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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 65

B.D. NR. 5963 - B.D. NR. 6077
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Book 65 5963

Love. Who Remains in Love, Remains in Me.

21. May 1954. B.D. NR 5963.

In union with me you find your peace. Your longing is satisfied as soon as you know to be united with me, when you have joined me through love or close prayer, which in spirit and in truth is sent up to me. Prayer is the will for union with me, but the work of love is the fulfilment because who remains in love, remains in me and I in him. Love is the greatest - and everything depends on the work of love what is described as the maturing of the soul, as the return into the house of the father and eternal happiness. And so you only always keep the words in mind: Who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him -, so you only always think that I myself am love, then also the fulfilment of my love commandments will appear to you as being of highest importance, then you also will make an effort to live in love to be forever united with me, because of that. Love is everything - it is redeeming power, it is light, it is the divine principle, the centre of the eternal order. When a man lives without love he has gotten completely out of order, he is completely opposed to God in his thinking and acting, he is blind in spirit, i.e. he completely lacks knowledge, and he is unredeemed in the hands of the opponent, who wants to eliminate him from all happiness. I myself am love, my opponent is lack of love - and who therefore has the desire to be united with me, who wants to win me, he has to live in love, because then I also have to be with him, because love is my primeval substance since eternity. I well hand out unmeasured favours, I well give to you what you do not deserve and strive for on your own accord, but all my gifts of favour are only to achieve the one thing, that you develop yourself to love, because whether I also would like to give to you everything - without love you would still remain dead, without love you would remain judged beings - you always would just remain my creatures, but could never become my children. Only love brings about that my creatures become divine; only love can unite us, otherwise you always just lead an unfortunate existence outside of me as isolated beings. And that is why the first and noblest commandment is: Love God above everything and your neighbour as yourself. And your spiritual state already on earth and some day in eternity depends on the fulfilment of that commandment. That is why I gave my disciples the assignment to go out into the world and to announce to men my divine love teaching - that is why I myself was a living example to men on earth of a life of love and sealed this my love teaching with the death on the cross, which I suffered for my fellow human beings out of exceedingly great love - because I recognized their endless misery and wanted to help them. And as long as you men ignore these my commandments, you cannot reach happiness and no matter how deep you humble yourself and throw yourself at me feet asking me for mercy. I love you with a love that cannot be outdone and I want to win you all for me, but my happiness only exists in love that is returned by you and this you have to give to me voluntarily. And your request for mercy must be based on the desire for me because you love me - and because you recognize in what wide distance from me you still are. You have to seek to reach me; you have to want to find the unification with me, and that is why you have to live in love yourself, otherwise unification can never take place. Take into account that you draw eternal love yourself to you with every work of love - but that it cannot enter your hearts when this is still disposed in complete conflict to the primeval being of God. Only through love you unite yourself with me and you are to think of this and seek to fulfil the love commandment as being of highest importance - you have to know that without love no man can get happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5963.


Book 65 5981

Closing of the Gates to the Spiritual Kingdom.

21. June 1954. B.D. NR. 5981.

The gates to the spiritual kingdom will close when the end of this earth has come. To understand this you men have to know that also after death the soul in its development can go on or sink back to extreme darkness. You have to know that still many possibilities are offered to the soul in the otherworldly kingdom to increase the degree of maturity that was obtained on earth or to get out of darkness into the light, always according to the free will of the soul. The ascent upwards is far more difficult in the spiritual kingdom and requires much help and willingness of the soul, but it is not impossible and therefore a special favour of God, who wants to help the souls up all the time. But his opponent is just the same way anxious to keep the souls in darkness, which he has won on earth, and that is why the sinking down into the deep is just as possible, which is why the fight between light and darkness is also carried out in the spiritual kingdom, i.e. both sides struggle for the souls. Because it is a matter of still liberating souls from his fetters before the end of the earth; it is a matter to also there still put the will to the test whether it is directed upwards or downwards. And that is why redemption work takes place both on earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom and with special eagerness during the last times before the end because also there a separation of spirits has to take place before the new earth arises. Because a new redemption period starts - the creations of the new earth incorporate the souls in themselves which still remain in strongest resistance against God and would never find their way out of darkness because they themselves resist the light. And so hell expels everything what has become a slave to it; the spiritual kingdom gives those souls back where there is no hope that they change their will and God banished the spiritual anew in the creations of the new earth. But those who have succeeded to come off the chains of Satan, they also strive for the light and they find innumerable helpers and accomplices who level the way up for them, who help them to reach upwards. As long as the earth still exists the spiritual gates are still wide open to receive the souls, which first leave their body - it does not matter in which spiritual state they arrive in the hereafter. Redemption work will continue on every soul, which does not enter the spiritual kingdom as a soul of light. But when the end has come then the gates close for a long time because then the possibilities for further development are switched off. The spiritual that is bad and stands completely in the service of Satan experiences now the new banishment in the creations of the new earth, while the good spiritual that remained loyal to God also remains on earth, i.e. will populate the new earth as stock of the new generation. But everything that is still capable of development will be recalled first and in the end only those exist who openly take action against God and so are clearly recognizable as servants of Satan and those who remain loyal to God in the most severe fight against the faith and are therefore suitable for the stock of the new generation - who now lead a paradisiacal life on earth that is incomparable for men of the earth and therefore also not imaginable. It is an exceedingly happy state for those because the father will dwell right among his children - where there is no sin and no death, no suffering and no worries, and where men enjoy heavenly happiness through the presence of God, although they stay on earth. But the earth is no longer that what it was before the end - a breeding ground for hell, where the opponent of God raged to win his victims for himself. Earth has become a paradise, and those who now stay on it are men who were suitable for the kingdom of light, but who are still allowed to own their earthly body and yet are still happy - who live in the will of God, who take possession of a glorious, new formed earth to now again level the way upwards for both their descendants as well as the still bound spiritual and to foster their upward development as it is intended in God's plan of salvation. For a long time the struggle has ended in the spiritual kingdom but the light souls also now again go down to earth to offer their guidance to men and so a spiritual progress is now also ensured for all creatures on the new earth, and the redemption from form advances surprisingly fast because the effect of Satan is switched off for a long time - and so peace is on earth and in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5981.


Book 65 5982

Change of Pure Gospel. Successors?

22. June 1954. B.D. NR 5982.

You are taught the pure Gospel and you learn to recognize how different this my pure Gospel is to that what is taught on earth as my word - you learn to recognize that my word has experienced a change insofar as it is interpreted differently and therefore also applied differently - that what is alone important is too little observed, by contrast the unimportant is emphasized and therefore not many spiritual results are achieved. I showed men on earth the only passable way while I taught and applied my teaching myself, by going the way which all men are to go to reach me. It is the way of love, which man has to go as it alone only ensures the heavenly kingdom, i.e. entering into the spheres of light after his death of the body where the soul is blissful in my nearness. My teaching has become perverse - only a hiding place is left to find it in a building of human additions, false interpretation and compliance with unimportant commandments, which never were given by me to men, but which are great dangers that the only important commandment will be overlooked and therefore remains unfulfilled. Of what use is it to you men when you chastise yourself, when you carry out dutiful acts or confess me with the mouth, when you are not recognizing the love commandment to be the first and the most important one and obey it. You think to honour me through innumerable ceremonies and yet you can only honour me when you do what I demand of you. And I demand of you love for me and for your neighbour. As long as you discover a lack of love when earnestly being self-critical, you are not yet on the right road and whether you bend your knees daily and hourly and beat your breast. This is human desire and it is also only meant for those men whom you try to convince that you are pious. And how far away are you still from real piety as long as you do not seize your fellow human beings with love, which also proves your love for me - as long as you tolerate that the fellow human beings next to you live in extreme misery and distress, as long as you do not seek to first alleviate this misery, before you fancy outward gestures - before you pay tribute to the world through big worldly pomp, through all for what you found the name: To my honour. I do not want to be honoured this way as long as one misery is still crying out to me, which to alleviate would well be possible for you men when you would write my love commandments into your heart. As long as I walked on earth my care was meant for the needy, poor, sick and depressed. You, who claim to be my followers on earth - what are you doing for these needy, poor, sick and depressed? As long as you can help and you do not help you are also not real followers of mine and whether you also get yourself this name. I only evaluate the fulfilment of my love commandments because everything else - deep faith, recognition of pure truth, union with me and last eternal happiness - only comes from love, but can never be won without love. Out of which is already apparent why the great misery is on earth, why men are faithless and walk in error. My pure teaching is the love teaching, which I announced on earth. As soon as this is taught and also practically carried out, you men are standing in truth and you have walked on the way of succession of Jesus. But when you ignore these commandments, you can outdo yourself in outward acts - you will have no success for your soul - you will remain in error and also go with it over into the spiritual kingdom because I assess only the degree of love which your soul has reached until the hour of death. Amen. B.D. NR. 5982.


Book 65 5983

Last Judgement an Act of God's Love.

23. June 1954. B.D. NR 5983.

The last judgement has to be likewise evaluated as an act of God's love because it also underlies the further development of the spiritual that has failed in its last earth life test and which has to be integrated into a new maturing process to once reach the last goal. The last judgement is therefore likewise a concluding sorting out of what has been messed up - it is a straightening and inserting into the different forms which are according to the maturity of the spiritual - it is the ending of a development period and the beginning of a new one according to my plan from eternity, which takes deepest wisdom and love as a basis. Also a judging God remains a God of love because my justice can only so have an effect as my love sees it as being useful for the spiritual and still adjusting for the wrong thinking and acting of men who come under this judgement. Also the greatest sin has to be atoned for somehow when it has not been handed over to the one who presented himself as expiatory sacrifice. Compensation has to be created to decrease this great sin and this compensation is ensured through the judgement - through putting the one who has become guilty into a state where it again has to pay off the sin as it did not voluntarily accept the gift of redemption. The last judgement is not at all an act of divine anger but only an act of love where also my justice is expressed - as this cannot be dismissed with a being that is exceedingly perfect. I now could well let every one of them on their own for their sake feel my justice, I could likewise punish every sinner immediately. But this would fall short of my wisdom and also my love would then hardly be able to be recognized. Because I am exceedingly patient and longsuffering and I delay a judgement, as the one at the end of a development period, as long as it is possible to still first win men for myself. And I hold my protecting hand over the unjust and evil because I want to conquer them with my love and do not want to be feared by them as punishing God. But when then the point in time has come where I create order because a voluntary return to me is completely hopeless, then my love has to seemingly step back and yet still it alone is the driving force. My love ends a satanic state and hinders my opponent of further destructive work. I rescue the souls from the fall into the deepest depth. I bind them anew into hard matter and so integrate them again into the development process - a judgement that again only aims at redemption but not eternal death - and that therefore well proves more my love for all what I have created - for all what is dead and is to reach eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 5983.


Book 65 5987

Warning About False Prophets.

28. June 1954. B.D. NR 5987.

I care for the ones who are mine and every single spiritual and earthly request finds its fulfilment because the ones who are mine will also only turn with earthly requests to me as the spirit from me gives it to them. And spiritually I always give them according to their will; spiritually they are guided and looked after by me because the attainment of my kingdom - the spiritual well-being of their souls - is the first that they strive for and that is why also my spirit can have an effect in them. And that is why they can safely walk their way; it is the right one because I myself guide them. Watch out for the false prophets; but know that there are also genuine ones, otherwise I would not have warned against the false ones. But genuine prophets you can recognize by their nature and work. They only selflessly take care to protect the fellow human beings from disaster, from the influence of Satan, from their spiritual downfall. That is why they announce Jesus Christ who alone can snatch men from that influence, who alone is their rescuer and redeemer and guides them to eternal life. Completely unselfishly these prophets announce their Lord and at the same time point to the judgement of God that will hit when their words are not believed. They announce to men what awaits them when they keep walking their wrong ways. But only the concern over their soul welfare drives these messengers to sound their calls of admonition and warnings. Where you meet such prophets there think of my words - prick your ears when they address you and do not reject them because their love drives them to do it and that is why I sent them among men that they announce to them the nearby end so that they do not become a victim of it. You are therefore not to reject everyone who announces the nearby end to you because he only wants to rescue you but not only to frighten you. But many also seek in such an office to gain a source of income. They combine an earthly purpose with it and these are not servants of God but servants of Satan. Because my opponent wants to cause confusion among men and so also he will use my words, also he will talk about the end to make men believe that he talks on my behalf to then direct their thoughts to their earth life to cause them to pay tribute to the world more than ever and he will know how to describe the world in such vivid colours that the love of men more and more turns to the world. Many false prophets will appear before the end who all will make use of the message of the real prophets, who also announce the coming things but not in view of my kingdom but only always put their earthly goals before it, but who also make use of my words but are not selfless but seek to gain their own advantages. And that is why their speeches will not agree with the truth; that is why worldliness will still shine too much from their speeches because who still belongs to the world cannot deny it. But you men can feel it who is sent to you from me when you want to be mine and be true. Then you will clearly recognize who talks to you and you will follow the call of the real prophets because they only want to lead you to me, they do not want anything for themselves and they despise the world. Amen. B.D. NR. 5987.


Book 65 6001

False Christs and Prophets. Work of Satan.

13. July 1954. B.D. NR 6001.

The intention of Satan is to cause confusion among the believers, among those who he recognizes as being lost for him and who he still hopes to win back. He is full of spite and cunning and he always again finds means that he applies. And he is not afraid of disguising himself and seemingly to go with me; he is not afraid to feign light to extinguish the true light and to leave men behind in greatest darkness. He is dangerous - but still recognizable by those who have devoted themselves to me and therefore are also protected by me - whom I therefore also give the talent of differentiation, which also recognized him through the mask. Think of the time of the end that has come and that he will stop at nothing because he knows that he no longer has much time. Think of the rising up of many false Christs and false prophets in the times of the end, that he hides behind them and therefore be on your guard and persevere in prayer. For the union with me is the best protection against him. When you allow me to stay with you he cannot be present. But when you stumble or turn away from me and no matter for how short a time, then he seeks to slip in and he succeeds in mixing you up, he succeeds in sowing dividedness and strife, impatience and lack of love, where my presence prevents such. He can cause confusion among men but also you can protect yourself from it. You can resist him; you can command him to move away from you when you only let me always stand at your side, when you call on me in spirit and always recommend yourself to my protection. Then I truly do not allow it that he harries you; then my presence hinders him to approach you. And consider that all bad things are his effect - consider that above all lack of love opens the gate for him through which he can enter and therefore guard yourself from every unkind word, from unkind thoughts and unkind action. Because they are his work and can cause you to fall. And so that you do not succumb to his temptations pray. And you will be strengthened and offer resistance; you will recognize that my power is always greater, that my love is always ready for you and that I protect you from all attacks of your enemy when you just pray sincerely: Lead us (not) in(to) (the) temptation. Amen. B.D. NR. 6001.


Book 65 6018

Fight Between Light and Darkness. Signs of the End.

9. August 1954. B.D. NR 6018.

Already eternally I know about this time of the struggle before the end and therefore eternally the cunning means of my opponent are known to me with which he seeks to deepen the darkness, with which he takes action against the light of the truth. And still I allow it. I do not hinder my opponent when he wants to make use of his cunning and power, because in the end truth will still win, because the light out of me cannot go out and because his hour comes irrevocably where he is bared from every single work of his, where he will be put in chains and can harass no-one any longer. But he will make good use of the time still left to him to ruin those who belong to him. The struggle between light and darkness increases until the end. The truth and the error or the lie will constantly fight with each other and that is the sign of the near end that earth will be shrouded in thick darkness - that everywhere the wrong will be popular, that it predominates, that the darkness threatens to put out the light - and that men themselves no longer demand light bad but feel fine in the darkness. Therefore also a light bearer will not be desired; he will be looked upon as troublemaker and they will try to put out his light; they will not be grateful for light but consider it to be annoying - they will get out of the way of truth although it would be easy to obtain it. But exactly that is to be the evidence for you for the near end and for the truth of my word. Because it is my opponent's last wish to be victorious over me. Still the small flock of my light bearers gets together and spreads in a smallest circle an exceedingly strong light, which will make happy the ones that are mine and strengthen them for the last fight on this earth. Because where my light shines there is no failure, no defeat, no weakness and no death. Where my light shines there the union of men with me is so close that they already stay more in the spiritual kingdom than on earth. Where my light shines there my opponent has no longer access, there every error is recognized and all blind light loses its shine. And the light will win because in its shine everything will be evident when the last day has come. And no matter how dark the night before has been, the day will dawn for all who seek the light, but night will remain for my opponent and his followers from which they will not be able to escape for themselves. Amen. B.D. NR. 6018.


Book 65 6023

God's End Revelation.

14. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6023.

You are approaching the end. And that is why I reveal myself to you to not leave you ignorant what an end means for you. I reveal myself so that you prepare yourselves so that you live right, so that you do not need to be afraid of an end. You men do not believe in an end and reject all admonitions and warnings, which reach you as a result of my revelations. You deride and scoff at the ones who announce the near end to you; it seems to you to be wise and feel above a knowledge that is unusually imparted to a man. Spiritually you are blind and can see nothing and you still do not believe those who are seeing and therefore tell you in what hour you live. And it is like in the times of Noah where I likewise announced to men the nearby judgement and found no faith, where the announcers of the judgement only earned scorn and mockery until the day came when my announcement was fulfilled, until the day came when the mockers fell victim to the judgement. And again it will be like this, again the judgement was announced already long before it and it will be announced again and again but suddenly and unexpectedly the last day will have come for this earth and all its inhabitants. Because my word is truth and it comes true when the time has come. But who believes it that men are in the middle of this time, that only a short time remains for them until the end? Who believes it that they are standing before a turning point, before something that no man yet has experienced on this earth? Who lets himself be impressed by divine revelations, by predictions, that concern the nearby end? Who of you men expects the end consciously and prepares himself for it? They are only few who believe what has been announced through seers and prophets and these few earn only scorn and mockery when they confess their belief in this and also try to have an effect on their fellow human beings - few listen to my voice and lead such a life that the end does not scare them but rather brings them joy in view of happy times that follow the end of this earth. But I want to increase the number of these; I want that still many come to knowledge, that the time has come true. I also want to reveal myself to those who are without knowledge. But their will resists me, and force I do not apply. That is why I am satisfied with those who believe my words and speak out in favour of it and I make them to be powerful speakers. I let them speak in my stead and although also these will have little success, although their talk will not be taken seriously, the world will still take note of the announcements of the nearby end. Indications will not be missing and everywhere in the world people will speak about an end, always only few touching in such a way that these believe and prepare themselves. And I will support them who make it their business to inform others. I will bless all efforts that aim at spreading that what is supplied to you men in form of revelations. And the knowledge of the forthcoming end will reach the four corners of the earth. But faster than you suspect my revelations will prove to be true. Because men will experience days of horror and through it be pointed to the truth of my word. And also then they will still have time to prepare themselves for the end that irrevocably will follow these days of horror within a short time. And whether people will believe you who spread my revelation or not - do not weaken to announce what is coming; warn and exhort the fellow human beings and supply them with my revelations. Announce to them the near judgement that will concern all, even when they do not believe your words. Amen. B.D. NR. 6023.


Book 65 6024

Forthcoming Turn. Hostility Towards God's Servants.

15. August 1954. B.D. NR 6024.

A light will reveal itself to you and darkness will be broken - you will recognize my will and also know about the assignment, which every one of you is to fulfil. Already in a short time the turn will happen and your work will urgently become necessary and then you also recognize whom I have called to this work because only he will offer himself for it who is really suitable for it. Many will stand at a crossroads and be undecided where to turn and only who undauntedly take the right way are suitable for my work in the vineyard, and so also obviously recognizable as my servants on earth. Because men will act threateningly and frighteningly and who is now afraid of the world, he is not suitable to confess me and my name, to announce my Gospel and to give evidence of me and my revelations. But he who carries my spirit in himself, him the world does not frighten but urges him on to increased work - because he recognizes what hour the clock of the world has struck. You will have to expect much in the coming times and much strength is needed - but also amply received from me because I do not leave the ones who are mine. But it will also become recognizable who belongs to the ones who are mine. Because the world violently charges against you - the world will call you to account for the sake of my word and demand retraction from you. And now you have to hold your ground. The time of calm will soon be over because everything comes as I have announced it to you that my opponent takes action against you with a sharp weapon - that men hate you, to whom you announce the near end and the judgement. Men of the world do not want to hear that and they are outraged against you and you will be exposed to great hostilities when you continue in your attitude towards me. But earthly advantage will be promised to those who deny me, who leave me. And then it will be decided who is a real servant of me, who wants to serve me in loyalty and intrepidity - then the light will shine - the power and strength of him who is a lord over life and death will become evident, then the ones who are mine will receive unusual power; but those who fall away from me will climb up in the world. And that is a great temptation that is to cause many to fall. But my hand is always stretched out and everyone can grasp it, but then to also finish his earthly path through life in safe conduct. Because he who walks at my hand can now no longer be pressed by my opponent because he now is also a lord over that one and his victory over him is certain. And you are now approaching this decisive battle in which all of you are to prove yourselves when your faith is strong - so strong that the enemy of your soul is powerless - that you have become his master through the power of faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 6024.


Book 65 6030

Indifference of Men Requires Harder Blows.

21. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6030.

How hopeless is the state of innumerable men on earth because they do nothing to bring their souls to maturity. Their thoughts are always only earthly and they never rise up. They never enter the spiritual sphere; they never ask themselves why they stay on earth. And they avoid every conversation about it because they want to know nothing but just that what seems to be profitable for their bodily life. And that is how most men on earth are oriented in spite of keen work of the servants of God to rouse them from their wrong thinking. In all directions God's word is supplied; everywhere exhortations and warning cries sound but men close their ears because the sound out of the world has a stronger effect on them and willingly they follow it. The strongest events of worldwide importance hardly ever touch them; the sudden passing away of men is no occasion for them to think about the transience of earthly things. They hear it and pass over it. Disasters of greatest magnitude do not disturb their equanimity as long as they themselves are not affected by them and the misery of the fellow human beings hardly touches their heart so that their will to help would be worked up. And this is a terrible and hopeless state because it has a spiritual effect - because the souls of men are in greatest darkness and can hardly reach the light as long as men feel satisfied with earthly goods and pleasures. Satan has indeed power on this earth because men themselves have given it to him. Every thought is only meant for the attainment of worldly aims and from early on till late they work for their body, which however dies. And even if death reaps amply in their surroundings - only few are touched by it because they are affected. And so men can no longer be frightened by anything and feel prompted to a change of will because everything bounces off them and leaves no impression. The events therefore have to charge against mankind more and more sorrowful - more and more noticeable the evidence to the transitoriness of life and possessions have to be given - more and more powerful the elements of nature to step out of their order so that the hearts of men get a shock and ask about the purpose and reason of that what throws the world into excitement. And God will also allow such; he will send signs to men. But whether they pay attention to these is up to them. He wants to rescue but he will impel no-one to change his will - but again and again will speak in plain language, which everyone can understand. The earth is heading for its end and also the knowledge about it will be spread in the world. And those who pay attention to the signs will not close their mind to this evidence - they will believe and prepare themselves. But where there is darkness there also the signs and pointers are of no use and that men approach bodily and spiritual death is their own fault. Amen. B.D. NR. 6030.


Book 65 6031

Spirit of Confusion. Without Love No Truth.

22. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6031.

The spirit of confusion is powerfully working among men. Truth is distorted; misconceptions are represented as only truth; they have an argument over all problems and every opinion finds its followers - and so men consider it to be impossible to be able to find out what is right out of all these teachings and opinions. They consider it to be impossible to reach knowledge of pure truth. And it will also be more and more difficult for them to find the truth because the basic condition is missing that man leads a life in love. And as love on earth has cooled off among men, and will cool off even more in the latter times before the end, that is why also truth will be represented less and less among them - a confusion of human thinking will exist as it hardly ever has been the case. And still exactly the wrong opinions will be advocated with overkeenness because that is the work of the opponent of God that he fights against the light, against the eternal truth to strengthen his power, to push men aside from God. Seemingly now the opponent of God has supremacy and he succeeds in constantly confusing men more, but dazzling flashes of light come through even the deepest darkness of night and in their bright shine a way becomes recognizable, which the lost can walk on. And here and there light bearers offer to give their guidance. This way is the way of truth, which leads right through the wilderness, which uncovers errors and confusions because the light bearers light up all untrue and let it become obvious. But those who want to walk this way of truth have to fulfil the conditions; they have to fix love as the life principal. Because only then they are able to recognize the truth as such; only then is it possible for them to see the way and to also meet the light bearers, which they otherwise pass without noticing them. In the end there will be much error but also an exceedingly bright light. Because where his opponent works as the lord of darkness there also the work of God is obvious who can himself as light from eternity come through the strongest darkness and will certainly not leave men in error, in darkness, who earnestly strive for truth. Because he is also a Lord over darkness and gives light to everyone who desires it. Amen. B.D. NR. 6031.


Book 65 6033

Way of Love and Faith. Acknowledgement of God.

25. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6033.

You have to go the way of faith and love when you want to reach me and eternal happiness. You are only to believe that you were created by a power that loves you and that is why it wants to see you in a state of perfection because only something perfect can be in union with it and so also be happy. But it wants to know that you are happy because it loves you. You are to believe in me, I who have created you out of my love. Already the acceptance of that what you still cannot firmly believe will cause you to submit to this power and more and more convinced you will learn to believe because this acknowledging is already an expression of your primeval being as you have gone out from me perfectly and also remained perfect as long as you acknowledged me as your God and creator from eternity. But you forfeited voluntarily your perfection as you turned away from me and towards him who was well participating through his will, but who first got the power to create from me. You acknowledged another and denied me. And only then, when you will recognize and acknowledge me again in fullest freedom of will as your God and father from eternity, you will again have entered the state of perfection, which makes it possible for you to stay near me. Therefore I demand faith in me for the time being. But you can only win real faith when a light is lighted up in you, which gives you clear knowledge. Because what you are supposed to believe you must be able to advocate convincingly as truth and therefore be recognized by you very clearly. Something of a light hidden to you until then has to be brightly lighted up and this light is the spark of love, which has to be aroused in you and which also easily can be aroused when you turn to me, that my ray of love can fall in your heart and can catch on, i.e., that you now only always do what a voice in you admonishes you to do, that you do that what you yourself want that is done to you. Every single one of you men can put himself in the place of his fellow human being who is in misery and he will know it what then seems to be desirable to him. And therefore he himself has to act towards his neighbour. This feeling will exist in every man that he himself feels a relief when he is helped. Therefore he also knows out of himself that he has to do the same. And who yields to this inner urging, he opens his heart and can be reached by my ray of love and a light can now light up in him, which gives him clearest knowledge. Then his faith comes to life through love - while it can first just be a pure rational faith, which well sees my existence as God and creator positively, but which does not show him the way to me as his father from eternity. This knowledge alone brings about love in the heart of man and that is why I say that you have to go the way of faith and love - that faith without love can still not be called real faith, that only love lets it become alive and that there can be no knowledge without love because the intellect alone could never get to the bottom of the connections, but which is grasped easily by love that is in the heart of a man. Faith without love can also very easily again be given away, while a faith having become alive through love will eternally no longer be given up because knowledge now has become conviction, for which for the time being only faith is demanded from man so that man sorts out himself and his feelings in view of that power, which has created him. And according to the strength of his desire to get into contact with the creator will now also the illumination through my love be able to occur, but man has to approach me in fullest freedom of will, in fullest freedom of will he is to go the way of love and of faith, but which will irrevocably lead to me and to eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 6033.


Book 65 6034

Dead Faith Becomes Evident in Times of Trouble.

26. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6034.

Soon it will become certain to you how weak the faith of those is who stand by me in name only, who live without love. They will take offence at the events that severely press men and they will begin to doubt me - a being that is to be exceedingly powerful and wise and does not protect men from the elements of nature and from the despotic rule of satanic men. They only have a dead faith, a formal faith, that completely fails in times of trouble. And therefore they also have no anchor on which they can rely and now the lack of love is demonstrated, which soon lets this faith completely get lost - now the truth is demonstrated that only love awakens faith to life, but that a living faith also guarantees full understanding for everything that happens because love also lights the light of knowledge in man and he now also knows about the connections, about cause and effect and above all about the nearby end. And when your fellow human beings now admit their doubts about God then point out to them why they cannot strongly believe in me and my ever ready help. Earnestly reproach them with my love commandment, the reason I gave it as first and most important commandment to men was because I want to bring their faith to such a strength that it copes with all adversity without becoming wavering - because I want to impart understanding to men, because I want to light the light of knowledge in them, but without love such is not possible. Still men are to clearly decide in the coming trouble - they are to become conscious of their weak faith and now therefore either are to try to strengthen this faith - which they well can manage when they let more their heart speak than their intellect - or they completely turn away from me, that they deny me and go over to my opponent, that they still increase the misery of the fellow human beings through own unkind acts - but then also have to experience the fate of him who is my opponent and who does everything in his power to push men aside from me. The coming events will be faith tests for all men. Also the ones who are mine will be afraid and worried they will call for me; but they will call because they believe in me. And I will help them because of their faith. But those who no longer have the certainty in themselves that I am and that I can help them and therefore also do not approach me with a request for help, those will openly deny me and so the up to now dead faith will become obvious. It will become obvious how little and how seldom a living faith is aimed at despite nice words, despite churches and preachers. Everything will prove to be empty shells, which hold no essence. And it will prove where the church is, which I have founded on earth - where the believers can be found, which have a strong faith like Peter. The rock of faith is the only symbol of my church, which can be shaken by nothing. And this faith has to prove itself in the coming times. Amen. B.D. NR. 6034.


Book 65 6037

Coming of the Lord (to be understood literally)

29. August 1952. B.D. NR. 6037.

The hour of my return draws nearer and nearer because the end of the earth is nearby and when the last day has come I also will come in the clouds to fetch those who are mine before the earth approaches its dissolving - but this is not to mean that the earth as a celestial body ceases to exist but that a reshaping of its complete surface happens, which however is the same for you men as a complete destruction, because nothing alive escapes this destruction, because all creatures are affected by it. That is why I myself also can come to earth to snatch away the ones who are mine from this last work of destruction, because except my believers there will be no-one who experiences the last work of devastation and therefore could give a report afterwards on it. I myself will come when the ones who are mine no longer know a way out, when my opponent will openly take action against them for the sake of their belief. These will be in great difficulty till the very end and only their strong faith keeps them upright and resistant because they await my coming and I do not disappoint their faith. I will appear in brightest light and still cover my shine so that the ones who are mine can bear it. But what causes great joy and cheering with the ones who are mine that becomes horror, judgement, to the others. Because these will not be able to see me but perceive the unusual phenomena that those who they are after vanish up before their eyes. And this experience will become their judgement because suddenly their wickedness becomes obvious to them, and also the sure end now is a certainty for them, from which they are not able to escape. Would they be able to see me in this hour then they certainly would stretch out all their hands towards me. But this surrender to me would be completely pointless because it would be a forced belief in me, caused by the supernatural appearance of myself. However also the rapture of the ones who are mine could let in them the belief in me come to life still in the last hour, and I would certainly still in the last hour be merciful to them. But they are already too much in the bonds of the opponent, and they are no longer able to break themselves off from him, and that is why they will sink into the earth, and they will be destined to the fate of renewed banishment into hard matter, for which they are to blame themselves. Almost all men will doubt my coming on the day of judgement. And still my promise comes true. I come to you, and you will be able to see me in shine and magnificence. Because the ones who are mine certainly deserve the rescue out of deepest trouble and because there is nothing left to them that seems to be supernatural, which is connected to the end, which they have recognized to be certain. The end will come, and I myself will come down to earth, as I once ascended to heaven - in all glory and again visible to those who believe in me, who are my disciples in the last times before the end. These are no figurative words, no parables for coming events - they are the events themselves, and it will come literally as I have promised to you, and you can wait every day where you are unusually harassed by those who are in bondage to my opponent. When the struggle against the faith starts you know that the last hour is coming soon because this is his last work, it is the last fight on this earth, which ends with his final defeat. And then the time of peace will dawn on the new earth because with my coming to earth and your rapture ends this earth period, and a new one begins. They earth gets reshaped and changed into a complete new one, and you, whom I will fetch, you are to be the new inhabitants of this paradisiacal world - you are destined for a time of peace and heavenly happiness in the paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 6037.


Book 65 6039

Signs and Miracles of the End-Times. False Christs and Prophets.

31. August 1954. B.D. NR 6039.

I will do everything for you to rescue your souls from the downfall, from renewed banishment into the creation of the new earth. Still everything has to happen in the framework of the natural to not force you to accept the faith, to let you make the decision in fullest freedom of will. But I help out through unusual phenomena of all kinds, through which I want to cause you men to think. In the same way also my opponent will want to have an effect on you, which however is to bring about the opposite - to destroy the faith in me. When clarification can be given to you about such unusual phenomena, then you will also recognize the satanic affect. But without clarification you feel inclined to consider his work to be the manifestation of my power, and you then can get into bad doubts about my love and wisdom. Because what he presents to you will never serve a noble purpose but will result in bad consequences. But through which I want to win your souls, that will always only reveal my love and wisdom, it will always be something that serves you to understand, that is to awaken and strengthen your faith in me. What comes from me has to have good effects and will also be recognizable by these as my work. And attention is to be paid on it in the last times before the end because many things will happen that appear to be unusual to you men and therefore also impress you. And it will be possible for you to distinguish when you are of good will. Because Satan cannot hide himself and all his works betray him by their results. That is why you are to watch out for false Christs and false prophets. They also will appear before the end, the same way as I let arise real prophets who are to announce me and my name and whose mission I also will confirm through signs and miracles. And my opponent will also do signs and miracles but they are easily seen through because they reveal that what is branded by the real prophets and announcers of my teaching: worldly successes, strengthening of earthly power and false doctrine, which give a distorted picture of me, therefore undermining the faith in me. And when something appears to be puzzling to you men and you yourselves are not able to give an explanation, then just pay attention to the effects - pay attention to what desires are awakened in men and if they are suitable to let faith in me arise - or if discredit is brought upon me as God and creator from eternity because of that - whether one wants to call my love, wisdom and omnipotence into question with it, that is to make out the faith in me to be doubtful. And you will recognize which spirit is at work; you will think of my warnings about false Christs and false prophets. But my signs and miracles can lead you to faith because they clearly prove my power, which is well-disposed towards you and which wants to rescue you from spiritual death as long as there is still time. Pay attention to these signs because also they announce the near end to you and they are to speak to those who have not completely decided on my opponent. Amen. B.D. NR. 6039.


Book 65 6051

God's Word Power in the End-Times and Trouble.

13. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6051.

What you receive from me that will become indispensable for you in the coming times when you require power and consolation because you are in danger to lose heart. Peaceful days are still given to you; you can still use the time for yourself; you can still pursue your spiritual endeavours without being hindered to do so - but the time is coming and is no longer far, where barriers are imposed on you, where you can no longer do whatever you like. The time is coming where war will be declared on spiritual striving and where men allow themselves to be intimidated because they have to earthly sacrifice themselves when they do not deny me. And then only those men will stand their ground and remain loyal to me who accept strength from me through transmission of my word. These will hear me speak myself and therefore be without fear. And I point out this time to you and recommend to you as a result, to gather power for yourself beforehand so that the coming events do not frighten you. What I give to you is to make you strong for the fight with my opponent, which will come irrevocably as I have announced it through my word. You have got this time coming up and even if you also now still do not yet notice anything about it. I prepare you for this time by speaking to you to let strong faith come to life in you - therefore I give to you unusually because you need unusual power supply and because you first have to pay attention to be eager to do the work on your soul so that the last fight finds you armed so that you can emerge as victor from it. I take care of the ones who are mine in a very special way. I am present with them where their faith and their love allow it and I testify to my presence through my word. And they certainly will receive power in excess when they again and again take refuge in my word in times of trouble; all anxiousness and despondency will retreat from them because when they hear myself they feel safe and protected by him who is mighty and full of love and they no longer fear men and also not him who wants to ruin them. They trust in their father from eternity - they wait for him who will come in the clouds, who will liberate them from all trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 6051.


Book 65 6052

Last Judgement. Act of Love and Justice.

14. and 15. September 1954. B.D. NR 6052.

It is not my justice alone, which demands compensation and therefore imposes the last judgement on men - it is still far more my love, which sees their unstoppable slipping into the deep and wants to stop it. Even if the earth would remain in its old form, whether I would delay the judgement - it would only be to the detriment of the souls of men, which would not receive relief with it but would get into darkness, which would be impenetrable for eternal times. The last judgement on this earth is also a work of love for my part - it is an act, which I see as the only rescue for men when I do not want to leave them to their fate, i.e. to my opponent. In the true sense of the word it is a rescue work, which you once will well understand but have now no understanding for it in your spiritual low. Indeed, my love is more determining for the last judgement and the dissolving of the creations of this earth than my justice - which now also will come out to restore order, which is completely despised, what has to lead to greatest chaos. The individual can well still restore order for himself; he can still become aware of his assignment and his purpose and make an effort to live in compliance with it - and he will not be affected by the last judgement in such a way that he has to fear it; also for him the last judgement will only be a proof of love because he will be transferred into another life - be that on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom - a life that will make him happy. And in order to still achieve this with individual men, I again and again announce what the earth and its inhabitants have to expect - and happy who takes these pointers seriously and changes his life; happy who makes an effort to live in divine order. Because he will also understand my last rescue act and assess it as an act of love because through his life he now also wins understanding for all proceedings, which will happen through my will and my power. I alone know the effects of a complete ungodly lifestyle and that is why I have to intervene because my love wants to bring salvation to all or create the possibility for them to get free from the power of Satan, which can only happen by me fettering him myself - by me ending his goings-on. That now innumerable men are killed on the occasion of the last judgement on this earth can well appear to you men as a cruelty; but it is just a violent breaking off of that what inevitably leads to death - so that at least the opportunity remains for the souls to once again arise to life - while it is the aim of Satan to get you into his possession for good. So my love is the motive for the end of this earth and the downfall of all creatures on it, and my justice then transfers the spiritual into the outer form, which corresponds with its behaviour on earth. I again make everything right - according to my eternal order and give to all spiritual the outer form that is fair for it. Only when you men know about the whole purpose of life on earth and your assignment, will you find my rule and work understandable because more than just your bodily life is at stake, the whole of eternity is at stake, the life of the soul is at stake for which the spiritual death is the most dreadful thing to happen. And I want to protect it from this death, and I therefore have to reach for means, which let you doubt my love and which are still only founded on my love. I cannot get you to a different life by force; I can only urge and warn you through my word, which comes to earth in direct speech and therefore all men are spoken to by me through the mouth of a servant who is devoted to me. I can only call your attention to the consequences of your wrong life and try to lure you on the right way with words of love. But when all these reproaches are futile, my judging father hand has to intervene to protect you from the worst. Because order has to be restored on earth so that it again becomes a station of schooling for the spiritual so that the souls can mature in accordance with their calling. B.D. NR. 6052.


Book 65 6066

Admonition to Workers in the Vineyard. Success in the Hereafter.

29. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6066.

As it may come, do not get tired in your work for me and my kingdom. Often you will be discouraged because it seems you do work in vain; but far more in vain is earthly work because its success comes to nothing when the great chaos begins. But what you have done as spiritual work that will then have an effect - no matter whether on you yourself or the fellow human beings, whose attention you aroused so far, because they will think back and consider the probability. And some will learn to think differently when events hit men, which take all earthly hope from them. Remain busy in your work in the vineyard and fill the place where I put you. Everyone has to do that what he is charged with and is not to ask with what results he works because spiritual work is never unsuccessful but its extent cannot be seen by you men. Do not become tired and make good use of the time because only limited time is left but can still be used beneficially. And do not look at the world and its sinfulness, do not doubt the truth of my word that the worldly are in mortal danger, also when you see them to lead a life of pleasure - also when they want to give the lie to you at the sight of the worldly upswing. Believe my words: Soon everything is over. But as the spiritual knows no end it is a question of creating a state for this spiritual, which does not give agony and darkness but light and perfect happiness. And no matter how small also the success of your work appears - it is not small in the spiritual world, and what you are not capable of with your fellow human beings that my spiritual co-workers still can bring about, who all work with the same spiritual goods which you receive on earth and which you also make available to the spiritual inhabitants through your willingness. That is why you are to be busy ceaselessly and not be put off by that what you see around you. You spread what is right and true, and the future will teach men how worthless that was, what they strived for. For no-one can get away from the chaos. And then you will also be listened to for a short time, and you can hand out what is now disdained. Then every worker in my vineyard will be used because the time of the harvest has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 6066.


Book 65 6067

Coming Tribulation.

30. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6067.

You are approaching a great tribulation, and great strength of faith is required to be able to get this tribulation under control because with your bodily strength you will not be able to remedy it, but well with spiritual strength. But it will be a tribulation that will befall you for the sake of your faith because the last time has come in which the decision will be demanded from all of you. The previous earthly misery, which also is unavoidable because it initiates the last phase on this earth, will touch all men and will be an alarm call to all but this misery is determined by nature and will therefore also be born more submissively. But the great misery has spiritual reasons and spiritual effect, which concern men for the sake of faith because now both men and God's opponent as well as God himself demand a decision and life in eternity depends on this decision. Men are called to deny faith in God and so they are forced to make a decision on the part of the ruling power. And then a great strength of faith is required to defy this request and to openly confess God before the world. But who has the will for it, he will also have the power to resist because he lets him have this whom he confesses without fear. And the tribulation will come into being because the ones loyal to God will be exceedingly pressed by their opponents and because earthly they will be harmed and disparaged very much, because the few give men a point of attack at which they let their anger out in a sense adverse to God. Strong faith beats back all attacks, weak faith becomes fickle, and it needs support, which is also granted to it when its will asks for God. But this time has to come because the day of the end moves closer and closer and because the separation of the spirits has to take place first. Many men will still be called away, who undoubtedly would sink in times of such tribulation, and God only keeps the strong alive who offer resistance on the strength of their faith. But he also knows who unstoppably heads for the deep; he knows where all change of will is impossible. And he leaves their life to them so that comes true what is announced - that the goats will be separated from the sheep so that the great cleaning takes place on this earth, which will again be followed by a time of peace, a time of justice. Amen. B.D. Nr. 6067.


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