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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 68

B.D. NR. 6285 - B.D. NR. 6422
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Book 68 6287

Examining of Spiritual Goods is Necessary.

18. June 1955. B.D. NR 6287.

The spirit in you teaches you and it has got no choice than to impart the purest truth to you. When you now come across contradictions, with which you are approached from the outside, you first have to check if the own activity of the intellect or the work of the spirit has produced this spiritual material. And you will always come to the result that the spirit out of me did not work there where a contradiction can be found. Because the spirit out of me does not err; the spirit out of me always imparts to man the same: the pure truth. It is difficult for you men to carry out such an examination as long as you yourselves are not of an awakened spirit, but that is why you are also not to accept everything, especially when teachings are imparted to you which do not contain my Gospel which is to be taken from scripture - when it concerns teachings which have been added to my Gospel, my pure, from me on earth announced love teaching. Then greatest caution is always called for because the knowledge which reaches the spirit awakened man as supplementation, as deep spiritual wisdom - that knowledge which reveals to you men my eternal plan of salvation, can only be imparted to you through my spirit, but is invalidated by the influence of my opponent, just through false teachings, through erring presentations or completely new teachings, the reason they can already be recognized as erring is because such knowledge does not further a maturity of the soul. Because exactly that is his work, to emulate me - to place error in front of men the same way as I hand out truth. That is his work, to train servants for himself who feign the same: to talk to men in divine mission. It is not easy for you men to recognize what is right and what is wrong as long as the desire for unusual, supernatural knowledge dominates, as long as you do not childlike humbly ask for pure wisdom from me, as long as you go to men to let them teach you, without having first recommended yourselves to me, that I guide you properly and let you go the way of truth. You have to do everything - but really everything - with me, and you will then not err, you will not judge wrongly, you will learn to distinguish error from truth. You really can believe it that the earnest will for truth is the securest protection, then the feeling of refusal will come out in you in the face of every wrong teaching, and this feeling is my work in you because you ask for the truth. Products of the intellect are easily refuted when they contradict the truth. But to be able to assess messages which are apparently from above requires awakening through the spirit because only the spiritual awakened man sees through the inferior work of the opponent of the truth, the prince of darkness. He recognizes the contradiction and also can explain this; but he will always only find belief with those whose desire for truth is strong because these already have the same feeling in them, which I give everyone who is serious about the truth - who already has received me in his heart through works of love. Who is in union with me through works of love or sincere prayer, he instinctively rejects what contradicts the pure truth because the eternal truth itself protects him from deception and also can do it, exactly through the close union and the desire for the truth. That is why you are not to fear to be led astray, you who are devoted to me, you who strive for fulfilling my will. I will direct your thinking properly, and you will always be able to distinguish truth from error. Amen. B.D. NR. 6287.


Book 68 6291

Time of the End.

22. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6291.

In my plan of salvation from eternity the time is fixed when the work of reshaping at this earth takes place because I saw since eternity when my will has to intervene to prevent the complete sinking of the spiritual into the deep, to again integrate it into the process of development so that it again can strive up. And these time periods are always so calculated that they are well enough for the complete redemption of the spiritual, but that they also are not allowed to be too long for the ones who are failing because they sink all the time further and then the return to me becomes more and more difficult and agonizing, because the means for redemption of this spiritual are corresponding to the distance to me. In the time of a redemption a great deal of spiritual is released, but the spiritual which went through the creation is also often still so in resistance to me, that it needs longer time until it can embody itself as man, which is why at the end of such a redemption period mankind still carries much of this resistance in it and that is why just these men have no impetus upwards, but interlock more and more again with matter, so the tendency towards it also pulls down the soul. And when men of such mentality predominate, then also the time has come, where a complete reshaping of the earth is necessary to again further the process of development. Then the separation of spirits has become necessary. And I know about it since eternity. I will never end a redemption period prematurely to still rescue from the new banishment what is possible because I alone know what such a new banishment in hard matter means for the spiritual. I never let a being fall into this fate, which still offers the least prospects of a change of its will, of a rescue from such fate. But I also will not miss one day longer to not increase the agony of these newly banished beings, but which would make necessary an always deeper fall. I know when the time is fulfilled which was granted to the spiritual to be released, and my plan from eternity is also based on this. And that is why I also have to point you men to the events lying before you because also these pointers can still shake men up and the short time until the end can still bring salvation to them. But the day of then end will not be postponed because of that. And even when you men are never allowed to know the exact time for the sake of your freedom of belief, so I still say to you that you are very close to it, that you no longer have much time, that your life on this earth is ended very soon. I tell you this very urgently and advise you to believe me and to adjust your life so, as you would do when you definitely would know day and hour. Let yourselves earnestly be warned and admonished. Turn away from the world, leave everything which is transitory, and think of your soul, which is immortal, and prepare a happy lot for it by you only striving for what gives it salvation. Get in touch with your God and creator from eternity, see your father in me who longs for his children, and confide in me that I guide and lead you in the last days of your life on earth. Make use of the last short time which still remains for you until the end - so that you belong to the few who are still rescued from ruin - so that you live and do not take to eternal death. Amen. B.D. NR. 6291.


Book 68 6300

Last Faith Decision.

1. July 1955. B.D. NR 6300.

You will be faced with the decision to profess me or to deny me, and this will be the prelude to a faith struggle as it has never been waged up to now. Because it is the last work of my opponent, that he will try to completely drive me out of the hearts of men, because he believes he can overthrow me, to then take up the government himself. And as this fight is waged under the application of the most brutal means of enforcement, as it is not a matter of a free will decision, which in no way applies threats or promises as weapons, this is an overstepping of the authority of my opponent - it is an open action against me, with which my opponent pronounces judgement over himself: that he will be bound so that he no longer can affect men. But for men it is doubly hard - not only that through this decision those are affected who in their inner being are not quite sure or to whom the denying of myself means nothing else - but also those men who stand by me and would like to confess me fully, will be brought into a difficult situation through coercive measures so that they really have to come through a severe inner struggle to be able to prove loyalty to me because they completely have to end earthly life, even if it is still left to them bodily. They have to give away everything what they own, and will eke out a miserable existence as having been deprived of their rights and being outlawed. And that is that time, of which it is written: I shorten the days, so that the elect will not be shaken. They will need to suffer only a very short time and will be so exceptionally strengthened by me also in this time that they do not regret their decision but cheer and rejoice inside on account of the certainty of my love, power and glory. And faithfully they expect the day of their rescue. Only he who consciously has come to an end with the world and only expects my coming, he will be an overcomer and be allowed to enter the paradise of the new earth. And I know mine; I know who is capable to overcome this time of horror for the believers and stand firm against the last rage of Satan on this earth. Nevertheless I point it out to all men because the weak still can raise themselves to strong faith since only a firm will is necessary to also receive power to confess my name before the world. Who still maintains too strongly the union with the world, who still stands in the middle of the world and is not able to free himself of it, he gives in to the measures which will be issued to break the will of the ones who are mine. And he can count himself very fortunate when I snatch him right out of life and save him the fall into the deep. But this decision has to be first demanded so that also Satan can finish his game, so that he shows himself up, that his action is open war against myself. Because limits are set for him, which he is not allowed to cross, but which he ignores and that is why he will be put in chains anew. But after that also mankind comes into a state of peace and happiness on the new earth, because it no longer can be edged out by the enemy of their souls. And then a redemption section ends, and a new one starts again, as it is scheduled since eternity. Much will be demanded of you men in the time of this warfare against the faith, but it also earns the highest those who get through it. And you men can get through it when you only firmly and closely unite yourselves first already with me, when you have the earnest will to become and remain mine until all eternity. After that I will never let you fall into his hands, then I will supply you with power and in greatest trouble also be with you myself. And those will be able to see me who need unusual power, and they will withstand until the day dawns when I myself come to rescue the ones who are mine and to fetch them into a kingdom of peace - when the time is fulfilled and the end of this earth has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 6300.


Book 68 6313

Phenomena in the Universe.

16. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6313.

Very soon it will become certain for you that something prepares itself in the universe because unusual events will worry you because you men are not able to give yourselves an explanation for it. Many conjectures will turn up, many opinions will meet with opposing views, but only the opinions of those come close to the truth, who imagine a connection with what is announced through word and script, what men have been told through seers and prophets at all times. Who sees with spiritual eyes can explain to himself all events because everything has spiritual meaning and is to fulfil a spiritual purpose: to call men's attention to their actual purpose of life so that they prepare themselves for the near judgement. And also science will contribute to it because it will first make discovery of unusual changes in nature, of processes in the universe, which perplex them, and of significant phenomena, they however lack knowledge to explain them. They will see and be amazed, but do not agree to accept the only proper solution, that the earth will be shaken to its very foundations, for which these phenomena could well be the reason. They do not want to believe this and that is why they will always talk against it when they are pointed to scriptures, to the old prophecies, when they hear the opinions of the believers or the announcers of my word announce the near end to them. And that is why it will be difficult to convince worldly men of an intervention for my part because everything will be tried to be explained scientifically. And only few will pay attention to these unusual phenomena and that is why they more certainly will always point to the end. And their calls of admonition and warning I support so evidently that soon also the scientists full of worries will admit their lack of knowledge. And they will discover a star, which continually comes closer to the proximity of the earth and seemingly takes its course in unlawful paths. They become aware of always new peculiarities when they observe its course. And they will recognize it as a danger for the earth - and on the other hand not want to believe in the destruction of this because such was never yet experienced before. But I allow it because my plan of salvation from eternity requires something unusual, which still is to give salvation to men - and as it is to be an omen of the then soon following work of destruction, which brings this redemption period to a conclusion. The closer it comes to the end, the more unlawful things men will experience because they are to pay attention and stop short on account of the concurrence of that what on the part of the believers is stated as God's word, as predictions of seers and prophets, and represented as truth. And my spirit will also now again announce through my servants on earth the nearby end and my thundering voice, which will still sound before - and those phenomena will give evidence of the truth of my word. Pay attention, you men, and see in everything always only indications to the end, which I give to all of you, that you do not fall prey to ruin because everything that happens is so powerful that it could convince you when you are of good will. Time is fulfilled, and the end is imminent. Amen. B.D. NR. 6313.


Book 68 6323

Isolation of world bodies.

31. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6323.

Worldwide distances lie between the creations, which you see as celestial bodies at the vault of heaven distances, which are not to be estimate by you men and for that reason also not to be overcome, because every individual celestial body is a world on its own and these worlds are completely sealed off from each other, insofar, as that they have completely different life spheres, always according to the nature of the celestial body itself and also of its inhabitants. You men are not allowed to believe that my spirit of creation could not be versatile enough in creating and fashioning you are not allowed to believe that you find your living conditions again on other celestial bodies in the same way as on earth, which you inhabit you are still very much less allowed to believe that those celestial bodies would offer you the same living possibilities, which are required for your existence, when you would ever get into the area of such a heavenly body. But it would be a vain venture; you will never succeed to even pick up a connection with other heavenly bodies, if this does not happen by spiritual means that mental transmissions take place from such worlds, but which always only serve you to spiritual ascent, but never concern worldly inquiries planned by you men. You men can indeed develop great abilities in yourselves; you can be active on earth to create and fashion; you can ascertain the powers of nature and turn them to use in every way; you can deeply penetrate in the laws of nature by virtue of the intellect and now emerge with all your knowledge. But your sphere of activity is and remains always only the earth, and so you now seek to analyse all your intellectual knowledge as a blessing for your fellowmen, my blessing of your work, of your effect, will also support it, for then my law of eternal order is followed. But you must also remain in this order; you must respect the laws, which I myself have given and which are clearly recognizable in all works of creation. And to this also belongs the worldwide distance of the heavenly bodies from your earth, to this belongs the isolation of each individual heavenly body from the others, which is as it were marked through the airless space, through the stratosphere, which make the stay of a man in this space impossible and thus should clearly show you that I myself have isolated you. No matter if you also believe of being able to overcome such obstacles. You men will fail with such attempts; you will perish when you venture into areas, which were closed for you by me. You just prove with it, that you are of a very arrogant spirit to believe being able to make divine laws of nature ineffective; you prove that you neither acknowledge these laws nor the law giver; and you prove that you men are ripe for the total change of this earth, because you lack the main knowledge, that one is above you who speaks the last word that you do not recognize this one, otherwise you would not undertake something to what you are not entitled as inhabitants of this earth: to make yourselves other worlds to the destination of your research, which are and remain completely unreachable for you, because every celestial body serves spiritual beings for maturation and the degrees of maturity of these beings are so different, that all of them need all other creations - creations, in which you men cannot exist, and for that reason there can also never be a connection between the two worlds. My spirit of creation and my will of creation truly has worked nothing without wisdom, but you men will never be able to fathom what is outside of your earth sphere, than only that, that an existence of innumerable celestial bodies and worlds has become certain to you, because this proof does not contribute to a disadvantage of your soul but all further knowledge can only be disclosed to you spiritually. Amen. B.D. NR. 6323.


Book 68 6324

Approach of a Star.

3. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6324.

Open wide your hearts, make yourself ready to receive my ray of love from above and hear what I want to tell you: A sure sign of the near end is the becoming visible of a star, which moves in the direction of your earth and still takes a strange path - which will often escape your view and then suddenly come up again, because it is accompanied by impenetrable nebula, which now and then dissolve to again and again solidify anew. You men experience something which is unknown to you up to now because the effect of this star on your earth is of such a kind that an anxiousness will attack you because you believe that the earth could become a victim of this unknown star, which causes noticeable disturbances on earth, which are however inexplicable to you. There are men on earth who are completely unflappable no matter what hits them - but who now lose their calmness because they see themselves, as well as the whole earth, at the mercy of natural forces, which they fear because they cannot counter them. And for the sake of these men the powers of heaven move. These men I want to reach particularly to get that they confide in a God and creator as soon as they see themselves completely powerless. What human will causes - and no matter how terrible it is in its effect - does not shake such men, but they become small and weak when they see themselves at the mercy of the elements, and then it is possible that they seek shelter in him who is Lord of all creation - then it is possible that they find me in greatest trouble. And this spectacle of nature will cause enormous commotion among men, and the fear will also not be unwarranted, because however unusual phenomena accompany the star, it constantly comes closer to earth, and a crash seems to be unavoidable according to the calculations of those who discovered its appearance and follow its course. But I have predicted this long before that I send to you an enemy out of the air, that a natural disaster of greatest extent still awaits you men, which precedes the last end - i.e. the total reshaping of the earth's surface - and will cost innumerable victims. I again and again point this out to you and my word is truth and will come true. But it is first already to be pointed out to you because you men are to recognize my will and my power - because you are to know that nothing can happen without my will and that nothing is without meaning and purpose what happens - that I then think of those who are completely without faith and whom I still do not want to lose to my opponent. And that is why you men are to know what lies ahead for you so that you gain faith easier when you think of him in the great trouble who is Lord over heaven and earth - over all stars and worlds and to whose will everything is subject. Beforehand you are already to receive knowledge about it, which then can help you to believe when you are only of a good will. A disaster is coming upon you - but it also can be a blessing for every one of you when that way he wins the life of his soul, even when it means earthly death for him - when he calls on me in his trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 6324.


Book 68 6373

Paradise of the New Earth.

8. October 1955. B.D. NR. 6373.

The earth will lose its old appearance; completely new creations will arise; exceedingly charming areas will make men happy who will inhabit this new earth. A new period of time begins but under completely different conditions because it is no longer necessary that the creations develop slowly - because only for the spiritual which is on the process of maturing new outer forms have again to be produced, which correspond to the degree of maturity - but because all degrees of development already exist, so creations of all kind can be given to this spiritual as outer cover. So a long creation period is no longer necessary but in a moment can this new earth - thus the surface of the previous earth - be reshaped. Still the legality which is always observed by God is not overruled because men of the new earth do not know in which time the new creation has happened - although also the knowledge about it could no longer harm them as they have recognized the power and glory of God after the preceding events and are fully believing so that therefore also unusual works of God mean no faith compulsion for them. A complete new phase begins in the life of these men who are raptured at the end to be brought again to the new earth as stock of the new generation. They again feel happy on earth; but their souls are already spiritualized to a degree that also the barriers fall in which normally men move on earth. The spiritual kingdom is made accessible to them so that they have contact with the beings of the kingdom of light, that they can associate with them unhindered, that they no longer have to suffer from the gravity of the earth and their life only serves the future generation, which also has a certain maturity but is still already more tied to earth because of its spiritual ascent. A state of peace and happiness will be on earth because evil is reduced to silence for a long time, because the author of evil is tied up and can no longer influence men and that is why a good harvest can be recorded for the kingdom of light throughout a long time - where the complete redemption from form is secured and therefore also the opponent of God loses enormous power because his following becomes smaller all the time - until he once again frees himself from the fetters because men themselves help him with it - because their will will again turn more to matter, which means liberation for the opponent of God. But it will take a long time until this happens because the world of light is in a position to do infinitely much. The direct union with men on earth is of best influence on these, and the will of men is always directed upwards because the power of love has a powerful effect in them, the love towards God fills their being, and they want, think and act always in his will only. Through love they are closely connected to him and lead themselves to redemption as well as what is bound in creation - what surrounds them. The new earth will be a paradise as you men are not able to imagine. But happy who is allowed to experience it - happy, who holds out until the end because he will be blessed with a life on earth in sheer bliss. Amen. B.D. NR. 6373.


Book 68 6375

Thought Activity.

11. and 12. October 1955. B.D. NR 6375.

What is thought? You can never get this question answered scientifically as long as the researchers themselves do not go into spiritual knowledge, as long as they just try to solve it purely rationally because the origin of thought is the spiritual kingdom. They are radiations out of the spiritual kingdom, which circle round you men like waves to now be received or suppressed according to your will. They are radiations which touch your thought organs and put them into action when you are ready for it, i.e. willing to establish contacts with the beings, which beam at you. It is an exchange of power and a process - but which is organized by two sides, but it is left to the will of man with which side he establishes contacts. You have to know that you have been created in such a way that all organs have to carry out a certain activity, and for every function there exist special organs, which now work according to the will on man, partly also still subject to natural law because they carry out a life-saving function. You also have to know that a certain freedom was granted to you for the duration of your earthly life - which is expressed in this respect that the function of certain organs depends on your will because this is to be tried out and is to prove itself in earthly life. And to it also belongs your activity of the intellect, which you can develop yourself, but for which you also have been given a capability of thinking. But this capability of thinking does not exist in you producing the thoughts yourselves but you have to let something take effect, by virtue of your capacity to think, which flows towards you, something spiritual, which washes around you all the time like waves. You have to receive the thoughts which flow towards you and now process them with your intellect, but it is completely up to you if and which thoughts you take up, but the will and the choice is decisive for your spiritual upward development. Thoughts are spiritual power radiations, which start from God himself in unimaginable fullness of light - first received from light beings, which again seek to make happy with the received and so means a ceaseless passing on to all beingness capable of thinking. But also the present prince of darkness once was a receiver of light and power. He also feeds radiations of his own record towards the beingness. And so man as a being capable of thinking will be able to accept streams of thoughts from both sides, the radiations of good and bad powers will always be expressed as waves of thoughts; man will always accept those thoughts, which correspond with his will; thoughts will never exert a compelling influence but only push themselves forward or will be rejected corresponding to the will and nature of man. But man is never the author of his thoughts himself - he never has the ability to produce these thoughts himself although he often is convinced of it that everything is his own spiritual product what he has won through intellectual activity. He only makes use of the waves of thought which circle around him - and also can use them to a very high degree by virtue of his ability to think, which is granted to him by the creator. And thoughts full of light will again and again come up in a man who turns more to the darker streams of thoughts. But thoughts, no matter of what direction, will never settle in the organs of thinking against the will of man. And that is what he is for, to choose with which thoughts he wants to concern himself. By the ability to think is meant to be able to go into the currents, which touch man as thoughts, to understand their meaning, to sort them out logically - thus to utilize all thoughts flowing towards him. But for that the will is necessary for the time being. Because man is not forced to open himself to the thought waves flowing to him, can therefore reject the thoughts in a certain lethargy of thinking - but as he on the other hand also can take up thoughts, which reach him from below, which are therefore bad and worthless in their content. It is always his will which determines the direction of the thoughts and also the origin. Streams of thoughts from the world full of light will have - when the will of man is ready to accept them - a power effect at the same time, as man's ability to think increases and is cleared. So who is intellectually busy with spiritual questions, he accepts as it were these questions from beings of the kingdom of light, the thought waves cause a desire in his soul to receive enlightenment. This desire is seized by the organs of thinking and only from this moment on conscious to the intellect of man. And now he has established contact with the being which sent the radiation to him - which carries out its activity on behalf of God or also on behalf of his opponent: to spread light or darkness. Every thought is the expression of a being working for God or his opponent - but never the own product of man because even in the state of perfection one day in the spiritual kingdom the being always only radiates that what it gets from the source - from God himself - as love power, which includes highest wisdom. Out of the dissimilarity of thinking of men follows that endless many different degrees of knowledge distinguish the spiritual beings, but that they all have access to man because his will itself can protect him from error or faulty spiritual products and because God also grants his opponent the same right to have an effect on man - because of the decision of will, which is purpose and aim of life on earth as man. The ability of man to think can also weigh up the different thoughts. Man can conclude, and his will also can through this conclusion change the direction first adopted, and his intellect will refuse untrue thought products, when he is of good will. Because the effort of the light beings who have the fullest truth will never stop to let the right thoughts flow towards men, who have been handed over to their care because that is their mission to spread light and truth and to chase away darkness - which they carry out conscientiously. And a heart that opens, a man who desires truth, will be allowed to receive riches of thoughts, which meet with response in him. The radiations from the kingdom of light will arouse a bright light also in himself, man will believe to have reached the results through his own thinking, which is however only true insofar as he now has made use of his ability to think to make that his spiritual property what before has flown towards him - but which now remains with him so that he also again will be able to radiate if he is allowed heartening activity in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 6375.


Book 68 6385

Eternal Order is Love. Work of Satan.

25. October 1955. B.D. NR 6385.

Only that is agreeable with God which corresponds with the principle of love, and therefore man moves in divine order who lets his thinking and acting be determined by love. To keep to divine order therefore always means only a love work towards the fellow human beings, by which also the love of God is expressed. But to live in divine order will also always result in an orderly earthly life for the respective man himself, although everything around him can have gotten into disorder because his surroundings have overruled the divine order, thus living a life devoid of all love. Such a life must have an effect as chaotic state; peace and harmony can never rule where a life is led contrary to the eternal order, where love is completely disregarded because there the opponent of God rules who is totally without love. And no matter how an orderly good life men believe to create for themselves on earth - it well can temporarily obscure the fact of disorder in the hearts of such men, inner calm and peace can never be there because the opponent of God stirs up the more the more man becomes a slave to him. And that one will always commit more lack of love, he will always be harder and colder towards the fellow human beings, he may perhaps hide under a mask but his true face will always be recognizable. The order out of God is love - who lives without love is separated from God, which means affiliation with his opponent. But that one knows how to cover everything with a veil, he knows how to camouflage the characteristic features of a violation against the eternal order, which is why nothing is obvious so that he does not lose followers. By contrast he gives to those everything who have devoted themselves to him through their mentality, through their lack of love and coldness of heart. To those ones he will give in every way but will always only be able to record earthly products - but they are also all they want. And that is why the opponent of God has such a great following because men seek mostly earthly fulfilment and get hold of these through uncaring thinking and action. And the state on earth can be no other way than it is now where mankind no longer keeps to the divine order, where it in no way keeps to the will of God - where it completely ignores his commandments of love and men let themselves be used as tools of the opponent. The chaos on earth becomes greater and greater, and only few men move in divine order, only few men let the principle of love rule and unite with God, who is the eternal love. And these do not need to fear when things take place legally which are always only the result of an illegal life. The union with God through works of love gives them protection and strength when the time has come when the divine order will be restored. Then it will turn out what nearness to God means because it will remain untouched by satanic power and satanic work that man, who has always moved in divine order, who cultivates love and always is in association with eternal love. He will well see everything around him cease to exist, but in himself is power and light and strength. He knows he is united with God, and he waits for his creator and father from eternity. Because the life in divine order has made him knowledgeable, and that is why he fears nothing what has its source in the kingdom of the opponent. He himself is in the area of divine peace because the love in him switches off everything what is against the divine order, and because he is now immune to all dark powers, which still resist God and the eternal order. Amen. B.D. NR. 6385.


Book 68 6405

Changed Constellation of Stars.

18. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6405.

At short intervals you experience occurrences which repeat each other, which will strongly alarm you men because you cannot explain them, and you therefore fear powers against which you cannot defend yourselves. But you cannot gain a proper explanation because this lies in my will that you reckon with all possibilities and every single person is to adapt himself correspondingly - because I want that every single person is to still profit from it for himself, i.e. for his soul. Where faith is completely lacking there the anxiety will be especially strong, while the believers more or less rely on me and know that they are safe in my protection. Still they are phenomena which, because they are cosmic, result in great public discussions so that every man will also himself think about it and also say something to his fellow human beings. From time to time worldly interests will take a back seat but as soon as these phenomena are over, worldly men seize the pleasures of the world so much the keener, and only with few, impressions remain, which cause them to contemplative hours and can also lead to a change of thinking - until the same events repeat themselves in the universe and create renewed horror. Because on the part of science earnest threats of the planet earth are feared - because puzzling changes of the system of stars have to be faced, which have never yet been observed and which could be an earnest threat to earth. And the opinions of men will considerably deviate from each other in the assessment of its effects. Men will shrug it off and enjoy their life without hesitation; men will take measures which are completely useless, and again others will do some soul-searching and mentally go into their God and creator. And I leave to everyone his free will, I only try incessantly to have an effect on the thoughts of men that they move properly, that they turn towards the actual purpose of man - that they come to rest in me and now can be guided by me to their soul's salvation. But what will happen? The constellation will change. Stars will be guided into other courses; they will be in another relationship to earth than up to now. And through this stars will become visible which have never before been seen, and one will appear as a direct threat to earth because its course is feared to cross with earth. No man wants to believe that such will happen; no man will believe that laws of nature change but you men are before the end. You yourselves prepare something which will still have worse effects because what you undertake that threatens the whole earth. But what takes place through my will is only an omen of the end, it is an earnest admonition to you, and I only give to you such clear signs of the existence of a higher power that you all can turn towards this and that you that way also can avert a direct danger for yourselves when you, i.e. your soul, properly profit from it. But what comes afterwards that concerns the whole earth and everything that lives on it. And that is why I appear first unusually, but without forcing you to acknowledge myself as the author of that what is powerful in its effect, however will not concern the whole earth. Because I know about all laws of nature and their effects, I also know to avert every event or to weaken its effect. But what I let happen always only serves your salvation; it is to drive you towards me; it is to let you men recognize a God to whom you are to escape because he is your father. It is the last sign before the end comes. It is the last attempt of my love and mercy to rescue what still is to be rescued. Amen. B.D. NR. 6405.


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