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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 62

B.D. NR. 5609 - B.D. NR. 5758

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Book 62 5609

Effective medicine for the soul: God's word.

22. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5609.

Only a healing medicine can achieve the recovery of a sick soul, a medicine, which contains everything, what the soul lacks, what has brought it a state, which expresses itself in weakness und suffering. The soul will only feel these sufferings and weaknesses at its entrance into the opposite kingdom, for before man only pays attention to the body, and all lacks of the soul take second place, but become apparent the more so it has laid down the body and alone that remains behind, what is the result of the earth walk - the inadequately shaped soul, which now enters the opposite kingdom and feels its poverty as extremely agonizing. It could recover on earth, i.e. given so that everything was supplied to it, what it lacked, so already on earth the right medicine would have been served to it, which would have fashioned it well and could have put it in the strong state at the decease of the body. But also in the hereafter it can still recover through exactly that medicine; it can improve its weak, miserable state, even so with greater effort than on earth; it can slowly make up, what it neglected on earth, but never without the right remedy, which earns it power and recovery. And this remedy is my word, which truly is the only medicine with a reliable healing effect, which is indispensible for the soul, which gives it real life, life, where it can create in light and power and is happy. The soul cannot live without my word; it certainly can vegetate along, dulled and miserable and completely powerlessly, because it cannot pass, but it is not life, which causes activity and power and light. With my word it receives everything to be able to be active, for it receives power directly from me, and this power drives it to activity, as a good medicine stimulates and enlivens the sick, so that he would like to take part in the work, which appears to him as making him happy. My word is simply the law of eternal order, and who moves in my order from eternity he will live, because life is equal to an activity according to my will. Who violates my order, he either works wrong, or he is prevented from work; he has become completely unable to carry out work. My word now is the divine law announced to you, which you must obey to therefore be able to be active in eternity. You must know about my law and for that reason also listen to my word and live accordingly, then your soul already carries life in it and can develop in the spiritual kingdom to its and many soul's blessing. But if it arrives deadly ill in the hereafter, so it lacks all power to an activity, and it is helpless and depends on foreign help, if it is not to sink into deepest darkness, from which it can no longer free itself. There is no other remedy than this my word, and no matter if intercession is done for these souls, which are in trouble – this only helps to stimulate its will, to open, when the rescue remedy it served to it. For the soul itself must want; no man on earth and no being in the hereafter can take this decision of the will from it; it must inevitably turn itself to those, who want to bring the word to it, which can heal and strengthen it. And you man are to ask for this will that it may become soft and yielding, and the soul will feel this prayer already as power and accept the help offered to it. My Gospel must be brought to all souls, who want to gain eternal life. For the acceptance of it is the going into my eternal order and therefore eternal life, for who moves in my eternal order, he will also be able to be active according to my will; he will be able to work in power and in light and no longer be dead in the spirit, but he will live for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5609.


Book 62 5610

Essence of Satan. Fall and redemption.

24. and 26. February 1953. B.D. NR 5610.

The enormous distance of him who once rose up against me has also enormously decreased the effect of the power from me as the power which livens up everything and so the spiritual that once was full of life and power has robbed itself of power and has formed itself to hardest matter in the end, because also spiritual substance hardens, when it is no longer touched by my power of love in this endless far distance from me. The process of hardening of spiritual substance is synonymous with the emergence of matter, which became form through my will. The whole creation is basically such hardened substance, formerly spiritual power that started out from me, but that started out from me as something of utmost perfect entity. This entity was constantly radiated through with my power of love in its perfection and that way capable like me of unlimited works and activities. I am the primeval source of all power and all that exists is dependent on this power source. Nothing exists apart from me, what has independently power at its disposal, and a detachment from me and my power therefore also means a complete ceasing to exist, because from no other side would a power supply be possible. But a detachment from me is also not possible, because my power cannot cease to exist eternally and is also not divisible eternally; but what emerged from my power can go away from me endlessly far and distance means that the power loses its effect, so that what goes away remains motionless as it were, and solidifies to a firm substance, to matter, that is therefore hardened spiritual substance, that lacks the ability to be active, because it stepped out of the range of my love power radiation.

So this is therefore the fate of the spiritual that fell away from me, that stands in furthest distance from me and still is eternally immortal. But all this is basically some entity that once was capable of thinking to the highest degree, stood in knowledge and had free will and still lost all these divine evidences through its fall. Through my will these spiritual entities dissolved into innumerable little particles to slowly reappear again through a process of healing, recognized as successful by me, when a certain degree of maturity or purification has been reached. So I bound the entity that once was created free, through the will of my first created being, by use of my power.

But what became of this first created being? Since its fall this being wanders around as a spark of power and seeks to light up with the remaining power all that my will has wrested from it - but not to liven it up, but to increase its power, so that it excels me myself, i.e. my power. What was bound through my will does not react to this lighting up, exactly because it does give no life to it. But as soon as it again has become that being, after an endless long course through creation, when all the individual small particles have turned up again, and now as a whole embodies itself in human form and through this regains its consciousness of the self, it also again reacts to the efforts of that first created being, my counter spirit. It lets itself be blinded by the spark, because this spark does not give light, but it is just a spark of delusion that blinds the eye to completely darken it - as also its power became ineffective through the falling away, through the endless far distance from me. But its entity remained, it has not lost its self-consciousness and it can therefore still have an effect on what is likewise self-conscious, so can completely fill a man with his entity, without however being tied to only one man because of that. He can therefore exert his influence everywhere, where men are, who willingly turn to him through their mentality and therefore increase his power through union with him. He only still uses his remaining power for activities against me; he constantly seeks to increase it with the help of those men, who surrender to him. Therefore this counter spirit works completely obviously; he also can completely obviously dominate a man totally, but only as long as this one is to take the test of will on earth. Has he now reached his aim that he has won men for himself, then he only has however promoted the hardening of spiritual substance and has divested himself of his power, so that he himself is as it were completely lifeless the moment he can no longer cling to men who give away their power of life to him. And this is then the case, when a period of redemption ends, when he has drawn the greatest part of men to the abyss and the others are fully devoted to me. Then he himself is robbed of his power; then also he is in a bound state; he lies in chains - as long as he can again make the same attempts on men, until men themselves are again in a state that they increase his power, until they themselves as it were lose his chains for him through their wrong will, which again is meant for matter, which is submissive to the will of my opponent and so therefore again lifts his position of power, what becomes more and more obvious in every redemption period the more it draws to a close.

That is why every redemption period will start with peaceful harmony, with a true paradise on earth, and end with satanic activity, as long as also the last entity is wrested from my opponent, until he himself is so powerless that he asks for power from me - until he himself will return to me into his father's house - that he once left of his own free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 5610.


Book 62 5611

Slow course of development.

27. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5611.

Everything needs its time. The development of the spiritual cannot happen suddenly, because the way from the depth to the height is too far, so that a sudden return would just be possible through an act of favour of God, but which eliminates the free will of the being, for the being in the depth does not have the will upwards. It must now first be changed slowly, and when this also happens in the mandatory law at first, so will it still have to express itself once again in freedom. But the being has on the long way before paid something; it has already to some extent expiated its wrong will, which was a sin, by it performing, indeed involuntarily, building up work, which contributed to the upkeep of that, what has redeeming purpose, and the inserting into the divine order, into his will, has already become somewhat easier. Decreased resistance is recognizable for God and is also immediately replied to with his love, by the spiritual being allowed to change its outer form faster and therefore also reaches up faster. But every being must pass the test of will in all freedom, for only it decides the degree of maturity, which liberates from every form. Therefore the being itself determines the duration of time of its development, because the being itself must decrease the distance to God in the state as man, and it has then truly still enough to wrestle and fight, but is also able to do it through that measure of favour, which is at its disposal. But it would never be able to alone work itself up from the deepest depth; for this it needs help, which is granted to it by God exactly through the course through creation in the mandatory law, which puts it in that state, where it can out of its own power, when it just wants – i.e., where it can acquire power out of its own will, to comply with the demands, which it has to face to be able to become completely free from form. Everything needs its time. But before God thousand years are like a day. It is about eternity, about a happy life lasting for ever. And no matter how often a being falls back into the depth, whether its course of development remains again and always again unsuccessful, whether it is therefore endless long time in the unfree state – the longest time is always just to be called short compared to eternity, and once it certainly reaches the destination. God does everything to shorten this bound state, but the freedom of will he does not touch, because he wants to draw children for himself, who are to become his image. But man can reach his destination in the short earth time; his will alone decides, and as his will is, so is his lot.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5611.


Book 62 5612

First created being. Light bearer. Defection from God.

28. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5612.

Your intellect only grasps as man the deeper truth to a certain degree, for the pure spiritual can only be explained spiritually; this explanation is received by the spirit in you and certainly also supplied trough the soul to the intellect, but it is still burdened earthly too much, and it consequently is not able to penetrate into spiritual knowledge so deeply that everything is clear to it. But my spirit announces itself nevertheless through the spirit spark in you, and who has love, he also grasps the meaning of that, what I announce to him:

My will to fashion was extremely great; my power inexhaustible, and I found my happiness in the realization of my thoughts and plans. And this happiness wanted to communicate; my love wanted to give itself away; I wanted that apart from me one more being was to enjoy that, what made me unspeakably happy. I felt my loneliness as a shortcoming, which I could remove at any time, as soon as I wanted it. And I wanted to find me again in a being, which was to be connected to me most closely, which I wanted to fashion as mirror of me myself, as my image, to be able to prepare for it unlimited happiness and so also increase again my happiness. I wanted to create such a being, and this will was enough, for my will was power and always worked in love and wisdom.

The being put out of me was now certainly my image, but it could not see me, because so it could have seen me, would have passed for happiness, because no being could bear my sight, for every being, also the most perfect image of me myself, is always only a product of my love power, while I am love power myself and over-radiate everything in incomparable strength, but for that reason was not visible to the being put out from me. But I had created in this being a vessel for me, into which my love power could persistently flow in; a being, which therefore also received my will to fashion, my power, my wisdom and my love in excess from me through the constant influx of power out of me. It could therefore now feel the same happiness; it could part with its power according to its will; it could be active creating, for its own happiness, and therefore constantly increase my happiness, because my power enabled this being to it, and I enjoyed its happiness.

And now innumerable equal beings emerged out of that being. They were all children of my love, in radiating light, in highest perfection, for always only something highly perfect could emerge from the image of me myself created by me and my infinite love, because the will of both of us was the same, the love of both of us found itself again in the created beings, because there was nothing imperfect, as long as my will and my love worked through that first created being. It was a spirit world full of light; originally created spirits were in great number - the power out of me unlimitedly flowed towards that being, which I had chosen for me as bearer of light and of power.

And the being itself was extremely happy. But I also still wanted to increase this happiness; I wanted that it was not bound to my will, but was to busy itself out of its own will, which – when the being was and remained perfect – was my will. For the being was, as created by me, able to no other will. But I wanted that it could manage things as it pleases – because only this was the mark of a divine being that love is so powerful in it that it is determining for a will, which is of the same direction as mine. I wanted to receive this love from my being first created by me, but which simultaneously was to earn the being also the highest perfection, so that it no longer worked as created being according to my will, but was to enjoy unlimited happiness as having entered into my will out of love. But to be able to pass this test of will and love, it had to move in complete freedom of will. It did not see me, but it recognized me, for it stood in the light. But it saw the innumerable beings, which its will had let come into being, and it itself felt as their producer, although it knew about it that it had received the power from me. And the being envied me the power. As itself visible to the beings created by it, it was still aware of the start out of me, but it laid for itself claim to the right to rule over these beings, by it representing itself as source of power, as only power being able to create. As it were it terminated love for me to be able to rule. This process is incomprehensible for you men that a being recognizing itself could get lost in completely wrong thinking, but free will explains such, which, to be able to get into action, also had to be able to choose negatively, but did not have to choose.

On the one side the light and power bearer saw the proofs of the power supplied through him, but the source of power he did not see. Therefore he elevated himself to the ruler over his created spirits and also sought to make out me myself as non-existing to them. He now sought to transfer his will now turned away from me to them. And now came the moment of decision, the proving of their perfection, also for these beings created by the light bearer under use of my power. My power was in all these beings; they were full of light and glowed in love for me, whom they indeed did not see, but still recognized. But they were also turned in love towards their producer, because the power, which created them, was love, which had flowed through the first created being and enabled it to create. Now this love had to decide, and it split.

A terrible confusion occurred under the spiritual, which felt pushed to the decision. But it was also understandable – since my love power worked as light – that the urge to the original source of power was stronger with many beings; that love decreased for him, who separated from me, and with increased violence pushed towards me. For the light in them was the cognition that I was love from eternity. Every being indeed had the cognition, but also free will, which was not bound through cognition, otherwise it would have been unfree. And the spiritual world split. The being outside of me had its following as also I myself, although I was not visible. But the power out of me worked so strong that many beings turned away from him, who wanted to oppose me. Their will remained directed right; while the light bearer with his following directed the will wrong; they therefore separated from me will wise and this meant the fall into the depth.

Therefore light bearer, the being, filled with light most, which was put out of me, became my opponent, while that, what had emerged out of him, which both of our love will created, turned partly to me, partly to him, according to the glow of love, of which it was filled. For with the moment of separation of the light bearer from me also a certain desire arose in the beings for a consolidated pole. Free will started to develop – neither were they forcible influenced by me nor by my opponent, but just irradiated by both of our power, which wanted to win every being for itself. My power current was only love and touched the beings so powerfully that they recognized me, without seeing me, but could also recognize the change of will of my first created being. But since they could see this being, many followed it, i.e., they subordinated themselves to his will and therefore strove away
B.D. NR. 5612
from me. But in exactly the same way original created beings felt as my children and remained loyal to me out of free will, only the number of those was far less. These were the first created beings, which most happy will to fashion of my light bearer and immeasurable love power flowing to him let arise. And this love power also belonged to these beings and persistently pushed them to me, for they recognized the will of their producer as wrong by this time and therefore turned away from him. Also to the other beings this recognizing would have been possible, but they blindly followed him, whom they could see, and their will was respected and in no way was it influenced by me, because this decision of the will had to be, to fashion that what was created to independent perfection. That being, which left me, pulled a great following with it down to the depth, for to go away from me means to strive towards the depth, heading for a completely conflicting state, which therefore means darkness and powerlessness, lack of cognition and of power. Whereas my children remained in most radiating light and immeasurable power, in happiness.

After this fall of Lucifer, the light bearer, his power was broken. He no longer could busy himself creatively and fashioning, although I did not withdraw the power from him, because he was my creature. His might and power was his following, over which he now ruled as prince of darkness. But they are also the products of my love, which I do not leave to my opponent for ever. As long as these beings still carry his will in them, they belong to him; but as soon as I have succeeded to turn their will to me, he has lost them, and his power decreases therefore in the same measure, as I redeem that, what is enslaved to him, out of his power, what however always has the free will of the being as precondition. And my plan of salvation from eternity aims to achieve this, which is supported by all inhabitants of the kingdom of light, by my angels and archangels, in the most eager and loving way, for they all are my co-workers, who make an effort, to give back to the fallen brothers that happiness, which they once forfeited voluntarily. And this work of liberation will succeed; even so it requires eternal times, until the last once fallen returns to me, until also my first being, which emerged out of my love, again approaches me in the desire for my love – until also it returns remorsefully into the father house, which it has once voluntarily left.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5612.


Book 62 5613

Condition for the receiving of spiritual material.

3. and 5. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5613.

The spiritual area can only get researched spiritually, and for it only the heart is able, but never the intellect. Who therefore seeks to fathom me, he must listen into himself, whether my spirit reveals itself to him, for it gives him, what he can never acquire study wise. Alone through my spirit he researches all things; only I myself can give him enlightenment, and it through the spirit spark, which is in all of you and expresses itself, when you cause it through your heart to comment. And that you do then, when you bring love in you to development and in this way establish the connection of the spirit spark in you with the father spirit from eternity – when you through self-fashioning make yourselves able to love, to hear the expression of my spirit. But then you can discover everything; then no boundaries are set for you; then you can penetrate into areas, which remain hidden to every intellectual researcher. But then you will also not just desire to know for the sake of yourselves, but (5.3.1953) it will push you to pass on the received, and for that reason it is given to you, as often you want to receive my spirit expressions. It is pure truth out of me, which you receive; it is knowledge, which you have once possessed; but which got lost for you, when you became imperfect through sin. It is knowledge, but which you must know, if you want to be happy, because it belongs to perfection that you stand again in right understanding; that you know about all spiritual things, about all connections and about your purpose. And for that reason it is already a degree of soul maturity, when you are allowed to receive this knowledge from my hand. For the maturity of the soul presupposes love, and the same condition must be fulfilled, when my spirit is to express itself in you.

Therefore a certain degree of maturity of the soul must be reached, before man stands in cognition; before he knows about pure truth, which has its start in me. But the intellect can also be developed well in men, who completely neglect their spiritual maturing. For that reason the intellect cannot guarantee truth, as long as the heart of man is not filled with love. Therefore spiritual knowledge is not to be acquired on the way of intellectual thought, and that also explains why most men lack right cognition. The conditions to receive truth from me are no more fulfilled by men; love is no longer practised, and that means spiritual darkness, a state, where mankind lacks all knowledge, where there is no possibility, to impart pure truth from me to it. For whether it is also made accessible by an enlightened man, it is not accepted, because for truth and error men lack competence to judge. The intellect alone is not able to examine, and the heart, which would be able to do it, is silent; without love it is dead, therefore just a bodily organ, for it gets only alive through love. The soul now suffers the greatest damage, which enters after its death the opposite kingdom completely without cognition, where everything is dark around it and it cannot find its way around. In earth life it certainly can acquire light, because it can use the life power for love work, but in the hereafter it no longer has power and therefore can also acquire nothing for itself. But in the hereafter only spiritual knowledge is valid as wealth, for all intellectual knowledge is share of earth and lost in the hereafter, because the soul goes across without cognition, therefore in spiritual darkness. For that reason man is to acquire spiritual knowledge on earth and win it therefore through love work, then it will become light in him; knowledge will make him happy on earth already and mean for him a treasure in the spiritual kingdom, of which use will make him extremely happy and it can never ever be taken from him. Knowledge is light; knowledge is a sign of perfection, as soon as it is according to truth. For that reason this knowledge must absolutely come from me myself, because only I alone can hand out truth and supply it to those, who show me a loving heart and to whom I can now reveal myself through the heart.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5613.


Book 62 5614

Spiritual material. Cognition like lightning. Help.

6. and 7. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5614.

The spiritual material of the individual man marks his maturity. But the degree of maturity does not need to be already detected on earth, but in the opposite kingdom it is recognizable at the light robe, with which man enters the spheres, where he can utilize his spiritual material. For then he will possess in fullness, so his soul has matured through love work on earth. Then cognition can be imparted to him like lightning, so he has not already possessed it on earth. For there are men, who simply and quietly go along on earth with a heart full of love and still know little. Their thinking is indeed right and will also always be in accordance with truth, but they lack knowledge about deeper spiritual truths, but is supplied to them like lightning after their decease, to now make them happy boundlessly and to stimulate to eager activity in the hereafter. Who is already allowed to receive this knowledge on earth, he also has reached a certain degree of maturity, but also to fulfil a mission – having an enlightening effect on earth and to utilize his knowledge, to work with it for the kingdom of God, therefore as it were to perform redeeming work, which can also extend upon the spiritual kingdom. For that knowledge comes from the spiritual kingdom and also touches only spiritual problems, and for that reason it is also to be applied again, to prepare the souls for the spiritual kingdom.

It is therefore a kingdom of God work; it is no work to gain earthly advantages by it. For the world switches off, where a spiritual work is to be done. (7.3.1953) This work can therefore only that man perform, who has overcome the world, who strives ahead, towards that kingdom, which is his destination and purpose, who therefore strives towards God consciously. Man can also gain spiritual goods unconsciously, when he lives in love and gathers treasure in this way, which will only have importance for him in the spiritual kingdom that he then as it were harvests, what he has sown on earth through his love activity. But to do a work for the kingdom of God, man must be in contact with God consciously, indeed also establish the connection through love work, but also know about his own life task and also seek to carry this knowledge to fellowmen out of love for God and for his fellowmen. And this conscious kingdom of God work is very blessed, both for the man himself as also for fellowmen, whose love will is too weak to decide themselves to soul work. They need help; they need men, through whom they get stimulated to the most important work on earth, and who offers himself for this help to God, he will also receive the power and ability from God, to be able to carry out such work; he will first receive himself, what he is to and want to pass on to his fellowmen. He is led to the cognition of truth to now also be able to spread truth. For who wants to bring this help, he lives in love and is therefore also suitable to be instructed by the spirit of God; he has then reached a degree of maturity, which allows the work of the divine spirit, and he can now also be active to the blessing of fellowmen according to the will of God. He will be a real servant in the vineyard of the Lord, who is untiringly active and serves God loyally.
Amen B.D. NR. 5614.


Book 62 5615

Harvest work. Workers in the vineyard.

8. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5615.

And a blessed work will be allotted to you. Time goes towards its end, and the harvest will be brought in into the barns. There will certainly be many weeds among the wheat; much chaff will be burned, nevertheless the harvest will be good, for it is fully adequate; it has visibly been blessed. Men of the time of the end go through a great affliction, which either makes them unsuitable to the last proof or instead so firm and strong that nothing coming from the outside can put them off; that they also come through the worst storms and cannot be snapped or broken, because they have in themselves that firm hold, which there is a strong, unshakable faith in me, their God and father from eternity. This faith is that power, which keeps them until the end. And alone my word enlivens this faith, which is sent to earth in all purity and for that reason is also full of power. And so you, my servants on earth, now pass on this my word to your fellowmen, you carry out a vineyard work, which must be highly blessed, because you transfer my direct love radiation upon men and you consequently impart something to them, what is irreplaceable, what also, so it is offered in the spirit of love, can never miss its effect. And that it is offered in the spirit of love, guarantees the condition that only a heart full of love can receive my love radiation and this love wants to be busy again. Your work will be blessed, because it comes to an end. For the great tribulation will open many hearts for my word, although also the number of those, who face you in a hostile manner, will rise, but the lukewarm will decide and turn to me, when vineyard work is done to them. For these are the fields, which can still be fertilized with my love water, whose soil just needs to be worked on well to receive the good seed and to let it be able to mature. You turn your whole love and attention to them – to them, who still do not know, where to they are to turn. Give away your love to them and bring my word to them, and your work will not be in vain; you will harvest rich thanks already on earth, but still far more from those souls, which are redeemed out of the power of him, who will rage until the end, to ruin everything and to throw down into the abyss. Many souls you will still extricate from him and therefore work successfully for me and my kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5615.


Book 62 5616

Comforting father words.

8. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5616.

I am truly quite close to you, even so you feel deserted by me. For I do not forget you; I just keep myself often hidden to cause you to call for me. For you are not to forget me. The connection from you to me in thoughts has a true miracle effect at your soul, and I want to give this to the soul. And for that reason you are not allowed to become lukewarm in your desire for me; you must again and always again turn to me mentally, because you then open yourselves and supply my power current to you, which is sent to all, who connect with me. For that reason also hours come over you, where you are depressed, where trouble makes you anxious and you seek help from me. And you will do no wrong request, for so you call me, I hear you and give you, what you request – my presence, which always means help for you. Every fear and worry is truly unnecessary, as long as you are allowed to approach me in thoughts or through love work. I am not far from you, and if I would, so is your call for my nearness truly the best means, to secure my presence for you, for I comply with every desire of the heart, because only a believing heart calls me and I will never disappoint it. Every thought from you draws me to you, as soon as it expresses itself accepting me. For that reason there would have to be no trouble on earth; you can banish every worry, as soon as you would just call me and present all your troubles and worries to me, for I can and want to help you, when you trust me. And your trust is expressed in the mental connection with me, in the hope, which you set in me as in your father, who loves his children and therefore also does not leave them in trouble. Do not forget me – always remain in thoughts connected to me, and I will then always be present to you, and where I am, no trouble can be; where I am, is always the helper, who is able to banish all trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5616.


Book 62 5617

Father house and happiness.

9. März 1953. B.D. NR. 5617.

You are to move into my father house; you are to dwell there in eternity, where I had once put you for most happy work But you will then be able to see your God and father from eternity in Jesus Christ; I myself will be among you, and your happiness will be and remain boundless, for my glory in my kingdom comes to no end in eternity. What you men can reach on earth, is so incomprehensible and overwhelming that you would strive for nothing else on earth, so this glory would be imaginable to you. But you must strive for my kingdom without knowledge about it; you must return to your father house in free will, because only then that happiness is your lot, which has as precondition that the being has reached perfection in free will. Happiness is determined for you once, but it is up to you yourselves, how long you still want to delay your returning home into the father house; you yourselves determine the time, and it can already be over at the death of your body and have earned you the perfection on this earth. I expect all of you, and I have ready the dwelling for all of you. Let yourselves be felt addressed through these my words; let yourselves be stimulated to seriously strive for to come to me in my kingdom; imagine the most marvellous lot, and you will still not approximately have the right picture of that, what I have ready for mine, for those men, who love me from the whole heart and whole soul. And all this you can achieve, so you just keep my commands, to love me and the neighbour. Through unselfish neighbourly love you are to just fashion yourselves so that the spiritual kingdom with its light can receive you, without you passing. Then you can move in into your father house; then I myself come to meet you and lead you towards all splendours, and in my nearness, flooded through by my love, you will be indescribably happy and remain it until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5617.


Book 62 5618

Disciples of the time of the end. Emissaries of God.

9. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5618

Consider yourselves as my emissaries, who go to men and are to bring my message to them, and what you now think, what you speak and how you act – you think, speak and act on my behalf, for I sent you out, and you just follow my will; my task for you will always be the same, which I once put to my disciples, when I walked on earth – to carry the Gospel into the world. Nothing else I request of you, than that you announce my word, because without my word no man can be happy. The announcing of my word is of such great importance that I bless everybody, who puts himself at my disposal for this, for men are to know about my will, so that they live accordingly and fulfil their earth task. You are therefore to deliver my message to your fellowmen; you are to announce the kingdom of God to them and to show the way, which they must go to get into that kingdom, where an eternal life expects them. You are to speak in my name, because I myself send you out and you can therefore justifiably claim to be my servants. For I have sent the message to you; I have given you, what you are to hand out – my word, which you bring to them as gift of your Lord, to testify your sending to them. You, who therefore have received this task from me, you are not to ponder and doubt; you are to just always do, what I request of you – receive my word and pass it on. Few indeed ask for it, and the doors of the heart will often remain closed. But that is not to deter you and keep you off, to walk on, for you will also find open hearts, which are grateful for the delicious gift of your Lord and who will do again the same as you, give to their fellowmen, what they have received themselves. You never need to fear, not being suitable for your work. I myself have chosen you, and I also give you the power to be active for me, as long as you just have the will to serve me. For you yourselves cannot gauge it, how necessary your work is; but I know it, and for that reason I admonish you again and again not to let up or to become sluggish, but devote yourselves with increased eagerness to the spiritual work, because time urges and the spiritual trouble on earth is great and it can only then be removed, when my servants do good vineyard work, when they loyally fulfil the will of their Lord, when they work for me and my kingdom, when they announce the Gospel and testify to me before the world.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5618.


Book 62 5619

Power out of God.

10. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5619.

The power out of God is granted to every man, who asks him for it. But in which way it expresses itself, God reserves for him himself. For that reason you will have never spoken a prayer in vain, although you are not given in that way, as you wish it. But you receive power irrevocably, for your soul receives it, when the body feels nothing of it. The work for God and his kingdom is assigned to every man so, as he is able to do it. As soon as just the good will is there, to be a good servant to the house father, he will also be put at the place, where he can deal with the work. The life power can certainly decrease, but the power of the spirit can have so much a stronger effect, and then mission work can always be done, because power out of God flows across directly through his servants upon all men, who want to let themselves be touched by his power current. There is no longer much time until the end, and in this little time increased spiritual activity is necessary. As soon as fully true spiritual material can be supplied to men, also every work for God and his kingdom can be done successfully. And for that reason first necessity is to receive this fully true spiritual material from the hand of God through the spirit, so that first a healing, extremely effective remedy can be offered to men, which can lead to the recovery of the soul and therefore can rescue men from the state of spiritual darkness. To be able to see, light is necessary, and only pure truth can give light, as it takes its start from God. And to receive this truth, to be able to hand it out, is a mission work, which is enormously important. The power for it will be given at any time to that man, who is of good will, to work for God and his kingdom, for the time of the end commands eager work, and each one can be certain of the blessing of God, who seeks to serve him as his servant and to fulfil his will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5619.


Book 62 5620

God's mercy to men.

10. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5620.

I take pity on mankind. It walks along, forgetful of the near end, for it does not know it or does not believe it that the end has come for this earth and all its inhabitants. And therefore it also does not prepare itself and will experience the day in complete ignorance, because it rejects every reference unbelievingly. I know about the great trouble of men, who so live along, and I take pity on them. And still I can always only send messengers to them, who announce me through the word and who also mention the near end. But they also do not pay attention to these messengers, until it will be too late. Men do not know what becomes of them afterwards, but I know it and would like to turn away the worst from them. But then I would have to take all men suddenly from earth to prevent a further sinking. For whether I also worked signs and miracles through my servants on earth, also these would not achieve that men come to faith and change, for the world keeps them imprisoned and does not release them, or rather men themselves seek the world, and what happens after their death, does not touch them, because they do not believe in an carrying on of their life. I myself indeed reach my aim once, but I take pity on men for their own sake that they do not want to let themselves be helped, where help could be offered to them after all; I take pity, because an endless long way lies before them through my works of creation of the new earth and because this way is so agonizing that I would like to spare this fate for them. I see this fate and still cannot help them, because they have a free will. And for that reason I again and again turn to you, my servants on earth, that you bring enlightenment to every man, who crosses your way. You still can speak freely and need to fear no ban of earthly power, but not long anymore, then one approaches you hostile and will want to prevent you from the so necessary vineyard work. And then you can only still be active secretly; you can then only pass on my word from mouth to mouth, if you do not want to expose yourselves to the attacks of your opponents, who want to harm you in every way. For that reason make good use of the time, which still remains for you for free work; enlighten men; seek to make the near end believable to them and to spread my word, for every soul, which you snatch from ruin thanks you for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5620.


Book 62 5621

Religious warfare. Antichrist. Confessing before the world.

11. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5621.

A strong examination will be imposed on you in the last time before the end. What you do not think possible that will happen: All faith will be treated with hostility, and that will lead to that men betray their principles to one another; that no-one anymore confesses his convictions and that each one is the enemy of the other. And then I request from you, you my representatives on earth, open confessing, for now the time is there, of which it is written: Whosoever therefore shall confess me before the world, him will I confess also before my Father. For this confession can still be strengthening for many others that they do not hide and fear earthly enemies. It will be a difficult time, and you still do not need to fear it, as long as you connect yourselves with me in thoughts, for then I myself am with you and direct your steps, your words and your thoughts. Do not fear, who kill the body, but cannot kill your soul. As soon as it is about your faith, you also know that the time has come, which I have announced, and that the last end is no longer far away. The religious warfare before is the last phase on this earth, and so certain, as it will break out, also the last end comes, which you, my servants and faithful on earth, only can long for, for it brings you redemption from all trouble. But the time before must be, to still give men the opportunity to decide. For only then it will be decided, who stands by me and who by my opponent; who loves the world more than me and who has therefore handed himself over to him, for he will deny me, and the most shameful doings against mine gives testimony of the work of my opponent, who will embody himself in Antichrist and takes action against mine and therefore against me myself. But your power, the courage of your convictions and your will of love will increase, and I will help you in such evident way that you recognize me and always confess my name louder before the world. But for the sake of my chosen ones the days will be shortened – the end comes very fast, for I myself come to help mine and will fetch them away, so that they will be spared by the work of destruction at this earth, so that they find peace after this difficult time of trial. But judgement reaches all the others, for it gets fulfilled, as it is announced through word and Script.
Amen B.D. NR. 5621.


Book 62 5622

Love gift of God. Free will. Mercy.

11. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5622.

I do not want to let you to be wrecked and therefore oppose you again and again with my love and favour. But you do not pay attention to it, what I offer you, and you do not know what you miss. But once you will think back of it and bitterly regret it having rejected, what could make you happy for ever. For what you can now receive in excess, what my love would like to give you unmeasured, that you will once do without, and it will only be able to be given to you limitedly, when it is imparted to you through loving beings. But you yourselves possess no power, because you have acquired no power on earth for yourselves. The remorse will be quite painful, when you recognize it, what you have rejected. But I cannot force you to accept my gift of love; I can only send my messengers to you again and again that they are to shake you up from your sleep of death, which your soul holds, although you still live on earth. But soon also your earth life will have ended, and then each one will receive the reward. But I want to try everything, and where my love accomplishes nothing, I must apply means, which are more effective – a trouble, which can still move many men to remember me, to call upon me for help – a trouble, which cannot get averted by men, which visibly proves a higher power and to which men are therefore handed over for favour or disgrace. Where no rescue appears anymore possible, I want to still intervene rescuing, so I am called for help, so that men learn to believe in a God of love and mercy, so that they hereafter remember me and testify to me and again win men for me before the end. I offer every rescue possibility to still help some men to life, but soon the time is over, which I have granted to you men; the end is near, and soon also the time of favour is over, where I woo you in love. Then love steps back and justice in its place; then I must judge, what did not let itself be rescued – because then time is fulfilled.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5622.


Book 62 5623

Entity of God visible in Jesus Christ.

12. and 13. March 1953 B.D. NR. 5623.

The un-researchable entity of God will remain a problem for you men, as long as you live on earth, and also in the spiritual kingdom you will not be able to solve this problem completely, because God's nature is unfathomable. For every being is as individual being an idea, while one certainly cannot deny God the entity, but he includes everything and also fills every individual being, both in the state of perfection and also in the state of insufficiency, but where the being nevertheless exists, therefore is enlivened by the power of God, otherwise it would have to pass. To be able to imagine the entity of God would be so overwhelming for the being that it would no longer dare to call him and to long for the joining together with God. The being could not bear the infinite size of his nature; it would not enjoy its freedom, because it would be afraid of the infinity of his nature, which to love it would now feel too weak and for that reason would just pass in reverence. But God wants to be loved, and for that reason he hides in his whole fullness. What started from him, are sparks of his infinite love fire, and these sparks are something equally entity like as he himself and for that reason also able to love. And God desires their love, and because of that he faces them as equal being in Jesus Christ – to be loved by them with all intimacy, for which he longs.

Also Jesus was a man, an individual being in all independence; also his soul was a light spark out of God, which did not want to go away from the eternal love fire and still took over a mission on earth out of love. In this man Jesus the love spark was flared up to a degree as rarely with a man on earth, and this degree of love was always increased more and more, because the desire for eternal love was so great that it could not resist and gave itself away to him that the love power of God flowed into the man Jesus, filled him and therefore he was now completely radiated through. The substantial divinity, which fills the whole universe, but only as radiated out power current, found a vessel, which gave love back to it and for that reason could always receive more love power.

And the man Jesus became divine, for he has received God in all fullness in him – the substantial divinity fashioned itself in Jesus to a visible God; it manifested itself. In Jesus a conceivable God was given to men, which they are to and also can love, when they are willing to love. Only in Jesus a substantial divinity became also comprehensible to them, which they can never ever imagine as power filling everything. A being, created by him, became the bearer of the eternal divinity only in this way that it nurtured the love spark in it; that it flared up to a bright flame and joined together with the fire of eternal love. The divine fire of love filled the man Jesus, but it did not consume him, because he himself had become love and could consequently also bear the power of love of God to an incomprehensible extent. (13.3.1953) Man as such is bound to a form – everything what is imaginable to him, is fashioned, and so also for men the eternal divinity has assumed a form to be able to be imaginable for them, although God fills the whole infinity, because everything, what is, is radiation of the power of God. Man himself in his original substance is also love power having gone out from God, which he fashioned according to his will, to as it were create a gathering station for the receiving of his inexorably flowing power of love. But the fashioning to such a receiving vessel man must do himself, to still be, as standing outside, connected with God most intimately. The man Jesus has done it. He himself has prepared himself to a vessel, which now uninterruptedly received the divine love power and was also consequently completely united with God, who therefore was now in him in his original substance. Love is God – and that love can be something entity like, you men still do not grasp, and you will also never be able to completely grasp it. Only through self-fashioning to love you can learn to understand the nature of love and its power, and then also the problem of becoming divine of the man Jesus will be solvable for you. But an extreme high degree of maturity belongs to it, to be able to grasp that God is power and still works as entity and uses his will in wisdom. And he will also not be able to penetrate into the deepest depth of the divinity and still be always able in his insufficiency to turn to Jesus Christ, who as God has now become an idea to him and to whom therefore all men must strive for, to reach God.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5623.


Book 62 5624

Blessed lot and activity in the spiritual kingdom.

13. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5624

A truly blessed lot expects you, so you enter the opposite kingdom richly blessed with spiritual goods. You will then immediately be able to tackle tasks, which make you yourselves happy; you will feel an extreme measure of power and want to pass this on, because you also know that there are beings who are completely powerless and whom you can help. And your will will turn to these unhappy, and now your actual activity begins, to redeem bound unhappy souls, by you imparting that spiritual material to them, which you yourselves possess, by you working with the treasures, which you have acquired on earth through a life in love. You possess power in excess – and you see the agony of the powerless souls, for the eyes are opened for you for the lot of those, who dwell in darkness. You can see them in their unhappy state; you can associate with them, but without being recognized by them as belonging to another sphere. Your will to help becomes extremely powerful in you; with perseverance and love you seek to stimulate these souls, to busy themselves and to acquire the power for it through love. Already the will of such a soul, to help the fellow suffering souls, will earn them power, and to stimulate this will will be your continual effort, because you cannot help them otherwise, when their will resists. But always new power flows towards you and for that reason you do not tire in your redeeming activity. You all are on close terms with souls, which you can help, and that makes you happy that you can hand out and always receive new power in this way; that always brighter light irradiates you and that you are allowed to carry the light further, where your love pushes you to help. The actual activity cannot be explained to you men, but no soul is inactive, which stands in the light and therefore has to show a spiritual wealth. The joining together with beings of the same degree of light increases its power to help, and together they now go about their work of redemption, to also carry out difficult rescues, to which the power of the individual soul is still not enough. What it has acquired on earth for itself of spiritual goods, increases in the spiritual kingdom more and more, for it hands out of this and always receives more, the more it gives. A comprehensive knowledge fills it, and knowledge is light. For that reason it also does not fear darkness, because it can always radiate light, when it wants. But to the souls of darkness its fullness of light remains hidden, until they themselves request light. But the light soul sees everything; for it darkness is no danger and no horror; just a compassionate love fills it, when it sees the powerless souls, which cannot free themselves out of their unhappy situation. And where love is, there is also rescue. For that reason light is continually carried into darkness and the soul is so long worked on with love and patience, until they seek to change, until they themselves want that also they receive light. Then the rescue work is successful, for now to the soul can be brought that, what it lacks; the light soul can give itself away, and it will be the more happy the more willingly its help is accepted. For it leads the souls to God, which are so long lost for him, as they languish in darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5624.


Book 62 5625

Burden of sin. Jesus Christ rescuer.

14. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5625.

The burden of sin pulls men down; for that reason they strive more towards the depth than to the height, for it is the sin of the former defection from me, which was also the cause for the embodiment of the divinity in the man Jesus. This sin was the conscious estrangement from me, towards the counter pole, who therefore rules darkness, as I sit enthroned in the kingdom of light from eternity to eternity. As long as this sin is not yet paid, it will pull down, what is synonymous with that without the use of Jesus Christ, without acknowledging his work of redemption, man remains marked with this sin and can never ever reach up. When there is talk of sinful mankind, so it is not always the sinful way of life on earth to be understood by that, but it is that great sin, of which men are burdened, and it is also the cause of the distance of men from God, of unbelief and lack of love, for this sin exists in these phenomena. And for that reason it is understandable that the great sin with its features becomes always more obvious, the more faith in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption fades, the less Jesus Christ is acknowledged as God's son and redeemer of the world. Certainly also to blame is that men lack knowledge about pure truth; that they have been instructed inadequately and it is in this way made more difficult for them to believe. But the willing man, who has just the smallest desire for the true and divine, will also for my part experience such guidance full of favour that he comes to cognition. But mankind is not willing; it uses its free will badly, which is to decide between two lords, but does not first get hold of knowledge about that Lord, who it to be their aim. The sin keeps them imprisoned; the sin pulls them down. And mankind does not defend itself, although it could defend itself. For it does not live in love, through which it could receive power. And without Jesus Christ there is no rescue for men. For that reason Jesus Christ and his work of redemption must be announced to all men; they must again and again be pointed to their state and to the help through the divine redeemer. As soon as my servants on earth achieve it that they find faith with them, these are rescued, for no matter how inadequate the state is at the decease, in the spiritual kingdom they can still ascend, so they have just found him – Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, who has atoned for their sins through his death on the cross, who has wiped out the great sin guilt for the entire mankind through his extreme great love for men and who for that reason also must be acknowledged as God's son and redeemer of the world.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5625.


Book 62 5626

Administration of the office, which God has given.

14. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5626.

An office has been given to you, and to administer this office, I also give you the power for it. Therefore you just need to give your will to me, and everything will then so fall into line that you fulfil your task. My ways are often wonderful, and what appears unbelievable to you, is possible for me; what is incomprehensible to you, can suddenly become understandable to you, when you just follow my guidance for you and completely abandon yourselves without resistance to this guidance. I just request from you eager activity that you do not let up in your striving; that you do not become lukewarm and indifferent, because it is about something great, which can be done through your will. You will often get into doubts; you will not be able to grasp a number of things, what I request of you and what does not appear possible for you; and suddenly everything falls so in line that that is possible for you, what I request of you. For nothing is impossible for me, and I have the interests of all the souls at heart, which are in danger to get lost for endless long time. That I prepare you to strong helpers, that I myself instruct you and therefore give you, what you need for the work, which you are to do for me, is to be proof enough for you that I charge you with a mission, which I perceive as important. And understandably I choose my helpers for me so, as they are able. I just need your will, everything else I steer in wise foresight of the possible success. In addition none of my servants walks alone – innumerable light beings accompany him, which support him; the spiritual guides look after him, and he therefore stands under their protection, what means so much, as that every worry is unnecessary, since these beings take over the worries and level your ways on my behalf. And these will also impart power to you constantly, when you become weak, for they know about your mission and are pleased about every man on earth, who joins their work of redemption and they can now work together. Who receives an office from me, he will also be able to administer it. Therefore do not worry about the spiritual progress of your work; do not worry about the lack of power, but just let the house father take care, and do as good servants, what he tells you to do. Throw all worries upon me, and lift the eyes up to me, from whom always help comes to you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5626.


Book 62 5627

Fight with the sword of the mouth. Truth.

15. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5627.

Take up the fight against everything, what is spiritually directed against you; fight with the sword of the mouth, for it is a holy fight – you are fighters for me and my kingdom. And what opposes you spiritually, when you support me and my word before the world, is directed against me. My pure Gospel should be announced to men, for that reason I sent my disciples into the world, so that they should to teach all nations. Only through the pure Gospel, only through truth they could acquire the kingdom of God, for truth announces me and shows the way to me. As soon as truth is disfigured, also the way to me is uneven; I myself am no longer really recognizable, and the aim of man becomes unclear and therefore no longer striven for. If now men are to again be shown the way to eternal life, so truth must first pave the way again; I myself must be able to be recognized clearly, only then men strive again for the real aim; they can reach me and be happy and live for ever. I myself am the way, the truth and the life. You now, whom I have chosen and trained for me as my disciples of the time of the end, you know the truth, from me myself you have heard it, and you also know, which danger the error and the lie is and in which spiritual trouble men are, who are not instructed in truth. For that reason the error and the lie is a strong enemy of me and also of you, you who stand in truth. And you are to crusade against this enemy. I again and again give you this task that you are to fight for me and my teaching; that you are to fight with the sword of your mouth. You will indeed find many enemies, who convinced support their wrong teaching, but you can oppose their false doctrines with the truth, and you will be able to beat them at any time, as soon as they are not open followers of the prince of darkness insofar as that they do not want at all light and truth; that they do not fight for the right recognized by them, but for themselves and their power. Your sword will truly be well sharpened, for you will be able to refute everything wrong; the words will be put into your mouth; my spirit will lead you; I myself as leader of the armed forces therefore stand by your side, and truth will also win, but can also cost many victims on the side of the enemies, who are rather destroyed, than to leave their error, to not forfeit their power. For them it is also not about pure truth, but as representatives of my opponent they rather seek to darken the light, which is held against them. And for that reason they will be the victims of the fight, but which must be fought at the end of this time, for the prince of darkness will in the end still declare war on me; he will seek to dethrone me with lie and slander, and then you are to oppose him; I will speak through you to those, who my opponent controls, and I want to also still show the way to them, which leads to the aim, to eternal life, but which can only be walked along through truth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5627.


Book 62 5628

World mind. Spiritual knowledge. Heart.

16. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5628.

What contributes to the clarification of your knowledge that shall be given to you, for you must stand in truth yourselves, so you want to spread it. But it is a comprehensive area, of which you must be in control, for many questions will be put to you, which you must be able to answer, so that you also awaken faith in fellowmen; that you teach on my behalf. And that you are always able to give information, will prove your sending, for my spirit will give you, what you just need, and you will not need to worry, what you speak; it will be put into your mouth.

But they are not to be just words according to the letter, which you announce, but words, which hold spiritual life in them; you yourselves must be penetrated by the truth of the words, by their spiritual meaning, then you can also pass them on alive. Your intellect must be active with the heart at the same time, and you will also be able to convince men with highly developed intellectual thinking.

The wisdom of the world has isolated itself from the wisdom out of God – only therefore, because the intellect has isolated itself from the heart. It has a simple solution, why I no longer get recognized by men, why particularly those men, who want to be wise, can have no faith in me – because the intellect no longer lets the heart speak and I can only be grasped through the heart alone. As the first thing it must be made plain to men that no higher knowledge is possible without love, without feeling of the heart, then every real wise man can do the test himself. He is to make the effort to first cultivate love and only then let his intellect get in a word – and it will then judge differently than before. It will adjust positively to me and separate the spiritual experience from the earthly experience. But this you, who want to spread my word, pure truth, must seek to clarify with powers of persuasion to fellowmen and for that reason have penetrated into truth, why it is my first care to impart to you complete knowledge myself, which enables you to give answer to every interrogator. You will certainly also be able to be called wise, but it is no world wisdom, which you possess, which is also not enough, to recognize or fathom me. And it is knowledge, which you could also only win through eager love activity. Also you had to first let the heart speak to receive knowledge from me. And that knowledge must have become alive in yourselves, before you intend handing it out to fellowmen. And for that reason my way of teaching is different than that of worldly teachers. For I give with knowledge at the same time the ability of cognition – because I only give knowledge to him, who lives in love, and because he can be taught through the heart, through my spirit, which brightly inspires the thinking and orders all thoughts. For love is light and love alone can give to man the ability to real recognition. What the intellect tries without love, that will remain without success or else be erroneous.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5628.


Book 62 5629

Retiring to the quietness. Time of trouble.

18. March 1953 B.D. NR. 5629.

Stay often with spiritual thoughts; retire to quietness, hold dialogue with your father from eternity, and so establish the connection with the spiritual world that its radiations can then touch you; you are therefore of an opened heart – that in you is no resistance against the current of favour from above. The love power of God cannot become effective in you, so long you shut yourselves off, therefore your will must be prepared to receive the power from God. This conscious opening yourselves you must very often practise, and with happiness you will perceive a spiritual strengthening; you will no longer have the feeling of loneliness; you then establish a relationship with the spiritual world, which gives a certain security to the earthly world. Do not let it win control over you, but always put the spiritual world first – i.e., let God himself always be present to you through conscious desire for him. Only so you can mature at your soul, for then you do everything consciously; in everything you seek to live according to the divine will. You have all your senses directed spiritually. In the coming time you will very much need this attitude, for the world will badly pester you; you will need much power and be able to receive it always only through the living connection with God, with that world, which supports you in the upward striving. And it will always become more difficult for you, to just direct the senses spiritually. For that reason practise yourselves eagerly before; live no day pure worldly; again and again retire to quietness; use every opportunity to send your thoughts upwards, and no matter if you just let a short call from your heart rise upwards – it will be listened to, and the beings of light will not let you be alone, so you request support from them. Wrestle about it to secure God's presence for yourselves – remain in love – and trust in him that he straightens out what is bent; that he heals, who are ill, and believe that he is stronger than everything, what you fear, what threatens you. Trust in him and give yourselves for him. And he will truly not leave you. Begin and end every day with him, and he will be your constant companion. He will lead you out of all trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5629.


Book 62 5630

Spiritual turning-point. Change of this earth.

19. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5630.

You are not to devote yourselves to wrong hope and expect a change for the better on this earth, which exists in this respect that the spiritual nature of men could improve and a life in faith and in love could again be recognizable on earth. This earth will no longer experience such a spiritual change of men, but the spiritual turning-point is near. And therefore the earth will be another one; it will before experience a change, a transformation, and the human family, which will then enliven this new earth, stands on a high spiritual standard.

But who believes and hopes that men on earth will still change, that another time dawns on this earth, he is terribly mistaken, and the plan of salvation of God is also still little known to him, which still pursues other aims with the transformation of the old earth than only a spiritually high standing human family. Also the ascent development of the bound spiritual still in form is to be promoted and therefore a new redemption or development period begins, which as first thing depends on a transformation of the outer form of the earth. A spiritualization of men on earth would certainly also be according to this divine plan of salvation and also be conducive to the spiritual still bound in the works of creation. But with the spiritual low of men of the present time a change of them is no longer to be expected; matter completely controls them, and they do not think of their spiritual development, and therefore they always strive more and more downwards and so bring about the end themselves – a dissolving of the creation of the earth, a becoming free of everything bound in it and the own banishment in solid matter, in the new creations of the earth.

A teaching therefore, which represents a spiritual change still on this earth, is incorrect, although a spiritual change is near. But men do not want to believe in a passing or an end of this earth. This thought is completely incomprehensible to them, and for that reason they therefore expect this change for the better in their assumption, because they are on the other hand convinced of a coming turning-point. But that men lack faith in a forthcoming end of the earth, has a detrimental effect, for they would certainly make better use of time in such a faith; they would live consciously, i.e. seek to fulfil the divine will in the cognition that only an own change of will protects from the lot, to also be engendered into the new creation. Men lack that knowledge and that faith and they can only rarely be supplied with it convincingly, but references are given to them enough, but left to their free will, whether they let themselves be impressed in this way. They certainly suspect or feel it that they face great events, but never want to believe that these events are so drastic, that an earth period comes to an end and a new one begins, but what they could believe, when men would cultivate love, when they would give away love to their needy neighbours, which brings in light to themselves. Then they would recognize in which hour they live, and nothing would anymore be doubtful for them, what they are told about the near end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5630.


Book 62 5631

Create and work for eternity.

20. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5631.

For eternity you are to create and work, not for the short earth life time, which you yourselves cannot prolong for one day and which was just given to you to work for eternity. Man without all knowledge about his earth life purpose and his destination only regards the earthly life, his bodily well-being and his earthly position as the most important, and for that he lives and strives, and he only works for death, for both the death of his body as well as the death of his soul he cannot halt, because he has not awakened the soul to eternal life. Differently on the other hand it the lot of the soul of a man, who has used earth life in accordance with his earth life task and his destination. He will not die for ever, and his life will be a life in happiness. And still both men were on this earth, who were to reach the same destination and also could do it, for God came to meet both, because he disregards none of his creatures, because he gives to all so that they can reach the same destination, so they are just willing. But God does not force the will. Create and work for eternity. Each one man can do this; even so the earthly world approaches him and demands its tribute from him. Each one man can direct his thoughts towards the future; each one man can and will now and then occupy himself with his death and then also questions will emerge in him, which he himself is not able to answer. Each one man is to present these questions to himself, and enlightenment will be his. For God wants that man may recognize what is right, truth, and he will never withhold it from a man, who desires it. But when a man claims, having remained without all reference to his further life, so that is an untruth, or it just proves that the man has rejected every thought emerging in him of death and of the hereafter, therefore closed himself to all enlightenment about it. The earthly world and its successes fill his thoughts, and all spiritual thoughts he has suppressed and in this way made himself completely unable to be instructed spiritually. He therefore only creates for this life and still knows that he gives up all with the moment of the death of his body – and nevertheless the striving for earthy goods fills his complete thinking. But spiritual goods attract very few people, for they are something unreal for them in the earth time and for that reason little desirable. But who occupies himself with his death and the continuation of the life of the soul, he recognizes the transitoriness of earthly goods, and for that reason he seeks to come into the possession of spiritual goods. He uses the earth time so that it earns him eternal life; he creates and works for the life of the soul, which cannot pass for ever and must still live to be happy. Only a life of the soul is happiness, but the death of the soul something so agonizing, because the soul does not lose the awareness of its existence and for that reason also feels its powerless, dark state as greatest agony. And still one cannot have an effect on men by force, to improve the state of heir soul. It must be left to them, how they want to utilize their earth life; they themselves must be able to determine, whether they want to live or prepare death for their soul. But as long as they dwell on earth, they are referred to the death of their body, which can bring eternal life to their soul, but also death, according to their will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5631.


Book 62 5632

Devotion of the will to God.

21. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5632.

Bring yourselves as sacrifice to the Lord; without will give yourselves to him into the hands – want that his will is also yours; that you feel no resistance in you any more at all; that you are completely devoted to him. This complete devotion of the will to the will of God guarantees you right thinking, right wanting and right doing. But as soon as the smallest resistance is in you, you also deviate, even so imperceptibly, from that, what is God's will, because exactly this resistance creates the basis, where the opponent of God can work. It is now an act of greatest overcoming, when man is to give up his own will and completely subordinates himself to the divine will – but which will always be easier workable, the more the love in man takes action, for being active in love is already a nestling up to eternal love, a uniting oneself with it and therefore simultaneously giving up of the own will. For that reason a man, who lives in love, is no longer rebellious against God; he is drawn to God, in humility he gives himself away to him, who has created him; he knows no defence, no disobedience against God; he always only makes an effort to do as he wishes. Then he also has no own will any longer, because he is penetrated by the love of God, whose will now works in him, because through love the spiritual unification has now taken place. Love therefore is the surest feeling that man lives in the will of God – and for that reason you must just always be intent on practising love – whatever you do; love is to always determine you to that end; your heart is to be soft and tolerant, gentle and humble with your heart, helpful to every man. In every man you are to see your neighbour, your brother, because you all are children of one father; you are not to let anger rise up in you, no bitterness, but know that everything approaches you so, as it serves you for your transformation, your perfection. What is evil in your surroundings is to become good through you; your love is to be the weapon, which you apply against your enemies. You are to never repay evil with evil, but do good to those, who do not wish you well. Then the relationship with eternal love gets stronger and stronger, then you live in the will of God, then his will has also become yours, then you have brought yourselves as sacrifice to God, in that you voluntarily gave up your resistance and acknowledge him as your Lord, as your God and father from eternity, to whom you now give yourselves completely. Amen. B.D. NR. 5632.


Book 62 5633

Love acknowledges Jesus Christ. Lack of love rejects him.

23. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5633.

I am easily recognizable as redeemer of mankind to those, who lead a love life; whereas men lacking love will always reject and fight me, because they do not grasp, what the work of redemption is all about, because they also do not grasp the development of men, the ascent development from a level of imperfection to perfection. For my death on the cross is closely related to it; it was not just an act of human confusion of those, who nailed me to the cross, but it was an act of liberation of incomprehensible importance, which can exactly only be grasped by men in whom my spirit can express itself. Only the love life in a man gives the spirit in him the possibility to express itself, therefore to direct the thinking right, that now a problem reveals itself light and clearly before him, which the man without love will never be able to solve. For that reason the rejection of Jesus Christ, the lack of faith, the last fight against the believers is also comprehensible, because love is no longer among men and for that reason I myself am also no longer recognized in Jesus Christ and the work of redemption of the man Jesus has completely become insignificant for these men. Only love can and will recognize me. And men lacking love must still be referred to Jesus Christ. His love teaching must be announced to them; they are not yet allowed to be given up completely, because also their hearts are able to love and exactly the love willingness in them is to be stimulated. And also the intellectual making accessible of the problem of God becoming man in Jesus Christ and his death on the cross can bring success and is therefore not to be disregarded, so that man cannot say, having remained completely uninstructed about it, for each one man gets into the situation, where there is loud knocking at the door of his heart, where I myself get in touch and desire entry. And still one or the other can open the door in remembrance of the teachings, which were imparted to him. Full understanding is not to be expected with loveless men, but each one man lets love radiate out once on the surroundings and can make inner concessions in such softer stirrings of the heart, which can bring him a little step forwards, why no man is to be given up, as long as he still lives on this earth. And again you are not to cast pearls before swine. You are not to offer my word, which testifies to the redeemer Jesus Christ, to those, who are obviously Satan's servants. Then withdraw, for open lack of love prevents all understanding, because also the will is openly directed against me. You are to turn your back on them, for every further word would be pointless and just gives them attack possibilities against me and you. But who are of weak will, those you are to instruct, and so you announce to them the Gospel in love, it can also light in them love, and they can feel addressed and listen to your words. For that reason it will also not be difficult for my opponents in the time of the end, in the time of the last religious warfare, to eradicate faith in Jesus Christ, because, where love is lacking, also no faith in him exists, but what just has to accelerate the end, the day, where the separation of the spirits takes place. And then the divine redeemer Jesus Christ will gain the victory over him, who is against him. Then truth will win, light over darkness – love over hate. And happy will be, who recognized me through love, who stood in faith in Jesus Christ and gained eternal life through him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5633.


Book 62 5634

God's father love always hands out.

24. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5634.

I give myself away to all children, who long for me, because I cannot otherwise at all in my love, than to hand out love everywhere there, where I find open hearts through desire. Therefore no man needs to believe that I leave him; that I refuse to give myself to him, for I see the longing of the heart and satisfy it. And the soul of man gets supplied most amply, for my love for it means strengthening and healing. Therefore no soul is condemned to live in want, to do without, which desires me and my love. But my spiritual gifts are also mostly only felt by that soul, which matures in itself like a fruit, which is touched by the sunbeam, can always flourish more splendidly. For my love sun has still far greater power; under its rays all covers melt, and the soul awakens to new life. And so every man can draw greatest advantage for his soul, so he just desires me myself intimately, so he adjusts himself to me mentally so that I must supply my love ray to him. His soul will mature and can now also soon influence the whole man, his intellectual thinking and his will, so that the man's transformation of nature takes place, which is his actual earth life task. But man is, as long as he lives on earth, also exposed to the counter powers, i.e., also these seek to exert their influence, and where they just see a little success and also, where they recognize an obvious connection with me, they do not let up, to have so an effect on man that he is to get lost. Again and again they lay snares for him, into which he is to entangle himself, and now and then they also succeed, and indeed then, when the favours received from me let a man become arrogant. Then they seek to still stir this arrogance in every way, so that the man's thinking is then directed towards things or privileges, which my opponent buoys up to him, which he now believes being able to achieve. As soon as a man becomes of arrogant spirit, there is great danger, for arrogance is always a target of my opponent, who particularly seemingly seeks to drive the spiritual striving ones, whom he believes to lose, to me, but at the same time wants to increase the need for recognition in them, which then is to bring about their downfall. Now and then he also succeeds in this, and then his joy is great. For that reason deepest humility and quiet love for me is the surest protection from him; then he finds no target, and then this soul is lost for him irretrievably, and I have won it for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5634.


Book 62 5635

Every will to help finds the blessing of God.

25. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5635.

Believe my words that I bless everything, what is done with the intention to help. The will to help is unselfish neighbourly love, which can never cause my displeasure. And I often give you men the opportunity to let your will get active; I stimulate your thoughts and also give you power to carry out that, to which you are pushed. Just no earthly advantage is allowed to be striven for as a result, for only unselfishness marks right love; you must always want to give, never want to achieve something for you yourselves through your action. Where you now believe being able to help, there never let yourself be held back, for your love work does not only help to decrease the trouble, but also awakens counter love, and consequently the most noble purpose is achieved. To light love in the heart of him, for whom the work of love is meant, and to give life as a result, for only love awakens to life and can therefore also soften a stubborn heart and achieve a change, which means redemption for the bound. Never let yourselves be held back from the work in unselfish neighbourly love, and send good thoughts to your fellowmen; remember the souls, which are in darkness of the spirit, on earth as well as also in the hereafter, and seek to bring light to them, by you lighting also in them love through works of love. You can work unspeakably blessedly in all, who walk in darkness, so you just always give love, so you include them in your love hearts and hand out much love, which they feel gratefully and award with counter love. Never fear to do wrong, when you want to bring help. For I see your will, and it alone I assess. The trouble is gigantic, and every decrease of it is an act of mercy, a work of love, which you are not able to recognize in its effect. But where love is active, a success will always be scored, and it will always exist in love work, and that is to spurn you on to untiring love work that every ray of love is felt on earth as in the hereafter beneficently and again stirs up – that every little flame spreads and radiates light and that there, where light is, is also happiness – that you therefore help to happiness those, who you lovingly include in your heart, to whom you give away love – may it be on earth or also in the opposite kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5635.


Book 62 5636

Bringing out the Gospel.

26. March 1953 B.D. NR. 5636.

Bring the Gospel out into the world. My word it to be brought to men, my love teaching, which I have preached on earth and which alone is the guiding principle for your way of life. Men are to know about my will, so that they are happy through the fulfilment of my will. And my will is expressed in my love command: Love God above all and your neighbour as yourself. These two commands also include the ten commandments of Moses, which likewise only have love for me and for the neighbour as content. I taught my disciples on earth, who were now, through the obeying of my teaching, instructed by the spirit in them, when I no longer walked on earth. Therefore my teaching just aimed to achieve that man, through the obeying, fashions himself so that my spirit can have an effect in him, because then man reaches a level of cognition, which is never ever reachable otherwise for him than exactly through the work of my spirit. The teachings, which are brought to him from the outside, must before be translated into action, so they are to help man to progress, and alone love brings that about. For that reason the most necessary for mankind is that the love commands are presented to them; that they are admonished to constant love work for the neighbour, because only then the transformation of the nature in man takes place and because then only also man can recognize truth, so it is offered to him. For a comprehensive knowledge is to be supplied to man, but which can only then be given to him, when he has himself gotten ready, through love, as receiving vessel of the divine spirit. Spiritual progress can only be achieved through fulfilling of my commands – but men must know about these commands. And for that reason I give my servants on earth the assignment to announce my Gospel, to inform them about my word, which I myself supply to earth in purest and most comprehensible form, for what I hand out is always destined to be a strong nourishing bread for all men on earth, and so also all men are allowed to refresh themselves on it, but it must also be made accessible to them. What therefore happens to spread my word will find my blessing and will be counted to my servant's credit as loyal vineyard work, for it is extremely important in the time before the end. All men certainly know the word of God, for it was announced to them educational wise or in the church, but they just hear it with the ears; it does not get through to the heart and therefore remains also often without success. For no matter that it is God's word, it has no effect on men, who live completely without love. Love is certainly to be preached to them, but the words of the preacher have no power; the spirit is lacking, which makes everything alive. Love is only taught with the mouth, but no longer practised itself. But my word, which comes from above, has gone out from me as eternal love and can hit the heart and shake it to its bottom. For it is my power, which touches with the word the heart of him, who buries himself in my word. And this power I want to impart to all men through the supply of my word from above; I want that men awaken to life and therefore address them myself, promising life to tem, when they just want to live.

For that reason you are to be for me right announcers of my word, by you letting me myself speak through you and therefore just always be tools for me, through which my word is brought out into the world, so that I myself can address men, to whom you make my word accessible. For that reason do not let up in your vineyard work; work eagerly for me and my kingdom; bring my Gospel out into the world, for men urgently need a strong food for their souls, an enlivening drink. And you possess amply of this and therefore are to pass on, what you have received through my love; you are to pass on, what makes yourselves happy; you are to contribute that men wake up from their sleep of death; that I myself become alive in them, when they hear me – when they, through you, hear the word, which always only teaches them love for me and for the neighbour, which alone gives life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5636.


Book 62 5637

Promise of life. Death. Powerlessness.

27. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5637.

No-one can live, to whom I do not give life, but he can be and exist in the state of death. For to be dead does not mean having passed completely, but to exist in complete powerlessness and still to know of the own existence. But real life is being able to work in light and power and to be happy and to use one's power in the same will with me. And this real life can only I give to the being through the supply of light and power, therefore supply of the life current, which is unlimited. But this supply of power depends on the being itself, because a certain ability to receive and willingness belongs to it, because my power is supplied to no being against its will and because the fashioning of the being must be so that the power current finds a suitable vessel, because otherwise the being would be forced to be active and could then not be happy. But without power the being is in a state of stiffness, in the state of death, in complete motionlessness, and it still feels its state as agony, because it has already known the state of freedom and has therefore gone back, instead of forward, as it was its purpose. But I have not given death to the being, but life. But the being itself strives voluntarily away from me as the giver of life and towards death, i.e., it resisted my love power current and fell into a state of powerlessness, without knowing that it means eternal agony and darkness. The being must itself again long for it, what it has once disdained; out of free will it must again request my power, which it once rejected, and this task it must fulfil as man in earth life – to acquire my love power and to fashion itself so that this my love power can flow into the being, so that it is now again enlivened by my power and can now be active and is happy, that it therefore "lives" and no longer loses its life for ever. Every being will therefore live, which is flooded through by my love power, and every being is dead, which lacks this life power. But never ever does death mean being wiped out, a state of forgetting, of lack of feeling or of quietness. It is rather an incomprehensible state of agony, which can only be removed through the supply of power, which again enlivens the dead and gives it the ability to an activity.

But you are to live for ever. So is my promise, I therefore can give life to you, and I want to give it to you, as soon as you just open yourselves to my love power current, as soon as you no longer resist it, as you have done once. But I cannot force you to accept my love power. And for that reason innumerable beings are dead, because they themselves do not long for life, because they themselves do or have done nothing to get hold of power to acquire eternal life. And for that reason all these beings are in great trouble, in deepest darkness, where they could live after all in light and power and glory. But as long as they spurn me, I cannot supply the power to them; I can only again and again stretch out my helping hand to them that they seize it and now let themselves enliven by me. For that reason my love will be active incessantly, to have an effect on these beings, and my love will also always succeed in a work of rescue; but eternal times can pass for the beings, until they themselves long for light and power, until they would like to flee from the state of death and can now get awakened to life – but which they then no longer lose for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5637.


Book 62 5638

Spreading of truth urgently necessary.

28. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5638.

It is about great things. The work of my spirit is to be recognized, so that I am a living God to men, so that they believe in me and call me in the spirit and in the truth. So long men go along in darkness, so long they are ignorant or error is presented to them as right knowledge, so long they also still do not recognize me, and I remain foreign to them, even so they believe in me as the creator and preserver of all things, but I am so infinitely far from them; I am just an idea to them acquired by study, but never the inner conviction, which lets them enter into to an intimate relationship with me. And I want to be the father for them after all, whose love they recognize and are to return from the heart. But they will never give love to a being, which they do not really recognize. But they can also only then learn to recognize me, when they hear the truth about me, when I truthfully presented to them, when my ruling and working is introduced to them so that they can recognize the love of the divinity for men. They must experience me as truthfully being and working and therefore receive a testimony of me, which proves me irrefutably – they are to experience my work at themselves or at their fellowmen – they are to know that I speak to men in a form, which can appeal to them and move to love. I do not keep myself hidden; I will always announce myself, because I want that my creatures are to recognize in me their father, but men must open heart and ears and want to hear, what their creator wants to announce to them. They must let me speak to them, then they will truly be instructed in truth, and love will light itself in them, because truth reveals me as the most perfect being, which is worthy to love and whose love man now seeks to gain. Truth alone achieves it that I get recognized and striven for.

And that truth is supplied to earth through my spirit that men are to experience, and for that reason I want that this truth finds spreading; that men are informed about knowledge, which they will also acknowledge as knowledge, so they are of good will. To the willing men therefore a light is to be brought, which illuminates their way; men who are prepared to believe, who instinctively resist wrong teachings and for that reason are regarded as unbelieving: They are to be offered something, what they also cannot reject with critical assessment, because it appeals to them as pure truth. I want to be recognized by these men, because they belong to those seeking, who want to believe, but up to now could not believe. I want that the work of my spirit is mentioned; that light is brought into darkness; that it shines far in the distance and gathers men, who want to flee from darkness. But only truth spreads light, because truth from me goes out as the eternal light and has consequently an unsuspected illuminating power.

The fight against error and the lie is to be waged seriously and eagerly, and with the sword of the mouth it is to be fought, which I will sharpen at all times, because it is the only weapon, which can be applied against error. Pure truth from me will be able to refute all objections; it will clearly illuminate error and make myself accessible to men, for truth will describe me so, as I really am – as a God of infinite love and mercy, who wants to win his creatures for ever. And who has therefore recognized me through truth, he will also love me from all this heart; as my child he will find to the father and remain with him for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5638.


Book 62 5639

Reference to the last work of rescue.

29. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5639.

The call from above goes to all men in the time of the end; it just does not get recognized as such by all men. The spiritual nature of each individual also stipulates completely diverse stimulus, and for that reason every man is touched differently by the eternal divinity; to everyone it makes itself recognizable differently; everyone is taken hold of there, where he is sensitive and where the possibility exists that the man now turns to God for help. Others again, who request no help, who believe not needing any helpers, are referred to the extra ordinary, which is to stimulate them to think; through books and conversations men are referred to God, to eternity and to death. But the eternal divinity reveals itself everywhere, to rescue men form the night of death, into which they are threatened to sink. But it is up to every individual, how he adjusts to all experience of him and the surroundings. But the greatest danger is the indifference, with which most men encounter the most unusual happening themselves. They are hardly any more to be shaken, and therefore almost all possibilities are exhausted, to shake them up from their state of indifference, which only the will of man himself can change. And for that reason God will express himself so obviously that also those men will get a fright, whom up to now could touch nothing, even not the great trouble of the surroundings, which no man could ignore. They themselves will get into the greatest trouble, through God's intervention, see no way out and for that reason are reminded of a power above them, upon which they can now call in the greatest trouble. For even the most loveless, most unfeeling men love themselves, and they seek to make their own lot bearable for them, and as soon as they themselves are now completely powerless, the possibility of a sincere call to God exists that he may help them. And this last possibility can bring rescue to them and therefore moves the eternal divinity to an action, which is powerful and is about to happen to mankind shortly. It is again just a work of rescue, although it will cost the life of many men; but earthly death is of no importance; but the soul can get rescued, and those men, who are recalled prematurely as victims of this divine action, are lovingly guided in the opposite kingdom and will also be rescued, so they are not of completely rebellious will, but would have then also not found rescue on earth for their souls. God will reveal himself, so that men call on him for help. And every call he will follow, which is directed towards him in the spirit and in the truth. But those who also then still do not want to recognize him, will shortly experience the same, but then just for their judgement. The earth will be destroyed, and no-one will remain spared, who has forgotten his God. For the end of this earth has soon come and therefore also the day of judgement, which is announced since the beginning through seers and prophets, so that men prepare themselves and can recognize God in everything, what happens.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5639.


Book 62 5640

Bridge to the spiritual kingdom. Jesus.

30. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5640.

The bridge to the spiritual kingdom has been built by me myself, when I descended to earth to redeem men. And this bridge you all are allowed to walk on, so you want to follow me. And so understand right: Who follows me, who has selected me as his leader, he can and is to go the same way, which I myself have gone, and he will not need to fear to go wrong. And I myself as man also maintained the connection with that kingdom, where I had come from. At first indeed also to me as the man Jesus my origin was hidden; I lived on earth and did not know more than other men, but my soul sought God persistently; my soul always returned there, where my true home was – into the kingdom of the most happy spirits. And my love longing for God was so great that he came to me and soon also gave me information about my mission on earth. And therefore I also recognized already in earliest youth that I and also all men were just guest on this earth; but that in the hour of death for each one the spiritual kingdom again opens, which only was very different in its spheres. I knew about it as man on earth and could often take insight into these spheres. I saw both the great happiness as well as the extreme great agony of the spiritual beings, and my soul longed, but it also was horrified. This my seeing into the spiritual kingdom was a degree of maturity, which my soul had already gained on earth, and for that reason also no danger existed anymore for my soul, to enter the different spheres in the spiritual kingdom. I myself had already built the bridge through the transformation of my nature to love and for that reason could cross the bridge safely into the spiritual kingdom.

And so I want to give to you the explanation that love in you men can and will always build a bridge into the spiritual kingdom that it is then no longer you yourselves, but the spirit of God, awakened through love, which escorts you across, because it wants to introduce you into that kingdom, which is your true home and which offers you incomparable treasures, which you are allowed to receive in that kingdom. Then you can also unconcerned and safely cast a look into the kingdom of darkness, for then love in you will want to help you all, who need help. The bridge from earth to the spiritual kingdom is to be understood literally as also figuratively. I have prepared the way for you, which leads to God, which also you are to go in the following of Jesus. But I also have proved to you through my resurrection on the third day that I have overcome death; that there are no barriers for that what is the living in you, for the immortal; that your soul is allowed to and is to dwell at any time in the spiritual kingdom and that my spirit, so you have awakened it, escorts you into areas, which otherwise are impenetrable for you.

But it is different, where such connections to the spiritual kingdom are established without faith in me, without spiritual striving and without love. Then men enter a bridge unauthorized, which they therefore take possession of illegally to be able to look into that kingdom, which is hidden for them. These men therefore do not acknowledge me and can therefore never be on that bridge, which I have built though my death on the cross. But they also see a bridge across into the spiritual kingdom, a phantom, which my opponent buoys up to them, because he wants to lure them to him, in what he also easily succeeds – that he throws you into always deeper darkness, because in darkness there is no light to be fetched. But who desires light, to him also the light beings come to meet him, and they amply supply him with light, with pure truth, which can always only come from the kingdom of God, from the kingdom of eternal truth. Only disaster comes from the kingdom of darkness, form the kingdom of light only blessing; you are to close yourselves to the kingdom of darkness; but open yourselves to the kingdom of light, for from this kingdom I myself call to you: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heave laden, and I will give you rest. And when I call you that you are to come, so you must therefore also enter the bridge, which I myself have built from earth into the spiritual kingdom to level the way for you, which leads you upwards, to me, but which can always only be found through love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5640.


Book 62 5641

Confusion at the time of the end. Truth.

31. March 1953. B.D. NR. 5641.

My love will truly not leave you, you who want to be active in my will, you who have taken over an assignment in complete freedom of the will and therefore work for me and my kingdom. Consider after all, you children of this earth, that the time of the end has come and that for that reason also all possibilities are getting exhausted for the rescue of erring souls. Where I know a man, who is still to be won for the kingdom of life, there I apply the means, which promise success, and these are not always the same means, because every man reacts differently to it. But my work is still recognizable, for the aim is and always remains the turning of the will towards me – therefore everything, what has the leading to me recognized, to faith in me as creator and father from eternity, is also to be seen as a means from me, which is just not exactly the same with every man. You must know that unbelief, the denial of me myself, is always a proof of the belonging to my opponent, whose striving and work will always be to keep me myself away from men, therefore to prevent the return to me. Where it is therefore clearly visible that I myself as God and creator from eternity are made accessible to men, there my opponent can never be at work; there always work for me and my kingdom will be visible. But who does such work, he will also always refer men to my love commands. And that is again a sign which spirit is in control, because my opponent will never ever admonish and stimulate to love, which dethrones him himself, which robs him of his following. The end is near, and for that reason great confusion is among men, what on the other hand my opponent aims to achieve, who creeps in everywhere, where it is possible for him; whose first striving it is to invalidate truth, to extinguish the light, which is to illuminate the way for men. And he finds much opportunity to cast shadows on the rays of light – but he will not be able to extinguish the light, for the illuminating power is too strong and blinds him, so that his doings are uncovered and remain without success. For where once the longing for me has been awakened, where the thinking and striving is directed towards me, where I am called upon in the spirit and in the truth, there also my love power flows over and fills man's heart. And eternal love recognizes, the father, and gives him for himself boundlessly. And this devotion of the will it is alone, what I request of you, you who want to serve me. Then all your thinking, wanting and acting will be right; then you are provided with my power, and you will be living representatives of my teaching – you will only be able to speak, as it is my will and therefore also stand in truth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5641.


Book 62 5642

Gifts of the spirit.

1. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5642.

To bring the gifts of the spirit in you to development is to be your constant striving, for then you can say with certainty: The Lord is with me – for it is then no longer you, who speak, think and act, but I myself am in you and work in you through my spirit. But I also want to prove my presence to you; I want to reward your faith, which must exist, where my spirit wants to express itself. And I want to transfer my love power so to you that you can now carry out what you want; that therefore my power becomes visible in you. The strength of your faith now also determines the gift of the spirit, which now goes to you, which you have as it were acquired through faith and love. For the degree of love determines the measure of power supply, which again has an effect as strong faith and the strength of faith makes it now possible to work miracles, therefore the expression of my spirit is requested in excess, without to doubt that I now do, what man asks. Every supernatural talent is as it were a wonder, but actually only a natural occurrence for him, who stands already in cognition, who knows that I am love; that love is power and that you can receive this love power from me, so you yourselves bring love in you to development and you consequently cause me to work myself. Gifts of the spirit are always only the signs of the bringing about of the original actual state or relationship of the being to me. The right relationship must inevitably also guarantee a fullness of light and power, and in this fullness of light and power man will also think, speak and act full of light and power; he will stand in cognition; he will be able to speak in wisdom, be able to instruct and enlighten men; he will know about everything, what stands in connection with me. He will therefore have the gift of wisdom and be able to be extremely active for fellowmen, because he can give them light; he will have unusual power at his disposal and for that reason be able to achieve things, which are seen by men as miracles and still can only be brought about through the use of my love power. Gifts of the spirit are all those unusual abilities, which presuppose a divine power, which therefore the human intellect cannot acquire, but a heart willing to love at any time. Gifts of the spirit always prove the intimate connection with me, because it is me myself, who reveals himself through such gifts, and for that reason that man cannot show a gift of the spirit, who keeps away from me, who has not already established the connection, the right relationship, with me through love work. But how I express myself through a man, that is caused through the mission, which a man has taken over; it depends on his strength of will and faith, in which way my power, my spirit, works. But my spirit will always testify to me, therefore every spirit gift will glorify me and my name, testify to me and my teaching and be able to lead men to faith in me, for that is the work of my spirit that it wants to lead men to me; that the father spirit from eternity is striven for; that man feels inwardly pushed to establish the connection with me, to then be seized by my love, which no longer drops him for ever.

And for that reason one can always speak of the work of the spirit, where work is done for me and my kingdom; when this happens in a living way. But gifts of the spirit are obviously recognizable and presuppose a particular strong faith and also a work of love, which has produced this faith. For through such a man I myself can reveal myself and as it were let my expression of power become visible, but what always only aims to achieve, to also awaken faith in fellowmen, but under respect for free will, for my spirit gifts do not compel, except for the gift of healing the sick, which certainly can leave a deeper impression, which could induce men to faith. But also such a faith must first become alive through love – therefore men will certainly no longer be able to deny the unusual, referring to me, but only from the knowledge of it he will draw the right use, when he himself lets his faith become an alive one through love – why also this gift of the spirit can be a blessing, when it is recognized right. You all are to strive for the gifts of the spirit, but not for the sake of the visible success, but for the sake of the power of faith – you are to strive for them to be able to give a living testimony with it of the joining together with me, I who now work through my spirit in you. Who can show gifts of the spirit, he fully consciously stands in connection with me; he has already felt me myself, and his eagerness for me and my kingdom is now comprehensible and is promoted by me through the gifts of the spirit. Nevertheless also such spirit gifts are not always acknowledged by fellowmen, because also to the recognition of divine power expression, to the recognition of my revelations, belongs an awakened spirit, because only men willing to love have brought the spirit in them to awakening, which then inspires them and give them brightness, which now also directs their thinking, wanting and speaking right. But where my spirit still slumbers in man, also no understanding is to be counted on for occurrences to be explained pure spiritually, for spiritual gifts, which presuppose living faith, but also stipulate living faith, to be able to be recognized.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5642.


Book 62 5643

Good Friday. Way to Golgotha.

3. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5643

The way to Golgotha was the end of my earth walk; it was the victory and the fulfilment – it was the most difficult and most bitter sacrificial walk, for it stood in its details clearly before my eye until the hour of death. I knew about all sufferings and agonies and still went this way consciously. But in exactly the same way the enormous trouble of sinful mankind stood before the eye; the immeasurable sin guilt and its effect lay on my shoulders like a massed together burden, and I knew that when I shook off this burden – what I certainly could in my might and power, mankind had to collapse under it and could never cope alone with the burden. I knew that this load of sin tormented mankind for eternities and never let it gain freedom and happiness. I saw these agonies of the whole mankind before my spiritual eye, and I took pity on the unhappy spiritual. For that reason I took off from mankind the burden of sin and went the way to Golgotha; I took upon me the unspeakable suffering to atone for the debt, which was so great that only extreme human suffering was enough for atonement achievement. For that reason I wanted to suffer and die for men and in no way lessen my suffering. You men will never be able to gauge the size of my work of mercy, for also you, you who believe in me, you know about my divinity, which could also lessen the greatest suffering – but I suffered and died as man. All agonies, which a man could just bear, were committed on me, mentally and bodily I was maltreated in the most wretched way; my tormentors did not just tormented the body, but uttered so terrible and hate filled words that my soul recognized them as expressions of hell and was tortured unbearably. What is just to be thought of as suffering, I have born, and that because of love for men, who should have atoned for their enormous sin guilt themselves and would have needed eternities for it. I as man Jesus could assess the suffering of these men, and this immeasurable suffering I wanted to avert, by me bearing, what to bear I was able. My love could not go past the great trouble of mankind; it wanted to help; it wanted to bring redemption to all oppressed, it wanted to beg for forgiveness for all sinners; it wanted to do atonement and for that reason bring itself as sacrifice to the heavenly father.

But men must acknowledge the done sacrifice and have themselves be redeemed by me. For that reason I shout to you in hottest love: Do not let me have brought the sacrifice in vain for you. Recognize that a great sin guilt burdens you, and want that you become free of it. Accept my sacrifice on the cross as having been brought for you; also you put yourselves under the cross of Golgotha; do not let my suffering and my death on the cross remain without effect for you. Bring all your sins to me, so that I can liberate you, so that you get forgiveness, so that the father may accept you for the sake of the love of his son – let all of you redeem yourselves through my blood, which I have shed for you men on the cross.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5643.


Book 62 5644

Easter. Resurrection – Overcoming of death.

5. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5644.

Remember death, but do not be afraid of it, for I have overcome death and rose again, to give you faith that there is also for you a resurrection to life, which last for ever. Death is overcome; I have bought life for all, who want to live and do the same, what I did on earth, to put the soul and the body in the position of life, which no longer allows death, although the bodily cover stops to perform its activity, although man dies.

The soul will enter into eternal life and never ever be able to pass. And so you no longer need to fear the hour death, what certainly was justified before my death on the cross, before my resurrection, for the gate to eternal life was closed; I first had to open it that the soul could now enter into the kingdom of life. Through my death on the cross I acquired for all the right; I opened the gate, and I showed to all men the way, which leads to this gate. I showed men, whereby they could acquire eternal life like me, how man himself can overcome death, which is a state of powerlessness and darkness and therefore must be relieved by a state in power and light to have been overcome. Men were completely of a weakened will in the spell of him, who was my opponent; they were inactive, because they were powerless, for they lacked love, which would have supplied power to them without measure. My opponent had men firmly under his control; he prevented them from love work and therefore also prevented the supply of power, which was necessary to live, to a state of free activity. And their weakened will was the result of sin. But I took all sins of men upon me; I atoned the great debt through my death on the cross and now acquired for men a strengthened will. I removed the chains, with which my opponent had bound them, and helped them to now move in activity testifying to life. They were now able to perform works of love, when they called upon me for help. I overcame death, i.e. my opponent. Through my death, my work of love for the oppressed beings, I paid him the ransom and therefore redeemed you. You are now free and can again work, when you live, as I have presented it to you on earth, in unselfish love for God and for the neighbour. Then also you arise out of the grave of death to eternal life; then no power keeps you back any longer in darkness; then you throw all bodily covers away from you and enter the opposite kingdom free, full of life power and in most radiating light; then also you are risen in truth from the dead; your soul knows no fetters anymore; it just still leaves the immature spiritual behind, the bodily cover, to also still enable it to mature. The soul can no longer be kept back from the power of darkness; it is free and strives for me, I who have redeemed it from the dark power; I who myself have risen on the third day to show you men that I have overcome death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5644.


Book 62 5645

How long was Lucifer able to create?

6. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5645.

My power was effective in the first created being so long, until the decision of the will was completely made, or also: Lucifer or the light bearer could still let entities come into being so long, as he was still filled with my love power, but which more and more weakened with his constant fall into the depth, with his going away from me, to become completely ineffective in the end. Therefore I did not take away the power from this first created being, but he himself made it ineffective, as soon as he moved away from me endlessly far. But the act of the decision of the will was not a matter of the moment; also this decision was an occurrence, which carried on for endless times, for also the will in Lucifer opposed to me developed slowly, and the beings having emerged from him were also accordingly, more or less bearing in them the will turned away from me. As long as therefore the first created being did not have carried out the break with me, is was also still active to create and fashion, but the ability to create disappeared more and more, however not reduced by me, but my power lost its effect quite legally, as soon as it met with resistance. As long as therefore the first created being remained in the area of my love power, it could also create, but always in accordance with its will, to accept my power in the cognition that he received it from me as the original source of the power. This time of the still undecided will was fully enough for the creation of innumerable beings with likewise undecided will, which then turned away from me more and also let the first created being become unable to further call entities into life. The intimate connection with me let power flow to the being without restraint, which my love had created once. The final separation from me also had to inevitably result in complete powerlessness. The power effect decreased in the same measure as the will turned away from me. But as long as it used my power for creating, it also acknowledged me as power source, but did not transfer this cognition upon that, what it had called into life.

And when it will wise wanted to receive no power any longer from me, in the belief, to possess it itself, its decision of the will was carried out. It rejected the power, and that meant endless distance from me and therefore powerlessness, so that after its fall into the depth also its power was broken, to let entities come into being through its will. Understand right: An immeasurable time lay between the first moment of rebellion and the complete estrangement from me, and the entities created in this time were also fashioned accordingly, why it was therefore necessary that I had to radiate through all entities, from which I demanded the decision of the will, also with my light of cognition, but which it used in exactly the same way differently, as it itself was differently. But it could decide right; the kind of its creation was not determining, but each one being's will was free. Of a fall into the depth one could already speak with the moment of the first will wise estrangement from me – but which was not completely carried out so long, as I myself was still recognized as source of power. And as long also the first crated being could use the power supplied by me unrestrictedly according to its will. For so long it remained in the circuit of my love, as it acknowledged me myself. But it stepped out of this circuit, when it consciously resisted me – when it itself rejected the power, to not needing to acknowledge me, because it itself thought to be full of power enough, to be able to unauthorized create and fashion. Now my power remained ineffective according to the original law from eternity. And now also no creation of entities was possible, for now I used my entire love power for the leading back of the fallen spiritual. The spiritual work of creation was completed; now began the making divine of that what was created, the developing of the creatures in free will to my children – a work, to which my whole love power is directed at and which also my opponent will not be able to prevent, to which in the end also this opponent will voluntarily surrender, to again reach the state of unlimited power and to use it now according to my will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5645.


Book 62 5646

The deepest knowledge was revealed to Jesus. Following of Jesus.

8. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5646.

The act of creation as well as the fall of men into sin, the estrangement of the spiritual from me, is to always be portrayed to you men just figuratively, i.e. so that it becomes comprehensible to you, what made the son of man Jesus to have himself nailed to the cross, and why he must be acknowledged as God's son and redeemer of the world. The degree of maturity of man also determines his power of cognition; only rarely can a man penetrate into the deepest wisdom and therefore understand my rule and work so as the man Jesus, for he was able to see through everything and so also my eternal plan of salvation, the plan of making divine of the once created. This deepest cognition as man was also only the result of his life in love, which therefore had brought about the making divine of him himself, therefore the man Jesus reached as it were this aim on earth, which I had set for the whole spiritual, the entities created by me. The reaching of this aim, the making divine of his nature, had to inevitably mean such a bright state of the spirit that Jesus could recognize, assess and see through everything – but at the same time also the endless far distance of men from me, which could never lead to that aim. Exactly that knowledge about it made him do something to bring back to me, whom he loved above everything, my creatures as beings, which had become like my original nature through love. Love for me and his fellowmen was the divine in him, which now also had him know about everything and so also about the only way, which was a help for that, what deserted me. But the man Jesus could never impart that knowledge to his fellowmen. He certainly could show them the way, to gain cognition, but never transfer his own cognition to his fellowmen. And for that reason knowledge about the creation and the defection of the spiritual is also not to be won scholastically by men; it also cannot be presented by me myself so that man has full understanding for it. It is the deepest knowledge, which alone only through love becomes the property of him, who wants to possess it. Nevertheless you men are directed in right thinking through my spirit, as soon as you are able for it, to not fall victim to those erroneous teachings, which veil my image for you or can also disfigure it, what would never deepen love for me. But real love can illuminate your spirit in one moment, and everything, what was still unclear for you before, arises with clarity before your spiritual eye that no world knowledge is able to displace this your knowledge. Then it is impossible for you, to still hold one wrong thought in you; you recognize as error, what is error; but you also know that you stand in truth, in right cognition, because it is that light, which flows into you from the original light, which cannot be brought to the intellect from the outside, but which everyone has inside of him since the very beginning. A man on earth rarely reaches that degree of maturity, which unveils everything for him, what was unveiled for the man Jesus, but real following of Jesus is the only way, which unveils the secrets for him, and who goes this way, to him also the work of creation, the fall into sin and the work of redemption of Jesus Christ will become comprehensible, and the cognition, the knowledge about my rule and work, about my plan of salvation from eternity will make him happy and deepen his love for me, I who just had my extreme great love working, to again give and receive love, and I who for that reason also never become tired, to woo the love of my creatures, until they show it to me by themselves as my children, until they have themselves made gods out of them through love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5646.


Book 62 5647

"Whom God loves."

9. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5647.

Whom God loves, him he has quite often walk on stony ways and carry burdens, which almost overwhelm him, but always only for his best, for every burden of the cross can bring about blessings with the right attitude towards him, who directs his fate. Whom God loves – his love is certainly directed to all his creatures, but particularly to those, who no longer have to go far to reach the last aim. He knows the disposition of each one man, and so he also knows, how the individual man stands to his God and father from eternity, and accordingly he often touches him to help him to reach the aim. And only so you are allowed to explain to yourselves that often men loyal to God, who obviously do his will, must suffer and must often wage a difficult life struggle, which now and then has the goodness and love of God doubting. God knows it, for what everything is good, and so men would just be convinced of his love and goodness, they would also recognize everything difficult as sending of God and not be rebellious; they would know being seized by God's love and patiently wait, until fate takes a turn again. There is truly much suffering on earth; mankind languishes under its pressure, but it does not recognize itself as needing rearing and therefore rebels against it inwardly, where it should just devotedly fall into line, so that every difficulty would again be taken from it and the help of God appears obviously that God as loving father would be recognized by everyone, who wants to recognize him. Whom God loves, he lets suffer. These words are certainly hardly expressed, for no man thinks about that suffering is a truly effective means of bringing up in a world, where just always only that is striven for, what pleases the body, where God's love is not seen in states of trouble and of sorrow. And nevertheless it is his love, which expresses itself so, as it is helpful for the soul. For God knows about the blessing of suffering, and he for that reason often applies such means, to keep men back from the earthly world. He rather wants to see them suffering than to come to an end in the mire of the word and their sin. He knows that illness and pain can produce a change, but that the world can never offer a spiritual success for the soul; that for that reason the world must first be put aside, to which God gives his indirect help, by him keeping men back from the world and its dangers through means, which certainly apparently have the love of God missing, but are never corrupting for the soul, unless man rises up against the fate and he calls for his opponent. Then he will certainly be helped, but differently, than man thinks – he certainly helps, but never without service in return. And this service in return is letting him have the soul. For that reason resign yourselves to the will of God, so you are affected by trouble and suffering, do not grumble and complain; bend your head under his arrangement, and direct your eyes only to him. And he will take the cross from you; he will make it easy for you, as soon as you leave yourselves to him and his merciful guidance. For you can always know yourselves loved by him, who through suffering and trouble want to win you yourselves for him; who wants to purify your soul and again and again gives it the opportunity to test yourselves in patience and gentleness, so that then the help of God comes visibly; so that his love intervenes visibly and he also heals all wounds at the right time.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5647.


Book 62 5648

Earth fate in accordance with will.

11. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5648.

I am the father of all of you, and so it will also be comprehensible to you that I grant to each one of my children the father love and that I have each ones fate at heart; that I myself lead every child by the hand so long, until it can go itself, until it has matured into a being equal to me, until it is connected most closely to me and then therefore thinks and acts according to my will. Already from eternity each being's development is prescribed – but what does not mean that it must follow this walk involuntarily, but that my wisdom recognized, which walk is according to the will of the being and offers the greatest possibilities, to lead it to me. For I saw both the resistance as also the letting up of the resistance in each one being, and my plan of salvation adapted itself to this will. The being lacks all remembering back both of the happy state at the very beginning and also its fall into the depth. As a result its will can decide completely free in its direction, and it is influenced by me in no way. But my love and wisdom put the being always in conditions favourable for its change of will. It can very easily decide right, but is not compelled to it. I will never myself make its course of development more difficult, because I feel an endless love for that, what has emerged out of me, and because this love always just longs for the return of the being to me, therefore I will always make it easy for the being, to find the right way to me. I also saw from eternity the failures; I saw the renewed defection of my creatures from me, which always required new opportunities to once reach my aim. But also these failures are taken account of and do not hinder me in my process of healing – they just extend it and require more effective means, and once also these lead to the aim. As therefore man's fate on earth is, that always corresponds with my plan of salvation from eternity, since I also know about the will of him and always have an effect according to this will, therefore earth life approaches man so, as it is favourable to change the will and to turn it to me. As father of my children I truly also know about every kind of nature and must consequently also approach each of my children differently, to win it for me, to gain its love for me. For that is my aim that they present their love to me, and for that reason I do not force them, but leave their freedom to them, for compulsion can only produce obedience out of fear, but never obedience out of love. But I long for the love of my children, and for that reason I never lose patience, even so my plan of leading back requires long time. I will always take the will of my creatures into account, but once it will freely decide for me, once love for me will break through; it will subordinate its will to me; it will long for my love, and my father love will draw the child to it and now no longer leave it for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5648.


Book 62 5649

Food from heaven. Source of love. (Soul food)

11. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5649.

All of you strengthen yourselves with that food, which I serve you; let yourselves be addressed by me; believe it that love lets me descend to you, because I want to fetch you up to me, when you yourselves do not resist me. Hear words of most holy love, words of deepest truth, words full of light and power, and let yourselves be radiated through by my light; let yourselves be strengthened, and help your soul to recovery, which it so long ill, as it does not receive food and drink from me, as it does not let itself be touched by my love. All of you are children of my love; all of you have the right to enjoy heaven's happiness; all of you are allowed to dwell near me, however you must be such that my nearness no longer harms you; that you are not consumed by the fire of my love. And for that reason you yourselves must have become love, to be able to unify yourselves with me as the eternal love. I want to help you to that end, you who are still far away from me, therefore also far away from love. I address you for that reason, to kindle in you love; I approach you in the word; I am with you, as soon as you listen to my word and willingly receive it in your heart. Then the cover of your soul melts, and my ray of love touches it quite powerfully and let it shake of bliss. I see your trouble; I see the hunger and thirst of your souls; I know about your weakness and darkness; I want to help you; I want that you step to my table and take Communion with me; I want that you strengthen yourselves with the word, which is from me, which is salutary food for the weak and helplessly sick soul. I offer you the right medicine that you can recover, but you yourselves must want that you get well.

You must listen to my voice and believe that your father in heaven never gives up his children; that he also follows you into darkness; that he always lights a light for you, so that you find the way, which leads you out of darkness. For I love you and I do not want that you suffer and spend your existence in trouble and agony.

And where you now see such a light shine, there stay and have a strengthening drink be served to you, and so you have tasted it and you feel the power noticeably, so no longer go away from this source of life, for also you will be awakened to right life, so you just desire to live. I do not want your death; I do not want that you sink into the night of darkness; I want that the radiating morning also pleases you; I want that also you are illuminated by the sun of my favour; I want that also you are happy in my love; that you awaken to life and do not lose this life for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5649.


Book 62 5650

Spiritual rebirth.

12. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5650

This spiritual rebirth you men are to strive for, for only, so you are born again, is eternal life certain for you. Your natural birth is just the necessary process to make the way to rebirth possible for the soul. You soul must be born again; it must step from the state of lifelessness into the state of life; it is to step out of its cover; it is to be born again, therefore enter an area, which was up to now foreign to it; it is to flee from its old cover, to now be able to develop in freedom and light. Your natural birth is a gift of God, who gives the possibility to the soul, to create a new life for itself – but the rebirth it must strive for itself; it must consciously enter into a new life; it must consciously strive for God and work on itself to become free from its cover, which was as it were the grave for the soul, from which it must climb out to exchange the state of death with that of life. This rebirth is no gift of God, but must be striven for by the soul itself, but it is the aim of man on earth, which he must reach, if he wants to be happy. And he reaches it, when he breaks the fetters through a life in love, which still keep his soul bound, when he, through love, brings the divine life spark in himself to awakening, when the before dead soul, which is powerless and ignorant, is stimulated through this life spark in it to a work pleasing to God, when it as it were has itself been driven from the inside to work in love and in this way receives power, to break the fetters and to lift itself up into a kingdom, where it feels at home, where it originally belongs to. Then it is born again, then it certainly still lives on earth, but next to the earthly life it leads a spiritual life; it thinking and striving is directed spiritually; it has recognized its life task and seeks to fulfil it; it lives consciously in and with God. But it has accomplished this spiritual awakening out of its own will, certainly supported by the favour of God, which however is at the disposal of every man, but is not used by every man, because the will for it lacks. You men are to set as aim of your earth life the spiritual rebirth, for you live only, so you have been born again; so your soul is resurrected out of the grave of death, so it has fled from the spiritual darkness and has entered the light of the day. And every thought, which you consciously direct upwards, every act, which you accomplish in love, secures you this spiritual rebirth, your striving must only be, to give to your soul a full life, not to keep it imprisoned, when it wants to flee from the cover of the grave; you must fully consciously strive for the spiritual rebirth, by you overcoming, what still burdens your soul as fetter; you must give it full freedom. The soul is to receive a new life; full of light and power it is to enter into this new life; an endless long state of being bound is to be relieved; it is to be born again in the spirit and in the truth, to now no longer losing this life for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5650.


Book 62 5651

Leading of the blind.

13. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5651.

Lead the blind right that they find the right way to me; accompany them; do not let them walk the way alone, which they cannot see, because they lack the light of the eyes. Feel compassion for these blind, for without help they are not able to reach the aim. And know that all men are blind in the spirit, who go along without cognition, who lack that light, which is necessary for recognizing. And you are to help these blind in the spirit, for they are in great trouble. Often they are grasped at the hands and pushed on a way, which is walked by many; and carelessly they march along among the many, not suspecting that the way leads downwards, far away from the destination, for which they should be heading. For that reason you are to be spiritual guides for these blind; attentively you are to stand at the edge of the broad way and look after such blind; gently pull them away from the broad road to the narrow way, which indeed leads upwards and is therefore to walk with more difficulty, but which must be walked by everybody, who has a guide by the side, in whom he can put is trust. How often do you meet blind in spirit, who are grateful to you for a ray of light; who safely put their trust in you, that you lead them right; who are not stubborn, but completely ignorant, and who gladly receive knowledge from you, which gives them a light in their dark state of the spirit. But they must feel your love, because they are suspicious in their weakness and helplessness. For that reason seek first to win their trust, before you offer yourselves to them as guide on the way upwards; seize them with a gently hand, and make them understand that you only want to help those, who do not find their way alone. And then describe the destination to them, for which you strive yourselves, and then call upon them to go with you under your leading, under your help and protection. And so you have won the trust for you, do not disappoint them – always think of that they have to rely on you; that you must help them so long, as they still have not again the light of their eye; that you are only allowed to have them walk alone, when they have become seeing through you and can no longer go wrong. Then they will head for the aim by themselves, which lies before them brightly radiating; then they will see me myself at the end of the way and turn no look from me any longer – then I myself stretch out the hand to them and pull them up to me. And then you have performed a work of compassionate neighbourly love that you have helped to the light those, who were blind in the spirit, and they will thank you for this work of love for ever.
Amen B.D. NR. 5651.


Book 62 5652

Serious admonition to vineyard work.

15. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5652.

The days will pass quickly, where you can still be active for my kingdom. And for that reason I will provide you with power that you can use the short time well; I want to extend your field of work; I want to give you ample seeds, so that you can scatter much on the field, which you are to cultivate. I want to be with you with my blessing and you are to feel it noticeably, for you are to get stimulated to busy activity, because there is no more long time until the end. To which you are pushed that do, for it is my will, which I put into your heart, and where you have opportunity, there speak, even so you do not always find the understanding, when one does not agree with you. It is always the beginning, the first ploughing up of the field, which must be, to make the soil suitable for the seed. The seed will not always come up, but the more lovingly you go to work, the more success you will have. Free speech is still permitted to you; you still need to fear no counter power; a certain state of quietness is among men, where they can listen to you, when they want it. And you are to make good use of this time and eagerly create for me and my kingdom. And I will truly level the ways for you and guide you, allocate the work to you, which you can do successfully. Difficult times lie before you, over night the storm will burst forth, which requires all power of resistance, about which I know and take my precautions accordingly, but the quietness before is a time of favour, which it to be used right. What can be done for the spreading of my Gospel that your heart will tell you, through which I express myself, so you want to serve me. And what you now recognize as good and according to my will that also carry out and let yourselves be blessed for it, for you then do a co-work for me, which still lets many souls find to me. However it comes, it is my providence; it is my will, which is just according to my plan of salvation from eternity. You are just not allowed to put aside the spiritual work and let earth life have priority. Working with me and for me and taking part in the work of redemption – that is your actual task, which you will always be able to fulfil, because you never need to do without my blessing. Time draws to its close - and what is just possible, to still rescue souls before the night of death, that you are to do, that I will also always favour; I will level all ways, which you are to go to bring life to the dead souls. I myself will take you into my protection; I will take care for you like a good house father cares for his children, for his servants and maidservants, who seek to fulfil his will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5652.


Book 62 5653

Prayer in spirit and in truth.

16. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5653

No-one will call me for help in vain, who sends his request to me in spirit and in truth. But how are you to pray that your call reaches me? You are not to speak out a lip prayer, for I do not hear and listen to it, because your heart is uninvolved in it, because you do not establish the connection with me, but always remain on earth, because you just practise a form, which has no life. But also an intellectual prayer does not get through to my ear, although man acknowledges me intellectually as God and creator from eternity and now expresses words to me in this belief, through which he believes having established the connection with me. I require a different prayer; I require the full confidence in me, I require the request call of a child, who recognizes the father in me and fully trustingly comes to him that he may help him. In the confidence of a child lies the power of faith and a prayer, which is sent to me so, comes from the heart and hits my ear. Then man does not speak to God, but the child to the father. Only when a man seeks me in thoughts in the stillness of his heart, when he holds a conversations with me, when he spreads out before me unaffected and undisguised, what presses him, when he recommends himself in humility to me and my care, when he has removed all barriers between him and me, when he lets me be present through an intimate call, he prays in the spirit and in truth; then his spirit rises up to me, or also I lean down to my child, and his request will not die away unheard. A child, who comes to me with all its requests so devout and fully trustingly, him I will not disappoint; I will also reveal myself to him as loyally caring father; I will not leave it in trouble. I will not let his faith be wrecked, for he does not seek me in the distance, he dares to come to me and still remains deeply humble, otherwise he would not pray, but demand. But an intellectual prayer is a demand, which man makes on me, because he believes being entitled to it through his acknowledgment of me myself. Such an intellectual prayer lacks deep humility, for where humility is, there the intellect keeps silent, but the heart speaks the louder. In the spirit and in the truth you are to pray – and that you can only, so you establish the child relationship with me. Then the way from you to me is not far; then you can be with me at all times in thoughts, then you also always draw me to you, for then your thinking will always be directed towards me in love, and I recognize and feel your love and can therefore already have an effect on you through my spirit. And then you will never do a wrong request, for the father always hears, when his child calls him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5653.


Book 62 5654

Day of redemption or day of judgement?

18. April 1953. B.D. NR 5654.

The day of redemption is no longer far away but will it mean redemption for all men? Will it not be a day of judgement for many where they, instead of being redeemed, will be banished anew in hard form? And so this day can be longed for but also can be feared, but those who have to fear it do not believe in it and are therefore irretrievably lost because they do nothing to ward off this new banishment. This day will be a real redemption to only few men but these have suffered already before while the others do not know suffering and therefore also feel no desire to have a saviour. But still this one will come to redeem who believe in him. A very difficult time comes for the believers, but then they are not to forget the promise that I will come to judge the living and the dead. The times of need are also to be proof of the truth of my word, and the firmer they are to believe in my coming on the last day, in the salvation from severest need. It will indeed be a day of redemption for mine, who are tempted to doubt the truth of my word in the face of the good living of the unbelievers. But for the sake of the chosen ones the days are to be shortened. I will strengthen the ones that are mine until the day has come and it will be there faster than it is expected. The worldwide political situation will seem to be so quiet that nobody believes in an end; because under the rule of Antichrist oil seems to have been poured on troubled waters of restlessness and earthly a rise is recognizable that causes men to become more and more ungodly, more and more lacking love, and only the ones who are mine recognize it as the hour of the world clock. Because they alone have to live in want and suffer whereas the rest of mankind indulge themselves and try to feed themselves in the ecstasies of the world. Nobody will foresee how close the end is when Antichrist starts his world domination. He ushers in the end; he brings about the spiritual chaos; he lets the faith struggle break out and he also causes the separation of the spirits because under his rule the confession is demanded for me and my name and therefore also the last decision made that still has to take place before the end. But as soon as this faith decision is demanded, you, my believers, can prepare yourselves for my coming because with increased trouble you also experience the fulfilment of my predictions that concern the end. Every day you can reckon on the end and still it comes suddenly and unexpectedly. But then those will be happy for whom this day brings redemption and wailing and gnashing of teeth will be for those who will be devoured by the earth, will be spawned anew into hard matter. You who believe in me, trust in these my words, that salvation will come in the hour of severest distress, that I will come and fetch you, and that you therefore have to fear no power on earth because mine is the power and the might and the glory.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5654.


Book 62 5655

Total dissolving of earth. Spiritualization.

19. April 1953. B.D. Nr. 5655.

A complete dissolving of the earth is now not yet intended but the total reshaping of the surface of the earth, that well comes up to an entire destruction because no entity is spared but every form will be dissolved to release the spiritual in it for the purpose of new shaping. The complete dissolving of the earth amounts to the spiritualization and this point in time has not yet arrived because the earth still serves as maturation station for the spiritual that is still imperfect. As long as the spiritual that is to get mature needs the earthly creation, so long also the earth will remain in existence as a material world, but always recurring reshaping will be inevitably according to the state of maturity and the will of the spiritual that is to reach perfection in it. But for the earth a point in time of the end is always then reached when such a reshaping happens because then for the whole spiritual, may it be the one that is embodied in man or the one that is bound in hard matter, a new redemption epoch begins, because also the different phases need also different possibilities and these have to be created again and again through God's great love and wisdom as they promise the most success. Men lack this knowledge about the separate development periods and especially in the last time before the end of each epoch, because the spiritual low of men - caused by their lack of love - also means ignorance and also a complete incomprehension for such presented knowledge. They think the end to be a complete ceasing to exist of earthly, material worlds. But this point of time is not yet foreseeable in eternities; but each individual phase of development covers a certain time that begins with the rising up of the most varied works of creation and ends with the destruction of these - that takes its beginning with spiritual high standing men and finds its end with truly devilish ones. Such a phase of development would never bring about the spiritualization of all entities, because as long as earthly material creations exist, as long as in addition to man the earth still bears creations that are below him, like animals, plants and spiritual that is bound in hard form, so long it cannot be dissolved totally because this spiritual has again and again to be given the possibility of maturing and to leave the present form, what alone already is causing constantly new phases as soon as the upward development reaches deadlock. Because at the end of each redemption epoch a spiritualization of men can no longer be noticed and such a failure or disregard of the actual purpose of the existence of life on earth has to be balanced - also this spiritual has to be shown a new way because with God there is no giving up of that what was and remains his, but what also has to become again such as it was when it took its beginning from God. Because even that what unstoppably heads for the deep he does not let remain in this deep but again and again finds new means and ways to lift it up to the light. So this upward development will never cease until also the last of the spiritual that once had fallen away from him finds back the way to the father. But there will still again and again be an end - an end of every individual phase that was granted to the spiritual in a certain period of time by God, but that also once finds its end. And that is why you men cannot speak carelessly of an end of the world under which a complete cessation of existence of God's creation is to be understood, but you have to imagine a change that is however so extensive and concerns everything that it is not conceivable to you as men and can also only be experienced and observed by the few loyal to God, who then will give evidence of God's might and glory on the new earth. You men are facing such an end and even if it is also doubtful to you and your intellect wants to resist it. But think of the still bound spiritual, think of all the creations below you, and ask yourself how this spiritual is to be redeemed if not again and again possibilities would be created for it. Even think more of those men that are completely remote from God and still cannot live on earth forever. Then you will understand that God's love that is full of mercy takes care of all the unredeemed and that what seems to be a pure work of destruction is an act of greatest mercy, because the new creations that follow thereupon again offer the course of upward development to that what was deeply fallen, that can after all once lead to God even if after an endless long time.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5655.


Book 62 5656

Knowledge about plan of salvation from eternity.

20. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5656.

My plan of salvation from eternity would explain much to you men and let you recognize my extreme great love and mercy, but also my wisdom, but before love is not lighted in you to give life to the spirit spark in you, everything remains incomprehensible to you, and also the pure knowledge about it you do not accept, because it is incredible for you, as long as your spirit is not illuminated through love and a living faith. For that reason also only few will be initiated into my plan from eternity, but these will also be able to convincingly represent everything, what they know, and therefore are suitable servants for me on earth, who announce to men my will and draw their attention to the purpose and aim of their earth existence, who can therefore work for me and my kingdom, as it is my will.

To stand in full truth, to therefore also be able to spread it, man must call this knowledge about my plan of salvation his own, and he can only then possess it, when he has received it through my spirit. And so you always must differentiate knowledge brought from the outside to man or received from the inside; then it will also be understandable to you that former is doubted, while knowledge received through the spirit is presented convincingly, for the intellect likes to reject, what the heart accepts undoubted. But my plan of salvation includes everything. For that reason it cannot be explained intellectually, but great spiritual knowledge belongs to it, to understand me and my plan from eternity. And this great spiritual knowledge is the result of deep love and living faith. And for that reason the Gospel of love must always first be announce to men; they must be stimulated to love activity, to unselfish work for fellowmen, so that only then their faith awakens to life and compels love and faith in them to express itself. Then everything will become understandable to men, also the apparently impossible will be plausible to them, and then he wins knowledge above knowledge, and it becomes light in him. If men would know about everything, then they would also live their earth life consciously, but also cognition presupposes the fulfilment of conditions, because ignorance is a result of sin, of the former defection from me, and therefore the distance to me must first be decreased through love and faith, to change this state of ignorance into a state of brightest light, therefore fullest cognition. But light can only come from the inside; the spirit must illuminate man out from the inside, only then everything will be comprehensible to him, only then he grasps my plan of salvation from eternity, and only then he convincingly and eagerly supports me and my teaching, for then he stands in truth; he has been instructed by me myself through my spirit and is now an efficient servant in my vineyard, whose work will also be successful.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5656.


Book 62 5657

Why the Gospel just teaches love. Deeper knowledge. (Fire of love radiates out the light of wisdom -)

21. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5657.

My will is the fulfilling of the love commands, because it alone can give you that, what you lack. You have entered earth life completely without knowledge, and you will leave it I exactly the same way without knowledge, so you pay no attention to my love commands; for what you acquire of intellectual knowledge, that is not to be addressed as knowledge, as soon as you enter the opposite kingdom, where alone only love is assessed and consequently also only that knowledge, which a love life has earned you. For you must consider, being knowledgeable means to stand in fullest cognition about your beginning and destiny. This knowledge is not to be won intellectually, but certainly through a life in unselfish neighbourly love, because love is the fire, which radiates out light – therefore clearest recognizing of all things, both of the spiritual as also of the earthly world and their connections with the creator of infinity.

No light can be given to you without love, because only from the fire of love light goes out. But you will only be happy, so you stand in the light, so you know about everything, for this cognition is a sign of the joining together with me, I who wants to prepare this happiness for you. But love secures you the joining together with me, for love I am myself from eternity. I want to draw you to me; I want to make you happy for ever; I want to give you light. Therefore I can only advise you to do one thing, to live in love. And for that reason I gave you the commands of love for me and for the neighbour, because – so you fulfil these – you yourselves prepare happiness for you; because you then enter into the love current circuit, which gives you life – cognition, rich knowledge, which increases, the deeper love grows in you and therefore also increases your happiness constantly.

How this increased happiness expresses itself in the spiritual kingdom, is not to be made graspable for you, you who still walk on earth. But on earth you can already stand in most radiating light, therefore in cognition, which can lift you up far above your fellowmen, but which you cannot impart to those, who do not live like you on earth, i.e. in constant love work. For cognition is not to be passed on; it must be won by itself through love. Intellectual knowledge can certainly be transferred; it can be taken on and be built up further, but intellectual knowledge is worthless for eternity. But cognition is spiritual knowledge, clarity about things and connections, which cannot be researched and proved earthly, but which only make up true life; which are immortal and keep their value for ever. Spiritual knowledge is never accepted by an intellectual man, who does not live in love, for he lacks light, and for that reason he recognize nothing, because he walks in darkness. On the other hand the spirit of that man is illuminated, who works in love, even so his intellect is not sharp and for that reason he receives little attention with his fellowmen. And this light will never ever go out and also send out its rays in the spiritual kingdom – he will always be able to give, because he possesses.

And for that reason the Gospel just teaches love; I myself set men the way, which leads to me, to eternal light. An announcing of deeper truths would have been completely useless, because quite certainly only men willing to love would have grasped them, while they would just have made the others confused and unfree and still never met with their approval, therefore such knowledge would have been supplied to men complete pointlessly – but what they themselves could win at any time, when they just fulfilled my love commands. To no man knowledge is withheld, which he desires. But men, who live along without love, never desire right knowledge; they fear truth and do not want to hear it – and can therefore also never receive such, until they change to love, which also results in a change of their knowledge. But without love there is no clearness of the spirit; without love there is no knowledge, which is according to truth, and without love pure truth is never recognized and therefore always rejected, what means spiritual darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5657.


Book 62 5658

Rejecting of truth. Fight light and darkness.

22. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5658.

Pure truth will always be attacked, because the fight of darkness against light does not let up, because my opponent knows that it is about his rule and power, so untruth is uncovered and the light of truth illuminates his doings. Exactly for that reason the one sign for pure truth will be, when it is fought, for everything erroneous will find much easier entrance among men than truth. Truth will be acknowledged only there, where the degree of maturity of men is already a higher one through the desire for me and a life in love. And so you, my light bearers, will always be attacked by most of them and only acknowledged by very few. But do not be deterred by it; do not let yourselves be hindered in your spiritual activity, and do not condemn those still blind in the spirit. Now and then they also want the right and just do not see it, because they are still blind. And you will also not be able to present light to them, because they do not want to accept it, because they fear pure truth. For that reason they content themselves with half-truths; they do not recognize, where error has crept in, but represent this error with tenacity, exactly because they are still blind in the spirit. You stand in knowledge, why darkness is spread over the earth in the time of the end, and the rejection of men, the fight against truth, is therefore also to be comprehensible to you, but nevertheless you are not to get tired, to support truth, where a possibility still exists, to fight for it. Again and again you will find men, who prick up their ears and are happy about that, what you announce to them. And no matter when they are just individuals – it is a great win for me and my kingdom, so just one man accepts truth. For also he will again work with words or also with deeds, i.e., he will again be an example for others through his way of life, which can work exacltly the same way as the spoken word. But you yourselves must always hold on to truth; you are never allowed to forget, where the source of knowledge is, which you possess; you are not allowed to take exception to that fellowmen reject you, but you must eagerly strive for to serve as truth bearer, therefore be eager fighters for me in the fight between light and darkness, who fight with the sword of the mouth for me and my teaching, for in future truth will be obvious. The prince of darkness has soon exhausted himself on this earth, then a bright light will radiate, and in the light of eternal truth a new time will again begin, where I alone rule and am recognized as the original light from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5658.


Book 62 5659

Great period of time between begin and end of an epoch.

24. April 1953. B.D. Nr. 5659.

In great intervals the proceedings on earth repeat themselves that accompany the end of a development period and the beginning of a new one so that in the end no man can prove the beginning of those periods of time and consequently also no proofs can be produced for a destruction at such an end. And that is God's will so that men do not have to believe when they do not want to believe. The end of a previous period is well known to men, however only as traditional knowledge that also can be doubted. At the beginning men still know about the proceedings of the end and this knowledge will also be preserved by the descendants throughout many generations but the more the end of such a development period is again drawing to a close, the more also such knowledge will fade, it well will still be mentioned but will no longer be assessed as existing fact and will in the end be considered to only be a legend that is not proved historically. The believers will well consider all indications on it to be truth but they do not believe because they see the end coming and are afraid of it, but faith also earns them a higher power of perception and that is why the end of the earth is also understandable to them. And so also today men cannot be frightened through references to the flood, because they hardly still believe in it. This time was so long ago that it has become completely meaningless to men, who live in the end-time of the earth. But that also this has ended a phase of redemption most of men do not know and understand and consider it to be completely impossible that the same proceedings are to be repeated. And all that has to be like this for the sake of the freedom of will of men. Every compulsion that is to bring to man a change of his thinking and willing would be wrong where the upward development is concerned that is to take place in complete freedom of will; men can believe what will be announced to them; but they also can turn away their ears and rationally reject everything; they are not allowed to be forced through any evidence to think and act against their will. A development phase lasts endless long time looked at on the part of men; and also this is the will of the divine creator so that their attitude remains uninfluenced during the end-times so that they can believe in an end but also can doubt it, so that they therefore can make the final faith decision for or against God completely unconstrained. There is no lack of indications on the part of God toward the nearby end and also the explanation of the end will be given to men but their will always remains free and also the divine prophecies are no obligation, because they likewise have been given in such a way that they can be accepted, but also rejected when there is no will to live and act according to divine will. This will alone gives clarity and this will will also not refuse to accept the announcements through seers and prophets. And in the same way will also man, who bears such a will in himself, believe in the preceding periods and their completion and be convinced that also now again the end is approaching because everything happens as God let it announce in word and script.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5659.


Book 62 5660

Religious warfare. Power to confess.

26. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5660.

If you men would know about the sufferings of the coming time, about the fight, which is waged against those, who believe in me; you would then also understand, why I before supply my word to earth, why I myself descend to earth. You would recognize that you must before get strengthened in faith, to take everything upon you, to not fail in this religious fight. Pure truth gives you power, because you receive pure truth from me, because you draw it from my word, which is blessed with my power. Unbelieving men will be touched little, both from my word supplied to earth as also from that fight, because it is not directed at them, is rather still promoted by them. But the believers will have to suffer much, for not only is withdrawn from them, what they need as food for their soul, but they are forced through brutal measures to deny their faith. And it will be difficult to withstand, and completely impossible, where living faith is lacking. For only it will give them the power; only living faith means intimate connection with me and by this means direct power reception. But living faith is to be awakened through my word. I address you men for that reason that you, so my words touch you inwardly, establish the contact with me, who can then always pass on to you, what you need – power and light, to be able to resist, so one takes action against you. I know about the luke-warmness of men, who also think being believing, but will fall over with the smallest offence, because their faith is no living one. And I want to come to all these to help. I know, to which hardship they are exposed, and still must allow this to awaken them to life, for what they up to now just fulfilled as form that is to now stimulate them to think and cause them to give their opinion. Who easily gives up faith in me, he was already like a died leaf, which will fall off and is chased away from the slightest breath of wind – he does not need to suffer in the fight, which is waged for the sake of faith, but he will have to need to suffer the more after the end, which is not long in coming. But who already stands in a small degree of cognition, he will suddenly know, what this last fight means, and he will attach greatest value to my words, through which was announced, what fulfils itself now. I know for eternity about the coming time, and my care about you, you men can recognize by the supply of my word, which is to make you strong and able to resist, when the decision also approaches you. To suffer for the sake of faith is difficult, as long as the most inner conviction, living faith, does not give you power; but then also the strongest earthly power is not able to shake it. Then man likes to confesses my name joyfully before the world, for he then draws all power to resist from my word; from me myself he receives the power, and he will truly remain victor in the last fight on this earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5660.


Book 62 5661

Passing on of spiritual messages. Love and wisdom. Humility.

27. and 28. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5661.

Only few men have the favour of divine instruction, and it is given to them, to hear the voice of the spirit in them, as soon as they are to again utilize the received spiritual material as teaching material, as soon as they therefore work as servants in the vineyard of the Lord and want to bring out the Gospel into the world. Every such spiritual instruction from above – for the spirit in man is share of God – bears the stamp of divine love and wisdom and can consequently be assessed a purest truth. The spiritual kingdom is the starting place of the received, because the transmitters of the messages belong to this kingdom and because the transmission is an act of the conducting and passing on of divine power and belongs to the happy making activity of the blessed spirit world. A divine power spark slumbers in man, which through lighting and constant supply extends more and more and in the end becomes one with the fire of eternal love. What man on earth lacks, is power and light – and both is supplied to him with right way of life through power and light bearers, who are perpetually fed by the eternal power and light source and are therefore also able to perpetually hand out. This process you man must first understand right to then also grasp that light and power is equal to brightest knowledge and the ability to master everything on earth, being able to accomplish everything. The gift now to heal the sick or to work other miracles, is not to be learned, but certainly to be acquired through an opening oneself to the light and the power, which directly flows out of the original source of light and power, when man turns directly to God and asks him for it in firm faith, being able to also receive light and power directly from God and to utilize the received with a loving heart to the blessing of those, who are completely without light and power. Then there are therefore no limits set by God for the receiving of light and power. And man is initiated into all wisdom, and he will always move in truth, in right thinking and brightest cognition. But truth is offered to man so that it is also comprehensible to him; otherwise the knowledge is not much good to him, which he is now to pass on to fellowmen. And therefore God also enlightens the spirit of man; he also gives the power of cognition with the truth at the same time, the competence to judge – and therefore also the ability, to recognize error, which often wants to creep in as truth, offered by beings, which are hostile-minded towards truth. But as long as men are on earth for the purpose of ascent development, light and darkness will fight about the souls, and where truth from God lights up as light, also darkness will dispatch their messengers, to again extinguish this light. And because men are to be trained up to light bearers, who themselves still dwell in dark surroundings, because earth is no kingdom of light, also dark powers have entry, and they work by cunning and trickery. Man is also exposed to their work, because he still is not perfect, but he can protect himself through calling upon God, which is always heard. Man can erect barriers himself, which are insurmountable for the powers of darkness, when he establishes the relationship with God so firmly that now his presence spreads such a bright ray of light that the dark beings fall blinded to the ground and are unable to approach man. Out of which it follows that God and truth must be desired so intimately that access is blocked to all error, for God respects this desire for him and fulfils it. (28.4.1953) But he also respects his free will. And for that reason the opponent of God can creep in, where a creeping in is granted to him. He can stop the work of the spirit in man, as soon as he just finds one quality similar to his nature, which as it were serves him as bridge, to step into the thought world of man – a quality similar to his, as there are: arrogance, envy, avarice, greed, earthly lusts, among which the lust of the flesh is the worst. Just one hint of these faults needs to emerge in him, then he already gives a handle to the enemy of his soul, which he certainly knows to use. And then the thinking of man is also no longer free of error, because the spirit of God cannot have an effect, where the opponent of God is at work. A spirit awakened man will indeed rarely receive spiritual instruction in the state of such a weakness, where he allows entry to the opponent of God; he will then rarely establish the connection with God, when he stands in the spell of a passion, a bad habit, or a sinful desire, but one thing can darken his spirit at any time: spiritual arrogance – a fault, into which particularly a man entrusted with a mission can get that he thinks being great and superior above his fellowmen and in such self-conceit now seeks to establish the connection to receive spiritual material. Then there is greatest danger that the opponent of God intervenes and instructs him, because man opens the heart for him, but which now receives no light, but is darkened. Spiritual arrogance has already caused the downfall of many men, for arrogance it the share of him, who is the ruler of darkness. Man remains weak and exposed to the temptations, as long as he dwells on earth, but so he turns to God in deep humility, also his protection will be secure for him. But he must always wrestle and stand in great desire for truth, and he must want to serve God. Then he has also always the beings of light standing by his side, who protect him, as long as he receives spiritual material, but who also prevent him from receiving, when he is in danger to succumb to the influence of the opponent. But as soon as a man offers himself to perform vineyard work out of love for God and fellowmen, his services are accepted, and then the light beings form a wall round this servant, who is now instructed through the spirit of God, for God protects his work and consequently also his servants from error, because he wants that truth is spread, because he wants that a light is brought to men, which is to illuminate darkness, in which mankind languishes, particularly in the last time before the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5661.


Book 62 5662

No God of anger and revenge. Love and mercy.

29. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5662.

I take pity on mankind, and nothing happens for my part to still increase the state of misery, in which it is; nothing happens, what could be interpreted as anger and punishment by me, but I always just make an effort to bring help, to lead men out of their self-chosen and self-create state. My patience is endless, and my love determines all my rule and work. For I see, where the doings of men lead; I know about their fate, to which they are heading, and I cannot prevent it, because I cannot take free will from men. You would understand all this, when love would be in you, then spiritual blindness would be removed, and a seeing man also walks the right way, and he also reaches the destination. But you are without love and for that reason miserable. I would like to help you, but do you accept my help? You turn away from me, so I approach you and stretch out the hands; you walk further in blindness towards the abyss, for your will is stronger than your love, and this will is directed wrong. And I cannot direct it right forcibly, otherwise you would remain, what you are now, judged beings, which can never be happy. I will never turn away from you, even so you constantly strive more towards the depth; I will always follow you with my love and mercy; I will entice and call, but never force you to follow me. But I apply all means to protect you from further decline. And these means are the cause that you regard me as a God of anger and of revenge, provided you still believe in a God, who has created you. But I would like to prove to you my love, to also win your love, but you do not recognize me, because you are blind in the spirit. I truly do not hold it against you, but you yourselves create a lot for yourselves, which is agonizing and lasts endless long time until relief occurs. For that reason much suffering will still go over earth, which is the only means, to turn your will to me, and blessed, who then flees to me in his trouble, for the greatest danger is turned away from him, that he must again dwell endless long time in darkness; that he is banished anew on the day of judgement. He has let himself be snatched back from the edge of the abyss; he has seized my hand, which now no longer drops him, but slowly helps him up.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5662.


Book 62 5663

Spiritual disturbances – temptations. Patience.

30. April 1953. B.D. NR. 5663.

Every spiritual exchange secures you spiritual protection, as soon as you only desire truth. Yet you can get disturbed in a way that you are prevented to collect yourselves inwardly, because the powers of darkness use every opportunity to stop the supply of truth. If they now cannot have an effect on you from the spiritual kingdom, by them supplying error to you, so they make use of men on earth, to prevent you what is however only then damaging for you, when you let yourselves annoy through such disturbances. Then they can certainly count it as success for them, but never actually endanger the spiritual exchange. You must see everything as permission of God and know that also you must often get tested; that you must practise patience and gentleness and that you always then have fought a victory, when you deal with everything in calmness and composure, what concerns you, for you only mature then, when you no longer offer a target to the enemy of your souls.

He is pleased about every defeat of you, as which already an inner agitation or impatience is to be seen. And will give up his efforts, when everything bounces off you, when you are in fullest harmony of the soul and put up with everything as God's will or his permission. The spiritual exchange however it not endangered in this way that you are now and then prevented, but your desire for it will increase, and your spiritual work will always be carried out more eagerly, where the desire for God and truth fills man. For this desire no dark power can decrease or even destroy, because the beings of light always have such an effect on man that he does not let up to seek God and truth, and the influence of the light beings will always be stronger than the power of darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5663.


Book 62 5664

Work for the kingdom of God. Good house father.

1. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5664.

To work for God and his kingdom is truly the most beautiful activity on this earth, for the success of this work is not passing for ever; it is no futile work, because once it certainly leads to the aim, even so at first no success is seen. The work for God and his kingdom is as it were the intervention into the activity of the inhabitants of the kingdom of light, who always do work for the kingdom of God and are active tirelessly to serve God and all still imperfect beings. God always needs workers for his vineyard; he constantly takes on servants and maidservants, to whom he allocates the work according to their power and their will to work. And all will find much work and are not allowed to be lukewarm or indifferent, if they want to perform the work for God loyally; but all will also find supports, who initiate them to activity, who make them able for it and are therefore advisors and leaders for them in the work in the vineyard of the Lord. And no man willing to help is rejected; all can take part at the work of redemption, at this spiritual activity, which surpasses every earthly work in success and blessing. What a man acquires for himself through earthly work, he has only on loan, as long as he lives on earth; but spiritual work creates immortal values, which are only recognized right after the death of the body; but which then make unspeakably happy and give the soul the possibility in the opposite kingdom, to further work for the kingdom of God, indeed in a different way, but in always a form that makes happy. It is a serving activity, but which only a man can carry out, who has already acquired for himself a wealth on earth, which now is even more a help to him in the opposite kingdom, because the handing out of his wealth increases his happiness, because without possessions he can never give something away; but the constant giving only means happiness. On earth the work for the kingdom of God seems useless, because earthly goods cannot be acquire in this way – but in the opposite kingdom every soul is happy, so it can take part in the work for the kingdom of God. And only then it gets to know the value of spiritual treasures, at which it often went past on earth inattentively. And it is grateful so spiritual goods are offered to it on behalf of the light beings and it only now grasps the blessing of such goods. But who already works on earth for God and his kingdom, he no longer needs to call himself poor; already on earth he has a wealth at his disposal, with which he can work to the blessing of fellowmen, and he will never any more get pleasure from the world and its joys, for earthly goods are empty against the goods of the spiritual kingdom. To work for God and his kingdom also secures man an existence on earth without worries, for God is a good house father, who truly provides for his servants so that they do not need to live in want, but who also requests eager and conscientious work from all, who voluntarily go on duty for him. And he will bless their work and be to all of them a good Lord and house father, who awards every work, as he has promised it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5664.


Book 62 5665

Will towards God. Power in the last fight. Power from God.

2. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5665.

You do not need to fear the end, so you just have the will to remain loyal to me, so your thinking and striving is meant for the gaining of spiritual maturity, so you therefore just want, to do my will. Then everything approaches you so that you will always think, speak and act, as it is right. Then also no fear will overcome your heart, but strength of will will be in you that you encounter everything with a head held high, what comes over you. I know the will of the individual, and I give him power and favour according to this will. As soon as you strive for me and my kingdom, you do not need to fear the world and also not its rulers, who also stand under my will. The coming time will certainly make demands on you, but you yourselves will grow with these demands; you will master things, which appeared before to you overwhelming, and everything will sort itself out, as soon as your thoughts just remain turned towards me, as soon as they do not let themselves be imprisoned by the world, which will also approach you with its temptations, the closer it moves towards the end. But that is the greatest danger for you that you turn your eyes and senses to the world. But who has overcome the world, he does not need to fear the coming time, the religious war and the end, for he has already won – me and my kingdom – and he can lose nothing any more. Who seriously seeks me, he will also find me; who has found me, he no longer wants to give me up, and I also hold on to him and strengthen him against all temptations, which approach every man, as long as he still dwells on earth. And so that you do not let up in the desire for me, so that you do not get weak in the distresses through earthly power, I will also push myself always more into your thoughts and truly have stronger power over you than my opponent. For as long as your will is meant for me, he has no power over you. And for that reason fear nothing, whatever may come; I know about everything and lead you so that you always connect with me more intimately; that you find your happiness in the hours of quiet dialogue with me; that you use every opportunity to flee into my arms; that you always draw comfort and power, so you let me talk to you. In the word I come again and again to you and therefore impart directly the power to you, which will make you strong and robust, so that you do not need to fear the coming time. For mine possess my love and are never ever deserted by me. And all count as mine, who love me and keep my commends, who work for me and my kingdom – who are will wise devoted to me and want to remain loyal to me until the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5665.


Book 62 5666

Happiness of the light kingdom. Lust and joys.

3. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5666.

A happy life awaits mine in the spiritual kingdom, so they depart from this earth, so they have ended their life course and can now leave the earthly form for ever. Everything, what burdened them, falls off them, free and light they feel, and the light kingdom receives them, which inhabitants come to meet them, to now introduce them into their own area. No description about it is to be given to you men, which joys they feel and how that kingdom is, which they now inhabit. They are supernatural forms and ideas; it is a completely different sphere, for which nothing on earth could be quoted comparatively, and still the souls immediately find their way around; they know it that it is their true home, for the soul has received the remembering back and is for that reason extremely happy, because it recognizes the infinite love and favour, with which I have guided it from the beginning to the aim. Man cannot feel this happiness on earth, which expect him there, for as earth bound his feeling is only limited, and he would die, when his soul could already see on earth these splendours, but which it can now enjoy continually, without passing. But through love for me and for the neighbour man forms himself on earth and as it were makes himself receptive for light radiations, in which he can now in the spiritual kingdom move constantly and feels unmeasured happiness. It is the happiness of returned love, but which also always drives to love work, because the soul wants to give now, as it receives, because it can do no differently than prepare again happiness for those, who are still unhappy. The will of man guarantees on earth the soul the ascent, but it must be serious; it must turn to me deep in the heart; it is not allowed to be expressed only through empty words, which I always recognize as empty, which are not expressed in the spirit and in the truth and which are also not felt, without the mouth expressing them. But who seriously wants, he reaches his destination. And the promised happiness, which expects him, is to also let him bear the suffering devotedly, for it just increases the degree of happiness in the spiritual kingdom, while otherwise the soul in the hereafter must still go through dark spheres and needs long time, until it can enter the light kingdom. And truly no being needs to do without me, which longs for me and for my love – I will radiate it through and put in a state of highest happiness; I will change all suffering and misery into pleasure and joy; I will pay for thousand fold, what a man takes upon him out of love for me, and I will pay handsomely, who fight on this earth for me and my kingdom – I prepare for them a lot in the house of the father, which will make them happy for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5666.


Book 62 5667

Right way with Jesus Christ as leader.

4. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5667.

The ways to me do not always need to be the same, but I must always be the aim for men, which they want to reach, and all ways must lead upwards. Who goes a level way, cannot reach the aim, and the ways downward lead inevitably to ruin; but who strives upwards, who wants to find me, him I myself pull up. But when is your way directed upwards? When you choose Jesus Christ for yourselves as leader, who himself is the way. Every man therefore, who acknowledges Jesus Christ, who believes in him as the son of God and redeemer of the world, he has walked along the right way; he is now led further through him, who has said: "I am the way, the truth, and the life." And to stand under the leading of Jesus Christ means therefore also, to get initiated into truth and through truth to gain life, which lasts for ever. Truth is light, which brightly illuminates the way, so that losing one's way is impossible, while darkness of the spirit, therefore error and lie, darken the right way and the danger is great to get on to another way, which misleads. Since Jesus Christ is himself truth, so must, who wants to walk with Jesus the way, also accept truth; he must accept the word of God, which Jesus Christ has preached on earth, in all purity; he must let it have an effect on him and therefore now also do the will of God – for that is the right way that man may fulfil his commands, to be able to enter into eternal life. When Jesus himself says on earth: I am the truth – so absolutely everything is also to be assumed as truth, what he has spoken and taught. And every deviation from this original teaching is error, is untruth and is therefore not God's word. It can consequently also not be the way that leads to me, because this way can only be walked along through truth. Understand it, I am the aim. The way to me is Jesus Christ. The man Jesus was the representative of truth on earth; I myself was in him, and I can consequently accept nothing else than truth, and I will again and again supply this truth to those, who go along in error; I will always announce this truth through Jesus Christ – by again and again bringing to men the Gospel, his word spoken on earth, who then will have the right understanding for it, as soon as they profess Jesus Christ in the heart and before the world – as soon as they therefore recognize him as my emissary, as mediator, who wants to bring them to me myself. And his word is life, for his word teaches love, which only is true life, which awakens the spirit and guides man into all truth. To believe in Jesus Christ means to fulfil his commands, and then man goes the right way, which leads to eternal life. For he then walks along the way of love, which must be walked to reach light and truth. And so you have the mark of the right way – a life in unselfish love activity. Every way therefore leads to the aim, which lets love recognize, and every way, which is walked without love, is level, or it leads downwards. For love is the signpost; love is the power donator, to overcome difficult passable ways upward; love is the sign of relationship with Jesus, whose life on earth was just work in love and consequently also a sign of the joining together with me, I who have become visible to men in Jesus Christ, I who therefore myself lead you, so you choose Jesus Christ as leader. Love itself approaches you and wants to show you the way, which leads to the joining together with me. Eternal love itself teaches you love, because only then you can receive and recognize pure truth, when through love the spirit is awakened in you – because only then I become alive in you, because only then I can be present in you, when love has fashioned you to the receiving vessel of my spirit, which now initiates you to truth, and my spirit truly teaches you right, and he will live in eternity, who goes this way of love, for he walks in the following of Jesus.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5667.


Book 62 5668

Truth – lie. Light and darkness.

5. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5668.

Untruthfulness can result in errors with serious consequences, for evil will always give birth to evil. The spirit of the lie goes out from the prince of darkness and has the effect that darkness spreads, where he is at work. But darkness can only be countered with light to chase it away. The lie can only be countered with truth to uncover it and to denounce it. And truth goes out from me; therefore I radiate out my power against darkness, or also light leads the fight against darkness. It would truly be in a better way, when the door would be opened to truth, but men love darkness, and they close their mind far more to truth than to error and lie. And where my opponent knows to drape a little coat round untruth, where he knows to spread error under the cover of the truth preacher, there he has already darkened the light, and he also quite often succeeds to extinguish it completely, because men do not look after the light, because they do not put themselves protectively before it – because they feel well in darkness. Light and darkness are conflicting, so as I and my opponent follow completely conflicting aims.

And so it must now also be comprehensible to you that I am never to be found on the same street, where my opponent walks. Light wages a war against darkness and does not fight with the same means – truth is and remains clear and comprehensible and will always oppose untruthfulness and never pretend to go together with it, what says so much, as that I cannot declare myself in agreement, when untruthfulness is represented, and only tolerate it for that reason, because I gave free will to men, but what does not mean that I approve of it. Where now erroneous teachings have crept in my pure Gospel, there I will never offer the hand to it, to press the stamp of truth on these teachings, but I will always go against it and light a light, where such is desired. My special love is meant for misled men, when I recognize their good will and their love for me. I then assess their will and their love and do not condemn them because of the accepting of lie and error. But I also seek to bring light to them, what can happen the easier the deeper they stand in love. Then they themselves recognize the error and turn more and more towards truth. And so they do not want or cannot accept it, because they are not able to oppose the work of my opponent as weak men, so the sudden cognition will come to them in the spiritual kingdom, where right truth is to be sought. For every man must come to truth, so he wants to reach the light. And happy, who can free himself already on earth from darkness; happy who possesses the courage and the power to break away from erroneous thought material; happy, who on earth seriously desires truth and requests it from me. I will teach him myself, so that it becomes light in his heart, so that spiritual darkness wanes and he may become clairvoyant.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5668.


Book 62 5669

Spirit work in all schools of thought. Right representatives.

6. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5669.

All who testify out of my spirit are my representatives on earth – all who carry me in the heart alive are filled by my spirit, so they testify to me, for to them I can reveal myself through the spirit, and they then speak pure truth, because I myself put the words into the mouth, because it is me myself, who speaks through them.

For that reason in all schools of thoughts can be right representatives, as soon as the announcers of my teaching are so intimately connected with me that my presence is secured and then also pure truth is guaranteed. For then they will only be able to speak in my spirit; they will say nothing about, what has crept in as error; they will then always take that as content of their speaking, what is completely in accordance with truth, because it is my spirit, which leads them. For that reason there are in all schools of thought, in all denominations, powerful speakers, who address the heart of men, who have success with those, who are of good will. They announce with eagerness the word of God; they are convinced disciples, who bring my Gospel out into the world. But they also live in love; otherwise my spirit's work in them is impossible. This is the sign, whether a man is a right announcer of my teaching that he himself practises love; that he is so radiated through of love for me and the neighbour that I myself can be present in him and he is for that reason a suitable tool for me. Where love is to be recognized, there I let you be instructed, receive my word there, for there you are instructed truthfully, there information can be given to you, because I am there myself, where love is. For my word can also be preached without life; it can be transferred literally, and it will be without power and address the listeners little, unless they are full of desire for my word. Then my spirit illuminates their thinking, and they can also awaken the dead word itself to life; it will be as comprehensible to them as if an announcer full of life, enlightened by the spirit, has offered it to them. My word has power in it, which comes to effect through love in man. The love filled announcer can radiate this power on to his listeners, but also the listener must be of love filled desire for my address that it may bring about blessings for him. For that reason you men can give your ear unhesitatingly to every announcer of God's word; as soon as you yourselves have the deep desire to hear me, you will also hear me; but offered without spirit and received without spirit it remains a dead word without blessing and power. I protect truly all, who are of good will, from erroneous thought material, as soon as they seriously strive for truth, as soon as they turn to me myself that I enlighten their spirit. But who is lukewarm and indifferent, who listens to what is announced to him, without inner urge to hear the truth, his thoughts will be confused and darkened, for he himself does nothing for it to gain light; he lets himself be driven without thinking, where he is driven. Und to him truly only that lot is granted, for which he himself is to be blamed – ignorance or erroneous knowledge, which will never help him to soul maturity. And he will never be able to excuse himself having been instructed wrongly, for his will alone it was, which has caused his ignorant state. But who wants that he walks in truth, he will also be instructed in truth, provided he turns to me myself, I who am truth from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5669.


Book 62 5670

Works of the flesh become obvious. Hereafter.

7. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5670.

The acts, which you accomplish on earth, have an effect in the opposite kingdom. These are therefore that works, which the flesh has done, which can be good or bad, according to the driving force, which was cause to it. For man can listen to the voice of his spirit, but also the voice of the world, which seeks to influence the body and the desire of the body is mostly directed against the urge of the spirit. But the spirit drives for love work, and so now that man, who lives in the flesh on earth, is therefore active, he accomplishes works of love, and he will also receive his reward in future according to these works, while the desire of the body has always self-love as prerequisite and works of self-interest find likewise their payment in the hereafter, only in a form, which means no happiness. But those men, who only create and work out of self-interest, to help their body to comfort, have already their reward gone – they have for themselves created an earth lot in joys and pleasures and are entitled to no reward in the opposite kingdom, because they lack love, which alone is assessed by God. And so man can live on earth in wealth and happiness, and he does not use his wealth for love work, then no good works follow him, and he enters the opposite kingdom poor and miserable; then the works of the flesh are obvious, and he is judged according to these works. For on earth he did not lack the power, to work according to God's will. Arrives he however over there poor, then he also lacks the power to make up for, what he has neglected on earth; then he has to rely on help that he may be given, what he needs. But also this help presupposes his will as on earth, and rarely is the will of a soul in the hereafter different than it was on earth. And on earth it was only his will, which prevented him from love work, because self-love was too strong and he himself did not overcome himself. As you in the flesh work on earth, so also is your reward in the spiritual kingdom. And what you have failed to do on earth, although you could do it that will likewise be taken into account to you as shortcoming, for which you have to take responsibility. For that reason create and work for eternity; do not value earth life too high; think of the lot of the soul after the death of the body, and create for that life; take care that only works of love become obvious on the last day, on that day, where you depart from this earth and are judged according to your works. For only for works of love can you receive wages, for these works follow you into eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5670.


Book 62 5671

Foreign Gods. Ceremonies. Shell – core. Truth.

9. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5671.

To all men I would like to supply truth to help them to happiness, but I mostly find resistance, because my opponent makes in exactly the same way an effort to spread untruth, to strengthen him and his power. Who knows about the connections, about the fight between light and darkness, about the opposition of my former light bearer, who knows the conditions, which bring about the joining together with me, he also knows, why truth is always attacked, why great spiritual darkness is on earth, which is synonymous with complete lack of cognition, with confused thinking and misled opinions of men. He will also understand that my opponent constantly seeks to strengthen darkness, that he does not let up to blind men, and no means is for him too bad for it, when he can undermine truth in this way.

And he will always apply such means, which appear good and pious, because he deceives men for the time being, so that they are not to recognize his doings. Particularly those men, who he fears to lose, are exposed to his deceptive intentions, and he has then no difficulty with them, when they are certainly outwardly, but not deep inwardly connected with me, when they therefore have a tendency to formalities, which are often companions of religious work, of a so-called worship, but which is more idolatry, because dead matter finds too much attention and because the shell touches men more than the core. Understand it – where man becomes absorbed in his inner being, lives in seclusion from the world and directs his eyes towards me alone, there no phantoms can delude his senses, there no lying spirit can find entrance, for there I am and protect my children from error and delusion of my opponent. But where this inner collection is lacking, where the eyes complacently rest on formalities, where ceremonies are performed, where the spiritual from the kingdom of matter pushes forth, there also the effects on the soul are impure, and they make the soul receptive for all kinds of phantoms and blinding lights, for everything, what has entrance from the outside to the hearts of men, possesses impure currents and refuses me as it were access to the heart, which is now filled with such spirit currents, which are radiated from him, who is lord of matter and who also wants to assert himself in the heart of men. And he also expresses himself so obviously, where opportunity is offered to him for it that he can be recognized by men devoted to me, but is acknowledged by superficial followers as representative of my kingdom. He has great power, and particularly in the time of the end, but he always needs the approval of men for it; he cannot express himself in an area, which is inhabited by me, but certainly there, where the world still stands in the foreground.

There is his kingdom; he wreaks havoc there, where he just can. And there is only one remedy – the intimate living connection with me, which eliminates and makes impossible all his work. Where I myself am put back, where one as it were has other gods next to me, there he has already won the game, for he himself then intervenes exactly as one of the gods, because he wants to displace me, because he has declared war on me, because he wants to dethrone me, but in what he will not succeed for ever. For I am truth, and I will supply truth to those men, who are of good will. These will always know to distinguish truth from error and lie, because they are lively connected with me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5671.


Book 62 5672

Test of will on earth. Following of Jesus. Connection.

10. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5672.

Only in the connection with me you find your happiness. You have once voluntarily separated yourselves from me and therefore became unhappy; you must voluntarily return to me, to also be put into the state of happiness, which is therefore to be found only in the connection with me. Nothing can compensate you for what you find in me and with me, and for that reason also every striving for another direction is an idling for your soul, which is just halted on the way to perfection, which just extends its return to me, as soon as it strives for another destination than the unification with me. I alone want to be your aim, because I alone can give you happiness, which you have lost because of your own fault. For that reason all my care will be, to turn your will to me; I will always direct you so or destine your fate so that you are pushed to take refuge with me - but always under the respect of your free will. Because your will itself is decisive, the danger however also exists that you direct it wrong; that you strive for something else and so delay the return to me. For my opponent also seeks to determine your will, although he cannot have an effect on you forced. He always puts other aims before your eyes, which you are to pursue, to distract you from the alone right aim. But you will hardly reach the aim in a roundabout way. Your earth time as man quickly passes; only a short time has been granted you, where you can reach the final unification with me, and as soon as you do not utilize this short time wisely, it is lost for you. Through Jesus Christ the way is shown to you men quite clearly, where you can reach complete unification with me; you just need to go the way of the following of Jesus, to securely reach me, but you must consciously cover this way; you must stretch out your hands towards me, so that I can seize you – you must therefore mentally get into contact with me through intimate prayer and through a life in love receive the power from me, which now already proves the connection entered with me. Only so you can reach the aim on earth; only so you fulfil your earth task; only so you consciously turn your will to me, and you are accepted by me. Your earth life only aims to achieve the testing of your will, which once turned away from me and towards my opponent and which is now to break away from him and again devote itself to me completely. You are to get into direct contact with me. Do you understand, what I request of you? That I alone want to fill your heart; that you are to prepare it for me alone; that I want to be your lord and king; that I can tolerate no foreign gods next to me, to whom you turn your thoughts, because they then always stand in the way of a complete unification with me, for I want to possess your undivided love, your undivided heart and your will. Once you were to decide between me and my opponent, whom you however followed in blind love and left me. So you are now on earth to leave everything and follow me alone – then you pass your earth life test; you direct your will right, and you again acquire the right to happiness, which lasts for ever. And because your former defection from me had its reasons in that respect that you were not able to see me, because I wanted to make the way of return to me easy for you, I myself became visible to you in Jesus Christ, so that you are now to love him and strive for him and by this means profess me, I who have embodied myself in Jesus Christ, to be for you men a visible God, to whom you can now give your whole love and acquire his love for you; who wants to receive you in his kingdom, to prepare happiness for ever for you, which you can only enjoy in the complete connection with me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5672.


Book 62 5673

Connection with God. Blessing for announcers of the Gospel.

11. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5673.

In eternity you will no longer lose me, so you have once got into contract with me in free will – for this means that you are no longer given up by me, when your will has turned towards me. But you will also no longer want to go without me, for you find the peace of your soul, as soon as you have once recognized me and now consciously strive for me. You recognize everything as empty and stale, what is share of my opponent, what therefore the world offers you. It will no longer satisfy you; it will no longer make you happy; you have overcome the world, because you strive for my kingdom, which is not of this world. But to first of all find to me, to establish the connection with me, you must get informed that you have a creator and father from eternity, who loves you and wants to make you happy. You must hear my word; you must know what I speak to men. For you must get to know me, to be able to love me, and you must love me, to strive for me. Therefore my word is supplied to you as the first thing, which is to open knowledge about me to you, and those who supply to you men this word, those I commission myself; they are my servants on earth, my messengers, who receive my Gospel from me and pass it on to their fellowmen. The passing on of my word is of such great importance that I bless each one, who hands himself over for it, for otherwise you can rarely hear of my love, wisdom and omnipotence, and you must know about it, to long for me, for man only desires, what seems valuable to him. And I want to be recognized by you as a highly perfect being, because only then you consciously put yourselves to my side and have the desire to connect yourselves with me. But then you have also made the decision of your will, for the purpose of which you as man walk on earth. I have not said to my disciples in vain: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations." Without knowledge about my love men will not find me; only through the word they are influenced in their wanting and thinking, which addresses and stimulates them, to live according to this word, to experience the effect of the word. And as soon as I myself can address men, because they open their ear to me, it is also possible for me, to have an effect on their thinking and wanting, without forcing them. And for that reason I bless every serious announcer of my Gospel, of the message, which has its origin in me and was made accessible on earth to men through Jesus Christ and must still be made again and again accessible to them, exactly to push their will to the right decision, to turn to me and to reach the connection with me, which is first and last aim of man on earth. And as soon as men listen to my word, my love power seizes them and pulls them to me. But the word must be able to penetrate into the heart; it is not allowed to just touch ear, where it can die away just as easily again. It must be received by the heart, which now feels my address as love ray and completely devotes itself to me. But then I have seized it and never ever let it out of my hands. Then it has already become mine through its will, and it will remain mine until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5673.


Book 62 5674

Prayer in spirit and in truth.

12. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5674

Your prayers are to be no lip prayers, for they do not get through to the ear of the heavenly father, who wants to be called upon in spirit and in truth. You are to speak with him, as a child with its father speaks; you are to come to him full of trust and humbly and present your matter to him; you are to hold dialogue in most simple way, for he only hears, what your heart says to him. For that reason it can never be in his will that you make use of form prayers acquired by study, which just your mouth speaks along, which have no deep meaning and therefore also no value; which make demands on your time, which you can and are to use far better. That prayer, which is sent up in spirit and in truth to the heavenly father, can only exist in a short call, in an intimate thought, with which the connection of the child with the father is established, for he truly knows about all troubles, and he just wants that the child turns to him to grant it help, to be able to fulfil its intimate prayer. A great abuse is carried on with prayer, and for that reason it so often remains ineffective. To be allowed to pray to God is a favour, which cannot be assed high enough – that God give the possibility to man, to get into contact with him; that he graciously leans his ear to his creatures, which still stand in far distance from him. It is a favour that men can already decrease the distance from them to God through prayer, because through prayer they express the will to get into contact with him. But it is just too comprehensible that only a prayer in the spirit and in truth establishes the connection; that lip prayers have no power, even so also the intellect is active then and therefore the content of the prayer is pursued mentally – but what is only often impossible with form prayers of particular kind. But the heart remains uninvolved, because the heart would resist in the cognition of the emptiness of such prayers. The heart forms other words; it speaks naturally and unaffected with God, whom it recognizes as loving father and whom it therefore asks for help, so it needs help. Also prayers of praise and prize only consist of intimate and rejoicing feeling of thanks, which rises up to the heavenly father. You men consider that God is a spirit of highest perfection; that he can only be worshiped in the spirit and that no deception, no pretence can exist before him; that it would therefore be completely useless to form other words in prayer than the heart feels them. You are certainly to pray unceasingly - but these words are only so to be understood that men is to constantly maintain the connection with God; that he is to transfer his whole world of thoughts into the spiritual kingdom; that he has first the interest of the spiritual reshaping at heart – that he not just in cases of trouble turns to God for help, but is to completely devote himself to him and recommend to his favour. For only through constant connection with God can man mature and finally reach the aim of unification with him and be happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5674.


Book 62 5675

Call of the light beings. Connection with the father before.

13. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5675.

Get into contact with all good powers of the spiritual kingdom, by you asking them for their protection, for their care and help in spiritual and earthly trouble. They are devoted to you in love and always want to help you, but also bound to the laws of eternal order, so that they are not allowed to help you sooner, until you yourselves call them, because your will itself determines the effect of good or evil powers. Therefore you are allowed to turn to the spiritual light world unconcerned, but one thing you are not allowed to forget about it - me myself. I want to be king in your heart; I want that you establish the connection with me myself; that you ask me myself for it that I send my helpers to you; that I give my blessing; that nothing may happen without my will. The connection with me is your earth life aim, and so you therefore eliminate me, by you handing yourselves over to the beings of light exclusively, you hardly reach your aim, for then you lack one thing: the childlike trust to the father, which lets you find the way to the father directly. I woo for you love, for the love of the child for the father. And this love you lack, so you do not call upon me in every bodily and spiritual trouble, for so you love me, your heart drives you to me. For that reason the straight way to me is also the proof of your love and your faith, and all my angels, my light messengers and helpers are pleased about you, so you show me this love, and now they work on my behalf for and on you. And so you also hand yourselves over in thoughts to their care, the power flow will never remain without effect, which now constantly flows over to you. You can confidently put your trust in them, but the relationship with me must always go first, for I want to hear your call, before I instruct my powers to bring help to you. All just carry out the will of their Lord, which is also their own will, and that the Lord may order them to serving activity, he also wants to be called by those, who need help. But where the love of a child calls for the father, the father will set all powers of heaven in motion to give to his child, what it requests. For love achieves everything, and this love I want to receive from my children.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5675.


Book 62 5676

Work of the light beings. Truth - error.

14. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5676.

A light is truly given to you, so you desire such: The mission of the spiritual standing in the light is and will always be, to look after the children entrusted to it and to lead them into true thinking. And so everything is done on the part of this light world, what helps to that end to chase away darkness, to remove ignorance, to uncover error and lie, so that the thoughts of men always move in truth, because they know it that only truth can lead to me. But there is a great darkness on earth. In this also the great defection from faith is to be explained, which many times objects to error and which turns away from all - also from truth. But with completely unbelieving men the light beings have little success, for they only rarely turn their thoughts towards the spiritual kingdom, and for that reason the light beings cannot intervene with them and therefore also bring no enlightenments to them. But they are also to gain truth after all; they must therefore now and then be led other ways; they must be stimulated to think, and this can again only happen on quite natural ways that they are drawn into spiritual debates, where they themselves are caused to an expression of judgement and then the light world also intervenes. Marvellous results can come into being, as soon as man is just of good will. Now before the end of this earth a spiritual chaos exists on earth; error has already spread so that it is spread as truth, and a truth bearer rarely has the prospect, to penetrate with the light, which has me as starting place, and to find followers. For error is already rooted too deep in man and also does not want to be given up. And so the error and the lie is recognized by the light bearers only, by spirit awakened men, who have been initiated by me into pure truth and now also have a clear feeling, where truth separates from the lie. But these few no longer get through with truth, because at the end of this earth there is such a spiritual confusion among men that my opponent has an easy game to influence them, and he therefore uses every opportunity to still more confuse the thinking of those and to hand them over to error and lie. But then it is quite far from me wanting to win men through miracles and signs. For these would just be suitable to lead to a blind faith, to a faith in compulsion, which is completely worthless. Men can only redeem themselves through love. Only through love they can arrive at truth, at light, at right thinking, because only love brings the spirit in man to awakening, which then also initiates them to truth. Therefore men can only be admonished and stimulated to love, whereupon also the influence of the light world on men aims at. Therefore love is first that, whereupon every supernatural appearance should first refer to, if it wants to aim to achieve an improvement of men, and then men themselves would win power of cognition and be able to distinguish error from truth. Who preaches love, is an emissary from me, and also my messengers sent out from the spiritual kingdom influencing men will always only pursue the one aim, to stimulate men to love activity. The darkening of the spirit of men is the result of the lack of love; if this is changed to love work, so it will also get bright on earth and in the hearts of all men, and then truly the spiritual trouble has become less; then the light beings can carry out their looking after office; men are instructed in truth mentally, i.e., they move in right thinking and knowledge; they reject error without hesitation and accept pure truth, wherever it is offered to them; then they themselves are of enlightened spirit, as soon as they live in love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5676.


Book 62 5677

False Christs and prophets. Mask of Satan.

16. May 1953. B.D. NR 5677.

You are not allowed to go into the nets of Satan, who wants to win you for himself by him trying to confuse your thinking, by him seemingly speaking in my name and yet by himself being far away from the truth, submitting only untruth to you. False Christs and false prophets will appear - consider these my words and do not believe every spirit that talks about my word, because also an evil spirit makes use of my words, when he can pull you into his camp that way. A number of people will let themselves get confused in the times of the end, but the reason being only that they themselves are lukewarm and do not resort to myself to come to truth. And my opponent knows it how best he can win men that are not yet fully devoted to me. And he is not afraid to have an effect on those under the mask of piety; his aim is to distort my picture, that men become estranged from me; his aim is to hamper their recognition of myself and that is why he makes use of such words that allow various meanings and then interprets them in such a way that they will be misunderstood and lead away from the right faith in me and love because I cannot be recognized properly according to his interpretation. So my opponent influences weak, not completely stable men to interpret my words this way, so seemingly speaking for me and still against me because it is not the pure truth that he spreads. The earnest will to work for me and my kingdom will rule out this danger; but how many have themselves not yet the living faith in me and the deep love for me and the neighbour that they are enlightened by my spirit. And these are likewise in a position in life, where my word is to be announced and that is why they are intellectually at pains to give men the interpretation, but the intellect is influenced by the opponent, who wants to confuse it in order to work against me. And again I stress that the will of man, to hear the truth or to hand it out, alone is determining if he receives truth or gives truth. The desire for pure truth has first to fill a man, then he can be convinced that truth is brought to him, which he understands and interprets my word truthfully. My opponent is hard-working to undermine truth and he is successful where the will for truth is not very great so that I myself as the giver of truth can stand up for it, because the will of man alone is determining the spiritual assets that he receives. Therefore do not let yourself be deceived by pious words that also my opponent can apply, where he finds the right ground for it. For not the word itself is mine, but the spirit that I have put into my words. The word itself, without my spirit, can well be changed, and so it can also be used by my opponent to reach his aim to separate you from me and truth. But the spirit is my portion and when you now seek the spirit in the word then my spirit will give you enlightenment that however deviates from the interpretation of him, who uses my word and is not filled with my spirit. It is the time of the end where my opponent causes great confusion among men. That is why you are to be careful and examine everything and when you do it with the call for my support, then you will recognize and always only keep the good.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5677.


Book 62 5678a

Fulfilment of predictions. Disaster before.

17. and 18. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5678a.

Time is fulfilled; everything points to the end - but only those men that aim at me see the signs, because their looks are directed to heaven and therefore also their enlightenment comes from above and they do not doubt that now comes true what seers and prophets have predicted on behalf of me. What appears to be obvious to them is completely implausible to worldly men; these see with other eyes than those; they see the world only and therefore also live the world and their pleasures and their spirit will become more and more dark the nearer the end approaches. And for all these men events come first that could well change their thinking, which could make them bewildered when they would only be a bit of good will! I still want to reveal myself to them before, although they also then do not yet need to recognize me. They once again are to lose that what they greedily strive for; earthly possessions are again to be destroyed and taken from them, but from a power that they cannot hold responsible. Through the elements of nature I want to express myself to save them. Where there still is a spark of belief in man, there is also a possibility of salvation, because this still can turn the thoughts to me in the last hour and can send up a call for help - and even if he loses his earthly life - this call will be heard and his faith will be rewarded in the kingdom on the other side where he will find help. I only want to see an appreciative thought and my hand stretches out towards everybody to now also prove myself. I really make it easy for you to believe in me when you only would do a test to call on me in spirit and in truth. And that is why I still make a last attempt for their salvation, for the salvation of those, who have not yet completely become slaves to my opponent. I let the earth shake and all hope for earthly escape dwindles. And where there is no longer help evident, I alone can still bring salvation, because no thing is impossible with me. And who remembers his child faith in greatest trouble, who makes this last attempt to call on me, he will certainly not regret it. He is rescued for time and eternity, because to lose the earthly life is then just only a favour, when the soul still walks upward in the spiritual kingdom. The elements are not always regarded as expression of my might and power, but the fear of death now and then gives birth to different thoughts, than man had normally and he can recognize me in a second and therefore also call for help. But the word that the mouth only says counts nothing, when the heart is uninvolved. Time is fulfilled; but before comes, what I announce to you and again and again announce to you - an unusual natural phenomenon that is to remind you of the end, which will follow not long after it. I constantly admonish and warn you to pay attention to my words and I point out to you the signs of the time, but I cannot force you to accept my words as truth - but imprint them on your memory so that they let you think of him, who talks to you and who certainly only wants the best for you, who wants to rescue you from the abyss, towards which you steer, you who are without faith.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5678a.


Book 62 5678b

Fulfilment of predictions. Disaster before.

18. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5678b.

So the last judgement is still preceded by an earnest admonition, an evidence of the near end and so to speak a proof of that, because my announcement comes true and you men now can just as certain expect the end that is determined for this earth and its inhabitants not long after that. Unalterably men's fate is a deep abyss, whether they keep their life only shortly or still a long time, because they are in a completely darkened spiritual state and they do nothing out of themselves to remedy this. That is why I have to shake them up from their rest. Something has to happen that is so incredible to them, what frightens them and lets their bodily end become apparent to them. Only death frightens unbelieving men and so I let them face death, but only with the intention of causing them to call on me in greatest terror, who alone can keep their life for them, when earthly wise escape seems no longer possible. Such a call can still bring salvation to man - such a call can bring him again closer to me, when it arises out of the heart and then will also certainly be heard by me. Men have no idea of the events through which I want them to call me to mind again. All elements will rage against each other; it will be as if hell itself has been unleashed against men and there is no escape for these - until I myself order the elements and end hours of horror and fright. Nothing is impossible to me and this faith in my omnipotence, love and wisdom will have true miracle effects in these anxious hours. Because the ones who are mine will emerge from this experience undamaged, loudly praising my favour and power and my love. And also the ones who have found me in their trouble join their praise and stand by their fellow human beings helping and comforting them in the realization of the power of faith that they now also want to transfer to those. I have announced these events and again and again point this out to you men. Learn to believe and call me, when I am so recognizable to you and then also believe that my last announcement comes true, that the end comes and with it the last judgement - and make use of this last deadline of favour, catch up on what you have neglected, do not let the last day come up and find you unprepared, because then escape is no longer there for those that still have not found me - then men are sinful and they will be destroyed because they did not pay attention to my admonitions and warnings and therefore can no longer find mercy, when the end has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5678b.


Book 62 5679

Using life power for love. Love power.

19. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5679.

You men are not aware of the power, which is in you, which would let you accomplish the incredible, so you would just like to bring it to development in you. You are weak and powerless creatures on earth, as long as you do not use this power. But you can only bring it to development through love, and you are for that reason weak and powerless, because love has cooled, because you are able of no stirring of the heart any more. But the more you use the life power, which each one man has at his disposal, as long as he lives on earth, but which he should use to exactly strengthen this inner love power. But instead he uses the life power only in earthly direction of destination to gain earthly goods, to create comforts for the body, to assert himself in earth life. But he does not think of that life comes to an end and that can already end the other day; that then all life power is taken from them, which he could use in most substantial way to create spiritual goods for himself. But that power, which you possess, can likewise be used for the removal of earthly trouble, but it is another proceeding; it is as it were a reshaping of the nature of man, who then excludes every earthly trouble. Man stands above all things burdening him on earth, because that power, which he has awakened in him, is of divine origin and he consequently has divine support, as soon as he makes use of this power. He must therefore use the power he is entitled to for the development of love power – he must perform works of love, which now more and more strengthens the love power glowing in him and now lets the man accomplish things, which lie far above the natural ability and are still natural. A man, who therefore connects himself so with God through love work that now love power flows towards him persistently, he will also master earthly life; he will banish all earthly trouble, for it is no longer necessary for him, since the reshaping of his nature has already taken place and he now feels divine power in him, which he now also uses in the will of God.

You all can utilize this power for yourselves; you all would no longer be touched by the severity of earth life, so you would just adopt the power from God, which flows towards you inexorably, so you work in love. No trouble would need to exist anymore on earth, for the life power was given to you for it that you use it for work in love. Love alone makes you free of all suffering; love alone makes you strong, for love is divine, and where God is, there is no trouble, no weakness and also no suffering.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5679.


Book 62 5680

Withdrawal to stillness. Coming unrest.

21. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5680.

There is still a time of peace where man can concern himself with spiritual questions in rest and contemplativeness, when he wants to. And so he only has to manage the fight with himself by switching off all earthly thoughts and be busy with what is useful for his soul by thinking about his purpose on earth, about his beginning and about his aim. Only in minutes or hours of turning away from the earthly world can he pursue such thoughts, and this turning away he is to seek often, the hour of silence, in which he can reflect on himself and work on himself. Not long anymore then he will be put into restlessness through world affairs so that the time of inner reflection becomes rarer and rarer. And the world will push its way forward and take up all his thoughts, because things start happening very fast, because every person's attention is drawn to what happens in the world. And then it will be difficult to devote oneself to spiritual thoughts and it will already be highly thought of, when man often only sends short thoughts upwards, to him, who directs the fate of all men, who also knows that world affairs take shape as they can be seen. Because to contact him will be exceedingly beneficial, because then also strength comes flooding to man for the difficult struggle on earth and then he will always turn to where the author of power is, who also will constantly look after him. Because the lack of strength can only be redressed, when the contact with the source of power is established, and lacking power will be felt by everybody in view of the events that threateningly and disturbingly roll on and exceedingly make necessary the contact with the creator and father from eternity. When man succeeds in withdrawing to silence and to commune with his God and creator, when he succeeds as a child to call the father and to ask him for strength and advice, earthly events will recede and lose some of their fright, because then man noticeably feels the supply of power and calmness and peace enter his heart in the knowledge that nothing happens without God's will or his permission and that everything that does happen is therefore God's will or permission and can so also earn blessings for the soul. That is why men can only be given the earnest advice to often seek contact with God, to more and more often keep the hours of inner reflection and to establish a relationship between oneself and God that enables man to always turn to the father, when he is in trouble. Who has committed himself as child to the father will also always again find a quiet hour because then God is already closer to man than the world and it will only be paid attention to insofar as it is necessary for the preservation of the life of the body. Nobody is to let the world get the upper hand - the fight always has to be for it and all the less also the world affairs will touch a man even when it is enormous for the environment and can trigger off the greatest restlessness. The man who contacts God, who often sends a thought up to him, he will also not let himself be held back through earthly events, to again and again fetch comfort, strength and advice from him, and this one alone overcomes the world, but this one has no need to fear the coming events, because he will be supplied with power unmeasured since he continuously remains in contact with the source of power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5680.


Book 62 5681

Love is the highest.

22. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5681.

Love is the highest. What are you without love? Powerless, hardened creatures, which do not recognize me; for which I do not exist, because they do not feel my love power, which can only then touch them, when they themselves have become love. Love is the key to happiness, for happiness is freedom, light and power; happiness is joining together with me, which can take place through love only. Therefore no being can be happy, when it does not bring love in it to development, and every being must be happy, which has become love. For that reason everything else is worthless, whatever you believe to possess, may it be extraordinary abilities, which you can record on earth as man, or may it be earthly treasures; everything is worthless, so you do not have love, for all that passes, but love remains existing as the essential thing of your soul and follows you into eternity. How poor are therefore men on earth to be called, although earthly they stand in reputation and have many goods as their own. How poor are they, when they are without love. They lack cognition of their own existence and their assignment, as also of the cognition of me myself; they stand far away from me and also from truth; their life is just a phantom of their senses, which stops to exist with the moment of death. Love is the highest, and so you do not have love, you are dead forms without spirit and without life. For love is the divine, which forms you to gods; love is my share, which lets you become one with me. Love is the actual life; a state of light and power and freedom, which you therefore create for yourselves, so you are active unselfishly. Then you will be knowing; you will stand in right cognition; you will be able to see though everything; nothing will remain hidden to you; you stand in the light, so you live in love. But you will also be filled with power, for love is power; it is the original substance of me myself, I who am also the power source from eternity. You will therefore be able to do everything, so you, flowed through by my power through love work, can now also create and work with my power, which flows towards you unlimitedly, and you for that reason can also carry out everything according to your will. You will be full of power; unhindered you will be able to be active, for love power knows no restriction, because the divine power source never dries up and is always at the disposal of that man, who lives in love. And everything you will be able to carry out in fullest freedom, because love breaks every fetter. As soon as you are active in love, you have liberated yourselves from the fetter of your opponent, and the joining together with me does not limit your freedom or your will, you just bring your will automatically into line with mine; you enter into my will and therefore work in the freedom of will and still in fullest agreement with mine, what makes you extremely happy and fills you always more with love – love is the highest, and who has formed himself to love, he has truly found the highest happiness and gained my love for himself, which he will never ever lose, for who has once joined together with me through love, him I do not leave alone for ever – he has become mine and will remain it until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5681.


Book 62 5682

Opposite souls follow the spiritual work.

23. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5682

Wherever you are active in my name, there I am with you with my blessing. Just always give yourselves under my leadership, and then you also go on the right way; then you work in my will and with my power. The wrestling will become more and more violent, and light and darkness increase the closer the end comes. Everywhere light seeks to radiate through; but the powers of darkness want to let in no light, and they build up quite strong walls to separate their souls from the light of the day. The wrestling becomes more and more violent, and strong fighters are necessary, who fight darkness and are not afraid of it. Every work, which is done for the spiritual kingdom, for me and my teaching, is a crusade against the powers of darkness, which will always bring a small success. For my blessing lies on it, for they are my fighters, who support truth, who therefore carry the light out into darkness. And where my fighters fight, there I am myself, and there also no complete defeat can take place, because my light bearers are provided with power and can therefore also tear down strong walls with my support. For that reason you are not to let up in your work for me and my kingdom, even so success is not visible for you yourselves. It is the rays of light, which send its lightning lights into the dark night and still let the way become recognizable for men, which leads to the light morning. No spiritual work is done in vain, for it is assessed in the opposite kingdom, even so on earth success fails to appear. But innumerable souls in the spiritual kingdom follow this your work and benefit from it, for they cling to every ray of hope; they hunger for light, and every spark of light touches them pleasantly. And for that reason no ray of light will remain ineffective; no spiritual work will be done in vain. Always put the spiritual work on the top; do not let the earthly kingdom step into the foreground; keep away from the world, and send your thoughts to the spiritual world, from where light radiates towards you in fullness and just needs a receiving vessel to have an effect for you men as light and power. Faith tests are still put to you, for you yourselves must make the decision, which kingdom, which lord you choose. For that reason also the world will put itself before your eyes with all its attractions and temptations and strive to win your attention. But also the spiritual kingdom pushes into your thoughts, and then be strong and devoted to me in loyalty. Call upon me that I enlighten your spirit; that I order your thoughts; that I open for you eye and ear for the right and the true, and then you cannot go wrong, then it is bright and light in you, and you seek only to gain my kingdom and its righteousness. And then you have won over him, who wants to keep you in darkness and for that reason fights with all means against you, you who however fight for me and therefore with me and will also gain the victory over darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5682.


Book 62 5683

Pouring out of the spirit. Healing the sick, working miracles.

24. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5683

I have promised you my spirit, when I walked on earth; I promised you to also be with you in the spirit after my ascension to heaven; I have assured you my constant presence and also that I want to work in you through my spirit. For I wanted to remain with you until the end of the world, but not in human visible form; therefore I promised you my spirit. I myself am spirit and so I am therefore with you in the spirit, then really and truly God is with and in you.

This is a great expression and also not to be grasped by you men earlier until I myself can work in you through my spirit. An explanation for it could never be given to an unbelieving man, but also men calling themselves believing do not grasp this mystery; it is not comprehensible to them that I myself can really be present so that man has a proof of my presence – that the work of the spirit in him makes me myself recognizable in him. For this process wants to be comprehended with a living faith, which emerges out of love. My spirit can only work in a man, whose heart is full of love, who for that reason also believes in me so deep and alive that he longs for my presence to be given my power by me. And my power now flows towards him unmeasured and enables him to unusual work – as my will, my wisdom and my love recognizes it as blessed for him and his fellowmen. Deep faith calls me, and love moves me to part with my love. That is the pouring out of spirit that I give my power to that man, who stands in living faith. But the power has many different effects, or else, that man, who believes in me and requests my spirit, can use this power according to his will, for he has already subordinated his will to mine, therefore I as it were determine him, to want, as I recognize it as blessed. He will be able to work miracles, heal the sick, be able to penetrate into spiritual secrets, i.e., his thinking will get illuminated; he will be able to speak in all truth, recognize the lie and the error; he is driven to announce the Gospel to men, and express, what I myself put into the mouth, because it is me myself, who now speaks out of him. He will speak for the future, but what is to just serve for spiritual perfection. And he will be able to speak that he is understood by all, as soon as one willingly listens to him. For I myself am in him, who is filled by my spirit, and I myself can always make myself understood, provided, the listeners request truth and confirmation of their faith. I want to pour out my spirit over all flesh. Men wait for unusual signs, so they think of these my words, but everything comes unobtrusively, to not force men to faith. And so they also do not pay attention to those, who are filled by my spirit, whose thoughts I enlighten, who are also announcers of the Gospel (to you) and who develop much power of faith to testify of me to men, to glorify my name. Men do not pay attention to the few, to whom I myself am present, to whom I myself reveal myself through the spirit – to whom I give unusual power, which they use to the welfare of their fellowmen, for the strengthening of faith. But I have not left you men, when I went up to heaven; I am and remain with you until the end of the world. For I am spirit, and my spirit sinks down to all, who open themselves to it, who have become the vessel of the divine spirit through love and faith, in whom I can then work myself, as I have promised – who can now also do that, what I have done on earth: heal the sick, awaken spiritual dead to life, instruct the ignorant in all wisdom and to therefore help all to eternal life, who I myself can address through those, because, where my spirit works, I am myself and truly nothing is impossible for me and my power. And therefore you work instead of me, so my spirit pours out over you, for you receive me myself, and you speak and work now with me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5683.


Book 62 5684

God's extreme great love.

25. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5684.

My everything overwhelming love seizes men and seeks to rescue them – and a great army of happy spirits helps me, because likewise extreme great love pushes them to it. For my work of redemption, whereon also these happy spirits take part, is a pure love work, for I do not want to possess, but be loved by that, what I myself love extremely mightily. Only my love longs for my creatures once seceded from me, because they have emerged out of my love and are pure love in their original substance and because love always longs for love. And so also I seize everything animated by my love spirit, and I seek to kindle the love spark glowing in them to a flame, which will inevitably fall towards me, when it is once lightened and flares up, therefore awakens to life. For love is power, which drives to activity, and activity is life. And therefore I will always be, where I am remembered, and my love flame closes over a community, which loves me and testifies to me, which seeks to glorify me. My presence is guaranteed for you, where my name is believingly expressed, for already, where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am in the midst of them. And for that reason I bless, who announce me, who level the way for me, which leads to the heart of my children. My love is extremely powerful and only bound through my law from eternity, otherwise my love power would overpower each one. But you are to be allowed to feel this love in future, when your heart is able to return my love. When you have laid down all slag and your soul is so crystallized that it can endure my love radiation and can now use the love power – when your soul itself has become love, which now joins together with me. Every worker in my vineyard, who leads souls to me, who touches their hearts, so that they awaken and seek him, who loves them extremely powerfully and wants to win them, can be prepared for my richest blessing, for he himself does a love work for me myself; he gives me back my children, which I have lost through the lack of love of him, who became my opponent. Every returned soul pleases my father heart and always lets my love become more intimate for my creatures, who have lost their father and must find him again, if they want to be happy. And all my helpers in heaven and on earth take pleasure in every work, which is meant for the redemption of these creatures from the fetter of my opponent. All my helpers help you, so you perform eager vineyard work; blessing they stand next to you; they wait for my orders and carry them out, so that the power of God may become obvious, so that my work, my love and omnipotence may be recognized by all those, who sought me and have now found me. They will no longer lose me for ever, for my love now keeps them imprisoned, but my fetter in love is happiness, from which they now never ever want to flee.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5684.


Book 62 5685

God's blessing for redeemer work. Vineyard work.

26. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5685.

Tackle every work with God, then you will also succeed. What you want to do for him and his kingdom is redeemer work and for that reason also blessed by him. And then you are also sure of his help, of his leadership and his power. Not the intellect will then direct you, but the spirit, which always works, where the will exists to serve God. You will still get a special assignment, so it is time. But before utilize every hour, which is possible for you, to do work for the spiritual kingdom, for you do nothing without his help, without his blessing. Who is called by him, he will also no more be able to break the relationship with him and continuously offer his service to him. And the willingness to serve is also the guarantee for constant contact with God and consequently also for the necessary power to carry out, what he is now instructed to do by God. If you men would know about the little number of servants willing to help in the vineyard of the Lord, you would not doubt yourselves, but be firmly convinced that God gives to each of his servants the power, which he needs to be able to be active for him. As long as your eyes and senses are only directed worldly, the thought does not come to you, to establish a contact with that kingdom, which you do not see. But God wants to direct these your thoughts to him, to give to you a power, which you can only receive from him himself. But who now gets into contact with him by himself, him he truly feeds with his power extremely amply, to make his soul able, to live in future in his kingdom and to be happy. He hands out unmeasured, therefore no-one needs to fear to receive so meagre that he could not perform a work wanted by God. God gives always and constantly; he lets his current of favour flow into every opened heart. Therefore you just need to open yourselves to be able to receive unlimitedly. He gives you power and enlightens your spirit, as soon as you want to work for him, as soon as you want to participate in the work of redemption, in the leading back of the seceded from him to God. Believe it that this work is so extremely important; that each one servant is blessed by his Lord, who offers himself to him to help, because this work of redemption can only be carried out by men on earth in the last time before the end. But these men, who go into service as servants in the vineyard of the Lord, always find support in the spiritual kingdom; God himself instructs his light messengers to help, and God himself fills men with his spirit, with his power and his favour, who want to work for him and his kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5685.


Book 62 5686

Real prayer bridge to God. Jesus Christ.

27. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5686.

The bridge to me is prayer. There is no unconquerable gap between us, for prayer will always bridge over it, as soon as it is a prayer in spirit and in truth. And the intimacy of the prayer determines the length of the way to me. You can get directly into contact with me, so you speak to me, like a child speaks to the father. For then I am with you; then every distance is overcome; then you have flown over the gap between us and have come close to me, for I follow your call and come to meet you, as soon as I hear the voice of your heart. Do you now know, which delicious means you have, to come to me; do you know which effective gift of favour prayer is for you? Through your imperfection you are still in far distance from me as your God and creator from eternity, but I do not refuse you, to commune with me, and lean towards you as father, who also embraces with love his still inadequate children and takes their faults and weaknesses into account. I hear you, as soon as you speak to me in childlike believing prayer. But on the other hand you can only really pray to me, when you believe in me, therefore every prayer in spirit and in truth presupposes your faith in me, in my love, wisdom and power. But so you believe in me, also every word will come from the heart; then it is no longer a form prayer; then just the child speaks with the father – and then it also achieves everything, what just serves it best. But so that you can now associate with me quite lively, you must also be able to form an idea of me, I who as Saviour Jesus Christ give you the possibility for it. Imagine your Saviour in his extremely great love, which embraces all you men, and remember his sufferings and his dying on the cross for you sinful men, and it will also be possible for you to love him again, to put your trust in him and to tell him everything, what presses you; you will, because he himself was man like you, be able to expect fullest understanding from him for all your sufferings and troubles, and you will turn to him, who is your friend and brother, who out of his love wants to help you all, who wants to draw you to him into the heavenly kingdom, to make you happy for ever. I myself have become for you a visible God in the Saviour Jesus Christ, and you show him your love, you therefore give your love to me, your God and father from eternity, for he and I am one, and who sees him, he sees me, I who as man Jesus Christ walked on earth, to win the love of you all, to sacrifice myself out of love for you, you who were unhappy in sin and would have to fade away in endless distance from me, when I would not have built a bridge, to make the way to me passable for you. You all can walk on the bridge, so you address in intimate prayer Jesus, your Saviour and redeemer, so you love him and for that reason also keep his easy commands. Then you will also be allowed to experience his love; he will give you spiritually and bodily. He will guide you and level all ways, which lead up to him, into his kingdom, to eternal life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5686.


Book 62 5687

Sign of the end: Cooled love.

29. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5687.

This is to announce the near end to you that love among men has cooled; that a completely ungodly state prevails, for God cannot be, where no love is, and even if the word "God" comes out of the mouth. But without love the world is the kingdom of Satan, who has taken possession of all these people, who are destitute of all love, like he is himself. And these will also speak and act as he wants it, for they stand under his influence and are also provided for by him on earth. They have their reward gone. However a terrible lot expects them, so they leave this earth. But also with men lacking love everything it still to be tried to bring about a change of nature. Also to them love is to be preached, when not with words, then through example – they are to recognize that love is a power which overcomes, what seems unconquerable. For the end is near, and as on the one side the spiritual decline is clearly recognizable, which has the lack of love as cause, so will on the other side also clearly be noticeably, how the spirit of love overcomes everything, how visibly God helps those, who are connected to him through a life in love, who is truly stronger than his opponent and also proves his power and strength. Love has cooled among men, and so men are also detached from God; they stand so far from him and are without power, but compensate their spiritual powerlessness with the help of him, who is from below – who looks well after them with power, because they do his will; therefore return to him, from whom they should finally break away in earth life, to be received by God into his kingdom. Who lives without love, he forfeits his life, for he enters dead in the spirit into the opposite kingdom. It is commendable to work on these souls, for the work can be successful, when it is accompanied by a good example, when fellowmen can see the peace and the power, which lies in a living faith and is the effect of a life in unselfish neighbourly love. The end is close, and for that reason about every soul it is still to be wrestled; to each one soul the Gospel is to be announced, but which not all want to accept, when it is preached to them in words. But a good example is observed and can likewise bring success, for God will visibly help those, who are loyal to him and also prove their love to him through a life in love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5687.


Book 62 5688

Mediator office. Supply of a gift of favour.

30. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5688..

An incomprehensible favour has been granted to you – you are allowed to serve as mediators from the spiritual to the earthly kingdom. You stand as it were above and below at the same time; from the world of light you receive spiritual wealth and carry it into darkness; you work with God and for God. You fight against the ruler of the earthly world; in it you remove the chains and help the liberated to the flight into the spiritual kingdom – you serve God and receive for it from him the power – you stand in his favour. But this is on the other hand not an arbitrarily gift of favour of God, for it can only be granted to him, who consciously offers himself to it, who brings in himself the abilities for maturation, which God has certainly put into everybody, but which are mostly not developed. You mediate between God and men. The direct transfer of spiritual wealth on a man is so long impossible, as man's will does not long for it. For that reason the will of a man must offer itself to first receive spiritual wealth from God and to then pass this on in a form, which does not touch man as compulsion. And for this office of mediator God needs men on earth, but who themselves draw from it an extreme great blessing, who can promote their own ascent unusually and according to the will of fellowmen can also help them up. What God now supplies to men, is a gift of favour of unutterable value, because it is a direct power radiation of God, which never remains ineffective with good will. Is no effect visible, then it is prevented through the will of the receiver, who shuts himself off, therefore rejects the divine word, so it is offered to him; who lets it die away at this ears, without granting it entry to the heart. For from God no man is forced to accept his gift of favour, but all men are allowed to put themselves in its possession. For that reason he blesses those men, who want to serve him insofar, as that they spread his gifts of favour; that each one can make use of them, when he wants it. Darkness is great on earth, but everywhere God lights the light, which can break through this darkness, and he blesses every light bearer, who carries it into darkness. A great measure of favour it ready, which can help mankind up from the depth, and also helpers are prepared, to distribute the gifts – but it is up to each man, to make use of them, for God certainly gives unmeasured, but he forces no-one to accept his gift.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5688.


Book 62 5689

Through creation God wants to be recognized as love.

31. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5689.

The ruler of the universe knows no obstacles; to him everything is subjugated; all creatures must fall into line with his will, every created being, may it be of spiritual kind or banished into earthly form. His will alone rules, although he grants freedom of will to man, but which however never questions his power and his will, for he alone is Lord over heaven and earth, over the happy spirit world and also over the kingdom of darkness. To now acknowledge this Lord should not be difficult for men, for everything, what surrounds men, proves him and his will. For no matter whether man is given the freedom of will, so he still is not able, to fight against the will of God; he is also not able to submit God's will to his own will; but he is also not able to let that come into being out of himself, what his eye sees and his senses feel. He can acknowledge God, and so he therefore does not acknowledge him, he is untrue against himself, and through this lie he defies against the spirit, which has created him. And as it were he speaks himself the judgement – banishment from the nearness of God – when this God would not also be love from eternity. God's might and power cannot be denied, and that it reveals itself through creation, is a proof of his love for his creatures. For he wants that they can recognize him; he wants that they believe in him, and reveals his identity to them himself, by him letting his might and power become obvious. For he longs for the love of his creatures, which he can win only, when he also reveals himself as God of love. And for that reason his creations are clearly recognizable as having come into being for his creatures. That power, which lets him become active for the coming into being of always new creations, is love, therefore the creations must also be in accordance with a purpose, which lets love recognize; his creations must serve for it to create happiness and bliss or to help to happiness and bliss. Who wants and can see this will of fashioning of love, he will himself glow in love for his creator from eternity, for where a proof of love is brought, there also love is awakened. To prove his might and power is not alone the purpose of his creation, but his love is to become recognizable in it, which caused him to all creation. But before the love of a being can get recognized, the being itself must first get recognized; one must be able to believe that this being is a superb power; that it stands in highest perfection; and this can be believed, because this power proves itself through all creation. But faith in his power and strength alone is not enough for God; he wants to be recognized as love, why also all his creations prove a love radiation of God, by them having a useful and healing purpose; that they serve the leading back to God of what is far from God. But this last purpose is only evident to those, who have already recognized God as highly perfect being, as love; but every thinking man is to regard the creations surrounding him with questioning thoughts, so that an answer can be given to him: - that God himself reveals himself through creation; that his will emerges everywhere; that no being can determine this will, therefore might and power lies alone with him; but that his might and power only wins fashioning through his all over radiating love, which lets itself be recognized for that reason, because it wants to find counter love – because it eternally only wants to make happy. The love of God can eternally not be denied, as also the powerful will of the ruler of all worlds, whom nothing can resist, who must be recognized and can be recognized, where the will for it exists. Amen. B.D. NR. 5689.


Book 62 5690

Maturing through love only.

1. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5690.

Always only perform works of love, and your spiritual ascent is guaranteed. You cannot mature otherwise than through love; I certainly can help you with my gifts of favour, but these are to always only stimulate you to love work, because everything else emerges from love, strong faith, comprehensive knowledge and the power overcoming everything, which has its origin in me. Whether I now supply my word to you, whether I come up to you fate wise, to influence you that you turn to me in prayer, it is always love, which is to fill your heart, which both teaches my word as well as determines me, to grant your prayer, because only love produces faith in you, which also lets you speak the right prayer. You can only mature through love, and your spiritual progress depends alone on your love willingness, why all your efforts to make me inclined, would be useless, so you would not make an effort, to live in love. And you have daily and hourly the opportunity for it. You are to approach your fellowmen in friendliness; you are to make their trouble your business; you are to feel with them, help them, comfort and support them; you are not to indifferently pass the trouble of fellowman – you are to look after them spiritually and earthly, where it is possible for you. A friendly word, a good look, a small help already earn you the love of fellowman; they prevent the complete cooling of love, for love is to be cultivated like a little plant that it does not become stunted. Love is everything, and so love fades among men, there is also no longer rescue for them. For that reason seek to light a love spark everywhere; give much love, so that you find counter love, for only then my kingdom can come also into this world, for my kingdom is, where love is, because I myself can dwell there, for I myself am then in my kingdom, so I can hold entry in your hearts, which have fashioned themselves to love. Love is the divine in men, but which also secures perfection for you, for who stands in love, he stands in truth, in fullest cognition; he stands in light. There is no other way to perfection than the way of love. For only through love you find the joining together with me and therefore also eternal happiness. So you live in love, also your earth life will be an easy one, for then you receive power from me, and you will be able to master everything; you stand in unshakable faith in me, and through this faith you will be able to banish every trouble; so you live in love, you are constantly connected with me, and everything, what you want to do, you accomplish with me and out of my power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5690.


Book 62 5691

Awakening of the spirit spark through love.

2. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5691.

You must give freedom to the spirit in you that it soars up to me, which after all is my share from eternity and, joined to you for the time of your earth life as light spark, can again establish the connection with me as the eternal light, to then therefore being able to have an effect as divine influence in and on you. The spirit in you is divine and for that reason so long inactive in you, as you yourselves prevent it through resistance against me from work, for the divine-spiritual can only have an effect, where all resistance has been given up. Therefore no man is completely isolated from me as his creator and father from eternity, although he as individual being leads an independent existence, for every man contains in himself this spark, which is my share and can also enter into the connection with me at any time, when man wants it, when he therefore fulfils the condition, which presupposes the awakening of my spirit spark in him. Through entering into my will he must prove the giving up of his resistance against me; he must break off the covers in him, which prevent the spirit spark form the joining together with me, with that father spirit from eternity. And he breaks off these covers through the entering into my eternal order, through a way of life in love. Love is the divine, and who lives in love, also re-establishes the state, which is according to my eternal order, for love is the sign of perfection, a life in love is assimilation to me, to my original nature. You all have emerged out of my love, are therefore products of eternal love, and must consequently be love yourselves - but through the stepping out of my eternal order you also forfeited love; however it is at any time up to you, to again enter into my order, whereby also again your transformation to love occurs, because the divine love spark rests in you as my share, which you therefore must now kindle yourselves, to now be led by my spirit in all your thinking, wanting and acting, which securely and certainly leads you to me, to your father from eternity, whose perpetual effort is, to win his children back, to give to them eternal life in happiness, which is share of all spiritual, which has perfected itself in free will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5691.


Book 62 5692

Decreased resistance of the bound before the end.

3. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5692.

Everything being in judgement strives for a change of its state and also achieves it insofar, as that always lighter outer forms enclose it, in which it must indeed again and again adapt itself to the law of the eternal order, in which it performs a serving function according to the will of the divine law giver, who has always determined favourable activities for the bound spiritual, which serves it to ascent development. Endless times now the spiritual is already in judgment, i.e., it is robbed of its free will; it must submit, as God determines it; it stands under the mandatory law, which forces it to serve, even so against its will. The more the will still resists, the harder is the outer form, which encloses the spiritual; if the resistance lets up, so also the outer fetters loosen; the outer forms become lighter and lighter and dissolve quicker, so that the state of agony decreases, the more the resistance lets up. In the last time before the end of a redemption period, which means a dissolving of all created forms on earth, also the resistance in the still bound spiritual decreases; it strives for its ascent; it strives for its final release out of form; it feels as it were a powerful change in its state, although it is not fully aware of it, what takes place in the universe. But the constantly increasing loss of spirituality of men often contributes that the outer forms are dissolved prematurely, so that the maturing of the spiritual in these forms is interrupted and as a result a general unrest becomes apparent among men, because spiritual having become free, which has still not reached the degree for a new forming, has a besieging and worrying effect on men, driving them to the creation of new forms, to be able to stay in them again, because freedom does not bring an end of its agonies and also no free activity of its will. Men on the other hand are caused through their desire for material goods to let those things come into being, which are now inhabited by the spiritual, which now serves without resistance. For that reason these creations, which partly come into existence through the hand and will of man, can partly be seen as natural new creations, are of shorter duration of existence, for they will only remain a short earth phase, to then also fall to the last destruction, which is to be expected at the end of this earth. But all spiritual still in judgment, except man, feels the release forthcoming for it, which then brings a relief for it on the new earth. It only feels that it stands before a change and that this change is also a letting up of the state of suffering – and it therefore serves before more willingly – what is expressed in that respect that all material things are taken more into use - although that only proves the material mind of men in the time of the end – but for the spiritual, which is bound in matter, it serves for redemption, for further development in a new form, as soon as the old one has been overcome. God's wisdom is unequalled and his love without end; and he does not rest sooner until everything once gone out from him returns to him, until all spiritual is finally redeemed.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5692.


Book 62 5693

Original law: Love.

4. and 5. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5693.

The original law is love, the original power is love, and everything matter like is in its original substance love. Therefore also the highest being, the eternal divinity, must be love as also all entities, which have emerged out of it. Love is a power and therefore always effective, as long as it remains in contact with the original source of all power. For God, as the original source of power, radiates it according to his eternal order, for work in love according to his law. For that reason all entities, having been called into being by him, will be able to use the love power unlimitedly, because it rests in him as sign of divine origin, however only so long, as the being moves in the law of eternal order, as long as it wants to use the love power according to divine will. For the will of God is substantiated in his love; the will of God is always according to the eternal order and likewise original law. If the being steps out of the divine order, then it also steps out of the love current of God; it therefore gives up its power, because it does not work outside the law, because love cannot step out of the order, because it is the original power of God. For that reason it will also be comprehensible that only then one can speak of the power of God, when love work is recognizable, and that nothing un-divine can make use of the power from God, because God's power is love, but love cannot be outside of God. (5.6.1953) And so it follows from this that the eternal order must absolutely be obeyed, where love power wants to express itself that therefore the being is only then to be addressed again as divine being, when it lives in God's eternal order, because then it is again radiated through by the divine love power and is therefore also itself full of power and full of light, because also love power has again its full effect. Then the being will be able to create and fashion in the same will with God, because the love power constantly pushes to activity, because divine power never rests, but produces constant life. The state outside of the divine order is a state of death, of powerlessness, of stiffness; but life is only conceivable in divine order, and divine order is love. That entity, that moves outside of the divine order, would have to completely pass, when it would not be power coming from God, which is love in its original substance. And this power is immortal, or – what comes from God can never pass. But everything positive can change into negative, and this therefore means a state opposing the divine one full of love and light – darkness and powerlessness therefore, an un-divine and therefore unhappy lot. But God, as eternal love, does not turn away from this being having become un-divine. He seeks to lead them back into his law-governed order, he illuminates the cooled and hardened entity with his love power, and so it opens, therefore devotes itself without resistance to the influence of this love radiation, it slowly returns to the divine order – it brings again the love in itself to development and uses the love power now flowing again towards it for work in love – it itself becomes full of power and light and returns to the original source of love – it again joins with God, from whom it once started.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5693.


Book 62 5694

Entity of God. Power.

7. and 10. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5694.

To address a power as entity is incomprehensible for you men, because you, as entity yourselves, believe being able to put all power under your will, as soon as your yourselves are producer of that power. And in exactly the same way you see the fundamental powers in nature, so you are believing, as standing under the will of God, who directs the power according to his will. And therefore a divine entity is probable for you, or also – God, so you believe in him, is conceivable for you as a being. He is for you more likely conceivable than just as power; but of a being you make yourselves a form for you according to your ideas, which becomes like you own form. And this idea is erroneous, because something perfect is never to be thought in a limitation. Everything, what is conceivable for you, has not yet reached the degree of perfection, otherwise it goes beyond your powers of imagination. You must recognize yourselves as still imperfect beings yourselves, for whom it is still impossible, to grasp the perfect; you must know that a limitation is only meant for the still imperfect, while the perfect is unlimited – and you will then also understand that it is for you completely impossible being able to imagine the most perfect, most unsurpassable being, to whom you impossibly can give a form, which is according to your limited intellectual capacity. For you men have still no standard for the unlimited, perfect, indeed even the beings of light do not completely grasp the nature of God, because his perfection is for no being within reach, because only in the merging with him can their own nature be completely made divine, nevertheless God still stands infinitely far above the individual being – because these individual beings can indeed completely be radiated through by his original substance, by love power, but he himself always is and remains the love power source, who diffuses himself into infinity. He himself is love – power and light. And love, power and light need no form, to be able to be effective, because this form could again only be infinity, which is filled by him, i.e. by love power and light. But as an endless great fire can spray itself into endless small sparks and still the spark in itself remains fire, so were the love sparks flowing out of him still the same as he himself in miniature – they were entities, which were an image of him himself; which were, in their original substance the same as their creator from eternity, but which could only see themselves and their equal, but were never able, to see the infinite entity of God, which certainly knew about him and recognized him as God and creator. And a being, completely radiated through by his love power, was in a certain degree of maturity so merged with him that it (10.6.1953) was also able to unlimited creation and work that it could accomplish the same as God, since the divine creation power is love and a being filled with love can therefore also create and fashion according to its will, but which is now also God's will. The first created being, Lucifer, was so completely radiated through by the love power of God that it now itself was active as light and power bearer and created beings in great number, which all emerged in highest perfection, because God's will and God's love were also the will and the love of Lucifer and therefore only the perfect could be the result of this love will. But this had been created perfect, what means so much, as that the free will of it was not yet tested, whether it wanted to remain perfect or would climb down from the degree of perfection, when also opportunity would be offered for it. This test of will had to be made also by the first created being, by Lucifer, because the passing of this test only meant the highest degree of perfection, because only then a becoming divine of the being took place, which God set as aim for all creation. Lucifer failed in this test of will and with him a great following. But countless beings passed them and remained with God, whom they recognized and loved above all measure, although also they were not able to see him. But these entities still stood isolated, therefore outside of God, who certainly radiated it through with his love power, but for the complete merger with him imposed a condition, not easily to be fulfilled: Voluntary descending to the depth and from it paving the way up, which could be walked on by all fallen beings – a renouncing of the divine qualities, giving up of light and power, the signs of divinity, to now establish, out of the depth, in free will, the connection with God, which must be established, to again reach him. A being of light had to pave the way for the fallen, but the being had to itself renounce the light, to stand on the same level as the fallen, and then to strive up. Therefore such a light being engendered itself in the man Jesus, for the light being was filled by love for God and for the fallen, but as it also was radiated through by the love of God; therefore love engendered itself in the man Jesus, to redeem the fallen.

No matter how this process is explained to you men, you will never be able to really grasp it, because the idea "love" is still not comprehensible to you, because you cannot understand that love itself is some entity; that one always speaks of God himself, so the word "love" falls. That God himself descended to earth, when love took pity on the fallen – that only eternal love expressed itself through a being having emerged out of his love; that God himself in the light being moved into the body of the man Jesus as soul, that he descended from above to earth, to now go before the way as man, on which all beings of the depth could follow him, to again attain to light and to happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5694.


Book 62 5695

Direct all your senses spiritually.

11. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5695.

Direct your senses spiritually. Everything, what belongs to earth, what keeps you chained to earth, is worthless for eternity; but what you strive for spiritually, remains for you and develops you upwards. Direct all your thinking up to God, and pay attention to the earthly only so far, that you fulfil your duties, which will be the smaller the more you seek to win God and his kingdom. Learn to consider everything worldly as delusion of Satan, as soon as it keeps you back from striving upwards. You can certainly also cope with the demands, which earth life confronts you with, for help is granted to you from the spiritual kingdom, so you desire it first. Then earth life also fulfils itself automatically; then everything is so directed, that it brings about your ascent development best, for as soon as you only direct your senses spiritually, support is also granted to you from the spiritual side. And in the last time before the end you men are to occupy yourselves more than ever with the thoughts of the other world, of that world, which you enter after the death of your body and which you yourselves prepare through your will, through your life on this earth. For the end is about to happen, and not all men can reckon with a normal time of their life; not all will experience the end or survive; many men will already be recalled prematurely and be prepared little for the spiritual kingdom. And that for that reason, because they just lead a pure worldly life, because they have no relationship with that kingdom, which lasts for ever, where the actual life only begins, but where also death can await the soul, which has not striven on earth for life. And the admonition is directed towards these men: Remember your soul, for the body does not remain, but the soul cannot die; it remains and can still be dead in the spirit. Direct your senses spiritually; do not attach too much value to earth life; recognize what you are, when you must leave all earthly behind, and take care that your soul then shines in spiritual wealth; that it has acquired a life for itself in power and light, a life, that lasts for ever and is happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5695.


Book 62 5696

Death of the body beginning of actual life.

12. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5696.

When you cover the earth life time successfully for your soul, then also death will no longer frighten you, but you will welcome it as gate to eternal life. For only then actual life expects you, a happy making activity expects you in a happy making community with like-minded souls, and you will be able to work in light and freedom, in power and fullest cognition. Then death is overcome also for you, and in the perception of God you will be happy. You must have gained the maturity of the soul. And you achieve it only through the fulfilment of the commands of God, through a life in love for God and the neighbour. For that reason you are to just strive for, to help fellowmen in spiritual and bodily trouble; you are to give them love and miss no day on which you have not accomplish at least one good work, then you will always fashion yourselves more to love and become always more filled by the power of God, who now also gives his love to you, because love again and again kindles love and you become like the original nature of God, until he can draw you to himself, until you have united yourselves with him and can now never ever separate yourselves from him, because love ties an untearable band around father and child, which you will never want to break. Actual life only begins with the death of the body, for every cover falls off you; you are free and remain free and will now live in eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5696.


Book 62 5697

Beginning. Eternity. Order. Perfection.

13. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5697.

I am from eternity, and from me everything took its beginning. My spirit it was, which created everything. My love power made the created possible, and my wisdom ordered, what now emerged from my power. But my first creations were beings; they were images of me myself; they were the same as me in their original substance; they were spirit from my spirit; they were beings of highest perfection, for I had fashioned them as my image. But they had a beginning, while I am from eternity. But what I have created remains in all eternity, because my spirit cannot pass for ever and wants to express itself in these created beings always and for ever. I wanted to find myself again in these beings; I wanted that also they were to create and fashion freely out of themselves, but also in the same order, which is my original law from eternity. But they had to move naturally in this order, therefore think and act like me in free will, when they wanted to be and remain perfect. What now came out of this my eternal order, certainly forfeited its perfection, but could no longer pass, although it had a beginning. But it must feel its existence as unlawful; the original happy state must change into an unhappy one and this however also be cause for the striving for perfection, to re-establish the original state. I myself knew about the coming out of my order of the beings created by me already from eternity, but I also know for eternity about the aim, about the final return and about the inevitable happiness of all that, what has come out my love power; I know that light will increase beyond measure; I see the splendours of my kingdom making all my creatures happy; I see the exuding of my love power into infinity and its return to me. I alone know it, what that means, when the spiritual, which reached perfection in free will, occupies itself according to my will. And therefore I pursue my aim according to my plan from eternity. I lead everything to completion; I always let new worlds come into being, always new creations, which are to serve to re-establish my order from eternity, to lead what has become imperfect in free will again to perfection, to unlimited happiness in and with me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5697.


Book 62 5698

Incentive to work in the vineyard of the Lord.

14. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5698.

You have to do an enormous task, but which you are also able to carry out with my favour and power, so your will is just devoted to me, so you stand up with all your powers for a work, which must still be done before the end of the earth, to snatch many souls from spiritual death. I lead you all by the hand, as long as you want to serve me, and so you will also always go those ways, which lead you to those men, who are in trouble and urgently need help. But your help is mainly of spiritual kind, for the spiritual trouble is still considerably greater than the earthly trouble, and for this spiritual trouble I give you in fullness the means of help into the hands, a wealth, which you are to use now for the benefit of the poor, whom you are to feed and water with gifts of love, with that food of heaven, which is amply sent to you and is therefore intended for all men, who live in want at their souls. The serving of a strong soul food is your task, which I urgently entrust you with. Like my disciples you are to bring out my word into the world, which alone is that food, at which the souls can strengthen themselves, at which they recover, so they feel weak and ill. And all work, which you do in this mission, will be blessed by me. I just need your will, to serve me, then I myself ordain everything, as it is successful for those men, who are likewise of good will. For I take pity on those men, who walk along is greatest spiritual poverty, who do not know and recognize me, who go away from the way, which leads to me. I take pity on those men, who walk in error and by this means very easily get into the nets of the enemy of their souls. I take pity on those men, who unscrupulously live into the day and do not suspect, how close the end is for them. To all I would like to bring help and still cannot address them directly, to not make them unfree in wanting and believing. And for that reason I appoint you that you are to help me, because help through men must be brought to these poor in the spirit. But you yourselves are relieved of all responsibility, as soon as you submit your will to me. Then your will will be mine; you will think, speak and act in my will, and every step, which you go, will be blessed, because you take part in a redeemer work, which in consideration of the near end is extremely important. For that reason go under my leadership; entrust yourselves completely to me, and you will be active to the blessing of those, who are in greatest trouble and need help and who will thank you for ever, so they know being rescued from eternal death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5698.


Book 62 5699

"You have a father after all." Child relationship.

16. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5699.

There is nothing, what would be impossible for you, when you connect yourselves with me, when you ask me for power – when you let me myself therefore have an effect through you. You just still do not have real faith, and as long as you doubt, you yourselves prevent me that I get active according to your will. But you are to seek to win this faith. Put yourselves into the state that you speak to me childlike trustingly; that you really feel like children, who come to the father in every distress, may it be spiritual or earthly kind. If you can establish this relationship with me, then there will also be no doubt any more in you that I hear you. For so you address me as father, you are also convinced of my love, which turns towards my children and grants them help in every trouble. You have a father after all; you are not orphaned; you have one, who knows about your trouble and worries, who just wants to be called, because he longs for the child love and wants to return it. How rich are you to be called after all. You have a father in heaven, who is stronger than all the powers of the world, who therefore can also turn away everything from you, what approaches you from the side of the world. And because you have such a father full of power and love, also for you yourselves will nothing be impossible, because I always stand by your side with my power, because you just need to believe firmly, to cause me to express my power. As long as you are far from me, you are also powerless, but as soon as you establish an intimate connection with me, also the power from me must flow over you, and then you create and overcome everything, and no restriction exists for you, for all boundaries fall, where my power is used. Just trust, full of faith, in the love of your heavenly father, and all worries will fall off you; they will always be removed at the right time, because you yourselves determine the time through the strength of your faith. Amen.

I want to bless your work and direct your thoughts and give that you act according to my will. For that reason put the work for me and my kingdom before your earthly activity, which I will then also bless and send you spiritual support, where earthly power seems not to be sufficient. And so I bless you, everything will succeed; so I bless you, you cannot get attacked by evil powers, for my blessing erects a wall of protection, behind which you can feel secure; a wall of protection, at which everything hostile is dashed to pieces, because my blessing hand is spread over you, as long as you work for me and my kingdom. I want to be for all of you a good house father, as soon as you work as my servants in my vineyard, as soon as you serve me and seek to spread my kingdom on earth. And you are to lack nothing; with power I want to equip you, and in my will you will now carry out your redeemer work, for which I have hired you in the last time before the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5699.


Book 62 5700

What is truth? Where is it to be found?

17. June 1953 B.D. NR. 5700.

In truth you men must be instructed, to be able to fulfil your earth life purpose. But what is truth? And how can you reach truth? God himself is eternal truth, and for that reason, who desires truth, must turn to God himself and ask him for truth. There is no other way than this direct one, for even, when it is offered differently, he will only be able to recognize it as truth, so he asks God for enlightenment of his spirit, for right thinking. Man must therefore first acknowledge God; he must believe in him. And this faith will only then be alive in him; it will have become inner conviction, when he lives in love, for only through love faith becomes alive. Love is the key to wisdom; love guarantees right thinking, in accordance with truth; for love, truth and God are one. You men must first make this basic truth your own that love is first condition to right thinking; that you can only then speak of an enlightened spirit, when you make an effort to lead a life in love, under which unselfish neighbourly love is to be understood and as a result of which you also express love for God. You men must know that, where love is, also God himself is, and where God is, is also truth. You must know that it is God's will, to guide you into pure truth; that he wants to withhold nothing from you; that you are to change the state of ignorance into the state of cognition and that he is prepared at all times, to initiate you into truth; but that you must first fulfil the conditions, if you want to move in truth.

You are not allowed to think you are enabled, to be able to fathom truth with your intellect alone, for your intellectual thinking will go the wrong direction, as long as God is eliminated, but as also the will for truth, for serious longing for it, must exist, which is assessed by God as desire for him himself, because he himself is truth from eternity. And the serious desire has as precondition that man is prepared to give up the previous knowledge, to exchange pure truth for it; that he opens himself for that knowledge, which he is now allowed to receive, after he has proven the belief in God through sincere request for enlightenment of the spirit, for the supply of pure truth. God gives to everyone truth, who desires it seriously, and at the same time he also gives to him the power of cognition.

But what is to be understood under truth, of which it is spoken here? It is truth out of God, which cannot be proven earthly – they are those problems, which occupy every thinking man, which he would like to solve and which are not solvable pure intellectually. It is that knowledge about the original beginning and final destination of all that, what is – knowledge about meaning and purpose of creation, about meaning and purpose of earth life – it is knowledge about all connections of the creator with his creatures and creations. It is the answer to all questions, which you men cannot answer intellectually, rather can bring no proof for the correctness of your answer. You can just always assume and think right or wrong. But God gives you truth – so you submit to his conditions.

And this pure truth is to be presented to all. But it is left to you men, whether you want to accept it, whether you adapt yourselves so that you recognize it as truth, for your will is free. And even the most valuable spiritual material will not force to acceptance; it is offered to you men so that you can reject or also accept it, according to your attitude towards him, to faith and to love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5700.


Book 62 5701

Examine the spirits. False Christs and prophets.

19. June 1953. B.D. NR 5701.

Examine the spirits, whether they are of God. A serious criticism in necessary, so you receive spiritual material, where this spiritual material has its origin. You are to and must examine, for you yourselves are responsible for your soul, for which only truth is of use, but which is endangered in its ascent development through erroneous thought material. Is now spiritual material offered to you, therefore knowledge, which is not provable earthly, so you must examine it seriously; you must know that light and darkness fight against each other; that the prince of darkness fights against pure truth; that he tries everything to guide men into erroneous thinking, and also does not shrink from covering himself in the robe of an angel to deceive men. But you can expose him yourselves; you can examine, which spirit is supplying you the thought material, and these may be the marks for you, to which you are to pay attention with a serious examination: that Jesus Christ is announced as God's son and redeemer of the world through the thought material supplied to you; that his love teaching is content of it and that you are admonished to follow Jesus. Then you are absolutely allowed to accept and address God himself as source of the knowledge supplied to you; you are then allowed to represent it as divine truth; you do not need to fear being pushed into erroneous thinking by the spirit of darkness, for he never ever acknowledges Jesus Christ, who has redeemed the world from sin. False Christs and false prophets will stand up, and particularly in the last time before the end. They will talk about the name Jesus Christ and still be no right announcers of his divine love teaching, for they themselves will not obey, what they teach, or direct their teachings worldly; they will not be recognizable as right Christians. And this confessing with the mouth is often a cover, under which the enemy of truth hides. They themselves will have no real faith in the words of Jesus, which he has pronounced on earth, in his promises, for they lack love, the feature of a real following of Jesus. And for that reason their words will bear no spirit in them; they will be without power; they will not be able to be addressed as pure divine truth and likewise require a serious examination. But you can carry out this examination at any time, so you, in deep desire for truth, ask God himself for his help that he might enlighten your spirit, may guide your thinking right and teaches to distinguish truth from error at any time, and everyone, who desires the spirit out of God, will receive it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5701.


Book 62 5702

Limits of knowledge.

20. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5702.

You are to be able to see into all fields; I myself will guide and teach you; I will inform you about it, what you would like to know, for I alone instruct you truthfully, and I alone can also give you the power of cognition, which you yourselves can never acquire for yourselves, but is handed out as gift of favour from me to him, who is of serious will to reach maturity. No limits are imposed on the knowledge of man; but he himself imposes limits on him, because he seeks to discover fields unknown to him only intellectually and because the intellect is limited. But he can exceed these limits at any time, when he gets into contact with me through love. These words will be incomprehensible for you, you who have not penetrated into spiritual knowledge; incomprehensibly it will sound to you that you draw more wisdom on the way of the heart than your intellect can ever produce. Incomprehensible it will be for you that the feeling of the heart can outdo the sharpest intellectual thinking; that to that man, who fashions himself to love, all fields are made accessible, which the cleverest scientist, who lacks love, will never be able to enter. But the explanation for this is simple: Who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him. Who lives in love, he is always connected to me; I myself am present in him; the connection between a loving man and me is so intimate that the joining together results in the awakening of the divine spark in man, which is a part of me myself and which now also reveals to man everything, what he desires to know. It answers as it were from the inside every question, which man now puts, which concerns such fields, which are closed to man intellectually. You men can only receive this knowledge through the heart; no limit is imposed on man, who takes this way, who lets himself be instructed by me myself through the spirit spark in him. But he can now also, full of conviction, represent this his knowledge as truth, because the cognition and the power of judgement is sent to him at the same time with the knowledge, because I, so I myself instruct man, truly answer his questions in the most comprehensible way and he also recognizes me myself as his teaching master. And so I repeat: You all must be taught by God, if you want to stand in truth, if you want to have knowledge at your disposal, which is comprehensive and goes beyond earthy intellectual knowledge. My spirit must first be able to have an effect in you, when you want to be able to see into those fields, which are otherwise closed to you men. For my part no limits are imposed on the knowledge of men, but man himself imposes the limits for himself, when he is far from me, when he lives without love and therefore makes the work of my spirit impossible.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5702.


Book 62 5703

Purpose of creation. Course of development.

21. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5703.

The world, with all its creations visible to you, serves only one purpose, the guiding back of the spiritual once seceded from God, which is banished in these creations in innumerable individual substances or little spirit sparks, to, in constant change of its stay, again slowly develop upwards in constant change of the outer cover, until a certain degree of maturity, which then makes the embodiment of this spiritual as soul in man possible, in which now the last return to God in free will is to take place. It is truly an endless long way, which the spiritual has gone before the embodiment as man; it is a way, which began in the boundless agony of the shackling and the shackling remained for an endless long time, until then the fetters began to loosen and finally more and more eased, but always remained a state of being bound for the spiritual, but from which man can redeem himself, when he wants.

You men have therefore, according to your soul, gone through all these creations visible to you, and you have now reached the last stage of your development on earth. You just have to still fulfil your last task on it, to then, being free of every earthly fetter, to again inhabit that kingdom, which you have once left in free will through your rebellion against God. And this your last task on earth is to completely subordinate yourselves in free will to the eternal divinity, because you once rebelled against God – to serve in love, because you once wanted to rule in lack of love – to again become perfect through love, because you robbed yourselves of all divine qualities through your sin against God. You are to become again full of light and power, as you were from the very beginning. For you are beings having emerged from God in all perfection, but which are destitute of every cognition of their existence, because they are destitute of all love, because they have gone away from God and consequently could no longer get radiated through by his love, because every resistance against God also lets his love radiation become ineffective, although the love of God for his creatures does not stop for ever. The development process from the depth to the height takes place in everything and through everything, what you see. And consequently the meaning and purpose of creation is shortly explained to you and also the meaning and purpose of your earth life. You are allowed and must know about it to consciously strive for the last aim on earth, but as you must also know about him, who is God and creator of you all, but who also wants to be recognized and loved by you as father, to now be able to let his love power flow towards you in a measure that you again reach your original state; that you end earth life as his children and return to him into your father house, to now be able to create and work with him and in his will, as it is your purpose from eternity. To now supply to you men this knowledge, this cognition, he himself addresses you; he lets you hear his word, and he instructs you through his word; he presents his will to you, of which the fulfilment inevitably earns you again that degree of maturity, which you have given up voluntarily. He just demands from you the change of your nature to love. If you fulfil this his will, then also your ascent development is secured; then you fulfil your earth task; then the way from the deepest depth to the height has been covered successfully that you are again united with God, from whom you once broke away, and that you now remain united with him until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5703.


Book 62 5704

Own responsibility. Attitude to truth.

22. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5704.

Every man is himself responsible for his soul, and for that reason it is not enough that he only joins a community as supporter, which relieves him of his own thought, which lays down everything he does and which he now follows implicitly, without own judgment, whether the demands are justified, whether he himself can win something for his soul, so he does, what it demanded of him. He takes a great responsibility for his soul, for through his earth life way he prepares for it the lot for eternity. He will also never be able to shift this responsibility onto those men, who have instructed or guided him wrongly, because intellect and free will was given to him himself and these are to be used by him. However he himself does not take it seriously with the immortality of his soul; he does not stand in real faith thereon; he is lukewarm to everything, what has reference to his spiritual development. And he must take responsibility for it. Every man is mentally referred to it; no man will be able to claim that he has never occupied himself mentally with life after death. Each one will at times digest such thoughts in himself, but often reject them unwillingly and fight against every further mental influencing from the spiritual kingdom. And also for this he must take responsibility, because he himself rejects every means, which could help him to right cognition. Every man must accept responsibility for himself, and he has the right and the duty to express an opinion himself to all teachings, which are presented to him as spiritual truth. For in exactly the same way he must be able to receive them as error, as he receives them as truth, because there are many schools of thought as can be proved and each one deviates in its teachings form the other. If he now wants to support one of them as truth, so he must himself first have got hold of the conviction that this teaching is truth, and for it a conscientious examination belongs, which he though cannot carry out without calling upon God for his help. Pure truth must mean a lot to him, and he must know that only truth leads him to the destination; that only through truth he can help his soul to a blessed lot in eternity. And for that reason he has the duty to seek for truth, therefore to also examine everything, whether it is according to truth. As supporter no man wins an advantage for his soul; he must gain everything for himself and for that reason let his own will become active; he must always desire the support from above; he must himself establish the relationship with God and always seek to fulfil his will. This serious will will also soon earn him right thinking; he will become aware of his state and his task on earth and now seriously strive to live so that he can in future be responsible before God, his creator and father from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5704.


Book 62 5705

Serious admonition. Material attitude.

22. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5705.

You men have turned your looks towards the world; you just strive for earthly treasures; you seek to fulfil bodily desires; you only move in an area, where matter rules; but all spiritual you hush up. But your body is only the cover of that, what remains after the death of the body; your body is the stay for your soul for only a short time, and it is the soul, which is to gain maturity through earth life, but which you let live in want through your material attitude and which for that reason enters into the spiritual kingdom in a miserable state. The material world is the kingdom of the banished spiritual, which you as man indeed also inhabit, but which is your last station before your entry into the spiritual kingdom. As long as the spirit of the world is so strong in you that you always just desire material goods, that you create and work for this earthly world only, so long you are slaves of matter, where you are after all as its lord are to overcome matter. You just spend all your life power to strengthen the kingdom of the opponent of God, so you strive for the world and its goods. But you are to use the life power to gather for yourselves spiritual goods, to acquire treasures for eternity; you are to voluntarily separate yourselves from those goods, which are passing and are still taken from you once, which you cannot take across into eternity. You are to use your life power right and acquire for yourselves immortal goods, with which you can work in the spiritual kingdom, which mean a wealth for you, which will truly bless you. You are more than all material creations, for these were only created for you that they serve you for perfection. But you men fail to recognize their value; you strive for the world, instead to recognize it as being an obstacle to you for the spiritual development. You serve matter, instead that it is serving you; you let yourselves be ruled by it and become slaves of matter. And that means that you prepare death for the soul in you; that it is surrounded by a thick cover, when it enters the spiritual kingdom; that no ray of light can break through this cover and that the soul for that reason suffers indescribably, until the cover is dissolved, which can last eternities, when not even the cover hardens more and more and no prospect exists for the soul any more to get free of it. You men do not know, what you do to your soul, so you are earthly materially minded; so you just always strive to gain material goods. Recognize after all the transitoriness of that, what surrounds you, and remember that, what is immortal. Do not live your earth life in vain, for it is just given to you for the maturing of the soul, for the spiritual in you, which can only use spiritual food to develop, to be able to leave the body without cover, when your hour has come. Remember the soul and direct your senses spiritually – for the soul remains, but everything earthly passes.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5705.


Book 62 5706

Faith in God. Revelation. Truth.

24. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5706.

I want to be acknowledged as God and creator, as your father from eternity. As first thing I must demand from you men faith in me; you must have won the inner conviction that you have emerged from the power and might of a being, which works and rules in all perfection, under which will you stand, but which leans towards you in never ending love, because you have emerged out of his love. I must demand this faith, for only it puts you into the right relationship to me, for the present into the relationship of the creature to the creator, to whom you subjugate yourselves, and then into the relationship of the child to the father, whom you love and towards whom you strive. I do not want to know you for ever as beings standing isolated from me; I want to be closely connected to you; I want to reach the aim, which I have set for myself, as I called you into life: to work and created with perfect divine beings, which I can infinitely bless as my children; which I love and whose love I want to possess in full measure. Faith in me, who you cannot see and nevertheless can recognize, is the basic condition, the first step on the way, to become a right child of your father, for to strive towards me, I must first be recognized before; I must be so conceivable for my creatures that they can love me; but I can only then reveal myself to them as highly perfect being, when they believe in me that I really and truly am. And they can win this faith, for they just need to demand to hear the truth about their origin, about their existence and about their purpose. Where I recognize this longing in a man, there is also a right soil for a strong convinced faith in me – and there I reveal myself in various ways – through creation, through everything, what man sees around him; I reveal myself to them mentally; I make truth accessible to them in every form; I lead him on the right way, where he will certainly find, what he desires: Information about me as God and creator, as father from eternity. Every man can believe, when he wants it – but only, when he believes in me, I can have an effect on him, because you as man, in the stage of free will, must be spared by every forced spiritual influencing, so that your development may not be endangered. But when man has gained faith in free will, then he will also experience the power and might and love of him, in whom he believes, for as soon as he acknowledges me, he has walked on the way upwards, where now constantly help from above comes to meet him, so that he may reach his destination. To believe in me, i.e. in my existence, also busy intellectual activity can achieve, because for it I have given men the intellect that he draws conclusions from the existence of that, what is visible to him as creation. By virtue of his intellect he can already recognize a power above him, at whose mercy he is, which leaves the human will unnoticed, which is stronger than man himself. But whether he is able to love this power, whether he wants to strive towards it that is left to his will, and according to this will also this power makes itself known to man. For I want that my creatures are happy; that they establish the connection with me, to now reveal myself to them as a God of love, wisdom and power – as father, who longs for his children.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5706.


Book 62 5707

"Create and work." Endless long night.

25. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5707.

An endless long night follows the day, which already draws to a close, a night, which will be so agonizing that you men should do everything to not fall victim to this night. For you can remain in brightest light, when you want it yourselves; the coming night does not need to frighten you, when you hear the admonition and warning calls of your heavenly father and also take them to heart, when you live according to the will of the father and consequently are also received into his kingdom at the end of this earth, where it is always day full of light. For that reason the words are again and again held before you: Create and work, as long as it is still day, for the night comes, where you can work no longer. It is still in your power and in your will, to turn away the night from you, but when the hour will have come, then complete powerlessness and darkness is the lot of those, who do not listen to the words from above, who leave the day with its light unused, who do not work for their souls. It is still day – but not long any more, then the time of favour has expired, then the day of the separation of the spirits comes, the day of judgement, where everyone receives, what he strives for, where there will be a general reckoning and the righteousness of God rules, because his love was not respected and because sin has got out of hand and earns mankind a lot, in which it does not want to believe, because it already is in the night of the spirit. Create and work, as long as it is still day, as long as you men have life power at your disposal, which you are to use well for works of active neighbourly love – then you can get hold of light, then you do not need to belong to those, who will sink into deepest night at the end, then you will find mercy with God, he will lead you to his community, to those, who will fight for him until the end. Then also you are received into their crowd and experience the blessings of a deep faith in him – then it will become brighter and brighter in you, then you certainly consciously head for the point in time, where the great darkness will overtake earth, but you entrust yourselves to your father in heaven that he may take you away from earth; that you do not need to share the lot of those, for whom the day comes to an end and who will be devoured by an endless long night. Take care of that it becomes light in you; that at least a small little light flares up, which then constantly becomes brighter the stronger your will is for the life of the soul, for light and happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5707.


Book 62 5708

Deciding for the right Lord.

26. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5708.

Choose your lord, as long as you walk on earth, but choose right. For the one you choose, he then also prepares your lot in eternity. For that reason this decision on earth is for you very significant, and still no one else can make it for you; you must yourselves choose the lord for you, to whom you want to hand yourselves over to for ever, and for that reason you must also know, what the lord offers you for it that you acknowledge him. You must choose between God and his opponent. You should not find this choice difficult, for each one strives for that, what seems to be the highest for him. And he will always give God priority, but for many men God's opponent is their "god", who grants them everything, what they want, and whom they therefore give preference to that God, who is far from them, because they themselves have gone away from him. And so it is about to examine the goods, which are offered to men by those, between whom they are to decide. And also now those goods seem to men more tempting, which the opponent of God offers to them, while the spiritual goods, although they have eternity value, those goods, which God wants to give away to men, are not desirable for most of them, because they cannot grasp and cannot see them and for that reason the opponent of God will have more followers, who give away their vote to him, who acknowledge him as lord and surrender to him without hesitation. And you men are in this great danger; very particularly in the time of the end that you no longer recognize the right Lord; that you do not see or want to see his love and mercy and for that reason you go past him and hurry to that lord, who wants to ruin you. And for that reason God puts callers at the way, who loudly let their voice sound and warn you men, to go on the taken way, because it leads headlong towards ruin. And these messengers are ordered by God himself to bring you men light; to push you on the right way, to draw your attention to the many blinding lights and figments of the imagination, which flash on the taken way, but which are no right lights for that man, who seeks the right way and wants to walk it. These callers pronounce the right Lord, the God of love and justice, of wisdom and power, of mercy and of favour; they speak for him, whom they have recognized as their Lord and to whom they are devoted in love. Who is to seriously decide, he must also have loyal advisors, and these God himself sends to men, because he loves them and wants to rescue them. But as men adjust to the world, so is also their attitude to their lord. World men strive for everything, what is subject to the lord of the world; they are in the kingdom of the opponent of God and therefore also long for his treasures and consequently also for him himself. But who has overcome the world, he seeks other treasures, and he also strives towards that Lord, who has to award these spiritual treasures. And he makes the right choice, which he will never ever regret; which also opens for him the entry into the kingdom of God; he makes the right decision for eternity. And so you men now know that you take great responsibility as concerns your soul, which is now in eternity so provided for, as you as man on earth choose. You can acquire for your soul the highest happiness; but you can also plunge it into deep suffering, into darkness and agony, according to the choice of that lord, to whom you give priority, as long as you dwell on earth. It is only one, who can prepare a happy lot for you – your God and father from eternity. You must completely give yourselves him for himself and abhor his opponent, who plunges you into outermost dankness, so you do as he wishes. For that reason do not let yourselves be blinded and deceived by the goods of this world – they are passing and create no advantage at all for you in the spiritual kingdom. Strive on earth for God and his kingdom, and then receive as reward the gifts, which his love offers you in future in eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5708.


Book 62 5709

Free will basic law. Test of will of the spiritual.

27. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5709.

The judged spiritual is to be redeemed; it is to become free once; the banished spiritual, which is to be understood under matter, is to again be put in the original state that it can freely work and create in divine order; that it is again a happy being, as it was from the very beginning But it must also pass a test of will in a certain stage of development, where it has again gained free will – the same test, which is was once to pass, but where it failed. A free being must also call a free will his own, but a perfect being must move this free will in divine order – it will therefore only then be perfect, when its will is directed right without compulsion – the free will of the being cannot be directed in a certain direction by force; the being can only be exposed to positive and negative influence and then decide for itself, which direction it wants to take. And this free will decision takes place for each being in the stage as man, why earth life is of greatest importance, because in this it is about the redemption from a tied up state, because God only gives an extreme short time to the being for the test of its will after endless long time of banishment, but which is quite enough for the last decision. Men must know, what this last decision means; they must know that this decision determines their lot in eternity. With right attitude towards God, with a life in faith and in love the teaching about it would also appear to be acceptable to them; they would lead their way of life according to the will of God and therefore also automatically make the right decision – but since they lack faith in God and love, since they do not establish the right relationship of the creature to the creator, they also do not accept an instruction about their life task; they lack all knowledge, they are however themselves to be blamed for. And since the freedom of will is an irrefutable law, man cannot be given knowledge against his will, which he rejects in free will. Free will is a basic law, which can earn a being unlimited happiness, but which can also put off the redemption of the spiritual endless long time, because the state of perfection cannot get created, but depends exactly on this free will. What has emerged out of God was in the possession of free will, for they were creatures of God, which he put outside of himself in all perfection – that the beings became imperfect, is substantiated with that, that they moved their free will in the wrong direction despite their cognition, despite their state of light. Free will could be directed positively or also negatively, and through the direction of its will the being was to now prove its perfection; it was to be able to choose itself, and it decided wrong. It strove towards the counter pole of God and lost its perfection. But God's works cannot get lost; they cannot remain for ever in the distance to him; once they will give up their rebellious attitude towards God and again strive towards him. For his infinite love knows for eternity means and ways to lead back that, what once voluntarily turned away from him. But not one single means disregards free will, and not one single being can get round the free test of will. But the decision the being is to take in earth life s man. And with his love and an unlimited measure of favour God influences the will of man, without however forcing it to turn towards him. He certainly woos all his creatures with all love, but free will, the basic law from eternity, is never eliminated.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5709.


Book 62 5710

Book of books. God's word.

28. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5710.

The Scriptures, which testify to me, would be quite enough to announce my will to men; they would lead them to the light, to cognition, when my will would be obeyed, and they would gain happiness. But these Scriptures, the book of the fathers, have lost their value for many men; it is for them no longer that book, which imparts my word to them, because their lack of faith also concerns the origin of the Scriptures, because they cannot believe that my spirit was effective in my disciples and this spirit caused them to write down, what I myself have done and taught, when I walked on earth. And for that reason they do not assess this my word as they would have to assess it – as announcement of my will, which demands from men the fulfilment of the commends – of love for God and the neighbour. If they would just acknowledge these two commands as given by me to men and just make an effort to live on earth according to these two commands, then they would also certainly soon find the understanding for the correctness and truth of all other teachings, which my disciples have written down on my behalf for all men. But they do not live in love, and for that reason they are lacking in understanding for everything, what the Scriptures contain. And for that reason they also doubt the origin; they do not recognize me as the start of the word, which testifies to me. But they are nevertheless to be instructed by my word; they are nevertheless to know about my will and therefore directly pointed to him, who expresses himself in many different ways. They are to know that it is possible for me to supply my word to earth at any time; that I instruct men at any time through the spirit, as I have also instructed my disciples, when I no longer dwelled among them in the flesh; they are to know that the process of the pouring out of the spirit was not a unique one, which was only carried out at my disciples, but that I again and again pour out my spirit into an opened vessel; that I, in the same way as once my disciples, instruct men at any time and therefore supply my word to them, which again just announces my will to live in love to then lead man into all truth as result of the fulfilment of my will; to explain to him the connection of the created with its creator, the purpose and the destination of all that, what is visible to man; therefore to give him a comprehensive knowledge, which means brightest light for the soul and lets the way to eternal life be found. Through the supply of my word I just aim to achieve that man fashions himself to love. The Scriptures also always just teach love; therefore their start must also be from me myself, I who am eternal love. But because love has cooled among men, they are also no longer able to recognize the inner value of that, what stands written; they are blind in the spirit and destitute of all competence to judge. For that reason living representatives of my word are to face them now again, who indeed bring nothing new to them, but represent the old and can prove it anew with the power of persuasion – namely that love is the first command, which I demand to fulfil, and that all further knowledge, higher cognition about truth, only emerges out of love. The word from me is to find again stronger spreading, for again I say to my disciples, whom I myself have chosen for me: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations." For men must hear my Gospel; they must know that the Scriptures are not allowed to be rejected; that they contain truth, which I myself have announced through the spirit to my disciples. They are to know that I always and for ever supply the same word to earth and that my word remains, even so heaven and earth pass.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5710.


Book 62 5711

Warning to intersperse received spiritual messages with thought.

29. June 1953. B.D. NR. 5711.

To draw out of the fullness of the spirit also means complete independence from all knowledge, which is brought to man from the outside. Who is allowed to draw from the fullness of the spirit, is to keep free of other knowledge if possible, so that the received spiritual material may not be interspersed with knowledge, which is won comprehensibly and for that reason does not need to be according to truth. Where a divine power has an obvious effect, this supply of power is to just always be increased, but what can only happen through increased love work and constant request of divine power. But knowledge is to never be added as addition, which has another origin than the source of divine love, the work of the spirit of God. Then also pure truth remains; then no misrepresentation occurs; one can speak of the pure word of God, which, from above, finds access to a man, who refuses access to all other spiritual material. And for that reason it is advisable, to always just keep to spiritually received messages and to close oneself from the world, i.e. from thought, which can be called worldly in a certain meaning, when it comes from intellectual knowledge, when it is won through study, when it is acknowledged and represented worldly by men, who have not yet found the intimate contact with God, which results in the work of the divine spirit. Where the word of God from above is supplied to earth, there is a fresh source, from which the living water without all clouding flows, pure and clear and full of life power. And this source must be carefully protected from contamination; the life water must be drunk so pure, as it flows from it; it is not to be mixed with an additive, because it then loses power. It is a quite delicious drink, which is offered to you men through God's great love. Let his gift be enough for you, and resist those, who want to bring you the same, what you cannot acknowledge as the same, because it was not offered to you yourselves from above. The will may be good, but you are to set your will against it and keep the word from above pure; you are not to declare yourselves in agreement with a coalition, which just means a danger for pure truth. You yourselves go often into quietness, and listen inwards and examine your feeling, which will express itself repulsively, when spiritual material is supplied to you otherwise than from above. God gives truth, but men are not satisfied with it; they seek to improve and add or take away, as it seems right to them – but as a result they decrease the value of the divine revelations; they take the power from the word, which the word received directly from God holds. God's word has power and has an effect on every willing soul, and truly no additive is needed from the mouth of man – and it will keep its power, as long as it is kept pure, as long as man just listens to the voice of him only, who announces himself through the spirit.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5711.


Book 62 5712

Surprising end also for the believers.

30. June 1953. B.D. NR 5712.

For many the hour of the end will come as a surprise, who know about it, for also they still think it far, because the hustle and bustle of the world still shows no decline, because the signs of the end are still not so obviously enough, although they certainly think it possible that they live in the time of the end. And also my faithful still cannot come seriously to terms with the thought that they will experience the end, for also they still stand on the ground of the real world, also they see fellowmen always in busy doings, and the spiritual knowledge almost seems unreal to them in the face of striving of world men, in the face of earthly progress and the hopes and expectations of men of the coming time. Also they will therefore be surprised and recognize that that, what seems unreal, becomes real and all expectation of men come to nothing. The end will come as a thief in the night - but it announces itself before, it casts its shadows ahead, on a small scale it will already happen before, it will announce itself through a natural disaster of greatest extent and this will be the last warning, the last evidence of the near end. And whether you men doubt or refuse to accept it - my plan from eternity is fixed, and according to this plan everything goes in the universe. The end will suddenly be there because my admonitions and warnings are ignored that indeed constantly reach men to not let them experience the end unprepared. And only that is the purpose of my announcements, that men get ready, that they think of the end and get started on the soul work, that they live in accordance with the short duration of their bodily life, which nevertheless can earn the soul maturity. I want that all my admonitions and warnings gain currency; I want that men get informed about it, as I also want that the day of judgement and the fate of the ones who defect from me are presented to them straight out, because men can themselves bring about their escape, the end does not have to mean an hour of fright for them, they also can look calmly forward to the end when they abide by what they are urged to do, when they prepare themselves for it, i.e. still live on earth according to my will until the last hour has come. They well can no longer put off this hour but they can await it consciously because it means the end of agonies for those who have found their way to me and will only hit hard those who have renounced me and therefore have no longer a right to inhabit the earth that is only supposed to serve the maturation of the soul. The end comes so certain as the night follows the day - since eternity the day is fixed but you do not know it. But you are to believe that comes true what I announced and still announce through seers and prophets that this day is imminent, that it will surprise all of you and that you are therefore to regard every day already as the last one to live it consciously and to work on yourself. Then you never have to fear the end but fully trusting can look forward to my coming that will redeem you, who believe, from great trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5712.


Book 62 5713

Passing on of the divine word. Blessing.

1. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5713.

To distribute my word is the task of all those, to whom I supply my word. Who receives from me gifts of favour, he is to also pass them on, for love for the neighbour commands such that to everyone is allotted, what he needs to be happy; that everyone gives, what he possesses himself and what makes him happy. Moreover knowledge is necessary for men that I myself reveal myself; that I obviously help men on earth in the great spiritual trouble, for the spiritual trouble exists exactly in the ignorance about the earth life purpose and the task of man. When men now stand before a turning point, when greatest danger threatens them and they themselves do not know about this, so I would not be a God of love and mercy, if I would not want to draw their attention to this danger through warnings and admonitions and not give them opportunity to turn it away from them, to escape from it. Exactly because men are blind in the spirit a light is to be given to them, and light can only light, who himself possesses light. For that reason, what you receive from me through my love and favour that also impart to those, who go along in darkness. My plan of salvation from eternity remains, and nothing can change my will, and what has been decided for eternities, will irrevocably also be carried out, but in which state mankind experiences what is planned, that is decisive, and this state I still want to rise and improve, so far the will of men themselves allows it. Give information to all men of the forthcoming, draw their attention to that their life is in danger; but that they with the bodily death can also lose the life of the soul; that they prepare a terrible lot for the soul, when they do not change, when they do not recognize and acknowledge me and therefore also live according to my will. Present the importance of their way of life to them that they gain the spiritual, when they strive for the spiritual, but that inevitably hard matter becomes their lot, when they do not break away from matter, when they only live pure worldly and do not remember their God. Pass your knowledge on and believe that I bless you for it; that you can decrease the trouble in this way for erroneous souls and that you are therefore helpers in the redemption of those, who still languish in hard fetter – who in blindness of the spirit follow him, who is against me. It is a blessed work to liberate them form it, which you carry out for me, for I love all my creatures and want to win them for me; I want that all are happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5713.


Book 62 5714

Help for weak souls in the hereafter.

2. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5714.

No hour you are to be inactive, which you can use for the redemption of the spiritual. It is a work, which means the highest degree of neighbourly love, when you help the souls, to liberate themselves from their fetter; those souls, which themselves are too weak and have to rely on your help, no matter, whether they are still on earth or already in the hereafter. You, who are knowing, you can help; you can bring that to them, what they lack themselves – you can help them to power, when you look after them in love, but as you can also instruct them that they are to always only use the power imparted to them for love work and that they can in this way always acquire more power. On earth men must likewise get stimulated to love work, if their souls are to redeem themselves from their fetters. What you for that reason can do, to impart for the present knowledge to fellowmen or to the souls in the hereafter, that and how a redemption is possible, that you are not to refrain from doing, even so you cannot yet see the effect, which your activity results in. You are to constantly think of that innumerable souls are in greatest rouble. And if you lack on earth the opportunity to instruct your fellowmen, to share from your rich knowledge or to admonish them to love work, so look after the souls in the opposite kingdom, who are extremely grateful to you for your will to help, who also accept your instructions; who surround you, because near you they feel a certain strengthening, and who constantly ask you for the supply of this power. Instruct them in thoughts, or present the word of God to them. And you will find grateful listeners, and your work for God and his kingdom will truly be blessed. Let no hour pass unused, where you can perform redeemer work, for earthly activity has only earthly success, but spiritual activity surpasses all earthly success, because it produces immortal goods, goods, for which the souls intimately thank you, as soon as they have recognized in which trouble they are or were. Seek to open the spiritual kingdom for also your fellowmen; seek to change in them the thinking; seek to open fields for them, which are foreign to them, and also help them on the way, which leads into the spiritual kingdom. Seek to impart to them the cognition that not earth life, but life in the spiritual kingdom after their death is the actual life, which they are to strive for during earth life. Use every hour, where you can work for God and his kingdom, for time is only short, which still remains for you to work for him, and the spiritual trouble is gigantic. But you can decrease it, so you are just willing to busy yourselves redeeming; so you want to help, where help is needed.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5714.


Book 62 5715

God's word. Ray of light. Door of the heart. Guest.

3. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5715.

Who opens the door of his heart to let light shine into it, he will truly no longer need to fear the night, for the light from the inside will radiate for him, which no-one can extinguish any more. And so also no shadow will be able to fall on the light; it will not be able to get darkened by foreign power, for the light, which is from above, also breaks through the cover, which the enemy would like to spread over the light. The light from above is the ray of wisdom, which goes out from God and has such an effect that it also pushes the being, which is touched by it, to God; that therefore the light going out from God flows again back to God and draws everything with it, what once separated itself from God. For the light is divine love light, which has an incomprehensible effect on that still standing away from God, when it just opens itself to his ray of light. And for that reason also the word going out from God, which is a visible expression of his love work, must ignite as light in the hearts of men and chase away all darkness, wrong thinking, erroneous ideas and for that reason wrong will. Man must clearly recognize, what is necessary for him and what he is to strive for. It must become light in him, and that means that he now strives for the eternal light with eagerness, because light makes him happy and because he wants to be happy for ever. Light from above is a touching of love of God, who wants to influence the soul pleasantly, so that it turns towards him. But the light cannot radiate, where the heart closes itself. The hearts must open themselves, and they must get stimulated to do this. A man full of love must knock and introduce himself as guest bringing peace and joys; he must, so just a small crack opens, send a warming ray into it, so that the door opens wider and wider and the guest is received, who now fills with his light an up to now dark room and chases the night away from it.

Who so brings the word of God among men, who eagerly makes an effort to pass on his light, who spares no effort, where he hopes for a small success, he is a loyal servant in the vineyard of the Lord; he is a forerunner for him, who himself follows and desires entrance, so he knocks to hold a banquet with those, who open him. He is a loyal worker for God and his kingdom, whose work is always blesses.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5715.


Book 62 5716

God speaks through the mouth of man.

5. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5716.

Just consider yourselves as my organs through which I want to speak to men. And you will never need to think and to consider, what you are to speak, because I use every opportunity, every willingness on your part, to speak for me and my kingdom, to now speak myself, certainly with words, which seem to come from yourselves, but always suitable to address the heart of men, which is now also to be touched by the power of my word. Every opportunity, which you take to introduce fellowmen to me and my word, finds my support and my collaboration, because this is my will that men are instructed and I can only speak through the mouth of men, through you to them. I just demand from you your will to collaborate that you make it your task to direct men's thoughts spiritually; that you first create the possibility for my direct work through you, for you must first touch an area in your conversation, into which fellowmen are to follow you. You must therefore hold spiritual conversations and connect yourselves to me so inwardly that I am therefore the actual speaker, so you speak. And so you are to also always devote yourselves to me through mental connections and will to help redeeming, and all your thinking, wanting and doing will then be directed by me, because you then automatically subordinate your will to mine and you can only think, want and act right. And every spiritual work, which you do for me and my kingdom with the intention wanting to redeem, is so carried out, as I recognize it as successful and as it is a blessing for men. Constantly instructions are sent to you from me, for your thinking is now under my will, because you have freely offered yourselves to me for service, and the more you devote yourselves to me, the clearer are the thoughts in you and are felt as my work. The trouble of the time commands an eager collaboration from you, for I myself am always prepared to address men, because I take pity on their trouble and I would like to help them. But limits are imposed on me myself through your will, i.e., a direct address on my part is only then possible for me, when you yourselves offer yourselves in free will to me as organ, through which mouth I can speak. And where the will makes this possible for me, I am persistently prepared to give. To innumerable souls I would like to bring help; innumerable hearts I would like to touch, to win them for me and my kingdom. Innumerable men I would like to introduce to my word, so that they also get to know the giver of the word, so that love for him awakens in them and they now long for his word., so that they desire it with all their heart and now grant me myself entry into it – so that the power of my word works in them and makes them happy. Your will to serve me, builds a bridge to the hearts of many men, whom I can now address; to whom I bring a reliable means of favour in their spiritual trouble and show a way upwards. And for that reason I bless every work for me and my kingdom, every spiritual conversation and every thought willing to help, for it proves to me the love for me and for the neighbour, which will always only produce blessed fruit.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5716.


Book 62 5717

Thought waves in accordance of the will.

6. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5717.

Thoughts now and again force themselves on you, which have their origin in the kingdom of lightless spirits; which therefore, because they are still earthly minded, also stay near men, to whom they seek to transfer their material thinking. Man is constantly washed by thought waves, but he always receives only that thought material in him, which is according to his will; and since man, as long as he dwells on earth, also cannot completely break away from the earthly, it is understandable, that also those beings have entry to his thought world, which are still earthly minded. But they do not often come through with spiritual striving men; the thoughts certainly touch them, but do not stick long; they do not impress man. And therefore there is no danger, when such beings now and again push themselves forward, to obtain a hearing, because the spiritual world – the beings of the kingdom of light, have already a far greater influence and are willingly listened to and therefore again and again chase away earthly thoughts to announce themselves. Only one thing man is to not neglect – to observe himself and if possible to fight earthly thoughts, when he wants to establish a spiritual connection. He is not to mix spiritual thought material with earthly, for he himself gives cause for it, when certain beings intervene, as soon as he does not free himself from the world, as soon as he does not withdraw into quietness and mentally breaks away from everything, what surrounds him. Man can certainly fight the thoughts, which are not right for him; he just needs to send a short call to God for protection and help, and every approach of these earthly minded beings is repulsed from light beings, which then have the right to it to form a wall around that man, who wants to connect with them. Then every erroneous or earthly influencing is impossible and the heart opened for spiritual streaming in, which is always in accordance with truth. As soon as man knows about the connection, about the mental illuminating of beings of both kingdoms, he will pay attention to himself, so he is serious, and therefore protect himself from thought waves, which are not beneficial to him, for the will of man is decisive, whether those beings find entry with him, and the will however also secures truth for him, as soon as his will turns towards those beings, which stand in the light and now have the right and the assignment from God to impart light to hm. To now receive spiritual material, to pass it on to fellowmen, is a responsible office, which also only those men are allowed to administer, who are of serious will and only want to receive and spread pure truth. This will will always be fulfilled and for that reason always entry refused for the ignorant powers, when man leaves himself to the spiritual powers for the receiving of truth. Then he will be protected from all error, because God himself blesses, who long for truth and want to spread it, and his blessing also guarantees purest truth, therefore protection from misleading, protection from the powers of darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5717.


Book 62 5718

Spiritual low. Turning point impossible. End.

7. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5718.

No spiritual upturn can any longer be on this earth because men have already devoted themselves too much to matter, so to him who embodies the earthly world, who is the opponent of God and will remain so for still eternal times. Before the expiry of an earth period the spiritual low is clearly recognizable. It is also obvious that men no longer change, exactly because matter keeps them imprisoned. Only the overcoming of matter secures a spiritual ascent; but the overcoming of matter determines the recognition of its worthlessness and this again thinking about the survival after death and about the actual purpose of man on earth. But such thoughts no longer occupy men because they lack belief and because they do not live in love. It is a simple explanation why the spiritual state is so low, why also no change of it is expected - because men lack love that would bring with it faith, knowledge and spiritual striving. If men would change to love then also no end to the redemption period would be necessary, but nothing can make them do it, neither trouble and misery of the fellow human being nor the own trouble changes their mentality, and they do not establish a relationship with God because they do not believe in him. So a spiritual turning point is not to be expected on this earth and only such one could stop the end of the earth because then the earth would again fulfil its purpose as work of creation, because it then would again be a schooling station for the spiritual as it is its determination. But a spiritual turning point has to occur and when this is not possible on the old earth, a redemption epoch has to end and new one to start. Because men do not remain in this spiritual low but sink lower and lower. And God prevents this by a separation of spirits, a new banishment of the most sunken and through letting arise of a new earth with spiritual mature men who again live according to the will of God - with whom a new development period starts where the souls can reach highest completion. God's love and wisdom certainly recognizes when the time for it has come and God will never give up a soul that still can be saved. But when change is no longer possible then also the time has come and the writing has come true. The end comes and with it the day of judgement; the earth will vanish and a new one arise, and the way to redemption will again be initiated for the most deep fallen. Amen. B.D. NR. 5718.


Book 62 5719

Power of belief. Antichrist. Counter work.

9. July 1953. B.D. NR 5719.

A strong counter work has to be done when Antichrist starts the last work to prevent all spiritual striving, when he obviously works against God, when he seeks to stamp out all Christian faith and his mentality is clearly recognizable as being turned against Christ. Then all powers have to become active in heaven and on earth because then the heaviest battle starts, which the community of Jesus Christ has ever experienced. Then the last faith struggle begins, which introduces the end and which is waged with all severity and brutality, because Satan himself arises against God to overthrow him and to rise to his throne. But then also all servants of God on earth will find greatest support on the part of the world of light, because then eager work has to be done to debilitate all attacks of the enemy, to openly announce Jesus Christ and to confess before the world. Then there is no longer any hidden play and then it will be shown who has faith and loves God, who is so strong that he acknowledges Jesus Christ as his only Lord and is not afraid of the instructions of the counter force. Then every announcer of the divine love teaching, of the word of God, will be doubly blessed, because then he even does an urgent work - he tells of God with conviction, who is to be denied; he fights for him and is not afraid of those, who threaten to kill him for it. But such a work can only be done by him who has knowledge, who knows about everything and also about the signs of the end and who therefore cannot act differently than to support Jesus Christ and his work of redemption, because he has been seized by his love and favour and feels his work and because this gives him a power, which enables him of anything, also to the open confession of his faith, which earns him the most bitter fate on earth. He does not pay attention to the severity, because he has become knowing and no longer fears anything on this world - because he has recognized the right lord and also joyfully lays down his earthly life for him. The counter work, which is demanded by God's fighters, is to work informative, where there are doubts, to campaign for the souls that they would like to devote themselves to Jesus Christ, who is the rescuer and saviour of them all and who will also deliver them from earthly trouble and hardship when the end has come. Their work consists in that respect, to spread the recognized truth and to courageously appear against slanderers and blasphemers, against representatives of false doctrines, against everyone who is hostile towards the teaching of Christ. Their job exists in that respect to spread light because dark spiritual night surrounds men. And also then there will still be men, who are undecided, where they are to turn and to make God out to them as he really is, ranks among the work for God's kingdom as well, because pure truth can and will also not miss to have an effect on a heart that demands truth and the few undecided are at stake that have to be treated especially lovingly to side with your camp and to become friends with you instead of enemies. Antichrist will apply weapons in the last faith struggle that lack all love, but you are also to fight with all eagerness, but with the weapons of love - you are to seek to impart that to them what you yourself have, what you have received from God - his word, that will have an effect on everyone according to his will. Who seriously desires light will get it, and who has light also knows how he has to act in the days when God's opponent rages and seeks to seize all souls. The struggle will well be very odd because you are only a small crowd, but your opponents are the masses. But you definitely have more power because you receive it directly from God, and this power can defeat the worst enemies. Through strong faith you also can witness to the opponent of me and my might - and you can through it also ruin the fine thought through plans of the opponent of God because the power of faith obviously testifies to God, the power of faith can also still beat your enemies before the end, and they can surrender to you of their own free will. They can cross over into your camp and be saved for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5719.


Book 62 5720

Real prayer. Child relationship.

. 10. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5720.

Believe it, you men, that you achieve everything with me, so you pray the right way to me. An earthly father does not refuse to give himself to his child, who trustingly asks him for something; an earthly father can refuse nothing to the child, because he loves it intimately and also wants to possess the love of the child. But an earthly father is a man with weaknesses and lacks, measured at your father in heaven, whose love is far deeper for his children; for whose love he longs from the very beginning. What separates my children from me is their will, which turned towards my opponent and after which I long. And this will I recognize as being directed at me, when a man calls me in prayer, when the prayer is right, when it proves the call of the child to the father. Then man is on the way of return to me, then I have already won my child back, and then my love is prepared for everything, to also win the love of my child, so that it for ever never turns away from me. But the prayers of men are rarely that, what they should be – they perhaps still pray to their God, but not to the father, and their prayers have no power, for the childish trust is lacking and they also lack faith that I give a favourable hearing. And this is no sign of a real child relationship; they still stand too far from me; they just have a go to be the more unbelieving, when their prayer was in vain. Learn for the present to recognize the father in me, and then speak to me, and you will experience it yourselves, by how much more effective your prayer is. Through your trouble you are to become aware that you yourselves are able to do nothing out of your own power and that in your helplessness you should and can go to him, who is powerful, who is the father of you all, who can and also wants to help you, because he loves you. In this awareness you will yourselves feel as his children and now humbly and intimately requesting present your trouble to him, and he will help you in accordance with his promise: Ask, and it shall be given you - knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5720.


Book 62 5721

Last decision. Confessing before the world.

11. July 1953. B.D. NR 5721.

Also the last decision has to be made in all freedom of will but it will cost you sacrifices, which is why you have to summon up a strong will to remain steadfast against the demands of your opponent to deny me. And still you cannot be forced in any direction, and you will not be able to excuse yourself to have to give in to the pressure on the part of earthly rulers. Because you can resist any time although you then have to suffer earthly. The confession of my name is a very great faith test, but which will be taken as a matter of course by him who has knowledge about the end and the signs before, who is therefore truthfully informed, who knows about my word and through it about my plan of salvation from eternity. He stands firm, and whether thousand devils take action against him, because his will to remain loyal to me earns him strength in increased measure and therefore he has no need to fear this time, the confessing in the last faith struggle. But it is bad for those whose house is built on light sand, whose faith is not enough alive, who lack power to believe, because they do not live in love and who therefore also lack the knowledge of the pure truth, which would let them confess me and my name full of conviction. These are to bring great sacrifices and do not know for what they take upon themselves this severe fate because they themselves inwardly doubt what they are to represent. They do not firmly stand in faith and therefore have little strength to resist. But it is not a matter of earthly life but of the life of the soul - and when men would keep in mind the words: Do not fear those who kill your body but cannot kill your soul - they would be strengthened in their faith and turn to him whom they are to confess. And they would certainly be helped to make the right decision of the will. I still will approach these men before in the word; I will point out to them the time of the faith struggle and direct their thoughts toward the predictions that come true. I will so clearly predict the signs to them that they are taken aback and then also pay more attention to the words that I will impart to them always and constantly. And the last is only possible when my word gains currency, when all possibilities are exhausted to make the fellow human beings aware of the supply of my word from above. What still can happen to save souls that I make possible and what will be done to spread my word that I further because I want that still many men are to hear what they have to expect in the coming time. I want that they become conscious of their responsibility; I want to make them attentive that they have to decide out of free will and that is why they are to strengthen their will by calling on Jesus Christ who takes care of everyone, who lends strength to the weakened will and is always prepared to take care of the souls, which have the serious desire to remain loyal to God, and feel frightened by the earthly measures. He stands by you because when you call on him you confess to me, I who have become a conceivable God in Jesus Christ for you - I who draw all to me who want to confess him and his name before the entire world.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5721.


Book 62 5722

Coming into being of matter. Electrons.

12. and 13. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5722.

The fruit of the spirit is recognizable; it cannot be confused with the fruit of the intellect, with the results, which can be won through intellectual research. What the spirit announces to you that fills the gaps of the intellectual knowledge, which without spirit work remains incomplete of doubtful truth. For that reason it is better to without hesitation rely on the results of spirit knowledge, than to ponder and to research on other ways, because pure truth can only be received through the spirit. But the spirit expresses itself so quietly that the spiritual ear must listen to hear its voice, and for that reason man is to shut himself off from the world, so that no disturbing sound drowns the fine voice of the spirit. But then God himself reveals himself through the spirit and hands out deepest wisdom.

What is visible to you as creation has emerged out of the power of God; it is therefore compressed formed power through his will. Every work of creation must show a basic substance, out of which it has come into being. If man wants to let something come into being by virtue of his creative ability, so a basic substance must exist, or he himself must produce this basic substance again from other existing substances. But God was and is the producer of the basic substance, by him himself radiating out a power and from this power then lets everything come into being, what he wants. Power is something spiritual and though his will becomes earthly sizable substance. God as power source produces constantly power and sends it out as something alive, because a power can be nothing dead, but is a constantly life producing and attesting element. Power therefore has an effect; it enlivens all dead; it disturbs the dead in its rest and drives it to also become active. Power is that restorative, which now brings about that the up to now dead moves and slowly awakens to life. Every power expression of God is a life current, which is to be supplied to that having deserted him, the dead, to awaken it again to life. This seceded is to be called dead for that reason, because it no longer gets touched by the power of God, because it itself, i.e. in free will, stepped out of the love circuit of God and as a result became lifeless, therefore hardened in itself and lost all ability to move, which means life.

This hardened spiritual, seceded from God, can therefore only again awaken to life and become active itself, when it is illuminated by a power. The love power, radiating out from God into infinity, can now be compared with an infinitely sea of fire, of which the little sparks circle around in scorching speed and seek to surround the solidified entities, to give them again life. But they are full of resistance against the love radiation from God, and where the power now comes across resistance, there is loses its effect, i.e., it itself certainly surrounds the rebellious entities, but does not make it alive against its will, but keeps it imprisoned, but with the intent, to still move it with time to give up the resistance. Therefore: Love power compresses itself through God's will to form, which now holds in itself the spiritual resisting it.

And so creation came into being – which is visible to men as matter – so the coming into being of all matter is to be explained, which is destined as fetter for the entities, with the aim, to once break the resistance of the being that it accepts the love radiation of God and by this means again awakens to life. But the compressing of the power out of God to form is only then possible, when it comes across resistance, therefore the coming into being of matter was the result of the resistance of the spiritual against God's love power, otherwise this power is always only expressed as enormous light radiation in the spiritual kingdom, where it is not resisted. Through the resistance the love power is stopped in its effect, and it lets itself be stopped and enters for a certain time into a state of rest, because it is love and wants to redeem the hardened. Persistently active power gets quiet and forms itself to something visible – it surrounds the hardened spiritual in itself and protects it however at the same time against the influence of him, who is destitute of all love and would like to prevent the giving up of the resistance of the entity. And this is the first effectiveness of the love power that it isolates the entity and withdraws it from the influence of the negative power. The positive power now indeed keeps quiet, but the resistance of the bound in it lets up imperceptibly after all, to still accept the life giving power after endless long time and now a weak life becomes visible also in the matter seeming to be dead, whereupon then the love power of God takes effect more and more and proves this to itself through more and more awakening life, what is synonymous with a beginning redemption of the bound, the entity, which is to develop upwards through the course through creation. (13.7.1953) The ascent development in the creations goes on in a way that, as soon as the will to activity awakens in the hardened spiritual, the power keeping it imprisoned works itself loose, therefore lets up in its pressure, what means the beginning dissolving of matter, a slow becoming free of the spiritual from the form surrounding it. The resistance is at it were broken; the spiritual accepts the power radiation of God, even so only in a completely limited measure, and the hardened spiritual slowly awakens to life – it moves, until it finally breaks the outer cover – or rather, until the love power surrounding it releases it – to bind it again in a new form, because the spiritual must remain bound so long, until it has reached a certain degree of maturity, where it is now again free to decide what to do with itself.

Matter is therefore bound hardened spiritual. But the binding happens through God's love power. If this power now withdraws, then matter disintegrates; it dissolves, and the spiritual bound in it goes free, to now move into a new material cover. The hardened spiritual would never be visible to the human eye, for they are spiritual substances, which have become powerless and for that reason inactive. But the love of God gathers such powerless substances and forms them to matter, to something visible. He created a world of the fallen spiritual, a world of the banished; he created a world, which lets outwardly recognize in which degree of maturity the tied up spiritual stands, in which it can slowly develop upwards with the help of divine love power, which it can accept or also reject according to its own will, but what is also always determined by the hardness of matter, which surrounds it. What is bound, is immature, still in resistance remaining spiritual; what binds this spiritual, is love power of God. And so it can certainly rightly be said that the material world is the kingdom of the opponent of God, because it offers residence to this spiritual still submissively dependent on him. And it is God's creation after all, which was formed through the love power inexorably pouring out from God, to give again life to the dead, but which must first be desired, before the spiritual experiences a loosening or final freeing from its fetter. They are therefore innumerable light sparks whizzing in the universe, which, in their enormous power, disperse the massed together powerless inactive spiritual, to then again capture and surround innumerable individual substances. And these light sparks are therefore known to you men as electrons, as original substance of matter, but about their origin and spiritual assignment you do not know, so you do not get hold of enlightenment by spiritual means. But all visible in God's creation proves to you the invisible; it proves to you a power, which works inexorably – and of which work you must also acknowledge, otherwise you move in erroneous thinking and never reach the light.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5722.


Book 62 5723

Signs of the end.

14. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5723.

Have no false hopes, and expect no ascent for you, which lasts. Everything what you possess, everything what you acquire for yourselves, is again taken from you, and an immeasurable misery will come over men, wherever it may be, for the end is coming. And where men keep their possessions, where they seem to live in security on earth, there my arm swings another scorch over men, for everywhere I seek to have an effect educationally on men, according to their will and way of life, and no-one will be able to really enjoy his life, except for the few, who stand in cognition and are truly also allowed to look forward to the end, which limits a period, which opens a new life in paradise and for that reason is allowed to be longed for by mine. But where mankind lives in sin, there an ascent is also visible, however of opposing effect. For this earthly ascent is a means of Satan, to make men submit more and more to his will; it is the purchase price for their souls, which get lost for eternal times. And so you men can recognize this earthly ascent, then know that the end is no longer far, for you will detect it only there, where there is no faith and no love, where my opponent obviously rules and where without hesitation action is taken against faith, against mine. And for that reason in the whole world greatest misery is to be found next to sinful life of pleasure; in the whole world lack of love will get the upper hand and love will be oppressed, and in the whole world the obsessive desires for matter will be obvious, and the spiritual striving will be treated with hostility. Everywhere destructions in smaller and greater extent will be recorded; an unusual coup will be able to be observed everywhere, may it be naturally or also humanly caused; everything will step out of its course – things will happen, for which no-one finds an explanation; powers will be visibly at work, which give men a fright, because they feel powerless about them; in every way the undecided will be influenced, for the ones who live along in sin, pay no attention to those phenomena; they do not let themselves be disturbed in their way of life; they jeer and laugh and make speeches against God in indescribable frivolous kind. And all who are only worldly minded agree with them, for matter has seized them and no longer lets them go. They seek to force possession, pleasure and standing for themselves and do not shrink from betraying their fellowmen and handing them over to misery. The world is full of devils and can no longer remain. But I know each one soul, and I still recall many, before the end comes. And also the great sudden dying means an anxious time and great suffering for men, through which also still small successes can get achieved, for from the spiritual kingdom the souls will still be able to have an effect on men on earth, and many a soul will succeed, to change the mind of the ones stayed behind and to direct it to the spiritual kingdom, and then also this suffering was still a favour, which brought rescue to many a soul.

You men, pay attention to all this and expect from the future no improvement of your earthly situation, for this would be no good sign for you, unless you stand already in my camp and experience consciously the last time. But most men I must approach hard, to protect from the worst, from the fall into the depth, when the end has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5723.


Book 62 5724

Redemption through Jesus Christ.

15. and 16. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5724

Every man can redeem himself, when he wants it, but he cannot do it without Jesus Christ. Therefore Jesus Christ is the redeemer, but so man himself does not want it, the work of redemption on the cross has been brought in vain for him. The human will only lets it become effective, the human will must absolutely strive for redemption through Jesus Christ, only then the certainty is provided that redemption becomes his. No man has been excluded; no man needs to remain unfree, for the man Jesus died for it on the cross that the entire mankind – men of the past, of the present and of the future - may get redemption from its debt, and no man has been excluded - but against the will of man his redemption does not take place, and the will only finds strengthening through Jesus Christ. For that reason he must inevitably be acknowledged as God's son and redeemer of the world, otherwise his help is not requested, otherwise the favours of his work of redemption are not taken up. For the unredeemed state of man exists in that respect that he is tied up by dark power; that the will for the good is kept down and that he is submissively dependent on him, who is his lord – that he carries out his will and therefore violates the law of divine order; that he thinks and acts loveless. The will of man, who is still bound, is directed wrongly. In wrong love he only demands that, what pulls him down, but not, what raises him up. His fetters incessantly pull downward, and if he wants upwards, then he must get free of those fetters, free of that power, which keeps him bound. He must get redeemed and can redeem himself through the power of love. But it is extremely weak in a man and can only experience strengthening, when man calls on him, who has overcome that power through his death on the cross, when he calls that Lord, by whom that one was defeated – Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer and conqueror of death, of the tied up state and of powerlessness. He has acquired unlimited favours through his death on the cross, which he hands out to everyone, who desires them. And with the use of these favours the will experiences a strengthening, which enable man for love work, for acquiring of power from God, which inevitably helps him up and liberates him from the chains, which kept him bound. Through Jesus Christ he has redeemed himself, or also, he was willing to let himself be redeemed by Jesus Christ – to partake of his sacrifice on the cross. Through the blood of Jesus he has got free of all debt, which let him get into the might of that power, which is God's opponent and for that reason also had to be overcome by God himself.

If Jesus Christ is now not acknowledged as God's son and redeemer of the world, so the opponent of God keeps power over the man, may it be on earth or also in the hereafter. And indeed this is to be understood so that the soul remains in a sphere, where no light shines for ever; that it reaches no cognition for ever; that it is unfree and powerless and can no longer change its situation itself; that it is unhappy – as long until a rescuer draws near to it. And this rescuer is again Jesus Christ, for only he has the power, to liberate the soul from the might of his opponent. But again the soul must want this itself, it must call him, so the memory comes to it like lightning, through an extremely weak gleam of light, of the man Jesus, who was regarded on earth as rescuer and redeemer of mankind. Through its call it acknowledges him; it is a call from greatest trouble, which the divine redeemer hears and his work of rescue is now also of benefit to this soul that he brings liberation to it from its agony. You men on earth are not allowed to go past Jesus Christ, for you just delay your rescue, which once has to happen after all for you, for you cannot be redeemed without Jesus Christ, but you must want yourselves to be redeemed by him. On earth this will can awaken in you, when you are instructed about him correctly, about the importance of his death on the cross and your attitude to the work of redemption, for perpetually he brings himself into memory of men and the references to him will become in the last time so urgent to be heard that every man should once think about this seriously, whether he can take responsibility for his attitude to Jesus Christ. He is to desire enlightenment about the problem of God becoming man and redemption, then he will also receive an explanation appealing to him; but is to not to have the audacity to make a rash judgement and reject everything, what stands in connection with Jesus Christ. Once he has to take the way to him. Extremely painful is however his remorse, when he recognizes his error only in the hereafter, when he himself extends his state of agony through his hostility of him, who alone can deliver him from his trouble. As soon as man on earth or also in the hereafter takes the way to Jesus Christ, he goes towards his redemption. But without Jesus Christ he remains for ever in darkness; he can only rise from the grave of death, when he acknowledges him, who has overcome death. He can only be happy, so he lets himself be redeemed through his will through Jesus' blood.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5724.


Book 62 5725

Spread my Gospel throughout the world.

17. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5725.

Spread my Gospel throughout the world. You do not know how necessary it is that men are getting instructed; that they hear my word and therefore hear about my will. Everything is indeed known to them, what you make accessible to them as my word, but they do no longer value it as my word; they are just empty expressions for them, which they do not take seriously, and for that reason they also do nothing for the raising of their soul maturity; they lead a happy-go-lucky life without remembering the purpose of their earth life. And you are to now bring them anew my word, which they now certainly also recognize as the same word, but which now appears more alive to them, because you bring them a gift, which you have received from me myself and which no longer appears dead to them, but appeals to them, as soon as you offer my word to them in love. Spread my Gospel throughout the world. This is the only possibility to introduce men to their God and creator, to their father from eternity, whom they must get to know to establish the connection with him themselves. You are to give them tidings from me, from my love for my creatures, of my rescue plan from eternity and from the forthcoming end, which is to not find them unprepared. You are to bring truth to them, that knowledge, which you have received from me and which is to help men to happiness. You are to try to direct their mind spiritually, and above all draw their attention to the divine redeemer Jesus Christ; you are to try to move them to inner contemplation, to work on their soul, to striving for the spiritual life, the rebirth of the soul. You are to seek to make the living on of the soul believable to them and the responsibility, which they as man have towards their soul; you are to present the lot of the soul after death to them and bring to their notice that there is a helper; that they are to turn to Jesus Christ for strengthening of their will, so it is too weak; you are above all to stimulate them to love activity. Everything what I myself teach you through my word, that you are to pass on to them, and therefore you are to be true spreaders of my love teaching and work for me and my kingdom, for men need enlightenment; they need my word, and it is to be offered to them alive, because otherwise they reject it and still are not be able to be happy without my word. Think of, that the time pushes; that your work does not suffer from delay; that you must therefore be eagerly active, because great spiritual trouble is among mankind. Think of, that no longer much time is until the end and for that reason you are not allowed to be lukewarm and sluggish; but that you can also be certain of my blessing, of my support and constant instruction; that I give to you always and constantly, so that you can again hand out to those, who are needy and have to rely on your help. And for that reason be eager workers in my vineyard; serve me as loyal servants, and lead men out of the darkness of the night to the light of the day. Preach my Gospel of love to all men, so that they reach life and are happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5725.


Book 62 5726

Strong faith. Following Jesus.

18. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5726.

Follow me, and you will gain iron faith. Faith cannot become alive in man, until he leads a love life, until he goes that way, which I myself have gone on earth, the way of unselfish neighbourly love. You certainly can also acquire an intellectual faith for yourselves, i.e. to intellectually, through logic conclusions in you, win the conviction of me as creator and preserver or also of him, who let himself be nailed to the cross for you – then you also believe, but such faith is not much good to you – it is merely a realization of facts, which indeed can also not be proven, but still no longer let you doubt. But what is living faith? Faith, which lives and its life is proved or reaffirmed through work of unusual kind. Faith, which thinks it can do the unusual in the firm awareness to also achieve it with my support. Living faith proves its power; it presupposes my help, without doubting, and man is able to accomplish things through such faith, which are regarded as miracles and are still just the effects of living faith. And such faith is only to be won through a life in unselfish neighbourly love, according to my example on earth, because love is that power, which brings about everything. Who lives in love, he receives so much power from me that he would like to have it an effect somehow; through his love work he also feels my presence, and this awareness lets him also put into effect everything, what his heart suggests to him. Love and living faith are not to be separated from each other; for that reason love is to be preached to men first, so that they gain this living faith, for intellectual faith does not replace living faith, for it will fail, as soon as great trouble approaches man, it will dwindle, man will be of little faith in the true meaning of the word, perhaps even give up faith, because he lacks the power of love. To struggle for firm faith and seeking to achieve it means to always practice love more and more, to overcome oneself and to change self-love to unselfish neighbourly love. This requires a struggle against all desires, but his fight brings in a high reward, for who stands in living faith, he knows no fear, no worries and no doubts any more; he feels safe in me, in whom he believes; he no longer feels lonely, but he goes every step with me, who loves him and who creates and works everything with him. Who stands in living faith, he is victor over life and death, for the power of God is at his disposal; he is so intimately connected to me that he also always makes use of my power and accomplishes everything, because he believes.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5726.


Book 62 5727

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in..."

19. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5727.

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. That is truly a saying, which could fill you with doubt on account of its issue from me, for no matter how the nature of you men may be, no-one certainly arrogates to himself to reach my perfection, and for that reason these words are incomprehensible to you and do not seem to be practicable. And nevertheless they are simple to explain: that you are just to fashion yourselves to love. Love is my actual self – and if you have formed yourselves to love, so you also have become a divine being, and something divine is also to be called perfect. Love it the divine, because it is my original nature, and what is therefore full of love that must consequently also be filled with God, i.e., bear all divine qualities in it, which mark it a perfect being. As man you are still so inadequately fashioned, because you have once un-divined yourselves through wrong will and rejection of the love power out of me; you have given up love yourselves and have consequently become imperfect creatures, which were no longer to be regarded as my children, when they seceded from me. And although you no longer languish in the extreme depth, although you have already drawn very nearer to me, you are still without love and for that reason also still so imperfect and for that reason you are constantly admonished to change your nature, to striving for perfection, which can only be gained through self-fashioning to love, for love is the becoming like me, I who am eternal love. For a man, who still stands in wrong love, in self-love, it is certainly very difficult to put it aside and to change the wrong love into divine love, which works without all self-interest. And for that reason it is therefore also difficult for them to imagine, to gain the perfection of the father in heaven. But it is to be gained – through calling Jesus Christ, who comes to the help of all weak, who ask him for help. What I demand of men, is to be fulfilled, only the will of man can be too weak, to seriously obey my demand, and for this weakened will there is a strengthening through Jesus Christ. I myself therefore help everyone, who seriously wants to gain perfection, for I draw him, who longs for the father. I help him that his heart becomes soft and willing to help; that he himself feels love work as quiet happiness, and I always push him to love activity, without however touching his free will. The will of man remains free, but will get the stronger the more intimately he joins the saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ, whom he is now able to love, and therefore he comes always closer to me through love, until he has made his nature divine and he always perfects himself more and - so he through love joins me intimately – he is completely filled by my love power and is therefore perfect as the father in heaven is perfect. Man returns to his original state, for he has gone out from me in all perfection; he has been created according to my image, under which the spiritual perfection is to be understood, and he can very well also gain this again through fulfilling of my will during his earth life – through fulfilling of my love commands, which just show men the way to become perfect, to return to the father for ever, from whose love he once started.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5727.


Book 62 5728

Real light in the dark of the night. Right way.

20. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5728.

The way upwards would be easy to find, if you men would just pay attention to everything, what is to serve you as way marking. If you would just see all signs, which are given for you, which clearly point upwards and which you just need to obey to go right. Who goes along with opened heart and with seeing eyes, he cannot go wrong, for I leave no way unlit, which seeking men go; they will always be able to find, what they seek. But how many men go along without thinking, the head directed downwards and because of that they do not realize that they reach no destination, and also not that they go down – the aim is indifferent to them, to which they strive, or also, they do not set themselves a goal, but let themselves be carried along by fellowmen, who walk along like-minded, who also do not allow the darkness of the way to deter them. And where the way is dark, there also the turn-offs are not seen, which lead up into light heights. Only whom the darkness presses, he seeks for a way out, and he will also find it, because small little lights will again and again flash, which radiate from the final destination into the darkness, to entice the wanderers to strive for the light. But the light sparks are the messengers, who I send to earth from the kingdom of light, who suddenly light up in the darkness and cause men to follow them. The messengers of the kingdom of light will never radiate such a bright light that men are blinded by it, but their brightness will be quite mild and for that reason only be noticed by those, who long for light. But they also let a strong ray fall to earth, when everything is covered in darkness and no man anymore knows where he is to turn. And that are times of spiritual trouble, where down from above strong light spirits descend to bring help, when almost no light shines anymore on earth, when no truth is anymore among men and for that reason truth is to be brought to them, often in unusual kind. Then rescuers descend to earth and bring light to them, pure truth, which they have long since lost and for that reason have got into bad darkness. And no matter how dark the night is, darkness on earth will never be impenetrable, because the inhabitants of the kingdom of light look after men, who no longer find the way upwards, because they do not pay attention to the signs, which are to make the way recognizable for them. Then it happens that a light being suddenly stands by the wayside, unrecognized by the ones walking along, and gives them the direction, which they must take to reach the goal. As signposts they come to earth, because no-one anymore knows, which way is to be walked along and where the ways lead. But also only few pay attention to these signposts, because men do not believe that they are knowing and will advise them right. But my love never stops, and who are active for me, likewise do not get tired of the instructions to the ignorant. And so again and again little lights are lighted, which break through the darkness of the night and again and again let the way recognize, which leads upwards. And who follows such lustre, even so it is still weak, bright light will soon surround him, and he then goes on his way without wavering, for now he knows that he goes right; that I am the goal of the way and that he safely reaches the goal, because I helpingly stretch my hand towards him and support and strengthen him on the way upwards.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5728.


Book 62 5729

Utilizing the time of favour before the end.

21. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5729.

You can no longer stop the end, for that time is fulfilled, which God has determined for eternity in the knowledge about your will, which without stopping strives downwards and for that reason must be bound anew. What the individual can still do, is, to fashion himself so that he does not belong to those, who fall a victim to a new banishment, and to also have so an effect on fellowmen that they remain protected from the worst judgement. Time is fulfilled – that means that the day of the end, the day of the dissolving of material creations on this earth, is to be expected with every hour, even so no time is given to you men, because this knowledge would just cause a terrible confusion, but would be much use to no-one. But it comes as it was announced to you – and the last days pass like a moment, for they are just the end of that, what has been predicted to you a long time ago. They are already days of judgement, and everybody recognizes this, who looks around with open eyes, but what now only concerns individuals, that will affect all men, suffering, distress, fear of death, trouble and despair. Every man will experience it, for the powers of hell have been let loose and rage and stir up, where there is still something to destroy, and they always find men subservient to them, through whom they are able to cause damage of every kind. But every man can fetch help from God; good spiritual powers stand by every man, which he just needs to call that they protect him from dangers for body and soul. Who entrusts himself to God and his light messengers, he can look forward to the end full of confidence. The time is fulfilled, which has been given to you men for the maturing of your souls, and the day of the end is fixed for eternity. But you do not know it, and therefore you can also still now set about your work of transformation, for every hour is of use for you, where you turn your thoughts upwards, where you establish the contact with the spiritual world, from which you come. Just seek to remove your thoughts from the world; do not let yourselves be ruled by the world and its goods, so that matter does not become your lot for eternal times. Let your thoughts wander upwards and seek to climb these heights. You can do this, because innumerable spiritual powers offer you help; because they carry you, so you ask them for it. You can overcome the world, when you just seriously want it. Use every day, which is still allotted to you, as unusual gift of favour, but take into account that each one day can also be the last one for you and that only a quite short time separates you from the end of this earth. For not only individuals, but to all men the end is allotted, because the law of eternal order fulfils itself and this law is given for eternity.

What you men therefore see as delay, is included in the plan from eternity and it is only insofar to be assessed as delay that men have already reached the spiritual low before the time, which results in the dissolving of earth. But God is compassionate, and he does not judge before the time. In his love he still seeks to rescue men, and he gives away unusual gifts of favour, which are to contribute to the rescue, but he does not give up the day of judgement and he announces it always more admonishingly and more warningly. But he finds little faith, and the end always comes closer. And it will surprise mankind despite all predictions of his seers and prophets. And only, who believes, will be happy; only who believes, prepares himself, although he does not know the hour, where the Lord will come – but he expects his coming, and he holds out until the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5729.


Book 62 5730

Power of the word. Weakness of will – faint-heartedness.

22. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5730

Just burry yourselves in my word, so you become weak in faith and in love, and you will obviously experience strengthening, because through my word the power is sent to you directly. The powerless state, the state of intolerance, of faint-heartedness is always a sign of weakness of will; it is a sign that my opponent again makes a great effort, to alienate you from me, and you do not resist him, because you are too weak, and let yourselves be provoked by him to restless thoughts, to doubts and also to loveless acts, when you do not put up resistance to him, which makes you free of him, when you do not oppose him with my word, which he cannot hear and for that reason flees. For my word is power; my word gives you the lacking power and also pushes him away from near you, because my opponent flees from me, I who is present to you in the word. What therefore do you have to fear, so you are in possession of my word and burry yourself into it in every spiritual and earthly trouble. Whether you call me in prayer, whether you let me speak to you in the word, you always then demand my presence, and you are helped. You truly do not need to be of little faith, morose or oppressed, you who through my word can shake off everything, what torments you, for it is powerlessness and weakness of will, which pull you down, but which you can remove at any time, when you want it yourselves. For my word is the answer for everything, what moves you; my word is comfort and consolation, admonition and warning at the same time, and it will always give you that, what you need in the trouble of the soul. My opponent will still often approach you, because he hates the light, which radiates from you, because he tries everything, to prevent you from the radiation of the light, which is send to you from above. He knows it that he loses power through your work; he knows it that you deprive him of souls, and he therefore shrinks from nothing, to bring about your downfall. Know that every impatient stirring of the heart, every displeasure, every failure on the spiritual area is stirred up by him, that they are as it were caused by him, whereto he makes again use of your fellowmen, and that he just waits for it, that you react to his counter work, to then take from you the possibility to work for me and my kingdom, and then he is triumphant. Do not let him this triumph, but flee to my word, which is always the counter power of his work and which will always defeat him. Your will must just be turned to me, then all his attempts are unsuccessful, for I truly do not let my children fall into his hands, who long for me. I then speak to you full of love and give you again, what he wanted to snatch from you – faith, love, quietness of the heart, peace from me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5730.


Book 62 5731

Task of the servants of God: Spreading truth.

22. and 24. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5731.

An increased teaching activity will occur, as soon as the desire awakens in men, to be instructed in truth, and this will be the case, when one's view is stated from all sides against faith teachings, which are doubted, because they contradict each other. For in the last time all faith teachings will be criticized and pulled to pieces; one will seek to make them out to be completely unfounded and implausible, and this will also easily succeed with men, who have not yet been instructed correctly; who themselves have no own opinion and accept as justified defamations and mockery against these teachings. And nevertheless there will also be men among them, who do not carelessly dismiss what is recommended to them, but would now like to have enlightenment. And to bring then truth to them, to instruct them right and informatively, will now be the task of my servants on earth, who have been trained for this office by me myself. For I will bring together these seeking, desiring information, with the knowing, with the real announcers of my Gospel and I will give those the understanding, who have a serious desire for truth, for also they will again pass on and testify to me and my teaching; they will condemn, what is wrong, and full of eagerness stand up for what is right, for truth from God; which they recognize as my gift of favour and for that reason will also confess before he world the giver of this truth. For who possesses truth himself, he no longer gives it away and also does not fear who threaten him, for knowledge has made him strong in faith, and a heart willing to love has made him receptive for the knowledge; it also has brought in for him the understanding for this knowledge, which has now become alive in him.

Your great task still lies before you, you who want to serve me. But before you must get prepared to right announcers of my teaching; before you must do painstaking and detailed work, by you handing out, what you receive, but to then speak yourselves, driven and directed by my spirit, so that you will only speak, what my spirit prompts you. But you are to speak in a lively fashion, and for that reason you must also understand everything yourselves, what you offer to fellowmen; you are not allowed to just give back like a machine, by which you yourselves are uninvolved, but you are to speak in all clarity, as if it may be your wealth of thought. And that is your own, as soon as it has become alive in you yourselves, because before you have been instructed by my spirit about it, what you now teach. (24.7.1953) For it will be necessary that a light is given to those, who suddenly realize in which darkness of spirit they walk along, and who now would like to find out of the night of the spirit. And you will clearly feel it in you, to whom you are to impart truth, although you are to be prevented through threads and restriction of freedom. I myself want to give you the opportunity, so that you serve me and your fellowmen in the trouble, which affects far more the soul than the body. And they will take heart from your power of faith, from your courage and the inner conviction, and everything will be credible to them, what you present to them as truth from above. For who doubts, he can still be helped and truth to be sent; but who rejects without thinking and denies me, truth could also be offered to him, without changing him in his thinking and acting. Prepare yourselves for this your teaching activity, by you memorizing my word yourselves, by you making everything to spiritual property through giving full expression to my word, because then you grant the spirit in you always more right to have an effect in you, and this spirit will truly lead you right in thinking and speaking, so you are to practise your office. Increase also your power of faith; work continually in love that the power of love can become visible as power of faith; and nothing will then be able to make you totter in your decision to confess me before the entire world. Then you will be so filled by love for me that I am present in you, and then no power of the world will be able to harm you; then it can take hold of the worst means, it will not succeed to push me out of your hearts; it will not succeed to move you to deny your faith. For you have become knowing through my spirit and as a result devoted to me in loyalty until the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5731.


Book 62 5732

Opposite listeners. Questions. About Jesus Christ. Blessing.

26. and 27. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5732.

Innumerable souls in the hereafter come into the possession of spiritual material, who follow you and your activity for me and my kingdom and are willing to let themselves be instructed. Also to them a source of live has been opened, for completely dead souls experience an impetus, so they have once taken part in the instructions, which are visible as radiations of light and attract such souls. And has just once the power of the divine word become noticeable, they continually request it. And they always call new souls over; always new souls desire to receive light, and to always new souls the Gospel is therefore made accessible, who now again utilize it on their part to help other souls out of the same trouble.

If you men would know about the blessing of such a spiritual work, you would be happy to be able to help, and always more eagerly take part in the work of redemption. But the assurance is to be enough for you that your help is intimately desired and longingly expected; that the crowd of those who surround you increases constantly and that much light has already been lighted, which will not extinguish for ever. For who in the spiritual kingdom has once been touched by a spark of light, he no more wants to remain without light and now seriously strives for it to increase his knowledge, which now, because it is truth, surrounds him as light, which shine he no longer flees, but feels happy in it. And they ask you for information in form of thoughts, which are imparted to you from the kingdom of light, to be able to be answered truly. The questions of the opposite listeners are often the same, because there are always certain problems, which occupy them and which again and again emerge in them, because they have been instructed about them wrongly or not at all, when they still lived on earth. And I know about these questions and like to give information in form of instructions, in form of my word. (27.7.1953) On earth the teachings were implausible for men, as soon as they were not offered by man of awakened spirit, who certainly could have given them right enlightenment. And so it is particularly the Christ problem, which was incomprehensible to them and which they as a result believed not being able to accept. And for that reason innumerable beings enter the opposite kingdom with wrong or insufficient knowledge and therefore almost no faith in Jesus Christ and these are in great trouble – because without Jesus Christ no-one can be happy and because therefore they must believe in him, when they want to get out of the depth to the height. And it will be darkness around these souls so long, as no light is given to them, in which shine they can see the cross of Christ – so long, as they do not hear the truth about him, who himself is the light, truth and life. The souls must be instructed about him, and often they even lack all knowledge, because they did not possess it, when they ended earth life. These souls see it light up particularly brightly, where a light about Christ is lighted, where spiritual instructions take place, which have the redemption problem, God becoming man and his death on the cross, as content. Innumerable beings push towards this light, and although they lack all understanding at first, they still feel the benefit of the rays of light and remain in it – they no longer turn away, but wait patiently, until they get information, until everything is comprehensible to them, what they hear, until a desire arises in them, to always remain in this light and to have part in the work of redemption of Jesus Christ. To receive a light about Jesus Christ and his work of redemption is synonymous with safe redemption through him. To know nothing about him is constant stay in darkness. What you men now do, to spread knowledge about Jesus Christ and his work of redemption, that results in, next to the direct blessing for those, who receive it from you, also still unsuspected blessing for those beings in the hereafter, who surround you and no longer move from you, because they see this Christ light around you and would like to be radiated through by it. And the more it is your will, to consciously supply light to them, the more successful is your work, for the souls in the hereafter accept easier and quicker than men on earth, just pure truth must exactly be offered to them only, because it is actually power and must work, where it is not rejected. And since the souls are in darkness and powerless, light and power is for them the most desirable, because they feel both as benefit, and they are grateful for the gift. As soon as the connection is just established from earth to the spiritual kingdom, the light also already radiates out and attracts innumerable souls out of darkness. And over which darkness still rules, that is getting inspired by the light of truth, and fullest understanding is given about every incomprehensible teaching to those, who desire light. Questions on earth or also in the hereafter always precede the instructions through light beings, for every soul is to be instructed, which asks questions, so that it is easy for it to believe, so that it now also may find to Jesus Christ, so that it recognizes him as its redeemer, without him nobody can be happy – so that it calls on him for his love and favour, for his mercy – so that it may be rescued out of darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5732.


Book 62 5733

Jesus Christ leader on the right way.

28. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5733.

The right way is truly shown to you, when you are just prepared to go it. Then you just need to abandon yourselves to my leading, and you will be pushed on the right way, because I just wait for it that you reflect on you yourselves; that you want to do, what is your actual task on earth; that you want to walk right and just on earth. Then I take over your leading myself, for your present will grants me myself this right. As man Jesus I went first this way for you; as man Jesus I showed you the aim, which also you are to follow; as man Jesus I have brought you the proof, what a man can accomplish, so he goes that way. And I therefore again and again present his earth walk before your eyes; I refer you to him, whom I sent down for you that he helps you to go the same way, because only this way leads to me, to your God and father from eternity. He has reached the aim on earth; he ascended to heaven as completed being, as cover of me myself, and I let my disciples on earth experience this process, so that they had an evidence of that, what a man on earth can achieve, so that they could see me myself in Jesus Christ, who had joined himself for ever with his heavenly father and therefore was united with me for all eternity. And I want that you all unite yourselves with me; that you all return to me as my children; that you all go the way, which alone leads to the father house, from which you have once gone out. But you wander about trying to find the way and do not know this way; you do not find it, because you do not seek it; you live on earth and are not aware of your purpose; you walk on a wide road, which never ever leads to the destination, because it is not the way, which Jesus has gone. And for that reason I must send to you messengers again and again, who are to show you right; who want to lead you on to the right way. I must make the word of Jesus Christ accessible to you men, which he taught on my behalf on earth; that word, that I myself spoke to men through him, who listened to it, because they believed in me, I who spoke out of him. This his word points you again onto the right way, and this word you must hear, because it gives evidence of me, I who am myself the way, the truth and the life. And so you listen to this word, the way is shown to you, which leads to the destination – and no-one will be able to say, having remained on earth without leading, who just entrusts himself to me, who wants to reach me and has the will, to go no idling, but to reach the destination, which has been set for his earth life. Perpetually references are sent to you, because I abandon no man to his fate, but am concerned about all that they find the right way, but who goes along without sense of responsibility, I cannot look after him, for to be able to lead him, he must entrust himself to me in free will. Where this will is lacking, I keep back. But it is always made easy for him, to step onto the right way, but force is never exerted. I always demand his own will, to then being able to grasp his hand and to escort him up to the height – for I can certainly advise and help you, but I will not force you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5733.


Book 62 5734

Process of transmission of spiritual gifts. Power.

29. and 31. July 1953. B.D. NR. 5734.

The transmitting of spiritual gifts from the kingdom of light is an expression of power, a process, which would not be possible, when the giving beings would lack power, when they would not work on behalf of God. Where therefore a man receives thought material, which is not won through thinking, a power is at work, a being, which therefore just passes on, what it receives itself – what flows out of the source of power from eternity. A power is to be recognized, when an event becomes visible beyond the natural abilities, when therefore man does not use his abilities, but he himself as it were is inactive and still something comes into being, what he has not done; what therefore proves another power, which – recognizable to man – has become effective. Own intellectual activity can indeed also produce results, which are not to be rejected, but then man himself is the producing power; he uses the life power being at his disposal, and he will be able to record results according to his abilities. But where the own intellect steps back, where it keeps passive, where it does not fight against expressions of a power, there results appear, which have not been determined by the will of men, but by the will of that power, which now works, which certainly now lets itself also be determined by the will of man, by it answering questions, but the answer is completely independent from the will of man. Therefore it is a thinking power, which expresses itself, which is stronger than man, because it gives something, what man does not possess – the cognition about things, which the intellect of man cannot fathom. What man intellectually acquires for himself, is therefore always the result of eager though or taking up of knowledge, which again has been acquired intellectually. And then one cannot speak of the work of a power, which lets something come into being, what was not before – but whereon man himself is uninvolved, only that he receives that what came into being, that, what the power has produced, and acquires it for himself through intellectual activity following it. Receipts from the spiritual kingdom therefore prove the work of a power, which for that reason must be acknowledged as divine, because it works, to produce something, while a negative power only has a destructive effect and is easily recognizable, because it confuses the thinking of man, but does not sharpen, because therefore also mental results, which have been generated through the influence of negative powers, only always bring about more confusion, but bring no enlightenment. (31.7.1953) Mental activity can indeed also be influenced from the good spiritual side and therefore also produce good results, but with mental activity always the life power of man is effective, while, with transmissions from the spiritual kingdom in the form of the divine word, the life power becomes active insofar only, as the receipts are written down, but a power having an unusual effect is to be recognized, which indeed also expresses itself out from the inside, which however obviously stands in contact with a power outside, with a power, which is to be sought only in the kingdom of the spiritual and which legitimates itself as divine power through the gifts of the spirit, which it produces. Wanting to see this expression of power not comprehensible to men as effect of the counter spirit of God, is completely refuted through the content, which just seeks to cause men to change their nature to love, to reach perfection, and which imparts knowledge to men, which the opponent of God would never give to them, but that could also not be proved as error or lie, when it would seriously be examined as a result of this. The truth of it is indeed also not to be proven, however to be felt, when the way of life is led according to the content. Therefore the word itself proves itself, so full expression is given to it. And then also the divine origin is recognized and acknowledged, but always only by those, who strive for God and grant the opponent of God no right over them. These also believe in the work of God in man, in the work of spiritual powers, in the connection of the spiritual world with men on earth, and to these a process is comprehensible, which does not let itself be explained with earthly abilities alone, which visibly proves a radiation from above, a power going out from God.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5734.


Book 62 5735

God's love and favour pursues all men.

1. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5735.

I truly want to withhold nothing from you; I want to cover you with favours; I want to step into your way and offer my gift of favour to you, so that you just change your will and strive for me. You still go other ways, and your looks are still turned towards the world; you do not let the thoughts of me come up, because the world fetters all your thoughts. And still I also come to meet you in the midst of the bustle of the world, so that you think of yourselves and seriously interpret the world against that, what I offer you. Each one of you is touched by my hand; each one can seize my hand, when he wants it, and now let himself be directed; but who is self-willed, he resists and strives away from me. And I do not prevent him, because he has free will, which I never break by force, but just want to change. But I pursue each one man with my love and favour – what he will recognize in future, when he looks at his earth life looking back, when the spiritual kingdom has received him and he sees himself and his will, which often rejected my approaches und as a result made his spiritual progress more difficult. My love is continually intent on winning his will for me, and for that reason I refrain from nothing, what could contribute to it. But men do not recognize me, when I step into the way; they always just consider me with worldly eyes, i.e., so I speak to them in the word, hear it certainly with the ears, but the heart does not get touched by it. And so I rarely find entry into the heart of a man; the world drowns out the soft knocking at the door of his heart; they pay attention to their reputation, but not to the call from above, which nevertheless again and again sounds at their ears, because I do not give up man, as long as he dwells on earth. But so he pays attention to the soft knocking and opens, I go in to him and bring to him a very delicious gift. I bring to him a wealth, which he cannot acquire for him in the world. I bring him a gift, which indeed does not make his body happy, but his soul, because it strengthens it and makes it suitable for the life in eternity. You men are to think of eternity; of the life of your soul after death. You are to often think it over that your life on earth does not last long; that it is transient, and you are to remember that, what is immortal – you are to take care of your soul that it receives on earth, what serves it to mature; you are to administer strong food to it, which is my word alone, which I myself supply to you to win you for ever. Utilize your earth life for life in the spiritual kingdom; have the will to fulfil your earth life purpose, then you will also recognize me, so I step into your way, and you will not reject me, so I want to give you my gift of favour, my word, which announces my will to you and also imparts power to you, to fulfil it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5735.


Book 62 5736

Power of the divine word. Soul maturity.

2. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5736.

You are to increase the spiritual material and consequently also the power, which fills you. With every word you receive power, which is sent to you from above; which you can therefore use to constant work at you yourselves and at your fellowmen. For the word from above imparts spiritual knowledge to you and is then a treasure, which is immortal; it is a constant power giver, so that you never ever need to feel weak and powerless, because at any time you can acquire this again for you through receiving my word. Consider after all that I address you, when I let you hear my word; consider that you get into contact with the source of power yourselves through your will to hear me – how could you then come away empty-handed, so you request from me and constantly receive? For what I give you, must also have an effect as power, otherwise it would not be of divine origin. The power communicates with your soul, and it has an incomparable benefit from it – it grows and matures for the spiritual kingdom. And for that reason you are to constantly make this power supply possible; you are to increase it constantly; you are to remain aware of it that you cause me myself to give up my power, as soon as you are willing to hear me in the word. Your soul matures – and that is the purpose of your earth life; therefore you also comply with your earth task, for so you want to listen to me, so you long for my address, for my word, you will also fulfil, what I request of you through my word. You will want to fulfil my love commands and also receive the power for it, to be able to fulfil them. With the will, to receive my word, you profess me, and therefore I profess you. I give, what you demand from me, power, light and love in all fullness. Do not let yourselves be depressed from it that your body is weak now and again; that your bodily cover does not obviously get to feel the power out of me. I know it why that is necessary for you, and I also know, whether and when I flow through the body with my power. I also send to the body what it needs, but I recognize it better than you, what it needs. It is about your soul, and the body must often help the soul and for that reason take upon itself illness and suffering, to take it away from the soul, but so you come to me full of trust and present your requests to me, my power will also be sent to you bodily, and you will also be able to draw this power out of my word, which only the body feels, when you have reached a strength of faith, which allows such. Believe me, I give you, what you request, but you must take from me the unlimited flow of my power. You are to increase the power in you, so that also the body gains possession of it, which can only then be given, when it no longer happens at the expense of the soul. But you are allowed to take in fullness. For that reason request; constantly come to me and let me speak to you; receive my word and let the power of the word have an effect, and you will be able to create and work; you will be able to use the power flowing towards you spiritually and earthly to your own salvation and that of fellowmen.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5736.


Book 62 5737

Help for the lost on earth and in the hereafter. Intercession.

3. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5737.

Use all your power to bring help to men walking on earth in darkness and to the souls in the hereafter, which are still unredeemed and also need your help to reach the light. Let no hour pass without remembering these souls, i.e., arrange your daily work so that you always also give so much time to them to give them a silent prayer, a reference to Jesus Christ or also enlightenment to men on earth, who listen to you. At every hour be workers in the vineyard of the Lord; do not disregard your most important activity; do not forget them about your earthly activity. Much is certainly demanded from you to completely put the world in the background, to constantly turn your thoughts towards the spiritual kingdom, while you still live on earth and are also forced to take up the fight with life, but believe it that you will also not feel so the fight to exist; that you can confidently entrust your earthly worries to him, who has taken you into his services; believe it that he cares for his servants and co-workers, so they just eagerly do the work, for which they themselves have offered themselves – to help the lost on earth and in the hereafter that they find the right way. And for this you are to always take the time; you are to move your field of work more into the spiritual kingdom than into the earthly world – you are to be mindful of that, that men on earth must carry out this work, because the free will of man is not allowed to be endangered; you are not to forget that the prayer of men on earth is also of greatest value for the souls in the hereafter and that also to them the first help must be brought through you, because the work of the light beings in the spiritual kingdom can only then begin, when you have given so much power to the souls through your intercession, through your mental instructions that they are now also willing to listen to the light beings. For that reason let no day pass, where you have not worked for the kingdom of God, and be also always certain of my blessing, for the rescue of many souls from darkness is at stake; it is that help, which is still to be brought to the souls in the time of the end, who alone cannot break away from the dark power, who need light, to find the way out of the night of death to the light of life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5737.


Book 62 5738

Spiritual progress through overcoming of self.

4. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5738.

To make an enormous progress in the spiritual development also requires an enormous overcoming of self, a strong will and strong faith. You will hardly make progress, so you do not eagerly strive for it, so you behave indifferent, when it is essential to stand up fighting, may it be against your own desires or also against everything, what is hindering you to mature the soul for you; you must always keep the aim before the eye to spur yourselves on to continual struggling and striving; you are not allowed to devote yourselves to self-deceptions, that you assess yourselves higher than the maturity of your soul allows it; you must practise sharp criticism of yourselves and only when you have recognized your faults and weaknesses, you take action against them. This requires a strong will, but which always undergoes strengthening through the calling on Jesus Christ, why you also must have strong faith at your disposal. With his help you can achieve everything, so also a high spiritual progress, an overcoming of yourselves and a constant increase of your love power, which then also achieves everything, what you strive for. But you gain no step forward without fighting, without love activity and without prayer. For love work and prayer secure for you the joining together with God and therefore also already a wide lead upwards, for the approach to God is the aim, which you are to achieve, so that also then every fight becomes easy for you and will always bring the victory. What you are not able to do yourselves, that becomes possible through love work and prayer. And for that reason you have always these two safely working means, when it seriously matters to you to achieve spiritual progress, and you must just find the will to turn to God in prayer and to achieve his love for you through love work. Then you can be lacking nothing; then you yourselves have success certain, and only the depth of your faith determines the length of time, in which you reach your aim – and that your faith and you will may be strengthened that you just need to request from Jesus Christ; you just need to use the favours of his work of redemption, which remove every weakness and also promise success. For he gives power to all, who call him, because they believe in him.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5738.


Book 62 5739

God's presence. Carefreeness.

5. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5739.

When my presence is proved to you in form of the supply of my word, so must all weakness, all anxiety and worry leave you, for then you know after all that I am with you and that then everything can only take place according to my will, because I myself watch over you, so that you become and remain suitable for the work, which you are to do for me and my kingdom. Everything, also the smallest events, have so been ordained, as it is helpful for this work. And when you at once believe being hindered through earthly worries, so you are still wrong, for these just aim to achieve that you join me always more intimately, so that I can have the more an effect on you, without coming upon counter will with you. I want to draw you completely to me; I want that your earth life moves always more and more in spiritual course; I want that I become so indispensable to you that you always feel connected to me; that you never eliminate me any more, so you make an order, even so it aims to achieve earthly. I want to be the beginning and the end in your life, and I can only achieve that, when I let you get into trouble and distress now and again, which drives you to me, which lets you find the way of the child to the father. As long as you live in the world, so long also the world will approach you with its temptations and demands – but you are to never face these alone, but have me in constant company, and you will see, how easily you can resist, how easily you cope with the demands, which earthly life still makes on you. You have never cause to worry or to be frightened, for men are able to do nothing against you, as soon as you have me as companion. But often you also walk your ways alone; you do not let me go next to you, because you eliminate me from your thoughts, because the image of the world puts itself between us and you suddenly do not see me any more, but give your attention to the world. Then little knocks hit you; you are exposed to small disagreeable circumstances, which frighten you and let you again take refuge with me, but where you always find help and are safe. You need to have no worries, for I never leave you; I just want that you consciously long for my nearness; that you do not just long for the help, but me myself and my presence, and then all worries will leave you, because I take them over, who loves you and for that reason wants to become indispensable for you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5739.


Book 62 5740

Redemption from the depth. Rescue work.

6. August 1953 B.D. NR. 5740.

Who languishes in darkness, he is to receive light, as soon as he longs for it. My compassionate love is meant for all these unhappy beings, which partly in the flesh, partly in the spirit are in a state, which is agonizing and sad, because they themselves cannot free themselves from it and have to rely on loving help. It is certainly their own fault, for they could reach light, so long as they dwell on earth, but I do not disown them for that reason, but I again and again help them up to the light, as soon as they want to let themselves be helped. But exactly their will often pushes back the loving hand, which stretches out to them, and then darkness remains their lot, until they change their will. But I again and again let rays of light flash, to remove them from their numbness, to let them feel a benefit for seconds, which is to move them, to long for such rays of light. For only then they can be helped, only then they can be given, what they long for. Redemption from the depth always means a comprehensive work of rescue, for one soul draws innumerable souls with it upwards, because it itself knows the trouble and cannot help it, than to help the suffering souls, as soon as it itself has received a gleam of light . And for that reason the rescue of only one soul is of unutterable blessing, what has an effect in the opposite kingdom still more than on earth, for that soul, which still dwells on earth, does not so much feel the state of darkness and can also on the other hand find little understanding, so a light is offered to it. The work of redemption, which however has success in the hereafter, will have a great effect, for these souls lack everything, and a ray of light is for them an extreme great wealth, which they now likewise want to hand out. But light means cognition – as soon as a gleam of cognition is imparted to a soul, it always demands more knowledge; it also grasps everything immediately, as soon as the will is in it, to gain knowledge. And with the knowledge also its desire grows in it, to give away from it, and love is lighted in the soul, and the way upwards has been walked on. Where just a weak will is recognizable, there I help, and my means are truly full of wisdom and love. I do not want to leave my creatures in the depth; I know that they themselves are too weak; that they need help, and I send this help to them in many different ways, always so that the will of the soul is stimulated, so that I myself can then approach it, so that it is touched by a ray of my love power and awakens. I send my rays of love out into the darkest areas of my opponent. He cannot prevent me, but he has likewise an effect on the souls of darkness, but already one love spark weakens his power and strengthens the soul. And you men are to lighten this love spark in them through your intercession, through loving remembering, which you give away to these souls through conscious help, by you instructing them in thoughts, by you informing them of their redeemer Jesus Christ, who is their rescue and whom they can call at any time for power and favour and forgiveness of their sins. You men can contribute a great deal for that to accomplish a rescue work, and when it is just one soul, to which you have brought help, which you have liberated out of the fetters of Satan, so unspeakably much has been won as a result, for every soul has its following, which is likewise rescued as well, because the soul does this itself in its gratitude and happiness, which is transferred to the unhappy souls, and therefore eager co-workers are won with every rescued soul, which participate in the opposite kingdom in the work of redemption. My love gives up none of my creatures, and I bless all, who serve me and help to free the unhappy from their position.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5740.


Book 62 5741

Change of will in freedom. Perfection.

7. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5741.

My will cannot decrease the distance from me, but your will alone must accomplish this, for not my will has disowned you, but you yourselves went away from me in free will; you have rejected me and as a result created a gap between you and me, which you must now also bridge yourselves, if you want to get to me again. I myself receive you again with open arms, so you return into your father house. But I will never fetch you to me against your will, because your possession means less to me than your love for me, which then also changes your will, so that you return to me voluntarily. But a return to me means unlimited happiness, and so you can and must create the state of happiness yourselves for you; it cannot be given to you by me, when the precondition, the will turned to me, does not exist. I am prepared to give everything to you; I will truly deny you nothing, what you desire – but to make your will unfree is impossible for me for that reason, because then I myself would have to violate my law of eternal order, for my creatures have been created according to my image; they were beings, which for that reason had to bear free will in them, because they emerged from me perfect – and what has come into being out of me perfect, can certainly become imperfect out of the own will, but not through my will; it could therefore turn away its will from me itself, but I cannot now make the free will unfree and in this way take away from my creature the proof of the divine origin. For I am perfect and for that reason do not violate my order from eternity. For that reason, I cannot therefore prevent men to sin and to lead a wrong way of life; I cannot force them to believe in me, and still less can I force them to love me, therefore to return to me again. I can only do everything, what could change, however does not have to change their will; otherwise there would truly no being exist still standing far-off me, but also no free, happy being, which would be perfect. Free will is original law from eternity – and it is also originally legally in every being created by me.

And that must be explanation for you men for the conditions on earth, which appear quite inadequate to you and which only the free will of man itself can change. What my power can accomplish, that my love has already done; but where the freedom of your will must remain safeguarded, there only you yourselves can still get active, and my love will grant you all support, because I myself indeed want it that you return to me. Even if eternities pass about it until you again strive for me in free will, so I still will never lead you back compulsorily, because I want that you reach again your original initial state of perfection, because I want that you, as my children, subjugate yourselves in love voluntarily to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5741.


Book 62 5742

Earth life end in itself or means for purpose. Nature of God.

8. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5742.

Learn to not consider the world as an end in itself, but as means for a purpose. Then you will also assess your earth life differently; you will not make it the aim of all your wishes and desires, but seek your aim elsewhere. Who considers the earthly life of worth only, who only strives for things, which are earthly and make the bodily life pleasant, who strives towards it to just create a carefree earth life bringing fulfilment to him, he also considers this earth life as an end in itself, and his thinking is wrong. For it is only a means for the purpose. Earth life is given to man to acquire in it a different life; a life that lasts for ever, but not lived by the body, but by the soul only. Who reflects on, that he inhabits the earth for only a short time, that he himself cannot determine the time of his walk on earth, that another being standing above him determines the duration of his earth life, who reflects on, that he himself also does not determine the course of his earth life, but it must be covered fate like by him, as the being standing above him wants, he should already see from it that a purpose is involved with his earth life, that some success is to be produced in the time of the walk on this earth. But men do not reflect on this, who are turned towards the material world only and want as it were live it up. On the contrary, the fact that their life is a limited one, is for them cause to take away from it, what they just can, for they do not think of the hereafter, but of the present only, which they seek to fashion according to their wishes and desires. They demand proofs about it that there is a continuing on of life; they assess only that, what they see, and avert all thoughts, which remind of a hereafter. They assess earth life too high – and would still not be able to assess it high enough, so they look at it with spiritual eyes. And the world truly offers them pleasures enough, which they do not want to give up for the sake of a to them not provable life after death. And after all they could create proofs for them, when they would seriously wish it. For nothing on earth is constant; everything passes, as also man himself passes according to the body. But one thing also remains for the most unbelieving man undeniably: the power conserving and always creating new everything. For demonstrably creation remains, that is it renews itself constantly and therefore gives evidence of a power, which cannot pass for ever and will therefore also work for ever. And to connect this power with oneself should be the endeavour of each one man, then man himself would also be convinced that it is likewise active in him and cannot pass after death. Since man is a living, power proving work of creation, this power must therefore also be in him and just leave the cover at death, but as power still being able to continue to have an effect in the universe. It therefore just changes its stay but cannot pass for ever. For this power is a radiation of that being, which has created everything. And who has once won this cognition, he also just looks at earth life as a transitional state, where the power has manifested itself in a man for the purpose of certain work – to overcome everything material, to be able to be active completely free after the death of the body, but what is only possible through the overcoming of matter, not though striving for it and increasing it and consequently chaining the power to things, which have no continued existence. These things then burden the immortal of man, the soul, which is now powerless, although it is in itself the power radiation of God, but it is still surrounded by thick covers, which take all freedom from it, but which it could certainly gain for itself in earth life, when it had recognized the purpose of it and striven for it.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5742.


Book 62 5743

Witnesses of the end on the new earth for descendants.

9. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5743.

And you will be my witnesses on the new earth; you will testify to me and my glory, to my power and love, for you will experience it at the end of this earth – you will see me coming in the clouds in the radiating brightness of my glory – you will experience my love, so I rescue you from greatest trouble, so I rapture you before the eyes of your fellowmen, who in truly devilish cast of mind make attempts on your life. You will experience the proofs of my power, for also the last work of destruction on this earth will take place before your eyes, and so you will enter into the kingdom of peace with an experience, which you are to keep in your memory to now testify to me to posterity, to those men, who only through tradition gain knowledge of the events on the old earth, so that also they pass them on and the knowledge may remain for that reason a long time on the new earth. You are to testify to me and my glory. A believing family loyally devoted to me will indeed inhabit the new earth, who set no doubts in my power and might, in my love and perfection. And as long as I myself can now dwell among them, because their faith and their love for me allows it, there will also be no testifying necessary of that what you experienced - but as soon as new generations come from them, they also again have to be informed and the proceedings of the end of the old earth have to be specially emphasized, so that also men living now unite themselves closely with me, and are and remain my children. The living testimony will have an unusual effect on their hearts and also they are to announce in the following times, what has been given to them by you. The faith and the love for me will now survive for a long time; the human race will live in peace and unity for a long time, in harmony with infinity, in constant union with me, and my spirit will be able to flow into their hearts, and they will be able to hear my word and will be happy. And still also this state will change; the effect of counter forces will first be very weak, then will recognizably become stronger all the time - because the spiritual that is bound in the creation again gets embodied as man and this has again matured differently, so that talents and desires in the state as man emerge, which demand a greater change, which still betray a faint resistance against me, and therefore men will again live on earth, which require special, effective means of education - and then it will be necessary to give them knowledge about the effects of a life that does not fulfil my will. Then the fight between light and darkness will again start, because the desire for matter will again become stronger in the hearts of men; my word will no longer be able to be heard directly, and announcers of my word will speak to them on my behalf; and so that this happens lively, evidence is also to be given of the end of the old and the beginning of the new earth. And that is why you men of this earth, who experience the end, who remain loyal to me until the end, also have an assignment on the new earth - see to it that the knowledge survives, that also the descendants can once keep these proceedings in mind, that they will be encouraged through this to remain in my will, that they will let me become alive in the heart and strive for me all the time.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5743.


Book 62 5744

God addresses the intellectual men. Men denying God.

11. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5744.

I want to speak to those, who cannot quite decide yet, who are not unwilling to believe and still also cannot convincingly acknowledge me; to those, who with their intellectual knowledge oppose that knowledge, which my representatives on earth would like to make accessible to them – to those, who first want to have everything proved and believe being able to fathom or refute with sharp intellectual thinking. Their knowledge kills the spirit. That, what is called higher truth, that, what is not to be proved earthly, for that reason, because no faith compulsion is allowed there in earth life, that cannot be fathomed scientifically, and the intellect of man no matter how sharp is no guarantee for right thinking on the spiritual field. And I want to present the question to you men: Into which category of the works of creation do you men classify yourselves? Do you not recognize that you alone are thinking beings and able to deduce, while all other works of creation cannot show this ability to think and freedom of thinking? From this alone already you can deduce that you have been created by a power, which is likewise able to think, only powerful in unlimited measure, for you yourselves can, despite this ability to think, let no creatures with the same ability to think come into being. You cannot quote your descendances as proof, whom you yourselves do not create, just adapt yourself to the existing laws of nature, which also prove to you a law giver. Consider further: Is a "power of nature" able to think? – Can it therefore let beings able to think come into being, whose organism testifies to highest wisdom? Must this power of nature not itself be recognized and acknowledged as a being, which can think and want in highest wisdom and can therefore create and enliven appropriate forms? And is the work of creation not proof enough also for the thinkers with sharpest intellect? Can you perhaps prove the "non-existence" of a being – can you just approximately quote a comparison as proof that a power produces well-ordered creations, when this power does not find its master in the will of a man? Let a power become active unchecked, and you will experience something terrible, but not being able to achieve creations, which you can admire for their appropriateness and order.

Already by virtue of your intellect you can therefore acknowledge a highest being, which you must address as creator from eternity. It truly does not bring about honour to you, if you want to deny this being, if you want to explain its work, which becomes visible to you in its creation, just as effect of an ungainly power, if you want to use something having an unconscious, blind effect as a basis of creation. Such an explanation is truly no proof of a right used intellect; it is rather a defiant way out, which you seek, you who do not want to acknowledge a God – for where just a little will exists for it, both possibilities are considered first, and then man already decides more likely on the acceptance than on the rejection of an entity like power, which reveals itself in creation. If you men knew, how serious a rejection, a denying of an entity like divinity, affects your soul, you would then also understand it, why I would like to give you enlightenment, why I would like to stimulate you to serious thought, so that you give your erroneous thoughts a right direction by yourselves, so that you can believe, what appears acceptable to you, as long as you just judge one-sidedly, as long as you believe being able to fathom truth intellectually. But faith in a God and creator is necessary, to associate with this God and creator. And the connection with him is the actual purpose and the aim of earth life – otherwise you truly would not have been allowed to embody yourselves on this earth, which was only created for that purpose that man re-establishes the joining together with God, whom he once gave up voluntarily. But if you deny a God, then that means still furthest distance from me; it means renewed resistance in free will, which brings in a terrible lot for you in the hereafter or new banishment in matter, so the end of this earth has come. For that reason I would like to address you and cause you to thought, before it is too late, and no matter how great your earthly knowledge is – you will guaranteed penetrate into far deeper knowledge, so you entrust yourselves to him, who has created you and who, as your God and creator from eternity, wants to be recognized, to now be able to helpingly stand by you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5744.


Book 62 5745

God's word is felt as power flow by souls in the hereafter.

12. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5745.

Through the connection with the spiritual kingdom a flow of power constantly starts moving, and this flow of power has an effect everywhere, where a same striving upwards is recognizable; but also there, where man still does not strive consciously, however also does not resist, the effect of the power is recognizable, for he begins to open himself; he attends and follows everything, what could have a connection with the spiritual kingdom, to now form an opinion himself. Believe it, you my servants on earth, you do not go past your fellowmen unnoticed – believe it, that your acting and speaking receives attention and that this is already the effect of the power radiation, which you set going, only that this effect, because it has spiritual cause, can exactly also only be observed spiritually. It will be expressed in the thoughts of fellowmen, which are not visible to you, but can be cause to an inner change of man. And if it is not men on earth, who draw a use from the power current, so it is still the souls in the hereafter, to whom no thought remains hidden, as soon as they just want to gather experiences with you, you who go the way according to my will. Every flow of power, which is visible as ray of light to these souls through prayer or love work, through sending of my word on earth or reading aloud of this word, is felt by them beneficially, as soon as they are prepared to accept it. And for that reason you are always surrounded by such souls, who would like to get power for themselves from you. Your fellowmen could certainly likewise get power from you in fulness, so they would listen to you and they themselves would partake of the power of favour of my word, but their will is not yet exclusively turned to the gaining of spiritual material, because they still pay too much attention to the world, while the souls in the hereafter feel only that as power, as benefit, what is offered to them through you, for the flow of power in the hereafter, which is supplied to them through light beings, they only recognize then as equal, when they have won the first cognition – when they have found, with your help, out of the kingdom of darkness or twilight the gate to light, because they still stay too much in earth nearness and for that reason can also be worked on easier than by beings of light. But these stand already as helpers behind them and make the understanding for it easy for them, what is offered to them through you. But they always stand in the circuit of divine power; they are always touched by my love power and feel its effect, only that I myself cannot have an effect directly, as long as they still remain in resistance, as long as they still dwell in the area of darkness, but out of which you can free them through loving instructions, through intercession and mental influence. All good thoughts have an effect as power, one earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom. And for that reason you are to also send only good thoughts to your fellowmen, and you will also supply to them that power, which can help them to inner change – for all good thinking, wanting and acting has a redeeming effect, for it is power, which never remains without effect.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5745.


Book 62 5746

Spreading of the Gospel in God's place.

13. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5746.

To steer the spiritual trouble is to be your greatest care; you are to help to lead men again to faith, to give them something through imparting truth, what appears credible to them; you are to give them, what you have received from me yourselves, and lead them out of the night of the spirit, which still keeps them imprisoned and will bring them to ruin, when they do not flee from it, before it is too late. The day of the end draws nearer and nearer, and mankind it unsuspecting, what is in store for it – because they pay no attention to that, what has been announced since the beginning of this redemption period, because it does not believe, what has been predicted through seers and prophets on my behalf. And it is therefore heading for the end completely ignorant, for it does not accept the knowledge presented to it, because it does not appear credible to it. And there is still only the possibility, to again and again offer this knowledge to men and to instruct them that it is not human intellectual knowledge, which is offered to them, but that it has been supplied to you by me myself, to inform mankind of the forthcoming. I feel sorry for men that the end will find them unprepared; I feel sorry for them, because the faith teachings deformed by men are cause of their complete unbelief; and because I would like to help them to right faith, I send you towards them that you instruct them in my name – that you offer that to them in pure form, what they up to know rejected, because it was deformed. Give them a food, which tastes good to them and lets them demand for more, so that they get strong at their soul and now no longer want to miss this soul food. Spread my Gospel among men, and remember the great spiritual trouble, which is only to be removed through the supply of my word, and leave no-one out, for all are in this trouble, who still do not belong to my church, who still do not stand in living faith in me and my teaching. For it is a great misconception that men belong to my church founded by me, so they just profess a school of thought with the mouth, so they do not have the living faith and stand in the work of the spirit. But these also know about the end; they know, what is in store for them and that it is only still a short time until the end. But they are only few, wo know about it, because they are only few, in whom my spirit can work, who truly belong to my church founded by me myself. For that reason the spiritual trouble is so great and for that reason you are to do eager work, to still win men for my church, to give them news of the near end and to admonish them, to do eager soul work, so that they do not get lost, so the end has come – so that they, belonging to my church, also remain loyal to me in the last faith struggle, until I come, to fetch mine into my kingdom. Bring my word to them, which gives them light and power, so they just willingly listen to it and accept it in their hearts – help them to faith, and lead them out of the great trouble, before it is too late.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5746.


Book 62 5747

Faith in the mission of Jesus Christ. Right instruction.

15. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5747.

What is to bring about salvation to you men, that I supply to you. You are threatened with failure in the struggle about the passing of your test of will on earth, because you do not apply the right means, because you are still of weak will and do not go the way, which secures strengthening of your will – the way to Jesus Christ. Faith in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption is the only and most secure means for the passing of your test of will, but exactly this faith mankind lacks. And for that reason it must arise again first in man, because without it the reaching of the aim is simply impossible. For that reason the knowledge about Jesus Christ, about his becoming man and his work of redemption must for the present become again alive in man – they are to be instructed right about, which mission the man Jesus had to fulfil on earth, why this mission was necessary and why the soul of the man Jesus offered itself, to accomplish this work of redemption. Truthful knowledge is to be given to men about the divine redeemer, so that faith can now arise and become alive, because then also the reaching of the aim on earth is secure. To now instruct men right about this problem of God becoming man in Jesus Christ, it is also necessary, to give them further information - about creation and its purpose, about the origin of the creatures and cause of the whole work of creation. Man is to be able to grasp, in what the mission of Jesus Christ existed, so that he now also lives accordingly and appropriately on earth and – because he himself is too weak for it – claims the help of Jesus Christ. Man must get instructed truthfully, so that he uses his earth life right, so that it is not lived in vain without success, without reaching spiritual perfection, which man can certainly reach, when he just makes use of the right means. What was once taught to men as my word through Jesus Christ, is only a dead word for many men, which they certainly remember as result of their upbringing, but which could not yet reach an effect, because it did not get through to the heart. Mankind does not utilize this word; it takes offence at deformed teachings and believes to be entitled to reject everything; it does not let my word become alive through the spirit. And again and again I try to fashion my word so alive that they themselves feel the life; that a desire awakens in them to be constantly addressed by me. And I can do this only in that way that to every man that is offered, what appeals to him, for I also want to win those men, who have no contact with me any more; who want to accept nothing, what it is up to now known to them as knowledge of the church – who would like to break away from everything and are now to be again be caught by me – who I pursue in love to still move them again to listen to me and offer their opinion to my word. And for this I need servants devoted to me, who are now active on my behalf, in my will – who listen to my address, hold on to it and pass it on. I need men, who let themselves be let by the feeling, through which I myself speak to them. I need men, who do not resist me, whom I can instruct so that they can work with the now received knowledge and also do this in the cognition of the importance of their assignment, to bring to men my Gospel as living word – so as it has gone out from me. Only this living word can again awaken to life. Jesus Christ must get announced with all eagerness, because mankind is in danger to remain unredeemed, because it no longer wants to acknowledge him and still must acknowledge him, if earth life task is to be fulfilled. And that is to be again proof to the doubters that it is I myself, who announces himself: that Jesus Christ gets known through my word and the professing is demanded of everyone, who wants to reach life. And who is of serious will to stand in truth, he will find in it the proof that I myself am recognizable as giver of a teaching, which puts Jesus Christ and his work of redemption first before everything else and wants to lead men to salvation, which can only be found in Jesus Christ.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5747.


Book 62 5748

Work in the vineyard. Living faith in God and in Jesus Christ.

16. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5748.

Accept from me, what serves you for the salvation of your soul. You can truly in a short time fashion yourselves so that you could enter the kingdom of light and all trouble would have an end for you. But you are lacking the will, and my will cannot achieve your transformation, because you are to become free happy creatures. What you now do not do by yourselves, can also not be done for you as representing help, but each one man must himself take responsibility for, whether and how he utilizes his earth life, and he must bear the consequences in the opposite life himself. But as long as he still dwells on earth, my love does not let up to stimulate him to the transformation of his nature. I approach him in my word, to again and again refer him to the effect of his earth life in the good and in the bad meaning, because such presentations offer a possibility that man thinks over the state of his soul and would like to improve it. Through my word I also hold out a prospect of the near end with all its phenomena to him, with its affliction and trouble and with the last judgement. But everything is in vain, when I find no faith with men. And for that reason it is of greatest importance that faith may become alive in men for the present – faith in a God and creator from eternity, who wants to be recognized by men as father, and faith in Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the world, in whom I myself have embodied myself, to be able to be recognized and loved by men, after whose love I long. Everything what now helps to reach faith, to find it again or to strengthen a weak faith, is work in my vineyard, for which I always need servants, who are to carry out this work, to help whole mankind. I therefore entrust my servants, to always do such work, who help fellowmen to faith. But since right faith must be such that also the intellect can profess it, it is understandable that only truth will be able to satisfy the heart and the intellect; that that, what man recognizes as truth and therefore believes, cannot get refuted, also without proof, also by the intellect. Truth must therefore be offered without fail to be able to believe, for I demand no blind faith, no accepting of teachings, which are unacceptable for the intellect despite of good will. I demand living faith, full inner conviction of that, what is to be believed, because proofs for it cannot be brought forth in earth life. And this full inner conviction man can win, as soon as he is introduced into truth, which gives him enlightenment, which touches the willing man's heart and also the intellect so that it completely convinces him. For that reason the most important work of a servant in my vineyard is to hand out truth and to assimilate it therefore himself first, because no man can give something, which he does not possess himself. My servant is to perform the work on earth in my place – he is to just be the organ, which is active for me. My servant is to lend me his mouth, so that I can speak through him – and what I now speak, is fitted to the spiritual state of men and also to the individual. What I now speak, will always be that, what the man addressed by me needs. I will always scatter that seed into the field, which has the prospect to come up and to bring fruit. For I know the hearts of men, the field, which must be worked on, to bear many and diverse fruit; and I will always offer that to men, what helps them to a convinced faith. And so you, my servants, are to also just always carry out my will, by you receiving my instructions, by you accepting my word directly from me and scatter it into the hearts of men, which - because it is purest truth – are now also prepared to believe, as soon as they are just of good will. Men are to get to know me, as I rally am, so that they begin to feel confidence in me and now connect themselves, so that they now voluntarily come to him, who met them in the word and made himself known. They are to learn to believe in me, to also be able to love me, and now seek to change themselves on their own initiative, to come close to me, to become like me, whom they recognized as God and father, because they have been instructed in truth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5748.


Book 62 5749

Winning men for God. God is love.

17. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5749.

What use is it that I insistently speak to men, when they close their ear and do not listen to my voice; what use is it that I announce the end to them and warn and admonish them, when they do not believe, what they are told, what is supplied to them from above through my servants and prophets. But nevertheless I do not let up, to address every individual, and if it does not happen through my word, so I touch the hearts of men in an other way, for everything, what seizes them fate wise, is a touch on my part, which happens for that reason, that he finds the way to me, so that he learns to believe. Everything, what testifies to me, that man will reject, whose will still resists me, but as soon as he is willing, everything also proves me myself to him; he no longer doubts; he believes in me, because the giving up of his resistance brings already light in for him, for I look after him, who no longer resist me, and help him that he finds to me. And my word can also be made accessible to a willing man; he will like to receive it and with joy; he will believe that it is offered to him by me myself, and he will also believe that the end is near; he will believe the seers and prophets, because he will now also think right. And so you, my servants on earth, can only be successful with your fellowmen, when you try, to cause them to give up their resistance against me – when you speak more of my love than of judgement, which will certainly irrevocably come, however only for that reason, because the order from eternity must again be established, which can only be there, where my will is respected and obeyed without resistance. Men must first experience that they themselves have stepped out of order through their insubordination and love lessness and that they themselves have created for them a state of affliction and trouble. They must know that I do not want to punish, but bring up men to beings, who move completely in my order from eternity – that I only send judgment for that reason over earth, because my will is completely disregarded and because a chaotic state must come over men, who live against my will. Where men now find themselves, who themselves recognize the spiritual low of men and want to help that men find back to me, so the possibility is given through them, to have an effect on men, even so not always with the same success. Admonitions and warnings are not always of use, and for that reason the end and judgment is to be mentioned, but far more my word is to be announced, which can revive the hearts through its power and can still have an effect on men as truly divine means, who are not yet completely stubborn. But who are of stubborn will, also remain unimpressed of all references to the end. And whether they are addressed directly by me – they still would not believe that it is me myself, who has addressed them. For they do not give up their resistance against me – and therefore also my love power can have no longer an effect, because their will is still basically directed against me.
Amen B.D. NR. 5749.


Book 62 5750

Earth school of the spirit. Means for the purpose. End in itself.

18. and 19. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5750.

Consider earth only as school of the spirit, as maturation station for your soul, which still must go through a school, before it enters the spiritual kingdom. You cannot inevitably get fashioned so that you are suitable for the spiritual kingdom; you must accomplish this transformation yourselves. And earth life has been given to you for it. But you men do not recognize the purpose and the aim of earth life – you utilize it in another direction; you just seek to get the advantages for the body and do not remember your soul – you consider earth as end in itself – while it is after all only the means to the purpose - that means, to bring the last maturity to the spiritual.

To pass the test of will is the actual task, which you are to fulfil in earth life, but which must be taken in all freedom, why you will only then receive enlightenment about meaning and purpose of earth life, when you yourselves seriously occupy yourselves with this question. But God gave you the intellect, which can let you ask this question at any time, why and for which purpose you are on earth. Impulses around you are there enough, which can motivate you to this question, but this question must come from you completely freely out of you, to now also be able to be answered right. Even the worldly man should be occupied by this (19.8.1953) question; even he should now and then think about the cause and purpose of earth existence, as long as he takes time for such thoughts. In the satisfaction of his bodily desires and wishes he should truly not see the purpose of his life, and if he does it nevertheless, then the thought of death will also always frighten or disturb him – or he rejects all thoughts with his opinion, to no longer be after death. Only a man, who thinks little, can be of this opinion, for he would find enough proofs during earth life, which would have to teach him otherwise, when he would just seriously occupy himself with the problem of living on after death. The intellect has been given to man – but so he does not use it, he lives along like an animal, for a right use of the intellect lets him think and act otherwise – it lets him live consciously; but the worldly man, who considers earth life as end in itself, has not yet made proper use of his intellect; he has let it become active in only one direction; he has not yet thought about a spiritual world, which certainly is also to be assumed outside of the material world – otherwise man would have to have unlimited right of determination over the whole creation, therefore also over the nature like events and over the own fate. As long man himself depends on a higher power, on a higher will, which is proven to him through the course of his earth life, so long therefore he must acknowledge a world or an area, where this higher power rules, and since he knows that he is at the mercy of this power without resistance, that this power determines his course of life, he must also present the question to himself, why and for what purpose his earth life winds off so, as it is the case – and whether he perhaps fulfils this purpose, which can never ever be only earthly well-being, but a spiritual development is more likely. Man can come to this result of the intellect, as soon as he has just the will, to really receive an explanation, whether earth life is end in itself or just the means for the purpose. The gift of the intellect he ought to and must utilize, for in future he is called to account for his will, which opposes everything, what God gives him for the reaching of his aim on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5750.


Book 62 5751

Free will. God's will. Divine order.

21. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5751.

I cannot force you men to respect my will and to be active in my will. I can only again and again present to you that alone the fulfilling of my will means a moving in divine order and that an acting against it has an effect full of grief for you yourselves. And I truly do not let it lacking thereon, to point you to the results of a wrongly directed will. You are beings with intellect and free will, but your will is so long wrongly directed, as you do not use your intellect right. I do not force the will, but I again and again seek to stimulate the intellect, to occupy itself with the will revealed to men by me – for if I demand that you enter into my will, so I must also announce my will to you. And no man can certainly say that this my will would be foreign to him, for it has also been put into the heart for him. Man also feels my will in himself, which stimulates him to the good and warns him of evil thinking, wanting and acting. But I also send my messengers to men, who are to bring my Gospel to them – who are to announce my will to them, which only exists in that respect, to love God above all and the neighbour as oneself – i.e. therefore, a life in love will always be a life in divine order and always fulfilment of my will. The less now men seek to put themselves mentally into my will, the less they pay attention to the inner voice, the more necessary it is, to announce my will to them, to bring to them my word, my Gospel – my love teaching, for they are in a state of numbness or stupor, which has attacked them through the effect of the earthly world. And they must get lovingly shaken up out of this state; the great danger must be presented to them, which such a state means for their souls – they must again be led into the divine order, what still can be achieved, when a man, who himself moves in divine order, lovingly looks after his fellowmen, when he makes an effort to announce my will to them, to make my word accessible to them. Men are to not be just shaken up from their sleep of death, but in love the way to be shown to life. For men are blind and no longer find it alone. And only, who resist, who do not let themselves be led, are to walk along their own way, for they have free will and must also in future take responsibility for it. But as long as one man's mouth is still able thereto, he is to preach in love and therefore announce my love teaching as my representative, and men will not be able to say, having known nothing of my will. I do not demand fulfilment of my will, without letting men know about my will, and I will, as long as the earth exists, send my messengers into the world, so that they are to announce my word. For this my word does not force the will of man, but can direct him right and rescue man from the night of death.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5751.


Book 62 5752

Light of knowledge in dark night.

23. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5752.

You are getting provided with gifts, which enable you to the cooperation at the redemption of mistaken souls. You have offered yourselves to me for service; I took you on, but the service, which you are to do for me, also requires a suitability for it; it requires that you had an education before, to be able to administer the office, into which I now appoint you. You are to help me, to rescue mistaken souls from greatest trouble; to bring light into the darkness of the night – you are to spread my word among fellowmen. It is a didactic activity, for which I need you; it is the handing out of knowledge, which is according to truth, because spiritual darkness can only be broken through by a light, which has extreme great luminous power – a light, which is shining far out into the night, must be put into darkness. But who of you men possesses such a light himself – who can think himself to be in the possession of knowledge, which is completely according to truth, so it has not been offered to him by me myself? – Therefore I myself must impart to you such knowledge, so that you are convinced being able to bring to men a brightly shining light, which will not miss its effect, which sends its rays far out into the night and to those, who walk through the night, a way is clearly shown, which leads towards the bright morning. An almost impenetrable darkness lies spread above earth, and those men who are surrounded by this darkness, are irretrievably lost, for they strive towards the abyss, because they have deviated from the right way. Only a light can still rescue them; only a light can show them the dangerous way and cause them to turn back; only a light lets them find the right way. And where a light is lighted, there the danger is averted. But the light can only come form the source of light – it can only be lighted by me myself, but also only then, when the spark of love is inflamed in a man's heart, when the small little spark, which rests in the heart of each one man, lets itself be seized by the fire of eternal love and now flares up to a bright flame. Only then it is possible to show and to reveal to man everything – to impart knowledge to him, which he now also grasps, because the flame of love enlightens his spirit, orders his thinking and lets him recognize everything, what was hidden to him before. Then therefore he is suitable for an office, because he can now administer it conscientiously, because he now works with knowledge to the benefit of fellowmen, because he can now bring out the light to them, who are, and also remain without help, unhappy creatures in the darkness of the spirit. But man is to let no talent lie fallow – he is therefore also not allowed to hide is light under a bushel; he himself having become knowing must seek to spread this his knowledge; he must – as himself feeling the benefit of the light, also want to give this benefit to fellowmen, then he uses the gifts, with which I equip him, then he fulfils the mission, which he has been charged with as result of his willingness to serve. Then he is truly active redeeming; then he can and will lead many souls out of the night of the spirit into the bright morning; then he will bring rescue to souls out of deepest spiritual trouble. Then he is a loyal co-worker for me at the redemption of deceived souls on earth and in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5752.


Book 62 5753

Listening to the address of God.

24. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5753.

You are to listen to me, and I will always speak so to you that you can also recognize my love for you. Everything can and will change around you - but my love for you does not change; it pursues you, whether you are far or near, and it seeks continuously to have an effect on you, i.e., to awaken counter love in you, what means final return to me. And so I can address you, so you listen to me, you open the door of your heart for me, and then my love can work in full power, then I can light a fire in you, which can no longer go out, because my love is so strong that all resistance dissolves in its glow, that it takes possession of the nature of man and changes him completely – that it fashions man to love. I seek the connection with you; for that reason I address you. If you now willingly listen to me, then also you establish the connection with me, and then I can enliven what is dead; I can give you true life, you who are still dead before, as long as you are far from me. My address is to change this dead state, for my address is a ray of love, which is to awaken you to life. So you now give me the possibility, to sink my ray of love into your heart, so you make this possible through willing listening to my word, you will also soon feel an effect in you, the awareness will awaken in you to no longer be alone – you will as it were feel the presence of a being, which wishes you well, and you will devote yourselves to this being without resistance, for that is the effect of my ray of love that the resistance in you lets up, where I have the possibility to speak to you, and you listen to my words. And listening to my words you will always, when you go a short time into quietness, when you compose yourselves in prayer or hold quiet contemplations about yourselves. Then you always give me the opportunity to speak to you, although you do not recognize my voice in the beginning, but believe to just think yourselves. I always intervene into your thinking, because my love constantly pursues you after all and always then tries to surround you, when you get quiet and direct your looks inwardly. Then therefore you listen, and then I can speak to you. And the more consciously you practise this act of turning away from the world inwardly, the more readily you open for me the door of your heart and the clearer you hear my voice, which gives answer to questions or instructs you so that love for me flares up in you, because you now recognize me as God of love, as soon as you listen to me, as soon as you hold inner contemplation and turn your thoughts to me. I always want to speak to you, but rarely only you listen to me. But if you seek solitude, by you directing your thoughts inwardly, then you also hear my address, although you do not immediately recognize it as love expression on my part, because the intellect still does not grasp, what the soul has already felt or comprehended. But my address will always more consciously become an unutterable blessing for you and all, whom you inform about this – that the father speaks to his child, as soon as the child wants to hear the father. And you all can establish this relationship with me; you all just need to listen to also hear me, and I just want to stimulate you to sharpen your spiritual ear, to practise hearing spiritual addresses, by you often withdrawing into quietness and long for my presence. Then I am with you and speak to you. Then I myself come to you in the word, and then you also know that I love you and want to win your love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5753.


Book 62 5754

Attitude of intellectual men to gifts of the spirit.

25. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5754.

There will always be men, who are difficult to be won for me and my teaching, because they take up their intellect far too strongly, but let their heart speak little, which recognizes me rather than the intellect. For through it my opponent seeks to make himself heard, while the heart will hear me. I am certainly also to be recognized with the intellect, but always only then, when the heart has already recognized me. An intellectual man knows nothing of the gifts of the spirit, of abilities, which man can develop in himself, but which cannot be substantiated organically. An intellectual man moves in another course than a man, whose spirit is awakened, and since both go different ways, also their aims are different – full of light the one and dark and sinister the other aim. When men seek truth on the way of the intellect, then they themselves draw the limits for them, because their intellect is limited, while the spirit can fly over all limits and every field is opened to it. And so a man will never be able to call himself knowing, who researches only pure intellectually, but has not yet awakened the spirit. And that he will not acknowledge knowledge won as spirit work, that proves the insufficiency of his intellectual knowledge. But I tolerate him and his spiritual weakness, because he is only then to be instructed, when he recognizes that the last knowledge remains closed to him after all – when he recognizes, how little he can do with his intellectual knowledge, which in the long run still lets him unsatisfied and which he cannot increase through no matter how eager thought. For knowledge must be send to him – not by men, but by God. He must ask me for it, only then he increases in knowledge, in light, only then he receives wisdom, not just world knowledge, which is inadequate. He must become empty to be able to be filled – he must free himself of world knowledge to be able to receive spiritual knowledge; he must seek the light to be able to find it – only then my teaching will prove to him its start; only then he will strive for my kingdom, and only then my spirit will be able to work and impart knowledge to him, which the heart and the intellect accepts, because is has its start with me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5754.


Book 62 5755

At the end of earth gate to spiritual kingdom closed.

26. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5755.

You all must enter thought the gate of eternity after the death of your body, but it is only opened until the end of this earth, to then close for a long time. You will only then understand that, when you know about that the soul can also mature further in the opposite kingdom, but also a sinking into the deepest depth is possible, which then results again in a banishment into solid matter. At the end of this earth this banishment of the spiritual, being in the depth, now takes place, which stands in spiritual death both in the opposite kingdom as also on earth, therefore can no longer awaken to life through transformation of the will. The will of these souls is so hardened that it could be broken through force only, but what is not provided for in the plan of salvation of God, but only a repeated binding of the will can bring about a change of will after endless long time. This point of time has now come with the end of the old earth, where the separation of the spirits takes place, where men completely opposed to God, who have become true devils, and also the worst beings of darkness are bound anew in matter, while men striving towards God finally have to go through a fire of purification of their souls, to then as spiritual matured, being able to inhabit the new earth again as men, therefore do not enter the opposite kingdom as spirit beings. For the new earth is to be populated with spiritual mature men, who stand in closest contact with God and for that reason are already moved into paradise as compensation for the extreme difficult time of the end, since they have proved their loyalty to God. But innumerable men still live on earth, who have neither deserved the height nor the depth, who still have not sunk into the kingdom of darkness and would still also not pass the last test of faith, but who still always have the prospect to reach the light in the opposite kingdom – which God's love and mercy for that reason already recalls before the end of the earth in the cognition of their spiritual state, their weakness and their will. These therefore still find entry into the spiritual kingdom and can consider themselves blessed for the last love service on this earth, which God shows them through the ending of the life of their body, for these are not lost beyond hope, and also a sinking into the depth will not to be feared for that reason in the hereafter, because many Satanic beings are bound anew and for that reason the struggle of these souls in the spiritual kingdom is no longer so difficult as before. But with the end of the old earth a time of rest will come, and the struggle between light and darkness has ended for a long time. Satan has been put into chains, he can no longer besiege men on earth, who radiate such a light in most peaceful harmony among each other and in most blessed connection with God that also the beings in the spiritual kingdom enjoy this light and ascend inconceivably quickly – so that therefore also the souls in the hereafter can cultivate contact with men on earth, because their will is obvious to reach God. It is an epoch of peace on earth as in the spiritual kingdom, which indeed is also again relieved by a time of first quiet struggle and wrestling of the light beings about souls, which again let themselves be imprisoned by matter, until finally Satan himself is freed by men, who only strive for that, what belongs to Satan – who again desire the earthly world with all senses and forget God about it. But he has lost innumerable souls in the time of peace; innumerable souls have returned to their father for ever – and his power will decrease from one redemption period to the other, until also once he himself will let himself be redeemed, to return home as lost son into the father house.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5755.


Book 62 5756

Father words. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God."

28. and 29. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5756.

Trust in me and do not worry, for all your worries I take upon me, so you ask me for it. But also you do, what you can do for me – do with pleasure and willingly the work for me, which I charge you with, because it must be carried out by men. My kingdom is not of this world, and nevertheless you men of this world must strive to gain it for you, and one is to help the other, when he does not find the way into my kingdom. Therefore you men on earth, when you want to serve me, must lead fellowmen, because you already know the way, but which they still must first seek for them and need your help for it. This is a work, which requires your love for me and for fellowmen, and this love I want to return for you, by me helping you, so you are in trouble. To remove your trouble, I have assured you of with the words: But seek ye first the kingdom of God - and all these things shall be added unto you – what also means so much, as: Work for me and my kingdom, and I will then also give to you as my servants like a good house father. You will be able to go through earth life carefree and unburdened, as soon as you just make the spiritual work your business, to draw the attention of your fellowmen to the way, which leads into my kingdom. Not one hour you need to be in earthly trouble, so you would just like to turn to me trustingly that I take it over. But you often get faint-hearted and fickle; the earthly world often pushes itself between you and me, and you do not find the power, to break through the wall separating us; your faith is weak, and for that reason the worries do not leave you, and then you also forget my words, which promise you help – but which you must believe, so that the promises fulfil themselves. (29.8.1953) Everything will be bearable for you, as long as you maintain the contact with me, as long as you live in faith in me and my love and entrust yourselves to me out of this faith – as long as you therefore stand in the right child relationship to your father, which secures his help for you in all trouble. Much suffering will still go over the earth, where you must prove this faith in me – you will still get often into affliction, because my opponent constantly tempts you, because he wants to ruin you and his effort is, to shake your faith, to make you fickle, so that he can always have an effect on you more and more. Do not let the tempter triumph over you; in every trouble of the body and the soul turn to the father in heaven, who just waits for your call, to be able to help you; believe me that I always want to help and every right prayer finds a favourable hearing, for one promise also says: "Ask, and it shall be given you; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Full of faith you are allowed to see every word of mine as spoken to you, and you are allowed to trust every word of mine that I also honour it. And for that reason no earthly trouble should exist for you, because you, so you hand it over to me, are free of it. Your faith in it must just be strong und unshakeable. A loving father does not let his child ask in vain; he helps, because he loves his child. Again and again keep this before you that you are my children after all and that I want to win your love and your trust and for that reason will not act loveless with you. But I must often impinge upon you slightly that you do not forget your father. But also that is love, because only I can offer you the highest happiness, because elsewhere you cannot find happiness and for that reason I again and again seek to turn your looks away from the world – and, when you get into danger, must also touch you harshly, but always prepared to help immediately, so you turn again to me. It is a cooing for your love, but not lacking love on my part. For also my opponent seeks to win you completely, and he gives you earthly goods, so you turn yourselves to him. He tempts you, but I seek you and follow you, for I want to lift you up, while he wants to ruin you. Trust and believe that my love is meant for you and that you are allowed to experience this my love at any time; that I am always ready to help, so you call me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5756.


Book 62 5757

Free will. Earth fate.

30. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5757.

My plan of salvation is fixed for eternity, i.e., everything unrolls according to a plan, which has been determined by my love and wisdom, because I recognized from eternity what is appropriate, and because I therefore apply this to make real healing possible for the beings. Therefore also the fate of the individual man is laid down according to my thought of salvation, because I also know about the will of man, because every stirring and direction of the will is known to me for eternity. But this will is and remains free, even so I know about it for eternity.

That is incomprehensible to you men that man is not pushed to his thinking, wanting and acting; that it is completely up to him to use his will towards every direction; but that I have already fashioned the fate of man according to this will, to have an effect on this will in the imaginably most favourite way and in this way to obtain highest possible maturity during his earth life. I always just want to give him the opportunity to change his will, therefore to connect with me, which the being once wanted to dissolve. And the earth fate imposed on him is to achieve this. The change of his thinking is therefore of more importance than that what he – determined through some position of constraint to that end – carries out. The will as such is not always the same as the carrying out of a thought. The will is the innermost stirring in man – and the will can also be directed to something completely unachievable, appearing impossible to carry out for him. And exactly this will it is, which gets assessed, for which man must take responsibility. Acts can certainly follow from this will, which man then considers as fate wise caused and which let him deny free will – and they are still first based on free will, but which has been recognized by me already for eternity and was cause that I have fashioned his earth fate so, as it now fulfils itself at him. You can indeed now also set against, that also your thinking may be subject to a law-governed compulsion. And my word must now here be enough for you, that neither I as God and father from eternity nor my opponent will influence your thinking compulsorily; that you can defend yourselves against every thought, which comes from below; when you want, that only thoughts from above touch you and vice versa. Your will is and remains decisive, which is subject to no force. And for that reason you must first clear up for yourselves, what you really understand under "will". As beings able to think with consciousness of self your I must therefore create a mental content for itself; it must move in a sphere, which appeals to it – the I must be able to assert itself in the sphere created by itself and be able to freely decide about itself. The will is nothing else than a jutting out or a striving out of the I into the sphere outside of it. Thought and will are inseparable ideas, for a being able to think can only through the will submit its thinking to proof. But thinking and wanting are not to be confused with carrying out of the will – because to that end a power is necessary, which the being can have or also not – but the lack of power does not abolish the ability of wanting – that man may be forced to this or that acting fate wise, is a great misconception, when as a result it is claimed, that man may then therefore have no free will. For not the acting is decisive, but the will, which accompanies every act – but about which I know for eternity, what should now also explain the fate of the individual, which is based on exactly this his will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5757.


Book 62 5758

Fashioning of the heart to the temple of God.

31. August 1953. B.D. NR. 5758.

You are to fashion your heart to the temple, in which I can take residence. And you are to pray is this temple, enter into your inner self and seek me there and speak to me in humility and love – and you will hear my counter speech, provided that you make my presence possible in you. But so you fashion your heart to a temple of God, so you will purify it from all rubbish; you will remove everything from it, what does not allow my presence; you will adorn it with virtues of all kind; you will do everything, what pleases me and draws me into the temple of your heart; you yourselves will become love, to be able to receive eternal love in you. And you will then always hold quiet divine service; you will then like to dwell yourselves there, where I am, and always only long for the hour, where you can hold dialogue with me, where you offer me your services, entrust your troubles and worries to me, where you ask me in humble quiet prayer for help and power. You will always more frequently insert this hour into your earthly existence, for you then dwell in my area, which lies outside of the earthly world; you fetch comfort and power at that place, where I dwell, because you have prepared it for a living-room, for a temple for me through your love. You do not need to seek me in the distance, not at public places, not in dead objects, for there I am not to be found – but if you go into your own heart, go into quietness, to call on me, then I follow your call, even so your heart is still not fashioned so, that I can dwell in it, but I approach you and help you, to prepare the living-room for me.

For your desire for me is already a great means of help for the purification of the heart, and then, with my power, also everything will be taken out, what prevents me to move in with you. I can be so close to you, that you feel my presence, that you are able to hear me, and I also want to be so close to you, because I love you. But you must make it possible that I can be with you – you must, through self-fashioning to love, prepare your heart to the temple, into which you can then enter at any time, to receive words of love from me, which will always make you happy, as soon as you desire to hear me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5758.


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