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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 58

B.D. NR. 5136 - B.D. NR. 5294

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Book 58 5136

The power of Satan.

24. and 25. May 1951. B.D. NR. 5136.

Great is the power of him, who wants to ruin you, but only then, when you yourselves grant him this power, because, so you resist him and you turn towards me, also my love light flows towards you, which makes him completely powerless. Because he is not able to withstand love. And love will also defeat him in future, when his time has come. Satan makes truly constantly an effort, to draw into his spell that, what emerged through his will, however out of my power; to subdue it to him for ever. And therefore he will besiege in the extreme, what he fears to lose, what extricates itself from him in free will, what strives towards me, to be united with me for ever. (25.5.1951) He will spare no means to have an effect on this spiritual; he will cause confusion, wherever he can. He will always be there, where mine come together; he will seek to intervene in the thoughts of them, to transfer his will on them, although he recognizes that he has lost power over that spiritual. Nevertheless he stands facing me as enemy, because his ambition is so great that he is so blind to believe that his power cannot be broken. In love he certainly recognize that weapon, which injures him, and because of that he flees it, where it steps into his way, and stirs up lack of love, wherever the smallest handle is offered to him. He feels it that his power gets smaller and still does not want to let himself be defeated. For that reason his work is mostly unmistakable, because his means are always such that enmity arises between men, who are attached to each other, that confusion arises, where clarity prevailed; and the fault is to be sought with men themselves that they reach a finger to Satan through small unkindness and he seeks to grasp the whole hand, i.e., that he drives men to always greater unkindness. He has great power, but only there, where it is given to him – because you men do not apply the weapon against him, which lets him become powerless – because you practise love too little – because self-love is still too strong in you, which offers him a welcome handle. Then you do not recognize him, so he steps into your way; then your eye is weak-sighted, and you see him as friend and give him your trust. He is not your friend, as long as he is still my opponent – and he is my opponent so long, as he is devoid of all love. He is to be feared so long, as you yourselves are without love, because then you are his and still far away from me. But if the love spark is aroused in you, then you yourselves remove the fetter, which keeps you bound; then you change your lord; then you connect with me, and then he has lost all power over you. For that reason you do not need to fear him, you who have become mine through your will, which pushes towards me and rejects him. Then he can no longer harm you, but you can still help him, by you heaping coals of fire on his head, by you also applying love to everything, what is ill-disposed towards you, by you reciprocating evil with love, because he must then recognize that you have become like God, that you stand above him in brightest light and unmeasured power. For so a being outgrows him, he feels its power, and he releases it also mentally, i.e., it is no longer besieged by him, because it is inaccessible for him as united with me. The way to the father heart is passable for all men, and the fetter, which keeps it bound, is to be removed for all men through love, which is at the same time solvent and binding agent, which makes you to be my children, which experience the father’s counter love for ever and for that reason are happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5136.


Book 58 5137

Joy and suffering serve perfection.

27. May 1951. B.D. NR. 5137.

Recognize the love of the father in everything, in joy as well as also in suffering, and thank him also for latter, because it serves you to joys in future in the spiritual kingdom. Whatever is granted to you in earth life, it serves your soul to perfection, and often the difficulties in life are exactly, which promote its maturity, because the joys very easily result in a turning away from spiritual striving. But the father’s love also wants to make his children happy, for that reason he also prepares joys, so no danger threatens the soul in this way. But the spiritual development of man is always the cause to joy and suffering. And because of the spiritual development also the fates of men are so different, but what is never allowed to doubt the love of the father, because earth life is only short, measured at eternity, and an earth life no matter how difficult is always satisfied most generously in eternity, when it has enabled a maturing of man on earth. But latter is free will of man, not determined inevitably through fate. What helps you to the maturity of the soul must first be utilized through your will, and for that reason suffering and joy can contribute to happiness, since both are born earthly, but can have spiritually a blessed effect. Whatever directs the thoughts to the heavenly father has had success for the soul and demands thanks from you men, because his love gives you so as your soul needs it. But if is draws you away from the spiritual and drives you again to the world, then the favours of God are utilized wrongly, but always in free will. Joy and suffering the father sends you, because his wisdom recognizes, what serves you, and his love is always meant for your state of health in eternity – whatever may happen to you. The love of the father prepares it for you, and for that reason you are to take everything gratefully out of his hand, what helped you to the maturity of the soul, and you will experience his love, because it helped you to perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 5137.


Book 58 5138

The servants, whom the Lord still hired late. God’s word. Truth.

28. Mai 1951. B.D. NR. 5138.

The word is sent to you in divine purity – and daily you experience the Lord’s unusual favour. You are instructed by him himself, who leans towards you in fatherly love and seeks to draw all you men up to him. You are the servants in his vineyard, whom he still hired late in the evening that they are to serve him, because you men stand before the end; the last hour of the day has come, and not much time remains for the work for his kingdom. And for that reason you will also be able to understand it that his infinite love is always more concerned active about you, the closer the end is, because he wants to protect you from ruin; he wants to protect you from an extreme hard lot, from the new banishment in matter on the new earth. You men cannot measure his work; otherwise you would bend in deepest love and humility before him, who is the father of you all for eternity. You go along like blind and are still to become seeing, so that you recognize the right way, which leads up. And this blindness he wants to remove, by him sending his word to you from above that it illuminates your earth way as bright light, as beam of light, which you are to follow and which inevitably leads to him, from whom the light starts for eternity. And this his divine word is incontestable, because it holds the power in it, because it is eternal truth, which can never ever be refuted by enemies of truth so that it would no longer be recognizable as truth by a man striving towards God. The divine word speaks for itself, however only for him, who himself wants to hear God, therefore desires eternal truth. And to desire truth means to open oneself to God’s love light in humble devotion to him, therefore to ask the giver of truth himself for it and to believingly accept his answer, which he will never deny to the children hungry for truth. But who wants to serve him in the time of the end and take part in the work of redemption of needy mankind, he must first of all stand himself in truth, because he is to teach and spread it as most important mission. But then God, as eternal truth, will himself instruct him. He will give instruction to his servant, where and how he is to carry out his vineyard work; otherwise he could never demand good work from those, who are to be his servants in the last time before the end. And you men can believe those most fully, because they are just the mediators between God and you, because he wants to supply to all of you pure truth, so that you are happy. Because truth goes out from God and also leads again back to God. Amen. B.D. NR. 5138.


Book 58 5139

Coming out of eternal order causes dissolving of creation.

29. May 1951. B.D. NR. 5139.

A complete new life order you men must introduce, because you have deviated so far from the law of the eternal order that not just a small change of your way of life is necessary, but you must seriously reflect on yourselves and voluntarily bend again under the law, which I have given you – under the law of love, without which no order can exist. Ask yourselves, how far you fulfil this law, and your answer will turn out little satisfying. But then nothing can be permanent, because without love everything is ungodly and causes a dissolving of the created, which has come out of the divine order in this ungodly state and has stepped on a downhill course, which inevitably leads to the deep. Only what moves in my order from eternity, can be constant. But your existence is the more questionable the more obvious you violate the eternal order. And may also apparently the ground on which you stand be firm, because earthly you feel secure and believe to have power, it will sway, and that very soon. You must completely change, so that you stand spiritually on firm ground, which is unshakable. Love must penetrate you, then you become, by you fulfilling the law, also like me as the giver of law, who has also ordered everything lawfully out of love and love therefore causes highest order. By how much happier would you men live already on earth, so you would like to fulfil my law of love - harmonic, peaceful thinking, constantly helpful acting and gladdening living together with fellowmen would let life on earth already become happiness, exactly for that reason, because you subject yourselves to the eternal law of order, which is based on my love. But exactly the opposite marks your unlawful attitude and it leads inevitably to ruin. Because love builds up; lack of love tears down. Love is guarantee for constant existence, lack of love results in transitoriness so long, until the entry into eternal order proves a change, which the spiritual must carry out, if it wants to live in eternity. The coming out of the eternal order must therefore result in something terrible, because it also means a complete going away from me and consequently irrevocably the hardening of spiritual substance – and, because my law of order is never to be eliminated, earthly creations must be dissolved to again banish these hardened spiritual substances in new creations. Either a complete change of mankind must take place shortly or a change of creation, so that the eternal order is again brought about, in which you men must live whatever happens, if you want to reach your aim, the coming together with me and an eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 5139.


Book 58 5140

Teaching ability. Spirit work. Love. Truth.

30. May 1951. B.D. NR. 5140.

Heaven stands open for all of you, you who want to serve me. And my spirit radiates down to you and brings clarity into your thinking, so you are willing to recognize pure truth. Only my command of love you just must fulfil; otherwise my spirit cannot have an effect in you, which guides you in all truth. And now understand that it is only love, which makes you suitable to work for me and my kingdom. Who has love, his knowledge will be embracing everything and also be according to truth, because who has love, he has me, and I will truly offer him nothing else than truth, so he desires it. But I can also again only use men desiring truth as servants on earth, because their work exists indeed in that respect to instruct their fellowmen, to spread my divine word, which comes from above. Therefore also the right knowledge must be supplied to them according to their vineyard work. And that is decisive, when man can consider himself as learned by me, whether he is appointed by me myself for his service, whether he has the task from me myself to spread my word, whether I myself have recognized him as suitable for this activity and prepare him myself for this mission.

The work for me and my kingdom is a matter of free will and I reject no-one, who therefore wants to serve me. But he must wait for the appointment, because I truly recognize the best, which abilities he possesses, and allocate the place to him, where he can make use of his abilities. But it is not always the teaching activity, which my servants are to practise on earth, because to instruct fellowmen is extraordinary responsible and requires more than an intellectual study, which also such men can prove, who are completely unsuitable for the teaching activity, because they still have not won the right knowledge, which only my spirit can impart to you men – i.e., I myself must be able to have an effect in you, if you want to stand guaranteed in truth. I bless however every work for me and my kingdom, where the will to serve me and to help the neighbour is the sole driving force. And I enlighten the thinking of those, who spread my word, into which they have penetrated intellectually. Because I recognize every good will and bless it. And so a man in the desire to hear my word is instructed by them, then I also give him right cognition, because I always only assess the will and the desire for me and will never allow that they are instructed wrongly, when they desire truth. But those, who stand in direct connection with me and now hear me in the word, will never be able to think wrongly, because my spirit flows over to them and gives light and clarity. And my spirit will always again admonish you men to love, because out of love also wisdom emerges, and to be wise means to know about pure truth and have the cognition of all things, as far as man is receptive for it. And every man can win me through love. For that reason love is more important than however much serious thinking about unsolved problems, because love solves them by itself, because it is the light, which radiates out wisdom and which can never be replaced through human explanations or intellectual researches. Love is I myself, and so you are connected with me through love, you must also stand in right knowledge, and you can then believe without doubt, what I impart to you as eternal love, because I am also eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5140.


Book 58 5141

Unjustified objection having to be bad fate wise.

31. May 1951. B.D. NR. 5141.

What serves you as blessing that I send to you; but what hinders you in your spiritual development, is not my will, but the will of him, who wants to separate you from me. Nevertheless I allow it to not take from men the freedom of will and faith and to also stimulate you yourselves to the test, from which spirit something has gone out. Everything can become a blessing for you, because also the bad can serve your development insofar that you recognize and learn to detest it and therefore decide for good or evil, to which also the knowledge about both is necessary. But evil does not go out from me, but from my counter power, which therefore also has an effect on the will of man to win him. But man decides himself. Where my opponent meets with approval, one cannot speak of my work at man, because man is not forced to his acting and thinking, but does it voluntarily and because he also has the ability to distinguish good and evil. For that reason he is also responsible for the direction of his will, and for that reason he also creates his lot in eternity for himself. And no-one will be able to say that I have not approached him, because the life of all men has fate wise enough opportunities in which he can recognize a leading and determining power, which reveals itself to him. If he does not pay attention to such opportunities or he let himself be determined to develop backwards, then he abuses his free will and therefore uses it in the wrong direction. He gives himself into the power of my opponent, without having being forced by him.

The objection is therefore unjustified that man, as standing under unfavourable influence, could not act differently than bad and that this bad influence forces him fate wise to being bad. Fate always fashions itself so that the ascent development possibilities predominate, when the will is good. Man does not need to fail, when he does not want it himself. For one thing is always at his command, to ask for help from me, which is always granted to him. And every suffering, every stroke of fate is to encourage him to this request, then man is never in danger to sink, because I just wait for the turning of his thoughts to me, to be able to seize and to keep him, that he does not fall. The prayer to me is repulsion of him, who wants to harm him. The prayer to me is power giving and strengthens man in every temptation. Man stands between two powers, and for one of the two he must decide. Understandably both will have an effect on him and seek to win influence. For that reason I also allow the work of my opponent, but do not leave man to his power defencelessly, but I seek to bring him so far through trouble and other strokes of fate, that he calls for me, because only then I can intervene with my power and love, so his will has decided for me. He must come to me in fullest freedom of the will, and if he does not do it by himself, I must cause him to it through serious difficulties of all kind, but which then can always only serve the salvation of his soul and for that reason are allowed by me. But man himself creates evil, so he lets him win power over him, who has changed love to the opposite and for that reason will always act badly and without love and is easily recognized thereby. But I do not hinder him, because also his work aims to achieve the decision of the will. But happy who let themselves be driven to me; who recognize his intrigues and want to flee from him. These I seize and draw them up to me, because they have made right use of their will and passed their earth life test. Amen. B.D. NR. 5141.


Book 58 5142

Miracle working in the end-time. False Christs and prophets.

1. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5142.

You are just to make use of my life power that is always available to you and nothing will be insurmountable to you. But only through a life in love can you acquire this power of love - after which it is now also understandable to you when a man is capable to heal sicknesses and to do other unusual work, provided these abilities are not helped along from below, what however is obviously perceptible by the life of the man. My power of love can be used for tremendous works but always only by men, who are so closely united with me through faith and love that my power can pour into them unhindered. Man himself draws the line; he stems my stream of love when the relationship with me is not right, or rather he can even receive power from below when his life totally opposes my will. But rarely can a man who accomplishes the unusual hide the direction of his love. As long as it is still for the world it is not my power that enables him to do the work. But he who is devoted to me his soul also radiates something divine onto everyone and his unusual power points to the close relationship with me which is always recognizable. The higher a man's standing is in love the stronger is also his faith and therefore he consciously works with my power. Love and faith therefore have to exist first to accept divine work and right faith and love cannot be feigned or denied, which is why they always help to a right judgement when the source of the power is to be examined. Such examinations will often be necessary in the last times before the end because powers from above and below will express themselves; signs and miracles will happen because also my opponent seeks to get faith and supplies great power to those who are in bondage to him. Then it will show that only love gives light and produces the right powers of discernment, that works of divine power can only be carried out by those who remain firm in their faith in me the living God and their redeemer and that all work of God opposing men is also done by God opposing powers, that they are false Christs and false prophets who work miracles on behalf of Satan. I point out to you, my followers, that in the times of the end many things will happen that strike as unusual and therefore supernatural; but I also give to you explanations for this so that you are able to tell a right miracle with my power from deceptions of my opponent that are done because men who have become slaves to him enjoy unusual will power and body power and because of that astonish their fellow humans because as I myself work in those who love me and therefore have accepted me in their hearts so also works that one on men of his spirit when the end is nearby. He can make use of their body form when they have sold their soul to him and then man acts as he wants it. But by their fruits you shall know them. All supernatural things that are accomplished serve only to strengthen power and to increase earthly goods. The world, whose ruler that one is, drops to the feet of those that are equipped with his power. But my kingdom is not of this world - and my disciples of the end-time, my messengers of love, through whom I work and to whom I grant supernatural power, only announce the spiritual kingdom; they teach love and confirm their Gospel with signs and miracles that prove myself, the divine master teacher on whose behalf they speak and in whose name they heal the sick and work miracles. They will be persecuted by those, but saved by myself in their trouble, because once the day comes, when the good and the evil will be revealed, love and hate - where nobody can hide from me, where I will judge the living and the dead, the prince of darkness and his following, where my power and glory will be evident to the ones who are mine, who keep faith with me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 5142.


Book 58 5143

Hostility. Secret work. Increased activity.

3. June 1951. B.D. NR 5143.

Now there are only few, who oppose you, but the time will come, where many will attack you, where you will be only a small number compared to the crowd of men fighting you, that partly also call themselves believing, but are hostile towards you for the sake of the results of a right, living faith, for the sake of the visible signs of the works of the spirit, which stir them up against you. Now you still have a small circle of followers, who are deeply moved by my word and who move it in the heart and acknowledge it; but the time will come, when you also will be separated from them, when everyone will have to look after himself and knows he is surrounded by enemies, who want to take the faith in me and my teaching from him. Then the fruit will come to light, that they have been fed by myself through my word and have assimilated the food full of faith. Because they will hold their ground against all the temptations of the world and again and again find men that are like-minded, with whom they can share and through it strengthen their faith. But all of you will be prevented to work in public; you will have no possibility to spread my word publicly. But each one I will strengthen who longs for me and my word. The hostilities against you will increase uncontrollably and still will not be able to take your inner firmness from you because my spirit will then obviously work in you and my word will become alive in every single person. Hostilities from outside will not be able to shake you inwardly, because I protect everyone who wants to remain loyal to me. And this will I recognize and I give him always the strengthening that he needs to be able to remain steadfast. But before there is a time that you very well can use for the spreading of my Gospel and I want to point this out to you so that you do not let it pass unused. Because you will be able to speak everywhere without having to fear a prohibition; you will also have the gift to speak and often find the opportunity where you are heard and find understanding, where your work in the vineyard is not in vain. And then you are to be eagerly busy and put off nothing what you can do - you are to preach love and point the end out to men. Much will remain in their memory when the last time of the struggle, the last war on faith, begins and even if you are hindered to spread my word - the seed that you sow will take root and come up and also bear fruit in the last times of the end. And your work will continue secretly and be a blessing to you and your fellow human beings because I want to bless all your spiritual activity until the end of this earth and some day in eternity. Amen. B.D. Nr. 5143.


Book 58 5144

Development free will, not despotism of God.

4. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5144.

The divine spark in man is his signpost on this earth, because it drives man to the good, and it warns him of evil acting and thinking – but always only quietly, so that it can be heard and felt, but must not be heard and felt, because it does not push its way forward, but demands the listening of man to the inside, to be heard. For that reason the will of man is again first necessary to become aware of the fine voice in him. The will therefore is the first thing, and according to it all favours have an influence, whereto also the expression of the divine spark in man belongs. But the will is free, neither from above nor from below is it influenced inevitably – neither God nor his opponent determine the wanting of man, but according to free will they have influence on him. This must be mentioned particularly, because it completely transforms the image of the eternal divinity, which is love in itself, when it is taught that the direction of the will is God’s rule, when it is taught that man cannot use his will freely, but depends on God’s favour and mercy, which direction this will takes. It is certainly an act of God’s favour and mercy that man is offered the opportunity at all, to test his will and to prove the will turned to God, but to what purpose would earth life of man be, when his will would be restricted for him and therefore his development on earth completely the work of God, that is, be determined by him to success or failure. Such a teaching lets doubt the wisdom and the love of God and can therefore never be according to truth. Man certainly constantly carries the alarm clock in himself; the mercy of God is constantly recognizable, because also this quiet voice it a gift of favour, a help, to drive man there, where he is to land according to the will of God – but it is completely left up to him, how he uses the gift of favour, otherwise the alarm clock in the heart would sound so loud and audibly that it would have to be heard, and man would then inevitably act so, as it is demanded. Man has free will – that is of greatest importance for his spiritual development and can never be denied, only words can be wrongly understood and interpreted, when the necessary understanding for it lacks, which task man has on earth at all and which aim is to be achieved by him. Who knows about it, he also immediately recognizes the error of a teaching, although it is supported as of divine origin. The love and wisdom of God must always be emphasized; everything must prove the love and wisdom of God, and where it can be doubted, the divine origin of a teaching is missing, because that God, who wants to be loved, does not make himself out to be so that he must be feared. That God, who woos the love of these his creatures, to make them happy for ever with his love, will not introduce himself as a God of anger and of despotism and nip in the bud all love for him. Seek to find the right meaning and do not judge according to the letter, because it kills, while only the spirit makes it alive. But where the spirit out of God works, there all veils fall, and to every man filled by the spirit of God also his word will be comprehensible. Amen. B.D. NR. 5144.


Book 58 5145

Transforming from creature of God to child of God.

6. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5145.

I want to draw you men to me; I want to make right children out of you, you who up to now are only my creatures. Do you know, what it means, that you, as standing in imperfection, are to be transformed to divine beings, so that you can take up the inheritance of the father and create in the same will with me and work to your own happiness? – Do you know that this is a work, to which I certainly help you in constant love and preparedness, but which you have to achieve yourselves through your will? This is a work, which does not require my omnipotence, but your self-participation, otherwise certainly you can become high spiritual beings, however not my children, who as my image must be like me in everything; who must make themselves divine and for that reason had to cover an extreme long course of development to now prove in earth life as man this transformation of the creature to the child of the father. But such a becoming divine does not happen differently than through love. There is no other means, no other way, than to light the fire of love in earth life and by this means to melt away everything, what is still ungodly and still separates the creature from me. All cognition, all knowledge and all faith without love is dead and without success for the spiritual development of man, because a becoming divine of the soul cannot take place in this way, and love cannot be replaced through intellectual wisdom or traditional faith. Love alone makes you to gods, because it is my nature, and therefore my image must be love like me. But also the most primitive thinker can possess love and will lead to the destination far quicker than the highest developed intellect, which is not combined with love. Science is for that reason not one step in advance, where it is about spiritual development, because also the last discoveries, the knowledge about the spiritual truth, man only has then, so he is instructed by the spirit as the result of a love life, whereas a right child of God does not need this wisdom on earth to reach its aim, however stands like lightning in fullest cognition at its entry into the spiritual kingdom. For alone love shapes man to my child, but wisdom only emerges from love and will also then only address man as wisdom, while before man certainly possess a rich knowledge, which his intellect has won, and is still not penetrated by this knowledge, as long as his spirit cannot work in him. To reach the adoption of God is to be the serious striving of every man, because my child will lack nothing for ever; my child is so close to my heart that I feed at again and again with my love; that I supply it bodily and spiritually with everything, what it needs. I take part in all its thoughts and feelings and constantly draw it to me; I turn its sight up and protect it from the attacks of the enemy. I pursue every step and mind that it does not go wrong, because through its love it has become mine. Although my creature has also emerged out of my hand, so a right child still stands much closer to me, because its love it is, what chains it to me indissolubly, while my creature no longer knows this love, indeed for that reason must cover the endless long earth way, to form itself again to love for the purpose of closest joining together with me. In your earth life you men are to fulfil this great task; you are to practise love so long, until you nature itself has become love, to then being able to face me rightly as child, which calls its father and it is heard by him. And then he also fulfils all requests, because he does not let his child call in vain. Then you are so close to the heart of the father, that he himself is in you, that he fills you with his love power and you feel the divinity in yourselves, that you can work on earth already as right children, that you are flowed around by light and power, i.e. also radiate on your fellowmen much love and wisdom and the joining together with the father is easily recognizable. Then you can also serve me successfully as my children on earth, because you do then only that, what is also your spiritual work in the hereafter – you announce my Gospel to fellowmen, who are of good will, and will lead many to eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 5145.


Book 58 5146

State of the souls after death. Light - twilight – darkness.

8. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5146.

Nothing remains hidden; everything will get revealed on the last day. That consider, you men, that you must justify yourselves before God’s tribunal, so you enter the opposite kingdom, so your soul has left the body, so your last day has come. And the eternal judge decides over your lot in eternity; the eternal judge gives to every soul, what it has deserved, and truly judges according to justice. And happy those, who are flowed around by a gleam of light; who have to show acts of love, which cover them themselves in a ray of light, which marks their degree of maturity – happy those, who strive for truth and by this means showed their striving for God; happy those, who made an effort to fulfil the will of God; who stand in the right child relationship to the heavenly father and for that reason are accepted by him and received into his kingdom. But what darkness covers those souls, which lack all love. Also these are for miles around recognizable, because they stand before the seat of judgment of God grey and lightless, in greatest poorness, and their darkness marks their life lacking love, their unbelief and their belonging to Satan, and they turn away from God and seek to flee him. They do not recognize him, but they fear him, who wants to judge them for their acts, and always darker it gets in them and around them, and an extremely needy and unattractive area receives them, where they feel unhappy and rise up against their lot, but which has affected them justly.

And souls stand again in light twilight; they are able to recognize nothing, but not the extreme darkness torments them, but they lack the light. They long for it and are not able to find their way around in their surroundings, although now and then a light twilight plays around them, to which they press in their trouble. These souls have not been bad, however careless on earth and have neglected to get for themselves a bright, shining robe through acts of love; they lived along thoughtlessly, did nothing bad, but also nothing good. Their faith was a dead one, and they did not think of their souls and arrive now in the spiritual kingdom miserably, afraid of the darkness and wanting to flee it, by them anxiously striving to the light, while the souls of darkness flee the light, although darkness is also an agony for them. But in their state they stand no light, before they have not changed their will. Each one soul is provided for according to law and justice – because no soul can hide its nature, because openly and clearly the whole way of life lies before God’s eye and the spiritual kingdom allows no cover of the actual nature, because all acts of man on earth themselves create the state of light or darkness and therefore each soul is recognizable and also where it belongs. You men take pity on those souls, which are still in twilight, because a loving prayer from you can already create a change for them, because it means a flash of light; it means a small supply of power and right directing of their will, and only the love of men or light beings brings rescue to them out of their unhappy situation, which they feel unusually hard and would like to improve. Also the souls of darkness need your help, but in their stubbornness they often reject such help. But persistent intercession for such a soul does not remain without success, because it is like a current of power, which touches these souls and which they feel beneficent. But you men do not know in which kingdom you are to seek your loved ones, and for that reason you do good at it, to think in love of all, also of those, who the kingdom of darkness still keeps imprisoned. You are to eagerly practise intercession; you are to think of all loved ones, who went away from you; you are to know that they all still need much power and thank you intimately for such power supply, which a prayer in love means for them. Through this you remain in constant connection with those people, who were close to you, and will also experience their care for you, as soon as they have awakened out of their lethargy of the spirit; as soon as they have grasped that they must catch up on much, and also can, in the opposite kingdom, where love is also the only means of redemption, and souls willing to help can progress, to arrive at the kingdom of light out of the kingdom of darkness or of twilight. You men, help them, because they need your help, because alone they are too weak in will, and love and justice of God can only really give them the fullness of light, which they have acquired through their way of life on earth. But you can give them light, as soon as you think of those with a loving heart, who are in trouble, and you want to help them. Amen. B.D. NR. 5146.


Book 58 5147

God’s word from above enough for mission.

9. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5147.

Expect nothing from the world and its representatives. For they offer you nothing than only that, what is part of the world. Trustingly devote yourselves to me, and feel secure in my favour. It is a violent fight about your souls in the last time before the end, and this fight has an effect in many ways. It will always be attempted on the part of the dark power, to hinder you from spiritual striving, from the spreading of my Gospel, my word, which is sent to you from above, for because it is truth, it will also always experience hostility, and you yourselves will stand in the midst of hostile work. But the enemy can achieve nothing, as long as your will is turned to me, as long as you want to serve me. For according to your will is also the supply of power and my perpetual care for you. Your mission is too powerful, as that I would let it be endangered through hostile work, and may it also seem as if the counter power has predominance – it will not defeat you, but you will grow strong in faith through my obvious help and support. And so I want to draw again and again your attention at it that my word is enough for you, which is sent to you from above, to be able to meet this your mission. For so I myself are your teaching master, you are truly instructed so, that you can be right tools for me and can give light to your fellowmen, where it is necessary. So you are instructed by me myself, no gap is in your knowledge, for I truly know best, which knowledge serves you men for the gaining of the maturity of the soul; I know it, what and about what you are to speak, and certainly prepare you for your teaching office, for each one is put on his place according to his ability, where he can be active successfully for me and my kingdom.

What you must know, is made accessible to you in the instructions from above; what is not given to you by me, that is also not necessary for the fulfilment of your task, for where the heart is pushed back through the intellect, success is little, when not completely doubtful. I need representatives on earth, who put a loving warm heart into their words, who speak out of their feeling and do not first of all call in the intellect, where it is essential to announce my love teaching. The intellect is indeed not to be eliminated and the words, which my right representatives on earth speak, are also to be able to be accepted by the intellect, but the heart is to impart them, i.e. they are to sound alive and echo livingly in the heart of fellowmen. That, what my servants receive form me, are words of love, given by eternal love itself to man, whom love again enables to receive. And these words are also to be passed on in love, in the inner urge, to help fellowmen by this in his spiritual development. Then the heart is first participating in the handing out of that, what also the intellect must acknowledge, when the gift is examined with a love warm heart. And so the light will always shine there in its complete power, where I myself have lighted it, and this light will not lose its shine, but as it can also only be strengthened through always brighter flaring up love, which increases the effect of my spirit and truly makes man knowing and able, to work for me and my kingdom and to take part at the work of redemption as my disciples in the time of the end. For he possesses my word in all pureness, so as it goes out from me, and the power of my word will become obvious, as soon as the last great trouble starts and men will have to rely on the supply of my word. For I know, which time you are heading for and what is in short supply. And for that reason I myself hand out for you the bread of heaven, and happy, who refreshes himself by it – happy, who seeks to satisfy his hunger with it – for it will give him power, to hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 5147.


Book 58 5148

Jesus. Becoming of the creatures to children.

10. and 11. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5148.

Represent me and my name before the world, so will I represent you in future in eternity, before God, the almighty creator of heaven and of earth, out of whom all creatures have emerged, to whom he gave again an independent life.

So also I, the man Jesus, was an independent being created by him, both according to the body as well as also the soul. I had gone out form the eternal original power, to pass a power development test in independent existence, which aimed to achieve a complete becoming divine, to finally again melt with the original power and to be able to create and fashion as such, to govern over innumerable original created spirits, over innumerable worlds and all its inhabitants. I have passed this power development test as man Jesus, for I used all abilities, which a becoming child of God has received through the infinite father love for its earth life, and directed the immeasurable current of power to me. I myself determined the eternal love to this alienation, because I desired it with the whole love power of my heart and eternal love could not resist me, because it gives itself to every man, who desires it. I spoke as man the words: "No man cometh unto the Father, but by me." I promised you men to ask the father for you, to confess you, so you confess me and my name before the world. For I knew it that I would achieve on earth the last aim, the becoming divine of me myself, and that I then, as being associated with the eternal divinity, I can also give to you, what you ask in my name, i.e. under calling upon my myself. For my father and I am one. The fire of eternal love has consumed everything, what still stood in the way of the complete unification. Body and soul had spiritualized themselves during my earth walk and had become the same substance as the eternal and infinite love spirit, out of which everything has emerged. As man Jesus it worked in me and I worked out of it and with it - but what worked, that was its spirit, the eternal, impenetrable love spirit, which is unlimited, which was therefore also bound in no form, which ruled the whole infinity, which was power and light, love and will, and which expressed itself in the creation of innumerable spirit beings.

I also was such a created being, a child of God, to whom all magnificence of his love was open, but which also had confessed him in free will, when the army of originally created spirits rebelled against him in the awareness of the fullness of power, which made it arrogant and brought about its downfall. I had emerged out of the love radiation of God, which powerfully drew me to him. I was freely put out as independent being, but again and again it drew me back to the original source of power, which made me extremely happy and which I still was not able to see. But I also saw the defection of the spiritual; I saw, how the divine love power dispersed into innumerable creations, and I knew about the purpose of this creation, which was to serve the leading back of the defected spiritual. And my love will became extremely powerful, to take part in the redemption of this fallen spiritual – to create possibilities for it, to again take up the point of view, which the spiritual had left voluntarily. I knew about the eternal plan of salvation of God, of the eternal love and producer of God-like beings, which wanted to extricate themselves from its love expression.

Voluntarily they came out of the association with God and forfeited in this way their divinity. Consequently they became powerless and lightless, and this powerless and lightless spiritual, which has fled the love of God, hardens itself to solid substance, which indeed still was spiritual in itself, but unable to creating and fashioning activity. But eternal love seized this substance and fashioned it according to its will to creations of most different kind. The immeasurable love of God was again at work, and his wisdom determined it, to place the spiritual, wanting to flee from him, into a process of change, which aim is the complete leading back of that spiritual to its start. This plan of salvation made me happy, and love for the defected spiritual persuaded me to help him, when it was to fail. I knew about my mission as man Jesus from the very beginning, because I myself offered me for it, but as I also knew about the joining together with divine love, which was to crown this my work. (11.6.1951) For the being is certainly created by God, by eternal love, but only, as put outside, to reach independence and to strive for the original source of love power in this independence and to be able to work in increased measure in this joining together with it, in the same principle, but with constantly increasing power. It is no dependent state, to work in the in the joining together with eternal love, and nevertheless a working together with it; the consciousness of self remains for the being, and nevertheless it is melted together with God, so it has reached the degree of perfection, since it is completely spiritualized through love. It has then become the image of God, and it still cannot be spoken of several gods, because the becoming divine means the same as a complete melting together with him. As being I once went out from God, but in God I found my aim; the created so to speak entered in free will that state, which is its purpose, which however can never ever be created as far as God is concerned, because perfection in this degree has the very same free will as prerequisite, or also – there is a difference between a creature and a child of God, the image of the father – which finds again in the complete melting together with the father its last aim. In complete free will I have striven for and reached this aim as man on earth, so that therefore the father and I became one and at the same time for mankind, which failed in the process of change, a help was granted, which affected all bound, which had become weak and helpless through the defection from God. As man I brought it this help, because the divine power and ability I gave up, so long, until the work of redemption was accomplished, to move men to contemplation of themselves, so that also they strive for the aim, which is meaning and purpose of earth life – the joining together with God through self-fashioning to love, which makes everything to God and constantly increases power, because it joins together with the original power, from which it once has taken its start. Amen. B.D. NR. 5148.


Book 58 5149

Short time increased work for the kingdom of God.

11. June 1951. B.D. NR 5149.

Only a short time still, then a busy activity will start for me and my kingdom and all who have a living faith and therefore are also in union with me will feel to be urged to work for me, because my spirit is driving them in the knowledge of the exceedingly short time that remains until the last end of this earth. Distinctly these men will recognize me in world affairs, i.e., they will know that it is drawing to a close and that all indications point to it and this knowledge they want to transfer to fellow human beings because they are urged from their inside to inform them. To a certain extent they have proof of the truth of my word and also want to convince fellow humans of it, which is why the number of my representatives in the latter days before the end is ever increasing. And everyone will speak as the spirit is urging him because the will to speak for me and my kingdom and to let fellow human beings find the living faith, causes that my spirit becomes active in them so that they, driven by the spirit, speak out what is useful for fellow humans. This time is still before you, but sooner than you think it will be there, because everything comes true, what I have announced through seers and prophets, therefore also that the falling away from the faith will be great and that is why the earth experiences a shockwave that is suitable to lead many back to the faith. Besides great earthly trouble will make men receptive to explanations and words of consolation and my announcers will therefore find understanding everywhere in the first period of time after my intervention through the elements, because their words give clarity and consolation to men and therefore they are open to instructive speaking and good words of encouragement. But only a short time you have freedom of speech. Very quickly an earthly power will distinguish itself that does not like your spiritual work and which announces hostility to you. And every spreading of my word will be suppressed. But then it turns out where truth is that is based on God as the eternal truth. Because only there the enemy will find resistance, while otherwise men submit to the measures, deny me and challenge the ones that are mine. As far as this you men have to come, before it turns out into which camp you belong, in whose favour you decide, in mine or that of my enemy who pulls you into the deep. And then I will need many disciples, deeply believing men with much love in the heart, who are loyally devoted to me and want to help their fellow humans. For these alone are able to stand firm in the last war of faith on this earth and to be successfully active. And my spirit will announce to them what they are to do and to speak, because my spirit itself will first lead them into the truth, which they then are to pass on to those who are still weak in faith, but are of good will. And their work I will bless, because they serve me loyally until the end, they are my disciples that I again send among men, so that still all are helped that want to be helped. Amen. B.D. NR. 5149.


Book 58 5150

The taught by God need no further knowledge from outside.

13. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5150.

Who stands in extra ordinary favours, to be instructed by me myself, who receives and accepts this teaching material imparted to a man directly, he truly has no longer to rely on getting knowledge in another way, because he is completely satisfied by me with the bread of life; he no longer needs to receive spiritual food from anywhere else; he does not need to draw from a cistern, when the clearest water flows to him out of a source, which is truly a great deal purer and better. But where need is of fresh spring water, there men are to thankfully make use of that water, which is at their disposal, and carefully protect it from contamination.

Do you understand what I want to say to you with it? That I by no means want to run down that, what is holy to you for time immemorial, the book of the fathers, which will never ever lose value for men, who seek to draw knowledge out of it in good faith in me and in love for me. Because deep knowledge is hidden in it, recognizable however only to him, whose spirit has become effective. But so I Myself instruct you, I give you as it were the teaching and the explanation. Because I fit all instructions according to your degree of maturity; I give you as it is comprehensible for you. First of all I let you know about my will, which to fulfil is your earth task. But I also make myself known as God and father, as creator of all infinity and most loving father of my children, who are to achieve the adoption on earth and need for it help and support. The meaning of my words has become incomprehensible for you men, and for that reason I want to explain to you quite simply their meaning; for that reason I again direct my Gospel down to earth, as I have once announced it at the time of my earth walk. I do not just want to exist in your intellect as God; I want to reside in your heart; I want that you vividly believe in me, and I want to instruct you, how you can win this vivid faith – not through much knowledge, which you acquire intellectual wise, even so you have gathered it from the book of the fathers – but only through a love life in fullest unselfishness. By much deeper your knowledge will be and far more alive your faith, so you fulfil my commands of the love of God and of the neighbour. Then you are wise and also intimately connected to me and then also able, to again instruct your fellowmen and to bring them tidings of the effect of a right way of life. And then you are my right representatives on this earth; you are preachers according to my will, because you then draw all knowledge out of yourselves; my spirit directs you then into eternal truth, and knowledge is at your disposal, which you do not receive from outside, but receive constantly through my favour. And then the spring of life has opened for you; then out of the source of my love the living water flows, at which all of you are to refresh yourselves and also serve fellowmen a refreshing drink, so that they taste the pure clear water and they no longer want to miss it. All men could refresh themselves at the spring of life, but only few find it; only those, who do not content themselves with something incomprehensible to them and for that reason look into truth. And since these ask me myself for a refreshing food, I do not deny it to them. Draw out of the source of life; receive with a grateful heart, what my love offers you, and hold in high regard the great favour, to be instructed by me myself. For you will still need much power, which you can always extract from my word, which is send to you from above. Because I have blessed it with my power. Amen. B.D. NR. 5150.


Book 58 5151

Explanation of destructions dependent on nature.

14. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5151.

The world, i.e. the earthly creation, is in permanent progressive development, because nothing, what God has created remains in a state of rest - so constantly on the same level, but only through perpetual change it will fulfil its actual purpose. This process of change does not need to be always visible, i.e., it can take place so slowly that man perceives little or no change, but it also can happen so suddenly and to such a powerful extent that whole creations are destroyed and reshaped and this again man does not realize because he himself hardly survives such a process. Still such upheavals belong to the development process of the entire spiritual that occasionally has to be disturbed out of an inactivity into which it falls as a result of its resistance against God. All creations come from the hand of God for a particular purpose, for the maturing of the spiritual that is bound in these creations. According to the law from eternity creation therefore fulfils its purpose, because the spiritual carries out the activity in mandatory law that helps it to mature. However man can misuse the embodied spiritual in the state of free will, its outer form that was given to him for the same purpose, by ignoring his spiritual assignment, and moreover he can also hinder the destiny of those creations that contain the still undeveloped spiritual, through premature destruction out of evil motives, through use for a purpose adverse to God, through hindering it to serve, and he can therefore as it were misuse the works of creation that were destined for maturing of the spiritual, whereby the spiritual gets in a state of turmoil and tries to burst its cover which is expressed by destructions that are natural, thus not caused directly through the will of men. Because the still bound spiritual can resist the human will, since it is not entirely opposed to God and so to speak wants the spiritual upward development itself. Then the raging against the divine order itself has a destructive effect, as conversely the building up and further development, as a prerequisite, presupposes an action in accordance of divine law, of divine order. And so it follows by itself that also whole works of creation can dissolve, when the divine order is violated to an extent that the actual purpose is no longer fulfilled on the part of men, who are only allowed to enliven and use the earthly creation for the purpose of ascent development. When the creations that arise specially for men to make their maturing possible, are used by these for other purposes, or are misused, then this means a danger insofar, as that the spiritual in it revolts, because it feels the unlawfulness and sees its own development threatened. Therefore a wide-scale destruction of creations taking place through the will of God is often an act of help for the spiritual bound in it that through the will of men that is wrongly directed is hindered in its development, but still wants to come into its own. Besides new creations are to be regarded as the beginning of new epochs of redemption, because the hard matter again contains the spiritual in it that is forced into a course of development through the whole of creation, because in the pre-period it had failed in free will. It had to be robbed of its free will again and now again walks the way of the law in a bound will - it has to serve, because it did not want to recognize its destiny as man and sinned against the law of eternal order. That is why also the same principle underlies every new creation: a serving in a mandatory state according to divine rule and likewise in the state of free will. Always the principle of love has to predominate, if the ascent development of the spiritual has to take place and building up has to be recognized. But where they sin on the other hand there is decay and disorder and finally total dissolving is the result. Amen. B.D. NR. 5151.


Book 58 5152

Fulfilling the love commands. Light - Intercession - Hereafter.

16. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5152.

My will is always the fulfilling of the command of love for me and for the neighbour. Out of the most inner drive of the heart you are to fulfil these my commands, because true love cannot be demanded; it must awaken in the heart and now determine man to his thinking and acting. Love can certainly be won; once through imagination of the highest and most perfect being, which leans towards you in love; and another time through the cognition that also the neighbour is a creature of the highest God being. These imaginations can awaken in man the feeling of love and now determine his acting and thinking. A little spark of divine love exists in every man; it can just be buried or also aroused, and exactly latter is your earth task. This is my will that you fashion yourselves to love, by you feeding the spark in your heart and always let it become greater. Because you are dead creatures without love, because it only enlivens you and gives you the power to work, may it be on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom. Love alone brings you ahead in your development, and without love you will always be dead, also when you still live on earth. And just as dead you will enter the spiritual kingdom, so you do not have love in you. Then you lack light, warmth, life and happiness. Happy the man, who has practised love on earth, who has fashioned himself so that he takes a love dress with him over into the opposite kingdom, because he will easily find his way around and be able to work blessedly for those, who are still of dark spirit. Happy the men, who have extended their knowledge on earth through the love light and can already on earth help to drive away darkness. Only light gives you happiness, whereas darkness means agony for your souls, because it is at the same time powerlessness, fear and ignorance; it is a state of complete blindness, which it felt as agony. And for that reason this state can also in the hereafter only be removed through love work, what again is only then possible, when the soul itself receives so much power, to be able to use it for it. But it is not left without power, so it has the will, to work in love. But the will must first arise in a soul, since it otherwise always remains without power. For that reason your intercession for powerless souls is of extreme great value, because the love of a man on earth can find an echo in those unhappy souls and help them to power supply. Love of a man on earth can be the means, to also soften stubborn souls in the hereafter and to awaken love in them. For that reason only love is to always be preached on earth, because the fulfilment of the love commands is of tremendous importance, because it also has an effect on the opposite kingdom, where the lack of love is felt as unspeakable agony and can still be removed not differently than with love. You men do not know in which miserableness you arrive in the hereafter, when you have led an earth life without love; you men do not know how unspeakably the soul must suffer, as long as it is helped from no side, what only love can, because only the loving remembrance is help for such a soul and frees it from its great trouble. You are not aware of the tremendous power of love, for that reason I want to again and again point out to you that you, as long as you live on earth, are to apply yourselves to an active love life, so that you can successfully work already on earth and in future in eternity and decrease the sufferings of those, who were careless in the fulfilling of my command of love for me and the neighbour. Amen. B.D. NR. 5152.


Book 58 5153

Redemption of the souls out of the deep through Jesus Christ. Hereafter.

17. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5153.

The cross of Christ is the sign of hope for all fallen, who feel unhappy in their situation, may it be on earth or also in the opposite kingdom. The cross of Christ shows them that there still is a rescue, a way out, which just has to be walked along to come out of the deep, out of the kingdom of darkness into the light morning. The cross of Christ is the sign post up, which never misleads. Because he who died on the cross out of love for sinful mankind, he has paved this way; he has paid the purchase price for the souls existing in the deep, and every soul can make use of this privilege; for every soul the way up is free, provided that it itself has chosen Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, as destination; that it wants out of the deep, to reach him. Then it has a right to redemption; then the divine redeemer himself raises it from the deep; then the sins are washed off with his blood; then the sin guild is extinguished, and the work of redemption has not been brought in vain for this soul. Jesus Christ has died for all men, for men of the present, of the past and of the future. He has descended down to hell. He also sent the favours of the work of redemption to the souls of the deep, and also in the opposite kingdom there is redemption for the souls, but never without him, because only his blood shed for the sins can make good that, what a soul has sinned, and his forgiveness must be consciously asked; he must be acknowledged as the redeemer of sin also in the spiritual kingdom, since otherwise a rescue out of darkness is impossible.

The man Jesus has accomplished on earth an incomprehensible work of love, and this work of love also still has an effect in the hereafter; his mercy follows the souls, which departed this life from earth unredeemed. But also in the hereafter the soul must want freely, as on earth that it finds redemption through Jesus Christ; that he may take mercy on it in its trouble, that his love may seize it and draw it up out of the deep. For that reason the knowledge about Jesus Christ and his work of redemption, as well as faith in it, is absolutely necessary and must be brought to the souls, when they have not already won it on earth. But this work is by far more difficult than on earth, because the souls of darkness possess little knowledge and power of cognition and for that reason are not so easily teachable. Nevertheless their state is not hopeless, when they are in trouble and call for help for rescue out of their present state. Then they are not completely stubborn, and a knowledge can by supplied to them through intercession and loving mental instruction, which enables them, to direct their thoughts themselves to Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, and to call on him. And every call in faith and trust in his help will be heard. The way up is then paved, and step by step it is now covered with his help. There is redemption out of the deep, but never without Jesus Christ. Also the opposite souls must experience this, which otherwise would never turn their thoughts to him, who alone can bring rescue to them out of their trouble, who is persistently prepared with his love and mercy, to alleviate trouble and to change an agonizing state to a state of happiness. But the will of the being always belongs to this, and to change it right requires much intercession on behalf of those men, who stand in faith and in love and for that reason can also help those, who are still unredeemed. Amen. B.D. NR. 5153.


Book 58 5154

Men of the world. Transitoriness of the earthly. Change.

19. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5154.

In the frenzy of the pleasure of the world men lose all feeling for the divine-spiritual; all supernatural is for them unreal, imagination and unhealthy self-suggestion, and for that reason little success can be achieved with them, so my servants want to instruct them right. They are two worlds, which face each other, and the inhabitants of the one world can hardly find their way in the other world. But since no tangible proof can be brought to the men of the world, they dismiss everything spiritual as dream objects, which are not to be taken seriously. It is therefore also difficult to preach to them the Gospel, which has taken its start from me, which testifies to me and has my love teaching as content. For world men are egocentrics, who have no understanding for my will, for my love command. Therefore they want to accept nothing, so my servants want to offer them delicious food, for they do not recognize its value. And nevertheless they are also my creatures, whom I want to help, before it is too late. As long as they however pay tribute to the world, they still belong to my opponent – but whether they can break away from him, is a matter of free will, it is doubtful, however not impossible, because the coming trouble makes them aware of the transitoriness of the earthly and this can lead to recognizing, when they just seriously want.

My opponent drives men to works of destruction of all kind. By this means he wants to free the bound spiritual out of matter, so that it cannot develop upwards. But by this means he unconsciously contributes to that many of his followers awaken and recognize the transitoriness of the earthly. And a recognizing can lead to the change of will; a recognizing of the changeability of that, what men mostly strive for, can lead to seek and win something immortal. Then even the work of my opponent has become a success, and man finds back to me, from whom he had gone away. But the world rarely gives up its followers, because they are mostly also enslaved to my opponent, who entices them constantly with the goods of the world. But I also seek to win the children of the world for me and for that reason must often let very severe trouble come over men, in which they can come to recognizing that everything passes and is vain and only that has continued existence, what belongs to the spiritual world.

For that reason also on the part of my servants on earth an influence is to be exerted on the men of the world, where it is possible, because more or less the heard remains in them, even so they reject it, and the coming time will let many words become alive again, which they have heard from my messenger, but rejected it. It will shine like a little light in them and can still grow to a shining flame with right attitude, because time itself will do hers. No man can escape the trouble, so it is my plan to win him for my kingdom. But his will remains free, and according to it also his lot will be in future in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5154.


Book 58 5155

Right child relationship. Free will.

21. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5155.

As you behave towards me, so I also behave towards you. If you want to extricate yourselves from my influence, if you do not to take up my favour, so I leave you fullest freedom; it you do not want to acknowledge me and you believe being able to live without my help, so I also here do not force you. You must then just test yourselves your power and recognize how weak you are, when you do not prefer to obtain power for yourselves from below, but which then draws you down for eternal times. Who seeks me, to him I come to meet him; who calls on me, him I hear; who turns away from me, him I do not keep, and who is my enemy, his state is unhappy out of his own fault, and he then remains in it so long, until he himself changes his convictions. You men create yourselves your lot through your attitude towards me. With love and favour I cover you, so you yourselves establish the right relationship with me, while you end completely empty, so you do not stand in the right relationship to me. Because I do not determine you to right thinking, wanting and acting, but I do help you, so you want to let yourselves be helped. But the right relationship also guarantees right thinking, and for that reason it is the most important, that you step into the right child relationship towards me, because you then go infallibly the way, which leads to the destination, to your perfection, which is purpose of your earth life. The right child relationship includes everything, the feeling of the own imperfection, faith and trust in me and my help, the desire for me, for unification with the father and therefore also the right directed will. Then an extremely full measure of favour is at your disposal; then you are no longer weak, helpless beings, but my love power flows inexorably to you, and you mature at your soul so to speak out of own will. You join me, because the longing for me also finds fulfilment as proof of my father love.

But who isolates himself from me, who does not acknowledge me as father and creator from eternity, he is still of arrogant spirit; he feels himself strong also without my power and is still an unhappy being, which lets itself be deceived by a pretence – which sees the life power as sufficient and will recognize its complete weakness at the end of life, when it has forfeited the life power and no help is granted to it at all by him, whom it has disowned. I give unmeasured, so my gift is desired, but I force my gift of favour on no being. As you behave towards me, so I behave towards you, but not out of lack of love, but to not endanger your free will, because my love is always extremely great and would never leave you in trouble, when this would not be to the damage of your soul. For that reason I must leave to every men his freedom of will and wait, until he himself turns the will towards me. But then I seize him and never ever drop him. Then his resistance is broken, and I can grant him help in extreme measure. Then he establishes the right relationship towards me and heads for perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 5155.


Book 58 5156

Nature of darkness. New banishment.

22. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5156.

It is a complete failure of man on earth, when he departs without all faith, when he let his heart give rise to no love for fellowmen, when his thinking and acting completely contradicts divine commands and no spiritual striving is in him at all, because he could not believe in a living on after death. For such souls it is extremely difficult to ascend in the opposite kingdom, for the lack of love on earth also brings in no loving thoughts, through which he would receive a supply of a weak power. Unbelief and his whole way of life results in a transfer into deepest darkness, where the soul now remains completely inactive and in a powerless state, which becomes an agony to it, because it does not lose its consciousness of self and also feels the darkness. But it has however not the power to flee this state; it is completely without will and just rises up feeling wise against its fate, without thinking about it, for what this state could perhaps be blamed. Only its thoughts can bring about a change, because these thoughts agree with its will and can be demanding help, but also anger shaking, and beings will also approach it accordingly, which it draws towards it through the direction of its will. It is also not alone, but always together with beings of the same kind, what understandably leads to an increase of that, what is to be fought. For exactly the sins and faults become apparent and provoke the other souls to reciprocation, what always means deeper fall, and only after endless long time is hope of change of attitude, but the ascent will always be more difficult, the longer the being remains in resistance. Again and again the love of God taking pity on it approaches the being and gives small means of help, but always without forcing the will, why help is however often rejected. Nevertheless no soul is finally lost, but no matter whether endless long time passes, until it changes. It can also lose itself into the deepest deep, but also then a hope is for it of redemption, only on another way – on the way of the new banishment in solid matter, so that the ascent development can once again take its start and the opportunity is offered to the being, to reach the stage of free will, where it then can again pass its decision of will. Because God lets nothing get lost for ever, only the being itself can prolong the time endlessly, until it voluntarily returns to God, until it keeps his commands in the belief in God, until it enters into the will of God through a love life and redeems itself thereby out of all constraint. Amen. B.D. NR. 5156.


Book 58 5157

Way of salvation. Way of love. Jesus Christ.

23. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5157.

The way of salvation is the way, which Jesus Christ has gone, the man Jesus, who fulfilled the great mission on earth, to pave for all men of the past, present and future the way to God, the almighty creator of heaven and earth. This mission was for that reason so important, because as man he had to fight with the same counter powers as every other man and he still brought the proof that it was possible to become master of them under the application of the right weapons. Because not as God he achieved this work, although divine power expressed itself in all fullness during his teaching activity; but to gain this power, he had to have waged this war with success as man. And so he also brought the proof for it that a man could gain the full possession of divine power and wisdom and also showed the way, which he himself has gone – the way of love, which leads to the joining together with God and therefore also to the possession of light and power in all fullness.

The man Jesus lived completely in the will of God, and his whole striving was directed to that, to get on close terms with him, recognized by him as father; the love for the father filled him and expressed itself in love for fellowmen, because his heart, which is full of love, can no other way, than to draw everything into the area of its love, because it is able to no other feeling opposed to love. Love therefore was the weapon, which he applied in the fight against those powers, which wanted to bring his downfall. Because love is power giver, so that he could never be defeated, because through love he so to speak fought together with his heavenly father against the enemy and for that reason had to gain victory. No-one can resist love; because it is the original power, out of which everything, also the opponent of God, once emerged, consequently is must be stronger than everything and also defeat him, who does not want to acknowledge it. The man Jesus went the way of love, and it directly led to God. He therefore has paved it and made free for every man, because each one can now go it with certainty, to reach the destination. He alone is the way to salvation; he alone is the only way, which the enemy of the soul does not go, on which man is safe from all attacks, because on the way of love he is accompanied by Jesus Christ himself, who is a safe leader for him and protects him carefully from a relapse or deviation from the right way. Who follows him, he goes with him at the same time, and he must also reach his destination. He has for all men fought out the fight with the opponent of God. But he also demands from those, who want to follow him on the way of salvation that they fight against him, i.e., that they likewise apply the weapon of love, with which alone they can beat him. And for that reason the way of salvation is no other than the way of love for God and for the neighbour, because through love man makes himself free from the enemy of his soul; through love he wins the power over him; through love he is constantly power receiver from God, and through love he establishes the joining together with God, eternal love himself. Then his soul has found healing from an evil, which sticks to it through sin, through the former defection from God, for which his opponent was to blame, because he was without love. Then his soul is again reunited with eternal love, because Jesus Christ himself has led it close to the original source of power; it has returned home as right child of God into the father house, because it has gone the right way, the way of salvation, which he himself has shown it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5157.


Book 58 5158

Power of intercession. Ascent through love. Free will also in the hereafter.

24. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5158.

In the opposite kingdom the same applies as on earth – the will to love activity must exist, when an ascent out of the deep is to take place, because also over there the will of the being is not compelled, but it can itself determine about itself, however its state is also accordingly. The opposite souls stay on that level, in which they entered the spiritual kingdom, for so long, until they themselves have the desire in them, to climb up and to change their present state. And like on earth love must awaken in them; they must want to busy themselves helpfully in the face of the trouble, which they see around them. Only this will to help also brings in so much power to them that they can carry it out. The helping activity can already exist in kind encouragement, in advices or warnings, only love for the suffering brothers and sisters must always induce them thereto; the desire to help will then always become stronger and correspondingly also the supply of power increased. But then also the own state will become more bearable, the surroundings become brighter and clearer before the eyes, and the oppressing darkness will give way to a first faint, then a light always becoming brighter, and the souls then strive ceaselessly upwards. Their thinking becomes clear, and full of desire they also accept instructions, which are offered to them by light beings, however in covered form. With increased love activity also the knowledge of these souls increases and now they themselves are able to hand out to those beings, which still stand below them and suffer in darkness exactly the same way as they before. As soon as once the sympathy for suffering souls has awakened in them, they are also rescued from the sinking into the deep, but this sympathy must first of all become alive in them, because otherwise an ascent is impossible. For love then also directs the will right. And so that love flares up in the unhappy souls, much intercession is necessary, which lets them feel the power of love themselves and awakens counter love in them. Only love can rescue the poor souls, because also only a prayer, which is sent after them in love, has the effect, to let love flare up in them, while prayers without love are completely useless and just get the hackles of the souls up, because they increase their detestation of hypocritical belief and can also easily suffocate the belief in God, so they have not yet lost it completely. Everything is without effect, what happens without love, on earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom; love on the other hand dissolves the hardest fetter. And for that reason redemption is certain for every soul in the hereafter, so a man on earth takes pity on this soul in true love and in the will to help also transfers on it the will to help, because a soul cannot resist a loving intercession, it feels it as favour, and in this feeling it also wants to help and show favours. Then its ascent is secured, and it steps out of darkness, which kept it surrounded, to the light. Amen. B.D. NR. 5158.


Book 58 5159

Reference to the near end. Last day.

26. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5159.

You all are to experience my favour and in the last time be clearly referred to the end, by you being able to perceive many changes around you, passing away of earthly goods, sudden decease of fellowmen, who are torn out of the midst of life, strange changes in nature and everything accord with old prophecies, which I have always and constantly sent to men through seers and prophets, to draw their attention to this last time. You men are all stimulated to think, and the question is presented to you, to which fate you yourselves are heading. Earthy and spiritually unrest will befall you, because the earthly events make you afraid and cause you spiritual thoughts, because you men unconsciously feel it that you are there in a very bad way. All earthly events would not frighten you, so you would have had established the order in spiritual respects, but in the earthly you seek replacement for the spiritual, and since the former now appears unsafe to you, your thoughts are still directed to the question: How will I pass, when everything has ended? - And this question is to emerge in you, for that reason I let so much trouble come over men, because much time no longer remains for you, but still enough, so you seriously want to change. Everything, what still concerns you of strokes of fate before the end, are means of favour, even so you do not want to accept them as such, but they can still bring you to your senses, how miserable you are in the case of a sudden recall from this world. Pay attention to all happenings around you; keep eyes and ears open and prove to yourselves that a spark of sense of responsibility is still in you; do not be indifferent; go into you and keep quiet contemplation about your actual value, so you are to justify yourselves before me on the last day. For the last day is for each one the day of the death of his body, which is closer to all of you, than you suspect it, and individuals will meet it still sooner, because to all of you much is still near. You cannot fight the death of the body, so your hour has come, but the death of the soul is to be halted by you, indeed, you can give true life to the soul, which lasts for ever, which can never ever be taken from you, so it has once awakened to the life of the spirit. For that reason I so often hold bodily death before your eyes; for that reason you see it so often around you; you see everything pass, what was worth something for you and made you happy; you see dear men pass, from where no return is anymore to be expected. I let you see all this, so that you become thoughtful about your actual I, so that you give account to yourselves, what you perhaps have to record, to secure an eternal life for you, when the body passes and nothing remains anymore behind on earth. And so you think about it and just give a little hearing to the voice in you, you have used a means of favour, because I cannot help you otherwise. Everything, what comes from me, must look as if it would come out of yourself, only then you accept it. You will still often have cause to think, and you are to always think about that the last time brings extraordinary appearances with it, so that all, who still have a good will, can achieve that in a short time, whereto otherwise much time is at their disposal. But with quick steps it goes towards the end, and I still want to win many, before the end comes. For that reason my favour is handed out to you constantly; who recognizes it and uses the means of favour, does not get lost on the last day, may it come suddenly for him or only at the end. He will not need to fear it, because my favour has rescued him from spiritual death. Amen. B.D. NR. 5159.


Book 58 5160

Fight with the Sword of the Mouth.

26. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5160.

In a world of worst unbelief, of crassest unkindness and of fullest ignorance the pure word of God that you receive as special favour will not be recognized as divined gift since the ability of recognizing is dependent on faith and love of a man and acumen alone does not replace the ability of perception. And still men walking in spiritual blindness have to be influenced; it has to be attempted to awaken faith and love in them so that also knowledge comes as a result of them. Influence has to be exerted insofar as to reproach men with the results of their wrong life without faith and love and that the dreadful fate is pointed out to them that waits for them if they do not change. Without faith and love no understanding can be expected for spiritual teachings but when men are told that they themselves create an unbearable or a blissful fate then they will get used to the possibility of such and will accordingly be receptive for further instructions or otherwise will completely reject and deny a survival when they already have become a total slave to him who gave them this direction of thinking, who has an effect on them is such a way that they neither believe nor are active in love and therefore are darkened in spirit until the final bodily and spiritual death. The will of men is in no way influenced in the times of spiritual darkness that it decides on a particular direction. Only one thing can be achieved through talking and presentations that they think and then the desire for the truth is decisive what direction the thoughts take. And that is why it is a fight with the sword of the mouth that only one can wage who is able to refute everything what is presented to him or put forward as counter objection from the opposite side. Of a bright spirit must be men who oppose those; they themselves must be led by divine guidance, they themselves must only be the tool through which God expresses himself but who still does not infringe on the free will of man when this one wants to remain his enemy and also does not let himself be persuaded through divine words. Still the work of a man who tries to bring light into the spiritual darkness is an exceedingly beneficial one because the thoughts of those are stimulated who cross his way as he gets ready to fight for the kingdom of God, as he speaks out of innermost impetus to instruct the mistaken fellow human beings and to help them to reach the light of the day. He will well find much unbelief, he will be exposed to hostility, the opponent of God will oppose him with the wisdom of the world, and always new objections he will have to refute, but he will also have a supernatural power that is recognizable by his speeches that are not refutable and by his conviction - one will not be able to prove to him the opposite of what he represents, on the other hand one can convince oneself that his words deserve to be believed when the earnest will and the desire for truth is there, that the promises are coming true when the conditions are fulfilled that are attached to them. Only the will has to be there to let love come up in oneself then also faith will be awakened and recognizing will be easy. But the opponent of God also works untiringly to confuse the thinking of men and that is why he drives them to unkindness and destroys all belief as long as man does not defend himself. It is a fight that has to be waged with all inconsiderateness when it is to bring in victory. But the inconsiderateness of the servants of God on earth consist in that they mercilessly uncover the play of intrigues that the opponent of God commits, that they are not afraid to expose him, that they present the faults and vices of men with the remark that they are under the influence of him who pulls them down into the deep. Because then they speak the truth while the opponent tries to win his followers with lies and whitewashes everything what men do in their unkindness. It is not spiritual arrogance when his faults are pointed out to the fellow human being because he who recognizes the causes of spiritual blindness also has the right such as a physician to point to the causes of the sickness and so he has to mercilessly uncover the faults so that actions will be taken against them and recovery is achieved that does not affect the body but the soul and secures it a life in eternity. He who himself believes he knows about the disaster of unbelief and is to control it; he who himself has matured in knowledge through love he also knows about the state of souls that are devoid of all love and when he earnestly wants to help them then he has to test the power of the divine word with them and try everything to save them out of greatest spiritual trouble - he has to fight with the sword of the mouth and his spirit will guide him well, he will always find the right words and his fight for the kingdom of God will be successful. Amen. B.D. NR. 5160.


Book 58 5161

Power of intercession.

30. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5161.

The power of intercession for the deceased you are to impart to all those, who have gone from you, no matter, in which degree of maturity you think they are, because they all still need power and are grateful for every help. It is an awareness making happy, having helped souls up from the deep, and you will only recognize that correctly, so you yourselves have arrived at the opposite kingdom and see the need in which many souls languish, because they are without intercession, because they have no man on earth, who thinks of them in love and sends them that power, which they need to ascend. It is an enormous eagerness, in which souls create, as soon as they have just once experienced the power of love and now use this power, but the initiation must be given to them exactly through loving intercession on behalf of men, because it touches them first and changes the direction of their thinking. But this intercession must be done consciously, i.e. with the intention to help the souls in their ascent development.

You men are to know that your intercession is valuable and are to familiarize yourselves now with the need of the departed souls and out of a loving heart send up a prayer for the supply of power for these souls. And this supply of power they will then certainly experience and also feel the love gratefully, which was meant for them and causes them to the same love, which now radiates out to their surroundings and works like a weak light, which does good to all souls. You men can busy yourselves so unspeakably redeeming, so you just have the will to relieve trouble and suffering. Because this will drives you to prayer, which comes from the heart and which alone only has redeeming power. Everything what you do you must do consciously, not as outer form or lip prayer, because it has no effect, because the conscious will to help is not active. Only love redeems – that is to be said to you again and again. With love you achieve inconceivably much; through loving intercession you can carry so much radiating light into darkness that many souls get together there, and are touched by the ray of light, always with the success that the feeling of love also awakens in them and wants to get busy. Loving intercession is an enormous power current, which will never miss its effect. Include all your loved ones in this intercession; call them to you in thoughts and tell them that you want to help them and that they are to accept your help quietly and without resistance; instruct them in thoughts that there is also an ascent for them, so they want to make use of the power, which you give to them through intercession. And always point them to Jesus Christ. Only one can redeem them, and this one is to be won through love only. For that reason present to them that they are to help again those souls with the power imparted to them, which likewise are in great trouble that this love work at those souls leads them again closer to Jesus Christ, who then draws all to him in greatest mercy and leads them into the kingdom of light. Have you helped a soul to the right application of the power sent to it, then its ascent is secured, then the weakness of will and powerlessness has given way, and it eagerly strives up and draws countless souls with it up, because they now impart their knowledge also to them and therefore one right intercession results in unsuspected blessing. You men on earth, do not underestimate the power of intercession, but always think of it that it must come out of a loving heart to really be power giving. And include all your loved ones, because the all still need power and thank you for it for ever, so you still increase their weak power and think of them in love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5161.


Book 58 5162

Time determination of the end - False prophets.

1. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5162.

Wanting to determine the coming world judgement time wise is not according to my will and my wisdom, which very well recognizes that knowledge about the time and hour is disadvantageous for you men, since it would influence both your thinking as well as your acting and therefore is kept secret by me, despite my constant announcements and warnings and admonitions. You men must walk in free will in your lifestyle, whereto certainly always perpetual references to the end are good, but not the exact knowledge about time and hour. The end, world judgement, is certainly very close, and I announce this again and again to you, nevertheless you all will be surprised, because no-one will expect it for sure and believe in the speedy end. But who believes to be able to name time and hour, he is not my emissary, and do not believe his words, although he pretends to speak for me, although he also seeks to guide fellowmen to the right faith in me. Nevertheless this claim is not imparted to him by my spirit; it does not come from me; it is own thought product, of which he himself is sure as truth and therefore seeks to spread it. "Day and hour knoweth no man." Remember these words, which I spoke on earth to my disciples. As God and creator of infinity I certainly know for eternity about this day and this hour, but my wisdom prevents me to announce this knowledge to you men. Because it is about the free will of man, which is not allowed to be encroached on, but is encroached on by every certain revelation of the last day. The day is certainly fixed for eternity, but exactly the same way also all happenings before are fixed, which are to contribute to the change of will of man without compulsion. And so everything is done as far as I am concerned, what is useful for man to be able to expect on the last day my judgement in the right state. But so it is not used by man himself the right way, his lot is already decided for endless long time. Knowledge about the day and the hour of the end would now result in a forced change of his nature, but which entitles him to the entry neither of the kingdom of light nor of the paradise of the new earth, but would also not hand over man to eternal ruin – because anxiety and fear determines his will, but not love, which is to be the sole cause to the change of will. Love therefore would still be little, and that does not entitle to speak of a change of nature; but the will to do the right thing, would have to be taken into account of the being; the being would as it were be obedient, but not out of love, but out of fear. But at the end love decides. Because I want to separate the goats from the sheep; I want to bring about purification, as a result of which a redemption section is brought to an end, before a new one begins. For that reason a clear decision of the will must take place, whereto men have ample of time and opportunity and the near end is announced to them as drive. But they must decide completely without compulsion. For that reason I keep day and hour secret, but it will come like a thief in the night – when no-one expects him, he will be there, when men find their satisfaction in the pleasure of life, when they chase from one enjoyment into the other, when they forget everything around them and are cheerful, when they will be in fullest joy of life. Then the day will dawn, which makes an end to all of it. And then it will turn out, who stands by me or by my opponent, who is lord of this world. Then everything will become revealed, light and darkness, truth and lie, love and hate – then no-one will be able to hide or veil his true nature. Then everyone will act so, as he really is, because the trouble around him pulls the mask away from the face, and then everyone gets the right reward – light or darkness, heavenly happiness or eternal damnation. Amen. B.D. NR. 5162.


Book 58 5163

Bible - Spirit work. (after talk of Jehovah’s Witnesses)

2. and 3. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5163.

Only accept that as truth, what I send to you from above. What does not agree with that, is not mine, but the spirit product of my opponent, because my word will always remain the same, and its meaning will never contradict itself, when it is understood right. Particularly the false interpretation of my word is the cause that I again direct it to earth pure and unaltered with the explanation, how I want my word to be understood. The intellect of man often becomes confused and is no longer able to cope with my word; but the intellect of man is again conceited and believes itself able, to interpret my word right, and completely disregards on that occasion that divine words can only be fathomed with the divine spirit and that without the divine spirit the true meaning cannot be found. And for that reason my spirit must first be able to have an effect in man, before he grasps the meaning of my word and can interpret it to his fellowmen. As I always spoke to men, so I also still speak today with them and always only pure truth, why my word can also never change. The same understanding should also always exist, but the thinking of a man will always be according to his will, because as it is directed, so is also the ability to recognize truth; and since my word is eternal truth, so it will always be recognized more or less right; it all depends how the will of the individual is. So therefore false teachings come or came into being as the result of free will of man, which has an effect on the power of cognition. And for that reason men are not qualified for the spreading of my word or for teaching activity, as soon as the will has taken a wrong direction, as soon as he himself does not recognize that truth alone can only be won, when the will completely subjugates itself to mine and therefore truth is now his undisputed property. But as long as the will does not decide, but the intellect, door and gate is opened to error, because the intellect can be influenced by him, who wages war against truth. There is only one way to truth, which must absolutely be walked – to call the originator of truth himself for it, and what he now sends to man, is the sole truth. Easily comprehensible and believable the words from above speak to you men and are also accepted in exactly the same way by those, who are also of good will. (3.7.1951) Because they speak to the heart, and the hearts also receives them, while the intellect must make an unusual effort, when the heart does not explain the meaning of the words to it. The spiritual meaning can be explained to you men only by me myself, and indeed again only through the spirit. The same also applies to the knowledge, which you men draw from the book of the fathers. Also this my spirit must first have explained to you, before you can penetrate into the right meaning of the words. But truly no study is required for it, no intellectual gathering up of spiritual material, even so latter is also called my word. Because it only becomes my word, when my spirit in you has become effective and then the spirit of the word speaks to you, not just the letter. And my spirit has an effect in every man, who has fashioned his heart completely to love. He recognizes most clearly also the spiritual meaning, which is hidden in every letter. But my word, which is imparted to you men directly from above out of extremely great favour, because an extremely great spiritual trouble makes unusual help necessary – this word is transmission and explanation at the same time. It gives you men information to all questions, which answer is necessary for you, if you want to rescue your souls out of the danger of ruin on the last day. This word can always be taken as guiding principle also by those, who seek to penetrate the book of the fathers intellectually and are still unclear about the meaning of my words. And where the results deviate accordingly from my word imparted from above, there you may calmly reject, what does not agree with latter. For that reason I however do not reject the book of the fathers, which holds my word in it, however veils the meaning of the letters out of wise discretion, to so cause men first to the awakening of the spirit spark in them, which will then instruct them surely and truthfully and easily comprehensible. But as long as the spirit is still un-awakened, men will also not stand fully in truth, because to hand this out I myself reserve for myself, however refuse to give to no man, who loves me and keeps my commands – who proves this to me through unselfish neighbourly love and then asks me intimately for truth, for enlightenment of his spirit. Everything will be comprehensible to him, and neither doubts nor untrue thoughts will emerge in him, because my spirit can now work in him, the comforter, which I have promised you, which guides you in all truth and also reminds you of all that, what I have told you. Amen. B.D. NR. 5163.


Book 58 5164

Bible research. Intellectual knowledge. (after talk of Jehovah’s Witnesses)

3. and 4. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5164.

Only that can be of use for you men, what you understand, and I will truly not demand from you, to receive an incomprehensible knowledge in you, because such just confuses your thinking, but does not help your soul to mature. I certainly want to guide you into truth and therefore open a spiritual knowledge for you, but it is better, to leave you ignorant, than to offer you deformed spiritual material or to present food to you, which is indigestible for you for that reason that the teachers themselves do not possess the right knowledge and they therefore have no ability to instruct their fellowmen. The food, which they offer, has no nutritional value; it is rather only suitable, to suppress the healthy hunger for right food and the burden the souls, therefore to make the ascent up more difficult. It is so little, what you men need to know to be happy, and what is to be sent to you of divine teachings. My love command is the short summarized teaching, which announces my will to you, and the fulfilling of my love command will then also earn you the knowledge, which is useful for you to the winning of eternal life. Because right knowledge comes as the result of a love life; the right knowledge, which is according to truth, is the effect of a way of life led in love. And for that reason only love needs to be preached to you men, and you receive then the right food, which is suitable food for your soul. And this sermon you all can understand; it requires only your will, to fulfil that, what I demand of you. Only unselfish love I demand of you, but not that you seek to enrich yourself of knowledge intellectual wise, which is only really comprehensible, so the heart is able to love and able to will.

Grasp it, you men, that all spiritual knowledge only becomes real knowledge through a love life and that it has no value without such before my eyes and also not for you yourselves. For that reason, when you want to instruct your fellowmen, then just present to them the blessing of a real love life; make me recognizable to them as a God of love, of wisdom and of omnipotence, so that they learn to love me and out of love for me also practise neighbourly love. And so you have accomplished this work, to stimulate men to constant love work, then you truly haven been the best teaching masters; then you have helped them indirectly to knowledge, which now flows to them as effect of love, because then the spirit in them becomes alive, which guides them in truth, because love earns them enlightenment of the spirit and it is now easily comprehensible to men, what cannot be explained to him intellectual wise only. Because the spirit alone gives life to knowledge; the spirit alone instructs man right. (4.7.1951) And so you can confidently count yourselves to my students, you who receive my word from me directly and you who accept this my word, so it is offered to you from my receivers. I instruct all of you, because I know it, who adjusts himself right to my gift; I know it, what every individual needs, and I know also, how the individual assesses and utilizes it. And that alone is decisive, what he receives. But so I now give to my students according to ability and will, to accept it, so you can see from this that a head full of intellectual knowledge has no other value than that, to be regarded before fellowmen as knowing. For so he passes on this intellectual knowledge, the heart of the receiver is neither ennobled by this means nor is spiritual food supplied to the soul. For spiritual food is only that, which strengthens the soul for ascent; spiritual food is that knowledge, which lets love for me and for the neighbour revive, and for it takes truly little, but the right knowledge. But so you now believe having to explore the book of the fathers most thoroughly, you let more your intellect become active than the heart, and then, what you achieve of success, will serve less the soul than more worldly knowledge, although it is of spiritual origin. For you rather seek to explain, and to also set time wise, worldly happenings, than to penetrate into my plan of salvation from eternity, which however only aims to achieve your spiritual recovery. What you draw on knowledge out of the book of the fathers, is little suitable for this recovery, as only love is still always the sole means of recovery, and it can also be practised without such knowledge, and it must also be practised before, before man can speak of right knowledge, of truthful spiritual thought material. The eagerness is certainly to be praised, with which they believe to serve me, but this eagerness is only then right, when it is expressed in love for the neighbour, because only then the rebirth of the spirit can be achieved, which alone moves you into all truth. Everything, what is done for me, I however acknowledge as love for me, but this love is only then proved, so it is also meant for the neighbour, and this teaching is to be spread everywhere as most important Gospel, for all cognition depends on it, soul maturity and also eternal life – but not on his knowledge about historical events or on the interpretation of my word in not comprehensible meaning. Only the fulfilment of my will leads you men to the destination, and my will is and remains a life in love, a fulfilment of my command of God-love and neighbourly love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5164.


Book 58 5165

Power of God. Life.

5. and 6. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5165.

All life is the effect of my power; my power manifests itself in every work of creation. Thought as such is likewise an expression of power for my part and therefore there is nothing what does not have its origin in me, although it has taken a wrong path long after its beginning as it was originally determined. Because a perpetual cycle takes place of the power that emanates from me for the purpose of continual increase of the same and continual arousal to new life and therefore also continual new creations. Thus my will to create and my power to create is incessantly active to produce life. And a holding back of my power would mean a total freezing of the whole universe, what however is never possible because my power cannot use itself up and cannot cease to exist as I myself cannot cease to exist as primary source of the power that emits from me. I was, I am, and I remain always and forever the same and the same way that, what is created by me, remains always and forever, only in ever changing form, because my power tolerates no standstill and every supply of power has to have a building up effect and this is expressed through ever more perfect creations. And my power finds access everywhere and nothing could exist when it would not be touched by my power. My love and my wisdom direct the power as required and my will determines the acceptance of the same and nothing can oppose my will. But my love and wisdom also created some entity, desiring to also cause this the happiness and bliss of power utilization, of creation, to give it an assignment and to make it over happy through the ability to fulfil that assignment. And this entity had to be an image of me, standing in the same perfection, equipped with divine abilities, that I wanted to supply with power unlimitedly, so that it could be active creatively and developing like me. This entity therefore was likewise a product of my power and my will of love. It was called into being out of my power and could develop completely free because all the time power was flowing towards it and it also had free will to make use of this power. It became a power recipient, but it also could radiate power as this was its purpose. This first created being felt exceedingly great happiness and exceedingly great happiness it could again cause by likewise giving life to beings to a free independent existence. My power flowed unstoppably towards the first being and through this one also towards the countless entities who came from the will of that one by utilization of my power. This was the beginning of that, what is out of me, although it is eternally not to be thought of as being separated from me. Because my power, and all what is out of it, remains eternally my portion and can eternally no longer break off from me. That being however, that got my power directly from me, felt in full possession of my power since it incessantly created new beings without its power being curtailed. In no way was it influenced by me in its thinking, wanting and acting, because as perfect being, as my image, it also had to be completely free and feel independent. But it also had to be able to have the highest degree of love towards me from whom it came. But this was stronger towards himself. He gave himself the first place in his thoughts, although he did not lack knowledge on the basis of his perfection, that also includes recognizing truth. He was overbearing and fell. The power that went out from me went endlessly far away from me and now needs a way just as endless to again get back to me. But the return of the power to its beginning is a law that cannot be overruled forever, if it is to keep its effectiveness, since it is only fully effective in union with its original power. Therefore the cycle of radiation and return has to take place, but this also means a continuous power increase because the intake containers of divine power have to get into action as soon as they are touched by it. The deeply fallen entity is well still power bearer, but with only weak effectiveness. But it cannot remain completely inactive, because my continuous radiation of power penetrates as far as the deep and achieves there a counter effect and every resistance produces power. This production of power means again the emergence of new life - emergence of any creations that again carry out an activity for the purpose of power increase. So therefore the highest light bearer, that first being created as my image, became through the fall into the deep unintentionally occasion to the production of countless works of creation in which my power was manifested and so created enormous life in the universe, because power can never be inactive and again and again flows towards the primeval source, continually increases and can never run down. That and why innumerable entities are taking part in this power increase and without fail have to return to its source as spiritual that was pulled down together by the fallen primeval spirit, requires no further explanation, than that my love for that, what came from me is unchanging and that this love is not getting less even if the products of my power are endlessly far away from me - but that my will to love does not rest before it again stays close to me and can work and create with me in happiness as it is its destiny. Amen. B.D. NR. 5165.


Book 58 5166

God-wanted contact with the spirit world.

7. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5166.

A huge number of spiritual beings besieges the earth and stays near men, who are somehow connected to them through the same spirit maturity, the same conviction or relationships in earth life. They all feel that great things are preparing themselves; they know that something is in store for the earth and its inhabitants; but only highly developed spirit beings know the eternal plan of salvation of God and therefore also the course of the coming time. An extremely busy activity prevails in the spirit world, which wants to come to the help of earth men on the behalf of God, to still increase their degree of maturity if possible, before the day dawns, which ends their life. The ignorant souls in the spiritual kingdom also feel a general threat for earth men and instinctively stay near those, they were on close terms with. They can give themselves no information, over which they are worried, and are still worried about men, particularly so they were connected to them in love. There exists however a law, according to which there is no enlightenment, as long as a man is without love and faith. For so long the soul of man is unable to recognize and accept truth. The same also applies to those souls in the spiritual kingdom, which have left earth still imperfect. They lack all understanding for eternal truth, and therefore the plan of salvation of God is also incomprehensible to them; a thinking deficiency is at it were to be recorded; they do not grasp, what of higher truths are offered to them, until they have awakened love in themselves and by this means gain a certain understanding. And so no enlightenment can be given to these souls for the time being in the spiritual kingdom about the reason of their unrest and concern. But they would like to announce themselves to men and seek in every way to direct the thoughts of men to them, in the belief to be able to speak to them and to be understood. It is a great disappointment for these souls, when they are not heard, as they believe, and they still do not give up their efforts, to make themselves understood. It is a certain kind of love about their left behind, and this love is taken into account by God and a possibility given, to express it. Wherever men on earth come together in the remembrance of the deceased, to help them, a contact wanted by God from earth to the spirit world can be established. But love wanting to help must always be the cause, which will then also bring about blessing on earth as well as also in the spiritual kingdom. And now the degree of maturity of these men is again decisive, which souls in the spiritual kingdom are allowed to be able to express themselves. Men are surrounded by countless souls, and each one would like to announce itself, but not every soul is permitted, but all are allowed to listen, and they will understand it, what is brought up. A spiritual rampart of protection surrounds spiritual striving men, but as also the opposite leaders of the still ignorant souls make an effort, to bring them into a higher degree of cognition, by them always hearing and understanding words of love and stimulate them to think about their own state and degree of love. Therefore men on earth can also have an effect on these souls beyond death, when the connection with the spirit world is established on a God-pleasing basis – to give and to receive, whatever is helpful for the soul. For spiritual striving ones the contact with the opposite world is therefore always allowed, only men are to always give an account to themselves about the motive, which lets them establish such a connection. For opposite souls it is a relief, an easing of their worry about men, when they can draw the attention of them to that, what threatens them, for which they have a fine feeling, however do not have the right explanation. And they will always stay near the ones at risk and want to help them. And this will to help is valued by God and rewarded with counter help. Amen. B.D. NR. 5166.


Book 58 5167

Recognizing truth and utilizing in love.

8. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5167.

The knowledge of man does not makes up his happiness, but the utilizing of the knowledge, because love is necessary for it and love alone has an effect making happy. And so man can certainly possess knowledge, without living in love. But then it is only a pure intellectual knowledge, won through study, through eager thinking about problems, which certainly project into a spiritual area, but can only then be called spiritual knowledge, when man has been instructed by the spirit in him about it through a love life. Having received extensive knowledge does not yet guarantee the possession of it, because what has been won through intellectual activity, is just as transient as all earthly knowledge, even so it is of spiritual content. It is a dead knowledge, which has already on earth no enlivening effect and gets completely lost in the hereafter. Only love awakens the letter to life; only love gives understanding for spiritual knowledge, and only love lets this knowledge make happy. But love constantly shares what makes itself happy, to also make fellowman happy. But knowledge will again only then make happy, so it is received with a loving heart.

From it you men see that always only love determines the degree of knowledge, in which men stand, because although a loving men still lacks knowledge, he will however have understanding for it immediately, so it is presented to him. Love recognizes truth, and love also utilizes it. Who has right truth, cannot otherwise than to pass it on, because love drives him to it, but he must also stand in love to have recognized it as truth. Nevertheless man can also support knowledge, which is not according to truth, but then he is to ruthlessly give answer to himself to the question: In which degree am I willing to love? - And this answer is also the degree gauge for truth of that, what he supports. A man active in love is full of eagerness to serve God, because he has recognized him as father and creator from eternity, as the most perfect being, of which he knows as being loved. And for that reason he will serve him with the whole heart and the whole soul, even so it is not visible outwardly. But one thing he will not neglect, to point fellowmen to him and seek to move them to have faith in him. Because who himself believes, also wants to bring fellowman to it, to devote himself to the father as child. And for that reason he will always supply that, what he himself knows, to fellowman. This knowledge is full of truth and increases with increased love activity. Intellectual knowledge on the other hand is passed on profession wise, and this is mostly connected with earthly interests. Love gives, without demanding payment, but who demands such, does not stand in love, but just in the profession. He reaps the benefits from his intellectual knowledge and only puts love on the second place. And this knowledge will not bring much blessing; it just stimulates again to intellectual activity, but the heart remains untouched and does not get to know the happiness of the receiving of truth. Because that knowledge can be truth, but without love is not recognized as such. For that reason first of all cultivate love, and what is then offered to you as knowledge that hand out again in love. Only then your knowledge increases and remains your spiritual property, which is immortal and enables you to happy making activity in the opposite kingdom and again causes happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 5167.


Book 58 5168

Prayer for favour and power, for illumination of the spirit.

10. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5168.

Your request may be and remain always: "Father, fill us with your spirit, with your power and your favour." With this request you testify to spiritual poverty that you admit your weakness and ask me for love supply, for power and favour and for illumination through the spirit. And I will hear you, because every prayer, which concerns your spiritual supply, I hear and yield to and help you up. As soon as you are concerned about the welfare of your soul, you also have grasped the meaning and purpose of earth life, and then it is easy for me to give to you, what you request, without endangering your free will. Then you are aware of your still imperfect state and seek to remove it out of free will. You come to me, that I help you, and you will truly be helped, because my heart is glad over your desire for me, and I can give to you like little children, which must be looked after and instructed in their weakness and ignorance, so that they grow and thrive and walk on the right way – so that they step on that way, which leads to me, up, to the light. Power, favour and illumination of the spirit – so you request these, you possess everything – my love and mercy and complete clarity about your earth task and its solution. You enter into the state of cognition and then go along seeing, where you before were still blind and for that reason also still unhappy. So my current of power touches you, you also feel my love for you, which attracts you mightily. I love you, although you are still imperfect, and therefore supply favour to you constantly, to let you become perfect, so you use this favour. And you will do this, because you also ask me for illumination of the spirit and for that reason most clearly recognize what you lack, how you are to live and which way you must go to be happy. You achieve everything, so you ask me for power and favour, for illumination through the spirit. Because then your heart is already opened for the love current; my spirit can be active in you, because you no longer prevent it from it, because you open yourselves for my favour and love current and it inevitably becomes effective in an earth child willing and turned towards me. I truly love you terribly, and still my favour must first seize you, because over your imperfect state you are not worthy to receive proofs of love from me, and I must therefore let favour take its course before justice. I must draw you to me, since you do not come by yourselves, but you can decide yourselves, whether you accept my favour. I do not force you to follow me, but my favour has a quite mighty effect on him, who does not resist. And every request for favour is giving up of resistance. Consider that; that I can then cover you amply, so you testify through your prayer the will to accept and to utilize the favours from me. Call upon me for power and favour and the pouring out of the spirit over you. Then true humility is in you, for you feel it that you need this supply. And to the humble I give my favour. He calls on me and has already come considerably closer to me in his humility, because he has establishes the child relationship, which includes love for me and humility to me and shapes man so that I can give him amply of my favour and my power and my spirit – which now gets active in him and guides him into all truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5168.


Book 58 5169

Public confessing. Living faith.

12. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5169.

Who confesses me with the mouth only, he will not remain steadfast, so a confessing of me myself before the world is essential, because he does not belong to those, who are firmly convinced inwardly of me and my teaching. And there will be many, who are not steadfast, because up to now they only dealt with truth superficially, with spiritual thought material, which testifies to me. They are just empty words, which they use without thinking, when they are persuaded to religious views, but so they are to take a serious stand on it, they fail, because they lack all knowledge, because their faith is just a form faith and their life on earth, so it seems good, exactly only a pretence life. They have not yet awakened the divine spark in them; it is buried and can for that reason not show itself to its best advantage, and this means ignorance, spiritual blindness and therefore also powerlessness, when power becomes required. Men do not know it, in which spiritual trouble they are, because they have now power for resistance, so it is demanded of them, so it is about the public confessing of me and my teaching, because they are not convinced of it. And they could so easily get hold of this conviction, so they just would be willing to gain knowledge about it, in which my will exist and how it is to be fulfilled. Because also faith depends on the fulfilment of my will, the inner conviction, which man then can and also will firmly support. Who lives right, therefore according to my will, he also stands in the cognition of truth, and his faith is a living one, and he will confess such a faith before the world without shyness, such faith cannot be taken from him; it sits deep and withstands every threat from the outside.

At the moment there are countless men, who call themselves believing and still would withstand no faith test; there are countless men, who still did not make the effort, to seriously think about that, what they pretend to believe, who avoid every religious discussion, because they know nothing and do not want to admit their lack of knowledge; there are countless men, who, so they would seriously think, would discard everything as untenable, because the intellect does not cope with it and because the heart is not partaking in the form of love work, the sole means, to understand what seems incomprehensible. But all pretend to their fellowmen to be believers, until they are pushed to a decision – to express themselves in public for or against it, until they are forced to a faith decision. Then many will discard, by which they up to now held on to, without thinking, whether it is wrong what they do. Others will think and come to wrong results, because they believe to be able to intellectually fathom, to which the work of the spirit is required. And only few will have the courage to openly confess me and my teaching; and these few have won the cognition through their spirit, which could become effective in them as the result of a right love life. These stand firm in faith in me and confess courageously and without fear my name, because their faith has become a living one through love, and they are in possession of power to every onslaught. They will remain loyal to me until the end, because who confesses me before the world, he will constantly receive power from me, and he will get what he believes – eternal life in happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 5169.


Book 58 5170

Development periods - Length of time. Matter and influence.

14. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5170.

The plan of redemption of the fallen spiritual unwinds always in certain periods of time that correspond to the respective state of the spiritual. And that is why the individual redemption periods are different, time wise as well as in their conditions and maturing possibilities. There are longer and shorter redemption sections as well as completely different creations in these, meaning more of less hard fetters for the bound spiritual in it. And from that it can be concluded that also different demands are made on men in such individual redemption sections so that they gain their maturity of the soul. There might be so to speak a gradation recognizable, when the individual development periods could be compared with each other - and it could be seen that the creations adapt oneself to the state of maturity of men, i.e. their will, that therefore men without hard resistance against God also live in a world that shows easier dissolving of the material form and therefore also a shorter time is needed for a course of development. And this will always be then the case when a total dissolving of the earthly creation has gone before and the spiritual that has escaped from it is to be brought again into a new form. Then this spiritual living in an environment that is beneficial for it, strives far more eagerly upwards even if it is still unconscious of it. But after such a total dissolving mankind on earth is also still more peaceful, more connected to God, that benevolently influences the spiritual that is still bound and also helps it upward. But hard matter is still inhabited by the deeply fallen spiritual and this spiritual will still want to assert its influence especially then, when also this redemption period again draws to a close. But every epoch is an ascent from the deep to the height, every epoch has spiritual that no longer offers resistance to God or abandons it very soon, but also such that remains in opposition to God, that has hard matter as its residency and again and again wants to and will have an unfavourable effect on the more mature spiritual. The longer now men avoid this influence the longer also the development periods will be, because an ending occurs only then again, when these beings bound in matter are again allowed to embody themselves as men after endless long transformation. For the beings now determine the time of the end or the dissolving of the creation that they inhabit. A turning to God also secures a long existence, a turning away from him is renewed resistance and causes again the destruction of that in the end, which does not fulfil its purpose - a dissolving of the earth and a new formation of spiritual forms. Because according to law from eternity everything has to strive to the top and what fails will sink so deeply that it can again be integrated into the process of ascent development, so that the law from eternity is fulfilled - continual upward development of that, what is fallen until it has reached again the former height. Amen. B.D. NR. 5170.


Book 58 5171

God’s blessing, i. e. help in every spiritual work.

15. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5171.

The spiritual work, the work for me and my kingdom, is so extremely significant in this time, because there remains no longer much time for the work for me. And for that reason I bless every activity, which is meant for this work, may it be the supply of my word to fellowmen or also the conscious pointing out of the end to them, may it be admonitions or warnings or also good thoughts, which are meant for souls on earth or also in the hereafter. Everything what is done to free souls out of this trouble finds my approval and therefore also my blessing. Because the will to help is judged, which causes you men to work for my kingdom, to redeeming activity. And I will support you in every way that your work may be successful. I will not, as men do, disregard or have a low opinion of your work; I will always helpingly stand by you and straighten out, what you have bend out of ignorance – therefore never allow that these ones getting instructed by you are taught wrongly or those, who hope rescue from you get disappointed. For I also help along and are glad over every soul, which I win back, on earth as well as also in the hereafter. For you, my initiated, know that also after death the soul can make up for what it has neglected on earth, but that it must be helped in the hereafter, when it departs from earth imperfect. And for that reason I bless every effort, which is also meant for these souls, and to bless means help that every work is successful. Be eagerly active, for the time pushes towards the end, and I need workers, who are to cultivate the many fields, which still lie fallow; I need many workers for my vineyard, who are to have an effect on the hearts of men, so that I myself can accomplish the further work at them – to give them my word to make myself known to them. I need you, you who want to serve me, you who possess knowledge, which you can also impart to those, who are still completely ignorant. I lead you to those, who need your help, and smooth all ways for you, so that you can work for me unimpeded. But I also want that you remain eager, that you do not become lukewarm and forget the great trouble, which causes me, to make use of you. Always you are to think of this trouble and be eagerly active. Then the work in my vineyard will not be in vain; then you will redeem the souls, before the end comes, and these souls will thank you for ever that you have looked after them. Amen. B.D. NR. 5171.


Book 58 5172

Earth life - Pretence life.

17. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5172.

Earthly life is just a pretence life. As soon as you men come to this cognition, you have arrived on a level, where it is going up. You then live consciously; you then work towards that life, which is real being, which only starts, so your body, the material cover of your soul, falls off and the soul can now freely rise into the spiritual kingdom. Everything, what arises on earth before your eyes, everything, what is visible for you, is just spiritual substance formed for a short time, which as matter is to fulfil its purpose on earth, making spiritual maturing possible. And the earthly life itself is also a pure bodily function, as long as the soul in you is still without all cognition, what it was, is and is to be. If the soul does not win this cognition in earth life, then it certainly believes the more in the reality of life; it thinks earthly life alone to be significant and therefore strives to live quite long and good on earth; and only with the moment of recognizing this desire flags, because then it becomes aware of actual life and earth life fades in the same measure, as the actual life wins value. Only then it can distinguish pretence and reality; only then it lives consciously.

Life has been given to it, so that it can proof its will in a pretence existence, so that it can busy itself in a certain stage of power, where it can use the life power in a way pleasing to God, and as a result acquires a right to receive power in fullness in the real life and to utilize it in a sense wanted by God. It therefore must pass a test life before, to prove itself suitable for an unmeasured power reception. Because the utilizing of this power is only the actual life, where the soul can be active creatively and also works redeeming in an extensive measure. Through the failure in the test life, through the wrong use of the life power at its disposal, it forfeits the supply of power in the actual life, which it then would also use wrongly, so it would flow to it unconditionally. It must have reached a certain degree of maturity in earth life, which now makes it suitable in the spiritual kingdom as power receiver and utilizer. And for it earth life is given to it. But mostly this is seen as self-purpose, not as means for the purpose and then also used wrongly – it is considered as sole desirable, although it is known to every man that he himself cannot extent this life for himself by one day, when his hour has come. And exactly that should let him recognize the worthlessness and transitoriness of that, what appears extremely important to him. As intelligent man he should care for the "afterwards" and not content himself with things, which are subject to the law of transitoriness. Earthly life is just a pretence life, something borrowed, which can again be taken in every hour. But man is to be very economical with borrowed good; he is to apply it so that it brings him ample interest, however not earthly materially, but spiritual wealth is to be acquired with it, then the life power is utilized correctly and the test life covered successfully and then man is suitable for the spiritual kingdom, for the actual life, which lasts for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5172.


Book 58 5173

Faithless mankind. Closeness of the end.

18. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5173.

Every day brings you closer to the end. Time hurries along, but mankind is not aware of it, what each one day still means for them, what they could still acquire for themselves and how fast time is gone, which is still given to it as time until the end. Mankind does not remember the end, and because of that it lives carelessly along or worries about earthly things only. Mankind is blind and does nothing to become seeing; it lives and heads for death, where however it is to acquire eternal life, as long as it dwells on earth. And still nothing else can happen, than to announce the close end to it through seers and prophets; only the Gospel can be imparted to it, and rescued is, who believes in it.

But men live without faith; what is presented to them by God, by Christ, from the hereafter, that they certainly do not always openly reject, but they do not possess the right faith in it, the inner conviction of it, and because of that their faith is without value. But you men must win this faith, if you do not want to get lost. For without faith you do not call on God and do not ask for supply of favours, to be able to make yourselves suitable for the hereafter. Without faith you do not get into contact with Jesus Christ, who alone is the way to eternal life – without faith you live no conscious earth life with a spiritual aim, but just a pure earthy life, which remains without success for eternity. Faith must revive in you or become a convinced faith, when it is just form faith. And therefore you must listen to, what is announced to you by the messengers of God; you are not allowed to immediately reject, but must make the effort to think about it, what one preaches to you. If you have the good will, then you will not find it difficult, to believe, and then you adapt yourselves already consciously to the end. You reckon with the possibility and take stock of yourselves; you seek to change yourselves, because right faith has such an effect. So you are of good will – because good will will also always bring love in itself to development, because a good will always arises from a good heart. And love helps to a convinced faith. For that reason good men, who are active in love, will also much more likely believe in the end, because this faith springs out of love, and it is constantly fed by love. Just seek to win a right faith, a living faith, which drives you to work on the soul. And so you have won it, you also transmit it onto fellowman, because the trouble among men is great, exactly because you lack right faith in Jesus Christ, the redeemer, in an eternal life in the spiritual kingdom. This is for men an unreal idea, and in the most favourable case they just confess it with the mouth, and the heart knows nothing about it; but then man lacks knowledge and power to change himself, and then earth life passes without having led to the destination, to a maturity, which secures eternal life to him. And the end comes closer and closer. Who remains without faith, he heads for a terrible end, a lot, from which he would recoil horrified, if he would know about it. The messengers of God, his servants chosen by himself, announce it to men and point them to the near end. Listen to them, so they also come to you, and think about it, what they announce to you – and reckon with the possibility that they have told you the truth. Then you will strive for a change; then the earthly world will no longer appear to you so important, and you will turn your care more to the soul, and then you also do not need to fear the near end, because it will only be a transition for you to a new life, which will always make you more and more happy, because it can never ever be taken from you. Amen. B.D. NR. 5173.


Book 58 5174

Symbol of the church of Christ: Spirit work.

19. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5174.

The church of Christ is no organization; it is the joining together of all spiritually striving men of all denominations, believing in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption and living in love, because not the latter prove their belonging to that church, but the spirit, which speaks out of those men, who belong to it. This must also be comprehensible to you that it can never ever be enough for God, when a man joins this or the other faith direction, according to the name or also impressed through customs and traditions, as every individual organisation (denomination?) shows, but that God only judges the conviction of a man and it can be in every denomination so or so, i.e. more or less according to the will of God, more or less paying attention to the divine commands. And still this alone is decisive, who is allowed to be counted to the church of Christ – whether the spirit out of God has also been awakened in man through a love life. The church of Christ is a pure spiritual organization, which makes no concessions to the world at all; which is only based on the soul life of a man, on the conscious will to reach the spiritual aim, which is set for man on earth. The church of Christ unites all believing, i.e. inwardly convinced followers of Jesus, who make the divine love teaching to the law of life for them, who acknowledge the work of redemption of Christ and know no other striving, than to develop the power of the spirit through conscious joining together with him – who are therefore illuminated by the divine spirit, what will always be regarded as proof of the belonging to his church. The church of Christ needs no other feature outwardly to be recognized as his true church, which he himself has founded on earth, than just the spiritual rebirth, which is proved through the expression of the divine spirit in man. And it is again recognizable through enlightened thinking, through recognition of truth, recognition of the purpose of life of man, through strong faith and the unusual effect emerging out of this, may it be in healing of the sick, in the turning away of great earthly need, in the flowing in of the divine word or in commanding the elements for the use of the neighbour. A power will then always emerge, which is of divine origin, so man has reached the spiritual rebirth, and he also belongs to the church of Christ, which stands outside of all church organizations, but can count men of all denominations as its members. It is a spiritual community of all deeply believing men, and its head is Jesus Christ himself, with whom each one member must get into intimate contact, to be received into his church. Because his church is something alive; it is no dead form, which exists according to the name before the world, but has no spirit in it. His church is build up on a living faith, which has been awakened to life through love. For that reason love and faith is the first condition to belong to this his church, why also in every denomination those men belong to his church, who stand in living faith, which has emerged out of love for God and for the neighbour. All these men Jesus Christ unites in his church founded on earth, and he also honours them with the gifts of the spirit according to maturity, ability and determination of their activity on earth for his kingdom. Wherever the spirit of God works, there stands a pillar of his church, which is and remains unconquerable until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5174.


Book 58 5175

Work of Satan. Intimate prayer for protection.

20. and 21. Juliy 1951. B.D. NR. 5175.

In which way Satan has an effect on you that even you, mine awakened by the spirit, do not always recognize, because he applies exactly with you not rarely means, which are to deceive you, and he tempts you in a way, which you do not recognize as his work. He wants to bring your downfall; he wants to alienate you from me; he wants to confuse your thoughts, so that you begin to doubt me and my love; he wants make my word as un-divine to you; he wants that you tear yourselves limb from limb in self-accusations, to then being able to more successfully have an effect on you. He wants that you give me up and stick to him. And since he knows that you are devoted to me will wise, he seeks to deceive you and to make out my will as wrong; he seeks to cause you to acts, which you are to carry out in the belief to serve me, and which are still not my will. For that reason be careful and call on me in prayer; intimately turn to me. (21.7.1951) Know that I hear every call, which you send up to me, but do not overestimate your own power, i.e. do nothing without the prayer to me for my blessing. Then you will very well recognize, when the adversary puts a request to you that contradicts my will. He reckons with your imperfection, with your blindness, in which he himself has thrown you. Prove to him that you have recognized him and that he has lost all power over you through your conscious desire for me – and anxiously be on your guard against lack of love. Because this is a trap, which he often lays for you and into which you can get easily, when you are not attentive of that, what meets you. Then you are put to the test, to practise love, and prevented by the adversary at it, who wants to win you. The smallest lack of love is his advantage, which he uses to tempt you. If you get loveless, so is this a going away from me, although you are never able to separate from me, because you are connected to me indissolubly, and I do not let him fall into his hands, who has once announced his will for me. But he works much with cunning and violence. He spreads doubts into the hearts, and by this you are to recognize his work and also experience help from my side, so you just express one intimate heartfelt groan in the heart, which I will very certainly hear. He certainly has great power before the end, but my power is greater, and he dares to doubt it. For that reason you do not need to fear him, but carefully you are to be and check everything, what approaches you. And so you call me about protection and help, his power is truly small, for I myself then step to your side, and he will flee before me, because he flees all light, which defeats him, and he does not want to lose. For that reason always turn to me through intimate prayer for protection, then he will not be able to harm you at all; then you are master over him, and you reach your aim, which you strive for on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5175.


Book 58 5176

The light of truth.

22. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5176.

A light shines down to earth, so bright and clear that all men should become seeing, who receive this fullness of light in them and would let it have an effect on them. It is the light of truth, which must shine so sparkling, because it flows out of the eternal original light and can never ever lose its luminous power. The light of truth breaks through the spiritual darkness, which lies spread over earth; the light of truth finds access to the hearts of men, who want to flee from darkness; the light of truth changes the dark night to a bright day; it illuminates every corner, and its shine is like a warm beneficent touch, which lets man believe in a happy future full of hope and full of expectation, because the light of truth brightens every lack of clarity; it chases away all doubt; it strengthens and enlivens a loving heart desiring God. Eternal love itself guides this light to earth and makes incessantly the effort, to free men out of darkness of the spirit, so that they recognize and learn to love him and long for the joining together with him.

And still countless men do not see the rays of this light, because they close their eyes and go past it with turned away look. Will-o’-the-wisps, which flash in front of their eyes, they prefer, and chase after them and let themselves be blinded by them. They do not demand truth, but they pay tribute to untruthfulness and cannot ever find their way out of their spirit darkness, but it is their own fault. For truth is offered to them, but they reject it. It is like a large black cloth under which they slip and they feel well in this darkness, otherwise they would raise it and would grant entry to the bright ray of the light of truth. It is the human will itself, which prevents them of it; it is the dark powers, which talk them into believing that their darkness is light. And men believe this, and for that reason they do not seek truth, because they believe, to possess it. But where truth is, there is also God’s love; where God’s love is, there is power and happiness. But men are oppressed bodily and spiritually, as long as they do not walk in truth, because truth makes them free of sin and guilt, because they show men the way of redemption, which leads to God and consequently also to perfection, without which no-one can approach God. But to be redeemed means, to exchange the unfree, imperfect state, which is the result of sin, with a free, perfect one, and to be relieved of all trouble of the body and the soul. But truth shows man the way and makes it easy for him to walk it. If the dark cover would be pulled back from men and entry be granted to the light of eternal truth, so the earth would soon be an Eden, a place of happy, perfect spirit beings, who know no trouble anymore, because men would have reached the destination, having won back their original state, which guarantees a life in brightest light and full possession of power. Therefore always there, where there is still trouble and misery, will also not be pure truth, the light, which God himself radiates and just needs to be received to have an extremely beneficent effect on man. Only occasional light bearers dwell on earth, which receive the radiation of God and now seek to impart truth to fellowmen. These light bearers still stand in dark surroundings, because too much resistance prevents the spreading of the light. But the light is exceptional effective, so the resistance eases and is finally completely given up. Because what now radiates into the human hearts, is God’s eternal love itself, and where it can once have an effect, it will become and remain light until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5176.


Book 58 5177

God speaks. Process and condition.

23. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5177.

The flowing in of spiritual thought material out of the inexhaustible spring of divine wisdom can only then take place, when the soul of man opens itself willingly, i.e. pays attention to what the divine spirit spark in man imparts to it as proof of its belonging to the eternal father spirit. The connection between it and the spirit spark in man exists always the same, also when man is still of completely un-aroused spirit. But then it still slumbers in man and is nevertheless as it were standing outside of man, since everything, what is perfect, still cannot connect itself with the imperfect. But the process of the conscious listening inwardly announces to the divine spark in man the will, to get into contact with it, and this will causes it, to express itself to the soul, indeed in the beginning only audibly and understandably to the soul, but later also the intellect of man can take note of it, what the soul wants to impart to it. This process of the spirit of making itself understood is then therefore also the proof that the father spirit from eternity intervenes and therefore then a proper connection from it to man has taken place. The expression "God himself speaks to a man" has its full legitimacy, why the received spirit material can and must only be purest truth. An own thought work requires a comprehensive knowledge in all areas, to be able to write down in a short time mental results. But where this knowledge does not exist, the work of God is clearly apparent, because the opponent of God cannot impart knowledge to a man, which he himself does not possess, and because he can and will also not so have an effect on the thoughts of man that he acknowledges God and surrenders to him will wise. Because the opponent of God pursues other aims; he strives for the defection of man from God, and his influence will always strive for, to deny him and his perfect nature, to lead men into error. But divine revelations again and again refer to that God wants to be recognized by all men as extremely perfect being, which is pure love and possesses superb wisdom and seeks to get into contact with his creatures. And for that reason he expresses himself in man through his spirit, through his radiation, which seeks a vessel in the human heart to be gathered there. A little spark of his love radiation is engendered into every man, and this little spark always and for ever stands in association with the power and light source from eternity, with the spring of all wisdom and the epitome of love. For that reason the simplest explanation is that man carries in himself all wisdom, exactly through the divine spark in man, and for that reason man can also get instructed out from the inside, when the soul is prepared to receive the instruction, and also supplies it to the intellect, which now assimilates, what is supplied to it from the original spring of wisdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5177.


Book 58 5178

Redeeming help for opposite souls on the part of men.

25. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5178.

Innumerable souls in the hereafter wrestle to reach upward, and these souls are in extreme trouble, because their powerlessness makes the ascent impossible for them, and the cognition of their powerlessness torments them infinitely, because they do not know, how they are to remove it. Precisely the lacking knowledge is their distress, because according to law from eternity only that can be supplied to them, what their will allows, and according to their will they are provided for. If they want light, then they also receive such, but without having felt the benefit of light, they also feel no desire for light. Their agonizing state exists in that, that they continually suffer and can no longer summon up the will to change their state of suffering, when they do not use their will to rebel against God and their lot, and rage extremely terribly in their surroundings. These souls are already in a state of hell, because they are continually incited by powers of hell and their change and striving upward still requires inconceivable long time. Also the souls wrapped up in complete lethargy can likewise have to tolerate their agonizing lot endless long time, when not help comes from one side, since they alone cannot help themselves, because of their weakness of will. And only beings can bring this help to them, whose love would like to redeem them out of darkness – men on earth or also opposite beings, who already stand in the light or also only possess a little higher degree of knowledge, which enables them to supply help. Innumerable souls are now in this trouble, of those men are to take pity on – but particularly on the part of men those souls are helped little, because men no longer believe in a living on of the soul after death. A great field of activity would be given to men in the spiritual sphere, so they would look after the needy souls in the hereafter and would like to help them out of the deep up, and the help of these opposite souls would again affect men, so they are in trouble of body and soul. But men take part in this work of redemption only very little and also leave their loved ones in the hereafter in great trouble, of which they should look after particularly. For that reason it is extremely welcomed with pleasure, when men come together on earth, who carry this will to redemption in them and want to light a light for many souls in darkness; for that reason also beings of light take part insofar, as that they also dwell there, where the unhappy souls in the hereafter are lovingly remembered, and their help is obvious, by them putting themselves protecting before earth men, when the crush of dark spirit beings threatens to endanger the work of redemption. Both the souls in the hereafter as well as men on earth have their guardian spirits, which intervene according to the will of them, so danger threatens. And where men want to busy themselves redeeming, the enemy will always lurk and try to confuse, where clarity is to be necessary for those, who walk in darkness. But he will not be able to prevent it that rays of light, which come from love wanting to redeem, touch the souls of darkness, which feel their benefit and arrive, where ever men come together, who want to help them, and this will will be blessed. Because that soul, which has once come into the area of a ray of light, never ever falls back into the deep; it seeks the light and will also find it, because to every soul is given, what it desires. Amen. B.D. NR. 5178.


Book 58 5179

"Many are called, but few are chosen." Disciples of the time of the end.

27. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5179.

Truly many are called, but only few chosen. You my disciples of the time of the end belong to those chosen, who willingly subordinate themselves to my call and for that reason are chosen to a mission, which requires full devotion to me and understanding for the extreme great spiritual trouble of fellowmen. I have called you, and since you were willing, chosen you as my apostles, who are to again bring to men the pure Gospel. Who is to represent this office correctly, he must also have certain abilities for this, and who therefore as being called develops in himself these abilities, him I can then entrust with an office. And therefore I choose. Not individuals favoured I provide with the gifts of the spirit, but you all can develop these abilities in you. Therefore you all are also called to spiritual cooperation, because I need many workers and therefore each one is right for me, who follows my call. But few make themselves worthy of my call; only few work with all eagerness at their own training to make themselves suitable for that, what he has to do as chosen. For again and again I tell it to you that I do not give out the gifts of the spirit indiscriminately to everybody, but that the preconditions to receive such gifts must be existing and that this is the work of men themselves, to fulfil the conditions, which the pouring out of my spirit guarantees. And for that reason I have so few co-workers on earth and also find so little faith among men in a spirit work in man, which gives him extraordinary knowledge and also imparts unusual power. Because only such men can bring this proof, who fashion themselves through love so, that they allow my direct work in them, which I therefore then choose, to testify to me and my power and glory - send them out into the world to announce my Gospel, divine truth, without no-one can be happy. To be able to represent this truth, the spirit out of me must be active with it, because otherwise the words are without power and remain without impression. Therefore the announcer must have established the contact from the spirit spark resting in him, the share out of me, with the father spirit of eternity, so that truth, imparted to fellowmen, is indirectly sent to them by me myself and can so also have an effect on them. Not everybody is suitable for this, because he, although he is called, has not fashion himself so, to be able to be chosen by me for the redemption work so urgently needed for mankind standing in darkness of spirit. An effect can only be achieved through a power; but one can never hope for success, when the power to have an effect lacks. And if the spirit spark in man is to be awakened to life, then a strong spirit must be active, to achieve this. And for that reason only from chosen ones can a blessed activity be expected; only men awakened by the spirit can powerfully have an effect on men still un-awakened, but a man himself un-awakened cannot achieve a spiritual awakening. Many are called, but few are chosen, but not through my will, but through the indifference and lack of love of men, who do nothing to achieve their own awakening. But the office of my disciples of the time of the end requires great spiritual power, because the rescue of innumerable souls, which walk in darkness, is essential, and it is a literally wrestling about the individual soul, which exactly only a man can carry out, who is in possession of spiritual power, who constantly receives this power through my spirit, which expresses itself in him, therefore constantly grants him the supply of power out of me. But for that it is absolutely necessary that the vessel for the reception of the power is in a corresponding state, which necessitates eager soul work, which the will of man must do himself. But then he is also chosen by me for his mission, which brings about the greatest blessing for himself and also fellowmen, so it is recognized as that, what it is – as urgent redemption work at fellowmen in the last time before the end, to rescue them from ruin, before the last end comes. Amen. B.D. NR. 5179.


Book 58 5180

Serious admonition to remember life after death.

29. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5180.

To you men on earth I shout a renewed warning: Remember your souls and your state after death. Because an extreme difficult change occurs in your earth life merely for the purpose that you remember the death of your body and of that, what comes afterwards. I want to draw your attention to it and in all love refer you to the difficulty, which comes over you, so that you then believe in it, when you still cannot believe now, when you now still reject as imagination, what is serious truth. You are in great danger, because you so easily go along through earth life, as if it would last for ever, and only a very short time remains for you, that horror would seize you, so you would know about it. You squander life; vain worries move you, and still only one thing is important, that you remember your soul, so that is can bear all difficulty in equanimity, to start the right life in the opposite kingdom in light and power. But it is up to you men yourselves, in which state your soul enters the spiritual kingdom. Always more and more urgently I admonish you to change your attitude, which indeed does not need to be bad, but is adapted too earthly to be suitably for the spiritual kingdom. Like a loving father I call to my children on earth: Be worried about your soul; remember your actual purpose of life and hurry, because time is only still short until the end. Change yourselves, before it is too late – do not forget, which lot expects you, so your earth life has ended, and believe it that the life of the soul does not stop with the death of the body, but that it goes on living, but in that state, which you have created through earth life. You are responsible for its lot in eternity, i.e., you yourselves must take upon you the results of your earth walk, a lot in darkness, so you have used life wrongly. And you live it wrong, when you go along without faith and without love – when you do not acknowledge me as your God and father and for that reason also do not fulfil my commands, when you live for the world only, but not for the spiritual kingdom, which is your true home and into which you must inevitably move; which is just so different in its spheres that it can mean both highest happiness as also most bitter agony for the soul, according to its state of maturity. And you man are responsible for this state of maturity. This I again call to you from above, so that you take stock of yourselves and your attitudes in you and change yourselves, so that you put back the earthly life, to promote the spiritual life of your soul. Listen to my call from above; think things over; change your ways, before it is too late, because the day comes irrevocably, which I have announced always and constantly. You have no longer much time, for that reason use it and take care of your soul, so that you do not need to fear the end, which is about to happen. Amen. B.D. NR. 5180.


Book 58 5181

Violation against the divine order. Sin. Confession - Forgiveness.

31. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5181.

The smallest violation against the divine order has an effect of power loss according to divine law that is full of power, what completely moves in the order of God, and which he forfeits, who does not observe his law of order. For latter is a negative striving, which must also have a corresponding effect. But only that can be called a violation against the divine order, what is carried out fully consciously, mentally or through acts, what is therefore recognized as adverse to God. So also "sin" can therefore only be called that, what is done in the full awareness of a wrong; therefore man must know about right and wrong and freely do that, what he recognizes as wrong, to have committed a sin. This definition is important, because a deep remorse belongs to forgiveness of sin, which only then can be felt, when man recognizes his sin and a violation committed in ignorance of the guilt against the divine order is not taken into account as sin. For that reason the confession of guilt is indispensable, if man wants to obtain forgiveness, and this confession of guilt must be connected with deepest remorse; it must therefore come from the heart, not only be spoken with the mouth, because otherwise no forgiveness can be obtained. Violations therefore, which do not contravene against divine order, but which are branded by men as sin on the basis of human enacted laws, can certainly be imposed with punishments on the part of men, but do not belong to those sins, for which forgiveness from God is to be requested, because God himself does not see them as sin and will also never count as a sin for a man. For a violation against the divine order exists always only therein, that man transgresses against love for God and the neighbour. Everything, what is done out of love for God and for the neighbour, can never ever offend against divine order, as the other way round everything, what is done against the love command, cannot move in divine order, because love is the basic law and divine order is built on it. Therefore always apply these standards to it, so the term "sin" is unclear for you. A sin must be atoned for, when man does not get forgiveness, but for that reason it must be recognized and detested as sin, to find its forgiveness, and for that reason man must also know, what is to be understood under sin; he must know, whether and when he has transgressed against love for God, whether and when he has sinned against the neighbour. And these sins he must carry to Jesus Christ and ask him intimately that they are forgiven him, for the sake of his blood. Then he will find forgiveness; then he will become free of his guilt. Amen. B.D. NR. 5181.


Book 58 5182

Divine word. Media receptions. Camouflage. Signs.

1. to 5. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5182.

Who wants to serve me, he will be accepted by me, and his work in my vineyard is allotted to him by me, because I alone know it to which work for my kingdom each one is able. Consciously and unconsciously mine can serve me, i.e., they can know it that I have chosen them for an office; but they can also, driven by the heart, do something, what is also seen by me as vineyard work, and do not know it themselves that they are loyal co-workers for me in the redemption work of the last time before the end. But one thing must exist: intimate love for me and for the neighbour, because otherwise the work for me and my kingdom cannot be done. And this intimate love – therefore the fulfilling of my love commands, also imparts to my servant the power to an activity full of blessing, because the work for me demands a certain knowledge, which can only be acquired through unselfish love activity, and this knowledge is exactly the power sent to man, which he is now to use according to my will. And now you also understand that for my vineyard work certain knowledge about eternal truth is precondition, and therefore you also have the sign for the right servants on earth, because with them you men will always be able to fetch information in all questions, which concern me and my kingdom. They must possess a certain knowledge, which makes them to my right representatives on earth. How and in which way they have now received this knowledge, is to be examined always, because the origin alone decides about the value and the credibility of that knowledge. Because my right representatives on earth must be taught by me myself, because I alone can hand out truth and as original source of truth also lead it everywhere, where I need men to the announcing of my word and where the preconditions are given that a loyal servant can enter my services. It is and remains a truth that I speak to men, who listen to the inside of them to my voice, which call on me in faith and in love for me about my spirit – and that I now present to these men all that, what they are to carry again to their fellowmen, so that truth is spread in the world. But faith and love must exist, otherwise I cannot speak to a man, because only a believing man listens and only a loving heart can hear my voice. I therefore establish with such a man an intimate connection through the word, which is outflow of me myself and therefore gives testimony about me. (2.8.1951) This word is now expressed by me myself, i.e., the spiritual radiations of me myself shape themselves to thoughts comprehensible to you or sound as audible words in your heart. But also transmitting wise I can send my word to you, when I want to make the happy beings in the spiritual kingdom happy, for which the sending of power out of me means increased happiness. Then you therefore receive my word through my light messengers, what however restricts the word in itself in no way, because it cannot change, as long as it has the spiritual kingdom as outlet, i.e. experiences not yet a change through human will. But it is to be observed that I speak of my word, of the sending of pure truth, which announces my will and imparts knowledge to men of their relationship to me and their earth task. But not all transmissions out of the spiritual kingdom can be regarded as my word, because it is in itself most pure truth and as my direct radiation can only be passed on by such beings, which themselves stand in the light. But there are also beings, which want to communicate and still do not stand in knowledge or also just call a little knowledge their own and nevertheless have the possibility, to make themselves understood by men on earth, may it be through mental transmission or also through a medium, of which will and also bodily functions they make use to announce themselves to men. And these communications are not to be confused with my word; they are not to be called my word and are consequently also not to be called as work of my spirit in man. Because my spirit can only be effective under certain preconditions, but those communications can be heard by all men, who just adapt themselves to get into contact with the spiritual kingdom and listen to the insinuations of the beings in good or also less good intention. Those beings can also impart truth, but there is no guarantee for it that their expressions are pure truth, because the beings stand in completely different degrees of maturity and man as such cannot judge the level of maturity. But such expressions can then never be called divine revelations; divine revelations can much rather get endangered in this way, when man does not possess a clear ability to judge, to be able to differentiate and separate announcements out of the spiritual kingdom. To be able to receive my word directly or through light messengers, is first of all the will, to hear me, precondition, because I do not let my voice sound in the heart of man without his preparedness to receive, because it only proves the faith in my work in man through my spirit. Further a way of life in love must have prepared the heart to a worthy receiving vessel of my spirit. And the man, who receives my word, must work with it for me and my kingdom. Because my word is the epitome of knowledge about my will; it is the imparting of cognition; it is deep wisdom; it is truth brought into a form, which is to be sent to mankind and cannot be sent otherwise than on the way of revelations, which one man receives for all men, who want to accept it. My word is therefore as it were a proven communication from me with men. And since through my word truth, the light out of the heavens, is offered to men, it is comprehensible that also the counter prince finds means and ways to darken this light, to forge truth and to therefore prevent my work. He will not be afraid to express himself in the same way, where human will allows him this. But he can only try it there, where the will of man makes this intention easier for him. It can often already be tiny causes, (3.8.1951) which make his influence possible – when worldly thoughts move a man, which are then always temptations, through which Satan seeks to crowed himself around.

My kingdom is not of this world – who therefore wants to talk to me, who wants to hear my voice, must be able to completely break away from the earthly world, and what he desires, must again be just spiritual good. But if his thinking is earthly minded, then my opponent immediately intervenes, who possesses this right, because the earthly world is his kingdom, but you yourselves can fight him any time, by you banishing the world out of your thoughts. Who desires to hear me, he must have broken with the world, although he still lives in the midst of the world. (5.8.1951) And so I can you, you who desire to hear my word, just warn you again and again, to turn your face to the world, because then you cannot hear my word in all purity, but the prince of the world often intervenes, because he seizes every opportunity, to work against truth, and you yourselves give him this opportunity, so your thoughts are worldly directed, and you will hardly recognize him, because he also makes use of my word to deceive you, because he camouflages himself as angel spirit and expresses himself apparently nobly and still causes a slow confusion, by him spreading
B.D. NR. 5182
doubt into the hearts of men and so seeks to stop the pure communication between a man and me. For that reason also not every man is suitable for a teaching activity, because it requires absolute truth and therefore also complete turning away from the world, to be able to receive pure truth from me. And for that reason you men must learn to differentiate: My word, the pure Gospel, the clear cognition, therefore a higher knowledge, which corresponds with truth, and communications out of the spiritual kingdom, which certainly also can be good and true, but also interspersed with communications out of the kingdom of darkness, as soon as man himself offers the handle to it through his attitude towards the world. My word guarantees purest truth, and my word can through my will also be imparted to you through messengers of light; nevertheless it remains my word. But medial receivers, through which spiritual beings express themselves, who are as it were speaking organs for them, are to be on their guard, that they are not abused by lower powers. They are not to let themselves be blinded through beautiful words, because that is the mask of him, who is an enemy of truth, and the means, to find entry also in circles, which seek me seriously, however have not yet given up the world completely, to also be safe from the temptations from below through my constant presence. My word is offered to you men clear and pure, because I myself choose my servants for myself, which I know suitable for the office of a receiver and spreader of my word and which I will therefore also protect, as long as their will is meant for me alone and they want to serve me as tool. For you men are never to be able to complain that pure truth is withheld from you. I will always send my word to earth and also take care that it finds spreading, because the salvation of the soul of men depends on it that they are instructed in truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5182.


Book 58 5183

Requesting God s blessing. Power and effect.

6. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5183.

Again and again it must be said to you that you are able to do nothing without my power and that you for that reason must ask persistently for it, if you want to be blessed earthly and spiritually, i.e. be able to record success of your striving. For also for your earthly activity you are to call on me for power, so that also it may be blessed by me and bring in advantage also for your soul. But spiritually you can achieve nothing without my blessing, without my supply of power, which is however never denied to you, because I like it well, so you strive for me and I support you in every way. With me you are able to do everything; without me nothing. Because as soon as you are successful earthly, without having asked me for blessing, so you can also put this success on the account of my opponent, who then provides you with power amply, so you forget me, so you turn away from me. For that reason do not let yourselves be deceived that your power alone is enough, but let yourselves be warned of his support, because it is your ruin; it is the purchasing prize for your souls. Turn to me that I bless every beginning, and this blessing will truly be healthy for you; you will ascend spiritually and also given earthly, as it is helpful for your soul. And understand it that your call to me establishes the contact to me and my power can now be led over onto you; understand this that the contact really must be, because the attachment to me is indispensible for your spiritual development. When you also just ask for earthly success, you still got into contact with me, and in this way you give me now the right, to be able to have an effect on you, because I respect your free will and force nothing on you, what you do not request. Through your call to me, you put yourselves consciously into the circle of my power receivers, which I constantly provide with, because I love them and want to make the way up easier for them. You will succeed well in everything, because now I can myself be charitably; I can provide you with power, which, because it is of divine origin, will have a favourable effect on everything, what you touch – may it be the work of your hands, may it be care of earthly or spiritual kind. You will succeed well in every work, so you just perform it in remembrance of me and with the request for my support. But what you create spiritually under use of my power, that you cannot yet measure now, but amazed you will become aware of it, which extent your spiritual work has taken on, so you in future see your work in the spiritual kingdom in retrospect, which has tremendous effect through my blessing, for which you are grateful for ever. Begin nothing without me, and often let your thoughts wander upward; let me be your co-worker spiritually and earthly, so that you succeed well in everything, so that you can show rich success, which will then always have an effect spiritually, because my power has produced it and in the end my power returns to me again in form of beings having reached perfection, which are happy through my power. Amen. B.D. NR. 5183.


Book 58 5184

Awakening of the spirit spark in man - love.

6. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5184.

The divine spark in man has so long no igniting power, as it rests in a love-cold heart. For the love warmth only awakens it to life; it ignites itself as it were at love, therefore only a man active in love can bring this spark in him to awakening. And so it is also comprehensible that in the last time before the end, in which men stand already, there are only few spirit awakened men, because just also only little love is practised and consequently man remains without love, although he still dwells on earth. For living means being active through the drive of the spirit spark in man, and indeed always in the will of God, because the spirit spark in man stands in connection with the father spirit from eternity and consequently only that is presented to man, what truth really is, therefore is also according to the will of God. But if the spirit spark in man is awakened, then it drives him firmly to the destination, because the spark, which once flares up to the flame, can no longer go out, because God himself now feeds the flame and something pure divine, which has first become effective, can never ever sink back into the state of death, because the connection with the father spirit has been established, when the spirit spark awakened to life. This attachment no longer gets dissolved, but always firmer and more intimate through love, to which the divine spirit constantly drives. The awakening to spiritual life is the most important in earth life, because then a change occurs; the way, which was level before or led into the abyss, goes now upward to the height and leads to the most magnificent destination. But it is a far way to perfection, because first the slags around the soul must be dissolved, before the spirit spark can be so effective that it is without doubt recognized as God’s radiation. Spiritual rebirth has therefore certainly taken place, as soon as the spirit spark awakened to life, but it must now first unite with the soul, until it completely abandons itself to the divine guidance, therefore most eagerly seeks to fulfil the will of God. Man therefore now leads a second life next to the earthly life – and it is the actual life of the soul, which only comes to the full development in the spiritual kingdom and means unsuspected activity. The work of a soul having become perfect in the kingdom of light will always be a fitting in into the divine will, which is constantly revealed to the soul through the spirit. Spirit and soul have therefore then become one and stand in indissoluble contact with God, the father spirit from eternity. This is then eternal life, because a powerful field of activity now lies before such a soul, but since it now is full of light and power, because its spirit is constantly fed by the father spirit, for that reason its activity makes it indescribably happy, because it feels connected with him, whom it loves, and works and creates for him, by it seeking to lead everything to him, what is still away from God. A soul, which has entered eternal life, will lose all weakness; it is again in the original state, where it could create and fashion without restriction, because it has again become so perfect, as it once took its starting point from God. Amen. B.D. NR. 5184.


Book 58 5185

Love - solvent. Opposite help.

8. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5185.

Love is the most effective solvent out of the imprisonment of Satan. All spiritual, which still languishes in darkness, may it be on earth or in the hereafter, is still in his power. You men can free it, so you sent love to it. On earth as in the hereafter this is the sole solvent. My power cannot force the fetters of Satan, but certainly your love. And so you know this, so you also know, how extremely miserable the spiritual beings are, to which no love is given, because they constantly languish in his power, because they lack the sole solvent, which makes them free from him. On earth now men are not aware of their darkness and their imprisonment through Satan, because he seeks to deceive their state through the pleasures of the world, but which becomes evident quite openly, when the soul enters the spiritual kingdom. Then it feels its chains as agony and its poverty as darkness and cannot rescue itself out of this state. It also does not know about the power of love, about the solvent out of its agony. And for that reason so many a soul is in a hopeless state, as long as not loving men on earth take mercy on it or help is brought to it from the spiritual side. Love alone can help them. I see the trouble of the beings; I see the spiritual darkness on earth and also the many languishing souls in the hereafter. My love is extremely great and still bound through my eternal law – which has made free will a condition of the beings becoming divine, which once deserted me in free will and as a result became imperfect. This law can by no means be abolished by my love, for also this law is based on my extremely great love, which wants to make true children out of the beings, which once went out from me. But where now free will has failed, there still a further possibility exists, to get free out of the fetter of Satan – not my love, but your love can bring rescue to them, for you men can request power for your fellowmen, which, so love drives you to intercession, is sent to those souls in need of help, for the sake of your love.

And so you can also lead up the still bound souls in the hereafter; so you can also redeem them and pull them up out of darkness, because the power of love never remains without effect, however again only has a beneficent effect on the will of souls, but never forces the will. Love is a very reliable solvent. For that reason the suffering souls always ask you for your loving remembrance and your intercession, and in exactly the same way fellowmen on earth will thank you, when you help them through love to become free from Satan, when your love shows them the way, which leads to me, and when you also remember your fellowmen in prayer, who Satan still holds captive. For the power of love often achieves, in what the most powerful speaker does not succeed. The power of love is able to lose fetters and to help the soul to freedom, both on earth as well as also in the hereafter, because no being can withstand love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5185.


Book 58 5186

"The gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

9. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5186.

And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it – my church, which I myself have founded on earth. Hell will open and spew out everything to increase the power and the work of my opponent. All devils will take action against the small flock of believers, which in truth form my church. Hell itself will storm against its walls, but it will stand firm, my church, because the believers stand in great power. The end is near, and for that reason I seek to still incorporate into my church, who just stand in little faith, and their faith it to become strong and unshakable, before the end still comes. Hell will have no power over those, who stand in faith, because they belong to my church, and I, as founder of that church, will truly protect them against the onslaught of hell. You men stand before the end, and you do not know it, what that means; you do not know about the spiritual fight between light and darkness, between truth and lie, and you do not know it that earth lies in complete darkness, because the power of darkness rules and you men yourselves grant it this right. The fight of the spirit world is still not apparent to you, but it will very soon take on a form, which lets you recognize, how close the end is. The religious war will very soon start, a fight, which is announced by the ruling side against all, who still stand in faith; against all, who belong to a school of thought, who acknowledge me as their creator and father and who strive spiritually out of inner cognition that life does not stop with earthly death. All these men will be treated with hostility, severely besieged, and brutally requested to deny their faith. You all stand before this fight, which is not just meant for your body, but is meant more for the soul, but also demands the decision of your body, because you are severely besieged and it is almost made impossible for you to stand firm. And then it will be shown, who belongs to my true church, who acknowledges me as highest Lord and ruler and who fears me more than earthly power. Blessed, who has that faith that he is regarded as member of the church founded by me. Blessed, who does not fear those, who certainly can kill the body, but not the soul – blessed, who fetches power for the fight there, where the right commander-in-chief stands. He will gain by force the victory over the enemies; he will recognize that hell is able to do nothing, where the Lord of heaven and earth stands, where his hosts fight, which also become masters of the devils, so hell will be opened and its scum is let loose on men. My church will stand firm, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The end is near, and my word fulfils itself. For that reason prepare yourselves for the time, which will come, but do not fear it, because mine is the power and the might and the glory. Amen. B.D. NR. 5186.


Book 58 5187

Urgently announce the Gospel in the time of the end.

11. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5187.

In a world of hate and of lack of love it is difficult to preach my Gospel, which just teaches love for one another and because of that meets with no approval among men. And still it is particularly these men lacking love, which are urgently to be taught, so that they take stock of themselves and change. Love for fellowmen is completely neglected in the last time before the end, and that already gives the proof to you that you stand before the end. Lack of love you will always be able observe in your environment and therefore also know, in which hour you live. But you will also be able to perceive that small communities form, which give full expression to the Gospel, and you will also be able to pay attention to the effects on both sides and therefore meet much power there, where there is just a little love among men. And that is to spurn fellowmen on to a change of attitude, before it is too late. For that reason you are to announce my Gospel without fear, although you find resistance, because I support you in your undertaking, by me referring you through obvious signs, to express your words and men will remember them, who reject you and do not believe you. Because only through my Gospel, which you are to bring to them, they can get to know me and be instructed about my will, and only through fulfilment of my will can understanding grow in them for high knowledge and its salutary effect. But since my will demands the direct opposite than the present state without love and therefore also without faith, so is knowledge about my will of such urgency, that you, my servants on earth are to do everything to move fellowmen to faith, and must above all present to them the effects of a love life, so that the spiritual state of men may still be a little increased before the end, so that the last day still finds some righteous men, who do not belong to the camp of my enemy and do not fall prey to the complete destruction of the last day. Seek to still eagerly win souls, and do not let yourselves be turned away, but come to meet them with love, and you will have far more success, than so you work on them with accusations and idiomatic expressions, which have little power of persuasion and therefore little success. My word you are to offer them, and the power of my word will still touch the hearts of men, so the words are offered in love. The world of hate and lack of love comes to an end. And your work for me and my kingdom becomes more and more urgent. Do not become lukewarm, but remain ambitious and industrious and work with eagerness, because there is no more long time. And believe that you as my co-workers will always experience my support, as soon as it is essential to lead erring souls to truth, which can be offered to them through you only, because you, my real representatives on earth, have received it yourselves from me and therefore are also suitable to carry out my Gospel into the world, to carry the light into darkness, to preach love to men, who are still of a good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 5187.


Book 58 5188

Reincarnation. False doctrine. Adoption as children of God.

13. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5188.

You will always go away from truth as soon as you loosen the union with me and only think with your worldly intellect, which cannot recognize spiritual truth. For the intellect wants to always give itself an explanation in such a way as it corresponds with its wishes and calculations, but truth does not always agree with this. The thoughts of man certainly are not to be switched off but always to leave the pre-eminence to the spirit in him in spiritual questions, so to let him be given presents by me first through his spirit, to then make use of the gifts intellectually. I want to give you always a bright light but you are not allowed to put a wall before it yourselves through which the light no longer can get through. And a wall you erect yourself as soon as you begin to be active yourselves in a direction, which is to your liking. You men wish that you live on earth, and mostly want to give away earth life unwillingly. And therefore your thoughts go such ways, and your great wish is a repeated life because according to divine law of nature you cannot prolong it for yourselves. Out of this field of vision your thoughts now seek the ways to fulfil this wish, and you welcome the re-embodiment teaching, and you assess it as truth, although it only contains a partial truth. The re-embodiment, as you imagine it, because you wish it to be so, would as it were be the repetition of a development stage, because man has failed on earth or did not reach full maturity, which he certainly can reach. But it still should be understandable to you men that such would just mean a permanent change of stay for the soul, which therefore at will would inhabit now the earthly, now the spiritual kingdom. And this would be like a hold-up in the cycle from eternity, a remaining on always the same stage, or, as long as free will is not eliminated, could also be a sinking for the soul because free will is always given to a man according to which he can develop up or down. It also has to be clear to you that all heavenly bodies have the same purpose, to give spiritual education possibilities to beings, and that consequently the further development does not necessarily depend on the fleshly return to earth, such could rather endanger the previous degree of maturity because the earth still holds too much immature spiritual, which can have a bad influence on the souls, which failed in earth life and that is why they demanded a new return. It is true that the wish of a soul demanding to return to earth is granted because the will is also free in the otherworldly kingdom and consequently determining for its soul state, however you men have then no longer the desire for the earth as it is now predominant with you; you no longer want to put on the heavy earthly body but you are, no matter how small the knowledge may be you once reached in the spiritual kingdom, already so familiar with the atmosphere surrounding you that you utilize it as it is possible for you, and because of that can definitely reach a far higher degree of maturity, than you achieve through a repeated walk on earth. I can just tell you again and again the same: Through your own thinking you have let error creep into spiritual wealth, which was offered to you as truth by me; you have generalized isolated cases – which is why the re-embodiment teaching certainly cannot be rejected completely, however has developed into a false doctrine in the way you present it, which I will correct again and again, so that you do not get stuck in an assumption, which endangers your ascent development here on earth, which lets you become lukewarm and negligent in the work on yourselves. The cases of transferring back of a soul to earth are so rare and always specially justified, but it is wrong to want to make fixed teachings out of these facts, which only confuse the thinking of men and let the general truth appear to be questionable. You men can reach incredibly much on earth; you can reach the highest degree of maturity during one earth life, the adoption as God’s children, because for it I died as man Jesus on the cross. And my will is announced to you all the time through my word, and an immeasurable treasure of favours is permanently available to you. But who does not pay attention to all of this and does not strive for his spiritual maturity, he will also have to irrevocably bear the consequences in the spiritual kingdom, but can also then still ascend up through my over great love and mercy, when it is my will, because I have certainly many school houses in my universe where you can still make up for much, but never reach the degree of adoption as children of God, which makes you to be my heirs, but which you can reach only on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5188.


Book 58 5189

Effect of love on fellowmen.

16. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5189.

A becoming divine of the soul only then takes place, when it changes completely free to love. It is consequently a laying down of all mistakes and weaknesses, an overcoming of evil desires and a longing for the good and true precondition, because only then love can come to development, the mark of divine spirit and the sign of the maturity of the soul. Then the soul is no longer earth bound, although it still lives on earth; then its sphere is already a spiritual, and it stands as man in the midst of men, to radiate spiritual and to send to the souls of fellowmen the favour of a spiritual radiation, which according to the will of them can be of success for the soul. Because without spiritual effect no soul rises out of the deep, and spiritual effects must always go out from beings radiated through by light, but which cannot let their light flow openly. A man, who already holds the fullness of divine love power in himself, a man, whose soul has spiritualized itself through love, is tremendously blessing giving for his fellowmen, because he can give them that, what helps up to the height, what promotes spiritual development for the soul. He can give much love, and love is power out of God. Who is touched by such love, he again feels the urge up in himself: - It is the soul, which seeks to free itself, which as it were is pulled up by a spiritual power. The love spark, which rests in it, ignites. And so the love of a man is redeeming effective; the sphere of a soul changes, the radiations out of the spiritual kingdom touch the soul, and a spiritual sphere forms around it, and again the soul is able, to do redeeming work, because it itself can now receive and radiate spiritual power.

You man cannot measure the power of love, but if possible stay near those, who radiate love, and you will experience the beneficent effect, and your own transformation will become easy for you, because you are supported by the love of a man and success is guaranteed, as long as you are willing and do not withdraw from that influence. A man, who stands in love, is capable of unspeakable much, because his thoughts are always with eternal love, and he imparts power to those, who need it. God himself is with him and in him, and for that reason brightest light radiates out of him, and the love warmth also communicates with the souls of fellowmen and is felt extremely beneficent – God himself radiates his love through a man who has formed himself to love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5189.


Book 58 5190

God’s love and care for his creatures.

17. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5190.

My care is directed at all men on earth, and I would like to see all men happy. But not earthly happiness I want to create for them, as long as the soul is still in a state, where earthly happiness can only harm it. I want to see the soul happy for ever. My love wants to prepare for them eternal life, and my wisdom leads men for that reason so, that the aim, eternal happiness, is reachable, when they themselves want it. I love all my creatures, and my love never stops. I never reject a soul for ever, and the return into the father house is never refused to it. And because the gate to eternity is always open, also the way to the father heart is always free, and no matter how severely the child has sinned – it is accepted, as soon as it returns full of remorse. For me as the highest and most perfect being nothing is too small to be accepted, because I just wait for the moment, where it returns to me voluntarily, so that I can now make it happy for ever. This my love care about the relapse into the deep is meant for all men, which will take place quite more likely than the return into the father house. And this foresight causes me to an extremely painful intervention for the rescue of those, who still hesitate and get into the danger, to be suddenly torn away from earth. I still fetch many men from this earth into the spiritual kingdom, so that they do not fall victim to my opponent, when a decision is demanded from them. I recall them, although they are still very immature, so that he does not overpower them and then entry into the spiritual kingdom is closed to them for endless long time. Because at the end I must let justice rule and mercilessly separate the goats from the sheep, the good from the evil, and allocate to all that place, which they deserve. Who is then not in my camp, he inevitably stands with my opponent and must also share his lot, to be again banished into earth and into matter. And once also the most stubborn sinner will go the way into the father house; once also he will be attracted by the open door; he will feel mightily attracted by my love, which radiates to him – but eternal times will still pass. But I love all of you on this earth and want to help you, to find the way already before; I want that you follow me already now; I want to prepare happiness for all of you already now and need for this only your will. For that reason do not be surprised that I exhaust all possibilities; do not be surprised that I apply all means to open the eyes to you blind earth walkers; do not be surprised that the light of truth radiates down to you from above, so that you follow its ray and recognize the place of exit. It is my extreme great love, which wants to pull you up out of pure favour – it is my hand of love, which stretches itself out to you. Seize it and let yourselves be pulled and come to the father, before it is too late, because he waits for you and receives you with open arms, so you just come to meet him with love in the heart and want that you are happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5190.


Book 58 5191

Immortality of the soul.

18. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5191.

Remember that, what becomes of your soul after the death of the body; try to imagine that there is no end for that, what thinks, feels and wants in you, and that the soul cannot die. Imagine it, when you cannot yet believe it firmly. Then uneasiness will befall you, because the soul feels it that no nice lot expects it, because a belief in a continuation of one’s life would have also produced a different way of life, a walk in love, but as also a walk in love would have earned it faith. Every man knows it that he must die according to the body, but continuation of the life of the soul cannot be taught as being certain knowledge. Nevertheless it can become conviction in man also without proof. And this conviction now determines his thinking, wanting and acting. Then man lives consciously – conscious of his task to develop up on earth and to prepare for the soul the lot in the hereafter according to his degree of maturity. Then he remembers the life of the soul after death and is also always prepared to exchange the earthly life with life in the spiritual kingdom, because he knows that that there is no eternal death, only a change of the place of residence for the soul. Each one man, who is of good will, also feels it that he does not just live for this earth, and his faith always becomes deeper and more convinced. Because who is of good will, he does not dislike the references, which are offered to him again and again through God’s love and stimulate his thinking. Who is of good will, he also cultivates love, and therefore he is strengthened in his faith and longs for light, which is also lighted in him. Each one man can believe in a continuation of the life of the soul, when he wants it, when he, longing for truth, moves thoughts regarding this in him and desires information. But wanting to say ‘no’ to a continuation of life, will always be an obstacle for faith, because then the powers of darkness already rule the man, which hate all light. Do not heedlessly pass over your thoughts, so they remind you of life of the soul after death. Seek to fathom, but do not reject all thoughts, so they touch you. Because without the will for truth you cannot reach it; without the longing for it you cannot be taught. There is a life after death, and this life you fashion yourselves on earth; you yourselves create the lot for the soul in eternity and for that reason are to take care that it does not become a slave to spiritual death, which is agonizing, but never means a not being. Because the soul is the real thing in man and remains existing, even so the body passes. Think about it, so that you reach faith, so that you win the inner conviction that the body can certainly die, but the soul is immortal. Amen. B.D. NR. 5191.


Book 58 5192

Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and men.

19. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5192.

The man Jesus established the connection between me and men; he was on close terms with them and still also in direct connection with me through his spirit. He therefore was the mediator, over which men could reach me, because they themselves were not able to do it out of own power. You men must inevitably take advantage of this mediator Jesus Christ, if you want to find the way home to the father house, because he alone leads you and supports you with his help, where your power is not enough. No-one can eliminate him; no-one can reach the aim without him; no-one is happy without Jesus Christ. Who believes not needing him, he does not come to me for ever, because I myself sent him to you that he fetches you to me, and so you now reject him, you yourselves block the access to me, and you never ever reach the destination. He is my son, descended from the kingdom of glory and of light to you in the cognition of your trouble and your inability, to lift you out of the deep. He clothed himself with a human cover to approach you, but his soul kept up the connection with me; his soul also asserted itself to the body; it also determined it, to turn to me, and so I myself could move into this human cover in all fullness and through him speak to men; those men came closer to me, who pushed their way towards him, because they recognized him and the divinity dwelling in him. He mediated between me and men. He raised the fallen and brought it to me; he showed to all the way to me and offered himself as leader on this way. And therefore each one man’s return home into the father house is secured, who makes use of him as mediator.

And I saw this for eternity; I saw the endless distance of my creatures from me and the weakened will power; I saw the will of these creatures bound through my opponent and had to send a rescuer to them, who helped them to rid themselves of the chains, who led them back to me. I myself had certainly granted my opponent the power, to use his free will, but he abused his power and so had the beings in his power, which certainly had emerged out of his will, however out of my power. With my omnipotence I could not extricate the beings from him, but the beings could have voluntarily fled from him. But they did not summon this will and therefore a being had to be sent to them as rescuer, who opposed his will to the will of the adversary. And this being defeated him. It was Jesus, the man, who out of love for mankind took on the fight, who in himself brought love to the highest development and in this way drew me myself to him and now defeated the adversary with my power. He is to be seen as rescuer of mankind, as power imparter for the weak men longing for God, who could never reach him without help; he is the power giver, who has acquired favours without measure through his death on the cross and gives these now to all those, who call on him for help, who accept him as mediator between themselves and me and ask for his help in the cognition of their weakness and inability, to cover the way alone, which still separates them from me. Every man can fetch power from him, and with certainty will reach the destination, who resorts to him, because I accept each one, whom he leads to me, who has gone for you into death. Amen. B.D. NR. 5192.


Book 58 5193

Common work in the vineyard of the Lord.

21. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5193.

I myself lead you and determine your ways, and nothing is chance, what you experience or what concerns you; no meeting with fellowmen is ordained by me without meaning and purpose. And still you yourselves determine the effect of all happenings around you through your free will. But if you subordinate your will under mine, so you will always act and think so, as it is right and successful for your and your fellowmen’s spiritual development. And for that reason the ones striving spiritually can always know being led by me, because they make an effort to live in my will, and I acknowledge their will, and my will becomes powerful in them. Much work in my vineyard is still to be done, because the time pushes. And therefore I also put my will into the heart of my servants, so that they can be active successfully. But my will in the last time is eager spreading of my Gospel – spreading out of the seed, which the soil is to receive – announcing of my word, which I send to you men from above. This work is to be carried out with all eagerness, because no more long time remains until the end. Where I know willing servants, I bring them together to common work for me and my kingdom. Because it is essential to spread truth, the seed, which alone can be received from me, if the fields, which there are the hearts of men, carry rich fruit. Where now pure truth is represented, there I also smooth the ways for my servants, to not make the work more difficult. For I demand no service, which could not be met. As loyal house father I allocate to each one of my servants that activity, which he can do, and because of that my servants must work together; one supporting the other, each one achieving that, what lies in his power. I bring you together, you who want to be active for me and my kingdom. And you will enjoy the work, because you yourselves are animated by the spirit, to help me in the redemption work out of love for me and the neighbour, who urgently needs help. And I will bless you, you my servants on earth, for your will, because it is free and can decide in every direction. I want to bless you and give you power for the work for me, as long as you dwell on earth. For the coming time still requires much power and favour, but which is sent to you in the richest measure, as long as you are active for me. I lead you, and you go no way without me. I strengthen you, and every weakness will drop off you; I myself come to you in the word and make you suitable for your work in my vineyard, and therefore your work will always be blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 5193.


Book 58 5194

Blessing of illness and suffering. Maturing.

23. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5194.

The decline of the body is often a salutary warning for man, who is still too much turned towards the world and for that reason endangers the soul. He must once learn to recognize that for nature’s part a stop can occur, and out of this cognition becomes aware, what afterwards comes, when the body has become completely unsuitable for this earth. Man must often be warned and admonished, as long as he does not remember his soul out of his own drive. Bodily sufferings, illnesses and loss of bodily functions must therefore also be seen as a means for maturation of the soul, since they can change the thinking of a man considerably and because of that are also often applied as means of healing for the soul, so it is in danger, to become a slave to spiritual death. But not always do they fulfil their purpose. Then a state of stubbornness occurs, a complete turning away from the divine-spiritual, and man seeks to win everything from life despite illness and misfortune, which have affected his body. Nothing is without meaning, what is granted to a man – illness of the body often brings about the recovery of the soul; then it has been a blessing, because man learnt to despise the world, after he had to do without it and he sought and found replacement in the spiritual world. He is allowed to receive delicious goods as compensation for those goods, which the world denies him and which he now recognizes as worthless. But to this belongs that he humbly bends under the fate, which was imposed on him for the sake of his soul, that he bears in submission, what certainly appears difficult to him, however can also be overcome. As soon as man has a small faith, he feels the hand of God over him and submits devotedly to the will of God; and then he can only win, but never lose, therefore also not be felt sorry for, because he possesses far more than a man full of health and bodily power, who has no connection with that kingdom, which will also once be his stay after bodily death. Decisive alone is the degree of maturity, which the soul has at the departing from earth. Everything, what can contribute to the increase of maturity, God applies, even so man does not feel it as beneficent, as long as he is without cognition. Once he will see the blessing of suffering and of illness and thank God for the application of means, which were successful, without curtailing the will of man. A sick body is not so bad than a sick soul, and if it is to regain its health, the body must endure illness, until the soul has become tolerant, until it directs the look towards heaven and has learnt to see the world only as passing test school. In future it will be able to rise carefree and unimpeded to high regions of the spirit and eternally thank its creator for the favour done to it, having let the body suffer, so that the soul recovers its health. Amen. B.D. NR. 5194.


Book 58 5195

Admonition for the preparing for the end.

24. and 25. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5195.

You are to prepare yourselves for the coming time. What my seers and prophets have announced, that will fulfil itself, because the time is completed, and according to law from eternity a revolution is in store for mankind, which is to be understood both spiritually and also earthly. It is the time of the end; earth changes, and an epoch comes to an end for the inhabitants of earth, and a new one begins. But only few of men living now will experience this new epoch, because conditions must be fulfilled, which only few undertake. For that reason earth will come to an end, and innumerable men will find death thereby, because they can no longer experience the new epoch. (25.8.1951) I am certainly gracious to those, who still come to me in the last hour, who call on me for mercy, but there will only be few of them, who suddenly change and come to the recognition of their sinfulness and therefore are still accepted by me in the last hour. But I want that the small flock of mine reaches the last aim, that it comes through the conclusion of this epoch and enters into the new epoch, where I need them, so that my law of order is kept. And for that reason I say to you: Prepare yourselves for the coming time, because it makes extraordinary demands on you, on your will, your faith and your loyalty to me. The coming time is suitable, to get you an extremely high maturity, but it also takes up your whole strength. For the closer it is coming to an end, the more unreal will everything appear to you, what is the actual reality; the more it is fought against your faith and my name be dragged through the mud. But so you seriously prepare yourselves, you stand above everything, for as soon as you belong to the knowing, you faith can no longer be shaken. But knowledge is the result of love. Therefore make an effort to lead an eager love life, and you then prepare yourselves well for the end. This is my advice, which you are not to leave unnoticed. Cultivate love – and power and love will flow to you in a measure that you can resist all, what in the time of the end is inflicted on you, and nothing will then be able to make you unable in the last fight. Prepare yourselves and do not hesitate, because the time comes to an end; this redemption epoch is broken off, because this is according to eternal order that a change occurs, as soon as no success in the spiritual development is any more achieved. No spiritual impetus is to be found with men; only few strive to the light and for these few I have a new assignment prepared, which only starts after the change, which is carried out at the earth. This therefore, my small flock, is once again admonished by me to eager soul work, for the last great onslaught stands before the door; the last fight starts, which is to find armed fighters, who go to war with me and for that reason will also win – who will triumph in the end over the opponent and his following. Amen. B.D. NR. 5195.


Book 58 5196

God’s love.

25. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5196

Nothing is able to replace my love for you, which is expressed in the word. When I speak to you, I am present to you. But I can only dwell near you, so you yourselves show me love, which I then return excessively, so that you can always believe being loved by me, so you hear my word, may it be directly or also imparted through my messengers. And then you can deem yourselves lucky , because my love means everything, protection and help, power and favour, consolation and encouragement in anxious trouble and finally the assurance of eternal happiness, because a child, which receives my love words, can never ever sink back into the state of darkness, because the light has already become so powerful in it, as that it could go wrong ways. I speak to you – the depth of this word you cannot grasp, because you will not comprehend it for ever that the highest and most perfect spirit of infinity leans down to his creatures, that he makes himself known to them and constantly woos for their love. But love is actually just a part term for you; love is so infinitely deep and a holy fire that it would like to seize and fuse everything with itself. And this extremely great love is always turned to you and seeks to express itself, because it wants to be returned. The expression of my love therefore is my word, the address to you, which makes me happy and is also to you bless you. You are my creatures and are to become my children through love. As creatures you have gone out from me, as children full of hot love you are to return to me again. Because only through love you are awakened to real life and become beings, which carry my will in them and therefore have formed themselves to my image. Love is the divine principle, which must predominate in you, so that you yourselves become divine and can approach me. And my love draws you constantly and will no longer leave you for ever, because you have recognized the father and for that reason also long for his word, which will always sound for you, as soon as you desire it in the heart and listen to what he speaks to you. I myself am present to you and show you my love in the word, to bless you now and in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5196.


Book 58 5197

Truth. Comprehensible form.

26. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5197.

Truth is always offered to you by me so, as it is comprehensible to you, otherwise also truth would be no light for you. But if I myself, as giver of truth, am intent on sending it to you and therefore on introducing you to knowledge, which promotes your development, then you truly no longer need to seek truth anywhere else, but it can be enough for you, what my love offers you and how it is offered to you. Immeasurably deep is the knowledge about the great truth – and each individual soul stands in another degree of maturity, in other powers of imagination, as also in different strong desire for pure truth. And for that reason also every soul must be given differently; always according to the state, as it can and will utilize the received spiritual material for itself and for fellowmen. And for me alone it is possible to see through man and to judge his receptivity, why I hand out my gifts according to my estimation. But I nevertheless enjoy those, who seek to penetrate more and more, and help them to always deeper cognition, as soon as they want to serve fellowmen with it and the received knowledge is healthy for them. Who receives light himself, is to also radiate light, and again I know it, where you, you who receive my light, carry it. Consequently the spiritual material sent to you must also be healthy for those, who you want to bless with it. You yourselves must understand it to be able to pass it on comprehensibly. There is only one truth, as there is also only one source, where alone eternal truth is to be drawn. Who seeks this source, he must have brought love to development in himself to be able to find it. But then he is led into the recognizing full of light, because only love makes everything comprehensible, what – even so it is truth – remains incomprehensible to him, who has not awakened his spirit through love, which instructs him from the inside as my share and also imparts with truth, at the same time, the understanding for it. The cognition of truth is therefore just the result of a love life, but not of an awakened intellect – why also truth in most simple form will give brightest light to him, who just fulfils the law of love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5197


Book 58 5198

Soul particles. Course of development on earth and in the hereafter.

26. and 27.8.1951. B.D. NR. 5198.

Judged spiritual substance is to be understood under matter, which again holds spiritual substance in it, which goes the development way according to the plan of salvation of God from eternity. This spiritual substance now, which is held captive by matter as outer cover, joins together with always the same substance on the development way and can be described as soul particles, which again enliven the individual works of creation. In every work of creation, may it be solid matter, the plant or the animal world, such soul particles are therefore in existence, which also again seek in themselves the joining together, to then form a whole in a new outer form, which always becomes more and more like the form of a man. Infinite long time passes, until all soul particles have found themselves, after the walk through the whole creation, to now being able to move again into an outer form as human soul, to which a certain task is given, to become completely free of all outer cover. The human body is therefore now the outer cover surrounding the soul, which now as such has the task, to bring to maturity the spiritual held in it. The maturing happens now in that way that man in free will, the sign of divine origin, seeks to introduce all soul substance into the right order from God – i.e. bringing all peculiarities of the innumerable little small souls on a basis pleasing to God, therefore allocating to every one desire the direction to God. All desire adverse to God must be changed to a feeling striving to God, and this is the conscious soul work, which man is to do during earth life. This is practically so to be understood that all that must be given up, what still adheres to the soul from its earlier embodiments, that therefore animal desires must be overcome, as also the longing for matter must be mortified, because all these desires come from the pre-development and still very much adhere to the soul as sign of the course of development before. All, what are phenomena belonging to the past, is to be given up, when the ascent development is to progress, and all that is to be striven for, what lets the progressing development become recognizable – spiritual-divine qualities, like humility, gentleness, patience and mercy, peaceableness and justice. For all these qualities emerge from love, which is to be brought to highest development in earth life. Consequently a quite clear guideline is given for the task of man on earth; the will of God is revealed to men through his word. The soul is as it were still disorganized spiritual, which is to be led to order, can however determine itself, because it is in the stage of free will. It certainly can order itself, but is not forced to it. But as soon as it orders itself, the spirit out of God has access, which cannot penetrate through a chaos of desires and unordered substances, that is, is not allowed to intervene self-ordering, when the will is lacking. Order is now getting established, when the individual particularly emerging qualities, which mark an embodiment of prehistory, are changed to the opposite, since everything spiritual standing at the beginning of development is imperfect and the becoming perfect is purpose and aim of embodiment. Therefore character qualities, recognizable from earlier embodiments, can never accord with divine order, but they must get changed to the opposite – until only love, goodness, humility, gentleness, justice and mercy are the character of man and signs of the aspired perfection, until the divine order is recognizable and the soul of man has now reached its destination and can leave its bodily, material outer form, to now strive up as spiritual being, but in the possession of light and power, which surprisingly quick promote its opposite further ascent. (27.8.1951) My spirit is persistently active, to guide you into truth, but you must also let yourselves be led without resistance, i.e., you are not allowed to assume an already existing knowledge as basic knowledge, to which my revelation now are to become like, but you must first hear my revelations and then compare them with your knowledge. If they agree, then they will also complement, then also this your pre-knowledge has gone to you from a spiritual source and serves the same purpose, to introduce you to truth.

And so continue: The ascent development in the opposite kingdom is different with the individual souls. There are as it were with every soul different dispositions existing, other abilities, both upwards as also downward, which must be developed or also fought and this is always the result of cognition, because the soul can formerly summon no will to change, as long as it does not recognize its state. For that reason a small ray of light must have already touched it that it could come to this recognizing – why intercession for the opposite souls is so tremendously important, so that a ray of cognition is sent to them, according to which they now only become active and strive up. A soul, which has reached already on earth a degree of cognition, which therefore on earth already sets about its soul work, is surrounded in the spiritual kingdom by so many light beings that it always finds support and quickly reaches higher maturity. It particularly depends on, that a soul reaches cognition still on earth, therefore knows about its earth task and about its own still inadequate state. For cognition is a great step to perfection and lets the regions in the opposite kingdom quicker hurry through, while a soul without cognition often dwells immemorial long time below, because it must without fail possess the first knowledge and for the time being rejects it a long time, until it is prepared to let itself be instructed. And this ignorant state is extremely agonizing and can only be removed through loving intercession. Light beings also help those beings, but they dwell unrecognized near them and can therefore also not successfully have an effect, because free will must be left to the soul. But despite recognizing of the own inadequacy, despite recognizing the faults, weaknesses and desires, the soul cannot develop up without help. And this help is Jesus Christ, both on earth as also in the spiritual kingdom. If he is called upon for help in the serious will to ascend, so also success is to be expected with certainty. He helps there, where the own power is not enough; he does not only forgive the sins him, who asks him for forgiveness, he is also power giver in the fight as overcomer. Without his power no being is able to rise up out of the deep, because an imperfect being is and remains weak exactly as effect of its imperfection. Only the connection with Jesus Christ imparts that power to him and makes his wrestling to perfection easier and also successful. Who does not come to Jesus Christ on earth, must hurry to him in the hereafter, otherwise he remains below for ever. And again, this is to be understood so, that every soul must come to love. For Jesus Christ is embodied love. Love therefore is the redeeming power; love also acknowledges Jesus Christ; love must be practised on earth to secure a winged ascent in the hereafter. But it must also be in the hereafter the driving force; otherwise the soul can never gain an increased degree of maturity. And so love is the sole means, to get rid of all weaknesses and faults, for who has love, he recognizes himself and consciously strives to perfection, because he longs for him, who is love himself, and he always helps him, because love pushes to love and the joining together in love is eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 5198.


Book 58 5199

Intellectual thinking. Truth out of God.

29. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5199.

You will always get into conflict, so you go your own ways, so you go away from me in thoughts and believe not needing my help. But so you firmly join me and your thoughts seek me, you are also completely convinced to stand in truth, and every doubt you will be able to refute, because my presence only unveils to you pure truth and in my presence you cannot fall victim to error. Just remember this, so you get into doubt that you then yourselves let these doubts arise in your mind, because you research intellectually and as a result invalidate me. For I never force my way through with my spirit, so you yourselves do not want it. And this will is lacking, as long as your intellect alone is active. Light and clear the object of your research will appear, when you devote yourselves to me in thoughts and ask for my enlightenment. Every doubt will be blown away, because next to me, who you call through your prayer, it cannot exist. Try it to chase away every doubt in you in this way, and you will succeed, as soon as you join me intimately and give me the possibility in this way to work in you myself.

It is so simple to receive answers from me to all questions, but the intellect must be eliminated so long, until you have felt the answer in the heart – you must think less, but listen to the inside. This is a process, which is comprehensible to no man, who has not yet made the test, in serious will and deep faith, that he can hear me. The unbeliever can never hear my answer in him, because he will also never seriously listen into himself. But faith lets him listen, and he feels my answer in the heart. That appears unreal to man, what the actual real thing is. To hear me speaking. And so a doubter just needs to connect himself with me intimately in prayer to get rid of his doubts, while he can ponder long and finds no sure result, so he does not consult me. Without me you cannot get truth, and without me you also cannot recognize truth as truth. And if you also receive truth pure and unadulterated out of the mouth of a servant taught by me, a fellowman, who hears my word in intimate connection with me – so it will still appear doubtful to you so long, as you yourselves just hear it with the intellect, as long as you do not also get into contact with me, so that my spirit gives you the understanding for truth. And therefore my representatives on earth can just impart, but not convince, as long as the listener has not yet established the relationship with me. But my word is to stimulate him to seek me, and I will truly like to let myself be found and give him, what he lacks, fullest understanding for eternal truth, which lets you mature at your soul, as soon as you receive it from me consciously, as soon as you allow my presence through your will, your faith and your love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5199.


Book 58 5200

Admonition to break away from transitoriness. Spiritual good.

31. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5200.

To all of you I give a word of my love and favour: Untie the fetters, which still connect you to earth, i.e., give your soul the freedom, to rise into the spiritual kingdom, and leave the earth behind, by you turning the thoughts away from it, then the spirit in you pulls your soul into its area, and you win thousand times more in that way, as you can ever acquire for yourselves on earth. The earth with its material goods still appears to you as something real, and nevertheless everything is transient, and to this transitoriness you turn your attention. I warn you against it out of pure love and favour, and I admonish you to remember the alone real thing – to enable the soul the flight into the spiritual kingdom, what can happen immediately, so you turn your thoughts away from the world. Once you have won spiritual good, which you therefore bring back to earth out of the spiritual kingdom, then earthly goods always entice you less and it becomes already easier for you, to make the flight up, but the first separation from earth you must accomplish out of your own will yourselves; you must use force, which just requires will power, to withdraw yourselves for a short time from the world and to go into quietness, i.e., to listen into yourselves, and give the spirit in you the possibility in this way, to express itself. The will is able to do much, because the spirit then clearly recognizes that the soul in man then turns to it, that it wants to put itself underneath it. But you men can never cause the spirit in you to an expression, as long as your thoughts are turned towards the world, as long as you pay attention to everything, what earthly happens around you, as long as you are still materially minded. For that reason I shout to you words of love and of favour: Do not strive for that, what is transient, but seek to gain immortal goods for yourselves, which the spirit alone can hand out to you, because it is a share from me, from its father spirit from eternity, because it is me myself, who expresses himself through the spirit in you, and I myself give you truly only that, what remains for ever, what is not subject to the law of transitoriness and what alone can be seen by you as wealth, because they are immortal treasures, which can never ever be taken from you. This spiritual possession will always make you more happy and become a reality for you that you turn the back on the earth with its goods, that you like to give up, what belongs to the world, to exchange the most delicious for it, the goods, which go out from me and are offered to you constantly, so that you enjoy them and mature at your soul. And work with these goods, as long as you still dwell on earth, so that you increase your spiritual wealth, so that you bless your fellowmen and seek to make them turn away from the world. Work with the spiritual treasures persistently, and they will increase, although you constantly give away from that. And richly blessed you will enter into the spiritual kingdom, where you then only can measure the treasures fully, where you can work to your own joy and prepare highest happiness for all those, who you make happy with your spiritual treasures, because love drives you to it – love for me and for the still suffering spiritual, which needs your help to be happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5200.


Book 58 5201

Gift of speaking.

2. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5201.

The gift of speaking will be bestowed on you, as soon as you want to announce my word, to redeem fellowmen from spiritual death. You will be able to speak with words, which are not your own; you will be able to speak with conviction and still do not have need of thinking, what you speak, because my spirit will speak such through you, as soon as the will of love in you rules you, to be active in my name and to bring salvation to fellowmen. And what you speak will be full of wisdom and testify to me and my kingdom to everyone, who is of good will. You will publish my love, wisdom and omnipotence and let comfort and hope flow into the heart of every sinner; you will speak in my name and publish, what is future to warn and to admonish men, not to threaten them or to preach them my wrath. For so you speak in my name, your words are to testify to my love, for they are to awaken again love for me, your creator and father from eternity, who calls his children in favour and mercy. You will be able to speak with convincing power, and everyone, who is of good will, must and will also recognize, who speaks though you, and put himself under my word. For it is not you yourselves, who speak here, but you just give yourselves that I can speak through you. My spirit works in you, you who want to serve me, to redeem fellowmen. And I bless you and give your words great power. But who is suitable that I can speak through him? – Only where love fashions a heart that is has become the receiving vessel of the divine spirit; only there I can work and give proofs of my power and glory. And by this you will recognize my right servants that they can speak suddenly, without preparation, that only one thing is necessary: the desire in man to help and the willingness of fellowman, to let himself be helped, that therefore wanting to "give and receive" is to be recognized, so that I myself can then hand out to him, who desires my word – that I myself can speak through the mouth of a man, whom love drives thereto, to help fellowmen in spiritual need. And this my word, which flows out of the mouth of my servant, will have great power; it will move the listener to the depth of his heart; it will fall on fertile soil, because they are words from above, which have hit his heart, from which power he can never ever withdraw, as soon as he himself is of good will. For where resistance is found, there also my divine words die away at the ears and leave no impression, because no man is forced against his will to recognize and accept my word. But blessed, who are ceaselessly active in my name, who want to teach and help, because love drives them; blessed, who at all times make heart and mouth available to me that I can speak through them. Blessed, who fashion themselves through love to the receiving vessel of my spirit. For they alone are able to spread my Gospel; they alone are right announcers of my word, which is blessed with my power – they are my right servants, through which I want to speak to men always and constantly, but particularly in the time of the end, where only alone my word from above will be successful; where only alone those men are led to me, who hear my voice through the mouth of my right servants – I want to put the right words into the mouth for them, and they are to testify to me, so that in the end souls are still rescued, who are of good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 5201.


Book 58 5202

Increase of power through love work and prayer.

3. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5202.

Increase the power in you by you striving for me and receive the power from me in the form of my word. For with every word, which you receive from me, it flows to you and gives your soul the firmness that its striving for me becomes more and more intimate and it unites by this means with the spirit in it, which is share of me myself. You are able to do nothing without my power, and even the striving for me emerges from my power. Therefore my power must first become effective in you, before the conscious striving for me starts, and only through love activity you can win power. Who is of good and pure heart, he also lives in love and consequently acquires power from me constantly. But also through prayer he requests power from me, and also then it flows to him, and he will feel it as drive to love activity. Then he therefore increases the power, which he has requested from me. But you are not to get tired and constantly see to the increase of power; you are to draw power out of the spring – you are to recognize my word as outflow of that spring and for that reason desire my word with all your senses, for than you can call an excessive amount of power your own, so that you reach your earth destination effortlessly. But without me you are able to do nothing – you can do nothing without my power. You can apparently indeed gain great successes on earth, but for eternity you must do without everything, so you do not receive power from me. You have truly very much an advantage over your fellowmen, who go along without power and later also arrive without power in the opposite kingdom. And they can still so easily get hold of power through intimate prayer or through love work. For whose soul has received power, he also has understanding for my love and favour; he has understanding for truth, and he goes a way, which leads up, because eternal truth draws him, which knows about his will of coming closer together. And this soul will not be quiet, until it is seized by the power of love, until the light of wisdom radiates through it, until it hears my word directly or through my messengers, for the power of love seeks to increase; it wants to work in fullness in man, for it is divine power, which never is inactive and which again and again produces new power. Receive my power, and you have then also a visible proof that you are flowed through by divine power; you have a sign of my love, which draws you to itself; you are no longer powerless; you can now go a way yourselves, which leads to the destination, because you have dismissed all weakness through your connection with the power source, out of which you can draw persistently. Increase your power and constantly be active in love, then I myself can work in you and give you power unlimitedly. Amen. B.D. NR. 5202.


Book 58 5203

Help for the poor souls. Love redeems.

4. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5203.

In the opposite kingdom everything is valued, what helps the souls up. Love, which is turned to the spiritual still immature, is the sole means of redemption, as long as it cannot rise itself out of its own power, i.e., as long as it still cannot work in love itself, since it is without power. Everything, what now helps these beings to power, has my blessing, because it is in accordance with the principle of love. Love, which is shown the immature spiritual on the part of men, must somehow have a redeeming effect, may it be on earth or also in the hereafter, for no love spark is without power, and therefore love work always means power supply. You men on earth can therefore do unspeakably much help, so love drives you to it to remember the poor souls in the hereafter, which are completely powerless and therefore have to rely on help. And everything you do to help them to power, everything what you do to have a redeeming effect, will find my pleasure and never be useless. There is already so little love to be found among men on earth, and still less they remember the souls in the hereafter, because they lack faith in a continued life after death, and this unbelief has an extremely bitter effect on the souls in the hereafter, which dwell unredeemed and powerlessly in dark surroundings and cannot help themselves alone. Every good thought of them, every loving wish for their well-being is a relief in their agony and is felt by them gratefully. But particularly of those souls, which languish in darkness, few follow such good and loving thoughts and these souls are for that reason in extreme trouble. Because of that you will also understand, that those men, who would like to help them, are surrounded by innumerable souls, which all would like to attract attention to themselves and ask, so that they are helped. All you men are surrounded by such souls, but only few listen to them; only few have the will to help in them and faith, to be able to help them through prayer and kind thoughts. But innumerable find no intercessor on earth and therefore seek to also reach such circles, where power currents are noticeable. Also these souls ask you for help. Grant it to them; do everything, what your love gives you, and know that my blessing is always certain for you, as soon as the love will drives you to help them. Seek nothing else than to bring only help, then you can remove so many chains, then you can give freedom to the tormented souls; you help them for the time being through the supply of power, which they then use themselves according to your example; that they also want to help, as you have helped them. Never forget that they have to rely on your help, even so my favour and mercy condemns no being for ever; but their hardened hearts must first be touched by a ray of light, before they seize my supply of favour. And I myself lead to you men those souls, which still just need a stimulus to begin their way of development in the hereafter. But without loving help they still languish endless time in the same state and no longer find the way up. Pray for them and do not forget them, for the suffering is immeasurable, which their unbelief and their lack of love has earned them, but so you want to help them, I am always prepared with my favour and mercy to pull them up out of the night of death to the light of life, because I can then not resist your love, which you send to the unhappy souls in the hereafter, and I forgive them the guilt for the sake of your love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5203.


Book 58 5204

God of love. Not God of wrath.

5. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5204.

That God, who has created you, is no God of wrath, but a God of love – he wants to give to you, but not take. But what he wants to give to you is a blessed happiness, which lasts for ever. So he now apparently takes something from you, so is this just something worthless, which just possesses a value in your eyes, but in reality is corrupting for you. But you believe a God of wrath snatches these goods from you, to which you give your love on earth. You do not know him, the God of love, who is the father of you all and also acts like a father at his children; who out of love lets you suffer, because he knows that only in that way you can gain the possession of highest, immortal goods, when he takes from you, what you assess on earth too high. His love for you men is immeasurable and pacifies all wrath, which the wrong behaviour of men could certainly provoke, when his love would not be considerably stronger. He does not punish, but in his wisdom he recognizes the weakness of his children, and therefore he seeks to help them and to lift them up, so they have fallen. It is no wrath, when he destroys, what gets in the children’s way, to reach the father – it is love, which clears away and makes the way free to him. A God of wrath is no perfect being, for only love has the claim on perfection, and for that reason you men can reject every teaching, which seeks to make out your creator and father from eternity to be an angry being, which sends an inexorable judgment over you, because you have made a mistake. The God of love even has mercy with the devils – for that reason he descended to hell, to also show to them the way, which leads out of darkness. He also reaches the hand to the most deeply fallen and wants to pull it up to his father heart. Mankind moves the God of love to pity, and he seeks to rescue it. But a God of wrath would ruin, what is not to his will. But one thing the love of God does not eliminate – his justice. He cannot lead to happiness, who are full of sin, but he does not condemn them. He goes after them with his love so long, until they return it and voluntarily leave sin, and therefore his love is greater than mankind deserves it; it is endless and full of power, and never will you men measure its depth – why wrath cannot exist next to it. For that reason you do not need to fear God, but you are to love him out of the whole heart and with all your powers; you are to love him and as a result partake of his power. You are to love him, so that he can prepare highest happiness for you, which is to be found in the joining together with him, who is eternal love himself. He looks at you all with eyes radiating love; full of love he stretches out his hand to you all; he calls all of you with the voice filled with love; he wants to win his children back for ever, which once went from him voluntarily. But he will always woe you with love; but never seeks to achieve something in wrath, what is unthinkable without love. And he fetches you all up to him. His love is a power, which does not lose its effect. But wrath would destroy and ruin and make a return to God impossible. But if the talk is about the wrath of God, so only his assured will is to be understood by that, the binding of the spiritual striving away from him in his works of creation, but which in the end still only makes the finding back to him possible and for that reason also this wrath is just an act of love of God, to also once win that still resisting him, so that it is happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5204.


Book 58 5205

Truth fighters. False doctrines.

5. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5205.

Your task is: teaching – carrying truth among men, so that the darkness withdraws from them, which holds them enclosed, which prevents them from feeling the benefit of the light. As long as man is of darkened spirit, he goes a wrong way, for the right way is called truth. Truth only goes out from me and leads again back to me. Grasp it, you men, that I cannot make half concessions, when it is about your happiness – grasp it that I as eternal truth cannot be tolerant to the lie or the error – grasp it that for that reason I send truth to earth, because it is necessary that you experience it, because every day gets lost for you, which you walk along without truth, for truth alone reproduces me so, as I am, and only, when you have a right image of me, you can love me and therefore reach happiness. Every erroneous teaching is an attempt of my opponent, to distort my image and to decrease love for me; every erroneous teaching is good soil for new false doctrines, and soon you stand opposite undergrowth, which is inextricable and lets no rays of light any longer through, which enlighten your spirit. And for that reason I train light bearers for me, which are to supply truth to you men; for that reason I introduce them first to truth and give them the task to work enlightening, wherever it may be. For that reason I so often confront truth with false doctrine, to see to it that they go against each other, for I want that doubts emerge in the hearts, for only a doubter begins to ponder and to search for truth. My teaching, which I gave to men on earth, has on the human part been so interspersed with error and can never ever have a curative effect with men. And for that reason I want to purify it, for that reason I give it in purest form anew and see to it that this teaching is imparted to men, who are of good will. Who wants to accept it, will experience greatest blessing; who rejects it, must also bear the responsibility. But I need deliverers of this my pure teaching on earth; I need disciples, to whom I can also now say again: Go ye therefore, and teach all nations. I therefore need apostles, who speak in my name on earth and announce my word to men. And they are to appear courageously against the representatives of false doctrines; for that is their office, to which I have appointed them, to oppose error with truth without inhibitions, to give information without inhibitions, which damage arises to the soul, as long as it is instructed wrongly, as long as it does not stand in truth, which alone leads to me. You men can certainly also strive for me despite false doctrines, but it is a fruitless wrestling, for you must understand that the error and the lie are not my work, but the work of my opponent and that for that reason it will prevent (make impossible) every ascent; that further a work of my opponent can never bring an ascent, but alone only truth helps you up. I can make no concessions and assess error like truth; I can only acknowledge the good will and bless it, by me supplying truth to you, but you must then also open yourselves; you are not allowed to ignore truth, otherwise your will fails. You must long for me and therefore for truth; and you will then certainly get into their possession. But do not assume that I agree with you, so you want to remain in error. To whom I supply truth, he is also able to check it and to recognize it as truth, for I demand nothing impossible from you. But who receives it from me, he is to also support it and represent it without inhibitions; he is not to be afraid, to appear too hard, for error cannot be emphasized sharp enough, because it is the work of my opponent, who openly rebels against me. The error and the lie cause terrible confusion and rob from men all cognition; they are no light, but come from deepest darkness. For that reason courageously take action against error and lie, since in truth you have a weapon, which secures victory for you. I have selected you as my fighters, and you are to fight with the sword of the mouth; you are not to be anxious that you take the child faith from one of your fellowmen – for it does not serve man to perfection, as long as it is wrong. But you can hold against it something good, pure, extreme effective, truth, which you have received from me myself. You can give more, than you take from them; you wrest their soul from the power of my opponent and lead it to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5205.


Book 58 5206

Communion. "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock."

6. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5206.

Come often to the table of the Lord, so that I can feed you, all you who are hungry and thirsty. Food and drink always stands prepared for you; I am always willing to hand it out for you to fill you with power, which you need to mature your souls. Keep communion with me, and fill yourselves with the bread of life, with my word, which is full of nourishing power and because of that irreplaceable for your souls. I want to be your host, for I alone can offer you that, what you need to become perfect. I alone can serve the right bread and the right wine, which is the true refreshment for your soul. For that reason accept my invitation; do not go past my table, which is always laid for you and just waits for the guests that they give honour to the host. Who is fed at my table, he will never need to go hungry anymore, because it is heavenly food; it is my body and my blood, which I myself offer to you, because I love you. My flesh and my blood you must eat and drink, if you want to be happy, but also understand right, what is meant, when I speak of my flesh and my blood. My word was always to be understood spiritually, and everyone, whose spirit is awakened, will also know about the spiritual meaning of my words. That, what secures the life of the body, is the blood, which flows alive through the body, and therefore flesh and blood is a sign of the life of the body. But I want that your soul lives. And therefore it must also take in a food, which keeps its soul body and makes it alive; it must accept flesh and blood, a food, which secures life for it, and this food can never be an earthly material one, but the soul needs spiritual food, but which also means life for the soul like flesh and blood. And this spiritual food is my word, which enlivens the soul with its power, therefore is felt by it like flesh and blood, like true life. It has a power of healing of greatest effect; it enlivens everything dead and makes the soul to a place of gathering of the power out of me, and so I refresh men with my bread and my wine, who take communion with me; I let them partake of my power and glory, for what I hand out, is my own and can only have a divine effect. It is the radiation of my love power, which is consequently my flesh and my blood, the expression of my original nature, therefore I myself communicate with those, who hold communion with me, and am for that reason also present in them, as soon as they follow my invitation. And the form, in which they receive me myself, the visible or perceptible expression of me myself, is my word, which is sent to you as proof of my love for you, as food and drink, as right nourishment for your soul. Never ever can you understand my word differently: "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock, if any man open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him and he with me." An intimate spiritual connection must precede, which love alone can establish, and then you will be aware of my presence, and what you lack, I will give you – the bread of heaven, my word, which is to give life to your soul, which is to fashion you to my image. My flesh and my blood you are to eat and drink, so that you live for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5206.


Book 58 5207

Explanation of family feelings. Soul particles.

9. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5207.

Secret connections often exist between men, which they are not able to explain for themselves and which have their reason in the putting together of souls. For the souls can meet quite similar souls through the kind of their fashioning, and this similarity lets a family felling arise in man, but which he is not able to explain with his intellect. And for that reason such emotions can also never be fathomed scientifically, but they are merely spiritual feelings, which are expressed and the causes of which can also be explained spiritually only. In each soul the whole creation is certainly contained, but as also creation shows in itself the most different works, as also the animal world reveals an inconceivable versatility, so also the souls of men are different in their kind, because the composition in every soul is another one, what also makes the variety of men comprehensible, who, despite outwardly approximately the same shaping, differ character and feeling wise from each other and are also just recognized by this difference. But such souls can also meet in earth life, which would show an obvious similarity, when man would be able to see spiritually, for the soul form and kind is only perceptible with spiritual eyes. But the souls themselves feel their affinity and therefore feel unusually attracted to one another, but what is not to be confused with pure bodily desire for a contact. The belonging together of the souls is recognizable by the obvious agreement in thinking and feeling of men, in harmony in spiritual fields and the same striving, in a feeling of closeness with each other, which does not need to be expressed bodily. These souls are mutually agreed; they do not fight one another and are always prepared to help one another; they feel their similarity and are inclined to believe having led a common past life, and still they are just the small soul particles fitted together in the same ratio, which result in this harmony, and do not need having been connected at all. But once they belonged to the same circle of fallen angels and have gone the same course of development, which has also comprised the same space of time, why the striving to one another is understandable. For a same course of development also forms the souls alike, and when now such souls meet in earth life, where the consciousness of self is also developed, then also the first signs of remembering back appear, however so weakly that they just suspect a certain connection, but which they often explain to themselves wrongly. In earth life the remembering back of its pre-stages is taken from the soul, nevertheless feelings have remained for it. The same soul substances of the soul recognize each other, because they have fitted themselves into the whole in the same ratio, and men can then become aware of this recognizing and now awaken the family feeling. The soul of man is so wonderful elaborately fitted together; and innumerable sounds can ring out in it, as on a valuable instrument. A harmonic accord now rings out as a sound and is already a pre-enjoyment to the connexion of souls tuned to the same pitch in the hereafter, where the constant joining together with similar spiritual belongs to the happiness in the spiritual kingdom, which therefore can already take its beginning on earth, is however merely an experience of souls, but not of the bodies. That may well be noticed that contacts with the soul are of completely different kind than bodily ones, that the harmony of souls has completely different reason and is not to be traced back to a living together as man in a former development, for even, where this assumption would be right that souls out of a former embodiment meet again, the feelings of a harmony of souls are to be substantiated completely differently, and that explanation would always be a false conclusion. However, every soul will once find its partner, but always then as completion of its self, although the individuality of each soul remains. But then the soul has already reached another level of development on earth, and then it will also have penetrated into knowledge so far that it can recognize all connexions and that it can see spiritually, what could not be made comprehensible to it on earth. And the joining together of souls, which complement each other, makes indescribably happy and also gives increased power to the souls for the work and therefore for the fulfilling of their assignment in the spiritual kingdom, and the souls strive always more and more for the joining together with God, to now find in this union the highest happiness, which will never end. Amen. B.D. NR. 5207.


Book 58 5208

Help in spiritual trouble - Spreading of knowledge from above.

10. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5208.

Knowledge has been presented to you, which enables you to give information to your fellowmen in every way, knowledge, which you can also support justly as truth, because it has been imparted to you directly by me or through my messengers. This knowledge is enough to be able to fulfil a task, which is of greatest importance: to help in the time of the end, to lead erring souls onto the right way, before it is too late. This is indeed a field, which only few men want to enter, because it is about spiritual life, about the life of the soul, which is to be safeguarded, because the recovery of the soul is to be aspired to and men, particularly in the time of the end remember more than ever only their bodily well-being and the spiritual life is for them something so unreal that they put no thoughts into it and for that reason are just in greatest spiritual trouble. They must therefore be helped, and the helping ones must be you, you who yourselves constantly receive the proof of love and favour from myself – my word, which alone can rescue men from ruin. A task has been set for you, which you are to fulfil and also can fulfil, so you are just willing, to serve me and consequently also fellowmen. This will alone will let you come into the possession of power, because I work with my love power in all, who want to be active for me and my kingdom in the last time before the end. What I want to do to suffering men, I must get carried out through you men, so that every thought and drive testifies to the freedom of will of man. And for that reason also all happening, which concerns yourselves, will always appear in a natural way, and it can still be recognized as my work by you, when you are just of the belief that you constantly live in my guidance and that I myself direct your fate; that I am present to you, as soon as you just turn your thoughts to me. The awareness of my presence lets you recognize everything as my work at you, and so also no meeting with fellowmen is chance or arbitrarily, but always an opportunity, where you are to work for me and my kingdom. I accompany you on all your ways and consequently step up to those myself, who are to hear of my work at you through you. You have extensive knowledge; use it, where you can; teach your fellowmen, as I have taught you, and let no opportunity go past, because the time is short and the trouble unspeakable great. But all men are to experience my favour; no-one is to be able to say, having won no knowledge, not being pointed to the near end. And I need you, so that you can give information to men, which is according to truth – so that I through you can knock at the door of the heart and can bring my word to them. And your work for me will be blessed, as soon as you bring help to fellowmen in good will, before it is too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 5208.


Book 58 5209

"Who keeps my commandments." Revelations.

11. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5209.

"Who keeps my commandments, he it is, who loves me – to him I will reveal myself." So may this word be explanation for you for my obvious work in you through my spirit. I only demand your love for me and for the neighbour, and love for me is expressed in love for the neighbour, in the fulfilment of my love commands, which announce my will. Love for me can certainly flare up in different degrees, but I take the kind of nature of every man into account and assess alone the subordination of his will under mine. As soon as he no longer resists me, feeling wise and also in word and deed, he has already become mine and is never ever left by me or disowned. Love for me can leap up to a flame a in him; but it can also be like a glowing fire, which can no longer go out, because I myself check it, out of estimation full of wisdom. For who loves me, who fulfils my commands, he also puts himself at my disposal, because love devotes itself – he therefore consciously puts himself into my service. And I now put him at the place, where he can work for me most effectively according to his nature, his surroundings and the urgency of a helping action. I alone know about the ability of each one man, to do the work in my vineyard. And since this work is an extremely varied one, the workers are also so chosen that every work is successful. The work of one can be done completely in vain, if it is carried out at the unsuitable place, because I know, what is healthy for every man; I know, how far fellowmen are receptive, and I therefore employ those workers, who have the most beneficial influence on their fellowmen, with whom only workers can achieve success, who are specially trained for it. Every breed of people, every age and every region needs other mission work – and that already explains also the different nature of workers for the kingdom of God. The basic truths certainly remain the same, but how you present these basic truths to fellowmen, that is also important for the success and the effect of truth at men themselves. Moreover words often work more than miracles. Mankind is so far away from me and my kingdom that even an obvious miracle makes no other impression than that of an extraordinary event, which it now seeks to explain scientifically. Words on the other hand, applied and offered in the right way, can have far more success, for the essential in man is touched by it – the soul – and it can now adapt itself to it according to its will, while a miracle is often only grasped by the organs of man and digested in exactly the same way only intellectually and can remain useless for the soul. But who is touched by it, he is already no longer foreign to me, and also the most powerful event no longer harms him, because his faith is a consolidated one and just still finds confirmation. I have an effect on men according to their powers of comprehension and to their will to love. I reveal myself to each one, who loves me and keeps my commands. What he needs to be happy, I give him, always taking as the starting point, whether his will utilizes what is given to him to my glory – that he works for me and seeks to win souls, which are in danger of getting lost. The one does it consciously, the other unconsciously, i.e., he is a tool of my love, which wants to have an effect on the unbelievers and makes use of a man for this, who is full of love for me. And I assess the degree of love, which does not always need to be recognizable outwardly. I know it, who belongs to mine, and accept all as workers in my vineyard, because I need many reapers, so the time of harvest has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 5209.


Book 58 5210

Bridge to the hereafter. Thoughts upwards.

12. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5210.

The bridge to the hereafter is to be walked on often, i.e., the thoughts are to rise often into that kingdom, which it the true home of the soul and should stand before the eyes of each one man to be consciously aspired to. Because the true home of the soul is the kingdom of light, and to reach it, man must work on himself, therefore live purposefully. The aim is therefore to be sought often in thoughts as much as possible – and also many hands stretch themselves out of the kingdom of light towards you, which you are to seize. That are again those thoughts, which drive you to good, the thoughts, which have God as content and everything, what is not visible to earthly eyes and to be grasped with earthly hands. Thereon you are to think often, and you then step on to the bridge to the hereafter, where the spiritual world comes to meet you. Indeed also dark shadows, when you turn your thoughts unwillingly to the spiritual kingdom; when the love for God does not drive you to it, but you think of it with an uncomfortable feeling, what comes after it, after the death of your body. Then you are besieged by those shadows, and the light beings cannot have a favourable effect on you, because you yourselves take the possibility from them. But the more blessed is the influence of the light beings on you men, when you just send your thoughts up in the true desire for truth. Then you need to fear no bad beings. Then light is given to you from the kingdom of light, from beings, who are happy to be able to help and guide you. They can come any time to you and you to them, because the bridge exists. You are not sending the thoughts into a nothing, when you desire upwards; the kingdom of light is real, and the beings are real, which intervene into your thinking – they can also express themselves and do it, as soon as you consciously establish the connection with the spiritual world. And as your desire is, so are you given. The desire for good beings draws them over, and they erect a wall around you, so that you cannot be besieged by bad beings, which come from darkness and would also like to express themselves. Men are still in contact with matter, and the danger very easily exists, to also attract lower beings through material thinking, but conscious thoughts for good powers will always protect them from those, for the light beings are always prepared to look after you, to protect and to instruct; and their power is so great that they can fight the powers of darkness, as soon as you just call the light beings and recommend yourselves to the love and favour of God. You are always protected, so you are of good will and your will is only directed towards God. Because your will alone determines that sphere, in which you are; your will alone determines the spiritual beings, which have access to you. Often step on to the bridge into the spiritual kingdom, and consciously get into contact with that world, which you will once inhabit. Raise your thoughts, but do not let them wander into the deep. Amen. B.D. NR. 5210.


Book 58 5211

Veiling unusual supply of favour. Explanation.

13. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5211.

Men standing in highest favour are often not able to recognize the favour as such, and that with God’s allowance, so that their wrestling for that reason may not become smaller and they fall into a state, which results in a decrease of the supply of favours. This is so to be understood that an increased influx of favour can already make man divine on earth, but that man has to fulfil an assignment, which must be carried out as man, if it is to be successful for fellowmen, for the fulfilment of the assignment is to promote the salvation of their soul. For that reason man himself, despite supply of extreme rich favours, will always just remain a man, with all faults and weaknesses and will have to fight against these consciously. The favour will certainly increase his soul maturity; such a man will so to speak lead a double life; a life before God and a life before men, and fellowmen will always see the wrestling, suffering man striving for God, to follow him in the same way. Nevertheless the increased measure of favour is of extreme great effectiveness, for the soul has completely become one with its spirit and is able to see into the spiritual kingdom exactly as into the earthly kingdom. The soul has made itself divine, but is still bound in the human cover and drives this cover, to put itself completely into the service of God and of fellowmen, to serve them as example. A man can receive the favours unmeasured – but it is comprehensible that an extreme measure of favour must also have a superhuman effect; that therefore then also a miracle power would become evident, because the nature in man has then already fashioned itself so that it could totally make use of the power out of God. But such a miracle activity would mean a faith compulsion, since the man, being in possession of an extreme measure of favour, would inevitably use his divine power. This is indeed allowed by God, when and where it is of use for fellowmen; however, the surroundings of man would not always benefit from it. For that reason the influx of favour is veiled; but the soul develops to supernatural maturity and nevertheless has an effect on its fellowmen with good success, without endangering the freedom of belief of them. Every man can request favours without restriction, but obvious work of a soul filled with favours would make men in their faith unfree, why it is very often veiled, what could harm fellowmen, as long as they themselves do not have the intimate wish to join together with God and to open themselves to the influx of his favour. He alone knows, what is helpful for men and how he can win his children; he alone knows, what is good for them that they get perfect. Amen. B.D. NR. 5211.


Book 58 5212

God is good and just.

15. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5212.

I am a good and just God, and my leniency and mercy you men will again and again experience, so you have done wrong, although I can ignore nothing, what is sin – but I take into account all your weaknesses; I do not judge you men, as I have judged once, at that time you were perfect; for now you are imperfect creatures, without real cognition and of weak will. Nevertheless I must encourage you to again reach your perfection. I must reproach you for your sins; I must inform you, what is right and what is wrong, what is according to my will and what you are to do to become again perfect. And for that reason I can also overlook no transgressions, although I look at them with eyes of leniency and mercy. For you do not need to sin, even so you are weak, because my power and favour is at your disposal, which you can use. Therefore I must admonish you, to always request my power, to ask for my supply of favours and to not go along through life without begging for my help. I am good and just – for that reason I cannot tolerate, when you act wrongly, but I must present that wrong to you, until you have recognized it as wrong and make an effort to think and act just. You must recognize sin to avoid it, and I want to help you to that end, because I am a good God, a God of love and not a God of wrath, who punishes, so his creature has done wrong. I am a father of my children, and a father wants to win his children with love. Nevertheless he cannot overlook wrong in false love, because such does not complete a child; but perfection is the last aim of a man on earth. Let yourselves be drawn and trained by me; devotedly accept a reprimand, for it is only the means to let you recognize the wrong to then also avoid it. And always keep to my command of love. Then also you act good and right – also you be lenient and merciful and do not condemn without love; seek to follow me in everything, in patience, in gentleness, in humility and peaceableness, and so you are threatened with failure, call me for help, for power and favour. And you will experience it, so ever you ask me. For I alone know your weakness, your spiritual trouble and also your will. I am a God of love; I am a judge, who is full of longsuffering and tries everything to change you, before he condemns you. Only direct your will towards me, so that I can help you, so you get weak. Then I will always let lenience and mercy rule, also when you have failed. Amen. B.D. NR. 5212.


Book 58 5213

Jesus Christ. Redeemer – God-man.

16. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5213.

I have entered my kingdom, when I had accomplished the work of redemption. As man I dwelled in the midst of men; I taught them as God; I worked miracles as God and died again the death on the cross as man. This is a mystery, which is not so easily unveiled to you men, as long as you do not know about the development of each individual man; as long as you have not recognized the meaning and purpose of your earth life and understand the process of a man becoming divine.

Man as such is still connected with matter, both according to his body as also to his thoughts, as long as these do not turn away from the world and to God. And so long he will also not grasp the mystery Jesus - man and God’s son at the same time – and also not find understanding for the explanation given in all truth. But he can nevertheless be instructed about it, so that the spiritual in him begins to move and opportunity is given to him to develop.

I have worked on earth as God and suffered as man, because the divinity in me could not suffer, therefore the work of redemption for mankind had to be accomplished by a man, when it had to be of benefit to the whole of mankind. And these sufferings were and had to be so unspeakable great, so that they made mankind aware of the greatness of their guilt, so that the work of redemption was not assessed too little, even so men believed in the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. A man cannot measure the agonies and sufferings of my walk to the cross; the senses would fade away from him, so he could just win a right idea of that, because it was beyond human power, and still I endured them as man. Only a small share of these sufferings would have been enough to end the life of a man, for I felt them still much deeper than a normal man. But my body was enormously strong-willed through its spiritualizing and therefore took everything upon itself, what still could contribute to the liberation of mankind from its enormous sin guilt. I went the walk to the cross consciously; I consciously took the death on the cross upon me. What that means, you men cannot measure. I wanted to suffer, to redeem men. And for that reason I was spared nothing, and the most dreadful description of my sufferings and agonies would not nearly be sufficient to be able for you to imagine them. And for that reason the divinity out of me, out of the man Jesus, had to come out and to let him alone accomplish the work. For that reason also a dreadful fight preceded, which the man Jesus had to fight out before, to put himself outside of the divinity dwelling in him and to remain strong. The man Jesus suffered terribly, and that only out of love for mankind, which was in greatest spiritual trouble. And for the sake of this extremely great love I accepted the sacrifice, otherwise I would have never let a being suffer so, which was completely innocent and was on so close terms with me. I accepted the sacrifice and gave the man Jesus into the hands of his enemies and tormentors. For the work, which he accomplished, was valid for the whole eternity; it meant the redemption for the whole unhappy spiritual, which is to find the way back into the father house. The soul of the man Jesus recognized all this and as spirit being was willing to every atonement, to every help, which it could do for the unredeemed spiritual. But such a sacrifice a man had to make, who walked in the same weakness on earth, to show men a passable way to me, to their father from eternity. For that reason a highest light being incorporated itself as man and as man with all weaknesses and faults on earth brought the proof that through right used will and a life in unselfish neighbourly love on earth gets already a unification of the spirit achieved with me, the father spirit from eternity, that this unification earns man an extreme measure of power, that therefore man in association with me is able to work miracles , that he can penetrate into deepest wisdom, that he knows about everything on earth and in the spiritual kingdom and that he can himself, his body and his soul, completely spiritualize on earth through love. This proof could and had to bring a man only, otherwise mankind would not go the same way, which leads to the destination – to me into the father house. Nevertheless men without help were too weak, exactly because they lacked the will to love. And Jesus knew about this weakness of the will as result of former sin and wanted to help them to a strengthened will.

I certainly was in him, the man Jesus, but I did not influence his will; he acted and thought as man and still drew me in all fullness into his heart. For my original nature is love, and his extreme great love established the joining together with me. He became one with me. The man Jesus has certainly suffered the most bitter on earth, but he has gained the highest through his love. He descended as high light being to earth and returned again as God into the kingdom of light, for through love he is completely melted together with me, me who has now become visible to you men as saviour Jesus Christ, I who can now also get into contact through Jesus Christ with each one of you, because he has atoned for you the sin guilt through his death on the cross, through his indescribable sufferings, because his love for you was extremely great . Amen. B.D. NR. 5213.


Book 58 5214

Spiritual arrogance. Greatest danger.

8. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5214.

Spiritual arrogance will still bring about the downfall of many men, for it prevents them from recognizing truth, and as a result they will also never be able to possess truth, since it never forces itself on men, but must be accepted by them willingly. Man, who is of arrogant spirit, accepts no instructions, and if it came from heaven to him. For as long as he is of arrogant spirit, he is still in the power of Satan, who has fallen out of arrogance against me and who pulls everything down too, what remains like him in arrogance. All those are possessed by spiritual arrogance, who take a negative view of my word from above, for they do not think it necessary to check, otherwise they would have to recognize it as my word, because it is recognizable to everyone as such, who is of good will. I give to men no gift, which is an indigestible food for them, which their heart and the intellect could not accept, because it is incomprehensible. What I supply to man from above is a true bread of heaven, therefore the best food for an earth child, which is to reach its destination in earth life. And since I recognize this food for my creatures as good and salutary, it will also have no different effect, where the same will for understanding exists. But who does not want to understand, he is of arrogant spirit. He puts knowledge of man higher; he therefore estimates the intellect higher than the spirit, which expresses itself in man, where this right is granted to him. He does not believe in the work of the spirit in man, because he then would have to acknowledge something divine, but his nature is still filled of Satanic meaning, because he thinks himself too superior and only humility allows a work of the spirit in man. He is blind, as long as he is spiritually overbearing, because he has an obvious sign of his belonging to Satan, who is fallen out of arrogance. Spiritual arrogance is the greatest evil, for it allows no supply of favours to become possible, because the will to accept favour is also the cognition of a weakness and a need for help, but which arrogance never lets arise. But no man can climb up without favour, consequently the spiritual arrogant remains in the deep, for Satan has captured him and holds on to him in his spell. And he will also always fight against truth, for he stands in the service of the dark power and is a willing worker for the prince of the lie. The spiritual arrogant man receives his knowledge only from the outside; he just overloads his intellect, but the heart knows nothing of that and therefore can also not judge. And the more his intellect absorbs, the more arrogant is his nature, and the rich knowledge, which he receives from the outside, is his ruin. Extreme intellectual knowledge is still worse than earthly wealth, for it can be taken from him; but the knowledge he does not give up, and only through extraordinary bodily suffering he can be put right, so his soul is not completely hardened and also does not become soft and humble through suffering. Then Satan has him completely in his power, and it will last endless times, before he releases him, before the spiritual voluntarily returns to me and humbly submits to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5214.


Book 58 5215

Love has accomplished the work of redemption.

21. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5215.

I died for you on the cross. My love for you was boundless and aroused in the man Jesus to a strength, which brought about the becoming divine of his soul, a state, which elevated him out of the human earthly sphere and he became one with me. Only such strong love was able to bring the cross sacrifice, for otherwise he would not have been able to withstand as man, when the power of love would not have strengthened him. He died as man the death of the cross, and still it was I myself, who has given himself on the cross for you men, for the man Jesus remained in love, until he gave up his spirit. Love therefore brought the sacrifice, and I myself was love. This is also a mystery and will remain one, as long as the earth exists and you men judge the work of redemption with earthly aimed senses. The man Jesus died on the cross. I myself came to earth to redeem you. An apparent contradiction, and it is still truth, which is so long incomprehensible, as you men cannot understand that I myself am love – that love is the original substance of the eternal divinity and that therefore love has accomplished this work, which was to redeem mankind from sin. But love was in the man Jesus, therefore a man died the death on the cross – but that this man was already divine, that the excessive amount of his sufferings proved, to which he did not succumb already before. His love for mankind was so deep that he desired to suffer, to help them. A superhuman measure of sufferings he has taken upon himself, which alone was already enough, to take from a human body the viability, but his love power kept this body so long alive, until his enemies had raised him, until they had nailed him to the cross, until the peak of his suffering was reached. He wanted to let men carry out the abominable deeds, to which my opponent drove them, to also show him that the power of a son of God also reached beyond death; that he was also Lord over death.

And the whole of mankind was to take note of his death, so it wanted to be redeemed. Through his love he was until the end connected with me, the father, but his frightened soul no longer recognized me; it sought me outside of it, and therefore Jesus called out the words: "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Only the powerful divinity had withdrawn itself, but love was and remained in him. Love certainly was power in itself, but Jesus no longer used this power to prevent his crucifixion, but only just to still be able to experience it, because he wanted to experience it, to serve me as man and to suffer and to atone for fellowmen. For that reason he has consciously suffered and also died consciously; for that reason he asked me for mercy for his tormentors, and in full awareness he spoke the words: "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit" The connection between him and me he kept up, for he could no longer break away from him, with whom he had become one through love. And for that reason I was him and he I; there was no separation between us two, because love, the original substance of me myself, also filled him completely; I therefore had to be with and in him, although I as power remained inactive, until the man Jesus had accomplished his work. He and I, we are one, and who sees him, he sees the father, because the father is love, and love was in the son. But love could not die, and therefore it rose again on the third day; and it also enlivened the body, which was completely spiritualized through the suffering of Jesus and needed no further course of development on earth any more. So love has overcome death – the divine saviour overcame Satan – the light broke through the darkness, and the way to eternal light became free. Amen. B.D. NR. 5215.


Book 58 5216

Directing of the will. Influence of good and bad beings.

22. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5216

All means are at your command; my power is at your disposal; an army of happy spirit beings seeks to help you and just waits to be approached by you for help; my gifts of favour you can take advantage of and always refresh yourselves with my word, with living water, and fetch power for you – you can therefore not say that it is impossible for you to reach your aim on earth. You are given richly, because I take into account your weakness and inadequacy; I am always ready to help, so you just want that you are happy. But I leave freedom to your will – you yourselves must direct your will up, to me, and your will can neither be directed from below nor by light beings. And for that reason you yourselves are responsible, and you must also accept the results of your will. The will must therefore experience stimulation from one side, and for that reason the beings from the kingdom of light and also from darkness make constantly an effort to win it, by them seeking to have an effect on the thoughts of man and therefore present to him, what could attract him. The light beings want to direct the will into the spiritual kingdom, because they would like, in their cognition as this kingdom alone making happy, also bring it to man. The beings of darkness on the other hand want to make man aware of the world, because the ruler of this world is the prince of darkness and they themselves do not know, what would be more attractive than earthly joys. And now man must decide himself, and no being can take this decision off him. For that reason great spiritual trouble is on earth, because man must remove it himself and does not summon the will for it. But the effort of the light beings will not flag, although it appears unsuccessful, because love recognizes the trouble and is willing to help in the extreme. But also their love is subject to my law and cannot express itself against the will of man; otherwise there would truly be no man on earth, who would not reach his destination. But who wants that he is happy, he is supported by all sides, and he can never ever miss his destination. For a will directed right has already broken the spell, and it now gives the right to the powers of the kingdom of light, to help him in every way. He also uses my gift of favour, and he recognizes me and believes. And such a will I can seize and turn it completely to me; it will never ever turn away, from me and man has then passed the test of will on earth, and he will be happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5216.


Book 58 5217

Unfathomable entity of God.

23. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5217.

Nothing can make the nature of God comprehensible to you men, because there is no comparison on earth and because your intellect is not able to grasp the depth and unfathomable of the spirit, which rules the whole infinity, which is everything and without which nothing can be thought.

You men, as yourselves form, want to imagine every entity under a form, while however the eternal divinity can never be limited, therefore be a form, because it fills everything – the spiritual as the material kingdom, therefore the "formed" entity of God could only be the universe, the whole earthly and spiritual creation, which is likewise incomprehensible to you men and would consequently be no explanation for you. Every image, which you make of the eternal divinity, would always be limited and could therefore for that reason not be according to truth. God is a spirit, which certainly is to be mentioned as entity, which uses its will and its power in deepest love and wisdom for the work and rule in infinity. But this eternal spirit is everywhere; it is present in the largest earthly work of creation as in the smallest little grain of sand. It is in the whole universe, it is in the spiritual kingdom close to the light beings, for where it would not be, there would be no existence. It lights in the entity, which started in its love power, a flame, which again pushes towards it, and still the entity will never be able to fathom its place of start, because the eternal divinity is and remains unfathomable in all eternity.

But fulfilment has come to the longing love of the creatures originating from the power of God. The great spirit of infinity wanted to introduce itself visibly to its beings, to satisfy their great love longing, and it incorporated itself in the man Jesus – i.e., a form having originated out of its will and its power received the divine spirit in all fullness and could now, as completely radiated through by it, be and remain visible to the beings, which can bear his fullness of light, therefore have reached a certain degree of maturity, to not being consumed by the fire of eternal love. But the spiritual form of the saviour Jesus Christ is nevertheless no obstacle for the eternal divinity, to create and work in the whole infinity, to fill the universe and to be present everywhere. It is only a proof of the extreme great love of God for his creatures, which desire to see him that he makes himself visible to them as Jesus Christ, to increase their love and to be able to make them always and constantly happy through fulfilling. But the eternal divinity will never be able to be fathomed in its complete nature, for it is the highest perfection, which a being can never reach. As long as it has not found the joining together with eternal love and in this way wins light and cognition, a satisfactory explanation can also not be given to it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5217.


Book 58 5218

Visible presence of the Lord.

25. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5218.

The right relationship to me also guarantees my presence. You yourselves are consequently those, who let me come to you, so you, like the children, trustingly turn to me and call me to you. The more intimate the desire for me is the firmer you have me in your power, for I cannot withstand a love call; I comply with it at any time. And a love call can again only come from a loving heart, and so you men now have a hint, how you can bind me to you. Only through love. Who loves me from the whole heart, to him I am close, even so he is not able to see me. But he will always have a proof of my closeness; he will feel peace in him; he will hold dialogue with me in thoughts; he will be able to receive my word, my address, the proof of my presence. For I always give him something, so I am close to my child, so its love for me moves it that it turns its thoughts to me, so not only its intellect seeks to fathom me, but he feels pushed by the heart to get into contact with me. This desire of the heart needs to be no emotion, which you understand under love. Also the serious desire for truth and therefore for the original source of truth emerges from love, as soon as not pure earthly interests cause him to search for truth. I am always close to you men and just always wait that you open your hearts, to grant entry to me, and where love allows such that I can enter, I also announce myself through influx of my power, and it can express itself in many different ways. It can express itself in the word; it can enlighten your spirit, i.e. direct you thinking into the right direction, so that you can then think, read or speak and you will always move in truth, because I myself then indeed work in you through my spirit. But you can also see me, experience my closeness visibly. But thereto a higher degree of maturity of your soul is also necessary, otherwise you cannot bear my image. But so you just turn with a loving heart to me in thoughts, I am also with you. For also I long for my children, and every love spark from you jumps over to me and draws you to me. For that reason you can always, also when you are not able to see me, be convinced of my presence, so two or three are gathered together in my name, to serve me. Then I will never be absent in the small circle, and full of love my eyes rest on you, you who are still too weak to be able to receive a visible proof of my presence. And this assurance is to strengthen all of you in the belief that I again dwell on earth with mine, that I direct and instruct them and prepare them again to my disciples, the apostles of the time of the end. Only few will be able to see me, but I love all of them, who seek themselves for my sake, and I bring them together, so that they mature at each other and become stronger and stronger, that they connect themselves spiritually with me and I can make their hearts receptive, to receive the most holy in it, so that I then can radiate against in them and they never ever forget my image, which rests in the depth of their hearts, until love has cleaned it and my image radiate to them in all glory. Strive for to still give me on earth so much love that I can come to you and remain in you until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5218.


Book 58 5219

Serious pointer to the end.

26. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5219.

Your days are numbered. There is no long stay any more on this earth, your life will be shortened because the time is over that I granted to you men for redemption and you who live now belong to those who experience the end. I will well first still call away many whose souls would not pass the last fight for me and my kingdom and a great dying will start everywhere and the various causes will let you men just not think of, that this last action has already started, that it is already an act of favour because I give those souls the possibility to continue their course of development in the kingdom on the other side what is no longer possible when the last day has come. You all no longer have much time but no-one of you knows it whether he will not still be torn away from life before; no-one of you knows when his hour has come. Do not mourn for those who pass away because my love calls them away; but often think of them in prayer so that they make use of the favours that are also still granted them in the hereafter. Prepare yourself all for your last hour; I seriously admonish you because you no longer have much time. Through the events in the world I warn you urgently and when you walk with open eyes you recognize the seriousness of the hour because I speak clearly to you through the signs of the time. But you men just see the world only; you pay all attention to the world but you do not think of me and annoyed you throw away everything from you which could point to me and to the end. You do not want to believe and therefore remain untouched from all events that far too clearly prove to you the truth of my word. It is high time - but not in the sense of the world but to repentance, to the change of will, to turning back and to reflection. Do not remain untouched when I admonish you wherever it may be. Ask yourself in what state you well are when the call comes to you to leave the earth and to enter through the gate of death into eternity. Ask yourself whether you then can well pass before my eyes and believe it that the hour soon is there where your life on earth ends. That is why you are to look after your souls only and turn away your eyes from the world because it will pass away, but the soul is immortal and its fate in eternity is according to your life on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5219.


Book 58 5220

Wrong way. Vineyard work. Steep way.

27. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5220.

How far away the thoughts of men certainly move, and how hard it is for them to approach truth, even so it is offered to them. It is like a silent resistance against everything, what comes from me and testifies to me; it is as if they flee from me, I who am eternal truth myself. But they also stand far away from love, and for that reason they do not recognize truth, which goes out from eternal love. Men flee the light, and as long as they walk in darkness, they go wrong. But also about that they do not think, where the way leads, which they go. And for that reason it is so difficult, to awaken the sense of responsibility in them, which they bear to their soul. Completely without thinking they go through life and must for that reason be disturbed by force out of their sleep and careless lifestyle. An act of violence would truly not be necessary, when mankind would not be in greatest danger, which I would like to turn away and also can turn away, when man himself holds out his hand to me, when he would take stock of himself out of his own drive and think about purpose and aim of his existence. And to achieve this, I must again and again have an effect on him through illness, suffering or death, through own or foreign trouble; I must knock on the door of his heart and speak to him. But how rarely is my speech understood, because I am not believed.

And again it is alone love, which can let a change occur in man. Love is the first, and without love the way to me is not found. And so all my efforts and means of help aim at to kindle love in the hearts of men, so that they learn to believe and take stock of themselves. And again and again I send my messengers to them, who preach love and seek to awaken a living faith; I send my messengers to them, who bring truth to them. Where they hit indifference, resistance or even hostility, there my efforts are no longer of use, there the cleft between me and them is still too great, and the vineyard work will not have much success. And nevertheless eager vineyard work is to be done; everywhere my word is to be carried; everywhere my call is to get through; everywhere my Gospel is to be announced and the near end mentioned. It is like a clarion, which sounds through the world – now and then it still hits an ear, which sits up and follows the sound; now and then an earth walker, hungry for light and power, who lies exhausted by the way, be touched and strengthened by it, and he hurries to receive the good news, for which he has longed. And for the sake of these few I send out my messengers, so that they are gathered, so that the food for the journey, so necessary for them, is served to them, to be able to cover the earth way to the destination. For I do not want that they go wrong or already before the destination sink down tired. I want to come to meet them and still hand out to them ample favours, because the last end of the way will be very exhausting, for it is going steep upwards, because it must get shortened, for the end is near. For that reason do not get weak, when your earth way is difficult, but think of my words that you stand close before the end of life and, so you want it, can reach up suddenly with my help. For to each one, who is willing, I offer my hand and pull him up, as soon as he grasps it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5220.


Book 58 5221

Gift of favour in the time of the end. God’s word. Free will.

28. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5221.

You all are to partake of my favour, so that you all can be happy. You are allowed to take out of my fullness, for my love imposes no restriction on you, I only cannot force you, to accept my gift of favour. Consider, what that means, being able to receive unlimitedly, being allowed to dig up an unmeasured treasure, so you just want. Open to receive that, what is to make you happy; use the most valuable gift of favour, which is at your disposal – accept my word, which my love from above supplies to you. You cannot measure the treasure of favour, which is at your command in my word, but so you give full expression to this my word, the favours become effective at you, and your soul matures inevitably. I want to help you to happiness and therefore show you the way, which leads to me; I enlighten you about your state and about your task on earth, and I give you all means to reach the aim on earth. Listen to me, so I speak to you through my word; receive it in your heart and move it in it, and then do what I advise you – fulfil my commands of love, which I have given you as expression of my will. Then you give full expression to my word; then you are not just listeners, but doers of my word, and then you use a gift of favour in exhaustive way, which my love supplies to you, so that you are happy. Everything what helps you up, are means of favour, you are just not allowed to leave them unused, for your free will must let them become effective. I certainly can give you limitlessly, but I cannot force you to accept them, because you are to get perfect and this is impossible without free will. But you no longer have much time. Use it well and know that you are able to do nothing out of your own power; know that you have to rely on my help, but which I always grant you, so you are willing to accept it. For I want to win you, but not lose you for eternal times. Amen. B.D. NR. 5221


Book 58 5222

Knowledge about aim and purpose. Adoption of God.

29. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5222.

You are destined to become children of God, and you can also reach the aim. But do you men know about your aim at all, about your purpose on this earth? And are you not to blame for yourselves that you know nothing about it? Don’t you lead a way of life, which can bring you no cognition at all? Are you not blind in spirit? And so seriously ask yourselves, why you are without knowledge, and I will give you the answer: You lack love, which guides you into cognition. For love is the key to wisdom; love is the light, which inspires your spirit. Love introduces you to truth, and the aim and the purpose will be clear to you, as soon as you live love. For that reason knowledge about it can certainly also be supplied to you, when you go through earth life without love. It is also supplied to you, to rouse your sense of responsibility, but you will never believe, what you are told, even so it is truth, because you lack the power of cognition without love. For that reason my word, so it is preached to you, remains unsuccessful so long and will not be taken seriously by you, until you become active in love out of your own drive. And for that reason love must always be preached first, and who now takes this sermon to heart, he will mature in cognition and also be able to believe, what he is taught. You all are determined to the adoption of God, to an extreme happy state in light and fullness of power. You are determined to that, but can never be put into this state inevitably as far as I am concerned, because free will is precondition to become a right child of God, my image, which can create and fashion like me in happiness. And for that reason it is so extremely difficult to cause you men without forcing the will to strive for this highest aim. This can only be achieved, so you live in love, because then you will also know about your origin, about your defective state and about your ultimate destination, because then you will recognize, what you were, what you are now and what you are to become. An incomprehensible happy state you can create for yourselves, so you live in love on earth. And for that reason I again send out my disciples, to preach love to men, for only just a short time remains for them, to reach their aim on earth. My love constantly makes an effort to guide men into cognition, but they must change to love out of free will, out of their own drive. And happy who lets the love spark flare up in him; happy who approaches me thereby and can take up my love power. For he will reach his aim; he will connect with me and not rest until his spirit has connected with the father spirit from eternity, until he has melted through love with eternal love, until he has become and will remain my child until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5222.


Book 58 5223

Spirit of Antichrist.

30. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5223.

The spirit of Antichrist rules everywhere where I am not recognized. There he already has caused his work of confusion; he was weakened men in their power of perception; he has darkened everything; he has suppressed truth and blinded men with his light of delusion; as my opponent he has used his power and therefore worked against me. As a special means of warfare he has torn the image of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ out of the hearts of men and therefore works against Christ and that in increased measure the closer the end is. It is his work that men have gone away from me, that they no longer believe in Jesus Christ and therefore also do no longer find the way to me; and still his work is only possible because men do not defend themselves against his attacks and his actions. For they can defend themselves when they want. As independent beings they have been placed on this earth and have complete free will. They stand apart from me but also at the beginning of their embodiment as man so far apart from my opponent that he cannot force them to be subject to him. From my side man is given the possibility to assimilate the impressions around him with heart and intellect and to go through them thoroughly in the heart and with the intellect because I have not created machines that have to carry out their activity according to the law of the master; I have put you men out freely, given you an intellect and reason and all the time have a well-minded effect on you through all events. He also does not leave his power unused. He likewise tries to have an effect on your will but the last decision remains with you men. But there is a means that you just have to use - make sure of my spirit of love, my power, which enables you to every resistance against the temptations of your enemy. Continually you can acquire this power when you yourself just practise love, thus obtain my power of love for yourself, that is undiminished at your disposal, but that can only be won through works of love. My opponent is an enemy of love and you will always be able to defeat him when you oppose him with the weapon of love. Then you walk the way of Christ; you walk the way of love that also he walked; then you therefore belong to him and he is now your protector, your guide; he has become your redeemer through your will that joined him through love. But as long as mankind is without love it does not recognize him and his opponent is bringing this about who thinks he is increasing his power when he decreases the power of Jesus. His work is conspicuously directed against him and every man who turns away from Christ, who denies him, who rejects him when he presents himself to him in the word, is under the control of Antichrist; he himself is an Antichrist who willingly does what Satan makes him do. Watch out for these Antichrists and no matter whether they pretend to strive for noble goals. They are under his control and therefore also my opponents and will have to pay for their opposition on the day of judgement that is very near. Amen. B.D. NR. 5223.


Book 58 5224

Struggle against oneself on earth.

1. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5224.

Also my life on earth was rich of fights and temptations, and it is wrong to assume that my divine soul has protected me from it; that my way of life could be nothing else than good, because I was God’s son, who has descended from above to earth to redeem men. My earth life as man was in no way different than with every other man, but the temptations approached me exceptional violently, because Satan did everything to prevent my mission. Moreover my soul was feeling unusually deep, so that it was both touched by the beautiful most deeply, but as it also felt the evil and the unclean extremely agonizing. It was receptive to every impression, and for that reason also the world approached me with its attractions and temptations so frequently, before my actual mission began. I had to fight a difficult struggle to remain victor over him, who wanted to possess my flesh, to make the soul unable for the work of redemption. And so my suffering began already long before; the body had to be mortified to reach the spiritualization with the soul. I was as man in the midst of men. And my being man meant so much, as to be tainted with human passions and desires, against which I had to fight , to become a place of residence for the divinity, which could tolerate no low desire in it. I was man – nothing testified to my divinity in the years before my teaching activity. As just man I had to wrestle, to fashion myself to the receiving vessel for the most delicious, what a man is allowed to ever possess – for the eternal divinity itself, which wanted to manifest itself in me, to be able to be a visible God to men. And I have carried away the victory over him, who seeks to rule you men, against which I crusaded, to redeem you out of his power. It was truly a difficult fight, for the man in me felt everything beautiful and was not allowed to possess it; the man in me loved life, for he loved his fellowmen and did not want to go from them. I was in full possession of power and could make everything subject to me, when I wanted it, and voluntarily I gave up everything; I overcame myself, my body and also the soul, which now and then wanted to rise up, when it felt how I suffered. I have overcome myself as man and so provided the proof that it is possible for every man, to become master of his weaknesses and desires, and that not divine power achieved this my victory, which then could never be demanded from you men, so I myself would have failed in the fight against evil and in the fight against lust. For that reason also you men can achieve the same, indeed you even have still my support, as soon as you call on me for help, as I have promised it. No temptation is too great and the tempter never unconquerable, so you make use of my favour. Because I died on the cross for your strength of will; what you lack of power and will, that you can receive from me, so you want to fight against him, who is your enemy and whom to overcome was the most difficult fight, which I have fought on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5224.


Book 58 5225

Power of the divine word in times of trouble.

3. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5225.

Strengthen yourselves again and again with my word. In this way you receive unusual power; you use a favour of such great effect, so you move my word in the heart, so you therefore bury yourselves in it and let myself speak to you. It is a present out of the spiritual kingdom, which therefore also has only spiritual influence, i.e. is felt by the soul only as gift of favour. And nevertheless you will feel its power as increased love preparedness, as spiritual progress, as increased striving for perfection. My word comes out of the spiritual kingdom and also leads back into the spiritual kingdom, from which you once have taken your start. And for that reason you can only win, so you listen to me, as soon as you receive my word with the heart and apply yourselves to implement what you heard into action. Then your soul will spiritualize itself; it will as it were be raptured from earth and get into contact with that kingdom, which alone is real and immortal and which inhabitants are beings of highest spiritual maturity, which are always prepared to give and to hand out, what makes themselves happy – light and power – my word, which they themselves receive from me and which they want to pass on out of love. As often as you bury yourselves in my word, the power source opens and flows over onto you, and therefore you can draw persistently, and the source will never dry up; my word will never lose its effectiveness. And so you are in trouble, my word is the most secure help, for you get into contact with me, as soon as you read and hear my word, and in the connection with me you receive that power out of me, which lets your faith become alive, and you are helped through strong faith. You will always be able to draw power out of my word, but much too little you make the test and use my gift of favour; much too little you let my word become effective at you, because your faith is still weak. For that reason I can only again and again refer you to my love current, which persistently flows to you. Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest - let yourselves all be strengthened and invigorated by me; receive, what my love offers you, then you will be free of all suffering and hardship – always keep to my word, and your soul will grow strong from its power. Amen. B.D. NR. 5225.


Book 58 5226

Spreading of the Gospel. Apostles of the time of the end.

4. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5226.

To spread the Gospel is your task, for which I have hired you, you who were willing to work for me. To spread the Gospel means, to bring truth to men, so as it takes its start from me. But I have an opponent, who will always fight truth. And so therefore also you, you who want to represent truth before the world. And for that reason always opponents will arise to my disciples, men, who are the enemies of truth and whose effort is to disparage them, therefore to expose as untruthfulness. Their arguments will often not be able to be so easily rejected, for my opponent fights with great cunning and skill; he knows it, where a man is still to be attacked, and he knows it, where he must start to have success – at the ignorance, at the inability to differentiate truth from error. And because I know his intent and his work, I have trained for myself fighters, men, whom I could completely instruct in truth and whose intellect is also so sharp that they can refute every objection logically, when it is necessary. They will also not remain undisturbed by the enemy of truth, for precisely a bearer of truth means for him the danger, to get exposed, because he works with my power. There is a great confusion among men; they no longer recognize my pure word; they seek according to their own will and measure to interpret my word and digress more and more from truth, because the intellectual thinking just creates always greater confusion and the heart as entry gate to wisdom remains closed. My word has become foreign to men, and because of that I want to send it anew to them; it is to be offered to them by my chosen, by disciples, whom I have taught just so and introduced to a knowledge as my apostles, when I walked on earth. My great love offers it to men again and again, to give them light, because they walk in darkness and always get weaker in their cognition. The disfigured word has no longer much power, and only few are able to find the right meaning of my word, so it is offered to them. And so I present to those, who I teach because of their later teaching office, eternal truth anew, so that they can then pass on in purest form to fellowmen, what they have received from me myself. But these my servants, who are to instruct their fellowmen, must completely subordinate themselves to me. They are not allowed to hear, what men speak; they are only allowed to pay attention to my word and also represent before the world that, what they have received from me, from the spiritual world. They must have a strong faith and a firm will, and this will must be meant for me alone. Then they will be suitable for the teaching office and carry my Gospel out into the world in truth. But the closer the end approaches, the more violently they will fight against the wall of your faith. For whether also a man is obviously taught by God, men of the world do not acknowledge such, and the effect of Satan is also there to be recognized, where just an idea of light from above should have spread brightness. Also in the ranks of mine he seeks to cause confusion, and for that reason I admonish (you) them, to be attentive, so that he may not have success and extinguish the little light. Who spreads my Gospel in my name, him I myself protect from error, as soon as he is chosen for this mission by me; but who makes himself to a teacher and is not appointed by me, because he does not possess the ability for that, he will hardly recognize the work of Satan and then risk himself, to see error as truth. In the time of the end Satan has great power, which I do not shorten for him; but which you men can refute yourselves, when you turn to me in the heart and choose me as fighter against him. Then he will not be able to deceive you, for with a high, clear spirit you will recognize, what truth and what error is. Amen. B.D. NR. 5226.


Book 58 5227

Living water. Source – Pure and clear.

5. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5227.

Water bubbles out of the source pure and clear, and it will also at first wash away everything impure in its course and for that reason remain so long clear and pure, as it is not polluted wilfully, because the water has the property to clean, what does not withdraw from its effect. But the water’s course is laid down for it, to flow along as little stream, to refresh men, animals and plants, and it will also always remain a refreshing according to God’s will, as long as the little stream flows along in God’s free nature, unclouded and renewing itself constantly through the ever flowing source. But the stream can very easily get clouded through inflow of garbage; and that the further it goes away from the source. And polluted water is not healthy for man and animal.

This example is to show you men that also the water of life, the word going out from God, is to be, if possible, drawn from the source, where it possesses the greatest healing and purification power that it indeed can also still be passed on pure and clear and loses nothing of its enlivening and refreshing power, but that always attention is to be paid to the river bed, whether it is protected from contamination, and that it has no or still only a bad effect, so it was blemished by unclean influx, so that water, which once has flowed from the source clear and pure, carries garbage with it, substances, which have mixed with the water and can now no longer get removed, so that the water has become unusable and can no longer lay claim to be purest water of life for men. Pure and clear the divine word flows from the original source of truth; pure and clear the children receive it, who have climbed to the source to draw the living water out of the spring of life; pure and clear these children will also pass it on, and all, who are of good will, will receive it gratefully and protect it from pollution. But the deeper is flows down, the more the divine word gets into touch with men from the deep, the less it is protected, because men of the deep do not recognize the delicious gift and its value. They certainly see now and then to make suitable what became unsuitable through their own fault, but they can no longer expect the power of fresh spring water, and no matter how many means they apply. Never ever can they speak of the living water, of the spring of life, of which those can refresh themselves constantly, who walk up, to the spring, which God himself has opened for them. But who does not shrink from the way up, him God himself calls and shows him the way to the spring of eternal life. Then he will never be without power, and no matter whether his way also goes uphill; he will be able to cover it easily, because he is constantly strengthened by God himself through his word, which he receives directly from him. Amen. B.D. NR. 5227.


Book 58 5228

Answer to "Bad messages" from Bietigheim.

6. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5228.

I want that light is brought to mankind, and I have therefore trained light bearers for me, who are to contribute to the enlightenment of the spirit of men with their wealth of light, with knowledge, which they have received supernaturally and is completely according to truth, since I myself am the giver of this knowledge. I myself supply it to earth, so that you men find out of the darkness of the spirit and can enter into bright light. I am a God of love and of mercy. I know about your weakness and sinfulness; I want to help you and try it with great forbearance and patience, to lead you there that you recognize yourselves and begin to change. Nevertheless once the time has expired, which is granted to you for your change. And for that reason I constantly present to you men, what you are to do; how you are to live and which lot expects you, so you act against my will. I present all this to you, and indeed through messengers, who therefore bring tidings to you in my name about me and about my will. I am a God of love, but also a just God; and I stand by my word. Do you men know what that means? - That everything fulfils itself, what I have promised you, so you follow my will, but that also that will come infallibly, what I announced to you as result of your resistance against me. The eternal order must be kept up, and to the law of the eternal order also belongs, that a certain cause achieves a certain effect. Everything has its time, but if the time has expired, then the law inevitably fulfils itself. Not much time remains for you men; for that reason it is good that you familiarize yourselves with the thought, having to follow a sudden recall or, when you stand in unusual favour, to experience the end. No matter what arguments you bring against it – they are erroneous and change nothing of the plan of salvation from eternity, which will be known to everyone, who seriously makes an effort, to seize and comprehend my word. It is nothing new, what I announce to you men through my messengers; the constant reference and call of admonition to the end went out to all seers and prophets since the very beginning of this redemption epoch, which just must and will always sound more urgently, the closer it comes to the end. It is no shortage of love on my part, when my word fulfils itself, but also this happening of the end is based on my infinite love – to make possible and to promote an ascent development of that, what has failed in free will. And I would by no means be a just God, so I would not even create an evening out in a world, which is constantly more ruled by the prince of darkness and is still determined to be a school of the spirit – for which it must also again become according to the plan of salvation from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5228.


Book 58 5229

Rays of light, which are seen and pursued in the hereafter.

7. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5229.

Brightly and luminous a light radiates down to earth, which is incomprehensible in its effect. Men do not see the ray of light, for it is nothing earthly material; it is not perceptible with bodily eyes and is therefore hardly noticed. But the spiritual kingdom emits that light, and with joy its inhabitants pursue its way, and they eagerly make the effort to draw the attention of men to its ray and to lead them into the circle of light, so that they also feel its favour. This light radiates out of God, and it touches earth men with such power that it would be enough to completely spiritualize them, when they would expose themselves quite without resistance to its effect, when they would readily let the light out of God flow into their hearts. The light out of God – his power, takes on, before it comes to earth, a form – it is shaped to the word, to the audible expression of the love power of God. Where the word of God is supplied to the earth, there this is recognizable to all spiritual beings as an extreme brilliant ray, of which they feel mightily attracted and which they like to follow to the destination – why men, who receive the word of God, are constantly besieged by beings, which would like to live on of the bread of heaven, which want to warm up by the ray of light and would like to receive it themselves. Men who stand in the favour to be allowed to receive God’s word do not know which enormous blessing arises out of it also for so many opposite souls, to be allowed to listen, and how grateful they are for this gleam of light, which they, so they have once discovered it, no longer want to miss. Mankind knows nothing about spiritual processes, as long as it is only pure worldly minded. It is constantly in darkness, although the bodily eye is seeing. It still seeks replacement in the sham light, which the world radiates out. But also this light of illusion is no longer at the command of those souls, and they are always in darkness. Therefore they appreciate every ray of light, and no matter how weak it is. They pursue it to reach the light. But where God’s love sends a light out of heavens to earth, there crowds of opposite souls dwell, which are also not refused to take part in the ray of love, which is to bring illumination to men on earth. What is left unnoticed on earth means pitiable help for those souls and the possibility of an ascent out of the deep. And God does not refuse them the access to light, since they are of course free to make use of it, because he loves all beings and wants to help them to happiness. All are to think of these souls in the hereafter, which stand in favour to be fed directly by God with his word. They are to feel called to a mission, which has a blessed effect in the opposite kingdom, even so the success is less great on earth. They are to always open their heart to receive; they are to be always prepared to catch the ray of love of God, which wants to pour into their opened hearts. They are to remember those, who, in spiritual trouble, want to take part in it, to improve the state of their soul – they are to be ceaselessly active in their work for God, so that darkness fades, both on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5229.


Book 58 5230

Was the endless long course of development in vain?

8. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5230.

An infinite long way you have gone, and an extremely short way only still lies before you, then a time of favour is brought to an end for you, an endless long redemption epoch has found its conclusion, and the success will become obvious on the last day, on the day of judgement. This day is now near to you all, of which it stands written, of which numerous seers and prophets have announced that it will come, when the time is fulfilled. The Last Judgement has been held up to you men so often, where each one is punished or rewarded according to merit. How often do I have offered myself as guide on the last walk on earth, where you as man need guidance; how often do I have sent help to you from above, when you threatened to fail; how often have guidelines been given to you, so that you go the right way, so that your soul may mature and therefore ascent development would be promoted. With love and with strictness I have tried to push you on the right way; again and again I have spoken to you in my word; I have, as good shepherd, protected you constantly from the wolfs, from the intruders into my herd; I have let messengers step into your way, who again and again announced my will to you; with much love and patience I have born your weaknesses and faults and again and again made myself recognizable to you men to gain your love; I myself have descended to you in the word to urgently advise your reshaping in direct address. I have tried everything and still achieved little – for men are not intent on gaining me and my affection. They live their life for themselves and no longer acknowledge me. And time hurries towards the end. The endless long way of development before the embodiment as man, which all of you had to cover, will have been gone in vain for many men, for it has not experienced the culmination in earth life as man. The last level of development has not been gone, and at the end of this period of development a last decision is demanded, because a new epoch begins again for the purpose of redemption and all spiritual, able to develop, will again be bound in outer form, which is according to its state of maturity, but hard matter will serve as stay for that spiritual, which has failed as man. And this decision must still be made before the end of the epoch.

Mankind stands in the danger to be again banished into hardest matter. What that means, you men cannot grasp, but it is the just evening out for the spurning of a favour, which you men could all use and which you left unnoticed. Terribly much is at stake for you men, and all my admonitions and warnings are of no use, because you do not believe in an end, as you also do not believe in a just creator, who once calls you to account for your way of life, for your spiritual convictions and for your neglected earth life, which truly could earn you complete deliverance out of form, when you would obey my words and change. You spurn my favour and therefore create yourselves a terrible lot for yourselves. And no matter if I also speak through the mouth of awakened servants to you – you do not believe – that the end is near and with it the last judgement. And therefore you have to bear the results, for my love and mercy I can certainly give to you, but not force upon you, what you spurn in free will – light and power and recognizing of your trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 5230.


Book 58 5231

Vineyard work with the favour of God.

9. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5231.

Wherever it is possible to have an effect on a heart of man, there my favour flows amply, so that my servants, so they perform vineyard work in my name, will also have good successes. I bless every word, which they express to win a soul for me and my kingdom. I myself am present; I myself talk insistently to my child and truly choose the words so that they meet with a response from the heart of man; that the heart is touched by it, for I know it, who is still to be rescued, who can still find to me, and try everything to win these souls. I myself guide you to them. And therefore you know that your ways are indicated for you, which you must go and also will go, so you are willing to be active for me. I just need your will, but then I am myself at work, but always hidden to man behind you, to not make their will unfree. I certainly could do this work of redemption myself at the souls, which are still to be won, by me just needing to enlighten their spirit and to direct them to right thinking. But you men are free creatures and in earth life must prove the freedom of your will, as also its direction. You yourselves must decide and can certainly receive an indication from me, but always through fellowmen, who do not force you to a decision, but leave it up to you. But I also know about your weakness of will and for that reason I come to your help compassionately – by me talking to you myself through the mouth of man; by me choosing the words so that they appeal to you and you pay attention to them. For where just a smallest possibility exists for you to gain right cognition, there I help, without forcing your will. My servants therefore just carry out my will, so they speak to you, because they are pushed by me to do it. For that reason listen to them – listen to all, who want to bring light to you men; who want to inform you about your earth life purpose, about life after death and about your relationship to your creator and father from eternity. Do not reject them, without having listened to them, for then you reject me myself, I who approaches you in the cover of those servants, who want to teach you. What they say to you, that is not their own; it is my word, which they offer you, or else – I speak through them to you, and you are to listen to me, because it is to your blessing. As soon as you pay attention to them, an inner voice will soon tell you that you are addressed by me myself, and then follow my word, and take up the favour, which I offer to you also without your request. Much blessing will proceed from it for you, and you are rescued from spiritual death. Amen. B.D. NR. 5231.


Book 58 5232

Truth will pave the way and win.

11. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5232.

You cannot silence the spirit of truth, you who fight against the bearers of the light of truth. For it blows, where it wants, and the result of the work will always be pure truth, which will also assert itself to those, who are against truth. And no matter whether you would also succeed to stop the mission for a bearer of truth – truth will still pave the way, because awakened servants again and again stand up for the spreading of it, what is imparted to them through the spirit, what they receive directly from me, because I want that truth may be spread. And so you men experience that the light flashes everywhere and wants to drive out darkness; you experience it that light bearers meet each other from all sides and fight together for the spreading, and it will also not bring you to surprise, so a great and strong light will be flashing, so strong that men walking along in darkness will be blinded and need longer time until their eyes have got used to the light. But those standing in the light will feel a favour and hurry to the strong light to increase their own luminous power, to get strong themselves by it and to be able to resist the enemies of truth. Truth will pave the way and nevertheless not be recognized by all men – because for it more than just human intellect is necessary, because a certain degree of love and maturity belongs to the recognition of truth, otherwise the intellect of man alone searches and judges and is unable to do it. Nevertheless the light of eternal truth will flash everywhere and gather mine around it, mine, who are able to love and willing to love and therefore also have full understanding for truth, which is send to them from above. My spirit will be extremely active in the hearts of men, who live in love. And the trouble of the coming time will still ignite so many hearts to love, as therefore also still so many hearts will form themselves to the receptacle of the divine spirit. But the enemy of truth makes the more an effort to undermine it, and his work among mankind will be obvious, for the hostilities against the announcers of truth chosen by me will get out of hand and make their work very much more difficult. But the power of my spirit fills them, and they are my servants. Therefore also their work will not remain without success, and it is achieved in this way that men take an open stand to questions, which up to now were not discussed, that spiritual questions are discussed and are also clearly and comprehensibly answered by strong representatives of my word, so that now again only the degree of love and maturity of a man determines his attitude to such spiritual problems. Hate will fight against love; darkness will fight light; a violent war will be waged, but truth will win in the end; light will gloriously break through the night, and darkness will have to give way to light, which is shining from above to earth and will illuminate a new earth, so time is fulfilled. Amen. B.D. NR. 5232.


Book 58 5233

Becoming divine of the creatures to children.

12. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5233.

It is a law from eternity that I rule over all spirits in heaven and on earth, over all beings of the kingdom of light and of darkness, over everything, what I have created out of love, in wisdom and full of power; it is a law that everything comes under me and I am therefore the Lord, whose power is unlimited and who can destroy just as easily, what his will let come into being. But wisdom took part with the creation of things just as love, and for that reason I do not destroy arbitrarily, but let exist for ever the entity, which is subject to me, but seek to change it into beings, which can create and shape together with me, therefore become my image, because an immeasurable love fills me to that, what I have created. I myself want to be able to be active in these beings, so that they become aware of their divinity and live for ever in glorious happiness. I am a God of love and approach all my creatures in love; but I also know about the will of each one, to accept my love, and accordingly my love has an effect on the creatures. Where love is, the creature comes to meet me; where love is missing, it turns away from me, and my love remains ineffective, i.e., it does not force reciprocation. But the creature is in a stage of love, as soon as it seeks me in the state of free will, as man, strives towards me, therefore has desire for its Lord and creator from eternity. Then therefore my love can radiate into this creature, and it finds reciprocation. Man gets consciously into contact with me; he is consciously subject to me, and the transformation can begin, i.e. the training to a being like me, the becoming divine of the works, which emerged from my hand as "work", but are to become divine "children" – what however only the free will of man itself can accomplish. Who grasps this mystery – the becoming gods out of arisen works of my power – he already belongs to those, at whom the transformation is carried out, for it is a certain degree of cognition, which man then possesses and which is again a sign of divine power, which man now already possesses. And this degree of cognition increases the further the process of change progresses, the more divine properties it wins through self-shaping to love, for the divine is and remains love. The happiness of a divine being, of my image, exists in that respect, that it is radiated through by light and power – that it is full of wisdom and power, which it will always use in my love spirit, because it itself has become pure love, otherwise it would also remain loveless and powerless. A divine being is a perfect being, which lacks nothing. Every restriction, every limiting, is a sign of imperfection. But no matter what degree the being has achieved – cognition will always rise in the same measure, as love increases, for both belong together inevitably. Therefore alone that means a spiritual ascent, what love has brought about, for it also has cognition on it, that knowledge, which is absorbed by the heart and the intellect of man. Love work is the ladder up, and man climbs step by step, so he transforms himself to love and therefore constantly becomes more like the divine original being. This is the original law from eternity that love was that power, which let everything become into being, therefore made the act of creation possible, but that it is also just that power, to make the created divine, a process, which my creatures must carry out themselves – but also can, because the original power also rest in them as a spark, which just needs to be ignited to possess the same all-power, which my original being shows. My creatures can make themselves divine through love. You men do not grasp this saying until you have reached the degree, so you recognize as a result of a love life – so all connexions become obvious to you like a glorious light, so your spirit is enlightened, but what only love brings about. Then you always come closer to my original nature; then I am no longer your creator, your Lord, to whom you must be subject, but I am your father, who, full of love, draws you, my children, to the heart; who finds again his will in you and feels an unspeakable happiness, which also radiates over onto you; then the law has fulfilled itself, on which the whole earthly and spiritual creation is based. Amen. B.D. NR. 5233.


Book 58 5234

Faith without love is dead.

13. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5234.

To fulfil the love command is indispensable for the obtaining of a deep faith. To be able to believe no proofs need to be existing, but something, for which no proof can be produced, must become conviction in you, so that you completely support it, that you can support what you now believe. Only such a faith is assessed by me as faith, which is alive, for words and affirmations alone are not regarded as faith by me, but only as an approval, to not be inconsistent, because you cannot give reasons for an opposition. Then you therefore believe blindly; you accept without examination, without you supporting it yourselves, what is imparted to you from outside. But such a faith will never radiate power; with such a faith you will never be able to accomplish unusual things – for only a living faith can prove the power of faith. But a living faith is a faith, which emerges out of love, because love is that power, which expresses itself then in faith. Faith without love is dead; it is something lifeless formally, which has no effect. The intellect can very well work and come to a conclusion, which man then calls "faith"; but such a faith will be more an assumption, which neither makes him happy nor elevates him – as long as love is not yet ignited in him. For only love gives life to such a faith. But a loving man does not need to put his intellect extraordinarily into activity, and he still will also be able to present intellectually his cognition, because his is enlightened by the spirit in him, and for that reason he can believe convincingly, because he has the proof in him. What is therefore to be believed is not to be proved, otherwise one could not speak of "faith", and nevertheless there is for him, who lives in love, no doubt, because the spirit in him gives the enlightenments, which justify the deep faith, but which cannot be transferred to fellowmen as evidential, because each one man must reach faith himself and can also reach, so he does not disregard love – but love it the joining together with me. Therefore I myself must also be recognized by those, who stand in love, and for that reason also faith in me can no longer be doubtful – for where I am present through love, I prove myself to man, and a living faith now fills him, which can never ever be powerless. The start of all is I – love and wisdom, light and power come from me, and one without the other is not to be thought. Who therefore stands in intimate association with me through love, he must of necessity also stand in living faith and consequently in full cognition. But if love is lacking, then also the other does not exist. Then faith is dead, and cognition is lacking, for love is me myself; without love there are no power and no light – without love you men still walk in darkness, and without love you are weak beings, for love alone makes you strong. Amen. B.D. NR. 5234.


Book 58 5235

Behold, I make all things new.

14. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5235.

I make all things new. You men who are without knowledge, who have not yet awakened the spirit within you, you do not know what these words of mine mean because you do not believe in the reshaping of this earth, you do not believe in the last judgement, in the ending of a development period and the beginning of a new one. You know nothing of my plan of salvation from eternity and therefore also do not grasp my words: Behold, I make all things new. Every one of my words has multiple meanings that also my awakened ones do not know because this understanding is still too high for men of this earth; but the simple meaning is clear to them that I want to renew what has gone outside of my order from eternity. I want to create a change as men on this earth do no longer strive for it and therefore miss their purpose of life on earth. They have failed and did not use their life for eternity. Yet I still do not want them to get lost and therefore give them the opportunity to once more cover the missed course of development however not as repetition but in a complete new way. Because a renewed course of development is an enhanced allocation of favour and must be acquired through heightened achievement for which completely new creations present the opportunity. I therefore renew first the school house of the spiritual, my earth, which is to again promote the ascent development up to men. I supply it with complete new creations of such manifold nature and features that will create new opportunities for the exceeding large number of spiritual to prove itself and I let a new human race come into being, arising from men blessed by me that have carried out their spiritual development in love and loyalty to me, that have reached a degree of maturity that allows a high spiritual looking after so that the new human race has all guarantees for highest possible spiritual completion and that also the bound spiritual can reach maturity fast through the exceeding good influence that men exert on all creations surrounding them. I make all things new; I also relax the conditions for the deliverance of the spiritual but therefore not deviating from my law of eternal order, only taking care of that in deep love and mercy that still lives in bondage. All oppressiveness will fall off from men; full of power they will strive up because I alone am the most desirable and they cannot be pulled into the deep by my opponent who is in chains for a long time. I create a new heaven and a new earth, i.e., spiritually and earthly I make men happy who now belong to me and who are also to level off the way to me for those that come after them. Who of you men can grasp this? And who of you men does believe this firmly and undoubtedly that the old ceases to exist, that also men will no longer be who are still remote from me, that only the small flock that loyally follows me as their shepherd will not lose their life because I have blessed this small flock and chosen for survival in paradise of the new earth - that a new phase of redemption begins according to the plan of salvation from eternity that was laid down by my love and wisdom to ensure eternal life for the spiritual? Behold, I make all things new. You who believe in me remember these words, move them in your heart and know the time has come where this my word comes true. Firmly believe in this and hope, and endure all heaviness that is still given to you until the end with patience and submission into my will. Because the day comes very soon where I fetch the ones who are mine to reveal paradise to them of which is written: A new heaven I will create and a new earth and I myself will dwell amidst of those who are mine and guide and teach them as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 5235.


Book 58 5236

God’s blessing to the workers in his vineyard.

17. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5236.

I want to bless you all, you who gather in my name to serve me in redeeming activity. I want to give you power and direct all your steps that they promote your mission; I want to hold my hands protecting over you, so one wants to harm you, but as I also give your words powers of persuasion, so one wants to listen to you. My blessing will always accompany you, as soon as you are willing to serve me. And you are also surrounded by beings of light, which are well disposed to you and do everything to promote your work for me and my kingdom, for also they know about the blessing of eager collaboration for the redemption of erring souls. Also they are involved in this work, and so you will therefore work hand in hand with them, which constantly accompany you and bring you together with suffering men, whom you can help. Much light goes out from you, and great joy is about it in the spiritual kingdom, because one individual ray of light has already inexpressible much affect in dark regions, and everywhere, on earth as in the spiritual kingdom, light hungry souls follow this ray of light to no more separate from it. Who could see, with spiritual eyes, the darkness, which is spread over the earth, he could also catch sight of the many little light sparks, which flash at all places and gather everywhere the spiritual around them, which desires light. Your mission is not comprehensible for men of the world, but is instead observed in the opposite world unusually, and therefore you are not to get tired, even so you can record on earth little or no success. The effect of your activity in the opposite kingdom will again have repercussions on men in the coming time, because always more and more opposite beings come to the help of men and influence them spiritually, as soon as they themselves once stand in the light, to which you contribute unimaginably much, so your thoughts are directed to the spiritual kingdom, so you as it were are in contact with its inhabitants, asking help and power out of the world of light and wanting to give compassionate help to beings, which still languish in darkness. The blessing of this your thought activity is not comprehensible to you, but your own spiritual maturing is extremely promoted, and in the same measure also those souls can mature, to whom you give your love. And who is active for me and my kingdom, enjoys my particular protection, he can always remain mindful of this that I never leave him, even so I let him apparently get into trouble, but which has always only the purpose, to bind him still more to me, so that in future he can become completely absorbed in me, to then, being united with me for ever, be able to work and he happy indescribably. Amen. B.D. NR. 5236.


Book 58 5237

Cultivation of the barren desert. Blessing.

19. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5237.

You constantly increase the spiritual wealth, when you give away from it, because you lose nothing, but always receive more and more. The spiritual trouble requires help, the spiritual trouble exists in the draught, which lets nothing spiritual grow and for that reason mankind is like a desert, in which nothing can thrive. It must be changed to fertile ground; good soil must be supplied to it and the good seed be fertilized with love water – and that requires work of loyal servants, who make cultivation of the desert soil their business. And you are to be these servants for me; everywhere, where barren desert is in the hearts of men, you are to let your effort rule; you are to supply good soil for them and do everything, to make the hearts receptive for the seed, which alone can bring good fruit – for my word, which will work fertilizing, where it is accepted willingly. You are in possession of very much seeds, use it right and be eager workers for me; hand out the gifts, which are offered to you so amply from above; do not be tardy in your activity, for you know that the time is to be used, so you can still work unhindered for me and my kingdom. Carry my word everywhere, and do not be afraid that your spiritual wealth could decrease. The handing out of my gift is the most secure guarantee for it that you again receive amply out of my hand, what your hand has offered lovingly to the neighbour. Your work will truly not be useless, for the reward for it is immortal, and in future in eternity you will only be able to measure the value of that, what you have done on earth out of love for me and for fellowmen. For I myself bless the work, which you transact for me and my kingdom. I myself hand it out to you and through all of you, who want to receive my gift out of your hand. Men urgently need help, for although they do not feel the spiritual need on earth, because it has no material effect, but it is gigantic and can only be removed by loyal servants devoted to me, who believe in me and in every word, which I supply to them, to make them suitable for their helping activity. The trouble can be decreased, when love is at work, when men know about the trouble of their fellowmen and are willing to help them, when they give, what they possess themselves, when they hand out to the suffering at body and soul. And so that the gifts are gratefully accepted, love must offer them. The blessing of love is immeasurable, and through love you achieve everything. For it is a power, which never remains without effect. And for that reason look after your fellowmen, and do not leave them in trouble; share everything with them, what you possess, so you can help them with it, and remember above all their souls, which live often still far more in want than the body. Bring my word close to them and refresh them with it, and increase so the spiritual goods, your wealth for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5237.


Book 58 5238

Subordinating of the will. God taking residence in the heart.

21. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5238.

Receive me into your hearts, and from this time you are no longer alone; from this time you take no more responsibility for your thinking and acting, for I myself am it, who now directs and drives you to think and act according to my will. As soon as you have once established the connection with me, as soon as you have cleaned your heart through work in love and received me myself in you, you will also be able to live not differently than according to my will, for it has then completely entered into you, i.e., your will has then itself subordinated to mine, and you move completely in my eternal order; you cannot sin, therefore no longer violate against me. Only love achieves such; only love for me lets you think and act, as it is pleasing to me, for love only wants the good; love wants to subordinate itself; it wants to make happy; it wants that, what makes the object of love happy. But love for me already exists, when man shows love for the neighbour, for all love is divine, which expresses itself unselfishly, and this love is to be practised, until it reaches that degree that I myself take possession of the heart of man; that I myself therefore take residence in him. But then you have reached the destination on earth; you have found the joining together with me, and you need to fear nothing anymore, because your father is with you and you now stand completely under his protection. But against your will I cannot enter you; you yourselves must open the door for me; you must make the heart able to receive me; you must fashion it according to my entering, and only love brings about all this. I can only dwell, where love is, and for that reason the transformation of your nature I make to the first condition, so you before still bear self-love in you and this is allowed to have no space there, where I want to dwell. I want to possess your whole heart, without restriction, but to then also be able to be your leader and protector in your walk through the earth valley. But then your walk will be beautiful and easy; then I am your constant companion; you are never lonely, and you just need to always trustingly devote yourselves to me, to always be led right until the end of your earth life, until I can then receive you into my kingdom, which is not of this world – until I can introduce you to blessed fields, where you will also be united with me, but as happy spirit beings can create and work according to my will, which is then also again yours, because the joining together with me means the same will and the same thinking and always only increases your degree of happiness. I want to rule in and over you, and you are to feel happy in this rule, because you recognize my love and you yourselves glow in hot love for me, which makes you to most happy creatures, to right children of your father, which you now remain for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5238.


Book 58 5239

Awakening of the spark of God. Who remains in love.

24. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5239.

To bring the spark of God to awakening requires the firm will to love work, for nothing else than love only can achieve it that the spirit expresses itself, therefore proves its awakening. Only love establishes the connection from the spirit spark in man to the father spirit from eternity, and love brings about that the spirit of God announces itself in man; that it as it were can receive the word from the father. "He that dwelleth in love, dwelleth in me, and I in him." These words are the simplest explanation for the pouring out of the spirit, for the work of the divine spirit in man. Through love the heavenly father feels moved to reveal his identity to men, as eternal love itself; therefore it must express itself, because otherwise it cannot be recognized. The presence of God must have an obvious effect, for that reason always there an unusual process will be able to be observed, where the spirit out of God announces itself. And this process is of complete different kind. The presence of God can be proved audibly or visibly; always according to the state of maturity of man, who has drawn God to himself through love work and for that reason also has the favour to recognize him. And yet man is still on earth and must therefore also receive his impressions on it, which always adapt themselves to his earth life, therefore seem unnatural in the rarest cases. For God is certainly always prepared to help, where it is needed; he is also always prepared, to make men happy through his word, but there will also always be a natural explanation for processes of spiritual kind. For that reason it will also only be rare that God expresses himself visibly; that therefore a man can see and hear him at the same time, because his word is the best proof of his presence, since he himself must be, where his expressions are heard, and, where he announces himself, no doubt can anymore come up in his love, wisdom and omnipotence. His word therefore testifies to the presence of God unmistakeably, and therefore it is only rarely allowed by God that conscious receivers of the divine word are also allowed to see his holy image in themselves, whereby however this possibility is not completely to be ruled out, because God’s love likes to make men happy, who are devoted to him. Moreover the great spiritual trouble contributes much to that end, that he is not anymore recognized at all by those, who still belong too much to the world. These are now and then to be brought to reflection through unusual processes, so that they win faith in God as creator and father from eternity. But then it is an unusual favour, which is granted to an unbeliever in the face of the end, where many signs and miracles happen, to still rescue quite many men, but who must without fail also accept the word of God, if unusual appearances are to have their effect, to increase the striving for God and to stand up full of eagerness for everything, what promotes the spiritual development. Amen. B.D. NR. 5239.


Book 58 5240

Expression of the divine spirit. Satan as angel of light.

25. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5240.

"I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." These my words are to confirm to you that I dwell among you everywhere there, where you allow my stay. Although I am not visibly among you, my spirit is still your constant companion, but you yourselves open the door to him, or you keep it closed, and then you cannot also say that I am with you. You all can certainly let me be present, so you would like to draw me to you through love, indeed you could even see my image in you through an increased degree of love. But how few desire me and prepare the residence for me; how few fashion their heart so that they can receive me inside it. Nevertheless I also approach those, who carry no desire for me – I come to meet them in the word, because the word alone can awaken love in them, when they listen to it, move it in the heart and are active accordingly. This way to me is not difficult, and it still leads securely to the destination – to experience my presence, so that each one man could say: The Lord is with me all days. Deep faith is however condition to be convinced of my presence, and this faith can again only be won through love. Therefore love is always first. Without love no connection can be established with me at all; without love everything is lie or form, what is to make my presence believable. All you take note of this that no man can become aware of me, who does not have love in him, but that everyone, who lives in love, has me as constant companion.

But my presence will always announce itself in some way – through extreme strong faith, through spiritual gifts of different kind, through mission activity and ability for that, through hearing of my voice in a state of wakefulness, through helps of all kind, which require an unusual power. Always and constantly my spirit then works, which is the visible sign of my presence and can therefore not be denied by men, who are unselfishly active in love. You men must give your attention to this, whether and how love for me and for the neighbour is recognizable; then you will be able to examine every such spirit expression on account of its origin. But right love also secures to man my protection against dishonest spirit powers, which will certainly always push right up to you men, but are always repulsed through your nature, your will for truth and love drive, because they then so to speak feel my presence and give way. Nevertheless also they will now and then find access, when man does not keep himself in strict discipline, i.e., when he grants them the right over him through only the smallest lack of love. For the lack of love embodies him, who is destitute of all love, but who also has power, where it is granted to him. And for that reason only love is always the guarantee for my presence, and all of you are entitled to examine this love, if you want to convince yourselves of the truth of that, what is represented before men as spirit work. (25.10.1951) I truly approach you only with a good gift; I will offer you nothing, by which your heart could object to. I am a God of love and a loyal father of my children, and so I speak to you, you can also recognize the voice of the father, and you do not need to be afraid, that you fall victim to a deception, when my words touch you fatherly. But just as much you must also approach me like children; you must approach me full of love –because otherwise you cannot hear me or you fall victim to my opponent, who wants to win you with false words; who deceives you, now and then also as angel of light, when he can gain success in this way. Love is and always remains decisive, and my opponent can never approach a loving man, since I myself then stand between him and the opponent, because I myself am love. A good man, full of love, can for that reason never be deceived by my opponent, but he can anytime approach those, who let love miss in their nature; who still stand too much in self-love; who want to carry weight before the world and show off; who lack true humility. I know the hearts of men and keep away from those, who are without love, but I make my children happy with my presence. And they are to always be certain of, that their love will always draw me; that they can then entrust themselves to me; that I take residence in them and remain with them, because love pushes to love and joins together inseparably. Amen. B.D. NR. 5240.


Book 58 5241

Positive and negative powers. Fall of the angels.

26. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5241.

In the very beginning everything was free, what emerged out of me, and even the spiritual, which my opponent created out of his will with my power, had free will and was consequently put outside as independent, to be able to experience the happiness of a free, perfect being. But latter did not prove itself, when it was put to the test of will, when it could assert its right of self-determination and was to decide for me or my opponent. It did not prove itself insofar, as it did not acknowledge me as creator and source of power, although it stood in knowledge, without which perfection was not conceivable. It therefore took consciously a position against me and on the side of him, who let it come into being. Since this free decision of the will positive and negative powers were active, and they will remain so, until all spiritual is completely convinced of its start out of me and until all spiritual gives me its love.

A struggle will therefore exist until then, between light and darkness, between knowing and ignorant beings, because imperfect spirit beings have also forfeited knowledge, therefore stand in darkness, but want to assert themselves exactly the same way and for that reason spread darkness, where light should shine. The struggle between light and darkness rages persistently in the whole universe, for with the defection of the spiritual from me the carrying in of error began, of untruthfulness into the eternal light of truth – the failing to recognize the terms began; erroneous thinking began and the conscious suppression of truth and putting forth of falsehood. And this struggle still rages and will not sooner be ended, than until the last opponent out of the kingdom of darkness is defeated. (26.10.1951) Wherever truth is, this is also recognizable as light for those powers, who belong to darkness, and they try to extinguish the light, therefore to fight against truth, to cover it through dark shadows and to invalidate its light. But just so the light from above is constantly fed, truth is therefore again and again supplied there, where it is liked to be received, and the effect of both powers, from above and from below, is already a fight between light and darkness, but which men themselves fight out through their attitude to truth and to the lie, because man is so to speak the object, at which the fighting powers put themselves to the test; man is that being, that is influenced from both sides and makes now the decision, whether it choses light or darkness. For man is my work of creation, which so to speak gets once again the question presented to it, whom it acknowledges as its Lord from eternity. He is again put out as free, thinking being; its will is free and can decide in every direction; it can change the dark state into light; it can again receive knowledge, which it once possessed, but has lost in wrong use. Man can increase the degree of cognition and enter into glorious light, but as he can also be enslaved to him, who wants to throw him into ruin. He can make the decision and consequently also bring the proof that light can win over darkness, for a man, who stands in the light, he can also command the dark powers and put them out of action. For he is now equipped with my power, and he speaks as it were in my name, before whom bend all powers of heaven and of earth, and he represents truth, which starts from me and which will remain existing now and in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5241.


Book 58 5242

Desire for truth – Love activity condition.

27. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5242.

By no means is everything truth, what, coming from the spiritual kingdom, is offered to you men. Light and darkness are represented everywhere, both on earth as also in the spiritual kingdom. Powers of light and of darkness can consequently be next to each other and seek to influence men. But since man must himself decide freely on earth, an influencing on both sides is also allowed, and a direct danger also does not exist for man, to become slave to darkness, when he seeks and desires light. For the desire of a man is decisive, and is this desire turned to me as eternal truth, then he also certainly finds truth, and error cannot find entry with him. For he has the certain feeling in his heart for truth and rejects feeling wise, what is not in accordance with it. That also powers of darkness often pretend to be bearers of light, that cover themselves in a mantle, which is to deceive men, still cannot seriously endanger, because only those men reach pure truth, who seriously strive for it and whom the beings of light help so obviously, that they always only accept truth and reject error. But this always only applies to a man hungry for truth. Who is indifferent in his seeking, he will become confused in his thinking and find no clarity so long, as his desire for truth is weak. And again the degree of love is decisive that and whether he recognizes truth as such. For his competence to judge is according to the degree of love. A man active in love is always possessed by desire for truth, and in exactly the same way he will also recognize me myself, therefore believe in me. Love and faith drive him to also hear truth, and I myself can approach him and introduce him to truce. I certainly have my light messengers, who bring truth to him on my behalf, but it goes out from me, so that therefore I myself am the giver of truth, even so it is imparted to a man indirectly. But also my opponent camouflages himself and now and then hangs a little light mantle around him, when he wants to deceive men. But this camouflage is to be recognized by everyone, who desires purest truth. My opponent will indeed also make use of divine words and know to interpret them so, that they serve his intention, to remove you men from me, but then I myself become active as counter power, by me directing the thinking of the listeners, who desire truth, so, that they gather the right thing from his words; that therefore his intention is wrecked, because the will of them is meant for me. For also the powers of darkness must obey me, and I protect each one, who strives for me in wanting, thinking and acting. Light and darkness will always lie in struggle with each other, but man decides himself, whether he wants to stand in light or come to an end in darkness. Amen. B.D. NR. 5242.


Book 58 5243

Forgiveness. Atonement. Justice. (Causal rule)

27. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5243.

I am a God of love and of mercy, but also justice belongs to my nature, since otherwise perfection would be questioned and consequently also my divinity. Do you understand what I want to say with that? – That every quality is represented in me to the highest measure and for that reason so to speak everything is subject to the eternal order, of which originator I am myself, i.e. exactly out of my perfection I have created laws, which are irrefutable. So also every sin guild must be cleared away; for every sin atonement must be done, when my justice is to be satisfied.

But how does now my love and mercy stand to this, which is so infinitely deep that it would like to remit the debt of every sinner? – My love found a way. Love itself wiped out the sin guild, by it atoning for, to satisfy justice. One man took the debt upon himself and did atonement for the sins of the whole mankind. I myself did not fight this man, because love made him do it and love is never allowed to be fought, so it wants to express itself. I would have never accepted the represented atonement, when it would not have been offered to me out of love, because then a violation against the law of eternal order would have taken place, because then justice would not have been granted, whereas a work of love had to be accepted by me, because I could not reject love.

Therefore one man atoned for the great sin guild of mankind with an extreme agonizing suffering and dying on the cross.

This man had no debt and still suffered unspeakably for the debt of others – because he wanted to reconcile me with his sacrifice, which the extreme great love let him bring. And I accepted the sacrifice and for the sake of his love wiped out the debt, which weighed heavily upon the whole mankind – i.e. therefore, men can become free of all debt, who fully consciously take up for themselves the sacrifice of the man Jesus, who lay down their sin burden at his feet and for the sake of his death on the cross ask for forgiveness. The acknowledging and the conscious sin confession is demanded to find full forgiveness of the sins. The sacrifice of the man Jesus was so great and his love for mankind so enormous that my justice was satisfied and my love and mercy can now emerge. Those men are therefore free of all debt, who acknowledge the divine redeemer Jesus Christ and put themselves remorsefully under his cross – i.e. so much, as that everything is forgiven them, what of sin burdens them. But forgiveness of a sin is wiping out, complete crossing out of that, what should have actually be done – forgiveness means obliterating, relieving, establishing the state before the beginning of sin. And every result of an offence carries he, who takes the debt upon him. Therefore Jesus Christ has burdened upon himself every sin burden and brought the atonement for it to me. Every effect of a sin is denied by him. My love and mercy directs everything again properly and can it now also, since justice, through the cross sacrifice, first satisfies, therefore was not eliminated. The cross sacrifice was so to speak the effect of sin of the whole mankind. All wrong that is committed on earth, as also the sin of the former rebellion against me, had to have an illegal effect, therefore have repercussions on beings, which caught this effect and had to suffer under it. The man Jesus voluntarily handed himself over to catch the whole concentrated sin burden and to lessen the effect of sin through superhuman sufferings and agonies and in the end to completely abolish it through his death. Therefore the law is not abolished, but was just fulfilled.

For that reason a complete forgiveness of sins can be granted to man through Jesus Christ and he can become free of all debt; for that reason my love and mercy can rule, without eliminating justice. For Jesus Christ has redeemed the world from sin, because his love for men was extremely powerful and I was completely dis-atoned for through this love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5243.


Book 58 5244

Never ending love effort of God.

28. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5244.

You all are children of my love and care; to all of you I would like to supply my word, so that you hear it yourselves and recognize the voice of your father and that you feel touched by me and made to obey everything, what I advise you. I would like that you all could hear my voice in you, because then the danger of a sinking would be over, because then you already belong to me through your will, which has also allowed the hearing of my voice. But you all are still quite far from me, and my word can only be imparted to you, and happy are you, when you then accept it. Always think about that, when my word is made accessible to you, I myself come up to you, to win you for me. I myself am the word, and I come in the word to those, for whom I long, to my creatures, which I want to reshape to my children through my word. As soon as you take note of my word, my love radiation touches you, which can have an incomprehensible effect on you, when you yourselves allow this effect, when you receive my word in you, move it in the heart and obey my will, which is announced to you through my word. And so you then desire to hear my word always and again and again, then I have won you for ever, then you have recognized the voice of the father, and you follow it and return into the father house, which waits for you already a long time. My love and care is meant for you persistently, and for that reason I will also win you for me in future, but endless times can still pass for those creatures, which resistance is still too great and which do not want to accept my expressions of love. Once however they will give up their resistance and let themselves be seized by me, overcome by my love, which never ends to seek what got lost to it, for my love survives their resistance; my love is able the break the hardest resistance, without forcing the creature to belong to me. My love follows the lost and warms it so long with its power, until it devotes itself to me without resistance and then never ever goes from me, until I have won it completely, until it has become my child, which it also remains in all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5244.


Book 58 5245

Unlimited supply of favour.

28. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5245.

I draw you to me out of pure favour. All means I apply to win you, and that for that reason, because I love you, because I would like to abolish the separation of you to me, because I want to make you happy and for that reason no separation is allowed to exist between us. But how often do I come upon resistance; how often is my love spurned; how often is my help rejected; how often does the world step between you and me, and then you hardly find the way to me, the way back into the father house. I cannot give you more than you want to accept from me, i.e. utilize. And for that reason you yourselves determine the measure of favour, which is offered to you. And you can receive unmeasured and do your earth life task easily and successfully – you can quickly and without effort cover the way up and enter the opposite kingdom as happy beings, so you would just use my favour, so you would unveil yourselves to me trustingly and ask me for help. For I am always prepared to accept you and to conclude an association with you, because I want to make you to my children and for that reason long for your complete devotion to me, to be able to make you completely happy with my father love. What fullness of power could you constantly receive out of my hand and what treasure of favour unearth, what proofs of my love experience, so you would just join me intimately and would like to ask for my fatherly care. In excess I give to mine, and each one man can count himself to mine, who wishes to be close to me. But you have free will and for that reason cannot be forced by me to accept the favour, which I would like to give to you. You must long for it yourselves and want to take advantage of it, then you will be covered with the signs of my love and favour, and the way up will be easily recognized and walked along by all, who love me, who want to reach the father. And I will receive my children and never ever leave them anymore, for my love keeps them and does not leave them in all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5245.


Book 58 5246

Urgent admonition to vineyard work.

29. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5246.

The work for the spiritual kingdom must be done with increased power, for it comes to an end. Always and again and again I speak these words to you, to spurn you on to busy activity, and still all of you do not know, how close the end is. For the events happen in a rush, and so only a short period of time will be necessary, where everything happens, what I have announced to you. Not much time remains for you men any more, then the earth will open itself and devour everything, what lives there. And those men, who have paid no attention to my words, those men, who are without faith, who indulge themselves in the pleasure of the world and belong to my opponent, they will become, next to all living creature, a victim of the powers of nature. Think about it, you my servants on earth, the tragedy of these souls, which are now again banished endless long time in new creations of the earth, then the work eagerness in you will increase, then you also know, how necessary your help is in the rescue of the souls, which have not yet completely become depraved and are therefore still adaptable in their cast of mind. Much work you must still do, and you are not allowed to tire, for they are all my creatures, which I still would like to win for me, which I still would like to reshape to my children taking free will into account, otherwise it truly would be easy for me to change them according to my will.

Therefore your work becomes more urgent from day to day, for only through you it is possible to have an effect on your fellowmen. And with my word a means is available to you, with which you can also work successfully. You, my servants on earth, you have to fulfil a mission, which is of greatest importance. You can testify of me and my work at you, and you can so be the cause that they thing about the heard and seek to establish a connection with me. Everything must be done, what can change men in their thinking, and since I obviously cannot have an effect on men, you must do this work for me and be active in my vineyard as loyal servants. And you are not to delay and postpone your work, for each one day is important, for with every day the end comes closer. Whether you believe it or not, you will be surprised, how soon already the last signs become apparent. Do not let the time be a lost one; reckon with the soon end, and then use every opportunity, where you comply with my will, for the souls of men are in great trouble, and only loving help can rescue them from ruin, from spiritual death and the new banishment having then become necessary. And I truly want to give you power of persuasion; I want to bless your words and also those, to whom you impart them, so that your work may be successful, so that you supply my Gospel to the souls and you thus win them for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5246.


Book 58 5247

You must be taught by God.

30. and 31. October 1951. B.D. NR. 5247.

Let yourselves be taught by me, and accept knowledge, which will make you happy in future, so you want to be active in the spiritual kingdom, but which will also make you happy on earth, because you always stand in the light, where your fellowmen still walk in darkness. Through my instructions you win knowledge about things, which cannot be fathomed through the intellect alone, because the proofs for it will always be lacking; but so I instruct you about it, you need no proofs, because the direct instruction through me is already proof enough for the truth of that, what I present to you. At most you can doubt that I myself, your God and father from eternity, am your master teacher, but so you want to establish the connection with me in faith in me and in love for me, I will also always be with you, because otherwise I truly would be no loving God and father. If you believe in a God of love, then you can also be completely assured of his love and consequently also of his protection against all dishonest powers. But then you also know how you have to assess the knowledge from above, and the smallest doubt will not overcome you, over the truthfulness of that, what you accept directly from me. You are instructed in fullest truth. You have a spiritual wealth, with which you can work, and you are not to let it lie fallow, as long as you still dwell on earth. (31.10.1951) You are appointed by me for your spiritual mission, for I can only choose those men for it, who let themselves be instructed by me, therefore you must also be active with the spiritual good received from me, for your knowledge is far more comprehensive than men can ever impart to you. And for that reason you, as teachers among my servants, who announce my Gospel on this earth, truly occupy a first place, because you have the certainty to stand in truth, which the spiritual material received by men does not offer. You are the salt of the earth – a little grain of pure truth only has greater effect than an excessive amount of knowledge, which is no longer pure and therefore has also lost power. And for that reason you are for me extremely necessary announcers of the Gospel, whom I would truly not instruct myself, when the supply of truth would not be so urgently necessary for men. I know it, what they are lacking; I know at which teachings they take offence, because they are offered to them distorted; I know, where their faith needs a strengthening, and want to help them to the right and living faith. And for that reason I give them pure truth, and it through the mouth of my servants on earth, whom I can instruct myself. Can you perhaps be instructed in truth more certain, than so I myself, as eternal truth, impart it to you? And can you perhaps find a better master teacher than your God and father from eternity, who is truthful and unchanging? So I give you my word, you can drop all doubt, for I do not mislead men. I also do not give half-truth or truth in incomprehensible form. I give as it is comprehensible for you and at the same time also the power of cognition to him, who is instructed by me, so that he can pass on the received knowledge exactly as comprehensible for the blessing of fellowmen, who are to be helped in spiritual trouble. And so he, to whom I give an office, will also be able to administer his office, because I myself see to it that my servants on earth are able to that work, with which I charge them, and because I myself choose for me, who are suitable for that. Amen. B.D. NR. 5247.


Book 58 5248

Favour of inner inspiration.

1. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5248.

The favour of inner inspiration will be granted to all those, who join me intimately and ask me for pure truth. To do it first of all belongs the will and the desire of man for truth, but which only very few summon. If this will and the desire for truth would exist more among men, then it would certainly stand differently with the spiritual development, because right cognition would be widely spread through the agreement of thought material of all, who are of enlightened spirit. The cognition of truth would also lead to strong faith and a love work would already then to be recorded, when the union with me is established, otherwise the desire for truth would not have awakened, for a man without love has no interest in truth. So one thing emerges out of the other. I myself must be acknowledged for the first time, therefore faith in me must exist. With that also faith is connected that I as most perfect and most powerful being know about everything and can everything, therefore can also transmit knowledge to a man; and for that reason he asks me in this faith to illuminate his spirit. At first he indeed means his intellect that I am to give him clarity, and so to speak I certainly also illuminate his thinking, but it is always the spirit out of me, which also influences his intellect, because the intellect without my spirit cannot impart, what it does not possess itself. But if a man asks something from his friend, so he will however also fit into his will, to make him ready for him or also to announce his love and gratitude to him. Therefore the man will also make an effort to please me, and prove this through his way of life; he will give love himself, because he feels love for me, which also causes him to his request about enlightenment of the spirit. Not one thing is to be thought without the other, for also in this a law rules, which is not allowed to be reversed. Nevertheless man has also a second possibility – he can also receive right knowledge from outside, through my messengers or through writings. It indeed remains so long a dead knowledge for him, which is only absorbed by the intellect, until he himself fulfils exactly those conditions: faith in me, love and desire for truth. But he can get mentally stimulated through that dead knowledge and make an effort cognition wise to be active in love – he can, even so only experimentally, want to believe and strive for doing the right thing – and knowledge in him will win life; it will make him happy; my spirit begins to have an effect in him, and he finds to me, driven from the heart, not from the intellect. He has made use of the opportunity and has come to the right wisdom exactly also again only through faith in me, through love work and desire for truth, since he otherwise would not have let himself be captivated by such problems, which have now solved themselves right. I let myself be found by each one, who seriously seeks me. For that reason only the will is necessary, which must turn to me, to that being, which every man certainly suspects, but which not all want to acknowledge. But as long as he consciously turns away from me, so long I can also have no effect on him, to change him by force. He must come to me of his own accord. Then he receives everything, what he desires, for I truly act like a father at his creatures, which I want to change to my children, and I will deny no-one something, what could help him to do it, for I love them and also want to see my love returned. Amen. B.D. NR. 5248.


Book 58 5249

Right worship.

4. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5249.

That worship alone is pleasing to me, which expresses itself in true devotion to me, which is caused by love for me. I see in the heart of my children that temple, which they are to sanctify for me and can this only through a life pleasing to me, a life in love. If they now withdraw into silence that they want to have a dialogue with me, that they now open their temple and grant my entry, then I can also instruct them and join my spirit to them, which directs them on all their ways. And so they now let themselves be led by it and do everything, what it advises them, then they will be unselfishly active in love, and then they keep a right worship; they lead a life of action and not just of form. They constantly hear me and not just at certain places and at a certain time; they serve me with their whole heart, for they feel pushed from the inside to do it; they are driven by my spirit; they hear my word and become doers of my word. To serve God means to fulfil my will as loyal servant. And my will is and always remains the work of love, a serving in true humility and neighbourly love; serving God means being active for him – doing something instead of me, helping fellowmen, teaching on my behalf, give comfort and help spiritually and earthly, where such is needed. Serving me is a matter of free will, which can never be demanded, of which you already see that a compulsory worship can never ever be my will and is also not assessed by me like a voluntary sacrifice of time and power given to me - like the willingness to be active for me to win souls for my kingdom, which are in spiritual trouble as standing outside. Who does this love to me, he serves me in truth, and his service I will also bless. But who just wants to prove his presence to me, who just satisfies the form or a command enacted by men, he will truly draw little blessing out of it, for he is like a lazy servant, who just shows himself busy, so the Lord is close, to then sink again into inactivity, because his will to serve is not serious. Who wants to serve me, he must accept my instruction and then strive to always obey it. He must love me from the whole heart and out of this love want to be active for me. Then I bless his service for me and my kingdom, and he will not remain without success. Amen. B.D. NR. 5249.


Book 58 5250

Blessed vineyard work. Succession.

5. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5250.

An enormous work still has to be done, and for that reason I awaken everywhere servants and maids for me, who are to do this vineyard work and also can do it, because they have the will to serve me. I take the ability of each one individual into account, and their tasks are accordingly, also the kind of work is accordingly, but which always exists in this, to move fellowmen to love and to faith in me. As soon as a man stands himself in a living union with me, he can also influence his fellowman and cause him to the same relationship to me, and that it is, what is very particularly necessary, that men learn to believe in a God, who wants to be their father and therefore is very close to them, therefore is not to be sought in form. Dead form faith is to be given up and a living faith to be won instead, and to do it many of my servants and maids can contribute, by them emphasizing again and again their own connection with me and introduce me as a loving father caring for his earth children. But they are also to show them the right way, which leads to such a living faith; they are to always preach love and therefore show men that the God of love can also only be won through love and love alone awakens faith to life. They themselves are to be an example, helpful in every spiritual and earthly trouble; just in thinking and acting and never cause rejection though a way of life, which is not pleasing to me. The work for me and my kingdom can only be done by those, who themselves make an effort to follow me, to lead a life in love, as I have held up to them as an example on earth. And only such men can have success with fellowmen, for just talking is not of much use, but the giving full expression of that, what they preach will stimulate to succession. And for that reason you all, you who want to serve me, are to devote yourselves to a right love life, and the influence on your surroundings will be unmistakable; you will then do a vineyard work quietly and still successfully, which I bless through my presence. You will then successfully take part in the winning back of erring souls in the last time before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 5250.


Book 58 5251

Receiver of the word first suitable to teach.

6. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5251.

The gift which I have bestowed on you men to be able to receive my word through my spirit, is always the product of your own love will, is therefore peculiar to each one of you, so he puts this love will into practice. Each one of you can get into contact with me myself, as soon as he just practises love, since I am present at every work of love and I truly do not let my presence depend on the characteristic feature of man, for love alone determines the relationship of man to me. And for that reason man as woman can fashion themselves through love to my child. And in exactly the same way can my spirit work in every man, so love makes it possible that he can hear me in himself. You therefore have so to speak an ability, which you yourselves must first develop, but which I have withheld from no-one. For that reason you men have also all the same task, to form yourselves on earth to my children, and according to your love will and cultivating of your ability you are chosen to redeeming activity on earth. For you receive, so you cultivate yourselves to the receiving vessel of my spirit, and every receiver is to also hand out again to those, who are needy of the bread out of heaven. But since only he can give to his fellowmen, who himself possesses spiritual good, and the possession depends again on that my spirit can work in man, so it is comprehensible that not many are qualified for it to do right vineyard work for me and my kingdom; it is comprehensible that the announcers of my word have not always been instructed by me myself and for that reason also cannot represent my word with the powers of persuasion, as it he can, who has received it from me myself. But the powers of persuasion also secure the success, why a word receiver, a man, who has won comprehensive knowledge through spirit work, is as the first one suitable to teach, to announce the Gospel to his fellowmen, for he has not just received the knowledge mechanically, but at the same time accepted the power of cognition with truth, what does not need to be the case with knowledge gained intellectually, which only becomes cognition, when his spirit teaches man. My spirit blows where it wants. It announces itself without respect of persons, of class or of gender – it only demands a heart willing to love, which opens to it, to let the current of favour pour in. But then it also drives man to speak, and it is obvious that it is then not man himself, who speaks, but that the spirit in him expresses itself. Consequently therefore he is also chosen for the spreading of the Gospel, and he is to always yield to the inner urge and speak without inhibitions, wherever opportunity is offered. In the last time now the spiritual trouble is so great, that I truly do not have enough workers for my vineyard and for that reason woo again and again and call for service for suffering mankind. And I want to bless each one, who follows my call; I want to put each one on that place, where his work is successful. I want to instruct him myself and put words into his mouth, so just one man comes to meet him, who desires to hear him. Then he desires my word, and truly, I will send it to every desiring person, and he is through you, me servants on earth, also instructed by God and gains faith, because my word is blessed with my power. Amen. B.D. NR. 5251.


Book 58 5252

God’s infinite love.

9. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5252.

I am the father of you all; my love belongs to all of you; I want to know all of you happy; I want to make you to my children, who are united with me in all eternity. My love for you is extremely great, but it only finds little reciprocation. My creatures are of blinded spirit as result of their will, which once was directed against me, as result of a sin, which took all cognition from them. Nevertheless my infinite love still always belongs to them, and it will never stop, until I have won my creatures again for me as my children.

This love now moves me again and again, to lure and call my little sheep like a good shepherd; love moves me to constantly stretch out my rescue hand, where danger is that they fall; all means I apply, which are suitable to again direct the lost to me, and I leave nothing untried, what could just promise a small success. But it is a laborious work, as long as the other entity – as long as the prince of the world captivates men and they follow him voluntarily.

My luring is love; but his aim is ruin. But from no side violence can be applied; from no side man can be forced, but his will alone determines his way up or down. As long as man does not recognize my love, my luring and calling is in vain; but he will only recognize me and my love, so he himself is able and willing to love. Then his heart pushes towards me by itself; then it feels, where it finds reciprocation of its love; then it has also already become mine for ever.

It is therefore love, which is to be ignited, if the being wants to be happy. Love is everything – it alone changes the relationship of my creature to me; it alone makes the creature to my child; love unites us indissolubly together and re-establishes the original relationship again. But men lack love. Untiringly I woo for their love and come across hardened hearts, which my wooing leaves unimpressed. And I take pity on this mankind, for it does not know, in which unhappy state it is without love. It does not know, of which happiness it robs itself, because it is without love. I cannot be angry, for deepest darkness darkens its spirit, and in this darkness men grope along, being every moment in the danger of falling. Again and again a rescuing hand will stretch out to them, but in the main they do not see this hand, because they do not want to see, because their eyes are directed into the distance, where sham lights flash to deceive them.

I cannot be angry, and I still must let them go their way, until they themselves recognize that they have lost their way and call for help. I cannot supply light to them against their will, which would be of no use to them, but just make them unfree. And for that reason still much trouble and misery will go over earth, but my love for my creatures will never stop, which I still want to win through this trouble. For the trouble is to kindle love in them, love for fellowmen, who are in the same trouble, and this love will then also recognize me and learn to love me. And then all trouble will be removed – then my love was victor – then my love has won you, and you will be happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5252.


Book 58 5253

Office of word receiver. Favours and duties.

11. and 12. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5253.

A beautiful task is granted to you, to be mediator between me and men. This mediator office requires fulfilment of conditions, but as it also imposes duties. An engaging in a spiritual work is demanded of you, which is necessary for the redemption of the spiritual. I can demand such work only, where the ability for it exists, why I choose my co-workers among those men, who are certainly called for it, however not all satisfy the demands, which such work requires. I choose for myself, those I consider suitable for it.

A mediator office is also connected with a certain handing out of favours, because otherwise the power of a man would not be enough to be able to administer it, for this means a mediating of something divine to those men, who suffer lack of it. But if a man is to give his fellowmen something divine, then he must first receive it himself and then pass it on, i.e. therefore receive so much as an unusual favour, which he actually does not deserve, because his maturity state has not reached that degree, to be given divine favour radiation. But the spiritual trouble of men requires an unusual help, therefore a supply of spiritual power, which can only be send to them on the way of mediating. For that reason only such men are suitable as mediators, who completely turn their will to me; who have established the child relationship to me and ask me humbly for supply of favour, to be able to help their fellowmen, whose spiritual trouble they recognize and whom they would like to help. These men I like to take into my service; and their love for me and fellowmen I bless and cover them with favours, because I truly know that they utilize these properly. But I see into the hearts of those, who want to serve me, and give to each one according to the state of his heart. And I therefore judge according to the degree of unselfish neighbourly love, for it determines the measure of favour, which I can now hand out. This is the first condition, to serve me as mediator, that pure unselfish neighbourly love fills him, because it only establishes the union between him and me and makes him a suitable mediator. Further the desire must fill him, to hear from me the good, right and true, and to just pass on this good, right and true in the cognition that fellowmen lack it. And he must ask me whole-heartedly and in deepest humility for it that I help all men through him. Then I hand out my gifts of favour unmeasured and leave no request unfulfilled, for it is the spiritual trouble, which causes my servant, to make himself available to me and fellowmen. And he is therefore suitable as co-worker at the great redemption work and is accepted by me. (12.11.1951) But he has now also duties – to work with the treasure of favours, which he now constantly receives from me. For he is mediator – he is to establish the contact between me and men; he is to also hand out the gifts, which are intended for all; he is to step in there, where my direct work is still not possible. I want to give to all men, what they need, but mostly they make it impossible for me; they cannot be given in a supernatural way, and for that reason I make use of willing men, who are now active on my behalf, who mediate between me and men.

The work of passing on of my treasure of favour is of greatest importance and must urgently be demanded by me, when servants offer themselves for work in my vineyard. The supply of my word to earth would be completely useless, when it should only serve one man, although it is to also help him to happiness himself. But love activity, which is demanded through my word, exists in giving, in the handing out of that, what the other lacks.

But for that reason I let my word radiate down to earth, because the whole mankind suffers lack of it and because it must be supplied to it in a way, which does not force it to believe. This can only happen through men, who are so in contact with me that they hear my word, but who also have contact with their fellowmen to pass it on again. Who therefore now receives my word as mediator, he has to do a great work – to be announcer of my word, to always speak, when opportunity is offered for it, to direct the thoughts of fellowmen to me and to always mention my love and my work, short – to carry out my Gospel into the world.

Such a mediator office is not to be felt as burden; it is to be administered with joy and devotion and is to be the epitome of serving love. It is the greatest love work, which a man can do, rescuing the soul of fellowman out of darkness. It is the greatest work of mercy, to help a sick soul to recovery, and it is a work of child love extremely pleasing to me, when my task is fulfilled in humility and obedience. What I give is always meant for all my creatures, so they do not oppose it, so they do not reject my gift of favour. For that reason you, my love and light messengers, my workers in my vineyard, are to spare no effort, when it is essential to be spreaders of my love teaching. Full of eagerness you are to announce the Gospel to fellowman; you are to inform them of the knowledge, which also makes you yourselves happy, and you are to testify to my love and power; you are to introduce me to men as a God of love, as a father, who longs for his children and imparts his word to them, so that they are happy. You are to announce me and my love, of my wisdom and power – and you then administer the office right, for which I have chosen you. Amen. B.D. NR. 5253.


Book 58 5254

Subordinating of the will under God’swill.

13. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5254.

Who voluntarily goes into the care of my father love, can feel relieved of all worries, for I take them now over both earthly as also spiritually. As soon as he acknowledges me as father, also his will is turned to me, and I have won him. But to perfection man must strive to arrive at still on earth, and to do it I help him in every way. For through the giving up of his will to me he has also granted me the right, to influence him, what I cannot do without the accepting of my will, i.e. I myself do not take action against my law from eternity, according to which every being must have its free will to be able to become perfect. But the earth life test is as it were already passed with the voluntary subordinating of his will under mine, and then my work in this man is continually care bodily and spiritually, then man can be full of trust, then everything brings about the best, no matter what may be allotted to him. Faith in my help, the firm confidence to enjoy as child the care of the father, will let him cover his earth walk in quietness and carefreeness, and he will also have the certainty to reach his destination spiritually, because I myself lead my child by the hand and draw it to me full of love. Each one reaches his destination, who believes in me, therefore acknowledges me and subordinates himself to me full of love – who gives up his former will of resistance and submits to me humbly and obediently. He is then like a fruit, which I can reap and which I still leave so long on the tree of life until it has become ripe to then enjoy its tastefulness, which has itself given to me that my love may consume it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5254.


Book 58 5255

Promise of Jesus: Eternal life.

14. and 16. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5255.

You are to live in eternity. But only he can promise life to you, who is a Lord over life and death, who himself is life from eternity and who has overcome death – Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of the world, who has emerged out of the power of the highest of all as independent being, equipped with power in full measure, whose love made him uncover his power and to fight against death as weak helpless man on earth, who was subject to the law of death, and to defeat it, to liberate all men out of the slavery of Satan, who he held prisoner. For death had been carried into the world by Satan. Death is a powerless dark state, which is the consequence of the former sin against God. Light and power means life; powerlessness and darkness on the other hand condemns the being to being paralysed in inactivity. Men on earth would have to expect this rigid state after the life of their body; hopelessly they would sink into darkness and could not free themselves out of it – they would be heading for eternal death, when a rescuer would not approach them, who was stronger than death, who could defeat it and again gave life to men, which they had possessed originally initially as spiritual beings and which got lost for them through the sin of the former rebellion against God. (16.11.1951) They had lost life, i.e., everything, what enabled them to a happy making activity, for life is persistent activity according to wise law; life is use of divine power according to divine principle and for that reason a state of unlimited happiness.

Jesus Christ now promises this life to all men, however under certain conditions. He certainly can give life, but men must also desire it and do everything to make themselves worthy of true life, life in the spiritual kingdom. They must want out of the state of death; they must take possession of the power, which secures them an eternal life; they must get into contact with the source of power; they must fight with Jesus Christ against the death of their soul and defeat it, what is only possible with Jesus Christ. For it is the death of the soul, which they must fear, because the death of the body is unimportant, but the soul, the essential thing in man, does not pass, it can only therefore, in the state of complete powerlessness and lack of light, have become a slave of spiritual death to immeasurable, endless agony.

But you are to live. What comforting words are these for you men. Jesus Christ does not want that you are heading for death; he wants that you live, and he has promised you this life – because he alone can give it to you, who has overcome death. But your will is free. Do not forget that, that you can achieve everything, that there is nothing impossible, that Jesus Christ has shown you all means and ways, but that you yourselves must want, because against your will you cannot be given, what is to make you happy. Eternal life is the most beautiful promise, which he could give you, that every fear of death fades, that an unspeakable happy future lies before you, which is interminably long, so you yourselves want it and fulfil the conditions, which Jesus Christ has attached to his promise – that you believe in him. For then you will obey all his words; you will fulfil his commands; you will live according to his divine love teaching and accumulate divine power in you; love will awaken you to life, even so body power lessens and your cover is heading for bodily death. The soul will then break away; it will break through the barrier of death in all power; it will make itself free out of the fetters of him, who wanted to give you death; it will most happily become conscious of its power and now be able to persistently be active; the spiritual kingdom will receive it, where only life is, where every entity is active in the will of God; where new life is constantly produced; where for ever there is no more death – where everything is happy in and with Jesus Christ. Amen. B.D. NR. 5255.


Book 58 5256

Apparent loveless means of help of God.

17. and 18. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5256.

I want to rescue you out of the trouble of the soul. The trouble of the body passes; it does not last for ever; but the trouble of the soul does not stop with death, but you take it with you into the spiritual kingdom, and only there you will really become aware of it, for on earth you can deaden it with worldly pleasures and joys. And that exactly is the disaster that you do not use the time on earth to help the soul; that you do not remember its state after the death of the body, so it vegetates in agony and darkness and suffers unspeakably. I want to help it out of this trouble. But my help will always have a painful effect for the body; your earth life is touched through my help and not to your joy. I must let severe trouble and suffering come over you men; I must disturb your earthly well-being; I must intervene in a painful way in your usual life to bring you to a stocktaking of yourselves, to wake you up out of a state of deepest sleep, since you leave the soul without help. And so I beat wounds over wounds. And still it is my father love, which must reach for these means to rescue you, my children, from eternal ruin. But whether you benefit from it is up to you. All my means can also remain unsuccessful and you also then still only see and desire the world. (18.11.1951) Then you have yourselves spoken your judgement for you; then you voluntarily choose a lot, which is terribly agonizing and lasts endless long time. I know about this your lot, and for that reason I now and then intervene into you earth life so hard that you no longer want to recognize me as a God of love, that you for that reason also often reject me completely or rebel against me and in this way hand yourselves over to my opponent.

I just want your happiness; I have no other aim than to snatch you from spiritual death, to give your soul a gleam of light, so that it finds its way around, so it enters the spiritual kingdom and can no longer work earthly. The soul remains after the death of the body, but only when it can become active in the spiritual kingdom, it enjoys its life. And to that I want to help it and constantly come across resistance on the side of man, who only considers and loves all appearances; but he does not remember his soul. You only pay attention to the shell, but you forget the kernel, and it alone is the thing, the immortal, for the sake of which you live on earth. The trouble and the suffering on earth will increase the closer the end is, and happy the man, who lets it have an effect on him, who recognizes the transitoriness of the earthly from it and strives for gaining immortal goods for himself. Only few will come to cognition through the trouble, and I still allow it for the sake of these few that often a great number of men lose their life, for the body of these loses nothing, but the souls still have the opportunity to climb up in the opposite kingdom, when they want it. But those I have won will thank me for it for ever and also recognize the most sever suffering as means of my love, without which they would be lost for eternal times. My plan of salvation is planned for eternity, and therefore I also saw the completely de-spiritualized state at the end of this redemption period. And I saw the rule of my opponent over the souls of men; but I also saw the few, who are still to be won. Every redemption section ends under violent interventions from my side, to still extract from the opponent, what is not completely under his control.

You men, who believe in me, be of watchful spirit in the last time before the end – recognize, where it is about my indeed hard means of help and where my opponent has his hand in it. Do not doubt my love, but recognize it in every event, in every earthly trouble, in every natural disaster. It is always about souls, which my wisdom still recognizes as able to change and to which help is to be brought in their spiritual trouble. In future also you will be able to measure my love, when you see the terrible lot of those, who resist me and still cannot be forced to give up their resistance. But as long as this earth still exists, my love persistently makes an effort to rescue souls out of endless long time of suffering, which will follow the end of this earth for my opponent and his followers, who are incorrigible. Amen. B.D. NR. 5256.


Book 58 5257

Not disposition, but love determines will.

19. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5257.

It is left up to you all, where you direct your will at, although your attention is certainly drawn through my word on which success each one direction of the will produces for you. But also my word does not force you, because you can also again accept or reject it according to your kind of mind or your love. For love determines your will. You will always strive for that, what you love, whether it is good or evil; your desire is directed towards it, and so is also your will – good or evil. You will always feel love for that, what you desire, but whether love is a right or wrong directed one, that your spiritual development determines. You can now certainly object to that, that love is put into man; that also love for evil is born in the heart and that man is therefore a victim to the desires slumbering in him. And this objection is, to a certain degree, justified – that all drives and desires rest in man, which have not yet been overcome in the individual pre-stages in the mandatory law, that man therefore brings these drives with into earth life, to now defeat them and give them up completely. These qualities therefore exist in man and therefore also always stimulate the desires. They want fulfilment and are often getting so powerful in man, that they completely rule him. The fight against such desires is often difficult, but to do it man has gotten the intellect from me, that he can think about his feelings, to take action against them accordingly. It is wrong to say, man must act so, as it is according to his disposition – certainly, when he would have been created without the intellect and he would feel driven instinct wise.

But since in earth life enough opportunity is offered to him, to gather cognitions for himself, since a guiding principle is given to him through my commands of love, since he has in him a quiet admonisher and warner, which always refers him to my will, and since he can now think about everything, so it is now alone up to his will, to wage a war with himself, when it is necessary, when his desires resist that, what he should do according to inner cognition. That he could not do it, is to be ruled out, for a serious will also secures him the supply of power, a weak will however fails. And again only one thing is necessary to strengthen a weak will – faith in Jesus Christ. Exactly those men, who are still strongly burdened with peculiarities from their pre- stages, will not have faith in Jesus Christ, but so they just concern themselves with it intellectually, they already announce the will to fathom truth, and they will be helped to find a right solution. But where the question about Jesus Christ is thoughtlessly discarded, where one makes no effort about an answer, there the will is obviously directed downwards, and there man certainly becomes a victim of the powers from below, but he himself wants it, and it is not the fault of his disposition. For man can want in both directions, otherwise one could not speak of a free will. And every man can and is to once ask himself the question about his earth life task. For it the intellect was given to him. Amen. B.D. NR. 5257.


Book 58 5258

Harmony on the new earth.

22. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5258.

The transient will cease to exist, but the spiritual will leave the form that so far held it. And then the new embodiment of the spiritual takes place again in another form according to the state of maturity that the spiritual has reached. The course of development of the spiritual in the previous stages continues so that therefore the destruction or dissolving of the earth does not particularly concern this spiritual, whereas all that had reached the stage as man, and does not belong to the raptured, does no longer progress upward in its development, but it falls down into the deep. It starts its ascent development anew, since it totally failed in the end. That is why the new creation will be an exceedingly peaceful world that gives pleasure to men and animals alike, that is in fullest harmony with the divine principle and every work of creation will praise and extol God in its beauty and practicality that men find exceedingly beneficent. As it were there is nothing base, that human eye does not enjoy, everything only causes joy, everything is functional and created for the comfort of men. But hard matter, in which is banished what is insubordinate to God, cannot yet influence men unfavourably, because it is still in the state of new banishment, completely without power and unable to do anything. That is why there is now also a time of peace, since nothing is in opposition to each other, since everything is moving again in divine order, since the still bound spiritual feels that it is walking upwards and because men are full of divine spirit, so know about everything and this knowledge makes them happy and makes them to be the most peaceful inhabitants of the new earth. Because they are in union with God and their essence is therefore so radiant with love that they only can be good all the time, what is also felt by what is underneath them, the animal world and the plant kingdom, and the whole sphere of love is suitable for rapid upward development. As dreadful as the earth will end so peaceful and harmonic it will begin again and a happy destiny will be given to the inhabitants of the earth as reward for their loyalty to God and their steadfastness in faith. And God himself will dwell like a father amidst his children as he has promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 5258.


Book 58 5259

God needs many workers in the time before the end.

25. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5259.

I take all of you into my service, you who are willing, for I need many co-workers in the last time before the end, who are to busy themselves with redemption. If you declare me you readiness, so also your life fate unwinds according to your will, i.e., you will always have opportunity to busy yourselves according to my will for me and my kingdom. And you will feel my assignment in the heart; you will, so you have once offered yourselves to me for service, represent me feeling wise with your fellowmen; you will feel yourselves inwardly driven to speak for me and my name, and announce my teaching to all those, who cross your way, with whom you can hold spiritual dialogues and who need your help, otherwise I do not lead them into the way for you. The work for me and my kingdom does not need to be recognizable as mission work on the outside; it can be done in daily life, inconspicuously and still blessed, for exactly those men are to be won, who have no relationship in religious direction at all, who are attached to no church organizations or just still belong to them according to form. Exactly to these men my Gospel is to be made accessible, and this is very much more effective, where an exchange of thoughts takes place and everyone expresses his own thoughts. As soon as men are made to think, success is to be expected more likely, but for that reason my representatives, my servants on earth wanting to serve me, must themselves be convinced of me and my teaching, so that they can also speak to fellowmen convincingly. Who has himself received truth in him, he is also penetrated by it, and he is suitable as co-worker in the last time before the end, for it always and constantly pushes him to give truth, where it lacks. For that reason you need no particular assignments from my side, because I tell you through your heart, what you are to do and this expression of the heart is felt as own will, as inner urge. For that reason do, to which you feel pushed inwardly, after you have expressed your will to work for me and my kingdom. I accept all of you and give you my blessing for this work, because the great spiritual trouble requires much help and it must be brought through the mouth of man, if free will is to be left for fellowmen, but nevertheless a way be shown to them, which leads out of the great trouble. I bless every good will, which is meant for the souls of fellowmen, and I help you carry it out. Amen. B.D. NR. 5259.


Book 58 5260

Handing out and passing on of gift of favour – Hereafter.

25. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5260.

A full measure of my favour is granted you, so I myself speak with you and you have the proof of it in your hands. You, my children, need much favour and power, because you live in the midst of surroundings, where the supplies of favour find no entrance, and because you are to also let your fellowmen have the power of favour, so that they are not unable to help themselves up. I provide ample power and favour to you, always in view of that, that you are to hand out, because extremely great trouble and poorness is around you and I can only alleviate this trouble through you. Who is now therefore amply blessed by me, he also has the duty, to pass on, what he receives.

This for the explanation of the mission, which you, my children on earth, have taken over through your readiness to help. The trouble is truly great, both on earth as also in the opposite kingdom among the souls, which have left earth immature. To help all those, who suffer trouble in spiritual respect, is the greatest love work, which you men can accomplish at your neighbour. If you have now a visible sign of my allocation of favour from above in the hands, then you also see from that, that the rich treasure of favour also has a most extensive purpose, that you are to work with it yourselves, and that I give so much for that reason, because you are to hand out again, and that I therefore well like every activity, which is meant for the spreading of that, what my love supplies to you in the richest measure. Persistently I would like to give to all men on earth and to the souls in the spiritual kingdom, but only opened hearts can receive. And you, my servants on earth, are to open the hearts of your fellowmen; you are to prepare them that they willingly accept, what I offer them through you.

You are to be mediators between me and them. Every, also the smallest willingness to help is blessed by me. And consider, that I myself have shaped your earth fate according to this will to help; that therefore, so you want to serve me and help your fellowmen or the souls in the hereafter, now also everything approaches you so, that you can help. Consider that I myself create opportunity for you, where you can be successfully active for me and my kingdom. I know the hearts of men; I also know about the state of the souls in the opposite kingdom; I know, when the moment has come, that their resistance lessens. I know how far your fellowmen are still willing to accept my love teaching; how they still stand in faith in me; I know, what they lack – and so you speak to them, I myself speak through you and choose the words, which most likely find entrance into their hearts. You are only my tools, of which I must make use, to not make men unfree; but you can also be the mediators between the souls in the hereafter and me – when you intervene with your love and create the connection between me and those. You can help everywhere, where just love drives you, where the spiritual trouble takes pity on you, for I provide you so amply with that, which they all need, so that you just need to hand out to supply all amply with power, which helps them up, for they all are helpless, who surround you, because they feel your power and want to take part in it. Help, where you just can help, and know that the spiritual trouble is considerably greater than the earthly trouble, which once ends, while the spiritual trouble is taken over into the spiritual kingdom. For that reason remember also those, who are already over there, who have just you and your intercession, if they are to achieve the first change of their nature. Remember them, and also hand out to them, what you receive so amply, and know that you can always be certain of my blessing, so you just make an effort in love to alleviate spiritual trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 5260.


Book 58 5261

Forgiveness of sin.

27. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5261.

The obvious direction of the will to me proves to me also the change in the heart of man; it proves to me that man longs for me, that he has left the previous course, that he has completely given up his resistance and acknowledges me as Lord and father. Thus the destination is actually reached; man has separated from my opponent, whom he had followed for eternities, and he has crossed over into my camp; he has exchanged the two spheres; he seeks the light and flees darkness. But I always recognize a change of will in the heart of man, and now also the power conveying process starts, so that the will turned to me may experience strengthening and man now persistently pursues his aim to be united with me. A change of will inevitably also results in a change of nature; man becomes in his nature like my original nature, which he strives for.

And so the will towards me is inevitably connected with the renunciation and the detestation of sin, of wrong, of lack of love, otherwise the will is still not turned to me. That man cannot sin, who strives for me with the whole heart; as the other way round a sinner still has no desire towards getting united with me. But the attention of a sinner can be drawn to his bad state through admonitions and advices and brought to think about; he can then recognize his state as sinful and want to get rid of it. The sin guild presses him then as such, and he seeks to get free of this burden. If he is now introduced to the redeemer Jesus Christ as remover of his debt, so he certainly presents the debt to him and asks him for forgiveness for the sake of his blood. Then the debt has driven him to Jesus Christ, not love for me. Every sinner finds forgiveness through Jesus Christ, through his faith in the work of redemption and the use of his treasure of favour acquired on the cross. But not alone the sin is to drive in the direction to him, but also love. Man is to first think of me and then of himself, then he finds near me the highest counter love, then he will want to get rid of his sins, not because of his burden, but because it is an obstacle in the unification with me and because my love stands higher for him than the removal of his debt.

You all are burdened with debt, otherwise you would not walk on earth, for your human cover alone already is spiritual having become guilty; the soul can certainly already be more perfect, but it is still from below, i.e. put together from: spiritual gone through all earthly creations, which is to pass its last test of will on earth. Therefore it must make itself free in earth life of its former debt, exactly through the change of its nature, through conscious striving for me. And since only that is assessed, which it does in free will, the will, turned to me, is therefore also the admission of the former debt. For the soul gives up its resistance against me, therefore it acknowledges me as creator and father from eternity. No-one can force it to this decision of the will, because only that is assessed, what emerges from the most inner heart. If the soul bends in deepest humility before me, then love in the heart is also already ignited, then it recognizes its former resistance as sin. It devotes itself to me in humility and has therefore also confessed its sin in the heart before its father, whom the soul loves. For that reason it longs for him and does everything in obedience and in love for me, what I require. I, I who sees into the heart, know exactly about the degree of love and about the direction of the will of man, and my love and my favour is sent to him accordingly, for I no longer leave, what once has found to me willing wise and professed me. The fallen has climbed up; it no longer wants to remain in sin, in resistance to me, which was the result of lack of love. It will also detest everything, what could just appear as slightest resistance against me. It certainly can still fall, but then only out of weakness; and such a fall will also immediately be follow by remorse, which is painful and tormenting for man, who already belongs to me, and my love is always prepared to forgive, where I recognize love for me. For the soul speaks the judgement hard and just for itself, and its request for forgiveness is a painful call up, which I truly do not leave to die away unheard. Amen. B.D. NR. 5261.


Book 58 5262

Forgiveness of sin.

29. November 1951. B.D. NR. 5262.

Hear the voice of the spirit, which thus speaks to you: No debt is so great that it could not be removed through my love. So you have done wrong, I never ever withdraw my love, but forgiveness of sin depends on you yourselves. You can have recognized it as such and be dismayed about it sincerely that you have done me wrong. You must have recognized sin as sin and then consciously beg for my forgiveness. But you will only recognize your debt, when you acknowledge me as eternal love, which is extremely good to you and which you have therefore insulted through the wrong. For sin is a crime against love, sin is a violation against the eternal order, which always has my love as reason. You must therefore have acted without love; you must have opposed the good with something evil; you must therefore have violated the command of love against me and the neighbour, and that in the full cognition that it is wrong. Only then a true sincere remorse can awaken in you; then only the debt will press you, and then only you will detest the sin and firmly resolve to no longer do it. And if you now step before me with this sin debt in humility and remorse and ask me for forgiveness, so the sins are also remitted for you, for you then come to Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the world; you come to him, whom you can imagine, who has taken on form for you men, so that you can come to him personally, who has born all your sin, who has died for you. He is him, to whom you are to entrust your sin; he it is, who has approached you humanly, who has united himself with me on earth and therefore held me in all fullness in himself, when he still walked on earth. He and I are one, only that I have become imaginable for you through him, while you otherwise can have no idea of me.

You can tell everything to the redeemer Jesus Christ, what depresses you, because he was on this earth like you men and has understanding for all human faults and weaknesses, but because he also brought love in himself to highest development and also removes all sin guild by virtue of this love, so it is brought to him, so man confesses it before him and begs for his forgiveness. But only the voice of the heart can express this request for forgiveness, and only it alone is heard by me. As the heart of man feels, so also feel I, and so also my love becomes active, granting or also hiding itself, according to the call, which the heard sends up to me. So love calls to love, fulfilment will come into existence for it, but where the heart remains silent, there the confessing with the mouth is useless, for love alone resolves and redeems – love alone makes free of all debt. Amen. B.D. NR. 5262.


Book 58 5263

Continuation of the work of redemption.

1. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5263.

My work of redemption is to be continued by you, you who want to be my disciples in the last days on this earth. You are to be active in the same way as I, when I walked on earth, because the spiritual trouble had become so great, that help had to come down from heaven. But the help from above can again only be done by men; it must appear humanly and is still from above. I come again myself to earth, but in the spirit, in the word, which you are allowed to hear, because the will to love drives you to do it, to help fellowmen. It is a heavenly help; it starts from me myself, and it still hits the ear of men like a human address and is for that reason not compelling to faith, but extremely effective for those, who do not resist me and my love power. You are to fulfil this task of the passing on of my word to fellowmen; you are to announce the Gospel in my place; you are to help them to the redemption out of spiritual fetter and work on earth in the same meaning, as I have done it, for only the imparting of the love teaching, which also I have only preached to men, can help them, although their own will must now first become active to do that, what my love teaching requires. You can just preach and set a good example. This is your sole task, which you are to fulfil loyally and conscientiously, and therefore you can always consider yourselves as my co-workers, as my representatives on earth, who just continue, what I have once started – who will always find my support, because they are active on my behalf and a Lord will never leave his servants without help. Your fellowmen need your help, as long as they do not get into contact with me directly and receive from me, what you are now to give to them – my word, which can rescue them out of all trouble. They are still in the bonds of Satan and are still to become free from it. I want to redeem them, but compulsorily this cannot be done. And for that reason you are to support me in this redemption work; as man to man you must speak; you must give them enlightenment, why they are tied up and in which the fetters exist; you must instruct them, how they can make themselves free, and set a good example for them, so that they willingly follow you and therefore give full expression to my divine love teaching, so that they now with my help redeem themselves through you out of the power of Satan. Your mission is important, so important, that I again and again recruit workers for my vineyard, that everyone is welcome by me, who wants to take part in the work of redemption, for only short time is still at the disposal of you, my disciples of the time of the end; when this time is over, then it is too late for all, who do not listen to you, who leave your admonitions and warnings unnoticed and resist me, why their blindness cannot be taken from them and they completely devote themselves to my opponent.

A redemption section comes to an end, and many men will suffer the bodily and spiritual death; they will remain unredeemed and will have to again languish in the fetters of Satan eternal times despite the busy work of my servants on earth, for they cannot get redeemed against their will. Amen. B.D. NR. 5263.


Book 58 5264

Reshaping of nature. Becoming divine.

2. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5264.

I cannot form you according to my will, but you yourselves must achieve the work of reshaping of your nature, for this is purpose and aim of my total plan of salvation, that my created works shape themselves to my children, to divine beings out of free will. There is so much power in each one of my creatures that the achieving of the goal is certainly possible, but the power can remain unused, and about it also my omnipotence can change nothing, if I do not want to violate my law of eternal order myself and make the will unfree.

You can, if you want it, shape yourselves to gods, to beings like me, which, in complete melting with me, are full of power and strength and still think, want and act as individual beings in happiness. You can do it, but whether you want it, you must determine yourselves. Your wanting, thinking and acting in the state of imperfection is completely up to you, but can develop in every direction. That you are completely free, can indeed also produce your renewed fall into the deep, but also create unlimited happiness for you, which could never be reachable for a bound will. You can fall out and out and soar immeasurably high, but a support is always offered to you, to which you can keep or make your ascent easier. I myself am always prepared to be this support for you; I am always prepared to halt you, when the danger of the fall threatens, and I am always prepared to draw you up, when you ask for my help. You are never defencelessly at the mercy of a danger; you are never so weak that you could not request help – but also for it your will must again be prepared, and you must believe in me, so you want to request my help. But this faith in me is already the first change of your will. For that reason it also means a secure help. And this faith I want to awaken in those beings, who, embodied as man, do not use their will right, who incessantly strive down and are in highest danger to fall into the deep. A little spark of faith in a power can halt his fall, and for that reason I myself seek to make me known to men, so that they win faith in me. The life of each one individual shows so many proofs of an intervention of my power and love, that also each one individual could easily win the faith, when he would just pay attention to these small proofs. But the thinking of man goes erroneous ways, and again for that reason, because he lives without love – for he can only then believe, when he thinks right, and can only think right, when his heart is willing to love. Every man is certainly able to love, only that the aim of his love is he himself and this self-love must first get changed into love for the neighbour, before the word "love" is appropriate, which results in faith. Man constantly lives in surroundings, where he can practise neighbourly love, but he is never forced to it, but everything depends on whether he ignites love in himself and lets it become a bright flame. Everything depends on it, cognition, faith, right use of his will and eternal happiness. But he cannot be forced to love; only constantly admonished and stimulated; love in himself he must light himself and in this way as it were perform the change of nature, which is purpose and aim of his earth existence as also fulfilment of my plan of salvation from eternity, which aims to achieve a becoming divine of that, what has emerged as work of creation out of my hand, but is to gain highest happiness, which I cannot give him, but must be acquired by the being itself. Amen. B.D. NR. 5264.


Book 58 5265

Spring of living water.

4. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5265.

You are to direct your steps to the spring of eternal truth, for there you receive the living water unclouded, therefore also in fullest effectiveness. You all will more or less go away from it, so you still turn your looks to the world; then a veil hangs before your eyes, so that you can no longer recognize the pureness of my water of life, that you then perhaps still take it in, but do not pay attention to its deliciousness and for that reason also lose its effectiveness, because the power, which it holds, is my spirit, which only then has an effect, when it is desired by the heart. The turning to the world is a great danger, for my spring of life, the source of the living water, which alone brings about salvation to the soul, does not emerge so perceptibly, that men find it, without looking for it. The world mind makes that it remains hidden, but promising it entices, who turn away from the world and only look for refreshment for their souls. These will find the source; they will enjoy the fresh drink, which strengthens them wonderfully and always increases the desire for it. And the source will never dry up; it will always invite the tired earth walker to stop for a break and to let himself be refreshed, and it will be refreshment for all, who arrive there tired and powerlessly. Because I myself offer them a delicious drink to give them power for the cover of their earth walk, which they urgently need to reach the destination. Wherever the source of eternal truth has opened, there you are to gather; there you are to receive, what my love offers you. You are not to bring food and drink, which you have received somewhere else; you are to come with empty hands, but with opened hearts full of love and let yourselves be fed and watered by me myself at the born of eternal life, which love has opened, so that my love current could pour itself to the tired and hungry for strengthening on their life way. It is the source of favour and of love, to which you all are to go, and your attention is also drawn to it through love messengers, who have already found the way, who have felt the healing power of the source and arrive their again and again to draw in fullness, what my love offers them. But be on your guard to mix the water of life with additives, which make it cloudy and ineffective; carefully protect the source from foreign addition, for only so, as I offer you the water of life, is it healthy for your soul; only so as it takes its start from me myself, it is true divine drink, which refreshes and purifies and lets power flow through you. Always strive for reaching the source of life, and you will never lack power to cover the way up, to me, I who am your beginning and your destination. Amen. B.D. NR. 5265.


Book 58 5266

World clock. Last hours.

6. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5266.

To you, you who stand in faith and have experienced my work at you yourselves, to you I want to announce it that the world clock has soon run down; that soon the last hour has come and my coming is just round the corner. My announcements on this matter find no faith with men, and only few attach importance to them. But I say it to you again and again: The day of judgement is close; and the life of all of you is at stake. But it is not the earthly life, which I mention, but the spiritual life is in danger, for so the day overtakes you unprepared, you become a slave of spiritual death, and this is a great deal worse than the earthly death, which only concerns the body. There are just still minutes, which separate you from the day of judgement, but although I also measure according to a different measure of time – alarmingly quick the time is past, alarmingly quick the end is there. My loyal ones will feel it and with much eloquence point fellowmen to the day of judgement, who also then still find no faith, when it is obvious that Satan rages with all might – when the signs of the end are unmistakable and constantly increase. Mankind is attached to the world and does not want to believe it that there is a downfall for them; even to my voice from above they pay no attention, and that is their ruin. Nevertheless you are to speak and give them tidings of my admonitions and warnings, although they want to accept nothing. They are to be warned, so that no-one can say, to have known nothing. For I myself want before still draw the attention of every individual through personal references, signs and events, which concern him himself. Everyone is to be addressed by me, also the greatest sinner and scoffer of an eternal God. They all are to still experience before my favour, so that they do not get lost, so they just attend and use my gift of favour. And each one will find the confirmation from the words of my servants; each one will be forced to think – but with which success that he himself determines through his will. But then the last judgement comes inevitably – so that it is fulfilled, what I let be announced by seers and prophets until this day. But woe be to them, who leave all my admonitions and warnings unnoticed – woe be to them, who rejected my gifts of favour from above and live on earth irresponsibly. My word is truth and must fulfil itself, and so you men can expect this day with certainty, no matter, whether you are prepared or not. So the world clock has run down, everything on this earth has its end, and only mine I take to me into my kingdom, mine, who believe in me as creator and father from eternity and also courageously confess this faith before the world. But the earthly world is part of him, who is bound anew and likewise everything, what is attached to him – they are getting judged on the last day, and their lot will be deepest darkness. Amen. B.D. NR. 5266.


Book 58 5267

Living faith. Power for resistance.

8. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5267.

The whole power for resistance lies in living faith, when the fight against me and my teaching will break out. Living faith lets you become aware of my presence, and near me you fear nothing, also not the worldly rulers, who threaten you in every way with their measures. Just let me be always present in you, then nothing will anymore frighten you, no matter what is undertaken against you. But my presence you create for yourselves through works of love. Where love is, I must be on the basis of my entity, which is love in itself. And where I am is power and might in all fullness, even so you as man are weak and helpless. And where love is, faith in me is also so deep and unshakable, for through the work in love you inevitably draw my power to you, and it expresses itself in complete peace and safety, in the conviction that I never leave you without help. This conviction is living faith; faith, which power is perceptible; faith, which elevates you, while dead faith depresses you, because it is completely without power. But living faith can only be won through love work; it cannot be replaced through thought or self-suggestion; it is there, as soon as love is there. It is the result of my presence, which guarantees every work of love.

Your faith is to become so strong that it fills you completely; that everything appears unimportant to you, what happens around you, what is directed against you, and only that alone is important for you, how you stand to me, your heavenly father, who can lead you out of every trouble and will also do it, because he loves you as his children. Once I have taken possession of your heart, that I therefore can always be present to you, so I also obviously attract attention to myself, and you can then no longer doubt my presence and can consequently also no longer get worried by that, what approaches you from the outside. To carry me in the heart is the highest aim, which you can gain on earth, for then you only still dwell on this earth according to the body, but the soul is already in the spiritual kingdom; therefore the soul also no longer fears the world and what comes from it. This living faith will make you happy and give you power to resist, when extreme commitment is demanded of you; when you must openly confess me, whom you are to deny. Then you choose the right with matter-of-factness; then you do not shrink from confessing my name before the world; then you also calmly look forward to death, with which one threatens you, because you know that help comes to you from me, who is in you and no longer leaves you; who will also appear visibly to you, so the trouble is great and you need unusual supply of power. No hair of your head can be harmed without my will, and I can turn away everything from you, and also the greatest trouble does not need to frighten you, for after this time of trouble a time of joy comes for you, which will make up for that, what you had to tolerate on earth for me. The power of faith helps to get over that, what is certainly still granted to the body, but will not particularly burden the soul. The power of faith lets you bear everything for my sake, I who am in you and not go from you for ever – I who fetch you into my kingdom, as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 5267.


Book 58 5268

Spirit work. Occupation or being called.

9. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5268.

With the opening up of your mouth my word is truly given to you, so you are urged, to work for me and my kingdom, to speak for me and my name and to announce the Gospel to fellowmen. You can certainly also do all this out of pure worldly reasons; you can have chosen the announcing of my word as occupation and constantly administer an office, which is certainly to promote the salvation of the soul of your fellowmen, but it remains so long a worldly office, as you yourselves as its provider have not found the deep inner union with me, which only makes you suitable to be right announcers of my Gospel. So you speak in my name, the possibility is to be created, that I myself speak through you, that you therefore speak in my place, that I certainly do not stand bodily before the listeners, but am certainly in the heart of him, who speaks to them and therefore then put my words into the mouth of him, which he just needs to speak, to also find entrance into the hearts of those, who listen to him. But what is then more comprehensible than that my representative on earth must have himself entered into the connection with me, which allows my dwelling in his heart? What is more comprehensible than that he must believe so livingly in me that he thinks my spirit work being possible in him, that he can preach without intellectual thinking, because it is me, who speaks through him? – What is more comprehensible than that he must lead a life in unselfish neighbourly love to gain this living faith? – That only through love he can connect with me so, that I can be present in him? For that reason there are only few right announcers of my word, and for that reason the word has also lost power, because it is often just an interpretation of letters, which spiritual meaning has gone lost, because my spirit must work in you men to grasp the meaning of the words, which I once spoke, when I walked on earth. My word is blessed with my power. The dead letters you cannot call my word; they only become alive through my spirit, but then they are full of power and of such enormous effectiveness that they can penetrate into the hearts of the listeners, who again are of good will and want to receive my word – but who through their will also already let my spirit have an effect in them and can then also give a dead sermon life. My spirit must be able to be effective in all of you, and it will also be, so you live in love and prepare your heart for me as residence, where I myself can take possession of it and then, as always being present to you, can also have an effect in you. Who lives in love, he remains in me and I in him. And I want to reveal myself to him; I want to introduce him to truth and remind him of all that, what I have said. My spirit will come over him, as I have promised it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5268.


Book 58 5269

Life power - Spirit power.

10. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5269.

Never rely on your own power. You well have to let your will be active yourself; you are not allowed to remain inactive and wait for help but what you do you always have to tackle together with me; you have to ask for my help and my blessing for it and you will succeed. You well have life power that entitles and enables you to be quite active. But my will is above all and you cannot force this one; but I am often compelled to put up a resistance to your will when this is to the welfare of your soul. And that is why also failures, lack of success of projects and ineffectiveness are included in the destiny of your life and you cannot keep them away from you by your own strength. Then also the life power is not of much use to you; then you often recognize how little you can do out of your own strength. All setbacks, all wasted performances, all fainting are always indications to turn to the giver of strength from eternity, to implore him for his blessings and to ask him for an increase of strength and good success for every activity by recognizing your own inadequacy. You are not to forget me; that is why I often have to let you come into situations where your own strength cannot succeed; I have to show you that all your efforts are unsuccessful when I am not giving my blessing to them, but you have to first ask for it to not forget me. The co-operation with me guarantees success; but if you keep away from me then your efforts are much more strenuous and even then often still without success. You can also force success but then only with the support of the power from below that will always take care of you when you exchange your soul for it. Then you can be mighty on earth; then you will succeed in everything; then you can dumbfound your fellow human beings with works of supernatural kind - but always by forfeiting of freedom because then you are bound and completely under his, Satan's, control. Do not desire this power from below, even when it promises you a charming life on earth. Come to me in tender prayer and call on me for strength and favour and then you win truly more than my opponent can offer. But you then do not take possession of worldly goods but I then bless every worldly beginning that you undertake but I bless you spiritually as well, i.e. through close unity with me I can supply you with spiritual power that is far more valuable than your life power because to work with spiritual power will always be successful even when not always recognized by you. Never inactivate me whatever you begin because I always want to be your advisor, guide and help who directs everything for the best of your souls. Amen. B.D. NR. 5269.


Book 58 5270

Forming of spirit work. Healing. Talking in tongues.

11. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5270.

The work of my spirit is founded on love for me and for the neighbour, therefore that man will always be filled with my spirit, who leads a love life, who stands helpingly by the neighbour in spiritual as in earthly trouble and who is devoted to me in deep love and humility, so that he always makes an effort to fulfil my will. In him therefore my spirit can become effective. And it now expresses itself in many different ways. Many gifts of the spirit can be given to man, but only rarely all together become recognizable in one man, for the maturity of the soul and spiritual abilities are different with every individual man, and therefore there my spirit will emerge particularly there, where certain preconditions exist, that the gifts of the spirit show right to advantage, so that fellowmen recognize on it, how the spirit of God can work in man. Where right love is, faith will also be powerful – but powerful, living faith can do everything, and then my spirit works so that the power of faith becomes visible. Then man can heal the sick, remove states of weakness, drive out devils and also achieve unusual successes, which concern bodily sufferings. Then my spirit is obviously active and testifies to my love and power.

Again others, who stand in love, have fate wise the possibility, to work enlightening among mankind. Then the work of my spirit is recognizable in a different way; then knowledge is made accessible to man through my spirit, which enables him to teaching activity. The man is instructed by my spirit, his thinking is ordered, his feeling refined, his spiritual ear trained, that it can hear the voice of the spirit, which imparts everything to him, what is to be said to fellowmen through him. Then man can therefore preach in the spirit of God. My spirit is effective, as soon as man wants to work for me and my kingdom out of love to me and to fellowmen.

A further gift of the spirit is the gift of prophecy, the seeing into the future and the announcing of it, to warn and to admonish fellowmen, to prepare themselves spiritually for a sudden end, for events, which have a spiritual reason and a spiritual purpose. Also this announcing of coming events is a work for me and my kingdom and for that reason the gift of the seer to be mentioned as spirit work, because only spiritual successes are to be achieved in that way and mankind is never to be taken by surprise by a judgement without warning, but, so it is believing, can draw use for the soul from such prophecies. Only a man filled by my spirit will draw the attention of fellowmen to coming judgments and admonish them to a way of life, which is pleasing to me, for he knows about the spiritual trouble, and his love drives him to redeeming activity.

A further form of my spirit work is the gift, to speak to men in all languages understood by them. No matter which language man speaks, he hears his mother tongue of him, who speaks to him driven by the spirit; he understands every word; he is addressed by my spirit, which expresses itself in the speaker. But in this way my spirit only works then, when it is necessary, i.e., when men of all nations are gathered, in the desire, to hear my word, and a man filled by my spirit speaks to them in the love urge to help them, to speak of my love, power and wisdom, therefore to introduce me to them and to preach the Gospel to them. Then he will be able to speak in his usual language and still be understood by all, who hear it in their mother tongue. Then my spirit work is so obvious that it can no longer be doubted, but every weak believer assumes, it has been spoken in his language, and for that reason also this spirit work is for the weak believer no faith compulsion, but for the awakened such an obvious proof, but which also requires strongest faith and unselfish love, to be able to be given by me to men. My spirit works where it wants and how it wants. But enlightened thinking, cognition of truth and spiritual striving is always a sure sign that my spirit is allowed to work by that man, who therefore opens himself to its work through a love life and now also safely reaches his aim on earth – to find the joining together with me, the father spirit from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5270.


Book 58 5271

Great Dying. Recall of the Weak. Decision.

13. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5271.

And it will come as I have announced it. A great dying will first set in and you will consider it to be pure chance, to be a misfortune; every other explanation you will rather accept than the one that I myself call away men in great number that would fail in the last struggle on this earth, that are too weak to offer resistance and still are also not to fall into the hands of my opponent. Because I know the hearts of men and do not let fall prey to eternal destruction who still carries a little spark of love in himself and still can revive this spark, if not on earth then in the kingdom beyond where my love and mercy also reaches to bring help. It will come as I have announced it. Misery and sorrow will exist to such an extent that everyone can recognize the time of the end who wants to. But sorrow will only be there where the ones that are mine are recognizable because the fellow human beings will cause this sorrow to take away the belief in their God and creator from eternity in whom they see their father and to whom they want to remain loyal. The adversary works against me and he uses men who are in bondage to him to the most shameful implementations against the ones who are mine. He wants them to fall away from me and therefore takes brutal action that the ones that are mine are able to withstand. But my power of love keeps them upright; my power of love prevails and whether men are in greatest trouble on the outside - they remain steadfast and overcome all hostility because they can do it with my help. Time leans towards the end. What still does not appear to be plausible to you today that you will experience shortly; an overthrow in every way that affects all men and demands from all men an approach to me, the creator and sustainer from eternity. And this approach can only be confessing or rejecting. That is the decision that still has to be made before the end comes. I will mightily intrude on your thoughts and you can receive or reject me - but it is the decision for eternity that you are now making. And that is why also the evil work of my opponent is allowed because he contributes to the final decision for me or him - he uses his authority far beyond the limits set for him; unusually hard he presses the ones who are mine and gives to his followers plenty - earthly goods, honour and fame and therefore they prefer to acknowledge him as their lord and deny me. But I only let the strong experience the end, the ones who are and remain loyal to me and continually accept my power of love. But the weak I take to me by calling them away before the end comes so that they do not fall into the hands of my opponent and have to suffer for eternal times. But the ones who are strong in evil will die on the day of judgement because my favour often enough also reaches them but they ignore it and consciously go into the camp of the adversary and so they are also to share his lot when the end has come - because everything will come true what I let announce through seers and prohets . Amen. B.D. Nr. 5271.


Book 58 5272

Cooperation of the light beings with men. Light bearers.

14. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5272.

All powers of heaven show commitment to come to the help of men in their spiritual trouble. For in the spiritual kingdom the great trouble on earth is visible, and since they also know about the cause of it, they want to intervene helpingly. Earth lies in darkness; only here and there little lights flare up, but their gleam of light does not extend far and is caught by the night. Men, who are of bright spirit, are only found on earth in small number, but whole mankind is of darkened spirit; night shrouds them; the material world is predominant, and the spiritual world can just radiate a weak gleam of light, although its light is extremely effective, but it only radiates, where the will for light exists. Where the darkness of the night is preferred, there the light does not push itself forward. But the powers of the heaven show commitment; they send so bright rays of light to earth that night is chased away there, where these rays of light are received; the kingdom of light gets into contact with men on earth. But the light beings need for this the will of men, which is expressed in the desire for enlightenment. To the one wanting knowledge the gates to the spiritual kingdom open, or also – there are no boundaries between heaven and earth, where man is prepared to lift these boundaries, where he consciously gets into contact with the opposite kingdom. There a cooperation of men with the light beings is possible. Man as such is so long imperfect, as he still dwells on earth, and will not come to the source of light out of own power, when help is not granted to him from above, when the way is not shown him, which leads to the source of light. And so the messengers of the kingdom of light are constantly intent on making a guide to earth walkers, to illuminate the way for them and to therefore go ahead of them as light bearers. They will soon themselves give the light into the hand of those, who let themselves be guided, and soon new light bearers will be again, who show their fellowmen the right way, which leads up. The spiritual kingdom works together with men on earth, but always the same work is done, darkness if fought and light carried on – what it impossible at night, can be done with the light of the day, and men must be active constantly, if their earth life is not to have been an idling. But the night gives no possibility to work, for only the light uncovers, where and how a work it to be done. But light can only come from the kingdom of light, since the earth as such is a dark body, to which the light must be carried – i.e., men on earth are imperfect beings, who are to develop up, and imperfect beings are also lightless as sign of their imperfection. But they can accept very much light and become light bodies themselves, when they acquire the fullness of light from the spiritual kingdom, when they are prepared to accept, what is sent to them from the kingdom of light – when they want that darkness may move from them and they go to meet the glorious morning through their will – when they themselves seek the light and therefore also give the beings of light the possibility, to send it to them. Then the powers of heaven work united with men on earth; they fight united against the darkness of the night and also manage that the morning dawns and with it the glorious light of the sun – the divine cognition touches the heart of those men, who want to flee the darkness of the spirit. Amen. B.D. NR. 5272.


Book 58 5273

Effect of the divine word. Sermon. Power.

15. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5273.

Where my word is preached, there a possibility is given, to walk on the right way, which leads up. My word is a call from above; my word is a reference to the right way; my word is a power transmission for every earth walker; my word is the hand, which stretches towards you men from the spiritual kingdom, to help you up. Where my word sounds, there I myself come up to meet man, and he can now, through my word, make the acquaintance of his creator and father from eternity, so I had before remained foreign to him. My word is the expression of myself, as soon as I can speak through the mouth of an enlightened servant. But a man can also make use of my word, who is still of unawakened spirit, then his attention is drawn to it, and how he now adapts himself inwardly to the word heard, so he will be allowed to receive further – but gifts blessed with my power he will always receive, so he accepts my word with a good will, no matter in which way. My word always remains a call from above, for once it went out from me, therefore holds its power in itself, even so it remains incomprehensible to you men. I always address man, may he hear or read my word, the divine in it will never lose its power, and whether it appeals to you men, that alone depends on you yourselves and your will. For I approach you so, as you yourselves wish me. But the wish you express yourselves through your will, to what extent it longs for me myself at the receiving of my word. Preacher and listener can be in contact with each other, so both have directed the serious will to me and now both become receivers of my word, by me speaking to you men myself through the preacher. Then a great blessing will flow over to both, and then I can truly say: "I am the way, the truth and the life." For my word shows you the right way up; my word is for that reason also purest truth and deepest wisdom, and in this cognition man now also feels himself to be powerful, and his spirit awakens to life, because he makes an effort to implement my word into action, therefore the dead state of the soul has been overcome and the true life of the soul awakened. Who therefore accepts my word devoutly in him, no matter where and how it is offered to him, he has walked on to the way, which leads up – he seeks me and will also find me, for I surely come to meet him and help him that he may easily cover the last way. But without my word he can never be happy – because my word means everything, light and power and also my constant presence, otherwise you could not recognize and understand my word, so I myself would like to offer you my gift as food for the journey on the walk through earth life. There, where my word is preached, I am myself, but take care that you make yourselves worth of my presence; take care, that you hear my word with the heart, not just with the ears, so that it may become alive in you and now your ascent up takes place without effort, that you reach the destination and return into the father house, to me, to your father from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5273.


Book 58 5274

The living word.

16. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5274.

All my words are life. For I myself am in every word, which is supplied from above down to you. I want to have contact with my creatures and create this contact through my word. I myself can reveal myself to you through my word, and you gain knowledge about me through my word. Every word from me radiates my love, which is meant for you, my creatures, for eternity. My word is life and lets life arise again. For everything created is only truly getting alive through my word, because it drives the created beings to activity and free activity testifies to life. I am your master teacher; I want to seek to make to you comprehensible, how you are to want, think and act, to reach true life, and I can this only, by me speaking to you, by me seeking to plant my will into you through my word, which gives you knowledge of my nature, my love, wisdom and power, of my will, which also you are to make to your own will. My word is to bring about a complete change from death to life. But I do not call dead in this case something completely lifeless, but only that created by me, which is to fashion itself alive, to gain highest perfection. For life arises through a power used right in free will, and this power, which is to awaken you to life, is my word. I speak like a father to his children and admonish them, to do this or that one for the sake of an aim. My word must also have its effect, but I leave it up to my creatures, whether they want to feel its effect at them. For also that belongs to true life that it is no coercive means, from which my creature cannot withdraw. In the word I come always and again and again to men, to the creatures, who are to become my children. I always and again and again introduce them to their present state and the glorious aim, for which they are destined, and through my word I seek to awaken the desire in them, to reach that aim. For that reason I speak with my creatures, because otherwise they would not make use of their free will, because otherwise they certainly would remain my creatures for ever, but could never come to their own life as my right children. But my words hold life in them, and who receives them into the heart, he will also soon feel a transformation of himself; he will experience the rebirth of his soul; he will enter into a new life; he will let the union with me remain to exist uninterruptedly; he will tune himself in to a great spiritual life process, where constant spiritual activity produces new life; he will win eternal life himself; with the word of "eternity" he will get in touch most intimately – he will live in and with me in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5274.


Book 58 5275

Truth. Love and faith condition.

18. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5275.

I myself introduce you to truth; I myself change the state of darkness into a state of light in those men, who seek the light and ask me for it. The world is full of error and lie; the earthly minded world lies in complete spirit darkness; it does not know, where truth is, and it also has no desire to possess it. Nevertheless it believes to stand in the midst of truth, for it considers everything as truth, what is offered to it as such. Earthly minded men believe in the lie and the error and doubt pure truth; because this is according to their way of thinking that they are of darkened spirit and can recognize nothing properly. But for that reason they also fight each other, so different alleged truths appear, and for that reason men show much spiritual material and still cannot speak of the possession of pure truth. Nevertheless – even so rarely – truth appears – and indeed then, when I intervene myself, i.e., when a man asks me for the supply of pure truth. Then a possibility is created, to impart to men spiritual material completely free of error, pure truth, given by eternal truth itself. I introduce you to truth. The sun so to speak rises in you, for truth is a light, which radiates from above down to you, which must make man happy, because darkness is taken from him, because now everything is clearly recognizable and because the spiritual image, which now offers itself to the spiritual eye of man, delights him and lets him strive for it with all senses. The longing and striving of a man is now directed towards the spiritual kingdom; the earthly world loses its attraction, because the spiritual world radiates over it many times over, because there the start of light is, while the earthly world is part of the kingdom of darkness. Who has once learned to see spiritually, he will be able to measure, which oppressing effect the material world has on all spiritual; but the spiritual world can only be unveiled through truth, and pure truth can only start from and be offered by me. For that reason man, who desires to stand in truth, must consciously establish the contact with me and now receive it –and acquire for himself the ability for it through work in love. This condition must be fulfilled, if a man wants to be introduced to truth by me, for through love activity he awakens faith in himself to life that I myself reveal myself, and such a faith I never let be wrecked. Through love and faith therefore man reaches truth – but never on another way. For that reason truth is only little found on earth, for also the former purest truth is getting polluted, as soon as man neglects love and faith and could then recognize neither truth nor keep it pure. For I myself am truth, and since I am also eternal love myself, one cannot be without the other. I am always prepared to introduce you men to truth, so you just fulfil the conditions. But then the sun of the spirit radiates down to you, and it gets light and bright in you, and all darkness has to move. Amen. B.D. NR. 5275.


Book 58 5276

Communion. "Who remains in love."

19. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5276.

Who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him. Love therefore is the first means to secure my power, i.e., I can be directly in you; you yourselves have received me in your hearts, so you perform works of love, so love fills your heart. So and not differently is the contact between us, communion, to be understood, for without love I can never dwell in you, because I myself am of course love. My original nature is love – not that love is just a quality of my nature, but I myself am love.

To grasp this is not possible for you men on earth, for a soul maturity of highest degree belongs to this; a supernatural understanding belongs to this, to fathom my entity, but it will also never be fathomed completely, because between creator and ruler of the whole of infinity and his creature is an enormous difference, which can certainly be strongly reduced, but never completely abolished. And only love brings about this lessening; only love causes a constant approach to me, which can go to a complete melting, but nevertheless does not abolish the individuality of the soul. But in it also lies the unlimited happiness, which exists of the constant longing for unification with me and its fulfilment. Already on earth the unification with me can take place through selfless love activity, because then I myself am always compelled by you to work directly in you, but I let myself be compelled by you with extreme pleasure, because my love draws me to you and desires reciprocation of your love. A connection of you men with eternal love is possible on no other way, than that you cultivate love, so that I myself can then be present in you. How then my presence has an effect in you, that you all can then experience yourselves, for each one, who grants me entrance into his heart through love work, he also feels me in a form and will find the peace of his soul. Where I can be present, I have an effect on man from the inside. His living faith, his enlightened thinking, his cognition of truth, clairvoyance into the future or gift of prophecy or also the power, to heal the sick – are all effects of my presence, of my love for him, who loves me, so, that I can reveal myself to him, obviously or also out of the public eye, in deep, quiet religious faith, gentle, extreme loving nature, patient suffering and constant devotion to my will. All this man can only, when he is flowed through by my power, which is always a sign of my presence in him, a result of love, which fills him. I myself, as eternal love, can only dwell there, where love is; but I can also never be far from those, who live in love, and must consequently also be recognizable, for love is power, and power will always busy itself, therefore let changes become recognizable all the time, which are expressed in the nature of a man or in his spiritual abilities – in the increase of knowledge and cognition of divine truth, in constantly increasing maturity of the soul and finally reaching of the last aim on earth, the highest degree of maturity, which lets man become my child, who it now remains until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5276.


Book 58 5277

Helping hand of Jesus Christ. Redemption out of the deep.

20. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5277.

On earth as in the hereafter the rescuing hand of the Saviour stretches out to the souls, which dwell in the deep, to help out of the deep up those, who grasp his hand. The love and the mercy of God is persistently active, to bring redeeming help; but the souls must want themselves that they may be helped, otherwise every supply of favour of God remains ineffective. But only a crisis can move this will to the request for help. In the opposite kingdom every imperfect soul is in suffering and agony, while on earth the soul seeks to deaden itself with earthly joys and for that reason decides much harder to call God for help. But the spiritual trouble is the same and has then in the hereafter a noticeable effect. On earth the soul could certainly reach up easily, because man can use his life power for acts pleasing to God, while the soul in the hereafter is powerless and has to rely on the help of light beings or men. But on earth the will is lacking far more for good actions, which is only so long weak with souls in the hereafter, as the soul lacks power, but increases constantly, so power has just once been imparted to it. The agonies in the hereafter can bring about a change of will, and then the ascent up is also secured. But without the change of will also on earth no spiritual ascent is possible, and since the world constantly exerts a deadening influence on man, also he must now and then be put into a crisis, which is to bring about a change of will. But then the helping hand of Jesus Christ, divine love, is always prepared, to lift up out of the deep, and the hope of redemption exists for all souls, but it itself determines the moment through its will, which must be directed up whatever happens. Also the strongest counter will is once broken, but not in compulsion, but divine love causes such, which again and again approaches the being, until it is recognized and reciprocated, until the will in the being becomes powerful, to give it God for himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 5277.


Book 58 5278

End of redemption period. Plan of salvation of God.

21. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5278.

I have set you a goal and granted you a time for it, in which you men certainly could have reached this goal. And also still now it is possible for you, when you seriously want it that you come to the goal. But the time given you is over; only a short time separates you from the end, and who has then still not reached the goal, his spiritual life is thrown away; he has forfeited it; he did not want to live, and his lot is death. A redemption period is coming to an end, and a new one starts; but the spiritual, embodied as man at present on earth, has inevitably arrived at the end, and so it fails, it must start the cycle of development again, so that my law of eternal order may get fulfilled.

The time has expired, and only minutes separate you from the hour of the downfall of the old earth, where the creations on it are getting dissolved, to arise again anew, to again give new possibilities for the development of the still immature spiritual. And although I again and again present this hour to you – it goes past your ears without impression; you do not believe it. But your unbelief does not halt my plan from eternity; but it causes me to always send you clearer signs, so that a close end appears believable to you. Your unbelief causes me to hit you extreme painful wounds, so that you think things over, what your life actually is and how you have used it. Hours of trouble and of misery cannot be spared you, because they still can contribute to lead you to the goal, which you can truly still reach, when you are of serious will. I help you in an obvious way and give you power, but your heart must call upon me for help, so that your will is visible. I want to and can do everything for you, to make you happy, but my plan of salvation from eternity I cannot throw over; it must be carried out according to the law of eternal order, and this in fixed time, which now finds its end. The spiritual properties of men have already reached its low a long time ago, which causes an end of the earth, but I still always delay for the sake of the few, who are weak and undecided that I still win them, before the time has expired. But then all possibilities are exhausted; then each one must bear the results of his attitude towards me; then irrevocably judgement is held, and to everyone that lot will be allotted, which he deserves – eternal happiness or damnation – a life in paradise on the new earth or new banishment in the creation again for endless long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 5278.


Book 58 5279

Saviour and physician.

Christmas 24. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5279.

I brought you salvation out of greatest trouble, when I descended to earth. The saviour was born to you in truth, the physician of your souls, who wanted to help you, to regain your health from a severe sickness, who knew your suffering and also, how it was to be removed. I came as rescuer, for mankind was in greatest trouble. But it is also today in the same trouble; men are overcome by an illness, which leads to death, so it is not stopped, so the saviour is not again taken advantage of, who alone can help them to life. But men themselves do not recognize their illness; they do not call the doctor; they are unable to life and do not believe, as long as they still have their bodily life, which alone seems to be desirable for them. The trouble is still far greater than then, when I descended to earth, for men know me and have forgotten me; men know about a physician, who can heal them, and do not go and see him; men do not call for a rescuer and still stand at the edge of the abyss. The night is dark, and the light men do not see, which radiates to them. Their thoughts certainly wander back to that time, because it belongs to tradition to once remember me, I who lay in the manger as little child. But my coming’s meaning they do not consider, because a serious will belongs to it and the cognition of the spiritual trouble.

Who calls me in the heart, for him I want to be a physician and right saviour again; who carries his sins to me, him I will forgive them; who offers me a loving heart, him I will present with favour, with light and power to recognize me and to understand my work of redemption, so that he shares in it and I have not died for him on the cross in vain. I came down to earth. I come again and again to my children, so they just want to receive me, so they prepare the manger for me in the heart, so love enables the heart to receive me in it. As true physician and saviour I want to have an effect at those, who come to me sick and laden with debt; I want to make them free of illness and suffering, of darkness and sin, as soon as they just remember me and my mission on earth, as soon as they just believe in me as the redeemer of the world, who took a hut as residence for himself, because he has come to the poor, ill and weak, who needed help in their trouble. I again want to help and heal, where one calls me believingly as rescuer, before the time is fulfilled, for it comes to its end. But who lets himself be healed by me still before, he does not need to fear the end, for he will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5279.


Book 58 5280

Our father.

Christmas 25. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5280.

You children of my love, I do not let you for ever – and whether still endless time passes, before you have consciously become mine, so my love still remains unchanged and does not rest earlier, until it has won you. For that reason I myself came down to earth; for that reason I let myself be nailed to the cross, as man; for that reason I come again and again to you men in the word and seek to make it comprehensible to you, what you are and what you are to become. For you everything came into being, all creation work is a means, through which I would like to win you finally, and everything, what happens on earth and in the whole universe, is forethought for eternity for the sake of your future happiness.

For you men, you who are not yet consciously my children, I am just the faraway God, assumed that you still believe in a God at all. But only, when I have become the father for you, is the goal achieved that I can take you in my arms as my children. But it often takes long until you have recognized God as father. And for that reason I myself came down to earth as little child, to kindle your love for me; since you do not give me the love of the child for the father, I wanted to be loved by you as little child, to just first kindle love in you, the happy feeling, which lets you become like me, so you increase the degree through your will. As little child I approached you; as divine little child I wanted to be recognized and also loved by you, and as little child I wanted to win your hearts for ever. Love, which you show the little child Jesus, is already a step to cognition; it is a degree of child love for me, for it can develop to highest heat, so you follow the walk of this little child on earth, which ended with the most bitter suffering and death on the cross. Love for the little child Jesus must increase, so you know about his mission, about the work of redemption at the whole mankind, which was cause of his coming down on earth. Who can give his love to the little child in the manger, he is also able for right child love for me, for love does not stand still; love is a fire, which consumes everything around it and for that reason grows into the gigantic. And so also love, which once has flared up in the heart of man, seeks for itself always new food, and increased love also finds me as eternal love. For love always pushes towards love; the child will certainly recognize his father and now show him his whole heart. And my love expects him and completely draws him to him – for love has blended into one another; it has united the child with the father and made him unspeakably happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5280.


Book 58 5281

Power of the spirit shortly before the end.

26. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5281.

The power of the spirit will break out with all winning force. Then mine will testify to me and my glory, but also to the sin and the darkness of men, who certainly would like to veil it, but see unsparingly uncovered by the spirit out of mine. My spirit will become effective to an extent that also the opponents become aware of the unusual work through the servants of light. But this will only provoke increased will of hostility, for Satan drives them to work against mine. Light and darkness obviously fight against each other, and that is the sign of the end that the fight is no longer waged out of the public eye, but publicly and that one finds it good and right that war is declared on faith in me. Then my opponent believes being sure of his game. Then the struggle breaks out so violently that also the world of light intervenes and a constant influx of power out of the spiritual kingdom is recognizable, for mine will no longer be timid or anxious to the threats and orders from the side of earthly power; they will be so filled by the power of my spirit that they testify lively with a power of persuasion, which fills all men with astonishment and will also still change some few in the last hour. For I no longer am a faraway God for mine, I have in truth become a father to mine, to whom they throw themselves trustingly into his arms, whom they call for help asking childlike and whom they confess at every hour before the world with unshakable faith and courage. My spirit will work so obviously, and the power of my spirit will flood mine that they remain steadfast and lose all fear and shyness in the certainty of my coming. And I will come to them, visibly and perceptibly, and strengthen, comfort and encourage them; I will be with them and always give new signs of my presence, because the last fight of faith requires great power from mine and this power can only still be supplied to them through me myself extraordinarily. Then signs and miracles will happen, as it is announced, but the power of my spirit brings those about, for in the last time these miracles no longer mean faith compulsion, only still strengthening for mine and judgement for my opponents, who are also not changed through such proofs of my divine influence in their thinking and striving, who full consciously hand themselves over to Satan for the sake of earthly possession, who take action against mine to serve him. And they will receive their reward – they will have to share the lot of him, who is my opponent, who is bound on the day of judgement, when I fetch mine to me into my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5281.


Book 58 5282

Jesus came to the weak, sick and needy.

27. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5282.

For the weak, sick and needy I came to the world, for the strong and healthy do not need me; they found their way alone, at least believed to find it, and only, when they got lost, they recognized their weakness and called for me – when their own power was not enough to master life. All, who call for me, who need me, are weak and sick in their souls, and I come to help all those, because through their call for me they confess their state of trouble, out of which they hope rescue through me. You men are all weak and ill, and happy the men who recognize it. But who feel strong and healthy are in a bad way, for they cannot be helped. And there are many, who believe needing no help; there are many, who are convinced of their own power and quite easily make use of the power of him, who wants to win them for him, who strengthens them in their arrogant faith and who for that reason supplies them with power, however not without service in return. He demands the soul and gives for it to the body, what it demands. But I am the physician of the ill and weak; I am the comforter of the depressed and the hope of the despaired. They all come to me, and they will not ask in vain; I promise all of them my help, even so you men do not experience it immediately. But then I also know, why, and you are nevertheless not deserted, for no-one calls on me in vain, who out of the heart asks for help. Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. I have therefore promised you my help, and to it is also sure for you. Always remember this, when trouble approaches you, when you feel the body or the soul is besieged, when earth life weighs heavily upon you, when you need help. Then think on it that I came to the poor, sick and weak once and also every time and that I just wait for your call to reveal my identity to you, but that I want to be called, so that you recognize your weakness freely out of you and have desire for me, your physician and helper, that you prove your faith through your call, that I can and want to help you – and I never let this faith be wrecked. Amen. B.D. NR. 5282.


Book 58 5283

The father leads his by the hand.

28. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5283.

You all go at my hand, you, you who consciously seek and call me for my love and mercy, you, you who want to work for me, you who have come together for spiritual striving, you, you who put me first before everything else, you who want that I lead you. Who holds on to my hand, he infallibly goes right, for my way is the right one and my leading truly secure. But your looks are not allowed to digress or be directed towards the world, from which I lead you away, for then you loosen the relationship with me, then your hand no longer clings so firmly to mine, and then is the danger that you break away and even so remain behind only for a short time, until you again call for me and want to again join me and my leading. When you go in my company, you hear my voice; you hear what I speak to you; greedily you receive my words into your hearts. But if you break away from me, then the voice in you is only weakly audible, then sounds of the world ring in-between, then earthly mingles with spiritual, and you yourselves can no longer separate it and do not know, what I and what the world has spoken to you. For that reason it is a danger, when you still let yourselves be attracted by the world, when you have not yet completely removed the strings to it. And I want to warn you of that and admonish you that you hold on to me, that you cling to me and that you only listen to, what I advise you, that you just accept spiritual bread and close your ears to those sounds, which the world shouts at you, which do not have spiritual value, which just confuse you and deaden your ear for the fine ringing of my divine love word, which you all can hear, you who connect to me. Whom I have put into the world, he is to also prove himself therein, and he can also do it, as soon as his love for me is so strong, that he lets me always and constantly go first with everything, what he does also in the world. Then I also sharpen his spiritual ear that he nevertheless can hear me; that the world is no obstacle for him, to nevertheless hold on to my hand; that he always lets me be present, no matter what he does. The world is then for him no longer a danger; but it can be for him, whom the joys of the world still entice. For he has so to speak his eye on the second lord; he still has not completely broken with him; otherwise the world could be no attraction for him. And for that reason be watchful, you my children, that you do not let go of the hand of the father, because you want to reach for something, which temptingly steps before your eyes. My opponent has many means, through which he seeks to separate you from me. And although he will no longer succeed, since you are will wise devoted to me, your way can still now and again be hindered; you can sink back, seemingly walk level ways and still glide downwards, until you recognize it and then anxiously call me for help. I do not let you fall and again and again help you up; but blessed, who never ever lets go of my hand – for he goes effortlessly up, because the way with me is very secure and leads to the goal. Amen. B.D. NR. 5283.


Book 58 5284

Obvious spirit work before the end.

29. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5284.

I obviously work on my children, and they are to experience one sign after the other at them, so that they learn to believe so firmly and unshakably that they think everything possible. My spirit is active in them persistently, to order and to enliven and to form man according to my will. It is certainly my spirit, which has an effect in these my children, but they themselves must have before made the work of my spirit possible through their will. Therefore one cannot speak of an arbitrary treasure of favour, which I empty over a man, although everything is favour, what concerns him. The work of my spirit is only then possible, when the inner preparedness for the reception of favour and the fullest devotion to me has taken place; unless that an unusual act of favour takes place with a man, who is intended for an important assignment, which is to be recognizable with all men. But then preconditions are also given about which you men do not know, but which have determined me to just choose this man for an unusual mission. Then I myself so to speak have an effect on him. But if the work of my spirit in you has been allowed by you yourselves, then my divine power is continually active in you, and your earth life is then a constant revealing of me myself. You will recognize me in everything; you will experience help, my presence, my persistent care at you and as a result so intimately join me that only still my will fills you; that you cannot live differently than according to my will. I have then become for you an idea of reality and also remain it for you for ever. You live in me and with me; and I live in and with you. The certainty to count to mine you will receive, as soon as my spirit in you once works obviously; as soon as you are filled of my favour and feel me myself in you – as soon as you feel the happiness of love, which only prepares for you a work of unselfish neighbourly love. Then I am also already in you, and my spirit awakens in you to life; my spirit has now already a decisive effect on your thinking and wanting; you then already walk at my hand, because my spirit leads you. Then you just need to look around you with the spiritual eye; then you just need to pay attention to all occurrences, which relate to your spiritual life, and a new kingdom will take shape in you; you can call it a new life, which you now lead, but which is to be pursued only spiritually; which is recognizable to fellowmen only insofar, as it changes the nature of man, in whom my spirit works. But what is only weakly recognizable outwardly, becomes apparent all the more inwardly. It changes man completely, for the work of my spirit is never without success. Obviously it appears through my allowance, when I would like to strengthen the faith of man unusually, but who is not forced, because then only the power of right faith appears, which fellowman can always still deny or declare as human will power, but which means strengthening for a weak believer and can make him strong himself. But mine are rescued, for where my spirit works, there the counter spirit has no influence any more, for they belong to me and remain mine for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5284.


Book 58 5285

Fight of faith. Crisis. Power of faith.

31. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5285.

You must prove yourselves in the coming time. You, you who believe in me, you will also overcome the time of trouble, for you ask me for help, but without help you will find it difficult to master life, unless you receive the power from below, from my opponent, who supports each one, who is his and the world’s servant. But who finds to me, who joins me and begs for my help, he will have astonishing power to also bear the most difficult, so it also concerns him for the sake of unbelieving fellowmen. But also in the midst of earthly trouble he will be visibly protected and remain untouched, when this is my will, because man stands to me like a child to me and believingly expects my help. It will be a severe wrestling, earthly as well as also spiritually, for the earthly troubles will also shake the one striving spiritually, but only so long until he has established the contact intimately with me and my spirit’s power can flow through him. Then he sees every trouble and danger fearlessly into the eye, for he feels my presence, and nothing can any longer frighten or depress him.

The end comes always nearer; the signs and references pile up more and more as a result; the fight between light and darkness becomes evident always more visibly; the servants in my vineyard work always more busily, and the danger through Antichrist, to whom the believers are exposed, becomes always more threatening. For Satan knows that no long time is anymore, and his work is obvious in the coming time. But again and again I point this out to you, so that you do not become shaky in your belief, so the request is put to you, to deny me, and a worldly life of pleasure is promised you for it. Do not let yourselves be tempted, for you would make a bad exchange. You are not allowed to forget that the end is near and that nothing remains of the world and of earthly goods and joys. But if you have sold your soul for these goods to my opponent, so nothing remains for you at the end than only eternal ruin – a time of endless agonies and hardest imprisonment. Give up voluntarily and joyfully, what one wants to take from you, but remain loyal to me until the end – and your loyalty will be rewarded for you princely, and also in the coming time of trouble my help is secure for you, so that you will be able to bear everything difficult. Moreover the time of trouble does no more last long. For I shorten the days for the sake of mine – very quickly it follows each other, what is announced in word and script. As soon as the decision is once demanded of you for or against me, the trouble is indeed increased, but then you are allowed to hope for my coming every day; then the earth is heading for its end; then also your trouble will soon find an end; then the time has come, where my opponent is bound and with him his following, where the old earth in its creations is dissolved and a new one comes into being; then I will come in the clouds and fetch you home into paradise of the new earth. Then all trouble has an end, and your life will now be a peaceful and happy one. Amen. B.D. NR. 5285.


Book 58 5286

Coming of the Lord to be Taken Literally.

New Year's Day 1. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5286.

Let it be known to all of you that I come again when the time is fulfilled. I well also want to enter into your hearts; I well want that each one experiences my coming personally, that he prepares a dwelling for me, that he can say: He is in me and I in him. But my coming to earth on the day of judgement is not eliminated through this; it is to be taken literally that I will be visible to those who are mine, that I come again to earth as I once ascended to heaven. And this my coming also ends the existence of this earth. That is why you who doubt this would not believe it because my coming also confirms the end, because you who if you would believe it would also have to believe in an end and this thought frightens you. And still you do not prevent with this what comes true according to the plan of salvation from eternity. Even though everything that I have said is to be understood spiritually so also a literally fulfilment of my words can still be plausible to you in the end of this redemption period because I always keep my word. My coming in the clouds is the last thing that you will experience on this earth, you who belong to the ones who are mine, because I myself fetch you before the earth with all what lives in it will be destroyed. Also this last work of destruction is not plausible to you men as well as the rupture of those who are mine. They are unusual phenomena adverse to the laws of nature but also they are included in the law from eternity and as the result of activity by you men hostile to nature included in my plan of salvation from eternity, because they no longer mean a compulsion of faith for anybody since only those will experience it fully consciously who are mine while the others, those who are opposed to me, are themselves affected by the work of destruction and this premonition also provokes this strong will of refusal of my words. Everything will come true what I let announce by the seers and prophets, everything that concerns the end is to be taken literally and therefore I direct the earnest admonition to you men to form your life in such a way that you can expect this last day without fear where I myself come to earth to judge the living and the dead. Amen. B.D. NR. 5286.


Book 58 5287

God’s leadership.

1. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5287.

Recognize my leadership, and do not fight it, when you must go ways, which appear difficult to be passable for you, for I know it, what is at the end of the way and why I let you go this way. And my spirit goes ahead of you, which knows about everything, to which all connexions are known and which always has an effect on you so that each one step can be successful for you. Have you now to fulfil a spiritual mission on earth, have you once declared yourselves for it, to be active for me and my kingdom, then is everything, also everything, also the smallest event standing in connexion with this mission. And then you are to go this way without wavering, for I myself lead you; as everything comes, so it is good; what you experience, is so ordained by me; who crosses your way of life, he is brought to you by me, because I know it, what is helpful for you and your fellowman’s salvation of the soul; because I know, how you can best fulfil your mission. Once it will become obvious for you, and you will recognize that everything, what you want yourselves, must accord with my will, if it is to be of success, and you always then act according to my will, when you let yourselves be led by me without resistance, i.e., that you always bend yourselves under my will, therefore always do that, what approaches you every day, what fate wise is demanded of you. For it is always my will, which has determined your earth fate so, as I recognized it for you as bringing blessing. Then you will neither complain nor be anxious; you will remain calm and balanced, also when the seemingly unconquerable is demanded of you. Then you feel connected to me and are also aware of my love, which always only wants to give and make happy, but does not create for you without a reason a difficult earth fate. But without a fight and without use of power no ascent is possible; for that reason seek to overcome, but not to flee, when resistance demands increased power from you, for nothing comes over you, what I do not know or what would not be good for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 5287.


Book 58 5288

Will for truth also guarantees truth.

2. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5288.

Who seeks me, he will also find me; who wants to recognize the eternal divinity, to him it will also make itself known; and who wants to become knowing, he will also gain truth from me. But he must always adapt himself affirmatively to me; he must want that I am and get into contact with him, for then he also proves to me that he is prepared to love the being, which he seeks. He will then also be able to believe, because he wants to believe. The feeling of belonging together is as most tiny little spark in him, which will now increase, as soon as he seeks me consciously. Everything is hidden in the human soul, but that it appears, that the will of man must accomplish himself, but which is supported by me in every way, so just the smallest turn to me has taken place.

In the human heart the thoughts emerge and want to seek to determine the will to accept them and to digest them with the intellect. If now therefore the thought of his origin rises in him, then he is so to speak pointed by me myself to his creator and father from eternity. And now his will can adapt itself to this reference affirmatively or say ‘no’ to; and accordingly is my further influence on him. Since I want to win him for me, I will also again and again seek to penetrate into his circle of thoughts, but never influence him inevitably to turn to me, but for that reason always stimulate him unusually, as soon as his will leans towards me. Every man can therefore find me, when he wants it that he is informed about his origin, about truth and about his destiny. Then I make myself known always more clearly to him; he will look at everything around him with greatest attention and always seek the connexion of himself as creature to that being, which as creator attracts attention to itself. He will be convinced of this being inwardly and want to get into contact with it; he will persistently seek truth and – because he desires it seriously - also find. To be able to recognize me, man must believe in me – in a being, which has created him. He must love me – as soon as he has recognized me – because he now also recognizes my perfection. And he must seriously desire truth to deepen his love and his faith, because only then knowledge about pure truth can be supplied to him, so faith and love enlighten his spirit. Amen. B.D. NR. 5288.


Book 58 5289

Unusual means of help in the time of the end.

4. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5289.

Unusual means of help must be given to you in the last time before the end, for you cannot banish the spiritual trouble out of own power, because you lack the most important – love, which is power in itself. Weak, powerless creatures you are, what concerns your spiritual state, although you assert yourselves in the world and you believe enabled to great acts. I measure with a different measure; I do not see, how you men assert yourselves in the world, but how far you have penetrated into my kingdom, how far that kingdom is in you. And there you completely fail; with me you men have little or no contact at all. My kingdom is foreign to you; you do not desire it and for that reason also cannot capture it. But as long as you still live on earth, you are also helped by me to gain the goal, which is purpose of your earth life – to reach a spiritual degree of maturity, which gives you the right to enter my kingdom of light after your death, therefore to take possession of that kingdom, which is not of this world. I am constantly prepared to help, where I just feel the smallest desire, where you call a rescuer, who leads you out of spiritual trouble. And because there is no more much time, because it gets more and more difficult for the beings of light, to seize your thoughts, because also for you the danger gets constantly greater, to completely fall into the hands of him, who wants to ruin you – short, because the spiritual trouble increases more and more, I come to the help of you men extraordinarily, and you can be completely convinced of a work of your creator and father from eternity, so you just would pay attention to the events around you, which are all suitable of causing you to think, so that you then also can believe, what I demand of you to believe. Who directs his looks up, also recognizes my unusual work at you men; but who has always only directed his eyes towards the world, he sees nothing than fortuitousness, which is not able to convince him. But I am recognizable, where I express myself; inwardly and outwardly I influence the hearts of men, but always without compulsion, for also the inner voice, which is indeed an unmistakeable sign of my work at you men, can just as well not be heard. And so also outer appearances, natural events or other changes in creation, can be precisely substantiated just purely naturally, and every connexion with me is denied. And these men can no longer be won; they cannot to be changed in their thinking and wanting and irrevocably head for a terrible lot; whereas everyone, who remembers himself and pays attention to, what goes on around him, an opportunity is still offered, to change and to escape the terrible lot. I come to meet every willing man and help him, so that he may not belong to those, who are getting damned, when the end has come, where I will judge the living and the dead. Amen. B.D. NR. 5289.


Book 58 5290

Love towards visible God. Cause of revelations.

6. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5290.

I reveal myself to you – I help you that you come to cognition of me myself, so that you pass the test of will on earth right, so that you profess me, as you have once turned away from me despite also of fullest cognition. But in your blindness you saw all power and glory in my opponent, in that being whose will let you come into being and who put his will into you, who now drove you to resistance against me. At that time you certainly knew about me as centre of power, but you could not see me and therefore turned to him, whom you could see, who was a being like you, however also first emerged out of my original power. You could not see me – and therefore you have fallen, therefore you followed him, whom you could see. But I want to win you again. And my merciful father love took on form, to kindle in you love as visible God, which is to change your will, which is to long thereafter, where it took its origin. You are to recognize me, so that you acknowledge me and therefore return to me, from whom you once went out. For that reason I reveal myself to you.

Love alone leads you back to me, for that reason I try everything to awaken this love in you, and for that reason I reveal myself to you, because the being, for which you are to strive, must be recognized by you to be loved. But I never go up to you openly in my power and glory, because I want from you genuine, deep love, which you only give to the father, but not to the ruler and controller of infinity, whom you would certainly fear, so you recognize him, but not love. And for that reason I reveal myself to you as father, who embraces his children with intimate love and want to make them happy for ever. I reveal myself through Jesus Christ, who as man recognized the father in me, and completely received me in his heart, who was so completely penetrated by my spirit that it completely ruled him and made him divine, that now my powerful spirit power became visible in the man Jesus, therefore I have given myself into a form, to be able to be visible to you, so that you now also learn to love me and strive towards me. I want to win you back again, but love for me is to determine you, to separate yourselves from my opponent. And this love I want to ignite in you, by me revealing myself to you; everywhere I step into your way and stimulate your thoughts; everywhere I exude my love power; all ways I go with you, only waiting for the moment, where your will is prepared to get into contact with that power, which has created you. And I try everything, to let you become convinced in you, that a being is your creator, who cannot pass for ever – to then lighten love in you for this being, which causes you to seek the being, so that I can then let me be found by you.

Your whole earth life is a revelation on my part, for you can always recognize me in everything, what you experience, what surrounds you and what happens, for everything is my rule and work, which has its reason in the winning back of the spiritual, which once deserted me, which is to recognize and love me, so that I then can make it infinitely happy as visible God, because it has then become mine for ever . Amen. B.D. NR. 5290.


Book 58 5291

Last judgement. Reveille before.

8. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5291.

Judgement is always announced by me, so that men are offered opportunity to prepare themselves. Nevertheless judgement comes suddenly and unexpected – suddenly, because the time is never given as far as I am concerned, and therefore also for the believers surprisingly and unexpectedly, because one would always like to shift a judgement into the future and it is never expected that the predictions fulfil themselves so quickly. For everything, what is imparted to men from the spiritual kingdom requires full faith, but which men rarely summon. There are only few, who let no doubt arise, so I announce a coming judgement through seers and prophets, but these few cannot convince their fellowmen and will therefore always stand there isolated, until the event has occurred. In the time of the end references and predictions to a judgement of enormous extent pile up. It is again announced through seers and prophets, who speak on my behalf; through signs of most different kind a final judgement is made believable; connections from heaven to earth are created for the purpose to alert men, because I do not want them running into the disaster without being warned. But I do not find faith with men. And for that reason they also do nothing to improve the state of their soul; they do not live with regard to the end and the death of their body, but reject everything, what could remind them of it.

And still judgement comes. Irrevocably comes the day, where court is held over the living and the dead, over believers and unbelievers, who are completely dead in the spirit and for that reason can expect no further life any more. I speak often enough and clearly enough to men, but I must always do it through the mouth of men, through events in nature or other natural signs, to not make men unfree in their faith, in wanting and acting. It would certainly be easy for me, to speak to them from above, to frighten and scare them, to achieve a change in them in this way. But this would not be helpful for their further development; I would achieve nothing else than a forced faith in me and my power, but which would result in no love for me, but just fear, and which could never let you men become perfect. And nevertheless I constantly speak to you and refer you to the coming time, to the end of this earth and the last judgement. Who believes it and adapts his life accordingly, he is blessed, and he can expect the last day without fear. But woe betide those who do not believe – who pay no heed to all my admonitions and warnings, who do not want to listen, because they love earthly life, and who will lose it for that reason for endless long time. My reveille gets through everywhere, which will still sound last, before the end is there. Do not close your ear to this last reveille, for then there is no more long time – for it gets fulfilled, what I have announced through seers and prophets, and everything will come, what you have been told through word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 5291.


Book 58 5292

Hate and cunning of Satan to extinguish the light.

10. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5292

At the moment men on this earth are in impenetrable darkness of spirit, who have no contact with me, I who alone can give them light. Everywhere where darkness lies spread over earth, also confusion is among men, and it gets greater and greater the closer the end is. And the fight between light and darkness rages with all power and will last until the end. Light seeks to penetrate, but darkness seeks to stop it, and it is superior in strength, because men themselves want darkness and do not desire light. But for the few, who desire it, I send out light bearers, who light the way for them, which they are to go, to reach me. Nevertheless I do not stop the doings of the dark powers, for this fight in the time of the end men must fight out themselves; they themselves must fight it out, what they also can easily do with my help. But I never allow it that to them, who seek light, it may be extinguish for them – that the powers of darkness win control over men, who strive for the light, that therefore a man, longing for light and truth may fall into error and is consequently ruled by my opponent and brought to defection from me. And for that reason I myself intervene, as soon as they are in danger to be ensnared by the lie and the error. And I often have strange means, which you first do not recognize as help, because you are to get to know the error before, before I show it up. For you yourselves are to be active; you are to stimulate the heart and the intellect to examinations; you are to both feeling wise as also intellectually reject or accept and for that reason join me intimately that I enlighten your spirit. For it is necessary. You do not know the cunning of the enemy of your souls; you do not know the traps in which he wants to catch you – you do not know his helpers, the hordes of dishonest spirits, which besiege you and want to turn you away from me. For he hates, who walk along in the light and recognize him; he hates, who are devoted to me and strive to follow my will. And his hate is so strong that he shrinks back from no means to ruin mine. And I do not fight him, but I protect you. I do not let the light be extinguished through him, as long as mine want to stand in the light, and who once has become mine, he no longer wants to do without the light. I protect them and will always expose the game of my opponent, because he exceeds his authority, because he wants to misappropriate that, what belongs to me already a long time, what has already decided for me in free will. He certainly can still be successful, where there is still night; he can there prevent that a light is lighted; he can refuse the access of the light bearers to those men, who stand in darkness – but the smallest will of them for a small light makes his effort vain, for this will breaks every wall, and the light comes through. But he seeks to take his revenge, and in his lust for revenge he devises all kinds of plans to create discord, to endanger love and to have a disturbing effect everywhere, where a circle of mine comes together to do redemption work at erroneous souls. For he fights about these souls and does not want that they find and learn to love me. But these have my protection, and I will truly not leave them to my opponent, so they want to serve me. And that they want to serve me, their seriousness and will to help testifies to, which they give to all those, who are in earthly and spiritual trouble. I help them, so they themselves get into trouble through the besieging of my opponent; to them I give clear cognition, at which rocks is clear danger of failing; to them I give power and favour and keep them with a strong hand that they do not fall; I protect them that he cannot throw them into the abyss; I support all and let my light shine, wherever light is desired. For my opponent is certainly permitted, to have an effect on the free will of man, but he is never allowed to force the will of those, who have already made a decision for me. He will never succeed to extinguish a light, which I myself have lighted, and he will never be able to prevent the work of those, whom I have trained as light bearers. Amen. B.D. NR. 5292.


Book 58 5293

God’s protection against besieging of the enemy. Thoughts.

11. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5293.

Pay attention to all thoughts, which circle you and which touch you beneficently, which you would like to accept, and accept these as right before me, your God and father from eternity. I want to enlighten your spirit, as soon as it is your will, to do that, what is right before me. And I want to speak to you through your heart; I want to put my will into your heart, so that the thoughts appeal to you, that you feel joy to be allowed to follow these thoughts. Who wants to go with me, he does not need to fear to go wrong ways, for every man, who is of good will, him I lead by the hand; I myself direct his steps, and so always observe, what I speak to you, by you not fighting the thoughts, after intimate dialogue with me in quiet contemplation, which now flow towards you. I protect you then, so you have prayed intimately, from the influx of evil thoughts, which my opponent would certainly like to send to you, but which remain ineffective, because I do not allow it that they touch you. An endless army of happy spirit beings surrounds you, as soon as you just want to serve me. For that reason you cannot be besieged by unhappy spirits, as long as your thoughts dwell with me, as long as you do not isolate yourselves consciously from me, therefore offer a handle to my opponent, to invade you through unloving talk, unclean thoughts and worldly or fleshly desires. Then you are certainly endangered, but never, when you want to do good, when you want to help those, who are in trouble of body or soul. You already belong to mine, which I protect from the attacks of the enemy, and you are not allowed to let this firm belief be taken from you, that, where you call me, I also dwell and instruct my angels to protect you in all life situations. But you are always to be watchful on you yourselves that you avoid everything, what could have even just the smallest appearance of unkindness. For my opponent lies in wait for you and waits for it that you become weak once. Always request for you power and favour, and you will never need to fear him, from whom you broke away already will wise. My love and favour will always be with you, you who have already found to me, your father from eternity, and my power will protect you from all disaster, as long as you still dwell on earth.Amen. B.D. NR. 5293.


Book 58 5294

Task: Cooperation on the work of redemption.

12. January 1952. B.D. NR. 5294.

A task has been granted to you, which demands your whole strength of will; a task, which certainly is rich of responsibility, but also blessed and which can only be carried out, when you have the firm will, to be active in redemption on earth, therefore show commitment as my co-workers there, where it is necessary that I myself have an effect through you on fellowmen, because a direct influence on my part would do damage to their souls. You are therefore as it were my assistants, who I just need for that reason, to not make the will of men unfree, to not move them to faith inevitably. But this your cooperation requires likewise free will on your part, otherwise each one man could be used for it and then no particular strength of will would be required of you. In complete free will you must do this work, and for that reason you will also constantly be exposed to the temptations on the part of my opponent, who will influence this your will, to prevent you to do redemption work.

And so you will now understand, why your office is rich of responsibility, for it is up to you yourselves, whether erring souls find the way to me; it is given into your hand; no-one can force you to it that you take part in the work of redemption, and you can still, when you want it yourselves, give freedom and light to innumerable souls. You alone determine it, and for it belongs an extreme strong will, which resists the work of my opponent, which does not let itself be influenced, which the more eagerly pushes towards me, the more my opponent wants to prevent him from it. I myself can only help you with my favour and power, but never force you to the activity for me and my kingdom. But for that reason my whole love belongs also to those, who in free will want to serve me, and I obviously help them in the fight against my opponent, the enemy of their souls, and therefore also of the many souls on earth and in the spiritual kingdom still wrestling, which you can help, when you let me have an effect through you. It is certainly a difficult task rich in responsibility, but a happiness without measure you will feel in future, when the crowd of those surrounds you and will rejoice around you, whom you have liberated out of their trouble.

You are to unbind, what the enemy of the souls has put in irons, and you are to always recognize him as enemy and do not let yourselves be tempted by him. You are to only strive with firm will for me; you are to long for light and power and therefore for me, I who as original source of light and power can give you amply. You are to be always prepared for me and consciously devote yourselves to me, then my opponent can never win power over you, but crowds of suffering souls cling to you, for whom you are to be active now; to whom you are to show the way and to whom you are to recommend my love and mercy. And to them redemption will be for the sake of your love – they will be helped, for you give me the possibility to have myself an effect on those souls; you support my redemption work and as my co-workers contribute to the rescue of those, who are still in greatest trouble and urgently need help to get free of the fetter of Satan. And your work for me and my kingdom will always be blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 5294.


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