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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 52

B.D. NR. 4420 - B.D. NR. 4547

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Book 52 4420

Christianity - Nominal Christians – Act – God becoming man.

27. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4420.

Who is not for me, he is against me – and who confesses me with the mouth only and does not feel the belonging to me in the heart, he is likewise not of my herd, which I will fetch home on the last day into my kingdom. The name Christian is not enough to be a Christian, therefore to be a confessor of mine, but the thinking and acting, the inner desire to belong to me, only makes man to my follower, and then it makes no difference to which race, which nation and which denomination he belongs. And this is so significant, as it really even gives an acceptable explanation for the fact that Christianity is taught on the whole earth, that therefore certainly a great crowd of followers is scored, but who are no Christians by any means, and consequently the world is also not improved through my teaching, when it is not obeyed, therefore forms genuine Christians. Action-Christianity alone is to be described as Christianity, and this will also bring about men, who bring evidence for it that the Christian teaching is divine, because they will have light and power at their disposal to a high measure; they will be full of wisdom and be able to accomplish things, which testify to my help; they will prove it that they are with me in association and therefore my love teaching is the alone right teaching, the one embracing truth. But if men let themselves be satisfied with words, if they certainly know about the Christian teaching, but do not live it out, they will not be entitled to the name "Christian," although they are incorporated to the organizations, which stand up for me and my name. I am not satisfied with empty prattling with the lips; I check the hearts and reject who is found wanting. And I concede that those are right who do not acknowledge this Christianity as divine work, because it does not find my approval, to use my name and to disregard my will. But my will is that the teaching, which I directed to earth through the man Jesus, will be accepted in all pureness and therefore also obeyed, so that the effect of the obedience of my teaching can become evident and faith and love towards me are reinforced as a result. But on the other hand it is up to every man to check, and that is truly more advisable, than to reject without examination. Who therefore wants to reject me myself, because he judges according to those who are no right followers of mine, but just nominal Christians, he is himself also to be condemned, because all of you are to examine and keep the best. But a serious examination will also lead to the acceptance of my love teaching; then you will also give full expression to it and experience its effect with you yourselves. But if you reject my teaching, then you also reject me myself, and that will earn you no blessing, because without me you cannot become happy. Through the man Jesus I myself spoke to all men on the earth; it was me myself who died for you on the cross.

I just chose a form for myself, through which I could make myself visible to you. Therefore the man Jesus was only insofar the mediator between me and you, as I could be showable through him, if your existence should be secured. That the form, the man Jesus, had to first form himself through a right walk of life, that he could serve me as stay, was at the same time for men an example for the effect of right used will, because he showed men the way, which leads to perfection. But what spoke out of him, that was I myself; it was my word, which he preached, therefore my will was announced to men through mediation of the man Jesus. And consequently he also cannot be rejected, if one wants to acknowledge me myself as originator of the pure love teaching of Christ. But that my word is not just human word, will everyone sense, who gives full expression to it, because he will experience the effect on himself; he will become wise and be full of power, because he then likewise gets into association with me as the man Jesus, who, through his exemplary walk of life, received light and power from me in all fullness and who therefore is to be mentioned as divine being, although he has lived as man on earth. And for that reason I will again and again seek to explain to you the mystery of man becoming God in Jesus Christ; again and again I will give you information, why you are not allowed to reject him, if you want to believe in me and reach me. Because he and I are one, and who rejects him, he also rejects me, because he was embodied love, which is my original substance from eternity, and I was therefore in him and my power was expressed through him. His word was my word, and the word was I myself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4420.


Book 52 4421

Spiritual arrogance of the leaders.

28. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4421.

The spiritual arrogance lets men not accept truth, which is offered to them through you from me. They certainly feel the divine in it, but take offence at the bearer and do not want to subordinate themselves to him. Consequently pure truth is also without impression on men, who should recognize it on the strength of their ability to judge, but in the heart they cannot reject truth, because they sense its effect as increased knowledge and understanding of that what was previously incomprehensible to them. They therefore take possession of truth, which they utilize, however do not recognize it as such with fellowmen – they are untrue against themselves. This is a gross sin, because they reject the most valuable against better knowledge, what can be offered to them. And nevertheless I must tell you that you do the right thing to speak without shyness, where it is possible. Also as supposedly error can truth find a spreading, by men being first informed about it in opposing meaning, whereupon the thinking activity of the individual starts and he can now accept or reject in free will and judges according to his walk of life. But how blind in spirit are men, and which will o’ the wisp do they follow. (29.8.1948) Every right direction of their look they defy and feel happy in darkness, and I am able to accomplish nothing, where such open resistance is offered. As soon as the veil falls before their eyes, they recognize the error and blindness brightly and clearly of those, who just go through earth life as supporters and do not worry themselves about the way, which they have gone. And that is why the leaders are to choose the right way, because they carry a great responsibility for all, who follow them. But so one who knows the way gives them hints, because he sees that the chosen way leads away from the destination, the leaders are not to go past solemnly and look down on those they advise; they are to recognize the help from above and accept it gratefully. Great things prepare themselves, and asking, men will then follow the effects, which remain incomprehensible to them without knowledge. I want to bring enlightenment to you, but you do not listen to it; I want to lighten a little light for you because of the coming events, because it will become very dark around you; darkness will shroud you, which only my light out of the heavens can penetrate. And you seek to extinguish the light; you do not enjoy its shine, although you see the light and cannot make its ray ineffective. You put it under the bushel, and no-one has joy, no-one can be delighted by it – and it is still a light out of the heavens. But I have warned you and offered you my love. But you are free in your wanting, thinking and acting; I show you the way, but do not force you to go it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4421.


Book 52 4422

Debates. Objections. Opposing attitude. God’s work.

29. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4422.

Do not let yourselves be thrown into doubts through objections, which show the spirit of my opponent, because they want to encroach on that truth, which is supplied to them as my word. They will fight against you; they will want to brand you as liars, as dreamers, who claim wanting to hear me; they will so keep on and on that you become weak over it and come yourselves into bad doubts, but which I will again and again dispel through my word. Because I hear every conversation; I know about the thoughts of your opponents and about the direction of mind and will of every individual; I also know about your will and your weakness of faith with regard to such onslaught. And I will loyally stand by you and not hand you over to the mercy of hostile men; I hold my hands protectively over you and speak myself through you where the opportunity is offered. And they will not be able to withstand my word, because power goes out from it, which casts its spell over him who fights against it, if I present truth myself. My servants will be able to refute every objection, because I will enlighten your spirit, as soon as this is necessary for the debates, which have been caused by me and my work. Objections must be refuted logically; the opponents must notice that the speaker stands completely to the matter, that he can be opposed with no false teachings, and that is why he also must be intellectually active, and so that he speaks right, my spirit must work in him. You can therefore take up every examination on this matter unconcerned; you never need to fear that I withdraw my help from you; you also need to fear no questions, because you will always know the right answer and truly better than those questioners, who have last been taught by you, even so they do not want to acknowledge you. The knowledge, which you possess, is so extensive that you can reply to every objection, and every answer will show spirit to him who examines seriously and conscientiously, without prejudice and without intentions to reject, what is unknown to him. And so also the opponent will contribute to stimulate the thinking of men, and then much is won, even so men do not want to admit that they stand in error. Who is of serious and good will, his spirit will get enlightened, and he will recognize that only pure truth is offered to him through my love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4422.


Book 52 4423

Effect of the divine word. Flow of power. Admonition.

30. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4423.

The direct flowing of spiritual power in form of my word is of extreme agreeable effect upon the soul of man, although he does not feel this bodily. It is a state of spiritual freedom, because the soul no longer feels tied up by the body; it does not feel the heaviness of earth; it temporarily dwells in spiritual spheres and sees and hears there, what it cannot report to the bodily man, therefore would be incomprehensible to the intellect of man and is therefore also not imparted to him. Therefore the soul also often feels the stay on earth as agony; it can only think itself back with difficulty and must fight hard, because the earthly burdens it and it longs for the eternal home. But the soul must also go through this trouble as compensation for the favour, to be in contact with the spiritual kingdom and to be fed by me myself with spiritual power, with food, which secures it an eternal stay in those spheres. As long as it lives on earth, the heaviness of earth will also burden a man, who strives spiritually upwards. If the soul now succeeds to also make the body insensitive to the sufferings and troubles, that also the body despises the earthly and turns towards the spiritual kingdom, then man will stand above everything and bear earth life in equanimity and peace of mind and consider it as short transition station for eternity. And my word helps man to get to that – the power, which has adopted form, to also being able to be effective for the earth bound. For this reason you are to read my word on many occasions and absorb it in you, and then also the body will feel its agreeable effect; then soul and body will be fed and draw power out of the soul food; man will become strong and robust to be able to do every work and no longer feel earth life so difficult. And for that reason I admonish you continuously to let me speak to you and to more utilize my gift of heaven. I give to you, but you must also accept, what I offer you; your hearts must open and full of desire let my word flow into it, and you will obviously feel the effect. Because I want to help you, earthly as well as also spiritually, and show you the right means, but which you must apply, without to doubt. Receive the power from me, which is offered to you unlimitedly; refresh yourselves with my word, and accept the proof of my love, because I know about all of your needs and want to help you, because I love you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4423.


Book 52 4424

Fight of God and of Satan about the souls of men. Enticement.

1. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4424.

Choose between me and my opponent. Both woo and fight about your soul and about your will, that it may turn to him, who wants to possess it. And it is up to you, to submit to the wooing of me or to let the enemy become victor. And since everyone fights with different weapons, everyone will also have different success. And those will turn towards me, whose hearts are willing to love, because they recognize me as that God, who is love in himself. But those who are completely lacking in love also do not recognize me, but they certainly aim at the opponent of their own record, because his fight about their souls exists in offering of pleasures and amusements of this world – most of them will succumb to these fighting means. I however never appear together with my opponent, therefore also my wooing about the love of men will never be connected with temptations of the world, which completely capture weak and unbelieving men and as a result of which power is withdrawn from them, to be active in love. I feel sorry for men, who succumb to the enemy and adversary, because I know about the skills of him who wants to drag you down into the abyss, and I seek to come to your help; I speak to you so that you recognize my voice and let yourselves be kept back from the temptations of the world. But I do not force you; you must yourselves give yourselves to be my own and therefore admit the right and the power to me, to drive out the opponent from your outlook. You must acknowledge me as your Lord, and deep in your heart you must carry my picture, i.e. feel drawn to everything what is called love. Then you are regarded as my supporters, as my followers, and you can then rightly call yourselves those who are mine. And as those who are mine you will also always feel my father hand; the misery of the last days will not press you so, as it appears, because you can burden me with everything, what presses you; I will help you carrying it. (2.9.1948) You are not allowed to fear any counter power if you believe in me. Because I am truly stronger than he, who is my opponent, who wants to win you. He cannot harm you, if you do not want it, if you are turned towards me in the heart. His power only then appears when man breaks away from me and stands abandoned in the world, then he appears as lord and casts his spell over you. But he lures you already before, and to these temptations you are not allowed to succumb, because what my opponent holds before your eyes, by which he wants to attract you, that is far from me, and you must turn the back to me, if you want to gain his goods. And I want to warn you of this that you value these goods of the world higher than me and my presence. Then you are lost for me, and he has won you. But if you direct your look towards me, upwards, then a gentle shine will please your eyes; it will touch your heart and fill you with love towards me, and then you despise the goods of the world, then my opponent has lost all power over you, and I have won you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4424.


Book 52 4425

Reference to natural disaster, destruction and situation in life afterwards.

2. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4425.

The world has already experienced great things, and still greater things it will have to experience. You men are still not aware of the time in which you stand, and still less you suspect which time you are heading for. You pay no attention to the hints, and if you listen to them, you do not believe, what is announced to you. And so you will follow the events full of horror, which occur soon and which attract attention of men. And you will constantly hope for remedy, because you cannot take it in that your earth life is to take its progress completely lacking in all joys. But earthly remedy only falls to your lot if you betray me, and only few will remain loyal to me, take upon themselves a difficult life and recognize that the time of the end has come. These few have my love, because they do not let themselves be blinded by my opponent; they forego earthly goods and earthly pleasures; they take the cross upon themselves and carry it until the end, until I come, to fetch them home into my kingdom. But the others believe of being able to master life, because they do not believe in me; they do not believe in a fate, as they also do not believe in a life after death and in having to answer to a judge, who knows all their thoughts, their acts and their will. They do not fear this judge, because they do not believe in him. But he will already attract attention soon, although also there my voice is not recognized, because the will for it is lacking and the opponent also goes for men and presents life to be nice for them and seeks to influence them to pure material thinking. And he will be able to record great success, because men are far more his than my supporters, and therefore also want to hear nothing of the end. And nevertheless also they will be horrified about the size of the destructions, which will take place through the elements of nature. But stubborn hearts will not be touched by it, and no matter if my word is also presented to them, whether they are seriously pointed towards the end, they reject a divine power; they just consider it a phenomenon of nature and attach no importance to this my intervention. The last admonition is for them unsuccessful; they sink deeper and deeper and in the end will belong to those, who are cast out by me into darkness, because they do not seize the hand, which is held out to them, and therefore they will again fall into the depths for a long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4425.


Book 52 4426

The earthly kingdom and its rulers. Earthly fulfilment of duty - Spiritual work.

3. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4426.

If you devote yourselves to the world, then you also devote yourselves to him who rules the world, insofar as that he makes men to slaves of their desires, which are only directed towards worldly pleasures and material goods. And then it is just difficult to free yourselves from his rule. But if you get in touch with the spiritual kingdom, then you subject yourselves to me, the father from eternity, who truly wants to give you other goods, than the transitoriness of the earthly world. You certainly stand in earthly life and must do justice to the demands of it, you are to also fulfil your duties to the best of your ability, by no means you are to lose yourselves in doing nothing and think that you serve me through it, that you withdraw into isolation and neglect earthy activity; you are to be busy and create and work for the well-being of your fellowmen; your work on earth is to consist of building up activity, which brings about benefit to fellowmen and you therefore busy yourselves in serving neighbourly love, although the work is a duty imposed on you. But you are to start nothing without me, always asking my blessing for it, and I will then also bless your work, I will help you that you deal with it, that you can meet all demands and still also fulfil your spiritual task, which is purpose and aim of your earth life. But you are to never put the worldly over the spiritual. Every excessive worry is of harm for the soul, as it is also unnecessary, because I take over every care about your bodily well-being, if you eagerly take care of your soul and place this care in front of everything. You are not allowed to favour the earthly kingdom and its rulers too much, if you do not want to get into the danger of becoming superficial with regards to the spiritual kingdom, but strive for this first, then you will also be given earthly, and truly better than you can create it for yourselves, because I care fatherly for those who are mine, as soon as they see in me their father from eternity, whom they love and want to serve him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4426.


Book 52 4427

Right and wrong representatives. Who hears my servants, he hears me.

5. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4427.

Who opposes those who are mine, he fights against me, because out of the ranks who are mine, also my servants emerge, who are to bring my word to you as gift of their Lord. If you do not listen to my servants, then it is a rejecting of me myself, I, who comes to you through my servants in the word. You cannot separate my representatives on earth from me, only if you have obvious evidence that something is brought to you from the enemy of your souls, you are allowed to reject it. This is obviously recognizable out of the gifts themselves, which are offered to you – if they lack love, if they lead to the world, therefore seek to push you away from me as the eternal divinity, then your rejection is justified. But the servants chosen by me will never offer you something, what could doubt my mission, because the slightest examination already points to a divine gift – it just radiates love; it teaches love and is offered by my love to you. But who pretends acknowledging me, to believe in me, to belong to my church, but does not want to acknowledge my direct word, he is far away from me, because how does he want to speak of the father, when he does not recognize his voice? And I truly speak clearly, so that every willing man must recognize me, and only he does not recognize me, who is not willing to believe that I speak to men myself. He can acquire this faith through serious thought, therefore the will must be there before to open himself, when I myself approach him with a rich treasure of favour. A rejection after careful examination I will not condemn, even when man passes a wrong sentence, if this is the result of his careful examination, but I must emphasize again and again that man then also rejects me myself, therefore his attitude towards me is so that he cannot recognize truth. I have chosen servants out of those who are mine for me, and these you are to hear, and from them you will also be instructed, which are the characteristics of truth and when you men can feel being in the possession of truth. Because they speak on behalf of me; they talk in my place, and if you listen to them, you listen to me. But you are not to lend your ear to those, who certainly also preach my word, but have received it deformed and pass it on deformed. Because if they would be my right representatives, they would work together with you, my servants; they would receive directly out of my hand through you the right knowledge and also recognize it as such. If they however oppose you, they cannot be my right representatives – and if they fight you, they are the servants of Satan, who uses every mask to drive out truth. Truth will speak for itself; truth must be recognized if man’s will is turned towards me, therefore eternal truth. And for that reason everyone is to be considered my opponent, who works against you and does not want to accept you as that what you are – my disciples, who I have chosen myself to spread the Gospel into the world. Amen. B.D. NR. 4427.


Book 52 4428

Crossroads. Trials of the faithful. Inner conflicts.

6. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4428.

Also you, my faithful followers, will be led before crossroads and must now make up your mind, which way you want to go. Because also you will not be spared the trial of your will, also you can only mature through constant struggle, unless you work in increased love power, then the decision will also not be difficult for you, because clearly and unambiguously you recognize which way is the right one, and your will has the strength to go it, even so it appears stony and full of thorns. Increased love power is the compensation, and therefore love activity will always have an obvious effect with you; you will master everything, if you live in love. But every man leads a love life, who does not put himself into the centre, but has an open eye for his people around him and helpingly intervenes where he is needed; every man leads a love life, who feels urged to do good, who seeks and finds his purpose in life in the practise of unselfish works of love, who thinks good, speaks good and acts good – i.e. adapts himself to the eternal order in thinking, speaking and acting, which aims to achieve the maintenance and building up of divine order. The feeling for that what is good, every man carries in himself, because he will always feel the effects of good as well as bad thinking and acting with himself, which is caused by fellowmen to him; he will very well be able to differentiate what makes him happy or harms him. And therefore he is to always apply the standards, and his feeling will always teach him, what is good and what is bad. And who has the will to act well, he will truly not get into erroneous thinking. That I also let you, my faithful followers, get into inner conflicts, is necessary for that reason, because also you must get cleansed from self-love, which now and again clouds clear thinking and keeps you back from love work. But you are to grow and serve me as tool in the coming time. Therefore you must give up everything, what still gets in the way for my permanent taking lodging in your hearts. Every suffering, every inner struggle is a preparation, so that I can take possession of you myself, to have an effect in you. You will often stand at the crossroads, but I stand always invisibly at your side and lovingly urge you onto the right way. I help you that you overcome self-love and become absorbed into ceaseless neighbourly love – to shape you so to love so that I can move into your hearts and stay there. Amen. B.D. NR. 4428.


Book 52 4429

Antichrist. Brutal Decrees.

7. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4429.

A visible power will rule over you that will not recognize an invisible power. And this power will challenge your last test of faith because it fights against me and also wants to train you to be my enemies. And therefore your complete strength of faith is needed to resist it. Many will bow to the sceptre of the ruler who promises them worldly golden mountains but demands abandonment of all belief, all spiritual good, the acknowledgement of his power and rule and the denial of a creator from eternity, a loving and just God, who will call men to account one day for their intentions, thinking and actions. And so he stands up to me and it will be a last struggle of short duration but severe for my believers because they are harassed in an inhuman way that will make it very difficult for them to confess Christ. But the knowledge about the unadulterated truth, my obvious help and the hope of my coming and the life in paradise on the new earth will give you power to endure and to defy every assault on the part of worldly power. You have my word that I will not leave you in trouble and you can build on it totally. I know the ones that are mine and I stand by every single one, so he relies on me, so he believes in me. But the one who is coming will blind men through the keenness of his intellect, his extensive knowledge, through his obligingness towards other rulers and all will grant him the right to organizational activity with the final aim of suppression of all spiritual schools of thought. Because he will try to make out spiritual striving to be wrongly applied vitality that should be used for the building up and improvement of earthly needs. And everywhere he will find followers that acknowledge him and who now likewise take action against every spiritual work. And so my servants on earth will be in a difficult position. For the time being they want to take all means away from you that enable you to be spiritually active, as you also will be persecuted in particular and have to account to earthly authorities for your thinking and acting. Furthermore you will also be plunged into earthly trouble by decrees that seem to be exceedingly hard and cruel for the believer and they are so if I do not evidently help you and would keep you in spiritual ways. And you will obviously feel my help, you will sense that I am with you and know about the trouble of the individual and redress it when it is time. Antichrist will come and with him all signs of the nearby end. Because as soon as the struggle of faith starts you can definitely expect the end that is not to be long in coming because the faith struggle will be conducted with such toughness and in such brutal ways that I myself have to come to save those who are mine from deepest tribulation and take them up into the kingdom of peace. And then comes the last judgement and the power of my enemy will be broken for a long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4429.


Book 52 4430

Value of spiritual instruction.

9. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4430.

You still cannot yet gauge the value of spiritual instruction, because you are still too much involved in earthly matter; but you will recognize it at an entrance into eternity, which possession you call your own or how terribly poor you are, because only with spiritual values you can create that life in the spiritual world, which means happiness. What you now can have on earth free, because my extremely great love offers you something, what is withheld from no man, whether he deserves it or not, that you must also gain in the spiritual kingdom, if you do not already enter the hereafter in a state of spiritual maturity. And this gaining requires great will power, which you then no longer have, because you have practised love too little on earth, which brings in increased will power for you. You now certainly also have the possibility to take part in spiritual instructions, however always only under the prerequisite that your will expresses itself in the love work at co-suffering souls, that you want to help them; and exactly this will you will lack, because the serious difficulties, in which you are, you who enter the spiritual kingdom empty and bare, only lets you think of your own fate, and the trouble of the other souls you do not notice. And for this reason the spiritual wealth can only rarely increase, unless much help is shown you from the side of men on earth or light beings, who stood in close touch with you and seek to pull you up. Nevertheless, also then your will is still decisive. But if you are already taught on earth and are therefore blessed with spiritual goods at the entry into the kingdom on the other side, then you will always just increase these for you, although you constantly hand over from them. Because the love will in you is extremely strong, and it is expressed in the distributing of that, what makes you happy.

As long as you walk on earth, all earthly material is more important to you than spiritual instructions, and still latter turn out to be of a far greater value, because they are immortal, while earthly goods can be destroyed from today to tomorrow or get lost. For that reason you must imagine the transience of that what is desirable for you, to learn to despise it, to decrease your desire for it. The value of spiritual goods will then increase for you accordingly, if you expect from them a happy life in the spiritual kingdom, treasures, which you can take with you into eternity and which also cannot be taken away from you anymore. If you now have the extraordinary favour to be directly instructed out of the spiritual kingdom, an extremely great wealth is at your disposal, which you can utilize already on earth. Love must drive you to share it with the neighbour, wanting to impart the same to him. You are to go up to the world with your treasures and offer them to men, who are there in want and are in spiritual need. Because they are poor, and you are to give to them what you possess amply, because I want that those are helped to come into the blessing of spiritual goods that they hear truth through your mouth, through which I therefore express myself, because I want that the soul at its death does not enter the spiritual kingdom poor and bare. Amen. B.D. NR. 4430.


Book 52 4431

Indication of spiritual shock (Rome?). Right church of Christ.

10. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4431.

You men on earth have to be prepared for a great spiritual shock, because I want to show you that my arm also reaches there, where you believe having built on firm foundation. I want to disturb you out of your self-satisfied rest, so that you become busy and ask yourselves seriously, what I perhaps aim at and want to say to you through this visible sign of my displeasure at your building, which you think of being extremely good and awe-inspiring. I need workers in the last time, who are busily active for me and my kingdom; I need servants, who livingly believe and make possible the work of my spirit in them through a love life according to my will. I need good shepherds for my sheep and therefore eager representatives of my word, which is to be supplied to men in all purity and which I therefore impart to my servants on earth in a direct way, so that it can be sent to men unaltered. And this is the work of my servants, of the workers in my vineyard, because the time of the harvest has come, as it is announced in word and script. And so I obviously have an effect outside of those, who believe to be my representatives on earth, and I myself have chosen my right representatives, who however do not acknowledge the former as my envoys and therefore do not want to accept my word. And for this reason it is necessary that I bring myself into appearance through an outer sign, so that men become startled and thoughtful. (12.9.1948) Because it is of urgent necessity that men think about the worthlessness of that what men have built, if it is not according to my will. They are to think in which form I want to see my will fulfilled, and what has right value before me and what alone is of advantage for the soul for eternity. They are to come off from preconceived opinions, from traditionally adopted spiritual good, which is without value, because it is marked through external appearances, which cover the heart and make it unrecognizable. That clarification is valid, which are the marks of the church, which I have founded on earth myself; that examination of earthly teachings is valid, which for that reason are to be mentioned as erroneous, because they make the belonging to my church dependent on the belonging to a particular denomination, which is never according to my will. Everything now, what is set up organizationally, is the work of men, because my church is only a pure spiritual building; it has its foundation in the thinking and striving, in wanting and acting according to my will and will never be recognizable outwardly differently than in busy love activity, and cognition and understanding springing from it, of all that, what to believe I request of you men, what I present to you and supply to you as spiritual knowledge mentally or through the inner word. The visible work of my spirit in man – enlightened thinking and convinced faith - is the reliable mark of the church, which I have founded myself, but what is to be more easily found outside of a church organization, although it can also make people happy within such one, as soon as they put the heart – my Christian love teaching – before all other things, but then they will also recognize, how little valuable all ceremony is, as also the whole building up in worldly style, for the development of the soul, indeed often even being an obstacle, because deep inner becoming immersed in and striving for inner connection with me through external appearances, which capture the eyes and senses of men, is made more difficult.

The man who has recognized which happiness lies in the intimate connection with me, who has found the way into the spiritual kingdom and has connected mentally with its inhabitants, will never ever derive pleasure from acts, which are obviously carried out. He will turn his back on them, because he recognizes and feels them as not wanted by me. And this is to be recorded as spiritual progress, to which I want to help all men, by me directing the eyes of all to an event, which clearly lets my hand being recognized. I want to sink a doubt into their hearts, with which they are to deal, if they are of good will and seek truth. I will bring the foundation to sway, and happy the man who recognizes the language of God in it. He will win, if he gives, because he receives valuable gift and exchanges worthless goods in comparison; he attaches himself to my church, which is only to be understood pure spiritually. Amen. B.D. NR. 4431.


Book 52 4432

Last Day. Closed Gate to the Hereafter.

13. September 1948. B.D. NR 4432.

It is of decisive importance for eternity whether you live to see the last day. Because on this day there will only be the living and the dead, therefore only men who enter life eternal or who will be damned. There will be no death that can only be addressed as pure bodily death where the soul, though imperfect, enters spiritual spheres where it can develop still further upward. On the contrary on the last day the gates in the kingdom on the other side will remain closed because then there will be only the living that are transported to the new earth, that do not taste death of the body, and the dead that will be devoured by earth, i.e. find their bodily death at the work of destruction and whose souls experience the re-embodiment into hardest matter. And so the last day on this earth has arrived, that means an end for all spiritual that stays on earth and where a trial takes place, where everything is called to account that lives on earth as men. This is the day that has been announced since the beginning of this redemption period, that seers and prophets have predicted, that is doubted by all who do not believe and are therefore without right knowledge. It is the day where every sin finds its expiation and where there is certainly no man except the ones who are mine who is not going to be pronounced guilty. But for the believers this day will be an ending to all earthly trouble, it will be a day of triumph for them where they see me in all glory and will be raptured from earth; but for the others it is a day of dread because they cannot escape from their fate, they have no faith to call on me in their trouble. And so they only face certain death and do not know that they are now banished for endless long time from my contact because in no way they acquired the right to my kingdom whose ruler I am, that can only receive souls that have taken on my primeval being, thus having become love. And all earthly horrors hurry on ahead of the last day because I still want to admonish men in the last hour to stretch out their hands towards me so that I can grasp them before they sink into deepest darkness - before they are banished from contact with me for eternal times. Everyone can still come to me when he makes good use of the final time and everyone is entitled to unmeasured blessings but I force nobody to help himself to my blessings but leave everybody his freedom. But the last day will be a day of reckoning for all - will bring love and bliss to the ones who are mine and death and ruin to all who belong to my enemy because they will be pushed down into darkness and have to expiate their sins according to divine justice. Amen. B.D. NR. 4432.


Book 52 4433

Last Struggle. Openly Confessing Christ Before the World.

15. September 1948. B.D. NR 4433.

In the last times before the end war will be declared on all spiritual. That will let you recognize what hour the clock of the world has struck, that the day draws to a close. You are then to be prepared for a great upset caused by severe measures of the worldly powers. They will pester you with questions and threats about your attitude towards Christ and faith on the whole. They will not be afraid to observe you, to eavesdrop on your conversations, and to draw you to court so that you are to answer for your speaking and acting. And then the time has come when you have to openly confess me and talk without fear how you think and stand by me. I demand this open confession before the world as a proof of your affiliation to me. I myself well know how you think and feel in your heart but it is a last battle where the separation of the goats from the sheep is to take place. And this last battle has to be settled openly so that also the fight itself is obvious, so that the sins of the enemies clearly emerge before the world to also push those who are still undecided to make a decision through the conduct of the believers as well of those who are their enemies. The fight will last only a short time and will be carried out everywhere, only in different form. Always the lack of love will battle with love, the material world will mock and pester the spiritual world, two camps will be clearly recognizable wherever there are places that have been reached by the teaching of Christ and where the divine teaching of love is the principle of what is preached to men and what they are asked to believe. And that is why the falling away from me will be clearly recognizable in the whole world; but where the Christian teaching of love has been spread there the warfare against belief will take place in all strictness, and that will be the end. You men have still no idea of the course of the coming events and that is why it seems to you to be implausible but it comes as I announce it to you through my spirit and the time is so close that you would get a fright if you would know the day and the hour of the downfall. But still you are not to be scared of it because your loyalty towards me secures you my fullest protection and supply of all power to be able to resist and the knowledge about it will make you confident and full of faith so that you will overcome the time, particularly as I shorten the days so that you be blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4433.


Book 52 4434

Ability of the servants of God to see through men. Sharp judgement.

16. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4434.

You will recognize the spirit of him who turns away from me, because all signs will be noticeable to you, as soon as a man is not connected to me in love. And therefore also the words will not be able to deceive you, which his mouth speaks out to hide his true feeling from you. You will find little understanding, if you hold spiritual conversations; you will be able to detect unbelief with regard to all predictions and also those teachings, which are to contribute to the explanation of the difficult sorrowful time. Because he who stands far from me, he stands too much in earthly life and finds no spiritual explanation believable; he does not live in connection with the spiritual world, and his thoughts are little influenced by knowing powers, because he grants no access to them. You will always recognize such people and be poorly received, and even so they listen to you, you still have little success to record, little will, to pay attention to my word, by giving full expression to it. And therefore they will also not be able to convince themselves of the truth of my word, and the spiritual success equals zero. But you are not to become tired because of that and take no offence at it, that you are not listened to as my word requires it. Your eye will sharpen; you will be able to judge on which level of development the individual person stands; you will gain the ability to also be able see through a mask and therefore not be let to be deceived through nice words or pious nature, because your eye misses nothing and you well know, how the connection with me and a life in love have an effect on the nature of a person. In addition there will also be few of the right listeners and doers of my word, but the majority has an indifferent attitude towards my gift from above, otherwise the spiritual low would be very quickly removed. But where the will lacks, little success is to be recorded. But nevertheless I give you the task, to mention it what I offer you, so that no-one can say, having remained without warning, because the spell can only be broken through the word, only through the word from above can man be caused to think and be led on another way. The word itself possesses power, but requires the will of man to be able to come to effect; and where my word – the radiation of me myself – remains without effect, there is truly no other means there, unless a great earthy misery causes a man to establish the relationship with me through prayer. Then I once again approach man through obvious help and make myself recognizable to him. And then my word will also not remain without impression any longer. For that reason spread it everywhere, because the great trouble is inevitable, and what the word does not achieve, trouble still can manage, and you men will bless it, if you still have found to me through it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4434.


Book 52 4435

Reason of the exceptional work of God. Spiritual wealth.

17. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4435.

Open yourselves to the receiving of my light radiation; listen to my word. When I bring myself in appearance to you, by me working unusually, by supplying my word from above to you, you must know that this act is necessary for the sake of yourselves. You must know that you are then in danger in which I want to warn you audibly and want to help you; you must further know that something prepares itself then, whereof I want to inform you for the sake of your souls. For with everything what happens, it is only about your soul, about its ascent development. If this proceeds so that your earth life is completely utilized, then you do not need unusual proofs of my love and favour, because you, through a walk of life according to my will, bask yourselves in my love and favour and recognize me and believe in me. But if a standstill of your development occurs, which leads to retrogression only too soon, then you must be notified of the slack of your life, then admonitions and warnings must be sent to you from above, and so that you pay attention to them, I work unusually among you - I speak from above and consequently give you an unusual gift of favour, because I take pity on your trouble and my love for you is extremely great. For that reason listen to me: Do not value your earth life too high, but think of that, what will be after death, and let it be said to you that you no longer live long on earth, but time is nothing but short, until I myself put an end to everything what lives on earth. All your striving on earth will be in vain, material goods you will not be able to keep, but spiritual goods you can still gather many in this short time, and these are a wealth, which will remain with you, which you can take over with you into eternity, which makes leaving this world easy for you, which makes your soul happy unspeakably and with which you can work, so you have entered the opposite kingdom, where true life only begins. Gather these goods for yourselves, by you listening to my word offered from above and live accordingly. Open your heart; let me myself enter in the word; seize the spirit of it, by you connecting yourselves in thoughts with me and ask enlightenment from me; remain connected with me through prayer and love work, and you will therefore give full expression to my word – you will be active in thought towards me, and your activity will be according to my will – you will perform works of unselfish neighbourly love, which bring in the right reward for you; you will mature in your soul, and your earth life will not have been in vain. Amen. B.D. NR. 4435.


Book 52 4436

Giving up the world. Earthly performance of one’s duty and God s blessing.

19. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4436.

What does the world offer you? If you consider it rightly, they are just things, which shape earth life nicer for you for a short time, however have no lasting value. And so you set against it that every day can take you from this earth, you work, seen earthly, only for one day, because already tomorrow can be your last day. But also a long earth life is not in proportion to eternity, and it is only unwise to provide for yourselves for this limited time and not to remember eternity. But once you deal with the thought of a life after death, only then you recognize, which pretence goods you chase, and then you will understand the spiritual striving of those who have recognized the earth not as self-purpose but as means to the purpose. And then also you will strive for truth, for cognition and for me, who can impart all this to you. But one thing you are not allowed to miss, to call upon me as help and adviser, that I look after you and guide you further on the course of life, that you choose me and give up the world for my sake, i.e. set no great hope on a life in outer comfortableness, but lead a life deep inwardly with me, away from the world. The separation is urgently necessary, as it is also necessary that you take note of pure truth, which, coming from outside, cannot be offered to you through the men of the world. If you recommend yourselves to me, I go with you and also level for you the earthly work, because no-one is to get harmed, who works for me and my kingdom. You are indeed to fulfil your duty, i.e. fill out the post, which is allotted to you, but who blesses the earthly work for you, if I do not do it? You cannot force success for yourselves automatically, and if my will is against it, you can do nothing, although you are active laboriously and continually. But the other way round I can favour your work and help you in the carrying out. But I request in exchange that you lean towards my gift imparted to you from above, that you give full attention to it and see to its spreading. Then you can live completely carefree, because I take over every worry for you. First carry out your spiritual work, and blessed will be everything what you undertake earthly, to fulfil the task allotted to you for the earth. Because I certainly provide for you better than the earthly world. But I do not give up my conditions, which I have attached to it, that I as father give you, my children, everything what you need spiritually and earthly. Amen. B.D. NR. 4436.


Book 52 4437

Disciples of the time of the end. Earthly relationships. God s care about family.

20. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4437.

As the disciples had to separate from their families, from house and farm, to follow me, so also the last disciples must be prepared to give up everything, if they hear in their hearts the gentle call to work for me. Love towards me must be so great that they prefer no earthly relationship to me anymore; only then they can work as my right disciples on behalf of me. As long as earth still captivates them, they cannot hear the inner voice, but which is absolutely necessary to spread my word, to being able to teach fellowmen. Nothing is allowed to be dearer to you than my word, the expression of my love towards you, and you must willingly and joyfully and at any time be prepared to hear my word, directly or also indirectly. The more you have taken a look into the spiritual, the eternal truth, the more understandable it will be for you that you must give yourselves completely to me, if you want to serve me as tool, because every connection of you with the material world prevents me to work through you. And consequently you also have an explanation about the problem how far my servants are to remain free of firm relationships, which are not for spiritual striving, therefore do not strive for a common spiritual aim. My disciples had to leave wife and children to follow me, and I blessed them for it. (21.9.1948) Who has me as aim is not allowed to send his eyes back; who strives towards the spiritual kingdom has overcome the world and can therefore also leave the world by all means, without being hurt or to harm fellowmen. Because I then take over the care for his, whom he has provided for up to now. Then I also make his earth task easy for him and allot it to him only so far that he can perform spiritual work at the same time, i.e. informing fellowmen of purpose and aim of earth life. If I need my disciples for this, this task is their most important, but then they are to give up confidently what could prevent them from the execution of this work. They are to make themselves free and announce my word now as my right disciples and be without care. But who loves the world more than me, he is unsuitable as my disciple in the time of the end, because he cannot serve two masters; he cannot pay to the world its tribute and at the same time strive towards me; the separation must first have been carried out, before I can accept him as my servant, who no longer has a relapse and to whom my goods offer complete compensation for the goods of the world. But as long as there is still something, what is put first before me, I cannot have an obvious effect in him and with him, and for that reason he must have completely overcome the world to be a right disciple for me in the last time before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4437.


Book 52 4438

Demonic influence on light bearers. Fight against truth.

21. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4438.

The demonic influence is particularly strong where truth threatens to prepare the way, and for that reason you will be tormented with thoughts on many occasions, which those beings let flow towards you and which are to aim to achieve to make you unsuitable for the reception and passing on of truth. Light and shadow are always together; the fight of light against darkness always takes place, and the will of man is determining, which powers gain the victory. Where light, i.e. truth, is, there also the dark beings crowd together to extinguish it, to displace truth through the lie and error. And it has this effect that every kind of work is made more difficult for the light bearers, as soon as they themselves do not muster the strong will to be constantly active for God and his kingdom. Then a light bearer obtains power out of God and can resist every influence of demonic side; then he is stronger than that power; then he has the with light filled spiritual around him as guardian wall and can fight every influence, every wrong thought. The power of will is never allowed to let up, then also the demonic powers accomplish nothing. But a bearer of truth will always sense the nearness of these beings, which fight against truth insofar, as that the spiritual work proceeds more difficult, that scruples and obstacles influence them and man must again and again request anew power from God and therefore join God more and more intimately, if he does not want to become weak and let the demonic powers have the victory. But he never remains without help, because where once the light can be sent to earth, there are numerous light beings prepared for repulsion, and who once has offered God his services, he will also find in him a loyal helper and adviser, who will never leave him to the enemy, but protect him against his influence. Amen. B.D. NR. 4438.


Book 52 4439

Thought. Radiation of spiritual beings. Will o’ the wisp.

22. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4439.

How you utilize thought, which is carried to you, that is determining for your development. Light and dark beings seek to influence you mentally, powers, which are full of truthful knowledge, and such, which take a view against everything, what truth is, partly out of own ignorance, but partly also out of evil motives to destroy everything what means light and power. These beings now fight about the possession of your will; they seek to transmit their thoughts upon you; they play around you like waves, and your will now receives them or rejects them , i.e., the heart takes them up and passes them on to the brain, where they are digested, therefore are recalled to man, if he wants to utilize them – or he rejects them, by him not first supplying them to the brain for utilization, therefore drops them. The thought only becomes aware, when the mind occupies itself with it; but man himself is not the originator of the thought, but they are radiations out of the spiritual kingdom, which can touch man as light rays or also as a false light, which then accompanies him as shadow; that he therefore walks in darkness. But man does not feel darkness, because he turns, as long as he does not walk in the light, towards false lights, therefore believes to stand in the light, but which spreads no shine, radiates no warmth, which illuminates nothing, but is just a blind light. If the thought is now to be utilized, then it turns out, which effect it has, because the right light, true thoughts, will arouse enthusiasm and let everywhere again flare up a little light, while a blind light has no power to be able to utter a shine, but is well received by men who walk in darkness, because they do not know the bright, radiating light of truth and have not yet sensed its effect with them. And it can now be worked with the thought, may it have flowed from the knowing spiritual world or the powers of darkness, it will only have different effects upon the man who is handing out and upon the one receiving. Who passes on true thought, he will always receive more and more, although him giving away from it all the time. And his soul will develop upwards; it will stand in always brighter light, recognize everything and understand everything – because light has an extremely agreeable effect. But who passes on erroneous thought, he will nevertheless go in darkness and sense that he carries no light into this darkness, only believing to stand in the light at times through the flashing of will-o’-the-wisps, to afterwards fall into still deeper darkness. In spite of supply of thought he will remain without understanding; darkness around him will not move, until he is touched by the rays of a right light, until he accepts the mental inspirations out of the kingdom of light, therefore devotes himself to the influence of knowing beings, which alone can impart light and truth to him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4439.


Book 52 4440

Purpose of divine revelation.

22. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4440.

The eternal divinity itself reveals itself to you men in its infinite love and mercy. These revelations are of so great importance that you servants of God on earth are to devote your whole power to spread them. They are a sign of the continuous care of God for his creatures, but as they are also an uninterrupted chain of suggestions, which are to help men to find themselves and to enter into divine will. (23.9.1948) The divine revelations contain a knowledge, which reaches into all areas and which is so extensive, because the understanding for everything is to be awakened in man, so that no gap of knowledge can let any doubts arise in pure truth. Because it is God’s will that men move in truth to recognize and learn to love through it their father and creator from eternity and to learn to love and now submit to him out of free will, so that the original relationship between him and his creatures is again established, which means unlimited happiness for latter. Man also always has the possibility to recognize divine revelation as such, however this always presupposes his will, and the will is to be stimulated by these revelations being imparted to men in a way, which appears supernatural and is to make them think; their attention must be directed on it and consequently to the spiritual in totality, because man lets himself be captured through matter at the time of his earth walk and the spiritual area is avoided by him out of ignorance and often false attitude towards God. But the interest for it can be awakened through indications and instructions and therefore also announcement of the visible work of God through a man, but which is intended for all men and has meaning for all men. The connexion of God and man must be brought to their awareness, so that they now by themselves enter into the right relationship with him and are now both, able to understand the work of God as well as the teachings imparted to them and shape themselves through the knowledge about his will so, as it is necessary, to again establish the original relationship – to be right children of the father with light and power and in that way wise and powerful beings themselves, which can create and shape according to own will, which is then also the will of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 4440.


Book 52 4441

Extent of the Work of Destruction.

24. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4441.

You men still cannot form a picture to what extent the work of destruction in the will of God will take place because everything will be exceeded that has ever been. Countries and oceans will change, rivers will overflow its banks and so pictures will be created that men will think they have been transported to a different area and through this already an indescribable chaos comes into being because men do not find each other anymore. Without rest they will wander around until strong-willed men are found that try to create order and take care of the weak. The distress will be so great that only love will be able to bear it and where one is active for another there will soon relief and help be felt that obviously will be given to them from above. He who now turns to God and calls on him in his heart will be helped because now God shows himself so clearly with his love and omnipotence that it will be easy for the weak in faith to gain firm faith and this time is a time of grace for the unbeliever where he can easily change in the sight of phenomena that are based on the power of faith. These phenomena will make all think but only alone the one who is willing to believe will make use of it while the others will always just speak of coincidence and be faced with great misery, reject a creator and condemn his action. The extent of the disaster cannot bring them back to their senses, everything they try to explain naturally and they completely reject spiritual connections. They also remain hard and without feelings towards the experience of the fellow human being and are not afraid to improve their own situation at other people's expense who are too weak to defend themselves. Misery will be everywhere where God has spoken and he will speak there where greatest spiritual misery is so that the survivors receive a warning sign so that the time until the end can be used and also men in the countries not affected come to their senses given the disaster that is too enormous to be disregarded. Because all mankind will be seized with fear that the natural disaster happens again and could result in a complete destruction of the earth. This will come but not immediately after the natural disaster. The fear of it is helpful for many as it stirs up the thought of a sudden death and of life after death at all in many men and can bring a change in life. The world will want to step in with help but not be able to that extent that help would be necessary. Still every man who is willing to love and to help will be blessed by God because the reason the great misery comes upon men is that they soften their hearts and do justice to their actual assignment that they work in love on earth to attain maturity of the soul. As long as men provide for themselves only they remain in love of self and do not progress spiritually. But the misery of the fellow human beings can stir up their love activity and then they are fulfilling the will of God and therefore their purpose on earth. Then also the great trouble is a blessing and it fulfils its purpose. Amen. B.D. NR. 4441.


Book 52 4442

God’s blessing and protection to co-workers.

25. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4442.

You have promised me your collaboration, and if you now do this, I will bless you. And I want to let you win the inner conviction that you serve a just cause; also intellectually I want to let you recognize this, what you receive as pure truth from me and are to pass on. I therefore want that you recognize me in the word myself, which you hear mentally in you, dictated through my spirit. You are to be so convinced of it that I myself speak to you that you can teach fellowmen without doubt and that no objection through counter-speech, that I am myself the originator, can shake you. I want to make their office easy for my servants; I want that they joyfully work for me, that they recognize the value of the spiritual gift, which is offered to them from above as extraordinary favour. And if they are of convinced faith, they also stand up for truth full of eagerness. And then their work will be blessed; it will not remain without success; erroneous souls are getting rescued, by them being guided into truth and brought to me. And who listens to you, he listens to me. I can speak to men myself through your mouth. What it means to get connection with those men, who still stand far from me, who themselves can never get connected to me through their lack of love, which excludes my nearness, that you will recognize some day, because innumerable souls got lost, because they themselves do not establish the relationship with me and cannot be forced to it. But if you are active as mediators, a way is created, to have an effect upon the will of those, and the possibility exists to receive power from me, which cannot be supplied to them otherwise. For that reason your cooperation is so necessary and will never be slowed or hindered by me; on the contrary, I will support you in every way; I will offer you pure truth so that you are urged to pass it on, and your work becomes joy for you. Because I do not want to lose you as helpers and servants; I want that you become busier and busier, that only the work for me and my kingdom satisfies you, that it drives you to increased activity and you leave no opportunity unused, because it is the last time; it is the time of harvest, where I need many reapers, so that all work in my vineyard is done, so the last day dawns. Amen. B.D. NR. 4442.


Book 52 4443

Presentation of the divine word great help.

26. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4443.

An extremely great spiritual help is connected with the presentation of my word, because it is a visible sign of supernatural work, so that man can again find his feet, if he has become shaky in faith. He has a certain guarantee for it that his thinking is right, if it lets him believe in a life outside of earth; he can move with certainty in an area, which just still appeared as fantasy to him and is also made out to be as such by worldly minded people. But a ray out of the spiritual kingdom so touches still earthbound men, and only their will is necessary to recognize the ray as coming from the spiritual kingdom. But if this will exists then the connection is also already created between the two worlds. A bridge is found, on which man can arrive at the spiritual kingdom unhindered. And therefore he can also believe. Through the presentation of the word I therefore help man to a convinced faith, although it also still depends on free will. I help him, but do not inevitably determine him to faith. And it is seen from this that I help you men and constantly have an effect upon you with my favour, but that you yourselves must let the favour have an effect upon you, if you want to partake of my help. The last time brings such great shocks with it that a firm faith is absolutely necessary to stand firm, and no-one would keep his faith in view of the brutal means, which are applied to fight faith, if man could not win a convinced faith with my help before. Since the time of the religious war is very near, I still seek to have an effect on men that they already before can make up their mind and establish the right relationship with me. And for that reason I speak to you through a man, who hears my word directly and can also pass it on. This is an act of favour, which is caused by the extraordinary weakness of men before the end. The distance from me is too great and cannot easily be bridged when it is not based upon me as loving, wise and omnipotent God. I now seek to help you to this firm faith, and for that reason I reveal myself to you, by me speaking from above in a way that you can recognize me, if you are willing, if you take advantage of the favour, which I let flow towards you in my love and mercy with the weak beings, to be found in great trouble, which once took their start from me and are to return again to me. Because as soon as they win faith in me, they are rescued for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4443.


Book 52 4444

(Can God suffer?) God’s love.

27. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4444.

He who announces himself to you out of extreme great love, he woos you with all persistence, and he does not give you up, because you are his for eternity. His love is unchangeable; but it is also law in itself, i.e., only love can join love, and since God is eternal love himself, he also longs for love and for that reason seeks to shape all his creatures to love, so that he can unite himself with them. And therefore he seeks to win the love of his creatures and has no other aim for ever, because the unification in love means happiness for the creature and also constantly increases the happiness of God. God is perfect and as perfect being able to give unlimited happiness, but as he also the other way round wants to receive such from his creatures, which have come out of his love power. But to prepare happiness always presupposes love. When God therefore longs for the love of his creatures, because he wants to give himself to them, the missing of love must also limit giving love, therefore although it cannot decrease, its power is still limited, what also means decreased happiness – with the fullness of divine love only then worth mentioning, when almost all creatures turn away from him, therefore refuse their love to him – a state, which has occurred in creation at the end of a redemption period. (28.9.1948) Then an incomparable longing takes the place of happiness, which is indeed not, as on earth, sorrowful, however triggers increased will to help and extreme great mercy. God can never suffer, the increased distance of his beings from him will however result in increased power development, therefore the love of God will constantly woo the love of his creatures, because he does not give them up, even so eternities pass over it until they turn towards him in love. A state of suffering would only then occur when – what once took its start out of the love of God, would be irretrievably lost to his opponent – what however is never possible, because the fullness of divine love lets nothing get lost, indeed even wins his opponent himself, even so in endless far time, for which humanly no estimation is anymore possible. That the love of God ever decreases, is completely eliminated, because love is something so powerful that it forces everything and the power of divine would be enough to make his creatures immediately inclined to towards him, if he wanted to let it have an effect in all fullness. But his happiness increases, if his creatures themselves come to him and offer him their love. And for that reason he only influences those in the lowest degree, always seeking to stimulate the will that it pushes towards him. If the will of man turns away from God, then also the love power of God lets up, but even so does not give him up. The wooing about the love of his creatures is likewise an act of happiness, what is indeed understandable to men only then, when they themselves stand in reciprocate love, which will also never stop to woo for the love of the other. Fulfilled love is happiness, but love not reciprocated a state of loneliness, which has an effect as powerlessness or as increased power production – according to the strength of love, why the beings of the kingdom of light can have an effect continuously, although they often meet with resistance from the side of men – because they are filled with love and also none-reciprocated love is no diminishing of their power, but only increased stimulation to activity. Men on earth still need supply of power, which is sent to them through love and for them lack of love therefore also means lack of power and activity urge, therefore felt as state of suffering. But the consciousness remains with man any time that the love of God is secure for him, that the love of man always finds reciprocation, if it is meant for him, and that his love is true happiness for everyone who desires it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4444.


Book 52 4445

God’s will - Human will. Free will.

29. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4445.

As it is decided for eternity, so world history goes its course, i.e., human will determines indeed the course, but the effects of that, what is prompted through human will, will always be according to my will, therefore serve in some way the ascent development of men, if they draw the right use from every event. And so the intent of men can indeed be one completely inconsistent with my will, but if I allow something, I also connect an aim with it, and consequently every event agrees with my plan from eternity, because for eternity I know about the will of men, about their thoughts and acts, and therefore every individual can still freely want and act, he is therefore not determined at all to carry out what he does. That I know about it, is no proof of a forced effect on the will of men – what they want to do is up to them, but how their doing has an effect, is subject to my will. And so at the time of the end men will carry out things, which mark their material spirit; they will improve their earthly life and want to get hold of pleasures and for that reason carry out acts, but which result in the opposite, because I want it so – because I know that the realization of their plans only means complete spiritual retrogression, and I therefore thwart their plans to indirectly help them to soul maturity, although only few recognize this and also the number of those is small, who know about my plan from eternity and see in everything my guidance. More than ever men will believe at the time of the end that it is they, who through their will direct the fate of the nations, and still they are just figures in the play. They are governed by me, but always under respect of their will, which I will never touch for the sake of men themselves. When therefore an act is carried out through men, which does not have love as cause, when worldly advantages are striven for in this way, when it violates Christian neighbourly love or is expressed in hate or lack of love against fellowmen, then I do not hinder these acts; also there I leave free will to men, but I also demand responsibility of them for every act or every thought, which harms fellowmen in any way. But whether their plans are carried out with the success, which they wish, is completely alone my will, and whatever now happens, will always give the striving man opportunity to find to me, to recognize me and to contact me. And so also the underworld serves me, i.e., also it cannot stop my will and will consequently unintentionally only contribute that my plan from eternity is carried out, which aims at the redemption of the spiritual. Amen. B.D. NR. 4445.


Book 52 4446

Right teacher. God as master. School of the spirit.

30. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4446.

I have taken you into my school to train you to efficient teachers, who are in possession of pure truth and can therefore teach to the benefit of mankind. This teaching post is extremely important in the last time before the end, because only few men are able to hear the voice of the spirit in themselves and to therefore be likewise taught directly by me about their earth task, about their creator and father from eternity, about their actual relationship to him and about the effect of rightly and wrongly used will. This knowledge must be presented to them in fullest truth, so that they do not fall victim to erroneous teachings, because many will claim to appear teaching, and each one of them will think being called, without however having been called by me for his office, which needs carriers of truth to be filled rightly. Pure truth alone means brightness; pure truth alone leads to me, as it also starts from me, and for that reason I take my servants for this teaching post myself into school and initiate them into everything what they need for their mission. And I truly instruct them right. I will never tolerate it that other things than pure truth is imparted to those, who want to be active on earth as serving workers, and I will always give enlightenment where doubting or ignorance is, so that the teachers see completely clear, can refute objections or contradictions and answer questions at any time truthfully. (1.10.1948) Truth must be received from me directly, if it is to be pure and genuine, and again and again I therefore train suitable teachers for me, who receive this truth first through the voice of the spirit and also concern themselves with it intellectually, so that they can then teach full of conviction as it is my will. If now a man on earth expresses his will towards me to be active for me, then he is a welcome pupil to me, to whom I supply deep knowledge and prepare him for his educational work. Therefore he himself is taught in the same way, as he is then to teach fellowmen, who stand outside of the connection with me. Because they are to find to me, they are to learn to recognize me as a loving master teacher, as a God of favour and justice, of love and wisdom; I also want to impart my Gospel to them and for that reason have to make use of those who let me speak through them myself. So if I therefore teach you, I am also active in you myself; it is my mouth, which speaks to you words of love; it is my spirit, which sounds therefrom towards you; it is my love, which expresses itself through the word in you. You are just the form, of which I make use. Therefore I teach men myself through you, but my power is always at work, if you men hear the Gospel through those, who receive the word from me. So if you therefore listen to these, you listen to me, and if you do not believe them, you also have no faith in me, otherwise you would immediately recognize my voice as the voice of your creator, of the father from eternity. For that reason pay attention to those whom I send to you, and take their words seriously, then you will also soon learn to recognize the master teacher and join his school, because truly I say to you, you are constantly surrounded by teachers, who are all active in the spiritual kingdom on my behalf. And they take care that you are taught right, that you learn to recognize truth and also never ever lose it, so that you as teachers on earth can help them, to educate men to right thinking, because only truth helps you men to the unification with me, to eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4446.


Book 52 4447

Calling of God like a spoken word.

2. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4447.

You will hear my calling like a spoken word, and then every doubt will fall, every weakness be overcome, every indecisiveness will move from you; then you will like to serve me joyfully and be loyal workers for me on earth. The ways you are to go I will lead you myself; everything will approach you so that you just have to act as you are urged from the inside, and every counter doubts will move, because my word still resounds in you, because you are full of happiness and willingness about this sounding word and are now completely absorbed in the service for me and my kingdom. But then you also know that the hour has come, where your mission begins, and that great demands are made on you, because the trouble starts, because then it fulfils itself what I have predicted through word and script. I myself now make contact with all men audibly; I speak through the elements in nature to them, because otherwise they do not want to listen to me and the time of the end commands a great disruption of the thinking of men. And then I put the hope on you, that you are firm supports on earth for me, that you take your mission seriously and help me rescuing innumerable lost souls. You can do it, and I demand nothing unrealizable from you, because I myself am with you at all times and give you power, so that you so to speak just need to carry out what I mentally instruct you to do, and you just need to always make use of my power – that I therefore myself have an effect through you, you who completely submit to my will through conscious devotion towards me. The trouble around you will drive you to busy activity; everywhere you will find worrying, anxious people, who are grateful to you for comforting encouragement, for enlightening words, which give them hope of help from above, which let their weak faith revive or also make complete unbelievers think. Your convinced speaking will do them good; they will stick to you, so that you therefore can be strong supports for them in the difficult time, which all of you still have to live through. But I only impose on you that burden, which you are able to bear with my help. If you do not take up my help, then it will burden you too heavily, if you do not devote yourself to Satan, who will certainly also help you, but then your soul is lost for ever. Who believes in me and trustingly asks me for help, he will not call upon me in vain, and he will, without hurting his soul, overcome the time until the end. Announce this to them, you my servants on earth, that each one holds his fate in the hand himself, that there is the possibility for help for every man, so he just wants to seize it; that I am prepared for each one, and help him carrying the heaviest cross, but he himself must come to me and ask me for help, then he will visibly be looked after, and every misery will be bearable for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4447.


Book 52 4448

Sounding word and conditions.

2. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4448.

You must pay attention to the faintest feelings, if you want to hear my voice in you. And for that reason the transmission of my word can only take place in complete isolation from the world. You indeed still live in the midst of the world, but everything around you can sink into a nothing, it can remain completely unnoticed by you, if your thoughts turn inwards and seek me. Then you look at other than earthly spheres; then you already dwell in the spiritual kingdom; your soul has swung over, while your body remains on earth, without however having lost contact with the soul. Who succeeds to eliminate all worldly thoughts and to concentrate, he will soon hear it speaking faintly in the heart and the clearer the more the separation of the soul from the body has been carried out, i.e., the more the soul strives towards that kingdom, where my word comes from, where I myself dwell in the midst of those beings, who instruct you on my behalf, if the instruction does not come directly from me. The world will indeed not want to admit a direct address of God to men; it cannot believe it, because it, i.e. the men of the world, are never able to hear this fine voice, and only always pay attention to what the body demands and what it does. The soul is an implausible concept for them; the soul is not acknowledged by them and therefore also not accepted what the soul receives out of the spiritual kingdom and wants to impart to men on earth. They do not believe it, because they also lack the will to fulfil the conditions, which make a hearing of my voice possible. They do not separate themselves in thought from the world, but strive for it constantly, so that no hour of inner contemplation remains for them, they therefore never have inner thoughts and feelings, but without such the hearing of my word is unthinkable. I do not approach men from outside, but in the heart I come to meet them. I indeed also have an effect obviously, so that it is noticeable outwardly, with which men I am, which men receive power from me – but always only there, where a love life is led, where I can enter the heart, because I am called in the heart. I only have an effect always there, where an earth child firmly believes in me and feels intimate love towards me, and both are feelings of the soul, by which the body as such is uninvolved. Who therefore wants to hear me, he must come to me, and I am not in the world, but in the spiritual kingdom, although I also am the head of the world with my will, but only alone for that reason, to also win the people of the world, to lure them out of the bustle of the world into solitude, to make the goods desirable for them, which alone have value for eternity. Withdraw yourselves into silence and listen into you, and you will hear me clearly and distinctly, if you pay attention to every thought, as long as you do not hear the sounding word in you, what presupposes a particular maturity of the soul and most intimate connection with me. But I reveal myself to everyone, who fulfils my will and desires to hear me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4448.


Book 52 4449

Hour of calling. Announcement of end.

3. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4449.

The hour of your calling gets closer and closer and will also surprise you, although you know about it. A state of calmness has apparently occurred, which also lets your work for my kingdom appear to be postponed, but the U-turn will come suddenly, and a complete new field of vision will open for you; you will be pushed away from the earthly, and the spiritual will step into the foreground, and then your last, but exceedingly important mission on this earth starts. Then also every earthly worry will become less important, because everything sorts itself out for you, and my work with you will be so obvious that calmness comes over you, which lets you carry out every spiritual work. The time has come, which I announce continuously – the earth enters the last phase of its development, and surprisingly quick a world situation is created, which fills all men with tension. Happy the man who recognizes from it, how close the end is and how everything fulfils itself, what had been announced long ago by seers and prophets. It comes to an end. You do not believe it, because you are still standing in the midst of the world and look at everything pure worldly, i.e. earthly materially, and have no mind for the spiritual. Also the coming events you will only consider pure worldly and again just care for the bodily well-being, but I warn you of it urgently and admonish you to care for your soul only, because you stand shortly before the end. Again and again I must give you this assurance, because your faith is weak, if you still believe at all in me and my word. But if you do not believe my word from above and still think to be believing, so compare the written word out of the book of the fathers – and you will find there nothing else than what I tell you from above. But if you do not want to reject that, then you also cannot deny a last judgement with all preceding signs. But who of you wants to know when the end is – and who of you wants to think it completely impossible, that the time has already come now? And so I now draw your attention to it, that the time is fulfilled, so do not set doubt against my word, but believe that it is me, who tells you this, that it is me, who knows about everything, and that my plan is fixed for eternity. Therefore everything will also now unwind as it is determined. And so also the calling to you, my servants and disciples of the time of the end, will soon go out to you and bring great changes with it. But then give yourselves willingly into my hand, which will guide you securely and carefully over all dangers of life, so that you now fulfil your mission according to my will. And I want to bless you and every work, which you do, for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4449.


Book 52 4450

Struggling for strong faith.

4. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4450.

The struggle for deep unshakable faith is not allowed to let up, otherwise the danger exists that the worry about the bodily well-being surpasses the worry about the soul and man becomes weak in every respect. Deep faith alone gives power; in faith lies the guarantee of all success; faith gives calmness and peace of heart, and all worry vanishes if man possesses strong faith. Not the own power overcomes the degree of the demands, which are made on a man, but only alone the power of faith, because it is divine power; it flows over upon man, who presents all his needs to me in deep faith, so that I help him. Firm faith, that I help him to master his earth life, also secures for him that power, which is necessary for the overcoming of earthly demands. But if faith is weak, then man becomes anxious; he gives his whole attention only to his earthly activity; he becomes lukewarm in spiritual striving and does not make progress, but which alone is important in earth life. Firm faith is trust in me. You are not allowed to lack this, because who has no trust in me, he also does not believe in my love and my omnipotence, therefore he does not believe in a perfect being, which is bound to you by deep love. Struggle for strong faith; do not let up to pray for it, to imagine that I belong together with my creatures for ever, that you, you who have come out of me, are constantly cared for and looked after and that I do not want to leave you in trouble, if you yourselves feel as my children and now also come as child to the father and ask him for help. First of all I want your trust in me, your faith that I can help and want to help you. If you have this faith, then you are also already helped, because I never let a strong faith be wrecked. Connect yourselves in the spirit with me, speak with me and expect my help – and it will be yours. Amen. B.D. NR. 4450.


Book 52 4451

Who receives one of my brothers. God’s reward. Help for servants.

4. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4451.

You will gain a reward of God for yourselves, if you grant shelter to my right representatives on earth, because you then also give me myself shelter, I who am with them, whom you certainly cannot see, but can perceive at any time, if you follow the doings of my disciples and will recognize their extraordinary mission. Then it will be revealed to you that they are not active out of own power, but, flowed through by divine power, are able to do the supernatural. And then you yourselves also stand in the blessing of divine revelations; you are with them allowed to receive and therefore hear myself, when I speak with you through my servants. You then receive myself and can then expect my love as counter gift, which rewards you thousandfold, what you do to my servants. Because who is my right disciple, he will be poor of earthly possessions like me when I walked on earth, and will call nothing his own and always have to rely on the love of the neighbour. And therefore you are to receive them and give them, what they need, out of true Christian neighbourly love. And you will receive more than you give, because you just give earthly goods, but I impart spiritual goods to you, which cannot pass and which you therefore can take with you into the spiritual kingdom. But thereby you recognize my right servants that they are without means and in many respects have to rely on the love of the neighbour, on helpful men that they must be supported by those who have means at their disposal. I lead my servants to you, who you are to receive, if they ask you for help. By no means will you be harmed, but win unbelievingly much, because my promise will fulfil itself: Who receives my brothers, he receives me, and my reward is truly not measured little. And you will recognize the time of the end thereby, that I call servants for the work for me and my kingdom, because I have announced it to you that the time of the harvest has come and that I need many reapers for this time. So that my servants can now work, they are to be relieved of earthly worries and find men on earth, who loyally stand by their side, who take away from them earthly worries and support them in every way, so that they can carry out the spiritual work unhindered. And I will bless those, and they will feel my favour, because also they take part in the flow of love, which flows over mine, over all, who stand in connection with mine, who do not treat them with hostility, because also they stand under my protection, also to them I am myself close and express myself towards them in the word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4451.


Book 52 4452

Judged matter. Bound will.

5. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4452.

Judged matter is the spiritual in the tied up state, which has judged itself through its God-conflicting will, i.e. has been placed into the state of bound will through God’s will. It therefore can no longer, as it was originally the initial case, want freely and translate its will into action, but it is completely powerless and stands in the mandatory law; it is forced to move in the will of God – it stands in bound will. This state last throughout eternities and covers endless many deformations and stages of development and goes through innumerable creations until the stage as man, where it then steps out of the bound will into the freedom of will, where it then, although it is still judged, can redeem itself, when it makes right use of the freedom of will, i.e. to the approach to God. It is therefore before a judged being, which can step out of judgement into the state of spiritual freedom, of power and of light. It is now a wrong idea that man through sin falls under this judgement, but he is already in judgement, when he enters earth as man, and is still in judgement as long as he is not yet born again, therefore has not yet brought his spirit to the awake state. And according to his walk of life, which can be without sin, but also a very sinful one, the cover around the spirit thickens, or it dissolves gradually. But if the spiritual as man remains in resistance against God, then the great danger exists that the whole endless long time of a redemption period has been of no avail for the spiritual, that it must once again cover the same course and therefore the spiritual is again bound in matter, which it had overcome already a long time ago. Then it enters again into the mandatory law; it is again directed by the will of God and is tied up in hardest matter, a state, which can be descried as hell, because it is extremely agonizing for the spiritual, which was initially created originally in fullest freedom and power and might and now can longer use these, until it has completely changed and has found the unification with God in free will. Then the being automatically enters into the will of God and becomes the most blessed creature, as it was its purpose from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4452.


Book 52 4453

Supernatural powers. Transmission from the spiritual kingdom.

6. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4453.

Supernatural powers are at work, where the transmission of the divine word upon an earth man takes place, because man as such manages to achieve something what he cannot do out of his own power. An ability becomes visible, which can only be explained with the extraordinary work of unknown powers. If one does not want to accept latter and assume a pure natural ability, then that ability should also be detected with other people, otherwise it remains precisely something extraordinary, which must have its reason. And for that reason the assumption is justified that powers are at work, which man does not know, if he has not yet penetrated into the area of spiritual transmission. Both worlds face each other; the spiritual kingdom throws a bridge to the earthly world – invisible powers connect with men on earth and communicate mentally with latter in a way that thoughts can be recorded and also send to fellowmen. And the thoughts are formed instructions, which contain a comprehensive knowledge. Therefore a transmission of truthful knowledge takes place, which men can never offer in this fullness and in its extent, therefore must take its start from beings, which are extremely wise and can carry out a teaching activity. These beings are only supernatural insofar as they dwell outside of earth or rather said, outside of earthly creations, but otherwise are beings in highest perfection, which have laid down their bodily cover and have entered the spiritual kingdom. These beings seek to communicate with men and to let them have from their exceedingly rich knowledge in the cognition that knowledge makes happy and men on earth are lacking it. In their love they want to make men happy and lead them to perfection, and therefore they use every opportunity to reveal themselves to men, if these make a revelation out of the spiritual kingdom possible through their will. Then all barriers fall between the earthly and the spiritual world; then the spiritual beings draw men into their area, the soul of man comes off from earth, it escapes the body and receives instructions out of the spiritual kingdom. The supersensory powers express themselves, and the soul of man is able to receive these expressions; it is able to hear the thoughts of the light beings as words in itself; the words do not remain without impression; they make an impression on the soul, and the soul takes them with it back to earth; it imparts the received to the mind, and man as such is now able to utilize the spiritual good received from the soul intellectually and to keep it as spiritual property. And so that men have a clear sign of this work of spiritual power, it is possible for the receiving man to write down the spiritual wealth, therefore to supply a visible proof for the connection with the spiritual kingdom, otherwise his spiritual good could be considered by mankind as own fantasy and the transmission that took place as imagination. Man can always recognize, if he just wants to, but no compulsion is imposed upon his will. But blessed the man who recognizes divine work in every spiritual transmission, because he will draw great benefit from it for his soul, to which the light beings want to help all. Amen. B.D. NR. 4453.


Book 52 4454

Living water.

7. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4454.

Inexhaustible is the source of eternal life, out of which the living water flows, and continuously will he be able to refresh himself on that, who longs for the living water. Never ever will I myself bring this source to dry up, but you men can easily contribute to it, that the current flows weaker, if your soul blocks the outlet, if you erect obstacles, if you act against nature, therefore consciously want to suspend the source. Where the water of eternal life has once broken through the hard rock, there will never ever be a lack of clear water refreshing men, and everyone will be able to refresh himself with it, who desires refreshment. And still human will is able to also cut off a source, when the delicious gift, the fresh, pure, healthy water of life is not recognized as delicious and man strives to make its power ineffective, since he believes not to need it. But then they also must only blame themselves, when everything becomes deserted and withers, when no right life can thrive in the wide surrounding area, when men just only live naturally, however spiritually are completely without life, because they lack power, which they can draw out of the spring of life, out of the eternal source of divine life. My word is life water, born from above, coming from the eternal fountain and flowing towards all those, who open themselves as vessel, into which the current of my love can pour. My word refreshes all; it is food and drink for the soul; my word is delicious drink for all earth walkers, who need strengthening on their earth life way. And where my word is received, there the rock has opened to henceforth give fresh, life-awakening water. Faith is so strong there that my voice is audible. Where a spring has broken through the rock, there everywhere will be vegetation in the surrounding area; there men will get healthy in body and soul, as soon as they refresh themselves at the source; as soon as they give full expression to my word, and also give to fellowmen according to their feeling, because then they offer the cup with clearest water also to those and so also enliven their surroundings. Who does not go past the source of life, he will not need to fear death, because for him there is truly no death; he just leaves the body and goes over to eternal life, because he has drunk from the water of life and can no longer die for ever. He has accepted my word, recognized eternal truth in it, and he will never ever leave from that, what he has received from me; he will never ever bring the source to dry up, but his thirst will become greater and greater, the more he refreshes himself with the source of life; he will want to drink without interruption, and he will do everything to keep the fountain of life pure, and he will also know how to prevent that fellowmen block the source, because he watches and is also strong enough, to keep every pest far away, because he constantly fetches power out of my word, out of the water of life, out of the source, which my great love has opened for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4454.


Book 52 4455

Gathering of spiritual treasures on earth. Remorse in the hereafter.

9. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4455.

One of the poorest in the spiritual kingdom will be he, who has not gathered for himself spiritual treasures on earth and therefore enters the gates of the hereafter empty. And I would like to protect you from this lot, because you will feel most bitter remorse if you reviewing recognize the many opportunities, which you left unused. Poverty in the spiritual kingdom is so depressing and hopeless, that it torments you and completely paralyses your will and you will therefore hardly free yourselves from the agonizing state. And it is still so easy on earth to come into possession of spiritual goods, when you just remember me and desire to speak with me. This desire already guarantees you the supply of my word in different form. You will always be led there, where you can receive my word, if you do not receive it from me mentally, i.e. recognize my voice in your thoughts. But it is certain that you will feel pushed inwardly to love work, as soon as you connect with me mentally, therefore seek to reach me. Because I make contact through my admonition to love, because only then I can contact you completely. Therefore I first seek to stimulate you to love work and do this directly through the inner voice or through indications and admonitions from outside, through announcers of my word, who only preach love. If you listen to them and you obey the word, which has started in me, so you also gather spiritual goods and so acquire a wealth, which remains yours in eternity, which can neither be taken from you on earth nor in the hereafter and which at the same time increases, even if you hand out from it all the time. To enter the opposite kingdom blessed with these goods is truly the most desirable thing, because it secures you eternal life, a life in the spiritual kingdom in activity, which alone can be called to make happy and which will be felt exceedingly agreeable by you. But who enters completely empty, he will have a hard time acquiring spiritual goods in the opposite kingdom, although it is not completely hopeless. Because also there the Gospel is preached to the souls, but as on earth it is up to him to accept it; as on earth the reception merely depends on the will, but which is extraordinarily weakened and without help through the supply of power does not decide right. And also this supply of power is caused by the will of the soul, to use it to love activity – or by loving intercession of a man, why you men cannot often enough take pity on these poor souls, which urgently need your help, because on earth they missed gathering spiritual treasures for themselves, which make their state in the hereafter a blessed one. Their trouble is great, but men do not listen to my word; they do not believe and for that reason enter the opposite kingdom poor and of dark spirit. Amen. B.D. NR. 4455.


Book 52 4456

Spiritual dialogue. Presence of God. Doubt – worries.

10. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4456.

The clearest answer to your mental questions will not satisfy you if you do not firmly convinced believe that the mental answer is the work of my spirit. As long as you doubt this, you will also not be able to have inner peace, because you are constantly troubled by thoughts, which require a clear answer from me. Always feel yourselves so intimately connected with me that you are sure of my constant participation in your life and then you will also be able to believe that I live with you and know every trouble and worry of yours. You must acquire this awareness of my participation and constant presence, then your life will also be easy, then the feeling of togetherness fills you, which fills you with power, then you always know the strong companion in me, who helps you to get over all obstacles, who guides you and guards every step, who leaves you in the hands of no hostile attack unprotected, who is always with you, because he loves you. Only win faith in my love. What you entrust to me in thoughts, in the trouble of the heart, that does not die away unheard to my ears, and so you listen quietly and attentively inwards, you will also hear my answer mentally: only believe that I speak with you through thoughts, and do not reject them because of that. After intimate prayer to me, the answer is the work of my spirit, which gives you the inner conviction to be right, because if you beg me, I do not remain quiet, because you are to believe that I help you. You are still weak in faith towards me and my love, and for that reason you live in restlessness, in anxiety and worry and in the feeling of loneliness. Just believe that I am with you; believe that my love is meant for you and that I never ever leave you, and let the awareness of my presence become so strong in you that because of it you fear nothing, what approaches you from outside. Because I want to give the peace of the soul, but which can only make you happy in the feeling of the togetherness with me. You are never alone, and my word is the visible sign of my presence. How can you, you who receive my word, doubt my presence? And what else than doubt of it is your fear and worry, which are invalid, if you believe firmly and convinced that I am with you and help you in every trouble and distress of the body and the soul? And for that reason you will be able to do without every other help, if it is denied to you from the fellowmen side. You will never turn towards me in vain, and for that reason always come to me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden. My love is always prepared to help you, if you just demand my help, if you pray to me in spirit and in truth and believe – because I never let strong faith be wrecked . Amen. B.D. NR. 4456.


Book 52 4457

Announcement of the end. You only have still little time.

11. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4457.

Only little time still remains for you, and you must prepare yourselves seriously for the day where an act of destruction will take place, as it has not yet been experienced. And although I also again and again announce this to you, you stand doubtingly facing my words and are therefore lukewarm in your soul work. And you still have only little time. But I cannot bring it to your notice differently than through my word; if you do not believe it, you will get a fright, when the last signs appear. I will certainly warn you once again a short time before, but you will also not believe these words more than the preceding announcements, because my forbearance irritates you, because you cannot understand that I delay for the sake of the still to be rescued souls, although time is fulfilled long since. Some few are still to be rescued; I want to spare them the endless long course of a re-embodiment on the new earth, and for that reason I am patient and still delay. But also the last time comes to an end, for that reason take my words seriously that only little time remains for you and you will regret every day, which you do not utilize rightly for your souls. And surprisingly quick a change will occur in world events, and few days are enough to put you in a completely new position. And then remember my words, and put the spiritual before the earthly, because worry about the latter is of no importance, since you can keep nothing for yourselves, what I do not want to keep for you, and it lies in my will and my power to protect and look after you earthly. Only think of your soul; be helpful and willing to give where need is carried towards you, and get into intimate contact with me, so that you receive power to hold out and to cope with all demands of life. Continuously fetch power out of my word, because you have a source of power in it with which you can refresh yourselves and which will never run dry. Always be prepared for me, and I will not leave you, whatever may come over you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4457.


Book 52 4458

Danger to become superficial (Cath.). Duty. Free will.

11. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4458.

Unspeakable many people are in danger to become superficial in spiritual respect, because they have appropriated a view, which is erroneous and lets a serious thinking about the most important seem to be unnecessary. What God demands of men, is merely the work on the soul and for earth life fulfilment of duties, into which man has been put. But the work on the soul is the most important and can only be done from within, i.e., an attitude, which is according to the will of God, must determine every thinking, wanting and acting; man must, driven from inside, lead that way of life, which finds the pleasure of God. And this way of life is merely a life in unselfish love activity towards fellowman. Then his soul will mature; then he does the work on his soul, which is purpose and aim of his earth life. But how many people understand under a God-pleasing way of life an attitude to a certain denomination recognizable outwards. How many people are of the erroneous view that God has given certain external appearances as order to them, and they make an effort to fulfil these conscientiously, without however promoting the maturity of their soul in that way. They now indeed actually do not live as such adverse to God, but they also do not progress; they do not sin, but also do not gather spiritual goods; they are not rebellious to God, but also not connected to God; they do nothing bad, but also nothing particularly good; they are not cold, but also not hot, and therefore they always remain standing on the same level; they do not ascend, but their way is level and therefore does not lead to the aim, which demands ascent, otherwise it is never reached. They are not just few people who are in danger of this, but a great number belongs to those, who are therefore not teachable, because they are firmly convinced to walk the right way and to have the right knowledge. But these people lack one thing: the awareness of the own weakness and the need resulting from it for following the one, to whom they belong. This awareness would let them ask for advice and help, which God will not deny them, but which also exists in that respect, that they are guided into right cognition. Men, who do not rightly recognize the divine will, must first be taught right, and therefore understand their ignorance and seek to overcome it. This is a deeply humiliating admission of his imperfection, but which is rarely made. Far more often a self-arrogance instead of humility is to be found, and it accepts no instruction, but is convinced of the truth and the infallibility of the own thinking. Therefore truth finds no entrance, because man already thinks to be in possession of truth, which however first would have to be presented to him. (12.10.1948) And so innumerable men do not direct their attention to the remodelling of their nature, as it should be, but they content themselves with the observance of laws, which appear most important to them, because they are not rightly taught by those who however call themselves my representatives on earth. But important is only how the individual person leads his daily life with regard to the spiritual life of the soul, how therefore his behaviour in spiritual respect is, whether it agrees with the will of God, therefore presents a fulfilling of his love commands. But the love command applies predominantly to the dealings with fellowmen, with the neighbour, to whom the same measure of love is to be given, if man wants to fulfil the divine commands. Carrying outs, which have nothing to do with neighbourly love, which therefore mean no damage for fellowman in case of omission, are therefore also completely unimportant for the increase of soul maturity; they then fall into the category of worldly carrying outs, which therefore serve some worldly purpose and as pure worldly service can therefore not be assessed for the degree of soul maturity. Laws, which were added to the basic law of the love of God and of the neighbour, are suitable to let this basic law appear less important, and for that reason are a danger for the human soul, so that particularly the commands of love cannot be preached urgently enough, on which fulfilment the salvation of the soul and consequently the whole life in eternity depends. And it must again and again be pointed out to men that they use their will wrongly, if they apply it to the carrying out of humanly enacted commands and believe to now having done their duty, while they do no work at the transformation of their nature and consequently stop on the level of their spiritual development, therefore achieve no progress during their earth life. Only love activity is demanded, because through this the love command is fulfilled, which God has given to men as the only one, so that they become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4458.


Book 52 4459

Difficult fight and suffering before the end. Most secure help God’s word.

13. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4459.

You children of my love must still hold out a short time until redemption out of form is yours. It is a difficult fight, which you still have to pass, but it will not be too difficult for you, because I am constantly close to you and grant you support at any time. But for your own sake you must still go through suffering, so that you are purified and no longer need to fear the last judgement. But again and again I give you the assurance that you only still dwell a short time on this earth, that every day still is a gift, on which you can win much, if you devotedly submit to all difficulty, what comes over you. It passes – and some day you will look up to me full of gratitude, I, who have put you through the suffering in that degree, which allows you to look at me, I, who helps you through the suffering to quicker maturity of your soul, because the time is only still short until the end. You all are my children; I certainly see your suffering, but I also know about the necessity of it, and so suffering is again just love towards you, and you are to always accept it gratefully out of my hand, because nothing comes over you, what I do not know or consider as good and as bringing blessing for you. But you are never deserted by me, even so it appears like it, as if I do not hear your prayer. Every call out of the heart gets through to my ear, and I am always prepared to help, it just is not always immediately recognizable to you. The gift of favour from above – my word – will always be a secure help for you, if you think yourselves to be weak or are completely despondent. Turn to me in prayer, and then accept the answer through the receiving of my word, and peace will overcome you, and my power will flow over to you, so that you are able to bear everything, what I send over you. You do not need to suffer, because my word is adequate compensation for everything, what you lack, what is in short supply and makes you miserable. Every suffering and every worry vanishes, when you read my word and let it penetrate into your heart. Because my word, I am myself, and can you really feel suffering when I am near you? Prove your faith, and heed my advice; let myself speak to you, and nothing will touch you; no suffering will press you, as soon as you contact me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4459.


Book 52 4460

God’s word is not allowed to force acceptance. Free will.

13. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4460.

I announce my will to you, but I do not force you to fulfil it. Because I want that out of love to me you live according to my will, that it is therefore your free will how you cover your way of life, and then you also take responsibility for your soul, which determines your will. But so that you know about my will, I constantly see to it that it is presented to you, and therefore you receive my word. How it is now imparted to you, however depends on your attitude to me. From the outside it comes to those who have not yet found the right attitude to me, so that they establish the right relationship to also be able to hear my word inwardly. Mentally it reaches those who are seeking and send their thoughts into infinity. My word is send to them in form of thoughts, which they indeed regard as of own origin, but which are always in agreement with the announcement of my will through the written word. Still others desire to hear me; they are believing and hold quiet dialogue with me, and to them I can reveal myself through the inner voice. My word is therefore send to them in purest form; it is my shaped will, which announces itself to those who want to be active in my vineyard as workers, who therefore are to pass on the word imparted to them to fellowmen on my behalf. I therefore see to it that the Gospel is carried into the world, that all men hear about my will, which they are to fulfil, if they want to become happy. But to all I leave their freedom of will. And that is why my word must always be presented in a form that it does not influence men under compulsion, and for that reason it can indeed easily be recognized as my word, but is never allowed to be evidential, therefore force men to acceptance as of absolute divine origin. And that is why I must again and again let you get into doubt, so that you must use your will yourselves, which it to decide freely to accept or reject that, what is offered to you from above as pure truth. Because my word is never allowed to make you unfree; it is not allowed to determine you to faith, when your faith is still too weak. The word itself is to strengthen your faith; in free will you are to wrestle for strong faith and draw the power for it out of my word. But as long as you are still weak in faith, I cannot guide you to strong faith through obvious evidence, because you are to believe, but not know, i.e. you are to reach knowledge through faith, but not eliminate faith through proven knowledge, because then one can no longer speak of free decision. Fulfil my will – live in love, and you will also be able to believe and need no proof. Establish the right relationship with me. Pray for strong faith; ask me to help you, then you prove through your prayer already right faith, and you will experience a strengthening that all doubt in you will wane – you will be able to believe, because you have the will for it and I help everyone who strives for me in free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4460.


Book 52 4461

Bridge to God - Prayer. Decrease of cleft.

15. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4461.

The bridge to me can be walked onto at any time, and it will be refused to no-one to seek my presence. I myself have built it for you; I have bridged the cleft between you and me, because I do not want to be separated from you for ever, and I also come to meet you halfway, you only must have the will yourselves, to reach me. And you will be unspeakably happy, when you have reached the aim, which you cannot see from over there in all magnificence, but which must already be magnificent for that reason, because it is my kingdom and because you must leave all earthly behind you, if you enter my kingdom. The bridge to me is prayer, the change of your thoughts out of the earthly into the spiritual world; whether it is a quiet call to me, whether it is a stay of your thoughts in non-earthly spheres, you always then seek the kingdom, which is not of this world; you seek to recognize me, and your will is directed towards me; you have walked onto the bridge, on which you are to walk from now on, always having me as your aim in front. And I recognize your will and come to meet you, because every soul pleases me, which turns towards me in free will. If you now pray intimately and become then aware of my presence, you have already come far to meet me; the cleft between you and me becomes smaller and smaller; my hand stretches out towards you and guides and pulls you. If you can now even hear my voice, you are soon at the destination. Urgently I shout to you: Use prayer, the bridge, which I have built for you; often connect yourselves in thoughts with me, until you never ever want to choose another way than this bridge, which leads to me, until only this destination appears desirable to you, until your soul has recognized the true home and the whole longing is directed at it. Pray in spirit and in truth – admitting to me your weakness and asking me for favour and power for the long way, which you must go on, until you reach the aim. And have you called me through your desire that I come to meet you, then the way will no longer appear difficult or arduous to you, then the distance will more and more decrease; the bridge will soon be crossed, and then you walk in fields, which seem charming to you; then you are already in my kingdom, although your body is still on earth. But your soul stays at the top; it has reached its aim; it has found me and now never leaves me; it no longer gives me up. The child has found home into the father house, because it has used the bridge, which my love has built for all my children on earth, so that they become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4461.


Book 52 4462

Ability to hear God’s voice. Conditions.

16. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4462.

You can only hear the voice of the spirit, if your every thought and wish is directed to me only, therefore you turn your thoughts completely away from the earthly world. With that it is not to be said that you are not to fulfil your earthly duties or withdraw completely into isolation. Because this is not according to my will, but in the midst of world hustle and bustle you must seek opportunity, and you will also find it, where your soul separates itself from the world, where you can take stock of yourselves, where you free yourselves from every earthly thought for a short time, where therefore your soul soars up into spheres, which have nothing to do with earth, where I am the centre of thinking, feeling and wanting, where it therefore seeks me and desires to speak to me. Every man can bring about such short connections with me, if he just wants to, even in the midst of earthly work he can turn his thoughts for minutes to me, and I will pay attention to each one thought and give him my word, and if man dwells for a longer time mentally in my kingdom, if he takes the time to hold dialogue inwardly with me, and pays attention to the thoughts sent to him as answer, he will cultivate in himself the ability to hear my voice, and soon it will sound in him like a quiet, but clear expressed word in the heart. You all can cultivate this ability in you, but a complete turning away from the world belongs to this. Nothing is allowed to approach man from the outside, if he wants to hear the voice clearly from the inside. And that is why also a great will power belongs thereto, to shut oneself off from the outside world and to let nothing have an effect upon oneself, what is part of this world. I must be desired and be able to capture his heart completely alone, otherwise I cannot be present to him and he also does not hear me. No man can serve two masters. If I speak, all else must be quiet, and to whom my love is to belong, which is expressed in the word, he must also give me his love and willingly come off all worldly, because my gift is valuable and must also be appreciated accordingly. Amen. B.D. NR. 4462.


Book 52 4463

Gift of prophecy.

17. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4463.

The gift of prophecy should not be mistaken; it should not be seen as prediction of earthly events to permit men a look into the future, but as that, what it really is – a divine enlightenment, a looking ahead of events, which stand in closest connection with the spiritual development of man and for that reason is characteristic of men in a certain degree of maturity, so that mankind is warned and admonished in spiritual respect. Who is called by God for this, to announce to men future things, he will never want to utilize his gift materially and strive for or make no earthly advantage at all. He will also himself only unwillingly voice those announcements, but driven by the spirit in him, fulfil divine will thus, that he passes on what the spirit announces to him. God needs men through whom he can express himself, and he is truly entitled to draw men’s attention to coming events, which can mean the premature end of the individual, because his love wants to give man a stimulus to remember his fare after death, because he gives such thoughts little space in the world’s hustle and bustle. A prediction, which is of spiritual content and is to prompt a change, can be believed at any time, and a prophet of this kind is not to be rejected or not heard. A spiritual looking ahead always testifies to the contact of the seer with God, because his opponent would never point out to men difficult sorrowful events; however every prophecy, which is divine transmission, always announces an approaching judgement. That a man now spreads such announcements out of himself, can only then be assumed, when an earthly success or motive can be proven, but which has to be ruled out with men, who make an effort to live in the will of God. And so a man puts himself consciously into the service of God, also his thinking will be directed rightly, because God needs men, who hand themselves over as organ, through which he can express himself. Moreover the light world constantly stands behind these servants of God and prevents all wrong influence, where a possibility is given through free will, to pass on announcements out of the spiritual kingdom to earth. For that reason listen to the prophets and seers – consider them as standing in the service of God – take their word seriously and believe what God announces to you through those. The gift of prophecy is a gift of favour to mankind, which also again first has to be used, if it is to become effective. Who believes in it, he will also lead his way of life according to God’s will; he will prepare himself and remember his soul; in consideration of the announced he will work on himself, and this alone is purpose of a spiritual forecast, which just testifies to God’s love and mercy, who wants to help man to turn their thoughts away from the earthly and towards the spiritual life – because the end is near. Amen. B.D. NR. 4463.


Book 52 4464

Proof of truth of the word. Answer from God through mediators.

18. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4464.

At any time you are at liberty to ask me, where you trouble yourselves with doubts; I hear you and will also answer you. But leave it to me, in which form I want to give you the answer, just believe that I give it to you. Consequently assess my answer, by you not rejecting it, but pay attention to it. Again and again I speak to you and seek to win you through my word; I seek to make everything understandable to you and am never impatient on account of your unwillingness; but I often come across opposition, by you, despite better knowledge, remaining with your preconceived opinion and consequently also need no answer, because you give it to yourselves. But I still have reserved myself an answer, which will convince you, but you will then no longer have the advantage of your conviction for your soul, which you could win, if you would believe without the proof. How would you like to have the answer that it would be acceptable to you despite your will of rejection? Only I myself can give it to you and do this through mediation of a man, who receives my word directly. If you listen to him, then you hear me myself – if my word through his mouth is not allowed, then you are incorrigible and would also not believe if I would come up to you with a miracle. You forget that I cannot reveal myself to you directly, as long as you do not believe deeply. You must consider everything possible, only then can you also be deemed worthy of a direct revelation from me, because then it is no longer a spiritual compulsion for you. To win faith through an extraordinary sign would be without profit for you, on the other hand you can acquire faith for yourselves if you live according to my will. Every man can believe as soon as he loves. Then the word itself speaks to him; then he needs no proof for the truth of the word. In addition man just needs to look around him; he is to make comparisons among men, who acknowledge my word from above and those who reject it. Then they will be able to perceive a distance, it they consider the connection with me, how far it is form or life. And he will have to admit that those who believe in my word from above are far more seriously about the obeying of my will, that they lead a spiritual directed life, because they feel me in the word and my nearness will never remain without impression and for that reason success is also to be recorded. My word speaks for itself. Who does not believe my word, he has not yet received it with the heart, but only with the intellect. But it will not feel my presence, but certainly the heart, which will also teach you and gives you answer to every question, every doubt, because I myself take residence in the heart and speak to you. And you will be able to hear me at any time, if you believe deeply and unshakably – because I remain with you until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4464.


Book 52 4465


19. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4465.

And you are to be my guests, who I invite to communion. I want to feed and water you with delicious food for the soul; I want to spiritualize your body, so that also its substances can take part, when the soul is refreshed, so that it matures quicker, because this is possible with men, who consciously strive for me and desire to hear my word. Be my guests and like to come to me, to take communion at my table. And I want to prepare a meal for you with heavenly food, with delicious Manna, which gives you power and is spiritual food for your soul. I withhold nothing from you after which you bear desire; I am always prepared for you and put delicious food on the table, because I love you and want to do everything for you as my guests, what makes you happy. But you are to like to come and long for me; you are to accept the invitation with a grateful heart and prepare yourselves for the worthy reception – you are to decorate yourselves to honour me as host; you are not to remain standing outside, but enter into my house and therefore confess by it that you are invited guests, who have a right to be fed at the table of the Lord; who belong to him; who are his friends and to whom he therefore gives, as a good host feeds his friends and offers them in love the most delicious gifts, as often as they want to receive such. (20.10.1948) Who fills himself at my table, he will no longer hunger and thirst for ever and still return to me always full of desire, longing for my presence and receiving out of my hand, what my love offers him. Because he will constantly refresh himself on it; in the feeling of fulfilled desire he will constantly be happy and desire me on and on. And so my word will constantly flow towards him, the bread of haven, which secures him eternal life. Come all to the table of the Lord, where delicious food stands prepared for you; hold communion with me; let yourselves be served flesh and blood; enjoy it so that you are filled with power. Receive my word, and listen to me, when I speak to you; recognize me as the most loving God and father from eternity, as your friend and brother, and receive out of my hand what my exceedingly great love offers. Step up to my table, so that I can provide you with food, which you need for your soul, so that I can feed and water all who feel hunger and thirst for my word, for my flesh and my blood. Amen. B.D. NR. 4465.


Book 52 4466

Influence of matter on man.

21. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4466.

Judged matter exerts great influence on man insofar as the bound spiritual in it besieges him, to unite with it, what therefore has an effect in the desire of man for its possession. The spiritual bound in matter pushes into the love of man – it seeks to make itself indispensible; it strives for unification with man, because by this it feels stronger in the resistance against God. Because it also feels the resistance, in which man still remains against God, or rather it pushes towards those men, who still resist God in their immaturity. And these men also get easily influenced. They themselves stand in greatest desire for matter, and therefore equal spiritual joins together, which just stand on different development level. But man is in danger to sink down from his already higher development level, if he chains himself to matter, why he cannot be warned enough to strive for matter, and is constantly admonished to overcome it. The spiritual in matter can indeed also be willing to work and help man in his ascent development, as also the other way round man can help the spiritual bound in matter to ascent. But then it is about items of practical use, which do not arouse the desire of ownership of man, therefore do not awaken the wrong love in man for material ownership. As soon as matter serves man, also the resistance against God is broken; but matter, which fulfils no serving purpose, will often awaken an increased desire in man to own it, and it is this matter, which is regarded as danger for the soul of man, because the influence of it upon the soul is great and can have an effect so, that the soul itself sinks until that stage, in which it is again incorporated into matter. Then the bound spiritual has achieved what it wanted – it has pulled down the free spiritual to itself and so to speak increased the own power – man has fallen victim to the influence of the opponent of God, who had an effect on his will, to use it in the wrong direction, who presents dead matter constantly to him, to move him to relapse, because in that way he increased his kingdom, his might and power and it stimulates the beings hostile towards God to constant resistance. What turns towards God gets lost for him, and he tries to hinder this by all means. Matter itself, i.e. the spiritual bound in it, is still a slave to him in its immaturity, although the opponent of God cannot have a determining effect on the spiritual. But since the spiritual itself has not given up the resistance against God, it also pushes towards those men, who are in the same resistance, who are pointed towards matter by the opponent of God, to whom he presents matter as enticement to the world. Man can withdraw from every influence or fight it through his will, but often he uses the freedom of will in a wrong way and gives in to the urging of the enemy of his soul. Because of that the fight against matter is the actual fight, which man is to wage in earth life, because if he has overcome this, also is ascent is secured, because then there is nothing what keeps him back on earth, and then his soul can soar into spiritual spheres, because it is then hindered by nothing any more in its flight upwards and therefore the danger no longer exists there, to sink back to that stage, which it has overcome already a long time ago, and man then helps the spiritual in matter to ascent at the same time, which he uses, and as a result helps it to serve, as a result of which the spiritual in matter can redeem itself out of all form, until it finally has also reached the last stage and can serve as man in free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4466.


Book 52 4467

Spiritual transmissions a blessing for the beings in the hereafter.

22. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4467.

Only rarely the light beings are able to assert themselves insofar as that they can move a man to serve as receiving set for direct transmissions out of the spiritual kingdom. They certainly make constantly an effort to have an effect mentally upon men, but a vessel, which opens itself to the radiations of those beings, is rarely found, and that is why they then use however every opportunity to express themselves through such an opened vessel, and are constantly near it. As soon as a transmission takes place, the barrier has fallen between the earthly and the spiritual world, and innumerable beings are prepared to listen to the instructions to the earth, because this means a stay in the light and souls out of dark or less illuminating spheres strive for every ray of light, which touches them beneficently. And so one man, who has got himself ready as receiving vessel of the divine spirit and stands now in connection with knowing beings, gives innumerable beings in the hereafter the opportunity to widen their knowledge and by this means to mature in cognition and to ascend upwards. And these souls are grateful for this for ever. But at the same time man receives brightest knowledge; he gathers spiritual goods, which can never be replaced by better. For that reason he is supported by all powers on the other side. The possibility will always be created for him, to keep up that connection with the spiritual kingdom; knowing and ignorant beings stay near him, but always powers which are well minded will teach him, and souls, which are willing will attend such instructions, and that is why also every opportunity is to be used to establish the connection with the spiritual kingdom, because the blessing for such souls in the hereafter is often greater than on earth, because earth men are without faith and want to know nothing of announcements from the spiritual kingdom. The light beings are constantly prepared to impart their knowledge to men on earth, and therefore exceedingly happy when an opportunity is offered to them through the will of a man to have a teaching effect on him and through him on his fellowmen. (23.10.1948) Their work in the spiritual kingdom consists in bringing light to men entrusted to them, who go along in the darkness of spirit, i.e., to impart true thought material, which goes on through mental transmission, however requires the will of man himself to be received. If now a man is a help to them insofar that he stimulates his fellowmen to conversations about spiritual subjects and in this way so to speak opens their hearts, then the light beings can now intervene and have an effect on both the speaker as well as on the listeners and therefore supply truthful knowledge to earth. Very rarely direct transmissions can now take place through the inner word, but where the connection is established, there the light beings are exceptionally busy and earthly as well as spiritually they stand by the receiver to promote the spiritual work in every way. But they are never allowed to force the will to it, why therefore man is never allowed to be decisively influenced, but his free will must strive for and carry through the connection with the spiritual world. But the blessing of such connection is great, because although little success is seen on earth, the innumerable souls in the hereafter partake in the transmission and thank that man for ever, who helps them to light, to cognition and knowledge. Amen. B.D. NR. 4467.


Book 52 4468

Power of the divine word. Antidote to suffering.

24. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4468.

My love towards you is boundless, and I fulfil every request for you, only now and again in a form that you do not at once recognize the fulfilment; but once it becomes aware for you in which care I think of you. The time of the end brings needs and sufferings of different kind, because you must mature shortly, otherwise you would not pass the last, difficult test. You remain in constant distress and are to just think of it that it is me who sends everything to you, that I know about every trouble and affliction, but that it is also a blessing for you. Therefore be not anxious and complain, but remain attached to me in love, as also my everlasting love belongs to you and I want to make you happy. The power of my word you are to test and you will soon recognize that you have an effective antidote to all suffering, to fear and sadness. I have blessed my word with my power. Why do you not use it? Why do you not take up the power if you are in danger of becoming weak and are dejected? Why do you not devote yourselves to its enlivening effect? Constantly you receive proof from me of my love to you; you stand in the midst of a great favour and are so faint-hearted and vacillating, so anxious and weak. What better could I perhaps offer you than my word? If you would have no trouble and worry earthly, you would not be able to hear my word, because the world would keep you captive and prevent you from the intimate connection with me. And for that reason take devotedly this trouble upon you, if you receive as compensation my word, because with my word you possess a great treasure, which you just do not understand to raise. Let me always and constantly speak to you in the word; resort to me in the word; become immersed in the expression of my love to you, and you will sense a noticeable supply of power; you will no longer feel weakness, no fear and depression and no doubt – in full strength you will master earth life and praise and glorify me over my love and favour, and then you will be active workers in the last fight on this earth. I bless your will to serve me, but let it also become active through carrying out of that, what I demand of you. And I again and again admonish you to receive my word in you, because I want to send to you the power of my word, because I want to help you, but need your will for it, if you are to have the right blessing from my help. You must wrestle yourselves, because only in this way you reach faith, to that deep faith, which you need to be able to be loyal servants on earth for me. You must, what you receive from me, what you write down, consider in the heart yourselves, it must become alive in you, so that you then also can support my word convincingly, that it also does not miss the effect upon fellowmen and he feels the power of my word upon himself. You will always be helped in trouble, and that the sooner the more you fulfil my will. But my will is that you immerse yourselves in my word on many occasions, so that you become aware of my presence and believe. And as soon as your faith is deep, also the fulfilment of every request is certain for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4468.


Book 52 4469

Mission. Service in return: Passing on of the word.

25. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4469.

When knowledge is supplied to you through my love, when I reveal myself to you and introduce you to eternal truth, then a mission is also connected with that, for which I want to make you suitable through my revelation. You receive from me a valuable gift, for which I demand a service in return from you, which only exists in that respect, that you pass on that, what you receive, also to fellowmen. Because my love and care about the salvation of the soul is meant for all my creatures; all my creatures walk in darkness as long as they are not connected to me. But so that they establish this connection, they must be instructed, and this is your mission; it is the service, which I demand of you, you who want to be active for me for my sake. But as soon as you have devoted your will to me, you no longer take responsibility for your acting and thinking, because I myself work already in you, because your own will no longer resists mine. But you always give up self-will when you connect with me for the reception of my word, my revelations, which are imparted to your heart and to the intellect through the spirit in you. If you have the will to serve me, to be active for me and my kingdom, if you have the will to fulfil my commands and to live on earth to my pleasure, then you are already mine, and you will now always do that, what I want, because my spirit works in you and it will not determine you against my will. Only one danger exists, that you break off the connection with me in free will, that you are disloyal to me and sell yourselves to the world and therefore to their rulers, to my opponent for the sake of despicable worldly reward. But you no longer need to fear this danger, you who hear my word inwardly, because the world will no longer be able to offer you something, what surpasses my word, and you will never want to miss the delicious gift of favour and for that reason always again seek me to hear my voice. And that is why you will be able to fulfil your mission; you will willingly let yourselves be guided by me and always give way to the inner urging, if the opportunity approaches you where you are to speak in my name. I myself assign the work to you, as soon as the hour of your work for me has come, but as I also before already determine your journey through life according to your mission, and you will often sense my guidance; my rule and work will be obvious to you, because I have taken possession of you and never ever leave you. And it is my spirit, which rules you, which determines your thinking, wanting and acting, therefore you are directed by me and can let everything approach you unconcerned, because it does not come differently than it is my will, and as it comes, it is good for you and successful for fellowmen. And so wait for my call, which puts you into a new life task, and trust me that I safely lead you to the goal, that you will be able to do everything with my help and that I myself remain with you until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4469.


Book 52 4470

Different spiritual work: Wisdom, seeing, prophecy. (Konnersreuth)

26. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4470.

Only there my spirit can become effective, where men have become like my original nature, where they have fashioned themselves to love. As the life of the individual usually is, to which denomination he belongs and of which descent he is, that is of no importance, and that is why each one can cultivate different habits, each one can practise other customs and traditions; each on can have been brought up in other faith teachings – as soon as he leads a love life according to my will, he can also be filled with my spirit and bring about supernatural things. But the work of the spirit is insofar of different kind as that deepest wisdom, deepest spiritual knowledge is imparted to one man, while the other is able to see spiritually, therefore can see and experience things, which stand in closest connection with the spiritual kingdom, with me myself and the crowd of pure spirits. He can therefore take a look into the spiritual kingdom, which is the last goal of all men. With again others the gift of prophecy is the work of the spirit, so that they are able to look into the future and see the coming events take place before their eyes. Also these are filled by my spirit, so that they must speak to their fellowmen about their sights and about their prophetic gift. To see past, present and future things is a sign of an already higher degree of maturity of man, from whom every idea of time is taken, as soon as he directs the look spiritually and therefore now dwells spiritually in spheres far away from earth, his present field of action. Such people are to be believed absolutely, as soon as their life presents an exemplary love life. Then no other than light beings can announce themselves through them; then my spirit has an effect in those men, because they are connected with me through love and can never stand away from my will and act and think according to their own will. Love is therefore surest sign of my presence; love is guarantee for my work, no matter in which form the work of the spirit is expressed. My spirit can and will also work there, where a man has been brought up in the wrong faith direction, where his thinking had been directed in the wrong way through incapable teachers, in whom my spirit could not have an effect and impart pure truth to them. But even so that man, who therefore stands in wrong thinking, can experience the work of my spirit by him through a right love life, but in another form than through the supply of truthful knowledge – because such would at times contradict the faith teachings imparted to him and not be much use for the receiver. Therefore my spirit has first of all an effect so that it lets man take insight into spiritual spheres, which impart truth to him pictorially, so that he is made aware of spiritual events, which coincide with the teachings of every individual denomination, which are according to truth, so that therefore the work of the spirit will always produce truth only, although the form is different. (27.10.1948) Proof is to be delivered to men of the truth of that what is taught, but can no longer be proven documentarily, then the work of the spirit affects events lying in the past, and it will let such become visible to that man, in whom it can have an effect, so that he testifies to things, which can no longer be proven otherwise. Such men will see things of the past and the future with spiritual eyes, and the work of my spirit must always be granted to them, which implies a deep strong faith, which is found there, where love is. Truthful knowledge cannot be supplied everywhere from above to earth, because a completely neutral heart belongs to the acceptance of it, which is free of a certain teaching, which so to speak offers no resistance through own spiritual material contradicting truth. It must accept unconditionally what is offered to it from above. And that is why man is not allowed to be bound to a knowledge, which was carried to him from outside and is not according to truth. And therefore a spirit work in this form is rarely possible, because the seekers have mostly already joined a school of thought, while those people standing outside of every school of thought are rarely seeking, rather have no faith at all, but faith in me and my work is first precondition that my spirit can become affective in a man. A man, who lives in love, but is weak in faith, also puts up an obstacle to my direct work in him through the spirit, otherwise I could express myself far more through the mouth of man; but a direct work, a transferring of my word to a man they do not want to acknowledge, because they lack this faith. And so I can certainly order their thoughts and give them understanding for sole truth; I can also introduce them mentally to a knowledge, which they cannot accept from the outside, but they will always consider their thoughts as their own and not want to see my work in them. But where my spirit can have an effect in an obvious way, where love and faith make a direct transference of my word upon a man possible, there the power of the spirit appears clearly, and there all men should fetch enlightenment for themselves, because then they can be sure of the fullest truth, because it is I myself, who gives them this enlightenment through the mouth and hand of a man. And I will always see to it that a source of truth gives living water to those who are thirsty; I will always see to it that bearers of truth walk on earth, who can be right guides to fellowmen, who only impart that to them, what they have received from me, who have got themselves ready as reception vessel for the spirit and for that reason are constantly instructed through my spirit in truth, so that they pass this on and are active in teaching according to my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4470.


Book 52 4471

Absolute truth.

28. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4471.

To you, you who have the favour to be taught directly from above, a knowledge can certainly become accessible, which is completely according to truth, and that is why you can that, what is imparted to you, also always support as truth. But nevertheless it is to be understood that men, who are not taught in this way, doubt it and rather see that as truth, what has been won as result through busy thinking, through lively intellectual activity. And since these results are mostly of completely different kind and men can or want to ignore neither the one nor the other reason or explanation, are also never able to recognize the right thing by virtue of their intellect, the claim has been set up: truth is relative. But men are very much mistaken there. And with this claim they also reject the originator of truth, that being, that exists for eternity in this concrete truth, which can never change, otherwise it would become untrue against itself. Truth is basic law. How things stand must be substantiated from eternity, because truth is the same as eternal order, the law that is irrefutable for ever, because it emerged out of God, the most perfect being, which can never contradict itself. In earth time man is indeed free to deviate from truth by virtue of his will, to reverse the law of eternal order, but man himself will always suffer as a result, because it is unlawful, because it does not agree with truth, which is supplied to men by God himself. There is one truth, and it is with God. Everything striving for God first of all seeks to penetrate into this truth, which was and is his share in the state of perfection, but which has become dulled or disfigured and is not recognized in the state of imperfection. Perfection and truth are not two concepts, but one arises out of the other. Where therefore still different views are regarded as truth, also the degree of maturity of men is different, which determines the competence to judge and the bright recognition of the divine, to which pure truth belongs. The degree of maturity of a man causes a way of life according to divine will; it causes an adapting to eternal order, to the law of love, in which the eternal divinity itself moves. Then man stands in fullest truth, and he also recognizes that there can only be one truth, that it can only emerge out of God as the eternal truth, and he also recognizes that it is the goal of man on earth, to come into possession of truth out of God, and that for that reason this truth needs to be found; it therefore also cannot be denied, otherwise all faith in God would be invalid, in a being which was, is and remains perfect until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4471.


Book 52 4472

Repealing of the Laws of Nature. Power of Satan at the End.

29. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4472.

You must let me teach you when you want to have the truth and so you also must listen to me when I want to speak to you. I always want to speak to you to enlighten you because you all are still too mistaken and need much clarification: It is certainly up to the lawmaker from eternity to also overrule the laws when it furthers his eternal plan of salvation, when souls would be won for eternity that way. But rarely only do I make use of this right because my wisdom from eternity recognized how my laws have an exceedingly favourable effect on the winning of souls for my kingdom and therefore I have no reason to repeal them. But in the last times before the end I repeal quite a few laws - as I have announced it through seers and prophets that the powers of heaven will move so that men recognize the time of the end by the signs. In this time you will experience things that are impossible naturally and also give proof to researchers and scholars that I direct nature and can also let events happen that are opposed to nature - just according to my judgement. And also my enemy takes advantage of this time by relinquishing his power likewise and carrying out miracles in like manner however of complete different kind because he aims at the falling away of men from me and therefore he wants to present himself to men as equally strong and mighty. And you men are now at his mercy when you yourself do not have knowledge of me and my eternal plan of salvation. Satan will always try to affect your thinking in such a way that you turn away from me. He wants to take away from you every knowledge about me, he wants to rule over you alone however not to do good but to ruin. And when I would allow this then all of you would be lost. But I do not restrict his power at all but leave it up to you men yourselves whether you want to give it to him or if you refuse to cooperate with him and join me. So I also fight for you namely with truth, I bring you light and let you then choose the road yourself that you are to go but I lighten up this road for you, I do not want that you walk in darkness and cannot find the right road. But also my enemy lets light flash but they are just lights of delusion that blind you and put you into greater darkness so that you get into great danger to miss the right road and fall into the abyss. But truth shines brightly and clearly and this I bring you now and therefore want to talk to you and you are to listen to me. When you are taught the truth you will never anymore grant my enemy the right over you because then you see through him and know about his character, his bad plans and your fate in eternity when you become a slave to him. And you will avoid him and flee into my arms because truth shows you my character that is just love for all my creatures - never will I allow that the knowledge about your purpose is kept from you men completely, and never will I leave you to my enemy without a fight, and never will he be allowed to work himself up to the throne by him being allowed to completely rule over you, my creatures, and push you aside from me by force. But I will not have an effect on you men by force; it will always be up to you to be taught by me, to accept my teaching and so also to be led into the right knowledge. But when you listen to me you will also extricate yourself from his power because also he cannot force you but can bring you in bondage to him when you do not offer resistance to him. And I want to help you to put up resistance against him by supplying you with pure truth - because this gives you power and strengthened will to turn to me and to escape from him. The might of Satan is therefore great and you will experience things at the end of the times that prove to you his power but it does not apply to creations that are still bearer of the bound spiritual. So he can well have an effect on man by him trying to influence his will and these men with his support will be able to accomplish the unusual but his power does not reach beyond man and therefore I very specially come out at the end to counteract his power, i.e., to give men proof of my existence as far as this is possible without being forced to believe. I obviously intervene in the laws of nature. I repeal laws but announce this first as I always have done to prove to men the truth of my word and to reveal myself as creator and helmsman, as God Almighty, so that they believe and know that the time of the end has come. I announce myself and appear when it is time. What never before has been observed will then come to light, what has been completely impossible will become possible through my will and science will be baffled and this riddle will be insoluble for it. I revoke the laws of nature - and no man can imagine what this means because it never was experienced before. But also this belongs to my plan since eternity that the power of Satan in the times of the end will be opposed to my power and strength and that men can now freely decide to what power they want to be subject. For now again human powers and inexplicable supernatural powers face each other. Through the former destructions take place that are the works of Satan because hate, lack of love, acquisitiveness and all bad desires are the cause of them, while my work cannot be put down to human influence, so others than human powers must be the cause of it and are therefore a visible proof for the believers that the end has come. Who now has been taught the truth to him it will be easy to believe. And therefore you are to come to me; you are to request the truth from me and to accept it when I supply it to you directly or through my messengers. Amen. B.D. NR. 4472.


Book 52 4473

Disciples of the time of the end. Spreading of truth.

2. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4473.

My disciples of the time of the end are given the task of imparting to you men that, what helps you to happiness – my word, which is sent to them in all purity from above through my love. That I myself have chosen these disciples for me, must be comprehensible to you, when you consider, that the teaching, which finds spreading on earth as my teaching, is no longer pure and un-deformed and I cannot allow it that truth gets more and more driven out; that I therefore see to it to again send to men pure truth and that this can only happen in the way that a man receives it in the form of my word, which comes from me directly and for that reason guarantees fullest truth. My representatives according to the name could now also serve me as receivers, if they would live according to my will, i.e. lead a right love life, a life in unselfish neighbourly love and – what it very important – could believe in my direct spirit work. But they lack this belief, because they have also lost the knowledge about my spirit work. And so I must look myself for my disciples and train them as bearers of truth; I must reveal myself to those who carry this faith in them, who think nothing impossible, because everything is possible for God. To these I now bring my Gospel with the task, to pass it on in the world. I now take right pleasure in those, who comply with eagerness with my assignment to serve me; who are therefore constantly prepared to listen to the inner voice, and let nothing make them give up their plan from outside, which truly is exceedingly beneficial for them and also for fellowmen. Because I need these co-workers on earth for the spreading of pure truth, because it cannot be offered differently than through the mouth of men to men, who are still weak in faith and do not go into the direct connection with me, to be able to hear me myself. The act of transmission of truth will indeed always remain incomprehensible to men, as long as they do not deeply believe themselves and live in love. And that is why also the spreader of truth will always be opposed with doubt, but what is not to bother my disciples of the time of the end in their work for me and my kingdom. Truth will assert itself; it will win, even so after hard struggle against him, who as prince of the lie wants to drive out truth and therefore, full of hostility, will take action against the bearers of truth. Truth is from me, and therefore also the bearer of truth fights with me. But the end is near, and only who possesses truth will not perish at the end, but, as my follower, enter paradise of the new earth. And that is why the mission of my disciples is of greatest urgency, because the end is near and with it the last judgment. Amen. B.D. NR. 4473.


Book 52 4474

Working neighbourly love. Joining together with God.

2. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4474.

Working neighbourly love connects you with me. Therefore you are to practise it, otherwise I cannot stay near you; otherwise I cannot be present with you. But how are things going in the world? How far away are men from me, because they live along without love, because they only have their eye on their own well-being and pay no attention to the misery of fellowmen. They are far from me. You men do not know what it means when I cannot be present to you; you do not know how powerless you are, how little you can do for your spiritual development, which is indeed the aim and the purpose of your earth life. You are without light and without power, although you are powerful on earth and manage great things earthly. If you do not have love, then all your striving on earth is futile, because the death of the body makes an end to everything; you must leave everything what you have created for yourselves on earth, because only the works of love follow you into eternity. But I still want to win you for eternity; I want that you warm yourselves in the rays of my love sun, that you live in light and happiness, that you carry longing for me and I can still your longing, always and constantly. I want to make you to candidates of my kingdom and own you for ever. And all this is your share, as soon as you are active in love; as soon as you practise working neighbourly love and therefore draw me to yourselves, I, who am love myself. Put it to the test; muster the will to perform services of neighbourly love; in the thought of me hand out gifts, which you have received yourselves from me and which make you happy yourselves; never let your neighbour be in want, if he asks you for gifts of love; put aside your self-love, and you will feel the success, by you occupying yourselves mentally with me; by you looking for truth and also finding it, because then you will automatically live in love, because my nearness drives you to it. I make everyone happy with my nearness, who is active in neighbourly love for the sake of my word. Keep this command, and if you fulfil it as the only one, it will truly be enough to secure my nearness to you. And if you are therefore connected to me, then you are also won for the spiritual kingdom. You must fulfil this command, if you want to become happy - you must help each other in spiritual as well as also in earthly trouble, so that I can then also help in the same measure. I can only then approach you, when you prove your love towards me, by you expressing it towards fellowman. All of you are my creatures; you are my children and I your father from eternity, and therefore you are also to treat yourselves among yourselves that you do good to each other, that you relieve misery and help where help is needed. Then I will constantly be present to you, and in the awareness of my presence you will find that peace already on earth, which I have promised you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4474.


Book 52 4475

New banishment in matter.

3. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4475.

It is an endless long way to go for the soul, before it can move into the bodily cover as man. And this course is so terribly agonizing that one can rightly speak of hell, especially as long as solid matter is still its cover. Then the spiritual feels the fetter, the bondage, and especially because this stage is mostly granted to him after the stage of the freedom of will. Mostly the new banishment in matter is preceded by the embodiment as man, where he has failed. This new banishment in matter is also now again forthcoming, and the opportunity is still offered to men to escape it, when they utilize the short earth course, which they still have to cover until the end, and use the time for eager soul work. They are still in possession of free will and life power, which also makes a carrying out of their will possible. In the state of the new banishment the will is bound, so that the spiritual can and must only move according to God’s will; also the smallest power is not at its disposal until it gives up the resistance against God and can hope for a small supply of power. If men would know about this agonizing state they are heading for, they would do everything to escape it. For that reason they are to be informed about it. But faith is lacking, and they are not allowed to be given proof, otherwise their way of life according to God’s will would be pointless, would therefore only be covered out of fear, but not in free will, so as it is necessary to escape the new banishment. Men’s attention is called and the responsibility is demonstrated to them, but their decision remains free. But it is understandable how exceedingly serious this decision is and in which deep spiritual trouble mankind is, which does not believe in an end and in a last judgement. In every way individual man is influenced, so that he thinks things over and pays attention to the state of his soul, and God truly tries everything to win the souls of men, but if men lack all faith, also His word achieves nothing, through which men are guided into truth and could accept a great knowledge, but would then also lead a way of life according to the will of God. Nevertheless it is of greatest importance to present to men the divine word, so that some few still accept it and their souls remain protected from a further course through all creations of the new earth, so that they can enter into the kingdom of light at the end, into eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4475.


Book 52 4476

Admonition to work for God and his kingdom.

4. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4476.

Who therefore serves me that he speaks for me and my kingdom, he devotes himself to me myself, so that I can speak through him, and he will receive my blessing for it. I want to award power to him for the work for me, and therefore he will also have success, and men will listen to my words and digest them in the heart. Every soul, which gets into contact with me through you, my servants, will be able to enjoy my love; and it will feel my work as desire for truth and desire for me, I, who am eternal truth myself – and it will be granted to it. Promote me and strive for bringing light into darkness, which lies over the earth. Carry my love teaching into the world, instruct who listen to you, and enlighten them about my work and about the near end. Teach them about their earth assignment, and admonish them to love; announce my will to them, and urge them to fulfil it, and do good to all who oppose you. Set a good example so that you win fellowmen for my teaching, which preaches love and gives love, which comes from me and leads to me, and through it make yourselves to my servants that you pass on my love teaching – and you will gain my pleasure; I will give you the reward, which I have promised you; I will be constant protector and companion for you and care for you like a father, because you want to help me to guide the lost souls onto the right way and to illuminate it with the light, which has come from me. And your work will be blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4476.


Book 52 4477

Worldly minded servants of God.

5. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4477.

There are many worldly minded servants of God on earth, and they are truly not the right representatives of my teaching, because they do not stand in truth, but which is necessary for an office, which aims at the spreading of my teaching. Because truth in all purity must be offered to men, if success for the souls is to be produced. "You all must be taught by God", so it is written, and this word is truth, because only God as the eternal truth can impart this knowledge to you, which is in accordance with truth. Therefore you certainly can receive spiritual material from outside, but my spirit must first have an effect in you, before you recognise as truth what is brought to you from outside and gives you inward conviction that the word is from me. Therefore spiritual work is absolutely necessary; but my spirit makes its terms for you, which you must first have fulfilled before it can become effective. One of them is complete devotion to God – most intimate connection with me, but which cannot take place if you are still too much bounded to the world. Because the eye can never be directed outwardly and inwardly; in addition the world is the kingdom of my opponent, but my kingdom is the spiritual world, from where pure truth is offered to you. Therefore the world must be avoided; the heart must willingly break away from it, because it longs for the spiritual kingdom, and therefore spiritual striving is first precondition that a servant of God stands in truth. Only then will he be able to recognize the written word as truth; only then his thinking is enlightened, so that he can work as my representative on earth and is active in my name, to my honour and to the blessing of fellowmen. Amen. B.D. NR. 4477.


Book 52 4478

Fate. Maturation possibilities. Trials.

5. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4478.

Every thought of me, every call to me touches me, and I do not let it unnoticed. And so I have knowledge of the complete emotional life of man and know about his most inner stirrings and so also about how his will as such is. And if this will is accommodating towards me, then man finds in me the most loyal friend and most caring father, because I then know, that he wants to be counted to mine and receive him with joy. And then his fate is just a chain of maturation possibilities, because I just want to help him to eternal happiness and also make earth life bearable to him, what is only possible with my support. A man, who devotes himself to me, wins everything; but he who refuses to give himself to me, from him also that is still taken, what he had acquired up to now for himself, what was imparted to him through my favour and he let unnoticed. I stretch out my hands towards him who is wrestling, because he strive towards me; but who turns the back to me, him I let go there, where he is tempted, because my warnings die away unheard at his ears. And no-one who wants to come to me, needs to fear that he does not reach his aim. And I know about the will of the individual, and I guard his soul from defection from me. And that is why you can be without worry, when I give you the assurance that you reach the goal, because my love towards you, my creatures, is too great than that I could leave you to the opponent, if you long for me. And although you often must go through hard trials, the thought should always be comforting for you that the trials come from me and only for that reason that your soul matures in shorter time, because there is no longer much time until the end. Soon you have passed the earth life test and can enter into my kingdom as free, happy spirits - and you will reach the aim and unite with me, because I am present to you, as soon as you call me in prayer and desire to receive my word. I am with you and remain with you until the end; for that reason believe and love and hope, so that you enter my kingdom as my children, when you leave this earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4478.


Book 52 4479

Doubt about truth of announcements. Natural disaster.

6. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4479.

You are not to be troubled with doubts, and that is why I give you an answer to every question, which you consider in the heart and which causes you unrest. Why can’t you believe that the time is just still short, where you walk on earth? Why don’t you want to take my announcement literally and prepare yourselves seriously for a quick end? Why does a non-arrival of my predictions seem to be more probable – why don’t you simply believe my word and wait for the things, which are to come? As I tell it to you, so it is, and so it will come, and all of you will be surprised about the sudden change, which you do not expect, because it comes sooner than you believe. Who I chose as bearers of truth, to whom I have allotted such a task, to receive my word directly and to write it down for fellowmen, him I will protect for the sake of truth from an influence, which is opposed to my work. He stands in my services, and I never ever allow it that my opponent makes use of him, to put error next to truth. I also do not want that my servants themselves see unclear, that they are weak in faith and doubt, where they are to spread truth with conviction. And that is why I speak to them again and again and refer them to the coming time, which will bring them the proof that my word is purest truth. That a short time is still going by is not to make you at all unsure in your speaking. You can support every word, what has been received through you from above, and you never need to fear having weaved own material into it which opposes truth, because you stand in my services. That I have accepted you as my servants proves to you the supply of my word. But who is once my servant, he carries out only the will of his Lord and his will is completely subordinated to mine. That is why he will only do that what I want, and enjoy my protection very particularly in the spiritual work, which is meant for the spreading of pure truth. He will only receive and accept truth, and truly needs to fear no erroneous addition. I repeat once again, that you stand shortly before to experience the greatest upheaval, which has happened on this earth. Who survives it, he will be able to speak of a miracle, but many of those who have knowledge of it through you my servants and prophets of the time of the end, will survive my intervention, because they are to serve as witnesses, that I have announced myself before and therefore my plan from eternity was apparent from it. And that is why I hesitate so long, so that the opportunity is still given to many people, to take note of my rule and work and of my revelation through the elements of nature. But the time is soon expired; then then there is no day of delay anymore. You would get a fright if you knew how close the event is, which I again and again announce. You are not allowed to doubt, so I myself announce this to you; you are to believe without reservations; you are to know that it is I myself, who speaks to you, and that I impart nothing then purest truth to you and truly protect you from infiltrating truth with error. Let your faith become stronger so that you can support my word with fullest conviction, which is sent to you from above, because it is my will that you have knowledge about it, to prepare yourselves and ask me for power, which you will truly need, when the day has come, which proves to you the truth of my word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4479.


Book 52 4480

You must be taught by God.

7. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4480.

And all of you are to be taught by God. My spirit must have an effect in you so that you can show understanding to spiritual instruction, no matter in which way it is sent to you. If you are directly instructed by me, then it is also only a result or a sign of my spirit work in you; if you receive the instructions from outside, through my servants on earth, through fellowmen, who are instructed in truth, or through the written word, then you will also only then understand it, when you receive enlightenment through the spirit in you, when that therefore can have an effect in you, which is my share – when you therefore have a divine master teacher. And you all are to recommend yourselves to him, otherwise every instruction from outside is useless for you. The divine wants to be grasped with the spirit, and the intellect of man alone cannot comprehend it, and if it tries to do it, without receiving the help of the spirit in it, then it will appear as the work of man, deformed and incomprehensible, in a form, which has nothing in common with pure truth anymore, and men will then not become knowing, but will be standing in error. You must therefore let yourselves be taught by God - you are not allowed to resist me, if I am to instruct you, and therefore you must first seek the connection with me in intimate prayer and then, if you present questions to me, listen to the inside and wait for the answer. And most men do not pay attention to this process, and they do not wait, until the answer clearly and distinctly rises in them; their thoughts digress, and through it they make an instruction impossible, but which they certainly receive, when they devote themselves to me and listen to the inside. Intimate prayer and the desire for the right answer will also let them think clearly and truthfully, because I enlighten the spirit of him, who calls for me and asks me for it. Then he can also consider himself as being instructed by me, and I will truly not instruct him differently than the receiver of my direct word, because what my spirit imparts to men is always and everywhere the same, because truth can never change. And so all of you have the possibility to acquire pure truth for yourselves, if you come to me and ask me for it; I will be a right master teacher for you at any time and introduce you to truth, as soon as you long for it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4480.


Book 52 4481

Sounding word.

8. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4481.

You must be in a more especially believing state, if you want to hear the sounding word in you. You must be completely penetrated by love to me and in this way also so bound to me that you feel me present, that you so to speak feel me and can therefore also hear my voice as clearly spoken words, which will touch you quite peculiarly. My presence has now become certainty to you; you now have a proof of that what you have only believed up to now; but since your faith is deep, I can also supply you with proof, without putting you in the state of a forced faith. But a state of deepest peace and still happiness results in this gift of favour and increased will to spiritual activity. But for the present it will remain no permanent state, but just a culmination of particularly loving devotion to me, until the actual mission starts, which requires the ability of a permanent hearing of my word. But you are yourselves free to enter into an intimate connection with me, if you want it, and for that reason a permanent striving upwards is necessary, a once in a while burying into yourselves and listening to my spirit, which always announces itself to you, if you desire to hear it. And you will increase in soul maturity; you will eagerly now perform spiritual work and can always be certain of my love and favour. Amen. B.D. NR. 4481.


Book 52 4482

God of love. Not God of anger.

9. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4482.

Recognize the love of God in his rule and work and not in his anger, because everything, what he does or lets happen, is just to be seen as for your perfection, but never as expression of his anger. He can indeed also get angry about the power of Satan, which he applies to the harm of the souls, but God again and again seeks to even out at the souls through his love, what the adversary has caused with his hate. Because he is far greater than his opponent; and the fight against him he wages with a weapon, which will bring the victory. His weapon is love, which nothing can withstand – and his love is accompanied by infinite patience, why he also gives up nothing, what initially resists him. He finally wins it through his love, but his creatures are not always willing to recognize his love, but they see God as a punishing God, as a God of anger and of destruction. But that also apparent works of destruction are substantiated by his deep love, that they are just means of love, to promote the perfection of the soul, men do not want to see, because they lack understanding exactly through their lack of love, which is a sign of their imperfection. A God of anger would destroy everything. But the God of love is intent on the preservation of all that, what has come out of him, and as soon as a work of destruction on earth takes place, it is still just an act of change, but not complete destruction and only for the preservation and perfection of that, what is in need of change, because it wanted to separate from its creator, but must inevitably find its way to him. And so also out of those works of destruction only the great love of God speaks, because nothing gets lost on that occasion, nothing gets harmed, but just enters a different state, which makes the way up possible for it. Even the last work of destruction on this earth, which results in the complete destruction of his creation on earth, only aims at the winning back of the deeply fallen spiritual and is decided by God’s love and wisdom for eternity, so that the spiritual does not still sink further and makes a return to him impossible. His love substantiates everything; his love determines everything; his infinite love also achieves everything, what he wants, and never will anything else than love determine his will. Love it the original power, out of which everything has come forth, and this original power never fragments itself; it remains unchanged for ever and consequently also applies to his creatures for ever, with whom he wants to be connected in love for ever. What wanted to separate from him in free will and as a result got into a state far from God that has come out of the love circuit and wants however again be seized by God’s love, because it is otherwise unhappy. And that is why his everlasting care is meant for this unhappy, which is expressed in a way, that the anger of God is apparently expressed, what however only appears to the blind in spirit so, who has no knowledge of the means, which God’s love applies. Purpose and final aim of all events is the winning back of what has defected from God, because the love of God wants to lose nothing, gives up nothing and leaves nothing to his opponent, what has come out of his love. And so also the spiritual will once surrender to his love, which still remains in the longest distance away from God, because his love overcomes everything, defeats everything and takes possession of everything, to make it happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4482.


Book 52 4483

Prayer in spirit and in truth precondition for work of the spirit.

10. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4483.

You can only hear the voice of the spirit in you, after you open your heart through intimate prayer. And this prayer must be directed in spirit and in truth to me, otherwise I close my ear and you wait in vain for divine enlightenment. This is a law, which must be fulfilled, but which was not always fulfilled, where the enlightenment of the spirit was required, to be instructed in pure truth. Who as teacher and leader is responsible for the souls of those who he instructs, he must first himself stand in truth and through intimate connection with me make the supply of truth possible; he must know that I and truth are one, that therefore truth cannot be received without me and that the connection with me must first be brought about, otherwise also the connection with truth cannot be achieved. But the connection with me depends on the free will of man, and he must therefore turn towards me on his own accord, what happens through intimate prayer, through prayer in spirit and in truth. Who prays so, he will also hear my voice; his thoughts will be directed so, that they move in truth, although my word is not sounding audibly to him, because of lack of soul maturity. Because it requires a certain degree of maturity, which is not achieved by all men asking for truth. And that is why also men can stand in truth who proceed intellectually, it they have established the most intimate connection with me before, however their way of live must also be according to my will; a life in love must be led by them, because otherwise my work with them through the spirit is impossible. Because I, love and truth are one. This must always be explained to you men again and again, that you recognize the spirit of men by the fruit and therefore you can never grant him right thinking, who does not live according to my will, and so you will always have a standard, if you want to check the carrying outs of a man on their credibility. Who lives in love, acknowledges me and seeks truth, he will also stand in truth, and his thinking will be right, because I illuminate his spirit, so that truth is spread through him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4483.


Book 52 4484

The teaching of the trinity of God.

11. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4484.

You have the gift of being able to use your intellect, and are to also use this gift. In earthly respect life forces you to do it, and you follow this compulsion without reluctance. It is for you a matter of course that you think about everything what comes in touch with you, that you research and ponder and therefore intellectually enrich yourselves of earthly knowledge. But little or not at all you use the intellect to acquire spiritual knowledge for yourselves out of inner drive. You certainly let yourselves be brought to you such from outside and accept it, without having activated your intellect, without checking or to think about it. You do not ponder over it with the mind, and therefore you make no use of it, or you abuse it, by letting it become active to completely wrong deductions, because you accept received spiritual material without examination. He, who gave you the intellect, also calls you to account thereon, how you have used it. Innumerable men walk along in error, because they do not think about teachings, which should cause them to examination, because they are simply unacceptable in that form, as they are offered to men.

You indeed reject every examination with the reference that you as man are not able to pass right judgement, and are right insofar that your intellect alone is not sufficient for it. But again and again it must be set against it that the enlightenment through the spirit can be requested at any time and also must be requested, to solve most difficult problems truthfully, and that God will never refuse his help to the seriously wanting person. And so it is also possible to man, to acquire enlightenment to questions, which the intellect alone cannot answer. But the more it is necessary to then ask God for support, when man himself feels unable to judge right. This is more advisable than to accept teachings, which appear to man to be difficult to accept, because what a man wants to support as truth, that must also be explained to him completely, why the instructions from above are supplied to earth continuously, which bring light into the darkness of spirit. And it is dark everywhere, where truth is driven out or veiled, where wrong doctrines are spread and are supported by men as truth. And this darkness is to be broken through by light – lie and error are to be driven out by truth; it is to be uncovered where men are instructed wrongly, because only truth leads to eternal life and because only truth is divine, but wrong doctrines oppose God.

And so it is necessary to illuminate a teaching, confused and completely deformed by the enemy of souls, which has gained entrance among men, and indeed therefore, because these do not use the gift of the intellect and accepted without examination, what was offered to them: the teaching of the trinity of God. This teaching is completely incomprehensible, i.e., not to be grasped and to be comprehended intellectually; it is an explanation of the eternal divinity, which for that reason is unacceptable, because it is absurd, therefore man, if he declares his support for it, is no longer allowed to think, or, if he thinks about it, cannot declare his support for it.

(12.11.1948) Wanting to bring the eternal divinity into a closely limited form is a sign of imperfection of men, who accept this teaching. Every form is a closely limited idea, but the nature of God is unlimited, because it is something extremely perfect. So something utmost perfect is also not devisable, because perfection is a state of the spiritual, but something spiritual can never experience a tri-partition – therefore one can never speak of a tri-personal God, because that is an unthinkable idea, which leads to completely wrong opinions about the nature of God.

God father – God son – and God holy spirit – these ideas do not justify the assumption that three persons unite themselves as eternal divinity, therefore these three form one God, whereas the entity of God can be made comprehensible to men through these three ideas , when "father" as love, "son" as wisdom and "spirit" as power are explained. And this is also the alone right explanation, on which the teaching of the trinity of God is based, however in wrong interpretation the incorrect teaching had come into being in the lack of understanding of it, that three persons are contained in one divinity. The spirit of God, the partial idea of the entity of God, is never to be personified; according to human ideas it is not to be brought into a form; it is an infinite fullness of light and power, which is directed and used by an extremely strong love will. Light is God – power is God – and the love will is God – not one is without the other, all the divine includes this tri-ality in itself, it is the sign of perfection, so love, wisdom and power possess a being, and it has then become the image of God. But it is always only one being – no form, but something infinite, spiritual, which needs no form to be, and which would put all forms out of proportion, if these would not have spiritualized themselves before, that it can hold love, wisdom and power in fullness, without perishing.

Such a form was the man Jesus, who was chosen by God to be bearer of the whole fullness of love, wisdom and power, to serve men as conceivable divinity, so that they can believe in a being, which, standing in highest perfection, still stands in connection with imperfect men, his creatures. But this form was only earthly; as it were it was only at the disposal to those seeing with bodily eyes, because the spirit needs no form to still be able to be seen – the idea: father, son and holy spirit as three separate beings – even so under the addition: they are one – is misleading, because then men are in danger to make a separation, by them calling every person individually and in this way strengthening the awareness of three persons, therefore lose the right, truthful feeling for one God, to whom alone they are to turn in every earthly and spiritual trouble. Even the man Jesus, who walked on earth as individual being, to receive God in all fullness in himself, became one with him, to what his ascension attested, because the body had completely spiritualized itself and all substances could join the eternal divinity and consequently no longer two separate beings existed, which were perfect, (12.11.1948), but it was only one divinity, which was love, wisdom and power in highest perfection. God father, God son and his spirit, which fills the whole of infinity, through which everything is carried out, what his will determines. It is that being of eternal divinity, which is marked through these ideas father, son and holy spirit. Wisdom – the son – emerges from the father of love, the power flowing through all works what the father and the son decide. God is almighty and extremely wise and loving. This idea is more understandable and solves the problem of the tri-united divinity the most simple way, and only spiritual blind men cannot grasp or acknowledge this simple solution, because they are misled through spiritual blind leaders, who are unenlightened and also do not let themselves be instructed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4484.


Book 52 4485

At the end defection from the faith. Living faith. Thinking about teachings.

13. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4485.

It will only be a small number, who remain loyal to me until the end, because the trouble before will still bring many people to defection, because they do not stand in living faith and at the time of decision must first realize how little they believe of that what they have supported until now. And their faith is for that reason so weak, because they have not strengthened it through love work and because they also have not yet penetrated into truth – because that, what they were supposed to believe, was not in accordance with the truth and for that reason could also not toughen their faith. They lack the recognition of error, because love did not produce the work of the spirit, which would have formed their ability of recognition. And so a frightening defection from the faith will be at the end; men will betray and disown me; they will give up without a fight, what should be defended as most valuable good, for the sake of despicable worldly reward, to create comforts for the body, which only dwells a short time on earth. Such a sad state is at the end, that the last day cannot come quickly enough, to still rescue the few, who want to be mine and fight for their faith. Because their lot is hard and difficult, and in the face of the earthly life of pleasure of those who betray me, it is also extremely difficult for them to remain loyal to me; but they stand in truth and therefore also in knowledge about the near end and their faith is deep and unshakable. And so in their trouble they expect convinced my coming, and I do not let their faith be wrecked; I fetch them home into the kingdom, which is prepared for them as paradisical stay, until I bring them again to earth. For this reason it can therefore not enough be referred to the necessity of living faith, to the penetration into faith teachings and thinking about it, to receive information about lack of clarity, and men’s attention must be drawn to wrong doctrines, at which they then inevitably fall, when a decision is then demanded from them. And that is why I constantly instruct my servants on earth from above and present the danger of wrong teachings to them; I introduce them to such, so that they fight against them where opportunity is advisable. Because the fight against faith is inevitable, because a separation is necessary and a confessing before the world for me and my name. But those are not to feel secure who belong to a church community, if they are not true followers of my church – the community of believers, who stand in living faith. Because it is decisive whether men profess me and remain loyal to me until the end. Living faith demands love work, otherwise it remains a dead faith, which does not stand firm in the last fight on this earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4485


Book 52 4486

Pure Gospel. Additional work of man. Task of disciples.

14. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4486.

You will be able to recognize my emissaries at any time, if you are of serious will to examine. You must then always imagine my love teaching and apply standards to it, whether what my servants offer is according to this teaching. But you are never allowed to take offence at, that my servants on earth do not teach or support that what men have added, that they do not support traditions and customs, which are merely the work of men, and that they condemn latter and fight it as harmful for the winning of soul maturity. My servants are to bring the pure Gospel to you so, as I have taught it at the time of my walk on earth and as it now no longer exists on this earth. They are to purify the Gospel from additional work of men, and they can also do this, because they only impart this to men, what has been supplied to them through the work of the spirit from above. This Gospel, my love teaching, can never be objected to or explained as erroneous by you in that form, as it is now served to you, and for that reason already you are to respect my servants and listen to them in the awareness, to just receive good gifts from them. And if you are of good will, then you yourselves must admit that the deviations only apply to that, whereupon I attach no value to, indeed even opposes my will. I truly know best what prevents you from ascent development, and want to remove the obstacles for you; I want that it is easier for you to find the way up to me and therefore to the goal, to eternal life. For that reason I send my messengers to you that they instruct you and draw your attention to everything what is a danger to the soul. And if I would send no-one to you, how would you then gain truth, if it is no longer offered right to you on earth? Bring the spirit in you to awakening, so that I instruct you directly, and it will say the same to you, what I want to tell you through my servants, because you yourselves do not awaken the spirit in you. And like to give up and without reservations, what does not stand in connection with my divine love teaching, what you can recognize as the work of men in that, that the non-obeying or non-observing of teachings or commands wins harm to no-one, except perhaps to that organization, which has drawn up these teachings or commands. I have only preached love to men and warned of every violation against love, which will always harm fellowman or even contravenes the law of order given by me. And you are to fulfil this command of love. My servants on earth bring to you the same teaching, pure and unspoiled, as they have received it from me and as I myself taught them on earth. And for that reason listen to them and examine, if you are undecided, and with good will you will have to recognize them as my emissaries, because my love teaching speaks for itself. And that I fight against all work of men, that I order my servants to take action against it, is truly necessary, because I know about the effect of the work of men, when the time of the religious war starts, and I want to protect you men from becoming weak and defect from me, and I therefore already before purify the teaching, because only pure truth gives you power and faith to hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4486.


Book 52 4487

Spiritual seeing.

15. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4487.

The state of conscious seeing occurs then when the soul is receptive to light through exceptional purification, which has taken place through love or suffering. Then the soul is so spiritualized that it is able to see into the spiritual kingdom, that it can get into contact with light figures, which it is able to recognize, if it is therefore in a clairvoyant state. Men can reach this state of maturity without them striving for it consciously, i.e., they can be chosen for the sake of their fellowmen, to do a service for them. For a short time they stand in direct connection with light figures, for which their heart longs, and these light figures will also follow the desire of the heart and lean towards the earth children, because they are filled with deep love towards them and use every opportunity, to express this love. They hand out love according to the will of God, and since they themselves are full of love and power, they can also radiate it, to make men happy. Spiritual seeing is therefore the truthful explanation for appearances of such kind, that they are only seen by one man, while fellowmen cannot make this perception. It is therefore not self-delusion nor deception, but just a proof for the ability of a purified soul, to see into the spiritual kingdom. Such a soul is also just as able to feel the natural powers possessed by the earth and to let them be found through the clairvoyant gift. This is a sign of extremely deep sensibility, a sensibility, which the imperfect man does not possess, which has developed through bodily suffering and is expressed in that way that the body in the clairvoyant state is attracted by these powers and now as under compulsion gives these powers opportunity to develop, that therefore so to speak the valve is just opened by such a man, so that fellowmen can come to the usufruct of such powers, if it is God’s will. Therefore light appearances and miracle powers of the earth are connected insofar, as that a purified soul is lead there by the light beings, where the body now, through extremely great sensibility feels those powers, and that the soul is able to see there spiritually, that the spiritual eye is opened to it and man then reports in the put back state mixed with earthly impressions, which is now biased according to upbringing, the surroundings and the knowledge, which was sent to him from the outside. The world, i.e. men, who have no knowledge of it, will doubt or find no right explanation, but to the spiritual awakened such processes are comprehensible, and he will be able to differentiate between what is truth and what is reported distorted from the human side, but there are only few who are able to give right enlightenment about it, that the soul is able to see things, which are hidden to fellowmen, and that the bearers of these souls is to be believed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4487.


Book 52 4488

Heaven and hell.

17. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4488.

Who gives himself as my own, him I never let fall for ever any more. But who remains in resistance against me, he stands in great danger having to completely be without my love power and to harden in his original substance, an extremely painful state, which I want to prevent. This truth now, which has not been concealed from men since the beginning, has created the idea "heaven and hell," of a happy and an unhappy state, which is spatially limited in the imagination of men, until in the end the actual truth – the state – became less important in the imagination of men and just the place remained, which the imagination pictured to itself in all colours, and as a result many erroneous thoughts were given space, so that truth is completely distorted and man has no longer knowledge of it, what heaven and hell actually means. Life and death are heaven and hell. Busy activity, making happy, in shining light is life – lack of power, powerlessness and deepest darkness is death. And every state can constantly increase up and down, until the highest aim, happy fusion with me, or the deepest fall, endless far distance from me, is achieved. Unimaginable is the happiness, unimaginable the agony and the suffering of the damned, who languish eternities and have no longer power for redemption. You are to remember these souls. Erroneous is the teaching that there is no redemption any longer out of hell, that these souls are damned from me for ever. Not I damn them, but they themselves have chosen the damnation; not I plunge them into the depths, but they themselves have striven for the deepest abyss; but my love leaves nothing for ever in this far distance, and that is why there is also redemption out of hell, because also for these beings I have died on the cross and took their sin upon me, because my love is greater than my anger, than my righteousness. Also hell will have to hand over their last victims, i.e., also the firmest matter will one day be dissolved and the spiritual in it become free for the purpose of ascent to life. Because hell, as you men imagine it, does not exist as an eternally burning fireplace; it is no place, which holds the damned; hell is a state, which agonies are not to be described; a state, which starts on earth as a result that men do not acknowledge me, therefore renounce me and remain without my love power. They then certainly still live the bodily life without me and feel the powerless state, which the distance from me means, not yet as agony, but as soon as the life of the body is at an end, the agonies start: the awareness of being completely without power and still to be. At first there is still the possibility in the hereafter to give up resistance, if the soul listens to the presentations of knowing beings, but only rarely these possibilities are utilized, and the soul sinks deeper and deeper, and the distance from me becomes greater and greater, the powerlessness increases until the final hardening – for the new banishment in firmest matter.

Then an endless long development period has passed without success for the spiritual once bound in matter and now free, which as man is to strive for out of own drive to become free of all material fetter. That it now has failed is its free will, because I truly provide direct admonitions and warnings. But hell has far greater attraction than heaven – and man, with greatest eagerness, still strives again for matter, which the soul had long since overcome. And it is now also his lot – it becomes again the cover of the spiritual, which failed at its last test of will. Hell has opened its gate wide, and countless souls enter darkness through these gates voluntarily. Hell will triumph, i.e., its prince has great success numerically, I however wrest from him all these souls, which I again engender into the new creation and take all power from my opponent over these entities, by me binding him also in the midst of earth – i.e. the firmest cover is given him as fetter, which he cannot leave earlier until he again comes to power through the will of man, by men again desiring material goods and constantly removing themselves from me more and more. Then he again fights for the souls, and this fight is allowed, so that the souls prove themselves and decide for me or for him, because without right decision can no man become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4488.


Book 52 4489

Origin of matter. What is matter?

18. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4489.

A law exists according to which all matter is heading for dissolving as soon as its substances have become unusable, therefore so to speak lost the binding power. It then disintegrates into itself and can also in its rest components only still experience a new shaping together with other matter. The process of dissolving of matter takes place in the universe always and constantly where earthly material creations exist, but as matter is also constantly formed new, therefore substances are put together again and again under use of dissolved matter. Man can indeed actually test matter for its components; but he cannot establish the origin and the original components of that what his eye sees. He only sees the perpetual growing and passing and forming again of new creations, but what was originally, that he does not know, if it is not announced to him through his spirit. Because matter is a new creation; it is not of eternity. It exists, is visible to the human eye and is still really and fundamentally spiritual, therefore power, which one cannot see with bodily eyes. It is a radiation of God, having become form through his will. This act is incomprehensible and will also remain so – it is: power that removed itself from God, which consolidates itself until hardening the further it removes itself from God. This power is therefore animated with will; but this will is bound, if it strives to get away from God. It is spiritual, which carries the God-rebellious will in itself, while that spiritual, the power radiation of God, which remains in his will, also remains near him and results in light creations, therefore prompts the creative will of God to objects of most marvellous kind, but which are constantly able to change, what is more imperishable and delighting the beings, which, as completely standing in the will of God, receive his power radiation to likewise creative activity. What therefore completely agrees with the will of God, is not material; what is visible materially, carries in itself the God-rebellious will in different degree and is therefore spiritual having become form, power coming from God, which does not remain so as it goes out from God, if it moves away from God.

But power moving away from God decreases in its effectiveness; matter appears without life; it is in the state of death, of powerlessness and therefore inactivity resulting from it – without life, which means uninterrupted activity. If the spiritual would be completely numb, then the state of powerlessness would not be felt by the spiritual, but because the spiritual has known the state of freedom before as free spiritual near God – or also as man in the last stage of development on this earth creation - and is completely aware of its existence, it feels the powerless state as agony, which now certainly can contribute to give up the resistance against God, what is recognizable through a minimal starting activity, which results in a speedy change of the hard matter. (19.11.1948) The more life a work of creation shows, the smaller the distance to God has become and the more the spiritual adopts its original properties; it again becomes power and light, the nearer it comes to God, until at the end it is again intimately fused with God. Matter is therefore power gone out from God, which has condenses and in the end hardened the further it is away from God. Matter is actually perishable, because it can again dissolve into its original state, but power is imperishable; it remains, because it is radiation of God, which certainly can change in its form, but never completely perish. But the change of matter is also law; it cannot remain so for ever as it appears, because it always gets into contact with the power out of God, which is still effective as power; and this effectiveness is simply expressed as change of matter. In which degree the power out of God has an effect on matter depends on the resistance of the spiritual, which this matter holds. But also the strongest resistance against God is once broken, why also from time to time violent dissolving takes place in creation, which destroys all matter and has it again come into being in another form, because the power out of God is constantly active and also wants to cause the spiritual having emerged from it to highest activity, because activity alone makes happy, because it alone is life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4489.


Book 52 4490

Workers in the vineyard of the Lord.

20. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4490.

The will to work for me is enough to also make you able for it. Which office is then allocated to the individual depends on the strength of the will and the staying power, which he shows in the work for my kingdom. But the possibility is always given to him, to penetrate into truth; this will always be made accessible to him from some side, and mostly in a completely natural way, through conversations, through hearing and reading of my word and through own thoughts; therefore he will, so he speaks for me and my kingdom, also support truth, because it appears acceptable to him, also when it was offered to him from outside, because his spirit is already effective in him through his will to be active for me. He then makes himself to my servant, and he will also do his services for me in the right way. But condition is that his will may be serious – that deep in the heart he feels the desire to work for me, that he does not just speak nice words and likes himself and that he therefore often holds secret dialogue with me and so begs for my approval and also finds it. He must be serious about it; then he will always be able to be certain of my blessing and my help. Every man can perform services for me, because my vineyard is big, and I need many workers in it in view of the near end, where everyone willing to serve must do increased work to have success. And I am truly a just Lord; I pay everyone according to merit, because I also know that the work will be difficult at the end, but also practicable with my help. Spiritual attendants stand by every worker in my vineyard, advising and helping him, where it is necessary. But the main work consists of speaking with men about spiritual things, because through it the thinking of them is stimulated and fellowmen can only so be caused to lead an inner life, therefore to take a stand on the spiritual. And they are to always and constantly mention love, because only love can bring about spiritual progress; only through love is an ascent development possible, and only a love life is equal to a field, which bears good fruit. Who now voluntarily undertakes this work for my kingdom, he can also always reckon with my support, spiritually as well as earthly, because I like to receive him in my services, and that also means complete care for his bodily and spiritual wellbeing. I will sustain him and always give him what he needs for his office on earth., which is allotted to him according to his maturity, but will always find my full approval if he wants to be active for me and my kingdom. Because I bless all who serve me, and very particularly in the last time before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4490.


Book 52 4491

You are to be forerunners for me on earth.

20. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4491.

You are to be forerunners for me on earth, for this I have hired you, because men must speak to men that they open the door of the heart for me and grant me entrance. Because they cannot hear me myself as long as they have not taken out of the small room of their heart everything what prevents my lodging. For so long they will also do not hear my voice. But what I have to say to them, they must hear, otherwise they make no preparations to prepare their heart for me to take up residence. For that reason I need you that you go in to them before me; that you shout at them: The Lord comes and wants to enter at yours. They can hear your call but whether they obey it is up to them. But so they have listened to you, they also know that I follow and knock at their door, and blessed who let me in – blessed who have prepared themselves for my coming, to whom your words caused them to work on themselves. I call on all who have heard the announcement through your mouth, and your work opens for me many doors of the heart, which otherwise remained closed for me. Forerunners you are to be on earth for me – you are to walk in front of me and listen, what I myself say to you, so that you then announce my word and speak in my name. And the busier you are now active in my name, the more urgent will my word have an effect on men; the doors will open by themselves, and the hearts will wait for the coming of the Lord, whom his servant has announced, because a good speaker is able to do much. But so that you are good speakers, I myself take possession of you and speak through you, indeed unrecognized by those whom you are to make able to be receptive for my coming, but recognized by you, because you serve me in love, because I can already work in your heart through your voluntary devotion to me. And so your office will be no difficult one; you will be directed by me and led to all gates, where I want to find entrance, and you will always speak so as it is appropriate for the individual. You are only not allowed to get tired and get lukewarm in your work for me. And that is why you yourselves must often grant me entrance into your hearts, by you letting me also speak to you, by you desiring to hear me myself and therefore carry desire towards it, to be fed by me, to hold communion with me, as I have promised you – behold, I stand before the door, and knock, who opens for me, to him I want to go in and hold communion with him. All of you open the door for me and let me enter with you; smooth the ways for me, you who want to work for me, and so invite all guests to the communion, so that they are strengthened and receive food for their souls out of my hand, because only then they can become happy, when I myself feed them with the bread of life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4491.


Book 52 4492


21. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4492.

The taking of bread and wine is the sign of what you are to do when you want to be blessed. You have to take bread and wine, i.e. supply the soul with food, by stowing away the bread of heaven with its power, by assimilating my word and extracting the power from it, so that you feed your soul with food from above, which my love offers you. All this I wanted to make understandable to you that the soul is in need of food just as the body and that it has to be fed in the same way as the body by taking bread and wine. But the supply of soul food never depends on external feeding with bread and wine. This was just a comparison which was to illustrate to my disciples what they need and what they should offer to their fellow men so that they are blessed. It is alone only about the life of the soul, and that the soul needs no supply of earthly bread and earthly wine clearly follows. But I always only had your spiritual life in mind; I only wanted to secure the life of the soul for you and therefore will not demand an outward formula where soul food is striven for in all earnestness. Hunger and thirst for my word alone is enough to be satisfied with the bread of life which comes from heaven, which in fact is my flesh and my blood, which secures the existence of the soul, which perfuses it with power and therefore gives it eternal life. No-one can supply the soul with food through outside consumption of bread and wine, when he does not desire my word in the deepest heart, when he does not desire to be fed by me with the bread of heaven. Because he alone comes to me and has communion with me who lets me speak to him, who supplies his soul with that food which it receives and makes it happy. And that is why no-one can feel as my guest through the outer consumption of bread and wine who is fed at my table with soul food. Only the lukewarmness of men towards my word could produce this misunderstanding of my words and acts because as soon as man makes an earnest effort about the life of his soul the understanding becomes clear to him of his own accord what my words should mean, and then an outward appearance will never be enough for a man – which will present itself only as a figurative comparison to every thinking man as it then also really was. That men of my church also preserved the outer form in the first time was insofar justified as that they then in close union always visualized me myself, that they really came together in remembrance of me and received my word together. And I was in their very midst and filled them with my spirit; therefore they were in reality my guests with whom I had communion. (23. November 1948) I broke the bread and handed it to them – my word sounded in them. And they practised the same; they also handed out each other the bread – they interchanged what I announced to them through the voice of the spirit. The first disciples understood what the outer sign meant, but the following ones already attached greater importance to the outer sign, and so it was left, and only few grasp the deeper meaning and have in fact communion with me because only few are so inwardly united with me that they desire to hear me myself, that my word is so delicious and valuable for them to hunger and thirst for it, so that I can invite them to have communion with me, that I can hand out the bread of heaven to them and refresh them with the wine of truth for the salvation of their souls. Who is so closely united with me, he always lives in my memory; he will let me be present all the time, wherever he stays and whatever he does he will therefore also have me as guest with him at every earthly meal; he will always think of me and always desire to feel my presence through the word – he will be so permeated by the love towards me that he also informs his fellow men, that he hands out what he possesses himself, spiritual and earthly gifts, because he feels the urge for acts of love, when he is inwardly united with love itself. Now his soul receives food all the time and also hands out food all the time, and he will communicate all the time, stay in my association and also be aware of my presence. Just understand, you men, that the act of communion is not only a momentary thing, which is performed through only external consumption of bread and wine; understand, that I require more than only a dedication arising from the times. Your heart must completely get ready for my reception; an act of cleaning must have been performed before, which only requires a life of love, and a loving person will then also desire a sign of counter love; he will desire to hear me myself – he so he will hand out before himself to then receive again out of my hand a delicious counter gift – my word, which is indispensable for him as food of the soul. And when he feels a desire he will also be satisfied – I will have communion with him and he with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4492.


Book 52 4493

Passing Away of an Earthly Ruler. Change.

23. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4493.

When information reaches you about the passing away of an earthly ruler then you have arrived at that point in time that you can call the beginning of the end. Then the world will become a source of fire, the flames will flare up, unrestrained the hate will rage, and mankind will be seized by dread because it sees no way out of the danger that is inevitable. And now you will be urged by me to speak because when everything is in commotion a great calm will seize you because you clearly recognize that the time is near where I myself appear and you therefore announce this to men that listen to you. Men will see themselves surrounded on all sides by enemies and will therefore have no hope for a peaceful solution. And that is why there will be enormous fear where no faith exists in the one who alone can help. And so they will only pay attention to the proceedings in the world. Men will anxiously try to provide for themselves because they see the great earthly want happening, anxiously they will try to secure earthly goods and make arrangements to escape even though it seems to them to be hopeless. And only the believers remain sensible and I make use of them now to have an effect on the fellow humans that are unhappy and despairing in their unbelief. And I try again to bring myself close to them, I let my servants talk to them and speak myself through them words of love and of encouragement to them. I warn them to flee and to think of their bodily well-being; I represent the hopelessness of their intention to them and admonish them to hold out and to put their fate into my hands, and so everything takes its course. The fire is kindled and will not anymore be put out by men but I myself will extinguish it by opposing it with other elements by taking steps against those who are trying to tear each other apart. And my voice sounds from above. A natural disaster will hit the earth and tear apart the combatants; a power will oppose them that none of the fighters will be able to be equal to. This process will only last hours but creates a completely changed worldwide political situation, completely changed conditions, and at first a confusing chaos, greatest earthly misery and much unspeakable sorrow and trouble among men. But you all have to endure this because the end is approaching and many purification possibilities have to still be created because all men only have still a short lifespan and are to mature in shortest time. The end is nearby and when this time starts then you surely can also expect soon the last day and the last judgement so that comes true what is announced through word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4493.


Book 52 4494

Faith and love - Constant presence of God.

24. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4494.

Let it be enough for you to know that I constantly dwell among mine in the spirit; that you are never alone, if you confess me in the heart and before the world. And if you are convinced of this, nothing can any longer frighten you or make you totter in faith. But this faith in my perpetual presence also makes you to mine, who then also live in love, because they believe in me, or also believe deeply and livingly, because they live in love. Because faith without love is unthinkable, because one emerges out of the other. Faith can always be won if man makes an effort to be active in love without all self-interest, because through it the spirit in him is awakened, which instructs man mentally so that he is able to believe; that everything is plausible for him what is presented to him, what he is taught through my servants on earth or through my written word as faith truth. And for that reason men, who fulfil the command of neighbourly love, must also always be of the same opinion in the things of faith, because my spirit teaches everywhere the same and because I prevent that mine are divided among each other. Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them. And I will truly impart truth to you and see to it that mine stand in sole truth. In the time of the end mine will be violently attacked and have to answer for their thinking and acting. Then you are just to recall that you do not face the hostile attacks alone; that you always have me myself by the side; that you have no need to be afraid, what you are to say and with which words you are to justify yourselves before those, because I myself put the words in the mouth, as soon as you support me and my teaching. Faith in my presence will always let you appear secure and fearless; you will not seek me in the distance, but always be sure that I am your constant companion and do not let you alone in earthly and spiritual trouble. And so you will stand firm in the last fight, until final redemption will be for you through my love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4494.


Book 52 4495

Spiritual power supply through prayer and love work.

25. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4495.

Spiritual power is necessary, if man wants to make himself free out of that state, which is a tied up one as a result of the former defection from me. This spiritual power is at everyone’s disposal, but must be requested through prayer or be acquired through love work. The will of man must therefore always have become active to get into contact with me. Man can indeed perform works of love without conscious striving towards me, without the intellect taking part with it, while with prayer also the intellect is active, which indeed produces a prayer without involvement of the heart, which does not get through to my ear, but in connection with the heart will always achieve for what man asks. Therefore a call for power supply, for my help, which comes out of the heart, will always result in the supply of power, and a man, who is able to pray intimately, i.e. in the spirit and in truth, always feels inwardly urged to love work, because this is already my answer, a proof of my spiritual power flowing towards him, that love awakens in him towards me and also towards fellowmen and lets him perform works of unselfish neighbourly love, which earn him increased power, and therefore he can now redeem himself. He breaks the fetter, which kept his soul imprisoned up to now; it becomes free and now strives incessantly up; it pushes towards the spiritual kingdom, its true home – it escapes the state of constraint, and it will use its will at any time according to my will, because it has given up its resistance against me. A thought turned towards me can already earn you men power, wanting what is right and to do what is right – why you truly have to do nothing difficult, to start the redemption out of the bound state, it is always just your will, to establish the connection with me in the heart, but you must summon it yourselves, otherwise you act in compulsion, which can earn you no success. Ask power for you, and you will receive, because if you want to mature spiritually, you will do no wrong request. I stand by you that you reach the goal to become free out of all form; to become free out of the bonds of Satan, to again being able to enter the original state, to work in all freedom as beings full of light and power, and to create to own happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4495.


Book 52 4496

Closing of the Gates into the Spiritual Kingdom at the End.

25. November 1948. B.D. NR 4496.

The gates into the spiritual kingdom will close with the last day of the existence of this earth. Because the spiritual that has not passed the test of faith as man on earth can no longer make up in the hereafter for what it missed on earth but has robbed itself of this favour because it sank too deep to still have the possibility of an upward development in the spiritual kingdom. In the same way the believers do no longer go into the spiritual kingdom in the end because they will be raptured in their living body to now stay at a paradisiac location until the work of the reshaping of the earth is completed that then will again be assigned to them as place of residence. Then also in the spiritual kingdom the war between light and darkness will be brought to an end for a long time because the power of Satan is broken and he is put again for a long time in chains that also has an effect in the spiritual kingdom as an absence of fighting and victory of the light bearing spiritual. But in the times of the end the spiritual kingdom will still receive many souls to whom the favour will be granted to continue their upward development, that so still pass away from earth before they go over to the enemy; that are too weak and therefore find mercy in the eyes of God. The end-time will still contribute much to the purification of such souls and the great suffering that overcomes the earth makes it easier for them to pass away from the world and opens the gate for them into the spiritual kingdom that receives them even if still in a little mature state. But there is no longer danger of them sinking into the deepest abyss for which they thank God the moment they recognize their situation. But in the end the gates remain closed - and it will be astonishing how careless men live from day to day in the latter times, how little they think of death and how they only live for bodily pleasures and believe neither in a soul nor in survival after death. And when this time has come also all upward development of the soul is impossible, neither on earth nor in the hereafter because the belief in God is absolutely dead and a spiritual life is totally eliminated. Then the last day will surprise men that are shocked to see their bodily end coming, that are totally desperate facing death and without belief and rage against each other like devils. Then the unkindness of the individual will become apparent and the wickedness of men will reach its climax - whereas the believers only think of their heavenly father and expect his coming in the clouds. Then there only exist men loyal to God and such that have become devils. And that is why the end must come so that sinfulness finds an end and the faith of those who are God's is rewarded. Amen. B.D. NR. 4496.


Book 52 4497

Research wise spiritual field cannot be fathomed.

27. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4497.

Research wise no spiritual field is accessible to you and it will be a futile effort getting a true picture of that what is beyond the earthly. Research wise you certainly can solve all earthly problems and also get hold of proofs for the correctness of your results, but you will never succeed to produce proofs for spiritual claims and consequently you will also never be able to support the truth of them, as long as you have not, on the way of faith and love, penetrated into fields, which are otherwise closed to you. And so men will also never be able to fathom the connections of earthly creations with the creator from eternity, if they seek information about it in the pure scientific way; as they also cannot research the course of development of man or his soul. They can just assume and be more or less close to truth according to their spiritual attitude. But there are no provable grounds according to which they could set up clear reasons or claims. This is special knowledge, which is imparted by God to such men, who are connected to him through a deep faith and active neighbourly love; it is a knowledge, which can only be imparted to man in a certain degree of maturity and which has nothing to do with intellectual activity, which is therefore not be won through research, but has a self-forming to perfection as prerequisite, although the intellect must then also become active to rightly utilize the won knowledge. Meaning and purpose of creation, meaning and purpose of earth life cannot be comprehended with only intellectual thinking, and greatest scholarship is not approximately able to see through God’s plans, his wisdom and his love, whereas God lets the believing man, devoted to him, who subordinates himself to his will, see and also give him the ability to grasp the divine plan. But it is then not the intellect, but the heart, which sees the rule and work of God, and for that reason the earthly researcher must first shape his heart so that it recognizes truth emotion wise; that it therefore, without intellectual activity, receives knowledge, which by no means can be proven, but is nevertheless recognized as truth and also allowed to be supported, because with truth man also wins the full conviction to stand in truth. But he will then never be able to say having reached the results through thought or sharp intellectual activity, rather have no evidence with regard to the world, which justifies his claims or assumptions. But he himself will believe in it, if he has received information through the voice of the heart, while he can never support inwardly research wise appropriated thought material as being certain truth, if he is honest against himself, as long as he eliminates God, therefore does not acknowledge him as sole giver of truth and asks him for his help. Amen. B.D. NR. 4497.


Book 52 4498

Ability to receive divine wisdoms through the heart.

28. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4498.

Divine wisdoms must be sought deeply in the heart, because mere human intellect will neither be able to explain nor to grasp them, if not the heart is taking part in it. For that reason divine wisdoms can only be received by men, who lead a deep inner life, who often withdraw into silence, i.e. turn their thoughts away from the world, from earthly worries and earthly plans, who immerse themselves and seek to fathom the kingdom, which is beyond of the earthly world. Such people God rewards, by granting them insight into the most hidden things; by letting them see into his sphere of action; by announcing to them his plan from eternity and giving them the understanding at the same time to comprehend everything and to take hold of the connexion. He seeks to unveil to them the greatest mysteries, although the capacity of man is not enough to receive an exhaustive explanation as long as he does not stand in a degree of maturity that he can be illuminated by the light of wisdom. But with progressive development of man also the capacity increases, and for that reason it is well possible, to penetrate into deep secrets already on earth, therefore to adopt deep divine wisdom, but then also only comprehensible for the receiver himself, while fellowman does not know, what he is supposed to do with it, because he lacks all understanding about the connexion of all works of creation with the eternal creator. Nevertheless the more mature man is supposed to make an effort to also inform fellowman, because the knowledge of one can encourage the other to spiritual striving and because light is to be brought into darkness, which is spread over mankind, which walks along in complete ignorance of spiritual truths and no longer recognizes its earth purpose, as it also knows nothing about the final goal of individual man, which is to be striven for with all eagerness during earth life. The question: "For what do we men actually live?" is outstanding with most men, and they also do not make the effort to answer it or to seek an acceptable answer. They often ask that question, but without earnestly desiring an answer or to listen to those, who give them an answer to that, because they always only let the intellect speak, but never the heart – i.e., they do not pay attention to their emotions, which would be clear answer for them. They drown out the voice of the heart and completely turn towards the world only; therefore they are also not able to receive divine wisdoms, which require a shutting oneself away from the world. And so it remains dark and lightless in the world, and information can be given to only few through the inner voice. But these few will be and remain happy, because they take divine wisdom with them over into the spiritual kingdom, from where it has taken its start, while the others enter the opposite kingdom in deepest spiritual darkness, because they have not sought the light on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4498.


Book 52 4499

Justification for rejecting of truth. God as judge.

30. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4499.

In no way can you justify yourselves, if you are reproached for having rejected truth, because you were completely free to accept it, if you had the will for it. Truth is brought to you, because I see to it, that it is brought to every individual, even so in different form, and according to willingness to receive, his knowledge about pure truth is broadened. But who closes himself, he cannot win, only lose the little that he owns. Who is of weak faith, will win a strengthened faith through the supply of pure truth, but who rejects, he will also still lose the weak faith. "Who has much, to him still will be added, but who has little, from him also the little will still be taken." So are these words to be understood. Man does not lack power of judgement if it is essential to recognize truth as such, because since I want it myself, that you stand in truth, I will also enable you to it, to recognize it; your will must just be ready for it, to receive truth out of my hands, and this willingness you explain in this way that you make it your business to check, what is presented to you, that you deal with it mentally, consider the pros and cons and so express the desire to accept truth, if you recognize it as such. And then I will direct your thinking right; then you will just win, but never lose. And for this you will be called to account, how you have reacted to the presentation of my word, pure truth. I truly give you constantly opportunity to gain knowledge of my will; again and again you are pointed to my word; everywhere you can receive it, if you have desire for it yourselves. But because you are material, my word is irksome to you, because it warns you of the striving for matter and admonishes you to overcome it. But you hang your heart after the goods of this world and for that reason want to know nothing of that, what comes out of the spiritual world. Your will fails or is directed wrongly, where it could just as well be directed right. And for that you are called to account and no-one will be able to say having remained without knowledge of my word and of my will.

I will be your judge where I wanted to be your father, because you reject my love and do not listen to my word. But as judge I can only then appear, if I find a sin with you, and it is in that respect, that you do not acknowledge me as father and for that reason also do not respect my word. For that reason you have robbed yourselves of the right of adoption; I can then no longer act as a father with you, but must face you as judge and condemn you on account of your will turned away from me. Therefore I warn you urgently of the contempt of my word, of a gift, which my great love offers you, which you do not deserve as creatures still resisting me; but which I nevertheless give to you to help you to recognize me and to learn to love me. But if your insubordination is still so distinctive that you flee from my voice or seek to drown it out, then you are also not my right children; then you still belong to my opponent, and for that reason I sit in judgement upon you. And you will be found guilty; your insubordination will lead to, that I turn away from you; that the distance between me and you will become greater and greater and this earns you hardening of your substance; that you again become matter, which prevented you to accept the spiritual, my word from above. And you are judged, because you yourselves do not want it differently. Amen. B.D. NR. 4499.


Book 52 4500

Overcoming of matter. Voluntary renunciation.

1. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4500.

What I do not want to give you, you cannot gain out of own power, unless you work with the support of him who wants to ruin you and for that reason fulfils your earthly wishes, to win you for himself. And for that reason you must choose between affluence, which you create with his power for yourselves, or a modest existence, which is helpful for your soul, as long as you are still materially minded. When you have overcome matter, so that your heart no longer desires towards it, then I can give you more amply, and you will also utilize earthly wealth in the right way, so that it can serve you for soul maturity; that you utilize it in active neighbourly love; that you cause blessings with it, give to the poor and therefore alleviate misery and awaken love, by you giving love. For that reason do not grumble, if you must live in want, but know that you then are still in need of purification; that I want to educate you and must apply the means, which heals you, where you are sick. And then strive for to practise voluntary renunciation; like to do without and separate in the heart from that what I withhold from you; become free from all desire for matter, and I will give to you according to the maturity of your soul, so that your soul is not harmed, if fulfilment is granted to the body. What you like to give up and sacrifice for my sake, that I will give you, so that your life becomes an easier one, but always only then, when you are prepared to do without it. Then I know, that it no longer means a danger for you, and can let you quite safely come into the possession of earthly goods, which you will now also use according to my will. But do not give yourselves into the hands of Satan for the sake of earthly goods, of the well-being of the body. Earth life passes by quickly, and you must leave everything, what you have acquired with his help, and then you are in his power for eternal times, and he will demand the tribute from you – you will have to pay a high price for the earthly goods; the soul must suffer, what the body has enjoyed on earth. I want to protect you from it, so that I deny you what you long for. Amen. B.D. NR. 4500.


Book 52 4501

Announcement to objection: There is no God who allows the events.

2. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4501.

My rule and work will always remain incomprehensible to those men who are not connected to me, because I cannot explain to them the motives, which determine me to give free rein to men, if they want to sin. Everything what I do, everything what I refrain from, and everything what I allow or prevent, has its reason, which you men do not know and also do not understand without explanation. But this explanation I can only give under certain preconditions, as in general everything, what happens, is suited to the eternal order, whose law giver I am myself. I certainly could prevent men from doing bad acts; I could punish them or make them to dumb servants of justice, but then their will would be unfree; they would be able to own wanting and not to own acting and could then never ever become perfect, i.e., despite the possibility to be bad, to choose the good and therefore to announce the will turned towards me. I therefore give free rein to the urge of men. That mankind now in the endless long time lets itself get carried away and does mainly bad acts, which show devilish influence, is just proof so that the whole mankind uses free will badly, that it therefore does not utilize the possibility to turn to the good and therefore resists my law of the eternal order. (3.12.1948) But I will nevertheless only then stop these doings when the measure of badness has reached its limits, when no longer the possibility exists that men change, that their will can still be diverted, that it turns towards me, therefore to the good. But as long as the possibility exists that one or the other considers, that he becomes aware of his earth life purpose, I allow what men want to carry out in their hate and their lack of love, so that they themselves learn to recognize and detest the evil from the effect of their acting, so that they change voluntarily. In addition the time is come, where Satan has great power. Not that he outdoes my power and strength, but also his last time is come, which he uses to increase his kingdom, his power, because he knows that he only has little time, but in his spiritual darkness and arrogance believes being able to oust me from the throne. Who does not know about the original beginning and final aim of all spiritual, about my plan of salvation from eternity, about meaning and purpose of creation and meaning and purpose of earth life, to him also the thought of a strong opponent of mine appears to be absurd, but he can believe it that two different powers are fighting each other, that good and evil powers are fighting for the supremacy – that these powers are now each subject to a strong will and that each of this will comes from an entity. How he now calls this entity is of no importance, but they work in infinity, although their sphere of action is a complete different one – unlimited with me and held in limits with my opponent, who despite of his power also depends on my will. That a fight is waged between good and evil is obvious; why it is waged is only to be made comprehensible to the one spiritual awakened, the man hungering for truth, but he will receive at any time a fully true explanation, convincing him, if he strives for it and ask me for it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4501.


Book 52 4502

Presenting the divine word in love. Success safeguarded.

3. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4502.

It is truly not unimportant in which way my word is supplied to you, because the degree of love, in which my word is presented, is often decisive whether you accept or reject it. Everything what is handed out is to be given in love; otherwise it does not speak to the heart, but must be accepted by the heart. A man filled with love gives so that he awakens mutual love, and with the presentation of my word this is of greatest importance, because then full understanding is guaranteed, as soon as love is participating, which manages the awakening of the spirit. (4.12.1948) Without love my word remains dead and incomprehensible; it is spoken along, but has no power, because it is then just empty sound without life. If man wants to make fellowmen happy, then love towards the neighbour is already predominant, and what he then hands out, gets through to the heart, is accepted there and according to own love-will felt as valuable gift, as gift of love. Where the love of the giver is recognizable, the will of rejection will be weaker, since then the word already really radiates power to the receiver, which he can and will not ignore. Therefore the representatives of my teaching must be willing to love and active in love, to be suitable for the receiving of my word from above and to make my word with its power accessible to fellowmen, because the mere passing on of the outer word remains without impression, it can therefore very easily be something formal, a preaching of my teaching profession wise without life and therefore also without spiritual success. Then my word is without power, because it is listened to with the ears only, but does get through to the heart. Because only the soul feels the power, and indeed in the state of loving feeling and its return. Emotions, which man as such hardly notices, can cause the soul greatest happiness and are not felt by the body, and when the soul now hears my word in such a loving feeling, it stands in the midst of that power radiation, which source I am. If it itself is not willing to love and my word is however offered to it in love, then the power likewise gets through to it, and it lets itself radiate by it without resistance. The degree of love of the receiver and of the giver influences extremely the effect of my word, and for that reason the attention must be directed to it that the spreading of my teaching is never to be allowed to go on through force or measures of violence, but patiently, gently, lovingly and my right representatives must still be eager, if they want to have success and be loyal servants for me on earth. It is not enough that my word is just read out or is presented to men with arranged idioms. It must become alive because the preacher wants to help his fellowmen in compassionate love, that he wants to guide them into truth and in this way into the right recognition of me myself and through his love the door of the heart of the listeners is opened. Then my word will find entrance with men; it will be felt as divine, as truth and accepted, because its power does good to the soul, which recognizes the divine origin and feels drawn to me through my word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4502.


Book 52 4503

Broad way into ruin, narrow way up.

5. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4503.

The way, which you are to go, is passable, as soon as you direct your look towards heaven, as soon as you desire to reach me, and cherish no other desire in the heart than being again united with me. I truly demand nothing unrealizable from my children; I just warn them to walk on the broad way, which certainly appears comfortable and easy, however leads far away from the goal, which the children of the world go, which get lost to my opponent. The way, which you are to walk along, is narrow and little attractive, and for that reason men hesitate to set foot on it, and still it leads towards a marvellous goal, which all of you are to reach. Moreover light beings step into the way on many occasions, which guide you and draw your attention to obstacles, to stones and rocks and undergrowth, so that you do not fall or get hurt by them. You can go this arduous way completely carefree; who has walked on it, he no longer goes on one step without protection. But you are not allowed to look across on the broad way, because from there phantoms blind you, which let your way appear dark. Turn away the look from it; look up to me, and a mild light will illuminate the way for you, which does you good and increases, the closer you come to the destination. And completely entrust yourselves to me, then I can come to meet you, grasp your hand and guide you until the end of your life – until the way becomes broad and level and ends in your father house – until the kingdom receives you, which is your right home, which is to be looked at shone through by light and wonder lovely, but which can be reached only by this narrow, arduous way. Miseries must be overcome, but they can be conquered with my help, but what expects you is worth of all difficulties and hardships. But the broad way leads into darkness – it is pretty and attractive, as long as man walks on earth, but it leads astray and finally into a dark eerie kingdom, into ruin. Avoid this way; do not seek to make earth course easy for you, because it is only short, but life after death endlessly long, and for that reason strive towards the right destination, and do not let yourselves be frightened off, when the way also appears to you little attractive. Set foot on it, and stretch out the hands towards me – and I will lead you, so that you securely reach your destination. Amen. B.D. NR. 4503.


Book 52 4504

Spiritual closeness. Souls without earthly relationships.

5. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4504.

A spiritual closeness can exist where no earthly relationships exists at all, where the souls however are coordinated so that they complement each other and live in fullest spiritual harmony. Such souls can find each other, without being together bodily, but then man is not aware of it, that his soul has entered into such spiritual association, because the souls find each other without participation of the body; it is a pure spiritual living together, from which man as such knows nothing. As soon as however the human cover falls, the souls strive towards each other and complement each other in the spiritual kingdom and eternally no longer leave one another. Such souls are now forced to lead a double life on earth; they first fulfil the actual earth task, to enliven their body and to prompt it to spiritual destiny, and at the same time also help the like-minded soul, to spiritualize its body, so that the joining together of both souls can take place, what is only then possible when both souls have left the bodily cover. Before they can however unite, as soon as the body in the state of repose releases the soul. Then the soul therefore lives its second life – it dwells in different surroundings, in a complete different life situation; it gives and receives love, because it completely feels united with the other soul. Together they strive up, because as soon as a soul has found spiritually a second soul, it has already progressed in its development; otherwise there is no harmony, but just opposing repulsion. (6.12.1948) A man can now certainly feel lonely, because he is not aware of the relationship of the soul, but this feeling of loneliness again contributes to the increased maturity of the soul and the further it progresses in the development, the more it can spiritualize itself, therefore have success already on earth, dwelling in spiritual spheres often and being raptured from earth. The soul then lives a life separated from the body; the body does not participate in it, because his functions are switched off, if it is in the state of repose. But the abilities and achievements of the soul it takes with it into those spheres and can therefore bring about great blessings, if it itself possesses much of spiritual wealth, but as it also can win much, because the soul connected with it likewise shows spiritual wealth corresponding to its state of maturity, which they now exchange each other and can make themselves indescribably happy in this way. Where such spiritual relationships exist, every danger of becoming trivial, a standstill or retrogression is over; men continually strive up, and this striving also lets them find each other, even so as man they are unknown to themselves. They strive for a common goal, and in this striving the souls feel drawn to each other. For the soul does not sleep, but continuously follows the light in its urge up, and often it only returns reluctantly into its bodily cover, which it however does not leave completely, to now cover the earth life way further, until it is allowed to leave its material body and now completely unites with that soul, to which it feels drawn. Amen. B.D. NR. 4504.


Book 52 4505a

Understanding the word guaranteed for seekers.

8. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4505a.

Constantly increase your knowledge, and seek to win it through me. Then the darkness of the night is broken through; it is light in you; the light of recognition is brightly flared up in you, and if you recognize me, you will also love me and keep my commands. Therefore my word is the first and the most important, because only my word can make you knowing; only through my word you get to recognize and love me, and only my word announces my will to you and admonishes and warns you to the good and of evil. And therefore you must hear my word and go there, where it is offered to you, if you do not directly receive it from me. You can indeed receive it everywhere, but not everywhere men are prepared to impart to men the pure un-deformed word, and what is presented to them is no longer pure and unaltered. But I want that you become knowing and are taught in all truth. And so that you recognize my voice, when I speak words of love and wisdom to you, I make myself recognizable before. I approach none of my creatures suddenly, but prepare them for it, by me causing them to enter into my succession through suffering – therefore to love and to suffer – always with devotion into my will. Then man will also shape himself so, as it is God’s will; he will mature in wisdom; he will live in the state of recognition. I myself want to bless you with knowledge; I want to introduce you into my rule and work, so that you again learn to believe livingly. Faith in me must be offered to you in a form that you are also able to believe, although also your intellect is active then.

I myself teach you and light the light in your hearts, which is to enlighten you in the midst of spiritual darkness and you will be able to receive a comprehensive knowledge out of my hands, if it is your will and you ask me for it, because I hand out truth to all who desire it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4505a.


Book 52 4505b

Understanding the word guaranteed for seekers.

9. Dezember 1948. B.D. NR. 4505b.

Those seeking me, to them my word is also comprehensible, because their thinking and striving is spiritually directed, and therefore they also understand the spiritual language, which does not touch worldly things, but announces the spiritual kingdom, about the spiritual life of man and his last destination. Who seeks me, to him earth does not offer the last fulfilment, but he knows that only with me the right life is to be found; he knows that he is my part, and therefore strives back to me. And my word will be comprehensible to him; he hears and reads the meaning out of it; he knows how I want my word to be understood, and makes an effort to live according to the spiritual meaning of the word, and therefore he fulfils my will. I tried to explain everything to men through examples, through pictures I made it comprehensible to them, and those understood me who strove towards me, who were good or made an effort to be good. But the others got angry at me, because they took literally what was to be understood spiritually. And so still today people interpret my word differently, according to their state of maturity and their will, which is turned towards or away from me. So many only read the word and stick to it; they take offence, because they do not understand the deep meaning. Others again anxiously follow the outer word only; they are satisfied by earthly carrying outs, without paying attention to the spiritual meaning. And so these men do not draw the advantage out of my word for their soul. For them my word means nothing further, than that what they themselves read out of it in their ignorance, in their lightless state. And they could gather unspeakable much out of it; they could draw continuously out of a power source, which equals no other, if they would grasp the spiritual meaning of my word and lived accordingly. But their heart decides – does this push towards me, then also the power of my word will become effective with them, because then their will is as it were the key to the door of the heart, through which I can enter and carry in light, and man will recognize and know, how I want to have my word understood. I make the condition for the understanding of my word that the heart of man seeks me, not just his intellect. And for that reason much lack of clarity is among men, because in the main only the intellect is active, but which will get stuck, if he does not ask his heart. I guide him through the heart into truth; I make my word comprehensible to him; I light a little light for him, if he just asks me for advice with his seeking and research; if he connects with me in prayer or in thoughts – if he seeks to recognize me. Then my word no longer appears veiled to him; it uncovers itself in lightest clarity and speaks to his heart, and then he no longer needs the written word; then I myself speak to him, and he will hear me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4505b.


Book 52 4506

Special favour - Obligation. Knowledge about plan of salvation - Enlightenment.

10. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4506.

It is for you a special favour to stand in knowledge about the connection of you, as my creatures, with me, the creator from eternity, about purpose and destination of earth life and my plan of salvation from eternity. This knowledge gives you explanation for all events, whether it is full of suffering or joyful, whether it results in building up or destruction, whether it is in accordance with my will or not. You will always be able to follow my rule and work and can also enlighten fellowmen about it, which meaning has to be given to all events. And so you are so to speak in advantage to your fellowmen, as long as these do not make the right use of their free will and let themselves give information from you, as long as they do not listen to you, when you want to supply truth to them. You are in advantage and still also again burdened accordingly, because that knowledge, which you possess, obliges to pass it on, if you want to prove yourselves worthy of the possession. It is not enough that you only acquire knowledge for yourselves, but you must continuously work with it, if it is to create blessings for yourselves and your fellowmen. There is so much lack of clarity among men; erroneous opinions are spread, and as a result the faith of men becomes weak and is in danger to be completely discarded, what can prevent the presentation of pure truth. You possess pure truth, for that reason pass it on; acquire yourselves the right to it, having become knowing through my favour, by you handing out, what you have received, and so bringing enlightenment to questions, which to answer only that man is enabled, who is taught by me through the voice of the spirit. You, you who hear me, impart spiritual good to those, who are not able to hear me, however would also like to stand in knowledge; give them knowledge of the unusual gift of favour, and give them knowledge of my love to all imperfect, which I want to help to reach perfection. You possess much and can still increase your wealth, if you pass it on, if you teach men, as I have taught you. Then you bring light into darkness, which is encamped over earth; then you break through the night of the spirit, and there will be light in many hearts, which ask for truth and cannot receive it directly from me. Help all who are ignorant and ask for knowledge, because I want to speak to them through you, also them I want to teach, as I have taught you, so that they learn to recognize and love me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4506.


Book 52 4507

Where two or three are gathered in my name.

11. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4507.

And I am with you when you say my name, when you concern yourselves with thoughts, which aim at me. Then I am in the midst of you. Believe this and be aware of my presence when you speak about me, and imagine that I knock at every door of the heart and desire admission, and that you are not allowed to refuse me when you want to gain my pleasure. You are to open up yourselves when I want to speak to you through word or script, through thoughts or through my servants on earth who bring my word to you. Because when you hear my word you receive myself in your heart, when you keep to it you have communion with me because then you live according to my will, which I announce to you through my word – in love, and you unite with me through works of love, you establish such a close union with me that you hear it when I speak words of love to you and therefore feed you with soul food when I offer you the bread of heaven, my flesh and my blood – when I therefore come to you in the word. Let me stay with you often, let your thoughts wander to me often, and have spiritual conversations quite often, so that I can always be present with you because I myself gave you the promise: Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. And where I stay there you can only win because I always hand out my thoughts because I want to love you, my creatures, and make you happy. And you can determine the measure of my gifts of favour yourselves; you can receive much, but as you also can reject my love by turning your eyes to the world – by breaking off spiritual conversations, and let worldly interests become the focus of attention. I let you have your way and do not force you to listen to me, but you rob yourselves of much goods. I can only give to you so as your free will allows, I certainly offer you my favour, but do not force it on you, but you forfeit my presence when you turn away from me because I want to be desired to be able to give myself. Still I do not give you up – again and again I send my messengers to you who are to prepare the way for me, and I follow them when you get ready to receive me. And so you can constantly take up the favour, constantly you can be my guests when you just think of me and no longer pay attention to the world. Because I certainly give to you better than the word can give to you. That is why you are not to let me knock in vain but listen to my voice and follow it; let yourselves be invited to communion, and be my guests so that I can refresh you bodily and spiritually with food and drink. Amen. B.D. NR. 4507.


Book 52 4508

God‘s word. Parables. Picture language. Reluctance of men.

12. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4508.

You will only then understand the meaning of my words, when you are serious about standing in truth. I have always spoken in parables to men to prompt them to think; otherwise the words would have faded away at their ears, when they did not have the serious will to think about it. I gave free rein to their thoughts and therefore suggested to them everything in a corresponding way. Through the picture language should become alive in them that, what I had to say to them. And I achieved in this way with those men more than with a dry teaching, which remained incomprehensible to them, before they did not possess deeper knowledge through a love life. And in this way also my teaching has been written down according to my will. And again only the serious will of the individual belongs to it to penetrate into the heart of my teaching, which has been veiled through parables and illustrative description to prompt man to think about it. This is truly a little demand to take my word as content of the thoughts, to seriously think about the meaning and purpose of those words, which contain my love teaching, and everyone, who has the serious will, will also soon understand the meaning and be able to himself give a right explanation in a dispute. Because I want that men exchange ideas about my word, only then they will have the right blessing from it, only then the seed comes up, which was planted into the soil. Speech and reply stick in the memory more than a written word, over which one reads past it without noticing it, if man does not have the need to draw a deeper knowledge out of the Scriptures, which express my word. Through speech and reply man is forced to an opinion and to the expression of his thoughts. For this reason it is far more successful to foster an exchange of thoughts in a small circle than to listen to my word without being allowed to do a counter expression, because the intellect of man certainly receives my word, but not the heart, which now has to rely on that the intellect is urged through the will of man to also supply to the heart what he has received through hearing. But mostly that what was heard escapes the intellect without the heart having taken note of it, and then my words are completely unimportant, because their meaning would be hidden to the intellect, but revealed to the heart. And therefore I have let my disciples write down my word in this form, well considering the reluctance of most men to deal with these my words in detail. But I made it depending on the thinking about it, how far my word becomes comprehensible to them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4508.


Book 52 4509

Admonition for workers in the vineyard of the Lord.

13. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4509.

A great working field is allotted to you, if you are to start to do work for me and my kingdom, and you do not need to fear that you cannot deal with it, because according to your ability you are put there, where you can work successfully. My call to you goes in the clearest way so that you no longer will hesitate and serve me joyfully. But so that you are capable for the work, you must always make demands on the power from me; no separation is anymore allowed to exist between you and me; the intimate relationship of a child to the father must have been established, so that you no longer fear the world, but always know a loving father in me, who protects you from all discomfort of the world, who loyally stands by your side and always supports you with advice and action. Only when you have established this relationship are you suitable for service, which you to do for me – to confess me openly and fearlessly before the world and to preach your fellowmen my love teaching, to reproach them for the idleness of their life and announce my word. You yourselves must so fully be convinced of that, what you speak to fellowmen that your word arouses enthusiasm in the hearts of the others that they therefore win life and do not remain without impression with fellowmen. Innumerable souls are in trouble and wait for help, and these are those men, who have not yet completely surrendered to my opponent and still also cannot believe lively in a God of love, omnipotence and wisdom. To these you are to give again the living faith in me through live language, through representing of my word from above; you are to inform them about my obvious work with you and of your mission, which affects fellowmen, so that also they feel looked after and willingly devote themselves to me as their creator and father from eternity, so that they establish the same relationship with me, that of a child to the father. Then they are won for my kingdom; they are won for eternity. And you will find many on the way, which I lead you. Many are in spiritual trouble and still to be rescued, if truth is imparted to them, if they through you hear words of love from me, to which they cannot and do not want to close their mind. It is a great field, which you are to cultivate, which you are to clean from weeds and are to sow with good seeds so that I obtain a rich harvest. This work is your service for me, to which I will soon call you and only always admonish you to be eager in your spiritual activity and to use every hour so that you yourselves mature and can carry out your mission to your and your fellowmen’s blessing, because the time hurries, and the end is close. Amen. B.D. NR. 4509.


Book 52 4510

Justice. Expiation for Sins. Judgement.

13. December 1948. B.D. NR 4510.

Men challenge my justice because they continuously sin. They are exceedingly intolerant, they have no love in the heart, they are full of arrogance, full of sensuous desires, they are without sympathy for the neighbour, full of envy and jealousy, and through their unkindness capable to worst acts. And so they sin against my commandment of charity and against myself who has given them this commandment. But he who violates my commandment of love forfeits my love, withdraws from me and hardens more and more until I again take him to court, i.e. his new banishment in matter takes place. Then my justice has been atoned for but men has passed judgement on himself only that my law from eternity is taken as a basis of these proceedings that could rightly be called a punishment if they not simultaneously represent an effective means of education, so again and again let shine my love to the created, so can never be regarded as my wrath. Justice never eliminates love, but justice also demands expiation so that sin itself is invalidated. Because my creatures suffer under sin and can only reduce or repeal this suffering by just expiation. A sinful man therefore is in court, i.e. in a banished state that is sorrowful. He has to make amends, he is forced to do what he did not do voluntarily as man - he has to serve. Man serves voluntarily when he awakens love in himself. But vice and bad habits suppress love and he seeks to rule where he was to serve and his thinking and acting is sinful. And when now a change in the state as man is not anymore to be expected he will be put into a state where the spiritual is forced to be of service to again reach the free state and can once again take the test of will of free service. This course of development is only justice from my side but not established in wrath but in love and always determined by man himself in free will so that he throws himself into court when he sins against the commandment of love for God and the neighbour. Amen. B.D. NR. 4510.


Book 52 4511

Life fate according to the will of men.

14. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4511.

A measure of suffering and toil is allotted to you, which you must take upon you in earth life to mature your soul. This measure corresponds to the length of your duration of life, to the will and soul maturity of the individual man, why it appears different large to that man, who has not yet penetrated into the deeper knowledge about purpose and destination of earth life. It is no accident that the life of one is more difficult and more troublesome constituted, while the other much is spared, but God’s will has shaped the fate of the individual, as it is most profitable for his soul. But you men can contribute yourselves much to ease life for you, because God’s will to help is always prepared, if you call him and ask for his help. To some extent you therefore create the excess of suffering for yourselves, because the favour of prayer always belongs to you, which you just have to use to be exempt of also the greatest worry. Because prayer can have the same success for the development of the soul as a measure of suffering – man seeks God to whom he wants to connect – whereto suffering is a good means. Only the connection with God is to be established; man can choose the way to this, and therefore he can determine his fate and shape it for him bearably, if he remains in constant connection with God through prayer or through active neighbourly love, which results in the presence of God, therefore triggers a direct connection with him, because God himself is love and must therefore unite himself with man, who shapes himself to the same nature through love. If a man therefore believes having to suffer excessively, he must keep in mind that his nature is still in need of change, otherwise it could be radiated through by the nature of God, what excludes all suffering. He must suffer to flee to God, and through intimate prayer request his radiation, which is never denied to him and touches earth man the more effective and enlivening, the more he connects to God. The union with God eliminates all suffering; therefore striving towards it is just needed, to decrease the measure of suffering and toil and to still mature at the soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4511.


Book 52 4512

Resistance of men. Powerlessness.

15. Dezember 1948. B.D. NR. 4512.

Also my power is ineffective if it is resisted, otherwise my power means compulsion. You men must first give up resistance, then you will also noticeably feel my power and use it. The resistance against me exists in the attitude to me and to the world. As long as you put the world before me, your will is still wrongly directed, and this also prevents the power effect at you, because my favour and power is constantly at your disposal, but can only be received, i.e. become effective with intimate devotion towards me and renunciation of the world. The world must indeed still be noticed insofar as the circle of duties necessitates it, into which you have been put for the fulfilment of the earthly task, but whether you do something dutifully or direct your thinking and striving only towards it, that is a difference, which also determines the measure of the supply of my favour. Do not let yourselves be captivated by the world, because it cannot make you happy for ever, however completely distract you from me; put me in the first place, and you will recognize how easy you also master earth life, how my blessings accompany you and my help becomes visible to you. What is possibly more comprehensible than that you must become aware of my power if you connect with me? But if you turn your heart away from me and towards the world, then you also close your heart to the power out of me, and you seek it in the world, but cannot find it. Life with me will never harm you, because also worldly you will be so off, that your needs are covered – but more is evil, provided your heart remains completely untouched by it, and this you are to strive for. Learn to despise what the people of the world desire; what you possess, that share with the neighbour, and what you lack that leave to me, whether I want to give it to you. And always come fully trusting to me like children, I will deny nothing to you what you ask, if you devote yourselves to me and want to be mine, if you put me before the world and my power can therefore be effective at you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4512.


Book 52 4513

Assurance of protection at the time of the great trouble. Act of destruction.

15. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4513.

You have my word that I do not leave you in trouble. When the hour will now come, where everything around you staggers, and certain death stands before your eyes, remember my words and do not be afraid. Then I hold my hand protectively over you and let no harm befall you. Then trust in me, I who alone can help you, I who also command the elements of nature to be easy on you, you who want to serve me. And you will live; even so death will bring in a rich harvest around you, as it is announced in word and Script. Because you are to testify to the truth of my word; you are to speak afterwards, so that from mouth to mouth goes on what I offer you from above. You are to give power and comfort to the survivors; you are to enlighten the unbelievers and draw their attention to the will of God, who is announced to them through you. You are to teach the doubters and warn men, who deny me, who do not want to acknowledge me; you are to point all men to the last judgement, to that day which means an end on this earth for all men, good and evil. I need you for this work and therefore also protect your life, and so I give you this assurance, completely carefree you can look forward to what is coming, because I will always help you, if you are in trouble, and always give you power to holdout in earthly hardship, which you are still to take upon you for the sake of your soul maturity. Not long anymore you live in order; only a short time is granted you to provide and build up earthly. Then comes the day, which destroys everything again, what you have built laboriously – the day, which means so enormous changes that you no longer wish to live, if you would not know about everything. Then great demands are made on your faith. Then you will have to prove how far you have penetrated into spiritual knowledge, into truth, because it alone gives you power; whereas he will despair, who does not stand in truth, because he loses all faith in a God of love and of omnipotence, because my rule and work is incomprehensible to him. You are to enlighten these and inform them of my plan of salvation, of their earth task and their purpose. You are to refer them to the near end and inform them of your knowledge about it and your mission. And blessed are those who believe you, who take to heart your teachings and turn towards me. The day is near, therefore be eager in your activity for me and my kingdom; use every hour, and consider that only the spiritual lasts; but the earthly passes and is therefore not to be taken seriously. Because only one thing is necessary that you protect your soul from harm; I protect the body or lose your soul from the cover, so its time has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 4513.


Book 52 4514

The spirit gives life to the word.

16. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4514.

My spirit gives life to my word. The word alone can be empty sound to him, whose ear it only touches, when my spirit cannot penetrate into his heart to make my word alive in him. And for that reason my word can be expressed and also listened to and still remain without impression, because it is dead, as long as my spirit cannot have an effect. But if my word goes out from me, it is formed by my spirit and also enlivened. Because from me it only goes out if a heart has made itself receptive, therefore where the spirit spark could establish the connection with the father spirit through love work. There my word will also be understood; it will live and prompt to activity. It is enlivened by my spirit. For that reason also the written word, the book of the fathers, can only be understood, when my spirit blows through – if it is read or listened to in the state of connection of the spirit spark in man with the father spirit from eternity. Otherwise it also just remains a dead word, which is received by the ear and perhaps also digested by the intellect, but finds no echo from the heart and therefore can also exert no effect upon man. It is a dead word as long as the spirit in man is not awakened; it will give man nothing further; it will be read and for lack of understanding put aside or rejected. But the spirit will only be awakened through love. A man without love picks up the book of the fathers rarely or not at all, because it says nothing to him, because he finds no understanding for the written word, although it has taken its start from me. But love work illuminates his heart; he grasps the meaning, and the word goes to his heart; it stimulates him to obey it. My spirit has an effect in him, and he wins spiritual good; he becomes knowing and stands in truth – he is awakened to actual life, because his ascent development now begins, the inner life stirs; he strives for perfection, because his spirit drives him to do it – my word wins life in him. As long as the dead word only had touched him, it remained without impression; the word, which becomes alive, also changes the nature of man, because now I myself speak to him, and he also accepts my word as my love expression, as a gift of favour, which is valuable to him and of which he wants to make himself worthy. He strives towards me and fulfils my will, which I announce to him through my word and which my spirit makes comprehensible to him. He is awakened to life and will no longer lose this life for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4514.


Book 52 4515

Condition for right representatives of God: Spirit work and truthful knowledge.

17. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4515.

Who wants to call himself my representative on earth, he must also teach his fellowmen according to fullest truth. Therefore he must possess it himself and consequently be introduced by my spirit through my word into pure truth. He cannot teach if he has not grasped the meaning himself, if it is not completely comprehensible to him, how my word is to be grasped, which is only to be understood deep spiritually. He must therefore stand inwardly to me so, that I myself can have an effect in him through my spirit, only then he is a right representative of my name, then he can be active for me and my kingdom and have an effect to the blessing on fellowmen on earth. But it is now not enough if the man says to me: "Lord , Lord .... " , if he well confesses me with the mouth and wants to express his connection with me through words. I alone only see onto the heart, but which my eyes penetrate and not the smallest corner remains hidden to me. I know about every thought of man and know therefore also about the most inner life of the soul of everyone, who calls himself my representative on earth. And according to my order from eternity I cannot deviate from the conditions, which I have attached to the work of my spirit in man. I cannot illuminate the thinking of him, who has not formed himself to the reception of my spirit; he will always walk in ignorance; my word will be and remain incomprehensible to him, and he will therefore not be suitable as teacher of his fellowmen, as long as he has not established the intimate connection with me through work in love, which then also has the work of the spirit as consequence. And since I am therefore well able to see through the hearts of men, I myself choose for myself the suitable hearts, which are fit as receiving vessel of my spirit, and pour truth into them. I myself train them to teachers, because it is urgently necessary that men are enlightened, that my word is supplied to them in purest form, that they find truth, if they seek it. And with my power I will also always stand by these my right representatives on earth, so that they quite safely can teach and are always active in my will. Truth is to be spread, and I bless everyone who contributes to it, who so shapes himself that I myself can work through him – that he is my representative in truth, who can promulgate my word and announce my will to men and in this way brings light to all men, who walk in darkness and desire light. Amen. B.D. NR. 4515.


Book 52 4516

Desire for God’s word. Urgent admonition.

18. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4516.

Let yourselves be taught and accept my word wherever it is offered to you. Because I speak to you as soon as you have the desire to hear me. How my word is now sent to you, that leave to me, because each one of you is differently receptive, and in the word I approach each individual accordingly, but I am always myself present, if you desire to hear my word, because I myself am the word from eternity. But you are always to be mindful of it, that you only then find the full understanding for my word, when you ask me in spirit and in truth for the full understanding of that, what is offered to you as my word. Then the hearing of my word will also be a blessing for you, then not just the ear hears, but also the heart, and it recognizes my will. Then you will also endeavour to live according to it, and then you will also often have a dialogue with me and accept mental teachings, which broaden your knowledge and are valuable spiritual good; therefore you will gather spiritual wealth for yourselves for eternity. Again and again I must encourage you to hear my word, otherwise you remain without power for your ascent development and you also lack truthful knowledge. I always want to talk to you; therefore make use of this, and listen to me, and you will truly not regret it; you will broaden your knowledge and again and again let yourselves be taught, when you have once received my word directly from me through the inner word or through my messengers, who impart the inner word to you. Because this word proves my presence to you; it proves to you my love and care for you, whom I want to win back for eternity. For your own sake listen to me, because without my word you cannot become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4516.


Book 52 4517

End of redemption period. Total change of earth.

19. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4517.

Earth carries much wretched, which waits for its redemption. But time is passed, which was set for it for redemption, why it is heading for a new stage, where the ascent development is partly continued, is partly started again. Mankind almost stands on lowest level of spiritual development, except for few men, who are already touched by the light and can take off the earthly cover. And now a total change must start; a new form must be given to the spiritual, which again exerts a certain pressure to influence the spiritual to change. Such a change has become necessary, if I do not want give up my creatures completely and loose for ever, i.e. let them sink so far that a return to me through the resistance against me becomes impossible. The spiritual in its darkness is not aware that it robs itself of all power and only receives power for evil from my opponent, through which it becomes more and more wretched. I have mercy upon this powerlessness and take the being away from the influence of the opponent. And so a new development period begins for the rescue of the apostate spiritual. But before a severe fire is still kindled for the purification of that, what is still not translucent, but feels pushed towards the light, what does not flee from the mild light, even so its will is too weak to expose itself to its warmth. This fire will rage and disturb everything; time wise it will only be very short, but of an intensity that its effect is quite a powerful one. And individual men will be violently pushed to a decision – for me or for my opponent. But then the spiritual goes irrevocably the course stipulated to it – in light or in darkness. You men will find no rest anymore on this earth, because the fire seat is created in a short time, and all of you will be affected. It is a fire of purification in the truest meaning of the word, to which you are now exposed, but which can purify you crystal clear, if the covers around your souls are not so hardened, that even the strongest fire accomplishes nothing, but then this cover hardens still more and again surrounds the soul as most solid matter, which itself did not want it differently. And so all spiritual will put itself in heaven or in hell according to its will. For the time is expired, which was given it for redemption. Amen. B.D. NR. 4517.


Book 52 4518

Bearing fate with submission.

19. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4518.

I have instructed my angels to intervene where human will fails. Because the time demands it that men themselves seek a way to flee from the threatening disaster. But I will help them, if the urgency is not recognized, and so accidentalness will appear, but which is just my providence; therefore influences the fate of the individual according to my will. Men do not know that they are in constant keeping of those beings, to which they are entrusted for care, which, standing in divine will, determine the life of the individual, which therefore intervene on my behalf in their life. But nevertheless I leave free will untouched, so that man is not forced, but is to decide freely or is to confess to the good. And he needs to do nothing further, than to accept his fate without resistance and not to murmur or to complain. Because I know what is useful for everyone and in which conditions the soul of man can mature, and allow for this. And so all events will interlock, and of itself a situation is created, which lies completely outside of every calculation. But then you are also to recognize my work and be grateful, that I so look after you and put light beings by your side, which care for you, because otherwise you would become unsuitable for spiritual work and cannot serve your fellowmen. But I have charged you with a mission and therefore also given you into the protection of my angels, who do everything for you, as long as you are active for me. My will alone decides, and truly so, as it is good for you. And so you are to drop all worry and go your course of life quietly and cheerfully, which will again and again bring sunshine and is also never too difficult to go for you, as long as you entrust yourselves to me, as long as you push towards me and are active for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4518.


Book 52 4519


21. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4519.

Understand it that I cannot stay narrowly limited in a specially for it determined vessel, in earthly matter, at certain places and at determined times, but that I am everywhere there, where a heart has formed itself to love. Only a loving heart is able to boast of holding me in it, being made happy of my presence, because my original substance is love, and therefore I can only stay where love is expressed. But an earthly vessel can never be bearer of my eternal spirit. This assumption is only the thought product of spiritual blind men, who make themselves a completely wrong idea of my entity, which certainly fills the whole infinity and is therefore present everywhere, but which never ever shelters in a limited vessel, as it is taught to men. What does mankind make of the eternal divinity. Which spiritual poverty testifies to this believe, and how far are men kept from truth through wrongly taught teachers. How can a spirit, which rules infinity, stay in a material form, which – as the spiritual awakened man knows – holds the spiritual, which still stands on a very low level of development. When I honour the heart of a man with my presence, then I get into contact with the spiritual, standing in the last stage of development; I so to speak fill the soul, the spiritual in man, with my love power, the outflow of myself. And according to the love willingness of a man the inflow of power is increased and consequently fills the whole heart; therefore I myself am now present to man; I seize possession of him, as however also he holds me in the whole fullness in himself. What should perhaps move me, to shelter myself in a still dead object, which is actually spiritually rebellious to me. My presence would bring every form to melt, if it would be flown through by my love power, and every thinking man will recognize the nonsensical of this idea and reject such teachings, but men are of a simple mind, and they do not let themselves been taught, but stand by that, what to believe is demanded of them. And they show extreme great reverence to a dead object, to which they themselves have assigned a content, which is to represent the highest being most worthy of worship. Only a pure heart of man, able to love, is the temple in which I myself stay, and for that reason I do not need to be sought at certain places, at certain times and in a certain form – but every man is to get ready to be the vessel, in which I want to take residence; every man is to shape his heart to love; then I, as eternal love, will take residence in him; then he will be able to worship and venerate me everywhere and always; I will constantly be present to him, because my spirit will unite with his, because I myself are in him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4519.


Book 52 4520

Unmistakable sign of spiritual low: Rejection of divine word.

22. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4520.

This says enough that you, my servants on earth, are poorly received, if you bring my word to men as gift of your Lord. You, you who are spiritually awakened, you who unite yourselves with me in thoughts and through love work, you know and believe it that I myself speak to you; you therefore offer my word as God’s word. And therefore you must also recognize, how far away men are from me, that only very few accept me myself as originator of the word, that men therefore do not believe it that I express myself to them directly and consequently also do not accept the teachings. They do not recognize the voice of the father and creator from eternity. This is an unmistakable sign of the spiritual low of men. That, what you, my representatives on earth, impart to them, is rejected, and that, what on the other hand is offered to them by those, who call themselves my representatives, although they are not appointed by me, is accepted as pure truth and supported with an eagerness, but which they waste in error and lie. Who knows about pure truth, he also knows about the spiritual darkness of those, who reject my word, and no matter how eager servants the think they are. They have not yet recognized me and want to testify to me. They want to guide my flock and do not know themselves the right way; they want to teach and are themselves ignorant and with it of arrogant spirit, that they do not let themselves be taught, even so if I myself face them in the word. When they therefore do not recognize my word, they also do not recognize me myself. And it follows from this that the time of the end has come, because mankind can be lead back to me through nothing anymore, if it pays no attention to my word spoken directly from above. There is no means through which I can announce myself to them, than that I myself speak to men through your mouth, and mine, i.e., who strive towards me in free will, who often raise their thoughts to me, will also recognize my voice. And they will know, who of fellowmen belongs to mine, because these are the children of my opponent, who reject my word and consequently me myself, although they call themselves my servants, because the servants chosen by me recognize me and my word and are therefore closely connected to me, while the others go away from me more and more, if they do not accept what I send to them as special gift of favour. Amen. B.D. NR. 4520.


Book 52 4521

Cosmic changes.

23. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4521.

Where cosmic changes are shown, which announce the arrival of a natural disaster, there you can also certainly detect my work at men through indications before, admonitions and warnings of all kind, through seer foresightedness of special men devoted to God and through increased influence of light beings upon those who grant them entry through their will devoted to me and a walk of live according to this will. Where natural events become evident more frequently, there men are also more approachable to my pointers, and there is also mostly the reason given of frequent changes of the creation of nature through exactly such natural events, because the spiritual bound in it strives for ascent development, where men have a more obedient nature, and comes there quicker to maturity. But according to my plan of salvation from eternity now also natural creations are affected by my direct influence through the elements of nature, where such is otherwise rare. The powers, bound already endless long time, push for release and find my support. Also there that is now announced, what is to happen in nature. Men are made aware, although they are not approachable to my admonitions and warnings, my indications. Also the cosmic changes will become evident and could make every person think; and seers and prophets stand up, to whom the gift of prophecy makes it their duty to mention that, what they see or hear through spiritual connection. But because of the freedom of will and belief everything goes its natural course, and also cosmic changes are explained scientifically and therefore do not worry men. But all events, every process of nature can certainly be explained naturally, but always has a spiritual reason and explanation, and this is more important to observe than the sheer natural, because you cannot check or lessen the natural effects through your knowledge, but the spiritual effect you can utilize to your advantage and therefore hand yourselves over reassured to the natural effect. You are master over it, if you believe; therefore have exploited the spiritual use from your knowledge. Then you are master also over nature. Do you know what that means? To be able to also stop the elements of nature out of your will, which is also my will, if you are intimately connected to me? And also the released spiritual will acknowledge you as master – you will also be the ruler of matter, and it will willingly subordinate itself to you. This you still do not understand in its complete depth, but when you have reached this degree, it will be understandable to you, what you can achieve with my power, which you have at your disposal unlimitedly. But how few men just reach this degree of maturity through deep unshakable faith in me and my love and limitless devotion to me. But my power and magnificence will be revealed to them, and they will announce me in the whole world. They will always and continuously speak for me, because they are driven by my spirit, because they already no longer belong to this world, but stand shortly before their perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 4521.


Book 52 4522

Words to bearers of truth.

23. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4522.

Something is in store for you that contributes to the change what depresses you, and that will bring the inner peace to you despite all suffering. You are my servants on earth and are looked after by me, and so I direct your steps that you walk together in common service for me and my kingdom. Only a short time still remains for you, then the earthly fight is over. What this short time still brings over you in suffering and affliction that patiently take upon yourselves, because I pay it to you thousand fold, if you hold out until the end. And so that it becomes easier for you, I also give you the right companion for the earth course, so that you support yourselves one another; so that one helps the other carrying the suffering, which is still granted to you for the sake of soul maturity. But as bearers of truth I do not want to lose you, and for that reason I watch over you, so that you do not lose each other, neither to the world nor to error, i.e., the world is a danger for you, because it keeps you away from the desire for truth. Error is the same danger, because it also separates you from me, I, who am eternal truth. And may it also appear as if I do not fulfil your prayer. I have assigned a task to you, which you will fulfil together; and this causes a soul maturity, which is only achieved through inner struggle. But I do not let you out of my sight, and you can believe my words. I lead you to each other, because a separation of the workers is for me and my kingdom disadvantageous. I love you, because all of you are my children, and I also want to foster the union of my children to each other, as soon as it is helpful for the spiritual striving and the cooperation for my kingdom. Then my blessing will rest on every connection, and I myself will help you to it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4522.


Book 52 4523

Sign of the end.

24. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4523.

Unmistakeable are the signs, which announce the last end, but only of importance for him, who considers them in connection with the spiritual, because they take place in the framework of the natural and for that reason are only then recognized as announced marks of the end, when men themselves believe in an end, therefore are so focussed that they bring everything created into context with the creator and all events with his will. Then it is easy for them to believe in a rule and work of God; then they also know that nothing comes from itself, but everything is directed by the will of God. But then they also know that the book of the fathers must be believed, which announces an end since the beginning of the redemption period. And these announcements were reaffirmed and repeated by Jesus Christ, who so to speak brought a stage of the epoch to the conclusion and introduced a new one, however always with the indication to the end, to the conclusion of a long redemption period, which now comes to an end. So that this redemption period may now be successful for the souls, he himself had accomplished the work of redemption, and in this way it became possible to mature to spiritual beings in a short time, which no longer need a material earth. But the work of redemption was used too little. And so the earth as redemption station of the spiritual is not yet to be eliminated; only that it must arise again in new form, if the redemption of the unfree spiritual can progress – therefore it must first be destroyed and eradicated, to let something new come out of it. That this development phase is bound, is understandable, because God has always granted the spiritual a certain time for the release out of form, which is bound to his laws of the eternal order. This time has now expired, and consequently also the signs must become apparent, because God never leaves men un-warned or un-admonished, so that they can still extensively make use of the last time for their souls. Also the longest redemption period once comes to an end. But only to the believer will this appear as truth, and for that reason also only the believer will recognize the last signs and pay attention to them – he will know it that he now lives in the last time and must seriously think about his soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4523.


Book 52 4524

The world lay in bonds. (Christmas announcement)

25. and 26. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4524.

Peace is to be for you men on earth, if you are of good will. And for this reason I came myself as man to earth, to bring you the peace, i.e., to show the way on which you can reach the peace of the heart. Because the world lay in the bonds of Satan and had to be redeemed from him. And so one man was at the mercy of his malice by him granting him all power and fought against him. He faced the fight with him; not that he sought to flee from him, but all power he was to show him, and he wanted to resist him; he wanting to emerge as victor from this fight, to redeem men, to snatch them from Satan. Because the world lay in bonds. And so also you lie again in bonds, and the rescuer Jesus Christ has brought his work of redemption in vain for those men, who now walk on earth and do not believe in him. Again the misery is gigantic; Satan again rages and exerts great power; again men are far from me and need help. Again I fight from above against him, by me supplying truth there, where the lie and the error are represented as weapons of Satan. The world lies in bonds. Like a fetter lies the darkness of spirit over mankind; it cannot release itself, because it does not want that the light of eternal truth breaks through darkness. It lies in the spell of him, who is the ruler of darkness. And therefore I must again be its redeemer, but in another way. I must wrest from the adversary his power; I must capture him, so that the spell is broken, so that again peace prevails among men, the peace in me, which is given to all those, who want to live with me and for me. I bring peace to them, because I break the fetters and give freedom to all, who are of good will. I come again to earth; in the clouds I appear to all, who believe in me, and fetch them home into the kingdom of peace, before I cast the spell over him, who is their enemy and wants to ruin them. And so the rescuer will also again arise in greatest trouble. A child was once born to you. It descended from above down to earth, and so it also dwells today on earth in the spirit of those, who let themselves be redeemed by him, and I will go off to war with them against Satan; I will bring peace to those, who are of good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4524.


Book 52 4525

You are Peter the rock. Living faith – Church of Christ.

27. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4525.

Who wants to count himself to my church, he must stand in living faith, because I do not look at a dead faith, because it does not deserve the name "faith." And consequently you men have already the right characteristic of my church and also the explanation of my words: "You are Peter, the rock, upon you I will build my church." Only on a right faith is my church founded. But what is a right faith? To think something to be true, what cannot be proven – so goes your explanation. Nevertheless no blind faith is meant by this, no thoughtless accepting of faith teachings, because it can give birth to no convinced faith. But man must possess the inner conviction without proofs. This is right faith; otherwise it would just be a play of words, if one talks about faith. Only a convinced faith is a living faith, but never a blindly adopted dogma, which is just not rejected. Peter possessed a convinced faith, and for that reason I offered him as rock, which was to bear my church. And again and again I will make this faith a condition for the belonging to my church, because I do not content myself with those, who only confess a teaching with the mouth, but who lack the inner conviction. A living faith is condition, because only then the power of faith appears, where the inner conviction is to be found. That I require more from men, than just the mere confession with the mouth, must be clear to every thinking man, because the most nonsensical teachings could be presented to man and faith in it demanded.

But this I make impossible through my words, in which I give men a standard – the rock Peter – which is to carry my church. From this it follows that you men must therefore face every faith teaching, that you, to be able to convincingly believe, must mentally express your opinion on it and therefore understandably cannot accept every faith teaching; that an erroneous teaching must be recognized by you, because you cannot win the conviction of the absolute truth of that what is required from you to believe. You will very well be able to differentiate with serious thinking, which teachings correspond to truth and which teachings must be rejected. And so you will also be and remain right followers of my church, if you stand in living faith, and I will bless you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4525.


Book 52 4526

Decision between spiritual and earthly world.

28. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4526.

Choose between me and my opponent – choose between the spiritual kingdom and the earthly world. Know that the spiritual kingdom gets lost for you, if you win the earthly world, and know that you also lose me and the adversary draws you into his noose, if you strive for earthly goods and do not respect me. To give up the world means to win me; to possess the world, means losing me. But the desire of the heart is always decisive how far you desire the world or me. Because on earth you can call goods your own, but how you stand by them in the heart, that also determines your spiritual development and the possession of spiritual goods; who is now filled with the desire for earthly goods only, he has no mind for spiritual things; he is so far from me; the spiritual kingdom is so improbable for him; he is without faith and also without neighbourly love, because he only has the bodily wellbeing in his sight and works and has an effect only for himself, for the bodily cover, which soon passes. You must decide, because according to your attitude you will be given, to stand in spiritual wealth, if you desire me and leave the earthly goods unnoticed, or win worldly advantages for yourselves, if you strive for them and walk your earth way with the support of my opponent. But then you move away from me and go towards the kingdom of darkness. And I want to protect you from this. The children of the world are not to be called happy, although they apparently live along happy and free. Because nothing is of continued existence, what falls to them, what they possess or strive for. Everything passes and they themselves likewise, and what remains for them is misery and darkness. But who strive for me and my kingdom are probably to be called poor on earth, they will also often go through suffering and affliction, but happiness is certain for them, so they are free of the bodily cover. Then they are repaid thousand fold what they had to miss on earth and what they now possess, is of continued existence; it no longer passes for ever and will make you more happy than ever on earth happiness could be given to you. But the free decision you have to make, without compulsion you must choose between me and my opponent, and your lot on earth and also in the hereafter will be accordingly. Amen. B.D. NR. 4526.


Book 52 4527

Use of favour. Free will. Strengthening of will.

29. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4527.

Nothing will remain withheld from you what brings about use for your soul. And since truth is the greatest patron of the soul, it will always and constantly be supplied to you, if you are willing to receive. This therefore is precondition that you want it, to do better in your development; that you therefore desire to stand in truth. The will is yours; it is free and is influenced by me in no way, however fostered in every way, if it takes the right direction. Everything, what I give to you, everything, what contributes to the promotion of your soul maturity, is a gift from me, which I, as eternal love, offer him, who, once defected from me, has not yet returned to me voluntarily. They are gifts of favour, which you men do not deserve, but which my love gives you, to win you. Nevertheless all gifts of favour are ineffective, if your will is directed against me, because only the will subordinated to me makes favour a real means of help; only when your will strives towards me out of own drive, can the favours become effective for you. Consequently it only depends on you whether you cover the way up; whether you reach me as destination; whether you become perfect and therefore happy. It is your will, which determines this, which is not touched by me in its freedom. But I strengthen this will, if you ask for it, but then it is already turned towards me, otherwise you would not pray to me. The will is yours – and the will determines the measure of favour, which is used by you, but from my side an unlimited measure of favour is available to you. Who therefore believes being able to create his becoming happy out of own power, he must be opposed that certainly all supply of power goes out from me, that it is therefore certainly my power, which has an effect in him, but that he himself can and must demand this power, before it can have an effect for him, and this always only presupposes the will directed towards me, which is not determined or directed by me, but must be directed by you yourselves. You becoming happy can therefore never be determined by me, although I know about your will for eternity. Because when you seriously think about it, the work of redemption of Christ would be completely pointless, which was merely accomplished because of the weakened will, which was to grant help there, where man alone was too weak – to use the will right, to become free from form. You men certainly can nothing without my favour, because your whole earth life is indeed just a gift of favour from me. But because it is about the free ascent development of the soul during earth life, I make everything depending on your free will, which I have given you, so that you can become perfect, otherwise I would just have judged spirits and then the whole creation would not be necessary, if my will would determine the beings to become happy. My word must always be regarded by you as enlightenment, which is always given so, as it is comprehensible to you, and which always supplies you with pure truth, so that you are directed right in your thinking and therefore also in the direction of your will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4527.


Book 52 4528

Reference to natural disaster. Surprise.

30. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4528.

Also you, my loyal ones, will be surprised of the sudden change in earthly respect. You will hear a last reference, but also pay too little attention to it and for that reason will also be too little prepared. But I want to once again inform you that the days are numbered and you can safely reckon to enter a new live section, which indicates the near end far too clearly. I have told you this, and I tell you again and again, that you are the generation which experiences the end. And so that you believe in it, that the end is near and still have the last possibility, to prepare yourselves seriously, I announce to you my previous revelation through the elements of nature. I want that you believe, and make it easy for you to believe. I further announce to you what you experience, and prove to you the truth of my words, so that you also believe in the end and use the last time for your soul accordingly. But you doubt and are lukewarm in your soul work; even you, my loyal ones, do not take my word so seriously, that you would completely focus on it. And when I now appear, you will be surprised just as that, despite the announcement before. But who believes my word, does not need a further warning, because he expects me daily and knows that time is short. And to him I will reveal myself in unmistakable way, because he is to witness still shortly before, so that fellowmen become believing, when I appear. He will feel me; I will always be present to him, and for that reason he will also be able to testify of me and eagerly speak for me. And his eagerness I bless and bestow on him my help quite obviously, when the great trouble starts. Time has expired. Believe this and expect me and I will come. Strong faith attracts me; strong faith allows my presence and makes my revelation possible and therefore also the severe life burden easier, because I have also promised my protection to those who believe in me and count as mine. And they will know that the time has come, although also they are surprised that comes true what I have announced always and constantly through word and Script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4528.


Book 52 4529

New Year’s message: Resistance of men against God.

New Year’s night 1949. B.D. NR. 4529.

The resistance of men against me is great, and only my exceedingly great love protects them from the complete fall into the depth. But the distance from me cannot be decreased, as long as they do not give up their resistance. But resistance is every rejection of my favour, and favour is everything, what leads you up, towards me, and consequently helps to again establish the original state. Favour is therefore also the supply of my word, which imparts pure truth to you, a knowledge that contributes to recognize, to love me and to keep my commands. Man must accept this knowledge; otherwise he receives a wrong picture of me as creator and father from eternity. Lack of knowledge restricts love towards me, and wrong knowledge leads away from me. This must be said first, if man is to grasp it, that and why truth is exceedingly important for the ascent development of the soul. Where truth is not represented, the way to me is blocked, and I cannot be reached via error, and so it will also be understandable that I supply a special gift of favour to men: My direct word from above, because every erroneous teaching must be corrected, if he is to progress in his development, because I myself as eternal truth cannot tolerate it that error and lie walks along next to me. And for that reason I must first correct erroneous teachings, and I only need men, who make themselves available to me in free will, who are willing to receive my teaching in all purity and to pass it on to fellowmen. To them I make my word accessible, indeed in different form, but always of the same content; whether they now accept it directly from me or through mediators, whether they read or hear it, that is suited to their state of maturity and their willingness to receive. For that reason my word can be received at many places in all purity, because also the written word can impart to man the same knowledge, if he receives it in his heart and memory in the desire for truth. He will then always be directed through my spirit in right thinking and therefore stand in truth. But where the will of man resists my will, where man does not devote himself to me, but so to speak wants to get to the truth out of the own intellect, there it will hardly be possible to offer truth. But the resistance against me is great, because all who remain on their spiritual good, who stubbornly hold on to a thought material, which was supplied to them from outside, do this resisting, because they are not willing to give up this thought material against better knowledge. And so first of all the question must be asked: What entitles you to regard exactly this your thought material as truth, where really different schools of thought, different denominations also represent different teachings? With serious thinking you must concede that you have no proof to possess exactly that right knowledge – unless you can prove a direct spirit work, but which will then always produce the same thought material. That it was so taught to you is no proof, that truth was imparted to you. You must always make yourselves aware that man stands in free will and that he, as long as he is still imperfect, through the influence of the adversary, will always more and more confess that, what corresponds to his imperfection, that he therefore must either be perfect, to stand in truth, or else in the awareness of his inadequate state and his ignorance as result of which he must stretch out of the depth his hands up to the light, to the original source of truth, so that his hand might be grasped and he is drawn up into the kingdom of light. He must ask and let himself be given – but not research and ponder intellectually, without the humble admission of his inability for it. Mankind is too much convinced to stand in truth and for this reason pure truth can hardly be supplied to it. But every thinking man should get into doubts through the diversity of that what is considered as truth, on account of his own knowledge and therefore seek truth now there, where it started. I now come to meet men, by me sending bearers of truth to them, but these find open and hidden resistance. But how do you want to gain possession of truth? In which form should it be offered to all those that it finds acceptance, without that free will is restricted? It is up to your resistance only, which I do not break forcibly, but which is still to be blamed for the great darkness, which is spread over earth. I certainly could achieve everything enforced, but you must strive for perfection in all freedom, and that is why there will always only be few men, to whom I can supply pure truth directly, as also the number of those will not be great, who accept the word from above through you, although my current of love flows in all directions and truth seeks to find entrance everywhere in some form. And spiritual conversations are mostly those, which could cause asking thoughts towards eternal truth. And no-one will be able to dispute having had opportunity to spiritual conversations. It always only depends on the inner resistance, which often opposes pure truth through the influence of Satan. But the desire for me and therefore for truth breaks the resistance and enables man to accept my word, through which he is instructed in truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4529.


Book 52 4530

God’s love and mercy.

2. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4530.

Mercifully I look upon the inhabitants of earth, who, in their blindness, strive for and chase after material goods and leave the short earth time, which is given to them for redemption, unused. I know about their inadequate maturity; I see their idleness of life; I see the spiritual misery and the fate, towards they go after completion of the life of their body; I see their will, their hardened hearts, their unbelief and their powerlessness and inability, to rescue themselves, and this state makes me sorry. My love is meant for these unhappy ones, to whom no rescue can be brought, because they do not want to let themselves be rescued. And my love always devises new means, to turn their will towards me; because I want to lose no soul; I want to win them back and own them for ever. I approach all men in form of suffering, which is to make their hearts soft and receptive for my love and favour; I speak to all men myself through life, and I seek to push all men onto the bridge, which leads to me. I seek to cause them to pray, so that I can help them. I dwell myself on this earth among men, who no longer recognize me; I speak to them through my servants and constantly woo their love, because my mercy is exceedingly great, because my love is infinite. And I have little success, because the desire for matter prevails; men are too earthly minded and do not think of their souls. Nevertheless I do not give them up, because once also the most stubborn soul will find back to me; once it will feel touched by my love and longingly approach me; once it will become mine, although it lasts eternities, because my love is power and life, and my mercy knows no boundaries. And so I must once win back every soul, and no matter if it languishes in deepest darkness – once it will strive for the light and therefore also towards me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4530.


Book 52 4531

Coming in the Clouds. Rapture. End.

4. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4531.

And I come to you to fetch you into my kingdom. Think of this promise in the hours of trouble and wait for me and my help, firmly believe that I come as your saviour when the trouble becomes unbearable. And do not be afraid because I am stronger than he that wants to ruin you. Know that it is easy for me to destroy him; but nothing would be achieved with this because the many who are his followers would continue his work when they would not be destroyed as well. But this does not work because what has emerged out of my spirit of creation continues to exist in eternity; it cannot cease to exist because it is power out of me that is immortal. But I will save you out of his power by banishing him and with him all those who are in bondage to him. But you will be placed into the kingdom of peace where you will live like in paradise until I bring you to the new earth that you are now to liven up according to my will. Nobody will believe this promise - this prophecy - because when I come in the clouds I abolish the laws of nature by lifting you up alive to me in full view of your fellow human beings that have become slaves to my opponent. They are in a way therefore experiencing something adverse to nature that they now do not want to believe in. But you who are mine, you know that with me no thing is impossible and so you also know that I can inactivate or reverse the laws of nature when it is beneficial to my plan of salvation from eternity. You know about the meaning and purpose of creation and my eternal plan of salvation, therefore you also know that there is an end and that you are standing in the last times before the end. Therefore you also do not doubt this announcement that I already have sent to men since the beginning of this period of redemption. You think it is possible and you are to firmly believe in it so that you can get over the difficult times always thinking and hoping of my certain help and my coming from above. Whatever evil things men are still doing to you, overlook it because they will receive their punishment and this will be bitter. They will see you lifted up in front of their eyes while death lurks around them and they can escape in no direction; they will be swallowed up by earth and a dreadful lot will be theirs on the new earth. But you will receive the just compensation, all misery will have an end, you will live free and happy on the new earth in the middle of a paradise, in the middle of love and a direct connection to me, who will often stay among men that have become love. And that is the end that is predicted through seers and prophets, again and again, that has been announced since the beginning of the redemption period so that mankind believes. But nobody takes these prophecies seriously, however the day will come that brings it all and the last judgement, as it has been announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4531.


Book 52 4532

Use of the power of God.

4. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4532.

Use the power of me, and prepare yourselves for an extraordinary event, which will surprise you shortly. Only with my power you are able to pass the tests, which arise from it that you spread my word as mission from above. I always stand by you; I do not leave you, but worldly you will find no support, only spiritual striving men acknowledge you and seek to help you, but the world stops them. But help comes obviously, and then you know that I am at work, that I never let you in trouble, if you just trust me. And this trust you are to acquire by you becoming immersed in the word, as often as you can. Your faith will experience a strengthening, which you never ever win if you do not use the power of the word. But in trouble you will feel it, if you intimately connect yourselves with me and will never have the feeling of being deserted, of loneliness and helplessness. And then you will fearlessly justify yourselves, if you have to take responsibility, and my spirit will give to you, what you are to speak. For that reason do not get a fright, when my word fulfils itself with you – as soon as you are to justify yourselves for your spiritual work, you can be sure of all protection, even so the world faces you threateningly. Just one thing I entrust you with: Draw power out of my word, before the shameful work of the world begins, because it fears the power of the word, otherwise they would not take action against you. For the world – i.e. opposition to the spirit – shows itself also there, where it pretends to represent me. The world is everything, what takes action against me, attacks my word from above and therefore works against me. But you are not inferior to this world, because it is my opponent, consequently I stand against it and therefore by your side, and with me you will win, also over the strongest opponents and therefore need to fear no-one, if you are active in my name for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4532.


Book 52 4533

Spiritual change. Total transformation of earth.

6. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4533.

This you can let yourselves become a certainty that the world stands before a change, spiritually as well as also earthly. The earth itself stands before a total transformation, before a reshaping of its surface, as also a great inner recasting, and men must likewise prepare themselves for an event, which will have a spiritual effect, because everything living on earth, man and animal, has stopped to be, as soon as the reshaping of the earth goes on. It is therefore well comprehensible that the whole change has spiritual reasons, that a new spiritual school is created, which however causes a destruction of all old before. But as now the earth cannot continue to exist, if it is not to completely revolve pointlessly among the other creations and heavenly bodies through the cosmos. A change must occur, and this act of change is experienced by those men, to whom God gives the favour, to use the last possibilities of maturation. Because God has blessed the last time of the existence of this earth, by him sending favours over favours to men and they are well able to completely mature until the last day. That the gifts of favour are disregarded, that they are not received by the greatest part of men, therefore accepted, is just a proof that the last time has come. Only few will therefore be able to follow the last act of change, because they stand in the will of God and for that reason also have knowledge of his plan of salvation from eternity. To them the act of change will do no harm, because they are raptured before the last work of destruction of the old earth and therefore fall to the change only insofar that they exchange their stay for a kingdom of peace, until they are again brought to the completely reshaped earth as stock of the new generation of men. But the others have still plenty of opportunity until the last day to change and therefore also to rescue themselves. Because as soon as the spiritual transformation has occurred in them, the return of the soul to God, to whom they until now were apostate in the hardest resistance, are also these souls candidates of the kingdom of the blessed and no longer need to fear the ruin of the old earth. Nothing of the creations of the old earth will remain in existence any longer, as also no man will stay alive, who was not raptured before through God’s love. Complete destruction of the whole surface of the earth also results in the end of all creatures, and where a soul was still able to change, this change will also be carried out at the hour of the last judgement. The spiritual change is therefore decisive for man, whether he will survive the end of this earth period and is allowed to enliven the new earth as child of God. (6.1.1949) All men would still be able to change, but willing to change are only few, and consequently the act of change at the earth will also be carried out, because the will of men no longer takes the right direction and earth is no longer in accordance of its actual purpose. Earth life is abused. And so the whole of mankind stands before a spiritual change, but which will no longer take place on the old earth and is experienced consciously by only few men, while the greatest part of men certainly also enters a completely different development stage, is therefore also touched by the spiritual change, however in a very backward meaning – they lose the life of the body and continue existence in a completely different form. "Life" has stopped and the state of "death" embraces the spiritual, because it has failed as man, because it has not made use of the possibility of change, to redeem itself. But in the universe the act of change means a completely new redemption period and the completion of an epoch, which was extremely notable, because God himself embodied himself on earth, to hold up his life as an example for mankind, the change from man to divine being, which all men are to carry out with themselves. Earth, which carried his earthly body, must now also help the hardened spiritual, solid matter, to redemption; every creature must experience a change of its outer form; everything bound in form under the stage as man must be able to comply with the upward impetus, what is certainly possible through a total transformation of earth, because the love of the God-man Jesus was also meant for the still unredeemed spiritual and also wanted to help it through his work of redemption. If this redemption section now comes to an end, then this also means an end for all creations in, on and above earth, so that then a further development in the creations of the new earth can take its beginning for all spiritual still to be redeemed, which will, according to its will, enliven in the face of God the different forms until its final redemption. Amen. B.D. NR. 4533.


Book 52 4534

Right teacher. Truth - Error.

7. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4534.

Men must hand themselves over to a good teacher, if they want to be taught right, but instruction they need, as long as they do not go to me myself in school. To be directly taught by me they can at any time, but knowledge about it lacks and faith. So they must now receive knowledge somewhere else and are to just pay attention that the teacher himself stands in truth and therefore can teach them right. (9.1.1949) It must be so important to them themselves, to be instructed in truth, and therefore they are also to check, where the teacher has taken his knowledge from; they are to first realize in what relationship the teacher stands towards me. For it they themselves must indeed first believe in me as creator and father from eternity; they must acknowledge a divinity inwardly and have the endeavour to get to know this divinity. That is first precondition; otherwise a man will hardly try to penetrate into spiritual knowledge. A difference must be made between men, who take advice, and such, who want to be taught. Former let themselves be pushes into a school without resistance; they let themselves be seized by teachers, who seek subjects to whom they want to impart their knowledge, their views. Latter try themselves to find a school to receive knowledge, and they are serious about winning truth. Towards these seekers I am accommodating and supply the right teacher to them. But since also my opponent wants to win your soul, he will not fail to also lead the representatives of error in the way of them. Also unsuitable teachers will cross the way of him, who seeks truth, and for that reason references are to be given to you, that and how you are to check, to entrust yourselves to the right teachers. And again it may be said, that your attention must first be directed upon that, how the teacher himself stands towards me, whether he represents my word alive or his lips only pass on my word, what is very soon recognizable to the serious seeker, because the alive rendered word arouses enthusiasm in the heart of the listener, while the dead word wears out and makes man disinclined to listen. The man hungry for truth can now indeed also draw a certain use out of this dead word, nevertheless, he will feel it that such instructions do not satisfy him, that he demands more, and then he is to give in to this desire and seek another teacher for himself. But teachers, who prompt man to eager debates, who render my word lively and find echo in the heart, who themselves are connected to God and let this recognize through a kind loving nature, are the right representatives of my word and in possession of truth. And full of confidence you can leave yourselves to them; they will instruct you right and contribute that you soon establish yourselves the intimate connection with me and can consequently be instructed by my spirit directly, mentally or through the inner word. The origin of their knowledge can indeed be the same with both teachers; both can have won the knowledge through study, and nevertheless their abilities as teacher are different and consequently also their knowledge, according to the maturity of their soul purest truth or interspersed with error. For that reason you must always pay attention to the way of life, which the teacher leads, how far the man lives in the following of Christ, i.e., how far he is penetrated by the love towards the neighbour, which leaves his mark on his whole nature and will always be recognizable, because love does not hide itself. Truth will always be there, where love is, because it cannot be won scholastically, but can be recognized and taken hold of only through spirit work, which is the result of a love life. And so you can always tell whether a teacher feels his own thought material or just words, which have not yet found the right echo in the heart and therefore cannot be rendered lively. Examine the teachers, and choose the suitable teacher, because you will come into contact with both. The right ones will be supplied to you by me, but entry to you will also not be refused to the others, because you are to decide for yourselves and also can do it, if you are of serious will to be instructed in truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4534.


Book 52 4535

Feeding of the soul. God‘s care about the earthly.

10. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4535.

Do not just feed yourselves earthly, but remember your soul that it also needs food and more urgently than the body. You worry too much about your earthly well-being and do not consider that everything is invalid with the hour of death, but that already tomorrow can bring the end of the life of the body for you and your anxious worry is then completely wasted. But what you have given to the soul, that it keeps, and that alone is the foundation of the new life in the opposite kingdom; it is the capital with which alone you can work. Again and again I want to point out to you that your earth life no longer lasts long and that you should seriously remember the time after that, that you provide for yourselves for this time, that you create an acceptable lot for eternity. Lead a life in unselfish neighbourly love, and remember me on many occasions; consciously connect yourselves with me, and ask me for my help, and also earthly you will no longer need to worry, because then I care for you. How easy I make earth life for you, if you would just accept my care and help; if you fulfil the conditions, which let me take over the care for you. You need not worry about the earthly, if you would just worry about your soul. It hungers and lives in want, while the body is given food and drink and all pleasure of the world. Give food to the soul, and offer the bread and the wine of life to it - feed it with my word, because it hungers for it; give it spiritual food, so that it matures during earth life, so that not a weak soul, living on a poor diet, enters the opposite kingdom, but the soul itself is strengthened in the hour of death, that it easily comes off the body and full of power and light enters through the gate of eternity the kingdom of light. You must help yourselves to get to it, that it increases in power and light; you are not allowed to look after the body and its wishes so much, but you must only satisfy the desire of the soul and send it what it needs, then also the body will be fed and receive, what it needs. But one thing is necessary that you send food and drink to the soul, so that it does not become incompetent for the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4535.


Book 52 4536

Power of evil. Strong faith. Come unto me, all ye.

11. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4536.

That is the power of the evil one, who seeks to ruin those who want to be mine. He does not give them up and seeks to make use of every opportunity to push the souls away from me. And he always creates opportunities by him seeking to pull back man to the world and want to make him weak. Then great resistance is required, which again needs great power, which alone I can give to him. Strengthen yourselves through the word, then you use the source of power – you get into contact with me, and I can supply power to you unmeasured. How often already have I given you the assurance that you enjoy my special protection, if you are active for me and my kingdom. Why do you not keep to my word; why is your faith so weak and again and again threatens to fail? Only strong faith will let you come to inner peace, and you can gain it, if you just let me speak to you and consider my words in the heart. Then also the adversary will have no power over you; then he will let you do as you like and flee from you, because you confront him with that power, which is stronger than him. Strong faith banishes every disaster and can also give to a weak man enormous power, so that he needs to fear nothing, if he just believes. And this power you must acquire, then you are equal to all storms of life and master over life and death. Because even death you can command, if you firmly and unshakably believe. But anxiety and fear is a sign of weak faith and therefore also lack of trust in my help. "Call upon me in trouble; come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Why do you not call this promise into your memory; why do you hesitate and seek to cope alone with that, what you think is difficult and unconquerable? – Ask for my help, and it will become yours. Fetch power for yourselves out of my word, and you will lose all weakness – go no step without me, and your way will be level, because I do not leave you in trouble, if you call me for help. Amen. B.D. NR. 4536.


Book 52 4537

Earthly knowledge insignificant against spiritual knowledge.

11. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4537.

Truly I say to you, your spirit will announce to you greater things than science can ever teach you. You will never receive error, if you desire truth. For that reason you will also be able to do without world wisdom; it will earn you little use, because you also very soon recognize the worthlessness, because my spirit enlightens you about the actual meaning and purpose of your life. If you possess this knowledge, all other knowledge is insignificant; you can call yourselves rich, although world men have no understanding for it and prefer earthly knowledge to spiritual knowledge. But latter is of continued existence, while former passes with the moment of death. But to whom spiritual knowledge from above is sent, he should no longer set great store on this-earthly knowledge, because both together he will not be able to receive with heart and intellect, because one seeks to push away the other, because both together means a burden for man and the world of thought reflects in him unclear and confused. Let spiritual instructions be enough for you; know that you should mature very fast and sole value only has that, what the spirit out of me announces to you. Know that world knowledge is perishable as soon as the last great fight starts, as soon as the last phase begins. What I say to you through your spirit that will secure your spiritual and also earthly life, but you will no longer be able to make use of worldly knowledge; only works of neighbourly love, which require earthly science, will earn blessings for those who practise them, although also to them spiritual truths bring far more advantage for the soul. The voice of my spirit is truly irreplaceable; but earthly science is not absolutely needed, unless it seeks to bring enlightenment to heal men from error, which undermines faith in me. But then also the earthly scientist is already filled by my spirit, and he draws his knowledge from me, I who also supported him in earthly respect. But as soon as you pay more attention to earthy knowledge, my spirit steps back and is still and adopts an attitude of ‘wait and see,’ and then it depends on you yourselves, whether he carries on with his instructions, whether he imparts spiritual truths to you. As long as you stand in the world, you must indeed also fulfil the post conscientiously, which is assigned to you, nevertheless you should let the spirit in you become effective often, which gives you in one hour more truth than you can ever hear through earthly teachers. Amen. B.D. NR. 4537.


Book 52 4538

Spreading of the divine word. Seeping water.

12. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4538.

What is sent to you from above is allotted to all men. This means first that it can help everyone to the salvation of the soul who takes note of it, that it therefore means a means of favour for every men, which secures the ascent up for him, it he uses it. It will not lose its effect with one or the other, if he himself does not make the effect impossible through his behaviour or his attitude towards the divine word. It is therefore in truth a source at which everyone can refresh himself. But the circle, which takes note of it, can now be smaller or greater, according to the active will of him, who, as my disciple, is to carry it out into the world. My word speaks for itself, and where it has once met with approval, it will also find again spreading; my word will not lose power, but it requires an eager activity for me and my kingdom, if it is to find great spreading. You men can all contribute a great deal to it, if you mention that, what is brought to you. And each one will also do this automatically, if he is touched by my word in the heart; then it pushes him to impart the same to fellowmen, and then my word woos for itself. To which extent it now asserts itself, depends however on the will of men, whether they let themselves be instructed and want to receive the delicious gift from above. Because the will is free and is in no way influenced by me. The word from above will grow in size and influence, although the place of origin on earth appears hidden from the public. Like small water it will seep in all directions and again and again refresh thirsty men, but the world does not pay attention to it, and there are only few who will get pleasure from it, because other things are more desirable to them than my word. Always only individual men accept it, and for that reason truth will only find little spreading, although my disciples work eagerly for me. And so it does not depend on me that the world does not take notice of my gift, of truth, which alone brings rescue to them, but mankind itself does not want this light; it will remain in the dark and rather seeks to extinguish light than to step into the circle of light. But where a desiring heart is, I also truly lead the current of favour of my love, because I show my disciples the ways, which lead past their door, and I knock on everywhere through those. And where just a small gap is opened, living water seeps through. Who therefore believes in my word, to him it will now constantly flow and again grow much in size and influence, because it is living water, which never stands still and also always has an enlivening effect for him, who devotes himself to its effect. That my word however, measured on mankind, finds so little notice and spreading, is because of the resistance of man himself, which I never break by force. But I certainly offer enough opportunity, but who makes use of it? – But once there will be bitter remorse with all to whom I have supplied my word from above and experienced its rejection. Because it is an incalculable gift of favour, which my love offers to you men, but you do not recognize its value, because you love the world and carry desire for its treasures. Amen. B.D. NR. 4538.


Book 52 4539

Will of resistance of men towards the divine word.

14. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4539.

It is notable how few men devote themselves to the effect of the divine word, how little they take notice of it, that it is supplied to them in extraordinary way, and how often they rebel against it inwardly and reject it quietly or openly. Men are already strongly influenced by the opponent of God, who clouds the ability to judge and has weakened the will, and that is why they do not recognize and do not want to recognize, what they lack and could bring help to them. The most important appears to them completely unimportant; they just pay attention to the demands of the body and are spiritually little interested. And so it is also to be explained, that the divine word is always only occasionally recognized as truth and sends out its rays as light into the surrounding area. There will only be few men, who feel the power of the divine word at themselves and therefore mature their soul through it. The Gospel will certainly be carried everywhere, but not find open doors everywhere, and so only occasionally the little lights light up and cannot chase away the darkness of the night, which lies spread over earth. Only there it will be light and clear, where the light from above is lighted, where the directly offered word is received, which is superb in its effect on men. And so it is not because of the word itself, it is also not because of the activity of the messengers of God, but of the will of resistance of men, that the divine word does not find that spreading, which is necessary if mankind is to recover spiritually and to prepare for the last judgement. Innumerable threads are spun between heaven and earth; from earth itself also numerous threads go in all directions; everywhere the tidings of the extraordinary work of God get through, and it could therefore also find spreading in all directions, but again and again the threads die out, and with respect to free will it is impossible to send the divine word to men, as long as the will opposes it inwardly. Therefore constantly it must be wooed and worked, and as soon as just one individual man accepts the message from above, a great work of rescue has been accomplished, and for the sake of these individual souls God supplies his word to earth, so that they find the way to him, before the end comes, before it becomes night and all light goes out. Amen. B.D. NR. 4539.


Book 52 4540

Fate. Purification possibilities.

14. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4540.

Do not rebel against fate, if you think it to be hard, otherwise you rebel against me. I know it that and how you suffer, but that also this suffering is necessary for your soul. And if you wish a better lot for yourselves in eternity, you must regard earth life as a short preparation time for the actual life in eternity, which is to get you ready for it. But you can only then be suitable for the spiritual kingdom, if your soul can bear my nearness. This state must therefore be reached on earth to be a candidate for the spiritual kingdom, and this requires a strict school, where the soul is exposed to possibilities of purifications, which should and also will earn it success, if it is willing. Therefore life must offer such purification possibilities, and these exist only in possibilities for serving in neighbourly love or in sufferings of most different kind. You men have now become very lukewarm in works of love and therefore need the second purification means – suffering in intensified form. I would never let men suffer, because my love towards my creatures is gigantic. But without suffering no man would mature, but be in greatest danger to completely break away from me and cling to matter. And this I want to prevent, and so I often apply means of force; I approach you through events full of grief to cause you to come to me, to unite with me and to receive directly from me the power to not succumb. I know about your development, about your will for eternity, and that is why also your fate is my work and imposed on you in wise foresight of its success possibility. And for this reason you are not to grumble and complain, but instead be mindful of that I have given you all, joy and suffering, and if suffering presses you excessively, remind yourselves of it, that your earth life is not long anymore, but that increased suffering secures you spiritual progress. Rejoice that you are allowed to suffer, because my love has given it to you, because I want to help you to become perfect to be united with you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4540.


Book 52 4541

Existence of God. Wise men of the world. Heart and Intellect.

15. January 1949 B.D. NR. 4541.

The wise man of the world finds it often difficult believing in a divinity, because his intellect is obliged to draw other conclusions through knowledge, but which is not completely in accordance with truth. Already one erroneous opinion about the development of the earth leads to wrong ideas, and then it is difficult, to accept an eternal creator, a being, which should certainly be recognizable through its expression of power, however mostly does not want to be recognized. Science seeks to prove everything. Where this is not possible for it, it does not really admit its incompetence, but it simply does not acknowledge what is inaccessible to its research. And therefore it builds up on a wrong view, and in the end the way to the eternal divinity is so difficult to find, even so the will for it is there. All research should start to make the existence of God clear, which indeed cannot be proven, but is believed full of inner conviction. Then every research will go quickly and successfully. But to first reach this convinced faith, man must, despite the sharpness of the intellect, eliminate latter and devote himself to the feelings of the heart; he must leave all science aside and like a child let himself be instructed from the inside, i.e. accept as truth, what he imagines or wishes according to feeling. He must as it were dream with open eyes. Then he will always have a divinity in mind, which directs and steers everything and of which he knows that it carries him. The most inner wish of a man is and remains a strong power over him; only the intellect of the world seeks to suffocate this wish, because also he speaks to the intellect who wants to push away a divinity, but who cannot reach the heart of man and for that reason seeks to influence the intellect of man the harder. Through the heart God expresses himself; through the intellect his opponent when the heart is not stronger and draws the intellect on its side. Then it is also possible to recognize God intellectually, and then heart and intellect strive towards the eternal divinity; then also science will build up on another foundation; it will draw other conclusions, which are truly no wrong conclusions, because as soon as a research takes its start with the belief in a divinity, it will not remain without success and also come close to truth, no matter on which field it starts. Then science and faith will no longer stand in opposition to each other, but only complement each other, and only then knowledge is free of error, when it harmonises with faith in God as omnipotent, wise and loving being, which understands everything, what was, is and will remain until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4541.


Book 52 4542

Development of soul independent of bodily advantages.

16. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4542.

The properties of the earthly body have nothing to do with the development of the soul; they only have a different effect on the soul, so that full opportunity is offered to every man to mature on earth. Spiritual abilities can certainly lead to a faster perfection, but are otherwise also a danger for man that he makes use of them earthly, i.e. material wise and rather hinders the soul than supports it in its ascent striving. A good developed intellect should certainly be able to easily recognize the eternal creator and his work, but mostly a primitive man is more believing, who lets the intellect speak less than his heart, while the intellectual man often claims of being able to fathom everything by virtue of his intellect, and therefor rejects what is not possible for him to fathom. But what the intellect alone is not able to do, is possible with the power and favour of God. And so one can certainly say that it is a favour being able to believe and to penetrate into spiritual truths, a favour, which, as gift of God, also must produce an ascent development of the soul. But this gift of favour wants to be requested or accepted, otherwise it remains ineffective. God has given man earth life for the purpose of perfection of the soul, which still dwells in a far distance from God. The soul is weak and ignorant through its poor state; it would never take and cover the way up out of its own power, if God would not always and constantly help it. And this help is favour, which approaches man in many different forms, certainly stimulating the will of him, but not forcing him. If man now lets himself be stimulated by it, then favour becomes effective for him; if he is negative or inactive, then he does not use favour and cannot progress. But often the favour of God is not recognized as such, and only obvious appearances of spiritual development are considered and acknowledged as favour from above. But that every man can receive favour constantly and the source of favour of God is never exhausted, is unknown to men; they indeed even start with the wrong prerequisite that men are given by God differently already in their bodily properties and therefore can also mature differently. So much is certain that bodily advantages, gifts, talents and special abilities often make the maturing of the soul more difficult, because the will must always first become active and it is much more likely inclined to utilize such advantages earthly. They are therefore to a certain degree certainly gifts of favour, but if they are not used, completely ineffective. Man constantly stands in the midst of favours, because the love of God is constantly intent on means to help him up. Everything what approaches him is a possibility of help, and therefore everything is also favour, which will always be effective when man consciously asks for the supply of favour, when he constantly connects himself with God in thoughts, through prayer or through love work. Then he will also use the favours according to the will of God. But a gift of favour of particular effect is his word, which is offered to you men from above. And it is again decisive whether it is accepted by men, whether the gift of favour becomes effective with the individual and he wants to draw an advantage for his soul from it. Who has God’s word, who accepts it from above or out of the mouth of his servants on earth, he certainly has an extraordinary maturation possibility, he is therefore in the possession of an extremely great favour of God, but also this favour can be rejected heedlessly, if it does not want to be recognized as favour. And again the primitively thinking man can have the advantage, who confesses the divine word feeling wise, while the man, blessed with all abilities, only lets his intellect speak and rejects what the heart receives believingly. So favours can be sent to man unmeasured – they want to be recognized and accepted as favours, otherwise they are and remain completely ineffective and man comes to a standstill in his development, because he does not use the favours, but which God sends to all his creatures in his infinite love, because he wants that all become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4542.


Book 52 4543

Last hour. Nightfall. Light bearers.

17. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4543.

The world clock shows the last hour. Do you know what that means? That you stand shortly before the end, that then a night falls of terrible darkness for all spiritual, which has not found to the light, to me. But light twilight is still spread over earth; there are still light rays, which shine in the surrounding area and make it possible for men to find the way. And you are to turn to these light rays; you are not to believe that they shine constantly, because as night has fallen, also this light will be carried there, where there is no darkness, but where you men can no longer reach, if you have not already before taken the right way. Hurry, because the little lights only still burn a shortest time, which can be your rescue. The first shadows of night already fall, and what the night means for you men on this earth, that I announce to you constantly. Greatest darkness surrounds you and makes you unable to all activity. In agonizing surroundings you will dwell and not being able to free yourselves from the fetters, into which you are thrown because of your desire for goods of this earth. And there will be no life any longer in you; no power for activity, because darkness paralyses all power, which man otherwise called his own. And night will last endlessly before again a ray of light will break through. There is still light on earth despite the advanced daytime; my sun of favour still shines occasionally and seeks to have an effect on the hearts of men; the way up still lies recognizable before you; light bearers again and again still step into your way, drawing your attention to the unevenness and dangers, which threaten you, if night surprises you. But you can still go the way to the end, if you are not tardy; it is just very short, and the falling night can find you already at the final destination and no longer harm you, when you just hurry, to reach the right way, and follow the light, which is lighted everywhere for the wandering hikers, so that they go right and reach the destination. But woe betide you if night falls and you stand in darkness and can see no little light any longer – then your lot is decided, then there is no brightness for endless times for you; you must languish in the night of death, and your lot will be a bitter one through your own fault. Amen. B.D. NR. 4543.


Book 52 4544

Follow me.

18. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4544.

Follow me, and you will reach the destination already on earth, which is set for you since the beginning. You must cultivate a love life, which makes him very real to you, who is eternal love himself. And if you now imagine my walk on earth and ask me for the strengthening of your will for the sake of the work of redemption, it will also be easy for you, to live in love, because I help you and constantly send opportunities to you, where you can let your will to love become active, if it is your urge. My life on earth was only a practising of unselfish neighbourly love. And the result was the union of the father, eternal love, with me, so that I could have his power and might, light and wisdom, at my disposal, like my property. I was filled by his spirit, by his power and his light. And therefore everything was possible for me, because God himself worked in me. As man I have supplied the proof that it is nothing impossible to be full of the divine spirit, that therefore every man is able of the miracles and signs, which I have worked, that man can form himself for it, that he as image of God can make all powers serviceable to him and therefore can also accomplish everything, what he wants. Follow me. The whole power of God is at your disposal; he imposes no restrictions on you; he gives unmeasured, and you can make use of all that, what he wants to hand out, because he loves you. Follow me – live a life in unselfish neighbourly love, and you will become perfect and being able to enjoy constantly the love and favour of God. I speak as man to you, as I walked on earth as man, who likewise had to gain divine power for himself through a life in love, which also could only reach the union with the eternal divinity through love. I show the way to you, which you just need to go, to then also recognize the truth of my word. Let yourselves be pushed on this way by me; do not resist me; try your hand at love work, and your power will increase; your will to love will be stimulated, because love itself is power and when you practise it, also that, what you give, flows again back to you as power. Try it; let my words touch your heart; let yourselves be called by me, and follow me. I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness of your life. Everything threatens to wither around you, if you do not water the dry area with the divine love current – if you do not bring all the good shoots to development through love and increase the power in you. Do not let my call die away unheard; pay attention to it and consider that I demand nothing impossible from you, because I myself gave you as man an example for it what love and the will of a man is able to do. Follow me, and you will be and remain happy until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4544.


Book 52 4545

Necessity and blessing of spiritual work.

19. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4545.

Only what remains for ever is of value for the soul, and only what earns the soul success is to be striven for, otherwise man wastes his power, which is given to him for the purpose of ascent development of the soul. Man’s thoughts constantly revolve around earthly questions and obligations, but to the one striving spiritually all these questions are solved, and every help is granted to him for the fulfilment of earthly duties. And that is why spiritual striving is the most important, because then man meets both insofar, as that spiritual beings help him also with earthly demands, as soon as man first remembers his soul and meets its requirements. But you men lack faith in the support through opposite workers, why earthly worries press you always and constantly and hinder you in spiritual activity, which you have offered me to do for me and my kingdom. Why do you carry doubts, not being up to the work? When I promise you my help, you can carry out every work without hesitation; it will be blessed by me and therefore also always practicable for you, as soon as you put the spiritual work in front of everything and through it secure my blessing for you. I need you and therefore help you also in every way. The spiritual trouble of men is getting greater and greater; the means of help smaller and smaller, because only few men are found who have directed their mind spiritually and are therefore suitable as link between me and men. Through these only I can help men in their great trouble, because I can speak to them through them.

And it is necessary that I speak to men – they indeed do not recognize my voice; they attach no great importance to the words, which get through to their ear through the mouth of man; nevertheless they must hear it, what I have to say to them, so that they cannot pretend ignorance, when they have to take responsibility. They are to have knowledge of my will and receive this knowledge from my servants on earth. Understandably I will now also give my servants on earth what they need, because they are prepared to serve me. But they must always put the activity for me and my kingdom in the foreground, then every earthly worry is taken from them; they will be provided for like children, at whom the whole father love is directed. The work for my kingdom is extremely important, because the earthly world passes, but the soul does not pass with it, but it continues its life in the opposite kingdom, and it should therefore be remembered first, then also the earthly work will be blessed; it will be able to be done, because support from spiritual beings is granted to that man, who is active as worker in the vineyard of the Lord. Amen. B.D. NR. 4545.


Book 52 4546

Achieving the adoption of God.

20. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4546.

You have now entered a stage of development where the last decision is essential, which you still have to make on earth. It is this the end of your earth career that you must openly confess, to which power you want to be subjugated and where this decision is now decisive for your lot in eternity. Your course of development on earth has then ended accordingly. (22.1.1949) Your soul then enters out of the sphere of earthly material creations into the spiritual sphere, where it can now also still continue its development course, if it has the power necessary for it, but can also remain in its development degree or sink back into an earlier degree of development. But one possibility is taken from it – to acquire the degree of God’s adoption, but which it can gain on earth. The last decision of man on earth is therefore so significant, because it results in the child-right, if it is right, man therefore has passed the earth life test in the will of God. When the last faith decision is demanded of you men, you must be aware of the consequences of it, because then you yourselves decide on your eternity, the most delicious is at your disposal, to seize with hands, which is to be the destination and striving of men on earth: God’s adoption. Great demands are made on you, and under most difficult conditions you must acquire the reward for you, but the fight, which arises from it for you, only lasts a short time, to give way to a marvellous victory – the happiest lot in eternity. To possess the adoption of God is synonymous with perceptible father love, constant presence of God, light and power unlimited and perpetual looking at God and a constant staying in surroundings full of light, may it be in the spiritual kingdom or on the new earth, which now becomes the stay for the children of God as paradise for the beginning of the new redemption period. The happiness truly makes up for the hardships and sufferings of the last fighting time on this earth, moreover those men will experience extraordinary strengthening, who have the will, to remain loyal to God and to fulfil his will. It will therefore certainly appear unbearable to the unbelievers, what the believers take upon themselves for their faith, but the believer himself, through the supply of power and favour from God, will be able to withstand all hardship. Because he has already arrived on a degree of development, where God’s power can directly flow over to him. Nevertheless there will also be weak men, who are in danger to apostatize and on whom God has mercy, because he knows about their will from eternity. And for that reason many will still enter the spiritual kingdom before, so that they can continue their development course there and do not get into the danger of defection from God on account of their will and faith weakness. But inevitably the development on this earth comes to an end. Inevitably the earth with its creations will experience a total change; inevitably all life will die on it; death will reap richly, but this spiritually seen, because who still remains alive at the end, he belongs to the herd of those children of God, who are raptured from this earth with alive bodies, but all others are the prey of death, who lose the life of their body and whose souls, also as completely spiritually dead, are banished into hardest matter, into the new creations of earth, because an ascent development in the spiritual kingdom has become impossible for them. The end to be expected now is extremely significant and cannot be portrayed responsibly enough for you men. But only few will pay attention to this advice; only that small circle of God- loyal, who strive towards the adoption of God and for that reason are also instructed about the plan of salvation of God, about the end and the last judgement. And to these the knowledge will also give the power to hold out, until the Lord himself comes in the clouds, to fetch his home, when it is the time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4546.


Book 52 4547

Poetical justice. Sin and expiation.

24. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4547.

The God of justice compensates for everything, and so the conduct of mankind will certainly find its expiation, but not always so, as men think it to be right. God’s wisdom recognizes the weakness of men, the moral degree of maturity and the inadequate state of the souls, and he sometimes reaches for means, which can also bring about the opposite, because man himself strives towards the depth, as long as he still hopes for an advantage there. He must therefore first seek to free himself from earthly lust, otherwise the wrong becomes greater and greater and the justice of God has always to redress more and more, what means a most difficult time on earth and an often unbearable lot in the hereafter. Because every wrong must be atoned for, unless the divine saviour and redeemer takes the sin upon himself and atones it through his death on the cross, but which presupposes complete devotion to him and the will to a change of life according to his commands. Then man has already reached a level of improvement, which secures the forgiveness of his sins for him. But who does not believe in the work of redemption of Christ, must inevitably expiate the sin himself on earth or in the hereafter. But the world lies immeasurably deep in sin, and immeasurable great is therefore also the trouble, which has an earthly effect and gives new birth to injustices over injustices. Who recognizes and detests them, he has no share in them any longer, but he will suffer under them, because darkness is felt as agony by every men longing for light. But the hour of judgement is no longer far away; repayment does not fail to appear, and for that reason you men are not to doubt the justice of God. The will of man as well as also the doings of Satan must be given free rein, so that men give up their true desires, so that the decision of the will of every individual is made, which can be good or evil, and for that reason also good and evil must be seen, to do or to detest it. But do not think that expiation does not come. Because once the day comes, where every individual must take responsibility for his thinking, wanting and acting – and the nearer the end is, the clearer recognizable is the raging of the powers of darkness and for that reason also the onslaught against the righteous, who shrink back from the devils in human form and call for God’s justice. But the expiation does not stay away. Amen. B.D. NR. 4547.


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