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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 66

B.D. NR. 6078 - B.D. NR. 6188
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Book 66 6079

God's Admonishing Voice. New Epoch.

15. October 1954. B.D. NR. 6079.

Do not let the voice of God remain unheard at your ears because a new time dawns - a new epoch, which you well can experience when you pay attention to what God himself tells you - when you follow his voice and you turn out well, as it is required by the new epoch. Because only such men will stay in this on earth who have the closest relationship with God, who then also will stay on earth in the midst of the ones who are his. And this dealing with God also requires a state of men, which allows such close relationship. But this you men can achieve still in this last times because that is why God himself addresses you that you see the necessity out of his words and also draw the strength to reshape yourself to beings of love, without it a life on the new earth is unthinkable. What you do not do of your own accord that you are to do when God urges you to do it so forcefully and easily to understand that you can be impressed by it when only you pay attention to his voice, when you let yourself be moved by his words and follow them. To hear the voice of God in the noise of the world requires your will, then it will sound in you directly, or you will listen satisfied when God speaks to you through his messengers - you will recognize the voice of the father who is concerned about you and wants to help you to find your way out of a state of death - who would like to make life accessible to you. But you have to go the way yourself, which leads to life. And this way God shows to you through his word. He himself teaches you and his instructions are indeed clear and unmistakable, and they can light a bright light in you when only you pay attention to it and do not let them die away at your ears. Whether you want to believe it or not - the earth enters a new development epoch, and also in this one it will be inhabited by men, but who have to be in a different state than you are at the moment on earth. But a change is still possible for you; you yourself can reach the degree which allows a stay on the new earth but always only with the help of God. That is why his voice again and again sounds for you and admonishes you to strive for this change of being and to get in such close touch with him that you become suitable to be transferred to this new earth when the hour has come. Because it is shortly forthcoming for you - soon the period has expired which God has fixed for you men on this earth and soon the reshaping of the earth will take place, which starts a new development epoch. And all what is unsuitable for the new earth will find its end and will again be banished into new forms according to its spiritual maturity. Listen to the voice of God, which admonishes and warns you so that you belong to those who his will rescues, whom in the end he transfers to the paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 6079.


Book 66 6080

Influence of the Opponent on the Will. Destructions.

16. October 1954. B.D. NR 6080.

It is enough for you to know that everything in my creation takes place in such a way as it is my will. Therefore my opponent cannot somehow have an effect on the creation because his influence is only possible on the spiritual that has free will - man - he however would like to influence it so that man himself again tries his hand at works of creation for the purpose of being favourable to my opponent. So what is possible for man to carry out that can always be according to my will, but also correspond to the will of my opponent, because both sides have an effect on him. But what happens outside of the sphere of influence of man can never be managed by my opponent but has to be ascribed alone to my work because all power has been taken from my opponent over creation, over the spiritual that is still bound. But exactly for this reason my opponent will mobilize all his influence to bring men to heel that they are active destructively because that way the bound spiritual is released, which he thinks to now again be allowed to take possession of it. Also this is not possible for him - only the spiritual that has become free now has an unfavourable effect on all that surrounds it because it is in itself that what has stepped out of order and therefore also brings its surroundings out of order - so can also bring an existing legality out of order. Indirectly this is well the work of my opponent but always only through human will - while my will alone is enough to restore order and to be creatively productively active in the whole universe. This his powerlessness lets plans of real diabolical mentality arise in my opponent - to stimulate men to destroy the globe - but placing different aims before them, which urge them on to highest activity. The destruction, which he himself cannot carry out, he cleverly disguises as desirable utilization of unknown forces. And he also finds enough men on this earth who submit to him and that is why they also receive power from him for discoveries and results of all kind. Natural disasters that occur as a result of it now affect the creations, which came into being through my will, but they still cannot be called to be direct expressions of the power of Satan, but they are always disturbances of order, which came about through human will, which are of greatest importance in the development phase of the spiritual - both for the spiritual, which is in free will, as well as for the still bound spiritual, because the development course of it gets interrupted and now requires a counter activity from my side, so that the disturbed order is restored - so that the interrupted development again progresses. The plan of my opponent fails because he does not win the spiritual, which became free, but men who came into bondage to him - the spiritual, which is already further developed - he has won, but through the now forthcoming new banishment all right of disposal over it will be taken from him. The influence over the free will of man on the part of my opponent is very great, but towards all creatures except man he is powerless. He can carry out nothing when the will of man refuses to obey him. And what is inaccessible to the will of man, over which the will of man has no influence, is always my rule and work in the universe, but never an expression of power of my opponent, who is bare of all power, but that is why he does everything in his power to make the will of men submissive to him, to now carry out through it what he plans - to ruin you. Amen. B.D. NR. 6080.


Book 66 6081

Success at the End of an Earth Period. Scientists.

17. October 1954. B.D. Nr. 6081.

The end of a development period has always then come when men have stepped out of divine order insofar as they feel to be qualified to intervene in God's plan of creation because they do not believe in God as creative power and think that they can control everything that exists. Men as the share of the inheritance of God have the created spirit and they can increase to a great extent this share of the inheritance, they also can with divine support do what seems to be impossible and still will remain in divine order - as long as they get the power for this work out of God. But they immediately will step out of this order when all their plans are only earthly orientated - when they isolate themselves from God as the creating power and now therefore experiment purely rationally - when they use the divine creation itself as test objects and so make themselves to accomplices of the opponent of God, who makes it his aim to destroy divine creations. At the end of an earth period the world is always full earthly wisdom. Science believes to have found the keys to all fields and only seldom the spiritual way has been taken, which God has shown, to reach real knowledge. But without him the ways are dangerous; without him the results are doubtful and men more or less enter danger zones because they are directed by him who wants no building up but downfall - who leaves men to believe that they are active building up while they are however busy digging their own grave - and contribute to the downfall of the old earth. Because the alleged progress of science is his work, the work of the opponent of God, who urges men on to highest rational activity under exclusion of divine support. They will utilize natural forces but in a different sense than one wanted by God. They will step out of divine order and the results of this will be shown. But God foresaw the willing and acting of men since eternity and that is why he again and again points to what is coming because he knows when and how the effects of human thinking and acting express themselves. He instructs men about the wrong of their thinking and wants to move them to entrust themselves to that power, which is above all. He wants to warn them of the influence of his opponent. He wants to advise them to remain in divine order. He thinks of those who acknowledge him as God and creator from eternity, and informs them about himself and his counter power. B.D. NR. 6081.


Book 66 6083

Faith Struggle. Denial of God. End.

19. October 1954. B.D. NR 6083.

The time is approaching where you are faced with a decision to confess me and my name before the world. And this will happen in such a way that you all will be appalled at the brutality of men, who are in bondage to my opponent - which will be expressed by them taking obvious action against me. The form of the faith struggle, which you have to expect, is now hardly imaginable to you because the earth has not experienced something like it since its existence. Because at any time a faith in a higher being existed among men to whom men are answerable. And this being was worshipped although men mostly had a wrong idea about that being and that is why a kind of polytheism came into being - but a God was always honoured on the part of men. And the controversy always was only which of the many gods was the right one when one wanted to accept only one God. But at stake with the struggle which now will break out is the complete wiping out of faith teachings - in a being that can exactly only be acknowledged through faith. This faith in a higher being is to be stamped out. Faith as such is made out to be detrimental to mankind that is why the fight is meant for it with all severity. Scientifically one seeks to explain and justify everything in creation, but to dismiss a creating power - so to completely deny it. Another intellectual standard one wants to create for men, and so it is adamantly demanded of them to give up all previous thinking and knowledge and to endorse this openly before the fellow human beings. So clearly and unmistakably war is declared on me by my opponent, who only makes use of men to reach his goal to oust me from the hearts of men. The victory of one school of thought over another is at stake; not the reformation of one teaching is at stake - only the faith in me is at stake who has to be acknowledged as redeemer Jesus Christ when you men want to become happy. And now you are to deny me; you are to decide on me or on my opponent. This demand will be made on you men, and you are now to offer resistance to it. You are to openly confess me - you are to fearlessly take my side and because of that furnish proof that you belong to the ones who are mine, who remain loyal to me until the end and who I will fetch in highest trouble. This is the end when my opponent will take obvious action against myself. Then the hour of judgement has come because then he goes beyond the limits of his authority, and then I intervene and imprison him. Then my power and strength and magnificence come out and exercise retribution according to law and justice. Amen. B.D. NR. 6083.


Book 66 6102

Cover of Piety. Satan's Work.

8. November 1954. B.D. NR 6102.

A lot of sinning on earth is going on under the cloak of piety. And that is the work of Satan who hides under a glaring garment in order to be able to more insidiously have an effect on men who let themselves blind by outer splendour and pomp. Men themselves lack light and that is why they let those shine for them who themselves have no light and only make use of an apparent light. And in this blind light they hardly recognize the way they are to go, and they easily go astray, believing to walk the right way. It is much easier to recognize the enemy who openly opposes men - but the adversary disguises himself and pretends to belong to the ones who are mine, to speak for me and to have authority from me so that is easy for him to find followers - men who are gullible and have no real love in them. Because real love would light a light in them in which the apparent light could not assert itself. But men pay more attention to shine, to what is not genuine, than to truth, which goes out from me - exactly because they are without love. And my opponent well knows to put a stop to love by trying to replace it with other things, by issuing laws and making the fulfilment of these laws out to be the most important thing - but knows to skilfully suppress my love commandments so that men hardly become aware of their uncaring life because they eagerly submit to the humanly issued commandments and with it believe to have done enough. Man himself could recognize this if it would be his earnest will to live to please me. But his eyes have been blurred through the shine which surrounds those who introduce themselves to him as my representatives on earth - and who are in fact the representatives of him who resists me and campaigns against me. Who has lighted the love light in himself, he sees everything brightly and clearly and in disgust he turns away from a behaviour which can never be my will. But who still walks in darkness because he has no light in him, he is pleased with the blind lights and he again and again rushes towards them without receiving a true light though because of that. Only the goodness of the heart, the unselfish neighbourly love lights a true light, and who walks in this light he treads the right way - because on this way I myself walk next to him, and then also the blind light can no longer harm him, then he avoids it, he keeps away, because his heart now warns him of him who hides under the cloak of piety. He will be unmasked when it is time. But everyone is to fulfil first my commandments of love in free will, then also all pomp and glitter of the world will not harm him because then his interior light shines far stronger, and he walks the right way unharmed, on which he now - guided by me - also reaches his goal. Amen. B.D. NR. 6102.


Book 66 6105

Spiritual and Earthly Turning Point Forthcoming.

11. November 1954. B.D. NR. 6105.

You all are standing before a turning point - because life does not continue in its uniformity as before but all hearts of men suffer storms, which are all just forerunners of that what then affects the whole earth. But everything happens in such a natural way that he who is unwilling to believe will find nothing strange in it, but the believer is clairaudient and clairvoyant and very well recognizes in it the signs of the near end. Still faith cannot be forced on men and that is why everything comes in such a way that it appears to be natural. But the turning point lies ahead for you - a turning point that takes place both spiritually as well as earthly because there is no chance of men striving for a spiritual change by themselves, but they have reached the low, which makes a change necessary. And this also causes a transformation of earthly kind - it causes for the time being a disturbance of men in their peace and quiet, a destruction of earthly material goods and last still a dissolving of creation, so that a complete reshaping takes place - earthly and spiritually. And everything that has stepped out of order will again be transferred into divine order, what therefore can be called a turning point, which however only few men will consciously experience. Because also this belongs to it that innumerable men will find premature death - who are not prepared to enter divine order, who do not before strive for a spiritual change and are still recalled before through God's great mercy. But in the end also those men will lose their life who have sunk so low spiritually that their classification into divine law requires a new banishment into matter - so that they therefore spiritually and earthly find death and a complete new development period starts for them. You men do not want to believe in this turning point but it awaits you - and no matter how much your eyes are directed toward worldly life, no matter how much you love life and do not want to believe in an end of it in the announced way - what is determined in the divine plan since eternity, that irrevocably comes to pass, because wisdom and love determine this plan. And God very well recognizes when the time has come for the restoration of the old order. But the reason why you men do not believe is because you yourself have stepped out of divine order; but you will experience that what you do not want to believe because the earth approaches its end. Amen. B.D. NR. 6105.


Book 66 6123

God Recognizes Everything. Truth and Appearance. Mask of the Opponent.

30. November 1954. B.D. NR 6123.

I am certainly not going by appearance, and I am not deceived by what the mouth expresses. I see the thoughts, the will of man, and it alone I assess; according to this will I am active and carry out my work of the upbringing of men. You can well deceive the fellow human being but never me who knows the most secret thoughts in your hearts. You have to know that I am the eternal truth myself and I therefore loathe every untruth, every hidden thought, and that I only then have an open ear for your troubles when you come to me guileless, when you completely relinquish appearance, with which you like to impress your fellow human beings. I hear only who comes to me in truth and humility, but I do not pay attention to the insincere. Because he does not believe in me as a just and true being who has to be averse to all false appearance otherwise it would be imperfect. But my opponent often hides behind a mask and you are his followers when you are not applying yourself to the innermost truth, when you do not remove everything from your heart, which you try to hide. My opponent is an enemy of truth - but it is his cunning to make himself out to be what he is not, but still should be. Because the false person will always borrow a dress - he knows well what he lacks, and he therefore pretends to own it. And thus he also gives himself away and can never say not to know my will. But the pretence is of no use to him because he is recognized by me through and through. And I will only then look at him when he searches his soul and divests himself of all his faults with me, when he throws off all covers, which are to hide his nature and thinking from me - when he comes and talks to me in such a way as he is and thinks. Only then he can reckon on me listening to him and taking care of his trouble. Because I want that you men call on me in spirit and in truth. Only then can I be present with you, induced to it by your call. And only then can you experience my love and mercy, which I devote to everyone who comes humbly and completely trustingly to me - who now through the unmasking of himself also indicates that he wants to escape from my opponent and turn to me - and who now also can expect my help in his trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 6123.


Book 66 6134

Mysterious Light Phenomena.

13. December 1954. B.D. NR. 6134.

In the dark that is spread over the earth men need much light - and even if they are mostly not prepared to accept light, even if they mostly prefer to walk in darkness - my light from above will still be brought to them because the merciful love of the world of light is keen on bringing help to you men. And innumerable beings of light are close to you men on earth, always prepared to light a light for you - to softly urge you to carry out works of love so that a light brightens up in you and illuminates your spirit. I myself have given my hosts instructions to set their love urge in motion on you and my will is also theirs. Exactly in the last times before the end where darkness becomes deeper and deeper, the earth is besieged by beings of light, which let their powers flow to earth and also find opened hearts everywhere to which they can bring light. Before the end their will of love becomes more and more powerful and prompts them now and then to do unusual work - that light phenomena obviously prove their work - phenomena, which are not a satanic blind light but clearly point to another power - phenomena, which will make the ones who are mine happy, however give fear and horror to my opponents who want to believe nothing and still experience something, which can only be explained through faith. My messengers of light have been given instructions to use their power in my will and where a work of rescue is to be accomplished there they gather and work with united strength - so that their activity is everywhere visible - that their riches of light shines to earth in a way apparent to all men. Light phenomena of mysterious nature will intellectually occupy men before the end and it will not be easy to explain these phenomena naturally what science however will try. Phenomena of light of mysterious nature will also give rise to speculations, which are completely wrong, but who seeks light he will also find it because the inhabitants of my kingdom recognize every man's thoughts, and they take care of him who searches in good will and asks for light. Because heaven and earth - the kingdom of light and that of darkness - are subject to me, and everything that is perfect, that is radiated through with light, helps to drive away darkness on earth. And it will also be in evidence because this is my will that men on earth will still receive every kind of help, which can rescue them, for which all beings of light are always prepared. Amen. B.D. NR. 6134.


Book 66 6135

Take, eat.

14. December 1954. B.D. NR. 6135.

Take, eat so I spoke to my disciples, handing them the bread with these words as symbol of the bread of heaven, me word, which, having become flesh, stayed in the midst of them on earth. Eat, drink I said when I handed the wine to them which, the same as my blood the power of my word - was to be brought for strengthening. Bread and wine were symbols for flesh and blood and as I am the word that has become flesh myself, I also could say: This is my body which is given up for you this is my blood, which is shed for you. Because only through my death I made it possible that you could hear my word in you only through my death I burst the fetters, which kept you in darkness. Do understand, my word must sound to you when you want to be blessed. And my word must be accepted by you hungry people; you must eat it and supply food to your soul that it can live. Because my word holds in itself power, which gives it life. Flesh and blood belong to life, and I died for you so that you have life. The bread of life is the word. I myself am the word and the word became flesh. Is there perhaps a more understandable explanation for communion, which I have had with my disciples. And always, when you receive my word and accept it hungry in you, you will also remember me. You cannot accept my word differently than in thoughts of me because he, who speaks to you, cannot vanish into oblivion as long as you listen to him. When I broke the bread for my disciples, when I handed the wine to them, I knew after all, that only the word has produced and proved the connection between me and men I knew it that they could only reach the aim when they let me speak to them all the time. I also knew further that they had to believe in my work of redemption; I knew what lay ahead of me, that I had to give up my life for men to redeem them, and in view of it I spoke the words: Which is given up for you which is shed for you. The eternal word itself spoke to men: Take, eat take, drink. And you man must produce the close connection with me to hear my address to be fed by me with the bread of heaven to be able to have communion with me. And again you can produce this close union with me only through work in love. Only then you accept me myself in you, then the power of my love will flow through you my blood secures life for you. Then I hand out to you with full hands; then your soul will never suffer hunger and thirst because I myself will satisfy it and give it to drink I myself will offer it communion I will break the bread and hand the wine to all who want to receive, and these will consume my flesh and my blood, and their souls will live forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 6135.


Book 66 6147

Unusual Trouble - Unusual Help.

28. December 1954. B.D. NR. 6147.

An unusual trouble requires unusual help. That is why in the last times still much will happen, which strikes as strange and which will be recognized as spiritual work by those who know about the nearness of the end and therefore also pay attention to all signs, which announce the end to them. Men will still experience much, which they cannot scientifically explain to themselves, however find the explanation immediately when they look at everything for the purpose of spiritual development, when they consider both the spiritual low of men as well as the approaching near end. Then it is understandable to them that the love of God still tries everything to wake up men, to perplex them, so that they become aware of their responsibility. Success will also be seen by only few but God loves every single soul, and he tries everything to still win it for him. But whether God also works obviously, whether he also tries to recall himself to men's mind by unusual phenomena - it is difficult to make an impression on them because they have explanation for everything, although these also differ widely from the truth. And what still moves them today has already lost all appeal, all interest tomorrow. The hearts of men have become insensitive, and only earthly advantage or failure still can stimulate them to think and act, but all spiritual is fantasy to them, unworthy of a thinking rational type of man. And so complete unnatural things could happen in the universe - the most visible signs could be given to them from above - they would just take note of everything , smile about it or try to explain it earthly-naturally, but otherwise they would let it make little impression on them. And also these rescue attempts will be in vain, the results very little, and still everything will still be done, and when that is why it would be possible for only one soul to escape the eternal ruin and still find back to God before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 6147.


Book 66 6148

Further Development on the New Earth.

29. December 1954. B.D. NR. 6148.

All spiritual capable of development will continue its course of development, also when the end of this earth has come, when a complete reshaping of it has happened - while the spiritual, which has proved to be incapable of covering the last level of development, will again be transferred back and has to go the course of development once again according to divine law, which transfers all spiritual into that stage, which corresponds to its degree of maturity. And so one development epoch has well ended but the cycle of development has not been interrupted. The spiritual, which is still in bound will, continually rises up, and also man can rise upwards in free will and free himself of form. But he also can sink by virtue of his free will, and he then has to get up again from below. The redemption of the fallen experiences no interruption, even if the earth is before a spiritual and also earthly turning point. Only divine order is restored, which has been considerably disturbed by the free will of men. Everything is only transferred there where it belongs according to its maturity. So the spiritual, which is still bound in form in the different works of creation, experiences also a change of its stay, and that also causes a dissolving of the visible works of creation and a letting come into existence of a new earth. This is not plausible to men, and it will still happen according to divine conclusion, which always only aims at the upward development of the spiritual, which is to reach out of the deep up to God. If the spiritual would live in the stage of free will - as man - totally in God's order, then a complete reshaping of earth would never be necessary, because then the process of upward development would take place as planned and a redemption of all spiritual could happen very fast. But the free will of man so often acts against divine order, that through it the whole previous course of development is endangered and again and again a violent intervention of God is needed to put again right what got out of order. And this always means the end of a redemption period and the beginning of a new one; it always means a reshaping of the earth, therefore also a passing of all works of creation and arising of complete new creations. It means a becoming free of the spiritual, which is bound in hard matter, and a renewed binding in considerably loosened forms, which now also start the upward development of this spiritual, which is already kept imprisoned since eternal times - which is gratefully felt by this spiritual as relief. Such a reshaping of the surface of the earth means an improvement for all spiritual, but not for the spiritual which is embodied in man, which failed, by misusing its freedom of will and strove all the time down instead of up during its life on earth. This spiritual will be transferred there after which it craved - it becomes hard matter - it will be tied up by this, which all its striving and desire was meant for. It is a fair compensation for the tremendous favour of freedom in the embodiment as man - but which man ignored, which he used in a wrong sense - that he more and more went away from God for the sake of matter, which now becomes his wages. And that you men are standing before the end of a redemption epoch, you will again and again be urgently reproached with. In all love God keeps you supplied with information about all connections, about cause and effect, about the consequences of a right and also of a wrong walk on earth. He keeps you supplied with information by his word, and with a good will you also can believe it. But he cannot force you to accept his word as truth. The freedom of your will alone determines your belief, it determines your thinking, wanting and acting - but therefore also your fate after every reshaping - which certainly can be wonderful in paradise on the new earth, but can also earn you unspeakable agonies when you are banished anew in matter - in accordance with your will and your love. Amen. B.D. NR. 6148.


Book 66 6169

The Name of Jesus Defeats the Demon.

19. January 1955. B.D. NR 6169.

You can command the demon in my name that he goes away, and you will be free of him. You have a safe means: the name of your Lord and saviour, which, expressed full of trust, has exceedingly great power on all evil, on powers pressing you, which work on behalf of him who is my opponent. They will have to leave you when you oppose them with the power of my name because before this they flee to not be destroyed. So you just have to always devote yourselves to the divine saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ - you only need to call me or to want that I am with you and protect you against evil, and nothing bad will be able to push forward towards you because my will resists all powers, which want to harm you - but always on condition that you yourselves want to be mine, that you have the earnest will to gain myself and my pleasure - so you consciously tend towards me. My opponent will then just attack you more severely, he will try to do his utmost to push you aside from me, and he will present his kingdom as being desirable - he will come under a mask to you and seek to make that which he demands sound so appealing as possible to you to confuse your senses so that you are to think that it will not harm you. He finds the right means all right to tempt you but you certainly recognize him and also his play of intrigues as long as you seek union with me. You are always to call for me, always you are to pronounce the name Jesus full of sincerity when you yourselves are in doubt or feel threatened by my opponent. Only you are not allowed to edge me out of your heart because then my opponent has an easy job of it, and you give in to his desire. You yourselves are often too weak to resist him, and that is why you are to call him for help who knows him and is his lord. And a sincere call frees you from him; the name Jesus works wonders when it is pronounced in deep trustfulness - because in it you appeal to myself, your God and father from eternity who certainly will not leave you to him with whom he fights for you souls when your souls themselves long for me. Amen. B.D. NR. 6169.


Book 66 6170

Internal Resistance Obstacle to Acceptance of Truth.

20. January 1955. B.D. NR. 6170.

My word has to be accepted without resistance when it sounds from above in the heart of a man. The slightest resistance makes man unable to hear it in its purity because resistance means opposite thinking, which gives my opponent the possibility to slip in, and when he only causes defence in man to prevent the receiving of truth. His power will not reach further because the recipient of my word consciously connects with me and his resistance comes more from his desire for truth - he therefore only then puts up a resistance when truth appears to be endangered. Still this resistance is not right because a man who unites with me to receive my word now also is to completely hand himself over to me and can be sure that I protect him from wrong spiritual goods. That is why only few men are suitable to receive my word because most of them have a knowledge, which they are not prepared to give away willingly. That is why strong faith belongs to it, which only accepts that as truth, which I myself direct to earth through the work of my spirit. Men who have absorbed certain knowledge, which is incompatible with the word, which is spoken by me directly, are reluctant to accept the latter because then they have to reshape all their thinking and for that an exceedingly strongly developed desire for truth is necessary. The reason it would already be impossible to give my direct word to these men is because the resistance would awaken again and again in them as soon as my word deviates from their present knowledge and thinking - and then my opponent again and again would have an easy job of it to cause man to doubt. And man has to believe that I myself talk to him and that is why every mistake is impossible. Only then it is possible to again purify a completely defaced teaching; only then it is possible to render harmless the opponent of truth. But the deeper the mistake is already rooted in a man the more difficult it is for him to free himself of it, and he therefore could not hear my word directly because every resistance makes it impossible. The war between light and darkness is waged especially there very fiercely where light wants to blaze the trail for itself. And only a will which is strong, turned to me, chases away the hostile powers, which are from below - but such a will I will bless and never allow that it will be weakened through hostile powers. But I will also always give man the realization when he is attacked so that he steels himself and unites with me still closer - but to then also be protected against every influence, which comes from below. Who believes accordingly that I speak to men, he also has no need to doubt the truth because he otherwise also doubts my love and power - which well will and can prevent that wrong thoughts creep in and so endanger the truth. But as long as he doubts, he is not able to himself hear my voice in him - because strong faith in my love, my wisdom and my power absolutely belongs to it. Then he also knows that I want to bring truth to men - that I choose the right ways for it and that I really will protect the man from being wrong who offers himself to serve me and the fellow human being. Amen. B.D. NR. 6170.


Book 66 6178

Signs of Rage Before the End.

28. January 1955. B.D. NR 6178.

When you pay attention to all events around you, you will very soon recognize who rules in the world, and it will also be understandable to you, what he aims at: to always draw men more to the deep, to prevent them from recognizing rightly - by preventing them from works of love. But already in the foreseeable future his goings-on will become so obvious that many men will after all begin to see and to hear because he lets his mask fall and without hesitation takes action in a way, which clearly speaks against him. But all these are signs of the near end, in which the opponent of God commits his despicable conduct, in which all powers of hell have been unleashed, which influence men on earth, so that he finds innumerable followers, who do everything what he wants - who without hesitation harm their fellow human being in every way - who even do not shrink back from handing over their fellow human beings to death because they are completely under the spell of Satan. But this has been announced a long time before so that men recognize the time in which they live. But the day comes when he will be bound, when an end is put to his atrocities, when he will be robbed of all his power and will be tied up so that he no longer can wreak havoc. The day is coming - also those men are to think of it who suffer under his rule because they will have redemption. But also those are to think of it that the day of retaliation comes who make themselves subservient to him because also they will have to share his fate because their will alone lets them become his servants and they have to answer for this will. And as long as the injustice outrages you, you have not to fear for yourselves that he can harm you. Because then your will still aims at the good and you are not under his thumb. Everything that violates the commandment to love is his work although it will be veiled in front of the eyes of the fellow human beings. Therefore make an effort to always think and act fairly and you will be clairvoyant and clairaudient towards the measures which are issued under the cloak of justice because he who wants to ruin you also knows how to disguise himself. But he will get nowhere with those who aim at God and make an effort to live according to his will because these see through his game and turn away from him; they remain honest and just and they are also not deceived. But the limits of his raging on earth are not yet reached. First enough has to become enough, which will then result in a banishment, which will make all further work impossible for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 6178.


Book 66 6182

Work of the Opponent: Resistance Against God's Word.

2. February 1955. B.D. NR 6182.

The reason it is understandable that men are opposed to God's word is because the opponent of God can influence them as long as they strive for his kingdom, thus granting him himself power over them through the desire for earthly goods, which he uses well by influencing them against everything which is true, full of light, good - so that they also oppose the word of God, which however is the most valuable thing on earth, which they should strive for. The earthly world is still the sphere of influence of the opponent of God, because it consists of what has fallen away from God, of the spiritual which is bound in the earthly creations, in matter, which according to its will is still turned towards the opponent of God, except it cannot be forced by that one to fulfil the will of the opponent. But man in the state of free will is a suitable object for him, which he now seeks to bring to heel. Because he wants that this one again turns completely towards him, that he afresh states his resistance against God. And as man still has a weak will, as he has not yet firmly decided on God, whose kingdom he does not see, that one lures him with his kingdom, which has far more attraction for men because everything is put in front of their eyes. But through God's word they are referred to the transitoriness of the earthly - through God's word it is held in front of them how a life can have an effect when it is used properly or wrongly - through God's word men is warned and admonished. And he can reach his goal with ease when he makes the word of God the guiding principle of his thinking and acting. But that is what the opponent of God seeks to prevent, to not lose what belongs to him. He knows it that God's word as the eternal truth also has the power to influence men right and that they then are finally lost for him. That is why all his efforts are always only meant for preventing men from accepting the divine word, and that is why he instils the feeling of resistance into them, and they listen to him because at the same time the world with its goods lures them. Who has already more freed himself of matter, he rather focuses his attention on the spiritual kingdom, and he also rather is captivated by the word of God - even if he at first has not consciously the desire for the kingdom of God - but he accepts without resistance, and it will then also not miss its impression on him because the word of God holds power as soon as the resistance is given up. In the end-times they struggle for every soul, and the opponent of God greatly predominates because men themselves grant this to him, because they are material to a degree that everything spiritual fades for them, that they do not first check, but the reason they do not want to know about the divine spiritual is really because then they would have to put back the world - which however is endless more worth for them. And still the word of God is the only rescue for men because it enlightens them and at the same time gives light and strength - but the freedom of their will is not touched, and that is why man himself decides to whom he turns. And thus he himself also creates his fate in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 6182.


Book 66 6187

End of One Redemption Period and Beginning of a New One.

11. February 1955. B.D. Nr. 6187.

The end of mankind has soon come. One redemption period has expired; a new epoch begins; a new kingdom will be put up on this earth, which receives a new appearance through completely new creations as well as a new human race, which is completely different in its maturity than men living now on earth are. A turning point is coming - spiritually and earthly everything will be reshaped when the new redemption period begins. For everything will be led back to its order, which corresponds to my law from eternity. How often have I already predicted this to you men, how often the reason explained to you of what is to come and how often warned and admonished you of a wrong life - that you are to understand the seriousness of the times. And you refuse to listen to my presentation because you do not believe it. But your unbelief does not prevent me from the execution of my will because my plan is fixed since eternity because only you becoming happy underlies it and because I well know what serves you. The human race of the present time no longer changes; only some will believe my words and make an effort to live according to my will; but the whole of mankind has reached a level where the sudden fall into the deep could no longer be stopped when I would not prevent it through a last rescue operation, which well appears to be a work of destruction but always only the outer form gets destroyed - but the spiritual which is bound in it will be given the possibility to again reach out of the deep to the top, but on a way which is exceedingly sorrowful but safely leads to the top - while the sudden fall into the deepest depth excludes this possibility. It is a powerful event before you men stand. Your life will end on this earth - but you can well live on in your same body form on the new earth - when you belong to the ones who are mine. But you also can meet earthly and spiritual death that you are no longer conscious of yourself although you still exist and have to remain banished in hardest form endless times until again life is given to you as man on this earth. But all those belong to the ones who are mine who believe in me, seek close union with me through their will and their love - who acknowledge me as father and want to be my children - who therefore through their will stand by me and that is why they are also allowed to experience my protection and my favour in the last times before the end. To the ones who are mine belong all who confess me before the world. These will live and have no need to fear the end; they will lead a happy life as inhabitants of the new earth when they are not still recalled before into my kingdom, which is not of this world, where an eternal happy life waits for them. But a dreadful fate awaits those men who are without faith and have no love. They can be given nothing but what is right; they will reap what they have sown on earth; they will receive what they were striving for. Matter will tie them up, which they desire with all senses, and endless times they will have to languish in it until redemption is theirs again. Amen. B.D. NR. 6187.


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