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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 61

B.D. NR. 5510 - B.D. NR. 5608

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Book 61 5510

God’s presence. Faith without love.

18. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5510.

I am always there, where I am thought about in love, where I am recognized and acknowledged as God and father form eternity. There I dwell constantly, and men will also be aware of my presence, for they will live in peace and in faith. But I am also there, where I am not yet recognized, but where the heart is able to love and willing to love – only man is then still unaware of my presence. But his love mightily attracts me, which certainly is not meant for me, but for his neighbour, but which touches me just as much and causes me to approach him. And a change of his inner thoughts and feelings will take place in the man, who still does not believe in me, who still does not join me consciously; he will often let his thoughts wander into infinity; questions will emerge in him, which he would like to have answered, and he will through the mental answers, which go out from me myself, be stimulated, to always search for truth more and more. Love guides him the right way – love awakens faith in me; love influences his thinking; love makes the heart receptive for right thoughts, but which always are send by me to him, because I want to win a man, who lives in love, for me, i.e. want to be recognized and acknowledged by him, so that he now also consciously associates with me, as he did it before unconsciously through works in love. Love therefore establishes the connexion between man and me. Faith in a God and creator does not need to result in this connexion, for it can only be a form faith, when love is still missing. Then he indeed recognizes me intellectually, but the bond of love is not yet tied, to connect us two. For that reason innumerable men can still be far away from me, although they live as believing Christians apparently, although they confess me with the mouth, although they do not deny me as God and creator – and nevertheless the relationship with me is absent, because they lack love. And no matter whether I try everything, to ignite in them the love spark, whether I also constantly create opportunities for them, where they could busy themselves in love – their hearts remain cold, and they pay no attention to the trouble, which is on earth, earthly and spiritually. They do not recognize the spiritual trouble, because they do not alleviate the earthly trouble, where it would be possible for them. And for that reason faith of the majority of men is dead. They receive my Gospel with the ears, but the heart remains untouched; they are mostly just hearers, but not actors of my word, for my word demands love, a love, which is not allowed to only touch the heart feeling wise, but it to be proved through works of unselfish neighbourly love. My word demands love work, through which you men prove love for me. Then your faith will become alive; then you will recognize and acknowledge me and consciously get in touch with me, and then I am and remain with you until the end of the world. Then you can call me at any time through good thoughts and speeches turned towards me; then I will dwell in the midst of you; then I am present to you, because where love is, also eternal love itself resides and wants to make you men happy with its presence. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5510.


Book 61 5511

God’s nature is love.

19. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5511.

I want to win your love, because then I have won you completely for ever. But you will only love a being, which you know and learn to recognize as loveable, which seems perfect to you and which itself leans towards you in love. And for that reason I seek to impart a right picture of me to you; I seek to awaken faith in you in my extreme great love for you; I seek to give you enlightenment about that you once went out from me; that I therefore am your creator and father from eternity. I seek to impart cognition to you, to now also stimulate your will, to act and strive according to this cognition, for without a certain knowledge you cannot become active yourselves. Only the knowledge about your start and your destination determines your will and your thoughts. But I do not only want to be acknowledged as that, what I am, but be loved. The obedience out of a sense of duty is not enough for me, because only the joining together in love triggers happiness and for that reason I always and constantly woo for your love. If you now recognize me in my perfection, which means love, wisdom, power, mercy, patience, justice in highest measure, so also in you love for me will flare up, for as yourselves once divine beings all these qualities are in you, even so still un-dissolved, since you push them back in free will through your former Fall of man. But when cognition is imparted to you, a knowledge, which gives you information about your actual relationship to me, your God and creator from eternity, so you also learn to recognize me as God – but as soon as love flares up in you, you recognize me as father, and you yourselves come to meet me with great desire. And I want to win this love, to be able to make you happy with my infinite love for ever. For that reason I leave out no man on earth and approach each one. I want to direct the thoughts to him, to whom he owes his existence, and then with my love I want to have an influence on his thinking and wanting; I want draw him to me and still do not touch his free will. And so I speak to him, and my word is to bring cognition to him, so he just listens to me willingly. My word teaches him love for me and for the neighbour. Love for me he can often not summon, as long as he does not really know me, but the neighbour he knows, and to him he is to give his love away. I want to stimulate him for it and so he follows this my stimulation, the love for me comes automatically, for then he feels me, me whom he still did not really recognize, already in him; his thinking will be clear and in accordance with truth as result of love for the neighbour, and through right thinking he will now also win a real picture of me and turn towards me without dislikes; he will mature in cognition and therefore also mature in love. And I have now won him for me, for who has once recognized me, he no longer leaves me, as also I do not give up him, who by himself has made a step to come to meet me. I long for the love of my children and do not let up for ever to coo them, for father love wants to give away, father love wants to make happy continually; but it must find reciprocation to be felt as blessing. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5511.


Book 61 5512

God’s word proof of his love and mercy.

20. and 21. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5512.

The supply of the divine word is an act of favour of greatest importance, for men are so far away from God that they themselves make it impossible that they can be hit by a light or love ray of God; and still this love light of God comes through, to shine through the souls and to halt the turning away from God, to lessen their resistance and to cause their return to God. It is an act of favour of God, which testifies to his infinite love. The human family is ready for judgement, or better said it fails in its earth life test and therefore has forfeited the right to stay on this earth, because it does use earth life in accordance with its purpose. But God’s mercy is meant for his creatures, which have deserted him, and he tries everything, which helps just one soul to rescue. And he therefore himself goes up to these creatures having turned away from him in the word – God himself is the word. Therefore God himself descends to earth, when his word is supplied to earth. He gets into contact with men, and he gives the most effective means into the hands, which leads to the destination, to the unification with him. As soon as the creature moves away from God out of free will, it robs itself of His love power, and it is unable, to do something for its ascent development. Free will prevents a forced leading back to God, but through distance from God the creature itself erects a barrier. And God’s great love and mercy breaks through this barrier. He follows those, who turn away from him. This is a favour of unspeakable importance, for men reject God’s love; but God touches them nevertheless with his love current. He addresses men; he wants to win them through words of love and mercy, through helpful instructions and references to the end. He does not pay back in his own coin, for he sees the trouble of his creatures, which they do not recognize it in their blindness; he tries to protect them from the downfall like a loyal father. (21.10.1952) He offers his help to men so obviously that they should also recognize his help and voluntarily turn to him, but the power of his love cannot become effective fully, because the will of men fights against it. And it will always only be few, who exploit it and properly utilize the extremely great gift of favour. And these few will still be able to work until the end among men as awakeners and confessors of faith; they will be able to convincingly speak and work for God and his kingdom with a power, which they can draw from that undeserved gift of favour; they will work blessedly among their fellowmen and emerge particularly then, when everything threatens to deteriorate, when a chaos will be earthly and spiritually and the near end is clearly recognizable. Then those men will alone be listened to, who stand in living faith and support the living word of God, who have received from the treasure of favour and therefore can also hand out, where greatest spiritual trouble demands this. The love of God follows men, and in times of trouble they let themselves be seized by it, and they will then also be rescued for all eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5512.


Book 61 5513

Wrestling in the spiritual kingdom. Intercession and presenting of the Gospel.

22. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5513.

It is an incomparable wrestling in the spiritual world, for the number of lower spirits rises into the inestimable, and constantly they increase, because men departing from earth are completely in the spell of him, who rules the kingdom of darkness. It is an apparently unconquerable task, to redeem the souls from that kingdom; it is a wrestling on the part of the world of light, which is always only managed with love and requires excessive patience and perseverance, for the dark beings are again and again active, to keep a soul back, which wants to flee from them, why the wrestling as it were between the beings of light and the powers of darkness takes place about the souls of men, which have not yet completely hopelessly become a slave of the opponent of God. But it is essential to stimulate the will of the souls that it desires upwards, because then the beings of light can intervene with their power, while they are allowed to apply no power at all before. And this effort, to direct the will of the souls right, is incomparably difficult and often also without success. Whatever is presented to the souls, they are unbelieving and accept nothing. And they are still not allowed to be given up by the beings of light, because only persistence leads to the aim. They can also not approach the souls of darkness in their complete fullness of light, to not force the will, to listen to them. They must appear in the same cover and illuminate the trouble for them as if out of them, to move them to change their situation. Their love certainly touches them beneficently, but the spiritual trouble of the souls is often so great that they are apathetic and insensitive and are accessible to no instruction anymore. They are only to be won by always new attempts, because their trouble also becomes more unbearable the longer they resist. When now the beings of light have support on behalf of men on earth through intercession or mental supply of the Gospel, so the souls are more easily prepared to listen to them, because they receive a power, which weakens their will of resistance, and then the efforts of the light beings are also successful. The thoughts of men on earth can work true wonders in the spiritual kingdom. The souls are in this way put into a certain activity urge; they feel a power, which they would now like to use, and they suddenly have the desire, to improve their miserable state; they look round as it were for an opportunity to flee from their present situation, and they will also always find helpful beings – light beings, but which are not recognizable as such for them, which help them with advice and stand by them with moral and practical support. The light beings do not get tired to lead the ones entrusted to them upwards, only the first beginning if often unbelievable difficult, before the will of the soul is prepared to listen to them. For then the counter powers incessantly make an opposing effort to influence them and to reject everybody, who wants to help them. The prayer of a man on earth can then have an unspeakable beneficent effect, for the power imparted to the soul in this way will always be used in a positive sense. It is as if the soul then recognizes the hostility of the lower powers and the will to help of the light beings, and will wise it already turns towards the latter and away from the lower powers. Help must be brought to the souls from one side, when they themselves have not yet recognized, what it is about. And therefore the loving intercession is the most secure power supply, because for the being still turned away from God it is also noticeable as a blissful relief and it now uses the power, i.e. changes its will – therefore gives up the resistance through the stream of power and is now easier to direct and to be influenced by that beings, which want to help it up. The wrestling about these souls is unspeakably difficult, but still not hopeless, and for that reason the light beings do not become tired, and they do not let up, until they have pulled the souls from darkness to eternal light. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5513.


Book 61 5514

Call to God for power. Power from below.

23. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5514.

And you will again and again experience it that you are able to do nothing without me, unless you call him, who is my opponent and your enemy, but who gives you power to ruin you. With my help you will be able to overcome everything, but you are not allowed to rely on your own power, for then you are already in the net of Satan, who lets the feeling of your own strength come up in you, to push you away from me. In earthly troubles you often have to rely on you alone; no help comes from the side of fellowmen, and you yourselves feel too weak. Then you are to call upon me, and you can firmly rely on it that you are again led out of the trouble, so you believe in my love and my power. But it is utterly wrong, instead of this call, to spur on your powers to the utmost, in the belief to then being able to manage it, to be able to then become master of the earthly trouble. Also your own power you have from me; and it can certainly do much after an intimate call for help. For I mostly help in a natural way that it does not have an effect like a miracle, and nevertheless it is my help which is sent to you. But if the call to me has gone first, then everything is certainly also good, what you yourselves now undertake, for I steer your thoughts, so as it is beneficial for you. Many men certainly do extraordinary things, without having asked me for blessings and help. Their attitude can still be good, and according to this attitude my power is now active or refuses to give itself. But man can have entered the relationship with me unconsciously through his love will – then I will also support him in earthly trouble, but always only in a way that also he will learn to recognize me, so he thinks about the obvious help. But who is already my opponent through his attitude, who rejects me consciously or unconsciously, who does not believe to need me, so his own power is not enough, he is given power, which comes from below. And he will be recognizable in the utilization of that, what he has acquired earthly. No serving neighbourly love will speak from his thinking and acting, from all his works. His earthly successes will always become larger and larger, for my opponent provides him with power in the extreme, to completely win him for himself, by chaining him firmly to matter, by him suffocating every good stirring in him in the desire for earthy goods, for wealth, honour and fame. But no blessing will rest on his work; he will also not be able to become master of his fate, which is imposed upon him by me. For again and again I try in this way to direct his thoughts to him, who alone is powerful in heaven and on earth; again and again I show him his own weakness, so that he leans against me and requests power and strength from me, as indeed also my opponent will constantly besiege him. Without me you are able to do nothing; but with me and my power everything. But do not let yourselves be deceived by the counter power, which certainly amply supplies you with the earthly, but wants to take from you the life of the soul; who wants to make you completely powerless for eternity. For he does nothing for free; he harms you, where he just can, and every supply of power from below you must pay, for he does not want your happiness, but your ruin. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5514.


Book 61 5515

Purification of the heart as temple of God.

24. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5515.

I want to live in you: - For that reason your heart is to be such that I can be in it, and I can only stay, where everything ungodly has been removed before; I can only be in a temple of love, in a container that is worthy to hold me in it. And it requires very much work on oneself to fashion the heart so that I can stay in it – for so one garbage gets out, already such spreads again, and the work has to be done tirelessly, until the heart is decorated with the virtues, which now let me take up residence in it. I am full of love and patience, therefore also you must be it; I am gentle and peaceable above all measures, and so also you must make the effort to become like me; I am full of leniency and understanding for all weaknesses and request from you the same, even so you will not reach that degree, which still fashions you on earth to a divine being. I forgive those, who have insulted me, and repay them with gifts of favour of all kind, and so also you are to hold a wrong against no fellowman; with equanimity and kindness you are to meet those, who hurt you, and you are to give them love and therefore also seek to win their love. You are to always follow my example at my walk on earth, since as man I had to fight with the same resistances and still remained victor, because love gave me that power, which also you can receive at all times, when you just give much love. A heart so purified will soon become aware of, whom it holds in itself, for love attracts me quite powerfully; love decorates the heart, and nothing can remain next to it, what could prevent my presence. And you are not to judge. You are to leave that to me, and I truly judge just, but still differently than you, because I also love that still standing far from me and want to win once. Try it, to live on earth according to my example, and the attempt will be rewarded for you. For who seriously wants, to him also my power is sent in full measure, to also be able to carry out his will. Who seriously strives for inner perfection, he will reach it, for he will soon feel me in him as his helper, and together with me everything will become easy for him, also the reaching of a degree of maturity, which is to be the striving and aim of all of you. Your heart will become and remain a place of residence for me, and I myself will be present to you until all eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5515.


Book 61 5516

Favour and will.

25. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5516.

It is up to you to make use of my favour, but unlimitedly it is at your disposal. Consequently I cannot lead you to completion, but you yourselves must do it, by you just having the serious will to do it, to go up, and this serious will also lets you use all gifts of favour, which are offered to you by me. You must want. My will cannot give you, what you yourselves reject, but I am always prepared to give, so you just want to accept it. And one man can certainly say that he stands in great favour, but then only for that reason, because he was prepared to accept it, while the other rejects the same measure of favour through his will, which still takes a negative view of me. I am truly just and do not give arbitrarily to some men more than to the others; love for my creatures knows no restriction, and particularly the one still turned away from me is touched mightily by my love and favour, but mostly my love radiation remains ineffective, what however is not because of the degree of my gift of favour, but of the direction of the will of the creature. I give unlimitedly – and all men could make use of this my will to give and likewise receive unlimitedly. But where rejection is, also my favour is without effect. But my ray of favour can hit and change the soul really suddenly. But then a change of will was already foreseen by me; I recognized the man as able to change and willing to change. I now do not give him suddenly cognition, but the soul recognizes itself through the touch of favour. Therefore only a weak cover was still to be broken through, which no longer withstood the favour. Every soul gets touched, so I give it gifts of favour, but whether it reacts to it, is a matter of free will. A gift of favour is never allowed to force a sudden change of will, and I recognize it very well, where this compulsion of will shuts out, where the effect of favour is allowed by the soul itself. Favour approaches every man unusually, particularly now in the time of the end, because I want to help, to prevent the ruin of a soul. I touch all hearts with my love and favour. The one feels it, the other remains completely unimpressed by it, but not through mine, but through his will. I can only always offer the greatest gift of favour in an unobtrusive way, because every unusual way would already again be a compulsive will. But nevertheless favour remains as such something so effective that it achieves the change from the deep up, so it is not resisted, so man himself has the will to arrive at the top. It remains unreal to man, as long as he does not want; obviously recognizable it is to him, who wants to use of it. But he also feels safe and secure with me, for the use of favour also leads inevitably to the joining together with me, from whom man feels seized and would no longer like to think and act against his will. I am always prepared to give; and so you men are always prepared to accept my favour, you will also go to the top and complete your development in free will, for my favour means help; my favour means power and blessing for everything what you undertake. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5516.


Book 61 5517

World love. Serious admonition.

26. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5517.

Men do not want to give up the world, and for that reason they seek to make compromises, but which I cannot accept. No man can serve two masters – particularly then, when both are completely opposing in their nature. And so the world with all its pleasures and attractions is completely opposing to that, what you men are to strive for – the spiritual kingdom, which Lord I am and will remain. You certainly stand in the midst of the world, to prove yourselves, to learn to overcome the world, but not to enjoy it to the full, that all your bodily wishes find satisfaction, for in the same measure you leave the soul unsatisfied.

You reckon in you with a natural retrogression of your desires and wishes with increasing age and believe to still then find enough time to think of your soul. But do you know, whether you still dwell long on earth? Do you know, whether you experience an age according to your will? And do you know, how poor and miserable you enter into the opposite kingdom, so you are suddenly recalled? Consequently it is unwise to put off the most important thing in earth life into a time still uncertain for you, and consequently you must also recognize that the world pleasure, an earthy satisfying life on this earth, cannot be right before my eyes, otherwise you would not need to reckon with it that every day can be your last one.

Every man, who only stands in little faith in me and in a life after death, will befall an uncomfortable feeling, so he imagines a sudden death, because he knows it that he does not live according to my will, but he makes himself numb with the world and its pleasures. Only completely unbelieving men have no doubts or scruples of conscience at all, when they win from the world, whatever they can. Already a long time ago they have made the quiet admonisher in themselves dumb, but which still lets his voice sound with those, who are not without faith. Und my words are meant for them, that they are to think of a sudden recall; that the world does not give them that, what lasts for eternity; that they can take nothing across into the spiritual kingdom, what seems desirable for them on earth. They are to consider that they are to break away from the worldly, and that they can also do it easily, when they bring love in them to development. Then nothing is any longer desirable for them, what belongs to him, who is an opponent of me and therefore devoid of all love. Love also gives him the right cognition about worth and worthlessness of things; love alone is the counterweight to the world, for who has love, also ties the connexion with eternal love, and it now becomes the aim of his wishes and desires; the world fades and no longer attracts; he now gives more to the soul than to the body; man learns to overcome the world, and then he lives his earth life according to meaning and purpose, and he also does not need to fear a sudden recall, for the soul has then found the way, which leads to its true home. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5517.


Book 61 5518

Awakening of spiritual hunger.

27. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5518.

The spiritual hunger is to be awakened among men. And this requires the presentation of tasty samples, which especially contain that knowledge, which was unclear to man. Every man is contestable at one spot; every man has a special question, which occupies him, and so enlightenment can be given to him about it, he also opens his heart for further knowledge, and it is then of greatest success, when the teacher refuses him no answer, when all ideas are known to him and so far clear that he can impart his knowledge to fellowman – that he satisfies the hunger of the man, who desires truth.

The desire for truth has not yet awakened in mankind; indifferently they pass over that, what is incomprehensible to them; they desire no enlightenment, and for that reason it cannot be offered to them. But this is always because of that their thinking has not been stimulated; that no samples were offered to them; that they are not urged to a self-expression, to a making clear of the own thinking; a question can fascinate them extremely, when it is put to them at the right time and in the right way, and an answer can satisfy extremely, when it is given by a teacher authorized to do it, who represents pure truth and can hand it out. Then the desire for greater knowledge will automatically awaken, and only then the hungry can get satisfied with the bread of heaven. An answer, which shows ignorance, does not satisfy and can prevent men, wanting to somehow fetch enlightenment; but pure truth speaks for itself and therefore also appeals to every man, who goes out for pure truth. And he will now constantly get a bread of heaven offered, which is sent to him from above; he will no longer need to be hungry and to live in want; he will always be given amply according to need and worthiness. For to enjoy the bread of heaven, only belongs a will for real stimulation of his soul, being open for that, what God’s love offers him.

For that reason you, as genuine representatives of God and his kingdom, are to always announce his word, also when the desire for it is still not existing, for he himself will bless you, so you speak, and you will experience this blessing; the listeners themselves will now desire; they will seek every opportunity, where the divine word is announced to them.

In love you must hand out, what you yourselves have received through God’s great love. Then it does not remain without impression upon your fellowmen. And then you woo for God and his kingdom, and you do loyal vineyard work, for you are his servants; you are to show to those, who want to hold the banquet, the table of the Lord and therefore hand out good gifts; you are to announce the word of God always and everywhere, where spiritually living in want are guided to you; you are to serve them the bread of heaven that their spiritual hunger is now kept busy, so that food is again and again demanded for those souls, which have once tasted the bread of heaven. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5518.


Book 61 5519

Supply of pure Gospel necessary.

28. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5519.

The Gospel must again and again be supplied to men in its purity, because it alone has the power, to change the will of man. The pure Gospel goes out from God; it is his word spoken to men, which remains until all eternity. But as soon as it reaches imperfect men, it is either accepted so pure and according to it the way of life is now led, or it is so deformed by men, as it is according to their will, and then it loses all power; then it is no longer God’s, but men’s word. As long as the word of God remains pure and unaltered, its effect is also recognizable at men, who now carry out a change of nature and consciously strive for God. But when the divine word has experienced changes, so men remain unimproved, for they have that, what was to bring about their change, reshaped according to their will, and something deformed has come into being, but which is still represented as God’s word, is however completely powerless. Therefore God supplies the pure Gospel again and again to earth, and he admonishes men, to follow it. The pure Gospel is the divine love teaching, which the man Jesus preached on earth to his fellowmen and which will always and for ever remain the same love teaching. But since love on earth is no longer practised, the divine love teaching is also incomprehensible to men, and where the Gospel is announced, there love for God and for the neighbour is only preached so in passing, for through human influence so many teachings and commands have been imparted to men that they come to the fore as the ones to be fulfilled first; but that the change of nature of man, the actual earth life purpose, was no longer striven for and men still believe to be good Christians, because the fulfilment of the secondary commends and teachings they make their business. For that reason the divine love teaching must again and again be mentioned anew, as Jesus preached it on earth, and for that reason this love sermon must be given anew to men in purest form, so that they can feel the power of the divine word, so they give it full expression and therefore change themselves to love. In its core the love teaching of Jesus is indeed still to be found, so man of good will also accepts the deformed teaching. Who therefore considers the love commands as the first ones and alone important commands and lives accordingly, he will also soon recognize brightly and clearly the changes of the divine Gospel, and he will also understand it that and why again and again, through supply from above, the pure teaching of Christ comes to earth; he will understand it that God speaks constantly to men and he imparts his word to them in all pureness, for who lives in love, he is also penetrated by the power of love; who lives in love, he will himself be taught through the spirit in him, and the infinite love of God is explanation for him for it that he does everything to lead men into truth and to guide them to eternal life. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5519.


Book 61 5520

Convictions determine the spiritual sphere and its effect.

29. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5520.

As your convictions are, so are also the beings, which push themselves towards you and want to exert their influence on you. For that reason you are in danger, so you do not observe yourselves critically and give in to promptings in you, which are not in accordance to the will of God. You are then besieged by those beings, which again and again want to involve you in thinking and acting opposed to God. A short call for help is already enough that light beings help you and repulse the bad powers, for then your will is visible to think and act right. Your will alone decides the sphere in which you stay, and for that reason a right harmony can be in you only then, when you connect with the light world only, when you continually send out good thoughts, which are caught in the kingdom of light and again sent back again to you for strengthening and spiritual promotion. It is your will alone, which repulses, when something inharmonious touches your soul; your will determines the thoughts, and your will pulls up light or shadow. And the tempter lurks around you and just waits for it that you change your convictions to then have an effect on you that you take thoughts opposing God and turn away from him, whom you are to strive for. Do not give him the possibility to influence you; repulse him, by you sending a short call up in every weakness of the will; by you, in the recognition of every trouble of the soul, turn to the father, who certainly will help you; repulse him, by you calling Jesus Christ, so you feel that you get weak and fear his besieging. And know that every call of yours is heard; that God does not leave you in danger, because through your call you announce your will, to belong to him, your father from eternity, who loves you and who does not leave you to his opponent, so you just turn your will to him. But always be watchful, and pray, for the tempter is always close to you, and he influences you, so you do not fight against it. For that reason hand yourselves over every day anew to the love and favour of the heavenly father; hand yourselves over to the protection of the light beings looking after you. Want that you do not fall, and you will receive power, to live and to think, so as it is God’s will. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5520.


Book 61 5521

Common work of spiritual and earthly kingdom before the end.

31. October 1952. B.D. NR. 5521.

What still can contribute to the promotion of the maturity of the soul in the last time before the end is intended for eternity in my plan of salvation, which is meant for the leading back of the spiritual. And although the favours are not utilized on earth, so also the souls in the hereafter make use of it, which are willing, and I have also thought of these souls and give them again and again the opportunity to go upwards. For I also saw from eternity in which serious difficulty these souls are shortly before the end of the earth, because innumerable souls leave earth immature and in the spiritual kingdom a dense dark sphere receives them now, where they would be helpless and lost, when help would not be offered to them. To carry light into these dark spheres, to again and again let sparks flash, that is intended in my plan of salvation from eternity, and I also recognized from eternity that and how the willingness of the earth men shows commitment to help these souls to the light. I know about everything for eternity; and for that reason everything also comes so, as it is predetermined, because for eternity I know about the will of men and have also fashioned my plan accordingly. For also from the spiritual kingdom the souls can again work helpfully on men, when former have won certain cognition and can then also again impart it mentally to men on earth, who are now entrusted to their care. Connection between the souls exists since the very beginning, and exactly this connection allows and guarantees a successful influence from earth to the hereafter and vice versa. A work, which has not been completed on earth, can also still be done in the hereafter and also lead to a successful result, because actually no boundaries exist, spiritually seen, and it is still spiritual work, which is done and is to be done. And connections exist, which are still unknown to men on earth, but are clearly recognized in the spiritual kingdom and drive to eager work. Because of that it is often of greatest blessing, when immature souls are recalled from earth, to reach a certain cognition in the spiritual kingdom, which then makes progress possible for them and successful work at souls entrusted to them, which still dwell on earth and are now more accessible to instructions through spiritual influence, which are now given to them by fellowmen. Every man can reach faith, when he just gets instructed the right way, when the teacher understands it to win his trust, to conquer his resistance. But this always presupposes a spiritual influencing; the soul must be touched by a love power before, which decreases its resistance. And souls in the spiritual kingdom often radiate out this love power upon men connected to them and so secure the success of a man on earth, who announces my Gospel to the unbelievers. The connection from the spiritual kingdom to earth exists uninterruptedly, but in the time of the end it is quite particularly blessed, because the rescue work at the souls is to be continued, which depart immature from this earth, and because the working together of spiritual beings and men means a redeemer work of greatest success, which is constantly blessed by me. For the last time requires increased activity to separate the spirits – to bring light to the beings of darkness and freedom and happiness to those, who are of good will. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5521.


Book 61 5522

Adoption as children of God on earth only. Further development in the hereafter.

01. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5522.

The process of maturation is always supported by God, but in the stage of free will the spiritual can also offer resistance, and then the will of God steps back, und the will of man decides. When now the development of man does not go forward or even back, then the will of man has offered resistance to the effort of God to help him forward, and then the spiritual in man, the soul, has to also bear the consequences – a state in the hereafter, which is adapted to the still undeveloped spiritual – without light and without power. Resistance against God is always lack of light and power because alone from God light and power start and resistance against God always means rejection of his love power current. This state now can certainly also be changed in the hereafter but again only by giving up of resistance against God, therefore willing acceptance of that, which is also offered to him in the hereafter, but likewise without compulsion. But a great favour of God has been disregarded on earth; his loving help has been rejected, and this has understandable consequences, which never can be completely cancelled, which is why certainly an improvement of the state of misery can be achieved in the hereafter, but never will the same be achieved what was possible on earth – the adoption as child of God. It is furthermore not possible to arbitrarily again return to earth to make up for the failures. The free will of man has made a decision on earth, and according to it is the life in the otherworldly kingdom. But God’s great goodness and compassion helps all beings to happiness, and this happiness is possible in so many degrees, so that always the will of the being is taken into account. To reach a higher degree of happiness a repeated embodiment on earth is not allowed, however a soul can, driven by love and its over great will to help, ask God for a re-embodiment to carry out a mission on earth, which is for the salvation of earth souls. An increased degree of maturity is also a consequence of it, but which has to be acquired through an extreme difficult earth life. Besides is the soul, which now embodies itself on earth, in a certain degree of light, so that one cannot speak of an ascent development of an still imperfect being, which now through a repeated earth life wants to make up for that, which it neglected. For God also gives the soul in the hereafter the possibility to walk up, but the conditions for an ascent development now have to be others, because it left unused the allocation of favours, which the life on earth as man as such already was, because it has failed in free will and that is why it can also only under difficult conditions achieve that it becomes happy. Innumerable spheres are there and innumerable degrees of happiness. All souls can become happy and increase the degree of happiness through one’s own will. But the highest happiness of a child of God remains forbidden to the soul which failed on earth, because it is possible to reach this degree on earth by the use of the favour of God in free will. The adoption as a child of God is the crowning event of a life on earth, which is completely led according to the will of God, in the most loyal love towards God and the neighbour – the adoption as a child of God is the gift of the heavenly father to his children, who use earth life to relinquish the last slag, who through a right love life during earth life become what they were from the very beginning – divine beings full of light and full of power. Amen. B.D. NR. 5522.


Book 61 5523

Who believes in me, he will live in eternity.

2. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5523.

Who believes in me, he will live in eternity. It is these my words, which also give cause to dissentions, because the spiritual meaning was not recognized properly. I request faith in me, to be able to give eternal life to men. But what is to be understood under faith? Not the confessing with the mouth; not the intellectual acknowledgment of my work of redemption, but the inner conviction of the truth of all that, what I taught you men on earth, is to be understood under "faith", and this inner conviction is only to be won through love. Therefore faith also depends on love, and so love is still the first. But it is also fulfilled by those, who believe so in me that I can give away eternal life to them. Therefore real faith is promising life, because it includes love. But intellectual faith does not lead to eternal life, and this intellectual faith it is, which if need be is still to be found among men, but which I cannot assess so that it earns man eternal life. I want a living faith, but which can only be won through love. For man only lives, so he feels a security in him though love, a faith, which truly makes happy, which now determines his whole wanting and thinking and produces a way of life, which earns him eternal life. To believe intellectually is no proof of the maturity of a soul, for man can have been pushed on a Christian ground through education; he therefore cannot reject with conviction me myself, my earth life as man and my work of redemption; he thinks everything to be true. And nevertheless his heart does not need to be touched by it; for him it is a historic event, which he cannot deny; but he does not feel it as that, what it is. It does not touch his heart, which is only then impressed, when love comes to development in him. Then faith in it will trigger happiness in him; then something becomes alive in him; only then man feels in the midst of my work on mankind; only then he can speak of that faith, which leads to eternal life. I certainly request first faith in Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, because only via Jesus Christ the way is to eternal life, because faith in God alone is not enough, through the sin burden, which cannot get repaid without Jesus Christ. For that reason I spoke the words: "Who believes in me, he will live in eternity." Note well – I, Jesus Christ, as redeemer of the world, request faith, but under "faith" only that faith is to always be understood, which is alive through love, why therefore men must first fulfil the commands of love, which I gave to men to show them the way, which leads to eternal happiness. But then they will also be able to believe and in this faith enter into eternal life. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5523.


Book 61 5524

World turning point.

4. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5524.

The world turning point is shortly approaching. You men do not know what that means because a period of time ends what you do not think possible. A new redemption period begins under complete different conditions; a time period starts that cannot be compared to the present. A new world will come into being, i.e., the earth will bear complete new creations and men will be allowed to see these creations, who still knew the ones of the old earth and who will enjoy the miracles of God that bear witness to his infinite might and wisdom and his exceedingly great love. Mankind is approaching the end, because only few will experience the new earth and will be allowed to inhabit it. Because it requires a degree of maturity of its inhabitants, because life on the new earth is completely different, since men on it are in touch with the kingdom of the blessed spirits in such a way that they are allowed to associate with each other, will be taught and therefore are highly knowledgeable, what only mature souls can bear and therefore a high degree of development is a prerequisite, which only few men reach on the old earth till the end. Time is drawing to its close. And as men are only in a low stage of knowledge they do not believe and grasp it and that is why they also do not do anything to reach higher maturity. They are also partly in anticipation of the dawning of a better time, that men will change and therefore a spiritual change will take place still on this earth as such an end as it lies ahead does not seem to be plausible. They would not believe that, what yet irrevocably will come. The spiritual upward development is at stake, not the earthly ascent that appears to all men to be the most important matter. But the spiritual development is neglected and therefore makes life on this earth pointless. That is why it will be brought to an end even though it appears to be unfathomable to men that his earth is to cease to exist. The state of affairs on earth has become intolerable; darkness has been spread on earth that is almost impenetrable; earth has become unsuitable to be a school house of the spiritual and therefore has to be changed so that the actual purpose will again be fulfilled on it. Where there is still a spark of light there is also a connection to the spiritual kingdom and this bond remains in existence even if the earth ceases to exist in its old form, i.e., also on the new earth this light will be allowed to shine, it will be handed over to the new earth because it shone already as it were over the earth and therefore cannot be touched by the destruction of it. Men who seek close union with God will survive the end of this earth; they will be raptured and brought to the paradise of the new earth because they are no longer held back by the gravity of the earth but find the support in the spiritual kingdom in the last difficult days that still lie ahead for the earth. These therefore will experience the spiritual change, but in another form than men imagine it. Everything will be changed; every single work of creation will be dissolved and the spiritual that is bound in form comes again to new progressive development in new forms on the new earth. Creations of most glorious nature will delight the human eye and an indescribable rejoicing will sound from the lips of those, who are recognized to see the new creations and to compare them with the old ones on this earth. And it comes at it has been announced; the earth will cease to exist in the present form, but it will arise anew and testify to the wisdom, omnipotence and love of God to the human race that emerges from the best of this earth, from those who recognize God, love him and remain loyal to him during the time of the most severe faith struggle that will precede the last end. You men are before the change of the world. Take care that you will experience it in the strength of faith and in the light of knowledge. Take care that you belong to those that will be taken from this earth to testify to God's might and glory on the new earth. Stretch your hands up to him that he will save you from darkness, that he fetches you to himself into his kingdom where again new assignments will be given to you - to glorify him and his name, who rules the world from eternity to eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5524.


Book 61 5525

Announcing the Gospel in times of trouble.

5. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5525.

And when you see the trouble round you, which will increase the closer the end is, then eagerly exercise your office to announce my Gospel, to let your words give comfort and courage to fellowmen and to awaken living faith in them. For as soon as they stand in faith, they will also become master of the trouble; as soon as they believe, they will be helped. But first preach love to them, for it alone leads to faith, and living faith is a power, which overcomes everything. Trouble will approach all men, even so in different ways, for I want to shake up all men from their state of inactivity; I want that they wake up from their sleep of death and recognize, what is in store for them. Each one gets touched by my hand, which wants to rescue him, and only, who have completely become slaves of my opponent, who have hopelessly turned towards him, I leave out, for standing under the influence of my opponent, they remain completely untouched by my warning voice, which they could hear everywhere, when they would open their ears. But many are still undecided, to whom they should turn. These I still would like to win with your help. But those who are then still too weak and in danger that the opponent wins power over them, they I recall, to stop their complete fall into the deep. Whatever you men will experience, they are all means to rescue the lost. And you are to strongly help along and work for me and my kingdom. Also you will need much power, and you can get it at any time, so you just believingly turn to me, so you let my word speak to you; so you are willing to serve me. For I need you in the last time before the end, and I truly do not let you become weak and powerlessly, as long as you want to take part in the work, which is extremely important and necessary in the coming time. For that reason just see in the trouble round you just the confirmation of my word, and believe that you are sure of my help at any time, where it is essential to do redeemer work, for which I have only few helpers. Time is only still short until the end, and in this short still much is to be achieved, why I must help with unusual hard means to still rescue, who are of good will, to protect them from an endless long stay in the deep, but which is the lot of those who resist me and are slaves of my opponent. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5525.


Book 61 5526

Spiritual misery greater than earthly. Activity of the opponent.

6. November 1952. B.D. NR 5526.

The spiritual misery is yet much greater than the earthly because men no longer live in the truth and every error is an obstruction upward; every error is spiritual standstill or even decline because error is the work of my opponent to bar the way to me, to prevent men from finding it. Every error strengthens his might and always gives him new opportunities to spread darkness of night over men. Error is everything that contributes to make the recognition of myself more difficult; error is everything that hinders men to seek and find union with me. My aim and striving is that men unite with me; that they long for me and try to satisfy this longing of their heart. My aim is to win the love of my creatures. Everything that contributes to this is good and never the work of the opponent. But what hinders men to find this connection with me, everything that directs their looks elsewhere than towards me, is the work of my opponent. And therefore you can very easily recognize him in everything that is offered to you, may it be spiritual teachings, may it be messages from the spiritual kingdom, may it be events no matter what kind. You always have to clarify what is intended with that. And if it leads you away from me and to the world or makes the close union with me more difficult then you also know that my opponent is at work who wants to force you men aside from me. He also applies means that are to feign my activity; he is not afraid to seemingly work for me to win the gullible that do not recognize him and therefore accept what he offers. The gullibility of men favours his action because they accept without earnest checking the moment only an impulse is given that requires their belief. That is his cunning to seemingly strengthen the faith but still steer it into the wrong direction. Truth is constantly passed on to earth; continually it is carried to men and still thickest error and lies will be accepted much more likely by them than just one spark of truth that would enlighten their mental state. But my opponent has a firm base; he stands on a ground that has been made firm and lasting by men themselves. My opponent works there where men believe to have entered my territory. Also this is a cunning that again can only be exposed through pure truth that I bring to men through my word. However only with difficulty this my word finds entry there where the opponent has barricaded all gates with great care. And men place themselves behind my opponent and strengthen him in his might. That is why the spiritual trouble is so indescribable great and still not repairable by force because the free will of man itself has to strive to step into the light, then it also will soon brighten up in him, and then the ground underneath the feet of my opponent will begin to sway. But without truth the spiritual plight cannot be decreased because truth teaches love, but who has love also recognizes the activity of the opponent and he will free himself of him because through love he also feels the power in himself to escape from him because through love he establishes the union with me and I now give him my support by filling him with light and strength. Amen. B.D. NR. 5526.


Book 61 5527

Convincing confessing in faith struggle.

7. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5527.

If you want to be genuine confessors of my name, then you also have to have deeply penetrated my love teaching; you have to know that love is first and of highest importance, that love wants to be practised to then also bring in to you the power to answer for me and my teaching. Because only love recognizes me; only through love man wins the conviction that I am God and redeemer; only through love faith becomes alive and this living faith then answers for me without fear. The confessing of my name will be the crowning moment of the faith struggle before the end of this earth and this confessing is also your victory. But who can convincingly confess me before the world? Not only your confession with the mouth will be demanded from you, but this confession earns you earthly trouble and hardship; you will have to give away much, when you want to remain loyal to me, because stipulations will be made to you, sacrifices will be demanded from you that only he is prepared to do, who has accepted me in his heart, who is so closely united to me through love that he feels my presence and this presence also gives him the power and certainty to represent me before the world also under loss of all that what he owns earthly. This is a great test of faith that only few will pass, because the trouble in the end-times is great and only he who is firm in faith and serves in love will not mind it, but firmly puts his trust in the help of the Lord. But then I will also dwell visibly among men, who want to prove their loyalty to me and still are weak in the face of the inhuman action against the right confessors of my name. And then also the weak will be flooded with my power, because I recognize his will and therefore I help him in every spiritual and earthly plight. I will always and constantly be among the ones who are mine, when they mention my name in faith, but I will also be visible to their earthly eyes where faith and trouble require this, because I want to help those, who are mine and do not let them defencelessly fall into the hands of the enemy. The courage of conviction of many will sink, who still today think to be good Christians and representatives of my teaching, because the measures of the earthly authority threatens them and they are not firm enough to resist, because love does not give them power, because they only observe the course of the events with their intellect, but are not inwardly united with me. And in this trouble that becomes greater and greater, I come down to earth in great splendour and magnificence - to now help the ones who are mine, to snatch them away from their oppressors and to reward their loyalty by me guiding them to a place of peace and happiness. When the faith struggle flares up so violently that men will be forced to comment, then my coming is to expected every day. Because I have given you the promise that I will shorten the days for the sake of the chosen to shorten their suffering and to give them the reward for the loyalty that they have proved to me and my word. I come to redeem you from all evil. Amen. B.D. NR. 5527.


Book 61 5528

Persecution of disciples of the end-times.

8. November 1952. B.D. NR 5528.

Like my first disciples you will be most violently attacked when the time has come when the decision for or against me has to be made. Then everybody will experience hostility who is for me, who represents me and my name before the world and you will need much strength to be able to resist their demands to renounce me and to recant all what you up to now have supported. But you will not be afraid because like my disciples you will, filled with my spirit, joyfully confess who your Lord is and your will will always be to remain loyal to me and as you know about my might and power you will not fear those that well can kill your body but not your soul. And I will bless you for it that you keep up my name, that you confess towards your fellow human beings that he alone is your strength. You will well be persecuted like my first disciples but not feel the oppression so much and everything that the enemy of the soul wants to do to you - will bounce off you because the shield of faith covers you. And like my disciples you will even then still win men for me that will be led to the faith through your example, who recognize a power in my name to which they willingly surrender. And they will receive the reward that I promised to all who believe in me - also they will harvest eternal life and be accepted into the kingdom of light. But only those will openly confess me who have found me, to whom my word brought light, who reached a living faith through love and therefore are also fully convinced that I save them from all trouble of body and soul. But who has not reached this deep living faith until the time of the faith struggle will easily give me up; the world lures him and without scruple he gives away what should be the highest for him on this earth - he gives up me because he never really recognized me. But you, my disciples of the end-times, you are to stand firm and the power will also abundantly reach you because your will to remain loyal to me also guarantees you my help and power supply in unrestricted measure. You only can lose the earthly life but also this will not end before it is my will; but then you exchange in return a wonderful life in the spiritual kingdom. But you will no longer give me away for promises no matter how great they are on the part of him who well can give earthly goods to you but not eternal happiness. You will well still have to fight on this earth but victory is certain for you because you fight with me and for me, you battle for my name and my love, you battle for truth, for light, for your happiness. Amen. B.D. Nr. 5528.


Book 61 5529

Love and faith men lack. Announcing in love of success.

9. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5529.

You men just lack faith. How different would look at the world, your earth life and your task on earth, so you could convincingly believe in me, I who have called you and everything in the universe into life. You would cover life consciously; you would feel guided by me, and brightly and clearly you would know about everything, because through faith you could also reach wisdom. For faith has love as companion. Faith without love is not thinkable, and the fire of love also ignites the light of wisdom. True life can only come into being in you, so you have won real faith through love. But you men lack love and because of that also faith. And you are dead in the spirit; you certainly live on earth, but in darkness of the spirit you walk along, and your earth life earns you no success. For only the spiritual success gets assessed, since every earthly success is vain with the death of the body. But spiritual success can only be scored through love and faith. You men are in terrible poverty, and so you do not change, you also enter the hereafter so miserable, where you will also feel it as agony, because nothing else deceives you any more about your miserable state. And also only then you can only awaken to life through love and faith. Also in the hereafter that is again presented to you, what you are to believe, but exactly as on earth you will reject it, as long as you are without love. But love is only to be awakened through love, and you can now measure the trouble of the souls in the hereafter, which are followed by no love. Only unspeakably difficult can these souls be brought to faith, and unspeakably long time can therefore pass, before this is achieved. But to all beings in the hereafter and to men on earth that is always brought, what they are to believe, and now the degree of love of those decides, who announce the Gospel, how far it meets with approval, whether and when it is accepted. For that reason you carrier out of my love teaching must yourselves stand in love, if you want to have success. What you offer in love does not so much arouse the will of resistance, than what is only offered mechanically without all personal love radiation of the giver to the receiver. But if you yourselves are aware of the value of that, what you want to hand out, so it will push you inwardly to let the neighbour have the same, and this love ray already ignites in the heart of fellowman and can make it able and willing to receive. In all love try to move men to faith in a God and creator from eternity, who as father seeks connexion with his children and wants to win their love. Speak of my infinity love for men, and so seek to also kindle love in them, and men will also be able to believe and only win, so they accept, what you offer them. And when you yourselves hold up a love life as an example, so that they emulate you and now practise love themselves, then also their faith will become a living one, and their work on themselves will be successful, for now they are also flowed through by the power of love and by faith, and they will live and now lose life no longer for ever. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5529.


Book 61 5530

God himself as master teacher. Truth – light.

10. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5530.

Much light radiates into your hearts, so you let yourselves be instructed by me. This I say to all, who accept my word directly sent to you from above, so it is offered to them. Nowhere can you receive the same wisdom, which enlightens your thinking; no-one can give you an equal knowledge, unless he has received it before from me. For only I can impart pure truth to men, and those can count themselves lucky, to whom this my word is supplied; lucky also, who receive it directly through my messengers, whom I myself instruct. Everywhere in the world there is instruction; everywhere one seeks to acquire knowledge through study; everywhere such knowledge is spread from man to man. But who guarantees for it that that knowledge is in accordance with the truth? Such knowledge is meant, for which no proofs can be produced earthly, but which is still the most important, what man is to know and what he therefore, because it is not provable, can only believe. But also, what is requested to believe can be error, and for that reason the source is to be sought exactly for this knowledge, where it has its start – eternal truth itself is to be asked for it, which alone I can hand out. But where among men is faith still to be found that eternal truth reveals itself to men? And because this faith is lacking, more likely all other ways are walked along than this one. To call upon God himself about the real knowledge, so that I can now also hand it out. Nevertheless I supply my word to earth and therefore bring as it were to each one man my pure truth with the urgent request, to receive it and utilise it. I only want to give to you men something good, for which you can find no replacement, so you reject my gift. For no other knowledge can give you so extensive information; therefore no other knowledge brings you that light, which can fill you with such power. To be knowing means: To have knowledge about yourselves, your origin and your destination. Knowledge about the origin of all things will make you happy, for ignorance is like deepest darkness, which oppresses you and makes you unfree. But light is happiness; light is life. And when you once stand in the light, so it can no longer be taken from you, for knowledge about pure truth is a gift of the father, who loves you. You just need to also receive his gifts gratefully. Again and again I will offer light to you, i.e., knowledge about pure truth is inexhaustible and will be sent to you, as long as you desire it intimately. I myself am the light from eternity and also want to radiate through everything, what has emerged out of me, with my love light. You all are to be filled with my wisdom and be able to create and work in happiness. But for that reason you must also be able to master most exactly that area, in which you are to work. You must know about all connexions and also let your will become active accordingly. Wrong information also lets you think and act wrong, right information on the other hand be active in wisdom again. And for that reason light is constantly be brought to you, so that you can busy yourselves right; that it has a beneficial effect for yourselves and for your surroundings. You must yourselves know about your beginning and your destination, so that also you help fellowmen to the last destination, who are weak and have to rely on your help. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5530.


Book 61 5531

Spiritual reception – intellectual work. Workers in the vineyard.

11. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5531.

It is a mutual beginning, putting your power into my service, for as soon as a man offers his service to me, he also constantly enjoys my protection; he will then always carry out my instructions, because no resistance at all is still existing in him against my will. Complete subordination of his will under mine is the first condition that he is regarded as a servant of me, for resistance against my will drives him another way than that, which I lay down for him. My will now is to bring truth to men – who therefore completely enters into my will, he is suitable for it to receive truth from me and to pass it on to his fellowmen. Who has no other will than mine, he can also take no other thoughts than those, which completely move in truth. This cognition would be a sure means for you, to examine, whether truth is offered to you or not. But often men themselves are not clear, how far they subjugate their own will under mine – they are still too much active with their intellect and then let their own will emerge, and then they are no longer suitable to receive and spread truth. They observe themselves too little and are therefore not aware of it that they now do not "receive", but produce themselves; that their intellect works, where the heart is to receive. And so it is to be explained that men, as standing in my service, are given pure truth – but who do not find the right attitude towards me, let their own thoughts win the upper hand; certainly also in the same thought direction, however as it were are literary active and utilize the thought material, which they have made their spiritual property. Such an intellectual work will never harm fellowmen, because the thinking of such a man has already taken a right direction – on the contrary, also such intellectual work can exercise an educational influence on fellowmen; it can get acknowledged as strengthening faith and awakening faith and will never arouse my displeasure. For the man works for me and in my spirit. I therefore also bless his activity and assess it as work of a servant in the vineyard of the Lord. It is a free work for me and my kingdom, but nevertheless not the fulfilment of a mission, which the man is instructed to do, who has himself offered service to me. For such a mission demands unconditional subjugation of the will under mine; it demands that the man completely renounces his own will and only wants to do that, what is in accordance with this mission. He therefore lets my will completely flow into his. Only such a complete devotion can bring a work to be carried out, which I recognized as extremely blessed and important, which however must be done by a man in free will, because the free will of men is taken into account. It is no easy task, as long as the world still has an effect on man; but it is to be fulfilled, when the relationship with me is stronger than the relationship with the world; when man surrenders to me without reservation; when he achieves for himself nothing any more, neither acknowledgement nor earthly compensation; when he only wants to serve pure truth and puts the spiritual work in front of every other activity – when he is seriously willing to be a loyal servant for me. Then I am his constant companion; then I myself allocate his daily work to him; then no own thinking and organizing exist any more for him; then his thoughts are prompted by me myself; then he no longer takes responsibility for his doing, because my will determines him, but not under compulsion, but in fullest consent with his will, which he has freely put under me through his serving devotion to me. Then the mission can get carried out from his side; he is then that organ, through which I myself express myself, and he now receives and spreads purest truth, for all counter powers are silenced, as soon as he has consciously entered into the connection with me; as soon as he is prepared to receive my word, because it is his mission to be mediator between me and men, to give them that, what they urgently need, but what I myself cannot serve to them to not force their faith. Who puts himself at my disposal for this mediator office, he is then also my representative on earth, when he speaks for me and my name. And therefore also that, what he receives, is directly from me, intended for all men, and so I want to give to all men pure truth, because they extremely urgently need it, I will also see to it that it can reach them unaltered, what is only then possible, when my servant and co-worker on earth always desires truth and asks me for protection from error. I myself then stand by him as protection, because I myself am then desired, so man desires truth. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5531.


Book 61 5532

Doubt. Increased truth. Light. Shadow.

14. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5532.

You will again and again get into doubt over the truth of that, what you are to support as my word to your fellowmen. You will doubt as long as you yourselves have still not reached that perfection, which makes a clairvoyant seeing possible for you, which would chase away all doubt for you. But you can only mature through your doubts insofar, as that your desire for truth gets stronger and stronger and you consequently also long for him, who is eternal truth himself. A man, who is completely self-confident, who believes not being able to err, does not strive for more, but is satisfied with that, what he possesses – and he falls back. It indeed proves a strong faith, when a receiver of my word from above is convinced of truth – but also the most believing man is only a man – the most believing man is still connected to earth, as long as he lives on earth and is consequently exposed to the influx of the earth bound, which would like to pollute, what is pure. And these currents also touch now and then his intellect, and then faint doubts start, but which can quickly get chased away through believing call to him, who himself is truth. They are shadows, which want to darken the light, which is shining out into the night. And as long as there are powers, which fight against the light, because they cannot stand it, so long also man is not safe of their influence, but always only in that measure, as he himself reacts to truth. For that reason the man, striving for truth, will also inevitably reach truth, and even a doubt will only result in that truth emerges clearer and clearer and will overcome every doubt. No man will be able to say that truth would be unreachable for him, as long as he lives on earth – then the promise would not have been sent to you: "I will send unto you the comforter, the spirit of truth; it will lead you to truth." Truth is not unreachable for you; it can get into your possession, so you are serious about its possession. For God himself is truth, and he gives himself away to all, who desire him. He wants that his creatures stand in truth, because only through truth they can become that, what is his will – his children. Therefore he will also send truth to them and also give them the inner surety that it is truth, which is offered to them. And even the emerging doubts serve for it to recognize real truth and to hold on to it the firmer, because it gives light, which makes man happy. Amen
B.D. NR. 5532.


Book 61 5533

Every man could receive fullness of divine love power.

14. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5533.

My love power can flow through you in infinite fullness, but you can also go through earth life completely empty, and both depends on your will - to be full of might and power already on earth or also, so your will is not meant for me, having to rely on the supply of power from below, but which only has an effect earthly materially, therefore secures no spiritual ascent at all for you. You yourselves have it in your hand, in which state you dwell on earth and also leave earth in the end. The kingdom of light can open for you immediately after the laying down of the body, because your soul is radiated through by my love power and immediately finds reception in the kingdom of happiness. For so my love power can already flow through you on earth, means that, that it has spiritualized itself during earth life; that it has reached the aim, which is purpose of its earth existence – having overcome everything, what prevents the joining together with me, and consequently having fashioned itself to a container, into which my love power can flow unhindered. I myself am therefore then present in such a soul, since my power radiation proves myself. You can now receive me myself in all fullness in you. Consider this expression. What the man Jesus became, also you can become, when you would be filled with love in the same measure, which the man Jesus felt for me and his fellowmen. You men on earth however will not summon the will, which the man Jesus summoned and which again had its reasons in the extremely great love. And still, it would be possible, for also he was a man like you, and moreover he offers you his support, when you have the serious will, to reach the goal set for yourselves. But who puts it to the test and asks him for such a victory? You could be strong; the elements would have to obey you, and all powers of the heaven would be at your disposal, so you want to work the unusual for the salvation of your fellowmen; you truly could achieve miracles and be completely flowed through by divine power, when you would just fashion yourselves completely to love, which means so much that you would like to receive me myself through love in you, so that I could work in you with my power, which now completely fills you. You men go sorely bent, weak and frightened through earth life and could instead rule everything courageously and full of power and with a raised head, what is put underneath you creation wise. You could truly be lords of creation, and everything would have to obey you, so you would just have established in you the divine order, so you would again bring love to development, which was your nature in the very beginning. You have renounced all power, because you have given away love, and therefore you are often also subject to the creature, which your will is not able to rule. But so you want it, also the powers from below are at your disposal, but not to the blessing of yourselves, but just to ruin. You do not need to be powerless, for my power is always at your disposal, but to receive the power from me and to be flowed through by it, love must be in you, because my love power can only touch a creature effectively, having become love, so that it feels strong and powerful. Love is the power, and love acquires the power. I myself am the power, and love attracts me myself. You could receive my love currents in all fullness and then feel yourselves as children of the father, to whom all power is given in heaven and on earth. To no man this power is denied, but whether he gains it in earth life, is up to him. The man Jesus however has proven that love alone fashions man as receiving vessel of divine love power, which he let flow into him in all fullness, and for that reason I myself could work in him, so that nothing was impossible for him. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5533.


Book 61 5534

Participation in Christ’s work of redemption. Following of Jesus.

15. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5534.

All you men should make the participation in Christ’s work of redemption your business, for innumerable souls are tied up, whom you can help to liberation. You all can participate in Christ’s work of redemption; you all can help to redeem the bound, for this is possible in so many ways. But the most important is that you yourselves first believe in it that Jesus Christ is the divine redeemer, who took all your sins upon himself to bring liberation to you. And this faith you must now also seek to transfer upon your fellowmen, on all souls, which are unbelieving and because of that remain tied up and in the power of Satan. Everyone, who believes in him as redeemer, he also calls on him, and his redemption is secured. But without faith in him the soul finds no way out; it finds no rescuer, who brings liberation to it. Every man now, who himself believes, also knows about the meaning of the work of redemption, and he is to also impart his knowledge to the unbelievers. Success will be secured for him, so he himself supports the divine saviour through the following of Jesus, i.e., so he makes an effort, to live the life of Jesus; so he himself pays attention to the love commands, which were given to men in the teaching of Jesus by him himself. So he himself lives in love, he proves to be a real follower of Jesus and a supporter of his teaching; he proves as himself redeemed through Jesus’ love and favour, and he can now also support Christ’s work of redemption with conviction; he can point his fellowmen to the favours acquired through Jesus’ death on the cross and therefore help to it that also they make use of those favours and can become free from their tied up state, from a state without light and power and therefore from a state of unhappiness. You men can unspeakably much contribute to the redemption of souls, for also to the souls of the departed you can present the Gospel in love; you can also show them the way, which they must go, to come out of their unhappy state. You can also point them to the divine redeemer Jesus Christ and awaken in them the will and the desire to become accepted by him; to confess their sins to him and ask him for forgiveness. Everyone, who believes, wants to transfer his faith on the unbeliever, and no matter if he also does not always succeed, so he will still be able to show many successes, and his work for the spiritual kingdom will not be in vain. For he will always find support from the side of the light beings, for which the redemption of the bound is likewise their duty and who do not get tiered in their love to lead the beings to Jesus Christ, so that they find redemption from their agony. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5534.


Book 61 5535

Work of Satan.

16. November 1952. B.D. NR 5535.

The demon from the underworld tries to gain access everywhere to sow hate and instigate confusion and he uses every opportunity that presents itself to him. He stirs men up against each other, he sows the seeds of discord and disunity, he proceeds with lies and so robs men of the peace that they need to find to God. For he wants to prevent that, he who is the opponent of God. And his influence can be strong when men are not on their guard and immediately turn to God when they realize that he is on the advance. A thought up only is already enough to resist him because his power is then broken where the power of God is called upon. He loathes the peace of a soul and he seeks to disturb this because then all other attacks are easier and successful for him. You men do not know how hostile he is towards you, how he hates everything that aims at God and how he never tires of causing you to fall. He can achieve nothing as long as you move in love; that is why he seeks to first suppress love in you, he seeks to irritate you inwardly and to scatter poison, to stir up in you base thoughts against your fellow human beings and rekindles where his thought has caught on in you. He is dangerous in his unkindness, his hate instigates greatest harm and you always have to be careful and nip in the bud the first unkind emotion by you sending a call to Jesus Christ that he redeems you from his power. He is afraid of this call and therefore seeks to confuse every clear thought in you - everything that makes you restless and nervous in the world is an effect from his side to confuse your thoughts because he then finds a good ground for his evil sowing. You men always bear in mind that the struggle between light and darkness is lasting permanently and that it is yourself about whom the battle rages. When you now consciously place yourself on the side of God then the opponent loses - but your power alone fails because then he is stronger than you when you do not call on the power of God through a call for help. Do not let yourself be put into a state of restlessness through fellow human beings, through events, through thoughts or experiences. Confront every anxious thought with a call for help up and peace will again return in you by you then being able to resist any temptation because the peace in God is a weapon with which you can oust him. Flee to him who is stronger than all tempters together. Do not give the opponent of God cause for being able to triumph over you - but always think of the fact that you alone are too weak to offer resistance, but are able to do everything with God who lets remain no call for help unheard. Amen. B.D. NR. 5535.


Book 61 5536

Will to help and work of light beings.

17. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5536.

Innumerable possibilities are created to help the souls on earth and in the hereafter, which are still of dark spirit and because of that unhappy. All activity of the light beings applies to the help as it concerns the imperfect, which dwells on earth or has also entered the spiritual kingdom imperfectly. All effort is meant for the redeeming of the spiritual, therefore the supply of light into darkness, may it be on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom. And since the acceptance of light cannot be achieved under compulsion, those events must always approach the souls, which stimulate their will in them, to engage in this or that way; they are as it were pushed fate wise to an expression of the will; beings of the spiritual kingdom or also men on earth approach them, who influence them to get active mentally, and every influence can lead to a change of will beneficial for the soul, which earns it spiritual maturity. And so can everything, what approaches man on earth, be suitable for it; the whole earth life can serve this spiritual development with the right attitude of man, and these individual events can produce exactly this right attitude, and then earth life has also brought redemption to man. But in exactly the same way also the influence of the light beings in the spirit world is still to be expected, who continue, what they did not succeed in doing on earth. Also in the spiritual kingdom the being is influenced mentally, for no matter how the surroundings may be, everything what approaches the soul only pursues the one purpose, to stimulate its thoughts, so that it may recognize itself and its wrong attitude and seeks to change. The thinking is always kept busy, and always so that it learns recognizing its own state and strives for a change. Also these hints come from the light beings, who continue their work of redemption at the souls, because their love drives them, to free them from their unhappy situation. And because of that no man and no being of the spiritual kingdom is without care; the efforts are just not recognized, as long as the cognition about spiritual things does not exist. The connection of the spiritual world and men is only known to few; the majority denies every connection and because of that also does not use the knowledge won through such connection. And so long they also do not believe that all events in human existence are considered before and can lead to spiritual maturity, however do not have to, because it is up to every man, to benefit from every experience for his spiritual development. And in exactly the same way also in the hereafter the souls are helped to ascent by the light beings, however free will is always taken into account, for also there the free decision for God or for his opponent is decisive for the ascent development of the soul. But no soul is given up, when it decides wrong. Always and constantly the soul is wrestled about, until it still has once made the right decision of the will; until it voluntarily confesses God, whom it must and also will find once, to then also be extremely happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5536.


Book 61 5537

God’s blessing hand over those, who want to help.

20. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5537.

I am always present to you, so you want to be active for men and with me. The will for me, the desire, to be active according to my will, is also the guarantee for it that I now myself go into action; that I intervene myself and you can now act and speak under my leading, and it will always be right. Let it be said to you that I let no power come near to you, as soon as you want to do my will. I just request your will, and as soon as it is meant for me, I seize you and truly hold you that you do not fall. And do you perhaps have a surer means than a quick prayer towards me? A short call already is enough, so you are in danger, and I protect you from all attacks of the enemy of your soul. But what is perhaps more pleasant, than that you want to serve me, than that you put yourselves under my will and consciously seek to live and work according to my pleasure? Everything what you do in the love spirit, what proves your love for me and for the neighbour, everything what testifies to your will to help, is pleasant to me and will always earn you my love and favour. And consequently you can never think or act wrongly, so your intent is to help, spiritually or earthly, But the spiritual help is extremely necessary, and I have few men on earth, who support me in this work, but whose support I need for that reason, because a help from the human side is always possible, where my direct help would however restrict their freedom of will. I only have few children on earth wanting to serve me, but the spiritual trouble is extremely great and requires loving help. For that reason I will always hold my blessing hand over you, you who have offered me your help, you who look after erring men and also after the souls in the opposite kingdom, whose redemption is also a work of compassionate neighbourly love and can only be brought to them by loving beings. You are not to trouble yourselves with doubts; as long as you just want to help, as long as you just have the will to hand out power, to give information and to chase away darkness, in which the souls feel unhappy – as long as you want to bring light, I bless you and your work and protect you from the attacks of the enemy, who will always be powerless, where love opposes him. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5537.


Book 61 5538

Awakening call before the long night.

21. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5538.

Wake up you who sleep during the day, for a night comes down of endless long duration for you, you who do not hear this admonishing call. Then you will be condemned to inactivity, where now you can still create and work and you still do not use our power. Wake up; let the light of the day shine into your hearts that it joyfully beats towards life. Oh just hear my call, which is meant for all those, who hold their sleep of death, who are spiritually dead, although they still live on earth. But soon also this life of your body is past, and then inevitably that night comes for you, from which no awakening comes any more, whereas now it is still possible for you. You men, you who just live for this earthy world, do you then really believe that you became that for the sake of earth life, what you are now? Do you seriously believe that your creator and God from eternity has called you only into existence for that reason that you inhabit this earth? Is this earthly existence enough for you, or do you long for a life, which lasts for ever and makes you happy? How miserable is your existence, measured at true life in the spiritual kingdom, and you still assess it higher than this, otherwise you would create and work for the spiritual life only. In which trouble will you be, so also this life has been taken from you. Powerlessly you enter the spiritual kingdom, so you have the favour, to still be recalled before the end, but remember in endless agony and remorse the unused earth time, which could have brought you in everything, so you would have striven for the most important, the rebirth to eternal life. But if night falls over you, so you are still alive, then woe betide to you – then you will no more be, what you were up to now; then your soul gets dissolved and will be banished anew in most solid matter, and you will not be able to flee from this terrible lot; you are again bound in a form, which you have long since overcome, and must again go an endless long way, until you gain your I consciousness anew, a way, which strikes you as for ever. It is night, from which there is no awakening; it is the time, where you lie in the grave, dead and still not past – where you can no longer work according to your own will, where you lie in the sleep of death, which you cannot end yourselves, whereas you now can still use your life power, so you want to get active, so you follow my waking call and flee from the night, which certainly wants to keep you imprisoned, but which you can chase away, when you open yourselves to the light, which my love and favour lets shine for you. Rise yourselves up, you sleepers, and let it become day in you; let yourselves be warned of the eternally long night, and do everything that it does not surprise you, for the night is no man’s friend – seek the light; come to meet me as the eternal light, and believe that eternal life expects you then, where it is light and bright and where you need to fear no night any longer for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5538.


Book 61 5539a

Presence of God. Love.

22. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5539a.

I am present in you. This assurance is to prove to you my love, although you are not able to fathom it in its complete depth, what means that I am with and in you. You certainly hear these words and also receive them in your heart, so you are of good will and strive for me. But also this proof of love will remain incomprehensible for you, which you receive as sign of my presence, as also the awareness, to bear myself in you, would crush you, so it would be comprehensible to you, what it means. Your God and creator, your father from eternity, takes residence in the heart of a man. Love in full measure would certainly make it comprehensible for you, but it would always just trigger happiness in the heart, but still remain incomprehensible to the intellect. My spirit, which fills everything in infinity, also flows through your body, because otherwise you would not live on earth, but that it expresses itself in you, that it is perceptible for you, that it as it were manifests itself to you in the form of the word, that your love will is able to seize it, that it is and remains present to you as some entity, which knows all your stirrings, with which you can have a dialogue, which loves you with all power and still does not consume you with its power – that is a miracle never understood by you. For that reason a miracle, because it is not to be seized with the human senses and is still undeniably recognizable. By virtue of your love you men can draw me to you and tie me up – and I let myself be tied up by you, because I love you and my love grants everything to my real children, whatever they just want. If they now long for my presence, then also love for me is kindled in them, and then the miracle takes already place. The highest and most perfect spirit of infinity bends down; it knows the longing of its child and gives it fulfilment; it lets itself be imprisoned through love, because love always pushes to love, because love always gives and makes happy. I am present to you, as soon as you open your loving heart for me and want to receive me. And I remain with you, because love can never pass, so I have taken possession of the heart of my child, and because I never ever give up, what voluntarily devotes itself to me, and rest no sooner, until everything is radiated through by my love, what I have created.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5539a.


Book 61 5539b

Power of love.

23. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5539b.

The power of love is overcoming everything. How gladly would I like to make you receptive for this deepest truth, but you men can only through the practising of love experience the effect itself, and before it remains incomprehensible for you that love can express itself as power, and by virtue of his intellect man will never be able to explain and grasp this wisdom. That all might and power is at my command proves the creation and the perpetual returning works of creation, which my will lets come into being. But love is the power having become active for it – and since you are my creatures, therefore everything that is in you, what grasps my entity, you must also likewise possess and be able to use this power. But is lies fallow in you; it has got out of action through your former Fall of man, but it is nevertheless in you, since your existence is the proof of the love power resting in you. And it is up to you, to develop it again, as it was in the very beginning, and you can then create and work like gods according to your will. But you leave it unused, because your little cognition does not contain the knowledge about the connection and because you yourselves do not comply with the task, to develop the love power in you to an all-conquering power. Your love is only an earthly love; it always just turns to things, which are transient; it has not yet walked along the spiritual course, where it only really comes to development – it must first be completely unselfish to be able to have an effect as power, and you men lack this unselfish love, and for that reason you break away from earth so difficultly, i.e., your thoughts do not wander upwards into that kingdom, which is still unknown to you, but is your real home. As soon as however real love flares up in you, you can also penetrate into that kingdom; then the power already starts to have an effect, and it will always have greater effectiveness the stronger it glows in you, and you will then accomplish things, which seem for you man to lie outside of the natural and are still just according to you own properties. What can men accomplish all, so you change to love. Weak and powerlessly you let yourselves drift by all events, where you could yourselves intervene through love, where you could conquer everything by virtue of your love. All this is still incomprehensible for you and for that reason implausible, but so I tell you this, you can accept it as truth and for that reason always just strive for it, to bring the real, i.e. the unselfish love to development, and you will soon experience the effect yourselves, and nothing will any longer oppress you, because you, so you live in love, get into association with me and consequently nothing is any more impossible for you, because my power is unlimited and is now also limitlessly at your disposal. For I am love, that power, which accomplishes everything, and the joining together through love with me makes you to beings, which can carry out everything according to their will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5539b.


Book 61 5540

Why Jesus Christ and his work of redemption must be acknowledged.

24. and 25. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5540.

The sinner gets forgiveness through Jesus Christ’s death. The love of the man Jesus took all sin guilt on earth upon itself and atoned for it through his death. He has paid the great debt with his blood, and therefore every sinner can get redemption, provided he believes in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption. The sacrifice of the life of Christ was consequently brought for the whole mankind, but only few take part in it; only few take up consciously the favours, which the man Jesus has acquired through his death. And for that reason the redemption, the becoming free of all sin guilt, is always an act of free will and also must remain it; man must himself want that he may become free through him, because otherwise he cannot reach God, who has embodied himself in Jesus Christ. Faith in God is so long just an empty phrase, as it is not submitted to proof. Faith in God also results in the cognition of the own relationship to God. To believe in God as highest and most perfect being also lets the wide distance from oneself to God recognize, and this distance must inevitably get decreased, because it was not in the very beginning, when the being was created perfect by God. And as "creature" of God man recognizes himself, as soon as he pretends to believe in God. And therefore faith must result in that the being strives again for God; that it would like to again enter into the relationship, in which it stood at the very beginning. But it must also seek reasons in the distance from it to God and therefore come to the cognition that it has created this distance itself through sin – consequently wants to become free from this debt. But since the debt is gigantic, because the sin was directed against God, man is not able in the short earth life time to pay this gigantic sin guilt. He must accept a help offered to him, a help, which the God-man Jesus wants to bring him, who took pity on sinful mankind and who has therefore offered a sin sacrifice in his love for men, to help them to become free of the debt. Only through Jesus Christ therefore is a becoming free of all guilt possible. (25.11.1952) For that reason you had to pay a gigantic debt, because your former sin was directed against God himself. God is love, and who sins against love, he sins against God himself, and he makes it is as it were impossible that love looks after him, because it was rejected before. Therefore the way to God is simply an absurdity, because a being, which voluntarily goes away from God, cannot reach God on this way – understand that, you transgressed against love and can therefore find forgiveness only then, when you acknowledge love and stand by it. And for that reason the man Jesus took this mission upon himself, to pay that tribute to eternal love, which proved his deep love for Gold and men. Only through love a debt could be paid off, which was directed against eternal love. But for that reason you men also cannot pass over Jesus Christ; you cannot eliminate him, for only through love you can make the return to God possible, but will also, so you practise love, brightly and clearly recognize the compassionate work of love of the man Jesus and acknowledge him as your rescuer, because love joins together with everything, what is love, and Jesus Christ was the embodied love and consequently received God himself in himself, whose original substance is love. And so the love power of God manifested itself in a man; it took on form as it were; that power, which it exuded itself into infinity, which is everywhere in the whole universe, that power, which is to be addressed as God himself, but visible to no-one as such, chose itself a form, which man could imagine, and radiated through it, so that therefore God himself was in the man Jesus; that he has to be acknowledged as God, for his whole nature was God, because it was love, and only the outer form was man, as long as he dwelled on earth, until also after his death on the cross also this form was radiated through by this love light of God and for that reason could transfigured and spiritualized ascend into heaven, but only visible to those, whose souls already possessed a certain degree of maturity, to be able to see the divine-spiritual, without having to pass itself from it. Divine justice had been satisfied; divine love had become reconciled through Christ’s death on the cross, but without acknowledging Jesus and his work of redemption man irrevocably remains in sin, which separates him from God, and he can never ever be happy.
Amen B.D. NR. 5540.


Book 61 5541

Bridge from the child to the father.

26. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5541.

I want to instruct you; I want to give you faith in my love, wisdom and omnipotence; I want to awaken in you the sense of responsibility for your souls; I want to reveal my will to you, so that you live right and so do for your soul that, what is necessary that it lives; I want to stimulate you yourselves to love activity to show you the right way, which you are to go on earth life. I want to do everything to you, what a good father does to his children, whom he loves. And for that reason I give you my word, for that reason I get in touch with you men on earth through my word, as soon as only the smallest possibility exists to find access to your hearts. I do not give you up for ever, but according to law from eternity I cannot give to you arbitrarily, but only under certain prerequisites, which must exist and are still free results of the will of you men. And for that reason my word can also only be send to you, when you yourselves have the will, to hear me; you yourselves must want to establish a bridge from you to me, then I build it immediately, because I am glad, when my creatures long for me. I do everything to awaken this longing in you; I again and again come up to you, until you pay attention and long for my nearness by yourselves, and then I address you. In many different ways you men can hear my word; I however make it accessible for you, as soon as you long for it. Therefore your desire for my word guarantees you the supply of it, and what is then offered to you, is also my word, for I will then address you myself, by me giving you understanding and competence to judge, to clearly recognize and to eliminate the error occurring on the part of man. Only your desire for truth, for the word of God, is necessary to also receive my word – and then you receive everything – instructions, admonitions, directives and exact knowledge of my will, which to fulfil is everything, what I request of you. For I want to win you for me, therefore I will truly only offer that to you, what leads you to me, what fashions you so that you can dwell in my nearness. In this faith you can always connect with me, then you set foot on that bridge, which I have thrown to earth, and then you can always receive from me, what serves your soul. And your earth way will then be no idling; you will be able to look back on the end of the days on a blessed life, for your soul will be mature for eternity.
Amen B.D. NR. 5541.


Book 61 5542

Facilitation of faith through the word from above.

27. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5542.

The way upwards is truly made easy for you through the supply of my word, for in this way it becomes confirmation of that, what is doubtful to you, and you learn to believe, provided that you want that you stand in truth. For you yourselves can check and form an opinion and will always get supported from above that you think right. Explanations are given to you through my word, which are acceptable with good will, explanations, which give you light; the connection of all things is explained to you so that it becomes light in you; you will find a satisfying solution with eager thinking; you will therefore be able to believe that, what is offered to you, always provided that pure truth means something to you; that you seek it. For a certain faith is the first to consciously strive upwards. Faith in an extremely good, wise and powerful creator, who is the father of you all and wants to be acknowledged. Only this faith determines your thinking, wanting and acting, for as soon as you acknowledge a being above you, who you want to join, you also fulfil his will, which is now revealed to you through my word. Through my word from above however also the connection between me and you is recognizable; you have as it were a living proof of me and my love for you, and it is now easier for you to get in touch with me so that you also feel that I am present to you. Through my word from above I have become a living idea for you; I am no longer a foreign God for you, who certainly was taught to you, however was not so close to you that you could have a living dialogue with him. In my word alone you can already recognize me, and my word gives you the proof of my love for you; so that you can trustingly turn to me in every spiritual and earthly trouble. I myself come down to you, because you have gone so far away from me that you can no longer hear me and your faith is dead and powerless. And for that reason I want to help you to a living faith; I want to make myself recognizable to you, so that you consciously strive for me and go the way, which alone leads to me – that you fulfil my will, which is revealed to you as my will and which only exists in the fulfilment of my love commands. What is supplied to you from above, is so clear and comprehensible that you cannot reject it, when you are willing, to hear the truth. Who does not have this will, he will never believe in me as God and creator from eternity, and he will also never seek the connection with me, because he then also lacks love. I indeed also address him through my word, but the resistance, with which he still oppose me, also causes him to reject my word, and he can then also not be helped. But those, who are willing, I look after particularly in the last time before the end, so that they find the way to me and also to eternal life.
Amen B.D. NR. 5542.


Book 61 5543

Redemption work. Success through love. Asking for blessing.

28. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5543.

I will bless you for everything, what you do for me and my kingdom, but not for the sake of the blessing is your work to be done. Consider that only a real work of love can be successful and that the work of redemption can only be built on love, otherwise the redeeming power is lacking. Your work must therefore be done completely unselfishly, although I assess it as highest achievement, because it is about the souls of those beings, who languish without help in misfortune. For also men on earth are unhappy beings, as long as they go along in the darkness of the spirit, only that they do not recognize their state of misery in earth life, because they only pay attention to that, what is earthly. But you can contribute much to it to give to these men a light, and this your effort I will bless. Nothing is to be done in vain, what you do out of love for your fellowmen, for a work of love cannot pass for ever, and if it is not immediately successful, so the effect still does not fail to appear, for in shorter or longer time the soul of man gets there, that it remembers your love and takes advantage of it. Nothing gets lost, what is born out of love. But you are to always ask for my blessing, so that your work is more effective, because my blessing means a great help. And I will never deny you the blessing, as it is my will after all that you are successfully active, and my blessing will likewise rest on your activity as also on you yourselves, for the work for me and my kingdom is to make you happy; you are not to do it with the feeling having to carry a burden; you are to carry it out with pleasure and voluntarily, exactly because love is to drive you to do it, and your love I will reward with my blessing.
Amen B.D. NR. 5543.


Book 61 5544

Good measure of favour.

29. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5544.

A good measure you are to receive. I do not give you my favour meagrely, but let it flow to you extremely abundantly, so that you can just always acquire for you, that you can utilize it to your ascent development. But a gift, which my love gives you, you are to also value; you are to consider it as a gift of your father in heaven, who wants to help you up in this way, and you are to utilize it, because otherwise it remains completely useless. And so you are to also consider my word as an extra ordinary gift of favour, which I bring to you at the time of the end through my disciples, who I myself have chosen for service for me. You are to value my word more than everything else in the world, for it is a ray of love from the spiritual kingdom; it is something spiritual, which is to touch you, so that also you get spiritualized still on earth. It is truly a gift of immeasurable value, for mankind is so far away from me that it no longer recognizes me, but now a prove is given to it that I am closer to you men than ever. I myself address you, therefore I also must exist. And that I myself address you, you will feel, so you accept my word in good will. My word is a favour of unutterable effect, and unfailingly it leads you upwards, but it does not force you, as all my favours presuppose your will to be able to become effective to you. And for that reason I can only again and again admonish you to receive my gift from above, not to pass it by or to reject it, so it is offered to you. And consider, that you have to rely on my favour, because you alone are too weak; consider that power and favour is at your disposal at any time and you can free yourselves from your state of weakness, when you want it. But consider also that you have a free will and must act by yourselves; that you therefore also must make use of the favours to get out of the state of misery, in which you dwell. And so a man is completely ignorant, I give him enlightenment through my word; I instruct him and show him all means; I bring myself close to him and stretch out the hand towards him – but he must grasp my hand and do, what I request and announce to him through my word. Then he uses a favour of highest value, and he effortlessly reaches the destination, which has been set out for him for earth life. He walks upwards, and his soul frees itself from every fetter – it is happy through my favour.
Amen B.D. NR. 5544.


Book 61 5545

Complete devotion to God secures fatherly care.

30. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5545.

Consider yourselves as my protégés, and an inner peace will overcome you. Then all responsibility has been taken from you, as soon as you hand yourselves over to me trustingly and let me alone rule. And I will truly direct everything right. In earthly as in spiritual trouble you are to call upon me, but then also wait full of faith, what I decide on, for you do not know, what is good for you; but I know it and act on you like a loving father, who only wants the best for his children. And so let yourselves be guided by me and be unconcerned, for I truly guide you right. It is something powerful about the unconditional devotion of an earth child to its heavenly father, for it achieves everything, because it believes in him. Where doubts or anxious future worries still oppress the heart of a man, there this faith still does not exist; man has not yet completely handed over himself to me, and for that reason he also still bears his burden more heavily than it is necessary. I know about all your troubles; no thought escapes me; I know the most inner stirrings, and therefore I also know, what man lacks. And that I want to give to him. But I also want to provide for him the still lacking faith, and therefore I will not take from him his worries, until he has won that faith and entrusts all worries to me. But then they will leave him; then he no longer has doubts and reservations; then he has completely calmed down and is sure of my help. As long as you men are therefore anxious about the future, as long as disturbing thoughts move you, you are not yet so connected to me that you feel as my protégés, for this awareness takes all fear and worry from you. By all means you are allowed to be indifferent towards the earthly demands, for you cannot force or fulfil them without my help. For that reason trust in me, and everything will sort itself out to the best for you. And if you yourselves cannot see the best of it, so still trust me, for I see truly, what has a good or bad effect on you; I rule with love and wisdom, and I truly only want your best. But only the complete devotion to me, the complete subjugation of your will under my one, secures you also my fatherly care, and you yourselves can drop all worry. Nothing can happen without my will or my allowance; that you are to always keep before you, whatever comes over you. And so, as it comes, it is good, for I watch over each one man, but the more so over those, who want to serve me and as my servants also enjoy the protection of the house father. But who flees like a child into my arms, he is also received like a child, and he enjoys fatherly protection and his whole love. Easily you all could go through earth life, so you take these my words to heart and throw all your worries on me, I who love you and also want to help you to inner peace and living faith, who is always with you, when you call him.
Amen B.D. NR. 5545.


Book 61 5546

Spiritual compulsion. Dogmas. Truth.

2. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5546.

The spiritual freedom must remain protected; man is not allowed to be forced to move his thoughts in this or that direction; it must be left to him to join a school of thought, only then my will is fulfilled, for it is about the free decision of the will, which every man must decide by himself, without having been influenced somehow by force. For that reason I will never ever approve of a compulsion of faith, which is expressed through dogmas, which makes men unfree in their thinking and takes every possibility from them to check and chose. As a result man is driven into certain thinking and now comes to completely wrong conclusions, when starting from wrong assumptions. He can hardly reach truth, which only that man wins, who seriously desires them. In earth life truth is made accessible to man, because he is able to think and his will alone decides, whether he thinks right. He can move in right thinking, but must always be active himself, i.e., he must express his opinion to everything himself, what is made accessible to him from the outside, and that requires own intellectual activity, and, what is still more important, desire for truth, i.e. the will to only stand in right knowledge. This will is absolutely respected by me; it will always be complied with, because I, as myself truth, also want to make myself accessible to my creatures. But I can never supply truth to a man, who does not desire it, who just always accepts, what is brought to him from the outside. Every man must himself check, for just as well something erroneous can be presented to him as truth, and man himself is responsible, for what he decides. It is an erroneous objection to say that the majority of men may not be able to check. The intellect alone is not competent, but certainly the will to stand in right thinking, and his intellect will then also adjust itself affirmative or in the negative, because I myself then intervene, when man desires truth. Highly developed intellectual thinking can on the other hand easily make a mistake, where only the intellect and not the heart and the will are turned towards pure truth. And for that reason it is not right to accept knowledge without checking, to acknowledge teachings without examination and without examination to decide for a school of thought – what already follows that that not only one school of thought exists, but from it branching off confirm it again and again that an examination must be carried out, in which school of thought truth is to be found. For every representative of his school of thought has decided intellectually for it, but no guarantee, whether it is truth, when he himself does not seriously concern himself with it, and indeed with the call of my support through my spirit. Who choses this way, he can be sure that pure truth is supplied to him, and he will also be able to support it inwardly convinced. But every individual soul is responsible for its decision, and as its will is, so is also the result. But as long men are pushed into a certain direction of thought, as long as individuals feel one has the mission to present fellowmen with knowledge, which they themselves want to see acknowledged as truth, but which they themselves would reject with serious examination – so long it looks bad among men, for only truth helps to maturity of the souls, only through truth they can reach me and only through truth get free from sin and its results, for truth is from me and leads again back to me. But what is not from me, what is to be recognized as error with real examination, that is from my opponent, and he will truly also not help to happiness; he will not lead you to me; he seeks to push you away, to darken your spirit and to enslave you to him himself. Truth alone makes happy, and truth you can only have, when you ask me myself for it, when you are serious about it, to gain truth from me. But this always presupposes your own involvement, and no-one can take the responsibility for you; no-one can relieve you of the decision, which you must make yourselves for the sake of the maturity of your soul.
Amen B.D. NR. 5546.


Book 61 5547

Real Christianity.

4. and 5. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5547.

A believing Christian must also live according to this faith, i.e. in the following of Jesus Christ, who has held up a right life on earth as an example for men and therefore requests faith in his work of redemption, to be acknowledged by him as Christian. The Christian teaching must be obeyed out of the heart, for it is love, which Christ requests from men; love, which is without self-interest and for that reason also works redeeming; love, which is prepared to bring sacrifices; love, as Jesus Christ has proven to men through his death on the cross. To be a real Christian therefore means, to fashion his inner nature to love in faith in Jesus Christ, for without faith in him man is not able for this change of nature. He can certainly also believe in him and still not walk in love. But then it is just a form faith, an intellectual faith, which certainly accepts an existence of the man Jesus and perhaps also his death on the cross, but which knows nothing about the meaning of the sacrifice, which the man Jesus has brought for fellowmen. For the understanding for it only then comes up to him, as soon as he practises love, because only then his spirit, through the heart, gives him the real understanding for it. For that reason "being a Christian" means first to live in love; and then man also confesses Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world. A man without unselfish love however is never a Christian, and no matter whether he also pretends to be such before the world. For with the idea Christianity it is never about faith in the existence of Jesus; it is because of that that man lives so, as Jesus Christ has lived on earth, to be able to have the name rightly. For that reason no real Christianity is any longer in the world, despite churches and faith teachings, for the spirit of Christ is lacking. Men are unredeemed, because Jesus Christ can no longer work, where love does not exist. And love has completely cooled among men. Whether poor, whether rich, whether high, whether low, all lack the most important of Christianity, love. The work of redemption of Jesus is no longer taken up by men; they put themselves outside of those, for who Jesus Christ has died; they certainly see the cross, because they cannot deny Jesus Christ as man and his death on the cross. But it has become completely meaningless for them; they are just sounding words without meaning and power, because only love opens understanding; but love has died. For these men Jesus Christ died in vain on the cross, and they still call themselves Christians. None of them makes the meaning clear for himself; none of them makes an effort, to be a real Christian, and many Christians look contemptuously down on those men, who are in their eyes heathen or unbelievers, because they do not belong to an official church or community. And for all these will be a terrible awakening in future, when they have departed earth unredeemed and are to account for their way of life; when the degree of love is so low that no little light accompanies it at its entry in the opposite kingdom. Only then they will have to seek for the redeemer of mankind and hardly find him, because they had no real faith in him, but they can never be happy without it. Oh if you men knew, what you forfeit on earth through your lukewarm attitude to the most important things – if you knew, how bitterly you will have to regret it in future. You can never be happy without love. As real Christians you must go your way on earth; you must follow him, i.e. keep his commands, and only then your faith in him will be a living one; only then you will confess Jesus Christ before the world. (5.12.1952) You will support him and, as redeemed by him, also be able to make a right explanation to fellowmen that and why he must be acknowledged; that and why without the redemption through Jesus Christ there is no eternal life and that before God only the real life in the spirit is assessed, but not that Christianity being made a show of outwardly, which in truth is no Christianity.
Amen B.D. NR. 5547.


Book 61 5548

Real Christianity. Following Jesus.

5. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5548.

I myself still want to give you an addition, so that you recognize, how exceptionally important it is that you acknowledge the son of man Jesus as God and redeemer of mankind. My love for you men did not want to leave you in sin, far away from me, which made you unhappy. I myself could not approach you, because in your state you were not able to dwell near me, because you would have perished in the fire of my love. But without me it was again not possible that rescue became yours, and for that reason I had to come up to you covered, certainly having an effect on you with my love power, but in a robe, which did not frighten you, before which you did not need to flee – in a robe, which was similar to that of yours. I had to come as man to you. Understand first the reasons that and why I had to come to you: to help you. Then you also understand why I came in a form familiar to you. But also this stay of my divinity in a man had to be governed by law, what certainly was also possible, but unknown for you. That my love spirit could manifest itself everywhere, where only one basic condition was fulfilled – where love existed. Therefore then man Jesus had to live himself in love, then he also gave me the possibility to manifest myself in him, for in my nature I can only be where love is. Divine love wanted to help you and for that reason chose a form for itself, in which it could take residence, without violating the law from eternity, but what would have been the case, when I would have embodied myself in a sinful man, whose love and will would have been directed against me. Love wanted to bring help to you, and since the man Jesus was full of love, he did for you, what brought you help. He atoned for your sin. I as a God of justice could not simply delete a sin, which had not yet found atonement, but I could accept an atonement done for you, but again only then, when it was done voluntarily and out of love. And that the man Jesus did and in this way became your redeemer. I, as eternal love myself, was in him, and consequently love brought that sacrifice. I myself died for you on the cross, for I myself was in the man Jesus. From this side you must consider the work of redemption and will then understand that this redemption can only then become yours, when you believe in Jesus Christ as redeemer, but what depends on that you obey his teaching; that you follow him, otherwise your faith is just a play with words, for real faith is only awakened to life through love. If you want to be called Christians, then you must make an effort to lead a love life; you cannot get yourselves this name, when you live completely against his teaching, and his teaching demands love for God and for the neighbour. To be Christian therefore means, to behave in a Christian spirit, as the man Jesus has done it on earth, to practise unselfish neighbourly love and always be mindful of that you can only find then redemption, when you acknowledge him as God’s son and redeemer of the world – and when you prove this through a life in the following of Jesus.
Amen B.D. NR. 5548.


Book 61 5549

Spurning of the power of God. (His word).

6. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5549.

The power of God is not allowed to be spurned, if man on earth wants to reach his destination, which is purpose of the embodiment, the maturation of his soul. It is certainly a free decision of the will, to set about this work; man himself must strive for it that he reaches perfection, but the most important is the supply of power from God, to be able to let the will become action. For also the best will is able to do nothing out of itself, exactly since the being is still imperfect, therefore powerlessly, while in the state of perfection the will is already enough, to be able to act creatively. But the power is with God. The state of imperfection is distance from God, therefore lack of power. But God denies his power to no being, which longs for it, because through the desire the will is already announced to again approach God. But without power supply man is completely unable to do one step ahead, and then also his will does not exist to approach God. For that reason a spurning of the power of God is also a sign of resistance, which man still has not given up, why also every man, who rejects the word of God, the direct power transmission of God, in this way admits that he still remains in resistance to God and does not desire to receive power from him. And such a man cannot progress in his development; his soul cannot mature; it remains on the level of the beginning of its embodiment. In his word God himself approaches man and offers him his power, and then it is easy, to decrease the distance to God, for the distance is bridged through the love of God, and a power current flows over into the heart of man, who receives his word in himself and lives accordingly; who therefore now implements his will into action with the help of the power from God, which now only makes the striving possible. But rejecting power of God means violating against the love of God anew, rejecting a gift of favour, which man does not have to request, but which is offered to him undeserved through God’s great love; which can change his miserable state in a short time into a happy state; which can lift him up out of the deep. And understandingly such a rejection of a gift of favour will result that the favour is withdrawn from man for a long time; that he always gets into further distance from God; that his powerlessness has an always greater effect and he gets enslaved to the opponent of God without resistance, out of which control only the power of God can redeem him. God wants to be called for power, for help. But he also comes to those, who do not call him, but he does not force himself on those, who reject him. But their state is hopeless, for no man can free himself out of his own power from the control of Satan, and no man will ever possess power, so he does not accept it from God himself, the original source of power from eternity.
Amen B.D. NR. 5549.


Book 61 5550

Serious admonition to soul work.

7. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5550.

Without hesitating you are to set about your soul work, for not much time still remains for you. When I again and again shout these words to you, so see in it the urgency; see my love for you, and see the danger, in which you are. I can give you no obvious signs, signs which you must believe, because this brings no advantage for you, but would only be an obeying of my will under compulsion, out of fear of that, what you now believe – that the end comes and with it the ruin. I want to rescue you, i.e. protect you from this ruin, and because of that I cannot touch your free will; I can just persuade you and put that before your eyes, what irrevocable comes, but does not need to be feared by you, so you are in a more mature state. You men on this earth, remember the responsibility after all, which you have for your souls, for the transient in you. Once you regret it bitterly, so you do not listen to me and my words, for then you can no longer still catch up on what you still can do now. And you must suffer much, so you lack spiritual wealth, so you arrive naked and poor in the hereafter. And no matter how short your time is measured on this earth, no matter whether you are also recalled before the end – every day could earn you treasures, so you just wanted to make right use of it. Just set about your soul work after all; get into intimate contact with me; request my favour, ask me for power, to be able to carry out that, what I have set as earth task for you; hand over yourselves to me, i.e., subjugate your will completely to mine, want that you walk right before my eyes. Live from now on the life with me that you no longer leave me out in your thoughts; that you constantly think me around you, and my love will seize you and also help, where you are too weak alone – only want that I myself look after you – want that you fulfil your earth task, and I will direct and guide you; I will no longer leave you alone, and your will will become stronger and stronger to enter into mine, and then every danger is over for you, then you do not need to fear the end or a quick death. And then your soul is rescued, and it heads for a new life in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5550.


Book 61 5551

Miracle work of the child Jesus.

9. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5551.

I want to instruct you, over which you request enlightenment, for I want that you for the present possess a right knowledge, before you instruct your fellowmen, but what is your task, you who want to serve me. I want that everything is comprehensible to you yourselves, before you pass on your knowledge, for fellowman is often not so tolerant; he desires enlightenment particularly, so he doubts, and this you are then also to be able to give informatively.

The problem of the becoming man of God in Jesus gives cause for most of the questions, and indeed for that reason, because it has been explained up to now in such a way that there was just always more confusion instead of brightness. My earth existence as man differed from that of other men in no way; only that I gave space to the love development in the heart, where others increased their self-love and "desired", instead "to give". The love spark glows in each one man’s heart, but it can also flare up to a bright flame, as it can also get suffocated. But as a result men also differ from each other, for love presses on to everybody the stamp of divinity, while self-love is the likeness of my opponent, who himself was overbearing and as a result fell. Love therefore is the divine in man, which only appears as a tiny little spark at the beginning of earth life, but can grow endlessly.

The love spark was in the little child Jesus already recognizable, because a light soul had embodied itself in the child, which certainly left all glories of God behind in the spiritual kingdom, but nevertheless did not give up its love and this love power expressed itself also now and again, when therefore the spirit spark got into contact with the father spirit from eternity, what happens with every child full of love, but was supposed to be obvious in Jesus to men, so that they believed in the divinity of the child Jesus. The spirit work is not restrained in such a little child, it only does not appear or only rarely, because the intellect and free will of man must first strive itself for the work of my spirit in itself, what only happens consciously in the years, where he can make use of the intellect and the will in the freedom of thinking. The explanation for the miracles of the child Jesus, for the unusual happenings, is only to be sought in the high degree of love, because the soul of Jesus was from above, a light and love soul, which was now covered into a human form and also prevented in its, up to then, unlimited creation and work, to cope with the human outer form. Love was in a high degree in the little child Jesus – but also the earthly-human asserted itself – the world, i.e. my and his opponent, exercised his influence on this earthly-human, because this was granted to him because of the test of will. And now my spirit kept quiet, for also the man Jesus had to pass this test of will, and the work of becoming divine of his soul had to take place under the same preconditions as with every other man, although my spirit was and remained in him through his love. But the highest degree of love the man Jesus had to reach through his own will. And for that reason my spirit withdrew during these years; it did not push and drive; it left complete freedom to the man Jesus, until then the fullness of my spirit, which increased more and more through his increased love, announced itself as wisdom and power - as extremely great knowledge and miracle work. The man Jesus was chosen from eternity for this mission. A highest light being descended to earth; one of my children living in glory set out on its earth course, and therefore this soul had to already radiate through the earthly form of the child Jesus, and everything unusual of his youth was quite natural and comprehensible, but just as incomprehensible to men living in darkness, and for that reason a cover was spread over the radiating light in later years, and the actual mission started – the making divine of an earth man through love. I certainly could work through my spirit at any time in the man Jesus, because all preconditions were given for this; but for the sake of the mission of Jesus all divine-spiritual stepped back, and this mission was fulfilled by him as man, who took all power only from the love being active in him, which bringing to development was exactly as difficult as for every other man, because my opponent truly did not leave his influence unused, because the victory of Jesus meant the defeat of the opponent. But my opponent could not touch the free will of Jesus, and it was completely turned towards me. And for that reason he succeeded in the work, for his will for me sprang from his love. Love was that power, which is stronger than death and which for that reason also conquered him, who has brought death into the world. Love was victor and will remain it for ever.
Amen B.D. NR. 5551.


Book 61 5552

Interpretation of the words of Christ. Supply of the pure Gospel.

11. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5552.

The words of Christ, which he has spoken on earth, allow many different interpretations and must, despite different interpretation, get acknowledged as eternal truth. But for that reason the interpretations must also correspond to the spiritual meaning, which Jesus has put into his words, otherwise they are to be described as erroneous and contribute with it that the pure Gospel is disfigured according to the meaning. And for that reason a certain responsibility lies in it wanting to interpret Scripture according to the own intellectual thinking, when the spirit of God cannot work and enlightens the intellect of man. But the work of the divine spirit is the result of a life according to the will of God. And so the man, who thinks being called to interpret Scripture, must ask himself before his conscience, how far he fulfils the will of God. The interpretation of the Gospel, of the words of Christ, the spirit of God itself has to carry out, then they are also according to truth, for the word of God, the teaching of Jesus Christ, is a teaching of the spirit, it is a teaching, which only concerns the spiritual kingdom and is to promote the spiritual development of man. Consequently the world mind alone cannot grasp God’s word in its deep spiritual meaning, but the spirit in man must be busy, which now directs all thoughts spiritually and leads man to the true understanding of the words of Jesus. Is the word purely interpreted to the letter only, then contradictions are often established, but which immediately fade with spiritual interpretation. But with wrong interpretation they endanger the teaching of Christ, i.e., they perhaps often give cause to rejection, because again only the intellect judges and through contradictions a will to resist is produced. And so it is to be explained that the teaching of Christ is many times rejected, because the teachers themselves could not be instructed by the spirit in them, because they themselves assumed and passed on a wrong interpretation, which had to lead to the rejection sooner or later, because only truth gives light, but error always increases darkness, under which men suffer. And again as a result the whole Christianity is in danger; the recognition and acknowledgement of Christ as redeemer of the world is weakened in the same measure, as truth is weakened, because only through truth light comes to man and because only through truth the confessor courage is strengthened for the saviour and redeemer, whose work of love and mercy is so enormously important that men, with right representation and explanation, would also completely confess him. Men walk in darkness through their sinful state and are not guided out of darkness. They do not find themselves the way, because everything is dark; but the right light can only be brought by God himself through his spirit. Where his spirit works, there is light, and there is also deep faith in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption. But where a teaching activity is carried out without spirit work, there only error is presented to men and darkness cannot go from them.

And so it will now be comprehensible to you men, why God supplies again the Gospel to earth in purest form. They are his words, which never change; which always and for ever remain, but have not been explained through the wisdom of man accordingly. Now God himself gives the explanation to his word; in comprehensible and most loving way he seeks to introduce men to truth. He speaks the same words again to men, and he enlightens the spirit of those, who listen to him. He wants that there is light, because deep night is spread over the earth; he wants that you men recognize, what you lack; he wants that you are instructed in truth and now also recognize and acknowledge Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of the world, because only through him you can be happy, because his Gospel must be accepted by you so, as he himself has announced it to you.
Amen B.D. NR. 5552.


Book 61 5553

Light radiation of God is happiness. Restriction in life.

12. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5553.

With my love I embrace all my creatures, but whether they feel my love that is left to every individual creature, to what extent it adapts itself to my will, therefore gives up its former resistance against me. My love radiation it can accept or also reject. Accordingly the creature will also become aware of my love or not be able to feel it. In the mandatory state the being adapts itself indeed to my will, i.e., it cannot resist me, but it is not aware of it, what my love power means – it certainly lives and is active, but it lacks the feeling of being made happy about its activity. But as man, in the state of free will and of the ability to think, it is up to it to let itself be radiated through by my love or to shut itself off from every influx of divine love power. And then it creates itself the state of happiness or the state of lack of happiness, but what man can only understand then, when he has once been touched by my love. For my love radiation touches the soul, and it feels the happiness, even so man has no perception pure bodily. But as soon as man is aware of being able to get into intimate contact with me, and therefore now establishes this relationship, also a quiet happiness fills him; a peace is in him, which cannot be given away to him differently than through the supply of my love power. Man feels safe and secure with me; every unsettled falls off him; he has let himself be seized by my love, and he now also feels it so, as it is good for him, as long as he dwells on earth. He can only bear a certain measure in the earthly body, if he wants to remain suitable for the earth task given to him, and only when he has matured, he is able to receive more, otherwise with some men the happiness on earth would be obvious and mean a faith compulsion for fellowmen. But my creatures, men on earth, are to strive for me freely out of themselves; they are to open themselves for my love ray; they are to devote themselves to me without the smallest resistance, to now be allowed to experience my whole father love, which is unlimited and just wants to always make happy. Every man can feel it, but he must give up all resistance – for all my creatures have emerged out of my love; my love changes or decreases never for ever. And for that reason it is meant for all, but it waits for it to be able to express itself, what alone just depends on the will of man.
Amen B.D. NR. 5553.


Book 61 5554

Blessing of the spiritual knowledge in the hereafter.

12. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5554.

What my spirit reveals to you, that is for you spiritual knowledge, which will make you unspeakably happy in future, so you work with it in the spiritual kingdom to the blessing of all, who are still ignorant. Pure truth is rarely found with men on earth and therefore also not in the opposite kingdom, before men are in the state of light. For light means wisdom, knowledge about pure truth, and every erroneous thought is a shadow, which darkens light, even so a soul is already translucent. But before not the last erroneous thought has been banished, light is still always temporarily dampened, and the soul must first completely become accessible to truth; it must have acquired a truthful knowledge, before it itself can now work as light bearer in the spiritual kingdom. For that reason it is an immeasurable favour to be able to enter into the hereafter with spiritual knowledge, because this means so much, as wearing bright light clothes, which shine everywhere and again spread light. Its actual activity it can now carry out immediately; it can instruct the ignorant and work unspeakably blessedly there, where darkness or dawn still is. Because also in the spiritual kingdom you will face doubters and liars, but who it can enlighten through its knowledge. For this knowledge is the result of revelations through my spirit. And a power of persuasion lies in it, which a being can rarely resist, unless it flees from truth as representative of the prince of darkness. For also such beings will oppose a knowing person to extinguish a light, what they believe to be able to do. And enlightenment can only be given to such beings through a light bearer, who has received his knowledge from me myself. But for that reason an enormous power lies in my revelations, in my word, which I supply to you, which is also able to tear down strong walls, for I myself address these souls, so you lend me your mouth, so you present the Gospel to the souls of darkness in my will so, as you have received it yourselves from me. For it is pure truth, and it also convinces a soul having up to now stood in wrong thinking, for it feels an inner happiness; it feels as it were truth as a favour; the understanding opens to it for it; it cannot doubt, what it as it were receives from me. The power of my word has an obvious effect; the soul is suddenly lighted through, and for which it lacked up to now understanding that is suddenly clear to it, and it accepts it with joy. As great as the misery and the confusion is, which erroneous teachings cause, as gladdening and comprehensibly is truth. And truth will always be there, where my spirit can have an effect; truth will always be what I reveal to men through my spirit. For that reason also remain aware of the favours, which you receive in excess, and work with this gift of favour; pass on my word, carry light into darkness; give enlightenment to all; give them truth, which you have received from me myself, and be active as a blessing to all, who still walk in darkness of the spirit.
Amen B.D. NR. 5554.


Book 61 5555

Freedom of will. Jesus Christ.

13. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5555.

I do not command the will in you; I leave it its freedom. Nevertheless I ordain everything so that the opportunity is always offered to your will, to direct it right; it can therefore enter into my will, for this possibility is the purpose of all happenings in earth life. I will send nothing to man, what would hinder him at the right direction of his will, at his right attitude towards my order from eternity, but his decision is completely up to him. That you must know, to be aware of your responsibility, for nothing is suitable for it to push you to a wrong decision, but everything for it to be able to pass the test of your will. And again you man can only be pointed to Jesus Christ, who certainly helps you to the right decision of the will, as soon as you call him for his help. The only danger of a spiritual failure, of retrogression on the way of your development, is the weakened will, and you can at any time strengthen it in faith in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption. And so the man, who consciously puts himself under the cross of Christ, who therefore takes up the favours acquired through the death on the cross, will also always decide right; he will think, want and act not differently than in my will, because he as it were now goes the way of Christ, whose aim I was, his father from eternity. Your counter will is broken with the devotion to Jesus Christ, who now becomes alive in you and prevents you from wrong wanting and thinking, who pulls you up by virtue of his infinite love. And nevertheless your will remains free, for in free will you must confess him, in free will take up his help and his favours; you are not pushed, but also not hindered to go the way, which he has gone and which certainly leads to me. But as soon as this free will has once turned towards me, you need to fear no relapse any more, for who has redeemed you through his blood, he never ever gives you away, as soon as you have once made the decision for him. Who is of weak will, he still lives without him and therefore also hardly reaches the aim. For my opponent still works on a weak will, and often successfully. Nevertheless he cannot be forced upwards or downwards. Therefore you take the responsibility yourselves so long until you have transferred it to the divine redeemer Jesus Christ, so long, until you hand yourselves over to him, who then truly makes you free form the power of the opponent, who strengthens your will, so that it now decides right.
Amen B.D. NR. 5555.


Book 61 5556

Spiritual trouble. Untruthfulness. Wrong image of God.

14. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5556.

You will only be able to control spiritual trouble, when you spread truth, for spiritual trouble exists in that respect that mankind walks in error; that it is blind in spirit; that it lacks right cognition – that it needs truth. For as soon as it recognizes right, how the relationships are between the eternal creator and men, as soon as they know about the purpose of their earth life, a certain degree of love is already in them., because then they already love me as their father from eternity, who they now learn to recognize as extremely perfect, as wise, powerful and very good, when truth about me is taught them. Truth makes me out so that they can love me, but error gives a distorted image of me, so that men perhaps fear me, but are not able to love me. For when I am made out as God of revenge, as a God of anger, as a God, who punishes sinners, so this is a distorted image of my nature, I who am love myself after all. When I would like to keep men in compulsion through commands, so I would likewise be no God of love, no father, who wants to leave his children work in fullest freedom, but I would be a tyrant, who always only applies his power and strength and behave towards men differently than a father to his children. For my only commands are my love commands, but which also cannot be fulfilled compulsorily, because love again stipulates the free will of man. I do not throw men into the deep, but they are in it, and I want to pull them up to me – I do not damn men for ever, but they themselves keep away from me and are for that reason in a terrible state, and I want to redeem them out of that by virtue of my love. But how does one describe me to men? Also from the side of those, who believe being active for me and my kingdom? Which useless formalities does one demand from men, and how unimportant does one consider the most important - life in love, which alone is assessed by me. The teaching of Christ, the divine love teaching, which the man Jesus announced on earth, is certainly also still taught today, but they are just words, which die away at the ears of men; they are words, which are no longer spoken alive enough from the side of the announcers, because they lack the power of persuasion, which alone my spirit can confer to them, so the announcer himself lives in love. But my spirit must be able to work first, is my word to get through into the hearts of men, and where my spirit works, there truth will also be. But love has cooled among men, and therefore truth is also no longer to be found, and It is also not recognized by men as such, when a bearer of truth wants to bring light to them. And the way to me is nowhere to be found, for it does not go via erroneous teachings. You must first learn to recognize me in my nature, to learn to love me, and only pure truth, which emerges from me, gives you a light. But then the spiritual trouble will also be removed for all men, who are of good will.
Amen B.D. NR. 5556.


Book 61 5557

Earth task: Decision of the will. Wrong striving.

15. December 1952 B.D. NR. 5557.

You have had to go an arduous way, before you were so far as being able to cover the last test of will – your soul has again found together, which was once dissolved into innumerable soul sparks, which all had to go through a process of maturation in the tied up state. You have again reached the consciousness of self; as individuals you are freely put before a decision: to choose that lord for yourselves, to whom you want to belong. This decision is purpose and aim of your earth life, and this decision must be made in free will; it cannot be made on your behalf; it can also not be delayed; inevitably it must have been made at the end of your earth life, because according to this decision is then your lot in eternity. Your attitude towards this earth life task is therefore enormous momentous – it can bring you light and happiness, but also death and ruin, and you alone determine this through your will. And little you let yourselves be touched by it; even so the reasons for your earth life are given to you; even so the lot in eternity is presented to you marvellously or terribly. For you do not believe in it that in future you have to take responsibility for your will. But faith in it cannot be reached by you by force, and for that reason it is to be found among mankind only very rarely, and therefore only rarely men reach their destination, having decided for the right Lord. But unbelief has an effect. Men forget their life task always more, and all thought is just meant for the world, which they however have to leave soon. What lies behind them, to that they again turn their face. The remembering back of their course of suffering through matter has been taken from them, for in the freedom of the will they must make their decision and are not allowed to decide for the right lord out of fear. And the danger arises that their decision goes against them; that they turn all their senses to matter and consequently also choose the lord of this world, to whom they now also fall victim again and to whom they owe that they are again banished into hard matter, because they have decided wrong. For they were supposed to sent their eyes heavenwards; they were supposed to strive upwards and turn the back to the earthly world, then a right decision was made; then the course through the whole creation has been successful; then earth life has earned the being the culmination; then the soul found the right Lord and has hurried towards him – then man has passed the test of will on earth, and he can lay down the heavy earth body and enter eternity as pure spirit; then the long earth course before has not been in vain. The being has found back to its start; it has recognized the father and surrendered to him for all eternity.
Amen B.D. NR. 5557.


Book 61 5558

Care of men through light beings.

16. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5558.

The gate of heaven is wide open for you, and the spiritual beings wait eagerly for you, for they want to share the happiness with you to be near me. But they are also anxious about you, because they see that you make no preparations to walk on the way, which leads into the kingdom of heaven. Each one of you is entrusted to spiritual beings, which are concerned about the salvation of your soul and do everything to direct your thoughts towards me. They constantly surround you and seek to influence you; they lead you so to each other that you are stimulated by fellowmen to thought exchange, and their perpetual effort is to cause you to love work, to create opportunities for you, where you can practise unselfish love, so that your soul matures. But they can always only gently urge you, but never force to act as it is right. And for that reason you men can feel being in spiritual care, but your will must also be prepared. You must go to meet the gate of heaven; you must desire that it remains open for you and that you do not miss the way into the kingdom of heaven. For although the love of your spiritual friends is extremely great, it is not allowed to have an effect on you contrary to your will; according to divine law it must restrict itself exactly according to your will, for its power effect would be enough to completely form you according to my will, but what does not lead you to perfection. Therefore the spirit beings looking after you also now and then seek to reach their aim differently, by them imposing on you painful events with my approval, which are to aim to achieve a turning of your thoughts to me. And I leave a free hand to these beings of my kingdom, because they are only active in my will and want to fulfil their educational task at men entrusted to them, so that every event is certainly fixed in my plan of salvation from eternity, but also the activity of my children, the light beings in the spiritual kingdom, is included, for everything serves the redemption of the still bound spiritual, and men on earth are needy of a care, a help, which is given away to them of the opposite guides, so that the way upwards becomes easier for them. The spiritual full of light works with me and in my will; it works with love and with wisdom. And because of that everything, what happens in human existence, is to the point. But whether it is utilized, alone depends on the will of man, for it is free.
Amen B.D. NR. 5558.


Book 61 5559

Truth light effect. Error no happiness in the hereafter.

17. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5559.

The cognitions, which are imparted to you through my word, have an effect for your soul particularly curatively, because they are as it were like rays of light, which touch it, which are therefore stronger than the cover surrounding it and are able to get through. For the trouble of the soul exists in that respect that it is dark in it; that no light from the outside can penetrate into it and that the darkness cripples all activity will. The trouble of the soul exists in ignorance, which takes all knowledge of my nature from it, which it feels as a gloomy state and can exactly only be removed, when knowledge about pure truth is supplied to it. And so that man, who has knowledge at his disposal, always feels well in contrast to one still walking in ignorance, for it is not his intellect alone, which has scored a plus, but the soul is by far more grateful for it, because it feels the imparted knowledge as light, as premonition of a state, which is its aim on earth. The intellect wants to know everything explained, but the soul feels the happiness to be knowing, because this has an effect as light. For that reason erroneous knowledge can earn the soul no advantage, for no matter how much intellectual knowledge man receives – when it is not pure truth, the soul does not benefit from it at all, rather the covers thicken, and always stronger darkness spreads to its regret. But such a soul will not be willing to love and do nothing to change its state, i.e., man willingly accepts error through the direction of his will, through his way of life, and does not recognize it as such; he himself brings his soul into this lightless state, because without love also no wisdom, no light, can be sent to the soul; but love is the only power, which dissolves the cover of the soul, so that truth, light, can now flow into the soul. A man, who has knowledge at his disposal, which has brought to him real cognition, is consequently also active in love, because this is precondition for the reception of my word, which has imparted truth to him – no matter, whether my word was offered to him directly or indirectly. And so you men can always only seriously be entrusted to practise unselfish neighbourly love, so that you receive my wisdom in fullness, hear my divine love words and by this means can reach cognition. Without love all words just remain empty sound, which fades away at the ears or which the intellect certainly lets have an effect on it, but which does not get through to the soul. And so irrevocably a love life is necessary to help the soul to light, to give the recognizing away to it, which decreases its state of trouble and lets it become active at its ascent. Without love no real knowledge can be sent to it; without love it is also not competent to judge, to recognize the knowledge imparted to it as truth or error. Without love it remains dark in it, and it walks wrong ways, because no light shines for it, which enlightens the way for it, which leads to the destination.
Amen B.D. NR. 5559.


Book 61 5560

Mandatory state. Free decision of the will.

18. and 19. December 1952 B.D. NR. 5560.

Throughout endless times you moved in the bound state; all freedom of the will was taken from you; you were subordinated to the divine law and had to act so as God wanted it, as it had to go on according to the law of nature, to be in accordance of his plan from eternity. You were unfree – for your soul was bound in its individual substances in the works of creation; the whole creation is as it were the fetter, which kept your soul imprisoned; the whole creation is the bound spiritual, which is still in the will resisting God and for that reason can expect no freedom so long, until it itself lets up in this resistance against God. But once the time is come for all bound spiritual, where it is no longer in the mandatory state, where a certain freedom is granted to it, where it can think, want and act as individual being conscious of itself, without being hindered of it; once the time is come, where it has regained free will and can now use this free will unhindered. But then the great danger exists, that free will is used wrongly – that the resistance against God again ascends so strongly in the being that it turns away from God anew, instead of striving for him. The course in bound will through the whole creation was a result of the turning away from God; it was a result of the resistance once done to God. But once this course is ended, and then the freedom of will is given to the being anew, because it is to prove the giving up of its resistance against God freely out of itself, to then being able to approach unsuspected happiness. But if the freedom of will is abused, a turning away from God is carried out anew or the resistance kept up; then there is for this being only one way out – to again walk through creation in the mandatory state, so that the resistance may finally be broken. Every being must once pass the free decision of the will, and indeed in the stage as man, since it is gifted with the intellect and also the knowledge is imparted to it through God’s great love, in which the right directed will exists. If it fails in this earth life time, so God nevertheless does not give up the spiritual, but since he cannot direct it by force according to his will, since he cannot lead the being back by force to perfection, because this contradicts his law from eternal order, because something that has been divine and is to become again divine, can never be thought to be without free will, he creates again and again new possibilities to reach his aim; but always in the framework of lawfulness – to which also belongs a course through creation, which repeats itself, which keeps the entity so long bound, until its resistance lets up, what is certainly achieved, because all influence on the bound entity is withdrawn from the opponent of God. Over the spiritual, which is bound in creation, he has no power, and for that reason it also certainly walks up. But a decision of free will requires that also the counter power can influence the being, and because of that man in earth life is exposed to the besieging from his side; but at the same time great means of favour are at his disposal, so that he can truly make a right decision. Every man therefore has full responsibility for his will, for God does everything in his love, to make the decision easy for him. Also knowledge about his earth task is presented to him, certainly in different ways, but always so that he himself can express his opinion to it. (19.12.1952) He can think about it, but can also refrain from it, but then also not excuse himself having known nothing about his earth task, for only the smallest desire for it is fulfilled for him. Never is something withheld from man, what can contribute to a favourable decision of the will, but also never exerts a force on him. After the endless long course before in the mandatory state the earth life time is to be called extremely short, and it is still enough to do it that man can decide in the right direction; that he returns to God, whom he now recognizes as his father from eternity, or sinks back and again turns to the opponent of God in free will. And for the latter it is still a favour, when he is recalled prematurely, so that the opponent of God does not completely get him under his control. Then the soul can still come to cognition in the hereafter and free itself from the fetters of that power through God’s great love and mercy. But who also then still does not accept the redeeming help and sinks deeper and deeper, his will is again bound, and he must cover the renewed course through creation, and this so long, until the soul finally goes the right way, until it once decides in free will as man for the father from eternity, from whom it has once taken its start.
Amen B.D. NR. 5560.


Book 61 5561

Serving in the mandatory state. And in love in free will.

20. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5561.

Through my favour and mercy you men have again come considerably closer to me, for your soul was once in furthest distance from me and would not have returned to me out of own power, since the distance also resulted in powerlessness. This is to be understood so simply that only love leads back to me, but that you completely lacked love through your former turning away from me. You can therefore only then return to me, when you let love again come to life in you, and since you would have never done this voluntarily, because the principle of my opponent – lack of love - ruled in you and it therefore meant eternal separation from me, when I did not find a way – a way, which as it were forced you to serve - you had to acquire for yourselves through this serving, even so you did not do it voluntarily, a reward, a counter service, which existed in that respect that you were allowed to come again closer to me; for your serving was a purpose of building up; you contributed to the preservation of that, what served you to the leading back to me. Also a forced work must somehow be made up for. You therefore acquired for yourselves the entitlement on it that always more and more power was supplied to you – which increased so far that you, after endless long time, were again allowed to utilize it according to own, i.e. free will. The stage as man was granted to you, where you are to use the life power supplied to you likewise for serving, however in free will, what always means a love work. You were as it were educated through the long course of development to serve, although it happened in the mandatory state, and this education you can now prove in earth life, by you doing voluntarily, what you had to do before. In the state of furthest distance from me you would have never voluntarily served in love, and I would have never been able to put you by force into this state as man – a slow ascent development had to go on, for your own sake you are to become again that, what you once were – beings full of power and light, with all divine qualities, which you have possessed in the original beginning. The epitome of power and light, but of highest perfection is love. What you once gave up voluntarily, you must again acquire for yourselves; you must completely become love, if you want to become perfect. And love serves – and finds happiness in it. What therefore the being did not want to do, as it seceded from me, that it had to do endless long time as fulfilment of the divine law. Only on this way it can direct the own will, to seek opportunity for itself, to be busy itself serving, which is then assessed by me and rewarded with the state as man in free will, which can bring a complete change to love and therefore return to me – because love means the joining together with me and consequently also light and power in all fullness, therefore unlimited happiness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5561.


Book 61 5562

"Take, eat; this is my body."

21. and 22. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5562.

I have the bread of heaven ready for all, who want to receive it from my hand. For I said to my disciples: "Take, eat; this is my body; take and drink; this is my blood - this do in remembrance of me." I therefore handed out and gave them the assignment, to hand out in like manner in my name. How simple are these words to understand, and how are they interpreted. I broke the bread – as sign that I wanted to supply food for them, food, which should not maintain and strengthen the body, but the soul. The bread of heaven must be supplied to you men, that manna, which is to satisfy your hunger, which is to supply you that power, which you need to gain happiness. I gave the bread to my disciples, and they were to do the same – hand out, what they had received through my love and favour: My word, which is my flesh and my blood in truth, for I myself am the word from eternity. And so I now supply my word to earth, so one chosen by me receives this my word directly, so I serve him the bread of heaven at the same time with the assignment, to hand it out to fellowmen, to those, who have hunger and thirst and are completely filled and watered with my word. This do in remembrance of me. A testimony is to be made of me with the announcement of my word. For I must be recognized and acknowledged by men as redeemer, and men must remember me in full faith that they have only been redeemed through me, otherwise my work of redemption does not have the redeeming power for them through their own fault. I demand faith in me as redeemer of the world, and for that reason my word can only then be announced right, when I myself am announced to men, when through my word evidence is given of me. The meaning of my words is only to be grasped, when my spirit can have an effect in you, which (22.12.1952) is the power, which flows towards you from me, so you receive my bread of heaven. I again can only serve you this bread, so you get into contact with me, and this contact you establish through love. You certainly can hear my word with the ears, but only when you are willing, to obey it, the spirit of love gets awake in you, and when you then come to me with this love spirit in you, to the table of the Lord, to take with me communion, then my word, which is now offered to you, is real food and real drink for your souls, then you receive in truth my bread and my wine; you eat my flesh and drink my blood; you receive myself in you, I who enter everyone, who joyfully opens the door for me, so I knock, for the spirit of love has already an effect in him. But then also every word is comprehensible for you, which I spoke to men, when I walked on earth, for then I enlighten your spirit; I give you understanding for all relationships; I open the spiritual meaning for you, while otherwise you just grasp the letter meaning, which truly does not earn you much blessing, for you possess then only dead knowledge, which is equal to world knowledge, although it touches spiritual things. You then certainly rigidly hold on to the words of Jesus Christ and believe to testify to him in this way. But I demand more from you; for me a form is not sufficient, which is an apparent fulfilment of my words and still corresponds nowhere near to the deep meaning of that, what I spoke to my disciples: Take, eat; take and drink - this is my body, this is my blood - this do in remembrance of me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5562.


Book 61 5563

Let there be light.

Christmas Eve 24. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5563.

Let there be light. Light came to earth, because it was dark on earth and men no longer found out of the night of the spirit. There the light from above came, to illuminate all, who were of good will. God sent his son to earth that he should bring to them with the light also salvation. And so he moved into a world of hate and lack of love and was not recognized by men as bringer of light and salvation. But his love for unhappy men was so great that he wanted to rescue them out of darkness; that he wanted to bring redemption to them from the fetter of Satan, who was to be blamed for darkness through sin and who had dragged down all beings with him into the deep, where no light was and no freedom. The son of God came as rescuer for oppressed mankind. The little child Jesus was born – a soul from the kingdom of light had chosen a human form for himself and came as innocent little child to the world, to now begin his earth course, which ended with the greatest work of love and mercy, because sinful mankind was to be redeemed. The trouble on earth was gigantic; even to the righteous the way to God was blocked, because the sin, which burdens each one man, of the former secession of the spirits from God, made a return to God impossible, because the justice of God also demanded for this sin the corresponding atonement, which no man was able to do in earth life. The opponent of God triumphed, for all souls belonged to him, which walked as man on earth. He had dragged them with him down into the deep, and he did not release them. The righteous called to God for help. They called for a rescuer. Jesus Christ, the son of God, redeemed the world from his power; he paid the sin guild with his death on the cross. But also this work of redemption had to be done in free will; the atonement had to be done voluntarily, as once the sin against God had been committed voluntarily. And for that reason the light figure could not bring rescue to men, but only a man, who sacrificed himself voluntarily out of love for fellowmen, could do this atonement, and consequently the man had to be born on this earth and grow up in all humanity in the midst among his earth brothers – because the human will alone was decisive for this work of love, for love of a light being would have redeemed mankind already without question a long time ago, when this would correspond to the law of eternal order. Therefore the light being put down his divinity; he became a child of man with all human weaknesses and qualities, against which it now had to fight against consciously, to steel his will that he then sacrificed himself without compulsion as redeemer of mankind, to do atonement to God for their sin. And all angels in heaven cheered this little child on, and they bent their knees before him. The soul moved into his body and spread bright light. Light came into darkness. God sent from above a rescuer to men, the saviour Jesus Christ came to earth to redeem men. Amen. B.D. NR. 5563.


Book 61 5564

Voice of the father.

Christmas 25. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5564.

The voice of the father you are to recognize in every word, which is sent to you from above. It is my spirit, which addresses you; it is my power, which flows towards you; it is light from my light, which radiates out to you; it is that word, which moulds my infinite love for you, so that you understand me, so that you fulfil my will, get comforted in trouble and get instructed in all truth. Only one can impart this truth to you – your God and father from eternity, who instructs you for that reason, so that you recognize and learn to love him. For I want your love. For that reason I address you, you who cannot see me and consequently also do not strive towards me, so you have no knowledge, which you can believe. But I want that you believe in me, and for that reason do everything, to help you to this faith. I reveal myself to you. You men cannot measure this gift of favour in its full meaning, the Lord of infinity, the eternal God and creator, who let everything come into being, what is visible to your eyes, and has created infinite works invisible to you. Full of love he leans to you; he addresses the individual man, but as he also speaks to all men through those. He reveals himself to you. And only few men recognize my voice. But these few are also of enlightened spirit, for who is able to hear me, who recognizes me myself in the word, which I direct to earth, he is also radiated through by the power of my spirit, and he has now a completely different look for all happenings, for everything, what surrounds him and what he experiences. My spirit enlightens his thinking and also gives him clarity about all relationships; he can no longer doubt, exactly because he recognizes me myself, so I address him through my word. Where my spirit works, there is also knowledge, and knowledge is light, which breaks through darkness. But where do you men still find a light on earth? Men walk in darkness; they are of darkened spirit; they do not think, and if they would think, so they would come to no result, which would be constant. There is darkness on earth, which can only be pushed away through a light from above. But I am always ready to light a light for you; I am always ready to radiate through you with my spirit power, so you are just ready, to receive the words of my love, so you would just like to open your hearts, to let the current of my love flow in, so you men just desire to hear me. I would like that you learn to love me, for that reason you must listen to me; you must receive my revelations, and will get light in you, for you then penetrate into the secrets of my eternal love, in my plan of salvation from eternity; you recognize yourselves and your earth task; you recognize me and then give away your love to me, and you long for my voice that it sounds to you for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5564.


Book 61 5565

Confused thinking – spiritual trouble. Free will.

26. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5565.

The thinking of men has been confused. And that is to be understood under spiritual trouble that they are without cognition; that they are far from truth and therefore also far from me, because they live without love, for love inevitably joins them together with me and with truth. How differently could they therefore be helped, than that they are always only admonished and stimulated to love. But love cannot be commanded to them; it can only be presented to them as the most important command, which must absolutely be fulfilled, if man wants to reach his destination on earth. Man must know that without love he advances not one step, but it cannot be demanded by force, because then this would not be love, but at best just an act, which is to feign love. You men are not allowed to forget that love is something divine; that I therefore gave you the love command, to show you the way to the becoming divine of your nature. But by no means I exert the smallest compulsion upon you, but what a "command" means in the meaning of the word. And so I leave it all to you; you are allowed to decide about yourselves; I can just bring you so far through instructions that you turn to the right way by yourselves. And for that reason I persistently make an effort to guide men into right thinking, to instruct them right, to send my word to them through servants completely devoted to me, to explain to them all pros and cons, so that they then make the right decision by themselves and do that, what leads them to the destination – so that they live in love and become again that, what they were in the very beginning. But I come across hard resistance. Men do not accept my instructions full of love; they stand in so confused thinking that they are no longer able to grasp the simple, clear knowledge about the connexions – and they also have no will for it. My loving words sound away at their ears and do not get through to the heart, and the power of my word cannot become effective at men. The spiritual trouble is gigantic, because the will of men must remain free and they themselves have no inner drive any more; they bear no desire for real enlightenment; they feel happy in the darkness of their spirit; they desire no light – and if light comes to them, so they do not let its rays come into their hearts; they turn away and towards the wrong lights, which flash everywhere on the way. And I look full of mercy on my creatures, which I would like to make happy and who accept nothing out of my hands. I see how they walk along; each one on other paths, but do not enter that way, which certainly goes uphill, but surely leads to me. I also see those, who seek me, but do not let themselves be advised, where I am to be found, who must go many ways, before they come across the right way. I would like to spare them all the futile ways; I would like to make the ascent to me easy for them; I would like to associate a leader to each one. But I can always only call them with my enticing voice: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. I can only call, but not force them to enter the right way. And they do not listen to my love call, because they do not recognize my voice, as long as they are without love. And that it is, what I call spiritual trouble, that there certainly is a help and is done for you extremely amply by me; but that you men do not want to accept it and consequently determine the end yourselves, to which you are heading; I can help you; I also want to help you, but you must want to let yourselves be helped. For your will is free and will determine your lot for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5565.


Book 61 5566

Commission of God to his disciples.

29. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5566.

I send my disciples out into the world that they spread the Gospel of love, the Gospel of the spirit, the announcing of my word, which teaches men love. You men on earth urgently need such a message of salvation; you urgently need references to your miserable state and advice and admonitions, so that you escape from a gigantic danger. You need enlightenment, which is according to truth; the Gospel must be brought to you anew, so that you feel touched by its power, so that the teaching of salvation may also let your soul recover, so that a new life moves in and expresses itself in increased love activity. The water of life is to flow into all hearts, my divine proof of love, my word. It is to awaken you to life. And for that reason I commission everywhere my servants that they announce me and my word, for spiritual trouble is everywhere, everywhere are longing souls and such, which must be rescued, to which information is to be brought that they are in danger, so that they become watchful and not go along completely blind. And I give to men according to my measure – as they are willing to receive, so I hand out my gifts; I offer them to everybody, so as they are according to his will to accept; to everyone I try to make the bread of heaven palatable, but everyone needs food prepared differently, although it always remains the same food, the food, which is good for the soul, which alone awakens the soul to life. I will never hand out different truths; I will never charge my disciples with imparting to men different knowledge, different teachings; I always only hand out the same truth, only the form, in which I offer it, is not always the same, because the thinking of men, the ability to take up and the imagination of the individual are different. But truth is and remains unchanged for ever. And thereby my servants are to be recognized, who are active on my behalf that they support the truth imparted by me; that they are of the same spirit, because they receive truth from me directly; that they, full of love, make the effort to bring light to men, who walk in darkness, and that they also eagerly spread this light, because they themselves stand in the light and feel its power and truth. Only a light bearer can radiate light; only a man introduced to truth by me can spread truth and therefore carry the Gospel into the world as my disciple. But everyone will also recognize these as my messengers, who desires to stand in the light, for he desires me, and I will truly send the light to him and no longer let him sink back into darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5566.


Book 61 5567

Forthcoming turning point.

31. December 1952. B.D. NR. 5567.

You can announce a new time to all men because a turning point is forthcoming for you. And I also want that you my servants on earth always mention this my announcement; I want that men gain knowledge about it also when they do not want to believe it. Their thoughts are to be directed towards the coming events, towards the time that will also seem to be strange to an unbelieving man. They are to get to know about a powerful change of their living conditions first, a very clear pointer to the end that will follow not long after that. They are to hear about this change because then their faith can come to life when it happens, when they observe world events and all signs are clearly recognizable that you have predicted to them. A new time is coming and I do not announce it to you men for no reason. You are still walking your way off from me; in your life I am only seldom or not at all present, but I want that you come to me, that you call for me, that you always let me lead the way, that you live your life not without me. That is why I again and again let my call sound until you will hear it so clearly that you follow my call. And that is why my servants on earth are to bear witness to men of that what lies ahead for them - that everything will come differently than they wish and hope for. Soon the last phase before the end begins; soon the last faith struggle will break out that is however preceded by a powerful shockwave of the earth that should make all men think and that nevertheless will be recognized by only few as a last warning cry and exhortation from above. Believe it, you men, you still have to walk a hard road but it is passable for you with my power and that is why I want to offer to you my power first, also you who not yet believe in me. Call on me in trouble and you will visibly experience my help, but do not leave yourself to the powers of darkness, do not curse, grumble and complain when you are painfully affected by that what irrevocably comes and has to come. Think about things, when a decision is demanded from you for or against me. Think about things, that I can give and take, but always want to give to you what is helpful for eternity. Do not let yourself be beguiled by promises of an earthly kind, you will lose everything again - but what you gain spiritually that stays with you and will make you happy for evermore. You are before a world turning point - earthly and spiritually a change is in store for you; you men are standing in the centre of a powerful event; rely on me, your God and father from eternity, and you will remain out of danger when everything around you ceases to exist because I myself am your might and strength, I myself am Lord of life and death. Who is with me, who stands at my side, certainly has to fear nothing because he will live in eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5567.


Book 61 5568

Right directed desire.

New Year’s Day 1. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5568.

What you strive for for yourselves that will become yours. You all, you who long for me, you will also reach me, for I draw you to me, as soon as your will is just meant for me. But you, who desire the goods of the world, you will become their slaves; they will control you and finally imprison you completely, so that you will remain tied up in matter endless long time. However, if earthly good is taken from you, you who have directed your senses to the world only, so accept this as an undeserved favour, for you can still find rescue from that bound state by this means; you can still stop and think things over and turn away from earthly good and strive for me in the cognition of the immortal. And for that reason think about the value of that, what you strive for. No matter how tempting it seems to you – give it up, when it is transient, and seek to acquire that for you, what has value for ever. For your will is assessed; it will be given to you, what you seriously desire. Earth life time is short and very particularly short for mankind now living. And even so fulfilment is yours earthly in everything, so this earth life is no compensation for the life in eternity, which you have then acquired on earth for yourselves. Earthly wealth certainly earns you spiritual poverty, when your wealth is not blessed by me, because you use it according to my will, in unselfish neighbourly love. But then you heart has long since liberated itself from the desire for it; then you have long since overcome matter, what is also to be your aim. But as long as you still desire wealth, spiritual treasures are to be found few with you, and then earthly wealth is a danger for you, which you do not recognize. For that reason I warn you of it; for that reason I assure you that you receive, what you desire, and you are to direct your desire right for that reason, so that hard matter does not become your lot in future to immeasurable agony. Remember these my words and strive for the right destination; direct your thoughts spiritually; seek me and my kingdom; seek to acquire goods, with which I want to amply bless you, so you just desire them in the heart, and always be aware of it that your life on earth does not last for ever, but that life after the death of the body is in a way, as it is according to your most inner desire – that you can enter the spiritual kingdom in the full possession of light and power, but that you also must bear the results of your striving on earth miserably and wretched, powerlessly and blind, throughout endless long time, and only difficultly reach spiritually goods, and this never without loving help, because alone you are without power to improve your lot. For that reason make good use of the earth time; acquire for yourselves, what is amply at your disposal, but requires your free will. And recognize all that as worthless, what only creates comfort for the body, but leaves the soul destitute. Use the time well, for it no longer lasts long; the end is closer than you think; for that reason create and work as long as it is still day, for the night comes, where you can work no longer.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5568.


Book 61 5569

When is guarantee for pure truth through spirit work?

2. and 3. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5569.

With certainty you can assume that truth is imparted to you, for God himself, as eternal truth, teaches you, as it stands written, that you, to stand in truth, must be taught by God. For that reason you are not allowed to doubt, as long as you yourselves desire truth and ask God himself about it. And this may be for you the surest sign that before you did not possess the smallest knowledge, but that that knowledge, which you now call your own, has not been brought to you from the outside, but surpasses all intellectual knowledge in depth and wisdom. You do not need to fear being instructed by powers, which themselves do not stand in truth, for God hears every call and answers directly or through light messengers, which are then active in his will and only impart divine knowledge, therefore pure truth. But powers are also active, which seek to create confusion; powers, which have an effect on men, who grant the right for it, by them holding on to erroneous knowledge, who therefore do let themselves be completely instructed without resistance. Then teachings can find spreading, which oppose divine truth. The God spark in man stands in indissoluble connection with the father spirit from eternity, and its share is truth, because God himself is truth. So the divine spirit in you therefore instructs you; you take up a knowledge, which comes out of yourselves, knowledge, which you can never acquire intellectually for yourselves, you receive knowledge out of yourselves, which gives you light about spiritual connections, knowledge, which gives you clearly and logically information about divine-spiritual, so a source of this knowledge must be in you, which cannot be explained earthly scientifically, but is the divine spirit spark in you yourselves, a part of the eternal divinity. And out of this source nothing else than truth can be drawn. But the intellect can also be influenced by powers; man can seek to penetrate into the spiritual kingdom purely intellectually, and then he can also be inspired, i.e., thought waves can play round him, which certainly also have their start in the spiritual kingdom, but are not controllable, from which kingdom they flow. Earthly knowledge can unite with spiritual radiations; the intellect of man can want to think in a certain direction, and according to this will the powers intervene and strengthen it. And then there is always a danger, when man does not want to give up a certain opinion or previous knowledge and allows spiritual powers to intervene and to have a further effect in the same direction, but which goes away from truth. (3.1.1953) It is also by no means to be assumed, that announcements form the spiritual kingdom always go through the control of a high light being, when the preconditions are not there - unconditional request of pure truth, what always requires putting aside of the own will. The good spiritual powers must always adapt themselves to the divine will, and it always respects the freedom of will of men. Where therefore the will of man does not allow a limitless influencing of those powers, they are not allowed to push themselves forward; they must respect the will of man, and that means that they are also not allowed to refuse those powers the access, which man himself calls through his will. A holding on to wrong knowledge always gives the bad powers the possibility to express themselves. For that reason self-criticism cannot be practised sharply enough, when it is about pure truth. And you all must be taught by God. God himself wants to supply pure truth to you; he has given you the promise. For that reason go to God, so you want to receive pure truth – ask him for information; ask him for enlightenment of the spirit; present your questions and doubts to him, and he will truly give you, what you ask. He will impart pure truth to you directly or also through light messengers, but who then always instruct you in his will, whose words are then to be accepted as God’s word, because they are bearers of light, bearers of truth from God, therefore also free of all error. Call God himself, and he will hear you. His word is truth, and what does not tally with this word does not come from him, even so it may seem good for you. There is only one truth, and it is God himself. But because the war is always waged between light and darkness, you must also include the work of the opponent of God and for that reason be attentive and check. He creeps in, where he just finds a hiding place, and he seeks to cause confusion. His striving will always be to belittle Jesus Christ and his work of redemption, to question or to present it so that a redeeming effect fails to materialize – that man loses faith in him, without whom there is no happiness for ever. For that reason he seeks to confuse the ideas, also there, where the will is good, but the complete devotion to God has not yet occurred. Carry all your love, all your desire, all your doubts, troubles and worries to God – and he will give you, what you need; he will teach you and introduce you to eternal truth; he will protect you from error and always be with you with his love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5569.


Book 61 5570

Counter effect of Satan where there is spiritual striving.

4. January 1953. B.D. NR 5570.

The opponent of God will always be working where work is done for God and his kingdom. Because his might is at stake that decreases to the same extent as the souls turn to the kingdom of God. And his work will always aim at throwing men into doubt, to present to them a false knowledge and so to make use of men who themselves do not have the truth, because these willingly support error and error is a good soil for God opposing powers. Who works for the kingdom of God will find many opponents, because his kingdom is not that what men seek and want. His kingdom requires turning away from the world and its pleasures, and only few are prepared for this, but most of them remain loyal to the world and therefore also to him who is lord of this world. But he who now announces the kingdom of God frequently encounters resistance and his work is unsuccessful. But that is a sign that he wants to bring the divine to men, that the majority of men are hostile towards him. These want to see success, they want to acquire tangible goods, they want to be in high standing on earth, and all this the kingdom of God does not offer them - and that what it offers to them they do not desire - spiritual goods that follow them into eternity. More and more the world will emerge, hedonism and good living of the body will be indulged in excessively and to the same extent the desire for the life of the soul hardens until finally a pitiful spiritual body leaves the earth that cannot enter into God's kingdom. Everywhere where spiritually striving men are, the counteracting forces start to move, because the opponent of God knows that he no longer has much time. But his work before the end is alarming, because men go into his net with open eyes; they prefer to follow him, than the messengers of God that announce his kingdom to the peoples of the world. Because God does not emerge visibly in order to let men have free will, but he is recognizable when one wants to recognize him. Because his messengers bring his word to men, his messengers again announce the pure teaching of Christ, his messengers admonish to love and want to help men that they do not blindly go to ruin. God and his kingdom is no longer recognized, his messengers are rejected, and life of men is not according to the will of God, it is not based on the commandment of the love of God and of the neighbour - because one is opposing it, who always succeeds there, where the eye is directed towards the world, because he will be rather heard than the announcers of the kingdom of God. Still the workers in the vineyard of the Lord are not to grow weary and are not to fear the powers of darkness. And even if they are only few who desire light, they will receive it and again radiate light, and also rays will fall into the darkness and there again show some the way that leads to God's kingdom. The work of the servants of God will not be done in vain because he himself is behind it with his power of love, and he blesses every activity that is carried out for him and his kingdom. And his kingdom remains when the kingdom of the world ceases to exist, his kingdom accepts all that seek it, that do not desire the world but gave themselves to God who now opens up his kingdom to them in all its glory.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5570.


Book 61 5571a

Formalities, rituals. Right worship.

6.1.1953. B.D. NR. 5571a.

Seek the core and do not enjoy the shell. How urgently I would like to urge you men to do this, that all formalities do not get you one step further, that only your inner life has to be awakened, that you can only then show a spiritual success when you strive spiritually. And as long as the external is still worth something to you, as long as you are still captivated by rituals, so long you cannot yet be introspective, because as soon as you direct your spiritual eye inwards, all externals have an effect on you like shades, you close the eyes and turn away from external splendour and ceremonial acts, because you then see the right light inside, which goes out from myself, which I arouse in every man who truly strives inside, who makes an effort to establish the right union with me, who now works on himself - who earnestly and truly seeks me. From him I let myself be found, and he will then also understand why I want to be called upon in spirit and in truth. But bear in mind that my kingdom is not of this world. So what still belongs to this world is a barrier to the spiritual world, to my kingdom, where material things no longer exist; Bear in mind that all matter is still controlled by him who rules in the world, and that it is his effort to offer you glitter and splendour, matter which blinds the eyes, to darken me to you through it, to keep you away from true spiritual striving; bear in mind that he makes use of everything which is still his part, to endanger you. Who earnestly seeks union with me, he may go into his closet and there call upon me, i.e., he may withdraw into silence and direct his thoughts inwards, and he will certainly find me; whereas a man will hardly be able to collect his thoughts where the world so obviously presents itself to him, where the eye can only always see and no true devotion is. I cannot be found there where I am announced in a way which is just idolatry, because the idol is paid tribute to which still animates all matter. My kingdom is not of this world. My words were so clear, and everyone could understand them and will also understand them, who earnestly strives for me and my kingdom. But you do not find my kingdom in the world, which still belongs to my opponent. Give up all externals when you want to serve me right; make a point of my love teaching only; follow it eagerly, and you then serve me so that I find pleasure in it.
B.D. NR. 5571a.


Book 61 5571b

Formalities, rituals. Right worship.

7. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5571b.

In all churches, where I am announced, you men hear the basic teachings, which can lead you to eternal happiness. If the teachings just die away at your ears, then they will also be of little use for you; but if you let them penetrate into the heart, then the seed, which is put into you, is fertilized and comes up, soon setting the whole field, your heart, in luxuriant vegetation – life is awakened in you, and the teaching of Christ, my word, which was announced to you, produces marvellous fruit. You mature at your soul and are approaching completion. For that reason each one church can help you to happiness, which makes my word accessible to you, but the receiving of my word is first condition, and this word is offered to you, when the teaching of Christ is imparted to you, which also gives you knowledge about Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of the world. Only through Jesus Christ you men can be happy, therefore knowledge must also be supplied to you about him and his work of redemption, and only through the fulfilment of his love commands you can approach completion, and for that reason you must also be instructed about his teaching. Where and how this teaching of Christ is imparted to you is unimportant, but that it is imparted to you, is urgently necessary, why I bless all announcers of my word, who seek to make me myself accessible to men, who testify of me, I who walked as man Jesus on earth and brought salvation to men. What is therefore suitable to inform men about my suffering and dying on the cross, of me becoming man and of my work of redemption, what is suitable to stimulate them to follow me, to move them to a life in unselfish neighbourly love, that is also according to my will and is blessed by me, no matter which school of thought aims to achieve this. But what goes beyond this, what does not accord with my love teaching, what is felt by men as burden, because it touches the free will of men – everything, what contradicts my simple way of life on earth, what further was added to my divine love commands, causes my displeasure and is not suitable to train true members of the church, which I myself have founded on earth. For where love is taught, it must also be practised itself – i.e., where need is, it is to be alleviated. And to whom I give earthly goods, he is to utilize them in the service of neighbourly love; he is to alleviate trouble according to best powers and ability. If this first command is disregarded, so also no blessing is to be expected, although my love teaching is announced, for then they are just empty words, which still have produced no transformation of the nature, then my word has therefore not yet come through to the heart, then it has not yet become alive in the heart of man; a seed has fallen on stony ground and for that reason could not come up. Nothing else can earn you eternal life in happiness than only a life in love. And where this teaching is preached to men quite urgently, there my Gospel is announced in truth. And were my love teaching is now given full expression to, there the right worship takes place, which pleases me and which earns you an unsuspected blessing.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5571b.


Book 61 5572

He knows that he no longer has much time.

9. January 1953. B.D. NR 5572.

The present time is very much under the influence of my opponent even though this is not to mean that I hold back with my might, with my love and favour. But men themselves grant him more rights through their will, their way of thinking, their acting and speaking. They therefore go away from me and can no longer feel my radiation of love which effects could liberate them from the influence of the opponent. It is the end-times; the time as it is written: He knows that he no longer has much time. And that is why he rages especially conspicuously and still will not be recognized by men. And my opponent fights there particularly fierce where the thriving towards me is visible. That will always be the explanation for you when spiritually striving men come into conflict with themselves or with their surroundings. Spiritual striving, i.e. the turning of looks towards me, loathes my opponent, it fills him with hate and vandalism, it gives him the most shameful ideas, and the effects are clearly felt among my children, among those who want to serve me loyally, among those who are to receive and carry out light into the world. Because he interferes with his will-o'-the-wisp, the light from above is in his way and he wants it to go out. He fights for every soul that he is threatened to lose and as the majority of men follows him voluntarily he gets angry about every soul that recognizes him and breaks away from him. It is an emanation of the times that is understandable to that man who knows about the cause and purpose of the ending of this period of the earth, who knows about the struggle between light and darkness and about the nearby end. And the more this is approaching the more vehemently he will rage and cause confusion among the ones who are mine because every cunning, every lie is all right with him, he unscrupulously makes use of all weapons, also when it means death for the soul for which he fights. He will appear under a mask and will often be difficult to be recognized; he will also turn up among the ones who are mine and deceive all that will let themselves be deceived from his mask. And I do not resist him because until the end of this world he has might and power and can put them to the test, but to the same extent I am also ready with my gifts of favour that, if they are used, will bring in victory over him in the day of judgement. It has to come true what has been announced to you men previously for a long time. And to this also belongs the raging of Satan in the last times before the end. But for all of you a way always remains that leads out of the chaos, a refuge remains for you towards which you can rush in every danger. Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Carry your suffering, your anxious questions, your fears and worries, your doubts to me. I am always ready for you, I will help you and give you strength when you are weak, I will lead you out of the trouble of your souls. Because he who seriously seeks me has no need to fear to fall into the hands of my opponent as I am already with him who longs for me. A small interval still and the flame will blaze up that my opponent ignites to hide himself in this blaze of light; his time is not yet complete, therefore he works to a greatest extent and makes good use of the time. But it will come to an end when this is my will. Because I indeed rule over heaven and earth, over the good and the bad spirit world and nothing can happen without my will or my permission. And it is my will that he will be bound for thousand years - that for a time the might and power over the human race will be taken from him; it is my will that peace once comes over men, that they, who have proved to be mine, will be redeemed from his power; it is my will that the ones who are mine carry off the victory over him, therefore I also will not leave them in times of hardest struggle, I will always be present and will not allow that you will be harried above your strength. And I only want to be allowed to be always present, i.e., you are despite of all challenges from his side to remain in love because then I myself can be with you and he then has to step aside from you whom he now has finally lost to me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5572.


Book 61 5573

God’s blessing over vineyard work.

10. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5573.

You show me a heart full of love, so you are prepared to serve me. And so you can also work with me together; you are able to work in my vineyard, because it is love, which drives you to this work. There are not many men, who consciously offer themselves to me for service. Look at men around you, who certainly pretend to believe and who still only establish the relationship with me, when they have earthly needs. But how far now the prayer in spirit and in truth is directed towards me, that exactly also determines the value of the relationship with me. A serious striving also establishes a relationship in spirit and in truth. But men are too much bound earthly, and I am a foreign idea for them, an imagination, with which they still have not concerned themselves with through thinking and who for that reason establish no living connection with me, which alone produces spiritual success. Who is just able to have a dialogue with me in quiet, who seeks me in thoughts and strives to come close to me, he will awaken to life, for he already connects himself with spiritual power, which drives him to further go on the way taken to the final destination, to the unification with me. For that reason only few men offer themselves consciously as servants in my vineyard, and for that reason I bless these few very particularly, because I need workers on earth, men, who are in contact with me and fellowmen and can now give and impart to these, what they still do not possess, because I need men, who carry out that on earth, what I myself would like to do, but cannot do, to not lead men by force to faith. How urgent this help is, you men cannot measure, but it is an act of love for your fellowmen, when you supply to them, what they lack. And it is again a great favour for you, when you receive from me, what serves you and fellowmen for the salvation of the soul. What is to help you to happiness must be supplied to you, and this can only happen, when a man consciously connects with me, opens his heart and receives strong food from me directly. But he can pass on this delicious food to his fellowmen, when loves drives him to do it, to help them in spiritual trouble. And I bless him for this will to help, because it is extremely necessary that men are helped, who themselves do not establish the connection with me, therefore can also not be fed directly and still so urgently need power for their way on earth, to reach the last destination, for the purpose of which they are on earth. They are only few, who recognize the spiritual trouble of men and want to help; they are only few, who stand in love and faith and for that reason can be instructed by me myself to spread my Gospel into the world. But were only the smallest will is for it, I myself prepare men for it and then put them into a field of activity, where they can work for me and my kingdom successfully. And I will keep them with my love, fill them with my power, give them light, therefore knowledge, and protect them from the attacks of him, who is against me. Who wants to serve me, he stands in love for me and the neighbour, and this love is the power, which enables him to always fulfil my will. This love connects him with me for ever and will always let him think and act so, as it is my will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5573.


Book 61 5574

Lighting the spark of God in man.

11. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5574.

The spark of God in man must be lighted. And that happens through love. You men all have the divine spark in you, which marks you as share of God, but it is apparently isolated from me, for I have put you outside of me as independent beings, so that you again seek the joining together with me out of own drive, in free will, because this joining together only now proves that you are full of the divine spirit through own will. For I can give you everything, but not direct your will, which is free. And only, what you accomplish in free will makes you to divine beings, to my image. Before you were certainly created by me in all perfection, but you had to prove exactly this perfection, by you striving for it in free will, and for that reason I put you out as free beings and isolated you apparently from me. And nevertheless you remained inseparably connected with me through the divine spark in you, which was my share. Understand now: You yourselves, i.e., your free will is to just light this spark, and then you also recognize that you are not separated from me, but that you yourselves, as part of me, are connected with me inseparably. This cognition will spur you on to consciously establish this connection with me. The God spark in you flares up, and the fire of love, which it lighted, increases. But love persistently pushes towards the original source of love – the spirit spark pushes towards the father spirit from eternity. What has been put outside unites again with me – the being has become, in free will, that, what I achieved, but what I could never create in this perfection.

You are to awaken the divine spark in you to life; what has been put into you, you are to carefully look after and increase. Love alone brings this about, for love is the fire, at which the God spark lights; love is of divine origin, but it is answerable to no force; love is your freest feeling, which can both suffocate as also enliven; love is the binder between me and you, but which you yourselves must produce, which cannot be given to you. Love is the proof of the desire meant for me and for that reason also the surest means to establish the joining together with me. Therefore you just need to bring love in you to development, and in this way you awaken the spirit spark in you to life, which as my share will now persistently strive towards me, which persistently drives you to love work and therefore also surely reaches the unification with the father spirit from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5574.


Book 61 5575

Possibilities for the reaching of the adoption of God.

12. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5575.

A compensation for all the trouble, which you must endure on earth, will truly be yours, and happily you will recognize, what your state of suffering on earth has brought in for you, which my love recognized as salutary for your soul and which for that reason was imposed on you only out of love. Believe it, you men, that you all still need maturation possibilities; that there is rarely a man on earth, whose soul is so crystalized at its leaving the body that it can enter the spiritual kingdom as my child – believe it that only few men would reach the degree of the adoption of God, which brings in the inheritance of the father to them, when I would not like to create the possibility for them, a state in illness and suffering, which can completely cleanse the soul and as it were means the clearing away of all debt still on earth.

But I know about the love ability and love willingness of each one man and therefore also about his degree of maturity. I truly know it best, who is already so on close terms with me that I can accept it as my child. But according to law from eternity the soul must be completely free from dross at its decease, because the highest degree of happiness, the adoption of God, can only be reached on earth, because a perfection of the soul in the spiritual kingdom, an ascent to the adoption of God, is no longer possible. For that reason the possibility is offered to the soul still on earth, to perfect itself, what a difficult earth existence full of suffering can achieve. Love and suffering lead the soul to perfection; love and suffering lets it mature; love and suffering lets it participate in the highest joys and the most blissful community with me – the child joins the father and remains connected to him for ever. But earth life is restricted; it is only a quick moment, measured at eternity, and no matter how full of suffering it is, the happiness at the heart of the father makes up for the suffering thousand times, and the soul looks back gratefully and recognizes the extreme great love of the father, who wanted to prepare this endless happiness for it and for that reason let it suffer on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5575.


Book 61 5576

Proofs for connection to the spiritual kingdom.

13. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5576.

Nothing is more important for men at the moment than that truth is supplied to them, which they urgently need. And for that reason it is also allowed that spiritual powers express themselves through the mouth of men to give to men for the present a proof that a connection from the spiritual kingdom to earth is possible. Only then they are also stand facing divine revelations prepared to believe, and they check themselves, according to their desire for truth. There is a connection from the spiritual kingdom to earth, and this knowledge encourages to the gathering of discoveries, for the time being pure intellectually. But the possibility always exists to build up on won knowledge and by this means come to truth, to right knowledge. The spiritual blindness of men is the greatest danger; the supply of truth therefore an urgent need, although the will of man must then first adapt itself positively to reach an advantage for the soul. To the willing man longing for truth, truth can certainly be supplied directly, but without the smallest knowledge man does not desire closer enlightenment; an area must first be proved to him, before he seeks to enter this area. And this proof can be supplied to every man, and spiritual powers always declare themselves willing to have an influence on those, also now and then to appear to just move men to faith in a kingdom, which exist outside of earth and which will also receive them after the laying down of the earthly body. This faith only will give their thoughts another direction and result in a striving for spiritual perfection, and for that reason the kingdom of light with its inhabitants is first to be made plausible to men, before they strive towards it. The light beings make this particularly their business in the time before the end. Only so the many appearances of unusual kind are to be explained, which will always appear more frequently and which all are to just aim to achieve to strengthen the ground of a faith in a opposite kingdom, so that then also all expressions, all revelations receive more attention; that a supply of pure truth from above is possible, so that the way may be shown to men, which leads into this spiritual kingdom. For what is said by men about it has long since lost its power of persuasion. Truth must come from above, so that it is also recognized and accepted as truth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5576.


Book 61 5577

God’s spirit in the man Jesus. Following.

14. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5577.

You men can be full of the divine spirit, so you live in the following of Jesus. As man he was not different than you; his life was just a fighting and wrestling against the desires, which he felt like you, but wanted to suppress out of love for me. His life was a life in love for the neighbour, whom he knew to be in trouble and whom he wanted to help. What he accomplished, that you men could also accomplish, so you were serious to receive me myself in all fullness in you. His soul was certainly from the kingdom of light, but it did not recognize itself as such, before the man Jesus was flooded through by my love spirit. Now and then my spirit certainly spoke out of him, then the man Jesus spoke supernaturally wise and put fellowmen in amazement. But as soon as my spirit hid again, Jesus felt exactly as man as you and his spiritual state, now and then brighter, confused and frightened him; he was reserved, but turned towards me in always more intimate love, which then also gave him the light about his earth assignment. The man Jesus had to wrestle with all powers, which were against him; he had to experience and suffer everything, whatever a man can suffer, for he has gone for you men the way ahead, which you also are to go and can go with my help. I myself helped him with my love power, which he constantly requested and acquired for himself through his love life. And this unusual supply of love power enabled him to accomplish the work of redemption. Also you men can accomplish the unusual, so you yourselves would like to acquire my love power through love work; but you lack the will, but which was extremely strong developed in the man Jesus, however again only as result of that love, which he brought in himself to development. His soul felt, as soul of light, the great spiritual trouble of the world around him, and its will to help was because of this so strong and stimulated the man Jesus to work in love. Also you men see trouble around you, spiritual and earthly, and so you would like to help, also the power would be supplied to you – for the will is taken into account. And also you can be full of the divine spirit, because every love work could also earn you my love power and therefore my spirit become effective in you. The following of Jesus would truly not be demanded of you men, when it would not be to be fulfilled. For again and again it must be emphasised that Jesus as man has walked his way on earth and that all divine qualities were his merits acquired as man; that not the divinity determined him to his journey through life, but that the man subjugated the divinity – well understood: that the love of the man Jesus moved me to unbounded renouncement of love, because I am powerless against love, because I myself am love from eternity. The man Jesus has conquered me myself with me; he has done what I myself had to do – what my original nature demands - to let love power have an effect. And every man, who works in love, forces me to self-renouncement. But this compulsion is the most happy making feeling for me, me who would always like to give away myself, but can only give away according to my law from eternity, where love comes to meet me. Love must connect the being with me, then it is filled by my spirit, by my love power, and then it can have an effect in and with me, then man as gone the way of the following of Jesus, which leads to the unification with me.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5577.


Book 61 5578a

Free will. (After conversation about fasting and prayer)

15. and 16. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5578a.

The will of men is free. For that reason they are also to do, what they think to be right and fear no displeasure from my side, as long as they have me in front of their eyes and in the heart. Man cannot sin, so he seeks to serve me, even so his acting deviates from my will, for then he does not recognize my will, but does not act consciously against it. And I see on him and his work with pleasure. A particular power current comes from men, who completely bend under me, who listen to the voice of the spirit in them in deep humility and quiet silent prayer. And the world around can also feel this power current, when it opens itself to it. Therefore the will of fellowmen is required, if a power radiation is to be obvious, as also faith must be there, where the power is to become effective. If fellowmen can now get stimulated, to supply to themselves a power current through the conscious connection with the power source, so they will also experience the blessing, which comes from the power source. And only so the powerful proofs of divine power, the innumerable healings of the sick and spiritual awakenings are to be explained, which first presuppose the will, to stand in the favour and power current of eternal love. Unsuspected powers can in this way come to development, for everyone is accepted, who pushes towards me, and my love radiates down to every man, who seriously seeks me and obviously comes to meet me. But my love radiation means power, which now expresses itself so, as man hopes. I want to be recognized, and I therefore do not hide from those, who believe in my might and power and want to be touched by it. But I can only reveal my identity to those to whom I am no longer foreign and who prove this through intimate joining together with me through love and prayer. Who recognizes me, will also love me and want to feel me in this love. Who joins together with me in intimate prayer, he also does not face his fellowman foreign and loveless, with whom he seeks communion, and therefore the preconditions are so given, which allow an obvious work of me. And therefore I bless men, and my blessing means healings and strengthening, my blessing means life and light. Where many expect my power, many will receive power, for I always hand out according to desire. But the same can also take place at individual men, without that the mass takes note of it. The will alone opens the hearts to me, and each one can prove the will in another way. The will allows my obvious work or prevents it – but what is not to mean that man just needs to desire a miracle, to also experience this miracle. The will, which causes me to a power expression, must be intimate and fully turned towards me, what also depends on deep love for me and for the neighbour. Then it will be complied with it in public or also in the quiet. And such will is also prepared to give, to sacrifice and to help, and that is his power and guarantee that I do not refuse to give myself.
B.D. NR. 5578a.


Book 61 5578b

Free will. (After conversation about fasting and prayer)

16. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5578b.

A community can lead to great blessing, but it also can easily become a slave to becoming trivial, always the will of the individual is decisive, whether a spiritual success is reached. Who now voluntarily seeks to fashion himself so that I myself can take residence in him, to him I will also reveal myself always to the blessing of those, who are in his surroundings and again have the same will, to get into contact with me. Each one is for himself, for his soul, alone responsible, and for that reason to no man can the work at his soul be spared, and this work consists of the laying down of the faults and weaknesses and the acquiring of virtues, which mark him to a divine being. This soul work also cannot be done mechanically through exercising formal acts, which for example lack love. On the other hand success can be increased, when man carries out a systematic self-training, when he consciously fights against desires and vices of all kind, when he renounces all that, what means a danger for him, and does that, what brings him closer to me; when he is abstemious and avoids that, what, as share of my opponent, can also hand him over to my opponent. Who has much cause to sin, is to keep out of the way of these causes; who fears a danger, is to avoid it, so he feels too weak to be able to resist. But who again and always again just practises love, he will become strong in spirit and also be a match for every temptation. For love is not to be replaced, and no matter how much man chastises himself. Love is the solvent of the spirit and its power, and where love is, also every desire is displaced; the "self" steps back and fellowman into the foreground, and the power of love causes miracles, which now understandably also have the power of faith as reasons, which can be so big in men of enlightened will that my spirit is caused to the power expression in excess. Everything is good, what leads to self-fashioning to love. That man, who can do without himself, fights his self-love and changes it to love for fellowmen, to whom he would like to supply that, what he himself renounces to help him. Then self-renouncement is based on love, and then it is blessed for the spiritual development of the individual, then man lives in love, then he voluntarily renounces that, what is still indispensable for the other. And I bless him for that – but as I also bless every spiritual striving, every proof of faith, to live according to my pleasure. For who strives towards me, he also irrevocably reaches me, no matter which way he walks on. The will towards me is the guarantee that he reaches me. For that reason it remains up to every man in which way he fulfils my commands of love for me and for the neighbour, when it is just his firm will, to fulfil them, and he for that reason connects with me in prayer. Then I come to meet the one asking, then my spirit gets active in him, and his work will always be recognizable according to the degree of love, according to the love power, which fills the man, who wants to work for me and for my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5578b.


Book 61 5579

Purpose of suffering and misery.

17. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5579.

You are all led, as my wisdom recognizes it as blessed for you, and consequently every one of you is entrusted to a spiritual guardianship, which makes your ascent development its business. But in no way compulsion is exerted on you, why you always determine the destination of your way yourselves. But no matter how you walk, your guides do not leave you, and they also go with you on dark ways and try again and again to give your looks the right direction of destination, otherwise you would be at the mercy of the powers of darkness without restraint. As long as you therefore live on earth, it is never too late, to change the course, and for that reason also still possible until the decease that a change of mind can happen in you, which means rescue out of greatest danger – to get into deepest darkness after the decease of the earthy body. The spiritual guides do not give you up until the hour of death, and as long also a turning back from the way of ruin is possible, for they will always entice and push you on to the right way, only exactly in such a way that it is no compulsion, which could never help you to perfection. They can always only influence you in the form of thoughts, which you can now accept and depend on, but can also push back, when your will is still completely turned away from me. For that reason also the thought towards that, what lies before you, will emerge now and then until the end of your life, and even the unbeliever cannot fight such thought, only also quickly reject them again; but the quiet admonisher again and again emerges, particularly strong in the days of bodily weaknesses and trouble, in the state of afflictions and sufferings, which remind him of his end. For as long as man can think, the guides seek to express themselves through thoughts, even so they have little or no success. For they work in my will, and my will, my love and my care is meant for my creatures always and for ever, and I just want their perfection, but not their ruin. But the freedom of your will goes beyond everything; otherwise you all would already be liberated from trouble and agony; however could never reach perfection, but which is your destination and your purpose. For that reason I certainly can help you; I can ordain your fate that it may serve you for the best of your soul, but I must leave it to you, how you utilize my favour. I can join guides to you, who show you the way, but you must want yourselves and willingly leave yourselves to the guidance, then you go right and will reach your destination.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5579.


Book 61 5580

Spiritual guidance on all ways.

18. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5580.

Through suffering and misery so many men must go to find to me, whom they have eliminated from their thoughts and without whom they still cannot live in eternity. For that reason suffering and worries are to be seen as favours so long, as men are still completely without faith in me, and for that reason such sufferings and troubles can only then be taken from them, so they also have found by this means to me. I do not want that men must suffer, but I recognize the necessity, to lead them on to the right way through unusual suffering; I recognize their often uncompromising will, which defies me and which I cannot break forcibly to not endanger its perfection; I therefore can only seek to change this will through means, which finally men determine themselves, to call me, to then supply the proof to them through help for their faith that I am from eternity to eternity and stand in indissoluble connection with my creatures. But suffering and trouble can also concern believing men, and also for these they are means of favour to increase the maturity of their soul. But who is believing also bears his suffering with patience and submission into my will, for he is also not without cognition, because a believing man is also not without love and love has brought in cognition for him. He also lives in this world with senses directed spiritually, and his sufferings still give his soul the last perfection. But where the earthly world still stands in the foreground, faith in me often gets lost, or it becomes mere form, and then I also know means and ways to let it again rise to new life; then I also show myself obviously as the powerful and loving God and father from eternity, when men themselves allow this through intimate connection with me, through the call for help, which is sent to me in the spirit and in truth. Right faith will always be rewarded by me through the granting of the requests, and that faith can be called a right one, always presupposes love, love of men for suffering fellowmen, to whom help is to be brought. I truly want to grant you your prayers, so love for fellowman causes you to call me for help. For everything what you request out of love, will be granted to you. And so the suffering of fellowman drives you to intimate prayer, I hear you and give a favourable hearing to you, so that you can now announce the might and power and love of God, the creator of heaven and of earth, who reveals himself to men, who believe in him, love him and keep his commands and for that reason are also filled with his spirit, which now works with his power.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5580.


Book 61 5581

Vanity of earthly worries.

19. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5581.

How vain are really all earthly worries, and how serious and high do you assess them. And what alone is important, to that you men pay little attention, and for that reason your troubles and worries become greater and greater, because they are to move you to think of me and your own soul. And so this is achieved, then the troubles and worries were a blessing, but where also these did not achieved it that man turned towards me, the danger is often great that lower powers are now getting active and help man, but always under the loss of the soul, which the prince of darkness seeks to win. Faithlessness becomes greater and greater; without hesitation men give me up and greedily grasp for material goods, which they as it were receive as purchase price, because they give me up and therefore also their soul. And because of that the earthly trouble increases and is so obviously recognizable as having been brought into the world by Satan. For unbelief and earthly terrors will always appear together, because Satan rules, where faith is no longer, but deep faith always means a way out from every trouble. For that reason earthly trouble does not need to be assessed so highly, for deep faith in me can and will remove it. But this also presupposes a certain maturity of the soul, an intimate connection with me, who always then helps you and ends the trouble. To the unbeliever a trouble appears gigantic; the same trouble hardly touches the believer, as he really knows one above him, who has sent it and can also take it again from him, whereas the unbeliever summons up his own power to become master of that trouble, and when he does not succeed, then accepts the support from below, i.e. reaches for means, which promise success, and with great certainty and expectation forces everything, what seemed to depress him. Unbelief is also a power, but of which must be warned, for the unbeliever stands in association with him, who also has power at his disposal, however uses it wrongly and so also that receiver of power uses it for sinful action. For that reason this power can cause unimaginable damage, when man abandons himself to it, when he so completely breaks away from me that my opponent has full power over him. Every earthy trouble is to lead you men to me, and in every trouble you are to first think of your soul, whether it perhaps needs this trouble for the joining together with me. Already such a serious question can decrease the burden, for it is put into you, so that you give heed to and recognize the meaning of your worries. You can very easily get rid of these worries through a serious call to me for power and help. I just wait for such a call, to then grant my help to you, for I just want to protect your soul from the depth, and I can do this, as soon as turn your eyes up and call me. But do not be of a stubborn heart; do not believe being able to liberate yourselves out of your own power from every difficult situation. You men are all weak and need support, but turn to the right source, where you can draw power; do not let yourselves be tempted by my opponent, who promises you everything and does harm to your soul, which you can no longer correct, unless you call me that I heal you.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5581.


Book 61 5582

Divine mercy.

20. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5582.

The divine mercy seizes you and protects you from the fall into the deepest depth, for it means to you an eternal turning away from God and therefore eternal agony and darkness. The divine mercy stops this fall, by banishing the spiritual, the soul striving for the deep, into solid matter, a banishment, which always leads to an ascending success, because the spiritual itself can now no longer want and must now, even so forced, adapt itself to the eternal order. This state of compulsion is the just compensation for the previous striving downwards; but the divine mercy combines with this just atonement the simultaneous ascent, and so the spiritual reaches in the mandatory state still once again its freedom of will, to be anew able to prove it, to again decide, whether it wants to dwell up or again strive for the depth. There is also an abysmal fall for this spiritual, but divine love and mercy does not abandon the spiritual to its fate, which it, in its imperfection, would create for itself. God rescues, as long as this is possible, and his means of help are indeed extremely agonizing, but they still once lead to the destination. As long as the being is subjugated to the divine will, as long as it is therefore in the mandatory state, the ascent development is secured, but free will is always the rock, exactly because the being is still imperfect and strives for the depth. It can go away from God endlessly far and will nevertheless never be outside of the area of divine love and mercy, because God never abandons his property to his opponent, because the products of his love are never given up by him, but his aim is the final leading back of the spiritual, which he will also achieve once. And he never leaves the fallen spiritual in the depth, but he again and again gives it the opportunity to begin the course of development. He again and again lets new creations arise, which become the stay for the spiritual, that its evil directed will is bound and it must subordinate itself to the will of God, as long as this compulsion of the will is necessary. For the spiritual, which in its evil will wants to rule, must learn to serve, and because it does not serve voluntarily, it stands in the mandatory law and now ascends through its serving. This course of development through the creations can make the will of the spiritual submissive, so that it also subjugates itself in free will completely to the divine will. And because this is possible, the merciful love of God is persistently active, to let new creations arise and to stop, through the banishment of the spiritual, the fall into the deepest depth, because he longs for his creatures and for that reason he wrests from his opponent the victims, until they strive towards him in free will, until they, as man, have recognized the great love and mercy of God and now see in him their father, to whom they want to belong for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5582.


Book 61 5583

Living connection – receiving of the divine word.

21. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5583.

The living connection with me experiences its culmination through the supply of my word. Man has a proof of my presence, which would now also make him happy and rapture him beyond earth, when I would let him become aware of the great favour, which is given away to him through this living connection with me. But for the sake of himself he is not hit by the extreme radiating light in its whole power, for the soul could then no longer dwell on earth, so it would have consciously looked into the spiritual kingdom. And each one transmission of my word is a looking into the spiritual kingdom, which the soul certainly experiences, but cannot impart the seen to the human intellect. Man still has to dwell in earthly spheres, and light for that reason radiates upon him in that degree only, as he can endure it to not become unsuitable for earth life. But the soul’s advantage is incomprehensible for you, and that cannot be taken from it for ever, what it was once allowed to receive, what my love offered to it – to receive the living word, to be addressed by the father from eternity, consequently having provably experienced his presence is something so powerful that it would overwhelm you men, so you would have full understanding for it, so you be touched by my love ray in its whole power. Moreover I demand your whole devotion of the free will. But it would no more be free, so you would once enjoy the happiness of the connection with me. You would then, for the sake of this happiness, be completely subjugated to me; you would then already be happy spirits already on earth – and nevertheless still not so perfect to be able to be received in the kingdom of light, because the will is to subjugate itself to me without all compulsion, because you still must wrestle on earth and also your devotion to me is to be an overcoming of your faults and weaknesses, of your earthly and bodily desires, so that your soul is always more and more purified and by this means enabled to endure the happiness of my nearness. What you are to do on earth for me and my kingdom must be completely your free will, and it is stimulated to its own activity so long, as you feel weak, as you still feel your distance from me. And I truly pay you for this free will with highest happiness, but only, so you lay down the earthly body and begin your work for me and my kingdom as happy spirits. Then you will feel the power of my word, the bliss of my love radiation, as heavenly happiness, and then you will also recognize, which incomprehensible gift of favour you possessed on earth, and thank me for ever for the proof of my love, which helped you to your perfection.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5583.


Book 61 5584

Redemption of erroneous souls is the work of the servants in the vineyard.

23. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5584

With great eagerness you are to busy yourselves with the redemption of erroneous souls. The trouble is great, and the souls need you, for alone they do not find the way to me. Men will always be led into the way for you, who are without faith and lead a happy-go-lucky life, without thinking of it that they have to fulfil a task on earth. To inform these men about their earth life task, to lovingly point them to their creator and father from eternity, before whom they have to answer for in future, to make me out as loving and compassionate, but also just, to them and to lead them to faith, that is your work, which you are to carry out, if you want to serve me as servants in my vineyard. What you therefore do to lead these men to knowledge, is right before my eyes and is assessed as redemption work. Every man can do such redemption work, who believes in me and wants to serve me, by him seeking to transmit his own faith on to fellowmen, as a result of which already the greatest spiritual trouble is banished, which exists in gross unbelief. But so you want to do more for me and my kingdom, so you are to announce to men the Gospel in my name – indeed then, when you receive the task from me myself. And this task will then be enacted to you, when you possess the ability to teach in my name. For announcing the Gospel means to introduce men to truth, to impart spiritual knowledge to them, which is completely according to truth and that for that reason you only then possess yourselves, so you are instructed by me myself. If you now feel in you a pushing to announce me to fellowmen, to just help their souls to happiness, so also this pushing is a gentle sign from me, to put yourselves to the place, where you can successfully work on the souls of your fellowmen. Then speak without any inhibitions, as it comes into your mind, for then you are driven by my spirit, and then the words have been put into your mouth, then you can only speak so, as it is pleasing to me, and then your words will also not miss their impression, because the spirit of love pushes you, which wants to express itself through you, and then you do redemption work, for all men, who have accepted the teachings from you and are active accordingly, free themselves from their fetters; they believe and now find the right way to me. Everything, what you do to fellowmen in the will of love, has a blessed effect on them, and if you yourselves are now seized by the spirit of love, so all your beginning will be a radiation of love, which carries on having an effect, therefore earns those again a spiritual advantage, to whom you give your love. Who is now of an open mind, he recognizes the need everywhere around him, spiritually and also earthly, and the will pushes him to help there, because he also recognizes it, why these men are in trouble – because he recognizes that it is unbelief, which has earned them their earthly trouble. He wants to bring to them a ray of hope; he wants to introduce them to something up to now unknown, when I myself am made accessible to them as a being, that is highly perfect, full of love, wise and powerful. And as soon as you make this your business, to make me accessible to fellowmen, to help them to faith in me, you are active redeeming and loyal workers in my vineyard, to whom I want to assign an always greater field of work, because the trouble is great and still much work is to be done until the end. Because men have lost their faith; they live in the world, and also their souls have embodied themselves in the world that it needs great effort to liberate them and to show them the way, which leads to their true home and which they must go to be happy.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5584.


Book 61 5585

The will of man determines the lot in the hereafter.

24. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5585.

You can sink out and out, but also ascend immeasurably and enjoy happiness in excess. And both are left up to you, to live for ever in most terrible agony or in happiness. I do not determine your lot, your state in the spiritual kingdom; you yourselves create it in complete freedom of will. You do not know about it – you could certainly object to it and so seek to shift the responsibility. But why do you know nothing? Because you reject all information about it; because you dismiss everything as implausible, what could remind you of your lot in future, because you want to know nothing. And you will also have to take responsibility for it that you do not listen to those, who want to supply you the knowledge about it; you will have to take responsibility for your own thoughts, for they are constantly stimulated by spiritual beings, so that you are already only mentally referred to and would not need to act wrongly, therefore could acquire eternal life also without direct instruction from the human side. You can live for ever, because your will can just as well be directed right, because in no direction you can be forced and because I have given you the intellect; you are therefore also enabled to think and would just need to use this gift. Sin and maliciousness is just as little compulsion, as activity in love. You alone determine what you want to do and to leave. You alone therefore also determine your lot in eternity. The tendency downwards is still very strong in you, but the favours from above can give you the compensation, so that you do not need to fall, but can keep you and also slowly go upwards. And my favours remain denied to no man. And just as my opponent seeks to pull you down into the depth, also powers from above are prepared to help you upwards, and my love does not give you up; my love does not let up to pull you to it, and therefore you alone have to decide it, to whom you grant power over you, and no-one can make this decision for you. But are you also aware of the result of this your decision? As long as you reject all thoughts of such kind, you carelessly pass over this question, but it is exceptionally serious, and this you men are to consider. You cannot withdraw from the responsibility; you once have to give account about your thinking and wanting, and you will bitterly regret it having rejected carelessly all enlightenment, for each one man must irrevocably take that lot upon himself, which his way of life has earned him; each one man gets judged according to his works and according to his will.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5585.


Book 61 5586

God himself will appear.

25. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5586.

I am still appearing inconspicuously; my work is still not obvious to all men. But a time will come, where I will not just work out of the public eye, but unusual phenomena announce me myself and my work, but which always only the believing man will experience, while the possibility always remains before fellowman, to doubt it, although their confirmations will make him wonder. And I want it that men are to attend and think, and I will therefore reveal myself on many occasions, although that is only possible with believers, but who then also firmly and convinced support these signs of my presence. And the believers experience by these means a great strengthening; the believers recognize, in which time they live; they also need an unusual supply of power and will eagerly confess my name and my teaching and consequently do for me successful work in the last time before the end. I reveal myself to you in many different ways. I still want to rescue before the downfall, who is still to be rescued; I want to make it easy for men to believe; I want to help them in every way to find the way to me; in great trouble I want to let them experience and hear unusual things that they then themselves take refuge to me and with a small glimmer of hope ask me for help, which I then want to grant to them so obviously, so that they learn to believe and no longer give me up. But also my opponent will make use of this time and likewise seek to win men for him. Also he will hand out power to those, who completely dislike me, and it is these, who seek to invalidate my unusual work, who want to destroy all faith in me, who mock all believers and treat them with hostility and gloat over their trouble, which appears before the world greater than it is felt by the believers. For I give them power and make them happy with my presence, so that they let no doubt come up in them any longer, so they have once experienced me. And they will experience me. Where deep faith and real loving attitude is, there I obviously appear and leave a quiet happiness with mine; they will feel safe in me and fearlessly will let everything wash over them and clearly recognize the last time thereby; I myself will help mine, strengthen their faith, alleviate earthly trouble; I will supply my word to them and also be personally with those, who love me and want to remain loyal to me until the end.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5586.


Book 61 5587


26. and 27. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5587.

Approach God in all humility, and he will lean towards you full of love. Listen to the voice of your heart; do not become of an arrogant spirit, where his love becomes obvious for you, but always remain devoted to him in humility, then the measure of favour is inexhaustible, which he pours out over you, then you are truly his children, who have found the way to the father heart. Humility must completely fill you, and also the greatest gift of love is not allowed to let you become arrogant, for it is only his extreme great love, which gives you that gift, but not your worthiness. What is weak, is lovingly seen by God, as soon as it recognizes its weakness and restrains itself from eternal love in all humility. Then it is truly covered by a fullness of favour, which secures a high ascent for you. And so a simple explanation is given to you men, when and how God gives away his gifts of favour; information is given to you, what alone is necessary to receive a richest measure of favour. Humility is put up as that virtue, which is seen by God with eyes of love, which moves him, to renounce himself to hand out a wealth of favours, which certainly leads man to the destination, to the unification of the child with the father. As a child comes to meet the father in all humility, so also man must feel humble to the eternal father. But where humility declines, there also God withdraws his favour. But humility demands nothing for itself; humility feels so infinitely small to the divinity, which it well suspects, but does not dare to address it. Real humility will just produce babble; it will not be able to express itself with words, because it does not dare to direct words towards the highest being, which with one thought can already destroy, what it once has created. Humility is silent and just falls down before the face of God, pleading for his mercy. Humility patiently waits until it is raised by his kind hand. And where you men recognize this humility, there the current of favour also flows into the heart uninterruptedly, there the presence of God is visible, there the connection is created from earth to heaven, there God himself leans to earth and fills the vessel with his favour, which is offered to him open, the heart, which humbly devotes itself to God in the cognition of its unworthiness and weakness. (27.1.1953) For the humility of the heart is the highest ornament of the soul; it opens as it were the gate to the spiritual kingdom; it opens the source of favour, for where humility is, is also love for God, whom the soul acknowledges as over holy being, to whom it hardly dares to look up, but whom it strives for, to whom it would like to give for himself totally: The devotion of the soul full of humility to its creator and father from eternity is the shortest way to him, for a powerful wave of love and favour carries it over all obstacles to the heart of the father, who graciously draws it to himself, because a humble soul is pleasing to him. True humility of the heart does not need to be recognizable outwardly, it just often hides behind an impenetrable nature, for true humility is not meant for men, but for God and creator from eternity; true humility does not dare to come out; it goes quiet, lonely ways in modesty and never steps out; it is without all self-love, but always makes an effort to also put to fellowmen the greatness and holiness of God before the eyes, because it itself feels it how small and needy man is to his holiness. And it will find favour in excess – for its whole nature is detestation of the former sin of defection from God, whom it would never ever like to insult and who therefore seizes its complete will turned towards him and draws the soul to himself in hottest merciful love.
Amen B.D. NR. 5587.


Book 61 5588

False gods. Divine admiration. (Antichrist?)

28. January 1953. B.D. NR 5588.

You are not to make false gods for yourself that you worship; you are not to let yourself be blinded by nice speeches to which you listen in ecstasy; you are not to listen to those who promise you good days on earth, who want to persuade you to belong to them and to strengthen their power; you are not to strive for connections to high-ranking personalities to win their favour; you are also not to feel yourself being associated with those who appear unusually, who have power that you lack as long as you are not completely convinced that they are my representatives on earth which I well supply with power but have not placed so high that you look up to them. You are not to show divine reverence to men who are above you because I do not want that one rules over the others even if he is entitled to it through authority. Only for the sake of human order I have placed authority above you that you are well to obey, but that you are not to elevate to gods because they will then be only idols to you that are and remain dead and cannot give life to you. You are all to be brothers and live like brothers among each other and when one is among you who is rich in experience, who is noble and good and whom you like to grant pre-eminence among you then it is to be only a proof of love from brother to brother but not a humble subjection and with it an ennobling of the brother above you. You are to be careful not to show divine admiration to a man because then you have foreign gods next to me. And who lets himself shown divine reverence, who feels to be superior to the fellow human beings, who abuses his authority to oppress his subordinates, he is not mine but belongs to my opponent because he does according to his commandment since my commandment is only love and nobody will rule who has love in himself. I also do not want that you look up to those who are like you men unless they outclass you in love and virtues and you seek to follow them. But these will demand no honour, no idolization from you but will reject it as being attached only to me. But who accepts honour, who puts up with even only the smallest glorification, who waits to be elevated by his fellow human beings, who rates himself to be higher than his fellow humans, is already inspired by the spirit of him who wanted to lift himself up above me to rule and completely disregarded love. And this one can never ever work in my name on earth because he pursues worldly aims; he still seeks on earth the height and will never reach it. Know that only the humble finds favour before my eyes and this alone should be a warning to you when a man lets divine admiration be shown to him. Therefore be careful and do not let yourself be blinded by the glitter of stars that will yet flash in front of you, but which have themselves put on a shining garment to feign light to you. Be vigilant because my light gives off a mild shine, my light does not radiate outwardly but who carries it in the heart goes along humbly and no longer seeks what belongs to the world. But the prince of darkness is arrogant and wants to carry weight before the world. At that you will always recognize which spirit speaks out of men who want to bring salvation to you and the knowledge will prevent you to bow the knees before him who is my opponent.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5588.


Book 61 5589

Sudden end in the midst of frenzy of worldly pleasures.

29. January 1953. B.D. NR 5589.

In the frenzy of worldly pleasures men do not pay attention to the signs from above and the end is approaching fast. The world has their senses spellbound; the spirit is completely befuddled; they respect no God and do not fear any might above them because they are content with the measures of the earthly rulers whom they cheer all the more the more worldly they are and promise them worldly improvements. It is a state like at the time of the flood; the increased joys of living prevent them from any spiritual thought and the fulfilment of their wishes and desires is sinful, because they are no longer moderate and enjoy unbridledly and through this place themselves completely into the hands of the opponent of God. And with these men he has his game in his hand; he lured with earthly goods and won them surprisingly fast. But his victory means death for men, the death of the body and of the soul, because the end is not to be long in coming; the end comes in the midst of the frenzy of the pleasures, unexpectedly and so fast that nobody is able to think about things und escape is no longer possible. They could well have recognized it that it is just before midnight because all signs spoke for it, but they plugged their ears and eyes so that they need not hear and see what they did not want to hear and see. And so the end comes surprisingly. When lust and vice have culminated, when sin gets out of hand that it can no longer be called to halt through warnings and exhortations of the servants of God - then judgement has to come that has been announced always and constantly. That is why you are to pay attention to the signs; an earthly prosperity will be recognizable that means uninhibited enjoyment of life for worldly people, who now seek to get whatever is possible out of the world. At the same time the warnings of their believing brothers will be uncomfortable and troublesome for them and that is why they will be hostile towards them to such an extent that a time of trouble begins for the believers for the sake of the name of Jesus, because his teaching will be made the aim of the attacks of the sinful people and because everybody, who confesses Jesus and his teaching will be robbed of that what is necessary for his life. But this time of trouble will pass for the good of the believers, because their faith will become stronger and stronger, because obviously a power from above is supplied to them and because they can hear the word of God directly or through his messengers. And that is the time that still lies ahead of you, that will come irrevocably and that has to be overcome, as it is now a matter of separating the goats from the sheep, because a clarification of the mentality of the individual has to come, because the individual has to decide for or against God and such a decision is supposed to take place in complete free will and that is why also an oppression on the part of earthly authority is allowed, but as also favours from above give unusual strength to those, who want to use them in faith in God - in Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of the world. Men will still have to experience hard times, but blessed who feels life to be hard. Because the others will perish, because they did pay attention to no signs, because they fear nothing for themselves and therefore have to face adjudication on the day of judgement, when the end of this earth has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5589.


Book 61 5590

Sudden recall.

30. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5590.

Nobody knows when his last hour has come and nobody knows in which state he will enter the spiritual kingdom; but everybody can make an effort to live in such a way that he does not have to fear the last hour. And as men now live from day to day without thinking, as they forget how quickly they can be recalled, they no longer remember their purpose in life and only live for this earthly world; they will frequently be reminded of the end through the sudden recall of fellow humans that lets them think after all for a short time of what also still lies ahead of them and can lie ahead very soon. Everything happens to encourage men to think and when the one is without effect than something more powerful comes that startles men and lets them recognize the vanity of earthly life. And who pays attention sees how everything points to the end, who pays attention also recognizes the signs of the times, the spiritual low of men and the urgency of help if not all are to get lost. But what can set someone thinking, at that the other carelessly goes past - whatever happens, it does not touch him, and these are those who are obviously given an earthly good living. But do not be surprised at this, because they have lost their award. On earth they will be given plenty, because they then have to expect nothing more; they will be supplied with everything from below what they desire. And do not envy these, because their fate is certainly not desirable. But they will be the ones who oppose everything, what points towards God, to the end and to judgement. They will stir up hatred and will make inciting speeches, because they are under the influence of Satan who will be exceedingly active in the latter times. They will also agree with him, who issues laws against the believers; they will strengthen him in his power and therefore will be distinguished and honoured on earth and own everything what they strive for, but their souls are devilish and therefore can only receive that reward that they are entitled to. Prosperity will be noticeable, but also the misery and trouble of those, who are loyal to God and have to confess this openly before the world. But you men are to watch out for this, that it is an unmistakable sign of the nearby end, when the crass difference openly comes to light and then hold out patiently, because then also soon the day of your redemption has come. Still much is going to happen to shake men up and every thinking man will collect himself and still change, but men, on whom all this does not leave its mark, will have to pay for it for an endless long time that they keep their ears closed to all warnings and exhortation from above; they will have to take the fate on themselves that they strive for - they themselves will become matter, that alone they desire.
Amen. B.D. NR.5590.


Book 61 5591

Trouble of the souls in the depth. Intercessions.

30. January 1953. B.D. NR. 5591.

Great is the trouble of those souls, which suddenly and unprepared are recalled from earth, so they have not already reached a degree of maturity through a God pleasing way of life, which makes them suitable for the kingdom of light. But the majority goes over into the spiritual kingdom in a truly pitiable state – without faith in Jesus Christ, without the smallest cognition and completely without power, since they lack love and therefore also no works of love follow them into the spiritual kingdom. They are poor and miserable and do not know, where they are to turn for help, because they have no faith in the one, who can redeem them from all sin and all suffering - Jesus Christ, who truly would hear every call for him. The spiritual kingdom receives all souls, which have departed from earth, but how different are the spheres, which now offer them stay. But the kingdom of darkness is populated the most, and it constantly receives new inhabitants, because also on earth is great darkness and the souls go to the same place, which they have left. There the trouble is so unbearable that the souls would like to flee from it, but what they cannot do by themselves, but need support. These souls again and again return to earth and stay near men, who were close to them on earth or are welcome objects for them through the same nature, to transfer their own will on them, therefore to carry on having an effect on earth indirectly. Such souls can hardly be improved, and nevertheless also they are to be remembered in prayer, so that through intercession stirrings awaken in them, which can lead to a change. Where a loving prayer follows the souls of the deceased, is always hope that they can soon exchange the dark stay with a weakly dim place, and they then seek the light, until they find it. The souls of darkness must often dwell very long in the depth, because they make no attempt to get out and only the desire for light earns them light. For that reason you men cannot pray enough for these souls that they strive for the light; that the desire may awaken in them to come into some lighter surroundings. For the will of the being is decisive, and for the strengthening and change of a wrong will you men are to pray again and again, if you want to help the souls, which suddenly depart from earth, which are recalled in the midst of life and possess little or no spiritual knowledge at all. They can be helped, so you just want to help them, so you give them love and would like to redeem them from darkness. The trouble is gigantic and cannot be removed compulsorily. A recall from earth prematurely is often an act of mercy for these souls that they do not still sink further and then the redemption form the depth would still be far more difficult, because the will is then still more stubborn and completely directed against God. For that reason remember those, who depart suddenly from earth, and send them loving thoughts, so that they feel attracted by you, to return to earth and can learn from you, for they will always stay near those, who give them love; they will far more likely be prepared to receive mental instructions from you, than they would have done it on earth, and the premature death can for such souls still be the only way to a change of will, so you give them power through your love, through your prayer, which is meant for the redemption of these poor souls from darkness.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5591.


Book 61 5592

"I am the light of the world." Light is truth.

1. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5592.

I am the light of the world, and only where I am, can the light shine, but where I am not, there is darkness. Who lets these words penetrate deep into the heart, he will also soon be touched by a ray of light, for he will recognize that he must take the way to me, to reach the light. But light is truth, and truth goes out from me. And so no-one can walk in truth, who is far from God, who has not received my myself in him that I light a light in him. But receiving me means to make love to his property, for who lives in love, he lives in me and I in him. I am therefore love, truth, light, life. Without me you live far away, in darkness. No matter wherever else you seek light – you will not find it, so you do not light it in yourselves through love; so you do not draw me, I who am myself love, to you through work in love. There can be disorder in your thoughts, but then is also disorder in your hearts, then love is not in you, which orders everything according to eternal law, which also directs your thinking right and lets no lack of clarity, no questions and no doubts, come up in you. So is therefore light only then in you, when I myself have been received in the heart, because I myself am the light from eternity. But it is up to you to choose light or darkness. If you believe in me, through whom the light has come into the world, if you believe in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption, then you will also seek to win me; through me you will let yourselves be called out of darkness; you will listen to my voice; you will recognize my commands of love as my will, and you will enter into my will for the sake of the light; you will long for me, for my love, for life, which I have promised you; you will recognize that there is no life without me, and therefore voluntarily step into the shine of the light, which I myself radiate; you will seek the light and also find it. You will move in truth, as soon as you move in love. There is no other way to reach truth than through love. And that will also explain to you the error spread over the whole world, which infallibly must be there, where no love is. But love has cooled among men. Where should there still truth to be found, which cannot be, where I am not myself, which is not outside of me and which has been driven out by the lack of love of men itself. Where no love is, is darkness, and no matter how highly developed the intellect of men is. I am the light of the world; but I am also eternal love – but where the light is extinguished, where love is not found, there is also darkness of the spirit, there is error, ignorance, blindness and spiritual arrogance, for there the prince of darkness rules, who wants to drive out truth and by this means also him, who is eternal truth, who is the light from eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5592.


Book 61 5593

God does not damn, but wants to redeem.

2. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5593.

I do not damn men and push the souls into darkness, but they themselves strive for the depth; they themselves speak for themselves the judgement through their way of life, which is so that the prince of darkness can take possession of them and pulls them down into his area. I am a God of love, and I am sorry for all these souls, because my principle is, to make everything happy, what has once emerged from me. I see their trouble; I see their pitiable state and would like to help them all; but as long as they turn away from me, as long as they are not willing, to let them be helped by me, my opponent keeps them firmly under control, for their will gives him the right for it, but as also the opposite will would give me the right, to help them up. I hold the sin guild against no man, although I, as a God of justice must demand compensation, atonement. But my merciful love has created the possibility for all sinners, to get rid of their sin guild; my merciful love took the sin guild of all upon itself and paid the ransom through the sacrificial death on the cross. And still it remains up to every soul, to make use of it, because I have given it a free will, which I will never touch. But free will it is, which, when it is directed wrongly, pushes them into damnation, into a state, which is so agonizing that it is equal to the most terrible imprisonment, and which it believes as having been imposed over it by me and for that reason sees me as an avenging and punishing God, who has disowned it into darkness. The soul creates its lot for itself, for what it is and where it is, that is a state striven for in free will, which can also only get changed through the own will, but which is also immediately improved, when the soul turns its thoughts to me. My love seizes every soul and helps it up, when it would like to strive upwards, therefore to me. I am certainly a God of justice, but what I demand as service in return, as compensation for the sin guild of the former rebellion against me, is just the acknowledgment of my work of redemption, therefore the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as God’s son. So as once the spiritual turned away from me and fell, so it is to again turn to me in Jesus Christ to ascend. I just demand acknowledgement of his divinity, because I myself am then acknowledged, I who have embodied myself on earth in the man Jesus, to make it easier for men, the spiritual once seceded from me, to make good the former sin. Men are in God farness; men are spiritual having gone from me stubbornly; I have not damned this spiritual, but it has striven for the depth in free will, out of which I would like to fetch it up again, but cannot put it into another sphere against their free will: I was and am and remain for ever the God of Love, and even my justice is surpassed by my merciful love, which has sought a way, to satisfy justice and still to come to meet the creatures, so that they could approach him again, when they had the will to it. And my love will make the effort for ever, to redeem the souls from the depth, which have lost themselves; my love will stretch out its helping hand for ever, which just needs to be grasped to be able to flee from the depth, for I am no punishing, no damning God; I am a God of love and of mercy, who just wants to make happy for ever, what has once emerged out of his love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5593.


Book 61 5594

Serious admonition and warning of the transient.

3. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5594.

Become aware of it that everything is transient and that you yourselves likewise bear a transient body; that you must leave everything, so the hour of your decease from earth has come; that then just your soul remains existing, and indeed in that state, which you yourselves have given it on earth. Become aware of this that it takes the attitude over there into the spiritual kingdom, which you had as man to the world; that it still in exactly the same way clings to matter or despises it, as you have done it on earth; but that then an extreme agonizing state is its lot, when only matter was your thinking and striving, which it now must leave and for that reason arrives poor and miserably in the opposite kingdom, on the other hand ascends easily and freely and happily, when no relationships to earth burdens it at all, when its thinking and striving was already on earth directed spiritually. Consider after all, you men, that the world can only give away to you pretence goods, which have no continued existence, but that you make yourselves to the slave of those, when you do not overcome them and recognize them exactly as pretence goods. The craving for matter, for earthly goods, is the greatest danger for the human soul, and this craving is extremely strong with men on this earth and constantly increases the closer it comes to the end. Men are completely blinded in spirit; their thinking is confused; they create and work for the world only and pay no attention to their soul, which must live in want and which still alone only remains, when everything else passes and has passed. And nevertheless men are persistently pointed to it, how useless their undertaking is and which lot their soul expects after death. They are referred to it, but they can just always be admonished and warned, but not forced to change their will and their thoughts. And they do not pay attention to these admonitions and warnings and also remain untouched by the announcement of the near end, because they do not believe in it. And for that reason God now and then expresses himself so obviously, by him taking from men, what they do not want to give up themselves. This is certainly a divine revelation, but also only recognized by few as such. It is a revelation, which shows men clearly enough the work of God, because they can do nothing against it, because they are not able to offer resistance, because they have to admit their complete powerlessness and for that reason could very well recognize that a higher power is active according to its will. And nevertheless they do not want to acknowledge this power; indeed they still deny it more likely and cannot be prevented, because they are in possession of free will. God speaks everywhere, and his voice can be heard by everyone, und still most remain untouched by it and just direct their eyes towards the world and its goods, and in the heart the desire for matter does not fall silent, why they would like to win back everything lost as quickly as possible, but let the soul carry on living in want. Nevertheless God does not let up in his effort, to sever men from matter. Still much is going to happen until the end, what serves to this end, and happy those, who recognize meaning and purpose of destructions and catastrophes and also him, who rules over creation; happy those, who recognize God in all events and call him for protection and help in all trouble. They will be helped, on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom; they will live, although they have died.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5594.


Book 61 5595

The will determines the supply of favour. Favour.

6. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5595.

My will does not determine your spiritual state, both on earth as also in the hereafter, but alone your will. Not one man is left out from my favour; a man cannot say having never experienced support from me, but his will decides, whether and how far he uses my supplies of favour. Men, who strive spiritually, who stand in cognition, have reached their spiritual level only, because they used my supply of favour; it was alone their will, which did not resist me and which was prepared to grasp my hand, when it stretched towards them in compassionate love. And all men could do the same; to all men I stretch out my hand towards them in many different ways, to pull them up out of the lower state of the spirit. But I cannot put them into a state against their will, which is the lot of those, who are of my will. I can and do not want to put them into compulsorily situations, because an ascent development under force means no real maturing of the soul, because every state of compulsion is against my law of the eternal order. But I can give favours to men unmeasured. And only the acceptance of my favours achieves that man’s spiritual state improves. A man is also never allowed to believe that I give to my creatures preferentially – each one receives so much and so often as he desires. But who never requests favour, who rejects the favour offered to him, he also remains unable to all spiritual striving, and all spiritual cognition is denied to him. And again his will alone is also decisive, whether the man performs works of love. Also that is decisive, because love already supplies him favours in the richest measure, for I am already so close to a loving man that the will of rejecting already no longer exists, and then he uses all favours, i.e., every means of help, which I give him, he feels as beneficent, and he no longer resists against it. It is the will, which drives man to love or prevents him from love work, and so also the will determines the supply of favour, because all resistance must be given up, to be touched by the current of favour. Every man can mature, when he wants, because he always gets power supplied, so he is willing, to utilize this power right. And what is easy for one, can cost strong overcoming with the other, but always only for that reason, because his resistance is still greater and that alone the will determines man. But I would never request from men a transformation of their nature in earth life, when this would be impossible, and I also request nothing so difficult that it would be difficult to fulfil. I just request giving up resistance, whereto therefore the will is determining. But if the resistance has once been given up, so everything else is easy, because now my favour flows constantly and enables everything, what was impossible before. For favour is everything, what my merciful love applies to help you. Favour is every day, which you still walk on earth; favour is every reference, how you can use your life power right; favour is every help, which is offered to you through my word, because my word imparts to you the knowledge about my will and about your life task and through this knowledge you can lead a right way of life and therefore reach soul maturity. My love gives you favour without measure, but it does not force your will, and because of that you can certainly be happy, but also still remain endlessly long in unhappiness, until you still once change your will, until you give up resistance and long for me and my love.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5595.


Book 61 5596

Effect of the divine word on the opposite beings.

8. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5596.

So always come together in my name and serve me, by you radiating love on all beings, which surround you, on men, who dwell with you on earth and also on the souls, which are certainly also close to you, however no longer in your earth sphere, but in the spiritual kingdom. Radiate your love on all, then you will be able to relieve and make happy everything bound and unhappy, which enters your love circle. And I will always be in the midst of you, so you unite in my name to work for me and my kingdom. I never let you accomplish a work alone; I am always with my love power with you and bless your work; you will then never form your own thoughts or words in your mouth, but then your speaking and thinking is determined by me myself; you then speak for me, instead of me to the souls, to whom I would like to bring my word and who still must receive it through you after all, because they still could not bear my direct address. And they still feel me, so they receive my word through you. Men on earth must indeed stand in increased love will, to recognize me in the word, and that will always only be few, for love has cooled among men. But the beings in the spiritual kingdom feel strangely impressed by my word, so you offer it to them, so you let me myself speak through you. They feel pleasantly touched by it, because it imparts a power current to them, which they willingly let have an effect on them and which awakens the longing in them, to always receive more and more. These beings feel me, but do not even recognize me sooner than until they reach faith that I myself address them through you. But then they no longer go from you and want to hear your words continually. And then rich knowledge can be imparted to them, which spreads light and again attracts innumerable souls to the light and the work for my kingdom can in this way be exceptionally extensive and successful. Who wants to serve me, he is also accepted, and according to his willingness is his assignment. For that reason be eagerly active for me; know that only a short time is at your disposal and that you can work in this short time very successfully, so just use every opportunity to spread my word, for everywhere where it is accepted, where it is read or listened to, souls arrive from the spiritual kingdom, which, attracted through the unusual light radiation, also feel the unusual effect and gratefully receive it, as a result of which power is supplied to them. But still far greater is the success, when my word, my Gospel, is consciously supplied to these souls, when they are called over in thoughts and every word is also voiced to them. No man on earth suspects, which effect such words exert on the opposite souls, but consider that it is my word that you are just the tool, which I make use of, to also make me accessible to these souls, without making their will unfree. So I myself also speak to men on earth, who I also cannot address directly – only these are far less willing to receive, because they still do not recognize the great spiritual trouble in its extent, but which causes the souls in the hereafter to seek help, which they experience in my word, supplied by you. And they will thank you for it for ever that you impart food to them, which strengthens and enables them, to strive for the light; they will thank you for it that you help them to power, which they lack and which they now use again to likewise help those who need help. Come and receive from me and hand out again, for I give with full hands – so also you are to give to those, who live in want and are unhappy on earth as in the spiritual kingdom.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5596.


Book 61 5597

Love is the Christ life in man. "My yoke is easy."

9. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5597.

To make God‘s will to the own all the time, that is your task, the work, which you are to accomplish at yourselves. It can be a laborious work, but it can also proceed easily, it all depends, how your will is, i.e., how far you yourselves are still away from God and therefore also of a will opposing him. For a far distance from God also needs an enormous way for the return; then your work can certainly be laborious, but it can be dealt with; then "the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence", that you seize it. But if you have already come close to it, if you are no longer so stubborn in your resistance, if you have directed the will, the longing, towards him, then also your soul work will be easy, then the "burden is light and the yoke is easy." Enter into the will of God – submit to him completely and subjugate yourselves to his commands. Then you make the will God to your own will, and then you also reach your destination quite certainly, the unification with God on this earth. But you enter this earth with a will still opposing God, the earthly world, in which you are therefore to change yourselves and your will. And for that reason you also still belong to him, who put into you this will opposing God, which was cause to your former defection from God. You yourselves as man are no match for his power and cunning, you would never ever succeed, in your weakness, in you powerlessness, which is the result of your distance from God, to extricate yourselves from this his power; you would never ever succeed, to turn your will to God out of your own power. And for that reason Jesus Christ came to help you. Therefore you can now, with the help of Jesus Christ, break away from the enemy of your souls and completely subordinate your will to the will of God, but without Jesus Christ it is impossible for you. Your earth task is therefore now very simple. To take up his help with the soul work, with the change of your will. And you secure his help for you, as soon as you believe in him and keep his commends. For they are the commands of God, which the man Jesus taught you; it is the fulfilment of the divine will, so you give full expression to the teaching of Christ. But alone you would be too weak, to fulfil these commands, when you would not make use of his help, his favours acquired on the cross, which enable you to do everything what is God’s will. You are to live in love – for love is power, and this you gave up voluntarily, when you became loveless, when you fell into the depth for that reason. To live a life in love is easy for him, who is of a will turned to God, but also only then, when Christ has become alive in him, when his love for men has been recognized and also awakened the love in the own heart – for love changes the will infallibly and directs it to God. Love therefore is the Christ life in man, and love is also the change of will and nature in man. No-one can be happy without Jesus Christ, because no-one can be happy without love. Jesus Christ is embodied love and for that reason God himself. And so is your life task, the return to God, the revival of love in you, which you have once voluntarily given away – but which then also inevitably directs your will to God. And since you yourselves are too weak as man on this earth, so call yourselves eternal love for help, which in Jesus Christ also surely rushes to you to help. Acknowledge Jesus Christ as God’s son and redeemer of the world, then you also start your return, then he himself seizes you with his love and draws you, for he himself has acquired as man the right through his death on the cross; he has purchased you away through his blood from him, who keeps you imprisoned, and now you can, so you just want, be happy, for he strengthens this will that it no longer may turn away from God, but strives for him, as long as he dwells on earth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5597.


Book 61 5598

"I am from eternity." Lucifer's creation.

10. February 1953. B.D. NR 5598.

I am from eternity and I will be until all eternity. I am the highest and most perfect being, and innumerable beings emerged from me, likewise in perfection, because I could create nothing else than perfectness. And so also this entity created by me was full of might and power, it was not limited in its work; it so could create and form like me because it used my power which it received from me without restriction. The radiating of power into my creatures was a process that made me unspeakably happy and stimulated my will to love always anew to provide my creatures with my power. But I constantly did this via my first created being to make it happy in the same measure and to stimulate it to creative activity. But my radiation of love found no resonance there any more - the first created being did not acknowledge me as source of the power, but thought itself as the producer of this power, because it could create in free will and consequently also wanted to acknowledge nobody above itself. And that was its ruin, for it broke away from me by its own will and consequently also from love, although it remained strong and powerful, because I did not withdraw my power from a being, which my love had created. It therefore certainly kept its power, but which was now no longer a power of love, which had a building up effect, but had a destructive, disintegrating effect, because it lacked love. Yet still this being remained my creature, because my love cannot turn away from the products of my love. But this being had a beginning, a commencement, whereas I am from eternity. Aready that alone should have given this first created being the proof that it was not the highest, the first being, for it knew about its beginning. And this knowledge had to let excessively arouse its love towards me, the being that let it arise, for it was blissfully happy in its state that was created by me perfectly, and it could constantly increase its happiness through creating beings alike to it. And also this ability to create had to remind it of him, who had also given life to it. The knowledge was in it, in the first created spirit; it was for that reason the light bearer, which could impart all its knowledge to those beings that emerged from its will, but which all had my power as original substance, which all were born out of love, which flooded through the first created spirit all the time and took its beginning from me. And in spite of this knowledge, in spite of the brightest light that shone through it, the being fell. It turned away from me, it pushed back eternal love, it no longer used its power in my will, but against me. But it could not leave me. It also could no longer cease to exist - even though it once took its beginning, because it was power from me that eternally could never cease to exist. It only could have a negative effect, up to a certain point, to change to a positive power, when this point is overstepped. But I never cease to exist and what once went out from me, also returns to me without fail. But then it has undergone a change, that it recognizes itself as light spark, that it heads for the eternal light, that it finds happiness with me and in me, that I now shine through it with my love power until all eternity.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5598.


Book 61 5599

Trouble of the departed souls. Love the help of men.

11. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5599.

No man can gauge the trouble, in which the souls are which depart from earth unbelieving or weakly believing; no man can form an impression of the state of misery from which they cannot get out without help, because they are completely powerless. No man knows which great compassionate love they need to experience alleviation in their trouble, and how little love follows them into eternity, because men themselves are without love and only remember those little, who went away from them. If you men knew, how grateful they are, so only one loving thought of earth men touches them, if you knew, which favour such a love thought is for the soul, you would truly make an effort to help them, as soon as you just think one soul close to you in this trouble. But your faith in the continuation of one’s life is weak, and you have also be instructed erroneously, so you assume no longer being able to help them, even so you believe that the souls in the hereafter carry on their life. You alone can show them active help, for your love has a direct effect as power at the souls, and your love can also awaken love in these souls and suddenly lead them out of the spiritual darkness into lighter spheres, from where then the ascent can certainly take place. You men have a sure means of help for these souls and do not apply it, and those who would like to give away love, the light beings of the spiritual kingdom, do not easily find access to the souls, because they must approach them in the same cover, which the souls themselves have, to not move them inevitably to the acceptance of light. But the souls, which have departed without faith, also lacked love on earth and therefore also all knowledge. For that reason they will hardly accept, what is offered to them by the light beings, because their will is also completely weakened in their powerlessness. These beings now cannot impart the power to them out of their love, because this goes against the law of eternal order. But the love of men on earth is accepted by God. And for the sake of this love God’s compassionate love can now take action. He supplies power to the souls from his inexhaustible love born; he accepts the intercessory love and helps, where the being lacks power. You men, remember these poor souls and always give them, for which they ask you, so they intervene into your thoughts. Pay attention to these requests and listen to them – send kind and good thoughts to them, refer them to Jesus Christ, in whom they did not want to believe on earth; call him himself simultaneously and recommend these souls to him. But do not let your prayer be a lip prayer, for only love has redeeming, power giving effect, and for this love all souls ask you, which must languish in the hereafter. And you yourselves do not know, in which state your loved ones have gone from you, and for that reason you are to leave out no-one, who wants to announce his nearness, his requests, to you through emerging thoughts towards him. Do not forget them, and do not believe that they have passed. They live, but in which state. They do not need to get lost, when you take pity on them and give them the power, which redeems them; you can help. Because of that take pity on all unbelievers, who no longer dwell on earth and still are after all, because the soul is immortal and therefore cannot pass. And they will thank you for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5599.


Book 61 5600

Power of the divine word.

12. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5600.

An enormous power current touches the soul, which willingly accepts my word, for the will to listen to me, also opens it to receive my power. For that reason I want that my word is again and again offered to men on earth or also to the souls in the hereafter, to stimulate their will. But only that soul feels the effect, which is willing to listen to me, which, believing in me, seeks to get into contact with me and therefore listens to what I have to say to it. Every soul needs a supply of power, may it be on earth or also in the hereafter, as long as it is still not perfect. As soon as it has once become receptive for light, it is continually illuminated by light and happy about it, but before the soul has reached this state, it is lightless and also powerless, although as man on earth it has bodily power at its disposal. But the soul is in darkness and cannot be happy without the supply of light. And for that reason my word must be supplied to it, which as ray of light from above has an extreme salutary effect. On earth it must perform a work on itself, which it cannot deal with without power supply. It must change the state of ignorance into a state of cognition, whereto it therefore also needs light. And both things are also send to the soul in the form of my word, so that it can become on earth, what is its purpose, a being, which can now receive and again radiate out light persistently in the spiritual kingdom. But if it has neglected this on earth, then it can also still gain light and power in the hereafter, but far more difficult as in earth life. Now also in the hereafter it must get my word supplied, to draw light and power out of it, if it does not want to remain in the dark state, in which it has entered the spiritual world. But as soon as my word touches a willing soul, it feels miraculously hit; it gets deeply stirred in its innermost being; sparks of light make it happy and increase its desire for constant light, and it also feels supply of power, which drives it to activity, which also reinforces its will, to provide food for the soul, which it lacks. They are not just mere words, which the soul hears, which willingly receives my offered gift of favour, but it feels addressed by a loving being, and its love touches the soul enormously, and it therefore completely devotes itself to the effect of my address. And as soon as the soul has summoned up this will, it has escaped from the state of darkness; brightness irradiates it, and its cognition, its knowledge increases, for the power of my word brings about this change, because it is my direct radiation on the beings, which open themselves to my word. For that reason an important task remains for you, my servants on earth – to supply my word to fellowmen or to the souls in the hereafter. According to the willingness of the listener will also be the effect on his soul. Who rejects it, he remains in darkness and in powerlessness; who accepts it, certainly ascends. There is therefore a sure means to help the souls up from the darkness of the spirit – my word, but which I myself cannot supply directly to the beings of darkness, neither on earth nor in the spiritual kingdom, but must be carried through mediators there, where the souls want to work in love, but that, what they are to share, they must first possess themselves and therefore open their heart themselves, to receive light and power from me. But you are to impart the gifts of favour in love, because only then the power of the word gets effective at the souls, for which your love is meant.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5600.


Book 61 5601

Good physician of the souls. Means of healing.

13. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5601.

Salvation is truly brought to you men through the announcing of my word. Your souls are ill, and they are to regain their health, and only a good physician can give them the right means, which brings healing to them; only a good physician recognizes their sickness and knows, what you are in need of. And only a good physician will be able to make you free of illness and suffering, for a good physician has love in him, and he does not want that man suffers, when he can bring rescue to him. But your souls are ill and urgently need help. You lead a life, which harms the soul, and you must first recognize, in which the disadvantage exists, which your earth life earns the soul – you must be instructed, because you are completely without knowledge. So my word is now announced to you, the physician of your soul himself speaks to you, and he gives you the guidelines, to lead the soul to health. But you must now also listen to that; you must obey what I advise you; you must remember your soul, which is in misery, as long as you do not do that, what I demand – as long as you do not obey my word. As physician of your souls I always come up to you, where my word is announced, and you can truly be convinced that I prescribe nothing wrong to you; with certainty you can expect the recovery of your soul, when you obey my word, for it has the healing power in it; it supplies to the soul, what it lacks; it strengthens and invigorates it, and it awakens to new life, for the state before was only a vegetating without light and power. Let yourselves be advised and helped by the physician of your souls, for only love moves me to bring help to you, and my word is to prove to you this my love, so that you trustingly hand yourselves over to my care, so that you obey me and so head for a life, which never ends again, even so your body life has ended. See to it that your soul does not enter the spiritual kingdom sick, for then the recovery is considerably more difficult, for only in the announcing of my word you can find the right means of healing, which is always within reach for you on earth, while in the opposite the kingdom it needs first great loving help, until you recognize it as rescue four your soul - and then you must demand it to be able to receive it. On earth the physician of your soul comes up to you constantly and offers you his means of healing. Do not go past it; let yourselves be healed and strengthened; fortify your soul with my word, and you will recover and be liberated from all trouble.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5601.


Book 61 5602

Remember the soul after death. Pitiful figures in the hereafter.

14. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5602.

What your soul demands that is to be supplied to it. But do you pay attention to the longing of your soul? What the body demands that you fulfil, but the desire of the soul you leave un-stilled. And so it will happen that your actual self enters the hereafter in greatest poverty and weakness, for you do nothing during your earth life to feed and to strengthen the soul; it hungers and lives in want and is an unhappy being, while the well fed body remains behind and passes. If you could see the pitiful figures in the hereafter, which have gone over there so, you would get a fright and turn away full of horror. And still the same lot expects you, so you have led the same earth life as those. Very fast earth life passes, and what you men strive for and perhaps also have gained, that you must leave behind, or it falls prey to destruction still at life time, and you will then have to recognize remorsefully, that you left a time of favour unused, which could earn you spiritual success of immeasurable value. You forfeit much in this short earth life time, and still are constantly referred to and admonished to remember your soul, which continues to live, when you must lay down the body. Why do you not pay attention to these references; why do you not obey admonitions of those, who want to help you in spiritual trouble – why do you just direct your eyes to the world and do not look once into your inner being that the trouble of the soul would be visible to you? – You pay rich tribute to the world, therefore to the opponent of God, but the small sacrifice you do not bring to the soul, to serve if food, which exists in the word of God. Because of that you also have to expect no mercy at your entrance into the spiritual kingdom; you must take upon yourselves the lot, which you yourselves have prepared on earth for the soul – hunger and thirst, darkness and agony. For it cannot harvest, what it has not sowed on earth. Also in the hereafter rescue can certainly also still be its, but what terrible agonies go ahead of its rescue; how extreme difficult it is, to move a soul to change the will, which was completely wrong directed on earth. The soul cannot be given what it did not acquire for itself. And it must unspeakably wrestle, to gain an improvement of its situation.

It will achieve it, when it wants it, but the will is so terribly weak, and only great love can help it up. And how rarely does a soul find such love – because on earth love has cooled and therefore little love follows it. If you men would know about the trouble of these souls, they would move you to pity and let your love flare up, but you lack faith in it and cannot be given to you against your will. But divine love again and again shouts to you: Remember your souls – do not let them live in want on earth life, because you prepare for yourselves an agonizing lot in eternity. Remember the life of the soul after death, so that you do not have to think back in most painful remorse of the unused earth time. Work and create for your soul, so that you live for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5602.


Book 61 5603

Two different worlds.

15. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5603.

They are two worlds, the spiritual kingdom and the earthly world, and they are not to be entered both at the same time, because they are completely conflicting and therefore man must decide for one of these two worlds. The earthly world is indeed the natural stay of man and for that reason also appearing to man as his kingdom, to which he may have to pay tribute. But the assignment of man exists in that the soul may free itself from all impressions of this earthly world; that it recognizes the appearances of them and may strive towards the true; that it rises into that kingdom, which will be its stay after a short time, which is its true home and which offers it that, what the earthly world can never offer it – unlimited happiness and eternal life. This cognition man is to win on earth that he only inhabits a world temporarily, which is transient; a world, where everything on it is only as it were appearances, where everything is to be overcome, to be able to freely rise into the spiritual kingdom, which remains, when the earthly world passes. The cognition of it influences the will and the acting of man and can result that man dwells in the spiritual kingdom, although he still lives on earth. But he has then renounced the earthly world will wise and mentally, for he despises the earthly world, as soon as he strives for the spiritual world, because striving for both at the same time is not possible. They are two different kingdoms. And also their lords are completely conflicting, for the earthly world has certainly be formed through the will of God, but all creations still belong to the opponent of God according to their spiritual properties, and this spiritual, which is bound in the works of creation, is to be liberated from the power of him. The final liberation man himself is now to carry out, by him voluntarily breaking away from all what belongs to the earth; by him turning away his desire, his wish, from the things of the earthly world and turning it towards the spiritual kingdom; he therefore consciously strives for the kingdom of God. But this striving presupposes before the cognition of the worthlessness of all earthly; it presupposes faith in a God, who is perfect and in his love wants to prepare a happy lot for his creatures, and it therefore also presupposes love of man for God, otherwise God and his kingdom would not be striven for. It presupposes a degree of cognition. And it is to be made possible for men through the supply of the divine word, for before man must be referred to his earth life task, before he can now somehow decide. Man certainly stands in the midst of the earthly world, and he still is to strive for the spiritual kingdom. God helps him in every way to become free from the earthly world, but who is attached to the earth and its goods, he will never seek the way upwards; he will also never want to and can separate, for he still lets himself be held by the lord of the world; he does not direct his look upwards, and he remains therefor tied up, although he feels free, as long as he dwells on earth. But the way into the spiritual kingdom he must go once, as soon as the earthly world closes itself to him at the death of his body. But then he finds nothing, what offers him replacement for that, what he has given up; the kingdom of light does not receive him, for he is not suitable for it, he is again and again attracted back to earth, and also there he no longer finds reception – he is in the spiritual kingdom, but in unspeakable agony and darkness, because he has not used earth life for the striving for light and life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5603.


Book 61 5604

"For many are called, but few are chosen."

16. and 17. Febuary 1953. B.D. NR. 5604.

Many are called, but only few are chosen. You all have been given the task to form yourselves to a vessel of my spirit, and you all can also do this, when your will would strive for it. But that you all do not reach the aim, is up to you yourselves, exactly to your will, which is free and is not directed or determined by me to do the right thing. Only few take their earth task serious; they form their heart according to my will and for that reason can also let my spirit haven an effect in them. And these are therefore those, who are chosen under the many called. But to now be chosen by me means having to fulfil a task, which exactly only a man can carry out, who allows my spirit work. He is to support me and my name before the world; he is to announce my word, the divine love teaching, which reveals my will to men. No man can administer such an office on earth, who does not belong to my chosen ones, for the announcing of the Gospel presupposes knowledge, which is according to truth. Such knowledge cannot be won through study, for head knowledge is not enough for the spreading of my Gospel, but the spirit from me must first make the head knowledge alive, otherwise it just remains pure world knowledge, although it has spiritual as content. Therefore also each one announcer of my word must have been chosen by me for his office, and this he has to prove. He must be able to show a gift of the spirit, the work of my spirit must be obvious in him. That means so much, as that he has abilities at his disposal, which he has not acquired, but which have been given to him by me as proof of my spirit work in him. Such ability is also the interpretation of the word, which testifies to me – the interpretation of Scripture, which is valid as my word. No matter how long the study, it does not enable man, to grasp and to explain the spiritual meaning of my word. For intellectual knowledge cannot replace, what my spirit announces to man. But my spirit has on the other hand no effect, where the preconditions for it are not given. But where my spirit works, there intellectual knowledge is not necessary; there I myself instruct man and put the spiritual truth into the heart most comprehensibly for him, so that he is full of knowledge and of cognition. (17.2.1953) And for that reason it is also vain effort, wanting to draw wisdom from Scripture, as long as my spirit cannot work. And so it is also understandable, why the interpretation of my word is so often erroneous, why only the letter meaning is interpreted, but not the spiritual meaning, which I have put into all my words, which I spoke on earth. For the intellect of man interprets the meaning of the letter, the spirit out of me the spiritual meaning, so it can have an effect in man. And which work of the intellect is necessary for this – while the spirit from me interprets my word clearly and plainly, without that the intellect needs to get active. And nevertheless man renders this explanation quite naturally, so, as if it is the result of his intellect, but the deep wisdom of that, what he expresses, the interpretations comprehensible to all, testify to the spirit work, but again only to those, who are of good will and want to be instructed right – while an intellectual interpretation are no satisfying explanations for fellowmen and cannot convince. The spirit alone gives brightness; the spirit imparts truth, and the spirit alone addresses the heart, while the intellect only addresses again the intellect and finds no echo in the heart.

But my spirit will always be able to be effective there, where love is – love, which is always prepared to give, which wants to help and redeem; love which knows no other desire than to alleviate trouble, may it be spiritual or earthly. Where giving love, completely selfless, is visible, there also truth is always to be found, because I am, where love is, because every work of love attracts me myself and that man is intimately connected to me, who lives in love. And where I am, my spirit works; where I am, is truth; where I am, I express myself through the spirit, and that also means light, cognition – it means, to possess knowledge, which is according to truth.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5604.


Book 61 5605

Awakening of the dead through God’s word.

18. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5605.

The dead you are to awaken to life – from the depth you are to fetch up the lifeless and instil life to it; you are to touch it with a power, which makes it alive. And this power is my word, which is sent to you from above, which I myself supply to you, so that you pass it on as mediators, so that my power also touches those, who are still dead in the spirit. You possess something delicious, a gift, which has a miracle effect; you possess spiritual power and can consequently awaken the dead to fife. But as you receive it from eternal love, so you must pass on my word in love; the will to help must drive you to hand out, what awakened you yourselves to life. Then you will always have success and be able to work blessedly on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom. Great darkness is everywhere, and innumerable spiritual dead souls dwell in this darkness. But life also means light. Only that soul can awaken to life, which is touched by a ray of light, which radiates love warmth and therefore has an enlivening effect on the hardened soul. A light of love must touch these dead souls, then they certainly awaken to life. And you are to bring to them this ray of love and light, by you giving away my word to them, which touches them extremely beneficently, as soon as it is offered to them in love. It is a curative water of life, which continually flows towards you through my love and favour; your souls recover from it, and they find the right life, and therefore you no longer need to fear the death of the soul. But the many souls, who rest in their graves – who indeed according to their thoughts still walk on earth and are still spiritually dead and in oppressing darkness. These souls surround you, and you are to bring help to them; you are to help them up out of the night of death towards the light of life. For you have an effective means; you have the only means, which can help them; you have my word, the power and light radiation of me myself, which never remains without effect, when it can just touch the soul. As long as my word just gets through to the ear of man, it still does not touch the soul, for it alone is sensitive to the effect of my word. But only love opens the door, so that I myself can touch the soul with my love power. And your love opens the door for me, so you make an effort, to bring help to these dead souls, and you announce my word to them in all love. Think about it, which power is given to you: You can awaken the dead to life with my word. And so only love drives you to spread my word, I want to bless your efforts. Carry light into darkness, wherever it may be – take care of all those, who are dead in spirit; remember your dead fellowmen as also the dead in the hereafter – want that they awaken to life, and bring my word to them in love. And the power of my word will work miracles; the souls will awaken to life and to light, and they will never ever lose life.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5605.


Book 61 5606

Effect of Antichrist before the end.

19. February 1953. B.D. NR 5606.

The effect of Antichrist in the end-times will accelerate the end because now the trouble of the ones who are mine increases highly and makes my coming necessary to make an end to this trouble. Antichrist only has the one aim to dethrone me and to place himself on the throne, i.e., to completely take from men the belief in a God and creator from eternity, to be so much the higher held in great esteem himself, to be honoured and feared like God. He does not want to own the love of men, only their subservience; he wants to have the power over everything and therefore to be the overall ruler. But as long as men are still believing, as long as they recognize a power over them, to which they one day have to answer, they will not obey the wishes of him, who demands from them what is adverse to God. And that is why Antichrist will take action against this power by seeking to wipe out the belief in me, and this by brutal means that will make it difficult for the ones who are mine to remain loyal to me. But the strength from me for this is sent to them amply. I will reveal myself to them to such an extent that they will always be strengthened in faith, that they take upon themselves all iniquity in the knowledge that I alone can take and give and I certainly will repay them for what is imposed on them earthly. Antichrist's striving is to wipe out the Christian teaching - the prevention of all knowledge about Jesus Christ as God's son and redeemer of the world. He declares open enmity towards me. And that is his end. My opponent will embody himself in a man who is completely in bondage to him, i.e., he will completely own his soul and for the time being will deceive men through proceedings (merits) of every description that will secure him exceedingly great popularity. And his speaking and acting will be a mask under which the most evil mentality is hidden. He will be a master in the art of understanding how to conceal arrogance, lying, profit-seeking, but lack of love will soon unmask him, i.e. only in front of the ones who are mine, because facing his followers he feigns understanding for all sufferings but he does not seek to alleviate them but only contributes to the increase of these sufferings. The believer will recognize him because he has to suffer much under his rule but he who obeys his wishes, who openly renounces me, he will be treated as friend by him and honoured and respected earthly. And so soon two parties will be formed - the majority will cling to him and only a very small crowd will remain loyal to me in their mentality and action. And these will be endangered all the time, because my opponent urges on men to harm them in every way. Antichrist repays such actions against the ones who are mine to also bring the last believers to fall away that still resist him. A bitter time of trouble will begin for the ones that are mine and still it will be bearable, because they are allowed to receive an unusual gift of favour - because I show myself where men look like weakening. I know the will and attitude of every individual that is meant for me and I certainly do not let my opponent gain the upper hand over his soul. Moreover the end is nearby and my believers are in the heart loyally devoted to me, that is why I can also appear extralegally to give them strength. And many will get to see me and then no power of the world can put them off believing in me. Then they also joyfully lay down their life when I would demand it. But I bring to an end the cruel play of my opponent. When he thinks he has won it then I will come in the clouds and judge the living and the dead. I will fetch the ones that are mine before I execute the work of destruction at the earth and all its inhabitants. The trouble before will be great but my love will save you and my might will put in chains him who is against me because his time is up.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5606.


Book 61 5607


20. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5607.

Only a small crowd will be able to see me in all magnificence at the end of the earth and this it is that will be raptured in front of their fellow human beings that are exposed to bodily and spiritual death. Because as soon as those have left earth these fall prey to destruction, i.e. everything that lives in, on and above it will be eaten up by the flames that burst out of earth and leave out no work of creation. But the ones that are mine will not be affected by this work of destruction because I already fetch them away beforehand and the sight of their sudden rapture will plunge men into horror because the ones that are mine disappear upward in front of them. But only the ones that are mine can see myself when I will come in all splendour and majesty. I remain invisible to the others, because never will he see me in my glory who has become a slave to my opponent. But before they come round on account of the supernatural phenomenon of a rapture the end has already come - the earth will open and devour all that have fallen away from me and remain so until the end. The process of the rapture is not comprehensible to men of this earth because something takes place that is completely unlawful, something unnatural, which remains implausible to all who do not believe in me and know about my plan of salvation from eternity. And still it comes as I announce it to you - I transport men still living in their body to a place of peace in a moment, but they themselves will experience these proceedings consciously and will be full of rejoicing and praise for me. Because they have passed the test of loyalty, they are now to receive the reward for their love for me and the faith in me and I open paradise for them. A new redemption period begins and the ones who are mine will be the stock of the new generation on the new earth. Only faith can grasp such, but the intellect resists it and doubts until the day has come.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5607.


Book 61 5608

Offering of guidance on the journey through life. Word of God.

21. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5608.

Daily you are allowed to receive words of love; daily you are allowed to sun yourselves in the ray of divine love; you receive light and power, and your soul can recover and mature upwards. The divine water of life flows towards you, the word, which is food and drink for your soul. For it is a true bread of heaven, from which you can draw the power on you earth life way. It is truly a gift of favour, which you cannot yet measure in its value, but happy he, who utilizes it, for he will live for ever. It is indeed at the disposal of all men, but only few respect and use it. And for that reason the majority of men walks on the road of death, for they do not strive for the right destination, for they lack the power for it. For that reason they only walk on level roads, which require little power, and they always lead deeper down and end in the valley of death, from where it is extremely difficult, to go again up, from where it is completely impossible without help. And for that reason again and again the word is to be made accessible to the wanderers, as long as they still dwell on earth. They are not to be left to their self-chosen fate; again and again callers are to put themselves at the edge of the road and seek to hold them up on the way, which leads to the ruin. Their attention is to be drawn to the way, which is indeed exhausting, but certainly leads to the destination; a fresh drink and a good strong bread of heaven is to be offered to them, so they feel too powerlessly, to go the way up. Lovingly they are to be helped out, so that they take heart and can overcome their weakness, and they are to be quietly pushed on to the right way; the guides are to offer themselves to them to escort them safely. And their loving care can also still entice men away from the wrong way that the weak like to follow them and let themselves be led, for love is able to do much and touches the soul of fellowman beneficently, and then the wanderer, who has once refreshed himself with the water of life, constantly wants it, and he will then constantly receive food for his soul.

You, you who camp yourselves at the source of life, pay attention to such tired earth walkers, who drag themselves along away from the way, without power and without knowledge, where the way leads, which they have walked along. With filled bowls step on to the edge of the road and refresh them; do not let them move on un-warned, but seek to move them to join you and to go up with you together. Offer your help to them, and give them, what you yourselves receive amply. Announce the Gospel to them, the pure word of God, and so also impart power and light to those, who still walk in spiritual weakness and darkness on earth, so that they do not get lost, so that they do not go astray into the depth. For that is your counter service, which you receive constantly; that you share the bread of heaven with those, who hunger and thirst, so that they also desire it from God, so that also they step to the table of the Lord, to receive favour over favour, so that they live for ever.
Amen. B.D. NR. 5608.


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