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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 64

B.D. NR. 5859 - B.D. NR. 5962

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Book 64 5859

Revelations expression of the love of God.

22. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5859.

My love for you knows no limits, and my love for you causes me also, to reveal myself to you, for what I love, I want to possess. But I can only take into possession that, what comes to me voluntarily, and to be striven for voluntarily, I must also be recognized as worth striving for. You yourselves must recognize me as eternal love, as your father, who has created you in his love. For that reason, I must reveal myself to you. Everything, what is announced to you about me, must experience its confirmation through my revelations, otherwise it is untrue, and all promises, which I give you or have given you, must fulfil themselves. And therefore, I also gave you the promise, to remain with you until the world's end. And if you want a proof of my presence, so you must pay attention to my revelations, you must believe, that I am with you in accordance with my promise, and then it will also no longer be improbable for you, that I address you in my extreme great love, which wants to give you a sign, to win your love. You have emerged out of me - you cannot deny a creating power, a father, who called you into life. And you are to now also believe, that his whole love belongs to you - you are to believe, that he created you, to remain in connection with you always and for ever. You are to believe, that that being, which has created you in its love, is also extremely wise and has also combined a purpose with your creation, that you are not just products of a whim, but intended for a high and highest aim and that for that reason your creator will also not rest, until you have arrived at the aim of your destiny - that he therefore lets none of his creatures out of the eyes and accompanies it with his care on all its ways. You are to believe, that his father love follows you, even so you strive for the depth, but that it always obstructs you and makes itself known to you - that you therefore are looked after by my love, even so when you do not recognize it. But I want, that you learn to recognize me, and I direct your thoughts (eyes) constantly to my rule and work, to all my works of creation, to everything, what proves to you a creator and preserver. I first seek to awaken in you faith in me as creator, to then only emerge as eternal love, to then reveal myself to you through my word, through my address, which proves me myself as father and also announces my will to you. For through the fulfilling of my will also you prove to me your love, and you come now voluntarily to me, and I can take possession of you to my extremely great joy and make you happy for ever. I only want your happiness, because my whole love belongs to you; but you only find the way to me, when you are informed by me myself about your destination and your earth task. And for that reason, revelations of most different kind are constantly sent to you. Each one revelation proves me - but if I can be present to you and reveal myself to you through my word, so you have already come considerable closer to me, then my love has seized you and never ever drops you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5859.


Book 64 5860

Uncontrolled spread of sin. Faith struggle. End.

23. January 1954. B.D. NR 5860.

When sin increases uncontrollably, when faith in the righteousness of God is no longer among men, when men irresponsibly live it up and let their desires take their course, when there is no more love at all among men, when all desires are only meant for the world and its goods, then the end has come and the scriptures come true, the prophecies of the prophets come true, who announced the end on behalf of God at all times. And when you men look around, when you pay attention to everything with open eyes, what happens on earth, then you recognize, you who are of good will, in what hour you live. You recognize that all are signs of the nearby end, that mankind itself draws near the end, because it lives in sin and because it no longer respects its God. There are still men who are not completely corrupt, who do not yet completely belong to the opponent of God, but who also have no faith and therefore live thoughtlessly - but the closer the end is also these men will become less all the time. They partly will sink and get under the control of the opponent of God and partly they will be called away from this life into the kingdom on the other side. And corrupt and satanic men will increase, and only few will remain loyal to God and walk on earth as it is his will. And these will suffer much under the former because they are hated and persecuted for the sake of their faith. And as soon as open action is taken against all who confess God, Jesus Christ, you men are close to the end. Also this has been announced to you men before since a long time that you will have to take the responsibility and will be taken before the judges for the sake of the name of Jesus. And when all spiritual striving is persecuted, when the servants of God on earth will be hindered to do their work for God's kingdom, when on account of their faith they will be derided and scoffed at, the time also already has come where satanic forces are at work that will rage in the end against everything that points to God. And everything weak, not yet completely evil, will be recalled from the earth, so that it does not completely fall into the hands of the opponent of God when the last days will fall, where action is taken against the believers in such a way, that only the strong in faith, God fully trusting men, will hold their ground because their faith gives them strength and because God obviously can help them on behalf of their faith. And then the activities of Satan will become evident, because he will embody himself in all men, who are his through their mentality. And each of these will do works that cry out for retribution. And retribution will come - the day will come when these activities will have to end, when the righteousness of God comes to the fore and every man's works will become evident. The day of judgement will come as it is written - where everyone receives the wages he has earned - where God's word comes true because it is the eternal truth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5860.


Book 64 5861

False Christs and false prophets.

24. January 1954. B.D. NR 5861.

And again and again I tell you: The signs and miracles will increase, both on the part of my opponent as well as my servants on earth, because many false Christs and prophets will arise to weaken on behalf of the prince of darkness, what is taught by my true servants - to let their miracles and prophecies appear to be doubtful and to throw men into ever deeper darkness. But the miracles of the false prophets will only exist to increase earthly might and riches; what they accomplish will not be works of love; but works will arise, that will be claimed to have been achieved with supernatural power, however can only be described as accumulation of material goods, therefore also show him, who is lord of matter. But genuine miracles are works of compassion for suffering and weakened mankind - genuine miracles are obvious works of power from above - and genuine miracles will only be able to be wrought by those, who are active on earth as true announcers of my word, who confess me and my name before the world and seek to stir up and liven up faith in me. Because those are also the genuine prophets, who tell men in my name, what is in store for them and the reason I have chosen them, was to connect the announced word also with the evidence of the power of faith, so that men recognize through what power and in what spirit these my representatives work. For many false prophets will appear in the end and try to confuse men through miracles. Because my opponent will work with the same means and he will also easier succeed to blind men, because he announces no downfall to them, but always only promises earthly good living and earthly ascent and because his miracles consist in emphasizing this earthly advancement, because his miracles are material progresses, that beguile men and because his prophecy is a future in riches, honours and earthly successes, a world of building up and earthly perfection, and attention will be paid to each of such a prophecy, and mankind be distracted through this even more so from what is genuine and true, which my representatives on earth announce to them - that men are facing the end, that all material goods cannot save them from ruin, which they certainly approach, when they do not believe my words, but those, who the prince of darkness influences - those, who well also perform miracles through his power - who are mighty on earth, because they are at the mercy of him, but whose works are always recognizable. Because love does not speak out of them; help for needy fellow human beings is not recognizable with them; and no matter when they make use of my words, whether my name is used as an excuse to be considered to be genuine prophets. Where love does not prevail there is not my spirit, and there neither miracles will happen nor will genuine prophetic words be spoken, but the activity of him will be clearly recognizable, who is my opponent and will try everything in the last times to scatter my small flock and to win it for himself. The times of the end have come, therefore pay attention to everything I am telling you, so that you learn to tell the genuine from the false, light from deception, truth from lie - so that you do not fall into the hands of him, who wants to corrupt you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5861.


Book 64 5862

Divine guiding.

25. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5862.

I lead you all at my hand, so you do not resist me and let yourselves be led. Who therefore wants, that I am his companion, who does not resist my will, he can also be assured, that he is led right by me, that he goes no wrong way and that he also reaches his aim. I demand nothing else from you, than that you surrender to me, that you want to be mine, that you acknowledge me as your God and father and are therefore willing, to do, what is right before my eyes. This will alone is enough for me, that I now lead you by the hand, until you have reached the end of you earth life, until you enter the spiritual kingdom, to now live in eternity. I want to give you eternal life. And you can only live, when you are flowed through by my love power. My love power seizes everything, what is without resistance. And so you will also understand, why I demand your devotion to me, because then my love power can flow into you and awakens you to life. You can then no longer be dead in the spirit, when my love power flows through you. And you cannot be without my love power, when you devote yourselves to me, therefore join me will wise. The will, to join me, is guarantee for it, that I take possession of you and no longer leave you. For this will once turned away from me and was cause for your fall into the depth, for the loss of light and power. If you now again give away your will to me, so that secures also again light and power for yourselves. And everyone who wants to me, reaches his aim, no matter on which way it may be. I assess your will and will then also walk next to you in perpetual care, that you enter life in eternity. But who turns his will to me, he also feels his own insufficiency, which lets him become humble. He feels his distance from me, which he would like to overcome - he makes an effort to do my will; he seeks to form himself according to my will, because he recognizes it, that his inadequacy is an obstacle, to reach me, to connect with me for ever. And because he feels himself too weak, he asks me for power. And I give, because my love always wants to give itself away and because such a will of my earth child makes me extremely happy, for it means final return to me. As soon as the thought in man has awakened of his own inadequacy, I also help him, to transform himself, and as soon as he now will wise joins me, hands himself over to me, my love power also becomes effective in him and leads to success. And for that reason, everyone will reach his aim, who strives for me; everyone, who lets himself be led by me without resistance, he goes the right way, and he never ever needs to fear to go wrong, for who entrust himself to me, he has built on firm ground.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5862.


Book 64 5863

Voice of the father. God's protection of truth.

26. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5863.

You are constantly instructed by me; the light of truth is made accessible to you; you hear my word and therefore have a visible proof of my presence and of my care for you. Out of that offered to you, you can receive power and favour unmeasured, and you can also become noticeably aware of this power and favour, and you mature of cognition; knowledge is opened to you, which contributes to it, to get into contact with your heavenly father, whom you now consciously strive for and whose will you seek to fulfil. The supply of my word promotes your spiritual development; you are spurred on to work in love, and the spirit in you can n ow become effective. All this you must consider and now ask yourselves, whether you perhaps would have arrived at the same level of your development without this supply of my word, whether you would have established such an intimate connection with me in this form without my word and whether you perhaps would have reached the same cognition, which is now your own. I obviously have looked after you, you who were willing to listen to me, and I have initiated you into my plan of salvation from eternity; I have given you explanations, which you could only comprehend, because I enlightened your spirit and because you were willing to accept instructions from me. I spoke to you, because you opened yourselves and were willing listeners to me. And I announced my plan of salvation from eternity to you. Who is mine, he also knows, who speaks to him, for my sheep recognize my voice, but I cannot speak so clearly, that all men must recognize it, because my wisdom and love does not allow this, that my creatures are forced to faith in these words. But one thing I emphasize again and again: I do not let walk in error, who desire truth, and I give my spirit to those, who ask me for it. But this prayer in spirit and in truth however must be directed to me. Man must want in his heart of hearts, to be instructed in truth, and in humility desire this truth from me as eternal truth. Then the supply of truth is also guaranteed for him, for I do not tolerate it, that an earth child is led astray now after this intimate prayer through powers, who are averse to truth. My plan from eternity has been fixed irrefutably. And the predictions of my seers and prophets have also been constantly according to this plan, who announced to men on my behalf, what I have decided for eternity. Only those are to be acknowledged as seers and prophets, in whom my spirit could work, because these only speak out, what they hear directly from me myself in themselves. And to these I have always announced the same, because my word is unchanging for ever. But the thoughts of those, who listened to them, were confused, as soon as they did not lead a way of life according to my will. These did not recognize my voice, for they were not my sheep, which followed their shepherd on all his ways. For everyone, who walks on earth according to my will, he hears in himself the same voice, even so in form of thoughts, and these his thoughts go in the complete same direction with my word, which the seers and prophets hear in them. It would truly be possible for me, to rectify all thoughts, but it does not lie in my plan from eternity, that I bring my creatures to perfection, but they must perfect themselves, and to it belongs, that through love in them they bring the spirit to awakening, which orders their thinking and will lead them to the destination. And my word is to help them to that end, but which can only be imparted to all men through a man of awakened spirit. I reveal myself to all men, and indeed so obviously, that I can get recognized as source of the revelations, but always only of those, who are of good will and desire to stand in pure truth. As soon as these my revelations are doubted, the spirit is saddened - the voice of the father is not recognized, because another voice drowns it out and because more attention is paid to this voice, which sounds over from the world - from the kingdom of my opponent, and which is preferred to be listened to, because it promises something earthly-human, while pure truth - the voice of the father - pronounces and announces that, what is to bring about salvation to the soul.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5863.


Book 64 5864

The spirit of God blows, where he wants it.

28. 29. and 30. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5864.

God's spirit has an effect, where he wants. God alone knows it, where his spirit can express itself without resistance; God alone knows it, who accepts his revelations without resistance and wants to utilize them, and God alone knows it, whose aptitudes allow the work of his spirit. It lies in his will, that truth may find entry among men and that error and lie are so illuminated, that man can also recognize them as such. It is his will, that men find the way to happiness, which is however always only the way of truth. And for that reason, he is always intent on, to supply truth to men, because he has only one aim: happiness of his creatures. Truth will always be fought and polluted through the influence of his opponent on earth ruled by him; it will always be interspersed with the lie and error, because this is the aim of the opponent of God, to withhold truth from men, to foil the recognition of and striving for God. And for that reason, pure truth must again and again be supplied from above to earth, which can only happen through the work of the spirit - through the pouring out of the spirit on a man. And God himself choses this man. His spirit works, where he wants it. This work of the spirit can only take place in free will; it will never be a compulsory act from the side of God, to determine a man to the acceptance of pure truth. It is a complete free matter of the will, and such a will completely surrendered to God, is well known to him - this will therefore opens the heart of a man, that the spirit of God can pour itself into it. But then the guarantee is also given, that the current of the spirit flows into man unimpeded, for where the preconditions age given for it, that God can supply to a man pure truth; there a spiritual protection wall is erected, which keeps off the impure, lightless influence, because a man, who has completely devoted himself and his will to God, now also stands in the light circle of God, which dark beings are not allowed to enter. It is God's will, that truth is supplied to earth, and for that reason it is also understandable, that this happens through a man, whose will has completely entered into the will of God, because he grants the opponent of God no slipping in any more - because God himself can now raise protection guards, whereto man himself gives him the right through his will turned to God. For that is the work of his spirit, that a bright light pours into the heart of man, from which every being of darkness flees. That God again and again supplies truth to earth, is substantiated in his love for his creatures, which he wants to lead to happiness; and that he now carries out his will, is not allowed to be doubted. He will therefore also choose men for it, who are suitable for the receiving of truth from above, but also prevent these from the receiving of error for the sake of truth, otherwise it would be impossible, that pure truth would find entry among mankind. But one thing must be emphasized, that one can speak of the pouring out of the spirit only, so far as it is about the supply of spiritual material - that under the supply of pure truth through the work of the spirit only knowledge about spiritual things is to be understood - the cognition of that, what can be called divine-spiritual. God can and will also give men instruction in earthly things on the mental way, whereby the correctness of these thoughts depends again on the spiritual state of man - but the process of the pouring out of the spirit cannot be brought into connection with earthly knowledge - why spiritual and earthly cognitions must always be separated, because both does not fall under the idea "supply of divine truth", although the thinking of a man, who makes an effort to live in divine order, can also be enlightened by the spirit and therefore according to truth. But verbal revelations, through which truth is to be supplied to earth, are to be assessed differently. (29.1.1954) As soon as you eliminate everything earthly and only make the spiritual kingdom the aim of your desire, as soon as you seek to broaden your knowledge on the spiritual area, as soon as you only seek to improve the state of the soul through the supply of that, what alone is helpful to it, as soon as you therefore only pay attention to that, what secures it a life in eternity, and do not take any notice of everything, what concerns the life of your body on this earth, you therefore strive for the spiritual, and then truly the spirit in you will lead you; it will express itself and instruct you from out of the inside, as it is helpful for your ascent development of your soul. And then also divine revelations can be granted to you according to the maturity of your soul, but which always only give you a light about that spiritual kingdom, about the spiritual connections, about spiritual origin and aim of everything created - about that, what your intellect alone could not fathom, and what is also not provable to you, as long as you stay on earth. Earthly problems on the other hand you can solve by virtue of your intellect, whereto a truthful result is indeed also the consequence of an enlightened thinking, when man strives for this through a right way of life pleasing to God. But exactly this difference must be paid attention to, that divine revelations have as content the life of the soul, the spiritual development of man and the knowledge about origin and final aim, the knowledge about the plan of salvation of God from eternity - but earthly questions man answers for himself, and indeed more or less truthfully according to the maturity of his soul. The more intimately man is connected with God, the more he will also feel his influence, the brighter his thinking will be and the surer he will also be able to answer earthly questions, for he allows the work of the spirit in him, which directs and leads him also in earth life. (30.1.1954) It is knowledge about the divine-spiritual, which is to be supplied to men and which can only happen on the way of a direct transmission from God on man, why preconditions must also be given, which allow such a direct transmission. It is a divine plan, which carrying out possibilities are only recognized by him himself and for which God himself chooses a suitable tool, as soon as the necessity commands it, to make mankind willing and able through the supply of pure truth, to pursue its ascent development. God alone knows the hearts of men; God alone therefore knows, with which earth child the preconditions for the receiving of divine-spiritual knowledge is given. And he then chooses it. The spirit of God blows, where he wants it. His spirit pours out truly into a vessel suitable for it, for it is about an extremely significant action of help: - to break through the spiritual darkness through rays of light, which go out from God himself. It is an occurrence, which can still bring rescue from spiritual death to many men - a way is shown, which leads out from the world of matter into a kingdom of light - it is a possibility, to cause men to turn back, as soon as they are of good will and grasp the hand of the father outstretched to them, who does not want his children getting lost for eternal times. And for that reason, also every recipient of divine spiritual revelations enjoys special protection of God, so that his work may be completed - so that the light of truth may illuminate the earth, in a time of deepest spiritual darkness, so that the short time may be used well, which still remains for men until the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5864.


Book 64 5865

Two different worlds. Voice of the good shepherd.

31. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5865.

The earth and the spiritual kingdom are two different worlds, and the inhabitants of the earth will rarely have understanding for that, what gets through to them from the spiritual kingdom in the form of the divine word; they will rarely have understanding for spiritual material, which is imparted to them from the spiritual kingdom. But here my word is essential: My sheep recognize my voice. It is only a small herd, whose shepherd I am myself; it is only a small crowd, which can be counted to be mine, - they are only few men, who stand in living connection with me, with who not only the mouth, but also the heart speaks, so they pray; they are only few men, who have a living faith, in whose life I stand in the first place and to whom I can also be a real father, to whom I can give gifts as my children, which prove my love for them. The majority of men stands far from me, and so I also speak to them, my voice does not touch them; in my words they do not recognize the voice of the good shepherd, who calls them, to follow him; they go their own ways - they are just on earth and do not get into contact with the spiritual kingdom, from which they could draw great blessing for their soul. But as two worlds are different, the earth and the spiritual kingdom, so also men are different and belong to one of these two worlds. And for that reason always only those will listen to my word, who hear the call of their shepherd, who are mine, or by those, who are still undecided, to which kingdom they are to turn - they hear my call and feel it as call-note, of which they feel attracted. My call remains always and for ever the same: Follow me. For there is only one way, which leads to the destination, which all my little sheep must go - the way of love, and who goes this way, he belongs to mine, and he follows his shepherd, who truly leads him to the home stable, who does not hand him over to his enemy, who protects him, so the enemy will break into the herd, to scatter it. And this enemy will do everything, to snatch my little sheep from me; he will step into the midst of my little sheep as disguised wolf and seek to also tempt them, to then tear them pitilessly to pieces and to expose them to eternal death. But my sheep recognize my voice, and they remain with him, whom they recognize as their good shepherd, and only the foreign sheep will let themselves be tempted by him, provided that my call-note does not touch them stronger and they push towards me, that I receive them in my herd and protect them from the enemy. My voice truly sounds loud and audibly, and my call-note gets through everywhere, that no-one can say, having never heard it. But only those who are of a good will, hear it and recognize it as the love call of the father to his children and follow him. And no matter how narrow the way is, I go ahead of them and lead mine securely and safe and sound to the destination - and everyone, who hears my voice, follows me, so he counts to mine. But it is not the voice of the world, but it sounds from the spiritual kingdom and therefore touches also only mine, who strive for that kingdom and its righteousness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5865.


Book 64 5866

Light sparks.

1. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5866.

Consider yourselves as light sparks, which broke away from me, which nevertheless remained light, just decreased in its illuminating power, but which never ever can go out completely, but again and again receive new nourishment from me, so that also the smallest spark of light can flare up again and can unite with the same sparks in the spreading of its fire and therefore also unite again with me myself, as the start of light, and can radiate in brightest illuminating power. You all are light sparks having gone out from me, which for that reason have been sprayed and sent out, so that they are to seize one another, to increase their illuminating power - or also - my unlimited love fire, which is power in itself, let beings arise, which were also love and were now to have an effect in their illuminating power, what means a constant increase of love power, a spreading of the love flame, which enabled to inconceivable work. Love therefore exuded into infinity, and love was to create and have an effect and consequently also fill everything with light. But love could not get determined - it was only so long effective, as it moved in complete freedom, to immediately let up in its effectiveness, where it comes upon resistance. And so the letting up of power, the letting up of light, is to be explained in a world, where love finds resistance, for although it is direct radiation from me, although it is something divine of enormous power and light effect, this effect decreases like that of a most tiny, going out little spark, where the same love does not flow towards it, where a counter power resist it - a counter power, which also went out from me as original strong light spark, went away from me endlessly far, which did not want to remain in contact with the original power and also rejected the perpetual power current flowing towards it - which therefore resisted and consequently abolished the effectiveness of the love power and of the love fire, so long, until the resistance lets up. When you yourselves consider yourselves as light spark, then you will also learn to consider yourselves as something divine, which was determined to highest effectiveness and has only decreased the fulness of power and light through the own resistance, because resistance means turning away from me, and it will be comprehensible to you, that at all times you can put yourselves into the state of fullness of light and power, when you strive again for your starting point, when you persistently stir the love fire in you, when by this means the flames of love in you strike against one another with the fire of eternal love, when you give up every resistance, when you allow, that my love light in you yourselves can get lighted and now also the little spark, which you carry in you as my share, catches fire thereon - when you let eternal love have an effect on you without resistance, so that you yourselves recognize yourselves as light, which took its start from me as the original light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5866.


Book 64 5867

Jesus found little recognition on earth.

2. and 3. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5867.

Do not be surprised, that you are not listened to, that you find no faith with men, so you bring my word to them, but think about it, that I myself also found little recognition on earth, that I directly preached my Gospel to them, that I reinforced my word through miracles, that I explained to them everything comprehensibly and helped them, to come to right cognition, and that they still saw an enemy in me, because I taught and represented something else than they and because their loveless way of life took away from them all cognition. I had descended to earth, to let my word have an effect on men; I spoke to them, as I also do it today through my revealed word; I showed them the way upwards into my kingdom, but men did not recognize my speeches as God's word, as they also today believe, that you form yourselves into words, what your thoughts feed in to you. And for that reason they also attach no value to these words and pass the most delicious - the bread of heaven, which is offered to them through you - as they also had me myself among them and could have received divine gifts in all fulness, so they would just have been of good will. And so also today only he is the beneficiary of my gift of favour, who has a good will. Only he who does not reject you, him I can address myself and provide him with a delicious gift. And only, who listens to you, he hears me myself speaking and is touched by my word. When I walked on earth, I did everything possible, to find access to the hearts of men; I showed them love in excess; I healed their sick; I helped in earthly and in spiritual trouble; through miracles I proved my power and my divinity, and I instructed them, that they could accomplish the same, so they lived according to my teaching. The word itself stayed among men, but they did not recognize it. And so also you will only find little faith, for mankind has sunk out and out and into a spiritual darkness, that it is hardly able to still recognize, whether a teaching is good and true or bad and erroneous. It lives in error and does not recognize it; truth is offered to it and also this it cannot recognize as such, and even miracles no longer impress it, because it thinks everything possible nature wise. And you are still to be active as my disciples and preach my Gospel undeterred; you are to seek, to produce a bridge between completely earthly minded men and the spiritual kingdom; you are to again and again scatter spiritual messages among men - my word imparted to you from above; you are to speak, even so one just listens to you unwillingly, for I myself still want to have an effect on men through you, and the power of the word can still become effective with some after all - as also at my earth times always only individuals were found, who willingly listened to me and then recognized me as coming from above. My direct work at men of this earth before the last end is an act of favour equal to my descent at that time, and you are to always mention this, that you are my representatives on earth, that you speak in Jesus' name and reinforce anew him and his divine mission, his work of redemption; you are to always emphasize, that you want to bring to men nothing else than his divine word, which he himself has announced on earth, that you just preach the love teaching, to show anew to fellowmen the way, which leads up. And you are to always just remember me, I who preached the same on earth and was tirelessly active, to bring help to men in their spiritual trouble. Time comes to an end, and for that reason your task is urgent and blessed by me, for you can still bring help to all, who are of a good will. And for the sake of these few I send you out into the world, and these will also recognize you as my messengers; they will recognize me myself in that word, which you offer to them, and accept it in their hearts - they will believe in me and for that reason be rescued from spiritual death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5867.


Book 64 5868

God needs workers for his vineyard.

4. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5868.

Who wants to serve me, him I also put at a place, where he can be active for me, and I myself also allot the work to him, appropriately to his ability, his will and his task, for I truly see all success possibilities and let them be utilized. But it will mostly be a work in quietness in the last time before the end, because mankind is no longer accessible to a great spiritual influencing, because the world and its material striving is a great obstacle and men pay only little attention to a spiritual action, so it would take place to a greater extent - and this would discourage my servants on earth and make them unsuitable for further work. May it now also seem to you, as if your painstaking and detailed work brings in little success - great successes are no longer to be expected with the spiritual low of men, but there are still individuals after all, whom you can help, and these will be grateful to you for ever, that you have shown them the right way. For that reason, your activity is to be continued uninterruptedly, to receive and pass on my word, where opportunity is offered to you. Also the smallest effort does not remain without success, because it is gratefully utilized in the opposite kingdom, and also on earth you cannot be eagerly enough active for the spreading of my word, because no word dies away completely unheard - because always and constantly you are surrounded by beings, which receive them and draw power from them. Moreover, worldly events will also contribute to it, that you are listened to - but the will of men remains free, and how they adjust themselves to my gift offered to them by you, so they will also draw their use from it or come away empty-handed. Who wants to serve me, is to hand himself over completely to me, and I will then also allot his work for him, he can be assured of it, for I need workers in the last time before the end, and I will accept all, who offer themselves to me to work in my vineyard. And no-one is to believe, one can do without him, for the spiritual trouble is extremely great, and only men willing to help can decrease it, by them handing out spiritual gifts, which they receive from me amply, because I know the trouble and want to bring help to men. For that reason, always consider yourselves as my servants, who just carry out the will of the Lord, and do not get tired to work for me, for the blessing will not fail to materialize, even so it is not immediately visible to you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5868.


Book 64 5869

God speaks to men at any time.

5. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5869.

I have spoken to you men at any time, and so I also speak to you today, wherever you give me the possibility to it, that you open heart and ear, that you listen to my voice. Everyone will be able to hear me, for so he gets into contact with me through prayer, so he just directs his thoughts towards me, thought waves will circle him, and he will seize the right waves sent to him by me - he will think, what I myself feed in to him. But in a time of greatest spiritual trouble I also announce myself to men obviously, because I know, in which way rescue can still be brought to men; in times of greatest spiritual trouble I express myself in direct address, by me speaking to you men through the mouth of a man devoted to me, so that you attend and direct your thoughts towards the spiritual kingdom, upwards, from where this obvious expression comes. But it will always only be few men, who pay attention to that, what they are told from above; it will only be few, who recognize my voice in it, because darkness is already too deep and because the will of men is too weak, to get through darkness towards the light. Who recognizes my revelations as light, he also pays attention to them; he follows the light and lets himself be radiated by it. Burt each one man is lord of himself. He has free will and will never get forced through unusual happenings, to change his will, and no matter whether I just stand next to him and offer him a brightly radiating light. This light will not force him to me and to cognition, but it can only touch him beneficently, when he voluntarily exposes himself to its radiation, and then he always opens heart and ear more. But it has now illuminating power for him, who is of a completely darkened mind and closes himself to every flow of my love power. For it is the expression of my love, when I address you men; I just want to help you, to get out of the thick darkness; I just want to give something away to you, but not take something from you. And for that reason I also can let occur nothing unusual, to refer to my revelations; I cannot surround my light bearers with a nimbus (halo), which is to influence fellowmen - everything must remain in the framework of the natural and men be completely free, how they want to adjust themselves to my words from above. But I will give persistently, and in the richest measure can fetch power and favour from the source of eternal life, who accept my word as loving expression of the father, who wants to make his children happy. Who always longs to hear me, to him also my word sounds, and he will recognize it as the voice of the father, as proof of love and as most effective means to rescue from eternal night.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5869.


Book 64 5870

Promise of the preserving of body and soul in time of trouble.

6. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5870.

And it will be given to you for body and soul, what you need, for my love always watches over you and does not let you live in want. For a time of affliction and earthy trouble will come over you, when everything is withdrawn from you for the sake of my name, when everything is denied you, what you need for life, and also spiritual compulsion is imposed on you, so that you are to deny your faith; then do not worry, for I care for you. I will preserve you and supply to your body, what it needs, but as I also spiritually impart power to you, to be able to remain loyal to me. Who believes in me, in my love and my power, he truly does not need to be anxious, that he suffers lack at body and soul, for I have promised you, that I myself look after you, with the words: Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you. And remember this promise, when you get into earthly trouble, and hand yourselves over to me full of trust, I who stand by my word. The Satanic effect of my opponent will become obvious in a way, that men will stop at nothing, who are enslaved to him, that they are capable of everything, to destroy faith in me, that they take uncompromising action against my followers and without hesitation would hand them over to death, when I would not be with mine with my might and power. And it will be obvious, that mine are fed from above, for they will live, because they receive from me, what they need for body and soul. And no matter whether you men doubt this, whether you listen to these my words unbelievingly - he who has created the whole world, to him it is truly also possible to preserve men, who believe in me, who stand by me, also in greatest earthly trouble. And I will rescue them out of the hand of their tormentors; I will come, to fetch them, when the work of Satan has reached its culmination, that I put him in chains, to put him out of action. And then all trouble will have an end. Then I will reward the faith of mine; then I myself will stay among them, and they will be happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5870.


Book 64 5871

Work of transformation. Ability to think. Faith in after-life.

7. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5871.

I have created you not only for this world, but for eternity. Your life on earth as man is only a smallest phase in your existence; it is one of the infinite many stations, through which you must go, before you can lead a life as blessed spirit beings, which lasts for ever. You can no longer pass, even so you are no matter how much fashioned inadequately through your own will. But your aim is perfection, and to achieve this, you must walk through these innumerable stations of your development - whereof therefore earth life as man is such one station. If you men now believe that your existence only lasts from your birth until the death of your body, so your faith is a sign of still bad imperfection, for you then lack all cognition, but which brings along with it increased maturity. As man you are able to think, and you can therefore reach cognition, but this presupposes a right way of life, which you determine yourselves through your free will. You as man have therefore the possibility, to change your still inadequate state at your birth into a state of perfection; you have the possibility to that end and also the ability, because I have provided gifts for you and moreover give you favours, so that you reach your destination. If you now use the possibilities, even so unaware of the success, so also faith in you soon becomes alive, that earth time is just a transition. You therefore no longer believe in an ending of your life with the death of the body, and this faith is already a proof of the progress of your soul, which is your actual self and for which therefore the name "immortal" is valid. This self cannot pass, but be in constant reshaping, and this work of reshaping is your task during your earth life, if a stage of development is not to pass unused. This your self is at the beginning of earth life still a dead being - without cognition and without life, because for real life a power current, going out from me, must first waken it, and because this power current can only then touch it, when it itself wants it. Therefore, the intellect, the ability to think was given to men, and the life functions of the body could now be driven by the intellect of man, to let the will get active in one direction. Life approaches man so, that he is pushed from the inside to love work, even so his intellect is still not strong developed - and according to his will to give way to this inner pushing, it still enlivens the hardened soul, which can now also give the right direction to the will, because already through the smallest act of love it is radiated by that power, which gives life to it. Love therefore awakens the life of the soul; love gives the right direction to the will, and love also gives cognition power to man, which the more becomes visible, the more consciously man leads a life in love, which pushes him more and more to me and also guarantees him right thinking and wanting. For that reason, a man, who lives in love, will also never say 'no' to a life after death, because his thinking cannot go wrong, because my love power flows into him with every work of love, which he performs. Every love work connects man with me and gives him brightness of the spirit; the soul is no longer dead; it lives and knows, that it cannot pass for ever - and it also imparts this certainty to the intellect of man, which now can no differently than representing faith in a life after death with all eloquence, but who also convincingly believes, because life is in him, and who, at his decease on earth, has reached a degree of maturity, which secures him a life in eternity, which means a state of tireless activity for the soul, which makes it unimaginably happy and consists of constant love work.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5871.


Book 64 5872

Predictions of worldly happenings. False prophets.

8. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5872.

Divine revelations are only directed to earth for the purpose, that the attention of men is drawn to a great danger, which threatens their souls. And the worldly events are only mentioned for that reason, because they are simply just the effects of a spiritual low and at the same time means, to remove these. God only lets worldly events announce through his prophets, because they stand in closest connection with the spiritual development and because they are again to influence men only so, that these change in spiritual respect, that they remember their soul and help it up. The revelations are never to have the purpose, to have an effect on men in worldly respect, and for that reason every such revelation, which has the prospect of worldly events, can get assessed as spiritual reference, as soon as it is spread by men, who obviously make an effort to serve God, to work for his kingdom and to announce his word. For such revelations will never be directed to earth without the divine word, because to announce this word is only the most important task of him, who has the prophetic spirit and to whom therefore both is sent from above - the divine word and the prediction of future world events, for the purpose of spreading, for the purpose of the instructing of men, who go along in the darkness of the spirit and do not remember their soul. Who on the other hand wants to give future disclosures in the earthly meaning, who believes being able to see clairvoyantly into the future, who makes future announcements to men, for the sake of earthly advantage, he is regarded as false prophet and must get rejected as untrustworthy, even so he claims, to speak on behalf of God. For a divine assignment is only granted to a man, who consciously puts himself at the disposal of God, to work for his kingdom. But he no longer pays attention to earthly goods, and his endeavour will always be, to free fellowmen from matter, to make out earthly striving to be useless for them and to only seek to promote the spiritual development of man, why he informs men completely unselfishly of that, what is announced to him through revelations of God. You must always consider the purpose of a revelation - whether only the spiritual development or earthly advantages are striven for - and you will be able to pass a right sentence upon the value or unworthiness of predictions and now adjust your life accordingly. Only what brings about the salvation to the soul, is to be assessed as divine and everything else to be rejected, what promises earthly progress or earthly advantages, for God reveals himself only because of the soul, so that it may escape from its spiritual trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5872.


Book 64 5873

Fulfilling of love commands.

9. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5873.

Just plainly live in love. I do not demand more from you, but you achieve as a result an aim still incomprehensible to you, a level of perfection, which then also means brightest cognition for you, because then your soul is able to see spiritually and is able to see into my kingdom with all magnificence. I just demand love from you, because love is the key to cognition, to power and to highest happiness. Every man can be good, but whether he wants it, whether he gives way to the quiet pushing in himself, that is decisive for the reaching of his aim on earth. And for that reason, he must constantly get stimulated to this, to practise love; he must again and always again be admonished to love work and warned of loveless acting. For that reason, the love commands have been given to him by me, that he does forget that, what alone is important in earth life - that he helps intellectually, when the pushing of the heart has already become too weak. Then he is to think of, that my will is only the fulfilment of my love commands, and seek intellectually to fathom, why I have given these commands. He is to remember the words: Who abides in love, he abides in me and I in him - when he therefore wishes the connection with me, then he must lead a love life. But then his spiritual ascent is also secured; then he fulfils the purpose of his earth life. Love is the highest. Love is that power, without which no man can live, of which the life of the soul is to be understood, which is immortal, but can become a slave to spiritual death, when it lacks love, that power, which only gives it true life. Who wants to live in eternity, he must give love to all, who approach him, to all, who want his love - only then he will be able to create in power and light, and then only he can be happy. But without love the soul is in darkness and powerless, for also the life of the body without love means no life for the soul, which indeed can use the life of the body temporarily, however without love always in the wrong direction and in this way just thickens the covers around it, so that it enters the spiritual kingdom completely without power and light at the end of earth life, where the privilege is no longer granted to it, that the body could change its state, for it has not used the life power of the body for itself; it has not given way to the quiet pushing in it and determined the body to work in love. For as long as it stayed on earth, its thinking and wanting determined the body to its commissions and omissions, to the use of the life power, and the wrong wanting and thinking now also brings it in the state of death in the spiritual kingdom. You are again and again admonished to love; so much trouble and helplessness steps into the way of you men; so often you are asked for help, and you can constantly work in love, for you have the ability to it, but whether you have the will for it, that decides the state of your soul in future after the death. A love work according to my will will never have a detrimental effect for you yourselves, for what you hand out in love, will be reimbursed to you in many different ways spiritually and earthly. You will never get harmed, for your share, which you acquire for yourselves through the fulfilling of my commands, will be unlimited, because I, so I give, know no limits, where love causes me to the renunciation of my love. Work in love - do not give out of expedience, but your heart must drive you to hand out and wanting to make happy. Then love has been kindled in you, of which the fire brings everything to melt, what is still attached as rubbish to the soul. Through love the soul becomes bright and clear, and my love power can radiate through it, and it will live for ever and know about everything; it will recognize, that only love achieves the unification with me, that only through love it reaches eternal happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5873.


Book 64 5874

Unredeemed souls. Acknowledgement of Jesus Christ.

10. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5874.

Countless souls on earth are still unredeemed, have therefore still not reached the favours through Jesus Christ, which make them free from the power of the opponent of God. These men still stand outside of those, for whom Jesus Christ has died on the cross, and they therefore stand outside, because they do not acknowledge him as God's son and redeemer of the world, because they know nothing about the meaning of the work of redemption, because Jesus Christ is for them not more, than a historic person, who is regarded as founder of a religion, which is made by men for that purpose. They call his name without all certainty, that he is for every individual man the rescuer from a pitiable state, which the soul will only recognize at its decease. Men all know him. But only few believe in him as that, who has made a spiritual change on earth possible - who is therefore not allowed to be ignored by those, who want a spiritual change, spiritual progress - who believe in, that they do not go through earth life without purpose. These therefore must find to Jesus Christ, otherwise they do not fulfil the earth purpose. And to these also the meaning of the work of redemption can still be made comprehensible, as long as they are willing, to live earth life appropriately. They will not completely reject, what is given to them as enlightenment; they will think and be easier prepared than those men, for whom earth life is just an end in itself. These find no connection with Jesus Christ, because they reject everything - life after death, a spiritual earth task, a weakness and defectiveness of man through the Fall, a perfection to be reached and therefore also a helper, who makes this becoming perfect possible. And for these men there is also no rescue, no ascent. They always sink deeper into the abyss, into the hands of him, who as opponent of God will work with all means also against Jesus Christ and his work of redemption and who for that reason takes all light from men about it, who will do everything, to stop knowledge about Jesus Christ and his work of redemption and to strengthen men in faith in an earth life as end in itself. And he will also succeed, because these men only live in self-love and consequently all enlightenment through the spirit is impossible - while former - men, who strive for perfection, can also bring love in them to development and by this means go ways mentally, which can lead to the right cognition about the problem Jesus Christ. The divine mission of the man Jesus must be recognized and acknowledged, so that the divine redeemer is also called for help, so that the favours, acquired by him through the death on the cross, are given to man and he can make use of them. And already the will, to receive information about Jesus Christ, who cannot be denied as historical person, is - so it is not wished to be answered negatively - leading man a step further, because God gives light to every man, who longs for light, and because everyone is to find the way to him, but which only goes via Jesus Christ.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5874.


Book 64 5875

God's call for workers in the vineyard.

12. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5875.

To be active in my kingdom is for all of you, you who still stay on earth, the most beautiful assignment, because it produces an eternal reward and because you are then my co-workers and you therefore carry out an activity, which is according to my will. As soon as you decide for a spiritual collaboration, your earth life is directed into a course, on which you now obviously recognize my guidance. You will find entry into spiritual circles or form such yourselves; you are brought together with men, who cultivate other than just earthly thoughts; you are initiated into spiritual knowledge, so that you can also perform your activity on earth, and you will visibly experience my blessing in spiritual as also earthly work, because you now do not create and work alone, but with me. No-one is to believe, not to be needed for the work in my vineyard - to every individual I direct the question, whether he wants to serve me, whether he wants to look after the trouble of erring souls and be active for their rescue with my help. To every individual I give the promise, that I will bless his work, and for every individual, who wants to serve me, I have already prepared his field of work, where he can work according to his powers to his own and his fellowmen blessing. And I need each one. The work for the removal of spiritual trouble is so extremely important and urgent, that I again and again request your help, because it can be done only by men, who want to bring the Gospel to their fellowmen in connection with me and in my will, who look after their spiritual trouble, who again revive faith anew or want to strengthen a still weak faith, who stimulate their fellowmen to the living connection with me and give an example themselves of the blessing of the intimate connection of a man with me. I need you all, you who believe in me. For countless men go through life without faith in me, and each one of them needs a fellowman, who helps him again to faith. I myself can certainly indirectly, but not directly, have an effect on such unbelieving men, but I take pity on their trouble, and to help them, I want to bring them into contact with you and to supply you with ample working material, with which you can now be active effectively and blessedly, so you are prepared to serve me and to bring help to fellowmen. Time goes towards its end, and for that reason I still need many workers before and for that reason direct to you the urgent call: Remember your brothers and sisters on earth, who have not yet gone your way, who only go the ways of the world and can never reach their destination on this way. Remember those, who are without faith, and seek to let the power of your faith become effective at them - pray for them and always include them more into your thoughts, so that they feel the power of your love and also listen to you without resistance, so you bring my word to them - that they think and influence can be exerted on them now also from above. Do the preliminary work, which must be done by men on earth, so that the powers of light can then intervene and now seek to influence on their part, that faith is reached by those who still stand far away, who only see the world and want to deny a spiritual kingdom. You can contribute much to it, as soon as you just consciously offer yourselves to serve me. For then I direct all your steps, and I equip you with everything, what you need for the work for me and my kingdom - I myself give you light and power, so that you now also can again hand out my word, which is light and power for everyone, who listens to it, receives it with his heart and makes an effort to give full expression to it. For he is now also won for my kingdom; he will not get lost, when the last end has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5875.


Book 64 5876

Servants of the Lord. Vineyard work.

13. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5876.

Consider yourselves as my emissaries, all you, you who want to be active for me; and know that I am a good Lord and house father for you, who pays every work done for him right and just and who is your friend, because you put yourselves at his disposal. All my creatures are to serve each other and redeem themselves through serving. If you now serve me, by you wanting to help your fellowmen, so you also serve them, and both their and also your own redemption will be guaranteed. And great work is to be done. Only occasionally I find men, who offer themselves to me for such work, and for that reason a very great working field remains to be cultivated for every individual, and every individual needs much power, to be able to deal with the work lying before him. But alone, without my help, it would not be possible for you. And for that reason, I provide you with much power, as soon as you are willing, to perform the work as my servants, which I allocate to you. How much detail work is necessary, to open the souls of your fellowmen before, to make them receptive, to then being able to hand out to them according to desire. But you all can do this work, so you would just like to let yourselves be directed by me, so you give way to the quiet pushing in you, to speak to your fellowmen about spiritual subjects, to direct their thoughts towards true life, which only starts after death in the spiritual kingdom. You all, you who revive such thoughts, you work already unconsciously in my vineyard, and I will always have an effect on you through the inner voice; you will soon want to rather stay in spiritual than in the worldly area; you will enjoy to always put me first and to speak to your fellowmen about me, about your earth task and about life after death - and you will want to serve me consciously and ask for my blessing for your work, which will certainly flow towards you and which now also enables you, to be active for me and my kingdom. And you are already successfully active, when you succeed, to also direct the thoughts of your fellowmen to spiritual levels, for then you have established the contact between these and that kingdom, from where further instructions are sent to them on the mental way. You are to know, that also the smallest spiritual work is needed and that I bless everyone, who is willing, to lend a hand to the reshaping of the still purely worldly thinking. I take on everyone as servant, whose love drives him to help. For spiritual help on earth can only be done by men, as long as no contact has been established at all with the kingdom of light, with those knowing powers, who only after such preliminary work can continue the work on their part and who now also always stand by you and support you on my behalf, so that your work succeeds well - so that I can hold a good harvest, when the end has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5876.


Book 64 5877

Short phase of earth life decides lot in the hereafter.

15. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5877.

Your earth existence as man is one of the infinite many phases of your ascent development, for also, when you have matured on earth, to now being able to enter the kingdom of light, your development always still progresses further, because the soul, which has recognized, never stops to strive - because it will always and for ever strive towards God and because it therefore always strives to come closer to him, to be unspeakably happy in complete unification with him. The time as man on earth is therefore like a short moment, measured at eternity, measured at the endless long course of development before through the material creation, and still this short moment is decisive for the lot of the soul; it is decisive for the further course of development in the spiritual kingdom. For it is a difference, whether the soul has already achieved a degree of maturity on earth or comes to cognition only in the opposite kingdom. The latter now also certainly rise up, but in an extreme laborious work they must acquire that for themselves, what was amply at their disposal on earth, and would have made the reaching of the degree of light possible for them. To pass the test of will on earth means a state of light and power in fullness already at the entry into eternity; it means always increased supply of light and power, because the soul, from the hour of its decease, as recipient of power is also imparter of power and always receives more and more, the more it shares. It therefore now ascends extremely fast, for it joins equally mature spiritual and works according to divine will and on divine instructions. It receives all power from God and uses it for God, while those souls, who failed their test of will on earth, can certainly also come to cognition in the hereafter, but must now fashion themselves only with the help of other beings so, that it also gets light in them, that they can receive the light radiations and now utilise these according to the will of God. These souls must also desire the supply of light and power in free will, only then they will receive, and then only begins their ascent development with the work, which they again practise at the souls in darkness. It is as it were a laborious course, an ascent, where level by level must get climbed with the summoning up of all strength and all will. No effort remains unpaid; the soul progresses in any case, but because it itself is still very weak and has little power at its disposal, it must exert its whole will and find much support from the light world or human intercession, until it itself has become so far light and power recipient, that it now can hand out on its part and now receives more and more power. The short earth life is decisive for the lot in eternity, for the entry into the spiritual kingdom can already be highest happiness, which now never ends, when earth time was used right. But it can also remain unutilized, and the soul must bear the results of this - it must further wrestle and fight, if it does not want to come to an end. And its life in the spiritual kingdom is still in much equal to the wrestling on earth, but never hopeless, when the soul itself has the will, to reach light and power. Its will alone decides - is the will directed towards God already in earth life, then the soul persistently pursues the aim to come closer to him, what it then also quickly achieves. But as long as the will is still turned away from God, it means darkness and weakness, and in this state the soul enters the spiritual kingdom, while former is radiated through by light and nothing any longer ties it to the earthy kingdom than only love for those, who it has left and to whom it now offers help in every way, but those still need help a long time, although they have escaped from earth, but they still stay a long time near earth, until also they can receive so much light and power, to now be active in the spiritual kingdom on their part. And all activity exists only in that respect, to have an effect on the will of those, who still have directed it wrongly, to protect them from the same fate, from a laborious ascent in the spiritual kingdom, which is the result of a wrongly directed will on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5877.


Book 64 5878

Door to the kingdom of light is Jesus Christ.

16. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5878.

The door to the kingdom of light is opened to everyone, who chooses the way via Jesus Christ. But without him the kingdom of light is closed to you, and you walk in darkness or in so inadequate twilight, that you do not feel well and for that reason are also not happy. Wherever Jesus Christ is preached, there the right way is shown to you, for he himself has spoken the words: "I am the way, the truth, and the life."

And he will again and again step into your way, so you have once gone past him, without paying attention to him. He will again and again refer you to truth, to his work of redemption; he will offer himself as leader on your earth life way; he will woo you in love and patience; he will not unwillingly turn away from you, when you do not want to listen to him. He will follow you, so you threaten to lose your way into the depth, and then again entice and call, that you turn around to him and return, that you go the way, which leads to the right destination, to eternal life. Only he is the gate, through which you can enter to happiness, and if you reject him on earth, so a dark kingdom receives you over there; everything is covered in darkness, for that light is lacking, which illuminates everything - Jesus Christ, from which the light starts. But in this kingdom of darkness you must call for him - then redemption can also be yours from your agony, but it is difficult for a soul, which rejected on earth, to call for him in free will - because it did not believe and this faith can also not be given away to it in the hereafter. It is difficult for such souls, because they are only weak in knowledge, because darkness confuses their thinking and often directs wrongly - because they possess too little own light, which could now stimulate their will, to call him for rescue. The rejection of Jesus Christ on earth has an extremely sorrowful effect in the hereafter, for the soul lacks everything - power and light - it cannot recognize and is of a too weak will, to get hold of cognition. But the mercy of the divine redeemer also then still sends help to such souls. Also in this kingdom of darkness they are referred to the cross of Christ, what expresses itself in that way, that suddenly a thought of him emerges for the soul like a lightning, that suddenly a gleam of light touches them in the form of a cross, but which goes out immediately, but can still leave a gleam of cognition in the soul, that it thinks about Jesus Christ and hopes for redemption from him - that it calls him over in thoughts and presents its trouble to him - that it announces its will by this means, to believe in him, just needs help, to not again become of different mind. And then help is also sent to it; then darkness lets up imperceptibly; a light twilight lets it recognize a way, which it now follows and which leads it to always brighter areas - so long as it does not drop the thought of Jesus Christ - but which gets dark again immediately, when it no longer remembers him. The soul must, completely free out of itself, want to Jesus Christ, then every obstacle moves away before it, then a light radiates for it, to which it goes, which it soon recognizes again as the Christ light, which sent the first thought of him to it. Faith in Jesus Christ is the gate, which leads to happiness. And blessed, who still finds him on earth, the divine redeemer, who himself is the way, the truth and the life. Blessed, who enters into the opposite kingdom with this faith, for the gate to the kingdom of light opens for him, to eternal life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5878.


Book 64 5879

Raging of the elements.

17. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5879.

Loud and clearly you will hear my voice and all you, you who do not want to follow my gentle call, will get a fright, when it sounds loud for you, when, through the raging of the elements, you are reminded of me, whom you opposed all the time and whom you still have to recognize at the sight of the expression of the elements. You do not want to accept a connection of this and your activities in the world. But only the latter causes me to express myself obviously, because your activities prove that you do not acknowledge me as your God and creator to whom you have to answer one day. You do not believe in it and therefore do not live your life on earth according to my will. And that is why I let my voice sound so that you think of me and change so that you recognize me and let my will become yours. I address you, for the time being softly and full of love admonishing you to turn back - to then raise my voice more and more until it puts you into fear and fright because you now fear for your life. And many will lose their earthly life, but when they still found me in the last hour the death of the body is no loss for them - it is a favour because they were in danger to sink completely and that is why I call them away in the moment of recognition of myself, in a moment of awakening of faith, which then makes it easier for them to enter the kingdom on the other side and is the beginning of the way upwards for the soul. Through the raging of the elements I clearly want to come out into the open. Where the will of men is active there faith in me is only rarely to be expected, but where men are hopelessly exposed to the elements of nature there they are more likely to think of their creator and call upon him. And there is still hope that souls will be rescued from the darkness of unbelief, that they recognize me and now let me direct them on earth or also in the kingdom on the other side. What earthly events do not bring about that a natural disaster of great extent can still achieve - that the God and creator from eternity is thought of and that the connection to him is established in the heart of man through closely calling for rescue from greatest trouble. And what seems to be a work of immense destruction can mean a rescue operation for many souls who through it escape eternal ruin and awaken to life, even when they meet earthly death. I will do everything what still can be done for the rescue of those who close their ears to my soft loving address and which I still do not want to drop. With a loud voice I will again call them and blessed are who now remember me, blessed are from whose heart I was not completely ousted and who now call upon me before it is too late.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5879.


Book 64 5880

God's love follows the unbelievers.

18. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5880.

My love always finds a way to you, even so when you believe being able to flee from me, when you believe, being able to keep yourselves hidden from me. When you believe, being able to walk without me in this earth, I suddenly stand before you, often also unrecognized by you. Then I seemingly go with you the same way, but imperceptibly I push you away from it, and so you pay more attention to me than to the way, which you go, you are already on the right way, and you pursue it then also consciously, so you look around you with a bright look. These words are directed to those men, who still lack all faith in me, who have as it were dismissed me, to be able to live free and unhindered without the sense of responsibility to a higher power. But suddenly they see themselves in serious difficulties, and these serious difficulties cause them, to mentally deal with questions. Therefore, it is me myself, who through this trouble causes him thereto, and I present all these questions to him, which he now seeks to answer, and his train of thought can now change; he can imperceptibly be pushed on another spiritual course, still unaware of it himself, that he is about to give up the old way. And so he has become aware of it, he likes to carry on going the taken way. He wins another picture; his spiritual eye sees it and reflects it to him brightly radiating - he wins faith in me, and I have won him through my love, which followed him constantly also on dark ways. As long as man stays on earth, I do not give him up, and so long he can also not withdraw from my care. He can just stubbornly turn away and therefore reject my love, with which I would like to win him, and then I can only recall the man from earth life, when is in the danger, that he sinks and together with his unbelief takes the way downwards - i.e., gives up his fairly good way of life and lets himself be talked into bad acts by my opponent. And for that reason many men leave earthly life prematurely, because I recognized it from eternity, to which point in time a change of his attitude towards the good is still possible - and because I do not want to endanger the degree of maturity reached, which a just and clean way of life has brought in to the man, although he covered the earth way completely without faith. As long as the possibility still exists, to convert him from his unbelief, he walks no way without me - he just does not recognize me, until I obviously face him in previously mentioned form. And he also only recognizes me then, when he wants it - when he listens to questions, which I put to him mentally, and analyses them, otherwise my attempts, to win him, to direct him on to the right way - the way of faith - are in vain. But without faith his way on earth is an idling; without faith all accesses into the kingdom of light are closed for him after his death. Only via Jesus Christ the way leads to happiness. And each one man must win faith in him as God's son and redeemer of the world, if he wants to be happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5880.


Book 64 5881

"I know mine."

19. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5881.

I know mine, and mine know me. So I address them, they know that the father speaks to them, and they follow his words. For those are mine, who strive for fulfilling my will and to whom I therefore also can reveal myself. My sheep recognize my voice, and they follow it, and all, who listen to my word, let it have an effect on them and make an effort to live according to this my word, belong to my small herd, whose shepherd I am and who I protect and keep watch over, so that they do not get lost. For I want to lose none of my little sheep, and for that reason I follow them, no matter where they direct their steps. I call and entice them, that they do not deviate from the right way; I snatch them back from the abyss, so they have lost their way; I go after them, so they got lost while climbing up, from where they could fall; I free them from thick undergrowth, when they have become entangled in it. I follow each one individual of my little sheep, because I love them and want to give away none of them. And nevertheless I cannot prevent it, that they go way from me, when they let themselves be tempted by foreign call-notes, when they do not recognize him as wolf in sheep's clothing, who creeps into the herd and seeks to entice the sheep to him. My call also sounds to them - but so they do not want to hear it for the sake of the call-notes of my opponent, then they voluntarily give up my protection. And they get lost to him, who just wants to harm them, who will soon turn out to be a ravening wolf and to whom they have now handed over themselves, who knows no mercy, who just seeks to scatter my herd, to snatch them from me, to hand them mercilessly over to death. I know mine, and mine know me. A power connects us, which is strong enough to resist him. Mine do not let themselves be deceived through his voice; they recognize the voice of the father, which speaks to them full of love and which echoes deep in the heart, and mine listen to this voice and are happy, so the father in heaven leans down to them and reveals himself to them. And they draw much power from my word and want to miss it never ever, so it once sounded to them. Therefore they will remain in constant communion with me, because through my word I let them constantly feel my presence, because they themselves demand to remain in my presence. But who does not pay attention to my voice, who does not recognize my word as spoken by myself to my children on earth, he does not belong to mine, and he will also not recognize the call of my adversary as hostile - he will follow it and separate himself from my herd, which he could also join, to be accepted by me as one of mine. I address all, and who recognize me in my word, they can certainly count themselves to mine, which I will protect against attacks of the enemy. For my love is endless deep, and it does not want, that one of my little sheep gets lost - my love just does not force you, but leaves you fullest freedom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5881.


Book 64 5882

Great measure of favour at the end.

20. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5882.

I hand out a great measure of favour in the last time before the end, for the last help for mankind is at stake, which is already of such weak will, that only strengthened supply of favour makes it able, to believe and to love. The will of men is for that reason so weakened, because they just live for themselves - because they are destitute of all power as the result of, that they are destitute of all love for me and for the neighbour. It is such a simple solution of the spiritual low of men, and they should just make a test, by how much stronger their will would be, when they practised unselfish neighbourly love. But to make this test, they would have to first believe in me as eternal love, which imparts power to them, as soon as man gets into contact with me. And for that reason, I persistently hand out gifts of favour, so that man comes to a power supply for the time being, to then being able to use it right. I give - despite lack of love and unbelief - to men my word, which imparts power to them, when they just listen to it and think about it. Men indeed possess my word, they know about it, and would need no supply from above, because everything, what I would like to announce to men, so that they can be happy, was recorded through my first disciples and found spreading through the Scriptures, which therefore testifies to me and also announces my will to men. But they pay no attention to it; they no longer regard it as my expression, as my word once supplied to men - and for that reason also cannot withdraw that power from it, which they urgently need. And for that reason, I again let my favour rule. I supply anew my word to them, which is certainly the same, but transmitted by me directly to willing servants, who are to supply it on earth to fellowmen, so that men now learn to believe, when they are addressed by me. This is a gift of favour, which is given to men completely undeserved, who reject the same word in their ignorance and whom I would like to help for that reason, to gain possession of light and power, which can only be imparted to them through my word. Men of the present time seek no contact with me, for that reason I seek it with them. I follow them, so they want to go away from me, and pay no attention to their defence; I nevertheless give them a present, to win their love through my present, that they now listen to me, and now only receive power imperceptibly, which will then increase, the more they let my word have an effect on them. Then they also find again back to the Scriptures and recognize the agreement of it with my revealed word. And then also the spiritual trouble fades, because their strength grows with the contact with me, because they now make an effort to live according to my word and this therefore means love work, what brings in increased power for them and rescue from their spiritual state of trouble - which they can never ever find without my favour, without obvious help of eternal love for men. Without supply of this power they remain weak and powerless, and their will becomes irrecoverably a slave of the opponent, but from whose power I want to free men, as soon as they do not resist me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5882.


Book 64 5883

God's enlightenment about connections. Blind faith.

21. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5883.

I do not want blind faith from you and that is why I seek to give you enlightenment through my word about that, what is demanded of you. Yet still it can only be believed, because no proofs can be given to you for that, what originates in the spiritual kingdom, what deals with the spiritual kingdom and is to lead to the spiritual kingdom. I want to help you, to get a convinced faith; I want to help you to get to a point that you are not attacked by doubts although you have no proofs of the truth of it. And that is why I enlighten you about all connections, about creator and creatures, occasion and purpose of my creations, about origins and objectives of all that, what men sees, as well as about your assignment - about your purpose of existence. You can now, when this knowledge has been submitted to you truthfully, draw conclusions yourselves, and you will then see such a coherent and clear picture, that you will as it were find the proof of the truth in yourselves, that you see through and can no longer doubt - and yet still have to believe only - but such a faith is completely something else, than a blind faith where man mechanically accepts just not to oppose. Blind faith has no value, because it does not go any step further in his upward development. Blind faith produces no fruit, but it can lead to complete unbelief, because there is only a short step from blind faith to unbelief. But only the pure truth can lead to a convinced faith, while erroneous teachings demand a blind faith, which excludes all thinking or just has to lead to unbelief as soon as the mind of man concerns itself with such teachings. That is why you are to be taught truthfully; your thinking is to be stimulated and your heart to be touched and then a light will be lighted in you and all doubts will vanish - because what you are to believe - that arises in you brightly and clearly and gives you the inner conviction, which you now also support, because your faith has now risen to life. I do not want that you go through life on earth without understanding; I want that you win what you have lost through your spiritual falling away from me. I want that you again acquire knowledge and I want to pave the way for it for you. Your life has to be filled with faith and love. That is why I teach you; as a wise father introduces his children into the basic rules of life, so I also introduce you into the basic rules of my eternal order and explain to you, why you again have to enter into the same, why love has to be ignited in you and what otherwise you have to accept and take to heart as being true. And all this you are to believe, but will also be able to believe with good will and earnest reflection. Because when I demand something from you, then I also help you to fulfil my demand. But through the fulfilment of that what I demand of you is everything proved and you now experience yourselves the blessings of a living faith. Blind faith brings in nothing; on the contrary it is only detrimental for the progress of the soul; blind faith is an obstruction to recognition, because the heart and the mind have to be active together, which are both switched off with blind faith. That is why blind faith will not bring light to a soul that is still in darkness and that is why I all the time seek to stimulate the mind and the heart through the supply of pure truth, so that a real belief awakens to life, which alone is conducive to man to reach light and power, spiritual progress, which is the aim of his life on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5883.


Book 64 5884

Jesus Christ. His holy name.

22. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5884.

The name of him, who is extremely holy and on whom you are to call in every earthly spiritual distress, that one all you men know. It is Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of the world - who as son of God descended to earth and has, after his work of redemption, ascended again to heaven as God himself. Who is for that reason to be addressed as God, because the eternal divinity manifested itself in his human cover, that eternal love, which completely filled the man Jesus, and for that reason his soul, as completely made divine, became united with it. Mankind certainly knows his name, but mostly his name is only assessed as that of a man, who certainly was good and noble, but whom the divinity is denied. For these his name is therefore without power; they do not call him, who has promised them fulfilment of every prayer, which is sent up in his name to the father. For the father and he are one, and who announces faith in this through the call of his name, his prayer will be heard. For men, who lack all spiritual knowledge, this problem of God becoming man is so incomprehensible, that they doubt the truth of such teaching and for that reason will also never test the power of his hallowed name. But their ignorance does not abolish truth because of that. And God leaves no opportunity unused, to bring that knowledge to these, to give them the right enlightenment, so that the holiness of the name of Jesus becomes comprehensible to them and also they call on him in their trouble. The final aim of each one being is the becoming divine of its self in free will. Men do not know about purpose and aim of their earth life and therefore also do not pursue that aim, but which the man Jesus has reached with his earth life walk and his death on the cross. He indeed descended as light being to earth, to first fulfil a mission, to redeem men from a debt - from the sin of the former rebellion against God. For their souls had likewise been souls of light - they likewise had emerged from God and stood in the same perfection as the soul of the man Jesus. But in free will they had forfeited their perfection; they had not remained with God, but had voluntarily turned away from him - to him, who as opponent stood against God, after he, as the first one, had become renegade. This great debt, which the spiritual beings had once burdened on themselves and which results is the earth life as man, the man Jesus took on his shoulder, to pay it through his death on the cross. And because of this mission the soul of light - the son of God - descended to earth. But at the same time, he held up that life as an example to men, which resulted in the becoming divine of the soul. He held up a life in unselfish love as an example to them, which led to the complete joining together with eternal love, which can also fashion a sinful earth man to a divine image and leads to the full possession of power and light. The man Jesus has brought the proof to mankind, for his miracle works, his superb wisdom and finally his magnificent ascension proved his divine power and might - they proved the effect of a way of life in love and give all men the hope, being able to achieve the same aim, so they live in the following of Jesus. For he gave men the promise: You are to become perfect, as your father in heaven is perfect. Therefore it is also possible to achieve this perfection, when it is seriously aspired to and when his hallowed name is called upon for help. For through the work of redemption the burden is taken from mankind, which pressed it to the ground and made all ascent up impossible. But for that reason Jesus Christ must also be acknowledged as redeemer of the world - otherwise the sin guilt is not paid off, otherwise each one man must cope with this burden himself and cannot reach the aim for ever. Jesus knew about this weakened state of mankind and for that reason descended down to earth, to help it, but no-one can get free of his debt, who does not acknowledge him and who therefore also does not let himself be redeemed by him. No-one can be happy without Jesus Christ. But each one will experience the power of his name, who believingly calls upon him and hands over himself and his debt to him and asks him for help and forgiveness of his debt. No-one will call him in vain, who speaks out his hallowed name and in this way acknowledges him as God's son and redeemer of the world, who has said about himself: "I and the father is one" and "no-one comes to the father, than through me."
Amen. B.D. NR. 5884.


Book 64 5885

God's word always remains the same Gospel.

23. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5885.

As I spoke to my disciples, when I still walked on earth, so I also speak today to you, you wo are to fulfil the same mission as my disciples in the time of the end: to bring the Gospel to your fellowmen so, as it goes out from me - in all purity, undeformed and easily comprehensible for everyone, who accepts it with good will. My word remains always and for ever the same, for it aims to achieve, that you fashion yourselves to love, to vessels, which are suitable to the receiving of my spirit, which then works in you and securely leads you up. I just indicate to you the way through my word, and at the same time I initiate you to knowledge, which explains all connections to you and informs you of my plan of salvation from eternity. As soon as you know about beginning and aim, about your start and your purpose, as soon as you know, that you are products of my love and my love power would like to flow through you for ever, you also understand, why I continually make an effort, to fashion you so, that you can receive my love power, and you also understand, why I supply my word to you. But since this knowledge cannot be proven to you for the sake of your perfection, faith must get awakened in you, and my word is to also achieve this. For it teaches love - it presents to you, that you must first practise love, to then also win faith. And when love and faith have now become alive in you, then your ascent development certainly progresses; then light will soon be in you; then you will recognize, what you were to just believe before, and then I myself can be with you in the spirit; I can have an effect on you, and you will let yourselves be led and reach perfection. But without my word you do not reach your aim; without my word you neither know about my will nor about your earth task, and you live earth life in vain. I however came for that reason to earth myself, to bring my word to men, and for that reason I sent my disciples out into the world, that they announced to men my Gospel of love, for only in limited number they heard me myself - as also today only few men can hear my voice and I therefore give these the same task, to go out into the world and announce to fellowmen, what I reveal to them. The trouble is exactly as great as at the time of my coming down, and if I do not want men heading to their ruin, so I must help them again through my word as before this time, that they go the right way, that they must fulfil my commands of love, that they go upwards through firm faith and unselfish neighbourly love and do not have to fear the abyss, which however inevitably threatens them, when they do not follow my words, offered through you. And my love for you men still has not become less. I seek to rescue each one soul; I call words of love out to every man - for they once went out from me and are to return again to me, to their father from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5885.


Book 64 5886

"Inasmuch as ye do it unto one of the least of these my brethren."

24. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5886.

Inasmuch as ye do it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Daily and hourly the opportunity is given to you thereto, to do good, to say a friendly word, to helpfully stand by the neighbour with advice and action and to so alleviate his trouble, which does not need to consist of earthly needs alone, but also needs spiritual help through comforting encouragement or leading on the right way, which leads out of spiritual and also earthly trouble. You are to not just harden your heart and turn away your eyes, so you see trouble; you are not to become indifferent and believe having done enough, so you have helped once. Always and constantly you are to practise love, then you yourselves will get to know in you the blissfully happy feeling of a giver, who is blessed by me - who receives again from me in the same measure as he hands out, and truly gifts, which make him far more happy than earthly possession, which he gives up. For you give to me, so you hand out to the neighbour; you give me that love, which the neighbour receives from you. Only so you can prove love for me, that you show love towards the neighbour. You cannot gauge it, which great wealth you collect for yourselves through unselfish love, but in future you will happily recognize the truth of my word and admit, that it truly was not difficult, to acquire spiritual treasures on earth. And I want to create this happiness for you and therefore constantly admonish you to love work. As soon as you always think of, that I myself approach you as petitioner, when a needy person asks you for a gift, when you think of it, that I know about every gift, which is offered in love, and I look at you for it with blessing eyes, then your love for the neighbour will grow, for love always awakens counter love and bears power and blessing in it. What you do to the least of my brothers, that you have done for me. You all are my brothers, and so the children love among themselves, they give the greatest happiness to the father, because only love can prepare true happiness and because love leads all of you to perfection, which can never be reached without love. Be grateful, as long as you have opportunity to help and to advise, for now you still have the life power for it, but which you lack, when in future you recognize your omission and would like to make up for. Use the earth time for work in love, so that you powerfully enter the opposite kingdom and can work there with those treasures, which you have acquired for yourselves through love work, so that you are not weak and helpless and bitterly regret, what you have failed to do on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5886.


Book 64 5887

Spiritual blind. Rays of light.

25. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5887.

Everything remains hidden for the spiritual blind; he lacks all cognition; he is not able to cast a look into the kingdom of the spirit, for he has his eyes closed, and no ray of light is able to get through into the latter; he walks in constant darkness - and no matter how lively he moves in the earthly world, may he also have to show earthly successes - this changes nothing of his blind state, in which his soul is, in the state destitute of all light and for that reason also destitute of all power, to leave darkness. But the spiritual blind keeps himself his eyes closed for the light. For that reason, he cannot be pitied as a victim of his fate, as a being presented inadequately by God, from whom all cognition, every ray of light is withheld. He is also irradiated by the divine love light and just need to open himself; he just needs to expose himself to this light radiation without resistance, then he would also open his eyes to see, from where he receives the benefit of the rays of light - i.e., also to him divine radiation - the word of God - is supplied, and so he would just listen to it, it would also have a beneficial effect on him, and the desire would awaken in him, to always hear more, his spirit's eye would open and the light now irradiate and illuminate everything, what was dark to him up to now. But the spiritual blind still stands in resistance against God. And for that reason, it is his own fault, that he is not able to see, that he always walks in the night, that the light of the morning cannot make him happy. The spiritual blind has a strong will, which is directed against everything, what means light. And he only rarely gives up this will. For mostly these blind in the spirit are extremely well in the earthly world and are devoted to it with all senses, therefore their will is completely turned towards the opponent of God, and he keeps them tied up - he feigns so much light to them, that they do not feel their spiritual blindness, that they just chase after these blinding lights always more and do not recognize, to which appearances and pretence they have become a slave. But their spiritual darkness also prevents them to recognize that, what is offered to them as false light by the opponent of God. And he also strengthens their resistance against all light radiation, which touches them from above. They can become seeing; they can receive much divine light, as soon as they just open themselves, as soon as they are ready to give up their resistance - as soon as they desire to become seeing, what is always still possible, as long as they live on earth. For also the spiritual blind can grow tired of the world with its pleasures, so he has enjoyed them amply. Also he can recognize the worthlessness and inconstancy of earthly goods and is no longer satisfied by them. Also in him the desire can awaken for knowledge about the hidden, and then it is still possible, that the eyes are opened for him, that he turns there, where he believes to discover rays of light, and then he can also come to cognition, which wrong lights he has chased after up to now, and then it is still not too late to turn to the one, whom he has recognized as the eternal light, and ask him for his favour, that he may also open the eyes for him and may give that light, which lights for him the way for the future. And his request will find a hearing.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5887.


Book 64 5888

Spiritual or earthly goods. Better part.

26. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5888.

You have truly chosen the better part for you, so you strive to win me and my kingdom and give up, what certainly could make your earth lot more bearable, however lets the way to me find more difficult. You are not in disadvantage, so you give up everything, for your share lasts, while former passes and your soul stays behind in poverty, so you have not remembered it on earth. Your lot on earth indeed appears poor and scanty to the worldly person, but in future you stand in splendour and in spiritual wealth, while that one enters the opposite kingdom extremely miserably despite greatest earthly wealth and standing. Do not let yourselves be persuade by those to give up your spiritual striving - voluntarily renounce earthly profit on earth, and instead seek to acquire spiritual goods, and you will not need to regret it, that on earth you have perhaps chosen the worse part, but spiritually stand far higher and can now work with your wealth to your own happiness and that of many souls. On earth you are indeed left behind your fellowmen, and nevertheless you are those that win, for you are already candidates of the kingdom of God, which is not of this world, while the worldly people cannot take possession of this kingdom, because they cannot serve God and the world at the same time, but in future will stand outside, without right and without power, to enter a kingdom, which must get acquired on this earth. For that reason the earthly world must be overcome; a war must be declared on earthly pleasures and enjoyments, because they obstruct men from entry into the spiritual kingdom, for only over these the victory must be fought, that the way may get free into my kingdom. But spiritual goods are not so enticing in earth life, that they are desired, and nevertheless those goods that keep their value and which cannot be taken from you men, so you lose the earthly life. For that reason acquire these, and continually strive for the kingdom of God, as long as you have the favour to live as man on this earth. For that is your earth assignment, to prepare yourselves for that kingdom, which last for ever. And that it may be for you a life in happiness, create on earth those goods, which alone are assessed in that kingdom. Direct your senses towards me and my kingdom, and you have truly chosen the best part.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5888.


Book 64 5889

Healing of the sick in the name of Jesus.

27. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5889.

Lay hands on the sick in my name and bless them - and the power of your faith will heal them, because I myself it is, to whom you now entrust the sick, and my power is unlimited and can also have an unlimited effect, as soon as you believe. What you do in connection with me, in that you must succeed. But do you also feel intimately connected to me? - This question it is, which I must ask you, because on it alone the power for the healing of the sick depends, because it is up to you yourselves, whether you make the recovery of fellowman possible, because your faith must be of such strength, that you feel me alive next to you and now work united with me, so you express my name, so you bless the sick in my name. I have become to mankind such a distant God, that it can summon no understanding any more for it, when a man is so intimately connected to me, that he can use my power according to his will, and even my believers only rarely summon this power of faith, that they doubt no moment, that I support them, so they want to help fellowmen. They are only few, who for that reason have the gift of healing the sick at their disposal, because they have precisely me myself and my power at their disposal, so they need it. And in the time of the end faith in me has become so weak and small, that a deeply believing man, who has unusual power at his disposal, also stands out unusually, that he now achieves either great spiritual successes, by him leading men again to faith in me and the power of my name, or is treated with hostility by those, who are without all power of faith, but claim the right for themselves alone, to announce to men my name. And latter are more to be condemned than the complete unbelievers, for they know me and acknowledge me and nevertheless have no living faith in me; they represent only words, which have not become alive in them themselves, that also its effect would be recognizable. They themselves have not yet made the test, what a living faith is able to do - and so a man gives them such an example, they treat him with hostility, because they feel his spiritual superiority, because they recognize my assistance full of envy, which they have not yet exercised for themselves. And in the last time before the end men will also increase, in whom the gifts of the spirit come into effect, men, who so intimately connect themselves with me, that they carry out everything, what they do, with me, in my will and under appealing to my name. And in various ways they will prove themselves as my emissaries, for everything refers to me and my kingdom, what a man, filled by my spirit, now thinks, speaks or does - and everything shows a particular power, which he has only at his disposal for that reason, because he lets me myself have an effect through him, because his faith in me and my love power is so strong, that it flows to him unlimitedly, and because he can now also help his fellowmen in a supernatural way. For he is filled with love for them, and this love imparts to him directly the power from me - and therefore he will also be able to do everything.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5889.


Book 64 5890

Living or dead knowledge.

28. February 1954 B.D. NR. 5890.

To the simple that is given, what remains hidden to the wise - as soon as he is devoted to me in childlike humility and can so receive my gifts of favour directly - while the wise comes away empty-handed, because he does not ask me for that, what only I can impart, and because he believes, being able to fathom everything with the intellect, however limits are imposed on that, which can only be exceeded under certain conditions. And these conditions the wise - the intellectual man - does not fulfil, while the ignorant, simple man can fulfil them unconsciously and for that reason can achieve a significant lead in spiritual knowledge. And for that reason also a comprehensive study cannot bring that cognition to a man, which a deep humble man possesses, to whom I can therefore reveal myself. Former can certainly posses a knowledge, but which will always remain a dead knowledge, as long as he does not enter into this humble childlike relationship with me, which wins him the enlightenment on my part, so that his knowledge only now is a living one, which he can support convincingly. But he goes a much further way; he must first descend from his supposedly height of his knowledge; he must recognize, that he, despite the intellectually received knowledge, is and remains ignorant without my support. He must call on me for the sake of truth, that I help him to this; he must feel himself little despite his world wisdom, only then he enters into the right relationship to me, and then only I can really give him. And I want to open the eyes of these men, by me bringing them together with men, who, without all study, have a comprehensible knowledge at their disposal, so that they seriously go into consultation with themselves, how this may happen, and draw the right conclusions for themselves from it. For I want, that they - who call great knowledge their own - also gain the blessing of my revelations. I want, that they become living representatives of my teaching, but for which the instruction by me is absolutely necessary. I want for that reason, that also they feel ignorant and simply entrust themselves to me, that I enlighten their spirit - for that they must recognize, that I myself am the start of all wisdom, that I am the source of light, that only he is wise, who receives wisdom directly from me. Only the direct way to me in humility and childlike trust leads him to real knowledge, with which he can now work successfully, while spiritual knowledge, acquired through study, is not to be higher assessed than every other world knowledge and for that reason also only impresses men worldly - unless the hearers stand in that real connection with me, that I now give them, what former lack: understanding for every word, which is to lead to the kingdom of God. But I will always be the one handing out, and I will always hand out to him, who in all simplicity and humility asks me for my gift of favour - and he will truly be wise.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5890.


Book 64 5891

Forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.

1. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5891.

No sin is so large that it would not find forgiveness with me, so you men ask for forgiveness for it. All debt is taken from you, when you ask to become free of it for the sake of Jesus Christ, when you present the debt to him, who has died for you on the cross - when you want to be redeemed by him from your sin guilt. He has atoned the sin for you; he has taken it upon himself and done satisfaction for it. You can therefore become free of all sin guilt, when you take the way to him, who as man has accomplished for you the work of redemption - whose love built the bridge between me and you and who therefore is not allowed to be passed over, if you want to gain the forgiveness of your debt. I demand the recognition of Jesus as God's son and redeemer of the world, because then you acknowledge me myself, with whom the man Jesus has united himself. For I myself was in the man Jesus, whose heart was full of love. His love therefore brought the sacrifice for you, and I myself was this love. And love understands and forgives; love pays every debt; love wants to rescue you and prepare all happiness of heaven for you. Love is concerned about you, because it wants to seize you, to give you happiness. Therefore, love will also drop no sinner, but how long the sinner burdens himself with his debt, depends on his will. My infinite love, which as man wanted to suffer for you the death on the cross, to pay your sin guilt, will truly not shrink from the seize of a debt; it has been prepared for all to die and consequently also pays the greatest debt, so man is just prepared, to confess it to me myself as the redeemer Jesus Christ and to ask for forgiveness. For only he can be redeemed from his debt, who acknowledges the "redeemer" - who therefore puts himself under his cross and wants to belong to those, for whom the man Jesus has died. And if your sins were as red as blood, I want to wash you white like snow. You all - also those burdened with most heavy debt - can come to me trusting that for the sake of my name your sins will be forgiven you. But I can never ever take the debt from you, as long as you turn away from me, as long as you do not acknowledge the work of redemption of Jesus Christ, for so long you also do not acknowledge me myself, I who as man Jesus have embodied myself, I who as saviour Jesus Christ became a visible God for you. My original substance is love, and love embodied itself in Jesus. Without love the man Jesus would not have been able to accomplish the work of redemption. Therefore, it was me myself, who has died for you men, for I myself was in the man Jesus because of his infinite love, which he felt for you men, because he knew you in the depth, from which he wanted to raise you. For that reason, he took off the burden from you, which again and again pressed you down, which did not let you go the way up. He made you free of this burden, and therefore the way to me was also free. Eternal love could accept you, because the separating debt was taken from you - because it had found its atonement through the death on the cross. For that reason, no sinner needs to fear an eternal damnation, for every sin guilt gets paid by Jesus Christ, as soon as he is acknowledged as God's son and redeemer of the world - as soon as the sinner, through the acknowledgement of Jesus, acknowledges me myself and my love now also receives the greatest sinner and liberates him from every debt.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5891.


Book 64 5892

God's blessing for vineyard work.

2. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5892.

I want to bless you for your will to serve me, and I want to help you to carry out your will, by me giving you power for a blessed vineyard work. And then you just need to abandon yourself to my governing; you just need to listen into yourselves, and you will experience my will; you will feel it, what you are to do - you will therefore feel yourselves prepared for this or that work and gladly follow it, for that is my voice in you, as long as you are willing to serve me; then your Lord and house father allots your work to you; then he gives you assignments, and these you feel in you as urge, and you now act accordingly - certainly in the own will, and still it is my will, which is now expressed in your wanting. For who wants to work for me, him I accept and also allot the work to him, which he is able to deal with.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5892.


Book 64 5893

Incomprehensible gift of favour. Counter gift. Love.

3. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5893.

Do you know, what it means that you are able to hear me myself? That you as man can develop the ability in you to hear my direct address, to hear my word, which my extreme great love speaks to you? Do you know, that with it a connection is proven between me and you and that this state is already a state of light and power, which can now get developed into infinity? That there is a creator, a man will rarely be able to deny or doubt - but that this creator from eternity addresses you, his creatures, although these are still in a state of imperfection - and that it is given in the will of his creatures themselves, to hear him, that only few men will believe or even support as firm conviction, for only very few develop in themselves the ability and make the test, by them listening, by them asking in thoughts and now believingly also expect an answer. And I will answer them, because they themselves through their faith give me the possibility, for I cannot address you men without such faith for the sake of your freedom of faith and will. This knowledge would have to overwhelm you men; it would have to let you pass with rejoicing and happiness, if you could judge it to the full extent, what it means to stand in such intimate contact with the creator of the whole infinity, that you are able to hear his word - being addresses as his child, to receive from him loving father words, to accept comfort and advices, being directed and admonished through his address and always just need to open heart and ear, to be able to receive his love words. It is a gift of favour, which will remain incomprehensible for you for ever and can be explained precisely only with my extreme great love. But does not such a gift oblige you? Can you receive it, without the feeling of gratitude and the will to also offer me a gift? Everything goes out from me, and nevertheless I also demand something from you as counter gift - your love. I always only coo for your love, and so you give this to me, then I have achieved through my address, what I want; for to possess your love is my happiness, that gift, which you are to serve me, if you want to offer me a counter gift. And you will learn to love me, so you attentively listen to my words, so you let me be present in you through your will, so you become aware, what you really are, and now grasp the significance of my address. Then love will flare up in you, and you are quite mightily drawn to me. Your longing is meant for me and the spiritual kingdom, and it will be fulfilled: you will return home into the father house, for I have then won back my children and will now never ever lose them.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5893.


Book 64 5894

Readiness, to accept gifts of favour.

4. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5894.

As men relate to me, so my favour can get effective at them. A readiness belongs to it, to accept the gifts of favour, and this readiness requires again an acknowledgement of me myself, a faith in me and therefore conscious turning to me in form of thoughts or prayer. For the gifts of favour are my radiations, which can only then touch man, when he establishes contact with me. This is quite simply a law, that a current is interrupted, as soon as the connection is interrupted - and that it is quite up to the will of man, whether he himself establishes the contact, to reach the blessing of the power current going out from me. For everything, what takes its start in me, is power, which is enormously beneficial for man, so it is used. And since man does not have to make use of it, because he once separated himself from me voluntarily, so every supply of power is to be assessed as an act of love and favour. Therefore, undeserved gifts are sent to you, so my power is supplied to you, and these gifts are favours. They are to only help to that end, that you become again full of power; they are to just promote your ascent development, because without power supply you are unable, to develop up. In my endless love I want to remedy your inability for which you are yourself responsible; I want to give to you, what you lack, because you yourselves have given it away - light and power - but your will is precondition, that you are prepared to accept. You are not allowed to turn away from me, but must turn to me with opened heart, and a power current will flow into you, which takes away from you every weakness. Something is supplied to your soul, what it feels as extremely beneficial and strengthens its drive to come closer to me. You just need to accept, what my love offers you, to now be able to completely change yourselves, to brightly and clearly recognize, where your happiness is to be found and what your task is on earth, to reach the destination. Light and power you receive unmeasured, so you are just ready, to accept them. It is an undeserved gift, but without your will also such a gift from me has no effect. But for everyone, who connects with me - may it be through asking questions or also conscious prayer - the current of favour will not remain without effect. He will always request and receive more, because his will no longer resists me and for that reason, I can give to him according to his desire.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5894.


Book 64 5895

Living Christianity.

5. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5895.

A living Christianity should be the effect of my work of redemption, then truly every man would be a "follower of Jesus", and the spiritual low would not be recorded, in which men live in the last time before the end. A living Christianity is a life according to my commands - a life in unselfish neighbourly love, whereby also God-love is proved. A living Christianity would produce men, in which my spirit would be able to have an effect, and light would be among men, a cognition, but which they now lack. My commands, of which I informed men during my earth walk, were not so difficult to fulfil; but they were given by me, so that men had guidelines, who wanted to follow me; they were only a reference to my order from eternity, which were based on love. A life in this eternal order I therefore demanded, and on earth I set this life as an example. I knew about the effect of a life according to divine order, and for that reason the call also was issued to you men: Follow me. I wanted, that also you men were to receive light and power, and showed you the way to it - the way of love, which was therefore the way of eternal order. With my help you all were supposed to go this way, and you all could become real Christians, who followed the way, which I myself went, for I gave to all the power for it, who let themselves be redeemed by me, i.e., who acknowledged me as redeemer of the world and believed in my divinity. But men believed too little in me; they certainly accepted me as a man, who strove for noble aims, but they did not let me become their model, which to become like was their task. They became no living Christians, no Christians of action, who through the obeying of my love commands would also become convinced of the truth of my word. Only few men are to be addressed as real Christians, and Christianity has only just become a word, for which all reasons are lacking. I am perhaps still to be found in the mind of some men, but not in the heart, and therefore the word "Christian" has lost all meaning, for only, who goes the way of love on earth, he follows me and is consequently a Christian - he lives the real Christianity; he lives that teaching, which I as man Jesus have preached on earth, and he stands in firm faith in me and my work of redemption; he calls to me as God and Father, for in him is the light of cognition, the effect of a real love life, of a true Christianity. And for that reason the earth lies in deepest darkness, for that reason men in this darkness will not find the right way, for that reason they will go astray and fall, as long as they do not see in me their redeemer, their leader, whom they follow, and therefore lead a life in love. For that reason, mankind is ready for the downfall, because it rejects him, who has preached a life in love, and because it hands itself over to him, who is my opponent and whose most eager striving is, to take real life from Christianity on earth, to make it to a pretence Christianity, which has no value for ever for the soul.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5895.


Book 64 5896

Mandatory law. Free test of will. Purpose.

6. March 1954 B.D. NR. 5896.

In endless many embodiments your soul had to cover the way on earth, until it was so far, to be able to embody itself as man for the passing of its last test of will on this earth. These endless many embodiments before were extremely agonizing for the spiritual created in freedom, for it was bound in outside forms and could use its will only so, as it was my will. It stood under a mandatory law - it had to bend to my will - it was bound. The fetter became indeed always looser, and in the end as man the spiritual - the soul in you - feels its outside form not so as fetter, because man has free will and can now use it. And in this stage of free will, the soul is now to pass the test of will - the will is to take a direction, which leads to me, although it can also choose the direction to another aim - to my opponent. Only because of this test of will the soul embodies itself as man, because with that it now decides its lot in eternity. The soul can never ever pass; it also cannot remain in the bound state, because the endless many embodiments before have already produced a change of its will, so that the soul has reached a certain degree of maturity, which entitles it to now use the free will anew. The danger of the abuse of the will indeed also exist, but the soul must have the freedom of decision, to be able to enter a state of perfection. But it now also takes responsibility itself, and according to its decision it creates its lot in eternity itself. Endless long time the soul stood under the law of eternal order, and it could not step out of it - but now, as man, it itself is to remain in the order despite many temptations and incitements, and it can this only, when it is helped in form of the supply of favour. It is therefore not left to its own devices, but assistance is given to it in every way, so that it is possible, to remain in the right order from me. But to a right decision, which is to bring in a justified award, also belongs the influence of the other side. My opponent must also be able to exert influence; also he must be able to show himself in all his good qualities, because the soul is to decide for me or for him after all. And for that reason the stage as man is of highest significance, and it makes the highest demands on the soul - to form a right opinion for itself by virtue of the intellect, which has been given to man for the earth time, to be able to make a right decision. He is not to follow blindly the one or the other lord, but able to think, and he is to get to know both lords, to then join the one and to reject the other in free will. And so man is now referred by me to everything and a way shown to him, how he gains cognition, If he goes this way, then he also comes to the destination - but if he does that, of what he is warned, because it brings about harm to him, so he also must bear the results himself. These references are now sent to him through my word; I myself look after him, as soon as he steps out of the state of the mandatory law into the state of free will. I show him the right way in all love and patience, but I leave the freedom of his will to him, even so he abuses it anew. But the reward for a right decision is an eternal life in happiness, and this life I cannot give him, but he himself must acquire it for him; he must live on earth according to my will and therefore enter my eternal order again, which he has once given up voluntarily. Then he will be again, what he was from the very beginning - a free being full of light and power, which is happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5896.


Book 64 5897

Earth life is the way, but not the aim.

7. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5897.

The world has been given to you for the testing of your will, i.e., you had to be placed into a field of action, which was to stimulate you men, to use the will according to one direction. This world cannot get avoided, but it must be overcome by that man, who wants to reach the aim. The last embodiment of the soul, of the spiritual in you, as man on this earth, is absolutely necessary, because an opportunity had to be created for you, to use your free will, which before was bound through your former defection from me. A soul, which would like to evade this last embodiment, can also not reach the possession of free will, for its still too great resistance against me would not allow this. Only when it is ready, to go on earth the way of serving love, the favour of embodiment is granted to it, for this willingness testifies to the degree of maturity, which is needed for the last test of will. And every soul is also prepared before its engendering, to go this last course, because it can bring in for it the complete becoming free out of form and it also has the will, to become free. But it looses every remembering back; it enters this earth completely without cognition and now goes through a slow development - it learns to use its will; it gets educated and instructed so long, until its will itself starts to begin to determine, and then every help is offered to it by me, to come to the cognition of the right and good and to now also do in free will the right and good. From my side everything happens, what is beneficial to a right decision of the will. Nevertheless, the freedom of the will remains for man, and the whole earth life now influences him, as it were as object to be chosen or to be rejected. For man is to go through everything, to reach me, into my kingdom - but he is not to get stuck in it - he is not to let himself get caught to renewed slavery, where final freedom is in prospect for him. Earth life is a way, which he has to go, but not the aim itself. And if he lets his looks wander up, then he pursues his way without wavering and absolutely determined; but if his eyes stick to the ground, then he will only see, what goes on around him, and be in the danger, to get stuck to the ground, so that his altitude flight cannot take place. He must summon the will and the strength, to free himself from that, what he thinks to be desirable on earth, then he will also emerge as victor; he will cover the earth way as necessary last phase of his development up, and he will pass his test of will; his will was and remains turned towards me despite of all seductive charms of my opponent, who also wrestles about his soul, about his will. He became overcomer of this world and candidate of my kingdom which is not of this world.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5897.


Book 64 5898

"The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence." "My yoke is easy."

9. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5898.

I only demand little of you, and you will still have to apply violence, to gain the kingdom of heaven, because you are still far away from me and therefore also from my kingdom through your wrongly directed love, which you must overcome before, i.e. direct right. And that requires from you an application of violence. You must fight against yourselves; you must suppress the desires in you, which are just meant for the world, that kingdom, which belongs to my opponent. I just demand from you a right love - but because you are still badly involved in the earthly world, you find it difficult, to summon this right love, to change yourselves so, that you only find love for me, for the spiritual kingdom, for you must overcome your selflove and move in complete unselfish love. Only then your love is the right one, which brings you closer to me and which also brings in for you the kingdom of heaven. Who now lives in love, he feels the fulfilment of my demand extremely easy, and for him the burden is light and the yoke easy, which I impose on him. But who loves himself more than the neighbour, he must first apply violence, and to do it he mostly lacks the will and also the power - provided he does not call upon Jesus Christ, that he may help him. Alone he is weak, and the world with its attractions weakens his will always more - he is not able to break away. He thinks my commands of love unrealizable, and he then often deceives himself, by him believing to serve me, when he fulfils commands, which were given to him humanly, and puts my commands of love for God and the neighbour in the rear. For all, who cannot break away from the world and from matter, it will be and remain a fighting; they will have to apply violence, to be able to enter my kingdom, although my will, my love commands, truly only demands little from you: - only a heart willing to love, which is ready to sacrifice for others. But as soon as your looks are directed spiritually, you find it easy. And for that reason you men are to take before into consideration the inconsistency of that, what you desire, and mentally occupy yourselves with the time lying before you, where everything earthly is taken from you. Then your looks will be more directed spiritually, and then you will gladly and willingly make sacrifices in favour of your fellowmen, for you then also receive power from that kingdom, thither you turn your looks. You lose nothing, so you give up earthly goods, but you only win, and if you have to apply violence at once. But the kingdom of heaven is secure for you, and you will praise and magnify me for the sake of my easy command, which is only difficult for you to fulfil, as long as you love yourselves more than me and your neighbour. But my word is also true: "My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.", because I stand by your side with my power, as soon as you are just willing to keep my commands.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5898.


Book 64 5899

Prayer about good success.

10. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5899.

Everything is to bring about blessings for you, what you begin after intimate prayer to me, that I lead and help you to good success. I always want to be your advisor, your giver of power, you master, who will just stimulate you to a doing, which promotes your soul. I want to be allowed to influence your thinking, whereto you however must give me the right, because I do not want to use force on your free will. But then you do not need to fear, to do something, what contradicts my will. I can truly make life easy for you, when you just hand it over to me completely, when you remain in constant contact with me through thoughts and prayer and when you appropriate for yourselves a measure of power through love work, that you can deal with everything. Then you just need to always act so, as your thoughts inspire you, for I myself then direct your thinking and lead you like a father by the hand. Your will is to take responsibility in future. But so you put your will under mine, so you devote yourselves in everything to me and my will, you also put the responsibility into my hands. You then have to fear nothing any longer, for your earth life is then directed by me, that everything may bring about the salvation of your soul for you. And you will never be lonely. Who has me as constant companion, who presents every worry, every matter, every question to me, he is never alone; he can lean towards me; he can confidently hand over everything to me, that I arrange it for him, that I think and act for him, even so he himself appears to be the executor. How easy can you men make earth life for yourselves, when you never ever leave me out from your thoughts, when you begin and end the day's work with me, when you talk over everything, what moves you, with me and leave the worry trustingly to me. I truly will not disappoint you, and it will be obvious, that you have an extreme strong power near you, which does everything for you. In the association with me you also feel a strengthening yourselves; every fear and worry drops off you, as soon as you hold dialogue with me - you become free of every trouble. But your speaking must be alive; it must come from the heart, to get through to my ear; you must let me stay with you, when you pray, and the prayer is to be directed childlike trustingly to the father. And I will be and remain with you - you will not go alone through earth life, and fearlessly you can let everything approach you, because I stand next to you and order everything, as it is best for you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5899.


Book 64 5900

Value of the divine word.

11. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5900.

Nothing earthly is able to replace my word for you, for nothing equals it of value, for my word is power giver for your soul, which is immortal. My word is food and drink served from above, which is to enable you, to return again upwards, from where you have come. My word is a spiritual gift, which is not for the benefit of the body, but of the soul only and for that reason is not properly recognized by you men as irreplaceable, as incomparable with earthly goods of every kind. I myself address you. You have once voluntarily separated yourselves from me, but nevertheless I again connect myself with you, by me speaking to you. Through your separation from me, you have become weak and imperfect - through the connection with me you can again become perfect, full of power and cognition, because through the connection with me light and power flows into you. My word now is light and power, and so it can be directly sent to you through the receiving of my word, and all weakness, all darkness can drop off from you - you can become again beings, which are happy in the full possession of light and power. But you do not recognize the blessing of my address, the value of my word. You chase after earthly goods, which only have a pretence value for the short duration of your earth existence, and leave that unnoticed, what brings eternal advantage in to you, because it is spiritual good, which can never ever pass. You perhaps listen to my word, indifferent and with inner resistance, when you are still far away from me. But you can very quickly decrease the distance, when you would like to attentively listen to me and could believe, that my love for you announces itself in this word. A refreshment is offered to you for your soul, which strengthens and touches it extremely beneficially, when it opens itself, when it hungry and thirsty receives the bread of heaven, which is offered to it by me myself. But who has once enjoyed it, he also knows, that there is no replacement for it; everything earthly appears to him stale and empty, and it no longer satisfies him, as soon as he has once been given refreshment by me, as soon as he has once drank from the source of love, from which the living water flows. He will again and again return to the spring of life, because nowhere he finds replacement, which gives him the same power and the same light, which he can receive from my word. My word is the bridge; my word is the way, which leads to me; for my word clearly shows it to you. My word is the connection between me and you, which you just do not need to interrupt, to also securely reach the destination. For as long as you men hear my voice, as long as I myself can address you, I am not hidden to you, but I prove myself to you through my word, and you just need to follow my word, to also securely reach me myself. But without my word your way is lightless and dangerous, and it can lead you into the depth. My voice sounds from above and therefore draws you up, and no voice of the world can get through to you from above, but it climbs up from the depth and consequently also keeps in the depth, who pay attention to it. There is no replacement on earth for my word, and for that reason let me address you, wherever it may be, so that you can receive, what cannot be offered to you earthly - spiritual goods, which are immortal - food and drink for your soul, which only can give true life to it, which lasts until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5900.


Book 64 5901

Bringing the Gospel to the opposite souls. Love.

12. and 13. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5901.

Present the Gospel to the souls in the hereafter; remind them of my commands of love, which must also be fulfilled in the opposite kingdom, if the soul wants to climb up. Inform them of my will, which always only demands their turning to me and which must be paid attention to, to now be seized by my love. For earth and also for the opposite kingdom the same applies - the reshaping of the will of the being, which initially is directed against me and must therefore get changed, what can always only happen through love, for an unselfish work of love is already the first step to me and brings in power to the being. The souls, which are powerless in the hereafter, are lacking in love - and that you must explain to them, that they can only then expect help, when they are prepared to hand out love, to who are poor and unhappy like them. Without love their thinking is wrong, and beings can approach them, as also on earth, who teach them wrong, without that they recognize the error. Only a helpful soul recognized truth, and therefore you must first introduce my commands of love to the souls and alert them, that they were only given, so that men establish the connection with me through the fulfilling of the love commands - because a love work brings them power, which always helps them further up. You can teach the souls however much - they will not believe you or not understand you, when they are not willing to love, and if you now want to help them, so your greatest and first care must be, to stimulate them to lovingly help the other souls, which are in trouble and turn to them. Only this willingness to love opens their spiritual eyes and ears, and then they can understand everything, what you presented to them. My Gospel is just the love teaching, because everything else comes automatically, so this my love teaching is obeyed. Knowledge cannot be brought to the soul in the hereafter alone, for it does not understand it so long, as it is not prepared to love work, what must be carried out in the opposite kingdom exactly the same way and can be carried out as on earth, but always requires the willingness, otherwise the soul is without power. As long as a soul only lets itself, and its sad lot, become its mental content, no possibility of help or supply of power is given. It must first turn its eyes to its surroundings, or - so it is alone in a desolate area, its thoughts must be turned towards those earth men, which it could help and has failed to do so. (13.3.1954) It must feel remorse about it and want to make good its wrong, and then beings will also join it, which are in bad trouble, and as soon as it is now willing, to help them, also power is immediately sent to it, to carry out its plan. Love must first get kindled in it, which can often take a very long time, but is possible through loving support on the side of a man, when he enlightens the soul about it, what it lacks, and when he seeks to instruct it, always driven to it through loving will to help. Love achieves everything; love overcomes everything; love itself is the power, which helps a soul to redemption. As long as the soul just thinks about itself, it will hardly get liberated from its unfortunate situation; but it can get soft and willing to love, when it is touched by small rays of light, because such are always only sparks of love, which are to open its heart in order to kindle. Each soul, which feels darkness as agony, is pleasantly touched by such rays of light, and hope is also with it, that it follows the light - that it is therefore also prepared, to lead other souls to the light. And love is just always to be preached to these souls, which found its culmination in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption. Such souls do not need another knowledge for the time being, but they must know about the grounds of their serious difficulties and also, how they can remove such. And only when they have this cognition, their ascent is secured; only when they themselves want to be active in love, they receive power and can now work in love, to now always receive more power and to enter into always brighter light. The light makes the souls exceptionally happy, and in their happiness also their will for love always gets greater, and one single soul in the hereafter can now do redemption work to a most extensive measure. For as soon as it itself has recognized, it also imparts to the other souls its cognition and seeks to cause them to the same striving in love. For as on earth, so also in the spiritual kingdom the command only applies: Love God above everything and your neighbour as yourself.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5901.


Book 64 5902

Acknowledging God as original power. Enlightenments.

14. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5902.

The spiritual connection must first get recognized, i.e., men must accept explanations about it, move them in their thoughts and think them to be possible, only then they can also win faith in an earth life purpose, in a task which they must fulfil. To alone set them the task without an explanation, why the task must get fulfilled, would be senseless and would just promote blind faith, but which has no value. It is indeed also still doubtful, whether the enlightenments are accepted as plausible, but for that reason the intellect has been given to man, that he can think about it and he now feels satisfied by the explanations or rejects them according to his love for truth and his desire for truth. A man, who would like to have questions solved about the connection of all things, about the purpose and aim of creatures and of creations, will first listen to an explanation regarding this and express his view about it. Truth will also hold in itself the power, to have an influence on the thinking of man in the right way, therefore man will not be able deny a logic of the knowledge presented to him and think it to be possible, without being firmly convinced about it for the time being. But the conviction depends on his cast of mind, on his way of life, on the direction of his will. For he can only recognize truth as truth, when his will is good - but then he also acknowledges God as original power, as that centre, with which everything created stands in connection and in which everything is substantiated legally. Then he wins faith in him, but which is no blind faith, but is a convinced faith, which now awakens to life, which now determines his thinking and wanting, his acting and his striving. Because now he can no longer consider earth life as end in itself; he knows it, why earth life has been given to him. All connections are known to him, and he now lives his life on this earth accordingly. Blind faith cannot be demanded from a man, because his intellect must face it. But the intellect will only then be negative towards truth, when it is ruled by the opponent of God, what is alone determined by the direction of his will. That a bad man cannot believe, is fully comprehensible, for his thinking is completely confused by the counter power. He is not of a good will and therefore much more receptive to the lie and to the error, while a man with good will cannot believe only so long, as pure truth is not presented to him. And he should and must before demand a truthful enlightenment about meaning and purpose of earth existence - to which he also certainly will not close his mind, when he desires to stand in truth. And this enlightenment concerns the spiritual connection, the cause and the effect of spiritual processes, which are indeed only then fully comprehensible to man, when he is receptive for deep spiritual truths, but are enough initially to stimulate him to think and to find faith. And according to his desire for truth, the further knowledge will now be sent to him, but which first necessitates the acknowledgement of a highly perfect entity, with which man is now willing to get into contact. Every help is offered to him, so that he awakens to life, for the soul is not to remain in the state of death - in the state of lack of light, without cognition and without faith; it is to win again light and power in earth life, which it had once given up voluntarily.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5902.


Book 64 5903

Blessing of the spiritual work.

15. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5903.

The blessing of the spiritual work will not fail to appear, for it does not just affect men on earth, but also the souls in the opposite kingdom, which are in spiritual trouble and need the power of my word. What they now get imparted, they also hand out, as soon as they have once recognized. And then also men on earth come again into the blessing of it, for connections from the spiritual kingdom to the earthly world exist everywhere, and as soon as the souls in the hereafter have reached a degree of maturity, they eagerly make an effort to bring the light everywhere, and they now also influence men mentally, who were close to them on earth. They perform redemption work, where they just can, and this by virtue of my word, which has brought them rescue in their trouble and which they recognize as extremely necessary to be spread. Your spiritual striving, your work for me and my kingdom, is eagerly followed by those souls, and what you do, they also want to carry out with your help. They are grateful for every word, which you impart to them, because they themselves cannot receive it and have to rely on your help, but they also feel the power, which flows from this word offered to them through you. It is a present to them, which makes them extremely happy and they let no opportunity pass, to receive my word through you and to work with it in the same way, i.e., to also pass it on to those, whom they meet in greatest spiritual poverty and whom they want to help. For my word kindles love in their hearts; my word is the radiation of my love, which does not remain without effect on souls in the hereafter, which surround you with the receiving of my word. They are innumerable souls, which push towards you, because they want help and hope for such with you. And these are first still and follow your spiritual work - they feel happy in the gleam of light, but which immediately lets up, when the soul is unwilling or adjusts itself opposing. Then it is again dark around it, until it has become of another mind. But those souls, which approach you with a good will, do not come away empty-handed - and what they receive, that they can quickly increase, as soon as they now also work with the spiritual material received from you. For that reason, no work of yours will remain without blessing, without spiritual success, just not always be visible for you. But exactly for that reason you are not to become tired and work persistently - receive and hand out and remember the innumerable souls, to whom you bring help in this way. The trouble in the spiritual kingdom is the same as on earth - where darkness is, the souls are tormented, and only light can change their state of agony. The trouble can for that reason still be called greater in the hereafter, because the souls themselves can do nothing any longer for the improvement of their situation than wanting, that power may be given to them, while on earth every man possesses power, to be able to carry out that, what he wants. And for that reason, power is to be imparted to the souls in the hereafter, what happens constantly through your spiritual work, at which every soul can take part, when it wants it. You yourselves have indeed no proof for the truth of these words than just again spiritual help, for you are protected by those souls against bad influences; you are loved by them and again and again stimulated to spiritual activity. You are constantly surrounded by them, and therefore the sphere in which you are, is extremely favourable for spiritual successes, for your thinking and striving will always only be directed at the work of redemption, for which you yourselves have offered yourselves to me, for which I bless you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5903.


Book 64 5904

Blessing of suffering.

16. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5904.

In future you all will recognize it, why you had to bear suffering on earth, and you will be grateful to me, when it has led you to a success, which you could have never reached without suffering. I truly would not let you suffer without reason, but my love recognizes the effects of the suffering on you and therefore applies it, although you are often not able to recognize my loving guidance. But believe it, that every stirring of the heart is known to me and that for that reason I seemingly touch mine hardly of all people, because I still want to give them more in my kingdom, which they certainly take possession of, so their bodily end has come. You cannot measure on earth, wherein the happiness exists, which I want to prepare for you. But I know it, how a soul must be, to be able to bear this happiness; I alone know, how it can come to such properties, and I alone know the right means and therefore also apply them - and therefore, because I love you and know your will, which strives form me. But also consider that the soul in the stage as man is still too little crystallized, that it still would not endure my love radiation in fulness, that it for that reason still has to go through suffering, so that it may get completely purified. And know that not your earth way of life is to be blamed for the cover of the soul, but that it has already entered earth with thick covers, which to dissolve is now the task of man. Love work extremely much contributes in a high degree to remove the slag of the soul, and deep suffering helps, where love work is still not strong enough. But you will feel an unutterable happiness, when, at your earthly decease, the soul can arise freely and radiated through by light into the spiritual kingdom. And then you have overcome everything difficult, all earth suffering, and eternity lies before you in highest happiness. You indeed think every day to be long, since you must suffer, and nevertheless it is just a moment, measured at eternity. You think now and then the suffering to be unbearable, and still I do not impose more on you, than you can bear - and you can turn at any time to me, to the bearer of the cross Jesus Christ, that he may help you, when the burden seems to be unbearable for you. Take your cross upon you and follow me. Would I, as man Jesus, have perhaps spoken these words, when it would have been impossible, that you bear the cross, which is imposed on you? But he himself also offered you his help with the words: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." And he will also, in accordance with his word, always give you power. For your saviour Jesus Christ knows you, he also knows, that you are prepared to follow him, and he will also fill you with power and favour, as long as you live on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5904.


Book 64 5905

"With what measure you mete."

17. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5905.

With what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again. You are not to anxiously calculate, what you believe to be able to give, you are to hand out, inwardly pushed to it, for only that is assessed, what you give out of love, and so you love, you will also not calculate, but give with full hands. And you will not get poorer as a result; you will be amply repaid for it; you yourselves will never suffer lack, for I give you truly extremely amply back; I measure out to you with the same love, and that truly in far greater measure. Spiritually and earthly this my promise is valid, for you men are to alleviate trouble everywhere; everywhere you are to give to the neighbour, what he needs. And the spiritual trouble is still far greater than the earthly, why you all are also entrusted with the spiritual care of the poor, particularly those, who have spiritual treasures at their disposal and are to hand out this wealth at any time. All, who possess themselves, are to hand over from their possession. But their wealth will not get less, for they will receive so much more, the more they share. Only I can give spiritual wealth to men, and therefore I can also give them this assurance, that I do not let them come away empty-handed, so they do that, what I demand of them, that they give to their fellowmen, because they lack, what helps them to happiness. Who hands out earthly goods, he acquires spiritual goods for himself and at the same time receives also earthly goods according to need. And he can and is to always be more generous, the greater his wealth is, for it brings about blessing to him himself and also to the needy; love will flare up to a bright flame, because every love expression awakens counter love and because - where love kindles - I myself can be and now hand out my gift unlimitedly. Love must flare up in the hearts of men, then it can be received and handed out unmeasured; but without love every gift is just self-interest or form, but which is not assessed by me as a love gift. Let the trouble of your fellowmen speak to you. Both spiritual as also earthly trouble is to awaken sympathy in you, and then your heart will participate, then every gift will trigger joy, both with the giver as also with the recipient, and then also I will be able to give, because your love causes me to do it, and then the wealth will increase - spiritually and earthly you will be given and never ever need to suffer lack, for unmeasured my love and favour now flows towards you - unmeasured you are allowed to receive according to my promise: "With what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again."
Amen. B.D. NR. 5905.


Book 64 5906

Mutual instruction of the souls in the hereafter.

17. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5906.

What I have to say to you men on earth, that also the souls in the spiritual kingdom are to hear, which are still imperfect like you or stay in deepest darkness, because I would also like to bring rescue to them and try everything, to move all these souls to change their will. You all lack light - you all, on earth and in the hereafter, you are still of dark spirit, and therefore you do not see the way, which leads to me. But I want, that you find to me, and for that reason illuminate the way for you, so that you step out of darkness and go towards the light. And the lot of the imperfect souls in the hereafter is a very sad one, why I give them my compassion and also light a light for them, which is to light the way for them. And the light comes from truth. I must give truth to all these souls, which are still immature, so that it becomes light in them. I must also speak to them, as I speak to men on earth - also those souls must get instructed, also to them my word must get supplied, because only my word can bring rescue to them. And everywhere, where my word is preached on earth and this happens in the right way, I will also take opposite souls there, so that they can also receive teachings, so they want to accept them. But I will also address the souls myself, as soon as they just desire light of truth. And my word sounds always, where my spirit is offered opportunity to work. Where a man connects with me in love and is filled with the desire for truth, where he devotes himself to me and would like to be aware of my presence, there my spirit can work and direct all his thinking according to truth. And there a light will also light up, which is visible to the souls in the hereafter and to which they now hurry - and all my thoughts, which I impart to man through my spirit, communicate themselves also to those souls and do not remain without impression on them. My spirit work is, that man becomes aware of my thoughts, moulded into words, he therefore hears me myself as it were speak to him and also the souls now hear these words, because they pay attention to the thoughts of man and through them also that becomes comprehensible to them, what they hear. For these souls are in their state of imperfection still not able, to hear my word themselves; on the other hand they can follow the thoughts of men like spoken words, and therefore they will stay mostly there, where men stand in spiritual contact with me, with the light of truth, because only there they can perceive the gleam of light, while it is often around the other men exactly as dark as around the souls in the hereafter. And therefore, it is comprehensible, that not many sources are opened on earth, where the supply of my word guarantees truth, where it is therefore light, because a ray of eternal light pours onto all, who camp around that source. It is comprehensible, that yet innumerable souls gather there and that they are often insatiable - but will also always receive, what they desire, because my love is always prepared, to help them, as soon as I myself as eternal truth am desired. On earth my gifts of favour are rarely appreciated, and men go past that, what they recognize and desire in the hereafter as alone giving help. And for that reason I remember these souls in the hereafter full of mercy and fill them with the bread of heaven - I also supply the Gospel to them, so that they reach happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5906.


Book 64 5907

Table of the Lord.

18. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5907.

All step up to the table, which I have laid for you; be my guests and let yourselves be refreshed with my food and my drink. For I truly offer you food for your soul, which serves you for strengthening, when it is still weak, and through which it recovers, when it is sick. I invite you all, to take the banquet with me; I hand out and bless the food for you, and so you once enjoy it, you can no longer live without this food; you will again and again return to my table and strengthen and refresh yourselves at any time. All are to take part at my banquet, and for that reason I send out my servants, so that they announce to you, that I expect you, so that they deliver my invitation to you, so that they lead you to my table, where I myself meet you as host and hand out with full hands, what you need for refreshment and strengthening. But I can only offer you my gift. I can certainly offer to you the bread of heaven, the living water, but I cannot force you, to accept and to enjoy it. You must first feel hunger and thirst, to desire my food and my drink and to then receive with thanks, otherwise you do not feel the deliciousness of my gift and pass it heedlessly. My table is laid for everyone; I make no difference with my guests, so they just longingly stretch out their hands to me, that I fill them with the gifts of my love. Who comes to me, he will also be filled at my table - for that he comes to my table, proves, that he is hungry and thirsty for my food and drink. And I always like a needy, who recognizes his poverty and wants to accept gifts of love from me. But who has already before filled himself with food, which seemed more tempting to him, he will look at my table of gifts contemptuously - he will turn away and probably also seek to move my guests, to fetch for themselves food there, where he did. But his food will not satisfy him; he will feel no strengthening; he will remain in weakness and powerlessness, for only, who drinks of that water, which I serve him, he will never ever be thirsty, and only, who feeds himself from the bread of heaven, his hunger will be satisfied. And for that reason, I invite you all to my banquet, for I have laid the table with delicious food and delicious drink. And I hand out with full hands, because I want to help your souls to life and because they can only live, so they get fed and watered by me, and my love has everything ready for them, what gives them life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5907.


Book 64 5908

Real child relationship. Become like children.

19. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5908.

When you do not become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. With these words I sought already on earth to make to you comprehensible, that you must enter into the right relationship with me, your father from eternity, when you want to take possession of my kingdom - that like children you must entrust yourselves to the father and devote yourselves to him, so that through this intimate relationship the guarantee is created for my supply of favours, which helps you up. My effort is always only meant for the clarification of your shortcoming, that you are weak and unable, to develop up, when you do not take up my power. I always just want to explain to you, that the receiving of power out of me is only possible, when the connection from you to me gets established. And I always only give you instructions, through which you enter this connection with me. The trusting relationship to me is always only love and childlike devotion, which a child shows the father, which causes me, to fill you with power and favour. And for that reason you must become like the children - hand yourselves over to me without hesitation; you must leave yourselves in my care; you must believe fully convinced, that the father leads you at the hand and you cannot get lost, as long as you devote yourselves to him full of trust. This childlike faith cannot be wrecked. I seize you and draw you to my heart; I now take over the responsibility for you, because you no longer resist me, because you assert no own will any longer, but subordinate it completely to mine - because in truth you have now become my children, who have found back into their father house, because you now belong to mine, for whom the kingdom of heaven is opened, who are allowed to take possession of it and who never ever strive away from me, because through their childlike love they are now indissolubly connected to me. As long as man thinks himself being full of power, so long he is weak and unable, to acquire my kingdom. But if he bends before me in humility and love and the feeling of weakness, if he pleadingly raises his hands to me, if he calls like a child to the father for help, then the hand of the father also seizes him, and then his faith and his love is his strength, which is able to overcome everything and to achieve everything. Become like the children. Confess, that you need help, and it will become yours. My favour seizes every child calling me and raises it up. For I want to be recognized and loved by you as father, so that my love power can flow through you, which makes you happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5908.


Book 64 5909

Light in darkness. No compulsion.

20. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5909.

I want to let my light radiate everywhere, where is still darkness. I want to help all men to cognition; I want to impart pure truth to them, and I want, that they are happy through truth. The earth does not need to be covered in darkness, because from my side everything happens, that it may get illuminated. But that it lies in such deep spiritual darkness, is completely substantiated in the will of men, who close themselves to the light, so it would like to radiate to them - who turn there eyes away, when a ray of light touches them, and they voluntarily turn again to darkness. And as long as this human will does not itself strive for the light, it can also have no luminous power, because this is law from eternity, that the spiritual resistance against my love radiation abolishes its effectiveness. Man must want, that it becomes light in and around him - only then his resistance is broken, and only then my divine love light radiates into man in full power - only then he comes to cognition, and only then he lives his life consciously, i.e., directed to the aim, which is set for him in earth life - to become perfect, therefore to be full of light and power, as he was in the very beginning. But in the time of the end the will of men is strongly directed downwards, towards the kingdom of darkness - because all their thinking and striving is meant for earthly goods - for dead matter, which holds completely immature spiritual in it. Everything immature is lightless, and light can only then radiate, when such obstacles are cleared out of the way, through which light cannot get through, because spiritual resistance exists. Everything earthly-material still stands in the sign of resistance, therefore the thinking and wanting of man must first rise above the earthly-material, so that he can get effectively touched by the radiation of light - said with simple words, he can only come to cognition of truth, to the light from me, when he breaks away from the earthly material world, when it no longer fill his thoughts, but everything that appears more important to him, what exist outside of the material world, and when he turns his will and his thinking to this kingdom. Then also from that kingdom an exceptional beneficial light radiates and fills his heart with joy. Then he can get introduced by me into truth, then he will mature of cognition and have knowledge at his disposal, which can never be imparted to him earthly. It is simply only the will of man, which determines his cognition and maturity. And I cannot force this will, just always again so influence man, that he himself changes his will, when it is directed wrongly. For that reason, I can certainly light a little light everywhere, but not supply the light to men inevitably, who do not want to accept it and feel happier in darkness. And for that reason, the earth lies in deepest spiritual darkness, because men do not want, that light comes and because they rather do everything, to extinguish the lights, which my favour and mercy again and again lets shine. But every right directed will is thousand fold blessed by me, for such a will is again able to influence his fellowmen and to open doors into which now light can shine, and in a small circle the darkness of the night has now given way to the light of the day. And the way is clearly recognizable, which men now go and which leads to the right destination, to me, I who am the light and the truth from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5909.


Book 64 5910

God's word is power. Letter without life.

21. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5910.

With my word you also always receive the power, to do your soul work, as soon as you just desire this my word yourselves. For it can also be offered to you without your desire, and it will then only radiate the power, when you willingly receive it. My word holds power in it. But you men do not use it; you do not take up the power of my word - you often hear it and remain indifferent to it; it goes unheard at your ears and can consequently also not impart the power to you, which must get received with the heart. But how easy would your ascent on earth be for you, so you acquire power and fulness for yourselves through receiving of my word and - so you are serious about it - through observance of my will, which is expressed in my word. You just need to always fulfil my commands; you just need to live according to my will, and you would receive power unmeasured, and the ascent of your soul would be secured. For the word is the connection between you and me, through which you can receive, what you lack: power and light. But as long as my word is for you just letters, so long it is still not alive in your heart, so long it has also no power, for so long you can also not speak of my word, but only of letters without meaning and life. You yourselves must give life to these words - you yourselves must seek to fathom the spiritual meaning, and you will be surprised, which fulness of the divine spirit is hidden in it. My word is to awaken you to life - but what is only then possible, when you desire to live and then also grasp the significance of my word and now draw that power from it, with which I have blessed my word. My word is the radiation of me myself; my word is a ray of light, which is to touch you and which now also has life awakening power. The infinite far distance from me to you is bridged through my word; through my word a connection is created between you and me, and every connection with me is blessed, every connection with me means for the dead awakening to life, because nothing can remain lifeless, as soon as it is flowed through by my power current - and every connection with me proves itself through power influx, which has an enlivening effect on the up to now lifeless. But the will of the being belongs to it, because I do not let my power have an effect against its will; and the will gets active in you men, as soon as you expose yourselves consciously to the effect of my word. As soon as you receive my word without resistance, you must also feel the power of my word and mature spiritually. And for that reason, I constantly approach you in the word; I seek to stimulate you, to establish contact with me, to desire my word, and to give full expression to it, because then you become aware of my power, which makes the way up easier for you, which only then gives you real life - the life of the spirit - so that you now go consciously through earth life - aware of your task and destination, which you will also reach, because now you are never ever without power, because my word now sounds always for you, when you desire it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5910.


Book 64 5911

Faithlessness of world men.

22. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5911.

It is an extremely difficult beginning to influence men spiritually, who have already fallen victim to the world. For they regard that alone as right, what their intellect can grasp - but for spiritual truths they lack all understanding; they reject that, what is to give information on the spiritual area; they are completely unable to believe, because they move in another world than that is, which is to be opened to them. They do not acknowledge this world, and for that reason they also make no attempt to enter it or look over to it, to catch sight of something, what would be proof to them for the reality of the spiritual world. The earthly world stands separating between man and the spiritual kingdom, and the earthy world asserts itself always more, because the end is coming. Always more unreal that seems to men, what to believe is demanded of them, what is presented to men as divine teaching. They cannot believe, because they do not want to believe, because they do not make the effort, to seriously think. And the distance between God and men gets larger and larger, because latter strive more and more away from him through the striving for of earthly goods, which alone are really desirable to them. And this state, this attitude towards the earthly world, will more and more come to light, the closer the end is. Only rarely a representative of divine spiritual material will find faith with men; the listeners will feel far superior to those and always become smaller in numbers, and only few awaken to right life in the midst of a complete dead mankind, in the midst of a spiritual desert. But all these phenomena are to just confirm to you men the near end, for if it would not be so, then also an end of the earth, a destruction and renewal of it, would not be necessary. But the spiritual state of men, who are completely worldly, substantiates the transformation of the earth; it substantiates the end and the judgement, although mankind is also not accessible to this reason and prediction. Only few will recognize and understand that, whose mind is directed spiritually, but never the world men, who want to hear nothing of this and do not believe it, because the are completely blind in the spirit and judge according to their blindness. And so, it is extremely difficult, to still liberate individuals from their spiritual blindness; to make them seeing and to change their thinking and striving. It is extremely difficult, and nevertheless it is not to be refrained from, to again and again stimulate their thoughts and to direct to that kingdom, from which they still stay very far. No-one is to be able to say, that no rescue attempts have been undertaken with him. Everyone is to be alerted, what is in store for mankind, and the free will of each one man is to decide.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5911.


Book 64 5912

God's efforts, to reach the change of will.

23. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5912.

Innumerable opportunities are, which offer men the possibility to find faith and establish the intimate contact with God, for they still possess their life, they still stay on earth and must cover their life fate wise, i.e., all these opportunities approach them fate wise, and the will just needs to adjust itself right, therefore to use every opportunity. As long as man lives on earth, is still hope for a change of his will, which is still wrongly directed, exactly because this will is free. And God's love and mercy has also incessantly an effect on him, but always under the consideration of the free will, but He does not give him up, so long he lives on earth. And also in the hour of death His effect is still obvious, where an opportunity still exists, that the thoughts of man could turn to Him. But God also knows about the will and state of maturity of each one man, and for that reason his work will be quite different and differ from each other and nevertheless recognized by him as right. Every man will be approached during his earth walk by that, what can produce a change of will, a turning to God. And no matter how different the knowledge is, which is brought to him - he can utilize his own thinking and wanting, and all knowledge can bring in blessing for him, when it stimulates him to think and therefore to a relationship with beings, which stand in knowledge and which now intervene into his thoughts. No man is completely left to his own devices; he is looked after by spiritual beings, to whom he is entrusted for guidance through earth life. Every man is influenced from the spiritual kingdom, and at the same time he is approached by earthly events, to now direct his thinking in the right direction. Therefore, also that man can reach truth, who has been presented with complete erroneous knowledge on the part of men, when he himself wants to reach truth. For according to this will he is mentally instructed on the part of the spiritual world. But rarely a man realizes, what his most inner desire is - and to move him to the clarification of his thinking, fate influences him. Life itself forms his thinking, and all happenings in his earth life just aim to achieve, that man enters the right relationship with God and with the spiritual world - that it lets him find to God. And so long man lives, he can find God, but he is not forced to seek him. He is just brought into situations fate wise, where God himself comes up to him, that he can now give himself up, but also avoid him. And how he now reacts to God, that decides his spiritual progress, for this is his earth life purpose, to learn to recognize and love God. And so long man lives, he will have the opportunity for it, because the love of God is infinite and wants to win all, who are still far from him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5912.


Book 64 5913

Fighting or serving.

24. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5913.

Do not forget, that you must fight or serve. But the fight is not to be a fight against your fellowmen, against the weak and defenceless, also not, that one marches against the other, to overcome him, for the sake of earthly success. It is to be a fight against you yourselves, against faults and bad habits, vices and desires. This fight is not easy and needs all your powers; but so you become victor in this fight, it is for you a marvellous gain. But you can also choose another way, to win this gain - the way of serving neighbourly love. As soon as you serve, you also conquer yourselves, for you voluntarily change your nature. The power you need, to give up all faults and bad habits, you now acquire through your love work, and you receive a rich measure of favour - so you serve in love. For you have now as the first thing overcome arrogance, you have become humble and can now receive favour unlimitedly. You no longer need to wage war against yourselves, as soon as you serve in love. Serving in love is just another form of the fight against yourself, but with the same success, to gain victory over all ignoble, over all desires, over love lessness. Through fighting or serving the change of nature in man is carried out, but far easier is the serving than the fighting, and who is always a serving brother to his fellowmen, he finds far less resistance than the man, who makes the systematic self-conquest as aim, for he is not shown the patience and love from the side of fellowmen, which the former acquires through his behaviour against fellowmen. For that reason, it also says: Fighting or serving - because severe inner fights could have been spared the one serving, which the other often has to pass. A fight with the weapon of love is always promising, and truly he is the stronger, who serves in humility, for he reaches his aim quicker, because he is always given richly favour and power- which the fighter certainly also must request, otherwise he loses in the fight against himself. It is also supplied to him by God upon his prayer, so that he can succeed with his change of nature, but is only then achieved, when also he serves in love, when his self-love, after hard fighting, has become unselfish neighbourly love - when also he now receives power and favour through work in love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5913.


Book 64 5914

Help of light beings only in the will of God. Calling "saints".

26. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5914.

You are directly in contact with that kingdom, to which you entrust yourselves in my name. Your will, to reach me, gives all beings of light the right, to join you for your protection, because they always only carry out my will and because they know, that it is my will, to help you spiritually and earthly. To now carry out my will is their happiness, for love for me and for all beings, which are still imperfect, constantly drives them to activity. But they will never do something self-willed, because they have completely entered into my will and they also know the laws of the eternal order, so that an intervention against my will would only have to have a disadvantageous effect for these beings. Everything, what stands in the light, what is perfect, bears my divine will in it and can therefore never act on its own authority against my will. For that reason, the beings, therefore also men on earth, must first seek to make themselves inclined to my will, before the beings of the light world can help them somehow - and for that reason men must first seek the contact with me, to then however be able to also experience help of the spiritual world, of the light beings, which are fed with power and light by me, for what I have once accepted, that also embraces every light being with its love and promotes its perfection. Who therefore knows himself connected with me through his prayer and through love work, he also knows himself protected by those beings, and he can also recommend himself to them - he can want, that he may only be surrounded by inhabitants of the light kingdom and that they prevent the entry of impure beings; he can consciously transfer himself into those light spheres through his will, for I will always be the start of every thought and also the destination. For he then just asks the beings of light for help on the way to me. And this help is granted to him much too willingly. But the help of those beings is completely misjudged, when they are called upon as intercessors with me - when men do not approach me myself - when they believe to win my affection through patronage - when they do not before stablish the relationship of a child to the father, but expect help from those beings, for which they do not ask me myself. So long my will to help is not recognizable by the light beings, that it is meant for you, so long also this will is not in them themselves and all calling for help is of no avail, for against my will these my servants carry out nothing. And you must first strive to win my will, you are therefore not allowed to ignore me myself, only then my light messengers get into action, so as they recognize it in them as wanted by me. A man, who fully seriously strives for me, he is also constantly connected to the light world, and he will move in the spiritual sphere exactly so naturally, as among his fellowmen. He will always be in contact with the beings of light; he will be surrounded by them on my behalf, and they will therefore also influence him on my behalf, because everything what they do, they feel as instructed by me. A light being cannot carry out anything else, than is my will, otherwise it would be no being of light, for the fulness of light is indeed only the result of its complete devotion to me and of the entering into my order from eternity, why also full agreement is between me and those beings - but what is now not allowed to lead to the conclusion, that always those are light beings, which men imagine as such. For that reason, the call of certain beings for help is associated with a certain danger - that beings are also called, which do not stay as light beings in the kingdom of light. For you men cannot judge; you must leave the assessment of the degree of maturity to me. And so, you will now also have a clear answer to the question, whether the call of "saints" is appropriate and in my will. Fully trustingly hand yourselves over to the beings of light, so you have intimately associated yourselves with me, and believe, that they are now concerned about you in my will and help you. But do not call upon those, who human opinion brands as "saints" and whose degree of maturity cannot get examined by you men, because only I alone know it, who has reached the degree of perfection, that he can now be radiated through by me with light and power and is now active in my kingdom according to my will. Desire light, and it will draw near to you and fill you with its power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5914.


Book 64 5915

Degree of maturity secures right thinking. Spirit work.

27. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5915.

A certain degree of maturity also secures right thinking to men - the enlightenment of the spirit and consequently also cognition of truth. And therefore you are also to strive for this degree of maturity. Through the fulfilment of the divine commands you are to lead your soul to perfection; you are to acquire love power for yourselves through the performing of unselfish love works - you are to do everything to become the image of God. For with increased soul maturity you also always step into brighter light, and that means, that you learn to tell the difference between the truth and the error, the genuine and the false, the real and the pretence. But a certain degree of maturity is indispensable for that purpose. For an imperfect soul is also blind in the spirit, and the soul is imperfect so long, as it lives outside of the divine order, but which is re-established through the fulfilling of the divine commands. Work on your soul, that it matures, so that you arrive at the light of cognition. Otherwise the light cannot be given to you, for in the immature state you would not be able to see it, because you are blind in the spirit, as long as you are imperfect. But if you stand in the light, in cognition, as result of your soul maturity, then you also do not need to fear erroneous teachings, for you will recognize them immediately as erroneous. But the error finds good ground and can spread extremely fast, where men make no preparations to improve their immature state of their soul - where they are unable, to recognize error as such. And then it has a very corrupting effect; it darkens the spiritual state always more, because at the same time it also holds man back from the work on his soul, for an erroneous teaching will never demand the fulfilment of the divine commands, because this would illuminate it itself. Therefore, it cannot strongly enough be indicated, that the spirit in man is only illuminated through lover work and that, who desires to stand in truth, who does not want to be deceived through erroneous teachings, must go the way of love whatever happens, which brings in for him the illuminating of the spirit. Not the clever man protects himself from error, but only the good, willing to love, because he sees the things, as they are, and does not let himself be deceived by pretence. But pretence is everything, what lets man become lukewarm at soul work. Pretence is everything, what is not according to truth and - because it does not stimulate to the transformation of the nature - never results in the state of cognition, but will always appeal to men, who strive for no eternity aim; for these are blind in the spirit and feel happy in their blindness. These do not seek truth; they do not seek light and will therefore also remain in darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5915.


Book 64 5916

Soaring up of the soul into spiritual spheres.

28. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5916.

Enter the spiritual fields, as often it is possible for you; seek to break away from earth and let your soul soar up into that kingdom, from which it started and where it also again returns to, when your earth life has ended. In that kingdom truly that is offered to it, what it cannot find on earth - food and drink, the right means, to fashion it so, that it can take permanent residence in the spiritual kingdom and is happy. As long as you stay on earth, the soul is still disfigured, and it is to change; it is to become again, as it was in the very beginning - an image of God. And as long as it stays on earth, it certainly can achieve this transformation, however that must be imparted to it, what it lacks, and through God's love it is also sent to it, but from that kingdom, what is to be your home in future. And the more often the soul therefore rises there, the more amply given it returns again, to carry out its work of transformation on earth exactly with the help of that, what is imparted to it in the spiritual kingdom. The earth does not hold such treasures; they are only to be fetched from the kingdom of light, in those spheres, which are certainly opened to you, but must be entered in free will. And the possibility is open to every soul on earth, to soar up into these spheres and to fetch much strong food there for itself, which it now utilizes in earth life, to make itself suitable for a permanent stay in those spheres. But no soul is forced to this altitude flight - but voluntarily it can undertake it, as often as it wants. And for that reason, it is lovingly admonished, to let no opportunity pass for this altitude flight, to again and again free itself from the heaviness of earth and to rise into the fields of spiritual friends, who want to help it to light and power. And every mental contact with this kingdom, every prayer, every spiritual question is a roaming into the spiritual spheres, from which the soul never returns without a gain. The more often you men withdraw into quietness, the more often you break away in thoughts from the earthly world and therefore stay mentally, where light and happiness is, the more you are also looked after by the inhabitants of this light world and provided with spiritual gifts, which help you to the transformation of your soul - which therefore shape it so, that it can enter into that kingdom after death, which it strove for on earth - that the inhabitants of the kingdom of light come to meet it and receive it - that it has now won again that state, where it was full of light and power as divine creature - that it now returns as child to its father from eternity - that it is now active in his kingdom according to his will and filled with his power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5916.


Book 64 5917

Bridging the distance from God.

29. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5917.

Do you want to remain in endless distance from me? Does it not tempt you, to constantly come closer to me, to be able to receive my gifts of favour, which I hand out to everyone, who voluntarily approaches me? You yourselves can bring about this approach to me, already in that way, that you get into contact with me in thoughts, that you let me become the object of your thoughts and in this way therefore approach me will wise. May it also first be only questioning thoughts, assumptions or doubts - already, that you let me become the content of your thinking, gives me the possibility, to influence you without compulsion of the will. I can now direct your thoughts; I can truthfully answer your questions for you, and I can refute the doubts. Then the desire comes automatically, to remain in contact with me, then you yourselves have built a bridge, on which you can move towards me; you yourselves have turned back on your way downwards; the distance is no longer so great, and it gets smaller and smaller, the more willingly you leave yourselves to me and my influence, the more often you turn you thoughts to me. And you now also feel my closeness. My gifts of favour are offered to you always according to your desire, to possess them. You will feel me everywhere, for my closeness also has an effect. It is a second life, which you now lead next to your actual life on earth, for you take it into account now only still so far, as your earthly circle of duties commands it. But you will devote every free minute to the second life - you will seek to penetrate into my kingdom; you will always decrease the cleft more; you will not be quiet, until you have reached the aim, to be united with me. This is the natural result of your initial mental connection with me; this also cannot be otherwise, because each one is sized by me, who turns his thoughts to me - because I leave out no-one any more, who just once turned to me, although it now and then also takes a long time, until I have reached the constant relationship with me, when the world steps in between still too often and would like to destroy the bridge, which for the time being is only weak and can bear no great load. But it is always strong enough, when a soul voluntarily steps on it, to come close to me. And a soul, which has once voluntarily ventured the way, can certainly at times slow down its steps, but it no longer gives up the way, for the bridge, which it has built itself, leads into a wonderland, into a kingdom, which appears more attractive to it than the earthly world. A soul, which voluntarily turns its thoughts to me, no longer gets away from these thoughts, because I no longer let go of it and constantly make me myself accessible to it in a number of ways. Only, where the attempt was just never made, to bridge the wide cleft, there is little hope, because I myself cannot draw the soul towards me against its will, because the bridge must be walked on by it itself, although I in my love and mercy have built the bridge through my death on the cross, which is passable for all. It is not seen by the soul, which still turns its will downwards. But the slightest thought of me also illuminates the way for it. I truly make it easy for every soul, to bridge the distance from me, but its own will is decisive, which success it has. I do not force this will, but I help and strengthen it, as it turns to me, and let myself be found by each soul, which seeks me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5917.


Book 64 5918

Only the willing listener has blessing.

30. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5918.

Open your hearts wide, when you are addressed by me, your God and father from eternity. Your inability, to hear me myself, causes me, to speak to you through a man, who is prepared, to help you, and therefore serves me, by him being a suitable tool for me, through which I can speak to you. For you all are to hear my word, because you can only be happy, so you know about my will, and because I announce to you this my will through my word. You, who kept your ear up to now closed to my address from above, you are for that reason still very much inadequately fashioned, for you lack the power for the reshaping of your nature. But in this inadequate state you cannot enter the kingdom of the happy; the gates are closed for you into this kingdom, and you must first make an effort, to gain a degree of perfection. For happiness means being radiated through by light - the being radiated through with divine power, but which would completely consume you, as long as you still have not fashioned yourselves as a receiving vessel for my love power. For that reason, the gates to happiness are therefore closed for you so long, until you yourselves have become so, as it is indispensable for the entry into the light kingdom. But my word also gets through to you, just often not recognized by you as an act of favour from me, who wants to help you to happiness. But I can give you no other proof for it, that your father from eternity addresses you, than that you feel a power current, as soon as you willingly listen, so you are addressed. Willingly you must lean your ear towards me, and you will beneficently be touched by my word. But the unwilling listener feels nothing of the blessing and of the power of my word. I address all of you, you who are all still inadequately fashioned, because you lack faith and love. And I stimulate you, to practise love, to be able to believe and to then also recognize me. What I have to say to you, is always the same, so you are still in spiritual trouble: Live in love. Everything, what you lack, you receive through love work, and this instruction is valid both for your earth life as also for the opposite kingdom, where love lessness has an effect in inadequate fashioning and where only love for other souls imparts power to you, without which you are unhappy. Only love lets you also gain real faith, and you must believe, to get into contact with him, in whom you are to believe - in Jesus Christ, who is your God and father from eternity, who as your redeemer from death and sin wants to give you life in happiness, who wants to open to you the gates to paradise. To this faith in me in Jesus Christ I want to lead all of you through my word, you who are still unredeemed, you who are still unhappy, to whom the gate to the light kingdom is still closed. And for that reason, I again and again address you, so that the will in you awakens, to get into contact with me - so that you yourselves call me, so that you remember my work of redemption and intimately desire, that I accept you and place you in the crowd of those, for whom, I as man Jesus, died on the cross. I only want, that you acknowledge me, to be able to now give to you my love, my favour and my power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5918.


Book 64 5919

Voluntary acts of love. Law fulfilment.

31. March 1954. B.D. NR. 5919.

Only that is of value for your soul, what you do voluntarily, to live agreeably to me. What laws stipulate to you, is not assessed by me as act carried out in free will, for neither threats of punishment nor promises of a reward are to cause you, to fulfil my commands. Love in you alone is to determine you, and it cannot be forced legally. You can therefore carry out the same acts, and they still do not need to have the same value. But I know about the degree of love, which determines you to the carrying out of your acting, and according to it the act is assessed. And so it will now also be comprehensible to you, that your perfection, the maturation of your souls, depends alone on how far you develop love in you, for your way of life is to let you mature, therefore it must be led in love; everything you do must be a work in love. The way of love is the sole way to perfection, and you yourselves determine your earth life walk through your will. You can therefore create no spiritual advantages through the fulfilment of humanly enacted commands, which were added to my love commands. Indeed, you also cannot fulfil these my love commands in accordance with your duty. For love does not let itself be commanded; it has free will in it - through these acts being made a duty for you, you can only let love awaken in you, and only then your works are pleasing before my eyes. For that reason, I also admonish you to work in love always and constantly, so that you are not to believe carelessly, having done enough through pure works, which certainly can also be helps, however lack real love. You yourselves must fashion yourselves to beings, who are filled with love, then you will also understand, why everything else is worthless, where love was uninvolved. The soul can only mature through works of love, because the maturity of the soul means exactly love and because your sole task on earth is, to again return to love, from which you once emerged, because this return is only possible in love - because I, as eternal love myself, can only join you, when you have become love again - when you have again made yourselves divine through love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5919.


Book 64 5920

God's love also to be found in suffering.

1. April 1954 B.D. NR. 5920.

No matter how your earthly life may be fashioned, you are never allowed to doubt my love and care for you, which always only aims to achieve the best for you. But I alone know, what serves you best. But I also know, which dangers threaten you and how these can get turned away for you. If you would be able measure my love, which is meant for each individual of you earth children, you truly would get calmed down and would go happily through earth life, because you would then trust the father in heaven, that he may fashion everything for you bearably and that you are never without help, so you just turn to him. The depth of my love would truly be an explanation of your earth fate, for it only wants the best and most salutary for you, but not burden you to no purpose with suffering and trouble, which strain you and let you doubt me. You are to just believe these my words and keep quiet - i.e. devotedly entrust yourselves to me, and my help will not fail to appear. And you will also be able to record a success for your soul, which you would hardly gain without suffering. I still woo for the love and the will of the individual; men still have not completely decided for me - also my opponent still makes an effort for your souls, and the danger is great, that he gains victory. And for that reason, I often make it impossible, that men follow him rashly. I cause them first to think, what he gives and what he demands for that. I direct the attention of man to himself, to distract him from that, what the opponent puts temptingly before his eyes. I send sickness and trouble, sorrow and suffering, for these are then only a blessing to men, even so he does not recognize it. But I love him and do not want to lose him to him, who is completely destitute of all love: - who only gives you pretence goods, who wants to deceive you and whose plan is to ruin you. He truly has only this one intent, to keep you away from me, because he is without love. But you men do not know him and therefore let yourselves be deceived by him, when he tempts you with earthly goods, but demands your soul for it. I also want to give you goods as a present, but which are immortal and which you do not recognize in their value. But a good father does not give his child that, what harms it, even so the eyes of the child are eagerly directed to it. He prevents the child rather, so it demands it despite warning. And so, I also must often stop you, so you yourselves endanger your life through wrong striving - so your aim threatens to become another than I. For I love you and want to possess you, and I do for that reason everything to not lose you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5920.


Book 64 5921

Striving for the aim in free will.

2. and 4. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5921.

Which marvellous aim are you going towards, so you are eager in spiritual striving, so you have set it for yourselves as task, to live to my pleasure, to fulfil my commands of love and to leave everything unnoticed, what could bind you to this world. You achieve much, when you just have the will to ascend, for I myself then support you with favours to the extreme. You yourself can of course do nothing out of yourselves, because you as men are still powerless as result of your former defection from me. But I let your will be enough for me, to now supply you already with power, that you can also carry out your will - that you live, as it is according to my own eternal order, and by this means gain perfection. For that reason, everything in earth life approaches you so, that your will can turn towards me, and so I have achieved this, an unlimited measure of favour is granted to you, because I do not want to leave you in weakness any longer - because I take pity on this state of weakness and for that reason I shine you through with my love power, whereby you now get a powerful impetus, which promotes you spiritually. (4.4.1954) You will gain perfection, when you just want it seriously, for according to this will power is sent to you, and I assess a serious will extremely high, because it is the sign of the change of will, for the purpose of which you live on earth. You are indeed not yet aware of the aim in its magnificence; you must also strive for it without complete knowledge. You certainly are to know, that you are to strive for me, but it must remain hidden for you what it means, to be in contact with me. The happiness cannot be illustrated to you, which brings you in a contact with me, for you must strive for me in free will, because an exact knowledge about the happiness to be expected would make your will unfree - you therefore seek the unification with me for the sake of the reward, but could then never ever enter into it. Love for me is to push you, although I promise you happiness. I only find my happiness in it, to make you happy, and for that reason a marvellous lot expects you in eternity, when you just always strive spiritually - when you have the interest of the spiritual development more at heart than the earthly well-being, which always means a danger for you, as soon as you turn away your looks from me as a result. Earthly wealth can certainly also help you to spiritual maturity, when you use it so, as it is my will - when you manage it blessedly, when you use it for serving neighbourly love, when you help the impoverished and those in need. Then earthly possession will never bring about harm to you, for then you do not put it above me, then you administer it in my will and do good in my name. Then my opponent, who seeks to win you through earthly goods, has lost power over you, because for you these goods are presents from me, which you receive with thanks from my hand, because you work with them in the right meaning, according to my will, and because I also bless your earthy goods for that reason. Who has chosen me as his aim, he can no longer get lost for ever, because he never ever remains left to his own devices, but has now me as leader constantly next to him. For who longs for me, who strives for me, him my love has already seized, to now no longer leave him. Truly only one thing is worth on earth to be striven for: to get into contact with me, because then my current of favour can flow into man unhindered, because then he gets filled with light and power and favour and his work of perfection now also succeeds completely.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5921.


Book 64 5922

Word from above. Pouring out of the spirit.

5. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5922.

My word from above is sent to you, and it is this a visible prove of the work of my spirit in you. It is nothing supernatural, but a quite natural process, which just presupposes your full devotion to me, so that I can pour my spirit into an opened vessel, which has fashioned itself well through its love life. The process of the pouring out of my spirit is quite natural. But whether you men lead a life in love in all naturalness and therefore fulfil the conditions before, that is often far more questionable, for you are still too far away from your original nature, than that you practise love as naturalness. And for that reason, also the pouring out of my spirit has become an incomprehensible idea for you. But you are surprised, so you once get to know the effect of a right love life - I am and remain for ever, what I was from the very beginning - your father, who wants to talk to you, who wants to transfer all his thoughts on to you and remain in contact with you; my love will truly not hold back, but impart everything to you, what you need to be happy. And for that reason, I must address you and therefore supply my word to you. But although I also address all men, so still only few are able to hear my address. My spirit can only become effective in those, who devote themselves to me without resistance, because the smallest resistance makes the work of my spirit impossible. It is therefore not up to me, but alone to you, whether my spirit overshadows you, whether you receive unsuspected gifts - whether you receive proofs of my presence and of my work at you. You yourselves must before fashion yourselves so, that my spirit can flow over to you; you yourselves must have the will, to be given gifts and power and light by me. You yourselves must believe, that I am so close to you, that my power can work through you. And you must live in love. For love alone connects you with me; through love alone the joining together takes place, which result is inevitably the work of my spirit in you. It is no supernatural state, but the original state, in which you were before the fall from me. Seek to again reach this, and you will accomplish things like gods, which you can manage only in connection with me through your fashioning to my image. Become perfect, as your father in heaven is perfect. For that is your aim, that you yourselves make gods out of you, what only a love life can achieve. But then you are also filled with power, for love is power; it is my original substance, and everything must be possible for you to do, so you make use of this my power. I myself truly impose no limitations on you. But you set limits for you, as soon as love and faith are too weak in you. But for that reason, I myself address you, because I want to help you, to gain strong faith - and because I also show you the means and ways, which let you reach the aim - that my spirit works in you, as I have promised it to you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5922.


Book 64 5923

Church of Christ. Living faith.

6. April 1954 B.D. NR. 5923.

Only living faith makes you members of my church, which I myself have founded on earth. No matter to which denomination you belong - you must show faith like Peter, for only on such faith the church is founded - on a faith, which has become alive through love. And this living faith you can win in every denomination, when that, what you are instructed, also stimulates to love work and when you now do eager work, which is always caused by love. Then you possess a living faith; then you consciously establish the connection with me. I live as it were in you and next to you, and you also live your earth life consciously; you strive for an aim, and everything, what you begin is directed towards this aim - you strive for me. And that is certainly comprehensible to you after all, that I can be striven for by each one man, no matter to which denomination he belongs. As soon as he just believes in me, I who walked as man Jesus on earth, to redeem men, also the founding stone exists for my church, and it will be indestructible like a rock, when faith has become unshakable through love. Then the most violent storms can shake it, it will withstand, and only on such faith my church can be founded, which has continued existence until all eternity. Who stands in right, living faith, which is the result of a love life, he will also stand in truth, because the fire of love radiates the light of truth. And he will also recognize, what divine and what human teachings are - he will always let the divine teachings become more the principles of life and not pay attention to human teachings - he will feel it, in which my will exists, although he is caused to acts by the human side, which never ever bear my will in them. He stands on the rock, which bears my church, and he no longer walks on a ground, into which he threatens to sink. He only represents pure truth, for life is in him, and therefore also his striving belongs to life, and he flees death - and he avoids everything, what belongs to death, what is unsuitable for the awakening of real life. He rejects the error and the lie, because truth brightly illuminates them. A living faith is the rock, on which my church is built. But it presupposes a life in unselfish neighbourly love. Where it is practised, there also the gates are opened, which lead into my right church, and all can enter it, I receive all, who just have the serious striving, to belong to me and my church, which I myself have founded on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5923


Book 64 5924

Quick end. World clock.

7. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5924.

Only mine believe it undoubtedly, that the earth stands before the end, and only mine I can therefore give references, which hour the world clock has struck; for mine are intimately connected to me in love and can therefore also hear in them the voice of the father, so that they cannot think otherwise at all, than as it is according to truth. And truth is, that the earth is shortly before its end, that men must reckon with a quick end of their life, that a revolution will take place in the universe, which has deep spiritual motives. Truth is, that my plan of salvation from eternity unwinds according to eternal law and that therefore also legally the cause is given to a transformation of earth, which means a complete passing of the creations on it and all creature. And truth is further, that men stand before the end of a redemption period - that indeed a new one begins again, but for men of this earth the end has irrevocably come, except for a small crowd of mine, who also know about it and expect the end well prepared. All references regarding this will have little success, exactly because men do not believe in it; and nevertheless, they are not to be omitted, so that still the one or the other can deal with it mentally and win faith in it. But what is very well comprehensible to mine, because they recognize the spiritual state of their fellowmen and because they stand in cognition, what such a spiritual low leads to - that is completely implausible to world men; they do not even think it worth a discussion, in which they could get enlightened, when it would be their will, to hear truth about it. They do not seek truth, and for that reason, they lack all understanding for events, which certainly have an earthly effect, however have spiritual causes. And the day will overtake men unexpectedly; the earthly life will be taken from them, and the spiritual death is also certain for them, because they did not let themselves to be awakened to life, as long as they still possessed their bodily life. My creatures are in furthest distance from me, otherwise they would not lack understanding of their situation. They are of dark spirit, and they get out of the way of light, which would like to illuminate them, and the blind cannot see. But mine have already become seeing; my spirit brought them enlightenment, and the light revealed everything to them. And so they also know about my plan from eternity; they know about the last time of favour, in which they live, and they know about the eagerly led redemption work; they know about the necessity of the work of enlightening; they also know, that I need loyal servants for my vineyard, and they know, that only a limited time still remains for them for the work for me. They believe it, that the end is close, and this faith stimulates them to most eager activity for me and my kingdom. And to those, who believe, to them I can also announce the hour of the end as extremely close, although also to them the day and the hour remains hidden. But this day will come for you suddenly and unexpectedly, on which you all must face yourselves the last judgement.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5924.


Book 64 5925

In my name you are to ask the father.

9. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5925.

In my name you are to ask the father, so that you find favourable hearing of your requests. These were my words, which I spoke to men, when I still walked on earth. How are these words now to be understood, to be able to be taken to heart by you? - I have taught and lived on earth as man Jesus, who stood in such intimate connection with the father, that he completely accepted his will, that therefore the father himself spoke out of him, that he led his thinking and acting, that he just carried out, what was the father's most holy will. He could therefore also express the words: For which you will ask the father in my name, that he will give you. For not the man Jesus spoke, but the father, who was in him. No being could see me myself, for I am a spirit, which is incomprehensible for all entities, which emerged out of me, the father spirit. For who wants to see me, he would have to receive in him the entire universe, the spiritual and the material world - he therefore would have to be greater than me, to be able to grasp me in my infinity, in my superb fulness of light and power. This is possible to none of the beings created by me, since it is a radiation of me myself, a light spark, which would never be able, to imagine eternal light, the original source of all power as something limited, visible to him. But the eternal light and the original source of all power could make use of a form and manifest itself in this form, to now be visible to the entities, which desired to see him. And this manifestation took place in the man Jesus, who fulfilled the conditions necessary for it. My eternally unfathomable spirit embodied itself therefore in him, and so I became man - Jesus became Gott. For only the outer form was man, but that filling this form was God. You therefore now call God, when you call Jesus Christ. Understand right, so you ask the father in my name for something - so you call God in Jesus Christ. Then you acknowledge me myself or also - you acknowledge Jesus Christ; you believe in me becoming man in him, you profess me, because you profess Jesus Christ. My name has become for you the name of your God, and you can now also, in fullest faith, hope for the favourable hearing of your prayer, for I myself have given you the assurance, that you do not pray in vain, so you call the father in me, in Jesus Christ. I knew as man Jesus about the reaching of my aim; I new about my mission, of which culmination was the complete becoming God, so that eternal love itself could take residence in me. I knew about the complete melting of my body and my soul with the love spirit of eternity. For that reason, I could already on earth give you the assurance, that you find favourable hearing, so your prayers are directed in my name towards eternal love, for with it you announce, that you believe in me, that I myself have redeemed you from eternal death as Jesus Christ - and I truly do not let your faith get wrecked.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5925.


Book 64 5926

Serious admonition to remember the earth life purpose.

11. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5926.

You men completely forget your earth life purpose, and for that reason you also do not live according to it. What seems important to you, is without use for your soul, for the sake of which you stay on earth - and what alone is important, that you do not pay attention to. You live for your body only, but not for your soul and are nevertheless only active as man on this earth because of your soul. Everything you strive for, what you think and do, brings in no success at all for you, for the earthly success does not remain for you; it is a dream picture, to which you cannot hold on; which passes and runs off into nothing with the moment of your death. And as long as it still exists for you, it only serves the transient cover of the soul, but not the soul itself. All your life power, your will and your thoughts you therefore use for the complete worthless, but you do not strive for the genuine goods, and therefore you treat your soul terribly; you leave it in greatest trouble, although you would have the possibility to help it. You love yourselves, your worthless outer cover, above everything - you are still very much in selflove, in a love, which is directed wrongly and can never lead you to the aim, for the purpose of which you stay on earth. You see it daily after all, how transient everything is; you daily lose men close to you through death; you know, that they must leave everything behind, what was up to now worth striving for, and that they enter the opposite kingdom completely empty. And even so you do not change - and whether everything around you passes, you do not direct the thoughts spiritually, but just bemoan the passing of the lost and seek to win it back as quickly as possible for you. You are fools, for you are of dark spirit. The world with its goods makes your eyes unable to see, because it blinds you and you can no longer recognize anything properly. And through your thinking you give yourselves into the hands of him, whose aim it is, to keep your soul in his possession, what means so much, as to push it into darkness. Your thoughts are directed earthly only, and you forget him, to whom you owe your life and before whom you must take responsibility in future. You push back every spiritual thought, every thought of responsibility; you do not want to be reminded of it, and you deaden your conscience so, that you almost believe nothing any more, than that, what is visible and tangible for you and for which you strive with all senses. Almost no contact exists any longer between the inhabitants of earth and those of the spiritual kingdom, which is still blessed, on the other hand the contact downwards is extremely strong, for man establishes it in free will exactly through the striving of that, what is transient and still belongs to the kingdom of the opponent of God. You completely fail to recognize your earth life purpose, and for that reason the earth also no longer fulfils its purpose to be education station of the spirit - what results in a dissolving of the earthy creation, because this is the legal result of the life against the divine order. For you men live against this divine order - otherwise your spiritual state would let you recognize brightly and clearly, what is your task and your aim on earth. And every contravening must have a legal effect - why also the end of this earth has come, after which the favour of the embodiment as man is withdrawn from them and everything spiritual receives that outer form, to which it strives through own will. For the favour of embodiment is not utilized but abused, and therefore the free will itself determines the fate of the spiritual - it brings about the end of the earth, because the law of the eternal order allows nothing else any more.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5926.


Book 64 5927

Following Jesus. Life in love.

12. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5927.

You all, take my walk on this earth as an example, my life, which was only a life in unselfish neighbourly love. Seek to follow me and always only make an effort to also lead a life in love, then you walk the same way, and you securely arrive at the destination. I descended to earth for that reason, because men went wrong ways, which never led upwards, but always further downwards. And for that reason, I show you the right way and call upon all men to follow me on this way. And I instruct men, because they lack all cognition, why they could reach upwards only through a love life, why they were weak and powerlessly and how they could remedy this powerlessness. I informed them about the power of love and gave them the proof of truth for my teaching, by me proving my power to them and consequently also the effect of a way of life in love, as I led it on earth. I knew about the great spiritual trouble of men; but I also knew the means to remedy this, and so it was my constant effort, to move men to apply these means. In the time of the end the trouble is the same, and also the means are the same, of which the application guarantees, that man can arrive from the depth to the height. But they pay no attention to it, what I taught - they do not follow me, because they do not believe in me and my teaching. They lead an earth life walk, which is far away from mine; they completely disregard love and are consequently not on the way, which leads upwards. For without love there is no connection, without love a wide cleft exists from you men to your God and father from eternity. Love alone bridges the cleft; love alone is the way to the heart of the father, and love alone is the power, which lets you go the way up, which requires power and effort. Who does not want to go the way of love, he will never be able to rise from the depth, and my hand can also not stretch towards him to pull him up, for he would never ever grab it, as long as he is without love. He must follow me in free will, for I apply no compulsion, when a man still resists me. Love tolerates no compulsion, but it redeems, who are tied up. I can only instruct you men and urgently admonish you, to practise neighbourly love, to want, that you can imitate me, that I help you, because you are of the will to follow me. For that reason, always realize my way of life, and make an effort to try to do the same, and you will then also certainly experience my help, for who directs his eye to me, he will also receive power, to go the way of the following of Jesus - and he will also reach the aim to be united with me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5927.


Book 64 5928

God's return in the word. Great spiritual trouble.

13. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5928.

I come again to earth, to help you in serious difficulties, in which you are killed, when you do not recognize them in time and accept my help. You are weak and of dark spirit, and I do everything, to impart power to you and to open the eyes, but indifferently you turn away, so I approach you, and do not suspect, that you reject divine love, but without which you cannot live - under which the life of the soul is to be understood, which, in not all too long time, is released from the body cover and now enters life or death. As long as you still stay on earth, you believe, yourselves to possess enough power, and therefore you do not ask me myself for power. But with the moment of death you lose all body power, and helplessly the soul remains behind, to which you did not send the power from me during earth life. And then it cannot live, but it is dead - but has not passed, because - what is out of me, can never pass any more. It is in a state of worst trouble, light- and powerless and nevertheless conscious of its existence. It lacks power out of me, which you could provide to it during earth life. I know about the extreme sad and agonizing state of such a soul, and I would like to protect it from it. And for that reason, I again and again block your way on earth and seek to make your receptive for my power supply. I constantly make the effort to kindle a light in you, so that you become seeing, so that the complete blindness may give way. And therefore, I address you. I am in the word again among men; I address those, who are of good will. But much time no longer remains for you men, and if you do not listen to me, so you get into a terrible situation - you will be the victims of the horrors of the end; you will suffer bodily and spiritual death, for in your blindness you do not see the only way, which leads out of ruin - in your blindness you do not see the light, which illuminates this way. I still want to enter into an alliance with you before; I want to accept all despite sin and guilt, when they raise their hands to me, when they just remember their God, whom they are to betray to his opponent. And they will receive the power from me, to profess me, so they just turn to me in their heart. I will accept everyone, who wants to join me, but you men will also be too weak for right wanting, because you do not acknowledge him, who has died on the cross, to buy for you a strengthened will through his blood, who has redeemed you from the fetter, into which my opponent has struck you. For that reason you men are also still blind in the spirit, because he has taken from you the light, the cognition, and because you do not acknowledge his Lord, who has overcome him - because you do not acknowledge Jesus Christ and his work of redemption, who truly redeems you from all weakness and constraint, so you would just call him for that reason. I again come to your help and bring a light to you; accept it and let yourself be enlightened, so that you know, to what lot you are heading for, and you yourselves turn back and walk on the right way, on which I walk next to you and accompany you securely to the eternal home. Listen to me, so I speak to you, and remember your soul - remember death, and let the day of the bodily death become the day of resurrection of your soul. Believe in me, so that I can give you eternal life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5928.


Book 64 5929

Redemption of hell. Ray of light in form of a cross.

13. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5929.

Hell does not want to hand over its victims, and the beings of darkness lack power, to oppose my opponent, who keeps them tied up. And therefore, these souls would be hopelessly lost, when there would not be one weapon, against which the lord of the underworld is powerless - the weapon of love, with which every fight is won and the strongest enemy defeated. I apply this weapon, and with this weapon I will succeed, to redeem hell, even so in endless long time, because love also does not force the will and therefore can only then become effective, when a soul wants it itself. But how is its will to be changed, which still remains in the hardest resistance against me? - My love also climbs down into hell, and my opponent cannot refuse me entry, because to my love he is powerless. And so also no being of darkness can take action against me, they just can turn away from me and reject my love illumination. And these souls are for the time being incorrigible and must remain further in their unhappy state. But I know about the state of every individual soul; I know also, when the resistance gets less, when the soul enters the state of lethargy and how such a soul then reacts to my love illumination. And I come to these souls' aid, because they cannot redeem themselves out of their own power. They are illuminated by a light in the form of a cross, which like lightning gives them the memory of him, who has died on the cross. And they feel now the relief with the emerging of this thought; they are suddenly animated with the wish, to come out of their surroundings, and because the cross again and again lights up for them, a slight hope comes into their mind, to which they hang on to and now no longer drop the thought, to turn to him for help. This desire is the effect of my love illumination, but which only there occurs, where the being has given up the resistance. And also this passive state is the result of love, which I give to hell and which is able to die down the waves of hate in those spheres, to break the resistance and to make a soul submit to one' s will - however without forcing it. Moments in the will have a say in the soul, which are well known to me and which I do not let pass, without doing redemption work at that soul. But if a soul is once illuminated by the light of the cross of Christ, then also the worst powers of darkness are no longer able, to keep it back from its plan - to turn to him, from whom it hopes for help - until it once calls on him for favour and mercy. And then my Jesus love can seize it, and pull it up from the depth, then its will and its call for me has made the way free for it, for the name Jesus Christ breaks all fetters and opens all dungeons - before it the powers of darkness give way, and the soul steps out into the light and is received by the servants of love, which help it on the way upwards. And no matter whether eternities pass, no matter however much is the resistance of the fallen - once they will let themselves be seized by my love, for it is infinitely forbearing and patient and lets no soul get lost for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5929.


Book 64 5930

Power of the divine word.

14. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5930.

Let the power of my word become effective in you. Want, that you withdraw the power from my word, which is to help you upwards. You have an extreme effective means at hand, which gives you the power out of me directly. Use this means right, and you will lose every weakness, every danger is banished, that you again strive towards the depth. Consider, that - when I speak with you - you have already established the contact upwards and now also the helping hands from above stretch out towards you, which want to pull you upwards; consider, that my word - so you receive it with the heart - is always the proof of my presence, that always, where my word sounds to you, I myself must also be and also will be, as soon as you just have the will to hear me myself. I have blessed my word with my power. Do you know, what that means? That you just need to listen to me, to enter into the circuit of my love at the same time and now also let this my love power current flow into you - that I myself provide you with a power, which you lacked before, that you are now able to conscious soul work, that you are able to live according to my will. My word is not only the announcement of my will, but at the same time a means, being able to fulfil it - so that you therefore reach your aim with certainty, when you always let my word penetrate into you - when you want, that its power may become effective at you. I know about your weakness, about your inability to live in my eternal order. I know about your inadequate state, which is the result of your former defection from me. I cannot give you back the former perfection against your will; you must strive for it yourselves and do everything, to gain it. But you would eternally not arrive at the destination, when you would have to remain in the state of weakness. For that reason, I offer you power unmeasured, which you must however acquire in free will. And I make it easy for you, to make use of it, by me supplying my word to you and make it now depending on your will to accept it, that you get into the possession of power, to now again use it in my order - according to my will revealed to you through the word. I certainly demand something from you, but also give you the power to follow my demand - because otherwise you would never ever be able to cover the way upwards. But my power cannot be sent to you contrary to your will, why you therefore also must make use of the means, what is proof of your good will, which I bless, so that you never ever let up striving upwards, and always request my word and will receive it with thanks.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5930.


Book 64 5931

Jesus Christ is the gate to the kingdom of light.

15. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5931.

The gate to the kingdom of light is truly being opened for you, so you just want to enter into it and turn to the right gatekeeper - to Jesus Christ, who himself then ushers you into his kingdom. There is no other gate, where you can eliminate the divine redeemer Jesus Christ and nevertheless gain happiness. Without Jesus Christ the gates remains closed to you, and you must remain outside of the kingdom of light, until also you decide, to entrust yourselves to him and his leading - until you acknowledge him as the sole way to the light, as the rescuer and redeemer of all men, who without him live in trouble and misery, may it be on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom. You all must surrender to him; you all must walk on the way, which he has shown you at the time of his earth walk - you all must follow him, then your way leads directly into the heavenly kingdom, then you have returned to the father, from whom you have once gone out. But without Jesus Christ you constantly go astray; without Jesus Christ you do not see the right way. Before you everything is lightless, and you do not notice it, that you walk downwards instead upwards. You must choose Jesus as your leader, and you must follow him without resistance. For only through Jesus Christ and his work of redemption the gates to the kingdom of heaven have been opened; through Jesus Christ and his death on the cross the way has been developed for you men. He has gone it for you, the way of atonement and infinite sufferings; he has cleared away all obstacles for you, which blocked the way to the father for you, and he has himself taken the burden from you, so that you can now ascend freely and easily, so you just follow him, who has gone ahead of you. For that reason, no soul will find entry into the kingdom of peace and of light, which rejects Jesus Christ - which does not acknowledge him and his work of redemption and for that reason is also not liberated from its great sin guilt - which again and again falls to the ground and cannot rise into light heights alone, which also sees no way, which leads upwards, but constantly walks downwards, because the divine leader Jesus Christ cannot aid it, as long as it resists him. He alone is the gate to eternity; he alone receives into his kingdom and refuses entry to those souls, which enter the spiritual kingdom after the death of the body. He alone sorts out the souls, according to his will - and happy, who were his already on earth; happy, who acknowledge him as God's son and redeemer of the world, who see in him their father from eternity and have also joined him for all eternity. These he leads into his kingdom, which offers blisses without number. But the gates to the kingdom of heaven remain closed to his opponents, who must still stay endlessly long outside, until also they call the one, who can lead them to the light - Jesus Christ, who has redeemed the world from death and sin.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5931.


Book 64 5932

Death on the cross.

Good Friday 16. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5932.

An incomprehensible work of mercy took place through my death on the cross, and this work of mercy was directed at the whole mankind, at men of the past, the present and the future. I died for all men; I took the burden of sin of all men upon me, for all men are born burdened with the original debt. This original debt therefore made me suffer and die for men, because I wanted to absolve this original debt before him, against whom it was directed - because I wanted to make amends to the justice of God. You men are neither aware of the size of your debt nor of the depth of my love, which has accomplished the work of redemption for you. But no matter how my sufferings are described to you, you still cannot nearly gauge the measure of sufferings and pains, which I have undergone for you, because not only the body, but still more my soul suffered, which trembled before the sinfulness of men, which could not defend itself, when all powers of hell were against it and did to it, what evil they could just do to it. For my soul was clear and pure; the distance from it to dark men was enormous, and it was in the midst of demonic spheres, where nothing else than satanic work went up to it. My soul filled with light and love saw into deepest depth, and it trembled before so much sin and darkness. The body suffered likewise unspeakably, for what men could just think out of agonies and humiliations, that they did to me and still were glad about their abominable acting. Hell had been let loose against me; it was the most difficult fight, which ever a man had to fight - to remain victor through love, which was meant for all these unfortunate men, who Satan had under his control and to whom I wanted to give freedom again. I saw the extreme great depravity of my tormentors and suffered and died also for them after all. For I knew, that they were only the henchmen of him, against whom I fought; I knew that Satan himself was against me, and to defeat him was purpose of my work of redemption, to liberate mankind from his control was the mission, which I had undertaken voluntarily, when I descended to earth; my love for men was extremely great, and for that reason I suffered by a great deal, because my love was requited in a way, that only hate and love lessness spoke out of everything, what was done to me. But I wanted to suffer - because I wanted to absolve men - and consciously I went the difficult way to the cross; I drained the cub to the dregs. I allowed no beneficent faint, which freed me for a short time from the sufferings and agonies. I forced my body, that it held out, until my hour was come. For I wanted to suffer, because otherwise no work of redemption was possible for you men, than to absorb the effect of all sins and to impose on my body and the soul, what otherwise every man would have to bear himself, who would have collapsed under it. I suffered for the whole mankind and therefore had to suffer immensely, because the debt was immensely great. But you men have no idea of this my suffering of the walk to the cross and of the agonies of the dying on the cross, for you yourselves would collapse under the violence of the impression, if I would just let you have a look into those hours, which preceded my death on the cross - but in future you yourselves will be able to participate on it - in future it will become obvious to you, what I have done for you and why I did it. And you will glorify and praise me and be grateful for ever, that I have rescued you from eternal death, that I, through my work of redemption, have freed you from the hands of him, who wanted the death of your soul. And then also my love will become obvious for you, which is meant for you in all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5932.


Book 64 5933

Covenant with God.

17. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5933.

You conclude a covenant with me, when you ask me for my protection and my aid, for power and favour and light. For you then recognize your own inadequacy, and you acknowledge me myself as perfect, as a being, which can help and wants to help you. You therefore believe in my omnipotence and love, and entrust yourselves to me. You want, that I look after you, that my arms surround you and support you, where you yourselves feel too weak. You get into contact with me. So you have reached so far in earth life, that you establish this connection with me, the ascent, the maturation of your soul and the reaching of the last aim is guaranteed, for you have handed yourselves over to me; you no longer walk alone and ignorantly of the right way, but have entrusted yourselves to the right leader, who himself wants it, that you reach the destination, and who can just use no resistance, to now accompany you securely upwards. I then truly do not let you go wrong, and no matter whether you yourselves are now and then inclined, to push away from the right way, whether you also often get into danger, being enticed away on to a brought, but dangerous way for you. I never ever allow it, so you have once chosen me to be your leader and you therefore grant me the right, to care for you and to protect you from the attacks of my opponent, who indeed will still always persecute and tempt you, but whom I repulse, as soon as you are in danger, to succumb to him. Once you have concluded the covenant with me, so this means, that you yourselves will hardly be able to break away from me, because my love keeps you bound. Unless you rebel and break free from me by force. Then I do not keep you, for your will is free. But you no longer have to fear this, you who give yourselves away to me in free will and in deepest depth of the heart - you, who consciously want to serve me, you who for that reason can no longer break away from me, because you livingly believe in me. Who has once reached the living faith, he is mine and will also remain it. And he gives himself completely into my hands - he is indissolubly connected to me, and he will also remain it until all eternity. And even the hardest strokes of fate cannot break away his soul from me, although the body is not able to resist and is apparently overcome by hostile powers. But the soul is and remains mine; I was the aim, and for that reason it will also not lose me for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5933.


Book 64 5934


Easter 18. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5934.

"Rejoice, and be exceeding glad, for he is risen from the dead." So it sounded from the mouth of mine, and they believed in me, that I was Jesus Christ, the anointed of the Lord, that I really and truly was God and had redeemed the world through my death on the cross. I had risen from the dead. I had given to them in this way the proof of my words: "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." I had broken the power of death. But my resurrection was to be for men just the proof thereon, that life is no longer ended with the death of the body. They were to learn to believe in a life after death, and for that reason I let it happen visibly, what every individual soul has to expect after the earthly decease. For they all lacked this belief, and even the priests and scribes referred to the death of the prophets as proof, that also the most pious men fall to death in the end. For they knew nothing about the spiritual effects of the way of life, the resurrection of the soul they doubted, and for that reason the teachings of the man Jesus were for them incomprehensible and uncomfortable. And I wanted to give men to obviously recognize the spiritual effects of the obeying of my teachings. I was Lord over life and death. At the time of my earth walk I resurrected the dead to life, and men did not believe me, that I had power over life and death. And so I proved to them at myself, that I was also Lord over death - that life cannot be taken from him, who has already found it spiritually, even so one takes the earthly life from him. But I also let the earthly body rise as the sign, that it had nothing earthly any more to it, that it was also spiritualized and consequently had power in it, to rise in spiritualized form. Nothing earthly was any more attached to my body, because it had purified itself completely through the terrible sufferings, because everything earthly had turned into spiritual and this spiritual could now rise in full life. And for that reason, the body could climb out of the grave, for nothing kept it back to earth. This was a process, of which the whole of mankind was to take notice, that and why it is possible, to rise to life again after the death of the body, for on this information - on the faith in my resurrection - also depends the faith in my divinity, faith in my mission on earth as God's son and the complete unification with God gained through the fulfilment of the mission. I am really and truly risen from the dead and have shown myself to mine visibly - and I have proved to men by this, that I as man have overcome death, that he, who has brought death into the world, did not have the power, to keep my body back on earth, which had already got dressed with the spiritual dress through the work of redemption. And this work of redemption was meant for the whole mankind. Therefore, no soul can any longer be kept back by my opponent, which - as redeemed through my death on the cross -, has escaped from his power. It will not need to fear death; it will rise to eternal life, and it will be able to rejoice, and be exceedingly glad, for it knows, that its redeemer lives and that he alone gives life to those, who believe in him and in his resurrection.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5934.


Book 64 5935

Power of the spirit in the time of the end.

19. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5935.

You all are to experience the power of the spirit, you who believe, for the end is coming. You will still need much power in this time, and for that reason I want to allot to you my help obviously, because you believe and that also the faith of your fellowmen may be strengthened, so that they resist in the onslaught on the part of my opponent. You all, you who live in the last time, must endure much trouble and hardship patiently, because the fight between light and darkness breaks out sharply and has an effect on you men noticeably. For hell with its powers devises everything just possible, to bring my followers to defection from me - it devises everything just possible, to incite men against each other and to disregard the love commands, and much power and faith belongs to it, to remain loyal in this time of the end and to always just turn the looks upwards, from where help will come, as I have promised it. And in this time, you all will visibly experience my presence; the waves of my spirit will touch you, and you will always join me more and in the end lead your life only just in closest contact with me and however also stand in the blessing of this relationship. You will be able to work in my name through my spirit, and that means, that you do not need to fear the time lying before you, because you can counter all difficulties with the power of your faith and therefore nothing needs to be for you impossible, nothing unconquerable for you. My spirit will work in and through you. Where a believing circle gets together, there I will also obviously appear, while one, filled by my spirit, will hear my instructions in him and he now also feels my power in him, which now lets him carry out, what my spirit announces to him. And you will urgently need such strengthening and comforts, for you will be of despaired mind in the face of the events and be able to find no help anywhere else, for you, my believers, you will be outlawed for the sake of your faith. And nevertheless, this time must come, so that it is fulfilled, what stands written, that all get into trouble, who believe in me. I want to help you, and as soon as you are of firm unshakable faith, also this time will pass by you like a heavy dream, because you yourselves are able to banish the trouble by virtue of your faith. For that reason, just seek to gain deep faith - live in love, so that your faith may strengthen itself, and let yourselves be filled with my spirit - for it is powerful, and so it works in you, you will live and also no longer lose life for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5935.


Book 64 5936

Near end. Chronology of God.

20. April 1954 B.D. NR. 5936.

Not much time is left to you, and although you also put up a fight, to accept these my words as truth, you are already in the last hour, and the minutes will quickly pass, quicker than you suspect the end will be there and the hour of decision strike. My chronology is certainly another than yours, and nevertheless I say to you: The end is near - so near, that you would get a fright, if you would know the day and hour, where my announcements fulfil themselves, and all that happens, what I let predict through seers and prophets. And when you do not want to believed it, so do reckon with the possibility and make preparations, by you remembering your earth task, by you seriously taking yourselves to task, whether and how you perhaps would prove yourselves, so you would suddenly get recalled from this earth. Make provisions, even so you can or do not want to believe it; live nevertheless according to my will, and it will only be to your advantage, for then you will learn to believe. You will no longer think it to be improbable, for the fulfilling of my will is the fulfilling of my love commands, and this inevitably also brings in cognition for you, so that you can also understand these my words and believe in it. The end is near, and every day is a lost one, which you do not utilize, on which you do not remember your end. And who of you knows it, whether not also his life gets shortened; who of you can prevent it, that he is recalled prematurely. You must already think about it, when you do not want to believe in an end of this earth. For every individual of you, tomorrow can already be the last day, and each one individual is for that reason to ask himself, whether he is perhaps prepared to step before the judgement seat of God? - Whether he has used earth life right, to acquire eternal life? Indifferently you men go along and do not remember death, which can surprise each one of you. In what state is your soul, when also you would have to leave earth suddenly? Think of your end, when you are not able to think of the end of this earth, and live your earth life consciously, i.e. bearing in mind the task, which you have to fulfil on earth, to secure your soul a life after death. And look around you; pay attention to the signs of the time, and you will recognize, in which hour you live, for I constantly call you men's attention, and so you attend, my words will also appear credible to you. And you will ask me to help you. You will ask me for favour and mercy, for power for this last time, so that you head for the end well prepared - so that you can expect it in faith in my aid, so that the last hour is for you the hour of redemption from all trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5936.


Book 64 5937

God's spirit spark. Connection with God condition.

21. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5937.

You bear in you the spark of my God spirit, and it is the connection from me to you, provided that you, through your will, allow it, that it can work in you. For you yourselves also have the possibility, not to pay attention to it, then it certainly slumbers in you, but it is nevertheless completely isolated, because you do not allow it access to your soul - or also, because the soul - the thinking, feeling and wanting in you - refuses its work to it and it can therefore also determine the soul in no way, to listen to it or let itself be directed by it. Man himself determines therefore his distance from me, for as soon as he listens to the spirit spark in him - therefore gives it the possibility to work - also the contact with me myself is established, I who am the father spirit from eternity and remain indissolubly connected with that spirit spark in you. I have put you out freely, completely independent from me, although I supply power to you to be able to exist. The voluntary return to me, but the connection with me, established in free will, only makes you to completely free beings, which can work in full light and power, whereas they are light and powerless before and as it were are just kept, but are not themselves beings able to create. For the supply of power necessary to it cannot get supplied to the being without contact with the eternal source of power. But to establish the contact requires again the free will of the being according to law from eternity. And it gets established by the soul exactly through its willingness to listen to the spirit in it and to submit to its pushing and its leading. That put out from me in isolation, cannot pass; it will remain, because it is power having gone out from me, which can never pass. But it needs a power constantly flowing towards it, to be able to freely work and create, which it just needs to be prepared to accept. And the willingness is already the establishing of the contact with me - which for that reason can be found extremely easily, when the being itself just wants it. My spirit spark rests in you, you who are such creatures standing isolated before, with which I would like to unify. I myself am in you, but so long not conscious to you, as you are still unwilling, you getting into contact with me. But again and again I knock at the door of your heart and desire entry. What can just happen to cause your soul to listen to the voice of my spirit, that happens, but I do not touch your free will. For only it brings about the unification, but then brings in unsuspected blessing. Then you can say rightly: God is in you. For then you have become aware of me, and you obey, what my spirit announces to you. You live according to my will and can now also receive an excessive amount of power. For my will is a life according to my order from eternity, a life in love. But love is power; I myself am love, and so I am therefore in you, you are full of power and can now create and work according to the degree of your love willingness - but which you can always increase, because you now live in constant connection with me and nevertheless are and remain free beings, which are unspeakably happy, because they can now develop and use their power according to their will, which is also completely mine.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5937.


Book 64 5938

Connection with God. Assignment on earth.

22. April 1954. B.D. NR 5938.

Your assignment and the aim on earth is to establish the connection with me. Again and again I want to put this forward to you, because without me you can start nothing and can achieve nothing. Earthly wise you also feel able to pursue your aims alone, but also then it is only my permission, because as soon as I withdraw the strength from you, you are completely powerless, although you live. And that already must be apparent to you, when sicknesses approach you, which you cannot get under control. Mostly these illnesses are proof of your weakness, you who think you can manage without me, and they are opportunities to establish contact with me and to call on me for help, therefore for allocation of strength, that you lack. When you consciously get the strength from me to cope with earthly concerns, then the supply of strength will also be of use spiritually, because my strength has this effect, that it again leads back to me. Every conscious receipt of strength through prayer beforehand, that therefore means an established contact with me, is already a spiritual process, a spiritual illumination, which also has a spiritual effect - although it was requested for earthly things. But who thinks not to need any support from me - who does not believe in me as the source of strength from eternity, from whom every men can get strength without restriction - he stands isolated in my creation and can be driven to and fro like a plaything, because he has no counter strength, that gives him stability, whereas the connecting with me, the dependence on me, earns him his own strength, that constantly increases the more he pushed towards me. As long as a being is still isolated from me it is also insecure and only as long as it is quiet around this being, so long it stands erect and therefore thinks to be able to assert itself out of its own strength. But as soon as a storm starts, it cannot keep itself and without fail it will become a victim of the storm until it seeks a support, dependence, until a power comes to its help, by which it wants to get help. But the will also means the connection with this power. And this connection you have to seek; you have to establish it; consciously you have to turn to this power that it fills you - with me you have to establish contact so that I now can give you what you lack and nevertheless have much need of to reach your aim. You men lack too much the blessing of prayer - you do not know that every true prayer means a dependence on me - you do not know that you then have stepped out of the state of isolation, that you now have a firm foundation under your feet and that I am this foundation on which you now stand firmly and securely and do no longer have to fear any resistance. You have everything when you have me. And you own me when you seriously unite yourselves with me in prayer - because a prayer in spirit and in truth also secures my presence for you. And my presence means influx of power, my presence also means union, the achieving of the aim on earth - it means power of resistance against all attempts from below to again separate you from me. Whether I, your God and creator, become an idea on earth for you, that you seek the connection with me, that is alone left up to your will. But I create enough opportunities for you where you are pointed to your God and creator, who wants to be your father, but to whom you have to go of your own accord, and of your own free will place yourselves under him as children. Then you therefore establish the connection with me and then you also securely reach your aim because then you receive strength out of me to excess.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5938.


Book 64 5939

Decision for the right Lord.

23. April 1954. B.D. NR 5939.

To whom you give yourselves, he will also give to you, because two lords are fighting for your will, for your devotion to him, and this fight you decide yourselves. You are not forced to belong to the one or the other lord, you have free choice and can decide on one or the other - but according to this decision also the goods turn out that you receive - according to this decision you determine your fate in eternity. Both of the two lords give you what he himself owns and this property is very different - it differs from each other completely, as also its lords are complete opposites. And as you now are to decide between the two, you also have to get to know them. For only then you can be called to account for a right or wrong decision. But it is extremely difficult to give you full understanding for enlightenments for which no proofs can be brought - that only your own feeling can answer in the affirmative when you are serious to receive the right enlightenment. Because you can only be taught through speech, but have to create the proofs for yourselves by paying attention to the speech and carry out what is demanded of you exactly through that speech. You have to hear the word of God and live by it - God, as the one lord, enlightens you through his word about the fight between him and his opponent, he also gives you a description of the nature of the opponent, as well as his own nature, that is love and all the time campaigns for your love. He promises you spiritual goods that are everlasting. But you have to believe his promises. The truth of this cannot be proved to you as long as you stay on earth because you have to decide on your lord of your own free will.

The opponent of God likewise seeks to win you. He promises you earthly goods; he presents himself to you tempting you in the world and through the world. And his goods are tangible and visible - they do not need to be proved to you and that is why you also stretch the hands out towards those goods and so to speak so choose your lord already during life on earth despite the divine word that warns you against him and admonishes you to make the right decision, that admonishes you to strive for spiritual goods that alone are of value and continue to exist, while the goods of his opponent cease to exist as your body ceases to exist. But it is left to your free will to choose the lord, but your fate in eternity is also according to this choice. God's possessions are immeasurable, and so he also can hand out unlimitedly, and you can receive unlimitedly, when you acknowledge him as your Lord and devote yourselves to him in free will. But his opponent has nothing and so most bitter poverty and darkness is the lot of him, who has chosen him as his lord. And God wants to ward off this dreadful fate from you and he therefore again and again approaches you in his word. He only demands from you men to believe in his might and majesty and his unlimited love, who wants you to be blessed with this might and majesty of his. He approaches you in the word, but his word is a revelation of himself - which also can become the proof in you, when you live according to his word. You yourselves decide the fight between him and his opponent. That is why you are to listen to him when he comes to you in the word, so that you make the right decision - so that you hand yourselves over to him whose kingdom is light and power and magnificence.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5939.


Book 64 5940

Believing trust secures God's help.

24. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5940.

I am close to you. Already one thought from you calls me to you, and you can entrust all your worries and troubles to me. I hear you, and I am always prepared with my help. But you must put all your trust in me. You must believe, that you, as my children, are constantly surrounded by my love, that I never leave you to your own devices, but watch over you, like a good father looks after his children. Then you can also be completely reassured, that nothing brings about damage to you, that everything is good for your soul, whatever may approach you fate wise. But your believing call to me also again turns away from you, what you think is unbearable, for my love can refuse you nothing, so you trustingly ask me. But if you doubt my love or my power, so you yourselves make the favourable hearing of your prayer impossible. But a strong faith I do not let be wrecked. And for that reason, my admonition is just always: Take care that you win strong faith - take care that your faith becomes alive through love. Again, and again this is my prescription, my constant warning cry, because love is the only means to get rid of all trouble, because through a life in love you win such a strong faith, that you are now able to banish all trouble. You truly do not need to suffer or to experience fully earthly troubles, when you have a power of faith at your disposal, which is the result of unselfish love work. For then your earth life purpose would already be fulfilled, that you have changed your nature to love and you are now so intimately connected to me through love - but my presence excludes all trouble. But you men are still weak in faith and certainly also weak in love. For that reason, always turn to me seeking help, that I strengthen you. Request from me the power you lack, and believe, that I help you, because I love you and also want to win your love. The intimate joining together with me through prayer secures you also the aid on my part, and whether there are also days and hours in your life, where you are faint-hearted, and want to despair - you are never forsaken by your father in heaven, and he will always help you, so it is time.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5940.


Book 64 5941

Faith in Jesus Christ. Unbelieving Thomas.

25. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5941.

Only faith in Jesus Christ can lead you men there, to consciously work on yourselves, for only, so you believe in him, you also accept his love teaching, and you make the effort, to live according to this teaching. What is therefore done, to lead men to faith in Jesus Christ, that completely finds my agreement and is blessed by me. Jesus must be announced; his work of redemption must openly be presented, so that men find the way over Jesus Christ to their God and father from eternity. The end is close, and mankind is far, far away from him, who gave his life on the cross for all, to rescue them from ruin. Who does not connect with him, he gets lost, i.e., the prince of darkness keeps his control over him, and the kingdom of heaven is closed for him, for Jesus Christ is the gate to eternal happiness. The end is close, and innumerable men still do not know him, or they do not acknowledge him. I alone know, what it means for the mass of souls, which live along without him and die without him and are destroyed. It is no longer possible to lead them to Jesus Christ in a natural way. And therefore, I would have to get my creatures lost, if I would content myself with natural processes, which remain completely without impression on men. But I know about the few, which are mine and also support me and my name before the world; I know it, that I myself am recognized in Jesus Christ by a small circle of men, whom I now use as tools for the power and might of him, whom men do not want to recognize. I let them preach the word of the Lord. I let them announce the teaching of Jesus Christ and strengthen their words through unusual acts, so that they are believed. But that requires an extreme strong faith of those, who announce me, and love for me, which now brings in the power for them, to also work miracles in my name. It is always me myself, who works these miracles, however through these my servants, because I want, that men take anew note of their saviour and physician Jesus Christ, that they remember and learn to believe in his work of redemption, his death on the cross and his resurrection. This is a work of love and mercy by me, that I once again reveal myself before the end through my believing servants on earth; men are to be helped once again in the last time to find faith in him, because they have then also found faith in me, to not lose it for ever. For no matter whether faith will now also not produce the right fruit, because it can become a living one only through a love life, so the knowledge about Jesus Christ has still for the time being reached a degree, which then allows a further ascent, even so the soul is recalled prematurely and has not yet found the complete redemption on earth. It knows him and calls upon him in its trouble, and since it calls me myself in Jesus Christ, I can also help it. But it is incomparably more valuable, when man has found faith in me in Jesus Christ through my word - when he believes in him and needs no miracles to be convinced of the truth of my word. Happy are, who do not see and still believe. But I also helped the unbelieving Thomas, that he could gain faith. So I also today help the many unbelievers, who are not malicious, and I prove myself to them as God, as soon as a man stands up with enthusiasm for me and my teaching, to still increase the number of believers, before the end comes, and to also win those men, for whom the work of redemption is still without meaning and who for that reason are in great danger, that the gates to the kingdom of light remain closed to them for ever. I take pity on their lot, and I accept the will and the love of those, who want to help their neighbours, and bless their plan, by me giving them the power to heal and to work miracles in my name. For I want, that my name may become revealed and the favours of my work of redemption appear obviously. I want, that men express the name Jesus Christ in full faith, so that I myself can now get into contact with them - to now let my word have an effect again, so that man gains cognition, how tremendously important the acknowledgment of Jesus Christ is as God's son and redeemer of the world, in whom I have manifested myself, to be able to be a visible God for you. I want to rescue you men for eternity, and for that reason I come to meet you myself still in the last hour. For soon the end is there.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5941.


Book 64 5942

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God." Free will.

26. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5942.

I hand out my gifts to each one, who desires them, for my love for you, my creatures, is unlimited, and this love just wants to always give, make happy and help you to happiness. And my love and wisdom also recognize what you need to be happy. And so, I first supply to you food for your soul and give you the assurance, that also all that is given to you, what you need for the maintenance of the body. But you must first remember your soul and request the gifts for the soul as first thing. That I set as condition, to then also take over the care for your body - for the gifts for your souls must be desired by you in free will, if they are to serve it for perfection. I indeed also offer them to you without your previous desire, but they have no effectiveness so long, until your will is prepared for acceptance. For that reason, my words go: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." For your will must first get active itself; you must long for me and receive my gifts with thanks; only then your soul can be fed with heavenly food and heavenly drink, which give eternal life to it. My treasure of favours is unlimited, and it is at the disposal of you all; but you yourselves must want to have it - you must strive for to gain it and ask me for it, that I lead you there or bring the treasures to you, in the cognition, that you need them for your earth way, which is to bring you to perfection. And my love will grant you everything; my love will hand out to you without limitation; I will deny you nothing, what serves your soul to strengthening or recovery, and I will add everything for you, what you need earthly, because I now recognize your will, to gain perfection, to live to my pleasure and to reach me myself as last destination. But what I give you, that is my word, the bread of heaven, which is the right food for the soul. It will be able to refresh itself at my word; it will draw power out of my word, to do, what I demand through my word. My word will be the medicine for the sick soul, through which alone it can recover - and my word will be the sign of my love, which the soul would now like to reciprocate. And it will push towards me; it will long for the unification; it will be grateful for ever for my supply of favour; it will reciprocate my love and be and remain happy for ever, for it has now found life, which lasts for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5942.


Book 64 5943


27. and 28. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5943.

Mercy you are to practise and always be mindful of that, that you would be lost for ever without my mercy. But mercy is also based on love, which cannot see suffering and wants to help. That man, who feels mercy in him with his fellowmen, he is not without love, otherwise his fate would not touch him. Mercy is another form of love - for love seeks to make happy; mercy seeks to turn away suffering for the time being and every sensitive man takes pity on the suffering of fellowmen; he also has compassion and can be touched to his innermost being, and for that reason he is prepared to help. Love can also be practised without tangible trouble, and also in complete unselfishness, man can want to give and to make happy. But the trouble of fellowmen can also seize a man, who is of cooler heart - then mercy emerges, love is kindled in man; the misery of the other causes work of love, and a work of mercy will also bring in mercy for the man, so he is in trouble. I see all your sins and weaknesses, and I take pity on your state, although you yourselves are to blame for it. So your mercy is to also be meant for those, who got into misery out of their own fault - mercy is not to appear judicial; it is also to be meant for the unworthy, for the trouble of fellowman is truly compensation for his fault, but nevertheless agonizing and pitiable. What would your lot be, when I did not take pity on you and would not have paid your great debt myself through my love. Your lot was certainly justified, for you yourselves had chosen it in free will. But I see and saw only your weakness, your spiritual low and your fetter, which my opponent had put on you. I saw your powerlessness, to ever again liberate yourselves from this fetter. And now my mercy took the place of justice. I helped you, to finally get free from this fetter. I sent the redeemer Jesus Christ to earth, in whom I embodied myself and fought against him, who kept you imprisoned. My mercy could and would no longer keep you in his fetter. Mercy therefore did not pay attention to your own sin, but helped you, to also get free of it. And so also you are to practise mercy; you are to help, (8.4.1954) driven by love, to end the trouble of fellowman; you are to take pity on those, who are guilty and for that reason have actually forfeited the right to your help. But you are not to remember their sin, but certainly their misery. Merciful love is a proof, that your hearts are not yet hardened, that you as it were are compassionate and feel brotherly connected with the miserable. For that reason, do not turn your eyes away, so great trouble comes up to you - present also those being in the depth with your love, and take my mercy as your model, which is meant for all sinners and which caused me, to accomplish the work of redemption. Because all were guilty, but I took this guilt upon me and paid for it with my death on the cross.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5943.


Book 64 5944

Reference to the justice of God.

29. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5944.

The scales of justice quite alarmingly tip deep to your disfavour, and you are in greatest danger, for your God and creator from eternity must judge you, as his justice demands it. And your lot will therefore be an awful one, so you do not change yourselves and your way of life. And the time is close, where you are called to the court of judgement, where you are repaid according to your works, according to your love and according to your faith. His love is indeed infinite, and his mercy is meant for all sinners, for all fallen - but nevertheless also justice belongs to his nature, and so the day of judgement has come, his love and mercy steps back, because then is the hour, where it is made even according to right and justice, where to everyone it is allotted, what he deserves. For then a new redemption epoch begins again, then the time has expired, which was granted to you men, and this time was truly long enough, to form the spiritual, when it itself did not resist. And this resistance must once find its compensation. The entity is indeed sinful, as long as it is bound in material forms, for it bears the guilt of the great original sin - of the former defection of the spirits from me - with it, and is therefore also still bound in form. But you men have been redeemed from this original sin, and you could get free from every one form, so you wanted this yourselves. But now in earth life as man your will steps into resistance again against God through every sin, through your lack of love, through vices and desires of all kind, which you let again win power over you in free will and you are consequently also not willing, to let yourselves be redeemed through the work of redemption of Christ. And therefore you also do not get free of the original sin, but still increase it many times, because God's love and favour put you, despite your sin, therefore completely undeserved, again into a state, where you just needed to grab the hand of the father and redeemer offered to you. But you push it back; you do not respect the gifts of favour; you add sin over sin to your former guilt. And God is longsuffering and merciful; in greatest patience he seeks to draw your attention to the serious consequences of your actions. He takes your weakness and inadequacies into account; he adds for you, what you lack; persistently he makes an effort, to give your will the right direction. But he leaves fullest freedom to you. His love and mercy is endless, and it will be meant for you until all eternity. And so also the just conclusion of a redemption epoch is again only a work of love and mercy of God, which effect is well known to him as blessed. But his justice also again and again demands a putting in order of the still resisting spiritual into the right - i.e. according to its resistance - outer form, because a change of the will, of the resistance against God, must be reached once, but this must go on in a legal order. And so, the last judgement is also completely according to the divine order, for to the divine order irrefutably also belongs justice. And it will be your judge, and no-one will be able to withdraw from its judgement.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5944.


Book 64 5945

God's help in every trouble.

30. April 1954. B.D. NR. 5945.

No trouble is so great, that I would not be able to remove it; and there is no enemy, who is stronger than me. For that reason, step on my side and take up together with me the fight against him, who threatens to destroy you, and be not vacillating for one second, that you doubt me, that I help you. For who just wants to go with me, for him I am and I remain a rescuer from all trouble. No matter what presses you - may it be spiritually or earthly - come to me with it and seek to overcome nothing alone, because in your weakness you do not manage it alone, but soon you despair and get into always greater trouble. But when you turn immediately to me, without you analysing the worry pressing you, then you are already relieved of this worry, for what you entrust to me full of faith, that I also bring to a close for you, and truly so, that you obviously recognize my help. But what does it mean "full of faith"? You certainly come to me, but mostly only with a questioning and anxious heart - you do not come to me with the confidence, to ask your father for something, who will certainly refuse you nothing, The more confident you are, the less you doubt in my will to help and my power, the more secure is my help for you, for I want your faith, because a strong faith also proves the connection with me and then is also the purpose of every trouble reached, that you establish the connection with me in all intimacy. Call upon me in trouble; come like the children to the father and present to him all your troubles, and then wait for help, which will certainly be granted to you, so you just believe.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5945.


Book 64 5946

God's care for the least - lowest.

1. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5946.

How often do men doubt it, that I look after the lowest and smallest, that I hold the fate of each one man in the hand, although he is of secondary importance on earth, although he goes along inconspicuously, weak and frail at the body and at the spirit. How often I hear the words: God is supposed to take care of every individual? - You men have no real idea about me, so you let these thoughts come up in you. You always apply the same standards as to yourselves, where you think only the great, mighty, sublime to be notable; but the small, low is despised by you as long, until you find also there something, what seems valuable to you. You judge according to appearance; you judge according to human estimation. But I know, how valuable every individual soul is - and when I say to you, that man is the centre of the whole creation, that for him alone creation has come into being - that every soul had its beginning in me and that the development of this soul to future heights, to perfection, had caused me to create the earthly world, because all possibilities are offered to it in this world, to again gain the former height - then you will also understand it, that I bend myself down to the most tiny creature, to help it up from the depth - that nothing is too low for me, because it is my share, because it holds sparks of me myself in it, which are to again unite themselves with the fire of eternal love. Moreover, your capacity is certainly limited, but not mine. I know no limitation, neither in my power and might nor in my love and mercy. I know no limitation of my thoughts and of my cognition; I know about everything, see and hear everything, and the most miserable creature can know itself being looked after by me. By how much more man, whose soul I would like to possess again, which once separated from me voluntarily. That these souls stand in quite many and divers and in quite from each other deviating situations, that quite different ways of fate are prescribed to them, that my superb wisdom recognized as bringing in success for every individual soul, but will never mark the degree of my love for those souls, why the thought is erroneous, that they may be too low for me, to be given of my love and care - why also the favour of prayer is at the disposal of every man, which also establishes the connection with me to the most miserable man and also secures for him the favourable hearing of his requests. Every man can and is supposed to establish this connection with me, because then the soul develops upwards quite notwithstanding of its outer form, of its earthly low and miserable life situation, and can also reach its aim far sooner - the former perfection - than a man, who is great and sublime in the world and does not establish the connection with me, because he lacks faith for meaning and purpose of earth life and his earth task connected to it. I truly know it, what serves a soul best, and I let not one single soul out of my eyes. I truly direct and guide it right, so that each one soul can reach the aim, when it is just its will. And this will remains free and does not depend on the life situation of the individual man. But all my creatures experience my love and favour without difference, and I also remember the tiniest creature, so that it may find the way upwards.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5946.


Book 64 5947

Work of God necessary. Presence of God.

2. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5947.

I must be able to work with and in you, if you want to reach your aim on earth to become perfect or to at least mature so far, that you can enter the kingdom of light after the earthly death. No man can ever reach this aim, who eliminates me myself, who lives without faith in me and therefore also without prayer, which secures him the supply of power. He can indeed live in love - perhaps initially without faith, but it will become alive in him as result of a love life. But complete unbelief also indicates complete lack of love, because a life in love teaches man already to think differently, and indeed according to truth, and the man in the cognition of truth also recognizes and acknowledges me myself. But then ascent is also secured, for then I can work in him; I can influence him; I then work at and in him. A man with love is without resistance - he surrenders to my will; he lets himself be directed and always willingly obeys my leading. Not always he acknowledges me, whose mouth honours and professes me, so love is still foreign to him. The acknowledgement of me myself does not need to be expressed with the mouth, when the nature of man adjust itself to my original nature affirmatively, when he is active in love. Then he acknowledges me without words, for then his nature has become so, that I can enlighten man's thinking, and then he is not at all any more a denier of me myself, because he already works with me, i.e. performs works of love with my power. Without me you achieve nothing - you need power for the ascent, because you are powerless creatures, as long as you walk on earth. And this power can only be imparted to you, when you acknowledge me or seek and establish the connection with me, although you do not believe - therefore allow my presence in you through practising works of love. "Who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him." The wanting, to preform love works, also lets him gain possession of power to the carrying out - and the wanting I assess and reward it, by me leading him to cognition, that I am and would like to be connected to him. And then he acknowledges me with the naturalness, with which he now preforms works of love. For love and I are the same, and who has love in him, he also has me myself in him, and I can influence him always according to the aim, which he is to gain on earth. And for that reason I again and again admonish men to lead a life in love, because then my presence is also secured and my presence can only have an effect in a promoting way. With me you securely reach your aim, but without me your earth life is idle and the results of it tremendously serious, for you enter without light and power, without all cognition the spiritual kingdom after your bodily death - your soul is spiritually dead and cannot enter eternal life in this state.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5947.


Book 64 5948

Announcing Jesus Christ. Reason for rejection.

3. and 4. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5948.

You all want to serve the Lord - and therefore you all must also be agreeable for me, for I need workers in the last time before the end, who cultivate my vineyard. I need many workers, who want to be active for me and my kingdom - and according to their will, according to their degree of maturity I also allot their activity to all of them. Many fields lie fallow; they are many hearts of men, which soil is not receptive for a good seed, that are innumerable men, who have no faith, no firm ground, on which they could build up. They are innumerable men, in whom no spark of spiritual life glows, and in order to move these men, to seek the spiritual life, unusual strong preachers belong, who must do a hard work, to cultivate the stony ground - to awaken something like "faith" in men, to let again spiritual goods appear long since buried - preachers, who speak with a strong voice to men and announce my Gospel to them. And because unbelief is so great among men, I allow it, that means are applied for the last work of redemption on this earth, which still give more effect to the words of the preacher - because I want, that these announcers of my word are listened to. I want it, that men are urgently pointed to the redeemer. I want, that they win faith in him, because only then a change is possible in the hearts of men, when the support of the redeemer Jesus Christ is requested, for which faith in him is indispensable. And for that reason, I myself am present with my power, where I am announced with the most inner conviction and from loving will to help. I myself am therefore with those and bless their work for me and my kingdom. Nevertheless, also those act in free will, without all compulsion from my side. I support them with my power, and I assess their deep faith, without which my obvious work would never ever be possible - more still - I let them recognize clairvoyantly, whether and when they are sure of my support - when they lay the hand on the sick in my name to heal them. For they work for me and my kingdom; they serve me with devotion, and for that I bless them and do not let their strong faith be wrecked. But I also still have other redemption possibilities, for the hearts of men are different and also need different treatment of their spiritual soil, and also the sowing is varied, which is to produce spiritual fruit. What is achieved with one through unusual signs, that can be achieved with the word itself already with the other, and also the still lacking faith of men in Jesus Christ as God's son and redeemer of the world can be won easier by them through convinced instruction - through explanations, to which neither the heart nor intellect can close its mind long. And these can therefore reach right faith alone through the word - provided, that it is my word, which is offered to them in all purity, without all distortion or addition. And for these men therefore my word sounds from above to a servant ministering to me, who offers himself to me, to mediate between me and men. This my word has likewise an inestimable power effect; it can quite suddenly let the soul regain its health, which illness is far more dangerous and more significant than a sick body. Therefore, I again prove myself as healer, but also only then, when faith in me in Jesus Christ is awakened to life through my word, which first teaches love, which then also produces a living faith. It is always about the life of the soul, which can only be found through Jesus Christ. Every means for it finds my approval, and every effort I bless. Incomparably successful are therefore such efforts, where I can work through my spirit - where faith and love are so deep, that I myself can therefore be present. (4.5.1954) It is always revelations on my part, for my power becomes obvious as a result and can lead again to increased faith and a way of life pleasant to me, what is sole purpose of my revelations. For then the soul also certainly goes the way of ascent development, and it reaches the aim - the joining together with me, There are however also men, who have been pushed away from me through error and the lie and who cannot so easily reach simple faith in me in Jesus Christ, because their previous knowledge obstructs the straight way - men, who for that reason can no longer believe childlike, because faith in teachings has been demanded from them, which appear unacceptable to them, which contradict pure truth and for that reason have been rejected by them instinctively. For them above mentioned obvious power expressions on my part are only then of blessing, when they at the same time receive enlightenment about the pure Gospel and about the spiritual material disfigured and deformed through men, which was cause of their complete unbelief. Such truthful enlightenments alone can already move a willing man to faith, also without obvious proofs of my work through spirit awakened servants, and such a won faith is much more valuable and promotes the development of the soul extremely fast. Therefore, I must also come to the help of those men, who only find the way to me through truth. And therefore the vineyard work is urgently needed - to directly receive truth from me and to spread it. Also this work requires a particular willingness to service and strong faith in me, that I announce myself through my word. But this faith is not often to be found among men, and who cannot or will not believe it, he also cannot be addressed by me - for only the will to hear me, brings about, that man feels addressed by me. But the will does for that reason not exist, because faith is lacking, that I speak. The will could certainly be stimulated through my word - but where faith is lacking, man is more likely inclined to reject than to accept, and my word sounds away without effect at the ears of man. And faith in my direct address is completely lacking with those, who lean only on the Scriptures alone, who think my revelations being concluded with the written posthumous works of my disciples. But they can possess an extremely strong faith and be extremely successfully active for me and my kingdom, because they use the power of faith, to glorify my name - because they cause me to unlimited renunciation of my power through their strong faith and for that reason win many men for me and my kingdom. They act in good faith to do right, when they reject, what faith teachings or revelations are brought to them from the outside of the Scriptures. They therefore do not believe, because they themselves do not have this gift - but cannot have it, as long as they do not believe, that I again and again reveal myself to men through my word. Faith in it only makes it possible, that I address a man directly, and only then my words also have an effect on the heart of man, so that he feels it, who announces himself to him, and he can now receive unlimitedly - according to his will, to utilize the gifts for the salvation of mankind.

His work can then be extremely blessed, because truth finds entry everywhere, where good will exists and is accepted for the sake of itself. And happy, who believe my words and do not need the signs.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5948.


Book 64 5949

Oppressions of the just.

5. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5949.

The lot of the just is for that reason often unbearable, because the powers of darkness quite particularly romp about him, because they recognize him as opponent, who will never join them and from whom they would like to take faith for that reason, so that he may become a weak character and may surrender to them without resistance. Those men, who devote themselves to God, who live according to the will of God, are detested by those dark powers and their lords, and this hate they vent, by them filling men enslaved to them with it and drive them to acts of greatest mean-spiritedness. And for the sake of your maturation God allows it. You men will not be able to understand it and also often be inclined, to doubt God's love and mercy on account of such acts, which are committed against just men. It is the time of the end, and the powers of hell are let loose and rage in a most alarming way. They are not prevented, but nothing remains unpunished - and the punishment, which hits these devils in human form, is truly a just compensation, for they are captured. Those who could act free and unrestrained, are bound and robbed of their freedom for endless times, and unimaginable agonies are their lot. But man can only suffer a short time, until death redeems him - but what his soul wins as profit, that is not comprehensible to you men, but would make comprehensible to you, why God allows it, that evil has superior strength over good. For it can only torment and kill the body, but has no control over the soul of man, and it reaps the benefits: The way to God is shortened, which otherwise is considerably longer. But a particularly difficult earthly lot has its reason, which you men yourselves do not know, but is obvious to God. The plan of salvation of God is carefully thought-out, and the love and wisdom of God has planned it. Every wrong, every sin is taken into account and every maturation possibility has been seen and decided, and for that reason everything, what comes over a man, can be seen as good and salutary for his soul, although the intellect of man would like to judge differently. But the prize, the success, is invaluable, and every soul thanks its God and father from eternity, which found through most severe suffering the way to eternal life in this way - it thanks him, that it became free of all guilt, which its body took upon it and has suffered for it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5949.


Book 64 5950

God does not judge, but men judge themselves.

6. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5950.

I do not judge men, but they judge themselves. They are not given differently, than they themselves want it, and their will therefore leads either to life or to death. I myself want to give life to all men, but when they themselves choose death, then it is done according to their will. But the eternal law of order remains, and this law is according to my nature, i.e. my love. Those men, who adapt themselves to this law of eternal order, will therefore also let love rule and consequently also choose life, because through love they receive the power, which guarantees a life in happiness, while loveless men are without power and for that reason also stand outside of the order from eternity - and consequently condemn themselves to death. For death is a powerless state, which all men or their souls have to be prepared for, who live without love and have therefore left my eternal order. But it is left up to every man, which lot he chooses, and therefore every man also judges himself. But I persistently warn men of the judgement, who still live outside of my eternal order, so that they think things over and enter into it, so that they fashion their fate themselves, so that they are awakened to life, when the hour has come, where everyone is given what is his; I warn them, because I take pity on them, because I love all men and know about the terrible lot, for which those are heading. But I cannot give to them differently, than my justice allows it; I respect every man's will, but am always prepared, to helpfully stand by him, when he wants to again join my eternal order. For my will is, that men awaken to life on the last day, that they do not fall to death. My will is, that they become full of power and constantly receive power from me - but what is only possible, when they enter my love current, i.e. change themselves to love and are now allowed to receive extremely rich light and power. It is left to all, to let themselves be shone through by me, but who moves outside of my love circuit, he cannot receive my love radiation; he remains weak and, in the end, comes into the power of death, but is himself to blame for. And for that reason, he judges himself. Only a life in my order, a life in love secures man the power, that his soul lives in eternity, and who lives so, he also does not fear the last judgement, for he can never ever be disowned; he has already won life and will no longer lose it for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5950.


Book 64 5951

Faith of the disciples of the time of the end without proofs.

7. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5951.

I demand from you, from my disciples of the time of the end, strong faith, faith, which convincingly professes me before the world. Only those men will be able to do it, who stand in intimate connection with me, because only this connection lets their faith reach that strength, while the other men will easily give me up, because it is difficult for them, to believe in a time, which has moved so far from my walk on earth, that only few positive proofs can be brought of my life and dying, of my earth walk and my walk of suffering. For that reason, faith must be particularly strong, if man wants to profess me before the world. My disciples at the time of my earth walk saw me, they lived with me and were witnesses of innumerable acts of miracles; they could hear me every day and be instructed by me; they were enlightened about everything, and it could therefore be easy for them to believe in me and my mission. They also failed at times despite obvious proofs of my divinity. But after my death they were filled by my spirit, so that they could fulfil their task to spread the Gospel throughout the world, and they therefore also supported me convincingly before the world. But how is it with my disciples of the time of the end? They could see and experience nothing, they do not experience my visible presence; they must just believe, what has been announce about me. But also my disciples of the time of the end are not powerless, and my work is also recognizable to them; I also reveal myself to them in the spirit - for which exactly this intimate connection with me is precondition. I give to them unusually, because I demand an unusual faith from them and take the fact into account, that they only had to build up on the knowledge imparted to them, to come to a convinced faith, and they for that reason need an unusual help, if they want to fulfil the mission now also assigned to them - to announce my Gospel to men in the last time before the end. I demand much from these my last disciples, for they must believe the word alone; they must withstand all counter arguments, which describe my earth walk and my mission as implausible. They just have to believe. But I bless them for that, and I say to them again: The last will be the first - for their mission it a significant one, as it is essential to still rescue souls before the end, to also introduce them to Jesus Christ, so that they do not depart from this earth unredeemed. They must stand up for me, for their father and redeemer; they must profess me before the world, when Satan will run with all might against the bastion of faith. Then they must prove themselves and their faith in me; then they must profess loud my name before the world, because this name alone is the power, to abolish the work of Satan and to render him himself harmless. I demand strong faith from these my last disciples, but they do not stand alone in the fight against the enemy. I myself am with them, because through their faith they let me be present, and therefore they will also manage to win the victory - and all those, who follow my disciples and likewise confess my name before the world.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5951.


Book 64 5952

"No man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

9. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5952.

No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. These word alone already should let men recognize the significance of the acknowledgement of Jesus as God's son and redeemer of the world, and nevertheless they have completely lost the impression, for mankind pays no attention to them, otherwise it would not reject him so without thinking, him, who describes himself as bridge to the father. The words of the Scriptures are for most men only still letters without spirit and life. They speak them along, without being aware of their significance; they leave the words of the Lord completely unnoticed and therefore also do not find to the father, because they also do not believe in him with that conviction, which would result in a paying attention to the divine word. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. But men lack the will, to reach the father, why they also do not seek the way to him - why the divine redeemer Jesus Christ is also without all significance for them. This attitude leads to ruin, to spiritual death. Since they do not reach the father, they remain under the control of him, who is the opponent of God; they remain in the depth, because they do not long upwards. It is an extremely regrettable state, that men have no striving upwards at all, that they do not think about their earth task and that also the teaching of Christ, the Gospel, is indifferent to them, that they accept none of his words as important and think about them - that they cannot reach cognition, because they seek no enlightenment, because it is a matter of complete indifference to them, what God would like to impart to them through the Scriptures and what the man Jesus as the speaker of God has preached to men. And no-one thinks about it, that he only stays on earth for that reason, to manage the return to the father, and that opportunity for it is constantly offered to him, which he rejects in his obdurate mind, because he does not believe. The distance of man to the father is great, however one offers himself for leadership, for mediation. One has established the bridge, which makes the way to the father passable, and this one offers to all men his help. But he is not listened to; he is not paid attention to, so he wants to bring himself to men into remembrance. Blindly and deafly they go past him, although he calls to them: "No man cometh unto the Father, but by me." He himself says of himself: "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Who therefore seeks truth and life, he must take the way over Jesus Christ; he must make use of his mediation; he must request power from him, to be able to cover the earth way successfully, which is the purpose of life: to find the unification with the father, which only secures a life in happiness, a life, which lasts for ever. Men do not know, which lot they are heading for through their indifference and their unbelief; they do not know, what they forfeit in this way, that they do not respect the divine word, that they do not take their refuge to him, who alone can rescue them from ruin - they do not know it and do not believe the words of those, who know about it and would like to help them. And no matter whether the word sounds from above, they do not accept it, for they listen to another voice, to the voice of the world, with which the opponent of God addresses them and to which they willingly open their ears. They do not seek life, but death - they reject him, who promises life to them, and for that reason they will remain in sin and death, because without Jesus Christ there is no redemption and no returning home into the father house.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5952.


Book 64 5953

Relationship with God.

10. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5953.

And when you have found me on earth, then your way through the valley of the earth is no longer so difficult, because you then consider everything that approaches you to be my will, you know that I look after you and you only just direct your eyes towards the aim, because also your thoughts are all the time with me. You have found the foundation on which you now stand firmly and securely, while before you did not feel real safety, because you did not have a firm foundation underneath the feet. And you will urgently need this safety in the end times because what you experience, what happens around you, would confuse you and would cause you to completely lose a shallow or dead faith. But the relationship with me gives you explanation und you understand my plan of salvation from eternity. The lukewarm and ungodly will be thrown in severe doubts because they believe to have to contest or to completely deny the love of a God, because they are completely without knowledge and only see the misery. And they also do not know to what extent men themselves are to be blamed for this misery and how all evil has an effect. Those can call themselves happy who follow me, who are united with me and try to explain to themselves everything spiritually, because they will receive this explanation and nothing will be left, that is able to shake their faith in me. Strong contrast will be, on the one hand strong faith and complete unbelief on the other, and the events of the last times before the end will contribute, that a part of men will confess me fully convinced, while the others just as convinced will stand against me, because both their way of life is the explanation for it. Those who have found me, see and recognize me everywhere. But my opponents only see the world, which means more to them than a God and creator from eternity - and where the world is in danger, where visible decay or revolutionary destruction should bring them to think, there they just hurl hate towards the power that they do not want to acknowledge and still have to acknowledge. And they deny this power, driven by him who is my opponent. But nothing is left that can shake the faith and their safety of those who have joint me, who put everything devotedly and trustingly in my hand and fear nothing than that they could lose me. The relationship to me is what gives them the power and the recognition and in this relationship they also will remain loyal to me until the end - they will be allowed to constantly receive my power because they are mine and will also remain so for evermore.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5953.


Book 64 5954

Faith tests are to produce strong faith.

11. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5954.

Often I still will have to send faith tests to you, because I want to educate you to strong fighters, who are needed in the time of the end, who are to fight for me and my name and are to also win fellowmen for me with their strong faith. And for that reason, you must climb level by level; every passed faith test brings you further, and every renewed relationship with me strengthens your soul and enables it to the task, which is set for it in the last time - to defend the faith and to be a leader to fellowmen, who himself is knowledgeable of the way, because he only relies on the inner guidance, on my directing through my spirit. Obstacles will still often pile up before you, which you believe never to be able to overcome. But I stand already prepared, to clear away the obstacles, but only, when you have gotten into contact with me, when you ask me about it, that I help you, because your power alone is not enough. You are to always remember him, who alone can help you, and no matter how great the trouble seems to be to you. Your faith, that I can and want to help, also lets the greatest obstacles pass, and the way is again free, which you are now to go further with me. As soon as you isolate yourselves from me, as soon as you remember me too little, also worries and troubles pile up again before you, which I cannot spare for you, as long as you do not dedicate yourselves to me alone, as long as you do not let my presence be enough for you and your eyes are still longingly directed away from the way, where still much tempts, what you still would not like to completely miss. I know, that my means of education hit you hard now and again; I know, that now and again you find it difficult, to see in me the loving father, but it is love only, which lets me act so towards you, for I alone also know, where you would land, when I would not let you again and again get into situations, where only the intimate connection with me - a call out of the deepest bottom of the heart - leads you out and such troubles and their overcoming however are extremely beneficent for your souls and strengthen your faith exceptionally. There is a way out for all troubles, and nothing is unconquerable with my help. Therefore, earthly worries and troubles are to never let you despair, for you can banish them through strong faith, and you are to seek to win it. I just want to always show you, that I do not let myself be ousted by my opponent, and so he succeeds, that your eyes turn towards him, I myself push a wall between you and him. And mine understand my love call and bend themselves humbly - and their prayer towards me is now so, that I can hear it, that I lead them out of every trouble. For I never ever lose them, I only want, that they completely surrender to me and in this way reach a faith, which is unshakable and which will also emerge as victor from the last fight on this earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5954.


Book 64 5955

Convinced preachers.

12. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5955.

In the last time before the end ample spiritual food will be offered to you, so that you do not lose strength, so that you become and remain strong and robust in the last fight on this earth. My Gospel is preached with all eagerness, for everywhere are awakened servants, who work for me and my kingdom. All announce my name and seek to kindle, and bring to new life, faith in me as the divine redeemer, and it will be conspicuous, with which conviction these preachers stand up for me. My spirit blows, where it wants - and it always blows there, where the preconditions are given, which allow a work of my spirit: Love and faith, and the desire for pure truth and such an intimate contact with me, that I can express myself directly through the mouth of him, who stands up for me. I enlighten the thoughts of him, and I put the words into the mouth for him; I address men myself, who listen to him, and he listens to me, I who speak through him. Everywhere the Gospel will be announced in the last time before the end. For it is necessary, if souls are still to be rescued before the end. And all will be able to fetch power out of the divine word, out of the soul nourishment, which is offered to you men from above, as soon as you seriously demand to hear my word. For it is always the same word, whether you hear it through preachers, who let my spirit have an effect, or whether it is supplied to you directly from above, whether I myself address you and offer the bread of heaven to you. "You are always guest at the table of the Lord", to whom I serve communion myself, whom I supply with food and drink, to strengthen them and to impart power to them, to pass their last faith test. You all are still of weak spirit; you all need a healthy and invigorating food for your soul and therefore I care for you all spiritually and bodily, so you just grant me the right, to look after you. For that alone determines your will, which is free and is not touched by me. For that reason, I shout to you in admonishing father love: Come all to me. Let me offer you the bread of heaven; come voluntarily - want, that your father from eternity addresses you, and pay attention to, in which way the father complies with your longing. For I have many ways, which lead to your heart, and I have may workers, who are active on my behalf, to announce my word. How and where it is offered to you - it comes from me, so you just desire to hear me. For there is great spiritual trouble; a spiritual drought has occurred, and the souls must live in want, so I myself do not cater for them - so I myself do not offer them the living water, which is most delicious refreshment for them. And you all need food for your souls and for that reason are to camp at the spring of life, which I never let dry up, and you are to let yourselves be given a present by me. Then your soul will mature; your faith will become strong, and you will be a match for the last fight on this earth; you will emerge as victor from the fight, which will still break out before the end for the sake of my name and which brings about the separation of the spirits.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5955


Book 64 5956

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God."

13. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5956.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Believe my words, and interpret them literally. As soon as you let the spiritual striving become the purpose in life for you, as soon as you strive for to live right before my eyes, as soon as you have the will to fulfil the will of him, who called you into life, as soon as you want to acquire eternal life, because you wish to get united with me, your whole earth life unwinds according to your striving. You must also regard these my words literally, that I demand nothing further from you, than that you turn your looks upwards, that you seek me and you want to join me, to then truly prepare an easy earth life for you, according to my promise: "and all these things shall be added unto you." The earthly worries fulfil your whole thinking, as long as you assess the earthly life too high. Again and again new worries or wishes will fill you, which all are just to increase your bodily well-being and which are also granted to you, when you live along completely without me - for then my opponent provides for you as reward for it, that you have given up me and surrendered to him. And that is no profit for you, even so you are rich earthly and world men honour you - for you have lost me and my kingdom and left all my small admonitions and warnings unnoticed. You truly did not need to worry about your earthly well-being, when you would like to give me the first place in your heart, when you for the time being strove to gain me and my kingdom. For what your body needs, that is given to you, so you seek first the salvation of your soul, which can be found alone only in me. I truly take over every worry about you, for who preserves the whole creation out of his power, he will also be able to preserve his creatures, and they will truly lack nothing. But you often apply a different standard; you demand things, which do not bring about a blessing for you, and indeed then, when your striving still is not exclusively meant for me - when you believe not being able to completely forgo the world. But I give so to you, as I recognize it as necessary and salutary for you, because I want to remove you from him, who is lord of the world, but does not share me with him in your possession. And so, your striving is seriously meant for me and the gaining of my kingdom, also those things are no longer desirable for you, but you are grateful for everything, what I send to you, because it lets the earthly life become bearable for you and because you feel my love in you in the daily care about you - you know yourselves being looked after by your father, who truly does not let his children live in want, who have walked along the way to him and who he refreshes and strengthened spiritually and earthly, as he has promised you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5956.


Book 64 5957

The letter kills. The spirit vivifies.

14. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5957.

The letter kills, only the spirit vivifies - that you all must take to heart, you who announce to fellowmen, what stands written - you must know, that without my spirit you can give many different meanings to every word, that you can interpret everything in many different ways and that you can remove yourselves on that occasion far from truth, that you can acquire dead knowledge, which is without value for the soul. Only the spirit enlivens, and only the spirit illuminates, what was dark before. Only my spirit gives you enlightenment, which meaning my word holds, and only an enlightened thinking grasps and assimilates the word so, that the interpretation is now according to truth. What all can you read out of the Scriptures - you can completely twist the meaning of it and also again kindle brightest light in you, according to your will and your ability, to let my spirit work in you. And therefore, also erroneous teachings can occur and find entry among man, because my opponent intervenes everywhere there, where I myself still cannot be in the spirit, because he also does not shrink from twisting my word, when he can just work against truth. You know yourselves, that each one man's thoughts can take another direction and that still everyone would like to support his thoughts as right and true - but you also know, that different opinions cannot lay claim to truth, and you must therefore consult him, who himself is truth from eternity. You must ask him for enlightenment of your spirit, before you go to the interpretation of the Scriptures, which testify to me. You are not allowed to just concern yourselves with my word intellectually; you must know, that every word allows many different meanings, and seek to find the right meaning, but not without previous call for my help. And so your will is good, so you seek to announce pure truth only, your thinking will also be enlightened for you for the sake of truth, for I want it, that truth finds entry among men, and I want, that light comes into the hearts of men, but which only pure truth can kindle. Not the word itself, the letter, is decisive, but the meaning, which is hidden in the word. And no matter how clear and unambiguously I have spoken to you men, when I walked on earth and also before - also these my words can get deformed or not interpreted giving the gist of it, when the intellect only and not the heart concerns itself with it and when my assistance is not requested with it. And then the letter can "kill" in the true meaning of the word - it can give death to the soul, which is not addressed and, in this way, devoid of all food, becomes a slave to spiritual death or it gets offered completely wrong food, so that it cannot awaken to life. For the spirit only enlivens. And I truly want to give it to all those, who ask me intimately for it, who are willing to announce me myself and truth, to serve me and to help fellowmen out of the trouble of their souls. They will receive, what they request, and then also be good servants for me in my vineyard, who will always only do the will of their Lord and therefore are also truly my deputies on earth, who will speak in my place - the same word in the same meaning, which I have taught on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5957.


Book 64 5958

Also the last judgement is an act of the love of God.

15. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5958.

You all have emerged from me, and that must also be for you the explanation for my extreme great love, which connects me with you. And this love does not decrease; it increases with increased danger for you; it is meant for the deeply fallen and seeks to rescue it. And my love therefore also never gives up, what resists it, what still stands in furthest distance from me. For my love is infinite. You do not grasp the whole significance of this my word, because your thinking and feeling is limited, but the awareness, being constantly seized by my love, could make you to the most happy beings, because it would banish every fear, chase away every fearful stirring, for the child does not fear a loving father, but it trustingly snuggles up to his arms. But you do not know about my extreme great love as the result of your inadequacy, which is cause of your earth life, for through your former defection from me you have closed yourselves to my love current and now also lost the light, what is synonymous with cognition and knowledge about your beginning and your purpose. You yourselves stepped into darkness; you fled from the light; you turned away from the source of light and strove towards darkness. Nevertheless, my love followed you, and it will not leave you alone, until it finds your reciprocation, to then prepare for you unimaginable happiness. My love therefore seeks to redeem you, but it does not condemn you. But if you are in damnation, you are in a state of extreme trouble and agony and eternal darkness, then you yourselves have chosen this damnation for yourselves, then you have resisted my love; you consciously have striven away from me and towards my opponent - by virtue of your free will, which I never ever make unfree, as long as you, as beings freely put out by me, have the possibility, to turn again to me. Only then I bind this your will, when every possibility remained unused and the return to me is impossible. Then my love chooses the last means - renewed binding and inserting into the mandatory law - to move the entity to the giving up of the resistance, to again decrease the endless far distance from me, so that the possibility again exists, to enter into the circuit of my love. I truly know it, how that, having emerged out of me, is to be won, and my endless love will never stop wanting to bring liberation to it. For love will never want to condemn and to put into chains, but always only redeem - what got into the state of eternal damnation through one's own fault. And therefore, also the judgement is no act of wrath, but an act of love, because a redemption period is by this means completed and a new one begins, until also the last spiritual resisting me has found back to me and is happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5958.


Book 64 5959

"I know mine."

16. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5959.

I know mine, and mine know me - mine also know, that I am close to them, so close, that they can hear my voice, when they listen into themselves. And they also believe it, that I speak to them, because my presence, which they feel, gives them this certainty, they have overcome the separation through their faith and their love, for without love and faith they cannot belong to mine, and without love and faith I cannot be present to them so, that they are aware of it. My presence is felt making them happy - because no-one comes away empty-handed, who lets me stay with him, who has received me in his heart, who is mine. And my gifts are truly delicious, which I distribute, so I have taken residence in the heart of a man, and no-one is to miss them, who has once received them. My gifts are power and light and favour. I hand out power unmeasured to that heart, which has become mine through its will and its love. I give light, by me illuminating the thoughts of him and he can therefore mature in cognition, and I cover him with gifts without measure. Everywhere I help, where he is still in the state of weakness, so that he may reach his aim - the becoming divine of his soul. I myself address him as sign of my presence, for my word holds light and power and is the most valuable gift of favour for my creatures, so that they become my children. And who receives my word - who feels himself addressed through my word, no matter, how and where it is offered to him - he belongs to mine, for he recognizes my voice and follows it in the feeling of a happiness, to know himself so connected with the father, that he is deemed worthy of my address, that he is allowed to hear my voice, which sounds full of love, to let all of you become my children. Whether it touches you, whether you feel connected to me through my word, that alone shows, whether you count to mine. But I will approach each one and address him, so that no-one can say, not having been touched by my love and favour. I knock at each one's door of the heart and desire entry - but whether he opens it, his free will alone determines, but which I bless, so he turns to me, so he desires, that I go in to him and still his longing. Then he allows my presence; then he wants to belong to mine, and then he will also recognize, who addresses him, so my word is offered to him. And then he never ever needs to fear, that I give up him, who has once found the way to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5959.


Book 64 5960

God waits for the return into the father house.

18. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5960.

Return home to the father. So I would like to shout to all of you and receive you with open arms in the father house. Endlessly long already you are far from your home, and endlessly long already I expect your return, for you have gone out from me, and my father love belongs to you undivided. Even so you delay your return again endless long time - I will never give you up, and I do not rest until all my creatures are again assembled in the house of the father to my and their happiness. As long as you are still far from me, you are not happy, for only in the unification with me you can be happy. But I, as your father, want to prepare highest happiness for my children, and for that reason I want to draw you to me; I want, that you connect yourselves again with me, to now be able to tell you, what makes you happy - to fill you with my love power, but which can only flow into you, so you join together with me, so you carry out the return to me, which is purpose and aim of your earth life. But you men isolate yourselves from me; you turn away from me, because you are ignorant, what you lose in this way. You do not strive towards me, because you are still held on to by my opponent, who would like to prevent a return to me, to keep you for himself in bondage and unhappiness. And you do not see through this game; you do not defend yourselves and do not resist - otherwise you would turn to me and would also be able to receive the power to flee from him. And I would like to take this your ignorance from you. I would like to enlighten you about him and his plan; I would like to awake the longing in you, to become free from him, and I would like to reveal myself to you as your father from eternity, who waits for your return and pursues you with extreme great love, to show you the right way, which leads to him. And for that reason I send to you again and again messengers, my emissaries, who are to enlighten you in my name, who are devoted to me in love and also know about your spiritual trouble - who would like to help you and therefore approach you on my behalf and announce your father to you, who loves you and expects your return. Through these my servants on earth I call you all, and I put the right words into the mouth. I myself address you through those, so that your hearts are touched by my love and return it. I uninterruptedly woo for your love, for only love can connect us; only through love the joining together with me takes place, and only the way of love leads to me, to your father from eternity, from whose love you have once emerged. For that reason I send again love preachers into the world, who are to announce my word, and who listens to them, he already turns his face to me, and so he looks up, a light will radiate for him and brightly illuminate the way, which to go entices him now. And I myself will approach him as leader, as soon as I see, that he gets ready to return into the father house. And there will be great joy in my kingdom, so a soul has found home, for only now it will be happy, because my love will radiate through it and make it happy in eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5960.


Book 64 5961

God's love fetter.

19. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5961.

Let yourselves be captured by my love, and you will become free from him, who is devoid of all love and who for that reason also seeks to take away my love from you, when you are enslaved to him. My love indeed loops a firm band around you; it chains you as it were firmly to me, and you will still bear this fetter in joy and happiness and not want to remove it any more yourselves. You will subject yourselves to me as your God and Lord; but you will also recognize the father in me, to whom you voluntarily hurry to meet, to also testify your love for me. The fetter of my love is no compulsion for you; you will indeed no longer go away from me for ever, but you are completely free creatures; you are my children, wo come into the inheritance of the father and therefore work and create with me and are happy. For I also do not loop the band of my love against your will around you; I wait until you yourselves let yourselves be bound, until you yourselves push towards me, that I seize you, to now never ever leave you. But so that you want, that you are and remain bound to me, I address you, because I want, that you learn to recognize me as your God and father, whose love belongs to you from the very beginning, so that you also recognize me myself as love. For you must recognize me before, to now also strive towards me. And I give you light, because it is still dark in you. I still stand so covered before your eyes, that you are not able to recognize me and for that reason also have no desire for a unification with me - until your eyes notice a gentle radiation, which goes out from me and which falls beneficently into your heart. And then you open for me the door of your heart, and you want, that I enter. Then you already desire my nearness, and then you will also do everything, to keep me, and then my love surrounds you and keeps you captured, and you are happy and no longer want to break away from me. Let yourselves be seized by my love, and you are happy creatures already on earth. Consciously get into contact with me, and you will become free from the enemy of your souls, who cannot follow you, when you seek my nearness. Consider, that the desire for me makes you already free, because I myself can now approach you and where I am, my opponent flees. A pressing fetter you cast away from you, and you like to subject yourselves under my control; voluntarily you let yourselves be bound and you are glad about this captivity, for in my love you will now be happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5961.


Book 64 5962

Supply of the divine word undeserved gift of favour.

20. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5962.

When the Gospel is announced to you men, so open your ears and hearts and gratefully receive, what is offered to you, for it is always an act of love of God, who wants to help you and brings that to you, what you need for your soul. Always he himself comes up to you, and he seeks to address you, and you can now receive a rich blessing, so you willingly listen and move what you heard in you, when you now also act according to his word. So the Gospel of love is announced to you, a way is shown to you, which leads upwards; you are as it were referred to God, and the walk to him is shown to you, and if you now obey the teachings, you carry out that, what is demanded of you; then you also securely gain the maturity of the soul, and you walk on the way upwards. As long as you stay on earth, a certain cleft still exists between you and your father from eternity. God himself wants, that this cleft may be bridged; he wants, that you set foot on the bridge, which lets you reach him, and for that reason he also shows you the way. He will never seek to prevent it, that you find the right way. And for that reason, he himself sends messengers towards you, who therefore announce to you, how and where you are to go during your earth life. He lets his Gospel be announced to you, the divine love teaching; he lets you hear his word; he himself addresses you in his word and admonishes you, to accept it and let it have an effect on you. It is his love, which determines him to it, because he wants, that you are to return to him, you who once have gone out from him, because only there is happiness, where he himself is, and because he would like to give you this happiness, because he wants to give you a present according to his extreme great love. It is an undeserved gift of favour, so he supplies his word to you men, for it securely leads you to the aim, to the unification with him. But voluntarily you must accept it. It cannot be imparted to you compulsorily, but no man is excluded, who wants to use this gift of favour. And for this reason, the current of favour is quite particularly visible in the time of the end, for there is great trouble, which can only be removed by this way, that the teaching of Jesus Christ is announced to men and they must seriously express their view about it. Everywhere the spring of eternal life will become accessible; everywhere the living water will flow from the source - everywhere the word of God will be preached, and so men open ear and heart, they will carry off greatest blessing, as soon as they now also let their will become active - as soon as they observe, what is preached to them, and therefore fulfil the will of God, which is announced to them through his word. For the fulfilling of his word is: Work in love. But love brings the joining together with God, who is first and last aim of man on earth, and an eternal life in happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5962.


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