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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 67

B.D. NR. 6189 - B.D. NR. 6284
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Book 67 6190

References to the End.

15. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6190.

My call will still sound often, and to men I still will often send signs, which are to set them thinking. Because my love does not diminish to come to men's aid before the end is there. And every man will experience it because I leave no-one out who still can be rescued. And also to my opponents I give the opportunity to think about things and to turn back - and that is why they obviously will be able to recognize by the ones who are mine the power and love of a God because there where earthly help is no longer possible there I work to help men to believe in me, who only pay attention to what happens around them. Every single person can still find to me because the way will be clearly shown to every single person. And I will ensure, that again and again men's attention will be attracted; everywhere I will try to cause them to do some earnest thinking; again and again I will let announcers of my word appear who lively address men and also point to the forthcoming end. From all sides knowledge will reach them, also to those who are unbelieving it will not remain unknown what the believers expect and what moves their hearts. Also when they do not let themselves be convinced of the truth of it, they still are not without knowledge, and earthly events in the world will again and again remind them of what is said about the end. Natural phenomena of great extent will likewise make men think because they follow each other in always shorter periods of time and become the horrors of men. Wherever I can prove my power, without forcing the will, there I will also appear, so that nobody can say to have remained completely ignorant of the near forthcoming end. That men do not believe in it is their own will, but they are to know about it because some still can change their thinking, because a few will still listen to the call from above when it sounds again and again and they do not find any explanation for it which satisfies them completely. And I struggle for every soul and do not slacken until the end is there. Who has eyes to see, he may see - who has ears to hear, he may hear. Because I always show myself and express myself that I can be recognized when only man is willing to do it. I do not hide but again and again come out as a voice so that men turn away from the abyss, which they head for, so that they hesitate to go on when the warning shouts sound - but I do not force the will of men, but my love pursues every man until the end - but then inevitably judgement comes. Amen. B.D. NR. 6190.


Book 67 6192

Redemption Out of Form is Occasion for Reshaping of Earth.

18. February 1955. B.D. Nr. 6192.

I come to the assistance of the spiritual bound in form because unconsciously it pushes towards completion, it senses the coming change of its abode, it pushes forward in its development, towards a loosened cover. The spiritual still bound in hard matter has now reached a degree of maturity, which allows a loosened outer form, and that is why powerful earth changes become already apparent before the end of this earth; hard matter will be broken through natural disasters; the spiritual in the earth continuously pushes to the surface. And this state of the spiritual alone would already be an occasion for the reshaping of the earth surface because the upward development has to progress and a development period certainly has lasted long enough to get the spiritual in hard matter to give up its resistance. So for this spiritual the end of this earth means redemption and opportunity to further develop in different form. And also the spiritual which livens up the plant and the animal world strives up, and will again be embodied in creations on the new earth through which it can go faster and faster and also the time draws closer and closer for this spiritual where it - embodied as man - is to prove itself in the last test of will. I alone know about the necessity and the blessing of a reshaping of the earth's surface. I alone know about the degree of maturity of the spiritual, both in the creations as well as in man. I alone know when the upward development stops and how it can again be started - and my plan of salvation is laid down accordingly, which now also will be carried out in love, and wisdom and power. That you men are without knowledge about it, is already a sign of too low a degree of maturity, but with some thinking you can already infer that an exceedingly wise creator exists and then also see the suitability of all that what happens - because he who directs your fate according to his will, he also certainly directs the whole universe in wisdom and love. He is not a being which creates and destroys arbitrarily - otherwise wisdom would be doubtful. And only my love underlies everything that happens - also when this appears to you men to be doubtful. Everything around you is spiritual, which like you is to return to me - and to all spiritual I give the opportunity to reach the goal. That you in your blindness do not keep an eye on the only worthwhile aim is your free will. But who strives for it, he reaches me in the stage as man. Before endless times you experienced the same possibilities to change, also you could only become free out of hard matter through my loving intervention; also you had to go the same way, which now the spiritual that becomes free has to go. And my love is meant for all still unfree spiritual, as it was meant for you and still is meant. And that is why mankind will experience something powerful and first will have to experience already much suffering and trouble, so that every opportunity still can be used to reach a higher degree of maturity before the last day has come because it decides for all spiritual on its sojourn. It decides if light or darkness is its fate, and it puts all spiritual into that outer form, which corresponds to its maturity. Amen. B.D. NR. 6192.


Book 67 6193

The Key to Wisdom is Love, Not the Intellect.

19. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6193.

No field is so disputed as the spiritual because where no proofs can be produced there men will never come to an agreement - but every representative of his opinion believes himself to be right, he believes to have truth. Every earthly knowledge man can rationally extend, he also can back it up with proofs or again and again convince himself of being wrong and change his thinking. He can get to the bottom of it and come to a firm result, which now can be accepted as irrefutable by those who do research on the same field and mull over it. But it is different with spiritual knowledge - with the field, which lies outside of earthly knowledge and which can never be researched intellectually. No matter what spiritual knowledge is supplied to men - it can never be proved but always only has to be believed. And it is understandable that men express and represent many and different thoughts as being right, because men are in their nature different and the explanation of the spiritual field is closely connected with the makeup of man - with his spiritual maturity. For not the intellect researches this field, but the heart. This is incomprehensible for pure rational types of men and still a fact, which proves itself. Even men with highly developed rational thinking will not arrive at concurring results in the spiritual field as long as the heart is not taking part in their research. But then the opinions tally completely because then the right key to the gate of wisdom is found and applied. And this key is love, which is lighted in the heart - which now also enlightens the spirit of man so that he cannot help it than to think right because now his thoughts are directed by God and these thoughts are guaranteed wisdom. There is no getting at rationalists with such an explanation until also in them love arouses. Then they grasp this mystery - then they understand that God reserves the truth for himself and only gives it to those who unite with him through love. Also such won knowledge is now not provable but to man himself the inner conviction is enough to know that he has the truth - to know that no earthly scientist can ever teach him differently and could take away his conviction. Who once has accepted the truth from God himself through his spirit, can also no longer doubt or wants to expand his knowledge somewhere else. He has taken possession of the spiritual field, God himself has initiated him, and for him there is no return to the field of earthly science, for him there is no change of his thinking because truth has seized him, because God himself has seized him, who is eternal truth. But the way into this field was and is love. And never will a man be able to research it without love, which is why all spiritual opinions will remain disputed as long as they are not won on the way of the heart. Spiritual knowledge is a knowledge that cannot be proved and still becomes full conviction as soon as through a life of love the union with God has been established; he now himself teaches man and gives him insight to all questions, who speaks to him through the spirit, who works in him, as he himself has promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 6193.


Book 67 6194

Earnest Admonitions.

Monday before Lent / Shrove Monday 21. February 1955. B.D. NR 6194.

Again and again I admonish you to leave the world. But you men chain yourself all the time more to it; more and more you chase after earthly goods; more and more you revel in the enjoyments of life, and more and more remote the spiritual kingdom is for you, which never can be taken possession of together with the earthly world. And that is your ruin that you hand yourselves over to the lord who pulls down your souls, that you more and more get into his snares, which are gilded and that is why they are not recognized by you as what they are. Your desire for enjoyment of life brings you death. Because this desire is put into the heart by my opponent; he urges you on to increased inordinate desire to indulge in worldly pleasures - he stirs up all your bodily desires that they seek and also find fulfilment in sin. All good thoughts are chased away by him; self-love is stirred up to highest fervour; men are just in bondage to him only because they no longer ask if they live according to my will, to my satisfaction. They have become slaves to the world and therefore to him who is lord of this world. Dense darkness lies over the earth because no spiritual ray finds access, and in this darkness my opponent has an easy job of it - he catches innumerable souls and causes them a fate which they do not recognize in their blindness. He well gives them for their life on earth everything they desire but dreadful is their fate after their body's death. Because then he takes complete possession of them, and they are powerless and cannot free themselves of his power, and for the short time of life on earth in well-being they have to pay for with a terrible fate in eternity. However earnestly it is presented to men, however urgently they are admonished and warned against the enemy of their souls - they do not listen to it but fix their gaze on the world, which lures them with its shine. And sin increases uncontrollably because that what does not fall to man by itself, he seeks to win on the wrong way. Nothing is sacred to him, neither the goods nor the life of the neighbour when he only can improve himself, when only an advantage arises for him which serves his body. And with such an attitude it is impossible for the light to come through into his heart; he is in thickest darkness and he feels fine in it. It is a time of depravity, a time of sin, in which my opponent is very successful, in which my light messengers win little influence and only the powers from below have success. My opponent holds rich harvest - and time is drawing to a close. More necessary then ever is the work in my vineyard so that men still get rescued who are not yet completely influenced by him - whose souls have not yet become his victims. Amen. B.D. NR. 6194.


Book 67 6227

Redeemed at the End. Inhabitants of the New Earth.

3. April 1955. B.D. Nr. 6227.

When through my will and my power the destruction of this earth will take place, i.e. everything living on it, then it will be proved who can be considered to be truly redeemed because only these will survive the end and can enter my paradise on the new earth. Because to survive this last work of destruction, fullest belief in me in Jesus Christ and fullest devotion to me belongs to it - thus complete separation from my opponent - to it belongs the state of freedom, which Jesus has bought for men through his death on the cross. Only a being which is redeemed through his blood can inhabit the new earth where Satan no longer has power, where I myself can dwell among the ones who are mine because the state has been restored in which they were in the beginning. Also before can men experience the redemption through Jesus Christ, who I recall from this earth, before the last end has come. They also will be happy inhabitants of my kingdom where an evil power no longer can harm or press them, exactly because they are redeemed from it. But men who are to inhabit the new earth live in the same perfect happiness, in complete freedom, full of light and power, but still in earthly spheres, because they are to form the stock of a new generation, because they are to help the following human generation to get complete redemption, which still has to inhabit the earth until everything is totally spiritualized. Being themselves redeemed, first men on the new earth can have an exceedingly beneficial effect on their descendants and on the entire spiritual that surrounds them, which is still bound in the creations of the new earth. And this spiritual can therefore cover a faster course of development. Because the time has to be used well while my opponent is still bound in chains - while he has no access to men of the earth because the power and the light of the redeemed is so strong that he is prevented from all approach to men. Just like his work and raging was unmistakably recognizable in the last times before the end, just as he applied all his influence to pull men into the deep, so will the influence of the divine now predominate on earth. Everything will strive up and also reach up exceedingly easily because no counter force can hinder it - because from the redeemed human generation men again emerge, who are full of love, in whom therefore the divine principle predominates and who completely mature in shortest time to be able to enter my kingdom of light when their life on earth has ended. Amen. B.D. NR. 6227.


Book 67 6230

End. Transformation and New Creation.

6. April 1955. B.D. Nr. 6230.

And it will come as I have announced it to you - the earth will lose its present appearance, a turning point will take place spiritually and earthly, a separation will occur from the goats and the sheep - the ones who are mine will reach happiness and condemned to new banishment will be those who belong to my opponent. And this has to come this way, otherwise there would no longer be upward development, because all spiritual strives down, except the few men who will remain loyal to me until the end. The earth has to carry on fulfilling its purpose - it is to serve the spiritual, which is to reach up. But men of the present time, who already have gone the way through the creation, make the whole previous course of development in vain - they, who already have reached the highest level of development through the previous walk on earth, now fail in the last stage and sink back so deeply that the entrance into the spiritual kingdom remains bared to them - that they have to be banished into hardest matter to once again be allowed to be admitted to the last test of will as man after endless long time. The number of those who really make good use of life on earth for their perfection is very small because the spirit of him who is my opponent has such a poisoning effect on all inhabitants of the earth that the earth first has to be cleansed before it again can fulfil its actual purpose. And this cleansing I therefore want to carry out through a powerful work of reshaping, from which men no longer can escape because they themselves give rise to it through their behaviour and their mentality, which is completely insubordinate towards me. A change has to be created because my creatures are at stake, which have to suffer endless long times when they do not complete their way of development on earth according to my will. And this point in time has come although for you men it appears to be implausible that something is to take place in creation, in nature, for which no similar events can be proved to have happened on earth. Earth is in its last time of existence in its present form. What that means you all cannot grasp - that everything stops to be - that men, animals and every work of creation find their end and a complete new earth will arise, which your wildest thoughts cannot imagine because complete new works of creation will arise, which your eye has never seen and which will mean no end of wonder for you who will experience and inhabit the new earth. Throughout times I have pointed out to men that a new earth and a new heaven will arise. Men did not grasp what this means. But my word is truth and will come true - but will be only for those few a proof of my divinity, who in deep faith in me have become mine and to whom I can make accessible the paradise of the new earth because they are my children and will remain so forever. These few also grasp my words in their meaning, and they will expect me and my coming in the firm belief that I will rescue them out of trouble, which will precede the last end. Because they are my children who I will fetch when the time is fulfilled. Amen. B.D. NR. 6230.


Book 67 6235

Fighting Time Before the End. Difficulties.

11. April 1955. B.D. NR 6235.

You will still have to come through a heavy fight against yourselves and also against your enemies - you will be pressed from outside so much that it will be difficult for you to give away everything, and that is why you have to also wrestle with yourselves that earthly matter does not become a calamity for you - that you give me up for its sake. Because you would make a bad exchange because it lasts only a short time that your body has to suffer privations and scrapes a living in awkward circumstances. Because I shorten the days for the sake of mine because I know that they need much strength to hold their ground against their enemies. And then they will receive the wages for their loyalty. That is why I warn and admonish you men to not let yourselves be pressed down, no matter what comes over you. All this has to precede it, and so also the decision has to be demanded of you; but you then also are to know that the end is soon there, that I come to fetch you - and that exactly this proof of faith stamps you as mine. That is why you always are not to forget that men can well kill the body but not your soul, and when you firmly believe this your body will also bear everything, and I will give you the strength so that it does not feel so as it looks to the fellow human being. It will well be a war, which you wage against yourselves, but only until you become engrossed in my word - until you let myself speak to you. Then a wondrous calm and power will flow through you, and then you will no longer hesitate one moment, you will give away what is demanded of you, but defend your faith with words, which are given to you by my spirit. You will no longer feel any fear but with a glad heart will be my confessors, when the confession for me and my name is demanded. But that is why I admonish you, to first let me speak to you as often as possible. I admonish you so that you already store up strength in you, so that you do not even get into inner difficulties, so that you know what lies ahead, and already free yourselves in your heart of everything, which still will be taken from you, when you want to remain loyal to me. You certainly have nothing to fear when your heart completely belongs to me; only for the lukewarm this fight is hard, and to these I therefore speak urgently that they are to prepare themselves for the time of warfare, where it is a matter of proving loyalty to me or to deny me for the sake of the world and its goods. Also you will have to go the way of the cross but you also can become overcomers of death because my love will always support you as soon as you are only prepared to testify of me. But again and again I have to point out to you that it will be a fight, that you are not allowed to effortlessly acquire the palm of victory - but that you are capable of coming through the fight, and therefore you are only to prepare yourselves that you are to remain all the time united with me and then also get strength from me all the time, to hold out until the end. You, who are allowed to receive my word, you are blessed because you accept strength all the time, and you also can pass on the word with its power. You will then have to specially exert yourselves to also come to the assistance of the weak, to help them up and to make the importance of a decision for or against me clear to them. You are specially trained for this time of warfare, and you have no need to fear failure because you have offered your services as fighters for me and I myself fight at your side. But you have to work non-stop to also represent me and my word before; you have to prove yourselves as my real servants on earth, who always only carry out the assignment of their Lord and announce me and also the nearby end. You willingly have to let yourselves be led and recognize everything as my guidance. And your work will be blessed and bear fruit in the coming time of fighting. You will carry out your duties yourselves full of strength and hand out an abundance of power to all who listen to you and want to remain loyal to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 6235.


Book 67 6250

Spiritual Turning Point. Coming Up of Night.

4. and 5. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6250.

You men can no longer expect a spiritual upswing on this earth because all powers of hell are unleashed, which work on behalf of my opponent and really have a great influence on men because they themselves are dispirited to such an extent that they do not recognize who dominates them. A spiritual turning point on this earth can no longer take place but some still can be led on the right way, some will still carry out the change on themselves, and for the sake of these few everything will still be done before the end is there. But it will be noticeable how rapidly mankind is falling, how it constantly sinks more into darkness and avoids the light - it will be noticeable how brutally the light of the truth is fought, how unbelief comes out, how sin becomes rampant, how far from God men live but pay tribute to my opponent. And that is why a delay can no longer be granted because there is no longer a chance that a change will ever take place when I do not execute this change myself - but in a way mankind does not want it - by me making an end to everything and giving a new beginning. The space of time until the end is exceedingly short but no-one knows the day, and therefore everyone is lukewarm in his striving, and also my believers assume it not to be approaching so soon that they eagerly would work for their souls. But I tell you again and again: You are standing right in front of it. I have to let this call sound again and again for you; I have to spurn you on to be exceedingly busy; I also have to call on my servants to continually work more diligently because this is important and still can be salvation for some before ruination when the end comes, which I announced time and again. World affairs have to unwind naturally, and that also puts mine into a certain calmness, but again and again I say to you: The end is suddenly there - unexpectedly dawns the day which ends differently than usually - which is followed by a night, which last forever, and daylight will again shine only for those few who are and remain mine despite the heavy hostilities and persecutions of my opponent. The time of the faith struggle still awaits you but it also lasts only a short time because it is fought exceedingly violently so that the day of my coming to earth is accelerated by men themselves. The events will follow each other very fast and still will have an effect on men as completely normal phenomena, to which no special importance is to be attached - which is why they do not want to establish a connection with the forthcoming end. That is why also mine will be surprised because I will come like a thief in the night - when no-one thinks of it, when the forthcoming appears to still lie far ahead of you. When you men would still only believe that it is only pointed out to you so that you can prepare yourselves. Your remorse will be painful because you all are still doing much too little for your salvation. Life on earth is not given to you for its own sake, and every day could be used in a way that you earn an incredible fullness of light, which creates incomparable happiness in the spiritual kingdom - and you will recognize this once and full of remorse think of the time on earth of which you made too little use. But no faith is at the time of the end, no understanding to be found for it, it is a spiritual low, one almost could not think of it as being worse, because you men do not overlook what lies openly before me; you men have to believe what cannot be proved to you, and the forthcoming ending of this earth period also belongs to this, which is of great importance spiritually. You have to endeavour to live a life of unselfish love when you do not want to believe or imagine that you cannot believe, and then you will inwardly feel that you are approaching a completely different time epoch. And you will not be lost because I take pity on all those who are not completely in bondage to my opponent, and in the hereafter I help them further up when their earth life still finds an end before the last judgement. An exceedingly dark night comes up; the day soon draws to a close; but there is still light - you still can make use of the light of the day and light a light inside of you, which will no longer go out. And then you need not to fear the coming night. But it will be the worse for you, if you are listless - when you think that day will not stop. It will be the worse for you, if you waste the day without thinking of your soul. And you, who do not fear death because you believe no longer to exist after that - I say to you that you will experience death with all its horrors and that you will not be able to flee from this horror - you then can no longer give up your life because you cannot cease to exist; you continue to be also when you are in the state of death; you will have to feel agonies from which you cannot flee. For spiritual death is far worse than the death of the body, which can also be the entrance to life in happiness for you. Listen to my call from above, let yourselves be warned and admonished. Do not let these words die away at your ears but vividly imagine what trouble awaits you when you do not believe my words. You will be able to constantly observe the indications of the end but everything will take place so naturally that you well can believe but do not have to believe. But your happiness depends on the belief in it because only the believer prepares himself; he thinks of me and remains in union with me, also when the work of dissolving begins. Because the period of time has expired, and it becomes true according to divine order what is scheduled in my plan of salvation from eternity. The earth gets reshaped and with it all creatures so that again all spiritual gets embodied in form, into which it belongs according to its state of maturity. Divine order will be restored because otherwise a upward development of the spiritual is not guaranteed, however my love always only aims at this upward development, which is to bring you, my creatures, again closer to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 6250.


Book 67 6254

Union with God Secures His Protection.

10. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6254.

Remain in continuous union with me, and you will safely emerge from all heaviness, which still has to come over men before the end. No man needs to fear this time provided that he has only found myself and now no longer let me go, because as long as he walks taking my hand, as long as I go next to him, he is immune to all adversity. And he can be sure of my presence when he never leaves me out of his thoughts, when he always communes with me, when he daily recommends himself to me and asks for my nearness. And when he lives in love. Because then he is closely united with me for time and eternity. I promise my protection to all of you in the days of the coming trouble, you who only want to be united with me, who have recognized me - who believe in me. Think about it that I created you to form you to my children. Think about it that my fatherly love never ends; then you also know that I do not want to let you suffer when it is not necessary for you. But the necessity exists as long as you exclude me from your thoughts, as long as you still turned away from me pursue other aims than me. Then I have to be firm with you that you think of me and turn to me, that you recognize the father in me who helps you when you want to let him help you. Then suffering and trouble can well be given to you until you ask for my help. But as soon as you seek me of your own accord and also have found me, you can be without worry that you are exposed to danger because my nearness eliminates such. But you have to call a living faith your own because words which the mouth only speaks does not ensure my presence; on the other hand a thought of the heart draws me to you, and you are then indeed securely protected. In your earth life you have to achieve that you feel me always being near you; you have to pray to me without ceasing, i.e. to consult me in all your dealings. I have to be the first and the last in your world of thoughts; you are no longer allowed to live without me, and the closer I will be to you, because you secure my presence for yourselves through your thinking of me. A great power lies in thinking of me, which you can let have an effect any time, which is why therefore nothing painfully will touch you and no danger can threaten you, as long as you remain in union with me in the heart. I give you this consolation for the coming time; that is why it is not to frighten you, because I myself keep an eye on you and always grant you my protection. Amen. B.D. NR. 6254.


Book 67 6263

Admonition to Keenly Work in the Vineyard.

22. May 1955. B.D. NR 6263.

You are to be untiringly busy because the time left is only short while you can work unhindered for me and my kingdom. But as soon as the time of the chaos starts, as soon as the faith struggle starts after that, you will only be able to carry out your work in the vineyard in secret, because the world hates and persecutes you - because in your faith, in your attitude towards me, your creator and father, your redeemer from sin and death, it sees an obstacle to its worldly activity. And then already much groundwork is to be done by you, then my word is already to be brought to many men who themselves also were willing to pass it on, and it will mean a great source of power for all recipients in the time of trouble, which now lies ahead for them. This will be for all of you a time of testing, but which you do not need to fear when it is only your will, your desire, to hold your ground and not to betray me for the sake of earthly advantages. What the world can offer you, from it you would not long have a profit because nothing remains for you when the end has come. But a great profit will well remain for you when you remain loyal to me because your spiritual goods cannot be taken away from you, and your soul will possess great riches when the body ceases to exist. That is why you are not to let yourselves be blinded by the goods of the world, which you are promised to get to fall away from me. And that is why still much groundwork is to be done so that men are informed what awaits them and how passing earthly matter is, to which they still pay tribute. You will always be able to work for me, but only in secret will it then be possible for you when the fight against the faith, against all spiritual, starts. Then you have to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. And also then you will still have success with many who through the trouble find to me and require power and consolation and will seek this from you. I know about this time which lies ahead of you; I therefore also know about, that and how you will come through the fight. And that is why I direct the demand at you to think of the many who are still weak in the faith, and help them that they also seek strengthening there, where you found it - by myself, who now also can be with every single one and guide him out through all dangers - that I can supply them with power all the time because they unite with me and trustingly ask me for it. Your work is to still spread further afield, and I myself will help you to get it that my Gospel is spread. I will bring men to you who you are to look after on my behalf, to who you are to impart the truth, the pure Gospel, which I bring to you from above, because men are in great spiritual need. My word is to bring all help in this trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 6263.


Book 67 6265

Strength of Faith Necessary in Last Struggle.

25. May 1955. B.D. NR 6265.

You will still often experience my visible help so that your faith grows strong and is equal to all resistance, which will approach you in the last times before the end. Often you will be so pressed that without firm faith you would surrender without resistance. But your faith in my help lets you bravely await all - you will not be afraid and not doubt because you know my plan of salvation from eternity, and you therefore also know that everything has to come like this as I have intended, and that nothing happens without my will or my permission. That is why you also know that you are under my protection, that nothing can happen to you as long as you trust in me - and you trust because you firmly and unshakeably believe. That is why your faith is still to be strengthened, which will happen through often visible help as far as I am concerned. Because you who are willingly devoted to me, you belong to the army of my fighters, which I train for myself for the last struggle on this earth. And my fighters will courageously fight for me and my kingdom. They will draw power from me; they will trustingly confess my name and be immune to all attacks on the part of my opponent. And because I need you, I also allow that suffering happens to you, and you are to always remember this when the world gets up against you. Because it will do this because your light shines too brightly, because it uncovers what my opponent rather keeps hidden - because he fears to be unmasked and that is why he instigates the ones who are in bondage to him to act extremely hard against yourselves. He tries everything to rise to the throne, and that is why he does not shrink back from challenging me - so to stamp out all faith in me and my work of redemption. But he does not succeed because I have in you a fighting force which offers resistance, which does not let itself be defeated and which through faith has courage and power, against which the enemy fights in vain. That is why you will never ask for my help in vain; I will always be prepared to help you in all trouble - that is why you are just to turn to me trustingly, whatever it may be. I want to help you to strengthen your faith that it can no longer be shaken by anything. The world will press you in a shameless way because it does not shrink back from false suspicions, and the goings-on of my opponent will become obvious. But all of this is to just prove to you the truth of my word; all this is to prove to you how close the end is because everything comes as I have predicted it to you that the gates of hell will open and all who are of good will and belong to me will be pressed by devilish powers. But I stand protectively beside you, and the shield of faith protects you from all devilish attacks - until the day will come when I come out with my power and glory - when I will rescue you and put in chains him who is my opponent and who wants to overthrow me and whom I will defeat and bind for a long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 6265.


Book 67 6267

Beginning and End of Redemption Period is Far Apart.

27. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6267.

In long intervals the individual redemption periods take place so that the beginning of such is hardly provable any more at the end because this is also necessary for men that they remain free in their faith. For an end which is to be expected for sure would determine the will of men. Still the knowledge about the end of the previous period has not got lost so that everyone can accept it when he wants. And no-one will be able to furnish proof that there never was such an ending of the previous epoch. That is why also the forthcoming end of this earth remains a matter of faith, and that is why the spiritual need is also so exceedingly great because the end is approaching and men very little reckon on it and prepare themselves. And it is as at times of every ending - prophets and seers arise who driven by their spirit point to the coming end - but, as always, find no faith because to men everything spiritual lies infinitely far away and their earthly thought and wish allows no end of the earth because they simply do not want to believe it and it also cannot and must not be proved to them. No-one knows exactly day and hour but many know they are not far away. Also these are only believing it and still are inwardly firmly convinced of it because their spiritual knowledge, the degree of their understanding, is also able to read in God's plan of salvation and they can follow up on cause and effect and that is why they also know that the end is inevitable because it is not only a matter of men of this earth but a matter of upward development of all, which is bound in the works of creation. The knowing man who has understanding observes everything with different eyes and he only finds out that everything happens according to God's law. But he cannot transfer his knowledge to men whose degree of understanding is so low that they are still blind in spirit - who only believe what they can see and prove and have no sense for the spiritual. He cannot transfer his thinking and knowledge to the fellow human beings but he can admonish and warn because full of conviction he can point to the forthcoming end, as it is however to be expected. The conclusion of a redemption period is something so powerful and not yet experienced by men, that it is difficult to consider it to be possible and that is why it also appears for men to be implausible. And no matter how clear the signs are that are given before, they will be ignored on the part of unbelieving mankind. But all the greater will be the horror when it comes true what seers and prophets have announced long before. And still nothing can be done to prepare men for it than to permanently give them knowledge of the word of God, the reason he sends it to earth is only because to find faith, because people no longer believe in men. That is why God speaks to men, but also so that they are not forced to believe, but can believe, when they are willing to do it. And this is the last possibility to make knowledge accessible to men, which could determine them to change and to only still seek the way up - a knowledge, which would give them a proper explanation and therefore would be a help for them and would mean salvation from ruin. But also God's word is not recognized and therefore not accepted. And mankind faces ruin; it only strives for matter all the time, and matter will become its stay when the end has come, when a new redemption epoch begins, as it is intended since eternity in the divine plan of salvation, so that everything reaches happiness what still remains in unhappiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 6267.


Book 67 6271

Calm Before the Storm. Prepared Fighters.

31. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6271.

Keep yourselves in readiness so that God finds an army of prepared fighters when he will lead you into battle. Do not be deceived when it seems to be quiet around you, when world affairs seem to smooth out, and do not become lukewarm because of that in your spiritual striving. Do not believe that my intervention is delayed, that still a long deferment happens of what I announce to you always and constantly. It is the calm before the storm; it is the time when all men can still think about themselves, when they themselves are also to go into silence and not to pay tribute to the pleasures of the world and to live thoughtlessly into the day. It is still a time of favours which I grant all men so that they cannot say to have found no possibility to care for the spiritual welfare due to the constant care and restlessness of the body. But my loyal supporters are not to be deceived and consider the time of rest to be the calm before the storm. Because it is only of short duration, and suddenly everything will change, and then it will be too late for many men because they did not use the short time of favours to gather strength for the coming time. But the ones who are mine are to prepare themselves because the fight will be severe, which is waged for the sake of my name. And also much strength will be required to be able to do justice to other demands. That is why you also should store up strength, what you can only do through perpetual union with the spiritual kingdom, through constant work on your soul, through turning your thoughts away from the world and deeper and deeper penetration in spiritual spheres, whose inhabitants are always at your command on my behalf. Every thought which you direct spiritually will be blessed, and as the earthly world uninterruptedly is active and pursues earthly interests, so also the spiritual world will have an effect and help to build up the kingdom, which is not of this world. It will not be so obvious for you men, but the ones who are mine will be filled with strength when their thoughts are meant for me and their spiritual activity. And that is why also mine will be clearly guided so that they do not slacken in their striving, so that they do not interrupt the union with me, so that the world does not capture them when they are in danger to grow weak - because my opponent is exceedingly busy because he thinks that the time is favourable to him. And it really is because the worldly hunger of men is great - and my opponent satisfies it in an obvious way. Whatever he is able to offer, that he will give to men, and they do not recognize what danger earthly good living and earthly pleasures are for their salvation. But just as busy are the forces of light, only they do not gain access to many men, where my opponent has already gained admittance. But the increased work of the light world will be felt by the ones who are mine and they will be happy when the time comes when I need them. And then I will ensure that this my flock will not become smaller; I will always be with them that their love and loyalty towards me constantly grows, that they are prepared to make sacrifices and that they do everything to serve me and to live in my will - that they fearlessly go to war when it is a matter of gaining victory over the opponent when the time has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 6271.

Book 67 6276

Redemption of Lucifer. Homecoming of the Prodigal Son.

5. June 1955. B.D. NR 6276.

Worlds will still arise and again disappear; again and again my will as creator will become active; I will always create new forms, which are to hold the spiritual, which strives up to me - and again and again I will dissolve them to redeem the spiritual in it. Through eternities growth and disappearance will still be until I can consider my work as being accomplished, until all spiritual has returned to me and I also have won my opponent for me when he devoid of all strength voluntarily turns to me who is his God and father. And he will ask me for love and receive an overabundance of it. But until this happens eternities will still pass because as long as still unredeemed spiritual exists there will also be creations - and so as long as there are creations the redemption of the fallen is not yet accomplished. And so long also he remains my opponent and enemy who himself has fallen and is responsible for the fall of innumerable beings - whose love towards me faded when he became conscious of the excess of strength which flowed through him, and when he was to acknowledge me as its source and resisted it. And that is why he first has to lose the feeling of his strength before he, as a being which weakened himself, again surrenders to me and will then also again love me as in the beginning. He cannot first change his feelings towards me, he cannot first give up his resistance because he still imagines to possess power as long as unredeemed spiritual still exist, which belongs to him. For this consciousness of power was the cause of his fall into the deep. You men do not know what he was to me and what he still is to me. You do not know that he unintentionally contributes to making the beings created by me to become gods, but in his blindness and in his hate against me he does not realize that I also have made him a tool of my plan, but which does not lie in his will - but that I only could do that because I knew about his all-consuming hate - but would have never used him for my purposes when there would have been the slightest chance of a premature return, of a change of his will and his feeling against me. Only his free will I made subservient to myself - but about which I know about since eternity. I indeed would have very much supported the possibility of a change of will - exactly because he was the first created being who had all my love and which I certainly also would have wanted to rescue out of the deep. But his resistance is unbroken and will remain so for eternities. And on this to me well known resistance I built up my plan to make gods out of what was created and could do this because I saw that a change of his will is completely impossible. But that still my undivided love was also meant for this first created being - now my opponent - results from the fact that I respect his will, that I leave him fully free in his work against me as long as this happens in the granted extent. But when he oversteps the limits of his authority then I bind him, what will always happen at the end of a redemption period that I put him in fetters anew so that the one which voluntarily heads for me is not endangered - but to always again set him free from this when he is again to serve me, even if unconsciously, that the spiritual reaches the last maturity. Because truly I say to you: heaven and earth serve me in my plan from eternity, and so that my opponent did not keep the predominance, which he at first had over the flock of fallen spirits, I sent my son to earth - who now won in a just fight against my opponent - who broke the power of him, so that now the will of the being could oppose the will of him on the utilization of the favour of the work of redemption. Through Jesus' the death on the cross the power of the opponent decreased tremendously; he was defeated - but he now rebelled all the more vehemently because the light of knowledge had left him, because the fall into the deep also meant darkness of his spirit and that is why he always just rages blindly, driven by hate - without recognizing where his hate leads to - that again and again the spiritual which still belongs to him is wrested from him and banished in the creations and through it he all the time loses more of his strength, because the fallen alone is his stock of power - and the redemption of the fallen means constant decrease of his power. And that this redemption is possible, for this I myself died on the cross - my love made this redemption possible, and my love does not rest any earlier until all that fell away from me is again in my possession - until it voluntarily has found its way back to me and now also my opponent, robbed of his power, will surrender to me - until also he asks for redemption, which my endless love does not refuse him - until the prodigal son has come back to his father's house, to me, from whom he once started. Amen. B.D. NR. 6276.


Book 67 6282

Reshaping of Earth. Eruptions.

11. June 1955. B.D. Nr. 6282.

The core of the earth remains untouched when the dissolving of the creations will happen. The earth as celestial body remains in existence, only in its outer form it will get so totally reshaped that one can well speak of a new earth, but not of a cessation of the earth. The change will extend into the deepest depths because much spiritual is to be released and is to continue its course of development in new form. And that is why a powerful shock will loosen what is bound; matter will be dissolved to a great extent and again compacted. An act will take place for which human thinking cannot find a comparison, even though human thinking in its inadequacy gives directly rise to it. But the effect of what men do, they do not foresee, otherwise they would shrink back from experimenting where they lack the last knowledge. But whatever men do in free will, the plan of redemption for the spiritual is adapted to this free will, the effects will correspond to the divine plan of salvation, it will - whatever happens - serve the release of what is bound in matter; a redemption period will find its conclusion, and a new one will again start. All released spiritual moves into a new outer form because complete new creations come into being, and the divine order will be restored, which was completely overruled at the end of a redemption period. Because the earth has to continue to fulfil its purpose: to be an education station for the still immature spiritual, and that is why it cannot completely cease to exist before it has fulfilled this purpose. But in its old form it no longer fulfils its purpose, exactly because everything has stepped out of order, because men by virtue of their will do what the opponent of God demands of them - because they destroy creations or use them for activities completely adverse to God and through it prevent the development of the spiritual contained in it - what is for the purpose of the opponent who himself has no influence on divine creations and therefore exerts his influence on those men who are in bondage to him. And so the opponent of God also urges men on to the last work of destruction without considering that he achieves exactly the opposite of what he wants to achieve - that the new creations again include everything what was under his influence, that he because of that just loses more following all the time and that new opportunities are created for the spiritual to mature, to at last once become completely free from enemy power. The end of this redemption period is planned since eternity, but man has no idea how it will happen, although he just has to imagine an eruption of greatest extent, which is very well possible as again and again such eruptions occur, what men cannot deny. The interior of the earth revolts through influences unknown to men; but in the end men themselves give rise to it without realizing the effects of their doing. The opponent of God urges them on to it, and therefore it is his will and the will of men in bondage to him, which had been incorporated in the divine plan of salvation. And consequently also hell and its following serves the creator of heavens and earth - the dark world is unintentionally active with the redemption of the spiritual, and also the resistance against God contributes in the end, that again and again the way up is cleared for the spiritual - until once the work of redemption of the spiritual is completed. Amen. B.D. NR. 6282.


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