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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 63

B.D. NR. 5759 - B.D. NR. 5858

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Book 63 5759

Real prayer. Childlike relationship.

1. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5759.

Whoever calls me, him I hear. My ear listens to every sound, to every breath of my children, and I lean myself to them, still before they have spoken the word, because I love my children. My love bridges every distance, and there is no separation between an intimately asking child and me, for its call reaches me and fetches me to it, because I am always prepared to help and because I bless every connection, which the earth child establishes to its father from eternity. I pay attention to every call, which rises up from the heart to me, but those words, which only the mouth speaks, I pay no attention to. But how many prayers are said, which cannot reach my ear, because they are just lip prayers. One single thought only can and will accomplish more with me than long prayers, which lack intimacy, because the child does not speak to the father, but man just remembers a God standing far from him and seeks to move him to accept empty words and to fulfil requests, because man himself does not feel powerful enough to get on with life alone, and needs help. But he does not go the right way; he demands, where he should ask. But a request presupposes believing trust of a child to the father; man himself must feel as a child of him, who has created it, and for that reason also entrust itself humbly and believingly to the father. And that requires intimate words to the father, which do not need to be expressed, but are to fill the thoughts of the child. But mostly prayers have become form; the mouth speaks them out, while the thoughts dwell somewhere else, and so they are also with the words themselves, they lack the drive of the heart, which pushes towards the father. The intimate devotion to me is lacking, which calls me, indeed forces me, to lean towards my child and to give a favourable hearing to its request. An intimate prayer makes me glad, for then I have already won the man for me after all, because his will is meant for me, because it acknowledges me as its father from eternity and because it lays claim to my favour and power, which help it up, to perfection. An intimate prayer bridges every cleft; a man, who prays right, strives consciously towards me, and he also reaches safely his aim - I am present to him, and he will feel my presence and no longer go alone through earth life.
.Amen. B.D. NR. 5759.


Book 63 5760

Deadening of the inner voice through fight against the spirit.

3. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5760.

You are not allowed to fight against the spirit in you, when it wants to express itself - and it wants express itself, so you are inwardly pushed to spiritual thoughts, as soon as your thoughts again and again occupy itself with that, what does not concern your body, but the soul - as soon as you must think of death, of a continuation of life after death, of God, of a responsibility before him, of your own inadequacy, of faults and weaknesses, which you yourselves feel as such and which make you inwardly unsatisfied and anxious. All these are expressions of the spirit in you, which would like to get through with its voice, which requests its attention to all these things, which alone are important for eternity. These are all thoughts, which do not deal with the earthy world, but refer to the spiritual kingdom, and such thoughts are to be paid attention to, for they emerge not for nothing in man. They are quiet admonitions and warnings; it is the inner voice, which is just not recognized by man as voice and which tells him the same that man is to remember himself and not live along indifferently, is to not just lead an earthly life, because as a result he harms his soul unutterably. The admonitor in man does not keep silence, but is very often ignored, for the voice from the outside is louder and then drowns the inner voice, when man's senses are too much turned towards the world. Then he deadens himself against the fine voice, which sounds in him; he opens eyes and ears only to the world, and then he is in great danger that he completely loses the ability to hear that voice - that he loses all faith and is able of no spiritual thought any more. Every man, also the world man standing in the midst of life, has quiet minutes, where he can think of himself, when he wants it. Every man is now and then drawn into conversations, which touch spiritual problems; in every man the spirit seeks to express itself, which is share of God. For God touches all men, and that again and again, because he would like to get them away from the pure earthly and turn them to the spiritual. But who fights the spirit in him, who pushes all thoughts from him, which touch him, who closes himself to every instruction from the inside, he prevents the spirit in him from work to his own damage. For he loses every relationship with the divine; he himself breaks off every bridge - he remains on earth and will never be able to enter spiritual spheres, even so his earth life has ended. For his soul is so materially focussed that it cannot leave the earth sphere - it is hardened equal to matter, which was its thinking and striving in earth life. And for this soul the way is infinitely far, before it can reach the sphere of the spirit - for it is far too much more difficult to go than on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5760.


Book 63 5761

Life - death. Gifts of the spirit.

4. and 5. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5761.

All life is out of me; that light flows out of me, which is necessary for life - out of me is truth, for life, light and truth I am myself, and no being can live in light and truth, unless it would have it from me, because apart from me there is no life. But existence as such is not to be understood as true life, because it can also be a being, which lacks life, because it does not receive my love power from me, because it rejects this love power and because it therefore dwells in darkness, in lack of cognition and complete powerlessness - in a state of death. Then the being stands outside of me; it flees from the positive working power; it flees form the light; it is without love and without life. And it must first return to me again, when it truly wants to live. But a life proves itself through persistent activity - through constant arising of new life, through an increase of power. Life is constant exchange of power; life is power remaining constantly in motion, which keeps everything together, which constantly builds up, which therefore works positively. And for that reason life going out from me, power flowing out from me can never produce a negative success. But where this is recognized, my live giving power cannot be. Where light, truth, life is out of me, my power must inevitably be recognized, for where my power is not, is darkness of spirit, misconception and a state of powerlessness, of death obvious. Therefore no connection exist there any more with me, through which I could give life awakening power to the beings, and therefore these beings stand outside of me.

In this state, which cannot be called "life", is mankind, and in this state it will remain until the end - (5.9.1953) because the connection with me, the source of power, can only get established through love, and because men lack love. A loving heart opens itself to my power; but a loveless, cooled heart is hardened and closes itself against every radiation, which my favour and mercy again and again allots to it, to awaken it out of death to life. And so proper life will only be recognized with a man, who stands in love, and this life is expressed in spiritual abilities. My power, my spirit, can now work in man; he will therefore be able to do the unusual, possess abilities, which do not exist pure naturally in man, but get awakened through my power and therefore appear. In a time of complete lack of faith and love of men, such spiritual abilities are particularly obvious, while they are really lying in the purpose of man and should be a general phenomenon, for men is to make use of my power, my spirit work during his earth life time, and he can this, as soon as he fulfils the love commands. But how does it now look like among mankind? For extraordinary work, for spiritual abilities no man has any more understanding, rather are treated with hostility those, who really live among the large number of dead on earth. They only live for that reason, because they love, because I myself am, where love is, and because, only where I am, can also life be. But where I am, is also truth and light. Where you man can obviously establish my work, where gifts of the spirit are recognized, of which it stands written that you are to strive for them, there alone truth is also represented, there I myself work through my spirit.

But where is today the work of the spirit still obvious? Where appear unusual abilities, where are unusual happenings recognizable, which you cannot call miracles of false prophets, because the announcing of my word is connected with them - the announcing of Jesus Christ and his work of redemption. And where everywhere are these visible signs of divine spirit work absent? Think about it and seriously ask yourselves, where is life and where is death not failed to be recognize. And seriously strive for to awaken to life, to let my power flow into you and to make this possible through a life in love, through the fulfilling of the laws of love for God and the neighbour - through the connection with me and the receiving of my power. For only who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him - and him alone I can fill with my power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5761.


Book 63 5762

Light - power - favour. House father.

6. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5762.

Light and power and favour you receive, so you just desire it. And you will truly have no lack, when I promise you everything, of which you need, to be able to fulfil your earth life task. As soon as you just put yourselves on my side, as soon as you consciously get into contact with me through intimate prayer, through intimate dialogue, whereby you prove faith in me, you belong to mine, for whom I care, whom I lead, whom I look after and whom I always help to reach upwards. But mine are never forsaken. From mine I now chose those for myself, who voluntarily offer me their services, because I need men, who work on my behalf for me and my kingdom. And these are now from this time active in my house as my servants - they are therefore completely provided for by me, because a good house father does not let those be in want of, who are active for him. Therefore none of my servants needs to worry about the earthly, because I take over all these worries; and spiritual goods are likewise sent to them, because they utilize these for the work in my vineyards - light, power and favour. What do you still need, so I let these goods be sent to you amply. Then you can always assert yourselves, as long as you dwell on earth, for then you stand in knowledge about everything. You are not powerless, and you receive more, than you deserve; you are provided for by me, although your spiritual state is still deficient - for my love overlooks your shortcomings and sends to you unmeasured those favours, which you can now use and always bring in success for your soul. As soon as you request from me light, power and favour, you prove that you want to strive spiritually - that you are serious about your perfection; that you long for me and humbly turn to me in your recognized weakness for the supply of that, what you lack. And I will always fulfil spiritual requests and give you most amply. For I know that you now again utilize the received for me and my kingdom; that you assure yourselves of power from me, to be able to serve me. And I bless your will. What you do for me and my kingdom, that I repay you amply, for it is a love work for the souls of your fellowmen, who are in trouble. It is a compassionate help for the souls in the hereafter, who need you to escape their trouble. And you serve me, so you serve these souls. Give them, and you will receive from me; you will have no lack, as soon as you just hand out yourselves to the poor and needy, for you are then active instead of me, I who always and constantly would like to give, but need you as mediator, as long as they themselves do not establish the connection with me. For I can only give, where my gift is requested or, so it is offered, is received gratefully and utilized. To you, as mediators and my servants on earth, I hand out unmeasured, what you desire, spiritually and earthly you will receive, as I have promised you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5762.


Book 63 5763

Standing up for truth.

7. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5763.

You are to stand up for truth, for you can do it, because you receive truth from me myself and you are therefore entitled, to consider yourselves as being instructed by me, and consequently also able, to speak in support of it to fellowmen. You will still often get attacked by those, who call themselves knowing and still do not stand in truth; you will feel yourselves compelled to refute their objections, but it will always just be human opinions, but which can never be proved as being free of error. But truth is given to you, and for that reason you recognize every error, and you are to take action against it. The thing is not that you are right, that they are just merely disputes, of which correction is unimportant. The thing is that man is led into confused thinking through error, that his spirit darkens and that he goes wrong ways in darkness - and can then never reach the destination. Truth alone is light, which let the right way be found and in which shine man securely reaches the goal. For that reason I instruct you, my disciples of the time of the end, in truth, so that you with your light go ahead of your fellowmen, to lead them. What I request of you, you who want to be real disciples for me, is that you bring that further, what I give you. When I therefore impart truth to you, because I know about the importance of spiritual material full of truth, then it is also my will, that you supply this truth to fellowmen with the reference, having received it from me myself. Through the effect of my opponent men have no real esteem any longer of spiritual material full of truth. They like to make compromises; they do not want to give away, what they possess, although it is completely worthless, and therefore disparage, what alone is of worth for them. But I cannot tolerate, what is not according to truth. I do not force men to accept truth, but I do not approve it, when they remain with that, what a knowing man holds up to them as error. To possess pure truth, to receive it from me myself, obliges to pass it on, otherwise it is not recognized as valuable gift, as secure means to reach the destination on earth. What I give you, is only meant for the salvation of your soul, for your recovery and is for that reason not allowed to have a low opinion of. But it means a disdain, when no use is made of the imparted spiritual material - when the truth bearer passes over it in silence, so erroneous teachings are represented before his ears. He has been blessed by me with a light, which he is now also to use, to shine into darkness, so that it may fulfil its purpose. Error and lie, false doctrines and opinions have been brought into the world by my opponent, who fights against truth, by the prince of darkness, who wants to extinguish every light. Those men, who themselves do not think, are his victims; they go far too willingly into his nets; they let themselves be led, and they are led into darkness and follow him blindly. Because of these victims I put light bearers into the way, to lead them away from the dark path. The light of truth is to shine for them, in which shine they will truly walk better, for it gets lighter and lighter, the closer they come to the destination - whereas they can walk unthinkable long times, until they finally go off from error and accept truth. Only then they will find me, I who am eternal truth myself - and only then they will be happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5763.


Book 63 5764

Attitude of the ignorant and erring to truth.

8. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5764.

It is difficult to give a light to the erring, as long as they convincingly believe to stand in truth. A completely ignorant likes to accept knowledge offered to him, and so it seems to bring light to him, he is happy about it. But who believes to stand in truth, he is difficult to convince, that his thinking is wrong, and still more difficult it is to impart other spiritual material to him, because he holds on to the first and is only then prepared to accept, when he begins to doubt. And so you can always establish among your fellowmen such, who are completely without faith and only live pure worldly, and such, who think being believing, even represent their faith eagerly and still represent something, what is far away from truth. Former are the majority and in a bad situation through their complete unbelief, because they seek no connection with that world, which is their home and also their destination, while the believers, despite wrong teachings and erroneous opinions still occupy themselves with spiritual thoughts, which just need to be directed right, whereto opportunity is often offered to them both on earth as also in the hereafter, but free will alone determines their decision. But spiritual thought material is to be brought to the complete unbelievers, they are to be stimulated to think; the reality of the spiritual world is to first be made plausible to them, and they can also be won, when the spiritual knowledge is offered to them in an intellect way. The more man has gone away from church faith, the more difficult church teachings are made accessible to them, even so they are according to truth. But every man is to be touched somewhere, and for that reason an extensive knowledge belongs to it, to win such men, which finally still leads there, where God is to be found. These men must learn to believe through thinking, and they will then reach a deep living faith, when they are serious about truth. For their unbelief does not need to always prove complete distance from God. They can also have been pushed to unbelief, through erroneous instructions, which their intellect did not want to accept and has induced them to reject everything. And the intellect must again help these men to recognize the right, and then they themselves will be convinced representatives of truth and remain firmly in their conviction. The heart and the intellect must be able to accept spiritual thought material, for truth, which has its origin in God, will also be able to withstand every intellectual examination and does not just demand a blind faith - while erroneous thought material, erroneous faith teachings do not withstand the serious examination of the intellect and for that reason blind faith is demanded for these teachings, what is never the will of God. The doubter will reach truth much more easily than those men, who do not long for it, because they believe to possess it - who do not use their intellect, but accept everything without examination of its origin.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5764.


Book 63 5765

Talents. Pound. Responsibility. Light beings.

9. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5765.

A busy activity is dedicated in the spiritual world to the inhabitants of the earth, for the beings of light recognize the state of trouble of men in the last time before the end, and they helpingly intervene, where their help is just possible through the will of man. In this time also many light beings have descended to earth, to be able to accomplish their work of help in a fleshly cover - but as also innumerable light beings constantly stand in contact with the earth and its inhabitants and they therefore work together at the redemption of erroneous souls before the end. But the effect of all light beings, whether spiritual or embodied as man, will always only concern the spiritual life, the spiritual development of men, therefore a light being can occupy itself only in a spiritual mission on earth, for it took over this assignment with full will, when it declared itself willing to the engendering on this earth, and it is, since man now lacks the remembering back, always and constantly directed by the beings of the spiritual kingdom and the human in it is prepared for this assignment, for it does not resist the spiritual influence; it willingly lets itself be led and now also complies with its mission, which it has undertaken. Such a man is therefore in a certain respect enabled for it; he has qualities and gifts at his disposal, which make him suitable for this assignment; his soul possesses a spiritual maturity and also the talent, to recognize and grasp everything easier. It has therefore talents - and as a result of this also a great responsibility, to use these talents right. And their assignment exists exactly in that respect, to awaken also in fellowman the talents it owns. What man cannot show of himself, he can however acquire, when he receives the right instructions for it. Each one man is able to request the spirit out of God, when his attention is drawn to it that God gives him his spirit. Each one man can ask for enlightenment through the spirit, when God is presented to him by a component side so that he recognizes him as a God of love, who always fulfils such a request. What man does not do of himself, because he does not know it, that he can do, when he is instructed right about it. Therefore also he can increase his small talents, when he wants it. But this will is free. He can leave his talents undeveloped; he cannot use them at all, and he can develop them indefinitely - when he just keeps to that, what he has been advised by those, who have experience in it. But these demand nothing unusual, for they first of all give the safe working means - to practise love, because then man comes inevitably into the possession of power and - because this power is out of God - it must have a building up effect. Every man can practise love, consequently also develop his talents, and whether he does it and to which extent, accordingly God will judge him according to his talents - according to the pound, which has been given to him that he may increase it, what is possible for every man, when he does not close himself to the stimulations and instructions of those, who have received the office from above - who have taken it over voluntarily in the cognition of the spiritual darkness on earth, which constantly increases, the more the end approaches.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5765.


Book 63 5766

Pressing of the spirit. Discontent.

10. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5766.

You are certainly driven by my spirit to fulfil my will, but you are not forced to it, for compulsion would harm your soul. But when you sacrifice your will completely to me, when you consciously give up every resistance against me, therefore that you want to just do as I wish, then you can nothing but to move in that order, which is my basic principle from eternity. You will then no longer consciously contravene this order; you will always act so, as I request it of you; you will therefore no longer consciously sin. For then you willingly comply with the pressing of the spirit; you let yourselves be directed by it, and therefore you are directed by me, and truly right. But you should and can also do more, than to just avoid sin and to abhor wrong; you are also motivated through my spirit to that end; but when you do not yield to this its pressing, so you are also not content with yourselves, but without having sinned, for you indeed do not contravene the commands of love for God and the neighbour - but also do not fulfil them eagerly, and your soul feels a deficiency, and it distresses it, for it feels that it makes no progress in its development. Every discontent with itself is an expression of the soul, which feels distressed. You men are not to always remain on the same level; you are to strive; you are to do everything, what promotes the ascent development, and you are to constantly work on yourselves, and the spirit constantly stimulates you to that. If you comply with its stimulus, then you will also feel an inner peace, for you have then fulfilled my will, and this feeling makes you happy. Your will, to go into my will, I certainly respect and assess it right, but try to also translate into action, what you promise me. Try constantly to give more love, to perform unselfish works of love, try to build up your whole life on love, then you will live in conformity with my spirit in you, and then you just listen to it only, and you leave everything unnoticed, what is spoken to you from the other side. Let the spirit in you win supremacy; completely subordinate yourselves under my will, and remain in constant striving for perfection. And your heart will be filled with a peace, which testifies to me and my presence in you, for then you are aware of my presence and can nothing but live in fullest harmony with me and my spirit.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5766.


Book 63 5767

Great trouble of the souls in the hereafter.

11. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5767.

Extreme great is the trouble of the souls in the hereafter, who lack light. To describe their state to you men on earth would truly be enough to direct your own life to another course, but then it would be over with your freedom of will; you would inevitably be driven by the fear of the same fate, adopt another way of life, therefore certainly do that, what is requested of you, but not of yourselves, caused out of free will thereto. But you are to know about the lot of the souls; it is to be imparted to you, and it is then always still up to you to believe and to draw your conclusion from it. These souls have lost everything at their entry into the opposite kingdom, by which their heart was very attached to; they possess nothing, for only that they can take over with them there, what was spiritually acquired, and of it they suffer greatest lack. They are surrounded by total darkness, because they led a godless way of life, and completely powerless, but not without feelings, for their surroundings now mean for them agony and horror, and these agonies and horrors will also that soul feel, which on earth carried out everything without fear and strongly that, what threw it now into darkness. They are sufferings of indescribable kind, which now let the desire awaken in the soul to either flee from this state, or just strengthen all bad desires and also let find satisfaction in that kingdom, what means total coming into the power of the powers of darkness. But also those souls, which have not left earth life in this sinfulness, but whose life was empty of love and indifferent to all the spiritual, are in an extreme oppressed situation, for the darkness also torments them unspeakably, which certainly now and then gives way to a dim state, when the soul is not completely hardened, so that it also requests light, for the desire alone can cause it to go to the light. But all souls lack power for real wanting - and no help can be brought to them according to the law from eternity, when they themselves do not desire such. The work of mercy of God has certainly not ended, when the soul leaves the earthly body, but what it left unused on earth, although it possessed it in richest measure, that it must first acquire in the hereafter, and it is too weak for that. Just always imagine extreme weakened, helpless beings, which suffer unspeakably and which have to rely on help, to get freed from their sufferings - compassion would seize you for these beings, so you could see them in their trouble. And you all have souls over there, of which you do not know, in which state they have entered the spiritual kingdom - you all have men lost through death, who were close to you. Remember at least these souls having been close to you and help them, for even the smallest work of redemption results in further redemptions, and you have much contributed to that. And you can help them only through loving thoughts and prayer, through intercession for these souls, which indeed still does not free them from their agony, but sends power to them, by means of which the soul can then change its will and strive for light. It cannot get redeemed against its will from its agonizing situation, but so that it can want right, your intercession is necessary, a prayer, which is given to it in love, as soon as it presses itself into your thoughts. For you are to know that the soul asks you for help, so it intervenes into your thoughts, that the souls constantly surround you, which hope for help from you, and that you are not allowed to unwillingly press back the thoughts of the deceased, when you do not want to still increase their agonies. To not harm you and your free will, the lot of these souls remains hidden to you; they are two worlds, in which you and the deceased souls are; a border has been drawn; the look into their world is hindered for you, but nevertheless it exists, and you can send much love after them from your world, which has an effect in a way and to an extent, that innumerable souls can flee their state. Remember often these poor souls and do not let them unnoticed in their trouble, for what you do to them in compassioned love, that will be richly rewarded to you, by allotting spiritual help to you already on earth through all souls, which reached light out of darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5767.


Book 63 5768

Cause and importance of the work of redemption.

12. and 13. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5768.

You are to recognize Jesus Christ as God 's son and redeemer of the world - and you will then also profess him before the world. But to be able to recognize him, you must first know about your great debt, from which Jesus Christ has redeemed you, otherwise his suffering and dying on the cross is incomprehensible to you and Jesus is for you not more than a man, who has lived good on earth and without sin and had to lay down his life for his ideas. Only rarely does a man think seriously about meaning and purpose of his earth life, and he has no knowledge of that, that the existence as man is the result of the great sin of rebellion of originally created spirits against God, which once separated from him in arrogance and thirst for power. It was a gigantic debt, which the spiritual had burdened itself - a debt, which could not be paid off for ever, when the individual was to clear it away, as the justice of God requires it. For an unthinkable long time indeed the being atoned for a part of its debt in a tied up state, but God's mercy and love nevertheless gives it again the freedom, to give it once again the opportunity, to profess him, so that it can again comply with the original purpose. But this clearing away of the debt is never ever enough, for its size is immense, and a being burdened with debt would never ever be able to freely raise itself to God; the debt would always stand separating between God and the being, therefore the aim could never ever be reached, which God has set for the being once created by him. This original debt was therefore a fetter for the being, which it itself would never ever have been able to untie. It consequently had to either get redeemed with God's help or remain banished for ever from the face of God; it would never ever be able to find the joining together with God, which means happiness for the being. The spiritual world full of light also saw this hopeless state of the fallen spiritual, and the love of all beings having remained with God followed the fallen brothers into the depth. But one being from the kingdom of light offered itself to God for a mission for the rescue of the beings in the depth. It wanted to descend to them and in the place of the unhappy creatures make atonement for their sin guilt. It wanted to sacrifice itself; it wanted to pay with its life, what the beings owed to God. This light being offered itself to God as sacrifice and descended to earth, to move into a human form and to go a course of sacrifice in this form, as love only could go it. And the man Jesus took the sin burden of whole mankind on his shoulders and with it went the way to the cross. And God accepted the sacrifice, because love brought it. (13.9.1953) He allowed it that a man endured the greatest agonies; that he suffered the death of a criminal on the cross and that his soul fought with all powers of darkness. For he saw the love of this man Jesus or also - he as eternal love himself was in the man Jesus and this love wanted to pay the sin guilt of mankind. For through love, which the man Jesus brought in himself to development, he knew about the terrible lot of all men, and so the man Jesus made the sacrifice to God, which caused the knowing soul of light to descend to earth. That man had won the same cognition on earth through love, and his free will only was decisive - a man sacrificed himself for his fellowmen. And the love living in him - God himself - did not restrain him, but it itself was satisfied with this sin sacrifice and acquitted whole mankind from the sin guilt for the sake of this man Jesus.

That you men dwell on earth, is a result of your former sin of rebellion against God. But your existence as man is a temporary state, which should also be recognizable to you as a defective state, for you are powerless creatures subjugated to the law of nature, who can certainly freely want, but not act limitlessly. You are therefore as it were tied up, and this powerless, unfree state does not end with the death of the body, when you are not getting redeemed. And Jesus Christ has accomplished this work of redemption for you, however always left it up to you, whether you want to accept his work of mercy and favour. And for that reason it is up to each man 's own will, whether he departs from this earth redeemed, to only now lead a real free life in power and light, or whether he takes over there the fetter into the spiritual kingdom, to still spend eternities in it in unhappiness, when he then still does not take up the help of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. You men cannot and are not allowed to go past Jesus Christ, and for that reason the cause and the importance of the work of redemption is to be made comprehensible to you, so that you are and do not remain ignorant, so that you can freely decide, before it is too late.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5768.


Book 63 5769

Binding of Satan. New earth.

14. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5769.

The might of evil will be broken for a long time; Satan will be put in chains - a time of peace will replace the time of struggle in the universe; to no being of darkness will it be any more possible to harry men on earth; Satan himself with his following will be bound for a long time, and men on the new earth do not loosen his fetters because they are closely united with God and no longer strive for anything but him, who now spiritually and bodily looks after them in love. This time of peace on the new earth is the compensation for the time of indescribable trouble in the last times on this earth that is given to men who are and want to remain loyal to God. For these it is truly a time of fighting because spiritually and earthly they are pressed and can hardly ward off those who are after them, who even threaten their life when they do not want to give in. But through seers and prophets these men are again and again promised the time of peace, the time, when no longer danger threatens them from any side, when body and soul are allowed to refresh themselves by the miracle works of divine love, when a happy peace enters the heart through the presence of him, whom they love and for whom they have suffered. Everything will be peaceful; creations and creatures will complement one another, and also the spiritual that is still bound will strive and quickly give up its resistance because it feels the nearness of him to whom it again is to surrender, and because the spiritual charisma of men charitably touches that what is bound in the creations. Men already have made the decision of will and therefore a new test of will is no longer necessary on the new earth because men belong to God with body and soul whom they will now never leave. But all satanic languishes in darkness; it is banished anew in hard form; it no longer has influence on the spiritual that strives for the light; it has to submit to the will of God and is robbed of its power for an endless long time. And Satan himself is weakened because all that strengthened him and his might is bound and therefore also withdrawn from his influence. In the middle of his world he his powerless as long as he again is strengthened through the wrong will of men, but this will only happen again after a long time when the first generations of earth, the inhabitants of paradise and their children and grandchildren have long since entered the spiritual kingdom - when there will be new generations, which will already again divide themselves in their directions of will. Then there will also again be men who will be captivated by matter and who through their desire for it will loosen the chains of him who is lord of the unredeemed world. Then also the paradisiacal state will come to an end; the time of peace will have to give way again to the time of warfare between light and darkness because now again the struggle begins for the souls of men until again a development period has expired, but with success, that innumerable beings have reached spiritualization and the power of Satan decreases more and more until once also he will surrender, what will however still require unthinkable times and redemption periods.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5769.


Book 63 5770

Serious examination with the call of God.

15. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5770.

Words, which are sent to you from above, you are not to reject carelessly, and so you do not recognize the start of these words, so you do not believe, that they are from above, you are to still examine them before for its worth, before you reject them. For your remorse will be very great in future, when you recognize, what you let go past you, which treasure you could have raised and which happiness you could have acquired for yourselves. This is above all meant for those, who without hesitation accept other spiritual material, when it is offered to them from a studied side, and who also make much spiritual material their own through reading and listening to of presentations, who therefore would like to be knowing and consequently could also carry out an examination, when they were serious about it. To be able to judge properly alone intellectually, must be taken away from the the examiners, for the support of the divine spirit belongs to this, which every man can request. Nevertheless the word offered from above is also for an intellectual man stimulating enough to think, and it also withstands an intellectual examination. The one seeking would then just have to show one thought direction more, with which he can concern himself mentally; but the conviction of its sole truth will only be won through the call to God for his support, for the enlightenment of his thinking, for the sending of pure truth. And this call comes only then from the heart of a man, when he acknowledges God as the sole truth and the source of all knowledge. Men, who bear no desire at all to be instructed in truth, will always reject everything, and these will also in future hardly come to cognition, but there are more thinking men on earth than such, to whom everything is indifferent, and these thinking persons should not set the intellectual results before the results of spirit work, for exactly they can judge, whether and to what extent truth is shining out of those words, which are supported as having been received from above. And for that reason they will not be able in future to apologize, for only their will is necessary to express their opinion about this word and to then also recognize it as that, what it is - as God's word, who wants to help men to truth and to right thinking and who for that reason looks after men, because they are of darkened spirit and they lack all cognition. And every man can reach truth, who seriously desires it from God.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5770.


Book 63 5771

Guests at the table of the Lord.

17. September 1953 B.D. NR. 5771.

Go to my table, so you will also receive food and drink as nourishment for your soul. Of which do you need more than that, what serves the soul as strengthening? What can you lack, when your soul is provided for - when you seek first, what brings about its salvation. Then you completely fulfil your earth life purpose, and the body will also have, of which it is in want of, as long as it is to be the abode of the soul. And I know it truly, how long your soul needs its cover, how long you must live on earth as man to provide the soul with the necessary maturity. And so long the body is also preserved. So you therefore desire something from me, then for the soul only, and you will receive amply; your soul does not need to live in want, and the body will also have in fulness, because you first make an effort, to fulfil my will, to receive my word, to listen to me, and you are therefore guest ready to receive at the table of the Lord. I constantly want to serve you the nourishment of your soul; I want that you feed yourselves with the bread of heaven, that you accept my word, which imparts the power to your soul for the ascent up.

And I want that you often ask me, that you are always ready to listen to me, when I speak to you. I constantly invite you to be my guests, whom I want to refresh with bread and wine, with my flesh and my blood - with everything, what the soul needs to increase in light and power. And truly no-one needs to go hungry and live in want, who goes to my table, who asks me for gifts of love, which he extremely needs on his earth life way. And for that reason I always send out my servants, to call in men from the street into my hospitable house. I have all called that they come to me and want to be my guests. But my house lies off the broad street and for that reason they must leave it, when they want to reach me, but they will never regret it, for they never find on their broad way the most delicious refreshment, which is offered to them at my table. And they will always have more desire for it, the more often they have been my guests. But they must come to me voluntarily, for although I also send out the messengers after them, so I will still force no-one to come to my banquet, but will leave empty-handed, who do not follow my call, for the world can never ever offer them, what my love wants to serve them - my word, which is power and light and life and leads them to happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5771.


Book 63 5772

Church of Christ.

18. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5772.

Who professes the church of Christ, he is to also live like a Christian, otherwise he brings no honour to the church of Christ. When in coming time faith in Jesus Christ is to become known, then the right followers of his church become obvious, for the strength of faith, which is necessary for the confessing of his name, can only be won through a way of life according to his example, a life in the following of Jesus, and he therefore also belongs to the church founded by Jesus Christ. But many men will profess with the mouth; they will also be followers of churches, which pretend to be the one founded by Jesus. If these now also live according to the divine will, by them fulfilling his divine love commands, then the power of faith will also be strong in them, and they withstand in the last faith struggle and profess his name before the world. But there will only be few of them; only those men, who live in love, will muster this power to resist worldly powers, who pursue the plan to wipe out everything, what is related to faith in Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. And now therefore man proves himself only as Christian; now only he can consider himself as a member of the church founded by Jesus Christ, which will now also profess Jesus Christ before God, the father, as he has promised it. The church of Christ does not any more count many followers, and the more love cools among men, the smaller the crowd of real Christians will become, because love must absolutely be practised to be regarded as real Christians and to be a shining example for fellowmen for the true church on earth, which depends on no official belonging to a denomination, but just a life according to the divine commands, which demand love first, which will then also show the sure sign, which proves the founder of the church - the work of the spirit in all members. The church of Christ is no building outwardly recognizable; it is only the joining together of deeply believing men, who stand in most intimate connection with the founder of the church, with Jesus Christ, and by this means are also enlightened, directed and filled with his spirit and can truly also work unusually like the disciples of Jesus on earth with that spirit power. Strong faith and deep love prove the belonging to the church of Christ, and only its followers will pass the last faith struggle, because they fight with Jesus Christ himself and will therefore also gain the victory over him, who is against Christ, over the opponent of God and his servants. For Jesus Christ will come in might and power and glory on the last day and fetch his small community to himself into the kingdom of peace; but fetter his opponent and with him all, who are belonging to him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5772.


Book 63 5773

Means for vineyard work.

19. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5773.

I give you the means into the hand to do good vineyard work. I request not only your commitment, but I give you everything, what you need to be able to work for me and my kingdom, for a good work also requires the means belonging to it. And you are to be able to have this amply at your disposal; you are not to have lack of it that you would be forced to do a less good work for that reason. It is my will that you confer your care upon the soil before wrongly cultivated - that you remove, what is harmful, and supply to it, what promotes growth. For that is the basic evil that men are offered and demanded to believe indiscriminately everything mixed up and that no good fruit can flourish, where bad seed has been laid. First clean the field, before you spread good seed, i.e., first draw the attention of men to the error, which has poisoned their thinking, which has gotten into truth's way, which must therefore get removed, before the way to truth can be walked on, which leads to happiness. Truth would truly be easy to supply to men, when they would be completely free of erroneous thought material, when they would not have to rid themselves of it before, because both cannot exist next to each other. The field of the heart can only produce good or bad fruit - but the good fruit cannot flourish, when weeds or poisonous plants withdraw everything from the soil, what is to serve the good plant for nourishment. Understand it, you men - you will not accept truth, so long you are filled with error, and you must before rid yourselves of error and, when you cannot do it yourselves, let yourselves be helped by my servants - by those, who have experience, who are to prepare the soil in all hearts of men for the receiving of seeds, which I myself supply to them, so that good fruit can come up, when my servants are eagerly active. Know, that your hearts are the fields, where I would like to lay out the seed, my word, so that it may bear rich fruit in you - know, that my word can however only take root there, where the soil is prepared for it, where everything has been removed, what stood against my word - pure truth - know, that every error means a resistance for pure truth out of me and that for that reason this error must be wiped out, if a good harvest is to be achieved. But where my servants are active, whom I have equipped for their work, there the possibility is given, that all error fades, for they work with my word, which has its effect, which is power and light at the same time, which uncovers all false and illuminates it, that one likes to give it away against pure truth, where only the will for it exists, where the hearts of men abandon themselves to those without resistance, who are active ennobling and fruit-bearing in my kingdom. For these work for me, and they can always be certain of my blessing, when they consciously wage the war against him, who is the enemy of truth and therefore my opponent. Amen. B.D. NR. 5773.


Book 63 5774

Significance of earth walk.

24. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5774.

A reference is to be given to you men to the significance of your earth walk, so that you do not thoughtlessly live into the day, so that you become aware of the responsibility, so that you live on earth according to meaning and purpose. Your existence as man is a gift of favour, which you are to use well; it is for your soul just an opportunity, to discuss a debt and to pay it, before it has an extreme painful effect in that kingdom, where then the soul is given according to this debt or has to live in want. That you are burdened by a debt and in what this debt consists of, you must be informed about in earth life, and you do well at it, to desire enlightenment about it and to then live your earth life appropriately. But if you do not consider earth life as means for a purpose, but as end in itself, then you will hardly draw use for your soul during your earth existence and then you have not utilize a gift of favour; you have badly managed that pound, which was given to you, that you could buy your soul free, by you increasing it through conscious work on yourselves. No man remains completely without references, for that power, which has created you men, pursues a purpose with this creation and must therefore draw the attention of you men to this purpose. And for that reason it addresses you, it has made the connection between it and you possible through the word and therefore informs you through the word of your earth life task, of your state and your aim. But you men are mostly without faith and therefore attach no value to this divine word. It is something appearing unreal to you, and therefore it also has no longer an effect on you. But through your attitude you change nothing at the fact, that you then live your earth life in vain, when the purpose is not reached with it, that you have rid yourselves of your debt, which is cause of your embodiment on earth. Then just your flesh has "lived", but your self, the soul, has not escaped death, from which it was to liberate itself during earth life. Your soul must now enter into the spiritual kingdom in a lifeless state. i.e. without light and without power, but conscious of its existence. But how on the other hand a life in power and happiness would be allotted with right use of your earth life - so you would believe, what you were taught - what is announced to men through the word of God. References are given to you men always and constantly, but always only in a form, which does not make your will unfree, and exactly because of your free will it must also be left to you, how you adjust to these references. But God will not let up, to speak to you insistently, no matter in which form. He will pursue you with his admonitions and warnings; he will send messengers to you, who speak for him; he will seek to awaken your sense of responsibility and do everything, to explain the significance of earth life to you, although it always remains up to your free will, to live it appropriately.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5774.


Book 63 5775

Servants of Satan.

25.September 1953. B.D. NR. 5775.

How abysmal have men sunk, to whom the life of fellowman is no longer holy - who mercilessly set themselves up as judges over their brothers and judge according to arbitrary use of power, rob them of their freedom, and harm them at body and soul. They are willing servants of Satan, of devilish mind, destitute of all love, unjust in thinking and acting. They are truly men having become devils, who deserve no mercy any more and who for that reason must be rendered harmless, so the time has come. The opponent of God makes use of them, and they willingly carry out, to what he drives them. No love is any more among men and still much less justice; each one just seeks own advantages and forces them for himself at the expense of fellowmen. And they are no longer particular cases, but whole mankind moves in this direction, even so not always obviously, but mentally also many men sin, who do not detest or condemn, what is obviously the work of Satan. The world has got used to disgraceful deeds, which are scandalous. It tolerates, instead of taking action against it; it does not help, where help would be necessary. And the number of devils grows with every day, and their bad deeds increase. But the time will come, where each one has to take responsibility before God, where no-one can hide before him and where all disgraceful deeds become obvious. Men no longer believe in a God; they do not believe in a judge, before whom they must take responsibility, and they do not believe in a repayment. But they will have to pay their debt down to the last penny; nothing will remain remitted to them; every wrong will demand its atonement, and that freedom, which they abused, will be changed into an imprisonment, which they must endure for eternities, because otherwise their debt cannot get repaid, because otherwise they cannot reach improvement. Only the most deeply sunk must endure such agonies, but before the end of this earth men will have reached the deepest depth, and earth will, except the small crowd of those loyal to God, just have to show devils only, representatives of him, who for that reason rages on earth, because he knows, that he no longer has much time. He also works now already unmistakeably, for he drives men to acts of cruelty, to lie and intrigue; he puts men into greatest trouble, who do not do as he wishes. Satan has embodied himself in his helpers and accomplices. And the world is full of sin. The time of tribulation has begun, which introduces the end, and it will go so, as it is announced in word and Script. The persecution of those will start, who do not do as he wishes, who remain loyal to God and want to serve him and who for that reason must hold out a time of fight, which is directed against God himself. But then also the end is there; then the time is fulfilled, and an end is set to the work of Satan. Then is the day of judgement, where account is demanded, where the justice of God evens out everything, where each one will receive what he deserves.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5775.


Book 63 5776

Who pays tribute to the world, he pays tribute to Satan.

26. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5776.

Who pays tribute to the world, he also pays tribute to Satan. These words are hard and will severely hit all men of the world, for no man wants to be accused of the connection with Satan, and yet the world is his kingdom and therefore also everyone his servant, who is the world's slave. You men certainly stand in the midst of the world, you certainly must assert yourselves in the world, as long as you live on earth, but how far you heart is involved, that is decisive for it, how far you become dependent on the world. The most inner striving, the desire of the heart, is assessed, and so it is meant for the world, you are also enslaved to him, who it its prince, for then your thinking is directed earthly only, while you are to strive for the spiritual and you for that reason must overcome matter, to gain spiritual possession. You cannot bypass the world, but you must overcome it, i.e., at the beginning of your earth life as man you stand in this material world belonging to the opponent of God, with which you are to take up the fight, to then emerge as victor and to then enter that world, which is spiritual, which is called the kingdom of God. The course through earth life, through the earthly world, you must go, but you are to free yourselves from your fetters, which must be considered as chains of Satan so long, as you stand in the spell of the world, as you look full of desire at everything, what you are to overcome. The material world is his kingdom - it holds the fallen spiritual belonging to him, but which he does not have at his disposal, as long as it is bound in the works of creation through God's will. But he can influence man, because he must be exposed to all influence in the state of free will, to decide, to pass the test of will, which is meaning and purpose of his earth life. And the opponent of God truly uses this influence in an alarming way. He does not want that he loses the spiritual through its free decision, and for that reason he attracts man to his side through presentation of all that, what seems desirable to him, but what belongs to his world, but what separates him from God, what alienates him from that aim, which he is to reach on earth. He is the lord of matter, lord of the earthly world - and everyone, who serves the world, serves him - everyone, who desires the world and connects himself with earthy goods, he connects himself with Satan, and he must get to hear this truth; he cannot be treated carefully out of wrong respect, by withholding this truth from him. He is in contact with Satan, and whose servant he is, his lot he will also share, when the day of requital will come. Two lords fight for your souls, and both offer you their kingdoms - but one is passing, the other lasts for ever. But you yourselves are immortal, and if you do not have acquired the immortal kingdom for yourselves on earth, so nothing remains for you after the death of your body than deep darkness around you, which will torment you unspeakably - the kingdom of Satan, who can offer you nothing else, but whose followers you have increased through your desire on earth. Separate yourselves from him, as long as you walk on earth; renounce that, what belongs to the world; strive for spiritual goods, which alone secure eternal life for you, a life in light and power and happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5776.


Book 63 5777

Divine guidance.

27. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5777.

Trust the guidance from above; it will be right all the time, as soon as you want to be directed by him, who is the father of you all. The devotion to him, the voluntary subjugating of your will under his, secures you this right guidance - your thoughts will be according to his divine will, and your speaking and acting will also find his agreement, because those powers direct you, who create and work with him in the same will and into whose keeping you are given. Your will to him, your God and father from eternity, determines all your ways, your thinking and acting. For that reason you do not need to think, what you should do - just hand yourselves over to him before in thoughts, in quiet prayer or mental devotion to him and his will, then you are relieved of every responsibility, for then you are directed by his spirit, and you will always do, what is right before God. Only the own will can act against it, i.e., so you forget the father in heaven, so you believe, having to and being able to order everything yourselves, so you do not request his help - therefore go your ways alone - then you can certainly branch off onto a wrong way, when you are without guide, and then you must be on your guard. For you have seemingly success - a success, which is however just a failure, because it just contributes a blessing to the body, but not the soul. But the right way, which God leads you, can now and then seem to be troublesome for the body, but make the soul extremely happy, which can more and more break away and feels freed, because the body takes a load from it, which it had to bear; determination wise the body is to help the soul - and that often means own infirmities. If the body shakes these off and if it wants to go through life unburdened, then the soul must carry on bearing its load and cannot rise into spiritual heights. But the divine guidance will always also consider the condition of the body, for the love of God looks then after that man, who trustingly devotes himself to him and requests his help. And every walk will then be blessed; every way will lead to the right aim, because he goes ahead, who is your father and protector and to whom you can entrust yourselves in all troubles of the body and the soul.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5777.


Book 63 5778

False Christs and prophets.

28. September 1953. B.D. NR. 5778.

In the last time pure truth will especially be attacked, and that is the work of Satan, who as opponent of God wants to undermine truth, who confuses the thinking of men, so that they are no longer able to recognize truth as such. And his means and plans are finely laid out, so that also men often do not want to grasp them, whose will is not directed against me - but who could recognize it, when they would just seriously desire truth. Particularly in the last time lights and phantom lights will flash at the same time, and to now being able to distinguish these, serious will for truth is necessary, because it will be difficult to see clearly. For many false Christs and prophets will arise, as it has been announced - also as a sign of the time of the end. From this it emerges that they will fight under the same visor, that they will therefore introduce themselves as emissaries from above, that they hold the words of Christ in the mouth and will announce things to men, which lie in future times - but that they are representatives of him, who fights against truth - to confuse men, that they no longer can recognize pure truth. You therefore no longer need to seek these false Christs and prophets outside of the spiritual life, for also the representatives of false doctrines within church organizations are false Christs and false prophets - all, who give unclear, misleading explanations, must be counted to that, as well as all, who seek to prevent that pure truth is supplied to men, who therefore hold on to deformed teachings and restrict the freedom to think of men, by withholding from them, what could work enlightening. All untruthfulness is the work of false Christs and prophets, and to distinguish that irrefutably depends on the serious will for truth, which must also be prepared to give up something, what man has constantly supported - when it is not according to truth. You men can therefore only protect yourselves against the work of the opponent of God in the last time before the end, when you give yourselves into the hands of him, who is truth from eternity - when you ask him in the serious will for truth that he protects you from error and then opens eye and ear. Then you will recognize it feeling wise, what you are to accept or reject. Then no false Christs and false prophets will be able to blind you with a false light. Then a gently glow, which flares up in the heart, will give you the certainty that you stand in truth, and then you will represent this truth convincingly and show commitment for it in the last fight on this earth - and you will be real fighters of Christ.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5778.


Book 63 5779

Faith struggle.

30. September and 1. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5779.

The faith struggle is still in store for you, and I want to find you armed for this fight. For that reason my great care before, to strengthen your faith and to introduce you to knowledge, which will be fullest explanation for that, what lies ahead of you, what still comes before the end. You must believe in this end, to then also be able to understand everything, to then also comprehend the faith struggle, which is extremely significant for each one man. It will not just be a fight, which finds its end after some time with the victory of the one or the other fighting power. It will be a fight, which the followers of Satan wage against God - a fight, where it is not about earthly possession, but about spiritual goods; a fight, where the souls must decide, on which side they want to place themselves, although men are also affected earthly, but winning or losing will only the soul, and for that reason the outcome of this fight affects eternity. And for that reason I do everything before, to prepare men for this fight, to strengthen them, to put the courage of their conviction into them. I seek to increase for me the army of my fighters, not because I want to win, but that they themselves harvest the fruit of a victory, because I do not want that they come to an end, that they are fettered anew by my opponent and remain again imprisoned endless long time. You men are little worried about faith at the moment, you are quite indifferent to that, what is important - spiritual striving - you must first get shaken up, to seriously express your opinion on faith. And that will happen, as soon as the faith struggle breaks out, for then the request is issued to everyone, to profess me before the world or to deny me, to give me up. And then only you will express your opinion, when you are conscientious, or unhesitatingly give me up - for the sake of earthly advantage. And since the end is imminent, this decision is necessary, not before me, I who know about your will; but you yourselves are to once again be stimulated to think, because you do not do it by yourselves, when you are not forced through earthly power. There are certainly some, who already before think about it and who for that reason also experience my obvious help, that I make the recognizing easy for them, but they are exactly only some, whose number I would like to increase and whom I have therefore referred to the end. (1.10.1953) But these few will hardly find faith, for those who do not strive spiritually, also do not think an end of this earth possible, but the phenomena of the time of the end will not fail their impression with those still undecided, who become thoughtful and can return to faith, when they are instructed right in this time. Right, truthful instruction can produce great success there, where the defection from faith is to be attributed to deformed faith teachings, where men are not unwilling to believe, but have objected to false teachings. These can again be won for me and my kingdom, and for the sake of these few still many signs will happen, which announce the near end and do not remain without effect for those. The faith decision will only then be made right, when a strength of faith exists, which takes everything upon itself, what springs from disadvantages for the body; for that man, who stands in right cognition, knows what it is all about, and he gives up light-heartedly, what one takes from him, to not endanger the life of the soul. It is the last test of will on this earth; it is that decision, which determines your lot in eternity, that you profess me before the world, notwithstanding of the earthly effects of your decision. And only a strong, convinced faith will pass this last test, only a strong, convinced faith stands firm until the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5779.


Book 63 5780

God's compassionate love. Light is truth.

4. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5780.

My eye looks compassionately down to earth, where innumerable men move in darkness, i.e. go their way without cognition, before whom a thick wall is built, which dims everything and refuses every entry to the rays of light. My infinite love would also like to light a bright fire in this dark area, which could radiate again light in all directions. My love would like to also bring to these men the light of cognition, so that, who are still blind in the spirit, become seeing, so that all would become able to see me myself, I who wants to be striven for as aim of their walking on earth. But whom they must see, to recognize, that I wave to them, that I expect them at the gate to eternal life. As long as their eyes cannot see, as long as they are blind in the spirit, they are in the night of death, for without light there is no morning, without light there is no bright day. Light only is life, and only in light they can be active.

But light is truth. Light is bright recognizing and knowing about the original light from eternity, about the deepest connections of creator, creations and creatures. Light is all knowledge in accordance with truth, which shows a clear way, at which end I myself receive the walker. Light is truth. My eye looks compassionately down to earth on the great number of those men, who are without truth - who are without knowledge or in the possession of false knowledge and run and run, without reaching the right aim, and who only then walk on the right way, when the light of truth illuminates it, when their spirit is enlightened, when they catch the ray of love, which is to hit their heart and which proves my infinite love for all my creatures. How many men walk close next to the right way, so that they would need to do only one step, to step onto it, but which they do not want to do, because they believe to go on the right way. But it is not bright and without shadows - because it is not radiated by the light of truth. It shows many dark abysses, where man is in great danger to fall, when he does not turn to the dim glimmer of light of the right way, which always directs his steps more and more there, where the light shines bright and gloriously. Man must reach truth, because only then my divine love light touches him and because only then he really recognizes me and he strives for me as aim, which alone is desirable for him. Just long for truth deep in the heart, and with this longing you light a little light, and then you will carry it along in front of you and cover all your ways with safe steps, for the light will always let you recognize the right way; the light has lighted my love in you, which you desire, as soon as you desire truth. And the ray of love going out from me, also leads back to me. And no matter how thick, walls will dissolve in the penetrating light of truth - the most impenetrable darkness will give way to the light, which there is truth out of God.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5780.


Book 63 5781

Subordinating the will.

6. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5781.

Always just subordinate yourselves under my will, which just requests love from you, and your walk of life on earth will please me; you will find favour before my eyes, and you have won my love, which indeed is meant for you since the very beginning, but which could no longer touch you in its power. As soon as you however have entered into my will, that your whole thinking and wanting strives for not to sadden me, my love can again have an effect on you in whole power - i.e. in that measure, which you can bear on earth, for you have now again returned to me, from whom you have once voluntarily separated yourselves. To enter into my will means, you making an effort to move in that order, which is basic law from eternity, to bring all good qualities to perfection, to give up all bad qualities, to fashion yourselves according to divine principle - to bring love in you to highest development. For to be perfect means to be full of love. Perfection is a divine state, a state, which shows no lack, which is therefore also prerequisite to be near me, to be united with me. And to reach this happy state, the will of my creature must completely become like my will - it must enter my will so completely that a common work now starts, what also means the same, as giving up of all resistance, of all own will - therefore coming back to me in free will. You men are to reach this aim on earth; you are to bring the proof that you want to belong to me for ever, by you acknowledging and striving for me alone, by all your thinking and striving on earth is, to live so, as it pleases me. This will is the passed earth life test and if this will is in you, so you are rescued for eternity, for the power is sent to you from me, to carry out your will and to live according to my will, as soon as I just see your will turned to me. I want that you are happy, but cannot force your will in another direction, because you yourselves decide. But my love surrounds my creatures, which do as I will out of their own drive - which have become and will remain my children until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5781.


Book 63 5782

Spark of God. Unlimited knowledge.

7. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5782.

The all filling spirit, the eternal divinity itself, is therefore also active in its creatures to that extent, as they allow it through their will. Each one man carries in him a spark of the divine spirit, and he is as a result therefore connected indissolubly with the eternal divinity. And this divine spark could have an effect in inconceivable measure upon the thinking and acting of man, when his will would fulfil the conditions, which are preconditions of the work of the spirit in man. For this spark is as share of God, as a radiation of him himself, also of enormous illumination power - and it consequently radiates the light of wisdom - it instructs man from the inside and gives him fullest cognition - it lights in him a bright light, and depending on how man now uses this light, abilities develop in him, which are divine - until he himself can then work in power and light. For all his acting and wanting is based on thoughts, which the divine spirit in man has stimulated and led. And so it is truly possible for man on earth, to do the supernatural and to have knowledge at his disposal, which is otherwise completely inaccessible to him, when he therefore allows the divine spark in him, the share of God, unlimited work - but what always demands the devotion of the own will, the subjugating under the divine will. Then the spirit of God can completely penetrate him, and then man thinks and acts only so, as God wants it, as it is according to eternal order, and he is neither limited in his cognition nor in his power, for every obstacle for the absolute work of the spirit power has been shifted away through the will of man. Man is a vessel, which initially is closed and full of garbage, but which can open and completely empty itself, to now make space for the divine spark, that it can develop freely, that spiritual power flows constantly and the vessel now gets full of the divine spirit - for which then everything is possible to work and from which brightest light radiates. And man will be powerful and wise, for he is now constantly in contact with God himself; he bears God in him and is aware of him - he lives in and with God and works now from his power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5782.


Book 63 5783

God wants to be loved. Distorted image.

8. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5783.

I can dictate my will into the pen of only few men; only few have the understanding for it, what causes me to speak in direct connection; only few grasp it that the love of the father for his children is so great that he applies every means which promises success - and only few believe that it is the voice of the father, which wants to obtain a hearing, because the children are in extreme trouble. And that there are only so few men, who believe it, has its cause in that, that my love is no longer recognized - that men only still - when they believe at all - believe in a God, whom they fear, because they must take responsibility before him, or honour because they acknowledge his power and greatness. But love would change this God idea into a quite childlike view, but a God of love would become a father for them, to whom they entrust themselves and whom they could also love themselves. But why do men no longer recognize me as an extreme loving father, who knows no other desire, than to be able to take his children in his arms, who finds his happiness in that, to prepare happiness for his children. Why do men just stand in the distance shy and doubting; why does no love longing drives them into my arms - because they are no longer able to recognize me as a God of love, as a father - because they have a wrong image of me - because they are not instructed in truth about me - because I am introduced to them as angry, punishing God, who demands account for every sin and judges mercilessly. But a being, which is feared, one does not strive for - in the best case one conscientiously follows all demands, but always only out of fear, but never out of love. But I want to be loved. I want to possess the love of my children, and I do everything to win them, for only a relationship which love establishes, can make happy for ever. I alone know it, where the cause is to be sought, and I alone know it, how men can still be helped, that they recognize me as a God of love and voluntarily strive for me. I myself must make myself accessible to men; I must go to them, because they do not want to come to me. And they must feel my cooperation as blessing, so that they also accept my gift without resistance, which I bring to them: - my word, which reveals me so to my creatures, that they can love me - my word, through which I myself reveal myself as love. For they did not know me up to now; they have been wrongly instructed; they have made a wrong image of me. My opponent has eagerly worked, to design this distorted picture of me, because he wants it, that men no longer recognize me, because he wants to suffocate love for me in my creatures, which means final return to me. You men all, you who stand far from me, you do not know me really, and to you I want to reveal myself as a God of love, wisdom and power, as a father, who longs for your love. And for that reason I enter into a direct relationship with you; I express myself through an earth child devoted to me, to take the way to you all, to win your love and to be able to give away my love to you. And happy who believe that I myself, your father from eternity, it is, who speaks to you - happy, who accept my words, recognize me as eternal love and no longer delay to grasp the stretched out hand of the father - happy, who let themselves be drawn by me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5783.


Book 63 5784

Spiritual knowledge depends on degree of maturity.

9. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5784.

Complete ignorance is a sign of spiritual low, for knowledge about divine-spiritual does not depend on intellectual activity of man or on the measure of knowledge supplied to him through fellowmen, but alone on his soul maturity, on the degree of his spiritual development, so that therefore the most simple man, whose soul has already a degree of maturity at his disposal as result of a way of life in love, will make himself a truthful picture about God, about his earth life purpose, about his relationship to God, his father from eternity. He will feeling wise accept those teachings only, which are according to truth, perhaps earthly he is not much held in high regard because of his intellectual knowledge, he will be of simple spirit and nevertheless think righter on spiritual area. And the small cognition is enough, to cause him to a way of life, which is according to the will of God, but which then, after his death, brings in brightest light like lightning in the spiritual kingdom. The complete knowledge on earth is not the proof of a high degree of maturity of the soul, for also spiritual knowledge a man can acquire intellectual wise, only it is then also more intellectual knowledge than spiritual material, when the way of life of the man is accordingly, and knowledge, which is therefore still not to be addressed as spiritual treasure, can also again get lost for the man with the moment of death, provided it was not accepted by the heart, but from the intellect only. For also spiritual knowledge can become pure intellectual knowledge through eager study, when the ascent development of the soul is disregarded, when the degree of maturity of the soul is therefore still a very low one, the intellect however, as highly developed, busies itself with problems, which touch spiritual areas. Then one cannot therefore speak of ignorance - but the "one knowing" lacks one thing - the light. For no matter how much knowledge acquired on this way, still gives him no light, that he could now recognize bright and clear all connections, that he would be made happy on account of his knowledge. Light can become his from the inside only as result of a way of life in love. For the spirit out of God alone radiates light, who only gives real life to intellectual knowledge. And only then it is knowledge, which can be assessed as spiritual treasure, which is immortal and is taken over into the spiritual kingdom. And for that reason even pure truth can only then be grasped, when the spirit out of God gives enlightenment to man, what always presupposes a degree of soul maturity, which can only be achieved through a way of life according to the will of God. The state of light, cognition, is then also accordingly, after the death of man, and a good, but simple man, who has little knowledge at his disposal on earth, can be flowed around by more radiating light at his entry in the opposite kingdom than a man standing in spiritual knowledge, who lacked love on earth and to whom the spirit out of God has not yet found access.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5784.


Book 63 5785

Constant connection with God secures success.

10. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5785.

Request my support, whatever you undertake. Begin nothing without me; go no way without me; always let me go first, then I will also be your aim, which you reach safely. And so you are to entrust yourselves to me in also all spiritual matters, and you will always be advised right, for then my spirit directs you - you will be able to think and act no other way than right and work successfully for me and my kingdom. And it will always look as if you speak and act according to your own will. For I do not appear so obviously that you were therefore forced to follow my will, and nevertheless it is my will, which is now expressed through you. So you recommend before all work to me, every mental or word-for-word talk, you are also allowed to be certain of my influence, but exactly this connection with me before is necessary, to now also feel my will in you and to think, to speak and to act according to it. And for that reason you do not need to worry, not being able to do the work for me and my kingdom, as long as you do not consider it as worldly work, but always just want to serve me with it and therefore remain constantly in connection with me as my servants, to receive my instructions. For I do latter through your heart, by me putting feelings into you through my spirit, which now let you act so, as it is my will. And then all your beginnings will be blessed.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5785.


Book 63 5786

Means of favour: Prayer. God's word.

11. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5786.

Return into your original relationship to me and become again, what you were from the very beginning, creatures standing in highest perfection, in the full possession of light and power. I make this demand on you - but also give you the means into the hand, to comply with my demand, because I know that you, in your present state, are completely powerless without my help and would not be able, to fashion yourselves again so, as you have emerged out of me in the very beginning. It is therefore not impossible to fulfil my demand, for I take your weakness into account and truly help you in every way, to reach the goal, which I have set for you - for I love you and want to see the unhappy state, in which you are, changed into a happy one. I want to know you next to me, not under me. And my means are of highest effectiveness - you can reach the goal, but they eliminate every force of will. And for that reason it is your most own matter, when you reach the goal - otherwise you would truly already be long since in the state of light and power, but as unfree beings you lacked the highest perfection. Understand it - you yourselves must strive for perfection, because I respect your free will, but for that reason also stimulate you persistently, to make use of my means of help. You cannot accomplish this work of transformation out of your own power, but my power is unmeasured at your disposal. Use it, for this is not in my power, when I do not want to make you unfree. Use my gift of favour and you will be full of power and be able to achieve everything, what you want.

In what do these means of favour now exist? What are you to do, to get into the possession of power? How can you give yourselves this power? - You are to first - as completely ignorant - desire a truthful knowledge - what alone just requires your will. Then you let already the gift of favour become effective at you and you listen to what is announced to you through my word. And you then use a great gift of favour, because you already withdraw power out of my word, which now helps you further. You take up a further favour, by you praying, i.e. establish mentally the connection with me and hold a dialogue with me. Such a prayer connection is a source of power of unsuspected fulness. Through intimate prayer to me you consciously open yourselves to my current of favour, and inevitably you must experience a change of nature, because my power does not remain ineffective, so it is accepted. And the change in nature exists in that respect, that love lights in you, that you strive towards me and now enter into my love circuit, that you therefore again accept, what you have once rejected - that you let yourselves be radiated through by light and power in free will and always become more and more like my original nature, therefore also more and more approach your original initial nature, because you have now again entered the right relationship to me and you now receive constantly light and power from me - because in free will you have now become that, what I could not create - beings equal to me - real children of your father from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5786.


Book 63 5787

Stimulating of an unbeliever to love work.

12. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5787.

No spiritual knowledge can get supplied to the unbeliever, because he rejects everything, what cannot get proved, but just demands only faith. But he can get stimulated to love work, for he can reach faith only on the way of love. The heart of an unbeliever does not need to be hardened, so that he very well can perform works of neighbourly love, when the distress of fellowmen is put before his eyes, when he is stimulated through a fellowman well-disposed to him, to contribute to the alleviation of this trouble - when one appeals to his sympathy, to his preparedness to help and his earthly situation, which makes it possible for him to help. It is the greatest merit of a man, who himself lives in love, to spur on fellowman to love work, for therefrom faith can then also emerge, which without love is still just a dead faith and therefore not much more valuable than unbelief. As long as a man goes past at the trouble of fellowman, he can also be considered as unbeliever, although he calls himself believing. Only when man's will to give breaks through, when he seeks to make fellowman happy or strives to turn away suffering from him - when he wants to help - he is also able to listen to knowledge offered to him and to express his view about it, and only then it is therefore possible, to let faith revive in him in a spiritual kingdom existing outside of the earthly kingdom.

For that reason it is a waste of effort, wanting to intellectually convince an unbelieving man, therefore to present spiritual knowledge to him and wanting to persuade him, to accept it, because a man without love is not able to do it. On the other hand the divine love teaching can get introduce to him and its effect made believable, when such a love life is held up as an example to him and also an appeal is made to his heart, to participate in the alleviation of the trouble of fellowman - when he is first stimulated to give away from his plenty, until he then himself finds happiness in that respect, to do good. And then he is also already won; then his resistance to spiritual knowledge always becomes less; he is shaken in his unbelief - he begins to think about his life and accepts more willingly, what presupposes faith - he will learn to believe, because through love he has now become able to do it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5787.


Book 63 5788

Church of Christ.

13. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5788.

Whose striving for me is serious, he also reaches his goal - I am the way, the truth, and the life. Who seeks me, he has also already set foot on the way, and he is introduced to truth by me, which gives him life. Who seriously seeks me, he however does not seek me in a certain school of thought, for he knows it that I am only to be found in the heart, that his heart alone is decisive, whether I am there, where I am announced. Everywhere my love teaching can be preached - but whether man finds me everywhere, that his heart alone determines, in which desire he stands - whether it truthfully seeks me. The words can catch fire everywhere and awaken the love desire for me, but only, when they have caught fire, foot has been set on the right way. And then man will also be able to judge pure truth - he will accept and strive for that, what alone leads to life, which lasts for ever. Has the heart been captured by my word, then the contact has also been made with me and my presence in him is secured. Then man no longer belonged to a school of thought, but to my church, which I myself have found on earth and to which every church organization can lead, which announces my divine love teaching, which demands faith in Jesus Christ as God's son and redeemer of the world. For that reason, do not fight each other, as long as all your striving is meant for me, for then I lead you already on the right way, on the way of truth, which leads to eternal life. Then also each one, who belongs to my church, will recognize, which teachings deviate from pure truth, and then he can also lead the blind, who ignorant of the dangers walk side streets, which do not lead to the goal. And if also these still blind seek me seriously, then they also let themselves be led and are grateful for the help, because they recognize my leading, because - who seriously seeks me - is also seized by my love and feels this my love. I am the way, the truth, and the life - who strives for me, whose heart is turned towards me, he cannot go wrong. And no matter if he still is in thickest error, is therefore still far from pure truth. He still lands in my church, which I myself have founded on earth, because his desire for me, his faith in me, is the foundation stone, on which my church is built. For only a deep, living faith strives for me; only a deep believing man has the desire of his heart directed towards me, and I truly let myself be found by him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5788.


Book 63 5789

Explanation necessary of the mission of Jesus.

14. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5789.

Information must be given to you men in the right way, then you will also not reject the faith teachings, which are presented to you about Jesus Christ as God's son and redeemer of the world. The problem of him becoming man and of his death on the cross is so extremely difficult to understand, when it is put before you just as historic fact, because then the behaviour of the man Jesus is incomprehensible for you, because you cannot then grasp, on what this becoming man and the dying on the cross is based, and you are then inclined, to deny a mission for the whole mankind. But when the reasons are given to you in accordance with the truth, then you also learn to understand the work of redemption of Christ. And then you adjust yourselves differently to it than up to now. That men lack the knowledge about it, does not depend on that up to now truth was withheld from them - the reason is alone that men have made themselves incapable for the receiving of such knowledge, that they consider the life and death of Jesus Christ the more pure worldly, the more indifferent they are, to hear truth about it. As soon as God just sees the faintest question in a man about it, he also gives him information, but only rarely a man asks this question and demands, to receive information about the man Jesus, who is to be acknowledged as God. And nevertheless, faith in it is absolutely necessary, when man also wants to put himself into the blessing of the work of redemption. For that reason, God gives man enlightenment, which they could certainly accept, when they would seriously strive for truth. God gives, what men no longer demand by themselves; he hands out that, by which men have lack. He imparts knowledge to them, which, with good will, could give men light, which means cognition for them, when they just accept it. He seeks to make the love work of Jesus comprehensible to men, that they were not earthly or worldly motives, which let the man Jesus so live and suffer and die, but his earth walk was based on a spiritual cause - to turn away an incomprehensible trouble of the souls of men, which applied to eternal times and which only the love of a man could remove. Men must know about the spiritual cause, if the work of redemption of Jesus Christ is to be assessed right and its favours accepted. Men must know that they are heading for an incomprehensible agonizing state, when they do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as redeemer, and then also do not belong to the redeemed, for whom the man Jesus Christ has died on the cross - they are to know that it is not the same thing, whether they acknowledge him or not. And to be able to acknowledge him, they are to be introduced into truth. They are to be instructed right by God himself, what made the son of men do, to take upon him a superhuman suffering, which ended with his dying on the cross.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5789.


Book 63 5790

Explanation necessary of the mission of Jesus.

15. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5790.

I died for you on the cross - for you I went a way, which was extremely difficult to cover, because I was not allowed to go freely, but had to carry a great burden - your sin debt, which I have taken from you, so that this load should no longer press you. I went a way of atonement for you, which you would have to clear away all yourselves and would have needed eternities for it, until every sin debt was wiped out. I took this burden away from you and achieved atonement for you, because I took pity on your lot, because extreme great love for you filled me and because I wanted to help you in your trouble. Extreme great suffering and immeasurable agonies of the body and of the soul I had to endure for the sake of your sin, which kept you separated from your father of eternity. But I wanted to make the return to him again possible for you; I wanted that you find to the father, but that also the father should have his children back again, for which love he longs, because you are children of his love. I knew about the unmeasurable cleft between God and you. I knew about the great sin debt of the former rebellion of the created beings against God. I knew it in which your sin existed and that the wiping out of this debt (would have required eternities) could not be atoned for in eternities. For that reason, I wanted to sacrifice myself; I wanted to bring an atonement sacrifice to God in the place of you, which he was to accept graciously, because only love for God and for you, my fallen brothers, let me bring this sacrifice. I wanted to pay for your debt through my death on the cross. You were endlessly far separated from God through your former defection from him, and you would have remained for eternities in this distance, because no way led upwards, to him, who was the father of you all. But for something created free and full of power, the distance from God is an unspeakable state of agony - to be bound and without light - fettered by a power opposed to God. I knew about this state, and I took pity on it. I wanted to open a way upwards. I wanted to wage a war against him, who kept you bound. I wanted to redeem you out of his power. But the ransom was high. My opponent demanded a price for the souls, which was almost unattainable - and so I offered the highest, what I possessed - on the cross I gave up my life. I first however had to give up my light and my power, which, as sign of me belonging to God, were my own in all fullness. I had to ascend to men from above, from light; I, as man myself, I had to bring the sacrifice and consequently go a way of suffering, which aimed at your redemption. And I made the way upwards free for you men, through my way of the cross, to God. You can now yourselves go this way and reach God, when you follow me, when you accept my sacrifice, when you place yourselves under the cross of Christ, when you want that I have also died for you - then also you are redeemed through Jesus Christ's blood - then your great sin debt has been wiped out. Then the sacrifice has not been brought for you in vain - I have wrested you from the opponent of God, and you return again as right children to your father from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5790.


Book 63 5791

Way to Golgotha. Imitation of Jesus.

16. October 1953 B.D. NR. 5791.

To go the way to Golgotha is the right imitation of Christ. You will not understand this, so you believe that Jesus Christ has gone this way for you, that he because of your sins took all agonies of going to the cross upon himself, therefore has taken the suffering from you and carried it himself for you. And you are also on that point in the right belief. He has wiped out the debt for you through his suffering and dying on the cross. But the culmination of his earth walk was the unification with his father from eternity - he united with him for ever - he and the father became one. And to reach this aim, the imitation of Jesus is the only way - to reach this aim, man has to also take a suffering earth life upon himself; he must patiently go the earth way to the end, and no matter how great suffering, how great tribulation and privation it brings to him. He must drink up the cup to the dregs and just always keep the divine Lord and Saviour before the eyes, whom to follow is all his striving, and with whom also he wants to be united to all eternity. Man will also be sent power from him, and so man gets weak, the saviour Jesus Christ stands next to him and supports him; he helps him carrying the cross, until he has reached his goal. And now you will grasp, why pious men devoted to God are often pursued by suffering and sickness, why a cross has been imposed on them, which appears almost unbearable for them. It is about the adoption of God, about the joining together with him in that way that they - as standing closest to the father - can receive power and light unlimitedly and feel unlimited happiness, which can only cause the complete unification with him, and this state is therefore the most delicious, what can be reached on earth, but under great sacrifices, under giving up of all that, what on earth man feels as pleasant. He must go the way to Golgotha in truth - he is not allowed to see the world any longer; in trouble and in agony he must cover step by step with the look turned away from it. He must know that his body only suffers for the soul, so that it, as completely purified, can then step before the face of God, to be accepted by the father with deepest love, as his child, which followed him for his sake, which for his sake has covered the way to the cross on earth and which he now introduces into all rights of a child - for it has - as already returned to the father - now also sat and passed the test still on earth, which every created angel being must pass for the complete melting with its creator and father from eternity, to, as completed, now being able to create and work in the kingdom of light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5791.


Book 63 5792

Effect of the living word.

18. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5792.

A living word spoken to you will also not miss its effect, because you penetrate into its spiritual meaning, because your heart is addressed through it, which now also moves it in it and draws that power from it, with which I have blessed my word. If you would just let my word speak to you lively, so truly no spiritual trouble would be among you, for to whose voice you willingly listen, with his request you also comply, and therefore the fulfilment of my will would be guaranteed and as a result also the order re-established, which is original law for eternity. For that reason, I again and again address you directly; for that reason, I seek the way to your heart through my word. For that reason, I myself approach you and seek to shake you up from an idle state through my voice; I penetrate as it were the quietness of inactivity with my voice. I address you. Only through my word I can have an effect on you, and your will itself must utilize the word. But my word sounds to the soul like heavenly music, as soon as it is just able to hear it. And it will hear it then, when man accepts my word, thinks about it, when he himself lets it speak to him, when it can get through to the heart, what is synonymous with that the soul hears it - words, which just die away at the ear, words, which touch the eye only and which it does not let become aware of, are dead words without spirit and life. But my word becomes alive, so you get into contact with me before, so you wish to be addressed by me and then read or hear, what I have to say to you. Then you hear as it were my voice directly, also when you take it from the book, which holds my word in it. I address you then also directly in these words, because you desire, to receive power from me, because this desire caused you, to read or hear my word. Everyone, who demands to be addressed by me, stands also already in the blessing and in the power of my word. Everyone, who willingly opens his ear, where my word can be heard, he is addressed by me myself, and my word is truly alive in him, and it has an invigorating power - it drives to activity, which is in accordance of my will; it drives to love work and to prayer: - For who has once heard my living word, he will not content himself with it; he will get into contact with him, who speaks to him words of love and of favour, and he will never ever break off this contact. He has found a friend, whom he no longer wants to miss, with whom he can talk at any time in words or in thoughts and who goes into everything and answers; who now sends power to him, to also be able to give full expression to the word, to not just be hearer, but doer of the word, which will sound to everyone as sign of my presence, wo wants to awaken to life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5792.


Book 63 5793

Spreading of the divine love teaching necessary.

19. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5793.

I give my word to all of you; I supply the Gospel to all of you in all purity, and you all are allowed to receive it through my disciples, whom I send out again with the task, to spread it among men. You must know about my love teaching, about my work of redemption; you must know, what you are to do, to be happy; you must get instructed, of which kind the soul work is, which you are to carry out at yourselves, and information is to be given you, in what way a good or also a bad earth life has an effect after death of the body. Through my messengers I supply the Gospel to you all. And that it is pure truth, that you can experience at yourselves, as soon as you fulfil my commands of love, as soon as you are not just hearers, but doers of my word. Then all my words will be confirmed; then my promises will fulfil themselves, to which always certain conditions are attached, about which you are therefore to know. I myself must speak with you; you must hear from myself about my will, because otherwise you do not let yourselves be impressed, even so you are stimulated from the human side to change your way of life. The power of my word is to become effective in you; you are to be stimulated to love, to being active according to my will. And for that reason I send my messengers to you, who are to address you in my name, who for that reason can speak alive, because they have been introduced to life by me myself and because they possess something themselves, what they are to give to you - pure truth, as it has taken its start from me. To bring this truth to you is their mission, their office, for which I myself have chosen and trained them. For that reason you can believe them, so they bring my word to you; you can take it to heart and let it become a treasure in you - you do not need to doubt their words, for not they, but I speak to you through them, only that I make use of a human form, to not make you unfree in wanting and in belief. Accept what they announce to you, and obey their words, and you will noticeably feel the power - you will beneficently be touched by them, so you yourselves are of good will and let my address have an effect on you. For they just announce my word to you - they just tell you, what you are to do, to be happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5793.


Book 63 5794

Making created beings godlike.

21. and 22. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5794.

Receive the message of the Lord: When I gave you life, I pursued a purpose - to manifest me myself in you, i.e., to give forms to my power and my light, which as beings stood in contact with each other and which all carried in them me myself as love power - so that I as it were formed myself in these beings, that they were the same as I myself, but each one standing in consciousness of self - that I consequently wanted to create gods equal to me. I therefore put the most perfect out of me; I multiplied me myself in these beings created by me, since they were created in the same perfection and since nothing could emerge out of me, what was inadequate. I myself was represented in all these beings; I had called them into existence as mirror-image of me myself, although I myself was not visible to these beings. I created miniatures of me myself - and took pleasure in these creations.

But everything created perfect was my work - it was my will in it; it was flowed through by my love and therefore only something created, which could not be differently, than it was. And that did not satisfy me, for I wanted to have something around me exactly so free, which could move in all freedom as I myself. I had to put it out independently from me in the same power and with the same light and let it depend on a test, that it now so utilized the complete freedom granted to it, as it was according to my will - without however determining the being though my will. I had to give it complete freedom of will and as it were isolate myself from it - so that the being could now submit its divinity to proof and remain in perfection, in which I have created it - although it could also make wrong use of its power and its will. I wanted to have gods next to me, with whom I could work and create in highest happiness. But these gods I could not create for myself; I could only give them the ability for that purpose, to fashion themselves to gods. I wanted that the same happiness, which filled me, should also be allotted to those beings, which I called into life in an immeasurable urge to make happy and to fashion, which increased always more the more I created. (22.10.1953) I did not want that they just remained my creatures for ever, determined by my will to their doing and thinking. I wanted to know every being creating freely for itself, independent of my will, because I knew that a perfect being always carried my will in it. A perfect being created by me would therefore not have been able to a will opposed to me, when it would not have had at the same time a free will, which could decide about itself. And this free will was the decisive. By virtue of free will the being could remain in its perfection given to it by me, but it could also go off from it - the being, which I had fashioned highly perfect, could transform itself, forfeit its perfection and become a creature, which no longer was my image - but it was a free being, which could decide about itself and in exactly the same way also again transform itself according to my image. It could again become perfect, but was then no longer my creature, but my child - having become my image in free will, a divine creature, which was standing outside of me and still most intimately melted with me through the same love, the same will and the same nature. To create something imperfect, which was to achieve the transformation to my image, was not possible for me, for only highly perfect can emerge out of me, but to change the created to gods, the will of the created being must accomplish itself - because free will irrevocably belongs to highest perfection.

Since the love principle predominates in me, since I myself am eternal love, always only love has been determining with the act of creation, and love also pursues a goal - a state of happiness of my creatures, which is unequalled, however only then, when the creatures have become my children. For my created works are not to be called boundlessly happy, despite of all perfection, as long as they possess no free will. Free will however must prove perfection - that, what is given to the being, it must appreciate and want to keep, despite of the possibility, being able to give it up. And this decision has been demanded from the perfect, created by me, and is so long demanded from it, until the being has reached its goal, until it strives for perfection, the unification with me, in free will - until it has become my image.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5794.


Book 63 5795

Purpose of pests. Motive of destructions.

23. and 25. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5795.

Everything earthly just serves the perfection of the spiritual. The course of ascent development is my plan from eternity, which is to achieve once that only most perfect spiritual moves near me - that everything has been made divine, as my love longs for it. Innumerable formations are necessary for it, innumerable stages of development are to achieve this work of becoming divine, as my wisdom recognized it as once bringing in success. This plan now needs eternities, and a being can need eternities for it, until it can dwell near me as having become divine. Earth life as man is only a most tiny fraction of this time of development, but for you men incomprehensible long time has preceded this existence as man, in which the soul substances first had to find themselves and join themselves together, for the creation of nature held all these little particles before and did not release them sooner, as my plan of salvation from eternity allowed it. Although the spiritual was bound through my will in my creation, so still this spiritual itself determined the duration of its stay in every individual work of creation, through its resistance or the giving up of its resistance, and I relaxed its fetters according to this. I bound it in always easier dissolvable forms, until finally the change of the outer form followed each other always quicker - what becomes understandable through the constant becoming into being and passing in the animal and plant world, of which new creations receive the spiritual again and again, which is close to the last embodiment as man. In these last phases before the embodiment as man, the spiritual itself presses already towards its release out of the form and also serves, even so not yet fully aware. This degree of development is recognizable in the "life" of nature. For everything, that testifies to life, is active and uses the power flowing towards it. And so everything "alive", but especially the animal world, has reached this degree of development, which lets decreased resistance recognize - which allows the forming as man for the passing of the last test of will. (24.10.1953) But now also a serving task is set to every living being - no matter in which degree of development it stands. Every spiritual, walking in the mandatory law through creation, fulfils a serving purpose - it contributes to the preservation and to the existence of again other works of creation and is consequently active in the building up sense, but as it can also still serve with the giving up of its form, which at the same time brings in a higher level of development for it - a new formation for the purpose of quicker maturing. A constant coming into being and passing in creation can be followed, partly caused by nature, partly through natural instincts, which are put into the living beings as divine law, but which - because they are according to my plan from eternity, not allowed to be considered negatively, even so it appears to be cruelty and endangering of the weak, not able-bodied creatures. As long as the spiritual is in the mandatory state, every destruction of the outer form means for those releasing from the fetter and progress in the course of development. However, attention is to be paid on that occasion, on which motive the destruction of a form is based. Every transformation of matter, which holds spiritual in it, must be able to show the motive of appropriateness for the welfare of fellowmen, otherwise it is an unlawful destruction, which has an unfavourable effect for the spiritual and with serious consequences for the destroyer. Purpose and aim of a change of an outer form must always testify to the love of man for fellowman. Then the process of change will also have a blessed effect. And in exactly the same way outer forms can also get destroyed by living beings, quite in accordance with my love principle, when the purpose of it is, to win upbuilding substances, which again secure the life of other beings. For my creations have been created for each other, that one may serve the other for preservation. To each work of creation, also to the living beings, a purpose has been assigned, which therefore also secures progress to the spiritual. No work of creation has just been created for itself, and first and last purpose is the ascent development of the spiritual, why a dissolving of the respective form is an absolute necessity - which I certainly have also determined timewise, but my wisdom also gave infinitely many reasons to these dissolvings - and also determined the living beings themselves to executors of my plan - that therefore not rarely one ends the life on another. (25.10.1953) No event occurs in the whole universe without my knowledge, and all events in the life of nature - in that creation, which holds the spiritual still walking the mandatory law - are determined by my will; whereas in the state of free will now also man himself is determining and he now acts more or less according to my will, he however is also not prevented, to carry out, what he wants. And now forms can again get dissolved through human will, which still shroud the bound spiritual - may it be hard matter or also plants and animals - exactly everything, what still has not itself free will at its disposal. And now the motive of these dissolvings is decisive, whether they get approved by me, whether they are according to my will. Each one work of creation is intended for serving; each one work of creation it to bring about benefit to another.

But how do you explain to yourselves the innumerable small and smallest living beings, which in the truest meaning of the word represent a plague for men? And which are also my work after all? - Also these living beings attend to a task: To absorb spiritual substances in them, which are still unwilling to serve - which certainly have already covered an infinite long course of development, timewise therefore have reached the stage, where they should busy themselves, which still produce resistance, which they now express so to speak in a negative work, by them occupying themselves in a destructive way - by them accelerating the passing of works of creation - and indirectly now still again contribute to the dissolving of form. But to men these destructions, caused through so-called pests, appear to be against the law, and for that reason they take action against these - what also again lies in my will, because they just aim to achieve an improvement with it, because they want to protect themselves and their fellowmen against unfavourable effects and at the same time they now again dissolve the formation of these substances. The dissolving of every form, for the release of the spiritual in it, is necessary for the course of development of it, the motive must just be good; a serving purpose must again be connected with it, then it has my approval and brings about a blessing to mankind. For everything, what is recognized as harming, everything, what causes devastation in the plant and animal kingdom, is carrier of still bad spiritual, which wants to romp about and for that reason is again and again bound in new forms, until it has softened itself, and which for that reason in the long run is grateful for the destruction of the form through the will of man. It was no arbitrary action, which moved me to create those harmful living beings. Also they are active as power stations in the great process of redemption, and they also serve to that end, to repel bad instincts, whereby indeed other creations, also man, can be touched sorrowfully or unpleasantly, but as far as they are concerned can now also again mature, as soon as they react right on it - therefore help, when it is essential, to protect other men or animals of it or patiently and devotedly to take upon oneself the small disagreements of life. Everything takes place according to laws in the universe, even so it appears to men that they themselves act differently, therefore
B.D. NR. 5795
take unlawful precautions. Only the will of man is decisive, how his thinking and acting is valued to him in future. But the course of development of each one being is indicated for eternity, and also the works of man, transacted in the wrong will, are included and are always directed by me so in their effect that they serve the ascend striving spiritual for its benefit.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5795.


Book 63 5796

Overcoming of matter. Spiritual kingdom.

26. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5796.

As long as your thinking and striving is just meant for the world and its goods, you will hardly inherit my kingdom, for my kingdom is not of this world. My kingdom can only be acquired through giving up of that, what is still desirable for you men. My kingdom requires the overcoming of matter, for only then you can become free from form and enter my kingdom, when you break away from everything, what belongs to my opponent. The material world is his kingdom, although he has no influence on matter as such. But so much the greater influence he has on men, who as soul hold the spiritual in them, which has now reached the stage of development, where it can flee from his rule, where it can dispose of every outer form with right use of the will. Then he applies his influence in excess, to chain man to matter, to direct the will wrong that he again only strives for that, what he has long since overcome already. The material world is your strongest test of will, for you are to renounce it; you are to voluntarily do without everything, what seems desirable to you at earth life time; you are to strive for the spiritual kingdom, therefore choose and decide for my kingdom or for the kingdom of my opponent. He attracts you with his goods - but consider that these goods are passing, that they can actually pass or must also be given up by you in the hour of death. You cannot secure them constantly for you; you irrevocably lose them soon or later. Think of it and create and work and therefore acquire goods early, which cannot be taken from you, goods, which are immortal, which are only recognized right in their value in eternity, after the death of the body, which are then the wealth of the soul, which will make it infinitely happy. The desire for matter makes you blind for spiritual goods; you cannot recognize them as that, what they are, because all thoughts in you are only directed earthly and spiritual currents cannot touch you, for my kingdom is not of this world, but my kingdom comes to everyone, who desires it. For that reason, break away from that, what prevents you entering my kingdom. Free yourselves from the desire for earthly goods; be in want and do without, as long as you dwell on earth, to then receive in all fullness my goods of love in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5796.


Book 63 5797

The end comes irrevocably.

28. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5797.

You can no longer halt the end. The time has expired, and only few days remain for you until the end - just still the time, which I consider necessary, to still bring rescue to those, who are still able and willing to change. For my eye sees everything, and my ear hears everything, and so also the finest stirrings of a heart of man are known to me. And since my love is meant for all my creatures, so I still come the help of those, who grasp my rescuing hand and about whose will I know for eternity. I come to the help of all, who want to be helped. And so, no-one will be able to say at the end, that my rescuing hand has not been offered to him. For I am sorry for every creature, which at the end of this earth must begin the hard lot of imprisonment on the creations of the new earth - which had already reached the state of free will and is now again bound for endless long time. And for that reason, I truly apply all means before, to still turn the hearts of men to me, which still do not want to acknowledge me. I truly do everything, what could result in the change of the hearts of men. But I must leave their free will to men and cannot direct them by force to me. But the end comes irrevocably - when my work of redemption is accomplished on this earth, when the few have still been helped, who accept help. And there is only still a short time - but where still great work is to be done in the redemption sense - where the world of light is extremely eagerly active to break through darkness, where in every way the thinking of men is influenced, to make an end of this earth believable. And everyone, who contributes to this, to spread light, he helps along, to accomplish the work of redemption. Everyone who is active in the redemption sense, finds my support in the richest measure, for I bless all, who help to rescue souls from the terrible lot of a new banishment in matter on the new earth. And no matter how low the degree of maturity is - when men just recognizes and acknowledges me at his decease - then his ascent development is secured in the hereafter. But to be completely without faith at the end of days makes man enslaved to my opponent, and he must share his lot on the day of judgement. You men must believe in me, when you want that I may be gracious to you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5797.


Book 63 5798

Unbelief to the announcements.

29. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5798.

You men do not believe the references to the end - you live in the world, you want to accept nothing, what prepares itself outside of the earthly world and which will certainly also take place in the time fixed by me. I cannot implant faith in it into you, it must arise in you yourselves, and I can just always help you, by me directing your eyes to current events, which truly should alert you. For I announce the signs of the time of the end through seers and prophets, who just express in my will, what was visible to them for the time of the end. And I can also now only alert you; I can only again and again admonish you, to be attentive of that, what happens around you. And you will then certainly recognize, in which hour you live. For I do not let you experience the end without warning; it does not come over you without announcement; but as soon as you do not believe these announcements, it will come surprisingly, because my word fulfils itself, because it is the sole truth. And no matter whether humanly wise a rise is promised you - it also does not halt the end, and it will only there appear evidently, where no faith is any more, where only the world is taken notice of, where my opponent has got the upper hand. And also that is a sign of the near end. For it will be as at the times of Noah. Men will live in sin; they will just only eat and drink and wrest from the world, what they can - but no longer respect me. And when you just follow the attitude of men to me, to your God and creator from eternity, then you can also see in this a sign of the time of the end. There is no longer faith among men, and that for that reason, because they also lack love. Love has cooled among men - and for that reason faith has also died, for even, those who call themselves believing, who do not completely deny a god and creator, have no living faith, otherwise they would have to prepare themselves for the end, otherwise they would unobjectionably believe the references to the end. All admonitions and warnings are of no use with those, at whom they are directed. And no matter if I also knock at the door of their heart quite loud and clearly, whether I startle them through unusual events in their life or in their surroundings, they only see with earthly eyes and do not recognize my voice, also when it clearly talks to them. And the closer the end comes, the more firmly they reject the references; always more improbable it is for them, that a higher power intervenes - but the more ready men are for the ruin. And everything will come, as I have announced it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5798.


Book 63 5799

Coming of the Lord. Rapture.

30. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5799.

You will see me coming in the clouds - the spiritual kingdom will lower itself down to you; because you, who remain loyal to me until the end, you are already to be counted to the inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom although you still carry the body of flesh - you have then reached the maturity that you are allowed to see me face to face. But covered in clouds I come towards you. For you cannot yet bear the whole fullness of my light although you can see me without ceasing to exist. The proceedings of the rapture and my coming again to earth are understandable to my believers only and therefore also plausible. And whether I also again and again try to give reasons for and explain these my last events - men of this earth will accept nothing unusual, adverse to nature, because they have no understanding for the spiritual, because nothing spiritual can reveal themselves to them. And that is why they will also not be able to see me although you, my believers, will stretch out the hands rejoicing and longingly. But the proceedings of the rapture do not remain hidden to them and will plunge them into great horror - because also these are adverse to nature, that you soar towards me, that I pull you towards me and your alive bodies therefore leave the earth upwards, towards the light. But also the light the unbelievers do not see because light does not gain entrance where it still meets with resistance. For also the proceedings of the rapture, the most unusual experience on this earth, could still convert men who would receive knowledge about it, although they have not accepted it. A short thought towards it could still cause man to call on me at the last minute, and he would be saved from ruin. That is why I let the rapture take place visibly to really make use of every possibility of escape. But the hearts of men are already too hardened to be able to recognize my love. But you are to see me - and all suffering will be forgotten because now you are already no longer inhabitants of this earth but in my kingdom because a place of peace receives you that no longer reminds of the old world. My coming in the clouds has been announced to you men since my ascension to heaven - and I have always been expected by the ones who are mine. But my coming is also the end of this earth and I am to be expected at the end of a redemption period only, because my coming means the end, and the rapture the beginning of a new epoch - because all conditions have to be first recognizable that determine a dissolving of the creations of the earth. Because both my coming again to earth as well as the rapture of those who are mine could not happen as long as the final day of judgement had not arrived for men - exactly since both phenomena would have meant a compulsion to believe for men still living and since I do not let the unusual happen to bring men to believe in me. Only the last end on this earth was intended for this, and only the last end has brought a separation of spirits. And then I myself come to the ones who are mine and fetch them, so that they are relieved of the great misery, so that they receive the reward for their loyalty - and rejoice and praise him whom they now see in all majesty.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5799.


Book 63 5800

Creating man. Fall of Man.

31. October and 1. and 2. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5800.

The fallen spiritual needs endless long time for its ascent development and my individual creations also required an endless long time, which as it were also had to develop with the spiritual bound in it, to be able to hold in it always more mature spiritual. Again and again new forms were created and again and again a purpose assigned to these forms. The earthly creation therefore did not arise in a moment, but infinite long periods of time have passed, until the spiritual in all degrees of maturity found the outer form required for these, because the always increasing maturity also caused again and again new creations, which could receive it. But as long as the spiritual walked in the mandatory law, my creative activity meant: Creating earth as maturation station for the deepest fallen spiritual, which was to gain a maturity in it, which gave the free will back to the bound spiritual, which it had once abused.

But now also an outer form had to be created for this matured spiritual, so that it, in this form, could again test the free will. This work of creation was man, who insofar distinguished himself from all before arisen creations, as that he was endowed, next to free will, also with intellect and reason - with an ability to think, with consciousness of self and with the faculty, to be able to exchange through speech with his fellowmen, because living together resulted in the necessary preconditions for the test of will. The outer form of man existed already in the last stages in the mandatory state and had been destined for the receiving of innumerable matured soul substances, but these living beings still acted in the mandatory state, as the natural law demanded, and were consequently not responsible for their acting - they were only able to think in a quite low measure, however as gathering-place for the spiritual matured in endless long development time, likewise works of creation, which my wisdom and love had formed for this spiritual. But as men only those living beings were to be addressed, which were in the possession of free will, of the intellect and the consciousness of self.

And only now the plan of the spiritualizing of these creatures started - which now required that these beings - men - were instructed by me - which were to make use of their ability to think, their intellect and their free will according to these my instructions and which now by virtue of their free will could live and create on earth - which could fashion themselves to gods, but also completely offend against my instructions and my will and return to the depth, out of which they had risen. I created man. I gave an outer form to the spiritual standing in a certain degree of maturity, which was again in accordance with my wisdom and my love and also with the task, which man now had to fulfil. The outer form became only a living being, when the spiritual took residence in it - the composition of innumerable little particles, which now as "soul" gave life to the form. For the spiritual is constantly working power and was certainly bound during the previous stages, during the endless long course of development, and unable to unrestricted activity; but in the last outer form, in man, it can again become active. It can develop the power characteristic to it and increase it limitlessly through the joining together with me. My power was unmeasured at the disposal of first men; they were provided for in unusual way, because their test life on earth was to lead to that end, that they, as completely spiritualized, should lay down their earthly cover and return again as right children into their father house. But the test of will had to be put to them, which I demand of each one created being; the passing of this test of first men would have easily let all following men reach the last aim. (1.11.1953) In first men I had created beings for me, who despite their inadequacy - i.e. their lack of perfection as result of the defection from me - could after all reach cognition of me myself, who recognized themselves as creatures - who therefore through their ability to think and their free will could recognize and carry out my will. I had created beings for myself, to whom I, despite their distance from me, could make myself understandable, who could hear my word and could it let have an effect on them, what was impossible before, in the state of the bound will. Man therefore was the first earthly work of creation, which bore a fallen original spirt in it and was now supposed to help this original spirit again, to also return to its original state, to again be able, as free spiritual, to create and work in eternal uniting with me. That was the task of the first created man, and it remains the task of all men until the end, until the complete spiritualization of all fallen. It was a not too difficult test of will, which the first man had to pass. But to this test also my opponent had to be granted the right, to have an effect on him. And man succumbed to this influence. He revolted a second time against me, and this was the first Fall of Man on this earth - that Fall of Man, of which mankind knows, even so it knows nothing about the former defection of the spiritual from me. But only this explains everything. For the first man would not have been able to fall, when he would have been the first entity like work of creation out of me, which should have stood in the full possession of power and light, because only the perfect can emerge out of me. For no counter force would have then even been able to have an effect on him. But the reasons for his fall are in any case to be sought in the defection of the spirits and therefore in the still not fully matured soul of man, which indeed could prove itself, but did not have to prove itself. Man had indeed the intellect and free will and for that reason also to take a responsibility for his soul. And therefore man had to atone for his debt. My opponent kept the power over the spiritual embodied as man, and that means for every man a laborious earth life course, connected with fight and suffering, with the aim, to extricate himself from his power - an aim, which man can also achieve, because Jesus Christ came to help the human family weakened through the Fall of Man of Adam and redemption is therefore guaranteed for everyone, who acknowledges him as God's son and redeemer of the world and follows him willingly. The first man would have been able to build the bridge, on which then all his descendants could reach me - but since he fell, mankind still had to remain long in the bondage of Satan, until the redeemer came, until Jesus Christ descended to earth, to now build a bridge into the spiritual kingdom through his suffering and dying - through his death on the cross. (2.11.1953) The decision of the will, which was demanded of my first created being - of Lucifer, - was by no means to be seen as a command, it was rather completely left to the being, to turn his will in one direction, and the direction of his will was alone substantiated in his desire for power and autocracy. It was certainly aware having emerged out of me, however believed being able to also govern alone, because it did not see me. It recognized me as its start; but it did not want to acknowledge me. And I had not put this will into the being, but the being itself had so changed the free will given to it by me. That was the difference between the first fall of Lucifer and the Fall of Man of first man - for he still carried the wrong will in him, and for that reason I gave him a command, which he was to not contravene - a command, which he also could have kept easily, when the counter spirit would not have had an effect on him, which for that reason had a strong influence on man, because he was basically
B.D. NR. 5800
still his share - because he had not yet gained perfection again, which made a fall impossible. A perfectly created man would not have been able to fall, i.e., he would not have been able to contravene this command, because the perfect spiritual in man would have kept him back from every God-adverse acting. But the creation of man was only the result of the fall of Lucifer and his following, for I had it otherwise truly not needed, to give outer forms as cover to the spiritual called into life by me. But the form of man held the fallen spiritual, and consequently the man Adam was already burdened with that former sin, but which he could push off, when he would have respected my command. It would have been possible for him to pay off the encumbrance - his fall delayed the return of the fallen spiritual to me again endless times, but it has become possible through the work of redemption of the man Jesus, who has done that without a command on my part, what the man Adam was supposed to do - to completely enter into my will and through a love life to join again together with me on earth and to gain full possession of power and light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5800.


Book 63 5801

Worthlessness of earthly knowledge in the hereafter.

4. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5801.

Do not assess your earthly knowledge too high, for you can do nothing with it in eternity. It certainly can be of use for you for the duration of your earth life, but so you do not use it to get hold of spiritual knowledge for yourselves, by you through earthly knowledge gaining the cognition that you are creatures of God, and then make an effort to gain full truth from God, you will possess no advantages, so you enter the spiritual kingdom. But also that spiritual knowledge is to be assessed as earthly, which was won pure intellectually only - which certainly touches spiritual problems, but had been won as every other earthly knowledge through study for the purpose of an occupational activity. And no matter whether you also learn the book of the fathers by heart, whether you make an effort to interpret the divine word again on the basis of prophetic sayings, whether you intellectually master sentence for sentence, all this cannot get assessed higher than any other knowledge, which does not involve spiritual problems. For in the end only that remains for soul as share, what wisdom unselfish love work has brought in - only that remains for the soul, what the spirit in it could impart to it. And that requires no worldly study, no sharp intellectual thinking and no unusual memory ability. For the spirit gives it to it, when it needs it. And of what use is a wealth for you, which you cannot utilize over there - it is dead knowledge; it gives you no light, and on earth you cannot even prove the truth of this knowledge, as long as your spirit does not impart to you right recognition and power of judgement. But you yourselves must tackle this spirit in you; you must enable it to express itself to you. Only then it will become light in you and you will also spread brightly radiating light at the entry into the spiritual kingdom. But blessed, who lets himself be instructed by the spirit and at the same time sought to broaden his earthly knowledge. Much thought material will be sent to him; also earthly knowledge will be made accessible to him, as soon as his striving is first meant to win spiritual goods. And he will truly apply all knowledge beneficially, when his earthly life has been brought to an end. He will be able to hand out in the spiritual kingdom everything, what he possesses, for he will also be again able to have a leading and instructing effect on men, who like him search and strive in the desire for God and for truth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5801.


Book 63 5802

Adam. Original spirit. Lucifer's attempt. Breaking of form.

5. and 9. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5802.

Who brings himself to truth, he leaves all darkness behind himself; he will have an explanation for everything; he will know about the connection of all things; he will recognize that his way leads upwards; that he has found the connection with God; that he can no longer err, because God himself sends truth to him. But to bring oneself to truth means, to first seriously desire it and to then unlock the heart for it, what knowledge is now brought to him - may it be from the outside or also from the inside in form of thoughts. For the heart will be willing to accept or to reject truth or error and therefore also have an effect on man accordingly. Truth must insofar be gained, as that the will of man itself must get active - it cannot simply get imparted to that man, who keeps completely passive, who himself does not want and makes the necessary moves to gain its possession. For he will remain in the darkness of his spirit and not reach upwards. But truth is the way upwards. Truth is the spiritual material sent by God himself to men, which seeks a receiver in every man, which the will of every man can acquire, because it can get imparted to man in most different ways - but always presupposes the desire for it. But who is in the possession of it, he no longer stands in darkness, for him everything is crystal clear, for him no doubt exists any longer, for what is still unclear to him, is also getting explained to him upon his requests, so he just turns to the source of truth - so he presents his doubts and questions to God himself and now waits for it, what God answers him through the heart. The desire for truth, the mental connection with God and his listening inwardly also guarantees him a clear truthful answer. And that you men are to know, that there is nothing unsolved needed for you to exist, when you just want enlightenment and present every question to him, who is truth himself and who also wants to impart it to his earth children, to give them light, to illuminate for them the way upwards: (6.11.1953) The first created man was according to his body also an act of creation of my love. I then had to create an outer cover for the fallen spiritual, when it had worked itself up out of the depth so far, that it could therefore pass the last test of will in all freedom. I had to create forms for all original spirits once created by me, which had gathered themselves, after endless long time, again in all once dissolved substances, which therefore waited again as entities conscious of self for the allowing to an activity. To create the outer form for such an original spirit was nothing else than the endless many works of creation, which had come into being before - it was the thought put out of me, which through my will also already stood before me in its carrying out. But to now give life to this created form, was only possible through the flowing through of my love power. But the original created spiritual was love power flowed out from me. Therefore it just needed to take possession of the outer form, to let it become a living being. The spiritual stood shortly before its perfection - but for that reason far away from it, because it lacked the last recognition - because the sin imposed on the spiritual had robbed it of the full cognition and it therefore needed instructions and commands in this state - for it was therefore to slowly mature to cognition through the obedience to these commands. A great spiritual fight has taken place before, because a great number of these fallen original spirits existed, which wanted to take residence in the first form created by me. For that they knew, that they only found access again to me in the form of a man, that they could reach unlimited fullness of power and light through a test life only, in which they were to prove, how they used the power being at their disposal. But I myself determined the original spirit, which was to take residence in the first man. (7.11.1953) For I alone new about it, whose resistance against me had so let up, that the last earth life test could get imposed on him; I knew it, whose will could have withstood the temptations of my counter power. And for that reason I chose an original spirit, which once was leading at the defection of the spirits - which sin certainly weight more heavily on it, but which my love was making an extreme effort to win it back, because then also innumerable beings would have followed it and redemption would have happened much quicker. I knew indeed for eternity about the failure of this original spirit. Nevertheless, through his will changed in the previous stages, it was the strongest spirit, which was therefore also entitled, as first to be moved into the state of free will, and which therefore offered the most of the prospect, to pass the test of will. The form of the first man now was - before this original spirit moved into it, also visible to Lucifer, who certainly knew, that this form was the passageway out of the kingdom of darkness, out of his area, into my kingdom, into the kingdom of light. He knew also, that he - if he did not want to lose his following - had to apply every means, to wrest from me the spiritual in the trial period granted to this man, to let the test turn out in his favour.

The form created by me was still without life, when Lucifer seized it, to enliven it with his spirit on a trial basis - but his unsubdued spirit broke the form, and he was certain of that, that each one spirit banished into this form would break it and the danger of a loss never ever existed for him. I allowed this attempt and now proved to him, that his suspicion was wrong. For the spiritual, which was to embody itself in man, was, through the long course of development in creation no longer of the same will as Lucifer; it willingly moved into the last outer form, and that original spirit was close to the original state, and the outer form seemed to him no fetter before the Fall of Man. Because he was lord of creation; he could command like a lord over the earth, being at his disposal with all creation. He was full of might and power - only subjugated to my power, which gave him an easy command only, of which its compliance would have broken every fetter still imposed on him. And when Lucifer recognized this, he thought of means, to prevent man from complying with that command, and since he himself knew the form of the first man, he sought to also make it tetchy for him, by him depicting it as fetter - by him making out the freedom from it as depending on the contravening of that command - and therefore opposed the original spirit inwardly again against me, that I did not give him full freedom. It was a conscious leading astray, which the first man could have resisted, when he would have just followed my easy command - when the possession of might and power would first have been enough for him, which truly made him happy, until my opponent provoked an unclean desire in him - to be greater than him, who was recognizable to him as power over him - about whom he knew and whose command he nevertheless disregarded.

The Fall of Man of the first man was consequently a repetition of the first fall of the original spirit. He followed Lucifer and threw down innumerable beings with into the depth - as now also all descendants of the first man were put in a state of weakness of sinful men so long, until Jesus Christ came to their help, until Jesus Christ acquired the strength of will for men through his death on the cross, until Jesus Christ opposed the temptations of Lucifer with his strong will and defeated him. (8.11.1953) Nothing would have been able to move the first created being, Lucifer, to that
B.D. NR. 5802
end, to cover the earth course as man, as long as he still felt himself as lord of the spirit world, which became renegade to me with him, for he himself had not gone the course through matter, through creation, before the creation of the first men. He, as entity-like spirit, was still will-wise my strongest opponent; he himself felt as lord of creation, which held the spiritual belonging to him, although he himself had no influence on this spiritual. In himself was therefore still unbroken resistance, and never ever would he have put up with a compulsion; never ever would he have given himself into a form, which my will had created - because he hated all forms for the spiritual, all works of creation, and sought to destroy them. But the power over the works of creation was taken from him, on the other hand the influence on the spiritual then granted, when it was supposed to again freely decide for me or for him. He also knew, that he himself could not destroy a form, as soon as it was inhabited by spiritual entities, and for that reason he had a close look at the form of the first man, for his aim was, to cause the original spirit, which was to be embodied in it, to break its outer form himself - because he believed, to then get that freedom for him, which I had taken from the spiritual through the works of creation. He wanted to prevent me, to finish the plan of salvation. The hostility between me and him existed since his defection and will never ever be given up from his side, until he recognizes himself completely powerless and, in deepest weakness and lowness (9.11.1953), asks for the supply of power. For that reason it would also have been impossible, to give the first form of man as residence to him. For the will upwards was not in him, while the spiritual, having gone through creation in the mandatory state, had already let up in its former resistance against me and was to just once again prove the giving up of the resistance against me and my love power. And Lucifer knew it, how far this spiritual was already in distance to him, and he also knew it, that now the danger existed, to lose it completely. And since the original spirit, engendered into the first man, was once a strong support of him, his case also mattered to him quite particularly. But he also knew about his present desire, to become free of all material fetter.

I now joined a second being to this original spirit, which was to serve him at the same time as support, but also as trial of his will. Each one would have been able to help the other, to reach the last aim; I did not lay the responsibility on one shoulder alone - to both I gave the command, and both could reach the aim together. And Lucifer made use of this second being, who recognized its weakened will and hoped to reach the aim through it. The test of will had to be demanded from the first human couple, and for the testing also the counter powers had to be able to have an effect, for also Lucifer fought about his creatures, which he did not want to give up, although they were also my own. His plan succeeded for him, but nevertheless did not prevent me from giving innumerable beings in the following again and again the possibility, to form themselves into men on this earth and therefore to reach always a higher degree of maturity, although the gate to the kingdom of light remained closed through the fall of the first human couple, until Jesus Christ came. The redemption of the spirit beings was postponed through the first sin, but not abolished, for what the first man had not managed, that the man Jesus has achieved - he was stronger than my opponent, for he made use of my power. He was and remained connected to me through love and did voluntarily, what the first men have not fulfilled as command. He completely subjugated himself to my will and proved his devotion to me through his suffering and dying on the cross. He
B.D. NR. 5802
knew about the original debt and about the renewed debt of the first men, and to wipe out this debt, to redeem men, he brought a sacrifice to me, with which I was satisfied - a sacrifice, which again opened the gate to the spiritual kingdom, the way to me, and all my creatures can now be happy, who acknowledge him as son of God and redeemer of the world.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5802.


Book 63 5803

Saul experiencing. Favour.

11. and 12. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5803.

An unusual experiencing can always be assessed as favour, because it can always contribute, to direct the thoughts of a man in the right direction, but as it can also just as well be looked at and assessed pure earthly only and then exactly also the favour has gone past a man without trace. And if you men would remember all the happenings, which have concerned yourselves, which were always suitable for it, to seek and find the connection with him, who directs your fate. If you would have recognized in every unusual event a hint from me, then truly no ray of favour would have touched you without effect, and you would feel given favour unusual richly. But you men pay little attention to my obvious guidance; you experience everything as natural, and what seems unusual to you, is just coincidence for you; it is for you just a strange coincidence of events, which are however insignificant. You expect signs and miracles - for every individual of you, you claim unmistakable proofs of my existence and my work, which however would not be to the advantage of your soul, because it would be prevented from its own activity of the will and would now be driven by the cognition to wanting and acting, by a cognition, which it should win, to have a blessed effect. That what you men would do in compulsion, could not be assessed as voluntary act. Therefore I first eliminate everything, what could have an effect as compulsion, but without you coming away empty-handed. But where a soul is strong enough, that it also does not look at a powerful experiencing as faith compulsion, there also no danger exists of a bondage for this soul. (12.11.1953) Weak souls would feel impressed through unusual gifts of favour and therefore also believe, so they were before unbelieving - but a strong soul does not let itself be shaken, for each one event is not 100 per cent proof - each one event, which concerns a man unusually, does not need to touch him without fail, for he finds many explanations for it, like trick of the senses, disturbance of health, natural phenomenon. He can explain everything naturally, when he wants it, and a strong-willed soul will much sooner accept this explanation, than believe in a 100 per cent proof, as a revelation on my part. But such occurrences can shake his thinking, which touch him unusually, and he can learn it to revise his thinking. He can accept the possibility and now reckon with such a possibility - why then his own will still must decide. It is far from me, to move a man through unusual phenomena, which are called current of favour, to change his will so, that he therefore must believe, what he did not want to believe before.

But a soul, which struggles for truth, which doing and thinking is based on the will, to do right - such a soul I help insofar, as that I confuse it before and it now must order its thinking anew and man now finds a happier solution than before. I help every unbelieving man through unusual experiencing to the change of his thinking. But most of them go blindly past it, always seeking a natural explanation and being satisfied with that. They were therefore touched by a favour, which they did not let become effective at them. Each one man has Saul experiences, which could change him to a Paul. Saul interpreted his apparitions just as an obvious revelation, and also the voice, which he heard - but which is today in exactly the same way audible in the heart of many men - was for him without doubt the voice of God. But it did not sound more clearly or more convincingly than today, when I address a man, to warn or to admonish him, to win him. But his ear listened to it, while today men close their ear. His intellect made the effort to draw right conclusions, therefore a small stimulus was enough to change the will, and he reported his experience so, as it had had an effect on him - by which many men would have gone past, without letting it have an effect on them. I know each one soul, and I give to every soul, what it needs and serves it to happiness - but not every soul accepts, what my love offers it - not every soul lets the favours become effective at it, but every soul can receive unlimitedly. But it is never compulsorily caused to accept the favour, and for that reason also the freedom of the will never restricted through such unusual experiences, that it must believe.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5803.


Book 63 5804

Refuge to the father.

13. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5804.

Who takes his refuge to me, he goes no wrong way, for I will always help him, even so the help is not so recognizable to him, as he wishes it. Who takes his refuge to me, he goes to the right place, because I alone can and will help, where human help seems impossible. Who takes his refuge to me, he feels as my child, and he can also full trustingly expect the understanding of the father. He will not call on me in vain. Earthly troubles and worries are to drive man to me, so he does not hold dialogue often with me by himself. Then I must send to him worries and sufferings, so that he remembers me and turns there, from where help comes to him. But happy, who seek the connection with their father by themselves - happy, who often seek me in thoughts and who expect my address, who give their thoughts the direction upwards - happy, who do not even need earthly troubles and worries, to come to me - happy, who cannot be without me, who always and constantly speak like children to their father, who therefore already recognize themselves as my share and seek to reach me. I can approach them and reveal myself to them - I can give me myself away to them, i.e. hand out favours unmeasured, because they are always prepared, to use them and in this way come closer to me. But how often do men also not find the way to me in troubles and worries, because they have no faith in the one, who can and wants to help. They are helpless and powerless, and their affliction takes no end, when they are still to be won for me - or instead they receive the power from below, from my opponent, towards whom they lean more willingly than towards me, because they devote themselves to the world with its goods and consequently also to him, who is lord of this material world. And then they are lost for eternal times. And then the distance from them to me is always getting larger, and all gifts of favour they reject, through which I would like to help, that they come to cognition. Where you men therefore see trouble and suffering, there my care is recognizable, there I still struggle for every soul, there my opponent has still not gained power and for that reason is also still hope, that the trouble lets them find to me. And every man being in trouble is to be referred to this one and ask him - he is to take his refuge to me trustingly, and I will reveal myself and show him, that I am a Lord also over life and death. Men being in great trouble now and then also accept a teaching, and they seize the rescue anchor; they now turn to him, who is recommended to them as rescuer and helper. And I will truly help them, to now strengthen the extremely weak faith; I will emerge, where I otherwise keep myself hidden, because I am not called - I will truly leave none of my creatures in trouble, which askingly comes to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5804.


Book 63 5805

Prayer for power and favour.

14. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5805.

Do not neglect to ask for favour and power, for such a prayer proves your will to spiritual perfection. It is the confession of your weakness and imperfection, for you request that, what you lack, but what is absolutely at your disposal. I just cannot supply the power of favour to you against your will, to not make you unfree and therefore prevent all perfection. As soon as you are aware of it, that you do not reach up without my help, as soon as you therefore acknowledge me as your Lord and God, to whom everything is possible, and you now remember your child relationship to me, that you ask me as father for help, the preconditions are now also given, which secure favours for you in extreme measure. And then you irrefutably ascent. You are capable of nothing out of your own power, and you are powerless through your own fault, through your former defection from me. But my love for you is so deep, that I overlook your debt, that I would like to give you gifts of favour without your merit, which however depend on hearts willing to accept. And through your prayer for favour and power, you announce your willingness to accept, and you can now receive unmeasured. I certainly also supply you with gifts of favour without your prayer, but they can only become effective for you, when you open yourselves, when you do not reject me, so I step up to you, no matter in what way it is. For your whole earth life is a chain of proofs of love on my part, of events, influencings and references to me, which all must be assessed as favours and which then successfully have an effect for you, when you let yourselves be impressed by them, when you recognize my hand in it, which is spread over each one of you and wants to seize you, so you turn your eyes to me and therefore also grasp my hand, which draws you up. And you do that certainly, when you just always long for my favour, because I can then give to you and will give to you, so that you surely reach your destination. For that reason do not neglect, to recommend yourselves and everything, what you begin, to me and my favour, that it may bring about blessings for you. Let me be your beginning and your end, your constant adviser and companion; let me be your God and father, who is powerful and wise and full of love attached to you and for that reason will always give you, what you request in humility.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5805.


Book 63 5806

Mary apparitions.

15. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5806.

No matter what you request, it will be given to you, so it contributes to the salvation of your soul. To every spiritual request I open my ear, and each one's cognition I let grow. And so I also correct, what has found entry as erroneous teachings with you men. But my words will find faith only with few, for men are already much involved in error, than that it could be stamped out so quickly, although a healthy intellect alone should already recognize the nonsensical of that, what is put before them as truth:

I truly make an effort to let the earth children find the way to me, and I would truly do everything to give them a bright light. But I must always take account of free will of man, and for that reason I cannot obviously let a building collapse, which men have built for themselves. I cannot inevitably direct the course of thought of men right; I can always only give them enlightenment, through which they themselves could learn to think right - when they want it. Exactly that will is just extremely strong turned to error with many men, and they hold on to it with tenacity. And error exists in that respect, that men choose a street, which does not lead to me on a straight way - that they strive towards a destination and use all powers for it, which is put higher than me, but which means humanly understood: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. And that is the work of my opponent, who seeks to confuse those men, who want to do the right thing. It is about the decision of the will of man, about the decision between me and him, which is the sole earth life purpose. To now drive me out of the thoughts of men, who do not obviously belong to him, he seeks to make an aim for them of seemingly of equal value worth striving for - he works under the cover of piety against me - who to reach requires the whole power of will and undivided striving - and he therefore takes much time from men, which is seemingly used for spiritual striving. Everywhere he found good soil for his counter work there, where a second image was already erected next to me - where the veneration of the Mother of God Mary stood far above the striving for intimate joining together with me. There he has easy play, and he comes as angel of light, to all the more leave men in stronger darkness. The beings of light can certainly also bring themselves into apparition with my approval, where great spiritual trouble requires this, but they will always only refer to me; they will seek to guide men in true thinking - they will want to convert men from error, but never ever reaffirm an already existing error, by them seeking to adapt themselves to this error - and never ever will light beings, which want to bring help to men on my behalf, reveal themselves to under-age children, for all revelation out of the spiritual kingdom has the purpose, to announce my will to all men. But my opponent just wants to cause confusion; my opponent wants to stop everything, what could have a redeeming result; my opponent wants to stop the intimate dialogue with me - the prayer in spirit and in truth, which can just exist in short words or intimate thoughts, by him causing men to perform mechanical prayers, to make himself believable as angel of light. And in this way he wants to rob men of valuable time, which they would use better for their own perfection, so they turn to me in all simpleness and love and would like to request my help full of favour. My opponent works by much cunning and trickery. He does not shrink from wrapping himself in a robe, in the robe of the queen of heaven, the purest being full of light, which is devoted to me in glowing love - which knows no other aim, than to lead earth men back to me and which for that reason would never step out, to direct the thoughts of men to itself - in the cognition of the life purpose and aim of men on earth. Nevertheless I do not hinder my opponent in his work, for all these apparitions are the miracles of the false Christs and prophets, those miracles, which emerge from wrong thinking and wrong faith, which give him the right and the possibility to appear, and which only strengthen him himself, that the false doctrines are always believed more and more firmly. But I always look after the misled full of love, who are of good will - by me pressing myself into their thoughts, that they recognize the right aim and, with the help of light beings, which work on my behalf, still reach the light. But those who do not think, to them their way to me gets very much extended, for before they do not rid themselves of unnecessary burdens, they do not find the short way, but which must be walked on, to reach me - the way of pure truth, on which each one reaches the aim in a short time.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5806.


Book 63 5807

Turning point of the world. Not end of the world.

16. and 17. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5807.

The turning point of the world does not mean the end of the world. Because my creations will still remain in existence for evermore until they have fulfilled their purpose to have helped up the spiritual that is in the deep. Only then one can speak of the end of the world when everything is spiritualized that needs these creations for perfection. But what lies ahead of you, what you can expect with all certainty, what I let announce to you through seers and prophets, that is a turning point that can well be described as an end for the inhabitants of the earth, but more correctly speaking is a total transformation, a change of the existing and a complete reshaping of earth's creation. It is a change from one epoch into a new one - what means an end of life for men as well as for every creature - that is equal for men to an end of the world. The total reshaping of the surface of the earth with all creations is at the same time an ending of every development of earthly material kind. Everything that was thinkable as progress in the scientific field or human achievements, everything that was attained as technologies falls prey to destruction and all experiences lose their worth because nobody can any more use and apply that what was previously considered to be so important, that all spiritual striving was forgotten about it. Of all this nothing will remain; nothing of this will be taken to the new earth although this will be inhabited by those men who have experienced the old earth and inhabited it - because nothing of it will be useful on the new earth and nothing of it will needed. A complete new world will make the small crowd of the raptured happy, a world that in nothing reminds of the old world, that rightly can be described as a changed world. And men of the new earth will now understand why the talk was about a turning point - but under which never the end of the world is meant. So this turning point is to be meant earthly, but still even more so spiritually. The spiritual turning point is cause and purpose of that what comes. A spiritual state as it exists before the end of the old earth irrevocably brings about a dissolving, because something spiritual dead also means the stiffening of it and true life can only emerge from spiritual life. That is why a turning point has to occur where life is no longer thinkable in the totally dead surroundings. It is obvious that the turning point can no longer take place on this earth, because men are constantly becoming worldlier, constantly more they strive for material goods, and constantly less becomes their faith, because love cools off in them. But cooling off of love means hardened spiritual substance or also rejection of my love power that livens up everything - and therefore a motionless state, a complete lack of power and as a result a stiffening into inactivity. What still lives, will then have become a slave to death, but what now is still bound will gain freedom to now be able to strive upwards with the aim of final freedom. A turning point has come for the complete earth creation, every spiritual changes its outer form, and so also a general ascent is then secured because only positive powers can have an effect, but not the negative powers, because the last ones are bound and totally powerless - and therefore spiritually only an ascent is possible everywhere.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5807.


Book 63 5808

Duty to pass on. Warning of foreign knowledge.

19. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5808.

Nothing is to hold you back from it, to stand up for truth, which you receive from me myself. And what has not been given to you by me myself, that do not let be the content of your speeches; what I have not given to you, for that you can also not convincingly stand up as truth, and only convinced speeches are successful and can bring a blessing. Knowledge is inexhaustible - but for your earth life you can only receive that, what you can also utilize. And this knowledge I supply to you - always according to your thoughts and suited to the maturity of your soul. I only want, that you lead a right, appropriate way of life, and for that reason I inform you about your earth life task and explain to you consequently that, on what this your life task is based. Only that you must know, that you are bound creatures, but which can redeem themselves in free will from their constraint. And so that you strive for and reach this redemption, I give you the guidelines for your way of life. Your sense of responsibility must get awakened in you, which then determines your thinking and acting. And I truly give you exhaustive information about it. But it will always only be part-knowledge, having regard to the full knowledge of a soul in the opposite kingdom matured to a light being. What I give you, however, contains all areas worth knowing for you, so that you as it were are comprehensively informed - so that you can always provide information, so you are asked on the part of humans. And nevertheless, it would be unwise of you, to impart everything, what you yourselves are allowed to receive from me of knowledge, indiscriminately to your fellowmen, who are still not mature for it and for that reason do not understand it. You can always only hand out, what fellowman needs - but that in fullest truth, because you have offered yourselves to serve me, and the service for me always consists in the handing out of truth, because every error has an effect with serious consequences. That knowledge, that I supply to you, gives you yourselves first of all a bright light, so that you are certainly able to differentiate, whether fellowman walks in truth or in error. And so you now discover error, you are to set truth over against it, because you have got the right to it for that reason, because I myself instruct you and truly only truth can be received from me. The reception of truth obliges you to pass it on - that may again and again be said to you. For that reason, what you recognize, that pass on unconcerned, but say nothing of spiritual material still not clarified for you - or do not let yourselves be taught by fellowmen about things, which I myself have withheld from you. Always just accept my word, and close your ear to teachings, which get through to you from the outside. For so I do not have informed you about it, I think this knowledge is not to your advantage. Every question, which you yourselves ask me, I will answer for you, particularly then, when the knowledge serves you, to again work for me. But by no means you are to support own thoughts as truth, as long as they are not confirmed through my spirit. And this is the case, when you let yourselves be influence by fellowmen, to accept their thought material and to stand up for it. The feeling for truth and error I put into the heart of my truth bearers, and they are to always pay attention to their feeling - they are to always demand truth seriously and make an effort, to just serve truth, then they will also serve me, and their thinking will remain free of error; they will be suitable servants of mine, who successfully work for me and my kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5808.


Book 63 5809

Right thinking of a receiver of revelations.

21. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5809.

To whom I reveal myself, his thoughts I also direct right, for a revelation on my part is the expression of my spirit, which therefore has an effect on the thoughts of man so, that it now becomes comprehensible to him, what I want to announce to him. A man, who now receives my word, who accepts it from me myself, he must stand in a certain degree of maturity, otherwise the effect of my spirit would be impossible - and a certain degree of maturity also secures right thinking, right understanding and right reporting of that, what has been sent to that man through my spirit. I want to say to you with that, that you are allowed to believe without hesitation, that own thinking does not deform, what is given by me in purest form. You are allowed to believe without hesitation, that a receiver of revelations is already trained by me in accordance of his task and this can happen for that reason, because he himself subordinates his will to me and this subordination of the will to mine now also means thinking, wanting and acting according to my will. My will is as it were effective in him, and his intellectual thinking is now also according to my will, for my spirit rules over him, and my spirit can nothing else than give truth. Where I myself reveal myself, there the relationship from man to me is already established and therefore purest truth guaranteed. And it just remains reserved for you men, to examine, whether it is me, who reveals himself to a man. But not only the intellect is to carry out this examination, but also the heart - you are to pay attention, whether you feel addressed; you are to also let the meaning of a revelation let have an effect on you; you are to not just examine the meaning of the letter intellectually, and you will feel it, who speaks to you, when you just ask the heart. For when I address you, my address must touch you as power; but when the words are not of divine origin, then your intellect is more addressed, but the heart remains untouched. But where the heart rejoices and exults, where it presses towards me filled with happiness, there guarantee is given for a power current supplied from above, for a divine revelation, which therefore also guarantees fullest truth. I want to make you men happy with my address, and you must therefore also be flowed through by a feeling of happiness, to be able to recognize me myself in my word. I want to give you something. I want to give away my love to you, therefore you must also be blessed by my gift; your heart must, so it opens, also get filled and feel love for the giver. But all that only pure truth can trigger in the heart of a man, because pure truth comes from above, from me as the original source of truth, and because everything, what comes from me, must also have a positive effect on man. And therefore, you can recognize the value of the revelations by the effect alone already. At the effect of that, what is offered to you, you can recognize, whether it is to be assessed as divine revelation. You must ask your heart, and your heart will tell it to you, for a revelation on my part always only addresses the heart and the intellect then likewise, when it joins the heart.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5809.


Book 63 5810

Last rescue work. Caller and admonisher.

23. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5810.

I want to accept you, all, you who want to serve me. Much work is still to be done until the end, and exactly for this work I need loyal and eager servants, who are aware of their assignment and who are so devoted to me, that they always just carry out, what they recognize as my will - but who also recognize the spiritual low of men and their alarming end, so they do not change. The end comes irrevocably, for mankind itself draws it near, and no matter if some few strive upwards - they can no longer halt the end for that reason, because also these few can achieve no complete spiritual change any more and whole mankind would persistently strive towards the depth - therefore a change upwards is completely out of the question exactly because of the complete de-spiritualization of men. The end of this earth indeed also means judgment - a compensating of the ungodly way of life, a separation of the good and of the evil. But far more it is an act of mercy for that unhappy spiritual, that is in the depth - which is to be halted in its constant striving downwards and from which therefore the freedom of will is taken anew - but as it also means an act of love for the still bound spiritual, which is still in ascent development. For that reason, therefore an end is no longer to be halted. And nevertheless, much can still be done in the time before for this spiritual striving towards the abyss, for those men, who blindly run into their ruin. Each one, who is warned, can stop, reflect and turn back and walk on a way, which leads to another destination - each one man can be halted in his fall into the depth. Who now opposes these men constantly striving downwards and shouts a halt to them - who relates the horrors and agonies to them, which expect them at the end of their way, who refers them to or leads them back on to the right way, he indeed no longer halts the end, but he recues the individuals from the abyss, for as long as there is still a way, which leads upwards, it is not too late for those, to seek it and walk on it. As long as the end is still not there, each one individual can still turn away the horrors of the end from him. For I am a God of love and not of anger; I am a God of life and not of death and of destruction. My plan is certainly fixed for eternity, and no-one is able to change it; no-one can intervene in my law of eternal order, but each one can adapt himself into this order, before it is too late, and it is only then too late, when the day of the end has come.

For that reason, I bless all, who put themselves at my disposal as callers and admonishers, who advise and help, warn and admonish; I bless all, who - as walking themselves on the right way - seek to also entice their fellowmen over there; I bless every work of love, which is done with the aim of rescue from ruin. As long as the earth still stands, is the time of favour, for so long the individual can turn back, come to his senses and change. For man is still able to think and to pray. But when the last day has come, then it is too late for all, who have neglected it, to direct their looks upwards. For that reason use all the time, which still remains for you, and still do eager work for me, for you, you who are knowing, you are to bring your knowledge among men, and whether they are only few little seeds, which fall on good ground and come up - it is a work of rescue, which is exceptionally urgent and necessary and which requires your whole commitment of will. But do not get tired and indifferent, for there is no longer much time. For that reason, work and create, as long as it is still day, for the night comes, where you can no longer work.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5810.


Book 63 5811

Help of the light beings for redemption work.

24. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5811

All powers of heaven are subject to you, so you need them for the work for me and my kingdom. For they will serve you, because you want to serve me, and they just carry out, what they themselves would do, so they would be active on earth. For that reason you can call them in every earthly trouble, which prevents you to carry out spiritual activity, that hey help you or avert such trouble, and they will be prepared and get active in my will, for also their work is meant for the lost only, also their work is the winning of souls for me and my kingdom. For that reason, keep to those powers, which always just carry my will in them. Therefore entrust yourselves always only to the good spiritual full of light, standing in connection with me, so you want to serve me, and no counter powers will be able to press you, for your will, which is directed towards me, always earns you the help of those beings, which are now active in my will. All powers of heaven are subject to you. It is an extremely great joy in the light kingdom about an earth child, which consciously puts itself at the disposal of the work for my kingdom, for now a connection has been created from the spiritual to the earthly world, which makes the work of redemption exceptionally easier at the erroneous souls, therefore makes it possible, taking into account free will, having an effect on men on earth from the kingdom of light. And such a connection is getting protected and promoted in every way, so that man, who has offered himself for such work, never needs to fear, not being able to carry it out, for he just needs to request power and help, and it will always be granted to him. For I need very many loyal servants, therefore I will no-one let get powerless, but give him power in fullness, because he uses it for me and my kingdom. What depresses you, that entrust to me, and believe, that my light beings also know about it and want to help, when you call them. Your work is to suffer no delay in consideration of the urgency, in consideration of the near end, and for that reason all powers are to work together, so it is essential, to accomplish a rescue work, which will only be recognized in its whole size and importance at the end of earth, where the spirits are getting separated. Nothing is getting prevented from the side of the world of light or refrained from, what still can happen for the rescue of erroneous souls, and no man remains without their help, who himself pursues the same aim: to do redemption work. All are connected with each other, whether they take part in the work on earth or in the spiritual kingdom. And so the light beings are also of one spirit and of one mind with me - to constantly help those on earth, who want to serve me. For that reason approach me with every matter, and know, that I never leave you without help, and so you have entrusted yourselves to me, then also give my messengers and co-workers in he spiritual kingdom the right, to be allowed to help you, by you abandoning yourselves to them and their guidance, by you calling on them for support in spiritual and also in bodily trouble. For it is their happiness, to be allowed to give love, which they receive from me in extreme measure. It is their happiness, to be allowed to be active for me tirelessly and to look after all men on earth, for which my love is meant, because they want to work for me and my kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5811.


Book 63 5812

Constant connection with God.

27. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5812.

My will is, that you remain constantly in connection with me, that you constantly perform works of unselfish neighbourly love and remember me in prayer, that you desire my power and open yourselves, to receive it, what you can only do consciously through prayer or through work in love. My will is only, that you do not eliminate me from your thoughts or make my approach impossible through lack of love. Then you walk your earth way without me, then immediately another one joins you and seeks to make you submit to his will, and then you are abandoned to ruin. As long as I can still have an effect in some form on you - but what your free will determines itself - you are not endangered, for then you are radiated by my love power, which surely helps you up; but without me you are powerless and exposed to the work of my opponent, who quite effectively applies means, to get you into his power. I pay attention to the smallest will, which turns to me, to now also make myself known to man, but this will must be existing. Man is not allowed to show resistance to that being, which has created him and which he recognizes as his God and creator - he must let himself be directed, want to devote himself to him; man must want to win my affection, then I acknowledge his will as turned towards me, and then I always stand by him helpingly and advising and repulse the attacks of the enemy of his soul. Then he opens for me the door of his heart, and I can now provide my love power for him. But the will of men is mostly undecided, i.e., man lives into the day and only pays attentions to that, what seems to be of advantage to his body. He does not mentally concern himself with problems, which could clarify his relationship to me. And not rarely he therefore completely eliminates me from his thoughts, without consciously doing as my opponent wishes. He just lives for the world and contents himself with the fulfilment of earthly work and duties - he does not think. He does not need to sin against me; he does not need to act without love; he does not need to have already become a slave of my opponent, and after all he still has also not recognized me as destination. And he is in greatest danger, to completely get lost to my opponent, for he strives for him and his kingdom unconsciously, and I cannot help him, as long as he does not let me step into his thoughts, as long as he does not consciously turn to me in prayer and as long as he only lives for himself, but not for his neighbour. And these men are the majority, who are not obviously bad or material and still only think of themselves; who for that reason completely neglect a love work and as a result can receive no love power from me, but who with the smallest onslaught fall victim to my opponent, who reckons with the self-love of man and because of that quickly wins influence - but which I also cannot displace or repulse, because I am not called for help, because man has not yet recognized me myself and because of that also does not take the way to me, so he is in trouble. The connection with me is indispensable for the reaching of the aim, which is set for you men for your earth life. And this connection must first get mentally established, although it is in the beginning more question than certainty - or else man must unconsciously perform works of love, then he acquires power for himself from me, which gradually also lets him remember me. Separation from me gives my opponent the right and the possibility, to assert his influence - on the other hand the connection with me repulses him and makes his work without effect - for a man, who connects himself with me, he does not react to the influence of the enemy of the soul. And he does not need to fear getting lost, because I do not drop who remembers me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5812.


Book 63 5813

Everything just proves God's love.

27. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5813.

They are only words of love, which I speak to you, for also, so I announce judgement to you, my love moves me to that end, because I just want to warn and admonish you, because I would like to turn away the danger for every individual of you, but for which you are heading, because the day of the end is near. My love always just causes me to that end, to reveal myself to you men; my revelations always just aim to achieve your rescue, and I always just want to let light radiate into the darkness, so that you men find the right way and walk on it. I certainly see the sinfulness and worldly bustle of men; I certainly recognize the lack of love and ungodly way of life - and I could truly speak to you as judge and mercilessly announce repayment to you. But I take pity on men, over which my opponent has power and who go wrong in their blindness and do not know, which terrible lot expects them, when they pursue the same way and do not let themselves be warned. The love of the father for his children does not pay attention to their sins, but seeks to rescue them, to liberate them from the power of him, who is his enemy. And so I also would like to still snatch the victims from my opponent in the last hour, and because of that I reveal myself, that men look there, from where my voice sounds, and leave him alone, that they turn to me, pay attention to my voice and turn back - back to me, I who would like to prepare a happy lot for them, when they just give up their resistance against me. It is always just love, what testifies to me, although it is often not recognized as such. That my justice emerges at the day of judgment, is eternal law, but nevertheless does not eliminate my love, for also then an act of mercy takes place for the spiritual, which I could not win during earth life. For I seize it again, to snatch it from the hands of my opponent. I take the power over it from him; I capture it, to once redeem it from him.

My love lets nothing get lost for ever, and my love gives up nothing, even so it still resists me and is turned towards my opponent.

And my love also once reaches the aim, to win back all my creatures, for what has once emerged out of my love, that will also remain in my love for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5813.


Book 63 5814

Serious admonition before the end.

28. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5814.

Consider the seriousness of the time, in which you live, which soon finds its end and which is followed by a time of unlimited happiness, but also of greatest agony and darkness. You yourselves prepare for you one of these two states; you yourselves choose happiness or agony; you yourselves fashion yourselves the lot in the time, which will come, according to your way of life in the presence. With all seriousness you are to consider this and then live so, that you can only look forward to the coming time in happy expectation; you are to not close your ears, so the knowledge about it is brought to you, what takes place in the coming time; you are to think about it and draw the consequences; you are to be aware of the responsibility for your soul, for which you prepare the lot, when your body has ended its life. Do not live thoughtlessly and carelessly into the day, where it is about the life of the soul. Do not let the life and the well-being of your body be the greatest worry, but think of, what comes afterwards - what lies terribly near before you: earthly death and - when you men do not change - also spiritual death, which exactly means that lot in agony and darkness. What can still happen to your rescue, that happens, because I would like to protect you men from this spiritual death, from endless long banishment in solid form. But I cannot determine your free will, only refer you again and again to the danger of a wrong way of life and urgently recommend to you, to listen to my words and to think about them. The clock has soon expired, and still in the last minute you are accepted by me. But do not let this last minute pass unused; but do not turn a deaf ear to all admonitions and warnings, but imagine, that already tomorrow can be your last day, and now create and work accordingly. And you will thank me for ever, so you once recognize before, from which lot I wanted to protect you, from which terrible lot you have escaped. Believe it, that only my love for you determines me, to send my messengers to you. Believe it, that I would like to take nothing from you, but only give you unspeakably much, and do not fight against my love. Open your eyes and ears, and experience everything consciously, what goes on around you. And you will recognize the truth of my word and awake and then do everything, to rescue your soul from ruin.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5814.


Book 63 5815

Power of the word last help before the end.

30. November 1953. B.D. NR. 5815.

Only that is of value for eternity, what comes from above and points up, for it draws you upwards and directs your looks up to the height. As long as you are fettered to earth through your own desire and thinking, also the soul still dwells far from me, and so long it also does not seek me. But as soon as something is offered to it from above, what directs its thoughts into those spheres, which it is to reach in future, the bonds to earth loosen, and it can make itself free from it the easier, the more often it listens to what is offered to it. It finds nothing on earth, what completely satisfies it, even so the body receives, what it demands. The soul needs other gifts, to be satisfied - and is only touched by spiritual gifts so, that it is stimulated to strive upwards - provided, that it is not yet completely deadened through the desire of the body for earthly goods, which puts the soul into a dead, rigid state. Only when the soul feels addressed, it awakens to life, and this address can only be sent to it through my word, and only through the power of my word it can awaken to life. If the soul by itself desires my address, then it will be able to and can hear it everywhere, also when my word is offered to it through men. But if it is still completely without life, then the word - offered by men - will not get through - then I myself must address it, so that it may feel my love radiation. Then my word must therefore be offered to it through a representative of me myself. I myself must be able to express myself through a man, or also - a speaker filled by my spirit must announce my word to it, who will offer it to it so alive, that it feels an effect going out from my word. Then I myself can therefore approach this soul and win it through an address full of love - although also then the soul can still remain in resistance, when its resistance against me is so great, that it also does not want to accept my word and rebels against every spiritual instruction. Those who remain in resistance against me, they also do not listen to me myself, even so I would approach them obviously. But many just need a small flow of power, to change their will, to strive upwards. And this current of power they can receive through listening to my word without the will of resistance. Then the power of my word can also become effective at them, then the soul is pushed on to another course, on which it securely goes upwards. What is to appeal to you men, that must come from above; it must testify to me and refer to me, otherwise it remains without effect. And for that reason my word is sent to you from above, and I give you men still the possibility before the end, to drop your striven for aim on earth and to strive for that aim, which is outside of this earth sphere and would like to receive all of you - my kingdom, which is not of this world, but which you are to acquire in this world - and which you also can reach, when you accept that food, which has its start in that kingdom - when you enjoy the bread of heaven, which is offered to you in form of my word and which will truly awaken you to new life and will strengthen you, so you are of good will and pay attention to all that, what is offered to you through my love in the last time before the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5815.


Book 63 5816

Share of God is in man. Presence of God.

1. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5816.

The spirit spark in you is my share. Consider this, that you hold me myself in you, that I only so long hold myself back with my work, as you yourselves are not aware of it, what you are and for that reason also do not practise love, which only lets you seek and find the connection with me, from whom you have started. I am in you - and only little is necessary, to also cause me to work in you. And only little is necessary, to also feel me consciously in you, to feel my presence and to hear my voice: - You must just live in love, und you will truly become aware of it, that I am in you, because I then reveal myself to you. Each one man now carries the divine love spark in him, for it is love power once radiated from me. And this power could be unimaginably effective, when the being itself would not prevent its effectiveness through inner resistance, which shows itself in loveless thinking, wanting and acting. But my love spirit is nevertheless in the being, otherwise it would no longer exist, but it keeps quiet, as long as such resistance is still recognizable, but to get active immediately, when the resistance lets up or is given up completely. And it is given up, as soon as man - that being, which was allowed to embody itself for the purpose of changing the will - ignites love in himself, as soon as he opens himself willingly to my love power through love work. Then I myself can therefore reveal myself to man; my share from eternity, my spirit, my power can radiate through man, so that there is no darkness, no ignorance, no doubt any longer for him, since the light from me illuminates everything crystal clear, what means clearest cognition, deepest wisdom and most comprehensive knowledge, for now man again fashions himself to that divine being, which he was from the very beginning. Now he obtains again that perfection, which the being once gave up through its resistance. Only love is necessary, to reach this aim; only love reveals everything to you, for love work is acceptance of my love power without resistance; love work is joining together with me; love work is proof of being divine - and since I myself am love, I myself must also be in you and reveal myself to you. You as man on earth can now certainly also reject anew my love, but then you remain powerless and of dark spirit; you remain in ignorance; you cannot hear my address, although I even then still seek to influence you, however cannot make myself known to you, for it presupposes your will - the will to love and therefore to the change of your up to now wrong will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5816.


Book 63 5817

Great spiritual trouble demands eager vineyard work.

2. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5817.

The trouble of the time demands it that extreme eager work in my vineyard is done, because only through such this trouble can be controlled, because only then the trouble is removed, when one succeeds, to win men for my kingdom, when they pay little attention to the earthly kingdom and always only seek to reach me. Men do no longer know much about me and my kingdom; their ears certainly hear of it, but their hearts know nothing and so they often go past, where knowledge could be given to them, where my kingdom could be made so clear to them, that they would be stimulated to seek it. And for that reason only one thing is necessary, to present to men knowledge about it, that an immortal kingdom expects them after the death of their body and that this kingdom is according to their earth life way. Men must get pointed to their end, to death, from which they cannot escape and which will approach all extremely quickly; it must be explained to them, that with the death of their body however their existence is not ended; that they cannot pass, even so they have put down the earthly cover; it must be made believable to them, that there is death, but no complete passing, and that death is a state in agony, in lack of power and light, but which the soul, because it is immortal, must bear; but as also on the other side an extreme happy state, eternal life in happiness, can also be granted to the soul, when man on earth creates and works for the life in eternity - when he strives for me and my kingdom already on earth and is therefore after his death introduced into that kingdom by me myself, where there is only light and power. Eager work must still be done by my servants, who only speak on my behalf and for me; who are to tell ignorant men that, what they know, what I myself have supplied to them of knowledge exactly for this work in my vineyard. The trouble is unspeakable great, because men do not remember their actual earth life purpose, because they just live for this earthly world and because everything is indifferent to them, what comes after the death of their body. Unmeasurable deep is their remorse, so they recognize in the opposite kingdom, what they could achieve and have not achieved because they are to blame for it themselves. And for that reason they are to be addressed and referred to the great responsibility for their souls, for that treason my kingdom is to be presented to them; they are not to remain without knowledge, what is in store for them, when they do not change, when they do not direct their senses spiritually, but live for the world only. They are to hear, that this world passes with all its treasures and that everything is taken from them, whereon their heart is attached to - but that that remains preserved for them, what they have acquired of spiritual treasures for themselves. For no-one is to be able to say, having remained un-warned and unadmonished. Each one's attention is to be drawn through my servants to me and my kingdom - and happy, who hear and strive to gain my kingdom - happy, who believe, what is announced to them. For they will live, although they suffer earthly death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5817.


Book 63 5818

Favourable offer through God's word.

4. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5818.

Truly a favourable offer is made to you men on earth, when my word is brought to you with the request to live according to this my word, for with it a guarantee it offered to you for a happy life after your earthly death. What you are to give is little to that, what you are allowed to receive, nevertheless you must first be prepared for it, to accept my gift, for against your will I can create no happiness for you. But my servants always go up to you and offer you the gifts of your Lord; again and again the kingdom of God approaches you; again ad again you are introduced to him, who is able to hand out a delicious gift, and how you now adjust to his offers, so you will also be given. But who rejects my gift of favour, he will have to live in want in future and enter the opposite kingdom in greatest poverty. But examine what is offered to you. You have the right to do this and also the duty, so that you do not become the victim of a swindler, so that not an inferior gift is handed over to you as genuine and valuable. Do not reject everyone, who offers you his gift, but also do not accept everything, for also my opponent paves the way for himself to men, and he seemingly approaches you with the same gift, to prevent you from accepting that, what I want to offer you, from the accepting of my word, to which nothing is equal, what is not from me. So you reject everything, you must fear, having also rejected valuable goods, and regret very much your resistance against it in future. So you accept, examine every gift of its origin and its value. And so you are of serious and good will, you will also possess the competence to judge and choose the right, reject the false. And be certain of that, that the father in heaven will always serve his children a good gift, who turn to him, who remember their father and ask him for right food and right drink, who recommend themselves to him and always would like to fulfil his will. But also those, who still stand far from me, I approach with a delicious gift. Also they are my children, whose love I would like to win and who I therefore address to touch their hearts. They are also to examine and not carelessly reject; also they will be able to recognize, who addresses them, when they just want, that they receive a good gift, for according to their will they will be given, and according to their will also the blessing of my word will be.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5818.


Book 63 5819

Gift of the spirit. Gift of wisdom.

5. December 1953 B.D. NR. 5819.

The gift of wisdom must also insofar be acquired, as that a work in love is prerequisite, man therefore does not receive this gift arbitrarily, but a love life must have preceded it, which only brings in the gift of wisdom for him. For wisdom is not knowledge alone. Wisdom is full understanding for deep knowledge, and this understanding depends on love. Knowledge and wisdom are therefore to be assessed differently; every man can acquire knowledge, and he can even place himself intellectually into the deepest spiritual knowledge; he can let it be brought to him or penetrate into such knowledge through study. And nevertheless it still does not need to mean for him the possession of wisdom, because the awakening of the spirit is to be understood by that, because it is as it were a gift of the spirit, when knowledge has become wisdom for man, when he is able to understand everything to the bottom of the matter and can also report his knowledge, that it is also understood by fellowmen, so he also has found enlightenment of his spirit through work in love. Only then knowledge is life awakening, only then it is divine truth, a divine gift, which cannot get substituted or compared earthly. Truth can therefore be presented to you men; you can recognize it as deep knowledge, but nevertheless do not need to have penetrated into its extreme deep meaning, or else - a love life only lets you recognize the meaning of knowledge; a love life only makes you wise and enlightens your spirit. But you men are to also strive for the gift of wisdom. You are not to content yourselves with the receiving of a truthful knowledge. You are to now also seek to penetrate and assess the knowledge right; you are to protect it from distortion. And all this requires a life in love, and only then knowledge has an effect as wisdom. For you men it is the light, which illuminates your earth way, and consciously you then walk towards your destination - you recognize eternal truth, and you strive for it; you use the gift of wisdom and make yourselves happy and your fellowmen, who now through you can also reach the light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5819.


Book 63 5820

Spiritual pride. Humility is the bridge.

6. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5820.

Spiritual pride leads into ruin. Who approaches me in deepest humility, he is received by me with open arms, but who does not bend, who believes himself being exalted, him I overlook, and he also walks past me, because he does not seek me there, where I am. The spiritual overbearing does not recognize my voice; he does not recognize me myself in those words, which sound towards him, and for that reason he lets them die away at his ear; he does not hear that, what could bring rescue to him - he rejects, because he believes not needing it to get instructed, because he thinks himself being knowing and would also like to fill fellowman with his knowledge, but does not accept a gift from him. I cannot come close to the one of spiritual overbearing, because humility alone is the bridge from him to me, because the one with spiritual overbearing is separated from me through a cleft, which exactly only humility can bridge. Arrogance was the cause of the defection from me, for it eliminates love, and lack of love will always separate the being from me. But humility also proves love; it proves the cognition of defectiveness and therefore also the way of return to me. Full of love I bend down to my child, which comes to me in deepest humility of the heart and asks me for mercy and help. But a man will never express or also just think such a request, who carries the spirit of overbearing in him - he will never take the way to me and ask me for help, for he does not believe needing this help and is still so out and out far away from me, that he needs great help, to again reach upwards. For arrogance is share of him, who has brought you all to fall, for he wanted to rise up against me; he wanted to be acknowledged as lord and god from eternity, although he knew it, that he had taken his beginning from me. This arrogance was his fall into the depth, for it was the opposite of love, which I wanted to be testified to by the first created being. Who thinks himself great, he is in reality in great depth; who thinks himself exalted, he stands in reality below the other, whom he despises. Who believes himself knowing, but does not walk in humility, his knowledge is wrong, and he is in the deepest darkness of the spirit, for arrogance is the enemy of truth and of right cognition - for truth is divine; it is a gift of favour, which gets imparted to everyone, who in humility confesses his ignorance and desires truth. To the humble I give my favour - the humble reaches everything with me, because he prays simply and intimately and gains my love in the feeling of his unworthiness and my love is always ready to give to him. And so only alone he will find me, who walks on the way of humility, and also only him I will give my favour, my love and truth - but never a man, who is of overbearing spirit.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5820.


Book 63 5821

"Whosoever therefore shall confess me."

7. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5821.

Whosoever therefore shall confess me, him will I confess also and give him to obviously understand that. I will take his worries upon me; I will help him spiritually and earthly; I will not leave him in trouble and misery, but lead him out, towards the light, which is to shine for him earthly and spiritually. And he will be free, because I break all his fetters, because I will look after him, who wants to belong to me, for as soon as a man has devoted himself to me, he now walks with me, and my ways are truly passable, and they lead to the goal. But a man can only acknowledge me, who has broken away from my opponent, who has seen through his play and detests it, who now also recognizes, where light and power and life is, and who now strives for light and power and life. He recognizes and acknowledges me, and his share will now also be light, power and life. That man can no longer remain in death, who has taken his way to me, I who am eternal life; that man cannot dwell in darkness, who has found the light in me, which brightly illuminates his earth way, and that man can no longer be powerless and at the mercy of evil powers, who is now fed by me with power, who can receive it in extreme measure from me and receives it, as soon as he consciously turns to me. Who acknowledges me in the heart, not just with the mouth, he also lets me move in into his heart, and he will now become aware of all that, what I promise him: light and power and life - because these are the signs of my presence and because I am present to everyone, who inwardly acknowledges me, who desires me and calls for me. For I am no phantom - I am real, and I am there, where the mental connection is established with the creator and ruler of infinity. Faith in me and the desire for me also guarantees this connection and therefore also my presence. For then he acknowledges me, and then I can also profess him, i.e. prove my presence to him and fulfil my promise - to help him, wherever it may be and where help is desired. But I want to be acknowledged, before I express myself, to exert no faith compulsion on man - but when I am acknowledged, then I am truly prepared to give and to help in extreme measure and leave that man never for ever - and his share will be: light and power and life in eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5821.


Book 63 5822

Course of development. Which success? Last favours.

8. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5822.

You had to cover a far course, and it is now to be brought to an end. But which degree of maturity have you men gained? At which spiritual height have you arrived, when your physical life has ended? How far have you come closer to me as your creator and father from eternity? How far have you bent your will under mine, and which degree of love do you show me? All this now decides your life in the spiritual kingdom, for your course in the material world you have ended - unless you are in still such far distance from God, that the lot in a new banishment in solid matter is granted to you. You men do not know it, that you stand at the end of an incomprehensible long course of development on earth; you do not know, that you still have only a short span of time until the final leaving of this earth. Your I then moves into a new world, but which is completely different, according to the degree of development, in which you stand at your decease. Endless long time was at your disposal, to gain a degree of maturity, which secures you a happy, carefree life in the spiritual kingdom - but how different was this time used - and how deep below have most men remained, because they did not use earth life right, because they strove for no perfection at all. But also now a short time is still given to them, which can still let them bring in a degree of maturity with the right use of their will. And men do not pay attention to this last time of favour; they do nothing to develop upwards - they still live on earth, but in spiritual death - and the endless long time of their earth course in the mandatory state was in vain. Man again strives for that, what he had long since overcome: hard matter. And it will for that reason become his fate, his lot in that time, which will come after this time. Men do not know about the long way before, which their souls have already covered, but they also do not accept the knowledge about it, so it is offered to them; they do not believe it, when their attention is drawn to it by those knowing, because their spiritual blindness prevents them from it and otherwise no light can be given to them than in the form of speeches, which are held to them on my behalf by my servants on earth. They therefore do not believe it, because they cannot endure truth, because with the accepting of truth they must give up everything else, but of which they believe not being able to separate. And when I want to offer them help, so I myself must take from them, what they do not want to give up, to make clear to them the inconstancy, the perishableness and decrepitude of all that, what fills out their thinking and striving. I must prepare a great pain for them; I must hit a great wound for them, which makes them anxious, so that they come closer to him, who up to now stood far from them - so that they utilize the short span of time, to heal their sick souls, when the body is powerless to resist, or to hand over body and soul to him, who can heal everything and give everything back to life to again. Much time no longer remains for you men until the end, and I will still intervene obviously in the fates of men, to rescue them for eternity. For what is on earth, that will pass - but what the soul still acquires for itself of spiritual treasures, that remains and will in future make happy after its physical death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5822.


Book 63 5823

Help in earthly and spiritual trouble. Mutual love.

9. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5823.

Break bread for the hungry; share everything, what you possess, when you see someone live in want, when he speaks to you about help, and do not fear, you to spend yourselves, for how you measure out, so also to you will be measured out, and amply it will flow towards you spiritually and earthly, as soon as you just make right us of the wealth, as soon as you scatter there, where trouble is and where I myself lead you to, that you see it. I still speak more of spiritual than of earthly trouble, for it leads to complete weakening of the soul, to spiritual death; but you are to also make earthly trouble your business, because you then awaken love in the heart of fellowman, because a light will then also flash for him, why he has gotten into earthly trouble and how he can free himself again out of it. And earthly trouble will for that reason be so great in the time of the end, because I would like to snatch them from the extreme great spiritual trouble and this can never happen, when everything earthly goes according to the wish of man and his looks are immovably directed towards the world. Then I have no access to their hearts, and then I also cannot address them; I cannot direct their thoughts towards the spiritual kingdom, for the world always stands out and has greater power over men. But when earthy trouble approaches them, individual souls also flee to me. Call me for help - and so they do not find the way to me directly, so they are not able to pray, because they do not believe in me, in my love and my power, you must pave the way for them, by you looking after them and giving them love, which will not remain without impression on a man being in great trouble - which will touch him beneficially and can also awaken mutual love, what always means a small light, a glimmer of cognition, a step closer to me. Only so you can explain to yourselves the extreme great trouble and misery in the last time before the end. I do not want to punish by these means, but just bring up, and I want to take from men that, what means poison for their souls, and offer in exchange a life awakening drink. I want to heal, where my opponent has struck wounds, which lead to death. I just want to rescue my children, even so the means for this rescue are not comprehended by you. I truly know it, how they can have an effect, and apply them there, where I know my children being seized by a severe illness, which they themselves do not recognize and which I would like to heal, because I love them. And you men are to help me with it, by you letting yourselves be willingly guided by me to these sick, whose spiritual sickness has an effect in earthly trouble and whom you for that reason are to help there with advice and action in love and patience, to whom you above all are to serve the bread of life, so that they draw power out of it and now also devotedly bear, what my love sends to them. Remember all, who are in trouble, and know, that I seek to rescue all these, whom my opponent has not yet so completely in his power, that he can amply furnish them with earthly goods. For these are lost for endless long time.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5823.


Book 63 5824

Light of truth. Lamps without oil. Worn out robe.

10. and 12. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5824.

It is given to you to have an enlightening effect, to bring in a light into the darkness of night, for night is all around you, where no light has yet been lighted. Night it is, where pure truth is lacking, where men walk along in error, where they are not yet instructed right on the spiritual area. Night is, where the spirit of man is not yet awakened to life, which only lights the light in the heart of man. No matter what is presented to you men as spiritual knowledge, it remains for you without value, as long as you do not live in love, for so long it just remains dead knowledge. But if you look around you, you will not be able to find many love people and consequently also little light, because only love radiates light, because only knowledge is then alive, when love has enlivened it. Everywhere, where love is taught, my original law is announced, and there is also truth. (11.12.1953) There therefore are the right representatives of Christ, and they speak out of my spirit. Whether they now achieve, that the listeners fulfil the love commands, is up to these themselves, but the state of maturity of man only depends on the fulfilling of the laws of love for me and for the neighbour and therefore also the enlightening of the spirit, full cognition, light, which enlightens men from the inside. A way of life according to my will causes fulfilment of the love commands, the moving of oneself in my order from eternity, therefore a change of evil to good. This alone is my will, and for it men are to get stimulated through my right representatives on earth, this alone is the vineyard work, which is to be carried out by my servants, to enlighten man about it, that only a life in love can make him perfect, that only love can produce the joining together with me. Everything, what is therefore to be made accessible to men as Gospel, is only allowed to aim to achieve the ennobling of men, a transformation to love, then it is a right vineyard work, which my servants on earth carry out. But why is so little light on earth, where my Gospel is announced in the whole world after all? - Or is my Gospel less announced and more importance is attached to formalities? - Is the announcing of the divine love teaching treated as unimportant only, to put other teachings in return for it into the foreground? And do men pay more attention to teachings and commands added to my love teaching more than to latter? (12.12.1953) Bear these questions once seriously in mind and draw the right conclusions. When I make a spiritual maturing depending on the fulfilment of my love commands, when spiritual striving lessens earthly trouble or makes them unnecessary, but when you can see earthly trouble in the world more than ever, then the spiritual ascent development must therefore leave to be desired and therefore also a neglecting of it is being inferred, what I again and again present to men as most important: to practise love. And therefore also the Gospel of love must be preached to men not strongly enough. Therefore too few right representatives of my love teaching, too few loyal servants on earth must serve me, although all believe to support my name. There is too much pretence and too little truth; death is also there, where one should announce me and believes to announce me; there is nothing alive any more, but just still a traditional pretence, the distant echo of that, what once radiated in fullest ability of life.

And for that reason also no life is any more among men; no cognition, no truth and no spiritual progress - only a worn out robe is still remaining, which performs no duty any more, but which is honoured in an exaggerated way. They are lamps without oil, which are feigned to men as light contributors, which are able to radiate no tiny ray any more. And for that reason, darkness is everywhere, everywhere is night of the spirit, and only very rarely small little lights flare up, only very rarely a right representative of my kingdom has access with his light into darkness. But their light will brightly radiate; they will be able to give enlightenment and carry in truth - the light of cognition, which will touch everyone beneficently, who seeks the light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5824.


Book 63 5825

No-one gains the kingdom of heaven, who pays tribute to the world.

13. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5825.

To pay tribute to the world means forfeiting the kingdom of heaven, because man cannot win both at the same time. And who pays tribute to the world, he also does not make an effort because of that, to gain the kingdom of heaven, for only the earthly world with its attractions exists for him, and he does not believe in a kingdom outside of it. And nevertheless, the way to the kingdom of heaven must be gone through this earthly world; it cannot get eliminated, for man lives in this world; he must cover the last stage of his development on earth, in the midst of that kingdom, which belongs to the opponent of God. But he can overcome this kingdom; he can go through the earthly world, without letting himself be unusually be impressed by it, without desiring it with the senses - he can live through it and still be its lord. And that is your task, to overcome the world, for because it has been given to you for this purpose, that your soul matures in it, that it breaks away from everything in free will, what belongs to the world, because this breaking away is also at the same time a breaking away from him, who is lord of this world, and a turning towards the spiritual kingdom and its Lord. And so it is comprehensible, that who makes himself to the slave of the world, can never ever take possession of the spiritual world, neither in earth life nor after the death of man - it is comprehensible, that the lord of the world keeps him fettered, because man himself gives him the right to it, for the breaking away from his power, the breaking away from the material world, man himself must strive for and accomplish. He must wage a war with himself; he must be able to do without, to win something valuable; he must resist all temptations in the short earth life time, to then being able to capture the spiritual kingdom with all its splendours, which compensates him thousand fold for his renunciation on earth. And he will do this only, when he recognizes the worthlessness and inconstancy of that, what seems to be desirable to him on earth. Only this cognition gives him power, to direct his will right, and he can win this cognition, when he just thinks about the material world. For he cannot be forced to a change of will - only through experiences he can get stimulated to inner contemplations, but with which success, that he himself determines. And God can only help him insofar, that he again and again proves the transitoriness to him, that he relinquishes to decay, what is man's love on earth, that he intervenes into man the most painful way, that he takes from him that, whereon his heart it attached to - always only, to give him a reference, how worthless the aims of his strivings are. But those who learn from such experiences, can count themselves lucky, for they slowly change the direction of their will and give up the world, to conquer in future the spiritual kingdom. But no-one is to believe, being able to make compromises; no-one is to believe, being able to pay tribute to the world unpunished. Every striving has an effect after his death, and if it was meant for the world, then it also brings him spiritual death, then he has given up the spiritual kingdom for the sake of earthly profit, and the world has brought him death. Then he has given himself anew into the power of him, who is in the depth, and the way upwards lasts again endless long time.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5825.


Book 63 5826

Fight against truth. Protection for light bearers.

14. December 1953. B.D. NR 5826.

And when all forces of darkness fight against the truth, when they want to extinguish the light that shines from above down to you men, then this light will still victoriously win through and in the end chase away the strongest darkness. Because the time is coming where the earth lies in the brightest light, the time is coming where no shadow clouds the light - where men are in knowledge and all ignorance, all lack of love has disappeared. This time comes certainly, because my word is truth, because truth takes me myself as a starting point and because I direct the light to earth to you my light bearers, so that you carry it out into the world, that you fight against darkness and therefore are to firmly believe that truth will once prevail. But this is impossible with the present human race; there will always be only few who will listen to you and in whom now again light will be kindled and who now increase the weak shine a little, but only on the new earth will truth shine in its full light, because then all men are in truth, as they also live in love, and therefore an exceeding great light is poured out over the earth, before which everything retreats and ceases to exist, what still would like to come out as faint shadow. Truth will win - however no longer on this earth where darkness has already become so dense, that a light can only last with my help, because enemies lie in wait everywhere, who would like to extinguish it and therefore hinder its brightness. But I protect my light bearers; I again and again supply the light with new fuel and again and again light bearers meet and now they increasingly shine into the dark of the night and also these are the phenomena of the last times that everything will be done to prevent the announcers of truth from talking, that a stop is put to the spreading of the truth and that only that is tolerated and valued what still increases darkness - that men are in the night and feel fine and do not long for the bright morning. Because too strongly it is worked against the truth from below, against everything that proves and glorifies me. And men love to accept these teachings and opinions; they love to remain in spiritual darkness so that their faults are not becoming visible in the light. But on the day of judgement it is no use to whitewash their state - where everything will be revealed, the willing, the thinking and the action of men. Then an exceedingly bright light will uncover everything and show men up, then no man will be able to hide the state of his soul and darkness will receive all who did not seek the light on earth. But eternal light will shine for those who pursued pure truth on earth and now can receive an overabundance of it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5826.


Book 63 5827

Comforting and loving father words.

15. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5827.

You all are to be comforted through my word, you who are sad and depressed; you who are of discouraged mind in earthly trouble and oppression. You are to draw courage from my words, which I supply to you from above in the cognition of the state of my creatures, in the cognition of their weakness and loneliness, when they do not bear me in their heart. My words want to give comfort to all; I want to again give confidence to all, that they find help from their heavenly father, so they just call him. I speak from above to you, because you no longer believe my handed down word, because you think it to be improbable, that I look after my children on earth, that I know about all their troubles and sufferings and am always prepared to help. And I want to assure you of this anew and just let you know about the conditions, that I want to be called by you, when I am to help you. I must place this condition, otherwise my help could bring no blessing to you for the soul, for if I would help you without your call, then you would never ever establish the connection with me, which is purpose and aim of earth life, and I myself would then have contributed to that end, that you do not reach your aim. I want, that you believe in me as God and creator from eternity, who is always in contact with that, what was created by him, who will never break this relationship and who just demands from you, that also you yourselves establish this this bond consciously - that you recognize him as your father and now trustingly turn to him in every earthly and spiritual trouble. But because you have lost all faith in it, I seek to come close to you through my word and to awaken faith in you anew. I talk to you and address each one man directly, even so through the mouth of servants devoted to me - but he only speaks, what I myself consider necessary for you; he just speaks as my tool; he speaks for me and in place of me. But they are my words, which you hear, which are to touch you with all power and which are to entice you, that you flee into my arms in every trouble of the body and the soul. You, who are discouraged, you are to be cheered; you who are sad, you are to be comforted; you weak in the body and soul are to receive power, and you blind in spirit, you are to become seeing; to you all I want to prove my love through the word, which sounds from above down to you. For I myself lean as father towards my children, who are to recognize and love me, so that they are happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5827.


Book 63 5828

Faith in God's revelations.

16. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5828.

Listening to my voice in intimate association with me also guarantees, that I let myself become audible for the earth child. But it must listen to the inside; it must wait, until I express myself; it must simply hear - not think itself, what it desires to hear. I truly lean towards every desiring earth child and make it happy with my address, when it just adjusts itself as recipient, when it lets my love current wash over it, when it just accepts, what is sent to it. But faith in my so promised expression of my spirit is extremely weak represented with men, and therefore knowledge received through the inner word, my pure Gospel, far more rejected than accepted. And faith in it is for that reason not represented, because men are not really orientated about the effect of my spirit and because love is first precondition for the work of my spirit, but this love is too little practised. However, a real explanation of the work of my spirit would cause many men to test and then happily recognize the truth of my promise. Faith, that I myself reveal myself to those, who connect themselves in all intimacy with me and ask me about my word, is very rarely to be found; but it is rewarded by me the more, because I want, that my children desire and listen to my address, and for that reason I will let go no-one from me without my love expression, who seriously asks for it and listens to, what I have to say to him. But do not jump ahead; expect my address in patience; be quiet and listen, for it is quite delicious good, which I want to impart to you, but can only then, when you fulfil the condition: open your ear to me in faith and in love, that ear of the heart - when you are willing, to receive this delicious gift from me, which proves my love for you - which only I myself can hand out, because I alone am the source of all life and all wisdom. Come with open bowls to accept the happy making drink at the spring of life - the living water, which is indispensable for you, if you want to reach eternal life. Come with a longing heart and draw at the source, which will never dry up, as long as you desire to be refreshed and strengthened; let it be offered to you and accept the delicious gift with grateful heart - but do not mix it with additive, which would just let it become inferior, for there will always be men, who seek their food somewhere else and who would then also like to offer it to you, who seek to move you to take part of it, but what does not serve your soul as food. Come to the source, where the water of life is offered to you unspoiled, and believe, that I myself open the source to each one man, who just asks me in faith and in love; believe, that I speak to everyone, who desires to hear me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5828.


Book 63 5829

God is the word. Address of God.

17. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5829.

I, your God and father from eternity, approach you men in my word. For I myself am the word, and so you therefore listen to my word, you have let me myself speak to you; you have got directly in touch with me, and you can now speak of my presence, of a proof of my love and care about you - but always only then, when you let my word ring out in the heart, when you hear or read it in thoughts of him, of whom you are addressed - when you let the words deeply penetrate into the heart and they do not just go unheard at your ears. Whether I am close to you lively, that you yourselves determine, but my love is prepared at any time, to speak to you, to give you proof in the form of my word, that I am real and true and seek contact with you. You yourselves therefore determine me to the renunciation of me myself, when you desire to hear my word. But I also come uncalled to my earth children, to admonish them of it, that they are to get in touch with me. I also talk to those, who still do not consciously request my address, by, in the midst of the world's hustle and bustle, man's looks are directed towards my representatives, who announce my word also in the midst of the world. Some I win, but mostly men do not pay attention to the words, which come towards them and which have taken their start from me myself. But some feel it, that I myself address them, and they let my words get through to the heart, and these also react to my address; they take the words to heart and make an effort to live according to them; they also want to feel my presence themselves; they get in touch with me in thoughts, and I now also never leave them out. Men do not know, how simple it is, to get in contact with their God and father from eternity - they do not know, that they first just need to open themselves, when I address them, and that they, through conscious wanting, move me at any time to speak to them - that I show them the way through my word, on which they securely reach the aim of earth life under my guidance, but I do not stop, to call them or to let callers step into their way, so that they become aware of my love and my care and attend, when I myself speak to them.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5829.


Book 63 5830

Forerunner. Announcing Jesus.

19. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5830.

Endeavour in all humility to become my true children, but do not pursue unusual knowledge that is of little use for the perfection of your soul. Because in my kingdom the smallest and the least is worth more than the one who thinks he is grand; in my kingdom humility is evaluated exceedingly great and there is no place for arrogance. But you have to tell true greatness from arrogance - you have to tell being great from appearing great. Because what is great before me that I put as ruling whole worlds with their inhabitants, it rules with me and in my will over endless creations and innumerable creatures - and because of it will still not be of an arrogant spirit.

But he who believes to also be entitled to rule thinks himself to be great, but in all eternity he will not climb up to the top that secures him a ruler's office, because I know the most inner mentality of every being, I know where true humility is and where my will alone fills a being. And so I then say to you: The earth carries no being of such fullness of humility that I could appoint as ruler over worlds in the kingdom on the other side. Because this humility is supernatural, and such a being is so completely united with me that the earth could not be a stay for it. For everything that would be in its surroundings would shine in brightest light. Because these light beings already have walked the way on earth with the result of complete spiritualization on earth. They never return to earth, but without stopping have an effect on the inhabitants of the earth - they send down to earth their light radiations because an exceedingly great will to love fills them and the will to help lets them be active all the time in a redeeming sense. And so an individual man can over strongly be influenced by such a being of light - but that does not mean that the soul of this man is a light soul that has descended from above. Understand this - many light souls embody themselves before the end of this earth for the purpose of a mission. But these are still before their last completion to a child of God, which they well can reach through such a mission. But perfect children of God only have an effect on men from above, but influence certain men strongly when the requirements for it are met - i.e., to also be able to be active in a redeeming sense on earth.

But one light spirit is allowed to descent to earth - my forerunner, who wants to announce myself before the end. He will announce me. He will again prepare the way for me because this is my will since eternity since he was devoted to me since the beginning, because since the beginning he was a fighter for his Lord. Him I have chosen as my vassal, as my herald, who always announced me, who shouted it out into the world when I approached men, who went before me as voice that mankind is to pay attention to me. He fought for me and he will always fight for the name of his Lord.

So this one is the beam, the light, that I send down to earth before me and he knows about my coming, about the end and about his purpose on earth because he recognizes himself as the one who he is. And this one is so closely devoted to me that only my name sounds from his mouth, that every breath only glorifies my name, that every pulse beat of his heart is meant for me whom he announces on earth with over eagerness and for whom he also lays down his life when his mission has ended.

This one therefore goes over the earth shortly before my return and men will not recognize him in his simplicity until he will open his mouth to announce him who comes after him. Then the scales will fall from the eyes of the ones who are mine but my opponents will not recognize him. But he will speak single-mindedly of his own danger; he will announce the nearby end to men; he will call on them to do penance, to seek God and the salvation of their souls and to despise mammon - he again will announce Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the world, with thundering words; he will do and say everything that is useful to glorify the name of Jesus, the eternal God. In the truest sense of the word he will be my forerunner - he will be the one who again opens paradise to all who believe his words, who loyally expect me, that I save them from deepest trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 5830.


Book 63 5831

Light messengers. Eager Work in the last time.

20. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5831.

Many light messengers walk on this earth, but they are not recognized as such by mankind. It is only a small circle of knowing ones, who for that reason are knowing, because love in them could kindle light and they therefore also recognize my messengers, so these go up to them with strengthened light. And so my small community will still increase after all until the end of this earth, and it is constantly solicited for such souls, which have not yet made the last decision. And also the powers in the spiritual kingdom promote the redemption of the bound on earth, by them bringing together, who need help and can bring help, by them always kindling and radiating more light and always stand by the workers in my vineyard. For the last time is mainly meant for the last work of rescue, and although it seems, as if an ascent it recognizable in the earthy meaning - so this is just a confirmation, a further sign of the coming end, for the deeper the spiritual state of men sinks and consequently certainly causes the end. But the lights, which are kindled, radiate brighter and brighter, the closer the end is. And no matter whether the prince of darkness seeks to extinguish them - the illuminating power is too strong, than that he would succeed, to spread darkness over it. They are strong light souls, which take action against him, which blind him with their light and which also offer help to men, who strive for the light - which enlighten their way, that they find out of the night. My light messengers on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom stand under my blessing, and their activity will not be in vain, even so the crowd of mine is not large. Time goes towards the end, but then there is no longer darkness on earth, then all will stand in the light, because on the new earth all men are instructed by my light messengers from my kingdom directly, because the light out of the heavens will directly radiate to the new earth, because everything, what is of dark spirit, is bound for a long time and can no longer besiege men - because a paradise is again on earth, where all trouble has an end, where men live in light and peace and all are of a good will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5831.


Book 63 5832

Birth of Jesus. Light. (Christmas.)

21. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5832.

You all are to return home to the father, and you all are to be happy for ever. And to achieve this aim, I do everything, because I love you from the very beginning and will love you in eternity. Never ever will I allow it that my opponent seizes possession of you for ever, because you are children of my love and love never renounces for ever that, what is its share. And so it will also be comprehensible to you, why I myself descended to earth, in the midst of the world of my opponent to my creatures, which had isolated themselves from me. My opponent wanted to dispute my right to my share; he wanted to keep it separated from me for ever, and he had my creatures in his power. Therefore I had to redeem them from this power, if I wanted to fetch them again back to me, For that reason I descended to earth, for my love drew me to that having become unhappy and wanted to prepare again unutterable happiness for it. And my love found a way of the return of the fallen into the father house. I myself took all debt upon me as concerns my opponent and paid for all souls in the depth the purchase price to him. I sacrificed me myself, I laid down my life on the cross. And therefore I manifested myself in a man, because the work of sacrifice had to be brought in the midst of men and because only that could have importance for men, what was visibly going on for them - because men would have to pay the debt themselves and because such an expiation - done by men - would have meant endless many sufferings and pains in earth life, which my love wanted to take off men. I came to earth. Love moved into a human form; in the little child Jesus my love spirit took residence to the purpose of a work of mercy of unique kind. For what the man Jesus took upon him and wanted to bring to implementation, was so huge, that it was only possible through my love power, which the man Jesus acquired in extreme measure for himself, to be able to suffer and die for his fellowmen. He accomplished the work of redemption with me, or I myself accomplished it in the man Jesus; therefore I became man - Jesus became God, because he held love in all fulness in himself. There is no greater mystery than God becoming man in Jesus, and still also this mystery is comprehensible for that man, who has grasped the idea "love", who seeks the reasons in my infinite love for my creatures, that eternal love embodied itself in a man, who in free will has achieved the own becoming God through love. I could only manifest myself in such a man, and I proved to men through a unusual birth and its concomitants, that I myself had chosen for me the right outer form - that only a sinless form could be my stay, but which now had to voluntarily fashion itself so, that it became and remained the vessel of divine love power, also as counter powers had an effect on it and sought to drive me out of it. The man Jesus had to strive for and achieve the becoming divine and as man wipe out the sin guilt; but love determined him to his work of redemption, which he would never have been able to accomplish without love. Deepest darkness was before spread over earth, for all men were still at the mercy of the prince of darkness, who let no light reach them. There light descended from above - and in darkness brought light, so that it was to never extinguish again. And in the light will walk, who remembers the divine redeemer, who lets himself be redeemed by my love, who puts himself under his cross and who walks the way, which Jesus has gone - the way of love and of suffering.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5832.


Book 63 5833

Day of the Lord. Command?

22. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5833.

You are to celebrate the day of the Lord. So it is commanded you, so that you men do not forget him, who has created you, who is your father, to whom you are to return again after endless long walking. This command should be unnecessary for you, for you should remember the eternal God constantly, because every experience and every work of creation admonishes you of him - truly no command should be necessary, but by yourselves you should turn your thoughts to him, and no day you should let pass, without having got into intimate contact with him. Each one day should be for you a day of the Lord, where you recommend yourselves to his love and favour in intimate prayer community. But a command must be given to you men, so that the time of lukewarmness may get bridged, so that you are reminded of your actual task, to make your God and creator to the content of all your thoughts and striving. As long as you still have not recognized the purpose of you earth life, as long as you still stand far from God, as long as he has not yet become the father for you, you must get urged to do it, to occupy yourselves on one day with such thoughts, which are spiritually directed; you must hear or read of him, him to whom you owe your existence; you must hear about his will, and it must be presented to you, what you are to do to come close to him, to be happy. For that reason the command was given to you men, to observe the day of the Lord, to take a day of rest after the workdays and to seek the connection on this day of rest with your God and creator. This day is to always return; it is to become for you regularity, as long as it does not yet urge you yourselves to do it, to make a "day of the Lord" out of every day, which is given you, so that you also send the thoughts in the midst of your work up to him, that you recommend all your thinking and acting to him, that you let him be present at every hour, that you stand in intimate relationship with your heavenly father, that every separation between him and you is abolished - that you live and create on earth in and with him. Then truly each one day in your life is a day of the Lord, a real holiday of the soul, which always stays with him, although the body is active earthly, and then you truly have no command necessary, then your heart only commands you, which is filled with love for the father, and then you serve him without command joyfully and eagerly; you are active for him, because love drives you, because you have now found home to the father from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5833.


Book 63 5834

Divine guidance.

23. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5834.

I want to lead you; I want to go ahead of you, and you are to follow me, so that you also reach your destination. And you then let yourselves be led by me, when you subordinate yourselves to me will wise, therefore strive to fulfil my will. Who occupies himself in his thoughts with me, who acknowledges me consciously or unconsciously, that he thinks being depending on a power, which has created him, who now subjects himself to this power, he accepts my guidance, and he is truly on the right way, even so he does not see his companion. I am with him after all, and he now goes no step unauthorized, but I direct him, as it is helpful for the salvation for his soul. And he can entrust himself carefree to my guidance; he will recognize it in future as god and successful, when he has ended the earth way and has arrived at the gate of the hereafter. You men are never without guidance, but powers also offer themselves, who do not know about the right way themselves, who are blind themselves and for that reason cannot guide you. Because of that you are not to abandon yourselves without hesitation to every guidance, but always call me myself and want, that you are led right. For that is decisive, whether you are led by me, whether you are led into the way of those, who are seeing and can make a good leader for you. For these are my servants, who are active on earth on my behalf and therefore also only hold their office in my will, to whom I have shown the way, which they are to lead you. You will never need to miss my carful guidance, so you just request it. I will always be to be called, so you lose your way from the right way and want to return, for your call always reaches my ear, as soon as you want to follow me. And I do not want, that you go wrong, for that reason I offer me as leader to you; I do not want, that you walk in vain, so you have gone on a way, which does not lead to the destination. But your will must also be prepared, to accept my guidance, because only then you react to the slightest control - because only then you can get directed right, when you are without resistance - when you follow me out of free will. But you will never regret that, for the aim, towards which I lead you, you would never reach alone, but it is my kingdom with all its splendour, which I promise those, who walk in my will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5834.


Book 63 5835

Little child Jesus.

Christmas 24. and 25. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5835.

The saviour has been born for you men, the rescuer, who descended from above, to redeem you, to bring salvation to you. You men were in greatest trouble, for you were fettered by Satan; you were in his power and had no will power, to make yourselves free of it. You were sick at your souls, and a physician had to come to you, who healed you; a strong rescuer had to come, who liberated you. Someone had to come, who brought peace to you. Salvation came to earth in a little child, which was born in the midst of you men, which came to the world in great poverty, in a stable. But its birth alone already proved its divine origin, its unusual purpose and its extreme great love for men, for an extreme bright light shone over the little child, and this light fell into the hearts of those, who were allowed to see it and recognised its divine sending. For eternal light itself came to earth; it shone in darkness, of which the whole earth was overshadowed. Eternal love itself had embodied itself in the little child Jesus, and the love ray shone brightly in the significant night, where the little boy Jesus was brought into the world. And mankind would have to cheer and rejoice about the work of mercy of eternal love, to descent to earth and bring light into darkness. But mankind kept the eyes closed, to not needing to see the light, except for few, who knew about their rescuer and called for help, who cried out for a rescuer, who joyfully opened themselves to the light from above. (25.12.1953) And eternal love came to help them, and it came true, what was announced long time before through seers and prophets. The Messiah came into the world, the light bringer - the son of God got down to earth, who wanted to redeem the world from the sins, for he took pity on mankind, which, bent by suffering, almost collapsed under the burden of sin, which could not defend itself against the fettering through the opponent of God and which always more and more got lost in the depth, which did everything, what the enemy of the soul wanted, because it was too weak to resist - which just increased its sin burden in this way, but could never ever get rid of it. The son of God came down to earth. A highest light being out of God, which knew about the trouble of the fallen, offered itself to carry the endless great debt for mankind and to the wiping out through a walk of sacrifice on earth as man, through an agonizing suffering and dying on the cross. This light being took residence in the little child Jesus, to fulfil its mission, to redeem mankind from sin and its consequences. And brightest light radiated, when the little boy was born, a light, which called over all, who were of good will, who waited for their Messiah and who urgently prayed to God in their trouble. It was an act of favour of unimaginable importance, for the whole universe took part in it - heaven and earth touched each other at the moment of the birth of Jesus - the bridge was thrown from one kingdom to the other - war was declared on the opponent of God by the man Jesus, which he also passed victoriously. For he fought for God and with God, who had sent him to earth and took residence in him, who completely filled him - therefore God manifested himself, because as eternal love he could seize possession of a man, who bought love in him to highest development - who fashioned himself to a vessel of the divine spirit, to the cover of the eternal divinity. Rightly he could say: "The father and I am one." He brought rescue to men. He brought light to them; he brought their souls salvation, for he defeated through his death on the cross him, who wanted to keep the souls in the depth and from whom men alone could not break away. He became their redeemer, their rescuer form sin and death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5835.


Book 63 5836

Original light from eternity radiates light.

26. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5836.

The fulness of my light is to radiate over you, so you just believe in me without doubt and want to receive the light of eternal truth from me myself. For every ray of light comes from the original light. But what does not go out from me, is no light - it spreads no brightness, but could only blind, to leave so much the stronger darkness. But I, the original light from eternity, want to kindle bright light in the hearts of men; I want, that the ray of light may touch them as favour; I want, that it may illuminate their way, which they still have to walk on earth - so that they go it in safety and without them getting lost - for they are to reach the destination; they are to find me; they are to always desire brighter light, to finally melt with the original light from eternity and to be happy for ever. For light is life, light is happiness, light is truth - light is knowledge about the deepest connections of the creator with his creature. To stay in the light is a divine state, which all you men are to reach, because this is your purpose from the very beginning. And so you will now understand, that only the connection with me, the original light, secures for you the radiating through with light, for being able to receive something going out from me, contact must be established with me. You can therefore never reach light, as long as you keep yourselves isolated from me, as long as you do not believe in me, as long as you do not open yourselves as vessel, into which my light and love power can pour in. And this is your own will, that you open yourselves, that you get your heart ready to such a vessel, that you fashion it to a temple, in which I, the eternal light itself, can be present and now illuminate you from the inside - that I can kindle a light in you , which radiates brightly and illuminates every corner. You are to reach again cognition, which got lost for you through you former Fall of men. And you fashion your heart to a temple of God, when you just keep my commands, when you fulfil my commands of love. Then you will do everything, what ennobles you; you will clean your hearts of ignoble desires, of bad habits and vices of all kind; you will rid them of all dross and decorate with virtues of justice, mercy, gentleness, peaceableness, humility and patience. You will just always work in love and draw me to you, because my love can now no longer resist your love. And so you have now won me, I can radiate my light in all fulness into you, and then also the gates of eternal happiness are opened for you, then you stay already in my kingdom, even so you still live on earth, and radiated through by light you go over into the spiritual kingdom. And you will know about everything, what before was still hidden to you and be happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5836.


Book 63 5837

Serious admonition to accept the divine word.

27. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5837.

What is given to you by me, that you are to not carelessly reject, for it is quite delicious good, and you will in future regret it bitterly, so you have recognized it as the right means of help upwards, which you have spurned and for that reason must suffer. Accept the gift, which I offer you; do not be stubborn, because the way of the imparting does not appeal to you or lets you doubt - accept it and examine it for its inner value, and your heart will let you pass the right sentence, as soon as you are of the will, to do what is right. But you harm yourselves over all measure, when you miss a food for your soul, which strengthens you and lets you mature; a food, which my love offers you, because you are weak and miserable at your soul and because in this weakness you cannot gain eternal life. You are weakened beings, as long as you stay on earth without a strengthening from heaven. I alone only can impart to you that, what strengthens your soul and help it upwards. Out of my hand you must accept the food for your soul; it cannot be served to you by men on earth, who do not possess it themselves. But when they themselves are in the possession of this delicious food, so you will also recognize, that it is the same food, which I offer you from above. There is only something, that can be offered to you as food out of the heaven - my word, which always and for ever remains unchangeably, which goes out from me in all purity and must be accepted from you men longingly and gratefully, if it is to have its full strengthening effect. And for that reason you are to receive it from me directly; you are to draw out of the source of life the refreshing water of life; you are not to close yourselves, so it also wants to penetrate into your hearts, for you are to know and recognize, that it is my direct address, that through my word the connection from me to you is established - you are to appreciate this unusual gift of favour. But how empty-handed do you come away, when you reject this delicious gift, when you believe, being able to also create a substitute elsewhere, when you exchange my gift against worthless spiritual material, from which you can draw no power and which is completely worthless for the maturity of your soul. Keep to my word alone; open your heart wide, when I address you, when my gift of heaven is imparted to you, and let yourselves be warned, to reject without thinking, what can never ever be replaced for you, so you have entered the opposite kingdom in spiritual trouble. Recognize me and my extreme great love for you, when I myself descend in the word to you, and believe it, that I just want to help you, that I want to remove your weakness and your trouble already on earth and in future in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5837.


Book 63 5838

Requesting of blessing for all actions.

28. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5838.

All your efforts are in vain, when you do not request my blessing, when you do not before recommend yourselves to me, that I myself work with you. For my co-work only secures the right success for you and the accomplishment of that, what you plan. Everything is done in vain, so my blessing does not rest on it, and my blessing can only then come over you, when you subordinate everything to me and my will. And this you are to consider, you who are eagerly active on earth and create and work, but not in connection with me, your God and Lord, your creator and father from eternity. You, who stand away from me, because you do not acknowledge me, because you do not believe in me and also cannot win this faith, because you do not have the will for it, you believe you being able, to just being able to utilize earth life for your selfish purposes. I do not hinder you of your plans, and you can also gain treasures for yourselves in greatest extent - earthly treasures, which let you believe, being extremely rich and powerful. But so my blessing does not rest on it, they just bring about harm to you, spiritually and earthly, for even so the body has an advantage, so the soul just gets burdened of that, what serves the body for a sense of well-being. But my opponent creates the sense of well-being for the body, to preserve the soul in darkness and to not lose it. When you men would believe after all, that you just harm yourselves, when you walk on earth without me - when you would just recognize it after all, how much right you grant my opponent in this way and give him voluntarily, what you refuse to give to me. You cannot be happy without faith in me, and you do not live for ever on earth. What you therefore accomplish on this earth, is useless for eternity, when you eliminate me, when you do not request my blessing, which at the same time secures protection for you against the enemy of your soul. Indifferently you live along, and my name is just empty sound for you - and so you think of me, because you have been instructed about me, so is still so little faith in you, that you are not afraid of the account, which you must account to me. And for that reason, you live your earth life irresponsibly and can no longer put that right, what you neglect in earth life. For the time is irretrievable lost. But if you would just once occupy yourselves seriously with thoughts of your creator, then also the right thoughts would come to you, because I send them to you, as soon as you seriously consult yourselves. But you refrain from everything, what could lead you closer to me, but you use all your powers for it, to create and work earthly, and as a result are just at the mercy of him, who pulls you again down into his kingdom, from which you have already ascended. You are not allowed to eliminate me, if you do not want to get lost again for endless long time. You must believe in me, your God and creator; you must call me for my blessing, whatever you undertake. But then also the blessing will bloom for you, and then you create and work for eternity, and your soul will harvest that wealth, which you have acquired for yourselves on earth - goods, which last in eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5838.


Book 63 5839

Withdrawing of power out of the word of God.

29. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5839.

Always fetch for yourselves power out of my word, and know, that you need it, for whatever you begin will only bring about salvation for you, when you take up my power for it. Let me speak to you before, or also address me you yourselves, so that I can answer you, so that I can give my power to you. And so I just say again and again, do not eliminate me from your thoughts; do not believe, being able from your power alone, for your life power, which is at your disposal, you can also use in the wrong sense, and then it has been worthless for your soul. But I constantly provide you with power, by me supplying my word to you, from which you can withdraw power, so you need it. You all assess my word much too little; you all possess something delicious and use it too little, and for that reason your soul suffers trouble. Do not break the connection with me, but always tie it tighter, so that you can feel safe and secure, so that you are never without power; for you are surrounded by enemies, whom you must oppose with my power, if you want to gain a victory over them. You are surrounded by dark powers, which seek to push you away from me. How do you want to resist them, when you are powerless yourselves? Always request my power, and receive it, by you letting me myself speak to you. And no power of darkness will ever gain control over you. Only he is victor, who makes use of my power, and only he makes use of my power, who constantly turns his thoughts towards me and who for that reason begins everything with me and never walks without my blessing. I talk to him all the time, and his heart will not need to be afraid, for it receives from me unmeasured power and favour.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5839.


Book 63 5840

Religious warfare. Fighters of God.

30. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5840.

I have trained an army of fighters for myself, who courageously take up the fight against the enemy of the souls and against all, who besiege you in their unbelief and are therefore against me. All these belong to the camp of my opponent. But my fighters have me as commander-in-chief, and I will truly lead them out as victors in the last fight on this earth. For it is certain for you - the fight about faith, which is in store for my little crowd, in which it is to prove itself and from which I myself will rescue it, as I have promised it. Mine still have this time of trial before them and must therefore unusually get strengthened, so that they stand firm, because my opponent will take action against them in a violent and most brutal way, to make them totter in their faith. But the connection with me wins all of them unusual power. And for that reason I again and again admonish you: hold firmly on to me; do not break away from me, but always join me firmer; establish the intimate connection with me, so that you can send your thoughts at any time to me, so just the smallest resistance arises for you, which is always the work of my opponent. You can achieve everything, accomplish everything and overcome everything, when you just allow my presence in you, what already the serious will, to be and remain mine, guarantees. The intimate thoughts, a prayer in the spirit and in the truth and constant work in love, also secures for you my constant preparedness to help, my love power and my favour. And therefore you are always equipped and equal to every attack on the part of my opponent, for then you do not fight alone against him, but you have me at the side, and before my ray of light he flees very certainly. And you will always be able to triumph over him, as long as you keep to me, as long as the shield of faith and of love covers you. But when your looks wander sideways, when they are turned towards the world and you let the shield, which protects you, sink - when you leave me out for just a short time and therefore let the world step between me and you - then you are in serious danger, and I want to warn you of it, like a loving father warns his children, that they are not to go own ways, but always stay with their father, so that he can protect them, when danger threatens. They are just love calls, which I send to you again and again, because I care for your salvation and because I want to spare you every unnecessary fight, for I know the most inner mind and striving of your heart and also do not let you get lost. But you can make your ways much more difficult for you, when you do not pay attention to my words. You are to be and remain my fighters and are to prepare yourselves for this last fight on earth. And to this belongs, that you no longer break the connection with me, that you go no way any more without me, that you are so devoted to me, that you long for my presence, no matter when and where it may be. A great supply of power you must store up for you, which will then never ever decrease, when you start for the last fight. I will truly lead you to victory, as I have promised it to you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5840.


Book 63 5841

New Year's Eve message. Reference to end.

31. December 1953. B.D. NR. 5841.

A difficult, but also a happy time you are facing, for the difficult time will not last long, to then give way to the time in paradise on the new earth, which will compensate you for all suffering on this earth. But also for the difficult time before the end, power will be sent to you from above, and therefore you do not need to fear it, you just are to prepare yourselves for it, so that it does not find you weakened out of own fault. Do not seek in the now coming time the pleasures of the world, for this means a weakening of your spiritual power, and it only helps you against resistances of all kind. What this world offers, does not remain, but what expects you in the other world, in paradise on the new earth, that is not to be compared to the empty goods of the world, for you will be made happy unmeasurably and have to fear no passing, for they are - although also again earthly materially - still heavenly goods, which can be given to you in a certain degree of maturity only. And for that reason take care, that you gain this degree of maturity; take every difficulty devotedly upon yourselves and overcome it and remain loyal to me - call the father like children, when you are in distress, and let yourselves be shaken through nothing in your faith. Just always seek me - and you will recognize my presence by unusual power; you will master all difficulties of earthly life, and your inner life will also be full of light, and earth with its men hostile minded towards me is not able to harm you, for you are then already in my kingdom - you bear my kingdom in you, as soon as you yourselves grant me stay in your heart. You stand before a difficult time - but it does not need to be difficult for the individual, when he just adjusts himself correctly to me. You all are addressed by me, but only, who listens to me, he stands in the blessing of my address. But who belongs to the world, who turns his looks towards it, he does not listen to me. He will seemingly have an easier life, but in the end it will be empty and worthless, for the earthly world passes, and the paradise on the new earth remains closed to him - he will become matter himself, which alone he has desired. For I can only give you according to your will. You cannot possess, what you never strive for; you yourselves must bear the consequences of your wrong will and thinking, and when you let yourselves be captivated by the world, you must remain in its bonds. But I again and again shout to those who are mine: Hold out this short time, for I will shorten the days for your sake; just stay loyal to me, do not let yourselves be blinded by the false light of the world. Do without, so that you can draw with full hands in future, when the time of suffering is over. Believe my words, that I myself lead you out, that I myself will fetch you and rescue you out of greatest danger, but prepare yourselves for this difficult time, then you will not feel it so difficult and expect my coming in hope and confidence; you will remember my promise and patiently wait for its fulfilment - and you will receive your reward in paradise on the new earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5841.


Book 63 5842

New Year's Day message. Light into the darkness of night.

1. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5842.

Through night you are to arrive at light - what is dead, is to become alive - what stands far from me, is to come close - what is burdened with sin, is to become free and find forgiveness. My love gives you favour without measure, and my mercy offers you help, so that you all arrive out of the depth to the height. The night of the spirit is to be broken through, and the rays of light from above are to bring hope to men, who stay on earth, as well as also the souls in the hereafter, which are still in darkness. Also to them my love constantly sends rays of light, so that they long for light and can then also receive. Everything unredeemed languishes in chains, from which it is to be freed, and everything redeemed makes lovingly an effort, to bring redemption to those. In the spiritual kingdom as on earth light is brought into darkness, for only, where light is, is also happiness; only where light is, the soul breathes a sigh of relief. Each one soul is allowed to enter into the radiation area of light, but no soul is forced to it. And for that reason there is still so much darkness on earth, because men do not utilize this privilege and because they are not inevitably determined to do it, to turn to the light. But everything is done on the part of the light world, to touch their hearts with a ray of light, to determine the will of men, to strive for the light. And for that reason I often let unusual strong lights flash, because mankind goes along with closed eyes and must get startled from the state of sleep, which can also lead to a state of death. And these unusual rays of light of brightest brilliance, and strongest illuminating power now and then cause a flight out of darkness towards this radiating light. I know, where the prospect exists, to help a soul to light, without forcing it - and my love and favour comes to meet these souls, so that they do not sink into deepest night. Mostly these are souls, which are able to love, where therefore only the last stimulus is lacking, that the light of cognition breaks through in them - but which have before such a thick wall before their eyes, that a strong light is necessary, to penetrate this wall. But I know the hearts of all men; I also know the state of the soul of the opposite souls. I know it, when the light can be supplied to them, in which degree it is of use for them and when they are prepared to flee from the night. And I truly do everything, to chase away the night, where I discover the longing, to catch a ray of light. But you men will still often see unusual rays of light flash; in coming time you will partly be frightened, partly be made happy about phenomena, which are my work and which are nothing else than stars of light in the darkness of night, which refer to me and are to awaken or to strengthen your longing for light. For I can only give you according to your demand - but so that you demand, you are getting radiated with my love light - and who feels beneficently touches by it, he will never ever lose the light; he will come out of the dark night into the light morning, where the rays of my love sun now radiate on him with such warmth, that he will from this time happily expose himself to them. And the day will never end, for now my love sun illuminates him for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5842.


Book 63 5843

Power of faith. Healings of the sick. Miracles.

2. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5843.

You will be able to work with unsuspected power, so you call me for assistance in deep faith, in order to help. Love must determine you, to request this my power, and your faith must be so strong, that you do not hesitate one second, when the thought emerges in you, to come to the help of a needy person. Then you are to work in my name, and you are driven to it by my spirit. Therefore do not believe that you claim to do something for yourselves, what is not according to my will; but for which you feel being driven, that carry out without doubt, and you will succeed. For I have assured you of my power, so you are of strong faith. And I want it, that in the last time before the end your fellowmen are to be convinced of the power of faith, I will therefore not let you be wrecked, when you want to serve me and fellowmen at the same time. But I will never give my blessing to acts of self-interest, of destruction or lack of love. Understand it, that love must be the driving force and cause you, to request my power, never hate or urge for revenge, for only love causes my spirit to work. Only through love you connect yourselves with me, that you now also partake of my power. And this love also lets your faith become so alive, that you no longer doubt the success of that, what you want to carry out. And so also the many healings of the sick are to be explained, which are managed in my name. Then I myself am called upon for help; it is appealed to my promise: "Ask, and it shall be given you; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.", and in full faith in the truth of my word those will get better, to whom the healer takes in love, for he has handed him over to me, and I am now truly with him with my power - he can now heal him, because he can unrestrictedly make use of my power. Deeply believing men can therefore be active to the benefit of their fellowmen on earth, for they are allowed to do it, as soon as they connect a living testimony to my name with it, as soon as my name is glorified in this way - as soon as it happens, to help men again to firm undoubted faith, who strive for me - but not, to force unbelieving men to faith. Complete unbelief is the obstacle for the work of my spirit. And the confessor of my name is kept back from it through my spirit, to work miracles before his eyes, or also, the unbeliever finds natural explanations, with which he substantiates every healing. But in the time of the end the weak are still to be won, whose resistance can be broken through the power of faith of mine. And for that reason many a miracle will be worked in my name in the time of the end, so that those grow strong on it, who are still of weak faith, to then be able to also believe convincingly and to stand firm in the last fight on this earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5843.


Book 63 5844

Acknowledging or rejecting. Jesus Christ.

3. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5844.

You men can only acknowledge or reject me. The latter proves your full unbelief and will have a very painful effect for you, for rejecting me means, to still be completely in the power of my opponent and to openly resist me. But to acknowledge me means, to be completely on good terms with me and also having entered into my order from eternity; acknowledging me means to believe in Jesus Christ as God's son and redeemer of the world and to live in the following of Jesus; acknowledging me means, to strive for me, as eternal love, what is only possible through a life in love, because only such a one establishes the joining together with me. And so it will now be understandable to you, that I only know a yes or a no and that one cannot deceive me with evasive words, which are applied then, when only the mouth professes me, but the heart is uninvolved in that, what the mouth speaks out. You do not acknowledge me, when your way of life does not show the serious striving towards me, when your way of life lets miss love, when you do not carry my image in the heart, when faith has not yet become so alive in you, that now an eager work starts at your soul, when you do not urgently turn to Jesus Christ with the request for help and favour, when you go your ways without Jesus Christ. Then all your words, which are to prove faith, are just empty talk, which do not deceive me about the true state of your soul and which are equal to a rejection of me myself. Who acknowledges me, he also lives with me, he again and always again connects himself with me in thoughts, he holds intimate dialogue with me, he lets me speak to him as father, for he feels as my child, and he therefore belongs to mine, whom I have won back for ever. He belongs to the redeemed, for his will, to reach me, could only experience the strengthening through the favour of the work of redemption. Understand it - only the way about Jesus Christ can lead to me. No-one reaches me, and also no-one strives for me, who has not requested the favours acquired through Jesus Christ - who therefore places himself consciously under the cross of Christ. For seriously striving for me he can only, when he has become alive through the favours of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ, in whom I have become for you the visible God. But ask you yourselves, whether and how far you seriously strive for me, and do not believe, that you can be counted to the ones who are mine, when you are still not penetrated by my love spirit, when you just want to announce faith in me outwardly, but your way of life is lacking in every connection with me. Words alone do not do it, and also the membership of Christian denominations does not make you to candidates of my kingdom, when you have not yet found the way to Jesus Christ, when you have not yet directed the serious call to him, that he takes pity on you, you who without him and his redemption still lie in the bonds of the opponent. You must recognize yourselves as burdened with guilt and confess your debt to him and ask for redemption for the sake of his blood, which he has shed for you. Then you belong to those, who speak a loud yes, when the love call of the father sounds; you belong to those, who hurry towards him, who have finally separated themselves from my opponent, who love me intimately and marry me - who remain mine until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5844.


Book 63 5845

Predestined fate. God's love and help.

5. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5845.

I approach the sick and weak, to heal and to strengthen them - I come to the sad and besieged, to comfort them and to assure them of my assistance - the persecuted I take into my arms, so that they find again a home with me, and the fallen I lift up and help them, that they find their feet and are cheerful. I come to all, who call me with just a thought, who believe in a God and father; who do not reject me, when I want to help them. And they all can count themselves lucky, that my ear hears their call, that my eye sees their trouble and that my heart belongs to them, because they are my children - because they believe. But I also approach all unbelievers; I seek to introduce myself to them as helper, to stimulate them, to request or to gratefully accept my help - indeed, I often approach the unbelievers in the form of trouble and sorrow, so that they are to remember mine, of whom they certainly know, but want to know nothing. For there is no man, who would be completely without knowledge about the creator and preserver of all things. But what many lack, is faith about the connection between creator and creature, and this unbelief does not let them seek the connection, but which would convince them of me and my work, and also could convince of the great love, which connects me with everything created. Faith in it blesses man and lets him also find the way to me, as soon as he is in trouble. Otherwise the trouble would be unbearable, so I would not know about it and would not be able to be everywhere there with my help, where faith is. That there is again and again a way out, that again and again a time of trouble and suffering is replaced by a bearable time, that is no coincidence, no matter of course. It is my intervention, my leading, it is my rule and work, which is clearly recognizable in the fate of a man. And every way of fate should lead a man to faith in me, but who does not recognize me, he also rejects a predetermined fate; he seeks to explain everything with the own power or powerlessness, without realizing, from where he obtains the power and why he can also be powerless. The acknowledgement of me myself and a call to me would truly result in a great change of his thinking and also of the spiritual and earthly state during earth life. I deny myself to no-one, who calls to me, but I hold myself back, where I am openly resisted, where the rejection of me myself is so great, that also troubles of the body manage to achieve no change of the thinking. And then is great danger, that he intervenes, who has achieved his aim, to completely drive me out. And he gives amply in earth life, but takes everything, what could lead to life in eternity. He poisons the soul and hands it over to death, which is far more painful than the most difficult life on earth, because it passes, but the soul must suffer for ever - until it once acknowledges me and calls for help - which is then also granted to it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5845.


Book 63 5846

Divine revelation substantiated in his love.

6. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5846.

I am eternal love myself, which leans towards all creatures, which bends down to the deepest fallen, to lift it up, which is full of mercy and just wants to always make happy, which condemns nothing for ever, which is always just prepared to rescue and does everything, what serves to healing and relief - and which will never stop, to reveal itself. In my infinite love alone you find the explanation for everything - for the great trouble, which weighs heavily on mankind, for the unusual happenings of every kind and for my obvious work among those, who want to be my helpers on earth. I alone know it, what is in store for the whole mankind; I alone know it, to which lot each one soul is heading, and I also know, which souls are still to be rescued and in which way, through which means I can still bring help to those souls, before it is too late. And I apply these means, because I take pity on every soul, which is heading towards a terrible lot - because I love it. As long as you men still do not know about this my extremely great love, you can also not understand, that I grasp every hand, which offers itself to assistance. You cannot understand it, that I bless every good will. But consider, that you men are all my creatures after all, which I would like to change to my children, and that the far distance from me requires other work, than that which is needed to be done to those, who are already on close terms with me - who believe in me and are also in contact with me in this faith. But do you believe, that I drop the others, so the smallest prospect exists, to rescue them out of the depth? But to bring light to these, to illuminate the way, to direct their looks upwards is a work, which can be carried out with particular power only, for those who descend into the depth, must be well equipped, they must themselves possess much light and power and be able to give it away, so it is needed. I wrestle with my opponent about each one soul, but I myself cannot go up to those souls, if I do not want to blind them with the fulness of my light. And nevertheless, I go up myself to them in the word, which is offered to them by servants devoted to me. I must therefore make use of the mouth of those myself; I must cover my light with a human form. I want to find access through that one to those still standing far from me, who walk along without faith and whose attention I want to draw to my kingdom, which is not of this world. Understand it, that especially these men need other means of help, to come to the faith - that they need stronger light, because it is completely dark around them. Understand it, that also these are children of my love, that I also want to win them, that my word must penetrate with all power, when they are to get impressed of it, that I myself must address them, because they do not listen to it, so it is offered to them in the up to now usual way. And I will leave no possibility unused, to still have an effect on men in the last time, however without touching their free will. I will hand out unusual gifts of favour, because unusual darkness is spread over earth - and because hell has released all its powers to rage against me, also my kingdom of light will be opened for counter effect and also support all, who serve me and want to bring help to erroneous souls.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5846.


Book 63 5847

Faith in Jesus Christ. Sufferings of Christ.

7. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5847.

To be able to measure the sufferings of Christ so, as Jesus has felt them, is possible for no man on earth, because unspeakable spiritual agonies accompanied the bodily pains, for which man has no understanding, as long as he himself is not spiritualized. For that reason also no man will be able to say, having endured equal agonies as Jesus, because the bodily pains were surpassed by much of those agonies of the soul - because Jesus bore the burden of sin of the whole mankind and he stood in the midst of the fight of the evil powers, against which he had put himself. His light soul trembled before this darkness, and his soul was still very much more tormented than his body. And these terrible sufferings are not conceivable for you men, although you know about that, and the size of his work of redemption you will only recognize in the spiritual kingdom, when you soul stands in the light and the incomprehensible work of mercy is shown to you. As long as you stay on earth, you are to just believe in him; you are to imagine the love of the man Jesus, who took an extreme painful death upon himself, just to help fellowmen in their spiritual trouble. You are to imagine, that he has suffered innocently, that he himself was the purest and most loving being on earth and that he through his extreme great love was also full of power and might - and still gave up his power, to suffer for you. You are to - whether you can empathize with the depth of his sufferings or not - put yourselves consciously at the side of him; you are not to remain far, for through his death on the cross he calls you to him. He just wants, that you acknowledge him as God's son and redeemer of the world - that you believe in his mission, that you believe, that God himself was in the man Jesus and that his suffering and dying on the cross was only then allowed by God for that reason, so that mankind got redeemed from death, that the atonement was offered to God for a crime, which could not remain unatoned according to divine justice and which men could have never dis-atoned themselves. You men are to believe it, that the mission of the man Jesus existed in that respect, to bring God's love and his justice into line and to so establish again the order, which had been changed through the former sin of rebellion against God. You are to just believe it, that every man needs the redemption through Jesus Christ, that the death on the cross of Jesus was not just a historic fact, but had a spiritual cause. You are to believe, that love descended to earth, to redeem you men. And you are to believe, that the man Jesus was so full of love for God and for his fellowmen, that therefore eternal love itself could manifest in him and only so all miracles and wisdom of Jesus are to be explained. You are to just believe, that the death on the cross of Jesus was more than only a historic event - and now draw the obvious consequences yourselves, i.e. put yourselves under the cross of Christ and know, that also you belong to those, for whom Jesus has accomplished the work of redemption. You are to acknowledge him as God's son and redeemer of the world. And your faith will then also bring in for you the redemption of your soul, for it will break away from the counter power; it will feel it, that the saviour Jesus Christ looks after it, for it will learn to love him and want to only live to his pleasure - it will avoid sin and do good; it will give itself away to him, who has brought freedom to it - and it will profess his name before all the world.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5847.


Book 63 5848

Pouring out of the spirit. Faith and love.

8. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5848.

Request my spirit for you, and I will lower it down to you, as I have promised it to you. For this request does not remain unfulfilled, because you then wish the connection with me and you have already made your test of will on earth - because then you have turned away from my opponent and towards me, because the request for enlightenment through the spirit is a full admission of your will to return to me - and I like giving to you, what proves my love for you: My power, which is now effective in you. Man will only then request my spirit, when he acknowledges me, when he believes in me as highly perfect being, which stands in connection with him himself, and when he wants to have this relationship proved - not in doubt, but out of love longing for me. For man then requests an expression of my presence; man requests a sign of my love and my spiritual care - he requests something for himself, to remove his lacks; he requests light and consequently recognizes me as source of light. He wants to be enlightened by eternal truth itself, by his thinking getting enlightened by my spirit. To express this request also presupposes a living faith, a faith, which has reached that strength through love, that the man consciously establishes the contact with me through his call, that he therefore prays to me in spirit and in truth. For I only speak of the request, which is not just thoughtlessly spoken along, to which I do not pay attention. The intimate prayer for enlightenment of the spirit will always reach me and find a hearing, for it is after all the beginning of a constant relationship between me and man on earth, which produces unsuspected successes, because my spirit can now constantly work in man and direct and teach him. But faith in the work of my spirit in man must first get won, and this faith is not found often, because men still stand too far from me and for that reason are ignorant and because distance from God also means lack of light. For that reason, the prayer about the outpouring of my spirit is already a sign of closeness to God; it is already a sign, that a ray of light has touched the heart of him, who so prays to me. And he will never ever fall back into darkness; he will not again go away from me; he will always come closer to me, because the spirit spark in him pushes towards me, because he - so he has once been awakened to life - constantly drives man, to strive for me, and because I then let my spirit power flow in and draw him to me, for the change of will has now happened, which is purpose of his earth life, and my creature returns to me as my child. For that man, whose spirit is enlightened, he now recognizes the right way, which leads to me, home into his father house.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5848.


Book 63 5849

Love commands. Overcoming of self-love.

9. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5849.

Who just makes my commands of love his business, he also lives for my pleasure. I demand nothing else from you, than that you fashion yourselves to love, because only through love you can make yourselves divine, because only through love you let all powers in you revive, which got lost through your former sin of turning away from me, which lie fallow in you, until you are again, what you were from the very beginning - love filled beings full of light and power. The demands, which I make on you through my commands of love for God and the neighbour, are truly not great, for you have so many opportunities in earth life, to occupy yourselves in love; they approach you as it were automatically, and as soon as you do not harden your heart, the occupying in love is not difficult for you. And it will be the easier, the more you overcome your self-love. Therefore, the overcoming of it is the actual task for you. And this task you must fulfil yourselves; you must work on yourselves, look at your thinking and acting critically and always want, that you do the right thing before me. And then I will also look at you with eyes of pleasure and help you, so you just have the will, to not sadden me - therefore love for me has already flared up in you. At all time you will know, what is right and what is wrong, and your self-love is just not to be so great, that you choose the wrong, because it is advantageous for you. Who wishes to walk right, he always thinks first of me and only then of himself, and he will also find it easy, to show love towards his neighbour. To love me and the neighbour is the basic law, which certainly results in a change of the being. And these two love commands include everything, what is necessary for your maturing on earth. For who practises love, acquires for himself the power from me, to carry out the work on himself - who practises love, he also matures in cognition, and he now lives consciously so, as I like it well. For that reason, I again and again just teach love, and also entrust my messengers, to mention the love command as the first and most important, because without love no ascent is conceivable, because without love there is no contact with me, but which is absolutely necessary to receive power, and because without love you remain in that far distance, into which you got through your former defection from me. But I want, that you unite yourselves with me again. I want, that you fashion yourselves again to divine beings, and therefore always just admonish you, to practise love and to respect my word, which always has only my love commands as content and which to obey is your life task, if you want to enter again to happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5849.


Book 63 5850

Good will recognizes revelations of God.

10. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5850.

In heaven and on earth my will alone is decisive, and everything approaches mankind so, as it is according to my love and wisdom. No-one, neither men on earth nor the happy and unhappy beings in the spiritual kingdom can oppose my will, as long as I apply it. And I let it become active so long, as it serves my creatures best. And as long also all entities must adapt themselves to my will. But I also know, when it is helpful for the entity, to move, to act or to refrain from, according to free will and judgement. Then my will steps back, to give to the being the possibility of a free decision. On earth now the free will of man is to decide, and for that reason you men on earth will rarely be able to expect or pay attention to an intervention on my part conspicuously determining the will, for this would neither be according to my love nor my wisdom - otherwise it would certainly look differently regarding the degree of maturity of men - but a becoming perfect be called into question. And for that reason I will always offer my revelations - which certainly would be suitable, to have a decisive effect upon the will of men - so, that free will is in no way forced or influenced, that they do not force faith, but man can decide completely free, to accept or reject them. But whether a revelation comes from me - whether I myself make myself known to men on earth, that a good will will always be able to assess, for this power flows from every revelation on my part, that a man of good will feels touched, therefore addressed by me. But for that reason my revelations in the last time before the end will also penetrate little and find little attention, because men in this time are mostly no more of good will. This is a hard saying, which men would like to reject indignantly, and still only few men have a good will, a will, which they subordinate unconditionally under mine, that they completely give up the own will, to just accept my will. And I can give these men no more obvious proof, because I do not want to change their will, but they themselves must do it. But I make use of the few, who unconditionally subordinate themselves to me, and I let these speak in my place. For my spirit can work in them, and therefore I also still speak to those, who doubt - but I will always respect the free will of man and not go up to them unusually, for I would have won nothing at those, who only then believe, when my work is proved to them.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5850.


Book 63 5851

Dead in Christ. Rapture.

11. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5851.

When there is talk about the resurrection of the dead, then the raising of the spiritual dead is to be understood by that, who can still reach this raising also in the spiritual kingdom, after the earthly decease, because the work of redemption is incessantly continued on the part of those, who have already found redemption through Jesus Christ, who have already risen from spiritual death on earth or also in the hereafter. Not one of my beings remains in the state of death for ever; again and again is wrested from the night of death, who follows the light of the cross of Christ and therefore rises to new life. The raising of the dead on the last day is therefore to be understood as just a spiritual occurrence, for as my coming in the clouds is for the present also only spiritually to be understood, that I descent in the word to men, to introduce a last rescue action before the end - so I also descent to darkness, to hell, and let rays of light flash also there; I also offer the cross to the beings of darkness, to light for them the way to me, and also this rescue work will not be unsuccessful, and many will rise from their graves to life. But who want to remain in darkness, who do not want to acknowledge me, they are no dead in Christ. They cannot get moved from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light, and it is these, who must again begin their course of development on earth, who get bound in the most solid matter of the new earth. The dead in Christ are therefore the redeemed out of the depth, in contrast to those, who have found me already on earth, who stand in living faith in me and at the end are taken from this earth as my children, as it stands written. For I will come again in great splendour and magnificence - and I will fetch mine and move them alive to a place of peace. I will come again, as I have once ascended to heaven - in most radiating light and visible to mine. And my spiritual coming again in the word and in the hearts of men is to make it possible to these my children, to fashion themselves so, that they can see me, for only those men will be able to see me, who have consciously become mine through a way of life in love for me and for the neighbour. So that now, who are of good will, can change to beings of love and light, I also send the power before; I impart my word to them, which is power out of me in highest effectiveness. And who accepts it in faith in me and the truth of my word from eternity, he will also expect me convincingly, and I will not disappoint him, for the day of the end comes irrevocably; the day of the rapture of mine comes and the resurrection of all, who found redemption through Jesus Christ on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5851.


Book 63 5852

"Ask, and it shall be given you." "Come unto me all."

12. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5852.

Just turn to me in all troubles, of spiritual or earthly kind, and I will assist you, for I have given you the promise: Ask, and it shall be given you - knock, and it shall be opened unto you. And for that reason you will not call me in vain, so you just remember this my promise full of faith. I alone can help you, and I also want to help you, because I love you. You just often do not recognize my help and therefore also not my love, but no call to me fades away unheard, so it is sent up to me in spirit and in truth. What presses you, that entrust to me, but also believe, that nothing comes over you, than what brings about salvation to your soul. And already the connection through prayer, which is the result of this trouble, is a plus for your soul, for through the prayer it confesses me and can now also be given by me according to its faith. Let yourselves be oppressed by no earthly trouble, for you have one, who can take it from you at any time and who has given you this assurance with the words: Ask, and it shall be given you. And so you are in spiritual trouble, so you call me, that I may help your soul, then know, that I listen to you extremely readily and that no spiritual request remains unfulfilled. But in spiritual trouble you are, when your soul is oppressed by darkness, when you lack light, when it lacks my love power, when it feels besieged of powers of darkness. And then every call to me also means immediate help, for I do not leave you in the trouble of the soul, so you just call my name believingly, which is for you the epitome of redemption from death and sin - from darkness and weakness. And you will experience the power, which lies in the mentioning of my name; you will be helped in every trouble, when you just express my name devoutly, as a result of which you announce your faith in me as redeemer of the world. I took all sufferings and all sins of mankind on my shoulders - I bore them for you men - and so also you are allowed to load all your sufferings and troubles on me, when you are threatened to collapse under it. I do not leave you in trouble, because I have promised you my help with the words: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Believe, and you will be helped, for my power is unlimited, and my love never stops; my love is meant for all men, who call to me in their trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5852.


Book 63 5853

Threads from the hereafter to earth.

13. and 14. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5853.

Numberless threads are going from the spiritual kingdom to earth, and everywhere the hearts of men are influenced in a redeeming meaning. It is a quite great work, to open the heart of a man particularly in the last time for receptions from above, for the spirit of the world has priority, and the spirit of the world closes the doors of hearts, and rarely only a being of light succeeds to sink some rays into a man's heart and to enlighten it a little from the inside. But the efforts of the light beings are not unsuccessful - and so sparks of light shine already everywhere on earth, which certainly always only spread a weak gleam of light, but still break through the night, so that every willing man can also find and go the right way, which leads out of night towards the bright morning. Where now a light has a particular illuminating power, where everything is uncovered brightly and clearly, what the darkness of night was supposed to cover, there always greater attempts will be made, to distinguish such a light - but the prince of darkness will not succeed, because this effort spurns on the beings of light to always greater activity and spraying sparks light again new light. Eternal truth will gain the victory, (14.1.1954) for the nearer the end comes, the more the beings of light work together, so that always brighter lights light up, which rays also have the power, to break through darkness, or also - where truth can once get supplied from above to earth, there also the guardians of truth can be on guard and influence the thinking of men, who are of good will. The fight between light and darkness increases with the drawing near of the end - the powers of hell rage - but the light world is superior to them in strength. They just respect the free will of men, who are to freely decide for light or darkness. But where a light has been kindled, there the prince of darkness has lost his power, and no matter how often he attempts to extinguish the light. As soon as his hour has come, the light rushes out brightly. Then the decision is made, then truth becomes obvious, then the opponent of God has no power any more, and then will stand in the light, who has made the right decision; but darkness will receive all those, who resisted the light. Then an end has been set to the fight between light and darkness, and peace will be on earth and in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5853.


Book 63 5854

Acquiring of the spiritual kingdom on earth.

15. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5854.

My kingdom is not of this world, but it is only to be acquired in this world. For if you want to become children of God, if you want to be able to come into your inheritance of your father, therefore rule and govern with me in my kingdom, so you must acquire for yourselves the right in this world, because for the time being you are my creatures, which still have to gain the adoption. The earth is not that kingdom, of which you are to take possession, but my kingdom is the spiritual world, which is radiated through by my love light, which offers blisses without number and which is your true home. That you must acquire for yourselves the right on this earth, to inhabit this my light kingdom for ever, is the result from that, that you have once voluntarily left this my kingdom and it can therefore only then be given back to you, when you prove yourselves in a test of will. And this test of will must be covered on earth, in the midst of temptations of all kind, in the midst of a kingdom, which to overcome is your task, but which you are never allowed to make to the aim of all your wishes and efforts, otherwise you again forfeit for yourselves the right to my kingdom and still remain long fettered by the lord of this world, which creations are bearers of all spiritual still belonging to him. It is his world, although he has power over no earthy creation - but all creations are covers of the spiritual having once deserted me, to which I want to make it again possible, to become free and to enter the spiritual kingdom in future. But you men on earth are to strive for higher things; you are to certainly walk through earth as a schooling station, but with the success of the maturity for my kingdom, which will then make you unspeakably happy. As long as you are without cognition about your actual earth task, the earthly world may certainly be desirable for you, but you are again and again referred to, that you have to fulfil a task on earth. If you now attend, then you will also certainly reach cognition, and if you then want to do the right thing, if you want to fulfil the will of him, who gave you life, then you will also strive for my kingdom and overcome the earthly world, for an overcoming costs all your earthly desire - it is a fight, which you must wage against yourselves, and my kingdom is only to be seized with violence; my kingdom is to be acquired, therefore something must get exchanged for it - something must be given, what belongs to this world; the soul must voluntarily separate itself from it, to then receive something far more delicious for it - spiritual goods, which secure its entry into my kingdom and mean an inestimable wealth for the soul. Nevertheless, I do not make too great demands on you, and it is possible for every individual, to become the candidate of my kingdom, which is not of this world. For I help you, as soon as you just seriously want, that you become my children. I help you, because I love you and want, that you all are happy, and because only my kingdom can give away these blisses to you. I help you, because I want, that you return home as my children into your father house and can now work united with me in happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5854.


Book 63 5855

Trouble of the souls in the hereafter. Jesus Christ.

16. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5855.

Imagine the trouble of the souls in the spiritual kingdom, which have departed this life imperfectly, which had no faith on earth in a living on after death and which now see themselves moved into gloomy deserted regions without light and without peace. They wander about and do not find their way around; their lot is a sad one, for they are mostly lonely or together with just as unhappy beings, and because they lack all faith, they also do not resort to God, for they arrive over there, as they have departed here and their thoughts still go in the same direction as on earth. They believe just having been moved locally and also do not think about, how such could have happened. And for that reason they find themselves in great trouble of the soul and know no way out from it. Men, to whom no loving thoughts follow into that kingdom, can often remain endless long in this situation, and these souls are extremely unfortunate, and still they are only to be helped through intercession, that they get power imparted, to direct their will right. But if helpful thoughts follow a soul, then it also feels these beneficently and constantly stays near those, from whom the power current starts. Then the soul also finds easier a way out from its situation; it does not sink into an apathetic state, but it easily lets itself be directed by helpful guides. Faithlessness claims most victims, for to a soul, which did not want to believe on earth, a way cannot be shown in the spiritual kingdom, which it has always rejected, and therefore such a soul must first become aware of its agonizing situation, into which it has got through its unbelief. In its greatest abandonment it is grateful, when a being approaches it, and then it also accepts instructions - it thinks about it and will already feel small easings, when it is willing to accept; while its agonies still deepen, so it rebels against it. All possibilities are utilized on the part of God, to still also help these souls in darkness, that they come to the light, but free will remains also untouched in the opposite kingdom, and for that reason a great work of redemption is necessary, to still change this will, that it may turn to God, that the soul still comes to cognition, that it acknowledges a Lord over it, to whom it must now surrender, if it wants to be liberated from its agony. It must learn to believe, for only through faith it grasps the love of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. And only in faith it calls him, and then it will also be helped. If men would know, how terribly unbelief has an effect on them after the death of their body, they would truly already do on earth everything, to gain certainty about that, what to believe is demanded of them. They would desire enlightenment, to do the right thing on earth. But the agonies of such souls can certainly be described to men, but insight into the spiritual kingdom cannot be granted to them. And countless souls depart from earth in a state of fullest faithlessness, and happy those, who lived so on earth, that good thoughts follow them - happy those, who are remembered with intercession and to whom power can be imparted in this way. Because beings will soon join them and lead them to the source of light. But those souls remain endlessly long in darkness, which get little help or who reject helpers - who do not find to Jesus Christ, who alone redeems them from the night of death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5855.


Book 63 5856

Doubts about divine revelations. Cunning of the opponent.

18. January 1954. B.D. NR 5856.

Do not sadden your hearts and do not doubt when divine love reveals itself to you. Trust in the love of the father who certainly does not bestow a gift to his children that is harmful to them, so does not allow that food is served to them from a strange side that could harm them. Consider yourselves as my children and then you can also steadfastly believe that the father grants you his protection, that he looks after you as his children and averts all danger from you that could threaten your spiritual development. But also know that you live in the end-times and that the opponent of God tries with all his might to increase the numbers of his followers; know, that he rages shortly before the end and that he specially has an effect there, where light from above threatens to unmask him - know, that he also endeavours to wreak confusion in the ranks of the ones who are devoted to God and that he tries everything to cause a division - know, that he also can cloud the outlook of those, who offer him the smallest grounds through a wrong will, through spiritual arrogance, through thoughts that lack love - and that he is always successful there, without however being able to separate those men from God. But their thinking gets confused and they no longer recognize pure truth - they do not recognize the voice of the father, because they listened to what that voice had to say. But their will still remains turned to God and they do not fall a prey to the efforts of the opponent. Except that he has succeeded to bring a division into a circle who wanted to have an united effect for God. You men do not know his might and cunning, you do not know his camouflage and then fall a prey to the play of intrigues, when doubts turn up within you, which at the same time are doubts about the love and omnipotence and wisdom of God - when you therefore render yourselves incapable of recognizing him in his revealed word. Then his influence on you is recognizable, but he will not succeed in separating you from him, whom you earnestly desire. Because God holds his protecting hand over everybody, who aims at him, but he does not force him to think and to act according to his will. He leaves him his freedom to defend himself when the might of darkness attacks. And who is of good will, he will also see through the opponent of God.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5856.


Book 63 5857

Responsibility. Intellect and free will.

20. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5857.

You yourselves take a great responsibility for your soul, i.e., the spiritual in you is to develop up through your will - your thinking and wanting is to be directed thereon, to find the connection with the top, with the kingdom of light, for you come from the depth and are to strive up. Man is equipped with intellect and free will and he is to use exactly this intellect and his will the right way. He can in exactly the same way strive down, i.e., demand all that, what pulls down his soul - the spiritual in him; but for it the intellect was given to him, that he well considers, which aim he strives for. And his intellect is influenced during earth life through God's word. Information is constantly supplied to him about that, what lies in the will of God, what he is to strive for and what he is to avoid or omit. The will of God is announced to him, so that he can mentally concern himself with it during earth life, that he can decide between God's will and his own, which in the beginning certainly still very much longs down, can however change. Man takes responsibility for his soul, for that, what is immortal, for his own self. For no matter whether he himself passes and he for that reason often makes light of it and lets the soul many times in spiritual trouble, it is only the body, which passes - he himself, his self, his soul, remains, and indeed it enters the opposite kingdom in that state, into which he has moved it on earth through his way of life. The soul is to develop up - all acting of man promotes or stops this development. Man is as it were the deciding one - because his intellect and his will are active. But both often act irresponsibly to the soul - to the spiritual, which only expresses itself in its cover compulsively, therefore determines man, but is to be liberated by the intellect and the will of man from its cover, what happens easily, when man in good will does that, what is preached to him through the word of God - when he practises love, which now also dissolves the cover of the soul and frees the way up for it. Because man can think and want, for that reason he also has the responsibility to his soul, or also - the soul with all its desires from its former time of development finds its master in the intellect and free will, who can now certainly join, but as well as also oppose its desires. Man can therefore still sort out the compulsions in him, because means of help are enough at his command and the most effective means of help is the word of God, which gives him exact instruction, which compliance also surely brings about salvation for the soul. Without intellect and free will man could not be called to account - but without intellect and free will the soul also never gain perfection. And for that reason you men are to always be and remain aware of that, that you yourselves must help the soul to maturity, that you yourselves redeem your own self from the depth, when you let your intellect and free will get active the right way - when you think about everything, what you are taught through God's word. And when you now make an effort, to live according to this divine word, when you consciously place your will under the will of God and now his will can also become alive in you - then you fulfil your earth life task, then you help your soul up, then you yourselves enter the kingdom of light after the death of your body, into the kingdom of life and happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5857.


Book 63 5858

Work of God's children on earth.

21. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5858.

It will always only be few, who depart from this earth as real children of God, who are so intimately connected to me through love, that they have therefore also become my image, because my love power can radiate through them completely. It will only be few, who have covered the course through earth life with the success of complete spiritualizing - who have achieved the becoming divine of their nature and can now work as my real children in the spiritual kingdom. But endless many creatures do not reach this state on earth, but can still enter after their death into the kingdom of light - they can have reached, through faith in Jesus Christ as God's son and redeemer of the world, forgiveness of their sins and by this means also be light receptive to a certain degree, which can also still increase in the opposite kingdom, so that they can also enjoy blisses and increase these constantly, because they now constantly strive up in the spiritual kingdom. Therefore only faith in Jesus Christ is necessary, to find entry into the kingdom of light. But this faith can only then be alive, when the heart is able to love and willing to love. Therefore every soul must be able to show a degree of love, and it therefore secures it also in the spiritual kingdom the radiating through of love light. For without love also faith in Jesus Christ does not exist, although man declares such with the mouth. Only the feeling of the heart is assessed by me, and it will always profess Jesus Christ, when it brings love in it to development. But the degree of love can be quite different, and this alone determines the light and the happiness in the spiritual kingdom. To have become completely love on earth secures the soul the adoption of God. But only few men reach this degree, but because these, through their love, also stand in cognition about the blessing of love and about the trouble of all beings, who bear no love at all in them, they eagerly make an effort, to also stimulate their fellowmen to work in love. And these will for that reason also be immeasurable active, to announce my Gospel of love, with words or also through their example, that they have an educational effect on fellowmen through their life and walk according to my will. For it is essential, to fashion men at least so far, that the light kingdom is not completely closed to them - it is essential, to rescue them from the lot of darkness, when their souls depart from this earth. For that reason still much work will and must be done and for that reason I still take away many men from this earth, who can already justified be radiated through by a little degree of light, so that they do not lose it, but can increase it in the spiritual kingdom. And I also court the souls, which walk along on earth in complete unbelief and without love, with all love, that a spark of love may glow up in them and a small light may already shine for them from the inside, when they are taken from this earth. The smallest gleam of light entitles them to the entry into the kingdom of light, and blessed, who are allowed to enter it; blessed, who are not received by the kingdom of darkness; blessed, who do not belong to those, in whom everything is extinguished and who for that reason can spend endless times in miseries, until a ray of light gets through to them. The degree of love on earth determines the degree of fullness of light in the spiritual kingdom. And so you will also understand it, that I can accept as my real children only those, who have fashioned themselves completely to love on earth - and that they create and work with me and in my will already on earth, as they will also do it in future in my kingdom. And therefore, my children on earth must be able to be recognized thereat, that light and warmth goes out from them, that they teach my word or give full expression to it so, that fellowmen take them as their example, who themselves are of good will. Through their way of life, they bring light and warmth among men and are often able to do more, than words are able to do, for they are already radiated through on earth by light and love and announce me with every look, with every word and every act.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5858.


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