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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 54

B.D. NR. 4680 - B.D. NR. 4803

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Book 54 4680

Value of divine revelations.

30. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4680.

The value of divine revelations is recognized only by few and also cannot be proven school wise to men, but it will make exceedingly happy all, who awaken the spirit in themselves and are now recognized to receive divine revelations. Only to fellowmen it can be mentioned, but only to the spiritual awakened the extraordinary supply of favour becomes comprehensible. And still the attention of fellowmen is to be drawn to it, because every divine revelation holds power in itself and can therefore still have an effect on the heart that it feels the favour and the truth of that, what is brought to it as divine revelation and now desires it again and always again, what can also lead to the awakening of the spirit. What comes from God will never be without favourable effect – this effect only requires a certain attitude towards God – man must acknowledge God and be of a will turned towards him. Then he also feels his word, his revelation as favour; he feels the power, which flows from the word of God, and he seeks to often turn towards this favour; he desires the word of God; receives it gratefully and is aware that he approaches God himself in this way, because God is present to him, as soon as he knows the desire and the will of man is directed towards him. A divine revelation is therefore always a proof of the presence of God, even so when it is not passed on directly, but through the mouth of man. The listener will always be able to feel the power of the word in the form of increased desire for the divine gift. Many men can put themselves in the blessing of divine revelations, but most lack the recognition, and therefore they do not know about the extraordinary gift of favour, about that love, which announces itself through a revelation to those, who want to recognize God. And without recognition they do not strive for it; but without striving and desire also no gift of favour can be supplied to them, because it would then remain completely unnoticed. That God reveals himself proves the intimate relationship of the creator from eternity with his creatures whom he wants to have taken part in his love radiation; whom he wants to put in the possession of light and power. (2.7.1949). Because he knows about the weak state of man in need of help, who are certainly his creatures from eternity, however still have started their earth life through their wrong will as spiritual beings turned away from him and are to turn again to him in free will. But without help they are not able to do it, for that reason God’s love co-operates with them and wants to strengthen them and move them to change their will. But so that they recognize him, he reveals himself to them in the most different way, so that it is now possible for them to put themselves in a state full of light right from the beginning, when they just want to. For that reason divine revelations are of such immense value, because they can fashion the lot of the spiritual for the whole eternity to that of happiness, however always depending on the free will of man during his earth existence. God has constantly revealed himself since the beginning of creation; the connection from God to men has never stopped; his revelations always were the light, which broke through the darkness of night – the ignorance of the fallen creatures -, and the possibility was always given thereby to reach the original source of light, God. But again and again the light was marred, i.e. what started from God bright and radiating, was darkened through the will of man or completely extinguished. Pure truth was infiltrated by error or displaced by the lie. Divine revelations were disfigured and still represented in this state to men as divine. In this way mankind became more and more a slave of darkness except for a few, who opened themselves in free will to the divine revelations and could now again receive radiating light. Occasionally such rays of light shine in the middle of the darkness of night, and its effect is indescribably fostering for the completion of the souls, which stand in the ascent development process and need help from God, but as the other way round the disfigured revelations influence this process unfavourably, indeed for the most part prevent it. For this reason God will again and again reveal himself to those, who are of good will and put themselves in the state, which allows direct or indirect revelations. Because God is eternal truth, and he also wants to guide men into truth, because truth alone is light and guides men to the right cognition of the nature of God, which there is love, omnipotence and wisdom, and therefore also awakens in them right love towards God. Amen. B.D. NR. 4680.


Book 54 4681

Pouring out of the spirit. Task of the servant of God.

2. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4681.

Who mentions my work through the spirit, he describes the relationship of me to my creatures, as it is, and in which man mostly does not believe, because he imagines the divinity endless far from him and for that reason also does not recognize its love. But I want to win men for me; I want that they know me near to them; I want they establish an intimate relationship to me and for that reason I want to reveal myself to them through you, you who let my spirit have an effect in you. Faith in such an intimate connection between me and men, which results in the hearing of my voice, men have completely lost, and when they speak of me, they just speak of a power, which they acknowledge; they certainly speak of me as of their and the universe’s creator, but not of their father, who I am and also want to be for them in their awareness, because before they do not recognize me as father, they will also not love me and desire me. For that reason you are to announce it again and again to your fellowmen that you hear my voice, that I speak to you and constantly instruct you, that I supply knowledge to you in an unusual way, which eliminates human help, therefore can demonstrably not come from the outside, but emerges from you yourselves, which has just to be seen as proof of that, that I myself announce myself through my spirit in man. The enlightenment through the spirit is certainly a concept for men from hearing, however not differently imaginable as existing in right thinking – but that knowledge is imparted to man dictation wise, only corrects this concept, and you are to testify of this as living proof. You are to enlighten men about the prerequisite of my presence; you are to present to them above all the power of love and the results of a love life, which is prerequisite for my work, for my presence in the heart of man and for the ability of the soul, to hear my voice in him. You are to hold me up as a fatherly being caring for his creatures, which wants nothing else than being connected to them, who have emerged out of my love. Only the awareness of being able to call upon the eternal creator also as father awakens in man the trust and love in man towards him, and I incessantly court this love and therefore need you, my servants on earth, as mediators. Because through you I want to speak words of love to my creatures, and so that they believe it that it is I myself, who announces himself through you, you must constantly communicate to fellowmen and mention my work in you. You must point out my visible help in you, when you are in trouble, the excessive amount of knowledge, which was offered to you and with which you can prove to fellowmen my effect. You must call to them my words into memory: "I remain with you until the end of the world – I will send unto you the comforter, the spirit of truth." When men can find no the right explanation for these my words, they will also accept this my work at you as sufficient explanation and start to think about the right relationship of the creator to his creatures – and, when they are of good will, acknowledge me as father and likewise strive towards me. And then you have fulfilled a nice task, and your reward in eternity will not be low. Amen. B.D. NR. 4681.


Book 54 4682

Assessment of supernatural work. (Gröning ?)

4. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4682.

Do not burden yourselves with thoughts of supernatural seeming occurrences, which value and kind you cannot assess, as long as you cannot convince yourselves of the spiritual foundations of such events. Where a connection with me is established that the most intimate joining together between me and man takes place, there the power of man is also unlimited, and what he works, he accomplishes under use of my power, therefore in union with me. And then it is also my will that this expression of power becomes obvious to mankind. I myself therefore stand then behind every supernatural act, and it is the power of faith, which brings about every success. But I reserve myself this transmission of power for me, i.e., where I know a man as representative of my teaching and about his will, which is fully turned towards me, and who is therefore now active on earth in my name, there I also work in coexistence with him, but also only there. So you will therefore be yourselves able to recognize my or my opponent’s help with every extra ordinary power performance, which is therefore to be mentioned as miracle. Faith and love are the marks of my presence and my assistance. Where deep faith and true neighbourly love determine a man to help, there I cannot be eliminated, because I myself am love and therefore will always be there present, where love work takes place. But I also do not hinder my opponent at the supply of power, if he finds in a man the will turned towards him, but also his work will be able to be recognized at the one carrying it out himself. He will be no announcer of my teaching – therefore not active in my name, because then he must only stand up for me and my name. He will not spread my word, although he utters the name "God". And by this the right and the wrong servants of God are to be recognized and also every miracle act that my word must be preached, where I myself give my power for the wellbeing of suffering mankind. Because I work to reinforce my word, because my word is the most necessary what men need. And so assess yourselves, when opportunity is given to you judge, i.e., seek information about it, whether and how far my Gospel is announced. Where my opponent is at work, my word is hardly supplied to men, otherwise my opponent would have to preach love and would from now on no longer be my opponent. But I leave the checking up to you yourselves, so that you pay attention to that, what touches you wonderfully, so that you think and ask me for my help, so that you judge right – acknowledge, where my spirit works and reject, where my opponent is active. And I will direct your thinking right, if you want to recognize the right, because truth is to become yours, you who you desire it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4682.


Book 54 4683

Right emissaries of the Lord. Gift of speech.

6. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4683.

I give my messengers the task to bring to men the Gospel in my name; I send them therefore in my place into the world, i.e. to fellowmen, who still stand in the middle of the world, therefore have their senses still not directed spiritually. To them my Gospel, the divine love teaching, is to be presented, so that they adjust their conduct accordingly to it, are therefore always active in love. This task is now spiritually of greatest importance, earthly however it is considered as completely useless work, and for that reason only few are prepared to enter my service, i.e., to carry out the will of their Lord as my servants. Therefore the messengers do not often step into your way, who are my emissaries, therefore preach in my name. But many there are, who appear teaching, without however having the task from me for this and having themselves been instructed by me. They certainly also pretend to be my messengers, but have not received the task from me and are consequently also not trained by me for their teaching activity. And so their knowledge will not be sufficient for this; their instructions will only be piece work, but if they are of good will and want to serve me seriously, I will enlighten their spirit, if they themselves allow this through love, which must arouse in them, if I am to be with them myself. For this reason all can feel taught by me, who just want to be my servants seriously. But this serious will is not characteristic to all, who call themselves my servants, and for this reason only rarely the right Gospel is imparted to men; only rarely the listeners stand under the impression, to hear myself speaking, and the word therefore does not really go to their heart; they think more intellectually; they grasp literally, what is to be understood spiritually and reject easily everything, what is best for men and the most successful, what is offered to them from above. But the few, who are in possession of pure truth, because they receive the Gospel directly from me and have the will to pass it on into the world, (7.7.1049) those I call my messengers, because they impart my will to the earth children, who open to them ear and heart and therefore let me speak to themselves through them. The serious will to be active for me and my name and therefore also the right conduct springing from it, makes man to my messenger, to my emissary, who now works with the goods of his Lord, who imparts my word to fellowmen. Who has received from me this task, can be assured of my support in every way; I will give him the ability for the teaching office; I will give him the possibility to appear teaching; I will lead those men into the way, who need my instructions and are worthy of my address; I will also guide him to those, who stand far away from me and to whom the last rescue anchor is to be thrown; I will bless his activity for me earthly and spiritually; I will keep him that he does not fall and always put him out as my apostle, by me giving him the gift of speech and a clear mind, which emerges particularly in spiritual conversations, because I want that men have a sign, who is the Lord of that apostle, in whose service he stands. And they will be able to recognize it at any time, if they call my word, which I have spoken on earth to men, into memory. Because my promises will visibly fulfil themselves at those. I want that my word is carried out into the world. I therefore want that my apostles, my disciples of the time of the end, my messengers, speak for me and my name; I want that they announce my love teaching everywhere and point men to the end, to the last judgment, to their spiritual trouble – that they admonish and warn them, so that men commune with themselves and think of their soul. And I will bless everyone who is active as worker in my vineyard, who does the work as my servant which I demand. Amen. B.D. NR. 4683.


Book 54 4684

Power of Satan. Watch and pray.

8. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4684.

Great is the power of him who wants to ruin you. He shrinks from no means and drapes the coat of righteousness round himself; he seeks to confuse your thoughts, so that you are no longer able to differentiate the right from the wrong. He wants to overthrow you; he wants to bring about your downfall, so that you remain lying on the ground and are no longer able to rise. And he will besiege you in every way, but mostly then, when you choose me as aim and have gone the way, which leads to me. Then he lurks at every crossroads and wants to mislead you. He approaches you under the mask of a friend, behind whom you see no wrong, and he seeks to win you through words and actions, but which do not spring from love, but are just appearance, to which you are to become a slave. Pay attention to it and always just keep to me, then you I will not miss to warn you and to walk next to you invisibly; I will pull you to the right way and put the feeling of detestation into the heart, so the seducer approaches you under the cover of love. Break away from the world, and you are only little exposed to temptations, but with the world and its pleasures he entices you and not rarely has success. Give up everything, what the world offers you and seek me, me who can truly give you goods, which are incomparable with earthly goods. Know that behind every earthly pleasure the seducer lurks, who wants to displace you from me and turn you to him and who uses the pleasures of the world to win you. His power is great, because many means are at his disposal, which are successful with men. But I only offer you one thing – my love, which wants to help you to happiness. And this love expresses itself in the sending of my word, why you therefore have to see my word as a gift of love, which you are never ever allowed to assess as little and which you therefore are to request and receive at any time, so you want to increase your spiritual wealth and are then also strong in resistance against the enemy of your soul. My word is a sure weapon against the attacker, because when you oppose him with my word, then he loses all power over you and gives up his project to win you for hell. But he will approach you again and always again and try his skills with you and for that reason watch and pray, so that you do not fall in temptation. Amen. B.D. NR. 4684.


Book 54 4685

Light beings embodied. Mission. God’s adoption.

9. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4685.

Consider that you are not of this earth, when I give you a mission, which aims at the redemption of mistaken souls. Consider that it is my will that everything returns to its start, that all my creatures must find to me, to become happy, and further consider that the will of the imperfect spiritual is so weakened that it itself would never turn to the way up, when it would not be helped with advice and action through light beings, which help them insofar as that they seek to determine their will to return up. And these beings full of light now work partly spiritually, partly earthly, i.e., for the purpose of the announcing of my will light beings are embodied in the flesh, to now fulfil their mission, my will, which is announced through my word, to impart to men and so to be therefore active for their redemption out of form. And when you consider this, you will also understand that you again long back to home and that this earth is not the right place of residence for you. But you will also understand, why you must lower yourselves, why you must lay down everything, what reminds of the world, if you want to carry out your mission and still make spiritual progresses yourselves, which can certainly be reached on this earth also for beings, which come from the kingdom of light. Because earth is the lowest work of creation in its kind, but which enables the highest degrees of light, which shape a being to the child of God. For that reason I also allow the embodiment of light beings on earth, but the conditions are often difficult and require great love towards me and strong will to be fulfilled. But the comforting encouragement I give you again and again that I do not let you fall, although you yourselves must also let your will become active to reach the highest, because the will I do not make unfree – I certainly help, but I do not force. And for that reason also you must go the way of the cross; you must reach that degree of perfection through suffering and love, which fashions you to true children of God; you must arouse love towards me to highest passion and now out of this love work for me; you must be active on this earth in the redeeming meaning; you must finish your mission until I come to fetch you into my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4685.


Book 54 4686

Right leaders. Messengers of God.

9. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4686.

Also the leading ones lack cognition, if they have not won it from me, if they do not fulfil the conditions, which earn them the recognizing, the knowledge about truth. Then they have brought themselves to a leading place, without being called by me, and then they can only be blind leaders, who go a wrong way and who can also not lead the people right, who have entrusted themselves to them. And I again and again repeat it that I myself appoint my servants on earth for me and give them the right training, so that they now administer their office right and are reliable supports and companions for their fellowmen. I need men in the time of the end, who stand in knowledge about pure truth, because many want to break away from those, who cannot give them right information about meaning and purpose of earth life. And a messenger from me must step into the way for them and gently push them on the right way, which is indeed often uneven and full of obstacles, but still leads to the destination. These messengers will, so they work informatively, gain the trust, and their teachings will be listened to, because they let divine origin be recognized and because truth will pave the way, if it is supplied the right way to men. Blind leaders will lead men astray, my messengers however bear the light, and so they illuminate the darkest way – because my messengers have my word. Powerful is this statement that I associate myself so closely to the messengers that they can hear my word. But you also recognize by this my messengers and know to differentiate them from the opposing forces; that they are representatives of my word, which they receive from me myself. Consequently these must also stand in the right knowledge, because I myself instruct them. (10.7.1949) And you are to join these leaders; you are to entrust yourselves to them, if you want to reach the destination, me, he who is to be reached on only one way – on the way of truth. But only in my word is pure truth contained; only through my word can pure truth be supplied to you men, why I charge my messengers to bring my word to you and therefore to be reliable leaders for you on your earth life way. Right leaders I send to you, and if you pay attention to them, you will win much, because they possess much and therefore can hand over much to those, who possess nothing. But their possession, their wealth they have from me and receive it constantly from me, therefore also you can come into the possession of a gift, which has started from me; you can participate in the use of that, what I can only impart to earth children turned towards me and willing to love. You can come into its blessing, and then you will automatically turn to the right way, because you then only follow those leaders, who know the right way as my messengers, which leads to me. And for that reason pay attention that you do not let yourselves be wrongly led; demand information from your leaders, and if they cannot give you such, so do not choose them as leaders, but seek, until you have found the right leader; and truly I say to you, who seeks, he will also find, because to the willing I myself come to meet him and reveal my identity to him. I approach him in a man, through whom I myself can express myself, to whom I therefore bring the Gospel, unaltered and pure, and who for that reason – taught through my spirit – can impart full truth to him, which alone leads to me and to eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4686.


Book 54 4687

Subordinating the will under the divine will.

10. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4687.

The going into my will inevitably results in the joining together with me. Because then man strives for perfection; he becomes like my original being and becomes now my image, so that every cleft between me and him is bridged and as spirit being full of light he can constantly stay near me. The going into my will means giving up of the former resistance; acknowledging of me myself as highest and most perfect being, adapting to the divine order and fashioning to love, because I make love the first condition, to join me together with my creatures. The going into my will means further complete breaking away from my opponent, since he seeks to transmit a complete opposite will on man and man has now decided by himself to subjugate his will under mine. Therefore the opponent has lost the right of ruler over man, and he has freed himself out of his fetters. But the going into my will also requires knowledge of my will, and again the reason is given by this, that I must supply my word to earth, which imparts to man the knowledge of me and my will. It is therefore an act of love and mercy that I do not abandon men to their self-chosen fate, but present their life task to them, that I show them the way, which they must go and that I therefore announce my will to them, although I leave it to them, to fulfil or to reject it. (11.7.1949) And now it is decisive how far man still opens himself to the influence of the opponent of mine. He himself has free will, is therefore not forced to accept mine or also my opponent’s will, which seeks to obtain a hearing with men through bodily impressions and feelings. His means are entertainment and pleasures of the world; but my way is a radiation out of the spiritual kingdom, which, if it is used, also pulls the soul of man into the spiritual kingdom, because the obeying of my word is already a submitting of the will in mine and therefore approach to me, which ends in complete joining together. Submitting of the will therefore means fulfilling of my will, my commands, which I announce through the word to men. But my first command is called: Love God above all and the neighbour as yourself. Who fulfils this command, he has done everything; he no longer rebels against me, but acknowledges me with loving heart – not by force; he has returned to me for ever, from whom he has taken his start; he completely moves in my will, which is also his will, and he is appointed as my child and heir into all rights of a child and can therefore create and fashion in fullness of power and be happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4687.


Book 54 4688

Devils of the time of the end. Hereafter closed. New banishment.

12. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4688.

You continue the uninterrupted development in the hereafter, if you do not depart as perfect devils from this earth, therefore the possibility still exists that you develop upwards. But devilish is your cast of mind, so you are full of hate and vengefulness against your fellowmen, who strive towards God, who are therefore of good will, acknowledge God and seek to fulfil his will. If these men are persecuted, merely because of their fundamental beliefs, then truly devilish convictions can be attributed to the persecutors, and then all mercy stops, because the spiritual in that man hardens and must get into that state through his God-farness, which causes the banishment in most solid matter. The souls of these men cannot enter the opposite kingdom, because no possibilities to improve exist for them, only an always deeper sinking to hell, to God-farness. And it is consequently still an act of mercy that the spiritual is again bound in matter, because in the mandatory state it still proceeds again slowly up, even so in endless long time. The hereafter, the spiritual kingdom, can certainly also receive numerous souls, which remain eternities in a completely inactive state, but which are still adaptable, which therefore have not yet reached the degree, which causes a banishment in matter. They certainly can still sink to that degree, but as long as still a possibility to the opposite exists, the soul will also not be moved into the mandatory state, but which will inevitably be the lot of men having become devils after the end of the old earth. For that reason that, what is still adaptable, will still be recalled before the end of the earth, and these souls can increase their poor maturity after their death, if they are willing to this. And so mankind will in the end just still exists of good and evil men, and the separation of spirits has so to speak already taken place, before the last judgement will be. Because the few men, who are loyal to God, will give cause to the giving up of the true fundamental belief of men. They will be treated with hostility and persecuted and truly have to live among devils. And it will be hell on earth. The most brutal means will be applied, to move the God-loyal to defection; Satan will develop his whole power and cunning to oust God from the throne and to elevate himself. And it will appear as if Satan gains the victory. The believers will be anxious and hope and in their deep trouble find the power to hold out. They hope for the coming of the Lord and the miraculous rescue out of greatest trouble. And God will not let their faith be wrecked; he will come in the clouds, so Satan believes having already gained the victory. Then the spiritual kingdom has closed its gates, because then there will only still be the living and the dead, men, who are destined to life on the new earth, who also in truth have an eternal life, and men, who are banished into most solid matter, who endure death, out of which they will only after endless long time awaken to life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4688.


Book 54 4689

Pure Gospel. My word remains until.

14. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4689.

I want to be understood right by you and will for that reason always seek to explain right to you my word spoken to you on earth, provided that it is convenient to you, i.e., that you strive for truth and the right knowledge. To explain right knowledge, to give to you men the right cognition, is alone my right and my power, because truth must start from me myself, can however be supplied over many stations and for that reason also be brought to you by men. But always are then these men, who bring truth to you, charged by me for this and instructed accordingly, so that they have first received the knowledge from me, before they instruct you. If therefore the origin of knowledge of a man is proven from me, then you can quite safely accept his knowledge as truth, but if the knowledge is of human origin, therefore own activity of the intellect, then his truth is doubtful, and so that you men can now constantly carry out an investigation of it, what is offered to you as truth, I will again and again supply pure truth to earth, therefore exactly so preach the Gospel in the spirit, as I have done it on earth, and receiver of the Gospel, therefor listeners of my word, will be those, who show me their love in the heart, so that I can put the knowledge about pure truth into their heart. I again and again give explanations of my word; I again and again seek to impart my love teaching to them, and the work of my spirit will take no end to the end of the world. Because without this there is no truth, because imperfection of men always pollutes the pure, disfigures the well-shaped, because the divine, which gets into touch with men, will suffer a human colouring with time, because the divine never remains so pure among men, as it has started originally at the beginning. But as long as my spirit works, the divine radiates down to earth, as long as my spirit works, the radiations will also be caught by pure, love willing men, and so again and again the pure word of God comes to earth; my word remains existing until all eternity. Consequently earth will never be able to sink in darkness, never will my word, as I have announced it on earth, remain not understood, because where an explanation is necessary, I am always prepared, to bring a light to knowledge hungry men through my spirit, and I also always find the right means and ways to supply truth to those, who desire it. But in the time of the end men feel well in darkness; in the time of the end men are satisfied with earthly knowledge; they do not want to hear my language and thoughtlessly they accept, what is offered to them as my word. And for that reason they also no longer understand my word, because it has not remained pure, but also do not strive for themselves after pure truth. And for that reason I let their attention be drawn to error and lies; I send light bearers in the midst of them, who through flashes of brightest light let men recognize darkness, in which they stay. Because I want that they come to cognition; I want that they hear my word pure and unspoiled and for that reason speak to them through my spirit. I send my disciples of the time of the end out into the world that they spread my teaching, that they again teach men love, because without love also knowledge cannot be received by them. And so I will speak through their mouth, my spirit will become effective in men, who are devoted to me and work for me and my kingdom. And light will be for all, who desire light, truth will hear and understand all, who demand it and therefore also me, me who I am eternal truth myself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4689.


Book 54 4690

Small community at the end. Affliction. Loyalty.

15. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4690.

My small community will remain loyal to me until the end, because it comprises the right children of the father; they are mine, who constantly receive power through their intimate connection with me, to hold out also in greatest earthly trouble. Those who are mine are certainly badly besieged by the children of the world, who belong to my opponent and fight for him against mine, but as I also always walk along as fighter next to mine and bestow extraordinary power on them, so that they cannot be defeated, although the fight is exceedingly difficult. They have an indestructible shield, which is most secure protection for them – the shield of faith, against which all attacks are unsuccessful. The harder the earthly trouble becomes the more confidently they expect my help, my coming from above and the rescue out of earthly trouble through me – earthly they have no protection any longer and depend alone on me only and on their faith, otherwise they would have to give me up completely and surrender to the earthly enemies. But now it will be recognizable, what a strong faith is able to do. In the greatest trouble I will obviously bring help, because mine firmly believe in it that I help them. And this faith I never ever let be wrecked. And although the opponents stand earthly in high reputation, have fullness of material goods and seem to be full of power and strength, mine will not desire their goods; they only strive up; they long for me and for spiritual goods; they have overcome matter completely and are therefore also ripe for the stay in paradise on the new earth, which will compensate them for all suffering in the last time before the end. They truly have to pass a test, which is to bring in rich award for them, because not only for their own sake they must experience the difficult suffering and affliction at the end, but for the sake of fellowmen, who are to recognize at the power of faith, which attitude is the alone right one, and who still have a last opportunity, to stand up for me in the face of the obvious work on my part, which makes them think. Therefore also the great affliction before the end is to be seen as means of redemption of the erroneous souls, and for that reason my special love is meant for those, who take up a cross for the sake of their fellowmen and nevertheless firmly stand by me. But that it is bearable for mine, of that they may firmly be assured; they will hold out and remain loyal to me, until I myself come in the clouds and fetch them home into my kingdom – and all trouble will have ended. Amen. B.D. NR. 4690.


Book 54 4691

Life task of man.

17. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4691.

What can help you to happiness, I use, because the spiritual trouble is great, which has its cause in your unbelief. But I want that you learn to believe; I want that you drop all doubt; I want that it becomes light in you, that you recognize me, that you perceive my guidance, that you join me, that you see your father in me, who looks after you and wants to promote your spiritual well-being. It is your life task, to arrive at the cognition of your original beginning-nature, your destination and your purpose. But this cognition you can only win through faith, otherwise you remain lightless for ever, therefore ignorant. And the right knowledge is to be won through a faith, which becomes alive through love, i.e., if you believe in me as a most highly perfect being, then also love awakens in you towards me, and you seek, to become like me in my original being, therefore you strive for perfection. But only that man can become perfect, who strives to be good. Therefore he must have love in him. By this faith becomes alive, i.e. most inner conviction. Only a living faith strives for the connection with me, which means so much, as that the spirit spark, which rests as my share in the soul of every man, connects with the father spirit from eternity, therefore the thinking of man is meant for me, and he now speaks with me – that he prays in the spirit and in truth to me. Then it becomes light in him, because with the mental connection he is love active at the same time, driven from the inside out through my spirit, which, because it is my share, tells men that to do, what I myself do – work in love. And love is the key to wisdom, the light of cognition, which is ignited in him, increases in brightness; the thoughts move in truth, from the inside out he is now taught by my spirit, which is to say so much, that every thought in him becomes most inner conviction, that he thinks logically and can and will represent his now mentally won knowledge also to fellowman as truth. You men are to come to this cognition, to truth out of me, in the time of your earth life, because this knowledge will determine you to a walk of life, which is good, therefore pleasing to me. Then you have fulfilled your life task, and you have stepped out of the stage of ignorance at the beginning of the embodiment as man into the stage of cognition, always in connection with me, me who is never allowed to be eliminated, must therefore work together with you, if spiritual success is to be secured for you. You men can reach this destination, if you just seriously want. And I help each one of you, because alone he is too weak-willed to strive for this aim. I guide men into his way, who are to give him an impetus to inner self-contemplation, so that the process can now start out of free will, which makes out of a still dead, powerless spirit being a creature, striving for perfection, which can reach the highest destination in connection with me – to become a child of God, as it is his purpose. Amen. B.D. NR. 4691.


Book 54 4692

Reshaping of the Earth in a Moment. Miracle of Creation.

18. July 1949. B.D. Nr. 4692.

The act of the reshaping of the earth is unfathomable for you men because it does not happen within the scope of legality as up to now every earthly work of creation came into being by way of slow upward development, but it will be the work of a moment, apart from the work of destruction before, that concerns all creations on the old earth and that, because it happens in front of the raptured and it also initially still can be observed by men that fall prey to destruction, that requires its time as it is the law of nature. So men can observe the course of the work of destruction and that is why God does not work contrary to law, while the reshaping of the earth is a work of God in the universe that will be visible to no eye of man and that is why God does not require time, but he can let everything, that his power of love and his wisdom wants to carry out, come into being in a moment. So men that are brought to the new earth find a finished creation of enormous interesting versatility - creations that their eyes have never seen will amaze them particularly as they still have memories of the creations of the old earth and constantly draw comparisons. They really find themselves in paradise, standing in fullest harmony with their divine creator and father, looked after and led by his love and instructed in everything that is foreign to them. The relationship of men to one another will be like a great family and all will be endeavouring to win the love of the heavenly father for themselves, to live to please him and to actively serve in neighbourly love. They cannot estimate the length of time of their absence from the old earth and the stay after the rapture, because the sense of time is taken from them until the transfer back to the earth, which is why they also have no indication in which period of time the new earth has come into being. But they also know that no thing is impossible with God and therefore consider a sudden creation to be probable which is why their love and admiration for God continually increases and their bliss grows by viewing the works of miracles that testify to God's love, wisdom and omnipotence and offer thousand-fold compensation to men for the misery and the suffering during the last times of the existence of the old earth. God well tries men severely but he also awards their loyalty and blessed is who belongs to those who experience the end on this earth as sheep of his flock - blessed are they that have to bear and survive the worst and exchange it for the best, paradise on the new earth with the permanent presence of the father among his children - blessed are those who hold out until the end when God himself will come in the clouds to fetch them into his kingdom, into the kingdom of peace, until he takes them back to the earth that really will unveil miracles that man never dreamed they were possible, because there is nothing on the old earth that could be cited in comparison. But God's love knows no bounds and his creative will is inexhaustible and again and again brings about new works that excel all past ones, to make his children happy and to award their loyalty. Amen. B.D. NR. 4692.


Book 54 4693

Good shepherd. Leader. Carefree life.

19. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4693.

Believe that I walk next to you on your course of life, if you are just of good will. I am the good shepherd, who really looks after his sheep, and therefore I leave none of my creatures to its own devices, but I look loyally after each individual and guide it towards the destination. I lead it the right way home, into my father’s house. But if you now have a reliable guide, why do you then still worry yourselves about your earthly well-being? Nothing is to worry you, if you know that I am with you and know about everything, what presses and moves you. Only one thing is to be your constant worry – that you can pass before me, when I demand responsibility from you, how you have used your earth life for the well-being of the soul. Seek to gain alone in this my pleasure; consider your soul, to which I cannot give without your consent. I am constantly with you, if you do not fight me yourselves, and I will always guide you so that body and soul find what they need – I will give to the body if you turn your attention to the well-being of the soul. But what you want to give to the soul in free will, that I also supply to you, because all gifts come from me, and as your father from eternity I care for my children bodily and spiritually. And for that reason you are to cultivate intimate communion with me and choose me as your leader; then I will never ever leave you and walk the earth way with you to the end, and then you are responsible for no step, because it is my will, and every event of your life way is foreseen by me and determined according your attitude towards me, so that your soul matures. But the awareness having me as leader is to let you cover your earth way calmly and carefree, and in every trouble of the body and of the soul you are to only come trustingly to me, so that I help you and you become free of all worry. Amen. B.D. NR. 4693.


Book 54 4694

Expression of the spirit depending on soul maturity and receptivity.

20. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4694.

A certain soul maturity is necessary to hear my voice, because the spirit in man expresses itself through the soul, i.e. announces itself to the soul, and it must therefore be so prepared that it is receptive for every expression of the spirit. Because man does not hear with bodily ears, but it is the soul, which receives the expression of the spirit and passes it on to the bodily man, the mind. For that reason the soul must be turned towards the spirit in it; because a soul, turned more towards the body, directs the ear towards the world and for that reason does not hear the quiet voice of the spirit, therefore man must first isolate himself from the world, from the earthly, before he is capable for spiritual announcements, which are imparted to him through the spirit. Then man has reached a certain soul maturity, because the spirit spark in man exercised its influence already before on the soul of man, which stimulates the thinking, feeling and wanting to love activity. Is this degree of maturity reached, which is condition for the receiving of my word, but then also every question can be directed at me, and I will answer it that it is comprehensible to all. The receiver of the announcements does not therefore then need to fear that he is then himself mentally active and writes own thought material down as my word. Man is certainly mentally active, but just in that way, that he digests the thoughts, which I want and have transmitted to him through my light beings. For the duration of the receiving of my word the receiver is unable to a thought activity opposed to me; on the contrary this thought activity is now a radiation out of the spiritual kingdom, which strikes the receiver with my will and is supplied to the soul by his spirit. For that reason man can also represent that knowledge convincingly, which he has received in this way, because it is purest spirit good out of heavens; it is my voice, but which only that man can hear, who allows the spirit the expression. But to an earth child devoted to me I will always give that knowledge, which he requires, and he could now use this assurance by him consulting with me in thoughts about that, what is unclear for him and where he asks for enlightenment about it. Then it will become his in a detailed way, because I want to communicate constantly with those, who let me speak to them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4694.


Book 54 4695

The word of God proof of his love.

22. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4695.

Nothing can prove to you my love towards you more than my word. And for that reason you can also do nothing more reprehensible than to reject my word, because with it you also reject my love. What the latter means, you men still do not grasp, but your powerlessness, your spiritual low, is a proof of that, that without my love, without my word you cannot ascend in your development. Where my word is received through hearing or reading or also directly from me, there men will also draw power from it, because I myself speak to them und exude my power to the receiver, and it expresses itself in increased desire for me and my presence; it expresses itself in spiritual striving, in love activity, in turning away from the world; is expresses itself further in increased cognition, therefore in right, truthful thinking and knowing about beginning and purpose and therefore in a way of life according to my will. All this achieves my power, which you receive with my word. Therefore the supply of my word is also a proof of my love, which wants to make you happy in every way and help, that you gain perfection. Because through my word the striving up is to be made easy for you; through my word you are to win insight in my rule and work and come closer to me will wise and through work in love. And since you yourselves are unworthy through your imperfection, to be spoken to by me, but I do it nevertheless, you have again a proof of my love towards you, because I give you with my word a gift of favour of inestimable value und undeserved. But your will is too weak to desire my word, and for that reason I communicate with you in the word without being asked, but effective it can only become in you, when you receive it in free will, i.e., the power of the word you will only then feel, when the will is prepared to receive it. And so my word can also remain completely without success with men, who indeed hear it, but make no use of it; for whom it is just an empty sound, because they do not receive it in the heart, but only hear it with the bodily ears. These feel no power effect and can consequently also not recognize my love from it, because they themselves have a hardened heart, which is not able to love. These do not know me and do not desire me, because their love is still meant for the world and matter, and they disregard, what comes to them out of the spiritual kingdom. But it is then never ever up to my word that they come away empty-handed, but it is their responsibility, because my gift of favour must be received with desire and thankfully to be effective and to testify my love to men. Amen. B.D. NR. 4695.


Book 54 4696

Cognition. Love - Truth - God.

23. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4696.

The clear cognition of that what lasts, therefore can be called spiritual knowledge, is just a share of the perfect and will therefore never be able to be achieved intellectually, but only through a will completely subordinated to the will of God, which results in a way of life absorbed in love, which again puts the being in its original condition, in the state of freedom, of light and of power. Then there is no ignorance of things anymore for the being, may it be on earth or in the hereafter; then it knows about everything, about the rule and work of God, about the connection of all created things with the creator; it knows about the original beginning and the final destination, about meaning and purpose of divine work and about its cause and effect. Then the being has therefore become knowing; it stands in the light and can itself radiate light out and again drive out darkness there, where good will is again existing. To win the deep cognition alone through thinking is not possible, because the intellect of man indeed carries out a spiritual activity, therefore seeks to order the thoughts, however as long without spiritual support as it is done without love work, therefore the intellect alone without the heart seeks to reach cognition. Man must be good from the inside out, therefore feel driven to love work, only then the spirit of God goes into action, which now orders and directs the thinking of man, his intellectual activity, and only then the result of intellectual thinking will be in accordance with truth; but which the intellect has then not won, but the heart, which so to speak influences the intellect, to receive and to digest the thoughts flowing from the spiritual kingdom. The complete subjugating of the will to the divine will is first condition and this requires deep love and humility love towards God, which finds its expression in serving neighbourly love. For that reason only that man can truly be wise, who fulfils the divine commands and therefore through a (24.7.1949) life in love joins together with him, who is himself eternal love, but who is also eternal truth and consequently all knowledge, pure truth, must come from him, but can never be moved on to those men, who are certainly exceedingly active intellectually, however devoid of all love. Because they have no connection with the original source of love and of truth and can consequently also not possess or achieve something, what God reserves for himself for those, who love him and keep his commands. What is not possible to the sharpest intellect, to penetrate into the all-including knowledge, to penetrate into the nature of the eternal divinity, that is easily possible for a loving heart and again also the sharpest intellect will find an event incomprehensible, which however demonstrably brings successes. Because that a man without basic education can give most far-reaching information and enlightenment, requires a knowledge, which can therefore only have been supplied to him on spiritual ways and which for that reason must be regarded as proof, that the deepest wisdom, the eternal truth, can only be won through love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4696.


Book 54 4697

Help for mistaken souls greatest work of love and mercy.

25. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4697.

Manifold blessings will be granted to you, so you seek to help mistaken souls, which cannot find the right way, because they are blind in spirit. To bring a light to them, to show them the right way and to make it so possible for them to reach the destination, is a work of mercy and neighbourly love, which is significant for eternity and which for that reason will be highly valued by me, me who loves all my creatures and wants to bring rescue to them through you. To help the neighbour bodily is certainly also a work of love, which will be rewarding for you; however to put a soul in a state to recognize its situation and as a result following to change, therefore to walk on the right way, which leads to my kingdom and is the alone aim worth striving for, is far more commendable, because it is at the same time a proof of deepest faith, so a man imparts his knowledge to the other, which has been acquired spiritually only, therefore not provably. Moreover such a work of love has an effect for the whole eternity. So you imagine that your efforts, to enlighten an ignorant man, can win his soul a state full of light, which it no longer loses for ever, so this awareness must already be the greatest reward for you, having spared this soul untold suffering, but which would have been its lot in the hereafter, so it would have entered it in darkness. To have brought light to a man is the greatest work of love, because it proves sincere unselfish neighbourly love. The efforts about an ignorant soul are indeed often apparently without success, but what a soul has once received, reappears in cases of greatest earthly trouble, and then it is always still possible that man admits to it, and this will always be and remain your merit, because a rescued soul thanks its rescuer for ever, so it once stands in the light – so it has recognized, which lot it has escaped through his help. Amen. B.D. NR. 4697.


Book 54 4698

Coming trouble. Living faith. Faith test.

26. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4698.

You have to expect exceedingly great trouble, in which only faith in me can keep you up, because earthly little help will be able to be brought to you, and you will, thrown back on your own resources, have to ask all help from me. And then you will visibly be able to establish the success of deep faith, because my love will always know means and ways that you get rid of the most pressing trouble. It will be a time, where man’s wisdom and man’s will are able to do nothing, because you lack that power, which you must request from me. And still one will be able to help the other, and so he does it, also the own trouble will become less, but the whole living conditions will experience a change through my natural intervention, which is however planned, to show worldly men the changeability and worthlessness of that, what for them alone is worth striving for. Again and again I draw your attention to this time, but in the hustle and bustle of the world it appears impossible for you that such a time still lies ahead of you. But how do you then want to survive, so you do not already prepare yourselves for it, so no help can be brought to you on the part of the world, because I myself stop it? – How do you then want to expect help, so you do not believe in me and resort to me? Faith in me is still very weak in you, even so you confess it with the mouth and you also express my name as proof of your faith in me. But right faith wants to be won, and a right faith I only call a living faith, the firm inner conviction of that, in what you pretend to believe. But you will fail, so this difficult faith test is set to you. Only then you will recognize how much more you have to occupy yourselves with the thought of me, of your creator and father from eternity, who is in himself love, wisdom and omnipotence, therefore wants and can help you and will also do it, so you muster exactly this firm faith in me. It is that faith, which I want to form to a living one through my word, which I again and again supply to you, and through the trouble and faith tests, to which I already now subjugate you, so that you mature and become strong in faith, before the great trouble starts. Consider every day still as a gift and use it; let your thoughts roam up, i.e., occupy yourselves often in thoughts with the purpose and aim of your existence, with life in eternity and with me, me who is the director and shaper of all that, what is and in whom to believe will be easy for you, when you just seriously want to and occupy yourselves mentally with him. Because I truly help each one to recognize me, who just has the will for it. And so he calls upon me, I will hear him, because I want that he believes in me. Do not let the great trouble approach you before you have won this faith in me. I alone will be able to help you, so every other help fails, because with God no thing is impossible. And I want to supply the proof to you in the coming time that a deep faith is capable to do everything and also wards off the greatest trouble. For that reason you can also look forward to that time without fear, you who livingly believe in me, in my love, wisdom and omnipotence. Amen. B.D. NR. 4698.


Book 54 4699

Right knowledge - right life. Truth.

26. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4699.

Everything, what is necessary for you to know, will be supplied to you, as soon as you want to become knowing. Because according to the desire for truth you are given, but in different form, because also the thirst for knowledge of the individual is different and I also know, what is helpful for everybody for the maturation of the soul. And so different teachings are therefore sent to you; into all fields you can see, but your will must always be good, otherwise the knowledge about truth is withheld from you. But after that you can also judge, which value or claim for truth the knowledge supplied to you by fellowmen has, because he who presents it to you, must have fulfilled the conditions, which I have attached to the supply of pure truth; he therefore must, to think and speak right, also act right and carry a right directed will in him. He must be turned towards me, then he can also think to be in the possession of truth and convincingly stand up for it, therefore his thought material will be able to be acknowledged as being in accordance with pure truth. For that reason every debate with good men, with men, who take my commands as guideline for their walk of life, is of value und useful, because it just lets truth become evident, while it is completely useless, to debate with men of obvious inferior beliefs, although also to them the Gospel is to be preached. But truthful enlightenment you can never expect from such a man, and wisdom will never look out of his speech, because it is denied him as long as he does not fulfil, what is demanded of him – as long as he does not cultivate a life pleasing to God, which allows the work of my spirit. For that reason first seek to fathom the cast of mind of him, who wants to teach you, before you impart your spiritual material to him; do not be deceived through pious speeches; check their acts and their will, as far as you are able to do this, and then check the thought material, which he tries to impart to you, and you recognize the contributor of that, what is offered to you. Because everything what is good starts from me, and so also a good man stands constantly under my influence; a good man is guided mentally by me and for that reason can only receive and also hand out truth, and he will find faith with all, who strive for truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4699.


Book 54 4700

The hearing of the divine word. Thoughts.

28. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4700.

Only through the inner word can you be enlightened in questions, which earthly scientists cannot answer. There is certainly an authority, which is responsible for spiritual questions; however the way to it men rarely go. For that reason the answer according to truth will also only rarely be received, which can exactly only give the one, to who nothing is foreign, who knows about everything, who also wants to supply to you men the knowledge, so that he is recognized by men. Through the word therefore God expresses Himself and who wants to hear it, must gain God’s love; he must make Him well-disposed to him, by him doing himself everything, what God requires of him – then God approaches you so, that you can hear his voice, because he expresses Himself through his word; he announces Himself to you; He speaks with you men in easily understandable language; He speaks through your heart to your intellect and goes into every question, which you express or move in your thoughts. He answers you. His word is therefore a sign of closeness of Him towards you, because only then can you hear His voice, so you unite with Him mentally or through love work. And so has God always spoken to men, as long as the earth exists; only He has been easier understood up to now, while only very rarely his language is understood. But to these few men He gives in a measure, which is unlimited. To them He wants to explain and give reasons for everything, so that they can impart the knowledge won so to their fellowmen for the salvation of their soul. And so that they no further fall in doubts, He lets them see into his eternal plan of salvation; and He so lights a light in them, that they no longer sink back into darkness for ever. He approaches men in the word, who want to let themselves be instructed. And so the word always and constantly remains the bridge between God and men, but onto which man can only walk, so he withdraws from the world, so he avoids the broad ways, which appear more attractive to his eyes and lure him to follow. (29.7.1949) Only in solitude he hears the voice of God, i.e., he must avoid the world and let his thoughts roam over the spiritual kingdom. Then he does that, what he must do before: In thoughts he connects to God; he holds dialogue with him; he presents questions to him, which move him, by him allowing the thoughts to take their own course. And these thoughts are already radiations out of the spiritual kingdom. Because man can utter nothing as far as he is concerned. The intellect is certainly able to receive and to process the thoughts flowing towards him, but the thought itself does not originate in man, but it touches his heart, but flows out of the kingdom, which lies outside of earthly spheres. The thought is spiritual product, therefore a power, which takes a certain form, as soon as it is received by the intellect, in which therefore the intellect is influenced by the heart, to become active, by it now forming the thoughts sent to it and gives them a certain order. The activity of the intellect is the holding on to the thoughts, which wavelike touch the heart and can also find no echo, when the will of man just uses the thought activity for worldly things through the hustle and bustle of the world and pays no attention to spiritual currents. But if man goes into quietness and turns the back to the world, then spiritual currents touch his heart, which it feels beneficently and which man then receives eagerly. Then the word is formed through this willingness to receive, i.e., man realizes it to be meaningful and comprehensible what God himself wants to say to him. He therefore hears His voice in the heart; the thought waves are received by the heart and sent to the intellect, and man as such is able to appropriate the received spirit material also intellectually and to also explain it comprehensibly to fellowman. This is a process, which is actually simple and uncomplicated, only not grasped by worldly men, because he has no understanding for feelings of the soul and for that reason also tries to explain thought activity purely organically. But where the thought basically starts, that is foreign to him, and an explanation about it is unacceptable to him, because he does not acknowledge spiritual things at all, because he only acknowledges that, what he can see or take hold of. But God gives again and again a proof of powers, which human intellect is not able to explain, and He gives information about everything through His word. Who lets God’s word speak to him, he will have a comprehensible knowledge at his disposal, because there is nothing, what remains foreign to that man, who lets Him instruct him through the word, and so man can broaden his knowledge; he can penetrate into everything and fetch information, about which he desires information. Because as far as God is concerned no limits are set to man, as soon as he gets into contact with the giver of knowledge and of truth and lets Him instruct him – as soon as he believes that God Himself speaks to him through the heart. Amen. B.D. NR. 4700.


Book 54 4701

Explanation of the stigma.

31. July 1949. B.D. NR. 4701.

In my suffering and dying on the cross an example has been given to you of deepest love and greatest self-sacrificing, which seeks its kind. There are now things between heaven and earth, which are completely inexplicable to you men, because you know nothing of the effect of spiritual powers on a man, who allows such at him through his will, who moves in divine order. And so you often stand before a puzzle, but which solution is however simple for him, who has penetrated into spiritual knowledge, for him, who finds explanation for everything, which is offered to him through his spirit. But only rarely such an explanation out of the spiritual kingdom can be given to a man, because only rarely the direct work of the spirit is allowed or followed. Because often that is seen as own thought activity what however is the work of the spirit, and only rarely the spirit in man can announce itself so obviously, that it is recognized and the result is therefore accepted. My suffering and dying on the cross was exceedingly agonizing for the human part, which formed my body that the sacrifice of the man Jesus exceeded everything, what could ever be regarded as love work on earth. And nevertheless mankind takes almost no longer notice of it; it has forgotten, because it wants to forget. The concept of a redeemer of mankind is extinguished in the heart of most men, and only few place the suffering of the man Jesus before their eyes, without however grasping and feeling it in its depth. But the spiritual world stands all the time under the impression of the redemption through Jesus Christ. The spiritual full of light experiences everything in the present; it knows no time concept; past, present and future are one for the light beings, and so they experience the crucifixion of Christ at any time and praise and glorify him, who has opened heaven for them through his death on the cross, who helped them to the view of God, who wiped out the great sin, which separated my creatures from me throughout eternities. The light beings are pressed to draw the attention of men to the greatest work of love, which has ever been accomplished on earth. The deep impression which again and again makes the death of Christ on the cross on the light beings, they would also like to impart on men, and they are resisted, because mankind stands so under the impression of the world that the divine redeemer Jesus Christ is just still a fantasy character for it, that the picture of the work of redemption only means a fable for it and loses credibility always more and more. The spiritual full of light recognizes the increasing darkening on earth and seeks to light a small light here and there; it seeks to impart to men a weak distant echo of the spiritual kingdom, driven by the love towards the unredeemed spiritual, which, embodied as man, threatens to not pass the earth life test. But the access to the heart of man is hard to find for the light beings, because the soul must hand over consent out of free will, although the body can be uninvolved in this expression of the will of the soul. The soul must show the desire for extraordinary supply of power in all form in the state of relaxation from the body, in sleep or in complete lethargy of the body. Then the light beings take possession of the soul, which they also do not give up, when the body is again in its usual activity in connection with the soul. Then the soul is granted an insight into the spiritual kingdom from side of the light beings, which is so impressed by it that the impressions of the soul also communicate themselves to the body. Man therefore does not see spiritual experiences in the bodily state, with the intellect and the eyes of the body, but only the soul sees, but what becomes visibly apparent at the body. The soul experiences with such intimacy the process of the crucifixion of Christ; but it does not pass on this experience to the bodily intellect, so that therefore the thinking of man is completely uninvolved, but the body is affected through the excitement of the soul – that therefore the body also suffers in the true sense of the word, what the soul sees. The world full of light seeks to direct the thoughts of men to the greatest mystery in the universe, to the greatest work of love, without which no-one could be redeemed out of the spell of sin. The light beings make the most of every opportunity, where they can speak through a man to all in his surroundings; they seek to arouse attention also with those, who are unbelieving and seek to give themselves a natural explanation. They light little lights, but which still spread a bright shine, so they are not kept hidden or are extinguished through the influence of the opponent, who seeks to suffocate everything, what points to the redemption through Jesus Christ. Because the fight between light and darkness rages more and more fiercely, the closer the end comes, and for that reason also all references will increase. Signs and miracles will happen, and happy who pays attention to them and draws his conclusions from them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4701.


Book 54 4702

Turning the will to God passing of the earth life test.

1. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4702.

The spiritual, which has decided to return to God in free will, will also pass the earth life test, because the will alone is decisive, to also receive the power out of God. God will support the will turned to him in every way, and although the temptations approach him, God keeps him so that he does not fall; he is accommodating towards him, as soon as he takes the right way to him through the direction of his will. The will to God is the beginning of the redemption of the spiritual out of form. But man must mature constantly through constant fight, consequently his will is always again tested through resistances, which he will now either overcome or change his will. But that man now goes completely away from God, that he again turns his will from him, will never be the case, because God gives away nothing anymore, what has once subjugated to him voluntarily, therefore was determined to strive towards him. Periods of standstill can certainly occur at times; man can be undecided and temporarily pay tribute to the world, but he will again and again return to him, who gave him life; again and again the desire will become active in him to move in eternal order, therefore to fulfil the divine commands, and this is synonymous with the subordination to the will under God’s will, and therefore already a passed faith test, which ends with the joining together with God. At the beginning of the embodiment as man the soul declares itself prepared, to take earth life upon itself for the purpose of last maturation, therefore the will in it becomes active for the first time to belong to God and to do that in earth life, what earns it the joining together with him. But it must also execute this will in the full awareness as man. And for that reason it is as it were put freely into earth life, so that it can decide, and this decision man can only make, as he becomes aware of his distance to God. He must therefore recognize his inadequate state and strive for perfection, as a result of which he therefore also strives for God himself. Then also his will becomes active, and then God also gives him power and never ever lets him fall back into the hands of the opponent, of which man has voluntarily extricated himself. Then he finds constant support of those beings, which have already entered the will of God completely and also want to move men thereto. (2.8.1949) Then they no longer stand alone in the fight against the temptations of this world; then the beings of light have a mental effect upon man, and the will to God becomes stronger and stronger and for that reason also the supply of power increases, because through the fulfilling of the commands of God man stands in connection with the dispenser of power and can receive power from him constantly. And the earth life way will not be without success; man will reach his destination – the joining together with God -, because his will is turned to God. Amen. B.D. NR. 4702.


Book 54 4703

Defection from God different. Different distances.

2. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4703.

The favour was yours to live as man on this earth and consequently being able to reach the highest degree of perfection, so you use the favour right. It is not arbitrariness that you are allowed to this development course through the creations on this earth, but recognized by my wisdom and ordained by my love you walk on this earth, although still innumerable maturation possibilities exist in the universe for the spiritual, which was once resisting me and is to find back to me. But the development course on this earth is a privilege, which can produce beings of brightest light and strongest power. But it is also an exceedingly hard school, which to complete the spiritual has offered voluntarily, which once already possesses a certain degree of maturity, so it has enlivened other celestial bodies before, but which can also develop its way up out of the deepest deep in bound will and a can gain the greater advantage, so it passes this earth life test. It can become a right child of God which possesses all rights and all power of the father, therefore can come into the inheritance of the father – into most intimate God-closeness and highest happiness. Who knows about the eternal plan of salvation of God and about the origin of my rule and work, he will often ask the question, what determined me, to make exactly this earth happy with my personal presence, to put on the flesh and to walk myself under my creatures as teacher and model. He will ask himself, what determined me, to bless this work of creation, earth, and to come to the help of the inhabitants in their ascent to happiness. The spiritual, which was created perfect by me, revolted against me out of free will, but the defection from me was not the same with all beings; it was differently founded and also happened in different ways, so that the different distances from me resulting from it were also different in size, that former light beings plunged into the deepest deep and the extreme darkness surrounded them, while others kept an idea of cognition, although unwillingly, to also again ascent to the light. And so were also the conditions, which made a return to me possible, different, and different maturation possibilities were required, which my works of creation offer in diverse many-sidedness. The spiritual fallen too deep needs a process of maturation, which requires all severity, but also promised secure success, however always takes free will into account, therefore never produces a return by force. The spiritual, which must cover the course through the creations of earth, has consequently been in greatest distance to me, but in the stage as man already almost near me, but must now first go the last step in free will and indeed make a short, but a severe test of will, to then step into the original relationship to me and gain its original properties at the beginning, to be a being happy for ever. The course of development on other creations is certainly easier, but also does not lead to the last aim, to the complete joining together with me, to the right adoption of God, what is certainly also difficult to comprehend for you men, because these spirit beings did not sink so deep and nevertheless are still not to reach the highest height. But an idea of cognition was still left to them, therefore their sin was insofar greater, than that they could find back easier and still remained in that distance from me, until also they could decrease the distance from me through my love and mercy on those creations under less hard conditions, but also with less high aim. Also they can become happy creatures, but the degree of happiness is so different, but will never reach that of a child of God, of a spirit being, which uses its will right despite most difficult conditions and which is therefore seized by my love and drawn up, to be happy for ever in the uniting with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4703.


Book 54 4704

Loving father words. Guidance.

3. and 4. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4704.

You can always put your trust to my guidance, and you will also always feel it, so you are just attentive. Not one step you go alone, as long as you do not shut me out of your thoughts, as long as you make an effort to live with me and for me, as long as you consciously strive towards me. So recognize in very event: My directing, my hand and put your trust in me, because who chooses me as his close friend, he truly finds in me the most loyal friend, the most loving bridegroom, the most caring father and protector, who can be replaced my no-one on earth, but who therefore also wants to be loved by you, as he loves you. I always walk next to you, as soon as you have once chosen me as leader, and I truly lead you right, so I have taken over the care for you, and everything will approach you so, that it helps you to the ascent development of the soul. If you can let this faith become alive in you, then you will truly walk your earth way in carefreeness and peace, because I care for you and have ordered everything for you the best. And everything serves you for the good, even trouble and suffering earns you the advantage of the soul, if you just carry me in the heart, therefore remain mentally bound to me and do not want to lose me. Because this will alone makes me to love and value you, and who once carries this will in him, will no longer lose me for ever; to him I will be close, and my love and care he is to feel constantly. He will never be alone and lost; always he will find in me the close friend, to whom he can always communicate and who will always find words of love and of comfort for him and whom he always helps with advice and action. Amen. B.D. NR. 4704.


Book 54 4705

Thirst for knowledge. Unlimited knowledge.

5. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4705.

The field of knowledge is unlimited. And even if you believe having been instructed exhaustively by me, so this is still just a minimal knowledge, although it is enough to again instruct your fellowmen and to impart to them an idea of knowledge. But you can receive new knowledge all the time, on all fields new things would be given to you again and again; again and again you could broaden your knowledge, and there would be no end to questions and answers. But it is up to you yourselves, how deep you want to scrape into the well of wisdom. To the one desiring, his desire will always be fulfilled, and for that reason you, who are trained to a teaching activity, are again and again prompted through debates of spiritual kind, so that you express yourselves and on that occasion discover gaps in your knowledge, to arouse in you your thirst for knowledge, which now can be stilled. I want that you ask to be able to answer you; I want that you take part in conversations of spiritual kind with eager interest, that you do not just receive with the ears, but let heart and intellect be impressed, then also knowledge is sent to you explaining everything, which will satisfy you, and then you increase in wisdom, faith and power. Because the deeper you penetrate into spiritual knowledge, the more convinced you can believe and the closer you approach me and receive from me power in direct form. Inexhaustible is the source of knowledge and unlimited the field, which I only alone can open to you. And whether eternal times would pass, you would never come to the end, because my creation is infinite, and because, what is perfect, must also be unlimited for ever. For that reason knowledge can never be completed, which touches spiritual fields, but what is necessary for you men to know, what is absolutely necessary for the maturation of the soul, that can also be offered to you in limited measure, but it depends on your free will, whether you want to increase this measure or are satisfied with that what I give you. Again and again I say to you that you receive answer to every question; again and again I call upon you to ask questions, to prompt your thirst for knowledge, and again and again I give you opportunity to lively thought activity to be again and again able to instruct you according to your will. But do not consider your knowledge for being completed; do not believe that you are already in the possession of all knowledge. Because the field is endless, which your soul can still walk through, when it has the will for it. But what is given to you by me, is also fully sufficient to again move fellowman to faith in a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence. And who receives this knowledge, he already can call himself unspeakably rich, because it is truth, and a grain of purest truth makes up for a mass of knowledge, which is infiltrated by error and rather darkens the spirit in man. (6.8.1949) Pure truth alone is priceless spiritual material, which deserves the name knowledge. Pure truth alone is enlightening, while teachings infiltrated by error always leave gaps open, are ideas, which appear to man incomprehensible or untrustworthy, so he seriously desires to become knowing. But right knowledge gives information everywhere, because it is offered by me, the giver of truth. But right knowledge again and again leaves questions open, i.e., it will always prompt anew to questions, so that it is to be broadened and the desire for increased knowledge is automatically awakened in man. Inner desire presupposes the widening of knowledge, and for that reason every thinking, questioning man is welcome to me, who wants to be instructed by me. And although he does not express the question, I still give him the answer through my tool, which I use as mediator between him and me, to express myself. So you men can receive a comprehensive knowledge; no unenlightened field needs to be there for you, so you just seriously follow truth and get mentally into contact with me. But I demand fullest attention, otherwise you are not able to hear me, otherwise I also refuse the answer you, although you have asked a question, but without a serious desire for the answer, what you prove through the thoughts, which truly are not hidden for me. "Ask, and it shall be given you; knock, and it shall be opened unto you and seek, and ye shall find." But a serious seeking, an asking thought and an expecting of my answer, a listening inwards or listening to a mediator, I put as condition – but then you get instructed; you will be able to receive knowledge, which is unlimited and is in accordance with truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4705.


Book 54 4706

Neighbourly love.

7. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4706.

In Christian neighbourly love lies the reason of peace and harmony, both by and large and on a small scale, i.e., peoples and nations will live in peace with each other, but as also men among each other will live together harmoniously, so their behaviour starts from the principle of neighbourly love, they just want to do only good to each other and make an effort, to keep suffering and worry away from fellowman. Then peace will really be on earth – but how far are men away now from it. They hurt the feelings of each other and are full of thoughtlessness, although they also do not want to harm man consciously, but nothing is felt of love to each other, and for that reason the great spiritual decay is also so obvious, because without love man can also not strive spiritually; without love there is no spiritual progress – man do not reach the aim. Only few still accept the law of love, but which must be fulfilled, otherwise there can be no peace. And so every individual is to ask himself seriously, how he reacts to this law – he is to ask himself, whether he does everything what is in his power to give joy, to relieve suffering and to control trouble, which becomes obvious to him and requires his help. Man is to think more of others than of himself, then he will also see, whatever is missing and can take remedial action. Man is to avoid everything as a result of which he hurts the feelings of his fellowmen, on the other hand do everything with which he makes them happy. Ask yourselves seriously whether you can justify yourselves, so such a justification would be demanded of you. And you will discover many omissions, which are then a sin, when fellowman suffers and lives in want as a result, may it be the soul or the body. Help, where you can help and protect the neighbour from suffering, where you are able to do this. Never let self-love speak first; never let the neighbour go hungry, so you are yourselves well. This is to be understood literally and also figuratively, because also a friendly word, a good look, a helpful action can comfort and strengthen fellowman, for that reason do not let it lack as a result. Practice neighbourly love – and your earth life will run in harmony; there will be peace and harmony in and around you, and if all men would live according to this command, paradise would truly be on earth. But how does it look like in the world? All bad qualities, greed, hate, envy, discord, insincerity and self-love rule men; they are not friend to each other, but enemy; they do not respect each other, but seek to show themselves off; they lay no relieving hand on wounds, but hit new ones, and therefore evil always gets bigger and plunges men into ruin. Love has cooled under men, and that is the end. Because where love is no longer, all substance hardens; where the heart can feel no love any longer, there also all cognition gets lost, therefore also all life will die, because only love alone is life. You men can therefore certainly still live bodily, but spiritually you are dead, so you lack all love. Again and again love is preached to you, do not let these admonitions die away at your ear, but know that they are the last calls from above; know that there is no longer much time until the end, but you are judged according to your love. Therefore take care that you do not have to fear judgement. Practise neighbourly love and acquire eternal peace for you in this way. Amen. B.D. NR. 4706.


Book 54 4707

Traditional faith. Form faith. False doctrine.

7. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4707.

It is an extreme heavy work to move men out of traditional faith, out of form faith, into living faith, because they have still not realized the word "faith;" they have taken over the word traditionally, without being aware of the actual deep meaning and are rather attached to outer customs and traditions, than to the core, which forms the teaching of Christ. They have indeed received with the ears everything, what is in connection with Jesus Christ as the divine redeemer, and this knowledge they call the word "faith." They only understand under this that they do not rebel against this knowledge or reject it as improbable. But they have neither penetrated into details of the Christian teaching nor are they at all aware of the meaning of the work of redemption, therefore they refrain from a mental opinion of that what is taught to them, but which is necessary, to be able to believe livingly, i.e., to win inner conviction for every faith teaching. But living faith alone can only lead to eternal life, because all form faith is unsuitable for the change of the soul. And form faith is everything, as long as man is not filled with the deep desire for pure truth. Because only this desire causes him to think about the spiritual material imparted to him; which then follows the inner conviction or a conscious rejection of that for which he cannot find the conviction, therefore living faith. And this elimination of the wrong from the right must take place. Error must be separated from truth; otherwise men are not able to imagine God, whose nature is so perfect, that also everything which testifies of him must be perfect. But deformed teachings will never let the nature of God be recognized, but always portray a distorted image of God. But as long as men, who want to instruct their fellowmen - (8.8.1949) themselves do not know the difference from form faith and living faith, as long as these men have not themselves got hold of knowledge of truth, exactly through opinion with divine support, therefore have reached living faith, they will also not train those to be instructed to the right faith. And this is the explanation for it that innumerable men certainly call themselves believing and are still far away from it – that for that reason error is spread and truth is badly received, that men accept much for truth, what they very well could recognize with serious will as error. But they keep to the tradition; without thinking and without hesitation they take over through generations always the same deformed teachings, which were originally given to men by Jesus Christ in purest form and could only experience deterioration and disfiguration as a result, because own thinking was shut out and so no attention was paid to deviation. Moreover also the unconditional acceptance of faith teachings was made the duty of men, so that they feel free from all responsibility and therefore faith becomes always more rigid and a dead faith can earn no spiritual progress. Men’s attention is to be drawn to their dead state, and for that reason living faith must always be preached; they must be advised that they are not allowed to call themselves believing, as long as they just acknowledge traditionally taken on spiritual material, however have not taken possession of it, therefore can support it with most inner conviction, not just with the mouth, and that also a spiritual discussion with it is necessary. Then the veil before their eyes will fall; then the heart and the intellect will at times refuse to accept something; and only then truth will emerge, which will now make man happy and to an eager supporter. And then man will be able to believe actively and have freed himself from all outer form; only then his soul will be able to mature and he will be able to be a member of that church, which Jesus Christ has founded on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4707.


Book 54 4708

Irresponsible Experiments Reason for Destruction of Earth.

9. August 1949. B.D. NR 4708.

The divine order of the world cannot be overruled; still human will can fight against it, but only to its own harm. Laws exist that human intellect will never be able to find out because they intervene not only in the state of nature of the earth but they also underlie the existence of other creations, they however must be accepted, i.e. are not allowed to remain ignored, if counter laws are not to have an effect that likewise have been given in divine wisdom, so have as their object the eternal order. Men have well being granted a certain degree of creation and likewise research can be undertaken in all directions. But as long as man is not yet in full possession of spiritual power, limits have also been set to knowledge as well as in the use of the powers of earth that always unfold and must be used with certain conformity with a natural law, with a certain order. When this conformity with a natural law is disregarded then these powers will be set off against the laws, then the effect is disastrous and a destruction of all matter is the inevitable consequence that cannot be brought to a halt by human will. Because now also other creations, other stars, have an effect, which are connected with those powers and so are affected. Men can no longer take note of these effects because they are without exception the victims of such destructions, except those who are already in possession of spiritual power and will be raptured from the whole endangered world through divine will. Such a process will take place and so will mean the end of this earth. The will of man will take it upon itself to want to investigate powers and will so release powers through experiments that have an enormous effect in just that destructive way. Because there are no noble motives out of which research is undertaken that have this incredible outcome. And that is why God will keep the blessing from them that rests on works that aim at the welfare of the fellow human beings. Moreover they violate the divine law of nature insofar as they undertake research by using the life of men so that they use men as test objects that have to sacrifice their life. This is a sin against the divine order, against the love of God and the neighbour and moreover a sin against the whole of mankind that is doomed because of that. Because the knowledge of those that undertake such tests is not nearly adequate and so those are premature, but on which there is also absolutely no doubt. And God cannot tolerate such irresponsible experiments and so they have a backlash effect on the experimentalists that achieve nothing more than a total destruction of all material creations on earth, a smashing of matter that however means, in a spiritual sense, a dissolving of every single form and a setting free of the spiritual that is bound in it. So men will carry out this last act of destruction on earth and the whole of mankind will perish due to men being made to risky speculators by craving for fame, exceeding craving for recognition and craving for material goods, who are however not without knowledge that they endanger the fellow human beings but still undertake their tests. The previously made experiences are enough warning and admonition to refrain from it and that is why their action is a crime that God does not leave unpunished. Amen. B.D. NR. 4708.


Book 54 4709

Love power of the soul. Perfection.

10. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4709.

The power to the development of the soul is love. Where love in the heart exists, the soul will also turn to spiritual things; it will lead an inner life and not just pay attention to the world, although man lives in the midst of the world and must cope with its demands, because the task which is put to him demands it so. Nevertheless man can fashion his inner thoughts and feelings spiritually; they do not need to be affected by the hustle and bustle of the world. His inner thoughts and feelings can be led completely separately and therefore also a soul can mature, of which the body cannot separate from the world; indeed its merit will be far greater, because also the temptations are greater, which want to keep such a soul back from spiritual striving. But love is its power. A man willing to love brings in himself to the development that what connects him with God, and then the love of God pulls him up, because love is the ribbon, which is untearable and ties up the soul intimately to God. A soul, which can love, will not get lost, but through love it then breaks away from the opponent of God, whose symbol is unkindness and who loses all power over a loving soul. Love it the good, soft in man, which drives him to always act, to think and to speak good and to help fellowman in every trouble. Love will therefore ennoble man; it will turn all bad desires right round; it will shape man to the divine image, as which he was created in the beginning, because love lets him come into being and only good things can emerge out of love. Only unkindness could change such a being created by God’s love, and that was the work of the opponent of God, but who did not have a determining effect on the being, but only tempting. And the being succumbed the temptation out of free will. Love in it cooled, and as a result fell into the deep – it became imperfect and had to take all results of imperfection upon itself. And therefore it also became powerless, because love is the sole power, which enables the being to create and work. The being is so long in a wrestling stage, as it is without love. As soon as love again fills its being, it is also filled with power, and everything succeeds what it wants. And so it will also reach again the former height, the state of light and of power and in God nearness, so it only brings love to the development in it, because then it does not lack power, because then it again unites with God, who himself is love and the eternal original source, out of which a perfect being is now constantly fed. Only love makes the being happy, because only love leads to God. Amen. B.D. NR. 4709.


Book 54 4710

Spiritual exchange of ideas.

10. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4710.

In the exchange of ideas with spiritually minded men you can win incredibly much, as soon as you are demanding truth, because then your thoughts are influenced by knowing spirit beings, which call in into your conversation and have an effect on you promoting recognition. You will then indeed consider your thought activity as won through intellectual activity, while however they are transmissions out of the spiritual kingdom, thought waves, which you have received and which now penetrate into your awareness and are held on to. Spiritual exchange of ideas will always agree, so both partners stand in the same spiritual striving and degree of maturity, or else be a questioning and instruction, so the degree of maturity is different. But such conversations are always a blessing, both for the knowing and also for the ignorant, because they always produce new discoveries, exactly through the participation of those light beings, which also mostly have caused such conversations, because they bring together their protégés on earth, the souls entrusted to them for their care, so that such conversations can take place and are influenced by them. But if those doing the debating are opponents, then often disputed questions arise, which solution is also work of the light beings, which can now and then lead to the defeat of the opposing partner. But moreover the thinking of men is stimulated through debates of spiritual kind, and this is of greatest advantage for the soul, which now itself takes a mental stand on every spiritual question and can and will only then debate with fullest interest. But who avoids all spiritual conversations, he also hinders the light beings in their caring activity; he remains unapproachable to every instruction and will never increase in knowledge, because he himself does not express himself, and for that reason can neither receive nor give, what is right and wrong. Amen. B.D. NR. 4710.


Book 54 4711

Overcoming of matter.

12. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4711.

Never forget that you are indeed children of the world, but must overcome the world, to become candidates of my kingdom, which is not of this world, and that this is your actual earth life purpose. Do not consider your earth life as end in itself, but know that it is just means for the purpose and that the purpose is only that you break away from matter, therefore to completely overcome the world. You have indeed been put into this world and are surrounded by matter, of which you can also make use, but always only in a measure that both you as also the matter used by you serve, that its actual purpose is fulfilled and at the same time you are in the position through the use of matter, to again serve fellowmen and so are active in neighbourly love. You are to overcome matter, but matter will overcome you – it will seek to tie up your thoughts, your souls, because that is the temptation of the world, that everything worldly appears before your eyes so attractive, that your desire for it becomes active and this desire can suffocate every other feeling, when it is not fought. You stand in the midst of the world; behind you lies the material world, i.e., all spiritual bound in matter still surrounds you, but before you lies the spiritual kingdom, and both kingdoms seek to exert their influence on you. But your senses are still imprisoned by the material world and therefore do not find the entry into the spiritual kingdom. For that reason you must fight against your desire; you must fight against all greediness, which has earthly material things as aim. And to be able to do that easier, the worthlessness of all that is presented to you, what surrounds you; the inconstancy and nothingness of material things I constantly let you recognize, so that your hearts come off it, so that you become free from matter and are now able to enter the spiritual kingdom unhindered, by you steering your thoughts there, where no passing exists anymore; where everything is constant and immortal, what you acquire of spiritual goods for you. You certainly stand in the midst of the world, but can take at the same time also the spiritual kingdom, so your soul desires this and only still give the right to the body to stay in matter, however completely untouched by it, while the soul, the thinking, feeling and wanting of man dwells in spiritual spheres and has found there the true kingdom, where it feels happy and never exchanges it against the material world anymore. Overcome matter; imagine its worthlessness and turn away from the goods of this world – seek to win my kingdom, and you will possess far more than the earthly world can ever offer you. Because whether you are also children of the world, the spiritual kingdom stands open for you and accepts everyone, who leaves the world behind him in his wishes and only strives up; who wants to enter my kingdom, because he has recognized that the earthly world is share of my opponent, and whom I therefore help that he reaches the destination. Amen. B.D. NR. 4711.


Book 54 4712

Help at the work of redemption. Spreading of the Gospel.

13. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4712.

You can reach a high level in the spiritual development through active help about the work of redemption of Christ. His mission on earth was the spreading of the love teaching, and as soon as you are now active in the same way, as soon as you supply to fellowmen the divine love teaching, as soon as you draw their attention to the effect of a life led right or wrong, as soon as you therefore do the same what Jesus Christ has done – bring the Gospel to men – you also take part in the work of redemption of Christ, and you help erring or wrestling souls out of darkness to the light. You do not know how indescribably important it is to point men to the divine love teaching and for that reason you, who receive the word of God directly from above, are again and again pointed to it, because you are entitled to many possibilities to preach love, and every opportunity you are to use, because only through love man fulfils his earth task, and through love he can redeem himself. Jesus Christ has given a living example in his exceedingly great love for that, what he represented and what he has advised through his teaching – He died out of love to men the bitterest death on the cross. You are now to pass on the love teaching of Christ; also you are to be a living example; you yourselves are to lead a life in unselfish and active neighbourly love and in this way also awaken love in fellowmen; you are to follow him, who truly has done the greatest love towards you – who carried your sin and has brought God atonement for it. He has given his disciples the assignment to carry the Gospel into the world - "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations" – he demanded nothing else from them, as he now also makes the same demands on you – to spread his word. And his word teaches love. Who therefore stimulates men to love activity, who sets a right love life as an example, who takes note of the word of God himself, therefore receives it from above or from his messengers and also passes on to fellowmen that, what he receives, he is a disciple of Jesus; he is one of his apostles, who he sends out into the world to teach all nations. Because men need his divine teaching, because they lack all love and must awaken love in the heart as the most necessary for the salvation of their soul, otherwise they get lost for ever. God only demands one thing from them, to practise love, and so this command is fulfilled, the soul is rescued from certain death. Men however take too little note of it and must for that reason again and again be pointed to their actual life purpose, to shape themselves to love. And this task is your duty, you who are called by God to spread his love teaching, and you will be true followers of Christ; you will be active redeeming on earth and also in future in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4712.


Book 54 4713

Wisdom of the world - spiritual knowledge.

14. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4713.

The all including wisdom of the world cannot replace that knowledge, which can be called heavenly wisdom, therefore gives information of that what lies outside of the world, but what can also not be proven, exactly because it concerns truths lying outside of the world. Who is regarded as extremely wise in the world, therefore on earth, he can still be ignorant in the highest degree in things, which concern those fields, and his wisdom is gone with the moment of death; he has as it were just taken part in the research of a limited field, but about which the soul passes over in its bodiless state, which is no longer worth of fathoming for it, which it therefore leaves, no matter whether it has researched it completely or only partly. It now enters a kingdom where completely different researches are of value, and its riches or its poverty now obviously comes to light and it determines the state of its new field of action, which can be agonizing or also makes happy. Who has now acquired spiritual knowledge on earth for himself, he will be able to utilize it and in this way create a lot for himself, which makes him happy, because he is completely absorbed in making other souls happy, which vegetate in complete spiritual poverty and have to rely on help. This spiritual knowledge is only rarely striven for on earth, because men do not yet recognize it as valuable and forget it over the knowledge of the world. Worldly wisdom is no wisdom, because man just specializes in what is in existence, things, which he can observe and also calculates in accordance with the sharpness of his intellect and can instruct men about them as definite fact. He calls that "knowledge", but it is only the knowledge about the divine order, in which the whole creation moves, and he gets hold of this knowledge through intellectual research and pondering. As soon as his soul leaves the bodily cover, this knowledge is without importance for it; it is no good to it in the kingdom of spirits, where only that knowledge has value, what touches that spiritual kingdom; then the most minimal spiritual wealth, therefore knowledge about the divine plan of salvation, about the relationship of the creator to his creatures, be usefully applied by it for the soul; it will constantly increase the wealth. Then the intellect is no longer decisive, but the heart, i.e. the life of feeling of the soul, how far it penetrates into spiritual knowledge. The field, which is now accessible to its research, is unlimited, will therefore bring new things for ever and for that reason also make constantly happy; there will be constant progress, an increase of spiritual knowledge and therefore also an always more busy activity and a constant increasing field of action; while limits are set for the one searching worldly, alone already through the recall out of earth life, which breaks off all research and makes it worthless for him. Worldly knowledge serves the man on earth only, but can be used by the souls in the hereafter in no way for their activity. Worldly knowledge concerns pure concrete things only and leaves every spiritual question open. Nevertheless also worldly knowledge can then be of value for fellowmen, when spiritual striving is recognizable at the same time; then the worldly knowledge will contribute that man also seeks to create knowledge of fields for himself, into which he cannot penetrate by virtue of his intellect – when it is for example proven to him with the help of worldly science, that a passing after death is not possible and he then also acknowledges another field intellectually, for which he then strives and therefore aims at. Then the worldly knowledge can be called the first level, which leads to spiritual knowledge, but it is also only allowed to be used as springboard to spiritual knowledge, because this alone is decisive, because this alone is unlimited and for that reason worth striving for and must be won by everyone, who wants to be allowed to happy making activity in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4713.


Book 54 4714

Reference to the end and the intervention of God.

15. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4714.

Great things will still be revealed to the world, but the world does not care. Appearances of strangest kind could make men to think, but they only hear, are surprised and soon dismiss the thoughts about it; all admonitions on my part bounce off at the worldly mind; all spiritual is unreal to them and brings in nothing, and for that reason they do not care. But who just looks around him and pays attention, he will also recognize the near end at the signs of the time, because I speak everywhere clearly to men of this earth; I appear in diverse ways; I give references everywhere to the eternal divine, as I also denounce the sinfulness of men and let my displeasure become recognizable. I speak quietly and with soft words, but as I also speak with a loud voice, to draw the attention of men to the end, to present to them the horrors of a sudden death and the power of him, whom they do not want to acknowledge and in whose clutches they still are and who they cannot defy. Recognize all the signs as pointing to the near end. And become yourselves familiar with a sudden end of the life of your body. Live so as if the next day is the last one, and imagine your further life in the hereafter; give account to yourselves whether your life is according to my will, whether and how far you fulfil my commands, which demand love from you towards me and the neighbour. Always more and more obviously you will be pointed to the end, and what is still ahead of you, is always just a means for directing of the human will, which, still turned away from me, and for that reason endangers your soul. Do not let these means be of no avail or ineffective; just pay attention to everything, what contributes to the shaking of human thinking. And you will, so you are of good will, always recognize my hand, my will will become obvious for you, and as soon as you just recognize me, all events will have a blessing for you, even so it has a suffering effect on you. I speak often and everywhere. Pay attention to my voice; do not ignore it because of the world, because the world will expire. But what remains is my share and seek to gain it for you; strive for, that also you are counted to mine, you who still stand far from me, because I help mine in every trouble of the body and the soul and give them power to bear everything, what the time of the end will bring with itself. Because great things are in store for you, where you need much power and deep faith, to stand firm and remain loyal to me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4714.


Book 54 4715

Extraordinary gift of favour obliges to passing on.

16. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4715.

The favour of being instructed spiritually will not be given arbitrarily to a man, but always occasions first the will, to use this spiritual instruction according to its purpose. Therefore the instructions, i.e. the knowledge won through it, must always be passed on, so that also fellowmen come into the blessing of that, what is offered to a man from above. Then therefore the favour also becomes effective in man; then he will mature in his soul. Hence therefore the receiver of spiritual announcements is divinely gifted in unusual measure on the one hand, however a commitment exists for him, which he must absolutely meet, otherwise the favour of God remains ineffective in him. And so propaganda is to be made in all directions for this knowledge received from God; it must find spreading; it must be carried to all doors and offered; but it remains free, whether the messengers are received and listened to joyfully, because each one work of favour depends on free will. But if the bearers of truth make an effort, to pass on the divine word, then many doors will open; many hearts will be willing and able to receive; many therefore also allowed taking part in the gift of favour, and the souls will mature. Who wants to eagerly work for the kingdom of God, he will always find a field of work, and now he must also prove to be worthy of the undeserved gift of favour, which has fallen to him – he must speak everywhere and mention the divine work; he must impart His word to all those, who are willing to listen to God and still are not able to hear him directly. And the living water will refresh and revive all, who are hungry and thirsty. And so recognise for the first time your assignment; believe it that it is important and significant and that you therefore must put this task before the earthly; believe it that you are led and everything hits and moves you so as it is necessary for your spiritual work; believe it that God is always close to you and steers your ways, that he himself brings men together, who are to work together or to mature at each other, and regard nothing as coincidence. Everything is divine providence, determined for eternity, because it has been so recognized as good and not differently for eternity. And no matter how unreal it may appear, the spiritual is the only real thing, while everything earthly-worldly is just an appearance, which fades, so God wants it, which shows and can bear nothing constant, so not the spiritual light lights up and works life awakening. Who is destined to be active for the spiritual kingdom, his way will always lead to the goal, which is called redemption of erring souls. Everything in his life will take place so that fellowmen is offered opportunity to take insight into truth and that they are referred to their earth task – to redeem themselves through love. Who is therefore active in this sense, that he helps fellowmen to redemption, he will also receive his blessing as right and eager worker in the vineyard of the Lord now and in future in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4715.


Book 54 4716

Gift of speech testimony of the work of the spirit.

17. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4716.

What is given to you at this hour, that speak and do not shrink from expressing it, because you are just driven by your spirit, which is my expression. So let then everything approach you, whatever is undertaken against you, because everything is fixed in the plan from eternity, and who is active for me and on my behalf, he stands under my special guidance and does nothing, than what is according to my will – because he has already given up his will to me; he has devoted himself to me in free will, and so he is now my tool, therefore just executive of my will. The gift to be able to speak, so he supports me, must alone already convince him, that I am looking after him, because it is proof enough for the presence of him, who works in him – I am with you alway, even unto the end – this promise is to be taken literally, because I am truly present in those, who love me and keep my commands – who want to be active for me out of love to me and to the neighbour, who is in trouble. I am with you and do not leave you for ever, and even so you have to suffer, because you still stand in the midst of the world, because your body is not yet spiritualized and because your soul is to achieve a higher degree of maturity, so just do not doubt that I myself am with you. Because with my will you also go the earth way through thorns and undergrowth, but never without my guidance. And so nothing can happen to you, than what my will allows, because my love and wisdom recognized it as good for you. But so you are to speak for me, it will be clear to you that you are in my protection, because whether you are also besieged by opponents, who seek to make you unsuitable for your spiritual work, you will be able to refute everything, what they quote, and obviously be filled by my spirit; you will speak in my name and for me and support me and my kingdom with most inner conviction. And by this you recognize my work that calm overcomes you, as soon as it is essential to fight for me and my word, and that you therefore will successfully fight with the sword of your mouth. Because I am constantly with you, and you go no way alone. Amen. B.D. NR. 4716.


Book 54 4717

Narrow, thorny way up. Worldly men.

19. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4717.

Innumerable men can still leave the broad way, on which they walk and step onto the narrow way, which leads to me, therefore to the goal; they still can gather rich treasures for themselves, although the time to the end is still only short; assistants are still available for them on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom, who want to make right leaders for them and to whom they could entrust themselves without reservations. But their will alone decides, and as long as this will does not consciously turn towards me, to which faith in me must first exist, as long as the world still stands in the foreground, therefore keeps all senses of man imprisoned, they still walk on the broad way, which appears to them more attractive and which they therefore do not want to exchange for the narrow, unattractive way, but which is the sole way up. And still they would have to feel it themselves, that the world can only offer worldly wages, while the spiritual kingdom can only be won spiritually, therefore under giving up of the earthly world. Consequently also the earth life way will show privations and hardship, which are to change man and to let him mature. In the last time before the end the way up will be particularly heavily passable; thorns and undergrowth will often make it rough, and the walker will have to look for help from above, to come up safely. And exactly these hardship and difficulties of life are to deliver the proof that you are on the right way, because who rules the world, who wants to win you for himself, he seeks to give you all the beautiful, to fulfil your wishes, so that you are to acknowledge him and desire his kingdom. Not many go the narrow, hard passable way, and by this you already recognize the time of the end, because everything pays tribute to the world; men live a worldly life and are concerned about doing to their body, what it wishes. But those who go the narrow way have set their sight up; they strive towards the spiritual kingdom; they are mentally connected to me and turn the back to the world; they do not look to the broad, attractive way, because they recognize it as misleading, are however seriously willing to reach the right destination. Innumerable men could take those as an example and make the test, what earns them a walk of life, which pleases less the body than the soul. And it would truly look better about the spiritual development of men, but as also about the bodily constitution, because also earthly troubles and sufferings would fall away, because men do not need it, so they themselves would care for their ascent development. But men do not listen to well-meaning advice; they do not turn to my word and my advices to the near end. And so time will pass without success for the souls, until the day has come where all are called to account. Amen. B.D. NR. 4717.


Book 54 4718

Happiness of the soul at the receiving of the divine word.

21. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4718.

No earthly joy equals the happiness, which the receiving of the divine word means for the soul, although the body, the intellect of man has no share in the happy feeling. But the receiving of the divine word is always connected to the stay of the soul in spiritual spheres, where the body cannot follow and therefore also remains untouched by the impressions. But the soul is flowed through by power and light and strengthens itself in the short time of its stay in the spiritual kingdom. It is so to speak raptured from the heaviness of earth, but connected to the body so far, that it can at any time again move back to earth, why the state of the receiving of spiritual announcements is always a conscious one, because the body is in expectation, what the soul announces to it of its impressions in the spiritual kingdom, which are always supplied to the intellect in the form of instructions. But the whole spiritual wealth of the soul will never get imparted to the body, because the soul sees much, what it cannot describe in words and for that reason also not repeat comprehensibly, but what nevertheless remains to it as spiritual treasure, which it will be able to raise after its entry in the spiritual kingdom. What it imparts to the intellect is of importance for the duration of earth life and contributes to the ascent development, and for that reason it is to also be passed on to fellowmen. The short time of the receiving of the spiritual material through the voice of the spirit is exceptionally profitable for the soul, and fields are opened to it, which it has never known before and which are also inaccessible to the intellect of man. Everywhere it absorbs light rays; therefore knowledge remains, also when it has left those areas. Whether it however can also take the knowledge to earth, i.e. also impart it to the body, that man as such takes note of up to now unknown things, that depends on the will of him, how far he also seeks to penetrate intellectually into truth. The soul will always communicate with the body after a connection with the spiritual kingdom, but in which measure the impartation takes place, man himself determines through his will. It can therefore give his soul happiness through the preparedness of the receiving of spiritual material, although the communications of the soul to the body are not of the depth and the extent, that they also make man happy intellectually, but the soul communicates differently, but is always strengthened through a connection with the spiritual kingdom, and its desire for spiritual food is always increasing, why also the man receiving the divine word will never let up to gain spiritual connections, because the soul always hungers more and more for the food appealing to it and is no longer satisfied with that, what the world can offer it, as soon as it once has received out of the spiritual kingdom, what makes it infinitely more happy. Now and then therefore the soul withdraws into itself, i.e., the body knows little of its spiritual successes, nevertheless it will never be left completely without knowledge, which increases the more also the intellect demands enlightenment. Amen. B.D. NR. 4718.


Book 54 4719

Dissolving of the Old Earth and New Emergence in a Moment.

21. August 1949. B.D. Nr. 4719.

To dissolve the earth into its primeval components means a putting back of the spiritual into the former lowest and most imperfect state should the dissolving take place in the same rear sequence. But a sudden dissolving means a liberation of the bound spiritual from form, so an unfettered state for the spiritual that is however not yet mature enough for a free activity. Therefore the spiritual would misuse its freedom, it would have its fling and be active in a way that is insubordinate to God because it has not yet recognized God but is still subject to his enemy to whom the destructive principle is inherent, who favours no building up and no meaningful upward development. Therefore the imperfect spiritual that has become free must soon again be bound into a form when the divine order is to be maintained and a chaotic state is also to be avoided in the spiritual kingdom. A transfer back of the spiritual in the form of a downhill going development of the earth is impossible by God because his principle is always building up and progress, as love determines all his ruling and acting. If now through the will of man an illegal dissolving of matter takes place then God also soon again gives a different form to the spiritual that has become free, in which the upward development progresses. When God acts destructive through his will and might then this is not to be considered to be a decline of works of creation but a violent act of liberation again for the purpose of a new forming of the bound spiritual whose will of service is apparent to God and that he also takes into account. Also the last work of destruction on this earth that will be staged by human will gives in God's eternal council rise to a powerful process of reshaping for all spiritual that is bound in the creations of the earth. The cause of the work of destruction is human will, but its effect is God's will, which is why the downfall of the old earth is therefore also fixed in God's eternal plan of salvation because all spirits, also all devils, are subservient to him even if against their will. Because the enemy of God tries to prevent all upward development, he tries to again snatch that what has come already closer to God and cause it to fall away from God and to throw it into the abyss. But God's plans and his might prevent what that one strives for. It now follows from all of this that the new earth with all its creations does not need a time of development because the spiritual becomes free in every stage, in every degree of maturity, through the downfall of the old earth, and this spiritual that has become free can therefore also soon move into the new forms that God assigns to it and that it also has to occupy should not a fight break out between the spiritual, that would set it far back because it pushes itself towards him whose will gave him life. Therefore the new arising of the earth will not take long, a backward development of the earth will not as often wrongly assumed give rise to the end, as also no slow development of the new creation is necessary. In a moment God will let a new earth come into being with all imaginable creations that testify to his creative will, his wisdom and his exceedingly great love and bear witness to his might and glory. And that is why men of this earth will be allowed to see the new miracle of creation when they keep being loyal to God at the end of this earth period and are being raptured with living bodies as the flock of the chosen. They will be brought to the new earth and form the stock of the new generation and are allowed to experience miracle beyond miracle because they stay in paradise in blessed community with the light bearing spiritual and still own the recollection of the old earth and the downfall. Amen. B.D. NR. 4719.


Book 54 4720

Shield of faith. Trust. God’s protection.

22. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4720.

I give you good gifts, and in the recognition of it you are to be joyful. What can the world indeed harm you, when I stand before you as shield and nothing can come near you? Therefore just stand behind the shield of faith, and you will be immune from all attacks of those, who do not wish you well. I always stand by you, prepared to protect you every moment, so you are in danger. And this faith must be so convinced in you that you banish all fear and trouble with it. I am present to you, and I keep you that you do not be caught in the bushes, which are the many oppositions in the world for you and which you fear to succumb to. Just direct the look up and call me in thoughts, then you never go the way alone, but always in my company, so that you therefore can walk carefree to the end of your days. The world will indeed still press you badly, but this is not allowed to make you fearful, because I am stronger than the world, and so the world besieges you, but I want your peace, it will be able to accomplish nothing against you. Therefore be joyful and merry and despise the world, i.e., do not pay attention to it and what comes out of it. My kingdom will compensate you for that what the earthly world denies you, and to stay in my kingdom is truly desirable, because it does not disappoint you. I am a Lord also of this earthly world, and I also order your earthly life, but this care you are to leave entirely on my own and not burden yourselves also with it, because the worry about the rescue of your soul is far more important and you alone must remedy this. I can put in order for you the earthly life, but the spiritual life you must yourselves shape for you according to your will, and so that you are hindered through nothing in your soul work, I take over the care for you about the body and what it needs for the upkeep and fulfilment of its earth assignment. And so I give you this promise, you can truly leave yourselves to me, everything will just contribute to your salvation, what comes over you. And so I demand then now full trust in my help, and you will be helped, whatever it is what worries you. Because no thing is impossible for me, and all strings in infinity I direct according to my will, in wisdom and extreme great love – always to the best of my creatures, to whom I want to prepare a happy lot for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4720.


Book 54 4721

Christ head of his church. Members of the true church.

22. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4721.

The head of the church of Christ remains Jesus Christ himself. Because his church is founded on faith in his work of redemption, which comprises the community of the believers, therefore of those, who put themselves under the cross of Christ and want to take part in the redemption through his blood, which he has shed for sinful mankind. His church is not to be understood differently than on this faith in him and his redemption, and so are also the words of Jesus to be understood: "You are Peter, the rock, upon you I will build my church." Peter was the most believing among his disciples, and he recognized the mission of the man Jesus; he believed in him as God’s son and redeemer of the world, although in hours of earthly trouble he put the world in the foreground, which drove him to his threefold disownment. His faith was therefore not weaker, only his flesh failed in the fear and trouble of the events about Jesus. Therefore he, who wants to belong to his church, must acknowledge Jesus Christ, and for that reason Jesus Christ will also have to be professed as sign of the belonging to his church. And therefore also his teachings must be announced in it, i.e., the same must be taught, what Jesus taught his fellowmen – the Gospel must be made accessible to men, because knowledge about it is necessary to also revive faith in the redemption through Jesus Christ. Because only right faith is cause that man enters into the right relationship to him, who has acquired for him eternal happiness through his death on the cross. (23.8.1949) For that reason adherents of every denomination can be entitled to membership of the true church of Christ, so they just stand in faith in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption and have penetrated into his Gospel and lead their life according to his divine love teaching. This alone are the signs of that church, which Jesus Christ himself has founded on earth, that men remain in his spirit and never ever let him out of their memory and strive to follow him in acts, words and thoughts. Faith in Jesus Christ determines man to right lifestyle, because to him the words of Jesus, his Gospel, are holy; he respects them as God’s word and seeks to give full expression to them. And through this he awakens in him the spirit to life, and the work of the spirit is then the most unmistakable sign to be a person belonging to the true church. But it is not outer conditions, fulfilling of outer formulas or a forced membership in a traditional way, which let a man be counted to the communion of believers. Because then there is not much awakening of the spirit, which requires more than outer belonging just according to name. Who sees in Jesus Christ the head of the church, he consciously strives towards him and for him, his word is the Gospel – the sole way to the goal – because the word is Jesus Christ’s flesh and blood; it is bread and wine out of the heavens; it must consequently also lead to heaven; it must lead to the closest joining together with the divine redeemer himself and therefore make happy. The word therefore is the heart of the church of Christ; the word is his love teaching; and where this is supplied to men, there the true church of Christ will always be. And who receives his word into his heart and lives accordingly, he is his follower, he is a member of his church, which is always only to be understood spiritually, therefore not bound to earthly organizations. Nevertheless every earthly church organization can comprise members of this church, as soon as they fulfil those conditions, so they are truly believing followers and confessors of Jesus Christ and his work of redemption. Amen. B.D. NR. 4721.


Book 54 4722

Inadequate faith. Assurance of God’s help.

24. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4722.

Prepare yourselves for the great event, which I announce continuously. But know that all suffering passes, even so you believe breaking down under it. Everything will follow each other quickly, there will be a rashness of occurrences, and in a short time that happens what I again and again point out to you. But how do you want to bear this difficult time, so you do not more believingly look up to me in hours of trouble? I know about the coming things and want to help you to that strength of faith, which overcomes everything, what comes over you. Just lean firmly on me; know that nowhere on earth you find that support, which you have in me, so you just believe. I am always there for you; I hear every call, every sigh; I know about every tear, about all suffering, which presses you, and I would like to always just shout to you: Why do you trust so little in me, I who still promise you constantly my protection and my help? Why do you not come to me, so you are burdened and threaten to sink under the load? Why does your prayer not so fully trust that I can help you; that you so to speak force my help through the strength of your faith? And so you seriously want it, you also can believe, but you must seriously occupy yourselves with my word; you must move it in the heart, i.e. deeply empathize with its meaning and realize that I speak no untruth, that you can therefore completely expect the fulfilment of my promises. So I have therefore promised you my help in every trouble of the body and the soul, so think about it, that I can help you by virtue of my omnipotence that I will help you by virtue of my love and that you are no allowed to doubt it, because you then neither acknowledge my omnipotence or my love, and you then prevent me yourselves to express the love and the omnipotence, because you then step out of the right child relationship, but which I demand, to being able to reveal myself in my love and omnipotence. Why do you fear the power of the world; why do you let yourselves be pressed by earthly worries, when you still have a father in heaven, who can fix and also wants to fix everything for you, because you are his children? Why do you have no trust in him, who still constantly gives you proof of his rule and work, so you just look around you? Why does the worldly stuff stand so much closer to you than I; why are you afraid, so I am still constantly present to you? And how do you then want to carry the heavy stuff, which the future still brings? But I know about your trouble and want to avert it, so that you can serve me as support, when everything threatens to totter around you. I need you and want to train you to strong, fearless representatives of my teaching. And I will achieve it, i.e., your faith will become unshakable and defy all onslaughts. You will experience my help so obviously that all doubts fades and your faith becomes strong – and you will serve me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4722.


Book 54 4723

Immortality of the soul. False doctrine.

25. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4723.

A right enlightenment is necessary for you, because erroneous teachings darken your spirit and give you a wrong picture of my creator will and my creator spirit; they neither let my love nor my wisdom be recognized and prevent you so to light the flame of love in your heart, which brings you closer to me. False doctrines can lead to faithlessness, false doctrines can destroy all faith, when they are not corrected, and for that reason I again and again want to give you clarity for your own sake, you who can after all only become happy through faith and love. For what should perhaps a teaching be of use, which questions the immortality of the soul? The soul is something spiritual, while the body is matter – the body can certainly die, i.e. pass und dissolve into its substance; but the soul, the spiritual, is immortal; it must remain, just escapes the body, as soon as it has fulfilled its task as cover of the soul on earth. It leaves the material outer form to continue its course of development in spiritual spheres, i.e., to always gain higher maturity, so it has reached a certain degree of maturity on earth, or else in the state of complete immaturity, so the earth course was unsuccessful for it, according to its will, to remain in the same state or else so sink into darkness, but always in spheres, which are to be understood outside of the earthly material world. There is therefore certainly a dead state for the soul, under which however being extinguished is not to be understood, but just a state of complete lack of light and powerlessness; a state of faint, but always with the awareness of existence. The soul never loses the awareness of existence, only that it can be for it the epitome of happiness, but as also unspeakable agonies; always according to the life, which man has led on earth. The life of the soul corresponds therefore to the life of the flesh on this earth. The works of the flesh therefore determine the lot and the place of residence of the soul after its death, and it is the day of death the youngest day, Judgement Day, doomsday, for man, after which it rises to life in light or in darkness. The soul is something spiritual, which can never ever stop to be; which also cannot be extinguishes temporarily, but lives always and for ever, only that a life in darkness cannot be called life, but is a spiritual death, however one can also not speak of a state of rest. A rest until doomsday, Judgment Day, is a wrong idea, because the souls, which are inactive, are this only to their own agony, while activity is the true life of a soul, but which depends on a certain degree of maturity, which the soul can easily reach on earth, when it is of good will. The souls stay in the spiritual kingdom and can still be constantly in earth nearness, they are only outside of the material world, therefore no longer bound in a material form, but they are free spiritual beings, so they are full of light; on the other hand still tied up beings, in the state of darkness, because the complete powerlessness means a fetter for them. But the soul can never die; it just flees the body, which has ended its earthly life with it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4723.


Book 54 4724

Disaster and its effects. Neighbourly love.

27. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4724.

You all will return to the state of most primitive life style because only that way it is possible to get you to serve in neighbourly love that alone can redeem you. To all men the opportunity is now given to an activity in love but free will is decisive how far the opportunity is used. And so mankind very soon wants to create again improved living conditions and according to the will of the individual with right or wrong means because only few will serve, but most of them let others serve them and come again into the possession of prosperity at the expense of the fellow human beings even if only for a short time because very soon the end follows. But what precedes the end is determined since eternity. A partial destruction of unimaginable extent that concerns large stretches of land and claims innumerable lives. For these people therefore the end has come but their death still results in an entrance of their soul into the hereafter. The last hour for this world has not yet arrived when also the gates of the spiritual kingdom will be closed. But a last reprieve is still granted to the survivors, an exceedingly difficult earthly life that yet can be called a time of grace that earns many that are still of good will increased maturity. The great events ought to set all men thinking and make them contacting God but only few derive an advantage for their soul from it by recommending themselves to their creator and father from eternity and asking him for favour and help. And these will also be helped. Because the misery will be great and so general that help from outside cannot be expected. People can only help one another and in this neighbourly love they will be powerfully supported from above, they will be able to do work that as such exceeds their strength. But the will to help earns them exceptional supply of power, the will to help will also affect them and bless them so that the helpful man will receive spiritually and earthly what he wants to give away and also one's own troubles are remedied because of that. The power of faith and love will visibly make itself felt and every man can ease his burden when he thinks of the neighbour and not only of his own trouble. To revive love this great tribulation overcomes you because only love can redeem you and it continually cools off more and more the more the end approaches. And he who is still able and willing to love him the trouble will not depress but he himself will conquer by virtue of his love towards the neighbour. Still great suffering will prevail everywhere. People will be torn apart, they will have no knowledge any more from each other and to everybody the opportunity is given to apply all power to bring relief to the plight that surrounds him. And man can accomplish much when he only calls on God for support and desires help for others. But he who takes advantage of fellow man and wants to profit from his misery he will be counted to the ones at the end that will be devoured by earth on the last day - he will belong to those that will be damned because they have become true devils and have to share the wages of him who will be bound in fetters and banished again in the new earth for endless long time, Amen. B.D. NR. 4724.


Book 54 4725

Earth fate. Devotion into God's will.

27. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4725.

What is determined for you, you must bear, because the earth fate forms itself according to your will and to the assignment of man, which, so it is particularly important, demands a higher degree of maturity, to be able to be carried out according to my will. Suffering and trouble purifies the soul; suffering and trouble leads it closer to me, and my presence is the more secure, the greater the trouble is. Because trouble is a sign of care about my children, who, to belong completely to me, must be trained; whose souls must therefore purify themselves, to be able to receive me, to be able to bear my presence. And so recognize in every trouble your father’s graciousness, because whom I love, I look after particularly. I indeed love all my creatures, but where I find counter love, I also want increase the love, which I give, but what also depends on a purified heart. But I also want to give you a proof of my love, so you need it to be strengthened in the trouble of the soul. I want you to let you have a look into your further life, and what you see in the dream, that accept as a bright sight, but do not forget your assignment, which is unspeakably important and is to always be placed in front. Know, that everything is truth, what my spirit announces to you, and that everything takes place as I have foretold you. Know, that you will experience it, and that then nothing earthly will any longer tie you up, but in closest affection you will then serve me in the serious striving for the same aim and in recognizing of truth. There is a love, which is stronger than death, and who carries this love in the heart, he also conquers death. Think of it, when you want to despair on account of my apparent hardness, which has a fate imposed on you, which you think being extremely heavy. I nevertheless remain attached to you in love, and I intervene, as soon as the time comes, so I need you for the common work for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4725.


Book 54 4726

My sheep recognize my voice. Resistance.

28. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4726.

As you adapt yourselves to my word, so I adapt myself to you. Because it is the father’s voice, which speaks to you, which you must recognize, so you love me, i.e. keep my commands. To whom my word is brought, he accepts it, so he loves me, or he does not love me, so he rejects me, i.e., he does not fulfil my commands; he does not live in the love of God and neighbourly love, otherwise he recognizes my word as voice of the father. It will therefore be comprehensible for you that I bless those who receive me in the word, but withdraw my blessing from those, who reject me, because they will not be able to say that they recognize me, although they reject my word – my sheep recognize my voice – and who recognizes it, he also stands by it; he accepts responsibility for my word and is not afraid to pass it on. Because where is a child, which does not believe the words of the father. I came to mine, and they did not recognize me. And today I come again to my children, but less than ever they pay attention to my voice, because they do not stand in the right child relationship to me, because they grant the world more right and have no longer much time for me. And they still call themselves believing. But I do not regard their faith, because I recognize no love in their hearts, otherwise they would desire me or my word or listened to the soft sound of my voice, wherever it is audible. But who forces back my word because of the world, him I do not regard as my right child, because the father love certainly comprehends all his children, but also wants to be reciprocated by them. Love me and keep my commands, then also my word will seem fatherly to you, then no will of resistance will rise in you, then you will joyfully confess it to fellowmen and see to its spreading. But so you do not have love in you, it does not touch you, and you reject it as being irksome, in the heart and also outside visibly, and then you also reject my love, which approaches you in the word, which gives you proof through the word that the father speaks with his children and wants to be listened to by them. Examine yourselves seriously, whether you are children of the world or children of your father in heaven, and remember my words: My sheep recognize my voice – and do not be unbelieving, but believing. Amen. B.D. NR. 4726.


Book 54 4727

Spiritual gifts pledge of love. Presence of God.

29. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4727.

The spiritual gifts are my love’s pledge, because I will never hand out spiritual gift to him, who does not win my affection for himself. I seek to prove my love to you, because you are still weak in faith and I want to give you a sure sign of my love to my children, who are to also love me again out of the whole heart. And for that reason I give my word. So I speak with you; I let my love flow over you, and this means enlightening of your spirit, therefore receptiveness for spiritual knowledge, which is in accordance with truth. To possess spiritual knowledge is a preferential treatment, a gift of him, who loves you and wants to make you happy. And all of you can certainly acquire this gift; I would therefore certainly withhold it from no creature of mine, but it presupposes a loving heart turned to me, therefore counter love, but which I do not find everywhere. Who has my word, he is however allowed to know to be loved by me, and he can therefore devote himself completely to me in the awareness of my most loyal father love and care. My word is the surest sign of my love – it is to make your life easier and make you robust in the earthly fight. Who has my love, he also possesses me myself and who possesses me, to him I am also present, and my presence guarantees you also my protection and my help in every trouble. Let no fear and no doubt arise, but firmly trust in me, and every worry will be remedied. And so make yourselves free of all heavy thoughts and anxious fear, because one is constantly with you, who loves you and therefore protects you in every danger of the body and of the soul; one is there, to whom you can entrust yourselves boundlessly and who never lets you without help. Amen. B.D. NR. 4727.


Book 54 4728

Scourge of Antichrist.

29. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4728.

The scourge of Antichrist will sharply be brandished over all who stand by me as it was once brandished over me before my death on the cross as man. But I will beat it back from the ones who are mine; I myself will parry it and let it have an effect on all that are in bondage to Satan. His rage will be felt very much in the ranks of the ones that are mine but as long as the shield of faith is covering them he will not be able to harm them much because again I stand as protection in front of them whatever is undertaken against them. But they recognize the rule of Antichrist and know that soon the end has come and with it the hour of their salvation and this knowledge gives them power that lets them endure everything. You will not have any more a long peaceful time, hour after hour and day after day pass by and the time draws near that my spirit has announced to you. The world stands before a powerful shockwave whose effects are indescribable. And whether you doubt - you are not going to delay it and you very soon have to decide for or against me. This decision will be demanded by him who is against me and will remain so for endless times. He will come before me and appear on this earth and he who is completely in bondage to him, he will take hold of, i.e., through him he will express himself in all his might and power. In droves men will follow him, they will pay tribute to him and submit to him voluntarily - they will be in bondage to him because he will have an effect on them as man and blinds them through his words and deeds. He will win because all will surrender voluntarily to him and so he will have great might and use this against me - against all who believe in me and stand by me. He will fight against me and therefore also wage war on those who are mine but who still remain loyal to me until the end. The time of Antichrist has come and so he will soon appear and then you know that the end is near. Because he will reign only a short time and as he knows that he has not got much time he will open hell and release all evil and it will work with him in an outrageous way. But the hour of his downfall into the abyss is determined since eternity and it comes true what has been announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4728.


Book 54 4729

God - truth - love are one – Truth.

30. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4729.

And although you resist receiving truth, it must fill your whole being, if you want to reach the experience of God in the spiritual kingdom. Because truth is the companion of love, and since you cannot become happy without love, you can also not be without truth. But truth can be offered to you; even so you have not yet changed yourselves to love. Truth can cause you to work in love, as soon as you are not closed to truth intellectually and then prompt the heart to participate in it. Then truth will inevitably result in love, because one cannot be without the other. Without love truth is just intellectual knowledge; but through love also the heart takes part in truth, and then truth penetrates the whole nature of man. The loveless man probably mostly also rejects love, because it does not please him, but again and again it is brought to him, as long as the man is still able to change, therefore is not a completed devil. As soon as now the life fate had an effect on his heart, as soon as it has become softer and more yielding and also willing to love fellowmen, he will also no longer be closed to the truth imparted to him; he will become able to recognize and do what is right, therefore mature in his soul, what always means increasing love and increasing cognition. But who stands in the desire for truth through love, he can firmly be convinced that God supplies it to him; because he himself approaches a loving men and therefore also only truth can exist next to him. With certainty the soul of man then rejects, what does not come from the originator of truth, who is present to it though love; while it eagerly receives what is in accordance with truth, because it also recognizes God himself in it. God, love and truth are one. Love to God and to the neighbour infallibly also results in the supply of truth, and the faculty of perception is sent to man at the same time as truth. But for that reason the loving man is also sure, to stand in truth; he is full of conviction and can therefore also stand up for it, and he will unconsciously or consciously spread light, because he himself receives light and can also radiate it again upon his fellowmen. Because light cannot hide its shine, and the knowing man feels inwardly pushed to pass on his knowledge, because love drives him, that, what makes him happy himself, to also give to fellowmen, because he knows that truth only leads to God, from whom it has its start. Amen. B.D. NR. 4729.


Book 54 4730

He that is not with me is against me.

31. August 1949 B.D. NR. 4730.

That is it what you are to learn to recognize: Who is for me and who is against me. You will not always be able to rely on words, because men are often themselves not aware whom they serve, me or the world – they confess me certainly with the mouth and are still connected to the world with the heart. They consequently serve two masters, and always the one will have the upper hand, and that you are to assess and fight it accordingly. Because then the will of man is decisive, how he decides, when he is seriously reproached for it, that he certainly can deceive himself, but never me. To be for me means to stand up completely for me, confess me in life without inhibitions and without reserve. But who cannot do this, he is not for me, but against me, because he is prevented and lets himself be hindered at the free confessing by my opponent, and he does not resist him. Therefore he does not believe in me; he so to speak carries on two shoulders; he stands in the traditional faith, which endures no examination and does not stand up to a serious examination. But a serious examination is, so he is called upon to confess before the world, before his fellowmen. Then he fails; then my presence is improbable; the spiritual kingdom is unreal for him; he believes what he sees, and that he also supports. He therefore belongs to the world; but the world is not my kingdom, consequently he can also not be my representative on earth, because my word does not mean for him that what it is – the radiation of me myself. And so he is therefore not completely for me; he either acts against my will, or he is guilty of an omission, and in both cases he is against me. He does what the world demands; he denies me, even so not with the mouth, so still in the heart and goes away from me, instead of approaching me. And for that reason it says: He that is not with me is against me. Because I do not content myself with it, that man not only not rejects me, but I demand that he confesses me, openly and without inhibition, otherwise I see him as my opponent, who he also is in the heart, even so he holds my name in the mouth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4730.


Book 54 4731

Experiments to the End of the Earth. Release of powers.

1. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4731.

A limit has been set to men in their conduct towards what my spirit of creation has let come into being. As soon as they take it upon themselves to want to change natural creations of which each has been given a purpose by me then also the attitude towards me is irrational, they underestimate my wisdom and my might, believing they can eliminate them, and therefore sin against me and also against that what I have created. And then the boundary I have set will be violated and thus mankind destroys itself because their wise men draw wrong conclusions and the effect of their experiments is disastrous. Men believe they can inquire into everything what I have concealed from them in the knowledge of their immaturity for such kind of knowledge. The earth in its core is unfathomable for men and will remain so until the end. Moreover powers are bound in the core of the earth of enormous strength that I keep bound to not endanger the earth in its existence, only that from time to time eruptions happen where these powers are allowed to explode for a short time to give the opportunity to the spiritual that is capable of development to deform itself above the earth and therefore to begin an upward development. These powers unleash themselves with my consent and therefore the consequences are intended in my eternal plan of salvation. An eruption that therefore takes place according to my will, will always be limited in its extent, but human will can never put a stop to it, never can human will give rise to it because no man can investigate cause and effect. Still men claim in the last times to penetrate into the earth in their research so far to trigger off powers that are unknown to them that they want to use profitably and they do not take into account that their knowledge and their intelligence are not sufficient for such experiments. They therefore do not respect my works of creation; they penetrate an area that is closed to them by sheer nature and it can be called a presumption from an earthly standpoint to want to do research on it. Considered from a spiritual standpoint however it means a penetration into the kingdom of the lowest spirits whose banishment was recognized by me as being necessary and men now abolish it illegally which is why it also has an unimaginable effect when my eternal order is upset. The manipulations are after exploiting the powers of the earth that yield to every resistance and that is why they can be used for all experiments. But men do not consider that these powers are capable of dissolving everything that comes into their sphere - they do not reckon on its power against which the will and intellect of man can achieve nothing. They open floodgates that can never be closed again once they have been burst because the field that men now want to enter is foreign to them and they do not know its laws. The core of the earth cannot be investigated in this way and inevitably every such attempt has repercussions and not only for the experimenters but for the whole of mankind. Because the limits that I have set are not allowed to be crossed as per my eternal order that always favours building up but never destruction and its violation must therefore have an opposing effect! Satan himself puts these thoughts into men of the last times; he urges them on to this plan because he knows that the destruction of the creation breaks off the upward development of the spiritual what he strives for in his blind hate against me and everything spiritual that heads for me. But this plan is, though devilish, an unintended serving - it joins my plan of salvation from eternity. A new earth comes into being where the development progresses whereas everything that is devilish is banished anew in its creations. Amen. B.D. NR. 4731.


Book 54 4732

Uniting of the soul with the spirit.

4. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4732.

Take care that your soul matures, so that the spirit in you can unite with it, i.e., that it can make itself comprehensible to it and influence it according to my will. And your soul will then mature, when you make the effort to live in love, therefore to do everything what is good, when you fight against your mistakes and weaknesses, when you strive for to become perfect. The will is already enough that the spirit in you becomes effective insofar as that it announces to the soul, what it is to do – so that the soul therefore feeling wise strives for that, what is my will. The higher the degree of maturity of the soul is, the more comprehensive the expressions of the spirit will be for it. The thinking, feeling and wanting of man will be turned to the spiritual, i.e., man occupies himself more with his inner life, with higher education of its soul state than with earthly thoughts. And all this is work of the spirit in man, which exerts its influence on the soul, which has now united with it and lets itself be drawn up. Because the spirit in man is my share, and consequently it can only lead to me; it seeks the unification with the father spirit, but which only then takes place, when the soul is prepared for it, when man breaks through the barrier through his love life, which up to now separated him from me. The soul, the thinking, feeling and wanting in man must without force turn the direction to me, then it awakens the spirit spark in it to life. And now its work starts and never without success. Have you men managed this, then the spirit in you will no longer give you rest; it will again and again seek to induce the soul, to listen to it – i.e., man will now no longer walk along thoughtlessly, but he will seriously occupy himself with his condition after death; he will think about his earth life purpose; he will desire to stand in truth and seek the opportunity, where such is offered to him. His senses will be spiritually directed. And you are to strive for, that as first thing, that you grant the spirit spark in you the power over you, what again can only happen through serious will for perfection. As your will is, so is also its work – is the will turned to me, then it will also surely lead you to me, and you will feel it at the direction of your thoughts, which occupy themselves more and more with the spiritual, because this does the soul good; it therefore willingly listens to the spirit. You all seek to reach this state that the spirit in you can express itself; then you have scored a great progress in your development. Because as soon as the soul abandons itself to the influence of the spiritual, every guarantee for the ascent development is given; then also that, what is my share, draws you to me; then you join together with me, and you have your earth life assignment fulfilled, so the union with me has taken place. Amen. B.D. NR. 4732.


Book 54 4733


7. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4733.

Tolerance in spiritual spheres is inappropriate, when it is essential to support truth, to highlight wrong teachings and to fight the lie. Then a straight way must be followed; no concessions can be made against the own conviction, as soon as a man is active on my behalf and therefore is also instructed in truth. But truth is and remains always the same, and so I myself instruct a man, then he is also enabled to substantiate something intellectually, what he puts to fellowmen as truth. If now the opinion of fellowman does not agree with that explanation, then the representative of truth out of me is not allowed to give in out of tolerance or accept the opinion of fellowman contrary to his most inner conviction. Such a tolerance would be equal the denial of that, what was supplied by me to the bearer of truth. Because he recognizes the error and does not attack it. As soon as opinions of men differ from each other, not all stand in truth, and only the opinion of him can be right, who has received his knowledge from me myself, who therefore, after intimate prayer to me, is firmly convinced of his thought material, because my spirit has instructed him, for which understandably the preconditions must be there, that the man believes in me, keeps my commands und desires truth. He can consider himself as being taught by me and also convincingly holds his thought material to fellowmen. Who is obviously recognizable as bearer of truth, who receives his knowledge in an unusual way through the inner word, he can legitimately reject every other teaching and condemn it, because it is this his duty, to support truth, which he receives directly from me. A tolerance to the dissident makes him unworthy of the great gift of favour, which he receives from me, because he does not respect it, so he does not support it. Therefore a bearer of truth is never allowed to be reproached for him being intolerant to the representatives of wrong teachings, because only truth earns men spiritual progress; truth alone leads to me, to eternal life in happiness, and truth alone helps to cognition and therefore means light for the being, which is embodied as man on earth. For that reason it would be wrong to leave fellowman in error out of consideration, to be regarded as tolerant; this would be a concession of own uncertainty and doubt in the truth of that, what man is to support. It would further be a lukewarmness in the work for me and my kingdom, which gives the legitimacy to the fellowman to doubt the mission, as well as also the origin of spiritual material, which is not supported with the eagerness as a divine gift of favour should be supported. For that reason I choose for me as bearers of truth men, who have a strong will and can also intellectually support my word and who are neither afraid of the world nor of my wrong servants, and I choose for me courageous fighters, so that they fight for me with the sword of the mouth, wherever truth is disfigured. Amen. B.D. NR. 4733.


Book 54 4734

Earthly activity necessary for servants of God. Occupation.

9. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4734.

My servants on earth are appointed to collaboration on the redemption of erring souls. This work requires the support of all their strength, which I will constantly increase to also make their earthly activity possible for them, which is to be accompanied by the work for me, is however never allowed to be put in the foreground. Because I again and again give my servants the assurance that I as their Lord will care for all needs of life and therefore also for their daily upkeep. But that I add an earthly activity for them is by no means insignificant. The will to serve me is never allowed to have inactivity as cause; otherwise its value is reduced. Also the wanting to serve me must as it were be a fighting activity; resistances must be overcome, so that the will first proves itself, so that it asserts itself and therefore his seriousness is visible. The spiritual work is not allowed to be regarded as pleasant play, as an activity, which is to fulfil the daily routine of an idle man, why I do not approve of when a pastoral care activity as it were becomes the occupation of a man, because then the spiritual work is stamped to an earthly one and finally it is just only an occupation, i.e. an activity connected with earthly income. But earthly activity is to be a work serving the neighbour, and only through this serving activity the man can be put in the situation to also work spiritually, because a serving in love is basic condition, to be accepted by me as servant. And for that reason every earthly activity, which is basically serving neighbourly love, will also be blessed by me, particularly then, when the serving and not material success is put in the foreground. Then also the ability for spiritual work is developed; man will become suitable for the work in my vineyard; he will be able to do both by summoning up his complete will, which must however prefer the spiritual work. This will also always be able to be done; even so the earthly activity seems to fully make demands on the strength and time of the man. Who places the earthly activity in front of the spiritual, he is not suitable for the work for the kingdom of God in a redeeming sense, but likewise also spiritual work only is not good for man for his soul. Because man easily gets into the danger, to represent the love teaching purely theoretically and to practise love himself too little, of which the inevitable consequence is a slowly increasing inability for his mission, because love alone is the key for wisdom and man will only truly be wise, so he occupies himself lovingly, which opportunity is again offered to him often enough. And for that reason my servants will always stand in an earthly activity, so that they have to prove themselves, and the stronger the will is, the more blessed will also be the spiritual work, and the work for my kingdom will be done according to my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4734.


Book 54 4735

Signs of the time of the end.

10. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4735.

Pay attention to the signs of the time of the end. Look around you, with the eyes of the spirit, and you will recognize at which hour you live; you will recognize that the night is approaching and that only few minutes of light are given to you, until night falls. Everything points to the speedy decline; love cools among men, and only few serve the neighbour in unselfishness. Give heed how rarely truth is still found among men; how blindly they walk along without knowledge about the fate, which they are heading for, so they do not change. Recognize at all these signs that the clock of life of many men is run down; recognize that the end is near. I can give you no other time fixing for the end; you must yourselves follow the action and bustle around you, so that you know when the day comes to an end. I call your attention, because I do not want that you are taken by surprise and fall victim to the last time, because that must be said to you, that you are not allowed to be deceived through the apparent improvement of the lifestyle of individuals; it must be said to you, that, worldly seen, no cause to a change exists, but that suddenly such a one is created and now also the hour of my intervention has come, which I have announced constantly. Pay attention to everything what goes on around you, and the sooner you will recognize in which time you live. Just do not lose faith in me and my love, because everything what I do and allow has the development of your soul as aim, although it appears cruel to you and you are not able to recognize me in it. Mine can feel themselves secure in my protection; trustingly they can expect my help in every earthly and spiritual trouble; mine need to fear nothing, whatever may come, so they just lift their eyes to me; therefore remain constantly connected to me in thoughts and through action. And so you therefore know that no longer much time exist until the earth experiences a great revolution, so prepare yourselves for it; do not pay attention to the world, but accord the greatest attention to the life of your soul; create opportunity for your soul to mature, by you looking around, and where you see misery, intervene helpingly; also enlighten fellowmen about the seriousness of the time and preach love to them, because only love gives them power to bear life, which is still ahead of them. And show them through example the effect of a love life; be strong in faith yourselves and active in love, and your strength will increase, and you will cope with everything, with what you are burdened. You will also come through the most difficult time, because I help you. And you will hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4735.


Book 54 4736

God speaks through the heart to man.

11. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4736.

What the heart commands you, that you are to do, because through the heart I speak to you, provided that you want to hear my voice. You can therefore let the heart speak or also the intellect, i.e., you can pay attention to your feeling or also let reason rule, therefore strive for some advantage through your acting, while the heart does not make this advantage. But if you want that I advise you, by you asking me before for instruction, then you just need to pay attention to your feeling, and it will truly be right, what you now do. Then your heart is just the mediator of my will, and you can follow its voice. So you are also taught feeling wise, i.e., you instinctively reject, what is wrong and accept, what is according to truth. And so it is also to be explained, why men, who are intimately connected to me, feeling wise reject, so false doctrines are presented to them. This is a sign that their soul resists against something disadvantageous for it, that it is warned by the spirit in itself in the desire for the right and true, to accept something untrue, that it therefore unconsciously adapts itself hostile and does not hide its attitude, but confesses it openly. Then I myself cause this man that he voices his opposition, because I want that false doctrines are denounced as corrupting for the soul. But if the inner voice in a man remains silent, that he does not recognize the wrong of an act or teaching, then he does not demand my advice, but is sure of himself or convinced by his competence to judge. He does not ask and can therefore also receive no answer. I cannot speak through the heart to him, since he does not pay attention to his feelings. But the will to reject would nevertheless awaken in him, so he would just be serious about pure truth, but which he could always only find over me or through me. Who falls victim to a false doctrine must seek the fault by him himself, because as soon as he demands truth, it will be offered to him. Because I always speak through the heart to those who want to be instructed by me, because I leave no man in error, who demands truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4736.


Book 54 4737

God’s word proof of his presence.

12. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4737.

That I am present to you, my word proves to you, because never ever would you hear my voice in the heart, so I myself would not be present in your heart. And this certainty should make you so happy that you should forget about it all earthly sorrow and always be cheerful and happy. Because my presence is a sign of my love and to possess my love should after all truly let no grief and ill-humour arise in you. What is earthly possession and earthly happiness to my love? My love can give you everything, both earthly happiness as also heavenly happiness; my love can also fashion earth life easy and beautiful for you, and so you therefore have the proof of my love through the supply of my word, there should no longer be nothing, what can worry you and can cause suffering, because you always just need to look into your heart; you just always need to imagine me as being present, and you will be able to speak with me intimately and present your troubles to me in humble child love, and never ever will you ask me for help in vain; never ever you will come away empty-handed, because I always give to those, who are my children, who listen to me, so I speak to them. For that reason always think of my presence, so you are in trouble, know that you can speak with me in the most intimate way and that I hear you the sooner, the more childlike and more confidently you come to me, because then you testify to me your love and your faith, and then I can fulfil your every request for you, because I do not let my children ask in vain; I give them everything, so they just believe. Amen. B.D. NR. 4737.


Book 54 4738

Learn believing. Assurance of God s protection.

13. Spetember 1949. B.D. NR. 4738.

I have given you my word, according to which you will cover your journey through life in my protection, and this word is to be enough for you, although you often cannot grasp, why you must cover this way. Just learn believing. Then nothing appears anymore unusual to you; then you always have the calm certainty, that I am always prepared to help, when you need me. Learn believing. And a deep peace will move into your heart, which only an undoubted faith can bring to you. Again and again try imagining my presence, and then you will also feel my love to you and hold fully trustingly dialogue with me – the deep awareness of my presence strengthens faith for you, and every word, which was sent to you from me, will become alive in you. You then live a spiritual life and always approach me more and more, and then my power flows over to you, and all doubt in you will wane and give way to an unshakable faith, which will give you inner calmness and confidence. Again and again I give you the assurance of my help, and you are to drop all fear and despondency, because you do not stand alone, but have me as constant companion and leader with you. And where I am, no fear and anxiety is allowed to exist, otherwise you do not acknowledge neither my love nor my omnipotence. Learn believing, and your earth life way will easily be passable and nevertheless guide you to the destination. Therefore always bear my word in mind, which constantly gives you promises, which will certainly be fulfilled, because my word is and remains truth until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4738.


Book 54 4739

Every way is marked for servants of God.

15. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4739.

The ways you must go are marked for you from eternity, since I have appointed you to be active for me and my kingdom. As soon as you have entered into my will, your thinking, wanting and acting is also according to my will, and so is also every way you go determined by me, as it fits into the work for my kingdom, i.e., this your work is decisive for the course of your earth life. The opportunity will always be given to you, to carry out your mission, and I will always lead you there, where you are needed, where you can be successfully active for my kingdom, so the will of man does not reject you and he forfeits the blessing, which you wanted to bring him into the house. Nothing is coincidence and nothing arbitrarily, what you experience; as everything comes, so it is my will, and therefore you will never go a wrong way through your own fault, but where it leads to, there your activity is also necessary, even so the success is minimal. I myself watch your ways, so you want to work as my servants on my behalf. I allocate the work for you, which I think necessary and which you are able to do. For that reason you can begin and end every day without worry – you can do nothing else, than what my will has predetermined, because you yourselves have given up your will, because you have offered me your services in free will and I now can direct this will, which has subordinated itself to me. I do not take free will from you, but if you yourselves subordinate it to me, you will automatically, out of your will, do that, what I have planned since eternity. And this certainty must take every earthly worry from you, because so I steer your fate, you can also feel yourselves in my care and be sure of the most loyal father care, but as also everything, what you do, you are not allowed to see as arbitrarily, but carry out as from me put into the heart for you and therefore always in accordance with your mission, for which I have hired you, because you have offered yourselves to me. So every day will go, as I want it, and you will always act as it were so out of free will, as my wisdom recognized it as useful from eternity. Then it is also my will, and my spirit drives you to it, that you carry out my will. The ways are often strange, which I lead you, but let yourselves be driven unconcerned. I constantly go next to you and would never ever let you go a way, which leads far away. But one thing you must observe, that you always carry out that, to which the heart drives you – that you do not act against the feeling of the heart, because I announce my will to you through the heart. For that reason pay attention to what you want to do, and it will be right and earn you success, and the work for me and my kingdom will be blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4739.


Book 54 4740

Responsibility for acceptance of false doctrines.

16. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4740.

Too hard men break away from knowledge, which was taught them from youth and which they for that reason do not want to give up as erroneous. Without thinking they have accepted this knowledge, and since they are innocent for their education, they cannot for the present be called to account over the acceptance of wrong teachings. But as soon as they can use their intellect themselves, it is also their duty, to examine that spiritual material about its truthfulness. And they will have to take responsibility for whether they let their intellect become active, as soon as they are able to do it. But they are not allowed to think all spiritual material to be true without examination, as they are also not able to justify themselves on the grounds that they have received that knowledge, are therefore innocent, when they support it during their earth life. They forget that they are responsible for their souls; they forget that not I punish them, but that they punish themselves, i.e., that they remain in the state of imperfection, in which they can never become happy – but that I cannot redeem them out of this state, because their free will must become active for this redemption, but that they have not used this will right, otherwise they would have used the intellect for the examination of that spiritual material. They remained inactive; they as it were let something being forced upon them, which they also could reject, so they wanted it. So men are now to take responsibility for their souls, so this means, that they must recognize their fault, that they must recognize their unfortunate situation as brought about by their own fault and justly and must admit their own neglect, therefore cannot unburden themselves at the expense of those, who have instructed them wrong. Certainly also these teachers must in future take responsibility according to their blame, but who accepts the false doctrines, he is not to be acquitted of guilt, since I have given man the intellect, which he is to first use for the salvation of his soul. To whom truth is now serious, he makes an effort for that reason and will also find it. And every instruction offered to man must be examined, so it lays claim to truth. Therefore man has also the duty to compare imparted spiritual material with those teachings, and the right will to examine will also produce right results. But as man adapts himself, so truth is sent to him through my will, so is also the state of his soul after his death – full of light or dark. Because only truth gives light to the soul, while error lets the soul remain in darkness, in which it has languished at the beginning of its earth carrier as man, but from which it could flee very easily, so it would have used its will right. Amen. B.D. NR. 4740.


Book 54 4741

Desire for truth condition.

17. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4741.

I will not withhold truth from you, but it will also be understandable to you that I want, that truth is desired, because only this announces the will, to get into contact with me and arrive out of the state of ignorance with my help at the state of cognition. To possess truth will always mean light for man – but to that man, who feels happy in darkness, the light will not be carried, since he feels its shine burdensome for that reason, because he likes darkness. To now offer truth to a man, who has no desire for it, would be a dis-radiating of light into darkness, which would have to be called pointless, because light is not needed, therefore also not appreciated. And so truth can be sent to a man in the noblest form, he will feel nothing of its benefit, because spiritual darkness is not uncomfortable for him and truth remains completely unimpressive for him. For that reason I demand that you men ask me for truth, that you turn to him, in the feeling of an inadequate state, in the awareness of your ignorance, who can and wants to give you knowledge, because he loves you as his creatures, who have gone blind in the spirit, and he therefore wants to make you again seeing. But light will never be given to you men against your will. You must want yourselves that the giver of truth instructs you in everything, what to know is necessary for you, then you will truly get enlightened; you will be allowed to receive light unmeasured, because the deeper the desire in in you gets, the more knowledge will be given to you, which is according to truth. But the other way round also the deepest knowledge can remain ineffective with you and increase your light state not by one degree, so it is a matter of indifference to you, in which degree you are knowing. Then the state of your spirit will also be according to your desire, because I as eternal truth want to be desired, and who seeks me, he will also find truth. But who does not demand truth, to him I am also not desirable and therefore truth remains withheld from him, until he recognizes that life is only to be found in truth and through truth; until he recognizes that I and truth are one and no-one can become happy without truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4741.


Book 54 4742

Admonition to eager work for the kingdom of God.

18. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4742.

Ceaselessly you are to be active for me and my kingdom – then you fulfil your earth assignment according to my will, and then you will also master earth life; you will have no need to fear not being able to meet the worldly demands, because earthly life will only go alongside, where the spiritual life is more respected. Be eagerly active for me and my kingdom; i.e., seek to give knowledge to your fellowmen of my effect on you; seek to instruct them in truth, and draw their attention to the end and to the signs of the time. Make the state of the soul of your fellowmen your business, and put before their eyes, how vain and invalid the goods of the world are; how men are just striving for worthless goods and how they give frugally to their souls, because they do not know their earth task. Communicate with all, who I lead into your way. You have been instructed in truth by me and are therefore able to work as representatives of truth among fellowmen. It is a beautiful task, which I have assigned to you, and it will have a blessed effect on you yourselves, as also on fellowmen, because the successes are not only for earth life, but for eternity. With eagerness go about this task and do everything, what is of advantage for the spreading of truth, which you have received from me. Do not become lukewarm in your work for me and my kingdom, but know that everywhere thirsty and hungry souls wait for food, which you are to hand out to them through the supply of that, what I allot to you from above. And remember them and you practise neighbourly love with those, because their souls need food out of the heavens; they need food and drink to strengthen themselves for the way up. Be ceaselessly busy, because the time pushes to eager work in my vineyard; the souls are in trouble, they live in want, because the body is remembered too much and the soul is forgotten over the needs of it. You therefore help the souls; direct the thinking of men to the state of their soul, to a sudden end and to the lot after death. Take advantage of every opportunity to hold spiritual conversations and to so prompt men to think. And you then do the work to which I have hired you as servant, and I want to bless you, now and in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4742.


Book 54 4743

Intercession for spiritual well-being.

19. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4743.

I want to help all of you to happiness, but only when your will is likewise prepared, otherwise I win no free spiritual beings, but only judged beings, which I could not call my children. And so your will must therefore strive for perfection. And for that reason you men can certainly pray for each other, but the individual man must himself be prepared to go the way to perfection. Only through intercession power can be sent to him, which however can also be rejected by him, so he resist the supply of power, i.e., so he does not pay attention to the inner stirring to the good or to the voice of the conscience, because he does not want, he therefore so to speak resists the influence of the spiritual world full of light, which looks after him upon the intercession of a man. Man has consequently a certain privilege through intercession, by his thoughts being directed to his aim in life, to the spiritual development. He is mentally influenced by light beings. But how he adapts to it, is left to his will, because it is free and succumbs to no force, why the intercession of a loving man for the spiritual well-being of his fellowman can help those, however not necessarily must help, since it depends on the will of his. Nevertheless love is the power; it works enlivening and can also awaken a dead soul to life – the will can be changed through loving intercession and therefore rescue can be brought to a man out of spiritual trouble. But love must always be the cause for intercession, then it will not be without success, because against the power of love resistance is not constant, because love is always victor, to which also the strongest will does not stand up, because love is divine power and forces everything, what it wants. Amen. B.D. NR. 4743.


Book 54 4744

The wisdom of the wise I will ruin.

20. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4744.

The wisdom of the wise I will ruin and the intellect of the intellectual reject and give the right knowledge to those who are without earthly knowledge, but attached to me in love – who believe in me. And with this knowledge the world is to recognize that a power announces itself, which they would like to deny. The world wise are to stop short; and I also call those world wise, who have received spiritual knowledge through the world, who intellectually acquired that knowledge, but have not asked me myself for it. World wise I also call the representatives of my teaching, who, although they represent it, are still too little believing, than that they can support every word of mine convincingly, and who for that reason also do not allow the work of my spirit in them. The knowledge that they possess, will not make them happy, but what I hand out to my children, who want to hear my word, because their faith is an alive one, that will also make them happy, since they really recognize it as a gift of favour, which my father love offers them. Who appears wise before the world, who lets the intellect speak, he will be and remain ignorant and will not be looked at by me. But where out of the public eye a heart allows my presence, there I work and appear visibly, by me enlightening the spirit of him, so that he becomes wise and understanding, that he can give information about things, which the world mind and the world wisdom does not fathom. And I will always work out of the public eye, although I then ordain it, that also those men can take note of, who still turn their heart to the world. Because I want to draw their attention that they are not to seek wisdom from the world wise, but that it chooses a plain robe, in which it appears, to find access to men. Where splendour and shine is, there wisdom does not stay, because it is divine; it starts from me and selects a worthy container, which is spiritually prepared, however needs no earthly advantages, to be chosen by me to bearers of truth. The wisdom of the wise will find no key to truth; the intellect of the intellectuals will not seek it, but they will believe to possess it. But the key to wisdom is and remains love – which can flare up in the heart of a simple, ignorant man to brightest heat and for that reason such a heart draws eternal truth, which now expresses itself present in the heart of the man audibly and guides him into truth. And the man will recognize God, love him out of the whole heart and erect an altar for him; the man will hand over from the fullness of the divine gift to fellowmen; he will impart deepest wisdom and brightest knowledge to all those, who want to accept it; and so all, who listen to him, will be wise, because they are instructed by God himself; they receive my sermon, and they will be happy already on earth and in future in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4744.


Book 54 4745

Tests to strengthen faith.

21. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4745

So that you do not become lukewarm in your striving, you are again and again exposed to tests, which are to raise your looks up to me, because you are not allowed to go away from me, because only with me you go forwards; only my presence gives you power, and only with me you can resist him, who wants to ruin you. But the danger is very great, to forget me because of the world. But if you want to be workers in my vineyard, if you want to be active for me and my kingdom, then you must constantly be connected with me; you must again and again seek my nearness anew; you must know that my presence only brings in power to you, to do the spiritual work, to your and to your fellowmen as blessing. And so you are to be constantly aware of my presence, to be able to constantly hold dialogue with me, through which you receive power, which you need. If you now get into trouble, spiritually or earthly, then you turn in thoughts to me, and you now draw me to you; you desire my presence, and you also feel it, so you turn to me in intimate prayer and entrust your trouble to me. Then you also establish the right child relationship, which makes you able to receive my love radiation, which is sent to you in form of my word and is for you a visible proof of my presence. And through my word you receive power, which you need constantly for your ascent development. I do not leave you in trouble – that you are to believe and therefore turn trustingly to me; you are to be convinced of my presence that you only still pay little attention to the worldly events in the certainty that I fix everything for you and you therefore pass the problems, which I again and again impose on you for the strengthening of your faith. As long as you are weak in faith, every trouble will frighten and press you, if you however let faith become stronger, then all difficulty will pass you, without agonizing and frightening you, because I again and again shout to you: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Always remember this promise, and you will also pass every faith test, because you then know, that I am constantly present to you, always prepared to help, as soon as you ask me for it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4745.


Book 54 4746

Prayer in spirit and in truth.

22. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4746.

An intimate thought to me, a short prayer to me, which is sent up to me in spirit and in truth, is pleasant for me and finds favourable hearing, as I also always lean towards those, who hold mentally dialogue with me, because I feel connected to them, because they seek me in fullest truth and I can therefore also let me be found by them. But I have no pleasure from form prayers, because they kill the spirit, because they become monotone conversations, to which I can never ever listen, because not the heart speaks to me, but the lips only, therefore these words do not get through to me, because they do not arise from the heart, but the intellect only expresses them. Who wants to be heard by me, he needs to express no words, but what he feels in the heart, what he thinks and feels, that is known to me, but only the conscious turning of his thoughts to me causes me, (23.9.1949) to lean towards that man, who therefore recognizes his father in me and believes to find help with me. He will be helped – whereas a prayer can be endless long, without being successful. Because then it is a lip prayer, which I condemn, because it can never be intimate, because it is no prayer in spirit and in truth, but just a form, which is lacking in all intimacy. Common lip prayers are a horror for me, because through such the intimate connection with me becomes an impossibility, and understandably every individual will have different thoughts, as everyone has also a different request, but which is mentally not touched, therefore the prayer is rather everything else than an intimate dialogue with me, but which I demand to be able to fulfil the request. Because only in an intimate dialogue the faith of man is expressed, the confidence in a sure help, which is precondition to be able to grant to man the help. And for that reason you are to withdraw to your closet, so you want to pray; you are to take stock of yourselves and allow my presence through intimate thoughts to me, in which love to me is visible. Then you will pray, as it is pleasing to me, and then you will surly find a hearing. Amen. B.D. NR. 4746.


Book 54 4747

Signs of the near end: spiritual becoming superficial. State of peace.

25. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4747.

A sure sign of the approaching end is the spiritual becoming superficial among men. Rarely only you will find men, for whom the spiritual development of their soul is the most important thing. And again and again you will be able to detect, that only the earthly world determines the thinking and acting of men; that their thinking and striving is directed at material goods only and they have no desire for spiritual knowledge. And so you recognize this, you will also have to understand the necessity of an intervention on my part, or you do not believe in me and the connection of me with my creatures. But I again draw your attention that quicker than you think the world picture will change. In the bustle of the world also mine become now and then unsure on account of the truth of the announcements; they certainly want to believe, but they are made to begin to totter through men of the world and their opinion. But I protect them from the defection from me. I will appear suddenly and supply the proof of the truth to those, who I love through their will, whose faith is still weak. But because the world has no connection with the spiritual kingdom, because the becoming superficial among men becomes more and more visible and the small circle of mine will soon stand isolated from the world and its attitude to life finds only mockery and contempt; the world events will help mine to the strengthening of their faith, while the men of the world will pay attention, who through my love and favour have taken note of through you, my servants, of my announcements of the near end. I will speak myself, where your voice is not respected. But you, who want to be mine, always become stronger and stronger in faith. Withdraw, so that the world cannot influence you; live still for yourselves, and serve me with word and act; work quietly, so that the world does not persecute you, when it is avoidable. The time pushes towards the end, and the fate of every individual has been fixed according to my will. Do not be deceived through the apparent state of peace, it is no permanent state, but very soon it experiences deterioration, and very sudden a fight of greatest importance then starts. Everything will be in turmoil, earthly and spiritually the powers will take action against each other and make my intervention necessary. And then certainly some few will still come to cognition and join the small circle of mine. And to all of them I promise my protection and my help in the last time before the end. I will be with all, who want to be with me, and they will also be aware of my presence and for that reason be strong in faith, so that they hold out also in the heaviest fight and remain loyal to me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4747.


Book 54 4748

Astrology. Fate out of stars.

27. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4748.

Only that is to be seen as given by my spirit, what has the redemption of the spiritual as content, what therefore more or less informs in detail about my plan of salvation and consequently also testifies to me and my nature. Knowledge, which does not move in this framework, which therefore does not awaken in man neither faith in my love, wisdom and omnipotence, nor promotes the maturity of the soul of the individual, knowledge, which moreover stands in opposition to the teaching of Christ insofar as that it negates free will of man, therefore man would be completely will-lessly at the mercy of fate – knowledge, which further believes to be able to unveil to man the future covered by my wisdom, is no spirit work and therefore also not in my will, rather a means of my opponent, to push men away from true knowledge and to mislead their thinking. Never ever will men be able to fathom or calculate, how the fate of life of the individual fashions itself, but all such claims are wrong conclusions or conjectures, which certainly can be right by chance, but then never based on calculations or influence of certain celestial bodies, but the life fate is always in accordance with my plan from eternity, which is based on the free will of man. In the great space of creation endless many celestial bodies are certainly visible to men of this earth, but these celestial bodies do not exert an influence on men, (28.9.1949) what will also be understandable to everyone, when he considers that innumerable celestial bodies move in orbits allocated to them, that this conformity to laws is recognized by my wisdom as good and right for eternity, that all celestial bodies bear beings of life for the purpose of ascent development and that also their fate is determined, but this is never influenced by other celestial bodies. Only pure naturally can the earth inhabitants feel atmospheric currents, which appear through the nearness of certain celestial bodies, but which have no influence on the fate of the individual. The conformity to laws in the entire universe, the eternal order, which can be recognized in my creation, is certainly proof enough of a steering power. But in the same order also the development course of the beings is carried out, for the sake of which the entire creation has first come into being. That now these creations have a certain influence on the development of the spiritual beings, is correct, but only insofar as that they make a perpetual transformation possible for the latter and therefore a slow ascent up. But in the stage of free will the events approach man so, as I have recognized them, in my wisdom, as favourable for the being. That the entire earth life is carried out in a certain conformity to law, causes men to draw wrong conclusions – they have interpreted this conformity to law according to own thinking and now drawn conclusions, connecting them with the fate of man. But these researches are not at all in accordance with truth and are also not approved by me, because I will always accept the free will of man, although I have determined the life fate for eternity. Amen.B.D. NR. 4748.


Book 54 4749

Admonition to living faith. Thoughts.

29. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4749.

And so the voice of the Lord speaks to you, you who take note through his servants on earth of his word: "Nothing remains covered for me, even your thoughts are revealed to me, and according to these thoughts I judge you". Your most inner thinking is known to me, and for that reason it is senseless wanting to deceive me through words. Your heart betrays you, although the mouth talks differently. I want to make you to eye and ear witnesses of the last events on this earth; I want that you then stand firm in faith, and I therefore prepare you for the coming time. And now you are at liberty what you learn from my word. I just want to draw your attention to this that you are only with faith in me allowed to hope for my help, because at the end of the time of this earth only the believer will keep his life, while the faithless will find death, but with it the death of the spirit is meant by this, the state of becoming banished in form. I therefore demand faith to be able to help you, and I am not satisfied with mere confessing of faith with the mouth. I know about every thought, and for that reason you cannot deceive me. My love would certainly like to help you, but you reject my love, which comes to meet you in the form of my word, because you do not accept my word and therefore also not me myself. And for that reason your fate is sealed, because my opponent wins power over you, because your will does not fight him and because you do not receive the power of resistance from me, which you could always receive from me. And so I once again shout to you: Commune with yourselves; seek to gain living faith for yourselves; get in touch with me and fetch power out of me, which you need urgently to hold out until the end. And consider that I know about everything, about your will, about your weakness of faith and also about your inadequate love activity. But so you just turn your will to me, I want to help you and protect you from certain ruin; I want to give you power, so that you attain right faith, so that I can rescue you from the power of death. Amen. B.D. NR. 4749.


Book 54 4750

Earthly worries unnecessary. God’s help.

30. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4750.

Do not worry about earthly things, but leave this worry to me. Do you then know what I want you to have? Do you know what I deny you? And why I give you the one thing and want to take the other? But I know what is good for you and truly withhold nothing from you, what does not harm you. But know, since you are my servants, every worry about earthly things is unnecessary, because he, in whose services you stand, cares for you extremely good and knows about all your needs and will cover them, because he loves you. Do not worry, what will be tomorrow, but take care, how each of the worries dissipates into nothing, so you have entrusted it believingly to me. What presses you, that carry to me, and I surely carry the load for you, so you just come to me full of faith, so you see in me your father and now speak to me like a child to the father for help in your trouble. Because I just wait for your request, and as soon as it rises up to me out of the heart, I hear it. But also know that you stand shortly before the end and that for that reason you also must live through the time of trouble, which I have announced to you; that you are therefore still exposed to many tests, but which I only let come over you for the reason, to help you to a strong, unconquerable faith. I free you again out of every trouble of the body and of the soul and for that reason make myself clearly visible to all, who demand a sign from me, of my presence, of my love and omnipotence. But you are wise, so you leave all earthly worries unnoticed, so you just work for me eagerly and quietly and just lean firmly against me with the firm confidence that I take all your worries upon myself and give what you need – then you can truly be certain of my help, because I know about all your troubles and will remove them, so it is time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4750.


Book 54 4751

Spreading of love teaching task of servants of God.

1. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4751.

I have taken you into service, because I know about your will, about your ability, to be active on my behalf. And therefore I now instruct you, so that you can perform your service well; I train you for your activity. Only a short time you are my pupils, but then your knowledge is enough, to be able to be a wise leader for fellowmen. But with my spirit I will constantly remain with you, i.e., your teaching activity will always be carried out under the assistance of my spirit; and for that reason you do not need to fear not being equal to your task. Because actually I instruct men myself, to whom you are to bring the Gospel. But this must happen through you, because I cannot speak to them directly, without me revealing myself to them in my divinity. But they cannot bear this in their immature state, and for that reason I need you as mediators, because they need my instruction, which I send to them through you. You therefore work for me and I through you, because men are in bad trouble, because they know nothing about me anymore and that, what they are told, they can no longer believe. But I want to enliven their faith again or direct it right, because men are instructed wrong and have therefore already deserted me, because every error leads away from me and only truth alone leads to me. For that reason I take action against error; for that reason I order you, my servants, to always preach truth and to fight error, because only truth leads to eternal life, because only through truth you can become happy. I therefore only need you for the spreading of truth, which I send to you, so that you are suitable as spreaders of my teaching, which only commands love. I need you, since through your will you make it possible, that I announce myself to you, because only through my direct work, through impartation of my word, can truth be supplied to you and you therefore increase your knowledge as my pupils, which puts you now into the situation, to be active teaching among men. You are to bring light to them, which they urgently need, however had to do without up to now, because only rarely men are found, who can, as bearers of light, drive away the darkness of night. This is a beautiful task, which brings blessings both to the teachers as well as their pupils and which will also always find my approval, my support, my favour, exactly because it is necessary. For that reason I always take on servants, who want to work for me, and bless them and their will. And who serves me so on earth, him I will reward in eternity, because a loyal servant is worth his reward. Amen. B.D. NR. 4751.


Book 54 4752

Worship of the mother of God.

2. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4752.

All spiritual questions will be answered for you, because they contribute to the clarification, where truth is to be differentiated from error. But it is always precondition that pure truth matters to you, because as soon as the desire in you is predominant, to be made stronger in an already existing view, you are also not able to receive pure truth; you must ask for it and want to receive the right answer. The mother of my earthly body was destined from eternity to give birth to the redeemer of mankind, because she possessed a light soul, which embodied itself on earth for her high mission, therefore could be called pure and perfect in comparison to her earth sisters. But she nevertheless had to cover a difficult journey through life to reach the highest happiness in the spiritual kingdom, to become a right child of God, to reach the highest aim, the complete joining together with me. With the fulfilling of her mission she certainly acquired the right to be regarded as most holy being in the spiritual kingdom, because she had become the image of God through the way of suffering, which she had to cover on earth; through love to me she had been put into a state of suffering, which also spiritualized her body. And therefore she was a shining model of a mother, who carried deepest suffering about her child. Nevertheless the divine worship, which is shown her on behalf of men, is not according to my will, because she has certainly been the mother of my earthly body, but in the spiritual kingdom she is a light figure, which, full of love and wisdom, would like to help you men to light and therefore to happiness. Happiness in the spiritual kingdom can only exist in the joining together with me – but the joining together with me a soul only finds through conscious striving and intimate connection with me. Therefore I as sole worth striving for must fill the thoughts of him, who wants to become happy. He must seek the connection with me in free will, uninfluenced by spiritual powers, because – when it would be allowed to these powers, each one man would feel their influence, since their love to men is extremely great, whom they want to help. The soul has become apostate to me in free will, in free will it must return to me. Every influencing on behalf of light beings would be a restriction of free will. The act of free will is the will turned to me out of own drive, which is expressed in the conscious connection with me, and this striving the light beings will support in every way. But all worship of a light being is a wrongly directed will. The light beings stand in love to me and honour and praise me always and constantly and never want to accept a mark of honour for themselves through men, because in me they recognize the being most worthy of worship and reject in their humble love to me every mark of hour for them, since they feel me alone being entitled to it. Who is aware of the right relationship of the light beings to me, whose love to me is aroused to highest heat, to him it will also be comprehensible, how erroneous the thoughts of men are, who accord such mark of honour to the mother of God, as it is the case, and they will understand, that it cannot be my will, because men so to speak create a second God for themselves, a being, to which they accord worship and honour, which it does not want to receive, because man is to only always strive for, to establish the connection with me, to reach the destination still on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4752.


Book 54 4753

Mediator between God and men.

4. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4753.

A mediator between God and men must always be in preparedness, to receive from God and to give to men. Love towards God must make the man able to hear his word, and love to fellowmen must drive him, to impart the divine word to them. The cleft from men to God is so great, because men themselves make no attempt to develop a way to him, and for that reason a mediator is necessary, who bridges the cleft; who has therefore already found the way to God; who constantly walks it to receive the good gift from him; but who also gives this gift to his fellowmen, because he feels love for them and would like to establish the connection from his fellowmen to God, so that they can likewise receive and utilize the divine gift. To be a mediator between God and man makes happy and binding at the same time, because what God gives him, is not just intended for him himself, but it is spiritual material, which is to be sent to all men and is supplied to earth through a man only, because its start is in the spiritual kingdom; but men can receive nothing directly from the spiritual kingdom in their still imperfect state and for that reason need an in-between station, through which that is imparted to them, what they need to become perfect. Because God stands by the weak; he seeks to impart power to it, but which presupposes a will turned to him. And so the mediators are to instruct men, so that they learn to recognize and love God and therefore also have the will to belong to him. Then they will also pay attention to his word and be filled with power – they will meet their earth life task and therefore be won for the spiritual kingdom. Through a mediator they have then been brought to God; they themselves have walked the way, which leads to him; they have reduced the cleft, which lay between God and them – through the mediator they have found to God. And that is the task of those, who want to serve God and are accepted by him for the work for his kingdom. These are the workers in the vineyard of the Lord, who help fellowmen to cognition, to right faith and a walk of life in the will of God and therefore to eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4753.


Book 54 4754a

Help of light beings. Spiritual servitude.

5. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4754a.

The preparedness to serve me is supported by the light beings extremely joyfully, and so every request, particularly concerning spiritual work, can be addressed to them. Because the supply of truth to earthmen entrusted to them is the duty of the beings of light, and for that reason every power on earth is welcome by them, which helps them, to get in touch with those protégés. But it nevertheless remains up to men, to get in contact with the light beings, through thoughts or call, otherwise they cannot act as helpers, since they respect the freedom of will of men; they are however always near their protégés and steer their thoughts into the spiritual kingdom; recognizing when man feels drawn to it and the conscious connection with the spiritual kingdom starts. Then they can support him in every way. B.D. NR. 4754a.


Book 54 4754b

Help of light beings. Spiritual servitude.

5. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4754b.

Spiritual servitude is meant, when spiritual thought material is withheld from men, to prevent that they can make comparisons between different schools of thought. By virtue of his intellect man can examine and reject or accept; he can also pass a wrong sentence; but he always takes a stand on the spiritual material, which is imparted to him. And so that his judgement is now right, he must be able to compare and according to his decision he will now lead his way of life and therefore will be called to account for it. But as soon as every possibility is taken from him, to compare spiritual material with others, an examination does not take place – untested he must now accept, what is brought to him from outside; he is then inevitably believing – but then one can never speak of a right faith. But right, living faith is necessary for the achieving of eternal life, and to be able to win this living faith, again and again spiritual material will be offered to man, which is of divine origin and which very much causes to think, because it deviates from the knowledge, which man possesses and which therefore must be examined by the man seriously desiring truth on account of its credibility. And each one will be able to do this; also feeling-wise he will recognize what is right; but the word announced from above is always the guiding principle, which starts from God himself as purest truth and enlightens men about everything, what is necessary for the reaching of soul maturity. Again and again the divine word is supplied to men, and as soon as man is of serious will, to have truth, he is informed through the divine word, and he will learn to differentiate error from truth. But if this divine word is withheld from man, so that it is made impossible for him to carry out a serious examination of the spiritual material, so this is a spiritual servitude, which truly demands responsibility, because compulsorily man is induced to a faith, which can never become an alive one, but always remains dead, because man lacks conviction, but which he can only win after serious expressed opinion and careful consideration of different teachings. Truth is again and again supplied to earth by God, and it is never allowed to be withheld from him, but the examination must be left to him, and it must be left up to his will, for which he decides, otherwise man could not be called to account, but he would also constantly remain blind spiritually. Amen. B.D. NR. 4754b.


Book 54 4755

Believing community. Presence of God. His church.

8. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4755.

Where a small community is formed, which seeks to work in my name, which takes my will as guiding principle and which carries out works of love in faith in me, which accepts my word and also represents my love teaching to fellowmen, there I am constantly present and let my spirit work in this community – I myself am in the midst of them, so they just mention my name and admit themselves in the heart to me. And so I will always direct their thoughts that they speak truth only, so they want to instruct fellowmen; I will always bless their efforts, which is meant for the souls of men; I will obviously be adviser and leader for them, to expand the small community. I will lead men to them, who are receptive for my word, which is to be spread, and my support will always come to light, by me giving the representatives of my teaching an extraordinary talent for teaching, therefore the effect of my spirit is obviously recognizable. And so also my will will be recognizable that the Gospel is to be spread, and who therefore strives to fulfil this will, he belongs to my community, my church, which I myself have founded on earth. My church will only be small; there will only always be few of my right followers, who seriously strive for perfection and deeply believe that they ask me myself for help and receive this help in form of my word. They believe and for that reason they recognize me and enter the right relationship, which secures them my presence. And so I am present to mine, they can also hear me and I can announce my will to them. But a believing community will never only care for itself; it seeks to also draw in the outsiders and therefore speaks for and promotes me and my kingdom. And so I bless them and all their efforts, because their members are to stand firm in the last fight on this earth. Only where I myself can be present through living faith and unselfish love, there men will have the power to hold out, because I myself will constantly supply power for them – constantly they will receive my word; I will speak with them, and to whom I am therefore present, he will be strong and remain loyal to me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4755.


Book 54 4756

Predetermined earth course. Fate trick. God’s love.

8. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4756.

Every earthly worry is untenable, so you believe in me. As soon as you acknowledge a director of all earthly fates, you must be certain that this director knows all needs and that he has taken them into account, so as he determines the earth course of every man in his wisdom. Everything now, what comes over man, has its cause, it reasons and its purpose. The purpose is always the maturation of the soul, but which can also often occur without resistances. Resistances are all moments not appealing to man, which he shortly calls ticks of fate. So therefore also that must be borne by man, what is condemned by him intellectually, because he does not like it. But it is necessary for the ascent development of man, and it will again and again pass; it will so to speak sort itself out through my will, although man is in the main of the opinion, that he himself has contributed eliminating apparently unpleasant things. Everything unwinds according to my eternal decision, and so you now consider the one thing, that all events in your earth life are predetermined to the smallest detail, that for eternity also your earthly end is provided for, you must realize that you can change nothing of it and that for that reason also all worry is unnecessary, because still everything comes as it must come according to my will. And so you now believe in my will and wisdom, you must also know that everything is good for you, because as my creatures you also possess my love, and this love has therefore determined your course of life, to educate you to my right children. And so you just need to abandon yourselves to me; therefore consciously bear devotedly everything, what I send to you, then no worry will press you, because I take it from you, so you no longer need it, and because nothing lasts for ever, what approaches you, but is soon again removed. And if a suffering lasts longer, then it is necessary for your soul, and it would only harm you, so I would like to take off the suffering from you prematurely. Believe in me and trust in me, and so a worry presses you, so present it to me – my love can avert everything from you and will also do it, because a father always gives to child so, as it enjoys it. But then you must also really come like children to the father – you must believe in me and give your whole love to me. Then the aim on earth is reached, an you need neither worries nor suffering for the maturation of your souls. Amen. B.D. NR. 4756.


Book 54 4757

Body, soul and spirit. Explanation.

9. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4757.

Incomprehensible it is for men, in which relationship body, soul and spirit stand to each other, and for that reason also the work of the spirit is difficult to explain to them. The spirit stands in contrast to the body, while the soul stands between the two, therefore so to speak must decide for body or spirit, but can never turn to both. The soul is completely devoted to the body in the beginning of the embodiment as man, it therefore has the endeavours to fulfil all the wishes of the body, i.e. thinking, feeling and wanting – the soul of man – only minds the body, which, as itself still matter, also seeks to unite with matter. Therefore man will have desires for material goods, because they are the epitome of that, what the body likes. So the spirit therefore hardly shows to advantage, the soul does not listen to that, what the spirit demands of it; it cannot assert itself, because the body still has predominance and completely monopolizes the soul, therefore controls its thinking and striving. But the soul can also recognize the worthlessness of earthly things; it can see the desires of the body as unimportant; it can demand more from earth life than just material goods – then the spirit is given due attention. It expresses itself now to the soul and it listened to it. The soul begins to change course; it now no longer demands for the body, but strives for spiritual goods; it lets itself be taught, i.e., it accepts without opposition, what the spirit imparts to it, indeed it feels happy and always pays less attention to its body or seeks to also make it willing to do what the spirit demands of the soul – to give up earthly matter, to exchange it for spiritual goods. Now the spirit has won over the body; both, spirit and body, seek to win the soul for them. And as soon as the spirit succeeds, to push away the wishes of the body, it is victor. But what is to be understood under spirit? - The spirit is the divine in man; it is that, what marks man as God’s creature; the spirit is the tie, which connects man with the father spirit from eternity. It is the awareness in man, to be for ever connected with the father from eternity. As soon as it gets into action, man only recognizes himself as creature of God, before he is just aware of being a living creature, which would like to win everything from life, what it offers. But if man recognizes himself, then the world is nothing anymore for him; then he seeks higher goods; then his thoughts are turned to the spiritual kingdom; then he seeks to get in touch with him, who gave him life; then his thinking is right and his wanting and acting according to the divine will. Then therefore the spirit out of God works in man, to whom the soul now abandons itself, that he leads and instructs it, so that body, soul and spirit now become one and seek the joining together with God, because the spirit in man continually pushes to the father spirit, with which it is and remains inseparable connected until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4757.


Book 54 4758

Re-embodiment. Light beings - mission.

11. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4758.

I will never abandon you to error when you desire truth. And when you lack right knowledge, where you have a wrong idea, there I enlighten you myself because I do not want that your thinking is wrong. It is true you just walk a short time as man on earth but this time is not timed too short to be able to become happy. During your earth life you can completely change the being; you can completely give up the I-love, which is strongly developed in you at the beginning of earth life, and change into unselfish neighbourly love, and through this you acquire a state of maturity, which allows you entrance into the spheres of light, so that you are therefore happy. But the degree of happiness in the spiritual kingdom is very different, according to the condition of the soul, in what measure it is receptive for the light radiations, which touch it directly, which start from me and therefore require my presence, what therefore means union with me, which can only take place with a being, which has formed itself to love. And therefore the degree of love will also determine the degree of happiness. Man very well can reach this degree of love still on earth and depart from this earth as my right child. Then unlimited happiness is his lot. But he can also not bring it to this perfection and still make his soul receptive to light through having a loving effect. He then therefore has passed the earth life test, by his will having turned towards me, which he has proved to me by being effective in love. The world of light now receives his soul, where it now can further develop up, but will never reach that degree, which a man can reach who earnestly strives for perfection on earth, because his soul is seized by me and my light radiation no longer finds resistance, because the soul is crystallized through love and my light can now completely radiate through it. And now you will understand that this degree of happiness can exactly only have an earth life as prerequisite, otherwise the merit would be reduced, therefore also the wages would have to be curtailed. You will understand that the union with me on earth must have already been found in complete free will and with all one’s might and that exactly this happiness is the counter gift for the restless devotion to me, which I also reward with my undivided love. And it follows from this that it would be an act of injustice of me when I also give the same pay to those souls which did not utilize the earth life the same way. Every man is entitled to the same amount of possibilities to mature; all aids are available to him; he can request favours, or use them to every degree, and with right utilization of his will every man can reach the goal to become perfect because only a forming into love is demanded and every man can practise love when he only wants to. I certainly demand from you men nothing unrealizable because one thing is available to you: the help through Jesus Christ, which consists in that the rightly directed will receives the strengthening to be enabled to be put into action. All you men can become happy when you only want to. Therefore the rightly directed will has to be rewarded accordingly, to that soul must be given differently in the spiritual kingdom than to such a one which was negligent in earth life in the self-education, which took the striving for perfection less seriously. And such a soul must understandably stand in a different degree of light, although also it can be called happy because it has swung itself up out of darkness, out of the state of ignorance, because it has become a receiver of light, even if in a weaker degree. The soul can rise in the spiritual kingdom to ever greater happiness because the light radiation, which it receives all the time, increases its degree of light and so it is explainable from this that the re-embodiment on to earth for the purpose of maturing is unnecessary and would also be pointless insofar as that the recollection has to be taken from the soul and again only the free will would be decisive which could just as well turn downwards and then the already reached degree of light is endangered; whereas in the spiritual kingdom the soul keeps what it once possesses, and can work with it with surest success. The return of a light being to earth for the purpose of a mission is an act of greatest love and mercy because life in the flesh seems to be unbearable to every soul which has become free, when it only possesses a glimmer of knowledge. A being which leaves earth so uncompleted, that it is in deepest darkness, is certainly in earth nearness, but mostly unaware of its lost body life. Its desire for material goods of the earth is extremely great but to transfer such a being back to earth would certainly be neither wise nor loving because its will would never strive for a higher development because its craving for matter has to be overcome, which is far more difficult on earth than in the spiritual kingdom, where the being can recognize the unreality of matter, and a breaking off from it already means the beginning of the upward ascent. A being with a weak glimmer of knowledge feels exceedingly well in its spiritual state and never demands back the fetters of earth life. But to have a weak glimmer of knowledge means to possess a little knowledge which corresponds to truth, and this possession already makes the being happy, because it can work with its spiritual riches – therefore love drives it to share its possessions with those souls, which are in want. But every work of loves increases the supply of light; it increases knowledge and raises happiness. Such a being never gives up the free spiritual state to return to earth as it recognizes that it can ascend in the spiritual kingdom and its activity is needed. If a being on the other hand embodies itself on earth, then this is an act of greatest love and mercy to which already a high degree of love belongs because it counts as a help for the erring and in greatest darkness walking men, which need a unusual help to not sink into the deep. Such a transfer back can earn the light being the adoption as a child of God – the highest degree of perfection, but which can only be won in earth life; because the soul walks the same way in the flesh with all temptations on the part of darkness. It has no privileges at all due to its previous maturity, only a complete sinking into the deep is impossible because it stands in the protection of spiritual perfect souls, which certainly help it, but still do not force its will. As man it must wrestle and fight and is without recollection. It must lead a love life to now serve as leader for fellow men. The lot on earth of such a soul will be far more difficult, but it reaches the goal, because love moved it to the course on earth and love is a power which conquers all, which reaches all, and as it means the union with eternal love itself, will also always find support from my side. Amen. B.D. NR. 4758.


Book 54 4759

Vegetarian food? Killing of animals.

13. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4759.

Me as your teacher you can ask about everything, and I will answer you. I will give you the right understanding for that, what is unclear to you, and it will be easily comprehensible to you. To whom I give the ability to penetrate into spiritual knowledge, whose spirit I therefore enlighten, so that he is to instruct his fellowmen with the same spiritual material, he must have been deemed by me to be suitable; he must have developed spiritually so, that I myself can get in touch with him through his will. But a connection with me presupposes a complete inner turning to me, which alone draws me, because, what desires me, is also seized by me. I now have imposed not at all restrictions on men, as I also never make demands on man to chastise themselves, to reach the kingdom of God. I have created everything, and as I put you on earth, I also gave you the right, to turn the earth and everything what is on it to use. When I so to speak handed over the earth to you as lords of creation, it was left to you which relationship you want to create between you and the created beings, which surrounded you. I have given you no commands; I left complete freedom to you; I stepped back; I left you so to speak alone with my works. Because you were to test your will. You were to enter my divine order out of your own drive; you were to remain in it and consequently had to think and act uninfluenced by me. And so you therefore had to create for yourselves the relationship to everything, what surrounded you. But my works of creation are all spiritually enlivened; that, what you can see, you have yourselves already overcome; i.e., your soul has gone through every work of creation, which meant a forced state for it, and that so long, until the material outer form released it. The escape of the spiritual out of form was always an act of redemption, because the following form was always softer and more yielding, until after endless long time the soul was allowed to move into the last form on this earth. The good man now does unconsciously that, what helps the spiritual up, which is still in the form, because his soul knows the state of agony and wants to decrease it out of his love. And so an act of becoming free can be committed, which appears cruel and still cannot be judged as cruelty. (14.10.1949) A difference must be made between an act, which merely aims at destruction out of evil will, and such a one, which is to fulfil a purpose appearing good to man. Further a difference has to be made of man and animal insofar as that man is never allowed to take the life of another man, because on earth there is no further embodiment anymore for him, because earth life means the last station for the maturation of the spiritual, while the spiritual in the animal has not yet reached the last form, therefore a transition into a new form in the bound state or into man is the result of the killing and can therefore be called a progress. Further the fact is decisive, in which way the life of the animal is taken. It must be an act of love insofar, as that the animal is spared pain and agony, because the divine creature must always be seen in it, which possesses my love and therefore already for that reason must be treated with care, so that the spiritual in it feels love on the part of men and is prepared to sacrifice its life for the well-being of men. Since it now serves men in truth, it fulfils its earth task and wins a higher degree of maturity, which secures it the embodiment as man or also a higher level of development in another living being. The killing of an animal out of devilment is a sin, because it prematurely cuts short a stage of development. But the same act can never be seen as sin, when its motive is a help for fellowman. How far now this help is in accordance with my will, is also to be explained. (15.10.1949) Everything, what you eat, is blessed by me, so you yourselves are of a believing heart and strive to reach me. A man, who consciously strives to me or unconsciously works in love and is in this way close to me, he cannot sin. What he does, will be right before my eyes, because he is willing to live to my pleasure. He will therefore also be able to consume, what he thinks to be good, without harming himself bodily or spiritually. He just has to consider that with every food he takes in spiritual substances, it will be comprehensible to him, that meat food has an effect on the soul of man in accordance with the nature of the animal and that for that reason the gentle animal is to be preferred, so man has the choice. Will man however refrain from the consumption of meat, so he will also find enough substitutes in the plant kingdom, but he is always supposed to be at liberty to choose for himself his bodily food, because I will bless for him every food, so he asks me for the blessing. An excessive amount is however not good at all, because then the I of man is driven out, because an increase of spiritual substances takes place, which man possesses quite enough from earlier embodiments and which can mean an inhibition in his development. But in the right measure man needs to fear no unfavourable influencing. But fish guarantees a fair measure, which holds no unhealthy substances for the soul and for that reason is the soul’s most wholesome food for the body. I command you no particular food, but as I also forbid no food. You are always only to also pay attention to the preparation, so that the bodily food becomes like the nature of man, so that particularly harmful substances are eliminated and can no longer get in touch with the soul of man. Man will do such preparations himself, because he has received from me the feeling for it and, as soon as he strives to me, he is instructed by me, what is right and of pleasure for me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4759.


Book 54 4760

Evidence of the Announcement. Reference to a Spectacle.

17. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4760.

Time will bring you the evidence that you can believe my words that announce what is coming and that you therefore also can accept as truth what I teach you through the transmission of my word. Furthermore time will confirm that the mistake is to be sought there where truth is to be represented because it will be obvious that I am giving you a sign. My work will appear so distinct that there can be no doubt what I condemn and what I bless. Very visibly will I protect those who are mine whereas I will destroy that what is opposed to me. Only a short time will remain until the world will experience a spectacle that proves me and my work, because it directs the attention of all to me, because the eyes of the world are turned to where I will be speaking to the horror of men and to the visible protection of the ones that are mine. You will experience it that a mistake is exposed, that a throne collapses that seemed to be secure. I have announced it to you but you do not want to believe it - and so it will therefore surprise you and then you are to pay attention only to what you will hear because it will inform you about much. I will speak to men that otherwise do not listen to reason; I will make my will known to them, in a sorrowful way in fact, because it will strongly shake their faith but it can be exceedingly good for their souls because they can reach the truth that way that they need for the maturity of the soul. But it will not earn them splendour and pomp, splendour and pomp will vanish because what I send to men destroys the outward appearance and only he who has the core him will nothing be able to rob the faith. He will well see all outward appearances go to ruin but in the heart he will only call me and him I will help any time so that men are to recognize how I bless the good will of those who see in me their father and therefore only fulfil my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4760.


Book 54 4761

True peace of the soul. Not of the world.

19. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4761.

The world cannot give you true peace, because on it there is just fight and dispute. But where peace is on earth, there the world is no longer taken notice of; there the connection with the spiritual kingdom is established; there I can give, as I have promised you – true peace of the soul. But as long as you dwell on earth, you will have to fight for this peace against yourselves, because you are still children of the world and do not ask your father in heaven that he may give your true peace. Only through complete renunciation of the world, with its joys, comes true peace to your heart, because then you will find me and desire nothing else anymore; then your heart has become quiet in love to me. Then I am the destination, its desire, its hope and its life. Then the heart has found, what it desired, and nothing in the world offers it replacement. My opponent has lost power over him, who has found in me the peace of his soul, and whether he now also wants again and again have an effect on him – peace, which I gave to it, the soul will no longer give for worthless goods or joys of the world. For that reason wage for the time being a war against yourselves, so that you gain peace for yourselves; so that I give you victory, that right and true peace may be granted to you, which makes you happy, because it is my gift, my promise, which fulfils itself for those, who love me and keep my commands. Amen. B.D. NR. 4761.


Book 54 4762

The world stands separating between God and men.

21. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4762.

The world stands separating between you and me. But I put you in the midst of the world, so that you are to learn to recognize, who its ruler is and to avoid him in free will for my sake. I want the decision of your will, which you can only then make, when you know both, me as well as my opponent, to then strive towards the One out of own drive. The world is therefore an obstacle for you to reach me, because the world mostly keeps its victims; it entices with shine and splendour, and man is open to its temptations. But I want that he puts back everything earthly to win me; I want that the thought of me fills him and he starts to see the world as unreal; I want that he freely decides for me, and he will also be able to do it, so he just has the serious will. It will always mean a fight for man, because his thinking and striving is mostly meant for the world. Therefore he first must overcome matter, before he un-dividedly connects with me. I demand this devotion to me, which is only then possible, when the world has no influence any longer on man. Only then I have gained victory over the soul of man; only then man is mature for the spiritual kingdom, only then the soul has walked on the way, which leads into the father house, then the opponent has lost all power over it. I seize man with my love and always fill him with light and power, and his soul rises up; it now also strives for its destination, to be constantly joined together with me, and it will also safely reach its destination. Amen. B.D. NR. 4762.


Book 54 4763

Spiritual seeing. Teacher and adviser of fellowmen.

22. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4763.

To whom the spiritual eye is opened, he sees through all matter; for him there is no form, which would be impenetrable, as there is also no distance for him and he consequently can transfer himself willing-wise in every direction to look everywhere at the spiritual work, which is only visible to him, who has reached a certain degree of maturity. Who is able to see spiritually, he can now also teach fellowmen about the nature of creation, about the activity of all that, what is visible to men as divine work of creation. He can perceive the life of the apparent dead matter, as also that of the plant and animal world, which is otherwise hidden to man, and for that reason it will not be believable to them, how enormously active the spiritual is in all form. But the spiritual seeing exceeds the boundaries, which God has set to mortal man; the spiritual seeing sees just as clear the spiritual kingdom, as he sees this earth; he can move himself at any time into a state, where all things are revealed to him, and therefore his knowledge is increased, and his love improves itself into the unmeasured. But he is not able to inform fellowmen about everything, what he sees, because for much there is no communication possibility, because the spiritual seeing sees something in his soul maturity, what would be incomprehensible to fellowman if it would be explained, because on earth there is no comparison possibility for it. The spiritual seeing has therefore reached a soul maturity, which lets him see more, than what is comprehensible to the intellect of man, why he finds no faith with fellowmen; but he himself wins immeasurable much for his soul. Because every act of spiritual seeing is a deep and intimate connection with the spiritual kingdom, which never remains unsuccessful for the soul, because it still absorbs more than the eye of the spiritual seeing; it can communicate with the light beings and receives from them great wisdoms, which remain hidden to the intellect of man. And for that reason it is already a state of soul maturity, which announces the near end of a man, because who once is able to see spiritually, his soul can leave the body and enter the spiritual kingdom carefree; already on earth he has reached this maturity and no longer needs a further maturation; only because of fellowmen a time can still be allotted to him, because a spiritual seeing is a teacher and adviser for his fellowmen, and his experiences can be believed, because he sees and hears more than any other mortal, because his soul can leave the body at any time to receive again and again new impressions in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4763.


Book 54 4764

Trouble - faith test. God covers all needs of the body.

25. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4764.

Everything can be taken from you, but you will not need to live in want, so you just recommend yourselves to me. Everything starts from me, and therefore I can also give you again at any time, what you need for the upkeep of life. But you are not allowed to just think of your body, but just pay attention that you do not leave the soul in trouble, because for its sake alone the trouble of the body approaches you. But who puts the salvation of his soul in front of all bodily needs, him I will not leave in the trouble of the soul and of the body, and therefore also no worry needs to burden him about earthly things. Because I always know by what he lacks and give to him at the right time. And so do not let yourselves be frightened, when you get into trouble, which appears to you unconquerable; know that I am always in preparedness and you have to pass the faith test just for your own sake, before I intervene. Do not get frightened, but just believe, and therefore let me have an effect for you. What takes place at you, is a process of redemption of surest effect and as soon as you now look at your whole life like this, all fear must retreat from you, since it is I, who wants to fashion you to his children and for that reason gave you life. So you therefore recognize your father in me, you need have no qualms about putting your trust in me in the firm belief that the father helps his children, wherever it is necessary. But I bring it to your notice, so that you do not despair in the days of trouble, that you do not become frightened, but full of faith just raise your eyes to him, from whom help comes to you. And he will help you, because you are his children and because a father loves his children and will not withdraw this love from the for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4764.


Book 54 4765

Reference to the end and admonition to care for the soul.

26. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4765.

Everything points to the end. Look around you, and abandon yourselves to no deception that you assume to climb up earthly and you believe having overcome the time of trouble. It just breaks, and what you are going to experience exceeds all the previous. Pay attention to the signs of the time, and compare them with that, what I have announced to you. You do not want to admit that the last time has come, and for that reason you do not pay attention to my announcements. And you will certainly not be spared, but be witnesses for the truth of my word. You just would win far more, so you believe and recognize my obvious work. You will win much for your souls, because then your faith strengthens itself and also helps you to bear the difficult time. The day will approach, which I have determined for eternity, but I do not want you to experience this day un-warned, and for that reason I come again and again to you in the word and draw your attention to the enormous change of your life situation. Earthly you can further nothing; you cannot make provisions; you can also not flee and make you and your belongings safe – you can only take care of your soul, that it experiences this day prepared. Then you are despite all trouble safe at my father heart, and I help you also earthly. For that reason do not strive for creating earthly improvements in the short time which is still left for you, because nothing will be left for you than that what I grant you and what falls to you, as soon as you are just mine through your will. Do not increase your earth goods, but just the wealth of your soul. Give food and drink to it, and through it make it strong and mature for what is coming. Because whether also the time until the end is limited by me, so it will still make greatest demands, and you are to be up to it through strong faith. Pay attention to the signs of the time and recognize that the end is near. And do everything to be able to expect the end calmly and trusting in me; prepare yourselves, by you thinking about your soul only, seeking most intimate connection with me, your creator and father from eternity, so that you remain loyal to me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4765.


Book 54 4766

Faith without love is dead.

26. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4766.

Fulfil my commands of love, then you will also acquire living faith, but without love your faith is dead. Works, which are performed in unselfish love, are power-giving, and this power expresses itself in faith, which thinks everything being possible and with that also makes everything possible. You must always think of, that love is power; therefore work in love always results in power supply. You must think of, that love is something divine, that you draw me myself, so you are active in love. When I am now near to you, so the soul certainly knows that, although you as man are not aware of that, and this my presence also gives the soul the certain feeling of help - and this certain feeling is faith, faith, which convinces, is therefore alive. Through love you draw yourselves to me and, since I myself am love, it is understandable, that I do everything for you; that I give everything to you, what you ask me and expect from me in strong faith. Und therefore your faith is again power, because you counter me with your faith, which so to speak forces me, to act so, as you expect it, because I have promised it to you, that firm faith achieves everything. Through love work you win me and my love. Love never refuses to give itself, and so you seriously consider the depth of my love, the conviction will also grow in you, that you are children of this love, and then also your faith will be alive, and you will be able to move mountains, because you then take advantage of my power, which enables you to everything, what you want. But you will never be able to believe lively, so you are not active in love. Faith without love is dead; it is without power, without life; it is just a word, but no idea. Love alone enlivens it, because I myself am love and consequently present to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4766.


Book 54 4767

Love courting of God about what became apostate.

27. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4767.

You men are children of my love, and this love determines me, to again and again approach you, who have voluntarily gone away from me, and to woo your love. But you are without counter love; your hearts are cold, and my courting is in vain; I win only very few hearts, which give me their love and long for my father love and return to me, to no longer separate from me for ever. But my love never stops – and I will never let up courting that what became apostate from me, because it believed being able to exist without my love. Because it is my share; it is power from my power, which I never ever want to do without, because it is a radiation of my love, is therefore of myself. What has gone out from me must inevitably again return to me, because it belongs to me. And for that reason you can certainly willing-wise keep away from me, also through eternal times; you will however not be able to prevent it that I again and again stretch out my hands towards you, to fetch you back into the kingdom of love; in future you will still become and remain mine until all eternity. I love you; I long for you, but I do not force you to return to me and to love me again. But my love means highest happiness for you, but which you will only feel, so you give your love to me, so you devote yourselves to me, so you completely subordinate your will to mine, not out of fear, but of love. I want no creatures, which must bend to me, because I am powerful, and for that reason it is up to them to believe in me or not; they are not to be forced through the proof of my existence to surrender to me, but only love in the heart will give them this proof, but then I have already won them, then they have voluntarily become mine. But whom I have won, whose love belongs to me, him I draw to my heart and never let him for ever; and he will feel my love, where he goes and stands. I want to take residence in his heart and constantly remain with him; him I will give the proof of my love – he will hear my voice in the heart; the father will speak words of love with his child, and incessantly I will instruct it according to fullest truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4767.


Book 54 4768

Collapse of Church Organizations. True Church.

28. October 1949. B.D. NR 4768.

The last end is preceded by a time where my word will be attacked and also everything that points to me as creator and preserver. They will want to destroy all faith in a God; this therefore means open warfare against everything spiritual. And now the church organizations and their followers will be affected most because they take action against everything that is outwardly recognizable as representatives of my kingdom and my teaching. And that is why I let arise representatives of my word outside of these organisations that are now appointed by me to spread my teaching because they are in possession of the fullest truth and therefore suitable to teach the fellow human beings in the last times. For it will be necessary during the last times before the end to strengthen the faith of men or to awaken it, because only now they will start to think about the lasting nature of the teaching that has been imparted to them in keeping with tradition. And they will recognize that I am not with those who only associate with me through the church, who believe to have a privilege through the membership in a certain church. I well love every of my children but the moment a child does not fulfil the will of the father insofar as it does not use the gift of the intellect that was given to him and therefore stimulates intellect and heart into activity to recognize when he moves in my will, to recognize when false prophets pose as my messengers, then this child goes away from me and hardly finds its way back to me. Constantly I have my word also sent to them, constantly I walk up close to them and try to give them knowledge directly, i.e., I send my messengers to them so that they give them insight but they accept no instructions and are thus no longer excusable, so they get lost on a wrong road. But when their church is now taken away from men on the instigation of my enemy, only those men will not be shaken that really believe and are closely united with me so that I can always be close to them. These will not be affected by the hard measures and brutal decrees because they know where to look for the true church of Christ and will just more eagerly support my word, as they however are also not safe from the persecution of those that fight everything that belongs to the faith. But you all still have before you that you have to decide and then only the inner conviction gives you strength to resist, that you have the truth and my word as evidence that I myself have imparted to you. You and all who listen to you and want to serve me will now speak with tongues of angels and everything will bounce off them because now they also know that they have to hold out only a short time to be blessed; they know that well all formalities can stagger but never the church that Jesus Christ founded on earth - the true church, that cannot be conquered by the gates of hell. But countless men will fall away from the faith, they will find it incomprehensible that I do not protect the church that they consider to be founded by God and they do not account to themselves if they are members of the church that was founded by me because they are prohibited to think about it. And so something will collapse that according to the opinion of men was to be invincible. It will collapse like a house of cards because it is the work of men that will not last. But those who are mine will not be overcome; they will have that strength of faith that offers resistance because they find my support. They will draw the power from me because they firmly believe in me and therefore belong to my church that cannot be overpowered by the gates of hell. But I again and again point out that it will be a hard time, to constantly admonish you, who belong to me, to prepare yourself, to again and again take power through the taking in of my word and work in love. The time is close when that fight starts and then you have to be armed - you must hold out when all fail who follow an apparent faith, who assume to have the truth without ever having thought about what kind of faith is demanded of them. They will stagger and fall away, but you are to stand firm and provide evidence that the close, living union also results in the living faith that gives you power to hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4768.


Book 54 4769

Blessing of prayer.

30. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4769.

All of you make not often enough demands on the favour of prayer; you all speak not often enough with me, because any one quiet dialogue with me is a prayer, which brings in for you unutterable blessing for your soul. As soon as you mentally establish the connection with me – because every one good thought draws me – also the supply of power is immediately possible, because I constantly radiate power, which penetrates everything, what opens itself to it. A connection with me must always have a good effect for you men, and for that reason not often enough you can put yourselves into the state of power reception, although you feel little of it bodily, so the soul is still exceptionally strengthened to be able to constantly strive up. Already the will to the approach to me, which is expressed in every thought turned to me, has an extremely favourable effect, because I immediately seize this will and this therefore means a plus for the soul. The will turned to me is not earlier quiet until the connection with me is established, until man holds quiet dialogue with me, until a prayer rises up to me, which has not only earthly requests as content, but also pleads for favour and power, for the salvation of the soul. And I will always listen to my child, because I want to make it happy spiritually and earthly. If you would know, which blessing lies on a quiet, humble prayer to me, you would use the favours of prayer much more; you would often let me be present to you through intimate remembering, because this is a rising into spiritual spheres; it is this a dwelling in the kingdom of light, what you indeed do not feel bodily, but in future will become conscious of it, when you have left the bodily cover. Your soul is already there, where it will dwell in future – it leaves earth for the time of prayer; the soul unveils itself before me and lets itself be clothed by me with a light robe, which is indeed extremely transparent, but nevertheless a cover for the soul, which does it good. The soul so to speak reshapes itself, and the more often this process happens, the more radiating the light cover becomes, the greater the desire for me. The soul no longer feels endless fare away; it comes to meet me intimately; it wants to hear and feel me; it wants to receive light and power. It now holds, earthly seen, quiet dialogue with me; it prays in spirit and in truth – and is, spiritually seen, in spheres of light, close to me, only receptive for the radiations of me myself. An intimate prayer must bring the soul to maturity, because a man, who turns intimately to me, he also seeks to fulfil everything, what I demand of him. For that reason break away often from this earth; let your thoughts wander up; seek me in thoughts; come to me, trustingly and believingly. Dwell therefore in prayer, quietly and devotedly listening to me, what I reply to you, and you will soon also learn to understand me; you will hear my voice in you; you then use the favour of prayer, because you connect yourselves directly with me and every connection with me helps you to soul maturity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4769.


Book 54 4770

God tolerates bad acts, but does not approve of them.

31. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4770.

What I let be carried out, does not need to always be in accordance with my will; on the contrary it can be completely directed against my will, but I do not prevent it, because on the one hand I respect the free will of man, and on the other hand the wrongly directed will is to be recognized, to be changed after better cognition. But the recognizing mostly takes place only then, when the effect of bad acting, thinking or speaking means in some way harm or loss, when it is somehow corrupting. Only then it is possible that a man thinks it over, that he is active against my eternal order. No possibility of progress would be given for man, so I would like to prevent every bad act, therefore withdraw my power from those, who propose to carry it out. Man must mature in free will. He is in possession of life power as long as he lives on earth with flesh and blood; and this power he must be able to use freely in every direction; his will must decide right. This is the faith test, which all of you are to pass, and you are only then good, when you choose the good out of own drive, although the bad would gain you great advantage for you. And for that reason I will never prevent an act; I can and want to avert only the effect or turn against the will of the acting person. And so something recognized by man as bad can appear as favoured by me, and nevertheless I have no pleasure on it, but I only tolerate it, but never ever approve of it. Man however must take responsibility for everything, what his will has striven for; even so it results in bringing blessing through my will. It is then a maturation possibility for the souls, which are victims of acts, which a bad will bears, which I certainly allow, but never approve of, as soon as they contravene the command of God’s and neighbourly love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4770.


Book 54 4771

Tools of God. Conditions. World mind. Control spirits.

2. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4771.

Who call themselves my servants on earth, are truly not always standing in my services, but they pretend to be my servants, without having received instructions from me, and understandably they do not do the work, which is important for the rescue if erroneous souls – they can spread no truth and enlighten men; they are no suitable teachers, because they themselves have not been taught right and can now also only pass on, what is according to their knowledge. But this knowledge is not the true, inviolable spiritual material, what I as man have taught on earth, but it has already undergone many changes and truly does not now contribute anymore to it, that man develops up, as it is his purpose in earth life. But it is my will that truth is revealed to men, and for that reason I myself come to mine and announce myself to them; and that in a way, that no doubt can exist, that you men are taught by God. Nevertheless I place conditions, which must be fulfilled, if man wants to hear my revelations and pass them on to fellowmen. One of these conditions is to completely cut oneself off from the world and listen only to the voice in the heart. Only then, when the world steps completely into the background, can I announce myself to man through the heart. But a shutting oneself away from the world means to harbour no worldly thoughts, to only listen to the intimate connection with me through prayer, what I as his teacher want to announce to him. But only few men fulfil these conditions. They are still very fond of the world, and therefore they take part in everything what goes on in the world, why also earthly thoughts push themselves between in announcements, not because I withdraw my protection from the receiver, but because I do not force him, because every spiritual announcement means a free act of will, although I seize the will turned to me and protect man from sinking into the deep. Nevertheless it must be differentiated. Pure inspired announcements, where therefore man hears dictation-wise with his spiritual ear, will always be according to truth. But as soon as man lets his thoughts digress into the worldly field, as soon as he does not listen to the inner voice with undivided attention, also worldly thoughts push themselves in and want to take root. Then truth suffers deteriorations, but what is also only then possible, when I myself am pushed back, therefore you men so to speak no longer desire to hear me, but hope for enlightenment about earthly matters. Then the world automatically intervenes; that is, the beings, whose longing is the earthly world. Then answers are presented to him through these beings, but which have nothing in common with spiritual announcements. (3.11.1949) None of my tools is free of the world mind; only that it is there in a small measure and is mostly completely eliminated in the connection with me. But while man lives on earth, also the world again and again approaches him and can also now and then imprison the senses, even so only for a short time. And that it is, what must be taken into account, that also a tool lets pure earthly question emerge in it, as a result of which he now interrupts a pure spiritual connection and now therefore the intellect of man begins to work. But it must always be said to you, that spiritual knowledge can never be disfigured, so man himself loves truth and desires truth. The spiritual knowledge stands constantly under the protection of control spirits, i.e., the light beings will know to prevent every wrong representation or lack of understanding of the receiver. Divine truth can never ever be disfigured by a man offering himself to me for service, who is serious about his task. Earthly knowledge on the other hand is still subject to errors, unless man asks for enlightenment of the spirit for the exclusive solution or answering of question on the earthly field. Amen. B.D. NR. 4771.


Book 54 4772

Accepting the word act of free will. Truth bearers.

4. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4772.

What is to be revealed to mankind, that I will again and again send to it, and I will also truly find the right representatives for the truth from above. I will choose the suitable containers for my spiritual radiations and therefore make those men to truth bearers and light donors, who are also suitable to the passing on to fellowmen. Nevertheless nothing is to be accepted on behalf of these without examination, i.e., mental discussion with spiritual material, which is offered to them as truth. Because just as well also error could be sent to you men, and since you must take responsibility, you are also obliged to examination, which is however to be undertaken under appeal for my help. But this examination will be easy for you, so you just have the will to truth, and the cognition ability will be given to you at the same time with truth. But the truth bearers stand under particular protection of me, because since they are to spread my word, I must also understandably take care that it remains preserved pure for those men, who strive for truth. Purest truth is to become theirs. But nevertheless also the truth bearers have free will. The reception of my word is always an act of free will. I will therefore also not hinder them to listen to error and to adjust themselves to it. I will certainly enlighten their spirit, so that they can clearly and unambiguously recognize error. But I also do not force them to accept truth, just give easily understood reasons for the content of my revelations, so that it is also easy for the willing man to accept truth and to also support it to fellowmen. And so truth out of me will always and constantly be sent to earth, and again and again men will be found, who make themselves worthy and able to be receivers of my light radiations. I know their hearts, their love ability and their willingness to serve me, therefore to work for me and my kingdom. And I will bless the work; I will bless the good will and the love to me and constantly confer protection and help on those, who therefore support truth, which they have received from me. And I will constantly supply truth to earth, so that mankind does not need to walk in darkness and knows my will. Because the fulfilment of my will is their life task, which every man must and also can do, when he just is of good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4772.


Book 54 4773


5. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4773.

There were always men, who desired truth and were attached to me in deep love, and very soon it was revealed to them that the teaching coming pure from me is disfigured, because who desired truth, he recognized also error and the deviation from pure truth. Who loves me, he recognizes my word as divine, but as he also recognizes all false doctrine as the work of men, because love to me and the desire for truth sharpens his power of recognition and competence to judge. And for that reason it was also constantly fought against error, i.e., again and again men were found, who sought to correct, what was wrong, and who for that reason appeared as reformers, treated with hostility by those, who did not want to break away from error and advocated it as God’s word. And I was always with them insofar as that I went to the fight with them against error; that I therefore myself spoke through these men to everyone, who listened to them. And there were always men, who eagerly accepted, what the former brought to them; who acknowledged it and supported it eagerly themselves. And so every reformer found his followers, and so splits of the "church" originated, i.e., the church, which pretended it is founded by me, again and again underwent a change, because it persisted in the teachings recognized as error and which members distancing oneself from it pursued an own school of thought, therefore formed again a church, which passed itself off as my church. The founders of this church were certainly inspired by my spirit, since they strove for truth out of love to me. But their followers were not always seeking or desiring truth, but their dislike for the first church let them follow the second. And it is also now again the same: Only that man will stand in truth, who seriously seeks and demands it, because I am also revealing myself to him, and he will always know about my teaching, which I preached to men at the time of my earth walk. My spirit will always inspire men, who ask for enlightenment of the spirit in the desire for pure truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4773.


Book 54 4774

Significance of the chronological era of Christ on earth.

6. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4774.

A chronological era of greatest significance now finds its end, which has begun after the Flood und so to speak is happening but once. Because in this epoch God himself got to earth, to show man a passable way, because they failed, because they were not aware of the significance of their earth course as man and let it become purposeless, what could be extremely successful – because they do not use earth life for the ascent development of the soul. God himself embodied himself as man on earth in this chronological era; he took on flesh and lived therefore as man in the midst of men. What men had not succeeded in until then, that he succeeded in, that he broke away as man from all humanity and in free will strove for God. It is wrong to assume that the divine in the man Jesus protected him from human weaknesses and human feelings; on the contrary, he quite particularly had to fight against it and still gained the victory, because love gave him the power and because his will was extremely strong through love. He therefore supplied the proof to men that it is possible to develop through love to a God-equal being, what is the task of every man, therefore meaning and purpose of earth life in the first place. He supplied the proof as man and the divinity connected with him, because the man Jesus formed himself to love. This act therefore took place according to divine decision in this chronological era, and the whole universe took part in it. Men before and after God becoming man on this earth have part in the favours of the work of redemption, which the man Jesus has therefore accomplished for all beings in the whole eternity. And nevertheless also this epoch comes now to an end, because mankind completely ignores the work of redemption of Christ and consequently takes up no help to fulfil the earth life purpose. There are no means any longer for this mankind, since they reject the best means or leave it unnoticed. Therefore an epoch now comes to an end, which is extremely significant and is still not recognized in its significance. But the work of redemption remains; the favours of the work of redemption will also not become ineffective in eternity; the teaching of Christ, the pure word of God, will be immortal and be taken over into the new chronological era, and although the old earth disappears insofar as that the whole surface of the earth is reshaped and nothing of the creations of the old earth remains preserved. Jesus Christ as God’s son and redeemer of the world will remain the epitome of the spiritual ascent development on the new earth; his divine word will also now again be taught; it is made accessible to men of the new earth through personal contact with the spiritual world full of light, as also with God himself, who as father dwells in the midst of his children, who have gone the way of Christ and have also changed themselves to love. God as eternal love will associate with them like a father with his children. And for these men of the new earth Jesus Christ has bought happiness through his blood, through his death on the cross. Amen. B.D. NR. 4774.


Book 54 4775

Voice of the spirit truth. Teaching of Jesus Christ. Inner voice.

7. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4775.

What you re told through the voice of the spirit, that is to be acknowledged as spiritual truth, because the spirit is not mistaken, but as a share of God it knows about everything and also announces to the soul, what is necessary to know. If you let the voice of the spirit speak to you, so you hear therefore God himself, but that must be preceded, that you desire to hear God. The desire for God is alone decisive, whether you are allowed to hear his voice. But God loves his children and his child is who desires him, therefore he will announce himself also to those, who want to hear him. A man now, who is serious about truth, he truly does not ask God in vain. God reveals himself to him, but in different ways, because often men lack knowledge and faith, that God himself speaks to them. And for that reason they do not listen inwards to his voice, and therefore God sends his word to them in another way, so that man partakes in truth, which is always represented in his word. But you men are to seek truth in his word only. What Jesus has taught at the time of his earth walk on earth, pay attention to that and accept it as God’s word, because the voice of God spoke through Jesus; the spirit of God worked in him, and for that reason everything what he taught was purest truth. And so you are to always keep to his holy word; you are to accept it in your heart as God’s word, through which he wants to lead you into truth, so you seriously ask him for truth. He gives it to you; he always imparts it to you in that way, as you are receptive for it – but you can also always listen to the divine voice in you, and so you practise this in the firm belief in it, that he in his love reveals himself to you as your children, you will soon delicately and quietly hear his voice in you. You will catch yourselves in the act of holding quiet dialogue with your heavenly father, and then pay attention to this as his word, as his voice, which speaks to you words of love and of wisdom. And you are allowed to always believe these words, because the will and the desire for truth and the conscious striving to God guarantees you also the work of his spirit, and you receive truth from God himself, who is eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4775.


Book 54 4776

God’s reward for his servants on earth.

9. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4776.

A royal reward will receive in the spiritual kingdom who serves on earth in love and humility. He will be allowed to rule in my kingdom, and his power and strength will achieve everything, what his will strives for. He will rule infinity with his will, because for my part no barriers are set for him, and my power is at his disposal unmeasured. And still his will will always only be determined by love, and his unlimited power and might is the effect of his love. And because of that, his ruler power is just unlimited happiness for him himself, as also for the beings, for which his love is meant. I will reward his services royally – you men cannot grasp this expression, because the goods, fame and honour of the earth are certainly an idea for you, but never heavenly happiness and its goods, which no man’s eye has ever seen and no man’s ear ever heard. And these goods belong to those, who I reward for their will to serve me on earth in the last time before the end. But not for the sake of the reward you are to offer your services to me, but love alone is to determine you, love to me and to fellowmen. Because only with this love in the heart will you be able to carry out, what I have made your task. Only this love forms you to servants, to whom I promise a royal award for their eager work, which consists of also prompting fellowmen to a love life and to introduce them to my word, to eternal truth, which can only be won through love. Their work therefore consists in announcing to them me as father and creator from eternity, so that they themselves strive towards me in free will. The task consists in teaching them and this through imparting of my word, which I myself supply to you from above. You are to receive and pass on, and I will reward this service for you in superb measure. I want to make you happy; and everything what I offer you is to be crowned by my love, for which you will strive continually and which also always and constantly gives fulfilment and makes you therefore unspeakably happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4776.


Book 54 4777

New banishment of the spiritual. Redemption in a period.

10. November 1949. B.D. Nr. 4777.

To be created into hardest matter is the hardest punishment for a spiritual being that already had been embodied as man on earth. The countless creations are now the proof that countless entities again have to start their course of development because as long as there is spiritual in need of development there will be earthly material creations that serve as carriers of the spiritual and make the development possible for it through their many-sidedness and dissimilarity of their outer form according to shape and harder or softer substance. As long as these creations do not come to an end the spiritual is also not redeemed. In the period of a redemption period the spiritual can now have developed itself out of hardest matter upward to man. This possibility exists. But the giving up of the resistance in a prescribed time is necessary for this, what is also possible but very often fails because of the stubbornness of the spiritual that is initially so insubordinate to God that eternities can pass until the resistance is broken or has become weaker. And this resistance is proved by the creations that appear to remain unchanged to the human eye for often endless long times. To the spiritual of creations, that so to speak form the crust of the earth, that also experience the dissolving through divine will by force, the possibility of an upward development are to be given. For this spiritual therefore one redemption epoch is not enough; however it feels the commotion in the universe at the end of this epoch and now pushes itself toward a new forming. The resistance against God slackens because it finds out what his enormous strength and power is like and God takes its desire into account and dissolves at the end of the epoch all creations what now therefore means a turning point to the spiritual that was inactively bound for eternities in the interior of the earth. Now the spiritual is prepared to serve and will now be created into the outer form that allows even if at first only a minimal activity and the course of development above the earth begins and also leads guaranteed toward the embodiment as man even if only again after a long time. This is a further explanation for the destruction of the earth that takes place in the coming time, that is included in the eternal plan of salvation, and even though it takes a heavy toll on human life, it still is redemption for the spiritual that eagerly awaits a new forming. Amen. B.D. NR. 4777.


Book 54 4778

Knowledge about God’s plan of salvation.

11. November 1949. B.D. Nr. 4778.

You can examine my plan of salvation from eternity, I do not keep the knowledge about it from you, you only have to have a certain degree of maturity of your soul so that you also can grasp what my plan of salvation reveals to you. Faith and love in your being have to be predominant otherwise you would be unable to accept the knowledge of my plan of salvation as truth because only through love can you recognize my love as motive of my work; only faith finds an explanation for everything. That is why this knowledge cannot be passed on to all men and still it is the only explanation for all events, for creation in the making, for life of men on earth. Only after men have recognized the whole purpose of life on earth, the whole purpose of creation, will they also acknowledge my plan of salvation that makes the connection of it all clear to them that otherwise appears to be incomprehensible. But the knowledge of my plan of salvation will now be imparted as proof of my spiritual working to those who make it their concern to discover the truth. But this knowledge cannot be taken from the book of the fathers, but this is no reason to rejected it, because there is still much that is not recorded in this book – that I keep from those that do not bring their spirit to an awakening in them and on the other hand give it to those who own the key to wisdom – that have formed themselves to love. These thus I inform of all what has been, is and will be into all eternity. I also want that this knowledge will be spread so that men become aware of their great responsibility for their soul. I want that they purely rationally seek an explanation for the whole purpose of life that seems to be acceptable to them. Through knowledge I want to give them instructions to a direction they are to go. And he who is of good will him the knowledge will give insight that he desired for a long time and did not find. The heart will reveal to him what the intellect could not give to him. Only then the whole life will be understandable to him, only then will he learn to recognize me and seek the connection with me, whom he recognizes as desirable and as the only aim for the spiritual that is embodied as man on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4778.


Book 54 4779

Power of the direct word. Low number of servants. Free will.

12. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4779.

Who hears my word through the inner voice, him I never ever lose, because the power of my direct work is so strong, that it gives support to the man at any time, also in hours of greatest trouble. And whether he also thinks me far away, whether he is already pushed away from me through the world, I nevertheless have an invisible effect and am always by his side, when he is in danger. Who hears my word, to him I must also be present, otherwise he could not hear me. But the awareness of my presence is to ruin all doubts and all fear. And moreover I need everyone, who is for me and wants to serve me. Because the time has come, where the seed is to be scattered, where everyone is hired by me for the work for my kingdom, who is just willing for it. But because exactly for that purpose I need the free will of man, so the number of my servants is only very low, and because of that I will not give up one single one and withdraw power from him, which he needs for his task. As soon as you are to work, you must have power, and so that you obviously feel the supply of power, to then being able to support me and my teaching loud, you are to get to know the powerless state before, by you often being despondent and faint-hearted, because your faith is still small. Then you clearly feel the unusual supply of power; then you will become of unshakable faith and be good helpers for me, so the time has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 4779.


Book 54 4780

Life against divine order. Sinking. Dissolving of matter.

13. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4780.

Great is the danger in which mankind is, and it does not recognize it. It is not aware that it stands at the abyss. The fever of consumption lets no thoughts for eternity come up; it lives and enjoys or longs for life consumption. The desire for the world predominates, and only rarely a man bears eternity thoughts in his heart, and the end is near. The world order must remain, and it demands a change of that, what and how it is in the world. Mankind lives against the divine order, because it no longer recognizes God and devotes to his leadership, because it no longer believes in him. A life against the divine order can only have an effect in decay, in the dissolving, so that the divine order is again brought about anew. And the dissolving is always to be expected, when God is shut out of the thinking of men, because this also means the withdrawal of power, which goes out from God and is to enliven man, so that he pursues his spiritual development. But the taking away of power is equal to the cooling of the substance, therefore the hardening of it, what again means lifelessness of all that, what bore life in it – a stopping of all activity, a sinking of the once living into dead matter. That men themselves pull this state towards themselves through their way of life completely turned away from God, that they do not know or believe and are therefore also not to be persuaded to a change of their thinking and wanting. They are also receptive to no instruction, because they negate everything spiritual, a continuation of their life after death and a connection with a power of creation, therefore are completely worldly minded, i.e. earthly, and this attitude is also cause of the end of the earth for the purpose of a new shaping with the bringing into line with the eternal order, without which a world cannot exist. Because even though the decay becomes more spiritually apparent and a seeming climb would earthly be detected, so this is spiritually seen still an act of decay, of the dissolving and of the end, because the actual purpose of every creation is the maturation of the human soul, but which now becomes completely impossible and as a result a carrying away to darkness takes place in such a high measure, that God stops it and dissolves a work of creation, to let it again arise anew in his eternal order, as maturation station of the spiritual, as it is and remains the purpose of this earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4780.


Book 54 4781

Seeing again in the hereafter in the state of maturity.

14. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4781.

In the spiritual kingdom the souls recognize each other, which stand in the same degree of maturity and are receptive to light in a certain degree of maturity; which therefore have the ability to be able to see spiritually; while the souls in darkness do not recognize one another, although they were connected on earth. They can then certainly perceive beings and also associate with them, but a recognizing is out of the question, because they no longer possess bodily signs and to see spiritual ones requires a certain degree of maturity. But a light soul can find again a soul known to it from earth and also approach it, without however being recognized by it, why the light souls can also helpingly assist, however in a disguise, so that the light radiation, which comes from them, exercises no compelling influence on the imperfect beings. And because of that, such souls, having departed this life immature, find souls willing to help in the spiritual kingdom, which approach them, because love connected them to those, when they were still dwelling on earth. Nevertheless the soul must open itself out of free will to their instructions and advice. The right way can be shown to it, but must go it now itself. If souls on the other hand stand in a degree of maturity, that both are light receptive, even so in different strength, so they also possess the ability to see spiritually and recognize each other to the indescribable joy. And they now get together to common work, complementing and instructing each other and always expressing themselves in love, what makes the soul tremendously happy. A seeing again in the spiritual kingdom is therefore certain, only that it can take some time until a soul enters the light spheres and only then sees its loved ones again, recognizing that these were already often close to it as advisers and guides on the way up. The happiness of finding again is indescribable and makes up for much suffering, which the souls have to bear before in the hereafter, until they reach the light. But where a light soul helps through its love, there the destination is also certainly reached, because love is the strongest power, which helps the still unredeemed, which also secures it the entry into the spiritual kingdom, into the kingdom of light and happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4781.


Book 54 4782

Wrestling about living faith. Opponent of God.

16. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4782.

A wrestling about faith will become necessary in the coming time, because mine will be opposed with opinions, which mean an onslaught against that, what you uphold. You will be badly oppressed from the side of the complete unbelieving, both, as well as of those, who call themselves believing, but who are far away from right faith, because false doctrines darken the spirit for them and therefore their faith has little value, because it lacks love, which awakens the spirit. You will have to fight very much and are not allowed to let yourselves be shaken; because of that I tell it to you before, so that you resist, by you calling me more intimately than ever for help, for strong faith and the power of love. And I will hear you, since it is essential to supply a proof to the opponents that strong faith stands firm, as soon as man leans against me, I who want to be for him a strong and secure wall. The objections, which are made to you, are often of such kind that also you will stop short and doubt the truth of my announcements, but a call to me gives you again the certainty, that I speak to you as your father and truly do not present error to you. But it is the work of Satan, who applies all strength to become victor over me. And he will completely confuse the thoughts of men, and they will accept and maintain the most impossible things as truth, while they persecute pure truth and badly oppress you. But then you know that my opponent is at work, who seeks to make you unsuitable, to do the work for your Lord. Then you know that your prayer is necessary, i.e., that you must fetch power through intimate connection with me in thoughts, that you are to come to me with your worry to not become weak. Because intellectually the objections appear justified, but the heart rejects them, and you can always follow the feelings of the heart; it will guide you right. My opponent acts with sharp weapons; he confuses the thinking of men in a way that everything appears believable to them, what is given as argument against me. He will win the intellectual men, who will speak according to his will and are against faith, why many men secede and also you become concerned, so strong speakers step into your way, to whom you feel not to be equal, so you do not call me, that I help you. But with my help they will not be able to irritate you; they will encounter resistance, because then you will also be able to refute everything to the strongest intellectual man, what he quotes against you. You certainly have a secure means to remain strong in faith, so you always accept my word in you, which gives you again and again the certainty that you walk in truth. Do not let this means of help unnoticed, so that the opponent does not overpower you, so that he does not make you doubting, but always finds the repulsion, which my presence means for him – through my word. In the word I myself am present; my word will therefore always protect you from all weakness, from every onslaught through the world and from all doubt. For that reason I can always only give the advice, to accept my word in you, as often it is possible for you, because with my word you receive that power, which protects you from every attack through the enemy of your souls. Amen. B.D. NR. 4782.


Book 54 4783

Visible Appearance of the Lord.

19. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4783.

You, who are mine, to you I will give a sign before I intervene in world affairs for the sake of mistaken souls. I will furnish proof to you that I fulfil all my announcements and I will come out into the open to you, to each one in a different way. But he who pays attention knows that it is I who approaches him even though I choose a form that adapts to the surroundings, that does not appear to be unusual. I want to come to each one of you that want to serve me and care for the spreading of my word. I want to come myself to you as strengthener of your faith so that you can calmly bear that what comes after that and can helpfully stand by your fellow human beings. Because during the general commotion you, my servants, are to be calm and sensible to be able to offer consolation and help everywhere where misery is great and help is required. He who recognizes me straightaway will be blessed by my presence and consciously he will register every statement of mine as a gift of exceeding great love and his heart will be flushed with love, my power will overflow him so that he is able to accomplish everything when he just wanted it. But not all will immediately recognize me, but some will feel it that they are facing an exceptional person whose words they accept as absolute truth. And only in the end they recognize me like a flash and rejoice and praise me when I have left them, to still remain in the heart as indelible picture with all whom I made happy with my presence. And so they will find me again in their heart even if I am no longer bodily visible to them and they will be able to constantly draw power and eagerly do the work for my kingdom when I have spoken from above and men have run into extreme difficulties because of that. Then those who are mine will find much work and I myself will help them, I myself will speak through those who are mine to all who want to hear me and believe the words of the ones who are mine. I will talk to them and you will testify to me, you will make reference to my appearance and relate to them with vivid words what you feel for me in the heart. And you will win many because the misery is great and men are thankful for every explanation, for every consolation and every help. You will work for me and my kingdom because you feel being driven by me who is in your heart and whom you will never lose once you have seen him. That what has become mine I never let go forever and that is why I come to the ones that are mine at the latter times before the end and they will recognize me because love tells them who I am. And according to the degree of their love is their happiness at my sight. He who sees my eye a blissful sensation of an unrivalled kind covers him so that he recognizes in me more than just a man. He who is still weak in faith and in love and still aims at me out of his will he will not immediately recognize me but he will be quite taken by my words and they will kindle the fire of love in him. Then he recognizes me, sometimes only after I have left him, after I am no longer bodily close to him. I am as man right among you but only in front of your eyes I choose a cover that I just as quickly again dissolve to be invisible to you. And so I want to give to all of you power to that you remain loyal to me and hold out until the end. Because great power will be required that you alone cannot raise. But I know those who are mine and do no longer leave them to my opponent. And that is why you are always to believe and hope in my help. The greater the trouble the closer I am to you who will see me bodily. But then you know that soon the hour will come when I reveal myself to all those who do not want to believe and who are not without knowledge that the end is nearby. And then also soon the time has run out that I have allotted to men for redemption. And the day of the end is coming and with it the last judgement as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. Nr. 4783.


Book 54 4784

Right workers in the vineyard of the Lord.

20. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4784.

I entrust my messengers with a mission, which they can certainly fulfil, when they want it. So that now the will can become act, I myself lead them into opportunities, where they become aware of their mission and work for me. But the will is free; they are not forced from me to be active for me, but they must speak out of their own drive, as their mission demands it. For that reason they must themselves stand with eagerness to a matter; their hearts must be filled with that, what they want to impart to fellowmen. And because of that I can only use workers, who are attached to me, so that they have the desire to hear words of love from me, and my word must fill them, since they must communicate to everyone, who steps into their way, otherwise they cannot testify to me convincingly enough, and their speech would then remain ineffective. I demand much and after all also not much from those, who I call my servants on earth. They must sacrifice everything for me and still do not give up much, so they have once recognized the worthlessness of earthly goods and joys. But half-measures are not enough for me; and who does not stand completely to the matter, he is also not able to fulfil the mission, which I assign to him as life task. But love is that power, which enables him to it – love to me and to fellowman makes him able to be active as worker in my vineyard. Love to me earns him my word; love to fellowman drives him to spread my word. And so certainly many could make themselves available for this mission, but those, who have love, lack faith in my direct work, and because of that they cannot receive my word through the inner voice. They certainly can also be active and in the will to serve me spread my word, as it was brought to them from the outside, but they must be enlightened in their spirit through eager love work, to recognize that, what is truly my word and what is additional human work. Then also they are my messengers, my servants on earth, who are active in the redemption of erroneous souls; then I bless them and all, who are active in my name for me and my kingdom. But everyone is to strive to establish the connection with me to be able to hear me myself in the word, because then they receive truth in a form, which enables them to teaching activity, and as a result they can serve me, as it is my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4784.


Book 54 4785

Succession of Jesus. Spreading of his teaching. Spirit work.

21. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4785.

In my name you are to be active. What I have therefore done on earth that also you are to do, always quoting me and my work, my love teaching, so that you show that you are my successors or also fulfil as servants the assignment of the Lord. Then you work in my name for the kingdom of God; you continue the work of redemption, which I have started, by you giving to fellowmen means and ways to redeem themselves. This is a beautiful service, which you do for me, when you preach to fellowmen love like me; when you impart my teaching to them, which is given to you for this purpose pure and un-deformed. I myself train you for this; I give you, what you are to pass on to your fellowmen. I instruct you, so that you continue to carry the Gospel into the world. I demand nothing of you, than that you do that, what I have done – to live in love and therefore to light the light of wisdom in you; then you can let this light shine and light up the darkness, which is spread over earth. Warn and admonish your fellowmen and announce the near end to them, as also I have announced the judgement to men. Then you are my right servants, my supports in the time of the end; then you are loyal workers in the vineyard of the Lord. The time of your work will only be short, which starts in its whole extent only, so I have revealed myself to men through the elements of nature. But also already before you are to be eagerly active and do that preliminary work, which causes your work afterwards. You are to familiarise yourselves with my word so, that you become living representatives of it; you are to let yourselves be instructed by me and be my eager pupils. You yourselves are to make an effort to follow me in your way of life; you are to serve me with the heart and the mouth, i.e., let me speak through you, so that my will is announced to men. You are to receive pure truth and also support it, i.e. take action against error, which is corrupting for men and prevents them becoming happy. And everything, what you are to do, you hear through my word. Because of that be thankful that you are allowed to hear my word, that I speak to you directly or through messengers, that I accept you as co-workers and assign that work to you, which you are to do for me and my kingdom. Love is to drive you to activity, but I will help you, as I have promised you, and your reward in future will truly be no low one. Amen. B.D. NR. 4785.


Book 54 4786

There is only one truth. Feeling of the heart.

23. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4786.

It is certainly up to you, which school of thought you join, but you must always remember that there is only one truth, that, because the different schools of thought also having different teachings, only one can be the right one, why therefore an examination is never to be avoided, which everyone can carry out, so he just seriously wants it. Where divine revelations are sent to earth, there truth is guaranteed, and therefore such can always be taken for comparison. And truth will only be there, where there is agreement with the teachings imparted through the divine word. But if there is no direct revelation available for comparison, then God must absolutely be called for support, and then man will certainly also win a right judgement, i.e., he will now decide to accept or reject that, what a school of thought describes to him to believe. (24.11.1949) The serious desire to stand in truth, and a prayer to God in spirit and in truth secures him right cognition of that, what truth and what error is. And his heart itself will encourage or warn him, to join a school of thought; he is only also to pay attention to his feeling, therefore not act against his feeling. No spiritual organization on earth if free of error, because again and again pure truth, which initially urged the founder to support it and win fellowmen for it, experiences a change through men. And because of that a seeking man will get into doubt in every school of thought, what also must be, so that he himself pursues truth and brings the spirit in him to awaken through serious thinking and connection with God through prayer and love work, which now instructs him truthfully and introduces him to right knowledge. And for that reason a man can find truth in every school of thought, so he himself is just serious about it. The blind must entrust himself to a seeing – God alone is the seeing – or a spiritual leader awakened by God and instructed by him, who can truly be a right support for the blind; who will lead him and can also help him to the light of his eyes, so the blind wants it himself. But a blind leader will not bring about much blessing; he also misleads those entrusted to him, before he himself has not become seeing through his will. But a blind leader is, who does not draw his wisdom out of divine revelations – a blind leader is, who has received his knowledge again from just weakly seeing men and was not enlightened himself through this, but walked his way in the same darkness as before. God looks after everyone, who demands truth. Ignorance, error and darkened state of spirit are always only there to be found, where the desire for truth is not existing, because this is precondition that God as the giver of truth and eternal truth himself, reveals himself to man, because who desires truth, to him it will also be offered. Amen. B.D. NR. 4786.


Book 54 4787

Mental activity. Spiritual radiations.

24. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4787.

To the one thirsty for truth a short reference is enough, a quiet doubt, to investigate truth, and he will never remain without success. His thoughts are caught by the beings of light, and answer is radiated back, which man sees and continues to pursue as own though material. This thought activity is the actual living thing in man; it is that activity, which is also continued in the spiritual kingdom; it is the actual function of the soul, which now moves by this means on earth or in the spiritual kingdom, depending on the destiny, to which it turns its function – therefore according to the direction, which man gives his thoughts. Does man desire truth, then his thoughts circle far away from earth, because he feels it that truth is not to be sought on earth, but outside of earth. Every doubt now takes root in the heart and is now subject of his thinking. Are now the thoughts of man turned to earthly problems, so the same process certainly takes place, that the thought waves, which are spiritual radiations, approach man, but they then start from spiritual powers, who are quite close to earth, are therefore still connected with earth and matter, that they want to communicate their thoughts, their will, to men. These thoughts are now often subject to error, because they are imperfect beings, who stay near earth and absolute truth is not to be expected from them, why therefore earthly knowledge can again and again trigger doubt and gives cause to constant research and mental activity. But if the thoughts of a man concern knowledge about eternal truth, it they therefore roam into areas, which are not connected to matter and the earthly kingdom, then also those powers intervene, who stand above matter – therefore spiritual beings, which have entered the kingdom of light, where every being stands in fullest cognition, therefore that, what it communicates to man, is also in accordance with fullest truth. Then their radiations touch the heart of man; they are digested through the bodily organs of the intellect and felt as own thought results by man. But a thinking man must ask himself the question, wherefrom the thought material comes, because everything must have its origin, but man himself is not able to let something come into being out of nothing. Therefore a spiritual substance must be existing, which condenses, therefore takes on some form. And the thought is such a form, which is explained as going out from man himself. But it is spiritual power, which is caused by a power carrier, a source – the source is God himself, the carrier of the beings having become perfect, which firmly draw power from God and also radiate it to their own happiness. The thought radiation is the actual activity of the beings of light, because it means illumination of that, what is lightless, therefore is devoid of all cognition. That man opens himself to those radiations through thinking, is unknown to him; but he puts himself under the influence of those spiritual powers; but through the direction of his thoughts and his will determining himself, which powers approach him; but a digression of the thoughts into the spiritual kingdom, therefore the will to fathom knowledge lying outside of earth, is always of greatest blessing, because it earns him the support of those beings, who stand in truth and can lead him to the light. Amen. B.D. NR. 4787.


Book 54 4788

Cognition of right faith to be won through love.

26. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4788

The cognition, which faith is the right one, is very easily to be won, as soon as man stands in love, because through love man will become wise, therefore receive knowledge from God. (27.11.1949) He will then no longer need to seek, but be convinced of the teachings, which are according to truth and therefore also know that it is truth. And so God has made it easy for man, to get hold of right cognition insofar, as that he just demands love from them. Because every man can awaken love in himself, when he just wants. That so many different directions of faith could come to life among men is just a proof that men are devoid of all love. Where no love exists, the thinking of men confuses itself; they go off the right and true and they do up faith teachings for themselves, which they eagerly support and seek to win supporters. Where love is, is also truth; the thinking of men, who are active in love, will always agree, and no special instruction is needed from the outside to reinforce it, because the conviction to possess pure truth lives in the heart of each one, who lives in love. Where truth is, is also God present, and he instructs men through the voice of the spirit. The different faith directions must of necessity let men doubt and research, because all of them support something different and, because only one truth exists, must now be examined for their truthfulness. And God has given to every individual man the gift, to be able to do this, when he wants it – otherwise it would be a doubtful act of love and justice of God, that he puts every individual man through birth or upbringing into another denomination or direction of spirit – out of which it is now apparent that the right and true must be born in the inside of man, that nothing brought from the outside is beneficial or is an obstacle, when man has the right inner attitude to God, to love and therefore also to truth. Because God, love and truth are one. Truth and love cannot be there, where God is disregarded, is therefore not acknowledged. God and truth cannot be, where love is eliminated, and God and love will also guarantee fullest truth at any time, therefore right thinking. Because of that also right cognition can be won in every direction of faith or spirit, as soon as it puts love in front of everything and through practising of it the spirit of man is illuminated, so that he therefore now recognizes what truth and error is, which teachings of a direction of spirit are according to truth and what is additional work of man and therefore erroneous before God. Without love man lacks wisdom, because it is the effect of love, why all men must move in error and wrong thinking, who do not fulfil the law of love, and because of that are far away from God, who is love and truth himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4788.


Book 54 4789

Spiritual mission requires strength of will. Love.

28. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4789.

A great strength of will will be required from men, who want to work on earth for me and my kingdom. It is no play, no easy activity, which to carry out you have offered me – it is no difficult work as such, but since it requires your complete will, you must apply force; you must constantly wage war against yourselves, constantly you must subjugate your will to me, constantly you must put back the world, so it still captivates your will. In no way you are determined, i.e. forced to your thinking, wanting and acting; freely out of yourselves you must work for me and my kingdom for the redemption of erring souls. But you will always experience strengthening of your will, so you just ask me for help – for the sake of Jesus Christ, who through his death on the cross has acquired strengthened will for you. Always greater the temptations approach you; you are after all to prove your will also in hours of trouble and always put the spiritual work first. It is a significant mission, which you are to fulfil, and not everyone is qualified for it to carry it out. But as soon as man can summon a strong will he will cope with the work effortlessly. The will alone is decisive; out of your own drive you are to do your services for me; out of your own drive help me, where it is essential to relieve the spiritual trouble of men. I do not determine you for it; your heart is to long for me and for my love and because of that steadfastly strive to me, steadfastly be active for me. A strong will is required, but I will reward it in future, as I have promised. But also not for the sake of the reward you are to serve me. Love to me and the unredeemed is to drive you to your activity, and so you let love in the heart kindle to the highest heat, then also your will will show no weakness any longer; then you will be active with increased eagerness, because love is that power, which drives you; because love also reinforces the will; because, when you work in love, you live in the succession of Jesus and therefore like him have a strong will at your disposal, which accomplishes everything, what it strives for. Strengthen your will through love work, and so you still feel weak, so pray and fetch for yourselves direct power for you through intimate pleading and intimate dialogue with me. Then you will truly not fail in your service for me; then you will work for me full of eagerness and joyfully for the blessing of all, who you look after in their spiritual trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4789.


Book 54 4790

I live and you are to also live. Light and power.

29. November 1949. B.D. NR. 4790.

I live and you are to also live. I am uninterruptedly active, and so also you are to utilize your power, which you receive from me unmeasured, so you are perfect. Life alone is state of happiness; life is awareness of freedom and possession of power; life is only and alone desirable, because it includes everything, what prepares happiness to the being. I want to give you eternal life. Do you now understand which promise these words include? That I want to give you the best, what you can possess? Do you now understand that I wanted to rescue you out of the night of death through my death on the cross? That I wanted to redeem you out of a state, which completely contradicts the state of life? The night of death is the most horrible, what can be granted to a being out of me; it is a tied up state in powerlessness; it is opposed to my original nature, because everything, what is my share, everything, what is sign of my divinity, the being lacks in, so it remains in the night of death. It lacks light and power, freedom and happiness; it is a tormented, blind, powerless being, which is condemned to eternal darkness, so it does not strive for life out of free will, which I can and want to give to it, so it just strives for me. I live and you are to live as well, because you are my children, my creatures, who carry a part of me in them and who originated out of my love power, which bears life and is again and again active creatively. And I therefore do not want, what has originated from light, leave in darkness, which it certainly has chosen itself, but which earns it no state of happiness. I want that my creatures gain eternal life, that they become like me the inexhaustible life and create and are active fashioning like me, I who am steadfastly active creatively, because life never means a state of rest, but constant utilization of power, which original source I am. And therefore I also want to feed my creatures out of my source; I want to provide power to them that also they are active according to my will, that they live like I live, and that they find their happiness in constant activity, as I have promised them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4790.


Book 54 4791

Sin of omission. Remorse. Change in the hereafter.

3. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4791.

You will have to take responsibility for every sin of omission, for every unused opportunity, but you will not be reproached for it, but you will be reminded of it and now recognize yourselves, what you have missed and which advantage you forfeit as a result, and your remorse will be great. Because that is the punishment for your offence, which you can never forget and for that reason prepare for yourselves enormous self-agonies, which certainly are to be seen as just punishment, because you left God’s favours unnoticed on earth and cannot serve this offence differently than through deepest remorse over your hardness and your disobedience to God’s commands. And the agonies will only than become less, so you seek in the spiritual kingdom to act against your loveless life on earth – so you now practise out of own drive love to the souls, which must suffer like you and for which every act of love is a help. Then also you will feel the power of love; then you will seek to correct your wrong. But a small spark of light belongs to it, which gives you the recognition of your situation for which you are yourselves responsible, because as long as you do not possess this gleam of cognition, you are also not yet aware of the great omission on earth, because then you are only filled with selfishness, which would just like to improve the own fate, but not that of the other suffering souls. And this state can last long, according to the stubbornness of the will and the degree of self-love. Love must first be awakened, what certainly can happen through the prayer of a man on earth, who thinks in love of this soul. Then the soul is put in surroundings, which unspeakable many suffering souls inhabit, so that the first is to get to know pity through the suffering. Because the suffering is far greater than the own suffering. And now the soul must prove itself. Has it just one thought willing to help, then power flows to it to carry it out, and now a small light is lightened, which can no longer go out, because it feels being made happy inside and starts to think about the work in love and is supported in it by light beings, which instruct it in a disguise beneficial for the soul and prompt it to loving activity. And as soon as this state has occurred, it recognizes what it has neglected. Its remorse is great, but also the will to help increases, and the more it practises love, for which it is offered more than enough opportunity, the weaker becomes the feeling of remorse in the heart, because it is now so filled with thanks to God, who still now gives it the possibility to walk up, although it knows, that it can never make up for the neglected on earth, that it can never reach the highest degree of happiness. But it is happy being able to work in love and being relieved of its trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4791.


Book 54 4792

Development process. Free or bound will.

4. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4792.

Every course through matter is to be seen as development process for the spiritual completely rebellious to me, which with certainty results in a lessening of resistance against me and consequently is the only means to again bring the completely from me deserted again slowly to me. This development process can repeat itself often, according to the attitude of the spiritual in the stage of free will as man. But the spiritual, after the endless times lasting state in bound will, must be granted this stage, otherwise the ascent development would have produced no state of perfection, but the spiritual would remain judged, i.e., become so, as it is, through my will, but not through its own will. But free will is a sign of perfection; free will is absolutely necessary, if the God-likeness, therefore becoming like me, is to be achieved. In most cases the stage as man is also utilized insofar as that the being either remains in the same state or increases its state of maturity during earth life. And then the possibility is given to continue the ascent development in the spiritual kingdom, when the first does not sink back into the deep though stubborn resistance, therefore a will turned away from me. But the stage of free will can also easily result in a return development; as man the being can once again carry out the defection from me; it can make purposeless all stages of its development in the mandatory state; therefore again sink back into the state, which causes the renewed banishment into solid form, to not be mercilessly damned from me for ever. But my love does not allow this eternal damnation, and for that reason my will to create is boundless, because I again and again create new possibilities to help this spiritual sunk into the deep, that it can redeem itself in future in free will. A force will never be exerted on the spiritual beings on the part of me, and even the state in bound will is insofar no compulsory state, as that the being can only then turn into a new form, when it itself lets up in its resistance against me, what it indeed does not do consciously, since it is devoid of all cognition. Nevertheless the change of all will is known to me. The spiritual itself does not recognize itself, but I recognize it. The engendering of the spiritual into solid matter is indeed an act of force on the part of me, but at the same time an act of propitiation for the sins of these beings embodied as man, which became true devils through the complete going away from me, through hate and lack of love, why they have deserved a just punishment and this act of punishment is at the same time an act of pity to lead them out of deepest darkness again up to the light. Such a development process can let a complete devil become a right child of God, but as the devilish in the being can also again assert itself anew in the stage as man and for that reason an often agonizing banishment in matter be his lot, until it still once feels touched by my deep love and pushes towards me in the state of free will, to now no longer fall for ever, to always reach higher perfection, because it is now indissolubly linked to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4792.


Book 54 4793

Decay of earthly goods. Gigantic steps to the end.

6. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4793.

With gigantic steps you are heading towards the end, and if you knew, how close it is, so you would spend all time for your souls, so you believe at all in a life of the soul after death. But you still turn your eyes to the world, i.e., everything earthly still moves too much your thinking, and you worry about your bodily well-being, where the soul would need your care much more urgently. You still do not really believe in the end, and that it is, what lets your spiritual striving become weaker. You still doubt the truth of my word, and because of that reason you are also not really suitable for the spreading of my word, as long as the world still keeps you imprisoned. But the goods of the world are not lasting. Let these words go through your mind, because you will very soon experience the confirmation; you will very soon see the earthly goods deteriorate and recognize, how vain the world really is, and even so worldly men enjoy their belongings. But you, you who want to be my servants, break away in the heart from everything, what belongs to the world. More and more often direct your look up, and desire spiritual goods, because they alone are lasting, and who possesses spiritual goods, he needs to fear no earthly decay. His riches cannot be taken from him, although he loses earthly everything. For that reason seek to increase the spiritual wealth; do not worry about earthly needs; start the day with the thought of me, and also end it so, and observe dialogue with me often, I who can hand out spiritual wealth to you and maintain your earthly life. How many worries do you entertain unnecessarily, which I can and will remove, so you just believe in my love. I will give the proof of that, what I announce to you, and then you will think of the unused opportunities, which you let pass, because you are of weak faith. Just take care of your souls, and in this way make yourselves to my protégés, whose bodily care I take over. Do not pay attention to the world, because it keeps you away from spiritual striving; it takes the power from you for spiritual work; it pulls you back, you who have already partly overcome matter. Do not let yourselves be imprisoned by the world, because it has soon stopped, to be for men of the present time, and what comes then, that you yourselves determine through your will. Direct you mind spiritually; lift up the eyes to me, and prepare yourselves for a great experience, which will come so certainly, as a day follows the other. Soon, very soon the end comes, but before I still show myself to those, who want to believe, and I speak in serious language to all, so that they think things over and prepare themselves for the end, which will follow very soon. Amen. B.D. NR. 4793.


Book 54 4794

Way of life of leaders and teachers decisive for truth.

7. and 8. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4794.

It is of greatest importance for you men that you are instructed in truth and that you therefore join that school of thought, which supports truth, whose leaders and teachers are taught by God, therefore make the work of the divine spirit in them possible. And you can always recognize the degree of truth by the way of life of those, who pretend to be the representatives of truth out of God, and so you will always know which value can be allotted to their teachings. For that reason first pay attention to that, how the leaders and teachers of a school of thought adapt themselves to the divine commands, to the commands to love God and the neighbour. You are not allowed to let yourselves be deceived by the speaking alone, but the realization of that, what they teach, only gives the crucial factor and places man into the service for God. Because such a way of life according to the will of God makes men to the candidate of the spiritual kingdom, and therefore also the thinking of him is right, because a man, who fulfils God’s commands, recognizes truth, and his power of judgement is considerably stronger through the (8.12.1949) enlightenment of his spirit, which becomes effective as the result of love activity. A man, whose way of life is according to the will of God, can always be believed, and so he now represents a certain school of thought, he will also be active for God and his kingdom, because God never lets a man become guilty of a lie, who strives to him and wants to represent truth. The will of man always stands in the foreground, and according to it God looks after him, or he turns away from him. But the right will is that of humility and obedience against God; he will therefore never seek to step out, therefore wanting to reach earthly advantages or honour and fame, no reputation or high position; he will just serve God quietly and modestly, represent truth for the sake of truth itself, because he feels that only truth leads to God and out of love to fellowmen he also wants to lead them to God. The teachers themselves must be taught by God. But only love earns them this extraordinary privilege, and because of that man must stand in love, whose spiritual material is to be acknowledged as truth, as knowledge received directly from God. Where you men therefore miss love with a servant of God, there also reject his spiritual material, because it is not from above; it is deception of Satan, who seeks to spread error under the cover of piety and always finds good ground there, where love is lacking. Examine and ask God for help that your judgement may be right, but do not accept without testing, so you do not have the certainty to get the word of God directly imparted from above. Examine everything what is offered to you under calling God, and the best keep. So God wants it, so that his spirit becomes effective in you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4794.


Book 54 4795

Cognition in earth life or after arrival in the hereafter.

10. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4795.

Progressive cognition is the success of a way of life according to my will. But the state of knowledge of a man does not always need to make itself be noticed; but the soul has the wealth of knowledge in itself, of which it only becomes aware of after the demise of the man, so that it can therefore enter the kingdom of light in a high degree of cognition, although it was inexperienced as man on earth. But then man does not need this knowledge, because he also made an effort without it to lead a life pleasing to God, and his love life has therefore earned him a rich treasure, with which the soul can work in the spiritual kingdom and is happy. Men however, who seek truth, who want to enrich their knowledge and unconsciously or as a result of my will revealed to them are active in love, will receive a knowledge sent to them, which changes their initial ignorance; they constantly increase in knowledge, until everything is clear and comprehensible to them what moves them spiritually. But these can already work on earth with their knowledge; they can give light; they can pass on their knowledge and bring brightness, where there is still deepest darkness. They can be leaders for their fellowmen and will have reached a high degree of light already at their arrival in the hereafter, which places them in the position to carry out an activity that makes happy and to help erroneous souls in the hereafter in their trouble. Because ignorance is a state of trouble, as darkness is always an unfortunate state for a being, which has stood in light initially at the origin. Ignorance is the result of the defection from me, because the spiritual withdrew itself from my love circuit through its going away from me and this means complete spiritual darkness, which the being feels as agony in the spiritual kingdom. On earth it can easily place itself in a state of light, because busy love activity results in the sending of brightest light, but free will belongs to it, which mostly fails, because the being still stands too much in self-love and because of that makes the power out of God ineffective, which expresses itself in the brightness of the spirit, therefore in a state of cognition. Love is always the indispensible, that man reaches cognition; love must always be awakened in man, before he becomes knowing, and love will always earn him a degree of light, although he himself does not become aware of it in earth life. But like lightning he arrives at the cognition at the arrival in the spiritual kingdom, where error then no longer exists for him, because he recognizes error immediately and detests it. Because light is happiness, and darkness is agony. But darkness can be broken through, and also many beings of darkness can change, when they follow a ray of light and also turn their will to love work, to which they always have opportunity, as on earth, so also in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4795.


Book 54 4796

Right child relationship to God. Fulfilling of requests.

10. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4796.

What you request in firm faith, that will be given to you, so it does not bring about harm to your soul; and since you are allowed to receive my word as often as you want, I will express myself again and again and speak to you through the voice of the spirit. I will always advise you what you are to do and what you are to leave; I always want to instruct you and impart deep knowledge to you, and you will therefore always be welcome to me, so you come as students to me or as children asking the father for enlightenment. I want to be a just father to you, who indeed tolerates no wrong, so you carry it out, but always lets you recognize wrong. You are always allowed to come to me in confidence, because I understand everything and also forgive everything, so you come to the father like children and request my love, which is expressed in the word. Who longs for my word, he belongs to me, and who belongs to me, he will direct no request in vain to me, which would leave my love in doubt. Who believes in me, him I hear and reveal myself to him through my word. For that reason an intimate connection with me, which has once taken place with me, will never ever be able to be broken off, unless he lets himself be imprisoned by the world and turns the back to me and the spiritual kingdom, i.e., his will strives away from me and for the world. Then I cover myself; then also no call reaches my ear; then my opponent has won him, but through the own fault of man. But who does not pay attention to the world, who always only longs for me, to him the world no longer offers anything and my word is the highest for him; my voice offers him fullest replacement for that, what he gives up in the world. Because through my word I reveal myself and give to man the proof of my nearness, of my presence and of my love. But love grants everything; it understands and forgives everything; it just wants counter love to make unmeasured happy all who give their love to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4796.


Book 54 4797

Taking ruthless action against false doctrine.

11. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4797.

You certainly have the right to go into opposition, where spiritual material is supported, which is inconsistent with your knowledge, so you feel driven to support truth. But the proof about it have you, you who hear my word yourselves or receive from me indirectly through my servants on earth: The greatest evil is the lie and the error, because they poison the soul of man; it is so to speak surrounded by an envelope, which lets no rays of light through, and if this envelope is not pulled away by force, the soul sinks into darkness. Such an act of violence is the taking of ruthless action against false doctrine, the uncovering and denouncing of it through a bearer of truth, who is therefore just a tool through which I myself come to the help of the soul. It is not right, to silently tolerate an error, where it is recognized and it can be opposed with truth. But understandably the knowledge, with which the error is opposed, must have flowed from the right source – therefore eternal truth itself must be the original source of that, what is described as truth; then the divine wisdom will also include the power of persuasion. Then a bearer of truth must succeed to drive out error, as soon as the one getting instructed is of good will. It is urgently necessary that fellowmen are guided into right thinking, because every hour on earth is lost for the soul, which it spends in erroneous thinking. Because brightness of the spirit is a sign of the taking place of the redemption of man. (13.12.1949) Brightness of the spirit means flow of power out of me, therefore pouring out of my spirit over a man, who is worthy of it. He therefore must already have broken away from my opponent; he must have stepped on to the way, which leads to me. Then his thinking is right; then he recognizes error; then he climbs up, and the becoming free out of form is the aim reached by him. For that reason error must first be recognized and banished; truth must consciously be requested as my share and be opposed to error by bearers of truth. And that is your assignment, why you never need to show consideration for a representative of erroneous teachings, but must ruthlessly uncover, what does not agree with eternal truth out of me. You are to and can always take action against error and support truth; you just have to be enlightened yourselves by my spirit; you must have received truth from myself, so that you can support it convincingly, what you teach. Who convincingly supports his view, he will always carry away the victory in an exchange of words, because my word, which he now makes the content of his teaching, speaks for itself and will never miss its impression. And so I again and again admonish you to wage war against the teachings, which obviously contradict my word sent from above. Because truth must be spread, if men are to find the right way to me, because truth only leads to me, while error eliminates me, I who am eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4797.


Book 54 4798

Disciples of the time of the end. Privilege as reward for faith.

14. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4798.

You, my disciples of the time of the end, you have truly only faith without any proofs, that I once walked on earth to hold up as an example the way to men, which they are to go to become happy. This faith in me you must now let become so alive that my spirit can have an effect in you, which I have announced to you with the words: "I want to send the comforter to you" and "I will remain with you until the end of the world". What cannot be proven to you, that will nevertheless convince you as sole truth, because the spirit in you announces it to you. And so you can feel yourselves as my disciples, as apostles, equal to my first disciples, who had me myself as evident proof around them and for whom it was therefore far easier to believe that, what I taught them. But you are to experience my coming back; you are to experience the culmination of your faith; you are to experience me visibly at the end, exactly because you believe and establish through this faith such an intimate connection with me that I can and want to reward it – and indeed through my visible presence and fetching you home into the kingdom of peace. This is such an exceedingly great privilege on earth that you have to earn it, that you must wrestle and produce the proof to me that you believe in me and my work of redemption. How often will the bulwark of faith still be shaken in the last time; then you must remain steadfast and on no account let yourselves be influenced by the speeches of men. And this strong faith must come out of yourselves, because each one of you men can request my support, and so he prays to me in the spirit and in truth, he will truly receive what he requests. And so you are to ask for strong faith, and the feeling of my presence will also let you make yourselves deeply believing, although you otherwise have no proofs of me and my work on earth. But so I would like to assert my influence, by me giving you proofs, so your merit of faith would be weak and a privilege, as the extraordinary return in the clouds would be a faith compulsion, but which I never apply, because you are to become perfect. And so you are to wrestle for strong faith and let yourselves be put off by no doubt. You walk in truth and will also reach the aim, because you are looked after by light beings, which constantly surround you and order your thoughts, so that you can perform your duty as my right disciples on earth to the blessing of fellowmen, who are in danger to desert me. You will see the mission of my first disciples to the end – spread my teaching in the last time before the end. You will also be able to do it, because I am constantly present to you and also give you the favour to recognize me and my work. And so you will need no further proofs than only the work of my spirit, which I pour out over all, who want to serve me and believe in me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4798.


Book 54 4799

Calling upon the name of Jesus. (Word issue Mahlberg)

16. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4799.

The secret of divine revelations is only so long a secret, as long as men still do not see their way about the pouring out of the spirit. And so long they will also doubt, reject, regard genuine for wrong and also again listen to false prophets, because the addiction dominates men more to hear something unusual, hidden to them, than the deep desire for truth and love towards God as original source of truth. Divine revelations come from this original source, because the eternal divinity expresses itself towards men, so that they learn to recognize it and are able to love it. Therefore first of all it cannot be denied that God reveals himself. Who now wants to hear him, he must approach him, otherwise God will not reveal himself to him. And so the first condition is a strong belief that God is present to man. But the presence of God can only then be assumed, when man approaches God through love, when he therefore pulls God, as eternal love, to him through becoming like him. And so a way of life in love must obviously be recognizable, where divine revelations are wanted to be heard. Faith and love are therefore first necessary, and from them humility emerges – a deep humility to God, who is recognized as most perfect being and makes aware of the imperfection of the creature or the far distance from Him. To the humble God gives his favour. For that reason a man, who is worthy of divine revelations, will never put himself in the foreground; he will never emphasize his own person, but always only stand up for God to fellowmen. And such a humble man, standing in love and in faith, can never be a false prophet; he will be used as tool of God and be receiver of divine revelations, which must be assessed as being spoken by Him Himself and only contain purest truth. There are no half-truths; there is no part-knowledge, so God Himself announces Himself to a man, so he pours his spirit out over a man, who makes himself worthy of it. Always and for ever God will impart his word to men on earth, and always and for ever this his word will remain the same. (17.12.1949) But so God speaks to men through a heart and mouth of a man willing to serve, where he therefore gives through him to all men his word, one must always reckon with that Satan with all eagerness does his utmost to stop the divine work, and since he cannot turn against God himself, he seeks to make His tool bend to his will. His endeavour will therefore be, to prevent man from receiving the divine word, as often as this is possible. He is afraid of no means; but he will always have a strong opponent in Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of the world. Because he was so to speak from the beginning of his mission the greatest enemy of Satan, because he overpowered him and had wrested from Satan innumerable souls through his victory. This enmity between the highest light spirit and the prince of darkness will result in a constant counter work of the latter to the sending of pure truth. But man as such has a secure protection against all such influences and God-hostile efforts in the divine redeemer Jesus Christ himself, who through just mere call, through expressing of his holy name, gives man the power to keep off the troublesome enemy. But this call is not allowed to just be a lip prayer, a thoughtless expression with the mouth, as everything what is to have the effect promised by God, presupposes a prayer in spirit and in truth. Jesus Christ is still the protector of deep faith; he is still equal to the power of the opponent and just alone through his will able to prevent his opponent from doing harm. But whether men want to take advantage of his protection is their own obligation. Unbelief in the power of his name gives Satan the predominance; but then men have themselves to blame for this, when they get under his control, what God indeed will always seek to prevent, will however never have an effect on the will of man by force. Faith alone is the inexhaustible power, with which a man can oppose the adversary, and he will certainly give in, but faith is a matter of free will of a man; he can achieve everything, but will never be forced by God, why man, who does not believe deeply, will get to notice the power of his opponent, who seeks to bring him to the defection from God. (19.12.1949) The call of the name of Jesus therefore is and remains the surest protection, because Satan must leave him, otherwise the divinity of Jesus would have to be doubted or the power of Satan would surpass God himself. It is wrong to assume that promises once given could lose power and effect; it is further wrong, to look upon expressions of immature souls out of the spiritual kingdom to be divine revelations, because a difference must be made of communications out of the spiritual kingdom on to the bodily ear of man and such, which touch the spiritual ear as work of the spirit. Therefore a difference must be made: Pouring out of the spirit in the state of wakefulness or communications out of the spiritual kingdom in the unconscious state, where so to speak all spirits have access and the human will listens to those spirit beings, at whose mercy it is. Then the formal expression of the name of Jesus is not enough to drive out those spirits. If however Jesus Christ is called upon in spirit and in truth, also those spirits are exorcised. For that reason it is also not advisable to establish contact with the spiritual world, if the results are won in the unconscious state, which are also never allowed to be represented as divine revelations, because for such the work of the spirit in man is required, so that the expressions of God are heard as inner voice. A contact with the spiritual world can certainly be initiated through eager thought activity, because then the spirit beings have a mental effect on man, but then the will of man, his way of life and his degree of maturity is still decisive, which beings approach him and instruct him mentally. But calling upon Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth will certainly protect man against spiritual danger, as it is also not otherwise conceivable, when a divine power full of wisdom and love is to be acknowledged, which has also power over Satan and will truly protect its creatures from his influence, when the creatures themselves seriously want it, when they therefore strive towards God and want to flee from Satan. Always search for the mistake or the reason within yourselves, when the experiences do not correspond with the promises of Christ. His word is untouchable; it is unchanging and purest truth, therefore it will also remain and never lose its effect. And man will always able to take his word as guiding principle for their way of life, and the fulfilment of his promises will be certain for them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4799.


Book 54 4800

End of the time of favour. Serious admonition.

20. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4800.

The time rich in favour is soon past, and men do not change. They rebel against every stroke of fate, which was to bring cognition to them; they claim no help from God, because they do not believe in him. They walk in darkness and shun the light, and a terrible end is in store for them according to God’s eternal plan of salvation. And this end has soon come. Whatever men begin to put themselves into a life of pleasure, everything will be done in vain, and men will have no use of it anymore, because their thinking and wanting is just earthly; but all earthly is passing, and even earth will experience a change in its outer form, which causes the dissolution of matter. And so matter, which surrounds men, will pass, and only that will remain, what men have created and acquired spiritually for themselves. And this will be very little with most men. Always and always again they are pointed to the end, to the transitoriness of earthly things; always and always again they are put into the situation, where it is easy for them, to do the step into the spiritual kingdom – where they are pushed to pray, to call him, who is their creator and keeper; but only rarely they use the opportunity, to gather spiritual riches for themselves. And so the admonitions and warnings must become more and more serious, always sharper means must be applied to bring men to think, to make them aware of the tansitoriness of the earthly. And because of that the world will experience a spectacle, which certainly would be suitable to being men to their senses, when they would just recognize it as sign from above. But only few see it as such, what it is – as a last admonition and warning call of God, before the earth experiences a work of destruction, out of which the new earth is to emerge. God gets in touch before and gives a last sign, and who pays attention to it, he can still rescue his soul from eternal death. But who also passes that, he has to expect a difficult lot, so the end has come, because on the day of judgement every one of man will receive, what he strove for on earth. Who has sought the spiritual kingdom, he will also enter into it and then be allowed to dwell on the new earth in paradise. But who was friend of matter, he will receive, what he desired – he will be bound anew in most solid matter and have to languish again endless long time in imprisonment, because he could not break away from that, what he was to overcome on earth – because he did not want to free himself from the earthly and left the spiritual unnoticed. You men, think of the end – because it brings the true death of the soul, which has not sought life on earth. Break away from matter; do not be slaves of that, what pulls you into the abyss. Let yourselves be admonished and warned, and listen to the voice of the prophets, who speak on God’s behalf to you and announce to you the near judgement. And so listen to their speeches and respect them as God’s word, who wants to speak to you through his servants on earth, so that you rescue your soul from eternal death, so that you come to your senses and stretch your hands up to him, that he helps you and rescues you from eternal ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 4800.


Book 54 4801

Happy lot of the mature and state of the imperfect in the hereafter.

24. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4801.

A happy lot will be allotted to you in my father’s house. You will find everything what makes you happy, so your soul is pure and free of earthly desires, so it is ready for the spiritual kingdom. But what these happy things are, the joys for a pure, spiritualized soul, that you men can only then understand, when your striving on earth is already directed at spiritual goods, when the earth with its possession is no longer able to attract you. They are spiritual enjoyments, which give the soul indescribable bliss; they are enjoyments, which touch the feeling of the soul, like earthly enjoyments the body, so that it is therefore extremely happy, because it no longer longs for anything earthly. Like on earth, so the soul also feels the beautiful in the hereafter, and like on earth it also knows the feeling of happiness, but in far more pronounced measure. Its longing is likewise directed at the increase of spiritual goods, and this longing is also granted to the soul. It can see and hear unimaginable creations and constantly draws out of it wisdom and power. It moves in most attractive surroundings, for which no comparison can be found on earth, because earthly creations are poor and scanty in comparison and hence men also lack the powers of imagination for the miracle things of divine love, which He lets his children see. And since every being has connection with likeminded souls, the happiness is considerably increased and the light constantly raised. Because the state in the hereafter of the still imperfect beings can certainly be described, because it does not differ much from that on earth, so that the souls often think still living on earth, and that throughout long times. Like on earth men live in matter and cannot understand, how spiritual striving men withdraw from the world and are nevertheless happy; so the former also live in the spiritual kingdom in the same desire for matter, which is fulfilled for them so far as that the fulfilment cannot make them happy, until after a long time they start to separate from it in the cognition of its worthlessness. But the spiritual kingdom of light with its inhabitants is closed to these beings. It is a different world, for which they still have no understanding and in which they could also not exist, because the fullness of light would consume them. But light beings are always among them unrecognized, which instruct them and seek to direct their will, to break away from earthly desires and strive for something higher, to be able to also enter the kingdom of light often after a long time. Souls in the same degree of imperfection can come into the hereafter, need however different long time to mature – according to the ability of their heart to love, which sometimes changes quicker in the spiritual kingdom than on earth, but can also need a very long time, to give up their faults and bad habits. But for these immature souls they are always known ideas, what they see, while in the kingdom of light the soul comes up to completely unknown things and the seeing and hearing triggers unsuspected happiness and the miracles take no end. Because the promise of Jesus fulfils itself: "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, the things which I have prepared for them that love me." Amen. B.D. NR. 4801.


Book 54 4802

Childbirth of Christ and reason.

24. Dezember c1949. B.D. NR. 4802.

I had to descend to earth, because men, my creatures, were in greatest trouble out of their own fault. But my father love did not want to let them go to ruin. Moreover my opponent rebelled against me insofar, as that he completely ruled my creatures, which his will had certainly produced, however with my power, and as it were took the freedom of will from then, by him weakening my creatures so, that they no longer could use their free will so, as it was right, i.e. pleasing to me. And so I wanted to help my weak creatures in their extreme great trouble. It was no trouble, which just affected their earth life; it was a trouble, which lasted for ever, when I did not come to help them. I felt sorry for my creatures, although they had turned away from me in free will. But that this will was so extremely weak and let itself be ruled by my opponent, was just the result of the lack of love. Love is power and gives the strength to the will to make a stand against the attacks of the enemy of the soul. Where love is, there is no danger to become a slave to the opponent, because, where love is, I am also present. But men lacked all love at the time of my childbirth on this earth – except for some few to whom I came to help them very particularly that they did not find their ruin in the completely loveless surroundings. To these few I descended, because they were much besieged, and they called for me in their trouble. But also their faith had become weak; no-one found the connection with his creator and father from eternity in a way, that I could express myself audibly to him. Where love was, there faith lacked, and my opponent harvested much, because his doings took from the few still the faith in me, in my love, wisdom and power. And so I myself came to earth. A human form received me, because I wanted to help men as man, to give the proof to them, that a man could approach me and connect with me, so he strengthens the will through love and now consciously fights the enemy of his soul, my opponent. My body was pure human; only that it was inhabited by a light soul, but from which all reminiscence was taken initially, until the unification with me through love had taken place. Only then the soul recognized itself and its mission. Through love the man Jesus had entered the association with Me, because love is power; it is my original substance; it is divine, which penetrates everything, therefore also formed the man Jesus to a divine being, which had to be full of power, might and wisdom. I therefore moved into the human form, after it had fashioned itself through love to the residence for the eternal divinity. You men can hardly grasp this mystery, as long as you still lack love, but where love is, there is also light – there I myself can work and enlighten your spirit. I came to mine, but they did not recognize me. But I wanted to reveal my identity to them and for that reason had to give a light to them, why it was dark in them, why they did not recognize me and why they were in greatest danger. And because of that I instructed men through the man Jesus. I brought my word to them, which they themselves were no longer able to hear, but which the man Jesus heard, because through love he led me be present in him. Because my presence means that you men also hear my voice. Therefore you can only then hear me, when you change to love, when you allow my presence through love. And so you have love in you, you are strong and no longer need to fear my opponent, who wants to ruin you. For that reason I had to descend to earth, because you lacked this knowledge and I wanted to give it back to you. And for that reason I also now come again to mine, because the trouble is again great; again men do not recognize me; again my opponent has a strong power over them, and only few call upon me for help. But I hear them and am in the midst of those, who want to be mine. And I give them my word – only that I do not dwell among them bodily, but work in the spirit, as I have promised it. But I will come again to earth and fetch mine into my kingdom. Because the opponent’s work gets out of hand, and because of that it is time that he is again bound; it is time that the goats are separated from the sheep. It is the time of the end, as it stands written that I will come in the clouds to judge the living and the dead. But who remains in love, to him I will be present, and he will not need to fear the Last Judgement; to him I will again be the redeemer out of deepest trouble, the rescuer, who will come from above, when Satan believes to have won his game. And he will be bound with chains, so that peace comes over those men, who are of good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4802.


Book 54 4803

Embodiment of many souls in the time of the end.

24. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4803.

Also to the light beings the earthly world serves to their completion. Because it gives the most possibilities to the gaining of the adoption of God, which also a light being can only obtain through a life in the flesh on this earth. But the course on this earth as man does not then presuppose the ascent development in the mandatory state, but a light soul can engender itself directly into the flesh to now pass the free decision of the will, to which often hard test are imposed on it. Again and again light souls descend to earth, and quite particularly in the last time before the end many of such embodiments are allowed, because exactly this difficult earth life time guarantees highest degrees of maturity, but as also erring men need spiritual leaders, who only such light beings embodied as men can make. Such a light soul was also Jesus Christ, which took upon itself an extremely great and holy mission, which made the greatest demand on the will of a man. His soul was certainly perfect, when it stepped on to this earth, nevertheless this degree of light had no influence on the earth life of the man Jesus, otherwise his mission, the redemption of mankind, would have lost value. They were extremely difficult conditions, which were set for the man as such. He, as every other man, had to overcome the body with its wishes and desires, which were extremely strongly developed in him and therefore required extremely great self-control and mortifications. His soul had to resist very great temptations; it was a constant fight, which the man Jesus had to wage in his youth against himself. And for that reason his love, the gentleness and the patience were to be assessed much higher than that of a gentle man without desires, who needs to overcome nothing, because nothing or little tempts him. The soul of light knew from the beginning about its mission and then went its earth way, when the trouble of mankind caused this. Therefore Jesus came to earth at a time, where the animal-likeness among mankind had got out of hand and an example had to be just given to men, that and how it was possible to master the animal-likeness. Everything, also the most difficult, love is able to do through its power. There is nothing unconquerable for a man, who lives in love. Love itself is power and can therefore also fashion the free will to unheard power, so that everything is possible for man. When now, in the time of the end, an extraordinary numerous embodiment of light souls on earth takes place, so to all of these a mission is assigned, which requires love and strength of will. But to all of these souls the same is characteristic: to spread the divine word among men. Because through knowing souls the knowledge is made accessible to them on earth or brought to remembrance, and they are pressed to pass on this knowledge to fellowmen, who walk along in darkness of spirit. And therefore this is a characteristic of those, who are from above, that they eagerly take part in the spreading of the divine word, but please note – of that word, that started in the spiritual kingdom. The love teaching, which Jesus Christ has announced on earth, was that word, spoken by God himself through Jesus, and it will also remain so until all eternity. And this love teaching is to and must always be mentioned, where a man wants to stand up for God. Embodied light souls find now alone in the spreading of this divine love teaching their earth happiness, and these are the right representatives of God on earth. What is taught outside of this teaching is the work of man. Who stands up for it, he does not come from the kingdom of light, but the kingdom of darkness is his home. And light souls will always have the desire to take action against such teachings, what will happen in the time of the end extremely frequently. Amen. B.D. NR. 4803.


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