies eternity; before you lies an endless long time of unimaginable happiness, when you do not have chained yourselves to the world, when you can break away from it so long you live on earth. I just demand from you, to give up that, what is actually already worthless, to exchange real values for youselves; I take nothing from you, but give you incomparable much. And that you nevertheless hesitate, has its reasons in you wrong valuation of the earthly, of the world and its goods. You value it only for that reason, because your body enjoys it. But what is your body? Only a likewise transient cover of your actual self. You always only work for this your cover, but your self alone remains, and you are to care for this self. You are to love your soul, but not your body. What you now deny the body in favour of your soul, that will not be of disadvantage for you, for the more you break away from the world, the easier and more free from care is your ascent upwards, into that kingdom, which alone last, which receives your self after the death of the body. My kingdom is not of this world. Always hold these words up in front of yourselves - if you now once want to inhabit my kingdom, since you know after all, that your stay on this earth does not last. Do not deaden yourselves with such thoughts, that it is over with your death. See the danger openly into the eye, and concern yourselves once with the thought, that you have not passed, that you continue your life, and then seriously ask yourselves, whether you wish a happy or an extreme sad, agonizing lot for yourselves - and then live on earth so, that you are fulfilled. No-one can escape death, and no-one can escape the lot, which he himself has created through his earth life, but each one can prepare a happy lot for himself, when he resists the world, when he kills all desires for it, when he thinks to just be on a transit station, which aim is then a kingdom of peace and of unlimited happiness. Still wait a small while for the fulfilment of your longing; do not seek it on earth, but know, that you are allowed to receive all splendours in the spiritual kingdom, when your soul has liberated itself on earth of the fetters of matter. You must go through earth life, but you are not allowed to let the world capture you, which my opponent will again and again put temptingly before the eyes, to prevent it, that you are to reach the right aim. The earthly world is and remains the kingdom of my opponent. If you set your heart on earthly things, then you also become again a slave of my opponent, from which you had already separated yourselves. But my kingdom is not of this world. And if you want to take possession of me and my kingdom, so you must consciously leave the earthly world behind you, and your thoughts and senses must only be directed towards me, I who can and want to give you true happiness, which lasts for ever. Break away from the world, then you also break away from my opponent, and then eternal happiness expects you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6345.


Book 68 6346

Observance of world events.

3. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6346.

Through world events you men are far more impressed, than it is good for you, for all your thinking, your hopes and wishes are directed there and you find no time for contemplative hours, where you take yourselves to task, where you pay attention to your own development. Everything would solve itself to the satisfaction for the individual man, when he would like to move his own fashioning into the foreground and would convinced believe, that also the world events are directed by me myself - but always according to the will of men and their spiritual nature. What you men see as the most important, is always only the result of your spiritual indifference - it is the effect of the spiritual low of men. For it determines both the human will to loveless action against mankind, but as also obvious disaster and is therefore also the result of worrying world events, through which mankind is to be roused and caused to strive upwards. If men would be concerned about their spiritual well-being just a little more, then also earthly everything would order itself again - men would not be worried about the action of individuals, because they would then present everything to me and leave a change to me. And this would truly not bring about harm to them; also earthly they would again be directed into more quiet shipping channels and nevertheless reach the aim. And so you men can still expect much disaster, which is in store for earth, partly caused through human will, partly given to you by me myself, to change the direction of your thoughts, to forcibly remind you of your end, when you see the life of many men around you endangered or extinguished - when you must experience, how powerless you yourselves are, when you do not turn to the one, who alone is powerful - but whom you forget or do not want to acknowledge, otherwise you would make the fulfilling of his will your business and would then also enjoy his protection in every trouble and danger, even so these threaten you on the part of men. If you live with me, then you pay little attention to world events, because you recommend you yourselves and your condition to me, because you entrust yourselves to me, that I help you. But if you eliminate me from your thoughts, then you only pay attention to that, what my opponent causes - then my opponent himself ties you up through the event, which is his work, and you get with into the whirlpool, which pulls you in. Whatever happens in the world, my will and my power can banish it, and my will and my power can also turn away from you the effect of all bad, you who subordinate yourselves to me, you who take your refuge to me, you who recommend yourselves to me and see in me your father. You truly do not need to fear the world, when you direct your looks up to me, when you pay little attention to the earthly kingdom, but eagerly strive for the spiritual kingdom. Nothing needs to frighten you, and although hell rages around you, I lead you through all dangers, as soon as you are in contact with me through your will, your love and your striving - as soon as your looks are directed spiritually. A danger will threaten you not at all, for nothing can happen to you, than what serves you to perfection. If you strive for your spiritual perfection, than you also no longer fear worldly events or are worried by events, for you feel safe and well in my protection.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6346.


Book 68 6347

Serious words of admonition.

5. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6347.

Your days are numbered, since you still stay on earth. These words do not frighten you men, for you do not believe in them. Nevertheless you are to hear them again and again, so that you cannot say having remained without warning. From many sides such warnings will touch you, why your thoughts could again and again occupy themselves with it - but you are not determined to the change of your thinking and your nature. What you do, is up to you, but you have to accept responsibility for your acting, exactly for that reason, because you have not remained without warning. Your father in heaven does not let you run without warning into ruin, otherwise his love for you would be limited. But you want to acknowledge no loving God, and that is your ruin; you find no connection of creator to his creatures; you deny a God, who is love in himself, otherwise it would be completely comprehensible to you, that this God sends admonitions and warnings to you, exactly because you are his creatures, which he has not created arbitrarily and lets again pass arbitrarily, but which purpose is only and alone the return to him. That you men do not want to believe, is the greatest evil, for you are then unreceptive to all reproaches; you do not listen to the voice of him, whom you do not want to acknowledge. And faith cannot be imparted to you by force; it can only awaken to life in you through love work. For that reason it must always only be shouted to you men: Lead a love life. Also without faith you are able to do this, but you soon win the faith in a God and father from eternity, who rules the world and also holds your fate in his hands. Every man can practise love, because ample opportunity is offered to him to do it. But the willingness to love is man's most own impulse, which is determined by nothing. Not much time remains for all of you for work in love. But this short time, which is still granted to you, you should eagerly use, and you will not regret it. You should give love to all your fellowmen, and very soon it would no longer seem to be improbable to you, that you stand before the end. For through your love your faith becomes alive - and through love your thinking is cleared and directed right. For that reason, when you think not being able to believe, so do the work at your soul after all, that you always make the effort to do good to fellowman, to please him and make him happy, to selflessly give him help, when he is in trouble. Do everything at your fellowmen, for which you yourselves would be grateful, so you would be in the same trouble. And that will always be more plausible to you, what is now announced to you as truth: that you stand shortly before the end. God just wants to help you to soul maturity, and he wants to protect you from a terrible lot, but which is allotted to you, when ignore all admonitions and warnings from his side, when you do not believe. Everything is possible for him, but not, to give you happiness against your will, so long you stay in darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6347.


Book 68 6348

Spiritual care.

6. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6348.

Spiritual care you need at any time, for no-one of you is so strong, that he can resist my opponent without help on my part, but which is always granted to you, when I recognize your will turned to me. You are always surrounded by light beings, no matter whether you still stand already high or still deep in your development. They always want to help you, but they can do it only then, when you yourselves do not resist - when you have the will, to become mine, when you, inwardly, behave negatively towards the temptations of my opponent. But despite your will you would be too weak, but your will is enough to now determine the light beings, your spiritual attendants, to work on you. Then they form a protecting wall around you, behind which you are well safe and secure from troubles of the enemy of your soul. But the same help is not possible with those, who are still of a will turned away from me. These open all doors to my opponent, and my light beings are not allowed to intervene, for the will of man is free. And if the light beings would not have this limitation of their work - they truly would push away the opponent, but it would be of little use for you yourselves, for your will could not be tested and promote your maturity. You, you who want to be mine, you stand in my protection and consequently also in the protection of those, who want to serve me. The law of order must indeed always be obeyed, and for that reason you yourselves must first acquire this protection through your will. If it belongs to me, then you need to fear nothing any more despite your weakness and constraint. Exactly in moments of temptation you are imperceptibly freed from the dark powers; you will believe, having overcome them yourselves, what is also in accordance with truth since your will achieved it - but exactly with the help of those, who care for you, direct and lead on my behalf. For their love will is powerful and always only intent on to help you, to rescue from the power of my opponent, about whose work they have most exact knowledge and seek to thwart it, when you yourselves allow them this through the direction of your will. And this assurance is to take every fear of my opponent from you. He can only then harm you, when he succeeds to push me away from your heart - and that should for that reason be your greatest worry, to never give up the relationship with me or to loosen it. Then he has power over you, for then my light beings stand next to you powerlessly - because they are not allowed to intervene against your will according to law from eternity. But protection and help is granted to the striving earth children at any time, because my power and love is truly greater and for that reason will allow no wrong at those, whose will has already decided for me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6348.


Book 68 6349

Divine source of favour for the walker.

7. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6349.

At my source of favour you are not allowed to go past, when you want to cover the way upwards, because otherwise you lack power, to overcome the efforts of the ascent. The way is not smooth, which leads to the aim, and every ascent requires power, but which you as man do not possess, when I do not supply it to you, when you do not receive it from my hands. But I open for you men everywhere the source of power, and I also see to it, that you find the spring, out of which the water of life flows towards you, where you can refresh and fill yourselves, at which you receive that power, which you need for the ascent. Everywhere I supply my word to you, which is blessed with my power. And everyone will hear it, who demands a strengthening; everyone is led there, where it is offered so to him, that it means food and drink for his soul. Everyone, who has hunger and thirst for the bread of heaven, for the water of life, to him it will be offered amply, even so in different ways, but no-one needs to go the way upwards in a powerless state, so that the reaching of the aim is doubtful to him. He certainly comes past the source on his way again and again, where he can enrich himself with power, where he is strengthened and always receives that food, which he needs for his further earth walk. But he is not allowed to consciously get out of the way of the spring of life. He is not allowed to believe, being able to get hold of the same food elsewhere, when he goes past that source, which I have opened for you men - when he rejects my word and therefore also spurns that power, which alone enables him to walk upwards. Only my word imparts to you men power, and for that reason you must listen to it and give full expression to it. And so my word from above is sent to you directly, then you know, that I myself offer you the bread of heaven, because I know about your powerless state and want to help you, to cover the way to me. I know it, that you always more rarely camp around the source, from which you can draw the living water. I know it, that you go other ways. And for that reason I have also opened a source for you, you who go way away, to also entice you, that you refresh yourselves on your pilgrimage. My word is also brought to you, you who pay no attention to it any longer. It is offered to you so, that you are still tempted to take a sample of it, and you can also noticeably feel the power, when you accept it without resistance and devote yourselves to its beneficial effect. And I would just like to shout to you: Do not go past this source. Do not continue your way without having drawn power before from my word, which is offered to you pure and clean, as it has flowed out of the eternal original source. You will powerlessly sink down by the wayside, when you do not pay attention to my call, or you will walk to the depth and never reach your aim. You must be fed and watered, if you want to be able for the work, which you are to do on your soul. You must receive power, which my love offers you in extreme measure through my word. Hear it, and receive the gift gratefully, which I serve you, so that you do not fail in weakness and remain lying on the ground. Your aim is up, but the ascent will always lead you past the source of my love. Then draw and enjoy the most delicious, what I can offer you: the radiation of my love, my word, the food for your soul. And effortlessly you will then reach your aim.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6349.


Book 68 6350

Fulfilment of the divine will. Right knowledge.

9. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6350.

A way of life according to the will of God also certainly leads man to the cognition of truth, for then he is in the divine order and consequently also in light. God's will is a life in love, and so his will is fulfilled, so man busies himself loving, every resistance against God is given up and the right relationship to God established, which changes that inadequate state into a state of perfection - which secures man light and power in excess. For that reason God has announced his will through his word; for that reason he has given men his commands, so that they know, how they must live on earth, that it may be pleasing to God. And for that reason man must also continuously hear his word, so that he does not deviate from the divine will and can constantly bring himself up to order, when he still moves outside of the divine order. For man himself must comply with the will of God out of free drive. It is certainly announced to him, but no force is exerted on man, according to which he must move in the divine order. But through truthful instruction he can be caused to do it, and the more he now fulfils the commands of God, the more clairvoyant he will also be for true spiritual material. And then he constantly increases by light and power, because his love work also increases and the connection with God always gets firmer - and the joining together with God also results in the flowing through of light and power. That man, who lacks all knowledge, he also still stands in a low degree of maturity, therefore he will hardly perform works of love in complete unselfishness. He will go his earth way completely away from God and hardly pay attention to his will. And he is also completely ignorant on spiritual areas, even so earthly he has great knowledge at his disposal - and of blind spirit he will depart from earth, to have to stay in the opposite kingdom in darkness, often through endless long times. For he stands outside of the divine order, so long he still resists the divine will, what he already does in that way, that he accepts no instructions at all, which are given to him as a present, to free him from his spiritual darkness. He will always reject them, because love work is demanded of him, and since he is completely ignorant, he also does not bend under the will of God; he remains in his selflove and for that reason hardly reaches the light, the cognition of truth. But he can also not be happy without truth, for he himself can hand out nothing, therefore not be active in love, because he possesses nothing himself. Only when the soul gives up the resistance and trustingly requests what it lacks, to be able to again make other souls happy with it, it will also receive - in accordance with its will, to pass on the received to those, who also suffer lack. The will of God must be fulfilled, both on earth as also in the opposite kingdom, to reach the light, cognition. And the divine will is: unselfish love work, for only then the eternal order is obeyed, only then perfection is again reached, which the being has once given up in free will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6350.


Book 68 6351

Power of intercession for the unredeemed.

10. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6351.

You do not know the power of intercession, which is done in love. You would contribute an infinite great deal, that the kingdom of light can be opened to the souls in the hereafter, but as you can also help men on earth to the change of will through intercession, because it is equal to a supply of power, which must always have a good effect. You all are enabled, to give support to men on a lower degree of maturity, when you just sincerely include them in your prayer, when your love would like to help them and you now turn to me in prayer, that is meant for their rescue. Just some more love would be needed among you men, which is directed at your fellowmen, and truly a higher degree of maturity would be scored among men. But mostly those men, who already stand more in the light, turn away from those, who through their conduct prove their belonging to the opponent, because they certainly detest evil, but do not consider, that they should help fellowman, to get away from evil. Deep love also seizes the unhappy, and this love you should kindle in you; you should know, that the power of my opponent is still very great and he is the lord and master of these men. You should know, that their power is not enough and that they have therefore become a slave to him, because their will is directed wrongly. But you should also consider, that all men are my creatures about whose return I always make an effort, and that I am pleased about every individual being, which finds the way back to me. For that reason you also do to me myself a great help, when you look after them in prayer - when you see in these men, still standing far from me, your brothers, who still languish in greatest darkness. You must try, to imagine their souls as extremely pitiable, helpless creatures, which are grateful for every help, for every supply of power, but in their darkness do not know, that they themselves could get hold of this power, through the call to the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. This knowledge cannot be imparted to them by force, and they also reject it, when you want to bring it to them - but they will feel the supply of power, which they receive as effect of your loving intercession. A prayer, which you direct to me for others, I assess as if it has risen up to me by these themselves. For now I can work in the course of my eternal order. I can now give to the soul something, although it has not requested it itself, although free will still remains left to the soul, to now use the power flowing to it right. But a loving intercession also brings about the change of will of him, for whom it is meant, for it is a spiritual request, which reaches my ear, which will always find fulfilment. For that reason I entrust you very particular urgently with all your loved ones, may it be on earth or also in the hereafter, that you bring help to them in spiritual trouble. Remember all those, of whom you know, that they have not yet found the right way to me; look after all of them in prayer, who are still in the hands of my opponent. Wring these out of him through loving intercession, for your love now gives me the right to a power supply, to which I am otherwise not entitled to for that reason, because I do not dispute my opponent his right, to whom those souls have given themselves for himself through their will. But my power supply will always contribute to that end to change the will, and your loving intercession gives those souls this power. Loving intercession could truly bring about a great change on earth, but you men remember too little those, who are in spiritual trouble, for whom there is only the loving help from you men, that they may be helped, so long they themselves do not call the helper and rescuer - what however my opponent prevents and also can prevent, because men are enslaved to him. But through a prayer in love for these souls you call me myself to help, and for the sake of your love I am also prepared to help. For that reason use all the power of intercession, and be certain, that you show both the souls as also me myself an extreme great love, which I will reward. For I do not want to condemn, but to redeem, and so also you are to remember in love the unhappy souls, not in hate or contempt, for all are just victims of him, who is my opponent.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6351.


Book 68 6352

God's mercy.

11. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6352.

The goodness and mercy of God you all experience, for his love is infinite and is meant for all his creatures, which are in trouble, but which still resist him and for that reason would actually have no right to his love - why the mercy of God remembers their trouble. He cannot be angry, but only love, forgive and want to help. No sin is so great, that his love would not like to forgive it, and only his justice must also keep to a certain order, why God cannot make his creatures happy, so long they openly resist him. But the does everything, to break their resistance, to then being able to give himself away in fulness. God therefore does not condemn, and no matter how full the measure of sin is, but full of mercy he looks down on to the sinner and pours favours over favours over him, so that he may mend his ways and turn to him voluntarily, to now also find full forgiveness with him. For God is love himself, and love cannot be angry, but it always seeks to only make happy. God is a merciful judge to every soul, i.e., as far as he is concerned forgiveness will always be to be expected - because his love is infinite. Only when the soul itself fights, it challenges the justice of God - because this is law of eternal order, that the resistance makes the love of God ineffective and also every work of mercy is in vain. And so God's greatest care is always only meant for the change of will of man, which then allows it, that his mercy can intervene, when a soul is fallen and can no longer rise alone. Then it experiences the help, which it indeed does not deserve, but which it also does not reject. Then it can be happy out of favours - for the merciful love leans towards the unhappy. But only he knows mercy, who knows about the boundless misery of it, which languishes in the depth. And therefore also that man can feel mercy, who knows a bout the lot of the fallen, even so he cannot gauge it feeling wise. But the knowledge about the unhappiness of the fallen can also awaken deep mercy in him, and so he now supports these souls far from God in merciful love - so he now calls on God for help for those unhappy souls, then his merciful call for help can break the resistance in those souls, because they feel the love of the one asking and become yielding. For the merciful love is very highly assessed on the part of God, since it is a sign after all of increased soul maturity, a sign of genuine love of man, which can never remain without effect. God takes pity on every soul, and truly everything would already be redeemed out of the depth, when his merciful love would be accepted without resistance. But it remains ineffective, as soon as it finds resistance. Therefore every state of trouble, every unhappiness, is not imposed by God over the being, but has been striven for out of free will, against which also the mercy of God can undertake nothing different, than to always just influence in love the will of the being, that it changes and may make the way free for merciful love, that the being lets itself be seized by merciful love and pulled up. Every work of redemption is a work of mercy, because it is trouble brought about by its own guilt, from which the being is to be redeemed - where justice would have to impose punishment, when mercy did not express itself before and made a last attempt to break the resistance. But with resistance also mercy accomplishes nothing, and justice now gives to the being in accordance to the resistance. God's love never stops, and this love seeks to rescue everything unhappy, and its mercy will again and again bend down to earth and gather, who let themselves be seized by it, and no being will be able to resist his extreme great love in the long run, for its power is great, and also the hardest heart will once melt under this love power, and it will surrender to it in free will and be happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6352.


Book 68 6353

Lack of light and power.

12. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6353.

The time of favour is still there - where I again and again block the way for you all, where I give you, although you request nothing - where I despite your resistance again and again offer that, what you lack: power and light. That you go wrong ways, is the result of darkness, which surrounds you. And so you nevertheless find the right way, the ascent frightens you, which exceeds your power. You lack light and power, and I again and again offer both to you, I therefore give you means of help, through which you can reach light and power; I give you presents of favour, although you yourselves do not entrust yourselves to me and ask for my help. A time of favour is still there, but it quickly passes. And then it will be shown, who has accepted and utilized my favours and who left them unnoticed and is now without light and power, when it is essential to pass the last test of will on earth - when the decision is demanded from all of you, which determines your lot in eternity. All are to open your hands before, that I fill them with the gifts of favour of my love - you all are to consider, that you lack light and power, which help you spiritually up and which you cannot receive enough, because exactly in the last time before the end the ascent is particularly difficult to overcome. All you should therefore demand the turning of light and power. And I will give them to you in the form of my word, from which you can draw light and power in excess. When I myself address you, then also my love light and the power out of me flows into you, and for that reason I supply, as my particular gift of favour, to you my word. Incomparable effect can this my word have on you, when you just open your heart, so you are addressed, when you try, to grasp the meaning, when you listen consciously to it without resistance, when you think about it, when you make an effort, to live according to my word. For then you yourselves will experience it, that you are enlightened from the inside; much will be comprehensible to you, what up to now seemed incomprehensible to you; you will look at everything with other eyes, what happen around you and in the world; you will clearly recognize the connection of all that, what moves you and what you were not able to explain to yourselves. You will also be able to detect a supply of power, for with ease you will carry out, what before did not seem to you to be possible to be overcome. You all can convince yourselves about it, which effect my word has on you, when you just obey, what my word tells you to do: when you make an effort, to lead a love life. Nothing else I want to achieve through the supply of my word, than that you practise love. Only then you will perceive the extreme great favour, which was offered to you with the transmission of my word. For through love work you will receive love and power in excess, but which can impossibly be sent to you, when you pay no attention to my love commands, because love has power in itself - and can for that reason not be eliminated, when light and power are needed. By yourselves you are not often active in love, and for that reason you lack light and power. But through my word you hear about your earth task; my word teaches you love, which alone secures the ascent for you upwards. And although you all are informed about my word, you do not obey it. But again and again I step in front of you and offer you my gift of favour. I send you messengers in the way again and again, who despite your resistance seek to impart light and power to you, by them offering to you the word from above as unusual gift of favour of the heavenly father before the end. But voluntarily you must open yourselves to this word, voluntarily you must give full expression to it, to also experience the effect full of favour of my word with you. Extremely richly I give you men my favour in the last time, but I will never force you, to accept it, for you yourselves must make the decision for your lot after the end of this earth. You yourselves must voluntarily use the favours, but to then also be irrevocably happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6353.


Book 68 6354

God wants, that we live.

13. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6354.

I have created you for happiness, for life - but not for death, for an undignified existence, which is not according to my love and wisdom, which can never be called a perfect state and is still your lot, you who are fallen. In all perfection you have emerged out of me. But what you are now, is not at all perfect any more, it must rather be described as conflicting, for you have completely adopted another form; out of your own fault you have become creatures, which have no right to that end, to call themselves "creatures of God", because that, what I have once created, was highly perfect and that, what now still exists, has completely deviated from this perfection. And it nevertheless still belongs to me, for it is my power, which expresses itself in my creatures. And this power belongs to me until all eternity. But in that state, in which you are now, you are endlessly far removed from me, and this means, that you as a result have also lost "life", because life means, to use the power in love and wisdom, but you possess neither power to work nor would utilize such in wisdom and love. You are dead creatures, although I myself was your start. But I want, that you live, that you are again close to me, so that I can supply you with light and power - which you are to use in my will. For this is your purpose, which you will also fulfil in future and can then also be called indescribably happy. I have created you to life, and if I want, that you return to life again, then I myself must look after you, for by yourselves you never achieve it, because you are powerless and without power also never able to bring yourselves into those spheres, where incessant life is. I myself must supply to you the power - but you must accept my power; you must let yourselves be radiated through like once, when you were still close to me and were happy. You must again turn to me, as you once voluntarily turned away from me. You must acknowledge me as your God and creator from eternity, as you once left me, because you refused to acknowledge me as source of power, as father, who called you into life. You must completely change. You must become again, what you were from the very beginning, if you want to be full of light and power and happy for ever - if you want to live and work according to your purpose. And your free will must achieve this change, as once this free will gave everything away, what marked you to a divine, perfect being. I myself want to give life back to you, for my love does not want to leave you in that dead state, which can never ever mean happiness or fulfilment. But you must also be prepared to accept life - you must devote yourselves to me completely without resistance , that I can form you again to my image - what, however, is impossible, so long you resist me. Give up your resistance, and I give you eternal life in all splendour. Flee from death, by you calling him, who himself is life from eternity. Do not let yourselves be detained in the depth, in the night of death, but call for him, who can break your fetters and gives you freedom. Acknowledge him, against whom you have once sinned through your defection, through the repulsion of his love, which means life for you. He will again and again turn his love power to you, so you just desire it and hand yourselves over to him. I want to awaken you to new life, and never ever you will then feel powerless. And soon you will then also recognize, from where you have come, what you were, what you are and what you are to become again. And you will fully consciously strive for the future perfection; you will desire to live and also receive life; you will be able to create and work in light and power and want to awaken to life again, what is dead and unhappy - you give your whole love to me and now be and remain my children for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6354.


Book 68 6355

Purpose of trouble: Union with God.

14. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6355.

No matter in which trouble you men are - I am always prepared to help, so you beg me for it. I do not close my ear to a call, which is sent up to me out of a believing heart, and I also look after all those, who recommend themselves to me. But every trouble also has its purpose - to drive men towards me, who still keep themselves far from me, who have not yet found a close union with me, who forgot about me in the hustle and bustle of the world, although they do not reject me completely. I also throw out my nets after them, and then trouble must achieve it, that they push towards me. And I will not let them go down; I will help them. All worries men can shirk upon me; with all worries and troubles they can come to me; trustingly present everything to me and ask me, to settle everything for them - and wonderfully they will be helped. But how few believe this and entrust themselves to me fully believing. And my arm cannot intervene there rescuing, where the trouble has not yet fulfilled its purpose, and I must watch, how heavily men carry their cross, and can always only offer myself as cross bearer - but not take off from them the burden against their will - otherwise it has been completely pointless and men remain in the same spiritual trouble, even so they have got rid of their earthly trouble. Believe my words after all, that I just wait for your call, that everything is possible for me and that I love you. And so you believe this, in every trouble of the body or the soul take refuge to me, who alone can and also wants to remove it, because I love you. Burry every doubt, for it just gets in the way, that my love can get effective with you. Believe - and you achieve everything from me - but then also keep up the connection with me, for this alone is the purpose of every trouble, that you find to me and want to remain with me, that you take the way to the father und never ever go away from him. Because for the sake of your spiritual trouble the earthly trouble comes over you, and the spiritual trouble consists of the distance from me, in dead faith, otherwise you would go to the one, who alone can and wants to help you. Let faith become alive in you, and do not doubt one moment my love and my power - and you will be led through every trouble; I myself will free you from it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6355.


Book 68 6356

Blessing of the work of redemption. Cross of Christ.

16. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6356.

You all will stand under the blessing of my work of redemption, so you consciously confess your faith in me and my redemption from sin and death. What I have acquired as gifts through my work of redemption, through my death on the cross, that your soul also receives through your faith in me and through your willingness, to take part in the work of redemption. For with it you acknowledge me, and you are already receivers of light and power; your will is strengthened, and your striving upwards must now also be successful, because you are no longer powerless at the mercy of my opponent. And then you will also understand everything, what is connected with me becoming man and with my earth course, which the death on the cross has ended. You will know, why Jesus Christ must be acknowledged by men and how significant it therefore is, that his love teaching finds spreading. And as soon as you yourselves have therefore won this cognition, you are also suitable, to support me and my name in the world; you are suitable as real announcers of my word and as helpers on earth as in the spiritual kingdom welcome co-workers for me. For innumerable souls still wait for their redemption, which have not found to me in Jesus Christ on earth, but as also innumerable men on earth cannot yet find this faith, exactly for that reason, because they were not instructed in the right way, because the love teaching of Jesus did not find reception with them and they therefore could also not reach truth themselves, for they lacked the inner light, which is kindled through a love life. All these are in greatest trouble, for who does not flee in free will under the cross of Christ, who does not completely give himself Jesus Christ for himself, he never ever finds the gate, which grants entrance into the light kingdom, and also the favours of the work of redemption are not at his disposal, which impart power to him for the fight against the enemy of souls. My ray of love and favour hits all, who have put themselves under my cross, but untouched remain, who are far from the cross. Without light and power remain all men on earth and all souls in the spiritual kingdom, who do not want to acknowledge the divine redeemer Jesus Christ, who do not take the way to him and to the cross. Every thought turned to him in humility and love testifies, that he is in the radiation circle of the divine redeemer, and the blessing of the divine redeemer will also fall on him. My blessing hand touches all, who want to have it - and who is blessed by me, he no longer falls back into the depth, because my hand keeps him, because he belongs to the redeemed, for whom I have shed my blood, whom I have bought free from my opponent through my work of favour and mercy, through my death on the cross. And you all will enter into life in light and power. Darkness must release you, as soon as in faith you call on Jesus Christ, who I myself embodied myself in the man Jesus, to redeem you. Also my opponent can no longer keep you back, for his power I have broken through my love work; I have redeemed you from his power. And so you yourselves therefore want it, you are also free.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6356.


Book 68 6357

Law of order is love.

17. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6357.

I address all my children, because I want to reveal myself to them, because I want to convince them of my love, wisdom and power. For that reason I speak as father to them, so that they feel the love of the father in my word and in their heart love is now kindled likewise, which is meant for me - and which now determines my children to fulfil my will. And this my will I announced to them through my word. I impart to them my divine love teaching. Only one thing is important in earth life, that man fashions himself to love. Nothing else I demand of my creatures than only a life in unselfish neighbourly love. This alone is my will, and the fulfilling of my love command means also, however, that man then possesses everything, achieves everything and is happy for ever. For everything emerges out of love; love is the law of my eternal order; who lives without love, steps out of my order and is therefore also unhappy, although you men on earth are seemingly in ordered circumstances, although you feel happy on earth and can provide everything for your body, what serves it to the feeling of wellbeing. You are nevertheless in a miserable way according to your soul, and once you will bitterly and agonizingly feel this misery, when earthly life has ended for you. Then the soul is deformed, powerless and in tormenting darkness, for it is a being having stepped out of order, which for that reason cannot be happy, until it has again adapted itself to my law of eternal order, until it has become love. It certainly still can also achieve that in the opposite kingdom, but under agonizing states, when it strives for it at all - and in endless long time - whereas on earth it can reach it extremely easily, because opportunity is offered to it always and constantly to practise love, and because every unselfish love work always brings in more power to it and increases its will to work in love. Then man enters again into my order, and eternal happiness is his lot. All that I reveal to you men through my word, because I love you, because you are my creatures and are to become my children through love, whom I can and will now truly make happy as father. For my love always belongs to you, even so you turn away from me, even so you have stepped out of my eternal order. And I pursue you, you who stand far from me, you who still have not received me in your heart, with my love, and I again and again address you. If you listen to me, so it will not be your disadvantage; if you unwillingly turn away from me, so you must further walk the way as up to now, but which will bring in no happy lot, so long you go along without love. Let yourselves be seized by my love; do not resist and do not fight, but open heart and ear for me, so that I myself can take up residence in you, and you will truly not regret it. You will feel my love as power, so you just subjugate your will to mine and keep my commands, which always only demand love - because without love no-one can be happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6357.


Book 68 6358

God's support in the vineyard work.

18. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6358.

You will never need to do without my help, when it is essential to support truth, to fight against the lie and error, when it is essential, to lead men to living faith, by you announcing to them my word - the love teaching of Christ on earth. Always when you want to work for me and my kingdom, you will also find my support - and everything, what you do, to bring spiritual help to the souls, will be blessed by me. Every work, which you consciously perform in my vineyard, will also somehow have a successful effect, why you are never allowed to believe, that the time was not correctly applied, because you see no success. You cannot gauge the blessing, which goes out from every spiritual work onto the souls in spiritual kingdom, and they again also do to men on earth, what is just possible, to lead them to me. For that reason do not become tired and put the spiritual work in front of all other activity, for you know, that I care for you earthly, when you are just prepared to only serve me spiritually, because this is urgent in the last time before the end, where the spiritual low of men so clearly emerges, that only eager soul work can remove it. You men still put the earthly demands into the foreground; but you are to always learn to recognize more the uselessness of earthly endeavours, because I must give you clear signs, to cause you to always more eager vineyard work. I need you, because they are only few, who want to be co-workers for me on earth and in the spiritual kingdom. I need you and for that reason will take over everything, what could prevent you to serve me. I want to support you in every way; spiritually and earthly you will experience my help and obviously in that way recognize, that you have a task on earth, which only few can do, but which I myself have set you, because you are able to do it. I want to bless you and all work, which you do for me and my kingdom. And I want to put into your heart, what you are to do; you will so get clear references, that it will push you from the inside out to this or that activity, for I myself live in and with you and can for that reason put my will in you, because you have consciously given up your will, i.e. subjugated to mine. And you will always do the right thing, so long you remain intimately connected to me in thoughts, through love work and prayer. Then my spirit drives you, which will always instruct you right, and will succeed well in every work.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6358.


Book 68 6359

The narrow and the broad way.

19. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6359.

The way, which you go on earth, can for you be splendid, comfortable and rich in pleasure but also laborious and difficult, and mostly you choose the easy, level way and enjoy everything, what this way offers you of joys and pleasures. You shrink back from the narrow way, which is laborious, and you do not ask for the aim of the way, which you have walked along. It is enough for you being able for the moment to enjoy the splendours, which the broad way promises you, but you do not think of, where it leads. But again and again narrow ways branch off from it, and always messengers stand at these turn-offs, who call and admonish you, to go those ways, which indeed are not level, but require an ascent, why you must apply power to overcome the ascent. But the messengers also promise you a magnificent aim; they assure it to you, that you do not take the hardships of the way in vain upon yourselves, that the aim will richly reward you for all hardship, for all renunciations, which this narrow way demanded from you. Again and again you have the opportunity, to exchange the broad way, for again and again you meet these messengers, who warn you to continue your way, and seek to entice you onto that way, which leads upwards. You must listen to them; you must seriously think things over, that you are in a danger, when you unwaveringly further pursue that way, which can never lead upwards, because is demands no efforts from you, when it seemingly goes along level, but always leads more and more downwards, to the depth. You must become alarming yourselves, when your earth life always brings you fulfilment of your desires, for you must admit to yourselves that they are always only worldly joys, which you desire and create for yourselves - joys, which pass like dream products, of which nothing valuable remains for you, rather leave in you more likely a feeling of emptiness and of uneasiness, when you seriously take yourselves to task. The street, which you walk, is certainly hemmed in by hedges rich in flowers, and you feel comfortable in such area, but it is nothing genuine; they are just simulations and covers, which are to hide from you what lies behind them, and you would get a fright, if you could see through and discover the mire, which these flowery hedges are just to cover. But the ways, which lead upwards, require the overcoming of unevenness, and it is not easy to cover such ways, but on top a marvellous aim is in prospect for the walker; he sees a light radiating above him, which incomparable agreeably pours over him and which lets him forget all hardship. And the walker knows, that this is not a blinding light; he knows it, that the true home expects him, which will then offer him all splendours. And he likes to cover the laborious way joyfully; he pays no attention to the exhausting things, for he constantly receives power from above, and for that reason he also securely reaches his aim. He returns into the father house, to be and to remain happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6359.


Book 68 6360

Social contributions.

20. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6360.

How often have you men to rely on, that you are helped, and how often is it possible for you, to reciprocate it, for no man can lean himself on himself alone; everyone needs the help of his fellowman, as also everyone comes into situations, to help his fellowman. But the endeavour of men goes there, to make himself completely independent from the neighbour and to also shirk all assistance from himself. They seek that, what should be voluntary assistance, to settle legally, and each one seeks again to draw out of this regulation the greatest most possible advantage for himself. That, what would be extremely high assessed for the soul of the individual as unselfish neighbourly love, is changed into an involuntary contribution, and there is not much use in it for the soul, so long every voluntary love activity is eliminated. According to human estimation all earthly trouble could be averted from men in this way, and this is certainly also the endeavour of those, who feel responsible for the serious difficulties of men, because they are not to be kept secret and burden those. And so long love lessness prevails among men, such endeavours are also a blessing insofar, as that men do not come to an end in misery. However, the spiritual low of men cannot be removed in this way, for to that end work in unselfish neighbourly love is necessary. Men must be touched by the trouble of fellowman, so that this love is kindled in them. Trouble must be among men, which is of such kind, that it stimulates a man willing to love to love activity. In every way fellowman can be helped through comforting encouragement, through loving sympathy, through active aid. But in human life it is very particularly about the overcoming of matter - about the change of selflove to unselfish neighbourly love. What is desirable for man himself, from it he is to break away, to turn it to fellowman, who is in trouble. For that reason also possession is distributed unevenly, to exactly stimulate this will to give, because man can at the same time practise himself in the overcoming of matter and because by this means he makes the greatest gift for himself, when he breaks away from material good, to alleviate the trouble of fellowman. Only, what voluntarily is given away, that will be amply repaid to man, for only the free will proves love, whereas all other contributions, which man must do, completely do without love, indeed can rather harden the heart of man, who for that reason forces back all will in himself to give, because he believes having done enough for the wellbeing of fellowmen. But no matter how very much men make an effort, to alleviate in this way economic trouble - trouble nevertheless approaches man in another form, on the one hand as blessing for himself, but on the other hand to again determine the heart of fellowman to help - to touch it, that the love spark ignites, that love does not completely cool among men. And often exactly those men are affected by trouble of nonmaterial kind, whose hearts are very hardened, that they must go another way, if help is to be theirs: The pleasure in earthly possession is taken from them - what they did not want themselves to give away for the alleviation of the trouble of others, that they themselves can now no longer enjoy. Matter now loses its value, and blessed that man, who now works with it in the right way - who now voluntarily gives it up, to let the suffering fellowman have it. Blessed, who still gains the love of fellowmen in the last time through good works, which alone follow him into eternity. Then his trouble was not unsuccessful for his soul.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6360.


Book 68 6361

God's help carried out through men.

21. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6361.

You are to always follow me, whatever may move you - you are led out of all bodily and earthly troubles, as soon as you just entrust yourselves to me, as soon as you let me share in everything, what you experience, in everything, what depresses you - but also in everything, what you enjoy. For everything comes from me. But with your fellowman you are to also bear his burdens together; also you are to help, where it is in your power; also you are to be the support for your neighbour, into which he can put his trust. And then you are to also refer him to me, but not, without having helped him yourselves, otherwise he does not believe your words. You live in a time, where you cannot get by without me, where every man needs help, but where also every man is to help again his neighbour, if he also wants to be certain of my help. For I measure out, as you mete out to your neighbour. This I must emphasize again and again, that there is no getting on for you without serving neighbourly love. But yourselves know it, what trouble means - you experience it at you yourselves as well, how help in trouble makes you happy. And so you call upon me for help, I often send it through fellowmen to you. You know therefore, that one man must help the other, because everything happens in the framework of the natural, but that I myself always stand behind it, that I myself then stimulate men, to helpingly intervene, although they now do it unaware of the instructions, which they receive from me inwardly. But man can also refuse to carry out my instructions, because I do not force his will. Then he lets an opportunity full of favours pass him, and I pass on my instructions. For that man does not remain without help, who entrusts himself to me in his trouble. For I care like a father for my children, and who entrusts himself to me, he is my child. But who believingly entrust himself to me, he is, however, also himself not of a hardened heart, when he is asked for help, and for that reason I can already give to him, because also he hands out to his neighbour, so he is in trouble. Everything approaches men so, that they always have the opportunity to love work, for it is alone about it, that love is practised, because love alone brings men redemption and spiritual progress. But it is always more difficult, to influence the will of men, that they busy themselves lovingly. For that reason the trouble will also constantly become greater, which alone can stimulate to that end, to let men help each other. But it always, however, remains up to the individual, how he lets the great trouble have an effect on him. But who flees to me, who remembers him, who is Lord over heaven and earth, who can turn everything to good - who asks him for his help, he will also be able to be certain, that I hear him, that I help him and allot to him, as he himself allots to his neighbour. And he will also be aware of it, that I do not leave him, because love is also in him, otherwise he could not believe in me and my help.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6361.


Book 68 6362

Answering of questions.

22. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6362.

Nothing remains held in reserve for you, what you desire to know, but the cause of your thirst for knowledge is determining, whether you are supplied with it by me. For as soon as your thoughts are only directed towards the increase of your knowledge for the purpose of earthly utilization or earthly successes, you cannot expect, that I comply with your desire and you are supplied by me truthfully. On the other hand, you can receive information about every question, so you want in this way penetrate into deep, spiritual knowledge, to broaden your knowledge and to utilize it as blessing for fellowmen. Moreover, it is also decisive, whether the knowledge, that you desire, is necessary or beneficial for the maturing of the soul. For spiritual knowledge, which is imparted to you through my spirit, has always only that as content, what is of value for you men for your ascent development. Of necessity you must then also know about the connection, about everything, what is based on my eternal plan of salvation; you must be enlightened about the cause and the aim of my rule and work and not least about your own meaning, about your start and your purpose to now also be able to understand everything, what takes place in the whole creation, and to also be able to fulfil your earth task. Everything, what is therefore necessary for it, is imparted to you, you who desire truth, you who have fashioned yourselves to receiving vessels of my spirit, through my spirit, because it is my constant endeavour, to introduce you to truth and to also supply through you this truth to fellowmen. And so you men therefore properly use this knowledge imparted to you through the spirit, that you live according to my will, the knowledge will also bring about salvation to your soul; in its development it will ascend and be able to reach that degree, which makes it light receptive and now guarantees it the entrance into the light kingdom. This alone is the purpose of the transmission of my word, that you men are helped, to reach out of the depth upwards. But if a knowledge is desired, which has no influence on the development and the maturing of the soul, or a knowledge is desired by a man, who himself does not have the maturity, to be able to be instructed through my spirit, then I will also not fulfil his desire for him, because I know it, whether and what is of use for you or harms you. Man is to completely subjugate his will to mine; he is to ask, that I give him according to my will - and now wait for that, what is sent to him. But if he nevertheless persists in his desire, so he gives to another the possibility, to express his will - he opens himself willingly to the influences of the opposite side and is therefore now given according to his desire - but not with pure truth, but with error and the lie, which is to bring about the advantage of the opponent, but never means also only the smallest success for the soul. You are to and certainly can ask me about everything, and the answer on the part of me will always so turn out, that it fills gaps, when I see these and want to make up for a shortcoming with you. But so I refuse you an answer, then do not persist in it, but fall into line - but do not give my opponent the right, to instruct you through your desire, who exploits this for his purposes. And seriously ask yourselves, what has moved you to a question, which is not immediately answered for you by me. And then be attentive and hand yourselves over to me and my protection. Do not step out with your will, but may your prayer always be: "Father, thy will be done." And you will be protected from error and the lie.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6362.


Book 68 6363

Connection with Jesus Christ in every trouble.

23. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6363.

You men must intimately connect yourselves with Jesus Christ, if you want to make yourselves free of all mistakes and weaknesses, of vices and desires, of bad habits of all kind - if you want to become perfect. He alone can help you with it, and he does it, as soon as you ask him for it and with it testify that you believe in him as divine redeemer. As soon as you therefore have to fight, as soon as you are inwardly unsatisfied with yourselves, just turn to him, for he has understanding for every human weakness, because he himself as man Jesus has gone over earth. But he also has the means to help you. He strengthens your will and with it gives you necessary power out of his treasure of favour, which he has acquired for you through his death on the cross. You will not go the way to him in vain; you will experience certain help, when you just desire help. And so you must always make it your business to establish and receive the connection with him. Nobody else can grant you help; he alone can do it and also wants it, because he himself wants it, that you become free of all fetters, which pull you down, because he himself wants it, that you again gain the former perfection, so that he can receive you into his kingdom, when you must leave this earth. He wants, that you return into your father house, to be again happy, as you were it from the very beginning. And for that reason he will also do everything, to make this return possible for you, and he will not be lacking in gifts of favour, for he descended for that reason to earth, to help you, because alone you were no longer able to cover the ascent to light. He died for you men on the cross, and he does not want having brought this sacrifice in vain; he wants that all men partake of the favours of the death on the cross - that they all reach the aim, for which he has sacrificed himself. But you yourselves must come to him; you must entrust yourselves to him in your trouble and ask for his help, and it will be yours. For that reason you are to always become aware of his presence. You just need to call him in thoughts to you, and he walks next to you on all your ways. The mental connection with him also secures you his presence, and so Jesus Christ is close to you, speak to him as with a brother and renounce yourselves; everything, what presses you, present to him, but let your requests be of a more spiritual kind, although you also find fullest support in earthly troubles. But remember first the state of your soul, and so you discover defects, confidently step before Jesus Christ with the request, that he may make you free of every fetter, of every evil, which separates you from him. Treat Jesus Christ so close as your brother, and do not shrink from to also uncover your most secret faults and weaknesses. His love is infinite, and he will forgive them for you and help you to complete freedom, because you acknowledge him, because you believe in him and in his work of redemption. But nobody copes himself with his faults and vices, who eliminates him from his life, who does not acknowledge the work of redemption of Jesus and God becoming man in him, for he lacks all power, and the will is also weak, to seriously set about the work of the transformation of his nature. He will be able to achieve nothing, before he does not entrust himself to the divine redeemer. For everybody, who wants to become free from the power of the opponent of God, he must call to Jesus Christ and completely hand himself over to him. Only then he can get rescued, only then he has the power to change, to be able to enter the spiritual kingdom redeemed, to be able to finally return into the father house.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6363.


Book 68 6364

Beings from other worlds?

25. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6364.

There is a spiritual connection from earth to the beings of other worlds, as soon as it is about light beings, which influence you on my behalf, that you go the right way, which leads to me. The light world persistently makes an effort, to influence you in the good sense. But also the powers of darkness use every opportunity, to mislead you, to remove you from the way of truth, to confuse your thinking. And particularly in the last time before the end much will happen, what you men cannot explain to yourselves. But always consider, that men must walk on the way to me without force, that therefore appearances forcing to believe are never applied on my part, even so mankind is in greatest spiritual trouble. Always consider, that the light world is active on my behalf, would therefore never do something of its own accord, what is not according to my will and my wisdom. If therefore "light beings" are intent on helping you men, so they choose by no means a form of appearance, which triggers doubts, confusion and doubtful successes with men, but in all clarity will these light beings express themselves to men - and always so, that they can be recognized as light contributors. And they will then always express themselves to those, who want to start up a spiritual connection for the purpose of spiritual ascent. But they will never insofar exert a worrying influence, than that they reach for means, which are inexplainable to men, for they want to chase away lack of clarity; they want to give light, but not increase darkness, which every unnatural appearance spreads. Innumerable light beings exert themselves for your spiritual wellbeing - innumerable light beings want to help you, to still reach the light before the end. For the end comes irrevocably - because my love and wisdom also remembers the bound still in hardest matter, which is to also once get redeemed from the hard form. You men intervene in free will in my laws of nature and consequently bring this last work of destruction on this earth yourselves to triggering. You would also by no means make give up your plan through presentations of knowing people, even so angels from heaven came down, to warn you - otherwise I would not have constantly referred through seers and prophets to this end, when I would have just seen the smallest change of will. Therefore this your plan is no longer to be halted; the end comes irrevocably. And so the effort of the spiritual world is always only meant for your soul. And both good as also bed powers try this, only in a completely different way. The light world always only addresses your spirit, the dark world on the other hand your senses. The light world reveals itself to you in the most different way, but always through mediators, who stand in contact with the beings of light because of their spiritual maturity and convictions, so that they can then also communicate those revelations to fellowmen. The dark world on the other hand expresses itself direct. It addresses men indiscriminately; it finds faith with theirs and causes confusion with the others, and no positive effects will become evident at all. A divine power expression will certainly not be recognizable, but constant questioning, constant lack of clarity can be observed everywhere there, where bad powers are active. What comes from above, what has its start with me or the light world working on my behalf, will always spread light. At the light alone you men can recognize work full of light, but then you will also no long ask, but know.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6364.


Book 68 6365

Poverty does not prevent love work.

26. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6365.

Also the very poorest can acquire the kingdom of heaven. For to fulfil my will is possible for every man. My will is unselfish love activity. And no matter how poor man is of earthly goods, he can practise love for the neighbour, because it does not just consist of giving of material goods. Also the poorest man can let the flame of love flare up in him; particularly in his poverty he can gauge the situation of fellowman, who is in trouble, and already the serious will to help is love, which pushes for activity. Love is not measured according to the material value of that, what it gives away; the degree of love is decisive, and then even the smallest gift can be assessed immeasurably high. But a heart filled with love can also communicate in another way with its fellowmen, always to his blessing, because counter love is awakened. Every good word, every sympathy with the fate of fellowman, every loving look or active help can hit a hardened heart and bring it to melt. Fellowman can be more touched in this way than it can happen through material help, because exactly poverty of the giver convinces him of real love, which now also finds reciprocation, and has aroused a ray of love. And if a man living in poverty now also still renounces himself of the little, that he possesses, so he will acquire for himself rich treasures for eternity. But he will also be helped earthly, and he will also experience from his poverty the greatest blessing himself, because also the desire for material goods dies in him, the more helpful he is to the neighbour, and he therefore learns to overcome matter far quicker, than a man in the midst of earthly possessions will learn it. Love of the heart does not depend on the size of earthly possession. Love is a feeling in the heart of man, which always pushes for activity and will also always find a way of activity. Already that man then looks after his fellowman, that he does no go past him indifferently, that he draws his attention to dangers or helps him onto the right way. Man can express his love in every way, and his love will always be felt gratefully and awaken counter love. For that reason no man will able to say, being prevented from love work through poverty. Nothing at all has love to do with material possession, for also the very poorest man can pray from heart full of love, that I may look after the unhappy neighbour and help him, because he himself cannot do it. But such a prayer first necessitates love in the heart of man, and only then it will be effective. For I see the good will of him, and for the sake of his love I am readily prepared to help. Unselfish neighbourly love could alleviate so much trouble; but mankind lacks of it, and everyone only thinks of himself and goes past the trouble of fellowman. They will acquire for themselves great treasures, which make up for their earthly poverty and which they are allowed to take with over into the opposite kingdom as immortal goods. They will be rich over there, because on earth they also remembered the poor, although they themselves have not lived in abundance.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6365.


Book 68 6366

God-power or entity?

27. and 28. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6366.

A constant coming into being and passing by you can observe of everything, what is visible to you. Nothing remains unchanged; everything changes, often little noticeably, but still not to be denied, and every work of creation takes on another form gradually. And also at yourselves you men experience this change; with you yourselves you can establish constant transformations from the coming into being to the passing by, because a power testifying to life flows through you and every power has an effect - and a power effect is always a changing one. Therefore you will not be able to deny a power, which flows through everything visible to you - and you will have to, so you are of awakened spirit, infer from this a power source, of which persistently this life awakening life goes out. You will have to acknowledge something, which you indeed cannot fathom, but is proven to you in its existence, exactly through the life constantly flowing through you, through the coming into being and passing by of creations visible to you and through your own coming into being and life. Every man could make these realizations and consequently also make for himself the conviction his own, that there is a God, who is to be mentioned as power source. But who is also recognizable as entity, because the power flowing out of him does not have an arbitrary effect, but lets recognize a law-governed order, which again lets infer to an ability to think and consequently to a divinity as entity, which in highest wisdom and power uses the power flowing out of it in a building up sense, by it letting works come into being, which are not created without meaning and purpose. All you men can come to this mental result, and faith in a wise, powerful creator should now also induce you to the question, what determines this creator to his rule and work, which is expressed in everything visible to you. And you would now also be able to give yourselves the answer to this question, when you, you who yourselves have a creative disposition, become clear to you yourselves about it, what drives you being active creatively. You create for yourselves, what you love. Love in you is always the driving force to everything, what you do in free will. Even so this love is still directed wrongly, but it is the drive, that you become active. The creator, whom you are able to recognize in his works, is eternal love himself, which renounces itself, to let love power become effective, to awaken life. The creation reveals to you this God of love, wisdom and omnipotence, and your own coming into being, your thinking ability and your free will let you recognize, that you are also entities, which are enabled to also use the power to creative activity, when you just want to receive it - whereto your free will must decide - that you consciously get into contact with the power source from eternity and open yourselves for the power reception. You can win the basic conviction, to then also entrust yourselves to this being recognized by you and to devote yourselves to him as your creator and father, that he may instruct you to use the power in his will. (28.9.1955) That you must receive your power from a source, that will be clear to you, therefore also, that you yourselves must be in contact with this source, otherwise your life would be endangered. But that the power now flows through you for a certain purpose, should also be comprehensible to you, because you cannot deny the wisdom of the creator, so you look at the works of creation around you. For a wise creator lets nothing come into being without meaning and purpose, therefore the existence of man must likewise have a meaning and purpose. And this meaning and purpose you are to seek to fathom. But always only the creator himself will be able to give you information about it, for fellowmen stands in the same degree of development, and he could only then impart a truthful information to you, when he himself has received it before from him, who has created everything in love, wisdom and power. You must therefore go a way, to receive the right cognition about meaning and purpose of existence - the way to God, the creator and preserver of all that, what exists. You must ask him, who himself called you into life as being able to think, therefore put the preconditions into you to understand and to work in accordance with your cognition. And then you will experience, what you were in the very beginning, what you became through your own fault and what you are to become again. And you will experience, that everything created, everything visible for you, is only created for that purpose, that you reach your last aim - to become again perfect, as you have been quite initially. That you lacked this knowledge up to now, that you often cannot even believe in a God and creator from eternity and in the connection of him with his creatures - that you all stand before a great puzzle, which you cannot solve with your intellect alone, is a proof of this low degree of cognition, of your perfection lost through you own fault, otherwise everything would stand light and clear before your eyes and you would not need to ask, but would be knowing. But the gift of the intellect has been given to you; you can receive everything into your senses, what surrounds you. You can therefore think and also come certainly to the right result, when you ask the God having become conviction in you for enlightenment, when you mentally address him and desire information from him. He will not refuse it you; he will hand out with full hands; he will kindle a light in you, for that is his aim, to make real children out of you, to lead them back to perfection and to change the state of lack of cognition into a state of clearest knowledge, which makes you happy and always reveals more the love, wisdom and omnipotence of God to you. Your creator and father from eternity wants, that you become perfect again, as you have emerged from him quite initially; he does not want, that you remain in the depth, but he continually helps you up, but you yourselves must give the stimulus through your desire upwards. You yourselves must use the gifts, which you have received from God; you must use your intellect and your free will properly. But he will always help you with it, that you find him and seek to join him. But then your way constantly leads upwards; then you are led out of darkness to the light, and you will be able to recognize his power and splendour and his endless love and join him for ever with your love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6366.


Book 68 6367

Opening of the gate to happiness.

29. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6367.

Follow me into that kingdom, which I have opened for you. Go the same way, which I have gone, and you will reach the aim, the joining together with eternal love, to a life in eternal happiness. I went this way consciously as man on earth, for eternal love drew me, I who did not resist, because I was devoted to my heavenly father with my whole love. Love for him was in me and always became greater, the longer I stayed on earth, and I also recognized through this love filling me the unspeakable trouble of fellowmen, who completely lacked love and who therefore lay on the ground powerlessly, tied up by a power, which was destitute of all love. My love brought this knowledge in to me - and the knowledge increased my love again, for now it was also meant for the unhappy brothers, who once stood in the light and had fallen out and out into darkness. I always became more powerful through the flow of love, and for that reason I felt strong enough to fight against him, who kept my brothers captured, for I knew, that my heavenly father would never withdraw from me, but just increase the love power, because I wanted to bring back his children to him, to whom also his love belonged, but who his opponent had in his power. But the fight against him meant an enormous love sacrifice. I had to defeat him with a love act, through which his power was broken. For all fallen brothers I had to give something, to redeem them from their tormentor; I had to pay the ransom, for he never released the souls, which belonged to him since the fall into the depth. And so I gave my life on the cross. My extreme great love caused me to do that, and I longed for the father's love. And he gave it to me, by him filling me completely, and so the father took possession of me completely. And everything, what I now did, that the "father" in me accomplished. And so I went the way to the cross, as man indeed, but driven by the "love" in me, which could not otherwise, than to bring rescue to the fallen, who languished in great trouble. And my way of the cross led directly to the father - the gate was opened, and it remains opened for everybody, who goes the same way as I - the way of love. To walk the way of love always means the constant coming closer to eternal love and therefore also the entrance into the kingdom of light and happiness. For the loving man is filled with the power of God, and he will be able to free himself from the ties, when he follows me, when he looks at me, when he carries me in the heart, when he loves me, just as the man Jesus has loved me. For through love he then draws me to himself and receives unlimited power, to go the way of the following of Jesus. There is no other way to me than that of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. He was my son, whom I sent down to earth, who, the heart filled with love, constantly longed for me and my love and in whom I, as eternal love, could then also embody myself. He has accomplished the work of redemption, because his love was meant for you, his fallen brothers. And for the sake of this great love I have opened the gate to paradise, to eternal happiness, through which you all can enter, you who follow Jesus Christ, the redeemer of mankind you who go the way of love, which irrevocably leads to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6367.


Book 68 6368

Servants of the time of the end.

30. September 1955. B.D. NR. 6368.

The servant's reward will be according to his work. I have still hired you in the last hour, because much work is still to be done, until the day draws to its close. I need many workers in my vineyard, and I will pay all according to law and justice, but the work of my servants will also have to be assessed differently, the more difficult it is and the less time is measured for it. For in the last time, before the end, it will require considerable more power and love, to make the hardened ground fertile; my servants will not be allowed to become tired and with full eagerness have to carry out their activity, because otherwise they do not manage it and the time would have passed by uselessly. Und I know it, how difficult it is in the last time, to win the hearts of men for me, to preach my word to them with success. I also know it, which faith my servants of earth themselves must summon, to be able to support that with conviction, what they teach. I also know it, how much these servants themselves must struggle for their faith, because they stand in the midst of a faithless world and experience little support, on the other hand much hostility. And for that reason I count their willingness to work particularly high, and supply them amply with power and favour, and I will pay them in future princely. And I will strengthen their faith unusually, because I see their serious will, with which they want to serve me. For that reason I can also give to them unusually, for the preconditions are given, under which I can work - that their will is completely devoted to me, they are therefore no longer chained to my opponent. And now you will also understand it, why the last are to receive the same reward as the first, although they just have to discharge the duties of their office only a short time. These latter go through the great fight of faith, and it will require much power and faith to withstand, because it almost seems like an illusion, what they support and for which they make all the sacrifices and take sufferings upon themselves. They will consequently perform a clearing work, which requires all power and which they still do willingly for me, why I will care for them as house father bodily and spiritually, now and in eternity. But you are not to work for me for the sake of the reward, for so this would be the only driving force, you would truly not hold out in the last, difficult time. But if love for me and for the neighbour drives you to your vineyard work, then it will be blessed, because love itself is the power, which enables you to do it despite greatest resistance. But who wants to serve me, he must then just remain in my world only; he is not allowed to look back to the earthly world, which he has left; he must want to fully consciously exchange this world with that kingdom, for which he is now to create and work. He must acknowledge me as unlimited ruler and voluntarily subordinate himself to all my instructions; he must give up his will completely and make my his own. He must serve for my sake, not for the sake of the reward. Only then he can work successfully, for then my blessing rests on everything, what he undertakes. Then he is filled by my power, which he acquires for himself in full measure through his love. And then a marvellous lot is also allotted to him in the spiritual kingdom, for each one will receive, as he deserves it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6368.


Book 68 6369

Perpetual reference to love work.

1. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6369.

Again and again you are addressed by me, because I have to say to you infinitely much and because I must repeat much for you, so that it deeply penetrates into your hearts, so that you never ever forget it, because it belongs to the cognition after all, which will make you happy in the spiritual kingdom. Again and again I must therefore present that to you, what you still take too little seriously, only then I can lead you into deeper knowledge, but which you can always increase, which always opens new areas for you and always brings new knowledge. My love current will never exhaust itself, and that means so much, as that also wisdom has never boundaries - that you can therefore receive from me always and constantly and you will nevertheless never have arrived at the bottom of cognition - but that also unlimited blessings still await you, just as my love current is unlimited. Much you still must know, but this also requires also your unlimited love will - if it grinds to a halt, then of necessity also the supply of knowledge must grind to a halt, but if your love increases, so also the supply of knowledge is increased. And therefore you yourselves determine the degree of cognition, in which you stand. I am always prepared to hand out, but I cannot give, where the preconditions are not fulfilled - where the vessel does not open, that my love current can flow in, that I can pour out my spirit into that vessel. For that reason I address you again and again and draw your attention to the first condition - that you practise love. And for that reason these words must always repeat themselves, because you still do not grasp the importance of the work in love; you still do not know the effect of a love life in its full extent. I will again and again refer you men to it, to kindle love in you; if you do it, then you will, however, also be able to receive an unlimited measure of knowledge, and it will always become fuller of light in you. But then you can also no other way, than to lead a love life, and then I am always with you, to speak with you and to present everything to you, what helps you to happiness. But as long as love is mentioned too little, the right life purpose is also not fulfilled, and this means darkened spirit, this means lack of cognition, erroneous thinking and walking in error - both on the part of those, who should announce my love teaching, as also those men, from whom the love teaching is therefore withheld. And love is preached too little. The name of Jesus Christ is so often expressed by those, who feel appointed as announcers of truth. But my love teaching is much too little mentioned, otherwise it would have to look better among mankind, which only still knows the love command from hearsay, but does not fulfil it. For love is cooled among men, and too little is done, to kindle it again. For that reason I myself again and again address men, and where it is possible, to teach men through my spirit, I will again and again emphasize love, I will always refer them to it, that love is the first, what you must pay attention to. I will again and again let the effects of a way of life in love become obvious and also give men extremely rich the opportunity, to busy themselves in love. But I will also send a deep knowledge to those, who fulfil my commands of love, knowledge, that will make them happy and let them always more eagerly strive upwards; knowledge, that they themselves can increase at any time, because also no boundaries are set to their love work and because the light will always radiate brighter, which emerges from the fire of love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6369.


Book 68 6370

Love is the way to knowledge.

4. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6370.

I certainly can make great knowledge accessible to you, but once your will rejected everything, what radiated out from me in the form of love power and therefore also let you stand in the light, in cognition. Voluntarily you have rejected it, and voluntarily you must now request it again. And you will receive unlimitedly. But against your will the light is not sent to you, for it is indisputably connected to love. If you are now not active in love, so also my love ray cannot touch you, and you remain irrevocably in darkness, which you have created yourselves for you, which you have chosen yourselves, although you were entitled to light in all fulness. You must always think, that you are my creatures and as proof of it also have a free will, for freedom in thinking, wanting and acting is a proof of your divinity, and so long this freedom is somehow still curtailed with you, you are not in the state of divine beings, but fashioned inadequately. And since nothing imperfect can emerge from me, but you are unquestionably beings created by me, this fashioning to inadequacy must have happened by you yourselves. Therefore you yourselves must also again reshape yourselves to the former perfection, to be able to create and work in the full possession of light and power, as it is your purpose. And so the knowledge can certainly be sent to you, which is according to truth. But you will not be able to grasp it sooner, you will also not be prepared to receive sooner, until you have, in free will, performed the work of transformation at you - until you again fashion yourselves to love, in which you were created quite initially. Then you stand in fullest cognition, then you will think and want right. And also your acting will be in accordance with my will, because it is determined by love. Then you also recognize me as eternal love, and you recognize yourselves - whereto you are not able in the state of imperfection. And so it is also comprehensible, that man is constantly unclear about himself and the purpose of his existence, when he does not even completely deny a purpose of life. For he is of dark spirit; he can grasp or recognize nothing, so long he goes along without love, so long no light can radiate in him, because he has kindled no fire in him. The intellect can certainly create for itself a substitute light. But this light will have no illuminating power; it will rather blind the eye, so that it loses the ability, to recognize a weak dim light and to take the direction, which leads out of the darkness of the night to the light of the day. When you men would just like to believe it after all, that you can accomplish nothing without me - that I myself am love - that you therefore, without love, get not one step further in earth life. And your thoughts will soon take another direction; a number of things will now be comprehensible to you, and full of conviction you will then be able to receive knowledge, which before seemed completely untrue for you. Only on the way of love you can achieve wisdom - and acquire eternal life for you. And you will then also be able to understand, why I said "I am the way, the truth, and the life" and why I only always preached love on earth and have also given full expression to it. Also the man Jesus could acquire his knowledge only in this way, that he led a love life. Also he could achieve the complete becoming divine, the melting with eternal love only through love - he has achieved it, and you all are to follow him to again become, what you were at the very beginning.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6370.


Book 68 6371

Power of the word upon the souls in the hereafter.

5. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6371.

In which trouble the souls are in the spiritual kingdom, so they have not gained the light of cognition on earth, that you men cannot imagine. It is a state of feeling, which causes them unspeakable agonies and which has an effect according to their kind of nature - that the souls rise up with outrage against their lot and him, who has imposed it on them, and for that reason they always sink deeper and get into greater and greater trouble - or that they silently and despairingly let themselves be carried along, that they wander around and hope to find a way out and can then also find it, when they let themselves be led, so a being offers them the guidance. It is the darkness, which torments all souls unspeakably, because they know, what light means, because they still have not yet lost the memory of light in earth life. But the further a soul sinks, the more it is now filled with hate against light, which is denied it - until in the end even rays of light torment them, when they are touched by them, and they now flee from the light, what, however, shows such a deep fall, that not enough intercession can be done for those souls, to redeem them. Light is everything in the spiritual kingdom; light is happiness, the end of all agonies; light is a proof of the approach to God, and where light is, there the opposite power has lost. And so you men now hold up in front of yourselves, that that word, which flows towards you as love radiation of God, means light, which you can give to these souls being in trouble - when you consider, that you have the possibility through the divine word, to take the tormenting darkness from the souls, to kindle a light for them, and you can therefore free them from the agonies - when you consider, that you possess light in fulness and can let this light radiate out into dark areas - where every light spark is seen, as the souls longingly hurry towards every ray of light - no matter how weak it may be, then you should not neglect to help those souls in darkness, and you are to also remember those in loving intercession, who are hardened and stay in out and out spheres, and call them in through your prayer and your loving will to help, so you hand out the divine word, so you give God himself the possibility through your love, to address the souls through your mouth. His word has an unmeasurable power effect; his word can bring the hardest ice to melt; his word can make the most stubborn heart soft and yielding, but it cannot be supplied to the souls against their will. Mediators must be found, who would willingly like to help the souls out of love; who themselves as light bearers can light a light everywhere and therefore also show a way to the souls walking around, that they arrive out of darkness to the light. Far greater than on earth is the trouble in the spiritual kingdom, because on earth men keep themselves to blinding lights and for that reason do not feel the darkness so, although the soul is already covered in deepest spiritual darkness and now enters the hereafter in this state, where everything earthly discontinues, where nothing else is, than what the soul itself has acquired for itself in earth life of spiritual goods. Then the soul can no longer help itself; then it has to rely on the help of others, on your intercession and help through opposite beings, but which it also only then accepts, when it has once experienced the power of intercession. Take pity on these souls, and impart to them the divine word, which alone can give them light and remove their trouble, when it is supplied to them out of love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6371.


Book 68 6372

Effect of trouble on faith.

6. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6372.

In times of greatest earthly trouble some men certainly find the way back to their God and creator, as soon as all earthly hope in them is shattered, as soon as they see no other way out any more, than to call God for help. These have not lost their faith in God completely, it has only been suppressed though the world, through influences of fellowmen, and own indifference. For that reason the thoughts again and again emerge, so man is in earthly trouble. Faith can now become a great strength through the often wonderful help, through which God now expresses himself. And then the earthly trouble has not been purposeless, it has helped man to spiritual progress, and his way can now lead further up - he will no longer lose faith, and the soul is rescued for ever. But how many men sink back into their world life and also immediately give up faith, so they see themselves again in carefree circumstances of life, so earthly trouble is over. Even so they have experienced the divine help obviously, they are rather inclined to see such as coincidence, and they anew turn away from God, to now sink into their faithlessness deeper than ever - to serve the world more than ever and consequently him, who is lord of the earthly world. To seek to win these men back through renewed trouble is mostly hopeless, for now the opponent of God helps them in increased measure, because they themselves have devoted themselves to him through their obvious rejection of God. And they will always become more slaves of the world, because they are always more given worldly by him. These men are certainly also then addressed by God in all kinds of ways, they could therefore find back to him, when they would seriously take themselves to task. But it becomes more and more difficult for those men, because the longing for matter becomes more and more violent and the great earthly trouble before remains for them a nightmare, from which they believe being able to escape through increased earthly striving. And they do not consider, that everything is transient, that everything can be taken from them at any time, so it lies in the will of him, who has created everything. Their faith in this God and creator has certainly got lost, but deep in the heart the unexplainable fear always sits after all of renewed strokes of fate. Therefore man also knows, that there is a power, which is stronger than he himself and that he is at the mercy of this power. He can believe in it, but he does not want to burden himself with this faith and therefore rejects something intellectually, but what his most inner feeling must accept. He does not want to believe and is for that reason far more responsible for his conduct. And the opponent of God uses exactly this displeasure, and he rewards it with earthly goods. But every man can find back to God at any time. He will be helped in every way, but it is always up to him, how he decides.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6372.


Book 68 6373

Paradise of the new earth.

8. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6373.

The earth will lose its old appearance; completely new creations will arise; exceedingly charming areas will make men happy, who will inhabit this new earth. A new period of time begins, but under completely different conditions, because it is no longer necessary that the creations develop slowly - because only for the spiritual which is on the process of maturing new outer forms have again to be produced, which correspond to the degree of maturity - but because all degrees of development already exist, so creations of all kind can be given to this spiritual as outer cover. So a long creation period is no longer necessary, but in a moment can this new earth - thus the surface of the previous earth - be reshaped. Still the legality which is always observed by God is not overruled, because men of the new earth do not know in which time the new creation has happened - although also the knowledge about it could no longer harm them as they have recognized the power and glory of God after the preceding events and are fully believing so that therefore also unusual works of God mean no faith compulsion for them. A complete new phase begins in the life of these men, who are raptured at the end to be brought again to the new earth as stock of the new generation. They again feel happy on earth; but their souls are already spiritualized to a degree that also the barriers fall in which normally men move on earth. The spiritual kingdom is made accessible to them so that they have contact with the beings of the kingdom of light, that they can associate with them unhindered, that they no longer have to suffer from the gravity of the earth and their life only serves the future generation, which also has a certain maturity but is still already more tied to earth because of its spiritual ascent. A state of peace and happiness will be on earth because evil is reduced to silence for a long time, because the author of evil is tied up and can no longer influence men and that is why a good harvest can be recorded for the kingdom of light throughout a long time - where the complete redemption from form is secured and therefore also the opponent of God loses enormous power because his following becomes smaller all the time - until he once again frees himself from the fetters because men themselves help him with it - because their will will again turn more to matter, which means liberation for the opponent of God. But it will take a long time until this happens, because the world of light is in a position to do infinitely much. The direct union with men on earth is of best influence on these, and the will of men is always directed upwards, because the power of love has a powerful effect in them, the love towards God fills their being, and they want, think and act always in his will only. Through love they are closely connected to him and lead themselves to redemption as well as what is bound in creation - what surrounds them. The new earth will be a paradise as you men are not able to imagine. But happy who is allowed to experience it - happy, who holds out until the end because he will be blessed with a life on earth in sheer bliss.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6373.


Book 68 6374

"Whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name."

10. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6374.

And it will truly be given to you, what you request in my name. You are to call to me in Jesus Christ. Only who acknowledges me, the divine redeemer Jesus Christ, who recognizes in him his God and father and therefore prays to the "father", he will find favourable hearing of his requests, for my spirit refers him to him, from whom he has once gone out. Who does not acknowledge the son of man, Jesus, as emissary of the heavenly father - who does not believe in that I myself have embodied myself in the man Jesus, he will also not fully trustingly send a prayer to me - although he does not deny a "God"; but his faith in a God and creator is just bred into him, but has not become alive in him. For a living faith emerges from love, but love also acknowledge Jesus Christ as God's son and redeemer of the world, who has become one with his father from eternity. He will therefore no longer separate the redeemer Jesus Christ from the eternal divinity, his spirit will have made it comprehensible to him, that he and I am one. And his prayer will always find a favourable hearing, for he will always only ask for things, which I can grant him, without his soul suffering harm. You men will always only then understand the right meaning of my words, when my spirit can work in you. But my spirit can always only then work in you, when you yourselves allow it him, when you give it the possibility through a life in love, to express itself towards you. But then you will accept my word, as if it is spoken to you directly, for then I also address my children and give them with my word at the same time also the understanding for it. And then you can praise yourselves happy, for your soul receives light - it comes to cognition, it matures, for now you will also do everything, what I request of you. You will fulfil my will, and you will always fashion yourselves more to love, and your soul will perfect itself still on earth. Call upon me in Jesus Christ, and request first of all for yourselves, that you gain this perfection on earth. And truly, this your prayer will not be directed at me in vain. For a spiritual request I like to hear best; a spiritual request will find fulfilment, because the father denies his child nothing and because man already proves his adoption, when he directs such a request for help to perfection to me. And ask at any time, that you become and remain aware of my presence. Then you go your life way in constant company of your father from eternity, then you can never ever go wrong ways, then you will stay mentally always more in spiritual spheres, and your ascent will be secured. What all can you achieve, when you call my word into memory and act according to my words - "when you ask the father in my name". Earthly and spiritually you will do no wrong request; I will always hear you, for I have given you this promise, and I stand to my word. Call the divine redeemer, with whom the father has united himself. Call on God in Jesus. Then you also belong to the redeemed, then you have penetrated into the mystery of God becoming man. For as unredeemed men completely lack faith in it, that I myself have embodied myself in the man Jesus. But you prove faith, "when you ask the father in my name".
Amen. B.D. NR. 6374.


Book 68 6375

Thought activity.

11. and 12. October 1955. B.D. NR 6375.

What is thought? You can never get this question answered scientifically as long as the researchers themselves do not go into spiritual knowledge, as long as they just try to solve it purely rationally because the origin of thought is the spiritual kingdom. They are radiations out of the spiritual kingdom, which circle round you men like waves to now be received or suppressed according to your will. They are radiations which touch your thought organs and put them into action when you are ready for it, i.e. willing to establish contacts with the beings, which beam at you. It is an exchange of power and a process - but which is organized by two sides, but it is left to the will of man with which side he establishes contacts. You have to know that you have been created in such a way that all organs have to carry out a certain activity, and for every function there exist special organs, which now work according to the will on man, partly also still subject to natural law because they carry out a life-saving function. You also have to know that a certain freedom was granted to you for the duration of your earthly life - which is expressed in this respect that the function of certain organs depends on your will, because this is to be tried out and is to prove itself in earthly life. And to it also belongs your activity of the intellect, which you can develop yourself, but for which you also have been given a capability of thinking. But this capability of thinking does not exist in you producing the thoughts yourselves, but you have to let something take effect, by virtue of your capacity to think, which flows towards you, something spiritual, which washes around you all the time like waves. You have to receive the thoughts, which flow towards you and now process them with your intellect, but it is completely up to you if and which thoughts you take up, but the will and the choice is decisive for your spiritual upward development. Thoughts are spiritual power radiations, which start from God himself in unimaginable fullness of light - first received from light beings, which again seek to make happy with the received and so means a ceaseless passing on to all beingness capable of thinking. But also the present prince of darkness once was a receiver of light and power. He also feeds radiations of his own record towards the beingness. And so man as a being capable of thinking will be able to accept streams of thoughts from both sides, the radiations of good and bad powers will always be expressed as waves of thoughts; man will always accept those thoughts, which correspond with his will; thoughts will never exert a compelling influence, but only push themselves forward or will be rejected corresponding to the will and nature of man. But man is never the author of his thoughts himself - he never has the ability to produce these thoughts himself, although he often is convinced of it that everything is his own spiritual product what he has won through intellectual activity. He only makes use of the waves of thought which circle around him - and also can use them to a very high degree by virtue of his ability to think, which is granted to him by the creator. And thoughts full of light will again and again come up in a man, who turns more to the darker streams of thoughts. But thoughts, no matter of what direction, will never settle in the organs of thinking against the will of man. And that is what he is for, to choose with which thoughts he wants to concern himself. By the ability to think is meant to be able to go into the currents, which touch man as thoughts, to understand their meaning, to sort them out logically - thus to utilize all thoughts flowing towards him. But for that the will is necessary for the time being. Because man is not forced to open himself to the thought waves flowing to him, can therefore reject the thoughts in a certain lethargy of thinking - but as he on the other hand also can take up thoughts, which reach him from below, which are therefore bad and worthless in their content. It is always his will which determines the direction of the thoughts and also the origin. Streams of thoughts from the world full of light will have - when the will of man is ready to accept them - a power effect at the same time, as man's ability to think increases and is cleared. So who is intellectually busy with spiritual questions, he accepts as it were these questions from beings of the kingdom of light, the thought waves cause a desire in his soul to receive enlightenment. This desire is seized by the organs of thinking and only from this moment on conscious to the intellect of man. And now he has established contact with the being which sent the radiation to him - which carries out its activity on behalf of God or also on behalf of his opponent: to spread light or darkness. Every thought is the expression of a being working for God or his opponent - but never the own product of man, because even in the state of perfection one day in the spiritual kingdom the being always only radiates that what it gets from the source - from God himself - as love power, which includes highest wisdom. Out of the dissimilarity of thinking of men follows that endless many different degrees of knowledge distinguish the spiritual beings, but that they all have access to man because his will itself can protect him from error or faulty spiritual products and because God also grants his opponent the same right to have an effect on man - because of the decision of will, which is purpose and aim of life on earth as man. The ability of man to think can also weigh up the different thoughts. Man can conclude, and his will also can through this conclusion change the direction first adopted, and his intellect will refuse untrue thought products, when he is of good will. Because the effort of the light beings, who have the fullest truth, will never stop to let the right thoughts flow towards men, who have been handed over to their care, because that is their mission to spread light and truth and to chase away darkness - which they carry out conscientiously. And a heart that opens, a man who desires truth, will be allowed to receive riches of thoughts, which meet with response in him. The radiations from the kingdom of light will arouse a bright light also in himself, man will believe to have reached the results through his own thinking, which is however only true insofar as he now has made use of his ability to think, to make that his spiritual property, what before has flown towards him - but which now remains with him so that he also again will be able to radiate, if he is allowed to heartening activity in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6375.


Book 68 6376

Serious striving for the kingdom of God.

13. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6376.

You all strive too little for the kingdom of God with its splendour - even so you stand in faith, that you enter into this kingdom in future - even so you want, that this kingdom may be your stay in future. You still do not take it seriously enough with your transformation to love, without which you can never ever take possession of the kingdom of God. Your will is still too weak, and you call too little him, who alone can give your will real strengthening. So long the world still exercises its attractions on you, so long you are also not completely devoted to him, who alone can open his kingdom with all splendour to you. You then want to still serve two masters, or else: The power of the one lord is still too great, than that you can leave him and completely devote yourselves to the other Lord. For to serve both lords at the same time is not possible, because their demands towards you are of complete opposing nature. But if you want to acquire the kingdom of God with all splendour, then you must separate yourselves from the world and all its attractions. You must summon your whole strength of will and consciously strive for that kingdom, otherwise you run the risk getting captured by the world, and you completely forfeit for yourselves the kingdom of God. You must decide in all seriousness; you must be aware of it, that only a strong will can reach the aim, and you must ask for this strong will, when you yourselves feel yourselves too weak, to resist the attractions through the world. The world can only offer you very little, measured at the splendour of that kingdom, which is not of this world - and to enjoy minutes or hours of happiness, you sacrifice the whole eternity. You are also not allowed to put it off, to seriously occupy yourselves with your aim. For you do not know, how long time still remains for you to do it; you do not know, when your last hour has come and whether you are not taken by surprise and can then do nothing any more for the salvation of your soul. For the indifference of a knowing is worse than the complete ignorance, in which a world man lives. But all are still impressed by the world, and a fighting against such temptations and desires is therefore very advisable. You all do not grasp the seriousness of the time. But many of you could free themselves from the world, who are believing, when they call Jesus Christ for help, for the strengthening of the will, for power, to resist the temptations. You men are of weak will, and the opponent of God tries everything, to take his advantage from it. The opponent of God will always touch you there, where you are still vulnerable. But you can free yourselves from him, for what your power does not manage, that the one does, who has died for you on the cross, to buy for you the favours of a strengthened will. Call him, when you are in the trouble of the soul - when the opponent of God applies his skills, when he entices you with the pleasures of the world; and you will suddenly recognize, how empty and stale that is, what has been put before the eyes by him. You will turn away and follow the call of him, who wants to open his kingdom for you, who would like to prepare for you all happiness in future in his kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6376.


Book 68 6377

Conditions to the reception of truth.

14. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6377.

You are introduced to truth mentally, but always only then, when you fulfil the conditions, to be able to be instructed on a spiritual way. You can certainly receive knowledge from men - but you will only then be able to examine und judge it for its truth, when the spirit in you is active, when it itself can make pure truth accessible to you. You must therefore get so ready through the fulfilling of conditions, that you are able to hear the voice of the spirit in you, that you are able to order your thoughts right and to pass a right sentence. This would certainly be possible for every man, and for that reason every man could stand in truth, but most of them lack the will, to subject themselves to the conditions, for it is requested: the convinced acknowledging of God - therefore a living faith. And out of this it emerges, that also love in man must be kindled, because only it produces a living faith. Further man must long for truth. For he can always only be given according to his desire, because all compulsion of will is eliminated on the part of God, but the imparting of truth would always determine faith, therefore the freedom of the will would be limited in this way. Moreover also only a man demanding truth fulfils the further demands - to ask the giver of truth about it and to then also listen to oneself. For only the man hungry for truth occupies himself in thoughts with those questions, which can now be answered for him through the spirit. They are indeed completely natural processes, which would actually not need to be mentioned, because every thinking succes is preceded by a seeking and questioning. But all conditions must be fulfilled, if the success is to be right, i.e. according to truth. Thinking and seeking alone still guarantees no secure truth, when "faith in God" and "love" are lacking - because earth is a dark area, because the fight between light and darkness constantly rages in this area and because darkness exists in that respect, that the thinking of men is confused, that the light of truth does not come through, so long love is not kindled in the hearts of men. That man, who is without love, can neither receive truth nor recognize truth. Man, as ignorant being, must turn to the "light of eternity", that it sends a ray to him. He must therefore also believe in a God as original source of light as start of this knowledge, as "truth in itself". And man must now ask this God for transmission of truth. Then God will also express himself to him through his spirit, which now "guides him into all truth", as he has promised it. You men can all ask him for it, and you all would be given by him; all your thinking would be directed right, and a bright light would radiate over earth. But who of you men believes this and establishes the connection with God through love and faith, that he can receive truth directly from him? Who of you men fulfils the conditions, which truly demand nothing impossible from you? Only few desire truth and listen into themselves, what the spirit out of God announces to them - and for that reason only few stand in the light and can now carry the light further, that also fellowmen can kindle a little light at it, which shines into the darkness of night. For that reason error and the lie will always rule men; for that reason truth will only rarely be found among men. For that reason the war between light and darkness will be waged persistently, but a light will also shine into darkness constantly, which in the end will also win, which will completely displace darkness, when the end has come - when a new day dawns, which will radiate in bright shine, which reveals truth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6377.


Book 68 6378

Walk to the cross. Cross bearer Jesus Christ.

15. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6378.

Bear your cross in patience, for it is not heavier than you are able to bear. No-one needs to collapse under his cross burden, because there is one, who helps him carrying, when he just calls this one, when he is aware of his weakness and trustingly goes up to him, who can give him power and strengthening and also does it, as soon as he is asked for it. But who believes not needing divine help, who feels himself strong enough, who wants to acknowledge no Lord above him, he will very often get to feel the burden of the cross, for through this cross burden I myself influence such men, to make the walk to me easier for them, because I must demand their acknowledgment, to be able to prepare a happy life for them in future. Bear your cross in patience, for you then go already a walk to the cross, which can be a blessing for you. But you can also flare up and become outraged against your fate. Then you are in bad danger, for then you are already a prey of my opponent, when help comes to you conspicuously quickly, when you become free of all burden - for then he helps you, because you are outraged against me, I who imposed the cross on you for your salvation. I walked for you the way to the cross; I myself collapsed under the load of the cross, because it was unmeasurable heavy - but I did it for you, that you were not to carry so heavy, that it should be for you at any time bearable. For that reason I go beside you as invisible cross bearer, and every turning to me seeking help will also find you me being prepared, to take the load from you. But who goes along stubbornly, who takes no advantage of my help, he will always feel it heavier. But his own will determines the heaviness of his cross burden - and man is to be on his guard to call over him through displeasure and arrogant convictions, who just waits for that moment, where he can step in and help out, but who does not want to offer help, but just ruin you. I went the way ahead for you, and I again and again call upon you to follow. I have reached my aim, by me as man Jesus having united myself with the father, who took possession of my body, and filled me with light and power. Also your way can lead to this aim; also you can gain unmeasurable happiness, when you make an effort, to follow me, but what also includes the carrying of a cross burden. But you do not need to go alone; you always have in me a companion, who supports you and helps you carrying, as soon as you just consciously entrust yourselves to me and asks for my help. But you will achieve little progress, when your earth life is easy and carefree, when you, through the carrying of a cross burden, do not free the soul from slags, which are very long hindering to the irradiation of light. You are to redeem your soul from these slags, what will not be difficult for you, when you call the divine redeemer Jesus Christ for help. But for that reason I impose a cross on you men, so that you remember him. Through the burden of the cross I want to call you to me, you who yourselves are too lukewarm, to take the way to me. I want to bring to your remembrance, what I have done for you through me going to the cross, through my suffering and dying on the cross. So you are doing well on earth, you just remember my greatest love act little. Only when the cross presses you yourselves, you turn your eyes to me, and then you also acknowledge me, when you ask me for help. Then you go the following of Jesus consciously, when you bend under my will, when you remember my walk to the cross, my immense sufferings, but also my love, which has sacrificed itself for you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6378.


Book 68 6379

Desiring truth guarantees truth.

17. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6379.

You receive my word fully consciously, as soon as you open yourselves to me, by you wanting to hear it. When you listen, what I, your God and father from eternity, want to say to you - when you believe, that I myself want to address you, and now wait for my word. And then you can be certain of that, that I speak to you, that fullest truth flows towards you - that your thoughts as well as also the ear of your soul are now directed and sharpened and accept nothing else than purest truth - that you therefore have a clear feeling for it, what you are allowed to accept or reject. Your will, to hear me myself, guarantees you also a truthful spiritual material, which is imparted to you mentally or through the inner word. But it must always be said to you, that you must desire truth. Through this desire for truth you yourselves determine also the giver of truth, whereas otherwise you very easily hand yourselves over to him, who would like to confuse your thoughts, when you yourselves have already formed a certain opinion and now expect, that you get confirmation of that. And when this opinion is according to truth, it is good, and it will also experience its confirmation, with serious will for truth. But if your thinking is erroneous and you want to stand by it, then through your desire you already give my opponent the right, to influence you, and then you are not allowed to believe, having been addressed by me. You must proceed very critically against yourselves; you must quite seriously ask yourselves, whether it is for you really about pure truth. And for that reason, every doubt emerging in you is good, but never a certain self-confidence, to stand in truth. For answer can be given to the one asking, but hardly that man can be instructed, who believes having need of no instruction any more. You all are allowed to hear me; to you all I give answer to your questions; to you all I impart pure truth, when you just desire it out of the whole heart. But I cannot force your thoughts, for it is up to you, which way they take. But is there a better assurance for you, than that you can entrust yourselves to me myself, that you just need to ask me for enlightenment in every question of doubt, to hear a truthful solution? I am eternal truth myself. You come to the original source of truth, when you come to me. But then free yourselves before of all mental ballast; come with empty hearts and let them be filled with my love. Come free of all thought material, of own opinions, and just desire, to hear me myself. And you will hear me and be instructed by me in truth. My opponent very much utilizes his power; he has helpers and accomplices, who all eagerly make an effort, to pour erroneous thought material into men, and they prefer to accept such much more than pure truth, because they themselves are still of dark spirit as result of their lost cognition. But man himself has a quite secure means, to gain possession of truth after all, when he comes to me and ask me for it. And so he seriously desires truth, he also leaves all previous spiritual material or knowledge, and then he can be given extremely richly, and all darkness will move from him. For the light of truth shines sparkling into darkness. And man is to accept everything in a carefully considered way, what is offered to him on the part of fellowmen, for he is to always ask himself, from where did the knowledge come to them - he is not to accept knowledge without examining the start, because every man can err and also will err, to whom I myself have not imparted truth. For everybody must come to me myself, who desires truth, and only when he can quote me myself as source of his knowledge, he is to be believed, and nevertheless I also want to be asked by him himself about truth, and I will truly sharpen his spirit, so that he clearly recognizes, that he is able to differentiate truth from error. Come to me, when you desire truth, and I myself will give it to you, for I truly speak to everybody, who desires to hear me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6379.


Book 68 6380

Power transmission process. Truth. Contradiction.

19. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6380.

The beings of light can work in unusual fulness of power, for they constantly receive power out of God, because they are and remain intimately connected with him until all eternity. And this power radiations they pass on, for they are full of love, and love always seeks to make happy. They themselves are happy above all measures through this power reception and they know, that the beings standing under them lack power, why they constantly supply power to these beings, caused through their love urge to redeem the unhappy. But this power transmission process is not so obvious, that it could be followed by you men, because it is a spiritual activity, a spiritual matter, which takes place in the spiritual kingdom and also in the universe and which only the spiritual awakened man can follow. For it is possible for him, to follow the spiritual state of men, and he knows it, that every spiritual awakening, every spiritual progress of individual men is to be attributed to exactly this light and power radiation of the world full of light - that these men get themselves ready as receiving vessel for the love radiation out of the spiritual kingdom. Everything, what helps man upwards, is spiritual power supply, and where therefore spiritual striving and spiritual success is recognizable, there those light beings are active, which incessantly receive from God and incessantly pass on the received, there, where no resistance is any more, where a man willingly opens his heart and receives spiritual power. And therefore God himself influences man through the light beings, but as he also directly pours his love current into a heart of man, which consciously devotes itself to him, which invites him to putting up, which has so fashioned itself, that God himself can take residence in it. The love will of man determines the degree of power reception, the degree of light radiation. But it is always the same; it is always love light radiating out of God, which fills everything, what wants to receive. And since this love light has an enormous luminous power, such a love power radiating through is always connected with the introduction into truth. For light illuminates, where it is still dark. And consequently, also always the same knowledge must be sent to those, who are flooded through by the love light of God. For there is only one truth, and what flows out of God, can always only be truth. Therefore light beings can never express themselves differently - i.e. contradict themselves, when they supply the light to earth on behalf of God - where it is dark and the light from above must shine, to spread brightness, for all light beings stand in brightest cognition, and they again radiate this cognition - in which their actual activity in the light kingdom exists, to supply light into darkness. But the degree of cognition of the beings is different - it all depends on to the degree of their love, nevertheless also the smallest knowledge of a being fleeing from darkness will be in accordance with truth - otherwise it would not have been hit by radiations of light. What the being receives is truth, and for that reason it can also again only hand out truth. But were error is passed on, there is still the kingdom of darkness, and there are no light beings active, because they still come upon resistance. From that you men can gather, that spiritual material contradicting each other cannot have the same starting point - and that for that reason caution is advisable with the receiving of knowledge, which does not agree in all points. For such knowledge does not come from the source of light, where truth has its origin. The light world is full of love, and exactly this love also secures the supply of truth for men as beings entrusted to them. But truth never contradicts itself - but where the dark world has access, truth is misrepresented. But what can always only happen then, when the receiving vessel is unsuitable, when it itself has not purified itself before, to be able to let the cleanest flow into itself. Then the light beings cannot let their rays shine, but the powers of the dark world find access and camouflage themselves as beings of light. And then man often distributes error as truth; then God does not work in man, but his opponent. But then man does not walk in truth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6380.


Book 68 6381

Turning to God in free will. Bond of love.

20. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6381.

A bond is tied, which connects me with my creature for ever, when it turns to me in free will, therefore as it were catches the ray of love, which now draws the creature to me and never ever drops it. This bond is untearable, and so man has once seized it, it also holds on to him, and he will never ever be able to break away from it. But I now speak only of those, who seriously turn their look to me, not of those, who only confess their faith in me formally, who have not yet let me become the content of their longing, their thinking and striving. For I only speak of the most inner feelings of man, of his secret thoughts, of that, what fills his soul. I speak of the will of man, who sought and has found me of his own drive. I speak of that will, which nobody can force, which was not influenced from outside, but rises from the soul and turns where it draws it. It is a moment of new birth, when man finds to me and catches my ray of love, with which I chain him to me for ever. No matter how his way may be - it certainly once leads to me, even so man still goes through vagaries and it seems, as if he has again separated himself from me. I never ever leave him for ever, who voluntarily came to me, although he, in his weakness as result of imperfection, is often in danger, to leave the right way. Also on wrong tracks I go beside him and push him again and again back unto the right way, for I have the right to do it, because he freely turned to me and this turning now also secures him my constant help. For I know it, that exactly such men are extremely besieged by my opponent, and I will know to prevent it, that he wins power over them. I alone know it, whose will turned to me freely, out of his own drive, and for that reason you men cannot judge about that, who already belongs to me will wise and who still stands far from me, for appearances are deceptive - but you certainly can assume, that I help everyone up, who seriously strives for me. For I do not let myself be deceived. I know about the state of the soul of the individual; I know about all motives of his acting and thinking, and I truly pass a just sentence; I supply all conceivable help to every man, when I recognize the seriousness of his striving. But you men often let yourselves be blinded by beautiful words; you assess fellowman according to external appearances; you are often ready to a rash judgement; affirmations or pious gestures are enough for you to believe, that fellowman is on the right way to me. And he can still stand very far from me after all and hardly get one step ahead, until he once takes stock of himself and then also catches my ray of love, with which he now connects himself with me for ever. And I always just wait for this moment of the conscious longing for me, but which I never let go past, for only now you have escaped the danger, to again get lost for me for eternal times. Nevertheless also then the wrestling will still be difficult, but you certainly reach the aim, because you can now always keep to my bond of love, which draws you more and more upwards and which you also never let go any more, because you are happy having found a hold in your earth life. But every man must come to this decision by himself. Nobody can be determined or persuaded to do it; because I only assess that, what comes from the most inner heart. But man's attention can be drawn to me, by me being introduced to him as loving father, who longs for his children - then the child can seek to establish the right relationship to the father, and it will feel the love of the father and willingly devote itself to him. And I wait for this moment, which brings me back my children. And from that very hour I watch over them, and no matter how their further way of life may be - it will lead to the aim, because my love lets nothing fall back any more, what has once found to me in free will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6381.


Book 68 6382

God addresses every man.

21. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6382.

Life has only been given to you for your perfection. And it will be taken from you again, whether you reach your aim or not, for only a certain time has been granted to you, which is certainly enough to do it, that you perfect yourselves, but which is not prolonged, when you yourselves fail - when you stand still on the same level or go again back in your development. But you men only rarely ask yourselves for the meaning and purpose of your earth existence and also desire no enlightenment, even so suddenly such a question emerges in you. But you would win very much through its answering, for when you know, what you can achieve, but what on the other hand can also be allotted to you, your drive is greater to live right on earth. For that reason there will always be men on earth, who possess this knowledge and can instruct you according to truth - but whether you listen to them and believe them, depends on your will, which is allowed to experience no compulsion at all, but still can easily direct itself right. And because you men do not strive out of your own drive to gain that knowledge, pure truth, but you are not to remain without knowledge in the face of the near end, you are addressed in an unusual kind. I myself speak to you through the mouth of men, so that the power of my word may become effective and you feel being influenced. I myself come to you in the word, even so you are not able to immediately recognize me myself. Only when you listen to me without inner resistance, you feel the effect of my word, and you no longer defend yourselves against its content. Every man has opportunity, to somehow and somewhere receive my word. And I can address everybody directly, even so he believes being instructed by men - when he just receives such instructions with an opened heart. But because always fewer men, in the will to hear the word of God, call on the places, where my word is preached, I am also at work outside of them; I let my voice sound everywhere, why just one man is found, who lets me speak through him, who is devoted to me and wants to be active for me, who in thoughts deals with me and also communicates these his thoughts to other men - who therefore consciously moves in spiritual spheres, when he is together with fellowmen. Then I myself can intervene and speak through him. You men do not know, how I like using such opportunities, to be able to speak with my children, to whom my word sounds credible and who now also do not close their mind to this my word. But I can only do this through the mouth of a man, to exert no faith compulsion. But men are to just know about the significance of their earth life; they are to just receive information of their purpose of existence and their task. They are to just once seriously think this thought to the end. They cannot get it out of their mind, and they themselves give me then the possibility to intervene into their thoughts and to continue the instruction. And every man is once addressed by me, but whether he reacts to that, that is up to him, but does not take from him the responsibility for the utilization of earth life. And nobody will be able to excuse himself with complete ignorance, because every man able to think is also mentally directed on the part of the light world and this question about meaning and purpose of earth existence emerges in every man once and can therefore also make a statement to that. But time is limited. The hour of departing from this earth is determined for every man, and every man will now leave it in that state, which he has created for himself during his earth life. But the approaching end will still mean for many men a shortening of the granted redemption time, but what is evened out through unusual favours - why I also appear obviously and as it were my word will sound down from all "roofs". And each one will be able to hear my word; each one will be able to accept it and change; each one can still be happy from favours - when he is just of good will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6382.


Book 68 6383

Using the favours of the work of redemption.

22. October 1955 B.D. NR. 6383.

The favours of my work of redemption are only taken up little. I died on the cross for all men; Everyone can get redemption from sin and death through my work of mercy; no man is excepted, unless he himself resists in this way, that he does not acknowledge me and my work of redemption, that he himself excludes himself from the circle of the "redeemed" through my blood that he by this means is consciously a follower of him, who is to be blamed for sin and death. Every man, who puts himself under my cross, who brings his sin burden to me, he will get free; to him the kingdom of light is opened, which was closed before my death on the cross. For I have done the atonement sacrifice for him, so that he may become free of all sin. But who does not accept my sacrifice, he avoids the cross; he stands far away, and my work of love and mercy remains completely without impression and effect for him - although the sacrifice was also meant for him, although also he can liberate himself from all sin. But against his will he cannot get redeemed, because voluntarily he puts himself on the side of my opponent. My work of redemption was meant for all men, but only very few utilize it. The spiritual trouble on earth could not have taken on such sizes, when he would be remembered more, who has sacrificed himself for mankind, so that it reaches happiness - when you would remember the extreme great love of the man Jesus, which was meant for all of you, for men of the present, past and future - which he all wanted to redeem from the great sin, which separated them from me. The man Jesus was so full of love, that I myself could stay in him, that his outer form could hold me in all fulness and that the power grew for him out of the love, to suffer for you men and to die on the cross. And you are to always remember this infinite love and also want to participate in the favours, which the man Jesus has acquired for you. They are so amply at your disposal, and you always just need to call him, that you get rescued, and your call will not be in vain, for the work of mercy was just brought for you, so that you could experience help in your weakness, is all spiritual and earthy trouble. For you were to become free of your jailer, of him, who kept you tied up already throughout eternal times and in whose bonds you still languish and would languish for ever, when you do not call on me myself as your redeemer Jesus Christ, that I liberate you. Why do you not use the favours of the work of redemption? Why do you not ask Jesus for the strengthening of you will? Why do you not bring your sin burden under his cross? Alone you can never ever free yourselves from that power; you must have help; you must devote yourselves to the rescuer Jesus Christ and by this means announce your will, that you break away from his opponent. And with ease you will succeed, because for it the man Jesus has died, that you get strengthened to the resistance against the enemy of your souls. But without me you achieve nothing; without me you are too weak, and you remain tied up for ever in his power. The decision you have to make yourselves, but you men should not reject the divine redeemer Jesus Christ; you should not claim for yourselves to just consider him as man; you are to ask for enlightenment, when the mystery of God becoming man is still not comprehensible to you - you are to long for and request truth from God. And the right understanding for it will begiven to you, because I would like to redeem you all, because I have died on the cross for all of you, and for that reason want, that you recognize and acknowledge me and my work - because I want, that also you get free from sin and death and can enter into that kingdom of light, which I have opened for you through my death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6383.


Book 68 6384

Love commands. Cooled love.

24. October 1955 B.D. NR. 6384.

God's will is the fulfilling of the love commands. And men exactly resist these commands, for their nature does not allow it, so deny something themselves for the sake of fellowmen. God knows it, that the nature of men is lacking in love; but he also knows, that there is no other way to happiness than via love. And for that reason he gave the commands of love for God and the neighbour, which indeed must also be fulfilled voluntarily, when they are to promote the maturity of the soul. God knows it, that the commands can be fulfilled, because the love spark has been put into the heart of each one man at the embodiment as man. Every man has this divine love spark in him; therefore it is impossible for no-one to kindle it - every man can be good, when he wants it. And to "be good" means practising love, to be helpful against fellowman and do everything, what pleases God, who himself is love. But man must be stimulated to do it, what exactly happens through the love commands. Every man could certainly feel in himself, how he is to behave; he could also walk right on earth without commands, because the love spark in him glows. But selflove is still very strong in man, and the love commands have therefore been set against this selflove, that man now freely decides. For that is his earth life test, to choose the divine or that opposing God. Because on the part of the opponent men are influenced, so also a counter influencing must exist, so that man does not need to succumb to the influence of the opponent. But the opponent of God has great power particularly in the time of the end. For he knows to stir up selflove in man more and more and to make out the divine commands to be unsuitable, so that men pay no longer attention to latter, however do everything, to satisfy their selflove. Love has cooled among men. It certainly glows in the heart of every man, but does not get kindled to a flame, which consumes everything, what comes into its area. And it will be completely suffocated, the closer the end comes. And then the opponent of God has won his game insofar, as that he has succeeded, to push the souls away from God, who himself is love. For these souls, because without love, are endlessly far away from God. But he himself has achieved nothing else by this means, than that these souls, which he believes to have won, will again be snatched away from his power and anew banished in form. The divine love commands can prevent such, when man pays attention to them - when he fights against selflove, to be able to fulfil the commands of God - when for the time being he does something to not contravene the law, even so the inner driving power still does not fill him to practise love. But power is supplied to the willing, and what he first does under the pressure of a command, that he will soon do voluntarily and with a joyful heart, because love is power, which always fills him more. For that reason men are to take note of the will of God; the word of God is to be supplied to them, which always only preaches love, which emphasizes the divine commands as most important - because it is extremely important, that they are fulfilled, otherwise they would not have been given by God. But he wants to help those men, who still have little love in them, who are still strongly marked with selflove. He wants to show them the way to happiness, and for that reason he gave the love commands to men, for he knows the weakness of men, their inadequacy and their inner impulses. But he also knows, whereby he can remove all these weaknesses. Love must be practised on earth, and who does not do it voluntarily, he must be stimulated to it through commands, so that he may unite himself with God, who himself is love, so that he gets free of the opponent, whose lack of love dragged him himself and his following down into the depths.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6384.


Book 68 6385

Eternal order is love. Work of Satan.

25. October 1955. B.D. NR 6385.

Only that is agreeable with God, which corresponds with the principle of love, and therefore that man moves in divine order, who lets his thinking and acting be determined by love. To keep to the divine order therefore always means only a love work towards the fellow human beings, by which also the love of God is expressed. But to live in the divine order will also always result in an orderly earthly life for the respective man himself, although everything around him can have gotten into disorder, because his surroundings have overruled the divine order, thus living a life devoid of all love. Such a life must have an effect as chaotic state; peace and harmony can never rule, where a life is led contrary to the eternal order, where love is completely disregarded, because there the opponent of God rules, who is totally without love. And no matter how an orderly good life men believe to create for themselves on earth - it well can temporarily obscure the fact of disorder in the hearts of such men; inner calm and peace can never be there, because the opponent of God stirs up the more the more man becomes a slave to him. And that one will always commit more lack of love, he will always be harder and colder towards the fellow human beings, he may perhaps hide under a mask, but his true face will always be recognizable. The order out of God is love - who lives without love is separated from God, which means affiliation with his opponent. But that one knows how to cover everything with a veil, he knows how to camouflage the characteristic features of a violation against the eternal order, which is why nothing is obvious so that he does not lose followers. By contrast he gives to those everything who have devoted themselves to him through their mentality, through their lack of love and coldness of heart. To those ones he will give in every way but will always only be able to record earthly products - but they are also all they want. And that is why the opponent of God has such a great following, because men seek mostly earthly fulfilment and get hold of these through uncaring thinking and action. And the state on earth can be no other way than it is now, where mankind no longer keeps to the divine order, where it in no way keeps to the will of God - where it completely ignores his commandments of love and men let themselves be used as tools of the opponent. The chaos on earth becomes greater and greater, and only few men move in divine order, only few men let the principle of love rule and unite with God, who is eternal love. And these do not need to fear when things take place legally, which are always only the result of an illegal life. The union with God through works of love gives them protection and strength when the time has come, when the divine order will be restored. Then it will turn out what nearness to God means, because that man will remain untouched by satanic power and satanic work, who has always moved in divine order, who cultivates love and always is in association with eternal love. He will well see everything around him cease to exist, but in himself is power and light and strength. He knows he is united with God, and he waits for his creator and father from eternity. Because the life in divine order has made him knowledgeable, and that is why he fears nothing what has its source in the kingdom of the opponent. He himself is in the area of divine peace, because the love in him eleminates everything, what is against the divine order, and because he is now immune to all dark powers, which still resist God and the eternal order.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6385.


Book 68 6386

Redemption of hard matter.

26. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6386.

The spiritual, standing in the beginning of the development, languishes immemorial long time in hardest cover, because it cannot move sooner into a loosened outer form, until its resistance lets up, what lasts immemorial long time. But once also for this spiritual a change of its outer form must come. And when you men now consider, that there are works of creation, which appear unchanged already throughout eternities, which from original times and also for eternities to come appear unchanged to you, then you must ask yourselves, when a change can once come for the spiritual bound in it, when it is to go the way of development like you, which leads to the embodiment as man. Also for this spiritual the liberation from the hard form comes according to the will of God. For God himself has determined the duration of the existence of such creations in the cognition of the letting up of the resistance and therefore also of the end - the dissolving of such creations - planned for eternities. And for that reason complete destructions of creations take place in intervals determined by God, which are not to be dissolved otherwise than through enormous eruptions - but which cause can also be men themselves, who undertake unlawful acts in free will, which result in enormous eruptions. Also this free will is included in the plan of salvation of God, and even such unlawful proceedings God lets serve in its effect the spiritual banished in form - when he himself does not naturally manage a dissolving of such creations. But such processes always serve the liberation of that languishing in hard form, to give it a lighter outer form, where it must continue the way of development upwards. No man imagines the untold agonies of the spiritual, which this long captivity has meant, and no man believes it, that in the new creation spiritual is again bound endless long time, which failed in the free state and, instead to reach upwards, has sunk back into deepest darkness. You men all consider the creations without deeper thoughts, what they are in reality - that they hold spiritual, that once were fallen original spirits - full of freedom and light - and that these are now bound in deepest darkness, but are to once again reach freedom and light - and that this course of development irrevocably also makes the destruction from time to time necessary, but that you men reject such references to an end of this earth as implausible. Only who knows about the meaning and purpose of creation, he entertains such thoughts, and the announced end is probable for him, but he does not make himself heard with his views with his fellowmen, who lack this knowledge. But every man should think and ask, so that he can mentally receive answers. And who rejects a coming dissolving or destruction of this earth as "not proving a God of love" - he takes up the love of God only for him himself, because he does not know, that everything in creation is spiritual having emerged from him like man - that it has just not reached in its development that degree, where it can embody itself as man - but that it must reach that degree, by it constantly changing its outer form and serves in every form. And this possibility is always given to the spiritual by God. And no matter whether eternities pass, the day once comes for this spiritual, where it can flee from the solid form and can again move into a somewhat lighter. And in God's plan of salvation from eternity the day is always planned, where the spiritual in hard matter gets liberation, that day, where a redemption period takes its end and a new one begins. For the development of the spiritual goes onwards constantly, because God's love constantly looks after everything, what has once emerged out of him - until it returns again to him, to be able to be and remain happy in all freedom for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6386.


Book 68 6387

Change of will in freedom.

29. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6387.

It remains up to you men yourselves, to perfect yourselves. In heaven and on earth my will indeed rules, and everything takes place so, as it is helpful, that you can reach perfection. But my will never intervenes into your decision; you are never determined through my will to think, want or act, for you must manage your perfection yourselves. And exactly for that reason it is doubtful, whether you reach that aim, to already gain perfection on earth - although it is well possible for you. And it is a great responsibility that rests on you, because the short earth life time can ruin everything, what an extreme long way of development before had already brought about. But on the other hand you can enter into happy fields after the leaving of your body, when you pass the last test of will. I myself cannot determine your will; I can just present everything to you, what expects you as effect of your way of life. I can always only warn and admonish you; I can strongly represent to you the terrible lot of the banished as well as the happy lot in the spiritual kingdom, but I must leave to yourselves the free decision. And I find little faith with you, although I again and again go up to you in the word, to awaken or to strengthen the sense of responsibility in you. You do not believe, that I speak to you, why you also pay little attention to my word. And so the short earth life time passes very often for you without all progress for your soul, and it leaves the body only very undeveloped or even deformed, as it has moved into it. And a time of favours has passed unsuccessfully; it was not utilized, because the free will of man itself must bring this about. And it still could be easy for you, when you would just like to believe - when you would like to listen to my word, so I address you myself. You can think about everything, what I present to you, and you would also certainly reach real cognition, because my word holds this power in itself and its effect is exactly a cognition full of light - but must always be listened to and given full expression to it willingly, to be able to have an effect. For that reason it is certainly possible for you, to reach perfection; I demand nothing impossible from you, but never ever influence you against your will. My word will always only sound more insistently, and where no effect is to be achieved at all, there I let my voice become loud, and I let the powers of nature speak for me exactly as insistently and warningly, and this voice will truly be heard by all men - but also not force to the change of will. What you do to for your perfection, must be done voluntarily, otherwise it is without advantage for the soul. But for that reason I bless every man on earth, who seeks so transmit my will onto fellowmen; who as man supports the same to man, what I say to him through my word - who is therefore active redeeming and speaks for me, who offers himself as cover for me, through which I can now speak. To serve as mediator is truly a redemption activity, because a man lets himself rather instruct by a fellowman, than that he believes my word, of which origin he is not convinced, so long he lacks faith. But I want no man to get lost, and for that reason I still let much happen, what can lead to a change of will of man. I truly rule in heaven and on earth, but I leave men their freedom, for they can only reach perfection, when they, convinced, confess faith in me, when they listen to me and voluntarily do everything, what is my will - when they keep my commands, which are announced to them through my word.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6387.


Book 68 6388

Reference to actions of nature.

30. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6388.

Everywhere I supply my word, and I also know the right means and ways, that the willing men come into the possession of spiritual material, which has its origin in me. For I know it, who is willing to listen to me, and truly everything is possible for me, also that I myself address them in that form, which is beneficial to them. But I also remember those, who are completely empty, who have not yet felt the desire for my address, who go along without thoughts turned towards me, who see the world only and its goods. Also to them I supply my word; also they are addressed by me again and again, but so unobtrusively, that they can certainly hear me, but must not hear. The will must for the time being become busy in them, to hear something from other spheres, than that is, in which they are; but such stimulations come again and again through conversations, books, world events or own trouble and accidents. Man can then give his thoughts the right direction, into infinity, to me, into spiritual spheres - and according to his will he is now also fed. Therefore do not believe, that I deny a man my loving help; do not believe, that a man would have to get by without my gifts of favour. I look after all, but the success is the own matter of man, who has a free will. But my word will be heard in the whole world, for I need for it always only a willing earth child, which opens me its heart and can receive truth from me directly. And this truth it will then also pass on, because I know those men, who are willing to receive, and bring together my earth children, where only a small progress is to be expected. And messengers of light will always hand out, wherever it may be. And all will announce the same truth, because they are my messengers, who will appear in the time of the end everywhere and in all countries. No hungry soul will remain unfortified and no longing heart unfilled. And I manage everything; heaven and earth I rule according to my will, and I look after every individual creature and create all possibilities, that it may be happy. I awaken everywhere right preachers, whom my spirit inspires, what they are to speak, and who are so intimately devoted to me, that I can also work through my spirit. Everywhere successes will be scored; but everywhere also men, who refuse every access to their hearts, who certainly also hear my word, but face it full of hostility and can therefore also feel no effect. But also they have been addressed, and they will again and again be addressed until the end of their life, because I make an effort about their souls until the hour of death, that they still find to me in earth life. Innumerable men certainly still stand far away from me, and they themselves also do not seek to decrease the distance, but my love and care is meant for them in the same measure, because I want to win back all my creatures and therefore give up no one, until its last hour has come. But I do not encroach on the freedom of its will. But what my gentle efforts do not achieve, what my word is not able to accomplish, that can still be possible through unusual natural events, where no other way out remains for men, than to give up themselves or to take refuge to a power, which is so strong, that it can help. The acknowledging of this power is already a step forwards, and also the call in trouble of such man I hear, and he is rescued from eternal ruin. My voice sounds everywhere, gently and loud it is to be heard, and everybody can feel addressed by me; everybody can receive favours and awaken to life, who is just willing and pays attention to my voice. For my love wants to rescue; it wants to give itself away and give life to all, who are still slaves of death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6388.


Book 68 6389

Fulfilment of the promises.

31. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6389.

All my promises are valued too little by men - because their faith in them is weak, when they do not completely lack it. But I stand by my word, and for that reason you can wait for the fulfilment of my promises full of faith, provided that you yourselves do before, what I demand from you as precondition for the fulfilment of my promise. And I have promised you much: a carefree earth life and an eternal life in happiness. I have promised you redemption from sin and death and a life in freedom, light and power. I have promised you splendours in the house of the father and on earth fulfilment of all requests and enlightenment through the spirit. And when you in full faith in it do, what I demand of you, then you are in truth to be called happy creatures, even so you still live on earth. But you do not take any notice of my words; they certainly still sound at your ears, but they no longer get through into the heart, so that you became wide awake and would have to think about, what all you could achieve. You are indeed to do nothing for the sake of the reward, but you are to know after all, that you receive a reward, that I pour out my gifts excessively over my creatures, which I know in the same will with me. But neither my promises nor the description of the unhappy state, which can expect you, determine you to a just way of life. You listen to everything, but it remains on you without influence, because you have no faith, for the disbelief you prove in this way, that my words do not cause you to strive for that, what I promise you. But I cannot give you proofs of that after all; my word must be enough for you, for you are to strive for perfection in free will. But you are to take my word as guiding principle for yourselves and trust it without hesitation. And you would create for you an easy earth life; you would not need to fear death, for you could enter after it into eternal life. But where is this faith still to be found? Who trusts my word blindly? My earth walk lies so far back, that it is doubted - and so also my word is doubted mostly and at best still taken notice of, but not valued as deepest truth. But "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." Would you just consider these words alone and grasp their meaning - to then recognize, how every saying of mine is to be assessed by you. What I have once said, is and remains irrevocably truth, and so I gave you a promise, it will also irrevocably fulfil itself, and you can reckon with it in all certainty, because this promise has been given to you by your God and creator from eternity, by him, who has lived for you on earth and has died - by the eternal, who is truth in himself and whose love is meant for you until all eternity. Who gave you this promise, he can also give you everything, what you need for body and soul, for earth life and for eternity. And you can truly trust him, and he keeps what he promises. You are to again and again consider these my words, and you are to always want to grasp their meaning deeper - and faith in the truth of my word would become stronger in you and let you remember my promise in every trouble of the body and of the soul. You would then turn to me full of confidence; you would do, what I demand of you and truly be relieved of every trouble. For I alone can give you and also fulfil promises - for me alone it is possible, to keep an earthly life free of worries for you and to give an eternal life in future in happiness, and my love guarantees you the truth of my word.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6389.


Book 68 6390

Redeeming activity at the souls.

2. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6390.

You hear my word, and you are constantly admonished to pass it on, for unspeakable much depends on this activity, because through the passing on opportunity is again and again, that opposite souls gather, who also listen to, what you work through loud or mentally, when you converse with your fellowmen or write down or the receiver reads it. For mental work is always with it, and the souls can follow these thoughts and draw the greatest benefit from it. You are never allowed to let spiritual material lie fallow; you must always work with it, for my word is to work, for its effect is unlimited; innumerable souls can fetch power for themselves from it. But the opportunity must be given to them for it; they must be able to listen to. You must therefore listen to or read it yourselves, and always in thoughts of all those souls, which need it to receive light and power out of it. These always stay there, where they hope for light, and they hurry towards every ray of light, when such are shining for them. Be a source of light for these souls, that also they can draw from my spring of love, which I have made accessible to you. Know, that there are only few men, who can send out such a ray of light, because only few occupy themselves spiritually and stand in truth, for that reason you are constantly besieged by light hungry souls, which you are not allowed to disappoint, that they wait in vain with you. Constantly think of their trouble, which you can alleviate, because you possess much of the living water, which they lack. Countless souls depart daily from earth and enter the spiritual kingdom, and for innumerable this new area is dark, so that they feel unhappy in their situation. But you radiate much light, and you are to want to supply this to those souls and for that reason always sent a call into darkness; you are to offer them light, only then they notice you and come to you, because the call from you touches them already beneficially. You men must do, what I myself would like to do, but what is refused to me on the part of these souls: to offer them power and light, which they accept from you more likely than from me, because they do not know me and cannot be caused to the acceptance by me inevitably. Also to you they must come voluntarily, but they are still so very much connected to earth, that it draws them again and again back into those spheres, and so a light now radiates towards them there, they push themselves around that light and request brightness. You can give them the desired, because you possess it in rich measure, because I myself constantly supply you with it. And you are to keep nothing to yourselves alone, but always just want to hand out - so that I can always give you more according to the law from eternity. Always remember those souls, which are in dark surroundings, and let your light radiate into their area. Make my word accessible to them, and make it possible in this way, that I myself can address them, and you are truly redeeming active; you utilize my gifts of favour properly; you are real announcers of my Gospel, which must not only be supplied to men on this earth, but also to all souls in the hereafter, which have not accepted it on earth and are still to also find the way to me. It is that world, which you do not see, but which nevertheless surrounds you. They are indescribable needy souls, which suffer hunger and thirst and for which I have for that reason also made accessible that spring, which is to refresh and revive them, but which must also be called on voluntarily. Call them, that they come to you, when you announce my word. Then I myself can speak to them through you, and my word will work as light and power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6390.


Book 68 6391

Spiritual knowledge without material success.

4. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6391.

What is sent to you of gifts of favour, only serves the spiritual in you to perfection. It is spiritual material, which in no way results in bearing benefit earthly, because then all striving upwards would be invalid, when this spiritual material would be received or passed on for the sake of earthly advantage. And only he will be a real servant for me, who - free from all material desire - shows commitment to pass it on to fellowmen. For the pure spiritual is not allowed to be mixed with earthly aims, because this means a degradation for the spiritual. Redemption work is to take place in love - a loving heart is to receive spiritual material and a loving willingness to help pass it on, for only then it will have its effect on men. Every material connection with spiritual knowledge works out detrimentally, for something coming from above takes no material striving, because it despiritualizes the former. But this you may be told, that I know it, what you men lack and that I truly let no-one live in want, who is active for me unselfishly. And so I will also always intervene helpingly, where material help is necessary, to supply spiritual thought material to fellowmen. But that is not to be your care, but always only mine. You will therefore be able to be active unimpededly, so long it is your will, to only serve me and the work of redemption. You then always go the right ways; you always set about the right work; you can then safely rely on your thoughts, which are directed according to your enthusiasm for your work. I can only use selfless men renouncing the earthly, where it is essential, to receive and spread my word from above. Every material thought in connection with it endangers this work, but fullest trust in my help promotes it and secures you moreover a carefree earth existence, because I myself can offer it to you through your complete trust. You are to know, that your love will is an extreme powerful factor, which takes all obstacles. You are to know, that your spiritual work can achieve something, what extreme great material treasures are not able to make up for. And for that reason anxious thoughts about the earthly supply are not to weaken this love will, of which immeasurable much depends in spiritual respect. What is the short earth life on its own against the terrible agonies of those beings, which you can end. Willingly and joyfully you would sacrifice, when you could see these beings in their state and their pleading gesticulations for help. The miserable earth life would let you be untouched, and you would always only want to serve and help. And you can help them through your love, and you give me a joy, which I pay you truly. For love only is the means of redemption; love for me imparts light and power to you, and love for the unredeemed passes on light and power and draws innumerable souls up out of the depth. It is conscious redeemer work, which you do and which for that reason never remains without success. This certainty is to make you happy and drive to always more eager work; you are to rid yourselves of all earthly worries and never hope for an earthly success through your spirit work. What you need, I give to you. That I supply spiritual knowledge to you unlimitedly, is to also, however, be proof for you, that you need it - because you are to work with it again for the benefit of those, who have departed unredeemed into the opposite kingdom. Use, what you possess, and do not worry about that, what you lack, for everything is sent to you from me, what you need for body and soul.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6391.


Book 68 6392

Spirit baptism.

5. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6392.

It is the spirit, which enlivens you. For that reason let it become effective in you; want, that it may express itself, for with this will you announce, that you acknowledge me myself, that you desire to hear me. I myself can therefore now work through my spirit. And you therefore receive the baptism of the spirit - my spirit pours into and over you, because you are now continually allowed to receive the gifts, which originate in the spiritual kingdom, by me myself. Every man, who opens himself, who fashions his heart to a receiving vessel of my spirit, will be able to let the life-giving current flow into his heart, and everybody opens his heart, who has the will, to get into contact with me. And he also fashions himself to love, otherwise he would not request this "eternal love". But the flowing over of my spirit into a man can take place in different strength. And it can therefore trigger a different effect - according to how strong darkness filled the heart of man before. Where a love light ray of my spirit touches a still completely dark heart, there the effect is often so obvious, that it overwhelms that man - that he is suddenly enlightened and loudly pays praise and honour to me, I who have blessed him. But it was his will after all, to receive my ray of love; in the humility of his heart he turned to me and by this means opened his heart for me. But in fulness my spirit can flow into the hearts of other men, who constantly turn their look to me. There my spirit certainly works powerfully in the inside of man, however not always visible to fellowmen. Such men just radiate much love, and every thought is turned towards me; with every breath their hearts love me, and they want to serve me at any time. They have received the spirit baptism completely inconspicuously at the moment of the deep inner bond with me, and so is also their work on earth inconspicuously, in the spirit of my love they work for me and my kingdom, what they could never ever, when my spirit could not pour in constantly, when I could not enlighten their thinking and lead them on every way, because they themselves grant the spirit in them the right to express itself. But nobody is to believe, that only appearances hitting in the eye show the pouring out of the spirit - nobody is to see unusual appearances alone as a sign of the spirit baptism. I work much more out of the public eye than in public, but in the face of the great spiritual trouble in the time of the end I also appear visibly and with it take the child faith of men into account, who expect unusual signs from me, because my disciples were once given unusually. And because these believe, it happens to them according to their faith. For an unbeliever I do not put in a state, which forces him to believe. I alone know the soul, and the outer man often does not show the state of the soul, and where I discover a strong desire for light in a soul, I kindle it in it - what also at times can make the body unable to the usual activity; but blesses the man, who now lets the light in his soul shine; who changes in the light of the soul and now remains loyal to me until the end. For he can still lead many men to me; he can work for me and my kingdom, what is task of every man, over whom my spirit pours - that he seeks to move the hearts of his fellowmen, to get ready to a vessel of my spirit. For only, so I can work in man, is his aim guaranteed. For my spirit directs you all towards the right aim; my spirit influences you, that you seek the connection with your father spirit from eternity and now remain with him for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6392.


Book 68 6393

Recognizing of the love of God in creation.

6. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6393.

No man knows the omnipotence of divine love - no man grasps its fulness and therefore also not the power and might of God, but it is constantly expressed in his creation, which proves infinite love, wisdom and omnipotence. For that reason creation alone would have you men remember him reverently, who let it come into being. And you would have to look up to him in deepest humility. But mostly you go past everything thoughtlessly, what should be for you a sign of the presence of God. You have a close look at everything with a casualness, what would have to be assessed as greatest miracle, and for that reason the love and wisdom of God remains hidden for you, and your faith in God is lifeless. But his love is so infinite, that it also works despite your indifference, that it constantly lets new creations come into being, for once you will recognize it, what is based on his creative work. And then you will tremble with the thought, not having recognized and assessed divine love, when you men still stayed on earth. For recognizing and devoting oneself to the love of God means, being able to work oneself full of love and to get rid of all faults and inadequacy. Divine love expresses itself for that reason in creation so obviously, so that it may get recognized by you men and you now let yourselves be radiated through by it voluntarily. To receive divine love is equal to the transformation of a weakened being to strength. You must be radiated through by the power of God, to be able to be full of power yourselves, and this power is the love of God, which constantly draws you men and just requires your willingness, to let you be drawn by it. If you are for the time being aware, that the creator wanted to prove his love to you through everything, what he let come into being, then also in you yourselves love must flare up, and then also his divine love power current flows into your heart, and you climb up. You are just to get to love God, what you certainly can, when you look at his creations, which prove his love and his wisdom. For that reason you are not to go with closed eyes through the world; you are to look at that, what the will of men did not achieve, what has emerged from the power of one creating, whom you cannot see, but still can recognize, who let nothing come into being without meaning and purpose and for that reason must be full of wisdom - and who let the creation come into being for you, because he loves you infinitely. You indeed cannot know about the cause of creation and of your own relationship to it, so long you thoughtlessly look at everything around you, but you can reach that knowledge, as soon as you just think and enter a relationship with the creator. When you learn to love him, and entrust yourselves to him in the acknowledgement of his might and power, in the awareness of his extreme great love. Then you will be looked after by him and supplied with everything, what you lack. You will receive light, i.e. gain cognition about yourselves and about your aim. And you will learn to look at everything with other eyes, because you open yourselves to the love of God, which can now work in you. And you yourselves will be filled with love, because the love of God is a power, which makes alive, and also calls to be alive love. His life flows over into you, you who accept his love. And you must come alive yourselves and kindly love in you, as soon as you have contact with him. At his flame of love the light of love kindles, and it will no longer go out for ever. And God's love will pursue you, and however deep you have sunk, however long you remain in resistance. It does not give you up, but it does not force you. But by how much happier could you be, when you would let yourselves be radiated through by his love without resistance. For it is possible for you, to recognize him and his love, because you live in the midst of a creation, which obviously proves his love, his wisdom and his power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6393.


Book 68 6394

God's mating call to spiritual cooperation.

7. and 8. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6394.

All my children I call upon to cooperation, and every man is all right with me, who offers himself to me as servant in my vineyard. I have directed this urgent appeal to you already often, because I need many helpers on earth. I certainly can be active with my favour, by me pouring it out amply on all, who want to use it, and I also give to those men, who do not desire it, to still stimulate their will, to work with the favours supplied to them. But I cannot influence men so, as it is possible for you, because you live in the midst among them and can address them in my name. Believe it me, that this help must go out from you, when it is not to mean compulsion of will. I certainly influence the hearts of men unusually, by me handing out my favours extremely abundantly, but I must keep back, where a man still shuts the heart. But no limits are set for you, when you want to serve me and your activity aims to achieve a redeeming of souls. I can provide you with power and light, which you can now use in a redeeming meaning. I can use you as spokesman; I can speak myself through your mouth to men, for as soon as you address them, it is no longer you yourselves who speaks, but I speak out of you. That I use your usual way of speaking, is necessary, for men would not stand it to hear my words, as they flow out of my love spirit. I must cover myself in your robe, but which you offer yourselves to me as cover; that you let me speak through you, is of great use, as you yourselves do not suspect it. But I can only make you subservient for my purposes, when you offer yourselves voluntarily to me to do it. For that reason I again and again call upon you men to service at suffering mankind, for that reason I want to awaken the awareness in you, that you are necessary, that I need you, when souls are still to be rescued, which otherwise are heading for their ruin. You all can still not grasp it, what it means, to put yourselves into the service of God. You are anxious because of earthly worries, and you would still be given extremely abundantly, because I as good house father look after my servants and they can from now on go their earth way unburdened. Think of it, that without my blessing you can never stop slaving away earthly, that only my blessing brings in success for you and it will rest on you, so you serve me in love. But where do I find that faith, which trusts me without hesitation? You men are all still too very much connected with the earth, and the earth often keeps you back, when you would like to make your way into the spiritual kingdom. But you can carefree leave it behind you, when your eyes just remain directed upwards and you fulfil spiritual duties, to serve me and fellowmen. For spiritual work you perform in connection with me, but the worldly work only then finds my blessing, when you recommend it to me, that I send you my helpers, so that you also accomplish earthly work without difficulties, but without (8.11.1955) neglecting the spiritual work. The time of maturity has come, and my reapers must be eagerly active, for everything is to be gathered and an ample harvest achieved, before the end comes. Who is now of the will to help, him I will bless. And he will also feel my blessing in all beginnings, spiritually and earthly I will level the ways for him, so that he does not lack power, so that he willingly and joyfully performs the work, which alone is important in this time. You must just always be aware of my presence, and everything will be easy for you and you will also succeed. These are my mating calls, through which I want to win the servants for my vineyard. For the time pushes, and every day is lost, which does not find you active spiritually.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6394.


Book 68 6395

God's word gives light.

8. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6395.

Clear and comprehensible is every word, which comes from above. For I will always address you men so, that you understand me. I want to help you, you who walk in ignorance on earth, to recognizing. I want to light a light for you, where it is still dark in your heart. And for that reason you will grasp it, that that cannot be my word, which does not give you full understanding, which makes an unclear and mysterious impression on you, from which you can gather nothing, what increases your knowledge, what gives you light, although you use your intellect to gain brightness. When I address you, so I pursue the purpose, to make you knowing ones, so that you also understand my rule and work - because I want, that you really recognize me, to also be able to love me. But if you win nothing of knowledge, despite good will and desire for truth, so they are not my words, which are sent to you, and then you can also reject them without hesitation as going out from him, who fights against the light and wants to darken your spirit. I truly would take no pleasure in it, to still deepen the state of ignorance, in which you are, moreover I want to touch the heart of a man; I want that it feels me and my love, but what can only happen, when it understands me, when my words of love so touch it, that it feels being made happy, but to which also full understanding is necessary for it. Therefore I will always express my self so comprehensibly, but not address men in mysterious hints or incomprehensible words, whom I want to win for me. I must emphasize this quite particularly, to examine the doings of my opponent, who is a master at causing confusion, and who for that reason emerges in a similar way, by him letting men speak for him, whom he influences mentally and who listen to him all too willingly and therefore spread spiritual material, which is untrue and unclear - but is not recognized by many men as being hostile to truth. Just accept only that, what you understand and what makes you happy, you are of good will and when you long for me, as your father from eternity, and for truth. For then the father also reveals himself with words of love, which give you bright light. Darkness on earth is so great, that I truly will not still deepen it, but light a light everywhere, where it is requested, and for that reason you are to examine everything offered to you to see whether it gives you light. For truth out of me, my word, is my divine love light, which will always shine brightly and is comprehensible to every man, who wants to be enlightened. Who lacks the desire for truth, he becomes intoxicated with beautiful words, but which meaning is unclear for him, because they contain no deep meaning. And these are therefore not so endangered, because it is a matter of indifference to them, whether pure truth is offered to them. But to the one requesting truth I give this warning and enlightenment, and their hearts will also reject instinctively, exactly because it is not comprehensible to them. Also my word will indeed come upon lack of understanding, but always only with those, who also feel no desire for truth - who still stand far from me, who have no love in them and for that reason cannot recognize. But my opponent will also want to influence them little with his work of lies, on the other hand he will always try to bring in darkness into places of light - because he fights against light, so long he still can work. And particularly in the time of the end he will do everything, what promises him success. But light will also uncover these attempts and plans; light will gain a victory over darkness. Truth will be recognized by all, who long for light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6395.


Book 68 6396

Childbirth once and now.

9. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6396.

When I descended to earth, it was covered in deepest darkness, all light was gone out or its illuminating power prevented, and men were in great trouble. There light itself climbed to earth the little child Jesus was born and began its earth course, which ended with the raising to the cross. The saviour was born, who was to redeem men from sin and death. I myself came to earth; I embodied myself in the man Jesus, who wanted to fulfil a mission, which only a "man" could carry out, because he was to be an example for all men on earth, which also they could strive for, because it was humanly possible. The saviour Jesus Christ was born into this world, into a world of weakness and imperfection, into a world of sin and vice. A pure, divine soul the son of God took residence in the human cover of a child, and this soul now walked as man Jesus consciously an earth course in the midst of that sinful world - which resulted in the complete merging with me - so that I myself could take residence in him. And my spirit shone as brightest light through the man Jesus, and he could radiate through everything, what opened itself to him. And already the little child Jesus proved to men his divine mission, for now and again my spirit expressed itself through this little child - but always only to those, who had not forgotten me, who bore faith in a God in the heart and called to this God for rescue, for they felt the darkness as misfortune and called to me for help. I sent my son to earth - for I wanted to bring men the help, by me myself getting into contact with them, by me making the way free for them to me into their father house But as God I could not get directly into contact with them, because the great distance from me made such impossible. For that reason I sent my son to earth, a being closely connected to me, which offered itself voluntarily to serve as mediator. Which therefore wanted to carry the light from above down to earth and light a way with it, which leads out of the depth upwards. I sent a being, which had emerged out of me and remained with me, when innumerable beings voluntarily separated themselves from me. And I gave this being a fleshly cover, which was to be residence for me myself, as soon as the mission of the man began. I indeed made provisions in everything, that this cover was born pure and flawlessly, but the soul now had to cover the same way on earth as every other man. From childhood the same demands were made on him. In the midst among men the little child Jesus grew up, and in the midst of men, who were sinful, he had to preserve his body pure and fight against everything, what would have polluted it - for he was to become my residence; I myself wanted to embody myself in the man Jesus, and that I could do it, was his work, his will and his love for me. For love was the light, what he brought with him to earth, but which he in exactly the same way so had to let flare up in him to the bright flame - as it is the task of you all, to light the love spark resting in you and to constantly arouse to always higher heat. A light radiated down to earth, and this light sought for itself a human cover - the saviour was born to you men, for I took pity on mankind, which languished in deepest darkness and could not free itself out of it alone. My love looked after men and sent a rescuer to them. I myself climbed to earth, to redeem you men.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6396.


Book 68 6397

"My kingdom is not of this world."

10. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6397.

My kingdom is not of this world. What you strive after to achieve in this world, that gets lost for you in my kingdom, for you cannot possess both, the joys and happiness of this and of that world. Both are opposing in their demands and opposing in that, what they offer you. But only the spiritual kingdom, in which I am myself, can give you happiness, which lasts for ever. And that you men are to always consider, that your time on earth is only limited and that you also must leave behind the little, which you acquire for yourselves here - that you can therefore win nothing, what makes you happy for ever, and in the cognition of that - you who possess everything after all - it would truly be more advisable, to care for a wealth, which does not lose value with the death of your body. My kingdom is not of this world. Again and again you have heard it out of my mouth, and again and again you have been strongly entrusted with putting back earthly striving and to gain spiritual goods for it, which are immortal. But as long as you stay on earth, only that is of value for you, what creates a sense of earthly well-being for you. And the degree of your cognition is accordingly, which will always be and remain a low one, as long as my opponent can influence you through the attractions of the world, which is his kingdom, and whom you acknowledge as your lord, as soon as you strive for earthly goods. There are no compromises between both lords - you must decide, but your eternal life depends on the decision. You yourselves determine through your decision your lot after the death of your body. And this decision you must make in all freedom, why the spiritual kingdom is certainly asserted to you in all splendour as absolute truth, but you are not allowed to be forced to that decision through proofs of those. But the earthly world is visible and tangible to you, and for that reason you strive for it with all senses. But the death of the body is certain for you, and with that you have to reckon - you must come to the conviction in you through thought, that your soul cannot stop to be - because you can assess yourselves as a work of creation, which has to serve a higher purpose through its nature than to only that end, to cover a miserable earth life with only earthly aims. The thinking man is not satisfied with this purpose of life, and he seeks for an explanation of the actual purpose of existence - and he will also receive it - according to his will and his attitude to truth. But these enlightenments can never be sent to him out of that world, which is the kingdom of my opponent - but they will go out from a kingdom, which is not of this world, and these enlightenments will prove it to him, that the aim of every man is to be that kingdom, in which I rule from eternity to eternity. Every man can create this proof for himself, but his will determines it, whether he thinks and strives for truth or is satisfied with the goods of this world. But my words are again and again being brought to remembrance of men: "My kingdom is not of this world." And who once strives to fathom the meaning of these words, he already does one step into this kingdom, out of which I myself will come to meet him, to accompany him over into my kingdom. But he must leave the world behind; he must voluntarily separate himself from the kingdom of my opponent, then he will also always find a gate, which leads over into my kingdom - then he himself will also make the right decision, which determines his lot in future in eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6397.


Book 68 6398

Love bridges the chasm.

11. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6398.

My word alone can decrease the far distance from me, because my word teaches love, which you men lack, and this is cause to the great distance between you and me. My love for you is unchangeable; it will always draw you, but only when you reciprocate my love, you seize my hand and by this means come closer to me. Only when you yourselves kindle love in you, you take the way to me, and you decrease now the distance from you to me out of your own drive. But love has cooled among men; you pay no attention to love; you prevent it, that my ray of love can hit you, which finds no entry into a cooled heart; you defend yourselves against my love, otherwise you yourselves would feel yourselves driven to work in love. And for that reason you can also not bridge the wide chasm, and what that means, you all do not grasp: you still give yourselves firmer into the power, out of which you are to become free. And for that reason I persistently let my word be sent to you men. I admonish you to love work; my love teaching is constantly supplied to you, for it alone can determine you to that end, that you become active in love. I gave you my commands of love for God and the neighbour. You all have heard them already during your earth existence, but you attach no value to them; you have not yet become aware of it, what the fulfilment of my love commands means for you. And before the words cannot fall into your heart, that they kindle the love spark there, they are just dead words without meaning and life. That they become alive in you, that I aim to achieve through the supply of my word from above. Everywhere indeed my love teaching is announced with men; everywhere are willing workers for me and my kingdom; but they lack the right spirit; mostly they also only express my word, without it having become alive in them, for then the word has also no power. But otherwise the word, which comes from above - which can be supplied to those, who are in contact with me through their will, to live to my pleasure - who have already kindled the love light in them and for that reason are able to hear myself. These receive power to live directly from me and can now pass on this power and again and again awaken new life by means of this power out of me. My word, which has its start from me myself, holds much power in it, and it urgently teaches love. It refers men to the alone important in earth life: to develop love, so that men come closer to me - so that they become free from the power of my opponent. And if the whole knowledge would be made accessible to you men, but love not preached, so you could not awaken to life, you remained dead for ever, because my lover power can only them flow through you, when you yourselves open yourselves through work in love. Love is the highest - love is that bond, that connects us for ever - love is the bridge, through which the wide distance from me is removed. But love is also the guarantee, to hear my voice directly, therefore to receive power from me unlimitedly. Love is the divine, which you have once given away and by this means became imperfect, and so you also win again back your perfection, as soon as you live again in love - as soon as you do voluntarily, what my commands of love demand from you. For love must be practised freely. I certainly can refer you through my commands to the results of the fulfilling or of the nonfulfillment of them. But I will and cannot force you to the fulfilment, because love tolerates no compulsion - as all divine is something completely free. My word must just be supplied everywhere, so that it can hit the love spark slumbering in the soul and ignite it. Again and again my love teachings must be announced, and again and again a little spark will glow and grow into a great love flame; again and again there will be men, who long for me, because the love spark in them was kindled through my word, which is full of power and imparts power to everybody, who accepts it without resistance, who moves it in him and gets active according to my love teaching. He will work in love and live for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6398.


Book 68 6399

Change. Redemption of the souls of the depth.

12. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6399.

In the spiritual world the light souls follow the happenings on earth with concern for you men, for they see the darkness; they would like to bring you light, but you do not accept it and with closed eyes are heading towards ruin. But they also know about the events lying in front of you; they know, that the earth stands in the last phase and they also know about the terrible lot of those, who do not before still turn towards their God and creator and cover the last stretch of way together with him. And for that reason they eagerly make an effort, to influence men on earth mentally, that they desire light, to then be able to supply it to them. Everything is tried to direct the thoughts of men spiritually. For that reason from time to time everyone is talking about men, who work unusually, who clearly show a connection with the higher world, who also eagerly advocate this higher world and as it were prove themselves as speech organs of that kingdom, which "is not of this world". Again and again men will be able to follow such an unusual work and now mentally stimulated to desire information about it. A connection of the spiritual world towards earth will become more and more credible for those men, who are thoughtful. But indifferent men will also remain untouched by such phenomena or experiences, which they just smile at and dismiss. But a messenger from above has also approached them, so that they will not be able to say, having remained without admonitions and warnings. The light world tries everything on behalf of God, for the end comes closer and closer, but much success will no longer be scored with men of this earth, why on the other hand increased work starts in the spiritual kingdom at the souls, to fetch them out of the depth to light - to encourage all souls, to follow the light and to work on themselves, to be able to go out of the kingdom of darkness or of twilight into spheres of light. For also in the spiritual kingdom the end of the redemption epoch will bring a change - because everywhere a separation of spirits will take place. Hell will spit out everything. Everything satanic is again banished into form and therefore also the inhabitants of the deepest depths, who show no will to change, who are so hardened, that all attempts of conversion remain unsuccessful, who avoid every opportunity to break away from darkness and always strive more for the depth. Certainly innumerable souls will still rise, because on the part of the light world it is persistently worked in love and patience, but since free will is decisive, this redemption will not be complete. But once also the struggle in the spiritual kingdom has ended for a long time, when all spiritual is judged, i.e. is moved there, where it belongs according to its degree of love - when the new creation has also received that found in "hell", to give to it again the possibility to ascend. Then peace will also be in the spiritual kingdom, and the souls will strive upwards, because both on earth as also in the spiritual kingdom only see and experience love and are no longer exposed to hostilities of the prince of darkness. Many souls are still recalled before the end of this earth; to all of these the possibility is offered, to reach up in the hereafter, but also the freedom of their will left, so that they can also sink into the depth through their own fault. But the work of redemption is carried out extremely eagerly on the part of the light beings and also of men on earth, who are loyal workers in the vineyard of the Lord. A change comes, spiritually and earthly, and this change already casts its shadows in advance. On earth will be a sharp separation between the ones loyal to God and those, who do not believe. Unusual phenomena and events will cause men to attend and clear signs prove the work of spiritual powers. But no man will be forced to believe; everybody is just to be helped, who is of good will. For the spiritual world knows about the fate, for which men on earth are heading, and their love still seeks to rescue, before it is too late.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6399.


Book 68 6400

Informing men (Earth task).

13. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6400.

To make the significance of earth life clear to fellowmen is your task, so you want to serve me, for exactly about it very few people are informed, that they live on earth for the sake of a purpose. They seek the life purpose in earth life itself; they conscientiously make the effort, to cope with all demands of life, as far as these serve the body - but they do not know, that it is the soul that an aim is set for on earth, which man is to reach, and that earth life was given to him to that end. And so long men do not receive full enlightenment about their actual purpose of existence, they live thoughtlessly and unscrupulously into the day. Also only few will indeed listen to ideas of a knowing; only few will believe, what he tells them, and nevertheless they must be informed about it, because only then can they be called to account, when they have received a certain knowledge about it. The thinking of man must be directed from the earthly into the spiritual kingdom, to then be able to decide in which kingdom they now want to stay permanently. Through upbringing most men are already mentally referred to it, so that there is hardly any man, who has not already taken note of a world existing outside of earth. But so long this knowledge has not become inner conviction, it is useless for man. And this inner conviction you, my servants on earth, are therefore to seek to impart to fellowmen. It is a laborious work, which demands patience and staying power and is often only also without success, nevertheless it must be done, when men are to be helped. It is a work, which must again and again be set about, when it was first unsuccessful. And I myself support you through outer influence, through strokes of fate, through happenings, which cause thinking. For only when man thinks, the first success is to be scored. With all senses men strive for matter. They must learn to recognize matter as worthless, to overcome it. I myself must again and again present or prove to them the transitoriness of matter, and you must build up on that and present those goods to them, which are immortal and have lasting value - and so therefore draw the intention to their actual earth life purpose: to the overcoming of matter and to the acquiring of spiritual treasures during their existence. The more a man is connected with the material world and its goods, the less he will accept your instructions, but for every man comes the time, where that is taken from him, what he believes to possess. Every man experiences death around him and is caused to the thought of his own death in this way. And death is so certain for every man, that the thoughts of it also emerge once in him. And then it is good, when he remembers your instructions, which through the influence of the light world will guaranteed come to his remembrance, why none of your efforts remain completely without success, only now and then delayed to his own harm. You are not to let yourselves be discouraged through rejections; you are to strongly refer to the coming end; as, however, also to the end of life, once certain for every man. But you are to also preach to them the survival of the soul, the immortality of that, what as soul gives man his self-consciousness. This soul cannot pass; this soul has received earth life for the purpose of maturation, and this soul takes upon itself after the death of the body that lot, that was acquired for it in earth life. Again and again you are to remind men of death and of the state of the soul after death. Again and again you are to distract from earthly thoughts and seek to open the spiritual kingdom to them; again and again you are to inform them of their earth task. And I myself will always support you, so far it is possible without the compulsion of the will. Each one man knows about it, but only few believe in the truth of that, what is again and again presented to them. And for that reason your vineyard work is so urgently necessary, because all men are still to be helped, who are of a good will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6400.


Book 68 6401

God's word is life, light and power.

14. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6401.

Who hears my word, he hears me. But how can you recognize it, that I myself speak to you? So you ask yourselves seriously, when my opponent besieges you and wants to produce doubts in you on account of the truth of that, what you receive through the inner voice. Again and again you will hit upon such doubts, although you will again and again overcome them, but that is his effort, to keep you off from the intimate connection with me, because he would like to prevent you to receive my direct word, for he knows that my word is light in which his work is clearly recognizable, in which he can be exposed by everybody, who seeks truth. But you possess a proof - you possess a living testimony of me, for my word gives you life; it gives you light and power. And my word teaches you love. That alone already is a testimony, that eternal love addresses you, and everybody, who gives full expression to my love teaching, he awakens to life, and he gains cognition. What you receive through the inner word, that is no dead word; it is life and light and power in itself. For every man, who is of good will, will feel addressed by it, even so the origin is not known to him, because my word has an effect on every man, who does not resist me. And so the origin can well remain hidden to him, he does not need to know about the coming into being of that what has been offered to him he feels it, that they are words of truth, for his soul is addressed and most deeply touched, because my power enlivens this word, which has its start from me, and this power never remains without effect, where all resistance has been given up. And my opponent knows about the power and might of my word, and he would like to extinguish the light. But he will not succeed, because its effect is also there unmistakable, where it is received from me directly. He will indeed again and again seek to spread doubts into the heart, but the light has already a too light brightness, than that his cunning and trickery would not openly come to light. My word testifies itself to me and to truth, for it gives enlightenment, which satisfies everyone, who demands truth. But my word will always only have an effect on those men, who do not treat me with hostility - who, also when they think not being able to believe in me, still only want to acknowledge that, what is according to truth. These cannot withdraw themselves from the impression, that they are addressed by a wise power, to which they now also willingly listen. Only that man will completely reject my word, who wishes to have no relationship with that power and who for that reason still belongs to him, who has sworn me enmity. Those asking will always receive enlightenment, but the enlightenments will only satisfy him, who desires truth. And my word also touches him, because I myself also address him in my word. For that reason only pay attention to the effect of that, what my address has imparted to a man. And you will be able to judge yourselves, from whom the word went out, for who lets himself be addressed by me, who is therefore not my open opponent, to him I can also give light, that - because it radiates out of my love - also touches man beneficially. And that may then also be a proof to you, who speaks to you - that my word makes men happy, that they find fulfilment, that food is offered to them, by which they can satisfy themselves, and that their desire always increases and they would like to be constantly fed. In the shine of the love light everything is now also comprehensible to them, and untruthfulness - therefore erroneous knowledge - can never bring enlightenment to a man and for that reason also not make him happy. But my opponent shuns the light of cognition, and he tries everything, to extinguish it again. But a man, who has once awakened to life, never ever goes back into darkness and into the state of death. My word is light and life, and on it you recognize, who addresses you, and every doubt towards the giver becomes invalid, because you have already life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6401.


Book 68 6402

Church buildings?

15. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6402.

It is not according to my will, when buildings are erected for me in splendour and brightness, at a time, where it is very particularly necessary, that the eyes of men are directed inwards, that they are not directed towards things, which still belong to the world, which are not suitable to win my kingdom with its magnificence and glory. Everything, what fascinates your eye, what touches the senses of man, prevents him from self-contemplation, from the quiet inner taking stock of himself, which is so urgently necessary for you men, because you stand shortly before the end. Again and again I must call my words into your memory: "My kingdom is not of this world." Why do you believe having to honour me through buildings of splendour; why do you orientate everything towards the outside and do not much more eagerly set about the work on your souls?

You men still do not grasp it, that I am not to be found there, where you want to move me to. You all have the possibility, to let me be present with you. You all have yourselves the place in you, where I want to be. To each individual of you I am so close, as you wish me to be, and each individual of you has the power, to draw me to him, when he just fulfils my only demand, that he fashions his heart to love. "For who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him." Only love secures you my presence - but I can never be there, where you seek me, when your heart is not aroused with love. And for that reason it is foolish, wanting to build houses for me, which serve no other purpose than to gather men at times, who live in wrong ideas. For who want to speak with me, can do it in the heart and at all places - they truly need no assembly rooms of such kind, that the eye is offered, what every deep composure excludes. Everywhere, where my word is imparted to you men, where you can hear sermons, for which your heart longs, there I stay and through the announcer of my word I myself address those men, wo want to hear me. For to hear my word is alone important for you men, you who stand so close before the end and are still so endless far away from me. Only that, what is suitable, to awaken the soul out of its sleep, finds my agreement and my blessing. But how can your soul awaken to life through outwards events, through worldly splendour and magnificence, through perpetual ear and eye feasts - through everything, what touches the outer senses of man, but cannot give life to the soul. Only through love it can awaken and recover, and love must therefore be placed first everywhere. Love must be preached and practised, to which opportunity is offered to you always. A soul finds to God much easier, to which love is given, which awakens counter love. Do good to your neighbour; alleviate his trouble; seek to help in every way - spiritually and earthly you are look after fellowman and give to him that, what he lacks - but do not erect dead things, which production is not according to my will for that reason, because also the earthly trouble on earth is so great, that it truly would be more pleasing to me, when this trouble would be alleviated. What do you perhaps believe you do to me with that? All treasures of the world are my property, but which urgently requires redemption from the fetter of my opponent. But you banish it firmer; you want to erect structures of eternal duration, and you believe to show honour to me with that? And when my love would not also take pity with this unredeemed spiritual, its agonies would immeasurably be prolonged through the will of men, who still have not grasped the meaning of life, but claim something for themselves, to be spiritual leaders for men. You stand shortly before the end, and for that reason my words ring out extremely admonishing and warningly, for you, you who support or propose such, you contribute to that end, that innumerable souls keep on their sleep of death, from which only my living word, which teaches love, can awaken them. Love is to be preached and practised - and you all will know it, where love work is necessary, for everywhere around you, you see trouble and misery, which must first be removed, before I can bless your doing.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6402.


Book 68 6403

The will determines the duration of slavery.

15. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6403.

And although you fight against my love - once you will open yourselves to my love; once you will voluntarily turn to me, and your hearts will be hit by my ray of love. You will push towards me and seize me and no longer separate yourselves from me for ever. But eternities can still pass; but you can also give up your resistance in a short time, and your existence in constraint has ended; you can enter my kingdom in fullest freedom and fullness of light, when you leave earth life. Because this is possible, for it is alone because of your free will, whether you exchange the state of unhappiness, the state of the distance from me, with a state in blessed freedom, for that reason I still give you every possibility to this change of will, and I myself always approach you so, that you can recognize me as a God of love and can seek the connection with me. I do everything to shorten your time, which you still spend in a far distance from me, but I can always only influence you without the compulsion of the will. And for that reason the danger is as well, that your earth life has ended, before you have found back to me. Your will is free, and you yourselves determine your lot after the end of this world, which ends the life of you all. And what I do not achieve now, that I will once achieve after all, only you are the victims, when you prolong the time of unhappiness for yourselves, where you yourselves can end it after all. But love for you does not let up, even so you still reject it, when you are still opposingly minded towards me. My love pursues you; it always creates for you new opportunities to return to me; it pays attention the smallest change of will and gives you accordingly, so that your way may lead upwards, when the time has come again, where you must prove yourselves as man on earth. But every development period is endless long. For that reason I will pour out my favours in extreme measure shortly before the end of such, and every man can acquire these favours for himself only in this way, that he desires them. Every man is helped, because my love is meant for you all and would like to protect you all from a new banishment. But a declining, a turning down of my favours is also a turning down of my love - and therefore voluntary remaining in the remote state, which I oppose with no force. My love is meant for you all, and it also remains preserved for you, but it will again be ineffective endless long time; you will only be again able to feel it in the state as man. But then you must let yourselves be radiated by me without resistance; then you must open yourselves, and all trouble will be at an end for you. For that reason he is already to be praised blessed on earth, who consciously devotes himself to me and seeks the joining together with me, for he has given up his resistance and he no longer fights my love. He will soon be free of all material cover and brightly radiate in light and power. And the soul will now recognize, that my love was incessantly making an effort to help it to happiness, however could not influence it against its will. And in this cognition also it will again want to help the souls of men on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom. Also it will give life incessantly, because it incessantly receives love from me and love is a power, which never rests, but works in my will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6403.


Book 68 6404

"Work the works, while it is day."

17. November 1955 B.D. NR. 6404.

The day will draw to its close, and night will fall, and everything will be covered in deepest darkness. For the time is fulfilled, which was given to you men to your redemption out of form; it is a phase finished, which time duration has been determined by me myself in wise foresight of your spiritual state and its only possibility of help. My plan of salvation is unknown to you men, and if it is announced to you, so you do not believe it, but it exists, and according to this plan of salvation all events unwind in the universe and also in the spiritual kingdom. For the spiritual kingdom and its inhabitants stand in closest contact with the beings of earth, and they seek to exert their complete influence to still achieve a good conclusion with men, who do not completely stand far from me. But if the day of the end has come, then everything sinks back into deepest darkness, which has already stood in a certain degree of light. Then night falls, which lasts endlessly long. Then no man will any more be able to work, for every man has stopped to be, except for few, who belong to me and therefore count to mine, whom I take away from earth with the body alive, because they are to inhabit again the new earth according to my plan from eternity. Night will irrevocably fall, and everything will go down in darkness, because it has not sought the light on earth. But you men still stand in the light of the day, although it will soon draw to its close, and so long it is still day, you can therefore also still eagerly create and work; you can flee from the night, when you take refuge to the eternal light, when you yourselves light a light in you. which will no longer go out for ever and you never ever need to fear the night. To you all this possibility stands open; you all carry a spark in you, which just needs to be kindled, to radiate light, which now illuminates all your ways. And it can only be again and again be shouted at you: Use the light of the day well; work on your soul; make it light receptive, so that my love light can radiate through it and there is no longer darkness for you for ever. Strive spiritually and leave all earthly striving behind, for darkness becomes deeper and deeper, which is imposed over earth, but the light radiates from above, out of the spiritual kingdom. And for that reason you must direct your looks spiritually and know, that the spiritual alone has value and once means for you the right life, the right light. Learn to judge all earthly material as pretence world, and you will then also be able to break away from it. Long for light; flee from darkness, by you fleeing from the world with its wrong light. Fight against it, that you are thrown into darkness by the powers of darkness; hand yourselves over to the powers full of light; hand yourselves over to me, I who am the light from eternity. Every day once draws to a close, but a morning full light always dawns again. But this night will last endlessly, and only mine will experience the morning full of light, who already stand in my ray of light, because their love and their will belong to me. All you men can give your love and your will to me, and you would not regret it, but voluntarily you must do it; voluntarily your heart must seek me, then also you enter my light circle, and morning full of light will also be allotted to you. For that reason my serious admonition is again and again meant for you: Work the works, while it is day, for the night comes, where you can no longer work, and this night lasts endlessly, and it is about to happen to mankind.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6404.


Book 68 6405

Changed constellation of stars.

18. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6405.

At short intervals you experience occurrences which repeat each other, which will strongly alarm you men because you cannot explain them, and you therefore fear powers, against which you cannot defend yourselves. But you cannot gain a proper explanation, because this lies in my will, that you reckon with all possibilities and every single person is to adapt himself correspondingly - because I want that every single person is to still profit from it for himself, i.e. for his soul. Where faith is completely lacking, there the anxiety will be especially strong, while the believers more or less rely on me and know that they are safe in my protection. Still they are phenomena which, because they are cosmic, result in great public discussions so that every man will also himself think about it and also say something to his fellow human beings. From time to time worldly interests will take a back seat but as soon as these phenomena are over, worldly men seize the pleasures of the world so much the keener, and only with few, impressions remain, which cause them to contemplative hours and can also lead to a change of thinking - until the same events repeat themselves in the universe and create renewed horror. Because on the part of science serious threats of the planet earth are feared - because puzzling changes of the system of stars have to be faced, which have never yet been observed and which could be a serious threat to earth. And the opinions of men will considerably deviate from each other in the assessment of its effects. Men will shrug it off and enjoy their life without hesitation; men will take measures which are completely useless, and again others will do some soul-searching and mentally go into their God and creator. And I leave to everyone his free will, I only try incessantly to have an effect on the thoughts of men that they move properly, that they turn towards the actual purpose of man - that they come to rest in me and now can be guided by me to their soul's salvation. But what will happen? The constellation will change. Stars will be guided into other courses; they will be in another relationship to earth than up to now. And through this stars will become visible which have never before been seen, and one will appear as a direct threat to earth, because its course is feared to cross with earth. No man wants to believe that such will happen; no man will believe that laws of nature change, but you men are before the end. You yourselves prepare something which will still have worse effects, because what you undertake that threatens the whole earth. But what takes place through my will is only an omen of the end, it is a serious admonition to you, and I only give to you such clear signs of the existence of a higher power that you all can turn towards this and that you that way can also avert a direct danger for yourselves, when you, i.e. your soul, properly profit from it. But what comes afterwards that concerns the whole earth and everything that lives on it. And that is why I appear first unusually, but without forcing you to acknowledge myself as the author of that what is powerful in its effect, however will not concern the whole earth. Because I know about all laws of nature and their effects, I also know to avert every event or to weaken its effect. But what I let happen always only serves your salvation; it is to drive you towards me; it is to let you men recognize a God to whom you are to escape, because he is your father. It is the last sign before the end comes. It is the last attempt of my love and mercy to rescue, what still is to be rescued. Amen. B.D. NR. 6405.


Book 68 6406

Fight against the lie and error.

19. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6406.

Take up the fight against the lie and error, when you want to be my fighters on earth. Do not let yourselves be deterred through threats and not persuaded through promises; powerfully stand up for my word, for the pure, unaltered teaching of Christ, which has experienced so many changes through men, which you are to correct in my name. I do not let you fall victim to the false doctrines, when you are of the will to move in truth. And for that reason truth is sent to you directly from me, and everybody can again receive it through you, who seriously strives for truth. But the thinking of men is already so confused, that they can no longer recognize what is right - that they much more likely doubt, when truth is offered to them, than when the dark error is presented to them. Also this is a sign of the time of the end, that men speak "different languages", that they no longer understand each other - and that therefore one must be, who speaks so, that all can understand him. And he will always instruct them on my behalf - he will be servant and messenger, whom the Lord himself sends out to those, who wander around at night without finding the way, which leads to the aim. But also my opponent has his helpers, who likewise seek to influence men and entice them always deeper into darkness. You men do not know it, which bad blessing rest on spiritual material, which is not in accordance with truth - as it is his weapon after all, which brings in great success for him. And all you men stand under his influence, you who resist my pure teaching, which is sent to you from above through my messengers. And only, what agrees with this truth can be a blessing for you. But the great evil exists in that respect, that men mostly do not ask for it, whether truth is sent to them. And so long they are also the suitable vessels into which my opponent can empty himself. As soon as man himself desires intimately to only receive truth and to recognize it, he closes his mind to such currents, and it becomes light in him, so that he recognizes every error and banishes it from him. But as long as this desire for truth does not exist in man, also the efforts are in vain, to displace the false teachings from their heart, and therefore also the language confusion will not be able to become clear; men will not understand themselves, but everybody will believe, to speak right and go the right way. Men, who walk in darkness on earth, just lack the desire for truth. And this desire is free will. But who stands in truth, he is not to let up to stand up for this truth. He is to again and again try to shake up men mentally; he is to illuminate the false teachings to them so, that they clearly emerge as false. He is to stimulate men to seek; he is to also reproach them for their spiritual lethargy, which accepts everything without thinking, whatever spiritual material is presented to them. And he is to refer them to me myself and to assert only that as valuable and true, what comes from me. And guaranteed everybody will reach truth, who turns to me myself and desires it. And very few people do the latter, but since truth takes its start from me myself, it can also only be received from me myself. All men are to consider this - also those, who think themselves to be wise, for they err, so long I myself cannot instruct them, because they do not turn to me myself.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6406.


Book 68 6407

Dissensions before the end.

21. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6407.

This is also a sign of the near end, that dissensions arise everywhere, that also among mine parties are formed and everybody is in the belief to alone think and act right. But then my spirit is also no longer determining, for where my spirit works, complete agreement will prevail; where my spirit works, the thinking and wanting will be the same. But where dissensions arise, there my spirit has withdrawn, because the work has been made impossible for it. For as long as you men stand in the midst of the world, so long you must also fight against the world, so that I have unhindered entry into your heart, so that my spirit can therefore become effective in you. But as soon as you men refuse it the work, the light in you will go out, and in the darkness you bump everywhere; you no longer go the same way together, which was illuminated by my spirit, but each one goes another way, thinking in the darkness, it is the right one. It is a great danger, when different opinions prevail within the ones wanting to be mine, for then you must always fear, that a bad spirit has caused confusion, because my spirit pushes all little sheep towards their shepherd - but the wolf scatters them, to disperse the herd. Seriously remember this parable. Every dissension shows the influence of the opposing spirit, which creeps in like a wolf in sheep closing into the harmonious herd. And mine will again gather there, where their shepherd is, for he entices all lost to him again; but my little sheep will never join other shepherds, unless they are in the power of him, who seeks to snatch my sheep from me. And in the last time he will quite obviously show his work. But he will always only be able to creep in there, where he can influence men through the world. He will find no access, where the relationship with me is so intimate, because there my spirit is at work and his doings are brightly illuminated. But every desire for the world is an obstacle, that my spirit can express itself, and then my opponent has no difficulty - then he knows very cleverly to confuse the thoughts of men, but he also lets each one believe, that his "spirit" instructs him, and for that reason everyone will also hold on to his opinions; no one will seriously take himself to task; everybody will believe being directed by the spirit in him, and also eagerly support the greatest error as truth. My spirit cannot be, where different opinions are. For my spirit will always only teach truth, which remains the same always and forever. It is the time of the end, where the influence of my opponent on you men comes to light always clearer. But you can protect yourselves against his influence, when you always join me more intimately, when you turn away from everything, what still belongs to him. And you know it, that the world with all its attractions and joys is his. Therefore turn away from the world, and only turn your senses and thoughts towards me. Only long to hear me and to be safe in my arms. Combine no other wishes with it, but seriously strive for that kingdom, which is not of this world. Then the enemy of your soul will not be able to come near to you, for then you are filled by my spirit, and you recognize him, who wants to harm you, who just wants to confuse your senses, and you will give him no possibility to approach you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6407.


Book 68 6408

Admonition to use earth life right.

22. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6408.

Your earth life as man is like a moment only, measured at the endless long time, which you had already to live through in the creations of the earth, although you were not fully aware of it. But as man you live a conscious life and still of so short duration that it truly would be possible for you, to pass the fight, for the purpose of which you live on earth. Immemorial long times before you had to suffer, because you were tied up, without power and without freedom. This long time has been an uninterrupted state of agony for you, what you will recognize in future. But as man you live in a certain freedom, and you also possess life power, to acquire for yourselves a final freedom. You are therefore as it were yourselves enabled to create complete freedom for yourselves, and need for it just a rightly directed will. Earth time is only short, and exactly for that reason you are to also summon the will, to gain the greatest success from this short earth time. For what comes after that, that only is the right life for you, but which now can be extremely marvellous and also just as agonizing. Truly nothing too difficult is demanded of you men, and you can therefore pass your test of will. And still most men fail, because their longing for happiness concerns the wrong aims, because earthly they already want to achieve, but what only the spiritual kingdom can give to them. They strive for the wrong goods, although they know it, that these pass with the death of their body. The short earth time they use wrongly, although they are being instructed about their actual earth life purpose and about the effect of a wrongly directed will and of a wrong way of life. The free will, which has now been given to them after endless long time of constraint, they only let become active in the earthly direction, although they are constantly admonished and warned by God through his word and his messengers, who want to help men to reach the right aim. And no matter how short the time on earth is - men cannot and do not want to put themselves off until the time after that, where they can hold a rich harvest, when they would have well cultivated their land in earth life. But they want to enjoy already before, and therefore they are satisfied with fruit, which brings death to them, instead an eternal life. Truly only a very short time is allotted to you men for the test of the will, and you can pass the test, if you would just very seriously turn to Jesus Christ, that he may strengthen and direct your will right. Such a request would truly not be in vain, so it would just be expressed in the heart, so that it can reach his ear. For every man, who wants it, he becomes free through him, through Jesus Christ, who has died for it on the cross. He has promised you an "eternal life", a life in might and glory, in freedom and light. Believe his promise, and turn to him, when you become weak and the world threatens to rule you. Call him over to help, where your power is not enough to resist. For this is the fight, which you have to pass on earth, that you renounce that, what the world offers you, to be allowed to once take that kingdom, which offers you immortal goods and that lasts for ever. Believe it, that it is possible for you to pass this fight on earth, when you just call Jesus Christ for his help, when you hand yourselves over to him, who has overcome death. He will securely lead you to life, for he himself is the way, the truth and the life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6408.


Book 68 6409

God's help to the change of will.

23. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6409.

No man's heart remains hidden to me; all stirrings lie open before me, all wishes and desires, may they be of worldly or spiritual kind. I know about all faults and also about all virtues; I know about the distance, in which every individual man stands to me; I know about the direction of his will, about the degree of his love, and also the most secret thoughts do not remain hidden to me. And for that reason I apply those means to every man, which promise success. But the freedom of the will remains untouched, why also just as well those means can remain unsuccessful. But each one is given according to his spiritual state, which is obvious to me alone. For I do not let myself be deceived by words, which the mouth expresses, or by outer gestures of piety, because I see into the heart. And so I however also know, by what mankind suffers from and why there is so little help for it. It seeks no contact with him, who sees and knows everything after all. It believes, that man is exactly as foreign to me, as I am to man. It does not believe in the close connection of creator with his creatures. It does not seek him, to whom it owes life. And it cannot be forced to a change of thinking, for the only medicine for its illness would be my word, and in free will they must listen to it and give full expression to it, to change their degree of cognition, therefore learn to think right. Although I know about every most inner stirring of the heart, I respect the free will and can always only give to man according to it. This free will of man binds my power, because I do not violate my law of order, and no matter how great the spiritual trouble is. But everything happens, what could change this free will, why also now and again unusual events approach man, which can achieve this. And where only the smallest change of will is recognizable, there my love always finds new means, which are truly applied in wisdom, because I want to win man for me. And so my perpetual care is meant for you men until the last hour on this earth. I do not turn away from him, who longs for no coexistence with me. I nevertheless accompany him on his earth ways, only unrecognized by him, but always influencing him imperceptibly, without determining him to his thinking and walking on this earth. And now and then I also succeed to address him and to find his attention, exactly because I see every stirring of his heart and can then also utilize it, when it seems favourable for me. I therefore look after the life of every individual man, and nobody goes along without spiritual guidance. But many have made not one step progress until the hour of death, and for that reason I recall them, when only the smallest possibility still exists, that the will still changes in the hereafter, so loving intercession follows them into that kingdom. I utilize all conceivable possibilities to help the soul upwards, and I go past no man, without helping him - but I also force no man to accept my help. But only what he utilizes in free will lets him get on. And so commands can get enacted on the part of men heaps and heaps, they will bring in for him no spiritual advantage, because an inevitable fulfilling also of the most noble command is worthless for the soul - but the smallest voluntary act of love means a progress, and because I recognize this great spiritual trouble, I incessantly make the effort to bring my word among men, which alone can change their thinking and wanting, when they listen to it readily and live in accordance with it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6409.


Book 68 6410

Gospel of love.

24. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6410.

I can only announce to you the Gospel of love - for it is love, which you lack, but which you irrevocably must kindle in you and let flare up, to have communion with me, which guarantees eternal happiness for you. Love connects us, but lack of love keeps us separated. If you now want to reach me, I you want to be and remain for ever connected to me, then this can only happen in this way, that you fashion yourselves to love, that you therefore become like my original nature, that you become again, what you were in the beginning - creatures radiated out of my love of the same spiritual substance. But although perpetual love is preached to you, you do not take these words seriously, exactly because without love you also lack all cognition, what love means at all for your divine feeling; real love does not desire, but gives persistently and seeks his. You certainly know a love, but it is directed wrongly; it is a desiring of things, which attract you, to which you give the word love. But real love is a constant making happy. Only when you men kindle this love in you, it drives you inwardly to me, and you seek to establish the connection with me, for the unselfish love activity is already an effect of my ray of love, which seeks to again and again touch you men, but is very often ineffective through resistance. But who gives up his resistance, him my ray of loves touches, and its effect is an incomparable love urge in the heart, which now drives to activity. And you men must first come to this love, then my Gospel has had success, then my love teaching has been listened to and has first broken the inner resistance. And then I could send my ray of love into the heart of man. And the stronger my love teaching is announced, the sooner it is also possible, that the resistance lets up, for you men must first know of my will, which always only demands love, only then you will adapt to my demand - positive or negative - to the advantage or to the harm of the soul. Love is the first - and before further knowledge can be imparted to you, love is and must be preached to you, for without love you only possess a dead knowledge, so it is nevertheless presented to you. Only love gives life to everything; it makes you yourselves alive; it makes my word alive; it illuminates your spirit and establishes the connection with me, I who am love myself from eternity. Everything, what the man Jesus taught on earth, had only love as content. Everything, what he did, were works of love for his fellowmen, and his cross sacrifice was the expression of his extreme great love for mankind. Only love determined the man Jesus to his thinking, speaking and acting. Only love drove him to his work of mercy, as it has only once been accomplished on earth. For his love led to the complete uniting with me, and therefore I myself worked through the man Jesus, and I myself died consequently the death on the cross, because it was love, which sacrificed itself for men. Love has the greatest significance, on earth as well as also in the spiritual kingdom. And if a being is without love, then it cannot belong to that kingdom, where I as eternal love rule, but it itself places itself outside of this my kingdom and vegetates in lack of light and power. For love alone is light and power. Love is the basic law, which cannot be changed for ever. And who offends against this basic law, he must also bear the results - being robbed of light and of power, which mean happiness. For that reason my Gospel always only teaches love. And where therefore love is preached, there am I myself announced, and so you open heart and ear, greatest blessing will arise for you from the announcing of my word.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6410.


Book 68 6411

Your desire determines your lord.

25. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6411.

I hand out with full hands, and everybody will be able to receive according to desire. Through the kind of your desire you also make yourselves that lord willing, who is to give presents to you. And so you can also cause my opponent to give you presents, when you desire what is his. And for that reason you are to always examine your desire - you are to become aware, whereupon your desire is directed, so that you do not confess belonging to a lord, who harms you, who hands out no good gifts to you - so that you are also aware of the danger, that you yourselves hand yourselves over to that lord, who no longer releases you. Desire, what brings blessings to you; desire those goods, which are immortal, which I alone can hand out and want to hand out in excess. What I want to give to you, must also be requested; the heart must long for it, and I will fill it and truly not to its harm, for what I give you, that are treasures of highest value, treasures, with which you can work in the spiritual kingdom, when everything earthly lies behind you, when your actual life begins. What I give you, that cannot be offered to you by other beings, unless it would have been handed out by me before. And you can therefore acquire a wealth for yourselves on earth of incomparable value, when you just eliminate him from your thoughts, who has to show no spiritual possession, because he once gave away everything, what had been given to him by me - and he has for that reason no relationship with me any more, therefore will never be able to impart to you something, what serves you to the salvation of your souls. He is separate from me and wants to know you exactly as separated from me, for that reason he will seek to prevent everything, what could result in a relationship with me. And for that reason he will seek to direct your thoughts to his kingdom, to the earthly world, and entice you with its goods. Earthly he can and will give you richly, when he can take complete possession of you for it, but you yourselves determine this, for he cannot force you, just place his world enticingly before your eyes, that you voluntarily cling to this world, that you always only long for its goods and by this means also submit voluntarily to the lord of the world. Your desire determines that lord, who gives to you - that let be said to you as warning and admonition. When you want, that a life in eternal happiness expects you after your demise from earth, then also desire those goods, which are immortal. Direct your eyes towards the spiritual kingdom, and know, that no limits are set for you, that you are allowed to desire the treasures in excess and are also given according to your desire. For I am always ready to give, and it will never be meagre handed out to you, because my love for you determines me to the renouncement, which wants to make you happy. I just seek to snatch you from the fetters of my opponent, to be able to make you happy, while he in his lack of love wants to block the way to me, because his nature is just hate, which also applies to you. For he lacks all love. And already for that reason you are not to go into his nets - you are to know, that that, what he offers you, can never be to your happiness, because he wants to provide you with no happiness, but only strives for your subjection. And so your will is good, you will also find no pleasure with the goods of this world - but always be happy, so spiritual goods are offered to you. Use your earth life and seek to enrich yourselves with treasures of spiritual kind. Break away from the world and its lord; desire with all senses being given presents by me, and you will be given gifts of my love in excess. For everybody will receive according to desire.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6411.


Book 68 6412

God, a just, but loving judge.

27. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6412.

The Day of Judgement comes. And it would therefore be wrong, when you men would remain completely left without knowledge about it, so that you are spared of every worry before. This would be no love from me, for I see further - I see the lot of men afterwards, when they, without warning, further live along into the day and suddenly stand before it, having to take responsibility. Many men indeed also do not take this announcements and warnings seriously, but they have been warned. And what they do afterwards, is their free will. But there are also men, who through such announcements come to self-reflection, who seriously consider the case and now go through earth life consciously. They are only few, but they can still be rescued from ruin, i.e., from the new banishment in matter. And I struggle for every individual soul; every individual is meant for me infinitely much, so that I try everything, to rescue it from the fall into the deepest depth. I only want, that men remember me and their future responsibility before me. But who has already found to me, he also does not need to fear the last judgement. For I am certainly a just judge, but also a judge full of love, and look at all with eyes of love and mercy, who come to me in humility and would like to be taken by me. I see the smallest will towards me, for their souls I have already won for me. And only those must fear me, who reject me, who through their way of life announce such a far distance from me, that they therefore also will remain in exactly this far distance after the end of this earth. The last time will certainly be a time of horror for all men, but touch them completely different - for mine will, through faith in me, have a power at their disposal, which lets them bear everything easily. Much they will not feel, what besieges fellowman hard, for I know it, how man is made and what he is able to bear. And I am after all a father to mine, who will not burden his children excessively, when they only look towards him and want to be led by him himself. What lies before you men, is however so powerful in its effect and so significant, that every man must be referred to it, to still give him the possibility, to escape the worst, a new banishment. No man is to be able to say, having remained completely uninformed; but it is up to every man to adapt himself to that end. But only those few will again believe in it, who have already found me. But these do not need to be afraid, for as soon as they believe in a God of love and of omnipotence, they also know, that this God can rescue them from every danger of the body and of the soul, and also want it. But those who lack this faith, to them that what is coming cannot be explained black enough, to shake them up from them being drugged with sleep, because for them it will also be outrageous, when they do not change before and also take their way to me. For earth carries more men without faith, because love among mankind has cooled. And these will also not let themselves be made worried by my announcements, and they are still to be informed on it. For I take pity on mankind, and for that reason it is again and again to be warned and admonished. And who is of a good will, he will also not reject everything, although he is still unbelieving. And I myself come to his aid, exactly because his will is good and he will also seize my hand, which offers itself to him, when he threatens to almost sink. I know mine, and I approach everybody so, as his spiritual state requires it. But I seek to prepare all for my kingdom, which is not of this world. I want to help all to be happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6412.


Book 68 6413

Love radiation and distance.

28. November 1955 B.D. NR. 6413.

Long already you stay far from me, and you lack all remembering back to that state, where you were once happy near me. You do not recognize yourselves; you do not know about your original nature in the beginning; you are limited in your knowledge, in your feeling and in your nature. You are no longer that, what once went out from me in all perfection; you are just still inadequately formed beings, which can no longer call themselves my images. And my whole love still belongs to you after all, because you nevertheless are and will remain my share in eternity. My love power is your original substance, which has just been determined to complete inactivity through your free will and for that reason therefore also rests, until your free will lets it work again. For that reason I do not give you up, but radiate you perpetually, that you awake to new life, you who can be called dead after all in your present state. But my radiation is to aim at, that the love spark glowing in you may be kindled - or also: Once you are to feel and recognise it, that a divine father continuously looks after you, preserves and provides for you; you are to once become aware of all his gifts of favour, for the time being only of the loving earthly guidance and fatherly care about your bodily existence and then also of the spiritual directing. And you are then to be stimulated inwardly, to show love for your creator and father from eternity. Then you kindle in you the divine spark, and then my love radiation has not remained unsuccessful. Then you awaken to life. And now it is also possible, that you reach again the original state, that you let yourselves always more be flooded through by my love power, that it drives you to love work and that you gradually again enter into my order from eternity, which you once wanted to reverse and by that means removed yourselves from me. But the far distance from me has reshaped you, for only that is perfect and remains perfect, what is near me and therefore can constantly be flowed through by my love power. But your voluntary removal prevented the effect of my love power - not, that this love power was weakened, but it itself keeps quiet to a certain resistance, because it is law from eternity, that love excludes all compulsion. But the smallest will, to give up the resistance, also makes again the love radiation effective, and its power is so strong, that it can also achieve a total change of the before deformed - always assumed, that the free will of the being allows this. And for that reason my care is always only meant for the change of the will turned away from me. And I always only seek the beings to give up their resistance; I always only prove myself as love, by me also giving all possibilities to men still standing far from me, to recognize a loving God and creator - when they are at all able to believe in a God. And I also seek to impart this faith to them through my address, through proofs of their own powerlessness, through constant stimulating, to think about creation, about their fate and about the original power, which no man will be able to deny. And my infinite love for all still standing far from me makes continually an effort to decrease this distance. But I respect the free will, which every being gone out from me called its own and which was given anew to man, to the soul in the last stage of its development. This free will determines, how long the being still remains in resistance to me. For only the voluntary return to me can win the beings happiness and perfection, which will also certainly happen once.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6413.


Book 68 6414

Gospel of love.

29. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6414.

I can always only say to you the same, what I taught, when I walked on earth, for you have been moved to earth for the sake of one purpose only: to kindle love in you and to let it become the flame illuminating everything. This is your life aim, and I myself have referred you men to this aim, and you will always hear the same, when I speak to you through my spirit. It is always the love teaching, which I put first before everything else, because without love also no further knowledge is of any use for you, because without love you are lifeless and then do not fulfil your earth life purpose. But men do not like to hear it, when they are again and again admonished to love, for they feel it, that they particularly lack that, what I demand as first. They still strongly cling to selflove, and they should completely change their life, their thinking and acting, when this selflove is to be turned into unselfish neighbourly love. It means for men an inner struggle, which is the harder the stronger selflove rules a man. And no matter whether I persistently preach love to them, whether they are referred to it from all sides, it is this to them no "joyful tidings", and for that reason they mostly avoid the place, where my love teaching is announced. And so also my flock was only small at the time of my earth walk; they were always only few, who followed me, because they recognized the deep truth, which lay in my words. And it will always only be few, who also now take my words to heart and put into action; who therefore "follow" me. Love means everything - and its effect is inconceivable for you men. But you make no attempt, to test the power of love at yourselves; you attach too little importance to my words, and for that reason I must again and again preach to you the same: Live in love, for only through love you can be happy. So long you men do not fulfil this first and most important command, so long you also do not acknowledge me, although you call yourselves Christians, although you carry my name in the mouth. So long you yourselves do not practise love, you can also not recognize me myself as your God and redeemer, for you lack all understanding for it; you lack the power of faith. You have not yet become aware of that, what a living faith is and how you can win this living faith, otherwise you would make an effort to carry out works of love, to gain a living faith, to now also be able to support me convincingly before the world. Unselfish love paves for you the way upwards, and every love work is a step forward. But then you can also believe alive in me, and then you will also grasp the meaning of my love teaching and eagerly make an effort yourselves, to announce this my love teaching in my name. All knowledge is of no use for you, when you men do not have love. But you will gain deepest wisdom on the way of love. It is love, which you men lack and which you are to kindle in you; it is love, which connects you with me, from whom you kept yourselves separate endless long time. Love is also that power, to resist him, who wants to keep you separated from me. But without love you are powerless, without light and in his power. Love alone can rescue you, and for that reason my word will always only teach you love, and I will never stop, to send to you this my word, to help you to happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6414.


Book 68 6415

Deformation and purification of the divine word.

30. November and 1. December 1955 B.D. NR. 6415.

You are to confess your faith in my word, even so it is offered to you differently as up to now. For not my word is different, but only the transmission is a direct one, because my word, which I preached on earth, has already experienced many changes through human influence, which I must again and again clear up, so that my word remains the same always and for ever. You men cannot expect, that something remains unchanged throughout years, in a world of imperfection, where the will of man and the work of man has access at any time. And you can also not expect, that I prevent men, to carry out changes, or to give interpretations in the wrong kind, because I always respect the free will and never exert a compulsion, even so it is about my word, about the pure Gospel. But again and again I see to it, that men can come into the possession of my pure teaching, when they desire truth. My word could never preserve itself pure among men, who are not enlightened by my spirit, because the preconditions for it are lacking: a life according to my will. And you cannot claim, that all men have lived according to my will, to whom as it were my word, my pure love teaching, was entrusted, who were determining both in the spreading as also in the interpretation. Where their will has deviated from mine, there my opponent found entrance, whose first effort was and still is, to intersperse pure truth with error and lie. As men of awakened intellect, you must admit it, that a reshaping, a pollution of my teaching preached on earth, is far more likely believable, because "men" felt authorized to watch over it, that this reshaping would only then have been impossible, when I would have prevented it by virtue of my power but would (1.12.1955) have to make the will of men unfree in that respect, what is against the law of my eternal order. And so it was therefore left up to men: to live according to my will and then also in truth, because then they would have never ever changed my pure word nor understood it wrongly - or through a life against my will - therefore non-fulfilment of my love commands - to make themselves unable for the recognizing of truth, what naturally also had to lead to a deformation of my pure love teaching. In an imperfect world nothing remains so pure, as it has taken the start from me. But I again and again supply the pure, undeformed word to those men, who make themselves worthy and receptive for it through their way of life. I again and again pour out my spirit on men, who fashion themselves to love, therefore also to a receiving vessel of my spirit. To every man just seriously thinking, this should be comprehensible, that it is nonsensical, to deny a deformation of my word in the course of time, when not a compulsion effect on my part is presupposed - but which is completely eliminated. Every man has the possibility to stand in fullest truth, who just requests it from me myself. And this truth will always so long remain pure and unchanged, as men remain so intimately connected with me, that my spirit can enlighten them, but to also immediately experience a deterioration, when men strive away from me. If pure truth would always be preached on earth, then also the spiritual low would not be, because my pure word has great power, but the deformed word has already lost much power and for that reason mostly remains without effect on the hearts of men. Nevertheless men, who are of good will, will feel addressed by me also with the hearing of that word, because I myself address every man, who desires to hear me. But he will always only accept, what agrees with truth and unhesitatingly reject human addition work. And he will also be led to the recognizing of truth, so he seriously strives for it. For truly I tell you: "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."
Amen. B.D. NR. 6415.


Book 68 6416

God's never-ending love.

2. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6416.

My love belongs to you always and for ever. And this love causes me, to help you in the struggle against my opponent, to supply power to you, where you alone are too weak, and to light a light for you, so that you see, where the way leads, which you take or already walk. And my love causes me further, to let warning signs flare up everywhere, where danger threatens you. You therefore never need to blindly run into ruin; you always can decide before, where you want to go; you therefore do not head towards the abyss out of ignorance, but at any time you can still turn away from the taken way, for my love does not give you up and does not leave you to your fate. And so you men will experience all kinds of things in the time of the end, what you are to see and notice as warning and admonition signs. You are referred to all dangers, which threaten you, by my myself, I who have on earth servants devoted to me, who impart my word to you on my behalf, who work for me with all seriousness and eagerness and to whom I can therefore always give instructions, which only aim to achieve your rescue. I can express myself through the mouth of all those, who are devoted to me and support me and my teaching, and through them I can also address you men directly. But whether you listen to me, whether you fulfil my demands, which I set for you for the sake of your happiness - that is left to you alone. My love turns everything to you, what can help you to happiness. My love will always be prepared to lead you, and my love will give you power and favour in excess, but which can always only then become effective, when you yourselves want it. But you all are to be aware of my never-ending love for you and want to reciprocate this love to me - by you letting me lead you without inner resistance, by you always willingly listen to me, when my word is imparted to you, by you following my instructions and always fulfil my will, which is announced to you through my word. So long you stay on earth, I do not let up, to woo you and your love, and I never give you up prematurely. And even your complete turning away from me only determines me to that end, to create new possibilities, to promote your future return to me; you belong to me and remain mine until all eternity. That you have voluntarily moved yourselves into another area, that you voluntarily chose another lord for yourselves, does not after all keep you separated from me for ever. For I do not give up my share, because you have emerged out of my love and your original substance is also love - therefore belongs to me. For that reason my love will pursue you and always only wait, that you open yourselves and give up your former hostility. And for that reason also the time of the end will give you so many proofs of my love; you will again and again be able to detect my obvious work; and I will address you all, only in a different way, according to the degree of your maturity or according to your hostility. But you all are to hear my voice, before the end has come. And you all are to still have opportunity, to be able to get into contract with your God and father. For my love never ever stops, and it will be meant for you always and for ever and also certainly lead you once back to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6416.


Book 68 6417

The spiritual low is reached.

4. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6417.

Men on this earth no longer change, for with body and soul they are devoted to the world and consequently to him, who is lord of this world. All reproaches are useless; some few will certainly still isolate themselves from the mass and recognize their actual purpose, but most of them remain unimpressed by it. And no matter what happens, it is always only looked at by them with the eyes of the world; but never a spiritual cause seen or assumed, and so men do not change, neither in their thinking nor in acting. And their stay on earth has become completely useless, so that is must be ended. Men have become prematurely mature for the ruin, for the day of the end is fixed for eternity, and it will also be kept, although the spiritual low has already been reached before the time. Nevertheless until the last day everything is still done, exactly because of those few, who still decide for God shortly before the end and for whose sake the day of the end has been fixed later. For the wrestling about these last souls is extremely hard and requires staying power, but it is not hopeless, what God saw already from eternity. But every individual soul is dear to him, and for that reason he does everything, to still win them before the end. And for that reason also his servants on earth are to be eagerly active and never think, that every soul, which he seeks to work on, can be one of the last, which rescue God has caused, to still delay the end so long, until the work of rescue has succeeded. For that reason they are not to get tired in their vineyard work; they are to know, that God has the interest of every individual soul at heart and moves him to patience and forbearance, because he loves it. The time of the end will let ungodliness become evident always more openly, and now and then it will seem, as if earth is only still inhabited by devils, so that the work for the kingdom of God seems like a game of mentally deficient men. Nevertheless it is to be carried out eagerly, for it will not remain unblessed, and even men, who are still recalled before from earth, can reach light quicker in the hereafter through the work of the servants of the Lord on earth and again help men on earth, who are on close terms with them, to still change the mind. They are only very few men, who are still to be won, and still the end is delayed because of them. And for that reason also the work of the opponent of God will become evident quite openly, for he finds no resistance any more with men; all are enslaved to him, because they let themselves be captured by the world, which is his kingdom. He truly holds great harvest, but for himself that will not be of advantage, because he loses all, whom he believes to have won, when earth will rise anew - because they all are snatched from his power and banished anew, whereby his power will be considerably weakened and he himself also bound for a long time. He still stands on the top and celebrates triumphs over those men, whom he has pulled down into the abyss, but he will not be victor at the end of the earth, for one is stronger than he, who certainly leaves him his time and does not hinder him in his work, until the hour has come, as it stands written - but will then hit him into fetters and with him everything opposing God. And then the end has come for earth and its inhabitants. Then a new time will dawn in peace and happiness for those men, who remain loyal to God until the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6417.


Book 68 6418

The way to the father house. God's guidance.

5. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6418.

You all are led, you who are to go at my hand, you who entrust yourselves to my leadership. I must always consider your own will; I cannot push you on a way against your will, which you consciously evade, which you avoid, because you think it not being pleasant. I can only quietly force you towards it, but immediately giving way to your resistance, so it is recognizable to me. But who entrusts himself to my guidance, he can go his earth way unconcerned - it leads to the aim. For that reason you are not look anxiously at the many obstacles and troubles; you are to just always hold on to my hand, and you will be guided past all troubles with that certainty, which only my guidance can offer you. For that reason do not see anxiously into the future; do not unnecessarily worry; leave all earthly doubts, and just lift your eyes up to me. For I am always there for you; I will also keep all discomfort away from you, when you just believingly trust me, when behave like children to the father, when you do not go from my side and let me have all care about you. Your faith banishes every danger, for I do not disappoint the full trust in my loving care. You are certainly still surrounded by deepest darkness, because you stand in the midst of a world of sin and lack of love. But the way, where I lead you, is illuminated by a mild shine, and where I am, where you go along next to me, will always be light, and therefore you do not need to fear darkness; you just need to turn the look upwards, from where always bright light will shine for you. Deepest darkness is around you - but that you can go the way of the light at my hand, that is to gratefully let you remember the great work of love and mercy, which I have accomplished for you men, to be able to lead you out of darkness to the light. I have prepared the way on earth, which you can now go at my hand, in my following, under my leadership. Before was deepest darkness, and no way led out of this darkness. But I initiated a way, which leads out of the depth upwards, out of darkness to the light. And this way can only be walked along under my leadership, i.e., man must believe in me in Jesus Christ; he must acknowledge the work of redemption and me myself as divine redeemer, who embodied himself in the man Jesus, to help you up out of darkness to the light. Therefore everybody, who wants to walk with me the way upwards, must join me in Jesus Christ. Then he walks the same way, which the man Jesus went, which leads to the father, home into the father house. The way which leads up will always require the company of Jesus Christ, because there is only the one way, the way of the following of Jesus - and because this way alone is full of light and guarantees the right aim. But who has once entrusted himself to me, him I will never leave; my hand will hold him, that he may not fall; my hand will support him, so he is weak, and my hand will drag him back from the abyss, which can open for him, when he is not attentive, when he turns his eyes back to the world, from which he had already broken away. Who entrusts himself to me and my leadership, he can calmly walk his way; he will not go wrong. You are to let come up in you no weakness, no doubt, no worry, for so you hand yourselves over to me, you flee into the arms of the father, whose love will truly protect and look after you, who leads you safely to heaven.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6418.


Book 68 6419


8. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6419.

Man must always imagine, that he is influenced by good and by evil powers, which both want to win his soul for themselves. But you must reckon with the influencing of spiritual powers in your life, when your thinking is directed truthfully. The will of man is free - and still exactly that influence can be unusually strong, when man has traits, which are like those of the influencing being. You must understand that so: More or less every man is burdened with desires or peculiarities from his pre-embodiment - and more or less he must therefore fight, because he can defeat them or give them up, when he seriously wants it. But such aptitudes burdening man can also give spiritual beings of the same kind the possibility, to slip in; such a spiritual power can therefore now control the soul of man, what you men call possession. But if this succeeds, so is the soul relieved of its responsibility, since it is as it were made impossible for it, to use free will, for that will is stronger and determines man to acts, which do not need to be the will of the soul. Then a "free" will is therefore seemingly eliminated, although it is not taken from the being, it can just not be used at that stage, which is to serve the soul for testing. It is therefore then to be reckoned with the will of a being, which cannot be called to account earthly, because it is unreachable. But the man himself is just as little to be held responsible, since he is "possessed". Why and for which purpose this is now allowed, that is not made to be understood by you men with few words, for also in the kingdom of the lower spirits laws exist, which are always kept and have also again the free will as reasons. But against my will or my authorization those beings would not be able to make use of the body of a man, and now and then also their redemption depends on it, because also those powers can change, when they are willing to that end - as also quite particular causes can give reasons for such an authorization on my part. And understandably the actual soul of man can then not be called to account; but opportunity is offered to it, to make up, for the time it was robbed, for the testing of the free will - often also still in earth life, when it succeeded to drive out that spirit, what is certainly possible with the right attitude towards me and the right faith in me. But men must then help, for those spirit beings do not easily give up their rule over the body; but through the serious call to Jesus Christ they can be caused to that end - the name of him, who defeated my opponent, can certainly accomplish the work of redemption, but it must be expressed in all truthfulness, so that I can now command that spirit to leave its human cover. In the time of the end the work of the powers from below is obvious, and many bodies are taken possession of by them, but always only then, when the pre-development time has passed, without having brought in such maturity to the soul, that it itself can defend itself against such occupancy, because it does not offer the necessary aptitudes, which allow the bad forces lodging. But its time is fulfilled. Also the inadequate soul maturity allows an embodiment as man, either to himself or also still offering that spirit power a possibility, to redeem itself before the end. The soul itself will hardly come to the aim, but it is not impossible for it, when fellowmen look after such a soul and help it, to become free of its tormentor - why also here a mission is to be seen again, a work of help, at which men can take part and which brings in great blessing as work of mercy of neighbourly love. Where the will of man is as it were bound, the will of fellowmen must strive for its rescue extremely strong, and so this happens in merciful love, it will also be successful. Love will achieve much with such men, because either also that bad spirit is touched by it beneficially and it carries out a change of will or the stay in the human form becomes so uncomfortable for it, that it leaves it, because it flees from love. Love is the only power, which can redeem, both such a man as also a bad spirit holding itself in him, for love always gains the victory.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6419.


Book 68 6420

"Eternal damnation". Light. Will of Lucifer?

9. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6420.

Light is accepted and radiated in my kingdom continually. The current of light floods uninterruptedly and makes all beings happy, which are light receptive. Their happiness, constantly increasing, also constantly increases their fulness of love, and so these light beings must also be uninterruptedly busy, because love drives them to do it. And their activity exists in the further radiation of that light, which they receive from me, because they know the agony of darkness and want to help all souls, to flee from it - they spread light also into the dark spheres, they only must find there souls willing to accept, which desire light. Every willing soul receives light. I place no other conditions than those, that the soul wants, that light becomes its - to then also supply light to it amply directly or through light - and love messengers, who are active on my behalf. And whether a soul stays in deepest darkness - its desire for light is always complied with, and this already means redemption out of darkness, for my constant care is after all meant for the liberation of the soul out of the depth, the leading back into my kingdom, where light and happiness is. Do you therefore believe, that I would leave a willing soul unnoticed in the depth? Do you believe, that I would let it languish, that I would not take pity on it, so it desires to flee darkness? You men are taught about "eternal damnation". And this word is equal to a judgement of an angry and punishing God, who I am not. I am a God of love and of justice. Because my justice must give you according to the state of your soul, which is often so terrible, that only the deepest depth can be your stay, for that reason my love does everything to protect you from this lot. And my love also brings you out of this darkness, when you just do not resist me. It is the resistance, which prevents me, that my love approaches the souls, for I do not force them to happiness. But where the resistance lets up or is completely given up, there my ray of love can now also exert its effect, there light can flow in fulness, and an agonizing state will be ended for ever. And now you also know, that I want no eternal damnation - that I liberate every soul, which longs for freeing. Because for this reason I died on the cross, that this redemption, this freeing out of the power of Satan, can take place, because according to divine justice sin would have to keep you tied up in the depth and no freeing from it could exist for ever, when the sin guilt would not have been wiped out exactly through the sacrifice on the cross, and this sacrifice on the cross was brought for all. No being is excluded from it, and for that reason also from hell a redemption can exist for that soul, which wants to flee from it. And do you perhaps believe, that my opponent would be excluded from this redemption? Do you believe, that not also he could reach into the blessing of my sacrifice on the cross, when this would be his will? But that he still rages against me, that he applies all means, to alienate me from you men, that he influences mankind so, that it has reached a spiritual state, which makes a dissolving of the earth creations necessary - that is a sign, that his will still has not changed; it is a sign, that he still stands in strongest opposition to me, that it does not matter to him to return to me. But he is full of falseness, and what he undertakes - he always only does it with the intention, to win souls, which he believes to lose. For truly, his change of will would be supported by me through unusual love radiation, and the rescue work at this first fallen being would have succeeded. But this point of time is still endless far. But once I will also win him, because my love condemns no being for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6420.


Book 68 6421

Intimate connection with God. Inner voice.

10. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6421.

You are to listen to the inner voice after intimate prayer to me, then you can also be certain to go the right way, for it is then my voice, which speaks to you, which advises and directs you, as it is helpful for you. A man, who connects himself to me on many occasions, who does nothing, without having recommended himself to me, who always holds dialogue with me and asks me for my blessing, he will also always do the right thing, because I myself now direct him and always impart the right thoughts to him, so that his way of life is now also according to my will. But it is giving cause for concern, when you repress me from your thinking, when you think being able to do everything yourselves, when you lead your life without God - then I must often let you fight, so that you take again the way to me, because you are becoming aware of your weakness. So full of power you also seem to be, so amply you are provided with earthly abilities, your earth walk will not be influenced by it, but it takes place according to my wise estimation, and for that reason you all will often see yourselves put into positions, where your own ability is able to accomplish nothing, where you must take your refuge to me, to overcome them. You can indeed also then still refuse, but you do it well to take the way to me. For in this way I myself entice you to me, whom you forget otherwise. And so you will still go through hard times, and you all are to ask yourselves, why your God and creator lets such come over men. You are not to believe, that only the actions of men alone create conditions, which almost seem unbearable. On that occasion you are to also think of him after all, who is Lord over heaven and earth - and who allows such. And you are to ask yourselves, why I let such come over you. At any time I could manage to stop that, what the will of man causes, or abolish its effect by virtue of my power. I could do it and also will do it, where I am called in deep faith for help in this trouble. But I nevertheless allow it, that men get into great trouble as a result, because they are to find the way to me, which they no longer go already for a long time. Without me they will sink into complete instability, but with me also be able to overcome the most difficult, and that men are to experience - both mine as also those, who make the test, to call me in greatest trouble. For they will be helped often wonderfully. But also the former will experience it, that they are completely without power, because they rely on themselves and believe not needing me. I want to reveal myself to man, to the blessing or also to ruin. For who then still does not want to recognize me, he is lost for endless times. Do not rely on your own strength; it will not be enough for what is coming; already before turn to me and ask for power from me. I will deny it nobody, who remembers me in hours of trouble. But happy, who carry me constantly in the heart. They will not need to fear the coming time of trouble, for I hold protectively the hands spread over them, and wherever they walk, they are accompanied by guides, who watch over them and level all ways for them. But a storm comes - which will devastate everything, which will wake up and frighten many sleeping, whether they will be able to flee from this storm. But no matter what happens - it comes from me or is allowed by me, to give a last return possibility to those, who walk wrong ways. They all can still turn to me in the last hour, and they will truly not need to regret it. For I accept each one, who seeks to approach me. I stretch the hands out to him, which he just needs to grasp, so that I can now draw him to my father heart. For you cannot be happy without me. For that reason you are to take the way to me, I who wants to prepare happiness for you for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6421.


Book 68 6422

Readiness for redemption work.

11. December 1955. B.D. NR. 6422.

You already announce your readiness to redemption work as a result, that you are sorry for the souls, which walk along unhappy, may it be on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom, for your will to help will set in at the same time, when you remember them in pitiful love or recommend them to me. Then I also know, that you are prepared to help with the redemption of these souls. Infinitely much redemption work would be done, when men would know about the extreme great trouble of all these souls, which are still in the hands of their tormentor. But this state of agony cannot be shown to them obviously, because then a horror would seize them and also make them incapable of their own soul work. But already the thought, that these souls are in trouble, should cause or stimulate men, to help them, and already this willingness to help would have a blessed effect. For these souls feel it, when they are remembered in love. The effect of your thoughts you cannot imagine, both in a good as also in a bad direction. And for that reason already your thinking is to be always full of love, because it then also always exerts good influence on all men, with whom you occupy yourselves with in thoughts. And if your thoughts are now mainly of spiritual kind, so they also have a spiritual effect, and you can do nothing better, than to always remember the trouble of the souls and wanting to remove it. Every soul, which is drawn into your circle of thoughts, feels good thoughts as strengthening and as cause to the change of will. The effect on these souls in the hereafter you still cannot establish on earth, although you certainly can believe it. But the effect on earth men you will be able to follow, when you include them in your prayer because of their spiritual trouble, when you would like to help them in love, when your will does not let up, to struggle for their souls - when you do not eliminate them from your thoughts, but help them so long, until they have risen and are now themselves strong enough, to cover the way up. Your thoughts are powers - and are they are determined by love, than they are also a weapon, with which you can defeat the enemy of the souls and rescue those souls, for which your love is meant. That former is only to be defeated through love, for he cannot resist it. He flees and leaves his victim alone. And now you will also understand, in which way you can perform redemption work, which can affect both men on earth as also the souls in the opposite kingdom. Include them in your loving intercession; remember them with pitiful will to help; address them in thoughts and let them feel the power of your love. Look after all souls, who you know in trouble, and go up to me with this love for these souls. And I am readily prepared to turn that power to those souls, which your love would like to impart to them. Then you can always be co-workers for me in redeeming meaning, then always more power will flow to yourselves, and then I can also unusually influence those souls, for which you ask me for help. No prayer from you is unsuccessful, and often just a small stimulus is lacking, that the souls find to me, and it can be triggered through your loving intercession. Know, that you all can help me and that you all are welcomed co-workers for me, when you are just prepared to help with a loving heart, for there is great trouble, both on earth as also in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6422.


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