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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 65

B.D. NR. 5963 - B.D. NR. 6077

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Book 65 5963

Love. "Who abides in love, he abides in me."

21. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5963.

In the uniting with me you find your peace. Your longing is stilled, as soon as you know yourselves one with me, so you have joined me through love or intimate prayer, which is sent up to me in truth and in spirit. Prayer is the will for the association with me, but love work the fulfilment, for "who abides in love, he abides in me and I in him." Love is the greatest - and everything depends on the work in love, what is called the maturing of the soul, the return to the father house and eternal happiness. And so you just always keep the words before the eyes: "who abides in love, he abides in me and I in him.", so you just always think of it, that I myself am love, then also the fulfilling of my love commands appear as the most important, then you will make an effort, to live in love, to be in this way connected to me for ever. Love is everything - it is redeemer power, it is light, it is the divine principle, the centre of the eternal order. So a man lives along without love, he has completely come out of order, he is completely opposing God in his thinking and acting, he is blind in the spirit, i.e. without cognition, and he is unredeemed in the hands of the opponent, who wants to eliminate him from all happiness. I myself am love, lack of love is my opponent - and who has therefore the desire, to be united with me, who wants to gain me, he must live in love, for then I must also be with him, because love is the original substance from eternity. I certainly hand out favours unmeasured, I certainly give to you, what you do not deserve and do not strive for by yourselves, but all my gifts of favour are just to manage the one thing, that you form yourselves to love, for whether I would also like to give you everything - without love you nevertheless remained dead; without love you remained judged beings - you always just remained creatures, but can never ever become my children. Only love brings about the becoming divine of my creatures; only love can unite us, otherwise you just lead an unhappy existence outside of me as isolated beings. And for that reason, the first and noblest command is: Love God above everything and your neighbour as yourself. And your spiritual state on earth already and in future in eternity depends on the fulfilling of that command. For that reason, I gave my disciples the task, to go into the world and to announce to men the divine love teaching - and for that reason I myself held up a life in love as an example to men on earth and set the seal on this my love teaching with the death on the cross, which I have suffered for my fellowmen out of extremely great love - because I recognized their infinite trouble and wanted to help them. And as long as you men do not take any notice of these my commands, you cannot gain happiness, and no matter how deep you humiliate yourselves and throw yourselves into the dust, asking me for mercy - I love you with a love no longer to be surpassed, and I want to win you all for me, but my happiness exists only in the love reciprocated by you, and you must give it to me voluntarily. And your request for mercy must be based on the desire for me, because you love me - and because you recognize, in which far distance from me you still are. You must seek to reach me; you must want to find the uniting with me, and you must for that reason live yourselves in love, otherwise a uniting can never take place. Consider, that you draw eternal love itself to you with every work of love - but that it cannot enter your hearts, when its nature is still completely conflicting with the original nature of God. Only through love you join me, and you are to think about this and seek to fulfil the love command as the most important - you are to know, that without love no man can be happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5963.


Book 65 5964

Redemption work at opposite souls in the will of God.

22. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5964.

Trust my words and just believe, that my love watches over you and that I protect you from all attacks of my opponent, so you take your refuge to me in earthy and spiritual distress. Your will also secures my help and protection for you. I assess your will only, and according to this will you are in my hands or in the hands of my opponent. If the will is meant for me and the desire, to live to my pleasure, so you can also know yourselves being looked after by me. If your will is meant for the world and its goods, so it belongs to my opponent, and then he also has control over you, but which he can never ever have, so you strive towards me, so you seek me and pray to me, in the spirit and in the truth. Your faith is still weak, but it will experience strengthening, as soon as you just always make an effort, to live in love, and always more it will become for you certainty, that my father love is meant for all, who are still unredeemed on earth and also depart unredeemed or have departed from this earth. All these souls are in greatest trouble, and my love does not want to leave them for ever in this trouble. And so I create innumerable possibilities for them, that they find their way out of their trouble, but without determining their free will. But I know about the will of each individual man and of every soul, which stays in the opposite kingdom. I know it, when it is prepared to go the way to me, and I let you men take part in the redemption work, because unspeakable much work is to be done, and because each one soul is to be offered the opportunity, to give up its resistance and to turn to eternal salvation. Think of the huge number of souls, which still stand far from me, which have no faith and which I myself cannot approach therefore, because they do not believe in me. But to also create possibilities for these souls, to reach me by a roundabout way, I make the constant effort, and you men can help me with it, by you looking after these souls, by you informing them about me, because they more likely listen to you, when they are prepared at all to change their serious difficulties. On the one side a deplorable lack of faith is to be noted down, but on the other side a comprehensive redemption work starts at the souls in the spiritual kingdom, because on earth this redemption work mostly remains unsuccessful. My opponent has great power over men on earth, because they are to much involved in matter and he entices them with material goods. In the opposite kingdom many a soul recognizes the worthlessness of that, what it strove for on earth, because it is in greatest poverty and in darkness, and for that reason they are easier to be won, when only faith can be wakened in them. And I have truly many means, which I apply and which are also not rarely successful. The existence of those souls in the hereafter cannot get so described to you, as it is, and a cover will always remain, which prevents you the look into the opposite kingdom. But you can believe it, that I look after all souls and bring in you men for their rescue, when by this means a greater success possibility is secured. Who wants to serve me, he can also serve me, and he is put by me on that place, where his work is successful. But you must always believe in my extreme great love and mercy. Then everything is also comprehensible to you, and you no longer doubt the task, which I set for you. You then like to serve me and are convinced of the blessing of your work - you help with the redemption of innumerable souls out of trouble and pain - you lead them the way to light and happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5964.


Book 65 5965

Awakened preachers.

23. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5965.

My Gospel is certainly announced in the whole world, and nevertheless men are still so far from me, because my Gospel is not brought to them alive enough and because for that reason, they also do not feel the power, which my word is to impart to them. It is not the mere letter, but the spirit, which gives right life to men. My spirit must be effective in the preacher, only then he will speak so, that the listeners feel addresses by me, and then they will also receive power, which gives them life - they will awaken from a previous dream state and now live earth life consciously with aiming direction for me. As soon as awakened preachers are at work, one can also reckon, that an awakening takes places among the listeners, and then only the announcing of my word is a blessing - whereas the reporting of my words alone will find no echo in the hearts of men and they therefore sound away at their ears unimpressive. An awakened preacher is therefore a chosen one among the called, who will never be poor of spiritual material, as soon as he would like to give such to his fellowmen. For he receives directly from me, what he needs for the work for me and my kingdom. From the source he draws the water of life, which he would like to offer to his fellowmen, and one will also listen to him, because the soul itself feels it, that it receives my word. The more intimate the connection of these announcers of my teaching is with me, the more alive he can now speak, driven by my spirit, the greater successes he will also be able to record, and these successes will always be seen in the winning of souls, which now devote themselves to me, which have reached a living faith. No dead preacher will be able to lead men to life, and dead are the preachers so long, as I myself cannot be present in them, for so long everything just gets through to the sense ear of man; it does not touch the heart; they are just dead words without life - the spirit making alive is lacking. But I know hearts everywhere, which are aroused in love for me, which know no other desire, than to be active for me, and I can be present in such hearts glowing with love and therefore speak to men myself, who now prick up their ears, because they feel my power, because they feel seized by a power, which they are not able to resist - which they must love, even so they were previously adjusted hostile. It will also be comprehensible for you after all, that I - so I speak - must have greater successes, than so just a man speaks, although also he promotes me and my kingdom. But I can only speak through a man's mouth, whose heart glows in love for me. His great love draws me to him, and I do not resist such a love - I speak, and men feel as it were unable, to now resist me myself; they let themselves be seized by my love and attract my father heart.

Only through an awakened man's mouth can I express myself, and if all my servants on earth would be awakened, who announce the Gospel, there would truly not be such great spiritual trouble among men, and I myself could then address them, and they would truly not resist me long. And I have called many to this. But only few can I choose as my tools, as covers, in which I myself can embody me, through whom my spirit can speak and my power be transmitted on to fellowmen, But where this is the case, there rich blessing is visible, and my presence will not remain hidden to men, who accept the Gospel in faith in me, I who as redeemer of death and sin now also want to bring freedom again to them and reveal myself for that reason, where my name gets known before the world.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5965.


Book 65 5966

Healing the sick. Signs and miracles. Faith proofs.

25. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5966.

I know mine and know about their will, and according to this will I call them to activity for me and my kingdom. For that reason both the kind of activity as also the nature of the servants in my vineyard is different, for each one has that work, which is also in accordance with his nature - each one serves me according to his ability, and I accept each one's service, whose will is good and strives towards me. Moreover, also the hearts of man are different, therefore the fields in my vineyard need diverse treatment, and to assess that, is for me alone possible, I who know the tiniest stirrings in a man's heart, which are to be used for successful redeeming work. I can be recognized in the storm, as also in the faint little murmur of the wind; the strongest elements prove me, and the faintest breeze of breath gives testimony of me. I am always myself the originator, the source, the start. And for that reason, I become evident now weakly and now clearly recognizable, but always to be recognized by him, who wants to recognize me and who seeks me. And I always express myself so, as men need it, according to their necessity and their ability to change. What results with one to the complete change of his will, can remain completely without impression with the other, why he needs greater proofs of my existence, which my love then gives him, to rescue him. But I also stay there, where no outer signs confirm this. I am present in the heart of a man in exactly the same way, who gives me his love and his will, and I influence him gently and quietly, for he needs no obvious proofs of my presence; he is aware of it and feels me so clearly near him, that he stands in the intimate child relationship to the father and therefore possesses already everything, what is necessary for his earth life walk - such an unshakable faith in me and my love, which lets him walk according to my will. Where faith is so strong, that words are not enough, I help through signs and miracles. But this can also become judgement for men, when they lack the will, to change. But the faith of the sick and the miserable just needs a stimulus to reach a strength, which confesses me before the world. To the sick and the miserable I can therefore reveal myself in my might and glory, for they are mostly already purified through their sickness, and their souls recognize me easier, so I approach them. Sick people do not refuse me entry to their heart, and so my word is preached to them, it touches them with such power, that the power of my word has already a healing effect and for that reason these sick experience healing, because they believe. But who see such, must now first let the faith won by this means become alive through love. According to their degree of love, faith will now have an effect, but the responsibility will be the greater, so they let an obvious proof of my work pass them by without impression, so they certainly must believe after what they experienced, but do not change their way of life as result of their discoveries. Therefore, do not wish all too clear proofs of faith, for you then receive an extraordinary favour, which also obliges you extraordinarily. But so they are given to you, then utilize them and take advantage of this favour, to also reach an increased degree - to now also stand up for me and my name before the world - to be again loyal servants in my vineyard, who I will bless for their work for me and my kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5966.


Book 65 5967

Original sin.

28. and 29. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5967.

Questions must again and again emerge in you, which you would like to have answered, then I can enlighten you, as soon as you get into contact with me, as soon as you hear, after intimate prayer, what I say to you - by you now seeing your emerging thoughts as this my answer, when you are not addressed by me directly, through the voice of the spirit. Your desire and the call to me also secures for you right thinking - but without me you will not stand in truth; without me your striving for enlightenment is in vain, because without me only erroneous thought material fills you, which the powers from below can impart to you - exactly because you eliminate me, I who am the giver of truth.

And so the following may be said to you: Always only illustratively can enlightenment be sent to you, as long as you are not perfect. Never ever would you be able to understand the endless depths of divine wisdom; never ever would you understand the motives for my rule and work, because your imperfection also means inadequate power of cognition and you could therefore find no explanation by virtue of your intellect - but which can be sent to you like lightning, as soon as my love-light flows through you in the spiritual kingdom. On earth you must receive enlightenment picture like; only according to your capacity the occurrences can be described to you, which took place in my creation - and therefore also the spiritual occurrences in the hearts of first men can only be made comprehensible to you through earthly occurrences, which are actually however only a weak comparison - exactly because you yourselves are still of weak spirit.

You men are bound through laws of nature, because the complete freedom, which you had forfeited through your former defection, you must first acquire again through your earth life. For that reason, I imposed on first men a limiting of their will, because I wanted, that they should first recognize, that they were subject to a power and they were therefore to voluntarily submit themselves to this power - to now get their final freedom given. Once they did not want to acknowledge me, and this was the first sin, the rebellion against me, from whom they had emerged. Only the acknowledging in free will could again abolish this first sin. And I wanted to achieve this acknowledgement of me myself, when I let the whole creation come into being. For that reason, first men were therefore so fitted out, that they could certainly recognize me, but were not forced to do it. And for that reason, free will therefore had to decide, which was again to put itself to the test in a "temptation". (28.5.1954) The eye of men had to be directed to something, which they desired, and a ban, and a temptation at the same time, had to induce them to the decision of the will - but understandably the temptation had to be connected to a promise, which they were now to resist. The ban and the temptation occurred from two sides - because it was about the return of the fallen to me and the remaining with my opponent, about the reaching of the aim of that created by me or about the renewed relapse into the depth. And consequently, also the desire had to be put into man and also the possibility be offered to him, to still this desire - or else to overcome it for the sake of a far higher aim: eternal happiness with me, which surpasses thousand-fold that earthly fulfilment of the desire.

Since the winning back of the spirit beings having become renegade was a fight between me and my opponent, also he had to have the possibility, to have an effect on the will of those beings - only that he feigned pretence goods and a pretence happiness, so that men should forfeit true happiness, a blessed life in eternity. I knew about this temptation and therefore gave first men a command with simultaneous warning of eternal death. And this warning had to have been enough, to suffocate every desire in men, to not lose life. And my opponent convinced them of the opposite of my warning - he promised them life - but they recognized me as highest power and still followed the lie - and by this means they brought death into the world.

But what was it, that let their desire become so powerful, that they succumbed to this desire? - They lived a happy life in paradise; they were lord of all created things; everything was subordinated to their will, and they felt happy in the full possession of power and might. Intimate love also connected the first created men, and by virtue of this love already they could have redeemed themselves from the fetter of my opponent. And as long as this love was directed towards me and towards the partner, also no danger existed of a failure of this test of will. But my opponent knew to direct this love wrongly - he changed it to selflove, by he giving them wrong promises and therefore now kindled in them the desire, to get hold of happiness for themselves. Their love became a demanding one, an egoistic and a base love, and as a result they gave themselves again into the power of him, from whom they were supposed to and also could liberate themselves, so they would have placed my command higher than their desire.

Grasp it, you men - the time had still not come, where I wanted to bless the first human couple. For that reason, it became sinful - for nothing is sinful, what adapts itself to my plan of creation; nothing can be sin, what happens in legal order - and the process of begetting can never be against the order wanted by God. But the satisfaction of the senses without the will, to give birth to life, is no act of love, which is divine, but a selflove kindled by my opponent, which pulls man down and drives him completely under his control.

First men had had fallen victim to this wrong love, and this wrong love was the sin, which again reminds of the original sin of self-boasting - which did not want to give itself away, but possess everything and which was heritage of its begetter - but which has nothing in common with its divine love. (29.5.1954) Divine love rests as spark in your heart and can light itself to highest passion. But the aim of my opponent was and is, to turn this love, and he succeeded in doing it. The pure, divine was polluted and changed to selflove, which no longer deserves the idea "love" and can only be called avidity, selfishness and egotism and which is also capable of anything, what my opponent demands of you. And so also the act of propagation has become for my opponent a means, which turned innumerable souls to him, what never ever would have been possible, when it would have taken place under my blessing - where the divine love of giving and making happy was supposed to experience its culmination in the rise of a new life. The Fall of man therefore consisted of the abandon of the pure divine love for the sake of an impure selfish love. The God spark in man was extinguishes through satanic influence and a fire kindled for it, to which everything noble and pure fell victim. The senses were aroused and driven to highest avidity, what never ever was in accordance with my act of creation - but was not prevented for the sake of the freedom of will of my opponent and also of my creatures - since it always still lies in the will of the individual man, to resist this temptation through Satan.

The Fall of man therefore was not the act of propagation, but the wrong and sinful love stimulated through Satan and kindled in free will. An act of creation, in the divine meaning happy making, was pulled down to a game of impure
B.D. NR. 5967
spirits. My opponent was granted entry to an act, where I myself wanted to be with my blessing near men, to strengthen the pure, divine love in them, that this was also supposed to flow over into the beings now engendered and so therefore a family of men would have risen, which would have found the way back to me in always brighter love-light without suffering and agony, which in a short time would have redeemed itself through love, because it had to recognize me myself, where love radiated.

First men would have been able to pass this test of will - but since I wrestled with my opponent about the souls of men, I could not prevent him, to apply means, to secure victory for himself. For it was about the return of my creatures in complete free will - which however failed and brought in a lot to the complete family of men, from which it itself no longer became free - until a man in pure divine love accomplished the work - which absolved the whole mankind and made again the way free for it upwards.

For love gains the victory, and love will not rest until also the last one having become renegade from me has found the way back to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5967.


Book 65 5968

God's secure help in the coming trouble.

31. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5968.

The world will still cause much trouble for you men in a time of unrest, which proceeds the end. For you will always more see the world, and the spiritual will step into the background in the face of the difficult situation, in which you men get and which it still easily to bear, so you adjust yourselves spiritually, so you just join me and ask me for help. You can only come through the coming time in a bearable way in the right attitude towards me. Believe these my words and do not let my picture in you fade - i.e., do not put me back because of the world, for I am also a Lord of this world, and I can truly lead you out of every trouble and protect you from all dangers, so you just let me be present, so you let no day pass, without you having joined me intimately, and you recommend yourselves to my love and favour. I want to be your constant thought, and through nothing you are to let yourselves be separated from me. The awareness, that I can always help you and also want to help, is to let you hold out in every earthly trouble still and trustingly, until my help comes - for it comes - as soon as you just keep to me and hand yourselves over to me and my will. Who will perhaps be able to help you, when not I? - And is there perhaps a trouble, which is greater than my power? And I promise you my help, when you want to be and remain mine, when you stand by me and grant me the first place in your heart. What can the world do to you? - As long as you lean against me, you are stronger than the world after all, than all threats and tribulations, which are intended for you on the part of my opponent. I can also keep these away from you, and I do it, so you seriously seek to gain me and my kingdom. And no matter whether it roars and rages around you - still and safely you can let the greatest storm pass by you, because I command it, not to touch you. For that reason, do not pay attention to the world and its disturbances. Do not let yourselves be frightened and pressed by things, which concern your earthly life. Just direct your eyes trustingly towards me, and stretch out your hand for me and I will lead you out of all trouble. I will securely accompany you also over uneven ways, and unharmed your soul will reach the destination - earthly and spiritually I will look after you and strengthen you in the coming time.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5968.


Book 65 5969

God's favour, to come into divine order.

1. and 5. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5969.

A fullness of divine favour flows down onto you, so you devote yourselves to God, so you want, that you are connected to him, so you strive to gain the pleasure of God. You can be certain of it, that his favour seizes you, as soon as you are just serious to live on earth according to your purpose - as soon as it is your striving to come closer to him. And his favour is for him, who accepts it, guarantee, that he reaches his destination. For whereto you men are too weak, that will be easy for you with his favour - favour is every means of help for the spiritual ascent; favour is a divine gift, which puts you in a state, which you have not deserved, because you once voluntarily turned away from God. But whose help you need, to be able to do that, what leads you again to him - (5.6.1954) to lead a life in the order wanted by God. Without his help, his favour, you are truly too weak, to enter this order, for you desire is directed downwards; your nature is such, that you prefer to remain outside of the divine order, that you are for that reason also far from him, but whose closeness would give you endless happiness and fill you with bliss. And you are to come again close to him; you are to become again, what you were in the very beginning - you are to live again in divine order, to also be free of every weakness and darkness. That is God's will, and for that reason he will again and again assist you with his favour; he will never leave you to your own devices, but cover you with favours - but always leave it to yourselves, whether and how you want to use them. But who seriously strives for him, who recognizes his earth life task and has the desire, to enter again into the divine order, he will truly not remain powerless. For God's exceedingly great love seizes him and draws him up - God's power fills him, and the ascent becomes now easy for him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5969.


Book 65 5970

The love of God.

Whit-Sunday 6. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5970.

The flood of divine love pours over all creatures having emerged from God's love, and this love brings about, that that returns to live, what is dead - that that reaches the light, what stays in darkness - that that gets full of power, what lies on the ground in extreme weakness. The love of God is everything; it is light and power and life; it is the original source of happiness; it is a never drying up current, which irrigates and refreshes everything, what is withered and needs animation. But what is outside of the divine love current, that is inevitably in a lifeless state - but love alone is happiness. For that reason, God's love persistently makes an effort, to include everything dead in its love circuit - to give it power and to radiate it, so that it may awaken to life. It is his breath, which touches everything created, to instil life into it, otherwise it would remain in death for ever.

And everything in creation, what shows life, also receives this love power current - but always in different degrees, which increase, the more it is touched by the love power, until the living being now becomes aware of its power and can want and act freely out of itself - until it, as man, possess so much power, to now go the way to the power source by itself. Then it can increase the degree of supply of light and reach a life in light and happiness. And now divine power and light can reach man in fulness - but he can also ignore this flow, because man has free will, which will not force the acceptance of divine love power. He is not determined, but quietly pushed, to open himself to the most delicious, which is given to him through the love of God: His spirit, which can work in him enormously to indescribable spiritual success. To be led by the divine spirit secures the highest success - but voluntarily this leading must be striven for. God's spirit must get requested and acquired - man must want, to stand under divine leading, and he must make himself worthy of it through the entering into the will of God, which is brought to his notice through his commands of love. But then he is also awakened to life - to a life, which lasts for ever. Then man has voluntarily entered the circuit of divine love, then he is enlivened through and through, i.e., he gets active in a way, which is purpose since the very beginning. He will increase the light and the power, by him also supplying it to fellowmen; he will also lead others to life, because life always means persistent activity, use of the power in the positive meaning and therefore leading back of the dead to life. And the spirit of God becomes powerful in the weak. All weakness will wane, and power and life will be, where weakness and death was.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5970.


Book 65 5971

Sin against the spirit.

Whit Monday 7. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5971.

All sins are forgiven you, but not the sin against the spirit. Whatever you also may commit - for the sake of Jesus Christ forgiveness will be yours, also your greatest guilt. But so you sin against the spirit, so you sin against Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for you, so that he could sent his spirit to you. He died for you, so that the connection from you to the father became possible. And this connection only makes it possible, that the spirit of God can come over you. To receive the divine spirit therefore means the testimony of the relationship between God and man, for his spirit is the direct radiation of God. Pouring out of his spirit is flowing in into an opened vessel - it is a proof of the presence of God in the heart of man.

When the talk is now of the "sin against the spirit", so only a conscious turning away - a relapse to the depth against better cognition - a rebelling against him, who works in him - can be understood by that, despite a degree of maturity, which has brought him this cognition. This sin is for exactly that reason unforgivable, because man stands in cognition, because he has already received the favours of the work of redemption and has therefore been lifted up from the depth through Jesus Christ - because he himself had already established the relationship with God, he therefore was no longer weak and the present turning away from God is such an enormous sin, that it cannot get paid off through forgiveness, but entails the fall into the deepest depths, which results in the banishment through eternal times. For Jesus Christ has done his work at this man; it was accepted and again rejected by him. Where the spirit from God once brought enlightenment, illumination of the thinking and secure leading upwards, there a fall to the depth is almost impossible. And nevertheless, the work of Satan, even so rarely, is of success. But man has the power to resist him, and he has the cognition - but he also has free will.

And he abuses this will in an unforgivable way, when he desires already on earth, what can only be granted to him in the spiritual kingdom: the happiness of the seeing into the other world - a desire, which is no longer rooted in his deep cognition, but is entrusted to him by Satan as unjustified desire - which he could also very easily overcome, because he recognizes it as premature, as long as he stays on earth, and that is also mostly overcome by those men, in whom the spirit of God works. But where Satan wins, there also of the greatest sin can be spoken, for it is no weakness, when man does as he wishes, but extreme great obsessive desire for knowledge and abuse of a power, which he possesses as divine spiritual gift and which he is to use in a redeeming meaning, for redeeming activity. What is to be understood as sin against the spirit, only very few men know, and to these it is also clearly recognizable, why this sin cannot get forgiven. But only rarely Satan succeeds, to bring about the downfall of a man, who stands already shortly before the reaching of his goal. For God certainly respects the free will of man, but he stands by him, and he obviously warns him. He tries everything to prevent a renewed defection, because his love infinite.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5971.


Book 65 5972

Apparent quietness. Unusual power. Coming of the Lord.

8. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5972.

The loyalty, which you prove to me in the last time before the end, I want to reward for you through unusual supply of power, so that you also think the most difficult to be bearable, that you are able to hold out, until I myself come to fetch you. And you will obviously experience the love of your father; you will feel my presence and for that reason come to me in every trouble. You will remain so intimately connected to me, that you expect the end fearlessly and confident of victory and only still think spiritually, i.e. see every experience in view of the spiritual development and therefore also understand, why everything comes so, as you experience it. And you will see, how easy also the most difficult is, so you go your way with me. For that reason, no-one needs to fear the last time, who feels connected to me, who wants to be mine and never eliminates me, whatever he begins. The world happenings go on as usual - apparently peace occurs, but it is just the quiet before the storm, which will overtake, and indeed then, when it is expected the least. For Satan rages among mankind, and he gives no rest until he has roused everything, until he has succeeded to confuse men, that they more and more turn against each other, that they confront each other fighting, that they outdo each other in lack of love and give him great power by this means, which he truly uses in an alarming way. And mine will be attacked particularly by him, who incites men, that they are to persecute you for the sake of your faith. Mine will get a fright and become anxious, but as soon as they just remember me, the necessary power is already sent to them, and they now take up they fight, for they know, that they fight for me, but that I go in front of them as commander-in-chief, that they fight at my side and can never ever lose the fight, even so they face an enemy numerically far stronger. Who just wants to remain loyal to me, he will also be able to do it, for I do mot leave him, and he truly does not go away empty handed, so he turns to me for power and assistance; for whose will belongs to me, he is already mine, and him I never ever let fall into the hands of my opponent. You men must certainly reckon with a difficult time, which lies ahead of you and completely requires your power. But you will not remain without warning; again, and again tidings will be sent to you from above, and already from it you will be able to draw power, when you see, how everything comes true, what I have foretold you. Your faith will become stronger and stronger, and in confidence you will therefore also expect my coming - and truly not in vain, for so the earthly trouble threatens to become unbearable, I will fetch you and snatch you from the hands of your enemies. They will not win victory over you, for I will bind my opponent and all, who are slaves to him - as it is announced in word and Scriptures.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5972.


Book 65 5973

Caller at the way of life. Way upwards or downwards.

9. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5973.

It is up to you yourselves, which way you want to go, but you are told, which way leads up and which down, and the aim you then choose yourselves. For not everyone wants to walk upwards, because he does not think this to be tempting - he wants to see that, what offers him level or downwards leading ways. For that reason, he does not strive upwards, because the depth holds on to him, because he sees tempting pictures everywhere, where his looks are directed to, as long as he avoids the height. And the way upwards appears to him laborious and little promising, for he does not see him, who would go ahead of him, who would take over his guidance, when he would set the height as destination for himself. And for that reason, he does not listen to the warnings and admonitions, which are sent to him at the beginning of his walking tour; he seeks for himself the way most passable for him and consciously does not hear the warning calls of those, who are well-disposed towards him. He has free will and can use it, without that he is prevented of it. But he must then also bear the consequences, which a wrong directed will has brought in for him; he must take the lot upon him, which expects him in the depth; he reaches his destination, even so strives towards the abyss; he finds that, what he has longed for during his earth walk. Matter keeps him tied up, from which he was to break away from on earth. But the way upwards leads into the spiritual kingdom. The look is always directed spiritually, and also the leading is spiritual, and as aim, a life in fullest freedom and happiness is in prospect. Man is free of every fetter, because nothing keeps him back in the depth, and he can now create and work in the kingdom of the blessed spirits. So often callers and admonitors stand at the way of life, who want to show you men the right way and who point you to the danger, to which you are heading, when you pay no attention to the admonitors, and who describe to you that kingdom in tempting colours, which you forfeit so indifferently for you, because you must first climb upwards, to have it before your eyes. And they warn you so urgently of the depth, for which you strive. But you do not believe them, and you want to go no ways, which are strenuous - you walk along carelessly and just pay attention to the beautiful, but which is dangerous for you. And you cannot get forced, to turn to the right way; it can only be brought to your notice in love, that your way leads astray. But if you do not want to believe and choose no other way, so you must also bear the consequences, that you always go further away from the right aim and in this way increase the distance from God always more and finally land with him, from whom you are to free yourselves, as long as you stay on earth. For that reason, do not close your ear, when the messengers of God come up to you, who want to lead you. Give up the resistance and let yourselves be led by them, and you will recognize it in future, how much more you have won and from which terrible lot you have escaped. You will express your thanks and praise him, whose mercy has been meant for you, that he prepared the way for you, which leads up.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5973.


Book 65 5974

Gift of the discerning of spirits.

12. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5974.

The gift of the discerning of spirits will let you clearly recognize, from which side you are influenced, as soon as you just always strive towards truth, as soon as it just matters to you, to recognize evil, to avoid it, and you want to subordinate yourselves to the good, so that it brings about blessing to you. God certainly does not leave you in the dark; he gives you clarity, where you are not yet able to see to the ground, for God wants, that you, you who just strive to walk in truth, also recognize it full consciously and reject all error as work of his opponent. And that may be an unmistakable sign for you, that you hear God's voice, so it speaks to you gently and full of love, so it calms your nature and makes you glad and happy inwardly. For as soon as he himself speaks through a man, as soon as he himself expresses himself through every one spirit, you feel addressed, and the thought of a rejection does not even come up in you - while everything unclear, everything, what touches you negatively, also comes from a negative spirit and is not entitled to truth. For the opponent of God cannot hide his true face, and however much he camouflages himself. The influence on the heart of man is according to his longing - satisfying for him, who stands far away from truth, who is therefore more turned towards the opponent than towards God - on the other hand touches him repulsively, who has devoted himself to God and therefore to eternal truth. You can discern the spirits, as soon as you just want to discern them, for this will already proves the desire for truth, which also corresponds with it. And you all, you who want to serve God, must learn to discern, to remain free of error. You all must join God intimately and request his assistance, so you "examine the spirits." And he will give you the gift of discerning; he will not allow it, that the announcers of the Gospel get deceived, whom he himself choses to their service on earth, because they completely subordinated their will to his. He will not allow it, that these announce, what does not agree with truth; he will not allow it, that they themselves get into doubt, who expresses himself to them, for he, who is eternal truth himself, he does not let walk in error, who want to be active for him and who announce his word in his name. He gives them brightness of the spirit and always directs their thinking right.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5974.


Book 65 5975

Gift of the discerning of spirits.

14. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5975.

You are to request the gift of the discerning, and so you ask me for assistance, your judgement will be no wrong judgement, for the voice of your heart will tell you, what is right and what is wrong, so you are still in doubt, whose spirit announces itself to you. It is truly by much better, to ask me myself for clarity of thinking, than to assume something as truth, as long as you cannot recognize it as truth completely convinced inwardly. For as soon as you seriously seek for truth, also the will of resistance is my allowance, through which you are to be stimulated, to first consult me myself, so that I can now also instruct you according to truth. And put your trust in it, that I instruct you mentally, when you cannot hear my direct address. Put your trust in the love of the father, who will truly not keep you guessing and who also announces his will to you, which to fulfil is your earth life task. When you for that reason are referred to my commands of love for me and for the neighbour, so you also know, that the fulfilment of these commands is the first and most important, and if you now comply with this my will, then my word still announces much to you, what can be grasped exactly only then, when love is practised first. You can learn the Scriptures by heart and strain your intellect excessively - you will not benefit from it, so you do not live in love. But if you can hear my voice as the result of a love life, then my spirit instructs you, and indeed it will always give you, what you need; it will also give you cognition about things, which are regarded as object of contention for that reason, because the intellect alone judged, which does not grasps truth so long, as my spirit is refused to work. Things, which confused the thinking and contribute to it, that many divisions and schools of thought were formed. And I had to allow such confusion, to cause the serious seekers, to reach truth on another way than the usual. For every man is to seek truth in him himself, after he has got into contact with the giver of truth. How simple is my demand to be fulfilled by you, and at which high aim can you arrive. But the kingdom of heaven can only inherit, who forms himself to love. Also during my earth life I only taught love, and I brought no new command to men - for with the fulfilment of this love command, all other commands are invalid - but without love man can speak and act, whatever he wants - it increases the degree of maturity of his soul not in the slightest, because it always just remains a dead ceremony or an empty word, when it did not become alive through love. Mankind always just pays more attention to appearance and also wanted to apply my words to formalities, which however just had deepest spiritual meaning, and innumerable men stumble over stones, which they themselves put into the way. I truly lead my children right, and my children are all, who devote themselves to me as their father and make an effort to fulfil my will. What man now does in faith, that it may be my will, that is also taken into account as fulfilment of my will - but if he seriously wants to experience truth, then he just needs to ask me for it and expect my answer full of faith. There would be no need for error on earth for the believers, when each one would just seriously desire truth. But who believes, to possess it, and does not want to leave his opinions, he can very easily enter the spiritual kingdom with erroneous spiritual material, but where he must absolutely reach truth first, to be able to be unrestrictedly happy, because this happiness depends on the spreading of truth, which I send to each one man already on earth, so he desires it sincerely.

But I will never ever let a man get lost, who lives according to his inner conviction - provided, that he is connected to me mentally and through love. With what could I perhaps reproach him, when he wants to live in my will and also believes to recognize it? On the other hand, I assess no acts, which let this conviction miss. And I reject everything, what takes place only pure outwardly, because I never demand or have ordered such formalities. And I again and again emphasize, that all my words are to be understood spiritually, that they always only are to concern and promote the inner life of men, that therefore man can perform a complete change of nature at himself and bring his soul to highest maturity through his inner life only, for also every good work is only then good and to be seen as fulfilment of my love command, when true love drives man to it. And love is no formality, but a stirring of the heart, which needs to be visible to no man. But this love achieves everything, brightness of the spirit, truthful thinking, right feeling for that, what brings the earth child closer to the father - and therefore also the cognition of my will. For such an earth child stands in direct relationship to its father; it receives his instructions and carries them out willingly; it goes no ways, but lets itself be led by me and does not want to transgress against me and does not need to be afraid, to misunderstand something and having to take responsibility for it. It belongs to me, because it wants to belong to me, and what belongs to me, that I keep, and it will not get lost for ever, because light is in its soul - because I myself am present in it as love light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5975.


Book 65 5976

"Spread my word." (17. Anniversary of receiving the word)

15. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5976.

"Spread my word throughout the world." So, I spoke to my disciples, and I filled them with my spirit, so that they could announce me and my teaching, for they constantly heard in them my word and became now living announcers of the divine kingdom. They would have never been able to hold this office, when they would not have been in contact with me through my spirit, to which voice they listened and which leading they followed. They recognized me through the word, and they were aware of my presence.

And if I now also want in the time of the end let the Gospel be announced to men, so it must happen again in the way, that I choose disciples for myself, who are again able to hear my voice in them, who therefore let me myself be present in them and let me speak to them through the spirit, so that therefore not my disciples speak to men, to whom they are to bring the Gospel, but I myself address my earth children in my father love, to bring salvation to them, to make them turn back before the end, because they do not go the right way and for that reason lose again their way into the depth. The word of man would not achieve this - but my word can get through and manage an enormous turmoil in the heart of a man, because my word has power of incredible effect, when it is not resisted openly. Where it is possible, that I myself address a man - even so through a tool chosen by me - there is also prospect of success, for also a man full of love belongs to it, a mediator - whose love defeats the resistance - but as I can also only speak to such one, because the love of this man allows my presence. My earth disciples were filled by love for their fellowmen, and also in the time of the end I choose for myself the right disciples, because it is necessary, that my voice sounds down to earth as last admonition and warning call - because I once again want to announce to mankind my Gospel, to rescue them before the last judgement - to bring salvation to them.

And therefore, the word speaks, which is God himself - for I myself am the word. And so my word sounds to you, I myself am with you. You do not hear a man, you hear the spirit from eternity, which called you into life out of his power and his love and which is always in contact with you in the word. And you are to want to belong to this love spirit from eternity, for that reason he continually attracts with his word, so that you listen to him, recognize and devote yourselves boundlessly to him. For he wants to prepare for you, whom he has created out of his love, unlimited happiness, which you can only bear, so you yourselves walk in light and power - whereto my word is therefore to fashion you. And I will speak to you always and everywhere, where a heart full of love allows me entry - where my spirit is not fought against, so it wants to express itself - there the spirit from eternity will also be, which love is meant for all its creatures from the very beginning.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5976.


Book 65 5977

Significant mission. Spreading of the Gospel.

15. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5977.

Your mission is for that reason a so significant one, because my teaching is to be preached in all purity, for what I once gave to men, did not remain pure, but it was always more and more deformed, so that it no longer possesses the power, which my pure word holds. But men urgently need that power, which flows towards them out of my word - they are powerless and unable to develop upwards, and I can only supply power to them by that means, that my word is imparted to them - so undeformed and pure, as it starts from me. Only this word is able to give them life; only this word is food for the soul, which lets it mature, which gives them power. For that reason, nobody can reach eternal life without my word, and for that reason I supply it to men in a way, which appears unusual, but is a quite natural process - by me myself speaking through the mouth of a man to all men and therefore my word touches in all purity ear and heart of those, who willingly listen to it. You certainly now hear a man speak, but it is not his language, it is not his thought material, which he offers to you - it is really and truly the radiation of my love, which you are allowed to catch; it is me myself, who speaks to you - it is me, of whom it stands written: "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." I want to offer to you the bread of heaven; I want to refresh and revive you with food, which your soul urgently needs - I want to strengthen you and bring salvation to your soul - I want to give to it that, what it needs to be happy. There is great spiritual trouble on earth; it is a drought, that the souls lack food, that they live in want and lie on the ground in greatest weakness. And I know about this trouble and want to help men. Out of my hand they are to receive the strengthening food; I myself want to attract them to the source, where they can draw delicious water of life and so reach new power - and all trouble is to be removed for him, who accepts, what I offer him: my word from above, which I impart to you, you who want to serve me, which is now supplied to men through you, so that they may be helped - my word, which is only then effective, when it can touch the heart pure and unadulterated, and which is for that reason to be spread anew into the world by disciples, who I myself choose for this. For the trouble is great, and my love wants to help - it wants to heal the sick and strengthen the weak; it wants to give life to the dead and for that reason supply the life current to barren land. My love still wants to wrest from death those souls in the last hour, which do not resist it, and make them happy through my word.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5977.


Book 65 5978

Right instruction. Right will. Love command.

16. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5978.

My command of love is the first and most important. But it is just a reference to that, what you are to do, for you are free and therefore not forced, to fulfil this my command. Everything you must do voluntarily, so it is to be of value for your soul. And exactly the same also all bad deeds are to be taken into account as sin for you, when you carry them out voluntarily, for always only your will is assessed. Your will and the attitude of your heart is the alone decisive, and for that reason your thinking must be first get trained; you must get instructed so, that the right wanting results from it. Through wrong instruction the will can now get led astray; but the will can also consciously behave against the better cognition. And latter is sin. For right instructions always aim at love, and an acting against love is sin. And also, the led astray man has a quiet admonitor and warner in him, who nevertheless shows his will the right direction - which is again according to my love command. For that reason, also he cannot get acquitted of the offence against love - of the sin - as soon as he himself rebels against the quiet admonitor in him, as soon as he does not listen to him. For the will can be directed right or wrong in every man, otherwise he would not be free. And the love command is always the standard for the direction of the will. i.e., the fulfilment of it is also the right decision of the will, because love alone produces a life in divine order. And for that reason, no man can be happy without love - why I therefore describe this command as first and most important, which is to determine all your acting and thinking, so you were serious about the gaining of eternal happiness. Nothing else can bring in the same success for you, through nothing else can you replace love, and whether you exhaust yourselves in acts of all kind, which always only remain symbol for that, what I demand: love for me and for the neighbour. All symbols are pointless, when they are not accompanied by deepest unselfish love. And all symbols are recognized as pointless, when love is embodied in the heart of man. For that reason, I always taught on earth only love; for that reason, I held up as an example for men a life in love - for that reason I gave them an example for a right earth life walk. I was gentle, peaceable, extremely patient, full of humility, full of mercy, longsuffering and just. I practise love and also proved to men the success, so that they were to strive for the same, so that they were to follow me, to reach a glorious aim: eternal life in light and power and glory. And for that reason only love is to be preached on earth; with eagerness my love teaching is to be announced, because it alone is the way upwards, because - who walks in love - is also my real follower and because only love redeems you and makes you free from sin and death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5978.


Book 65 5979

Request for the divine spirit.

17. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5979.

You stand in the power of the spirit, as soon as you desire me and my spirit, for this desire secures you the supply of my power, because every spiritual request is fulfilled, because it is the confession of the own weakness and humble submission to your God and father from eternity. You once rejected this power, and in this way you fell into darkness - you lost all cognition; you could no longer distinguish truth and error; you turned away from me and became destitute of power and of light - you voluntarily separated yourselves from me; you no longer acknowledged me as source of power and for that reason also forfeited all power. Your request for the power of the spirit, for enlightenment, for cognition completely abolishes your previous will of hostility - you have decided to return; you again turn your looks towards me; you long for the relationship with me, which you once destroyed voluntarily. You therefore request that, what you have once spurned. And this request will always be fulfilled for you - as it is, after all, my constant plan of salvation, to again put you into the state, where you can work in my will radiated through by light and power. Therefore, no man will ask in vain, so he is serious about it, to recognize what is right, and he asks me myself, that I may give my spirit to him. This serious wish does not remain unfulfilled - but it must be serious - it must emerge from the heart, it is not allowed to be just expressed with the mouth as empty prayer formula, which does not get through to my ears, because I am a truthful spirit, which wants to be called upon in spirit and in truth. The serious request, to be flowed through by the power of my spirit, presupposes a deep desire for truth, and man recognizes, that he can only find this truth with me and with my help. And for that reason, it means simultaneously acknowledgement - faith in a highly perfect being. Only a deeply believing man can express a serious request for the divine spirit, a man, who does not deny the existence of a divinity, otherwise he would not call upon it. And I also do not disappoint this faith, and I let myself be known, by him receiving proofs of the favourable hearing of his request. I reveal myself to him, and he becomes aware of my presence. And now he does no longer go from me for ever, the power of my spirit has had an effect on him; the return has been carried out; the former hostility, the sin of the defection from me, has voluntarily been given up; it was recognized and found forgiveness - for desiring and receiving the power of the spirit means simultaneously also the acknowledgment and redemption through Jesus Christ, wo only through his sacrifice on the cross created the possibility, that the divine spirit could fill a man - that man could really direct his will upwards at all - that therefore his desire is turned towards God and truth. And who seriously desires truth, he also cannot reject Jesus Christ; he has as it were already become free from the fetter of my opponent through the blood of Jesus; he fled from darkness and seeks the light, which he will now certainly find through the power of the spirit - through my work in and at him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5979.


Book 65 5980

God's blessing for redemption work. Souls in the hereafter.

19. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5980.

Those people are led into your way, to whom you are to bring my word; you yourselves are directed so, that you can busy yourselves redeeming. You are surrounded by souls, who also receive my word through you, and my spirit will always lower itself down to you, so you want to work for me and my kingdom, because this work of redemption in the last time before the end is the most important and for that reason also experiences my blessing. And truly no effort is in vain, for a success is always recorded in the opposite kingdom, because there already the smallest gleam of light is utilized - because souls always exist, which have already reached the degree, that they benefit from every spiritual activity on your part. As soon as you want to serve me, you are surrounded by a gleam of light, which entices souls near, and for that reason you are not to grow tired or indifferent in the work for my kingdom, even so you can observe little success earthly - you do not work in vain, and every thought, every word, every stroke of the pen has its effect and brings redemption to the souls on earth or in the spiritual kingdom. It must just be done in the serious will to serve me and to help with the redemption of erroneous souls. This spiritual work is allowed to be based on no self-interest and also no self-love, for everything lies clearly before me, also the smallest thought in the heart of a man and the redemption will alone, the complete submitting of the will under mine, assesses the work and the success. For that reason, you are not to let up in your striving, even so obstacles come up to you from all sides or you are apparently active without all success. You cannot see this success, but it exists, and in future you will happily see the blessing of your work, when you are received by the crowds of the souls redeemed by you. And the more eagerly you carry out the vineyard work, the more lovingly you look after the souls, which still stay in darkness, the more intimate your wish is, to help these souls, the more blessed your redemption work is, and also you yourselves stand in the favour and in the blessing, because every spiritual activity brings in my love for you and also secures all help for you. You will indeed experience more rejection on behalf of men, for in the time before the end the spiritual low increases, and this alone already marks the nearness of the end and the truth of my words. You will get mocked and slandered on account of your spiritual activity; one will try to prevent you spreading my word; you will be persecuted and tempted through many kinds of hardship to defect and to testify against me. Do not be put off by anything; think about, that I have foretold you this, and know, that then the end comes, that you stand closely before it, that I come myself to liberate you from great trouble, as I have promised. At the success of your vineyard work you will recognize, which hour has struck, for you have still to record individual successes, but then hardly anyone will listen to you in the good will, who still does not belong to your small crowd, and you will have to stick firmly together and strengthen each other in the faith. But my word will sound for you always, so that you do not lose the relationship with me, when the world besieges you and the spiritual light will only still shine quite weakly in this world. But where my word sounds, there it brightly radiates into infinity and attracts along, who long for light, and now you can give to these, what fellowmen spurn. And every soul, which finds redemption through you, will thank you for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5980.


Book 65 5981

Closing of the gates to the spiritual kingdom.

21. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5981.

The gates to the spiritual kingdom will close, when the end of this earth has come. To understand this, you men have to know, that also after death the soul in its development can go on or sink back to extreme darkness. You have to know that still many possibilities are offered to the soul in the otherworldly kingdom to increase the degree of maturity, that was obtained on earth or to get out of darkness into the light, always according to the free will of the soul. The ascent upwards is far more difficult in the spiritual kingdom and requires much help and willingness of the soul, but it is not impossible and therefore a special favour of God, who wants to help the souls up all the time. But his opponent is just the same way anxious to keep the souls in darkness, which he has won on earth, and that is why the sinking down into the deep is just as possible, which is why the fight between light and darkness is also carried out in the spiritual kingdom, i.e. both sides struggle for the souls. Because it is a matter of still liberating souls from his fetters before the end of the earth; it is a matter to also there still put the will to the test, whether it is directed upwards or downwards. And that is why redemption work takes place both on earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom and with special eagerness during the last times before the end, because also there a separation of spirits has to take place before the new earth arises. Because a new redemption period starts - the creations of the new earth incorporate the souls in themselves, which still remain in strongest resistance against God and would never find their way out of darkness, because they themselves resist the light. And so hell expels everything what has become a slave to it; the spiritual kingdom gives those souls back, where there is no hope that they change their will and God banishes the spiritual anew in the creations of the new earth. But those who have succeeded to come off the chains of Satan, they also strive for the light and they find innumerable helpers and accomplices, who level the way up for them, who help them to reach upwards. As long as the earth still exists, the spiritual gates are still wide open to receive the souls, which first leave their body - it does not matter in which spiritual state they arrive in the hereafter. Redemption work will continue on every soul, which does not enter the spiritual kingdom as a soul of light. But when the end has come then the gates close for a long time, because then the possibilities for further development are eliminated. The spiritual, that is bad and stands completely in the service of Satan, experiences now the new banishment in the creations of the new earth, while the good spiritual, that remained loyal to God also remains on earth, i.e. will populate the new earth as stock of the new generation. But everything that is still capable of development, will be recalled first and in the end only those exist, who openly take action against God and so are clearly recognizable as servants of Satan and those who remain loyal to God in the most severe fight against the faith and are therefore suitable for the stock of the new generation - who now lead a paradisiacal life on earth that is incomparable for men of the earth and therefore also not imaginable. It is an exceedingly happy state for those, because the father will dwell right among his children - where there is no sin and no death, no suffering and no worries, and where men enjoy heavenly happiness through the presence of God, although they stay on earth. But the earth is no longer that, what it was before the end - a breeding ground for hell, where the opponent of God raged to win his victims for himself. Earth has become a paradise, and those who now stay on it are men, who were suitable for the kingdom of light, but who are still allowed to own their earthly body and yet are still happy - who live in the will of God, who take possession of a glorious, new formed earth to now again level the way upwards for both their descendants as well as the still bound spiritual and to foster their upward development as it is intended in God's plan of salvation. For a long time the struggle has ended in the spiritual kingdom, but the light souls also now again go down to earth to offer their guidance to men and so a spiritual progress is now also ensured for all creatures on the new earth, and the redemption from form advances surprisingly fast because the effect of Satan is eliminated for a long time - and so peace is on earth and in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5981.


Book 65 5982

Change of pure Gospel. Successors?

22. June 1954. B.D. NR 5982.

You are taught the pure Gospel and you learn to recognize how different this my pure Gospel is to that what is taught on earth as my word - you learn to recognize that my word has experienced a change insofar as it is interpreted differently and therefore also applied differently - that what is alone important is too little observed, by contrast the unimportant is emphasized and therefore not many spiritual results are achieved. I showed men on earth the only passable way while I taught and applied my teaching myself, by going the way which all men are to go to reach me. It is the way of love, which man has to go as it alone only ensures the heavenly kingdom, i.e. entering into the spheres of light after his death of the body where the soul is blissful in my nearness. My teaching has become perverse - only a hiding place is left to find it in a building of human additions, false interpretation and compliance with unimportant commandments, which never were given by me to men, but which are great dangers that the only important commandment will be overlooked and therefore remains unfulfilled. Of what use is it to you men when you chastise yourself, when you carry out dutiful acts or confess me with the mouth, when you are not recognizing the love commandment to be the first and the most important one and obey it. You think to honour me through innumerable ceremonies and yet you can only honour me when you do what I demand of you. And I demand of you love for me and for your neighbour. As long as you discover a lack of love when earnestly being self-critical, you are not yet on the right road and whether you bend your knees daily and hourly and beat your breast. This is human desire and it is also only meant for those men whom you try to convince that you are pious. And how far away are you still from real piety as long as you do not seize your fellow human beings with love, which also proves your love for me - as long as you tolerate that the fellow human beings next to you live in extreme misery and distress, as long as you do not seek to first alleviate this misery, before you fancy outward gestures - before you pay tribute to the world through big worldly pomp, through all for what you found the name: To my honour. I do not want to be honoured this way as long as one misery is still crying out to me, which to alleviate would well be possible for you men when you would write my love commandments into your heart. As long as I walked on earth my care was meant for the needy, poor, sick and depressed. You, who claim to be my followers on earth - what are you doing for these needy, poor, sick and depressed? As long as you can help and you do not help, you are also not real followers of mine and whether you also get yourself this name. I only evaluate the fulfilment of my love commandments, because everything else - deep faith, recognition of pure truth, union with me and last eternal happiness - only comes from love, but can never be won without love. Out of which is already apparent, why the great misery is on earth, why men are faithless and walk in error. My pure teaching is the love teaching, which I announced on earth. As soon as this is taught and also practically carried out, you men are standing in truth and you have walked on the way of succession of Jesus. But when you ignore these commandments, you can outdo yourself in outward acts - you will have no success for your soul - you will remain in error and also go with it over into the spiritual kingdom, because I assess only the degree of love which your soul has reached until the hour of death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5982.


Book 65 5983

Last judgement an act of God's love.

23. June 1954. B.D. NR 5983.

The last judgement has to be likewise evaluated as an act of God's love because it also underlies the further development of the spiritual, that has failed in its last earth life test and which has to be integrated into a new maturing process to once reach the last goal. The last judgement is therefore likewise a concluding sorting out of what has been messed up - it is a straightening and inserting into the different forms which are according to the maturity of the spiritual - it is the ending of a development period and the beginning of a new one according to my plan from eternity, which takes deepest wisdom and love as a basis. Also a judging God remains a God of love, because my justice can only so have an effect, as my love sees it as being useful for the spiritual and still adjusting for the wrong thinking and acting of men, who come under this judgement. Also the greatest sin has to be atoned for somehow, when it has not been handed over to the one who, presented himself as expiatory sacrifice. Compensation has to be created to decrease this great sin and this compensation is ensured through the judgement - through putting the one, who has become guilty, into a state where it again has to pay off the sin, as it did not voluntarily accept the gift of redemption. The last judgement is not at all an act of divine anger, but only an act of love, where also my justice is expressed - as this cannot be dismissed with a being, that is exceedingly perfect. I now could well let every one of them, on their own, for their sake, feel my justice, I could likewise punish every sinner immediately. But this would fall short of my wisdom and also my love would then hardly be able to be recognized. Because I am exceedingly patient and longsuffering and I delay a judgement, as the one at the end of a development period, as long as it is possible to still first win men for myself. And I hold my protecting hand over the unjust and evil, because I want to conquer them with my love and do not want to be feared by them as punishing God. But when then the point in time has come, where I create order, because a voluntary return to me is completely hopeless, then my love has to seemingly step back and yet still it alone is the driving force. My love ends a satanic state and hinders my opponent of further destructive work. I rescue the souls from the fall into the deepest depth. I bind them anew into hard matter and so integrate them again into the development process - a judgement that again only aims at redemption, but not eternal death - and that therefore well proves more my love for all what I have created - for all what is dead and is to reach eternal life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5983.


Book 65 5984

Leader and road companion. God's blessing.

25. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5984.

Everyone is accepted, who voluntarily comes to me - everyone, who strives for me in thoughts, who wants, that I accept him, he can also feel being seized by me, and he will return into the father house, although his way is laborious and he is often of the will to turn back; he certainly can sink back a few steps - but whom I have once seized, him I never let go; he can again and again stand up at my hand, so he has fallen, and I will never ever withdraw my hand from him - since after all I wait for his return already eternal times. For that reason, I bless all, who introduce me to men, who make me so accessible to them, that I am also desired by them as leader and road companion for this earth life. Men's thinking is often directed so far way, that they do not notice me, when I step to their side - and then it is good, when men turn up, who draw fellowmen's attention to me, who introduce to them the danger of a way without leader and refer them to my loving leadership. And then I emerge and offer myself to them - and who voluntarily follows me, he will truly no longer go wrong and be able to get lost. I know the thoughts of each individual and feel myself drawn to those, who seek contact with me, and I will never ever remove myself from their sides, even so now and again no attention is paid to me. They are my children, whom I would like to escort upwards and whom I can escort, when they just want, that they find me, that I look after them. Only who rejects me openly and firmly, him I let go his way; I do not force my company on them, but also their further ways will not be without signposts - they are again and again referred to the right way, and it is left to their free will, whether they change the taken direction and choose me as their aim. All men are blind in spirit, who still do not recognize me, when I walk at their side. And for that reason, I bless, who make the effort, to inform these blind, that they need a leader. I bless all, who describe to them their dangerous state and at the same time advise and help them, to take refuge to the right leader. I bless, whose trouble goes to their heart, that they help them and that they give love to those, who receive no love, because they reject the giver of love. I bless the seeing, who look after the blind, to open the eyes for them for the splendours of that world, which lies before them and which each one man can gain, who just wants, that I accompany him - who does not reject me, but believes in me. For only, who believes, he comes voluntarily to me, and only, who voluntarily comes, him I draw to my heart, to no longer leave him from me for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5984.


Book 65 5985

"I am the way, the truth, and the life."

26. June 1954 B.D. NR. 5985.

The way to the eternal home is far for those men, who have not chosen the right leader for themselves, who for that reason often go astray and have to apply great effort, to again arrive there, where they can join him and his leadership. Long futile ways can be covered by them, and therefore they put off the return into the father house always longer, but which they could reach in a short time under the right leadership, under the leadership of Jesus, who initiated a short way for you men and is always prepared, to show you this short way and to take over the leadership. How much time can get lost for you, how many efforts it costs you - how often can you slip off and have a fall, because you are on wrong ways, which lead you far away from the right aim. And alone you are unable to find the right way, and your power is not enough, because it climbs. For that reason, you must turn to him, he alone shows you right - to Jesus Christ, who has said of himself: "I am the way, the truth, and the life." If you want to win truth and life, so you must also go the way of Jesus Christ whatever happens, because otherwise the life in happiness is unattainable for you, for otherwise the father house remains nowhere to be found. He alone must go ahead of you as leader, before whom all obstacles fade, who is always a right support for you, so your power lets up - who leads you past thorns and stones; who always finds a way, on which you can effortlessly climb up. Alone it is impossible for you to go this way, for you do not see it, as long as the light of life is not shining you. He alone is the light, and he alone opens the eyes for you and lets you really recognize, where you walk. He alone knows the way, because he himself has initiated it through his death on the cross; he has made it free for you, so that you find to the father under his leadership secure and certainly, so that your return into the father house has become possible for you, so that you can reach your aim - to be united with him for ever, from whose love you have emerged once.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5985.


Book 65 5986

Redeemer work of Jesus Christ.

27. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5986.

My work of redemption has been accomplished for all times, for all men, who must go the course through earth life, for all unredeemed spiritual, which needs the favours of my redemption work, to get free from the fetter of my opponent. One man has brought the sin sacrifice for the whole mankind. He brought the sin sacrifice for the great sin of the defection of the spiritual from me. He paid the debt with his life - he died on the cross. And whether the process of the spiritualization of men still last endless times - whether innumerable development periods are necessary, to let the spiritual come to the last maturity - all spiritual embodied as man has the possibility to reach its aim exactly through the help of Jesus Christ, through his inexhaustible measure of favour, of which men just need to make use, to receive power, to liberate themselves from the control of the opponent. The might and the power of my opponent was so great before, that men could not resist him. But Jesus Christ, through his death on the cross, has broken his power, and provided power to those men, to defeat him, who make use of his favours, who acknowledge Jesus Christ as God's son and redeemer of the world, in whom I myself have embodied myself, because I wanted to help you men. The great spiritual trouble on earth does not need to be; it could be abolished by you men yourselves, because the means are at your disposal through the divine redeemer. But as long as you do not apply them, so long as you do not fetch the power from him, you are weak and unable and for that reason in greatest spiritual trouble. And you again strengthen the power of my opponent. Do not believe, that you can ever get free on another way, and do not believe, that the death of your body ends everything. The fetters, which my opponent has forged around you, hold you mercilessly prisoner also after the death of your body, and only the one can break them, who has defeated him through his death on the cross - only Jesus Christ can break them. And so you do not acknowledge him, so you do not call him, you will still remain eternities in that fetter, however also again and again have the possibility to turn to Jesus Christ, for his work of redemption was valid not only for the present, but also for the past and for the future. All men, who must cover the course on earth, can draw from his spring of favour and recover, i.e. get free from the enemy of their souls. They just need to hand themselves over to him, who is Lord also over Satan, who has overcome him. But they must hand themselves over to him, otherwise they remain unfree for ever - for ever in that power, for ever in agony and darkness. But it is up to you men, when you flee to him, who has redeemed you. It is up to you, and you can immediately hand yourselves over to him, but also only in eternity - you can get hold of happiness soon, but also remain unhappy endless long time. But once you must submit to him, and no matter when you do this, his treasure of favours will always also be at your disposal, for who redeemed the world from sins, he died on the cross for all men. No man can go past him, who wants to escape from death and arise to life - for only through Jesus Christ man can be happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5986.


Book 65 5987

Warning about false prophets.

28. June 1954. B.D. NR 5987.

I care for the ones who are mine and every single spiritual and earthly request finds its fulfilment, because the ones who are mine will also only turn with earthly requests to me as the spirit from me gives it to them. And spiritually I always give them according to their will; spiritually they are guided and looked after by me, because the attainment of my kingdom - the spiritual well-being of their souls - is the first that they strive for and that is why also my spirit can have an effect in them. And that is why they can safely walk their way; it is the right one, because I myself guide them. Watch out for the false prophets; but know that there are also genuine ones, otherwise I would not have warned against the false ones. But genuine prophets you can recognize by their nature and work. They only selflessly take care to protect the fellow human beings from disaster, from the influence of Satan, from their spiritual downfall. That is why they announce Jesus Christ, who alone can snatch men from that influence, who alone is their rescuer and redeemer and guides them to eternal life. Completely unselfishly these prophets announce their Lord and at the same time point to the judgement of God, that will hit, when their words are not believed. They announce to men what awaits them, when they keep walking their wrong ways. But only the concern over their soul welfare drives these messengers to sound their calls of admonition and warnings. Where you meet such prophets, there think of my words - prick your ears, when they address you and do not reject them, because their love drives them to do it and that is why I sent them among men, that they announce to them the nearby end, so that they do not become a victim of it. You are therefore not to reject everyone, who announces the nearby end to you, because he only wants to rescue you, but not only to frighten you. But many also seek in such an office to gain a source of income. They combine an earthly purpose with it and these are not servants of God but servants of Satan. Because my opponent wants to cause confusion among men and so also he will use my words, also he will talk about the end to make men believe, that he talks on my behalf to then direct their thoughts to their earth life, to cause them to pay tribute to the world more than ever and he will know how to describe the world in such vivid colours, that the love of men more and more turns to the world. Many false prophets will appear before the end, who all will make use of the message of the real prophets, who also announce the coming things, but not in view of my kingdom, but only always put their earthly goals before it, but who also make use of my words, but are not selfless, but seek to gain their own advantages. And that is why their speeches will not agree with the truth; that is why worldliness will still shine too much from their speeches because who still belongs to the world cannot deny it. But you men can feel it, who is sent to you from me, when you want to be mine and be true. Then you will clearly recognize, who talks to you and you will follow the call of the real prophets, because they only want to lead you to me, they do not want anything for themselves and they despise the world.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5987.


Book 65 5988

Promise of life. Jesus Christ.

29. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5988.

I want to give life to those, who flee from death, who turn away from him, who has brought death into the world, and who believe my promise, that they are to live for ever, so they let themselves be awakened by me. I alone can fulfil this promise; I alone can command death, to release you, and I alone have that power at the disposal, which you need for life. Who therefore wants to live, he may come to me and receive life out of my hand - who truly wants to live, he may desire power from me, and he will be able to receive it unlimitedly. I want to give you life, for I love you and therefore want to wrest you from death; I want to change the lifeless state of your soul and give it the ability to be active to the own happiness. I want, that it can work in light and power already on earth and in future in the spiritual kingdom. But I can do nothing against your will. Only so you yourselves want to flee from death, you can get fed with my power; only when you turn away from the enemy of all life, he has lost his control over you, and you are heading for eternal life. Only when you direct your steps towards me, that power will flow towards you, which guarantees you life, for you then open yourselves to my love power current, and your hearts can now get filled with the life water - and you have escaped eternal death. But alone, without help, you will never be able to carry out the breaking away from the enemy of your souls, for your will is weakened, and it is gaged by him; he keeps you to the ground, and alone you cannot raise yourselves. And you would never ever be able to awaken to life, when not one would constantly have access to you - one, whom the enemy cannot prevent, to come to you, because he is stronger than he, who holds you captive. But only this one can help you and free you from him, when you yourselves want it, and so that you want it, his hand touches you and lets you feel the favour of his love. He blocks your way, so that you pay attention to him and give him the right, that he may break you away - Jesus Christ, who, through his death on the cross, has acquired the right for himself, to also penetrate into the areas of his opponent, to break the fetter of those, who want it. My compassionate love also comes to the souls being in the depth - may it be on earth or in the opposite kingdom. Where greatest trouble is, there the rescuer is close, there Jesus Christ shows himself obviously, so that men take the way to him, who alone can lead them out of the night of death to the light of life. He himself is the life, which has taken on flesh on earth, to supply life to them, who had become a slave to death. In Jesus Christ I approach you men myself, and I truly bring you life, as soon as you let yourselves be helped by me, as soon as you just turn your eyes to the cross and now receive that power, to raise yourselves, to resist and to free yourselves out of captivity with my help. For I have redeemed you from sin and from death - I have acquired eternal life for you on the cross.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5988.


Book 65 5989

Love irradiation. Decision-admonition. Will.

30. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5989.

Eternally already you are far from me, and you shut yourselves off from my love radiation - and for ever you will still be in this far distance from me, when you do not open yourselves to my favour, when you further so resist me as up to now. For now you have soon reached your hour of decision; you can completely return to me, to lead a happy life; but you can also remain further in resistance, and you will then again be banished from my nearness, which you had already almost reached - you sink back and must once again cover the same way through all creations of nature. And eternities pass, before you, in the same state of free will, are put before the decision anew. You men cannot gauge it, what it means, but I know it and would truly like to protect you from it; I would like to cause you to seek, to flee from this your fate, and for that reason shout at you: Return soon; do not let the end come near; think things over, before it is too late. Distance from me means darkness and agony, slavery and powerlessness. Distance from me means, that my love radiation can no longer touch you and that you are unhappy for that reason. You can decrease the distance from me very much; you had the possibility and still have it, to completely come near me, and your will alone determines, whether you want to remain near me or completely turn away from me again. And I seek to help you in untiring patience and love and to direct your will there, from where light and power can be sent to you. But I cannot determine you to the right direction of your will; it remains up to you, and for that reason you fail. Everything is within reach for you; a glorious kingdom in power and happiness - so you just decrease the distance from me and let yourselves be radiated through by my love power. For you must seek the contact with me, if you also want to be full of light and power. You must voluntarily take the way to me; you must want, that the far distance from me is decreased; you are not allowed to turn away from me, but must strive towards me fully consciously, and you must believe, that I am the father of you all and for that reason are reachable by everyone of my children, which seriously want to arrive at me. My love for you, for my creatures, has not become smaller; it still embraces you with the same intimacy, it only does not force its company on you. For the love power is allowed to find no resistance, otherwise it remains ineffective.

And so you men are still not able to feel my love, so you still do not feel touched by my love, so you still remain in resistance against me, and this you are to give up; you are to devote yourselves completely to me, wanting to possess no own will any longer, but be prepared to still live according to my will only. Then you have voluntarily subordinated yourselves to me, then all resistance in you is broken, then the distance between us has decreased, and then you can come so close to me, that you feel my presence, and you can feel my love. Because you will be happy, that you can snuggle yourselves into the arms of your father like children, that your father embraces you in his love and prepares a happy life for you in eternity. O see to it, that you come into this state, before the end is there; see to it, that you belong to those, who can enter into the spiritual kingdom at the hand of the father, who stand firm in the last fight on this earth - see to it, that you have become mine, and you will remain so until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5989.


Book 65 5990

Establishing the divine order.

1. July 1954. B.D. NR. 5990.

And I want to purify the world; I want to establish the order again; I want to separate men from each other, when the last day has come. I want, that an earth arises again, where everything is in divine order, so that it serves again the perfection of the spiritual, as it is its purpose. I want, that there may be peace once, that paradise is again opened to men, who live in my will. I want, that Satan has no longer control over men, and for that reason I lay him in fetters; I uncover him of all might and power, by me also banishing his following, without which he is powerless for a long time. Long I indeed had patience and did not hinder him in his work and raging against me, but once comes the hour, where I stop him and oppose him with my power and my will. And then begins a new time, a time of peace and of order, a time of happiness and divine harmony for all men inhabiting the new earth - and a time of quick ascent development for the spiritual bound in the creations. And in this time, I myself get into contact with mine obviously; I myself will stay among them and trigger increased happiness, where the hearts go out to me in love. Peace will reside in the hearts of men, peace will be among mine, and nothing will be, what besieges them and wants to rob them of peace. A new world will come into being, full of light and love, where my love, power and glory reveals itself in every way. The world must get renovated; it must get purified, because in the end only sin and death still rule it and it had become the stay of Satan, because all spiritual ascent has become impossible on it, what violates my order from eternity. A school of the spirit must again get created, where it is possible for my earth children, to go their course of development to the end with success. Human will has caused greatest confusion and turned everything; human will has disregarded my law from eternity and blindly raged to the disadvantage of every creature, to the disadvantage of the spiritual, which is still bound. And all this must get directed right, if I want to come to the help of the spiritual which is in the mandatory state, to which men make the further development more difficult or completely impossible. A change must occur, a judging and reshaping - the last judgement is inevitable, for it serves mankind and the unredeemed spiritual only as blessing - otherwise it could not arrive at the destination for ever - otherwise all would be hopelessly exposed to the depth. Light must come into existence, where darkness is, freedom, where fetters and acts of violence are. Love must be able to rule, where up to now only hate expressed itself - happiness and blessedness must please all, who lived up to now under sin and oppression in the midst of a world of satanic beings. For the time is fulfilled; the liberation from sin and death comes.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5990.


Book 65 5991

Idea of hell and its agonies.

3. July 1954. B.D. NR. 5991.

A transfigured body and a transfigured soul have ascended to heaven, when I had accomplished my work of redemption. Only what has completely spiritualized itself, that can enter heights full of light - therefore enter the kingdom of God. When this is comprehensible to you men, so also that will be possible for you to understand, that everything departing from earth immature also remains in the depth - that it must still carry so much burden, which prevents the flight upwards, that it remains detained in the earthly and therefore also stays in the earthly surroundings, although death has ended its stay on earth. You will understand it, that the soul - the spiritual - which is therefore wrapped up by impure substances, by earthly desires and which is still completely in material thinking, is completely lightproof and its darkened state can be no state of happiness. You will understand it, that the kingdom, in which it stays, is endlessly far away from that kingdom, into which I entered in the transfigured body. And you will understand it, that that kingdom is called hell in contrast to the kingdom of light, which only holds highly happy beings. An immature soul takes across all its bad qualities and passions into the kingdom of death, and it will want to romp about according to its nature. It will unleash the same passions with those souls, in which surroundings it is, and therefore no rest and peace will be, but always fights will break out about the supreme power, because these beings always only pursue earthly aims, which made up their purpose in life on earth. Such fights and quarrels do not contribute to their liberation; they themselves aggravate their lot for themselves; they rage against themselves and become deeper and deeper dependent on him, in whose kingdom they stay. Their innermost being gets churned up by hate and envy; they break out in lust for revenge, and hate flares up in them like a fire, which would like to destroy everything. And no matter what they do in their rage - it does not satisfy them and does not free them from their state of hate. A constant passion of hate is in them, a fire of the worst passions, a fire without end - unless they accept the advice of those beings, which approach them to help, to lead them out of the hell of their own passions. Do you now understand, what hell actually is? That by that a state is to be understood, which is worse than a fire, because it just has the destroying qualities of it, but not just qualities of purification - and that such a state can last eternities, because also the efforts of the beings willing to help can remain without success with the souls, whose covers are still impenetrable, and also the love of the helping beings is not able to penetrate the covers. Innumerable possibilities are opened to the souls by my love, which depart from earth as little or not at all matured. And for that reason, the spheres are also so different, in which these souls stay, from the deepest depth to the height are innumerable intermediate stages, according to the cover of the soul, how far it is impenetrable or can already catch weak rays of light. And nevertheless hell - the kingdom of the demonic, hate contorted and deformed souls - is populated the most densely, because these souls are still completely materially minded and all their love is meant for that kingdom only, which belongs to my opponent. And he truly knows it, to kindle the greed and to develop all the bad desires and qualities. He stirs up the fire to highest passion, which will also never ever go out in his kingdom - but from which to flee is still possible with the help of him, who is stronger than he - with the help of Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. I indeed ascended into heaven - but as redeemer of men from sin and death I also descend to hell and bring rescue to those, who want to let themselves be rescued. For there is also a way out of hell, which leads out - also in hell the cross of Christ lights up and can calm the souls. The light of the cross can touch a soul so, that it, tired of the eternal fight, clings to the rescue beam of the cross and its deep debt is deleted for the sake of the compassionate love of Jesus. Also, out of hell there is redemption, for my love is greater than all debt.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5991.


Book 65 5992

Effect of a striving man on opposite souls.

4. July 1954. B.D. NR. 5992.

Increased spiritual striving will always have a redeeming effect, for both the own soul as well as the opposite souls, which surround man, receive light, because the will directed towards God secures light and power to the own soul and also to the opposite souls the way to God is shown as a result, which they pursue because of that, because it lies brightly and clearly before them. A man, who on earth always only makes an effort, to do the will of God - who therefore consciously strives towards him - will always be surrounded by weak souls needing help, which want to fetch power for themselves, which is recognizable for them through bright light and which also radiates power, as soon as his thoughts are full of love and willing to help. Weak souls needing help hope for help from him and are therefore always near him. Every thought now, which is turned towards God, every thought, which is directed spiritually, is recognized as light spark, and they pursue all thoughts of the man attentively, and his efforts, his earthly activity. And they follow his example of it and strive for the same. Also, they now turn their looks upwards; they seek the same aim for themselves - and the man is active redeeming, although unaware of it. And of particular effect is then the prayer for the deceased, the mental stay with the unredeemed souls, which calls these over and lets them take part of the good influence on the soul in his surroundings. The thoughts of man do not remain hidden to those souls, so they are directed spiritually, and so always those souls are called over, who are able to change and willing. But for that reason also those powers are at work, who want to prevent a redemption - for that reason the spiritual striving man will also be besieged often, and the powers of darkness will attempt, to confuse his thoughts, to keep him back from spiritual striving, because they fear to lose many souls with him at the same time. And for that reason, also the spiritual striving man is not spared by days of inner struggle, of hours of inner trouble and weak faith, but these do not last long, because the counter powers are soon again pushed away from above - because God always helps those, whose striving is meant for him. And if man just often remembers those souls, which hope for help from him, then his redeemer will is expressed, and he will always receive power, to lead himself and his crowd of followers upwards. He will not need to fear becoming a victim of those dark powers; after each temptation he will always seek more eagerly to reach his aim, for all, to whom he did good, to all, to whom he sent loving thoughts, no matter whether on earth or in the spiritual kingdom, who stand by him, and therefore he will never tire, but be active to the blessing of his surroundings, because God is his aim, as long as he still lives on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5992.


Book 65 5993

God himself explains: Jesus Christ.

5. July 1954. B.D. NR. 5993.

It certainly should be possible for me myself after all, to destroy all reservations, and it is also possible for me, as soon as a man only desires pure truth - as soon as he therefore frees himself from his former knowledge, to listen to my voice only, what I announce to him. As soon as he seriously desires truth, he can also be assured, that I do not withhold this truth from him, because the desire for truth also proves the desire for me myself, I who am eternal truth: And who longs for me, to him I am also present, and I prove myself to him through the expression of my spirit, so that enlightening is his - that he now thinks truthfully or recognizes as truth what is offered to him. You men do not believe it, how easily you can get hold of truthful knowledge; you do not believe it, that you just need to turn to the giver of truth, to now also completely stand in truth. For everyone, who seriously longs for truth, he is also willing to love and able to love. God is love, and God is truth - God, love and truth are one. If you desire truth, then you also long for God - you seek the joining together with that, what you love. And so you love God and truth, the love spark in you is already flared up, the connection with me exists, my presence is secure for you, and I myself prove myself to you through my work in you - my spirit gives you enlightenment about that, what you would like to know.

But do you men want to hear pure truth? I must ask you this question, so that you also have the explanation, why so much error and lack of clarity is found among men and also there, where truth is to be spread. I can only give you men, so you want this yourselves, otherwise I would have to touch the free will of man and an inevitably imparted truth can bring no blessing. That I myself am prepared at any time, I have promised you men with the words: "I want to send the comforter to you, the spirit of truth, it will lead you into truth." You cannot fight my word. But where do you seek the fulfilment of my promise? - And therefore I have also said to you: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." With these words I have therefore clearly emphasized, which is your aim on earth - that you are to fashion yourselves to gods, for you are to become my image, my children - what is exactly only possible in the perfection of your nature. And because you yourselves would have never ever reached the aim, because you were too weak, to accomplish this work of change, I sent to you one, who was to bring to you the proof, that it is certainly possible for a man to reach this last aim, the becoming divine on earth. He held up for you the life as an example, which brought success in for him, to find through love the joining together with me - eternal love. He became perfect, as his father in heaven was perfect, so that I myself could be in all fulness in him, in the man Jesus, who was only so long man, as this reshaping was still not accomplished. But his outer body then held me myself in him and who for that reason could, after the death of his body, ascent transfigured to heaven, because body and soul had made themselves divine through love. And you all are to follow him - you all are to become perfect, as your father in heaven is perfect. Do consider seriously these my words - that I demand something from you, and have also given you the proof, that it is possible to fulfil this demand. I am and remain for ever the highest and most perfect spirit in infinity. No being would be able to see me in my infinite fulness of light and power. But in Jesus Christ I myself became visible for you, why Jesus Christ really and truly is and remains God in all eternity. But I sent my son - a being having emerged out of me - to you to earth, who now, in free will, moved into a human form, and got this form so ready, that it could become a stay for me - that I myself therefore was now in him and one can certainly now speak of, that Jesus was God - that I myself have embodied myself on earth. But it can never be denied, that Jesus as man has brought the sacrifice on the cross for you men - that he lived and suffered and died as man - but that love in him brought the sacrifice, and I myself was love and that consequently I myself have redeemed you men from sin and death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5993.


Book 65 5994

Handing out of spiritual goods through messengers of God.

6. July 1954. B.D. NR. 5994.

With full hands I would like to hand out my gifts of favour, but I only find few, who open themselves and let themselves be given presents; only few recognize the value of my gift of favour and accept it gratefully, and only few use it and acquire for themselves great spiritual wealth. And these are to be praised blessed. For once every man will recognize, how he is constituted; once poverty and also wealth will become obvious, and then the soul will think back full of remorse, which has walked past the donor, who just wanted to give to it and whose gifts it did not respect and rejected them. Once every soul will have to rely on spiritual wealth, and according to it will be its lot in eternity. But as long as man lives on earth, he can acquire spiritual goods for himself, for I offer them to him until the end of his life. Undeserved treasures he is allowed to receive, for I am sorry for the poverty of every soul, and my love wants to give, what it lacks. And for that reason, I again and again send out messengers, who instead of me are to hand out my gifts to those, who do not receive me myself, so I come to them, to those, to whom they have easier access, because they stand on the same ground. These messengers are rich in spiritual goods, which they have received from me myself, and therefore they can also hand out much, but nevertheless they will never wear themselves out. For again and again I supply to them anew and bless, who go with their wealth to the poor, to make them happy. For their office is not easy - the goods which they offer, are too little desired, and for that reason they are often rejected, although they offer the most delicious - goods, which are immortal and are assessed in future alone. But my love will not let up, to make accessible to you men that, what you need for your soul. My love will again and again apply new means, which all aim to achieve to provide spiritual wealth for you. My love will approach you in all situations in life and again and again offer a gift to you - gifts of favour of highest value - but again and again leave the freedom to you, to accept or reject them. For only a voluntarily used favour can have a blessed effect for you. You are poor, and I want to make you rich - but you do not recognize your spiritual poverty and for that reason reject him, who alone can remove your poverty, but who still does not let himself be rejected and again and again offers you his love gifts, as long as you live on earth. But so your last hour has come, your lot will be, as your will was on earth. You will suffer lack of it, what you carelessly rejected on earth and can only hardly gain in the opposite kingdom, those goods, which alone help you upwards. And your remorse will be painful - but your lot just, for the rejection of my love and favour gift on earth can bring in for you nothing else than great trouble in the opposite kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5994.


Book 65 5995

Afflictions of the body. Suffering for the soul.

7. July 1954. B.D. NR. 5995.

The body will pass, but the soul will leave it, to enter eternity in radiating fullness of light, when it has used earth life right. For that reason do not sadden yourselves, when the body is marked with afflictions, for this body then bears a load for the soul, so that it can swing itself up in freedom into light heights - do not sadden yourselves, but be glad, for it is a plus for the soul at the end of earth life. It is the way, which to go, you once voluntarily declared yourselves willing, even so you know nothing about it in earth life, but the soul recognized its maturation possibility and took the lot upon itself, which you think difficult to bear. But when your body no longer copes with its load, you feel too weak to carry the cross, which was imposed on you, then look up to him and ask him, that he may take your load on his shoulder, and he will help you carry the cross - he will give you power and support you; he will always be prepared for you, so you call him for help. You, you who must suffer on earth, you experience in a particular degree the love of God, even so you do not understand this, even so it seems incomprehensible to you, that his love burdened you with a cross. But only the body suffers, and it passes, but the soul is spared unspeakable suffering, and the love and care of God is meant for this soul, which he would like to protect from a lot, which is far more painful than that suffering, which the body had to bear during earth life. And as soon as you surrender to the will of God, as soon as you patiently carry your cross, the covers of the soul dissolve, it becomes light receptive, it becomes free and now also does not need to fear death - it will welcome it as entry into the kingdom of light, it will lay down the body with joys and be grateful, that it has suffered for it. For now it will live in light and freedom and eternal happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5995.


Book 65 5996

Loosening of the relationship with God danger.

8. July 1954. B.D. NR. 5996.

Quite easily you can get into the nets of Satan, so you loosen the relationship with me, so you are heading for that, with which he tempts you - so you let yourselves be captivated by the world. For the world is his kingdom; the world is the net, in which he wants to involve you; the world is the fetter, which he loops round you, as soon as you isolate yourselves from me and he therefore has a walkover with you. You must always consider, that there are only two kingdoms - that of mine and that of my opponent - that you can therefore only stay in the one, when you leave the other. To stay in my kingdom means complete turning away from the world, from the kingdom of him, who is my opponent. And in exactly the same way you will only then be able to be detained in his kingdom, when you have separated yourselves from my kingdom. Consider that always, that you cannot serve both lords and that for that reason a decision must be taken from your side, to which lord you give yourselves as own. Satan will tempt you, as long as you stay on earth, for he does not give up hope, to win you back, even so you have already decided for me. And he truly finds the most hidden means; he deceives you, you who want to remain loyal to me, by him appearing under a mask and seeks to direct you astray. But you can protect yourselves at any time, when you keep up the connection with me, when you always let me be your start and your end - when you begin and end everything with me - when you let me be present in you through intimate prayer and work in love. Then every attempt of his is in vain, you can withstand every temptation, for you then receive the power from me, and he can approach you only rarely, since my nearness keeps him back and he just lies in wait for an opportunity, where your thoughts digress from me and are still meant for the world. For that reason, seek first to overcome the world, so that he finds no possibility to approach you. And as you stand in the midst of the world and you must pay tribute, so remember me all the time. Also in the world always only stay together with me, and then the world will no longer be for you the kingdom of my opponent, for everywhere, where I can stay through your will, there is my kingdom, and there I protect you from all attacks of the enemy. But be watchful - always erect a wall round you, over which he cannot climb. The wall of strong faith, that I lead you - and always counter him with the most effective weapon - love - against which he is truly completely powerless. Then you will also cover your earth life way unjeopardized by him in the midst of the world, for then you go with me directly the way into your father house.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5996.


Book 65 5997

Thoughts of meaning and purpose of earth life. Address of God.

9. July 1954. B.D. NR. 5997.

When the significance of earth life is presented to you, then you are addressed by the eternal divinity, then that is a moment, where it itself addresses you and just demands attention from you, so that you also gain the blessing of this address. You men live mostly unconscious of you earth life task - you do not think about meaning and purpose of earth life; you just give your attention to earthly life, to your successes or failures, and only rarely the thoughts come to you of the quite negative success in the end, then, when your earth life has ended. If you would devote yourselves to these thoughts often, then you would certainly seriously ask yourselves about the actual meaning of your existence - you would move these thoughts for the time being in you, to then also discuss with your fellowmen, for you would no longer get these questions out of the mind, so they have once emerged in you. And then you have entered the way to cognition, always provided, that you are serious, to receive enlightenment about it.

For this serious desire is taken into account, because God, who knows about all your thoughts, is always prepared, to lead you to right cognition - to truth; for you are his creatures. You only stay on this earth to reach perfection, and also the light of cognition belongs to perfection. A creator, whose wisdom is indisputable, has based all his creations on purpose and destination, otherwise he would not be wise - otherwise it would have to be denied that he has perfection. Consequently man has also been created because of a certain aim, which is only so long unknown to you, as you do not wish to find out about it - because knowledge about it is of no use for him, who does not have the will, to know about it, to now live according to his aim. This knowledge can indeed get presented to every man, but it will only then touch him, when he concerns himself with the thought of his actual purpose and meaning of his earth walk. Then an explanation appeals to him, so it is truthful, or he rejects it, when in conversations erroneous opinions are represented about it. For that is God's work, that he directs the thinking of him right, who wants to recognize. Your earth life is not without significance, for it decides about your lot in eternity. Earth life is just a transit stage, and how you cover it, so you fashion your existence in future for you, for your life has not ended with the death of the body. And as you men adopt this cognition for the time being, that you continue your life, that your self just leaves the outer cover, to enter into a new existence - when you can reach this convinced faith, then you no longer consider earth life as end in itself, but as means for the purpose, and then you also live it consciously - i.e. always with the aim before the eyes, that your soul enters that kingdom in the right state, which will be its stay after the bodily death. And you can win this convinced faith, so just devote yourselves to the God and creator from eternity, from whose hand you have emerged. Then his love seizes you, and he directs your thinking right. But if you men also lack faith in a God and creator from eternity, then you are still badly misshapen according to your soul - then are destitute of all love. Then you have the more cause, to strive for a reshaping of your nature to love, which is first and last aim of all men on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5997.


Book 65 5998

Power of the will through Jesus' death on the cross.

10. September 1954. B.D. NR. 5998.

Every man can reach his aim on earth, when he wants it. Because for it the man Jesus himself offered himself on the cross as sacrifice, so that no man lacks power, which he needed for his ascent upwards. And also the will experiences a strengthening through the favour of the work of redemption, but it remains free for ever, so that therefore man himself is the decisive factor. His will gets tested during his earth life, but which can also remain in resistance, but then the soul must also bear the consequences of it. Before the death on the cross of Jesus, the souls were tied up, and they lay on the ground and could not raise themselves. But the divine redeemer walks past all and offers them his hand, that they can stand up and follow him, without that the opponent of God can hinder them. Who grasps his hand, he extricates himself from that power, and he gets free, for who follows Jesus Christ, he is introduced into a kingdom of light, and light and power is also his share. But whether he grasps his hand, that is completely up to him, and therefore you men will recognize, that you yourselves must do something for it, to get free, that your will must get active, that it is up to you, whether you become free and happy creatures. And for that reason it is your own failure, your own guilt, when you do not reach the aim, and no-one will be able to say, it is was not possible for him. For that reason, you yourselves also take responsibility for your soul, as long as you live on earth, where constantly references are sent to you, that you only live for that purpose on earth, to liberate yourselves from that power, which keeps you captivated, and that you can also do it with the help of Jesus Christ. You are constantly referred to him, and you just need to use the favours, which he acquired for you and which are amply at your disposal. But you must acknowledge him; you must consciously call him for help in the cognition of your own weakness and helplessness. You must consciously turn away from his opponent and push towards him. Then his love seizes you, and at his hand you securely reach the aim. But without him you earth life is idle, and at the end you still stand there, where you stood at first, when you were allowed to embody yourselves as man. And you cannot get acquitted from the guilt, not having used your will right, and you receive now also for this guilt your reward, which your own will has acquired for you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5998.


Book 65 5999

Help of God for the trusting petitioner.

11. July 1954. B.D. NR. 5999.

I truly do not want to leave you in weakness, you who ask me for power and favour, and I want to provide for you, like a father provides for his children, whose will he recognizes as good and turned towards him. Now and then I let the feeling of weakness arise in you, because I want to tie you tighter and tighter to me, to show you, that you can be strong with me and that you have nothing to fear, so you just firmly join me and you are therefore now able to have my power at your disposal. You are never alone, even so I keep myself hidden. But your call lets me emerge from the concealment; for that reason do not forget me - and no matter how great your trouble is, do not let it win control over you, but pay no attention to it and trustingly come to me. Exactly this trust also secures help for you, for only then you are my real children, so you set no doubt in my power and my love. Can there probably be something, what I could not remove? Can men perhaps hinder me at my work, and can suffering happen to you, when I watch over you? But I request from you, that you ask me for help. All trouble only comes over you, because I want to cause you, to enter into or to deepen the relationship with me. Seek to grasp this purpose of every trouble; always think about, when you get into a trouble, that I allow it for that reason, because I would like to still be more intimately connected to you, but you yourselves must manage this, that the trouble is just a small admonition, that you are to long for my presence more intimately. I do not want, that you men go your own ways, where you do not let me go next to you. I constantly want to be your companion, and for that reason your ways become impassable or dangerous, when you walk them alone and I want it, that you call for me, for the leader, who always escorts you safely over across all rocks of your way. When trouble approaches you, then come first trustingly to me and present it to me. For I want, that you give up that, what presses you; I do not want to be ignored; I always want to be for you the father, in whom you put your trust, and your trust will truly be rewarded, for where no man can help you, my power is not limited; I can always help you, and I always want to help those, who come to the father like children and ask him for his help.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5999.


Book 65 6000

Resurrection of the flesh.

13. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6000.

The will for truth guarantees right thinking and right cognition. You, you who desire to stand in truth, you will receive purest truth and need to fear no error and for that reason always be blessed, so you want to spread truth. What is still unclear for you - what gives you cause to doubt - present to me, so that I can instruct you and it may become light I you.

The teaching of the resurrection of the flesh - so as you men would like to understand it - is invalid, so you have already penetrated a little into spiritual knowledge, as soon as you try to come closer to truth and explain the meaning of all my words spiritually. For what I have spoken, is truth, which remains unchanged for ever - but the meaning, which you seek to read out of it, I have truly not put into my word. But to grasp the spiritual meaning of my words is possible for every man, who just seriously strives for truth. Who asks me myself for understanding, who therefore seeks to penetrate into truth, will soon recognize the spiritual meaning of the word lightly and clearly, and he will not cling to the letter - "resurrection of the flesh." These words are for you men synonymous with "life after death." For you men "life" means the same as "going along in the flesh", as long as your spirit is not yet awakened, as long as it is still foreign to you, what is actually to be understood under "life". Men, who do not believe in an after-life, think their existence is finished with the death of their body. For them the stay in their bodily cover means "life"; but they know, that they lose this cover through death, and they also do not believe in the three divisions - body, soul and spirit. For them only the body exists, the "flesh", and with its death the idea "life" is extinguished for them. Resurrection of the flesh means for them the resurrection of the body. They understand by this only their bodily cover, and it is a hard teaching - the "resurrection of the flesh", for which faith is demanded from men. Nevertheless, it can be a blessing, when man believes through this teaching in a resurrection - in a life after death. For with this faith he also changes his nature, and this change can lead to the awakening, to the radiating through with my spirit. And then he also understands the word "resurrection of the flesh." Then he grasps its spiritual meaning. Resurrection means to awaken from death to life - raising from a state of sleep - stepping out of darkness into the light. And so for the first time everything will come to light, what before lay hidden in the darkness of the night. It rises and it reveals itself - it comes alive, to testify. In the dead state nothing happens, what could be testified to, but what happened in life, in the state, as you walked in the flesh on earth, that emerges now, that reveals itself, that stands up, to now testify for or against you. But not, that the material flesh body raises itself again from the dust, to change you anew to new life. For this flesh body is just a mortal cover for the soul, which is immortal, which cannot die, but which can be spiritually dead at the departure from earth, which can also still awaken to life in the opposite kingdom - which can therefore also still rise there - when it finds to Jesus Christ, who now gives it "life". Also Jesus Christ received flesh, when he came to earth, and also this flesh had to suffer earthly death; also Jesus rose from the dead, to testify to you men, that also your life is not finished with the death of the body, that also your soul can rise to eternal life. But he also let his body rise as sign of the truth of his words. Nevertheless, it was no resurrection of the flesh, for his body was spiritualized. The soul had put on the spirit dress and all spiritual substances taken from the earthly body, because it was already completely spiritualized through his life and dying - therefore the material substances of the body, which are basically likewise spiritual substances, had reached their final purpose already on earth and could therefore join the soul and - because Jesus wanted it so - also become visible to his disciples to the strengthening of their faith. And since perfect spiritual is not earth bound, Jesus could raise himself into spiritual spheres - when he ascended to heaven. Also you men will have a body after your resurrection - a spiritual dress, and this will exactly be such according to the flesh, for "what you have sowed, you will harvest." If you have sinned in the flesh, so your soul dress will show it; if you have performed good works in love, so you will radiate and therefore also be recognizable. But your soul will never again put on the heavy earth dress, which was its stay only for the short earth time, to be able to cope in the material world. Who knows about the meaning and purpose of the material creation, about the development of the fallen spiritual through this creation for the purpose of ascent to me, he also does not need such explanations, and he still is also to be able to refute a teaching, which is nonsensical through wrong interpretation. But so you insist on wanting to speak of "resurrection of the flesh", then let the explanation be enough for you, that my word will rise, to testify for or against you. I am the word having become flesh - and I approach every man in the word. And so the last day has come, so you all must appear before court, so my word itself will become judgement for you - you, you wo received my word and have utilized it according to your will. The flesh will rise - for it was offered you as food; you were to "eat my flesh" and "drink my blood"; you were to receive my word hungry and let yourselves be strengthened. And you will have to take responsibility before me, how you have used my love gift. This explanation is likewise in accordance with the truth, and it is to encourage you, to use your life in the flesh on this earth, by you letting yourselves be fed and watered by him, "Who is the word from eternity, which has become flesh for your sake". Out of every explanation true wisdom will be shining towards you, even so you men have not yet penetrated into spiritual knowledge. And readily you will receive every one of my explanations, so you are of awakened spirit, for they will satisfy you, while the wrong interpretation of my word causes a will of resistance in you and also must cause, because this wrong interpretation has its start with my opponent, whose aim is, to confuse the thoughts of man, to push him away from truth and to take from him all faith in a continuation of life after death. Such a wrong interpretation also proves the spiritual low of men and also of those, who bring my word to men and have themselves not yet penetrated into the meaning of my word. The letter kills - only the spirit awakens to life. And this spirit you all are to request; you are to pray for enlightened thinking and strive for the pure truth, and your prayer will truly not die away at my ears.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6000.


Book 65 6001

False Christs and prophets. Work of Satan.

13. July 1954. B.D. NR 6001.

The intention of Satan is to cause confusion among the believers, among those, who he recognizes as lost for him and who he nevertheless hopes to win back. He is full of deceit and cunning, and he again and again finds means, which he employs. And he does not shrink from camouflaging himself and to apparently go with me; he does not shrink from feigning light to extinguish the true light and to leave men in greatest darkness. He is dangerous - but still recognizable by those, who have devoted themselves to me and for that reason will also be protected by me - to whom I for that reason also give the gift of discerning, which also recognizes him through the mask. Think about it that the time of the end has come and that he will stop at nothing, because he knows, that he no longer has much time. Think about, that many false Christs and false prophets will rise in the time of the end, that he hides behind those, and be therefore watchful and remain in prayer. For the connection with me is the best protection against him. So you let me stay with you, he cannot be present. But so you stumble or turn away from me, and may it also just be for a short time, then he seeks to slip in, and he succeeds to confuse you, he succeeds to saw disagreement and quarrel, impatience and love lessness, where my presence prevents such. He can cause confusion among men, but you can also protect yourselves from it. You can resist him; you can command him, that he leaves you, when you just let me always stand at your side, when you call me in thoughts and always recommend yourselves to my protection. Then I truly do not allow it, that he may besiege you, then my presence prevents him, to approach you. And consider, that everything unpleasant is his influence - consider, that above all, lack of love opens the gate for him, through which he can enter, and for that reason be on your guard against every loveless word, against loveless thoughts and loveless acting. For these are his work and can bring about your downfall. And so that you do not succumb to his temptations, so pray. And you will be strengthened and resist; you will recognize, that my power is always greater, that my love is always prepared for you and that I protect you from all attacks of your enemy, so you just intimately pray: And lead us not into temptation.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6001.


Book 65 6002

Will of man determines the degree of truth.

15. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6002.

Everything, what appears to be unacceptable to you, what you doubt or cannot really understand, that present to me to answer this question, to the solution, and it will become light in you. This I say to those, who seriously seek truth, who want to spread it and therefore rule their office right - who feel responsible for the teaching material, which they pass on. You do not need to fear remaining unenlightened; but you cannot get hold of enlightenment intellectually and also not receive from there, where again only the intellect was active, but the original source of truth was not asked for it. But you can draw knowledge at the original source, and it will - because clear and pure, refresh you. As long as you men have not grasped this truth, you are also not protected from erroneous thought material. You then walk on an ice blanket, which can fall in at any time - you lack the support of the inner conviction, and you will be and remain seeking and still not be able to find truth. But you must also understand, that for that reason much error could come into the world, because I do not curtail man's will, who can therefore also twist or disfigure the purest truth according to his will - that therefore the will of man is decisive, whether he walks in truth or in error, goes along in wrong thinking. And for that reason it is wrong, to say, that a teaching - a tradition - must preserve itself pure, because I watch over it. I certainly see to it again and again, that pure truth is supplied to earth; I certainly assure every man of right thinking, the right understanding for truth, who turns to me myself and asks me for enlightenment of the spirit. But what you men then again do with this spirit material, that is your free will. You can certainly preserve it in purity, so you are of good will; but you can also very easily disfigure it, without being prevented from it, otherwise your will would be unfree - you can, so you interpret my word, also give another meaning to this my word and are not prevented by me. And so also my pure teaching has been badly disfigured in the course of time, because the giver of the teaching, the giver of truth, has been disregarded - because my spirit could not have an effect, which alone secures pure truth. And for that reason it is necessary, that enlightenment comes again and again from above - that my word is supplied again and again in all purity to earth - that error is uncovered and the work of the spirit revealed. "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." My word - not the word distorted through men. And for that reason I again and again speak to men; to those, who recognize in me the original source of truth and come to me, to draw from the spring of life. Who goes the way to me directly, he will also be able to receive from me directly, and what has its start from me, that is truly good and pure and will bring blessing to you. This source closes itself to no man, but you yourselves must come to it - the desire for the water of life, for pure truth, must push you towards me, so that I can now refresh you with an incomparable gift - with my word, which is the radiation of my love and touches everyone, who longingly approaches me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6002.


Book 65 6003

Value of spiritual treasures in the hereafter.

15. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6003.

Increase your spiritual goods, so as it is just possible for you, for they are riches, with which you can work in the spiritual kingdom to make you and the ignorant souls happy. They are treasures, which cannot be taken from you, when they are not the results of your intellectual thinking, but of heavenly supply, which were imparted to you through the spirit. For everything, also that, what is thought, can have the start in the spiritual kingdom, so the preconditions are given for it. And the gates of the kingdom of light will open themselves to everyone, who can show spiritual wealth, because it means light, cognition and also love - without which no man can reach light. For your activity in the hereafter exist in that respect, that you are to enlighten the ignorant and lead those to light, who are in darkness - that you seek to bring in love redemption to those, who are still tied up, who stay in greatest poverty and trouble in a desolate area, who therefore are unhappy. They are to be led to happiness by you, for you will always want in your love to hand out your wealth; you will want to give and receive the more, the more you hand out. But only that spiritual knowledge can be called spiritual wealth, which has been won through the work of the spirit - which is therefore supplied to man as result of love work, may it be directly or also through imparting or through right thinking led by the spirit. The love of man must always enable him to it, to receive spirit good, which has its start with me and can always only be supplied to him, who lives in love. Pure intellectual knowledge will not last in eternity, for the souls lose it in the opposite kingdom, so they lack love. And so you are to always make an effort on earth, to lead a love life, because then you gather spiritual riches for yourselves, which can never ever be taken from you, which make you happy and give you the possibility to work in the spiritual kingdom to your and of all souls' happiness, which you want to redeem.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6003.


Book 65 6004

Life source.

17. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6004.

To find the life source, at which the soul can truly refresh itself, is possible for every man, who seeks it. But the soul must feel hunger and thirst, before it seeks the spring, at which it hopes for refreshment. A man will never long for real refreshment, who does not feel miserable and hungry - and he will feel no hunger and thirst so long, as he satisfies himself in another way - as long as he moves in the whirlpool of the world and withdraws from the world, what gets him pleasure. And this is the majority of men, who are embodied in the world and do not walk up into light heights, where fresh life water would truly bring them an unusual refreshment, which is felt gratefully by the soul. Man must walk upwards. That source will never be to be recovered in the depth, which gives life to the soul. Man must remove himself from the depth; he must turn the back to the world and climb light heights, then he will find the spring of life, from which most delicious life water flows. Who seeks God and wants to receive from him the word, which is the soul's food, he will not find it in the world, but away from the world he will feel his nearness, and the stiller it becomes in him and around him, the clearer he also hears his word and the more he becomes aware of the nearness of him, who gave him life and who also wants to continuously feed and water him, to awaken him in earthly life to spiritual life. Continuously the look of that man, who seeks God, must turn upwards, because from above comes the light, which he radiates - from above comes everything good, worth striving for, from above also comes the word, the living water, which flows from the source - the eternal love of God. God will let himself be found, by everyone, who seeks him, and God will also attract attention. He will invite everyone, to receive refreshment and enjoyment at the source on his earth life way, which his love opens for him. He will show everyone the right way, which leads to the spring of life, and gently push them there - but the resisting walker he lets go his way, for he will turn down to the depth; he will seek the world and want to become intoxicated; he will seek sin and find death on that occasion. But he who strives upwards, he strives towards life, and he will find life and no longer lose it for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6004.


Book 65 6005

Unauthorized termination of life.

19. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6005.

A time is granted to you men for the last redemption from your fetter - for the final release from form. But this time is of different length, so as I recognized it as good for your soul. Your earth life is not ended arbitrarily by me, but every individual's soul maturity is visible to me, and so I also know about the danger of a defection or about the possibility of a further ascent on earth. And my love and mercy also ends a man's life prematurely, to prevent a retrogression for the soul - or I see the possibility of a change in the last hour and therefore extend the life-span, always according to a wise decision, for everything is known to me, what brings about salvation to a soul. And you will now understand, which serious offence an unauthorized termination of the life of the body is, which sin you commit, that you forestall my love and mercy and do not utilize the opportunity, which was offered to your soul to perfection. You intervene in my plan of salvation and do harm to your souls, which will once cause extremely great remorse and self-reproaches in you, but is no longer to be corrected in the opposite kingdom, for the privileges, which you were to and could utilize on earth, can never ever be offered to you in the opposite kingdom. You have irretrievably forfeited something, even so you still succeed, to somewhat improve the state of your soul, when you now strive upwards. But a great danger exists, that the soul sinks - that it rebels, as the unauthorized termination of life was a rebellion, and it remains in this estrangement. Such souls need great help, that they do not get lost for eternal times, but also to them it just happens according to their will. I truly stand by all, also in greatest trouble, which also immediately decreases, when man just thinks of me, when he calls me for help. And the trouble is also only the means, to turn your thoughts to me, so that you can now also record a success of your earth life. The trouble does not befall man groundlessly, for his soul is in danger, from which it is to find its way out through this trouble. And it endangers itself the more, the more it hardens against me, to defy my will in the end and to throw down life, which my love and favour gave to it for the last redemption. For the embodiment as man is for the soul a favour - a gift of my love - it is the last level upwards, which it is allowed to enter, to then be able to be free and happy for eternity. The soul has arrived shortly before the destination and is therefore responsible for its doing, when it does not utilize this gift of favour, but throws it away in the blindness of the thinking.

Every stirring of the heart of a man is known to me, and I truly judge just. I take into account the weakness of my creatures, but it is not undeserved, and the free will of man burdens him, as soon as it was directed wrong, was therefore abused. Man cannot end his trouble through his intervention; he will have to continue it; he will not find his way out of his trouble, and for that reason the soul will unspeakably suffer in the opposite kingdom - until it controls it in the same way, as it could also on earth - until it takes its refuge with him, who is Lord over suffering and trouble, because he is the victor over sin and death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6005.


Book 65 6006

God's leadership, God's will or admission.

20. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6006.

How often do you experience my leadership, without that you recognize it, and how often can you do one step forwards, for everything, what you experience, only serves to your perfection. And you can be convinced, that I just want to favour your perfection - that everything happens for my part, what promotes the ascent development of your soul. If it is not utilized, so is that not my, but your will, and you yourselves fashion your fate; you yourselves take precautions upwards or to your relapse into the depth.

But as long as you stay on earth, my leadership is also certain for you, so you just want to accept it willingly - indeed, I follow you, unrecognized by you, and am always prepared, to take over the leadership, so you lose your way or stand undecided at a crossroads. And I will always push you onto the right way - and that in the form of experiences, which could make you think, so you are attentive. Nothing happens arbitrarily, and nothing could be workable, when I would not give my approval. Therefore every happening can also be seen as a sending on my part - but at least as my admission, which again and again aims to achieve a higher aim. Although you care little about me, so I care about you the more. And what you do not do by yourselves, that is as it were suggested to you through such experiences, which are to shake you up from a state of sleep, into which your carelessness let you get - or you are prompted to increased striving, when you certainly belong to me, but become lukewarm and indifferent. You are not to remain in the same state; you are to strive upwards, towards the light, and for that reason you are often given a push through influences from outside, so that you do not sink too much into the earthy, but direct your looks more spiritually. For above is alone your aim. Upwards I want to direct your ways, and also help will come to you obviously from above, which makes the ascent easier for you - from above the hand will stretch out towards you, which you are to grasp, and which truly reaches down to the deepest depths. But on earth I woo you with all love; I do not let up until the death of your body, to bring the light of cognition to you, by me always and constantly admonishing you to love work, which alone introduces you to deepest truth and which alone gives you power to the ascent into light heights.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6006.


Book 65 6007

Development of the soul upwards.

21. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6007.

To always more increase the spiritual nature of the soul will only be possible for you under the commitment of your whole will power, because the opponent of God does everything, to prevent you from it, but your will can set boundaries for him, so it is directed towards God. As long as you men strive for God first, as long as your aim is and remains God, also your will is therefore directed towards God, and it sets boundaries and refuses the opponent access. And then your soul always goes upwards, for where the will is directed, from there it is also drawn. For that reason it will mostly only be an up or down, rarely only the soul will remain on the same level, and indeed then, when it is completely indifferent, when it sets for itself no firm aim, when it probably fights the enemy through its way of live, but has also no firm relationship upwards, because it does mot believe - because it still turns its look towards the world, without however being completely its slave. These men are now influenced by both powers - positive and negative powers, because both would like to win them. And so also indifferent men will once reach a crossroads and not know, to which direction they should turn - go the ways up or down, and the soul will have to decide. The will will become active. And it is good, when this hour of decision comes in good time, when still much time remains for man, that he can still cover wide stretches, to be able to reach the aim before the end of his life. It is good, when the crossroads is not only reached at the end, although a right decision then also still means a plus for the soul, but cannot win it an extreme great degree of maturity for the hour of death. The soul must constantly go up, for the way to perfection is far. But every lost hour is a shortcoming for the soul, which is difficult to even out in the opposite kingdom, which can be removed nowhere easier than on earth with the right direction of the will, with the right attitude towards God. For then God certainly draws the soul up, then he himself gives the soul the power to ascend, and it also certainly reaches the aim - the unification with him, who its will strives for - with the creator and father from eternity, whose child it can now become, as long as it lives on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6007.


Book 65 6008

God gives unlimitedly.

26. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6008.

I can only offer you little, when you demand little, but my gifts of favour are unlimited, so you desire them and open yourselves, when my love would like to illuminate you. For you are given according to your will. For that reason seriously examine yourselves, where your mind is directed; examine yourselves, and so it is still turned towards the world, so work on you mentally and through action - i.e., think about it, what is valuable for your soul, and then overcome yourselves in your desire for the goods of the world. I am always prepared to give, but you are not always ready to receive, and you consequently rob yourselves of the goods, which my love keeps ready for you. But the loss of it you can only then grasp at all, when in future you will suffer from your spiritual poverty, when you will recognize the idleness. But during earth life constantly admonitions and warnings are sent to you. Easily you can gain spiritual wealth, also in the midst of the world, because - as long as the material world exists, as long as you walk through this material world, also the spiritual world and its inhabitants are close to you and offer you in exactly the same way eagerly spiritual treasures, which you just need to grab. You just need to want, and the spiritual kingdom would open itself to you, but the inclination for the material becomes weaker and weaker, and in the end you would despise, what appeared desirable in the beginning. You yourselves must want - your will cannot get directed in this or that direction; it must choose completely free and naturally that, what it of use to its soul. Then it will also receive in fulness, and everything will appeal to it, and it will find inner peace; it will recognize the deep wisdom and love; it will always renounce the world more and just always strive for spiritual goods. Its earth way will always seem to be easier passable, for its soul is strengthened with the receiving of favour, which it can now receive unlimitedly. For I am always ready to give - and what an earth child asks, to mature spiritually, that becomes his, and never ever he will enter the spiritual kingdom poor and empty, and his treasures will truly be immortal.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6008.


Book 65 6009

Acknowledgement of God. Faith in the connection with him.

27. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6009.

I only demand little of you - that you just acknowledge me. For if you do that out of deepest conviction, then you also do not find it difficult, to enter into my will. You willingly subordinate yourselves to my will, because through the acknowledgment of me myself you already have given up your former resistance, because the acknowledgement of me myself already means a turning to me - shortly, because you then also learn to love me. I want to get acknowledged by you, and therefore I will also always reveal myself to you - indeed to every man in a different way, but in earth life the attention of all will be drawn to a higher power. All will be able to recognize in their earth life, in their fate, a determining power, but every individual will seek to explain this power according to the own will - as arbitrarily working without all connection with man. Then he does not acknowledge me, as I want to be acknowledged. Or also as directing entity, working in wisdom, as which I want to be recognized. I only want, that you believe in a connection from you to me - that you feel as creatures of a creator, with whom you are connected inseparably. As long as you think standing completely isolated in the universe, you are also isolated from me. For you establish the connection with me exactly through your acknowledgment of me myself, whom you now also seek to join. That you once did not want to acknowledge me, although you were aware of your start from me after all, that was your fall into the depth, into lack of cognition, therefore into darkness. And with the moment of my acknowledgment you again involuntarily step into the light - with the moment of the relationship, which your will establishes with me, when your thoughts wander to a being undeniable for you, which stands above you, which has control over you and to whom you owe your life. Faith in this being will also infallibly change your will, for believing in me and to nevertheless resist me is impossible - otherwise faith would not be alive and dead faith cannot be called faith. As long as man still resists me and as slave of my opponent leads a sinful way of life without scruples of conscience, he also does not believe in me. But if there is a quiet fear of a responsibility in him, then he perhaps thinks the existence of a God possible, but to a living faith, to an inner conviction, it is still very far for him. I only want, that you acknowledge me, that you are inwardly convinced, to be connected with that power, which called you into life. I want, that you believe in me. Then all revelations on my part will bring about blessings to you; then you will soon experience my love and favour so obviously, that you now learn to love me, and then the joining together with me - the first and last aim of your earth life - is secure for you, for what you love, you strive for, and so you strive for me, your God and father, you will also securely reach the aim.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6009.


Book 65 6010

Church of Christ.

28. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6010.

The communion of Jesus Christ exists out of all believers, who see in Jesus Christ their redeemer, who believe in him as in the son of God, who descended to earth, to offer the sin sacrifice as man for the whole mankind - and who therefore want to follow him. All deeply believing men are to be understood by the "church of Christ", which he himself has founded on earth; all, who seriously strive for to be Christians of action; all, who are not just form Christians; all, who stand in living faith and place themselves consciously under the cross of Christ. Jesus Christ must get acknowledged by the members of his church, and from this acknowledgement then also grows the duty for them, to live according to his teaching: - to therefore consciously lead a love life, as he himself has held it up as an example to men and calls upon to do it through his call: "Follow me." Who obeys this call and acknowledges him, he also belongs to the community, which is called "church of Christ". This is the invisible church, which however can be represented and also is represented in every denomination, because there are men everywhere, who believe with intimate love in Jesus Christ, who are also completely absorbed in love for their fellowmen - who can be called real Christians, because through their way of life they prove the belonging to him, who has crowned his love work on earth with his death on the cross. This community therefore exists everywhere, where real Christians live - for all these belong into the church of Christ, and where now two or three of such Christians come together in his name, there he himself stays in the midst of them, the founder of the church of Christ, and he fills them with his spirit. Therefore also the thoughts and words of them will be alright and even more to be judged, than the word of a preacher, who is still no living representative of the divine love teaching, whose words still do not show the inner life, the spirit, which is the mark of the members of the church of Christ. And this spirit will always express itself in a way, that the word of God is preached and interpreted quite simply - which can also happen in a simple conversation, in the smallest circle, in the most natural way, wherever members of the church of Christ are together. For no formality confirms this membership, but alone the love spirit of the individual, who pushes towards Jesus Christ in living faith in him as God's son and redeemer of the world, in whose human cover God himself has embodied himself, to redeem men from sin and death..
Amen. B.D. NR. 6010.


Book 65 6011

Will of repulsion. Preserving God's word pure.

29. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6011.

Turn your eyes to me, and my light will hit you, and you will see, what remains dark to you without me. Let yourselves be taught by me, when you would like enlightenment; present to me all your doubts and questions, and you no longer go ignorant through earth life, for I let the sun of the spirit shine onto the area dark before; love for me also guarantees you my love, and so I now give you something, this also proves my love. Therefore, my gift must also be valuable. Love therefore causes me to handing out valuable gifts. But can you judge the value of a gift, or can you judge the degree of love of a man? Latter is possible for me alone, I who is able to see into the heart of men. But you yourselves can estimate the value of a gift of favour, when you apply standards to that, which effect a gift of favour has on the soul of men - for what I offer in love, must and will kindle love, when it is willingly accepted. Therefore, also the serious will must exist, to receive something, because every will of repulsion also abolishes the effect of what is offered. But who wants to receive and finds no inner satisfaction in a gift of favour offered to him, he is also allowed to quite safely reject this gift as not coming from me. And he will pass no wrong judgement. Who wants to receive, he may come to me himself, and he can be certain, that I do not release him with empty hands, that I myself fill them with gifts of favour, with spiritual treasures; he can be certain, that he does not need to live in want, that his soul is filled completely. But I need on earth spreaders of my teaching, men, who speak to fellowmen on my behalf, in the place of me. I need teachers, who give to those, who do not come to me themselves. And to these I supply that spiritual material unusually, which they are to hand out, and since they speak in the place of me, they also receive the training, which enables them to such a teaching office - they receive the spiritual material from me myself; they can therefore hand out nothing else than divine gifts, which can also always get recognized as divine teachings by those, who are of good will. And these teachers will always seek to keep the word pure, which is sent to them from above. They will resist having to mix this my word with other spiritual material; they will strictly keep to this word and want to make no compromises, because they are aware of the responsibility of their office. But such is necessary for the keeping pure of my teaching, which can experience all too easily a change, when strong willed representatives do not protect it from it. It would never be possible, to supply to men my pure word, when suitable men for this would not be found, whose will and desire for truth is guarantee for it, that they now also represent the spiritual material imparted to them as sole truth and place it in front of every other presentation. I will bless their eagerness and will to serve me and also protect my word myself, so that it is offered to men so pure and unaltered, as it took its start from me myself.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6011.


Book 65 6012

Prayer in quietness. Confessing before the world.

30. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6012.

Who worship me, are to do it in the spirit and in the truth. What comes from the deepest bottom of the heart, that alone is pleasing to me, and that also reaches my ear. I therefore only see into the heart of man and pay no attention to words, which the mouth expresses, when the heart is uninvolved in it. If you are now able to completely separate yourselves from the world, to have intimate dialogue with me, then you praise me without words already through your will, to get into contact with me, then it is a silent prayer, which you direct to me in thoughts, a real worship, which brings in rich blessings to your soul, for the connection with me lets you come into the possession of power and favour, which the soul feels as help to mature. This intimate way of praying is the real prayer, which is well pleasing to me, for then you have approached me by yourselves, so close, that the power of my love can touch you, which draws you always more intimately to me. If you want to speak with me, then the language of the mouth is truly unnecessary, for it can easily hide something or want to feign, what I indeed recognize, but does not need to be obvious to fellowman, why he easily lets himself be blinded and now applies the same form of prayer on his part. Go into your small room, when you want to pray. Withdraw into extreme quietness, there you will find me much easier and be able to associate with me, as a child associates with his father. And you will tell me everything without shyness and in childlike trust. And you will find favourable hearing of your requests, because your prayers now get through to my ear. For I have assured you this with the words: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Who therefore comes to me, with him I also make my promise come true, and this so more obviously, the more trustingly he approaches me, the more intimately he joins me and entrusts himself to me in quite dialogue. The language of the mouth is to serve you to communicate among yourselves - but I need no words, for I know everything; I see into your heart and read in your thoughts, and therefore you cannot deceive me through no matter how beautiful words - but as also no words are necessary, so you want to praise and magnify me - because a quiet thanks, a humble call to me, a life according to my will, faith having become alive through love, truly pleases me and includes praise and magnification in itself. But you are to confess me with the mouth to your fellowmen. So it is about your attitude towards faith, you are to confess me freely and openly and not being afraid of the results of the courage of your convictions. For this confessing is to be again a stimulus for your fellowmen, who are still weak in faith, and it is at the same time a proof, that you stand by the truth, that you do not want to pretend outwardly not to agree with your inner thinking, with your conviction. You are to always be true and place me and my name above everything, when this professing is requested of you. But what you have to say to me myself, that you can present to me quietly and secretly, for I want to hear the voice of the heart, not just words, which the mouth speaks along, when the heart is uninvolved. And such prayers have enormous power, when they sound to me united - when men find together to beseech me in a certain request - when they all request the same out of the depth of their heart, send the same request up to me, and when it is just a short call - I will hear it and yield to it, as soon as they pray to me in spirit and in truth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6012.


Book 65 6013a

Different gifts of the spirit.

31. July 1954. B.D. NR. 6013a.

The spirit from God expresses itself in a number of ways, for according to ability, according to spiritual maturity it can have an effect in man - and also the nature of man is determining, which gift of the spirit is granted him. To receive a spirit gift always requires the fashioning to love, therefore a change of the nature in free will. The spirit of God can only pour into a vessel, which is suitable for reception - a vessel, which therefore got ready through unselfish love work for the reception of the divine love ray. No gift of the spirit can be expected from a man, who has not yet carried out this reshaping to love. Consequently, the gifts of the spirit are therefore always just the effects of a way of life in love, but never gifts given arbitrarily. They must therefore be "striven for", what certainly everyone can do, but is only rarely done. In which way now the spirit of God becomes effective, that corresponds with the task, which has been set to a man shaded by the spirit of God in earth life, which God's wisdom well recognized as bringing blessings for mankind, but which still requires the free will of man. God truly knows it, who wants to serve him and how he fashions himself, and he therefore puts man on that place, where he can be active most effectively. Men in the time of the end must get shaken up, because they become completely superficial in their thinking and must therefore get impressed unusually, to get put up from their rest. But also, unusual phenomena have a quite natural explanation, but what seems natural to one, is incomprehensible to the other, because he is spiritually blind. These "blind in the spirit" are therefore confronted with a "seeing one", a man, who can break away from his earth constraint and as it were is raptured into the spiritual kingdom and who returns from this spiritual kingdom to earth with a gift, which cannot be won earthly. He will work with powers, which make the seemingly impossible possible for him - he will be able to heal the sick through the word or being able to clairvoyantly see into the future; he will possess deepest wisdom and therefore also be able to impart to fellowmen - or it will be obvious for him, what is otherwise covered for men. He will be able to speak in other languages - visibly the work of the divine spirit will become evident - but only then, when it is essential, to win the souls of men for the kingdom of God, for the spirit of God only works spiritually upon men, but never to promote earthly interests. Therefore, the owner of a spiritual gift will always be a worker in the vineyard of the Lord. Through this gift he will be a representative of God on earth, who wants to build up and increase his kingdom and has set this for himself as his life-work. Only through these willing servants of God his spirit will express itself, recognizable to fellowmen, although each one man can be filled with his spirit and therefore also recognizes brightly and clearly and is enabled to pass his cognition on to fellowmen. They can, however, always only be given according to their will, and condition to receive an obvious gift of the spirit is, that they want to work for God and his kingdom. For God wants to reveal himself through men to the whole mankind. God wants to get recognized in his work, and for that reason a man must be found as mediator, as long as God himself cannot go up to men, as long as unbelief and spiritual blindness completely eliminate this.

And so it emerges from this, that God himself reveals himself through his spirit, which expresses itself through a man, when it is essential to lead men to faith, to give them light, to open their eyes for the light, which radiates down from above onto men - when it is essential, to present to men the purpose of their earth life and to illuminate the way to the destination. All gifts of the spirit have just the one purpose, to have an effect on the souls of men in divine meaning. Then powers are triggered in a man, which visibly testify to divine flowing in - the flowing in of a power, which has its start in God - the power of the divine spirit.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6013a.


Book 65 6013b

Speaking in tongues. Warning of false spirit.

1. August 1954 B.D. NR. 6013b.

Und then man will accomplish things, which do not seem natural to fellowmen, which far surpass the natural ability of a man - he will know about things, which otherwise remain hidden to men; he will be able to convincingly and comprehensibly enlighten fellowmen about things, which a man cannot fathom with his intellect alone - he will be able to enter areas, which are not accessible to fellowmen. He will have the power to heal the sick, to work miracles or also be able to look clairvoyantly into the future; abilities will become evident in him, which he has never developed in himself - he will speak and also be able to understand foreign languages, when this is necessary and serves the development of the soul of fellowmen. In every way he will be influenced by divine power - but mostly possess only one of these spiritual gifts, because the preconditions for every spiritual gift are others, but rarely are all preconditions found with one man. But each one of these spiritual gifts must fulfil its purpose, i.e., out of each one benefits must be able to be reaped from. The gift of healing the sick will, apart from the bodily recovery, indisputably also contribute to the recovery of the souls, because men learn to believe in the power of the spirit, which is caused by the renunciation through the strong faith of both the healer as well as of the sick. In exactly the same way also predictions of future happenings can move people to change their way of life, to penance and return, because these predictions always only concern the earthly effects of the spiritual low of men. The announcing of truth through the divine spirit also contributes to the awakening of faith and to the change of the lifestyle and is consequently again only to be assessed as spiritual factor of greatest importance. Only, what contributes to achieve spiritual successes, that can get described as the work of the spirit, for what has its start in God, that cannot be otherwise than full of light. It must bring light and uncover what is not clear; it cannot radiate still deeper darkness, than is already among men. But the spirit of God can also have an effect on a man, to take from him himself the state of darkness, to kindle a light in the heart of man - to uncover the covers of the soul, so that the soul cheers and rejoices and praising remembers its God and father, who gives it enlightenment. This effect applies more to the soul than to the intellect of man, why this spiritual gift does not need to be recognizable to men, but now and again touches the outer man so strongly, that he seeks to announce himself in incomprehensible words - an occurrence, which men describe as "speaking in tongues", but which always only concerns man himself - a spiritual gift, which almost every awakened can call his own, but which is only so strong in the rarest cases, that fellowman can perceive a change. For every man, whose spirit is awakened, feels the touch of his soul in that way, that his soul rises to God praising and thanking, that it devotes itself to him and that it finds inner peace and happiness. Then his self speaks with God in thoughts; then he speaks with God continually without words. And this gift of the spirit all men are to aspire to for themselves, to then also be able to stand up for God and his kingdom to fellowmen, to then he himself, as his co-worker, carry out the redemption work, which is blessed. But one is to be warned of the wrong spirit, for it also attracts attention, where it can slip in, where arrogance, self-satisfaction, need for recognition, still predominates in souls, which then also give that spirit the opportunity, to express itself in a way, which also seems unnaturally, but instead of light just leaves confusion and unrest - through states, which have a repulsive effect on serious fellowmen and just trigger joy and agreement with those, who themselves belong to that spirit. For that reason: Do not believe every spirit - and examine, by you paying attention to the gleam of light, in which strength it lights up. For God is light - and what starts from God, is light - and so the divine spirit gifts must without fail leave radiating light, otherwise they are delusions of Satan, with which he wants to blind particularly in the time of the end the eyes of men, as well as their souls, so that they fall into still greater darkness and are unable, to recognize the real light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6013b.


Book 65 6014

Entering the place of execution. Walk to the cross.

2. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6014.

Enter all the place of execution, by you placing yourselves under my cross, so that my blood may wash your soul clean of all sin. You must come to me yourselves, for only under the cross forgiveness of your sin is to be found; only from the cross I can acquit you, and to the cross you must carry all your sin and put it to that burden, which I have taken on my shoulders, to relieve you, to absolve the wrong, which you have done. I certainly follow you, to call you, but I always just call you to the cross, where I have accomplished the work of redemption for you. And for that reason, you all must enter this place of execution, by you confessing your guilt before me, by you sitting in judgement on yourselves, and now trustingly and believingly hand over the recognized guilt to me, that I bear it for you. You must recognize yourselves and confess yourselves before me as sinner; you are not allowed to believe in arrogant spirit, having committed no sin, for you all are sinners, because a sinful soul inhabits your body, which for that reason wears the earth garments, because it once became sinful before me. That you stay on earth, is the proof of your guilt, otherwise you would inhabit light spiritual spheres as happy spirit beings and be happy in my presence. But you must first again acquire the right of my presence in earth life; you must want to return to me, from whom you have once separated yourselves voluntarily. And this voluntary separation from me was your sin, for which in particular the man Jesus died on the cross. You do not know about this your great sin, nevertheless you know, that you are still inadequate, that you are imperfect and a reason must exist for it, because out of me, your creator from eternity, only the perfect can emerge. And therefore you then also recognize, that you are burdened by a guilt, and this recognition must let you flee to him, who died on the cross for you, and you must approach him in humility and ask him, that he may make you free of every guilt. The cross can and also will be your redemption, so you go there and join the crowd of those, who the blood of Jesus has redeemed. Also for this walk to the cross the call applies: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden." Where I am, there you will find redemption, freedom and refreshment, for all your burdens I have born for you. You must believe in this, and so you therefore acknowledge me, so you believe in the mission of the man Jesus, in whom I was present, whose cover held me myself - you will also take the way to the cross by yourselves. You will raise heart and hand to me and ask me for forgiveness of your sins; you will want to partake of the favours, which I have acquired for you as man, and you will truly find redemption through my blood, redemption from sin and death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6014.


Book 65 6015

Everything serves to perfection.

4. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6015.

No matter what you come across in life, it serves you to spiritual perfection. But it is up to you yourselves, whether you also utilize everything you come across. The right attitude to all happenings at and around you promotes your development - a wrong attitude on the other hand prevents it. But the right attitude is, that you seek the relationship with your father from eternity or strengthen it, so you have already found it. Then everything brings about blessings, also the most difficult suffering. A spiritual ascent development can always only be possible through overcoming, fighting or submitting devotedly, when an overcoming is not possible. And my power must always be requested for it, because you alone are not strong enough. And the requesting of my power depends on the connection with me and secures you also a spiritual progress. I truly constantly make an effort to draw you to me, to turn your thoughts to me, and if you do not do this by yourselves, that you are pushed in your heart, to seek me, then I must have an effect on you so, that the trouble causes you to come to me - or also - when you already have become mine will wise - I want to be seized by you always more intimately, and then troubles come over you, that you always join me more. The connection with me is guarantee for a constantly increasing spiritualization of your soul, for where I am, everything else is eliminated - where my presence is longed for, there is no place anymore for earthly desires. And that alone I want to achieve, when I allow it, that you get into trouble, that you must bear suffering, that you feel yourselves weak and powerless. The giver of the power is always prepared for you, but my power can only flow over, when it finds an opened vessel, which your will itself must therefore open. For that reason, you do not need to let yourselves get frightened through earthly trouble, for you yourselves can remove it with my power, which is extremely ample at your disposal. Surrender yourselves into your fate and know, that I stand above all, who can change everything in one moment. And what still presses you today, can tomorrow already be joy for you - when you entrust yourselves to me, when you connect yourselves to me in prayer and therefore the spiritual purpose of every trouble is now also reached - that you have again come a step closer to me, I who want to be striven for by all my children, that my love power can radiate through them and they walk up securely.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6015.


Book 65 6016

State of sleep. Light and life.

5. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6016.

Men walk along on earth like in a state of sleep; abandoning themselves indifferently to rest and inactivity, which however means greatest disadvantage for the soul. The time of the earth walk is given to them to reach an aim, and this aim is also reachable, when they just remember it, that a task is set for them and they now live earth life consciously. Only few do this, but the majority lets itself be carried along and goes under in the whirlpool of the world, i.e., their souls get no impetus; they remain in the state of sleep, which changes into a state of death, when the earth life time has ended. Life alone is desirable. But no man thinks about it, that he strives towards death, from which he certainly can flee. Every man loves life and still does not strive for it, and it is his own fault, his own will, when his soul sinks into the night of death. He acts thoughtlessly and with a complete lack of conscience to his soul, because he does not consider, that his soul is his "self" after all and that this soul can never ever pass. He does not believe it, although he is enlightened about it, although he is not completely left without knowledge about it. And he cannot get inevitably brought to faith - and his indifference prevents it, that light gets through to him. With closed eyes he goes through this earth life, and if he opens them, then he only looks for things, which are desirable to his body, but he lets no ray of light get through to the soul. It remains in dark night, in the state of sleep, and finally finds death. How full of light could your earth life fashion itself, when the earthy life would not be enough for you - when you desire, to take a look into the spiritual kingdom - when you desire information about your purpose and your earth task. You would never ever remain in darkness; light from above would make you happy and fill you with the longing, to acquire eternal life for yourselves. You would wake up and actively go to your work - to release your soul from its cover - you would liberate yourselves from darkness and weakness - you would enter into light and life and never ever wish back your former state, where you walked blindly and weak on earth - you would desire and also receive life. But light and life can only be given to you, when you seriously strive for it. But as long as you remain indifferent to your "self", as long as you just seek your bodily well-being and do not remember the soul, you remain in the night, and darkness will also be your lot after your decease, because you have not used earth life, which was given to you to the ascent out of the night to the light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6016.


Book 65 6017


6. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6017.

You request mercy from me and therefore are to allot it also to those, who ask you for it. Consider after all, that you all are sinful and that my favour and mercy protects you from the lot, to get lost for ever. Consider, that my death on the cross was a work of mercy of greatest extent, for I took pity on your trouble, which was truly your own fault. I took pity on your weakness and your darkness, although they were the just results of your sins. My love for you was greater than my justice; my love did something out of deep mercy - it took over your sin guilt and made atonement for it. So you are also to practise mercy; so you are also to overlook the guilt of fellowman and just see the great trouble, into which he got, and help him out of this trouble, always mindful of that, that also you have experienced my mercy or must take it up, when you want to gain forgiveness of your sins. Your love must be so big, that you cancel all debt, when you can help your brother in this way. Your mercy is to begin, where justice could like to show off - because you all, without exception, need my mercy, to get redeemed from your guilt. A work of mercy is a proof of genuine neighbourly love; it is a proof a soft, sympathetic heart, which is always allowed to reckon, to also gain mercy from me, for where I see pure, selfless love, there my love is always prepared to help. For that reason, do not harden your hearts, even so a rejection seems to be justified. Practise mercy and act, as you would act as concerns an innocent fellowman gotten into misery. Give him love and be prepared to every help. Seek to make his lot easier and know, that you awaken counter love in this way and can achieve far more - that you also spiritually do him a love service; for his soul will feel your love and feel pushed to return. And where love is kindled, there is also hope for redemption.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6017.


Book 65 6018

Fight between light and darkness. Signs of the end.

9. August 1954. B.D. NR 6018.

Already eternally I know about this time of the struggle before the end and therefore eternally the cunning means of my opponent are known to me, with which he seeks to deepen the darkness, with which he takes action against the light of the truth. And I still allow it. I do not hinder my opponent, when he wants to make use of his cunning and power, because in the end truth will still win, because the light out of me cannot go out and because his hour comes irrevocably, where he is bared from every single work of his, where he will be put in chains and can harass no-one any longer. But he will make good use of the time still left to him to ruin those, who belong to him. The struggle between light and darkness increases until the end. The truth and the error or the lie will constantly fight with each other and that is the sign of the near end, that the earth will be shrouded in thick darkness - that everywhere the wrong will be popular, that it predominates, that the darkness threatens to put out the light - and that men themselves demand no light any more, but feel fine in the darkness. Therefore also a light bearer will not be desired; he will be looked upon as troublemaker and they will try to put out his light; they will not be grateful for light, but consider it to be annoying - they will get out of the way of truth, although it would be easy to obtain it. But exactly that is to be the evidence for you for the near end and for the truth of my word. Because it is my opponent's last wish to be victorious over me. Still the small flock of my light bearers gets together and spreads in a smallest circle an exceedingly strong light, which will make happy the ones that are mine and strengthen them for the last fight on this earth. Because where my light shines, there is no failure, no defeat, no weakness and no death. Where my light shines, there the union of men with me is so close, that they already stay more in the spiritual kingdom than on earth. Where my light shines, there my opponent has no longer access, there every error is recognized and all blind light loses its shine. And the light will win, because in its shine everything will be evident, when the last day has come. And no matter how dark the night before has been, the day will dawn for all, who seek the light, but night will remain for my opponent and his followers, from which they will not be able to escape for themselves.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6018.


Book 65 6019

Concept of eternity. Perfection.

10. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6019.

Infinite long periods of time have passed, in which my will of creation was active, to lead again back all spiritual created by me. Infinite many creations therefore came into being, which were to make this return possible, and innumerable souls have reached their aim, that they again stay with me in the light. But still much longer periods of time are necessary, until all spiritual will have covered the way to me. For innumerable are the beings, which have emerged out of me and once strove away from me in free will. They are eternities, periods of time of incomprehensible duration for you men, and therefore the word "eternal" can certainly be applied, without being a wrong concept for you, although the point in time also comes once, where an end is set for every period of time. Because for me also the longest space of time is just like a moment, but for all creatures in the state of imperfection infinitely long. In the state of imperfection. And now you will understand, that there is always only a restriction of time in the state of imperfection - that on the other hand perfection knows no restriction, that the concept of "time" can no longer apply to everything perfect, and consequently it is for me myself of no importance, when the complete return to me has been carried out. But for you, my creatures, who are themselves to be blamed for becoming imperfect, it is of greatest importance, how long you are in a state, which is agonizing for you and which duration of time is shortened or extended by you yourselves. The deeper you are in sin, the further you are still away from perfection, the more the concept of time and space frightens you, exactly because it is incomprehensible for you and nevertheless cannot be denied - because your earth life time is a closely restricted one and still endless times in the past and in exactly the same way endless times of the future have become certainty for you. Latter is even your firm conviction, so that you think no end of a time period being possible. Your conviction is insofar justified, that there is no "end", that the spiritual always and eternally remains, but which is the alone "real" - that only that passes, what is unreal, what are only means for the return to me. And too often man reckons himself to the unreal, to that, what has no continued existence, what passes, as time passes - because he does not remember the spiritual in him, to which no restriction is set and which cannot pass for ever - but which can feel agonies for eternities, because it needs eternities for it, to become perfect and to then however also be happy endlessly in fullest freedom, independent from time and space - because it stays again with me, I who am without beginning and end and everywhere; I who am from eternity to eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6019.


Book 65 6020

Blessing of the word in the hereafter.

11. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6020.

What is sent to you as truth through the love of the heavenly father, that will also go its way according to his plan from eternity. Perhaps differently, than you think, because time is soon fulfilled. But what his mouth has once spoken, that is immortal for ever and meets with a response from everywhere in infinity. For it is not only destined for earth, but it is heard in the spiritual kingdom in exactly the same way and felt in its effect - it kindles bright light, which can never go out anymore. The effect of his holy word in the spiritual kingdom is a lot stronger - the word is as it were spoken for the spiritual world, only that it can also be heard on earth, when the will and the precondition for it exist. But spiritual beings receive divine gifts as light radiation, and where light can once radiate in, there darkness is no longer for ever, therefore light keeps is illuminating power for ever; the divine word - the love radiation of God - can no longer fall into oblivion for ever. But for earth and its inhabitants the word has only then this illumination and power effect, when a desire for it exists, why a present of favour of unspeakable value can also be rejected completely heedlessly, why also the brightest light from the heavens can los illumination power, where it hits closed hearts, but its bright shine is discovered in the spiritual kingdom with rejoicing and jubilation and the souls receptive for it open to it. What you men receive through the supply of the divine word, that is of such powerful importance and of such incomprehensible effect, even so you yourselves set little store by success. It is utilized, and it cannot pass for ever. And although men resist, although they close their hearts, so an earth child willing to receive can still again be a collection point for innumerable souls, which - because still standing under those earth men in their degree of maturity - need a place of teaching, which they visit voluntarily, because they have found it in the spheres, in which they still stay. For what is directed at earth men, also those souls still need to mature and is gratefully received by them. And this is truly without significance for the word itself, whether it is accepted or rejected by men. It is - as once expressed - immortal, and it works on and on - on earth or in the spiritual kingdom; for it is a light, which can never ever go out and will shine for everyone, who places himself in its light circle. It comes from God; it is his love radiation, which never loses its effect and which every soul must and will once touch, which wants to enter eternal life in happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6020.


Book 65 6021

Divine order is love.

12. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6021.

You all must adapt yourselves to my order from eternity, only then your soul enters again into the state, where it was in the very beginning. Therefore perfection means nothing else than living in my eternal order, having the same will as I - because I cannot think and want against my order from eternity, therefore the same will must also be in my creatures, which have fashioned themselves to my image. And my law from eternity is love. No being can offend against the eternal order, which has fashioned itself to love, and it will always be my image, which has completely become love. It is perfect, for a creature having become love is good - it is a divine being; it is a child of God - it is no longer just my creature, but my child, and consequently it always moves in my eternal order, for love cannot act differently, than as it is in accordance with my will. But as long as my creatures in the state of free will, in the state as man, are still without love, as long is also their way of life not in accordance with my eternal order. They will always act from their self-love - a love, which is no sign of perfection, but - as wrongly directed - offends against my order. Only when unselfish neighbourly love fills the heart of a man, he will live according to my will and approach perfection. Then he adapts himself to my law from eternity, for then my will is in him; then he will always only think and want in the love-spirit, and that means, that my love-will has become powerful in him, that he is radiated through by my love and now creates and works in the same spirit - that I myself am in him through love and my spirit fills him and can never ever influence him differently than in my eternal order. Love is the mark of divinity; love is the sign of perfection. Love is my original nature, and for that reason, the creature, which has become love, must also be a creature equal to my nature, which therefore has also completely entered my will and which now cannot move differently than in my order - although it thinks and wants completely free, but exactly this will is directed by his love and consequently his soul has entered me in most intimate communion, I who am eternal love myself. Man now bears my will in him, which has therefore completely entered into the eternal order.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6021.


Book 65 6022

In the house of the father are many mansions.

13. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6022.

In the house of the father are many mansions. For all souls I have prepared those mansions, which are in accordance with their maturity at the decease from earth. And for that reason, they are quite very different, and they are for so long the residence for those souls, as they content themselves with it, but while they also can get changed, what is the duty of the soul itself. As the soul is at the death of its body, so is also the area, which it now surrounds in the spiritual kingdom - radiating, full of light, offering the spiritual eye splendour in marvellous harmony, so that an indescribable happiness fills the soul - or also dark and cold, miserable and worrying, stormy, desolate and oppressing, so that the soul feels unhappy and wishes to get out of this area. And nevertheless only that can be offered to it, what it has acquired for itself on earth; it cannot get moved to happy spheres, which it never strove for, and also no light can be given to it, because it would consume it in its immature state. But it remains left up to every soul, whether it wants to improve its residence for itself. And to awaken this desire in them, is the work of innumerable spirit beings, which stand in the light and climb down into the lightless flats to stimulate their inhabitants, to improve their lot and stay for themselves. But also this must happen so, that it does not determine the will of the souls, but leads to the own desire. And for that reason, the light beings are not recognizable for them as such, but they join them in the same cover, asking them for reception, and then seek to change the thoughts of the souls to a change of their present situation. The will of the souls must get stimulated, to improve their lot for themselves; and if the will now moves, then the soul is suddenly among needy souls, which ask it for help, and now it is decided, whether it listens to these requests, whether it is willing and tries to help them. The stronger the desire in it is to help, the more powerful it will feel, and the darkness will give way to quiet daybreak light, which makes the soul infinitely happy and increases its love-will. And its surroundings will imperceptibly take on a different form, because the daybreak light shines through, until everything stands clearly before the eyes of the soul and its state appears considerably improved. But it is always left to the will of the soul, whether it further busies itself helpfully or contents itself with the present situation - but which then deteriorates again, when it stops striving. Every soul will find what it desires; and if it desires light, love and happiness, so it will also certainly reach its aim and land in extreme lovely areas, where everything is radiated through and where it can take residence so long, as it likes it. For it will also give the same, as it demands itself, and love will change its nature, that love, which is given to it itself by the beings of light, when it is not completely rebellious and does not want to rise from the lightless depths, so that it fights against every help and rejects every idea indignantly. Then it also has what it desires - darkness, which will always have a more agonizing effect, to also still move such souls to the change of their will. And for that reason I spoke the words: "In my Father's house are many mansions." For the state of every soul is taken into account, but no soul is forced to remain there, where it is shown after the death of the body - it will always find reception there, where its will leads it to - it will be able to fashion its residency itself according to its will, and so it will be able to ascend out of the deepest spheres into bright heights - when it just always pays attention to those, who go up to it as messengers from above, indeed unrecognized by it, as long as it itself is still without light, but touched by its love-will so, that love is also kindled in it itself and therefore the way up is also free. Eternal love itself climbs into the depth to draw up, who do not resist. I also redeem the souls out of darkness, and innumerable beings of the light take part in this work. They all build too the places to improve the lot of the souls; they all radiate light and love and entice with it innumerable souls out of darkness into their area - where light is and power and happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6022.


Book 65 6023

God's end revelation.

14. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6023.

You are approaching the end. And that is why I reveal myself to you to not leave you ignorant what an end means for you. I reveal myself so that you prepare yourselves so that you live right, so that you do not need to be afraid of an end. You men do not believe in an end and reject all admonitions and warnings, which reach you as a result of my revelations. You deride and scoff at the ones who announce the near end to you; it seems to you to be wise and feel above a knowledge that is unusually imparted to a man. Spiritually you are blind and can see nothing and you still do not believe those who are seeing and therefore tell you in what hour you live. And it is like in the times of Noah where I likewise announced to men the nearby judgement and found no faith, where the announcers of the judgement only earned scorn and mockery until the day came when my announcement was fulfilled, until the day came when the mockers fell victim to the judgement. And again it will be like this, again the judgement was announced already long before it and it will be announced again and again, but suddenly and unexpectedly the last day will have come for this earth and all its inhabitants. Because my word is truth and it comes true, when the time has come. But who believes it that men are in the middle of this time, that only a short time remains for them until the end? Who believes it that they are standing before a turning point, before something that no man yet has experienced on this earth? Who lets himself be impressed by divine revelations, by predictions, that concern the nearby end? Who of you men expects the end consciously and prepares himself for it? They are only few who believe what has been announced through seers and prophets and these few earn only scorn and mockery when they confess their belief in this and also try to have an effect on their fellow human beings - few listen to my voice and lead such a life that the end does not scare them, but rather brings them joy in view of happy times that follow the end of this earth. But I want to increase the number of these; I want that still many come to knowledge, that the time has come true. I also want to reveal myself to those who are without knowledge. But their will resists me, and force I do not apply. That is why I am satisfied with those who believe my words and speak out in favour of it and I make them to be powerful speakers. I let them speak in my stead and although also these will have little success, although their talk will not be taken seriously, the world will still take note of the announcements of the nearby end. Indications will not be missing and everywhere in the world people will speak about an end, always only few touching in such a way that these believe and prepare themselves. And I will support them who make it their business to inform others. I will bless all efforts that aim at spreading that what is supplied to you men in form of revelations. And the knowledge of the forthcoming end will reach the four corners of the earth. But faster than you suspect my revelations will prove to be true. Because men will experience days of horror and through it be pointed to the truth of my word. And also then they will still have time to prepare themselves for the end, that irrevocably will follow these days of horror within a short time. And whether people will believe you., who spread my revelation or not - do not weaken to announce what is coming; warn and exhort the fellow human beings and supply them with my revelations. Announce to them the near judgement that will concern all, even when they do not believe your words.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6023.


Book 65 6024

Forthcoming turn. Hostility towards God's servants.

15. August 1954. B.D. NR 6024.

A light will reveal itself to you and darkness will be broken - you will recognize my will and also know about the assignment, which every one of you is to fulfil. Already in a short time the turn will happen and your work will urgently become necessary and then you also recognize, whom I have called to this work, because only he will offer himself for it, who is really suitable for it. Many will stand at a crossroads and be undecided where to turn and only who undauntedly take the right way are suitable for my work in the vineyard, and so also obviously recognizable as my servants on earth. Because men will act threateningly and frighteningly and who is now afraid of the world, he is not suitable to confess me and my name, to announce my Gospel and to give evidence of me and my revelations. But he who carries my spirit in himself, him the world does not frighten, but urges him on to increased work - because he recognizes, what hour the clock of the world has struck. You will have to expect much in the coming times and much strength is needed - but also amply received from me, because I do not leave the ones who are mine. But it will also become recognizable, who belongs to the ones who are mine. Because the world violently charges against you - the world will call you to account for the sake of my word and demand retraction from you. And now you have to hold your ground. The time of calm will soon be over, because everything comes as I have announced it to you, that my opponent takes action against you with a sharp weapon - that men hate you, to whom you announce the near end and the judgement. Men of the world do not want to hear that and they are outraged against you and you will be exposed to great hostilities, when you continue in your attitude towards me. But earthly advantage will be promised to those who deny me, who leave me. And then it will be decided who is a real servant of me, who wants to serve me in loyalty and intrepidity - then the light will shine - the power and strength of him, who is a lord over life and death will become evident, then the ones who are mine will receive unusual power; but those who fall away from me will climb up in the world. And that is a great temptation that is to cause many to fall. But my hand is always stretched out and everyone can grasp it, but then to also finish his earthly path through life in safe conduct. Because he who walks at my hand can now no longer be pressed by my opponent, because he now is also a lord over that one and his victory over him is certain. And you are now approaching this decisive battle in which all of you are to prove yourselves when your faith is strong - so strong that the enemy of your soul is powerless - that you have become his master through the power of faith.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6024.


Book 65 6025

Mercy. Do not harden your hearts.

16. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6025.

What you want, that men are to do to you, that also do to them. Always put yourselves in the position of fellowman, who is in trouble, and think about, how grateful you would be, when you would be helped out of this trouble, and then act, as it is in your powers, and it will be right before my eyes. But if the trouble of the brother leaves you cold, then your heart is already hardened, and then you will find it difficult, to find entrance into the kingdom of heaven, for then you are without love, then you do not fulfil my commands, and your soul cannot mature - the change of nature does not proceed, but which is purpose and aim of your earth life. The trouble of fellowman can certainly also be blamed for, and nevertheless you are to help him, for also you yourselves can fall into sin and as a result get into trouble, and you will also make demands on my love and mercy, because you feel unhappy. When your heart is hardened, when you indifferently go past a man being in trouble, so put yourselves mentally in the same position - and the ice will melt; a wave of mercy will flow over you, so you are still able to change at all. For know, that you all can get into the same serious difficulties; know, that you do not determine your fate yourselves and for that reason can turn away from you nothing, what I want to let come over you for the purpose of your training. What concerns your neighbour today, can to tomorrow already be your own lot, and if you then expect help, then also give it to the neighbour, and you will do well on it. Do not think self-righteously, do not feel being above, and do not look down on your fellowman, because earthly you are more comfortably off or apparently master fate better. For then you cause me to let you get into the same position, so that you feel it, what you did not want to understand before. Do not harden your hearts - but let every trouble touch you, and seek to bring help. For you give and receive amply back, what you have handed out. And you win for yourselves the hearts of those you gave presents, and that is your greatest profit, that good thoughts follow you, that you are remembered in love, what your soul feels as power for the own maturation. And always think of my words: "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Then it will be easy for you to alleviate trouble. And so you now love God above everything, you will also not deny your neighbour love - and you will fulfil my commands and mature at your soul.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6025.


Book 65 6026

Activity of light beings.

17. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6026.

The beings of light are untiringly active to break through the darkness, which is spread over earth. Wherever opened hearts are found on earth, rays of light sink into, and they also succeed spreading a faint light, they succeed to intervene into the thoughts of men and to direct them right, when they just occupy themselves with spiritual thoughts. For that reason every effort on earth is blessed, which is meant for the work for the kingdom of God - and every worker in the vineyard of the Lord can be certain of the help of God. Only one thing is necessary, to stimulate men to think about the meaning of their earth life - to direct their thoughts to God and therefore awaken the spiritual life. Then it is also possible for the light beings to intervene and to continue the redemption work started by men. Then light can get kindled and darkness chased away, which heavily and oppressively burdens mankind. The freedom of the will of men is also law for the beings of light, which they cannot reveres, otherwise it would be easy to influence men and to make spiritual thoughts accessible to them. But in free will man is to strive for God and his kingdom; he himself is to turn to him and seek the connection with him consciously, by him occupying himself mentally with him, to now establish the right relationship to him. As creature he is to turn to the creator, to then recognize the father in the creator, and boundlessly devote himself to him as his child. That is purpose and aim of each one man on earth, and so he does this, darkness also falls from him, and he will soon step into bight light. The light beings now make a constant effort, to direct man's thoughts there, from where light can radiate for him, and the help of men makes the work easier for the beings of light, when they consciously place themselves into the service of God - therefore announce the Gospel to fellowmen - when they seek to direct their thoughts into a spiritual area. Once this area has been entered, then man is again and again drawn there, because he feels the light as pleasant, which shines towards him there. Then he will also be able to easily separate himself from the world, which lies in darkness, for then he can distinguish the right light from the blinding light, and he will no longer let himself be deceived and always want to illuminate his soul more. For who has once felt the favour of light from above, he, without resistance, devotes himself to the influence of the light beings. And he will truly not fall victim to darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6026.


Book 65 6027

God's unusual gift of favour.

18. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6027.

An excessive amount of favour is at your disposal, which is certainly sufficient, to fashion you to light beings still on earth, when you want to use it. And the favour is also offered to you; everything in earth life approaches you so, that it should be easy for you, to direct your will so, that all gifts of favour can become effective at you. But whether your will is directed right, that you determine yourselves and for that reason also the effectiveness of the favour. No man is given meagrely - to all it is given in fullness, but whether man accepts, that is up to him, but then also determines the degree of maturity, which the soul has reached until its departure from earth. Your will cannot get directed right by force, but from the side of God it is so influenced, that it truly could turn to him. And for that reason earth fate is also as it were a favour, whether it is easier or more difficult for you to bear - for it can cause man to turn to God, and therefore it is a help - a favour - which was granted to him. And God knows it, when the soul is able to a change of its will, for he alone knows the most inner stirrings and will always then appear particularly rich in favours, when the soul resist less. And then already a small cause can direct the will right - towards God, whom it now suddenly recognizes. Then man is also aware of a particular favour. But everyone could daily and hourly draw from the rich treasure of favour; daily and hourly he could find to God, for God himself always goes up to man and stretches out his hand towards him. Daily and hourly the favour of God it to be received, because there is no moment in human existence, where the love of God does not let the love of God radiate from above to earth - because there is no moment in earth life, where man is without spiritual guidance and every experience can let him find the connection with God. For God has set it as aim for himself, to win the soul of man for him, and he will for that reason ordain everything so, that the soul can set foot on the way, which leads to him. Every directing, every reference and every happening offers a possibility, and everything is therefore to be seen as favour, what man encounters in earth life. But it depends on his will, how he utilizes these gifts of favour. His will alone decides, how long man still remains in resistance despite all favours, how long his soul still resists love and mercy of God and is unhappy for that reason.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6027.


Book 65 6028

Create and work. Falling of night.

19. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6028.

The day draws to its close. Only few minutes are still, until night falls, and these few minutes you are to still use well; you are to work, as long as you can work, because the light of the day still shines for you. For so the night has come, you will no longer be able to create, because you lack light and power for it. I urgently admonish you to be mindful of this, that long time does not remain any more for you to create and work and that you therefore eagerly and conscientiously are to do the work, to acquire my kingdom for you, to find a blessed place, where there is no night any more for ever - where bright light shines and you never ever need to fear the night. But who does not do this work, no morning sun will shine for him; he will sink into night and again need endless long time, until he once again comes into the light of the day. They are serious words, which I speak to you - words full of love and care about you, who are free to do, whether they want to strive for the day full of light or pay no attention to these my words and without hesitation let earth life pass unused. They do not fear the night, because it is still day for them and they do not believe in the fall of an endless night. And I warn you therefore strongly of this indifference. I present the words to you: Create and work, as long as it is still day, for the night comes, where you can no longer work. You do not know the night, of which I speak, but you have to be prepared for it; you have to fear its darkness and its horrors, and nevertheless you can still turn it away from you, when you believe in my words and use the short time, where it is still day, by you asking me seriously, to protect you from this night - by you being prepared for the work, which you just do for your soul, for you yourselves and for your eternal life. You constantly create for your earth life, and no work is too much for you, so it is essential, to create comfort your body. But work for your soul, and still utilize the light of the day for it. Apply all your life power to live according to my will - in love for me and for the neighbour. Then you created and work with success; then the deepest night can sink down over earth and all, who did not seek to flee from darkness. You will experience a morning full of light - a new day will break for you in most glorious light - you will stay in my kingdom and have escaped the nigh of death for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6028.


Book 65 6029

Love of God indispensable.

20. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6029.

No being can do without the love of God, for his love is that power, which preserves everything, and all creation would stop to be, so the love of God would turn away from it. And no matter whether the being itself turns away from God, so God still does not withdraw his love, only the being, which rejects his love, will not feel it as flow of happiness, but exactly only its existence will be secured - it will never be able to pass. But it nevertheless can be unhappy - exactly because it rejects the love of God, which is the epitome of all happiness. But the love of God has set for itself as aim the becoming happy of all beings; the love of God will always make an effort to change the rejection-will of the being into a desirous will - it will do everything, to move the being to expose itself voluntarily to the love radiation of God, because by this means the original state is again established - to be full of power and extremely happy. Only when the being lets the love of God have an effect on it in free will, when it devotes itself to the love of God, this state is again reached. Therefore also no man is without God's love, although he consciously turns away from him, denies him or is also still in complete resistance against God. But he has nothing of his love; he does not feel it as favour, as happiness, as light or power - for such is only possible through the conscious reception of his love, through a conscious striving for him, to devote himself to him, through a will completely turned towards God.

But then the power of love works powerfully; then the whole man changes, and he also feels in himself a happiness, which he no longer wants to miss. He again enters into the state of cognition; God's love imparts a light to him, and that cognition of the connection with his creator and father from eternity, the cognition of his aim and the knowledge about God's love and favour makes him happy and also drives him to reach his aim - to be and remain connected with him, who has created him, with him, out of whose love he has once emerged. The knowledge about God and his love is already a bright ray of light, which the love of God let fall into the heart of man, and which has ignited - which was not suffocated through man's will, before it ignited. Every man is seized by the love of God, so he just opens a small opening of his heart, to catch the ray of light - and every man is to know, that that is his earth task, to consciously devote himself to the love of God, that it can also seize him, to shine through him, for there is no happiness without God's love - there is no light and no power without the love of God, because God himself is love and light and power. And so everything in creation, all visible and invisible works of creation, is love power of God having become form, but so long in a compulsory state, in an unhappy state, as they themselves fight against the love current, as will wise they are still in a far distance from God. Is this resistance given up, i.e., man turns to God in free will, then the love power of God can flow towards him in such a measure, that the distance is again and again decreased, until in the end the joining together with God takes place, and by this means the original state, which is the last aim of man on earth, is reached - that everything created by God is again happy in light and power and endless love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6029.


Book 65 6030

Indifference of men requires harder blows.

21. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6030.

How hopeless is the state of innumerable men on earth, because they do nothing to bring their souls to maturity. Their thoughts are always only earthly and they never rise up. They never enter the spiritual sphere; they never ask themselves why they stay on earth. And they avoid every conversation about it, because they want to know nothing, but just that, what seems to be profitable for their bodily life. And that is how most men on earth are oriented in spite of keen work of the servants of God to rouse them from their wrong thinking. In all directions God's word is supplied; everywhere exhortations and warning cries sound, but men close their ears, because the sound out of the world has a stronger effect on them and willingly they follow it. The strongest events of worldwide importance hardly ever touch them; the sudden passing away of men is no occasion for them to think about the transience of earthly things. They hear it and pass over it. Disasters of greatest magnitude do not disturb their equanimity as long as they themselves are not affected by them and the misery of the fellow human beings hardly touches their heart so that their will to help would be worked up. And this is a terrible and hopeless state because it has a spiritual effect - because the souls of men are in greatest darkness and can hardly reach the light as long as men feel satisfied with earthly goods and pleasures. Satan has indeed power on this earth because men themselves have given it to him. Every thought is only meant for the attainment of worldly aims and from early on till late they work for their body, which however dies. And even if death reaps amply in their surroundings - only few are touched by it, because they are affected. And so men can no longer be frightened by anything and feel prompted to a change of will, because everything bounces off them and leaves no impression. The events therefore have to charge against mankind more and more sorrowful - more and more noticeable the evidence to the transitoriness of life and possessions have to be given - more and more powerful the elements of nature to step out of their order, so that the hearts of men get a shock and ask about the purpose and reason of that what throws the world into excitement. And God will also allow such; he will send signs to men. But whether they pay attention to these is up to them. He wants to rescue, but he will impel no-one to change his will - but again and again will speak in plain language, which everyone can understand. The earth is heading for its end and also the knowledge about it will be spread in the world. And those who pay attention to the signs will not close their mind to this evidence - they will believe and prepare themselves. But where there is darkness, there also the signs and pointers are of no use and that men approach bodily and spiritual death is their own fault.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6030.


Book 65 6031

Spirit of confusion. Without love no truth.

22. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6031.

The spirit of confusion is powerfully working among men. Truth is distorted; misconceptions are represented as only truth; they have an argument over all problems and every opinion finds its followers - and so men consider it to be impossible to be able to find out what is right out of all these teachings and opinions. They consider it to be impossible to reach knowledge of pure truth. And it will also be more and more difficult for them to find the truth, because the basic condition is missing that man leads a life in love. And as love on earth has cooled off among men, and will cool off even more in the latter times before the end, that is why also truth will be represented less and less among them - a confusion of human thinking will exist as it hardly ever has been the case. And yet exactly the wrong opinions will be advocated with overkeenness, because that is the work of the opponent of God, that he fights against the light, against the eternal truth, to strengthen his power, to push men aside from God. Seemingly now the opponent of God has supremacy and he succeeds in constantly confusing men more, but dazzling flashes of light come through even the deepest darkness of night and in their bright shine a way becomes recognizable, which the lost can walk on. And here and there light bearers offer to give their guidance. This way is the way of truth, which leads right through the wilderness, which uncovers errors and confusions, because the light bearers light up all untrue and let it become obvious. But those who want to walk this way of truth have to fulfil the conditions; they must have set love as their life principal. Because only then they are able to recognize the truth as such; only then is it possible for them to see the way and to also meet the light bearers, which they otherwise pass without noticing them. In the end there will be much error, but also an exceedingly bright light. Because where his opponent works as the lord of darkness, there also the work of God is obvious, who can himself, as light from eternity, come through the strongest darkness, and will certainly not leave men in error, in darkness, who earnestly strive for truth. Because he is also a Lord over darkness and gives light to everyone who desires it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6031.


Book 65 6032

Redemption work. God's blessing.

24. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6032.

What you do for me, will not remain unrepaid for you. But you are not to be active for me for the sake of this repayment; your heart is to drive you, to perform redemption work like me and wanting to help souls, which are in trouble, because they are still far from me and my kingdom. Your love is to be the driving force to all your wanting and doing. For only a work of love will have success; only a work for me, which is based on love for me or for the neighbour, will bring in the right harvest - while the work without love will just produce empty fruit. But every work of love on your part I want to bless and repay thousand-fold to you with my love. And for that reason, I again and again call upon you to be willing workers in my vineyard, because I alone know it, how necessary this work is, how many men need that help, which you can grant them. I alone also know it, how this help can be done for them, and I therefore allot to each one of you the work, which to carry out you are able, and I will also truly ordain everything so, that each one can busy himself at the right place of work. And I myself will lead you there, where your vineyard work can be of success. For I try everything to rescue souls from ruin, and I approach each one soul in that way, that promises success. But I need men for that on earth, who carry out that, what I would do, when I would walk in the flesh on this earth. And these men now act in my place, because my spirit drives them. There reward will truly be great, but exactly for that reason only, because their love-will is great, without which no work for my kingdom is possible. Who knows about the spiritual trouble of men, he will also want to help, when his heart is full of love. And he alone will be able to help, for love is a power of strongest effect, and rarely only can a man shut himself off from the power of love. Mostly everyone has success, who himself lives in love. What now your heart directs you to do, that recognize as my instruction for you and that also carry out. And my blessing will accompany you, and your work will not be in vain. But do not act on your own authority. When great difficulties oppose you, so know, that this is my permission, because I recognize a way as wrong, which you are set about to go. Who works for me, who wants to be active in my will, he can know being seized by me, and he can be convinced, that I bless his work. But my opponent also works eagerly, and he seeks to destroy, what I build up. But he will never be able to penetrate into that province, where I rule - where I give my instructions and where my voice is respected. For that reason, he can prevent nothing, what my will intends. And for that reason, everything is directed and carried out by my will, so as it is my decision from eternity. I just demand complete devotion from you, my servants on earth, so that my will may be in you and you can now be my right workers - and your redemption work will truly not be unsuccessful.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6032.


Book 65 6033

Way of love and of faith. Acknowledgement of God.

25. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6033.

You have to go the way of faith and love, when you want to reach me and eternal happiness. You are only to believe that you were created by a power that loves you and that is why it wants to see you in a state of perfection, because only something perfect can be in union with it and so also be happy. But it wants to know that you are happy because it loves you. You are to believe in me, I who have created you out of my love. Already the acceptance of that, what you still cannot firmly believe, will cause you to submit to this power and more and more convinced you will learn to believe, because this acknowledging is already an expression of your primeval being, as you have gone out from me perfectly and also remained perfect as long as you acknowledged me as your God and creator from eternity. But you forfeited voluntarily your perfection as you turned away from me and towards him who was well participating through his will, but who first got the power to create from me. You acknowledged another and denied me. And only then, when you will recognize and acknowledge me again in fullest freedom of will as your God and father from eternity, you will again have entered the state of perfection, which makes it possible for you to stay near me. Therefore I demand faith in me first of all. But you can only win real faith, when a light is lighted up in you, which gives you clear knowledge. Because what you are supposed to believe, you must be able to advocate convincingly as truth and therefore be recognized by you very clearly. Something of a light hidden to you until then has to be brightly lighted up and this light is the spark of love, which has to be aroused in you and which also easily can be aroused, when you turn to me, that my ray of love can fall in your heart and can catch on, i.e., that you now only always do, what a voice in you admonishes you to do, that you do that, what you yourself want that is done to you. Every single one of you men can put himself in the place of his fellow human being, who is in misery and he will know it, what then seems to be desirable to him. And therefore he himself has to act towards his neighbour. This feeling will exist in every man that he himself feels a relief, when he is helped. Therefore he also knows out of himself that he has to do the same. And who yields to this inner urging, he opens his heart and can be reached by my ray of love and a light can now light up in him, which gives him clearest knowledge. Then his faith comes to life through love - while it can first just be a pure rational faith, which well sees my existence as God and creator positively, but which does not show him the way to me as his father from eternity. This knowledge alone brings about love in the heart of man and that is why I say, that you have to go the way of faith and love - that faith without love can still not be called real faith, that only love lets it become alive and that there can be no knowledge without love, because the intellect alone could never get to the bottom of the connections, but which is grasped easily by love that is in the heart of a man. Faith without love can also very easily again be given away, while a faith having become alive through love will eternally no longer be given up, because knowledge has now become conviction, for which for the time being only faith is demanded from man, so that man sorts out himself and his feelings in view of that power, which has created him. And according to the strength of his desire to get into contact with the creator, will now also the illumination through my love be able to occur, but man has to approach me in fullest freedom of will, in fullest freedom of will he is to go the way of love and of faith, but which will irrevocably lead to me and to eternal happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6033.


Book 65 6034

Dead faith becomes evident in times of trouble.

26. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6034.

Soon it will become certain to you how weak the faith of those is, who stand by me in name only, who live without love. They will take offence at the events that severely press men and they will begin to doubt me - a being that is to be exceedingly powerful and wise and does not protect men from the elements of nature and from the despotic rule of satanic men. They only have a dead faith, a formal faith, that completely fails in times of trouble. And therefore they also have no anchor on which they can rely and now the lack of love is demonstrated, which soon lets this faith completely get lost - now the truth is demonstrated that only love awakens faith to life, but that a living faith also guarantees full understanding for everything that happens, because love also lights the light of knowledge in man and he now also knows about the connections, about cause and effect and above all about the nearby end. And when your fellow human beings now admit their doubts about God, then point out to them, why they cannot strongly believe in me and my ever ready help. Seriously reproach them with my love commandment, which I gave as first and most important commandment for that reason to men, because I want to bring their faith to such a strength, that it copes with all adversity without becoming wavering - because I want to impart understanding to men, because I want to light the light of knowledge in them, but without love such is not possible. Nevertheless men are to clearly decide in the coming trouble - they are to become conscious of their weak faith and now therefore either are to try to strengthen this faith - which they well can manage when they let more their heart speak than their intellect - or they completely turn away from me, that they deny me and go over to my opponent, that they still increase the misery of the fellow human beings through own unkind acts - but then also have to experience the fate of him, who is my opponent and who does everything in his power to push men aside from me. The coming events will be faith tests for all men. Also the ones who are mine will be afraid and worried they will call for me; but they will call, because they believe in me. And I will help them because of their faith. But those who no longer have the certainty in themselves that I am and that I can help them and therefore also do not approach me with a request for help, those will openly deny me and so the up to now dead faith will become obvious. It will become obvious how little and how rarely a living faith is striven for despite nice words, despite churches and preachers. Everything will prove to be empty shells, which hold no essence. And it will prove, where the church is, which I have founded on earth - where the believers can be found, which have a strong faith like Peter. The rock of faith is the only symbol of my church, which can be shaken by nothing. And this faith has to prove itself in the coming times.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6034.


Book 65 6035

Love illumination of God. Free will.

27. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6035.

You are all safe in my love, and I leave out no-one, who requests this my love, who wants to bask in its ray. I push no-one away, who approaches me, because love drives him to me. For my love draws all to me - but it keeps quiet, when man resists, for my love does not determine the will of man, but leaves fullest freedom to him. And or that reason a man can also again break away from the arms of my love and strive away from me, but he will never ever find happiness and for that reason also certainly return to me. Who has once voluntarily proceeded into my love area, he never ever leaves it. But the many, who still stand outside, who still could not be touched by my favour, because they fled from its shine, are for that reason also in a regrettable position, because the favour of a love ray has not yet become theirs, even so through their own fault. They just needed to approach; they just needed to want, that a love ray may hit them, and they truly would not come away empty-handed, for my love reaches infinitely far, and it touches the heart of every man, which is not unwilling. But there is happiness for a being only through the reception of my love power, and only in the illumination of my love light it finds its happiness. But for that reason the access to my love circuit is opened to every being, that it can therefore turn there without the compulsion of the will, where it sees a gentle gleam of light, which goes out from my love sun and shines far into the darkness of the night. The love light from above - the radiation of me myself - my word will be accessible to all; it will shine for them as right light on their earth life way, it will touch man's heart as favour; it will kindle a light of cognition and by that means love for me. My word is the hand, which stretches out towards you, which you just need to grasp, to now be drawn by me to my heart. My word is the ray of my love sun, which has a quite enormous power and is also able to melt the ice in your heart, when you just open yourselves to this word, to now also feel its power. When I address a man myself, so his resistance must get broken - but whether he let himself be addressed by me, that is left to his free will. As long as he turns away from me, so long my love power has also no effect - i.e., I do not let it become effective, where I see resistance, because I respect the free will of man. But blessed, who give up their resistance; who turn their face to me, who expose themselves to the rays of my love sun and now feel the desire in them, to come closer to me, to always be happier in my love. Happy, who listen to my word, consider it in their heart and give full expression to it. For these are seized by my love, and they will no longer break away from me for ever, but always join me more intimately, because love is a firm, untearable ribbon, which now connects the child to the father for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6035.


Book 65 6036

The act alone does not decide, but the will.

28. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6036.

The act itself does not decide, but the will, on which this act is based. A good will can carry out an act, which otherwise has an effect as bringing blessings - but also on a bad will an act can be based, which is seen by the eyes of fellowmen as good. The will alone is assessed by God. Nevertheless, the intellect of man must consider every act, and then the man of good will will recognize, whether he acts wrong or right - but also that man, whose will is not good, will refrain from an act, which he recognizes as opposite to his will. And so that man's thinking is right, he is to pray, what indeed only that man will do, who has a good will, but he will then also never commit an act, which has a bad effect on fellowmen. You indeed have free will, for that reason you are not prevented, no matter what you plan and carry out, but you must take responsibility for your doing, and that you are to consider, and you will then not act carelessly; you will proceed conscientiously and always take the commands of God as guiding principle and then also not sin. For these commands lay down your earth life walk for you, and so now all your thinking and acting is determined and directed by the love for God and for the neighbour, your earth walk can only have a blessed effect for fellowmen, for love eliminates every error, because real love also illuminates the spirit and guarantees right thinking. You must therefore examine yourselves, whether an act, which you want to carry out, is caused by love, and only then commit it, when this examination turns out in your favour, when therefore love for God and for fellowmen causes you to do it. Then it will be good, and you do not need to be afraid of a responsibility. But without love there is always the danger, that you sin, for without love also the will is not good, and what you now carry out, will also have its effect accordingly. For you can certainly deceive your fellowmen, but never God, who sees into your hearts. But the praise of fellowmen is not to lead you to acts, which cannot stand up to God. Love alone makes an act valuable, and love will also always act right - love will want to help, and every helpful act is pleasing to God and will be blessed by him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6036.


Book 65 6037

Coming of the Lord (to be understood literally)

29. August 1952. B.D. NR. 6037.

The hour of my return draws cclser and closer, because the end of the earth is nearby and when the last day has come, I also will come in the clouds to fetch those, who are mine, before the earth approaches its dissolving - but this is not to mean that the earth as a celestial body ceases to exist, but that a reshaping of its complete surface happens, which is the same for you men as a complete destruction, because nothing alive escapes this destruction, because all creatures are affected by it. That is why I myself also can come to earth to snatch away the ones who are mine from this last work of destruction, because except my believers there will be no-one who experiences the last work of devastation and therefore could give a report afterwards on it. I myself will come, when the ones who are mine no longer know a way out, when my opponent will openly take action against them for the sake of their belief. These will be in great difficulty till the very end and only their strong faith keeps them upright and resistant, because they await my coming and I do not disappoint their faith. I will appear in brightest light and still cover my shine so, that the ones who are mine can bear it. But what causes great joy and cheering with the ones who are mine, that becomes horror, judgement, to the others. Because these will indeed not be able to see me, but perceive the unusual phenomena that those, who they are after, vanish up before their eyes. And this experience will become their judgement, because suddenly their wickedness becomes obvious to them, and also the sure end now is a certainty for them, from which they are not able to escape. Would they be able to see me in this hour, then they certainly would stretch out all their hands towards me. But this surrender to me would be completely pointless, because it would be a forced belief in me, caused by the supernatural appearance of myself. However also the rapture of the ones who are mine could let in them the belief in me come to life still in the last hour, and I would certainly still in the last hour be merciful to them. But they are already too much in the bonds of the opponent, and they are no longer able to break themselves off from him, and that is why they will sink into the earth, and they will be destined to the fate of renewed banishment into hard matter, for which they are to blame themselves. Almost all men will doubt my coming on the day of judgement. And still my promise comes true. I come to you, and you will be able to see me in brilliance and magnificence. Because the ones who are mine certainly deserve the rescue out of deepest trouble and because there is nothing left to them that seems to be supernatural, which is connected to the end, which they have recognized to be certain. The end will come, and I myself will come down to earth, as I once ascended to heaven - in all glory and again visible to those who believe in me, who are my disciples in the last times before the end. These are no figurative words, no parables for coming events - they are the events themselves, and it will come literally as I have promised to you, and you can wait every day, where you are unusually harassed by those who are in bondage to my opponent. When the struggle against the faith starts, you know that the last hour is coming soon, because this is his last work, it is the last fight on this earth, which ends with his final defeat. And then the time of peace will dawn on the new earth, because with my coming to earth and your rapture ends this earth period, and a new one begins. The earth gets reshaped and changed into a complete new one, and you, whom I will fetch, you are to be the new inhabitants of this paradisiacal world - you are destined for a time of peace and heavenly happiness in the paradise of the new earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6037.


Book 65 6038

New revelations. Reasons. Bible.

30. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6038.

It is a great danger, when my word is wrongly interpreted, when the meaning of my word gets twisted and then again built up on this wrong interpretation. For then my opponent has easy access, by him now even more confusing the thoughts of men and removes them always further from truth. It will never be possible for a man, to quote a word from the Scriptures, which proves, that the father may nevermore address his children, because he has already announced his will through the Scriptures. There is no word, which could give the right to men, to deny once again love words of God - there is no word, on which the opponents of my new revelations can support themselves, for I would have never spoken such a word, because I alone know it, that my creatures on earth again and again need my address to reach the aim, to become my children. My address is certainly very different, and for that reason not everyone needs to hear my voice directly; but when I would not again and again address men, then truly only few reached the aim. For without the work of my spirit men would not be able to think right, to separate truth from error and to also understand the Scriptures right. I therefore also address men then, when I teach them to think right and set the right aim for their feelings, but what a man, directed by my spirit, thinks, that he will also be able to express, and such an expression through a man's mouth is now also a revelation on my part, for it is then my word, which my spirit has imparted to man. For I want to speak to men, and if a man now willingly puts himself at my disposal, by him wanting to announce my word to men - then my word therefore sounds through this man's mouth. Every real announcer of my word gives me the possibility, to reveal myself anew. And in exactly the same way I can let my word sound, when someone is willing, to listen to me - when a man listens to the inside and wishes to be addressed by me. Will a loving father remain silent, when his child desires to hear him? Does my love set boundaries for itself? Am I not a Lord of unlimited wealth, which I am constantly prepared to hand out? Do you men want to set boundaries for me or refuse me to speak, when and to whom I want? When you believe in it, that I can be present to you, then you must also believe, that I announce myself, when I am present to you, and nevertheless you want to fight, that I speak to men, who want to hear me. But I have promised you my presence with the words: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." And about what are you then to talk? Will you hold worldly speeches? No, you will make me to the content of your conversations; you will hold good speeches; you will speak, what I put into your mouth, for I myself will speak through you, so that you recognize my presence. And so I myself will be everywhere, where men unite to hear my word - everywhere, where one lets me speak, everywhere, where my spirit can have an effect, and it will always be the same word, which you men receive, since you desire to hear me. I know it, how urgently men need my address, and I will therefore also never stop to supply my word to you, and I will enlighten men about error and wrong interpretation of the Scriptures; I will impart my pure Gospel to these myself, who open themselves to me in the will, to serve me and fellowmen with it - for every good will and every desire for truth I bless, and my blessing is in that respect, that I myself speak to them, as I once spoke to my disciples, and that I give the task to all those, who are able to hear me, to spread my pure Gospel, for I speak through those all, who want to hear me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6038.


Book 65 6039

Signs and miracles of the times of the end. False Christs and prophets.

31. August 1954. B.D. NR 6039.

I will do everything for you to rescue your souls from the downfall, from renewed banishment into the creation of the new earth. Still everything has to happen in the framework of the natural to not force you to accept the faith, to let you make the decision in fullest freedom of will. But I help out through unusual phenomena of all kinds, through which I want to cause you men to think. In the same way also my opponent will want to have an effect on you, which however is to bring about the opposite - to destroy the faith in me. When clarification can be given to you about such unusual phenomena, then you will also recognize the satanic affect. But without clarification you feel inclined to consider his work to be the manifestation of my power, and you then can get into bad doubts about my love and wisdom. Because what he presents to you will never serve a noble purpose, but will result in bad consequences. But through which I want to win your souls, that will always only reveal my love and wisdom, it will always be something that serves you to understand, that is to awaken and strengthen your faith in me. What comes from me has to have good effects and will also be recognizable by these as my work. And attention is to be paid to it in the last times before the end, because many things will happen that appear to be unusual to you men and therefore also impress you. And it will be possible for you to distinguish, when you are of good will. Because Satan cannot hide himself and all his works betray him by their results. That is why you are to watch out for false Christs and false prophets. They also will appear before the end, the same way as I let arise real prophets, who are to announce me and my name and whose mission I also will confirm through signs and miracles. And my opponent will also do signs and miracles, but they are easily seen through, because they reveal that, what is branded by the real prophets and announcers of my teaching: worldly successes, strengthening of earthly power and false doctrine, which give a distorted picture of me, therefore undermining the faith in me. And when something appears to be puzzling to you men and you yourselves are not able to give an explanation, then just pay attention to the effects - pay attention to what desires are awakened in men and if they are suitable to let faith in me arise - or if discredit is brought upon me as God and creator from eternity, because of that - whether one wants to call my love, wisdom and omnipotence into question with it, that is to make out the faith in me to be doubtful. And you will recognize, which spirit is at work; you will think of my warnings about false Christs and false prophets. But my signs and miracles can lead you to faith, because they clearly prove my power, which is well-disposed towards you and which wants to rescue you from spiritual death as long as there is still time. Pay attention to these signs, because also they announce the near end to you and they are to speak to those, who have not completely decided on my opponent.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6039.


Book 65 6040

Wrong thirst for knowledge.

1. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6040.

You are up to a really strange game with me, when you seek to cause me to contravene against my law of eternal order, by you asking me for it, to let you have a look into my kingdom, but not having yourselves reached the degree of maturity of the soul, which allows a spiritual looking. You are not to pray for gifts of favour, which are only then useful for you, when you utilize them right, and you are not to believe, to be able to create an advantage for your soul through unusual knowledge, through a look into things hidden for you. You are to know, that you are not asking in vain for spiritual goods, but that your desire is still quite earthly, when you just want to get hold of knowledge, to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. You are not to pray for something, whereto a certain maturity of the soul is precondition, when you have not yet made the effort, to gain this soul maturity. You then want to cause me, to grant you something against my eternal order, and in this way you confess your ignorance, your dark spiritual state - otherwise you, in deepest humility, feel unworthy, to be given by me unusually. I truly want to lead you into truth; I want to impart a rich knowledge to you and kindle brightest light in you. But first of all, you must fashion yourselves so, that such unusual gifts of favour can flow towards you. But then also your soul will be such that it is able to see spiritually, when it is good for its further development. But this unusual gift of favour I will not send to a man, who still stands very low in his development, and because of that I must seriously warn each one, wanting to get hold of insight into a world, which is hidden to him, for my opponent can certainly fulfil his wish for him, but then only to the damage of his soul, which is besieged by dark powers, because it ventured into a kingdom, where these powers could approach it. But they are not to believe, having gained the spiritual view from me myself, for I will never favour something, what harms the soul, and always hand out according to the state of maturity of the soul, what brings about blessing to it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6040.


Book 65 6041

Attitude of world men to the Gospel.

2. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6041.

You will not transform world men, and no matter how much knowledge is at your disposal. They do not acknowledge it and remain in their attitude to life and to God. To bring the Gospel to world men will only then be of success, so they have recognized, that they only set the transient as their aim, and all earthly striving suddenly seems useless to them. Then also your words will meet with a response and make thoughtfully, and then a possibility exists, that they have the desire for constant good and that they seriously occupy themselves with the state after death. For that reason, it is often a blessing, when such men are hit by great losses, when they are made aware of the transience of earthly things and also of man himself. It is an apparent disaster, which robs men of their possession; very often exactly the circumstance, which helps a man to the change of his thinking and directs him to a quite different path. And exactly in the time of the end this means of violence must get applied often, and for that reason still many men will considerably be affected by it. Earthly success possibilities will fade away; the sudden death of fellowmen will trigger pains and horrors; natural disasters or accidents will destroy earthly possession. In every way the transience of that will be presented to men, what they desire and set themselves as their earthly aim. And individuals will learn from it; they will give up their earthly efforts and use their power for the achieving of spiritual successes only. But they will always only be few, because the lord of the world blinds the others and arouses their desires, so that they now still more embittered chase after earthly treasures and also get supported by him, the more they have become slaves of him. To preach the Gospel to them is fruitless. But it is about the few, who are still to be rescued, and for that reason everywhere attempts are to be made, particularly in times, where the decline and the transience are obvious. For the thing is always only to turn away the looks of men from matter and towards the spiritual, and this is then possible, when he is affected by losses of all kind. And in the coming time mankind will still be shaken strongly, for much is still to be taken from it, so that it learns recognizing the worthlessness of that, what fills its whole thinking and striving.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6041.


Book 65 6042

Hour of death without fear. Readiness.

4. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6042.

Always be ready to exchange the earthly life with the life in the spiritual kingdom, then the hour of farewell from this world will never come for you as a surprise, then you will also never need to fear it. What you think and do, always ask yourselves, whether it is right before my eyes, then you will live consciously and work on your soul - you will therefore live for the opposite kingdom, and this opposite kingdom will be the kingdom of light for you, for which you now like to give the earthly life, because it is your true home. If all you men could just grasp it, that you just lead a trial life on this earth, that it is not the actual life, but only a preparation for this actual life and that because of that you are to always only give your attention to utilize it right. But you regard earth life as alone important, and you remember too little the actual life in the spiritual kingdom - when you believe in such at all. And you put all your power into completely unimportant things, and you prepare yourselves too little for that life, that lies before you. The hour of death should become for you men the hour of redemption, you who lay down your earth clothes, to enter lightly and freely into a kingdom of peace and of happiness. You are to look forward to this hour consciously and happy and like to give up earth life, to exchange a far better compared with that. But you will only then possess this awareness, when you have led a life in the following of Jesus in really alive faith, because only then you clearly recognize your earth life purpose and your aim - because only then you know about all connections and therefore also about a free and blessed life in the spiritual kingdom. Then your spirit is awakened, and then therefore you assess earth life only just little, and you consciously strive for life in the spiritual kingdom in light and happiness. You certainly get instructed about it, but you will only accept it as truth, when love has kindled a light in you. Therefore you must, as first thing, live in love. Then also death will no longer frighten you; for then you have already connection with the spiritual kingdom; then so many hands stretch themselves out to you from it, which lead you until the end of your life. And then you will live every day on earth so, as it is my will. Then you prepare yourselves for a blessed end, and the hour of your farewell from this earth will be for you the awakening to life in light and magnificence.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6042.


Book 65 6043

Little acknowledgement (faith) for spirit work. Lacking faith.

5. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6043.

The spirit's work is only rarely acknowledged, because an awakened spirit belongs to it, but the un-awakened stand so far from all spiritual, that they also do not believe, what is presented to them as truth. It is always only one step, which must be done, but of which everyone is afraid, who is still too much connected to the world. But something is offered to world men, what they, with honest will, cannot see as worldly, as intellectual product - so that it may be easy for them to dare that step. Visibly a hand stretches itself out to them from another kingdom, and the examination is only demanded from them, what is offered to them. Who is willing, to carry out this examination, he has already done that step - but who is not willing for it, for him also the veil can never be lifted, which still covers the truth for him. It is therefore not to be surprised from world men, when they do not acknowledge the work of the spirit. But also among those men thinking themselves to be believing, little acknowledgement is to be found, and that proves, that they all still stand very far from God; it alone already proves that un-awakened state and the false attitude towards their God and creator from eternity - it proves, that they have not yet experienced his work at them. It proves further, how little alive their faith is, how little alive the Gospel was presented to them - it proves, that dead preachers can waken no men to life. It is a saddening proof for a dead faith, when men are not able to believe in revelations of God through his spirit - when they lack all knowledge about such an intimate connection of man with God, which produces obvious proofs - and when they reject such as completely impossible, therefore close their mind to everything, what could help them to a living faith. But this is a sign of the close end, that men themselves show their spiritual low and their far distance from God, that they are no longer able to recognize the father's voice. Do not be surprised, you real representatives of God on earth, in whom his spirit can have an effect. Do not be surprised about, that you find little acknowledgment, but know, that this is just a sign of the truth of the divine words, which his spirit has imparted to you. The number of those, who have understanding, who recognize the work of the spirit, who themselves feel addressed by him, will hardly increase, the closer the end comes. And for that reason, the herd will only be small, which follows its shepherd, because it hears his voice. His voice will sound in the heart of that man, who listens into himself full of love for his God and father from eternity, who is his redeemer, his rescuer from spiritual death. The spirit spark must ignite deeply inside and shine out from the inside. Nothing external can give light to man, when the spirit spark has not ignited in him himself, when man himself has not established inwardly the connection through his spirit with the father spirit, which then announces himself to him, who then reveals himself to him. Who introduces him into truth, who gives him fullest cognition, inner peace and the awareness, to go the right way, which leads up.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6043.


Book 65 6044

Reception vessel for divine love power current.

7. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6044.

I truly want to make you happy and as vessel of my spirit fill you with my love power current. I want to let the living water flow towards you. I want to give you food for your soul; in infinite love I want to serve you life awakening drink. I continually want to give to you, when you just want to receive. And I will truly leave no vessel unfilled, which opens itself to me, to be given by me. Do you know, what it means, to be reception vessel of my spirit? Do you know, that you all can be it, but that only quite rarely the conditions are met, which prepares your heart to an opened vessel for my love power current? And that only few do it in faith in my love, which wants to give itself away? - The relationship, which you men are to tie with me, is not really to be made believable to you, because it can only get established through love and would then also prove itself - but love must be practised in fullest freedom of will and the will for it you lack. And for that reason, you also lack faith in my love, which always only would like to give itself away to you, but can only give itself away to him, who fashions his heart to a vessel through love work, which I now want to fill. How immeasurably much could you receive, how rich could you be, in which light and power fullness could you go through earth life, for I am always ready to give. But only rarely I find opened hearts, and for that reason, men come away empty-handed, although an immeasurable wealth is at their disposal. But what they do not receive themselves from me, they can nevertheless receive from those, who receive from me extremely richly, and every source, from which the living water flows - every spring, which my love has opened, will be for men a place of favour, which he can go to, to supply his soul with light and power, which can help him to the reshaping, so that he now establishes the connection with me himself. And what has been brought to him up to now, that he will now be able to receive directly from me through the spirit. My word, which has been imparted to him, taught him love, and through love work he gained faith, that I, as eternal love, just always want to give away and make happy. And now he opens himself and receives me in his heart - and now I can have an effect in him and fill him with my favour, my light and my power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6044.


Book 65 6045

Immeasurable sufferings of Jesus Christ.

8. and 9. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6045.

What I have endured for you, that you cannot estimate, as long as you stay on earth; but in future it will be revealed to you, and only then you will comprehend my infinite love, which brought this sacrifice for you, to redeem you from the night of death. It certainly was the work of a man, and you men therefore consider my "death of sacrifice" on the cross as an act of human fanatism, when you do not believe in the mission of the man Jesus, or as an act of atonement for mankind, which has required the whole power and conviction of a man. But you do not know it, where from the man Jesus took this extraordinary power. You do not know it, that it was the infinite love, which enabled him to this sacrifice, and that he could take upon him an extreme measure of suffering through love only - and for that reason he took these sufferings upon himself voluntarily, to absolve the great sin guilt of men. The outer form of the man Jesus, in which I myself have embodied myself, declared itself willing to endure superhuman agonies, because love filled it - because I myself as eternal love wanted to bear everything for you, what otherwise you, as result of your sin, would have to bear throughout eternities. Love for you, my creatures having fallen away from me, could also not get less through your defection. And it therefore found this one way to win you back again: my love wanted to cancel your guilt and do the atonement for it itself - but what was only possible, when this love could embody itself in a man, so that this man took all sufferings upon himself, which you men would have to endure for the sake of your sins. You men had to expect death; you had forfeited for yourselves life in free will. And one man had to now endure this death for you, when you were to awakened to life again. (9.9.1954) He gave away his life for you, to give again life to you. And love for you made him do it, which was extremely great - for I, as eternal love, was myself in him. And the power of love has enabled the man Jesus to it, to endure the greatest pains and to go consciously into death. But which agonies he has endured, which suffering of the soul and of the body he has born, that you men cannot gauge, for he did not die for one man, but for all and he took the sins of all men upon his shoulders; he did atonement for all men, and therefore his sufferings were for that reason superhuman; they exceeded all imaginations, which you can make for yourselves of his sufferings and dying. And all this will be revealed to you in future; what you still cannot grasp today, that will touch you in future like an extremely shining ray, which would fell you to the ground, when not my extreme great love would keep you and let this cognition become happiness for you - to a happiness, which includes in it praising and thanking and hot counter love, because only now you can gauge the atonement sacrifice, the work of redemption of my love and mercy in its complete extent. But this ray of light cannot hit you earlier, until you have reached a certain degree of maturity in the spiritual kingdom, until the redemption through Jesus Christ has been carried out at you - until you have found forgiveness of all guilt through the living faith in him - until you can stay in my kingdom free of all guilt and get illuminated by my love power. As long as you men are unredeemed, also the death on the cross of the man Jesus is for you not of greater significance than the death of every other man, because you are not able to imagine the immeasurable sufferings, which cause was the great sin guilt of whole mankind. But the cognition will powerfully touch you in future, what the son of man has done for you, who gave me his body as stay, so that now I myself - love - redeemed you men from eternal death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6045.


Book 65 6046

Ascent development in mandatory state and free will.

10. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6046.

The redemption process unwinds already for ever; the spiritual has already the opportunity for ever, to develop upwards, because already for ever a constant change of the outer form also creates always new development possibilities. And up to man this development progresses uninterruptedly, because everything takes place in divine order, because this ascent development it legally fixed according to the will of God. But once the will of God withdraws, and then the spiritual is to progress exactly so in its development, but in completely free will, why also the possibility exists, that the ascent development stops - that the spiritual remains on the same level or sinks again into a lower degree of maturity - why as man very easily a relapse into the depth can take place, out of which the spiritual has worked itself up in endless long time. Endless long time the spiritual has needed, to be allowed to the embodiment as man - and the short time of earth life is like a moment, having regard to this long time of the predevelopment out of the depth until up to man. And truly, no all too difficult test of will is set for you men. Only little is demanded of you: to serve in free will out of your own accord. You had to serve already before, but determined for it through laws of nature, which you could not oppose. And the same you are to do as man, without being compelled. The endless long time of your development in the mandatory law could also have broken your resistance, so that you serve willingly and joyfully, even so you are no longer forced to do it - but now you are influenced from one side, which could not influence you before. The opponent of God can now again haven an effect on you, and he uses this privilege to win you again, whom he has already almost lost. And you must now decide, for also God does not let you uninfluenced - also he has an effect on you. But none of the two powers applies compulsion; you are neither unprotected at the mercy of the opponent of God nor are you destined to the decision for God through divine supply of favour. You can freely choose your lord - but you can run the risk of needing once again eternities to become man again and having to again make the same decision, when you direct your will wrong and turn to him, who wants to ruin you. For you do not need to choose wrong, because God's love continuously is meant for you and because a measure of favour is at your disposal, which you just need to use, to now also choose right - because serving in love is possible for every man and extremely rich opportunity is offered to him for it. For a spark of God slumbers in man, a tiny little love spark, but which can easily flare up to a flame. Each one heart of man is able to love, and so it listens to the fine voice in it, it will also get active in love - and then he will serve in love, in free will, and then the opponent of God has no longer influence on him. Then the endless long development process comes to its end - the spiritual gets free of all outer form - it returns to the spiritual kingdom, from which it once took its start.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6046.


Book 65 6047

God's word unchanging.

11. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6047.

My word remains the same for ever, for my word teaches you always and for ever only love. My word is the radiation of my love; it is the expression of my will; it is the connection, obvious to you, between me and you; my word is the proof of me myself. And I cannot change myself for ever, why my word is also unchanging for ever. And everywhere, where man seeks contact with me, the same word will sound for him, which gives testimony of me, of my love, wisdom and power, of a highest perfect entity, which addresses you, so that it may be recognized by you. Who hears my word, he knows, that I am present to him; he knows, that the father addresses him and that he gives love through his word and demands love. For eternal love can always only want, that that fashions itself to love, what is to get into contact with it. My word can always only stimulate to love work, because it flows from me as love myself. My word is therefore the sign of my love and at the same time the sign of the desire for your love - it is to lead you back to me; it is to fashion you to love, so that you become one with me. And for that reason, it cannot change for ever. But it can get reshaped by men, because they have free will. It can certainly have gone out from me clear, pure and for ever true, but get changed through opposing influence and human work; but then one can also no longer speak of my word, because it is and will remain unchanging for ever. For I myself never change myself. I myself am the word and can for that reason impossibly contradict myself. But you men have the task of examining, whether you are addressed by me myself or whether a speaker just makes use of my words, which he now repeats or interprets according to his nature. You men must examine yourselves, who addresses you, and you will always just need to apply the standard, how far the word radiates love and stimulates love. You yourselves can examine, for so you are of good will, so your will and your thinking are turned to me, my word touches you as love and awakens you to life, to activity in unselfish love. You feel the power of my word, because you are illuminated by me myself. And your nature will change to love, to be connected to me for ever, because my word now also sounds to you for ever as sign, that I am present to you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6047.


Book 65 6048

"Bring out my Gospel."

12. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6048.

To spread my word is your task, you who want to serve me. Also to you I say the words: "Carry my Gospel out into the world." Men hear much - from all sides religious knowledge is offered to them; my word is announced to them in the form of faith teachings, and consequently it would have to awaken the appearance, as if my task is carried out, which I have once given to my disciples. And nevertheless it is more necessary than ever, that I awaken again disciples for me, who I can send out into the world. For those who are to announce my Gospel, must be taught by me myself - they must allow it, that my spirit has an effect in them, because through the voice of the spirit they hear, what they are to preach to fellowmen. Un-awakened preachers speak empty words without the spirit, although they keep to my word once announced. Without the work of my spirit they themselves do not understand, what they speak, i.e., they cannot offer my word alive to fellowmen, and it will for that reason again only touch the ear of the listener, but not address the heart. But if my spirit can be active in the announcer of my word, so he will speak full of conviction - he will explain the spiritual meaning of my word; he will address the hearts of men; he will be the link between me and the listener, and he will let me myself speak to him and truly be impressed by my address. You are to bring out my Gospel into the world. Many men are still to receive tidings of my word, and I still need many disciples for it, who are qualified to the right spreading of my Gospel - whom I can send out, because they want to be real servants for me, who are now active on my behalf, who speak nothing out of themselves, who always just listen, what I instruct them, and who, driven by my spirit, now hand out that, what they receive from me myself. For when I give them the task, to bring out my Gospel - my word - into the world, then they must before have received my word themselves from me, otherwise they can offer nothing. It is not enough, that they collect the treasure, which they are to hand out, themselves, that they offer something, what they themselves cannot testify to as divine gift. They must receive these treasures from me myself, otherwise I cannot give them the task to go out into the world and to announce the Gospel. I truly know, from which mankind suffers; I know it, which doubtful gifts have already been offered to it and how little healing power they could withdraw from it; I now also, what it lacks, and would like to supply it to it for that reason. I myself would like to go up to men, but I can only do this in the word, which is carried to them through mediators, who have received it from me directly. And what is now done to spread my pure word, that I consider as fulfilment of my task, which I have given to you, my disciples of the time of the end. And I will bless you. For the trouble is great; men live in want, because powerless food is offered to them and they urgently need power after all, to be able to successfully cover their earth life way. And you, you who receive amply, you can also hand out amply; you, you who are in possession of my word, you can bring it out into the world. You can bring my Gospel to all men, who are of good will, for they will recognize it as my word, because it goes to their heart, because they now recover at their soul - because they recognize it as enticing voice of the father, which they now follow without resistance.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6048.


Book 65 6049

God takes on every worker for vineyard work.

12. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6049.

My vineyard needs many workers, and for that reason I take on everyone, who offers himself to me to help. Who comes voluntarily to me and wants to serve me, him I will truly reward amply, because the work, which he is to do, is extremely important and he is to put into action his whole power for it. For there is no longer much time soon is the day of the end, and night falls, and for that reason the few hours are still to be used well, so that a good harvest is achieved and much fruit is gathered, before the day comes to an end. Much work is still to be done, and therefore I still need many servants. I need men, who want to be eagerly active for me, and willingly and joyfully work for me and my kingdom. And I give these my instructions, and so they loyally obey them, also a good success will be recorded. Still much ground, which lied fallow, can get cultivated and good seed spread out, and also much seed will come up, and I will be able to enjoy a good harvest. But my servants I will reward amply, who do loyal services for me; I will take over all their worries; I will act at them like a good house father, and they will truly need to suffer no trouble, because I bless everyone, who serves me, who adapts himself to my will and always only thinks of, that he wants to please his Lord, that he increases his wealth. For my wealth are those souls of men, which I want to win back, because I have once lost them, and who now helps, to again lead the lost back to their father from eternity, he can be quite certain of my love and of my blessing - and he will not need to be afraid ever having to do without my care. I do not forget his services, and I will also never again release him, as long as he wants to serve me loyally. The number of my loyal servants I still want to always increase, and for that reason, I call upon all, that they are to take part, that they enter into my service and are to help with the redemption of those, who are still bound, that they lead men to me, that they are to announce me and my love - that they work on the hearts of men, so that they become suitable, to again enter into the father hose, which they have once left voluntarily.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6049.


Book 65 6050

"Withdraw into your closet."

13. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6050.

Withdraw into your closet, when you want to pray, for only in quietness you find the connection with me, only in quietness you can join me so intimately, that I can hear your voice, that your prayer in the spirit and in truth is directed towards me. And even when you are in bad trouble, when you stay in the midst of men or are besieged much from the outside, then you must separate yourselves for moments from your surroundings; you must send a short but intimate call to me, and I will hear you and yield to you - I only want to hear your heart speaking, not just the mouth. And for that reason you must go into the closet of your heart; you must withdraw from the world and everything, what could disturb your devotion. You must avoid everything, what stimulates the eye, what impresses you so, that your thoughts are distracted from me - you must completely shut yourselves off from all impressions from the outside. You must withdraw into silence and now turn to me in thoughts - only then you will be able to pray in the spirit and in truth, and only then you will come like children to the father and entrust all your troubles to me. And then your father is also always ready to help. Your yourselves then put into your prayer the power, you yourselves determine the fulfilment of your requests, for so you speak to me, like a child speaks to the father, I can refuse no wish for your, and my help for you is certain. But if only your mouth forms the words, and no matter when this happens for hours, then they do not reach my ear, they die away unheard, for a prayer of such kind has no power, such a prayer I detest. And so it is up to you yourselves, whether your prayers find a hearing, for I have promised you, that I will give you, about which you ask me. And my word also fulfils itself. But I only pay attention to that, what your heart expresses; but you often believe, already having done enough with the prattling of the mouth, and you are disappointed, when your prayers are then not heard. Withdraw into the closet of your heart, and then speak to me without shyness and fully trustingly, and fulfilment of will be yours.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6050.


Book 65 6051

God's word power in the time of the end and trouble.

13. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6051.

What you receive from me that will become indispensable for you in the coming time, when you require power and consolation, because you are in danger to lose heart. Peaceful days are still given to you; you can still use the time for yourself; you can still pursue your spiritual endeavours without being hindered to do so - but the time is coming and is no longer far, where barriers are imposed on you, where you can no longer do whatever you like. The time is coming where war will be declared on spiritual striving and where men allow themselves to be intimidated, because they have to earthly sacrifice themselves when they do not deny me. And then only those men will stand their ground and remain loyal to me, who accept strength from me through transmission of my word. These will hear me speak myself and therefore be without fear. And I point out this time to you and recommend to you as a result, to gather power for yourself beforehand so that the coming events do not frighten you. What I give to you is to make you strong for the fight with my opponent, which will come irrevocably as I have announced it through my word. You have got this time coming up and even if you also now still do not yet notice anything about it. I prepare you for this time by speaking to you to let strong faith come to life in you - therefore I give to you unusually, because you need unusual power supply and because it is to be brought to your notice before, to be eager to do the work on your souls, so that the last fight finds you forearmed, so that you can emerge as victor from it. I take care of the ones who are mine in a very special way. I am present with them, where their faith and their love allow it and I testify to my presence through my word. And they certainly will receive power in excess, when they again and again take refuge in my word in times of trouble; all anxiousness and despondency will retreat from them, because when they hear myself, they feel safe and secure and protected by him, who is mighty and full of love, and they no longer fear men and also not him, who wants to ruin them. They trust in their father from eternity - they wait for him, who will come in the clouds, who will liberate them from all trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6051.


Book 65 6052

Last Judgement. Act of love and justice.

14. and 15. September 1954. B.D. NR 6052.

It is not my justice alone, which demands a compensation and for that reason imposes on men the last judgement - it is still far more my love, which sees their inexorable slipping off into the depth and wants to stop this. For whether also the earth would remain in its old form, whether I would delay the judgement - it would just to the detriment of the souls of men, who would receive no favour with it, but would get into a darkness, which would be impenetrable for eternal times. Also the Last Judgement on this earth is a work of love on my part - it is an act, which I see as the only rescue for men, when I do not want to leave them completely to their fate, i.e. to my opponent. In the truest sense of the word it is a work of rescue, which you will certainly grasp in the future, but have now, in your spiritual low, no understanding for it. My love is truly more decisive for the Last Judgment and the dissolving of creations of this earth than my justice - which will now indeed also emerge to restore order, which is completely despised, what must lead to greatest chaos. The individual can certainly still re-establish the order for himself; he still can become aware of his task and his destiny and make an effort to live according to it - and he will not be affected by the Last Judgement in such a way, that he has to fear it; also for him the judgement will only be a proof of love, because he is transferred into another life may it be on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom - a life, which will make him happy. And to still achieve this with individual men, I announce again and again, what the earth and its inhabitants have to expect - and happy, who takes these references seriously and rearranges his life; happy, who makes an effort to live in divine order. For he will also understand my last act of rescue and assess it as an act of love, because through his life he now also wins understanding for all processes, which will happen through my will and my power. I alone know the effect of a complete godless way of life, and for that reason I must intervene, because my love wants to bring rescue to all or create the possibility for them, to come free from the control of Satan, what can only happen, by me tying him up myself - by me ending his doings. That now innumerable men lose their life on the occasion of the Last Judgement on this earth, can certainly appear to you men as a cruelty; but it is only a forcible breaking-off of that, what inevitably leads to death - so that at least the possibility remains for the souls, to once again arise to life - while the aim of Satan is, to get you for ever in his possession. My love is therefore the cause of the end of this earth and of the end of all creatures on it, and my justice then transfers the spiritual into that outer form, which is according to its behaviour on earth. I direct again everything right - according to my eternal order and give all spiritual the outer form it deserves. Only when you men know about the meaning and purpose of earth life and your task, will you find my rule and work understandable, for it is about more than only your bodily life; it is about the whole eternity; it is about the life of the soul, for which the spiritual death is the most horrible. And I want to protect it from this death, and therefore I must take hold of means, which let you doubt my love and which are still only substantiated in my love. I cannot move you to another way of life inevitably; I can only admonish and warn you through my word, which comes to earth in direct address, and therefore all men are addressed by me through the mouth of a servant devoted to me. I can only draw your attention to the results of a wrong way of life and seek to lure you with words of love onto the right way. But so all these reproaches are useless, my judging father hand must intervene, to protect you from the worst. For order must again get established on earth, so that it may again become a training station of the spiritual, so that the souls can mature according to their purpose.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6052.


Book 65 6053

Way of the following of Jesus.

15. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6053.

The way, which you go, is to be the way of the following of Jesus; you are to take him as the model; you are to live on earth, as he has held it up as an example for you - you are to lead a life in love and also devotedly take suffering upon yourselves, which is imposed on you, so that your soul matures. The man Jesus has gone the way ahead of you, why you can now follow him and you then also securely reach your aim: to return to the father, from whom you once went out. And Jesus has shown you this way, by him giving you the commands of the love for God and the neighbour, through which obeying you walk the way of the following of Jesus. But this requires your will and an overcoming of yourselves, a putting back of the own wishes and desires, to help the neighbour, so he needs help. Love is to be kindled in you, because otherwise the aim cannot be reached - the unification with God, who himself is love and for that reason can also only be won through love. The man Jesus was filled with love for his fellowmen, and for that reason he could also join God; he could receive the eternal divinity in him, which can only unite with a man, who has fashioned himself to love. And this alone is the purpose and aim of man in earth life, that his whole nature changes to love - that he gives up self-love, that he always just wants give and to make happy and therefore makes himself divine, because love is divine and that man, who fashions himself to love, becomes a divine being. The less a man thinks of himself and the more he hands out in love to his fellowmen, the closer he is to his aim and the closer is also God himself to him; then he goes the right way to him, and God himself comes to meet him. But then he will bear suffering without a murmur; he will feel himself as a cross bearer and willingly take the cross on his shoulders, for he takes Jesus as his model; he follows him - he goes the way, which Jesus has gone ahead of him - which all must go to reach eternal happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6053.


Book 65 6054

Opposite lot according to thinking and striving on earth.

16. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6054.

As your thinking and striving is on this earth, so will also be your lot after the death of your body in the opposite kingdom. If you seek on this earth light and truth, so also over there light will expect you - if you preferred darkness, because earthly matter blinded the eyes for you, so also over there you stay in dark surroundings, in a sphere, where you feel unhappy, because you lack light. But it happens to you according to your will. Constantly light is made accessible to you on earth, and the way to eternal life is illuminated for you brightly and clearly, so that you just need to turn to it, to reach the light kingdom after the death of your body. But when you flee the light, when you walk the dark ways, then you can also only land in dark areas. That you men occupy yourself so little with that after all, what happens to you after the death of your body. You throw these thoughts from you, so they once emerge in you, and you always only turn your eyes towards the world and its matter, and since it is mortal, you can take nothing of it across into the opposite kingdom. And so the material goods are your only wealth on earth, you arrive in the opposite kingdom therefore poor and naked. Why do you not gather on earth those goods for yourselves, which last, which accompany you on your way into the opposite kingdom - why are you only greedy for the mortal goods of this world? Again and again the effect of your way of life is put in front of your eyes; you attention is drawn to your state after your departure from this earth - you give little attention to the warnings and admonitions; you live along further into the day unscrupulous, and you can nevertheless be recalled already tomorrow and have to start the last walk. And then you receive, what you strove for on earth - light or darkness. Nothing else can be given to you, than what you have acquired for yourselves through your earth life walk. But as long as you live on earth, remember the time after your death; remember your soul, which is immortal and for which you prepare on earth the lot in the hereafter - strive for the light on earth, and create for it the happiness in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6054.


Book 65 6055

Testimony of the messengers about the work of God.

16. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6055.

My messengers are to bear witness of me and my word; they are to announce to fellowmen, that they are in contact with me and addressed by me myself; they are to supply my word to them in the cognition, that they need my word, to receive light and power. My messengers know about the great spiritual trouble and also about the only way, which leads out of this trouble - they know, that only fulfilment of my will reduces the spiritual and also the earthly trouble, and for that reason they want to announce to their fellowmen my will and suggest to *them, that they must cultivate a love life, because then my love command is first of all fulfilled. And for that reason they spread my word - the love teaching of Christ. They therefore work consciously on the redemption of fellowmen, and they do this out of love for me and for the neighbour. For that reason I can send them out as my messengers and give them instructions; I can make them to representatives of my kingdom; I can give them continuously instructions, which enable them to the work for my kingdom, for they are to pass on to their fellowmen nothing else, than what they have received from me myself. And they are to express without shyness, where from they have their knowledge - for this is my will, that they profess their connection with me, their living faith in me, that they bear witness of me myself, whose gift they offer. Men are to receive a proof of my work at them; the presence of God is to be proved to them through obvious spiritual wealth, for they only still believe in me as a faraway God and urgently need, that I am made accessible to them - what can only happen through the supply of my word, which they, with good will, can also recognize as my voice. And for that reason I need servants on earth, who make the spreading of my word their business. I need men, who receive my word directly and then pass it on, so that men learn to believe in a God, with whom they can connect closely, to now hear his voice themselves. I want, that men learn to believe alive, that they seek the connection with me and that they feel addressed by me - but what can only happen, when testimony is given to them of my work at a man. My messengers are to just seek to direct the thoughts of fellowmen towards me, I who live and would like to prove myself to each one man. They are to mention me and my work, as soon as it is just possible, and I will bless them for it and give their words power, so that the great trouble may be reduced, which is for that reason so great, because men no longer know me, because they no longer seek the connection with me, from which alone they can draw power, to go the way, which leads to eternal life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6055.


Book 65 6056

Open confession of the divine name.

17. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6056.

My name must be confessed openly before the world. Only then you prove, that you are my disciples, that you belong to mine, who also remain loyal to me until the end. Why I have demanded that from you, that you will learn to understand, when you recognize the distance of all men from me, when you can observe the anxiety of men, to keep their convictions on the outside, wanting to deceive men about their right relationship to God as the redeemer of the world. My name will only rarely be mentioned among them; every conversation one will avoid, which has me as content - and one will want to deceive oneself, that the inner conviction may be enough, that I am satisfied, when men acknowledge me inwardly. And I know about this weakness and half-heartedness of men and therefore demand an open confession for me. I demand a clear decision for me and my name obvious to all fellowmen, otherwise the vote is meant for my opponent. I also know, that it will not be easy for my believers, that it requires a courage to confess me loudly, and nevertheless man can only then gain the victory, when he summons this courage, when he is not afraid of those, who can certainly kill the body, but not the soul. Only then he will also feel the power, which lies in the expressing and confessing of my name, and only then he belongs to mine, against whom my opponent is now completely powerless. For he fears my name, and he therefore wants to make it go away in the world. And for that reason, he works on men against me, for that reason he incites them against my followers, for that reason he takes action openly or secretly against all, who want to remain loyal to me. For that reason the confessing of my name in the time of the end will require great faith and great trust in me, but it will also be possible, for I will provide mine with power, that they confess me without shyness and to all men, that they testify to me and my work, that they openly confess me as redeemer of men, who must be acknowledged by everyone, who wants to be happy. They will be mocked; they will have to suffer for the sake of my name, but nothing will touch them, because they receive my power in the same measure, as they need it. And for that reason, they will be able to resist all attempts, to move them to the defection from the faith to the defection from me. They will remain firm and as reward for it also belong to those, who see me coming on the last day.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6056.


Book 65 6057

Blessing of the receiving and spreading.

17. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6057.

Unsuspected blessings can arise for you men from my word and its spreading, for both with the receiving, as also in the passing on, you are touched by a power current, because it establishes the connection with me or makes the connection of your fellowmen with me possible, for which you are also certain of my blessing. All your efforts on earth for the purpose of reaching of earthly goods do not make up for the success, which the connection with me brings in for you, for what you receive with it, is immortal, it is a possession, which alone is of value for eternity. So you receive my word, you perform a spiritual activity - you direct your thoughts into spiritual spheres; you stay with me and askingly stretch out your opened hand to me, which I now fill with gifts of love. And so you now also offer these gifts to your fellowmen, my love gifts have already an effect on you; you recognize them as extremely valuable and therefore also want to supply them to others, because love has been kindled in you. Your striving is again spiritual and has also a spiritual effect - that also fellowman establishes the connection with me and also come into the blessing of my word. And these connections from earth to me are also felt by innumerable souls in the opposite kingdom or noticed as gleam of light, and now also they step into the light circle, and also they are affected by the blessing, for they feel a power current, which triggers in them an always greater desire for my word. For they understand the meaning of my word exactly the same way as you men, and they receive it far more eagerly to increase their power. Therefore the spreading of my word is my will not just for the sake of men on earth, but also the souls in the hereafter are to take note of it, because also they need light and power, as long as the gates to the kingdom of light are still closed for them and they can also withdraw light and power from my word. For these souls such an imparting of my word means the only possibility to the ascent, for without it they have too little power to be able to perform works of love, what they however could easily have done in earth life with the help of life power. For that reason, men on earth go indifferently past the most delicious, because they overrate their life power, however utilize it wrongly. But the souls in the hereafter are infinitely grateful for the help, which my word means for them. And for that reason both the receiving as well as also the spreading of my word is of incomprehensible blessing for all, for the power of my word will always be noticeable, and there always souls will turn up, which are grateful for this gift, and they will on their part again pass on, what they have received, and therefore also in the opposite kingdom a redeeming activity will start, where the power of my word was once felt, because my word awakens love and love is always ready to help, on earth as also in the opposite kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6057.


Book 65 6058

God's intervention with threatening danger for the soul. Love.

19. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6058.

No matter how your earth life may fashion itself - it is my will, and you must fall into line with this will, for I alone know it, what serves you best. I know all dangers, which threaten your soul; I know about the temptations of my opponent; I know also, how far you are able to resist, and so I also know about the counter means, which I must apply, to not get you endangered. For I will never leave you to my opponent and his arbitrary act without taking any action. With increased power he will want to test you, and at first you will not see through his game. And for that reason I often intervene, before you come to grief. And my intervention seems cruel to you and is still just determined by my love. But my love stands by you as well, and for that reason you do not need to despair. You are just never allowed to abolish the relationship with me; you are never allowed wanting to go your ways without me; in trouble and suffering you must remember me and know, that I am always concerned about you as your father. You must know, that nothing can happen in life without my allowance, that therefore everything, what happens, always has my approval, because it is good for you - because it is good for your souls. My care is constantly meant for you, and constantly your soul must wrestle for perfection, but now and then it lets up and pays more attention to the body than to the voice of the spirit, which stipulates the way to it, which leads up. And then calls of admonition must sound, so that it remembers again its actual assignment, so that it does not let up to strive for perfection. In which way I sent these calls of admonition to it, that my love and wisdom determines, and now and again it can also touch man painfully. But always think, when you must suffer, that I want to aim to achieve something with it. Then take stock of yourselves and search yourselves, how far you yourselves have caused it. Search yourselves, whether you have put back your soul work and turned your thoughts more to the world, and be grateful for every call of admonition, for it is to just help your soul to maturity; it is to lead you back to me, when you are in danger, to turn to him, who wants your ruin.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6058.


Book 65 6059

Time of the end, closely forthcoming.

19. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6059.

The end has certainly be announced to you by me as closely forthcoming, but you do not know the day and hour, and for that reason also you, my believers, are not eagerly enough in your work at your soul, for also you reckon with it, that always still a time passes, until my announcements fulfil themselves. You also do not expect the end so swiftly, otherwise you would truly no longer take your earthly matters so seriously - otherwise you would act as in expectation of something unusual, for which you must prepare. You are indeed to fulfil the tasks until the end, which your earthly range of tasks requires, but the care about your souls is to be in the first place, and the thought, that already tomorrow you can be relieved of every earthly worry, that already tomorrow you are assessed according to the maturity of your soul, this thought is to drive you to eager activity, for again and again I say it to you: The day comes faster than you suspect it. And you will reckon until the end with a delay or a hold-up, because the thought of a sudden end is for you incomprehensible. And for that reason, also you will be surprised, although you do not stand unbelievingly to my announcements. But your fellowmen are completely unbelieving, why they also never believe, that the time is very close - but for that reason you are to work double on you, for you will still be able to help the one or the other to faith before the end, when your faith itself is unshakeable and you can overcome resistances by virtue of faith, which are inevitable, because the end is close. The more you yourselves make these thoughts your own for yourselves, that the last day will fall very fast, the quieter you will be also in earthly matters, the failures and worries of all kind, because you recognize them as necessary and see the state of your souls as more important. And do not be put off by the apparent quietness - no man will be able to enjoy this quietness long, for suddenly everything will change, and suddenly also world events will take on a threatening turn, and then the end comes with gigantic steps, and happy the man, who has prepared himself for it, who takes my words seriously and lives, as if only few days are still given to him. For he will not be surprised, when everything comes, so as I have *announced it long before.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6059.


Book 65 6060

Final stage as man. Free will.

20. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6060.

It is a long way until you reach perfection. But the longest distance you have covered, and only a short way still remains for you, that you reach your destination. But this short stretch of road requires a right directed will, while before you walked up as it were naturally. The earth life as man is this short stretch of road, where your will alone decides, whether you walk upwards. For a wrongly directed will can also lead you back again or let you remain on the same level. But when you consider the endless long way before - when you consider, that you have reached shortly before the aim, then you should do everything to not sink back. You should not endanger the already achieved maturity, but seek to eagerly increase - you should want to reach perfection, and to now live so as it is God's will, he who announces this his will through his word. For that his word is sent to you, is his constant striving, and therefore every man also knows about the will of God. He knows it, that a life is to be led in divine order; he knows the commands of love for God and the neighbour, because these commands have already been put into the heart feeling wise. Moreover he will be instructed by God directly or through messengers - fate will instruct him; at himself he will experience the law of the eternal order, and he will for that reason know exactly, how the individual man is to behave to his fellowmen - and through the right relationship to his fellowmen he will also establish the right relationship to God. His will must just be directed right, therefore be good. That alone decides, whether his life brings in for him the maturity of the soul or just remains an idling. But the result of his will is infinitely serious for it means: final freedom or renewed constraint. Men do not know, what earth life means for the individual, that it is a short time of favour, where everything is granted to them, to reach the final freedom out of form, and that they also have the power, to reach the aim, when the will just strives for it. But the will is free and for that reason earth life so significant. But man has reached a degree of maturity, that it is possible for him, to give the right direction to his will, for also the intellect is given to him, so that he certainly can choose his wanting, thinking and acting. He is no longer, as before, compelled to his doing, but can undertake everything free out of himself - therefore also refrain from doing, what contradicts the will of God - but as he can also defy his will. For that reason, he also takes responsibility for his life, and the wrong use of his will can bring in for him death instead of life. Then the endless long way of ascent development can be of no avail; the soul - the spiritual in man - can again sink back into deepest darkness and must languish again eternities in hardest cover - until it must once again pass the same test of will to finally be able to become free.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6060.


Book 65 6061a

Light is, where God's spirit has an effect.

21. and 22. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6061a.

Light is everywhere, where I can pour out my spirit, for there darkness is broken through, and there it will also never ever be able to take up room. Light is, where I myself can teach men, where my word is paid attention to, where men long for the connection with me and listen to my word as spoken to themselves. Light is, where men make it possible, that I can radiate my spirit over them. But light is also there, for otherwise than through my spirit work it cannot be given to you men. And for that reason, far more darkness is spread over earth, for my spirit can only rarely have an effect. Brightest light could get radiated out, and deepest knowledge could get imparted to men, and they would feel well in the light of cognition. But who wants to be knowing, he seeks to win it on another way; he believes, being able to penetrate intellectually into areas, which can only be fathomed spiritually. The right way is mostly unknown to men; they know nothing about it, that I myself reveal myself through my spirit. The "pouring out of the spirit" is a completely unknown idea for them. Everything, what they know about it, is the Pentecostal experience of the first disciples, which they consider as unique and do not want to believe, that this process can again and again repeat itself and with all men, when these can show the same preconditions as my first disciples. I always stand in closest contact with my creatures, but express myself only, when also these establish this connection with me through love work or intimate thoughts. I am just a far away God for most men, and these can never be addressed by me myself, that they hear my voice, because they do not have the desire to hear me, and for that reason also pay no attention to, what is imparted to them through the spirit.

The pouring out of the spirit is the ability to develop thoughts, which as it were touch a foreign area, so that the cognition of man is increased, that clarity becomes his in him about problems unsolved before - that he therefore receives a knowledge, which my spirit imparts to him. Pouring out the spirit is a power imparting, which he himself did not possess and which is now sent to him by me - "I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh." Light and power flow out from me over into a man, when he opens himself, when he makes himself ready to a vessel, which is worthy, to receive me myself - my light and power - in himself. And men are not instructed over this process, can also not be, because they can only understand it under certain preconditions and they cannot show these. For to get ready as vessel of the divine spirit means as much as to fashion itself to love, and all men, who lack love, who do not fulfil this first and most important command, also cannot believe, that I myself announce myself. My spirit's work means, to be directly in contact with me and to hear me. On the other hand only spirit awakened men can speak about the pouring out of the spirit - the connection with me must have already been established, which allows it, that my spirit is now effective. And for that reason, the pouring out of the spirit cannot get represented as dogma, because no understanding for it would exist so long as the straightening out of the thoughts through the spirit has not taken place. But men can believe it and seek to fashion themselves so through love work, that my spirit can pour itself out upon them. But also this faith does not exist, because men live devoid of all love. For that reason, they are spiritual blind; they walk in darkness, and they do not see, where a light lights up, and is it made accessible to them, then they turn away. (22.9.1954) But they can only be happy, when they stand in the light. And so they also do not recognize their darkness as lack, but in the hereafter the darkness will torment then unspeakably, and happy those, who there then strive for the light sparks, which now and again flash for them happy those, for they can also there still reach the light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6061a.


Book 65 6061b

Light is, where God's spirit has an effect.

22. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6061b.

But when brightest light radiates towards you at the entry in the hereafter, so you have a considerable advantage over those souls, for you feel free and happy and extremely prepared to give. For you possess something, what you can hand out, and you are allowed to constantly receive, so that your happiness increases the more you hand out. Everything difficult, burdening has fallen off you, and since you stand in cognition, you also know, what the souls in darkness lack, and for that reason you make an effort to also bring light to them, because you would like to redeem them from darkness. And it is again my love spirit, which radiates through you and which must also touch the souls in darkness, when it is to get light in them. But also now they must open themselves voluntarily to it, i.e. wanting to get into contact with me as the eternal light - they must establish contact with me, by them wanting that I take pity on them. As soon as they suffer under darkness and long for light, they will also establish this contact; they will turn to him, who can free them from their situation, and then redemption is also certain for them. But they could reach it far more easily on earth, when they would not close their mind to the light. For everywhere on earth I light the light; everywhere on earth I supply my word to earth (to men); I myself radiate my love light, because I want to free men out of darkness, as long as they still stay on earth, because I would like to receive them into the kingdom of light after their departure from earth, to prepare unlimited happiness for them.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6061b.


Book 65 6062

Right relationship of the child to the father.

22. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6062.

Men enter into the right relationship with me, when they acknowledge in me their God and father, when they fear and love me at the same time, when they believe in me and therefore acknowledge me as highest power and show me fullest trust, because they love me as a father and for that reason want to reach me. Then they contact me in prayer; then they beg my love and favour, and then I can present them with power, which they now use for work in love, for the reshaping of their nature, for the purpose of which they are on earth. As soon as the right relationship is established with me, there can only be an ascent, because I do not leave the child in the depth, which stretches out the hands up to the father. I also do not abandon men to my opponent, who still completely resist me. I constantly make an effort, to break their resistance, to once reach the aim, that they voluntarily come to me. But how much more do I help those up, who have already recognized me, who want to me. Who call me as father, their voice I hear, and their prayer will truly not be in vain. But so that they recognize me as father, I reveal myself to them in many ways, for they must feel my love, because then they not only fear me, but reciprocate my love. And every man can feel my love, so he just pays attention to that, what his earth life lets him become clearly recognizable - God's guidance and perpetual care, which he needs often and could experience just as often. Then they consciously seek the contact with me, and then the right relationship is established, for then they go no way any more without me, and I will truly lead them the right way up - they will reach their destination, they will find to me, because they want to remain connected to me for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6062.


Book 65 6063

Living in divine order in free will as man.

23. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6063.

An ascent development of the spiritual can only take place, when it moves in divine order. As long as the spiritual is therefore bound in the works of creation, it cannot differently than moving in divine order, for it performs all its achievements in the mandatory law according to the will of God and as it were therefore matures, until it enters into the stage as man, where it is no longer determined by the divine will, but is to live in free will in divine order. The maturing therefore now depends on the will of man, which in exactly the same way can direct itself completely unlawfully, so that man leads the way of life outside of the divine order. And living outside of the divine order means, to walk on earth completely without love. Then the up to now reached degree of maturity of the spiritual - of the soul of man - is endangered, for it can now sink into the depth, from which it has worked itself up in endless long time through services, which it had to perform in the bound state. It can also run the risk of having to go the endless long walk of development once again, when the free will in the stage as man fails, when it is completely directed against the divine will. Man has the advantage over the bound spiritual, because he can reach the highest level of development. For that reason he takes a great responsibility for this time, for he alone determines the degree of maturity, which earth life brings in for him. But this short earth life test must be taken by him, because the ascent development before is a gift of favour of God, because it is no own merit of the spiritual having reached that degree, which is precondition for the embodiment as man. He now must acquire this gift of favour lawfully, by him doing in free will the same, what he had to do in the bound will - by him serving in love. It is only an extreme short time, which he walks on earth as man, and he has so much favour at his disposal, that he can very well live in divine order - but the freedom of will must be granted to him; he cannot get determined inevitably to his thinking and acting on earth. For the price which brings in for him the right use of his will, is: complete freedom in light and power. He must give up the resistance against God and by this means prove, that he has found back to God, from whom he had once voluntarily removed himself. And God will truly confer every help upon him, he will cover him with favours, so that he can summon the will power. But it is up to him himself, whether he uses the favours; it is up to him himself, whether he turns the right way, whether he goes the way of love, whether he therefore moves in divine order. And for that reason man decides in his earth life his fate himself - eternal life in happiness or a state of being bound, which will always be agonizing for the spiritual, because it completely contradicts the original nature of the spiritual, which was created in light and power and freedom and can also only be happy in light and power and freedom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6063.


Book 65 6064

Love work at the unredeemed.

25. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6064.

Love for the unredeemed moves all souls in the spiritual kingdom to help, as soon as they themselves are redeemed, i.e. can get radiated through by light. For this radiating through with light is the result of a love work on earth or in the hereafter, and this love seizes everything unhappy, to help it to happiness. And in this again the own happiness exists, for they receive to the same extent, as they give, and receiving means: being radiated through by the love power of God, therefore to feel the nearness of God. The unredeemed souls are therefore never without help; they are never left to their own devices, although they are now and again in greatest loneliness and see or feel no being around themselves. They are always so led, that they can think about themselves, and then a soul willing to help approaches them, which advises them to change their situation and presents suggestions to them, to improve the situation for them themselves. The compassion of the light souls is great, and they never give up a soul, even so it is unwilling at first, to accept the advice. But they do not reveal their identity, even so they have been in contact on earth with that soul. For the souls must freely want, that they come to the light; in no way at all they are allowed to be determined to change their wanting and thinking. Love has great power, and the more love is given to an unredeemed soul, the more willing it is and the easier it gives up its resistance. And also on earth men full of love can much easier have an effect upon an unbelieving man, i.e., love in the heart of man achieves more than the most awakened intellect, which indeed can represent everything theoretically, what he says, but does not get through to the heart of the man, but again only addresses the intellect. For that reason also intercession, which comes from a loving heart, has a great power effect; for that reason many a soul, on earth as in the hereafter, can get redeemed through intercession. Men themselves can as it were make it easier for those unredeemed souls to accept the instructions, because this is already the effect of loving intercession, that the soul willingly deals with every effort, which is meant for its ascent. But without love man does not achieve much, and without love also the will of redemption is little, or he himself is still not redeemed, because a fashioning to love is the first precondition for the radiating through with divine love light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6064.


Book 65 6065

Earthly and spiritual. Inhabitants of other stars. (Flying discs)

26. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6065.

Only what serves you to the best of your soul is sent as knowledge to you. You will never be allowed to take insights into areas, which bring about harm to you for the soul, as long as it is your will, to be in contact with me. But with the help of Satanic power you can certainly acquire for you a knowledge unlawfully. But then you do not belong to mine, whom I protect from harmful influence through my opponent. You are instructed through my spirit, and you so receive a knowledge, which serves you to ascent development. You can again work with this knowledge; you can pass it on to your fellowmen; you can lead them by this means onto the right way - you can therefore help to bring light into darkness, as it is my will. And you will be supported so long, as also you have the will to spread light. So long also the knowledge, which you receive, will be suited to the utilizing though you. What is needed to light a light for a soul walking in darkness, that flows towards you, and the more questions you are asked, the more substantial you are given by me, so you want to answer these questions. But I will not satisfy a mere curiosity; I will not hand out a knowledge, which is not at all needed or suited for spiritual development. But I will also not remain silent, when a child asks me pleadingly. For it is to give me its trust, and it is for that reason not to be disappointed. There are secrets, which human intellect cannot fathom, but which have nevertheless a quiet natural explanation. There are laws, natural powers, which can become effective, when the precondition is given for it: unusually developed intelligence of men, who can therefore calculate effects and now use these their calculations to tests, through which apparently the powers of nature become helpful for them - that therefore men as it were are lord of these powers, by them making the effects recognized by them usable for their purposes. Such undertakings seem impossible for men with little intelligence, and what is not comprehensible to them, that they like to transfer into the sphere of the "supernatural". They then make this step into the spiritual kingdom more readily, than when the entering of spiritual fields is recommended to them for the purpose of maturing. Where the human intellect can no longer make progress, there man makes concessions, and he starts to reckon with possibilities. But he gets lost in his thinking; he mixes earthly with spiritual. And between both a separation remains. No man will ever be able to get into contact with beings outside of earth on another than on a spiritual way. Therefore man can certainly connect himself spiritually with inhabitants of other worlds, when this happens with the intent spiritually promoted; but this connection will never take place in such visible way, that inhabitants of such worlds come together with earth inhabitants - because this is completely impossible through the sphere caused differently for every living being, which is likewise fixed extremely lawfully. Also here a Satanic effect is recognizable, to still more confuse the thinking of men, for these wrong conclusions do not promote the spiritual striving of men, who now also seek to counter the supernatural with arguments of the intellect and will therefore also utilize the alleged proof of living beings on other heavenly bodies only scientifically, but do not declare themselves ready to faith in a spiritual development or further development on those. According to law from eternity the heavenly bodies are separate from each other, and they remain separate - because the development of the souls is their purpose and these take place under complete different conditions on every individual heavenly body. The explanations of unusual processes according to this direction are therefore erroneous. But that an unusual power effect is utilized in a still unsolved way, should make you men think. For also that belongs to the signs of the end, that unusual powers become active and that the purpose, for what these powers are used, also shows the origin of the power. Also my opponent has much power at the end, and he uses it for his favour. If men succeed making use of up to now unknown powers for the blessing of fellowmen, then my blessing will also be on their effort. But if the purpose is connected with low motives, then he is at work, who wants to ruin you. And he will also not lift the veil over his doings; he will throw men into confusion; he will prevent everything, what would be helpful for enlightenment. But the divine, good, true emerges and does not keep itself secrete.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6065.


Book 65 6066

Admonition to workers in the vineyard. Success in the hereafter.

29. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6066.

As it may come, do not get tired in your work for me and my kingdom. Often you will be discouraged because it seems you do work in vain; but far more in vain is earthly work, because its success comes to nothing, when the great chaos begins. But what you have done as spiritual work, that will then have an effect - no matter whether on you yourselves or the fellow human beings, whose attention you aroused so far, because they will think back and consider the probability. And some will learn to think differently, when events hit men, which take all earthly hope from them. Remain busy in your work in the vineyard and fill the place where I put you. Everyone has to do that, what he is charged with and is not to ask with what results he works, because spiritual work is never unsuccessful, but its extent cannot be seen by you men. Do not become tired and make good use of the time, because only limited time is left, but can still be used beneficially. And do not look at the world and its sinfulness, do not doubt the truth of my word, that the worldly are in mortal danger, also when you see them to lead a life of pleasure - also when they want to give the lie to you at the sight of the worldly upswing. Believe my words: Soon everything is over. But as the spiritual knows no end, it is a question of creating a state for this spiritual, which does not give agony and darkness but light and perfect happiness. And no matter how small also the success of your work appears - it is not small in the spiritual world, and what you are not capable of with your fellow human beings, that my spiritual co-workers still can bring about, who all work with the same spiritual goods, which you receive on earth and which you also make available to the spiritual inhabitants through your willingness. That is why you are to be busy ceaselessly and not be put off by that, what you see around you. You spread what is right and true, and the future will teach men how worthless that was, what they strived for. For no-one can get away from the chaos. And then you will also be listened to for a short time, and you can hand out what is now disdained. Then every worker in my vineyard will be used because the time of the harvest has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6066.


Book 65 6067

Coming tribulation.

30. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6067.

You are approaching a great tribulation, and great strength of faith is required to be able to get this tribulation under control, because with your bodily strength you will not be able to remedy it, but well with spiritual strength. But it will be a tribulation that will befall you for the sake of your faith, because the last time has come in which the decision will be demanded from all of you. The previous earthly misery, which is also unavoidable, because it initiates the last phase on this earth, will touch all men and will be an alarm call to all, but this misery is determined by nature and will therefore also be born more submissively. But the great misery has spiritual reasons and spiritual effect, which concern men for the sake of faith, because now both men and God's opponent as well as God himself demand a decision and life in eternity depends on this decision. Men are called to deny faith in God and so they are forced to make a decision on the part of the ruling power. And then a great strength of faith is required to defy this request and to openly confess God before the world. But who has the will for it, he will also have the power to resist, because it flows to him from him, whom he confesses without fear. And the tribulation will come into being, because the ones loyal to God will be exceedingly pressed by their opponents and because earthly they will be harmed and disparaged very much, because the few give men a point of attack at which they let their anger out in a sense adverse to God. Strong faith beats back all attacks, weak faith becomes fickle, and it needs support, which is also granted to it, when its will longs for God. But this time has to come, because the day of the end moves closer and closer and because the separation of the spirits has to take place first. Many men will still be called away, who undoubtedly would sink in times of such tribulation, and God only keeps the strong alive, who offer resistance on the strength of their faith. But he also knows who unstoppably heads for the deep; he knows where all change of will is impossible. And he leaves their life to them, so that comes true what is announced - that the goats will be separated from the sheep so that the great cleaning takes place on this earth, which will again be followed by a time of peace, a time of justice.
Amen. B.D. Nr. 6067.


Book 65 6068

Excess of favour in coming time.

2. Oktober 1954. B.D. NR. 6068.

An excess of favour I give you in the time before the end, for my kingdom obviously climbs down to you; I myself again and again block your path, so that you can take up the connection with me, when you are just willing to it. You men make no preparations yourselves for gaining the kingdom of God; you do not seek it - and so I myself approach you to lure you, that you enter my kingdom; I myself come to you and bring you the tidings of my kingdom, because I would like to receive you, to protect you from a terrible fate, from the kingdom of my opponent, which brings death and ruin. My kingdom is not of this world. And for that reason it is so difficult to win you for this kingdom, for you still seek the world with all senses. And because there is no longer much time until the end, since the earthly world will burst, I still would have liked to receive you in my kingdom before - and for that reason I do everything to reach this aim. I let my favour rule, for you yourselves acquire in no way the right for yourselves for my kingdom. In fairness you yourselves would have to seek and step on the way to me; in fairness you would have to get completely ready to free your soul from your spiritual trouble - you would have to wrestle and ask for mercy. But you do nothing for your spiritual rescue, and you would be lost, when I would not let my love and favour rule and came to meet you, to offer you the most delicious: my kingdom. And that happens so obviously, that you all would have to easily recognize, how concerned I am about your life, about life in eternity. Everything is favour, what helps you to eternal life and what you do not have deserved, what you yourselves do not acquire in free will for yourselves. In the time of the end I empty a full measure of favour over you men - my kingdom comes to you. Enter into this kingdom; let yourselves be captured by my love; use the favours - listen to me, when I approach you in the word. Leave the world, for it can give you nothing, what lasts, and strive for my kingdom, and you will not regret for ever having followed my word. You will inherit my kingdom with all its magnificence. For that reason think it over, before it is too late, for the end comes and with it the Last Judgment.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6068.


Book 65 6069

The spiritual kingdom is to be striven for.

3. Oktober 1954 B.D. NR. 6069.

The door to the spiritual kingdom is opened, and everybody can walk through to receive, what the spiritual kingdom offers him. No-one needs to come away empty-handed, who wants to receive. But one thing is demanded, that man makes the spiritual kingdom voluntarily to the aim of his striving. For he cannot get forced to it. And that is the assignment of his earth life, to strive towards that kingdom, which is his true home. He has come from this kingdom; he has once left it voluntarily and must again return voluntarily. After the death of his body he indeed again enters the spiritual kingdom, but he can enter into a sphere, where he is not happy. For the spiritual kingdom, which he is to strive for, is the kingdom of light. This is to be his aim, which he can easily reach on earth. For it earth life has been given to him. If he now uses earth life wrongly, strives towards other aims on earth, then his earth life was in vain, and his soul can now only stay in those spheres, which can offer it nothing, because they lie outside of the kingdom of light, because they are dark and exactly according to the state of the soul. As long as man stays on earth, it is extremely easy to do the step into the spiritual kingdom, from which light radiates down. For he just needs to want, and he is guided by the inhabitants of the light kingdom, who recognize his will and are subservient to him. Man does not stop to think and consequently can also let his thoughts wander into his true home, for he is constantly stimulate to it. But if he fights such thoughts emerging in him, then that is his free will, which is also respected also by the inhabitants of the light kingdom. Man also knows, that he himself cannot prolong life for himself, and for that reason he should remember, what comes afterwards. Already the serious will to hear enlightenment about it, is a step into the spiritual kingdom, which makes itself accessible to him. But if his will fights against such thoughts, then he himself closes the door for him, and he goes the way downwards back in that kingdom, from which he had emerged already - which is indeed also a spiritual kingdom, but no aim worth striving for, because the souls in this kingdom are destitute of all power and every ray of light. It is a kingdom of the dead in the true meaning of the word, because life can only be, where light is and power. Light and power are available to you, as long as you stay on earth, and you are to desire light and power, then you will truly be amply provided with it, and the way upwards will become easy for you, into the kingdom of light, into your true home, where you are most eagerly expected by those, who walk in the light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6069.


Book 65 6070

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

5. October 1954. B.D. NR. 6070.

To whom you give your love, that is your god. And now examine yourselves seriously, what your heart desires, and so your senses are directed earthly, then mammon is your god, then you serve an idol; then you have become a slave to him, who is lord of darkness. But the God of love you do not know, as long as you serve an idol. And so your mouth speaks: "I believe in God", so these are empty words. For if you would convincingly believe in a God of love, then you would also long for him; you would serve him alone and break away from everything, what belongs to the world - you would then have no other god next to me. You would give your love me alone and now also be allowed to possess my love for ever. You are not to treat the word "God" carelessly; you are to be aware of the deepest meaning of the word. You should consider, that God is the highest and most perfect being, to whom your whole heart is to belong. You are not to speak of faith in me, as long as another god is still desirable to you - earthly mammon, which you men love above everything. Then also profess it openly, but do not use my name in the mouth. For I, your God and father from eternity, want to possess your whole love and not share it with him, for whom you strive in truth. I am the Lord thy God - thou shalt have no other gods before me. So states my commandment, which you men have completely crossed off your memory, for you all have other gods before me; you all are attached to earthly goods; you all pursue idol worship, as long as you are not able to break away from the world for my sake, so long the desire for me does not fill your whole heart. I alone am the good, the true, the loveable, and who still worships other gods next to me, his faith in me is not convinced, otherwise he would banish everything from his heart to alone receive me, to serve me alone. And you can only serve one lord. Where your love is, there is your god. Consider well these words, and examine yourselves seriously, to whom you want to give your love. For he will also take possession of you - to make you happy or to ruin you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6070.


Book 65 6071

Sin is offence against love.

6. October 1954 B.D. NR. 6071.

In a world of lack of love also sin must get out of hand, for sin is everything, what transgresses against love. Sin is everything, what is against divine order, which is build up on love. The less men now live in love, the more obviously they step out of the divine order - they sin and by this means give themselves into the hand, who has brought sin into the world. Sin is all wrong, which has its origin in lack of love. Every sinner rebels against God, against eternal love, for he consciously does something rebellious against God - and his selflove entices him to do it. He loves himself more than God - he certainly also has a love in him, but which is directed wrongly, which he has taken over from the opponent of God, who in like manner sinned against God, because he put himself over God and fell for that reason. A man, who lives in love, cannot sin. He certainly can fall, therefore succumb in weakness the temptations of the adversary, but love will again and again let him arise again; he will want to put right his wrong; he will recognize his offence and regret it, and he will find forgiveness, because his nature itself rebels against sin, against conscious offense against love. A sinner is without love, and he will also only then recognize his sins and regret, when love is kindled in him. Only then he turns away from sin; only then he enters into the law of eternal order. As long as men are ruled by lack of love, wrong will spread; man will seek his own advantages at the expense of fellowman; the stronger will besiege and exploit the weaker; ownership will not be respected; no brotherliness will any longer be among men, but one will consider the other as enemy and openly or hidden take action against him. Men are servants of Satan, but no longer children of God, who they are to be and become. And for that reason sin gets out of hand, the closer it is to the end, because love fades among men, and for that reason it itself draws the day of judgement towards itself. For so everything has stepped out of order, also legally an end must come - so that order may get re-established according to divine plan - so that love may again rule on earth and justice.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6071.


Book 65 6072

Influencing, but no compulsion from the spiritual kingdom.

7. October 1954. B.D. NR. 6072.

Pressure is never exerted on you from the spiritual kingdom, and so it always remains your free will, how you think and act. Nevertheless, you are influenced, both by good as also by evil powers, i.e., both seek to transfer their thinking and wanting on you, but against which man can defend himself by virtue of his free will and for that reason he also takes the responsibility for his thinking and acting. The freedom of will is respected, otherwise truly the good powers would have superior strength and all men would very soon be mature for the light kingdom. The spiritual state of the soul on earth already and later in the spiritual kingdom is substantiated in the free will of man; it cannot arbitrarily be changed or improved through the love of God or the light beings, and for that reason always only the right direction of the will can bring an improvement for the soul, so it has laid down the earth body and has entered the spiritual kingdom. If the soul is unwilling, so also its state of maturity is not to be increased, although innumerable beings of light try to deal with it. It itself must want. But also in the spiritual kingdom it is guided through God's love and favour so, that its will stirs and can again freely decide. And there is only one certainty for the right direction of the will - love - why also in the opposite kingdom progress can only be achieved, when love is practised, which then also certainly shows the right direction to the will. And so it certainly can be asserted, that a loving soul always also takes a right way, when it is essential to decide between two ways. There is no more decisive factor than love, for it is the divine order, and everyone therefore moves in divine order, who moves in love. For love is that light, which lets recognize, which way is right, so that the will therefore goes in the same direction, where the light radiates. For that reason, love will always reach the aim; free will will always decide right, because the love light gives cognition and power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6072.


Book 65 6073

Living announcers of the Gospel.

8. October 1954. B.D. NR. 6073.

A living announcer of my word will also have success in his vineyard work, for he works with the power of my spirit - he is therefore a servant, who is provided by me with everything, what he needs for his work. He can hand out amply, because he receives amply. And he can pass on the Gospel, the love teaching of Christ, so, as I myself have preached it on earth, for I again address men through my servant, and such words are truly full of power and will address the hearts of the listeners and not just go away at their ears. But only he can be the living announcer of my word, who is always so in contact with me, that he feels the life giving power of my word, which now drives him to that end, to communicate with his brothers on earth living announcer of my word can only be a man, who lives in love, otherwise he is not in contact with me and cannot hear my voice. To be a living announcer of my word, he must be penetrated by love for me and for his neighbour; he must want to be active for me at the neighbour. For this will is the acceptance of my will, the subordination to mine and the basic condition of the joining together with me. Then he has given up all resistance; then he has already returned to me; then he has passed the test of his will on earth, and then he belongs to mine, who hear me myself in them and who have now life in them. And now they feel inwardly driven, to also awaken the dead to life and to impart the power of my word to it, which alone can give them life. Then their words will no longer touch deaf ears, because it is offered alive and because every willing listener feels the life and wants to take part in it and often also unwilling listeners feel the power of my word and give up their resistance. The dead word of a dead preacher cannot awaken to life, for it does not touch the heart, but the ear only, which lets such words go unheard at it. The spirit only must make the word alive. And for that reason, I myself must be able to have an effect though my spirit in each one man, who wants to successfully announce my word. But he will also be a real worker in my vineyard, and his work will always be blessed.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6073.


Book 65 6074

Address of God natural. Truth.

9. October 1954. B.D. NR. 6074.

That is the will of God, that truth is spread, and truth can only be given to men by him himself, because the will of man does not keep it pure long and for that reason earth is constantly covered in darkness, because it lacks light - eternal truth. God in his extreme great love tries everything to help men, who, in darkness, are heading for of the depth; and his ways are often incomprehensible to men, but exactly only for that reason, because they are still of dark spirit, otherwise they would think it natural, that God speaks to men, that he imparts his word directly to them. But his work and his eternal plan of salvation is unknown to them, and for that reason they also do not know about the actual purpose of their earth existence. And consequently there is no other possibility than to impart this knowledge to them. God himself must instruct man about the cause and the aim of his earth walk. Through his word he must inform men and he has done it and will always do it, as long men stay on earth for the purpose of their ascent development. But men are already so far away from God, that they dismiss this fact into the kingdom of the impossible. They do not know it or do not believe it, that God himself addresses men, because they themselves are in a spiritual state, which excludes a direct address of God. For that reason they do not want to believe, that only the right spiritual state is necessary, to be deemed worthy of this address of God. They do not want to believe it, that God however chooses such men for himself, to whom he can impart his word directly, to also communicate through them that to other men, what they must know to live right on earth. It is much more believable after all, that God looks after his creatures, when he knows them in great spiritual trouble, than that he goes past this trouble, without helping them. It is far more likely believable, that God, as eternal love, speaks to his children, than that he remains silent to them, of whom he wants to be acknowledged as loving father. God speaks to men, and he will speak always and for ever, because he himself wants to know the connection being established between men and him and because every connection of the child with the father also results in an address and a discussion - whereas a God remaining silent will never ever be striven for as loving father. How deep is earth still in darkness after all, that men no longer want to recognize a bright light from heaven as light, but reject it as coming from below. And how much is darkness confirmed by that, how much the time of the end characterized. But God does not withdraw his love and favour for that reason; he will again and again find men, which allow it, that he himself expresses himself, and through these he will announce his will again and again and announce the near end. And happy those men, who believe his words happy those men, who believe that God speaks to men, because he wants to rescue them from deepest darkness. For they will experience his particular favour; they will draw comfort and power from his word, when it is essential, to confess him before the world. And then it will be shown, that they are intimately connected to him, that they directly receive the power from him, he who is constantly close to them in the word.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6074.


Book 65 6075

Connection with God guarantees truth.

10. October 1954. B.D. NR. 6075.

All the time just strive for it to get into and remain in contact with your father from eternity. Then you will also always be of bright spirit; no unsolved problems will any longer be there for you, for each one problem solves the one, who knows about everything and who also wants to impart this knowledge to you. No boundaries are set to your knowledge, as soon as you go the way to me and wish enlightenment from me. But I also know, which knowledge serves you to happiness, and this knowledge is at your disposal at all times, provided that your desire for truth is directed spiritually - that you also wait for my enlightenment - that you seriously desire it. For I give unlimitedly, but always only to him, who desires. And I give so, as it is according to you yourselves and the circle of fellowmen, to whom you are to pass on my gifts. I speak simply and comprehensibly to you, because I want, that you yourselves penetrate into to truth, to then be able to also represent it alive. And so apparently unsolvable problems can get solved for you by me in a way, that the explanation is easily understandable for everyone, who, like you, desires enlightenment - but always remain incomprehensible for men, whose intellect alone wants to concern itself with it. I speak to the heart of man, and the heart understands. But whose intellect wishes to be more addressed, he has not yet opened his heart to me, and it will hardly become light in him. For that reason come like children to the father, that he may instruct you, according to your receptivity. And the light, which is now kindled in you, is suitable, to give you fullest understanding, for it is my spirit, which instructs you, and it is truly full of power. An inestimable spiritual material is at the disposal of you men, but only few make use of it. Men seek to intellectually penetrate into knowledge, which only my spirit can impart to them, because they do not know the simple way to truth or go it, so it is shown to them: - the connection with me though love or prayer. Only the connection with me is the source of a truthful knowledge, and so it is not established, the received knowledge - even so it is according to truth - remains uncomprehending to men or a dead knowledge, which does not contribute to soul maturity. And the connection is only then established, when man longs for me myself. Then he eliminates all other sources - then he no longer seeks to receive information from other men, then he himself turns to me, and then I can have an effect so on him through my spirit, that he recognizes, what is truth from God or knowledge, which is intellectually won. Then he draws living water from the source, and he is given refreshment and revived; he will be able to receive unlimitedly at the spring of life, what serves him to eternal life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6075.


Book 65 6076

Blessing of illness. Cross bearer for the soul.

12. October 1954. B.D. NR. 6076.

My word teaches you this, that you are to follow me. To evade the way of the following of Jesus does not lead to perfection, for you then go a way, which is not according to my will and can therefore also not lead to the destination. To follow Jesus means to take the cross upon oneself in the same love, with the same gentleness and patience, which to bear is imposed on you. He has truly gone a way of the cross and no man has taken the sufferings from him, which he had to bear for his fellowmen. But through these sufferings he has taken the great guilt load from men and absolved. He has suffered for others. And so also you men are to bear the cross for your soul - which would have to suffer in the opposite kingdom immeasurably, when you would not have proved yourselves on earth through the following of Jesus as cross bearers. Man is to create a spiritual garment for his soul, which is suitable in future to receive light. And therefore the covers of the soul must as it were getting melted away, which still mean resistance for the rays of light, which is impenetrable. For also man himself is to do something for it and not support himself alone on the forgiveness of the sins through Jesus Christ, as long as the possibility is given to him on earth to improve the state of his soul with the help of divine favour. You are to dissolve the cover yourselves at the same time, not just free the soul from it - you are to again bear the guilt of the unredeemed spiritual, which keeps your soul captured - you are to help likewise this spiritual in its development up - you are to suffer patiently for the spiritual still standing far below you, which chose itself for you to get out of its fetter. For all bodily sufferings and afflictions are expressions of this unhappy spiritual, which you now can and should help again, by you going the way of the following of Jesus, by you patiently taking the cross upon yourselves and likewise make up for a guilt for this spiritual standing far below you, so that the way up may become easier for it, so that it is already free of a guilt, before the ascent development also begins for this spiritual. Jesus has called upon you to follow him. But he has also redeemed you from sin and its results. How do you now want to find a harmony of both? He wants to free you from your guilt, but he demands nevertheless, that you are to bear the cross. So as his love was meant for you, therefore his fellowmen, so your love is to also be meant for that, what needs your help, so that it also gets into the state, where now the redemption through Jesus Christ can be carried out at it. Also you are to contribute to the redemption of the unfree, and your duty is the care for the spiritual, which surrounds your soul as cover, which must get dissolved to grant entry to the rays of light, which mean life for the soul. The dissolving of this cover is a work of mercy, of which your yourselves must take part, why Jesus gave you the task: "Take up your cross, and follow me."
Amen. B.D. NR. 6076.


Book 65 6077

Sun of the spirit.

13. October 1954. B.D. NR. 6077.

The sun of the spirit is to rise for you, and its rays are to enlighten you and show you the right way, which you have to go on earth. The night is no man's friend - as long as you walk in the night, you are in danger to fall into the abyss or to be exposed to other undoing. Only when the morning sun chases away the night with its rays, you clearly see the way before you, and then you also see all the dangers, which you must avoid, to securely reach the aim. This always concerns your spiritual life, the state of your souls, which are so long in the night, as the spiritual sun cannot yet radiate down on it - as it itself fights the rays, because it has not yet felt the favour of the light. Only the effect of the rays lets the soul awaken from a stiff state, only the sun gives it life. The spiritual rays give it power - and these rays come from the spiritual kingdom; they have their start from the eternal sun, which radiates out all light and life into infinity. Standing in the area of this divine sun of favour is guarantee for an eternal life, because in its gleam of life there is no solidification, no death, because its power is so strong, that it drives everything to activity, to life. From the spiritual kingdom therefore the light comes, the ray, which spreads brightness in the heart of man, but never from the earthly area, where deep darkness rules and no light can get produced. And what you men receive of gifts of the spirit - it must have its start in the light kingdom, when it is to bring you light, when it is to have an effect on you as illuminating ray of the spiritual sun. It must give enlightening of the spirit and awakening life to him, who places himself into its shining circle. You men, you who walk along in darkness, seek to come into its gleam of light, let yourselves be radiated by it - seek to flee from the night, for you will feel thousand times better in the warm ray of divine love, which would like to make you happy in infinite fulness and wants to give you that, what you lack: light and power, without which eternal life is impossible.
Amen. B.D. NR. 6077.


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