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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 67

B.D. NR. 6189 - B.D. NR. 6284

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Book 67 6189

Work of redemption. Ransom. Free will.

14. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6189.

I brought help to the oppressed souls in their trouble, for they felt the slavery and could not free themselves alone from it - they were captured by a lord, who was strong and brutal; who lacked all love and who for that reason struck his servants into hard fetters, which they could not break without help. I now brought this help to men, because I, as also Lord, had also that power, to break fetters. However, I had to defeat him before; I had to prepare to do battle with him; I first had to acquire for me the right, to free his property, for you men were his property, because you yourselves had surrendered to him through your will. Your trouble was self-incurred, but mankind made me sorry, because I loved my creatures despite their voluntary defection from me. And I therefore prepared to do battle with my opponent. And I defeated him with the weapon of love. I offered him a high ransom. Voluntarily I let myself be nailed to the cross; I gave up my life on the cross, to prove to him, that my love was able to do everything for you men, to bring rescue to you. Unimpededly I let his servants and henchmen accomplish their detestable acts at me. My love for you men was so deep, that I took all sufferings and pains upon myself to free you from them. My opponent and his followers were allowed to perform that at me, what you had deserved through your defection from me and what he wanted to perform at you constantly, when I did not redeem you from his control. I therefore paid for you the sin guilt; I gave myself into his hands, that he gave full vent to me, although I was not his own. And for it he had to give you free, because I did atonement for you. I faced him - but I only waged the war with the weapon of love. However, I broke his power, which he now could no longer prove at you, because you became free from his control through my work of redemption. Only there he can still rule limitlessly, where I and my work of redemption are not acknowledged. For these remain voluntarily under his control and are now also exposed to it so long, until also they call for me, that I help them in their trouble. I have paid the ransom for all souls, therefore no soul can be kept in the depth by my opponent, which longs upwards, which is of the will, to let itself be redeemed by me, which acknowledges me as its Lord and therefore also wants to belong to me. But against its will I cannot free it from my opponent, for then he has the right to this soul, because inwardly it professes its faith in him. The will of the soul is determining, whether my work of redemption also stands in its good stead, whether it shares in the favours of the work of redemption, which are unmeasured available to it, but cannot be given to it against its will. I certainly descend to the depth and bring rescue to the souls of the depth - but I force no soul to follow me, but I also break the most severe chains, when the soul asks me for it, when it is prepared to follow me, when it wants to flee from the power of my opponent. I give freedom to all, who desire it, for I have died on the cross for all men, because all men are my creatures, which I love from the very beginning.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6189.


Book 67 6190

References to the end.

15. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6190.

My call will still sound often, and to men I still will often send signs, which are to set them thinking. Because my love does not diminish to come to men's aid before the end is there. And every man will experience it, because I leave no-one out who still can be rescued. And also to my opponents I give the opportunity to think about things and to turn back - and that is why they obviously will be able to recognize by the ones who are mine the power and love of a God, because there, where earthly help is no longer possible, there I work to help men to believe in me, who only pay attention to what happens around them. Every single person can still find to me, because the way will be clearly shown to every single person. And I will ensure, that again and again men's attention will be attracted; everywhere I will try to cause them to do some earnest thinking; again and again I will let announcers of my word appear, who lively address men and also point to the forthcoming end. From all sides knowledge will reach them, also to those, who are unbelieving it will not remain unknown, what the believers expect and what moves their hearts. Also when they do not let themselves be convinced of the truth of it, they still are not without knowledge, and earthly events in the world will again and again remind them of what is said about the end. Natural phenomena of great extent will likewise make men think, because they follow each other in always shorter periods of time and become the horrors of men. Wherever I can prove my power, without forcing the will, there I will also appear, so that nobody can say to have remained completely ignorant of the near forthcoming end. That men do not believe in it is their own will, but they are to know about it, because some still can change their thinking, because a few will still listen to the call from above, when it sounds again and again and they do not find any explanation for it which satisfies them completely. And I struggle for every soul and do not slacken until the end is there. Who has eyes to see, he may see - who has ears to hear, he may hear. Because I always show myself and express myself that I can be recognized, when only man is willing to do it. I do not hide, but again and again come out as a voice so that men turn away from the abyss, which they head for, so that they hesitate to go on, when the warning shouts sound - but I do not force the will of men, but my love pursues every man until the end - but then inevitably judgement comes.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6190.


Book 67 6191

Only love is assessed.

17. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6191.

Love alone it is, which I assess, because everything, what has love as principle, must be good before my eyes. And I will also bless everything, what, driven through love, is undertaken - and it will not bring about harm to men, but only advantage to the soul, although earthly no advantage comes out of it. What is set about in love, that must also always be according to my will, for it is not done without me, I who am myself love. But always only the giving love, wanting to make happy, sacrificing, is to be understood by that, not that love, which wants to possess, which as selflove can also be cause to acts and undertakings of all kind. This difference you must make and seriously examine yourselves, which kind of love moves you, so you as it were intervene helpingly, so you feel caused to acts, and ask yourselves, whether it is right before me - whether you are allowed to expect my blessing for your action. Only that love is always decisive, which is unselfish, for selfish love belongs to the world; it is not my share and can therefore not be blessed. I tell you this for that reason, because much is undertaken under the cover of love and because also that is a work of my opponent, who likewise appears under a mask, to stir up and reinforce selflove. For it is the opposite to pure selfless love, which connects you to me, because it is divine. Who seeks his own advantage, he is not yet mine, even so it appears as if man devotes himself sacrificingly. I see the heart; I recognize every stirring in it; for that reason man must examine himself, whether he wants to give or whether he wants achieve something. In the first case he can undertake everything without worry; my blessing will always rest on him, and I will not leave him. He will experience strengthening, and my help will obviously be granted to him, because I myself am then in him and will truly then also lead him right, order his thoughts and give him power, to get his task under control. So only unselfish neighbourly love drives him, he can undertake everything, and he can be certain of my blessing. But every selfish thought is known to me - and I want to warn men against it, because they cannot deceive me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6191.


Book 67 6192

Redemption out of form is occasion for reshaping of earth.

18. February 1955. B.D. Nr. 6192.

I come to the assistance of the spiritual bound in form, because unconsciously it pushes towards completion, it senses the coming change of its abode, it pushes forward in its development, towards a loosened cover. The spiritual still bound in hard matter has now reached a degree of maturity, which allows a loosened outer form, and that is why powerful earth changes become already apparent before the end of this earth; hard matter will be broken through natural disasters; the spiritual in the earth continuously pushes to the surface. And this state of the spiritual alone would already be an occasion for the reshaping of the earth surface, because the upward development has to progress and a development period certainly has lasted long enough to get the spiritual in hard matter to give up its resistance. So for this spiritual the end of this earth means redemption and opportunity to further develop in different form. And also the spiritual, which livens up the plant and the animal world strives up, and will again be embodied in creations on the new earth through which it can go faster and faster and also the time draws closer and closer for this spiritual where it - embodied as man - is to prove itself in the last test of will. I alone know about the necessity and the blessing of a reshaping of the earth's surface. I alone know about the degree of maturity of the spiritual, both in the creations as well as in man. I alone know, when the upward development stops and how it can again be started - and my plan of salvation is laid down accordingly, which now also will be carried out in love, and wisdom and power. That you men are without knowledge about it, is already a sign of too low a degree of maturity, but with some thinking you can already infer, that an exceedingly wise creator exists and then also see the suitability of all that what happens - because he who directs your fate according to his will, he also certainly directs the whole universe in wisdom and love. He is not a being which creates and destroys arbitrarily - otherwise wisdom would be doubtful. And only my love underlies everything that happens - also when this appears to you men to be doubtful. Everything around you is spiritual, which like you is to return to me - and to all spiritual I give the opportunity to reach the goal. That you in your blindness do not keep an eye on the only worthwhile aim is your free will. But who strives for it, he reaches me in the stage as man. Before endless times you experienced the same possibilities to change, also you could only become free out of hard matter through my loving intervention; also you had to go the same way, which now the spiritual that becomes free has to go. And my love is meant for all still unfree spiritual, as it was meant for you and still is meant. And that is why mankind will experience something powerful and first will have to experience already much suffering and trouble, so that every opportunity still can be used to reach a higher degree of maturity before the last day has come because it decides for all spiritual on its sojourn. It decides if light or darkness is its fate, and it puts all spiritual into that outer form, which corresponds to its maturity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6192.


Book 67 6193

The key to wisdom is love, not the intellect.

19. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6193.

No field is so disputed as the spiritual, because where no proofs can be produced there men will never come to an agreement - but every representative of his opinion believes himself to be right, he believes to have truth. Every earthly knowledge man can rationally extend, he also can back it up with proofs or again and again convince himself of being wrong and change his thinking. He can get to the bottom of it and come to a firm result, which now can be accepted as irrefutable by those who do research on the same field and mull over it. But it is different with spiritual knowledge - with the field, which lies outside of earthly knowledge and which can never be researched intellectually. No matter what spiritual knowledge is supplied to men - it can never be proved, but always only has to be believed. And it is understandable that men express and represent many and different thoughts as being right, because men are in their nature different and the explanation of the spiritual field is closely connected with the makeup of man - with his spiritual maturity. For not the intellect researches this field, but the heart. This is incomprehensible for pure rational types of men and still a fact, which proves itself. Even men with highly developed rational thinking will not arrive at concurring results in the spiritual field as long as the heart is not taking part in their research. But then the opinions tally completely, because then the right key to the gate of wisdom is found and applied. And this key is love, which is lighted in the heart - which now also enlightens the spirit of man so that he cannot help it than to think right because now his thoughts are directed by God and these thoughts are guaranteed wisdom. There is no getting at rationalists with such an explanation until also in them love arouses. Then they grasp this mystery - then they understand that God reserves the truth for himself and only gives it to those, who unite with him through love. Also such won knowledge is now not provable, but to man himself the inner conviction is enough to know that he has the truth - to know that no earthly scientist can ever teach him differently and could take away his conviction. Who once has accepted the truth from God himself through his spirit, can also no longer doubt or wants to expand his knowledge somewhere else. He has taken possession of the spiritual field, God himself has initiated him, and for him there is no return to the field of earthly science, for him there is no change of his thinking, because truth has seized him, because God himself has seized him, who is eternal truth. But the way into this field was and is love. And never will a man be able to research it without love, which is why all spiritual opinions will remain disputed as long as they are not won on the way of the heart. Spiritual knowledge is a knowledge that cannot be proved and still becomes full conviction as soon as through a life of love the union with God has been established; he now himself teaches man and gives him insight to all questions, who speaks to him through the spirit, who works in him, as he himself has promised.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6193.


Book 67 6194

Serious admonitions.

Monday before Lent / Shrove Monday 21. February 1955. B.D. NR 6194.

Again and again I admonish you to leave the world. But you men chain yourself all the time more to it; more and more you chase after earthly goods; more and more you revel in the enjoyments of life, and more and more remote the spiritual kingdom is for you, which never can be taken possession of together with the earthly world. And that is your ruin that you hand yourselves over to the lord who pulls down your souls, that you more and more get into his snares, which are gilded and that is why they are not recognized by you as what they are. Your desire for enjoyment of life brings you death. Because this desire is put into the heart by my opponent; he urges you on to increased inordinate desire to indulge in worldly pleasures - he stirs up all your bodily desires that they seek and also find fulfilment in sin. All good thoughts are chased away by him; self-love is stirred up to highest fervour; men are just in bondage to him only, because they no longer ask if they live according to my will, to my satisfaction. They have become slaves to the world and therefore to him who is lord of this world. Dense darkness lies over the earth, because no spiritual ray finds access, and in this darkness my opponent has an easy job of it - he catches innumerable souls and causes them a fate, which they do not recognize in their blindness. He well gives them for their life on earth everything they desire, but dreadful is their fate after their body's death. Because then he takes complete possession of them, and they are powerless and cannot free themselves of his power, and for the short time of life on earth in well-being, they have to pay for with a terrible fate in eternity. However seriously it is presented to men, however urgently they are admonished and warned against the enemy of their souls - they do not listen to it, but fix their gaze on the world, which lures them with its shine. And sin increases uncontrollably, because that what does not fall to man by itself, he seeks to win on the wrong way. Nothing is sacred to him, neither the goods nor the life of the neighbour, when he only can improve himself, when only an advantage arises for him which serves his body. And with such an attitude it is impossible for the light to come through into his heart; he is in thickest darkness and he feels fine in it. It is a time of depravity, a time of sin, in which my opponent is very successful, in which my light messengers win little influence and only the powers from below have success. My opponent holds rich harvest - and time is drawing to a close. More necessary then ever is the work in my vineyard, so that men still get rescued, who are not yet completely influenced by him - whose souls have not yet become his victims.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6194.


Book 67 6195

Hearing the word only after the death on the cross.

22. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6195

The hearing of my word in you is an expression of my spirit, which works in you, as soon as you fulfil the condition: that you fashion your heart to love. I have promised you to send my spirit, which introduces you to all truth. As long as I myself walked on earth, my spirit worked at and in you (in man), so I wanted this - but alone, with my being involved, men would not have yet been able to hear my voice, for in that time mankind was so completely under the spell of my opponent, that he did not allow it, for men still were not redeemed. Nevertheless, I always and constantly spoke through the mouth of prophets before my coming down. These prophets were then being driven by my spirit. I used their mouth to express myself through them, to speak to men, who turned away from me. And these prophets had to speak, as my will commanded them. The original state, to hear my voice directly, was already lost to men a lot of time before my coming down. They were always just individuals, whose hearts belonged to me and who, as souls from above, were to be guiding stars for their fellowmen, who stood in furthest distance from me. For Satan still had the unbroken control over all men, which he used first, to push men away from me. And this power I first had to break through my death on the cross. I had to redeem men; I had to establish the connection between the kingdom of light and men, so that the way became free for those, who seriously wanted it. Through my death men were born to new life - those men, who voluntarily strove for this rebirth through a way of life in love - according to my way of life on earth - were now filled by my spirit. My spirit could have an effect in them; I myself was therefore present to men, and so they could now also hear my voice. I could address them myself - not just making use of them to speak to mankind - I could supply every individual with food for his soul. I could give myself to them as food, I who am the word from eternity. But this was only possible through my work of redemption, otherwise men could not gain the rebirth of the soul, otherwise they could not exchange the kingdom of darkness with the kingdom of light. I said to my disciples, that I want to send my spirit to them. I indeed instructed them in the process, to hear my voice in them - but they could not yet completely comprehend, what I spoke to them, because also they still lay in the fetter of my opponent, which I only broke through my death on the cross. Then I sent my spirit to them, what went on obviously at these my disciples. But all men can now experience the pouring out of my spirit at them, even so not in that obvious form. Through their will they can put themselves in a position, in which they stand in contact with me. Through a love life according to my model they can become reborn - and now the father can speak to his child, and the child will hear him. The father can now administer the right food to his child, which it needs to maturation, to become that, what is its aim on earth - a being full of power and light, which has entered again the original state, in which it once has been created. This address, my word, is the sign of the work of the spirit in man it is the pouring out of the spirit, which only my work of redemption has made possible. Man must voluntarily get into contact with me through love, only then he has carried out rebirth at himself, and only then I can administer to him the bread of heaven - my word. And that he is able to do that, for it I died on the cross and acquired for him the favour of a strengthened will, for before my opponent kept him tied up and prevented him from this intimate contact with me, which causes the hearing of my word. But those men, who were before deemed worthy to hear my word, fulfilled a task with that, for the purpose of which their souls got embodied on earth. They were always only individual men, who had to fulfil a mission: to refer to my coming down and to lead men to faith. But after my death on the cross is was (is) possible for all men, to hear me, who just wanted (want) it seriously, who keep my commands and therefore fulfilled (fulfil) the condition, under which I could (can) reveal myself. In faith in Jesus as in God's son and redeemer of the world, in whom I myself could embody myself, also power is sent to man to fulfil my will. He can now, without being prevented by my opponent, go the way of love and fashion himself to a receiving vessel of my spirit, what before was only possible for few - but these few were still burdened with the sin guilt and for that reason also for them the way to me was not yet free. That love therefore, which established the relationship between men and me, was, through the influence of my opponent, almost completely cooled and for that reason men also extremely away from me. Through the man Jesus this distance was reduced. He was completely connected to me, and he suffered and died for men, to wipe out the separating debt, so that men could now also come to me unhindered and could then also hear the voice of the father. The original state was to again be established, which presupposes a degree of perfection. But this degree of perfection was only to be reached after the wiping out of the great original sin of the defection from me. Therefore, I died for you the death on the cross, because this debt could not be wiped out otherwise. And now every man can reach that degree, which makes him capable to hear my voice - every man can fashion himself to the receiving vessel of my spirit; into every man I can now pour out my spirit, who leads a life according to my will and keeps my commands - I can reveal myself to him, as I have promised it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6195.


Book 67 6196

Love life. Power of love.

23. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6196.

You are to cultivate a real love life, and you yourselves will feel its redeeming power, for you become free of all fetters of passion; you become free of all unclean thoughts, free of desires of all kind - you will no longer be able to feel hate, because also it is a fetter, which the opponent of God has struck you with, but which is broken through the power of love. You will yourselves be able to extricate yourselves from his control, because the power of love makes you strong, and you will also be able to remove the fetters of your fellowmen, so you just always excise love to them. For love is a share of God, and for that reason it must have a redeeming effect, because everything divine is free or helps to freedom. So long you are still under the spell of passion, so long a thought of hate is still in you, you lack love, otherwise you would include everything in your love and everything unclean would be banished from your heart, because it is share of him, who stands facing God as opponent destitute of all love. To develop real love is making happy; man feels lifted up; he feels being close to his creator; he is not pulled down to earth by vices and desires, but he raises his thoughts upwards, for love connects man with his creator, because he himself is love - and being in contact with God must of necessity also be a state of freedom, for God does not let that man languish in fetters, who has connected himself to him through love. Always devote yourselves to a way of life in love, when you strive for the joining together with God, for he is, where love is. He himself works in you, so perform works of love. But love does not ask, whether fellowman is worthy of it; love understands (seizes) everything and seeks to radiate through it - and the stronger, the more hardened it is, the more it languishes in the fetter put on by Satan. Love takes pity on the weak and helps the suffering - love is balm on all wounds, which hate has struck; love is a healing and redeeming power, which directs everything right, what is directed wrong. Lead a way of life in love and eliminate no man, for they all need love, to become free of their trouble. Who goes along without love, is still under the control of the enemy of his soul, which he is not able to break sooner, until he makes use of love power, but which cannot be given to him, but which he must acquire through own love activity. Man can have a measure of power at his disposal, that he succeeds in everything, what he plans, when he just kindles love in himself, which now secures a working together with God, and for that reason nothing is any longer impossible, because not he himself, but God works through him. Man is weak, so long he lives without love. He cannot defend himself against the gagging through evil powers; he is hopelessly exposed to them. But he is immediately their lord, when his is flowed through by the love power of God, which is sent to him with every work of unselfish neighbourly love - but which he must perform naturally, completely in free will, to experience its redeeming effect. For love removes all fetters; love makes happy and free.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6196.


Book 67 6197

Repatriation of the spiritual to God. Free will.

24. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6197.

Immense periods belong to it, until the spiritual, which once removed itself voluntarily from me, is again in the state of free will, which I had to keep bound, if I wanted to achieve it, that it came again so far closer to me, to receive free will again back from me. For before free will became its ruin, for it decided for my opponent and would have never ever turned towards me, so long this opponent could still decide on the spiritual based on the will turned towards him. I wrested this power from him and made the spiritual unfree so long, until the possibility existed to choose between two lords - so long until the spiritual was again able, to decide itself. Only then it received back free will. It was a time not to be estimated for you men, which you had to spend in the bound state, but the only possibility, to call you, you who were lifeless, again back to life. For you were created to live, to be active to your own happiness, and this purpose remains for you, and once you will also certainly reach the aim, to be again happy in the original state, because you are near me and work in my will and are nevertheless free. That I kept your will bound endless long time, was just a work of my love for you, you who did not recognize my love and for that reason turned away from me in the belief, being loved by him, who dragged you down into the depth. But he was no longer capable of any love, and that he did not want to leave you, was only the expression of his hunger for power - he wanted to rule over the spiritual, whose producer he was under use of my power. And because my power was the original substance of yourselves, you also belonged to me, and I did not give up my right of possession over you - and for that reason found a way, which led you again back from the depth, even so in bound will. But the final decision remains up to you, whether you want to reach me and remain with me or strive again for the depth, whether you again spurn my love as once and join him, who is my opponent. I do not force you to return to me, just make this return possible for you, but which you would have never striven for in free will, because my opponent prevented you to do it. But you must bear an extreme great responsibility in earth life as man, where free will is given back to you and you are therefore to make the last decision. For the endless long time of your ascent out of the depth in bound will can have been covered in vain by you, when you now fail as man. And this endless long way of development in being bound and in agony can be allotted to you again - but as also final freedom and unspeakable happiness can be the success of a right decision, when you return to me in free will, from whom you have gone out once.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6197.


Book 67 6198

God's blessing to all announcers of Jesus Christ.

25. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6198.

Everything, what is done for the spreading of my Gospel, I will bless. For my name is to be announced; for men are to be led to faith in me in Jesus Christ; they are to be informed of my work of redemption, so that also they come to me and request from me the forgiveness of their sins. In consideration of the near end it is extremely significant, that men still take the way to Jesus Christ on earth, that they acknowledge him as God's son and redeemer of the world, in whom I myself have embodied myself on earth. For if they enter the opposite kingdom without this faith, then a little nice lot expects them there. They are still weight down with their sin burden and cannot walk upwards; inexorably they are pushed towards the depth or pulled down; when they do not get rid of their burden, they are lightless and powerless, and nobody can help them than alone Jesus Christ, who can also rescue them from the depth, but whom they do not know or do not believe in him. It is a bitter lot, towards which they are heading, when they depart this earth in that unbelieving state. And I bless all men, who make it their task to announce the divine redeemer to their fellowmen - who preach to them him, who announced the divine love teaching on earth, who present his death on the cross as work of redemption, which he has accomplished for the entire mankind. I bless, who loudly announce my name, because no man can be happy, who does not confess his faith in him. I bless all, who spread my Gospel alive, who fight with the sword of their mouth and therefore wage a war against him, who seeks to push me out of the hearts of men. For it is a dead Christianity, in which men go along, and that is not less bad than complete ignorance, than complete rejecting of the divine redeemer. They are to be again awakened to life; they are to seriously think about Jesus Christ, his suffering and dying and his mission - so that they have found him, when they go over into the opposite kingdom, so that they can then go on by his hand, who looks after every soul, which just expresses his name in full faith in redemption through him. Exactly this faith men lack, and in it lies the great trouble, which requires an unusual work on the part of my servants on earth. And I will support them in every way in their work for me and my kingdom. I will put the words into their mouth, and for that reason everybody will be able to announce me, who just has the serious will to do it. For I myself will make him capable and bless his will. Who confesses me before the world, him I myself will also prove as my representative, for he will speak driven by my spirit. I myself will speak through him and give all words a great power. For it is the time of the end, where eager work must be done, if those souls are still to be rescued, which lack faith in a redemption through Jesus Christ and which for that reason also do not yet go the right way to me and to eternal life - which the man Jesus has gone before for you and whom you now must follow, if you want to reach me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6198.


Book 67 6199

Life or death.

25. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6199.

You are to live and flee from eternal death. For that reason you walk on earth, that you acquire eternal life for yourselves, but which can only be won, when you strive for it, to reach light and power, because light and power are the marks of life - because without light and power you cannot be active and life means persistent activity. Without light and power, you are in the state of death, i.e., powerless and in darkness, but aware of it most agonizingly. It you would be completely extinguished through death, then death would not frighten you and also not move to that end, to strive for life, but you remain, and death does not end your existence, but you cannot go about your purpose, which is set for you since the very beginning. And you cannot be happy. For happiness exists in the right use of power and light, in the work and creation according to divine order - happiness exists in the cognition, in the knowledge about truth and for that reason also appropriate work. You have not been created for death, but certainly to life, to perpetual power development, to the reception and handing out of power. But in the state of death you can hand out nothing, because you possess nothing, and under this powerlessness and lack of light you yourselves suffer extreme agonies. But in earth life you can easily acquire eternal life, when you just remain in the divine order, when you pay attention to the will of God and subjugate yourselves to him, when you live in love. For then you acquire power for yourselves, which can no longer be withdrawn from you; then you cause eternal love to the renunciation and it flows through you the more, the more active in love you are. Because you then attract to you eternal love - the original source of power. And through this receiving of power you must now also become capable to create and work - which exists on earth in always more eager love work., in the utilizing of power out of God according to his will. Now you can enter the opposite kingdom without fright, because you have now acquired life for yourselves and can never ever lose it. And you will find a rich field of work, which working on makes you happy, because the necessary power and cognition is at your disposal and you fulfil those tasks with joy, with which you are now charged. And you will again awaken the dead to life; you will be able to judge the agony and darkness of death and full of love fetch it out of this darkness. And you will impart power to it and try everything, to snatch it away from death. For divine is only, what lives - but what is in the state of death, that love can awaken to life. And you all are to live, because the love of God has created you for life, not for death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6199.


Book 67 6200

Every man is addressed by God.

26. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6200.

In every situation in life God comes up to you men, to cause you, to connect yourselves with him, to do the leap out of the earthly sphere into the spiritual - to transfer you mentally into it. So long you men go your earth way with just earthy adjusted thoughts, you go completely fruitlessly through life; you achieve nothing for your souls, for the sake of which you stay on earth. And so you do not change this your attitude until the death of your body, your existence as man was pointless, the favour of your embodiment was completely in vain. You do not know about the serious meaning of earth life; you do not know about the great remorse, when you will once recognize it in the opposite kingdom, what you have neglected out of your own fault, what you would have been able to achieve, when you would have utilized earth life as man correctly. Because you do not think about it, for that reason God again and again blocks your way. He again and again causes you to think about your actual earth life purpose; he as it were touches you so, that you should feel him and could begin to wonder; he pushes himself into your thoughts, but leaving it to your free will, whether you want to occupy yourselves with him, whether you let yourselves be addressed by him mentally. He does not force you, but he tirelessly takes care of you, that you turn towards him, so that you do not cover your earth life in vain, without all success for your soul, which alone remains, when your body passes. No man will be able to say, not having been addressed by God, for every stroke of fate, every sickness, every suffering is an expression of God, through which he wants to attract attention to himself - through which he seeks to divert the thoughts away from the world and wants to cause man to think about himself. To every man hours of solitude are granted, where he can go into quietness and seek the connection with God - and who only pays attention to him with one thought, he will be lovingly seized by him, and food is given to his thoughts, which are salutary for his soul. And no matter how far away man is from God through his own will God follows him and seeks to also move him to turning back, but always with different means. But no-one is left to his own devices; God lets no-one out in his efforts to change his thinking - no-one needs to do without the love of God, for all are his creatures, which he wants to win back as children. He stretches out the hand to all, but man must seize his hand in free will and let himself be drawn by him without resistance. Then his earth course will not be in vain; then his soul will benefit from it; then he can peacefully look forward to the hour of death, for it will just be the gate to eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6200.


Book 67 6201

Faith decision. Confessing before the world.

28. February 1955. B.D. NR. 6201.

No way out will remain for you; you will have to decide for me or against me. And you will have to do it before the world, for the decision is demanded of you. For that reason do not believe being able to deceive the world or me; do not believe that it may be enough for me, when your will is good, but it bows to my opponent - that you pretend outwardly to dismiss me, because you are afraid of the worldly power, even so you would not like to deny me inwardly. I demand from you an open decision; I demand a confession of my name before the world. And I know, why I demand this from you - because I demand from you that faith, which is alive and which puts me higher than everything in the world. And because through such a faith it is also possible, that weak men strengthen themselves by it, that they stand up to the besieging of the earthly power, but who would helplessly fail, when they miss the faith of fellowmen, whom they have thought to be believing. And for that reason I spoke the words on earth: Whosoever shall confess me before the world, him will I confess also before the Father. - i.e., him I, as the father himself, will draw to me and give him power to resist. I myself will keep him, that he does not fall, to then be able to fetch him on the last day, where he will receive the reward for his confession from the father, where I myself rescue my children from greatest trouble. It is of no use, when you men confess me with the mouth only; but it is also of no use, when you only confess my inwardly and deny or fear me before the world, to testify to me and my name in public. The last decision of faith demands a strong will and much courage. But living faith summons this will and this courage, because it is the result of a love life and love gives him power in excess. Therefore I again demand from you men love only. For it gives birth to a deep, living faith and gives you the power to confess me before the world. The time of the end will still give you much opportunity to practise love. Always more your hearts will be addressed by the trouble of fellowmen; always more you will see spiritual and earthly trouble around you, and who is not of a completely hardened heart, he will kindle the flame of love in himself and happily realize that his faith always gets deeper, his longing for me will grow, and he will also be aware of my presence. Everything will win life, what before was still dead knowledge for him, what he certainly did not reject consciously, but was also no conviction for him. Everything he will now see and understand with the eyes of love, and his faith will also reach that strength, which is required in the last fight of faith on this earth. He will joyfully like to confess me and my name before the world, because through his love life he has experienced me myself and I myself can work in him. And he will never ever give up this faith. He will testify to me and my kingdom and also be received by me into my kingdom, so the end of this earth has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6201.


Book 67 6202

Life task: Serving in love.

1. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6202.

This is your earth life task, that you serve each other in love. Only through serving love you can work yourselves up, for it alone increases the degree of maturity of your soul; it alone enables you to enter that kingdom after the death of your body, where is light and happiness. All other efforts are of no use for you, when you leave out the serving in love, when your heart remains hardened, when you want to rule, where you are to serve. For only through serving neighbourly love you make good again the former sin, where you rejected love, where you yourselves gave up love, to now follow him, who is destitute of all love, who rebelled against me. Earth life has been given to you only to that end, that you again acquire love, which you once rejected - that you prove, that you want to change your nature, that you prove this your change of will through work in love. You cannot therefore disregard love, when you want, that you become again perfect, when you want to return to me again, to be endlessly happy. The knowledge about it is of no use for you, when you do not translate it into action. And opportunity is given to you always to do it - and you will always see trouble around you, needy persons will always turn to you and request your help. And then do not let them go from you, without having helped them, the moment this is possible for you. And do not worry that you yourselves must suffer lack, for as you hand out, so it will again be handed out to you. But also let your intellect rule - also this I want to recommend to you, so that you do not harm the neighbour more than you are of use to him. For trouble brought about by his own fault, is to also be removed by him, where this is in the area of the possible. And that it is possible, when man is willing, that he can also request from me myself. You must therefore make a difference between trouble and thoughtlessness. You certainly are to alleviate trouble, but never strengthen fellowmen in thoughtlessness, which is a great evil and for that reason is not to be supported. But where love intervenes helpingly, trouble will also be quickly removed, for I help, when I recognize love on the one hand and gratitude on the other hand. No man is forsaken by me, and so he turns to me myself, a way is also shown to him, which leads him out of all trouble. But who only relies on fellowman, he has no right claim to help, and trouble is to lead him to come to his senses, that he must change himself. For trouble is often for a man the means of education, which I apply, to win him for me, that the trouble drives him to me, that it lets man remember me and he takes refuge with me, I who will now never disappoint him. I want that all men are happy, and so I also want, that they are to recognize me. But many men do not think of me, as long as everything turns out well for them on earth, and they are therefore on a way, which leads downwards, to my opponent. Only through trouble I can have an effect on them so, that they turn round and strive towards me as their aim, that they askingly raise their hands towards me for help. And I will hear such a call, and send help to them, when it is time. Work in love, as long as you walk on earth, and give, what the neighbour lacks. And I will bless you and everything, what you give to your neighbour in love for me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6202.


Book 67 6203

Hostilities. Religious warfare. Vineyard work.

2. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6203

Much will still be imposed on you to bear, before your task is fulfilled on earth. In particular this is directed at my servants, who have to do greater work in the time of the end and for that reason are also exposed to many hostilities on the part of those, who are enslaved to my opponent and therefore also go against me on his behalf. These will hunt you, they will put stones in your way, where they just can; they will seek to prevent, that your work for me and my kingdom is of success; they will do everything, to make your spiritual task more difficult, to bring yourselves into situations, which let you doubt my love and my power. But I predict this to you, so that you are forearmed, so that you stand firm in faith and not be put off by those, for I am stronger than they, and I will help you in every earthly and spiritual trouble, as I have promised you. But also this for you difficult time must come, because the end is not sooner, than until the Satanic powers have romped about. For also my opponent has a certain time for the work for him, and this he uses, as he believes to overthrow me. And I allow this, because I cannot bind him sooner, until he has exceeded his authority. For everything is prescribed by law, and since also he was once my creature, which, equipped with power and might, was active in my will - he therefore also possessed a right on the beings, which he has created through my power - I will not dispute this his right, as long as these beings want to remain with him. But if he tries, to snatch them from me against their will, if he tries to prevent that to return, what voluntarily returns to me - by him seeking to illegally displace me myself from their life - then I protectively place myself before those, and I make him unable, to carry out his bad intentions. Then I bind him and so prevent his further influence on those men, who want to remain loyal to me. But his attempts before will have a noticeable effect on you; he will try everything to overthrow me, to disturb the relationship between you and me - and all these attempts will have a sorrowful effect on you, but still not bring you to succumb. For in exactly the same way I also keep watch over you, over all, who belong to me and want to remain loyal to me. No matter what will therefore may also come over you on the part of those, who have power on earth - do not be afraid - for spiritually and earthly you stand under my protection, and so you are firmly convinced of it, the hostilities of that power touch you no more than small unpleasant circumstances of life, to which you are always exposed. One will go for you, and for fellowmen it will seem, as if you will be their victims. But so you trust in me, so you feel as my children, the protection of the father is also certain for you - and you expect everything without fear through your faith you have a power, and you will be able to resist that power, which besieges you. You will remain victor in the last fight on this earth, because I myself fight with you against Satan, because I put him in chains and free you from his control, when the day of repayment has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6203.


Book 67 6204

The right will guarantees the change of nature.

4. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6204.

Secure for yourselves the right of eternal happiness through perpetual striving for spiritual perfection. When you want, that you reach your aim, when this will is serious, so you are already candidates of my kingdom, and then I help you, to reach me. Only the right will secures you the power to carry out your project, while without this will you are never able to change your nature - therefore the change of nature never takes place against your will, but first of all depends on exactly this will. For the will is the sign of the conscious turning to me, from whom you once turned away. But it can never be understood by this, that you announce your will only through words. I see into your heart and take pleasure in it, so I see the serious will in you. And then I am always prepared to give power, and you will now also carry out, what leads you to perfection - you will perform works of unselfish neighbourly love. A man, who seriously strives for perfection, can no longer otherwise, than being active in love - for this love activity is already the expression of that power, which is sent to him by me, after he is of serious will to reach upwards. But the will is free. No earthly and no spiritual power can force the will in a certain direction, for no matter whether man would be forced to announce a certain will outwardly - when he would also be caused by force to carry out certain acts - his most inner will - detestation or joy for the demanded act - cannot be determined; he will be and remain free and nevertheless be assessed by me. And for that reason pay attention to your will - give an account of to yourselves, how you think and want in the deepest innermost being; ask yourselves, whether your thinking and wanting is in accordance with my will, whether it is so, that you can step before my eyes at any time, without being afraid, that I condemn you. Pay attention to your will and direct it right. Always only let me myself be your aim, and nourish in you the desire to become perfect, as your father in heaven is perfect. Strive for spiritual perfection, then a blessed life will also be secured for you, for I do not let a seriously striving man fall back into the hands of him, from whom he seeks to extricate himself. As soon as he turns his will towards me, he is seized by my love and provided with my power, which now also enables him to carry out, that, what he wants, and which certainly brings him to perfection. For that reason you are to often go into quietness and think about you yourselves; you are to undertake a serious criticism of your wanting and thinking, when you strive towards entering my kingdom and to be happy, when you seriously strive for unification with me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6204.


Book 67 6205

Help of men with the redemption from the depth.

5. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6205.

An inexhaustible measure of favour I hand out, because my love persistently makes an effort to prepare for you an eternal life in happiness. Therefore I also do not leave the souls in darkness without help, because they alone cannot help themselves, but as I also still look after the weak souls and give them power to reach light. My love is meant for all souls, which does not stop, which wants to help and make happy and which for that reason also seizes the spiritual, which is still very far from me - why I give away favours there - undeserved helps, which are to prove my love. My compassionate love follows the souls into the depth and seeks to redeem them. And for that reason you must understand, that also every man on earth is allowed to take part in this work of redemption and that I accept and bless his collaboration, when it is meant for those souls from the depth as I bless everything, what proves love for the unredeemed spiritual. You men can help, by you intervening as mediators, because the direct contact between me and those souls being in the depth is impossible, because these souls could not bear the excess of light, which would radiate to them with my direct presence - but as this presence is also out of the question for that reason, because it would mean a compulsion of the will. But through your love you build a bridge, which the souls of the depth can now enter, to come to me in free will. My love and favour indeed now also sends messengers to these souls - light beings, which approach them in a cover, to cause them, to break away from the depth and to strive towards the height. But you men on earth have greater influence on those souls, particularly when love drives you to them, to grant them help. You have greater influence, because you appear more real to them, because you are still in those spheres, where also these souls have come from. And you have a particular influence, so you can impart my word to them, which is of incomprehensible influence as direct love radiation, which creates noticeable alleviation for them, which touches them beneficently and for that reason is to be seen for these souls as quite particular means of favour. Also the opposite light and love messengers make my word accessible to them, but before recognition has not become theirs, what they must strive for to be happy, they still react negatively towards these light beings, until they have won the cognition through you, whom they believe more likely and follow your instructions. Men on earth can much easier and sooner establish the contact with the inhabitants of darkness, when they want to help them in my name, when they make it their task to be active redeeming. Then such an effort is also blessed by me; then I myself can help imperceptibly. I can open the gates for the souls of the depth, that they reach you, what they are not allowed without my will, to not besiege you on behalf of him, who is my opponent. And so they come softened to you and ask you for help, which you can now also give away to them through presenting my word, which is real help to them and which does not miss its effect. Men, who consciously look after these souls, who consciously want to do redemption work, will always be blessed by me, for they carry out a work, which will never remain without success, because they make use of a means, which brings with certainty redemption to the souls. They impart my word to the souls, and they establish the contact between those souls and Jesus Christ - and so they now resort to me in him, they are rescued for all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6205.


Book 67 6206

Love ability. Love willingness.

6. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6206.

You all carry the divine love spark in your heart and are therefore all able to love - why therefore no man can say, having been created completely without love. Men are certainly talented differently in their feelings, what however does not exclude, that each one man can fashion his nature, that it is just still completely absorbed in love for God and for fellowmen. It is only up to the will of the individual, and only, where it opposes, love work is not possible. You are therefore all able to love, because the basis for it has been created in you - but the love willingness is your own work, because your will is free, because it is up to you yourselves to decide about the will in you. A man therefore, who is willing to live according to the commands of God, he will also develop love in him, although he is also exposed to the temptations of the opponent, who particularly would like to suffocate love in man, when it arouses. And only so you can explain the state in you, that you do not always act and speak, as it is according to the love command, despite you being willing, to live to the pleasure of God - despite you are also being knowing, which shortcoming it means for you, when the degree of love in you is a low one. The opponent of God put obstacles in the way of every striving man, because a love live means for him the certain loss of the soul. He will always make an effort to suffocate love; he will always seek to prevent, that the flame of love flares up to always greater heat. And so he will influence man, by him letting love for himself, selflove, stand out, which always puts itself as shadow before real love and therefore wants to darken it. A strong will does not let this shadow arise, but often the will is only weak and the love activity of man also accordingly. And every inhibition to love work, every displeasure towards a loving act is the effect of the opponent, which you men should certainly pay attention to and take action against it, when you strive upwards. You must know, that you are constantly besieged by him, that he knows all tricks, that he slips in, where just the smallest crack in the heart if opened for him through weakness of the will of man - for that reason be constantly on your guard against him and always join more closely him, who can protect you against him - Jesus Christ, who has died for it on the cross, that your will may experience a strengthening, and who - as himself love - will always only have an effect on your love will, to help you to a degree of love, which completely reshapes your nature and unites you with him, who is eternal love himself. They are always these two lords, who want to make you their property - to whom you hand yourselves over in free will, him you acknowledge as your lord and he now also exercises his power over you and at you. Always turn to Jesus Christ, and you will drive away his opponent, since he cannot hear the name Jesus, without fleeing. And Jesus will also kindle in you love, for the connection with him in thoughts gives him already the right, to also have an effect on your heart, and that means, that love in you flares up to a bright heat and that you now no longer must force you, but your heart drives you, because you have united yourselves with eternal love and love has now become your actual nature, as it has been at the very beginning.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6206.


Book 67 6207

Making divine of created beings.

7. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6207.

In the beginning you all stood by me, because my love power filled you completely, which drew you to me. It was a state of highest happiness for you, because you were divine beings; you were love radiation from me having become form; you were objects of highest intelligence and in the possession of light and power, which enabled you again to creative activity. You very perfect beings, images of me myself with the only one difference, that you had gone out from me, while I myself am from eternity and outside of me no creative power ruled. Therefore everything having gone out from me, was my work. And so also the first created being, which was the producer of you all with my approval and under use (for the benefit) of my power. Also this being was my work, not, as it itself wanted to teach you to believe - the creating power (itself). Innumerable creatures have been called into life by this being, because it wanted to use the power flowing towards it incessantly in the creative meaning - because it possessed the ability for it, for it was perfect and "equal to me" having been put out of me for exactly this purpose - to enliven the infinite spiritual kingdom to its own happiness. What made me happy, was also supposed to make happy this being created by me first, and for that reason I gave it limitless light and power; I gave it free will, which it was now allowed to use in its own estimation - but would have had to use according to my will, when it wanted to be active according to its perfection. But its will developed contrary to my will - what was certainly possible, since the being was created completely free, therefore no compulsion at all would have questioned its perfection - but what would have been impossible, when the being would have striven more for my love than for my power - when it would have content itself with my love power, which it received incessantly. The huge number of its created entities, which his and my love called into life, awakened the desire in it to rule over them - and although it knew, that my power was active at the creation of those beings, it turned its love for me into an opposing feeling - it envied me the power, and it wanted for that reason separate from me, what had been called into life through my power, to possess and rule it itself. But it would not have been possible for it, to separate these my creatures from me - since they were filled by my love power, which inseparably connected them to me - when I myself would not have released them - what I also did for the sake of the becoming divine of my beings. You, you who were created perfect, you would have for ever remained my creatures only - works, which could only think and act in my will, but did not correspond to the picture, which I have imagined, when I created you: free children standing and working in highest perfection, which are certainly active according to their own free will, but which was also mine as result of the love for me. This I wanted to achieve and for that reason released you, so that you yourselves could fashion yourselves to that, what I have set as aim for myself. I did not take away my love from you, but also did not prevent the first created being - now my opponent - of it, to likewise have an effect on you. But also you were equipped with free will and could now freely decide for me or for him. You did not need to fall, for you stood in the light and could feel my love and let yourselves be drawn by it to me. But also his influence on you was great, and you succumbed to it. In free will you followed him, but who gave you no happiness, but dragged you down into the depth. For he resisted me; he rebelled against me; he made my lover power ineffective. I myself did not withdraw it from him, but he removed himself so far from me, that my love radiation had an always weaker effect, because he opposed it with open resistance - in the belief to posses himself enough power in the crowd of his followers, whom he has drawn with down into the depth. You all had to do now without my love power, although I myself did not take it away from you, but you have rejected it and for that reason became powerless and of dark spirit. You voluntarily gave up the original state in incomprehensible happiness. But you are not to remain for ever in your self-chosen state, because my love does not give you up, because you are also my creatures, which I do not leave for ever in a state, which completely contradicts your purpose and your origin. The aim, which I have once set for myself - the becoming divine of the beings, which I have created - I do not give up. I will achieve it, and also you, you who are still unhappy as result of your former rebellion against me, you will once again enter the light kingdom; you will enjoy limitless power and be happy. But I do not have an effect on you in compulsion, but in complete free will you must go the way yourselves, which leads back to me, back to perfection, which was once your share, which you gave up, but will irrevocably once reach again, because my love pursues only this one aim, that you as my children work and create in light and power and happiness in my kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6207.


Book 67 6208

Will towards God and power of the word weapons against the enemy.

8. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6208.

The power of favour and of the spirit from me is strong enough, to drive out everything evil, when you consciously oppose evil and want to lead your way of life according to my will. Consider after all, that I can only then pour out my spirit over a man, when he completely confesses his faith in me in the heart and when he establishes the connection with me through his love will, when therefore the decision of his will has already be done on earth, to belong to me and to separate himself from my opponent. Only then his heart has been opened, into which I can now pour my spirit - or else the connection with me is established so intimately, that my power flows over to him - and my power is my spirit, the radiation of my never ending love. Such a connection therefore makes the man to my child, which is now able to hear my voice, and I watch over my child and never let it be snatched from me, for I possess its will, and I also have a full right on this child as concerns my opponent, whom I truly do not restrict in his right, as long as the will of my creatures is still turned away from me and it is for that reason still his share. But as soon as it has entered into my (will) into my possession, I no longer hand it over, and that means, that I also no longer hand it over to his control, although he will try until the death of the man, to win him back. But he will always tempt you - and again and again approach you to lure you into his area. He will awaken wishes in you; he will touch you there, where you are still vulnerable - he will try everything, what he thinks being successful, because he knows about your weaknesses. But so long you are willing, to fulfil my will, so long you put my will above everything, so long you therefore consciously strive towards me and want to be mine, he can achieve nothing, and you will be able to resist all his attempts. For you are after all flowed through by my power, particularly then, when my presence is proved to you through my address. And this power truly is enough to repulse him and also every hostile being, which would like to besiege you. Moreover my word itself is power, and so you therefore let me myself speak - when I can let my word sound through your mouth - then the spheres are also purified of all un-spirits, in which you are, and only light beings surround you or such, which you are to help, but which are not allowed to besiege you and also come to you completely softened, whose love they feel and to which they surrender. How limited would my power be and how little my love, when I would not grant protection to those, who have found to me and also offer me their weak power to serving help at the work of redemption. So long I am the aim, my opponent has not the smallest influence on a man, but he uses all opportunities, when man has other gods next to me - when he lets himself be captured by the world, when his love is not yet exclusively meant for me and the relationship with me has still not completely taken place. Then is the danger, that the temptations become stronger and stronger and the man succumbs to these temptations. For only the will decides, which lord wins him, the will alone fights him, who is devoted to me, who has already decided for me, who never ever wants to lose me, for this will secures him the supply of power from me, and he now does not need to fear the opponent for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6208.


Book 67 6209

Increased suffering in the time of the end.

9. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6209.

Much will be imposed on you to carry, for it is the time of the end. The life of you all is ended on this earth, and many men are therefore prematurely recalled from life. The time of their embodiment as man is shorter and for that reason also more exhausting. Whereto some men a long life-span was at their disposal, that others must achieve in far shorter time, and this is the explanation for the measure of suffering and hardship, which is imposed on those men, who are to mature in a short time on earth and also can do it with the right attitude to God, with right directed will and devotion to God, which is guarantee, that man reaches his aim. He alone knows it, what is necessary and helpful for every individual for perfection. He knows about both the inner resistance and about the will turned to him as well. He knows about the degree of maturity of every man and about his development ability. And where whatever great the resistance is, where the danger is, that man does not pass his test of will on earth, there he applies particular effective means of upbringing, so that this soul does not get lost, so that he wins it, before the end is there. And in the same measure the opponent of God works. Now and then with great success, because he has easier access to the heart of man than God - because he is still completely a slave to the world and wants to know nothing of a higher task on earth. And where the will directs itself, that is also share of the soul. The decision of the will as it were has then already been made, why man lives on earth. But God also does not give up the world men, so long a possibility still exists to the change of the will, to the change of the thinking and the desire. He gives up no soul, so long it is still embodied as man on earth; but his means, which he then applies, are painful and extremely sorrowful, as they are after all to have an effect as an intervention, which is to rescue that life. A strong resistance can only be broken through such means, because compulsion cannot be applied, when it is about the development of the soul. Time hurries, and life will always weigh more heavily on men, so that they come to cognition, that it is about more than just about the earthly life, so that they set another aim for themselves, than they strove for up to now. But as soon as they have recognized the purpose of life, the burden no longer presses them in that measure, that they think it to be unbearable. Then they also recognize, that they have lost nothing, but just won and that their possession can now no longer be taken from them. Then they find peace, because they have found God.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6209.


Book 67 6210

Explanation about "spirit spark" and "soul".

11. and 12. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6210.

Information will always be given to you, so you desire it, for erroneous thinking can lead you to doubts; erroneous thinking will show gaps, while truth is wisdom without any gaps, which gives you light, which increases your cognition, so that you also learn to understand me and my nature, my rule and work as highest and most perfect spirit - and for that reason also your faith in me becomes deeper and more alive, what alone only truth achieves. My love supplies it to you, while erroneous thought material is the work of my opponent, who wants to destroy in you faith in me. And I will always instruct you in the same truth; the knowledge imparted to you will always agree and let no contradiction be recognized. I am spirit from eternity to eternity. And spiritual again emerged out of me - beings of the same spiritual substance, which were perfect like me, but were just created by me. That and why these beings lost their perfection, my love has already many times presented to you, so that my plan of salvation was to become comprehensible to you and your love for me was to be awakened and strengthened. What is in the state of imperfection, can however no longer be addressed as "divine"; it belongs to another sphere, than which is, in which I myself am, as well as all the spiritual remaining in perfection. It has adopted another nature; it has completely changed in itself; its nature is conflicting to my original nature, and it nevertheless is and remains power having gone out from me, which has flowed out into infinity and will also once flow again back to me - but only then arrives at me, when the spiritual entity is again in the state of perfection. These beings, having gone out from me, but having removed themselves, were dissolved, for the purpose of their future return to their start, into innumerable little spiritual particles, into innumerable substances, to which all a purpose was allocated in my entire creation - to now go a course, which securely led again upwards, back to me. I therefore drew again the fallen back to me, because by itself, in its weakened state, through the far distance from me, it would not have undertaken the ascent. And I achieved it, that all little particles, belonging to one spiritual being, found themselves again together. And I now gave to all these little particles an outer form, which was suitable, to fulfil a great task: to cause the soul - the joining together of those little spiritual particles - to an activity, which re-established the original state, perfection. I therefore enlivened first the dead outer form, the human body, with the soul, with the spiritual being, which was originally at first my image, but stepped itself out of its perfect nature. And so that the soul now again achieved perfection, I let a little spark of my eternal love power fall into this soul. Something divine associated itself with the soul, which wanted to help it on the way to its perfection. A love spark now established the contact with eternal love - but which must now first be kindled by man himself through the own will which certainly glows in each one man, but can both be aroused to highest heat as also suffocated - but then every contact with me is impossible - what leads to renewed banishment. This spirit spark, which is my share, is in the human soul from the beginning of its embodiment until the death of the body of man. If the soul has united itself with the spirit during earth life, i.e. kindled the divine love spark in itself and let all its thinking, wanting and acting be determined by this love spirit, then it has also reached its original state, and it returns to me, because my share pushes towards me, therefore the unification of this soul with me as my child must now take place. But if the soul has never paid attention to this love spark, if it has completely suffocated it, than it itself has again given up the divine share, which alone could help it to life. It has therefore again voluntarily chosen death, the banishment in solid form - (12.3.1955) where now the divine spirit spark cannot follow it, because it only influences the I-conscious being, when it gives it the possibility, but never the entity robbed of its consciousness, which in bound will must do, as it is my will. The freedom of will only allows the work of the spirit, but the freedom of will can also prevent it, why the soul can also enter the spiritual kingdom, without ever having become aware of the spirit in it. These souls are for this reason also in the hereafter endless long time in darkness, because the divine spirit spark cannot radiate - because it has broken away from the soul at the moment of death and has again returned to its start. The being is now indeed I-conscious - but still full of resistance, why the love effect of the spirit is also impossible. For that reason it is unspeakably difficult, to awaken such souls from their dead state to life, but it is not impossible. Love sparks now also flash in this kingdom, that is my love radiation seeks to light again and again in those souls and to stimulate their will, to move into this light and love ray, and my spirit also now again associates itself to a willing soul, however it now no longer has an effect from the inside on the soul, but from the outside - i.e., on the part of the light world it is led into cognition, but what could happen on earth through the spirit spark being active in it, when man would have allowed its work. For that reason the ascent upwards is unspeakably difficult in the spiritual kingdom. But it can never be denied, that the soul is the actual I-conscious being, which has once fallen as originally created angel spirit. The soul is exactly only so long still "fallen", as it has not yet united itself with my spirit - as the principle of love does not prevail in it and it has again adopted its initial nature. The spirit spark in man - the share of me myself is exactly that love, which the fallen lacks, but is put into the heart of man as tiny little spark and is now to be kindled by him himself to a highly blazing flame. The fallen being had renounced love - and rejected my love. Without love it would never be able to return to me, but I want to win it back, and for that reason I put a little spark of my God-spirit into this soul, but which must be kindled to highest heat in free will. The being can also reject my love, and it will still not be left without help in the hereafter, but the climbing upwards in the opposite kingdom is something different than on earth. The soul can never reach that degree, which earth life can bring in for it, when it lets itself be willingly led by my spirit - when it awakens the spirit spark in it through a love life and now as it were has already accepted the connection with me; I myself can therefore now have so an effect on it, because it does not resist my love radiation and its whole nature changes and becomes like my original nature. The same possibilities are not offered to it in the spiritual kingdom, but the soul is helped to reach out of the depth to the light, when it does not resist the efforts of the light world and sinks again into the deepest depths, what means a new banishment. The divine spirit spark in you is love, which slumbers in every man as my share and can be lighted, but must be lighted in free will. This spirit spark has no form, but can fill the whole soul and therefore spiritualize it. For the soul is the once fallen, the I-conscious being, which is to become again an angel spirit, which it was at the very beginning.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6210.


Book 67 6211

Contact with God - happiness. Separation - misery.

13. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6211.

You all could already establish the contact with me on earth, and it would truly be a paradisical life on this earth, for you would fulfil your earth task and could very quickly get free of every earthly fetter and enter into my kingdom and stay near me as most happy beings. But since this is an act of free will, but your will is extraordinarily weakened, you men keep mostly still far from me; the separation between us is still too obvious, and you are still not in agreement, where you are to turn. You still look too much to him, who is my opponent, and are much more likely prepared, to join him than me. For that reason your earth life is not a happy one; it is no paradisical state in which you are; it is a life in trouble and suffering, in illness and weakness. For what you all lack is the power from me, which grows for you out of the contact with me. And the weakness has an effect in trouble and misery - because you cannot resist him, who keeps you tied up, and every fetter also means a painful state. I would like to redeem you from this fetter; I would like to free you from his control, but can do that only with your agreement. You yourselves must want it and then also join me, so that I can now take action against him, to help you. But where remains your agreement? - You yourselves have no desire for uniting with me and for that reason have become a slave to my opponent. Earth does not carry much happy creatures, which are for that reason happy, because they have joined me. They are just few, who have voluntarily broken away from my opponent, to strive towards me; they are just few, who have already found inner peace, although they are still exposed to burdens and distresses according to their body - but which are bearable, because they constantly see in me their father, who offers them protection in every trouble and danger. And I seek to still increase the crowd of those, before the end comes, what always can only happen through my word, which is to be supplied to men, so that they gain knowledge of my will and of the effect of a life according to my will. It is this the only possibility to lure men away from my opponent, when another kingdom is presented to them, which they can acquire for themselves with good will and which offers them immortal goods, which promises them happiness after the death of their body. And no matter how small the number of those is, who believe my word - they are rescued from eternal death; they can become inhabitants of the paradise of the new earth, when they stand firm in the last fight on this earth. My word will give them power, for with my word I supply to men a means of help, through which they securely pass the last fight on this earth. With my word power is sent to them, to break away from him, who keeps them captured, and to join me. And the connection with me is the fulfilment of their earth task and the guarantee for a happy life in the spiritual kingdom or in the paradise of the new earth. For they are now mine and will remain it for all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6211.


Book 67 6212

The Gospel is to be spread in the whole world.

14. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6212.

My Gospel is to be brought to all nations; to all the work of the divine redeemer is to be announced, and all are to be pointed to his love teaching, so that they follow him, by them leading likewise a love life, as he has done it on earth. And you all can contribute to the spreading of this divine message, that there is redemption from sin and death. For as soon as you yourselves support Jesus Christ - as soon as you yourselves prove yourselves as real Christians, you already testify to the work of redemption of Jesus, which has already brought about the redemption at you, because your way of life is now according to the will of him, whom you confess - because you live and are no longer a slave to sin and death. Speeches alone do not yet show the living Christianity, but the walk of man lets it recognize, which Lord he has joined. When I walked on earth, I sent my disciples out into the world. I gave them the task: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations." But I have said at the same time: "Where one does not receive you, after you have bid them the peace greeting, there shake off the dust of your feet and walk further. For you are not to cast the pearls before swine." And my Gospel you would preach to deaf ears, if you wanted to speak everywhere despite rejection and counter work, for there my opponent still has power over men, which he uses to withhold truth from them. But who is penetrated by my spirit, he will announce me and my name always and everywhere, for the spirit in him drives him to offer fellowmen the same what makes him happy, and he will for that reason not remain silent, wherever he is listened to. And the living Christianity will also always have a stimulating effect on fellowmen, so that they themselves feel the power of him, who is supported before the world - that also they feel drawn to the redeemer and request, to be accepted by him. To all men my Gospel is to be announced - but you alone cannot fulfil this task, I myself must supply it there, where it would be impossible for you, if you wanted to take over the announcing of my word alone. And this supply happens also there through light messengers, who are embodied for the purpose of exactly this mission on earth, to announce me and my work of redemption to men, so that also they reach happiness. Also these light messengers are my disciples, which I send out into the world, for also they have received my love teaching from me and can therefore faithfully teach on my behalf, according to the state of maturity of men in their surroundings. And that I can impart my word, the knowledge about Jesus Christ and his work of redemption and the knowledge about my love teaching, to men in direct address, that you will now also not doubt, you who yourselves have been instructed by me and are still instructed. My spirit works always and everywhere. And if my kingdom were only built on the few pillars - truly the Gospel would not be able to be announced in the whole world, and my word could not fulfil itself in eternity. But my rule and work on earth and in the spiritual kingdom you men cannot overlook and judge. But all my creatures are looked after by me out of full love, and every opportunity is opened to them, to acquire eternal life for them. I go up to all men and knock on the door of their heart. I supply my word in every direction, even so in ways often differing from each other, but I see to it, that all men are informed about it, what Jesus Christ has done for sinful mankind. I see to it, that all are informed about my will, to fulfil the commands of love. And where this my will is paid attention to, there my love light can also radiate deep knowledge, there my Gospel is heard, which testifies to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6212.


Book 67 6213

Fulfilment of every spiritual request certain.

15. March 1955 B.D. NR. 6213.

I refuse to give myself to no man, so he calls on me for favour, for help in spiritual trouble. For this call is for me the dearest, what I can hear from an earth child - that it entrusts itself to me in its spiritual weakness; it is a call, which the soul sends to me in the cognition of its imperfect state and in the premonition of its actual purpose. The desire, to be supported by me in its wrestling upwards, will always be fulfilled, because for the sake of its spiritual maturing it is on earth, and its request is the first step upwards. Favour unmeasured is now also sent to it - helps of different kind, which all favour its ascending. I do not leave my child in the depth, so it longs upwards, to me. For that it longs for me, is an expression of the will for me; it is a will-wise turning away from my opponent, who strives keeping the soul in the depth and from whom it cannot make itself free without my support. But this support is granted most amply to every man, and no-one will send this call upwards in vain - as I wait already a long time for it, to now being able to lead the soul to perfection. Earthly requests can certainly remain unfulfilled for you, because I know about its detrimental effect on your soul - but I ignore no spiritual request, and on its fulfilment you can reckon with full confidence. So you are now in ignorance about my plan from eternity, so you know nothing about your purpose, about meaning and purpose of your earth life and the questions about it move you with the most inner wish, wanting to do what is right on earth, you will certainly come to the cognition, that you depend on a higher power. And so you do not resist this higher power, so you wish to be seized by it, you will also mentally take the way to it and ask, to be accepted by that being, which has created you. And in the cognition of your weakness and unworthiness a humble prayer ascends to me, which I am extremely fond of hearing and now pour out my favours over that child, spiritual power to the strengthening of its desire and help in every spiritual trouble. Truth will never be withheld from a man, who seriously strives for it - he will never remain left alone in the weakness of his spirit, when he asks for strengthening - he will never accept error as truth, so he desires truth from me. Everything will be given to him, what is of use for him to mature spiritually, and I truly know many ways, which lead to the aim, he must just strive for me; he must want, that the highest and most perfect being accepts him, and he must consciously entrust himself to this being. Then his spiritual ascent is secured, for I fulfil every spiritual request. I leave no soul in darkness, which longs for light; I obviously make myself known to it as the light from eternity myself, and I lead that soul upwards, which voluntarily hands itself over to me. For it has recognized the meaning and purpose of its earth life and seeks to fulfil it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6213.


Book 67 6214

God's will: Principle of love.

17. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6214.

Only that is in accordance with my will, what lets the principle of love recognize. And so you have an exact mark of my will: Your thinking, wanting and acting must be borne by love for me and for the neighbour - you must always just want to help and to make happy and are never allowed to connect a selfish thought with your action. For self-interest is self-love, a wrong love, which you are only allowed to cherish in a quite small measure in your heart - in a degree, which secures the preservation of your body, so long as it has to fulfil the task - to be bearer of your soul. What you therefore need to make the body suitable for this task, that is the measure of love granted to you yourselves. But it is up to you yourselves to increase or reduce the degree of selflove, and latter will always mean a plus for your soul, which you will only recognize, when you reap the fruit of that, what you have sown on earth. For what the body desired on earth for itself, that it must give up - what it denied itself to help fellowman, that the soul finds again in the opposite kingdom as wealth, with which it can now work, over which it is happy. I will therefore not force you in earth life; I will not prevent you in your thinking, wanting or acting - you can cover your earth way in your own estimation, but "what you sow, you will also reap." And you will always know about my will, which always only demands love work from you, which you however must practise voluntarily, when it is to serve your soul to perfection. And if the heart is willing to love, if man has fought selflove if possible, then he does by himself that, what is in accordance with my will. He no longer does it, to just fulfil my commands, but out if the most inner urge of the heart he will think and act according to my will. Inwardly it will urge him to give and to make happy, for he then already carries my love spirit in him; he has changed his initial nature poor in love; his heart encloses everything with his love, what surrounds him. And so he also radiates love on to fellowmen and can also cause them to change their nature according to his example. Love is divine; it is my original element, and it must therefore make divine everything and to let it become my image, what is seized by it. A heart, which now lets itself be seized by me myself, which kindles love in itself and now joins me, must irrevocably again approach the original state, for it makes itself divine and again adopts all qualities and abilities, which it once possessed, when it was put out by me as love radiation in all perfection. Love alone establishes again this original state, because love makes the being divine and because love causes the joining together with me, which results in a flowing over of light and power in fulness. For that reason, my will can never and ever have something else as the aim, than to always cause you men to acts, which let the love principle recognize in you. For that reason, my will can always only be the fulfilling of my commands, which teach you love for me and for the neighbour, and for that reason you all must know about this my will. For that reason, my word is again and again made accessible to you men, which informs you about my will. And only, who fulfils my commands of love, he will be happy, for he can only then return to me, when he has again become love, which he was at the very beginning.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6214.


Book 67 6215

Urgent vineyard work.

18. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6215.

Much work is still to be done in my vineyard, as it is essential after all, to still bring much fruit to maturity before the end and to hold in the barns, before the end is there. It is a laborious work, because the time is extremely unfavourable, that sowing can be done and the seed may come up - for that reason unfavourable, because it is late fruit, which is still to be brought to maturity and much time is no longer at the disposal for that. And this short time it too much utilized by men in the wrong meaning, for that reason you as my servants are to be eagerly active and make the work at the world souls your business, which - exactly because belonging to the world - are difficult to work on and have often only little time, because their earth life is quickly brought to an end. You cannot look out over the many fields lying fallow, which there are the hearts of men. But I can do it and know for that reason, that very many servants are needed to do the hard work - to still achieve an ample harvest before the end. I look out over the earthly and the spiritual kingdom, and I say to you, that no work is done in vain, that all your troubles are blessed and the success will make you happy some day, for although your work in the time of the end on earth seems almost unsuccessful, every spiritual activity is fully recognized and utilized in the spiritual kingdom in its value - indeed also only always by the willing souls, but each one willing soul then continues the redemption work with the souls surrounding it, and a seed has then already come up, which you have scattered, and it spreads. But if no willing workers on earth are active for me, so much ground remains lying fallow, which still would have been able to bring fruit. And that you are to always again hold up in front of yourselves, that also the smallest success is assessed, that one only soul, which finds to the light on earth, goes across there as light being and brings again light to innumerable souls in darkness. And each one man can contribute to it; each one man, who belongs to me, has the possibility to have an effect on a fellowman, when he does this in love, and his effort will not remain without success, because also apparent resistance can be given up in the hours of trouble, which still lie before you men. Sow out the valuable seed, which you receive from me - and although it does not come up immediately - it has the power in it and will once break through - perhaps already on earth, but definitely in the hereafter, when the remembrance of your words comes to the soul. Then only a small stimulus will be necessary, and my word will become effective in it. And no matter whether also innumerable souls sink into the depth, when the last day has come - there will also be souls, which do not need to share their lot, which have already broken through darkness, which strive towards the light as tiny small little plants. And I hire you for the sake of these souls, for you are to bring my word to them. You are to try, to make their hearts receptive for the seed - for my word, and willing to receive it and you are to always consider, that my word holds power in it and this power never gets lost. Often it expresses itself only in the opposite kingdom. And for that reason you do not just work for the earth time of men, but often the seed only comes up in the hereafter, but that soul is redeemed, to which you brought my word, provided it does not completely belong to my opponent on earth. Much work is still to be done, and again and again I call you to the work, because the end is near and for that reason each one is needed, who wants to help with the redemption of mistaken souls.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6215.


Book 67 6216

Longing of a mature soul for God.

20. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6216.

The soul longs back to God, as soon as it has become light in it and it has recognized its start. Then it pushes again towards its start, for love is in it, which seeks to melt with eternal love. And then the stay on earth is only still a burden for it and only the body still sticks to earth, because unredeemed spiritual is still in it, which needs the form for maturing, because matter, of which the body consists, still does not stand in the spiritual maturity, therefore the earth is still the element, where this spiritual stays. But differently the soul, so it has recognized in earth life the real purpose and lives in accordance with this purpose - when it therefore reached spiritual maturity through its way of life. This soul feels it, that everything just means a fetter for it, which makes the upswing into the kingdom of light impossible. For that reason, it would like to get free of this fetter and take its way there, from where light and power flows towards it. It longs for the original source of light and power. And so a soul will readily and without a fight break away from its bodily cover; it will still give it until last the opportunity, to purify the spiritual substances, so that also these can approach their spiritualization quicker - although the course of development of these substance still requires longer stay in matter, but it can get considerably shortened, as soon as the body lets itself be turned and determined by the soul, which desire was directed towards God. And the desire of a longing soul is stilled. God calls it to himself into his kingdom, where it now recognizes, that it has returned home into the father house. For that reason a man's departing this life from this earth always just means happiness, when on earth he strove for the kingdom of God, when his soul covered its earth course turned towards God, when it therefore belonged to those, who stood in faith in God's love, which embodied itself in the man Jesus, to help men to the return into the father house. It has fulfilled its life purpose; it has passed the test of will - its will completely turned towards God, who now fulfilled its longing and called it back into his kingdom, to himself, from which it once took its start. And you men are to be pleased in the certainty, that this soul has reached its aim, and always only strive for to go the same way. All your thinking and striving is to be only directed to likewise reach the unifying with your father from eternity, for the hour of departing from this world lies before all of you, and the more intimately your soul longs for this hour, the sooner it will be recalled, because the father stills the longing of his child, so it is meant for him. But who loves the world, his longing is still not meant for God - and when he is nevertheless recalled from this earth, then that body resists, which does not want to lose its life, and a violent fight precedes the parting. But a purified soul also helps until the end the body to purification, which was added to it for maturation, and many spiritual substances can join the soul, when it flees from its cover, to enter into that kingdom, where it is now free of every fetter and will live in happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6216.


Book 67 6217

Leading by the spirit. Vineyard work.

22. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6217.

The spirit in you constantly drives you to the work for me and my kingdom; it constantly drives you, to establish the connection with me, and so you listen to it, you can nothing else, than walk right and be active for me as loyal servant. And I will truly give you the opportunity for it, for where just one man is willing, to do blessed work for the erroneous souls of fellowmen, there I also lead such souls to, which need help in spiritual trouble. And opportunity will always be for you, to speak for me and my name - because I myself create this opportunity for you, because I myself allocate that work to you, which you are to do - and because the spiritual trouble of men is immeasurably great. If you could do a look from above onto earth covered in darkness, which is only broken through very rarely by light sparks, you would get a fright over the darkness and willingly seek to bring light to it you would then understand my constant stimulation for it - you would seek to illuminate the dark night out of your own drive, because you know the horrors of darkness and would like to lead your fellowmen to the light. For who stands himself in the light, he knows what such darkness means, and he also knows, that men need help, because they do not find their way out by themselves.

And an impenetrable darkness lies over the whole earth, for men do not remember me, except for few exceptions. They indeed have a god but their god is mammon, therefore he, who is lord over darkness. They persistently only strive for his kingdom, earthly matter, which is mortal, but that, what is immortal, they do not remember. They keep their eyes closed for the light, which could also radiate for them, or they are in so dark surroundings, that no light can shine for them. And nevertheless also my love wants to give them light, and who now offers himself as light bearer, to go into the darkness, to chase it away, he truly finds my approval and always support for his project. I direct his steps right; I lead him through the spirit; I put the right words into the mouth. I myself fill him with light and power, so that he is also able, to go into the darkness as light bearer, and that he may succeed, to chase darkness away. He himself will radiate light and attract men, who long for light. They will feel well near him, because they feel the favour of the light. But they will always only be few, who accept your light. But for these few the morning dawns; they flee from the night, and they are rescued from spiritual death. And for that reason your work is so extremely important; for that reason I need you urgently, because you as men have more likely access to your fellowmen than I myself, because my light radiation is too strong for them and they would have to pass. But you muffle the light; you can let your light shine in that degree, as it is bearable for your fellowmen, and I can then strengthen it according to their will to stand in the light. Let yourselves be carried along by my spirit, for it allocates the work to you, which you are able to do. And I myself am with you with my blessing and my love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6217.


Book 67 6218

Redemption work for the souls. Intercession.

23. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6218.

Whatever is done in good will, to contribute to the redemption of the souls, to help them in their spiritual trouble, that is also assessed as redemption work and is of benefit to those unhappy souls, which you would like to protect from the lot of darkness. They feel your intercession, and you now call them to you with your loving thoughts, to now never ever leave you, as soon as they feel the power, which goes out from you through your love. And I know it very well, which souls need this your intercession, so you pray for these souls languishing in the depth. I also know, how these souls behave to your will to help, and will also lead those souls to you, that they let themselves be redeemed with your help - for the Gospel must first of all be supplied to them, so that they themselves can now become active, so power is imparted to them. They themselves must know about Jesus Christ as redeemer from the depth, before they can also lead other souls to him - in which then also their activity exists, so a small light of cognition gleams for them. These souls are able to do nothing without Jesus Christ, but in the depth they are completely without knowledge about him, who alone can rescue them from darkness. And this knowledge is to be supplied to them through you, only then they can call him out of their own will, and only then rescue will be theirs. But so long the souls are without knowledge about their redeemer, they are also hopelessly left to be the victim of the power of my opponent, and your prayer for these souls means for them a gently loosening of their fetters, which gives them the impetus to come to you in the hope for change of their situation. And then they are to receive information from you, in which way their situation can be improved, in which way they can become free from the control if their jailer. And as soon as this knowledge has been given to them, they can again decide for themselves, whether they want to follow your advice or not. But so they have once been near you, the return to the depth is for them so awful, that they seriously think things over and will mostly follow your suggestions, that they, to not being again hit into fetters, call for him, whom you have announced to them as rescuer and redeemer. The redemption from the depth depends on the free will of the being - a soul cannot get arbitrarily redeemed against the law of my eternal order and led to the light, which does not want it itself. And you are to stimulate this will and in all love inform the beings of my word, which has a strong power effect on those and for that reason you yourselves have a great attractive force, because you give them love and power. Only rarely a soul is so stubborn, that it returns into the depth, when it has once felt the favour of light and power with you. But otherwise it still falls deeper than before, and it lasts eternal times, until it again experiences the favour of the supply of light, for a so stubborn soul is still completely in the fetter of the opponent, and it only followed the light sparks with the intention, to extinguish them - although it is then also first illuminated and could easily break away from that control. But the will of the soul is taken into account. But such souls redeemed from the depth are extremely grateful towards those, who have helped them to the light through loving intercession or mental instructions, and they prove their gratitude to men through help in earthly trouble and through redemption work in the spiritual kingdom - they become eager collaborators in my kingdom; they descend again into darkness and help those up to the light, who are willing.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6218.


Book 67 6219

God's will: Adapting to the eternal order.

25. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6219.

The will of God is completely met, when man adopts a love life. For the un-divine of man only has its cause in the lack of love, and as soon as man stands again in love, also his nature is in accordance with the will of God, therefore divine, as it was at the very beginning. God's will is therefore only the adopting to the eternal order, which therefore causes constant love work. That man is on earth, that he is in an imperfect state, is just the effect of loveless thinking and wanting. As a result the divine order was reversed, and that also means distance from God, since his nature is pure love - but God does not want you left in the distance from him, therefore he introduces you - as beings without cognition - to his will, which you are to fulfil, to come again closer to him. He gives you information, in which his eternal order exists and how you can again establish it. He gives you the commands of love for him and for the neighbour. And so you are now willing, to fulfil these commands, you again enter into the divine order. As extremely perfect being his will must also be meant for the perfecting, for the making divine of the beings created by him. Therefore he will also reveal to you this will, so that you can fit in with him, when you want to reach perfection. The will of the most perfect being can always only be good, full of love and wisdom. And God will therefore only recommend that to you, what is a blessing for you, what makes perfection accessible to you. Who is now prepared, to walk on earth in accordance with this will, he again enters the state of eternal order by himself. He can nothing but fashion himself to love, because God himself draws a prepared will to him. As soon as man in his inner being cherishes the wish to do, what is in accordance with the will of God, God seizes possession of the man, and he constantly pushes him towards the aim - to become again perfect through love work, to now establish again the uniting with God, from whom the being had once separated itself voluntarily. He only demands the agreement of the human will with the will of God, to now help man - for at first man must overcome himself to change his selflove into unselfish neighbourly love. But as soon as the love spark is kindled in him, it quickly spreads, and it becomes for man the most inner need, to always just hand out love, for he is filled by the love power of God, and that means the same thinking and wanting with God; it means agreement of that, what he thinks and wants, with the law of the eternal order. He is penetrated by the love spirit of God, and he is taken up with his will. This aim is set for you. But it can only be reached, when man bends to the will of God, when he submits to the commands, which God gave men, to show them the way to perfection. God's nature is love, and God's work is love, God's will is love. As soon as man seeks to become like him, his nature, his work and his will must also be love, then also he moves in the eternal order. He is then entered again into his original state; he is again perfect, as he was in the very beginning.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6219.


Book 67 6220

Clearing off guilt up to the farthing.

26. and 27. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6220.

My justice demands clearing off of all guilt - for that is the law of the divine order, that every cause results in its effect. Every guilt is an offence against the eternal order, it is an act, which somehow must have an effect and which will always only have a bad effect, because it was a violation of my order from eternity. Evil will always only give birth to evil - and no bad deed remains without effect. You men, burdened with a guilt, can therefore never live in freedom and happiness in the spiritual kingdom, because this guilt is for that reason a burden for the soul, because the bad effect would constantly admonish the soul to a just compensation because the guilt simply does not allow the awareness of a happy freedom - for the soul has stepped out of the divine order and must without fail before restore this divine order, before it can enjoy its freedom. It is by no means a legal instrument of punishment on my part, but simply law, because justice prevails in my kingdom and love and because both do not go with an unsettled guilt. Only an innocent being can be happy, a being, which has made the smallest lack of love good with love, a being, which has now completely entered into the eternal order - a being, which has paid all guilt, which has made up for all guilt with love. And for it hardly a being is able, which lived as man on earth and has become guilty in many ways - because it has covered the earth course in the imperfect state, because the being does not move in the divine order through this imperfect state - because it has not yet brought love to development in it, therefore has accumulated a measure of guilt through the lack of love, to which its deletion earth life is too short, even so the being changes itself to love still in it - exactly because my justice must demand a compensation, which is in accordance with its guilt - I cannot give happiness in my kingdom, before the guilt is paid up to the farthing. But I can accept a work of atonement, which is paid for the soul having become guilty - but also only then, when love performs work of atonement - because only then my justice is satisfied. And now you will also understand the work of love and mercy of the man Jesus, who recognized it, in which trouble man is involved and cannot free himself from it during earth life and also in the spiritual kingdom, so he enters it burdened with his guilt. He knew it, that my justice could not simply delete a guilt, which was not yet paid, and for that reason he himself brought himself on the cross as guilt sacrifice, to put men into the state of freedom, which only allows happiness in the spiritual kingdom. He therefore paid the guilt up to the farthing for him, who accepts his work of redemption, who himself feels guilty and asks Jesus Christ having paid the guilt through his blood shed on the cross. There would be no happy being in my kingdom without this work of redemption of the man Jesus. But only he can come into the blessing of the work of redemption, who recognizes his guilt as separation between himself and God, who has won this cognition as result of his will turned to me, in which the love spark has ignited - otherwise he would never feel guilty - (27.3.1955) and the awareness of his guilt now drives him to me in Jesus Christ, and he asks me for forgiveness for the sake of Jesus Christ. And his guilt is compensated for; it is completely wiped out, and he can enter the kingdom of light as free being - where it is now his task, to take part in the work of redemption. As redeemed itself, the soul can now be active to an extent, that it now also seeks to lead those souls back into divine order, which are unhappy, because unredeemed. And this activity is often laborious and requires great patience and staying power, but its love gives it power, and it utilizes this power for the service for me and my kingdom - it serves me and pays as it were with its love services a guilt, which I have certainly wiped out, therefore deleted, however am pleased to accept such compensation, because love offers it to me. The souls, redeemed through Jesus' blood, are restlessly active in the spiritual kingdom, to lead back to me the still renegade souls, but they no longer fulfil this activity in the awareness of guilt, but in complete freedom, and for that reason are not only regarded as my servants, but as my collaborators, who, without the smallest self-interest, contribute only to the happiness of the inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom - out of love for me and for all spiritual, which I created. Those souls now, which still languish in the depth unredeemed, are therefore still burdened with their guilt, and for that reason they partly serve it in their agonizing state - but they will never be able to buy the freedom through these agonies; they will never get finished with their guilt without the redemption through Jesus Christ. On earth they have neglected the opportunity, to hand over their guilt to him, who has done for them the atonement through his death on the cross. But once they must do it, otherwise they do not get rid of their guilt for ever. And for me it is enough, when they just call out of the depth for me, to write their guilt into the sand, to lift them up into lighter spheres, where they now have to indeed wrestle hard, but still once offer themselves also to the work of redemption and who now again clear off much guilt on their part exactly through their redemption work, but which they can always only then carry out, when they have handed themselves over to Jesus Christ, that he may redeem them from the control of their jailor. They therefore clear off their guilt voluntarily and out of love, for it is already wiped out before through the work of redemption of Christ. But their gratitude and happiness about their freeing they cannot announce differently, than with the participation in the work of redemption, because they themselves know about the trouble of the souls in darkness and in their love would now like to help all to happiness in freedom. But without Jesus Christ no being would be able, neither on earth nor in the hereafter, to clear off the sin guilt itself. But for the sake of justice every guilt must be atoned, and Jesus accomplished this work of atonement, and you men can become free of every guilt, on earth or also in the opposite kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6220.


Book 67 6221

Life and death. Jesus Christ redeemer.

28. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6221.

Power is at the disposal of the living, the dead lack it. May it be on earth or in the opposite kingdom, it is always these two states, life or death, the lot of the soul, only that on earth under "life" not the actual life is understood, but men see the life of their body as alone "life" and they can nevertheless be in the state of death, because the soul the actual self - is powerless and therefore also enters the opposite kingdom powerlessly, where again only life or death is the share of every soul. For that reason Jesus died for men, to prove to them through his resurrection, that real life only begins after the death of the body and that it is the most important task of all men on earth, to acquire for themselves this life after death, because then he needs to fear no death any more, because then the death of his body is just the transition of his self to eternal life. He has proved it to men through his resurrection, and nevertheless only the believers are convinced of it, while the world men always doubt the resurrection of Jesus from death or will deny it, and that for that reason, because their souls are already in death sleep, although they still live on earth. If men would have a closer look at the ideas "life and death", if they would once realize, what actually is to be understood by it - they would strive much more for acquiring eternal life. But for men "death" just means "being extinguished". And that they fear less. And still "death" is the most terrible lot, which man can imagine, because the awareness of its self remains for the soul, but it is hit with complete powerlessness, but the urge to live and the knowledge about a life in power has remained. Such a death of the soul is truly to be feared, and its horror is so great, that for that reason the man Jesus has died on the cross, to eliminate this death, which is share of all entities, who have neglected it, to strive for a "life" on earth. For because Jesus Christ has died on the cross and has risen again after 3 days from the grave, for that reason it is now also possible for men, to acquire for themselves eternal life on earth. He has overcome death. He has abolished the horrors of death; he has made it possible, that the powerless state of the soul can be changed into a powerful, because he helps all men, who believe in him and ask him, that also their souls are allowed to rise to eternal life. For he has shown to men, how man can acquire the life of the soul, which lasts for ever. He has shown it to men, that love is that power, which is needed for an eternal life, and he has promised his help to all those, who want to follow him. He has risen from the dead, and so also those souls will rise to life, which like him walk in love and for that reason cannot die in eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6221.


Book 67 6222

Receipt of the word. Protection of truth.

29. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6222.

The spiritual relationships between men and me are not always the same, because every man's nature is different in his character, because everyone feels differently and everyone has different ideas, according to which he adjusts to the spiritual kingdom. But that man seeks the relationship with me, also guarantees, that I now grant him my protection, that beings of darkness cannot besiege him at the same time, so long he has established the relationship with me. Who therefore seeks me and strives to hear truth through me, he will also be receiver of pure truth. And I can then also tell him everything, what brings about salvation to the soul. I myself can announce the Gospel to him, clearly and pure, because I myself can speak to him, because I can supply my word to him, which always and constantly testifies to me. And because I need servants on earth, who again spread this pure Gospel, who bring it out into the world, for that reason I bless each one man, who listens into him in the will to do this, what my love announces to him. I bless all, who want to receive my pure Gospel, to be active on my behalf on earth. And I will always supply this Gospel to earth unambiguously, so that it may remain preserved in clarity and purity so long as possible, because only my pure, unaltered word holds power in it, to help souls to maturity. What is necessary, that men on earth know it, that I truly know best, and about which men ask me, that I explain to them through my servants, who are able to hear my voice in them. But for the sake of truth I then also protect these receivers from false doctrines, as soon as these can endanger pure truth. And false doctrines are a danger, as soon as they cloud or change the meaning of my Gospel or are even contradictory to this. But false doctrines can only be imparted on the part of my opponent, when the direct connection with me is broken - when the thoughts of man digress into such areas, which are the province of my opponent - when therefore the world pushes out, what can easily happen, where still too much attention is paid to the world. For the connection with me does not dissolve the freedom of will - but through the intimate call to me it can get strengthened, and then every error is ruled out - always provided, that the purpose of this connection is only the receiving of the divine word - of my pure light and love teaching. For who seriously desires it, to work for me and my kingdom, everything worldly lets him untouched; he will always only be concerned about the salvation of the soul; he will always only desire food for the soul, and he receives it with complete certainty as true food of heaven, as life bread, through which the soul matures and reaches perfection. But I am also a loving father, who always looks after his children, who also enlightens them in worldly questions, when I see the purity of such questions. But if possible you are to ask few of such questions, because the deviating of your thoughts into worldly areas also opens access for my opponent to you, particularly then, when you let yourselves be captivated by such thoughts - because then my voice in you no longer penetrates and instead of it you hear other sounds - in accordance with your most inner desire. For only the intimate connection with me guarantees you purest truth and stills your spiritual desire.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6222.


Book 67 6223

Requesting favour in free will.

30. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6223.

If you request my favour, so you also open your hearts to receive, and then my favour can become effective in you. The requesting of my favour is an expression of the free will, to receive help from me, and it is therefore also an acknowledging of me myself - that, what is your aim on earth, to again learn to recognize in me your Lord, your creator and f*ather. The request for favour is the call from the depth upwards - which I very much like to hear, as it, after all, brings the creature back to me, which I had lost. But it must send this call to me, because without my favour, without my help, it cannot reach from the depth upwards, for its former estrangement from me has brought it a state of weakness, according to which it would remain in the depth for ever, when I would not come to its help. But my help I can only then give to the creature, when it is prepared in free will to accept it, what testifies to the requesting of favour. And since my love is given to all my creatures unchanging, it now also hands out, what they lack. An inexhaustible measure of favour is at the disposal of you all, and your request for the supply of favour is a voluntary opening of your heart towards this inexhaustible current of favour of my love. Have you men once sent this petition for favour out of the most inner heart up to me, than you can never ever remain in the depth, for then my love draws you up; it helps you, you who are too weak, to cover this ascent alone. And then you will see rungs everywhere and of all kind, which now secure your ascent; with ease you will be able to reach your aim - because you yourselves want it, that you reach me, otherwise you would not request my favour. For that reason, this call about favour should be the first step for everyone, who longs upwards. For that he is in the depth, that he feels so long he has no contact with me. Is he therefore referred to by my servants on earth, to seek the contact with me, than he should readily hand himself over to me in thoughts and ask, that I grant him help, so that he may fulfil his earth task, so that he may reach the aim, for the purpose of which earth life is given to him. Then my love seizes him and pours out an extremely rich measure of favour, and then he will also use the favours for his perfection. Every man needs me, if he wants to proceed upwards, because alone he is too weak. And as soon as he is aware of his weakness, he also calls for help and favour, and only, who is still completely under the control of my opponent, feels himself so strong, to need no help, and he also closes his heart to every supply of favour, which my love nevertheless offers to him. It cannot become effective at him, because he fights my love and therefore remains powerless and in the depth, until also he calls me for favour.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6223.


Book 67 6224

Mission of the servants of God on earth.

31. March 1955. B.D. NR. 6224.

You have to fulfil a mission, which is extremely significant, for it is essential to strengthen the only very weak faith of men; it is essential to lead them to faith through the presentation of my word, which is send to them through you directly from above. It is the last attempt, to inform men of their belonging to God - of their task and of the work of my spirit, so that they now also recognize the credibility of that, what stands written in the book of the fathers - that they do not doubt that, what they are supposed to know to be happy. My word will always and for ever be the sole means, to lead them to become happy, and for that reason I also now again address men. And you are to impart my word to them. Before the end it is quite particularly necessary, that men know about it, so that they feel connected to him, who addresses them, so that they listen to him and obey his words and are now also rescued from ruin. But since men do not believe the word known to them long since, since "the Scriptures " are regarded as nothing any more, which testifies to me, and I nevertheless do not want them to get lost, I supply to them anew my word in a way, which would have to make them think. For the origin of this word now imparted to them cannot be explained earthly and naturally. It must be seen as the fulfilment of my promise, which also stands in the Scriptures: "I want to send the Comforter to you, the Spirit of truth - he will guide you into all truth." The work of my spirit must be recognized, when the origin of this word is seriously fathomed. And then a proof is already given to men of the connection of the creature with the creator. And they could believe and now devote themselves to this by them recognized creator and father. My word alone can manage this, and for that reason I try everything, to supply my word to men, why your mission is such a significant one, since you are after all the mediators, who willingly receive from me, what they are to pass on to fellowmen. To win a living faith will now be possible for men, for now also the Scriptures are to them no longer so implausible, since they recognize after all, that it is possible, that God addresses men - that he has always spoken, so as he does it now. And their faith in me and my work lets them themselves seek the intimate connection with me. And you are to help me, to find access to those, who want to believe, who objected to deformed teachings and urgently need truth, to now also be able to believe. You are to help me, by you supplying my word to them, my pure Gospel, which announces my will to them, which refers them to the forthcoming end and which warns and admonishes them, which stimulates them to a love life. And my word will not miss its effect, because it is blessed with my power, because I myself can address man through you and his ascent up I now secured.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6224.


Book 67 6225

"God is in me." Love activity.

1. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6225.

When eternal love itself leans towards you, then there can be no relapse into the depth any more, for what it seizes, that it holds on to for ever - because love has found itself to love. For that reason you man take care that you gain my affection; take care that you live in my will and therefore fashion yourselves to love, because then I can unite myself with you, because I can then seize you and remain connected with you until all eternity. You can truly feel seized by me, so you practise love, so you always only do, what is my will, for then you submit to my will, and my love flows through you and drives you to always new work in love. As soon as you do good out of the most inner urge, I am already in you, for this inner pushing proves me; it proves my love spirit, which now influences you; which leads you and drives you to always new love work. As soon as you perform love works, you are also connected with God - he is in you. But only, so you are active in love. The saying "I have my God in me" is only then justified, when you heart is willing to love, for only there I can be present, where love is, because I myself am love. And then you will also be able to judge, whether and when man just uses empty words. For never ever can one speak of my presence, where the heart is without love. Love and I am the same; but love is unselfish; it is always prepared to sacrifice, to give, to alleviate trouble - it is only intent on the well-being of fellowmen. Love is divine, and it also makes that being to a divine creature, with which I myself can connect - whereas my presence is impossible with a man acting and thinking without love, who himself. through his nature, has stepped out of my love circuit, who for that reason has no other connection with eternal love than only that, that the power that enlivens him has flowed out of me, but which does not compel to enter into the connection in love with me. A "God" can never be denied by a "thinking" man. But the connection with God man himself must make possible; he must establish it through love works. Only then he can say justified: "God is in me", for then I have seized him and never ever let him from me; then man has fulfilled the conditions, which unite him with me. He has entered into the law of eternal order; he has changed his nature to love; he has forced my presence for himself, because I must always be, where love is - but can never be, were love lacks. Love alone guarantees my presence. The love spark glows in every man as my share, but so long completely ineffective, as it is not kindled - what man's own will must do, but he then remains connected with me for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6225.


Book 67 6226

Readiness to the receipt of means of favour.

2. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6226.

You are to receive from my rich treasure of favour, as soon as you desire, for my love is always prepared to hand out and to make you happy, when you just want to accept my gifts of favour. I am extremely rich, but you live in want, so long you still do not stay near me and can create and work with me spiritually. You have no abundance; you are poor of spiritual treasures, so long you do not come to me, to him, who alone can and wants to share his wealth - so long you do not request spiritual wealth from me. But for that reason you can direct your requests constantly to me, I will always be ready to hand out to you with full hands. And what I give you, that makes you to beings equal to me, so you just utilize it right. So you use my gifts of favour according to my will. I also offer them to you without your desire, but they will only then bring in success for you, when you willingly accept them and follow my instructions to the right utilization. You are of weak will and powerless, and you cannot reach your aim on earth, when I would not help you. But my help exist in that, that I give you means, which remove your weakness of will and powerlessness. I myself also give you these means, but you must apply them yourselves, when you want to feel success; you must obey all my instructions, but to now also noticeably experience the supply of power, to now also being easily able to cover the ascent, which is the purpose of your earth life. You are to reach up and cannot do it out of your own power, because you yourselves robbed all power from you through your former defection from me. Therefore you necessarily need help, which I grant you most amply. But this my help you must voluntarily accept, because I will never force you to accept light and power, but which you need to reach me as last aim. You are weak beings and can fetch power from me for yourselves at any time. But this power can only have an effect on you, when you accept it and use right. But they are always only spiritual values, which I offer you. And they are to help you to the spiritual ascent. Your soul is to desire them, and the body is to support it, by it willingly carrying out that, what the soul wants to do, to utilize the treasure of favour according to my will. The body is to willingly give full expression to my word, which as distributor of power for the soul is my most valuable present of favour - or also, man is to not just be a hearer, but a doer of my word. Then he will experience an extreme great blessing, for also he will feel a noticeable increase of power, that he is always more prepared, to fulfil my will. For the supply of favour will be unlimited; it will always be easier for him, to free himself of the fetters, which still connect him with earth - the soul will constantly strive up, and it will also reach its aim. Then it has used the favour; it has accepted my rescuing and helping hand and let itself be drawn by me upwards without resistance - it has made use of the favours, which are at the disposal of every soul unlimitedly, but must be accepted and utilized in free will - otherwise they remain ineffective and the soul can never ever reach from the depth upwards.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6226.


Book 67 6227

Redeemed at the end. Inhabitants of the new earth.

3. April 1955. B.D. Nr. 6227.

When through my will and my power the destruction of this earth, i.e. everything living on it, will take place, then it will be proved who can be considered to be truly redeemed, because only these will survive the end and can enter my paradise on the new earth. Because to survive this last work of destruction, fullest belief in me in Jesus Christ and fullest devotion to me belongs to it - thus complete separation from my opponent - the state of freedom belongs to it, which Jesus has bought for men through his death on the cross. Only a being which is redeemed through his blood can inhabit the new earth where Satan no longer has power, where I myself can dwell among the ones who are mine, because the state has been restored in which they were in the beginning. Also before man can indeed experience the redemption through Jesus Christ, who I recall from this earth, before the last end has come. They also will be happy inhabitants of my kingdom, where an evil power no longer can harm or press them, exactly because they are redeemed from it. But men who are to inhabit the new earth live in the same perfect happiness, in complete freedom, full of light and power, but still in earthly spheres, because they are to form the stock of a new generation, because they are to help the following human generation to get complete redemption, which still has to inhabit the earth until everything is totally spiritualized. Being themselves redeemed, first men on the new earth can have an exceedingly beneficial effect on their descendants and on the entire spiritual that surrounds them, which is still bound in the creations of the new earth. And this spiritual can therefore cover a faster course of development. Because the time has to be used well while my opponent is still bound in chains - while he has no access to men of the earth because the power and the light of the redeemed is so strong that he is prevented from all approach to men. Just like his work and raging was unmistakably recognizable in the last times before the end, just as he applied all his influence to pull men into the depth, so will the influence of the divine now predominate on earth. Everything will strive up and also reach up exceedingly easily because no counter force can hinder it - because from the redeemed human generation men again emerge, who are full of love, in whom therefore the divine principle predominates and who completely mature in shortest time to be able to enter my kingdom of light when their life on earth has ended.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6227.


Book 67 6228

Fear of death.

4. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6228.

Every soul must go through the gate to eternity; no man can avert this course from him; all must once exchange the stay on earth with the stay in the opposite kingdom - all must lay down their heavy earth body, because only the soul enters that kingdom, but all earthly remains behind on earth, even so however much strongly the soul is connected to it. But it can cheer and rejoice at the entry into the opposite kingdom, but also arrive over there in greatest unhappiness, in trouble and poverty, according to the walk, which man has led on earth. The stay in the spiritual kingdom can also let the most beautiful earth life fade, but this can also have to be exchanged against extreme dark surroundings, what the soul also feels already before and for that reason resists as long as possible to leave the body. But all men stand before this hour, and no-one can extend for himself life for only one day - the hour of departing from this earth is planned for eternity, and the soul must give way to the divine law. But it has it in the hand itself, to fashion the transition from the earthly to the spiritual kingdom marvellously for itself, and then it will not be able to wait for the hour, where it is liberated from the heavy earth garment and covered in a spiritual gown, in which it can now move freely and happily and show praise and thanks to its creator and father, who prepares this blessed lot for it. Irrevocably comes the recall from this earth for every man - and death means for most men fear and horror; with uneasiness they think of it, and they do nothing, to get rid of this horror - because they do not believe, but are afraid in the deepest inner being of the hour of death. And they will not get rid of the uneasiness before they seriously sit in judgement over themselves, until they once take account of themselves, whether and how they perhaps could pass, when they would have to take responsibility. A serious self-examination could cause them to change, to live so, as it is God's will or as they themselves recognize it as right - and the fear of the hour of death will decrease in them, the more they work on themselves, even so they still are not really able to believe. A correct and just walk of life also includes love work, and then the teachings of faith will no longer seem to be so unacceptable; man occupies himself in thoughts with questions, which did not touch him before - because the will to live right is already a step closer to God, in whom to believe he finds difficult. Every man knows it or feels it, what is right and just, and so he only lets himself be directed by his feeling, he will also learn to think differently - he will occupy himself more with his death and the state afterwards, and he will look forward to his end more peacefully, for he now follows more his inner voice; he acts, as he thinks it to be right, and he learns to believe. And now he also finds God, still before his time has ended, and the hour of death has also lost for him the horror.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6228.


Book 67 6229

Recognizing and receiving depends on the will.

5. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6229.

I can always only give to men so, as their own will allows it. They could receive from me everything; unlimitedly my gifts of favour could flow to them, but as long as they request little or nothing at all, my gifts would always only be a certain compulsion on to their decision and completely without purpose, for the being is to reach perfection in free will, not change through my will or my effect against its will, because it would then lose all freedom of its self and would only always and for ever remain my "creature", but could never become my "child". Therefore always only so you men can be influenced, that you yourselves recognize your weakness and inadequacy and now voluntarily desire, to turn this state into a better one; I can always only put this your weakness and inadequacy before the eyes, by me holding the original state against it for you, in which you were unspeakably happy. And I can do this always only through my word, through enlightenment about the connections, the origin and the purpose of all that, what you see around you and what you are yourselves. Whether you now want to believe this, is now again completely left to you, for that reason such a knowledge can also never be proven to you, but will also again not seem to you improbable, when you just seriously occupy yourselves with such thoughts, which my word will let emerge in you - because this is my will. For I help you, where it is just always possible, without curtailing your will. You can come to cognition, but the will for it you must summon yourselves, but then you will noticeably experience a gift of favour and now be able to easily cover the way up, for what you lack of power and light, I send amply to you. And the more you desire, the more you will also receive - for my love sets no boundaries to my will to give. Everything is at your disposal, you just need to come to me and ask me for my gifts of favour; you must entrust yourselves to me in your weakness and ask for strengthening; in faith in my endless love and power you must devote yourselves to me will-lessly and ask, that I take pity on you weakness. You yourselves must feel unhappy in the state, since you walk on earth, and can certainly want, but not always carry out, what you want, because you lack the power for it. And I will also let no request be unfulfilled, which is meant for the aim, that you reach perfection. I will look after you always and constantly, also then, when your will is still turned away from me - but then always only trying to turn it to me, because I must leave the freedom of your will to you. You are never abandoned, for it is my aim, to lead you to me, and therefore I will seek to influence you so long, until you devote yourselves to me voluntarily, to then be able to supply you with favour and power unmeasured - so that you reach your aim, so that you unite yourselves with me, from whom you once started.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6229.


Book 67 6230

End. Transformation and new creation.

6. April 1955. B.D. Nr. 6230.

And it will come as I have announced it to you - the earth will lose its present appearance, a turning point will take place spiritually and earthly, a separation will occur from the goats and the sheep - the ones who are mine will reach happiness and condemned to new banishment will be those who belong to my opponent. And this has to come this way, otherwise there would no longer be upward development, because all spiritual strives down, except the few men who will remain loyal to me until the end. The earth has to carry on fulfilling its purpose - it is to serve the spiritual, which is to reach up. But men of the present time, who already have gone the way through the creation, make the whole previous course of development in vain - they, who already have reached the highest level of development through the previous walk on earth, now fail in the last stage and sink back so deeply that the entrance into the spiritual kingdom remains barred to them - that they have to be banished into hardest matter to once again be allowed to be admitted to the last test of will as man after endless long time. The number of those who really make good use of life on earth for their perfection is very small, because the spirit of him, who is my opponent has such a poisoning effect on all inhabitants of the earth that the earth first has to be cleansed before it again can fulfil its actual purpose. And this cleansing I therefore want to carry out through a powerful work of reshaping, from which men no longer can escape, because they themselves give rise to it through their behaviour and their mentality, which is completely insubordinate towards me. A change has to be created, because my creatures are at stake, which have to suffer endless long times, when they do not complete their way of development on earth according to my will. And this point in time has come, although for you men it appears to be implausible that something is to take place in creation, in nature, for which no similar events can be proved to have happened on earth. Earth is in its last time of existence in its present form. What that means, you all cannot grasp - that everything stops to be - that men, animals and every work of creation find their end and a complete new earth will arise, which your wildest thoughts cannot imagine, because complete new works of creation will arise, which your eye has never seen and which will mean no end of wonder for you, who will experience and inhabit the new earth. Throughout times I have pointed out to men that a new earth and a new heaven will arise. Men did not grasp what this means. But my word is truth and will come true - but will be only for those few a proof of my divinity, who in deep faith in me have become mine and to whom I can make accessible the paradise of the new earth, because they are my children and will remain so forever. These few also grasp my words in their meaning, and they will expect me and my coming in the firm belief that I will rescue them out of trouble, which will precede the last end. Because they are my children who I will fetch when the time is fulfilled.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6230.


Book 67 6231

God reveals himself again and again as love.

7. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6231.

I turn to all my creatures in love, because they are spiritual having gone out from me, even so in different degrees of development. But my particular love is meant for men, for every soul is a created original spirit, which I want to finally win back for me after endless long time of distance from me. Consider that, you men, that you stand shortly before your perfection, and then you will also be able to believe, that I try everything, to win you completely, and you will no longer ask yourselves, whether perhaps every man experiences my favour - whether I perhaps approach every individual, to show him the right way to me. May also with the one or the other my favourable effect appear more obviously, but my love leaves out no man, and I woo every soul from the beginning of its embodiment until the death. But whether I am paid attention to, that depends on the will of man himself. No-one will be able to say, that he has not yet been in trouble and has been again led out of it; no-one will need to do without my loving leading on my part - but whether he sees it at a leading on my part, that is doubtful, when he does not believe in me and in my love. But I am far away from no man; I pursue him with my love, even so he rejects me. I do not leave him out, to always just seeking to determine him, to turn to him in thoughts, who has created him. But the whole earth life with all strokes of fate approaching him and the help returning again and again cannot move many a man, to connect himself mentally with me. But then it is always his will or displeasure, but never lacking help or expression on my part. I just want to induce him to that end, that he speaks with me in thoughts, that he may turn to me questioning or askingly, because he then proves to me, that he acknowledges me. For also the knowledge acquired by study about a God of love and of omnipotence is often not enough, to himself get into contact inwardly with this God. Therefore the knowledge about a God is then without success for the soul - but an intimate thought towards me a great deal more valuable. And every man can let this intimate thought of a God and creator come up in himself, even so he lacks further knowledge. And he will cultivate this inner thought, as soon as he is of a loving mind, for love pushed him to that end, to think of "eternal love". And that alone I want to achieve, and for that reason I approach man in many different ways, through trouble and suffering, though fateful experience; I reveal myself through creation. Everything is suitable to this end, to let men seek the connection in thoughts with their creator and father from eternity. And is this connection established first of all, then man will also progress in his development, for then I have seized him, and I do not rest until he has completely become mine - although free will is always decisive, but which still once professes his faith in me, because my love influences him, until I have won him for me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6231.


Book 67 6232

Good Friday. Love.

8. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6232.

Love is able to do everything - love bears the greatest suffering; it endures the greatest pain, for love gives power to this end. For that reason only love could do atonement for the enormous sin guilt of mankind, which required a just as great atonement performance for the sake of divine justice. For a being without love would have never been able to bear that, what the man Jesus has born for sinful mankind, to redeem it. Also the will to this end would never have been there, where no love was. And so also the work of redemption of Jesus and the becoming man of God is understandable, that God - as eternal love - embodied himself in a man, to accomplish exactly this work of redemption - and that consequently God himself let himself be nailed to the cross, to redeem men. Love took complete possession of a man - or also: A man developed in himself love to highest heat, and now the man Jesus bore the greatest sufferings and agonies with a love filled heart, to bring by this means redemption to his sinful fellowmen from their sin guilt. It was a work of extreme great love, for the agonies were immeasurable, which the man Jesus took upon himself, which he endured until the hour of death, fully aware and without the least resistance. In his fulness of power and strength, which was his own through love, he certainly could have ended his suffering. He truly could have also decreased the measure of his suffering, because the power of God was in him as effect of his love. But he suffered voluntarily, because only so men found redemption from the enormous guilt, which the slavery of Satan would have (had) brought in for them, from which Jesus wanted to free them. It were the most terrible agonies, which the man Jesus suffered in body and soul, but which were only bearable through love - because to love everything is possible. You men have no idea of the size of your guilt, as you for that reason can also have no idea of the measure of suffering of Jesus, who a pure man, as complete sinless being, suffered quiet differently than you men, for his soul felt still much greater agonies, which had to stay in a sphere, which completely contradicted its light and its purity. Only in the spiritual kingdom this will be comprehensible to you, when you yourselves stay in light sphere and only then can gauge, what it means, having exchanged these spheres against the darkness on earth, where men were burdened with sin and like devils immediately pounced on that pure soul - which let everything patiently wash over it, which did not defend itself, which took upon it indescribable agonies - just to help the enslaved souls tied up by Satan, to become free. Love of the man Jesus for his fellowmen was so deep, that he voluntarily went to them into the spheres of darkness, for only through love rescue could become theirs, only God himself - eternal love - could bring rescue to men. And for that reason "love " embodied itself in the man Jesus. The becoming man of God is only so to be explained to you men, that love itself descended from above to men, because otherwise no rescue, no liberation from the power of the opponent of God was possible. But for love everything is possible, but the work of redemption had to take place visibly for men - it had to be obvious for men, to which sinful mankind was able to do and what love was able to do on the other hand. A pure man had to die on the cross under terrible agonies, but this sacrificial death was voluntarily taken upon and out of love for men, who by this means find redemption, when they want, that the work of redemption has also been brought for them. For love died for all men; it wiped out the debt of all men. Love won the victory over Satan, who is destitute of all love and for that reason powerless, where only with the weapon of love is fought.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6232.


Book 67 6233

Suffering and dying.

9. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6233.

My suffering and dying on the cross was not to be evaded; I had to drain the chalice to the dregs; I had to take everything upon myself, if the work of redemption was to be accomplished for you men, which liberated you from all debt. Only the cognition of your pitiable situation caused me to this sacrifice, for my heart was full of love for you - and this love wanted to take the terrible lot from you, which expected you after the death of your body. Because I knew about this terrible lot, because I could let both the happiness of the kingdom of light as also the sufferings and agonies of the kingdom of darkness go past my eyes and because my love was meant for you as my fallen brothers, for that reason I sought for a way out, which could turn away your terrible lot. I myself took all sin guilt upon myself and with it walked the way to the cross. What was done to me earthly, that was as it were only the symbol of that, what the whole sin burden meant for me, an immeasurably pressing, painful and pulling down burden, which again and again threw me down to the ground and which I still bore out of extreme great love. What my body could just endure of pain, that I have taken upon myself, for I bore the sin burden for you; I wanted to do atonement for it, which you would irrevocably have to clear away - to which you would not have been able in eternity. I have suffered and fought; I truly have sweated blood; I have seen into all depths of hell, and fear and horror tore up my soul. I have endured all that, what you yourselves would have to suffer. And my love for you gave me the power to hold out until the hour of death. There is no comparison for these my sufferings, no man would have endured this measure. But I offered myself voluntarily to it, because I knew, that only so redemption could become yours from the fetters of Satan. I knew already before, what expected me, and I also carried this burden with me around; I consciously went this way, which final aim was the cross, but I suffered through this my knowledge unspeakably and could for that reason never be happy in the midst of mine. I saw the disaster imposed on the souls; I saw the lack of success of their earth walk, when I failed and did not bring the rescue to them from sin and death. And this knowledge strengthened my will, so that I submitted to my fate without resistance, which has been the purpose and aim of my earth walk. But until the end I had to wrestle; until the end the burden so tremendously piled up before me, that I felt my power wane and for that reason called as man upon God, to let the chalice go past me. But the power of my love was stronger than my human weakness. And the day of my unspeakable sufferings and of my dying on the cross became for you men the day of redemption of all guilt. And the knowledge about it let me take everything patiently upon me, so that in the end I could call out: "It is finished." And my soul could go back, from where it had come, for through my death the complete uniting with my father took place, from whom also I had once gone out.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6233.


Book 67 6234

Death and resurrection. Life.

10. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6234.

I have gone the way, which was pointed out to me, but which I had to cover voluntarily to reach the aim - to be completely united with the father from eternity. I went the way through death to life - through darkness to light. And I proved to men light and life through my resurrection on the third day. I certainly had to suffer death, but to now enter eternal life, for "life" is only in connection with God, who is in himself "eternal life". It is about far greater things, than you men without really thinking understand under the word "life". It is the becoming divine of that, what has been created, which was set as aim to the created, and to reach this complete becoming divine, the depth must be overcome; a way must be covered, which leads over death to life. And death is everything, what is far from God. The way to life is the way to God - and since once the created in majority "fell", it must now "rise". And it must return from darkness to light - it must climb out of the night of the grave, in which it has languished eternal times and step out into the light of the day. I have risen from the dead; I have supplied to you men the proof, that also you can rise to life, although you suffer earthly death. I have proven to you, that death is to be overcome, that you all can step out of the night of death into the light of the day, when you follow me - when you live, as I have lived on earth: when you lead a way of life in love. For then you strive for the approach to God; then the uniting with God can take place, and then no death can any more exist for you, because you have united yourselves with "life" after all, but nevertheless must lay down the earthly body, which is just an obstacle to a life in freedom and happiness. Earthly therefore you must die; your soul climbs out of the grave, which before kept it locked up; radiantly it enters that kingdom, which is its true home - it rises up from darkness to light. What happened to me, will also happen to you, and for that reason you need to fear no death any more, because I have taken all horror from it. I have risen on the third day; having become visible to my disciples, who were to see my spiritualized body, so that they themselves believed and could go into all the world and announce, that I live. But before my death on the cross men still remained in the depth also after their death; the way had not yet been made free for the entry into the light kingdom, and therefore I also had to descend to the depth after my death and also there build the bridge upwards, into my kingdom, and all souls were allowed to follow me, which languished in the depth. My love also called upon them to follow. Also for the souls in the depth the day of resurrection had come; also they could reach life, through my work of redemption. For death was overcome through my work of love, and all souls will rise to eternal life, which like me seek the uniting with the father from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6234.


Book 67 6235

Fighting time before the end. Difficulties.

11. April 1955. B.D. NR 6235.

You will still have to come through a heavy fight against yourselves and also against your enemies - you will be pressed from outside so much that you will find it difficult to give away everything, and that is why you have to also wrestle with yourselves that earthly matter does not become a calamity for you - that you give me up for its sake. Because you would make a bad exchange, because it lasts only a short time that your body has to suffer privations and scrapes a living in awkward circumstances. Because I shorten the days for the sake of mine, because I know that they need much strength to hold their ground against their enemies. And then they will receive the wages for their loyalty. That is why I warn and admonish you men to not let yourselves be pressed down, no matter what comes over you. All this has to precede it, and so also the decision has to be demanded of you; but you then also are to know that the end is soon there, that I come to fetch you - and that exactly this proof of faith stamps you as mine. That is why you always are not to forget that men can well kill the body but not your soul, and when you firmly believe this, your body will also bear everything, and I will give you the strength so that it does not feel so as it looks to the fellow human being. It will well be a war, which you wage against yourselves, but only until you become engrossed in my word - until you let myself speak to you. Then a wondrous calm and power will flow through you, and then you will no longer hesitate one moment, you will give away, what is demanded of you, but defend your faith with words, which are given to you by my spirit. You will no longer feel any fear, but with a glad heart will be my confessors, when the confession for me and my name is demanded. But that is why I admonish you, to first let me speak to you as often as possible. I admonish you so that you already store up strength in you, so that you do not even get into inner difficulties, so that you know what lies ahead, and already free yourselves in your heart of everything, which still will be taken from you, when you want to remain loyal to me. You certainly have nothing to fear, when your heart completely belongs to me; only for the lukewarm this fight is hard, and to these I therefore speak urgently that they are to prepare themselves for the time of warfare, where it is a matter of proving loyalty to me or to deny me for the sake of the world and its goods. Also you will have to go the way of the cross, but you also can become overcomers of death, because my love will always support you as soon as you are only prepared to testify to me. But again and again I have to point out to you that it will be a fight, that you are not allowed to effortlessly acquire the palm of victory - but that you are capable of coming through the fight, and therefore you are only to prepare yourselves that you are to remain all the time united with me and then also get strength from me all the time, to hold out until the end. You, who are allowed to receive my word, you are blessed, because you accept strength all the time, and you also can pass on the word with its power. You will then have to specially exert yourselves to also come to the assistance of the weak, to help them up and to make the importance of a decision for or against me clear to them. You are specially trained for this time of warfare, and you have no need to fear failure, because you have offered your services as fighters for me and I myself fight at your side. But you have to work non-stop to also represent me and my word before; you have to prove yourselves as my real servants on earth, who always only carry out the assignment of their Lord and announce me and also the nearby end. You willingly have to let yourselves be led and recognize everything as my guidance. And your work will be blessed and bear fruit in the coming time of fighting. You will carry out your duties full of strength yourselves and hand out an abundance of power to all who listen to you and want to remain loyal to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6235.


Book 67 6236

Responsibility before God's seat of judgement.

12. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6236.

You all will in future have to take responsibility before the seat of judgement of God - take care that you can step before him without trembling and shrinking, take care that God's eye may rest on you with pleasure and you are allowed to share his kingdom with him. This is a serious admonition, for in future your remorse will be great, when you neglect it on earth to submit to his commands, when you have not paid attention to his will on earth and when you recognize, what your lukewarmness and insubordination has brought in for you. You all still have the opportunity to change, so you do not live right, so you do not care about the will of God; you are still constantly referred to your earth task; the word of God is still made accessible to you, and again and again you are referred to his power through events of all kind. You can still change, when you seriously want it. But as soon as your hour has come, where you are recalled from this world, then also the hour of your responsibility has come, and then you can undo nothing any more and make up for nothing, what you have done or neglected in earth life; then you are judged according to law and justice, then all your sins become obvious, and you recognize you yourselves - for you then walk in darkness and are in a miserable state - but which you yourselves have created for yourselves through your earth life walk. Do not live carelessly into the day; consider that you were only allowed to embody yourselves for the sake of a purpose, that you have not entered arbitrarily into existence on a whim of the creator - that an aim had been set for you and that this aim can only be reached, when you submit to the will of God, when you adapt to the divine order - when you work on yourselves, that everything having stepped out of order moves again in eternal order - when you, you who are imperfect, fashion yourselves again to perfection, by you fulfilling the divine commands, which demand love for him and for the neighbour. God gave you these commands for that reason, because you lack love, but which is the epitome of the divine order. He gave them to you, so that you have guiding principle in earth life, according to which you can now lead your way of life. The fulfilling of these commands alone is his will - which he announces to you again and again through his word. Therefore listen to his word and seek to give full expression to it, by you always just performing works of love, to always come closer to him by this means. Then you truly do not need to fear the day of judgment; then you can step before the seat of judgement of God, and his eye will rest on you with pleasure - then also the hour of departing from this earth will be for you the hour of redemption, and you will be able to enter into the spiritual kingdom free and free from care. Comply with the admonition, which sounds to you from above; do not be lukewarm and indifferent, because you think the day of departure still being far. Give way to his will and keep in accordance with it - live in love, because you then live in and with God and in future are received into his kingdom, where only love rules and where love prepares happiness unlimitedly.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6236.


Book 67 6237

God's word: Love teaching. Real announcers.

13. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6237.

Wherever the teaching of love is announced, there my word is preached and the way shown to man, which leads to me. For love it is, which you lack, and the fashioning to love is the right way to me. But since your earth life purpose is the uniting with me, which can take place through love only, every announcer of the love teaching is blessed by me, for he contributes to it to again lead my creatures back to me, which I had lost, which voluntarily went away from me. Earth life as man is only given to you for the purpose, that you return on your previous way, that you turn to another way, what always then happens, when you practise love. And because you do not do this by yourselves, my servants must stimulate you to this; they themselves must hold up a love life as an example for you and introduce my commands to you, which just demand love for me and for the neighbour. You are to be introduced by these servants into the knowledge about the fulfilment of my will and its effect; you are to hear through them of my never-ending love for you and of my aim, to make you to my children. You are to get to know me myself as a God of love, wisdom and power - so that you now learn to love your God and call upon him as your father, that he may accept you again as his children and fetches you home into the father house. Only when you know about your task, you can solve it, and who now instructs you about it, him I will bless, as he is my servant and collaborator after all, who speaks on earth instead of me, because I myself cannot express myself to not compel the freedom of faith. And you men can always see him as my servant, who preaches love, for he preaches me myself. He can never be in the service of another lord, so he informs you men about my command of love for God and the neighbour, because he then irrevocably speaks for me, and indeed, what I myself would say, so I would stay visibly among you men. And only, who himself is without love in his acting and nature, he has no right to speak of love, because his words are the lie and pretence - which are just to cover his nature, when he hopes for an advantage from his speaking. But he will never speak and act unselfishly, and only such confirms him as my real servant, who is active on my behalf and for that reason also experiences my blessing. Love alone confirms his sending, and love alone also gives my servant the ability to speak for me and my name. For so he himself does not have love in himself, his words are dead, and they also awaken no fellowmen to life. And he will also rarely take love only as the subject of his speaking; he will speak, what he has learned himself, but not what he has experienced himself. For the spirit is lacking, which gives life to his words, but which is only the result of a way of life in love. Love will fill the preacher with power to speak and appeal to the hearer and move him to translate into action what is heard, and then he fashions himself to love, what is equal to the turning to me, from whom he will no longer break away in eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6237.


Book 67 6238

Spreading of truth. Living faith.

14. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6238.

Truth is to be spread; men are to move in right thinking; they are to be able to make themselves a right picture of their God and creator from eternity and their actual purpose of existence. And they are to be instructed about it, what is to help them to happiness, to a state of perfection, which they lack so long, as they still stand far from their creator and consequently also from truth. The thinking of men is not longer in accordance with truth; it has been directed wrongly through teachings, which portray distortedly, what men were once taught by God himself, who walked as man Jesus on earth, to impart pure truth to them. It is no longer this pure teaching, which is supplied to men by those, who believe being appointed to it; it is a deformed teaching, which for that reason also cannot trigger the power of conviction in men, but which is necessary, to live in accordance with the divine teaching on earth. Pure truth will always be credible, but every deformed teaching gives cause to doubts and shakes the whole building of spiritual knowledge, which has been supplied to mankind. Men can no longer believe, even so they want it, because erroneous teachings provoke in them the will of resistance and they then very easily reject everything and go along completely without faith. But pure truth is like a light, which shines brightly - pure truth gives information about all questions, and it cannot be invalidated, because with its bright shine it will always break through darkness - because error cannot stand up to it. It truly could be made easy for mankind, to believe lively in God, as soon as pure truth would just be supplied to it. But one fights this truth - the opponent of God, who would like to extinguish all light, to be able to lead an easy game with mankind, to prevent them to return to God, whom they have once left through his influence. The opponent of God is an enemy of truth, which gives a real picture of God and his work. For that reason it will always be his endeavours, to intersperse it with error, and he also succeeds, because man himself is the crucial factor, whether he demands light or seeks darkness. For his will determines the influence of God or of the opponent on him. The serious desire to stand in truth also secures the supply of it, but indifference towards truth submits him to the influence of the opponent of God. And for that reason error is so spread among men, and it is an urgent necessity, to enlighten them and to oppose their wrong thinking with truth. For that reason God charges his servants on earth to support pure truth, and he himself supplies it to the servants, as he will give every man truth, who just strives for it, unconsciously or askingly turns to the highest being, that it may give him enlightenment. For truth is necessary to properly utilize earth life. Truth is irreplaceable through spiritual material, which does not give complete information. Truth is a divine gift, which irrevocably leads to happiness and is also offered to everyone, who does not close his mind to it. Truth comes from God, who himself is eternal truth, and it leads back to God. But without truth no-one can be happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6238.


Book 67 6239

Divine love light. Light bearers.

16. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6239.

My love light is to shine everywhere, and for that reason I charge my light bearers to speak without shyness, that I myself fill him with light, so that he is to again radiate it out on his fellowmen, so that it may bring about blessing to them. To stand in the light means for all men and also for the souls in the spiritual kingdom fortune and happiness. On earth men do not always feel it, but in the hereafter they are so poor and unhappy without light, and for that reason every gleam of light triggers happiness in them. The inhabitants of the earth have turned to deceiving lights and believe to be able to remove their darkness with it - but their souls persistently walk in darkness and they need light after all to be able to be happy. I know about this spiritual trouble, and for that reason I send light bearers to men, and I truly choose the most able men for it, who speak fearlessly, where it is just possible for them. In the last time before the end the desire for light, for enlightenment, will exist always less, and men will mutually shrink from speaking about that, what however is alone important and worth knowing - about truth, which my words holds in it. They have almost no connection any more with me and my word is for them only an old taken over knowledge, to which they give little or no faith and which they just dismiss pityingly smiling, when it is mentioned to them. And for that reason, I go renewed up to men with my word to cause them to express their opinion to that end and to think about its origin. I again light new little lights; I renewed send my rays of light and love to earth, by me choosing for me suitable men, who are to receive my light and pass it on. And who serves me as light bearer, he is to use his whole strength for the spreading of the light, which radiates down from above to earth he is not to shrink from speaking openly about it, that he himself is in contact with God, and also receives from him an obvious sign of the presence. Through his speaking he is to bring me again into remembrance of men; he is to instruct them in all questions, which he is asked by those, who doubt or even reject everything unbelievingly, when it cannot be explained to them properly. And that my light bearers are able to do this, for it I myself will take care, because my spirit fills them, so they support me and my word - eternal truth. Then they will be able to speak and always find the right words, because I myself put them into their mouth and bless everyone, who contributes to the spreading of my love light. And I will also lead those men to him, who could make use of my supply of favour, when they are just willing and do not reject my favour - when they just listen to you and would like to eagerly move what they heard in the heart. And who has the desire in the darkness, that a light would like to shine for him, he will also soon see it and be able to warm up in its shine; he will feel the favour of the light, and brightness will be given to him, as soon as he just desires it - for I am pleased with him, to whom darkness appears as agony and who is prepared, to step into my light circle, and he will constantly be supplied by me with light and power and favour.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6239.


Book 67 6240

Jesus took all suffering upon himself. Why suffering?

17. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6240.

I took all suffering of men upon myself. You can now go through earth life unladen and strive upwards unhindered; you can truly already on earth lead a life as in paradise - when you would just live for your end aim, when you would consciously strive for the uniting with me, what you can also do, because I have borne for you the original guilt; you can therefore go the way up unladen. But you are still exposed to the influence of my opponent, and you yourselves must make yourselves free of this influence. For earth time is given you for the testing of the will; it is that period, where also my opponent can still have an effect on you and you must past this test of will, that you resist him and consciously strive towards me. And his influence will not go past you completely without trace; you will still more or less react to it and for that reason be exposed to sufferings and troubles as counter effect from me, which are to let you seek more intimate union with me, so that the danger being captured by him is removed. Substantially your soul still belongs to him, so long it is still materially bound and is surrounded and enclosed by immature spiritual. I died for you the death on the cross, so that you can break away out of the fetters of my opponent, but the soul itself must take care of this breaking away, i.e., it must seriously want this breaking away from my opponent. And to influence your will in this way, you must go through trouble and misery - unless your will completely belongs to me and allows no influencing any more through my opponent. But then also your earth life will be more easily bearable; then you can already say rightly, that you are redeemed from sin and death, from weakness and constraint. But then you yourselves will adapt yourselves to the mission work of redemption at your fellowmen, for then you know about the significance of earth life, and you want to help, that also your fellowmen become free from the power, which keeps them bound. And then your earth life will for that reason not be without suffering, that it does not force to the decision of the will for your fellowmen, for so long man is immature at his soul, he seeks life in fortune and carelessness, and he would again only seek to change his life for the sake of selfish aims, but what could not lead him to perfection. Through my death on the cross I wanted to make an entering into eternal happiness possible for you - but not buying a paradisical life on earth. Nevertheless you yourselves can fashion earth life bearable for you, so you just live it in intimate communion with me. Then nothing can any longer depress and burden you, then everything, what comes over you, is for you a proof of my love for you, and then you also know about the purpose of that, and voluntarily you submit to your fate. You no longer suffer, but consciously you utilize everything and see it as gift of favour, because it secures a higher degree of maturity for you, because in future it will increase your happiness, for which you are just always grateful. Then you only bear a cross because of your fellowmen - but for yourselves it is a sign of my love, which has appointed you to take part in my work of redemption.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6240.


Book 67 6241

Gifts of the spirit. Prerequisites.

18. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6241.

The gifts of the spirit are imparted to every man, who seriously strives for them. They cannot be given to you as presents; they must be acquired through obeying of my command of love for God and the neighbour - through a life according to my will. For as soon as my will is fulfilled, man walks in my order from eternity, and light and power must now flow through him, as at first, since he was created according to my eternal order, perfect, i.e. as being equal to me. My spirit radiated through the being, and my spirit can also now again radiate through it, as soon as it has again entered into my eternal order as man. This must be quite comprehensible to you, that my spirit can never have an effect in a man, who lives outside of my order from eternity, that he will therefore never ever be able to show gifts of the spirit. For that reason every word reception also presupposes the work of my spirit in man - for receiving my word means being instructed in fullest truth, to know about everything, what makes my nature comprehensible to you men - to know about reason and cause, about purpose and aim of my rule and work and of all that, what is visible to you. To be instructed in truth means, to be led into cognition, which was once your own, but which you lost out of your own fault. This introduction into truth through my spirit, through my word, is therefore a present - a gift, which I send to everyone, who puts himself in a degree of maturity through his own will, which is therefore condition to the imparting of spiritual gifts. You all can acquire them for yourselves, no-one is excluded from it, but no-one can gain them, who does nothing for it - who does not fashion his nature to love, which alone makes the connection with the father spirit possible to the slumbering spirit in it, so that I myself can now have an effect in him through my spirit. From that it follows that the connection with me must always be established and that this depends on a conscious striving for me. Who now gets into contact with me myself, he has already voluntarily put his foot into my kingdom; he has given up his resistance and completely turned his will to me, and his share must now be light and power, which are now offered to him from my kingdom. Man can at any time enter into my kingdom unimpeded, when I am his aim. But he is not granted entry, so long I am still eliminated from his thinking and striving. But he can then be introduced by my opponent into his kingdom, who lets him believe, having reached the right aim - who also knows exactly, what man strives for, and sends to him according to his desire, what he seeks. This applies for those men, who are filled with thirst for knowledge, but not for the sake of pure truth, but for the sake of their own advantage - who want to know to be considered something, but not to testify about me and for me. Also they will receive, but then from him, who is against truth - because he is against me, But genuine gifts of the spirit will only receive an earth child completely devoted to me, which for that reason also stands in fullest truth, since it asks me myself for it, and which for that reason also clearly recognizes, what is error and what truth - whose desire for truth refuses my opponent all entry, because he recognizes the relationship between the earth child and me as brightly shining ray, which he avoids, so that he himself may not be touched by it. But he is up to his mischief the more there, where he finds entry through thinking and striving of similar nature. For he will always make an effort, to darken that light, which shows men the right way. He will always work against me, but hide his true face behind a mask, for it is the time of the end, and he knows it that he has no longer much time.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6241.


Book 67 6242

Sin punishment? Lot for which one is oneself responsible.

21. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6242.

No-one can evade the punishment for his sins, because man creates a state for himself through his sins, which is agonizing for him. I do not punish him on account of his sins, but according to the law of eternal order every act, every wrong thinking and acting has an effect, and exactly this affect men now create for themselves, but feel it as agony, as punishment, what however is always only in accordance with the law of eternal order. And for that reason the trouble and the agony is unimaginable, which men are heading for, who lead a sinful life, who make malicious remarks about me and mock me, who believe being able to drag everything divine, pure, through the mud, without having to atone for it. They heap sin upon sin, and they will be horrified, in which way their crimes have an effect on themselves. But they cannot avoid their judgement. For I cannot give to them otherwise, than they themselves have wanted it; I can only give them their reward in accordance with their life and their acts, and for that reason they will have to endure many agonies. And they can count themselves lucky, when they are still on earth brought up to the atonement of their sin guilt, when they still have to suffer on earth, before they are recalled from earth. For on earth they can still come to their senses; on earth they can still recognize their sins and turn back on the way, which they have gone up to now. But in the opposite kingdom the cognition of their guilt is often to be expected only in endless time, for a sinful man enters the opposite kingdom of completely darkened spirit, and it lasts long, until he can clear his thoughts and regrets his earth life walk - for he is without light and power, but he feels every agony and has prepared it for himself after all. Who makes me out to be a punishing God, he does not know my law of eternal order, otherwise he could never ever speak so. For my love seeks to protect all men from that lot, which they prepare for themselves and which can never be called happy. And I truly do everything to make it easy for men. But so they themselves do not want, so they do not let themselves be led by me and act wrong out of their own will, they also must take the consequences of it upon themselves; but they can never say, that I have prepared that lot for them, which they create for them themselves. For I know about the terrible agonies and try everything to turn these agonies away from the beings. But I do not take from you the free will. And who sinned, he must also bear the consequences of sin, because this is in accordance with my law of the eternal order. Men can certainly act loveless and prepare agonies for their fellowmen, but I am love myself, and I am constantly only intent on to prepare happiness for you. But where the will of man does not allow this, there happiness can also never ever be. For ungodly desire also creates an ungodly lot, a lot of most extreme agonies and darkness, a lot of most bitter captivity - a state of slavery and powerlessness, which is always the consequence, the effect of sin and for that reason that being itself has brought about the punishments which lived on earth against my order from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6242.


Book 67 6243

End for all. Positive and negative success.

22. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6243.

An aim has been set for all of you, for which you head inexorably. But with which success you arrive at the aim, that you determine yourselves. It can be for you the conclusion of a blessed walk on earth, but you can also have covered earth life with negative success. But irrevocably the day comes, where you must end earth life, independent from it, which degree of maturity your soul has reached. For the time has expired, which has been granted men of this earth for the redemption. The end of a redemption period has come, and the day of the end is imminent. You all have then reached the aim, more or less matured. And then all spiritual is again fitted in anew; it is again moved into that outer form, which is in accordance with its degree of maturity. This is an irrefutable fact, but it finds no faith with men - a sign of the low degree of maturity, in which men on earths stand. And the knowledge about it would also not be necessary, when they would make an effort by themselves, to live right and just, and then an increased degree of maturity would be secured. But men lack exactly this, and for that reason they are to be informed of the near end, although they do not want to believe in it. But they are to be referred to the consequences of a wrong way of life; they are to know, what lies before them: that all find their end, young and old, poor and rich - that no-one can escape from the last end, unless he lives according to the will of God, in and with God. You all head for the same fate; all life on earth is ending; all creations experience a change - the outer form of earth is reshaped and all "life" brought to a standstill. It still waves with powerful impulse - men create and work and seek to win everything from life, what it offers them - plans are still being made and also carried out; treasures are still withdrawn from earth, and all thinking and striving of men is meant for the control of the earthly creation, the exploiting and utilizing of the treasures, which are withdrawn from earth. Man still believes being or becoming the lord of creation. A sudden stop will be commanded, when the hour has come, and men will recognize their powerlessness and stand horrified before powers, which they cannot master, which work destructively and destroy all life. But then it is too late, to draw benefit from this knowledge; then everything living in, on and above earth is doomed to die. Then you men have arrived at the aim, which, according to your attitude, is marvellous or terrible. And no-one can flee from his fate, for now the hour of repayment has come, the hour of judgement, where all spiritual moves again into that form, into which it belongs - where the already free is anew captured and the before banished put into freer forms, where it now starts its ascent development. And the day of the end is fixed for eternity - mankind has reached the level, where only a transformation of earth still guarantees the progress of development, which is purpose and aim of every work of creation. The time has come, to which reference has been made always and constantly, and the end is near.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6243.


Book 67 6244

God has fixed the day of the end.

23. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6244.

In my plan of salvation also the day of the end of a redemption epoch is fixed, for I saw the spiritual development; I saw the standstill and the danger of the complete decline of the spiritual into the depth, and I truly know it, how this danger can be halted and the development be continued. I know it, when the moment has come, where an enormous transformation must take place, and I also know about the blessing of such a transformation. Whatever now happens in human existence, everything is included and based on my plan of salvation, so that also the day of the end could exactly be fixed and is also kept irrevocably. But you men do not know the day and the hour of the end. And it also must remain kept from you for the sake of yourselves, but what does not eliminate, that everything so takes place, as I consider it beneficial from eternity. And you men would do well on it, to believe unconditionally in the end predicted to you and to prepare yourselves on it, for this will only be for your benefit. The whole spiritual world is active to awaken in you men the right recognition; it makes continually the effort to direct your thinking to the unavoidable end, and it also has an effect on you in every just possible way. Therefore everything is truly done, to hold the transitoriness of the earthly before your eyes and to also make your own life out to be unsafe, by recalling many men out of the midst of life. Everywhere it is preached about the near end of the world. The thoughts of all men are influenced, but always without compulsion - and for that reason often fruitlessly. But however you men behave, however you adapt to me or to the word presented to you - through your behaviour you do not determine my will; you do not halt the end, on the contrary you always give more cause that is fulfilled, what is predicted through seers and prophets. For you do not change and therefore I myself must bring about the change - as I saw it from eternity. But until the end you will be admonished and warned; until the end the possibility will be given to you to the change of your will. But also until the end world events will unwind so, that it does not force to the change of will. And for that reason everything will go its course; men will eagerly make an effort to secure their well-being; they will forge great plans, wanting to carry out great projects; they will undertake much, what promises worldly advantage; they will live and enjoy, regardless of that, what lies before them. And I let them manage according to their will, because I want to exert no compulsion, I will only again and again address men and hold up to them, what expects them. Through my servants on earth I will address all men and again and again announce the near judgment, i.e. the transformation of the earthly works of creation, which aims to achieve that all spiritual is arranged into the form it is due to. I will not stop to announce this, until the day, where my words fulfil themselves. And this day is near you all. Believe my words and prepare yourselves, for it is only still a short time, which remains for you - use it and change, before it is too late.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6244.


Book 67 6245

Redemption of Lucifer. Resistance to the test of will.

24. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6245.

The world with all its creations holds spiritual in it standing in different degrees of development, which now also determines the properties of the different creations. Mature spiritual, which stands in the light, no longer needs material creations, while the immature spiritual needs material creations as its stay to mature in it. And so one can certainly speak of, that the visible creations are the kingdom of my opponent, because they hold exactly this spiritual in it, which still belongs to him will-wise. Nevertheless he cannot determine it, to work according to his will, because the power over that spiritual, which is bound in the creations, is withdrawn from him. And for that reason it is also possible, that an ascent development of the spiritual takes place in the works of creation, without being able to be prevented by my opponent, and that once the moment comes for the spiritual, where it, again in the possession of free will, can decide, to whom it wants to belong - to me or to my opponent, but what would never be possible, when he would have unlimited influence before on the spiritual in the state of the bound will. And so it follows from this that the power of my opponent is already broken and only applies to man - therefore actually only man is the possession of the opponent, when he does not let himself be helped by me. The creation was only the result of the attitude of the first created being; it was the result of the abuse of its will. For I looked after all creatures tempted by him and paved a way, which led out of the depth back upwards. I withdrew them from his power and bound them into the creations - but the influence on man I must leave to him, because it is about a free decision for me or my opponent and because to him belongs, what remains with him in free will. Moreover the first being had come out of my love; as a free being I have put it out as my image, and I will never dispute this being his right. But I will also never refuse the same right to the entity having emerged from me in the same perfection, to freely decide. And for that reason I must withdraw it from its influence so long, until it itself is able to the free decision of the will. And for that reason I let creation arise. I reshaped as it were the fallen spiritual - since it did not fulfil its initial purpose, I let the power flowed towards it once for the creation of the beings become effective in another way - into seemingly dead and in creations testifying to life, which now had to fulfil their purpose according to my will - the will of my opponent was therefore now completely eliminated, until the power gathered again and gradually became again the being having once emerged from me. But this being must now again have the full freedom of decision and for that reason also be exposed to influence of my opponent exactly as to mine and head for its aim in free will. Now therefore my opponent rules again in his world - for the being still belongs to him so long, until it voluntarily turns away from him and strives towards me.

The opposition between me and the first created being exists since its defection from me and will remain so long, as it still has its following, which once gave rise in him to the lust for power. This following must first be redeemed, before also my opponent returns to me, therefore he no longer opposes me as enemy. For if my opponent would decide to return to me, so also the return of all the spiritual would be guaranteed, because it would then in the stage of free will no longer be exposed to the influence of my opponent and the degree of maturity reached in the mandatory state would also guarantee a further striving towards me. But only an act of free will can bring about a becoming divine of the beings - the becoming divine presupposes a resistance, which is overcome in free will. And my opponent offers this resistance in strongest measure, and he will still offer it to me endless times. And so long there will also be earthly creations; so long one redemption period will replace the other, for his fall into the depth was so endless, that he needs eternal times to reach up together with his following. But the work of creation was an act of favour and mercy at the fallen spiritual - to which also the first fallen spirit could have submitted itself, when it would have given up its will and also let itself be drawn upwards by me. But I did not bind his will, for he was free and had been put out of me as my image, and l left this freedom to him - while the entities having emerged from his will and my power needed my help, because my opponent had already put the will turned away from me into these entities, which for that reason had to be tied up so long, until the being stood again in a degree of maturity, that it could decide completely free. For there was a difference between the first created being and those, which both our love-will let come into being. For that reason the act of return to me is also different, and on the part of my opponent the return will only take place, when he, completely robbed of his power and might, will lie on the ground helplessly and weak and he then gives up all resistance against me in the desire for my love, which he once rejected, but which will again flow towards him in the same measure, so he surrenders voluntarily to me. The act of redemption of the once fallen takes place in endless long time according to the law of eternal order; with certainty it will once have been finished, for the becoming divine of the created beings is and remains my aim, which I pursue and also certainly achieve. But eternities will still pass, until the lost son returns home into his father house; eternities the fight between light and darkness will still rage, but the light will overcome darkness and once radiate in fullest power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6245.


Book 67 6246

Greatest danger of falling into the depth.

26. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6246.

The danger to fall into the deepest depth is always getting greater for men, because the world with its demands pushes itself forward more and more and the spiritual is paid attention to less and less, because the actual purpose of earth life is thought of less and less, which appears implausible to men. For that reason still everything must be done, to halt the fall into the depth, where a possibility still exists, that men are rescued. This must again and again be mentioned, what lies before mankind, for all men are heading for the end, because the time has come, which was announced always and constantly. Much faith will you, my servants on earth, indeed not find, but men are to take note of what lies ahead of them, and so the same thing is held before them again and again, also they will occupy themselves in thoughts with the possibility which might occur, for every man has hours, where he takes stock of himself and asks himself about the meaning and purpose of existence. In the last time before the end the work of my servants on earth is not very successful, for men are so carried away from the spiritual kingdom, that the emissaries of this kingdom, my representatives on earth, only appear as dreamers, whose words are not to be taken seriously. The contrast emerges very strong between these and the representatives of the world, and a bridge between the two is hardly to be found. Nevertheless I more and more urgently call upon my servants on earth, not to let up, because I like every individual soul and I would like to rescue it from ruin - from a further course through the creations of earth. And I cannot do more, than to inform men through my word, what expects them, when they do not change, i.e. put back earthly striving and strive for that kingdom, which they irrevocably must reach and also will reach, but eternities can still pass, when they do not take my word to heart, which my love sends again and again to them. That it cannot be proven to them, is not to cause complete rejection; they are to digest it mentally, then the will of rejection will also become less, and they no longer think the forthcoming to be completely impossible. Endless long is your way already. Do you yourselves want to prolong it again, where you have arrived shortly before the aim? Do you want to turn back and begin again at the starting position? Let yourselves be warned and admonished that you are heading towards a terrible lot, but can avert it yourselves, when you hear, what my servants announce to you. Believe it that I always only address you for that reason, because I would like to protect you from ruin, from endless long time of agony and darkness. Rescue yourselves, before it is too late, for you are heading for the end with gigantic steps, which indeed is only the establishing of the eternal order in the actual meaning, but which means an extreme painful change for that coming out of the order, a state, which you cannot imagine. For that reason my servants also find no faith with you, for they are for you completely unknown processes and states which expect you, so you live against my will. You no longer have much time - use it well and prepare yourselves, and you will not regret it, so you withdraw from the world and occupy yourselves with the spiritual world. You will draw a considerable advantage for your souls from such efforts, but the other way round suffer spiritual death, when the hour has come, where it is fulfilled, what I let announce through seers and prophets. For the time is fulfilled, and every soul expects that lot, that it itself has prepared for itself.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6246.


Book 67 6247

Meaning of the word "judgement". Justice.

29. April 1955. B.D. NR. 6247.

Each one is judged according to his works. Grasp, that under "judging" is not to be understood "condemning", but the putting in order into that sphere, where he belongs through his works in the flesh. My justice cannot put immature souls, which still have satanic desires in them, into a sphere, where light and happiness is, but it must give light and happiness to those, who have lived according to my will. My justice must give freedom to those, but as it also must hold former captive in an outer form corresponding to the spiritual state or in dark spheres, where they are for that reason not free, because they lack light and power. You are not allowed to imagine in me a punishing, but only a just God. But a pitiable lot is never a punishment on my part, but chosen and striven for by you yourselves - you therefore punish yourselves, but never he, who called you into life, to give you happiness. You are not to fear my punishment, but my justice, which cannot give to you otherwise than according to the eternal order. So long you stay on earth, you are in the midst of judgement. For everything around you and also you yourselves are "judged spiritual" - i.e. embodied into the right form, which is in accordance with the spiritual maturity. And so the day of judgement has come - the youngest, because the last day on this earth - the divine order is anew established, for I truly know it, where the spiritual belongs, to be able to continue the ascent up, to the final becoming free. I know about the maturity of spiritual still bound in the creations. But I also know about the degree of maturity of every individual man; I know about his guilt and merit and can therefore re-establish the eternal order, by me renewing the earth and enliven all creations with the spiritual matured for it. When men now fashion themselves back again in free will in a way, so is that their own fault - and according to this guilt now also the stay of the souls, because this is a putting in order into my law from eternity. Therefore fear no punishing and avenging God, but remember a just God, who does not condemn, but in his love wants to help you to happiness, but can never prepare this happiness for you, so long you are fashioned inadequately through own will, because you would then pass in a sphere, which you do not bear in your spiritual state. My justice does not eliminate my love, but as however also the other way round my love is not to be thought without my justice. My love is meant for all my creatures, and it will not pass for ever, but also my law of order remains existing until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6247.


Book 67 6248

Desire for truth guarantees truth.

2. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6248.

Who seeks truth, he will also find it. For that reason do not be anxious, for I do not let fall to error and the lie, who seriously desires truth. You men only have yourselves to blame, whether you walk in error or go ways of truth full of light. You yourselves enter the way in free will, which you walk, and your will alone is decisive, which way you enter. The disaster only exists in that respect, that you are mostly lukewarm and indifferent, therefore neither consciously desire truth nor are afraid, to become of dark spirit through error; it touches you little yourselves, whether truth or error is offered to you, and for that reason mankind walks along in the dark state of the spirit. Men, who consciously strive towards me, will always feel addressed by truth, on the other hand feel a slight uneasiness, when something is offered to them, what does not agree with pure truth. And I will always help these, that their thinking is and remains directed right. I will also again and again warn the others and offer them pure truth, but their will of acceptance to it will for that reason be little, because they lack the seriousness, which a recognizing of truth causes. The fight between light and darkness will always rage more violently, the closer the end is, for my opponent fights against the light, against truth, which testifies to me. My opponent has great influence on all, who still stick to him nature wise. And for that reason each one man must examine himself seriously, whether and when he offers the opportunity to him, to confuse his thoughts, i.e., to transfer untrue spiritual material to him, but which can be avoided with certainty, when the desire for truth is so strong in a man, that by this means I myself can refuse the opponent his influence. Every man is to seriously ask himself, whether he wants to walk in truth, and then request this from me intimately. And my opponent will now be able to present to him no error any more, which he would not recognize as error. It is not to be avoided, that erroneous spiritual material is presented to men, because I cannot put a stop to my opponent's activities in the last time before the end, since also he has a certain freedom at his disposal. But man himself can avoid it, that such spiritual material finds acceptance with him, when he just strives for truth, when he does not want, that he may walk in error. Man is not defencelessly at the mercy of error, therefore of my opponent - it will bounce off him, as soon as his desire is just meant for pure truth. He will feel it in him, when my opponent addresses him, and he will close his mind to his influence, for who seeks truth, he seeks me, and I truly let me be found by him. And you men know it, that the time has come, where my opponent seeks to displace me with all means from the hearts of men; you know it, that he will stop at nothing and he would always like to spread more darkness the brighter light shines, and he will always want to create confusion there, where the light from the heavens lights up. But he will not succeed, so long man connects himself with me, so long he himself strives for truth and asks me for it. There he has lost his power; there he is recognized and rejected. For there I am myself, and there shines my light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6248.


Book 67 6249

God's protection for his fighters and servants.

3. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6249.

Whatever will be undertaken against you - I keep my protecting hand above you and your work, which you want to do for me and my kingdom. It will always be fought against truth and consequently also against you, you who spread truth, and that is the weapon of my opponent, that he camouflages himself as announcer of truth and that he will find far more followers than you, you wo receive truth from me myself. So long men listen to you, perhaps also reject, but do not take action against you, my opponent is not satisfied, for he wants to extinguish the light, which I myself have lighted on earth. And for that reason he seeks men, who he can influence, to take action against you. And he finds them, and indeed in the ranks of those, who are spiritually arrogant; he finds them there, where he could already work long, where enlightenment through the spirit lacks, so that they were not able to distinguish error from truth. He also leads them to believe truth, and they believe him more than those, who really bring it to them. And they are for that reason of unenlightened spirit, because they have no love, because they believe being able to replace love work through acts, which my opponent has presented to them as salutary and bringing success for their souls. But without love the light of cognition cannot be lighted in them, and for that reason they will remain without knowledge and always be welcome objects for my opponent, of which he can make use to work against you. But I know about his plans and about the compliancy of men enslaved to him. I also give them opportunity to cognition, but I do not force them to it - and where they want to harm you, there I put up guards, who protect you from their corrupting venom, who fight them to come near you. For who I decide on to work for me, he also experiences my protection in richest measure, to not be hindered in his work. The fight between light and darkness will break out more and more violently, and you stand in the time of this fight. You yourselves will have to prove yourselves as strong, fearless fighters for me and my word. But I will also give you the power being able to oppose every instruction; you will fight with the sword of the mouth, and I myself will handle the blade on that occasion; at any time I will put for you the words into the mouth, so you fight for me, because it is my will, that error might be exposed, what only a fearless fighter will do, who receives the power to resist from me. For that reason do not be afraid, when you are attacked, but always know being accompanied and protected by me, and calmly accept the challenge. Be prepared to do battle on speaking with those, who go against you; you will certainly not be defeated, and no matter whether my opponent himself attacks you. For you are never alone, but you can always be certain of my presence, for which also the opponent is no match. But without a fight it will not turn out in the last time before the end. But you fight for me and my name, and because of that you will also enjoy my protection, as I have promised you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6249.


Book 67 6250

Spiritual turning point. Coming up of night.

4. and 5. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6250.

You men can no longer expect a spiritual upswing on this earth, because all powers of hell are unleashed, which work on behalf of my opponent and really have a great influence on men, because they themselves are dispirited to such an extent that they do not recognize, who dominates them. A spiritual turning point on this earth can no longer take place, but some still can be led on the right way, some will still carry out the change on themselves, and for the sake of these few everything will still be done before the end is there. But it will be noticeable how rapidly mankind is falling, how it constantly sinks more into darkness and avoids the light - it will be noticeable how brutally the light of the truth is fought, how unbelief comes out, how sin becomes rampant, how far from God men live, but pay tribute to my opponent. And that is why a delay can no longer be granted, because there is no longer a chance that a change will ever take place, when I do not execute this change myself - but in a way mankind does not want it - by me making an end to everything and giving a new beginning. The space of time until the end is exceedingly short, but no-one knows the day, and therefore everyone is lukewarm in his striving, and also my believers assume it not to be approaching so soon that they eagerly would work for their souls. But I tell you again and again: You are standing right in front of it. I have to let this call sound again and again for you; I have to spurn you on to be exceedingly busy; I also have to call on my servants to continually work more diligently, because this is important and still can be salvation for some before ruination, when the end comes, which I announced time and again. World affairs have to unwind naturally, and that also puts mine into a certain calmness, but again and again I say to you: The end is suddenly there - unexpectedly dawns the day which ends differently than usually - which is followed by a night, which last forever, and daylight will again shine only for those few who are and remain mine despite the heavy hostilities and persecutions of my opponent. The time of the faith struggle still awaits you, but it also lasts only a short time, because it is fought exceedingly violently so that the day of my coming to earth is accelerated by men themselves. The events will follow each other very fast and still will have an effect on men as completely normal phenomena, to which no special importance is to be attached - which is why they do not want to establish a connection with the forthcoming end. That is why also mine will be surprised, because I will come like a thief in the night - when no-one thinks of it, when the forthcoming appears to still lie far ahead of you. When you men would still only believe that it is only pointed out to you so that you can prepare yourselves. Your remorse will be painful, because you all are still doing much too little for your salvation. Life on earth is not given to you for its own sake, and every day could be used in a way that you earn an incredible fullness of light, which creates incomparable happiness in the spiritual kingdom - and you will recognize this once and full of remorse think of the time on earth of which you made too little use. But no faith is at the time of the end, no understanding to be found for it, it is a spiritual low, one almost could not think of it as being worse, because you men do not overlook what lies openly before me; you men have to believe what cannot be proved to you, and the forthcoming ending of this earth period also belongs to this, which is of great importance spiritually. You have to endeavour to live a life of unselfish love, when you do not want to believe or imagine that you cannot believe, and then you will inwardly feel that you are approaching a completely different time epoch. And you will not be lost, because I take pity on all those who are not completely in bondage to my opponent, and in the hereafter I help them further up, when their earth life still finds an end before the last judgement. An exceedingly dark night comes up; the day soon draws to a close; but there is still light - you still can make use of the light of the day and light a light inside of you, which will no longer go out. And then you need not to fear the coming night. But it will be the worse for you, if you are listless - when you think that day will not stop. It will be the worse for you, if you waste the day without thinking of your soul. And you, who do not fear death because you believe no longer to exist after that - I say to you that you will experience death with all its horrors and that you will not be able to flee from this horror - you then can no longer give up your life, because you cannot cease to exist; you continue to be also when you are in the state of death; you will have to feel agonies from which you cannot flee. For spiritual death is far worse than the death of the body, which can also be the entrance to life in happiness for you. Listen to my call from above, let yourselves be warned and admonished. Do not let these words die away at your ears but vividly imagine what trouble awaits you, when you do not believe my words. You will be able to constantly observe the indications of the end, but everything will take place so naturally that you well can believe, but do not have to believe. But your happiness depends on the belief in it, because only the believer prepares himself; he thinks of me and remains in union with me, also when the work of dissolving begins. Because the period of time has expired, and it becomes true according to divine order, what is scheduled in my plan of salvation from eternity. The earth gets reshaped and with it all creatures so that again all spiritual gets embodied in form, into which it belongs according to its state of maturity. Divine order will be restored because otherwise an upward development of the spiritual is not guaranteed, however my love always only aims at this upward development, which is to bring you, my creatures, again closer to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6250.


Book 67 6251

Truth cannot be stopped.

6. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6251.

I will never ever allow it that the way to truth is blocked for those, who want to go it. My opponent will never ever have the right, to have an effect on those by force, for this right has been taken from him through my death on the cross. He can no longer prevent you, when you yourselves want it that you reach the aim through truth - the eternal uniting with me. For that reason everything can be undertaken on earth on part of the hostile power, what is directed against truth - I myself will see to it that it is supplied to those, who strive for it - for I truly need for it no men; I can directly impart it to those who strive for it or send it through my servants, and such spiritual material is truly untouchable on the part of the opponent of truth. What is imparted to a man through the spirit, that no earthly and no spiritual bad power can rob from him, for my spirit works outside of earthly laws; my spirit just needs the deep, serious desire for truth, to be able to work in man. For that reason also no counter work needs to be feared, where I myself am active - although men are besieged from the outside. No man needs to fear to become a slave to darkness, the spiritual obscurity, when action is taken against truth. Real light comes from the inside; real light is kindled through love, and so long no earthly power is able to weaken the love will by force - so long no power is able to suffocate the desire in man for truth, so long it is impossible to eradicate truth itself, for it will again and again arise in the heart of him, who strives for it. And who has turned his will towards me, he will also always strive for truth, because I myself am truth. So it may therefore be said to you, that my opponent cannot drive out me myself, and no matter how much he fights against truth, against that light, that illuminates the hearts of men. He will be beaten by me, for my light will blind him, that he will fall to the ground, when I let it shine in all power. But I still leave it to you men, how bright the light shines; I still make it conditional on your will, which determines the illuminating power. You yourselves must strive for truth, to be able to warm up in its gleam of light; I do not push forth with truth, when you yourselves develop no desire for it - and so you do not have to fear my opponent, but just you yourselves, when you remain lukewarm and indifferent towards truth and by this means mark yourselves to a friend of my opponent, because you fulfil his desire. Then you will never reach truth - but the seriously seeking cannot be prevented by my opponent to receive; I myself will instruct him, and I will truly also know, in which way, in which form I can offer it to him. And no power will be able to hinder him, to receive truth directly from me, I who am myself truth, the light from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6251.


Book 67 6252

The task to spread truth presupposes receiving of truth through God.

7. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6252.

In my name you are to speak for me and my kingdom. You are to impart to men the same, what I myself would speak to them, so I would stay visible among them - you are to instruct them in accordance with truth, as I have done it myself during the time of my earth walk. When I give you this task, so I must at the same time also create the possibility for you, to carry out this task. And when I request, that you are to supply truth to men, so I myself must also give you truth, so that you can now work in my will for me and my kingdom. But for that reason you can also be certain, that that, what I give you, is fullest truth, otherwise I could not make demands on you to announce the Gospel in my name. And so you can confidently feel as my tools; you can with fullest certainty repeat that, what you receive from me through the spirit; you can with conviction support the truth of that; you yourselves do not need to be troubled by doubts, otherwise you would have to doubt the love, omnipotence and wisdom of God, so he could not protect you from error. I have initiated you to my plan of salvation from eternity. I informed you about my rule and work, about the purpose of your existence, about cause and aim of everything existing. I sought to make comprehensible to you, how my love constantly looks after all created things. I have introduced you to a knowledge, that you cannot simply dismiss as implausible, because all connections were revealed to you in deepest wisdom. And you can already see this knowledge alone as a proof of unusual work - you can also believe everything, because it is offered to you much more comprehensible and proving my love, than that knowledge, which human intellect has acquired, but which lets doubt come up in my love, wisdom and omnipotence. But I have imparted to you that knowledge only for the sake of one purpose: to spread it under men, so that they hear the pure truth, which goes out from me and is to be sent to them unaltered. I myself give you the task, I who am myself truth from eternity. And I give you amply; I supply you extensively with knowledge, which you are to spread, and you truly do not need to receive "other complement knowledge". For that reason I warn you, to intersperse my pure truth - that spiritual material, that you receive from me, with spiritual material, which I myself have not imparted to you, for a great danger exists, that the pure water of life is mixed with addition not good for it. Repeat it so clearly and unmixed, as you receive it from me, for you draw from the spring of life; a source has been opened for you, which lets flow out the most delicious: direct power from me, my word, which goes out directly from me and touches your spiritual ear. I myself therefore send to you the living water, which is fully enough to awaken men to life and to keep them alive. I truly know it, what is necessary and helpful for you, and that I also supply to you. Keep to it, and only alone to it - then you will speak in my name and announce the pure Gospel to fellowmen. And you will always be blessed by me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6252.


Book 67 6253

God's plan of salvation proves his love.

9. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6253.

In my plan of salvation from eternity you recognize my never-ending love will, which persistently seeks to promote, which is not discouraged, which constantly works and expresses itself in always new creations. There can never ever be a standstill with me, but also no backward development, which would be substantiated in my will, for only a progressive development is possible as far as I am concerned, so long the will of the freely created entity does not prevent this, by it resisting me. I have set an aim for myself; I pursue this aim, and I will reach it once - that every entity having once fallen into the depth through its own fault, reach again up, that it radiates in brightest light, that it moves in fullest freedom in enormous power and creates and works in unlimited happiness. Who knows about this my plan of salvation, to him nothing seems any more inexplicable, whatever he experiences in his earth existence, for he sees my will behind everything, and he knows that it always only aims to achieve progress, but never a decline. But it is often difficult for man, to bring together his own suffering, the now and then burdensome earth walk, with the love of a God. And a certain cognition just belongs already to that end, the knowledge about my plan of salvation and about my extremely great love, which is meant for all my creatures. For this love explains everything, and where the love of God is doubted, there man also stands in complete ignorance or facing the events with lack of understanding, and he loses all faith. Nothing is arbitrary; every happening is based on my love and wisdom; everything serves the perfection of the spiritual; it serves its return and the perfection, for my aim is the becoming divine of all beings, which have once been created by me. Only who knows about my plan of salvation, he also knows about the inadequate state of all that, what the earth holds of beings and creations of all kind. And who knows about the final aim of all that, to him nothing seems any more implausible, for he has reached already a certain degree of maturity, otherwise the knowledge about my healing process would be foreign. But that man, who knows about it, he is happy, as he also knows after all being seized by my love himself, and he sees an aim before the eyes towards he strives. No worldly knowledge can satisfy a man so, as the spiritual knowledge does it, for only now the purpose of existence is known to man, and he sees everything in another light than that man, to whom that process of healing is unknown, who always only considers life on earth as end in itself and always becomes poorer the more he strives for the goods of the world and possesses them. To know about my infinite love and to feel being seized by it gives man inner peace and the certainty, to not just having been created for this earthly world. And I myself will also always remain his aim only, for he feels the belonging together with me; he seeks to establish it again, as it has been initially - he consciously strives towards me, and he reaches his aim with certainty. I will join together with him and make him happy now and for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6253.


Book 67 6254

Union with God secures his protection.

10. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6254.

Remain in continuous union with me, and you will safely emerge from all heaviness, which still has to come over men before the end. No man needs to fear this time, provided that he has only found myself and now no longer lets me go, because as long as he walks taking my hand, as long as I go next to him, he is immune to all adversity. And he can be sure of my presence, when he never leaves me out of his thoughts, when he always communes with me, when he daily recommends himself to me and asks for my nearness. And when he lives in love. Because then he is closely united with me for time and eternity. I promise my protection to all of you in the days of the coming trouble, you who only want to be united with me, who have recognized me - who believe in me. Think about it that I created you to form you to my children. Think about it that my fatherly love never ends; then you also know that I do not want to let you suffer, when it is not necessary for you. But the necessity exists as long as you exclude me from your thoughts, as long as you still turned away from me pursue other aims than me. Then I have to be firm with you that you think of me and turn to me, that you recognize the father in me who helps you when you want to let him help you. Then suffering and trouble can well be given to you until you ask for my help. But as soon as you seek me of your own accord and also have found me, you can be without worry that you are exposed to danger, because my nearness eliminates such. But you have to call a living faith your own, because words which the mouth only speaks do not ensure my presence; on the other hand a thought of the heart draws me to you, and you are then indeed securely protected. In your earth life you must achieve it, that you feel me always being near you; you have to pray to me without ceasing, i.e. to consult me in all your dealings. I have to be the first and the last in your world of thoughts; you are no longer allowed to live without me, and the closer I will be to you, because you secure my presence for yourselves through your thinking of me. A great power lies in thinking of me, which you can let have an effect at any time, which is why therefore nothing painfully will touch you and no danger can threaten you, as long as you remain in union with me in the heart. I give you this consolation for the coming time; that is why it is not to frighten you, because I myself keep an eye on you and always grant you my protection.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6254.


Book 67 6255

Supply of the divine word. God's act of favour.

12. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6255.

A light is brought to you into darkness. You are to experience the love and mercy of God; you are to be covered with his favour; you are to experience a direct sign of his work and a proof of his presence among men, who are of a good will. You are to take note of his word, which he supplies to earth as product of his love, because men are in great spiritual trouble and urgently need help. For that reason he expresses himself through the mouth of man. He lets his spirit radiate down into the hearts of those, who open themselves to him, and he give them a real light. He imparts truth to them, knowledge, which puts men in the state of cognition and which is to serve to kindle the love towards their God and creator, towards their father from eternity - for only love for God causes men to live according to his will and to strive for him. Only love awakens in men the desire for joining together with eternal love itself. It is truly a proof of extreme great love for you men, that God himself announces himself to you, that he kindles a light in you, which is to brightly illuminate the way for you, which you have to go on earth. It is an act of favour and mercy that he again approaches you - you who once strove away from God in free will, that he addresses you and seeks to move you, to turn back and to again strive for him, who alone wants to give you eternal happiness. It is your own fault that you men walk in the night, for the divine love light once radiated for you in all fullness, but you rejected it. Accept it now, since it shines again for you; receive the gift of favour from the hand of God and use it well - and you will again be, what you were from the very beginning: in perfection working and happy beings full of light and power. God himself serves you the means, which you just need to make use of, to again gain the former perfection. He gives you favours, which you did not deserve, since you had voluntarily gone away from God. But he wants to win you back again; he wants that you return to him as his children into your father house, because his love created you and this love for you does not stop for ever and he for that reason will woo for your love, for the love of the child for the father, who he is and will remain for you in eternity. For that reason he himself addresses you, and so you listen to him and deeply move the words in the heart, you will also feel the love and power, which his word holds in it. You will yourselves feel him present, and your heart will fall violently in love and want to belong to him for ever. Open your heart to his address, do not close it indignantly, but hear what he wants to say to you. And you will experience an unsuspected blessing; you flee from the night of the spirit; the light of a radiating morning will light up for you, which fills your hearts with happiness. You will be heading for a new day and no longer have to fear the dark night for ever, for eternal light itself comes to you and fills your hearts with radiating light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6255.


Book 67 6256

Man stands shortly before the aim.

13. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6256.

You men stand shortly before your aim. Do not make the success of your long earth walk before invalid, by you now failing and sink back again into the depth, out of which you have worked yourselves up in endless long time. Do not let the last test of will become a rock for you, at which you are smashed to pieces - but eagerly pursue your aim, and you will be happy and free in shortest time. You men mostly do not know it, what the earth journey through life as man means for you - you do not think about it, what was before and what will be afterwards - you also do not know that you have reached the last stage of your development, where the free will in you must become active to reach the last aim: the joining together with God, which brings you happiness and freedom. And because you are without knowledge, the danger is great that you do not utilize earth life as man and the last possibility, to reach the final freedom, remains unused. And then the endless long way before, which your soul had to go through the works of creation in the bound state, was in vain. Then the laboriously reached degree of maturity, which the embodiment as man brought in for you, is endangered, for you do not come to a standstill on the same level, but sink back again, and a further course through creation can be allotted to you, for so many favours are at your disposal during earth life, that you again transgress against God, so you again reject his help offered to you. And this means renewed fall, which God would like to prevent in his extreme great love. And for that reason he supplies to you his word, the knowledge about his plan of salvation from eternity, about your beginning and your aim, about your earth task. He does not want that you fall back again into the depth, but he does not curtail your free will. He certainly helps you, but he does not force you. And for that reason it is certainly possible that you reach your aim, but not certain, because you yourselves turn the scales through your will; and so that your will may experience a strengthening, so that you direct it right, God himself approaches you in his word. He instructs you; he informs you of the importance of your earth life, and he seeks to strengthen in you the sense of responsibility, which you bear towards your soul. He supplies truth to you men, and each one can accept it, who is of good will - who seriously thinks about the purpose of his existence, who feels belonging to an extreme perfect being and would like to stablish contact with this being. The word will make him happy, which God himself supplies to earth, for he will recognize truth; he will feel it that God himself addresses him, and he will do everything, what God requests of him; he will fulfil the will of God, and God himself will announce it to him through his word.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6256.


Book 67 6257

Inadequate sense of responsibility. Inadequate faith.

14. Mai 1955. B.D. NR. 6257.

You bear a responsibility for your earth life, of which you cannot rid yourselves. And in future you will have to be accountable before your God and creator from eternity, how you have used this earth life, which advantage your soul has drawn from it. And mostly you will have to recognize that you only remembered your body, but the soul came away empty-handed. And for that reason the soul - your actual self - must suffer extremely in the opposite kingdom, but you have gotten hold of this suffering yourselves; you yourselves can also be happy for ever in light and power, for such a blessed lot you could have acquired on earth with right use of your will. On earth you will always strive for the advantage; you will always do that, what brings in success for you - and so you would also have to strive persistently for the right success for your soul, because you know exactly, that the body passes, that you cannot even preserve life for yourselves, when you are recalled still before that time, which is granted to a man by God. You know it that you can be recalled every day, and for that reason you would have to devote all your striving and endeavour on earth to the well-being of your soul, which goes on living, even so the earthly body passes. Why do you have no sense of responsibility for your soul? Why do you not remember its lot after the decease of the body? Because you do not want to believe it that your soul goes on living. Nevertheless you must take responsibility, when you enter the spiritual kingdom, for you have not remained without knowledge about it. During your earth life you have again and again be referred to it, and you will be referred to it until the end, for the spiritual world will reveal itself to you in the good and also in the bad sense; your attention will always be drawn to a work of supernatural powers, even so you reject it as fantasy, but these references should always be enough, that you think about it, what expects your soul after the death of the body. No hundred per cent proofs from the opposite kingdom can be given to you, for you must believe without being caused to it through proofs - for you are to strive for perfection voluntarily, but not by force - through proofs - to manage a change of your nature. But you all have spiritual leaders, who let no opportunity pass to have an effect on you from above, and who also now and then take hold of means, which could make you concerned, when you just pay attention to them; in the last time before the end contacts from the hereafter to earth will be found extremely frequently, because it is just to serve to that end, to confirm a continuation of life after death to unbelieving men, but without forcing the will of man to faith. It is truly made easy for you men, to win faith in a continuation of life, for you will still experience much, what seems supernatural to you, but is only allowed for that reason, that you take stock of yourselves and from now on only remember your soul, that you learn to believe and still eagerly create until the end, that the soul may reach life in "light" and happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6257.


Book 67 6258

Redemption of the souls from the depth before the end.

15. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6258.

Still innumerable souls will reach from the depth upwards, before this redemption period ends, because the light world is persistently active with the redemption of the spiritual and because the spring of favours is inexhaustible, which is at the disposal of all, who just muster the smallest will, to be free from their state. The act of the new banishment in the creations of the earth is certainly a change of their situation, but not less agonizing, why still all possibilities are utilized, to spar this spiritual being in the depth the new banishment to still liberate it before and to lead it towards a less agonizing state, in which it then also will safely find the way upwards. Also in the depth a revolt is to be recorded, for also there the spirits separate. The always more frequently flashing light sparks do not miss their effect. The divine love always sends them more increased into the depth, and many souls feel their favour, and their resistance becomes always weaker - until they have the desire in the end to expose themselves to the light radiation, until they always expect them more and follow them - while others still flee more into darkness to not being touched by it. This separating of the spirits must also take place there, before the last act takes place - that the latter are again banished into form, so that once also for them the moment of liberation can come. But innumerable souls arise out of the depth; they accept the favours; they give up their resistance and give way to the judgement of God - they want to do, what they up to now refused: serve and help in humility, where their help is needed. They have been hit in the depth by love sparks, which achieved this change of will. And these love sparks come from God, but also from you men on earth, for every thought willing to help, moving to pity, which is directed at the souls in darkness, which are far from all happiness and in an extreme unfortunate state, is visible to these souls as light spark, and it does not remain without effect. Also innumerable men on earth certainly fail in their decision of the will, and they decline into immeasurable depths - but redemption from the depth is a compensation, for they accept that, what men on earth spurn - they are rescued through that means, which men on earth reject. They hunger for the word of God, which gives them power and happiness, while men do not recognize it and for that reason go past a delicious gift, which could also lead them to the light. The word, that comes from God, as direct love radiation, does not remain without effect, for infinity takes it up, and it has everywhere an effect as power, where it is not resisted. And so it also penetrates into the depth, where "love" has already done the preliminary work. With its complete power the divine word has now an effect on those souls, and it brings about a change of will, which also means a secure change of the sphere, in which the souls are now allowed to stay. Great spiritual transformations take place on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom, and the time of favour has not yet expired, which is granted to the souls for the final decision. God's love persistently makes an effort, to bring redemption to all souls, and love can contribute much to it - for every ray of love has a redeeming effect, and nothing can get lost, what is touched by such a ray of love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6258.


Book 67 6259

Seeing face to face.

16. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6259.

And my name will ring out for ever in the world of the blessed spirits - my love ray will hit them for ever; my word will sound for ever, and my will will be their will. Their love for me will glow for ever and find fulfilment in my love. I will be their father and they my children. That is the aim, which I have set for me from the very beginning and which I also achieve, even so in endless long time. For me the longest time is like a moment, for I am from eternity and will be in eternity. You are immeasurably tiny in comparison to my all filling divinity, but also the most tiny is my happiness, for it has come out of me and is consequently the same in its original substance than I, and it will for that reason never need to do without my love, even so it is still in most far distance from me - even so it still stands back endlessly far and has no entry into the world of light. I nevertheless look after it, only in a measure bearable to its state. But in future also the most far away will be received into my kingdom of light; once it will join in the singing of praise of the happy hosts; being radiated through by my love it will also be unutterably happy, and it will long for me with its whole love heat, and my nearness will be certain for it. But the being walked through innumerable spheres since its start from me, and it will still walk through innumerable spheres, until it is so close to me, to be able to see me face to face praising me. For a degree of maturity belongs to it, which allows for my nearest closeness, because the being would have to pass, so my love radiation would meet it in a still not perfect state, why an always increasing happiness must completely spiritualize the being before, that it can always come closer to me, without passing. No description of this state can be given to you men, for you still live in a sphere, where it is extremely dark, even so a light from above gives you enlightenment. You are still far away from a complete spiritualization and consequently also still far away from me. I certainly can send a love ray to you, but for a greater fulness of my love you would not yet be receptive. For that reason I still hold myself back with my love power, to not harm you, but I do everything to decrease the resistance of you to me - because I also want to have you once there, where your start was - with me myself, your God and father from eternity. I do not give you up, because you are the same as I and irrefutably belong to me, but I do not draw you to me prematurely, for then your existence would be endangered; the imperfect would be consumed by my love power; it would have ceased to be - provided, that my love would be limited and would not protect the spiritual from complete passing through unwise radiating during a still inadequate nature. Love, wisdom and omnipotence is my nature, and love, wisdom and omnipotence strive for the created as aim the becoming divine. And love and wisdom achieve everything, because omnipotence must be, where love is, for it is effective power. Only a being filled with love can bear my presence in the kingdom of happy spirits, without passing, for it has now become equal to me, and it can see me face to face.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6259.


Book 67 6260

Body. Soul. Spirit. Unification task.

17. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6260.

It lies in the purpose of man, that his soul unites with the spirit in him. Is this purpose obeyed, then the lot of the soul is also already secured; then earth life has been successful, when the soul departs from earth. At the beginning of the embodiment both - soul and spirit - are still separated, for voluntarily the soul, as being conscious of self, had carried out this separation. Voluntarily it must now again unite; it itself must seek the joining together with the spirit; it must show its preparedness to love to the spirit, which is then also immediately prepared to help it - for God himself - the father spirit from eternity - now comes to meet it. He has an influence on the soul, for a spark of himself has been given to the soul for the earth walk, which now also has an effect as share of God leading and instructing and draws the soul to itself and therefore also constantly pushes towards the father spirit from eternity. Only the uniting of the soul with its spirit in it needs to take place, to also secure the final aim: the joining together with God, which means freedom and happiness. It is a simple solution, to find the meaning of life, and nevertheless this solution is only rarely striven for by men, because it is incomprehensible to them, so long the soul has still remained completely unimpressed, so long it has not yet granted the spirit spark in it the right to instruct it - so long it has not yet bridged the separation between itself and the spirit through own love work - so long it does not recognize its earth life purpose, and its thinking and longing is just earthly directed - and so long its earth life is also unsuccessful and does not bring in the smallest ascent to it, for the uniting of the spirit and the soul is purpose and aim of its earth walk. And since this uniting is and will remain always an act of free will, always only on the part of God and the world of light can have an effect on the will of man, that he changes course than up to now - but always taking its freedom into account, what for that reason requires extreme great patience and perseverance. The spiritual low would not be so alarmingly low, when the will of mankind could be inevitably directed, but this would be worthless for the spiritual development of the individual man, even so on earth a state of peace would then recognizable instead of the present trouble. The freedom of will must remain guaranteed, even so this results in a decline of the entities into the depth. Men must voluntarily return to God; voluntarily they must change self-love living in them to unselfish neighbourly love and by this means carry out the uniting of their soul with the spirit. But they find support in every way from the part of God and the world full of light, for all events in earth life approach men so, that a change of will is possible. Imperceptibly the soul is drawn by God - and as soon as it is just prepared, to give up the former resistance, it is seized by the love of God - then it listens to the spirit in it, and then it can no longer sink back for ever into the kingdom of darkness..
Amen. B.D. NR. 6260.


Book 67 6261

Divine guidance through the spirit.

18. and 20. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6261.

When you fulfil all conditions, which allow the work of my spirit in you, then the constant guidance through my spirit is also secure for you, and then you no longer need to fear walking wrong ways. Then everything will come so over you, as my father spirit from eternity recognizes it as beneficial for the maturity of your soul. But to fulfil these conditions presuppose the serious will, you moving in divine order, i.e., you must want to do the right thing. Then you will devote yourselves to a love life by yourselves; you will believe in an extreme perfect being, which has created you, and you will long for getting into contact with this being. You will pray to it. And you therefore establish contact with me, which is first of all necessary, that I can now also express myself through the spirit. Without the fulfilment of this condition it is impossible that my spirit works in you, because this would result in an enforced upwards development. But once the contact with me is established, that I can now have an effect on you through my spirit, then you can also be convinced of it, that now your whole earth life stands under this influence, that everything now takes place so and everything approaches you so, that you go upwards. For I myself never ever lead you to the depth, but inevitably draw you upwards. You must indeed strive persistently, you are not allowed to become lukewarm yourselves or abandon yourselves indifferently to all powers, which seek to influence you, but your will must continually be and remain turned towards me; I must always remain your aim, then you will also reach your aim, me myself - to whom you belong from the very beginning. My spirit works in every man, who just adjusts himself positively to me - who therefore acknowledges me and wishes to be seized by me. You men must seriously ask yourselves, how you behave towards me - whether you reject me, whether you do not believe in the existence of a creator standing in connection with you and you therefore live your life completely separated from him. Whether you acknowledge me as existing and fear me and my power and (20.5.1955) for that reason just feel an uneasiness, when you sin against my commands - or whether you love me and for that reason try to live according to my will. You must be seriously aware about it, that my spirit work in you can always only then take place in you, when you connect yourselves with me in love. And for that reason you cannot expect being enlightened or guided by my spirit, when you yourselves still place yourselves will wise away from me, although you believe that I am - only your will, being closely connected to me, results in the work of my spirit in you, and then your earth walk is no longer without governing, then everything approaches you so, as my love recognizes it as good for you and your perfection. Then you listen to the voice of the spirit in you, i.e., you follow the inner urge, and as it were you then always only do that, what my spirit tells you to do.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6261.


Book 67 6262

Voice of consciousness. Feeling. Right way.

20. and 21. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6262.

That way is again and again shown to you, which you are to go on earth, even so you receive no direct instructions from me, for I also speak in a way to you, which you call "feeling", so that your intellect can become active, because you get into situations, which do not let you unimpressed, may it be in painful or joyful kind. Through your feeling you can recognize, what is desirable for a man, what brings him suffering and what has a damaging effect for his body - and you can now be influenced will wise, to keep away from fellowman that, what hurts him, or to give him that, what makes him happy. Feeling and intellect alone can show you the right way, when you lack truthful instructions or church instructions do not appeal to you, because their origin seems doubtful to you. The own experience can determine man to his wanting, thinking and acting, and every man also knows it, what is just, because every one exercises the right for himself to be happy, and because every man can "feel" bodily sufferings and sufferings of the soul. Love for himself will always cause him, to put himself in the possession of that, what makes him free and glad - and a just thinking will also award fellowmen the same - therefore the knowledge about the right way is put into every man; but how he uses this knowledge won through own feeling and intellectual work, depends on his will, which is free and will remain free, because of the own perfection. And for that reason also good and evil will always be able to be kept apart, exactly by the effect of it at man himself. And for that reason one can speak of the voice of conscience, (21.5.1955) which will always express itself in the "feeling", but which can also be suffocated in man, when selflove is so strongly developed, that man takes up everything beautiful for himself and does everything bad to fellowman. Then the feeling ability becomes weaker and weaker, and then men often put up the claim, not every man may know, what may be good or bad. And again one can only answer to that: He does not want to know it. For so long he knows, what is desirable or unwanted for himself, he also knows to distinguish good and evil - also without all instruction from outside, but which would always give him the confirmation, that the inner feeling agrees with my teaching, through which I show men the right way, which they are to go on earth - with my love teaching, which always just demands, to practise love. But where the animal desires from the pre-development time are existing in man extremely strong, there only the feeling of strength towards the weak is valid - for in such a man the powers of darkness collect and drive him to act in their will. But such a "possessed" man cannot be quoted as proof, that without instructions on my part the way to me could not be found and gone. For my love looks after all my creatures, but leaves free will to them.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6262.


Book 67 6263

Admonition to eager vineyard work.

22. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6263.

You are to be tirelessly active, for the time is still only short, where you can work unimpeded for me and my kingdom. But as soon as the time of chaos starts, as soon as the religious war afterwards starts, you will only be able to perform your vineyard work in secret, for the world hates and persecutes you - because in your faith, in your attitude towards me, your creator and father, your redeemer from sin and death, it only sees an obstacle to their worldly doings. And then already much preliminary work has to be done by you, then my word has to be already supplied to many men, who themselves also were willing to pass it on, and it will mean for all receivers a great source of power in the time of trouble, which is now in store for them. For all of you this will be a time of testing, but which you do not need to fear, so it is just your will, your desire, to stand firm and not to betray me for the sake of earthly advantage. What the world can offer you, from that you would not long have a profit, for nothing remains for you, when the end has come. But a great profit certainly remains for you, when you remain loyal to me, for your spiritual goods cannot be taken from you, and your soul will possess great wealth, when the body passes. For that reason do not let yourselves be dazzled by the goods of the world, which you are promised to move you to the defection from me. And for that reason much preliminary work is still to be done, so that men are informed, what expects them and how transient earthly matter is, to which they still pay tribute. You will indeed always be able to work for me, then it will only be possible for you out of the public eye, when the fight against faith, against everything spiritual starts. Then you must be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. And you will also then still have success with many, who find to me through the trouble and need power and comfort and will seek this with you. I know about the time, which lies before you; I also know everything connected with it, that and how you will win the fight. And for that reason I direct the call to you, to remember the many, who are still weak in faith, and to help them, that also they seek the strengthening there, where you have found it - with me myself, I who can now also be with every individual and lead him out through all dangers - that I can constantly give them power, because they connect themselves with me and believingly ask me for it. Your activity is to still draw wide circles, and I myself want to help you to it, that my Gospel is spread. I want to bring those men to you, who you are to look after them on my behalf, to whom you are to impart truth, the pure Gospel, which I supply to you from above, because mankind is in great spiritual trouble. My word is to bring help to all in this trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6263.


Book 67 6264

Happy or dark lot. Proofs. Jesus Christ.

23. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6264.

The gate to eternity can be wide open for you, then a fulness of light will radiate towards you, which makes you happy above all measure, and you will cheer and rejoice and be blessed. But it can also remain closed; you are refused entrance, and you must remain outside often endless long time. And then darkness surrounds you; you walk in inhospitable areas; you suffer trouble and unspeakable agonies, and all happiness flees from you. And between both lots you can choose, so long you live on earth, for each lot you create yourselves. But since you can obtain no proofs of that, you lack faith, and you live along regardless of the lot, which your soul expects in future. And no proofs can be brought to you, for out of your own drive you are to acquire happiness; you are to live freely out of yourselves so, as it is the will of God. You are to strive upwards without all compulsion, towards the kingdom of light, which was your former home and will also remain your home until all eternity. Proofs cannot be brought to you, but you are also not left without knowledge, and for that reason you are to assume it as possible, what cannot be proven to you. And through this assumption you would already win much, because you then occupy yourselves mentally with it and can now also be influenced mentally by the beings of light - what however is impossible, so you obstinately reject everything, what is imparted to you about the opposite kingdom. But the believer also lacks no proofs. For he sees and hears much, that is confirmation for him, but what remains and must remain hidden to the unbeliever, to not make him believe against his will. The spiritual kingdom also reveals itself to those, who have already reached a certain degree of maturity and can even see into that kingdom, before the soul leaves its body. And again such sights will be assumed as plausible by the striving, for God and truth longing men, while they are rejected by the others as fantasy, because they can see nothing, what those see. They remain two separated kingdoms, the earthly and the spiritual kingdom. But man himself can bridge the separation; he can find the entrance into the spiritual kingdom, when he always just strives to reach God. Then he will also reach his aim and be able to enter after the death into the kingdom of light - entrance will not be refused to him, for one has opened the gate to eternity, but who also demands that he is acknowledged as God's son and redeemer of the world. And who does not ignore him, he is introduced by himself into his kingdom. Therefore Jesus Christ must be acknowledged on earth, and that means so much, as that man also fulfils the will of God, who through the man Jesus announced him in is love teaching, who just demands that men fulfil the command to love God and the neighbour, so that they become and remain his. Then they follow him, and he guides them with certainty the right way to eternity. He himself introduces them to the kingdom of light, to eternal happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6264.


Book 67 6265

Strength of faith necessary in last struggle.

25. May 1955. B.D. NR 6265.

You will still often experience my visible help so that your faith grows strong and is equal to all resistances, which will approach you in the last times before the end. Often you will be so pressed that without firm faith you would surrender without resistance. But your faith in my help lets you bravely await all - you will not be afraid and not doubt, because you know my plan of salvation from eternity, and you therefore also know that everything has to come like this as I have intended, and that nothing happens without my will or my permission. That is why you also know that you are under my protection, that nothing can happen to you as long as you trust in me - and you trust, because you firmly and unshakeably believe. That is why your faith is still to be strengthened, which will happen through often visible help as far as I am concerned. Because you who are willingly devoted to me, you belong to the army of my fighters, which I train for myself for the last struggle on this earth. And my fighters will courageously fight for me and my kingdom. They will draw power from me; they will trustingly confess my name and be immune to all attacks on the part of my opponent. And because I need you, I also allow that suffering happens to you, and you are to always remember this, when the world gets up against you. Because it will do this, because your light shines too brightly, because it uncovers what my opponent rather keeps hidden - because he fears to be unmasked and that is why he instigates the ones who are in bondage to him to act extremely hard against yourselves. He tries everything to rise to the throne, and that is why he does not shrink back from challenging me - so to stamp out all faith in me and my work of redemption. But he does not succeed, because I have in you a fighting force which offers resistance, which does not let itself be defeated and which through faith has courage and power, against which the enemy fights in vain. That is why you will never ask for my help in vain; I will always be prepared to help you in all trouble - that is why you are just to turn to me trustingly, whatever it may be. I want to help you to strengthen your faith that it can no longer be shaken by anything. The world will press you in a shameless way, because it does not shrink back from false suspicions, and the goings-on of my opponent will become obvious. But all of this is to just prove to you the truth of my word; all this is to prove to you how close the end is, because everything comes as I have predicted it to you that the gates of hell will open and all who are of good will and belong to me will be pressed by devilish powers. But I stand protectively beside you, and the shield of faith protects you from all devilish attacks - until the day will come, when I come out with my power and glory - when I will rescue you and put in chains him, who is my opponent and who wants to overthrow me and whom I will defeat and bind for a long time.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6265.


Book 67 6266

No intercession in vain for opposite souls.

26. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6266.

You all will experience it that my love for you is unlimited and that I for that reason abandon no-one to his self-chosen fate, but come to the help of all, may it be on earth or also in the opposite kingdom. I look after each one soul, which you recommend to me, for which you pray, which you want to help in spiritual trouble. I help, wherever my help is requested, because I love you all. But that will only be comprehensible to you, so you enter into the spiritual kingdom and all those souls come to meet you, which your prayer has liberated from their trouble. Only then you will know that I have heard every call of you and that no request was directed at me in vain. But you are to also hear it on earth already out of my mouth. I myself want to say it to you that you can help each one soul, to which you give love. And I want to say it to you for that reason, because extremely much depends from it, because all these souls must just catch sight of a small ray of love from you, to turn towards you, what than already means starting redemption - because with you they receive that, what they need for the further ascent. If you would know, which effective means is at your disposal - you would have no other thought any more, than to rescue souls out of darkness. And they all thank you for it and always surround you, so that you never perform a spiritual work without their presence - and you cannot imagine the effect of it, for one only ray of light lights again and makes innumerable further souls receptive for my word. For that reason already I supply it down to earth, because nothing else extends its effect to the opposite kingdom and because it also has a changing influence (effect) on the souls from the depth. I give, but I receive far more back; my creatures find again to me, which kept far away from me, which feel your love as power and now also turn to me voluntarily, because their hearts become soft and submissive through your love. And for the sake of your love also my love can now express itself at these souls; I can supply them with power, which they use again for work in love at the souls still being in darkness. The work of redemption is so extensive, which can now be done at those unhappy souls of the depth, for a single soul has again its following, which is now as it were also redeemed through your help, what is now before the end of the earth before the beginning of a new redemption period, of greatest important, since innumerable souls are really still kept from the lot of the new banishment, but which would irrevocably overtake them, so they still languish in deepest darkness and no way upwards would have been shown to them. I love all my creatures, and I do not want that they must suffer endless long time, but I keep my law of the eternal order and for that reason cannot redeem those souls against the law, which still oppose me. But your love can break this resistance, and then my love can also become active. For that reason I help all, who you recommend to me, for whom you pray, and I free them from their trouble - for my love never stops; my love includes all my creatures; my love wants that they all are happy.
Amen B.D. NR. 6266.


Book 67 6267

Beginning and end of redemption period is far apart.

27. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6267.

In long intervals the individual redemption periods take place so that the beginning of such is hardly provable any more at the end because this is also necessary for men that they remain free in their faith. For an end which is to be expected for sure would determine the will of men. Still the knowledge about the end of the previous period has not got lost so that everyone can accept it when he wants. And no-one will be able to furnish proof that there never was such an ending of the previous epoch. That is why also the forthcoming end of this earth remains a matter of faith, and that is why the spiritual need is also so exceedingly great because the end is approaching and men very little reckon on it and prepare themselves. And it is as at times of every ending - prophets and seers arise who driven by their spirit point to the coming end - but, as always, find no faith because to men everything spiritual lies infinitely far away and their earthly thought and wish allows no end of the earth because they simply do not want to believe it and it also cannot and must not be proved to them. No-one knows exactly day and hour but many know they are not far away. Also these are only believing it and still are inwardly firmly convinced of it because their spiritual knowledge, the degree of their understanding, is also able to read in God's plan of salvation and they can follow up on cause and effect and that is why they also know that the end is inevitable because it is not only a matter of men of this earth but a matter of upward development of all, which is bound in the works of creation. The knowing man who has understanding observes everything with different eyes and he only finds out that everything happens according to God's law. But he cannot transfer his knowledge to men whose degree of understanding is so low that they are still blind in spirit - who only believe what they can see and prove and have no sense for the spiritual. He cannot transfer his thinking and knowledge to the fellow human beings but he can admonish and warn because full of conviction he can point to the forthcoming end, as it is however to be expected. The conclusion of a redemption period is something so powerful and not yet experienced by men, that it is difficult to consider it to be possible and that is why it also appears for men to be implausible. And no matter how clear the signs are that are given before, they will be ignored on the part of unbelieving mankind. But all the greater will be the horror when it comes true what seers and prophets have announced long before. And still nothing can be done to prepare men for it than to permanently give them knowledge of the word of God, the reason he sends it to earth is only because to find faith, because people no longer believe in men. That is why God speaks to men, but also so that they are not forced to believe, but can believe, when they are willing to do it. And this is the last possibility to make knowledge accessible to men, which could determine them to change and to only still seek the way up - a knowledge, which would give them a proper explanation and therefore would be a help for them and would mean salvation from ruin. But also God's word is not recognized and therefore not accepted. And mankind faces ruin; it only strives for matter all the time, and matter will become its stay when the end has come, when a new redemption epoch begins, as it is intended since eternity in the divine plan of salvation, so that everything reaches happiness what still remains in unhappiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6267.


Book 67 6268

Task of the disciples: Announcing of the love teaching.

28. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6268.

That is my task for you that you preach love, which helps to eternal happiness. I can only give those this task, who are prepared to listen to myself before, to now repeat what they heard to fellowmen. I can only send out into the world those men, who voluntarily put themselves at my disposal, who therefore acknowledge me as their God and father and now want to fulfil my will as my children - otherwise they also do not listen to what I have to say to them and what they are to announce in my name. But they must also be able to hear me. This is the first prerequisite for a disciple chosen by me, for what they are to pass on alive, that is not a human, but a divine gift, which they must therefore receive from God himself, because men do not possess it and consequently cannot hand out. For the word only becomes alive with my support; I myself must be able to work in the man, if he wants to understand my word so, as it must be understood, to be able to be again passed on alive. And this is always valid, also with those men, who receive it from my disciple. Only when I myself can also work in those through my spirit, it will be comprehensible to them and awaken them to life. For that reason it must always be me myself, who speaks and wants to be listened to, otherwise they are just empty words, which do not touch the heart or are wrongly comprehended, therefore not interpreted accordingly. Therefore you are to spread the Gospel throughout the world; you are to announce to men the love teaching, and even though the word "love" is familiar with you, also the deep meaning and urgency of a love life according to my will must before also be made comprehensible to you, and you must know, that happiness only depends on the fulfilment of these love commands, why also my plan of salvation from eternity is revealed to you and you can now recognise, why love is the most important - why I myself descended to earth, when mankind completely disregarded love. To be able to teach right, the teacher must stand deeply in knowledge, and so I give you the task, to go out and to teach fellowmen, I will also give you the knowledge needed for it, and I will impart it to you through the spirit. For that reason each one is able to carry out my instructions, who allows my spirit to work, by him fashioning himself to love before, by him doing that, what he is to also teach his fellowmen. For then he can also convincingly speak to them about the effect of a love life; he can warn them about the results of a way of life without love - he can announce to them alive, what his spirit prompts him, and he will know that it is I, who speaks through him, and he will be a willing form for me, through which I myself can reveal myself. The love command is the first and greatest command. Who fulfils this, to him also the heaven is open, for that kingdom will also be his, which is not of this world. He will become a candidate of this kingdom, and he will be happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6268.


Book 67 6269

Becoming divine. Spirit spark.

Pentecost 29. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6269.

You are to be connected to me for eternal times - you are to enter my kingdom and united with me work and create to your happiness. You are to be active in my will and still out of your own drive, not determined by my will, only then you are my children, only then you are happily connected to me for ever. But this intimate connection is only the success of the overcoming of the depth - which is set as task for every "creature", which wants to fashion itself to a "child". The way out of the depth upwards makes great demands on the creature, which can however always be met, because my love constantly draws it upwards, because my love helps every creature, where its power is not sufficient. Therefore only the will of the creature is demanded, to climb out of the depth upwards, then it will never lack power to reach the aim, because once the will also brought about the opposite - the fall into the depth and the separation from me. But everything striving away from me is weak and remains weak, because it rejects my love power, and only, when it is again prepared to accept it, it will also have that power, to cover the way to me, into the father house. The just punishment for the voluntary turning away from me would be eternal damnation, therefore eternally being separated from me, what means agonies of hell for a being created freely, full of light and power. But my extreme great love for my creatures does not allow this, and for that reason a possibility has been created, that "love" is given back the one having become renegade, without that "justice" was circumvented. The guilt has been paid by eternal love itself. I came to earth and did atonement for the immeasurable guilt, so that the return of the once fallen now became possible, but is depending on the will of the creature itself. And so that this will turned again towards me, so that I was again striven for as highest aim by the beings in the depth, I had an effect through my spirit on those beings - i.e., that love, which makes up my original being, which as power let everything arise, sought a way also into the hearts of my creatures, which had already started the way back to me in the framework of my eternal order, but must once again in free will confess, whether they want to continue the way to me or again return to the depth. In this stage of free will, as man, my love seeks to have an effect on him, by me associating to him a little spark of my love spirit, which is to influence him, when man allows this. Through this little spirit spark man can stand in constant contact with me, but he is not forced to it, to establish this connection. But the spirit in man is one helping factor of immeasurable value, which also offers the guarantee, that man finds the joining together with me - provided that his will no longer openly resists me. When I myself, as man Jesus, accomplished the work of redemption - when I took the great sin guilt upon myself and did atonement for it, the way out of the depth upwards was made free for the first time. But then I imparted to men, who were prepared to go this way, that power, which they had lacked until then. I myself got into contact with them; I no longer left them without help. I myself got into touch with them through the spirit spark, but leaving it to every individual himself, whether also he wants to enter into the connection with me - for I force my company and my spirit power on no creature, but put it at its disposal, so that everyone can be flowed through by my spirit and its power, who just wants it. My spirit is my share. It is the love power, which in the original beginning flowed through all my creatures, but which they have rejected, what resulted in the fall into the depth. All men can again receive from me this my love power unlimitedly, so they have only made themselves free from their former sin guilt through the acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as redeemer and the forgiveness of their guilt requested from him. Only then they can receive the divine love power from me, then my spirit can become effective in them, then I can "pour out" my spirit, and the connection with me is so far established, that a relapse into the depth can now no longer take place, that the way upwards is effortlessly covered with the last aim of the complete uniting with me and my creature returns now to me as my "child" into its father house. Without my help it would be impossible, exactly because the creature had renounced all power. But my love gives it again this power; my love joins again this creature, so it is ready to return to me. My love sends to all my creatures my spirit, that it may lead and teach you, that it may show you the right way to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6269.


Book 67 6270

Pouring out of the spirit.

Pentecost 30. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6270.

And no matter how your wanting, thinking and acting may now be - it is determined by my spirit in you, as soon as you yourselves abandon yourselves to its leading, as soon as you completely devote yourselves to me, that I am to protect and direct you. Only your devotion to me is necessary, to now also be completely seized by me, to now be able to have an effect in you through my spirit. You are now no longer left to your own devices; you can go your earth way unconcerned, it will lead to the right aim, because I now watch all your steps through my spirit and will always direct them right, when you yourselves get into danger to lose the right way. I myself am present to you, as soon as my spirit can have an effect in you. But you must allow this in free will. But so long you men lack the connection with me, so long you let the spirit spark in you completely slumber inactively, you isolate yourselves from me, and what you now do, what you think and want, is always still determined by my opponent, for he has an effect on you continually, because he is entitled to it by right, so long you still belong to him will wise. Then I cannot assert my influence, and your lot is endangered. For without me nothing good is in store for you, but certain downfall, i.e. defection into the depth, into the kingdom of my opponent. So long you live as man on this earth, you think little about your lot after the death of your body, but you will not escape this lot, which can be terrible, but also extremely beautiful. Why do you not hand yourselves over to your God and father from eternity in fullest trust that he will then lead you right? That he will prepare that happiness for you, which he has promised you? Because you have no faith and because that is already the effect of my opponent at you, that he seeks to displace faith in me. But I gave you the intellect; I gave you the ability being able to think - and by virtue of this ability you can give an affirmative answer to me; by virtue of the intellect you can recognize a power, which called everything into life, what surrounds you, and to which also you owe your existence. Give yourselves to this power for itself, and you yourselves take no responsibility any more for your earth life, for this power now does everything, to lead you safely to the aim - because with your devotion you have returned to me, from whom you once voluntarily separated. Hand yourselves over to me, and from that very hour you walk under my escort; your wanting, thinking and acting is in accordance with my will, because I myself can have an effect on you through my spirit. Do you now know, what the pouring out of my spirit over you means? - It can indeed take place in different strength, according to your love for me and for the neighbour, but you can always feel yourselves seized by me, you can always become aware of the voice of my spirit in you, when your longing is just directed towards me, when you just want that I take possession of you, when you therefore give yourselves me for myself. Then I lead you, wherever you walk. Then you go through earth life without danger; then you safely reach the aim. Then you follow me and will never ever part from me for ever. For you are then filled by my spirit; you have again become mine, as you were it in the very beginning.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6270.


Book 67 6271

Calm before the storm. Prepared fighters.

31. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6271.

Keep yourselves in readiness so that God finds an army of prepared fighters when he will lead you into battle. Do not be deceived when it seems to be quiet around you, when world affairs seem to smooth out, and do not become lukewarm because of that in your spiritual striving. Do not believe that my intervention is delayed, that still a long deferment happens of what I announce to you always and constantly. It is the calm before the storm; it is the time when all men can still think about themselves, when they themselves are also to go into silence and not to pay tribute to the pleasures of the world and to live thoughtlessly into the day. It is still a time of favours which I grant all men so that they cannot say to have found no possibility to care for the spiritual welfare due to the constant care and restlessness of the body. But my loyal supporters are not to be deceived and consider the time of rest to be the calm before the storm. Because it is only of short duration, and suddenly everything will change, and then it will be too late for many men because they did not use the short time of favours to gather strength for the coming time. But the ones who are mine are to prepare themselves because the fight will be severe, which is waged for the sake of my name. And also much strength will be required to be able to do justice to other demands. That is why you also should store up strength, what you can only do through perpetual union with the spiritual kingdom, through constant work on your soul, through turning your thoughts away from the world and deeper and deeper penetration in spiritual spheres, whose inhabitants are always at your command on my behalf. Every thought which you direct spiritually will be blessed, and as the earthly world uninterruptedly is active and pursues earthly interests, so also the spiritual world will have an effect and help to build up the kingdom, which is not of this world. It will not be so obvious for you men, but the ones who are mine will be filled with strength when their thoughts are meant for me and their spiritual activity. And that is why also mine will be clearly guided so that they do not slacken in their striving, so that they do not interrupt the union with me, so that the world does not capture them when they are in danger to grow weak - because my opponent is exceedingly busy because he thinks that the time is favourable to him. And it really is because the worldly hunger of men is great - and my opponent satisfies it in an obvious way. Whatever he is able to offer, that he will give to men, and they do not recognize what danger earthly good living and earthly pleasures are for their salvation. But just as busy are the forces of light, only they do not gain access to many men, where my opponent has already gained admittance. But the increased work of the light world will be felt by the ones who are mine and they will be happy when the time comes when I need them. And then I will ensure that this my flock will not become smaller; I will always be with them that their love and loyalty towards me constantly grows, that they are prepared to make sacrifices and that they do everything to serve me and to live in my will - that they fearlessly go to war when it is a matter of gaining victory over the opponent when the time has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6271.


Book 67 6272

God's limitless love. Return.

1. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6272.

My love let you arise. Limitless love filled me for you, my created beings and limitless love will embrace you until all eternity. To grasp these my words in their complete depth is not possible for you, for you do not know divine love; you cannot form an idea of it, and you can therefore only accept my words as true and believe, that I never let you fall into depths, from where there is no return for ever any more. So long you now keep away from me, by virtue of your free will, so long you will also feel nothing of my love for you. But the closer you come to me, the more you are radiated through by my love, and then you also slowly grasp, that and why you cannot remain for ever separated from me - you grasp it, that my love follows you and does not let up to woo you, because only reciprocated love can join you to me and because I long for this your love since your act of turning away from me. My endless love is explanation for everything - for the arising of creation, for the constant enlivening and renewal of it, for your earth course and my fate like directing. But my love is also explanation for every hardship, for disasters and natural destructions. My love are the reasons also for the dissolution and change of the old earth, when the point of time has come, that on the part of my creatures my love is no longer recognized, when they are more away from me than ever. For if I would not love you, then truly your return to me would not be convenient for me - but then there would also be need for no creation and also no men, who embody that spiritual striving away from me. But I also love you despite your imperfections, despite your weakness and inadequacy brought about by your own guilt - because love never stops and therefore also cannot drop you, although you resist me. And once this love also achieves your return to me in free will, for it is a power, which nothing could resist, when it wanted to rule over everything. But it wants to work together with you, it wants to make happy, and it wants to be reciprocated with the same intimacy, and for that reason it woos you for your counter love. And so you will not be able to break away from my love in eternity, but it can only make you happy, when you reciprocate it in free will. But then you will be able to experience and see the unsuspected. Then you will be in unspeakable happiness, and you will recognize, what my love has done and had to do for you, because it does not give you up and cannot give you up, you who have emerged out of my love and remain for ever in my love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6272.


Book 67 6273

Subordination of the will. Responsibility.

2. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6273.

You are no longer responsible for your earth life, as soon as you have handed yourselves over to me - as soon as you have granted the right to me, to have an influence on you, as soon as you have given up your will and completely subordinate it to mine. Then I can act for you, then my will in you can show to its advantage, then my spirit can work in you, which will truly always lead you so, as it is helpful for you. But this demands a strong faith, a convinced faith, that you are my children and can abandon yourselves to your father confidently, because he loves you and is powerful and wise. When you have once established this relationship to me, then you are to be praised blessed already on earth. Then you just still go your earth way to be able to help others to the same cognition, for you yourselves have recognized me, and you have become mine in free will through devoting of your will to me. Your thinking, wanting and acting is now determined by me, and you nevertheless have a free will. You yourselves think, want and act, as it is in accordance with my will, because my will has become already so powerful in you, that it fills you and you cannot act against it. But then you also do not need to fear that you can sadden me; then everything will be good and right, what you undertake - so long you keep up the intimate connection with me - but you are always exposed to temptations - i.e., my opponent will always want to disturb this intimate connection with me, by him seeking to direct your looks and thoughts upon things, which belong to his kingdom. And when he succeeds, that you become a slave to his wishes, then you yourselves loosen the relationship with me, and then you must be on your guard. For that reason recommend yourselves anew every day to my love and favour, and want, that I direct and look after you, and you then always give me the right to place myself between you and my opponent, when he want to tempt you. That is your safe weapon against him, that you make me to your guardian - that you want to be mine and devote yourselves to me. Then all assassination attempts bounce off you; then you close your eyes to the attractions of the world,; then you only live for me and in me; then all your thoughts are directed towards your spiritual perfection; then only the contact with me attracts you, and your work is undivided directed at spiritual aims only. And then you erect a strong wall around you, which my opponent is no longer able to tear down. What blessing lies at the devotion to me you cannot gauge at all - but when I say to you, that you are then free of every responsibility, of every worry about your spiritual well-being - when I say to you, that you can then no longer fall, because I keep you and accompany you safely upwards - then you are to make nothing else your business, than to secure my love for yourselves; you are to want to belong to me and now leave everything to me. And it will turn out right. For that reason do not worry about the earthly, for everything is included, when you devote yourselves to me, that I care for you. Spiritually and bodily you will now stand in my care, and I cover spiritual and bodily needs, for you have then given up every resistance, which once separated you from me, when you now unconditionally hand yourselves over to me. Then the separation is removed, and being again united with me is secure guarantee for thinking, wanting and acting according to my eternal order. For you yourselves are now just executioners of my will, but in full freedom, for you feel no compulsion any more from any side, because you bear the same will in you and now belong to me until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6273.


Book 67 6274

Distance from God and wrong attitude towards him.

3. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6274.

The distance between men and God gets greater and greater, and the time goes more and more towards the end. Only very few decrease this distance, and these are those men, who belong to the church of Christ, who stand in living faith, which has been called into life through love work. They are the few men, who do not get lost to the world, but live consciously, i.e. seek to fulfil the will of God. These come closer to him, and they do not need to remember the coming end with horror, for they also know, that and why the end must come and that it means for them just the beginning to a new life - in the opposite kingdom or in paradise of the new earth. And the distance from God must be decreased before, when the end is not to become the ruin of the soul. For distance from God means inevitably hardening of the spiritual substance, therefore transformation to hardest material. Distance from God means powerlessness, therefore inability to activity - a state, which hard matter obviously makes a show of. For the divine love power cannot flow through the spiritual being rebellious to it, and for that reason it is completely without power, and it remains in its powerless state eternal times, until it begins to give up the resistance. As man you feel full of power, and for that reason you do not think it possible, that this lot expects you - and for that reason you do not think it possible, because through your distance from God you are completely ignorant, which aim you are to reach on earth and that you behave completely against your purpose - that it can therefore give for you no other lot than a new banishment in matter, exactly because you place yourselves completely away from God - because you do not acknowledge him, so long you do not live according to his will - even so you confess God with the mouth. And this attitude towards God will have an extremely painful effect for you. How rarely does a man remember his creator and father from eternity. He is constantly filled by worldly thoughts; all doing and thinking is turned towards earthly things; the day is started and ended with earthly worries and with earthly activity. For him, who gave them life, remains no time, and so they think of him, then without every feeling of responsibility towards him. They eliminate him and content themselves in few cases with a public hour of "service", because this has become for them a tradition. There is no life any more in the churches, which are to testify to God; there is no spirit in them, and the spirit can for that reason not be in men, because no love is anymore in them, because love alone decreases the distance from God and without love the chasm is almost unbridgeable. And faith in God will always only be there alive, where the hearts are filled with love. And so you will also yourselves be able to judge at the degree of love of men on earth, that the distance from God is always getting greater and for that reason an end is also inevitable - because men themselves draw it near through their attitude towards God. The gifts of favour being at the disposal of man - intellect, free will and abilities they do not use to come closer to God, but to always strive more away from him, and so they will forfeit these gifts of favour. They will again be unfree and powerless throughout endless times - they will sink down into a depth, from which they had already worked themselves laboriously upwards. But they have again striven towards the depth in free will and have therefore voluntarily removed themselves from God, and this will determines their lot, as soon as the end of this earth has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6274.


Book 67 6275

Power and effect of the divine word.

4. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6275.

Continuously strengthen yourselves at my word. I cannot entrust you with this enough, for you will still need much power and strengthening in the coming time; you must before have come so far, that you connect yourselves to me so intimately, that you as it were always feel me next to you and that you for that reason also present to me immediately every trouble, every doubt and every question, when they have seized you. You must always feel me present, then you are not anxious, whatever may come. You let everything approach you in peace, always certain of it, that I deal with everything for you. And exactly this strength of faith, this certainty, you can only gain through perpetual absorption into my word - when you always let me speak to you and for that reason always become more convinced of my presence, of my love and power. Then I am with you, even so I am not visible to you. And I am truly a safer protection for you, than a man on earth can ever be. When you therefore know yourselves to be in my protection, then all anxiety, all fear is gone by; you hand yourselves over to me full of trust and will certainly not be abandoned, for I do not disappoint you. Let me again and again speak to you - and withdraw from my word that power, that you need in the last time before the end. Each one day is still a reprieve for men on earth, who still stand far from me and are to also find me - but every day is also a reprieve for you, my loyal ones, because on each day you can mature more and through my address truly a treasure of favour is at your disposal, which you just need to use to reach a degree of maturity, which secures for you the entrance into the paradise on the new earth. Only when you experience help from me directly, can you come through the last time on earth and emerge as victor in the last fight. And I grant you this help extremely amply, for the eternal divinity itself leans to earth; it sends a ray of light into darkness, and everyone, who goes into its shine, can rise from this darkness. That the earth and men living on it must let all hardship wash over them in the coming time, is again fully compensated for through this enormous favour, that I supply to men the word from above, for who receives this word in his heart, he will be able to go past all suffering and all trouble almost unimpressed. It will touch him himself not so as all fellowmen, who must experience this trouble exactly for that reason, to still find back to me, to decrease the far distance from me. And for that reason I admonish you again and again to use this enormous favour right. I admonish you to give full expression to my word. I warn you about it to get indifferent or lukewarm - for you will regret it, when you are weak and helpless towards the trouble, while those who are mine, full of power and undaunted, feel themselves constantly safe and secure in the connection with me and become master of all resistances - because I help them, because they call upon me in full trust and I hear and yield to their call all the time. With me you will be able to overcome everything, but without me being at the mercy of every disaster, and when I offer myself to you again and again, then also grasp me with your love and never ever let me from you. Let yourselves be addressed by me and therefore prove my presence to you through my word - and you can then be heading for the future calmly and confidently, in which everything will come so, as I have announced it, where the end comes and with it judgment.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6275.


Book 67 6276

Redemption of Lucifer. Homecoming of the prodigal son.

5. June 1955. B.D. NR 6276.

Worlds will still arise and again disappear; again and again my will as creator will become active; I will always create new forms, which are to hold the spiritual, which strives up to me - and again and again I will dissolve them to redeem the spiritual in it. Through eternities growth and disappearance will still be until I can consider my work as being accomplished, until all spiritual has returned to me and I also have won my opponent for me, when he, devoid of all strength, voluntarily turns to me, who is his God and father. And he will ask me for love and receive an overabundance of it. But until this happens eternities will still pass, because as long as still unredeemed spiritual exists, there will also be creations - and so as long as there are creations, the redemption of the fallen is not yet accomplished. And so long also he remains my opponent and enemy, who himself has fallen and is responsible for the fall of innumerable beings - whose love towards me faded, when he became conscious of the excess of strength which flowed through him, and when he was to acknowledge me as its source and resisted it. And that is why he first has to lose the feeling of his strength before he, as a being which weakened himself, again surrenders to me and will then also again love me as in the beginning. He cannot first change his feelings towards me, he cannot first give up his resistance, because he still imagines to possess power as long as unredeemed spiritual still exist, which belongs to him. For this awareness of power was the cause of his fall into the depth. You men do not know what he was to me and what he still is to me. You do not know that he unintentionally contributes to making the beings created by me to become gods, but in his blindness and in his hate against me he does not realize that I also have made him a tool of my plan, but which does not lie in his will - but that I only could do that, because I knew about his all-consuming hate - but would have never used him for my purposes, when there would have been the slightest chance of a premature return, of a change of his will and his feeling against me. Only his free will I made subservient to myself - but about which I know about since eternity. I indeed would have very much supported the possibility of a change of will - exactly because he was the first created being, who had all my love and which I certainly also would have wanted to rescue out of the depth. But his resistance is unbroken and will remain so for eternities. And on this to me well known resistance I built up my plan to make gods out of what was created and could do this because I saw that a change of his will is completely impossible. But that still my undivided love was also meant for this first created being - now my opponent - results from the fact that I respect his will, that I leave him fully free in his work against me as long as this happens in the granted extent. But when he oversteps the limits of his authority, then I bind him, what will always happen at the end of a redemption period, that I put him in fetters anew so that the one which voluntarily heads for me is not endangered - but to always again set him free from this, when he is again to serve me, even if unconsciously, that the spiritual reaches the last maturity. Because truly I say to you: heaven and earth serve me in my plan from eternity, and so that my opponent did not keep the predominance, which he at first had over the flock of fallen spirits, I sent my son to earth - who now won in a just fight against my opponent - who broke the power of him, so that now the will of the being could oppose the will of him on the utilization of the favour of the work of redemption. Through Jesus' death on the cross the power of the opponent decreased tremendously; he was defeated - but he now rebelled all the more vehemently because the light of knowledge had left him, because the fall into the depth also meant darkness of his spirit and that is why he always just rages blindly, driven by hate - without recognizing where his hate leads to - that again and again the spiritual which still belongs to him is wrested from him and banished in the creations and through it he all the time loses more of his strength, because the fallen alone is his stock of power - and the redemption of the fallen means constant decrease of his power. And that this redemption is possible, for this I myself died on the cross - my love made this redemption possible, and my love does not rest any earlier until all that fell away from me is again in my possession - until it voluntarily has found its way back to me and now also my opponent, robbed of his power, will surrender to me - until also he asks for redemption, which my endless love does not refuse him - until the prodigal son has come back to his father's house, to me, from whom he once started.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6276.


Book 67 6277

Strokes of fate. Love of the father.

6. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6277.

My care pursues you in unchanged love, for I do not want your ruin, but your happiness. I want your redemption from darkness and your entry to light. For that reason I will not plunge you in misery and trouble from other motives, than to help you up heavenwards, because you still languish in darkness and do not summon the power for the ascent. But my means and their effectiveness are foreign to you, and you are easily inclined to believe that I am cruel. But believe in my love, and believe that always only love determines me to my work, that with every happening I always only aim to achieve you becoming happy. I alone know about the effect of such happenings; I alone know which way you would have gone without my strokes of fate - and I alone know it, when such a way misleads, and what I now let come to prevent such, that always only has my love as reasons and will have a blessed effect, even so that seems incomprehensible to you men. In the last time before the end painful interventions on my part are now urgently necessary, and they will repeat themself often; more and more frequently my hand will have to solve knots, and there will still be much suffering and mourning, but souls will also be rescued; men will obviously referred to him, who holds the fate of all in his hands - and although they then just fear him, because they are not able to love him - but they acknowledge him; they believe in a God and director of the heavens and the earth. And this faith can take them further, so they are of good will. The smallest creature possesses my love, and I alone secure life to all, so that it can also once enter into the stage of free will and fulfil its last earth task. But how much more do I look after that, which has already reached this stage, that it may not fall back and its earth course before has been in vain. But I also recognize the rocks on the earth way of every man. And I know it, whether man overcomes this rock or is in danger to fail on it. And I therefore pursue him with my care and pull him back or lead him further another way. But I never want his ruin. Moreover you must know, that I am always a caring father - and that my fatherly care is truly more valuable for earth man than the care of a man for fellowman can ever be. Always keeps to this, when you present the question doubtingly to yourselves, how I can allow it, what makes children to orphans, what robs families of their breadwinner, what takes from men the most loved one, that they possess. I can give comfort to all; I can take over all worry, and I am a father to all, who are lonely and abandoned - but they must find to me. And that it is, what I aim to achieve, that they establish the relationship with me in greatest trouble. For of what use are words, which are to express faith in me, when they do not translate into action, when men do not come to me then, when earth suffering threatens to press them down - living faith will be a real hold for men - but dead faith will let doubt after doubt awaken on account of the love and omnipotence of God. And each one men is approached by hours of deepest trouble. Then they are to take their way to me, and I will truly help them in their trouble. It is me alone, who can take, but also give. And when you men know this, so also believe in it, that I can heal wounds, which I have hit for the sake of your happiness - firmly and undoubtedly believe that not always that leads to happiness, what you see as good and useful. My ways are often different, but securely lead to the aim. And in this faith always come to me, and you will now be allowed to experience my love, because you believe in me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6277.


Book 67 6278

Connection with God. Secure ascent.

7. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6278.

Do not break away from me, and you are rescued for time and eternity. And to establish the connection with me, which you once gave up voluntarily, earth life as man has been given to you. This is the sole purpose of your existence, that you reach this aim, to again join me. And it is truly not difficult, for just your will is enough, to reach me, that you also reach this aim. That man will never lack power for the ascent, who wants to undertake this voluntarily - because my love and favour then gives him everything, what he lacks, to reach the height. And he does not need to cover this way alone. My love will send towards him leaders and light messengers, from whom he can take heart, when he threatens to get weak, who constantly illuminate the way for him and escort him full of love, when it gets exhausting. The desire for me also secures him my presence, of which he gets the more aware, the deeper his love is. And as soon as he is aware of this my presence, no relapse into the depth can any more exist. Then he has already overcome all rocks; then he sees before him the country of his home; he knows it, from where he has come, and hurries again towards his home. He returns to me in free will. To feel my presence is a proof of the joining together with me, from which you can certainly break away, because you are of free will, but only rarely will break away from - unless you turn your eyes back to the world, from which you went away through your striving towards me - then it can certainly be possible, that you shrink from the hardship of the way and would like to take the comfortable, tempting way. And for that reason I warn you: Do not break away from me - but always remember the transience of that, what now and again tempts you. But I offer you a blessed life in eternity. And who has once found me, so that I can be noticeably present to him, he also hardly looks back towards the world. For he has overcome it. But where the relationship is still not firm enough, there the tempter can also now and again record a victory, for he very well knows it, to emerge exactly then with his temptation, when the ascent is particularly laborious. And then you are to grasp my hand the firmer; you are to know, that I go next to you unseen and that I always offer my hand to you. If you seize it, then the tempter will leave you alone, and also for you yourselves the ascent seems less full of trouble. For already the will towards me chases away the obstacles, and I bless your will through the supply of power. And you cannot get lost, when I am your aim, so long you live on earth - you will safely reach your aim, because I myself am with you, so you desire me and my presence.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6278.


Book 67 6279

Separation - misery. "Come unto me, all."

8. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6279.

You can still keep yourselves away from me for eternities, but then you are also unfortunate for eternities, because my love cannot make you happy. You are then isolated from me, a person living on his own and exposed to those powers, which are hostile towards me, and you then also adjust yourselves hostile towards me and always prevent me more having a happy making influence on you. You must constantly try to decrease the distance from me. Otherwise a change of your unhappy state cannot be reached, because my nearness also guarantees happiness. But to strive towards me, you must before get to know me, because I have become foreign to you through the far distance from me and because all hostile powers darken your spirit so, that you are no longer able to recognize me. I must therefore reveal myself to you through the word. Through the word you must be informed of an extreme wise, mighty and loving father, who is with you in closest contact - only then you can decide freely, whether you want to get into contact with this father. I must reveal myself so to you men, that the longing can arise in you, to approach me, and only then can you let your will become active and do that, what I demand to bridge the distance from me - you must fulfil my commands of love, which unite you with eternal love. I say to all: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden", for all labour and are heavy laden, who are still not with me, and all these I call. Follow me and come - and you will also improve that state, which is your lot as result of the far distance from me. For now my ray of love can reach you. I now receive you again, as a father receives his child - and I give you, what you urgently need: love light and power. And you can receive everything from me, but always only then, when you yourselves come to me and requesting stretch out your hands towards me, that I fill them. I cannot look after you, when you turn away from me, for my love power only has an effect in opened hearts. But I want to know you happy - you are my creatures and will remain it, but you can only then become my children, when you voluntarily strive for me, when you allow it, that my love power radiates through you and fills you so, that you completely enter into my will. But then all weakness and imperfection and all trouble have an end. Then light and power flows through you, and you are happy, for you are close to me; you are intimately connected to me and no longer stand outside from me. Then you are, what you were from the very beginning: beings filled with light and power, who work and create in the spiritual kingdom in the same will with me and are indescribably happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6279.


Book 67 6280

Right prayer and service.

The feast of Corpus Christi 9. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6280.

The believing prayer of a child rises up to heaven and reaches my ear - and its prayer will be granted. And still so few men turn this privilege to practical use, because through habituation to the outer form they no longer experience the power of a prayer in the spirit and in the truth. Only great trouble can still move them to do it, to speak words out of their heart, which reach my ear, for great trouble lets them find to me seeking help. And I bless them, when they now drop every outer form and speak with me, like a child speaks to the father. But I pay no attention to thoughtless prayers, and they are still spoken along extremely often - as I do not pay attention to all that, what pious beliefs are to express, but does without all deeper thought. For that reason I have demanded from you, that you are to call me in the spirit and in the truth - because everything is a horror to me, what is pretence and outer form, what you men can certainly feign among yourselves to yourselves, but is never able to deceive me. And you believe to pay tribute to me with empty pomp, with ceremonial acts, with a service outwardly. But I do not look at all this, while a simple, believing prayer to me sounds lovingly to me and pleases me well. And such a prayer can be sent up to me everywhere and at all times; it will always reach me and be granted. How simple it is, to honour me, when you just erect an altar for me in your heart, on which you show me love - when you hold a quiet, but intimate dialogue with me, recommending yourselves to me, request my favour, when you give your heart to me and always long for my presence. Then you pray "in spirit and in truth." Then I am also with you, because I will always be with my child, which sends its loving thoughts to the father. But I detest every outer form, since it is extremely easy only a pretence for a loveless, indifferent attitude, which brings about ruin to men. Moreover you misjudge me, your God and father, when you believe that I - like you men - want to be honoured through outer splendour and glamour. The whole splendour and magnificence are at my disposal, and I want to give you everything, when you just offer your love as counter gift to me. For I just long for this your love, but which you do not prove to me through outer forms, but which I want to discover in the heart of man - which is unselfishly turned towards the neighbour and consequently also proves your love for me. A loving heart is for me the most beautiful mark of honour; only a loving heart speaks words in the spirit and in the truth, and a loving heart only is seen by me as my child, to which also belongs my whole love - but which can now also request from me everything and will never be disappointed, for it believes in me, and its faith I will not let be wrecked.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6280.


Book 67 6281

Right direction of the will - Complete freedom.

10. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6281.

The way you have gone up to now, was a way of captivity, where you had to do, what my will commanded you. Such a way could bring you no happiness, because in slavery and powerlessness you could never be happy and you had to serve against your will - you therefore lived in a certain bondage, although the lord, who is to be blamed for this your bondage, could not tell you what to do. You were unfree, and you are also still so, although as man you have again received back free will, therefore can now do and leave what you yourselves determine. But your lord has now also again a certain power over you, which was taken from him before. You must know, that you are to use this apparent free state, to gain complete freedom, to get completely free from the control of your ruler. And you must strive for and manage this becoming free yourselves, therefore use your will, that you always only do that, what helps you to final freedom. But my opponent, who is still your lord, now uses his power, by him having an effect on your will, by him making all that out to you to be worth striving for, but what is never suitable to redeem you, but always chains you firmer and firmer to him, from whom you are to become free. After the infinite long way before, this time in free will means for you an extreme great favour, an so you now use this favour, the state of slavery stops completely, and the apparent freedom in your earth life becomes for you then a real permanent state, but where you have to fear no besieging or effect through my opponent, you therefore are and remain truly free until all eternity. But you can also succumb to his influence during the time, which is given you for the test of your will - and you can strengthen the fetters, instead breaking them. And you do not make this clear to yourselves, what you forfeit through wrong use of your will, through giving in and fulfilling the will of my opponent. A life of incomprehensible happiness lies before you, which you give away voluntarily, just to spend the short earth life time in enjoyment, which only the body feels. You do not know this, but you also do not believe it, when the knowledge about it is supplied to you. But in this short earth life time I must leave the freedom of the will to you. I will neither take his right from my opponent, to have an effect on you, but as I also do not prevent you to use your will wrongly. For it is up to you yourselves, whether I or my opponent may win you; you yourselves must decide your lot in eternity; you yourselves are responsible for your earth life, but you are again and again admonished and warned; you are instructed and referred to your task in this short time. Everything is done to cause you to the right decision of the will, but your will remains free, and when you therefore strive for the depth again, so it will also become yours - but as you will also reach the height infallibly, when your will decides for it. Your earth life time is only short, but the effect of your earth walk affects endless long times or also the whole eternity. So long you are still unfree, you are also unhappy and far away from your original state. And you can change this; you can become again, what you were from the very beginning, and for that reason also be happy indefinitely. Do not let this time of favour go past you without success; make good use of this freedom granted you, so that you also still get rid of the last fetter, so that your soul can swing itself up freely and free from care into the kingdom of light, into your true home, so that it can return to me, its father from eternity, and may remain there for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6281.


Book 67 6282

Reshaping of earth. Eruptions.

11. June 1955. B.D. Nr. 6282.

The core of the earth remains untouched when the dissolving of the creations will happen. The earth as celestial body remains in existence, only in its outer form it will get so totally reshaped that one can well speak of a new earth, but not of a cessation of the earth. The change will extend into the deepest depths because much spiritual is to be released and is to continue its course of development in new form. And that is why a powerful shock will loosen what is bound; matter will be dissolved to a great extent and again compacted. An act will take place for which human thinking cannot find a comparison, even though human thinking in its inadequacy gives directly rise to it. But the effect of what men do, they do not foresee, otherwise they would shrink back from experimenting where they lack the last knowledge. But whatever men do in free will, the plan of redemption for the spiritual is adapted to this free will, the effects will correspond to the divine plan of salvation, it will - whatever happens - serve the release of what is bound in matter; a redemption period will find its conclusion, and a new one will again start. All released spiritual moves into a new outer form because complete new creations come into being, and the divine order will be restored, which was completely overruled at the end of a redemption period. Because the earth has to continue to fulfil its purpose: to be an education station for the still immature spiritual, and that is why it cannot completely cease to exist before it has fulfilled this purpose. But in its old form it no longer fulfils its purpose, exactly because everything has stepped out of order, because men by virtue of their will do what the opponent of God demands of them - because they destroy creations or use them for activities completely adverse to God and through it prevent the development of the spiritual contained in it - what is for the purpose of the opponent who himself has no influence on divine creations and therefore exerts his influence on those men who are in bondage to him. And so the opponent of God also urges men on to the last work of destruction without considering that he achieves exactly the opposite of what he wants to achieve - that the new creations again include everything what was under his influence, that he because of that just loses more following all the time and that new opportunities are created for the spiritual to mature, to at last once become completely free from enemy power. The end of this redemption period is planned since eternity, but man has no idea how it will happen, although he just has to imagine an eruption of greatest extent, which is very well possible as again and again such eruptions occur, what men cannot deny. The interior of the earth revolts through influences unknown to men; but in the end men themselves give rise to it without realizing the effects of their doing. The opponent of God urges them on to it, and therefore it is his will and the will of men in bondage to him, which had been incorporated in the divine plan of salvation. And consequently also hell and its following serves the creator of heavens and earth - the dark world is unintentionally active with the redemption of the spiritual, and also the resistance against God contributes in the end, that again and again the way up is cleared for the spiritual - until once the work of redemption of the spiritual is completed.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6282.


Book 67 6283

Opening of the heart for spiritual gifts.

13. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6283.

I can always only administer to you, what you desire, for if I offer to you something without your desire, so you go past it, because it has no effect on you. For that is law, that my gifts only penetrate into an opened heart, that they do not force access, where the heart is still closed. And a heart is opened, which desires. But an opened heart never remains unfilled. For that reason it is truly easy for you to get into the possession of valuable gifts of favour, because you just need to desire them to also receive it. And so can men - seen with earthly eyes - appear extremely busy and caring, and nevertheless their hearts can be empty or filled with garbage, of which they have no use for their souls. The intellect cannot replace for them, what the heart lacks - for what the hearts needs, that can only be imparted to them by me and does not need the intellect in that way, that it could obtain it for man. The intellect is certainly also to get active and digest that received by the heart, so that it may become the spiritual property of man. It is little helpful to man, to bring spiritual knowledge to him, so long he himself has no desire for it, for it will rather move him to rejection than to think about problems, which he did not think to solve at all. No knowledge, also not pure truth, are of some use for him, so long the spirit cannot work in him, which gives him fullest understanding for it. But the spirit cannot become effective in him against his will - i.e., its effect must be requested. Man must want that he may receive light, only then it can light up in him, only then it can become light in him, only then he is instructed from the inside out, for this "wanting" opens his heart. Man must want to receive, but not believe being able to work out something through his intellect, for it does not penetrate into the divine secrets. Pure truth is a gift, but which is withheld from no man, who just desires it. But completely wrong is the opinion, that truth may remain denied to man and that it for that reason may be futile expectation to ever gain possession of it. Man himself makes himself suitable or unsuitable for the receiving of pure truth through his will, for his attitude to truth is determining, whether and when he comes into its possession. And his spiritual wealth will also be accordingly, for through truth he only learns to live consciously - conscious of his earth task and the aim, which to reach he now makes a serious effort. Only pure truth leads man to me, his God and father from eternity, and for that reason it is to be desired intimately, so that it may find entrance into the human heart.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6283.


Book 67 6284

Spiritual leaders on earth. Jesus Christ.

14. June 1955. B.D. NR. 6284.

Men need leaders on earth, for to find and go the right way alone, for it they lack the power of cognition; they are still blind in the spirit; their eyes do not recognize the way upwards, and therefore they would often go wrong despite their will to reach the right aim. For the depth exerts a greater attraction, to which they would also become a slave without help. I therefore associate leaders to them, to whom they can entrust themselves, but are not forced to follow them. These leaders know the right way exactly, because they come from above and would like to lead everything there, where it is light, where they themselves come from. They themselves are full of light, but do not know in earth life, that they come from the kingdom of light, for everything, what is man on earth, is also subordinate to the same law. They lack all remembering back, so that they remain completely free in the decision of their will - so also these leaders associated to men by me, who only distinguish themselves insofar from their fellowmen, that their whole striving is meant for the reaching of a degree of maturity on earth, while fellowmen have turned their striving towards the world and must now first be directed towards another aim. What the former seems to lie in their nature, must first be slowly bred into the others. And it is difficult both for the leader, to move fellowman to something, what is less desirable to him, as also for this man himself, to turn away from this desirable for him and to strive for goods completely unknown to him. But exactly this is the actual earth life test, which man has to pass, and that it can be passed, that does not need to be doubted, because I only demand that from you, what can be met. But at the instigation of my opponent everywhere, i.e. at all way crossings, leaders will offer themselves to the ignorant, because it is his aim, to hide the right way from men, that they go past it and strive towards there, where leaders "knowledgeable of the way" offer themselves but who are completely unsuitable to the leading upwards, because they themselves do not know the way. For that reason you men must now be on your guard and examine before each one wanting to lead you, whether he himself strives for the right aim. You certainly can do that, for a right leader must lead you past the cross of Golgotha he must first lead you to the cross, that under it you hand yourselves over to him, who has died for you on the cross. Out of the mouth of your leader you must hear of the significance of the work of redemption; through him you must learn to recognize the extreme great love and mercy of the divine redeemer, and you must now also recognize, who he was, who died for you the death of a criminal, and why he has done it. A real leader will be able to supply you this knowledge, and you are allowed to also follow him unconcerned. But a leader ignorant of the way leads you past Golgotha; he perhaps mentions so in passing the work of the man Jesus, to by this means awaken faith in his right to be allowed to lead you - but you will gain no real enlightenment about the significance of the work of redemption; you will certainly often hear the name "Jesus Christ" out of his mouth, but not differently, as if he has only been a historical person, whose life and teaching certainly had an ethical value. The deeper connections, however, are foreign to those leaders. And on it you can carry out the examination, which is the right way and which leader you are allowed to follow trustingly. For the way to the aim leads past Golgotha, and there is no other way upwards. But the divine redeemer himself sends the right leaders towards you, and who are not sent by him, are also no right leaders. And so you will also be able to judge, which one is the right teaching: only that, which puts the work of redemption of Christ first. Only he can think standing in truth, who, as himself redeemed through the blood of Jesus, is flowed through by his spirit and who for that reason is authorized and qualified to the leading of his fellowmen, because he knows it, that men must before hand themselves over to the love and mercy of Jesus Christ, before they can continue their way, which leads up to the height, towards me myself, I who as man Jesus have died on the cross, to redeem you men.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6284.


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