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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 64

B.D. NR. 5859 - B.D. NR. 5962
5860 5861 5870 5879 5883  5938 5939 5953


Book 64 5860

Uncontrolled Spread of Sin. Faith Struggle. End.

23. January 1954. B.D. NR 5860.

When sin increases uncontrollably, when faith in the righteousness of God is no longer among men, when men irresponsibly live it up and let their desires take their course, when there is no more love at all among men, when all desires are only meant for the world and its goods, then the end has come and the scriptures come true, the prophecies of the prophets come true who announced the end on behalf of God at all times. And when you men look around, when you pay attention to everything with open eyes what happens on earth, then you recognize, you who are of good will, in what hour you live. You recognize that all are signs of the nearby end, that mankind itself draws near the end, because it lives in sin and because it no longer respects its God. There are still men who are not completely corrupt, who do not yet completely belong to the opponent of God, but who also have no faith and therefore live thoughtlessly - but the closer the end is also these men will become less all the time. They partly will sink and get under the control of the opponent of God and partly they will be called away from this life into the kingdom on the other side. And corrupt and satanic men will increase, and only few will remain loyal to God and walk on earth as it is his will. And these will suffer much under the former because they are hated and persecuted for the sake of their faith. And as soon as open action is taken against all who confess God, Jesus Christ, you men are close to the end. Also this has been announced to you men before since a long time that you will have to take the responsibility and will be taken before the judges for the sake of the name of Jesus. And when all spiritual striving is persecuted, when the servants of God on earth will be hindered to do their work for God's kingdom, when on account of their faith they will be derided and scoffed at, the time also already has come where satanic forces are at work that will rage in the end against everything that points to God. And everything weak, not yet completely evil, will be recalled from the earth, so that it does not completely fall into the hands of the opponent of God when the last days will fall, where action is taken against the believers in such a way, that only the strong in faith, God fully trusting men, will hold their ground because their faith gives them strength and because God obviously can help them on behalf of their faith. And then the activities of Satan will become evident because he will embody himself in all men who are his through their mentality. And each of these will do works that cry out for retribution. And retribution will come - the day will come when these activities will have to end, when the righteousness of God comes to the fore and every man's works will become evident. The day of judgement will come as it is written - where everyone receives the wages he has earned - where God's word comes true because it is the eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5860.


Book 64 5861

False Christs and False Prophets

24. January 1954. B.D. NR 5861.

And again and again I tell you: The signs and miracles will increase, both on the part of my opponent as well as my servants on earth because many false Christs and prophets will arise to weaken on behalf of the prince of darkness what is taught by my true servants - to let their miracles and prophecies appear to be doubtful and to throw men into ever deeper darkness. But the miracles of the false prophets will only exist to increase earthly might and riches; what they accomplish will not be works of love; but works will arise that will be claimed to have been achieved with supernatural power, however can only be described as accumulation of material goods, therefore also betray him who is lord of matter. But genuine miracles are works of compassion for suffering and weakened mankind - genuine miracles are obvious works of power from above - and genuine miracles will only be able to be wrought by those who are active on earth as true announcers of my word, who confess me and my name before the world and seek to stir up and liven up faith in me. Because those are also the genuine prophets who tell men in my name what is in store for them and the reason I have chosen them was to connect the announced word also with the evidence of the power of faith so that men recognize through what power and in what spirit these my representatives work. For many false prophets will appear in the end and try to confuse men through miracles. Because my opponent will work with the same means and he will also easier succeed to blind men because he announces no downfall to them but always only promises earthly good living and earthly ascent and because his miracles consist in emphasizing this earthly advancement, because his miracles are material progresses that beguile men and because his prophecy is a future in riches, honours and earthly successes, a world of building up and earthly perfection, and attention will be paid to each of such a prophecy, and mankind be distracted through this even more so from what is genuine and true, which my representatives on earth announce to them - that men are facing the end, that all material goods cannot save them from ruin, which they certainly approach when they do not believe my words but those, who the prince of darkness influences - those, who well also perform miracles through his power - who are mighty on earth because they are at the mercy of him, but whose works are always recognizable. Because love does not speak out of them; help for needy fellow human beings is not recognizable with them; and no matter when they make use of my words, whether my name is used as an excuse to be considered to be genuine prophets. Where love does not prevail there is not my spirit, and there neither miracles will happen nor will genuine prophetic words be spoken, but the activity of him will be clearly recognizable who is my opponent and will try everything in the last times to scatter my small flock and to win it for himself. The times of the end have come, therefore pay attention to everything I am telling you so that you learn to tell the genuine form the false, light from deception, truth from lie - so that you do not fall into the hands of him who wants to corrupt you. Amen. B.D. NR. 5861.


Book 64 5870

Promise of Preservation of Body and Soul in Times of Trouble.

6. February 1954. B.D. NR 5870.

And it will be given to you for body and soul what you need because my love constantly watches over you and does not let you live in want. Because a time will come over you of misery and earthly trouble when everything will be taken away from you for my name's sake, when everything will be denied you what you need for life and also force will be imposed on you spiritually so that you are to deny your faith, then do not worry because I look after you. I will keep you and supply your body what it needs, but as I also spiritually get you the power to be able to remain loyal to me. Who believes in me, in my love and my might, does indeed not need to be afraid that he suffers hardship in body and soul because I have promised that I myself take care of you with the words: Take no thought what you shall eat and drink and wherewithal you shall be clothed but seek ye first the kingdom of God - and all else shall fall to you. And think of this promise when you get into earthly trouble and hand yourselves over to me fully trusting, who stands by my word. The satanic effect of my opponent will become evident in a way that men stop at nothing who are in bondage to him, that they are capable of anything to destroy faith in me, that they relentlessly take action against my followers and would hand them over to death without thinking when I would not be with my might and power with the ones who are mine. And it will be obvious that the ones who are mine are fed from above because they will live since they receive from me what they need for body and soul. And whether you men also doubt this, whether you listen to these words in disbelief - he who has created the whole world, for him it is certainly possible to keep men who believe in me, who stand by me also in greatest earthly trouble. And I will rescue them out of the hand of their tormentors, I will come to fetch them when the work of Satan reaches its climax, that I put fetters on him to render him harmless. And then all troubles will have an end. Then I will reward the faith of those who are mine, then I myself will dwell among them and they will be happy forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5870.


Book 64 5879

Raging of the Elements.

17. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5879.

Loud and clearly you will hear my voice and all you, who do not want to follow my gentle call, will get a fright when it sounds loud for you, when, through the raging of the elements, you are reminded of me, whom you opposed all the time and whom you still have to recognize at the sight of the expression of the elements. You do not want to accept a connection of this and your activities in the world. But only the latter causes me to express myself obviously because your activities prove that you do not acknowledge me as your God and creator to whom you have to answer one day. You do not believe in it and therefore do not live your life on earth according to my will. And that is why I let my voice sound so that you think of me and change so that you recognize me and let my will become yours. I address you, for the time being softly and full of love admonishing you to turn back - to then raise my voice more and more until it puts you into fear and fright because you now fear for your life. And many will lose their earthly life but when they still found me in the last hour the death of the body is no loss for them - it is a favour because they were in danger to sink completely and that is why I call them away in the moment of recognition of myself, in a moment of awakening of faith, which then makes it easier for them to enter the kingdom on the other side and is the beginning of the way upwards for the soul. Through the raging of the elements I clearly want to come out into the open. Where the will of men is active there faith in me is only seldom to be expected, but where men are hopelessly exposed to the elements of nature there they are more likely to think of their creator and call upon him. And there is still hope that souls will be rescued from the darkness of unbelief, that they recognize me and now let me direct them on earth or also in the kingdom on the other side. What earthly events do not bring about that a natural disaster of great extent can still achieve - that the God and creator from eternity is thought of and that the connection to him is established in the heart of man through closely calling for rescue from greatest trouble. And what seems to be a work of immense destruction can mean a rescue operation for many souls who through it escape eternal ruin and awaken to life, even when they meet earthly death. I will do everything what still can be done for the rescue of those who close their ears to my soft loving address and which I still do not want to drop. With a loud voice I will again call them and blessed are who now remember me, blessed are from whose heart I was not completely ousted and who now call upon me before it is too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 5879.


Book 64 5883

God's Enlightenment About Connections. Blind Faith.

21. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5883.

I do not want blind faith from you and that is why I seek to give you enlightenment through my word about that what is demanded of you. Yet still it can only be believed because no proofs can be given to you for it what originates in the spiritual kingdom, what deals with the spiritual kingdom and is to lead to the spiritual kingdom. I want to help you to get a convinced faith; I want to help you to get to a point that you are not attacked by doubts although you have no proofs of the truth of it. And that is why I enlighten you about all connections, about creator and creatures, occasion and purpose of my creations, about origins and objectives of all that what men sees, as well as about your assignment - about your purpose of existence. You can now, when this knowledge has been submitted to you truthfully, draw conclusions yourselves, and you will then see such a coherent and clear picture that you will as it were find the proof of the truth in yourselves, that you see through and can no longer doubt - and yet still have to believe only - but such a faith is completely something else than a blind faith where man mechanically accepts just not to oppose. Blind faith has no value because it does not go any step further in his upward development. Blind faith produces no fruits but it can lead to complete unbelief because there is only a short step from blind faith to unbelief. But only the pure truth can lead to a convinced faith, while erroneous teachings demand a blind faith, which excludes all thinking or just has to lead to unbelief as soon as the mind of man concerns itself with such teachings. That is why you are to be taught truthfully; your thinking is to be stimulated and your heart to be touched and then a light will be lighted in you and all doubts will vanish - because what you are to believe - that arises in you brightly and clearly and gives you the inner conviction which you now also support because your faith now has risen to life. I do not want that you go through life on earth without understanding; I want that you win what you have lost through your spiritual falling away from me. I want that you again acquire knowledge and I want to pave the way for it for you. Your life has to be filled with faith and love. That is why I teach you; as a wise father introduces his children into the basic rules of life so I also introduce you into the basic rules of my eternal order and explain to you why you again have to enter into the same, why love has to be ignited in you and what otherwise you have to accept and take to heart as being true. And all this you are to believe, but will also be able to believe with good will and earnest reflection. Because when I demand something from you then I also help you to fulfil my demand. But through the fulfilment of that what I demand of you is everything proved and you now experience yourselves the blessings of a living faith. Blind faith brings in nothing; on the contrary it is only detrimental for the progress of the soul; blind faith is an obstruction to recognition because the heart and the mind have to be active together, which are both switched off with blind faith. That is why blind faith will not bring light to a soul that is still in darkness and that is why I all the time seek to stimulate the mind and the heart through the supply of pure truth so that a real belief awakens to life, which alone is conducive to man to reach light and power, spiritual progress, which is the aim of his life on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5883.


Book 64 5938

Connection with God. Assignment on Earth.

22. April 1954. B.D. NR 5938.

Your assignment and the aim on earth is to establish the connection with me. Again and again I want to put this forward to you because without me you can start nothing and can achieve nothing. Earthly wise you also feel able to pursue your aims alone but also then it is only my permission because as soon as I withdraw the strength from you, you are completely powerless, although you live. And that already must be apparent to you when sicknesses approach you which you cannot get under control. Mostly these illnesses are proof of your weakness, you who think you can manage without me, and they are opportunities to establish contact with me and to call on me for help, therefore for allocation of strength that you lack. When you consciously get the strength to cope with earthly concerns from me then the supply of strength will also be of use spiritually because my strength has this effect that it again leads back to me. Every conscious receipt of strength through prayer beforehand, that therefore means an established contact with me, is already a spiritual process, a spiritual illumination, which also has a spiritual effect - although it was requested for earthly things. But who thinks not to need any support from me - who does not believe in me as the source of strength from eternity, from whom every men can get strength without restriction - he stands isolated in my creation and can be driven to and fro like a plaything because he has no counter strength that gives him stability, whereas the connecting with me, the dependence on me, earns him his own strength that constantly increases the more he pushed towards me. As long as a being is still isolated from me it is also insecure and only as long as it is quiet around this being, so long it stands erect and therefore thinks to be able to assert itself out of its own strength. But as soon as a storm starts it cannot keep itself and without fail it will become a victim of the storm until it seeks a support, dependence, until a power comes to its help, which he wants to help him. But the will also means the connection with this power. And this connection you have to seek; you have to establish it; consciously you have to turn to this power that it fills you - with me you have to establish contact so that I now can give you what you lack and nevertheless have much need of to reach your aim. You men lack too much the blessing of prayer - you do not know that every true prayer means a dependence on me - you do not know that you then have stepped out of the state of isolation, that you now have a firm foundation under your feet and that I am this foundation on which you now stand firmly and securely and do no longer have to fear any resistance. You have everything when you have me. And you own me when you earnestly unite yourselves with me in prayer - because a prayer in spirit and in truth also secures my presence for you. And my presence means influx of power, my presence also means union, the achieving of the aim on earth - it means power of resistance against all attempts from below to again separate you from me. Whether I, your God and creator, become an idea on earth for you, that you seek the connection with me, that is alone left up to your will. But I create enough opportunities for you where you are pointed to your God and creator who wants to be your father, but to whom you have to go of your own accord and of your own free will place yourselves under him as children. Then you therefore establish the connection with me and then you also securely reach your aim because then you receive strength out of me to excess. Amen. B.D. NR. 5938.


Book 64 5939

Decision For the Right Lord.

23. April 1954. B.D. NR 5939.

To whom you give yourselves, he will also give to you, because two lords are fighting for your will, for your devotion to him, and this fight you decide yourselves. You are not forced to belong to the one or the other lord, you have free choice and can decide on one or the other - but according to this decision also the goods turn out that you receive - according to this decision you determine your fate in eternity. Both of the two lords give you what he himself owns and this property is very different - it differs from each other completely, as also its lords are complete opposites. And as you now are to decide between the two, you also have to get to know them. For only then you can be called to account for a right or wrong decision. But it is extremely difficult to give you full understanding for enlightenments for which no proofs can be brought - that only your own feeling can answer in the affirmative when you are serious to receive the right enlightenment. Because you can only be taught through speech, but have to create the proofs for yourselves by paying attention to the speech and carry out what is demanded of you exactly through that speech. You have to hear the word of God and live by it - God, as the one lord, enlightens you through his word about the fight between him and his opponent, he also gives you a description of the nature of the opponent, as well as his own nature, that is love and all the time campaigns for your love. He promises you spiritual goods that are everlasting. But you have to believe his promises. The truth of this cannot be proved to you as long as you stay on earth because you have to decide on your lord of your own free will. The opponent of God likewise seeks to win you. He promises you earthly goods; he presents himself to you tempting you in the world and through the world. And his goods are tangible and visible - they do not need to be proved to you and that is why you also stretch the hands out towards those goods and so to speak so choose your lord already during life on earth despite the divine word that warns you against him and admonishes you to make the right decision, that admonishes you to strive for spiritual goods that alone are of value and continue to exist, while the goods of his opponent cease to exist as your body ceases to exist. But it is left to your free will to choose the lord, but your fate in eternity also according to this choice. God's possessions are immeasurable, and so he also can hand out unlimitedly, and you can receive unlimitedly, when you acknowledge him as your lord and devote yourselves to him in free will. But his opponent has nothing and so most bitter poverty and darkness is the lot of him who has chosen him as his lord. And God wants to ward off this dreadful fate from you and he therefore again and again approaches you in his word. He only demands from you men to believe in his might and majesty and his unlimited love, who wants you to be blessed with this might and majesty of his. He approaches you in the word but his word is a revelation of himself - which also can become the proof in you when you live according to his word. You yourselves decide the fight between him and his opponent. That is why you are to listen to him when he comes to you in the word, so that you make the right decision - so that you hand yourselves over to him whose kingdom is light and power and magnificence. Amen. B.D. NR. 5939.


Book 64 5953

Relationship with God.

10. May 1954. B.D. NR. 5953.

And when you have found me on earth then your way through the valley of the earth is no longer so difficult because you then consider everything that approaches you to be my will, you know that I look after you and you only just direct your eyes towards the aim because also your thoughts are all the time with me. You have found the foundation on which you now stand firmly and securely while before you did not feel real safety because you did not have a firm foundation underneath the feet. And you will urgently need this safety in the end times because what you experience, what happens around you, would confuse you and would cause you to completely lose a shallow or dead faith. But the relationship with me gives you explanation und you understand my plan of salvation from eternity. The lukewarm and ungodly will be thrown in severe doubts because they believe to have to contest or to completely deny the love of a God because they are completely without knowledge and only see the misery. And they also do not know to what extent men themselves are to be blamed for this misery and how all evil has an effect. Those can call themselves happy who follow me, who are united with me and try to explain to themselves everything spiritually because they will receive this explanation and nothing will be left that is able to shake their faith in me. Strong contrast will be, on the one hand strong faith and complete unbelief on the other, and the events of the last times before the end will contribute, that a part of men will confess me fully convinced while the others just as convinced will stand against me because both their way of life is the explanation for it. Those who have found me see and recognize me everywhere. But my opponents only see the world, which means more to them than a God and creator from eternity - and where the world is in danger, where visible decay or revolutionary destruction should bring them to think, there they just hurl hate towards the power that they do not want to acknowledge and still have to acknowledge. And they deny this power, driven by him who is my opponent. But nothing is left that can shake the faith and their safety of those who have joint me, who put everything devotedly and trustingly in my hand and fear nothing than that they could lose me. The relationship to me is what gives them the power and the recognition and in this relationship they also will remain loyal to me until the end - they will be allowed to constantly receive my power because they are mine and will also remain so for evermore. Amen. B.D. NR. 5953.


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