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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 53

B.D. NR. 4548 - B.D. NR. 4679

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Book 53 4548

Spark of God. Enlightenment. Truth - Love - Instruction.

24. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4548.

Your faith is to get awarded; what you ask is to be yours, if you present your request to me in the right trust, because I want that you recognize your father in me, so that you love me. The spark of God in you will lead you into recognizing, because it is a share of me and as such knowing and testifying to truth. It instructs man out from the inside, and therefore he does not need a teacher, as soon as he asks me myself for truth, as soon as he calls upon me as giver of truth that I enlighten his spirit. Therefore he gives the spark in him the authority to teach him what always first presupposes the will of man for truth, but which must be combined with the love will, otherwise he cannot deemed worthy of truth. Because truth is divine; it is a gift of favour, which is imparted to those, who connect with me, therefore live in love. That is why in the world the lie and the error is so spread and truth so rarely to be found, because mankind is devoid of all love, therefore far from me and consequently also far from truth, since I am both love as well as truth myself. This is so simple to understand, that it cannot be differently, and still this simple recognition is not men’s own, exactly through lack of love will. But as soon as man seriously asks for right thinking, he can be sure of fulfilment of his request, because I want to supply truth everywhere and bless that man, who desires me myself. And then I send the right representatives of my teaching, who now give enlightenment to them in my name; I direct the thoughts right that all enlightenment is comprehensible; I stimulate the thoughts to constant activity, so that also the beings of light can carry out their heavenly mission, and man is introduced to truth and also be able to believe fully convinced, what is presented to him as truth. I therefore approach you myself in truth; you will recognize me and learn to love me and never ever you will sink back into darkness, so your spirit has once been enlightened. Amen. B.D. NR. 4548.


Book 53 4549

Spreading of error in the time of the end. God’s counterwork.

25. Januar 1949. B.D. NR. 4549.

Error will always easier pave its way than truth, because men accept it more; therefore the state of imperfection is taken into account as a result. Truth will only satisfy those men, who have the inner drive up; who for that reason are no longer turned towards the world and its attractions and also concern themselves with the demands not so appealing to the body, if truth demands such. And nevertheless truth will win. Because all, who hang on to error, will come to an end, while truth also guarantees eternal life. (26.1.1949) Because truth is divine and remains in existence until all eternity, but that error finds spreading in the time of the end everywhere in that measure that truth only asserts itself tiny little, is cause that God himself, as eternal truth, embodies himself again in the spirit of men, who want to serve him as truth bearers. Because the few men, who are still open for truth, need special care, so that they do not come to harm in the midst of surroundings, which are touched by influences out of the kingdom of darkness. They need increased supply of power; they need a direct instruction out of the kingdom of light. And therefore God gives them extraordinarily and sends his word in a way, which is certainly extraordinary, however also for the sake of men could be explained naturally, so that they are not forced to believe. God himself instructs men in truth through the mouth of a servant making himself available to him, so that therefore purest truth is guaranteed and all error is eliminated. But the belief in it, that what is offered is truth, must be won by man himself; otherwise also deepest truth remains ineffective. The examination, whether God speaks through that man, can certainly be carried out by every conscientious and truth demanding man, because every word will be based on the divine love teaching, and a counter power will never ever use it to push men away from God. Everything what aims at God, everything what testifies to the love of God, what teaches love and promotes perfection, is divine, therefore has started with God himself, and the standard can always be applied thereon. And for that reason everyone can carry out such examination, because if he is of serious will, he will feel the divine in the heart, because, what starts from God, has an effect in the heart of him, who stands in the longing for God and therefore also for pure truth. Everyone is able to the examination who is willing to it, because he examines with the support of God, who gives the power of recognition to all, so that truth may pave the way and displace error, so that the flock of his has a strong support in the time of the end in the recognition that God himself dwells on earth in the spirit of those, who are willing to serve him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4549.


Book 53 4550

Redemption work of Christ. Descending into hell.

27. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4550.

He who let himself be nailed to the cross, took the sins of whole mankind upon himself and offered atonement to God for it. This act of greatest human love was unique, because never before has a man so suffered as Jesus, whose love was extremely great and was returned to him most shamefully. He wooed for the love of his fellowmen; he did good to them and helped them earthly and spiritually, but this love testimony was still not enough for him; he wanted to bring help to mankind for eternity; he wanted to show them the way to eternal happiness. But his love was disregarded and the most shameful was done to him, what only could be done to a man. Like a serious offender he was nailed to the cross. Satan himself accomplished the work to him, because those who carried it out were his servants. But also the workers of darkness are subject to the will of God; they were so to speak co-participants of the work of redemption of Christ, just in evil will, why they therefore have loaded sin upon themselves, although the work of redemption was accepted by God as atonement for mankind. Exceedingly high was the love will of the man Jesus valued, who let himself be nailed to the cross out of compassion for his suffering fellowmen, because he suffered as man indescribably, because everything what was done to him was committed in hate and as a result his soul was hit most severely. He gave love and harvested the deepest hate for it; he wanted to lead men up, to the light, and the darkest figures of the deep came up to him and sought to pull him down; he took the goblet consciously and drank it up, although his human nature shook and he prayed in deepest anxiety to God: "Why hast thou forsaken me." He suffered as man, as pure, sinless man, who knew nothing but love and to whom all power was therefore available. He did not use the power, but let himself be crucified and gave to the worst fellowmen the right to have his body at their disposal. And they did it to his indescribable agony. He suffered for the sins of mankind, because he wanted to redeem them. He knew that sin was the greatest evil , that it determined the lot in eternity, and so, through word and act, he sought to draw the attention of men to the great danger, in which they were, through the sinful walk of life, but men neither accepted his teaching nor did they change out of own drive. And so Jesus brought the sacrifice by giving up his body, which bent completely spotlessly under the burden of sin, which collapsed earthly, because thousands of souls clung to him, which sought to draw him down into darkness. But he was stronger; the power of love was stronger than death; he overcame even death and became its victor – he did not shake off the souls, but he sought to convince them of the power of love – he also brought rescue to those who no longer dwelled on this earth – he descended to hell before he ascended to heaven. Into the deepest deep penetrated his love, and who accepted it, he was rescued; he was redeemed out of the chains of death. God as eternal love also wants to rescue what is lost, and for that reason he accepted the love of one man, which was so deep, that it was directed at the whole of mankind, and which he wanted to express through his exceedingly agonizing death. God accepted this love sacrifice and granted to all those redemption out of the unfree state, which was the result of sin, who acknowledge Jesus as redeemer and burden him with their sin. Because his love is greater than his wrath; and everything what walks in love finds favour before his eyes and also his mercy. For the sake of the blood of Jesus his look turns to what is unhappy, and he forgives the greatest sin. Amen. B.D. NR. 4550.


Book 53 4551

Why question. (Anthroposopher Cologne) Fall of the angels. Sin.

28. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4551.

For men it remains unfathomable for ever, what causes God to his rule and work, because the intellect of man does not grasp it, on which motives the development of power of God are based; it also does not grasp the connections, because he can only see and feel the effects of that, what originally took place in the spiritual kingdom, in a world, of which all visible creations are just a weak pale reflection, which can never be offered comparatively and were only created as result of that, what once happened in the kingdom of the spirits created by God. These were purest radiation of his power, therefore also full of power and strength, and they stood in highest perfection. God’s will to fashion had transmitted itself also to his creatures, so that all his thoughts also pushed in them to be carried out and consequently these beings were inspired by a will to create of unsuspected extent, which now became active without restriction, i.e. achieved new creations, which excelled themselves. But these new creations were again and again inspired beings, standing in highest perfection, therefore also able to think and talented with a free will. The first being, which went out from God, over-radiated everything in light and power, because it developed itself out of God himself and found its happiness in constant use of its unlimited power. Its creations increased themself and his happiness became more intense into the unmeasured; no limits were set to it from the side of God, but he put it to the test, because he wanted that the being should recognize itself as bearer of the power coming out of God – this test consisted in that the being – Lucifer – should describe God as start to his creations, so that also he himself remained aware of always receiving the power from God, which enabled him to his creative power. He was therefore supposed to acknowledge God as creator and source of power, and his happiness would have been unlimited in eternity. The test was not put to him alone for the sake of this acknowledgment, but he was just put before a free will decision, which was supposed to elevate him from the perfectly created being to a perfect being out of his own will, so that he could now use his power and strength as truly divine being in the will of God. And he failed. He did not want to be power receiver, but source of power himself, and the fullness of power available to him made him think proof enough. He therefore separated himself will-wise from God, although a separation from him was not possible, since without God he would no longer be able to exist. And since through his will under use of the power out of God innumerable beings had been formed, he felt himself as their creator standing in enormous power and might, and therefore he will-wise broke away from God in arrogance and thirst for power. Through it he became sinful and drew all his creatures into the sin, which now were indeed still innocent themselves, however stood completely under the influence of him, who had given life to them. To them God now gave the right of self-determination; they were allowed to see the light; they also recognized in their perfection their start; they could consequently also remain with God and take part in his glory, but there were just few, who joint him, whose will therefore freely decided for God and who as his angels are constantly around him and active for him in the spiritual kingdom. But the majority fell – it joint their father, entered his will out of own drive and therefore fell into a state of darkness. The recognition was taken from him, because the effect of the power decreased, as soon as the being moves away from God. But everything was and is power out of God, which cannot get lost for ever and therefore must return to God on a way recognized as successful by his wisdom. And this way is the course through the earthly material creation, which God let arise for the purpose of the guiding back of the once fallen spiritual. The spiritual goes through this creation in bound will, i.e. in the mandatory state the slow ascent development course until that stage, where free will is given back to it and is once again put before the decision, to choose that power for itself, to which the being wants to belong. The being is burdened with the sin of the former rebellion against God and can however free itself from it with the utilization of the power out of God, which it once had rejected, but this power it must acquire for itself through love work and conscious demand from God in prayer. It must use the free will in earth life the right way – it must again turn towards God and acknowledge him as father and creator from eternity. Then it again enters into the state of light; it becomes power receiver and can therefore again be active according to its will, which is now also the will of God – it will be able to create and shape to its own happiness and therefore be happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4551.


Book 53 4552

Announcement of the end.

29. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4552.

You must prepare yourselves for the end. This warning cry I constantly issue to you; time hurries on, without that you become aware of the seriousness of this time. Who has my word, his thoughts are well directed at it, but you are also still paying attention to the world, because you stand in the midst of the world. If you however knew how close you are to the end, then the world would no longer entice you, because you expect something better for yourselves after the end of this earth. And you can believe it that there is no longer much time, because my word fulfils itself. Not for nothing do I talk through my servants on earth, and let them express nothing, what is against my will, if they speak for me, if they are active for my kingdom and my teaching, support my word from above. When I want that truth is spread and I therefore supply a truthful knowledge to earth, I will not tolerate it that an error is spread through the same mouth, which also endangers pure truth. And for that reason I tell you again and again: You can believe it that the end is near. Your soul will feel it by it feeling differently, by being sad, where the pleasures of the world offer themselves to men, by it being anxious, where the world looks into the future hoping for happiness. Your soul feels right, because it feels the end, it feels the increased fight in the spiritual kingdom, which also besieges and frightens it itself, and it will not be satisfied with earthly pleasures and earthly goods, because it recognizes their worthlessness in the face of the end. Pay attention to this inner voice; let yourselves be taught by your soul, i.e., pay attention to your feeling, and prepare yourselves for it that a sudden change comes, that the worldly peace is getting disturbed and a fire starts to flare up which introduces the end. Listen what I tell you, and believe it that every day brings you closer to the event, which I again and again announce. Amen. B.D. NR. 4552.


Book 53 4553

Poor state of man corresponds to his will.

30. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4553.

That I gave you earthly life, does not entitle you to the assumption that you have been put into that poor state by me, which causes you trouble on earth. You yourselves are shaped everyone according to his will, i.e. not so as you want it in the state as men, but as your will was before the embodiment as man. I have given you the possibility, despite your will not being directed upwards, to still reach a certain level of ascent development, by me binding your will, by you being able to serve in the mandatory state and consequently the enormous distance from me was decreased. Then I released your will, but which is still different with every individual, according to his inner resistance against me. And according to this your will you men are now formed on earth, differently equipped with bodily abilities, character qualities and feelings, so that you have the greatest possible opportunity to mature in earth life, because this chance is open to every man, to enter into the spiritual kingdom as perfect being at the end of his bodily life. Therefore I did not give you the faults and weaknesses, but you yourselves brought them along in wrong love, otherwise you could give up all faults immediately, when your love were not directed wrongly. You all consider too little that you have a free will and that this will causes you to be embodied on earth. In freedom of will the entity has once sinned, and in freedom of will the entity must recognize its sins and correct them again through conscious striving towards me, against whom it has done wrong. You men on earth have now almost reached the destination, because you are already considerably close to the state, which was once your lot before the defection from me. But your will determines the last success. You must yourselves try to become master of all faults and weaknesses, vices and desires, because there is no lack of possibilities of help, of favour and power from above. But if you love yourselves so, as you are, you will never reach the last destination. Recognize yourselves and seek to change – because one day you must take responsibility how you have used the short earth life time. My love offers you every possibility to mature, but always pays attention to the freedom of your will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4553.


Book 53 4554

Request of favour spiritually and earthly.

1. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4554.

Request favour for yourselves, and it will be granted to you in largest measure. Without favour you are weak and unsuitable for the work on your soul; without favour you can certainly work and have an effect earthly, because life power is at your disposal, but which should also be blessed in order to be applied to the right activity. That is why you should also ask for the blessing for your earthly activity and so recommend body and soul to the blessing of your heavenly father. Because without divine blessing, without the favour of God, you will have little success spiritually as well as also earthly. And if you have earthly success, then you are in danger, to become a slave of the opponent of God, because also he can favour your work, if you do his will. Und be on your guard against this; do not let him become your helper; do not use the power of him to increase earthly success, but turn towards the heavenly father in humble prayer that he may take you into his protection and may promote you spiritually and earthly; ask him for his favour, for power for spiritual striving, and your earthly striving will also be blessed. Body and soul need help, because as man you are still too imperfect, than that you can help yourselves out of own power, but with the power out of God, with his favour, with his support, you can create the supernatural. But this favour must be requested; man must consciously turn towards God for help and through this admit his weakness to him; he must acknowledge God as source of power, who is prepared to help his creatures in his love and refuses no request for the supply of power. He himself has called upon you with the words: "Come unto me, ye all – I will give you rest." He wants to pour out his measure of favour over you, you who need it; he wants to help you in your ascent development, in your striving spiritually and earthly. And you will be able to have scored greatest success, if you follow his request, if you resort to him, when you are weak and feel little suitable to spiritual and earthly activity. Then call upon him that he blesses your will and give you power that he remains with you with his favour always and constantly, so that you reach the destination – to mature in earth life for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4554.


Book 53 4555

Command of neighbourly love.

2. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4555.

A command is given to you from me, and this command you must fulfil to be able to become happy. This command includes all commands, which were given through Moses individually, so that men stop their sinful doings, which consisted in the constant offence against the neighbour. Everything what contravenes against the love towards the neighbour is sin and consequently also the term "sin" is completely clarified, because every violation of the love command towards the neighbour is also an offence against me myself, a refusal of love towards me, me who is the creator of all men and consequently also the father of his children, who are to live in love among each other. Only through love towards the neighbour can you prove your love towards me, because how differently do you want to be able to love me, if you do not see me, when you do not love the neighbour, whom you see and who is the living testimony of my love, wisdom and power? If you do not see in him the product of my love, it will also be difficult for you, to love me as creator, because the love towards me only springs from active neighbourly love, which makes me myself accessible to you and also lets the feeling of love towards me awaken in you. What you do to the neighbour, that I consider as done towards me, and seize you with my counter love, which means supply of power and light for you. And since you need both, to mature on earth, you must absolutely fulfil my love command; otherwise your earth life is idling, without success and without ascent up. And do not let it be enough for you, to just not doing bad things, but make a great effort to cultivate good deeds towards your neighbours. Help where help is required; hand out gifts spiritually and earthly; take care of the trouble of the individual, and truly be a brother and friend to your neighbour, a helper in every trouble. Then you will also awaken counter love and consequently also lead the neighbour to me, because only love can establish the connection to me in a form, that my power directly flows over to you, and because only through love can the union with me take place, which is purpose and aim of your earth life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4555.


Book 53 4556

Care of the Father for His Servants.

2. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4556.

Only few let themselves be taught by me directly and I want to be a right father to these because I see their will that is for me and is ready to do everything for me. Little of earthly worries are to be put on them but for their own sake they will have to bear a fair bit of adversity but can also be certain of my help. And so the short time will pass until the deployment for me and my kingdom. But then the work for me will present ample compensation to them for that what they lack of earthly goods because they are set to their work with eagerness and are true living representatives of my word. In whatever situation in life you are, you all will experience an overthrow, high and low, poor and rich will be affected by the consequences of my appearing through nature and each will form his further life himself through his attitude towards me. At first the misery will be almost unbearable but each one can experience help when he knocks at the right door as a petitioner, when he comes to me and asks me for advice and help. But he who wants to form his life anew without me will remain lying on the ground or will rise with the power from below and quickly reach the top. But they will be sorry because they have sold their soul for the sake of the short life that is left to them until the end. Who comes to me will not remain without help but the help is of different kind because all suffering is also to serve its purpose to help the soul to mature and for it earthly good living is no good. But for everybody the lot will be bearable who walks with me and always directs his steps towards me before he is worldly active that is demanded of him in every way. Therefore do not be afraid of the coming time, you who want to serve me and also you who believe and pay attention to my word from above, know, that my will lets everything come that way and that I well know about the trouble of the individual; know, that I protect all and stand helping by them that believe in me and want to be mine. And know that the time till the end is not anymore long and that you will experience the end the more mature the more you have been through suffering that will however always be bearable for you because I will be with you and remain till the end because I can speak to you in the word that will be a source of power for you in every spiritual and earthly trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4556.


Book 53 4557

Purification fire in the time of the end: Suffering and affliction.

4. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4557.

Sufficiently you will be examined and have to go through purification fire, but it is just for the salvation of your souls, which have already become too lukewarm, than that they do eager work voluntarily to develop upwards. The weakness of will becomes more and more apparent, the closer the end is, and for that reason the will must be stimulated to extreme development, what can only happen through suffering and affliction, if man does not voluntarily decide to a love life and thereby all too great suffering can be eluded. The fire of love cleanses the soul in shortest time, and therefore much opportunity is offered to you men, to practise love at the neighbour, because the trouble will require help in every way. When you men only look around you, your will can be stimulated to serving neighbourly love. And you will truly have greatest blessing from it, as suffering is really reduced at the same time, which is imposed on you yourselves for the purpose of maturation of the soul. Always ask for the power and reinforcement of the will; ask for favour, i.e. help from above in every spiritual and earthly trouble; give everything that you can do without to the needy neighbour, and do not be afraid to get yourselves into trouble in that way; always hand out what you receive yourselves, and help relieve trouble in that way, when the great trouble has started, which is necessary for you men, because you stand shortly before the end. And you yourselves will mature and also awaken love in fellowman, which now also promotes his soul maturity. You cannot be left without suffering as long as the love will has not yet become active in you. But if you feel yourselves that trouble presses you, you will also have compassion with the trouble of the neighbour and intervene helpingly, if you are of good will. And because of that do not grumble and complain about suffering, but know that it is maturation possibility for you and at the same time stimulus to love work and that the time of the end causes it and all events find their explanation in the end-time. But if you request power from above, if you devotedly bear what is imposed on you, you will also overcome the great trouble and always just draw use for your soul from it – you will one day bless the trouble, which let you mature for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4557.


Book 53 4558

Resistance against truth. Who seeks, he finds.

4. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4558.

It is a difficult beginning to send my word to those who think being in possession of truth and still just represent false doctrines as truth. And my servants on earth will have a tough time with them; they will be denounced as heretics and false prophets, and former will be believed more and accept nothing what it sent from above to men and is to be spread. But nevertheless you, my disciples of the time of the end, are to announce my word wherever opportunity is offered to you to speak, and you can always be certain, that I am with you and support you in every way. Because everywhere are men, who are of good will; who demand truth and cannot find it there where one believes to possess truth. Everywhere will be men, to whom the word from above speaks to the heart and who therefore also accept what is offered to them, and recognize it as truth. It is up to everyone to accept or to reject, but where obedience is done under compulsion, where men cannot freely make the decisions about themselves, there you will not accomplish much, unless a man is so intimately united with me that he himself is not satisfied with that, what is imparted to them from that side. He will be directed in right thinking; he will voluntarily recognize truth, but never there where my word from above is rejected, but he will seek me, and I will let myself be found by him; I will send my right representatives to him, who enlighten him and introduce him to truth. But everywhere make the attempt to spread my word, and make no difference, but speak everywhere, where you find access. It is the individual souls within the masses who recognize me in the word; the sheep, which recognize the voice of their shepherd and follow it. And when you find a man, to whom you make my word accessible and he listens to you, then you have accomplished much, because this man is rescued for eternity; he now stands in truth, which lets him find the way to me. Speak and woo everywhere, and no matter if success is little, you are still for some souls the rescuer in greatest spiritual trouble, because error will not make a soul happy, but only block for it the way to me. But if it seeks me, it also seeks truth and will recognize it in my word, which you present to men in my name. But who rejects, harms himself, but it is his free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4558.


Book 53 4559

Teaching of re-embodiment. (Tantra announcement)

6. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4559.

What you desire to know will be announced to you when you present your questions to me for answers. It is of highest importance for all men when they set the maturing of the souls for themselves as goal, when they firmly believe that they someday have to answer before a God of justice how far they have utilized their life on earth. This belief spurs man to extreme activity spiritually. So it is also understandable that a belief in a more often possibility of an ascent development through repeated embodiment on this earth lets man become more lukewarm in his work on the soul and that this belief is a danger because it reduces as it were the striving for highest possible soul maturity, but moreover also questions my justice. For how exactly should I then call to account one or the other when I do not allow every man the re-embodiment on earth? In what way should the pay of those happen, who walk according to my will towards love during life on earth, when I give to him, who has failed, the same opportunity to embody himself for the purpose of ascent development once or even several times. So every man would in the end have reached the same degree of perfection. The strength of light determines also the degree of happiness in the spiritual kingdom. The strength of light now, which man has reached on earth in free will, is determining for the sphere of activity, which is allocated to him in the spiritual kingdom where he now can increase more and more in wisdom and strength, therefore also in happiness. And his activity is again the supply of light and power to those beings, which are without light and strength, which need help on earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom. This activity makes tremendously happy, so that no activity on earth can be put in the same category. It follows that every being which is able to hand out light and power to needy souls, wants to realize this activity because it makes itself tremendously happy, for it takes the power from me and is as it were a rerouting station for my power radiation. Every being tries to carry out this process of making happy when it only has a glimmer of cognition, therefore no longer remains in the deepest darkness of spirit. But then it never exchanges the stay in the spiritual kingdom with that on earth, it never longs back for the material cover because the possibilities to ascend are just as available in the spiritual kingdom when once the will to love has awakened with those who also just have a glimmer of cognition. The soul can certainly incarnate itself when it has the will for it itself and a noble motive underlies this incarnation – help towards fellow men or also a paying off of a great sin, which was in the way that the soul reached a higher degree of maturity. Then it is no transfer back through my will, but the will of the soul itself is decisive, but as now the recollection ability is taken from every soul, which is also presented to the soul, such an incarnation involves the greatest risk, as the soul can just as well also sink in free will, because it has to cover the course of development like every man and its bodily urges come out especially there where the same temptation approaches it, which let it become guilty at its embodiment. Compares a soul on the other hand the activity in the spiritual kingdom, which certainly earns it slowly, but surely also that degree of maturity, while the spiritual success of a repeated incarnation is questionable, then it chooses far more the lot in the spiritual kingdom, but still remains connected to earth insofar that it takes care of the souls on earth and looks after their fate, always helping there, where it failed itself on earth, that is why however the assumption is erroneous that the same soul has again embodied itself as man. This must always be countered: that man is offered on earth every opportunity to ascend upwards, that the supply of favours is unlimited, that the will of man has received a strengthening though the work of redemption, which makes every failure impossible, that it is therefore completely up to him, to reach the high degree of light, and that these privileges are not allowed to be arbitrarily rejected to be again then requested afresh. Man has free will, for which use he one day has to answer and also has to bear the consequences, which consist of a differently formed lot in the hereafter and which he then cannot just bypass through a renewed embodiment, which success is again questionable because all recollection is taken from him. His will is certainly decisive, so he will be reincarnated when he wants but this will is a rarity, which is why therefore one cannot speak of a more often reincarnation, moreover is this teaching also a danger for men that they do not take their walk on earth seriously enough always considering a repetition, which however does not take place. Amen. B.D. NR. 4559.


Book 53 4560

Thought material, which comes from the world. Truth - Error.

7. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4560.

The world stands separating between me and men, and many fall victim to it in spite of my obvious power expression. Even though they recognized me, they drop me and do not consider that one day I call them to account. But the world does not just mean pleasures or material possessions. The opponent can also turn to other means, when he wants to draw men off, when he wants to keep them away from truth and make them inclined to his wrong doctrines. He then lets worldly minded men speak under the cover of one knowing and confuses the thinking of him, to whom my word from above was offered, so that he no longer can recognize it, because he no longer lets himself be instructed spiritually, but worldly. His competence to judge is weakened out of his own fault, because to whom I supply my word, to him a gift of favour is offered, which he is to value as such. When something precious is given to him, he is to turn away from worthless gifts; he is to give up latter unhesitatingly, to receive my gift in exchange. But if he is not willing to that end, then he is also not worthy of my gift, and it is again taken away from him. The world is therefore stronger, because where the lie and error is, there also the world stands in the foreground; truth on the other hand comes from me; it is away from the world and for that reason also only recognized and desired by those who have nothing to do any longer with the world, i.e., whose heart remains untouched from the temptations of the world, from all goods, which come from the world. And so is also thought material belonging to the world, which deviates from pure truth, because it has not come from me. Avoid the world and its representatives, when you want to be given from me and when my gift of favour is offered to you; give everything else up for it, because it is the most valuable gift, which you receive through my love. You will not be able to excuse yourselves when you have spurned my gift, because you are not incapable of recognizing truth as such, when I present it to you, but you are unwilling to accept it, and therefore also lose the competence to judge. And this is your fault for which you must take responsibility. When I approach you, you are not allowed to equate me with those who can offer you nothing fully adequate, because they are not taught directly by me. But if you do this, then you are not worthy of my gift, and it is again withdrawn from you and truly not offered so easily again a second time. Consider this seriously, and give account to you yourselves, what you give up, and let yourselves be warned and admonished, because you are in danger to lose infinitely much, because you do not want to give up, what is worthless, what is offered to you from the world and therefore cannot be lasting for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4560.


Book 53 4561

Passing on the divine word.

8. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4561.

Word-for-word repetition of that what you hear through the inner voice, will always leave the most impression, although you are also able to instruct fellowmen with own words, but one will be less able to close oneself to the direct word from above, why a written spreading is a blessing. And for that reason I will also bless every work, which is directed at the spreading of my word, and confer every help upon you, because one thing is particularly necessary that men take note of my extraordinary work, which they can realize through writings, if they are of good will. Who wants to reject, he rejects it in every form. But in the written repetition men will recognize my spirit, my voice, and expose themselves to its effect, because my word speaks for itself; no explanation needs to be added to it; it will always be comprehensible to men, because I speak to every individual myself and my word also gives to everyone the conviction, who receives it attentively and truth demandingly into his heart, therefore thinks about it and pays attention to his feeling, which then touches him. Many means of help are at the disposal of you men, which all, as gifts of favour from me, make the way up easier for you. (9.2.1949) But my word offered to you from above is the greatest and most effective means of favour, which certainly guides you up, because it is blessed with my power; it is a direct radiation of me myself, which must always be of extraordinary effect on you; it is only up to your will, to let it have an effect upon you. And for that reason many men are to be informed about it; many men are to experience the blessing of my word for themselves; they are to be born anew; they are to liven up and give up everything dead and formal for my word. They are to recognize me myself in the word, believe in me and learn to love me; they are to receive wisdoms in themselves, which can never ever be offered to them anywhere else, if they have not taken its start from me. They are to know that I as creator from eternity do not forget my creatures, that I as father do not leave my children lonely, that I want to help all to return to the father house, and that they absolutely need my help, that they therefore should come to me in prayer, that they are to ask me for favour and power, to be able to shape themselves to love – that they must know about my will to fulfil it. Blessed is all work, which is directed towards this striving, because time pushes towards its end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4561.


Book 53 4562

Sudden Change. God's Call.

9. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4562.

You can definitely expect a sudden change because my word comes true in shortest time. And as I announce this to you in advance you can also adjust your life accordingly, you no longer have to over anxiously worry about the things of this earth that you lose again if it is not my will that you keep them or that I give you when I consider it necessary. And I will fatherly look after everybody who works for me and give him what he needs for life. And he will follow me closer and closer and recognize me in the smallest events; he will never walk without me on this earth. Wait for the hour of your deployment and then be loyal workers for me. For the end is nearby. Always think of my word that I will not leave you in trouble because the whole world will be put into a restlessness that will also include you and that you are still not to be afraid of because you know me being around, because my presence protects you from every spiritual and bodily danger when you work for me. Who looks up to me his heart will have peace in it but all others will follow world affairs full of worries and fears and fear for their body, for their bodily wellbeing that seems to be endangered. But I again and again call out to you: Think of your souls. Seek to get things straightened out with your God and creator from eternity, hold onto his will, fulfil his commandments, and ask him for favour and mercy - then you do not have to fear whatever might come. Then help will always be there but without me you are at the mercy of all forces of darkness that assail you and unleash all bad desires in you for which misery is suitable when you have no love in you. Don't let my enemy gain the upper hand, flee to me when you are in danger of being defeated in the fight against him or call on me that I protect you from his temptations. A bad time is starting but I announce it before so that you believe in me and turn to me when you recognize the truth of my word. It is still the calm before the storm that you can put to extensive use, that you strengthen your faith, that you let me talk to you and you closely join me. But extremely quickly this will change and your peace will be badly shaken. And so you are to get again and again power from my word, you are not to slacken in your work for me and my kingdom, you are to work on your soul and wait in constant prayer so that you never walk on your own but tie me to yourself and be strong and invincible in my presence when my opponent wants to try out his power with you. For he will still make use of the time that is still left for him till the end to get you to fall away. And that is why I announce all this to you so that you know how to protect yourself, so that you flee to me who will help you always when you call on me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4562.


Book 53 4563

Activity field of the workers in the vineyard of the Lord.

10. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4563.

You have put yourselves at my disposal and are accepted as workers in my vineyard. Much work is waiting for you, so that you are not allowed to be tardy, but must serve me full of eagerness if you want to make me happy. But you will love your activity yourselves; shortly you will get the assignment from me, and make an effort to carry it out with success. You will take your mission seriously in the knowledge of the deep spiritual trouble in which your fellowmen are, and so you will exclusively be active for me and my kingdom and still also be able to exist earthly, because I take over the care for you, when the time of your work for me has come. Because I never ever demand a work from you, which would be impossible; but I allot to every one of my servants that work, which he can do for me and which he enjoys himself so far that he likes to carry it out and so successfully. And so around you will be anxiety and worry, trouble and misery, but nothing will touch yourselves, as long as you preach the Gospel as my disciples, because then you stand outside of matter; it no longer touches you and therefore also does not burden you; it does not fill your thoughts, but you have freed yourselves and gathered spiritual goods for yourselves, which you hand out to the poor and needy. And you will be happy in your activity; you will recognize that spiritual goods make up the sole wealth and can bring true peace and right joy to the heart. And then I accompany you on all ways; always directing your steps to those who need you; who are in need of comforting encouragement and who you are to instruct in my name. And you will recognize how great the misery is; how few men listen to you; how many reject what I would like to let them have in love; you will experience that the father is not listened to by his children, that they do not hear or laugh at all good admonitions and warnings; you can observe much false play; everywhere you will come across untruthfulness; the lie and error will eagerly be represented by men; they will pay tribute to idols and not recognize the true God. And I will reveal my identity to all those who are still undecided; I will speak through you, so that everyone can hear me who hears you, and who now recognizes me will be blessed; he will utilize the time until the end, and you have done no work in vain. For that reason be eagerly active in my vineyard and serve me, you who have offered yourselves to me in free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4563.


Book 53 4564

Flow of favour in the last time before the end.

12. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4564.

An earth life rich in favour can bring you to the highest level of perfection, and for that reason every man is to open himself in the time of the end to the flow of favour, which will flow extremely abundantly, to even out the short earth time, which is still granted to men until the end. I will approach all men myself in a different way and offer them my gift of favour. The further away they stand from me the more often indications from above will be given to them; the less they direct their mind spiritually the more often the opportunity is offered to them to get in touch with messengers out of the spiritual kingdom; the most unusual coincidences will be involved to also inform them of supernatural work, and everywhere threads are passed on, which start from the spiritual kingdom. Every man will be able to establish the connection with spiritually awakened men, and no-one will be able to say having remained uninformed. All will get warnings and admonitions whose walk of life is not right, and very particularly I will take care of those who are misled, but are not rebelliously minded towards me. And what gentle admonitions and indications are not able to do, that trouble and suffering will still achieve, where my opponent is not already completely ruler. I woo every soul and know about every men’s most inner views; I help and raise the fallen out of the deep; I seek to conduct it up and are always and constantly prepared to hand out my favours, which is expressed in the form of my word, in spiritual and earthly help and which everyone can request and use, if he just wants. A high degree of maturity you men can still reach, if you connect yourselves with the spiritual kingdom, if you request the flow of my favour and let yourselves be given from me and all light beings, who look after you and stand by your side, as soon as you call them that they might help you on the way up. Time is only still short until the end, and for that reason your earth life will be rich in inner struggles, in trouble and suffering of all kind, because you are to raise your look to me, so that I can let myself be found. As soon as you establish the connection in prayer or in thoughts with me, you automatically open yourselves to the flow of favour, and then you need to fear no end any longer, then you will also recognize me in suffering; you will believe in me and no longer turn your thoughts away from me; then favour has already become effective in you, and you consciously strive towards me. As soon as you involve me in your thoughts, you are already on the way up, and you will no longer sink back, because I keep you. And you will desire my word. Then you are no longer in danger, because my word is the greatest means of favour, which never remains without effect. The greater the longing for my word is in you, the further you are in your development, because the longing for my word is equal to the longing for me myself and also has the union with me as result, which is destination of your earth life. The time of the end will still bring much suffering and misery, but also consider this as a means of favour of incomprehensible value – bear everything, and in every trouble come to me, then you will be able to score greatest success, and the short earth life will earn you the maturity of the soul, so that you do not need to fear the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4564.


Book 53 4565

Training as truth bearer. Fight with sword of the mouth.

13. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4565.

Everything you receive from me is necessary for you to know, if you enter into a teaching activity to serve me. Your knowledge is not allowed to show gaps, although you are also not able to give exhaustive enlightenment about everything, but you must be well-versed in all subjects, as it is really essential to be able to counter all objections, and to also supply the proof that you have been instructed by workers who possess an extensive knowledge, which you demonstrably had not at your disposal before. That now also your intellect is particularly developed by me to grasp the connection and therefore to give corresponding information, is also a gift of favour, which I hand out if the will to serve me, is recognizable and allows a direct instruction. Because you must prepare yourselves for, that one will ask you cross and sideways questions to check your knowledge on the one hand or to bring you to failure, when one opposes you as enemy of truth. Indeed also the opponents maintain to strive for truth, but they prove themselves a liar, otherwise they would have to agree with you, because truth, if it is seriously sought, is also recognizable as truth. But truth is uncomfortable to them, and for that reason they treat you, as truth bearers, with hostility and seek to eliminate you. And for that reason I train you so that you can refute every objection, that your knowledge will also make your enemies wonder and they cannot reject with conviction a work from above, even so they do it with words. And for that reason I repeat the instructions again and again, to train you as living representatives of my word, who can intellectually substantiate everything and as a result beat the opponent; who therefore fight for me and my kingdom with the sword of the mouth. I make you able to speak, and indeed not only driven by my spirit, but also the intellect will receive and likewise confess that knowledge, which the spirit has brought to it through the heart. Man can then indeed be convinced that I direct his thoughts right and devote himself unhesitatingly to the solution of the most difficult problems, if the opponents demand this, and he will always himself be able to comprehend and explain, whereto great knowledge would be necessary, if it would have been imparted to him on a scholastic way. I want to make you suitable for the work in my vineyard, and for that reason all fields are to be opened for you. Because the opponents will advance towards you from all sides, wanting to reject your teachings. But a good teacher refutes all objections, which are held against him in hostile intention; a good teacher is even able to convince the opponent, and he will always spread his knowledge, even when the intention prevails, to reject it, and the teacher is hindered in his activity. Truth asserts itself, and that truth has its right representatives, I will see to that, I who am eternal truth myself and want to guide men into truth. I will equip my servants on earth with all ability, which secures a successful work for my kingdom; I will impart a knowledge to them, which has a convincing effect and can be acknowledged as divine wisdom by everyone, who seriously examines and lets himself being instructed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4565.


Book 53 4566

Be not afraid of them that kill the body but cannot kill the soul.

14. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4566.

Be not afraid of them that can harm you earthly, but alone him, who seeks to drag your soul into the abyss. But also to him you can stand up courageously, when call me to your side, then he will be able to accomplish nothing against you, then you have a shield, through which you are invulnerable, therefore your soul has escaped all danger. But the world will besiege you hard, and its rulers will seek to destroy you, because they rise against everyone, who is loyal to me, because they do not want to acknowledge me as Lord and therefore demand all power and veneration for them alone. You will be besieged hard and can still face every fight carefree and boldly, because I as your commander-in-chief go with you to the fight and fight for you, as you also fight for me and my name. And victory will be yours. Strive for that your faith always becomes deeper and more unshakable, then also all fear will fade before those who can only kill the body. If you pay may more attention to the life of the soul, then all the worldly, temptations and threats leave you completely untouched – you just live according to my will, and if the demand of the earthly rulers is opposing my will, you will recognize them as emissaries of Satan and lose all fear before them, because your faith gives you the power to resist; you then no longer fear the world and its representatives, but always keep more and more to me as him, whom you fear and love at the same time. Who is of weak faith, will be anxious and also follow earthly measures with worry; who is of weak faith, to him I am not constantly present. He still pays too much attention to the world, although he does not desire it, but he does not remain without impression; it still fills his thoughts; it still keeps him too much back from spiritual striving. And he will be afraid and be badly besieged by earthly power. Him I want to help to get rid of his fear; to him I want to call: Always a rescuer will rise in me, if you are just full of faith in my love and my power. I can everything, and I want everything, what brings about blessing to you. Believe this and know that I always stand by your side when the representatives of Satan threaten you and want to push you away from me. And once you are aware of my presence, then all fear will fade, and fearlessly you will face the enemy. You are strong through faith in me, and you no longer fear for your bodily life, because you know that there is no death for those who believe in me – that therefore certainly your body, but never the soul can be killed, but that I also protect your bodily life, as long as your hour has not yet come. Amen. B.D. NR. 4566.


Book 53 4567

Serious questions to the teachers who fight God’s servants.

15. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4567.

You are called to account if you besiege my servants about their spiritual activity, because they have the assignment from me, and when you attack them, you attack me. They just carry out the instruction of their Lord, therefore they are not responsible for that of what you accuse them – that they say the truth to your face, which you do not want to hear and even much less want to know to be supplied to your fellowmen. From you I demand an explanation about your doing and thinking, you who yourselves want to be acknowledged as announcers of truth in the world and still treat pure truth with hostility, which has its starting point from me. Be yourselves serious about truth, and seek first to gain its possession yourselves, only then you have the right to support truth and to prevent bearers of wrong doctrine in their activity. But if you yourselves must be instructed and seek to eliminate the bearers of truth, if you persecute them and treat them with hostility, your nature turns against me, and you make yourselves guilty of great sin, for which I call you to account. Pay attention, if you act in good faith, how it looks like in the world: - Where do you find the spirit of love? Where do you find intimate union with God, convinced faith and true neighbourly love? – Where do you find spirit work, i.e. wisdom and clear recognition in spiritual things? How do you explain yourselves the great sorrowful events in the world? – How do you solve the great creation puzzle? – What do you know about the entity of God, about his eternal plan of salvation? – Who else than I myself can impart the knowledge about it to you through my spirit? – And where can you detect a work of the spirit? Seriously answer these questions for yourselves, and then do not deny that those have the connection with me, who can give you enlightenment about it. Accept with a thankful heart what I offer you from above to help you to recognition, and if you doubt, then examine, but do not reject unchecked, because truly I say to you, I protect my servants and will not tolerate that spiritual material imparted from above is made ineffective through you, by you trying to prevent that it is supplied to fellowmen and the bearers of my word are threatened and persecuted. What you want to take from them, I will give to them again, and obviously you are to recognize my work and my help. But if you want to serve me, if you want to fulfil my will, then first awaken your spirit to life through love work; only then you have the right to judge and to set yourselves up as judge over those who spread false doctrines or appear as false prophets. Only then you will know yourselves to tell the difference between truth and error and be right servants for me on earth, but never ever then condemn those, who now face you as truth bearers to announce my will to you. Time pushes inexorably towards its end; a destination is set for you for this earth, and soon you have reached the point of time, where your development possibility on earth has ended. Let yourselves be enlightened about it; do not live thoughtlessly into the day assuming that still much time remains for you; be aware of the great responsibility, which you take for your own as also for your fellowmen’s souls, if you make right use of the time until the end, and imagine every day as the last. Then you will eagerly strive to increase your soul maturity, if you have the will to the good, to me, and then you will never ever be able to act and think so as you do it now, where you are still blind in the spirit, so that you do not want to accept the light, which would break through your darkness of spirit. Take seriously my warning and admonition, so that you do not feel bitter remorse one day, when it is too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 4567.


Book 53 4568a

Gospel good news. Disciples of the time of the end. Faith.

17. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4568a.

Good news shall the Gospel be for every man, when you bring it to them in my name. And when he feels touched by it beneficently, it will also surely get through to his heart and grow roots. Then it will be for him a ray of hope that a beautiful future is reachable for him; the Gospel will spur him on to upward striving, always with the aim of eternal life, the final union with me and therefore eternal happiness. For that reason my Gospel is to be received joyfully, and on it you, my disciples of the time of the end, also recognize those that are mine and know very well to tell the difference between them and the followers of my opponent. Because those who feel themselves unpleasantly touched through the Gospel, who feel it to be a restriction of their zest for life, who should break away from earthly matter and really still cling too much to it, still belong to my opponent, and you will hardly have success with them. You bring no good news to them, and that is why they reject you or treat you with hostility. There are two camps, which are so obviously recognizable that it will not be difficult for you to separate them, that you will attend to former with full commitment and latter let go their way after a futile attempt, but no-one should be able to say having heard nothing about my eternal teaching of salvation, and to everyone my word is brought, that he can freely decide to accept or to reject. But who accepts it joyfully, he will have great blessing from it, and to him you are to always bring more and more, as his desire for it determines it. Good news it is, when I give you the promise, that you will not die, but have eternal life. Because death is a terror for everything what lives. But I promise you eternal life, and therefore a happy life is in store for you, which shall fill you with joy, and for that reason you can be grateful, when my message of salvation is imparted to you. The most difficult suffering on earth will be bearable for you with the prospect of your lot in the hereafter, if you believe. And so that you can believe, I show you the right way. The way of love, this guides you to the destination, which you expect, which fills you with joy and happy expectation. And for that reason my Gospel is good news from above, which is to reduce all horrors of earth life and gives you power to bear what I impose on you, so that you become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4568a.


Book 53 4568b

Gospel good news. Disciples of the time of the end. Faith.

18. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4568b.

You, my disciples of the time of the end, are directly instructed by me like the first disciples, to whom I brought the Gospel in purest form. I know you, as I also knew them from eternity; I saw in their hearts the flame of love, which gave them the ability to hear my voice in the heart – I also know about your love willingness and for that reason can also speak to you through the voice of the spirit and therefore instruct you, to make you suitable for the office, to be active for me as disciples of the time of the end. When I ascended to heaven, my disciples were to carry the Gospel into the world, to announce my will and my walk on earth to all peoples, so that they fulfil it and should live accordingly. But now time has expired, which I have granted men for it; now I come again to earth to harvest what my disciples have sown, and it is essential, to still do eager work in the last hour, for which I again choose disciples, who are suitable to sow the last seed, so that the harvest may be great. It is essential to still gather the last, who want to me, and to announce to them my love teaching, which alone leads to the light. I myself want to once again speak to the last and need for it suitable forms, trough whose mouth I can express myself. I therefore need again disciples, who are penetrated by love towards me; who have fashioned themselves through love so that I can use them as vessel to pour my spirit into them – that I can speak through these disciples myself to all, who want to listen to me. But my disciples of the time of the end must be particularly strong in faith. I do not approach them bodily like the first disciples; I am only present to them in the spirit, and that they must believe, otherwise they cannot hear my voice. To find this faith in the last time is particularly commendable, because neither signs nor miracles strengthen him, and the unbelief of mankind is a strong obstacle, as my disciples are only very occasionally to be found among a world full of unbelief in a God and therefore also in a work of the spirit in man. But faith in it is condition to hear my word in oneself, and nothing is at their disposal than alone the tradition of my walk on earth. I certainly stand permanently close to these chosen, but cannot have an extraordinary effect on them to win their faith, but it must be and remain free and still be directed towards me. I rate this faith extremely high, and my love is directed very particularly towards those, who approach me with so believing hearts and offer their services to me, to cooperate in the redemption of men in the last time before the end. This willingness to serve comes out of a loving heart, and I recognized the love and the will of those, who I chose as my disciples of the time of the end and who I now train for their activity. Because they are to bring truth to mankind, so pure, as it can only go out from me myself; therefore I myself bring again to men the Gospel, for the present in the spirit of my disciples, until I then will speak to men through these, who listen to my disciples. And a still short time will last, where my disciples are to rule this office; for that reason eager work is necessary. There are still so many who are to be won, but only a few, who are felt touched by my word, which is supplied to them through my disciples. But for the sake of the few I once again send out my disciples into the world to gather into the barns the last harvest – to rescue the last souls, which still want to let themselves be rescued by me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4568b.


Book 53 4569

Effectiveness of divine truth only after overcoming the world.

20. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4569.

For men the world is reality, the spiritual the unreal, to which they pay no attention. In the world of appearances they see reality, and are therefore also approachable to everything, what comes from the world or leads to it. But the spiritual kingdom is for them a dream land, which certainly touches them shadowy now and then, but is not taken seriously. And so also divine truth is only valuable and meaningful to that man, who has already broken with the earthly world, who has recognized it as the world of appearances and no longer desires it. For that reason truth is supplied to so few men, because the world still keeps most of them imprisoned and even the spiritually striving is on many occasions tormented with doubts, when he also still turns to the world. Divine truth can infinitely make happy, if man thinks to be the only desirable good; for that reason it fills the heart of man and gives way to no thought to the world anymore. But before this state occurs in man, the intellect must make up its mind finally, i.e., it must lean towards truth with the heart at the same time; profess it, and that can only then occur when the earthly does not take advantage of the intellect excessively, when it can turn towards that, after which the heart strives. Man is in a completely secluded area, when he occupies himself with spiritual things, then access to the world is blocked, and the soul of man is happy, even so unconscious to man himself. Then the divine power can have an effect on the soul, which however immediately lessens, when the world approaches him again and he pays attention to it. For that reason he, who wants to unite with God, must withdraw into his small room – he must seek solitude or take stock of himself – he must eliminate the world, otherwise the spiritual kingdom cannot have its effect on him. But in the midst of the world he will not find what does good to his heart, desiring God. Man can indeed also go into silence in the midst of the world, listen into himself, but then he is just bodily in the world, but his soul withdraws into spiritual fields; then man himself is stronger than the earthly world; then he does not desire it, but places the spiritual world in front of the earthly, and then he will also succeed to rise at any time to spiritual spheres, even so his body is still tied up to earth. To now being able to spread and represent pure truth, this preceding matter must be taken into account. It is exceedingly difficult to introduce men of the world into divine truth, because it appears to them so unrealistic and the man of the world, in his rationality, rejects what is not tangible or visible to him. And often a long time is needed until the divine word becomes effective in such a man, until he deals mentally with it and then puts aside the world. And it is difficult to preach about the end of the world, about the last judgment and the great spiritual trouble to men, who are completely worldly minded and have little contact with the spiritual kingdom. To them the preacher will always appear as dreamer, and he will not feel the effect of truth in him, until he himself ventures into spiritual fields and lets these spheres have an effect on him. Then he separates the spiritual and the earthly world, and only then he is accessible to pure truth out of God, and it will make his soul deeply happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4569.


Book 53 4570

Spiritual co-operation.

21. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4570.

In spiritual respect a co-operation is necessary; one is dependent on the help of the other, because spiritual work will rarely find the support of the worldly side and therefore a spreading is more difficult and needs the support of those who are of the same spirit. And the will of the individual is now decisive, how far he is an efficient worker for me in my vineyard. The work for me and my kingdom must be done in complete free will; no-one is allowed to stand under compulsion having to do something against his will, but richest blessing will receive he who is driven by the heart, who is active for me out of love towards me, because he himself will increase his spiritual riches; he will enjoy the treasures with which he works, and he will be pushed to make the wealth also accessible to others. That is why he wants to constantly cultivate spiritual exchange and already needs men for this, who have the same striving, and the union of these on spiritual basis is ensured. If a spiritual striving man could not communicate, his field of work would be restricted and let him get tired, but men are found everywhere, who strive towards me, and seek spiritual communion, to be able to exchange my word according to their activity. One is to be the support of the other – and to everyone I allot the work, which he can carry out, if he just wants to, but I do not force his will, because love towards me is to determine him, to be active for me. If he carries this love in him, then he does not need to be stimulated from the outside, then he is automatically pushed to the work for me and my kingdom, and he will receive richest blessing and be eagerly active for me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4570.


Book 53 4571

Finding happiness. God’s word directly. Conditions.

22. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4571.

I want that you find happiness. And therefore everything, what is and happens around you, is just a means for it, but it is up to you, to use these means or to leave them unnoticed. It is now exceedingly important to be aware of the consequences of a non-use of my means of favour, and therefore it is necessary to gain knowledge of my eternal plan of salvation, of meaning and purpose of creation and meaning and purpose of earth life, of the original relationship, which existed between me and my creatures, and the present apostasy relationship, which has earned you the state of wretchedness, from which I want to rescue you. The knowledge about all is a necessity, because it is to determine the life of each individual. As soon as man knows about everything, he already stands in a great favour, because the ignorance is the natural result of the apostasy relationship, therefore proves a great distance from me, but which is to be reduced according to my will, and the complete state of darkness must turn gradually into a state full of light, to again become the original state, the state of happiness. Right knowledge will also induce the willing man to a good way of life, to a walk in love, to an assimilation of his nature to my original nature, which is love in itself. Consequently it will be my constant endeavours to supply to man the right knowledge, and out of it follows again, that I must speak to them, because I alone know about truth, because truth comes out of me and that man stands in truth, who receives it directly from me. But it cannot be directly supplied to every man, because the hearing of my word is only possible in a certain degree of maturity and because, when this degree is reached, man must himself have fulfilled preconditions, which correspond with my laws of the eternal order, therefore cannot be avoided, when my word wants to be heard inside. A good way of life according to my will also mostly mature the faith in a direct connection possibility with me, because this is precondition, that man opens himself to my word, that he desires to hear my language. Loving men will automatically hold dialogue with me on many occasions; they will believe without particular knowledge, that I am, and they will long for me. With them I can talk and will always be understood by them; they will only consider the spiritual material so received as own thoughts; they will certainly also support their thoughts as truth, but never fully convinced making it out to be my word, my expression, as long as the process of a direct transmission is foreign to them. But when, as particular supply of favour, an explanation is offered to men, which is to stimulate them to strive for a state themselves, which enables them to hear me directly, I give men the opportunity to extend their knowledge and therefore to change their state of darkness into one full of light; but then all conditions must for the present have been fulfilled, which I have attached to it and which are these: a life in unselfish neighbourly love – a deep faith in me and my love, which wants to get into contact with its creatures – a serious desire to gain truthful knowledge – and now a conscious preparing oneself and listening inwards, to be able to hear myself in the form of thoughts full of light or also spoken words, which ring out sounding. Who cannot believe this my direct work, he is also not able to hear my quiet voice, because his listening inwards will not take place in the depth and conviction; because of that he does not hear, because he does not open his spiritual ear. And it is this faith, which men lack, even so they would otherwise be able through their way of life corresponding to my will. But that men have lost the knowledge of this is only proof of their great distance from me, which is an obstacle to know about my powerful work, but which still does not exclude the work on my part, as soon as the will exists, to hear myself. But differently than through the living inner word is pure truth, the right knowledge, not to be imparted to men, and for that reason I bless everyone, who establishes this connection, to receive and to spread pure truth to the blessing of fellowmen. Because only when pure truth is made accessible to men, the spiritual darkness can be broken through and the way be walked along, which leads to happiness, because only truth alone helps to happiness and because it is my will that all men become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4571.


Book 53 4572

Spiritual and earthly co-workers at the work of redemption of Christ.

24. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4572.

Spiritual and earthly co-workers participate in the work of redemption, which Jesus Christ has started with his earth life walk, because before it was not possible for a man, to break all fetters during earth life, because Satan exercised his power in an incredible way. But through His death on the cross his power was broken. But he still has so much power with regard to those, who do not acknowledge the rescuer Jesus Christ. But the work of redemption is accomplished for all, and so also now still those souls can come into the blessing of the death on the cross, who decide for Jesus Christ before the end. The thinking of men must however for the present be trained, so that they reach the right recognition of the great love and favour of the man Jesus, so that they then also learn to recognize him as redeemer of men and consciously put themselves under his cross. This right recognition can certainly be imparted to them through beings, who stand in knowledge; who spiritually as well as earthly look after men and who therefore have made it their task of having an effect on the thinking of men through imparting of their thoughts. The spiritual co-workers first turn to such men, who feel in them the urge, to devote themselves to the work of redemption through use of their power; who therefore almost want to continue the work on earth who offer themselves to God, want to serve him and who therefore are also accepted as suitable workers by him. And now an exchange of thoughts takes place between spiritual and earthly beings, because the redemption of the spiritual can only be the result of a right transmission of pure truth, which informs men about the purpose of their existence and slowly educates them to a change in love, what is and remains sole life purpose. Consequently the endeavour of spiritual co-workers will be, to awaken and strengthen through the mouth of man, therefore man serving God earthly, the faith in Jesus Christ, when it has become weak. (25.2.1949) The beings of the spiritual kingdom, who stand in the light, are always prepared for redeeming activity, since they have become love and their love is also meant for the unredeemed. But on earth men, who want to take part in the redemption work of Christ, must be filled of the love to God so, that they voluntarily make themselves available for this activity, because only then they must be prepared for their work, to be able to carry it out successfully. What is the share of the light beings in the spiritual kingdom, must men on earth, since they are still imperfect, first acquire. They themselves must belong to those, who take up the work of redemption of Christ with his favour, to reach the ability to also lead fellowmen on the way of the following of Christ, so that also they are redeemed and rescued from spiritual death. Everyone, who teaches love to fellowman, is unconsciously a co-worker in the redemption of erroneous souls; but who consciously takes over the office as truth bearer and passes on spiritual material, which he receives out of the spiritual kingdom, he continues the work of redemption of Christ; he follows Jesus and draws many souls with him on the right way up. In the time of the end many beings of light have an effect on men, to win or being able to use them as mediators between the spiritual kingdom and earth. But few men accept the spiritual instructions and devote themselves to the influence of their caretakers. Only few men recognize the significance of the work of redemption so far, that they themselves strive to co-operate and to continue the work of redemption. But where the connection with the spiritual world and the earthly world is established, there a current of favour and love flows towards men, which is full of healing power, therefore who lets himself be carried along by it, he ends there, where the true home of his soul is – in the sea of the great love of God – in the house of the father – in the kingdom of the happy, where all redeemed souls dwell in the nearness of God, in the eternal light. Amen. B.D. NR. 4572.


Book 53 4573

Fate according to the will of man.

26. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4573.

This I tell you that your fate certainly fashions itself according to my will, however adapted to yours, that therefore as it were your will determines the course of all events, because it requires the necessary maturation possibilities, to submit to mine in an as much as possible quick way. A will completely devoted to me also secures man the soul maturity, and he can enter the hereafter as light being, when his last hour has come. But as long as he still dislikes me, he will have to be put to the test and always and constantly find resistances in earth existence, if he has not completely become a slave to my opponent, who will grant him help in every way for the time on earth. But he is not to enjoy his easy earth life, because he must suffer thousand fold after death. And so the man, to whom a difficult fate is granted, can know to be loved and cared for by me; he just needs to always trust in my help and my power and devotedly take his fate upon himself, and his soul will benefit from it, which he will only recognize in the spiritual kingdom in its extent. Where suffering and worry is to be found, there I am at work myself at the reshaping of the will of the individual; there my presence is visible, my guidance and my work recognizable. And for that reason the great suffering, which goes over earth, is not to be considered as a sign of desertedness from me, but as a sign of my perpetual love and care for you, and I do not turn away from you, even so you go away from me; I constantly seek to win you back, and for that reason I let you go through trouble and misery, because you yourselves determine me to do that, through your wrong will, when I want to help you to get happiness. The fate of the individual is according to his will, about which I know for eternity, and which measure of suffering you have to endure, is in accordance with the maturity of the soul, about which I also know and which I constantly strive to increase. You can depart from the earthly world in different light strength; this is never restricted, but I know about your will, and where a possibility is, to reach a high degree of soul maturity, I apply all means, and as such are strokes of fate, resistances in life and suffering and affliction to be seen, which can be of immeasurable blessing for you, if you completely submit to me, if you put your will under mine, if you devotedly take everything upon you, what is granted to you. Because I love you, you who are my creatures, and want to win you for me, for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4573.


Book 53 4574

Assessment of compulsory services according to degree of love.

27. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4574.

All life power you should use to create for yourselves riches of immortal kind, i.e., everything, what you think and do, should have serving neighbourly love as reason, then the salvation of your soul would be secure for eternity. This demand on my part may appear unrealizable to you, and still I demand nothing from you, what exceeds your power, what would not be feasible. But think about it once that also your daily fulfilment of your duty can be regarded differently, that you can act in accordance with your duty, without feeling the least love about it for the neighbour, whom you therefore serve in accordance with your duty, but that you can also carry out every act driven from inside through love and that these acts, although they are also daily required performances, are assessed by me differently and increase your soul maturity. Love is everything; it assesses every act, and therefore a man can be however much loyal out of his correct nature, but without love it will always only be acts of the body, which I only pay worldly, but which do not earn spiritual wealth, because this alone only depends on the degree of love, in which also required performances are carried out. How much more can you gain, if you would use all life power to working neighbourly love, so that, what you do, is carried by the will to help, where your help is required. What you must do, where therefore your free will is eliminated, that are only acts for the world, although they can also carry a spiritual character – where therefore required performances are demanded, which certainly are actually works of neighbourly love, but through dutiful practice are assessed by me pure worldly, because the love of the heart is lacking in the process. I look at the heart and do not let myself being deceived through pious words or expressions; I know how far the heart takes part; but I bless everyone, who only out of the will to help also meets human demands, who carries out every required performance with inner joy, being able to serve the neighbour in this way, and who in this way also makes required performances to a voluntary activity and utilizes his life power in a way, which earns him richest award in eternity. Because he truly gathers spiritual goods on earth, and he will not enter the spiritual kingdom poor, but full of power also being able to be active there, to which his love drives him, while the most hard-working man on earth will stand powerless and poor at the gates of death, because he only works for the world, because serving neighbourly love never drove him to his activity on earth, but merely worldly demands were indeed fulfilled in eager fulfilment of his duty, but obeying necessity, not out of free will. And that is why the same activity and the same rate of output can earn completely different success – it can be paid pure worldly, but also earn immortal reward, and latter you should make your business, so that your earth life may not be idle, because never ever can you make up for that in the hereafter, what you have missed on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4574.


Book 53 4575

"They ate and drank" as before the flood.

28. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4575.

As at the time of the flood, so it will also now turn out again, as it goes towards the end. Men will be seized by increased joys of life and the world with all its attractions will have an effect on them. Men will no longer be able and wanting to control themselves and enjoy life unscrupulously in sinfulness. Because it will not be pure joys which they desire, but sin will predominate everywhere; self-love will drive out all neighbourly love, and therefore men will become sinful, because they harm the neighbour, just to get their body the fulfilment of the wishes. The property of the neighbour will not be respected and therefore all commands be violated. The voice of the conscious is suffocated in increased life consumption and enjoyed to the full, what the world offers. But the world is the kingdom of the opponent of me, and therefore only bad things can come from the world; it can only mean a danger for the soul, because what is granted to the body, the soul must suffer; it must pay what the body demands. Seemingly therefore men are allowed to enjoy happiness; only who counts to those who are mine, he knows which hour has come, when men seek to stun themselves in the frenzy of consumption. Then the end is very near, because I have already announced this long ago to you, that it will be like before the flood – they ate and drank, they married and were given in marriage and did not pay attention to the admonitions and warnings from above. And it will be difficult to preach the Gospel to these men, because they only pay attention to and strive for this earthly life, they lack all understanding for the spiritual life, and that is why they laugh at and mock every bearer of truth, who will try to convert them. But in the midst of the frenzy of joy comes the last judgment. And that is why it will be horrible for all, who see their God in the earthly world, because they will fall from above into the deep, out of joy into greatest fear; they will fall out of heaven into hell. Because the world with its attractions was their heaven, but it will be destroyed – and most severe imprisonment is the lot of those, who used their freedom on earth wrongly, who live in sin and also die in sin. Beware of the world, because it is a great danger for you – it certainly offers you now still much desirable, but rather renounce it, and strive for the heavenly joys, which come afterwards, and do without, so that you can then enjoy in all fullness the joys of heaven. Do not belong to those who only love themselves and want to get the body all pleasure. The frenzy of joy is short, but a horrible awakening follows it, as it is announced in word and script. But mankind is in great danger, because it is already now blinded by the phantom light of the world, and it does not remain standing in its claims, but will increase them. With gigantic steps it steers towards the last end – it seeks life and will find death; it seeks joy and goes into ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 4575.


Book 53 4576

Professing before the world - Living faith.

1. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4576.

Who confesses me, he also feels connected to me; he will not seek me in the distance; he will have no form faith, but his faith will be a living one, otherwise he would not have the power, to confess me before the world. And it will depend on this in the last time before the end that men have grasped the God idea; that they are therefore convinced of being able to get into contact with their creator from eternity. They therefore believe in me and through this faith are flooded through by my power; they no longer fear the world and its rulers, but me alone, whom they however also love, because they have recognized me as eternal love myself. It is therefore these who will hold out until the end, because they do not feel alone in earthly trouble and distress, but are in so intimately connected with me that they always come to me in every request and every worry. The full trust in my help earns them the help, and so they therefore also resist the world and those, who want to shake their faith; they confess me freely and openly and are unconquerable in this power of faith also towards the strongest enemy. I obviously stand by these in the last time before the end, because my opponent will test them with all power; he will appear as tempter everywhere there, where he expects success. He will influence the men of the world to take hard action against the small flock of believers, and when now the war is waged in all brutality, he promises them worldly pleasures, good living and happiness with abandonment of faith. And the temptation will be great, because the believers get into bad distress through worldly rulers and their measures against all spiritual. Then only a living faith will give the power to resistance. And the loud confessing before the world will fill man anew with power, and on that he recognizes the truth of that, what I have announced to men through my word. And he remains loyal to me; he holds out also in the most difficult time and passes the fight, which is waged against the faith; he remains mine and will never ever separate from me. And I will reward him for his loyalty, as I promised it; I fetch him and introduce him to the paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4576.


Book 53 4577

Overcoming of matter.

2. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4577.

Learn despising the goods of the world; do not let them become the content of your life, but stand above matter; seek to fathom and grasp the spiritual. Matter stands endlessly far behind you; do not again close the chain, by you likewise wanting back and joining the spiritual in matter through your desire, what would be a backward step for you, you who have arrived at the last stage of development on earth. Because your desire is decisive, how your soul ends. If it cannot part with material goods, then these will still pursue it in the hereafter and seek to draw it back; then the soul can also still sink in the hereafter and finally being again engendered into matter, what means enormous and endless agonies for the spiritual. Earth life is given to you for the overcoming of all that, what belongs to my opponent; you are to do the step into the spiritual kingdom out of free will, what however requires giving up of matter, a breaking away of the heart from things, which still hold undeveloped spiritual, therefore cannot find entrance into the spiritual kingdom. As long as you yourselves are still burdened by it, you do not succeed with the upswing into the spheres of light; you are as if held back on earth from the entity, which is embodied in matter. Because this entity still resist me and also wants to prevent all spiritual to join me, why the influence of matter on man is very great, why the lust of man is directed towards matter and fills all his striving. But this striving is not in accordance with the purpose of earth life, you are rather to wipe it out from your heart; you are to strive for spiritual goods; you will be made far happier by them, and no earthly goods make up for that possession, which you gain spiritually through giving up and overcoming former. Your original element is spiritual, which was banished into matter through wrong direction of will, which causes it agonies as fetter, to awaken the desire in the spiritual to become free from matter. When you have reached the stage as man, you have also succeeded most of it, but the last test you still must pass to completely break away from everything what can be called matter, and to desire the spiritual for it – the union with me, from whom you have taken your start, but who is in himself a spirit of highest perfection. You must join me to again become the original element, which can have an effect in extreme fullness of power, free and completely unbound. Endless far you must go away from the spiritual, which is bound in form; you must no longer desire the form, if you want to be active as spirit in all freedom, and will now understand it, that all form, all matter is an obstacle to you, to reach this completely spiritualized state, but which is purpose and destination of your earth life. For that reason practise yourselves in renunciation; become master over all visible, so that matter does not overcome you and pulls you back into darkness, into the banishment in solid form, which is your lot, if you have not overcome matter. Amen. B.D. NR. 4577.


Book 53 4578

Happiness in the spiritual kingdom.

2. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4578.

You cannot estimate the happiness of those, who lay down their bodily cover and are allowed to enter the kingdom of light, their eternal home. All earth suffering they leave behind; nothing heavy depresses them; no enemy besieges them; fear and sadness is foreign to them; their eyes only see beautiful things, extremely lovely landscapes, magnificent objects of my creator will, and figures full of light approach them, to introduce them to the kingdom of peace and happiness. And they are allowed to dwell in these surroundings and occupy themselves according to their own will. And freedom is their happiness after a state, where their souls were still bound and surrounded by earthly matter. Their hearts are able to love and willing to love; they are so glowed red-hot from love that they for that reason alone are already happy, because they constantly find fulfilment. They join souls, which are completely like them, therefore stand in the same degree of maturity, and these connections increase their happiness, because the union out of love also increases the power of the individual being, as well as also the urge to activity and a common love work is now the result, but which makes exceptionally happy, because it is a power development, which again and again earns new power. But the supply of power is a feeling of highest bliss, because it is the proof of the nearness of God. My creatures feel me and also reach, according to their degree of maturity, which makes light irradiation possible, the experience of me myself in a way bearable for them. Their inner happiness increases, because the desire for me increases constantly and always finds fulfilment. What that means, no man on earth can grasp, because earthly love is only a distant echo of spiritual love and already on earth the most desirable, but in the spiritual kingdom it exceeds everything, what is offered to the soul in magnificence, because it means the constant supply of light and power and therefore also constant nearness of God. But as soon as my creatures have entered the kingdom of light, I am for them the quintessence of happiness, and they never ever give me up. And then everyone will receive the reward for his love, which was directed at me on earth. I constantly increase the happiness; I fulfil the soul with my love and always prepare new bliss for it – "because what no man’s eye has ever seen and no man’s ear ever heard, that I have prepared for those who love me." Amen. B.D. NR. 4578.


Book 53 4579

Workers in the vineyard of the Lord. Activity.

3. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4579.

I have chosen you for the spiritual participation in the last time before the end; I have intended an office for you, which you can certainly administer according to my will, if you entrust yourselves to me, therefore completely submit to my leadership. You are therefore not to want yourselves, but let yourselves be guided, therefore await everything, not being anxious, not being worried and not anxiously looking into the future – you are to only hand yourselves over to me and let me alone rule, and everything will come as it is my will and as it is good for the work for me and my kingdom, which you are willing to carry out. I want to put everything in order for you; I direct all your steps; I stand by you with advice and action, and you will feel my will in the heart, i.e., if you devote yourselves to me, your will will also be mine; you will think, speak and act driven by the spirit, which will never ever instruct you wrongly. I have chosen you, because I know about your will that it will be subject to me and therefore my spirit can also have an effect in you. You can therefore always be sure of my protection and my care and speak without hesitation, as my spirit gives it to you; you can carry out every thought, which rises in you, because you are now only still the form, which I have chosen for me, to let my spirit radiate; you are in truth the workers in my vineyard, who only carry out the will of their Lord and perform all earthly activity only in the interest of the mission, which is your duty. You are constantly guided and are not responsible for your doings and speaking, because you have offered yourselves to me for service and I now take over all responsibility for my servants as your Lord as long as they want to serve me in love and loyalty. And this your will I possess and bless you for it, because I need you for this mission on earth, because the end is near and you are to announce it everywhere, because you are to speak on my behalf to all men, who are of good will, so that they prepare themselves for the end, which is imminent, as it is decided for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4579.


Book 53 4580

"I will send the comforter to you." (Explanation of apparent contradictions)

5. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4580.

My spirit introduces you to truth, as I have promised you: I will send the comforter to you, the spirit of truth, which will lead you into all truth and remind you of all that, what I have told you. Who therefore lets this my spirit have an effect in him, he will also stand in truth and can without thinking accept everything, what the spirit out of me imparts to him. Spirit work is therefore precondition to stand in truth. This bear once full seriously in mind, and then you will also know, what you can believe as starting from me. As soon as you recall my words, which I have spoken on earth to my disciples and they also to all men, you will not be able to reject that you can receive pure truth in a way, which I have therefore announced to you with the words: I will send you the comforter, the spirit of truth. And I have mentioned before my words, that I will take residence with those, who prepare their heart for me, that I do not want to let them alone, that I will reveal myself to those, who love me and keep my commands. Therefore it follows from this, that my revelations must come from inside, that I, when have taken residence in the heart of a man, express myself also in the heart and that that leads to, that man hears my voice through the inner word. And again you have a proof that you are therefore allowed to believe this voice unhesitatingly, because it is the expression of my love to those who are mine, who therefore belong to mine, because they themselves have received me into their heart, because I could take up residence in them. Therefore you now have my word, the announcement of my will, truth in purest form. Consequently you do not need to be instructed from outside, if you acknowledge me myself as your master teacher and entrust yourselves to me myself. Therefore a direct communication is possible from you to me, and that you must first of all acknowledge, to be instructed truthfully. Then it will be your endeavour to receive truth out of the first source, and you will also be able to believe convinced, what is imparted to you. Because this knowledge is now sent to you in the fully conscious state; I speak to you, and you listen to me. But I speak to you through your heart, and your heart hears my voice, not your bodily ear, which can only receive words, sent to you from outside. If you hear my word from the inside, then you know that it is me myself, who expresses himself; if on the other hand you hear the word from the outside, then you must seek to discover the place of origin, because much can be offered to you from the outside; also my opponent approaches you from the outside, and therefore you are to examine seriously, and when you examine seriously, you also have the will, to find in me the originator of that, what is offered to you. If you therefore want to hear me speak myself, then I will certainly fulfil your wish, and then every word is truth, which is sent to you, if it is imparted to you by servants devoted to me. And that may be a sure sign to you: that I answer every question for you, if you present it to me for answering. (6.3.1949) You all will always be instructed in a form, which is suited to your degree of maturity; You can only then grasp deepest wisdom, if you have reached a certain degree of maturity, where you can be enlightened from the spiritual kingdom in an unveiled way, what will be comprehensible for you, when you compare for this purpose my work on earth, where I always spoke in parables, in picture language to men, to make it comprehensible to them. So also these veiled instructions have the purpose, to stimulate man to thinking, so that he penetrates into spiritual knowledge and does not just superficially absorb it with is bodily ears. If I give my word unveiled as now, then a degree of maturity is precondition, which guarantees a right understanding of my word. Giving the gist of it, no inconsistencies will now result, as soon as both the veiled as also the direct word from above have the same origin in unveiled form, as soon as each instruction has therefore started from me. But this examination you must carry out first, to which you must just need to request my help, to judge right. Consider that also the adversary works, and exactly then, when men seek to flee him, when they strive for truth to learn to recognize and love me. Then he will always seek to extinguish or to darken the light and be eagerly at work, where opportunity is offered. To now stand by you men and to weaken the work of that power, I inform you through bearers of truth, where unclean powers have led your thinking astray. What comes from above is truth; what comes from below, is error and lie. Where direct spiritual work from the inside is recognizable, there only powers from above can be active, which receive and pass on my radiations. But where powers make use of a form in the unconscious state, there caution is necessary, because a form without will can also be used by a dark power, even so for a short time only, but fellowmen often determine the expressions themselves, which are made through such a form, through their own thoughts and wishes, which are immediately seized by those powers, which now express themselves audibly through a form. Because as soon as among the listeners are strong will powers, their thoughts will also have a strong influence and now seized by light or dark powers according to their truth and expressed audibly. For that reason, with reception of spiritual material, man is to free himself of own knowledge; humbly and like an ignorant little child he is to let himself be instructed, then also purest knowledge will flow towards him, because no resistance is existing, which hinders such.

Many will object to it, that an apparent contradiction becomes visible, but my spirit has always announced the same to men; it was just not understood the same by all, and even those who received my word, were not free of own thoughts, as soon as they turned their look towards the world and brought the events of the world in connection with the spiritual. In addition, for men of that time, in which I dwelled on earth, my plan of salvation from eternity was foreign, and the explanations, which I gave to men about the distant time, were so held that only that man could have formed a right picture of the last time, of the last judgement and of the end, who was completely formed to love. The others lacked recognition, and a clear description of the last events would not have been to their advantage, because they still stood before the judgment particularly announced to them, before the destruction of Jerusalem, which meant for those men also a section of an epoch and was closer to them then the end. So knowledge was certainly given to men of a renewal, of a spiritual change, but with the addition, which was more related to the change of men, than to the transformation of the earth, because the knowledge about latter was not good for their spiritual state. But now I turn to those men, who experience the last section of this earth – I turn to those, who have reached certain soul maturity and therefore also the understanding for what is coming. To them I give complete information and instruct them to give knowledge of it to fellowmen. But they will only find faith with those, who, through right striving for perfection, are also able to judge and are of bright spirit, who know my plan of salvation and therefore know that there is no other possibility any more than a total remodelling of earth, for the sake of the souls, which are fallen too deeply and are still to be redeemed one day. Now I speak to men of the time

B.D. NR. 4580

of the end, but also then my words were not contradictory – I spoke as man Jesus so as I saw it and was hindered to see the end as it comes. – I saw transformed mankind, but not the transformed earth, because God liked it to leave men at that time in ignorance about it. (7.3.1949) That and how long earth must remain education station of the spiritual, that it therefore must afterwards remain existing as earthly creation, was certainly to be explained to men, but the remodelling of the surface of the earth affects the ascent development of the spiritual bound in matter and the new banishment of the spiritual, which, embodied as man, has not passed the faith and will test. Both was not yet comprehensible to mankind; it only differentiated an earthly world, as it existed, and a pure spiritual world, and explanation was only given to men that the earth as material world is not yet to be eliminated and that the further development must proceed in still endless long time on this earth, because the earth as heavenly body does not pass by, it will only fulfil its mission after the last judgement in completely new shape and therefore start a new development period with a paradisical state – with those men who get raptured before, because they prove their loyalty to me in the last faith struggle, because they hold out until the end and for that reason become happy in closest connection with me and the spiritual kingdom full of light. Amen. B.D. NR. 4580.


Book 53 4581

Food and drink for the soul. Heavenly bread.

8. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4581.

The bread of heaven is offered to you, which cannot be served more deliciously, because my love itself has prepared it for you and hands it out to you, as it is digestible for you, as you are receptive for the food, which is to serve your soul as food. That you need food, which is to help you to mature, I must again and again represent to you, so that you do not neglect to take it; but in which form I administer it to you, depends on how you utilize the spiritual food, because no matter what you receive, you are not allowed to to let it lie fallow, but you must use it for your ascent development. No work you can accomplish, if you lack power, and so you must also be strengthened to carry out the most important work, the reshaping of your soul. And this strengthening I want to give you by me offering the bread of heaven to you. Your body demands food and drink daily, and you will not deny it, what it needs to the maintenance. Your soul indeed also admonishes you for that reason, but just quietly and modestly it makes the demand to you, so that you mostly do not hear it and neglect the soul, to give to the body all the more. And so I come myself to its help; I want to administer food and drink to it, but need your consent thereto, that you turn towards the soul, that you therefore also use the gift, which comes from above, according to its purpose. Then it will receive food constantly and experience a strengthening, which does it good indescribably, through which it matures and reaches the destination, which is set for it during earth life. What I offer you from above, cannot be replaced by earthly things, as also no food of the body can feed the soul, because the soul is something spiritual and also needs spiritual substances as fare, which cannot be supplied to it by earthly food. I myself must feed it, and it can also always be my guest; I will never give it sparingly. But I can give it nothing, if man desires nothing, if he does not pay attention to a delicious gift from above. And for that reason the will of man is required to accept out of my hand the food for his soul. The spiritual food, the bread of heaven, must be requested, and if the desire for it exists, my gift will also be used right. I certainly call everyone to my table, to hand to him food and drink, but hunger and thirst I demand, so that my gift of love is received desirably and thankfully and the soul draws power, so that it can develop spiritually and change to a being, which is like me, so that I can unite with it and it is happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4581.


Book 53 4582

Spiritual maturation of those who are to carry out a mission.

9. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4582.

I will direct your steps, if you just entrust yourselves to my leadership without own will. There is no danger, which is greater than he, who can rescue you from it; there is no enemy, who is stronger than I, and there are no ways, which are impassable, if I move along besides you. Therefore there should also be no worry and fear for you, because I am always prepared to stand by you, whatever it may be. The ways, which I lead you, must however be followed, and everything must approach you so, as my love and wisdom from eternity has determined, because it makes your maturity possible and also gives other souls the opportunity, to get in touch with you, you who are to help those wandering, to reach truth; you who are to direct them towards me. Your spiritual assignment calls for a certain state of maturity, which your life fate enables you to reach. But no matter if it may appear difficult, with my help everything is easy to overcome, and I never leave you for ever, you who have united yourselves with me through your will.

There are only so few men, who stand in direct contact with me, so that I can entrust them with a mission, which is immensely urgent in the last time before the end. There are so few, who fulfil all preconditions, to make my work possible in them and to be able to use them as my tools. And for that reason I will take everyone, who is willing to serve me, into particular protection, although I also apply special measures of education exactly with him, but only to his best to make him suitable for his task. But I never leave him without protection and help, why you are to start and end every day without fear, as long as you direct your look up to me and therefore through your thoughts connect with me. Every thought from you draws me to you, and so I give you my word as proof of my presence, truly all anxious worry is unnecessary, because then you really know me near you and can come to me with every worry and with every question; I will stand at your side with advice and action and always be there for you, because you are my children, for which I care with my fatherly love and truly let go no wrong ways – to whom I give power to overcome everything so that you can fulfil your mission on earth until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4582.


Book 53 4583

Christ’s work of redemption.

10. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4583.

Christ’s work of redemption has been accomplished, and still countless souls go unredeemed into eternity. Countless souls do not claim the favour, which the man Jesus has acquired on the cross for the whole of mankind, and they remain in the power of Satan; they remain bound by his will; redemption from his power cannot become theirs, because they themselves do not want it, because they hang on to the opponent of God, who does not release them, to not rob himself of his power. Jesus Christ was the greatest benefactor of mankind, and still only few know him, and even those who say his name, know not more than his name; they know nothing about his love sacrifice, which he offered to God to help sinful mankind, which pressed to the ground by the burden of sin, has neither will nor power to redeem itself. Mankind was sinful, because as a result of the former sin of arrogance of the spiritual had to go through earth life with the aim of maturing of the soul. It was so to speak the product of sin. God created the human form to give to the fallen spiritual in there the possibility, to again develop itself upwards to a spiritual being, which turns away from sin and consciously strives for God. This is certainly possible that the spiritual in man changes so during earth life that it can, as image of God, enter into eternity, that it therefore can be redeemed, when it has the will for that purpose. But as long as man stands under the influence of him, who once was to blame for his defection, he lacks the will to redemption and also the power, which he can obtain from God only and which God gives only to that being, which does not abuse the power for work for his opponent, but uses it right according to his will. About this weakness of man, about his bound will and about the power of the opponent of God, the man Jesus knew, who through love had penetrated into the deepest wisdom of God. He knew about it, and he had compassion, to leave helpless fellowmen to the dark fate, and so he wanted to strengthen the weak, get the will-less to its feet and impart power to it, to rid itself of the fetter of the enemy. And so he made a sacrifice for his fellowmen; he acquired favour and power for them and reinforced will through a work of love, which he made to God as sin sacrifice, to make redemption easy for them. He died for mankind the death on the cross; he wanted to redeem fellowmen – from their weakness and from sin of the former defection from God. He has accomplished the greatest work of love, which no man on earth can estimate in its value and its depth. All men can become free from their tormentor; they can wipe off all fetters and in the deepest meaning of the word "redeemed" enter the spiritual kingdom, if they just acknowledge Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world, present their weakness and their sin to him and ask for his help. But they pay no attention to him – they do not believe in his power and strength and also do not request it, and as a result they also cannot use the favour of the work of redemption, and Jesus Christ has died for these men in vain, their state of sin has remained the same, and if they die, they are so extremely burdened with the old sin of the former rebellion against God, as also with an extremely weakened will, which always lets them fall more and more into the hands of the opponent of God. And the work of redemption of the man Jesus has been accomplished in vain for these souls, to whom now no other help can be given anymore and who therefore enter the kingdom of darkness bound, when they lose the life of their body. Over these souls Satan has gained the victory, because they have given themselves into the hand of him, although the possibility was given to them, to request the help of Jesus, whose love to mankind was so great, that he wanted to be a rescuer of everyone, because he knows about the terrible agonies of those, who enter the hereafter unredeemed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4583.


Book 53 4584

Serious admonition to loyal work in the vineyard of the Lord.

11. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4584.

Do not let yourselves be kept back from your spiritual activity; consider that it is extremely important that you have to fulfil a task, which not every man can be instructed to do, and for that reason the few, who I have found suitable for it, must also be eagerly busy in consideration of the many souls, which need help in spiritual trouble. Consider how the earthly stands in first place with men; how little time they find for a quiet stocktaking of themselves; how rarely they touch spiritual things in conversation, and how coldly they also face spiritual debates. And you must recognize the spiritual low, in which the souls stand. Then consider that you all stand close to the end, in which state the souls are, if they are now to withstand the last great onslaught; when they are to decide for me or for the earthly world – consider which decision is perhaps secure. The trouble is gigantic, and it is still to be steered with the best will and ability. Many souls you can still move to a turning back, when truth is brought close to them, and I have chosen you for this work and again and again admonish you to be loyal workers for me and to use every opportunity to cultivate the field and to scatter good seed. Do not let yourselves be held back; serve me first, before you serve fellowmen, because I am truly a capable Lord for you, and will not let your effort and work be unpaid. Consider that the earthly goods cannot replace that for you, what I have to offer you, and consider that you yourselves have to hand out more delicious goods, than you can ever gain through earthly activity. Consider the spiritual poverty of men, and help them through handing out of spiritual treasures, because they are certainly in great misery, although earthly they lead a well-ordered life and can supply to the body what it desires. Cover the needs of their souls, and you have truly accomplished a work of neighbourly love, which is thanked and repaid for by those souls until all eternity. And do not let yourselves be captured by the world, which wants to have an effect on you with all its attractions, which my opponent uses to make you unsuitable for the work for me and my kingdom. Remain loyal to me and serve me, and I will always support you and be with you with my favour. Amen. B.D. NR. 4584.


Book 53 4585

My kingdom is not of this world.

11. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4585.

My kingdom is not of this world. Therefore I must again and again warn you of this world, when you want to enter my kingdom, because you can only possess one, and must renounce one for the sake of which what you desire. If you now prefer the earthly world to my kingdom, you certainly live for a short time in pleasures, and all wishes are fulfilled for you by my opponent; but you lose that kingdom for yourselves, which offers you happiness for ever. You make a very bad exchange, but which you can never ever make up for, because who is once captured by the world, he also does not come free of matter in the opposite kingdom and in the end becomes again what he strives for; he falls deeper and deeper, because matter draws him and he has become a slave to it through the cunning of Satan, because what makes you happy in the world, are means from him, through which he lures you to him, and as soon as your heart calls for it, he already has gained victory over you. My kingdom is not of this world. If you therefore want to enter my kingdom, then turn your back to the world; learn to despise it; just fulfil your duty, but direct your eyes up, and you soon see a light shine, which lets the earthly world appear dark to you. And then all desire for the world is suffocated, because the light from above has a brightness outshining everything and attracts everyone, who has not yet become a slave of the world. But your free decision is essential; you are to choose yourselves, which kingdom you want to possess; you are to turn to my kingdom out of the most inner drive and thus also prove the desire for me; you are to despise the world as the kingdom of my opponent and withdraw yourselves from his influence, by you fighting against earthly desires and direct heart and mind there where I sit enthroned as ruler, to the kingdom of light, which is your true home. Amen. B.D. NR. 4585.


Book 53 4586

God’s cooperation with the work for his kingdom – Self-will - God’s will

12. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4586.

Your thinking and acting is directed by my will, as soon as you carry out spiritual activity and therefore want to serve me consciously. Nothing you will therefore undertake against my will, and for that reason the inner connection with me through prayer or intimate thoughts is enough that I seize you and direct your thinking right, and then you do not need to fear to act wrongly. Who wants to work in my vineyard and is before prepared to listen to me, to him the work is now also assigned by me, and indeed through the voice of the heart. As it therefore presses you out of the inside, so it is also my will, accordingly you are to now also act. If the inner voice keeps you back, then also follow it, but do not delay to carry out, which I cause you to do. Speak if it presses you, because I am always at work, and you never speak out of yourselves, as soon as spiritual matters are debated. Because that is my work, that I lead you into opportunities, where I can speak through you. Every opportunity is to be used, because every door is to be opened and because you must contribute to it, by you lending me your human form, which I now make use of, to speak to men, to have an effect on their spiritual state, which can only be raised through impartation of truth. You therefore must spread truth; you must mention my work and preach my word in firm faith in me and my presence fearlessly and without inhibitions, to those who are still of dark spirit. No step you go without me – you can be sure of it that nothing is by chance and every way is prescribed to you.

Everything you think and do I make my business, because you do not know it, how unspeakably important your mission is, how I want to approach mankind through you and how necessarily I need you for this office of a mediator, to preserve the freedom of will and of faith of men and still to bring help to them, because they do not want to help themselves. I approach all who lack right knowledge and who still have an obedient will, who are not yet of hardened heart and therefore can feel, who speaks to them through you, when they want to feel it. And there are often strange ways, which you must go, which you as it were choose out of yourselves and still just obey the voice of my spirit, which pushes you on this way. There is for you no coincidence, because your fate is determined for eternity, and who serves me, to him I particularly lay down every way, which he has to go. And that is why you are not to worry what you are to do and how to act. Carry out that, what lies in your will, and what appeals to you, and you will then always do the right thing, as soon as you have before devoted your will to me, as soon as you leave it to me which task I give to you through your heart. Then you will act according to feeling, and it will correspond to my will. You are just not allowed to start anything without me, always you are to listen to my instructions, i.e. pay attention to what appears emotionally right to you, and also do it; you will act as it is my will, and be active as a blessing of fellowmen for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4586.


Book 53 4587

Warning of rejection of the divine word. "Prove all things"

13. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4587.

Truly I tell you, you do yourselves untold harm if you do not pay attention to my word spoken directly from above, if you content yourselves with the instructions, which are given to you by ignorant leaders and which you only understand when you take my word from above to heart. You are to strive first for the light, because only a right light illuminates the way, which you must go, to reach the destination. In darkness you miss the right way; in darkness you direct your steps there, where you see a light flash, and these are only false lights, which distract you from the right way. You must desire a right light, i.e., you must seek to gain right knowledge, to acquire knowledge for yourselves, which is according to truth, to get a right picture through this of me as most loving father and creator from eternity, to then strive persistently towards the union with me as your former start. And for that reason you must be instructed in truth. But only he can impart truth to you, who himself is eternal truth, or he, who has himself received truth from him. Strive for this sole truth and do not content yourselves with a knowledge, which has not the eternal source as origin. I cannot urgently enough let you have this admonition, not to pass it, if my love reveals itself to you and supplies you with purest truth. Prove all things and hold fast that which is good. If a gift is offered to you as word of God, then attend and consider in the heart, what view you should take. Do not reject unproved, but consider, that you could indeed reject a great gift of favour, and therefore check with a view to what is offered to you. If you can then reject with inner conviction, then you are not to blame, but a serious examination should precede, so that – who is of good will and of a heart able to love, recognizes the voice of the father, which speaks to him. The most valuable gift of favour is offered to you, which my love has ready for you. Use it; let the favour have an effect on you; listen to my word and realize it, and you will very soon recognize that it is eternal truth, which comes from me myself and makes you truly knowing; you will feel the brightness in you and clearly recognize the way to me; you will be able to believe convincingly and now also be able to represent me before the world, because your faith is a living one, but what only pure truth achieves. And for that reason I admonish you once again: Do not reject my servants, when they offer you my word. I myself impart to you the most valuable gift of favour, eternal truth, because only through truth you can become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4587.


Book 53 4588

Work of the spirit. Examination. Proof oratorical gift. Truth – error. Messengers of God.

14. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4588.

A great building must be made totter, and this work you are to tackle, for which I myself give you instructions with the power to carry out the work. Everywhere, where truth is suspected, where one believes to stand in truth, error has crept in, and it is now your duty to uncover this error, for which you would not be able out of your own power, with the intellect alone, however are able to do with my help, and for that reason are to teach in my name, what I have announced to you through the spirit. Every one of you is to make an effort to let my spirit speak, to so gain possession of pure truth. And when this is not achieved, you are to pay attention to that, what my messengers announce to you, who again are instructed by me, directly through the voice of the spirit. Every bearer of truth will represent the same thought material, i.e., where once truth is supplied, there also the same results will always be there; that spirit, which stands in connection with the father spirit from eternity, will announce the same to all. Therefore different results must be examined on their origin. What starts from my spirit, remains truth for ever, which never changes, no matter how and in which form it is offered to you. The work of my spirit guarantees purest truth, and so it is just to be checked, when my spirit is at work and where false prophets pretend to be my disciples and representatives on earth. And this you can easily establish, whether consciously or unconsciously that thought material is accepted, which claims truth. If I pour out my spirit, no occurrence for a curious crowd takes place, because I do not face you men in such a way, that you would even be forced to believe in the smallest measure. No-one will notice something extraordinary, unless he regards the fluent oratorical gift as something unusual, but then I refer to my word: Do not think about what you will speak - "I will put the words into your mouth." Then you already have a sign that my spirit works in him, who therefore speaks well. But when other extraordinary signs are given to you as proof, then do not believe that it is me, who so appears. Now and then you will perhaps be able to observe appearances with men, which refer to the time of my earth walk – if particularly believing men, devoted to me, contribute in this way to the stimulation of a weak faith of fellowmen. But the work of the spirit concerns mostly the passing on of my word, because through my word mankind is to be guided into truth and because through my word also my will is announced, of which fulfilment again results in the direct work of the spirit. Mankind certainly seeks and gropes for truth, but it does not go the right way to find it. But every man carries truth in him. Every man carries the spirit spark in him, which is my share and which can impart fullest truth to him, when man directs the look inwards and listens to the expression of the spirit spark, of the word, which therefore comes from me, because the spirit spark is my share for eternity. Grasp it, you men, that you must seek in you yourselves, but not wait, what is brought to you from outside! But since you no longer fulfil the conditions, which presupposes an expression of the spirit in you, since you are no longer able to hear my word in you, (15.3.1949) since you therefore do not come to me, I come to you, by me sending a messenger to you, who hears the expression of his spirit, my word, and is to inform you about it. It is certainly now also brought to you from outside, but as unmistakeable contribution from above, which everybody can detect, if he just makes the effort of a serious examination or lets himself be guided by his inner spirit, therefore does not resist, when my word appeals to him emotionally. And my word will appeal to every man seriously longing for truth, because my love power has an effect with him, who strives for me as eternal truth. Therefore I myself come to meet him, and I draw him to me, if I find no resistance. Therefore pay attention to the work of the spirit, and accept the offer of him, who full consciously listens to the voice of the spirit in him, because you can believe his results, because he is directly instructed by me through my spirit. Be aware of false prophets, who also use my name and still have no direct contact with me; who therefore think of being able to instruct fellowmen and are without knowledge themselves. Be aware of those, who accept their wisdom on a way, where I myself cannot be at work, because powers from below push their way for it, without getting turned down by the will of the receiver – where man himself gives up the will and now possession is taken of his will. Their will in the conscious state may be good, the way however, which they choose, is wrong. Come to me; connect yourselves in the spirit with me; listen inwards, and with all intimacy beg for the work of my spirit – and you will receive what you ask for; you will be instructed in fullest truth directly by me or through my messengers. But my spirit will always teach you and lead into all truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4588.


Book 53 4589

Task of the servants of God: Enlightenment about living faith and truth.

15. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4589.

Your task consists in that you support truth, that you speak enlightened everywhere, where you recognize error and oppose it with truth, that in this way you shake the security of those, who think error to be truth, that they become thoughtful and the light beings now have a mental effect on them. Your task is further in that respect that you make the difference of a living and a dead faith clear to fellowmen, that they do not content themselves with the observing of customs and formulas, but form their faith to a living one and establish the living connection with me. You men cannot hear my voice in you as long as you do not energetically strive for a change of nature, but which never happens without the inner firm will and the prayer for favour and supply of power. Only then life in you starts, then the soul remembers the earth life purpose, and only then it fulfils its task to develop up. But this will and the prayer in spirit and in truth is little found among men, and nevertheless they think to believe, because they comply with the church meetings and demands; but their souls achieve no considerable progress; the change of the character does not take place, and the work of the spirit in man is an impossibility and in exactly the same way the supply of pure truth, why error over error is spread in the world, what again means an unhappy state of mankind, because truth alone is light and light alone makes happy. The power of Satan is great, and it also extends there, where truth out of me should be represented, where the Gospel should be taught in all pureness, as I myself have preached it on earth to men. And because of that he also has so great power over the supposedly believers, because they themselves do not join me closely enough, because they certainly speak about me, but do not have me in the heart; because they certainly pray, but mostly with the lips and not in spirit and in truth. Because the length of a prayer does not increase the effect, and an intimate thought is heard rather than well-set words of long duration. Everywhere the adversary lurks, and seeks to cause the downfall of men, and he has good success, where the will is not serious and firm to reach me. But who summons this will, to him I hold on, that he does not fall in the temptations of the opponent. To him I give power, and he will remain victor. But where is the will so serious that the hot, begging request rises to me: Lord, draw me to you; help me against all trouble of the body and the soul; give me pure, unadulterated truth, and let me recognize and love you. Where is faith so alive that the heart speaks these words and not only the mouth? – This living faith I want, and where I find it, I am certainly constantly present, because such a heart I do not let fall into the hands of my opponent. But he seeks to prevent you men from the intimate connection with me, and therefore he first seeks to darken truth; he scatters error and gives you a distorted picture of me. And because your will is weak, you let yourselves be influenced by him, and you believe his words more, he who describes me as a God of revenge and of anger and not of love and decreases your desire for me. He is present to you, but I am far from you, because your heart does not draw me; it belongs to the world, which is his kingdom. And your faith is dead – it is just a professing with the mouth, but not a firmly convinced faith, that I am and would like to unite myself with you as my creatures. Faith is lacking, because you do not stand in truth. And for that reason you, my servants, are to fight for truth and take action against error, and I will always be present to you with my favour. Amen. B.D. NR. 4589.


Book 53 4590

Re-embodiment teaching – false doctrine. Heavenly bodies.

17. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4590.

Do not be disconcerted through supposed contradictions, but seek an explanation in this respect, that your perceptive faculty is sometimes not enough to understand something well, but where there is also no need for a contradiction to exist, but is just assumed by you. It is enough for you to know that I never teach you myself wrongly and that I always impart knowledge so, that your soul profits from it. The karma teaching now is not suitable to get you to heightened spiritual striving; it is rather a motive for you to lead a lukewarm life in the spiritual sense. Already that is why it is of little profit for the soul, and it does not find my full approval that you men reckon with a renewed return to earth and because of that become more careless in your striving. The ascent development of the spiritual is certainly promoted by me in every way, and where I recognize a sure possibility to help your soul to maturity there I am also prepared to every consent, always however based on the laws of my eternal order, but never arbitrarily creating opportunities. And so it must be understandable to you that I will not point you to a renewed course of development on this earth, which assumes a complete failure of you during life on earth, but want to protect you from this failure and therefore admonish you, warn and inform you, to prevent failure. It would be a wrong way of education when I would hold out the prospect of another way to reach the goal where you still have the right way before you, therefore are supposed to go and also can go with the right direction of your will. And when I first present to you the endless many embodiments, then also only so, to let you become aware of the great responsibility for the short earth life walk. So therefore the knowledge about it is only to contribute to an increased striving, but not that you draw the wrong conclusions from it and become more careless in your striving, in the hope of a repetition of an embodiment on this earth, when you do not reach the goal. My spirit certainly enlightens you, and when you now trustingly turn towards me, I give you insight through my servants how far your thinking is right. Would you know about the endless many possibilities to mature on the endless many heavenly bodies in the universe, then you would never in a lifetime get the idea that a soul is again transferred back on earth. But the soul, which is not yet fully matured, certainly must still experience many embodiments where it again and again can prove itself, therefore can develop upwards. The teaching of a re-embodiment of the soul is therefore certainly based on truth but this does not say that the soul finds itself again on earth born into flesh, but with it the many possibilities of an ascent development on other creations are indicated, where the soul in a material or spiritual form is given assignments, which fulfilment secures it the ascent. When a soul is repeatedly brought to this earth then it is an exception which requires a spiritual mission, but cannot be generalized. Souls which have departed imperfectly from earth will imagine themselves to continue to live on earth, they will stay in areas of which they believe to be transferred into exceedingly deserted, infertile stretches of land, and still they are on another heavenly body which is supplied with creations of most primitive kind according to the maturity of their soul and that is why it means a poor, oppressive stay for their soul – a purification opportunity for very materialistic minded men, who are to give up their desires to then be allowed, according to their will, to be transferred to another work of creation for the purpose of ascent. Because you are still too much a lover of this earth you also only attach a meaning to the word re-embodiment, that this earth is the stay of a re-embodied soul, but that you should consider the unfathomable great work of creation of my love, which has come into being only because of the innumerable spirit beings, which have to go the way of completion and also go in one way or another – in material creations, as long as the soul is not spiritualized, therefore has become sensitive to light, and in spiritual creations, where the spiritualized soul can also ascent all the time, where it crystallizes more and more and enables itself to absorb the radiation of myself. Imagine infinity, look at the starry sky whose innumerable stars are creations of my will, determined for the reception of souls in need of development – and you will appreciate that this earth is not alone carrier of beings, which are to strive up and that it is certainly not necessary so again transfer souls, which failed in earth life, once again to this earth, which certainly is the only station to reach the adoption as children of God, but cannot be chosen just as you like and repeatedly as maturation station. And so the teaching of more often re-embodiments on this earth has to be declared as false doctrine, which has to be fought as being harmful for souls, because it weakens the will of men and endangers the earnest change of the being, through the prospect to be able to make up for the neglected in a renewed life until the last perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 4590.


Book 53 4591

Love precondition to be able to believe God’s word.

20. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4591.

The stronger love towards me is, which is expressed in practical neighbourly love, the more receptive you will be for my word, no matter where and in which form it is offered to you. Then you recognize the voice of the father in my word, but which remains foreign to you and lets you untouched, if you lack love. And that is the puzzle’s solution, why so many people go past and remain without impression from the word, which is offered to them from above. They do not have love and for that reason do not push like children towards the father, why they are also not able to hear the voice of the father. And therefore you are to preach love first, if you want to have success with the greatest proof of my father love – with my word, which is to change men. You are to just introduce the command to them, of which observance means a way of life according to my will. Only then man will be able through my word to be guided into truth, i.e., the knowledge, which is now imparted to him, will now be comprehensible to him and credible. Because faith is only the result of love; without love it is not possible for man to believe that, what is supplied to him as spiritual knowledge. And so a high degree of love must fill man, if he wants to hear my voice audibly in him. You all can yourselves create for yourselves the proof, if you believe these words and would seriously strive for an increased degree of love. But your will is not sufficient for it, and you also use too little the favour of prayer for strengthening of the will, for power to love activity, and so you can never penetrate into deepest knowledge, which is sounding offered to you by me myself, if you have the maturity necessary for it. You will therefore always just have to believe, but not being able to create for yourselves the proof of the truth of that, what is imparted to you through my word. You must believe, but also can it, if you just live in love. Then your faith will be a convinced one, also without proof, because love is always the power, which enlivens everything and also makes faith to a living one. Amen. B.D. NR. 4591.


Book 53 4592

God’s word proof of his presence.

20. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4592.

Believe my words, and do not torment yourselves with doubts and questions of all kind. My word proves my presence to you, and therefore I stay there, where my word is intimately desired and accepted. And consequently I am in the heart of him who listens to me, and happy who let me myself speak to them. But who is he, who announces himself through the voice of the spirit? It is the spirit, who is from eternity and will be until all eternity, of which you have been radiated out as most tiny little spark into infinity, which put you as isolated beings in the midst of his creation and who gave you the ability to think and to want independently. He gave freedom to your thinking and wanting, so that your development may now be an act of free will. I myself now instruct you, in which way you are to bring about your own development. I myself therefore communicate most closely with you and am always present to you, consequently I will not want that you get lost to me, and keep you, as long as you do not tend from me. And I will be victorious. Do not fear my opponent, but give yourselves to me as my own, and the opponent will lose all power over you. When you yourselves hear me in you, you are to drop all doubt and always only receive the answer out of my word. And I obviously appear to those who for the sake of their souls desire an answer, because they are not able to hear it in themselves. Trust in my help – it will become yours . Amen. B.D. NR. 4592.


Book 53 4593

Mission of the last disciples of the time of the end. Announcing of the Gospel.

22. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4593.

Your mission is a very significant one, because many people stand outside of church communities and therefore also outside of spiritual instructions, which are to help them to progress. To them you are now to bring the Gospel; you are to inform them of my will and of their duty and responsibility to the soul. The thinking of these people is mostly turned towards the world, and for that reason the spiritual field is completely foreign to them. Therefore you will first have to direct them; you will have to point their thoughts to the life of the soul, into the spiritual kingdom, which is no concept for them yet, as long as they know nothing about it. As soon as you now touch the sphere conversationally, which is foreign to the man, the interest is aroused and the desire awakens to receive information about that spheres. And according to the strength of the desire he will now be instructed. A beautiful task is therefore now your duty to enlighten completely ignorant men and to awaken the interest in them, to then constantly impart knowledge to them, which you have received from the original source. Only such men can do this task, who themselves stand in the desire for truth and receive truth in direct communication with me. These are therefore my last disciples, the disciples of the time of the end, who I send out again into the world, to bring the Gospel to men. I very well know that it is far more difficult for them to believe and to now to represent their faith to the world, and for that reason I give to them the gift of speaking, so that they recognize who he is, who announces himself through the spirit. My disciples must be invigorated; I must approach them, so that they themselves are and remain deeply believing; I must look after them very particularly and give them obvious signs from time to time that I myself am present to them, otherwise they become weak and could not complete their mission. I must further give them the understanding for the messages from above, so that they stand up for my word with eagerness and conviction, so that they are right representatives of the teaching of Christ, which I offer to them in all purity from above. Because there are many, who need an indication; there are many who need spiritual leaders; there are many who feel a clear word of my love beneficent and now concern themselves mentally with it; there are many who would like to believe, but cannot do it, because they have not found the right teachers – there are many, who are grateful for right enlightenment and willingly listen to my messengers. And to these you are to bring the Gospel, so as it starts with me; you are to inform them of the forthcoming and of my infinite love; you are to complete the work, which my disciples have once started; you are to fulfil your mission full of eagerness, so that my opponent will be driven out and finally gets the prey away from him, which he already believes to possess. You are to be my right representatives on earth in that short time, which still remains for you men until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4593.


Book 53 4594

God speaks through the heart - the opponent of God through the intellect.

24. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4594.

I obviously want to appear to you, but if you also then still do not recognize me, because your will to reject is stronger, my mating calls are in vain. Do not fight against my favour; do not step out of the shine of my love sun, and pay attention to that what happens around you. Because I will become clearer, if you do not understand my language of love. Who wants to be active for God, he works for God with every thought and every action; who puts the world first, works for God’s opponent. And apply standards to this, which will moves a man to his activity, because if the will of man is directed towards me, he is also my worker and will, as my servant, also be provided by me fully with spiritual and earthly good. But who is active for me, he is to take part with the heart, not just with the intellect, because the intellect truly is not enough, if he wants to judge. Who wants to serve me, him I will not leave with my favour for ever, and he never ever needs to fear that a counter power is stronger than I and can overcome him. Who therefore desires me, his will has already wrested himself from my opponent and can no longer be determined by him to wrong acting and thinking. He must just pay attention to the feeling of the heart and not grant supreme power to the intellect, because I speak to you men through the heart – and your heart will truly always let you recognize what is right, while the intellect is the door, where my opponent seeks and also often finds entrance. Keep this door shut before him; withdraw into the small room of the heart, where it is light and bright, if the sun of my love sends its rays into it and gives in fullness to everyone who wants to serve me what he needs. Become like children; listen to the voice of the father and follow it, and no suffering will happen to you, because the father is then constantly present to you and protects you in every trouble and danger. Amen. B.D. NR. 4594.


Book 53 4595

Presence of God. Voice of the father. Right children.

24. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4595.

I am with you, if you hear my voice mentally or also sounding, as your soul maturity allows it. And my presence you must feel, otherwise it is no living connection, into which you have entered through prayer. And so you will also win the conviction that you are in divine protection; that nothing bad can approach you and that you are consequently my protιgιs. Who is not aware of this, he doubts my presence and therefore my direct work at and in you; he has also no share in me; he stands far from me through his hostility, which arises from his unbelief. Who desires me, he also possesses me; who doubts me, prevents me myself to approach him. So you men create yourselves the relationship in which I stand towards you. The God of love is always prepared for you, if you grant him entry into your heart and if you therefore want to receive me, you never ever need to fear, that my opponent crowds in, therefore you yourselves through your will determine him, who takes possession of you. And you will not at all have to be the prey of Satan, as long as you strive towards me and are willing to serve me. Mankind is spiritually blind; it does not grasp the miracle, which takes place, where my word from above is supplied to earth. And where I therefore work, the world steps in and would like to extinguish the light out of the heavens; it cannot take the radiating gleam and seeks to darken it. Where I work, there my opponent lurks for opportunity to cast a shadow upon the light, and the will of man encourages him. They shrink from the right light; but they devote themselves to the pursuit of false lights, and soon they are not able to tell the difference between a right light and a false light. My spirit would enlighten them, if they would just pay attention to that, what the heart announces to them. But they only let the intellect speak, and it misleads them. And so only he will reach his destination, who lets himself be instructed by me through the heart; who is believing like a child and therefore also recognizes the voice of the father, may it sound directly or through messengers to him – it is always my word, which wants to announce to men and testifies to me. Who does not recognize this my word, he is not mine; he does not have me as father, but him, who works against me; who wants to push the children away from the heart of the father and who has also great power, if the child isolates itself from the father, if it becomes apostate to him. Do not fall victim to him, otherwise your will is weakened, and you can only be helped through most intimate connection, through conscious striving for my presence and unconditional submission of your will. Then the doings of my opponent become obvious to you, and my love will gain victory, because it is meant for you, as long as you stay on earth and also in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4595.


Book 53 4596

Announcement of judgment. As at the time of the flood.

25. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4596.

And so you are to constantly keep in with me and desire my power, because the day of horror approaches more and more for all men, whether they belong to me or not. Because they see themselves handed over to a power, against which they cannot fight with their will. And I want that they tremble and shake that they consider the possibility to request help from that power, so that they establish the connection with their creator and preserver from eternity. The thinking of men is so confused, and few content themselves with quiet love towards me, which earns them firm faith, power and spiritual progress; few live a life in humble submission and devotion to me. The world demands its tribute, and there are only few who join me so closely and, driven by the spirit, flee to me in all trouble and distress. And it is like at the time of the flood – they respect no God and are therefore doomed to fall. But I still want to rescue the few and also there come upon resistance, where I lead my current of favour to. Because Satan rages and fights with all weapons, because he knows that he no longer has much time. Be careful that he does not tempt you and open heart and eyes for the ray of love from above, because it is a spring, which is not allowed to be underestimated, and who has once drunk from it, he will no longer be able to do without the living water, and if he spurns it, he will have to fade away and break down by the wayside, because nothing else can offer him replacement. Where my spirit works, there arrive, and accept my gift of favour, and do not fear that I as your father give you food, which does not agree with you. Take and eat – because the father, who loves his children, offers it to you, and he will truly not give you badly, but just bestow on you, what leads you closer to his heart. Amen. B.D. NR. 4596.


Book 53 4597

Simple and spiritual meaning of instructions.

25. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4597.

You cannot grasp the depth of those instructions, which are granted to you through my love and favour, because you only understand the simple meaning, but not the spiritual meaning, which every word from me still holds. But the simple knowledge is enough for you, because it fulfils the purpose, by right use of the will to bring the soul to maturity. But if you would grasp the deeper meaning of that, what I speak to you from above, then your happiness would find no limits. It would be a perpetual seeing into the spiritual kingdom, which is superb of creations of most marvellous kind. But I mostly send to you only earthly enlightenment, so that you first fulfil your earth tasks, why your spirit is certainly kept awake, however does not exclusively occupy itself with things, which are still too early for you and only become comprehensible to already more mature men. (26.3.1949) But with increasing maturity also your power of comprehension increases, and the limits can be exceeded, which are condition in the state of imperfection. Then the soul is already open-minded, and it can receive wisdoms, which are too high for the intellect alone. Then my love teaching, which is actually quite simple and comprehensible, will always enlighten and explain in depth new problems; it will be recognized as inexhaustible spring of wisdom; it will testify to its founder and break through the darkness of night as brightly radiating light in the wide surrounding area, i.e. give enlightenment to all who would like to find their way out of their spiritual blindness and do not shrink from the light. Every word, which I have spoken on earth, has eternity value; it is unchanging and can still be regarded as different, without however having to be explained as erroneous in one view. But the state of maturity of a man determines the different views, and so also every word of mine can be interpreted differently, without being a wrong judgement. But for the spiritual man an agreement will always be recognizable, therefore an open contradiction will not become evident, which could lead to unbelief. But spiritual immature men often object to words, which they would like to make out to be a contradiction, because they are incapable of grasping them. These therefore can hear or read my word and just grasp the pure worldly meaning. They will therefore also not increase in knowledge and deep wisdom, and as a result my word then only triggers a weak feeling of happiness in the heart of the listener, where it however could make unspeakably happy, if the degree of maturity would be higher one. Because then also the degree of knowledge and the ability of recognition increases, and man constantly increases in wisdom, although always only the love teaching is presented to him, which has started from me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4597.


Book 53 4598

Love command proof of truth. Content of divine word: Gospel.

27. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4598.

For the one awakened in spirit only one basic law is effective: to believe unconditionally what is announced to him through the voice of the spirit. Then he will always stand in truth. To the spiritual awakened the voice of the spirit will only announce that what accords with the love teaching of Jesus, what therefore is just explanation and reason of his love command and can consequently be regarded as irrefutable word of God. Because also the deepest wisdoms, which as regards content surpass the simple Gospel, as it is known to men, are always only emerging out of the fulfilment of the love command and again only testify to the love and wisdom of God, therefore do not contradict his teaching. Where love is therefore taught, there the spirit of God must have an effect, otherwise the opponent of God would already be turning back, if the same teaching would be imparted to men by him with the aim of the union with God. So it is clearly apparent that everything, what points to God, must also start with God, and you men therefore do not need to anxiously examine, which powers are instructing you, when you receive direct instructions out of the spiritual kingdom – because all powers, which seek to educate men to love, are also united to God and have an effect in the will of God. If such a teaching does not meet the approval on the human side, if it is rejected or accepted with coolness, then the opponent of God eagerly uses the opportunity to make it ineffective, by him spreading doubts over doubts into men, who want to recognize God’s work and for that reason now also do not recognize the work of the opponent. The beings of darkness will show commitment with reinforced power where the light from above wants to break through. That you men must always consider and through doubts do not grant access to you to the opponent of God. Again only the one thing can be said, that God does not hand over that man to the power of the opponent, who wants to reach him. Because God is love; God is the father of his children, and the love of the father never lets a child suffer, which devotes itself trustingly to him and asks for protection and favour. And that is a sure sign of the spirit work in man that he stands firm also to the greatest temptation, because the power of the spirit flows through him and he can resist also the strongest onslaught, which is undertaken against him through the opponent of God. Because truth will be victorious, because God himself is truth and his word remains until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4598.


Book 53 4599

Keep to my word. Come unto me all.

28. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4599.

Keep to my word, and do not ponder and quibble whether it is to be understood differently, than you feel in the heart. You can always draw comfort and power out of my word, and consequently you do not need to live in fear and worry, but can banish them any time, as soon as you let me speak to you. As father of my children I know about everything, what moves them and was presses them, and waiting I stand by, until my children approach me full of trust and ask me for help. And I do not deny them, what they request – for every anxious question I have an answer ready, and I repeat, what I have said, as I walked on earth: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden." Do not let yourselves be pressed down by worldly worries, which are again resolved of itself into nothing, but only remember your soul, which will always receive power, to which power is imparted through my word out of me, why to receive my word is the bare essentials for you, what you are not allowed to miss. And for that reason I so often let trouble and suffering come over you, because I want, that you draw power out of my word, so that your souls are strengthened. I want that you keep a perpetual connection with me, that you do not put me aside and let the world step into the foreground. And when you are in danger, I approach you in form of suffering and affliction. And then let me talk to you. And I will speak words to you, which truly give you power and comfort and are to be proof to you of my presence, of my knowledge about your trouble and my love. I only want that you come automatically to me to feel your trust, which makes me happy, and I want to call all my words to your mind, which I spoke to men on earth, who were in the same trouble spiritually and earthly. And you will recognize me myself in the word, because at the supply of power you recognize the divine origin, and therefore you will also be firm in faith, whereto I want to help you through my word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4599.


Book 53 4600

Keep to my word! Remember the end!

29. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4600.

The trial period has soon expired for each one of you, because the end is coming. You will again start to think yourselves safe, and this is dangerous for your soul, which again turns to the world, as soon as it believes having escaped the threatening disaster. And into this security the call will sound: Remember the end. Then suddenly one will remember my admonitions and warnings, when the world events prove my announcement with surprising clarity. And now it is essential, to prepare oneself with increased will for the end, to turn all attention to the life of the soul and to fetch the power to resist the earthly struggle through increased love work at the neighbour. Whatever you tackle, may it be spiritual or earthly work, you must connect yourselves before intimately with me, to be able to carry out the work, because otherwise you are too weak in the face of the great trouble among men, which paralyzes all power, if I do not help you and give you power. Keep to my word; more urgently than ever I shout it to you: Keep to my word, consider that my word is the radiation of me myself, me who has brought my love power into this form, to give to you an effective means, which you can apply any time, when you are in trouble. My power radiation must truly be superb in its effectiveness. You just have to make the test and burry yourselves in my word, when earthly trouble presses you. Then heavenly peace will come over you, and you will leave everything to me in the firm confidence that I help you. And I will help you. I will direct your thoughts and always lead you those ways, which let you reach the destination, may it be spiritually or also earthly, because also earthly I look after you in the coming time. Keep to my word, and let no doubt come up in you, because undoubted faith lets you become master over all resistances; undoubted faith wins the victory, because undoubted faith lets you become aware of my presence, and all fear will fade away in you, because, where I am, no defeat can be and because you will be able to overcome everything, if I stand by you with my love and my power. Amen. B.D. NR. 4600.


Book 53 4601

Examine the spirits. Work of redemption. Touchstone Jesus Christ.

30. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4601.

Whose spirit announces itself during the imparting of announcements is easily established by the content of them, and attention must always be paid whether and in which form the divine redeemer is mentioned, because this is of greatest importance with an examination of mystical announcements. If Jesus Christ is acknowledged as redeemer of the world, then is securest guarantee for it that the announcements come from above, that the spirit out of God speaks through a man, who opens himself to him, hears his voice and passes it on as his word. Then man does no longer need having the least reservations, and he can be certain that purest truth touches his ear and he fulfils the will of God if he spreads the word from above. Then a particular degree of maturity has been reached, which allows a direct transmission of truth, because the work of redemption is a mystery, which can only then be unveiled, when the necessary understanding can be found with a man. Only then when a man is himself in contact with the spiritual kingdom, so that a direct communication is possible, will he also grasp the redemption work of Christ, i.e., will he understand the problem "Jesus Christ - God" and be able to explain it, because the great miracle, which made Jesus to be the God-man, finds a parallel in the spirit work of that man, even so not in a comparatively quoted measure. Nevertheless the divinity of Jesus is no longer a question for him, and he can also give an explanation with conviction to fellowmen, because the act of the spiritual work of God takes place in him himself and the proof for it is now there in the spiritual material received from above. Who now undertakes the examination, to detect, which powers have an effect with those transmissions, he will quickly be convinced of the truth, as soon as he does not shut himself off from the book of the fathers or takes a negative view of it. God does not leave his in doubt, and he will never ever leave those men unenlightened who demand truth. And therefore he himself has given them the advice, to examine the spirits, whether they are from God, and at the same time given the sign of truth and of error. And for that reason the truth of the announcements received from above can be upheld unobjectionably, and the smallest doubt does not need to depress the heart, because Jesus Christ passes himself off as touchstone, because his opponent never ever acknowledges him and his becoming man or will inform men of the redemption work of Christ. Jesus himself says: "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Who therefore goes with him, who speaks for him, who stands by him, he must also absolutely stand in truth and cannot go wrong. Announcements now, which have him and his redemption work as content, can never ever be inspired by the opponent, who does not mention his name. They must absolutely be acknowledged and assessed as divine work, otherwise faith in God’s word would be jeopardized and also the process of spirit work be invalid, which however proves itself through the receiving of spiritual announcements. Who hears the voice of the spirit in himself, he will also be able to refute all objections, but only find faith there, where the spirit of God can also have an effect, even so not so obviously, as with the receiver of spiritual announcements. Who is influenced by bad powers, he seeks to make out all divine to be implausible, because that is the sign of the work of the opponent of God, that he seeks to plunge men into confusion, because he fights truth and would like to extinguish the light out of the heavens. For that reason information is given to you, to which you just have to pay attention, to be able to judge clearly and to reject the bad influence and to be able to support truth, towards yourselves and fellowmen. And of this you can be assured, that God himself supports those, who are active for him, because he wants that pure truth finds spreading and remains and that however he also separates the chaff from the wheat. Amen. B.D. NR. 4601.


Book 53 4602

Eternal damnation.

30. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4602.

God’s compassion knows no limits; God’s love is infinite; his patience immeasurable, and for that reason his creatures cannot get lost for ever, otherwise he would not be perfect. It is therefore also wrong to speak of eternal damnation, when an idea of time is to be understood by it, which is to describe something never ending. Because such eternal damnation then however means something completely lost for God – therefore an entity finally ceded to his opponent, which originally proceeded from God and has been extracted from him by his opponent. But then this opponent would be greater than God; he would so to speak be the victor and superior to God by might and power, what however never is and can be, because no being comes up to his perfection, to his power and might and wisdom. What has emerged out of him, remains in his possession for ever, only at times separated from him, i.e. standing in greatest distance, because it itself wants it so. But also this distance is no permanent state, because the being, to be happy, must be touched by the power radiation of God, and – if it does not have the will itself for it, is seized by the love and mercy of God, which wants to give the state of happiness to it. An eternal damnation would therefore also be contrary to the love and mercy of God, or else it would be limited, as a result of which the perfection of God would suffer loss. A highly perfect being has no human weaknesses; but an eternal wrath would be a lower human quality, as also every state of punishment of eternal duration could be called no divine principle, because the divine is marked through love. But love rescues and helps; it forgives and makes happy and will never cast something aside for ever. On the other hand the opponent of God lacks the divine principle, love, and it will always be his aim, to pull the entity for ever down to him. And it is him, who confuses for men the idea of eternity, who seeks to make out God as unmerciful and hard, to suffocate the love towards him – it is him who himself knows no mercy and who therefore seeks to make the souls unhappy without hesitation, who would like to take from them all possibility of help, to ruin them for ever. And he finds willing followers of his teaching of eternal damnation – who all do not recognize God in his infinite love, otherwise they could not believe this teaching. But truth will always be imparted to men and error dazzlingly lit, so that God will be recognized and loved as most perfect being, so that men join him and detest his opponent. Amen. B.D. NR. 4602.


Book 53 4603

Through his will man determines the success of the powers of light or of darkness.

2. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4603.

It remains a constant fight between the powers of light and of darkness, as long as the spiritual is not completely redeemed. The wrestling man is influenced by both sides; the kingdom of light seeks to have an effect on his will and to impart the knowledge of truth to him, the dark powers seek to push him away and to confuse his thinking and man must decide for himself, so that he remains free in his wanting and acting. And this decision he can make with his heart or also with his intellect. The beings of light speak to the heart; the beings of darkness to the intellect, nevertheless also heart and intellect can feel themselves pleasantly touched by the influence of the light beings, and then his decision is fully valid; victory is granted to the light beings and the powers of darkness made ineffective for ever. But the opponent of God does not give up the fight so easily, and he fights with all means, also not shrinking from blinding men in the robe of light, who are still approachable to his influence. He will indeed not be able to penetrate with his influence, i.e., to completely win such men for him, but his influence reaches so far, to prevent them to work for the kingdom of God; he makes then so to speak unsuitable for it and has much won with it. The favour of God is an extremely effective antidote, but man is not allowed to reject it in wrong knowledge, otherwise the opponent wins his game. But the most effective means of favour is God’s word, which will radiate out power always and in all situations in life on him, who receives it with the heart. Who therefore counters his opponent with the word of God, he will also gain a victory over him, because he is not equal to the divine word, because it is an expression of the power of God, from which he escapes. Consequently man can emerge out of his wrestling as victor, when he makes use of the power of God, which is at his disposal in his word unmeasured. He can beat the strongest enemy with it – if he himself makes use of the divine word, he so to speak represents God himself and for that reason also cannot lose. His will, his heart and his love must completely be turned towards God, then God himself fights also on his side, and victory is certain for him. Because what is perhaps more understandable than that everyone, who wants to God, also enjoys his protection and finds support from God in every way. And no matter whether the powers of darkness always besiege man – God does not let fall to darkness, who seek the light and consciously strive towards him – and he will rescue also those, who are still of weak will, who cannot fend off the dark powers themselves and still want the right thing – help will be theirs to the right time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4603.


Book 53 4604

Strive for God’s love.

3. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4604.

Who wants to win the affection of God for himself, he must strive for his love, therefore do everything what is pleasing to him. He must connect most deeply to him, long for the closest union with him and always just listen to the expression of his will, which is, so to speak, put into his heart. To be loved by God is a state of happiness, which is incomparable and is also felt by only few men consciously. God’s love is indeed directed at all his creatures, but will be effective differently in its power, according to the relationship, in which the creature stands to the creator. And for that reason man must shape the relationship so, that he is able to feel the power of divine love. God is always prepared to love, and man is to utilize this and acquire his love through most intimate devotion and going into the will of God. He is to let himself be drawn by Him; he is to give up all resistance; he is to open himself to the love radiation of God, to now being able to receive, what will make him unspeakably happy. And all this causes complete abandonment of the world with all its pleasures and goods – it causes further abandonment of all that, what is of value to man of earthly good, self-sacrifice of all things he enjoys, to exchange them against the love of God, which only alone wants to fill man’s heart. What you love on earth, you must give up, if you want to receive him into your heart and enjoy his presence. And if you can sacrifice, God will reward your love. And if you separate yourselves from goods desirable to you for the sake of him, his eye will pleasantly rest on you, and you will sensibly become aware of his love power. And you will not regret it, because what you give up, you receive thousand fold back. The love of God is a quite delicious present, which lets nothing else come up next to it, and you yourselves have it in the hand, to receive this delicious present, if nothing else appears any more desirable to you and you only strive towards being happy in the union with God. Then your heart is shaped to the reception of him, who can prepare the highest happiness for you already on earth and one day in eternity. Then his love belongs to you, which you will feel in its power. Amen. B.D. NR. 4604.


Book 53 4605

False prophets. Light. Darkness and dark characters.

3. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4605.

Spiritual darkness is spread over earth, and men feel well in this night and do not desire the light of the day. They do not know the blissful relief of full light, which would be right recognition for them; therefore they also do not strive for the brightness of the spirit and flee, so that light breaks through the night with bright shine, and therefore also their ability of recognition remains undeveloped; they constantly move in darkness and get lost and do not come closer to God, as the eternal light. And so also dark characters can busy themselves unhindered and carry on their unclean trade; false teachers and prophets can present themselves, because they are not recognized as false and take advantage of the darkness of spirit, to spread error on those places, where light should be and error is now offered as truth. Men are blind in spirit and want to guide other blind, and if a light shines for them, then they extinguish it, so that their dark doing does not become obvious. And so it looks on the whole earth, because the time is fulfilled, or else, the time fulfils itself, because a dark night lies over the earth, which must retreat from the morning. And although the end is near, and men should recognize this end by the signs, they remain untouched by it and think that that passes them by, what seers and prophets have announced. But what false prophets tell them, that they believe, and therefore everything lies in the fight against each other – genuine and false prophets form up against each other; truth and lie want to assert themselves; light and darkness fight for supremacy, and good and bad powers seek to win influence, and man is at the mercy of the powers according to his will. And since the earth lies in darkness, also the will of men is weakened and does not fight against him, who is the prince of darkness and treats all light with hostility. And so the power of the opponent will soon be shown, because the thinking of men gets confused and can differentiate nothing right from wrong any longer. The bad powers are extremely busy and find little resistance; on the other hand the spiritual world full of light is refused the work, because it is not allowed to have an effect against the will of men and this will turns towards the opponent of God. It is the time of the end. It is recognizable that men no longer know the voice of the father, when he speaks to them. They have no share any longer in him, who is the light and from whom they have gone away. Wherever he comes up to them, they hide, until it is again dark in their surroundings; then they step out again and walk further the lightless way, who leads astray. And so it is also understandable that they also do not recognize the leaders by the way, who would like to accompany them to the brightness, but cannot do it against the will of the blind in spirit. And so therefore comes the end, a new day dawns, but only for those who desire the light, for the others however comes an endless long night. Amen. B.D. NR. 4605.


Book 53 4606

Prediction for the End.

4. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4606.

Notice what I tell you: Only a short time you will still live on this earth, to then have - according to your state of maturity - either the new earth in other form as your place of residence or to stay as men in paradise on it. And no matter how unrealistic it sounds to you, you will soon be able to satisfy yourself as to the truth of my announcements and experience something that will enormously shake you and perhaps make you a believer. And that is why I again and again point out to you that the end is soon reached and that you act and work for nothing when you strive to win earthly material goods. And I admonish you always more urgently to think of your soul that alone profits from your activity on earth when it exclusively was busy in the service of love for the neighbour. And therefore do not let the desire for the world grow strong in you because the world does not remain in existence much longer, then you have worked for nothing. I want to announce the time as being close and you will feel it yourself when the hour has come. They will attack you as ridiculous dreamers and everywhere you will be rejected but do not let this disturb you but cling all the more to what I have told you and soon you will feel that I direct all your ways and that I know everything and also see the difficult situations you often come across. And the more life with its demands puts a strain on you, the more things are demanded of you, all the more safely you can expect the end because my word comes true. Also know that it lasts only a short time and that you therefore have to dedicate all your power to your soul to make good use of the short time. I want to give you a last sign when the last event is on the advance. But I call out to my servants on earth: Before long we are there and despite all trouble you will rejoice inside because you recognize the truth and you also live in the hope of a speedy end and of a better life in eternity, I do not want your faith to come to naught and I will safely lead you through all adversity and not rest before I know you are safe, until I recognize that you can cover the time till the end without danger for your soul. Then I release your soul for a very short time - i.e., I allow a seemingly worldly improvement and through it it will be shown that the end is nearby because it is so announced by seers and prophets so that men recognize by the signs in what hour they live. Then you only have to recommend yourself to me and ask me for mercy and the trouble will pass you so that you can serve me where I need you and where the last souls are to be saved. And then it is the end, the day I hold court and the souls of all will be called to account and receive their just wages as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4606.


Book 53 4607

"The devil walketh about as a roaring lion." " Watch and pray."

5. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4607.

Where I know a child in trouble, my love is prepared for every help, and I will rescue it out of the power of him, who is my opponent and the enemy of my children. Where a soul wrestles and strives to fulfil my will, there the power of my opponent truly needs not to be feared, because I look considerably after those, who push their way towards me. And I do not abandon my children in their trouble, and I will erect a wall around them, which no-one can climb over, unless I myself open the gate and lead them to you. Satan walketh about as a roaring lion, and he seeks whom he may devour. Remember these words and do not be surprised, because the time of the end has come, where he knows that he has no longer much time, and where he works with all strength at the ruin of my creatures, where he applies means, which are to help him to success. And I tell you, that you are to watch and pray, so that you do not fall into the hands of the tempter. How often have I pointed you to the dangers, in which you are, because a violent fight starts between the powers of light and of darkness. You all will get to feel this fight, but particularly those, who lead a spiritual life next to the earthly. Because these bear thoughts of me and for that reason particularly provoke the hostility of my opponent, and these he wants to bring to a standstill. His way of fighting is often successful, because he knows the weaknesses of men and starts there to defeat them. But to you men favours are at your disposal unmeasured. You can win the victory over him with my help. Do not fear him, but courageously go into action against him; know that you are strong and unassailable, if you love me and send a quiet thought to me, that I remain with you in the fight against him. And he will flee from you, because he cannot bear my nearness. You are stronger than him, as soon as you go to war with me. I have no share in that what emerges from the underworld. I remain with my children, and when only these my children, who voluntarily make themselves available to the father, are obedient to him, as soon as he presents his will to them, which concerns the work in his vineyard. My children I call, who recognize the voice of the father and pay attention to his call – and if I assign tasks to them, are always prepared to support me, therefore to be active teaching, as soon as I train them as teaching worker. Who now wants to be accepted as my child, he must now also come like a child to the father and fetch from him the instructions for his journey of life. And when I now demand that my teaching is spread, when I myself, through the voice of the spirit let my teaching reach earth, then this teaching must be holy for him and he must accept it as purest truth out of the heavens and regard highly. But then it will always remain for him the best and most holy, which he no longer gives away, because it is power from above, which also spontaneously pulls up. But to give away my gift means a sharpest violation against the obedience, which a child owes me, and can consequently not be a blessing. And then you can recognize the influence of the opponent, and must protect yourselves from it. For that reason I draw your attention and give you the signs, with which you can recognize him: He will appear as angel of light with those, whose faith is still weak, and blind them, and their eyes will become weaker and weaker and in the end no longer recognize the right, because they listened to him all too willingly and let themselves be deceived by his mask. But he has only then power over you, as soon as you doubt pure truth. Then he uses your uncertainty and leads you astray: "Because he walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." But you are to watch and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. Amen. B.D. NR. 4607.


Book 53 4608

"I will not leave you comfortless." (John 14)

6. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4608.

I will not leave you comfortless. I do not want that you stand alone in the world and feel lonely in spirit, and for that reason I have promised you that I come to you and take residence with you, to be a constant comforter and protector for you in spiritual and earthly trouble. Believe these words and feel safe and secure in the awareness to always have me around you, who leads you every way, who is watchful that you do not suffer at body and soul. Because what I say is truth and will not be able to be changed for ever by men, who want to criticize and explain away my word. So I now have given you this promise, to care for you like a father, you who will be deserted on earth already for the sake of my name, so be glad about that, that my word fulfils itself and you have surest proof about it through the voice in you, which constantly announces my nearness to you and lets you hear true, fatherly words of love. Believe this voice, and do not let it be drowned by voices, which come from outside. You have something delicious, if you are allowed to hear me myself in you, and you will now also only understand the words right: I will not leave you comfortless. The depressed, saddened, anxious and feeling weak I will set upright, and I look after them very particularly. I will never deny my help to anxious men, when they ask me for it, because I am a God of love and a right father of my children. But I will also never speak against myself; I will not give two different commands, which contradict each other and I will send no messengers instead of me, where I can speak myself, where a child asks me myself for enlightenment and help in distress of the soul, in spiritual trouble. Because I am always present to the child, if it seeks to fulfil my will. I truly need no representatives, where I can express myself. For that reason do not be afraid, but just believe. He who knows about everything, is close to you and keeps you, so that you do not fall. Amen. B.D. NR. 4608.


Book 53 4609

Conviction of truth can only be found in the inside of man himself.

7. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4609.

Nothing can give you the conviction of truth, if you do not seek yourselves to find it in you, i.e., if you do not have the will to gain knowledge of eternal wisdom out of God. Also convincing words do not give you the guarantee, as long as you do not let the spirit in you speak, therefore enlightenment is given to you out from the inside. Only then the words, which are imparted to you from the outside, will also be accepted by you, because you profess it emotionally, and only then you will be able to believe convincingly. When I now supply you with my word, but you do not desire enlightenment directly from me, it is no proof of truth for you, and you men will always set your own wisdom against it and be undecided, what you are to believe. Firm faith can only come then, when you yourselves want to believe, but you will never be compelled to believe, but this is merely the product of free will, so that faith can actually be acquired, when the will exists, to let oneself be convinced. Therefore man must want to believe, to be able to believe – man must feel so touched by the divine, which speaks out of my word, that he now uses every opportunity to increase his knowledge, and seriously thinks about it, when it is offered to him by me. Then he, of bright spirit, will recognize, what he can accept and what he must reject. Amen. B.D. NR. 4609.


Book 53 4610

Obligation of those who receive the word of God.

9. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4610.

The obligation to advocate that what is visibly divine spiritual good, has every man, who has recognized this first of all as true, otherwise he is unworthy to receive the bread of heaven, if he does not respect the delicious gift and does not assess as that what it is. If the divine word is offered through God’s great love to a man, then that is an act of mercy of greatest importance, then a current of favour pours over the man, for which he cannot be enough grateful, because the way up is by this easier passable; it is brightly illuminated and is therefore easier to be walked along and leading to the destination. It is therefore an extraordinary privilege, which God grants to man, because He recognizes in him the ability, to work with the now imparted gifts according to the will of God. Only this is free to his will, how he uses the gifts from above, because pressure is never exerted on a man on the part of God, however all possibilities are opened to him, to be obedient to the divine will. With the reception of the gift of favour he therefore also so to speak takes up an obligation – the right utilization of that, what the love of God offers to him. He must therefore give something in exchange, (10.4.1949) his preparedness, to carry out to fellowmen that, what he receives; he must give his will and his power in exchange, to promote the spreading of the spiritual good. He must uninterruptedly be active as worker in the vineyard of the Lord. Only then he proves himself worthy of those privileges and will be blessed on earth and also in the hereafter. It is now a difficult beginning wanting to impart to men, who are materially minded only, these gifts, as it is altogether a work which demands love, patience and persistence, if it is to bring in success. And for that reason the worker for the kingdom of God also needs increased power supply, so that he does not get tired and careless in his activity. He must therefore first of all keep himself to the divine word; he must saturate himself with the bread of heaven, to receive power for his earth-way and altogether to advocate that, what he brings to fellowmen. Because as soon as he seriously advocates the kingdom of God, he will also have to expect hostile resistance, and he must forearm himself for it. But the resistance emanates from him, who is against truth. And therefore it is understandable, that opposing knowledge is presented to every man seriously working for God, that the lie and the error will there obviously show itself, where truth out of God is advocated. And now the fight starts between light and darkness. A good worker in the vineyard of the Lord will measure up to this fight at any time, because he possesses power of knowledge and clear discernment. Nevertheless he will be pressed very hard and find and receive support and power for resistance only in the word itself. And for that reason he must himself constantly receive the heavenly food, because only then can he withstand the hostile attacks. Therefore also this is an obligation, to utilize himself the delicious love gift of God as often as possible, to let it have an effect on him and let himself constantly be radiated through by the power, which the word of God emits, to now also be and remain suitable for the task, which he himself has chosen, to be able to resist, when the enemy will take more and more action against the supply of pure truth from above. Because his aim is to extinguish the light and to let men sink into greatest darkness, to win them completely for him. But God supports everyone who wants to serve him, and strengthens him with his power and his favour through perpetual supply of his word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4610.


Book 53 4611

Losing of the gift of favour.

10. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4611.

I want that you become seeing, and give you light, and you seek to extinguish the light, which comes from above and which alone gives you enlightening of the spirit. I have opened the eyes for you and let you have a look into the light, and you have consequently (11.4.1949) received an extraordinary gift of favour. You have entered into my will and consequently could be given a present by me, which only he can receive, who gives himself to me as own and has therefore given up all opposition. I gave your soul food, because I love you and want to draw you to me and because only a well-formed soul can approach me. I gave you for that reason the bread of heaven, my word – I enlightened your spirit that it could instruct you from the inside, that it may impart that knowledge to you, which corresponds to truth, because I want, that you flee from spiritual darkness, that you clearly recognize what you are, where you come from and which purpose you have, that you recognize your start, your relationship to me, your father and creator from eternity and that you know, which task you have to fulfil in earth life. I am with you in my father love, and you do not recognize me and seek to withdraw from my influence. Light I gave you, and you withdraw again into darkness. And I cannot keep you, because your will I do not force, but it turns towards a false light, which shines incredibly bright and lures you into the deepest darkness, because it does not last, because it will not satisfy you in the long run, because it is not from me and is also not in accordance with my will, I who offered you the purest truth, which is not allowed to be rejected, if man does not want to lose a gift of favour, which is exceedingly valuable and significant for eternity. Never ever can you become seeing on this way; never ever can truth be opened to you, which you can very well receive from the inside, however only, if you listen to me. And I myself came to you; through the mouth of a disciple I spoke to you, and my word you had to recognize and accept as sole truth. As soon as the same is now offered to you from another side, I am also with you myself, and then you will not reject the first, but just find the confirmation of pure truth. But if knowledge is imparted to you, which does not agree with the first, then keep away from it, do not reject what is to make you happy, what is visibly of the work of my spirit and testifies to my presence. Examine yourselves, how far you devote yourselves to me, how far your will submits to mine. Examine yourselves and listen to the voice of the heart and want that you possess truth – because the will to truth strengthens your recognition ability and gives you the right understanding for everything, what is offered to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4611.


Book 53 4612

Prophetic spirit. Plan of salvation of God - Time of the end

12. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4612.

Through all times the prophetic spirit has been effective to point men to the end, and constant references were needed, because men had no right attitude towards me and therefore also to the spiritual life, what let their earth life course become an unsuccessful one, if help was not brought to them in one way. Forcefully it had to be brought home to them that earth life once comes to an end. The death of the individual, which also could surprise them themselves, did no longer act as a deterrent, therefore a complete new passing by of earth had to be held out as prospect to them, so that they remembered their end and changed their walk of life, i.e. directed their thoughts spiritually. The reference to the end merely aimed to achieve a serious self-examination of the state of the soul, as soon as man was not yet completely without faith. But faith was precondition; otherwise also an end of the world, an end of the old earth would never frighten men, because an unbelieving man thinks such as impossible. But if man has lost faith, then also such references are unsuccessful, and prophetic announcements are according to human opinion fantasies of religious minded men, to which the smallest probability could not be granted. Therefore also the reference to the near end will remain without impression, and that is the time, where the end is really to be expected. Because as soon as earth predominantly bears unbelieving men, it no longer fulfils its actual purpose as maturation station for the spiritual, since a spiritual life is hardly any more led – and only the smallest flock of mine leads a life according to my will in the serious striving for me. This small flock now has to advocate something extraordinary; it will be able to convince itself that the prophecies of the seers and prophets are fulfilled and that a gigantic change in the cosmos takes place, which is however planned in my plan of salvation from eternity, because it is necessary for the ascent development of the spiritual. Only the unbeliever will doubt; but the believer realizes the true end by the signs of the time. Only the unbeliever takes a negative view of the announcements, which hold out a prospect of the end of the old earth; but the believer knows that the time has come, but as he is also convinced about it that seers and prophets announce the truth and it must fulfil itself once. How far mankind has sunk in its spiritual knowledge, how far the opponent is acknowledged as lord among mankind, how weak faith has become on all sides, every man can easily convince himself of it and already recognize it by that the end is near and that the time has come, where I must intervene, to not still let the opponent have the small flock of believers, to award them their faith and their loyalty, which they prove to me in the midst of the unbelievers. The end is near, and only still little time remains for you – that you can firmly believe and be firmly assured of the truth of my word. Because my word must fulfil itself, and it fulfils itself, because the time has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 4612.


Book 53 4613

The Weak will not Experience the End.

13. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4613.

The weak will not experience the end. I very well know in what state the soul of the individual is, what will it bears in itself and what degree of maturity it has, that is also a standard for the will power in the last struggle against faith. I do know that this confessing of me requires great power that only few men muster and that it takes quite a lively faith to hold one's ground and to remain loyal to me. And that is why for these loyal followers and supporters the gates of paradise on the new earth will be opened so that their love towards me, which they prove to me till the end, will be rewarded. But men with weak faith will not get through this last war on earth and I avert the danger of falling away from me to not let them fall into the hands of my enemy and to still give them the opportunity to let them continue their development in the kingdom on the other side that is not anymore possible after the end of this earth for a long time. They will not be up to the demands and strains of the last times because they are not turned away from me but because they have not the deep lively faith that makes them capable to be a real fighter of Christ. And there will be many of them that well decide for me, bearing the faith in a God of love and wisdom in them, but do not bring it to such strength that they place themselves trustingly in my hands and ask for my help. These souls I take from earth, otherwise they would be lost for eternal ages. But the strong remain loyal to me until the end and will be raptured by me before the destruction of the old earth. This process will have to make sense to you and just as understandable must it be for you that those weak souls do not populate the paradise of the new earth that can only bear spiritual mature men who allow my presence among them as I have promised to you. In the end there has to be a separation of the goats and the sheep. The old development period ends with the banishment of the failing spiritual into hard matter and the new epoch begins with a mature human race that is already on earth in a state of bliss because it stood firm and was only too well put to the test by me on earth. This maturity of the soul allows my presence among my children. But weak, not yet matured souls would not be able to stand my presence and so the new earth is not a place of residence for them that nevertheless proceed upward in the spiritual kingdom and also have privileges in the spiritual kingdom for the sake of their prematurely ended life, which helps them up. This is the separation of the spirits that has constantly been announced through word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4613.


Book 53 4614

Overcoming Death Through Jesus Christ.

Eastern, Maundy Thursday 14. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4614.

The world has been redeemed from sin. Men should shout for joy and rejoice would they be aware of this great favour that saves them from an unspeakable hard fate in the hereafter when it is used, so when by faith in the redemption through Jesus Christ the forgiveness of sins is requested. Jesus Christ has accomplished the work of salvation that is so significant for all beings on earth and in the spiritual kingdom, and men take so little notice of it and do not exploit this unfathomable blessing. Jesus let himself be crucified out of love for the fellow human beings and stood up again from the dead on the third day. He has overcome death and he wanted that all men be blessed with the sacrifice that his love presented to men; he wanted also them to become overcomers of death, that they did not need to fear death any longer and so could enter eternal life because he has torn down the barriers through the work of redemption that is not comprehensible in its full meaning as long as man dwells on earth. He has overcome death – and because of that banishment has been broken. Men that have been unfree due to the former sin of revolt against God, whose will stood under the influence of his enemy and who could not free themselves of him, are now in a position to leave the enemy of God through the death of Christ on the cross, when they call on Jesus Christ for help in every trouble for the sake of the work of redemption that the man Jesus has achieved for his fellow human beings. Therefore Jesus is intercessor by God for all that believe in him and make an effort to live in the following of Christ, so are active in love and fulfil his commandments. Then he is doing what God has set him to work doing the assignment during his existence on earth, then he delivers himself from the bonds of death because to be in bondage to the opponent of God is certain death of the soul. Jesus overcame death. He was man and also died as man even though he was filled with the spirit of God and could have averted from himself the bitterest death that he had chosen himself, by virtue of his unrestricted power. He as man presented to God the sacrifice and through it he overcame his enemy by selflessly just thinking of the suffering and the sin of the fellow human beings and wanted to ease the burden for them that is and was the result of sin. And God accepted the sacrifice. He forgives those the sins that call on Jesus as mediator to his blessing and mediation. But to accept the sacrifice and to forgive the sin secures the awakening to life in eternity. So there is no death any longer because after the bodily death the soul enters the kingdom of light for an eternal life. But only the souls of those who acknowledge him, who believe in him as the son of God and redeemer of the world. Men should triumph that death has now been overcome and that Jesus has accomplished this work because now death has lost its fright because there is an awakening in the spiritual kingdom, because the enemy of God has no more power over man when he devotes himself to the divine saviour and asks for his help, for strengthening of the will and the favour of the work of redemption – for the forgiveness of sin that men brought with him as inheritance of the once fallen spiritual, to that he belongs. He is redeemed by Jesus Christ from this sin and is to be jubilant and to rejoice so he keeps in mind the love of the man Jesus that accomplished the most difficult thing on earth that ever a man has been capable of doing. Amen. B.D. NR. 4614.


Book 53 4615

Death on the cross. Work of redemption.

Good Friday 15. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4615.

Jesus gave up his life on the cross; he took the most humiliating death upon himself, which was punishment and atonement for those criminals, who were denied every reform. He condescended to this death, which he could also have averted from himself by virtue of his power and glory, because the fullness of the spirit of God dwelled in him, which he however no longer used in the face of the work of mercy, which he wanted to achieve, to help his fellowmen. Out of his deepest love came the will to this act; love was so strong that also the human will received a strengthening by this, which enabled him to this work. Love drove him, and his human will carried out, what love commanded him. And therefore he took upon him agonies and humiliations, which contradicted his divine nature and which therefore tortured him unspeakably, however also strengthened his will, to redeem men out of this mire of sin. He took pity on the great spiritual trouble, in which mankind languished, who as result of sin no longer knew about their lot on earth and in the hereafter, who headed for an extremely great suffering in the opposite kingdom and were completely without knowledge about their state. He took pity on the lack of light and the complete dependence on him, who was to blame for their sinking into the deep. And he wanted to snatch them back; he wanted to give them the possibility to head for a blessed state in full freedom. He wanted to impart power to them, where they themselves were too weak, and he acquired for himself the gift of divine power for the strengthening of the will really through his death on the cross. He wanted to hand out a wealth, into which possession he first had to put himself through his sin sacrifice for the whole of mankind. The sin weighed heavily on it; it had to be toned down in its effect; but the justice of God did not allow a wiping out of the greatest sin without a sacrifice, if the eternal divinity did not want to reduce itself in the face of its creatures. And in the knowledge of the eternal order the man Jesus decided to bring a sacrifice to God, as far as it was possible for his human body. Love towards mankind moved him to it, and for this reason God accepted the sacrifice, because love wipes out everything, because love is the strongest power and pacifies the anger of God, i.e., his righteousness is fully satisfied where love is the driving force to every act. But the sacrifice was extremely difficult. It exceeded the power of a man and was therefore also valued very high, by full forgiveness being promised them, who acknowledge Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world; who connect to him in thoughts and in the will, to follow him – who therefore seriously make an effort to lead a life in love, the same as Jesus had led on earth, to show to men the sole way to eternal life, which is recognizable through a love life only and which experienced a culmination with him through the most painful death on the cross. Amen. B.D. NR. 4615.


Book 53 4616

Spirit work. Predictions for the end.

Easter Sunday 17. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4616.

Indescribably great is the favour, which is granted to you, if I myself speak to you and you therefore enter into the current circle of my love. But you must want to serve me in full awareness; in free will you must have offered yourselves to me as servant, otherwise this exceedingly great favour cannot flow towards you. You must want to work for me and my kingdom. This deliberate assurance must for the present be given, whereupon then only the work of my spirit can start in a form, which is unusual and for that reason is only rarely recognized by men as my work. But where once this process takes place through the will of man, there I stand protectively behind and fend off all spirit powers, which want to intervene disturbingly or subverting. And so then hear the following: I certainly take pity on mankind, and I hear every call for help and mercy; I also recognize the will and the striving of my loyal ones; but I see clearly the influence of my opponent in his work and the complete failure of the greatest part of mankind – and my mercy is also directed towards it, the way of rescue is only different, than you men imagine. And for that reason there can no longer be a delay, therefore my plan from eternity is irrevocable, and that is why I constantly call men’s attention to that what will come in a short time. Who now knows about my plan of salvation from eternity, he is active as co-worker for my kingdom, otherwise this knowledge is not supplied to him, or he is not receptive to it. That is why the news about it will always meet with resistance, and nevertheless it is deepest truth, because my word must fulfil itself, through which since the beginning of this epoch the end is predicted, which then occurs, when the spiritual state of men has reached a degree, that an end just still means rescue for the spiritual, because my mercy lets nothing get lost for ever and therefore everything, what happens, has my love towards the unredeemed as the reason. My plan from eternity is not comprehensible to most men and for that reason not acceptable, however my word they are to acknowledge. But that an end is prophesied and has always again and again been confirmed by seers, they will not be able to deny, and therefore only the moment is uncertain, but which men never fix, but I myself. And therefore I will bring the proof to you, who are unbelieving, but to you horror, because you think yourselves safe through your unbelief and for that reason will very much get a fright, because it will come as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4616.


Book 53 4617

Sin against the spirit "All sins will be forgiven you, only not those against the spirit."

Easter Monday 18. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4617.

It is too difficult for you to come off the letter and so do not penetrate into the spirit of the word, why much is incomprehensible to you, what I have left as my word for you. That is why you have to again and again make demands on me as master teacher, who wants to and can introduce you to truth, therefore explain everything truthfully.

The spirit work in man is visibly a sign of participation of the eternal divinity with the perfection of each individual creature, as it is also a visible expression of its power radiation. When I now have an effect in a man through my spirit, the connection from me with this man can no longer be denied, because the spirit spark, which rests in the heart of man, is inseparably connected to the father spirit from eternity and awakens now to activity through my approach, has therefore an effect in man. But the work of my spirit in man will always mean a help on the way to perfection; it will mean a turning of the thoughts into the spiritual kingdom and a pushing of the soul to the union with me, consequently an ascent walk in spiritual development. The spirit will make the soul inclined to all ideas and help it overcoming the desire for matter; the spirit will enlighten the soul about its destination and its future purpose; the spirit will reveal to the soul the nature of all divine; it will impart to it a deep and clear knowledge, therefore give it a light, which makes it incomparably happy, when it can really have an effect with all illuminating power. The work of the spirit in man is consequently a divine revelation – I myself look after the man and give him a small idea of my glory, and therefore I am present to him, as soon as he so adapts himself that my work can take place with him, no matter, whether the results of my work are obvious announcements or mean the inner enlightenment by the intellectual way. But always has the man then willingly entered the connection with me and has carried out the will through the forming of his heart to love, therefore to a living room worthy of receiving the eternal divinity, which can now reveal itself from the inside. Such an act of provable spirit work testifies to me myself, is therefore also so to speak a proof which exceeds faith. Who has now once won this conviction, because the proof of my existence and my presence has been produced, he stands understandably on a level of development, which should make a sinking impossible, because this is, with the recognition of truth almost not possible – and he still can, as long as he lives as man on earth, step himself into the shade and darken the light – he can sin against the spirit – and as a result do wrong in the grossest way, by him once again rejecting me and therefore repeating his former defection from me. He can consciously stop the work of the spirit; he can, despite better recognition, make no use of his knowledge, therefore favour a spiritual retrogression, being completely aware of committing a wrong. He has won the proof and the conviction of my presence and still again turned away from me. His will has therefore once again be captured by the opponent, whom he had already escaped, and he does not defend himself against him. Sinning against the spirit can only that man, who, through the spirit, recognized me and my work, who acquired, as thought material, the wisdoms imparted to him, by him winning the inner conviction also intellectually, therefore could believe and advocated it in this firm faith. He has received my favour in richest measure and also laid claim to it and lets it now become ineffective; he therefore can also expect no mercy, because he pushes the divinity from him, which had, in its infinite love, brought itself very close to him and pulled for him the veil from the eyes. And therefore this sin cannot be forgiven him, because then he also shuts himself off from the redemption work of Christ, because he, when he rejects my spirit, also refuses the divine redeemer, therefore no longer wants to believe, although he could believe. He has therefore then also lost the favours of the work of redemption, by him not laying claim to the help of Christ, before he sinned, because the redeemer would have dispelled the first such thoughts and directed right, if he would have just been asked for help. He was before in the kingdom radiated through with light and stepped out into darkness – he was equipped with the abilities of recognizing truth, and truth did not please him, because it obliged him to redeeming activity, which he does not want to carry out, because love cooled in him. This is very seldom with men, who have experienced my spirit work with them, therefore also unpardonable, because it is an open resistance against me, which can find no forgiveness, which means so much, as having to stay endless times in furthest God-distance, until he again turns towards me and has to once again acquire the favour to be looked at by me, i.e., that I approach him again. This sin cannot be forgiven out of favour and mercy, but it must be cleared away in complete guilt, it irrevocably results in a new banishment and therefore the complete way through the creation, because it is a renewed defection, which is not inferior to the former defection of the spiritual from me, because it is committed in fullest recognition, because a man, in whom my spirit can already have an effect, also stands in the light and for that reason commits a severe sin, if he betrays me once again against him, who has an effect on him as my opponent, is recognized by him, and nevertheless does his will. Not forgiving a sin therefore means that the guilt cannot be taken from him, but must be cleared away by him himself, why he however does not need to be considered lost for ever, only eternities pass by, before he finally professes me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4617.


Book 53 4618

Sins of the fathers avenge themselves with the children.

19. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4618.

Throughout generations the sin of the fathers will have an effect on the children. So you have been taught, and often you have got into contradiction with the teaching in one God of love and mercy, who forgives the sinner and remits his punishment, if he seriously repents. You cannot comprehend it that men must suffer, who themselves have nothing to be blamed for and are consequently the victims of those who sin against God. But still also there the wisdom and love of God is at work, even so in a way not really comprehensible to you, as the nature of the soul before the embodiment still has a say here, which chose itself a sinful man to its engendering into the flesh. These souls are particularly carnal; despite their endless long course of development, despite manifold and agonizing workings they are still in an extremely inadequate state; they have their instinctiveness still not given up and now strive instinctively towards a human soul similar to them, where they hope for the opportunity of giving full expression to their instinctiveness. They are not rarely filled by the same desire, which let men become sinful, as they also often suggest to do it, as soon as they have taken residence in a body (womb) and then the sin has of course strongest influence on a newly born child, why one now speaks of disposition and heredity of bad aptitudes. No soul comes into such body, which has already reached a certain degree of maturity, because its course of development is not be endangered, as soon as it has itself before already announced its will to strive towards God. But also such a burdened soul can very well free itself on earth from its aptitudes; it can recognize its own mistakes and instincts through an apparent earth fate which was not its fault, and seek to free itself from it and will then also be able to receive in every way favour, therefore help, from above, to carry out its will. But mostly such souls enjoy life to the full and increase the sin of the fathers, but always in a certain freedom of will, because compulsion is not imposed on them. But they themselves believe standing themselves under compulsion and so seek to reject every responsibility; they do not wage the faintest fight with themselves, therefore succumb every temptation, but which they could resist, just do not want. But the will is inclined to evil from the beginning of the embodiment, and this will has chosen itself the form, which was to become bearer of the soul, what however never excludes that the soul now as man can let the will become active and can free itself from the sin – that therefore then a link of the chain is broken and also the sin guilt of the fathers can be wiped out for the sake of such a child. Because the will of an instinctive man is actually strong, just wrongly directed. But if it is directed in the right direction, then it can also gain a victory over everything and consequently become a rescuer of its forefather and decrease the suffering and the trouble in the hereafter for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4618.


Book 53 4619

Love is victorious.

20. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4619.

A way has been shown to you, which is easily passable, but which you are to cover together with me, who always wants to be with you as your friend and guide, if you grant me residence in your heart. You do not yet know your future walk of life; it is still hidden to you, because you are to do completely uninfluenced what you have to do later under compulsion, but what yields you far more blessings, if you act in free will. There is no other way for you; you have stepped on the right way and must go it to the end to reach the destination. And I will always force you back if you want to deviate, and my loving guidance you will not resist, because I announce my will to you through the heart. And for that reason you will carry out, whereto it pushes you, and it will truly be according to my will. It is an unchangeable law that love is victorious, and for that reason he will be stronger, who carries love in himself. For the sake of this love power my will is the same, because I approve everything, what emerges out of love, therefore also a desire, which concerns the union, because if love produces this desire, it is a feeling put into the heart by me, which you men do not need to resist, but which you can confidently fulfil with the awareness of my blessing. I want that you serve me together; therefore I also want your union; but the desire must come out of yourselves, and I will see to it, if it is the time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4619.


Book 53 4620

Spirit work in the awake state. Proofs: Reasons.

22. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4620.

In the awake state you are to receive my word, then a proof is given to you of my work in you through the spirit. You are to gather together in prayer and so get in intimate touch with me; you are to eliminate the world out of your thoughts; you are to completely devote yourselves to me and listen inwardly to my voice. Then it will sound to you quietly and fine, according to the maturity of your soul soundingly or mentally, but always as from me, not coming from you. In such a prepared state you are not able to do thought activity yourselves, which corresponds to the content of my announcements. You are in the state of a hearer, not of a speaker. And if you want to make the difference clear to you, the hearer can behave passive, while the speaker must be active. According to his state of maturity his spiritual ear is now formed, so that he understands my word sent to him without effort, although it only sounds extremely quietly in his heart. And for that reason the intimacy of the connection with me is decisive for an easy reception of my word, and also the announcements are accordingly deep in their content, which for him and through him are meant for fellowmen, why you must also make a difference of the spiritual material, which is to be brought as Gospel to fellowmen, and the words , which I as loving father give to my children, if they are in fear and trouble and need exhortation, which certainly proves to all men my sympathy, is however given particularly to those, who call upon me in their trouble. I will always answer those, who want to hear me and speak to them through the spirit – as I have promised you. You are to hear me, however in full consciousness, because I do not hide behind a form, which is so weak, that it gives up the own will, and in the unconscious state lets a foreign will seize possession of it. I always warn you urgently of the results of such spirit beings revealing themselves, who immediately tie down a weak will with their thoughts and now seek to transfer them upon men. But I also always warn you of it, to stop obvious spirit work or to deny my work to that man, who clearly and consciously receives revelations from above. And I want to give you a secure feature of my work, which you can always apply for examination – my words, which I spoke on earth to men, will be explained in a form, that they can logically be substantiated to every scholar, to every one having become knowing through study, and these reasons will never contradict themselves, because it is my word, which always remains the same and of which meaning testifies to deepest wisdom. Who has livingly penetrated into this my word, he will hear me myself speaking, therefore recognize my presence, if he reads my word or it is audibly brought to him. And this feeling, hearing myself speaking, is the most secure guarantee for my work and is to take all doubt from man. Because I approach men in the word; I myself am the word, and those will hear me who believe in me and want to belong to me. My word will touch them like a loving father voice, to which a child is obedient and for that reason is also loved by the father and given his gift of favour, as often as it just wants to receive. For that reason let yourselves be guided and instructed by your feelings, because this I myself put into the heart for you, and you will never feel yourselves so influenced by error, that you are prepared to advocate it eagerly. Because I protect everyone from unclear or deceptive feelings, who has the serious will, to work as my disciple in the time of the end, because these are the right workers in my vineyard, who I need and for that reason also give the ability to them, to differentiate, what is right and what is wrong. Amen. B.D. NR. 4620.


Book 53 4621

No partial knowledge. Light beings as master teachers. Truth only.

23. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4621.

This I say to you, that you need not to entertain doubts about the truth of the announcements coming to you from above, because I myself keep watch over it, which spiritual material is imparted to you, and because I never ever will allow that erroneous or untrue powers make use of you, to impart their spiritual knowledge to men. Many light beings are certainly prepared to take part in the instructions of men, and these light beings themselves stand in high knowledge, that they can be acknowledged as teachers quite safely and the value of divine revelations can be attached to their impartations. Because as soon as a being is receptive to light, it dwells in the kingdom of light and can, since it always receives light, also constantly give light. These will only impart purest truth to men, moreover they always act in my will, which is also their will. They are instructed by me for their teaching activity, therefore one cannot speak of a partial recognition, because that knowledge that they possess exceeds that by far, what they supply to men. They can therefore very well make a master teacher for men; they will never impart worldly or (wrong) spiritual teachings, which do not agree with truth. They will also at the same time be able to give to men the ability of recognition, to which they are equipped and also entitled by me, because pure truth is to be imparted to men and this can only happen in such a way, that beings, which stand in spiritual knowledge, also transmit such to men. (24.4.1949) As soon as a man has gotten ready for the reception of spiritual gifts, as soon as he therefore makes contact with the spiritual kingdom and receives thought material in a fully conscious state, light beings are his teachers, because this spiritual state agrees completely with my will; it is a degree of ascent development, which all men are to strive for, therefore such men will not let themselves fall into the power of beings, which want to impart erroneous thought material to them and harm the souls, instead of leading them to perfection. Consider also once seriously what you expect of me, when you assume that a men, who wants to serve me, is influenced by bad powers. You then deny me either the love or the wisdom or the power, if I could or would not prevent such. I want that my creatures learn to recognize and love me; therefore I certainly do not want or know how to prevent that untruth is offered to men, who strive towards me, when I equip innumerable light beings with the ability or power, to impart truth to those, who desire it. I want that men turn towards me and can only reach this, when men learn to recognize me. It is for that purpose that truth must absolutely be offered to them, and for that reason I, as eternal truth, will make every effort, to also impart it to men and push back the beings of darkness, which therefore certainly can also exert their influence on men, but only then, when these leave themselves to them through a walk of life, which contradicts my will. Because these men will have no desire for truth, and that is why it will not be offered to them, since they also establish no spiritual connection consciously, but only gather thought material for themselves pure intellectually, and those ignorant powers seek to have an effect on these thoughts, to darken truth and spread lie and error. But you can easily check this, because what points to me, is good; what leads away from me, is influence of the opponent of me, who fights against me and wants to defeat me, but will never gain a victory over me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4621.


Book 53 4622

Visible phenomenon just before the end as token of God's love.

25. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4622.

A visible sign shall prove to you my presence when you receive my word from the mouth of a disciple whom I myself have chosen as instrument for me. When you listen to him you will have a phenomenon that admonishes you of my death on the cross and yet will make you happy. You will feel me to be nearby and a holy awe will grip you of my love that makes itself known so visibly. And each of my words will penetrate your heart and will remain unforgettable; an overpowering bliss will fill you and devotedly you will assure me of your love and want to serve me and I will accept your intention because I need workers in the last times before the end. But I have won you for eternity. Who has once felt my nearness does not go any other way than that, that leads to the goal, to me, and I have won his soul for ever. I point this out to you already before that I will express myself because I want that you do not regard something as a coincidence that is to prove to you myself and my love and when this promise comes true reckon on you only having a short period of time left that you are to use for closer and closer union with me and firmly believe in an end and in my coming again in the clouds. Then I appear to all those bodily that hold out until the end and fetch them to me. And your bliss will find no bounds because you are then allowed to always be in my closeness and therefore enjoy my presence all the time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4622.


Book 53 4623

Trouble and suffering means of upbringing. Power increase.

27. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4623.

You have a time before you, which demands your whole strength, if you want to cope with all demands, which life makes on you. I must tell you that again and again, to make it understandable to you, that you can increase the measure of power yourselves and that you yourselves determine it, whether earth life is difficult for you or easily bearable. For that reason I often let you go through hardship and trouble to bring you up for the time, where you will only master life, when you fetch the power for you from me, if you request or acquire it through love work towards the neighbour. Constantly I admonish you of this time, by me bringing you into situations, where you feel yourselves helpless and abandoned, to direct your look and your heart to me, I who always want to stand by you as guide and advisor, but your prayer is always necessary, which announces the will towards me. Because I do not give you power against your will, because you would then become unsuitable for the fight for existence in the time of the future; but the faintest requesting thought towards me calls me to you, and then also the power will noticeably flow through you, and your faith will be strengthened, what I aim to achieve. Only the intimate union with me will make life bearable for you, because then no earthly worry presses you, because you leave everything to me and then you are truly not in a bad way, because a child, who unconditionally trust the father, is also never disappointed by him. And so you can also be certain of every help, if you just belief in my love and my omnipotence, because I truly do not leave in trouble, who takes his refuge with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4623.


Book 53 4624

Spiritual concentration before start. Strict self-criticism.

28. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4624.

You must beforehand create a spiritual concentration for yourselves, before you can receive my word. It is this what must be observed, otherwise earthly thoughts still stop the spiritual flow, therefore push themselves forward and are received, even so only shortly disturbing with serious striving, because the powers full of light assert themselves and prevent a strong influence of the earthly world upon man, i.e. soon directing his thoughts into the spiritual kingdom. Small differences can therefore certainly arise, inaccurate statements or unclear, little intelligible sentence constructions, which are however not of importance, therefore somehow lower the great spiritual knowledge or let it appear doubtful. But care has always to be taken, to only then consider an announcement as such, when the spiritual relationship has been established, therefore the one receiving has completely broken away from earthly experience. You still stand too much under the influence of the world, and that is why your thoughts work with matter; the world still makes too many demands on you, and therefore you cannot always free yourselves from ideas and customs, which mean nothing spiritually; but you will always have to break through a barrier, i.e. have to leave everything behind to be allowed to dwell in the spiritual kingdom, and the freer and care freer you enter it, the more receptive you are for the treasures, which will be offered to you there. But the separation from spiritual knowledge and earthly ideas will become easy for you yourselves, and that is why you can unobjectionably advocate the truth of that, what was imparted to you, and you do not need to object to that, what is spiritually unimportant. You will therefore spread no error, but you are to criticize yourselves again and again, whether and when you are prepared for the receiving of my word, i.e., when is the inner connection established with me, that you now hear me myself. I know about your will and take it into account, and I therefore protect everybody, who wants to serve me and asks for it full of desire for truth. And that is why you can accept without hesitation what is offered to you in this form. Amen. B.D. NR. 4624.


Book 53 4625

Right knowledge awakens faith and love towards God.

29. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4625.

Penetrate into spiritual knowledge, and you will not lack proofs of my power and glory and my love. As soon as this knowledge is made accessible to you, every connection will also become clear, and everything will appear reasonable to you; you will recognize that a being looks after you, my creatures, and is active for you, and this is in a superb way. And you will learn to love me and strive towards me. Darkness of the spirit, the complete ignorance of spiritual things has an effect in an impersonal relationship towards me, mostly in complete unbelief and total rejection. Only knowledge awakens faith and love, even so knowledge remains unproven, but the idea that it could be as spiritual knowledgeable ones portray it, awakens the desire in man, to step into a close relationship with that being, which is to be the head therefore in perfection of the complete creation with all substantial entities. Spiritual knowledge must be presented to man, if love is to be ignited towards me and become a bright flame. The spiritual knowledge certainly only emerges out of love towards me, but if it is first sent to the intellect from outside, it can then also get through to the heart, therefore determine the thinking and wanting of man, and then the light will shine brighter for him and warm him also up from the inside, only then it becomes a true light, which is no longer to go out; the intellect is then as it were the stimulator to an act of feeling, to the change of the inner man to love – a love, which is first directed towards the unknown ruler of infinity, but slowly also affects everything created. And this love flame illuminates the spirit, and it now informs man in all spiritual questions. The men, therefore having become knowing, will no longer want to lose or reject his knowledge, because it satisfies him and incites him to spiritual debates. But the man, having become knowing, will also no longer lose the love towards me as the creator and keeper from eternity and therefore also establish the right relationship towards me; he will want to remain connected to me and strive towards me, and his whole nature will prove the change to love, because right recognition leads to love and therefore to happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4625.


Book 53 4626

Saviour of body and soul.

1. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4626.

What you are to do, is: take all your worries to me, I who am truly the best saviour and can take from you all your sicknesses; who can make you healthy in body and soul and can give you a indestructible life for ever. Earthly you are certainly bound to the application of remedies, but if I do not bless them for you, they will miss their effect, but as I also can bless the sick without outer means, that he is healthy according to my will. And I do this, as soon as I recognize the suffering as unnecessary for him, as soon as it has fulfilled its purpose and contributed to the purification of the soul. Because the sickness of the soul is accompanied by that of the body, and you men cannot imagine, which great factor in the ascent development of the soul the sickness of the body means and how grateful the soul is in future, that it was allowed to go this way in the flesh and a very shortened earth life way brought in the increased maturity to it. For that reason you are to just always pray in suffering: "Father, your will may be done." Then I do what is mine, as you do yours; I come as saviour of the body and of the soul to you, and your recovery will be secured for you. Bear the weak body for the sake of soul strength; know that it can develop upwards much easier and seek the connection with the spiritual kingdom, if the body does not resist it, but what it always does in the healthy state. And the soul will be well shaped, when the bodily cover falls. But so that you are aware of my nearness and my work, the process of healing will take place quickly, if you just expect the miracle fully believing, if you therefore believe, that nothing is impossible for my might and power and my love is always meant for you and therefore wants to help you. Firm faith is the best remedy, which will never fail. Carry all your worries to me, and you will get rid of them, but come in strong, unshakable faith, and I will not let it be ruined. Amen. B.D. NR. 4626.


Book 53 4627

God’s blessing for his servants.

1. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4627.

Who makes it his task to serve me, and therefore to work for the kingdom of God, without striving then for worldly interests, he can also permanently be certain of my consent and my support, because his work is then subject to my control and will then be right, if he recommends himself to me and my favour, therefore asks my blessing for it. Because the thinking of him is directed from that hour on, if he makes himself available to me in free will. Only few men are prepared to carry out spiritual work, because the material view lets spiritual work appear unattractive, and for that reason I turn my whole love towards those few, who give themselves to me with their working power and I will promote their work in every way. Only that is to always be observed that the feeling of the heart must be more felt than the results of the intellect, because I speak through the heart to my servants on earth, and they are to always pay attention to their feeling, if they have before recommended themselves and their work to me. Then every question will automatically be answered; all irresolution will be cleared, and the work will proceed and trigger fullest satisfaction. And then also every earthly work will be blessed, because my workers are worth a right award and I cover their earthly needs, as soon as they are active for me. My kingdom is not of this world - and as long as you still dwell on earth, you are to seek to establish the connection with that kingdom, and you carry away richest blessings, because my kingdom can grant you everything, spiritual and earthly treasures; because, who wants to be active for my kingdom, also does not need to suffer want earthly, because the care about his life I take over, so that he can carry out his spiritual activity unhindered to the benefit of all, who take note of it and whose mind is spiritually orientate. Amen. B.D. NR. 4627.


Book 53 4628

Effect of the divine word upon man. Previous intimate connection.

2. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4628.

My word must touch you well and wisely, so that you recognize it as my word, because when eternal love itself expresses itself, then it also radiates love, and so I announce myself in wise imparting, which is to help you to recognize me and to love me likewise. My word must therefore seem good and wise to you to be accepted as my word. And you will recognize it emotionally – with my word you will also feel my presence; it will not seem different to you when I myself speak to you, and then you know that the living word is with you and the relationship with him is established by you. Who has my word and does not recognize it, he just reads it with the eyes and with the intellect – i.e., he does not first put himself in a state of union with me, and therefore I can also not be present to him, and my word is just letter without life. The intimate dialogue with me must have preceded, the desire to hear me myself must fill him, otherwise the heart cannot hear me and then also the word, which is made accessible to man as my word, remains without effect with him. But if it speaks to him alive, then the goodness and the wisdom of that, what reaches his ear, will only be a revelation of my entity, and not the smallest doubt befalls him having been spoken to by me myself. But I do not communicate with all men in the form of deep wisdom; not all men are able to receive instructions full of wisdom, but they are always words full of love, which get to the ear of him, who wants to hear me. I always help and advise and through announcing my will set the way, which leads to the kingdom of heaven. And since only I myself know this way and can truly give you men right tidings, so is my word, even so it does not contain deep instructions, always to be recognized as wise and well substantiated, because even the simplest instructions must be sensible and practically, otherwise they do not have me myself as start, otherwise they would not prove me, I who am myself present in the word. You will feel it and can trust this feeling with certainty, because what I give you, it also to be recognized by you as my gift. And you can be sure of it that my word, which is sent to you from above, holds this power in it, as divine radiation to give to the human heart the feeling of my nearness, if man just accepts my word in himself in intimate union with me. If you want that I speak to you, then you also hear my word and know that it is my word. But what does not have me as start, will also not seem to you as satisfying; you will miss goodness and wisdom, and the will of rejection will become busy in you, as soon as you are devoted to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4628.


Book 53 4629

Love work. Use of God’s power supply. "Who remains in love."

4. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4629.

Again and again love must be preached to you, without it you are and remain powerless. Love work puts you in possession of power, but under which life power is not to be understood, which every man possesses, even so he does not observe the command of love. But this life power enables him to love work, so that he can therefore also put himself easily in the possession of spiritual power, with which he then manages the ascent development of the soul. For that reason love is also to be preached to men, because everyone is able to it, if he just wants to perform works of neighbourly love. And he is to make use of this, to secure something for himself for the time after his death, where life power is withdrawn from him, while the spiritual power, which he therefore has acquired through love work, remains for him, and he can work with it in the spiritual kingdom on his own perfection and on the souls, which still stand under him in their development. Fulfil the command of love. Not urgently enough this admonition can sound to you, because you are lukewarm and indifferent and do not attach much importance to my commands. But that every work of neighbourly love results in the approach to me, that it as it were lies inside a work of love, that you, if you love, draw me myself to you, that you do not make clear to yourselves, otherwise you would consciously strive towards an approach to me and win unspeakably much for your soul, for eternity. Love work is already a use of my power supply, which is granted to you, if the will awakens in you to perform a work of neighbourly love. Love work is therefore already a joint work with me, and if you imagine, that I am always present to you, when you are active in love, then the desire for me and the awareness of my nearness must already drive you to constantly work together with me. Nothing you can reach without love; nothing has value before my eyes without love, and if you achieve everything on earth and are without love in the heart, then you do not need to take pleasure in it, because it is worthless for eternity; it has no use for the development of your soul, and poor and empty you will enter into the spiritual kingdom. No works of love follow you, and that you will bitterly regret in future. But the loving man can be poor on earth, earthly goods and earthly happiness can be denied him, but his soul can rejoice and cheer, because it has found the union with me, because I am constantly close to it and every work of love proves my presence: "Who abides in love, he abides in me, and I in him." Without love there is no union with me; only love connects. The nature of the loving man becomes like my original nature, which is love in itself; he will be able to work filled with power on earth and in the hereafter, because love is power, which starts from me and enables to always new acts of love. Make us of the life power, and be active in love. I again and again shout this admonition to you, because only love redeems you; it makes you free from the fetters of the opponent and gains for you the union with me, I who am eternal love myself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4629.


Book 53 4630

The Last Words of the Dying Saviour on the Cross. Sounding Word. Phenomenon.

5. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4630.

A particularly high degree of maturity is necessary to be able to hear my word sounding and therefore I can only impart limited knowledge to you for the time being however to an extent that well enables you to work for me and to announce the Gospel to the fellow humans. But time is drawing to a close and mankind stands before the last events on this earth. Men are completely ignorant and are neither able to take my word nor to recognize it when it is offered to them. In their spiritual blindness they know nothing any more of the blessing of the work of redemption of Christ, they do not believe in him and are therefore hopelessly at the mercy of the power of my enemy if they do not change their thinking and acting until the end. And to now revive again their faith, if it is still possible, men will be presented with something unusual about which Jesus made mention on earth - signs and miracles will happen. The cross of Christ will appear visibly in the sky in such distinctness that men will get a fright who do not believe in him while the ones that are mine shout for joy and rejoice and will exceedingly be strengthened in their faith. And now an unusual demand for enlightenment will come to light and right and wrong assumptions will cause my servants to step in and to teach men the truth. And now you need special knowledge that I would like to give to you but that you can receive only in the previously mentioned state of maturity that is demanded by the sounding word. This knowledge cannot be imparted mentally, the spiritual ear and the spiritual eye must be open to be able to grasp the impressions inside of oneself that the dying saviour felt on the cross and related in words that no man's ears heard and that therefore remained completely unknown to mankind. That this knowledge has been kept from you up to now is based on the fact that only few men would have been able to grasp the depth of these words and that an exceedingly strong faith that is alive through love is needed to understand them. But shortly before the end there will be men that have this living faith coming from love and who will understand the meaning of the divine words of Jesus. It is my will to offer to these now exquisiteness through the transmission of those words and therefore I am looking for a suitable vessel into which I can pour my spirit - a servant on earth who is devoted to me to whom I can reveal myself, to whom I can announce through the inner voice clearly and understandably the words of Jesus on the cross so that it will be imparted to the fellow human beings through him and therefore will be made accessible to mankind. As the phenomenon in the sky will now be visible, the ones that are mine will step forward and speak for me; they will cheer the cross of Christ and will hear his words like a soft ringing in the heart - but then these words must already be led from above to earth, they must be received through the sounding word and be understandable to my servants and must be confirmed through those believers who likewise hear it in the heart but deem it to be spoken from above. But I already have beforehand sent to men knowledge so that they become aware of the great miracle. And who now is of enlightened spirit he will find a spiritual edification and feel an enormous supply of power and this power I will give to all who prove their loyalty to me in the end-time and I will give them a means that will increase their power in such a way that they will get through the most severe struggle and endure till the end - until I come myself and fetch them home into my kingdom until they come in to the kingdom of peace, in the paradise on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4630.


Book 53 4631

Agonies of a new banishment in solid matter.

8. May 1949 B.D. NR. 4631.

With words the agonies cannot be described to you, which a new banishment in solid matter means for the spiritual, because it is a state, which is incomprehensible for the human mind. The spiritual feels itself as entity and still cannot use its will, of which it is however conscious as proof of it being an entity. The spiritual is tied up and was originally created as something being able to work freely; for that reason its impotence and powerlessness and its tied up state causes it unspeakable agonies, which mostly still make it rebellious, instead submissive and to humble itself under the will of God. Mankind is in possession of free will and heads for this agonizing state. It still would have enough time, to turn this fate away from itself, but it is accessible to no imagination of knowing men, and faith in a requital, in a carrying on of the life of one’s soul is completely lacking, why nothing can be achieved with instructions and therefore the misery is unspeakably great, in which the souls of most men are. Man is still master of creation; he is so to speak standing above it and can make use of creation according to his will – in future he will again be creation work himself, a dead, unmovable object at first, which can be used or also remain unused throughout eternity – in future he will be far, far left behind that, what he is now, and endless long time will pass, until he has again developed to man, to that being, which is gifted with free will and possesses the power to use this will. But how many stages it must walk through, how many agonies it must endure and which activities it must carry out in the bound will, that is not comprehensible to man and for that reason unbelievable for him. And nevertheless he is himself responsible for the lot of his soul after his death. He still has the power to carry out works of love, which turn away that bitter lot from him; he still has opportunity, to take note of the will of God through hearing the divine word, and if he obeys this will, his nature changes and wins the right to a state of light and the freedom after the death of his body. He can still use his intellect; he can think about himself, his creator and his earth life purpose, and if he wants, he will also be able to believe. God approaches all men with his favour and gives them a little stimulus, to go in the right direction, to choose the right way. If man does not resist, then he lets himself be pushed on the right way, and the right destination is secured for him. But God also respects resistance, i.e., he does not force man against his will – but man is also responsible towards his soul; he himself prepares the lot for this soul, which is extremely agonizing, and it must go the way of new banishment to its unspeakable regret, because the favour of God is not allowed to be rejected, because this also means a rejection of his love and consequently moving away of the spiritual from God, instead of approach to him, which is purpose and destination of earth life. Only few go the right way in the time of the end, and that is why the misery is gigantic great and demands urgent action to improve matters. For that reason the terrible lot is to be mentioned from the side of the servants of God on earth, which the human soul expects, if it does not change in the last time before the end. The end is again and again to be presented to them as closely forthcoming, because time hurries and highest activity is necessary to still rescue the souls from ruin, which accept the admonitions and warnings and have the will towards the good. Because the day will come unexpectedly and plunge innumerable men into ruin, into death, i.e. the tied up state in matter, out of which they can make themselves free only in endless long time. You men, let yourselves be warned, because it is about eternity; it is about you yourselves, about your souls, which are in greatest danger and still can be rescued, if you are of good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4631.


Book 53 4632

Trust in God’s help. Love and protection for his servants.

9. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4632.

O all of you, you who are of so little faith and despondent, throw yourselves to the heart of the divine saviour and redeemer that he helps you up and gives you comfort and power, and you will receive in fullness, what you ask for. Let him give you his love, and see in him your father from eternity, and approach him as his children; leave everything behind, what belongs to the world, when you go to him, and ask him that he enters your heart, that he fills it and removes everything, what is an obstacle to his stay with you. And he will hear your pleading; he will make you happy with his presence; he will draw you to his heart and protect you from falling; he will help you in all temptations of the body and of the soul; he will never ever let you be besieged, if you recommend yourselves to him and his favour. Let no worry arise about earthly things, but just worry about your spiritual well-being; think your spiritual development as important only, and when God needs you for the work in his kingdom, then do not let yourselves be kept back and obey his call, because then you approach him more and more and your life is secured spiritually and earthly. All worry you are to banish from the heart, because it is just a lack of trust towards him, who loves you from eternity and truly does not let you come to an end. What appears to you as worry, is just a test of your faith, and when you pass it, all earthly worries fall away, and you recognize how caring your father in heaven thinks about his children and how he pays attention to all needs and covers them, when it is necessary. Because his love belongs to you, you who want to serve him according to his will. He will not leave you, but be constantly around you; he will help you in every trouble, so that you remain loyal to him until the end, which will come, as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4632.


Book 53 4633

Men's Fear. Natural Disaster and its Effects.

10. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4633.

In an incomprehensible distress will all men be caught who do not believe when I express myself through the powers of nature because they experience a spectacle where enormous powers are able to develop and man himself is completely helpless. A fear of death will seize men and even the ones that are mine will be affected by it but strangely strengthened through my help when they only lift their thoughts to me. But the unbelievers have no support to rely on and are hopelessly at the mercy of the elements of nature. Few people in the face of death will call on me in their troubled heart and their call will reach my ear and mean salvation, earthly or also spiritually, when their hour has come. But they have then still won life for eternity. But mostly men are out of their mind with fear, i.e. unable for a thought upwards, they try to save themselves and everywhere they get into the same difficulties because the whole of nature is in a conspiracy against them, all elements are in extreme activity, water, fire, storm and light step out of their order and wreak havoc that cost countless fatalities and is unimaginable in its extent. It will only be a short action but exceedingly momentous for all men that will survive it because only now the earthly misery begins that exceeds all preceding events. Men have to completely change over to a different life style, they have to make use of everything that is still left to them, they have to fend for themselves and cannot expect earthly help for a long time because they are cut off from the world and the connection cannot be restored again that fast. The extent of the disaster is incredible but I again and again point this out to you so that you do not lose yourself to earthly goods, so that you do not take it seriously and forget your soul whose maturity alone is the deciding factor for you how you will endure the things that are coming. Announcements like these find little faith and still are to be taken exceedingly seriously because they come true word for word. And every day is still a gift of grace that you are to utilize, however not earthly but spiritually because that alone is lasting what spiritual goods you acquire for yourself. Still I promise you all my protection and my help who believe and want to serve me. Do not let my words get you down; know that all, even the most difficult thing, is bearable, when you place the burden on me, when you ask me to help you carry your load. I do not leave you and help you that you hold out till the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4633.


Book 53 4634

The Power of Faith. Obvious Help. Last Means of Grace.

10. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4634.

The might and power of God will visibly come to light with those that have strong faith and pray to God for help in great trouble. What appears to be impossible will become possible; what humanly cannot be done men will achieve through the power of faith in an almighty God and creator of heavens and earth. And no prayer will be in vain that is sent up to him in the spirit and in truth and in firm, unshakeable faith; and where this faith can be found there also every trouble is bearable because it is averted through exactly that faith. Every men that feels to be a child of God and trustingly lifts up his hands to him will feel the love of the father. When now the activities of God, his love and his omnipotence is so clearly recognizable the weak in faith will be strengthened and the unbelievers will be puzzled and this is a last means of grace for those that do not want to believe. A serious warning once again approaches them, a proof that God lives to whom also they can turn and who will lean towards them in the same love when they acknowledge him as father and humbly submit to him. The power of faith can make everyone think because the help of God is too obvious to be able to be denied because things happen that go beyond the limits of the natural. God will help all to get such faith who sincerely ask him for it, who do not slacken struggling for it and who are of good will. Because these are the ones who are his, who long to be with him and who strive to be united with God, that will succeed. With these the miracles will also take place that are founded on the power of faith, that prove God's exceeding great love towards those who are his and also revive the faith in his coming in the clouds from which they now again draw power for the last struggle on this earth. Their deep faith will bear everything because they are fully convinced that God will come and fetch the ones who are his to himself into his kingdom when the trouble becomes unbearable. And God does not let such faith come to naught. Amen. B. D. NR. 4634.


Book 53 4635

Religious war. Confessing before the world. I will shorten the days.

11. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4635.

You will still have to get through a hard fight when you are to confess me before the world. And complete abandonment of the supply of earthly goods will be demanded of you, you will be dispossessed and will have to supply services that seem to exceed your powers, you will be hindered to do the things that appear to be important to you, and without reason you will be persecuted and harassed and find no rest from the persecution of your enemies that are also at the same time my enemies and therefore do not fear an avenging hand above them. And you will be astonished that I let all this happen, without calling them to account; but you will also be astonished that all hardship does not touch you so deep as it appears before the world, so that despite of it you remain happy and cheerful and full of confidence and hope, that also for you the hour of repayment comes and that once also these persecutions have an end. And you will therefore always louder and more convinced stand up for my name and profess me before the world. And I will shorten the days, so that you get happy. Always think of this promise that it only lasts a short time, until you are redeemed out of the hands of your tormentors; do not forget that you certainly belong to my chosen, to whom all suffering will be repaid for the sake of their loyalty; and do not forget that through your confessing still souls are to be won for me and my kingdom, who are still getting rescued as the lasts shortly before the end of the earth. And for the sake of these souls take the cross upon you, which will certainly press you, but is still bearable, because I help you and give you power extraordinarily. The religious war will be difficult, and for that reason you must prepare yourselves before already for it, by you strengthening your souls through right food, by you receiving my word and with it the power, with which I have blessed my word. Because with the receiving of my word you connect yourselves with me and must consequently be flowed through by power and therefore be resistant to your enemies and remain until the end – until I will come and redeem you out of all trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4635.


Book 53 4636

Promise of most loyal father care. Visible appearing.

11. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4636.

On and on I will have an effect in you; I will give you signs and accomplish miracles at you, which you will recognize yourselves as miracles, although this remains hidden to fellowmen. I will draw you to me, because you are no longer resistant to me, although you are too weak, to climb up to me by yourselves. I will let you feel it that I am a loving father, who does not leave his children alone in trouble. And you are to trust me and win a firm faith, and then you will be right supports for me on earth; you will stand up for me and my kingdom and confess me before the world. I do not break away from you, even so you loosen the firm connection, when you believe having to pay their tribute to the world, and for that reason sacrifice more time and life power to the world. I again and again step before you and cause you to tie the connection firmer, because I no longer leave you, because I know that your will is directed at me, even so the world wants to seize you. I keep you and no longer leave you to him, who is lord of the world, because you have become mine in free will, and you will remain mine, because I want it so. And with this assurance you can always be cheerful; you do not need to worry and to be anxious about the future; you no longer need to fear for your souls; you just need to recommend yourselves to me; lift your thoughts to me and give me your love, therefore bear the desire for me and my presence, then you are also inseparably connected to me. But as far as I am concerned this connection, which you have established in free will, is inseparable, and so that you yourselves do not sever it, I will always make myself recognizable to you – I will appear to you; I will be with you in the spirit, but also approach those visibly, who particularly love me. Because I want to win your complete love, to make you happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4636.


Book 53 4637

Beneficial activity for the kingdom of God. Admonition to busy activity.

13. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4637.

Uninterruptedly woo for me and my kingdom, and do not let yourselves be discouraged through failures. You yourselves must feel penetrated by my power and for that reason receive my word always and constantly, and the power now flowing towards you will drive you to activity; you will have to speak, where opportunity is offered for you, out of the fullness of the heart. Then you are also suitable workers for my vineyard; you are active for me and my kingdom; you speak in my name to your fellowmen and also direct their looks into that kingdom, from where richest blessings come for their souls. No earthly activity equals that activity; no earthly success can make up for the spiritual success, and no earthly work will be so blessed and find my approval, as the work for my kingdom. And so you also know that you do not walk on earth needlessly, when you apply yourselves to this activity; you also know that the most beautiful task has been allocated to you and that you just must be busily active, if you want to gain my love and satisfaction. But it is not at all made a condition for you; you are not forced to this activity, otherwise it would lose value and could not gain you the blessing for the soul. The inner joy and the desire to serve me and fellowmen are to drive you, and then the spiritual work will also make you happy and give you inner peace, although it, earthly seen, gains you little advantage. But my kingdom is not of this world. Always hold these my words up in front of yourselves, and you will understand it that spiritual work will never pass or be acknowledged before the world, that it has nothing in common with the world and its activity, that it must be carried out quietly and eagerly and nevertheless will produce far greater successes than every earthly activity. And for that reason do not tire; do not become lukewarm and indifferent; think of the trouble, which requires spiritual work, and remain sprightly servants for me, who always fulfil my will and serve me in eager activity and whom I will therefore bless now and in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4637.


Book 53 4638

Prayer bridge to God. Thoughts bridge to the spiritual kingdom.

13. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4638.

The bridge to me is prayer; the bridge to the spiritual kingdom is the thoughts, which give the light beings the right, so connect with you. Step onto this bridge often; come to me and hold intimate dialogue with me; entrust all your troubles and worries to me, and make me therefore to your close friend, to your friend and brother, who wants to share everything, joy and suffering, with you, and you will soon decrease the cleft between you and me, because you know a way at any time, which leads to me, because you have found the bridge, which lifts all separation between me and you. And in exactly the same way seek to reach the spiritual kingdom, by you letting your thoughts wander there, where your true home is, where your soul is to stay in future, when it gives up the earthly cover and no longer lives on earth. Seek to make friends in the spiritual kingdom, as long as you still stay on earth, so that the entrance is not blocked for you, because the inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom make the way free for you; they help you that you find it, that you do not go wrong or get lost in darkness. The inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom are constantly around you, but can only become apparent to you, when you call them in thoughts or give them the entitlement, to look after you through your will. Every spiritual thought is a call for them, an entitlement, to transfer their power on to you and to therefore help you on the way up. You now make contact with that kingdom, which is a complete different sphere and which you cannot reach differently. There is therefore a bridge from you to that kingdom, which cannot be seen and reached earthly, but which still exists and wants to exert its influence upon you. Pray to me and send your thoughts up, and your soul leaves earth and approaches home; it strives back towards its start; it certainly still leaves the earthly cover back on earth, it leaves matter and arises to spiritual spheres, out of which it never returns empty, because it is always given by beings of light, it will always receive favour and power from me, I who come to meet everyone, who steps on to the bridge to me. I truly have no greater joy than the return of my children, who once got lost for me and who now come voluntarily to me to be and to remain mine until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4638.


Book 53 4639

"There shall not be left one stone upon another." Great trouble.

14. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4639.

A time will come where everything gets lost what was laboriously acquired and built up; a time will come where men recognize the worthlessness of that what was to serve the bodily well-being, and they will be completely destitute, because they also lack spiritual goods, the possession of which lets get over the loss of earthly goods. I constantly point this time out to you, because it comes as it is announced in word and script - there shall not be left one stone upon another. No matter how incomprehensible it might sound for worldly minded men, that such a terrible work of destruction shall take place through an act of God, nevertheless it is unavoidable, because it is first of all to have an educational purpose and is then also intended in the plan of salvation from eternity for the spiritual standing in the lower stage of development, which reaches other forming in this way. That it affects men exceedingly severely, is necessary, because they almost pay no longer attention to their spiritual development and are to experience the last stimulus, which they can indeed also ignore, when they are not willing to change and to ascend. They can only still be treated harder, because they are no longer accessible to a gentle admonition, and everything remains unsuccessful, what up to now was imposed on men for that purpose. But the coming time will bring a radical change with it that man’s thoughts are spontaneously directed towards meaning and purpose of earth life and still cause a change with some few, which will truly contribute to their salvation. (14.5.1949) The trouble will be so great that the will to help will awaken, where just a spark of love is still there in the heart, and this spark will now find food and become a flame, because who just wants to help, he will also intervene helpingly and make the heavy lot of the neighbour easier, because he himself knows how sorrowful fate affects every individual. And as far as I am concerned also these willing to help will be helped; help will come where no escape will be found any longer, as visible sign of a higher power, which turns towards men in love to make itself recognizable to them. Because earthly help often appears impossible, but what is not possible for men, I can still always carry out, and therefore the greatest trouble is not hopeless, because nothing is impossible to me. And so love, which is done to the neighbour, will bear good fruit; it will effect my love, and this means help and favour and unusual power supply, why mine do not need to despair, because they will not feel the trouble so severely, because they are full of power and always have me at their side as their helper, I who obviously work for the sake of their faith, to still win the few before the end, who are weak in faith but still of good will. These will experience strengthening and overcome the time of trouble, without their soul getting harmed. But those who are mine stand under my protection and can look forward to this time without worry, because it does not last long. Amen. B.D. NR. 4639.


Book 53 4640

God’s word most effective means for recovery of soul.

15. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4640.

What you receive from me can be nothing else than good and must earn you spiritual progress, if you just make yourselves worthy of what you receive through your will. The will alone without action is indeed little important if the becoming active is possible for man according to his will, but a serious will is also considered where the carrying out possibility is little or power for it lacks. But then power is supplied to man because of his will, and the word causes this power supply, which is supplied to you by me myself. My word is a gift of love and compassion. I see your wrestling, you who are willing, and I see your powerlessness, you who only have weak will, and I want to come to your help and give you on the way of my eternal order, why I do not supply the power to you arbitrarily, but make it again depending on you yourselves, on your will, which must be turned towards me, but then my love and compassion is always intent on the salvation of your soul and gives you, what you need. When therefore my gift is good, you must now also completely rely on the means, through which I serve to you. You must believe that it is for you the right, alone effective means, through which you, you who are ill at your soul, recover. When you are sick, and you turn towards the first saviour of the world, you must also have the unshakeable faith that he can and will make you healthy. Everything what I offer you, is medicine for the soul – consider everything, your earth life, suffering and affliction, your whole fate and also the proofs of my love always as remedy, which secure effect you are not allowed to doubt – and you will recover and be freed from all bother, because also earthly my word has its healing power, so that everyone, who receives and accepts it as my love gift, will also be strengthened by it bodily, according to the strength of his faith. How easily can you really shape your earth life way; how easily develop spiritually upwards, if you would accept my word as that, what it is – the greatest supply of blessings, which holds miracle power in it, if you understand to use it. Who has my word, should not worry and be anxious; all fear and worry should be foreign to him, because through the reception of my word he has a secure proof of my presence and therefore also the best means of protection against life difficulties – he should just believe and trust; he should always know being looked after by my love and just remain willing towards me – be active for me and my kingdom and repay my loving care with eager work. Calm and composed he could cover his earth life way, which he never goes alone, but in the constant company of me, because I want to speak to him and he is to again work with my words, because he serves as mediator between me and those men, who still stand far from me and who I want to win. Who therefore has my word, just needs to follow this task, to administer the office of mediator, and he can always be certain of my blessing, my love and favour; he will not need to live in want spiritually and bodily and always be looked after lovingly by me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4640.


Book 53 4641

Spiritually rebirth.

16. and 17. May 1949 B.D. NR. 4641.

The decisive moment in earth life is the conscious steering of the will to God, because this moment is the beginning of the change of the soul; it is so to speak the turning point, the beginning return of the once fallen to God. The sooner now this conscious direction of the will occurs in the life of man, the greater perfection he can reach before his departure, but it is also possible to reach a high degree of maturity in a short time, if man only reaches recognition late, that he as creature of God must strive for the union with him. Then he can tackle the change of his soul with increased will and also still mature. And so will every event in human life always only be a cause to the change of the will, but if it has taken the right direction, then there is no fear any longer, that the soul falls back into darkness, because God himself now draws it to himself, as soon as it has once announced its will to reach him. This decision of the will, the conscious steering of the thoughts towards God, is so to speak also the spiritual rebirth of man, because the soul enters a new life, it just does not only live for the earthly-material world, but it penetrates deeper; it seeks truth and finds it, because now God reveals himself as eternal truth, because he has now mentally an effect on the soul, which desires him. (17.5.1949) A soul now so born-again must be cared for and cultivated like a tender little plant; it must be kept alive with lightest fare and slowly strengthened and improved, until it finds itself the way around in life and can now effortlessly cover the course of ascent development. The change of will is the act of rebirth; with that it has followed the way, which leads to eternal life, although it can still offer many dangers and obstacles – worldly temptations and difficulties, however will be overcome by a powerful soul. It is now merely about whether the soul is supplied with the necessary power or it must live in want and its way up is therefore difficult. This is again alone a matter of will, but a will, which once has turned up, to God, will also be seized by God and constantly influenced favourably, without however being forced. The most effective influence is now the word of God, which holds power and life in itself and feeds the born-again soul and helps it to maturity. A man, whose soul is born-again, will also always be open for the receiving of the divine word; may it be in direct form through hearing or reading of divine revelations or also through mental connection with the primary source of wisdom, through conscious connection with him, who is eternal truth himself. He will often go into silence, i.e. hold inner communion with himself, and his thoughts, influenced from above, will take the right direction – his soul will receive food and increase with light and power. But the man, whose soul is born-again, will also live in love, because this is the effect of right directed will. And therefore he must mature and go towards perfection, as it is meaning and purpose of his earth walk, as soon as he has broken away from that power in free will, which held him tied up and from which man must extricate himself, but to which the favour and power from above is always available to him, which he will use to the spiritual rebirth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4641.


Book 53 4642

Communion. Guests of the Lord.

17. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4642.

My guests are who listen to me, who desire my word and receive it into their heart. These I feed with the food for their souls, and these are those, who keep communion with me, as I have promised it; they are my guests, who are invited to my table and who now are given everything, what is the refreshment of the soul, to whom I administer food and drink according to their hunger and thirst. And my guests will never be unpleasant for me; I will never withhold from them, of what they need; my will to give will never become smaller, and for that reason I constantly send out my messengers to invite the guests to my table. I go myself and knock on the doors and have communion everywhere, because I myself prepare food and drink and for that reason can administer food of the soul everywhere, but I demand one thing, that my invitation is gladly and gratefully accepted, otherwise I do not take notice of the guests, because they do not honour their host, which he certainly has to demand. (18.5.1949) My gift table is certainly always laid, and I hand out unlimitedly, and who wants to come and be my guest, him I will never reject, but I give never, where there is no desire, even so men lie hungering on the floor. I indeed have them come in touch with my messengers, I have them asked to come to me to receive strengthening and refreshment, but their will itself must decide, whether they want to accept my invitation or do without. But blessed, who follow the call of my servants, who have themselves be fed by me and supplied with food, which is extremely good for them. Food and drink they can receive from me; a delicious food for their souls, a true bread of heaven and delicious wine, prepared by my love, as it is easily digestible for the soul. And for that reason no soul needs to go hungry and to live in want, if it is just willing to be my guest, and if it comes to me in free will because of that. Then it will receive the bread of heaven, which so is my word, out of which it is to draw power – the wine of life, to be able to cover the earth way and to reach the destination, eternal happiness. My word is food and drink for the soul; my word is the right wine of life; it is my flesh and my blood; it is the most delicious, what I can offer to you men, as long as you dwell on earth. When you now want to have communion with me, you must let yourselves be instructed by me; you must hear what my love presents to you; you must receive eternal truth out of my hand with a hungry heart, listen what my voice of the spirit in you announces to you, which is my voice, which sounds in you, if you want to hear me, because truly I administer to you the best for your souls, because I want to draw them to me and for that reason shape you so, that you bear my nearness. I myself come to you and feed you, because my word is the right food and the right drink, and who hears my word and lives accordingly, he will be happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4642.


Book 53 4643

Religious war. Power of the name of Jesus. Coming of the Lord.

18. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4643.

For the sake of my name you will have to suffer. All who confess me before the world will be exposed to bad threats and hardship, because it will be the striving of men to wipe out my name, the knowledge about my earth walk and to stop the work of redemption, so that men lose faith in it. But those will find a hard resistance with those men, who stand up for me and my name and confess me loud before the world. And now a sharp separation will be carried out of all those, who still believe, and those who deny me, and my little crowd will have to emerge, if it now wants to vouch for me, and the sufferings of those start, who remain loyal to me until the end. Because what badness one can do to mine, that will be carried out, and men would never stand firm, when they would not be strengthened by me as reward for their good will. You will have to prove yourselves, because it is a hard fight, which will be taken against the faith. But so this fight starts, you also know, that it is the last phenomenon before the end; that you therefore must hold out, if you want to be happy. And you must know furthermore, that I am always near you in this time and give you extraordinary power and that in the end I come myself, to rescue you out of greatest trouble. You therefore know that it only lasts a short time, as I have promised you; that I shorten the days, so that you will be happy. And this knowledge, the firm, unshakeable faith in it, will make you strong and resistant, and all difficulties you will bear with equanimity and courage, and I want to pay you for it that you must suffer for the sake of my name and still remain loyal to me. And so you then express my name reverently, it will have an unimaginable power giving effect. And by that you will recognize that you truly stand in truth, and with full conviction you confess me now still louder before the world, and everything you take devotedly upon yourselves, whatever men do to you, who stand in the service of him, who, as my opponent, wants to push you away from me. You will certainly suffer, but still be victorious, and your reward will not fail to materialize. Amen. B.D. NR. 4643.


Book 53 4644

Experience of downfall as in dream state. Memory, new earth.

19. May 1949. B.D. Nr. 4644.

As in a state of dreaming you will experience the downfall of the old earth after your rapture, so being able to see the work of destruction and to also grasp its extent however being free from it yourself so that you take with you no difficulties any more from the old earth into the kingdom of peace that is now your place of residence until you again will be transferred back to the newly formed earth where a new life begins for you in continual connection with me. Still you had to be witness of the downfall of the old earth because the knowledge about it is to remain with you as advice for children and descendants. You are to maintain a recollection of the old earth with its creations, with its mental state among men, with its sinfulness, the struggle of faith and the end, so that also the new generation takes note of it and the knowledge about it will influence their attitude towards me, as it also is to serve in later times to warn and to admonish men of a spiritual downfall that would inevitably have this effect as a consequence. Nothing on the new earth will be any more reminiscent of the old creations and it will mean for the inhabitants of the new earth miracle over miracle to compare the new creations with the old ones and the bliss will have no end. And the old earth with all experiences at the end will appear dreamlike before their eyes and still not move out of memory because it is good for men to retain this memory. What today still seems completely impossible to men, men that are loyally devoted to me will have to experience and that they hold out to me in the last great tribulation earns them the state of bliss in the paradise of the new earth, which is why they go through the last frights only as in a dream because otherwise it would not be bearable for them after the time of suffering that the war against faith means to them in the end. But whose faith is strong he is maintained by the hope of my coming, of the rapture and the paradise on the new earth, and I will not let come to naught this faith. I verily prepare a fate for them that fully compensates them for all suffering because I myself am among them in my love and grace. Amen. B.D. NR. 4644.


Book 53 4645

Do not think worldly. Admonition of God to receive His word more often.

19. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4645.

Move all my words in your heart, think about them and pay attention to the feeling that befalls you then and then want to do what is right and to live to my pleasure, and you will well profit from my word; you will be blessed spiritually and worldly and move forward in your development. I cannot give you any better advice than to assimilate my word in you as often as it is possible for you. The worldly life will then present no more difficulties at all for you because as you concern yourself more with the spiritual, as you live more with me, the worldly life will run along beside you, hardly straining you and be mastered by an invisible hand; you well live on earth but are not unusually strained. Try it, make use of every opportunity to hear or read my word and then think about what you have learned, let me talk to you lovingly by you listening to me when I want to speak to you. Every thought to accept spiritual goods offered by me is my love's hint that I give you to foster your development. And you have to pay attention to this even when you lack time because I can very well extend time for you if it is necessary and never will the short span of time that you offer me be lost, but far more likely be of a great spiritual benefit for you. Again and again I tell you not to think worldly. Because the advantage that accrues from this to you is again only worldly and therefore not lasting. But that what you create and acquire spiritually is exceedingly valuable for eternity. But once your life on earth ends; once the way you have used the life on earth will have an effect: what work you have done when the power of life was available to you. And then you will be blessed to own a supply of spiritual goods and so that you permanently increase these I admonish you again and again and call out to you to take seriously my admonition and to accept my word from above often because it is the most delicious gift I can give and because it has an exceedingly favourable influence on you. Let me speak to you and consider my words in the heart and your life on earth will be a peaceful one that is richly blessed by me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4645.


Book 53 4646

God’s will - guiding principle for life.

20. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4646.

Who does not take my word as guiding principle of his life, his way will not be the right one, because he then walks against my will and does not obey my commands, which announce my word to them. I must, if you want to follow my will, inform you about it in a way, and I also see to it that the knowledge about it is made accessible to you; it depends however on your will, whether you accept or reject it. Every word from me is to serve you as guiding principle, and it is truly not difficult, to live according to my will, because my yoke is gentle and my burden is easy. I demand nothing of you, what would be impossible, but there is one obstacle, which also lets the easily feasible appear as difficult – your will, which must completely place itself under mine. And so your will has not yet entered mine, you must apply violence – then you will seize the kingdom of heaven. Then you must wage an inner war to change the will still turned away from me, into one completely subjugated to me, and then it is easy for you to do everything what I tell you to do through my word. I must insist on my conditions for the gaining of soul maturity, but I make them easy for you and give you power to fulfil them. But you must take note of it and not resist my demands inwardly; you must make my commands to your own project; out of free will you must make an effort to live in love; and consequently also all commands are fulfilled, which I give you for the time of your earth life. Your way of life must be based on my word; that is all, what I demand of you; but it requires taking note of my word; it demands an inner life, in which you have a good look at spiritual questions, where you must express your opinion on that what I demand. You cannot therefore, if you want to reach the destination, thoughtlessly lead a happy-go-lucky life; you must occupy yourselves in thoughts with your earth life purpose and your task and criticize yourselves, how far you fulfil the life task given to you. And you will then always in comparison have to keep my word before your eyes, because my word gives you all guiding principles and will always show you the right way – the way, which leads to the goal, to the union with me, your God and father from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4646.


Book 53 4647

"Greater works shall you still be able to do" – Promise.

21. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4647.

The master’s works are to always serve as good example to his disciples, and an ambitious and industrious disciple will also reach his destination to be equal to his master in his performance. And so I also told you: "Greater works shall you still do". Therefore the possibility exists that the disciple surpasses his master. You will probably doubt this expression, but I repeat it and still add that nothing would be impossible to you if you just summon the will to have an effect with me and my power. A man can rarely summon faith in this, but he will be able to do supernatural things, but exactly only for that reason, because he believes. Once gaining this deep faith, which can move mountains, and never ever you would now lack power; never ever doubts would befall you, and you would truly be still greater than the man Jesus, because he has said this to you, and his word is truth. But as long as man does not summon this strong faith, which is able to do everything, so long also no man will surpass the God-man Jesus, whom the elements obeyed through his faith and his love and who made everything subject to himself, because he had an effect with me and knew no restriction of his power as far as I am concerned. I myself was active in him; but I was also that power, which is without beginning and without end and which therefore can also express itself unlimitedly, without becoming less. But now you, my disciples of the time of the end, are to supply the proof for the words of Jesus; you are to make all powers subject to you through an extreme strong faith and likewise have an effect unlimitedly to my honour and to my glory and practise works, which honour the school of the master – you are to accomplish miracles by virtue of your faith, constantly under the use of the power out of me. Only strong faith is able to do this, and therefore I seek to help you to this strong faith. I let you come into trouble out of which I, often in a miraculous way, redeem you after intimate prayer to me. You are to recognize your master in this respect and now do the work willingly, which he assigns to you, and if you now strive for highest perfection, then also your works will become always more perfect, until they are like those of the master. Jesus Christ was your master, who instructed you and admonished you to follow him, and who gave you the promise, which is to incite you to striving – that you are able to do greater works. But who makes the test? Who seeks to reach that degree of love, which means complete union with me and therefore also unlimited power radiation and reception? Where the power out of me has an effect, there all success is secured, and in this confidence also faith will be firm and unshakable; man will know and feel that he is helped, whatever he may tackle, and this confidence enables him to great acts. He will be able to accomplish the unnatural and therefore be a right disciple, as I need him in the last time before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4647.


Book 53 4648

Thirst for knowledge. Privilege, to ask questions.

22. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4648.

If you let yourselves be instructed by my spirit, then no limits are set to your knowledge, nevertheless your will remains decisive, to which extent you want to receive the knowledge. As soon as you ask, answer will be yours, but also questions occupying you unconsciously will be answered through my spirit, although not always at the time, where asking questions move you. But I know what is helpful to you to know; I know your receptiveness and also how you make use of the knowledge sent to you. And that is of great importance, because according to my order nothing happens without meaning and purpose and so is also wisdom supplied there where it finds the right use, where the knowledge about pure truth is worked with. As soon as you now want to be active teaching, the knowledge imparted to you will comprise all fields, and that is in that degree, as you need it, to be a wise teacher to your fellowmen. Nevertheless you can yourselves very much increase your degree of knowledge if you yourselves express the desire to receive deep knowledge. I leave no questions unanswered and call upon you to ask questions. And for that reason every spiritual debate is valuable, where unclear subjects are touched, so that I now can give enlightenment through the spirit. A man hungry for knowledge would be able to draw heaps and heaps of it out of the spring of wisdom; therefore no limits would be imposed on his knowledge, if he lets himself be instructed through the spirit, while the exceeding of these limits is not possible for the intellectual man. Make use of this privilege and increase your knowledge, and you will be able to receive and pass on great blessings, because knowledge is light, and light makes that man happy, who does not want not walk in darkness. Those men, who are still children of the world, desire little light and have therefore also no interest in the answering of spiritual questions. But who already directs his look into the spiritual kingdom, he will be made happy to receive enlightenment from there, and his thirst for knowledge will increase, the more it is satisfied. Because that is the characteristic of spiritual work, that man is not satiated, but constantly feels the desire, to broaden his knowledge. And I like to follow this desire, because it is the proof of that, that the soul of man strives towards me; that it pushes towards me, that it is hungry for light, therefore wants to get in touch with the eternal light, even so man is not aware of it. And for that reason I will take every striving for truthful knowledge into account, I will hand out where desire is; I will give spiritual wealth and train to teaching activity according to the will of utilization, who entrusts himself as pupil to me. Because where my spirit can become affective, there man can penetrate into the deepest depths of wisdom – where my spirit works, there I am myself at work and instruct man truly in the right way, so that he can again radiate out his knowledge, if he teaches in my name. Amen. B.D. NR. 4648.


Book 53 4649

"I will not leave you comfortless." (John 14)

24. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4649.

"I will not leave you comfortless." I want to be your father, to whom you are allowed to come in every trouble of the body and the soul. I want to stand by you advising and helping. I want to take over all worries about you, for your body and your soul; I want to direct your steps. I want to be always with you, so that you are never alone and imagine being abandoned – I will not leave you comfortless. Consider this my word. Can you perhaps have a more comforting assurance for your path through life? Must not all worries and grief fall off you, if you remember these words, that you are constantly certain of my protection and my love? Whatever may approach you, you need to fear nothing in the certainty, that no burden lies on you alone, but I help you to carry it or also completely take it from you, if it is good for you. My word must be enough for you, and if you show me your complete child-love, an unshakeable belief will also fill you, and then you no longer feel deserted and abandoned; then you have the awareness of my presence, and you will be completely without worries. And then you will also be able to hear me through the voice of the spirit, because when I am once present to you and you are aware of it, I also express myself, and the ear of love will hear me. Be blessed when you receive my word; feel yourselves then as my children, with whom the father lovingly speaks, and know that you are then free of every worry, because where I am and care for you as father, you can completely abandon yourselves to me and only deal with yourselves, i.e. do the work on your soul. You can use all power for practical neighbourly love, being active for spiritual work and for me and my kingdom in my name, then everything earthly will automatically sort itself out for you, because it is I, who invisibly walks next to you and does that for you, what is your duty. Just believe in this, and do not doubt and know that every promise from me fulfils itself, if you have fulfilled the conditions before, which I attach to it. And so I just demand your true child-love, to take you into my particular protection as father, to give to you as my right children, that you can cover your earth way free from all worry. Faith in me and love towards me I demand, and you will truly feel my fatherly care and be constantly aware of my presence, because I will not leave you comfortless; I want to come to you and take residence with you, so that you hear my voice and constantly remain connected to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4649.


Book 53 4650

God’s extreme great love. How shall love towards God be?

24. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4650.

You cannot gauge my love, which I have towards my creatures and which determines everything for me, what happens and what I permit. It is like a powerful fireplace; it is like a gigantic great flame; it is like embers, which consume everything, what comes near them. And my love is again gently and mild, which woos with all intimacy for counter love, which never decreases, which never refuses to give itself, which always and constantly would like to make happy and gives up nothing, what belongs to me. My love is of such power, that it also achieves everything, what it wills, and so sure of its success, that it forces nothing, but waits for counter love, which is voluntarily given to me. I want to possess your love; your complete devotion towards me; I want your will, which is to turn towards me out of free drive, because then you also love me, then I have won you for ever. But how shall your love towards me be? By which do you recognize that you love me? If you show a high, holy feeling in the heart towards him, whom you do not see and who you do not know and still believe in him, that he is and you are his creatures. But this holy feeling is not allowed to just exist in the excitement of the soul, but must be a quiet vow to belong to him and to do his will – it must be a quiet vow, to work with me under use of all power. Who therefore makes this vow towards me, he also feels from that very hour attracted to everything, what has emerged out of my hand, because he now has love in him, because he attracts me myself through his love, and is consequently also attached to fellowmen – he feels love towards the neighbour, which is expressed in unselfish work for him. And therefore he proves the love towards me through practical neighbourly love, because one emerges out of the other. Then also my love can radiate over to him, but always only in a measure bearable for him, but which increases to the immeasurable, because my love knows no boundaries, as also the love of my creatures can and will increase, if they, once radiated through by my love power, have found the union with me, if they have become mine for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4650.


Book 53 4651

Destruction of earth is act of God's mercy. Seers and prophets.

26. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4651.

My love, favour and mercy will certainly still be meant for the individual man, but no longer for whole mankind, when the continuation of the existence of the old earth is to be understood by it, which you men want to accept as a proof of mercy. It is much rather an act of mercy, that the destruction of the old earth takes place, because by this, new possibilities are again created for the maturation of the still imperfect spiritual, as also for the souls of men, which have already become slaves of darkness and are still to find back to me, to light. My principle is the redemption of the spiritual out of darkness to light. But when the earth has completely become dark, then it is no longer suitable for this purpose, which it is to serve, and then new means must be created, which my wisdom alone can assess as appropriate, and human intellect is not enough to weigh the pros and cons. But my love and mercy still wants to give the opportunity to the souls still before the destruction of the old earth, to conclude their course of development on the earth, because it is of most severe importance. And for this reason I announce to you the forthcoming in extraordinary way, by me initiating you into my plan of salvation from eternity through revelations. And this is an important act of my love, favour and mercy, for which you are to be grateful and take advantage of every possibility to bring your souls to maturity, before the end is there. I give you tidings about it to you, however the belief in it you must summon yourselves, otherwise you would have to change by force, what could be called no ascent development. But pay attention to the signs, to which I have constantly drawn your attention through seer and prophets – pay attention to them, and you can recognize yourselves that the time has come, where my announcements are fulfilling themselves – that the time of the end has come, which is to determine you to extreme work on your souls. (27.5.1949) Not without purpose have I announced the end through seers and prophets and the purpose is alone that man is to keep the end as forthcoming constantly in mind and is to adjust the conduct of his life accordingly to not get lost on the day of judgement. That now so far long times have passed without having brought the end does not warrant the assumption that also men of the present time do not experience the end, it is rather more and more likely because one day my prediction comes true because my word is and remains truth - that therefore the time draws nearer and nearer. You can however expect with full certainty that you are men of the present time, by whom my word fulfils itself, that therefore the presence brings the event with it, of which it is written. With certainty you can expect the last days, and you need no longer imagine a long earth life, although the world wants to know nothing of an end, i.e. those men, who are worldly minded and turn their thinking only to material profit. Also for these the end comes, but they do not prepare themselves for it and will therefore be surprised and be full of despair, when it is revealed to them, that they have nothing to expect any longer from the earthly world. And for that reason it is to be spoken of everywhere, where the opportunity is offered, even so the announcements are not believed. But when the hour has come, where my word fulfils itself, still some few men will turn their thoughts to me and also be able to be certain of my help in the trouble of the soul. And that my predictions aim to achieve, and for that reason they are not to be rejected, because you men will soon recognize the truth of them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4651.


Book 53 4652

Receiving of the announcements in the state of wakefulness. Powers of light.

27. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4652.

You are to receive the announcements out of the spiritual kingdom with awake senses; you are to connect with me in thoughts and consciously expect my expression to every question, which you want to have answered, therefore through dialogue with me having been instructed in full consciousness. Because then my spirit has an effect in you – whereas such announcements must be received with all precaution, which a man receives unconsciously, where therefore the will is eliminated, or is forced by a stronger will, by a spiritual power under its influence, because it does not defend itself, what it very well can in the conscious state. Whether the will is now used by a good or bad power, men, who are not initiated into spiritual knowledge, cannot now assess, and therefore they often receive error as truth, while they do not recognize pure truth as such. (28.5.1949) They then also present announcements as given from above, because they certainly want, that they are in contact with light beings, however through non-observance of my demands refuse these light beings themselves the influence. But my demand is, to get consciously in touch with me; my demand is furthermore, to also fulfil those conditions, which result in a direct address for my part, as there are: a walk of life according to my will – a life in love – desire for truth and now a listening to the inside, to hear me. From it emerges that not everyone can hear my word, that therefore also the receipts out of the spiritual kingdom in the unconscious state require the fulfilment of these conditions, when they want to lay claim to truth. (29.5.1949) But mostly men, who keep to my conditions, are strong-willed and therefore do not give up their own will, so that spiritual powers cannot make use of it, therefore eliminates an unconscious state. And that the listeners must distinguish, whether the way of speaking of those, who want to receive announcements from above, is so to speak automatic, therefore a foreign will obviously manifests itself, or whether the man speaks naturally, as if it is own spirit product. Because I certainly express myself through the mouth of man; I certainly choose the form for my work, but never in a conspicuous way, that the nature of man appears completely changed. Because man is supposed to be able to believe freely, and for that reason I also let my form speak freely out of itself, only that I put the words for it in the mouth – that I therefore still speak myself through it. Why should I also, if I want to speak through a form, make this form to a robot? You men certainly love extraordinary phenomena and only then believe, although the same is offered to you in a natural way. But you do not consider that I do not take from my works that, what marks them as my work, free will and the awareness of themselves. But if a spiritual being makes use of the will of a man, then this eliminates the free will, and man loses the awareness of himself. This can never be seen as my work, why I seriously warn against this, to accept performing and instructions of this kind as truth. Although not everything needs to be wrong, when the will of man is seriously turned towards the good. But caution is always advisable, because truth will always be fought against by my opponent, to which no means is too bad for him and he also seeks to assert himself disguised as angel of light. Amen. B.D. NR. 4652.


Book 53 4653

Suitability for spiritual work. Giving away of the world.

30. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4653.

Those who feel called to work for me, by them hearing my spirit’s expressions as spoken or mentally imparted word, must constantly be eagerly active and are not allowed to get lost to the world. Nevertheless the world is still their surroundings, i.e., as long as they dwell on earth, the world also approaches them with its demands. But it can be overcome, when the heart frees itself from desires and wishes of every kind. Love, which comes to development in every man, can be directed right or wrong. If it now belongs to the world, then it is a wrong love, which must be fought against, if man wants to stand in contact with me and therefore be active for me. Love directed towards me is therefore the right one, and this love must fill a man, who wants to work as my servant for me and my kingdom. In his heart must just be space for me, therefore no concessions can be made to the world, and that it is, what man finds difficult and why only rarely someone is suitable for spiritual work, for a service, which requires unconditional giving away of the world. For that reason I must choose my workers for me; I must train their abilities, tear the love towards the world out of the heart, however not inevitably, but I must seek to change his will, that he submits to me and is no longer turned towards the world. And therefore the goods of the world must be described to him as worthless and changeable, what is possible only, if they leave him unsatisfied, so that he no longer desires them. If now a man is very worldly minded, then the spiritual contact with me is lacking, and then he will also never ever be able to do a spiritual work. But often long time passes, before a man has recognized the worthlessness of the world, and for that reason also rarely workers will be found, who offer their services to me in free will. Because the world again and again approaches men and seeks to capture their thoughts. And it will always mean a fight, but which must be carried out for the sake of the salvation of the soul, and this fight must always end with the defeat of the opponent of me, who is the prince of this world and against whom therefore this fight is waged. No matter in which form this fight takes place, the success will always be a spiritual maturation, but the cause is worldly wishes and their fulfilment. For that reason consider every disappointment, ever y failure, every suffering through material losses as a means, to overcome wishes and desires, and resign yourselves uncomplainingly to it, because it helps you to the overcoming of all that, what is an obstacle to being a good and eager servant in my vineyard – it helps you to make your heart free and to the getting ready for the reception of me, I who truly offer something to you, what surpasses worldly pleasures. Give up the world, and exchange it for me, and you win the most delicious, when I myself am in you and hand spiritual wealth out to you, which is truly comfort and refreshment for your soul and not comparable with that, what the world offers to you. Serve me eagerly, and make yourselves worthy of the preferential treatment, having been accepted as workers for my kingdom. Perform your duty conscientiously, so that you in future will be rewarded as loyal servants and be happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4653.


Book 53 4654

"Become as little children."

31. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4654.

"Become as little children." I am well pleased with the quiet, humble child-love, which trustingly comes to meet me, which pushes towards the love of the father and seeks reply with him. Become as little children. If you really feel as children and direct your steps towards the father, if you seek refuge with him, you enter into the right relationship, in which you have stood from the beginning and from which you yourselves broke away out of own will. If you now return again to the father, then the banishment is broken; you again become free God-children; you have found back to me and can now be happy in my nearness. You must feel it alive in you that I am your father, that you are my children, which having emerged out of my love, possess my father-love for ever – in thoughts about me you must be glad and quiet, remain untouched from all trouble and affliction, in the firm trust, that the father protects you from all danger of the body and of the soul. The right trust only marks the relationship of a child towards the father, and before you do not show me this trust, you still do not stand in the child relationship towards me, then you are still far from me, and I am unknown to you and not constantly present. Where a heart opens to me, where it holds dialogue with me in the desire to receive me, to hear and to feel me, there is no cleft anymore between the child and the father; it is with him and the father constantly with his child; the father hears every request, every question, and he gives to the child, as it is helpful for it. Therefore first strive for the adoption right, which emerges out of the right relationship towards me. Because when you are my right children, you are also entitled to many rights – that the father constantly cares for his child; that he helps it spiritually and earthly to perfection; that he instructs it and feeds it with food for body and soul. As my right children you can demand everything from me; I will deny you nothing and constantly make you happy with gifts of love, which I always have ready for my children. Become as little children! Leave all self-conceit out and come in all humility with loving hearts to me and receive the fullness of my love, which I want to give to all my creatures. Still on earth this child-relationship must be established, if you want to become right God-children with all rights in eternity. And so you have once given yourselves to me as will-less little children, I never ever leave you from me; I watch over you and refuse all evil access to you, so that you no longer can get lost for me or hand yourselves over to my opponent. I am your father from eternity and just wait for the moment, where you lift your hearts full of child-love to me. Then I have won you back for ever, and you are free. Because the father does not keep his children by force, as soon as they are subject to him in love, since now their will is the same, and they will only want that, what my will is, and can never ever fail. Amen. B.D. NR. 4654.


Book 53 4655

"What God hath joined together" - Unions blessed by God.

1. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4655.

What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. What I therefore have blessed, must remain indissoluble until all eternity. But on what is my blessing recognizable? Not an earthly relationship guarantees my fullest approval; a spiritual agreement of both parts must obviously be recognizable, if men want to lay claim to my blessing and think being in its possession. Men, who are different spiritually, who do not find themselves in the same spiritual striving, can indeed also enter a union, which is also earthly justified; but they are by no means to be considered as being united by me, although they believe to fulfil all conditions through ceremonies and religious acts, which are supposed to secure them my blessing. I certainly consider the union as having taken place and never approve of a separation, but I withhold the divine blessing and hand it out to those, who go up to me together in prayer, who want to go their journey through life together with the same striving for perfection, for soul maturity and with the same love towards me, whose commands they want to fulfil and who is their aim on this earth. Consequently many marriages can be regarded as having taken place, but only few as blessed by me. To be bound for ever before me, I make demands on the will of both partners, that they want to belong to each other time wise and for ever; that one wants to be the others support and rod; that they therefore love each other without self-interest and enter the relationship driven by the desire for union, which does not consist of external formalities, but in intimate communion bodily and spiritually. The desire for union will be the greater, the deeper the spiritual harmony of the souls is, which is therefore expressed in the same thinking, the same acting and agreement of words and speeches, which have me as content, therefore testify to spiritual communion. These are therefore also destined by me to spiritual cooperation and consequently will be able to be certain of my blessing, if they offer themselves to me for spiritual collaboration. And the blessing will easily be recognizable, which rests on those people, who work together for me and my kingdom, because they will suffer no trouble; they will be fully satisfied spiritually and earthly, and I will obviously be with them in every trouble and danger. But such a relationship is not allowed to be broken with, even so it would not be sanctioned earthly, therefore very easily be dissolved earthly. Because what I fit together, man is not to separate. Do you then know, why I have brought you together, therefore have permitted that your way crosses, when I have made it possible for you to come together and spiritual agreement was really recognizable? So you are not allowed to again break up on your own authority or perform a separation, which could withdraw my blessing from you, if I do not hinder you to carry out your project. A separation is only allowed to take place, when I myself break you up for the sake of the salvation of your soul, when I, to not endanger the salvation of your soul, take each one of you under my protection, as long as spiritual differences arise, therefore an agreement is no longer existing, that no longer allows a spiritual collaboration. But then this union is even so not given up, because, what I join together can never ever be given up on the part of men and because my blessing will rest on every union, which was concluded in spiritual striving and found my approval. Amen. B.D. NR. 4655.


Book 53 4656

Tool of God. Reproaching of the mistakes right of disciples.

2. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4656.

Where my favour flows towards you in such fullness that you are instructed by my spirit, there also a certain right is given, to draw the attention of fellowman to his mistakes, without being able to be accused of self-arrogance. This is so to speak the office of him, to whom the pure Gospel is supplied, that he carries this out into the world; that he therefore opposes the right against the wrong; that he passes on my word in the same meaning, as he receives it. Who is enlightened by my spirit, he also has the gift of just assessment, as soon as he is active as my disciple, therefore works for me and my kingdom among fellowmen. He will recognize the mistakes and weaknesses of men and also know about their causes and effects; he will also recognize the truth of my word with latter, because through my word I initiate him, who is enlightened by the spirit, into a knowledge, which explains everything to him, what is and happens around him. And so it will also not remain hidden to him that, why my word does not meet with full approval, because he knows that the cause of it is the conduct of man himself, his will and his wrong attitude towards that, what I demand of men through my word. And for that reason he is also entitled to reproach fellowman for his mistakes and faults, so that he changes. He even has the duty to alert men, although he rarely is readily listened to and also only rarely a change regarding this is striven for. Nevertheless my disciple stands in the right, because I make use of him to speak through his mouth to those, who are not able to hear me themselves. And again and again it may be said to you that your ways are completely subject to my steering; that you are just the tools for the work, which I myself would like to do to my creatures, I just cannot directly approach them and therefore need you as mediators. What attracts your attention with the neighbour, what you recognize as opposing my will, what appears to you as mistake and bad habit, that you are to also censure or friendly and patiently alert fellowmen to it, so that he now himself works on his soul and seeks to adapt himself to my will. Because I train you as teachers – therefore instruct your neighbour, enlighten him, where he errs – may it be in wrong knowledge or also in wrong assessment of himself; alert them, but in love, not in anger. And you will just administer your office right, to which I myself have appointed you, because it is merely about the recovery of the souls, which are sick, and who is of good will, he will listen to you and not become aggrieved at you; he will recognize that he must distinguish between your office and your own nature, that you just do to him what you have to do to obey me. Because your office obliges you to do my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4656.


Book 53 4657

Cognition of eternal divinity.

2. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4657.

The clear cognition of the eternal divinity, the awareness of its existence and its exceedingly perfect nature, can only be won by those men, who live in love. To these alone it is given, to form a right impression, which they can indeed not express in words, because it is merely a matter of feeling. But precisely his feeling will be in accordance with the truth, because love can produce nothing else than truth, because a man, who lives in love, can think and feel nothing else than truly and consequently; and therefore also the God-idea is comprehensible to him. But the intellect will then not particularly be made use of, but the heart comes more into action insofar, than that it is the seat of feelings, which are then certainly sent to the intellect and are received by it and, since the intellect has not produced them, become aware to man as feelings. But such imparting out of the spiritual kingdom can only touch a heart formed to love, because it is receptive and willing for spiritual currents. A heart, which is void of any love, does not open and will therefore remain poor in feeling and consequently also without cognition. Because the knowledge about God is spiritual wealth, which starts from God, who is love himself, and is only given to him, who seeks to adapt himself to his original nature. Because it awakens the spirit in him to life, which is a spark of the eternal spirit of God. The eternal divinity therefore certainly lets itself fathom, even so not in its complete depth, as long as man still dwells on earth. It lets itself fathom so far, that man becomes aware of, (3.6.1949) that a highly perfect being has created him and that this perfect being stands in connection with himself, therefore with imperfect creatures, but which have only become imperfect through their own fault. Man therefore recognizes for the first time a power of creation, which proves all features of an entity. He furthermore recognizes a supernatural work of this power by the countless creations and consequently the will and the wisdom of the being, but as also the original reason of the creative activity, love. He therefore can now believe in this being out of inner conviction, because he has won the cognition out of the inside as result of a life in love. And furthermore he is now initiated by exactly this entity into a deeper knowledge, as a result of which the eternal divinity becomes more and more comprehensible to him, because meaning and purpose of all events is explained to him and he is therefore initiated into the eternal plan of salvation of God and consequently penetrates deeper and deeper into the secrets of divine work with God’s approval, because God himself wants to guide men into truth and gives most complete enlightenment, if they make themselves worthy of them through fulfilment of the divine commands, through a life in unselfish neighbourly love. Then the cognition of the eternal divine will becomes easy for men – problems, which are insoluble to those, who tackle them intellectually, will be able to be solved easily by all, who venture to the solution with a loving heart, because God reveals himself to them and also reveals his identity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4657.


Book 53 4658

Pouring out of the spirit. Task of spreading love teaching.

4.June 1949. B.D. NR. 4658.

It is given to you, to speak in my name, i.e., to announce my kingdom, to carry my love teaching into the world and to therefore be active spiritually. And so you yourselves must first be convinced of the truth of that, what you are to pass on to fellowmen; you must have received the spiritual material, that you receive from me, with the heart and the intellect, therefore being able to have an affirmative attitude to it, feeling wise and also intellectually wise. That it is, what I want to achieve with you, that no doubt moves your heart any longer; that you can believe and become knowing, to now be a suitable and wise teacher to your fellowman, who is active as a blessing in my vineyard. Your mission is not bound to place and time; constantly and everywhere you will have opportunity to advocate me and my name, and you are to use this opportunity and utilize everything, what is sent to you as spiritual wealth. I constantly hand out my gifts to you; so also you are to give constantly, what you acquire for you, what you possess, what makes yourselves happy. Then you will be able to detect the gift of speech with you, but only as long as you speak for me and pass on my word. And thereby you will recognize my spirit that not your intellect whispers the words to you, but that you speak driven from the inside; that you speak with full conviction about things, which are completely foreign to your knowledge. And it will appear to all those plausible, who again have the serious will, to stand in truth. I pour out my spirit over you, as soon as you want to serve me and work for me and my kingdom. And what it now imparts to you, is purest truth and certainly worth, to also be presented to fellowmen, because the spirit out of me will give you nothing else than purest truth, because it is a part of me, to whom nothing is foreign and who wants to make the knowledge of greatest extent accessible to you. Heart and intellect are to be active with the receiving of knowledge imparted by the spirit to you, and heart and intellect are to pass it on, i.e., with love it is to be presented in that form, that it also appears intellectually acceptable to man and he also adjusts himself affirmatively to it. You will often have the opportunity, because I supply the souls to you, who are willing and able to accept and utilize spiritual material from above. As soon as you yourselves are convince, you will also be able to speak convincingly and then win fellowmen easier for my kingdom. And you must still also particularly request my favour, so that I myself work through you, when you are active for me. And every request for spiritual progress, for enlightenment and power for the expressing of my word I grant, because who works for me, he truly does not ask for nothing – he will be allowed to utilize a measure of favour, which is unlimited, and it is only up to him, how far he makes use of it for the spreading of truth and in my will. And of my blessing he will always be allowed to be certain. Amen. B.D. NR. 4658.


Book 53 4659

Radiation of God. Instruction from inside. Gift of speech.

Whit Sunday 5. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4659.

You need constant instruction to change the state of ignorance, in which you start earth life as man, into the state of cognition. You must constantly be instructed, because you are not receptive in that measure that you can immediately endure the brightest light; you must slowly be introduced to the right knowledge, so that heart and intellect grasp it and your soul draws the right use of it. Therefore teachers must be added to you, who are qualified to guide you into truth. These teachers can now be trained by me myself, but as they also can receive indirectly everything necessary to know, when it is their firm will, to step into my services and to be active for me and my kingdom, because this will guarantees them, that they are instructed right, therefore can also carry out the teaching activity on their part according to my will. Because I want, that truth is spread, that men step out of the darkness of spirit into the light; I want that they learn to recognize, who and what I am and which task they have to fulfil on earth as my creatures. I am therefore the right teacher, who imparts to those the right knowledge, who again want to be active teaching. But you cannot hear me differently than through the spirit. I certainly speak to you, but my word does not sound for you from outside at the ear, but you must hear it inwardly. And so I am also there at work, where the instruction happens indirectly, therefore through mediators. It is always my spirit, which must first have an effect in you, to also let that, what is imparted to you, become effective, to make your intellect receptive and to awaken the feeling in the heart for the depth of truth. Where my spirit is not at work, the deepest wisdom can be offered to you, it would leave you completely untouched and go unheard at your ear like empty words. Only my spirit enlivens the dead word; my spirit is that power, which flows through every word, so that it can exert the effect on man and is therefore also felt as divine. My spirit work is the sign of the interest in you, because only, when you confide in me, I take interest in you, by me helping you to perfection through the work of my spirit. Then you will be able to understand everything, what is sent to you directly or through mediators as instructions; you will be able to enter out of the state of ignorance into the state of fullest light, because then you are in direct contact with me, when I have an effect on you through my spirit. My spirit is simply the radiation of me myself, the gift, which is not material, which cannot be seen and seized, but only felt, which is therefore certainly something effective, but is nothing visible, and nevertheless proves me, is therefore a living testimony of me myself. My spirit is the radiation of my love. My love expresses itself in that form, that it is a most tiny little spark of that, what it is itself, radiates into the heart of man, who by this can develop himself to a divine being and always approaches perfection more and more. But being perfect means standing in brightest knowledge on the spiritual field, having overcome the state of lack of light and having become a light being with my help, which can now be in my nearness and, constantly radiated through by my spirit and my love, is exceedingly happy until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4659.


Book 53 4660

Spirit work (Pentecost) Mediator. Truth – Error. Mission.

Whit Monday 6. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4660.

What is given to you at the present time, that speak, because you then do not speak out of you, but it is me, who speaks through you. And in that you can at any time recognize the work of my spirit, that the disciples called by me myself, when they offer my word to men, cannot be beaten through counter speech; that they are able to refute every objection, without first preparing before for debates of spiritual kind. Who has my word and wants to spread it, he is active in my name; he speaks for me on my instruction and only passes on, what he has received from me. Therefore he is just the mediator between me and those men, to whom I want to speak and cannot do it directly, because they do not allow it through wrong direction of the will or inability of their souls, to hear my voice in them. But I want to approach them; I want to set their soul vibrating; I want that they remember their earth task; I want to persuade the soul quietly and gently that it is to turn towards me to become happy. And for that reason I need you, to speak to them through you, and consequently it is not you who then speaks, and that is also recognizable to every man that a power inspires you, which is unusual and touches the listener beneficently, as soon as he is not already completely captured by my opponent. Then men rebel against you and everything what you speak; they treat you with hostility, and then it is more advisable to shake the dust from the feet and turn the back on them. But who is seeking or still undecided, he listens to you and noticeably feels the power of my word.

Therefore my spirit drives you to speak, and so you will never voice something wrong, but as you also will not fail, because my spirit illuminates your thinking, and so it appears as if your intellect is in busiest activity, while you are but just a tool, which cannot speak differently, because I myself work in you. So you have the proof of my work in the gift of speech of a man, who otherwise does not understand to speak so, and also in the lightning refuting of all objections, which are opposed to my word. Because mostly those are trained to teachers, who scholastic possess little spiritual knowledge, because their hearts are more receptive for those truths, which do not agree with that spiritual material, which is offered to men and is represented as truth. But pure truth, as it is offered by me to men, deviates now and again strongly from those and therefore finds little reception; men toughly hold on to false doctrines and are understandably therefore little suitable to accept corrections, therefore to ask the spirit out of me in them and to let it have an effect. But where it has an effect, there error is denounced, and therefore eager representatives of truth must be sent to those men – such, who are still completely uninfluenced, when they are instructed through the spirit in them. They must give way to the feeling of the heart and accept everything as purest truth, what the spirit out of me announces to them, (7.6.1949) but what they can easily grasp, when they are without spiritual knowledge, i.e. were not impressed through erroneous teachings before, which they then must give up, when different things are offered to them. The strong will to truth will indeed manage this, because the man seriously demanding truth easily recognizes the error and makes himself free from it. I do not demand accepting of spiritual knowledge without thinking, and for that reason I give understanding reasons and explanations, from which every examiner can gather that it is not human thought material, but is spirit work, what is offered to him. And so I therefore speak through someone, a servant devoted to me, to those men, who listen to him; they will not come away empty-handed, but be able to accept instructions, which create clarity to them in many doubts and questions, provided that they desire truth, therefore want to let themselves be instructed. And they will always be able to say that they are taught by God, because it is I myself, who speaks through those men, whom I have called to my disciples, who let my spirit have an effect in them and to whom I can therefore impart pure truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4660.


Book 53 4661

Announcement of judgement. Doubt. Star on the advance.

7. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4661.

A forthcoming judgment has been announced to you, but you doubt it and do not take my words seriously enough, otherwise you would no more take earthly measures und only prepare yourself for the day my announcements come true. You do not know the day, but it should be enough when I as your creator and father from eternity call it to be approaching shortly, that I am so giving you to understand that it is time for your preparation, otherwise I would not repeat the admonitions and warnings all the time, but would leave you without warning. And so then listen that the period of time is more and more shortened and that it will have run out exceedingly fast. All earthly worries are useless, because I care for the ones who are mine, so that they will have what they need, but the others will not be able to hold onto anything, even if they are in league with my enemy, when they are for the time being with his help earthly well placed und climb higher and higher all the time, whether it is with earthly goods or honour or with earthly wisdom. My opponent will not be able to protect himself on the day of terror, because I want to bring men back to their senses through nature that they think of their God and creator and place themselves in his hands in deepest trouble. Then everything will be destroyed by the elements; nothing will survive for men than what I want them to keep. And that is why they should try to win me; they are to connect with me through acting in love and close thought; they are to talk to me and listen to my reply, and they will achieve a much greater profit than when they worry about the well-being of the body, about worldly riches and worldly advancement. Believe it that it will come true soon what I have told you since a long time already; believe it that time is short and do not worry any more how you can gain worldly advantages because this worry is useless - you will recognize this very soon. And I want to give you a sign, you who distribute my word, so that you speak out full of conviction in favour of this. I want to let you know that a star is on the advance that approaches the earth exceedingly fast through its speed and that this phenomenon will happen shortly before I make the continual announcement come true. Then you insiders know what hour has come, then act in accordance with my will, inform the fellow human beings of what is forthcoming and draw all attention to it, connect yourself closely with me so that I can directly supply you with the power that you need in the hour of danger. Do not fear, but believe only that I will save you from every trouble so that you can carry out your mission for which I trained you - so that you bring the Gospel afterwards to your fellow human beings, because with a hungry heart many will take in my word who have emerged undamaged from these events. Know that you do not have much time until the end. And this end is preceded by what I have announced again and again. Believe it and prepare yourself for it because the time has expired und I appear very soon. Amen. B.D. NR. 4661.


Book 53 4662

"Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation."

9. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4662.

You are to be watchful and pray so that you do not enter into temptation. It is a perpetual onslaught against you, you who want to remain loyal to me, on the side of my opponent, who wants to alienate you from me. He applies all means and not in the end such, which are to make you incapable to establish the connection with me, so that he has an easy job of it, as soon as you are weak. He lies in wait for opportunities to bring about your downfall, and only who is of strong will, who can always send an intimate thought to me for help, he will not succumb to him. Call upon me in every trouble of the body and the soul – that I call praying and being watchful – direct your thoughts up, where he cannot follow, and you escape from him safely and you proceed into my protection. He will seek to tie you to earth with everything he can, to that, what is his share and belongs to his kingdom – he will want to make you apostate from me, from spiritual striving; he will spread doubts into you and want to confuse your thoughts through troubles and frights, so that you no longer find to me, so that you lose yourselves in the earthly and forget me. Watch and pray – and you break away from him, who is my opponent, and chain yourselves more and more to me, I who am your father from eternity and who truly can offer you nicer things than he. Watch and pray, because the tempter is constantly around you and seek to capture you. Who is watchful, he recognizes him and can escape from him. And be cheerful and happy, that you know me as constant protector around you, to whom you can turn, when danger threatens you, because I hear the softest call, which comes out of the heart and stand by you, that you are victorious in the fight against him. But who too much trusts himself and his own power and believes to be able do without my help, he will succumb; he overrates himself and does not think of the power of the opponent, who is stronger than him. With me you will be victorious, but without me succumb and fall victim to every temptation. But to go with me means to allow my presence through prayer and love work. Then you are invulnerable to all attacks of the enemy; then he is powerless against you, because then he would have to fight against me, I who am far more powerful than him. Watch and pray, and he has lost every target; he will avoid you, because you then stand in the light, which my nearness radiates and which is unbearable to him. Call upon me in every temptation, and I will always be with you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4662.


Book 53 4663

Task of those who became knowing at the spring of wisdom.

9. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4663.

I have initiated you into my eternal plan of salvation; you have received a deep knowledge; you have taken note of the purpose of all my works of creation and of the task of man during his earth life; you have penetrated into a knowledge, which you are to pass on to your fellowmen; you therefore also recognize your own particular task, which however depends on your free will. Consequently you are enlightened and of bright spirit, what wants to say so much, as that you can record a progress in your spiritual development, which therefore proves a certain degree of maturity, and so you no longer need to fear to be on a wrong way, because the knowledge you possess proves it to you that you have gone right, otherwise you could certainly also believe, however would find no connection of spiritual facts and could consequently also never instruct your fellowmen. Right knowledge must also be able to be passed on; but the ignorant man does not find his way around himself, could therefore never instruct fellowmen comprehensibly. When you now pass on my word, when you have the opportunity to speak about it with fellowmen, it will be recognizable, from where you have taken your wisdom – the water of life, which there is my word, can only flow from that spring, which springs from me, as the eternal truth. This source holds all power in itself; it is a fountain, which never exhausts, by which all men can refresh themselves, and so is my word, which takes its start from me, also for all men the true power donor, which illuminates the spirit and makes man knowing. Knowledge is light. You can now truly say, that it has become full of light in you; that the connection from me with everything created is understandable for you and that you have recognized my love and wisdom through the knowledge imparted to you; that you no longer stand empty and ignorant in life, but the great secret was unveiled before your eyes; that I am no longer the mysterious, unknown or strange God for you, but the father, who is constantly concerned for you; who guides you in all truth and wants to strengthen and refresh you for earth life and who for that reason gives you his word, the spring of wisdom and eternal fountain of love. Because it is no piece-knowledge, but comprehensive and clear and proving divine work, the plan of redemption fullest of wisdom reveals itself before the eyes of men, of the spiritual, which once deserted me. Love and omnipotence is recognizable, and who is so instructed by me, he will also be wise and be able to instruct his fellowmen, because he imparts to them only pure truth out of me – my living word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4663.


Book 53 4664

Proving of God’s love through practical neighbourly love.

10. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4664.

Only that is valid before my eyes, what has love as principle. You will ask yourselves, in what way do I want to have love towards me expressed, and I can always only give you the answer: through practical neighbourly love. You are to never harm the neighbour; you are to never cause suffering to him; never let him ask in vain, when he needs your help, and you are to never let him live in want at his soul, because that is a special work of neighbourly love, that you help the soul of the neighbour, when it still languishes in darkness. What you therefore do to the neighbour, that I see as done to me and reward you accordingly for it. I give you my love in exchange, and to be allowed to receive my love means truly everything, as long as you live on earth. My love you will not always feel bodily; it is something spiritual and can only be felt as making happy; only occasionally you will become aware of it, or else you have a constant proof of my love and favour through the reception of my word, which I myself dictate to you as sign of my intimate father love. Who has this my word, he can know himself loved by me, even though he does not know the feeling of happiness on earth. Then I have my wise reason for it, because I truly know the life of feeling of each man; I know how easily it is possible, to lose the connection with the earth and to just want to live in spiritual regions. This is not advantageous for the soul, and for that reason I still keep the hearts captured; I burden them with earthly worries and hinder them in this way by feelings, which would cloud the clear look of the soul, but which is absolutely necessary, because I myself want to take residence and be listened to in the heart and this is to happen in the state of sober thinking. I myself come to you; I move into the heart of him, who has made it ready for me and instruct him now from the inside, without strange influence and strange teachers. I therefore express in this way my love. What is now more understandable than that also I demand love, which you are now to prove to the neighbour? (11.6.1949) What you therefore have to do, so that I like you, to also gain my love, that can only be borne by the love towards the neighbour, because you can do nothing different to me myself, than to acknowledge that, what has emerged out of my love power, and therefore, if you want to love and honour me, to also love that, what I have created. And since I created man according to my image, he therefore, so even if he became imperfect, is to again shape himself to my image, he is also worth of the love of fellowman. You all are my creatures and are to love each other, then you also make me as the father really happy; then also I can embrace all of you with my endless love, because then you already adopt that nature, which can join mine, which is in itself pure love. Understand it, that without love no-one can become happy, because love is divine and a God-like nature belongs to happiness. And that is why you are to be good towards your neighbour; you are, prepared to help, to remedy every trouble; you are not to hurt his feelings, not harm him, but always consider him as your most loved brother, to whom again the love of the father belongs. Every thought, every act, every word is to always just radiate love, then you will gain my pleasure, then I will accept this love towards the neighbour as love towards me and reciprocate this love to you with all intimacy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4664.


Book 53 4665

The world wants to see miracles and does not see the greatest miracle.

11. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4665.

It touches you peculiarly that I do not appear to you with all glory, i.e., that I do not make myself recognizable through unusual phenomena hitting in the eye, but simply and without splendour only through my word I express myself there, where I can be present. The world wants to see miracles, but mine see miracles everywhere and recognize me therefore also in the simplest robe, because they feel my spirit, which does not prove to be a dazzle light, however spreads a gentle, but bright shine, which shines out from the inside, out of the heart, where I myself can stay. The world wants to see miracles and does not see the greatest miracle. Because is it not a miracle that you are allowed to hear the voice of God; that I myself speak with you, like a father speaks with his children? Is it not a miracle that I myself give you enlightenment about questions, which move a thinking man and which he still is not able to answer for himself? Is it not a miracle that you yourselves carry the master teacher in you, who instructs you in the purest truth and makes you knowing? You, you who seek God in the distance, will never grasp this miracle and for that reason can also not believe, because you indeed do not let me have an effect in you, therefore I also cannot disclose my identity to you. But mine, who are joined to me through their thoughts, who always feel me next to them, are impressed by the miracle, the miracle only hides itself from them, i.e., they cannot grasp it in the whole depth, how they are effected themselves, because they are to remain natural in the contact with me, so that they address me as friend and brother and recommend themselves to me, without feeling too great an awe before me. And I am therefore closer to them than those, who want to discover me intellectually and still cannot find me. But I will also appear obviously to some, and these will then be able to testify to me and describe me as truthfully existing and also make men believing through their faith, who are still weak, but not unbelieving. My word will speak for itself and prove me to the world. The content of that, what is supplied from above to earth, is a more evident miracle than every unusual event, which men would like to experience as proving God. My servants on earth, who remain simple and accept my word without ecstasy, who repeat it just as simply as they have received it from me, will indeed not be excitedly touched inwardly, but their souls feel the full of favour and unusual experience, and stand in the light, even so man as such does not feel it to be unusual. I also know, why my servants must have this apparent insensitivity, and so also this is my work, but not to the disadvantage for the soul, but rather to the advantage. And for that reason do not let the value of the announcements be diminished for you through such thoughts, but know that I myself am present to you, when you hear my voice, and that this my presence is truly the greatest miracle, but which only few men believe or consciously experience. Because the world wants to see and be astonished, but not hear quietly and be grateful for every however secret revelation, but which means the imparting of my word from above for men. Amen. B.D. NR. 4665.


Book 53 4666

God as master teacher. Bearer of truth.

12. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4666.

Who undergoes my instruction, he will broaden his knowledge and be a suitable worker for me in the last time before the end. Because what he receives from me in knowledge, that will take root in him and never ever disappear from his memory. My way of teaching is suited to his later activity, and repetitions are therefore necessary on many occasions, that the knowledge will be so firmly anchored in him, that he can never lose it. And it will be shown at debates of spiritual kind that my disciples are instructed completely and can represent my teaching without any gaps and convincingly. When I myself am their master teacher, knowledge and full cognition is guaranteed. Therefore you men can keep to it without doubts what is offered to you by such a disciple, as soon as you are just of good will and in the belief that I reveal myself to those, who love me and keep my commands. Then it will also be easy for you to believe that I want to impart the Gospel again and again purely to mankind and that I as mediator exactly choose those, who are receptive and willing; who are able to hear me myself and to whom I can therefore supply purest truth. But who is instructed by me, he listens, and you hear my word in purest form. Only to few I can indeed communicate directly, and only few believe it that I communicate directly to a man. But it is the time of the end, where the right faith in me is only still rarely found. As soon as mankind through the lack of love is also far from me, it also does not believe in such an obvious work of my spirit and therefore of me myself, and for that reason it also goes away from pure truth more and more and also can no longer recognize itself as such, when it is offered to it. But for that reason I uninterruptedly woo for servants on earth, who are prepared to accept my word and to spread it, so that truth again spreads among mankind, so that darkness is broken through by light, because mankind languishes in darkness of the spirit and goes towards ruin. I woo for servants on earth and bless everyone, who lets himself be instructed by me, whom I can train as truth bearer and who is now eagerly active for me and my kingdom, because there is no longer much time, and to the few, who are not against me, rescue is still to be brought in spiritual trouble through the supply of pure truth, so that they find the way to me und step on to it, so that they become mine still before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4666.


Book 53 4667

Worth of spiritual thoughts.

12. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4667.

Every spiritual thought gains an advantage for the soul, while earthly thoughts only help the body to well-being, however also only then, when this is aimed at, since earthly thoughts can also have a negative effect, therefore detrimentally for body and soul. But mostly men only deal with earthly things and completely eliminate spiritual thoughts; then they can neither come to cognition nor be steered in right thinking, and their earth life is idling, because it does fulfil the purpose – it does not promote the ascent development of the soul. Who thinks about meaning and purpose of earth life and then leads his way of life according to the now won cognition about the life of the soul after death, he already steps mentally on to spiritual spheres and now draws constantly out of the spring of life for his soul. He will also certainly come to right cognition; he will stand in lively faith and must believe that he does not stop to be with his bodily death, because he otherwise finds no explanation for his life in the flesh, and he will seek the explanation in the continuation of life, therefore feel called to a new work in the spiritual kingdom and live accordingly. Belief in a life after death can be won by everyone through thinking about and considering of the works of creation, which do not pass away, but just change to progress in a new form. This belief cannot be proven, but the firm conviction can take roots in itself that man dwells on earth only temporarily, to then enter the spiritual kingdom, to fulfil the duty towards God, which is a different purpose than on this earth, which only means a transition station for the spiritual, which is now to create and work in all freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4667.


Book 53 4668

Eternal cycle.

13. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4668.

It remains an eternal cycle, from the deep to the height and vice versa, as long as the ascent development of the spiritual goes on, but with the elimination of that, what has brought to an end the development on earth as light beings, therefore has again reached the state of perfection, in which it was originally. But as long as this development has not yet been brought to an end, it can both ascend as well as sink, but always with the aim, to become a being, which has ended the cycle and now constantly dwells in the height. Then there exists only still one rising, a constantly coming closer to God; then a relapse to the deep is excluded, however a voluntary descending possible as helper for the unredeemed spiritual, which is indeed also seemingly a relapse, however can never lead to the deep, therefore can only be a work of redemption, which only a right child of God achieves, is therefore no longer to be regarded as course of development of an imperfect being, but as help of a light being. As long as therefore earthly creations exist, everything is in the cycle of becoming and passing, of dissolving and newly forming, and the still immature spiritual reaches up step by step – to the stage as man, where it therefore can rise to the last height or also fall out and out, to again start the cycle. But by no means must the being as man sink – but as it also will not ascent by force. Therefore also a stage of paralysis can occur, therefore a remaining on always the same level of development, but which can only be in the hereafter, therefore outside of earthly creations, certainly starting with the stage as man, where freedom is granted to him, since it is no longer in the mandatory state, which always means an ascent development as far as God is concerned. Man himself determines it, whether he continues the cycle; whether he steps out of it or remains on the same level for a long time, therefore delays the final decision often through eternities and he then does not interrupt the cycle, but continues it with all probability, because he more likely sinks than ascends. The short earth life as man is enough to bring to an end the ascent development with a degree of light, which only allows a constant rise. But if it is not utilized right, so that this degree of light is not reached, then the spiritual must further move in divine order in bound will, no matter whether in earthly creations or in the opposite kingdom – it is not free and therefore continues the cycle as long until the destination is reached. The state in bound will always secures an ascent development; but the state in free will can endanger it and therefore also result in a retrogression, but always also for the deeply fallen the moment comes, where it again moves up, until it once has ended the eternal cycle. Amen. B.D. NR. 4668.


Book 53 4669

Spreading of pure truth. God‘s love, omnipotence and wisdom.

14. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4669.

Devote yourselves unobjectionably to those powers, which impart announcements to you, whose content is in accordance with my commands of love, and do not doubt the truth of that, what is offered to you from above. Because I myself stand behind this extraordinary work, through which great knowledge is supplied to you. It is my will that truth is offered to you, because you yourselves demand it; it is further my will that you also pass it on to fellowmen, why I enable you to work teaching. But know that you will always again and again have to expect onslaughts on account of the genuineness of the announcements as divine transmission and that you will not be able to give any other proof than that, that a God of love gives his spirit to those, who ask him for it. And that believe firmly and unshakably that I am a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence and for that reason will give to my creatures everything, what I recognize as good for their souls, because I love them and want to make them happy. But pure truth is always the most necessary for the soul, and since I alone can only hand out truth, I will not withhold it from those, who ask me for it in childlike trust, therefore never ever let children trusting me become slaves to error, without preventing it. Believe in my love, which wants to give you everything, what is good, and believe in my omnipotence, which can give you everything, what I want, and believe in my wisdom, which truly recognize the right way and the right means to guide you, my creatures, into right knowledge, which is to help you, to become perfect. But what I give you, will also make your fellowmen happy, who not, like you, are able to hear me myself. Therefore communicate to them; pass on the delicious good, which you receive from me, and let yourselves not be disturbed through objections of those, who doubt your spiritual material or seek to fight it, because you receive it directly from me, while your opponents represent something, what was carried to them from the outside through instructions or thought products of men, who did not let my spirit in them have an effect, otherwise it would be the same thought material, which you receive from me. As soon as you believe in a God of love and omnipotence, you can without hesitation leave yourselves to him; he will direct you right; he will give you, what you need for the salvation of the soul, and he will, as himself truth, only impart pure truth to you and see to it that it finds spreading. Just always think about, that I love you, my children on earth, and want to make you happy, and then you will never doubt that it is I myself, who instructs you, and your faith will become stronger, as you yourselves also always penetrate deeper into truth and for this reason become able to be active for me and my kingdom, by you also carrying my word to fellowmen so pure, as you receive it from me – you will be able to fulfil your mission, for which I have called you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4669.


Book 53 4670

Cause for God s extraordinary work. (12th anniversary of word reception)

15. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4670.

Great is the spiritual trouble, and again there is a time of low, as at the time of the childbirth of Christ, because men are no longer able to hear my voice; they want and can no longer hear me and therefore go their earth way without any clear direction and aimlessly, although they pursue earthly aims and are exceedingly active for this. But they no longer find access to me, and therefore they keep themselves away from him, who should be their only aim. They do not acknowledge me, because they no longer know anything about me and therefore also feel no love towards me, which would raise them up from spiritual low. This is therefore a state of emergency, because the lack of understanding results in an agonizing state in eternity and the last time of earth life just needs to be utilized to escape from this agonizing state. I know about the terrible lot of the souls; I see men in their blindness steer towards the abyss; I call out to them words of admonition and warning; I send to them guides into the way, who are to push them back onto the right way, which leads to me. But the will of men is doggedly directed towards the abyss; men do let themselves be instructed; they resist and extricate themselves from my care – they rebel against me, whom they are to love out of the whole heart, to whom they are to push like children to the father. They follow the mating calls of the world; they only live an earthly life, and for that reason I cannot approach them, and they cannot hear my word, through which I would like to win them for me for ever. And I still do not drop men, and if they do not want to hear me myself, I seek to approach them in a roundabout way. I send messengers to them, of whom they do not openly take a negative view, and through these messengers I speak to them words of love and care about their souls. I would like to come to my children, but they do not receive me. And so I choose a cover; I hide behind those, who are for me and still also have contact with those, who still stand far from me. And so I also get into contact with these and reveal myself to them, although they do not recognize me and only hear my messengers speak.

Can you men now understand what causes me to appear extraordinarily, by me supplying my word to earth, by me speaking to men through servants devoted to me? Can you grasp the great trouble, which I would like to remove and for that reason take hold of all means to find access to world men? There is no longer much time, and help is urgently necessary, when I do not want to let my creatures get lost, when I want to keep them from a further course through the whole of creation. You men cannot gauge the great spiritual trouble in its consequences, but men move me to pity, who would still have so many possibilities to fulfil their earth life purpose and who do not think, what happens to them after their death. They move me to pity, and I still cannot come to their rescue differently than through my word. I can only instruct them and represent their misery to them, but I cannot force them, to change according to my will. Only one thing I can give to men to know that I truly apply all means to help them, and that I for that reason embody myself in the spirit of those, who want to help me with the redemption of men. And so believe those who I send to you as my messengers; believe it that the spiritual trouble is gigantic; but that I take care of every individual, who does not resist me – that I myself approach him and he can recognize me, if he just wants. Let yourselves be helped and do not reject me; still change your ways; escape from the abyss – it is still time, but only short is the time, which I still give you until the end. Let yourselves be warned and follow my servants, who I send to you, and recognize in it only the great love of your father, who wants to move all of you to return home into the father house, so that you become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4670.


Book 53 4671

Incomprehensible worth of the word of God. Transmission greatest gift of favour.

17. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4671.

Nothing can prove to you my love more clearly than my word; nothing can lead you more secure to the destination than my word; nothing gives you so much insight into my rule and work than my word. And for that reason my word is to be desired with all senses; it is to be requested as delicious gift and accepted intimately with thanks, because it can be replaced through nothing else. It is the radiation of me myself and must consequently also be of highest effect. And it is still not recognized and used according to its worth, and man remains away from the goal, which to reach he is to make an effort. Because truly I say to you, you must do the will of him, who has created you; you are not allowed to shut yourselves off or turn away from me, and if you want to comply with my wishes, you must listen to me. You must hear as my children, what the father speaks to you, because only love determines me to the renunciation of me myself, and you are not allowed to reject my love, otherwise you remain powerless and ignorant, therefore remaining in spiritual darkness. But if you listen to me, then you will enter into a stage full of light, out of which you can no longer ever sink back into darkness. You can only constantly increase the degree of light, because you, when you hear my word, get in touch with the source of light. (18.6.1949) You will now constantly be feed with light and power, because when you listen to me, therefore accept my word, you receive me myself, I who am the word from eternity. You still do not grasp this and are therefore also not aware of the great favour, which the supply of my word means to you – that I myself get into contact with you in so to speak visible form; that you have in the hands proofs of a thought material, which contains a comprehensive knowledge, that you can therefore bring the proof, having been instructed from above. This is valid for my word directly received, where I obviously reveal my identity. But also if you receive my word in another way, it will radiate its power on you, you who receive it in the desire to hear me. Through the desire of your heart my spirit will pour over you; your thinking will be right; you knowledge correspond to truth, and comprehensible will everything be to you, what is imparted to you through my word. You always get into touch with the light and power source, when you demand light and power, and the supply always happens through my word, no matter whether it is received directly, through reading or also hearing of my messengers. In the word I myself am present to you, and this already gives you the guarantee that you do not come away empty-handed. In the word I myself ascend to you and bring as father the bread of life to my children, which they need as food for their souls. The word means everything – food and drink, light and power, love and wisdom – and who has my word, can no longer get lost for ever; it is my flesh and my blood, bread and wine out of heaven; it is the outflow of my love, because the word is I myself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4671.


Book 53 4672

Maturing of the soul through suffering. God's care. World and God.

18. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4672.

What is to your spiritual advantage, is intended for your earth life for eternity, and for that reason you can consider as imposed on you by me everything, all experience, difficulty and gloom, joyous and elevating things, which just aims to achieve the maturation of your soul. And when you consider the course of your life from this point of view, nothing is to press, nothing to burden and nothing to frighten you – all is to your best. Every experience can help you to mature; you can benefit from it for your souls, when you always recognize me as him, who lets it happen to you, and remain connected to me, by you always directing the look up, to your father, who wants to shape you to his children on this earth. Fear and worry are invalid, when you present them to me, that I help you. You never stand alone, when you tolerate me next to you, i.e. not wanting to stand alone, but never eliminate me out of your life; when you completely leave your thinking, wanting and acting to me, that I do it for you; that I direct you and you now just carry out my will. How carefree and with a light heart can you men cover the earth way, when you would just like to always go with me. But the world often pushes itself separating between you and me; the world stands close before your eyes, while you neglect me, even so you want to belong to me. The world is still too important to you; you do not see its uselessness, because you still stand in the midst of the world. But as soon as you can put me before the world, as soon as you succeed to always put me in front, then the world will also no longer burden you; it will not worry you; it will be overcome by you easily, and you will be master over everything what approaches you from the side of the world. Make the attempt; let me care for you, and full of faith hand over yourselves to my protection and my care; fulfil your duty first to me, i.e., give full expression to my word; be eagerly active for me and my kingdom – by you also announcing my will to fellowmen, by you always pointing their actual purpose out to them and prompt them to work on their souls and send them what you receive from me – my word, which enlightens them, where they still walk in darkness. Also draw the attention of your fellowmen to the fact that I direct the fate of all men; that nothing comes over men without meaning and purpose; that only the spiritual ascent development is purpose of all happenings and that everything is bearable, when I am asked for help and am acknowledged as director and creator from eternity and am asked as father for my care. Warn them to forget me over the world, then the earth life way of every individual man will be easily passable, and his soul will benefit from every experience. Because I only aim at achieving of the maturation of the soul, when you have to go through suffering; but you yourselves can make it bearable for you, when you pay attention to my word and always let me go next to you. Because I am your father and always only want the best for my children. Amen. B.D. NR. 4672.


Book 53 4673

Constancy of the pure word of God. Changes work of men.

19. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4673.

What is from me remains in eternity; what is of human origin, is changeable, i.e., it changes in shorter or longer time. And so my word will remain in eternity, therefore my pure word will always be supplied to men in always the same form, but the will of men can change it, and this changed word will again be reshaped from time to time, because it is not the pure teaching out of me. But you men can only then pass judgment, whether what is offered to you is truth, when you are enlightened by my spirit, when you make yourselves worthy and able through a way of life according to my will, to be taught by my spirit, you therefore allow its effect in you. Then it is also possible to tell the difference between truth and error, when you apply my word, through which I myself speak to men on earth, as standard and now compare in the serious will to recognize truth. Then you will also understand the meaning of my words and also clearly recognize, what is additional human work and it will not be difficult for you to differentiate. Then think that to be right, what you emotionally consider to be right – and it will be the right, because I myself guide your thoughts and through doubts draw your attention, by me speaking through the voice of the spirit to you, which expresses itself in the emotional life of the individual. I sink the doubt into your heart, as soon as you carry the serious desire for truth in you, because I want that my alone true word is recognized as divine, and for that reason also want, that men learn to be able to tell the difference between my word and the word of man, what they also can with my support, and I give you the characteristics, where my work starts and the work of my opponent stops. (20.6.1949) What is from me is easily to be recognized by love, which speaks out of every word. That must always be observed, since such commands are only given by me, which are based on love towards me and towards the neighbour. Therefore an examination can easily be carried out, whether that, what is demanded of men, harms fellowmen in the case of non-fulfilment. On the human side still other commands were added to my love commands and through them also my pure teaching polluted, because human statutes had my words fade and at times were more respected than those. To now justify these humanly enacted commands, another meaning was attached to my words and therefore so the pure word of God changed, what resulted in a deviation from pure truth and changed continuously. The explanations of that what I as man on earth have spoken, now had to become like the teachings or human statutes, if my word was not to be eliminated completely. And therefore error came among mankind, which was only recognized by those, who let my spirit become effective in them. But error cannot exist for ever; truth is again and again supplied to earth from above, and again and again action must be taken against error, but whether with success, is left up to the will of man, which can profess both truth as also error. But as my word only that can be acknowledged, what comes directly from me and remains unchanged. But every change is human work and will also not remain; but my word remains in all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4673.


Book 53 4674

Love epitome of divinity. Wrong love.

21. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4674.

The most sublime feeling is and remains love. But not everything is to be acknowledged as love, what you men understand by that. Because love can also be a wrong one, which can lay no claim to the sublime. Love is divine principle, therefore originally actually the epitome of divinity; it is something not to be defined; it is the nature and quality of God; it is the great power unexplainable to men, which let everything come into being, because it has a creative and stimulating effect. It is therefore the original nature of God; it is something radiating out of God, which finds itself again in all his creations and is to particularly come into full effect in man. Right love pulls upwards; it seeks the union with eternal love, the original spring of life and all power. To grasp this is again only possible for those men, in whom the right love has come to development, otherwise this remains an incomprehensible idea, because men can certainly feel the feeling of love in the heart, but mostly give the name "love" to every greediness, what however is just a love wrongly directed, a desire for union with things, which appear desirable to man. But such a wrong love is not power giving, while right love is at the same time power in itself, which again can only be made comprehensible to a loving man. Because only the loving man can recognize this power, because he not only leads an earthly life, but also a spiritual life, therefore seeks connection with that kingdom, where right love is radiated out and the love power has insofar more a spiritual effect, because it is used for loving activity, therefore certainly stimulator to earthly activity, however never seeks to gain earthly successes, but unconsciously strives for spiritual ascent. Love power can bring about everything. Who brings love in himself to highest development, he is able to work miracles, because he is filled with divine power, for which there is nothing impossible. That men do not create this proof for themselves, is because of their just little love willingness. They could bring this proof at any time, but the most sublime feeling, pure divine love, is completely unselfish and only seeks to make happy; this love is foreign to men, and consequently the union with eternal love is established only rarely, which results in the supply of divine power in fullness. Because it is understandable that everything, which becomes like the original nature of God, now is love in itself, can also develop divine abilities, because man is indeed a part of God, which only stands in anti-divine relationship to God through own will. If it changes its will - it therefore shapes itself to love, which it lacked before, then it again adopts all divine qualities, which it originally possessed and lost because of its own fault. As soon as the thinking creature of God, man, realizes, what it originally actually is, as soon as it recognizes its belonging to God and seeks to make itself worthy of it, it again approaches the original source of power, because eternal love recognizes his will and draws him over to it. But then man is also active in love, because the supply of power expresses itself in the work in love, because God and love is one, and, where God is present, no other way than in love can be worked. That means so much as approaching God and receiving of power in all fullness. Love is the most sublime feeling, which can move a man, because it is divine radiation into the heart of a man, who is of good will. That Love, which turns towards earthly things, which are therefore still to be seen as matter, is not power giving, but power robbing, and as man has no supply of spiritual power, he uses the life power, to gain that, what his wrongly directed love desires. He therefore wins nothing, but loses, because that, what he gains for himself, is passing and he loses the immortal values, which he is to create with his life power. Right love makes a man happy, (22.6.1949) right love is no demanding, but giving love; it hands out, without wanting to receive, and still receives constantly, the more it hands out. Because right love is a united work with God and must therefore also be able to everything, therefore it will always carry away the victory, i.e. be stronger than every other power or might; it will conquer evil; it will calm the furious; it will achieve everything, because it is forbearing and patient, and so even the opponent of God will not be able to resist the power of divine love and in future declare himself conquered, because also he will long for the love of God and he will without resistance devote himself to it, as also all spiritual feels the love of God and lets itself redeem by it, by it no longer resisting it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4674.


Book 53 4675

Nobody Knows Day and Hour. False Prophets of the End-time.

24. June 1949. B.D. NR 4675.

A seer or prophet will never be able to determine the time of the forthcoming judgement because this is from God not allowed as it is detrimental to men. And that is why no man will be able to predict the day for certain when a judgement befalls men. But their attention is to be called and that is why God announces through the mouth of men, through seers and prophets, when a judgment is on the advance. So when a judgement alone is announced then such announcements are to be believed, but when the time of the judgement is fixed then this prophecy can rightly be dismissed as being false. Then false prophets are appearing that need not to be listened to because such announcements have as their object mostly worldly advantages and then caution is called for. When God is using a man to announce through him to mankind knowledge of his plan of salvation from eternity then he not only informs him of his intention of the forthcoming judgement, but he gives him a general knowledge that makes the necessity of a judgement understandable to the servant of God so that he then can convincingly give reasons for those prophecies to the fellow human beings. But however convincingly he may now speak out in favour of the truth of the announcements, he will still never be able to determine the exact time because God reserves this for himself. Still every such an announcement can be accepted as fullest truth and again and again confirmation will arise from the book of the fathers that only that will be announced that completely corresponds with that and that is why also the fulfilment of those announcements has definitely to be reckoned with and the coming judgement as established fact accepted, but mankind will remain uncertain at what time God himself reveals himself, but it is to be prepared any time, otherwise the announcement, that God's love has sent to men, would miss its purpose and then the judgement would befall men suddenly and unexpectedly. Amen. B.D. NR. 4675.


Book 53 4676

Field of action for workers in the vineyard of the Lord.

25. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4676.

Great is the field of action of a man, who wants to place his whole strength into my service, because I will hand over to him a field of work of greatest extent. Exceedingly active workers are needed, whose activity affects everything, what promotes the spiritual development. And so also every worker for me and my kingdom will have the opportunity everywhere to announce my word; he is so led by me that my water of life seeps everywhere there where it can have a stimulating effect. He stands in my service, and he therefore receives tasks from me, which he will also always be prepared to carry out, and these tasks I put into his heart, i.e., he will always act as he feels pushed from the inside. He will therefore carry my word there where it is needed; he will stimulate the life field; he will deal with the hearts of fellowmen to sow the good seed, which bears fruit, when the time of the harvest has come. The spiritual development must be promoted, for that reason I have joined spiritual leaders to you men, who bring to you the Gospel in my name; who announce my word to you, which is the source for your hearts, for your life field, out of which the living water flows, without which it can bear no fruit. And it will require much work, because the hearts of men are often like a stony ground, which must first be cultivated to be able to receive the seed. Others again have received bad seed and must first be cleaned of weeds. They have indeed received spiritual material, however not in accordance with the full truth and must be instructed, so that they give up the wrong and exchange right knowledge on the other hand. Also this is a work, which workers devoted to me must carry out – fight against false doctrine to oppose it with pure teaching. This is the task, which I set them, who are devoted to me and want to be active according to my will, whom I therefore train as right teachers, who have to administrate an office. Great love towards fellowmen and a deep faith is required, but also has richest blessings as consequence, because it brings redemption for many souls, which step into the light in their ignorance, led by my servants, who I myself join to you men. Their mission is important and for that reason also blessed by me, because they work in my name; they work for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4676.


Book 53 4677

Purpose and aim of earth course. Instruction and help of God.

26. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4677.

Purpose and aim of earth life is the ascent development of the soul of man, which starts the life as man in a state, which is not God-like, and is to develop to a God-like being. This ascent development can only happen, when man moves in divine order, i.e. fulfils the will of God. But the will of God is that man gives up all his mistakes and desires, which he has at the beginning, that he shapes himself to love to become like God, who is eternal love himself. If man moves in divine order, then also the state of ignorance will get lost; man will increase in understanding; his knowledge will be in accordance to truth; his thinking will always be right; his will turn towards good, and all activity will be caused by the love towards God and towards the neighbour – the soul of man will become perfect, as it is its purpose, and finally be able to take off the earthly cover to enter the spiritual kingdom as light being free from care, which can work in its own happiness in all power and wisdom. This is purpose and aim of the earth course. To now reach the aim, therefore to do that what is necessary to be become perfect, man must be taught, which can happen in various ways: He can receive instructions from the outside, which make him think for the first time, whereupon the instructions can be continued out from the inside, i.e., the thought activity is constantly prompted through spiritual beings, which stand in knowledge, and man can so to speak commune with those beings, which now instruct him truthfully, even so mentally – therefore man will always think and want right, as soon as he is serious about truth. And so he is now informed, what man is, in which relationship he stands towards the eternal creator, how he is to change this relationship and how his lot in eternity is to be and can be. The responsibility for his soul must be presented to him, so that he now leads a life accordingly. Instructions, which are offered to him from the inside, if man himself is of good will, therefore of a thinking turned towards God, will always be according to truth. Since however men, who stand far from God, want to teach likewise, therefore want to transmit their wrong thoughts – which must be wrong, because they are not turned towards God - upon fellowmen, it is understandable, that many wrong doctrines are offered to men, which contradict each other, and a fight is now always waged on earth between error and truth. And for that reason God now comes to the help of men, who desire him – he imparts to them his word as guarantor of truth – he instructs men directly, by announcing himself through the inner voice to that man, who desires to listen to him. He therefore trains teachers, who pass on his word to fellowmen, the truth received from himself. And through his word he announces his will to men; he gives them instructions, what they are to do and what to leave; he gives them the command of love and introduces them into a knowledge, which is exceedingly valuable for the development of the soul. He clears up error, warns and admonishes and so constantly helps like a loving father his children to perfection on this earth. But his word, directly supplied to earth, is and always remains the same, what he himself has preached to men at the time of his earth walk, because his word never changes for ever. If it undergoes change through the will of man, then he will again and again supply it to earth in all purity, and so his word will remain until all eternity. But the word changed by men will always cause schisms, because it again and again changes, as soon as it once has deviated from sole truth. God will always see to it that perfection is possible for man in the short earth time, although he leaves free will to him to utilize every possibility. However error and the lie make perfection on earth impossible, why pure truth must be supplied to men, and everyone, who desires truth in the serious will, to him it is brought. For that reason man just needs to want to hear the right and true, and God will supply it to him. According to his maturity and his ability of recognition he will be instructed indirectly or directly, as God recognizes it effective for him in his wisdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4677.


Book 53 4678

Endless long course of the soul before the embodiment as man.

27. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4678.

Imagine the endless long course of the soul through all creations, so that you become aware of the responsibility, which you now bear as man towards the soul. In the stage as man the memory back is taken from you; you therefore just must believe, what is imparted to you through the announcements from the spiritual kingdom. But you are instructed by knowing beings, which give you nothing else than truth, and therefore you can never say having remained completely ignorant of the life of the soul before the embodiment as man. You are constantly referred to it and constantly you have the opportunity to extent your knowledge about it, and so you seriously imagine what lies behind you, you must come to the help of your soul, that it can conclude its course of development on earth. The many stages before in bound will, have been overcome by it, and constantly the way led upwards. But now as man the danger exists to sink again; and this danger you must turn away from your soul, by you being attentive and now consciously strive upwards. The knowledge of the earth course before, before the embodiment as man, will surely lift the feeling of responsibility, but man cannot approximately imagine, which agonies a new embodiment mean for the soul, for the spiritual. For that reason I present to men the knowledge of the whole creation and its actual purpose, and I also instruct them about the lot of those, who fail in earth life and are now put before their last decision, who create or determine through their will the lot in the hereafter for themselves. As soon as they believe, these instructions will not remain without impression, and man will make an effort to live according to my will – then he turns away from the soul the greatest danger, and it will thank him for ever for this. But who does not believe, he also does not pay attention to these words; for him there is no spiritual kingdom; for him neither an eternal life nor a spiritual death exists; for him there are no pre-stages, as there is also no continued life for the soul after their death. And it is those, who consciously go into their ruin, who certainly have to once again cover the course through the whole of creation, because to them neither the agonizing state in solid matter can be presented, nor the endless long time, in which the spiritual must remain in every creation until the final redemption out of form. They will have to feel it for themselves of which they are continuously warned through my love. They do not believe and for that reason must experience it, if all admonitions and warnings remain unsuccessful and they do not listen to my word, which cannot describe the great misery sufficiently enough, which awaits them after their death. Amen. B.D. NR. 4678.


Book 53 4679

Deep faith in truth of the divine word. "Ask and it will be given to you."

28. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4679.

To possess deep faith in the truth of my word is the surest means of help in all trouble. Because then you can bring every word of mine into memory and be full of confidence in my help; then you will draw comfort and power out of every word, and nothing will anymore shake and press you; nothing will appear to you so difficult, because I have given you the assurance to settle everything for you and to always care for you. Faith in my word is the greatest wealth, which you possess, because with it you can achieve everything, overcome everything and resist every hostile attack, because it is at the same time giving strength and will chase away every weakness. But again such a deep faith is also a special favour, which is indeed granted to all of you, but is used by the fewest. If you ask for this favour, then you will also be able to believe, because then you also want to believe, and I bless this will and help you to faith power. And when you now receive my word in your heart, it will seem to you like a convincing, comforting speech, which touches you beneficently, and you will feel no doubt, but only listen to me attentively and feel comforted and strengthened through my word. But then you also can believe, because as soon as you believe to hear me myself, my word is also holy for you; you do not doubt it, and you have won infinitely much, so you carry this belief in you. Because my word is the sole truth, and so I promise you something, so I give you the assurance to help you; every trouble is already taken from you, as soon as you believe that I am love and truth myself, and that my omnipotence truly is enough to grant you everything, what you ask for yourselves. But I myself have given you the promise: "Ask, and it shall be given you; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Is there therefore something, what you cannot reach, so you turn towards me in believing prayer? You, you who have my word, you just need to believe in this my word, and you will lack nothing. Amen. B.D. NR. 4679.


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