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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 59

B.D. NR. 5295 - B.D. NR. 5404

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Book 59 5295

Supply of the divine word. God always wants to give.

13. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5295.

My word from above is sent to you – a visible proof of my love for you men is given to you; an unusual favour is granted to you – you are introduced to truth, which originates in me. Everything is explained to you, what you demand to know, but as also knowledge is opened to you, which you do not request directly from me. I put you in a state of light, you who dwelt in darkness before; I impart cognition to you of that, over which man as such can obtain no truthful enlightenment on another way. And my extreme great love causes me to do it for you, for my creatures, who are in spiritual trouble, who have little or nothing, what causes them happiness, on the other hand suffer a great deal of lack. My love pushes me constantly to give and to make happy, and I hand out unmeasured, where a heart willing to receive is found, which accepts my gift. But only, when you men have received, you feel the happiness of the spiritual possession, but for which you do not strive, as long as you have not received a sample.

I want to give – and you are to take out of my fullness. And for that reason I will never refuse to give myself to an earth child willing to receive, so it desires my gift. The contact with me, which it establishes itself through its request for light and power and favour, also guarantees the supply of light and power and favour. And for that reason the spring of my love can also never run dry, at which the child can refresh itself at any time. I always want to give, but do you men also want to receive always? How often do I stand prepared with my favour and just wait for the suitable vessel to be able to let my power current flow into it, because my love pushes me to it. How often would I like to speak to you men, and I find no ear, which listens to me. But when I hear the call for my loving address, my voice will never have ceased. I will always reveal myself and let my spirit flow into that vessel, which opens, because it longs for my love power. And so you men always receive light and power, i.e. truth, and through it power, to promote your spiritual ascent. You look for me, and I let myself be found and draw you up to me by virtue of my love, you who dwell so long below, as my love power cannot touch you. It is the infinite love, which again and again causes me to communicate with you, which wants to help you, because you are in need of help, and which therefore touches you in form of my word, as soon as you are just willing to receive and let me speak to you. It is love for you, to my creatures, which is meant for all and which seeks to communicate with all men through you, for you are all in the trouble of the soul, which I would like to steer, by me seeking to send you that, what you lack to be happy – my word, which is full of power, which provides recovery of your souls, so it becomes effective in you, so you are not must hearers, but doers of my word. Then you are full of light and power, and you will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5295.


Book 59 5296

God taking residence in the heart of man.

15. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5296.

I want to live in you. I want to completely radiate through my creatures with my spirit; I want that they are filled of my original substance, of love, so that therefore I myself dwell in them irrefutably and they as it were have become the envelopment of me myself, what means unlimited happiness for the being. I would like to live in the hearts of all men and be able to call all my creatures my children, who have received the father in them. Incomprehensible happiness emerges from such a relationship of a child to the father, and to provide my creatures with this happiness is always and for ever my aim and my striving. For that reason the visible and the spiritual world were created – the visible, to give my creatures the possibility for the first time to achieve a becoming divine of their nature; the spiritual world, to offer undreamt-of happiness for these beings having become divine. And in this spiritual world I myself then step visibly before the eyes of my children; only in this spiritual world the relationship of the child to the father will take shape and through constant contact love increase to highest glow, until a complete fusion with me can take place, which means unimaginable happiness for you. In the spiritual kingdom a constant climbing upwards is certain, as soon as the soul has once found to me on earth or also only in the spiritual kingdom. But until this turning to me has occurred, often endless times pass, and in this time I struggle for every one soul, by me courting its love, because love alone only changes the will, which did not belong to me before. But the change of will and conscious turning to me guarantees then also the achieving of the last aim, the joining together with me on earth already or also in the spiritual kingdom.

I want to take residence in your hearts. The short earth life time is to achieve it that you have found to me, and for that reason earth life is often hard and arduous, but is the goal achieved, then you are completely compensated also for the hardest earth life, for the spiritual kingdom opens itself up to you in a splendour, which exceeds all imagination. For no man’s eye has ever seen and no man’s ear ever heard, what I have prepared for those, who love me. I only demand your love, then the kingdom of happiness belongs to you, then you, as my children, will come into the inheritance of the father, for then you have truly become my children, because through love you have fashioned yourselves to my image and now have also light and power in all fullness at your disposal, which you now use in my will to make yourselves indescribably happy. Let me move into your hearts; open the door wide for me – become what I am myself in my original nature, become love – so that I can remain in you and you in me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5296.


Book 59 5297

Watch and pray. God’s protection against evil powers.

16. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5297.

I want to keep you with a firm hand; I want to lead you on the right way; I always want to go with you and let no enemy approach you; I always want to protect you against danger, because I do not want that you suffer harm, as I also do not want that you go wrong. Nevertheless powers will always lie in wait for you, which wish you ill, which just wait that you once let go of my hand, that you walk the way without me, to then quickly push you away from me, to harm you. You must therefore be constantly on your guard, but not of him, but always just mind that you do not go away from being near me, for as long as you are near me, he cannot come close to you; he cannot hurt you, as long as your look is turned towards me. You do not need to fear him, and no matter how clever means he believes to apply. I have given you the gift of cognition, to you who want to serve me, and so he will also not be able to deceive you, although he disguises himself and seeks to win you under a mask. I am with you and know what he intends, and I truly do not leave you in his power. I only want to constantly warn and admonish you that you are to watch and pray – that you consciously connect with me and call me for protection and help, so you believe being in danger. He will not triumph over you, but he still can cause you inner struggles through temptations, but in which you will always remain victorious, as soon as you just keep to me, as soon as you never ever let me out of your thoughts and your prayer. Then you take refuge in me; then I put myself protectively before you, and he must move, without having reached his goal. For I am also the Lord over him, who wants to besiege you – and where I am, there his work is in vain. Amen. B.D. NR. 5297.


Book 59 5298

Redemption work at souls in the hereafter. Expression of them.

17. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5298.

I like every service which you believe doing for me; which you want to do for me, for I assess your will. You men cannot imagine that the connection from the spiritual kingdom to earth and vice versa can be established at any time and is also established already through your thoughts, which are for you radiations constantly touching you, no matter whether they are good or bad, for also the kingdom of darkness has an effect on you in form of thoughts. Earthly indeed a separation has happened through death between men of this earth and the otherworldly kingdom, but spiritually no boundaries exist, so you do not erect them yourselves through wrong thinking or complete turning away from the spiritual world. Only the material outer form does no longer exist, but the soul, the actual entity, is within reach for you at any time. Through your thinking and wanting you yourselves draw it to you, and so you are now of awakened spirit, so you are not completely unenlightened, you can also at any time get into contact with those, with whom you were on close terms on earth. You can talk to them in thoughts, and they will always hear your speech; they will also answer you, so you make the effort to understand their answer. For it is no longer the bodily organs, which impart the answer to you, but you must seek to understand their language and therefore so to speak associate with them spiritually. Perfect beings out of the spiritual kingdom can express themselves through the spirit in you, less perfect as well as immature beings of the hereafter express themselves in a way, which is still more like earthly communication, but which you men can also understand.

All beings want to express themselves, no matter whether they stand above or below you according to their maturity, only that, what they want to say to you, is different. The high beings, the inhabitants of the kingdom of light, want to give to you – constantly handing power to you, because they know that you lack it, and they want to help you to happiness. But those beings, who are still imperfect, want your help. Also they want to communicate with you in the hope to receive something from you, because they feel poor and miserable, as long as they are still completely ignorant. And these souls often do not understand it that you do not listen to them, they do not know it that you can no longer hear them with bodily ears, and therefore you are constantly surrounded by souls – by such, who are needy, and also of such, which want to help you in earthly as in spiritual trouble. So these souls now succeed to attract your attention, so they succeed to make themselves understood, they are extremely happy, and they now remain constantly near you. I do not fight them, when they want to express themselves, but as I also bless everything, what is done out of love from your side to give these souls the requested help. You men do not know the trouble in which so innumerable souls languish. Wherever a being seeks to escape from this trouble, wherever it finds a way through the trouble, which in the end leads to me, I help these souls and will never condemn, what love wanting to help undertakes and what also brings certain help to these unhappy souls – what can therefore be seen as redemption work, when it only aims to achieve help for the souls in deep seriousness and best will. But the best help remains intercession, which you men are to give to those souls, for it gives me myself the possibility to lean towards the beings taking pity on them, and all souls will certainly be pulled up out of the deep, which you include in loving intercession, because the power of love helps every soul up. Amen. B.D. NR. 5298.


Book 59 5299

Spirit spark.

19. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5299.

The God spark in the human heart is that light, which is to be lighted in you, so that it is getting light in you and you come to cognition. Love alone lights the light; love arouses the divine spirit, which, as little spark of eternal love, of the father spirit from eternity, has been laid in you to spread and fill your whole man, to again join together with the original light, with the fire of love, which God himself radiates into infinity. Eternal love is not divisible; everything, what can be called love, is this all including radiation of God, and everywhere, where love is practised, God is himself, because love can never be outside of God, but is the original substance of him himself. But love is power; it is something effective, something alive; love is as it were a current of always active fire, which persistently produces life. A spark therefore rest in you, as soon as you see the light of the world as man, and your task in earth life is now, to let this God spark flare up, so that it therefore so to speak has a life awaking effect.

It is the actual life from God, which only gives the right meaning to the pretence life of the body. It is that spiritual, which is immortal, must however first be awakened in man, before it appears as power. It is that, what connects you with God, what marks you as part of God; it is put into you, but left to your own will, which must light it and let it flare up to a bright flame. It can also remain buried until the end of life, when man does not want to recognize his belonging together with God and puts himself completely away from him. The connection certainly remains, because the spirit of God is indivisible, but man himself feels nothing of it; it is dark and cold in him; he feels neither the brightness nor the warmth of the light, and therefore the divine love power current, his spirit, is not perceived by man, and he is dead in the spirit, without drive to activity, without power, although he lives on earth. True life is only created by the spirit out of God, that love power of God, which can only then fill man, when he lights the God spark in him through love. Only then he enters the stage of life, into the stage of activity, where the power out of God appears, where man matures of cognition, and faith and love produces in him a fullness of the divine spirit - increasing light and power. To bring the divine spirit spark to awakening through love and to feed it continuously, is the most important earth life task of man, for then he establishes the joining together with God, eternal love, and consciously attaches himself to him, to now never ever break away from him, from whom he also cannot separate in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5299.


Book 59 5300

Reason for lack of cognition. Will. Truth.

20. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5300.

The sin debt of the former defection from me weighing heavily on mankind, the resistance against my love and the arrogance of the creature against its creator, is the cause for the spiritual darkness, the lack of cognition, in which most men are. The darkness of the spirit also keeps the will in captivity, which for that reason is always directed down and only rarely turns towards the light. Light comes from above, but darkness is and remains below. To a man now, who stands in the light, everything must be clear and full of understanding; he must possess knowledge, which enables him to always give information, and this knowledge must always let love, wisdom and omnipotence of him be recognized, who stands in the centre of all knowledge. Who is the eternal light. Where my love, wisdom and omnipotence seems to be questionable, where lack of clarity or gaps are visible, where I am made out to be a distorted image, there is still darkness that my image does not clearly and beamingly shines through and I am therefore not recognized as God of love, wisdom and omnipotence. As long as doubt, questions or unclear terms still occupy a man, he still does not stand in truth, in light, for it unveils everything to him; truth chases away every doubt, truth answers all questions and enlightens man, so that he can also recognize it as truth. But for that reason the will for truth is also precondition, and this will will always arise, when man makes an effort out of his own drive to be good, when he lights the love spark in him, which will then always show the will the right direction. Who strives down of his own accord, leans towards evil and is therefore under the spell of lower powers; he neither seeks the light nor has he the ability, to recognize truth, for his will keeps him chained in darkness; he feels happy in wrong terms; he likes the lie and the error, and he does not seek to flee from it. But who strives towards the light, he soon comes into spheres, where it is bright and he can recognize everything, his desire for light increases, because also the urge to love activity increases. It is just the will, which can be made responsible for this, in which state of the spirit man is. That man is initially in darkness is the result of his former sin – but he can lift himself up out of the deep, when he wants it. But the will is free and is never ever determined by me, but man is helped in every way, why everyone can reach the light, who desires it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5300.


Book 59 5301

Free will original law from eternity. Attaining salvation.

22. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5301.

I cannot annul the debt of men against their will; I cannot make them happy, as long as they are imperfect through their own will. I can give them no eternal life, as long as they prefer the death of the spirit. I can everything, just not make the will of that unfree, what I have created out of my love power. For I created perfect beings, which are not conceivable without free will. That they now gave away their perfection, that they for that reason also lost cognition and power, was however the result of their free will, but which could also just as good still increase the perfection insofar, that the being, created by me, strove freely out of itself for light and power, therefore now proved its perfection lawfully, i.e. as wanted by itself. The freedom of will permits the way upwards as also downwards. That the entity itself now fell was its own fault. It must now again strive upwards in free will, to reach the original state, and this free will I can never ever take from the entity, otherwise I would act against myself, against the original law from eternity.

Do you now understand why I cannot help you men arbitrarily upwards? Why you yourselves are those, who must manage the change from the deep upwards? Do you now understand why I can only always just have an effect on your thinking, so that you yourselves turn your will to me and now consciously strive for me? Do you understand why my love is constantly concerned about you, that you at last reach your destination, you who have already taken endless long time to have been permitted to the embodiment on earth? Truly an extensive period has been granted to you, to reach this change of will and nature, but once also the longest time comes to an end, and you are standing before this end. I cannot form you arbitrarily so that you can enter eternal life; you must yourselves land a hand with you; you must want, for my will is at any time to receive you in my kingdom; my will will never oppose your will, when it longs for me, as it once turned away from me and pulled you into the deep.

Worlds will pass before the last spiritual has performed this change of will. But my love wants to help you men that you do not dwell away from me still eternities; that you must not remain still eternities in form, which either keeps your will bound or gives you as man the last possibility to reach your destination, to unite again with me. Know that you as man stand in the last stage of your development on earth; that you can free yourselves out of the form to then be able to enter eternity as happy spirit being. Know it, that you can be happy so you want it, but that I cannot help you to happiness against your will. Let yourselves be urged and warned by my father love; still take advantage of the short time and fashion yourselves so that can unite with me; that you become, what you were from the very beginning, happy beings, which could work in light and fullness of power. Remember you destiny and seriously strive for to reach your destination, as long as you dwell on earth, for the day comes, which ends your earth career; the day comes, where the time has expired, which was been granted to you for the complete redemption, for the ascent into the kingdom of light. Use the time, before it is too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 5301.


Book 59 5302

Unusual gift of favour. Task of serving.

25. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5302.

You have received an unusual favour, which puts you in the position to do unusual work, a work, which does not have an effect on the earthly, but on the spiritual life, a work, which is not to be done for a short time, but for eternity, because it is about the life of the soul after the death of the body, which is to be safeguarded through this work. It is something enormous, what you receive, and it is still earthly so inconspicuous that men of the world smile at it, because they cannot estimate the great importance of your task. And it must also appear before the world as unimportant, because men are not to feel forced to reach for spiritual treasures, which only become real spiritual material in free will and which for that reason can only be acquired by those men, who are turned away from the world and seriously seek me. These will also recognize my visible co-work at you; they themselves will reverently let my love expression have an effect on them; they will as it were receive through you, and still the same, what you receive from me. What I offer you does not lose its value and also remains for ever the same. It is my word that remains until all eternity. Who therefore works with my word, he will always be able to show success with those, whose thoughts are directed spiritually. There his activity will always succeed. But he is to also go to the children of the world and seek to snatch them from the world with my word. My word has power and can also have the effect to change a man completely – but only then, when the will is undecided, therefore not completely rebellious to me. Then my word defeats the undecided will; it turns to me, because my word touches it beneficently.

You, my servants now, you who receive my word, you have a powerful weapon; you can fight with the sword of the mouth, with my word, and you can therefore venture into the area of my enemy; you can there push powerfully forward; you can draw over from his camp, who follow the sound of my word, because they feel its power. You are well equipped for a campaign in favour of my kingdom. You yourselves will never lack power, for you receive it directly from me in the form of my perpetual word sent to you, which does not let you become weak, which lets you fight joyfully and which effects also the brothers in the enemy camp recognize. For they are your brothers, as long as they still need help, as long as they do not put themselves openly against me, but are just hired supporters of my opponent. It is a beautiful and rewarding task for you to draw them over into your camp; for each individual, whom you snatch from his power, is a friend for ever, and every individual is my creature which I court, which I want to win back again and to which I send you that you lead it, that you announce me to it, that you impart to it my words of love, which I send to it through you. Unusual is your task; but unusual also my work at you, through which you can cope with this task. You will never lack power, and my blessing will always rest on you, so you want to utilize the unusual gift of favour, so you are willing to work for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5302.


Book 59 5303

Earth life purpose: Change of will and nature.

26. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5303.

The renewal process must be carried out at you men; otherwise you are unsuitable for the spiritual kingdom, for the sphere of light. With it it is said that you, so while you men are at your earth walk, do not have the maturity, which is necessary to dwell in the kingdom of light. A completely different state is condition to be accepted in the kingdom of light as inhabitant, and you are to reach this state on earth, what is very much possible. It is therefore a certain process of change into which you are to enter, and you must voluntarily undertake it. Compulsorily your nature cannot get changed; you yourselves therefore determine your state at the end of your earth life; and according to your will to change your soul leaves the body – receptive for light or still surrounded with thick covers, which tolerate no radiation of light. But which man knows about it; which man thinks about it, when he is informed about it, and is serious about his change of nature? – Every man must work on himself; he must give up faults, weaknesses and bad habits and train himself to humility, gentleness, peaceableness, patience, mercy; every man must form himself to love to be able to unite all these virtues in him; then he forms himself so that he can be received in the kingdom of light, then his nature has become divine, then he has become like my original nature and consequently made it possible that I myself can get into contact with him, for everything separating us has consciously been done away with. The reshaping of his nature was the way, which led to me; he has reached his earth destination and given up the last heavy cover, as soon as he leaves his body to now lead an eternal life as happy spirit being. Only then real life begins. Let these words become alive in you: Real life begins for you with the entrance into the kingdom of life. What was before has just been the ladder, the time of preparation for the actual life, but which must be acquired in this time of preparation. You men work eagerly and undeterred for the earthly life, for you think it alone important, and you see it as self-purpose. But you do not think of the actual life, because you do not believe in an after-life after the death of the body. Oh you are fools. Your earth life purpose is a completely different one, than to just work for the well-being of the body. That is again and again said to you, but you do not believe it, and you therefore also do not carry out a change of nature, and that is your ruin. For so you are not suitable to enter the kingdom of light, because I also will not and cannot destroy you, because you have emerged out of me, so you must carry out your change in another way, and that can also mean a deep fall and a slow ascent development according to my plan from eternity, when the possibility of maturing in the hereafter is taken from you. You must once carry out this change of nature in the stage as man; also my love cannot release you from it. But the stage as man is the final stage of an unthinkable long course of development through all creations of the earth. As man you must carry out a conscious change of will and nature, if this course of development is to end successfully with the earthly death of the body. Your earth career ends then irrevocably. The development can however continue in the spiritual kingdom; still in the spiritual kingdom the soul can come to recognize its miserable state and seek to change, but to which very much help of light beings or human intercession is necessary. But the being can also sink back into the deepest deep, because it did recognize itself and sought to change. It can have to take upon itself a terrible lot to be again placed into the process of change after endless long time, where it must prove itself anew. Amen. B.D. NR. 5303.


Book 59 5304

God makes demands, but also gives all means to attain salvation.

27. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5304.

Who has created the world, he also secures its existence, as long as it is necessary. Who has created you men, will also take care that you receive what you need, for he created you for the sake of a purpose – as also the complete earthly creation has come into existence for the sake of a purpose: - to lead back the lost spiritual on the right way, so that it may reach the destination, the reunification with the creator and father from eternity, from which it once took its starting point. Has he now created all things for that reason, has he given life to you men, to reach his aim, so he will also do everything what is required for the preservation of man as also for the works of creation. He will provide you men with power; he will put you in the position to fulfil the task, which leads to the aim. But that you men must believe that you have a task, as long as you dwell on earth, and seriously ask yourselves, whether you live according to this task, whether you make the fulfilling of the task your business. You can never object that you are prevented, that you lack the means, that you are unable to do what is demanded of you, for he, who makes demands on you for the purpose of attaining salvation, he also gives you everything, so that you can meet his demands. He has given you the intellect, life power and free will and as most important addition unlimited supply of favour, by virtue of which you can do everything, what you want. You need to lack nothing, so you are just serious about to fulfil the will of him, who called you into life. And he still gives much more, so you ask him yourselves, for his love for you is unlimited and wants everything what serves you attaining salvation. You just need to want, then his love can persistently be active at you, then his wisdom and omnipotence can have an effect in and around you, and with his favour he will cover you, so that you can reach your destination. You do not need to worry about your earthly life, for he keeps it, so you just remember the spiritual life. You can leave everything to him, for he controls your earth course; he levels all ways for you, for he is powerful, wise and extreme loving, and he ordains everything so, as it is good for you. He is like a father concerned about his children and will never permit, that they suffer, as soon as they leave themselves trustingly to him and his guidance. But he will never have an effect on you against your will. For that reason give him your will; subjugate yourselves to him, who has created you for the sake of a purpose, do not believe that you alone, out of your own power can preserve your earth life, but recognize and subjugate yourselves to him, who is your creator and father from eternity. Give yourselves for him and you will truly achieve everything with your devotion; in that way you will enter again into your original relationship, and meaning and purpose of the material creation and of your earth life as man will be fulfilled; you will again be, what you were at the very beginning – beings full of light and power, who are indescribably happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5304.


Book 59 5305

The last day comes suddenly and unexpectedly.

28. January 1952. B.D. NR 5305.

A sudden end will be announced to you. This is to be understood in such a way that nobody can determine the day, that nobody knows the day, that only the ones who are mine can suspect it due to the great, almost unbearable trouble that is announced likewise as preceding the last end. Many well know that the times of the end have begun and that it brings this day sooner or later - they know it because everywhere people speak about it but they do not believe it so firmly that they prepare themselves for this day. Men of the world will be seized by great ecstasies, greedier and greedier they indulge in the pleasures of the world, more and more unscrupulous they get the joys at the expense of the neighbour, their desires and demands outdo one another, and disdainfully they laugh at the ones who go past worldly pleasures believing in me, and they do evil to them wherever they can. The world lives in sin. And this is to be a really sure sign for you because you will experience things that you would not think to be possible. The satanic behaviour of your fellow human beings betrays also the hour of the world clock to you. And even so you can observe everything and the signs of the times are very obvious, also you will be surprised because the end comes faster than you assume. The end comes from one day to the next, i.e., the goings-on of the world pulsates unusually animatedly and lets people think that they master life, that they are lords and can form their life at will. The ones who are mine will observe these goings-on and foreseeing the downfall guessing but they themselves still think likewise of a delay of judgement at the sight of the sparkling vivacity of their fellow humans but whose character is bad and unkind. But the harassing on the part of those is increasing and I myself put an end to them. That is why I will come suddenly and unexpectedly also for the ones that are mine because the sins of the worldly people are a scandal, Satan is overstepping his authority and that is why his hour has come. When no man is expecting it the day dawns that is determined since eternity - the last day on this earth that will bring fear and fright for men that belong to Satan but which also means redemption out of greatest trouble for those who are mine - the day of judgement when that comes true what is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 5305.


Book 59 5306

God’s word incomprehensible? Prerequisite.

30. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5306.

Who listens to me, he will also not lack understanding, for I speak to those, who are receptive, and choose those words, that they can grasp everything, otherwise my word would remain ineffective in their hearts. And so my word went at any time to men; it was never presented to them so that it remained incomprehensible to them; it was always directed to men, who needed it, and always in the form, as it was useful to them. And it was still always the same word, which remains until all eternity. I give to my children on earth good and digestible food, a food, which secures the thriving of my creatures and which for that reason can be received by everyone, who desires it. I only give a good gift. My word, which announces my will to them, so that they are happy through the fulfilling of my will.

For that reason my language is also always understandable, no matter through whom it is offered, when the one offering it also makes use of my word, which I have spoken directly or through prophets, which I made the content of my teaching, when I walked on earth – when he as it were let me myself speak through him, when he speaks for me and wants to win fellowmen for my kingdom. Then his language is the same, which I once spoke, and it will also be comprehensible for everyone. For I will truly not demand of that man to listen to something incomprehensible, when he desires to hear me or my word. I always take the ability to grasp of the individual into account and my word can be understood by all, when the serious will for it exists.

It is therefore prerequisite, otherwise also my word clearly spoken remains incomprehensible, because it is according to my eternal order that the core of truth remains veiled to him, who does not strive for truth. And so I once again summarize: My word will never be incomprehensible to him seriously desiring it, but like foolishness it appears to him, who does not want to fathom its meaning.

The gift now to teach in my name, filled by my spirit, is an obvious sign of that, for the preacher will speak the same words with convincing power, because it is me, who now speaks through him. To those who want to hear me, his words will give light; he so to speak radiates the light from me into the hearts of the listeners, who are willing. But whether they also speak with the tongues of angels, the words remain without impression for those, who are hostile to me, for they do not understand them. Nevertheless my word is not incomprehensible, but their hearts are unsuitable to receive them, and therefore also their intellect does not grasp, what however is extremely easy to comprehend. When my spirit expresses itself in man, so that always means that a light is given to you, and that in various ways – that you accomplish something, to which the work of my spirit, therefore my love power, is necessary. Therefore an unusual ability appears which for that reason has a faith strengthening effect on fellowmen, because it testifies to divine power. But fellowman would never acknowledge a divine power, when my spirit would express itself in a way, which gives man no light, but darkness, therefor something completely incomprehensible. What comes from above must be bright, therefore full of light.

That is to make you think, if you want to judge about the gifts of the spirit or to confirm or say ‘no’ to the work of the spirit. Where confusion arises, there is no light, but delusive lights flash, which are the works of Satan. And he likes to cause confusion, also among those, who are believing, as long as these believers themselves have not recognized truth, as long as their love fire is still too weak to spread a bright gleam of light, in which then no shadow can exist any longer. The power of Satan is great, but no man can be forced by him into his area of darkness, so he seeks light and strives towards the light. Him I also want to protect from that he regards a delusive light as ray of light from above, for a delusive light utters no light, it remains dark, and where darkness is, is ignorance and consequently also never my word. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5306.


Book 59 5307

New Testament and appendix.

31. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5307

In the New Testament you read God’s word, which was announced through the man Jesus and which has also been preached after his death on the cross by his disciples. The sayings of Jesus as also of the first apostles have remained in existence fairly pure, although small deviations have crept in, but which do not change the pure teaching of Christ significantly. But also additions have been added, which do not come from the mouth of Jesus as also of the apostles, why in later times doubts have emerged about the genuineness of that, what the New Testament has as content. Also no exact proofs can be brought about the genuineness of the letters added to the Gospels, but analogously they agree with the divine word and are for that reason not to be rejected, as everything, what accords with the divine love teaching, which the man Jesus has preached on earth, is allowed to be seen and acknowledged as the word of God. But that does not mean that there is not any error in this appendix, for as long as the hands of men are active, which do not belong to a man of awakened spirit, also the opponent of God has the power to let these hands work for him, even so not in an obvious way. And it were the hands of men, which carried out both the putting together as also the translations; it were the hands of men, which did written and printing works, and even so the will may have been good, so the spirit of God was not always busy, which could eliminate and correct, what was wrong. But protectively it put itself before the divine word – to preserve it if possible unadulterated and where intents opposite to God did not exist, this word also remained pure in print and script. Also the before mentioned deviations could not change the pure meaning of the divine word; they could not lessen its value. But moreover it will always be possible for man of awakened spirit to recognize, what is divine and what has been added by the human side. And he will also ask about enlightenment and also receive it, for who seeks truth, he will find it; who desires it, to him it will be supplied. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5307.


Book 59 5308

Man is responsible for the will.

2. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5308.

Whether good or evil comes to blossom in man, is his own will, which can be forced from no side, even so man reports having to act under a certain compulsion. At any time his will can oppose the compulsion; even so he is bodily too weak to resist. But he must always take responsibility for his will, for it is and remains free, and the direction of the will of a man forms him to a good or evil being; the direction of the will determines his way of life, his attitude towards God and his lot in future in eternity, for what man as such does, that he does consciously as directed for or against the divine order, and this conscious will God judges according to justice.

But for that reason he also sees to it that information is given to man during his earth life about his will, to which the human will is to subjugate itself, if he wants to live in divine order. What is directed against the divine will is evil, and man also feels that as bad, for he acts mostly secretly, as soon as he is in the circle of men, who make the divine will their business. And so he openly acts before them, then the will is consciously directed against God, then he is undeniably recognizable as a representative of him, who is against God. And the effects of his acting will always be harming fellowmen; he obviously acts against love and inflicts suffering on men; he drives them into trouble and misery and so abuses his free will to bad acts, for which he must in future take responsibility. Since he as man has the same feelings himself as his fellowmen, so he also knows, that everything, what harms fellowman, is bad, and he can never make out his acts to be as right and conscientious; he can never exonerate himself from debt, although he wants to acknowledge no eternal judge above him. And so he believes to possess the right of the strong to the weak, he himself should also bend before a stronger and approve of his bad acts, what however is never the case, but just drives him to increased loveless acting. His will is directed wrongly, out of his own drive, despite recognizing and knowing about the laws of the eternal order, which are always put before his eyes through the behaviour of good men, who let him recognize his acting as through a mirror. A bad man is always given the opportunity for reflection; he is always reproached for his God opposing way of life, so that he recognizes himself and seeks to change. But his free will must always be active, which can be good and does not need to be bad. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5308.


Book 59 5309

I am the way, the truth, and the life.

3. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5309.

I am the way, the truth, and the life. The truth starts from me; I show you the right way through the truth and this leads to life, to eternal happiness. There is no second way than via truth, there is no second life except me and there is only one who can promise you the life - who has acquired it for you at the cross. I lived and fought for the truth and I died an agonizing death for the only truth so that every one of you men can recognize this when he believes in me. My way is easy to walk for him who is of good will. I led the way - it is the way of love which also inevitably leads to recognizing the truth. As I only preached love I showed you the way all the time; as I myself lived out the teaching I also could announce the pure truth because in me everything was light and bright; I knew about everything and therefore could impart the right knowledge to you. But you can only receive the truth from me because it has its beginning in me and therefore also leads back to me. He who wants to own the truth has to request it from me who himself is the eternal truth. Without me you remain in the darkness of the spirit and you go a wrong way, a way that leads down. You men know that I have an opponent who wants to destroy where I build up, who would like to put out the light, who would like to spread darkness over men so that they cannot recognize me. This opponent tries everything to obscure the way to me, to eternal life, so that it is not to be found. And this opponent is an enemy of the truth as he is also an enemy of me. For truth reveals his plans, his work and his despicable character. Therefore he takes action against the truth and his effort will always be directed to make me unrecognizable for men. He will work against me wherever he can. He therefore is the Antichrist who will stop at nothing to push men aside from me. First the Antichrist works against the truth. From this can be concluded that the pure truth will always be fought against - that the representatives of the pure truth will be attacked while the servants of Antichrist will be recognized as announcers of truth and masses will back them where the bearers of truth only will be scattered because action is taken against them all the time. The way to the truth is small and only few walk on it. The masses of men walk on broad paths and already this is to be sign for you who lead these masses. He who wants to follow me on the small way of the truth will not have many fellow travellers because most of them shun the difficult way. But I myself lead the way and I myself am love and who follows me also must have love in him and then the way appears to be light and clear to him and he walks it unconcerned of the strain because his aim is me and eternal life. Do not seek the truth there where the masses are. I myself walked my way on earth and always was surrounded by only few, while most men rejected me because I brought the truth to them and this was unacceptable to them, because my opponent stood behind the masses and worked against the truth and only fights it wherever he can. But he who has the truth recognizes his goings-on and it will never put him off. Because when he follows me he goes the right way and he will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5309.


Book 59 5310

What comes from above must radiate light.

4. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5310.

You must constantly make it your business to increase your state of maturity; you must constantly strive for perfection; you must constantly strengthen more the relationship with me; you must strive for a complete joining together with me, then the separation between us is more and more abolished; then my love power current can constantly flow into you; then you are filled with my spirit – i.e., then there is no longer anything for you, what would be impossible, and you can then also accomplish achievements, which are seemingly supernatural, because they can be done with divine power only, but of which you can make use now unmeasured, because it flows over to you limitlessly, so you want to use it. But I now also want that your fellowmen take note of it, what a man can do standing in closest relationship with me, so that also they strive for this state of maturity and consequently enter the connection with me, which is their destination on this earth. For that reason every man filled with the spirit will testify in some way to me and for me – he will heal the sick, which believe in me; he will hear my voice and can therefore preach being filled by my spirit; he will prophesy, i.e. being able to see into the future, but as he can also see through the thoughts of his fellowmen; he will know about things, which fellowman does not know, however always inform about only, where the salvation of the soul of men is endangered, as each one man filled with the spirit will use his spiritual gift for the spiritual life only, for me and my kingdom. He will seek to spread light and for that reason be put himself before in that state of light by my spirit, which enables him then, to radiate light onto his fellowmen. But a man awakened by the spirit will never still deepen a state of darkness, by him spreading divine gifts before his fellowmen, which are not recognizable for them as such. A light must spread brightness, otherwise it is no light. Prerequisite is indeed that fellowmen wants to see and recognize. But where this prerequisite is given and it still remains dark, there no light can be; there one cannot speak of the work of the spirit, which is power radiating from my love. The degrees of maturity of men are certainly different and therefore also allow a different expression of my spirit, but my divine work must always be able to be recognized, if it is to help men to spiritual perfection as gift of favour awakening to life.

Who is therefore of awakened spirit, to him it will be disturbing, what is erroneously made out to be the work of the spirit and is eagerly supported, when he himself can recognize no light from above in it, when he seeks in vain an effect promoting the soul maturity of man and so to speak stands in front of an inexplicable process, which gives him no inner satisfaction. And such a process would for example be an announcement in incomprehensible language, the expression of a being from the spiritual kingdom, which seeks to announce itself through a man on earth. This being can certainly make use of a man to announce itself, but these are never beings, which are to bring light to men on my behalf; it is no pouring out of the spirit over such men, but rather a reacting of a weak earthly spirit to the besieging of a spirit being, which in rapturous devotion gives up his own will and are therefore welcome forms to those spirit beings, through which they can express themselves, and that in that way, as they themselves are able to do.

Everything what comes from above, what is imparted in my will to men on earth, must radiate light; light seeking men must also receive rays of light. Where the gleam of light is lacking, is no work from the kingdom of light, and through fanatic worship men are not to put themselves in the state, where questionable powers can make use of them. The craving for cognition often plays a great part and every fault, every weakness, is taken advantage of by those powers, but always in a way that it is recognized by a man of awakened spirit, from where the announcements come. Eagerness is certainly to be praised, but not always appropriate; it not always produces such results, as they are according to my will, which is so to speak anticipated. I let my light shine where it is desired, but also the adversary knows to light delusive lights, but which give no light; and thereby you will always recognize that only the eternal light spreads a glorious light and that the prince of darkness can never illuminate darkness. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5310.


Book 59 5311

Infinite love and patience of God in the development of the spiritual.

6. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5311.

The course of development of the spiritual requires infinite love and patience from the side of the heavenly father, no matter whether the spiritual is in the stage of the bound or the free will. The leading back of the spiritual to him is a process, which requires endless long time, because the individual substances must first find themselves again, which as tiny entities were once banished in the works of creation, and this finding itself and uniting goes on in the state of bound will. As man, in the state of free will, this uniting of the substances has already been carried out, and the spiritual has again its consciousness of self; but it is now to completely purify itself; it is to unite itself with God, its creator and father from eternity, which it certainly can. But it can also fragment itself again, i.e. strive downwards; it can develop backward and completely ignore the unification with God and is still not allowed to be stopped in its will. It can only be won through love and caused to strive for eternal love. And this winning back requires infinite love and patience of the father, who does not want to lose his children, but cannot force them to belong to him. But the love of God is boundless – it does not tire; it does not become impatient; it is not annoyed, and it never ever gives up, what stubbornly believes being able to separate from him. And he also wins it inevitably, but endless times can pass about it, and that to the disadvantage of the spiritual itself, which spends exactly endless long time in unhappy existence, may it be as man or also as still bound spiritual. And for that reason the help of God will persistently come to its assistance and promote it in every way. He will persistently let new creations come into being, so that the course of development in the mandatory law can uninterruptedly be covered, but as he also helps the spiritual as man with all love, to find the way up. What can be done on God’s part to promote it, that happens, but the necessary free will of man determines itself, how long the spiritual still is in the bound state, i.e. how long time it needs, until the unification with God and therefore the separation from all material form is carried out. The love of God will never stop to look after the spiritual, even so it seems as if it turns away from men, for it never ever gives up, what belongs to it for eternity, what is just to join it fully consciously to be able to feel unbound happiness, which otherwise remains denied to the spiritual, because only a creature having become love can feel the love of God and his courting for this love will never ever stop. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5311.


Book 59 5312

"No man can serve two masters."

8. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5312.

No man can serve me and the world at the same time. Who turns his eye to the world, he cannot see me, because I keep myself hidden, as long as the mind of man is just directed towards the world. For I and the world do not belong together; the world is the kingdom of my opponent, but my kingdom is not of this world. For that reason, who wants to find me, must leave the world behind; he must turn away from it, because I am to be found opposite, because my kingdom lies anywhere else than the earthly world. I am a Lord, and my servants cannot serve another lord at the same time, who gives them opposing orders, which therefore do not accord with my will. But man is to decide; he can choose his lord for himself; he is not forced to the service for one or the other; he has free will, and it must drive him to that lord, whose servant he wants to be. But they are no two equal good lords, between whom he is to decide, but the one rules the kingdom of light, the other the kingdom of darkness. For that reason it should certainly be easy for you to make the right decision, but in your blindness you often do not recognize the kingdom of darkness, because many blinding lights deceive you; because the prince of the world puts his kingdom before the eye attractively, while my kingdom is to be recognized with spiritual eyes only, which you still keep closed. But if you decide voluntarily for me, so an extremely bright light will radiate for you, which lets no desire for the world any longer arise in you. And you will serve with joy your Lord, with eagerness fulfil everything, what he instructs you to do; you will no longer feel as his servants, but as his children, to whom you subordinate your will completely. And the turning away from the world you must like to carry out and do it naturally, because that kingdom no longer attracts you, which gives you no true light, which lies far away from my kingdom, which is not of this world. But I demand complete devotion of those, who want to serve me; I do not want that they still look back to that kingdom, which they have left; I do not want that they also serve him, who is my opponent, for I demand unquestioning loyalty from my servants; I demand love for their Lord and master, because only then the work can be done properly, which is absolutely necessary, to which I have hired my servants, because they are to support me, because this work must be carried out by man, who are completely devoted to me.

No man can serve two masters. And for that reason you must decide; you must ask your heart, to whom it pushes you; you must get rid of your love and desires, which are still meant for the world, when you want to serve me, when you want to enter into my services; you must then change your love and desire; you must direct them onto spiritual goods, onto that kingdom, in which I alone am ruler, and your decision will be right and earn you a happy lot in eternity, in that kingdom, that remains, when the earthly world passes, and which is your true home. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5312.


Book 59 5313

Change of will through intercession.

9. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5313.

The kingdom of darkness keeps its souls imprisoned, because no great power is necessary to keep these souls bound, for they do not resist, because their will is too weak. But this will can experience a strengthening through intercession. That you men must imagine that you are able to do the infinite through a loving prayer for these bound souls, which in this way feel the desire awaken in them, to get free from the fetter of Satan. It is often just moments, where this desire emerges in them, but which become longer and longer, the more often these souls are remembered in loving intercession. Then it is as if they awaken out of deep sleep; they become busy and seek for opportunity to flee from their fetters, for they feel the darkness as fetter and long for the light. When this change has occurred as the result of loving prayers, then these souls are also willing to seek, and the smallest ray of light lets them hurry to its starting point. They begin to come to life. But the prince of the underworld does not so easily release them. For that reason light and darkness will change at first; from time to time they will come to knowledge about themselves and then again wander around in darkness completely ignorant. Because of that these souls must be dealt with loving patience; they must have always and always again supply of power through prayer; they must be called near through loving thoughts and therefore again and again be snatched from their dark area; they must receive mental enlightenment and references to Jesus, their redeemer, so that they themselves turn to him and call him for help and mercy. These souls from darkness are indeed difficult to instruct and often stubborn, but they feel the good deed of a loving prayer, and it also slowly softens the most hardened heart, i.e., a man can wrestle such souls from darkness through loving intercession; he will always have success, when he does not let up with his will to help, which also strengthened the will of the soul. In the otherworldly kingdom souls often fight each other, but a dark soul will never harm that man, who prays for it. The love of a man also calms the most annoyed soul, as on the other hand it enlivens and stimulates the weakest soul to improve its state for itself. Loving intercession from the side of men on earth is a great redemption factor, which is much too little recognized by men. Wherever these unhappy souls are remembered, there also the longing for light becomes alive, and that always means a change of the will of the souls, which is then also taken into account. The soul itself must want its redemption, and often loving intercession of a man on earth brings about this will. Therefore beyond death love can still be practised; also out of darkness souls can still be rescued, for love is a power, which is able to do everything. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5313.


Book 59 5314

Love is the key to the spiritual kingdom.

10. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5314.

You can only seize me through love. No other way I am to be won, no other way to be recognized than only through love. And so you now have the key, which opens for you the door to my heart, the gate to the spiritual kingdom, to your father house. Without this key all access remains blocked for you; everything remains hidden, what my love, wisdom and omnipotence has created in the spiritual kingdom; without this key all knowledge about truth remains hidden to you; you lack all divine wisdom, because without love darkness encloses you, because love alone gives you light – therefore leads you to cognition. You would be indescribably powerful, so you would take these my words to heart and lived in love. For love is also power, and nothing to do is for you impossible, so your natures changes to love.

Through these words I therefore give you the promise of light and power in all fullness, of happiness, through the influx of my father love, so you just join together with me through love works, so you just return my love for you. But you do not believe my words; otherwise you all would make the effort to lead a love life. Just make the test of the example. Just pull off all self-love from you; look around you, and where you see need, there seek to bring help; where you find ill men, who suffer on body or soul, there seek to heal them; give them earthly and spiritually, what they need; feed and water them, and get rid of your belongings, when you can help with it the suffering. Try it, and you will experience the truth of my word; you will increase in power and light; you will rise above all earthly suffering, which concerns you yourselves; nothing will touch you, what before appeared as pressure to you; you will feel the power of love at yourselves, and the happiness of the joining together with me, which you establish through every love work, will be compensation for you thousand fold for that, what you have given up. You will recognize me and feel my hand, which keeps you; you will feel the love power current flow into you and hear and see with brightly illuminated spirit, what otherwise is hidden to you men. Make the test; believe my word, practise love – and you win me and will no more lose me for ever. Believe me, for I truly do not want to instruct you wrongly; I want that you are happy, and since only love can make you to happy beings, I persistently preach only love to you. But you must then fight the spirit in you, which lacks all love and to which you owe your earth existence. It drives you to self-love; it wants to suffocate the divine spark in you; it wants to keep you back from love. Therefore you must fight against it, i.e. against your own desires, which just strengthen self-love and weaken the true love for me and for the neighbour, so that you cannot experience the power of love at you. Crusade against it and follow me; receive these words into your heart and act accordingly, and your lot will be complete union with me and unlimited happiness. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5314.


Book 59 5315

Divine principle: Love.

11. and 12. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5315.

The divine principle must predominate in you – your nature must become love. You have emerged out of the love of God, consequently are therefore also beings able to love, which are now to make use of their ability, what means nothing else than that they can use an extreme measure of power in the meaning wanted by God, because through such a utilization of power the being is active creatively, therefore constantly awakens new life and consequently the power is constantly increased. But a being without love is powerless and as if dead; it has stepped out of the love power current of God, what is not of its destiny. For everything, what God has created, what has emerged out of his love is to live, i.e. be active uninterruptedly. But only love makes the being able to live. If you men therefore want to speak of a true life, so love must rule you; it must drive you; your whole nature must be filled by love, then there is also no longer death for you; then you live for ever. For not your earth life as man is life, but only a regular activity according to divine will gives man the right life, which last for ever. Through love you can become powerful, but again not the power of the body is meant by this, but alone that power of love it is, which makes powerful, which can accomplish things beyond human ability, because it is divine. But since you have emerged out of God, his power is also hidden in you, which just needs to be turned outwards, i.e. can appear through your work in love. Then the power out of God is getting active; it flows through you, and what you now accomplish is his will and contributes again to the increase of power. (12.2.1952) What you once were, you must become again – what took its start from God must again return to him as the same, as he has sent it out into infinity, as love, the original substance from God, which understandably was also the original substance of each one being created by God, so long, until an ungodly principle wanted to join it, which caused eternal love, to withdraw, until the ungodly in the beings is eliminated through the will of the being, until the being was again so pure, that eternal love could again fill it, that it could again take possession of that, what of course belonged to it since the very beginning. True life must first again move in to the entity created by God, which is just a dead creature without love, equal like a form, which lacks the proper content. Love lets it again awaken to life, and the creature becomes, what it is to become, a child of God; it becomes his image, to a mighty being full of light, which can work unlimitedly according to its own will, but which is also the will of God. For through love the being is fused with God and can want nothing else than God wants it, and therefore always and constantly works and has an effect according to divine plan in constant increasing happiness. The divine qualities penetrate and fill the being, for love makes everything divine and also allows no relapse any more. That the being could secede from God initially, that it gave up love, took place only as a result, that God demanded a free decision of the will from it, which was only then possible, when all divine abilities and values are relaxed, which would have forced it to a positive decision. It had to be able to choose positive or negative in the state of complete freedom of will. This decision could bring about its downfall, but afterwards also to unsuspected height, by it being able to rise out of the creature of God to a child of God. But the fall robbed it of love, therefore of cognition, of light and of power. But through love it can again become what it was, and this is the aim of all spiritual, which in creation covers the way up and as man again passes the once demanded decision before God through fashioning to love, to then be received as child of God into his kingdom, where light and power and unsuspected happiness is again given to it. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5315.


Book 59 5316

Act of mercy of God before the end. Bridge.

13. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5316.

A great salvation has come to you, for I obviously look after you and lead you to faith. My love for you men determines me, to obviously announce myself to you, and because of that, I fill men with my spirit, whose hearts do not resist me – who make an effort to live in love. I seek to seize them all, who are of the same will, and I supply them with my immeasurable treasure of favour. I make it easy for all of them, who let themselves be touched by my favour to believe in me, and nevertheless I do not force them to faith, for a certain willingness must first be there, otherwise they do not feel touches by my current of favour. I know mine. But all souls will thank me and praise me, so they will be able in future to measure this salvation, of which I deem them worthy, for it is an act of favour of greatest importance. And eternal love leans in greatest mercy towards the weak, sinful family of men and seeks to rescue it out of deepest blindness. For my gift of favour is calculated for all men; it is to be seen as one of the last means, to still win souls for eternal life before the end of this earth. Could you men measure the endless far distance, in which you men are from me, then only you would recognize my great love, which still builds a bridge over the endless cleft between you and me. The bridge has now been created, but whether you step on it, is up to you. But only few men are pillars of this bridge; they are of willing heart and want to serve me. It is they, who make it possible, to build a bridge from me to earth men, and for the sake of these few I take pity and attract men with my love call, to go the way over the bridge to me; for the sake of these few the messengers of the kingdom of light come to meet you, to accompany you loyally, so you fear the narrow, laborious ascent. Only few will want to go the way; but they have much favour and power at their disposal, for I look after all those, who just summon the smallest will to reach me. It is a way of salvation, which helps you all to recovery; it is that way, which has been made passable for you all - which Jesus Christ has gone, who has reached his destination in connection with me and who can also lead you men safely to the destination, so you join him, so you choose him as leader. It is the way of love, which you all will recognize, so you make use of my gift of favour from above; so you hear, what I myself announce to you through the mouth of men, that you are to just fulfil my will, which exists in you giving full expression to my love teaching. I obviously help you, by me letting you hear my voice, so that you believe. I myself come to you and push you onto the right way. Follow my push; listen to me and follow my words, and you will reach the aim, to me, I who call you, because I love you. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5316.


Book 59 5317

Serious admonition to break away from matter.

14. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5317.

This is the command of the hour that you seek to break away from matter and strive for the spiritual with strengthened will. The earth, with its earthly material goods, is for you still worth striving for, but nothing of it will remain, when the time has come, so my announcements come true, when the end of this is there and your life finds its conclusion. Then only that still counts, what you have gathered of spiritual goods, and this wealth only enables you to populate the new earth or to work with it in the spiritual kingdom. But who can show nothing of spiritual goods, who was so closely connected with matter that he completely forgot the spiritual, he himself will become matter. He will be condemned to the new banishment, because only the earth can become his stay, because the spiritual kingdom cannot receive him, since matter still keeps him bound.

Seek to break away from it; make yourselves free of that, what is your ruin; you have overcome hard matter already a long time ago – do not let yourselves be anew captured by it, but seek to become free of all form. Strive for the spiritual life, a state of freedom, light and power. And so you are willing for this, then do not hesitate, for no long time still remains any more for you. Matter is put before your eyes so enticingly by my opponent that your will is constantly becoming weaker. Think about it that everything is transient, what you can see and seize; seriously consider the worthlessness of that, what still seems to be worth striving for, and put an endless long time in comparison with it – in darkness or in the brightest light. Both states you can create for you, and for that reason choose seriously. Drop matter and seek connection with that world, which offers you far more beautiful than the earthly world, which soon heads for its ruin. Do not yourselves be captivated by its pretence goods, which disintegration you all will still experience, because for the sake of your souls I still let you clearly recognize its changeability, so that you get shaken up and think your lot over after the death of your body. I warn you full of fatherly love, because I would like to spare you unspeakable suffering, but can only warn, but not force you, to listen to me.

Give up the pleasures of the world, and turn your mind upwards; call all spiritual full of light for help, so you are too weak, to break away yourselves; be of good will to strive up, and you will be helped. But do not delay, for the time hurries, and it comes as it is announced in word and script. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5317.


Book 59 5318

Trouble of the souls in the hereafter. Intercession – Change of will.

16. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5318.

The trouble of the poor souls in the hereafter is extremely great, for their state is often unbearable, because dense darkness surrounds them and they find no way out. The more a soul suffers, but the sooner is the possibility that it takes stock of itself, thinks about its debt and looks around for help, why it then follows every smallest ray of light, of which it hopes rescue. Only then it can be send to the light, when it seeks to flee from darkness. Before it would not be able to understand the instructions; but as it also would still be so stubborn, if it would be instructed, that everything would be futile with it. The will of every soul can be recognized by the light beings, and according to it they guide the poor souls to the light, which long for it, for these souls are now in that state, where help can be brought to them, because they are willing to accept help, and also ask for it that they may be helped. Then therefore the work of redemption can begin with those souls, even so they come from the deep. Then the favour and love of Jesus has also worked in the deep on individual souls, and to bring salvation to these is now an extremely rewarding task, to which you men can contribute unspeakably much, through conscious intercession and mental instruction of those, who ask you for help. The souls in the hereafter know that men on earth are still in the possession of life power, which they lack completely, and for that reason they surround these men to get power from them. They indeed do not know, in which form power is sent to them, but they ask men exactly for that, what they lack, what they do not have, but can perceive with men. Their great trouble drives them again and again to men on earth, although they often have just a weak remembrance of the knowledge, which they possessed on earth. For that reason the instruction of these beings is not easy, because their weak ability to think must be taking into account and according to their debt, their state of maturity they lack all cognition. Nevertheless they are hungry for enlightenment, and they are patient listeners, when explanations are given to them. There is a great trouble in the otherworldly kingdom, but which can be alleviated by you men, when you are prepared to help them, when you take pity on these souls and your will to help is stimulated. For loving thoughts from you they really feel as a noticeable supply of power, and they will for that reason also never leave a man, who helps them in that way, that he remembers them lovingly and asks for help with Jesus Christ for these poor souls. The divine redeemer is always prepared to help the souls out of the deep up, but the law of love cannot be circumvented, and so the soul itself still cannot summon love, he is satisfied with loving intercession, and he accepts it as practised by the souls themselves. And they will find redemption through his love and mercy. Infinite much men can contribute to rescue souls out of darkness. They all ask you for it, and as soon as they ask you, as soon as they intervene into your thoughts, you know that help can be theirs, that they have already arrived at that state, where they want help, and now the love effort of man is also not in vain. Help them; rescue them out of their trouble, and so contribute to the redemption of the souls, which have neglected on earth to work on their completion, and which for that reason are in greatest trouble in the hereafter, out of which only the love of men can help them. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5318.


Book 59 5319

Mental influencing of spiritual beings. Connection from earth to the hereafter.

17. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5319.

From out of the kingdom of light men are constantly influenced, so that they mentally deal with that kingdom, which lies outside of the earthly world, which is not grasped with earthly senses, but which exist irrefutably, even so it cannot be proven. But every man knows that an area exists, which is still closed to him, as long as he is unbelieving, for whether he also would like to deny it, he cannot do it with that certainty, which could give him proofs, and a proof for it, that that kingdom does not exist, is not there. But the light beings make an effort, to mentally so influence men that they deal with the state after their death – that they consider the possibility of a continued existence, and then they can also further influence men through imaginations, which are explained by men as their own assumptions. The train of thought of man must be steered to his state after his death – although he would prefer to believe that there is no existence after death any more, still thoughts will again and again force themselves on him, and this is the work of those beings in the spiritual kingdom, which want to help him to come to the right recognition. But it becomes constantly more laborious and more unsuccessful, the closer the end is. For also the kingdom of darkness seeks to seize the thoughts of men and instructs them in the opposite meaning – it only presents the tangible to him and seeks to destroy all faith in a continued life. And exactly these men will often experience things, which are a visible influencing of the light beings, which could lead to faith, when man is of good will. The opposite kingdom will attract attention to itself; men will at times be besieged by beings or also receive small signs, of which they just would need to pay attention to become aware of visible spiritual contacts with that world, which they say ‘no’ to. The time of the end has come, where in many different ways men are influenced, for it is to be made easy for all men, when they just possess the smallest desire for truth. The time of the end is a last time of favour, where extraordinary things happen, because it has become much more difficult to believe, through the general lack of love, which lets no living faith come up. For that reason it is visibly intervened from above; for that reason beings of light instruct men, who are turned to the light, and for that reason the opposite beings also come to the help of men, who indeed cannot yet instruct them as bearers of truth, but who still would like to announce their continued life to those, with whom they were connected on earth. Therefore the connections from earth to the spiritual kingdom are also allowed, to again give faith back to complete unbelievers in a continued life after death. For this faith alone can cause man to a change of will and nature, and faith can be won by every one seriously striving for truth. It is a time of united work of the beings of light and of men on earth, who believe. For both the aim is to bring men to faith that life is not ended with the death of the body, but goes on in spheres, which man himself chooses through his earth life way. Only this faith awakens the feeling of responsibility and also determines the will of men. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5319.


Book 59 5320

Examination of genuine revelations.

19. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5320.

Great things are to become obvious to you through my love. And you can always believe my words, because I also let you recognize that it is me myself, who speaks to you. And I speak with everyone, who wants to hear me in deepest humility and love for me and listens to the voice in the heart, which will also certainly sound to him. But my words must sound in the heart; they must rise up out of the heart, either clearly heard as spoken word or in the form of thoughts, which the intellect has not born, which are therefore not won through the activity of the intellect, but jump in a flash to the spiritual ear of man and can therefore be held on to. You are to carry out an examination at yourselves, so you believe having received divine revelations. I reveal myself, as true as I am God, your creator and father from eternity, for I also want to make myself known to my creatures and therefore do not hide from them. But understandably not every man will be able to hear my voice, as long as he does not fulfil certain preconditions.

And therefore you will always have to check, whether and how my voice sounds, which is to introduce you to truth, which is to unveil my will to you, as far you have understanding for it. I am a God of love and will truly not withhold my word from a man, for I would like to pour out my favour over all my creatures to help them to become my child. And for that reason I knock on all doors of the heart and desire entry. Full of love I court for the love of my creatures, and where love is, there the door of the heart opens by itself and lets me in. And there I remain; there I take residence, for love draws me quite tremendously and holds on to me. And where I can now dwell, there my presence will also be recognizable. I reveal myself through the heart to that man, who has received me. I have now no other aim, than to fill this man with my spirit, to lead him to cognition, to enlighten his thinking brightly and clearly, to introduce him into truth and to fill him with power, which enables him to work full of blessings at mankind.

So I therefore express myself, and by this my presence is recognizable that you men have a light bearer among you, who can give you enlightenment in all questions, which concern me and my kingdom, who is initiated into my plan of salvation from eternity, who draws your attention to my spiritual influence, who presents my love, but also my justice to you, who points you to the effect of a right and of the wrong way of life and to life after death – short, who now works among his fellowmen for me and my kingdom, who constantly hands out, what he receives from me – light, power and favours, which he passes on on my behalf. I have revealed myself to him, and he now reveals me to you; he wants to impart to you the same that he has found through his love. Grasp this, and now judge yourselves, when my presence, my expressions are to be acknowledged. And never forget that I reveal myself to get recognized – that you therefore must always recognize my love, my wisdom and my omnipotence, the epitome of my entity, from every revelation, when it is to come from me myself, otherwise it is not of divine origin. For so I reveal myself, I want that you men are also supposed to recognize me, so that you love me, because only through love you can join together with me and this is and remains the purpose of every revelation on my part. For that reason examine everything, and so you ask me for my help, you will always recognize the right. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5320.


Book 59 5321

Cosmic radiation. (Astrology).

20. and 21. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5321.

The spirit in you must become active, if you want to have clarity in all things, if you want to think right and move in divine truth. The right understanding cannot be given to you men, but you must first fulfil the preconditions, which guarantee you full understanding, and this precondition is exactly that you bring the spirit in you to awakening, so that it instructs you, guides your thinking right and gives you the understanding for higher wisdom, which you as man alone, only with your intellectual understanding, cannot grasp. It is a completely useless beginning wanting to penetrate into divine secrets of creation without the help of the spirit, which, as share of God, knows everything and can also impart to you man knowledge. Without spirit work you will therefore never get to see into the divine plan of creation and salvation or, so the knowledge about it is supplied to you from the outside, not be able to grasp it. But what the spirit of God imparts to you about it is fullest truth and will increase your cognition, for it has taken its start from God; it is a direct supply of truth, which has its origin in God. The complete creation, earthly and spiritually, is God’s will having become form, founded in his love and goal-orientated through his wisdom. Consequently every work of creation is thought over full of wisdom in its origin and in its functionalism and fitted in into the whole creation, as God saw it from eternity as health invigorating for the spiritual supposed to develop upwards. Every creation work is the completion of another, and the whole spiritual and earthly creation is an incomprehensible spiritual complex, which waits for its dissolving.

Man is only able to receive the tiniest fraction in his mind, (21.2.1952) and he therefore must also content himself with explanations, which only give him a slight idea, which only make purpose and aim in rough outlines understood, what has emerged out of God’s creator hand. It is also not becoming for man wanting to fathom the deepest secrets, as long as he is still in earthly material cover on earth, because his spiritual horizon is limited, because he lacks all ability of imagination to be able to grasp creations existing outside of earth. But innumerable heavenly bodies are visible to his bodily eyes, which therefore also revolve in the infinite space as creations of God and in endless distance of men move in courses fixed according with laws. These heavenly bodies are certainly visible to him, but not to be researched with his intellect. They are those worlds, where either a kind of basic education or the further development of human souls goes on, because there are countless spheres, which serve the souls, standing in countless different degrees of maturity, as stay. Look at all heavenly bodies, which are visible to your eye, as further education stations of the spiritual, then you have already explained the meaning and purpose of the heavenly bodies most clearly. The whole creation, therefore all heavenly bodies of earthly material or spiritual kind, are steered by my will, and all are subordinated to the law of eternal order, which originator is the divine creator himself. Nothing can happen in the whole universe out of law; everything must be carried out in accordance with laws, otherwise God himself would surrender the creation to dissolving, as soon as he acts against his law.

Man must first possess this knowledge to be able to now grasp that there cannot be neither arbitrary world events nor arbitrary cosmic events, because every event is already included in the eternal basic law and appears so, as God has already for eternity recognized it as functional for the spiritual development. In times of intellectual research pushed too far one certainly believes being able to discover a certain rule and to have discovered and now also being able to guarantee knowledge for coming events. One can certainly have recognized certain conformity to laws and now subordinate to these laws, but then man fits himself into that law, but not that he believes to be able to dominate that law, by him wanting to calculate, what is to remain hidden to him nature-legally – by him making a connection between fate, the course of life of a man with the heavenly bodies revolving according to divine law, and their course.

You men ask yourselves, whether it would perhaps be good, if you could know your course of life, all events and details in advance – and do not ask yourselves last, how then perhaps your free will would to be supported; ask yourselves, whether you could then speak of a life task, of a spiritual ascent development in free will. All this would be invalid, when it would be possible for you, to do calculations at the course of the stars, which are to determine your earth walk. There are certainly divine laws according to which the course of life, the fate of man, is shaped, but men can never ever be able to see into this law; never ever is knowledge about it accessible to them, otherwise God would not keep the future hidden for them precisely also as a law, which is found on his wisdom and love.

But in the whole universe undeniably connections exist between the individual works of creation, and every heavenly body also radiates certain powers, which other heavenly bodies catch, what does not remain without influence. These are cosmic currents, precisely caused by nature through divine laws, and these currents also have an effect on man now and then, more or less stimulating him, but also crippling at times, why a pure natural influence of the heavenly bodies on man cannot be denied, but which influences the spiritual development in no way, can only be felt bodily. And these cosmic currents can also have building up or destructive effects, but natural disasters cannot be calculated time wise with fullest certainty, otherwise also such time wise determined predictions would cause the greatest confusion among men and for that reason mean an obstacle for the spiritual development in free will. Men can also now and then be exposed to cosmic influences, but never ever are they in this way pushed to decisions, which are determining for the spiritual development. But the desire to uncover hidden things, cannot be satisfied through suggestion (men) (suggestion has been crossed through and men written above it) – for what God keeps hidden, that men will not be able to uncover, unless God himself shows it to them, to help them up – so he himself announces future things, to protect men from the danger of a fall into the deep. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5321.


Book 59 5322

Consequences of lack of love in the hereafter.

23. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5322.

The lack of love has serious consequences both on earth and as well in the hereafter. For it surrounds the soul with thickest covers, so that no ray of light can penetrate into it and it remains in darkness for ever. Light is everywhere, but where it cannot penetrate into the human soul, there is darkness. But love radiates light and so illuminates the soul from the inside; the covers dissolve, and light can now have an effect from the outside – the soul stands in cognition. On earth "cognition" now means knowledge about eternal truth, about meaning and purpose of earth life and constant increasing love for God. But in the opposite kingdom the light is safe for that soul, which has reached cognition on earth through love. Darkness has faded for ever; everything is obvious to the soul; nothing uncertain exists any longer for it, nothing incomprehensible and nothing impossible, for it itself has become full of light and power through love. Lack of love is therefore eternal ruin of the soul, for a soul, which still languishes in deepest darkness, is unhappy; it has become the prey of him, who himself lacks all love and also wants to cause this state for those souls, who let themselves be influenced by him, who are just full of self-love and only act without love towards fellowmen, because Satan tempts them to it, because he wants to plant his own feelings into men, so that they become enslaved to him. Lack of love is the death of the soul – it poisons the thinking of men, so that the results of the thinking are untruth and malice, and acts of hate emerge from that, which again will give birth to evil. This can also be no different, then where love is, is God – where lack of love is and hate appear, there is Satan, and he rules, so that he truly is to be recognized as the greatest enemy of souls, who does not just pursue men on earth and seeks to win for himself, but works with increased malice in the hereafter and also seeks to influence the souls there, to drive them to always greater hardness of the heart, to pull them always deeper down into the abyss. And because lack of love has an alarming effect in the hereafter, for that reason it can only be opposed with love. The souls in the hereafter must be shown much love, which has an effect like medicine on the sick soul, through which it can get well, when it is not let up to give love to those souls. Also the most stubborn souls of darkness let themselves be changed through rays of love, even so first unwillingly, but what they once feel as favour, they no longer give up.

Love is the most effective weapon against the adversary, which he cannot withstand, which he flees and for that reason rather drops his victims, before he lets himself be touched by the love rays. For that reason fight against lack of love; know that it leads into ruin, while love work opens the kingdom of light for you and you can also help those to light through love, who still languish in darkness as result of their way of life on earth poor in love and lacking love. Love alone can bring help to them and dissolve their fetters; love alone can make you all happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5322.


Book 59 5323

Justice. Compensation in the hereafter.

24. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5323.

There is justice; there is compensation, when not on earth, then in the opposite kingdom, where the soul harvests, what is has sown. You men, consider this that no-one can take something, to which he is not entitled; that he must account to the last farthing and that he must pay, what he has appropriated illegally. Consider you men that I can remit nothing for you, because I am a just God, and that for that reason you burden yourselves with great debt, you who believe being able to sin with impunity. Once the day of repayment comes for everyone, who lives along on earth without scruple, because he does not believe in me as a just God and for that reason accumulates sin over sin. All of your earth life is soon over; what remains for you, is just spiritual good, and woe betide you, who cannot show that. He will arrive over there naked and poor and wander around in greatest misery and in darkness – and that is the compensation for the life on earth, so it was not lived according to my will, taking into account the command of love for me and the neighbour, so man only thought of him and lived to please my opponent; so he feasted in world consumption and gave free rein to his passions and desires. Who only thought of himself on earth, he will dwell alone over there, and no-one will do love to him, as he himself let live in want, who needed his help on earth. He will have to pay to the last farthing, because no-one can pay his debt for him, except Jesus Christ, but in which the soul does not believe, which was completely without love.

You men, consider your earth life from this side, and know that you are not allowed to live along unscrupulously, because once the life of the body ends and the soul must clear off, what debt it had been burdened with – and know that everything, what you have paid the world as tribute, was taken away from the soul and its poorness in the opposite kingdom is the result of it. Know that there is a compensation for every hour, which you cheer on my opponent, you who pay tribute to the joys of the world and completely forget me – for earth life is given to you for the completion of your soul. But what do you do? You just provide for your body; you give it fulfilment of all wishes; you become intoxicated with worldly pleasures; you go all too willingly into the nets, which the enemy of your souls sets for you. You take from the soul and give to the body. And you must pay for it a thousand fold. For your trouble will be extremely great, so you enter the spiritual kingdom, where only that is assessed, what it brings with it of immortal goods. It will suffer great lack, and no-one will help it, when it does not turn to Jesus Christ, but of whom it knows nothing in its darkness. Only he can help it, but eternities can pass, until the cognition comes to the soul and it turns to him; eternities it can lug round its debt with it, because my justice cannot relieve it, as long as it itself does not ask me for it. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5323.


Book 59 5324

Brutal faith struggle. Steeling of faith.

27. February 1952. B.D. NR 5324.

It is absolutely essential that you steel yourself for the last faith struggle because demands will be made on you that you will not be able to comply with without firm, unshakeable faith. A few things will appear to you as insurmountable when you do not make use of my power, the power of faith, because the enemy of your souls takes almost inhuman action against you and he makes use of those that are mighty on earth, at the same time are full of cunning and malice and challenge all who are still believing. It will be such an open action of the satanic force that you clearly recognize what hour has come so that you know that it is the last phase of the end-time and that it will last only a short time until you will be rescued from this power that cannot harm you though when you can call a firm faith to be yours. The action of the enemy is so obviously directed against myself that it already lets you recognize that he oversteps his authority and I have told you that then the end is nearby. Because man is on earth to make a decision between two powers and therefore also has to know about both powers. But when one power prevents the knowledge about the second power it oversteps its authority and that not unpunished. When now the faith struggle has broken out then it will be clearly evident through the nature what power is at work. And this time has to come first because I do not intervene earlier than necessary to still give the souls the opportunity to change will and faith that through the action of the satanic power are taken aback and think about their own self. One has to be firm with men because they do not listen to the voice of the father who talks to them lovingly. But the voice of Satan can still have an effect on individual souls and cause their turning back to me but only then when man still has a spark of faith in him in a God and he rather wants to give himself over to this God than him whose wickedness he now recognizes. The strength of faith of those who are mine will set him thinking, who despite greatest distress do not succumb and confess my name the more the more they are threatened. You have to steel yourself for the last war on faith for our own sake but also for the sake of your fellow human beings to whom your faith can also be a help to get faith in a God who can help and wants to help and also will help when the trouble has become unbearable and Satan has accomplished his work - when those who are mine are threatened with death and only I can bring them help. Then I will come and fetch mine; I will end their trouble and distress but at the same time judge everything what is against me on the last day of this earth. Then there will be rejoicing and praise among mine and horror of death among the others, then the day has come about which it is written that I will judge the living and the dead, the believers and the unbelievers, because my word comes true because it is the truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5324.


Book 59 5325

Admonition to gather spiritual treasures on earth.

29. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5325.

The wealth of spiritual good cannot be desired enough, for it alone creates happiness in the opposite kingdom, when the soul has laid down everything, what it possessed earthly, when it dwells in the spiritual area, where only spiritual good is of value, because it alone is immortal. On earth you can acquire this wealth for you, but always only then, when you leave earthly wealth unnoticed, because both cannot be granted to you at the same time. You must know that two lords offer their goods to you, but that the goods are completely opposing as also the lords, who want to hand them out. Both have another area, into which they want to pull you – and both of their areas are lying far apart, so that you must decide, whom you prefer. For that reason both lords entice you with their goods – but the one of them are passing, while the others remain for ever. That you are to consider, so you are put before the decision. Do you just want to be temporarily happy? Or do you seek eternal happiness? Then you must also choose the father and creator from eternity, who wants to provide you with immortal treasure, so you just profess him. He hands out to you amply, so that you do not need to suffer lack, and he will also send the passing goods to you, which you need for the preservation of your body, as soon as you first of all desire the spiritual gifts. But as long as your eyes are blinded by those treasures, which his opponent offers you, you do not see the mild brightness of the spiritual gifts. For that reason you must turn away from those and resign yourselves to the fulfilment of earthly needs, which the father and creator from eternity promises you, so that you live on earth and do not become unsuitable to acquire spiritual wealth for you. For he is truly your father, who cares for your spiritual and bodily well-being, but who will never send you those goods, which are corrupting you, even so they seem to be indispensible for you for the earth life time. They just cling to you from the outside and still block the access to the soul for those, who would like to give spiritual food to them. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. But you will never be able to find the kingdom of God, when you seek it in that world, which is the kingdom of his opponent. And you will lose everything, what you have gathered for yourselves of earthly things, for nothing of it follows you into eternity. But the spiritual material can no longer be taken from you; it follows you into eternity; it is the share of the soul, which it takes with it over into eternity.

And for that reason it cannot be presented to you loud and admonishing enough that you are to acquire spiritual treasures for yourselves on earth; that you create a wealth for yourselves, which means an unutterable blessing in the spiritual kingdom - a wealth, which will always increase, although you use it to constantly hand out, to give to the needy, at which you want to practise merciful neighbourly love, because love drives you yourselves to it. Acquire this wealth for yourselves on earth, so that you have not lived for nothing. Decide for that Lord, who offers you good gifts; receive out of his hand, what his infinite love offers you, and make all happy, who are poor and need your help. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5325.


Book 59 5326

God’s blessing rests on every redemption work.

1. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5326.

All redemption work finds my blessing. Who is of serious will to help and to decrease the spiritual trouble both on earth as also in the hereafter, he can also be certain that he always finds my support and that I bless his work. The will is always decisive, not alone the word, i.e. the thoughtless speaking along of a good intention, which lacks the will. Again and again I emphasize that I need workers, who are active for my kingdom, who are to perform an extreme urgent work in my vineyard. And the redemption of the bound beings is always to be understood under this work, which as man on earth still walk on erroneous ways or, having entered the hereafter as immature, must endure an unhappy lot there in the darkness of the spirit. To free all bound, to lead it out of darkness to the light, to change the unhappy state into a blessed one – this is redemption work, which will always be blessed by me, because it is done in free will, because love for these unhappy ones is cause for this redemption work. And therefore also only that can be seen and assessed by me as redemption work, what is done out of love. And consequently you also have enlightenment, whether and when my blessing is certain for you. I will approve of everything, what also just helps one soul up. Whether you now speak words of love to your fellowmen on earth, whether you give them testimony of me and my work, whether you admonish them to soul work – whether you pray for the poor dark souls on earth or in the hereafter and instruct them mentally, to help them – as soon as your intention is to just help, you act good and just and will always experience my blessing. There are only few men, who seriously work for me and my kingdom, who have the well-being of fellowmen or the deceased at heart; there are only few, who know about the great spiritual trouble and want to steer it, and my love is also meant for these few, which again makes all work easier for them and lets it become successful. A spiritual seeing into the places of darkness, both on earth as also in the spiritual kingdom, would certainly shake up men and perhaps also let become helpful, but this would then be a conscious work, which would be done out of fear, because men still lack cognition and it must be acquired through love work. Every man will become knowing, who lives according to my will, and the spiritual trouble will also very soon be recognizable to him. But my will is observed too little, i.e., my love command is not fulfilled, and the effect of this disregard is such a terrible one, that the fetters around the soul become more and more pressing and they must be helped to get free of them. But this help can again only a loving soul do, and therefore every worker is welcome by me, who is driven by love for redemption work. For where only one soul is rescued out of darkness, there my love will repay thousand fold and impose my blessing on, who therefore want to serve me. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5326.


Book 59 5327

Religious war. Surest protection.

2. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5327.

At the time of the religious war you are deserted by all men, who could protect you. Then you have only one, in whom you can put your trust and on whom you can call for help. But then my power and might will become obvious; then you will experience it that you have a father in heaven, who protects his children and cares for them, when men condemn you to live in want, when they take everything from you and your lot truly looks alarming. Then your look is to be only directed up; then you are to let me myself be present with you, and all trouble will have an end. What a appears impossible to you, will be carried out at you; what goes beyond your power, you will be able to do, and it will almost appear, as if every law of nature is abolished at you, so you intimately connect with me and take advantage of my power. Today you still do not understand this, but so much you are to know that you do not need to fear this time, and no matter when you are surrounded by devils. You will be untouchable for them, because I put myself protectively before you and my protection is also visibly expressed, because like through miracle power you escape everything, no matter what is undertaken against you. Men will not be able to help you, for those who would be willing to it, are themselves powerless; but where the power is, there Satan rages, who wants to win the last fight against me with all conceivable means. Satan puts himself against me, and for the sake of the last decision of men I allow it, but he will not win, and you, my loyal ones, he will certainly besiege violently, but not bring to lose. But the earthly trouble will then force you to me; you will like to come, because you know that your father helps you, and I reward this faith with secure help and my intervention, wherever it is necessary. From all sides you will be attacked, both unbelievers as also wanting to be believers will first treat you with hostility, but since action is taken against everything spiritual, still from that camp will join you, who do not want to give me up, and that will increase the hate of the unbelievers and hand you over to their brutal convictions all the more. But a lord is, who has also power over these devils, and so this Lord stands on your side, you truly need to fear nothing. For that reason I strengthen you before with my word; for that reason I inform you of that, what still awaits you, and for that reason I assure you of my protection and my help, so that you get strong in faith and are heading for the coming time fearlessly.

The end is near, but the religious war breaks out before. But then you know, which hour the world clock has struck; then you also know that my coming is no longer far and with it the last judgement, which makes an end to all trouble of those who are mine, as I have promised it. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5327.


Book 59 5328

God’s word informs of his will.

3. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5328.

Only my will needs to be observed and followed, for you to be able to gain my pleasure. And it is very easy to fulfil my will, for it just calls on you for love; it demands from you something, what is not unnatural, since you yourselves have indeed emerged from love. So as I have once created you, so you are to become again; and this depends on love. You can therefore only then please me, when you form yourselves so, as you were from the very beginning. And for that reason you must fulfil my commands of love, which include my will in them. And for that reason I supply my word to you men, so that you take note of my will, and my word will always call upon you to a way of life, which testifies to love; my word will stipulate in detail for you, what you are to do and what you are to leave to become perfect. You can for that reason not be without my word on earth, for it only informs you about me and my will; it points you to your original state and to your earth life task; my word stimulates you to seek contact with its giver, and so you have entered this connection, you will is also prepared to subjugate itself to mine. Wanting the right, to gain my pleasure, that it is, to which you must be going to bring yourselves to fulfil your earth life task. You must take my will as guiding principle for yourselves, then you will reach your destination. Who takes note of my word, he then also lets himself be guided by me; he acknowledges me and makes an effort to do that, what I require; he makes an effort to live in love; his ascent development goes its course, and the destination is certain for him. He becomes again, what he was, a powerful being, which has united with me through love and can now work itself unlimitedly and is unimaginably happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5328.


Book 59 5329

Serious admonition to think of death.

4. March 1952 B.D. NR. 5329

No-one of you men knows, how long he still walks on earth; no-one knows, when the hour of his recall will come, and no-one knows it, whether time remains for him, to still prepare himself for his end. And you men are to always think of this, that already tomorrow you can stand before your judge; that he demands an account for your earth life walk, for the utilization of your will, for your acts and omissions. And you are to also imagine the consequences of your walk on earth and for that reason make the serious effort, to live so, that you do not need to fear the hour of your recall, your youngest day. That you are allowed to live on earth, is a favour, which you are to utilize, otherwise you will regret it bitterly; for unutterably much you can gain on earth for yourselves, but also lose unutterably much. You have the power to work for a happy life in eternity; but if you use this power wrongly, that you just want to fashion the earthly life nice for you, then your recall from earth is a disaster for you, because you lose everything, what you possess, and can show nothing of those goods, which have value in the opposite world. You can then never ever go back to make up for the neglected; you must then create a tolerable lot for yourselves under great difficulties, because you lack the power, which was amply at your disposal on earth. You still live, and indifferently you pass over references to your end, over admonitions and warnings; the life of your body makes you sure, but you do not think of the life after death. Once imagine seriously the hour of your departure from this earth, and ask yourselves, what you are perhaps allowed to take with over there; ask yourselves, what you have acquired of spiritual goods for yourselves. Will you be able to show much? Will the thought of death frighten you? Will you be able to step before your judge without fear, because you have lived according to his will? Seriously consider your situation, and change it, when it does not appear satisfying to you, for not much time remains, and no-one knows, when he is recalled. No-one of you can extent his life for just one hour, when his time has expired, but every one of you can achieve it that there is no hour of death for him, but only an entry into eternal life. Everyone can gather riches for himself on earth, which he takes with him over there, which are immortal and guarantee a life in the opposite kingdom for him – and what is therefore possible for you, that seek to achieve, for over there it will be unspeakably difficult for you, to redress the shortcoming, for which you are to blame yourselves, when you do not recognize your earth life purpose; when you just work on earth for the life of the body, but not for the life of the soul. Make use of every day, which is still given you, for the hour of death comes far too quickly for you, where you stand before your judge. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5329.


Book 59 5330

Blowing of the spirit. Unusual supply of favour.

5. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5330.

An immeasurable current of favour is poured out over mankind, and everywhere hearts open, which let the current flow into them, to utilize it according to my will. It is a time of favour of such incomprehensible importance; the gates to eternal life open; the kingdom of light radiates light down to earth persistently, and this light shines into receptive hearts of man, which open themselves to my favour. It is the time of that activity, which I announced to my servants on earth, where each one is to perform his work in my vineyard sprightly, who feels my assignment in himself, to whom my spirit obviously speaks. Everywhere, where a heart beats towards me in love, this voice is heard, and man now feels urged to be active for me and my kingdom. Then therefore also my spirit works in him and gives him those gifts, which he needs for his service on earth. I shake up men out of their sleep of death, and now and then I must let my voice sound very loud. I must let men experience the unusual, so that they take stock of themselves and find the way to me, often only after difficult suffering and great misery. For men sleep, although they are busy and active in earthly meaning. But the spirit sleeps, and to bring it to awakening often requires a very rough shaking. Again and again and everywhere I reveal myself, and who has once recognized me, him I also have won for ever. But that they first pay attention to my revelations, can often only be achieved on the way of suffering, and for that reason mankind is depressed and burdened by trouble and illness, by sorrow and misery, and happy those who then seek me, to whom I can then reveal myself through my spirit, who I can approach through my servants; happy those, who will then find me, so they seriously seek me. I am recognizable by everyone, who wants to recognize me. But I keep myself hidden from those, who stand completely away from me; to whom I cannot give my spirit power against their will, because I do not want to force them to faith. But everywhere I light my little lights and put them up so, that their shine is shining far out and illuminates the way, which men are to go to reach me. Who seeks the light, may it be on earth or also in future in the opposite kingdom, he will also find it, for the light am I myself, and I let myself be found by everyone, who seriously looks for me. But as long as you men still dwell on earth, I can also only make myself accessible through a man. My light therefore will shine there, where a man receives me in his heart; where therefore the light of favour out of me finds an opened vessel, into which it can flow. But there I am myself, and there I also work with my love, omnipotence and wisdom; there man will be able to accomplish the impossible, because I want to reveal myself through him. My spirit blows, where it wants, but it works everywhere, so that the means of help remain denied to no man, which can still rescue him before the end. For the end is near and for that reason my power and supply of favour tremendous, since it is essential after all, to still win many souls, before it is too late; before the last day has come for this earth. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5330.


Book 59 5331

Earthly knowledge in the hereafter?

7. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5331

All knowledge is of no use to you men, which you have won earthly for yourselves, for it just adheres to you, as long as you live on earth. When you enter the opposite kingdom, then all memory of it has gone lost for you, so you have not acquired a degree of maturity for yourselves, which makes you suitable for the kingdom of light, where you know about everything brightly and clearly and can also utilize earthly knowledge if need be, which has then remained for you. But for an unbelieving soul departed from earth it then looks bad, for the more it possessed earthly knowledge, the more it becomes aware of the miserable state, to now be completely without knowledge, being able to remember little or not at all and in no way being able to show off. Such unhappy souls also often lack the memory of their living conditions on earth, and it only then finds its memory again, when it makes an effort, to reach up, to the light. But then it is also extremely grateful for every illumination and by it recognizes its state, its omission on earth and also often its debt. Again and again it may be said to you, that you create for you your lot in eternity yourselves on earth – that you are to be on your guard on earth striving for earthly goods, fame, honour and extreme great earthly knowledge, because all this is passing. Earthly knowledge does not protect you from the darkness of the spirit, on the contrary, earthly knowledge can contribute much to darken your spirit, and you are to always be warned of it, for it is then difficult for the soul gathering knowledge in the spiritual kingdom, which was never before open for that, what the spiritual kingdom wanted to offer it, because through earthly knowledge it made itself unable for spiritual knowledge. But a soul can work extremely beneficially in the spiritual kingdom, which possesses light spiritually and earthly. For it can also help earth men and advise them in earthly needs and utilize its earthly knowledge, where it is necessary. The souls of darkness are indeed also often influenced by lower powers, to announce themselves and to emerge with their supposedly knowledge, but then it is no longer the soul itself, but the dark powers expressing themselves through it, which consciously seek to steer error among men, to confuse the thinking of them in favour of the dark power. For that reason connections from earth to the spiritual kingdom are also harmful, when the spiritual preconditions are not there, that spiritual striving men consciously connect with the world of light, when they want to be instructed, however give dark powers no opportunity, to express themselves, through prayer for protection from error and bad beings. Only beings can hand out light, which themselves stand in the light, and these beings are to be called upon consciously. And they will like to hand out their knowledge and give to men, who want to receive spiritual material, because such alone is valuable and immortal, because such the soul alone can take with it over into the spiritual kingdom. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5331.


Book 59 5332

State of the souls in the hereafter. Erroneous belief – Unbelief – Love.

8. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5332.

It is incomprehensible to many men that they can have direct contact with me, which is proven through my address, through the hearing of my word in mental form. And that is a sign of the distance from me on the one hand, as on the other hand of a dead faith, of a faith, which certainly was taken over traditionally, but is not alive. It is a knowledge taken over orthodox, which is only rarely digested mentally so, that man expresses his opinion. Also from such adopted knowledge men could deduct that the eternal divinity must and will reveal itself, but also faith in the eternal divinity is weak, and for that reason also the faith teachings are not taken seriously, so that spiritual progress would be achieved, which already exists in that respect, that man seeks to establish the contact with me. I must for the present be acknowledged seriously, before I can reveal myself to a man. And this convinced faith in me is lacking with many men, and this is the reason, that they also live in spiritual darkness and enter the spiritual kingdom in this darkness. What they neglected on earth, must now be made up for in the hereafter whatever happens – they must think – and often they will be too weak for it for which they are to blame themselves. If works of love follow them into eternity, so they are not completely powerless, despite of unbelief, and their power exists in that respect, that the memory is not completely taken from them of that knowledge, which they did take seriously on earth, that they therefore can now think, while the faithless souls, to whom no works of love have followed, are in unspeakable trouble, because they are not able to grasp clear thoughts and to concern themselves with them. Nevertheless also these souls can be instructed in the spiritual kingdom by souls, which can offer to them comprehensibly that, what they must know – when they want to accept their instructions. To do intercession for these souls is a work of greatest love and mercy, so that they get power for wanting and seek access to those circles, where enlightenment can be given to them. Works of love can even out every shortcoming and let the soul become believing, but the spiritual darkness will only move from them, when they acknowledge Jesus Christ, because he alone can pay off their debt, which unbelief has produced on earth. Misguided thinking can quickly be directed right, were love and faith were existing on earth, but unbelieving men must first be initiated in knowledge, because on earth they did want to accept it before themselves, even so they have supported it to their fellowmen.

I cannot give the souls quite suddenly cognition, who do not acknowledge me and whose love was not meant for me or their fellowmen. I can only give them the possibility to acquire knowledge under the precondition that their will is no longer rebellious to me. Then my merciful love is also prepared to give them light, so they desire it. Then the Gospel is again sent to them, which they can now accept in free will or reject. And according to their will to the good and their desire for instructions, my teaching will give them now light and the ascent will proceed. But much suffering and agonies in darkness go before, before an unbelieving soul, departed from earth, is touched by a ray of light and follows it; but then it is also prepared to change nature, so it has once felt the favour of light, which it now constantly desires, until it has been granted it. Darkness only rarely releases its souls, but I know it, when I can open the gates and give freedom to the souls; I know it, when they are receptive for a ray of light, and I help them to find the way, which finally leads to me and to happiness. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5332.


Book 59 5333

God – Light – Truth – Life.

9. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5333.

Out of my fullness of light flows light to you, because without light you are not happy, because darkness is for the soul equal to death, for only where light is, is life. The divine light of truth drives out all darkness, and for that reason it must be accepted, so it is offered to you men by a bearer of truth, for it is a gift from me, which my love gives you, because I take pity on your darkened state. Now consider that I know about this dark state and would like to help you; consider that I would like to snatch you away from darkness, that I want to help you to a state, which makes you happy, and that I would like above all that you can see me, but I who am not visible in darkness, but certainly in the light. Consider that I myself am light – therefore can impossibly dwell in darkness, otherwise darkness would already be chased away. Consider further that light also always means truth; that I myself am also eternal truth. And then you will understand that untruthfulness, error or the lie, can never lead to me, because it is the product of him, who rules over darkness. You can never assume that you also reach me through untruthfulness; you cannot assume that I let myself be found by men, who avoid truth and want to remain further in error. Who prefers darkness, remains in it; who wants light, must also want me myself and cannot do as my opponent wishes.

You must seriously decide for me or for him. Everything what does not agree with pure truth is his work, and so you acknowledge him, you also devote yourselves to him and can impossibly reach me, truth and eternal life. If you are now persistent on earth, by you not wanting to accept truth for the sake of that, what was offered to you by my opponent, then you take darkness with over into the spiritual kingdom. And only there you will become really aware of it, because the light out of me cannot shine in you and out of me everything is dark. And this opposite darkness is extremely agonizing, but not to be taken from you without the will for truth, but which is still more difficult to summon than on earth, where I again and again oppose you, where my light bearers constantly want to light the light in you and just demand your preparedness to be able to carry out my assignment. You must move in truth. Therefore I can only illuminate untruthfulness for you through confronting truth with false doctrines, through enlightenment and doubts, emerging again and again in you, which only pure truth can chase away. Consider that truth is light – that light originates from me and that you will find me only, so you follow the light, so you accept truth in you, which reveals me – but that I am not to be found outside of truth, because there the kingdom of my opponent is already, where pure truth is disfigured, because he seeks to separate you from me. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5333.


Book 59 5334

The will turned to God must get active.

11. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5334.

In know mine and mine know me. I know about their troubles and worries; I know about the degree of the strength of faith; I know about their will and also, that they strive for me, therefore also have recognized me and know about my love and favour. Therefore a ribbon is already looped round, which can no longer be removed for ever, for what has become mine that I do not let for ever. The will of my creature, which is meant for me, is truly already enough for me, that I now seize my creature and never ever release it; even so it now must first be formed, before it can completely unite with me. But since the will, once turned away from me, has caused the defection from me, so the will turned towards me, will also surely result in the return to me, for the wrongly directed will was the sin or caused the sin, and to direct it right is my aim, which I no longer let out of my sight for ever. Your will is therefore already enough for me; but you are not allowed to be satisfied with the will alone; you must translate the will into action; you must strive for perfection, because that alone must be your work and I can certainly support you with my power and with my favour, but which again must be used by you fully consciously. I no longer drop you, so you have once announced your will to me that it is directed towards me.

And I now help you persistently to let the will become active, but you yourselves must now accomplish the work of the reshaping of your soul, what I cannot do out of my power, because of the law of eternal order. For that reason I also have an influence on mine, often in a way, which is full of suffering and pain, but always only because of the success, which exists in the complete unification with me, but which must be gained by you men yourselves and cannot be produced by force, i.e., my extremely great love cannot unite itself with you, as long as you still stand in an inadequate degree of maturity of your soul; but it also cannot suddenly shape you to a perfect being. But that you reach your destination, as soon as you will-wise are devoted to me, that is certain, for I give up no-one of mine, and I apply all means, which can accelerate the aim, when man recognises them as means of love and favour on my part. And I truly do not make it difficult for you, when you just seize my hand and let yourselves be led. Complete devotion to me, complete subjugating of the will under mine, bring you extremely quick to the aim, and for that reason you are to always just let me rule and in other respects make an effort to fulfil my will – to lead a love life, which always earns you more intimate contact with me and finally leads to complete unification – that you now are and remain mine until all eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5334.


Book 59 5335

Special mission: Fighting for truth

12. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5335.

The willingness to serve brings about that your mission is carried out by you conscientiously and that you are loyal workers in my vineyard. And because of that assignments are given to you, which not everyone can fulfil; which require a special willingness and which are of greatest importance. You are to fight for truth. To preach love it certainly the most necessary, because without love no-one can become happy, but the preaching office can be administered by people filled with the spirit, even so they are not qualified to be full of fighting spirit - everyone can stimulate to love, who himself stands in love. But the fight for truth requires a special ability; knowledge about truth and a fighting spirit, which stands up for the right and truth, but moreover an extreme strong faith in my word – because man can only stand up for that, what he recognizes as truth, what is without doubt for him, because eternal truth has imparted it to him. To be able to stand up for truth convincingly, it must first have convinced him himself, and for it belongs again a life in love – so that my spirit could work in him. So also love to fellowman must again drive him, wanting to supply truth to him, why he now takes action against lie and error with enthusiasm. Such servants I need on earth in the last time before the end. And this mission is so important, that I very particularly stand by these servants, prepare the field for them in every way, on which they are to work – that I help them in spiritual as in earthly trouble; smooth the earth life way for them and strengthen and encourage them to always more eager spiritual activity, so that their mission may be successful. Where lie and error is, there light can hardly penetrate. Where the field is grown over with weeds, there a good seed cannot develop, and the field has so to speak become worthless for the owner. And because of that my servants must first clear it from the weeds, a work, which is extremely laborious and requires staying power and strength. Where lie and error have taken root in the hearts of men, there the work of cleansing can only be carried out with ruthless violence – the representative of truth must unsparingly uncover everything, what contradicts pure truth, and for that reason he must possess himself, what he wants to bring to fellowman. Not own thought product he is to represent – although also it can be right, when he is enlightened by my spirit. But an unusual work of my spirit in him is to give him the certainty, to courageously take action against error and lie. And with a bright spirit he will recognize, where error and lie is – he will oppose it with pure truth and he will not be put off by open resistance, by hostilities or persecution; he will fight with the sword of the mouth fearlessly and completely convinced, that he himself stands in truth. I need such servants on earth, who fear no-one and go through the fire for their Lord. I need men with strong faith and firm will, with absolute love for truth and cognition of the great spiritual trouble, and where I find such, I do first the preliminary work, to send truth to them and familiarize them with the mission determined for them. I train them to right representatives without fear; I enlighten their spirit myself, so that they clearly recognize, where and when their intervention is necessary, where and when they oppose lie and error, to denounce it publically. This task is not a match for every worker in my vineyard, because the counter force has already become too strong, because men feel well in untruth, because it allows them a comfortable life, while pure truth demands self-overcoming, which they do not want to summon. For that reason my servant must, in cognition of it, uncover with no regard the results of an incorrect thinking and also the results of false teachings, and he is not allowed to shrink from telling the representatives of error the truth to their face. Because not earlier can good seed be sown and reach blooming, until the field is cleansed of weed, which is good for nothing and must unsparingly be eradicated. Truth must and will pave the way, and because of that I will bless every bearer of truth and support his work for me and my kingdom, but as I also want to smooth his earthly way, so that he can go about his work unhindered for which I have chosen him. Amen. B.D. NR. 5335.


Book 59 5336

My kingdom is not of this world.

14. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5336.

My kingdom is not of this world. For that reason respect the earthly world only little; just let it approach you only so far, as your earthly life task requires it, but persistently strive for my kingdom, which is to be found outside of the earthly world. My kingdom is that kingdom, which lasts for ever, while the earthly world passes with the death of your body; but you can possess my kingdom already on earth, so you turn away from the pleasures and goods of the world and raise your thoughts to me, when you send them into infinity, asking me and deducing my answer. Then you already enter the spiritual kingdom, which will once be your place of stay; then the spiritual kingdom is more worth for you than the earthly world, and then you also receive those goods, which belong to that kingdom, but which you cannot receive earthly.

My kingdom is not of this world. Understand it that I want to call you through these words into that world, which is your true home and which wants to also receive you again after the death of the body. My kingdom is the kingdom of light, into which you can enter only, so you have become sensitive to light; so you have striven for my kingdom on earth and therefore have become candidates of that kingdom, which belongs to me and in which you are allowed to see me in future. These my words clearly give you to understand that you are not to long for this world, the earthly world, but that you must overcome it, if you want to be received into my kingdom. I want to make the difference clear to you; I want to say to you that this world does not belong to me, but whose lord is my opponent, and therefore put my kingdom against the earthly world. I want to lure you over into my kingdom, because I want to give to you, what the earthly world does not show – eternal life in happiness. Earth is the valley of suffering and of testing; it is the place of imperfect men, who are to become perfect. Earth is however no permanent stay; it is just a stage of development, which is extremely short for man, measured at eternity. And man himself, his earthly material cover, is passing; it serves the spiritual, which is to develop up, only temporarily as stay. Only then the soul enters the spiritual kingdom, which is immortal, but can also then still be the kingdom of my opponent, when the soul on earth has achieved no spiritual progress and therefore enters the kingdom of darkness. But you are to strive for my kingdom, the spiritual kingdom, in which I am king and ruler, where there is only light and happiness, where I myself hand out to make all happy, who have entered my kingdom. For that reason respect the earthly world little; strive for that kingdom, which opens splendours to you, which you men never imagined, that kingdom, of which splendours I have promised you with the words: "What no man’s eye has ever seen and no man’s ear ever heard, that I have prepared for them that love me." Amen.
B.D. NR. 5336.


Book 59 5337

Fight for truth. Light.

16. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5337.

Also my pure truth must pave itself the way into the hearts of men, for everywhere it still finds resistance, where man is satisfied with inferior spiritual material. There the entrance to the hearts of men is still obstructed, and the way must first be made free. But pure truth has that property that it is superior to error in power, that it becomes victor, when man seriously weighs up truth against error. But if man does not have the will for it, then also the most delicious cannot be brought to him; then he can also not be helped spiritually; then his way does not lead up, but remains in the most favourable case level, when it does not lead into the abyss. The term "truth" is taken much too lightly. Men are satisfied with knowledge or faith, which is not in accordance with truth, and do nothing themselves for it, to gain possession of truth. They are lethargic, and that for that reason, because they would like to acknowledge the earthly world as truth, because they see earth life as self-purpose and because pure truth would prove their previous wrong thinking to them. They do not want to hear truth, because it restricts them in their desire for life consumption, because it makes them responsible for a just earthly directed thinking, because truth demands something from them, what they do not want to do. And all these are resistances, which stand up to pure truth, but must be cleared away by the will of man himself. And to move this will for it, can only be reached through advice and warnings of eloquent representatives of truth, and I, as eternal truth, will support each such effort and give the oratorical gift to my representatives on earth, who seriously support me and my kingdom and pure truth. Where my blessing and my power is involved in, also success is certain – where I myself can speak through the mouth of a servant on earth, there the words will also arouse enthusiasm, stimulate to think and finally be acknowledged as pure truth, why I again and again shout to my servants on earth: Do not get tired to announce truth; carry my word out into the world; spread truth, and speak, where opportunity is offered to you, for spiritual progress also depends on the acceptance of truth, and a man can never reach his aim on earth, who goes a wrong way, who is wrongly directed through error and lie and does not accept that, what I myself want to impart to him through my servants. I myself want to be the last aim of a man on earth. But how can you reach me differently, I who am eternal truth, when not through truth? How can I let myself be found by those, who accepted the spiritual material of my opponent and do want to exchange it against pure truth? Truth is light, but you never reach the light, when you reject truth, and you can never be happy in darkness. And because I see the spiritual darkness on earth, I want to kindle light everywhere, so that men find the right way to me. But the lights are there, where I can supply pure truth to earth, because I find willing men desiring truth, to whom I can impart truth, which they can then pass on, so that the great spiritual trouble (darkness) is decreased, for you men will never feel happy in the darkness of the spirit. For that reason accept light; open yourselves to truth, which is out of me, and so approach me, as eternal truth, I who can give you light unmeasured, so you yourselves long for it. For light alone is happiness; light is truth; light am I myself from eternity to eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5337.


Book 59 5338

Work of conversion at souls out of the deep through love.

17. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5338.

I want that you all are happy. For that reason I give you every possibility, to reach the aim, being happy. I have no joy at the fall of my creatures; I do not want that they must suffer; I also do not want that they get lost, that they fall into the hands of my opponent, for although he will not keep them for ever, he can still have them a long time in his power, to the immeasurable suffering and indescribable agony of the creature itself. And where there is only one possibility to shorten this state of misery, to snatch the souls from my opponent, I myself will create opportunities and do everything to make the ascent up possible for the being. My love also longs moreover for the spiritual that once deserted me, because it comes from my eternal love and is consequently my share. But love always knows means and ways, and no matter how hopeless a success seems to be. The satanic effect in the last time before the end moves all powers of heaven and of earth to do counter work, to get into resistance position and to be active in the same measure for me, as Satan works against me. And now the power of love proves itself as bringing extreme blessings, and its effect is a redeeming one, i.e., the love of a light being or also of a man on earth is able to break fetters, which Satan has forged. Love can snatch souls from him, because it is a weapon, against which he is powerless. The power of love could redeem in one moment the whole spiritual world, but also here the law of eternal order is valid that love cannot work, when it finds resistance – and that for that reason the will rebellious to me must first be broken, before love can work. And innumerable light beings and men on earth, who are devoted to me, wrestle about this will.

Love must now again bring about this change of will, and it will not remain without success. Never before has the fight between light and darkness raged so, as now before the end of the old earth, for Satan drives the powers enslaved to him to highest activity, and also the light beings present themselves to the fight against them. But they do not fight against each other, but about the souls of men on earth. And both powers seek to win influence, until one power gains the victory. But also the seemingly lost can still be fetched back, when the love of a man fights about this being, when a man out of free will pursues it with his thoughts into darkness, when he seeks to tear the soul away and of his own accord has a mental effect on this soul so that it hears the love call and feels itself beneficently touched and turns back. Then the power of love is able to work miracles; it can change a soul and let the desire in it awaken to flee from the area of Satan, to flee from darkness to the light, and the desire can also be followed by the act, as soon as the man supports the soul with his love.

I am pleased about each one of such work of conversion and help, as far as it is possible without compulsion of the will, for I myself long for those souls, which Satan wanted to snatch from me and which I could not keep back by virtue of my power, but hand them over to you men that you rescue them out of trouble through your love. You men do not know it, what power you have yourselves, when you fight with the weapon of love – it would truly be possible for you men, to redeem hell, so all of you would look after the fallen souls in deepest love, to help them up. And I would bless you all for it – but your faith is too weak, and for that reason you know neither about the great trouble nor about the possibility, to alleviate it. And you yourselves stand in the danger to once enter the kingdom of darkness, because you do not believe – but see to it that then at least works of love follow you; see to it that you are remembered in love, that you find help to climb up out of the deep. For I do not want that you come to an end; I want that you are happy, that can enter into heights of light and can triumph over Satan, who wants to enlarge his kingdom and who is after all powerless against the power of love. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5338.


Book 59 5339

Averting judgement through prayer?

18. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5339

You men could certainly avert the forthcoming judgement; you could halt a work of destruction at this earth, so you would seriously ask me about it, but with a prayer, which not only the mouth expresses, but is felt deep in the heart. But such a prayer presupposes faith in me, and this faith you lack, and certainly most of men would have to admit this unbelief, so they would seriously account for their thoughts. My name is certainly still in the mouth of many men, but the heart knows already for a long time nothing any more of it. And for that reason you are not able for such a prayer, which would determine me to abolish the announced judgement. But moreover men also do not believe in it, and therefore they also do not take up the favour of a right prayer, which alone would be able to change my will. And when I announce the coming so firmly, then for that reason, because I know about the state of faith of men and their will is known to me for eternity. I cannot change their will compulsion-wise, but it turns to my opponent and completely turns away from me. To a certain limit I give free rein to the will of men, but as soon as the limit is exceeded, I intervene and take from men the further possibility, to sink into the endless deep. I know it, when I must stop, when I must break the power of my opponent. And for that reason I also know, how I take away men from his power and his influence; I also know that a banishing in the most solid matter is far more favourable and promising for the spiritual having deserted me, than when I leave to men, in this low state of mind, the old earth and therefore also their life, where they become complete devils through his influence. Moreover I have already approached every individual man to win him for me. Every individual man had enough opportunity to turn to me to get to know me and to experience my father love, when he just wanted. Innumerable means I applied; I enticed with words of love; I admonished and warned them through suffering and troubles; I approached them in joy and pain; I spoke to them through the mouth of man; I directed their thoughts to spiritual areas. But my opponent won them through the world and its matter for him, and they did not pay attention to me, except for a few, who recognized and loved me and who for that reason also do not need to fear the end. But these also know about the trouble of mankind in this time, and it is comprehensible to them that and why I end an epoch, which can only bring a still deeper state of mind, but never a change for the good, towards faith and to spiritual ascent. You men could certainly achieve much through deep faith and intimate prayer, but your desire is just meant for the world and its goods, and for that reason these will pass, because the time is fulfilled. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5339.


Book 59 5340

Reshaping of new earth gives new development possibilities.

19. March 1952. B.D. Nr. 5340.

The spiritual needs new development possibilities because the old creations do no longer fulfil their purpose since they are not evaluated the right way or used for service as it agrees with my law of the eternal order. The will of man prevents many possibilities to serve or prematurely breaks off the course of development of the spiritual in certain creations; the will of man changes the natural purpose of creations that were called into being by me for the purpose of maturing and so the whole development process has come to a halt that I want to lift through creating new works, through dissolving of existing creations and complete reshaping of the old surface of the earth so that progress is ensured for all spiritual. Besides countless spiritual entities come free that, bound in hard matter, wait for their next re-forming. An order will again be restored through the new rising up of creations of various kinds, only to accelerate the development process and to bring results. The wrong thinking and willing of men that is caused by self-love will understandably also have a wrong effect on the environment of men, may it be hard matter, plants or animals in which the spiritual often cannot reach that degree of maturity that is the prerequisite for the next re-forming. The law of nature is ignored where men expect material advantages; men themselves do no longer move in my order and through this also bring the spiritual in the various creations out of order which is why a complete integration into the eternal order has become necessary and this also requires a work of reshaping of major extent that so is to offer for the first time the development possibilities for all spiritual from the lowest to the highest degree of maturity. The wrong will of men has also spiritually brought about a chaos that irrevocably brings with it a dissolving and a new creation. Ignorant mankind only sees the effect of destruction on men and so does not recognize the great blessing that the spiritual carries off in the pre-stages of a new forming of the earth. But I know about the misery of all spiritual and also think of that in love, which is still far down below so that I give it possibilities to reach up, to also once exchange the bound state with the state of free will. I give all spiritual the possibility to reach up but I take the freedom of will from the spiritual that completely fails after an endless long time of favour, after already advanced development as man, but still creating again a new course of development for it and even when this is also a state of agony so it is the only way that can lead to total freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5340.


Book 59 5341


21. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5341.

Do not elevate yourself above your fellow human beings but serve them. Only then you practise true following of Jesus, only then love works in you that eliminates all arrogance, that teaches you to see the fellow humans as brothers and equalizes all rank or class distinction, that only exists worldly after all but is not tolerated in my kingdom. Serving love will cause true happiness in you; in serving neighbourly love you are true followers of Jesus, that man on earth who was a living example of the right life, who truly possessed light and power and might in all fullness because he had accepted myself into his heart and who still did not make use of this power by him ruling and letting himself be served by his fellow humans. In deepest love and humility he served his brothers; and that lifted him up to be ruler over worlds and innumerable beings because I myself moved into his outer form and filled him with light and power. Arrogance is a characteristic feature of him who fell into deepest depth out of arrogance and lust for power. And when you men elevate yourself you willingly lend your ear to him and you let him lead you astray; you take up his nature, his vices and are in bondage to him. Do not put yourself above your fellow humans who are in fact your brothers because you all have only one father and as his children you are to love and serve each other out of love for me. Arrogance easily causes you to fall because who is of arrogant spirit very soon does no longer recognize me who is eternal love because no love is in him. For true love is one with humility but not with arrogance. Serving in humility always testifies to deep love of me that is expressed in serving neighbourly love. And you truly will win far more when you serve in humility than when you rule in arrogance. Because you can only earthly seize power in arrogance but spiritually you gain nothing, but you only still lose the little that you own. Because arrogance is part of my opponent, so it only strengthens his kingdom and what that means for you men is not difficult to guess. But my kingdom is not of this world and that is why serving neighbourly love can well seemingly bring with it earthly loss of goods, of respect and might, but it acquires spiritual assets that are everlasting and will one day be credited to the soul in my kingdom, which now stands in light and power fullness far above those who ruled on earth and oppressed their fellow humans. He who elevates himself will be humiliated. Think of these words and do not think that that will be left to you what you work for on earth through arrogance - what you so to speak acquire unauthorized. Because he who wants to rule takes - he takes what he is not entitled to, he acquires a right and misuses his power. Serving love however gives all the time; in words and deeds it gives itself to him who lives in want and needs its help. Serving love is true humility and therefore pleasant to me; serving love is true following of Jesus that certainly leads to me, to the father from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5341.


Book 59 5342

Redemption from darkness. Loving will to help.

22. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5342.

All beings are to enter into the kingdom of light and be happy. But I can do nothing else, than to show them the way, to push them softly and to send them leaders, who can directly influence them, as long as they still do not want to acknowledge me myself. On earth the possibility is now given to almost effortlessly go the right way, what the soul will only recognize, when it enters the opposite kingdom powerlessly and lets the many unused opportunities pass at its spiritual eye, so it has once recognized, what it neglected in earth life. On earth it is therefore not difficult to reach the destination, the degree of maturity, which permits an entry into spheres of light. But unspeakably difficult it is for a being, which has departed from earth immature, to reach up in the hereafter. I tis not impossible, but requires a far greater will, which only a ray of light can bring about, because the being suffers unspeakably under the darkness. Light draws every being, when it is not completely rebellious towards me and then shuns the light. But if there is still the smallest possibility of a change of nature, so a ray of light touches the soul beneficently, and what the soul once demands, that it will also achieve. The soul, which seeks the light, is not lost beyond help and help can be brought to this soul. But without help it is not able to do one step up, because it lacks all power. Whether it can now be touched by a ray of light at all, that always depends on its resistance against me and on the giving up of this resistance respectively. But I know about the trouble of each soul, as also about its degree of its stubbornness and hostility. My love is also with these beings in the deep and continually has an effect on them, but only few die down in their resistance and devote themselves to the effect of love, by them no longer rearing up and long for a change of their present situation. Then the way up has already been carried, then the soul is hit by rays of light, which give it a renewed will of life, and so now knowing souls instruct it in this state, they receive these thoughts in them and digest them mostly with the success that they long for increased light and their state improves noticeably and the will up is stimulated in the beings.

You men on earth can redeem many souls from darkness through good thoughts and loving will to help, which these beings feel as attractive force and now ask you for your help. They then take advantage of every opportunity to flee from darkness, for the power of your love erects a dividing wall between the being and its gaoler, Satan – you yourselves drive a wedge between both through your love, and now the being is able to have another will than up to now – and this will turns first unconsciously and after cognition consciously towards me, the Lord, who can free it out of imprisonment and who is now also welcome by it as Lord, to whom the soul now voluntarily subordinates itself. Having redeemed a soul out of darkness is indescribably blessed, so you once know about the trouble of such a soul, which finds no comparison on earth. And again I tell you that you can unspeakably contribute to redeem hell, to help beings up out of darkness and lead them to me, when you just want to help and turn your love to these unhappy ones, who no longer can help themselves and, as bound by Satan, cannot free themselves from his power. Your love Is power , which breaks their fetters; your love is able to work miracles, so it is meant for the souls in darkness, and your love enables you to redeeming activity on earth as in the opposite kingdom. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5342


Book 59 5343

God. Father.

24. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5343

I am your God and Father. As God you will perhaps still acknowledge me, when you mentally concern yourselves with your origin and your being. Through intellectual work you can therefore come to the result that you acknowledge a creator and preserver from eternity, who is for you the original source of power and who you now call God. But I want to be recognized by you as father. And this is not to be achieved through intellectual activity; this presupposes the activity of the spirit spark in you, which – as itself divine share – clarifies for you the right relationship to your creator from eternity, but into which you now first have to enter, to recognize me now as father and you yourselves as my children. A man, who certainly acknowledges God, but does not know about purpose and aim of his earth life, will hardly know about the connection between him and God, and he will also not be able to establish intellectually a relationship between him and God. For this is the activity of the spirit, which as share of me again pushes towards me, therefore strives for to come again close to its father spirit, with which it indeed remains inseparably connected, however also drives the soul, which it inhabits, to unification, because it, as standing outside, lacks the happiness of unity with me. Therefore the joining together with me is like the relationship of a child to the father, while the isolated standing being is only the creature of God and therefore also sees God as a being standing far from it. But I want to be united with my creatures; accept them as my children to make them happy. I am certainly your God, but want to be your father. Because from my love you have emerged, not from my power – and love seeks constant connection, because it wants to make happy. But love is free feeling, which can never be forced. For that reason I must first be recognizable to you men as God, whom you are now to love and who then as father reciprocates your love. This father love you will then also feel; it will make you happy and let you long for the father always more intimately. As long as you show me as your God only reference and obedience, I still do not appear to you as your father, for I long for your love, to then associate with my children in a fatherly way and to make them happy with my love. Then you no longer stand isolated in creation, although you are independent creatures; through your love you have then drawn me to you, and the connection between us can now never ever be broken, because it has always existed, you were just only not aware of it, as long as you saw in me the God and creator, but who is your father and will remain until all eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5343


Book 59 5344

The spirit’s effectiveness.

25. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5344.

That is the spirit’s effectiveness that you again and again strive for me anew; that you have set it as your task to fulfil my will, and now also take on an earth life in accordance with this task; that you do not just live for the world, but feel a spiritual life in this world, which always brings you closer to me. The spirit out of me is active in you, and everything, what you now want, think and do, has been influenced through the spirit in you. Consequently you must now mature spiritually, for my spirit’s work is a power, which inexorably drives up. All men, who are serious about the fulfilling of my will, can therefore feel stimulated by my spirit; I myself can now be active in those, because my spirit is my share from eternity.

A sure sign of my work in man it is, when he listens to spiritual speaking, holds spiritual debates and often occupies himself mentally with me, the creator and preserver of that, what surrounds man. Who thinks of me and seeks to fathom me, in him also my spirit works, for I seize each one man, who turns his thoughts to me, and he will hardly again get free out from my hands, for they keep him with love and hand out to him gifts, which he no longer wants to miss, so he has once received them. And to reinforce that, I also address him, when he listens inwards and puts questions mentally to me. Then he certainly believes, to answer the thoughts himself, and does not know it that I myself feed in the thought to him, because he seriously longed for truth. And so man in the midst of the world can build up a spiritual kingdom in himself, provided he gives more attention to this kingdom than the world – provided he therefore seeks me and my kingdom. Then he also takes possession of my kingdom; first in the belief having to set a task for himself, which entitles him to feel as candidate of my kingdom. And also this thought is the work of my spirit, because as a result the will of man is stimulated to right activity. Then his thinking will be bright and clear, and according to his performance and his will of performance he will also receive - spiritual good in excess. His thinking will be in accordance with truth, and for that reason he will also be able to transmit it to fellowmen, and therefore also his task has become comprehensible to him: to impart spiritual good to fellowman, which my spirit has supplied to him. And this task pleases and satisfies him. His whole life is now filled by the endeavour to be active for me and my kingdom, to help fellowmen to brightness of spirit, which makes himself so happy that he is pushed to get fellowmen the same happiness. For where my spirit works, there is no standstill of activity, but a persistent work for me and my kingdom starts to get into contact with me myself, because the spirit out of me constantly pushes towards me. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5344


Book 59 5345

Healing process. Free will.

26. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5345.

In my plan of salvation everything is included, what can serve the redemption of the imperfect spiritual. Because for the sake of it all the visible has come into being, and everything what happens, can help that spiritual up, when it is utilized right. And so spiritual creations can fulfil the same purpose, however only for that spiritual, standing in a certain degree of maturity, when it therefore has already overcome matter and is free from all earthly workings. But the development possibilities also do not come to an end in the spiritual kingdom; the soul can persistently climb up and constantly increase in power and light. In the spiritual kingdom the soul’s ascent is secure, when it has once walked on the right way, but on earth matter can again and again pull it back, because the power of my opponent still affects everything, what as man on earth is to arrive at the last maturity. Matter therefore is the rock, at which a soul can fail. But also this I know for eternity and therefore influence man quite particularly that he learns to recognize, what matter really fundamentally is, so that man may not let it control him. Man must have overcome matter until the end of life, i.e., it is not allowed to burden his soul in the slightest; the soul must have completely freed itself from the desire for things, which belong to the earthly material world. Then it can enter the spiritual kingdom free from care and continue its ascent development in spiritual creations, which now spiritualize the soul more and more and create immeasurable happiness for it. My plan of salvation from eternity therefore concerns all spiritual, only of a healing can be spoken of those souls only, which still dwell in earthly material creations, bound in a form, which are still not free and mature for the kingdom of light. Therefor the earthly material creations, in which the process of healing of the spiritual takes place, as well as the happenings in the earth life of a man, are to change the will of him and for that reason can also have a healing effect. And healing is not last the trouble and the suffering, which the individual man has to bear – when by this means it is achieved that the soul finds to me and then also the process of healing is successful. There is no means, which I do not leave untried, so it can have a healing effect on the soul of man to let the death of his body be able to be followed by an awakening in the kingdom of light, but the course of the process is caused in accordance with laws; it is not arbitrarily favoured, but its success is in accordance with the will of man. For the will of man is also influenced by my opponent and must decide freely. But man disregards all possibilities, which could help him up, so he indeed does not pass his earth life test, but after endless long time is inevitably confronted with the same test, and that so often, until he finally has decided for me. But his redemption is only the result of an unimaginable long existence on earth, but which he could reach just as well in a very short time, because it always just depends on his will, but not on inadequate healing possibilities, when the soul reaches maturity. I do everything for my creatures that they become my children, but I do not force their free will, and therefore they themselves created their lot; they can recover according to the plan of salvation from eternity, when they themselves are willing for it. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5345


Book 59 5346

Work for God and his kingdom. Teaching.

29. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5346.

In tireless care for your fellowmen’s souls you are to be active for me and my kingdom. For then I will bless you, and your work is not to be done in vain. My call got through to you, and out of free will you have declared yourselves willing and have consequently become my helpers, for the redemption of all my creatures from bondage is my aim, and you are supporting this redemption work, by you imparting to them, what I give you – knowledge about my will and men’s earth task. What men do after this is their own free matter of will, but that they know about it is absolutely necessary for the decision of the will.

And to supply this knowledge to men is my continual care, which you therefore share with me, so you make it your business to instruct fellowmen about my will. Only the contact between me and earth men must be established, then the supply of that, what I want to give to men, is secure. And so now also the contact from man to man gets established, a constant cycle of my love power, of my love word, can go on; I can speak through one man to all men and draw everyone to me, who does not resist truth or my love power. Lack always prevails on earth; but in my kingdom is fullness of light and power and favour. For that reason earth is to receive from above. Men on earth are to longingly stretch out their hands for the spiritual kingdom and receive, what is offered to them amply – but they feel nothing of their lack, and for that reason they also long for nothing. But when a man recognizes in which trouble fellowmen are through this isolation from the spiritual kingdom, because they establish no contact that the gifts of favour could flow to them, when a man consciously opens himself to this flow of favour from above, then he also receives unmeasured and can now also utilize his wealth; he can give to his fellowmen the same and so pass on the favour power current for the great blessing of mankind. And only in this way it is possible that men take note of my will, when they are indirectly or directly instructed out of my kingdom about me myself, my love, wisdom and power, about purpose and aim of creation and about their purpose on earth. If they now get to know and recognize me, then they also learn to love me, and who loves me, he also likes to fulfil my commands. In this work of instruction you are to support me, for your fellowmen are only receptive for wisdoms out of the mouth of man. And nevertheless you are students of mine. You certainly speak with your mouth, and still only that, what I put on your tongue, as soon as you, in the firm will to serve me, seek to instruct fellowmen – therefore I myself speak through you, and you are just the form, which hands itself over for it to serve me as cover. And I bless you for your will, which you subordinate to me. Much you are allowed to receive for it, spiritual good and favours in all fullness, with which you can now work for me and my kingdom. And therefore my spirit directs you, so that you are active in my will and rescue the souls of your fellowmen out of spiritual trouble. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5346


Book 59 5347

God’s wooing for workers for his vineyard.

30. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5347.

I still need many workers for my vineyard, and therefore I want that you recognize the vineyard work as important and seek to win servants, to whom you introduce the great trouble of men and stimulate them to take part in the work for me and my kingdom. You are to speak fearlessly, as soon as you are pushed to testify to me and my word. You are not to fear men, who have no faith and laugh at you; also not those men, who pretend to believe and want to call you heretics. You are to keep calm and composed and still mention my work. You are to tell men that I myself train servants for me, but that these must voluntarily offer themselves to me for service for me – you are to tell them that each one is called and just needs to have the will to be chosen; that each one can serve me, when he just wants. I still need many workers for my vineyard, for there is no longer much time, and much work is to still be done. But love is to stimulate them to want to serve me, not the wages – otherwise you can be no good workers for me. But thousand fold I will repay those, who want to help in the last time before the end, because the trouble is gigantic and cannot be removed by me by virtue of my power, as long as I must leave free will to men, so that they can reach perfection. But you can have an effect on your fellowmen; you can present to them everything; you can first make their hearts free from error; you can clean the field from the weeds – to then spread the good seed, my word, which will now come up to most beautiful blooming. And then also the great spiritual trouble will be removed for him, for whom you have done successful vineyard work; then you have rescued your fellowmen from spiritual darkness, for my word brings light to him, as soon as he willingly receives it in his heart, thinks about it and is now active according to my will. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5347.


Book 59 5348

Christ problem. Visible God.

31. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5348.

You confess me, and therefore I also confess you before my father. What that is to mean you will find out in future at yourselves, when you enter into the kingdom of peace, where love radiates towards you, which goes out form me, where the father embraces you with his love, because you have found to him through Jesus Christ – because you received the power from the treasure of favour acquired on the cross and with this power have performed your change of nature and therefore have become love. But without acknowledging of my work of redemption you would never find the way to eternal love, for you yourselves are too weak out of your own power and need my help irrevocably, my favour and my power, but which I can only send to you, when you acknowledge me as redeemer of the world – a God’s son, which eternal love sent to you men to rescue you.

It is one being, which has emerged out of me, descended to earth and received me the father, in all fullness in it. It let itself be radiated through completely by my love power and could now also show the earth children the way to me, but which leads only over this being, over Jesus Christ. You cannot eliminate Jesus Christ, get round him and believe to also come to me on another way. You must join him; you must follow him; you must confess him before the world. Then you also securely reach your destination. Jesus Christ leads you to me; to the father he brings you, who has taken on form through him, who now introduces himself to you visibly in Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the world. You will hardly understand this, but only so long, as you still do not know that my original being is love; that I am a spirit, which fills the whole infinity and who therefore manifested himself in Jesus Christ to be a visible God for you men, in to whom you can put your trust like children; who is your father from eternity and also wants to be loved by you as father – I and he is one, for it was my infinite love, which drew me to my earth children, who rescued them from deepest night, out of the fetters of Satan through the death on the cross. That I made use of a human form, was necessary, because I as spirit could neither suffer nor could have offered you a visible work of redemption on the cross, as long as you yourselves could not see spiritually and only that was of impression to you, what human wise was accomplished. But also this human form was my work; the soul held in it was my work, only it was put out as independent to bring itself to highest possible perfection, which the man Jesus has also achieved on earth through his love towards fellowmen and his death on the cross. But love I was myself. He who now therefore held himself in him as eternal divinity, until Jesus ascended transfigured into heaven.

You men cannot separate Jesus Christ from me, for I was in him and therefore he in me – Jesus Christ was love himself, therefore he was also God, who is love in himself. And all beings, which fashion themselves to love, are also melted with me and will be allowed to see me in Jesus Christ, who has received me on earth in all fullness, who performed the melting with me already on earth and can no longer be outside of me for ever. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5348.


Book 59 5349

God’s compassionate love follows the lost.

1. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5349.

My love and favour knows no boundaries, and my mercy turns to the weak, ill and maimed; in infinite patience I follow those, who go away from me, and full of forbearance I bear their sins and try to move them to turn back; I try to heal the illness of their souls, and I apply all means to win the love of those, who still resist me hardly, who still feel no love for me. For I do not leave my creatures, even so they voluntarily isolated themselves from me; I constantly remain the father, who wants to rescue his children from eternal ruin. I follow them. And for that reason my work at men is so obvious and towards the end of this earth will still be more obvious, because the danger gets greater and greater that men get lost to him, who is my opponent and who wants to plunge them into ruin. Blindly men run into their ruin, for they do not listen to the messengers, whom I send into their way; they leave my divine words of love unnoticed and have eyes and ears for the world only, through which my opponent entices and tempts them. But my admonition and warning calls will sound more and more urgently, and no-one of my renegades will be able to not hear them, for they sound mightily and testify to me and my power. What no man is able to recognize as love on my part, is nevertheless still love from me, because I want to win men before it is too late. All will indeed once be mine, and although it also still last endless ages; but I do not want that they are to suffer more than it is necessary for their ascent development. They have already covered a wide way, which was exceedingly rich in agonies and suffering, and only a little short piece of the way to me is lacking – but if they now before the end turn back, then the danger exists that they have to go once again the endless long way and again unspeakable sufferings are their lot. But I do not want that they suffer more than is necessary. But I leave free will to men. But my voice will sound until the end, and if it is not heard, since it rings out delicately and slightly, than I will speak with thunder voice and have to be listened to. But also then man is still not forced to obey my voice. For that reason I do not speak out of the clouds to prove my existence , but I speak through the elements of nature, which certainly everyone can recognize as my voice, when he wants it; but which he can also reject as a happening due to nature, which precisely only worries men, but does not cause a change of will. But my love does not rest until I see my aim fulfilled, until all my creatures have found back to me, until they themselves long for my love and I am now fulfilment for them. My love will also achieve it in shorter or longer time, as man himself uses his will. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5349.


Book 59 5350

Redeemer work. Understanding for spiritual trouble.

3. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5350.

With the cognition of the spiritual trouble also the will to help increases and the willingness to take part in redemption work. Then also the state is created to be able to receive power persistently and therefore also being able for the redemption work. And then I place the man myself in that redemption area, which he can deal with; then I let him become seeing, so that he now becomes active there, where he is needed. I incessantly make an effort to rescue and to help. My hand wanting to rescue reaches to the deepest depths, and who lets himself been pulled up by it, will never ever regret it, for it leads him so that he can now prove to himself, whether he is worth of my rescuing love. And therefore I need servants willing to work, to whom I transfer the work at these lost souls, because they must be instructed and directed humanly to ascend up to the light. To now be able to instruct, knowledge must get opened to my servants themselves, which I therefore myself impart to them to make them suitable. But what this redemption work achieves is incomprehensible to you men – but you are to know that it is necessary; that you are certain of my reward and the thanks of the redeemed souls, but that you are only then successful, when love stimulates you to be active redeeming. In many men the feeling of pity and love would certainly awaken, if they could recognize the spiritual trouble of the souls, both on earth as well as also in the hereafter; if they could just do one look into the kingdom still closed to them, they could see and hear spiritually. But this knowledge must be withheld from them; the spiritual kingdom must remain closed to them, as long as they still dwell on earth, because the convinced knowledge would make them unfree in their thinking and acting. But who lives in love, he has also reached a certain degree of maturity, which gives him full understanding for the spiritual trouble on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom. To him it cannot urgently enough be said to take part in the rescue of souls, for this is the actual task of men on earth to remove the spiritual darkness and to reach the light. And where men themselves are now of a too weak will, fellowmen are to help them in love; they are to carry the light there, where it is still dark, and much blessing will grow out of that, both for the rescued and also for their rescuers, for every love work has an effect as power and light, and every love work brings in happiness in future in eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5350


Book 59 5351

Unchaining of spiritual forces. Eruption. Redemption phase.

4. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5351.

Unsuspected forces are active to the establishment of the old order that is so disturbed at the end of a redemption period that the upward development of the spiritual is totally jeopardized. That state has to be established again in which all that is bound in form strives upward and this state necessitates a complete reshaping of that, what contained the spiritual up to now. The old creations have to be dissolved and replaced by new ones that again are used according to divine order, according to divine will, and so also fulfil their purpose, to serve the spiritual to mature. Many forces are already at work to initiate the great forthcoming action because everything proceeds in accordance with divine order, also the dissolving and reshaping of the old surface of the earth. From time to time spiritual beings full of might and strength give the spiritual that is still bound in hardest matter freedom, they untie fetters that the spiritual itself could never break and so to speak free it to go upwards - it is allowed to change in its outer form that becomes now already easier solvable so that now the upward development for the spiritual can start that was bound endless long times and finally has slackened its resistance against God. Everywhere where eruptions take place such a process of power development of the light beings happens; they slacken fetters where this is time according to God's will. These powers give freedom and at the same time bind because that what is completely liberated would destroy everything in its urge to be active and only part destructions are allowed according to God's wise judgement as long as still the last work of dissolving does not take place where everything will be reshaped through the will of God. But for the time being visible destructions will be only there where a sign of divine might and power is to be given to men on earth - for the time being these eruptions are at the same time to mean an exhortation and a warning cry of God for living men so that they earnestly become conscious of their own purpose in life and strive upwards. But such expressions of power of the spiritual world follow in ever shorter phases until a great divine intervention causes such powerful changes that every man is now to recognize him who is Lord of heaven and earth, of life and death. And then only a short time is left until a work of destruction is executed that can no longer be observed by mankind in its final effect, only by those that God fetches to himself because they believe in him and love him - because they recognized their purpose on earth and tried to do justice to it. And then a new redemption phase begins because unspeakable much spiritual is now walking the way of upward development; the old order is re-established and peace is on earth for a long time - until Satan once again wins influence and again uses his power because men themselves give it to him. But a long time passes in happiness and peace and innumerable spiritual entities reach their goal - to become free of all matter and to go into the spiritual kingdom where eternal light is and happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 5351.


Book 59 5352

Darkness of the spirit. Love work. Distance from God.

5. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5352.

The further men go away from God the darker their spirit is and the less they are able to summon understanding for spiritual teachings. And the degree of their distance from God always determines the degree of love, which they possess. Where love, the divine in man, is not developed, also God himself cannot work with his spirit, therefore also no light can be there and no power of cognition. To announce the Gospel there is difficult, for it goes unheard at the ears of men and does not get through to the heart; it sounds to them like an empty sound, because the heart, as not being able to love, repulses and only the ear hears it and it therefore remains without impression. As soon as such a man has once accomplished a love deed and spiritual teachings are given to him after that, he will really be willing to accept them. And for that reason man is to be first stimulated to love work through good example, through leading fellowmen in need close to him, through directing his attention to trouble and misery and urgent help. As soon as sympathy now starts to stir, the love spark is not completely buried, and it can flare up with the activity in love, which can then make him happy inwardly and move him to further love works. A man, who has accomplished a love deed, is now also for a short time of a soft heart, and then spiritual instructions or conversations can fall on good ground. But a man will never confess to do it or also think about it, who is destitute of all love, and however high his intellect would be developed. He would not be able to recognize spiritual truths as such, because the heart belongs to this, not only the intellect. The distance from God will become greater and greater the closer the end comes, because also the love ability gets weaker and weaker, where self-love predominates and self-love determines the thinking and wanting of men. And it will become darker and darker on earth, for the spiritual light will only break out at few places, and no other light can conquer darkness than only pure truth, which has its start in God, the eternal light. It is therefore truth, which enlightens man’s spirit and which alone is to be preached to men. Truth alone is able to convince; where the serious will exists to find enlightenment. Truth means light and power of cognition for him, who seeks truth. For he already turns his countenance to God, and he will also learn to recognize him through the truth imparted to him, while it remains incomprehensible to him, who does not desire it, because he still turns his back on God and is therefore also not able to recognize anything divine. Darkness keeps him imprisoned and will also not release him in the hereafter, as long as the soul does not seek to flee from it of its own accord. But then it is considerably more difficult to reach the light, although it is not impossible. For the will of repulsion, which the soul takes across, is recognizable for a long way and prevents the spiritual full of life to become effective as long until once the desire for life gets busy in the soul, but what can last endless long time, because free will is also respected in the hereafter and also there love alone is valued. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5352.


Book 59 5353

Effect of faithlessness in the hereafter.

6. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5353.

How poor are those men, who have no faith in God as creator and father from eternity, who accomplished the redemption work in Jesus Christ to make his creatures free from a degrading fetter, with which they let themselves be chained through their own fault. How poor they are, who walk along through earth life without faith, for they possess nothing than the transient good, which was allotted to them by fate to be able to fulfil their earth life task, and which is now for them the most important, which they eagerly seek to increase, instead of overcoming matter. A right faith would give their life another meaning, for they would create for eternity, for the life of the soul after death; but without faith all their thinking is directed only towards earth life; it is a state of constant care for the transient. Men create for death, not for life – they are poor already on earth and enter the spiritual kingdom still poorer, in which they did not want to believe on earth – they arrive naked and miserably in the hereafter, and immeasurable agonies and darkness is their lot. But they have created their lot themselves, for they did not remain on earth without knowledge about God as creator and father, about Jesus Christ as redeemer. They did not accept the teachings about it, which they certainly were able to do, when they just would have been willing to receive enlightenment about their earth life purpose. This will is the foundation of faith – man must want to believe, then he will also be able to believe. Knowledge about God is once made accessible to every man, and if he now just thinks about it, what might be cause and purpose of his human existence, then God also certainly helps him to right cognition, for then the will is obvious to stand in truth. Each one man knows that he can bring no counter proofs and consequently is also not allowed to claim to reject, what is announced to him about God, about his redemption work, his unlimited power, wisdom and love. And for that reason he is to try to reach enlightenment, and for this attempt he will be rewarded, because God himself looks after him, who sends his thoughts asking into infinity. He will be able to believe and win an immeasurable wealth through his faith, while the man without faith will still lose, what he possesses earthly. In the true meaning of the word he is poor, for nothing gives him hope and confidence; nothing gives him power, so he is in trouble, so he cannot believe in God as father, in Jesus Christ as redeemer, for whom he must strive to be happy for ever. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5353.


Book 59 5354

Gleam of light recognizable for souls in the hereafter.

6. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5354.

Indescribable happy are the beings in the spiritual kingdom, when they see a gleam of light flash, especially then, when the beings are in darkness, which is an agony for them. Then they follow this gleam of light, and it will always lead them there, where the light has its start – where light beings hand out to those, who want to receive light. Such radiations can be send out constantly from the spiritual kingdom, for souls hungry for light are always prepared to receive that, what light beings offer to them. But also on earth men willing to receive can establish a connection with those light beings, who are likewise recognizable as ray of light for the souls in the hereafter and who for that reason are also welcome by the opposite souls, because they themselves hope for light through them. A light will always flash, where men on earth seek the spiritual kingdom mentally, where they mentally communicate with light beings, asking them or impart their thoughts to them. Then a bright light flashes, which shines so brightly that it lures over many souls out of darkness or twilight, which for a short time feel beneficently touched and always feel relief, when they reach near such rays of light. These souls are not refused access to the light, but it is up to them themselves to make use of it. Not all souls can summon the understanding for the act of a light transmission from the spiritual kingdom to earth. The significance is explained to them through spiritual guides, but they are never compulsorily caused to receive light. But mostly they do not pass over without impression from such light transmissions; they will again and again return to the place and to the men, where connections to the world of light get established, and they so to speak take part in it, by them being attentive listeners and receive and think over everything, what they can grasp of spiritual teachings. They still their hunger and thirst by receiving the bread of heaven, which light beings offer to men on earth and which also every being in the hereafter is allowed to take advantage of. Men on earth do not know how they help these souls, which dwell in darkness, through conscious directing of the thoughts to God, to the world of light and also directly to those beings, which need their help to be able to be instructed spiritually. Every thought upwards has an effect as ray of light, and every ray of light attracts innumerable souls, which want to flee from darkness. And darkness on earth as well as in the hereafter is chased away by men, who themselves walk in the light, i.e. seek truth and live in love. Light goes out from them constantly, which makes the souls in darkness happy and attracts them, until they themselves are allowed to receive light, until they are allowed to take part in the instructions from the kingdom of light to earth and have finally overcome darkness. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5354.


Book 59 5355

I stand at the door, and knock. Revelation.

7. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5355.

I allow you men access to my rule and activity; I announce to you what is coming; I warn you of indifference; I tempt you with words of love; I show you myself as loving father and I demand nothing else than that you think about everything that you come across. I want nothing than that you recognize me and learn to love me. Everything I do happens out of love to you my children so that you return to me and do eternally no longer leave me. I gave away my life for you in Jesus Christ to chain you to me all the firmer, that you call on me in Jesus Christ and I now can help you.

And I gave you knowledge about my plan of salvation; I revealed myself to you because I wanted to win your love that makes you my right children. Because your return to the house of the father only then makes me happy when you come towards me with a loving heart, when you unite with me through love, I who am eternal love myself. I want to be recognized by you and that is why I have to express myself in such a way that you recognize my love as basic principle, because then you are drawn and you reciprocate my love. And then also the source of power from eternity goes into operation - and also the eyes of love recognize its effects as perpetual signs of divine favour of the father. I want to win you for ever. That is why I pass up no opportunity where I do not knock on the door of your heart and desire admittance. Who opens to me, to him I want to go and take communion with him and he with me. To win the trust of my children I therefore have to do visible signs and miracles so that the believers grow strong and recognize in me him, in whom they are to believe, him who did everything for you men to save you from the night of death. But even if the world sees miracles, it always finds explanations of a pure natural way, because it does not want to believe; it wants to live well, but already here on earth and does not believe in a life of the soul after death. And it, the world, it is that no longer acknowledges my rule and work and it therefore also attaches no importance to the predictions regarding the end of the earth and the last judgement. And now two combative parties face each other - the will to live dominates the ones that never believe in the end of the world, and the will to serve me the others that therefore also can safely expect the end as last sign of my existence, as last revelation to the ones who are mine. And then I come myself and reward the faith of mine, because I show myself to them visibly in the heavens and I call them to me, who have written my name upon their forehead. I call them and give all of them the right life, a life in peace and bliss in paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5355.


Book 59 5356

Becoming man and redemption work of Jesus.

8. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5356.

I have come into the world to redeem men and to open for them the gate to eternity. I came as man as emissary of God and was still God himself in this man; I gave a soul, a child of mine, an outer form to then join myself together with this soul indissolubly and to therefore take up residence as God in this outer form. But only few men recognized it, who held himself in this form; only few men also got in touch with me in their heart and were in this way able to also to recognize me in the man Jesus, for love gave to these few light; love recognized eternal love and worshiped it.

And so I also died on the cross. The human cover had to suffer death under all pains and agonies. But eternal love brought the sacrifice in this man Jesus; eternal love took all agonies and sufferings upon itself, otherwise the sacrifice would not have been done voluntarily. Love died for men on the cross, and therefore it was me myself, who has suffered for you for the sake of the extreme great sin guilt, which I wanted to wipe out. I as God could have certainly deleted this debt, obliterated it from the book of repayment; I could wipe out the debt out of extreme mercy; but my perfection prevented me of it, for also justice belongs to my nature, and it demands inexorable atonement for the sin guilt of men. You all would have to suffer unimaginably to pay this great debt and never ever be able to endure that on earth, what would have cleaned you from the debt. And for that reason a light soul, an angel spirit called to existence by me, offered to atone as man the great debt and to do satisfaction to me. And he has accomplished the work. He received me in his heart and so took up the power of love to make the greatest atonement sacrifice, of which a man on earth was ever able. He was my son – I his father. But through love the complete melting took place; he and I, we became one, for love so filled him that everything got spiritualized; that body, soul and spirit became one and could join the father spirit from eternity indissolubly. As long as you men cannot fathom love in its nature, God becoming man will also appear incomprehensible to you, and to solve this problem will also again only understand, who himself lets love flare up in him to a bright flame. To him alone it is understandable that eternal love has manifested itself in a man and therefore enabled him to let his life for the sin of men under terrible agonies, for love gave him power; I myself was love. I myself descended to earth and rescued mankind out of deepest trouble. Love paid the sin guilt, but the man Jesus did the atonement, because eternal love could not suffer, but help was to be brought to mankind and this help could only do a man, who was full of love. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5356.


Book 59 5357

Joining together with God through love.

8. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5357.

My will always is and remains the joining together of you men with me through love. Love alone binds the untearable ribbon between us, and love alone abolishes all separation between us. But you must lighten love in you yourselves; it cannot be imparted to you as gift of favour; it is unique and alone your own feeling, which you must let become a divine one, when it is still before an un-divine, therefore you are still completely sunk in self-love. Then you must change this feeling to a complete selfless love, which will make you happy, because it already leads you near me, because you draw me myself already to you and I now no longer go away from you, until you are so penetrated by love that you feel me myself in the heart; that I can take up residence in you and now remain with you for ever.

This joining together with me you must establish, then you fulfil my will, and then you have also reached your destination on earth, the unification with me, the reshaping from my creature to my child. For that reason only I gave you the command of love for me and for the neighbour. It is not difficult to fulfil, as soon as you have overcome your self-love. But exactly self-love still adheres to you all very much, and who becomes completely wrapped up in it, he can hardly free himself from it, and he therefore finds it unspeakably difficult to unite with me and reach his final destination on earth. For self-love seeks fulfilment in the pleasures of the world; self-love prevents giving; it prevents man from love work and will therefore also be an obstacle for the recognizing of the creator and father from eternity. No-one will try to reach me, who is still full of self-love, and therefore he will also lack truth, for there is no light in him, which spreads a shine. In no way can I have an effect on a man, who only thinks about himself and has no understanding for the trouble of his fellowman. Only when he renounces that, what appeared desirous to him for his own wellbeing, he lights the love spark in him, and he approaches me, for love is only and alone the binder between man and me, and a unification can never take place between us without love, but which is purpose and aim of every man on earth, because only the unification with me brings in happiness for the being, while self-love drives man to my opponent, who stirs it up more and more and promises man everything, what the world just offers. But I think of your future life, which can only be a happy one in association with me. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5357.


Book 59 5358

Power of love. Healing of illness. Working miracles.

9. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5358.

Who has love he also has power in him and will be able for every act, so he does not lack faith. Love certainly makes faith alive, but before it must be awakened, i.e., man must deal with that, what he is to believe, and love will then also give him the strength, so that he no longer doubts anything and is therefore also able to do everything.

Therefore love is the most valuable, for it makes everything possible. But you men do not appreciate the power of love. You could accomplish miracles; you could heal the sick; you could banish every worry; truly nothing would be impossible for you, as soon as you would bring love in you to highest development and believe in its power. And so it is not a gift, which I award to you, so you are able to do all this, but it is the effect of your love power; it is the natural result, so you have acquired my power through love. You are therefore not allowed to strive for such a gift – healing the sick, working of miracles etc. – according to plan, because it is not an ability, which you can develop, but you must just let love in you become stronger; you must strive for a spiritual completion, which then proves itself through such abilities. Only love achieves everything. Who fashions himself completely to love and by this is also of convinced faith, he creates out of me myself; he feels as my child, as my share and can consequently think not differently, than that he succeeds in every act, because I help him. But love must flare up in the heart; it must fill man completely; it must make him happy, to renounce all that, what fellowman lacks. Right love is completely selfless; it demands nothing anymore for itself; it persistently hands out; the giving principle rules it, and it is nevertheless indescribably blessed. And such a love can everything, what it wants, what becomes evident as result of its depth of the emotion of heart in man; what it wants that it may be. A strong, living faith hopes from me the fulfilment of its request, and it will not ask in vain. Also a man can make us of my power and accomplish the same, but always only so he is filled with love. Then I do not give him the power, but he has acquired it himself through love work, and that entitles. He has returned into his original nature; he has not taken something illegal, but he is again, what he was from the very beginning, filled with light and power, because love is light and power in itself and man must therefore also been flown through by light and power, so he has love. Therefore only a self-fashioning to love is necessary that you men can accomplish everything like gods, and that you only want that, what is according to my will, is understandable, because love is simultaneously also the source of wisdom and cannot act differently than it is my will. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5358.


Book 59 5359

God’s help in earthly trouble. Work in the vineyard.

9. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5359.

I want to help you in every trouble of the body and the soul. Do not doubt about it, but be so firmly convinced of it that I know about all your worries and like to take them over, so that you can follow your work free from care to serve me and to announce the Gospel to your fellowmen, to which I have chosen you. Earthly and spiritually I want to care for you, and my words are to always be meant for you: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. You are to always find help with me, but particularly then, when you strive spiritually and make an effort to fulfil my will. I do not want that you worry about daily needs; I do not want that you look into the future anxiously; I also do not want that you have bodily afflictions, which prevent you from the work for me and my kingdom. I want to relieve you wherever it is possible that you do not suffer harm at your soul. But the little small cross, which is still imposed on you, you must patiently carry, for it promotes you tremendously, and you follow me so you take it upon you without a murmur and complain. I give you the power for it and always go at your side to help you, when you get weak. For that reason do not be despondent, whatever comes over you; it is my will and always brings about the best. But as soon as you turn you look trustingly towards me, I am also prepared to help, for I do not disappoint the faith of my children. And I also want that you go through life cheerfully and happily, but under which I do not understand the worldly exuberance, but the cheerful calm of a man, who feels safe and secure with God.

You can also be of a happy heart, for you have found me and soon also reached your goal; you can cheer and rejoice, for my sun of favour shines over you and illuminates your earth existence; it enlightens all your ways and awakens you to life. You no longer need to fear death, for you, you who are mine, you will rise to life, and the hour of your decease from this earth will be welcome by you. But until then you are to still be efficient workers in my vineyard, and I will always fill you with power, so that you are well able to do your work for me and my kingdom. For that reason do not worry, but believe and trust in him, who is your father from eternity to eternity, and he will truly banish spiritual and earthly trouble, because he loves you. Amen
B.D. NR. 5359.


Book 59 5360

Reunion in the hereafter. Degree of maturity.

10. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5360.

There is for all a happy reunion in the spiritual kingdom, who leave earth life in a certain maturity and are therefore able to see with spiritual eyes, i.e. therefore: the good will see each other again, but the evil not so long, until they themselves have also changed and want to be good. A certain level of cognition is necessary that the beings can see each other, because also the complete loneliness, having to rely on oneself, is to have the first great educational effect that they think about their state so long until they have come to a result, where they can be helped further. Evil beings are indeed together with equal evil, but every being remains unrecognizable for the other. They only know one another by their acts as opponents and therefore always show enmity to each other. But those souls, which are still able to improve, which have departed without faith and still cannot be counted to the complete bad souls, must be brought to the cognition of their pitiable state to finally strive for a change of it, what then already means a step upwards. The loneliness torments such souls particularly, which long for their loved ones and cannot find them. But these can be close to them and want to help them, but they remain invisible for the immature souls, until they, after the change of their attitude, show their willingness to be enlightened. Then often their loved ones approach them, but still unrecognized. Only in a certain degree of maturity they are allowed to reveal their identity to the soul, and this is an unspeakable fortune, which is also always an incentive for the ascent for the souls, which now only recognize the reality of the spiritual kingdom and are willing to completely fit in the will of God. A reunion in the hereafter prematurely would insofar have a compulsorily effect on the beings as they now would have to believe in an after-life of the soul, while they themselves very often still have no knowledge of their own death, just believe to have been transferred to another area and therefore often rise up against their own fate. But through own thought they must come so far that they turn to Jesus Christ calling for help. And faith in him they must win themselves, when the knowledge about it is made accessible to them by beings willing to help. They must recognize their trouble, their powerlessness and also the way out – Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. Only then so much light can be supplied to them that they themselves become seeing; but without this faith they are of dark spirit, and they recognize nothing than only an extreme hopeless deserted area, which they constantly walk through, in trouble and agony, for they live in want and suffer terribly, and they find no way out, until they take themselves to task and seek to change or also still sink deeper through defiant rising up against it and completely harden in their feelings. They are never forsaken by their loved ones, but according to divine law entry is denied to them so long until the soul longs upwards, until it wants an improvement of its situation and its thoughts become soft and requesting. Then help is granted to it from all sides, and it can climb up very fast and see again all its loved ones.

But an indescribable happiness is granted to those, who depart from this earth in light and over there find all their loved ones again, who have entered the spiritual kingdom before them.
(Continuation on the 15th of April 1952 Nr. 5365)
B.D. NR. 5360.


Book 59 5361

Fall of the angels. Good Friday‘s message.

11. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5361.

You all, you who walk on earth, you have been seized by my love, and possibilities have been created for you, to be able to again enter into the original relationship with me; a time was granted you for this change out of a completely God-adverse relationship to the reunification with me. All favours were opened to you to reach this aim, and my never ending love helps, where you threaten to fail. But one thing also my extreme love for you cannot – to change your will out of my power. Your will is that factor, with which one must reckoned, which alone must accomplish the change and can just as well also fail. For your will is weakened through him, who is my opponent and would like you, whom he plunged into the deep through the sin against me, also keep in the deep and therefore obstructs for you the way to me in every way, who therefore would also like to keep your will weak and in this way unable to accomplish the change of nature. But the will is for that reason weak, because the being, which is still under his control, is also destitute of all love and for that reason can develop no power, for love is power in itself and would infallibly also confer the necessary reinforcement to the will. The entity, which belongs to him, is of completely weakened will and is not able to redeem itself from his rule over it. And I brought help to this entity.

Can you men now understand, what made me to ascend to earth and to bring rescue to you? I was the same in the very beginning, as that spiritual pushed into the abyss through Lucifer; I was come forth from the love of God as angel spirit and recognized God as the epitome of all might and power and glory from eternity. I stood as opponent of Lucifer to him, who had created us out of his love power. Also I could not see God, but my love for him was my happiness. But also love for the spiritual seceded from God filled me and let the plan mature in me to take part in the redemption of it out of the power of darkness, because I knew about the power of Lucifer and about the influence on the will-less spiritual. I wanted to help it in that way, which alone could defeat the opponent. I wanted to take up the power of God to be able to take action against him and to reach the goal to extract the beings from him and to so again lead them to God, from whom they went out. I wanted to acquire the power for this fallen and give it to them, so that they became of strong will and could free themselves from the power of Satan. The weakness of will is lack of love power, therefore the result of a loveless disposition. If I now wanted to impart a strong will to these beings, so I had to seek to move them to love and to again awaken their love first through my love. I had to free them from his power, by me paying the purchase price for the soul, which he held prisoner. He himself indeed never gives the consent; he never releases the soul, but the soul has now the power itself to free itself, by which he cannot prevent it, when it makes use of my power, which I supply to it willingly, so it is prepared to accept it, therefore to make use of the favours acquired on the cross. I have paid for all souls this purchase price through my suffering and dying on the cross. Each one soul can gain again its freedom, when it just turns to me – when it gives the right direction to its will, when it acknowledges me and my work of redemption and calls to me for help. To strengthen the will of these beings I died on the cross; I opposed an extreme great love with the power of Satan and defeated him, so that also the hardest fetter can blow to pieces, who puts himself at my side.

Two beings, emerged from the eternal love power, wrestled against each other. But I made use of this love power; I fought for God and with God; love filled me completely, and my earthly body became consequently the carrier of the eternal divinity; at the same time my light soul joint it with the body, and the unification had now taken place, which also every individual being created by him was to enter into according to purpose from eternity to now be able to work as completed in light and power and happiness.

The originally created spirit had deserted God; it received light and power in extreme measure and abused it to work against God. God’s power also flooded through it, but it used it in the negative meaning and by this always went away from God more and more. But to use the power out of God in his will also leads to the complete melting with him, which I as man Jesus reached on earth through love. Love is the strongest power and must also influence the will so that it turns towards God. And this supply of power for the will of men on this earth I have acquired as man through my suffering and dying on the cross, through unspeakable pains and extreme great agonies, and everyone can make use of this power, who acknowledges me and brings love in himself to development. Every man will want to flee from his previous lord and also be able to do it, who calls upon me as his rescuer and redeemer for help, for I do not let him fall into the hands of my opponent; I break his fetters and make him free. But I can do this only, as soon as the will of man itself strives for redemption – I cannot free him against his will. But my love is infinite, and it will extract every soul from the opponent; love will achieve that the will of every being once changes and turns to me. And for it I died on the cross that the weakened will of the fallen may experience strengthening, and therefore I have redeemed the world from bondage of Satan. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5361.


Book 59 5362

Reasons for revelations: Learning to recognize and learning to love God.

12. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5362.

The way is shown to you, which you are to go, and your task it is to let yourselves be directed and to always think of that you are only the tools of him, who wants to announce himself through you to your fellowmen. He can only win you men, when he introduces you to truth, because truth lets him recognize as a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence, as a perfect being, which must also be loved above everything and give back love in the extreme. But you men will only then show him your love, when you have recognized him as that, what he is – as kind and just father, who would always just like to make his children happy and for that reason wants to win them for him, and this recognizing of his nature can only be given to you through fullest truth, because every untruth, every error distorts the picture of God or makes it unclear and that means so much, as that doubts in the heart emerge, which also decrease love for God. Truth must be offered to men, which comes from God himself. And for that reason God makes use of willing men, through whom he can talk to all men. Only because he wants to win you for himself, he introduces you to truth, and you are to always acknowledge that it is a proof of extreme great love and mercy, when he seeks contact with you men, when he himself wants to speak to you and does it, where he is listened to. But he knows the hearts of men; he knows their will, their state of maturity; he knows their innermost thoughts and therefore also knows, who is willing and able, to receive truth out of his hand. These now he sends to you men, you who want to serve him, you who take part in the spreading of his word. He leads those into the way to you, with whom he sees the preconditions that they want to recognize and receive truth. He certainly has truth ready for all men, but not all men long for it and accept it. And for that reason also these will not find the way to him; they will still have to go many errors, until they reach the right light messenger, who can and will give them enlightenment. Nevertheless you will also have to instruct such men, for even though they will not follow you, although they will laugh at you and mock you now and again, so something of the heard remains in them, and it comes once to the surface of his thoughts, when the hour has come, where he is to decide for God or against him. And then the heard words can still be rescue for him; he can suddenly come to cognition of truth and support it with enthusiasm, because truth is of an effect, which no-one can ignore, who is of good will. And for that reason you are to quietly work with all, which are lead into your way, for these are called and can be awakened by you; they can also come to the recognition of truth, when you offer to them the divine word in love, which is full of power and which reveals God’s nature to them and can also move them to love him.

You are to be his servants; you are to let yourselves be guided by him, accept his instructions and work for the blessing among your fellowmen; you are to give it him for yourselves, so that he can speak to men through you to rescue them from spiritual trouble, to guide them from error to truth, through which alone they can be happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5362.


Book 59 5363

Easter message.

13. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5363

Let me rise in your hearts, and then walk with me in happy duality. As long as you still go the way without love, I am dead for you – but also you are dead in the spirit; you certainly live on earth, but move in spiritual darkness, in a state, which is like death, for the life of the body can be taken away from you every hour, then a terrible grave silence surrounds you, i.e. you soul, a darkness, and it completely lacks all power. Awaken it to life already on this earth, by you joining me, by you getting hold of power from me for your soul. Let me become alive in your heart, and you will never ever die; there is for you no more death for ever. Strive for to become spiritually born again, therefore as if experiencing a spiritual reshaping, so that you can leave the grave of your bodily cover any time and can step out into the most sparkling gleam of light to eternal life.

My resurrection on the third day has supplied the proof to you that death can be overcome by each one man, who follows me in truth. Also he will rise, he who has received me in his heart through love, for he will be full of power and full of light – he will be able to break through the material cover and now lead a spiritual life; he will not be able to die according to the soul, but just leave the body behind, which was just fetter for him. And I will receive him into my kingdom; I will introduce him and show him the splendours, which no eye has ever seen, and of which no man’s ear has ever heard; I want to prepare residence for him, as I have promised it. The splendours of the heavenly father shall be revealed to him, and he shall live in eternity. Let me rise in your hearts, only then also you can say rightly: Jesus Christ has died for me; Jesus Christ has redeemed me. Only then you no longer need to fear death, because for you there is only life; you are received out of the grave of sin into the light; you can walk in heavenly fields; you can united with me enjoy the happiness of the spiritual kingdom; you feel the nearness of him, who has redeemed you; everything veiling your spirit has fallen off you; you are free, and you will live in eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5363.


Book 59 5364

Small flock in the fight at the end of the earth.

14. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5364.

My small flock will have to firmly stick together at the end of this earth to strengthen and comfort each other, to form a strong wall together, when the powers of darkness want to fight against them to pull them down. There will only be few, who remain loyal to me in faith, for before I already recall, who would not be a match for the last onslaughts, whose faith is certainly meant for me, but who do not let it become so strong that they can resist. I know, who will stand firmly by me, and prepare these so that they can be a support for their fellowmen; that they are a model for them and can help the still weak in the fight against darkness. I bring mine together and protectively I hold my hands over them, for the world will always stand against them and would besiege them hard also already before, when I would not stand by them and bring them help, so they are in trouble. I lead them all ways, and my spirit escorts them, so that they always go so, as it is my will, and I always strengthen them with my word. I myself talk to those, who want to hear me, and these will never be without power. For when I speak to them, I myself am with them; I am present to them and also to all those, who listen to these my words and receive them in their hearts. But the closer the end comes, the smaller the number of those will get, who desire to hear me myself, who let me be present in them. And for that reason I say to you: Eagerly seek to win souls, which you can still lead to me; woo now still for such before it is too late. Now you can still openly busy yourselves spiritually, still no barriers are set for you by earthly powers, still you are allowed to talk without inhibitions; only in fellowmen you can find enemies, who want to fight you; but you can nevertheless work for me and my kingdom on my behalf. But the time will come, where barriers are set for you, where you are treated with hostility and must let these hostilities wash over you, because you are not allowed to resist. The time will come, where one, under threat of punishment, will seek to stop you, you who are active for me. And then you must have already done so much preliminary work, that it produces successes in quiet; you must have already spread the seed everywhere; you must have introduced many men to my word, which is imparted to you from above. And the seed will come up and spread through my blessing.

Do preliminary work, where and how you just can; do not let yourselves be kept off through earthly work from the spiritual activity; spread my word; carry tidings of it everywhere, and bring the Gospel to your fellowmen; do not let it be enough with the activity of the public churches; be yourselves eagerly active and woo outside of the church, for there is great trouble. So many men seek and cannot find the right. Give information to them, and the will of the individual will then have to decide, how he makes use of this knowledge. Be loyal co-workers for me, for I will lead those men to you, at whom you are to carry out vineyard work; I will give you the gift of speaking, so that you use all possibilities to win men for me and my kingdom – to still send little sheep to my flock, which recognize in me their shepherd, whom they want to follow. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5364.


Book 59 5365

Seeing again in the hereafter in the kingdom of light.

15. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5365.

It is an incomparable blessed moment, when the soul departs from earth and enters the kingdom of light, into spheres, where there is nothing unpleasant any longer, where the soul is embraced by a wave of blessed light; where extreme beautiful beings approach it and show it a measure of love, which almost overwhelms it. The light radiations are suited to its state of maturity, therefore always in that degree that certainly unimaginably fill them with bliss, but do not consume the soul, what an excessive amount of light certainly could, for which the soul is not yet receptive. In infinite distance it sees the most marvellous creations, for its spiritual eye has now the possibility being able to see spiritual creations, which are no longer matter and still stand exactly so truthfully before it, therefore are no self-deception.

And in the midst of this beauty, which its eye sees, it finds its loved ones, who have preceded it in that degree of maturity that the kingdom of light could receive them. For men this happiness of such a seeing again does not bear thinking about, but in the spiritual kingdom the soul is able to receive deeper impressions, without disappearing, and it feels the happiness consciously, which God prepares for it, and sings in the heart praise and gratitude to him, as it generally, so the kingdom of light has become its home, glows in love towards the father, who has prepared all this happiness for it. The working together with souls in the same degree of maturity increases its power and its will of activity, and this it now turns to those souls, which still stand far below it to help them to the same happiness. And in compassionate love it looks after those, who were close to it on earth and still dwell in lower spheres, which remained on earth behind in their spiritual development through unbelief and lack of love and for that reason still dwell unhappy in the hereafter in darkness or in twilight. It certainly recognizes these souls and can also approach them and offer its help to them, but it itself is not recognized by those souls, and for that reason its help is also often rejected. But love and patience of a light soul makes persistently an effort about these souls and also achieves it once that it wins influence. Its happiness, which it receives in the constant love radiation of God, the incomparable creations of the kingdom of light and the working together with beings, with which it is connected in happy making love, gives it constant impetus to redeeming activity; it finds itself its happiness to give, in what it itself receives; it always finds fulfilment of its longing for God and can nothing else than wanting to also make happy. To explain the splendour of the kingdom of light to men on earth is impossible, exactly because only a mature soul can bear that fullness of light and therefore also understand the happiness and the still imperfect man has no understanding for it. But one thing he is to and can believe that there is a seeing again in the opposite kingdom; that death puts no end to actual life of the soul and that these souls recognize each other, when a certain degree of maturity is reached, but which many souls still do not possess. And for that reason it can also take a long time for many a soul until it experiences the happiness of the unification with its loved ones; but the longing for it is often the cause for the striving upwards. The love power of the soul is constantly active to redeem the souls out of the deep and to help them to happiness, to the entrance into that kingdom, where shining light embraces them, where they can see God and all trouble has an end. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5365.


Book 59 5366

Spring of life. Garden of Eden. Living water.

16. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5366.

The spring of life is opened, and from above constantly the most effective power of favour flows from it. The fullness of the divine word imparts this power to you, because it flows from the original source of power itself and can consequently also be nothing ineffective. You men grasp it; you are connected to the original source of power; you are in a Garden of Eden, where the love of God fertilizes everything with his water of love and marvellous flowers and trees grow up, where his divine word comes up in your hearts and produces marvellous fruit. And there it is good to be; there the sun of the spirit shines down to you, and a life awakens all around you, and the eye of God rest with pleasure on his creation and his creatures. For he is pleased about that these use his power; that they seek refreshment at the right source; that they long for the water of life; that they gratefully draw from the spring of life, which he has opened for his creatures. What is there perhaps better, than being allowed to enter into his garden, to seek the source of love and to fetch out of it power for the earth life way? What is there perhaps more beautiful, than being allowed to cast a look into the spiritual kingdom, to let oneself be served by the beings of light and to receive under their care nourishment for the soul, which is offered to them by those lovingly? The entrance into this garden is indeed not be found so easily; it is to be sought in the will to reach the spring of life; but it will also to be found for everyone, who looks around for help exhausted and seeking power. Before his eyes the gate will open, through which he is to enter, and who now goes on with a glad heart, to him rays of light will show the way, which leads to the eternal spring of life. And he will be able to draw with full hands and experience strengthening; all weakness will fall off him; he will look upwards and see, what he did not see before – pure truth is imparted to him; he will recover at his soul; from now on he will want to drink constantly from the spring, which the love of God let him find, and he will constantly be filled; he will be delighted by the clarity of spiritual knowledge; he will recognize the infinite love of God, and his heart will beat towards him full of love; he will first feel as guest and then as child of God, which is allowed to take from his fullness unlimitedly. He will hear God’s word, when and where he desires it, for the spring of eternal love will never dry up, and no-one will be refused to refresh himself of it. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5366.


Book 59 5367

God’s word’s incomprehensible favour in the time of the end.

17. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5367.

Truly a great favour is offered to you men, so my word given from above is imparted to you, for in the spiritual trouble of the time of the end this word is a help of incomprehensible value for you, because it brings you the pure truth from me, through which you can be happy, so you receive it with the heart and arrange your life in accordance with it. My word will always have a special effect, when it is consciously desired and received, but also those men, to whom it is made accessible without their direct desire, will instinctively feel power from my word, when they just prick up their ears a little and open the heart in this way. My word will touch them like a speech from another world, to which they now pay attention for that reason, because they suspect something unusual and do not want to ignore it. They could win infinitely much therefrom; they could receive a measure of favour, which could earn them in a short time spiritual maturity. But mostly they are again distracted through the world, and then they heedlessly pass by a gift of favour, without having won an advantage for their soul. Oh that you men would just believe that I myself have addressed you, so my word was imparted to you; that you would like to listen to my words and would now like to use the short time, which remains left for you to live on this earth – that you would indeed seriously think of life of your soul after the death of the body! Differently than through the presenting of an obvious gift of favour I cannot help you in your trouble; you must receive the gift and utilize it according to the best of your might. Then you can also work to the blessing of your fellowmen; you can tell them again the same, what you have heard through my love, I who speak to you through my messengers; you can enlighten them, as I have enlightened you, and you can give the same instructions and draw their attention to the work of my spirit. You yourselves will draw richest blessing from it, because my good wishes and also those of your fellowmen follow you, who have found truth through you. In the chaos of the last time still many men will be grateful to you, so you instruct them in my name. And I prepare you, my chosen, for this teaching office now already. For you believe my words; but doubts will also seize you, when you follow world events, when my silence seems strange to you, when the world continues to sin unimpeded and it is not stopped from above. Irrevocably I appear and with thunder voice call men to order. And exactly for that reason I still offer you men ample favours before, which can earn you such a degree of maturity that you can expect the end without danger and survive. But you hardly pay attention to my gift of favour, and only few recognize it as that, what it is, as a last love admonition call to the children of this earth, who stand before the last decision.

I will persistently send my word to earth, so that you, you who are mine, recognize that I do not withdraw, but watch over you all. And I will always come to you in word and script and also on the last day in all my splendour, when mine need comfort and power and help, which only I myself can still bring. Then everything will be fulfilled, what I already announced before, so that you become strong in faith. The old earth will head to its end, and into the kingdom of peace will be received, who remain faithful to me until the end, who believed my words and have used my gift of favour right. Because for them the end will mean the beginning of a new life, of a life in peace and happiness in the paradise of the new earth, which I have promised to all those, who believe in me, who love me and keep my commands. The last day on this earth will be the first day in happiness, for I come myself, to fetch mine, when their life on this earth is in danger. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5367.


Book 59 5368

A believing prayer makes the will of God ready.

18. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5368.

Put your trust in God’s help in every trouble of the body and the soul, and completely give yourselves for him. The hardest counter will can accomplish nothing against his will, and to this his will you are to submit humbly; you are to accept everything out of his hand with the firm confidence that it serves you best. You are to let him rule, then it can only be good for you. Divine love makes every effort to win every individual, but the means are different, because also the will of his creatures is different. And to give this will a certain direction, the experiences are approaching every man so that they cause him to express his will, because it is necessary. For that reason not all men will experience the same fate, but always differing ones from each other, and every man can now take a different view of it, and that helps him to get maturity of the soul, provided man always recognizes God’s will and falls into line with him devotedly. Nevertheless you can ask for help, although you submit to his will, for a believing prayer has great power and makes the will of God well-disposed to you; a believing prayer can avert, what is to serve your education, for a believing prayer is an announcement of humility and weakness, which is to God’s liking and stimulates his love to fulfil the prayer. And for that reason turn to him trustingly and confidently in every trouble of the body and the soul, for whom nothing is impossible, who leans towards a requesting earth child full of love, so it calls him. Put your trust in him, and he will help, so it does not bring about harm to your soul; he will help so you believe, for he does not let a firm faith to be ruined. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5368.


Book 59 5369

God takes over the care for earthly things.

19. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5369

I care for the bodily well-being, so you strive for the spiritual well-being, which is meaning and purpose of your walk on earth. I have given you this promise that I want to give you everything, what you need, so you just seek my kingdom and its righteousness – so you strive for walking righteously before my eyes and to acquire that degree of maturity for your soul, which entitles it to enter into the kingdom of light. And I stand by my word; I fatherly care for your earthly life, because I can surely take over this care, but cannot promote your ascent development out of my fullness of power, which presupposes your free will. But you are not to be hindered through earthly worry at spiritual striving; completely carefree you are to be able to devote yourselves to your spiritual task only; for that reason you can trustingly burden me with all earthly care; I want to carry it for you; I want to help you in every trouble; I want to do everything for my children as loving father, what makes earth life tolerable for them; I want to give you food and drink, clothing and accommodation; I want to give you health for body and soul, and you are to lack nothing, so you just make an effort, to fulfil your earth life task, to always and constantly strive for the shaping of your nature to love and in this way come close to me myself, as your father from eternity. Who seeks to win me, to him I give myself and still everything with it, what makes him happy. But on earth he has to prove his will, his love and his desire towards and for me; he must live according to my will; he must fulfil my commands, which just demand love for me and for the neighbour. Then he can truly be certain that I take over every care for his bodily well-being, because I want that my earth children are not kept back from spiritual striving through care of any kind. And whether it also may seem as if my love has stepped back, whether it also may seem, as if I do not think of you – wait patiently, until I obviously make my identity known to you. I often want that you become aware of the help from above, what can only happen then, when you apparently hopelessly face a trouble. There is no trouble, which is so great that I could not banish it, and there is no love, which is so deep than my one, which is always prepared to help, only often waits for the moment through judgement full of wisdom, where it expresses itself to be able to reveal myself to you in my love and power. But do not let yourselves be put off by it that I keep myself hidden now and then. I know exactly, what you need, as I also know, how I can help you that it is a right help for you. But do not forget your soul, of which the trouble is truly far greater, when no help is brought to it. For the soul remains in existence, when your body passes, and what care you have turned towards the soul, that cannot be taken from it; they are treasures, which it takes over into the spiritual kingdom and which are incomparably valuable in comparison with that, what the body needs, to be able to live on earth. But never ever do you need to be anxious and to look worrying into the future – what you do for the soul, that alone is important; everything else leave to me, your creator and father from eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5369.


Book 59 5370

"Mine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory."

20. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5370.

Mine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory – and all my creatures are to enter in future this kingdom, be full of power and light and see the glory. And I want to dwell in the midst of them and prepare the highest happiness for them that they can see me; they must love me with all intimacy, because my love awakens deepest counter love and there is now no separation for ever any longer – mine is the kingdom, which promises you this happiness. But you still live on earth; you are still subjugated to a lord, whose kingdom has nothing to show of glories; which only exists seemingly, for the earth only serves you temporarily for maturation, and it will pass for you, as soon as your soul leaves the body. You still live on this earth according to the body, and still your soul can already enter my kingdom, so it has the serious will for it. I want to fetch you all over into my kingdom, but I need your will for it, which must freely decide for me; which voluntarily gives up the earthly world, the kingdom of my opponent; which influences the soul, to swing itself up into the kingdom of light, of power and of glory. And so you therefore want, I can seize you and fetch you over, so that you are happy. Everything, what you love on earth, everything, what still belongs to my opponent, you must be prepared to give up voluntarily, to exchange for it the pledge of my love, everything what will make you happy for ever – for which you men on earth still have no understanding, from which you still have no idea. But without having seen these glories, you must long for me and my kingdom, for the love for me is to cause you to go and see it; you are to want to flee from him, who separated you from me, and strive for me out of inner urge. Then you already enter my kingdom, for every thought towards me attracts me; I come to meet you, seize you and no longer let you fall back into the deep for ever, into that kingdom, from which you have fled. My love strengthens you enormously, and your love ignites at my glow, and light and power fills you and will constantly increase. I will receive you all in my kingdom, but according to your will it can be soon, but also still last eternities – for so your will is still meant for that kingdom, that is of this world, I must also put pretence goods before your eyes, so that you once recognize the worthlessness of them. I cannot fetch you into my kingdom against your will; it must be entered voluntarily; a breaking away from the kingdom of my opponent must have taken place before, only then I can seize you and prepare the happiness of my kingdom for you, which is not of this world. For once you recognized my power and strength and glory, and you still followed him, who promised you his kingdom. You voluntarily left me and my kingdom and must now without fail return voluntarily and first overcome him, who imprisoned you. You must release yourselves from an endless long imprisonment; you must want to give you me to myself, and your will will also be able to accomplish the separation from him; your will will be able to reach me – you will be allowed to again take that kingdom, which is mine; you will again be able to be full of power and might as once; you will be right children for me and be endlessly happy in my magnificence. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5370.


Book 59 5371

Strengthening of faith through love work.

21. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5371.

You strengthen yourselves enormously in your faith, so you lead a love life and are always intent on serving me and the neighbour. Whatever you undertake, the will to help is to drive you always; love is to always determine you and stimulate you to think, speak and act. Then you get into closest contact with me, and the result of it is a firm and unshakable faith, which fills your complete nature; a faith, which gives you inner peace and certainty that you stand in my protection; that you as children of your father are never deserted and lonely; that therefore nothing can happen to you than that, what I think good for you. Love must be deepened in you, so that your faith may become stronger. You must want to help your fellowman and make him happy; you must alleviate suffering and reduce trouble; you must want to help him with advice and action and give up that, what he lacks, when the trouble is decreased in this way. You must stand by him spiritually, help his soul to faith, set a good example to him through love work; you must instruct him and look after him, so he is of weak faith and does not really recognize me. You must do everything, what you wish, that happens to you in the same trouble. And you yourselves will have in this way the greatest blessing, for as a result you light a light in you, which now shines on all, who surround you. You will be able to prove to your fellowmen the power of a strong faith; you will be able to do great things as a result of love and faith following from it. There is then for you neither powerlessness nor fear, neither worry nor anxious questions – you feel safe in me, because I must be, where love is, and my nearness gives you peace and certainty. Do not let up in love work; give and make happy, and then let yourselves be made happy by me, who gives you everything and denies you nothing, so you only believe. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5371.


Book 59 5372

God’s word. Book of the fathers. Taught by God.

22. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5372.

My word remains true now and for all eternity. And no matter whether you men seek to change it, so my spirit it not yet active in you, so it will nevertheless be sent to you again and again from above so pure and real that its issue is very well recognizable – that you will believe and know that I myself speak to you, as I spoke through the man Jesus and once also to the fathers, who could hear me myself, because they kept up the connection with me and war obedient to me. My word is from eternity to eternity. My word testifies to me myself and for that reason cannot pass, nor be changed, for as soon as men carry out a change of the word, it is no longer my word, but the work of men under use of my word. But I want to be heard by you; I want to speak to you, so that you recognize and learn to love me. I want to be and remain connected to my creatures and testify to this through my word. But if my creatures want to break the connection with me themselves, so they also cannot hear me, and then they will only hear that, what my opponent offers them, who certainly also makes use of my word, but which has become completely powerless through his influence. For if the word, deformed by his influence with the addition of men, would still possess that power, which my word holds in itself, then truly all men would already be redeemed; then the power of the word would have already penetrated into the hearts of men and would let them recognize, who and what they are and what they are to become again. But so my opponent darkens the intellect of man, and whether they now also receive the word in them, they feel no divine power in it and exactly for that reason they become estranged from the word and at the same time also always more and more from me. But my pure divine word is blessed with my power, and it will be felt perceptibly, so a man desires to hear me. And so that he desires it, I allow it that he before takes note of that, what my opponent offers him. And whether it still deviates considerably from pure truth, it still has me, the God and creator from eternity, as content, and that man, who is of good will, will intend to seek and find him. And so he seeks, he desires truth, and then I also let myself be found and speak myself to him, and indeed in that form, which is useful for him. I make truth accessible to him on different ways, but I am always myself he who hands out, so I am desired. Everyone will hear my word, because the activity of the intellect, directed right by me, is very well able to eliminate as error or lie, what does not come from me, on the other hand happily accepts, what has its issue in me. Then that man is also taught by me, who takes note of my word through reading or hearing from the book of the fathers, for my spirit instructs him, and my word penetrates him with its power and awakens him to life. And for that reason all men can find me and receive my pure divine word, so they just want to that truth may be made accessible to them. Then the work of my opponent is unsuccessful; then he recognizes truth in the midst of a welter of the work of men, of additions, which human will has added on the initiative of my opponent; then he can differentiate truth from error, and then he is also taught by me, and my word has been imparted to him, so as it took its start from me and as it will also remain in existence in eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5372.


Book 59 5373

The heart as residence of God.

23. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5373.

Your heart is to become a residence for me; you are to prepare it yourselves so that I myself can take up residence in it and now remain in you for ever. You are to remove everything from it, what is un-divine, for I alone want to rule in you, because only then you become aware of my love for you, so you are completely free of foreign influence, so you belong to me alone. I want to live in you and now take you completely under my protection; I want to direct and guide you; I want to instruct you and stimulate you to love activity. My spirit wants to work in you, so that you are happy for ever. And therefore you know, what you are to do to be happy – carrying out a constant purging work at you yourselves, so that your heart may become a residence for me.

You are to take stock of yourselves and examine yourselves seriously, whether bad habits and faults are in you, which make your heart unworthy to receive me myself in it; you are to firmly resolve to fight against those and above all ask me for help that you do not lose this fight; that the bad habits and faults do not bring about your downfall and as a result you forfeit my presence in you. You must ask me for help, for you alone are too weak for the fight against evil. You can do nothing without me, and with my help you will be able to accomplish everything. For my opponent uses the weakness of your will, and you are truly at the mercy of him, so I do not help you, because you are too weak. And so you must remain in constant prayer for help against the influence of your enemy, and this prayer will truly earn you the power to make you free from him. I myself want to face him, and he will flee from me; he certainly will come back with a great flock of obscurantists, as soon as you show yourselves weak, but he will no longer be able to rule over you; I will hinder him from the influence, as long as you long for me and my love; as long as you wish that I Myself dwell in you. And so you are to pray always: "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil." You are to always call me and through this call prove your desire for my presence, and no call, which is meant for the salvation of your soul, will go unheard at my ear. Then I will be able to be in you and remain with you; then my spirit will be able to work in you; it will bring you light, and in the light you can then never ever get lost; in the light you will also always recognize, so something hostile approaches you, and you can then stand up to it with a secure weapon – you can oppose it with my power, which defeats everything, because it is now I myself, who lives in you and rules until all eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5373.


Book 59 5374

Training for teaching office through God himself. Mission.

24. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5374.

I put every one of my servants at that place, where he can be active for me most effectively, and that means that I have determined the fate of each one according to this activity for me and my kingdom. It means that I also determine the kind of his work, how he is suitable for it, how his degree of maturity is and his readiness of will. The service for me requires certain knowledge, so it is essential to spread truth, and who is now chosen for it, to do this kind of vineyard work, that he announces the pure Gospel, he must also intellectually be able to recognize error and take action against it. He must possess himself a knowledge, which withstands an intellectual examination. I can only use servants for a teaching office on earth, who acquire this knowledge for themselves, i.e., who desire and receive it in free will from me. I myself must be able to instruct them, and indeed in a way, that they completely penetrate and can also stand to it intellectually, although the knowledge is first received from the heart. But mostly men with a good intellectual thinking are not so believing that they hand themselves over to a higher power to let themselves be instructed by it. And for that reason truth also hardly finds entrance among men, for those who receive it from me myself, are not acknowledged by fellowmen because one credits them with no competence to judge, far rather deny that they have it. But who receives pure truth in that form, that he hears my word in the heart, to him I also give the cognition and the power to judge at the same time with pure truth. But an instruction by me is not possible without his free will - why I therefore can only then impart my word, when this free will asks me for it. You will now understand that there are only few men, who can be initiated into my plan from eternity, who can pass on the pure Gospel to fellowmen so that everything is comprehensible to them. But if I once have found a receiver of my word, who unconditionally devotes himself to me, to serve me, then I also watch over him with all love, for he means for me a tool , which can take over a great mission. And therefore I also still give him abilities in addition, which can make his office easier, which protect him from falling victim to error himself, and which could endanger his mission. I give him the intensified feeling for truth and error. I watch over him, because I watch over truth, which is to be imparted to mankind on my behalf. Truth is clean and pure, without entwining, without accessories; truth is also acceptable for every man, who longs for truth. But if a truth demanding man hesitates, to accept something, then that offered to him is not clear, then that one feels an inner resistance against that, what is not according to truth. And this feeling I myself, as eternal truth, put into the heart of that one, who wants to serve me in truth, who is willing to work as truth bearer on earth and to carry the pure Gospel out into the world. I myself instruct him, and truly so that he will recognize and accept everything, what he receives from me.

If now something is sent to this one from the outside, then his heart will tell him, what he is to reject or accept. For through the heart I then also speak myself. Everything, what is from me, will appeal to him and make him happy, but what does not appeal to him, that is not from me – although is also stands for me and my kingdom, so it still has not come from me directly and is not entitled to be absolute truth. Nevertheless it does not need to be directed against me, but it can be framed with so many accessories and for that reason no longer lets pure truth be recognized. Pure truth will come across resistance very much more often than be acknowledged, nevertheless I train truth bearers for me, particularly in the last time before the end, and who hears these ones, he hears me – who rejects these ones, he rejects me. And for that reason it is me myself, who puts the feeling of resistance into the heart of the receiver of truth, so a gloomy light comes up to him, and he is then to also listen to me and always only support that, what he has received from me myself. Then he will never spread something wrong and loyally perform the duty, for which he has offered himself. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5374.


Book 59 5375

God wants to work in man. Redeeming activity.

26. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5375.

I always and constantly want to be able to work in you; I want to rule over your thoughts; I want that you start everything with me; that you ask me for advice; that you are completely filled of love for me and for the neighbour and therefore are also aware of my presence in you. I want that you live in me and with me. Your earth life task is the connection with me in free will, therefore you fulfil your task, so you constantly occupy yourselves with me in thoughts; so you give me the right through your will to be constantly present to you. And your earth life will be a blessed one, for it is then always a living of a full life of my word, which imparts my will to you. You therefore so to speak put your own will under my one; you work for me and with me; you consciously stand on my side – you do not live in vain on this earth, which is to earn you the maturation of your soul. You reach your aim and have become mine. The separation between us has been removed and can also never ever occur, because I no longer let you from me. And who now once belongs to me, he also only still works for me; he busies himself redeeming, because this will is put into the heart for him, as soon as he has subordinated himself under my will. He also would like to lead his fellowmen to the same aim; he would like to give their father again back to the fallen children; he would like to help them to the same happiness; he would like to get them my presence and will from that very hour speak for me and my name. And this is the work of my spirit in that man, who is connected to me. He is happy having been allowed redeeming activity, and he feels driven from the inside to intervene rescuing, where it is necessary. For he himself has become knowing through the relationship with me, and he also knows about the trouble of fellowmen, which springs from the distance from me and which he therefore would like to remove, by him seeking to make me accessible to them. And because love for the unhappy spiritual drives him to help, his will to help is blessed, i.e., he does not remain without success. Whatever he now also undertakes with the intention to bring redeeming help, will be blessed by me, for love justifies everything and will never be without effect. So I certainly work through the spirit in man, but man himself wants the same as I – he wants lead to happiness, who have not yet experienced such, who are still immature or bound through the will of him, who is my opponent. And who has once formed the will to take part in the work of redemption, to him ample opportunity is always offered, for he is recognizable to all those, who meet him in the trouble of the spirit. He is recognized as messenger of light, both by those men on earth as well as by those souls in the opposite kingdom, who are of good will. These will surround and ask him; they will not let up in their desire to be allowed to take an interest in the blessings, which that light messenger hands out. But I take care that his light radiates brighter and brighter; that he is recognized on earth as in the spiritual kingdom and that all find access to him, who are still unredeemed, so that they get redemption through the love of those, in whom I myself can work through my spirit. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5375.


Book 59 5376

I know mine. Good shepherd.

27. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5376.

I know mine, and mine know me. I am truly the good shepherd, who does not hand over his sheep to the enemy, who is concerned about the life of each one, who does everything to protect his herd from the invasion of the wolf, who himself lays down his life for his sheep. Full of love my eye rests on all men; I would like to bring all to the stable of home; I would like to protect all from the attacks of the enemy, who wants to snatch them from me. I would like to inform all men about me, offer them my protection, care for them and keep them. I would like to give eternal life to all men.

But now is a time, where almost no man pays any more attention to my enticing call; my herd is scattered; the enemy has gone in the midst of them, and he has brought about that my sheep got lost, that they went away from their herdsman, that they got stuck in worldly heights, that they have lost their herdsman and no longer find back to him. They do not seek him, but always go away more and more from him, and although my love calls them, they no longer pay no attention to my voice with the exception of few, who recognized in me the good herdsman and do not leave me. But I want none of my sheep get lost. And so my enticing call will sound with a severity that it must be heard also by those, who are in the far distance from me. And I will go after each one of my little sheep and smooth the way for it, which leads back to me; I will protectively put myself before the anxious, who fear the enemy, so that no suffering happens to them. I will bend down to those, who have fallen, to raise them up, to pull them up from the abyss. All will hear my call, for it will ring out over the whole earth and show my nearness, so that each one can turn to me and is also going to be accepted by me, so he only wants to follow me. I am the good shepherd; I certainly cannot prevent the work of my enemy, but I can grant protection to everyone, who puts himself behind me, because the enemy cannot attack me myself, but certainly you, as long as you do not keep to me, so you turn away from me and go ways, where he can pursue and reach you. My love call indeed follows you, but it does not force you to turn back; you must follow it voluntarily, then the adversary truly cannot harm you; then you are in safe protection, and I lead you safe and well to the home, where I never ever go from you and you can live in happy peace. You men all, pay attention to my enticing call, for it will soon sound; turn back still before it is too late; let yourselves be led by your herdsman and entrust yourselves to me; do not leave the way, which I have gone, but follow me, then truly nothing will be able to happen to you by a hostile power, for I myself keep protectively my hands over you, and you will reach the aim – you will be able to enter into your father house – you will live happily in eternity. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5376.


Book 59 5377

Faith trials for the toughening of faith.

29. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5377.

You are subject to perpetual faith trials, but only, so that your faith is toughened, for it is still weak like that of a child, having regard to the demands, which are still made on you in the coming time. Again and again you will therefore get into trouble, which you are to prove yourselves insofar, as that you are to turn to him, who alone can banish your trouble. Like an object of clouds the trouble will vanish, so you hand yourselves trustingly over to the heavenly father and recommend yourselves to him and his favour. You have such a certain means to get every trouble under control, you just need to present your trouble to him and ask him intimately for help – and you are going to get help. But you must let this firm faith mature before that He can help and will help you. Such a faith banishes every trouble. But for it you must be aware of his presence; you must stand in such intimate relationship with him that you never have the feeling to be alone, but feel him, your father from eternity, always beside you and then also be completely convinced that He helps you. A life without struggle, without troubles of earthy and spiritual kind would not promote you in your spiritual development, for only through struggle your power gets toughened, only at resistance the power is put to the test and finally becomes victor. For that reason earthly troubles are not to be eliminated; they are so to speak only power development tests, which you have to pass to get strong in faith. For you will need great faith power in the coming time, where only that man will remain calm and safe, who is so assured through a strong faith that he always knows himself in the protection of the father in heaven and for that reason stands above all, what comes. Nothing happens in you existence, which He does not know, and nothing can happen to you without His will – but what comes over you, that is His will and always brings about the best for your soul. Memorize these words deeply into the memory, then you will always feel looked after by the love of the heavenly father, and not one moment you will doubt his help, so you are in trouble. Everything is good, what directs your thoughts to him, who just waits for your call, to be able to helpingly stand by you. He wants that you turn to him; he wants to be your constant companion; he wants to be consulted in all your troubles, may it be spiritually or earthly; he always wants to help you, but can do it only, when you have also freely confessed him through your faith in him. But then you are in safe protection; then you can also face the most severe fate; it will change for your best; you will be helped earthy, and spiritually you will draw greatest blessing from everything, what the father sends over you to win you for ever. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5377.


Book 59 5378

The will is assessed, also when the act is not carried out.

29. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5378.

The will is assessed, also when the act cannot be carried out. But you must always be told that the will cannot be expressed through words, but I actually assess the will. What you feel in the heart, what ascends in you as wish, which causes you activity – whether to good or bad acting – that is the will, which determines your spiritual course of development and for which you must take responsibility in future. The will has been put into you, otherwise you could not be called a creature, and this will in you is free; it can be determined by no-one. Understand this well: The will in you is subject to no compulsion, although you can be prevented from carrying out your will. For that reason I say, your will is assessed, which therefore can be directed right or wrong. And for that reason it can never be denied that you men have a free will – even so you often cannot carry out, what you want, because other men or I myself oppose with the will your will and now the strength of this will lets your plan be carried out or prevented. That I often oppose the will of men with my will, just serves their spiritual completion, but will never be able make the will of man unfree. But the will is determined by the thinking of man. And again this thinking can be wrong or right, and that according to the degree of love, which is lighted in man. Love is divine power and flows towards each one being. The heart, which lets itself be touched by this power, will also receive good currents of thoughts and give the right direction to the will in it, while bad thought supply is from a loveless sphere and is understandably caught by that man, who is likewise without love, and for that reason his will is also turned towards evil, even so man cannot achieve it. But his will is enough to make him sin, i.e., his thinking and wanting is directed against me and also results in corresponding work.

And so it can always only be emphasized that only a loving man can summon right thinking and right wanting, for love directs everything right; man must submit to me with his whole will, because through love his thinking can be nothing else than good and turns towards me, whom he recognizes as his creator and father from eternity. His will must strive for everything - even so he is prevented through a counter will – what leads to me, because I myself draw him, who has acquired the right through love, to possess me. And since every man is able to love and therefore can think and want right, he is also responsible for this his will – and for that reason everyone is judged according to his will. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5378.


Book 59 5379

Compassionate father love to the fallen.

2. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5379.

When you have done wrong, I still do not withdraw my compassionate love from you, but it seizes you with all power, so that you again find back to me, so that you recognize your wrong and are of serious will, to avoid everything, what is not right before my eyes. I know your weaknesses; I know about the temptations, to which you are exposed as the result of your imperfection; but I also know about your will, which is meant for me and I therefore also assess and for that reason also help you again, to rise, when you have fallen. I bless everyone, who wrestles - who does not let up in his striving despite all temptations, despite failing often. I again and again give him power, because my love for my creatures never ends, which nevertheless belong to me, even so they are sinful. But you are to fight with all power against him, who wants to tempt you – you are to again and again prove yourselves worthy of my love; you are not to reject my love, but always and constantly desire it; you are not to want that you become sinful and therefore always recommend yourselves to my love and favour; you are to ask me for protection against the tempter; you are to not eliminate me from your thinking, your daily work; because you are too weak, you are to strengthen yourselves often with my word. You are always to maintain the connection with me, so that I can always have an influence on you, and you will always become more steadfast to the temptations, which again and again approach you, because the tempter does not let up, to wrestle about your souls, until you yourselves have defeated him through me, whom you desire with the whole heart and whose love does not drop you. As long as you dwell on earth, you will have to wage this war, for your earth life is the last opportunity, where the adversary can still influence you and also does it, because he does not want to lose you, and only, when you have become completely free from earthly desires, the temptations let up. But I know about every stirring of the heart; I know, who has the will to live to my pleasure; I know, who is still weak, and still must allow it that my opponent seeks to exert his influence on you. I must leave the decision to you yourselves; I am not allowed to prevent you, so you want to do, what I dislike, but I never close my ear to the request of the child, so I am to again accept it in my father grace. I know about your weakness and administer strengthening to you, as often as you desire it. Because of that you are not to despair, so you have fallen, but come to me remorsefully, and my compassionate love will never refuse to give itself, as it is always prepared to forgive, so a child seriously desires it. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5379.


Book 59 5380

Irrevocable will of God. Plan of salvation from eternity.

3. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5380.

The will of God is irrevocable and what he announces to men on earth through his word comes true because he is the eternal truth. And that is why also his word can never be changed because the wisdom of God always chooses the means that promise the most success even so they remain unused through the free will of man. It has to come what God lets announce through seers and prophets and what can only then be warded off or put off when the will of men completely submits to the divine will, what however God from eternity already saw as non-occurring and that is why he also gave and could give the constant predictions until the present day. It is the time of the end because a redemption period has expired and this always causes an act of violence that was likewise predicted in its details from men who enlighten the fellow human beings on behalf of God. The divine will is fixed eternally because only seldom a man approaches him with the request to show compassion and to kindly change his will. Such a request will also be complied with but also still then is the occurring event in fact intended in the plan of salvation from eternity because God knows about everything and has included also such a case of granting in his plan and so his will still remains unchanged. As far as men themselves are concerned they often cause him to withdraw his will and to leave men for a short time to themselves, i.e. they can act by virtue of their free will often in a completely adverse way to God without being hindered to do so. But just such acts are the cause that God's will shows itself, even so to the greatest chagrin of men but who themselves have caused this. Through their action adverse to the purpose of God they have done what determined the will of God since eternity to express himself. And as he knows since eternity about everything what men do and think in the individual redemption periods, because he knows if and when they find to him and when they oppose him - God can also exactly fix the point of time where that happens what he plans. But it will never be announced to men but it will be pointed out to them if possible when his justice comes out and he wants to re-establish his order on earth and in the spiritual kingdom. He will call men's attention to the upheaval that will be carried out for all spiritual on earth and in the universe so that the eternal order is restored without which a spiritual maturing is impossible. His will is irrevocable and that is why you men can definitely expect the day which will prove to you that everything is foreseen on earth since eternity, that nobody can determine the day but you all can believe in it that it will come suddenly and unexpectedly because everything comes as God has announced it through seers and prophets, because as an exceedingly perfect being he has recognized the necessity of it and through it a new phase is initiated for the best of all that still have not reached the aim on earth. For God wants that all his creatures are happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5380.


Book 59 5381

Great trouble through faithlessness.

4. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5381.

You are truly in serious trouble, you who do not believe in a creator of the heaven and the earth, in a God and father from eternity, in a just judge, who rules the whole infinity, who also has created you and for that reason also wants to be acknowledged by you men. Without faith in him you lead a useless life, for you do not fulfil your life purpose; you isolate yourselves completely, where you of course should make an effort to find the joining together with him, who has created you. And what you do on earth in free will, will also be your lot in future – isolated you will walk, perhaps eternities, where no-one will help you to find out of the trouble, because you yourselves do not want, because in your ignorance you know no way, which leads you out of your loneliness. On earth you cannot gauge the trouble, but it will be your lot, for without faith in God you do not seek him; you do not long for him, who alone can rescue you. Faith in God changes your thinking and your will; faith in God drives you to him, and only then you can receive power from him and fulfil your earth task. Without faith in God your thinking and wanting is just directed there, where earthly goods are to be won, for you then do not know anything better than that, what the body demands; you have become a slave to matter; you are servants of him, who as it were sees in matter that, what is enslaved to him and also wants to keep that, what seeks to break away from matter. You do as he wishes, whom you indeed also do not want to acknowledge, but nevertheless serve him; who then also pays you the wages – eternal slavery – out of which you hardly find your way out, out of which only God’s love can free you, but your will is again needed for it, but what first presupposes faith in a God and father. You are in great trouble and do not recognise it, as long as you dwell on earth. But in future you will recognize it, and then it will be unspeakably difficult to remove it, and you will need much help and then must seek loving beings for yourselves, which are prepared to help you. And happy you, when you find such, when loving intercession is given you, which can lead you out of the trouble. Happy you, when a loving being succeeds to bring you to your senses, when you change your thinking, on earth or in the spiritual kingdom. But before you are in bad trouble, and you must carry the suffering, for which you are to blame yourselves. God is again and again accommodating towards you and seeks to make himself recognizable to you, but you pay no attention to him. God offers you his love, but you reject it; God sends messengers to you, who are to instruct you in his name – you do not receive them, and all effort of these messengers is in vain. And because of that, God will appear unusually; he will reveal himself through the powers of nature; he will speak to men in a language, which must be heard and will make many think. For he takes pity on mankind, which approaches a fate, which is extremely difficult and full of suffering. And his love wants to bring help to men, before it is too late. He wants to awaken faith and by this means turn away the lot, which is however inevitably granted to them, so they remain stubborn and do not want to acknowledge him. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5381.


Book 59 5382

Raging of Satan in the end.

5. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5382.

Incomparably will Satan rage in the end of days because he knows that his time is over. He thinks to still win victory in the short time after all because all indications with men speak for him. He has control over the majority and that determines him to take action against me with open shutters. He attacks me openly, he is not afraid to take action against me with brutality, he uses means that alone already mark him as enemy of souls, because he seeks to use force by driving the body into exceedingly great misery so that the soul gives in to his pressure. The trouble will be exceedingly great and fill men that are weak in faith with doubts. But it is not to make you stagger and that is why you will also receive from my side visible strengthening and comfort, you will experience things that will let you rejoice and be jubilant also in greatest earthly misery. You will be allowed to see me myself and be able to speak to me. In various ways you will feel my presence that will never remain without impression with you and enables you to offer resistance against all challenges through the opponent and earthly authority. You will well have to struggle but the fight will not depress you but revive your power because you know that you fight for a holy cause and this knowledge has become conviction in you, your faith is firm and can no longer be shaken. And when I say this to you then you can safely expect what is coming and always be sure of my help. I still demand from you great work on the souls of those who are weaker than you and that is why I foretell you all this that you do not become fickle when all earthly signs are recognizable, when earthly authority acts brutally against the believers, when it starts to also look threatening for yourself. All this must come because these are the weapons of my opponent that he has sharpened. But there is no need to be afraid as long as you acknowledge me as your commander, as long as you let me protect you through your will, to belong to me eternally and to not deny my name. The might of the enemy of your soul will fail because of this your will, even so he drives it to the extreme. Because I come myself and arrest him when there is highest danger but I do not let you fall into his hands, you who believe in me and want to be loyal to me. The time is close when all this will happen and not severe enough you can be urged to gather strength for you for these days of trouble, to maintain the union with me, and to fetch power from my word that you can receive unmeasured when you want. And do not forget that I am always there for you as often as you may call on me, but also do not forget that I want to be called. Because I am untiringly prepared to help and to give, but my gifts are also to be desired in order to be able to be of true help for you. With giant steps the end is coming. Make extensive use of the short time and you will be able to fight out the last struggle on this earth effortlessly as you only help yourself to my strength. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5382.


Book 59 5383

Serious warning. Last phase of earth.

6. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5383.

A short while still you are in ordered circumstances, to be then thrown into a chaos from which you can no longer extricate yourself out of your own power. Because now the earth enters the last phase, it goes towards its end. This prediction has to be taken very seriously as it is to make you realize that also your last time has come, that all of you do no longer have a long lifespan and many have to prepare themselves to be suddenly called away before that. Every day that you still experience is a gift that you are to appreciate because every good work that you do in a day increases your strength that you will be able to use in dire need in the coming time. But he who lives without love and faith will be completely without power or will hand himself over to him who will well supply him with power, but does not save him from the end, from the last judgement, from the new banishment into hard matter. Do not sell your soul for a price that definitely does not compensate for the trouble that the soul still has to face when life on earth is at its end. I cannot warn you often and seriously enough because I want to prepare a blessed lot for you. But you men do not believe what I again and again let announce to you through seers and prophets - you do not believe it and I cannot force you to believe. You are of a worldly mind and are endless far away from the spiritual; you are completely immersed in matter and this matter will crush you, it will again imprison you completely, because you do not separate from it as long as you have power to do so. Just seriously imagine to be locked up in hardest matter and no longer being able to free yourself of it. The thought would give you the greatest strength to escape from this fate but you lack to believe this and I cannot give you this faith but you have to obtain it yourself through a life of love. Then the whole connection will become clear to you and also the meaning of your life on earth as man. And you would get a fright how far you deviate from that what was given to you as assignment for the time of your earthly existence. Do good works, force yourself to it, learn to be without for the fellow human being, alleviate the suffering and misery, comfort and refresh the sick and weak, lend a compassionate hand everywhere where you see misery - you do it not only for others, you also do it for yourself because your soul arises to life and every good work incurs it the illumination of the spirit - you will become seeing and recognize my great love there where today you still see merciless ruling of a power that just wants to torment you on earth. Listen to my renewed warning cry and exhortation and do not let it die away at your ear, let go of the desire for matter, just think of the welfare of your soul and be unconcerned because I also keep you earthly when you seriously look after your soul that is in greatest danger, because the end is nearby. Amen. B.D. NR. 5383.


Book 59 5384


6. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5384.

Spiritual communion, the union of the spirit spark in you with the father spirit of eternity, can only get established through love. You can well also connect with me in thoughts through close prayer, you then call me, and I lean towards you, but it remains so long a call from afar as you are out of love, then no inner union exists yet, but which is established immediately through works of love, so that you are then closely united with me as it were and in this state you can now have communion with me, i.e. I myself can supply you with the food of your soul – that I can hand to you the bread of heaven, my word, which you now can hear when you let me be present in you, therefore have entered communion with me. To communicate therefore means to receive flesh and blood – my word with its power – out of my hand, for which therefore really love must fill a person’s heart otherwise my presence is unthinkable. A person will never be able to speak of my presence who does not prove love towards me through unselfish neighbourly love; a man can never unite himself with his father from eternity who does not consider his fellow man as his brother, who is without love towards him and therefore can also never love the father, whose child the fellow man is. Make it clear to yourselves that love alone unites the child with the father, that only through love man enters into the child relationship and that then the child is fed and given drink with good gifts at the table of the father and eternally never again needs to suffer trouble. And my word is the most delicious thing what man can receive, it is certainly refreshment and strengthening, and where my word sounds there my presence is also proven, as the other way round my presence is not thinkable without an expression of power. And because I am myself power and light, I also reveal myself to man as light and power, I can be present in him who allows my presence in him through work in love. But light and power flows from my word; the souls need light and power for the ascent development, therefore light and power are the food which I hand to the soul when man has communion with me, when he is my guest, therefore finds reciprocation of his love in closest association with me. This alone is to be understood under communion, so alone I want communion to be understood, to which I invite you all, which I have set up with the words: Take, eat, take, drink – this is my flesh, this is my blood. Out of my hand you are to accept the food for your soul, and this presupposes the close union with me, which cannot be produced differently than only through love. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5384.


Book 59 5385

God speaks through nature.

7. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5385.

I must speak in a language to you men, which is comprehensible to you all. You yourselves force me to it, for you do not listen, when I speak to you with gentle words; when I want to win you with love, and yet it is needed that you listen to me. And so I speak loud and audibly that every man can recognize me and pay attention to my voice. I shake the earth enormously and let nature speak for me, and there will be a great panic and great trouble will come over men. I am apparently merciless, because innumerable men will lose their life on that occasion; but also this is a work of rescue at the souls, and those, who are recalled, will as it were be killed without their own fault, to them I will be a lenient judge and give them every opportunity, to still mature in the opposite kingdom to happiness. But on earth a great trouble and affliction will begin, for now my opponent seizes the weak and undecided and to flee from him, without calling upon my name, is not possible. I want to reveal my identity to men through the elements of nature. They also can recognize me, but as long as they resist a higher power, which holds the fate of every individual in the hand, so long they will also not call on me for help, and this resistance against me can have serious consequences. They can completely surrender to my opponent and be again in his power for endless times, where the call of my name could free them from it. But who awakens through my voice from his sleep, who sees in me his rescuer and asks me for help, he is not lost, although he still has to pass troubles earthly – he follows the voice, which calls him, and that to his blessing. I make myself accessible to all; with a quiet admonishing voice I call them to me, and who does not want to hear it, to him it will therefore sound louder and trigger an enormous fright. But I announce it before, so that you men see the truth of my word, so that you can prepare yourselves and experience a strengthening, you who believe and follow my words. I show it to you already before, which means I apply, to rescue men from the complete fall into the deep. For it is a work of mercy, even so you consider it as the opposite. I want to rescue you and therefore must let my voice ring out louder, so that you hear. It comes so certain, as the next day comes, and exactly so certain follows after a short time the day, where this earth changes – the last judgement comes for all men, as it is announced in word and script. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5385.


Book 59 5386

Teaching office in time of the end. Difficulties.

8. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5386.

Your office to teach in my name will not be easy in the coming time. One will not believe you; one will dismiss everything spiritually as of minor importance; one will laugh at you and think you are fools, who support an unlikely matter; one will doubt, what you announce of my spirit work in you.

Men live along without faith, and where they still claim to possess it, they are just meaningless words. Faith they lack completely, and it will be difficult, to let it come to life again, because the thoughts of men are rarely directed spiritually, because they do not occupy themselves with that, what still lies before them, because they only summon interest for the earthly life and consider everyone as silent enemy, who draws their attention to the life of their soul. You will have a difficult stand – and nevertheless you must discharge the duties of your office, to spread my Gospel throughout the world.

For men are to have knowledge, so that they recognize me, so I reveal myself to them loud audibly. Your hints and ideas on it must have preceded, so that it does not go past them without impression; they must have knowledge of my will, fulfil the commands of love, and when they just possess the knowledge about it, they will also recognize my voice, so I express myself through the powers of nature. Your task will not be easy, because it constantly demands of you to speak in my name, to spread your knowledge, and because you will often find no opportunity because of the cold attitude of fellowmen, who want to prevent you to mention your mission. But again and again I send men into your way with whom you can communicate; again and again I let unusual things happen, which stimulate men to think, so that they willingly listen to you, so you bring my word to them. I myself lead those men to you, whom you are to instruct, and you will joyfully discharge the duties of your office, to which I give you the power for the sake of the souls, which you are to rescue, and which want to let themselves be rescued by you.

Only you yourselves are not allowed to become lukewarm and indifferent; you yourselves must loyally be devoted to me and want to be active for me, then the vineyard work will make you happy; you will carry it out eagerly and conscientiously and also have success, for I want to bless you and your work and likewise those, who listen to you. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5386.


Book 59 5387

Urgent necessity of mission: Truth.

8. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5387.

You are not to lose me anymore for ever, for my love and favour keeps you that you can no longer fall. And your mission you will finish, and you will never work alone, but always with me, for I do not leave you, because I know about your will. (The words "you" and "your"- in this paragraph - are singular).

The work is urgently needed; it must be done as counter effect, for the action of Antichrist makes it necessary that pure truth is supplied to earth, as he undermines it in every way. Truth is not allowed to be withheld from men, who long for it; it must find access to the hearts of men, and it therefore must be sent by me through a man and also be able to be spread as obvious gift of heaven. The word, which is supplied from above to men, has its purpose, and because of that my eye watches carefully over it and also over him, who receives it out of my hand, so that he may fulfil his task to the immeasurable blessing for those, who accept my word, which is therefore imparted to them through a man directly from me.

My opponent fights with all means aginst truth. It is his weapon that he confuses the thinking of men; that he makes me out to be unrecognizable by men; falsehood and deceit are his means, with which he seeks to win men. He disfigures every teaching, which testifies to me; he contorts every picture of me; he alienates me from men, who alone are not strong enough to recognize his deceitfulness and to take action against it. He makes himself out to be God and promises all goods to men, so they pay tribute to him, what is always only possible through covering up of truth, through false doctrine, through complete wrong portrayal of the purpose of life as well as the value of earthly goods. Men prefer to acknowledged the lie and the error than truth, and because of that the work of my opponent must be worked against, a work, which can again only be done by men, because also the most divine truth is not allowed to force the acceptance, but it must be left to each man, whether he wants to accept or reject. It is a gift from above, which is offered to men, and still a man must be the mediator, because I do not want to express myself so obviously that man is forced to believe. And nevertheless it is me, who conducts something delicious to earth – pure truth, which has an extreme curative effect on all souls, which are of good will. Without truth everything becomes a slave of my opponent, without truth I am no longer recognized; without truth the way to me is blocked; then the opponent has men under his control, and there is no rescue any longer. But I want to snatch the souls from him, and there is only one means: to make pure truth accessible to them. And because of that I need a man, who receives it from me myself; who wants to serve me and passes it on; who is himself full of desire for truth and is therefore suitable for this mission and will also carry it out with my help and my power. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5387.


Book 59 5388

Work of reshaping of earth is to establish order.

9. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5388.

My creations on this earth no longer fulfil their purpose, because the will of men often intervenes without authorization and destroys, before the spiritual holding itself in it has matured. Man is in exactly the same way no longer himself aware of his earth task, and he abuses his outer form, which is to only serve the soul to maturity. He abuses it for other purposes; his life power he uses mostly in the wrong direction; he accumulates matter and thickens the cover around his soul, instead of practising practical neighbourly love; in his ignorance he also prevents the spiritual from serving activity, which still holds itself in matter. Everywhere he intervenes disturbingly in the development process, because through his way of life he is completely blind in the spirit and knows neither about his own task nor about the task of all my works of creation. A chaos has occurred in the development; the maturation of the spiritual is only inadequate; no order is there any longer, which is according to my will and my eternal law. Everywhere there is a state of spiritual confusion, where men live, who are no longer connected to me through love. Such a state leads to complete decay, to the drop of the spiritual, which has already overcome the mandatory state. But what moves outside of my eternal order, does the will of my opponent – who himself cannot intervene destructively; who can also not influence the spiritual in the mandatory state and because of that makes use of man – the spiritual in free will - to carry out his intention, to prevent the spiritual in the ascent development. And for that reason I myself must come up to him, to again establish the eternal order; I must wrest from him, what he already believes to possess and what is also already all too willing to him. I must first free the human family from his unfavourable influence, by me carrying out a divorce – by me fetching to me for the time being those men, who fulfil their earth task, and also withdraw from his influence the others, through new banishment in matter, in whom my opponents can now no longer have an effect for a long time. And I must renew the works of creation; I must give again the possibility to the spiritual in the mandatory state standing in the ascent development, to be able to carry out its development unhindered through destructive human hands, looked after by the human family, which has, through hard tests, proven its love and loyalty to me and exerts no unfavourable influence on the works of creation, which I hand over to it for care. Order will again be established, as soon as the work of reshaping at this earth has been carried out. The ascent development will again take its undisturbed progress, as long as my opponent is bound, as long as the most solid matter holds that spiritual, which bears a will in it completely directed against me, and there will again be peace on this earth, and I myself will be able to dwell in the midst among those men, who love me. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5388.


Book 59 5389

False doctrine about Trinity.

11. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5389.

The divine Trinity has also become a completely wrong idea for men, and that through a wrong representation of a divinity in three persons. Such an explanation is unacceptable for every thinking man, therefore it is either, without thinking, accepted or rejected, while a right explanation can be accepted by every man, because it illustrates the nature of the eternal divinity and contributes considerably to enliven faith in God. The God idea has already become so unclear for men that they are hardly able to believe, and so the divinity is now also still to be made understandable as three persons, the idea confuses itself more and more, and faith becomes shaky, and that rightly, for to be able to believe in a three person God, the intellect must be completely eliminated. But God has given the intellect to men to the assessment of that, what he is to believe. But the intellect can with divine support, i.e. through the spirit of God, acknowledge a divinity very well, when the teaching about it, is presented to him truthfully. Then also the sharpest intellectual thinking will not fight against it, to agree. But this truth reveals an entity of God in that way, that it unites love, wisdom and power in itself; that one is not to be thought without the other – that love is the original idea, out of which wisdom emerges and both have an effect through the power of the will. Love is the creating principle, out of which everything emerges; it is the birth giving power, but which does not create without plan or arbitrarily, but works with the wisdom of God. What the wisdom of God recognizes as good and right, that his will carries out, so love urges him to it. It is the idea of a highly perfect being. For love, wisdom and omnipotence prove a perfect being, which can no longer be outdone. Love, wisdom and omnipotence are proofs of divinity; they give men an idea of the entity of the eternal divinity, but they are never three different divine persons, which are united in one entity.

The wrong teaching of the Trinity of God has contributed much that men became unbelieving, because such a portrayal had to instinctively cause rejection and as the result the favour of prayer was not used, which could have brought enlightenment to the seriously demanding man, for the aim of the call was questionable to them; it was a strange idea for men having to call for three persons, who ought to be believable to them as one God. A great confusion has been caused; it was an obvious influence of Satan, who always seeks to undermine truth, veil the nature of God and alienate God himself from them. That this false doctrine has also been accepted, testifies to the darkened spiritual state of those, who, because they were completely without light, also possessed no competence to judge and were therefore good tools in the hands of Satan to spread the teaching and as a result to endanger faith in a way, as a false doctrine has rarely done it. For to be able to believe in a God as most perfect being, this being must also represent itself to men so that they can recognize his perfection; also the intellect of a man seeking truth must be able to cope with ideas, otherwise no account could be demanded of him. Blind faith is not enough for God; he demands thought and standing by to every teaching, because only then faith can become alive, when it has become an inner conviction. But where this possibility is excluded from the start, where a false doctrine is presented to men for the unconditional acceptance, there also only a blind faith can be demanded and achieved, which has no value before God, which is rather exceptional damaging for the soul, particularly then, when the picture of God is distorted and as a result love for him is not kindled, which is absolutely needed to be happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5389.


Book 59 5390

I want to make my abode in your hearts.

13. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5390.

I come to you, and you do not receive me. When I want to speak to you, you do not listen to me; when I call you, you do not follow me, and when I want to take abode with you, you close the door of the heart, and you do not grand me admission. And I must go on to the next door, to experience there again the same. You do not know the Lord, who approaches you; you do not know, which delicious gift he wants to bring to you, which happiness he has ready for those, who accept him. And I still send my messengers before that they are to announce me. But who does not recognize the Lord, he also does not believe, what his messengers say about him, and all wooing of my servants for me is in vain, where the will of men is directed against me. World men have their looks directed somewhere else, and for the pleasures of the world, for him, who is lord of this world, they always keep their house open, and he now can manage things in it as he pleases. Do you men know which great danger that is? Do you know that it will be difficult to drive this lord out of you, and that his aim is to ruin you? That he for that reason parks himself on you, so that you can no longer resist him? Do you know that you are too weak to clean the house from the inside alone, that you need help, if you want to get again rid of him, who just brings you disaster? But I want to bring you peace and can only enter an abode, which is cleaned from all evil? And for that reason I come already before and knock – to leave you time for cleaning. I knock. I bring you my word, so that you now live according to this word and therefore carry out the cleaning in you; that you prepare an abode in your heart for me, which is worthy to receive the Lord of heaven and of earth in it, and for that reason I bring you a good gift, so I step to your door and knock; und happy who opens for me and receives my gift.

Happy who invites me to enter, to never let me from him, to receive me into the abode of his heart, which I want to have gotten ready as my temple, to from now on never go from you. For that reason, when my messengers come to you, listen to them; let yourselves be brought tidings from their Lord and saviour, who also wants to be your Lord and saviour, who would like to make you happy with a good gift, who wants to win you to no longer lose you for ever. My messengers will knock on every door, for I send them ahead, so that I find opened doors, when I myself come to you. Listen to them, for they announce my word to you; they want to prepare you for my arrival, so that I do not knock in vain with you, for the time is only still short. Then every opportunity is over; then the prince of the world has completely seized possession of you, because you alone, without my help, cannot free yourselves from him. Call me that I come, before it is too late, and you will bless the hour in future, where you let this call to me go out. For I will come and help you, and so you yourselves want it, take up residence in your hearts, so that no enemy can harm you for ever. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5390.


Book 59 5391

God’s word can get disfigured. Test of will.

13. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5391.

Let my spirit become effective in you, then it will also always be possible for you to grasp the right meaning of my word, and you will recognize it, as soon as it is interpreted wrongly. But it must also at any time be left to man to take action against truth, otherwise truth would be compelling, but my opponent could then not develop the power and therefore also man could not pass the test of will, which is purpose of earth existence. Where light and darkness fight against each other, also the fight between truth and lie will also always be – and if this fight is to be brought to a head, then man himself must decide the issue; he must choose between truth and error and therefore truth and error also get placed before him. My opponent will therefore always seek to disfigure, what I sent to men as truth, and I will not prevent him, because man himself can very well recognize truth as such, as soon as he is serious about it. And the right seriousness belongs to the passing of the test of will, to the right decision. You men are completely free to turn truth into the lie, but as it is also possible for you, to recognize the lie and to reach pure truth. The latter is the light, which is to be lighted in you, but which cannot radiate in you, without your will. Is it therefore dark in you, then it is up to you yourselves, you who can flee from darkness after all and this is your earth life purpose. But if my word would be withdrawn from the influence of my opponent so that it would have to give to every men unmistakeable light, so a will and faith compulsion would be exerted on man; it would give him light against his will, and the passing of a test of will would be out of the question. And nevertheless my word remains unalterable and always the same, only its meaning can be understood or interpreted right or wrong. But that man will never remain without light, who wants to have light – never will my word remain incomprehensible to him, who desires to understand it. My spirit will work in him, and I myself will instruct him, and he will always recognize truth; he will understand my word right, so as I want to have it understood . Amen.
B.D. NR. 5391.


Book 59 5392

Spiritual drought. Desert. Work of the servants.

14. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5392.

The earth has become a barren desert; no right life thrives; spiritual drought has occurred; men no longer walk in the valley of life, but in a barren waste, where no noble fruit of life can thrive. It has become a valley of death, for who leaves earth, he lacks power, which guarantees eternal life. It could be a Garden of Eden; earthly and spiritually it could produce marvellous fruit, but the spiritual sun must then emit light and glow, and earth men consciously withdraw themselves from this light and its warmth. And because of that even good seed cannot come up, so it is spread. Men do nothing to create a spiritual Eden and to make themselves and fellowmen happy as a result; they do nothing to make their life field suitable for the reception of the good seed, and they do nothing to water the garden, so that the seed can come up. Their hearts are cold and loveless; they are indifferent towards God and fellowman; they suffocate all good stirrings through world thoughts, they close their ear to the divine word, and therefore walk along on stony or sandy ground and can withdraw nothing from it, what could give them power and help them to recovery. They are ill and need much medicine for their souls. And because of that God hires workers, who in honest intention want to cultivate the sandy desert; he sends to men his servants, who on his behalf lend a hand to a work, which is extremely important – to make from a barren sandy desert fertile farmland. His servants have a difficult office, because they only find little understanding, because world men do not have the will to let themselves be disturbed in their spiritual lethargy, and because they consider every work of help for their soul as disturbance. And nevertheless the divine word is to be spread out as seed into the heart of men. Where it falls on fertile ground, there good fruit can be achieved, and also fellowmen can get impressed by the success and likewise want to create fertile surroundings for them. The good example can stimulate to imitation, and God will then also bless the effort, since it is essential to still reshape the desert and to sow good seed on fallow lying soil – to supply to men the word of God, who are willing to accept it. Only few will indeed receive it with the heart, but these few awaken much life, for everywhere, where these now talk again, the divine word will have an effect; delicious fruit will appear – men will change, where hate was, love will be; arrogance will give way to humility; men will raise their look upward; they will no longer look down, on to the hustle and bustle of the world; they will seek him, of whom the word testifies; they will make an effort to live to his pleasure. The desert will be changed in to a Garden of Eden, which they will however only see in all its beauty with spiritual eyes, as soon as they have taken off the body and can now recognize the fruit of their striving. The workers in the vineyard of the Lord have a difficult office, but incomparable success will be in prospect for them, so God’s blessing accompanies their work. And God will bless each one, who wants to help in this time of spiritual draught and therefore works for him and his kingdom. He will bless everyone and give him power that his work is not done in vain. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5392.


Book 59 5393

Danger of unbelief and of untruthfulness.

16. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5393.

Recognize the danger of unbelief, and you will also recognize the danger of untruthfulness. Men, who are without faith, have no relationship at all with the kingdom of light and of power; they stand completely isolated in the midst of creation, but which is only the product of him, in whom they are to believe. And because of that creation will also remain without impression; it will, although it is the language of God, be able to say nothing to men; it will not be understood as testimony of God, for without faith every relationship lacks. Man stands outside of him, who has created him. Only faith connects the creature with its creator – only faith lets everything appear full of meaning and purpose, what is considered to be natural phenomenon without faith, which is without connection with that man, who lives in it. Only faith can fashion everything alive; faith does not make the creature to an individual being, which stands isolated in the midst of creation, but it only lets the infinite multiplicity of the beings being recognized, which develop upwards in creation, and only faith lets seek the connection with the creator and also all the creatures. But this conscious connection must get established, if the creature dwelling in the deep wants to reach its creator, what is aim and purpose of every being, which has been put into creation. For the whole work of creation is just a development process upwards – to God. Without faith it is not possible to reach God, since a conscious striving is necessary and this exactly depends on faith.

But what results does unbelief produce? The entity remains inevitably in the deep. But the deep is a negative kingdom, while the height is where God is, who can always only be and work positively. Unbelief keeps the freely created bound; unbelief keeps the being having once been full of light in darkness; unbelief makes that the being having once been full of power remains weak and powerless, for a negative power once pulled it into its area and makes something dead out of living creatures, but which can again reach its life state, when it seeks the connection with the original source of light and power.

You men stand in the midst of this ascent development process; you have already covered great stretches and have now arrived at a decisive level – to establish in free will the connection with the positive power, with God, and to again strive for the original state. But what is demanded of you must be explained to you, and you must believe it, to be able to get active. Only faith stimulates you to use the ability given to you and to make the right use of it. But without faith you remain inactive, and since you are in the state of free will, you cannot be forced to activity, therefore also not experience a reshaping; your negative power cannot get changed into a power having a positive effect. Something wrong cannot be directed right, so you do not want it yourselves, because you do not believe in it that this is your earth life purpose. And so you remain without faith in darkness.

And so you men will now also understand why the passing on of truth is so absolutely necessary, because right faith can only be won through the supply of truth. Truth alone, so it is offered to man in all purity, gives right light and stimulates the will to busy itself – truth alone can awaken faith, which breaks through every spiritual barrier; truth describes God to men so that they learn to love him and long for the unification with him. Truth therefore stimulates them to establish the connection with him, for pure truth makes believing easy for them; pure truth is light and power, because it starts from God himself and returns again to him. Nevertheless faith must be demanded, because also pure truth cannot be proven to not lead the beings inevitably to God. But pure truth is easy to believe, because everything, what takes its start from God, has a life awakening effect and is also felt in the heart of man as truth. But who is instructed wrongly, he also cannot believe, or else, his faith does not withstand in the hour of proof. God was and is and will remain in eternity. And faith in him also achieves unification with him. But only that man will be able to believe in him, who is instructed about him in truth, for truth can be believed, while untruthfulness gives a distorted image of God and can therefore give birth to no living faith – what becomes still more understandable through the reference that untruthfulness is the means of the opponent, who wants to prevent that men recognize God and strive towards him. And so the inevitable necessity arises that truth is supplied to men on earth, so that they can believe, so they have the will for it, and now strive for and establish the connection with God through this faith, to be able in future to unite with him for ever. The necessity arises to take action against the lie and error, because never can that lead upwards, what started from below, from the kingdom of darkness, which holds everything opposed to God, to which it wants to refuse the ascent upwards, to God. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5393.


Book 59 5394

Advantage of word – (favour) receivers to the unbelievers.

17. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5394

To you all the spring of life has been opened, you who receive my word directly or sent through my messengers; you all are favour receivers, whom I myself approach and hand out, what you need to be happy. You all are allowed to refresh yourselves with the water of life; you are allowed to receive my proof of love, my word, which all are allowed to hear, who want to hear it. You receive knowledge, which lets you recognize the connexion, what is, knowledge, which explains my rule and work, and you learn to love me, because you also learn to get to know me myself through my word. And you recognize your task on earth and seek to fulfil it. You are considerably in advantage to those men, who know nothing about me, because they want to receive nothing from my hand, who reject my messengers with the gift of favour from me, to whom no light can shine, because they flee from it, and who for that reason also do not learn to get to know me myself and to whom earth life is and will remain idleness, because it is dark in them.

You have an advantage over them and for that reason are to look after them mercifully. You are to try to light a light in them, and work with the gift of favour, where it is just possible. You can constantly refresh yourselves. But those live in want, even so from their own will and are consequently to be blamed for themselves. But you are to send them food, where you just can. The water of life flows constantly from my spring of life; hand out the fresh drink, when you meet a tired and hungry earth walker. Many a person will still take hold of the refreshment in his miserable state, and many a person refreshes himself at it and never forgets that he has received power. Offer the delicious gift to everyone – also at the risk of that it is rejected; but no-one is to be able to say that my gift of favour has been denied to him. You all, you who receive my word, are to at least provide one walker to me as an acknowledgement; you are to hand out in like manner, as I hand out my gift of favour to you – you are to offer in love, what seems delicious to you yourselves; you are to seek to win your fellowmen for my word. And I want to bless each one man’s effort; I want to pour out my love current over all, who want to check the great spiritual trouble, who help at the work of redemption in the last time before the end. I give unlimitedly; you are allowed to take in fullness, and you are to hand out again in my love spirit, where ever you see spiritual trouble. Constantly the delicious water will flow from the spring of life, which has a life awakening effect, and each one has access to the source. But who does not come himself, to him you are to bring life water, so that also he may experience the power, which the water of life holds in itself, so that also he may be awakened to life and now constantly longs for the water of life. So pay me that love, which I give to you through the giving of my word. For the trouble is great; and I want to check it, whereby you are to help me, because I must speak through the mouth of men to win their will. Be hard-working workers in my vineyard, so you want to serve me; each one can work in his circle, and he will always be blessed as my servant. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5394.


Book 59 5395

Separation between God and the creatures impossible.

19. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5395.

There is no separation between you and me and no matter how long you keep away from me and increase the cleft between you and me more and more – you cannot separate yourselves from me, for what has emerged from me remains inevitably my share until all eternity. There is no eternal separation, only your will can fight against my touch of love, and that you feel as breaking away from me; you believe to have yourselves completely separated from me, by you not believing in me. My current of love no longer touches you, because you yourselves fight against it, and as a result you yourselves withdraw from that power, which makes you happy. Therefore you are also without faith in a state far from me; you are wretched creatures and nevertheless remain mine. But my love can no longer radiate through you to your regret, although you do not want to feel the suffering, as long as you dwell on earth. But you are miserable creatures, because you can have everything and still possess nothing through the inner rebellion against me, I who can offer you everything. And nevertheless I do not give you up, but I apply all means to decrease your resistance against me, to break it, but not under compulsion. I must first let you feel your powerlessness. As long as you have power at your disposal, you do not seek me, but if you lack it, then you perhaps remember him, who possesses power in all fullness and can supply it to you, and you ask him for it. Powerlessness on earth can therefore lead you again back to me; but it can also remove you further from me, so you rebel against your fate, because you still do not want to acknowledge me. But then I still have many other means, and so they alone do not bring about the change of will and you depart from this earth with the resistance in the heart, then you must become soft and yielding in the hereafter through a hard lot, and I also then still stretch out my hand to draw you up to my father heart. Only by yourselves you must come to me. That is my condition, from which I do not depart; you have gone away from me by yourselves; your will was directed against me and must now find again back to me. You must call for me that I fetch you; you must again establish the communion with me, which you yourselves have once given up. The separation has never been completely carried out, although you believed being able to separate from me. The relationship remained in existence, exactly because a breaking away can never take place, for my power certainly flows out and lets all creations and creatures come into being, but it again and again returns to me, because outside of me nothing exists, what could attract this power. You can certainly remove yourselves endlessly far from me, but in order to still return once again to the start, and only the conscious relationship with me is happiness, because then my love power can touch the creature in its complete effect und the radiating through of the creature with my power makes it to that, what is its purpose from the very beginning, to my image, which can work in the fullness of light and power and is unspeakably happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5395.


Book 59 5396

Truth is not accepted without faith.

20. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5396.

It is a futile start wanting to initiate men to truth, who are completely without faith. For in them is neither the desire for truth nor love willingness and because of that, no ability to recognize truth as such. For that reason it must first be tried to cause them to think about their origin – for only such thinking can move man to the question: Why and to which purpose is my existence as man, and by whom have I been called into life?

Only then it is possible that faith in a creator from eternity awakens, and only then truth can be imparted to man with the prospect to be recognized. But "faith" is not the unopposed acceptance of a teaching of a God and creator, but the inner approval of a being, which has created everything, keeps and rules it. Therefore man must come to the inner conviction through thinking that a being exists, to which creation owes its existence. Only this conviction won through thinking can be regarded as faith, because indeed no proof can be brought and still man supports this inner cognition, because it appeals to him and is so also acceptable to him, i.e. also his intellect can profess it. A faith like this is also guarantee for the gaining of truth, because man now also gets mentally into contact with the entity, which his heart acknowledges, and now the divinity itself intervenes and informs the man more and more of its entity, because it itself reveals itself to him, as soon as he has acknowledged it. And now the degree of love is decisive, in which way God can reveal himself to man. A seeking man stands already further from the earthly world, and he is no longer tied up by matter; his spirit climbs upwards into areas, which lie far from the material world – but as soon as he breaks away from matter, the love spark is also lighted in him; he no longer thinks of himself, but he feels put into a communion of equal beings, as he is himself, who all have to fulfil a purpose on earth, but who are likewise weak and ignorant like he himself. And what he now seeks, that he does seek for him alone, but he would like to utilize it also for his fellowmen, because he feels it that ignorance is a great shortcoming, which makes them unhappy. Therefore love in a man will always get ignited, so faith in God is awakened, and the supply of truth is now also guaranteed, only that it can be imparted to men in different ways, however always so that it is acceptable to him and he feels so impressed by truth that he demands more and also supports it to fellowmen. God can only reveal himself, when he is acknowledged, but then he gives with full hands; he hands out to everyone, who desires truth and love will again increase in the heart of those, who receive truth, because they now learn to recognize and love God, who reveals himself in his nature, who lights a bright light in all, who strive for truth. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5396.


Book 59 5397

Serious call of admonition.

22. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5397.

No long time remains for you anymore. Again and again I must tell you that, for you do not take my words seriously; you stand in the midst of the world and cannot believe it that everything, what is around you, once stops to exist and that only that remains, what is immortal – your soul. Again and again I want to admonish you, to then seriously imagine the situation of your soul. Again and again I want to warn you, to direct all your thinking and striving on the gain of earthly goods, on the improvement of your earthy situation – it all futile effort, for nothing of it will remain for you, so your time has come, the time, where you will be either recalled or the dissolving of all that is going on, what surrounds you. Just believe it that you use your power needlessly; that you create for a nothing; that it is just a passing prosperity, which perhaps still causes you a few easy days of your life, but is disadvantageous for the soul, when you do not think of it first and be busy to win spiritual goods. You can also certainly be earthly in well-being, when you make right use of your earthly goods, when you hand out, where poverty and trouble is, when you administer your goods blessedly, when you consider them as having received them from me and render your thanks in that way that you practise active neighbourly love, that you alleviate trouble earthly and also spiritually, by you living as an example to fellowmen and also stimulate them to a love life. Then earthly wealth will entail good results, then your soul does not need to live in want, then you first remember your soul and do not need to fear what is coming

But woe betides those, who only pay attention to the bodily life – it will be taken from them, and terribly difficult they will feel their poverty in the opposite kingdom. Believe it that you stand before great happenings; believe it that only a short time is still granted to you; still gain spiritual goods for yourselves, before it is too late. Everything what you gain earthly for yourselves, gets lost for you; see to it that you possess immortal goods; I seriously admonish you, so that you are not to say, not having been informed of that, what is irrevocable granted to you. You should not turn a deaf ear to my advice and my warning; they are my love calls, which want to protect you from terrible lot, which are sent to you through the mouth of men and which I will repeat in another form for the earth children, who do not want to hear and believe. My admonition and warning call sounds very soon with strength that you will shake. Through the powers of nature I want to speak to you once again and call again to you from above: Wake up, you sleepers – pluck up your courage, your weak ones – do not seek the pleasures of the world and everything, what is mortal; seek to win my kingdom, and remember you actual self – remember your soul, which lot you cause yourselves in eternity. And once again I tell it to you: This last call of admonition from above follows after a short time the last judgement; the dissolving of earth and the end for everything, what lives on it. And for that reason you men are in so great trouble, because you do not want to recognize and believe that the end has come for you, otherwise you would still prepare yourselves and no longer pay attention to the world with its goods. Time is over, which I have granted you, and until last I seek to still rescue souls, and my love calls continually men to their senses, to penance and turning back, for I do not want that they get lost – I only want that they are happy . Amen.
B.D. NR. 5397.


Book 59 5398

Last Judgement.

23. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5398.

Listen to me, so I speak to you men through the mouth of a servant: an unavoidable judgement is near for you. Nothing can turn this judgement away from you anymore, for the time if fulfilled; a redemption period has expired and a new one is to begin again, so that ascent development of the spiritual can progress, which has come considerably to a halt through the free will of men, who is no longer aware of his actual purpose and therefore does nothing, what would be beneficial to his maturation on earth, who also many times hinders the spiritual bound in matter at its ascent development, because he is of completely darkened spirit. You men, pay attention to the call from above: The last judgement is near to you. Your unbelief does not check it, for my love and wisdom has decided it for eternity, once, to help the still bound spiritual, that it gets free in future, and for the other time to put the already freer spiritual, man, into the state, which he himself has created for himself through his will – freedom or once again banishment, happy work in the spiritual kingdom or languishing in matter, which he himself desired during his earth walk. You men, listen to me and believe me, you are going towards the end.

Long before already I have announce the end to you, so that you are to prepare yourselves. But now is the time of the fulfilment of my announcements; now the day always gets closer, which will be the very last on this earth for you all – that day, where the old earth is getting completely changed in its outer form, what means the destruction and annihilation of every one work of creation. You men know about it, for the prophecies about the end of the world have not remained hidden to you, but you never want to apply them to your time; you never believe to get affected by it yourselves, until the day will surprise you. But I do not want that you get surprised and experience this day completely unprepared. And because of that I let the tidings be sent to you again and again from above; through the spirit of a man I announce to you, what is near you. I would still tell you much more, but so you do not believe in it, knowing more does not bring about blessings to you, for you would just abuse it for worldly advantages; but your soul would not be served by it. But so much you are to know that you can turn away from you yourselves the most difficult, when you call me for help. And so you still call me in the last minute, you shall be helped, even so in another way, than you hope. I will send my angels that they fetch, who speak out my name full of confidence, that they will be helped; but my plan of salvation I will not frustrate – it will unwind as it is announced in word and script. The Last Judgement will be the conclusion on this earth; the goats will be separated from the sheep; the earth will receive the Satanic in its kingdom, and I will gather my sheep as good shepherd and lead them on green pastures; the earth will be desolated and bare and show nothing more alive – it will wait for my love work, and then creations will again emerge, which reshape it again into a paradisiac Eden – a new earth will rise, and a happy family of men will dwell on it, and all trouble will have found an end for those men, who proved their love and loyalty to me in the last time before the end. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5398.


Book 59 5399

Will to help for the souls in darkness.

24. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5399.

Remember that, what my spirit announces to you, and know that you are instructed right through my spirit. Trustingly devote yourselves to my leading, and always do, to which you feel yourselves urged, for I express myself through your feeling, as soon as you make an effort, to fulfil my will and to serve me. It is an unspeakable difficult struggle in the opposite kingdom; the darkness is so dense; innumerable souls languish in it, and only small is the number of those, who would like to free themselves from it, who feel the state in the darkness unbearable and strive for a change of their situation. And you are to help these few, because without help they are not able to free themselves. It is a work of mercy, which you do to those souls; but your will to help is never without success. For whether the souls in darkness also find it difficult to accept your instructions and explanations – they still think about it, for the light, which they see near you is a proof, which they cannot deny away, and because they also long for the light. You are constantly surrounded by crowds of such souls, which feel well near you, although they are now also besieged by beings of the deep, which seek to pull them down again. Remember the souls surrounding you with love, out of this they now draw the power to resist. Your love keeps them bound to you like with chains, so that the beings of the deep do not succeed to push them away, back into darkness. These souls are constantly busy in thoughts with that, what they hear from you and only just one loving thought from you is enough, to keep them near you, and my love truly creates possibilities for them, which are helpful for their progress. So light beings will always be among them, indeed unrecognized by them, however guiding them imperceptibly into right thinking, and the work of redemption progresses, because I myself bless it, because I never dislike it, when you men want to help. Do not fear the evil powers, for my power is truly greater, where the will is good, where the love principle dominates. Light is where my word sounds, and my word will always be for you the most secure protection against evil powers – and because you fight with a weapon and work with means, which I myself gave into your hands, the power of darkness cannot approach you, unless you yourselves grant them entry through sinful thoughts and evil will, so you abandon yourselves without resistance to the bad influence. But your guardian angels prevent that, which are constantly with you and refuse entry to the bad beings, because you want to serve me and help the poor souls. Believe and trust me and my words that I protect you from every danger, as long as you are active in my vineyard. Believe that my spirit leads you right and that it will also warn you, so you are in danger to go a wrong way. Your will to help even wins you the protection through those beings, which you want to redeem, for they feel your love and form a protecting wall around you against those wishing you ill. Love awakens counter love and also increases the power in the beings, and on it they recognize the truth of that, what you explain to them - they also feel the power of my word, and a soul, which has once heard my word offered in love, only rarely rejects my word. So you therefore supply my word to these souls, I am with you and bless you and your activity; I bless the beings, which surround you, and your effort will not be in vain. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5399.


Book 59 5400

Awakening of the spark of God in man.

25. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5400.

My spirit is to become effective in you. A spark of my spirit is in you, therefore something divine slumbers in you, which can influence your thinking, wanting and acting, when you yourselves allow it this. You yourselves decide, whether this spirit spark can become active in you; it is completely given into your will to awaken the spirit in you to life, for it is certainly in you, but it waits for the fulfilment of the conditions, under which its work is allowed. Neither my omnipotence can determine my share in you to activity, nor my extremely great love, for everything is based on the law of the eternal order, also the shaping of man with all his abilities and not least on the free will of man, without which a perfect creature cannot be imagined, and which therefore is to also strive for, to again enter into the state of perfection. But it is also not possible for the counter pole, to prevent the divine spirit spark in you at its work, so you want this yourselves. You alone determine your attitude towards me and also to my opponent; therefore you also have a free will, which can act just as evil and as good. I now know each single heart of men and follow its spiritual development; but I also recognize the temptations of my opponent, to bring man under his influence, and his influence is often so strong that it does not remain without effect; that man gets weak, to want the right, and is inclined to give in to him, who wants to steer his will in the wrong direction. Man is weak without my help – for this weakness of will is the natural result of his distance from me through the former sin against me. He can want right, but needs for it a supply of favour on my part, which is completely at his command in the acknowledging of Christ. For that reason he must acknowledge Christ, who brought the severest sacrifice for the reinforced will of mankind. For I demand from man during his earth existence a free will decision, therefore I must also offer him the guarantee to be able to make this free will decision, if I want that he reaches perfection. He must be able to make use of his will in every direction; otherwise I could not demand such from him. And for it your spirit out of me does the necessary help for you, so you grant it the right for it. The spirit spark, which is share of me myself, always influences you in my will, so that man can therefore certainly say with right, to be directed by the divine will, which has given the spirit in him the right to express itself.

For that reason it is always my care that you put yourselves into the state, where the spirit in you can work, because you are then already relieved of every responsibility, for as soon as my spirit works in you, you also already subordinate yourselves to my will, therefore my will can be active in you, but voluntarily you have inserted your will into mine, not forced through my will.

But my spirit can on the other hand only work in a man, who puts himself consciously under the cross of Christ – i.e., the once weakened will could now also, through the acknowledgement of Christ and his work of redemption, experience the reinforcement from the divine redeemer, to think and act so that the precondition for my spirit work was fulfilled. The man, who brought the spirit spark in him to awakening, belongs to the earth children redeemed through his blood; he so to speak took already advantage of the gifts of favour acquired through the death on the cross for the shaping to love; his will was turned to the divine redeemer and therefore to me, as the creator and father from eternity, because the power for it flowed towards him, because he opened himself for the reception of favours.

A turning to Jesus Christ and acknowledging of the work of redemption inevitably results in the will directed rightly – for the weakness of will of men was the cause of the great mercy of Jesus, to come to their help; the will must experience strengthening, but without being made unfree; man can now accomplish something, for which he was unable before. For Satan had bound the free will insofar, that his influence on men was so strong that they succumbed, what they however did not need, when they would have taken advantage of the power of love. Therefore the will was also free before the work of redemption, only completely weakened through the influence of Satan. And so also now the will of a man, who does not believe in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption, will show the same weakness; he will need a great inner struggle to direct the will right, and often not be able to do it, but can neither from above nor from below be forced in one particular direction of will.

But what he is not able to do out of his own power, that will be easy for him with Jesus Christ – he is so to speak redeemed from his weakness of will; he perceptibly feels the supply of power; his will now moves in the right direction; the divine principle in him wins the upper hand – the spirit spark flares up, and my will has now entered him, because his spirit is my share and can think and want no differently and now transfers his thinking and wanting on that man, who now lets himself be guided and strives for me free out of himself - who is now truly redeemed from the bounds of my opponent, because he has recognized me as God and father from eternity, who has come to world in Jesus Christ to redeem men. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5400.


Book 59 5401

Maturation process always requires new creations.

26. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5401.

My kingdom is overwhelming; countless worlds are at my disposal to lead the maturation process of the spiritual successfully to the end; all these worlds only serve the purpose of leading back the once broken away spiritual to me. Therefore it will also be comprehensible to you men that the aim, the liberation of all spiritual, will be once achieved; that once also the earthly material worlds will be spiritualized; but that still endless long times will pass, until also the last spiritual has found back. If you now look at the earthly creation around you in the cognition that you yourselves are the final stone of an endless long way on this earth, then you can also imagine, which time is still required to also let this spiritual bound in hard matter reach this final stone, and it will be comprehensible to you that eternities still pass until the process of redemption has ended. You will further realize that no leading back to me can exist outside of the order set by me; that therefore no sudden redemption through my love can be, but a slow ascent development only directs the spiritual so that it itself gives up its resistance against me and in the end longs for the unification with me. Even a sudden turning back of my opponent could not change this my eternal order, because he no longer has power over the bound spiritual that he could transfer his changed will upon it, since it is like him something independent put outside, which also must develop itself. But a turning back of my opponent is again only then to be expected, when he recognizes that the spiritual was wrested from him, which he thought firmly in his possession. Only the own powerlessness changes his will and his thinking, but as long as spiritual is still enslaved to him, which as man does as he wishes, by it infringing against love towards me and to the neighbour, he also still remains in his resistance against me. And exactly for this reason so infinitely many works of creation have the task to serve the ascent development of the spiritual. And these works of creation exist so long, as there still is unredeemed spiritual, for as long as spiritual is bound in the works of creation, my opponent has no power over it. Only man is exposed to his influence and for that reason he causes terrible suffering just among men.

He determines them to resist me, and through it causes a new defection from me. He strengthens his power, and who help him to this, those are those men, who do not believe in me. But he also pushes towards the believers and seeks to cause devastation there. Satan is not willed at all to turn back to me, but all means are right for him, when he can achieve strengthening of his power by this means. Everywhere he seeks to cause confusion and to win again men through this, who are close to having finished the process of development. He seeks to spread darkness, just where he can, because light exposes him, because he loses the fight, where truth is uncovered.

A redemption section ends; a new one starts again, and that will repeat itself, as long as spiritual is still imprisoned in matter. But also the possibility must be given to this spiritual to free itself, only that the creations always need lighter matter, because the resistance in the spiritual lets up and always requires shorter time for the dissolving of the form. And the creations so changed always mean new periods of redemption, what now lets a destruction and change of the earth and also of other heavenly bodies become easier comprehensible for you men. For my wisdom assessed everything from the very beginning until eternity. Wisdom and love persistently make an effort to free the unfree spiritual from its unhappy state and to prepare a lot for it, where it must have again gained the original initial properties to be indescribably happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5401.


Book 59 5402

Mark of the inner word.

29. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5402.

An enormous fight has broken out between the powers of the light kingdom and those of darkness, for it is the time of the end of this earth; the earth stands before a revolution for the sake of the spiritual, which now stands in the centre of that fight. The prince of darkness is aware of that it is about his power; that he has only still little time and for that reason he tries everything to strengthen his power. It is a fight between light and darkness, which is waged on the part of darkness with cunning and trickery and therefore many men are defeated by it, who let themselves be captivated by shine and mask. Where my light messengers can intervene is no danger, but also Satan makes use of the light clothes now and then, and then he is difficult to be recognized by ignorant men, who only have pretended to establish the relationship, but inwardly are still so separated from me that I cannot help them obviously – who therefore willingly succumb to the temptations of my opponent, because he approaches them somehow worldly and they therefore also react worldly. At the times of spiritual darkness a ray of light is certainly extremely agreeable, for the light comes from above, out of my kingdom, and will always radiate a shine, which is felt gladdening in the darkness.

But my opponent often works as parallel – he wants to do the same, but his power is not sufficient – he knows it that men seek light, and therefore approaches them likewise as light. But it is a light, which spreads no brightness – it is just a light of deceit; it is as it were a phantom, which passes, so one has attentively a close look at it. Nevertheless it is certain that Satan often clothes himself in light clothes to confuse men; but that he can only do it then, when the will of men offers him an underground, where he can now embody himself. This will never be the case there, where intimate love for me guarantees my presence, but easily there, where a degree of lack of love prevents this my presence and allows entry to my opponent – why a servant, completely devoted to me, does not need to fear this work of Satan; but must then exercise highest caution, who is still in worldly, even so slight fetters. For Satan sneaks in there, where I am not, but can never park himself there, where my presence is certain. Through untruth – error and lie, my opponent seeks to darken the spirit of men, while I, where I work, give a light through purest truth, bright clear understanding for all spiritual problems and for my work and rule, for my eternal plan of salvation. But one thing is not given to my opponent: to announce himself through the inner word. And now take note: Which are the marks of the inner word, of the expression of my love for you, of the power conveyance, which touches you in the state of being moulded to the word?

My word touches your heart and appeals to the heart; my word can therefore only be felt, and this feeling is formulated by the intellect of man, so he is prepared to accept divine radiations, so therefore man consciously listens into himself, what I announce to him. But also the tongue of a man can speak, driven by a power, where therefore the intellect of man is eliminated and this power makes use of man’s mouth to make itself heard. Certainly also a light being can utter this power expressions, but also powers of darkness can make use of the opportunity, where a man opens himself to get into contact with invisible powers. Now the will is decisive, from which powers he is getting seized; the tongue of man now starts to move; the man speaks, driven from that power – but it is not me, who then speaks, although good powers can impart spiritual material to man, which also agrees with my will. But my word is my direct radiation, which certainly can also be diverted through a light being upon the heart of man, but always in such a way that the spiritual ear hears my word; that therefore the man is addressed by me and he hears me – but not that his bodily ear hears, what his mouth speaks. Do you understand that? When I speak, so the spiritual ear hears me; in the heart the one addressed hears my word. But if a being speaks through a man, so the man hears himself speaking, and indeed so as if the mouth speaks mechanically, what is also the case, because a being makes use of him to express itself. And this being can also speak on my behalf, and from such expressions men can also greatly benefit from; but also a wrong spirit can intervene, what is then the case, when the man moves own thoughts, which are earthly directed, or when, in weakness of will, he completely abandons himself to the spiritual influence, when therefore his state also becomes a medial one, i.e., when he himself can no longer control that, what his mouth speaks out. Then he is only a mechanical mouthpiece for spiritual powers, and then caution is always advised, to accept the spiritual results as truth – then a serious examination is required, if error is not to be addressed as truth.

Who hears my word he is addressed through the spirit in him, which is a part of me myself. And so the spirit in man expresses itself, it can only be heard by the spiritual ear of man, but not by the bodily ear. But the spiritual ear is a matter of feeling; man feels my address in the heart, even so he cannot transmit it audibly to fellowmen. But if it is my will that he passes on my word, then man is also able to pass on his feeling to the intellect, which now holds on to the felt word and formulates it in a comprehensible way. For my address is a power radiation; a touch of the soul of man, and this power becomes a form through my will, which is the word for you.

All men can certainly feel addressed by me, who love me and want to get into contact with me, who therefore expect an expression of love, for I lean towards all my children, who call for me, and listen to them; and I also answer them; I comfort them, give them advice, admonitions, warnings; I promise them my help, and so they attentively listen into themselves, they will also hear the fine voice – but always so that they believe to tell themselves these words, which they like to hear. But if a man is chosen to spread truth throughout the world, to announce the Gospel to fellowmen, so he must first get it supplied by me, and this happens through the inner word - through a process, which just presupposes first that the spiritual ear of man is so formed that he hears that, what I now impart to him feeling wise as "spiritual word" – that he does not wait on it to be addressed that way, that his bodily ear hears it, but he also waits for my address in deep faith in my love, i.e. opens himself to the power current of love and feels the touch like spoken words, which the heart now imparts to the intellect, therefore as it were gives the intellect the necessary explanations comprehensibly, to be able to spread the spiritual language. Such a reception of the word obliges to a mission, for the receiver accepts spiritual material from my hand; I myself communicate with him, and this happens in so a simple way that fellowman hardly notices something strange and the only proof of my radiation of love are wisdoms recorded in writing, which prove me in my wisdom. And for that reason it should not be difficult to recognize my word, because I

B.D. NR. 5402

aim to achieve through the supply of my word to earth to present myself to men so that they learn to love me, but this is only then possible, when I reveal myself to them as father full of love, when I explain to them that love alone is determining for my rule and work, and when they are informed for that reason about my plan of salvation from eternity.

That, what is imparted to a man as my word, must therefore be revealing; it is not allowed to confuse, not sound incomprehensible, not exaggerated; it must sound clear and pure, understandable for all men and for that reason make happy; it must also have an effect on those men, to whom it is imparted, like a radiation of love; it must touch the hearts of men and find an echo there, where they open themselves – man must feel addressed by me and through it become most deeply impressed. I myself must be recognized as giver of the word, because I reveal myself through the word. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5402.


Book 59 5403

Imparting the word to the souls on earth and in the hereafter.

31. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5403.

Impart the word to all, who want to listen to it, and you fulfil my will; you fulfil your mission; you are active for me and my kingdom; then you make it possible through your will that I myself approach men and also the souls in the hereafter; that I myself can speak to them, what cannot happen without this your co-working, because they still stand to far away from me and for that reason would not endure my direct address or also not recognize it as such. The work of my spirit is foreign to these souls, for they hardly believe in me myself, but still less in it that I could announce myself to a man through the voice of the spirit. And therefore it is good, when you speak to them and make use of my word, which is indeed also sent to you through me, but which can also be seen by men as your own thought product, who do not want to believe. And still the power of my word is so strong that they, so it has once touched their heart, does not remain without effect. It gives light to the soul, which it lacked up to now and which it feels extremely agreeable. For I indeed address myself the soul, so it receives my word, although it flows from your mouth. I myself come to the soul and bring something delicious to it; I bring food to it, which it had to do without up to now and which it still needs to be able to live. And in what you as just intellectual men do not succeed in through your speaking, that my words will achieve – right thinking turned towards truth, which now leads the soul to cognition. My word can produce a great transformation, where just the smallest will is available to be instructed truthfully, and for that reason it is your task to carry my word everywhere there, where you know men, who are still without cognition, where I myself have no access and the soul still longs for truth. Who seeks enlightenment, he will also find it in my word, for I instruct him myself, although it is you, who speak there. Always make use of my word, if you want to have greater successes. You can certainly also, in cognition of truth, support it with your own words, but it will be far more difficult to win souls, than so you let me speak myself, by you presenting to fellowmen the word imparted to you by me directly, which then already carries the power in itself and therefore does not remain without influence.

You have an unutterable treasure, with which you can work – you have enlightenment in all questions; I am always myself prepared to fill the gaps of your knowledge, and for that reason you always be able to hand out, where hunger and thirst lead the souls to you. My word is a true refreshment for them; my word gives power and light; my word testifies to me myself and lets faith in me rise up anew, which was lost, but as it also strengthens it, where it is still weak. My word must also carry this power in it, because everything, what goes out from me, is power in itself and the effect can be felt by every willing soul, which gives up its resistance against me; which longs for light, which I deny no soul. For that reason spread the word into the world. Let me speak through you, where a longing soul arrives to hear truth. Then you fulfil your mission on earth; then you are loyal servants in my vineyard, and you serve me according to my will. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5403.


Book 59 5404

Return to God. Work of God in man.

1. June 1952. B.D. NR. 5404.

You are to receive me in your heart, so that I can have an effect in you. Once you yourselves took your stand away from me, and therefore there was also no longer power in you, since the power takes its start from me and is supplied there, where it finds no resistance; but you resisted me and as it were rejected my love power, and so becoming powerless was your own fault; you were also no longer radiated through by my love light, because you also resisted my love, and therefore it was also dark around and in you and your state was an unhappy one, because everything, what is far from me, cannot be happy. And so there exists only one possibility to gain happiness, when you consciously join me, as you have once consciously separated yourselves from me. You must grant me, therefore my love and power radiation, access into your heart, and everything will again be, as it was from the very beginning. With a good will you can also do it, for you need to do nothing else, than to kindle love in you and to now constantly maintain the fire of love. Then I automatically stop off at you, because I am after all love myself. And when I can once stop off in your heart, so I will truly have an effect in it that you never ever have the desire to separate from me, for I will now direct your thinking, feeling and wanting towards your happiness, towards that life, what lasts for ever; I will enlighten your spirit that you can never ever return into darkness. My spirit, which is in you, will now get active and introduce you to truth. You must just prepare accommodation for me in your heart; you must receive me myself, what is only possible through love work – through your desire to be active together with me, me who am love myself. Let your love will become active. Then you already take up my power, and you yourselves draw me to you to never again give me up. I am truly always prepared, so a love call touches my ear, to radiate love, to make happy and to enlighten the heart of every man, which wants to let my spirit have an effect in it. For I gave you the promise: "I will send the Comforter to you, the spirit of truth." Who wants to receive me in the heart, he shall experience it at himself how this my promise is to be understood. For my spirit will explain everything to him; my spirit will introduce him to truth; my spirit will prove my presence to him – and with me he will be and remain happy. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5404.


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