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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 56

B.D. NR. 4914 - B.D. NR. 5021

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Book 56 4914

God speaks. God himself is the word.

15. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4914.

That the connection between heaven and earth, from the spiritual to the earthly kingdom, can be established, no man will any more doubt, who seriously buries himself in God’s word. God’s word must come from him himself and be supplied to man, and for it God makes use of men devoted to him, who therefore heard his word and passed it on to fellowmen. The word of God is the audible expression of his will, which must be announced to his creatures; otherwise they could not live according to his will. Whether now this his word is handed down, whether it is read out of old writings – it must have once been spoken by God, and men must have heard it directly from him, who pass it then on to fellowmen on his behalf. The divine word is for him, who hears it from him, an unmistakable proof of his existence, but so he now passes it on to fellowmen, faith must already start in the existence of a being, which wants to reveal itself to its creatures. But faith is again to be a convinced one, and to now create this inner conviction for himself, is the assignment of man during earth life. But God himself helps each one man, who wants to recognize him, to get to that end. But his word must be acknowledged as first thing, i.e. seriously taken into consideration, otherwise man is not able to that judgement, which can give him the inner conviction. His word must be seriously thought over and then the test of the example must be made, i.e., man must live according to the divine word, which announces the will of God, and then his I becomes competent to judge as the result of his way of life; it will so to speak recognize itself as the creature of an extremely perfect being, and his faith in this being will now be a convinced one, i.e. be alive, because it is no longer improbable for the man that there is a connection between the spiritual and earthly kingdom; then he will soon himself be able to hear the voice of God in himself, because God reveals himself to everyone, who believes in him and wants to hear his voice. Faith thereat that God reveals himself through the word, is found little among men, who however should just go back to the origin of that, what was spread among men as the word of God. As soon as man has once acknowledged that God has spoken and that his word, the writing and the tradition has started from him, also the assumption is unjustified that he now no longer expresses himself; on the contrary the always greater getting trouble is cause for a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence to again and again reveal himself, to strengthen the weak faith of men, to enliven it and to reveal his identity himself. Who believes in God, his faith is only then a convinced one, so he also thinks an expression of the God-being being possible, because a living faith also thinks a connection of the creator with his creatures to be irrefutable and out of this relationship of belonging together can also the transmission or announcement of the will of God be derived from, which now also explains and proves the nature of God. God himself is the word, and through the word he has given men the proof of his existence. And therefore he has established the connection between heaven and earth, but always only under the prerequisite that man seeks the connection from earth to heaven, i.e., that he is willing to step into the right relationship, which brings in the audible expression of God for him. God reveals himself through his word to him, who wants to recognize God and who makes himself worthy of his love and favour. Amen. B.D. NR. 4914.


Book 56 4915

Uniting of spirit - soul and body. Fight against matter.

16. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4915.

In the recognition of truth out of God lies the greatest satisfaction and the most certain feeling of security at the heart of the father. For who has gotten to know God through the sending of truth, he is already connected to him in his spirit, and he feels as a part of him and therefore free and unburdened according to the soul, although the body is still bound earthly. Therefore man can certainly still suffer according to the body, but always only then, when he does not listen to the ideas of the soul, when earth still burdens him now and again and he seeks to cope with it, instead of consulting the soul, i.e. seriously turns away from worldly thoughts and seeks help in trouble from the soul, which then presents the groundlessness of earthly worries to him and just refers him to divine love, which always helps, where help is expected believingly. For the soul stands in cognition and just cannot assert itself with its knowledge, where the thoughts of man are still directed outwards, instead inwards. The feeling of security occurs immediately, when man seeks solitude and establishes the connection with God, a connection, which the soul certainly always maintains, but of which man is not aware, as long as his thoughts digress. But if he joins the soul, then it can immediately impart that peace and that calmness to him, which it possesses itself through the cognition of eternal truth. For the soul is one with the spirit in it, which is share of the father spirit from eternity. Where spirit and soul are already one, man is only in trouble according to the body as long until also it joins the spirit and the soul. But since man stands in the midst of life, he is constantly exposed to oppressions from the outside, which however only are aiming to achieve that also the body spiritualizes itself if possible, that it consciously enters the right relationship to matter, that it does not become its slave, but its master. Man is not allowed to be worried by things, which are just purely worldly, and for that reason he must again and again fight with it, which will always and constantly besiege him and which he is to conquer, by him turning away from it, turns the look up and makes God to the content of his thoughts. Then all oppressing things leave him; then he feels the might and power of God and feels safe in his care; then also all shadows of worldly worries leave him – then he abandons himself to His love and favour and finds the peace in God. But truth must already have had an effect on him; he must have recognized God and love him, because otherwise the soul could not unite with the spirit and then the body draws the soul into the earthly fight. For that reason the first aim of man is to stand in truth, because first a rightly recognized being is striven for and the conscious striving to God results in the uniting of spirit and soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4915.


Book 56 4916

Resistance of the divine word sign of the end.

17. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4916.

The most unmistakable sign of the near end is the un-open-mindedness of men to my word, which is offered to them in purest form. For all divine is pulled down or rejected, as soon as man stands in conflict to it, as soon as he is turned to devilish powers, why he neither recognizes a divinity nor feels beneficently touched by that, what radiates out of this divinity. A man having become slave to the opponent cannot feel my love, because he rejects it; and therefore that man also cannot recognize my word as gift of favour of a perfect being benevolent to him. And so you look around you in the world, so you offer to them in love my gift of favour, the general repulsion of my word will make you think, because you can only infer from it the mental state of men, who recognize nothing any more in their God-distance, what comes from me. But such a mental state causes an end of that, what originally is determined to put men in a position of a high degree of maturity – it causes the dissolving of the earth, which was created by me as maturation station of the spiritual and now no longer fulfils its purpose. Who is attentive, he must realize an obvious becoming superficial among mankind, a complete being disinterested in questions, which concern eternity, the end and the aim of man and the rule and work of a creator. Only rarely such questions move a man; and these few are only those, who live according to their purpose and therefore now also recognize and strive for me. But the majority becomes unwilling, so such questions are just mentioned, and the closer the end comes, the more obvious becomes the wrong attitude of men to me, their God and creator from eternity, as also the love to that, what belongs to the world, therefore is share of my opponent. And men will more and more succumb to his desire and influence; more and more obvious their way of life will contradict my will, and lack of love and hate will dominate, where love towards the neighbour is to be practised. Greater and greater the hostility is to become from the side of the followers of my opponent against the few, who want to belong to me and do not follow their desire. Believing men will never treat themselves with hostility, but they will stick together, the closer the end is, because they are strongly besieged by the followers of the world, who stand under the influence of the opponent and want to tear me out of their hearts. Do not be deceived through your surroundings, which want to win you under false mask. Offer my word to them, and you will recognize their true spirit, because where I myself go up to them in form of my word, there they rebel against me, they therefore reject me – they mock and ridicule you, you who are attached to me and support me and my word. And then you also know that the time of the end has come, because Satan takes action with all cunning and power against you, by him seeking to drive me out of your hearts, to win his game. But who has my word, he recognizes his false game and is of a watchful heart; he will fetch from my word the power for resistance, while my opponent certainly also supplies his followers with power, but always only to bad acts, to ruin them for ever – until I myself put an end to his doings and put him in fetters – until the last day has come and with it the last judgement. Amen. B.D. NR. 4916.


Book 56 4917

Redemption through Christ is an act of free will.

18. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4917.

I wanted to redeem the world from its sins; I wanted to bring freedom to men; I wanted to redeem them from their bound state, which was the result of their sins. But the world did not accept my sacrifice, which I made for them to God as man Jesus. The world remained in sin and always sank further into the deep. This explanation must be given before, otherwise the idea of redemption through Jesus Christ would be incomprehensible for men, who seriously think about it and consider the spiritual low of men in general. The work of redemption of Christ does not restrict the free will of man, i.e., mankind has not instantly be redeemed out of constraint, but only those men, who want it themselves, can put themselves into the blessing of the work of redemption; they can be beneficiaries of the treasure of favour, which Jesus Christ has acquired through his death on the cross for mankind. All men could put themselves into the blessing of the work of redemption, when they wanted it, and all sin guilt could be wiped out. But men themselves did not want it, except for few, who resorted to Jesus Christ and shared the favours, which his love acquired for them through his death on the cross, which is eternally unfathomable as his love, which does not stop for ever. But free will is never ignored, otherwise all spiritual would be redeemed instantly, however could never become perfect. And for that reason the acknowledging of Christ as God’s son and redeemer of the world is also an act of free will and of faith, which can again be won through right use of will. The work of redemption can only come into force with the conscious call to Christ for help, but which presupposes faith in him, therefore also means a turning to him willing wise. Has this act taken place, then also the flowing over of power and favour is secured, which brings redemption to man out of spiritual trouble, which makes him free out of the fetters of Satan, out of the bound state, which is the lot of all spiritual as result of the former rebellion against God, as result of sin. The will alone makes man free, so he turns to Jesus Christ, that he helps him. But where faith in him and his divine mission is lacking, there can be no redemption; there mankind remains in sin and remains bound in the power of Satan, until he in future lets himself be seized by the extremely great love of Christ, until also he sinks down at his cross and asks for his favour. Amen. B.D. NR. 4917.


Book 56 4918

Recognizing of God’s sign of the change of will. Exceeding of authority.

21. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4918.

Recognize your origin in me, your creator and father from eternity. Then you are already, what you are to become on earth – children, who long back to the father. For as soon as you become aware that you have gone out from me, the divine principle also awakens in you, love, because you recognize yourselves as radiation of eternal love and also long back to it. You acknowledge me and are also no longer separated from me nature wise, although the degree of your perfection is not yet reached, but willing wise you are mine. A will turned away from me prevents man to recognize his start; then man neither believes in a power, out of which he has emerged, nor in the connexion of a creating power and himself, if he acknowledges a creating power. For that reason the feeling, haven emerged out of God, is already a sign of the change of will, which man has accomplished, because he only then acknowledges me, when he isolates himself from my opponent. For that reason faith will also simultaneously mean striving up, however only living faith is to be understood by this, because a dead faith has no effect, because a dead faith only expresses with the mouth, what the heart not yet acknowledges. A man can therefore certainly acknowledge me with words as God, father and creator, but his heart knows nothing of this, and therefore he does not establish the child relationship to me, which results in a right recognizing. Then it is difficult to reach the aim on earth. The recognizing of me myself and of you yourselves simultaneously is already a testimony of maturity for you, because it means a state of light, which only occurs in a certain degree of maturity. And it must again be said that the will of man only is decisive, whether it becomes light in him or remains dark, that therefore every man can recognize me as start, when he wants it. For I will never miss it to approach every individual and to reveal myself to him, but I do not force him, to accept these revelations, but will constantly give him the opportunity to learn to recognize me. Only who obviously resists me, he remains enveloped in spiritual darkness; he makes no progress during earth life and succumbs to the power of my opponent, however out of own will. The power of my presence, which radiates out of every revelation of me myself, can completely be enough to light the heart of man and to let a bright light radiate, but so it just finds the smallest resistance in the will of man, it remains ineffective, because it is divine radiation, which endures no resistance, however also does not break through victoriously, to exert no force on the will of man. But if the will of man is prepared, so my love power lights an unsuspected fire, of which man becomes aware as flaring up love to me. And where once love to me has been lightened, the power and might of the opponent is broken. I want to be recognized by my creatures as father and therefore also reveal myself to them; I must be recognized by them, if they want to feel me being present. Only then the development process starts, the change of the being, which is still in the bounds of my opponent, until it has recognized me and now also consciously strives for me. As long as now that knowledge is still supplied to men, that there is a God, who has created heaven and earth, so long it is also possible to gain the living faith in him and to reach the aim on earth. But if this knowledge is withheld from men, so that man remains completely ignorant about his origin, about me as creator and father, then the opponent applies his power unjustified and becomes a slave of the sharpest judgement; then he exceeds his authority and prevents the passing of the test of will of man, who is to decide on earth between me and him, but to which also the knowledge of me and him is necessary, to be able to decide. I want to be recognized; he however does not, and for that reason he would also prevent men from the recognition of me myself, when I would grant him this freedom. But as soon as he exceeds his power, also is judgement is passed; he is bound anew, as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4918.


Book 56 4919

Humility - Arrogance. Danger.

22. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4919.

The humble I give my favour, from the arrogant I take it away, because arrogance suffocates love while humility awakens love. And that is why also to the humble belongs my whole love that now showers him with favour without measure. When man feels love for his fellow human being in his heart then he cannot be arrogant towards him but he considers him as his brother and he serves him out of love which is why also the humble will do works of neighbourly love for which I bless and reward him again with my love and favour. He who is arrogant his heart is hard and insensitive, he does not serve but wants to rule and I therefore do not look at him because this feeling, the desire to rule, was the reason of the former falling away from me that can only be atoned for through deep humility towards me, thus humility also means the return to me. The spiritual was sunk deeply through arrogance but in the state of man it has already again reached a certain level but there is now the greatest danger to again take to arrogance, to become haughty, what is expressed in unkindness towards the fellow human being. That man also robs himself through arrogance of all means to go up, that he falls out of my favour because of it, is the greatest danger, which I always point out to you, so that you do not again fall into the deep through your own fault. Everything that is arrogant still belongs to my opponent who remains in greatest resistance towards me and thinks he can overthrow me. He became my opponent as former highest light bearer because he elevated himself above me - he thought he could place himself above me and fell into the deepest abyss. Arrogance is the first step to the bottomless fall - in comparison humility is the ladder upwards, the most secure bridge to me. Because whom I give my favour he reaches his aim safely, because my favour means help, my assistance and my guidance. Think of your former sin that separated you from me, think of my exceedingly great love that wants to draw you to me; think of your weakness and imperfection and think of the wide distance where you are, then you will bow your head in deepest humility and longingly stretch out your hands towards me and then I grasp you with my love and favour and give you everything that you need, to reduce the distance from me, to reach me from whom you have gone out. But woe to you when you never realize the distance to me, when you think to be too grand to pray to me in deepest humility. Then no favour can reach you, then you are still controlled by him who caused you to fall, then you can never become free from the sin of the former arrogance because without my favour you cannot in a lifetime be blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4919.


Book 56 4920

I will Put the Words into Your Mouth.

24. June 1950. B.D. NR 4920.

What is given to you in that hour, that speak - and do not be afraid of those who call you to account because they will have no power against you as long as I stand next to you, as long as I speak through you, and truly so as they need it. I will put the words into your mouth - so you do not have to think about the meaning of your speech because you are just the mouthpiece through which I announce myself to those that are against me. There will no longer be much time where all will be called to account who are fighters for me and my kingdom, where they will be harassed to give up faith and to disown me. And daily you will experience the falling away from me because worldly wages lure men and they betray me for these. They will no longer stand by me, they will fall away from me because in their heart they have become estranged form me long ago. And then also severe action will be taken against the ones that are mine, against the small circle of true believers that want to remain steadfast. And then the power of faith will be evident because they that now turn in their heart towards me for help, their faith will become unshakeable and all fear of worldly power dwindles, they will speak for me and feel my nearness all the time and therefore they will also speak out of a sense of being free and yet it is me that speaks and gives them power to resist openly. Who works for me during this time will be fought against; but who will be fought against will have me as fighter by his side because I know about everything no matter how hidden it is, therefore I also know who is in difficulty for the sake of my name and come as loyal helper in every trouble. And now obviously the working of my spirit will make itself be felt because my servants on earth have knowledge available that any worldly-clever man will be beaten and the way it is presented will perplex him. Because every objection, every question, every doubt I hear and respond the right way to it. And without any kind of preparation my servants will be able to explain the problems that men raise who want to be wise. However it is not them that speak but I myself answer for it and truly no opponent is a match for me. This time will come very quickly because my opponent rises up against me and makes use of the last means - he tries to destroy all faith and influences the worldly rulers to make decrees that are directed against the believers which therefore mean a fight against all that still follow me. And this fight will not last long, it will be conducted in all strictness and I myself will lead the ones that are mine to the last battle from which they will emerge victoriously because I can never in a lifetime be conquered. Amen. B.D. NR. 4920.


Book 56 4921

Unjustified doubts. Truthfulness - servants of God.

25. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4921.

So you are taught from above, you are allowed to give rise to no doubts on account of the truthfulness of that, what you receive through the voice of the spirit. This is valid for both, him, who directly receives the divine word, as also for him, to whom the servants of God impart it. Because one thing is not allowed to be disregarded that the receiver is always given by God himself, so he gets into contact with him consciously. Therefore only a divine being can announce itself, so God is called upon before for enlightenment of the spirit, for his gifts of favour, for his word. So that now also the fellowman is convinced of the divine transmission, so that also he recognizes the spiritual material imparted to him as God’s word, just his equal attitude towards God is necessary, which is always guarantee for it that also he is given by God. A man seriously striving for God will therefore either be supplied with no false spiritual material or else reject it inwardly, so his will is good and he seeks truth. No error can be supplied to you from above, and from below no being can announce itself to you in the same way, so you direct your look upwards and want to be taught by God. And for that reason every doubt is unjustified, which is shown to a right servant of God, as soon as he represents the spiritual material received from above. For then the spirit of him is also enlightened that he himself can speak freely and the speeches move in truth; he will not just hold a dead conversation, but his words will be life awakening, as soon as he works for God and his kingdom. Only then doubts are justified, when worldly problems have been touched, because then man’s own thoughts can predominate and, since his will is free, no force at all is imposed on him in his thinking. But this examination every man can easily carry out himself. What is of value for the spiritual development of man, is spiritual knowledge and guarantees purest truth. What is however not important for the soul and its ascent development, can very easily be interspersed with worldly thoughts and reminds to caution. Who is taught by God, he works for him and his kingdom, i.e., he only seeks to have an effect on the soul of men and to help them spiritually; he wants to instruct them in spiritual knowledge and give them information about the nature of God; he only rarely touches worldly problems, and only then, when these stand in connexion with the spiritual development; he moves on spiritual course and turns the back to the world. And he only expresses that, what he receives directly from God or what light beings impart to him, which carry the will of God in them. For that reason you men can believe unhesitatingly those, who work for God and hear his voice – their deep knowledge will give you the proof that they are taught by God; and where God himself expresses himself, the powers from below are refused all access. Amen. B.D. NR. 4921.


Book 56 4922

Worlds shall pass away, but my word remains.

26. and 28. June 1950 B.D. NR. 4922.

Worlds shall pass away, but my word remains in eternity. And so you men will get my Gospel imparted in all pureness, as long as you inhabit the earth for the purpose of the maturation of the spiritual in you. It will always be the same word, because I do not change for ever and therefore also my word cannot change for ever, which starts from me. You men can certainly carry out changes, but then you will no longer move in truth, because every change of my word means error and then one can no longer speak of my word, which originally started in all pureness from me. For that reason I have spoken the words: “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word remains in eternity.” But these words are never to mean that a change is impossible for men, because then I would have to restrict the free will of men, if I wanted to prevent that an erroneous teaching than my teaching finds spreading in the world. As long as imperfect men inhabit earth, error will not to be eliminated. But I want to help men through truth to perfection; therefore I must again and again purify my word from that, what men in their imperfection add to it; I must illuminate the mistakes and defects of that, what men offer fellowmen as divine teaching. I therefore must seek for me willing helpers on earth, who are prepared to receive my word again in the original form, what is only possible through direct transmission, through an obvious expression of my spirit in the heart of man. But it guarantees purest truth. (28.6.1950) And for that reason my word will always and for ever sound in all pureness in the heart of few men and by these few again made accessible to fellowmen, who cannot receive it directly. My word will therefore not pass, as long as men are on this earth. But the deformed word will also always be presented to men, which is no longer entitled to be regarded as my word. For the adversary works against me; and he therefore seeks to intersperse pure truth with error, to turn men away from me. And they are too ignorant to reject that word, which no longer agrees with truth. They just keep to the word: “Heaven and earth shall pass, but my word remains in eternity”, after which they believe to have the guarantee that the word once spoken by me cannot be distorted. But as long as I leave free will to man, it is also possible for him, to disfigure my pure word, without me preventing him from it. But then it is no more my word, which is offered to you men. But my word will again and again flow to you out of the source, which is inexhaustible and just contains pure truth. And who is serious, he will always find the source and draw from it; he will not go there, where the water has become murky, but refresh himself at the source of life; he will want to drink the living water, and it will also be offered to him, as soon as his desire for it is serious. My word is the true water of life, as soon as it has not become murky, as soon as it is received clean and pure from above by men, imparted by me to those, who offer themselves to me as pure vessels, so that I fill them with my favour. My word is full of power, what however can never be claimed from that word, which has already experienced many changes through the will of men. That word is powerless; it can be listened to and will hardly prepare a way into the heart of man; it will remain without effect, because it has become the work of man, which is worthless for eternity. My word is to be drawn from the source; it is to be desired and received directly from me, and I will withhold it from no-one. Everyone can also feel the power at him, while men remain indifferent to the word, which is not mine, but is the means of my opponent, to drive away men from me. And for that reason he seeks to pollute it and to mislead men, because pure truth is his ruin, what he very well recognizes. But I help men and introduce them to truth, because only truth leads to me and truth alone makes happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4922.


Book 56 4923

Happy end after the great trouble.

28. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4923.

And your end will be a happy one. Do not fear the coming time with its fights and sufferings, but look forward to it courageously, because it does not last long, and what comes after that, is to fill you already today with joy, you who are mine and carry me in the heart. Do not be afraid, but just believe that I do not leave you, that I am always with you and prepared to help in every trouble and danger. It will certainly be a time full of troubles and worries, but always bearable for you, you who believe, because for whatever you ask, I want to give it to you, so that you do not despair and become aware of my love, which is meant for you persistently, and especially in the last time before the end. And for your sake I want to shorten the days; they will pass for you like flowing by, and soon the end will be, the day, where you are redeemed out of every trouble. And it will be a happy end for you, no matter whether you are transferred on to the new earth or before already enter the spiritual kingdom. I know about the will of the individual and will drop no-one, who turns to me and wants to come to me. But the trouble must come, since the opportunity is still to be offered to the last souls, to call on me for favour and help. For a call coming out of the heart will be heard by me, and my love will seize everyone, who calls me. For that reason you must also bear the great trouble, but you are not to fear it, because I help you carry it for you and there is truly nothing, what I could not turn away from you, so you ask me intimately for it. But once also this trouble has en end; and for that reason always realize that you are heading for an extremely happy time and will forget all the suffering on this earth, that you will see me myself and sing praise and thanks to me for my guidance, which let you become happy creatures, to which I give my love until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4923.


Book 56 4924

Inability to recognize the announcements. Work for God.

30. June and 1. and 2. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4924.

I am with you all days until the end of the world. But often you do not recognize me, although I obviously work amongst you. And I cannot reveal my identity to you, as long as you still see with the eyes of the world, so long you pay attention to that, what happens on the outside and do not bury yourselves inwards. I would like to embrace you with arms of love, but you strive away from me, and for that reason you do not recognize me. This may be said to all those, who are not able to recognize me in the word, which is sent from above to my servants chosen by me. My voice is clear; it can therefore be recognized as voice of the father. The non-recognition marks a state of inability to receive my word, which has its reason in that respect that the intellect and not the heart arrives to the review and that the cold intellect can never judge right, because my voice can only be heard by the heart. Certainly heart and intellect are to be active, because my word can stand an intellectual wise examination, but the judgement of the heart is the alone decisive one. But I point you to my Gospel that my disciples are recognizable on it that they have love amongst themselves. Love makes all of you to my children; but love you must also testify to you mutually, if you want to be my right disciples. Where one appears as the opponent of the other, there love is lacking and therefore also the ability to judge, since man without love is also without wisdom. For my sake you are to love each other, because otherwise I cannot impart wisdom to you, the alone true knowledge from above. Like dew-drops the proofs of my love fall into the opened calyxes (1.7.1950) of hearts warm with love, and so only one thing can give you the proof that it is I myself, who speaks words of love to men – that the receiver walks in love; that he is a good, willing to give and unselfishly serving man, who for that reason also stands in my favour. Loving men recognize me; they recognize my voice, but a heart without love never acknowledges me. For that reason love each other, if you want to be active as my disciples and hear my fatherly voice. This to all those, who doubt the genuineness of the word, which is brought to them as divine transmission. But to my loyal co-workers I say the following: (2.7.1950) Let time have an effect – time will achieve much, what seems impossible to you. You are not allowed to abandon yourselves to illusions that my pure word from above finds spreading, which it should and which also would be according to its immeasurable value. You are not allowed to forget that the powers of darkness are just working as eagerly to undermine pure truth, and you must consider that great power is given to my opponent for the last time on this earth, which he uses. Everything depends on the free will of man; I certainly direct men, but I do not force them. What I give from above is determined for both, the individual man as also for all; each one can refresh himself on it, but who does not want to do it, he is also not forced as far as I am concerned. Who is of a hungry heart, he desires food for the soul and also finds it, because I send it to him in some way, as soon as he desires it. Men could certainly be given extremely richly, because much bread out of the heavens is at your disposal. If I would now prevent the counter powers, then this would be a certain compulsion of the will, both on my opponent as also on those men, who no longer need to decide, but would have to accept, what is offered to them. The will of man alone decides. And even where the will of the one seemingly harms fellowmen, there I still always stand prepared with my gift of favour, so that no-one gets less than his fair share, who wants to be fed at my table. I hand out my communion to each one, who wants to be my guest. An no man’s will prevents me to do it. But you, you who are to serve the bread to my guest in my name, do not be unwilling, when your field of action is still small. Very soon already you will be able to develop; very soon already a work is demanded of you, where you can show complete commitment and you will also understand that until now I only requested groundwork from you because the will of man itself prevented you from eager work for me and my kingdom. Very soon already the call is issued to you to take up my service undivided. I want to bind my opponent for a long time. But also this is not allowed to happen out of arbitrary use of power, because my love and my justice will always be decisive for my will. As soon as my opponent does not exceed his authority, as long as he only does that, what I have granted him and what contributes to the free decision of the will of a man, so long I do not dispute this right of his. But he will exceed the boundaries of his authority – by him wanting to prevent men to gain knowledge about me, of a highly perfect being, which is in itself love, wisdom and omnipotence and wants to be recognized as creator and keeper of all things. The knowledge about this he seeks to stop, and I leave to him also in this fullest freedom so long, until enough is enough. And now understand that it is his first endeavour to drive out pure truth from above, therefore to take from men the possibility to gain knowledge about me through the divine word supplied to earth. Understand it that he will always start there, where truth out of me begins to assert itself. And then you will also grasp the many resistances, with which your spreading of the pure Gospel is opposed, which I certainly could abolish with my power and my will, when this would not be against my eternal order, to apply force, neither upwards nor downwards. And believe me that I also bless the smallest activity for me and my kingdom, which is done taking free will into account, despite of the great resistances, which make the work for me more difficult for you. You will still be allowed to do much work and are for that reason not to get tired to work on a small scale, until I call you, when it is time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4924.


Book 56 4925

Spiritual or letter meaning. Communion.

4. and 5. and 6. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4925.

Everything, what I have spoken on earth, is said for eternity and will therefore also never lose the meaning, which I have given to my words. That however men themselves give another meaning to them, is never allowed to lead to the assumption that I acknowledge this deformed interpretation. Each one man should come himself to realize that and why certain interpretations of my word are wrong, so they would just seriously think about them; but they just keep to the human interpretation, but less to my word, which also allows a different interpretation, which should be thought over with the desire to recognize the right and true. (5.7.1950) There is certainly a certain justification to quote my word unchanged as proof of truth of a faith teaching; but it must always be taken into consideration that not the word alone results in the meaning, but the spirit of the word only, that therefore also each one word can be applied, when one wants to put another meaning into it. What I have now spoken, has its meaning always only in the connexion with the spiritual development and must therefore also always be interpreted spiritually. It must stand in connexion with the whole; one word cannot be taken arbitrarily and therefore now be interpreted. My teaching is not incomprehensible, however it also requires enlightened thinking, because my words appear meaningless to an unenlightened spirit, therefore the right meaning can be grasped by man only, when his request for enlightened thinking has preceded it. With only intellectual interpretation no connexion is to be found; pure intellectual thinking gives my word a meaning, which can sometimes even be conflicting to that, what I want to say to men. For the one thing must be taken into consideration, that a struggle always prevails between truth and lie or error and that the representatives of both sides want to win the souls of men, therefore seek to influence their thoughts. And the forces of darkness will always intervene there, where the intellect alone is active, because it is not possible for them to find attention there, where the spirit of man is enlightened through his will and his call to me. (6.7.1950) You men could all be instructed by the spirit in you and would then also immediately recognize, where my teachings is interspersed with error; where the interpretation of my word is given letter wise, but not according to the general sense of it; you would also be able to correct every error yourselves through bright thinking, because then you would always be sure of my support, which I grant to everyone, who demands pure truth. But the adversary endeavours to keep you in ignorance, and he will seek to darken truth exactly there, where it is about important faith teachings. One false doctrine results in another one, and a wrong interpretation of my word means a wrong doctrine. I cannot stay differently in an earthly-material form, than that the spiritual, which is bound in that form, is a part of me, which is to slowly return to me again after the former defection. But I as highly perfect being do not move into a form visible to you, to now being present for you in this form. I am always and everywhere present, but whether conscious or perceptible for you that depends alone on your attitude towards me. Consequently you cannot unite with me through a certain process, but only through your self-shaping to love, which results in a direct connection with me. You therefore have a wrong idea of the communion with my disciples – because you again just read out the letter-meaning from my words, which I spoke to the disciples, but not the spiritual meaning. I handed out, bread and wine – food and drink; I gave, and the others received. I will always be the giver and hand out the bread of heaven, the food for the soul, which it finds in my word alone, which gives it the power to ascent development. Do the same to remember me. These words were the simplest reference to the fulfilment of my command to neighbourly love, which alone brings in the imparting of my word to men – which alone secures my presence to them, so that I can therefore have communion with them, as I have promised. My words, my acting were only figurative references for it, what they were to do to remember me. And who asks for the enlightenment of the spirit, he will brightly and clearly recognize and understand the meaning of my words, because the awakening of the spirit presupposes a way of life in love, therefore also already the unifying with me, which brings in fullest truth to him. But as long as men do not understand the spiritual meaning of my words, as long as they still believe me being bound in an earthly material form, their spirit is not yet awakened, and for that reason they cannot tell the difference between error and truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4925.


Book 56 4926

Key to wisdom is love.

7. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4926.

Fulfil my command of love, when you want to be happy. Then you will also do everything, what agrees with my will; then also your thinking will be right, and you will stand in truth. Then every doubt in you will fall; every question will be solved for you, and you will be able to believe convincingly. But the will also must be in you to come close to truth. You are not allowed to like self-created opinions; you must be prepared to give up your opinions; to exchange them for pure truth; you must seek truth. This is the condition to stand in truth, since it is not sent to you without your desire. It is certainly made accessible to you, from the outside through conversations or books or also through thoughts, but you will only then accept it, i.e. be able to approve of it with heart and intellect, when you are of serious will to find it. For truth, the knowledge about me and my work, about purpose and aim of all that, what is, is a very delicious gift for you, since you have once given it up voluntarily, when you, through the sin of the former rebellion against me, fell into darkness, which also means a state of complete ignorance. You yourselves do too little to put yourselves again in the possession of knowledge about everything, and nevertheless I am prepared to supply truth to you as gift of favour, so that you can work with it to become perfect. But in exchange I also demand your complete willingness to be introduced by me to the right knowledge, otherwise truth remains withheld from you and you are not able to recognize it as that, what it is. You however do not need to research and intellectually ponder about the value or unworthiness of that, what is send to you of spiritual material, but only one thing is the key to wisdom – love. Without love that knowledge remains closed to you; without love you lack the power of cognition; without love you make yourselves unworthy to receive pure truth from me, otherwise also evil, what lacks love, would have to stand in right cognition and there would be no need for error in the world, but which is nevertheless extremely strong represented in the world. Therefore I can only give you one command, to practise love, when you also want to be in the possession of truth and be happy. For only through love you can come to me, because I myself am love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4926.


Book 56 4927

Mentally deficient people. Possession.

7. and 8. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4927.

To all of you the way is shown, which leads to eternal life. And so no-one will be able to say having remained untaught, only the instructions can happen in multiple and different ways. But often it is also incomprehensible in which way the souls mature, which bearer is of a weak mind, who have no right judgement and who lack the ability being able to tell bad and good apart – those men, whose spirit is confused and who for that reason cannot be called to account. Also these souls have to fulfil their mission. They often do not need the earth walk themselves to mature, but are just means for the purpose for fellowmen, who must take an interest in their fate and to whom such men are added for examination on this earth. The actual inhabitant of the body often withdraws, while immature beings move into the body, which are not allowed to embodiment, but which want to express themselves, therefore influence a body illegally, to speak and act according to their will. Since these beings are immature, also the people controlled by them are without all intelligence and are for that reason unapproachable to intellectually ideas. The way of suffering of such a person is certainly taken into account of the soul inhabiting it, but the immature being has no advantages from its illegal embodiment. Nevertheless such an occurrence is allowed as far as I am concerned, because fellowmen can put themselves to the test at such an unhappy man, because they can practise love, gentleness and mercy to a high measure and therefore their soul matures, while the quietly withdrawn soul seeks and also finds spiritual contact with identical souls, to whom the same privilege was granted to inhabit an earthly body, without being allowed to carry out the actual functioning for this body, but thereat ascent in their development. (8.7.1950) It is an occurrence of the expression of the will during the earth walk, but which nevertheless means a subjugating under my will, because the soul staying in the body is already without resistance against me at the beginning of its embodiment as man. Immature powers use this voluntary renouncing of the will and therefore associate with the soul, as it were now already determining man on their part to act and speak, but which lacks reason and because of that one could not speak of a man thinking and feeling normally. But they are men – whose fashioning also my will allowed, who also possess my love, even so this is little recognizable to fellowmen. They are human beings, who appear unhappy to fellowmen and meagre provided for by me, but who go this way as means of purification for fellowmen and are also called to account for differently. But they must go their earth life way to the end, and it is not allowed to be cut short prematurely on the part of man, because it is a human life, which was awakened through my will and which purpose you fellowmen do not know. Love and mercy is to be given to them and also active help, where it is necessary. Through intimate prayers the powers can also be banished or changed, which have embodied themselves in them, but I must always be called upon, because I alone know, what these beings are lacking and is necessary, and I am also the Lord over the immature spiritual, of which they are besieged. Amen. B.D. NR. 4927.


Book 56 4928

Extraordinary occurrences signs of the near end.

9. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4928.

Everything points to the end, and when you men attentively pay attention to the occurrences around you, you will also recognize that I speak to you through them, that I also want to point you to the end through them and to your special mission, to be leaders in the last fight of faith. I want to strengthen your faith through my word; but I also want to help your fellowmen to faith, who cannot find it or are too weak to represent it. I want to speak to all of you in every just conceivable way, so that you do not fail in the last fight on this earth. I however always take into account the fact that you live in an extremely material world, that you have little contact with that kingdom, out of which truth comes, and that it is far more difficult for you to believe, because you no longer carry me alive enough in the heart, because you stand too far from the figure Jesus Christ and as a result can receive little power, because you do not believe. Truth supplied to you from the spiritual kingdom you do not accept; you do not believe the teachers, who are my servants. But I nevertheless do not want to drop you and approach you again and again with references to the end, with images of seers, which are brought to the public, with predictions of prophets, which are also heard by those, who want to know little of the end and the last judgement. I also know about the wrestling of many men about faith, and also to them I want to give a sign, which however is not to force them to faith. I want to make them startled and thoughtful; I only aim to achieve that with extraordinary appearances of the time of the end, because as soon as they seriously think, I can then approach them in the form of my word and instruct them according with truth. Only then they are open for my word, so it has been made accessible to them as obvious work on my part through the spirit. For only I can give them pure truth through my word. And only through the word from above can it be proven to them, what otherwise is unbelievable to them, what also does not prove itself through the sign itself, because such only speaks to the intellect, but not to the heart of man. You men must always know that you stand in the time of the end, that the signs will increase, which are no longer to be explained earthly and visibly point you to another world. Who recognizes them as such, will draw blessings out of it; who also goes past thereat, he will have to fear the last end, because it brings his ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 4928.


Book 56 4929

God’s love. Revelations. Mediators.

9. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4929.

That is my love towards you that I speak to you persistently and choose those men for me, through whom I can reveal myself to you. You all cannot gauge it, how urgently you need my encouragement, my admonitions and warnings, my instructions and explanations, since you all are in a state of ignorance, which I would like to remove. I would like to speak to you, and you cannot hear me. You live in a world, in which you lack the ability to hear my voice, because it is drowned out by the voice of the world. Only some few open the heart and hear what I want to say to you. And these are therefore the mediators, who make it possible that a contact is established between me and you. I speak to you all through these mediators, but you men do not believe it and doubt the word, which starts from me myself and is now offered to you. The father speaks to his children, and they do not recognize his voice. The confusion among men is great; the right thing they see as wrong, the wrong they acknowledge and do not let themselves be convinced of the fallacy of it. They have no competence to judge and still arrogate judgement about divine transmission to themselves. Darkness is great, and they still try to extinguish the light, which I send into darkness to help mankind onto the right way. And also this fact is a sign of the end; that they recognize me nowhere anymore and equate my work with the work of Satan; that they see all the divine as deception of Satan, but do not want to see his obvious counter work. They themselves pass a miracle indifferently and have so to speak become themselves slaves of my opponent, who clouds their look and seeks to darken the light. But I protect my light bearers; I do not tolerate it that they are attacked; they are active for me, and therefore I also stand behind them and their work. And no matter how much it is fought against truth on the side of the opponent, against my servants and prophets, they are active in my name and therefore do not need to fear that I leave them without power; that they succumb in the fight against my enemies – they serve me, and as their Lord I protect them from all attacks, as I also equip them with all wisdom and therefore give them a weapon into the hand, with which they will gain victory over the enemy. For they will fight with the sword of their mouth, and the shield of faith will cover them; I myself will fight at their side, and therefore victory will also be ours. Amen. B.D. NR. 4929.


Book 56 4930

Love for God - love for the neighbour. Workers in the vineyard.

10. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4930.

The word of God is sent to you, and you therefore stand in the cognition of truth; you are knowing and can instruct your fellowmen. Consequently you are therefore workers in the vineyard of the Lord. A work can be joy for man, but also a burden, and latter then, when it is carried out reluctantly, when it therefore does not make him happy. To work for the Lord in his vineyard is a voluntary service, and what is done voluntarily, also makes happy, even so when the work is difficult. To be active for God and his kingdom on earth is the most beautiful work for a man, who loves him. Therefore love for God is decisive, what work makes man happy, and this love for God must be expressed in serving neighbourly love. Man must serve God, by him helping the neighbour in his trouble. Then deep peace and inner happiness will fill him, and he will be a loyal servant for God. What is now offered to you from God that is to cause you to serving neighbourly love, because it is spiritual material, which is indispensible for your fellowmen, which they themselves do not possess and which is consequently to be sent to them. Mankind is poor of this, while you possess an immense wealth, a treasure, which you are to increase constantly and with which you can make everyone happy, with whom you communicate. Then you serve God and the neighbour. And then you also fulfil the divine love command, and you yourselves stand in the blessing of God, who has chosen you as his workers, because he knows about your will to be active for him. And for that reason you have no cause to dejection; you have no cause to doubt, as long as you receive his word from above, which proves his love to you and which you are to repay to him with your love. Be good and helpful against your neighbour, and you give him in this way a proof of your love for him, which will truly be repaid for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4930.


Book 56 4931

God’s word undeserved favour.

11. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4931.

The supply of the divine word to earth in the last time before the end is as an undeserved favour. For in this time men are so far from God that they as far as they are concerned would never request it and also make no preparations to fashion themselves so that they could hear the voice of God. But so God would not like to help men extraordinarily, also the few men striving for him would be endangered to sink into the deep, because the prince of hell has great power and men too little power to resist. With his favour God opposes his great power, which men themselves give him through their convictions – so that it is not made impossible for men to escape the power, which wants to throw them down. The favour of God is therefore an undeserved gift, a means of help of extremely great value, which God sends to men, although they do not ask him for it in prayer. But no compulsion is combined with the giving of this favour to accept it. It is such a secure means to reach the aim on earth, which God has set for man; it is completely up to him to apply it. It is a gift, which does not bind to accept it. It directly comes from God to men, but whether he acknowledges it as transmission of God, remains left to his will. And for that reason it cannot sound to men so that it must be unmistakeably recognized as God’s voice, but it must also leave to man the possibility to reject it, as long he resists the favour of God. And for that reason it will also be treated with hostility and doubted; it will be made out to be a phantom of his opponent, who approaches men in the robe of light to deceive them. But it is again easily recognizable as word of God to him, who stands in intimate association with God through love. He will be able to convincingly believe and well recognize the voice of the father as himself a child of God. For the divine will be recognized by all those, who themselves strive for the divine and want to fashion themselves to that, what they were from the very beginning. And so only faith of those can be offered as proof of the divine transmission, who themselves are good and strive for God. The voice of the heart will tell them, who speaks to them, because God reveals himself to every man through the heart, but in order to hear these revelations the heart must be filled with love, which recognizes God for that reason, because he himself is love. And this love causes him to supply his gift of favour undeservedly to men standing in great trouble and to come to the help of those, who are besieged by the adversary, because they believe in God and seek the joining together with him. To these he reveals himself, and his voice will always be recognized by them as voice of the father. Amen. B.D. NR. 4931.


Book 56 4932

God’s will: Fulfilment of love commands.

12. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4932.

My will is so clearly apparent out of my command of God’s and neighbourly love. Everything is contained in it, what you are to do and leave, and so you therefore fulfil these commands, you are going to meet perfection. For then you can neither sin anew nor remain in the old sin, which existed in that respect that you voluntarily moved away from me, therefore refused love to me and after that also lapsed into lack of love to all creatures starting from me. And so your love to me means, so you fulfil my commands, again joining together with me and radiating through of my love power, so that you are again in the former light and power consistency, therefore stand in fullest cognition and can create and fashion according to own will – that you are now again perfect, i.e. having again fashioned yourselves to divine beings, which you have been at the very beginning. And for that reason you men must first know about my will, so that you live accordingly, to be happy. My will must be represented to you, and therefore you must listen to my word, which clearly and comprehensibly reveals my will to you. My word introduces you to my love command, to all your duties to me and fellowmen; my word enlightens you about your distance to me, so you do not seek to decrease it yourselves; my word gives you knowledge of my love, favour and mercy, of my wisdom and omnipotence, so that the flame of love to me can lighten itself in you, as soon as you just have a love willing heart. My word also describes your fellowmen as my children, to whom you therefore are to step up like brothers, to whom you are also to give your love, if you want to fulfil my will. My word admonishes and warns you and draws your attention to the results of a wrong way of life, a way of life in lack of love, in not paying attention to my commands. You must receive my word if you want to be happy. But in which form my word is sent to you, that let me take care of, just be willing to accept it, when I offer it to you, because only through my word you can hear my will and be happy only through the fulfilment of my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4932.


Book 56 4933

The purpose of life on earth is the reshaping of the being to love.

13. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4933.

In the cognition of my will now also lies your purpose of life: to form yourself to love to adapt yourself to my personality, to again take on your original nature that is necessary to stay near to me because otherwise you would have to cease to exist in the radiation of my love. The forming to love then inevitably also results in the state of light, thus a continuous increase in wisdom and in power. Life on earth is just a means to an end to bring about this reshaping that is an act of free will, therefore can be accomplished on earth, but does not have to be achieved. Constantly man is given the opportunity during life on earth to be active in unselfish neighbourly love; he can seize every opportunity but he also can go past it, however last purpose of life is the reshaping of his personality that, at the beginning of the embodiment as man, only knows little about love, which is meant for the fellow human being, but is animated only by love of self, that he is to conquer on earth. It is a certain process of change that takes place during life on earth, but that also can remain unsuccessful when the will of man does not strive for a success. But he who considers life on earth to be an end in itself, who seeks to win from it that what it offers in bodily pleasures, who is not active for his life after death, he will be in a very miserable state at the end and full of remorse he will think of all the unused opportunities that he missed out of free will. He will have the same degree of maturity as at the beginning of the embodiment on earth or even have gone back in his development when he let his desires and lusts become apparent on earth unbridled and therefore violated my laws of love, thus increased the distance to me. I gave life on earth to man for perfection, for ascent development, and it can earn him highest success, but in the same way he has to answer to me for an unused life on earth that he ignored or misused to new sins, to once again fall away from me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4933.


Book 56 4934

Passing of the test of will in earth life.

13. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4934.

Earth life is just a trial period, where you are to prove that you use the will right. If you pass the test, so you will only then have the right life, a life, which satisfies you in everything, which makes you happy, because it always brings you fulfilment of your desire. But your desire is of a different kind than on earth. Only in comparison with the joys of the spiritual kingdom you recognize, how vain earthly goods were; you no longer strive for passing things, but you recognize the value of those goods, which are imperishable. But as long as you chase after material goods on earth, so long your thinking and wanting revolves around earthly joys or earthly possessions, so long your will is still gaged by him, who is lord of the earthly world, because that is his means to win you that he entices you with joys of the world, to distract you from the goal, which is set for you for earth life. But then you can hardly pass the test of will and also hardly enter into the spiritual kingdom to eternal life after your decease. For the test of will not passed gains you a doubtful lot in eternity; a state of agony, where you constantly demand earthly goods, to continuously having to recognize that they no longer exist for you, that you are therefore poor, because you possess neither spiritual nor earthly goods. As long as you dwell on earth, you are to learn to recognize the worthlessness of the earthly material and seek to break away from it, because only the turning away from these opens spiritual possessions for you, because a man can never gain both at the same time and because the free will of man must decide, which goods seem to be desirable for him. A right used will it is, when man gathers spiritual goods, when he does not let himself be tempted by earthly pleasures, but constantly seeks connection with the spiritual world, when he renounces that, what the world offers him and in exchange lets himself be given spiritual things, when he therefore pays little attention to the wishes of the body and gives instead to the soul, when he supplies it with spiritual food and renounces earthly pleasures to not let the soul live in want. When man seeks God, he will also let himself be found, because such a will is pleasant to him and secures God’s love and favour for man. Then he has passed the test of will and lived his earth life successfully for the soul, and then a happy life also expects him in the spiritual kingdom, which last for ever and compensates him for everything thousand fold, what he has done without on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4934.


Book 56 4935

Divine power - Living faith - Miracle work.

14. and 15. July 1950 B.D. NR. 4935.

An unsuspected power stays in you, which you just need to bring to development to be able to carry out all, what you want. You, as creatures having gone out from me, are a part of me and consequently must also be able to have everything at your disposal, what makes you recognizable as children of me; you must, like divine beings, be penetrated by light and power, as soon as you yourselves feel as children of me. You are, but you are not aware of it, and that because of you wanted to break the relationship with me, which inseparably exists between us; and you therefore separated from me mentally, therefore have carried out the separation from me in your awareness. But you nevertheless remain what you are, and you just need to again establish the relationship with me awareness wise to being able to work in all power and might, as it was your original purpose in the beginning. This awareness slumbers in you, but can awaken, as soon as you are of good will and practise love. Love is the only means to get into your original state; love again establishes the connection from you to me; love puts you into the state of cognition, and therefore you also become aware what you are and in which relationship you stand to me and should stand. Love also lets faith become alive in you, and then it is possible for you, to feel yourselves as children of me and to again change your nature, having become un-divine through own will, and to radiate in purest divinity, to become my image and to now also being able to do in fullness of power, what you plan. You are divine products and can never deny the original being; but you could yourselves take on another form through your will, therefore veil the divine in you, and as a result you became weak and powerless, blind in spirit and destitute of all knowledge. But this is not your actual nature, but just an adopted one, an appearance state, which to remove I apply all means, but what can only happen in that way that you yourselves gain the cognition, what you were, what you are and you are to become, and you make an effort in free will to reach the goal, the state of perfection, which puts you in the possession of unsuspected power and brightest light, so that you are also already on earth able to do everything, that you can already work miracles on earth, when you are serious about the change of your nature, when you live in love, by this reach living faith and now consciously use your power in connection with me, as it is also my will. (15.7.1950) Then you will also be able to work miracles in faith in my love and favour; you will as it were use your power to the blessing of fellowmen, pleading for my help, but in the awareness of fullness of power, which lets you succeed in everything. As part of me you also possess divine power, which you can increase indefinitely through your faith. But this is already a sign of the union with me in free will. You remaining on earth is then still only necessary because of fellowmen; you yourselves have reached the degree, which is required for the entrance into the spheres of light, and your work will therefore only be a testimony to the unbelievers or weak in faith. You are children of God, but must nevertheless first acquire again the right of a child, because you have given it up voluntarily. As long as you are therefore without power, you still stand under the burden of the former sin of wanting to detach yourselves from me. Consider that you have then not yet reached the goal on earth, as long as you lack this power, what indeed can only still be a lack of faith, which only becomes alive through love. You therefore lack love and faith, and to remove this this lack is to be your work, your constant striving and most inner desire. And you entrust yourselves to me in prayer , so you ask me for strengthening of faith and deepening of love, I want to help you and fill you with power as a sign that you are my children, which I love from the very beginning and will love until all eternity. You will succeed in everything in faith in this my infinite love to you. And so you now consider that your faith, which lets you work miracles, can also rescue fellowmen out of deepest spiritual trouble, so you know that it is my will, when you use your power to awaken or enliven the faith of fellowmen, that it is also my will, when in the time of the end children strong in faith support me and my word and reinforce their speeches with signs of the power of faith, then you also know that I bless each one, who is therefore active for me, that he testifies to me and my power, who works miracles in my name for the sick and weak, for men, who are in big earthly trouble, but allow the extraordinary work at them through a faith in me even so only weak. In the time of the end I need strong supports on earth, as counter powers for the work of Satan, who wants to stamp out all faith and who finds resistance at strongly believing men, which he cannot defeat. I need everyone, who lets himself be flowed through by my power, to obviously testify to me and my kingdom, which is not of this world. Amen. B.D. NR. 4935.


Book 56 4936

Power of faith of a living but wrong faith.

16. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4936.

Only few men stand in the right and true faith, therefore in that faith, which is completely in accordance with truth. But I nevertheless also respect the faith of those, who are not instructed in truth, who also livingly belief in that, what they have been taught, who have therefore won a living faith out of love to me and to the neighbour, which they do not give up, because they then fear to sin. They trust in me and are convinced that I fulfil their request, and such a faith I do not let come to nothing, out of which it is apparent that also the wrongly believing can experience unusual help by virtue of their faith, but out of which then the truth of that believed by them is not to be derived from, but only the power of a living faith can be seen from. I nevertheless also seek to supply pure truth to them, which they once have to accept to be happy – if not on earth, then in the hereafter. But it will be far more difficult with them to penetrate with truth, because the false doctrines are too deeply rooted in them and my opponent seeks to again and again mix new false doctrines among truth, in what he succeeds so much easier the more men believe blindly, i.e. do not think about the spiritual material supplied to them. But love is decisive, because love enlightens the spirit. In a loving man reservations will rise automatically and doubts in the correctness of that, what is made out to be pure truth. And for that reason the man standing in love is often critical and is most likely to free himself of wrong faith teachings, or else, his faith becomes so alive through love that he sees in me the most love-full and powerful being, with whom nothing is impossible – and out of it also springs the deep faith in the miracle power of certain things, which I do not disappoint, although it deviates from truth and a teaching can never find my approval, which misleads men. Everything is certainly possible for me, but only the childlike love and the unlimited trust of a man in my help cause me to give it to him, because I have given you men the promise that I do not let a firm faith come to nothing, that I give you everything, what you ask, so you pray in the spirit and in truth. And a firm, undoubted faith also guarantees a prayer in spirit and in truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4936.


Book 56 4937

Limits of knowledge. Exceeding of those.

16. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4937.

No limit is set to your knowledge, but you yourselves set it for you through your will and your state of maturity of the soul. For both the will as well as the state of maturity of the soul you can change, and for that reason it is you yourselves, who set a limit to knowledge. Ignorance, therefore lack of knowledge, is the result of your still far distance from me; if you now decrease this distance in free will, then you also enter into the state of cognition, therefore you receive a knowledge, which is in accordance with truth and consequently guides you into cognition. And according to your striving to reach my nearness, the state of light in you will increase, which is therefore according to the knowledge about truth, and that unlimitedly as far as I am concerned. As soon as you fulfil your earth life purpose, therefore strive to become perfect, i.e., to fashion yourselves to my image through a love life, the penetration into the truth wise knowledge is a matter of course, because it arises itself out of the life according to my will, out of the change to love, that you again enter out of the state of ignorance into the state of cognition, into a state of light, which was allotted to you at the original beginning and which you have lost through your own fault. Love and knowledge about pure truth consequently belongs together; it makes man again to a divine being, which it was from the very beginning. As far as I am concerned nothing remains hidden to man; he can penetrate into all secrets, so he just chooses the right way – the connection with me, I who know about everything, through work in love. Consequently no limits of knowledge are set for men, because who researches with me and about me, from him I will withhold nothing, so he is worthy of truth to the fullest extent through his way of life. For with my support even such fields he can research, which are unfathomable to the intellect of man, as soon as his will strives for this, but at the same time the will is also meant for his perfection. For I set conditions for the handing out of pure truth, of that knowledge, which only I alone can impart. And these conditions must be fulfilled: The fashioning to love is the first condition, since otherwise man would not be worthy and also not able to receive the knowledge imparted to him by me. He must first fashion himself to a receiving vessel of the divine spirit, to then be introduced through my spirit into deepest knowledge, which is unlimited for him, who wants to exceed the boundaries, which the intellects sets for him. But this will only be comprehensible to him, who through a life in love and serious striving for truth has for himself created the proof and he consequently has already become knowing. But to the intellectual man the proof is not to be produced, for he also does not accept the knowledge won through the work of the spirit as truth, and he will therefore also never be able to exceed the boundaries of knowledge, which have been set for him as man. Amen. B.D. NR. 4937.


Book 56 4938

Power transmission through the word of God.

19. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4938.

To be able to hear the voice of the father is the result of a living faith, which causes the earth child to bury itself into its most inner being and to speak to me in thoughts or to wait for my address, because it longs for the voice of the father. My child can also no longer lose this faith; it only can more or less often withdraw to quietness and for that reason also more or less be penetrated by the power of my word, what therefore also has a different effect on the state of the soul, which is now strong or weak in the earth life struggle. If the soul is without power supply, so it does not cope with the earth life tests; it can resist little and is dejected and discouraged. But if power is supplied to the soul, then man overcomes everything without difficulties. The power supply can only come from me myself; it is imparted out of me to mine in form of my word. Whoever fetches power from my word, he will never be weak or unable for the life struggle, because he connects in thoughts with me and desires to hear me. And therefore he turns to the right place, because only one can hand out power and also does it. Who hears my voice and recognizes me in that, he is also my child, which I never leave without help. But it must come to me by itself and want to hear me. Only then I express myself to it, but not always in the same way, because not all men can hear me directly, so faith is too weak in it that I announce myself in the word through my spirit in the heart of man. But then I also supply my word to him, through fellowmen or through writings, but always recognizable to him, who seeks me and wants to hear me. But to listen to the inside to my voice testifies to a deep faith in me, which I assess particularly high and reward through imparting of my word, which is blessed with my power. And you all are to make use of this directly received word, because you receive much power from me and can deepen your faith, as soon as you let my word have an effect on you. The power of my word is immeasurable, but also to those my power is supplied, who receive my word through mediators or the Scriptures, because their will and their desire for me enables them to recognize it as my word, and they also expose themselves to its effect; they receive power and favour. Who recognizes my voice as voice of the father, he belongs to mine, who can request power for themselves at any time and are always given by me. For that reason often go into quietness and listen, what I want to say to you, and you will go through earth life easily and freely; nothing will frighten you and nothing oppress, because you overcome everything, because you receive power with my word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4938.


Book 56 4939

"In the name of Jesus Christ." Teachings.

20. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4939.

So always when you teach in my name, you teach right. But the mere mentioning of my name is not enough, which also each one can express, who does not stand in the living faith in me, but in spirit and in truth you must call me to you, then you will also speak in my name, and your words will be right; your thinking will be according to truth, and you will be yourselves completely convinced of that, what you speak, therefore can also instruct your fellowmen successfully. But you are never allowed to eliminate me. In the name of Jesus Christ you are therefore to bring the Gospel to men; as messengers from me you are to appear, and your mission you are to seek to make believable to men through transmission of the word, which you receive directly from me. You are to speak in my name and again glorify my name, by you reporting about my extraordinary work in and at you, so that also fellowmen learn to believe convincingly. You are to spread my Gospel throughout the world – as right messengers of me you are to preach love and also practise yourselves to give to all a proof of the power of love, who are of good will. For the love teaching must be announced once again, so as I have taught it myself on earth. And for that reason my spirit must be able to be active in you; I myself must be able to stay with you through your will. As soon as you now express my name full of devotion, I am with you, and then everything is directed and ordained by me; then you will be right disciples, who fulfil their assignment under my assistance, therefore spread the Gospel among men. If you speak in my name to them, then the words are directed at fellowmen by me myself; then they will also not miss their effect, because the willing man recognizes my voice and is also touched by it, because he feels it that they are not words of man, but God’s words. You are to never speak out from yourselves, but always begin the conversation in my name, and you will be astonished about the success and the effect of your speaking on the listener. For where I can stay through your will, there success is also truly guaranteed, even so not immediately recognizable, but the words keep their effect and come again and again with clarity into the thoughts of him, for whom they are meant. My name has great power, and blessed is he, who makes use of this power. Amen. B.D. NR. 4939.


Book 56 4940

Prediction of natural disaster. Dead stretches.

21. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4940.

The last end is preceded by a powerful event that has to make all men think that survive it. It will be a portent of the end, a destruction in small scale compared with the last work of destruction of this earth, but also of such an extent as mankind has not yet experienced as long as the earth exists. It is a natural event that will bring men into a state of turmoil that fall victim to it or hear about it, because the effects of the event are too powerful to remain unnoticed. So-called dead stretches are formed that show no life because the emanations of the earth at these places suffocate all life. A visible work of the forces of nature will be recognizable so that this phenomenon cannot be attributed to human influence because I want to reveal myself through this event to convince men also of the near end that seers and prophets announce all the time on behalf of me. Renewed suffering is in store for men and there is no getting round this suffering as long as they pay tribute to the world and pay attention to me just alongside. They have to seek me so that I can let myself be found and only such an event can achieve this that can no longer be explained as work of men. They have to feel a higher power behind it and entrust themselves to this power in their earthly trouble. That is why they have to be at the mercy of this power in order to seek refuge in it of their own accord. They have to be without earthly help to visibly feel the help from above. That is why a powerful storm will come up that uproots and chases up everything; the earth will split and from above and below men are at the mercy of the elements, against whom they cannot struggle because their strength is not sufficient; an unbearable heat will already beforehand make men unable and dull and apathetically they follow the first phenomena of nature until they then realize their bad situation and now nearly brutally fight for their life that they fear to lose. And I will give all those my support in their trouble who are of good will, I will give them knowledge so that they can see in all what is happening my rule and work and also teach and encourage their fellow human beings out of this knowledge to turn to me and preach to them about my love, wisdom and omnipotence so that they call for me when they are in trouble. And I want to be their guide, through all the trouble shall be saved those who believe in me and want to serve me in the last times before the end. Because soon these events will be followed by the downfall of the old earth as it is written. But men are not to experience this downfall unprepared and that is why I send a shadow before it to them - a last indication that is to be believed so that men do not go into eternal ruin, so that they can save themselves if they only make use of their will the right way. Amen. B.D. NR. 4940.


Book 56 4941

Increasing darkness before the end.

22. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4941.

The shadows will darken the more it comes to the end. Darkness will increase among mankind; many will still turn away from the faith, who think to be too clever to be able to believe, for which all proofs are lacking. One will want to drive out faith with the intellect, and a way will be sought to convince men of the untenability of faith. And mankind will sink into always deeper night – because it flees the light, and the brighter the light shines the blacker the night is for those, who step out of the ray of light, i.e., who once had the favour to be touched by a ray of light, and flees from this ray, for him it will not any more become day for a long time, because he spurned a gift of favour from me, which my love offered to him. Who has once taken note of my imparted word from above, which appears clear and pure to him and which he nevertheless does not accept, because he feels comfortable in the darkness of the spirit, he will not find his way out of the dark for a long time, and that not undeserved. But at the end it will be conspicuous, how action is taken against the light and its bright shine. At the end all faith will be rejected, and that the easier there, where the false doctrines are openly recognized as such and it is believed they can justify the rejecting of all faith teachings. It will be impossible for men in their dark spiritual state to recognize truth, and for that reason everything will be rejected, what has connexion with faith in a God and creator from eternity. And where a brightly shining light breaks through darkness, there one will consider it as deception and do everything to extinguish it. Darkness will increase the closer the end is. But then the light from above must shine with all power to show the way to the few, who want to flee out of darkness. But this light has been lightened by me and is also maintained by me, and it will not be possible for the powers of darkness to extinguish it. Again and again the light shines down to earth, and the clearer darkness becomes, which is spread over earth. And who is radiated through by light, him darkness does not harm any more; his spirit sees brightly and clearly and recognizes me, and for that reason he also remains loyal to me and confesses me to the end. And because of that I seek to light a light everywhere, which shines brightly in darkness. I seek to kindle everywhere living faith in me and my love, in my work and my truthfulness. And who has won this faith, he cannot fall any more back into darkness for ever; he will not be put off by the intellect of those, who want to take faith from him, because he knows more than the intellect of man can fathom – he has reached the cognition, which the intellect cannot win, but the heart only, and this cognition helps him, to hold out to the end, which is shortly about to happen. Amen. B.D. NR. 4941.


Book 56 4942

"You are Peter the rock on you I will."

24. and 27. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4942.

I certainly have established a church on earth, but wanted no organization. I say this to all, who interpret my word "You are Peter, the rock, on you I will build my church" in a way that therefore I myself am the founder of worldly organizations, which call themselves the true church of Christ. As all my words, so also were these to be understood spiritually, indeed quite easily comprehensible, when the deep faith of my disciple Peter is understood as rock, which alone must be characteristic to all those, who belong to my true church. My church is a purely spiritual work; a community is to be understood by it, which is in faith firm as Peter, but never a coming together of men in a purely worldly organization, which must be called worldly for that reason, because everything must be recognizable outwardly, what proves the belonging to that organization, because further (regulations) laws were enacted, which make man unfree in thinking and acting, what completely contradicts my will. What I demand of men, who belong to my church, is: to strive for me in free will, to which faith in me is necessary and also love. But both cannot be forced or reached through regulations; love to me does not awaken in accordance with one’s duty, but only through faith in my perfection, and this faith can certainly be taught, but not demanded. (26.7.1950) Man must bring himself to faith, after knowledge was given to him of me, of his creator and father from eternity. Only this self-gained faith makes man to the member of my church; therefore an organisation cannot be my church, which can count a lot of members, but who lack the living self-gained faith. For although both faith as also love is preached in it, it is still only the listeners, who themselves must let the will be active, to acquire the right, belonging to my church established by me. And because of that I emphasize again and again that this church could not be fashioned by men through the establishing of an organization, which shows leaders in different rank levels as every worldly organization, to whom I have never handed over such an office, who have more ruling than serving functions and who themselves are often not members of the church established by me, because they only believe blindly, what also has been taught to them, and who themselves have still not acquired the convinced faith through thinking as well as the living faith through works of love. These therefore believe of themselves to be my representatives on earth, and they still cannot impart to men the knowledge according to truth, because they themselves do not possess it. They feel themselves as successors of Peter, however are not, because their faith does not show the strength of a rock, as soon as it is put to the test. My church, established by me, will prove itself - the gates of hell will not overpower it. But so the walls of that church are shaken, what my will has planned, it will not withstand, and only blindly believing fanatics will remain firm, but not out of conviction, but out of fanaticism, but what is not regarded as loyalty as far as I am concerned. For I demand of men a thinking about everything, what happens to them; and I want that they become seeing and do not remain blind through their own fault. I also demand thinking about my words: You are Peter, the rock, on you I want to build my church, and the gates of hell will not overpower it. I demand thinking about how these my word are to be understood: (27.7.1950) I want that they are interpreted truthfully and that you men also recognize, when human interpretation is not according to the spiritual meaning, which I have put into my words. And you can recognize it, so you just think in the will according to pure truth, so you are instructed by those, who call themselves my representatives on earth. My right representatives are certainly instructed in truth and can consequently also hand over a right explanation to their fellowmen about my word and its deep spiritual meaning. But my representatives also belong to the church established by me, although they belong to no earthly organization. My right representatives will also in my name announce to all spiritual organizations the end of their existence, because everything, what has gone away from right truth, will pass, even so the conviction is represented with men that that church is invincible. Invincible will only that church be, which I myself have established on earth, which is a spiritual community of those, who have a faith like Peter and fashion themselves through this faith to my image, who can also believe fervently, because they are instructed in truth, who let my spirit have an effect in them, which is and will always remain a sign of belonging to the church established by me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4942.


Book 56 4943

Divine revelations bind. Near end.

29. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4943.

To be instructed by me in truth is a gift of favour, which also binds. Who is richly blessed by me, he is to give away of his possession to the neighbour, otherwise he is not worthy of my love and favour. And who is covered by my favour, he is himself always prepared to communicate and to make fellowmen happy, as he himself is made happy. Who receives my gift of favour he also stands in love and passes on, what he receives. Out of it emerges that, when I reveal myself – for my revelations are extraordinary gifts of favour – I also want that they find spreading, because they are of enormous value for the development of the soul. Grasp it, you men, that my word is for you the most secure means to reach your aim on earth, to become perfect. My word is therefore not allowed to be judged little; the living water is not allowed to dry up in the sand, but a river bed must be created for it; it must continue to flow, so that many can refresh themselves at the water of life, which gushes from the original source of my love. When I reveal myself to a man, then it means that I give him a proof of my existence and of my association with that man, who in his love longs for me; I reveal myself to him; I let him become aware of my presence as it were; I reveal my identity to him. But who has himself recognized me, he also gives his fellowmen a testimony of me, and that it is what every revelation is to aim at – to awaken or to strengthen faith in me. And since I wrestle for the souls of all my creatures, since I want to win all for eternal life, also all men are to gain knowledge of me; they are to know that the eternal divinity expresses itself to each one man, because all are children of its eternal love. For that reason every revelation on my part is to be mentioned, and fellowmen will, in accordance with their way of life, believe in it or not, because the ascent development of the soul is a matter of free will. Who receives much, he is to also hand out much. If now the receiver of my word is destined for a teaching activity, then the measure of favour will be inexhaustible, because now he is active as mediator between me and men; he has to fulfil a mission, to pass on an extensive knowledge, which spreading has now become necessary to decrease the great spiritual need. This knowledge concerns the clearing up of my already very deformed teaching and at the same time the serious difficulties of men, who move on this earth in the last time and are in an unfortunate state through their inadequate knowledge; who are in greatest danger through a way of life contradicting my will and through misled thinking, to get lost in the end for eternal times. Through the supply of truth and through admonitions and warnings men still willing can be led on the right way, and this is the mission of him, who is taught by me; who, through the inner word, is mediator between me and men. For that reason the knowledge, which that mediator receives, contains for the first time the pure Gospel, the un-deformed love teaching, which I as the man Jesus made accessible to men myself on earth, to lead them back from the way of ruin, on which they walked, on to the way of salvation. The Gospel is to again be announced to men so pure, as it once went out from me, and for that reason I must again send my word from above to men; they must receive it directly from me, even so imparted through the mouth of man, because the at present deformed teaching is applied as means of my opponent and therefore causes more harm than spiritual success for the soul. I know it how necessary it is to send pure truth to men, and I bless everyone, who supports the spreading of the pure teaching in the last time before the end as my right disciple, as apostle of the time of the end; who wants to wage the war against error and the lie and makes himself available to me for this. And so the supply of the pure Gospel to earth through the inner word is a great revelation of me myself, because I am the word myself, and what goes out from me, must also testify to me as that, what I am. My word is recognizable to everyone, who wants to recognize it. But in addition the end is near. And I want to announce this to men through seers and prophets. I therefore need again men, who present it, driven by my spirit, again and again to fellowmen that the last time has come. They do not speak of themselves; they speak on my behalf, as my messengers; and also this mission is important, because men are to be roused out of their rest and pointed to the future, which is decisive for every one individual for eternity. My servants on earth will not have very much success, nevertheless they are to be active restlessly and miss no opportunity to mention my extraordinary work, my revelations. As active workers in the vineyard of the Lord they are to use every day, because time is pressing. The end is near, so near, as you are not able to believe it. For that reason shout at everyone: Create and work, as long as it is still day, because the night comes, where you can no longer work. Amen. B.D. NR. 4943.


Book 56 4944

The power of the word. Ineffectiveness.

31. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4944.

The word’s power cannot become effective, as long as man reacts negatively against it. Therefore the word will also not be recognized as that, what it is: as radiation of the eternal divinity, as long as man does not want that it gives testimony to it. The inner defence is a visible influence of the opponent of God, because a good man feels beneficently touched, because the opponent of God has no power over these men. The divine word is the direct radiation of God – the love power of God can certainly get through everywhere, but it immediately becomes ineffective, as soon as it encounters resistance, otherwise the word would exert a certain spiritual compulsion on men, who still adapt themselves in opposition to God. The God-hostility does not just exist in the open rejection of God and obvious resistance, but man can outwardly appear as God-affirmative and still be inwardly full of contradiction against everything, what is connected with faith. And on such man God’s word remains completely without impression. His heart remains closed, because his intellect wants to say ‘no’, what demands an affirmative attitude to be able to have a favourable effect. To offer this pure word of God out of heaven to these men does not promise much success, and these are those men, of whom it can be said, they are neither warm nor cold – who do not have the courage to openly reject, who are regarded as believing and still inwardly say ‘no’ to everything and often still influence fellowmen with their attitude. For these the divine word is therefore no source of power, because they only hear it according to the letter, and it has no spiritual meaning for them. These are those, who also doubt the book of the fathers, even so they openly profess it. And for that reason they will also read it without understanding, and it will rather confuse than enlighten their spirit. For the power is not able to reach the heart. It is just a dead word, because life is lacking, because man himself is dead in the spirit. And spirit must speak to spirit. God’s word is that power current, which again touches the divine spark, but only, so man is willing for it. All defence interrupts the current, because God gives nothing, what does not want to be received. And so it is comprehensible that the word of God is the more effective the more intimately it is desired. The longing for the divine word also secures the receiver an inexpressible blessing, and the power of God flows through him, who opens himself to the power current through his desire for it. He feels it, what fellowmen cannot grasp; he will comprehend, what is completely incomprehensible to that one, because through his desire he connects himself with God, a connection, which that one can never enter into, because he is far from God and does not make demands on his power to being able to approach him. Because without power supply out of God man is a weak being, and he achieves nothing on earth, as long as he withdraws himself from this power supply through his will, as long as he still stands under the influence of him, who is God’s opponent, who did not want to acknowledge God as source of power and because of that fell. Amen. B.D. NR. 4944.


Book 56 4945

Spring of life. Communion. Flesh and blood.

3. and 4. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4945

Out of the spring of life you are to draw always and constantly, and you will never lack power for the ascent up. What is offered to you, is food for the soul, which you urgently need on your journey through life, and for that reason you are not to let your soul live in want, by you passing indifferently thereby, so I want to feed you at my table. Bread and wine I want to serve you to the strengthening of the soul, and my table of gifts is always laid for hungry earth walkers, who want to be my guests. I feed and water them and let no-one go from me unfed, who wants to let himself be refreshed by me. But who resist me, I do not force to accept my gift, but I advise him, not to go past the well of life, which opens up for him the most delicious, what there is on earth. He is to stop for a little while in his wandering and think about it, whether his power will be enough to the end of the way, so he does not accept strengthening, so it is offered to him. For he will bitterly regret it, when he collapses before the end and can no longer rise to continue the way. You men need all strengthening, because it is not the body, which is to reach its destination, but the soul. You certainly look well after the body, but you let the soul live in want, and so a fountain of life opens to it, you hurry past, and you weaken it that it cannot fulfil its earth task to develop up, because what it lacks, that the world cannot give it, but only I can serve it that food, the bread from the heavens, which alone gives it power on the way up. The food, which I give it, is my word, which is imparted to it from above through my love. Who accepts my word in himself, he will receive much power and be able to effortlessly cover the ascent, because my word is such an effective food and such a life awakening drink that man knows no weakness any longer and is filled by a strong will to reach me, I who stand at the end of the way and stretch out my hands towards him in longing love for all my creatures. And so my love is constantly intent on supplying power to the earth children, which can only be imparted to them through my word. Constantly I want to offer them my word, my flesh and my blood, because they must receive me myself to come close to me, because without me they do not arrive on top and because of that I make myself accessible to them in the word, so that they are happy (4.8.1950) No outwardly perceptible act is necessary to let me be present, because man will always only then hear my word, when he listens into himself in all quietness. He will therefore only then be fed by me with soul food, when he mentally establishes an intimate connection with me, which enable him to hear my word, and this intimate connection needs no outward sign, no ceremony and no visible act. An opened heart is all, what I demand to be able to let the current of favour of my love flow into it to truly feed and water the man, because his soul needs strengthening and I reward the intimate connection with me, by me expressing myself in the word. My word is the manna, which comes from heaven; my word is the pledge of my love, because love is the only way to me, which is taught to all through my word. My word is simultaneously means and purpose, because it leads to me and goes out from me as power, so that it helps man to ascent. The word proves me, I who am without beginning and without end, I who announces himself obviously, therefore serve my flesh and blood to all those, who want to accept it from me. And all of you are to refresh yourselves of my gift of favour; you all are to long for my address with a hungry and thirsty heart; you all are to desire to be fed by me, and you will always receive bread and wine; I will always invite you to communion and provide you as my guests with everything, what you need for body and soul. And never ever will your soul need to live in want, so the fountain has opened to it, out of which the living water flows. Amen. B.D. NR. 4945.


Book 56 4946

Will like decision in earth life.

6. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4946.

Only the will like decision is demanded of you during your earth life, but which you must announce with the heart, not just with the mouth. The will of man will be directed upward or downwards, and according to this will is his way of life, which therefore expresses, which direction the will has taken. Since the will is now free as far as I am concerned, man determines by himself the direction of his will; he is therefore not in a compulsory state and therefore must, to be able to decide, have knowledge of both goals, between which he is to decide. Good and evil can be his thinking, good and evil his striving; good and evil are the opposite poles, which exert their attraction on every man, who lives on earth. Good and evil are those powers, which seek to influence man’s thinking. But man himself must take the decision and therefore I have also given him the ability to recognize good and evil, therefore feeling wise his decision should be the right one, but this feeling is deadened by the counter powers through an irritating explanation of the evil, but which is only successful there, where the resistance against me is still great. The good as well as the evil can be recognized; whether it wants to be recognized, is up to man himself, who can freely think and want in all directions. Where man is enticed from the side of the opponent through earthly advantages and successes, there favours without measure from my side are at his disposal, so that the fight between good and evil can never be called an unequal one and even the most primitive man can just as good give the will the right direction as the intellectually extremely high standing, for which my justice and my love is guarantee. But the smallest affection for evil gives my opponent enormous power, which he uses in an alarming way, but as the other way round the smallest attention of the will to me guarantees extraordinary current of favour, to withstand all the temptations and onslaughts of the opponent, Man has free will, and he is in his earth life not defencelessly at the mercy of the counter forces, but the decision he must take himself, because it determines his life in eternity. Amen.B.D. NR. 4946.


Book 56 4947

Antichrist. Faith is endangered.

6. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4947.

Antichrist will take action in irresponsible ways against all who still believe in a God of heaven and earth. Because he forces men to deny their belief, which from my side is a complete free matter of the will of man. He forces them to the threat of measures, which seem to be unbearable to men, which is why they are too weak to resist. Faith is endangered. This is to make everybody think who I approach through my messengers on earth, to which my word is given that my messengers received from me. Faith is endangered. Do you know what it means to openly have to take a stand and at the same time face greatest earthly trouble? Do you know how men will tear to pieces every single teaching of belief and want to try to prove to you the meaninglessness of it and how little you have to answer against it? Do you know how difficult it will be made for you to take a stand in the belief in me, your God and Father from eternity? How they will take everything from you and destroy it what up to now seemed to be inviolable? They will act brutally towards all who resolutely reject their request to disown me and in the sight of this many will become weak and will betray me without resistance because they lack the power of faith that springs from pure truth. I want to call your attention to this time and already inform you beforehand because I know about the makeup of every single man and about the spiritual trouble into which you get through the work of my opponent who clearly reveals himself through these measures of Antichrist. And I want to inform you about his success - that he will find many followers because he will fight with much cunning and force. He will succeed where many before did not succeed; he will shake the belief that seemed to be unshakable - with ease he will overthrow teachings of belief because he can talk well and will prove to men the erroneous of their thinking and those who do not carry me in their heart will cheer him and support him and considerably increase his power. He will achieve what no-one before has achieved - overthrow a power that was considered to be invincible. But one wall he will not be able to pull down, a resistance he will find, and in fact there where my fighters stand under my guidance. There he runs against in vain since my fighters are invincible because the shield of faith covers them which is so alive that it is in itself power and cannot be shaken. These my fighters get their power directly from me because they will be able to hear me and also see me and give in to no temptation - they will be knowing and therefore also recognize what is up and how close the end is. The right knowledge gives power to the ones that are mine to hold out until the end; but the majority of men lack the right knowledge and when it is brought to them they do not accept it. But I know about the future and want to help you and can do this only in the form of you being truthfully informed about the fight of light against darkness in the last time before the end, about the great strength of my opponent and about the even greater love of your heavenly father and his favour that is meant for all those who want to remain his, therefore have the earnest will to belong to the small flock whose shepherd I am and that I therefore will not desert in the worst struggle of faith that men of this earth experience still before its end. B.D. NR. 4947.


Book 56 4948

God speaks to men. Power of the divine word.

10. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4948.

What is given to you at the present time, that speak, because it is not you, who speak there, but it is my spirit, which drives you to speak in my name. And with your words everyone will recognize your mission, who is of serious and good will. Time demands it that I appear extraordinarily, that my favour is with those, who believe in me and give me their love. And to them I want to reveal my identity in the word; I want to again face them and instruct them and they are to recognize their father’s voice, who through one man speaks to all men. They are not words, which man himself forms through his intellect for this, what they are; they are words of love, which I speak to you, which let my spirit be recognized and which automatically flow out of the mouth of my spokesman, who wants to serve me and lets my spirit work in him. You men will need an obvious proof of my love, because a weakness will often still overcome you in the face of the outer circumstances, into which you get shortly before the end. Then you will long for my loving father words, which give you power and comfort in every trouble. And so then one appears out of my ranks and speaks to you, then you are allowed to believe it that it is your father himself, who has chosen him as his tool, so that he can announce himself to you. And so you believe and show me your love, you also recognize my voice, and it makes you happy. And what you hear are the same words, which I spoke to you, when I walked on earth; they are words, which are to help you to eternal life; they are words of encouragement and of comfort, of cheering up to faith; they are words of promise; they are words of love, through which I want to win you for ever. And who accepts them, he will be happy, because my word is blessed with my power and will enable you to also stand firm in the most difficult time and to hold out until the end, until redemption is yours out of all trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4948.


Book 56 4949

Effectiveness of favour depending on the will of man.

12. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4949.

Examine yourselves, how far you are willing to be instructed in truth. And so you seriously desire such, you will receive it, because I, as eternal truth, then also approach you men, because your desire is then also meant for me. And I alone am able to reveal things to you, which human intellect cannot fathom. I alone can give you information about questions, which human intellect is not able to answer. And I will also do it, as soon as you ask for it and let my spirit have an effect in you, so that I speak through it: I want to draw you to me through my favour – for without my favour you do not find the way to me; without my favour you lack power. Therefore the current of my love must pour over you and I pour out my favour over you in fullest measure. Since I now love all my creatures, I also give to all my creatures equally, but not all are equally willing to receive my gift of favour and consequently determine the measure of favour themselves, which becomes effecting them. Since I set a test to pass for all you as men of free will, it is comprehensible that this will is in no way allowed to be influenced as far as I am concerned. If therefore the favour turned to you would immediately and unhindered be effective, so this would be equal to a compulsion on my creatures; therefore the favour would have to fashion them to those beings, which they once were and are to become again. And my love would be the guarantee for it that all creatures would be redeemed in shortest time, because my favour is extremely effective. The being would then, through my will, through my help, have become that, what it however through free will is to become and also can, when it accepts my help. Consequently I also must make the effectiveness of my favour depending on the will turned towards me, to eliminate a spiritual imperfection. The effectiveness of my favour is therefore certain, when it is desired, however for an unwilling man, still turned away from me, this favour remains ineffective so long, until he willing wise turns again to me, from whom he once has separated willing wise. My favour can be taken up unmeasured; my supply of favour knows no limits and secures the willing man in a short time the spiritual ascent, the maturity of the soul. Therefore each one man would have to become happy irrevocably, so I would not have set a condition for the effectiveness, which only exists in the will turned to me, in the conscious striving for me myself. Therefore the current of favour can exert its effect, when no resistance is done to it, so that also the will of man can change, when the favour touches him and he devotes himself without resistance to its effect – when therefore his will is undecided, where he should turn, therefore the decision of the will downwards has not yet taken place. He feels seized by my favour and its effect will be obvious and also be recognized as that, what it is – as an act of mercy of eternal love, which wants to win back its creatures. A soul without resistance, even so it has not yet found the way to me, feels the effect of favour and submits to it; a soul turned to me is driven by it to me, but a soul still of an opposing mind remains untouched by the favour, because it is not allowed to be forced to give up its resistance, but is to do this in free will to be happy. Favour and will therefore are to each other so that certainly the will determines the effect of favour, but not the favour the direction of the will. For I do not make the will of man unfree through my love and mercy, but as I also never leave man helplessly to the counter power, but approach him again and again with my favour, so that he may test its effect, i.e. may give up his resistance against me and lets himself be drawn by me to also obviously experience the effect of my favour. I help everyone through my favour, but I force nobody to let it become effective, but leave fullest freedom to the will of man. Amen. B.D. NR. 4949.


Book 56 4950

Earth life purpose: Serving in love in free will.

13. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4950.

This is your earth life purpose that you men serve each other in love, because only serving love is true love for the neighbour. Man is not allowed to believe that he himself can get by without the help of fellowman. He needs the neighbour, as also he is to assist him helpingly. Because love is to ignite in the heart of man, fellowman must sometimes be dependent on help, otherwise no opportunity would be offered to him, to bring his love to development. What can be proved in the whole material creation, is, that everything has its purpose; that therefore every work of creation serves, by it fulfilling its purpose in the mandatory state, to contribute to the preservation and enlivening of other works of creation. That is also the task of man, to serve, however in free will, therefore out of love for God and for the neighbour. And this serving love alone redeems man, because by this means he abolishes the old sin, the defection of the spiritual from God in arrogance and thirst for power. But who does not subordinate himself to this command of love for God and for the neighbour, his spirit is still full of arrogance; he does not recognize his earth life purpose and consequently remains unredeemed – he cannot move in freedom after laying down of the body; he has not utilized earth life; he has lived it in vain – even so it has brought him earthly advantage and at the end he can look back on a life full of hard work. It is about the soul of man, not about his body. The body was given to him, so that the soul could mature in it; the body was just the means for the purpose, because the soul is immortal, but the body dies, and the soul takes nothing of that what was acquired on earth over to the spiritual kingdom. As long as therefore man only cares for himself and goes along next to fellowman indifferently, as long as he has no open heart and eye for the need of his fellowman, he is ruled by self-love, which is a great obstacle for the ascent development of the soul. Because this self-love pulls down; self-love is a wrongly directed love, which never has a redeeming effect, but binds man still more, which descends like a fetter around his spirit, which can never be brought to awakening through self-love. Who loves himself, he will always look down on fellowman, and a serving in unselfish neighbourly love is impossible for him, because the principle to rule is still in him and keeps him back from every act of love. The deeper now mankind is in self-love, the greater will also be the earthly need, which God himself applies as means to light the flame of love for the neighbour in the hearts. Whose heart is touched by the need of fellowman, he is not yet hardened and his redemption is not questioned. Earthly trouble must be, when the spiritual trouble has become so great that love in the heart of men has cooled. Then God seeks to warm the hearts of men by the trouble of fellowmen, so that they fulfil their earth life purpose, to increase their soul maturity through serving neighbourly love, because only love redeems them, only love makes free and gives light and power to the soul, only love draws the soul out of the deep upwards, only love leads it out of the darkness of night to the light and to freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4950.


Book 56 4951

Granting of prayer in spirit and in truth.

15. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4951.

Request my help in every trouble, and you will experience the fulfilment of my promise: Ask, and it shall be given you, knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For I give you, you who pray in the spirit and in truth to me, truly everything, what you ask, so it brings about the salvation of your soul. Likewise I also give you information or answer, so you ask me, because I put the answer into your heart, i.e., you will feel it, what I want to say to you as answer, so you just pay attention to your inner voice after intimate prayer to me. Everything, what moves you, everything, what makes you undecided, you can confidently entrust to me, and I will look after you and share every worry with you. No prayer will go unheard, which is directed up to me in spirit and in truth. So you therefore believe in me, in my love and omnipotence and let your prayer clime up in this faith, you also must trust me that I hear you in that way, as it is good for you. You then need to receive no other answer than this: I know about everything and guide you already right; I lead you and feed into you the right thoughts, as soon as you just recommend yourselves to me, therefore choose me as your leader. So you let me myself be adviser in every spiritual and also earthly matter, you cannot otherwise than act and think right. And for that reason pray in spirit and in truth before every decision, which you want to take, and then decide so, as the heart drives you, i.e., as you feel it to be right, because this feeling is the answer, which I send to you after intimate prayer for my help. I let every trouble come over you only for the purpose that you join me all the more intimately, so that I can make myself recognizable through my help, which you then also see as my help, so you have before prayed intimately. Lift your eyes up to me, from where help comes to you in spiritual as also earthly trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4951.


Book 56 4952

Unlimited gift of favour. Effectiveness.

18. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4952.

A full measure of favour is granted to you, as long as you go on earth. And for that reason no-one will be able to say being given poorly by me, so that the light of cognition was not perceptible. I oppose each one man and point him to truth, which he will also always accept, when he has the will upwards. In every life situation the opportunity is offered to him to walk on the way, the way of love, which inevitably leads to cognition. The whole earth life shows a chain of gifts of favour, aids, which my love gives him incessantly, so that he fulfils his earth life purpose. No-one needs to go past, when I want to give him a present with my favour; he just needs to open his heart and to receive the gift of favour; he just needs to use his will the right way, and the favour will become effective with him, which I give him unmeasured, so that he is happy. Man does not need to possess comprehensive wisdom, but just live according to my will, which also the simplest man can recognize, because it is put into his heart, what is good and what evil. Also the simplest man can listen to the voice of the conscience and observe it; he can be good or evil out from the inside, he does not lack the cognition for it, as long as he does not bring the voice in him to cease through conscious violation of my command. Who is bad, he also knows it, even so he seeks to justify his badness or wants to veil it. Also this man will be able to experience my favour; also he is put in positions, where he himself can think things over and change. Then I stand again at his way and offer him a measure of favour, but his will alone decides, whether the favour becomes effective with him. But the full cognition presupposes a preparedness to make use of my gift of favour; it presupposes an opening of the heart to my current of favour, but which then also becomes effective in a way that man is put out of a position of ignorance into the brightest light. Only a man active in love will also always possess full cognition, who has therefore given up all resistance and for that reason also feels my gift of favour and exposes himself to its effect. To every man favour is sent, whether he is good or evil. It just finds no defence with the good man; while the evil man is still full of resistance against me and therefore also does not accept my gift. But to no-one I will give scantily, because all men are my creatures, which I love and want to win for myself for ever. But the effectiveness of my favour I make depending on the will of man himself, otherwise it does not bring about blessings for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4952.


Book 56 4953


20. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4953.

Who has experienced the favour of God by himself, he is to also take care that others get into its possession, and this is already a sign that it has become effective at him. Therefore man is to help his fellowmen, as also he was helped in spiritual as also in earthly trouble. Help in earthly trouble is a work of unselfish neighbourly love and at the same time a sure means, to secure for himself a treasure of favour, and man then uses these again as help in spiritual trouble. God gives his favour to the humble. The humble man serves fellowman, and therefore serving neighbourly love is always the way, which leads to the inexhaustible spring of favour of God. God’s favour is the expression of his love and mercy; it is a gift, which is to raise up to him the weak fallen; it is further a means, to resist in temptations of all kind; it is the donator of power emerging out of divine mercy, which is undeservedly at the disposal of man, out of which he can take and use according to his own will. Man willing to love receives favour in excess, which he acquires through his love activity. But it also flows to the man lacking love; it only mostly remains ineffective, because he pays no attention to it. Therefore man can accept or reject a gift, which is offered to him; but he can also acquire a treasure for himself, therefore increase that thousand times through his own will, what is sent to him as gift, i.e. through serving neighbourly love. Favour is everything, what God sends to man, so that he is happy. All means to be happy are means of favour, because it is an act of favour of immeasurable importance, so God helps the one having deserted him to the top, which it could never ascend out of own power. The infinite love and mercy of God helps the fallen to power, but does not force itself on it, but lets it depend on his will to accept or to reject. Therefore everything is favour, which promotes the ascent development of the spiritual, only that favour cannot be rejected in the stages before, while the spiritual, which is embodied as man, is free to use it or to leave it unnoticed. And from it follows that every man can be happy, when he wants it – because every one can also use the favour, so he wants it, and no-one will come away empty-handed, as long as he stays as man on earth. But no compulsion is imposed on his will, otherwise the favour of God would have an effect with everyone, but this would be no free ascent development and consequently a spiritual perfection impossible, but which is last aim of all that, what has become imperfect in free will and for that reason is also unhappy so long, as it does not use the favour of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 4953.


Book 56 4954

Recognizing of God only through truth.

21. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4954.

Who has recognized me, he also remains loyal to me in the last fight on this earth. Because his soul no longer leaves me, because the spirit in it leads it to me. Who has recognized me, he also stands in truth, because I myself send it to him, and this truth gives him the power to support the faith in me and my kingdom, therefore to profess me before the world. But man must have recognized me before. And recognizing me means having a right, truthful image of a creator and father from eternity. A distorted image of me will never give him the power to stand firm in faith, because the counter powers shake too powerfully at the basis of faith, so that it falls apart, so the object of faith is found defective. A God, whose nature is not recognized as highly perfect, is dropped, as soon as the chips are down. And for that reason it is extremely important that men learn to recognize me, what again is only possible, so they are instructed in truth. But the world is full of lie and error. And a building never ever stands firm, which was founded on lie and error. Therefore such one must fall apart, so the basis is shaken. And that this happens once, I will see to it, because I as eternal truth certainly leave freedom to the will of men, so it distorts pure truth, however never ever let last things deviating from truth. Truth will win, and error and lie will come to an end. There have always been men, who recognized wrong and took action against it, but my opponent always met with approval, so he put the error and the lie into the light and undermined truth. Men wanted to serve me and were still the servants of him, who is my enemy. But they were not forced to this service; again and again I let them be warned; again and again my spirit had an effect in those, who seriously strove for truth. But my voice was not heard and the voice of my opponent listened to, until a level was reached, where the ascent to me became only difficult to be possible, the descent on the other hand is far more secure. And now I shout stop to all, who walk there in darkness. I again light a light for them, which shows the right way to them; I send to them light bearers and let the lie and the error light up; I show myself to men, as I am in truth and not as I am described by the blind leaders; I want to help all men to cognition, and for that reason I reveal myself. Who recognizes me, he remains loyal to me until the end, and for that reason you are to learn to see all wrong and free yourselves from it, because you can only follow one, me or my opponent – eternal truth or the prince of the lie. The lie must retreat, so truth appears; but who flees from truth, he is not mine, but share of my opponent. And he will fail in the last war on this earth, which will be waged so certainly, as my word is truth and can only be comprehended by those, who are instructed in truth, who have been taught by me myself through my spirit; who recognized me as eternal truth and because of that remain loyal to me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4954.


Book 56 4955

Small flock at the end. Cleft widens. God’s help.

24. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4955.

The cleft becomes greater and greater between mine and the children of Satan, because men go more and more away from me and turn to him, who is lord of matter insofar as it still holds the spiritual, which is completely of his mind, i.e. of a will turned away from me. Therefore you, you who strive spiritually and turn to me your thinking and striving, will always stand there more and more isolated in the midst of the world; you will be avoided by the children of the world or slandered and scoffed by fellowmen already having become devils, who are devoid of all love and all faith. But then you also recognize that the end is no longer far, because I have foretold you this that at the end there will still be only a small flock, which is mine, which recognizes in me its shepherd and pays attention to my voice. But the majority no longer knows me, but not without guilt, because my love also courted them, but they did not accept my love; they more and more strove away from me and got into deepest night, because they shunned the light, which I offered to them in my love. But only will-o’-the-wisps shine in the world, and they chase after their shine and brightness; they do, what the prince of the world commands them; they strive for earthly possession and seek fulfilment in the pleasures of the world; they only think of bodily comfort, but not of their soul. Again and again I oppose the individuals; again and again narrow, difficult passable paths branch off from the broad way, where I stand and try to pull them over from the way, which leads into ruin. But they go past me with turned away look; they do not see, because they do not want to see. But so they meet a messenger from me, then they make malicious remarks and seek to harm him, where they just can, driven by my opponent, to whom they are enslaved through their will. My gift of favour finds no approval, and you, my servants on earth, will stand here and there, the closer it is coming to an end. But you need to fear nothing, because I am always with you and for that reason you are never lonely. You will certainly stand alone among unbelievers, but mine recognize each other and stick together and draw comfort and power out of my word. And this my word will give them compensation for everything, what they have to do without. Who are enslaved to my opponent are well provided for earthly; they lack nothing. And for that reason they look down on the poor, impoverished men, and they are without mercy. But my love does not leave mine, although earthly misery approaches them in unusual ways. On that mine are recognized that they certainly live in misery of the body, but their souls are free of fear, because they recognize me as their father and are certain of my care. And so they will be strengthened and comforted often by fellowmen; but my help will also be obvious, as also Satan works obviously. The separation will always be carried out more and more the closer the end is, and the two camps will wage a war with each other; the children of Satan in hate and lack of love, mine on the other hand still want to convert them and try to win them in love for me and my kingdom. But the cleft widens, until it has become irreconcilable, until the last end comes, the day of judgement, where the goats will be divided from the sheep and both receive punishment or reward according to merit. Because who is not for me, he is against me; who does not gather, he scatters. Who believes in me, he also professes me before the world – but who does not profess me, he belongs to my opponent, and he will also share his lot; he will be condemned on the day of judgement, where my justice will speak, because the time is up. Amen. B.D. NR. 4955.


Book 56 4956

Rejecting God’s gift of favour. Darkness.

25. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4956.

God’s favour is not allowed to be rejected. Consider these words, and then you will understand it that men must go through suffering and misery to reach the aim on another way, what they could achieve effortlessly through the use of my favour. I wrestle about every single soul; I do not want that it may get lost, and for that reason I oppose it again and again with my favour; I want to help it to reach the destination, because I know that it is too weak alone to seriously strive for the aim, to redeem itself. Where it therefore lacks power for it, my love gives it favour without measure, and it just needs to devote itself without resistance to the effect of my favour; it just needs to let itself be drawn by my love and therefore use the gift of favour. And it will be rescued for ever. But in their blindness men do not recognize my love and therefore also reject my favour. But I nevertheless take pity on them and take their state of darkness into account, because I do not condemn men; only they themselves do not liberate themselves out of the fetters of Satan, which are equal to damnation, because they mean complete God-distance. I have pity with blind and ignorant men and for that reason oppose them again and again. They certainly reject me and my gift of favour, but they lack the cognition of that, what they do, and because of that I do not disown them, but court them again and again. But who rejects my favour, but has recognized it as favour, he sins against my love and has to expect no mercy. Also him I indeed again and again oppose, but far more difficult to recognize than before, because I seek to soften his heart with painful means and in such means he can only hardly recognize me. Also suffering is a gift of favour, because it is to lead man to me, so he does not find the way alone or does not want to go. And so you will also understand that as far as I am concerned a valuable gift is not offered twice to that man, who rejects it and still had the cognition, therefore very well appreciates its value. He will have to answer for it according to the gift of favour, which he has rejected. But he will also walk in darkness, because the light, which I offered him, has been extinguished through his own fault and now darkness is far deeper than before. I supply the light from heaven down to earth, and who is touched by its ray, he can enlighten his heart and chase away spiritual darkness. It is an immeasurable gift of favour, which I hand out on earth, and my wisdom can truly recognize it, who can be guardian of this light. But my will is never determining that man accepts this divine light in himself and creates brightness as a result for himself. But that he can recognize it as light out of the heavens, when he wants to recognize it, that is the effect of this gift of favour, which appears at every man, who seriously strives for me and therefore uses all means, which my love offers him. And so ignorance cannot therefore be put forward as an excuse, when man must take responsibility for his right or wrong used will. But the resistance of the soul against my love and mercy will become obvious and therefore also his belonging to my opponent, who likewise has an effect from below on the man and drives him to the rejection of my gift of favour. Man is free; he is neither forced from above nor from below, where it is about the spiritual development of the soul. And so also a gift of favour is never ever forced on him, for which he does not demandingly stretches out the hands, but whether it is again ever offered to him on earth, is doubtful, because only a remorseful soul, which intimately asks me for it, can again be touched by the radiation of light. But who once rejects my favour, he gets into deepest darkness and will shun all light, because the prince of darkness pulls him down and without resistance he submits to his might and power. Amen. B.D. NR. 4956.


Book 56 4957

Love for the world. Illness. No man can serve two masters.

27. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4957.

Love for the world is a slow-acting illness, which certainly leads to spiritual death. And so you can gauge that your father in heaven must reach only too often for painful means to rescue you from this death, to get you spiritual recovery, to cause you to renounce the world and its pleasures, so that you live for ever. It would be wrong pity if I would shrink from such means, only to not let you suffer during your earth life; it would be a false love, which could bring no blessing to you, but only ruin for your soul. But my wisdom foresees, and my love seeks to help you. That you must give up the world to win me, is unavoidable, and so you do not sacrifice it voluntarily, I must take from you, whereat you heart is very attached to. And because of that, you must suffer so often on earth, although your way of life is not so downright bad. But you are still filled with wrong love, with love to matter, with a love, which must first be directed right, if it is to bless you. And as long as you do not stamp this love out of your heart, I have no space in it, because where I dwell, all earthly desire must be overcome. And again I must say: No man can serve two masters. I do not content myself with shared love, but my opponent, the prince of the world, also does not allow it that you do not grant him the sole right to your soul. And so man must of necessity decide – for me or for him. But as long as he desires the world, his decision is meant for him, who pulls him down into ruin. He also gives you amply during earth life, but after death you stand in most bitter poverty over there, and agony and darkness is your lot. But my gifts are less tempting on earth, because they consists of spiritual goods, which appear less attractive to you men during earth life, on the other hand come to an immeasurable wealth after your death, which blesses you and makes you to children of the kingdom of light for ever. I offer incomparably more than my opponent, but his gifts blind you and make you greedy for them. But think of life after death – think of it that you do not know the hour of your decease, but it can be very close and that you then lose everything, what you possess of earthly goods. Then you must fear the hour of death. But you will long for it, so you have gathered spiritual treasures, so you renounce earthly goods, to exchange them for gifts offered by me. Then you long for the hour of death, because you know that then the hour of the entry into eternal life has come, since you leave earth. As a fleeting moment earth life will appear to you, and it is still decisive for all eternity. And for that reason understand it, when I afflict men with all kinds of troubles and take everything from them, what seems desirable to them. It is not cruelty, but love and wisdom, which very well recognizes that and why you men are in danger, and wants to rescue you out of it. Who must suffer, he is also allowed to know to be loved by me, but to whom life’s goods are offered in all fullness, he is already subject to my opponent, because I know his will, and I do not force him to change the will. But also these men I oppose through their fellowmen, who are to touch their hearts, so that they change to love. Then rescue is also still certain for them. But if their hearts are hardened, then their life of pleasure will appear more and more obviously, because the lord of the world gives them amply, because they have sold their soul for the sake of earthly goods, and spiritual death is certain for them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4957.


Book 56 4958

Own activity of the will. Leaders and their supporters.

29. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4958.

Men let themselves be carried along without all resistance. They are put into existence as viable and able to think beings, which are to use their ability for their ascent development. They can want and act and are to also make use of their gifts. Mostly they let themselves be carried along like a plaything. What is done with them, they put up without resistance, and therefore are always only few, who want and act and determine fellowmen with their will. And these few are not always good, i.e., they not always determine their fellowmen to the good. On the contrary precisely those men have a strong will, who still resist me spiritually. Consequently this will is transferred on to fellowmen to the harm of them, and they do not defend themselves. So the acceptance of many false doctrines is therefore also to be explained, which very well could be recognized with the smallest own will and thought activity. But the letting themselves being carried along without resistance is no defending oneself against teachings, which are offered to men by strong-willed and energetic fellowmen. They consequently use their will too little and harm themselves, i.e. their soul. But I have set to every individual the task, to freely decide during earth life and this decision demands inevitably own will and thought activity. You will in future not be able to excuse yourselves with that that you just followed the regulations, which were given to you as being important for the salvation of your soul. You will not be able to shift the blame on to those, who taught you; even so they were added to you as teachers and also announced pure truth to you. For also this demands your mental attitude for it, otherwise you could not recognize it as truth. It is about the ascent development of each individual soul – which certainly needs leaders to reach the height, is however not allowed to follow everyone, who offers himself as leader to it. Understand it that there are many ways and that you are to choose the right one. Therefore you yourselves must pay attention to the way and not blindly follow a leader, who, so he himself is not good, can also go wrong ways. I not only demand account from these leaders, but also from you, otherwise you could truly not receive award nor punishment for the right or wrong led earth life walk, but only your leaders would have earned such. How could you refer to having to be obedient to the leaders? You are to fulfil only my will; and you must yourselves get to know it, what certainly can happen through instruction from the outside, however without your mental attitude cannot lead to the enlivening and becoming active of the will. A good leader will always prompt you to think, and you can also follow him – but a bad leader demands blind faith in him and his teachings. But I condemn blind faith, because it will not awaken you to life. A blind faith testifies to a spiritual lethargy, to idle will and lack of sense of responsibility; a blind faith kills, instead to enliven, and it will never lead to eternal happiness. I myself have created you not differently as your leader; I have given you a heart, which is able to love, so you are willing for it, and which for that reason also can gain cognition, so man strives for this. But if he is of weak will, the leader is to help him to make right use of his will; he certainly is to help him, by instructing him, but is to also demand thinking from you, otherwise his instructions are pointless. For every man must take the decision himself and also answer for this decision in future. Amen. B.D. NR. 4958.


Book 56 4959

Suffering God’s proof of love. Fire of purification.

30. und 31. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4959.

Take every burden of life upon you, and know that it is necessary, so that you become completely free of all load, which still weights your soul down. In future you are to dwell free and easily in spheres, where everything is radiated through by light, and your soul must have then given up every cover, otherwise it cannot receive the fullness of light, otherwise the light would find resistance, which refuses it entry into the soul. What you have to bear on earth, just contributes for it that the soul breaks away from the cover pressing it, that it can push away everything from it, what still causes it agonies, what still binds it and therefore makes unfree. But the kingdom of the happy spirits knows no resistances, and for that reason only that soul can dwell there, which is pure itself, which has completely spiritualized itself, at which nothing ignoble adheres to any more, which could prevent the light radiating through. (31.8.1950) The soul must have again entered into its original state, where it, as light itself, was divine and stood in closest association with the eternal divinity, because it was a part of it, a spark of eternal light. All slags must have been removed before, what means so much, as that the soul has gone through a fire of purification, which can be both deep suffering as also deep love, but was always successful. For that reason you men do not complain so you must suffer, but see suffering as a proof of the love of God, who is always only considering the purification of your soul to being able to prepare it a happy lot, so the entry into the spiritual kingdom takes place. Then the soul will bless the suffering and look back on earth life full of thanks, which through suffering earned it the state, to be receptive for light and able to dwell in God nearness in constant happiness. But on earth it cannot gauge the great love and goodness of the father and often rebels against its fate. But devotion secures it increased love of God, but increased suffering also increased maturity of the soul and a dwelling in the spheres of light and eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4959.


Book 56 4960

Love and faith.

1. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4960.

Men have no love and faith, and that is their ruin. Their hardened hearts, which only love themselves and can find no feeling for needy fellowmen, are also unable to believe in a creator of heaven and of earth, because love produces faith; faith only becomes alive through love. And for that reason at the time of the end is great spiritual trouble, the state of darkness and of sin. Because without love and without faith there is also no light and no cognition for men; and because of that they succumb to the opponent of God, the prince of darkness, who is devoid of all love and also extinguishes it in men. Men are completely without life, because earthly life is only short, and then they become a slave of spiritual death, which is terribly agonizing, because for the soul there is no state of being extinguished, but a life is not conceivable in that state, in which the soul is after the death of its body. Because love and faith alone are life awakening, where love and faith is lacking, there is death. Because love and faith secure the joining together with God; but without God there is no life; without God is darkness and powerlessness and therefore a state of inactivity, the quintessence of death. Men only believe what they see, and they only love themselves. Everything spiritual, not tangible or visible to them they reject, exactly because they have no love in them, which as divine principle would also revive faith in God, because then God himself could work in man and his presence would also become inner conviction for him. But without love the heart is silent; it is far from God and does not feel his power. And therefore also the intellect is not made to acknowledge an entity, which is creator of all that, what surrounds man. The heart cannot instruct the intellect, because it itself is inaccessible to every instruction, for lacking love prevents the work of the spirit, which instructs man out from the inside and presents truth to him feeling wise. Where there is no love and faith, there it is silent in the human heart, and the soul is in great trouble. But to fashion man to love, much earthly trouble is necessary, so that he may be touched by the misery of fellowmen and the love spark may be lighted in him. Only then the own spiritual trouble begins to become less; only then it becomes light in his heart, and then the intellect considers the questions, which give him information about his purpose, about his creator from eternity and his relationship to him. Only then he learns to believe, and the more active love becomes in him the more his faith becomes convinced, and the spiritual darkness gives way to the light of the day, to right cognition and to life. Love and faith determine life in eternity, but as they also illuminate the spiritual state of man already on earth. For without love and faith there is no spiritual rebirth and no joining together with God; without love and faith there is no redemption, and the soul remains in the night of death for ever. Because it is far from God and for that reason also cannot be happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4960.


Book 56 4961

God’s love and neighbourly love.

2. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4961.

What you want that men are to do to you, when you are in trouble, that also do to them. That is the command of neighbourly love, which is for you the most important command, because it simultaneously includes love for God. For who loves his neighbour like his brother, he also loves the father above all, whose child the neighbour is. And so you men know, what you are to do to be happy, because these two commands are the quintessence of my will, which to fulfil is your earth task. If you pay attention to these two commands of the love for God and for the neighbour, then you cannot sin, but you live to my pleasure, and I bless you for it, by you increasing in cognition and wisdom, in light and power. But also this you men know that the adversary approaches you again and again to push you away from the right way, to make you desert me. And so he will seek to prevent you from what causes my pleasure. He will keep you away from love to me and to the neighbour and again and again seek to cause you to violate these my commands. He will put the awareness in you, that you yourselves are the most important, that you are to think of yourselves first and consequently self-love predominates, that you have no understanding for the trouble of fellowman and put me myself back on account of which you men strive for yourselves – earthly goods, which are transient. And so you now must decide; you must choose me or my opponent – you must fulfil my commands or be destroyed in self-love, because my opponent only wants your ruin. But that love will make you happy, which you give to me and to the neighbour, because this love is truly power and increases spiritual goods. To help fellowman is solely and alone your earth life purpose, because unselfish neighbourly love is the right means of redemption for your soul; it is the purchase price for eternal happiness. In the spiritual kingdom love is the natural, while on earth it cost an overcoming of oneself, because self-love still forms a strong counter weight, but which is wrongly directed love and closes the entry into the kingdom of the happy spirits. Love comes from me and leads again back to me, but what is without love, has voluntarily left my circuit and is for that reason in danger, to become a slave to him, who is devoid of all love, because he is my opponent. For that reason the fight is to be directed at him; love is to be practised and consequently my command be constantly fulfilled; through unselfish works of love you are to fashion yourselves to love, so that you become like my original nature, so that you free yourselves from the fetter of your enemy, so that you join together with me and are happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4961.


Book 56 4962

Make use of the time of favour before the end.

3. September 1950. B.D. NR 4962.

It is still the time of favour because the end has not yet come - the possibility still exists for man to walk the right way that leads up and my means of favour still are at his disposal so that he can reach his goal. Man is still free to do for the welfare of the soul whatever he likes. He still can strive upwards; he will receive help in every way when his will is directed up. There is still a time of favour. But soon it is past and then irrevocably that happens that is determined since eternity, then the entity will again be bound in matter, which at the moment is still walking as man on earth. How immensely important this is, that cannot be made clear to you men, and only through warnings and admonitions can I have an effect on you, but you believe very little of this. And again and again I want to shout to you: Make use of the time of favour, listen to my words that seers and prophets bring to you that the time is only short until the end. Recognize my love, by me again and again sending to you people to warn and admonish you because I want to save you from the fate of a renewed banishment into my works of creation. Make use of the time of favour in which you still can change yourself according to my will. As long as this earth still exists you also can appeal to my love and favour, to my patience and mercy, and you will never meet with a refusal when you pray for your spiritual well-being and request my support. I grant it to you in richest measure, as I take pity on your state and your dreadful lot when you fail and remain in your resistance against me until the end. The time of favour is still here where I apply all means that still can help you when you do not resist me. Isolated little lights still shine that can bring light into the darkness of your way when you yourself do not extinguish them. Guides still approach you again and again, messengers from me, which offer you their guidance in my name so that you do not go wrong, towards the abyss. Incessantly I am ready with my favour to help those that cry out to me in their trouble or stand undecided at a crossroads; but the time of favour will soon end and where every single soul stands at the last day there it must remain throughout endless long times - in the light or in darkness. Then my love makes way for my justice. Then the gates of the spiritual kingdom close for those who did not make use of my time of favour. Then the soul that is disloyal to me has to irrevocably go the way that I wanted to spare it, the walk through creation for the purpose of the slow return to me - it once again has to go the way of ascent development in greatest agony of being bound because it did not pay attention to my warnings and admonitions, because it did not make use of my favour, because it disdained my love. Amen/ B.D. NR. 4962.


Book 56 4963

Words of love. Words of wisdom. Teaching activity. Criticism at publications.

5. and 6. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4963.

Standing in the cognition of your (singular) life task, which consists of the spreading of the pure word of God, everything will cause you to the rejection, what has not flowed from the original spring of truth. But it still can be words of love, which possess no spirit adverse to God, and everything, what it not directed against me, is good, as soon as it stimulates to love. In the spiritual kingdom those beings recognize themselves at their light intensity, which are admitted to instruction, and therefore it is impossible that a being intervenes, which is still of a dark spirit. An earth child, which opens itself in willingness to the spiritual flow, is seized and protected in love by the light beings. (6.9.1950) I, your God and father from eternity, am present in the spirit to all those, who want to contact me. I do not leave these men, because they are my children, who have already expressed their will to me. Therefore they also feel my nearness; they hear words of encouragement from me, of comfort; they hear words of love, as I have them ready for all men, who want to hear me. I also want that they speak to fellowmen of my love; I want that they support me livingly, that they prompt their fellowmen to likewise establish an intimate connection with me, that they therefore guide all to a living faith, who let themselves be led, therefore are willing to recognize me. I also give the ability to them to speak for me, so that they can have success through their living description of my work with them, the filling of their hearts with deep love to me and resulting from it the hearing of divine words of love. This may be said to all those, who hear me speaking in the spirit, to whom I reveal myself, so that they are to recognize and love me. They are to express that they have experienced my work at them.

But not to all the task of instruction of their fellowmen is allocated, the task to impart to fellowmen divine wisdom, eternal truth. For this teaching office requires more; they are the chosen of my appointed, who are to hold such a teaching office and who for that reason must first be trained by me for the teaching office, before they can be active on my behalf. Who wants to announce wisdom, must first be wise himself and receive his wisdom from me, because what is to speak to men to the heart, must also be able to be accepted intellectually. Wisdom must also be recognized as wisdom, what indeed first requires good will with it, but not least must also be able to stand up to a serious examination, what can only be expected from truthful knowledge. The intellect is not allowed to be excluded, when it is about the acceptance of my pure faith teaching. I must – since I have given to man the ability to think, also present knowledge to him, which the intellect cannot reject, when the heart is open for my instruction. Consider this, then you will also understand that not everyone can be a teacher of his fellowmen, that first man himself must have penetrated into wisdom, before he can instruct fellowmen. And further consider that all that is to be regarded as instruction to bring blessings, what finds spreading through printing or writing – that you therefore are to proceed very critically, if you do not want to endanger pure truth, which not everyone can teach, who is not appointed for it. For you endanger truth then, when someone, examining seriously and in good will, discovers defects, which let my nature seem to be implausible or imperfect to him, because his intellect also wants to judge. (6.9.1950) I, your God and father from eternity, certainly acknowledge your will to serve me, and I bless you for it, but without my particular assignment you are not to bring something to public attention, since you have plenty of opportunity to work in quietness, i.e., in that circle, which I myself make accessible to you. For I know the hearts of men and know it, to whom I associate them, so that they find to me. But I also know, what causes the will to reject, as soon as it is not offered to men the right way. Because I certainly give to all the proof of my love, who long for me, but not all stand in that degree of maturity to hear my word sounding, as also not every soul is able to quote that, what is send to it mentally through my love. For that reason such souls are also not appointed to be active teaching, although they can bring about much blessing through quoting their thoughts to their surroundings, because, so they are attached to me myself in love, their thoughts cannot be wrong, as soon as they speak for me and my kingdom. But it is different, when spiritual thought material is to be sent in public to mankind, which lays claim to having come directly from me, to be acknowledged as purest truth. Then it must also be able to be acknowledged by those, who examine it in serious and good will intellectually, because pure truth, which comes from me, can also take every examination, because it speaks for itself. Pure truth will also find more rejection than approval, but then the reason is not to be sought in that respect, that it is unacceptable for a man, but that that man is no more able to recognize it through his God-opposing relationship. But also the man most incapable of recognizing exposes unsparingly, what prevents him from accepting spiritual material, and he is pleased, so he has found a target, to also being able to doubt truth. And these targets you should not give him, so you want to be active for me and my kingdom. You can certainly serve me and constantly introduce me to your fellowmen as a God of love and of mercy; you are, where it is possible for you, to have an effect on fellowmen that they practise love; you are to give an example yourselves through a way of life according to my will; you are to strive spiritually yourselves and also seek to cause your fellowmen to it; you are to connect yourselves intimately with me and pray to me in spirit and in truth., and you will feel my love radiation always more and more; you will think, act and speak right, and therefore be for me loyal fighters in the fight against him, who goes out to ruin all, who do not resist him. And therefore you are to wait until my call is issued to you, to do specific work in my vineyard, because the time is no longer far, where I need you, you who want to serve me, and where I will allocate to everyone the work according to his ability – and blessed will be he, who serves me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4963.


Book 56 4964

Knowledge of the eternal plan of salvation - Difference of the receivers of the word.

9. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4964.

Let yourselves be introduced to my plan of salvation from eternity, i.e., accept the instructions about it, which the bearers of truth, my messengers, give you to make the events of the time of the end comprehensible to you. Think about that nothing happens, what would not be the result of my wisdom, and all events have the purpose to bring the spiritual to maturity. As soon as you receive information about it that all events are the result of the will of the individual man insofar as that man needs events having an effect on him from the outside for the change of his will, as soon as you know that my will is always only intent on to put you into the state of perfection – as soon as you therefore take note of my eternal plan of salvation – it will also be comprehensible to you that I do not let you, my creatures, walk on earth without spiritual care, for an ascent development, as you are to achieve on earth, requires help, since you yourselves are too weak, to ever reach it without help. The spiritual attendants seek to pull you, without making your will unfree, over into the kingdom of light, because they love you. They are therefore so to speak my helpers in the redemption of men, who just like me myself seek to have an effect on the will of men that it turns to me, that contact is therefore established between men and me, which is first necessary to reach up. If mentally this connection is there, then man advances irrevocably forwards. And for that reason everything is tried from the side of the light beings to direct the thoughts of man to the spiritual kingdom and to inform them about the eternal plan of salvation, which lets my rule and work become comprehensible to them spiritually and also earthly. This supply of knowledge about the work of redemption of the spiritual is a great necessity and can still only rarely take place, because it can only be imparted from above in all truth and for this imparting listeners must be found on earth, who spiritually can and want to receive this knowledge; who therefore do not hear the words from above with the bodily ear, but with the ear of the heart. The light beings of the spiritual kingdom must therefore be able to communicate with man in their language, and man must be able to understand their language, what is always a matter of the soul and not of bodily organs. Knowledge about the plan of salvation of God is a higher knowledge, which imparting requires a specific degree of maturity to be able to hear the language out of the spiritual kingdom. Words of love can be imparted to men, who are worthy of them, through feeling; words of wisdom on the other hand the spiritual ear hears, which only comes into operation in a certain degree of maturity.

And now you will understand why a difference must be made with receivers of the word, with men, who open themselves to hear my word in them. Again and again it must be emphasized that words of love and words of wisdom can be received by men willing to love, that words of love certainly give the receiver the right, to take advantage of them for himself, but to also mention them to fellowmen, because I include all men with my love and they are to also know this. But words of wisdom oblige the receiver to teaching activity, because this higher knowledge is only for that reason supplied to earth, so that men are informed of my rule and work, that they receive information about my nature, so that they learn to recognize and love me. Only the full recognition of me myself lights love in their hearts, and since I court the love of my creatures, it will always be my endeavour to introduce men to truth, to also win their love for ever. For that reason I bless who want to receive truth from me directly or through my light messengers in the spiritual kingdom and now also seek to spread this truth. I bless who open their spiritual ear; who fashion themselves so in their nature that they understand the language of my light messengers. I bless them, because they have to do a highly important work, because they are to take part in the work of redemption on earth in the great spiritual trouble, which precedes the last end. And I will support them and smooth all ways for them, so that they contribute to the enlightening of the spirit out of the deep darkness, which is spread over earth. It is to become light, where only one soul longs for light, because heaven and earth work together and are active on my behalf. Amen. B.D. NR. 4964.


Book 56 4965

Will of destruction of the opponent of God - Bound spiritual – men.

10. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4965.

Everything what is changeable in the world, is share of my opponent, i.e., all matter holds imperfect, therefore spiritual still going against me, which my opponent has once turned away from me. The material creation has originated through my will and he has no power over it. And nevertheless this world belongs to him; because he can boast about that the spiritual tied up in matter is product of his will. But my will has let the material world come into being to withdraw the spiritual from the power of his producer, and he can never ever destroy the work of my love and mercy, what it his constant striving. He certainly would like to free the spiritual out of the bound state, into which I have put it for the purpose of it becoming happy, because as free being the imperfect never strives up, but goes more and more towards the abyss under the power of my opponent. For that reason I therefore withdrew from him the power over this spiritual and created forms, which he cannot destroy, because they are my firmed will. My opponent has therefore no power over the spiritual still bound in matter. But the more he seeks to apply it at the last material form, which holds the spiritual, at man in the stage of free will. Also him he cannot force to be a slave to him, but he can lead him astray in every way and seek to cause him to also destroy material creations maliciously. He therefore makes use of man to still carry out his will – destruction of matter. But it is up to man to comply with his will or to resist it. To now win him for his harmful plans, my opponent makes him enticingly aware of that, what he himself would like to destroy. He seeks to kindle or to increase in man the lust for matter to trigger in this way the desires in him, which do not stop at the destruction of matter, to come to wealth themselves and amass goods, which are then deprived of the actual purpose, to redeem themselves through serving, because man himself prevents the spiritual from serving on it. What therefore the enemy cannot destroy, he wants to prevent from the ascent development. He seeks to give constancy to the changeable, so it is not reachable to his will to destroy. And man himself really loves to obey him, as long as matter attracts him and he constantly seeks to increase it. If my opponent succeeds in enticing men to destructive activity, then the early released spiritual makes trouble in a measure that the order is upset, that therefore is a chaos, which also touches those men, who want to withdraw from the influence of my opponent. Because the dishonest spirit beings cause disaster everywhere, what always happens on the initiative of my opponent, who now again exerts his influence on the released spiritual. For that reason it is again bound through my will. Men, whose material goods have been destroyed, create for themselves, following the desire of the individual to survive, again and again works of serving purpose in which that, what escaped from matter, is again bound for the purpose of further maturation. And these works then serve the more eagerly, because the spiritual in it feels the favour to be again placed in the development process, which it had to break off involuntarily. It feels the favour of order, on which all my works are based compared with the illegal work of my opponent, to which it is certainly subjugated in the free state, which however does not make it happy. Man can resist the opponent by virtue of his free will and of my favour being at his disposal and contribute much for that, that also matter remains untouched by him, as soon as he helps it to serve and carries out a destruction only then, when an increased serving activity is to be allocated to matter. Then man withdraws more and more from the influence of my opponent; then he completely subjugates himself to my will, by him redeeming himself and also helps the spiritual in matter to ascent development, by him granting my opponent no power at all over himself and also seeking to make matter free from him, by the will of man always resisting my opponent. Amen. B.D. NR. 4965.


Book 56 4966

Power of faith is favour, but which only becomes effective through the will.

12. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4966.

At the time of the end the favour of almighty God is unusually noticeable, when a misery seizes men earthly, which almost seems unbearable, and who only turns to him in the heart, he will be seized by his love and filled with his favour. The right man, professing God, will increase in knowledge, and this cognition alone is already a favour, because it helps man to strong faith and as a result to the power of resistance. That man will no longer feel weak, who takes up the favour of God; he will live consciously in the hope of speedy rescue out of trouble. Power of faith is a favour, because man himself will in this great trouble of the time of the end no longer work on himself so, that he automatically gains increased faith; but God sees the will turned to him and also helps there, where man is weak; he puts faith into his heart, which is unshakable and which lets him bear the last time on earth. He puts faith into his heart – but that is not to mean that God lets indiscriminately become believing through his favour. The power of faith is certainly a favour, but which becomes effective only with him, who wants to believe and asks God for help in his weakness. Every man could truly experience God’s favour and mercy, but it presupposes the will turned to him, and this is known to God at every hour. A time of trouble will be, which is still not imaginable for you men on earth, and good men will be afraid of their fellowmen, who have become true devils. In this fear and anxiety they will become weak and call on God asking. Then they will obviously feel his favour; confidence and peace will fill them, and every weakness will be over. They feel his presence and trustingly they give themselves into the hands of God. Just the call in spirit and in truth is enough to be able to experience God’s supply of favour in the time of the end, and from that very hour men go their way easier, because they feel it that they no longer walk it alone. To want to recognize God and to strive for him also makes man to the beneficiary of divine favour; then he can no longer be weak; then he looks at everything with the eyes of the knower, and that calmness enters into his heart, which can be described as peace in God, because he is now constantly connected in the spirit with God, constantly he feels the father next to him; constantly he feels his strength and power, and he knows that they are heading for the end; that every day can bring him redemption out of earthly trouble; that he is rescued through a miracle. He knows that the coming of the Lord in the clouds means the end of his earthly trouble, and he expects it with a believing heart, because his faith has now that power, which enables him to hold out and to remain loyal to God until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4966.


Book 56 4967

God speaks as father to his children. Proof of love.

14. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4967.

They are words of eternal life, which are sent to you through the love of the heavenly father; they are words of favour and mercy, words of promise and warnings of eternal ruin; they are words of light, because they lead you to cognition; they help you to perfection, as soon as you pay attention to them and assess them as greatest gift of favour of the father to his children. Who longs for his address, to him also his voice sounds, he only is to, what he thinks after intimate prayer to him, also consider as his voice, because the intimacy of the heart, which longs for the father, will always meet with a response from him, who loves his children extremely and longs for the coming together with them. Who considers God as father and gives him his child love, he will also hear his voice in the heart, because the reveals himself to him; he reveals his identity to him, because he is constantly present to him, and his word is the surest sign of his presence. But you men still stand very far from God, and for that reason you do not hear his voice and also do not believe those, who have already established the intimate relationship to the father and inform you of his love to the children of this earth. Only to few he can express himself so that they recognize him in the word, but his love and favour belongs to these; he draws them to himself and never ever drops them. The divine word is the pledge of his love, it is the proof of the perpetual care at the soul of man, which he wants to possess and which therefore must shape itself according to his will, to be able to dwell in his presence. For that reason he constantly instructs it; constantly he admonishes and instructs it and increases so the spiritual goods of men, which will be of use for them in future in eternity, which guarantee life to the soul in the spiritual kingdom, a constant being active according to the will of God. Words, which God himself imparts to men on earth, will never remain without effect, as soon as man himself desires them, i.e. forms himself so that he is able to hear the voice of the father. Then they also guarantee eternal life, because then they will not die away at the ear of man, but echo in the heart and also be life awakening as power out of God. Everyone can hear the divine word, but this presupposes intimate association with God, and indeed a connection of the heart, because words alone do not pull over the love of God. And God knows about the love of his children, and he also gives to them according to this love. He approaches them so, that they can feel him and then also hear his words as clear thoughts, through which he announces himself. Love to God expects his word, and he also gives himself to a believing earth child, to give it a proof of his love. His word helps to happiness, for that reason his word is to be first and last desire of man, who has recognized him through his favour, then it will sound constantly in him, and its power will become effective at him – he will live for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4967.


Book 56 4968

Test the spirits. Great power of Satan before the end. Doubt.

16. and 17. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4968.

You will run into always greater doubts and confusions through the urge of my opponent who wants to snatch you from me and also prevent the pure truth to gain acceptance, through which his goings-on will be harshly examined. He is therefore always anxious to isolate my followers and representatives on earth, to prevent them to have contact with other men who want to teach them and introduce them to the truth. He proceeds with great cunning and disguises himself so that also the ones that are mine recognize him with difficulty. Everywhere he scatters the seed that carries a poisonous germ in it, so that what itself has to have a life giving effect becomes unfit for life. He scatters bad doubts into the hearts of those who work for God and for his kingdom. But he who doubts, he is to turn to myself and I as the eternal truth will always help him because I want that truth is spread and that all is branded that does not correspond with truth. I well can impart truth directly to you men but as long as you are not able to receive information from the spiritual kingdom you will be taught through my messengers and these you are to test yourself of their trustworthiness, of their piety, i.e. living in accordance with my will. Then you can also pass right judgement, then the pure truth will do you good and you recognize what is not from me and also never can be from me. My opponent will also harass the strongest champions of faith from time to time and his weapon is delusion, deceit and the lie. He also pretends to be pious and devoted to God when he can cause confusion that way. He is not afraid of the mask behind which he hides and he makes himself out to be my representative on earth, but easily recognizable for everyone who wants to belong to me and pays attention. He is recognizable and therefore none of the ones that are mine has to fear to fall into his snares when he earnestly wants to do what is right. He can only cause confusion with weak and undecided men that have not yet totally escaped his power. And these he can only deceive because they do not seriously undertake an examination, because they do not strictly rely on my word that always helps them to cognition. A man who himself lives in love, so lives out my word, cannot be deceived by apparent words of love because my opponent will never preach love that is unselfish but always advocate what earns men earthly success even if the word love is used as an excuse because love of self is then the driving force to action that I never preach to men or have preached. Spirits that approach men, whether visibly or invisibly, have to be examined, and they also can be recognized when the divine redeemer Jesus Christ is held out to them - when I myself am implored in all truth and in the spirit to support every earnest examination. When full clarification about the son of God, Jesus, and his work of redemption is demanded from such spirits then they will have to make a statement - whether as spirit being or embodied as man. And every spirit being that stands by Christ and his work of redemption, that acknowledges him as son of God, is good and will never harm you. But when a being, whether it is man or a spirit being that wants to give orders, makes itself out to be a bringer of salvation, chosen or anointed by me, so just uses the name of Jesus Christ to be heard by you, then it is an envoy of hell that can only deceive the ones that are in bondage to it or are weak, that only hope to get from it and its suggestions a worldly-earthly improvement, therefore are spiritually not to be acknowledged as my messengers. The power of my opponent is great, especially during the latter times before the end, but never that great that it could harm you, my believers, because you are, when you live in love, of a bright spirit and recognize the miserable effort of Satan. But many men are still stuck under his spell and over these he has power that they themselves grant him. Much confusion he will well still instigate among men but the ones that are mine are not falling a victim to him and where there is just a spark of desire for the truth there I stand ready with my favour so that the work of my opponent is recognized and detested. That is why you are not to fear his mask, you who are yourself true - a close thought of me makes his work powerless and you recognize brightly and clearly what is truth and what is lie. Amen. B.D. NR. 4968.


Book 56 4969

Light - shade of death. Blinding light – God’s help illness and suffering.

19. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4969.

Who does not feel impressed by my word, he stands in the shade of death; he does not recognize the light, because he consciously closes the eyes, because he prefers darkness and therefore denies access to the light. He keeps the look directed at the world, from where constantly will-o’-the-wisps flash and blind his eye, so that he does not see the gentle light, which radiates out of the spiritual kingdom, or he leaves it unnoticed for the sake of the worldly. Everything earthly captures him, and if now a messenger of light goes up to him with my word, which suggests to overcome the world, to renounce earthly goods for the sake of the salvation of the soul, then he unwillingly turns away, because the life of the soul is no concept for him, because he does not want to give up the world, because he feels happy in it; and therefore he heads for spiritual death. My word could bring in spiritual treasure for him; my word could give him a light, which touches his soul beneficially; my word could awaken him to eternal life, but he has become a slave to the world and seeks and desires only, what creates a sense of well-being for his body. It remains dark in him despite the blinding light of the world. For that reason I want to help him that he learns to despise the world, by me also putting its goods as changeable and worthless to him, by me also letting his body become weak and make him aware of the end of his body. I also let that, what seems the most desirable to man, decline and ruin; I let man come into earthly trouble and distress, bear suffering and illness and him recognize that the world brings him no help. I allow it that man falls from earthly height, that poverty replaces great wealth, always just for the purpose that he learns to recognize the worthlessness and the inconstancy of that, what he desires, and I again and again make my word accessible to him, so that he seeks and finds substitute in it for that, what he has lost earthly. I let him come into darkness, where no blinding light shines any more, so that he sees the gently light from above and turns to it, so that he flees out of the night of death to the light of life. And for that reason suffering on earth will never stop, because I again and again want to draw men to me, who are still far from me and dominated by the prince of the world, but whose course of life soon ends, without having brought that success to the soul, for the sake of which it is embodied on earth. And everywhere I let a light radiate in darkness, and who lets himself be illuminated by its gentle shine, he will first be put out of darkness in a twilight; it will do him well, and the desire for light will grow in him. My word will touch his heart; he will recognize it as loving father word, as sole way to life, and his soul will enter out of the shade of death into the land of light, into eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4969.


Book 56 4970

Embodied light beings. Without remembering back. Forerunner.

20. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4970.

To the ones that want to serve me the following let be said: The spiritual state of men that already live in the last times requires a special help on the part of light beings that are active on my behalf, in the spiritual kingdom as well as on earth, where a large number of such is embodied as man to fulfil a redeeming mission. In what way the light beings work and help them is clearly evident for men who accept their transmission of spiritual goods because they know that only through allocation of my word from above help can be brought to men in their spiritual trouble. With the general spiritual degeneration it would be completely impossible that my word could gain admission among mankind because it would neither contact the spiritual world nor want or could accept announcements from this world. That is why the world of light has to mediate; beings of light have to look for suitable vessels on earth into which they can let flow the radiation of my spirit and - when there is lack of that - the beings of light themselves descend to earth to be a connecting link as embodied man between men and the spiritual world - to be mediator between me and men. In the last times before the end, in which you men already live, a large number of light beings are embodied to help you who are blinded and ignorant; you who live wrong and therefore are in great trouble. You yourself do not know about the spiritual low and its effects and when the knowledge about it is brought to you then you do not believe in it. But the world where there is light holds inhabitants that look at the on-goings in the darkness of the earth full of horror and they want to rush to you to help to still save the ones that do not offer resistance and devote themselves to their guidance. They are nevertheless men, that so want to help you and teach you. That is why you do not recognize them as they also do not recognize themselves as beings from above, although as man they seriously strive upwards. They are man - like you and yet of a will that is turned to me, at which my opponent is no longer able to get, because they already have become mine before they came to earth for the sake of needy mankind. They are to bring you the light that they continually receive from me and that at the same time is power upwards. But they are also not aware that they came to earth of their own free will because their struggle upwards must be clearly visible to the fellow human beings to prompt these to do the same. A light being that would be recognizable as such cannot serve men as example because men flawed with all weaknesses and faults would then not feel able to ever reach this example. Only very high spirit beings know about their mission and their origin and also let men know about it even though men do not believed them. But such high light beings are also recognizable to everyone who wants to recognize because their mission is then always to work in public and not in secret because then not only individual men but all men are to take notice of the supernatural work, of the power and might and glory of him who is Lord over life and death and over the whole of creation, who does not want to let his creatures sink into darkness and therefore sends an exceedingly bright radiant light from above. And such a light will testify for me and make a name for himself. And when it shines then you know that you stand just before the end, that only a short reprieve is still given to men because if he is not heard and his exhortation remains unsuccessful then there is no longer salvation for the de-spirited world - then irrevocably the end has come as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4970.


Book 56 4971

Examination of spiritual material, which deviates from each other. (Spiritualism?)

21. and 22. September 1950 B.D. NR. 4971.

Do not neglect to ask God for enlightenment, where questions or doubts move your heart, because he, who is eternal truth himself, wants that also you stand in truth and you recognize it as such highly and clearly. You have the right to ask, because you, as light bearers, must be knowing to be able to instruct your fellowmen right, and so you are also entitled to criticize, so you are not convinced of the truth of that, what is sent to you as spiritual material. Then it is not only your right, but also your duty to clarify for the sake of pure truth, both in yourselves as also to those, who spread error as truth. (22.9.1950) God always remains the same, and therefore also his word will always remain the same, as also his will becomes act, according to his plan from eternity. A man will never be able to say to get something imparted from God as truth, what deviates from his eternal word, because his word never changes for ever. What he announces through seers and prophets comes true according to his word. The meaning of his word can only be understood differently by men, and for that reason it is again and again necessary to inform men about it, how he wants his word understood. And these explanations can only be imparted to men out of the spiritual kingdom, what always happens again and again through divine revelations, through the supply of pure truth on the direct way, by God speaking to men, who are suitable for it, through the voice of the heart, directly or also through light beings, who themselves stand in fullest truth and also want to bring it to men on earth. As far as God as well as the kingdom of light is concerned only purest truth is brought to men, so it is seriously desired and the receiver himself receives this truth purely, what depends on his degree of maturity. God refuses to give himself to no man, who asks him for pure truth; he gives it to him without limitation, but the one desiring is not always also able to receive the spiritual material, i.e., to understand it so as it is to be understood. Pure and clear truth goes out from the kingdom of light, but a heart, which is not completely pure, brings clouding into it and now passes on clouded thought material, why the degree of maturity of him, who wants to spread truth on earth, is decisive for its purity. The spirit material does not go out from above distorted, but man himself forms it through his will, when he does not have the necessary degree of maturity, which fashions him to the right receiver of divine truth. This therefore applies as explanation to small deviations, which however cannot be regarded as error. But if they are completely conflicting communications out of the spiritual kingdom, which claim to be indisputable truth, then a serious examination is necessary. For then different powers are the starting stations of the announcements and for that reason to be examined extremely critically. And it is again the degree of maturity of him, who desires to receive the spirit material, who must be examined first, what you men indeed are not able to do easily, since the inner nature of a man does not lie so opened before you that you can judge the worth of this man. But then you must keep to the word, which God has once spoken and which never ever loses its meaning, even so eternities pass over it. If now an explanation deviates completely from this word, then you are entitled to believe in a misleading through dark powers, who give themselves the appearance of the knower and are only successful with men, who seek connection with the spiritual world, but do not have the necessary maturity to be regarded as receiving station for pure truth, whose hearts are therefore not pure enough to serve as receiving vessel of the divine spirit, but who nevertheless boast spiritually – who want to be something, what they are not, and for that reason become victim of the powers of the underworld. Understandably these will now instruct them about the questions raised by them, however not truthfully, to deepen darkness through error, where light is sought. God has placed conditions, which must be fulfilled, if man wants to hear his word in direct contact with him, which guarantees purest truth – and first condition is to fashion the heart to a worthy vessel of his spirit through unselfish love. Love includes deepest humility, childlike prayer and complete entering of the will into the divine will. Who fulfils this condition, he can confidently establish the connection with the kingdom of light, and he will not have need to fear to receive error or to not recognize truth as such. As receiver of divine truth he will also be able to support it with full right, and his teaching, his knowledge, will always agree with the word of God, which remains unchanged in eternity, as it has emerged out of him. He will always move in truth, because he is instructed by God as eternal truth himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4971.


Book 56 4972

Different schools of thought. Love guarantees truth.

24. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4972.

It is a complete free matter of will, in which school of thought men want to move and no limitation is imposed on them as far as I am concerned. But there will never be a lack of opportunities for them to take note of different teachings and different schools of thought, so that they can decide freely. But they have always the possibility to practise love, and accordingly they will also come close to truth, therefore join that school of thought, which brings me closer to them. Love alone guarantees truth to them, because even a teaching, which agrees with truth, will remain uncomprehending for him, who disregards love, as the other way round the loving man is able to separate truth from error or from the lie and so will find the right way to me in every school of thought. It would be of little or no value, if I wanted to clear a school of thought of all error, because the way of life of the individual would very soon again disfigure the pure, as soon as it is led without love. And so also a church, established in fullest truth, could show considerable deviations in the shortest time, because man with free will cannot be forced to love, but without love also truth could not exist and consequently even the purest teaching experiences very soon a clouding, where men lack love. I can therefore only again and again preach love and instruct my servants on earth to mention it first, so that men now also recognize, where truth is and where my opponent works, by him bringing error and lie among truth, to drive it out and to therefore also describe me to men unrecognizably. For that reason it is not of importance, to which school of thought a man belongs, because he always only then moves in truth, so he lives in love, but this can only be preached, but not achieved inevitably. For that reason also the love of God and of the neighbour is first and last command, because only the fulfilment of this command guarantees a walk in truth; it guarantees the membership of the right church, which I have established myself on earth, because love brings with it the recognition of truth and therefore also right faith, the conviction that man is in truth. For that reason strive much more for a way of life in love than a certain school of thought, and you will also then go the right way, the way of truth, which leads to eternal life, to me, I who am love and truth myself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4972.


Book 56 4973

Blessing of divine revelations. I am the way, the truth, and the life.

26. and 27. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4973.

You men cannot gauge the blessing of divine revelations, otherwise you would not research and ponder, but you just need to keep to it, what is sent to you from above as radiation of divine love. But as long as you arrogantly believe having to gain knowledge yourselves, and do not want to take, what is given to you, you also do not acknowledge truth, because it seems too simple to you. You do not know to appreciate spiritual material, which has its start in the spiritual kingdom; you are prejudiced, just as it reminds you of the church, which you do not want to accept, just as information is given you about questions, which concern the Gospel. But you also object to the knowledge, which goes beyond earthly knowledge, because you seek to prove everything, what you are to accept as truth. You research with the intellect, where the heart just would need to listen, because you all have indeed truth in you and could take possession of it, so you would just believe. And you seek to gain faith again on the road of research and pondering. You want that, what you are to believe, seek to fathom; but what helps you to living faith, that you disregard. (27.9.1950) A truthful childlike heart gets you further, than the sharpest intellect is able to get you, and what you ask from the father in childlike simple-mindedness, that you receive. For that reason you are to ask first that he may guide you in truth. This prayer can now again only that man perform, who through works of love feels inwardly connected with eternal love itself, which is also eternal truth. And from this it emerges that whatever happens, love must be practised to gain truth. The entry to truth is irrevocably love, why Jesus has spoken the words: "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Because the man Jesus embodied love and therefore showed men the sole way, which leads to truth and from this eternal life follows. Then every thought will be right; every thought will fill the heart of man as living faith. Then man can only move in truth, without demanding and bringing intellectual proofs. Then the heart, the feeling, alone is decisive, what man can and wants to receive as sole truth. And these feelings of the heart are divine revelations, which indeed are not obviously recognizable as such in contrast to those, which testify to the work of the spirit to him, who is of good will. Because an obvious proof for this would have to be considered as compulsory faith, therefore it always still must be up to man to reject divine revelations, what he will always do, so he does not seriously strive for truth and leads a life without love. God can easily reveal himself to a loving man, because he receives the revelation with the heart, and it recognizes the voice of the father. On the other hand the intellect of a man lacking love is not able of recognizing transmissions from the spiritual kingdom, and he therefore rejects them. But he will never ever reach the destination, truth, on another way, because God himself places the conditions, under which he hands out truth, and for that reason always he will come away empty-handed, who does not fulfil these conditions. Amen. B.D. NR. 4973.


Book 56 4974

God’s will – wisdom. Wrong will of man.

27. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4974.

I am the Lord of heaven and of earth, and the powers of light and of darkness must be subject to my will, although latter rebel against me and want to be disobedient to me. But they can only then carry out their will, when I give my consent to it, otherwise they lack the power, because they are not yet free creatures. Have they however entered my will, then also the awareness is in them to be able to act according to own will, without being prevented from it, because then their will is also mine, and they are powerful through my power. I alone make the decisions and also rule the spiritual and the earthly world through my will. But that I gave free will to man does not mean that this will can oppose mine; that disregarding my will, it could abolish or make it ineffective, although I very often let my will become active according to the will of man. I do not force man, nevertheless he does not determine my rule and work, just now and then causes me to tolerate that, what is against my will, but only for that reason, because my wisdom always finds means and ways, to also give the wrong will of man a blessed effect. Because the expression of my will is always based on deepest wisdom, while man often misuses his will, because he lacks wisdom and he therefore also does not recognize the wrongness of his will. Because the will will be directed so long wrongly, as man does not seek the connection with me, because then his will falls into line with mine, and wisdom and love determine its direction. Who subordinates his will to me, he cannot help it than think and act as it pleases me. Then his will moves in my eternal order, because it is led by the spirit, which only has an effect on man in my will, which lets it come into operation. As soon as man lets himself be guided by his spirit, his will combines with mine, and then he is also relieved of all responsibility; then he has passed the test, which is cause of his embodiment on earth. He has recognized and acknowledged me through subordination of his will, therefore giving up all resistance, and voluntarily professes his faith in me, by him doing what is my will, and because of that becomes free of all form, of the bound state, which was the result of the rebellion against me in own will, who turned away from me and for that reason became unhappy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4974.


Book 56 4975

Work in the vineyard of the Lord: Spreading of the word - Light bearers.

28. and 29. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4975.

I only need willing workers, who want to help me in my vineyard, who see a cause in the great spiritual need to put themselves at my disposal, because the work for me and my kingdom must be carried out by men and my omnipotence and love cannot accomplish. These men wanting to serve me are now mediators between me and their fellowmen and have the task to instruct them the same way as I instruct them – to impart my word to them in all purity as they have received it from me. This is truly a necessity; it is an urgent work in my vineyard to first clean the fields, that are the hearts of man, of the weeds, of the false doctrines, which have been represented to men as faith teachings. The weeds must first be removed, before the good seed can be scattered, and therefore purification must also take place before, but which can only then happen, when something better is offered, when men can also recognize the better gift, so they are to give up the old. It must be made clear to them that and why a faith teaching is wrong. And that is your work, you who want to serve me. And so it is understandably that you yourselves must first receive a clear picture of the actual task of man and of my eternal plan of salvation, which only makes all my efforts about my creatures comprehensible. The knowledge about it is a gift of favour, which is offered to those, who want to utilize it for the salvation of their own soul and that of fellowmen. Who wants to seriously work for me, he can unearth a treasure of favour of immeasurable value. All spiritual goods are ready for him, and only his desire determines the fullness of that, what is sent to him. (29.9.1950) He will be able to call a spiritual wealth his own, which allows him to constantly hand out to make fellowmen happy, because to be able to give something one must possess it. And he will always find the right words so it is essential to convince fellowmen of the truth of the words, which he has received from me. Only through truth man can reach eternal life, and because truth has been driven out among men, because it is longer taught purely, but mixed with error, I want to come to their help and again smooth the way for them; I want to let them find the right way, which leads to me, I who am eternal truth myself. But who himself once walks on the way of truth, he also sees, where darkness and shade darken a way, and he makes an effort, to bring light to those walking along in darkness. For that purpose he is appointed by me as light bearer; he can give men truth, because he himself possesses it, because he opens himself to the light of favour from above, which illuminates him brightly and has made him to an efficient worker in my vineyard. Everyone, who wants to serve me, is to experience my blessing, and his knowledge is obviously getting extended; the intellect and the heart will be active with him; he will make an effort to announce my will, recognized by him, to fellowmen in the awareness, that only the compliance with my will, life in my eternal order, an unselfish love life, enables man to become like my original nature, that only the obedience of my will also leads him to the cognition of truth and that he can join together with me, eternal love, only through the obedience of my will, and be happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4975.


Book 56 4976

Power of love. Power of faith.

29. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4976.

The power out of me also enables to extraordinary work, but you must yourselves take care that it flows into you. You must ask for it in believing trust that I fulfil your request for power supply; or you must acquire it yourselves for you through work in love, because then you work with me, by you connecting with me through every work of love and can now use my power limitlessly. But you lack faith in it that you are powerful, so you lead a love life, and so you do not use the power, but which is at your disposal. And also my words are not enough to let faith in it become alive in you, although you would just need to make a test to convince yourselves of the power out of me in you. In association with me you can achieve everything. But I cannot force you to this faith; I can just instruct you about it through my word; I can advise you to let faith revive in you and to again and again try to imagine my presence, which awakens in you trust in me, so that you consult me, when you need my power, that you ask me to help you, and lose every weakness of faith. I want that you are strong in faith, when the great trouble overtakes you, which you are then able to ward off through the power of faith. Believe it that you possess my love; that I as your father deny you nothing, what you need; believe it that the father does not let his children hope in vain for his help; believe it that you, as having emerged out of me, are my share, therefore can also hold the same power in you, which is able to do everything, because it is divine power and is at your, my creatures’, disposal unlimitedly. And use this power. Subordinate your will to mine, and you will then use the power only for work, that is according to my will. Put yourselves into intimate connection with me, and then want, what the heart tells you to do, through which my will now expresses itself and then act, and you will be able to do everything with my power. Believe in it and test the power of faith, and it will be the stronger the more you connect yourselves with me through love work. Because then I myself work in and with you, and you will accomplish everything with my power. Amen. B.D. NR. 4976.


Book 56 4977

False Christs and false prophets.

1. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4977.

And after me false Christs and false prophets will come, but do not believe them, even so they do signs and miracles. I have already on earth announced to you the machinations of those, who forged my pure teaching and presented themselves to the world as bringers of salvation, who preached under the cover of piety and still were everything else than my followers. Because they were not concerned about love to me and to the neighbour, but only about power. Everywhere, where false Christs and prophet appeared, a purpose was pursued, which lay far away from my will. The fashioning to love was certainly preached, but not aspired to by the preachers themselves, and for that reason also their words lost power and truth, and therefore they could not be true prophets and announce me right to their fellowmen, although they spoke my name and wanted to again and again push me forward, when they pursued a purpose. Only a time of confusion could follow after that, a time where I was no longer recognized properly also by those men, who were still of a better will. Because my spirit was no longer in the words of the announcers of the Gospel; it was a world spirit, which now ruled men, instead of leading them in my will lovingly on the right way to me; the spirit of the adverse Christ was already badly represented, and the fruit of his work became obvious: disfiguration of my love teaching, craving for power, arrogance, blinded thinking with regard to those, who lived according to my will and to whom I could reveal myself. Because these revelations had no value for them, and they were suppressed, because they undermined, what was built by men, because they were pure truth, which those could not stand. Because they lived for the world, and their endeavour was worldly. For who seriously turned away from the world and to me, also soon recognized the error and the danger, which he meant for mankind. But who does not recognize him, he has become a slave to the world and consequently to him, who rules the world, who is my opponent and wants to ruin men. False Christs and false prophets will rise. Everyone, who does not walk in truth, has become victim of a false Christ, because he let himself be deceived through his seemingly divine speeches, which lacked truth for that reason, because the preacher himself did not stand in love and consequently in truth. Nevertheless he put himself up as my representative and announced to men time-wise and eternal punishments. He is a prophet in the bad meaning, because in this way he disfigures my love teaching; he gives to men a wrong testimony about me, me who is not a God of wrath, but a God of love. He does not speak truth and cannot speak it, because he himself does not possess it. And for that reason he instructs men wrongly and still brings them up in the belief to possess the sole truth. My reference to the false Christs and prophets refers mainly to the teachers of fellowmen who spread error, because they speak in my name and still do not testify right to me. But I want to illuminate their doings and denounce their false doctrines. I want to help those to cognition, who are of good will. I want to send light bearers among men, who are authorized to speak in my name, because I myself chose them – who are also able to speak in my name, because I myself instruct them.

And these will very certainly be clearly visible as my messengers, as true light bringers, and no-one will be able to call them false prophets, who is of good will and hates the lie. Only who wants to remain in error, he will not acknowledge them and make them out to be emissaries of Satan, because he himself shuns truth. The world heads for the end, and therefore also the false prophets will increase, but likewise also my messengers appear, becoming their opponents, so that men recognize the value and worthlessness of both, so they want to check. Where one speaks of false Christs and prophets, also genuine must exist, and these are very certainly to be recognized, because they bring light to men and announce the last judgement. The false on the other hand confuse men and teach them to live, but not according to my will, but to the delight of themselves. The genuine prophets announce my word in purest form; the false certainly also make use of my word, but they always pursue earthly aims and seek to gain advantage, power and wealth. Who receives from me, passes it on to fellowmen, without demanding a wage, but who demands a wage, he has the gift, which he hands out, not received from me. Also that is a feature, by which the false Christs and prophets are recognizable, because spiritual goods are priceless treasures, which never ever are allowed to be valued earthly or condemn him, who lets himself be paid for in return. For every gift is to be handed out in love, but all the more so spiritual gifts, which my love has intended for men and again and again supplies to them, so that they are happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4977.


Book 56 4978

Ten commandments. First and second commandment.

3. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4978.

The guidelines are to be given to you, according to which you are to walk on earth and fulfil my will: You must perpetually bear my love commands in mind, and then you will never be able to sin, because a life in love is always a life in my eternal order and then all sin is excluded. In my love command towards God and the neighbour the laws and the prophets were contained, and consequently the Ten Commandments, which were given to Moses, were not repealed through my commands of love, but just confirmed. The Ten Commandments were as if contained in my two commands, in which I demanded love towards me and love towards the neighbour. Only to one only God you are to show your whole love, therefore only one being is to be for you that, what you aspire with your whole heart, what you love and worship, what you strive for to reach. Nothing shall be there for you, what could replace or drive out this most perfect being, your God, because everything else, what still seems desirable to man, are gods, which decrease love towards your God and for that reason cannot be tolerated next to me. Your love is to be meant for me completely, your God, creator and father from eternity. Because out of this love your way of live is fashioned, your will and your cognition. Who loves me above all, he has won everything, me myself, my love and eternal life in my nearness. This command is the first command, but nevertheless also includes the second command, love towards the neighbour. Because also love towards that, what I have created, is a confession of love towards me, and for that reason both commands are not separable from each other. So that you learn to believe firmly and unshakably, you are to sense my nearness and feel it that I myself speak to you and go into all your thoughts and requests, even so they are unspoken. I always take an interest in your inner thoughts and feelings; I know about your questions and also want to always answer them for you, as soon as you just give me the opportunity, i.e., as soon as you present the question to me mentally and patiently wait for the answer. You will always receive the answer, as soon as you adjust yourselves ready to receive, therefore listen to the inside, from where the answer comes. And so now hear the explanation of the command:

Second commandment.

"Thou shalt not take the name of thy Lord in vain."

I am and remain for you the highest and most perfect being, with which you, however, can get into contact at any time. I want that you associate with me, that you seek the union with me; I want that you call for me, because in this way you announce your will to me; I want that you never eliminate me from your thoughts, that I am for you the first and the last, that you share with me everything, what moves you, that you ask me for advice and entrust everything to me and that you devotedly submit to my will. But I do not want that you speak my name, without that the heart is with it. I do not want that you lead a pretence life, that you want to look like my children before the world, which are intimately devoted to the father and in reality are far away from me. I do not want that you express my name before the world and make the connection with me completely impossible through your convictions, through your way of life, which is not according to my will, but which remains hidden to fellowmen for that reason, because you make all the time use of my name to deceive fellowmen. You then use my name in vain, when heart and mouth are not in accord, when the mouth speaks differently than the heart feels. Then it is truly better for you when you openly turn away from me, because then you lack all cognition; whereas through the mentioning of my name you admit that you recognize me, however, still resist me in the heart. You do not deceive me, but certainly your fellowmen, and so are up to a game of the lie and betrayal of me. You are to be aware of that the pretending mentioning of the name of your God doubles your sin, that you as it were use me as cover for you wrong way of life, that you want to cause confusion among those, who still believe and for whom I am the highest and most perfect being. I would have to punish you for every call and every mentioning of the name, which come out of your mouth, but I respect your free will and tolerate your crime, what, however, makes the believers at times suspicious and lets them doubt faith. For that reason every mentioning of the name without seriousness is a temptation for the believers, for which I demand responsibility in future. It is a disparagement for me, whom you do not acknowledge and still use for covering up of your real nature, whom you therefore want to make a confidant, otherwise you would openly turn away from me and would not seek to cover up your way of life. The pretended mentioning of the name is a lie, which will heavily take its revenge in future, when all sin becomes revealed; it is a gross violation against the command of love towards God and the neighbour. Amen. B.D. NR. 4978.


Book 56 4979

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth commandment.

3. and 4. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4979.

"You are to observe the holiday."

This is a command, which is to let you become aware of that you owe me something, that your earth life was given to you for a certain purpose, that you are to seriously strive for gaining the connection with me – that you are to walk on to the bridge to me, that you leave the world behind and move yourselves into the spiritual kingdom through reflections, through intimate prayer, through quiet dialogue with me: - that you therefore keep a right holiday in your heart, that you take a break in the chasing and rushing for the world, in which you indeed live, but which is not allowed to make you a slave. In me alone you are to recognize your Lord, and you are to serve me and for that reason really often take a festive hour, an hour where your thoughts dwell with me, whenever you fulfil your earthly duty and are active constantly. The more you are able to break away from the earthly world, the more often you connect with me in thoughts, the more convinced you acknowledge me as your God and father from eternity and you therefore fulfil with this commandment of the consecration of the holiday again only the command of love towards me.

But your love is also to be meant for the neighbour. But who is your neighbour? All men, with whom you come into contact – your love is to belong to all. When I gave the Ten Commandments through Moses to men, it was necessary to particularly refer men to their faults and bad habits, because love to all men, who surrounded them, had been cooled in them. Also child love was no longer practised; it was a state of depravity, of corruption and selfishness. For that reason the command of neighbourly love had to be presented to them in all details. Everything, what was divine order, they disregarded, and so several commands had to be given to them, which were indeed all included in the command of neighbourly love, but must also be observed today by men, if they do not want to offend against love.

You are to honour your parents; show them child love and always be obedient to them. You are to always think about that they train you to men in selfless love and therefore make it possible for you, to go the course through earth life for the purpose of ascent development, that they got this task allocated by me, that you are therefore to repay to them the love, which they show you subject to nature and which causes them to care for your body and soul. To them you owe your life, and therefore you are to honour them and pay them for their care for you until the end of their life. Then also I will look at you with pleasure and give you my love, because through the love towards the parents you prove a love warm and love willing heart, which will also beat towards me in love, so it has recognized me as father from eternity, from which all creatures came from, which he wants to fashion to his right children. Only love makes you to my children, and who loves and honours the parents, he will also love the heavenly father and be blessed by him.


(4.10.1950) "Thou shalt not kill."

Also this command fulfils itself, so the neighbour is remembered in love. Because love will never harm him and still less try to kill him. It is not alone about life, which man leads on earth, which the man lacking love wants to rob him of; it is about the development possibility, which can only lead to success on earth, to change man to a child of God. For that reason you load yourselves with an irresponsible great sin, when you violate the life of a man, when you violently break it off and as a result take unlawfully from the soul a gift of favour from me. You commit a double sin, against the neighbour and also against me; as in general every offence against the love command towards the neighbour is also an offence against love towards me, because indirectly you also refuse love towards him, who has created your neighbour. To take earthly life is never to be approved of; even so honourable motives are the cause. For it is again decisive that life of the body was only given to the soul for that reason, that the soul develops in it upwards. You are not allowed to consider earthly life, life of the body, as the most important and therefore only pay attention to the life of the body. But still much less you are to consider life to be so unimportant that you believe to be allowed to end it arbitrarily. An unimaginable lust for revenge pursues that man on earth and also still in the spiritual kingdom, who killed a man unlawfully, and moreover he sinks through such acts of hate and lack of love himself in deepest darkness, because he has devoted himself to Satan, whose endeavour it is, to destroy what was awakened to life by me, to prevent all ascent development. He has transferred his will to sin to man and therefore used him to a satanic work, but which man could refuse in free will. He was not forced to sin. But where compulsion exists through earthly rulers, where man acts in self-defence, to keep his own life, where his inner being resists against an act of most blatant lack of love and still cannot oppose the earthly command, there always only the conviction of him is assessed, who carries out an act against this command. But where man violates the command out of the heart, there he is also fully called to account, because he does not respect my love command and is a slave to my opponent.


"Thou shalt not commit adultery."

This command is a particularly important one, because it includes everything, what is related to fleshly desires. It concerns the direction of the senses, living a full life on the sexual field. I myself certainly gave the right for it with the words: "Be fruitful, and multiply." I myself created men so that the bodies of man and woman long for uniting, however, last purpose of it is only reproduction, and since man is in possession of free will, it is up to him, to control himself or to give full expression to life without restraint. What is on the one hand blessed by me, can on the other hand be a highly welcome opportunity for the opponent, to tempt man to sin, but of what he will also always be aware, because every living it up, every fulfilment of bodily desires pulls man down and still puts him under the animal, which just follows its instinct according to the law of nature. But man has the freedom of will for that reason, because he is to overcome himself, because he is to force back his body, to help the soul upwards. The sensuous desires are the greatest obstacles of the spiritualizing of the soul. And nevertheless I have created man so that the fleshly desire can go much for him, when he lets it control him – when he does not have the will, to resist the temptations, behind which always my opponent stands. This is a serious command, which I gave you: not to commit adultery. And adultery is every unchaste way of life, which in truth means an unlawful behaviour against my law of order – an abuse of the natural fathering process for the awakening of human life. Pure, selfless love is to let two men find to each other, and fathering that took place in such love will

B.D. NR. 4979

never be sin, because it is according to my eternal law of order. But without love all frenzy of the senses is just the greatest danger for the soul, which sinks into spiritual night and has difficulty to rise out of it. Fleshly desire is a self-love of highest degree, which suffocates all unselfish love towards the neighbour, because nothing is holy to such a man; he does not honour and respect fellowman, but just exploits him – he takes, what does not belong to him, and therefore sins against the command of neighbourly love in all kinds of ways.

Whose soul strives seriously upwards, he also knows that he is not allowed to give full expression to life without restraint, because he feels it that the soul is pulled down and that it must wrestle incredibly to again reach up. A right marriage will never find my disapproval, otherwise I would not have created men to reproduce themselves, but the limits can easily be exceeded, and every exceeding is a break of the marriage wanted by me through the law of nature – of the living together of man and woman for the purpose of reproduction of the family of man. But I know about the properties of men; I know about their weakness of will and the extremely strong influence of my opponent. I do not condemn, who sin, but I give them the command for their own benefit, and who follows it, he also stands in love towards me and the neighbour, and will climb the way up easier than those, who give free reign to their bodily desires to the detriment of their soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4979.


Book 56 4980

Dogma: Mary’s ascension.

5. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4980.

How you adapt to truth, so is also your spiritual development. Who seeks it, he finds it and progresses unfailingly; who rejects it or reacts indifferently to it, he cannot have spiritual success, because he also does not live in love, which is closely connected to truth. The reaction of men to truth also agrees with their reaction to me, I who am myself eternal truth and also eternal love. And so you will now understand that I will always endeavour to send truth to men, because error must understandably lead away from me. Each error must be corrected and erroneous teachings be pilloried, because they poison the thinking of men, because they hand out the soul of man to him, who is the representative of the lie. Consequently it can also not be tolerated that error if offered to man in the form of a faith teaching, which they must accept. Each teaching, which inevitably demands confession for it, finds my disapproval, although it agrees with truth, because faith in such a teaching in compulsion has no success for the soul. But it is far worse, when an erroneous teaching is forced on men, which actually also has no value for the development of the soul. A measure can never find my approval, which restricts the free will of man. And every dogma is encroaching on free will. Moreover it is of no importance for subsequent mankind, in which way the mother of Jesus has left earth, because as long as men have not progressed spiritually so far, that they can grasp the process of spiritualization of a soul, the description of an ascension only brings in renewed darkness. Doubt and unbelief will be there, where all understanding for it is lacking.

The ascension of Christ is indeed to be assessed differently, because he was the divine redeemer, who all power had to obey and who has accomplish a work, that was meant for all men, of which also all men were to receive knowledge and whose earth life from the beginning until the end was therefore to be conscious and comprehensible to men. His ascension was the conclusion of the divine work on earth; his ascension was the culmination; it was the fulfilment of many prophecies and the end of the walk of Jesus on this earth. But also the faith in it is not to be demanded, but it is to remain completely up to men, to believe in it, because living faith is only the result of a walk in love and a deep desire for truth. And therefore it is neither of value nor of advantage to create a new disputed object, which human intellect cannot prove and which requires a higher degree of development to be able to be understood and believed, but which is no longer to be found with men and therefore the confusion is just getting bigger, where men is to be given cognition. Amen. B.D. NR. 4980.


Book 56 4981

Strengthening of faith in my task.

13. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4981.

In the connection with me after intimate prayer also lies the guarantee of my presence. Every thought turned to me attracts me, because only who believes in me sends his thoughts to me, and who believes in me, he can also be sure of my nearness at all times, because he will also make an effort to live according to my will, although he is still not perfect. He can always be certain of my love and favour, because I come to the weak and anxious to help them to become strong inwardly. Only who is of an arrogant spirit and believes not to need me, from him I turn away. But he does not call upon me in prayer for love and favour. For that reason remain strong, my child, and fulfil my task, and keep to my word, which I, your father from eternity, the creator and preserver of the universe, sends you from above, for the blessing of all men, who hear and receive it into their hearts.

There is only one God, a heavenly father, and he is in himself love. But true love gives nothing away to ruin; true love embraces its children and grants them all protection. But true love is also connected with wisdom and therefore also guides its children into cognition, because it knows that cognition deepens love, which eternal love courts always and constantly. Children, who come to meet me in love, are seized by my love and given wisdom. Who is therefore taught by the father himself, he needs to fear no error any more; he goes no wrong way, because I myself guide him, I who am the way, truth and life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4981.


Book 56 4982

Seventh and eighth commandment.

15. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4982.

To my child, which serves me in loyalty and persistence, a further sign of my love and favour: The command is given you in addition: "Thou shalt not steal." You violate this command of neighbourly love quiet openly, so you therefore violate everything, what is his. You are to respect the property of the neighbour, indeed even protect it against his enemies; otherwise you feel no love for him, as I command you. You are to love the neighbour as yourselves – and you will be grateful towards him, who respects your property; therefore you are to do likewise to also acquire the love of the neighbour. What you draw unlawfully to you, will earn you no blessing; it will rather burden you and depress your soul, which wants to strive upwards. Thou shalt not steal. They are not just earthly goods, which you are not to purloin from your neighbour. You can also harm him spiritually, by you withholding from him, what is good for his soul and which my favour sends to all men and can be imparted by everyone to his fellowmen. Who is therefore in the possession of spiritual goods, has received it from me. But also fellowmen are entitled to equal right to fill themselves of it – and you are not to curtail this right for him, by you withholding from him, what is also meant for him. You then take from him so to speak, what also belongs to him, even so he has not yet taken possession of it. Then your behaviour shows no love towards the neighbour and still less love towards me, your God and creator from eternity. Every reduction of spiritual or earthly good then comes under this command, and every disregard of love towards the neighbour reflects on you yourselves, which you will receive, as you hand out, and taken away from you, what you take away from men, and for that reason receive the reward for the soul and earthly, which you deserve.

And also the next command is to be understood equally: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour." Honest truth is to always flow out of your mouth, and you are never to harm your neighbour in his reputation through a lie, in his position among fellowmen. Every slander is a sin against this command; through every untrue expression about him man harms the neighbour and acts loveless and unjust, for which he must take responsibility. So a testimony is demanded from you about your neighbour, be true and full of love towards him. Seek to understand his faults and to lovingly point them out to him, but do not misuse his weakness as advantage for you, by you seeking to disparage him, to win yourself on that occasion. Through a thoughtless word you can harm the neighbour, and the thought of revenge becomes awake in him, and it suffocates all love and makes man sinful. You certainly are to remain true, therefore not praise a man against your knowledge and conscience, who does not deserve it, but every act of lack of love may be far from you, far from you may be every act of insult of the neighbour for your own advantage. Every judgement about your neighbour, which is not in accordance with the truth, is a gross offence of this command, because it is without all love and does not redound you men to honour. Every lie is to be condemned, but so it is harming the neighbour, it is a double sin, a sin against the neighbour and a sin against me myself, me who am eternal truth. It is an offence of the love command against me and against your neighbour. Amen. B.D. NR. 4982.


Book 56 4983

Ninth and tenth commandment.

15. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4983.

Those men, who still languish in matter, also desire it with all senses. But the purpose of earth life as man is the overcoming of matter, the breaking away from it, the killing of all desire for everything, what the world offers men, because only through overcoming of that, the soul achieves the maturity, which is necessary for entry into the spiritual kingdom. The desire of earthly things needs to be no sin, although it prevents man from ascent development, but it can easily lead to sin, because the greediness seeks to get hold of the object of desire and often in an unlawful way. The greater and stronger a passion is for things, which cause the well-being of the body, the more the thinking and striving of man is directed at it and can trigger bad desires and qualities in man, which have an effect detrimental to fellowmen. And for that reason I have given you men the command: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, house, manservant, field, nor any thing that is his." All possession of fellowmen is to be holy for you; nothing you are to seek to acquire for you, what belongs to the neighbour; and already the thought of it, to take it from him, is a sin, because it betrays his will, the darkness of the soul, which still knows no love. And although you seek to hide your cold hearts before fellowmen, but to me they are obvious through your desire, and as soon as you look at the goods of your neighbour longingly, you mentally violate the command of neighbourly love, because you see in the neighbour not your brother, whom you are to love like yourselves. The same right, which you maintain with regard to him, to respect your wealth, you are to also grant to him; you are to be glad, when your neighbour is doing well, and help him to increase his property; then you lead the fight of overcoming of matter successfully; then you gain more treasures than you can ever take from your neighbour, because love towards the neighbour is awarded for you through my love, and it truly gives you an immortal treasure of favour, which makes up for all earthly goods and pleasures. For that reason also respect and protect the possessions of your neighbour, and keep away from all greediness, if you do not want to violate the command of neighbourly love, which I have given you only, to make the ascent up easy for you, because only through love to the neighbour you can gain my love and only through love be happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4983.


Book 56 4984

Calling to Account on the Day of Judgement. Redeemer Jesus Christ.

17. October 1950. B.D. NR 4984.

One day all of you will have to answer to my seat of judgement and think of every unused hour that you lost for eternity. One day all of you will have to confess their sins because they will become evident and can no longer be hidden because nothing remains concealed from my eyes. And therefore I call you to account for all your thoughts, words and deeds. And you are to think of this day of judgement when you think you can sin unpunished, the day where all of you are called to account for your way of life on earth. Irrevocably it will come, surprise you all because you do not suspect it to come so soon. But it will come like a thief in the night, unexpectedly and silently; it will be there when no man expects it. And yet not unannounced because long before already I point out to men the day of judgement, the day of the end and the destruction of this earth. That you men do not want to believe does not change my plan from eternity, because this day is determined in advance according to my will and the will of men will not be able to postpone it, but will have to submit to my will. But that such a day, that ends an unthinkable long development period, does not come unannounced for men, will also make clear to you that and why I again and again talk to men through my servants on earth and in the kingdom of light. The day of judgement is the conclusion of an earth period that was granted to men for redemption. In this development period a special privilege was given to men - the divine redeemer Jesus Christ came himself to earth to help men that were about to fail in their course of development. And so men could redeem themselves if they just wanted. But if their will fails then it is their own fault and I warn men of this fault again and again as long as they dwell on earth. Their fault is that they do not want to be helped but are too weak alone. What they can do, that they do not want to do and what they do not want to do, that they also have to answer for themselves. That is why everyone is called to account on the last day because to all of them a measure of favour was available that would have easily helped them upwards. And to these favours also belong the pointers to the end through seers and prophets. But who does not listen to them, who does not believe them, also does not do anything for his own redemption. I always have to warn and admonish men through seers and prophets and the end of the old earth, that already has often been announced, makes the appearance of prophets in my name understandable, because I do not leave men without warning and they live in the latter times, because the end is nearby, that you all would get a fright, would you know the day and the hour. Again and again I point this out to you, but who does not want to believe will not be forced, but they will be sorry who heard my word and did not want to believe - who recognized it as my word and still do not believe in the near end and the judgement and therefore do not prepare themselves for the end. They will be sorry - because the hour will surprise them; and the last judgement comes. Amen. B.D. NR. 4984.


Book 56 4985

Deliver us from all evil.

19. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4985.

Deliver us from all evil. Temptations often approach you, which certainly are allowed by me, but are always work of my opponent, because also he fights for every soul and he therefore seeks to influence the will of man, to rebel himself against me, therefore to sin. These temptations are always an obstacle for man, where he can fail, but I also do not leave him without favour as counter work for Satan. I also emerge clearly recognisable, when man faces a crucial decision, when he is pushed away from the right way through the cunning of my opponent and is still of doubtful mind. Then a short quick prayer, a thought towards me, is enough: Deliver us from all evil. I emerge full of light; I show him the right way; I show him the darkness of the other way, which to walk on he was in danger. I help every man, who just directs one thought towards me, questioning and asking. I certainly allow the temptations; because also the opponent is entitled to the right to exert his influence, because it is about the free decision of the will, of which to make, man must also be exposed to both influences, the good as also the evil. But man does not need to succumb defencelessly; he will always be able to resist, because I help him, so he has just once taken the way to me. And I now show him quite clearly, which power wants to harm him. I want to deliver all you men from evil; I want to make you free out of the power of him, who is to blame for your bound state; I want that you are happy, that you no longer feel besieged by him, who wants your evil, who entices you to ruin and who stops at no means. He comes himself as angel of light to you, when he believes to have success in this way; he wants to possess you and applies cunning and violence. And nevertheless he finds in me his master, because a soul, which has chosen me, will never ever fall victim to him. But woe betide him, who is in bondage to him. Because he holds on to him, until he beseeches me for help, which is also certainly granted to him. Deliver us from evil. Speak these words often out of the heart, and you will always feel my help, because with this request you confess me, because you call upon me against him, who is my opponent and your enemy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4985.


Book 56 4986

Love. Joy in giving. Counter love. Faith in work of redemption of Christ.

21. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4986 .

Awaken yourselves to new life. Seek to light in you the flame of love; give it always new food and in this way light the love to God, which makes you happy for ever. Then you secure eternal life for you, a state full of power and light in freedom without restraint. Then you can be active according to your will; then you also have overcome death, because all powerlessness, all weakness leaves you, and you will live and be happy. But only love achieves such, and this cannot be given to you; you must light it yourselves in you. You must help, where help is required, and, stimulated by the feeling of inner bliss, always accomplish new works of love, then you will constantly maintain the fire in you; you will supply food to it; you will uninterruptedly be active in unselfish love. Only the joy of giving encourages you to renewed works of love, and this you will experience, when you see into the eyes of needy fellowman, so you have helped him. It is a reward, which is more beautiful than material reward, because it is counter love, which shines out of those eyes. You have then again lightened love in the heart of fellowman; you have let a little spark flare up, and the flame of love again spreads and communicates with fellowmen. And only united work of love can redeem mankind out of the state of spiritual misery, into which it has got. Only work of love brings in light and favour and leads you to God, who is eternal love.

But the closer the end is the more love will cool among men, because they only live for themselves and have no heart for the trouble of fellowmen. And for that reason also the distance to God becomes always clearer; the cleft between men and God has almost become unbridgeable, darkness in the hearts of men impenetrable, because the light of love cannot radiate and for that reason give no brightness, and the one, who could help, is not called upon, because he is not acknowledged – Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, cannot hand out the favours of his work of redemption; he is not asked for it, because men do not believe in him. And this is the worst, because then they lack all power and support, but without which they cannot be happy. Men no longer believe in that, what is recommended to them to believe, and so they do not acknowledge the divine redeemer, they also do not call upon him for help, and for that reason they are of dark spirit and therefore in greatest trouble. They are already in death and could certainly be rescued out of this, but never ever without love, never ever without divine favour, but which the will of man must always profess. Seek to awaken yourselves to life – you can do it, so you just want to. Practise unselfish neighbourly love, and then it will also be easy for you, to acknowledge Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world and God’s son, because then your spirit itself gives you enlightenment, so that you can believe, because you stand in love. Awaken yourselves to new life, because the hour is close, where it is decided, whether the soul has chosen life or death. Use every opportunity to be active in brotherly love, and you will feel it as agreeable that a new life draws through you. Then you have overcome death and do not need to fear the last end, because then you yourselves stand in the light and in truth, and you will live for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4986.


Book 56 4987

Spiritual work. God’s blessing. Care of the father of the family for his servants.

23. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4987.

Everything you do for me and my kingdom is spiritual work, which I bless, by your soul receiving power to develop up. Every work for me is a step closer to me, although you do not become aware of it, but you are pushed as if with invisible violence towards the spiritual kingdom, and this is my love, which draws you. You can never sink into darkness, because you have seen the light; you have recognized me as original source of light and of power; you go onwards in cognition and for that reason can also never turn away from me. Every lord, who needs a servant, also thanks him for his help, and my thanks to everyone, who is active for me and my kingdom, always consists in that respect, that I increase his spiritual wealth, that I get him a treasure, which will make him immeasurably happy already on earth and still more in future in eternity. And my servants are to always have the certainty that they are extremely well provided for by me, so that they do not need to worry themselves about that, what they need for life on earth. I look after them spiritually and earthly, and spiritually and earthly they can for that reason be without worry, because a loyal servant no longer needs to worry about himself, but he is to leave all care to the father of the family. You are therefore always led to be able to perform your spiritual work, because I myself allocate the work to you and also bring those men to you, to whom you are to announce the kingdom of God, to whom you are to carry my love teaching with the reference of my direct work on you, which enables you to do the work for me and my kingdom. And you will feel it, to whom you are to speak unreservedly, as also a voice will warn you, so one is ill-disposed towards you and your work would be unsuccessful. I myself give you the assignment to speak for me, and for that reason always act according to your feeling, through which my will is expressed. So you are subject to me as loyal servants, you also always recognize my will, and you create and work only for me. But also your earthly activity belongs to your office, to spread my Gospel, because I know it very well, whose sphere of action is suitable for a blessed spiritual activity. For that reason also every earthy activity will bring in blessings for you, so you are willing to serve me first, so you therefore do not forget me over your earthly work. But a loyal servant relies on his Lord and does not worry, and he will succeed well in everything. Amen. B.D. NR. 4987.


Book 56 4988

Patience with fellowmen, who do not strive spiritually.

24. and 25. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4988.

Possess your soul in patience. So many a soul goes its path through life in secret resistance against me, but does not openly express its rejection and therefore must first be pushed to the open decision. But love is and remains the sole way to cognition, and for that reason no soul can find to me, which does not have love in it. And so it also does not need to surprise you, when a man lacks understanding for the divine word, who is not penetrated by love towards me and towards the neighbour, because he also lacks wisdom, knowledge about the power of love, which increases more and more the less man is slave of matter. (25.10.1950) I certainly often approach men to push them on to the way of love, but I respect their will at any time, and you are to also do the same – again and again show love to each other, but leave the free decision to fellowmen, because the wanting to convince is exactly often that, what determines him to reject. Who himself has no inner connection with me, or with the spiritual kingdom through good acts or good thoughts, he will also never be able to hear the voice from there. Because only that is good, which is done completely unselfishly, where no self-interest or earthly advantage is striven for at all. The goodness of the heart leads inevitably to me and also recognizes the voice of the father; but where just the intellect examines, the judgement turns out little satisfying. Yet I say again and again: Have patience with your fellowmen, whom you cannot convince of my word. They miss so much that already for that reason you must show them again and again love; that you are to bear their faults and weaknesses full of leniency. But walk your way persistently further. You gain much power through love, and even though the power cannot be transmitted arbitrarily upon a fellowman, it still enables to unusual acts spiritually and earthly. And therefore you must have an effect through your example on those, who are still not so far as you, and you will achieve much. Even where you are prevented in the carrying out of your will, your will is judged by me and brings in a spiritual progress for you. But to all of you your fate is prescribed, and truly so, that you can mature on earth, so you yourselves do not fail willing wise. And exactly, where you overcome resistance, there you mature the quickest and will in future sing praise and thanks to me for the many possibilities, which I have offered to you for the purpose of maturing. The will towards me alone is decisive for the degree of maturity of the soul, which it reaches on earth. And this will is often so tempted, because the adversary does not let up in his effort to extract the souls from me, which have already decided for me. But where the will is good, also the victory will not fail to appear. Amen. B.D. NR. 4988.


Book 56 4989

Common work in the opposite kingdom. Help to the ignorant.

27. and 28. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4989.

Intimate love connects the spirit beings in the opposite kingdom, who no longer dwell in darkness, and therefore they also work with united power, as soon as they want carry out something, to which the own power reception is not enough; i.e., they certainly can already be power receivers in the hereafter, but still so long in limited measure, as they are not yet perfect, therefore light beings, who stand in direct contact with God. Nevertheless they can also be already active according to their power reception. But if they work together, then everything is possible for them, what they want, but their will is always equal to the will of God. The common love of the spirit beings affects mostly the souls on earth and in the spiritual kingdom, which still dwell in darkness. They seek to bring help to them, and where they do not succeed alone, they connect to common work and also have great success. (28.10.1950) All their efforts are aiming at bringing light to the beings still dwelling in darkness; therefore to enlighten them about their state in presence and future, but which they can only do in form of mental transmissions. It is often difficult to exert influence on the souls, particularly the ones still being on earth, since these turn more to earthly life and also believe little in the carrying on one’s life of the soul, as also in beings, which are in the spiritual kingdom and want to have connection with men on earth. Then the power of one loving soul is often not enough, and it seeks help with equally mature souls in the kingdom of light. It is a process of extraordinary importance, to conduct thought currents over to man without forcing the will – it is an applying of power, which is not allowed to break resistance. And for that reason these thought waves play always and always again around the soul of man and seek to get entry into the human heart, which turns to such currents mental wise, so it has once opened itself. The opening of the heart is mostly a result of difficult life situations, of trouble and suffering and disappointments of all kind. For that reason life fate of men is often a chain of such events full of grief, which all are just to aim at that the heart opens itself voluntarily, so it is touched by currents out of the kingdom of light, that it is therefore then willing to receive the thought currents, which is imparted to it by the light beings as love work. For that reason these beings often intervene determining in the life fate, but not according to own, but according to the will of God, who has entrusted men to them as in need of protection and therefore also giving them the authority, to influence them so that their spiritual development is successful. And in exactly the same way is also the work of the light beings at the imperfect souls in the hereafter, which must be given according to their respective state and whose course of development in the hereafter is also the duty of protecting spirits, who stand in knowledge and therefore also see every possibility, which could bring help to the souls in darkness. The development process in the hereafter can further improve, but as it can also return, because also then the will of the being is still free. Therefore the will can be influenced only completely free, what only a being of light can judge and this is its duty according to God’s will. But as on earth men often unite in the work against God, by one adopting the opinion of the other and also support it to fellowmen, so also in the spiritual kingdom a united work must start, so that the will of man on earth may remain free and still the possibility is that it changes. It is consequently a perpetual fight of light against darkness, but which is not resolved like on earth through hostilities and the will to destroy, but is only waged with spiritual weapons, by the light beings wrestling about the hearts of men, that they voluntarily submit to their influence, that they let themselves be directed in their thinking and acting, that they turn away their thoughts from the earthly world and turn to the spiritual world, in which in future they are to lead the right life, which makes them happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4989.


Book 56 4990

Love - power reception. Love has cooled. Serious admonition.

29. October 1950. B.D. NR. 4990.

All love service has an effect as power reception. Would you men take this to heart, so there would be no weakness for you, neither in faith nor in cognition, and your life would be an easy one. You would receive back thousand fold, what you give up out of love, and for that reason you would also have to fear no earthly worries. But how does it look in the world? Trouble and misery, unbelief and ignorance mark the state of men, and all this points to the end. Love has cooled among men. Therefore they also lack power, which is the result of love work. It is a weak mankind, which walks along in darkness of the spirit. Love has cooled among men. You cannot measure it, how serious this is for their souls, because with it they prove their God distance, because God nearness inevitably means power reception, but God nearness is only secured through love work. But what do you men want to achieve, so you are far from God. Then all beginning just leads to the abyss, no matter how eagerly you create and work; because without God you have become a slave to him, who is his opponent and to whom alone you owe your miserable state. God alone is your rescue; if you do not seek him, then you get lost for eternal times. God alone is power and might and glory, and in his nearness you will live in happiness. But you being far from him, your spirit is darkened; blindly and powerlessly you walk on earth, and blindly and powerlessly you go into the spiritual kingdom, and your miserable state increases through your fault. Love alone makes you free; love alone leads you closer to God; love imparts power and light to you; love redeems you. Overcome yourselves, you who are still heavily in self-love turn to fellowman and have open eyes for his suffering; help him; be incessantly active in unselfish love. Then you will increase in power and light; you will strive for God, he who reveals himself to you through your love work, with whom you connect through your love work, so that he works with and in you. Love has cooled among men. Take care that you do not belong to those, for whom there is no rescue any more, because they have left God. Seek to secure his nearness for you through work in love, and take care that power increases in you, that you firmly and unshakably believe and let faith become alive through love. Then the earthly world will no longer burden you; you live in permanent striving for the spiritual kingdom; you feel the presence of God and are full of love and power, and since you now live in and with God, you will succeed with everything; your spiritual and also your earthly work will be blessed. Do not let love cool, so that you do not belong to those, who must fear the near end; who are far from God and become slaves to him, who is his opponent. Amen. B.D. NR. 4990.


Book 56 4991

Violation of eternal order. Fulfilment of prediction - Last Judgement.

31. October 1950. B.D. NR 4991.

The end comes irrevocably and with it the last judgement. Because in my wisdom I recognized from eternity the will of men and their behaviour according to their will, that however shows no striving up at all. But my law from eternity demands a continual ascent development and adjusted to this law are all events on earth and in the whole universe. When now a continual violation against my law of order is recognizable then this has automatically an effect in such a way that the old order will be restored but in such a way that everything illegal ceases to exist, so also material creations that are not used in accordance with the eternal order get dissolved to again be classified into the order in different form. So also men that stepped out of order will be put into that state that again corresponds with my eternal order, i.e., the spiritual inside man moves into that outer form that corresponds with its degree of maturity; it loses its existence as man and will again be banished in an outer form that it already had overcome long ago. Undoubtedly one thing is for certain that man completely misjudges his purpose to exist, that he only pays attention to his earthly life and does no longer place himself under my original law from eternity, the law of love. The earth, which only is to serve as maturing station for the spiritual, completely misses its purpose and therefore can no longer continue to exist in its old form, because it then completely unlawfully moves in the universe, in which all creations have their purpose that is assigned to them by me and also comply with it. For the earth is now only used to develop itself backwards and so its inhabitants are as it were played into the hands of my opponent. Only the will of him is followed on earth while my will remains unnoticed or is totally despised. If men would turn around, if they would make an effort to discover the truth and would then turn to me with the request for help upward, I certainly would not destroy the earth but let men experience my exceedingly great love and compassion; neither an end nor a last judgement I would let come, because a good will and earnest striving towards me could achieve everything, also the reversal of an act that is intended by me since eternal times. I would do it and always only help you men to reach the goal. But this will can no longer be found with men and that is why my plan from eternity has to take place, my announcements through seers and prophets that foresaw the end have to be fulfilled, exactly why they also saw where men are steering to. And only my exceedingly great patience has still kept the earth from this fate, because I still want to give all those an opportunity to change their will, whose heart I recognize and on whom I want to have mercy. But the number of those is ever-decreasing and before long clearly only two camps will be recognizable and the flock of the ones who are mine will be so small that already that goes to show the end, because when only devils still inhabit the earth, then it has stepped completely out of its lawful order, as well as men on it, and there can only be a termination of what is visible to men as earthly creation, as also men themselves have to be destroyed that misused their last maturing station and therefore once again sinned against the basic law of eternal order, against love. This announcement will irrevocably take place, because men will no longer become of better will; incessantly they strive downwards and seek to also draw down with them everything that is turned towards me. But I prevent this, because I let the earth arise again anew, and men on it will again move in the order that since eternity is and remains uppermost law; they again will live in love and will truly be my children. Amen. B.D. NR. 4991.


Book 56 4992

Truth must go out from the original source of truth directly - I am the way, the truth, and the life.

1. November 1950. B.D. NR. 4992.

The right way to truth is only rarely walked along, but many believe to go it, and still walk right next to it or further away from it. But since I myself am the way, the truth, and the life, each one must follow me, then he will also be on the right way; he will stand in truth and recognize everything, what is error or lie. There is only one way, and that is I myself. And for that reason you men must let yourselves be taught by me and, to hear my voice, go the same way, which I went on earth, the way of love, which connects you directly to me and therefore also to truth, since I am eternal truth myself. And so can each one, who lives in love, also feel taught by me, so he asks spiritual questions, so he seeks truth. I am the way, the truth and the life. And to whom I can be present as the result of practical neighbourly love, he will be able to think no other than right, because my spirit fills him, which only knows and imparts pure truth.

Therefore I myself give truth to men through my spirit. This is not allowed to be misjudged that always only I, the original source of truth, let it flow towards you indirectly or directly, why, what does not come from me demonstrably, can be rejected as deviating from truth by those, who seriously examine. But a direct or indirect receiving of truth takes then place, when the knowledge of a man is increased, without having been brought to him from the outside or when he passes on this knowledge to fellowman. All knowledge, which was not gained scholastically, but so to speak born in the heart of a man, is to be attributed to the work of the spirit and therefore a revelation on my part, which can only be pure truth. Who now again receives this spirit material, which was supplied to a man directly, can and will accept it also only then, when also he lets my spirit work in him, otherwise it seems incomprehensible and inacceptable to him, therefore means no truth to him. My spirit must be able to work in man; therefore I am myself the way, which leads to truth. And everyone, who fashions himself to love, therefore connects with me through love work, will also get into contact with my spirit from eternity and therefore also recognize pure truth as such. Therefore also love is not to be eliminated, which I have held up as an example for you on earth and which therefore can again be called the way to truth. But truth will always be the same, and all, who are getting instructed in truth by me, in whom my spirit can work, will call concurrent knowledge their own, so that therefore different schools of thought will never come into being, where only one truth is supported. Because as soon as knowledge deviates from each other, the intellect alone has been active and has made the work of my spirit impossible with one or the other. What was fathomed intellectually is to be discarded as contradicting truth, what, however, is imparted to man from the heart, is spirit work and sole truth. And so you men always have a feature for truth – so you just pay attention from which source knowledge springs. Do not forget that I am the way, the truth and the life, that therefore only through me and from me pure truth can come and that always he will receive it, who lives and works in and with me, because he lives in love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4992.


Book 56 4993

Spiritual compulsion. Dogma.

2. November 1950. B.D. NR. 4993.

The greatest danger for a man is spiritual compulsion, which prevents him from recognizing and from self-decision of the direction of his will. Every man is an individual being, which is to fashion itself to perfection; every man is therefore also responsible for his way of life, which is necessary to gain the degree of perfection, and every man must therefore decide freely; he must bear witness of his will before me. This testimony I demand and do not declare myself to agree that a man determines his fellowman to think, to want and to act in this or that direction. The freedom of will must be inviolable, but it is then encroached on, when a direction of will is prescribed by law and man is now through promises or threats determined to move in that direction. I will never ever acknowledge such compulsion of the will; even so I do not openly take action against it, to exactly again exert no compulsion of the will. Man is a thinking individual being, to which I have given the ability to be able to want and think freely, and indeed only for the purpose of a decision in the last stage of development of the spiritual on earth, and who then will receive his wages in eternity, according to the decision of his will. It is certainly good and wanted by me that a man informs fellowman about the effect of a will utilised rightly or wrongly; it is wanted by me, when he receives enlightenment of all forms about the relationship in which he stands to his creator, but with that also enough is done that he is taught rightly – that the divine love teaching is supplied to him and he is also urged to practising of unselfish neighbourly love. But all is to happen without compulsion. Man is to be instructed, but not forced to accept a teaching imparted to him, because he is to use his will in his own estimation and own drive. I gave man free will, but you take it from him and therefore use your will wrongly, although you believe to work for me and by order of me. But I have never given my apostles the task to spread my teaching as faith compulsion, because faith under compulsion is never faith, which would be beneficial for his soul and its ascent development. I always just demand from men faith in me as highly perfect being; I just require faith in my omnipotence, wisdom and love and in the power of love. For so you believe this, you will experience at yourselves the power of love and recognize everything else automatically, what is necessary to believe, because then my spirit has an effect in you, which instructs you truthfully. But a forced faith wins you no perfection; a forced faith will also rarely become alive, and a forced faith I cannot assess as free decision of the will, because the will has still not become active in you, but you profess a school of thought upbringing wise without having examined it properly for its worth or unworthiness. What I demand from you to believe, is, that you only be happy through love. But also this faith you must acquire for yourselves; you certainly can receive the teaching about it, but must then first practise love to become certain in you of it that love is a spiritual power, and only this inner certainty is a convinced faith, which is life awakening, because it was won in free will.

All compulsion is a sign of imperfection, because all compulsion violates freedom, but was very initially characteristic to the spiritual being and which it must also win again for that reason to be happy. How can compulsory measures be seen as according to my will, which take spiritual freedom from men – when man therefore must as it were believe in accordance with his duty, what demands as far as I am concerned complete free thought and acceptance? I as the highest law-maker have given to men, except for the love command, which also includes the ten commandments through Moses, but which is also only then fulfilled, when love is voluntarily practised, no further law, because such would then witness against myself or would let the free will of man become doubtful. But men claim for themselves to enact laws without having the authority for it. They consequently encroach on the free will of men. Every law is compulsion and every compulsion against my will. As soon as man can no longer move in freedom of his thinking, as soon as he must believe a teaching, his test of will on earth his invalid, because he is to decide himself, but not making a decision in compulsion. And compulsion is every dogmatic teaching, no matter whether it is according to truth or not. Every dogma is a rape of free will – which is unfree at the moment of spiritual decision, because it is prescribed to him and can only be evaded through committing a sin. As far as I am concerned every man has the right of free decision; I only demand thinking about that, what to believe is demanded of him. If he cannot accept it convincingly, despite thinking about it, so I do not count it as sin for him; but he certainly sins, when he confesses a teaching with the mouth, without having asked his heart. For every man is responsible for himself, and it is a presumption, when a man wants to determine the thinking and believing of thousands upon thousands through a command, as which always a dogmatic teaching is to be seen. Everything, what encroaches on the freedom of will of man, can never find my approval, because I myself do not even determine men to the acceptance of truth, so their own will does not request it. I certainly instruct men constantly and supply pure truth to them, but everyone is free to accept or reject it, and so also you are to now instruct your fellowmen in all love, but leave to them all freedom of a decision, because faith in compulsion is not considered by me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4993.


Book 56 4994

Care of the father about his children.

5. November 1950. B.D. NR. 4994.

You children of this earth are my problem children, because you go your own ways and do not feel attracted to the father, and for that reason you do not listen to the voice of the father, which wants to win you back in all love. You go a way, which leads far away from the destination, and for that reason I am worried about you, because I know where this way goes. But as my children you also have a free will, otherwise you could not be my children. Free will belongs to the state of perfection, in which you were originally at first, for that reason I cannot fetch you back inevitably, but just always give love to you, which once, so it touches your heart, will drive you to me. But how often do you men prolong yourselves the time of separation from me. And how often do you men even prolong the time of redemption fixed for you. And then you have to again expect an agonizing state, but which not my anger has imposed on you, but my love, so that you reach the destination. You men stand again before a turning point, before the end of a time period, which was granted to you for redemption. My care about you is always getting bigger, because the short time, which still remains for you, could still help you to redemption; you could still become free of the fetter pressing you, when you would want it yourselves, when you would devote yourselves to my leadership without resistance. Soon the time of favour is expired; soon the effect of you resistance becomes apparent, and you have to bear the results yourselves, having gone your own way, without listening to the father’s voice. It sounds audibly into the ear of everyone, because I speak to you through all events; your whole earth fate expresses my love to you; suffering, trouble and sorrow are words of love from me to you, so you just remember that you are my children, who have separated themselves from the father and who are to find again back to me. And only something, about which you get excited and depressed inwardly, drives you back to me, with whom you find protection and help at any time. You must come to me voluntarily, as you have also voluntarily separated from me. And for that reason also suffering and trouble will increase until the end, because they are the sole means, which still can be successful, because you do not listen to my gentle words of love in the heart, because my loving enticing towards me remains unsuccessful. You have gone a long way to you becoming man. Do not let this way having gone for nothing; take advantage of the last chances, which offer themselves to you, to make a decision in the state of free will, which makes you again to right children of your father. Do not let the short time, which still remains for you, go past, without you changing your will, i.e. direct it there, where most loyal father love expects you. Time hurries, and you are heading for a terrible fate, so you remain in resistance and do not find back to me, because my plan is definite since eternity. A new redemption phase begins, because everything must go the way of ascent development, so that opportunity is offered to all children of my love to approach me in free will – to return into the father house, which they once left voluntarily. Amen. B.D. NR. 4994.


Book 56 4995

Care of the father about his children. God’s adoption.

6. November 1950. B.D. NR. 4995.

All men are my children, and all I cover with equal love, because my love towards my creatures can never stop and knows no exception. And after all still innumerable men are so far away from me that they no longer feel the power of my love, but this out of own will, because they themselves turn away from me and the rays of my love can only touch an open heart. These are therefore equal to children, who have left the father house, who have moved to remoteness, because they believed to be able to do without the love of the father. And these children I want to win back again, because my love longs for them and I also know that they live in trouble and misery outside of the father house, because I know my children and their disastrous state, which is their lot, as long as they are separated from me. I seek to win them back; I court their love; and that so long, until they are again mine, until they are happy in the arms of the father. Because endless long time can pass, before I have reached my aim, but I am forbearing and patient, and my love knows no boundaries. What I do not achieve soon, I achieve later, but once also the last child will have found back, even so in endless long time. I certainly achieve my aim, but my creatures must still suffer immensely, as long as they are far from me, and for that reason I seek to shorten their state of suffering, and apply all means to break their stubbornness and to reveal myself as most loving father – but always under the observance of free will, which they must keep as my right children to become perfect. The adoption as children of God they are to reach, become like me in everything; as right children they are to come into the inheritance of the father; they are to create and fashion with me and be happy for ever. Only on earth the souls can reach the aim, to mature to my right children. The highest and most beautiful aim is set for them. But how little it is striven for by men, to whom I as father want to prepare the most marvellous lot. They were once slaves of my opponent and let themselves be influenced by him, and before they must remove this bondage relationship, before they find reception in the father house; they must renounce the world, which is his kingdom, i.e., they are not allowed to desire this earthly world with its attractions and pleasures, but they must direct their will towards me; like lost children they must long for fatherly protection and fatherly love. Then I come to meet them to show them the way, which securely leads to me, back into the father house. Every soul returns once to me, but my love seeks to cut short the time of the distance to me, because it is a time without happiness, a time of darkness of the spirit and of powerlessness. And since I love all my creatures, I also approach all men, so that they learn to recognize their father and they fall into line with his will. But who nevertheless resists me, him I do not force. But he himself prepares for him a difficult lot; he robs himself of heavenly happiness; he gives up valuable treasures for the sake of fleeting earthly possession – and he still remains eternal times separated from me and therefore is in the power of my opponent – but always through his own fault. Amen. B.D. NR. 4995.


Book 56 4996

Wrestling of evil powers for the souls more intense before the end.

9. November 1950. B.D. NR. 4996.

The demons circle around you and continually seek to disturb a contact, which exists between the spiritual kingdom and the earth. And therefore they seek to have an effect on your will to cause to extinguish a light, which is to brightly illuminate the way for you men in the last time before the end. My messengers are often besieged by these dark beings, because they hate and shun the light, because they cannot stand it in their darkness. But the beings of light protect you and do not allow it that you succumb in the fight against the dark powers. It is a wrestling of both powers not only about your soul but also about the souls of those, who have found the way to the source of life and want to refresh themselves by it. And both try to gain the upper hand. It is the last time before the end. And Satan has great power. But he cannot force men, who love me and strive towards me. But he will always besiege them badly and worry their souls, and these are the temptations, to which you, my workers and servants on earth, are always exposed. But you are to fear neither the temptations nor the tempter himself. For my love protects all, who are devoted to me. And for that reason also you are not to let you become confused and unconcernedly walk further the way of truth, the way of light, which leads to me and which the adversary cannot block for you despite cunning and violence. Because this way is my province, and who follows it, he is invulnerable to all attacks of the enemy. He cannot reach him, because the bright light blinds him, and his intrigues are always recognized, so he tries with cunning to entice him away from the right way. Many demons circle around you, but they cannot harm you, as long as you seek your refuge to me in prayer, as long as you are devoted to me in the heart and want to serve me alone. Amen. B.D. NR. 4996.


Book 56 4997

Death is overcome. Power of Satan broken through death on the cross.

9. November 1950. B.D. NR. 4997.

In the hour of the crucifixion of Christ the great act of redemption of the spiritual out of the fetter of Satan happened. His power was broken; he lost power over the spiritual embodied as man, as soon as he wanted to be free of him. Through his death on the cross, through his blood the man Jesus has bought out the whole mankind from him, who was my opponent and did not want to release the spiritual, which his will, by use of my power, had called into life. Therefore there was no longer a hopeless state, in which mankind was; it could break away from his power, so it had the will for it, because the man Jesus had paid the purchase price with his blood.

With this explanation I want to make comprehensible to you men that you are not hopelessly at the mercy of the power of Satan, that you all can free yourselves, as soon as you acknowledge Jesus Christ as redeemer, who in all fullness held my love power in himself, which let him become the divine being, which united with me for ever. Satan has no longer the power to force a man’s will, when he himself turns to the divine redeemer Jesus Christ; he certainly can tempt him in every way, however never have a forced effect on him, otherwise his power would still be unbroken. Death is overcome – death is a state of complete powerlessness, a state of ruin and of darkness. Death is overcome, because Jesus Christ himself has defeated him, because he gives eternal life to him, who shares in his work of redemption, who is therefore willing, to take advantage of the favours acquired by Jesus – who wants that Jesus has also died for him, that he has also shed his blood for him, to redeem him. Satan certainly still has great power, but only over those men, who have no faith in Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. There his power is still unbroken, so long, until also they put themselves under the cross of Christ and ask him for help against him. Love of the God-man Jesus is without limits; otherwise he would not have become one with me. And this love refuses to give itself to no-one, who comes to him and asks for help. He stands up as opponent against Satan to do battle, so it is just essential to win one bound soul. And for that reason every man’s serious prayer for protection and help against him will be heard and Satan have power over a man only then, when he willingly abandons himself to him. Therefore you men can firmly believe in it that the love of Jesus is thousand times stronger than the power of Satan. And that his love is meant for every bound being, which just raises its eyes to him in its trouble. Satan certainly walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. But Jesus Christ as one with me is also a Lord over him. He is the good shepherd, who keeps watch over his little sheep before the enemy, and to his little sheep belong all, who are not against him. He gave his life for his sheep. Therefore he will also not let one of them fall into the clutches of the enemy, so he professes him in the heart. Because he has infinitely greater power, because he has become one with me and possesses all power and might of me. For he is my son, who out of love took upon him the debt of mankind and brought himself to me as sacrifice. And so you men call him for help against your enemy, he will also hear you and snatch from Satan every soul, which wants to extricate itself from him. Your will must just be directed towards him, who has redeemed the world through his death on the cross. Amen. B.D. NR. 4997.


Book 56 4998

Powers in the interior of the earth. Eruption. Explanation.

11. November 1950. B.D. NR. 4998.

Researching and pondering does not bring you closer to truth, but certainly those instructions, which come from above, which my love bestows on all those, who demand truth for the sake of truth, not for the sake of earthly success. I truly can impart truth to you, and I will also do it, so it is desired, however that man will never be able to think to be in possession of truth, who pursues worldly interests with it, what is certainly also understandable, that I do not want to strengthen the power of my opponent, who hides behind the world and its attractions and drives many a man to research and ponder to win him for the world, therefore to become estranged from me. Truth is and remains divine share, and who walks in truth, he is close to me, but as also the other way round a man, who has gone away from me through his extreme great inclination to matter, can never stand in truth, because I and truth is inseparable. And for that reason let it be said to you that also in fields, which lie outside of earth, man cannot penetrate into by virtue of his intellect, that therefore researches of intellectual kind produce no truth wise result and that pure truth can only be won through work of the spirit in man. And may this also deviate from the results of science, but it guarantees its genuineness, because it is supplied by me myself to men, who let my spirit have an effect in them. But on the other hand it is also only acceptable for such men, therefore the recognition of truth presupposes again the work of the spirit in man, why it is not advisable, to want to impart to men knowledge of things won through the spirit, which are not provable, who are still of completely un-awakened spirit, because these do not grasp it, and what they do not grasp, they pull down and treat the announcers with hostility.

And so also processes in the interior of earth are not explainable to these men, which cannot be felt by them themselves. Further also only few men are able to make a right image for themselves of processes in the universe, because spiritual powers of imagination are required for this, which call for a complete breaking away from matter. No worldly minded man can see spiritual processes, but which are determining for natural processes in the individual material creations. So also rotation movements can increase through influence of spiritual powers in the interior of earth and still again be regulated by exactly such higher intelligence in order to not upset the existing laws of nature, i.e., to have an earthly-destructive effect, before this is allowed by me, that the earth is changed by this work of destruction according to my will. All movement comes about through spiritual power, and as long as this power still finds its master, also every earthly process is in divine order, i.e. without danger of a destructive effect, because the power ruling it hinders it, where the former wants to develop excessively. But at times they are allowed to take their own course, and then it results in eruptions of the interior of the earth, because those powers seek an exit for themselves to reach out of the interior of the earth to the surface. Therefore those eruptions are the more frequent and more violent the nearer it comes to the end, because the powers of the interior of the earth develop an unusual urge and are enormously active. The earth rotations are therefore driven out from the inside, but regulated through counter powers, until excessive influence from the inside results in earth tremors and eruptions, so that the laws of nature remain so long irrefutable, until I myself dissolve them through my will, when the end of the earth has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 4998.


Book 56 4999

Right preacher must be driven by the spirit of God.

12. November 1950. B.D. NR. 4999.

Every one announcer of my word is blessed by me, so he is just serious about it, to impart my word to fellowmen to help them to eternal life. He therefore speaks in my name; he feels it that I would like to speak to men, and does this for me – he announces my word. But what do you men understand by my word? The word that you want to announce must always have once been spoken by me; otherwise you cannot call it my word. I must have addressed men directly or indirectly, i.e. through my servants and prophets, and therefore revealed myself to them. And from that you, as my announcers, must be completely convinced, otherwise an announcing of my word would just be form, which I do not assess and which is also not pleasant to me. Therefore again only a man fully convinced of his sermon is allowed to deliver it to fellowmen, if he wants to be my representative on earth, if he as announcer of my word also wants to receive my blessing. He must have received my word in himself and live accordingly. Then I myself speak through him, as soon as he speaks for me. He therefore then does not just repeat, what I once spoke to men, but: I myself speak always and always again to men, as soon as he gives himself to me as spokesman, of whom I make use only to supply my word again and again to them. Everyone, who then stands in living faith in me and in humble love is prepared to be active for me, he constantly receives my word, because it is me, who now guides his thoughts; who feeds in the words to him, which once have gone out from me and which I always and constantly repeat, because heaven and earth pass away, but my word remains until all eternity. You men, who announce my word to your fellowmen in my name, you allow it through your will that I myself make use of your tongue, that you receive my word yourselves and at the same time repeat it to your own blessing and that of fellowmen. You are not yet really aware of your office, when you believe being able to receive the word only out of the book of the fathers – you cannot do this, so you would not let me myself have an effect in you, otherwise it remains an empty word, which does not have a power awakening and power giving effect. The word only spoken, which is not imparted to fellowmen in union with me, can certainly not be encroached on according to the letter, it nevertheless remains without effect, so you yourselves do not let me have an effect in you, and then you cannot claim having announced the word of God, although it is the same letter-wise. I myself want to reveal myself and always do this, so the announcer just wants, in deepest love towards me and in living faith, that he receives my word from me myself to pass it on to fellowmen, whom he wants to help to happiness. Love towards me and fellowmen must drive him, to announce my word, and then he will always talk driven by my spirit, because then he himself does not speak, but I speak through him, and he announces the pure Gospel. Amen. B.D. NR. 4999.


Book 56 5000

It is about eternal life.

13. and 14. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5000.

It is about eternal life – about the life of the soul in the spiritual kingdom after the decease of man on earth. It is about the whole eternity. You men, grasp the consequences of that; think once about it, which great responsibility you have in earth life, in which you yourselves create for you the lot in eternity, in which all means are at your disposal to be happy, and which you leave unused for the immeasurable harm for your soul. Consider that you will be called to account for your thinking, wanting and acting on earth and that you can no more undo anything, as you can also make up for nothing, what you have neglected to do – but that you find repayment according to your earth life, and that in the most just way. Every thought, every act has automatically the effect that man is pushed away or led towards the aim. And for that reason his endeavour is to always be, to acquire the pleasure of God, to be able in future to pass his tribunal. (14.11.1950) It is about the salvation of your soul, and during earth life you only pay attention to the body and its needs, but you pay no attention to the soul. But God’s love does not want to drop you; it does not want that you get lost for eternal times, but that you have eternal life. God’s love courts you, as long as you dwell on earth. God bears your faults and weaknesses with infinite patience, and his mercy knows no boundaries. As long as you dwell on earth his love is meant for you and longs for unification with you. And this unification with the highest love puts you in a state of happiness, which he wants to prepare for you, because all of you are his children. It is an extremely difficult undertaking to lead you to happiness, as long as you do not have yourselves the will towards it. And still this will cannot be forced, but in fullest freedom you must transform yourselves and again adopt the original nature, as which you have once started from God, your creator and father from eternity. Then you are again God-like beings, which can enter into a connection with him, without having to perish in his light. And this change of your nature is you earth task, your aim and your purpose. It is not difficult, so you just long for God; but it costs a difficult struggle, so you are followers of the world. For that reason the world is your enemy, your danger and your ruin. And for that reason you are to avoid it; you are not to get into its spell; you are to overcome it and strive for the divine kingdom only, which truly offers you goods much more delicious; you are to long for God, who can and wants to give you everything, what makes you happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5000.


Book 56 5001

God speaks again and again.

17. and 18. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5001.

O you fools, you who believe being able to determine the love of your God – you blind in the spirit, who have not yet recognized me, who have not yet felt my presence and who for that reason cannot understand that I announce myself to those, who long for my word. You fools, you who do not know that I am the eternal word myself and consequently must speak, when I am present to you and want to prove to you this my presence. You certainly repeat, what I have once spoken, when I walked on earth, but as long as I am myself not present to you, they are just dead letters, which you spread, which only then become alive, when you feel them as sign of my presence, because you then hear me speaking myself, I who reveal myself through the spirit in you. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God – (and God is the word). My word is me myself, and my spirit is in every word, which testifies to me. I speak to men, and that at every place and at every time, as soon as man opens his ear for me, as soon as he desires to hear me and listens to the expression of my love. And this love will never wear itself out; as for that reason my word can also never stop to ring out in the heart of men, who love me. Who therefore believes that I have only once announced myself to the disciples, who believes that I now remain silent and are never any more in so intimate contact with men that they are able to hear me, he is very much wrong, which is greately to his disadvantage, because he can never hear my voice, so he does not believe it that I reveal myself, that my love wants to express itself towards you men and give you a sign, that I am present to you. Because I am a substantial divinity, I must also be able to give proof of my nature and therefore speak to you men. Also you can only recognize another being, when it can express its thinking, wanting and feeling; otherwise it remains dead and unrecognized for you. And since I want that you men learn to recognize me, I must speak to you. (18.11.1950) Which father, who loves his children, would probably remain silent, so he knows them to be in trouble? – Which father would probably make a vow to just speak once to his children, to then remain silent for ever? You men do not know your father in heaven, so you imagine him as a merciless being with principles, which lacks all love. Like a hen lures its chicks to protect them from danger, so also I am always and constantly a caller and admonisher and how otherwise than through my word, which testifies to me myself and my love and care for you? – O you fools, you who believe that my love would become less, that it could ever wear itself out – that I, the word from eternity, could once remain silent, because I have already once spoken to you. Consider how weak your faith really is and how you measure me with earthly measure, how you attach the weaknesses and defects of an earth man to me, whose love is limited, because he is still imperfect. My word will always sound, and every man will be able to hear it, who fashions himself according to my will, who prepares his heart to a lodging, in which his Lord can take up residence. And so he is with him, so he is present to him, he will also express himself and speak to him words of love and of wisdom, as I have promised. And never ever you are to doubt this; otherwise also my word spoken on earth would be invalid, which has announced my spirit to you until the end of times: "I remain with you until the end of the world." "My spirit will guide you into truth." And so you possess a deep living faith, you will not see me as far away God, but as an extremely good loving father, who always wants to be and remain connected to you and whom you then can also hear; who always speaks to you, so you desire to hear him. Amen. B.D. NR. 5001.


Book 56 5002

Light beings embodied as man. Disciples of the end.

19. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5002.

The will to serve me places man in the flock of my disciples, whom I charged to announce the Gospel. Everyone, who wants to be active as worker in the vineyard of the Lord, is welcome by me, because many reapers are needed at the time of the end. I only value the will and allocate that work to everyone, which he is able to do. I therefore reject no-one, because I need all. The work now first exists in the spreading of my love teaching, and this is a mission, which is extremely important, because men at the time of the end live along completely without love. Who is to spread the love teaching, must understandably also himself live in love, otherwise his words would remain without effect on fellowmen. I can therefore only use those as workers in my vineyard, who themselves fulfil the command of God-love and neighbourly love, since only such men are able to accept my instructions, but also only such men offer their services voluntarily to me. A work in unselfish neighbourly love is therefore first condition to be a suitable worker in my vineyard, and such a man, standing in love himself, I also give my special love – I see him as my child, because it has recognized me as father, and it wants to serve me in obedience. And for that reason every man can considered himself as my child, who places himself at my disposal for spiritual collaboration, while the others are certainly my creatures, which I love and never want to lose, but which must first prove themselves as children, by them fulfilling my will. I therefore send my children to their brothers and sisters, who still have not recognized their father, and let them be taught by them – a mission, which is of such importance that I always work together with my children to rescue souls from eternal ruin. Children, who have already found to me, are to also show the others the way, so that also they can experience the happiness of my presence, which also makes them to my children. At the time of the end also light beings must descent to earth to help men, because the opposing side has an extremely strong effect on them and men are too weak to resist. These light beings embodied as man have a strong soul, which strive for me, although they as man have no consciousness back, from where they come. They will always strive up and never let lower powers influence them, nevertheless they as man on earth wage a war with those, but out of which they emerge as victors. A strong power of the soul in man often indicates a soul coming from above, but the soul does not become aware of this, otherwise its mission would lose importance, which must always be and remain a free decision of the will. It certainly can suspect it as result of increased knowledge, but it remains hidden to it for the sake of itself until the time of complete spiritualization, shortly before its decease, where it recognizes its origin in spiritual display and longs back there full of yearning, where it is again united with me in happiness. Such a light being embodied as man can cause great blessing on earth through its spiritual power and its love towards fellowmen, but as long as it lives on earth, it is only a man, who must cover a development course exactly as every other man to be able to develop spiritual powers, because he is to be an example to fellowmen, who can achieve the same as he, when they are willing for it. Man on earth can even summon the increased power of will of these light souls through use of favours of the work of redemption, why exactly this teaching is eagerly supported by those, who are to announce the Gospel. Jesus Christ as divine redeemer and his love teaching is to be announced to men, and I need my servants on earth for this, so that all men find the power to strive up and to free themselves from their tormentor, who wants to throw them into ruin, when they are not helped. For that reason I bless each one, who wants to help these souls, who serves me as servant in my vineyard, who as spiritual co-worker spreads light in the darkness of night, in which men walk along in the time of the end, without reaching the right aim. And to spread light means to instruct men in truth, which I myself impart to those, who therefore want to serve me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5002.


Book 56 5003

Fight between light and darkness.

20. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5003.

A constant fight is waged between light and darkness, why also pure truth on earth does not remain untouched, but is to be constantly displaced by the lie and the error. The fight between light and darkness is equal to the fight between truth and error. Both will have their supporters and therefore fight against each other, because truth as divine radiation wants to assert itself against the lie, the product of dark power. Who walks in truth, he also walks in the light, i.e., everything will be comprehensible and recognizable to him and also make the nature of God understandable to him, while the lie and the error darken man; gives him a completely vague image and finally lets him lose faith in a highly perfect being. The lie is not equal to truth, and nevertheless it has the best weapon against truth – the spiritual loss of sight of man, who consequently can no longer recognize truth, when he is involved in the lie and in the error. For that reason the fight of light against darkness is waged with all eagerness, because an only ray of light can break through spiritual darkness and man now recognizes the unfoundedness and doubtfulness of that, what was offered to him, although he is still unable to recognize truth. But as soon as once questioning starts in man, also the answer can be sent to him, and darkness decreases; a quiet twilight spreads in front of man, which he now seeks to penetrate more eagerly. Therefore, before man is supplied with pure truth, his attention must be drawn to lie and error, by him being prompted to think about erroneous spiritual material imparted to him. The first doubt about it is already a progress, a victory, which light has won over darkness. The fight between light and darkness rages more and more violently the closer the end approaches. For it is a bitter struggle between God and his opponent, between eternal truth and the prince of the lie. Through the lie the soul is separated from God, while truth inevitably leads to God. Only through truth can God win his creatures for ever, while the lie bolts the way to God and the creature becomes a hopeless slave to the father of the lie; for that reason the struggle between light and darkness can only then be waged successfully, when light messengers impart truth to men, when they draw the attention of men to the doings of Satan, which clearly appears in the lack of love of mankind and therefore can also never ever lead to knowledge and recognizing of God. And who is not yet completely in the power of Satan, he is also accessible for pure truth, and he accepts without resistance, what is imparted to him by messengers of light through God’s extremely great love. He will recognize truth and also learn to recognize God as eternal truth; he will turn away from darkness and seek the light, and his soul will not get lost. Amen. B.D. NR. 5003.


Book 56 5004

A rock will be shaken. (Spiritual shockwave).

21. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5004.

Mankind will experience a great spiritual shockwave so that an opportunity is given to it to recognize an error that it up to now represented as truth. I will obviously point out my word to men. I will shake a rock - and men themselves are to be able to determine what they want to reject - my word or a structure that has established itself on this word. They can accept only one and the opinion is up to them. Only for the sake of men themselves I let this happen so that they get away from a force that made the thinking and wanting unfree and so obstructed the decision of the will for which man lives on earth. I want to shake a rock - and when the foundation is rocked the whole structure will cave in, i.e., men will no longer feel bound but will be free to think and act, they will no longer fear any power behind which they imagine God, because now only they recognize me who is stronger than that power and does not side with it. In spiritual terms it will well mean chaos and at first the error wants to assert itself but now truth will light up like a flash of lightning and cast a dazzling light on the false teachings and they will not stand up to truth because now everywhere messengers of truth stand up, light bearers people will listen to, although the followers of that power that foundered will be bitterly hostile towards them. I announce to you men that what is coming and you can expect it already soon; but everything will need its time and also these events point to the near end because through seers and prophets the end of a great city is announced. It is an earth-shattering event that however has a spiritual cause and is to have spiritual impact. It is to testify to me before the whole world who as the eternal truth can never tolerate falsehood and takes action against it when it is time. Amen. B.D. NR. 5004.


Book 56 5005

Work in the vineyard. Seed – reapers. Harvest.

22. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5005.

Much seed is sown and only little fruit brought in. But not in the quality of the seed is the fault to be sought, but the ground, which receives the seed, is often unsuitable to let the seed come up and to produce good fruit. And for that reason I need willing workers, who cultivate the ground before, so that a good seed can be put in it, and I need many reapers for the harvest, who gather the fruit for me and bring into the barns. The cultivating of the field must be the work of man; I can certainly give good seed, my word from eternity, but I cannot fashion every field to a good receptive soil – the human heart – through my will, before it has not itself subordinated its will to mine, and therefore man himself must accomplish this work, whereby fellowmen devoted to me are to help him. The field must before be cleaned of weed – a mission which my workers are to also carry out in the vineyard, to eradicate wrong teachings and false opinions through right instructions and clean the heart, so that is can receive good seed, my divine word, which can now develop and grow and thrive according to the willingness to work of my servants on earth, who want to spread my love teaching, my word, among fellowmen. Much good seed is being sown, but not always accepted by the heart of man. Then the seed falls on stony ground and there does not root tightly. The word has been listened to with the ears, but it does not penetrate into the heart; it dies away and is spoken in vain. It is seed that was completely wasted in vain. But also then the seed can still wither away, when it has touched the heart of man, when the little plant being formed is not tended and looked after, when the word is certainly taken seriously a short time by man, but is again forgotten through outer impressions and therefore the little plant has no power to stimulus, because man lacks the will for it, because it is not watered with love water, which is necessary for growth, so that the little plant does not wither. How often good seed is scattered and does not come to development. And it is mostly the love water, which it lacks, because this alone lets the seed come up, when the preliminary work is done to make the field receptive for the seed, which there is the pure word of God, my divine love teaching. Who obeys this, who eagerly practises love, he also supplies the love water to the ground, in which also the most tender little plant must come up, because it always finds new food and is finally getting blessed by me myself, by me imparting always new love power to him, who gives full expression to my word, as it is my will. Then the seed can bear fruit hundredfold, again and again my word will be preached, also by those, who had to first give full expression to it themselves, to experience its effect at themselves, which then makes him to the living representative of that, what the word has given him himself. Then the seed has fallen on good ground; then the field has been purified of the weed, false teachings have been said goodbye to, and only pure truth enlivens man’s thinking and beginning, and his soul will live for ever, because it has developed to a fruit, which pleases me well. Amen. B.D. NR. 5005.


Book 56 5006

Falling away of the spiritual from God humanly described.

23. and 24. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5006.

Children of love you are, coming from my love power and from my never-ending love permanently looked after and attended to. My love for you is boundless and never lets you get lost. But my love also gave you free will as a sign of perfection otherwise my love for you would have been limited when it would have refused something to you which belongs to perfection. Only free will makes divine beings out of you that had to be like me as they came from me. But at the same time free will makes you to beings with the right of self-determination that now could do of their own accord what they liked and could say yes or no to their solidarity with myself. This free will decision also had to be granted to men so that they could prove their perfection, what required unconditional affiliation with me. A being created perfectly had not yet reached the highest degree because this it first had to earn by remaining perfect out of free will where it also could sink. The erstwhile falling away from me of the spiritual can only be described by me to you men on earth this way if it is to be understandable to you why the spiritual fell, why it became sinful towards me. It misused its free will and turned away from me because it thought to be so powerful and so grand that it believed not to be dependent on my power of love. To be able to make a free will decision the opportunity had to be given to it to be able to decide on a different aim than on me. And this counterpart was the first being of light that started out from me, that made use of my power that flowed towards it without measure by it creating countless beings well with my will, because I did not withdraw my power from it. His will however aimed at his own increase in power against me to be independent of me. It did not want to acknowledge me as what I was - the original source of power, that it got and that enabled it to create and form according to its own will. Its free will therefore turned away from me and this counter will it also put into the spiritual beings that emerged out of my power through it. So therefore you were well children of my love however also children of an evil will that was directed against me. And so also you once separated yourself from me out of free will without however being able to carry out a total separation from me, because I keep you due to my great love, that also wants to win you back, that does not drop you, but again and again lifts you up from the deep, when you move there out of your own will. But my love never ends - and it wins you irrevocably. However you yourself determine the time - because you have a free will. Free will designates you as my creatures, as independent beings, and according to this free will you yourself create the respective condition without being stopped by me. But because I love you and want to win you, I form your fate in such a way that you can reverse the separation from me by the right use of your will, that you strive for unity with me and so also again take on your original being, that you again are truly my children that have now of their own accord decided for me and reject my opponent. But also him I want to win and even if it takes eternities. Also he was a child of my love, came from my original power and equipped with all gifts that made him a perfect being. That is why I also do not let him get lost for ever, also him I want to win and again and again let him feel my love, but his will is still rigidly turned away from me and because I also let him take his course, it is still a work of exceeding great patience and pity to let his will have freedom and nevertheless have an effect on him, so that he surrenders to me out of his free will. But whether it takes eternities, my love will win over him, who is still lacking any love. One day also he will recognize my love and long for it, because it alone causes bliss and because no being can separate itself from me for ever, but in the end after all strives for unity that makes it blessed beyond description. Amen. B.D. NR. 5006.


Book 56 5007

"What no man’s eye has ever seen."

25. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5007.

No human being can only nearly imagine the splendours of the spiritual kingdom, what I expressed through my words: "What no man’s eye ever seen and no man’s ear ever heard, that I have prepared for those, who love me." They are inconceivable spiritual creations; they are inconceivable delights, which make the being happy there, which has entered the kingdom of light and therefore is redeemed from sin of the former resistance against its creator and father from eternity. But the still unredeemed souls themselves create their surroundings, because their will moves them there, where their thoughts dwell, and these are mostly still with earthly material things or on earth, where they have dwelled and still would like to satisfy their desire. For that reason the spiritual domains will appear to these imperfect souls still earthly, because they are still not able to see spiritually, and therefore only those images appear before their eyes, which they imagine themselves. Those beings, however, who are happy, have overcome earthly matter, and their desire is meant for spiritual treasures, but which cannot be describes to men on earth, since they lack the power of imagination for it. When there is now talk about marvellous delights, so it is first of all the connection with me, which creates delights of incomparable kind for the beings. They receive light and hand it out; they move in spiritual creations, which testify to my power and glory. They are in hot love only active for me and transmit this love also to those beings, which still dwell in darkness, in the spheres of the imperfect spirits. As long as therefore a description conceivable to you is given to you of the spiritual kingdom, they are the states of the souls, who only know earthly concepts and are not yet mature enough for the kingdom of light. To grasp the state of the blessed on the other hand, requires itself already a degree of maturity, which men on earth have only rarely. Pictorial comparisons can certainly be given to give an insight into the activity of the inhabitants of the kingdom of light, but comprehensible it will only be to you men, when you yourselves are allowed to enter the kingdom of light, but then there will be no end to your amazement. You are to always let my word be valid: No man’s eye has ever seen it and no man’s ear ever heard, what I have prepared for those, who love me. Then every description will just appear pictorial to you, certainly according to truth, but not to be interpreted in the general sense for him, who himself has not yet reached the degree of maturity, which is required for the entry into the kingdom of light. Amen. B.D. NR. 5007.


Book 56 5008

Call to spiritual work in the coming time of trouble.

26. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5008.

I want to make myself known to you in earthly and spiritual trouble. Always you are to feel me; always you are to be aware of my presence, and I want to strengthen you, so you get weak. Only still a short time remains for you, which you are to spend in quiet work for me and my kingdom; but then greater demands approach you, earthly as well as also spiritually, because every earthly trouble also makes the spiritual work more urgent, because you are to help your fellowmen, who do not stand in knowledge about cause and purpose of sufferings, which come over men. Then you will obviously feel my help; then you will also give me possibilities through your faith and your love towards fellowmen, to reveal myself to you, so that you are certain of my perpetual presence and can draw power for every activity out of this awareness. Soon your time has come; the time, where you can openly work for me and my kingdom; the time, where the trouble around you drives you to eager activity and you feel in the heart appointed by me to the work in my vineyard. Then speak, where opportunity is offered to you; speak, so the heart drives you to it, because I bring those men to you, who need my work through you. Then my blessing will visibly be with you, and your ways will be smoothed, so that you are not hindered in your work for the spiritual kingdom. The hour, where I fetch you home, still comes early enough, but before I still have much work for you and need your full commitment, so that this work can still be done, before the end comes. Nothing will seem unusual, what you undertake, but you yourselves will feel my hand, and all, who are of awakened spirit, likewise. But before the world nothing unusual happens, because out of free will men are to listen to you and let your words have an effect on them, and for it the opportunity is offered to you and them often, because the earthy situation itself contributes to it that fellowmen do not remain closed, so you bring my Gospel to them, and they prefer to accept it out of your mouth, they listen to you, because you speak alive to them and are penetrated yourselves by the truth of it. You will still have to do much work, but never be without help. But until I call you, work in quietness, and your work will be blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 5008.


Book 56 5009

The way to God through Jesus Christ.

28. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5009.

The way to God is near through Jesus Christ, but endless far without him, because he has offered himself to serve as bridge, to shorten the endless long way for those men, who are separated from God through a wide cleft, who stand in such a far distance from him that they need eternities to reach God. But men’s existence on earth is too short for this aim, and for that reason the man Jesus has gone a short way out of love towards mankind being in trouble, which was extreme difficult and laborious to cover, but still let him reach the aim. He has walked a way through his love and has achieved with God that all men are allowed to choose this way, who want to follow him to reach God. It is a narrow, thorny path, which only few man want to go, but Jesus Christ wants to be the leader of all those, who trust him and abandon themselves to him and his guidance. And they must just always follow without resistance; they must believe that he alone can help them to reach the heavenly father; they must believe in him, who walked the way of the cross out of own will, out of extreme great love to mankind to lead it to happiness, which can only be found with the heavenly father. His way was hard and bitter, full of grief above all measure and immensely difficult, because he carried a gigantic burden on his shoulder - he bore the sin of mankind, because he wanted to bring it to the father, so that mankind found forgiveness. He had to carry a heave cross, but his love was so great that he covered the way to the cross; that he went up to God to ask him to accept his sacrificial walk for the sin of his fellowmen. And God accepted the sacrifice. He forgave all men, who hand over their debt to Jesus Christ and ask him for his blessing, for his help on the earth course, for guidance on the earth course upwards, to the father, to eternal life. They can now reach their aim during earth life, when they choose the sole way, which securely leads up, the way of the Lord, when they want to be true followers of Jesus Christ, who entrust themselves in their weakness and sin debt. But never without him; without Jesus Christ is the cleft irreconcilable, and the way never ever leads upwards, but always more and more into the deep, so the cross of redemption is not paid attention to, which stands at the beginning of the way, which securely leads upwards. And he himself again and again steps into the way of the earth walker, showing him the direction, which leads upwards. But who does not listen to him, he also does not follow him. He will still have to walk endless times in darkness, because without Jesus Christ also no ray of light touches him and without light he goes erroneous ways. Amen. B.D. NR. 5009.


Book 56 5010

Power of the divine word.

29. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5010.

A mighty power flows through you, so you take up my word in faith in me and in love to me; so you therefore want to hear me and receive my word believingly. You then so to speak force me to be present to you, and my presence must always radiate also power, which indeed only your soul feels as benefit and is extremely grateful for it. As soon as man consciously receives my address in him, the separation of him from me is overcome, because to hear my voice is also a proof of my nearness. The will and the desire to hear me, is enough for me that I lean towards him and speak to him in every form, through script or word, direct or through messengers or also in spiritual communications. I always reveal myself to him, who wants to hear me. You men therefore have a secure means to abolish the separation from me, by you withdrawing into quietness or devotedly become immersed in a book, which has my word as content, and when you therefore acknowledge me as a being, to which you want to be close. Then you inevitably draw myself to you, because I hear every wish of the heart, and I also fulfil it. But my word remains dead for you, so you just read it, without desiring me intimately. For that reason not every man draws the same power out of my word; for that reason the one can be strengthened extremely, while the other feels no effect at all at him, because his heart remained uninvolved, while his eye and his ear received my word. It is you yourselves, who determine the effect of my word at you; you can put yourselves in the possession of power in excess or give meagrely to your soul, according to the degree of the desire of your heart, because you yourselves receive me and let me be present in you, or you close the door of your heart to me; you hinder the entry for me, even so I knock on your door and desire admission. For I often come myself to meet you, so you do not draw me to you through your desire. I offer you a very delicious gift, because I myself would like to speak to you; but who does not want to accept my gift, to him I do not impose it; but who has once felt the power of my word, his soul constantly demands it. He never lets me go past, but receives me in his heart, so that I dwell there and constantly refresh the soul. And so it will never need to go hungry and to starve; it will always be fed with my word and receive power unlimitedly. Amen. B.D. NR. 5010.


Book 56 5011

God’s help to the ascent. God’s word.

1. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5011.

Grasp the hand, which is lovingly held out to you, and let yourselves be pulled up out of the deep to me. Even so you believe not having need of help, so still accept my help, because the power to survive deserts you, when the ascent becomes more difficult, and then you are only dependent on my help. More and more difficult your earth way becomes for every individual, and without power supply from above no ascent is almost any more possible. But I want to give you this power and for that reason I lovingly hold out the hands to you, at which you are to support yourselves, so you lack power. And so you are in darkness, I bring you light, so that you recognize the way, which you are to walk to your salvation. I approach you with my word and through it make myself known to you that it is offered to you in hours of weakness, in hours of the need of the soul. Then you need my help, and I also obviously help you. I am always close to you, but particularly, when you are in trouble, because otherwise I cannot make myself known to you than through help, which proves my presence – through my word, which you always may believe. Without my word you are in trouble of the soul; you are in the deep, out of which I would like to raise you to me. If you now hear my word, so you are no longer far from me; you allow it that I am close to you, because I am myself my word – therefore you long for me, so you long for my word, and since I refuse to give myself to no man, so I therefore hold my hands to him, as soon as I come up to him in the word. How and in which form you receive it, is all the same, so you just desire it and let me speak to you. Then you allow my presence; you choose me to your leader; you accept my hand and consequently also my help, and you can now no longer get lost, because with me and near me there is no ruin, but only ascent, until you finally reach the aim. Without me you men are in great trouble, for that reason do not turn your eyes away from me, so I come up to you; listen to my call, which is meant for you; let me accompany you upwards, because alone you are too weak and never ever reach the aim. Amen. B.D. NR. 5011.


Book 56 5012

Seers and Prophets.

2. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5012.

What the prophets are to announce in my name that does not come from them themselves but their spirit receives from me the assignment to say something no matter whether man consciously or unconsciously came into contact with the spirit in him; a man can speak, driven by my spirit, when he is in the midst of people to whom he would never speak of his own accord. So then the working of my spirit is obvious, he speaks being fully conscious, however not intended before, but suddenly, from my spirit enlightened, he sees things in the future before his eyes that he must tell the people. These are the seers and prophets that will also appear more often in the end-time when the end comes closer and closer. These men do not need to consciously work for me and my kingdom, only their life will always comply with my will otherwise I would not use them as my tool. But men who consciously offer their services to me can likewise work for me prophetically when they are chosen by me for a teaching activity. Then they will be initiated as it were into my plan of salvation, which also includes the knowledge about future events. Then the man who wants to serve me will be informed of the events of the latter times before the end and he then has the assignment to mention this towards the fellow human beings although he cannot be addressed as seer because he lacks this gift to see future things. He only hears what the spirit in him tells him and describes what he hears, what now also at the moment demands his faith to be able to be represented with conviction to the fellow human beings. He is therefore so to speak a prophet even if he lacks the gift as seer. Men who see visions are only from time to time in this state in which they then also speak - they will therefore have these visions mostly not until they are in the midst of men whom they can inform simultaneously. They are also afterwards still conscious of their vision and can relate it but the events then hang before them like a kind of memory that they however experienced before. But the announcements of seers and prophets always have to agree provided that both lead a life that agrees with my will, so that they apply my word. Because also false prophets can appear that announce future events of their own accord to men but have no connection with me at all, who achieve earthly advantages through it and want to make themselves a name. Do not believe them because they announce error even if they point to the end. Because also my opponent uses my words when he wants to blind men but then always my word applies: By their fruits you shall know them. I point out to you that still many false prophets will appear before the end but you can easily recognize them by them always trying to align themselves to the demands of worldly powers, that therefore their aim is not me but the prince of the world. Because who wants to speak for me will also always tell the truth and he will only then appear as prophet when he has the assignment from me through the inner word or through sudden work of my spirit, that then also always will be recognizable. Amen. B.D. NR. 5012.


Book 56 5013

Recognize yourselves and your origin.

3. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5013.

Recognize yourselves as that, what you are – as creatures, which do not just exist outwardly materially, but hold spiritual in them, which must develop upwards to a stage, in which it is again like God. Because it once was like God and has lost its God-likeness through its own fault. Recognize yourselves that you are the form, in which the spiritual can again gain the God-likeness, when you live in the will of God. And for that reason you must first acknowledge a God above you, a being, which has called you into existence and to which you as his creatures are to show love and obedience, because then you also fulfil his will, and then the spiritual in you also reaches its last aim on earth; it becomes like the original nature of God, which is love in itself, and again adopts the form, which it had from the origin,

But you men lack the recognizing of yourselves. You suffer from it, and for your recovery you must strive yourselves in free will. For that reason you can always only be pointed to your poor state, your spiritual blindness and your wrong way of life; but you yourselves must exploit all admonitions and warnings, which are sent to you through God’s love and favour. You must think about yourselves, about your origin and about your life task. Only then you will land a hand on your soul work and live in the will of God. Ignorance is a great obstacle; but men themselves do nothing to change their state of ignorance. They accept no instructions, and their thoughts are exclusively turned towards the world; as they also see the earth life itself as purpose of their existence, because they rarely acknowledge a remaining in existence after death. It is ignorance, which lets them think and act wrongly, but they themselves do nothing to change this ignorance to cognition. And as long as you men therefore do not think about it, what and how you are and what your actual purpose is, you just remain blind earth walkers, who so to speak go the course through earth life unsuccessfully, leave the valuable time go past unused, which could gain them a marvellous life in eternity. Only the serious occupation in thoughts with these questions brings you brightness of the spirit and lets your will become active to reach the aim, which is set for you for this earth life. Recognize yourselves and your origin. Think about your purpose and your life task. Then eagerly seek to comply with that, what you feel alive in you as duty to God, because he puts this feeling into your heart, as soon as you just seriously make an effort to fathom aim and purpose of earth life, as soon as you, in recognizing yourselves in the heart, turn to him, from whom you went out. He helps you that you advance up, but you must want it yourselves and ask him for power and favour. Then you will not go the earth way in vain; then the spiritual in you will mature and become that, what it has been originally in the beginning and is to become again. Amen. B.D. NR. 5013.


Book 56 5014

Spiritual poverty.

4. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5014.

True childlike piety must fill the heart of that man, who wants to pray to me in spirit and in truth. And only a deeply humble man has this childlike piety, who feels small and unimportant, who is aware of his far distance to me and nevertheless has the childlike faith that I accept him, when he comes to me asking. He has nothing than just this faith in my love, which does not drop him, and this his spiritual poverty makes him humble, but to the humble I give my favour, and through favour he will be happy. Spiritual poverty is therefore only the admission of his unworthiness and the desire for my favour and mercy, which also each one will experience, who in such humility lifts up his eyes to me. All, who feel poor spiritually, who are aware of their inadequate state, require help and seek it there, where they hope for love and favour. And I praise them happy that they, in their spiritual poverty, put their trust in me that they recognize themselves and for that reason also ask me, because such a prayer will always be humble and always be heard by me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5014.


Book 56 5015

Spiritual action.

6. and 7. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5015.

A great spiritual action will take place, so that men mentally discuss questions, which concern the near end, because something happens, whereupon it was referred to through seers and prophets before a long time. Quite obviously these prophecies come true, and this lets men pay attention to. Because now they take notice of all signs, because they begin to believe that the end is near. The spiritual action will have an effect earthly, although it goes out from the spiritual kingdom; therefore light beings are at work to bring mankind to their senses.

Who is only worldly minded, he also sees nothing further than a natural event, which has concerned men by chance, who stand in the field of vision of spiritual work. But who considers that nothing is coincidence, he stops short and recognizes a sign in it that points to the near end. Because the rule and work of God becomes visibly evident; they are not men, who show their will to advantage and carry out something opposing God, but a power is clearly recognizable, which wants to express itself vigorously. That and in what way it now expresses itself, makes men think, and they will be impressed by the event more or less, according to their spiritual maturity and attitude. The prophecies of the seers and prophets come true. And the powers of heaven will move. All spiritual beings are participating, and they intervene determining into world events, because the time has come, as it is written: The sun will lose its light, i.e., because the glory will fade, which long enough shone unjustly, because blind men let themselves be blinded, without protesting. But now a light will shine from above, and in its light the wrong will not be able to exist; but the light will emerge out of the shade of death – i.e., it will only then radiate, when an ill and rotten body is at the end. Then new things emerge from the old, and then it will become light in many men, who will pay attention to the signs of the time and see everything as the will or concession of God what happens on earth. Heaven and earth will unite, where it is essential to bring light to men, who walk along in darkness. And although men themselves are at fault that they dwell in darkness, they still will be helped obviously, so that they can recognize the power of God, as soon as they are just attentive and seek the light. Amen. B.D. NR. 5015.


Book 56 5016

Way to perfection. God’s adoption.

8. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5016.

You can reach perfection already on earth, when you voluntarily subjugate yourselves to me, when you live according to my will, when you constantly move in divine order. Everything, what is good, is according to my will; but everything bad to the will of the opposite pole, which likewise has an effect on you to make you submit to his will. It is up to you yourselves, to whom you want to submit; you are completely at liberty, only the right used will leads to perfection, while otherwise you become a slave to eternal death, a state of slavery in trouble and agony. There is therefore only one way to perfection – a way of life according to my will, i.e. a walk in love out of free will. As soon as you make a great effort in works of unselfish neighbourly love, you also live according to my will, and your soul matures during your earth walk. Then the short earth life time is enough to reach a degree of maturity, which frees it from every fetter, therefore suitable for the kingdom of light, into which the soul can only enter, when it is free from all cover impermeable to light. The degree of maturity of a soul can also then still vary, but it is happy, when it can inhabit the kingdom of light at all, where there is a constant ascent and it can always reach greater bliss. But the short earth life time can also win it the highest bliss; as right child of God it can enter into the fullest union with me, to never ever be separated from me and to be able to enjoy the highest joy. This state of God’s adoption is only caused by a love life on earth in fullest unselfishness, a constant striving for me myself and intimate uniting with me, which man establishes at any time, so he works in love. The world must leave him completely untouched; suffering and affliction he must accept in submission as my transmission; his faith must be deep and unshakable, and his will must bend at any time under mine – he must always live with me and let me myself have an effect in him. He must feel as my child already on earth and love me from his whole heart. Then he also lives completely in accordance with my will and leaves this earth as right child of God. So you therefore know, what you can achieve in the short earth life time, but as the fewest men take advantage of life to the salvation of their soul, then you can also imagine the state of remorse of the souls, which neglected to make my will to theirs, and now look back on an unsuccessful earth life. For even my means of bringing up are often of not much use, and I cannot perfect the souls by force. Therefore innumerable souls enter the opposite kingdom in the state of darkness and must there go an agonizing walk, until they reach upwards, what, however, is far more difficult than on earth, where the life power is at their disposal, to act according to their will, only that their will was directed wrongly. Nevertheless also in the spiritual kingdom the will of the being remains free. For that reason you men should work on yourselves in all seriousness that you reach a degree of light, which brings you cognition, so that you then securely walk up in the hereafter and the danger of sinking back into deepest darkness is no longer to be feared. You can achieve much on earth, because power and favour is at your disposal unlimitedly. Use it and create funds for you for eternity. Live according to my will, so that you can enter into the kingdom of light, so that earth life may not be lost for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 5016.


Book 56 5017

Eternal life. Activity. Power out of. God - Love.

10. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5017.

The power awakening to life is and remains love, because it alone establishes the connection with the original source of love, he who is also the original source of power. Without God there is no life; who therefore wants to reach life, he must receive it from God, what can only happen through work in love, through which God joins himself together with man and this joining together also results in overflowing of power, which guarantees life. The process of power transmission can take place in different form – it can appear through the drive of increased love activity; it can be expressed as spiritual striving, but also be felt as direct power imparting, as receiving of the divine word, which is power in itself and has a special life awakening effect. As soon as the soul rises into spiritual spheres through thoughts or desire for God, it begins to live; it gets born again, and the spirit in it becomes active, and activity is life, therefore a spiritual life begins for the soul; it enters a stage of its ascent development, which never remains unsuccessful, because something alive is constantly active and constant activity means an increase of wealth, which exists in spiritual treasures and is therefore of greatest importance in the spiritual kingdom, after earth life. Therefore Jesus Christ has promised man an eternal life, who believes in him and follows him out of this faith, i.e. covers a life in love on earth. He will live for ever – for him there is no longer death, because so he has once become power receiver out of God, he can no longer remain inactive, because the power out of God stimulates him to spiritual activity, to love and to constant striving upwards. But the connection with God must always be established by man himself, what only love brings about, but then power reception is guaranteed, and then death no longer exists for man; then he will live for ever, as God has promised it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5017.


Book 56 5018

Fate according to will and resistance.

12. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5018.

Only that fate is imposed on you, which you need to the change of will, to the abandonment of resistance against me. How strong this resistance of your soul is, that I alone see, and according to it your earth life is fashioned. The relationship of man to me can be so diverse, what is not to be assessed by fellowman, because I also recognize the most secret thoughts and stirrings of a soul, and for that reason a man can be childlike on close terms with me, then he is so to speak led by my father hand, and truly past every abyss, and he securely comes to the destination. But others do not want to be led; they believe they can go alone and trust their own power. These I now and again let run aground, so that they call for a leader and I can then approach them. Again others reject my guidance and show me mistrust; they do not believe in me and go alone through life. And therefore they still resist me, and it is these, who I must touch hard and they are spared nothing in earth life, so that they change, before it is too late. I only seek to achieve the change of will, and an event can often achieve this change, which seems to you to be cruel and lacking love from me, as you still do not know that you have not just been created for this earth life, but the whole eternity still lies before you. And for the sake of this eternity I apply all means, according to the hardness of your resistance. But who devotes himself to me, he no longer needs extra ordinary means of bringing up, and to him I spread out my hands under the feet, and his earth way will be more easily passable, although also he still needs trials for the increase of his degree of maturity, which drive him to me, until also the last distance from me is overcome, until he can end his earth life in happy uniting with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5018.


Book 56 5019


13. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5019.

Love towards me makes you men also grateful for everything, what I give you, even so you do not put the feeling of thanks into words, but it sits in the heart, into which I can see at any time. The mouth often expresses, from which the heart knows nothing, and such words are not valid before me. But the heart can feel, without expressing itself through words, and such feeling alone I assess. Who receives a favour, his heart will also feel counter love and be grateful against the donor. But to accept a gift without thanks betrays most inner lack of love; it betrays arrogance towards fellowman, which lets him feel as being justified in receiving. The same also applies to me that the humble man always receives my gift of favour filled with thanks, may it be spiritual or earthly donations, which I send to him in my love. Humble child love is always proof of gratitude. With regard to me, words are therefore not necessary, but with regard to fellowman you should not owe thanks, so that you do not hurt the giver and repay his love badly for him. Who just gives for the sake of thanks, he indeed lacks the right love towards the neighbour, nevertheless every gift, which is meant well, should be acknowledged gratefully, so that the giver also gets to know the joy of giving, so that the love of the sponsor may light itself at the joy of the receiver, because thanks felt warmly can prompt further giving, what will always be a blessing for giver and receiver. Gratitude is inseparable from love, because a word of thanks without love cannot be called right thanks. But who has love in him, his life, thinking and acting is a sole gratitude against him, who has created him, because to him also belongs his will; to him belongs the love of his heart, which bends in deepest humility and receives every gift from him with emotion. That is gratitude that pleases me, so I also possess the love of my creatures, which will then always receive unlimitedly, so that they are happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5019.


Book 56 5020

Devils of the time of the end. God’s protection.

13. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5020.

You can live in a world of devils and still be closely connected to me. This comfort I want to give you, so that you do not get weak in the last time, which precedes the end. Because in this time you, who are mine, are surrounded by devils, which will besiege you badly for the sake of faith. And so you mention to them my name, you will provoke them, and you will have to suffer much under their malice, because they treat with hostility everything, what stands by me. And still this is exactly your strongest weapon, your strongest protection, that you remain loyal to me. You then let me always be present to you, and no-one can harm you, so I am with you. Therefore also I dwell in the midst of devils, but in the heart of those, who belong to me, who love me and believe in me, in my love and omnipotence, who are therefore convinced, that I rescue them out of all trouble, that I am also Lord over all evil. You will be closely connected to me, and your longing grows day by day, and this longing for me attracts me inevitably to you. For that reason you do not need to be afraid, also in greatest earthly trouble. Because everything is possible for me; I can rescue you out of greatest danger and am also victor over those. The world will hate and persecute you. But I love you and will protect you, until your hour has come, so you enter my kingdom. And that I say to you as comfort that also your faith will grow strong the more it gets shaken, because those earnestly striving for me experience strengthening of faith by me myself and their spiritual attitude to me takes on a form, which is a right child relationship, and consequently also the trust in me is very great that they fear the earthly trouble only little, because they are fully convinced that I rescue them. I do not leave you, so you do not leave me. But you, who are mine, can no longer get away from me, because my love draws you. For that reason I am constantly present to you and will always be, and very particularly then, when hell opens and will take action against you. Then I fight at your side, and victory will be ours. Amen. B.D. NR. 5020.


Book 56 5021

Whosoever shall exalt himself. Arrogance. Honour.

15. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5021.

Who humbles himself, will be exalted. But who lets himself be honoured by his fellowmen, his reward in the hereafter will truly be a small one, because he has already his reward gone. You men are indeed only for that reason on earth, because you are still imperfect, otherwise you would have already entered the kingdom of the happy spirits, which presupposes the degree of perfection. But so you are imperfect, how can you then demand honour from fellowmen? How can you let yourselves be honoured, you who cannot yet pass before my eyes, so I suddenly recall you from this world? – Who humbles himself, will be exalted. Therefore exaltation in my kingdom presupposes a deep humility, which you are not only to prove to me, but also to fellowmen, by which indeed not obsequiousness and crawling service is to be understood. But you men are to never be overbearing to fellowmen. What distinguish you of spiritual gifts, what you possess of talents, busy intellect or other abilities, that is not your merit, but has been given to you by your creator and father according to your purpose on earth. Therefore these gifts are not allowed to let you become arrogant, but just grateful to him, who has equipped you so abundantly. But you are nevertheless to remain aware of it that your soul is still imperfect and that it is it alone, which survives the body – that therefore all earthly gifts pass, as you yourselves pass in future and except your soul nothing is left, that gives you the right to be arrogant. For that reason it not the proper thing to do on earth, that extremely great reverence is shown to a man, that men, who are his brothers, bend before him and lie before his feet serving. It is not the proper thing to do that a man lets honour be shown to himself, which elevate him to a king, when such rule is not transferred to him. For even every earthly ruler is to be regarded as loving, fatherly ruler for his subjects, if he wants to gain their love and not just be feared. Then every subject will also automatically testify the honour to him, which he deserves. But he is put above men as earthly ruler through my will. But also his arrogance is no virtue, but a weakness and a fault before my eyes. You men are all equal before me; you are to be like brothers among each other; you are to serve one another in love, then you move on earth as my true children, and you remain of humble heart. Because you are always to imagine my course on earth, how I walked in the midst of men with my disciples, whom I stood by like a brother and friend and whom I also instructed brotherly. Truly all power was at my disposal, and I could create everything for me, earthly wealth and reputation before the world. I could have ruled like a king and take up all honour for me; but I did not see that what is high, but only saw what is miserable, weak and bend myself down to it; I knew no arrogance and sought no honour and fame from men. I only gave love and demanded also only love from men. And who wants to follow me, he is to serve in love, but never want to rule in power. Only then he can be put over great things in my kingdom, when he has lowered himself on earth like me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5021.


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