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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 51

B.D. NR. 4287 - B.D. NR. 4419

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Book 51 4287

Serious admonition and reference to the end.

27. April 1948. B.D. NR. 4287.

Think of the seriousness of the hour. The will to live and to create a bearable existence it extremely strong developed in man, and every thought aims at good living. And the time goes by without bringing gain for the soul; the end comes closer and closer, the distance from me becomes larger and larger; in the frenzy of earthly enjoyments men seek to satisfy themselves, they just pay attention to the world, and they do not think about death and about that what comes after death. And whether I also admonish and warn, my words fade away unheard, or they are not obeyed. It is a state of greatest confusion, earthly as well as spiritually; the defection from me becomes larger and larger, and the few who stand by me are of weak faith and anxiously await the future. They are certainly touched by my favour, but they still do not recognize me, as I want to be recognized. And again and again I therefore speak words of love and of comfort to them and give them the promise that I am not leaving them, no matter how enormous the trouble also appears. But latter is unavoidable, because I want to bind mine to myself; they are not to seek comfort and help anywhere else than only with me; I want that they constantly take their refuge towards me and therefore no longer eliminate me in thinking, doing and wanting. Then they will also hold out and not get lost. But you, who seek the world, who are not able to separate from the earthly, you will still experience difficulties, because also to you the awareness must be brought that your stay on this earth is not forever and that you strive for what is passing and worthless for eternity. You again and again must give up what you acquired for yourselves, until you break away from it in the heart, only then you are receptive for spiritual goods, only then you will listen to my word and receive it in your heart, if you are of good will. I still seek to rescue those souls, which are not yet completely corrupted, and for the sake of these souls the misery will still become greater, as I have predicted it to you through seers and prophets. You must recognize the truth of my word, because I have constantly pointed out this trouble to you and presented the earth existence as almost unbearable to you. You must believe my words; you are not allowed to dismiss them indifferently and pass over them, but you must adjust your life accordingly; you must criticize yourselves and lead your way of life according to my commands; you must work on the soul, make an effort to walk in love and seek me constantly in thoughts and intimate prayer. Then you will come through the difficult time, because you will never lack power; you will reap great benefits for your soul, even if you live earthly in trouble and misery. The end is soon, and soon a blessed time dawns for you, if you obey me, if you pay attention to my admonitions and warnings and prepare yourselves for the last time, if you remain loyal to me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4287.


Book 51 4288

Increased suffering in the time of the end. God’s love.

28. April 1948. B.D. NR. 4288.

Whatever may come over you, do not doubt my love towards you and my power. Know that everything is necessary, both for you, who are active as my co-workers on earth in the last time before the end, as well as also for those men, who stand far from me and are still to be won for the spiritual kingdom. That you, you who want to belong to me, will also be affected by the suffering, is unavoidable, but again and again I give you the assurance that you will not remain without my help and my protection, that even the most difficult will be bearable for you, if you remain intimately connected to me. The time of great tribulation has dawned of which it is written that it introduces the last time, and every individual will have to feel it; only who belongs to my opponent he will remain untouched and have to record earthly well-being. But do not let yourselves be put off by it, my love belongs to you, you who must suffer; I give to you differently than earthly goods; I give you spiritual wealth, although I also make your earthly worries my business. You will not need to live in want; I will provide soul and body with food, therefore you need not worry about their upkeep. And still you will have to fight and need great power, which I always supply to you through my word. The more intimately you desire my word and accept it in your heart, the easier you will go through earth life, even if it, seen outwardly, is difficult for you. The time of tribulation has dawned. Think of it when you believe no longer being able to bear life; think of it that the end is near and that inevitably a time of need must precede it, because I have predicted it and my word must fulfil itself and because otherwise the souls can no longer be rescued, which have not yet completely become slaves to my opponent. And think of it that the time until the end is only still short and for that reason must bring increased suffering, to accelerate the maturing, so that you in a state at the end, that I can take you to me, that you can see me, when I want to make myself visible to you coming in the clouds. Think of it that this seeing requires a degree of maturity, which can only be reached through love work and suffering, but that I can also make latter bearable to you, if you just believe. Let your faith become stronger, and through this you can yourselves decrease suffering, because then you will reach what you ask, because I have given you the promise: "Ask, and it shall be given you; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Amen. B.D. NR. 4288.


Book 51 4289

Work and have an effect as long as it is still day.

29. April 1948. B.D. NR. 4289.

Work and have an effect as long as it is still day, because night comes where you can no longer have an effect. How close you stand before the dawning of the night; they are the last minutes of the day, which you live, and you are not aware of the seriousness of that; you are lukewarm in your soul work and live as if a long time is still allotted to you. You are wrong – night soon overtakes and shrouds the whole earth in deepest darkness, and you can still achieve unspeakably much, if you would like to use the last minutes and prepare yourselves in all seriousness for life after death. You are only to think about your souls and pay attention to nothing more what concerns the body. Because only the soul remains in existence; nothing remains for you of earthly goods, of the material world. You stand already with one food over there, but how will that kingdom be, which will receive your soul? Is it the kingdom of light or that darkness? It is day or night for your soul? Where light is, is life; but the night is terrible. And therefore I warn you urgently and again and again speak to you to draw your attention to the great responsibility which you bear towards your soul. Do not bring it into trouble, which is unspeakable and which you can still well turn away if you change; leave everything earthly unnoticed, and only think of fulfilling my will and lead a life according to my commands – to help the neighbour in every earthly and spiritual trouble, to intervene helpfully, where your help is necessary, and to always and constantly accept my word, which announces my will to you and imparts power to you, to lead the life, as it is my will. Work and have an effect as long as it is still day – it soon draws to a close, and an endless long night follows, from which I want to protect you, because I love you. Listen to the words of my love and take them seriously, so that you escape from the night and a day dawns for you, which lasts for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4289.


Book 51 4290

Announcement of the end of the world.

29. and 30. April 1948. B.D. NR. 4290.

The end of the world is postponed by men to the furthest future, and they do not express their opinion on its soon announcement, because a debate about it they think is completely nonsensical. And so also my admonitions and warnings are assessed, hardly any attention is paid to them and therefore also no change to the lifestyle is striven for. And also this is a sign that the end is near, because men are still only earthly minded and have no inner drive for spiritual striving. Again and again I sent my messengers to them, who mention and point out my extraordinary work. Knowledge is sent to them through those messengers, and they will therefore never be able to say to have remained without knowledge about the end, which is imminent for you men. It lies in my will that you do not remain without knowledge. And so you will again and again be referred to it through word and script, through your fellowmen, who serve me and are in contact with me, who want to receive pure truth and hand it over again. (30.4.1948) They will give you knowledge how near the end of the earth is, which trouble and tribulation is in store for you, so that you recognize by it, that the time has come where my word comes true. Who postpones the end to the future, who does not believe my word, he will have no explanation for the unusual misery, and he will lose all faith, but through his own fault. Because the truth, which he does not want to hear, would give him fullest explanation and also let him find the way to me. But man cannot be forced to accept that, what is supplied to him from above; voluntarily he must open himself to my word, if it is to be effective at him, but then he will also be able to believe how near the end is, and benefit from his knowledge for the soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4290.


Book 51 4291

Creating and shaping in the kingdom of light. No man’s eye.

1. and 2. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4291.

An indescribable longing will seize you for my presence when your soul has entered the kingdom of light; and the fulfilment of this longing is happiness. In always greater measure you will feel the love towards me and therefore also long for the union with me, and so that you find fulfilment, I approach you, and you feel my nearness as blessed feeling of power, as increased drive to activity, as inner urge to work through handing out of that what you possess. So that you now can hand out, I constantly provide you with spiritual wealth; I supply you with deepest knowledge and therefore put you in a position of perpetual state of happiness, which offers you change in every way. You will be allowed to see and hear what is never ever granted you on earth to see and to hear. You will be happy. What love can offer that you will receive, because my love towards you is beyond all measure and constantly intent on giving you happiness. But you will only always be given spiritually, because earthly goods have no longer attraction for you in the state of perfection. The longing for earthly goods is a sign of lacking soul maturity, which can never bring in a state of light for you. But you will hunger and thirst and always have the desire to be filled, and that desire will always be stilled for you by my love. Shape yourselves so on earth that you desire spiritual goods only; seek to overcome all matter, to only gain spiritual gifts, and you will be able to enjoy the state of happiness already on earth, because as soon as the earthly is overcome, I never go from you, then also my presence is secure for you and with it also the supply of power, which you will feel as happiness, which drives you to constant activity for me and my kingdom. Giving and making happy is right love; wanting to give and to make happy marks the degree of neighbourly love, and therefore only the urge for activity making happy can be called love, although also the desire of man is meant for things, which are purely material; but this love is a wrong love, which does not lead to me, but goes away from me. I want to draw your attention to the fact that only that love is bringing power, which has me as aim, which therefore is expressed through unselfish neighbourly love. Love towards the world will never put you in a state of happiness, which is nowhere near like that of the light beings. And never will the desire and the fulfilment be as gratifying as in the spiritual kingdom, where I alone am the object of your love and longing. (2.5.1948) Do you now understand why I woo your love uninterruptedly? Why I want to win you for eternity? I do not want to improve your lot on earth, but I want to know you being happy for the whole of eternity. You as light beings are to work together with my angels and develop an activity, which lets magnificence come into being, which achieves creations of very beautiful shaping. And therefore you are to be allowed to use my might and power limitlessly, but which implies union with me before. I want to let you become happy through use of my power. I want to give unlimitedly, and you are to be filled with my power so, that you can create and shape like me according to your will, which is then also my will. The fitting in of your will into my will is first condition to find the union with me, but you will always think, want and act in free will, if you have put it under me; you will never be active in the feeling of a forced state, because this restricts happiness and would diminish your perfection. In the kingdom of light my will fills all beings, which are nevertheless active according to own will, and all beings have only one aim – to stay in my nearness. But it is impossible and incomprehensible for man, to specialize life in eternity, to take note of the activity of individual beings, because this is beyond all imagination of human thinking. The spiritual kingdom is a different world than the earthly, and thus latter is also not comparatively to be offered. Only a certain degree of maturity of the soul enables man to see and to receive and give an account of spiritual impressions. But when the soul leaves the body and enters the kingdom of light, it grasps my infinite love and marvels at all the magnificence of which man on earth has no idea. Then my word fulfils itself: No man’s eye has ever seen it and no man’s ear ever heard what I have prepared for those who love me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4291.


Book 51 4292

End of redemption period. Last Judgement.

3. and 6. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4292.

The earth will become a place of execution for all men, which stand far from me. I will pronounce my judgement according to justice, and woe betide those who get damned – the earth will devour them, and their souls will have to go anew the course through the creations of the new earth. This is decided for eternity. Because the law of order must remain preserved, but at the end of a redemption period this law is completely disregarded, what always means destruction. Mankind, which lives in such a time, completely contradicting my order, also falls prey to this destruction, but it is always just the outer form, which falls victim to destruction, but the soul, the spiritual, just changes, i.e., it moves to another outer form, and this act of change is the judgement. The spiritual, which was already in the state of a certain freedom, is tied up anew in solid matter. This act will be carried out because my wisdom recognized it from eternity as a means, to direct the spiritual standing far from me again back to me. It is a means that is certainly effective, but unspeakably agonizing for the spiritual and which I therefore only then apply when no other possibility of an approach to me exists any more. But as long as a redemption period runs, I always point to the end, to move men, to seek the approach towards me still on earth, to make the importance of earth life clear to them and to cause them to live according to my law of order. But mankind does not want to believe in an end; it considers earth life as end in itself, not as it is, as means for the purpose, and therefore it remains untouched by the ideas of those who know about my plan from eternity and are to work enlightening on behalf of me on earth. (6.5.1948) They are instructed in truth; they have been taught through the voice of the spirit according to my will; their thinking is enlightened, and so they will always just recognize what is right and know to differentiate error from truth. They are initiated into my plan of redemption; full understanding will be realized by them, and they will also have knowledge about the course of an earth epoch; they will recognize the time of the end by men themselves and by the appearances, which are foretold since the beginning of a redemption epoch, and therefore definitely be able to point to it, if they, as my representatives on earth, are to announce my word to men. You men are to listen to them and take their words to heart, because they have been given to you by me; I myself speak to you through the mouth of those; it is my spirit, which speaks out of them, because I want to instruct you myself, because I want to admonish and warn you for the sake of your souls. You are to consider the end; you are to consider your imperfection and the great gulf, which still exists between you and me, if you are sinful. You are to entrust yourselves to me, so that I myself take care of you, and you are to see in me your rescuer out of spiritual need. Only spiritual need causes me to let you get into earthly need, because if you now listen to my servants, my words will find entrance into your heart easier, and you will also think an end of this earth being possible. You will have more contact with the spiritual kingdom, from which help comes to you in many ways. Seek to win me as father and loving God for you, but do not let me become a punishing judge to you. Win my love for you so that you do not need to fear my wrath; overcome matter so that you can enter the spiritual kingdom carefree, and create and work so that you become happy. Because the time is short, where you can still work; the day comes where an explanation is demanded from everyone; where I will judge the living and the dead; where I will separate the goats from the sheep, where every soul’s lot is according to its will – happiness in the kingdom of the free spirits or renewed banishment in matter, a state of hell, which you are to fear and from which I want to protect you. Therefore believe what is sent to you through the mouth of seers and prophets – believe that it is my word which is given to you from above so that you find favour and become happy on the day of judgement. Amen. B.D. NR. 4292.


Book 51 4293

Pre-men. Creation metaphorically described.

7. and 8. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4293.

You must imagine the development of every work of creation to win the conviction that also man had to cover an endless long time of development before he reached the stage, where he could think, speak and act in free will. An outer form had to be formed so to speak, which was suitable for every performance; further an organic activity had to be possible for this outer form, which served the preservation of the body. But this outer form had to be first generated in a most primitive way and become more refined in the course of time, therefore a long generating time belonged to it, until this outer form was so shaped that intellect and free will was added to it and could now carry out every activity rationally. Hence it follows that there was no sudden creation of man by God, although this was certainly easily possible for him, however did not correspond to his wisdom and love, but that a slow ascending development preceded, of which product man is, who is able to think and carry out acts he freely wants, who could now also be called to account for his thinking, wanting and doing. Therefore before the fully developed man there existed already human like living beings on earth standing on different levels of development, however time wise there was no great difference so that at the same time the whole earth was (then) inhabited (not inhabited) …. (crossed out and in brackets the script was changed) by that living being, which could lay claim to the name man, which therefore was in the possession of free will and a well-developed intellect and consequently able to appropriate a certain degree of cognition.
And this being increased itself in accordance with divine will to divine order, because every work of creation, including man, is subordinated to the divine law of nature, and it is directed and destined to natural acting, whereof also its existence depends. He certainly can also violate this law of nature, but by which also his bodily life as man on earth is endangered, as also the life of his soul; the outer form was given to the soul for the soul’s further development. (8.5.1948) For the sake of the high aim also abilities had to be given to man by God, which can lead him to reach this aim, if free will is seriously directed towards it. Man must appropriate abilities for himself; he must bring talents in himself to development and strive to gain highest soul maturity by this. He must therefore develop himself further also still as man, and indeed no longer according to his outer form, but his thinking, wanting and acting must be meant for his inner shaping, so that a being enters the spiritual kingdom at the end of his earth course, which is like the originally created being, so as it took its start from God. The act of creation is therefore a process, which stretches over a great space of time, but which was so described to men, as it was grasped by him, because the state of imperfection of the creature results in ignorance, in the inability to recognize the deepest motives of creation, its meaning and purpose and the final aim of the creatures put by God on earth, why the knowledge had to be offered to the latter in a form, which gave a rough outline of God’s rule and will, to make the creation of earth and all living beings understandable to man metaphorically. But as soon as man achieves the forming to love in free will, as soon as he develops in himself the ability to accept spiritual instructions, as soon as he is in contact with the spiritual kingdom mentally, he will also know about pure truth, about the slow ascent development of every creation and therefore also of man, who as crown of creation is the only living being, which can change ignorance to a high degree of knowledge, to whom therefore also the ability was given to recognize God and his work, which shows love, wisdom and omnipotence. Has man acquired that knowledge, then he is also able to explain that metaphorical comparison, which was once given to the old, who also, if they were pious and God-fearing, understood the right meaning of it. To faithless men on the other hand every description of creation appears as untrue or unacceptable, and they reject, but without knowing about truth or being able to put a better knowledge against it. But truth could also be offered to these clear and comprehensibly, they would reject it, because their intellect does not grasp, since their hearts are without love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4293.


Book 51 4294


9. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4294.

It is no spiritual oppression when a man of a certain school of thoughts is shown another, when knowledge is offered to him, which contradicts his knowledge, as long as he can decide in free will to accept or reject. But if he is forced to accept through laws, if he is put into a state of punish-ability, therefore is made unfree in his thinking and acting through threatening of punishments, then this is an oppression, which can never have good effects upon the soul. That is why my word is to always be preached, but always so offered that no pressure is exerted on men. And that is why also the supply of pure truth from above is an act of fullest freedom of will, which always leaves the possibility open for a not-enlightened man to be considered a human shoddy effort, if the will to reject is greater in the listener. Every man can recognize the divine origin, if he is serious about pure truth and about the further development of his soul, then the ability is also definitely given to him by me, to recognize truth as such, because it is my will, that the thinking of man moves in truth and I offer him every possibility to recognize what is right. But as far as I am concerned, the will is never influenced compulsorily, why I also reject that on the part of men fellowman is spiritually raped through teachings, which as dogma oblige to acceptance, otherwise man is pronounced sinful. Man must accept responsibility for every offence against my love commands, but I will never call somebody to account if his inner feeling restrains him from the acceptance of a religious doctrine, even if it is in accordance with truth. He then still places himself under no sin, just his desire for truth is not yet so deep that he recognizes truth as such. But accepting a religious doctrine without examination and inner conviction is completely worthless for the development of the soul. A dogma is always disadvantageous for the soul, because man is exempt from an opinion about a religious doctrine, but without deep thinking a convincing faith can also never be won. Men certainly need leaders if they do not strive for the spiritualization of their soul out of their own drive; but wise leaders are just to teach and therefore seek to stimulate heart and intellect, because the connection with me, with the spiritual kingdom, every individual man must establish for himself, and the way for it is to be shown to him by my representatives on earth through impartation of my word; they are to always let me speak; but never add their own, enact commands or impose obligations on men, as wanted by me. I leave freedom to every man, and my care is just uninterruptedly meant for the supply and spreading of truth. Who seeks it, he seeks me, and I will certainly let myself be found by him; but who does not seriously strive for truth, he will also draw no advantage from the acceptance of religious doctrines, which have been presented to him as dogma and which he believes he is therefore not permitted to reject. Every dogmatic teaching is a restriction of the freedom of will, which I gave to man, therefore a spiritual oppression, which is not in accordance with my will and against which my representatives on earth are to fight on behalf of me. And I will bless every bearer of truth; I will give him opportunity to spread truth, although it will find resistance, but who is of serious will, he will recognize it and become thoughtful, and I will help him; I will enlighten his spirit and bless his will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4294.


Book 51 4295

The good shepherd. "Mine hear my voice."

10. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4295.

I know mine, and mine know me. And if I call them, they will obey me because they recognize the voice of the father, who loves them and to whom they want to be obedient. But my call will soon go out to you, you who are mine, and I tell you this already before, because you feel save, because you do not believe it that the end is near. But I need you, and I announce therefore to you, that you will soon hear my voice, the voice of the good shepherd, who calls his sheep. I need loyal watchmen for my flock, leaders, who accompany mine over stony ways and rocks upwards; who continuously help mine and point them to the near end. These leaders and watchmen will accept truth out of me myself and deliver it to you; they emerge from the ranks of mine and impart to men my word from above; they are in direct contact with me, therefore they themselves count among mine, and if the call sounds at their ears, they know, that the hour of work for me and my kingdom has come for them. Then the connection to me will be made so intimately from their side, that there can never ever be a step backwards for the soul, which serves me, that it is never left without power, that it is able to speak out of me myself in a short time, and then it will fulfil its mission on earth, which is purpose and destination of its earth life. Then it is just active for me alone, and it will spread and represent my word with joy, because it is fully convinced, that I myself speak to it, and it therefore attaches greatest importance to every word. And man will receive power to a great extent. Every feeling of weakness will fall off him; every spiritual gift fully utilized and made use of, and his activity will be successful and beneficent, where he stays among men. And this your work is imminent. I know about your will and about your faith weakness; but I also know about the change, which will result for you in a short time; I know about the trouble and the suffering of the coming time, but as I also know about your will towards faith and about the strength of your faith. And accordingly I will give you power and never leave you alone, whatever may come. And therefore always keep to my word, draw the power out of my word, with which I have blessed it; become my children in truth, who trustingly devote themselves to the father, and believe that he will definitely rescue you, if you are in trouble. Because who recognizes my voice, he is my child, and his life is my care; who believes in me, he will also be able to hear my voice; but who questions the sounding of my voice, he is not my child, and no matter if he believes to be connected to me. The sheep recognize the voice of their shepherd, and they will follow him, if he calls. But I am the good shepherd, who does not rest until he has found his sheep. Amen. B.D. NR. 4295.


Book 51 4296

Fate. "Father, thy will be done."

11. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4296.

The course of life of the individual is preordained, and it must be covered without grumbling and complaining, if it is to have a favourable effect on the soul. But also a strong faith in God must exist, then every fate will be easily borne, because God alone forms it according to his will, God alone can change every life situation, he can change joy into grief and also suffering into joy, if he is asked in intimate prayer for it, and he will also do it, if man presents all needs to him in childlike trust and recommends himself to his favour. There is a long way to go out of the deep to the top, and this way cannot always be smooth, otherwise it does not lead upwards. Obstacles have to be taken; rises have to be climbed, because the destination is at the top, and every ascent is difficult, if a right leader does not grant support. And as long as you men have God himself as leader by the side, as long as you entrust yourselves to his leadership, you will not cover the way without success; he will lead you, and every obstacle you will be able to overcome with his help. The steeper the way is, the shorter it is and the higher you can get; but when you are at the top, you will look back and be grateful to your leader, who let you reach the destination, and all trouble will be over. The more difficult a life fate is, the higher the aims are set for you and the brighter the light will radiate, and all darkness of the deep is overcome. But God can also let you feel the deepest way up as smooth, if you devote yourself to him as his children, if you take on every sorrowful experience, if you always pray: "Father, thy will be done." Then he will not let you suffer; also in the greatest trouble he will give you tranquillity and peace; he himself will have an effect in you full of power, and you will feel nothing as being difficult, and still proceed to the top, because your will, your devotedness to his will makes you participating in his power, and with it you manage and cope with everything, then you will lifted over every obstacle; you will feel nothing as burden and always cover your course of life happily and cheerfully, until the loving father hand grasps you and fetches you into the father house, until you have reached the destination and enter into the eternal home, into the country of light, where there is no longer tribulation, no suffering and no trouble, but only eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4296.


Book 51 4297

Feeding at the table of the Lord. Communion.

12. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4297.

Words which come from above enlighten the spirit; they extent knowledge; they strengthen the soul and also help that the substances of the body spiritualize and turn towards the soul, which is why the body also willingly submits to what the soul, driven by the spirit, demands of it. Words which come from above can only be heard when an agreement of soul and spirit takes place, when therefore the thinking, feeling and willing of man is directed inwardly, from where the spirit of man, which is of divine origin, can announce itself to the soul. Therefore the spirit gives something away, what directly flows from the spiritual kingdom and has taken the way to it because the spirit spark in man is connected to the father spirit from eternity and therefore it can also ceaselessly get the power from it, which expresses itself as knowledge, which it now also passes on to the soul, which it inhabits. Consequently it is a diversion of divine power on the soul, which it now has to use when the soul is to achieve a spiritual success. It must accept the word from above and let it have an effect on it, and the consequence of the divine word will be a drive for action in love. Then the soul has therefore also influenced the body to join the will of the spirit, and man acting in love establishes now thereby the direct union with God, who now has an effect in him through his love power. This is a process which is so easily understood when it is properly explained to men, and which still again presupposes the work of the spirit in man, to be understood. Because the world with its earthly orientated sense knows nothing and also understands nothing of the union of God with man through love. Man certainly assimilates it word-wise, but he does not grasp the connection, as he also has no real idea of God’s work in man. The latter he explains to himself with clear intellectual thinking, but he does not acknowledge direct word transfer, by which he furnishes proof that he does not believe in the work of the spirit and therefore also does not know that and how the spirit of God expresses itself in man. And that is why men also lack the knowledge about the spiritual feeding at the table of the Lord. The deeper connection of the transmission of the divine word with the communion employed by God they do not grasp, and they also lack every understanding that for the word starting from God himself being the highest and best property, which is attainable on earth and exceedingly necessary for the development of the soul, and that Jesus Christ only knew the one aim on earth, to show men the way which earns them the favour to get that property, the divine word, imparted. Because he himself was in that state where his spirit, in connection with the father spirit from eternity, imparted deepest knowledge and spirit, soul and body had united to permanent work of love. He permanently got power out of God; he was united with the father from eternity; his soul was fed by the father with his word, and so he gave back to fellow men what he received himself. He handed out the bread of heaven; he passed on the divine word and admonished them to do likewise; he gave bodily and spiritual food to those who hungered and thirsted. The handing of the bread was only a simile of what Jesus offered with his word – divine truth, which certainly earns the soul the degree of maturity when it is assimilated with heart and intellect. He offered men the word, which the father in him spoke, as proper food and proper drink and admonished them to do likewise, to spread the divine love teaching and thus to refresh men with food and drink, so that the union with God was then aimed at by them and God himself can refresh them at his table, so that the spirit spark in each man flares up and God’s word from above can be heard by all who desire it, who hunger and thirst for spiritual food. Amen. B.D. NR. 4297.


Book 51 4298

Different schools of thought. Truth out of God.

12. and 13. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4298.

All of you want to stand in truth and still support different schools of thought. And so you still must submit, since there is only one truth, that every school of thought must undergo an examination, in what way it can lay claim to truth. As long as different directions are standing opposed to each other, the question is also justified, which of them represents truth. Each wants to lay claim to it for itself and not one accepts the opinion of the other. And so a serious examination has to be carried out, and indeed the origin of that what is taught must be ascertained. And finally it will turn out that they are always based on human opinions, that the schools of thought represent a knowledge, which was merely thought material of men. This can indeed also be in accordance with truth as soon as it was sent to men in the will to serve God, who desired truth. But it has to be considered that God himself must hand out truth, because he himself is eternal truth. And so the origin of all knowledge must always be and remain God, and therefore there can be only one truth, i.e., all who ask God for truth and are taught through the spirit of God, will receive the same knowledge. And that is why it is not allowed that there are different teachings, because that is the characteristic of truth out of God, that it agrees in everything with the word supplied from above directly to man, which can only be received from a man, who lives in love and whose faith in the work of God in men through his spirit also causes him to listen to the voice in him, which is audible mentally or also sounding. Where therefore the origin of spiritual knowledge is demonstrably the inner voice, where knowledge was gained without supply from outside, where therefore a teacher has to be acknowledged who is not of this world, there absolute truth can also be inferred, and a school of thought, which is based on such knowledge, can be considered as being a right one and be supported towards fellowmen, whereas intellectually gained spiritual knowledge is not allowed to be accepted unobjectionably or has to be examined first, how far it agrees with pure truth. I tis indeed always to be acknowledged that all schools of thought have the endeavours to come close to God and therefore to truth, they just do not always go the right way – (13.5.1948) that they are active in love and ask God for enlightenment of the spirit and after that pay attention to the thoughts, which now flow towards them out of the spiritual kingdom. This way would lead them securely to the goal; their knowledge, which they believe to have gained through own thought activity, will be in accordance with truth, because then they have been taught by God himself, who imparts truth to everyone who seriously desires it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4298.


Book 51 4299

Counterwork from the world side.

14. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4299.

You will have a hard time with regard to those who do not want to acknowledge your spiritual work and therefore seek to make you unfit for it. You will not be able to change their attitude towards God, and it will therefore be a constant fight, which you wage against each other. The work against you will now and again cripple you, but my power will be stronger; you will not let me go and remain loyal servants for me. And for the sake of your will I will create relief for you; I will weaken the resistance; I will send co-workers to you, who inspire you and promote the spiritual work; I will come to you myself, and my words will be believed, also if I just speak through your mouth – they will no longer be able to counter your words, and my work will be obvious. The powers of darkness are constantly endeavoured to darken the light, which radiates in you, and men of your surroundings fall victim to them; they do not defend themselves and do not turn to me about enlightenment, they reject me if I approach them, and therefore do not share what I offer them from above. I walked myself the way of the earthly, and this way was difficult, because I constantly had to fight against the lack of love of men, against their unbelief and their love towards the material world. And I sought to educate them to love and to faith through my word, however only with little success. Love towards the earthly again predominates, men again live without love and without faith, and I again want to help them on the right way through my word. And they do not recognize it – and reject me. I do not take revenge, because they are weak in spirit, but I also do not tolerate that they oppress you, that they hinder you in your work, that they resist you, if you work for me and my kingdom. And therefore I want to support you obviously; I want to give you a field to work, where you can have an effect, although the world will always stand against you, although you will be in little demand. But I know mine, and I also know those men, who are still to be won for me, and you are to help those. And when you have a common effect, success will not fail to materialize, but you must be active and never put the world with its demands before the spiritual work. Believe in my help and do not be afraid – I direct all events, as they are good for the spiritual development, and I will keep watch over those who serve me and as my servants always have to expect the protection of their Lord. I constantly put helpers at your side, who assist you in earthly and spiritual trouble. Therefore firmly and unflinchingly believe, and expect my help – and your faith shall not be ruined. Amen. B.D. NR. 4299.


Book 51 4300

Law of order. Subordinating of the will.

15. and 16. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4300.

Understand that you must fulfil my will if you want to become happy. My will is the law of order from eternity, and if someone violates this order, he also acts against my will. If you now want to be mine, you also must devotedly obey my will, and if it is announced to you, it is easy for you to act accordingly, because I demand not more from you than you can fulfil. I have given you a command, to love one another – because love fulfils my law from eternity, because out of love everything has emerged and through love everything is preserved. This law is therefore to be accepted absolutely, and it is also fulfil able, because it is according to the original nature of every creature. The will of man only must attach itself to my will, then there is no other way for him than to feel love and give love. But if he lets the own will emerge, then he stands in self-love, (16.5.1948) then he is no longer subjugated to me; he leaves my command out of consideration and therefore removes himself from me, because he lacks the power, which he receives from me through love. It is therefore a quite natural process that the man, who stands in self-love, gives up or omits his striving for me, what he has done in the state of love work. And the lacking power has an effect in recognition inability, in lacking faith and love-will becoming lower and lower. Man cannot understand deeper wisdoms if he lacks love. He also cannot be active in love, if he does not accept my will, if the own will is stronger than the command, which announces my will. And so the spiritual development must also spontaneously decrease, because he does not move in the order wanted by me. It does not agree with my order, that a splitting is arising of those, who have knowledge of my word, who therefore have the favour, to be instructed by me indirectly or directly. A certain degree of love activity imparts my word to him, and this degree is to be raised and the knowledge increased. If however lack of understanding occurs for the teachings, which I myself gave to men through my word, then this is a sign of retrogression of love work, a sign of increasing self-love, which darkens the light, although it cannot be completely extinguished. But I keep mine and do not allow that they sink, but I apply means, which drive to increased love work, until the thinking of man lights up again, until my truth appears again acceptable to him and his life also changes again accordingly. But never ever can I give up my love command, the eternal order, and never ever can I pour out my spirit over a man, who does not subjugate himself to my will. And blessed, if he feels the inadequate state, the inability of deeper spiritual understanding as pressure or also shortcoming. Because then he can be won again easily, and he will also pass the faith test, for the sake of which he must solve spiritual problems, which almost cause him to totter. Amen. B.D. NR. 4300.


Book 51 4301

Many are called, but few are chosen.

16. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4301.

Let yourselves be numbered among my disciples, who I train for their last activity on this earth. I again choose for myself fighters; I choose for myself disciples, to whom I can announce my Gospel, so that they spread it into the world. The time of the end has broken; the time of harvest comes, and much work is still to be done, which I instruct my disciples to do, to those who follow me and let themselves be taught by me in free will. These disciples of the time of the end have the same mission as my first disciples, who I myself have chosen for me according to their inner value, i.e., whom I recognized as willing to love and able to love and to whom I therefore also could send my spirit, which taught them further, when I no longer walked on this earth. Every man is able to love, but whether he is willing to love, that he determines himself. The ability to love is my gift; the willingness to love is his merit. And therefore all are called, but only few chosen. These my words are to be understood this way, as I have explained them, that all men can, if they just want to, but that those who are willing are also those chosen, whom I have covered with favours. My words are to mean nothing else, and never that, that I grant favour to only few, to belong to those who are mine, while I refuse them to others. All men are called, just not the devil’s servants, because since I gave the ability to everyone, to bring love in them to development, everyone can also shape himself to the receptacle of the spirit, and therefore he is also then called, but this shaping of his soul is the work of free will. And if he does not use his love ability, his soul will never change and be suitable as receptacle of the spirit. Then he indeed belongs to the called, but not to the chosen, then not my will, but alone his will is decisive; then he is no disciple of mine; he does not follow after me and is not suitable for the work at the end of time. What could you men achieve if you would use your ability right. My first disciples were full of the spirit, when they went out into the world; they all brought their love ability to development; they all were devoted to me and obeyed my will in everything, and I chose them; I allotted their activity to them; I sent them out into the world, so that they were to announce that what they had partly received from me on earth, partly imparted from my spirit. And they carried out my instructions and taught – they brought pure truth to men, because their honest, willing to love nature prevented every wrong view and erroneous interpretation. And as long as they themselves spoke was my teaching pure and unspoiled. But it did not remain so, because men, who came after them and in whom my spirit could not work yet, claimed for themselves the same teaching office, and the pure teaching was disfigured. The disciples of the time of the end are again chosen by me and according to their willingness to love carriers of pure truth. Also they are to pass on to men unspoiled truth and must therefore be enlightened by my spirit, if they want to carry out their teaching office to the benefit of men. The willingness to love makes them suitable disciples, while the ability to love does not yet guarantee the suitability for the teaching office. To be able to teach, they first must call knowledge their own; but the impartation of this knowledge is the result of a loving life without compulsion. You all are called, but who shapes himself so, that I can choose him, that I can pour out my spirit over him, which guarantees pure truth? But I bless my disciples of the time of the end, because with them I only stay in the spirit, while my first disciples had me constantly near them, while I was constantly present to them and as a result they had to find it easier to believe in me, than the disciples of the end-time, who must awaken the faith in me and let it grow and for whom it is therefore far more difficult to believe and to accepts every word as truth. I however will constantly be at their side, even so not bodily; but in spirit I constantly stay near them until the end, because I have chosen them myself, because I have recognized them and know about their willingness to love for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4301.


Book 51 4302

Defection. Children of God - Creatures of God.

17. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4302.

All of you are to be my children. You are indeed my creatures; you came out of me, but called into being as free beings and exposed to no compulsion, which told you to remain with me – you have just been caused to free decision, whether you want to stay with me or give up my nearness out of wrong power awareness. You have decided for the latter; you believed to be able to work and fashion independently of me, and therefore rejected my power radiation, my love. And therefore you have robbed yourselves of my adoption; you are certainly creatures of me, but not attached to me in love, but striving away from me. But I want to win you back as my children; I want that you return to me out of free drive, that you carry desire for my love, that you desire my power and are to strive towards it with full eagerness. I want to give back to you the right of adoption; I want that you are filled with light and power, that light and power drives you to be active, and that you therefore create and fashion like me to your own happiness. And I assert my will, and even though eternities pass until you have reached the final goal; but once I will have all my children back; they will have entered with me the happiest union, and it will be as it was at the beginning – a kingdom of happiest spirits, which never ever go away from me. But to reach this aim I must make myself known to also the most distant creatures; I must seek to awaken love towards me in them, so that they strive. And that is why I approach them constantly, particularly in that stage where my creatures have the perceptive faculty, so that they let the own will become active and turn towards me. In the stage as man my fight for the creature is interrupted, because it is the stage of freedom of will, which is decisive. When my creature has recognized me, it strives towards me, but I cannot lead it to cognition compulsorily, because it is to decide freely. But I influence the soul constantly and approach it in everything what surrounds it. Every work of creation is a witness of me, which can stimulate man’s thinking, feeling and wanting – his soul – to seek connection with me. Every experience, suffering or joy, his entire course of life, again and again points to me – towards that being, which has given him this course of life. Man can believe, but is not forced to it; he just must want that he recognizes his purpose of existence, and have a good look at such thoughts, which touch the question about meaning and purpose of his earth life. Then he slowly enters the state of recognition, because then I approach him, where he stands and goes. Because I want to be loved by my creatures so that I can raise them to my right children. And for that reason they must recognize me, it they are to love me. And I help them through my word to come to recognition. I myself talk to them and teach them to understand my word; through my word I give them knowledge of my nature, of my creating and working and of their purpose. And if man hears my word, he will learn to love me and inevitably find to me, and I will accept him and truly prepare a home for him as my child, a father house, since all joys of a child are offered to him, where it will be free and happy and constantly stays in the nearness of the father und is unspeakably happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4302.


Book 51 4303

Presence of God.

17. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4303.

I am present to you, whenever you talk to me in prayer or in thoughts. This therefore requires that I know about every man’s thinking and feeling, that I hear every sigh, every call and childlike pleading. Therefore I also know about every need of the soul, about its earthly and spiritual state; I know about every possibility to help it, and know all ways, which lead out of trouble, but as I also know how often man’s thinking goes astray and how necessary misery therefore is to help the soul. You just have to cover a short earth way, then every trouble has an end for men, who want to remain loyal to me, who cling to me and are connected to me through their will. But I want to help you to an eternal peace; I want that you are free of all oppression; I want that you can develop in all power to reward you for your loyalty on earth; I want to repay you your services, which you are willing to do for me. And that is why the last time is still connected for you with hardships and suffering, so that your souls are still completely cleansed and can absorb light in all fullness. I know about the trouble of every man, because I am constantly close to you, as soon as you call me in into your thoughts. I am always present to you. You must always live in this certainty, and you will bear everything easier, what seems to you almost unbearable without this awareness. I am present to you. I accompany you everywhere; I steer your steps; I have an effect upon your thoughts; I speak to you through the voice of the spirit; I live with you, and my love is meant for you always and constantly, why I never leave you, but am always present to you. And although the world presses you, and whether your thoughts are taken up by it, you will again and again return to me; you will seek me, the more intimately the more the world wants to control you. Believe in my presence, and always feel safe, protected and cared for by me, also when you must suffer, because only my love towards you lets you suffer, otherwise you truly could not find to me; but I long for your return, because I am your father and you are my children, whose love I want to possess for ever. If you believe in my presence, nothing will any longer press you, because then you are allowed to pass on all burden upon me; I help you carry and like to take your burden upon me, if your love towards me is set ablaze and you devote yourselves to me; if you entrust yourselves to me and ask me for help. Because I am always close to you; you are never alone. Remain aware of my presence, and your faith will be strengthened, your love will deepen, and your prayer to me will be so intimately that I hear it any time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4303.


Book 51 4304

Triumphant church. One flock and one shepherd.

18. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4304.

You are to be of the same mind in thinking, speaking and acting, you, who cling to me, who long for me. Then you will form a strong assembly, although it is small in numbers. Then my spirit will become effective in you, and filled by my spirit you will be able to speak for me and my kingdom. And your speeches will arouse enthusiasm, because you prove them yourselves with your acts, which announce your thinking and your will. In my community is to be unity, because all stand in the same truth and all must be united to me through love and consequently form a great soul, which I call my church. In this community I will always be present, and if my word is preached, it is me, who speaks through the speaker. And it is this church, which can also not be overcome by the gates of hell, because if I am present in it myself, the work of the opponent is unsuccessful. It is this church, which will be triumphant at the end of the days, because it comprises that herd, whose shepherd I am. It will only be one herd and one shepherd. It will comprise men of all denominations, who have freed themselves of all outward appearances and are intimately connected with me through their eagerness to live to my pleasure. And I will put my sheep out to graze – on evergreen fields, where no rocks, no thorns and no abysses exist anymore; I will be in paradise on the new earth in the midst among those who are mine, because then no separation exist any longer between us, my sheep no longer flee from me; they do not leave their shepherd, because they love me and no longer want to be without me. You only have still little time and are to strive after to still extend your community, my right church, and that is why you are to hold up the right life as an example for them; you are to give love and seek to win through love the children of the world, who do not know the power of love – give much love to them that also the flame is lighted in their hearts, so that they get to know the joy of giving and of making happy, so that they join you and now also seek the connection with me. Give them a good example and seek to stimulate them to do the same to test the power of love and of faith. Show them the way to me; draw their attention to the right relationship towards me; make it comprehensible to them that they must see their father in me, to whom they must be subject like children, to be able to be raised to right children, who are to come into the inheritance of the father. And although you can only win few, so your merit is still great, because the good shepherd is pleased about every sheep that was lost and now returns to him, and so I also bless everyone who helps me to enlarge my community before the last end has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 4304.


Book 51 4305

Prayer for poor souls.

19. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4305.

Unspeakably the souls suffer, which are in darkness. Their power is broken; it is a state of greatest hopelessness, as long as they lack knowledge about the power of love, which makes their lot easier. They wander around, and their will is also completely apathetic, and so they remain unspeakable long time in their agonizing state, if they are not granted help through prayer. You men on earth can give them this help, if you think of these poor souls in love and want to make their lot easier. Because only love gives them power. A prayer without love is worthless; it is just a form that has no effect. Only that degree of love is decisive, which power is supplied to them by this way. And so you must imagine the lot of these poor souls and know that they beg you for power supply, as soon as they have once felt the power of love. They have to rely on your help, as long as they still stay in the deep, as long as they through their knowledge cannot increase the power for themselves, which then means a love work in the hereafter to other needy souls. Every good thought given to them in sympathy has a relieving effect on the souls; they feel this and then always remain near you; they ask you by them pushing themselves into your thoughts to be given by you a loving intercession. Do not forget them; and do not turn your thoughts away from them; give them a loving prayer and by this help them upwards; make their agonies easier, and prove to them above all the power of love, so that also in them love towards the needy souls awakens and they now can free themselves out of their misery through love work towards them. Their surroundings are appropriate to the state of their soul, lightless and desolate, and if a prayer arises for these souls towards God, a light dozy state occurs, in which the soul has a gleam of recognizing, which is extremely agreeable for it after the constant darkness. The degree of love determines the brightness of the light, which radiates into the darkness, and the soul turns towards the gleam of light, again and again expecting new rays and asking for them. Fulfil these requests for them; do not let them alone in their need; give them the help, which you are still able to give; also supply to them in thoughts the Gospel; admonish them that also they are to remember their surroundings in love, that also they are to help them, to reach into the blessing of a light radiation, by them again imparting what they receive from you. Unspeakable much misery you can alleviate through your prayer; you can collaborate on the redemption of these souls, because the supply of power through your prayer has an effect upon their will, which now again becomes active in the right way. The soul uses the power sent to it for the work in love towards other needy souls, and ascent upwards now starts, for which it will thank you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4305.


Book 51 4306

Intervention of light beings in fate.

19. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4306.

Everything is to be called divine providence, because each, also the smallest event is predetermined for eternity. That is the will of God that you mature on earth. And that is why everything is well wisely ordained that you again and again have opportunity to develop upwards. Your will is decisive also for the shaping of your earth life, because God foresaw for eternity this your will, and the course of the individual is prescribed accordingly. The inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom, who stand in the light, are spiritual co-workers of God, and they look after men according to their degree of maturity, and therefore they are the representatives of God, and serve as guardian spirits for individual man, as it is the will of God. They intervene in earthly life with their methods of education; they give and deny, as it is most helpful for the development of man. They therefore have authority from God to make men happy through gifts, but also to bring to maturity through denial. Although this also always happens according to God’s will, so however also freedom of their work is granted to them, as soon as man turns trustingly towards them with the request for help. They can grant this request as also refuse, and their great love towards men will also always decide right, since they are one with the divine will. Nevertheless the calling of the light beings is a secure aid, because the light beings are exceedingly tolerant in their love towards men; they rarely refuse a request of man, when obvious wrong is not aim of their asking. And God will give his consent, no matter how the light beings decide, because they always stand in the same will with God. But if the human soul is endangered, also the light beings are unyielding, and the danger for the soul must first be over, before they open themselves to the requests of men and intervene helpingly. But then the work of the light beings is obvious; then man will be able to start everything without obstacle; he needs to fear no failure, and earth life will be easy and bearable for him; because his guardian spirits grant him support and he can entrust himself in every way to them, but never eliminating God in this, but letting intimate dialogue with him precede every request towards the light beings so that the will of the latter will also always be God’s will and the help is always recognizable. Amen. B.D. NR. 4306.


Book 51 4307

I want that you are happy.

20. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4307.

I want that you are happy. Not earthly happiness is my aim, because earth life is just short, measured at eternity. But an eternal life in happiness is to be allotted to you; and this eternal life is to be the prize for proving yourselves. Nothing more is to appear desirable for you on earth; your sight is to be directed towards life after death, and if you can give up everything with an easy heart, you are mature for eternity. The heart must be able to break away from the earthy, not compulsorily, but voluntarily you must be able to sacrifice what you love on earth; with the whole heart and the whole soul you must strive for what belongs to the spiritual kingdom, goods, which are denied to you by the earthly world, which no-one can offer to you than I alone and which I offer to you, because I want to make you happy. Learn to value the spiritual goods and to despise the earthly goods – and be certain that I let you have earthly goods what you need to be able to fulfil your earth task. Give yourselves completely to me as my own, and I will take care of you in every way; earthly and spiritually I will give to you and not let you live in want, but to be happy, your soul first needs spiritual food, which secures life in eternity to it. You men put the earthly needs in the first place and believe, without over anxious worry not being able to exist. But I know that there is much more a lack of spiritual supply, and this you must strive for yourselves, because I cannot force it on you for the freedom of will. Earthly food and earthly drink preserve your body always only a short time and can also never extend earth life, if I take you from earth. Spiritual food on the other hand secures you an eternal life. And what you once have accepted of spiritual food will never ever pass or become ineffective; you take it with you into eternity and build up your life on it. To be able to live for ever in happiness, you must also carry out an activity that makes you happy and therefore need a capital with which you can work, which you can hand out to the needy; you need spiritual wealth, which does not decrease, but always increases the more you give away of it. And I want to give you this spiritual wealth so that you are happy for ever. But you can only then accept it when you are of a complete empty heart, where my treasures can spread themselves, because spiritual treasures do not go with earthly treasures; a heart cannot hold both in itself, and you are free for which goods you want to keep your heart free. But if I now love you and want to let you be happy, I as wise father must also advise my children and help them to clean the chambers of their heart from unsuitable good, which drives out the true treasures and makes the reception impossible. And so I want to help you to break away from that, what the world offers you, what your heart still desires, but is hindering you to eternal life. And therefore consider all earthly failures as an aid from my side, to break away from the world and its sham goods; recognize in it my care, which is only meant for your final aim, to make free, exceedingly happy beings out of you, who know no grief and no worry any longer in eternity, but are always only happy and live – i.e. are uninterruptedly active in works of love. I want that you are happy; I want that I can supply you with spiritual food, because you need it for eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4307.


Book 51 4308

Willingness for mission. Prediction.

21. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4308.

In my name you are to be active. This necessitates a complete breaking away from the earthly, and so the way of my servant on earth must always more and more lead away from the world, the internalization must increase and so result in the increased work of the spirit. And this will always be connected with tests and renunciations, so that the soul breaks away more easily and just strives for spiritual connections, so that it matures in recognition, in knowledge, which is in accordance with the truth and which is supplied to it though spirit work. If this is therefore comprehensible to you, you must also really recognize by the increased need and oppression that the hour has soon come, where you are to be active for me and my kingdom. You must be ready and pay attention to my word that you are standing shortly before the end, that the time of your total work is just short and that I soon appear and introduce the last act, as it is predicted through my spirit. Announce all this, because the hour is close; again and again call to mind of fellowmen that I point you constantly to this day, so that they become seeing, when it comes as I have announced it. And take every word seriously, because I have chosen you as my representatives on earth, and you are to believe firmly and unshakably, that everything proves to be true and that my plan is fixed for eternities. Through your faith you are to have such an effect upon men that they likewise seriously consider a sudden change of their situation, that they occupy themselves with the thought of a quick end and seriously prepare themselves for it. And when you present my word to them, never forget to stimulate them to increased love work so that they are able to recognize the truth of my word and believe. Love must be preached to them always and constantly; through love work they must fetch power, if they are powerless, and only through love work alone they can become of bright spirit, therefore know about meaning and purpose of their earth existence and about their relationship as creature to the creator from eternity. They will never reach this knowledge intellectually; but a love life gives them fullest recognition. The time pushes, and that is why your mission is to be taken seriously, and you are allowed to neglect nothing, if you want to serve me. But I give you again the assurance that you are led and that no way, which you go, is your own will, because it is about great things; it is about the last willingness to help, which you are to still bring to many souls wandering about, and I guide you to those, who need your help. And so you can confidently leave yourselves to my guidance until the end of your body, which is not long in coming. Because the time is short until the end, and that is why it is to be used for busy work for me, and I will support you, where and when you need help and give you power to be active for me uninterruptedly . Amen. B.D. NR. 4308.


Book 51 4309

Task of the bearers of truth. Enlightenment.

21. and 22. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4309.

Who now has committed himself to work for me and my kingdom, through the vow made in free will, to serve me, he must have an enlightening effect among his fellowmen, because they live in complete ignorance; they go ignorantly through earth life, and they therefore do not utilize life properly. But it has been given to them for the purpose of maturation of their souls, what can only happen then, when they – truthfully informed – work on the reshaping of their nature, when they change to love. But only truth brings about this change, the knowledge about my original nature and the relationship of me to my creatures. And therefore the supply of pure truth is an urgent necessity and task of those, who want to serve me. Where men are, who desire truth intimately, there I also supply my word, and my servants will always have the opportunity, to pass on their knowledge, and every opportunity is my work, my will. I know about the questions, which are asked by men; I know about the receptivity of the individual; I know about his desire for truth, and I know about his strength of faith and his love, and I give truth to every individual accordingly, however leave it up to him, to accept or reject it. Completely informally the spiritual gift must be offered; otherwise the will to reject is too strong. (22.5.1948) But if I myself approach men in the word, who are of good will, they will recognize me; they are touched by the power of my word, not leave it disappear at their ears, but let it have an effect in them to express their opinion to it, and truth will satisfy them and make them happy. Men, who are of good will, also live in love, and my word speaks to them in the same measure as their hearts speak to me through love work. Therefore the bearers of truth are to seek contact with men willing to love, to make them able to love through the supply of pure truth and to strengthen them in difficult days, which are still granted to each one of you. But bearers of truth are also to seek to make truth accessible to men, who go lukewarm and indifferent through life, without practising works of love, without wanting to help their fellowmen in serving neighbourly love, without desire for truth and striving for spiritual good. These are led astray and are to be guided on the right way. They walk in darkness and are to be touched by rays of light so that they feel the favour of light and expose themselves to its rays. The recognition of truth is urgently necessary for mankind, and my spirit will always become effective there, where the need is great and only the smallest rescue possibility exists, where erroneous souls have not completely become slaves to my opponent and the short time until the end can still bring about a change of thinking. I look after them and send my messengers to them, who are to speak in my name and testify to my love, wisdom and omnipotence, so that men learn to believe and turn to him, from whom they once started and to whom they are to turn again in free will, so that they become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4309.


Book 51 4310

"Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed"

22. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4310.

"Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed." It is no blind faith, which is demanded by these my words, but faith without proof is meant, which I also expected from my disciples, but did not find. "You believe, because you see, but blessed, who do not see and still believe." To them I myself stood before their eyes as proof, my miracles convinced them, my wisdom they recognized, and therefore they believed that I was God’s son, and they followed me. Their faith was certainly also a convinced one; the inner voice told it to them, who I was, and their life in love, which was cause that I chose them as my disciples, also gave them the power of recognition, and still they often doubted me; again and again doubts arouse in them, and to strengthen them, I announced myself to them on many occasions, I revealed myself in my divinity, I enlightened their spirit, I opened their inner sight to them, so that they could see the crowd of angels, who served me, and became free of all doubt in my divinity. And even so their faith was weak. I showed myself in all power, and again and again they became shaky, so that I had to reveal myself always anew, because they were to work as my disciples, because they were to represent my teaching and bring the Gospel to men and therefore had themselves to deeply believe. And because they saw me, they believed. But I praise blessed, who do not see and still believe. Because to them faith is to be counted much higher, for which no proof is to be brought, which can only be won in the heart through love work, prayer and thought. I indeed also reveal myself to them, but only so that faith only recognizes the revelation as such and without faith it can be rejected. But who wants to believe, he will also be able to, because my spirit works in him, if he just believes in me as love, wisdom and omnipotence and lives in accordance with my love command. I praise him blessed, if he acquires faith, if he needs no proof for it, if he just regards the work of the spirit as proof, which indeed also can be doubted, but which is recognized by him, who lives in love and who therefore will once become blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4310.


Book 51 4311

Different sowing and its fruit. Vineyard of the Lord.

23. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4311.

Out of the spiritual world power currents are constantly sent to you in the form of instructions, which widen your knowledge and therefore make you able to be active in teaching with regard to your fellowmen. You therefore receive spiritual good, which you can pass on, although it is not earthly tangible or is matter to be utilized earthly; but it is a possession, which can never be diminished or expropriated from you, assumed that you do not want to give it up yourselves, that the gift of favour from above is not disregarded, what would be the result of a way of life contradicting my will. But who once receives my word from above, he has in the main broken with the world; his thinking and striving are only still the treasures of the spiritual kingdom, and that is why his knowledge will always increase, and his soul strives upwards. The spiritual world and its inhabitants have greater influence upon him than the earthly world with its sham goods, and the earth course was not in vain. The power, which is now sent to you from above, is to be used, and that is why you, who know, are to pass on your knowledge, wherever the opportunity is offered to you. Then you consciously work for my kingdom; then you carry my word out into the world – the seeds, which you scatter. And they will fall on different ground and also bear different fruit. And men will listen, but let the words fade away unimpressed at their ears, and the wind will blow away the seed – men will be thoughtful a short time; the meaning of my words will not completely escape them, although they do not move the word deep in the heart – few and light fruit will the ground bear, but nevertheless the sowing will not have been completely in vain – and again men will be deeply touched by my word, let it go to their heart, recognize its truth and make an effort to live according to my word; they will walk upwards, and the seed has brought thousand fold fruit, because it has fallen on good soil. And that is why you, my workers in the vineyard, be eagerly active and go past no field without having scattered the seed. You are to speak in the place of me and always consider that I leave none of my creatures out, when it is essential to get them salvation, and so you are to make the salvation of the soul of your fellowmen your business, imparting power to them, where it is admissible, in form of my word, so that you are again be given amply from above, so that you receive constantly and increase in wisdom, which enables you to teaching activity. You are to be my servants on earth, active on my behalf; you are to speak in my name, to my honour and for my kingdom – and my blessing will accompany you on all ways. Amen. B.D. NR. 4311.


Book 51 4312

Church of Christ. You are Peter, the rock.

24. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4312.

A faith community according to Christ means the unification of men, who through their walk of life, through unselfish neighbourly love acquired such a living, deep faith that they understand everything what Jesus taught on earth and therefore also oppose no word with doubts, because the understanding of that what God requires to believe, is always just the result of a walk of life led right and will also always result in a living faith, the conviction of pure truth and therefore also a power awareness of being able to do everything that just has faith as reason. Such a community is the true church of Christ; it is that church, which he has founded on earth with the words: "Thou art Peter, the rock, upon you I will build my church." And this church will remain in existence; it will not be able to be shaken by the powers of the underworld, when the last fight on earth will break out against faith. Then it will be shown who belongs to this church, who possesses the strength of faith that he does not defect when hell will charge against everything spiritual. Then only the people truly active in love will stand firm, whose faith is a living one, because the others will be too weak to resist. Everything will be taken from them, what was comprehensible to them under church until now; every ceremony, every external appearance will fall away; the places of church actions will be closed down or destroyed; no possibility will exist to carry out those actions, which appeared important to them, and they will seriously be put before the decision, to declare their support for or against God. But the decision will not be difficult for those who have the living faith, who can believe, because they arise, while the others, still blind in the spirit, have nothing to which they can keep and defect from God for the sake of their bodily well-being, who give up their faith, because it was just a dead faith, a form faith. But you, you who belong to the church of Christ, you are to promote this church uninterruptedly; you are to bring enlightenment to men and seek to explain the difference to them, so that they fashion their form faith to a living faith; you are to show them the way to understanding of that, what Jesus has taught, and tell them to go the way of love, which alone gives birth to a living faith and leads to the full understanding of his word. Only this small community of the true church of Christ will overcome the last fight, because before war will be declared on every school of thought and will lose all their followers, who do not belong to the true church of Christ. But God will grant them his help; he will be in the midst of them, strengthen their faith, enlighten their spirit and give them power to hold out until the end. And for the sake of this church of Christ he works obviously among men through his spirit – he instructs them and supplies his word to earth, so that his church wins followers, so that they are strengthened extraordinarily through his word, which comes from above and is blessed with his power. Amen. B.D. NR. 4312.


Book 51 4313

Sounding word.

26. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4313.

The most solemn moment in earth life is for man the hearing of the sounding word, if he hears the expression of my love in his heart like a spoken word. Because now my nearness is noticeable as a flood of light, which fills the heart and is also perceptible to the senses of man. In which maturity of the soul man now is, that is of influence to the way of the sounding of the inner voice. Carefree he can devote himself to the feeling of bliss, if his soul has already progressed far, but as he also can have to still fight with inner obstacles in a lower degree of maturity. Nevertheless he must have already reached a certain maturity of the soul; otherwise he could never receive the favour of the sounding word. It is therefore a process of transmission of light and power in direct form; man is in contact with me so intimately that I can express myself towards him and am understood, which will never be the case with immature souls. But I must always contain my love power, if man is to remain suitable for earth life and is not to lose all earthly commitment through overflowing happiness. And therefore it will always only be short moments, where I express myself sounding, until the earth course of him is ended, who is so close to me that I recognize him by my address. But in the time of the end I need servants on earth, who are eagerly busy for me, and I award their eagerness by me revealing myself to them in a way that they can no longer harbour doubts in the heart, because they are loyal towards me, because they believe, without seeing, and work for me in this faith. I want to prompt them to always busier activity, but can only then express myself sounding when their faith has already reached that firmness that they unconditionally believe in my work, that they have heard the voice of the spirit already before and recognized it as my voice, because the sounding is never allowed to mean a compulsion of faith, because it is the culmination of a strong faith and the most desirable thing for earth life, because it makes man unspeakably happy and the thought of it can make him immune against suffering and needs of earthly kind. His happiness, his convinced faith also give fellowman strengthened power of faith, so that therefore the work of him among men is exceedingly beneficial and he will achieve every performance, which he tackles. Fellowmen can certainly oppose him with doubts, but who hears my word sounding in himself, he can no longer doubt. And therefore I award the love and loyalty of my servant, who stands up for me, and give him happiness already on earth, which the world cannot offer him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4313.


Book 51 4314

Body power (Life power) Increase through spiritual power.

27. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4314.

You cannot go beyond the limits of your work without spiritual power supply. A limit is set for you humanly, i.e., the body is only enabled for the carrying out of the will in accordance with its biological composition, therefore the ability and the achievements of a man are always based on the divine law of nature. This however is not valid for that man, who does not desire divine power supply, therefore does not requests it – his strength is limited. Differently it is with those, who are in contact with the spiritual kingdom, who are at any time allowed to request and accept power in accordance with their will and their closeness to God. These abolish the limits of work through the connection with God; they are so to speak not subject to the laws of nature, but stand above them, because it is God’s will. They can achieve everything – but that they do not achieve it despite these quoted prerequisites has its cause in faith weakness, and that is why the proof can be produced so rarely that man can do everything despite his bodily power limit. He lacks faith, and so he imposes limits on himself, where he could exceed them. He therefore certainly has the will, but not the faith; but without faith the extraordinary power cannot be supplied to him, because he is not allowed to be forced to faith. A difference must be made between bodily and spiritual power. Former is the life power, which every man has at his disposal, even so differently, and which is a particular gift of favour in the last embodiment on earth. Man now pays attention to only the natural power and does not think about how he could increase it, but he comes to terms with it that it decreases or increases according to age or health. But at any time he can increase this life power through spiritual power, which is not supplied arbitrarily to man, but is received only after fulfilling certain preconditions. This spiritual power is at the disposal of man unmeasured, but must be requested, therefore asked. But this can only happen in faith that it is both possible as also secure through God’s love, and a prayer never gets through to him in vain. Only then man requests the spiritual power the right way, and he will be able to have it at his disposal unlimitedly. Man must imagine that he as tiny little part of eternal divinity is also partaking of his might and power, as soon as he does not live in resistance, but in harmony with God. And this certainty will also let him believe that every measure of power will also be supplied to him, which he now can use according to his will. There is only a restriction of creation for those men, who live outside of God, because only the body power is at their disposal. But who lives in and with God, he will be able to accomplish things, which go beyond human ability, as soon as he believes firmly and unshakably. Amen. B.D. NR. 4314.


Book 51 4315

Spiritual debates necessary for enlightenment.

27. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4315.

No opportunity you are allowed to let slip, where you can have an effect for me and my kingdom, where you can speak about that what my spirit announces to you. Questions will be raised, which are possible for you alone to answer, and many different opinions will be raised, but you alone will be able to represent the right ones with conviction, because you alone stand in truth; you are instructed by me and therefore need to fear no counter objection; you will recognize every wrong opinion, because you are knowing. But your assignment consists in that you initiate debates of spiritual kind, that you are not afraid to talk, that you always feel as my servants, who are eagerly active for their Lord, and that you are always aware of your mission. If it drives you inwardly, then give in and do what the heart tells you to do, and if you are anxious to speak, then speak, because I myself push you to spiritual activity. It will always be my will that my word from above will be mentioned; it will always be my will that men exchange among each other their thoughts about spiritual questions, and I will always give the stimulus myself for it and smooth the way for you, i.e. direct the thinking of men towards the problems, which I am prepared to explain. Therefore you are also always to be convinced that I am present at all conversations of spiritual kind and that I give your thoughts the right direction and your mouth the ability to speak and your mind the right power of judgement. And that is why you can speak freely out of yourselves, and you will always speak according to my will, because you are only my tools through which I express myself. You are just not to be timid and remain silent when it is necessary to talk. And you will have success, and the debates will contribute much to clarification and provoke men to present their opinions what will always result in that my light beings intervene and seek to assert their influence. Then you have pre-tilled the field, and the seed is scattered, which is to bring good fruit. Amen. B.D. NR. 4315.


Book 51 4316

Melting together of the spirit with the soul through love.

28. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4316.

In the melting together with me you will find the highest happiness. The sprit spark in you seeks to connect with the father spirit from eternity; but it is prevented by the soul and the body from this connection, as long as these are still directed worldly, therefore their striving is one contradicting spiritual striving. Then the soul is stronger than the spirit insofar as the spirit does not have a compulsory effect, but lets the soul determine and withdraws. Therefore the soul must first be won for the same striving; it must join the spirit in its desire in complete free will, only then the spirit in man can have an effect, and only then the connection of man with me is established. But the unification of the soul with the spirit is the result of love work. To perform a work of unselfish neighbourly love is first a turning away from the world, i.e. a voluntary renouncing of something belonging to the world, as it is with the work of love about the handing out of earthly goods. But if it is an aid of another kind, then self-love always steps back, and this is an act of worldly giving up, a moment of adapting of the soul into the will of the spirit, which drives the soul to acts of love. Listens the soul to the spirit, then it has won it for itself, and then the unification with me can also take place, he who stands in most intimate connection with the spirit spark, because it is my part and remains my part in eternity. Therefore something standing outside of me up to now then returns again back to me through love. Again and again I would like to make men understand why love can never be eliminated with the development of the soul upwards; again and again I would like to explain it to them, in what way love work has influence on the unification of the soul with the spirit and therefore with me, and again and again I want to make clear the importance of the melting together with me, the spiritual marriage and give them the happiness already on earth, which is the result of that unification with me. But man is too earthly minded and only values the tangible goods and reachable on earth; but the spiritual goods he leaves unnoticed, because he does not believe in a continued life after death and because only this belief lets him consciously strive for spiritual goods. And nevertheless I do not give up and will again and again speak to men in the word and again and again show them to strive for the unification with me. For in the stage as man the spiritual in him is capable of cognition; but his will alone determines how far he utilizes the capability of cognition. And I do not force this will, but help it to decide. Amen. B.D. NR. 4316.


Book 51 4317

God’s protection for his workers on earth.

29. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4317.

The time will weigh heavily upon you, but at my hand you will go with a light foot over all obstacles, because I myself spread the hands under your feet for you; I smooth the way for you, which you must go, and am always with you with my power and favour. Because who is willing to serve me, and takes the work for me and my kingdom seriously, he can expect support from me in every life situation; he will not be disappointed. The time comes to an end, and with extremely great eagerness demonic powers influence men to pull them down into the kingdom of darkness. And you are to oppose them; you are to give light where darkness is; you are to teach men to believe in me so that they come to me when my opponent presses them so that they seek help with me, which will also certainly be theirs; you must point fellowmen to me and inform them of my love. For this service towards fellowmen I again and again ask you, because in their unbelief and their spiritual darkness they arouse my pity. But the enlightenment must come through the mouth of man, because they would not bear my word from above without perishing. And that is why I do not speak directly to them, but through you, and the more urgently the closer the end is. They are to hear my word through you and recognize my power through the coming events. Through my word they are to be pointed to me and through suffering, which is imposed on them by me, to let them find the way to me. And so suffering will come over the whole earth; each and every one will be affected in a different way, but who serves me, who therefore wants to help me to bring light into darkness, he will come through the difficult time like in a dream; he is guided and looked after by me that out of everything he clearly recognizes my rule, that he feels my care and full of faith abandons himself to me and my favour. Despite of all obstacles will his way be smooth; his spirit will be bright and clear despite deepest darkness, which is spread over earth, and he will serve me with joy; the work for me and my kingdom will fill him with power, and he will be active for me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4317.


Book 51 4318

Light of the Sun. Interaction.

30. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4318.

The interaction of power and resistance must show in light phenomena no matter what kind, or also – every light production is the result of the effects of two powers against each other, out of which is to be inferred that positive and negative powers are absolutely necessary, to achieve the light of the Sun which over-radiates everything. The light of the Sun is of such important remote effect that men of Earth can well see and feel it, but can never detect its origin, because they will never fathom the properties of the Sun and that is why they will also always draw false conclusions. Light phenomena on Earth always have joined cause with matter, and that is why the same or similar causes are also attributed to the light of the Sun. But the Sun is no material world, even though it is visible to men and research wise is reckoned as such. It is a pure spiritual celestial body, a creation, which certainly also exists, therefore was called into being by the will of God, but which contains no material matter and that is why it can be seen with the spiritual eye only, while the earthly eye can only see and be blinded by the extremely radiating brightness of it. The light of the Sun is of such enormous effect that from this, one can already infer from an origin, which lies far away from human knowledge. A process takes place in the universe, which is grasped by few enlightened people; a gate is as it were opened where the activity of the spiritual is visible; it is the fight of light beings against darkness, the effect of powers against each other, which expound extreme energy to assert themselves to gain victory over the counter power. A spiritual creation with all its inhabitants steps openly before darkness and there influences it continuously. It is like the constant unfolding of highest vigour of two poles, and the effect is a fire incomprehensible for men, a source of light of unsuspected power. It is a flowing out of light going out of perfect spiritual beings into the universe; it is spiritual power, which is visibly distributed as light everywhere where there is darkness to create the possibility for still undeveloped spiritual to return to the nearness of eternal light. It is a radiation, which certainly has a similarity with earthly produced light, which is able to illuminate in highest potency, while earthly light has a limited illuminating power, as everything is limited in the material world. Powers, which act against each other, must, when they fight violently, ignite then when they are intransigent, therefore are of unconquerable hardness, otherwise one power defeats or exhausts the other. Here are now the most distant counter powers at work – penetrated by God’s power, highly perfect beings out of the spiritual world and powers of darkness, which still dwell unbound in the universe and try to destroy everything what is to be considered to be divine creation. But nothing is reachable for them. Their power is enormous, and so they take action against those powers where they expect the hardest resistance, where they can romp about and think being able to destroy what is resisting them. They detest light and want to extinguish it. But the perfect beings want to break through darkness. But this fight of light against darkness is at the same time preservation of the entire earthly material creation. Because powers develop, which increase to infinity and push to utilization – and the utilization is only to awaken to life what has been overcome in the fight, to make it possible for that what until now had become inactive to become active through supply of power, when it exposes itself to the effect of the light. So the positive and the negative powers produce life continuously; their fight is visible through the light of the Sun, but it is no earthly explainable fire power, which produces the exceptional radiation, but the light of the Sun is actually only visible in the region of Earth, when it touches the earthly material sphere, as well as the spheres of those celestial bodies, which are in the region of the Sun and are fed with its illuminating power. Because these are the kingdom of the bound spiritual, which is allowed to receive knowledge of the fight between light and darkness, to draw use from this knowledge for the course of development. But for this reason no researches can be undertaken beyond these spheres – i.e., with regard to research the cause of the Sun light will never be able to be established, because outside of the earthly sphere there is no going further, because it exceeds the human thinking power, nothing can be proven, but only be accepted by faith what God gives to men through spiritual enlightenment. Researches begin where they are actually already at the end. Everything earthly can be researched, earthly intellect does not reach above this, and through drawing earthly parallels it becomes entangled in fallacy. Because the spiritual world – the world outside of earth sphere – is a complete different world with other laws and other effects, in which a man is never supposed to have the presumption to do research, when he does not want to lapse into fallacy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4318.


Book 51 4319

Coming of the Lord in greatest trouble.

31. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4319.

I will fetch you to me out of deepest distress, as I have promised you. The trouble will be great, and who follows your fate, he will recognize that only the power of faith keeps you up, because otherwise you would be too weak to withstand the threats and violence of the enemies, to which you are exposed defencelessly. But only defenceless on the side of men; but I stand next to you as protection, and this certainty must make you immune against all hostilities. This great trouble only last a short time; then I come myself to fetch mine into my kingdom and to prepare them to a life in paradise on the new earth. If your faith is strong, if you attach importance to each word of mine, the last trouble will pass for you, and you will bear everything with calmness in the hope of my coming soon and expect me. And I come certainly – I do not leave mine in trouble; I will come when no escape is earthly any longer apparent; I will appear very suddenly, visible only to mine, and call all to me who are loyal to me. And there will be rejoicing and cheering among mine who rush towards me full of happiness and will raise their hands to me. Who believes, he will be blessed, because he will hold out, no matter if the world is full of devils – he knows that the hour of rescue comes; he knows that I will not leave him and that all devils are powerless against me. And he waits for me, and I award his deep faith with the highest prize, with a new life in paradise on this earth. Why do I not take him to me into the spiritual kingdom? Who passes this last test of faith and recognizes me, he is the right person to form the line of a new family, and he will produce a new generation, because the earth is again to be populated, and that is with men, who are far advanced spiritually and lead a life for me and with me. And these men I will draw myself for myself. I know about the state of maturity of all men, but particularly about those who fight for me at the end against Satan. And I need such men as parents of the tribe for the new earth. I will bless them, bodily and spiritually, and the new earth will become the paradisiac stay for them; children and children’s children will stand in intimate connection with me, and the human race will be full of love. A new development period begins again with the spiritual embodied as man, which stands close before maturity and strive towards me with desire and quickly reaches the last soul maturity on earth. Because the last time on the old earth has very quickly matured the spiritual, which stands shortly before the embodiment as man, because the fight between light and darkness was felt by it and the last destruction of the old earth released the spiritual for a short time, what caused it agonies, since it did not yet have the maturity for freedom, so that it feels the new formation as agreeable and strives upwards with eagerness, even so unaware of the success in the pre-stage. And that is why men will also live in most wonderful harmony with all creations of the surroundings; stone, plant and animal world will completely adapt itself to the needs of men; deepest peace will exist in nature as in the human heart; a blessed togetherness with me will make men to blessed creatures; my love will smooth all ways for them, and their hearts will beat towards me in hottest love, and all trouble will be forgotten. And this time is no longer far; soon I myself will come and fetch my bride community; soon the great trouble will be overcome, because my promise must fulfil itself. I will come again in the clouds to fetch mine and to judge the living and the dead. Amen. B.D. NR. 4319.


Book 51 4320

The present brings the end.

1. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4320.

And I tell you again and again: You will experience the end. It is an urgent admonition call, which I send to men, who now populate earth; it is a call, which I will still intensify, because it is necessary that you come off the certainty to have much time, because it is necessary that you deal with the thoughts of a sudden end and seek to approach me. You only have little time, and very soon you will start up out of your peace; fear will come into your hearts, which you can only banish through my call, through believing prayer, which will give you power and peace. The time is completed, and no matter if you fight against this thought – you have to expect everything what the end brings with it. It is you who experience the last fight, who are to pass it; it is you who experience the last judgement, who either see my coming in the clouds and the fetching home of the righteous or the last work of destruction taking place, according to your attitude towards me, according to your will and your love. It is you who must decide, because for you after death there is no entering into the opposite kingdom if you turn towards the opponent, but you have to cover your further course through the creations of the new earth, according to my decree from eternity. Do not expect the end in the future; familiarize yourselves with the thought that the present brings you the end, that you are affected yourselves and everything will come over you what seers and prophets have predicted in my will. I just can again and again point out and speak to you as confirmation of my word from above, and I will do it soon, because time pushes until the end. I will once again announce to you, you who are mine through your will to serve me, shortly before so that you do not experience unprepared the day, because although you believe that my word is truth, also you still do not take it seriously enough with my prediction; you still reckon with a reprieve, but never with my soon coming, but which is in store for you. But you will expect me most ardently when the time of the faith struggle has come and you have entered the last phase of this earth period. Then you will have learned to despise the world; you will no longer carry desire for earthly goods; you only still long for my word, and I will also always be with you in the word and my words give you comfort until the day where I will appear in the clouds, where your trouble has become enormous and help can only still come from me. You must certainly reckon with, that you experience this time, if I do not call away prematurely one or the other of my servants according to my wise discretion. All of you will be surprised how soon the events occur, which I have announced long before through the voice of the spirit. And so I once appear, the end approaches with gigantic steps. Who stands in deep faith, he will rejoice inwardly despite trouble and suffering, because he knows that the compensation will once come, that once all trouble has an end, that a new time begins again with the paradise, as I have promised it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4320.


Book 51 4321

Relationship of the child to the father. Supporter.

2. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4321.

It is of decisive importance for men which relationship they establish with me and how they adapt themselves to the order from eternity, which is based on the law of love. Man has freedom of will; he is not forced to a relationship with me. He certainly belongs to me inseparably, but can also cancel this bond by virtue of his free will of his own accord, but with it he also decides his lot in eternity. The spiritual had wanted to carry out the separation already eternal times ago, and this will was enough to make the spiritual sinful, although the separation cannot take place for ever. But the effect of being separated from me, the being must now also feel as just punishment for its wrong used will. But the separation is only abolished then, when the being, the spiritual embodied as man, approaches me again in free will, when it establishes the right relationship with me, that of the creature with the creator, of the child with the father, when it therefore out of its own drive connects itself again with me and therefore enters the order appointed by me – and fulfils the law of love. Its will must consciously turn towards me; it must, to be accepted by me, give up its present resistance and give way to my will in all humility. But my will is that man shapes himself to love, then all barriers fall, then the unification takes place, then the separation is abolished, the gulf bridged, the spirit spark has married the father spirit, and meaning and purpose of earth life are fulfilled. But to now reach this unification, knowledge must first be imparted to man about his distance from me through the former arrogance in free will. Every individual creature is responsible for its sin, as well as also for its return to me, because every individual being once reaches the ability to get to know its relationship with the creator, and through instruction, though the imparting of my word, also the sin is explained to him, which separates it from me and has caused the distance to me. He therefore must first detest sin, when he has recognized it, and then seek to decrease the distance to me in this way, that he fulfils my commands in obedience against me. Then he approaches me step by step; then he enters the right relationship with me – he strives towards him from whom he started, and seeks to unite with him. But what is my command? I just demand love work, because only through love can the bond with me be established. And so it emerges from this that the striving of man on earth solely is to be to live in love, that my influence upon men will always only be to guide their will in the right direction, that they seek me and approach me in love work. They must consciously strive towards me. This is so important, because the state of separation cannot be remedied otherwise. And every individual himself must establish the contact with me; otherwise he can never reach the goal. Who now grasps this, he will also understand that the way to me will be prolonged endlessly, if one wants to reach me in a roundabout way – that the time of favour on earth granted to man is not used, if the direct way to me is not pursued, but man turns to supporters who are to support his cause. Those lack the right relationship of a child with the father who need a supporter, and they will truly scarcely be able to reach the goal, because earth life is soon over. My father love wants to hand out in all fullness, but my right children will be first given, who come to me trustingly and ask me for my love and favour. How could I therefore cause men to turn their thoughts to a conduct, which certainly also seeks to win light beings, however does not put me as first goal? How could I set men the task calling these light beings, I, who wants to be called first, because the connection with me must be established if man is to reach his goal? An influencing of men never ever takes place out of the kingdom of light in that sense, that a light being, no matter how perfect it is, is given priority. Light beings will always only work in my name and always only seek to influence men so that they join me and fulfil my will – and this will always only be to pay attention to the love command – it will only concern the inner shaping of a man, but never demand outer acts or ceremonial customs, which restrict the relationship with me and have little advantage for the development of the soul. Come to me like children and commune with me, and I will truly tell you, what I demand of you; I will guide you without outer visible appearances; I will be a faithfully caring father to each of you, who helps you to reach the goal. Amen. B.D. NR. 4321.


Book 51 4322

(Fatima) After reading about it.

3. and 4. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4322.

It is a play of demons when the sight of credulous men is blinded through appearances of many kinds, which are suitable for the spreading of error and untruth, which are just suitable to reinforce already existing false doctrines and to push men away from the right way, the direct way to me. For an awakened man it is easy to see through this play, but difficult for men, who are already attached to false doctrines and are guided by blind leaders, who themselves lack all knowledge and who also do not desire truth, but are satisfied with adopted spiritual good without checking its origin. A chain of false doctrines is organized together from different wrong ideas, and to reinforce these false doctrines every means is also right for men who represent such, because their endeavours are not to bring light, but keep men in darkness of spirit. And this is a great wrong, why I constantly add representatives of my pure teaching to them, who appear against untruthfulness and error and seek to enlighten fellowmen. My revelations never ever happen in that way that my will is announced to under age children, but every revelation has the purpose to be spread to the benefit of all, because every revelation has the purpose to be spread for the benefit of all, because I make use of only one mouth to speak through it to all men. I will never ever command those to silence who are able to hear me, but give them the assignment to announce my will to fellowmen. My will is that men love each other and reach happiness through love. If my will is not fulfilled, then man remains incomplete and cannot get free of his sin guilt, which sticks to him, and which he increases all the time through acts lacking love. Another can never take his guilt upon himself or atone for – because for this Jesus died on the cross, who took the sin guilt of mankind upon himself to redeem it. Man can certainly take part in the work of redemption of Christ, by him as it were spreading the love teaching of Christ through an exemplary love life as example and awakening love in fellowmen; he can further co-operate in the redemption of erroneous souls through the transmission of the Gospel, pure truth, which everyone carries in himself, who himself lives in love. He also can give power to fellowmen through intercession out of a loving heart, however the will of him must always be prepared to accept every power currents, because the responsibility for his soul is every man’s duty, and it can in no way be taken off him, otherwise my justice would be questioned and all men would also be redeemed immediately, because loving beings of light always give their love to the unfortunate, unredeemed and their power would truly be enough to make all men happy. Every individual men must find himself to me – he must recognize his sin guilt and seek to get free of it; he must atone for it himself even through eternities or let himself be redeemed by Jesus Christ through conscious acknowledgement of his work of redemption and request for forgiveness of his sins. (4.6.1948) Love of a man towards fellowman can certainly implore his conversion, but only insofar as that far-reaching support is granted to him from the spiritual side, that he is brought into life situations by light beings, where he can change, if he wants to, where his thoughts are directed towards men, who lead a right walk of life, that every help is granted to him for the winning of soul maturity and also increased power is sent to him, which intercession has won for him. But how he utilizes the power, is his will alone. That his sins now can be atoned for by loving earth siblings for him, is an erroneous opinion and only marks the misunderstanding of my teaching, which was offered in full clarity, but many times polluted through wrong human ideas. If intercession is based on love, it will never remain without success, but the effect is another one, because every man must himself accept responsibility for his sins. And so it is a perpetual misleading to give men knowledge of supernatural appearances, which never stand a conscientious examination and can never be brought into line with the truth supplied by me to earth. It is demonic deception, which found good breeding-ground in the credulity of men and their led astray thinking. Because where I appear, I do not come in pomp and splendour, but recognizable to everybody who wants to recognize me and is of good and pure mind. Amen. B.D. NR. 4322.


Book 51 4323

Unusual spiritual experience. Admonition.

6. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4323.

The great spiritual experience is to make you think and give you the certainty that I myself look after you, that I want to win you and that I therefore intervene in your life in obvious ways. You are to always imagine that you experience something that is not an everyday occurrence, that you are in direct contact with the kingdom, where you seek me, if you believe in me, and that you are instructed from there in unusual ways. You are further to consider that you receive answers to questions, which move you, that I myself, your God and father from eternity, it is who speaks to you, that you therefore boast the most valuable – to be able to speak with the greatest spirit of infinity and are to be recognized by him of the favour of a reply, and that all this happens in deepest love towards you. You stand in such great experience that you cannot be thankful enough on account of my love towards you, because you have to show something rare, valuable, which is denied to your fellowmen. Appreciate this present; remain conscious of the great favour; do not accept it as a matter of course, but become often immersed in the unusual, and do not let it become an everyday occurrence. Consider which knowledge has already been supplied to you; consider which light has been lightened in you, which spiritual wealth you are allowed to call your own and with which clarity the deepest problems are solved; consider further that men can never ever impart such knowledge to you and a man without study can never have such comprehensive knowledge at his disposal, as you have won through the constant instruction from above, which my love has offered to you. And so you seriously imagine this, you must look up to me full of love and reference; you must be and remain deeply humble and come to me like children in deepest thankfulness and do everything what I request of you. You can already be happy on earth that you stand in this favour, that my love has chosen you to be co-workers on earth. And that is why you are to put yourselves completely at my disposal and do what I demand of you; you are to serve me through the spreading of pure truth, which you receive from me on such unusual way – you are to make an effort to fulfil my will, and work eagerly, i.e. see to the spreading of my word, how and where it is possible for you. Because again and again I tell you that I need you in the last time before the end, and therefore I will again and again help you and steer your thoughts towards the unusual of the events at you. And I will not let up, because I do not want to lose you, so you once were active for me; I will always, and again and again speak to you, until you are aware that your God and father, your creator from eternity, needs you and therefore comes himself to you in the word – until you completely submit to his will and are active for me, because you recognize my love towards you and my gift of favour and no longer want to lose it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4323.


Book 51 4324

Spiritual leadership. Truth from above.

6. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4324.

You men need a constant leadership, if you want to reach the goal. Your goal is spiritual development, reaching the degree of perfection; your goal is unification with me, which you can only achieve through a change to love. Consequently you must be led on to the right way, which guarantees your ascent development; which brings you closer to perfection and thus also to me, I who can only unite with perfect beings. You can certainly also reach the goal by yourselves, if you have the good will, if it drives you from the inside to love work. Then you do not need earthly leaders, because then you are led right through the voice of the spirit, which truly instructs you right. But men who are just lukewarm in love, who are still not glowed through by its fire, do not hear this voice; they do not know the way up and therefore need leaders, who guide them on to the right way – they need teachers, who instruct them right about my will, about my commands and about their earth task. They must be instructed right. When I have set for men as the highest goal the unification with me, then it also must be my will and my endeavour, to let men find the way, which leads them closer to the goal, and therefore I must also give every man the possibility to obtain knowledge of the conditions and my will. I must give them the possibility to be instructed in truth, therefore put the teaching workers to their side, who are able to spread truth according to my will. But otherwise I can also not prevent men to reject truth by virtue of their freedom of will and to acquire untrue thought material, why I also never intervene to hinder, when my pure teaching is disfigured on the part of those, who practise a teaching activity, because I do not force the will of men. I only want to make clear who is to be mentioned as spiritual leader and when men need spiritual leaders. The entire mankind walks in darkness and needs necessary supply of light. But light can only start from the eternal light; it is lightless in the heart of man as long as I still cannot light the light in it, as long as the fire of love is not in it, which gives out bright light. Light can therefore only come from the inside; it must be lighted through love, only then man will be knowing and stand in truth. Consequently right, truthful knowledge can never be taught, therefore brought to man from the outside, but only love must be awakened in man, only then he can recognize the right knowledge, imparted to him from the outside, as truth and accept it. And so the office of the leaders on earth is only limited to teach love to men, and this is the task of those who stand in the world as spiritual leaders, who have the will to direct mankind on to the way, which leads to me. If they put themselves at my disposal for this task, then I will bless them and give their words power that it may not remain without effect at men. But truth is also directly supplied to men from above, if a willing man, living in love, declares himself willing to receive truth and to carry it further into the world. These are now to be mentioned as spiritual leaders who are called to show fellowmen the right way to me. Because these are called by myself. The supply of pure truth from above happens in a way that it is an inexplicable process for fellowmen, that therefore an unusual power can be recognized. What church leaders now represent and teach must stand in most complete agreement with the knowledge supplied from above to earth; it must as it were come from one source, and the word coming from above must always be laid down as standard, as soon as deviations arise. Then church leadership is also to be acknowledged and also blessed as such by me. But I request this agreement; otherwise I must reject every teaching, which deviates from pure teaching imparted by me. I cannot make concessions where it is about pure truth, but as I also never deviate from choosing my servants for myself, to instruct and to train them for a teaching activity, because it is urgently necessary to supply men with truth. I will always acknowledge church leaders if they preach truth, but as I also do not silently tolerate the spreading of false doctrines to those who seek truth. I respect free will, but my will will also be active and seeks to reconcile where human will sins. I work against it by opposing error with pure truth, by confronting the carriers of truth to those who walk along in error and seek to spread it. And every individual man can decide freely. The inner urge for truth also secures him the supply of truth, but the lukewarm man, completely indifferent, remains blind in the spirit despite church leaders, because truth wants to be sought, to let itself be found. Amen. B.D. NR. 4324.


Book 51 4325

Importance of the voice of the spirit. Close at the aim.

6. and 7. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4325.

You hear the voice of the spirit – do you know what that means? That you have been raptured from the heaviness of earth when you accept my word, may it be directly or through mediators, that you are in contact with the spiritual world, which is outside of all matter? Do you know that you are already close to the aim, that you have already almost overcome matter when my word penetrates into your heart and does not just go past the ear? Do you know that my word is a ray out of the kingdom of light which you are allowed to enter after the death of your body, that you therefore will be deemed worthy to dwell in the spiritual kingdom while your body is still earthbound? Do you know that you, when you receive my word, are connected with me, your God and father from eternity, your creator and sustainer? That the connection is the final aim of each man and you therefore have already reached the final aim when you not just receive my word with the intellect but let it have an effect on your heart? And already on earth you are allowed to think yourselves unspeakably fortunate because noticeably and verifiably you accept the love radiation from me because I give myself away to you; I give you my flesh and my blood to you as I have promised – I have communion with you because you have granted me admission when I knocked at your heart’s door. And so you are my guests who are exceedingly dear and valuable to me and I will serve everything to you what makes you happy; I will bestow spiritual products on you, treasures which are everlasting and which you are allowed to take across into eternity; I want to give you everything you desire, but you will only demand what serves you spiritually and makes you happy. And all my angels and light beings will be available to you; they will give you enlightenment when you desire such, and your knowledge will increase, your fear will disappear; you will be conscious of closest union with me when you assimilate my word because my word proves my love to you. (7. June 1948) My word is the greatest gift of favour because it is I myself who dwells among you in the word; so you not only accept the expression of myself but you accommodate myself in your hearts when I speak to you. I have then taken residence in you, as I have promised to you. Are you then still lonely and forsaken? Can possibly someone replace my closeness earthly to you? And do you then still want to be anxious and distressed, timid and of little faith? Just take care that every word from me takes roots in you, that it wins life, that you not only read or hear it but let it penetrate deeply into your heart; live so that I can have an effect in you, that you also soon hear the sounding word which quashes every doubt, every worry and makes you happy. Then you will be prepared to give up everything, then your faith will also be strong and unshakable, then everything can approach you without making you stagger because you feel me; you know yourselves safe near me and are full of love towards me. My word is a gift of favour for which you cannot thank enough, and you are to prove your thanks to me that you carry it further into the world, that you work nonstop to spread it, that you announce to fellow men my work of love in you and through you in all men. Speak wherever you have an opportunity because men need comfort and help in their spiritual trouble; they need informed guides on the way, who you are to be for them, you who receive my word directly or through mediators; do not be lukewarm and indifferent with the work for me and my kingdom; live out my word by being active in love and help spiritually and earthly where such is needed. Be my co-workers and so thank me for my love towards you, which is expressed in my word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4325.


Book 51 4326

Body and soul in harmony.

8. and 9. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4326.

The body is also to be looked after to remain kept in power and suitable for its task – to help the soul to ascent development. The body is not completely to be neglected, because order is likewise a law from me and everything belongs to order what has a promoting and building up effect. The task is indeed set to man to break away from matter, to overcome it, by the heart freeing itself from it and is therefore no longer ruled by earthly material things. Nevertheless the body must also stand in a certain harmony with the soul; it must provide the soul with the inner peace, what it can always do then when it has come to peace itself as well, i.e. its needs are covered and it can now attend to the desire of the soul. The body can now certainly make demands which show materialistic thinking and never agree with my law of order, then it does not stand in harmony to the soul, and then the soul will defend itself, if it already stands in knowledge; it will not fulfil the desire of the body, although it does not let up in its desire. Then soul and body live in a quiet fight with each other. Then the body is given poorly in all directions, until it is satisfied with the granting of small requests, until it joins the desires of the soul. Then it has again entered the right order, and it will also feel well in that state, since it now feels as promoter of the soul. (9.6.1948) Then also increased demands can again be granted to it, since then the danger no longer exists that the body outvotes the soul, that it turns towards the earthly world, that it completely neglects the soul. The body is never allowed to rule the soul; the material world is never allowed to come to the fore; the soul must be determining and be supported by the body in its desire and striving, then every relief can also be granted to the body and every striving be fulfilled, because then the body never lays detrimental claims for the soul, the soul will nevertheless mature, because it unswervingly strives for to live in harmony with me, to win my pleasure and to approach me, and can go carelessly past the pleasure of the world. I also want to give to men pleasures on earth as soon as these pleasures mean no danger for the soul; but when this is the case, I alone can judge, and that is why I give scantily to the body on many occasions, but as I also give quiet joys to men devoted to me to show them my love, which always wants to make happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4326.


Book 51 4327

Reference to the end. Right representatives of God.

9. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4327.

Only a short time is the peaceful state still given, because the world clock is moving forward and has soon reached the last hour. Who becomes aware of this, he also lives his life consciously in the expectation of what is coming; he adjusts all his acts to it, that he must soon give up earth life, and he strives after securing eternal life for himself – he works on himself and strives for the most possible maturity of his soul. But how few are they, who believe in the end - how few seriously deal with the thought of a separation from this world. It is like an increased hunger for everything what the world offers, and only very rarely the thought of me moves them, very rarely only they seek opportunity to have spiritual conversations and to obtain the urgently necessary food for their soul. Men live and are still dead in spirit – and the better they are, the more they come to grips with earthly situations, the more they break away from me or they put me aside, just turning the look now and then towards me, but their hearts do not long for me. And there are also only few of the right representatives of me on earth, otherwise the work in my vineyard would be crowned with greater success; otherwise men would be more roused and change in their thinking and wanting. My right representatives announce my word to men and always only my word as light and power contributors for those who are of good will and respect my word. My right representatives draw their attention to false doctrines, which are spread in the world. But many call themselves representatives of me on earth and carry little care that my alone true word is spread. They certainly push men to pious, god-fearing thoughts, but always on the way of ceremonies and outer acts, which are irrelevant for the spreading of my word. These will not have the success that men deal with eternal thoughts and recognize the seriousness of the time, because those who call themselves my representatives do not themselves believe in such a quick end. And every right representative, who can bring enlightenment to them, they reject. And so men are in great trouble, because they are completely blind and no other help can be send to them than the imparting of my word from above. That is why I admonish my servants on earth again and again, which I have chosen for myself as right representatives of mine, to announce my word, wherever it is feasible to refer fellowmen to the end, to the necessity of a soul change and the faith in life after death. I again and again admonish you, do not let up in your spiritual work; create and have an effect busily as if tomorrow is the last day – because it will come irrevocably and not any more be long in coming. I do not want to lose you to death; I want that you live and prepare yourselves for this life, and therefore speak again and again words of love to you from above, until I let my voice sound louder from above as sign that you are allowed to believe what I announce to you and tell you to spread. The day is near, and you will be surprised, because my word must fulfil itself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4327.


Book 51 4328

Community of the saints. Intercession senseless.

10. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4328.

An extremely great help is necessary for you men on the part of the spiritual world, if you want to pass the last fight on earth, but this help is at your disposal in the fullest measure if you just request it. And that is why it is to be explained to you in what form help is granted to you and how you can request it. It is, as you men call it, a community of the saints, who helpingly stand at your side; but it is necessary to explain the term "saint" if you are to be taught in truth, and free of erroneous ideas. The light beings are the most loyal guides and helpers of men, who are always prepared if only they are called. But how they are allotted to men, that God determines in his wisdom, as he also, according to the degree of perfection, fills the spiritual beings with light and power. But men cannot estimate the degree of maturity of a fellowman, why they therefore also do not have the right and ability to raise him to a saint, because only God knows how the soul of his is such that he, having become free through the death of the body, enters the spiritual kingdom. God alone knows in which relationship man has stood on earth to him and how far he was active in love. Love work alone is decisive and can have earned him light and power in all fullness also already on earth, so that he could already work the unusual on earth, if it was his will. But he reserves himself to bring such mature souls to the field of action in the hereafter, which is in accordance with their degree of maturity. He assigns to them the activity in the spiritual kingdom, as he also determines the kind of help, which is to be granted to men on earth. The light beings are full of power; everything is possible for them, because they work with God and in his will and because they are constantly radiated through by his power. But the light being also stands completely in the will of God, i.e., it can itself want nothing else than what is God’s will, because it has already established the unification with God and is therefore completely absorbed in the will of God. But it also recognizes, since it is full of wisdom, the unsuitability of many requests from the side of men and must therefore also deny, where a fulfilment would be damaging for the soul. The help granted to man is for the light being a state of becoming happy, why it is therefore also allowable from God that men approach the light beings for help; but it is never right to call certain saints, because their activity and purpose can be a completely different one and men in their ignorance can also call a being, which is far away from perfection, to whom they now hand themselves over through the call and can now be influenced by it little advantageously. Because the called appear; they immediately push themselves into closest nearness of the caller and seek to force their thoughts on him, which do not need to be in accordance with truth. In addition the canonization from human side is first dependent on a walk of life in accordance with a church community, i.e., a piety is made the prerequisite, which is never demanded by God, however by that church, and according to it the canonization takes place, but which can never be the will of God. Consequently not everyone canonized along these lines needs to be a light being, as however many light beings are in the spiritual kingdom whose walk of life certainly fulfilled the will of God, but not those demands which were made by a church community. All these light beings possess the power of God, which they would like to utilize, and that is why men are handed over to them to see to their needs, whose perfection they are to and also can promote, if human will does not oppose it. Calling the beings will never remain without success, while calling certain beings can in exactly the same way be harmful, while help is expected from them. But the thought is erroneous to be able to request intercession from those light beings. Prayer is a request towards God. And the connection is then getting established from man to him, which God himself demands, because the request expresses the attention of the will towards him. According to human opinion the light beings are therefore to establish this bond with God, who however already stand in closest union with him; man would then be relieved of this connection, but which is purpose and goal of his earth course, because only in the connection with God the flow of power is possible, without which a maturation of the soul cannot take place. But the power cannot be supplied by the light being to man, because also in the spiritual kingdom laws exist, to which their inhabitants bow in the knowledge that they have been given by God’s love and wisdom. The beings are helpful in any case and put themselves under the will of God, consequently man must first make himself inclined to the will of God to now be given by him directly or also through the light beings, who truly leave no man without help, if God’s will approves of this. And so the call to light beings for help will never be in vain, however the call for intercession is pointless, because the child is to come itself to the father in all familiarity, so that the love of the father can give itself to it, and because this close relationship can be established if man believes to reach the goal likewise through intercession. God is a God of love, and he does not want that men are afraid to come to him; he wants to be the father of his children, but not a strict judge and ruler; one seeks to make these inclined through intercession, but those one comes to meet trustingly, and this trustfulness God demands of his creatures, because he loves them infinitely and will also fulfil every request for them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4328.


Book 51 4329

Hell, end of the day. Falling of night.

11. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4329.

The day draws to its close; the light sinks into dusk, and night falls with its impenetrable darkness. And you man come to meet this night inevitably, because it is already late in the evening, if you do not escape to the light, which no longer can go out, which can no longer be darkened by any night – the eternal light, which has God as original source. Where night is, there the spirit of darkness rules, and its kingdom is truly not desirable; where light is, is truth, love and happiness. The night only serves the lie and hate, and the stay there is agonizing for the souls, which become slaves of this kingdom. Escape from the night before it is too late; strive towards the light; do not be indifferent towards that what will be after death. Redeem yourselves from the power of the enemy of your soul; strive towards the rescuer Jesus Christ; stretch out the hand towards him, and he will grasp it lovingly and pull you over into his world; he will free you from the evil power, because he is the redeemer of mankind; he has passed the fight against his opponent, against him, who threatens to ruin you. Hurry under the cross of Christ; carry your sin guild to him; ask him for help, and he will help you that you carry away the victory in the last hour. But hurry, because the time pushes; let yourselves once again be urgently admonished that soon, very soon the night falls and it is then too late, if you have not yet walked along the way, which leads to him, who alone can help you. Draw your look back from the world; look into you, how it might look there and which work still waits for you, if you want to create order inside and survive before God, when the end comes. The spiritual misery is indescribable; men become more and more obsessed with thoughts to increase matter, and as a result no time remains for soul work, for inner self contemplation; the world demands more and more, and therefore they leave the soul being in want. But the world will collapse, but the soul remains and will then stay in poorest surroundings, if it has the favour, to be still recalled before the end. But those who experience the end will be pushed into the abyss without mercy, if they have not sought the light before. And this abyss is the night; it is hell; it is the new banishment into works of creation of all kinds. Let yourselves be told this, that you return to matter, which you now seek so eagerly and still had overcome long since. It will be your part, because you desire it with all senses, because you forget your soul over matter – it will be your part; it will enclose your soul that you languish in hardest imprisonment through endless times. Be aware that you yourselves create the state, which is your lot afterwards, life or death – light or darkness. Listen what is told you from above; do not go heedlessly past it, but pay attention to the guides knowing the way, and let yourselves be shown the right way. Because it is about eternity; it is about more than just earthly trumpery and bodily wellbeing; it is about the state of eternity, which you create yourselves for you, because you have free will. And change before it is too late, because the day draws to a close, and night will fall soon. Amen. B.D. NR. 4329.


Book 51 4330

Spiritual communications. Spreading abroad of seeds.

12. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4330.

Every spiritual exhortation, every spiritual enlightenment or stimulation remains sticking to the human brain, although it does not get through to the surface at first, if it is not consciously received through the will of man into his thought material. But something spiritual cannot get lost; it can therefore rise again to consciousness at any time, and it is always only the will of man that it remains there constantly. God gives the opportunity to every man to receive spiritual thought material, only the utilization of it is up to him. And that is why the work of a servant on earth is blessed; it is according to the will of God who needs men, who speak for him and in the place of him to fellowmen. He wants it that spiritual communications are held, so that the train of thought of man is directed to a course, which leads to the spiritual kingdom, because the stimulation must most of the time come from outside, because man practises love too little and consequently the work of the spirit from the inside stays out. Therefore men must first be referred to the love command; their attention must be drawn to the meaning and purpose of earth life and they must be urged to eager soul work. The mission of the servants of God now is spreading abroad the seeds always and everywhere, so that they come up and bear fruit. Man rarely seeks to hear the word of God of his own accord, although he maintains times where he prepares himself to the receiving of the word of God. But it is far more advisable to give men the opportunity to express themselves and to be instructed through speech and counter-speech, because then he is forced to think himself and the thought material now remains sticking in him, even so he does not immediately prepare himself agreeably for it. But the time will come where it rises to the surface; the time will come, where every word will be remembered, where man will draw comfort and hope out of it and the seed now puts down roots, and because of this time eager work is to be done before; their earth purpose should be urgently put before men’s eyes and life after death is to be mentioned; at least for a short time men are to be snatched from earthly life and insight into the spiritual life is to be granted to them, why every opportunity is to be used in consideration of the great need of men and of the coming time of trouble, which will still affect earth for the sake of the human soul. Work and create as long as there is still day. Consider this that night no longer is far in coming. Everywhere still lighten a small light, you who want to serve God, and do not be afraid to talk, because it is God’s will, and that is why you will also always find his support; he will give you power and favour, so that you will also always speak according to his will. And he will bless your work, because the spiritual trouble on earth is exceedingly great. Amen. B.D. NR. 4330.


Book 51 4331

Spiritual low sign of the end.

12. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4331.

Everything points to the near end. Look at the state of faith of men, their rejection of a divine being, their ignorance in spiritual things and in contrast to it the fanatic advocating of a blind faith without rhyme nor reason; look at the resentment towards spiritual communication and the scoffing attitude towards the divine word, and you will have to admit that all these are signs of a spiritual low, which justifies an end of mankind, although also still a small hope exists to win few men for God and his kingdom. The workers in the vineyard of the Lord will have to do a hard work; it will cost much effort to cultivate the land, and still you are not to fear this work, because God’s blessing will rest on it, as soon as you take care of the wandering souls without self-interest and carry to them what you have received from God yourselves. Rely on his help, on his support, because as soon as you are active, innumerable light beings are also prepared to take part and to influence the thoughts of men, provided they do not come across hard resistance, which they do not want to break, but want to leave free will to man. Only rarely spiritual communications are held, and it is anxiously avoided to mention that what is the most important thing – the spiritual development of man and the effect of earth life in the spiritual kingdom after the bodily death of man. Only rarely men deal with such thoughts of their own accord, and if they emerge in them, then they are discarded, and the thinking and striving is turned towards the earthly world. And this marks the near end, because a change of mankind is no longer to be expected, where even the greatest earthly trouble does not bring about such a change. Like a dense veil is spread over the spirit of men; light does not penetrate, because the desire for light does not exist. But if a stimulation takes place from the human side, spiritual powers can intervene and have a mental effect upon men, why the servants of God on earth are again and again spurred on to eager activity, wherever opportunity is offered to them. And God will bless this activity, and success will not stay away. Amen. B.D. NR. 4331.


Book 51 4332

God’s word necessary for attainment of soul maturity.

13. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4332.

It is essential to accept my word to attain soul maturity, and for that reason it is of greatest importance to stand in direct connection with the spiritual kingdom, with the giver of truth, with the eternal word itself. To you men my will must be announced in a form, as also your earth assignment must be introduced to you, to be able to be fulfilled. And so I will always take care that my word is made accessible to you, but as I also always make it dependent on your will, to attain to the blessing of my word. In the last time before the end your will is now completely inactive, and you would incur the loss of my blessing, if I would leave it to you yourselves, to desire and to hear my word. I must come to your aid in extraordinary ways; I must seek to win you through unusual offering of that what is of greatest importance for your soul. I must oppose you with my word there, where you expected it the least; I must disturb you in the midst of earthly life and speak to you, because you no longer accept it elsewhere or just listen to it and let it pass away at your ears. I try everything to make you receptive to my word, to awaken in you the desire to be fed by me, because I want to win you for eternity. And so it must also be understandable to you that I choose myself servants for me on earth, whom I instruct to do the work, to promote me and my kingdom, to whom I give the possibility to speak to you outside of the place, where you otherwise can accept my word, if you desire it. You do not seek my word, therefore my word seeks you. And this will be so obvious in the last time before the end that your thoughts will be directed towards me and my word, that you must become startled, if you just pay attention and have the will to recognize. My servants are certainly often treated with hostility and find little faith, that they are active on earth as my representatives, nevertheless their work is not done in vain, because in view of the great trouble, which will still go over earth, my word will also reverberate in men, who noted it before, even if unwillingly and apparently without success. And many a seed will still come up and reach maturity, and so I want to bless the work for me and my kingdom and again and again admonish you to be tirelessly active. Amen. B.D. NR. 4332.


Book 51 4333

Power - Subconscious.

13. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4333.

The inner constitution of a man is not always in accordance with the outer impression, and often bad conclusions are to be scored where the one judging believes to be certain. What is presented to you for examination is often knowledge acquired intellectually, and then also your intellect can be enough to carry out an examination. But as soon as it is about knowledge which has a different start than the intellect of man, also the sharpest developed intellect is not able to examine, unless he lets himself be directed by the spirit in him; he lets the feeling rule him, so that therefore the intellect is for the time being eliminated. Every inner stirring must be caused by a power, even if man as such has abilities at his disposal which first must be awakened. A power, which now awakens the ability in him, must be acknowledged, otherwise all men and at any time could have the same ability at their disposal. And it is this producing power, which every thinking man should fathom and every loving man can fathom. How man now calls this power does not matter; it can just not be dismissed with a scholarly sounding term, which is actually again nothing explicable. A power cannot be denied; but the origin of this power human intellect cannot fathom, therefore one must accept something supersensory, which again can only be explained with supersensory work. Therefore a man can certainly establish phenomena, but not basically explain by virtue of his intellect. Because the origin will always be and remain the spiritual world, but what starts from there can neither be explained intellectually nor proven. Assumptions for instance can be doubted; but a certain fact will also be able to withstand a serious examination. A comprehensive knowledge can now certainly be seen as certain fact, and now the question only remains open, where the knowledge has taken its start. But first it must be acknowledged that it is about a comprehensive knowledge, and this is only possible through serious examination. Then the origin of knowledge will be able to be fathomed in the desire for truth; then the one examining will be of bright spirit and come close to truth emotionally – he will seek to fathom the power and discover it in the supersensory – he will be able to believe, what up to now was incomprehensible to him and therefore had caused his wrong judgement. Because man must examine with me, or he will pass a wrong judgement and be far away from truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4333.


Book 51 4334

Cognition ability. Mandatory state.

14. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4334.

To reach the level of cognition ability, the being must before have animated all things, which it is then able to look at in the cognition stage, when they appear before it. It must have walked through every work of creation in the state of inability, to recognize the work of creation itself as form put out into existence for itself, which helps it to achieve ascent development. The being walks through this form completely unaware of its situation, because a recognizing of it would cause it terrible agonies and increase its resistance against God still more. Only in the last stage as man it can become aware of its situation, but also only when it has the will for it and develops the ability of recognizing through fulfilling the conditions, which God has attached to it. The state of cognition can make happy, but also come down like a burden upon man and endanger his free ascent development, and latter then, when man would be forced to believe, if it would not be up to him to adapt himself to the knowledge about the course of development of man, or his soul, approvingly or negatively, because this recognizing only then triggers a state of faith when man consciously desires truth, what is also only the consequence of a right walk of life before God. Then he can believe, and he also wants to believe, and the knowledge makes him happy, because it means light for the soul, which was the original state of the soul in the beginning. Cognition is already the proof of a certain degree of maturity; therefore the ability of recognizing man only has, when he shapes himself so, that his being adapts itself to the original being. Cognition is not transferred according to rule, even so knowledge is passed on in the form of teaching; but as long as man does not live in the will of God it will also not be possible for him to acknowledge the knowledge about truth, because he lacks the competence for it to judge, which only arises out of the connection with God through the fulfilling of his will. It is dark in the being as long as it is imperfect; the state of the being before the embodiment as man is therefore also dark, and the ascent development is the effect of the mandatory law under which the being stands. Only in the stage as man the ascent development is voluntary, but also connected with the condition to become able of cognition. But the cognition ability can now be increased to infinity and is already a state of happiness, only minimal, as long as the being lives on earth. Cognition ability is a proof that the being, the soul in man, strives for perfection and the unification with God. Precondition for cognition is love, and who lives in love has already found the unification with God in love work. God lets his love power flow towards him, and this is expressed in that respect that man is able to think right and to therefore now stands in knowledge about the relationship of creature to creator, about his earth task, about purpose and destination of his walk on earth – that he recognizes God and his rule and work in the spiritual kingdom and in the entire universe. That he receives information about it from God himself through his exceedingly great love is already a sign of ascent development and as it were an achieving of that state, which is in accordance with his original state. Then a great gulf has been bridged, for which the endless long time in the mandatory state was necessary; the being has climbed out of the deep again upwards; it is aware of its starting-point, and it also never falls any more back into the deep, once it has found the unification with God through love. Because as it now recognizes God, it also remains loyal to him and does not rest until it is completely blended into him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4334.


Book 51 4335

Keeping of the Body through God's Word.

15. June 1948. B.D. NR.4335.

My very great love towards you men is expressed in the word that is supplied to you from above. Again and again I have to let you become conscious of this, again and again you have to repay my love with thankfulness by you opening heart and ear to me and taking in what I am presenting to you. My word contains the power that your soul needs to become mine in eternity; my word therefore is soul food that should not be allowed to lack when you want to be blessed. And therefore my word will always be supplied to you so that you can refresh yourself when you are hungry and thirsty and a time will come where you will be short of bodily food and where the spiritual food will still keep you - bodily and spiritually. Remember my words and do not then become anxious when earthly wise everything is kept from you what you need to preserve the body, remember that my power and might is unlimited, that I am the Lord of life and death, of all things of creation, and that I am indeed able to keep my creatures even when it seems to be impossible earthly wise because everything is possible for me. And when I supply you with power from the spiritual sphere through my word then you can safely drop all earthly worry and firmly believe that God will keep you. But you have to get the power from me otherwise my working on you is impossible, i.e. it will contradict my law from eternity. Every extraordinary help is possible for creatures that have entered my circuit of love, but those who stand outside of it will be powerless and will perish bodily as well as spiritually because also this is a law from eternity that nothing can survive without my supply of power. I therefore present myself to you men already before in the word to show you my extraordinary work and to explain it so that you are then strengthened in your belief so that you give yourselves over to me without any doubt. And then I will also be able to perform the miracle on you that you live without being supplied with earthly food - being a miracle for the unbelievers but understandable for you and only a proof of my presence and my great love towards you. But before this you already have to let the power of my word have an effect on you, before this you already must have become mine, follow me in love, keep my commandments and try to always fulfil my will, then it will be natural for you that I keep you in times of severest trouble, then you will not anymore doubt my love and my might and put your fate fully trusting in my hands. And I will keep you - bodily and spiritually I will provide for you and prove to you that you are children of my love and will never lose my fatherly love in eternity. I will lead you through trouble and danger, through earthly suffering and sadness, you will remain steadfast until the end and are allowed to receive the wages that I have promised - eternal happiness or a life on the new earth in paradise. Amen. B.D. NR. 4335.


Book 51 4336

Earth school of the spirit.

15. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4336.

Consider the earth as school of the spirit, as upbringing station for eternal happiness; consider me as your teacher, who has the interest of your education at heart, who wants to form you to mature, perfect creatures, so that they can busy themselves in the shaping of that what is still imperfect and therefore unhappy. Do not consider the earth as being an end in itself, but as means to the purpose with all its creations, which are just the intention having become form and the sign of my great love towards you and which are to help the imperfect entities to perfection. And know that you, having emerged out of my power, remain connected to me for ever, that you as part of me can never ever be disowned by me, but that you must be perfect, if you want to be active with me and in my will. And if you now have a look at the creation in the thought of me, then consider that the entire creation is there for you, but that you yourselves are the centre of this creation – the highest developed work of creation talented with intellect and free will and that you as creatures constantly stand in connection with your creator. The world appears indeed large to you, but you are the life of this world, because you embody the spiritual, which stands at the end of the course of the earth as beings looked after by me, which I want to pull over into the spiritual kingdom, which I want to make happy with my constant nearness. Not one of these beings I abandon to its fate; not one needs to do without my care and love; each individual creature can feel itself safe of my protection and sun itself in the rays of my favour. But it must use its earth life, otherwise it prolongs the time of its earth bondage; otherwise endless times can pass until it is mature for the spiritual kingdom, until it can stay in the light, in my nearness and is happy: The earth is the school of the spirit, therefore this must be taken into account, i.e., first the possibility must be given to the spirit to develop itself; it must be given the possibility to reveal itself to the soul, so that man now lives as it is according to my will – he must be instructed so that he becomes suitable for eternity. But the instructions he can receive constantly, because my love will give to men so that they can fulfil their earth task, if they just have the will for it. And therefore I will present a knowledge to them, which is completely according to truth and which lets them mature on earth, if they accept and utilize it accordingly. I myself will train your spirit, because it is a part of me and establishes the connection with the father spirit from eternity, if you do not resist and let myself have an effect in you. And so you receive my word through the work of the spirit as sign of my love and as means to your perfection. I myself speak to you, and if you listen to me, you will inevitably go up; you will recognize what you once were, what you are and what you are to become; you will complete the school of the spirit with success and can leave earth as light beings and enter into my kingdom – and you will thank me for ever for this school, which shapes you again to perfect beings, which you were from the very beginning – children of your father from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4336.


Book 51 4337

Spiritual task placed in front of earthly activity.

16. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4337.

The spiritual task of man is to be placed in front of the earthly activity. This is not just essential for my servants on earth, but for each one of man, because earth life is given to him for that reason that he is to develop upwards spiritually. And he will also be able to unite both; he will, if he has spiritual ascent development as goal, always find support in his earthly work from spiritual beings, which support him in every way. It is a wrong assumption, not to be able to muster time for spiritual striving out of earthly overload, but he will be able to do increasingly also earthly things, if he places spiritual work in front of everything. For that man, who has to carry out no particular spiritual mission, only that condition is essential, that he has the firm will, to mature his soul, and begs me for favour and help. He will always be able to send a quite thought to me, also in an activity full of responsibility; he must be connected with me inwardly; he must feel one with me and strive to do my will. Then I also help him and increase his power. But if man puts the earthly things above his spiritual development, then he will more and more deviate from latter; he will consider the spiritual as something unreal and seek no union with me, and then he inevitably stops on the level of his development, or he goes back and ends again there, where he stood endless times ago – in hard matter. But from my servants on earth I demand restless commitment for their task and then I also bless every earthly activity. It is up to every man himself, whether he takes his task seriously; his will must become active itself, although he can expect every support from me; but the spiritual work is not allowed to go as a sideline, but it must constantly move the thinking of man, because he is to supply the proof to the earthly working persons that both is reconcilable, a serious spiritual striving and also the fulfilling of the earthly activity, that I demand nothing impossible from men, but your will must just give its agreement to do both. I just demand a constant life with me. Your thoughts are not allowed to turn away from me and to turn to the world; I want to be your constant guide and companion and never be eliminated from you thoughts. Moreover to every man also remains time for short inner contemplation; an hour of reflection remains for every man, where he can again achieve great progress through intimate connection with me, through mental discussion and a quiet prayer. At any time you are replaceable on earth in your earthly activity; but only that remains for you, what you have acquired spiritually for yourselves, what no-one could do for you and what is not to be substituted for something else. Do not become lukewarm and indifferent in spiritual striving; let yourselves be stimulated through my word; hold spiritual conversations, and constantly get ahead, then you will also succeed in every earthly work; I will bless it, and you will fulfil your earth task and reach the destination. Amen. B.D. NR. 4337.


Book 51 4338

Measure of favour. Will. Self-will.... Self-love.

17. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4338.

Who seeks me, he will also find me. It is erroneous to assume that to become happy depends on the measure of favour which I give to the individual, that I hand out my favour differently and therefore also favour or put the development of the individual at a disadvantage, that I have more or less strongly given to man’s will and ability to believe, that he therefore could reject the responsibility with the objection of not being able to act against his nature. It is further erroneous to assume that my love expresses itself towards men in different strength and only individuals would be favoured to find and to climb the way up. An open source of favour is at the disposal of all men and each one can draw from it according to demand; he just must want to and utilize the measure, since against his will the favour cannot flow towards him. But the resistance in some men is so strong that all supply of favour is rejected and because of this, man himself limits or restricts the supply of favour. Also the objection that he cannot want differently must be refuted, otherwise the will of man would be unfree, what I will always and constantly declare as erroneous opinion. Man has own will, which is difficult to bend, but must be broken, if he wants to reach his goal, which is set to him for eternity – to become perfect. That is why the ability of cognition will be given to him as man so that he can recognize and remove his shortcomings through intellectual observation of himself and recognition of his ability to change. His heart will also always show him the right direction, and as soon as he gives up all resistance he will be helped from my side to change. And this is favour. The resistance in man is increased self-will, which can be broken any time and also must be broken, because man must take responsibility before me for his will. And for this the acknowledgment of Christ and his work of redemption is absolutely necessary. Man must hand himself over to him and ask him for help, and his will will experience that reinforcement, which makes it possible for him, to let the flow of favour flow into himself, which is inexhaustible. Self-love of man and his self-will are his greatest spiritual enemies, and my opponent will always seek to reinforce these two urges in man to push him away from me. But man is free, it just costs greater resistance and greater strength the weaker the will and also love towards me is. I am truly intent on all my children becoming happy, but my help and supply of favour is always there, where also the desire is directed towards me and by this the heart of man opens towards my love and favour. Who wants to believe, will also be able to do it; who cannot believe, he should not falsely interpret his unbending will as inadequate gift of favour, but just always open himself towards my supply of favour and by virtue of his intellect recognize where I go up to him helpingly, and always be ready to accept, but never reject what is offered to him as proof of my favour: enlightenment, spiritual communications and my divine word, which always secures him the supply of power of favour. I always go up to man with the full container of my favour, so that each one can refresh himself out of it and fetch strength at any time, but I never force him to make use of my favour, but let him fullest freedom, but for which he once has to answer. Amen. B.D. NR. 4338.


Book 51 4339

Love life - spirit work. Holy Scriptures.

17. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4339.

For that reason you are to live in love that my spirit can have an effect in you, that you become of light spirit and understand my word, which will speak to you though my messengers and which you can read in Scriptures, which testify to me. And you will then recognize that always the same word comes up to you, that you find full agreement of the written word and of that, which is offered to you from above directly, that therefore my word always and eternally remains the same. But through men it can undergo a different interpretation, but which I will again and again correct through my spoken word from above. Because I want that you walk in truth, that your thinking is not misled and that you always recognize myself in the word, but what then can only be the case when it touches you so, as it went out from me. In my word I myself step up to you, therefore you must feel me and my presence, no matter whether you hear my word or receive it through Scriptures. If you feel me, then you stand in truth, because in the wrong word I am not present, and on the other hand you can only feel me if you lead a life in love, otherwise my word fades away at the ears, although it is purest truth, is therefore not deformed by men. Therefore only a loving man can pass judgement, because only a loving man is of light spirit, and he can tell the difference between truth and error, because latter appears foreign to him and he feels it that it is not the voice of the father, which sounds towards him. For that reason every debate about truth will be unsuccessful with men, who lack love, but as it will always lead to a result where my love command is respected and the work of the spirit is made possible in that way. These will make comparisons between the spoken and the written word and accept, what is imparted to them through my messengers by me directly. Because reference is to be made to the written word as confirmation, so that men recognize the deep truth and my obvious work may reinforce their faith. A truthful explanation and interpretation of my written word will also appear to them much more comprehensible and confirm the divinity of my word, and every thinking man will feel satisfied of my word spoken from above and still does not need to reject Scriptures , because they completely agree with that. And as long as you agree with Scriptures in your teaching, you, my servants on earth, need to fear no spiritual debates; you will be able to refute every objection; you will clearly and explicitly repeat the meaning of the written word and be able to reconcile it with that offered from above; you will have success with every seeking man, who stands in love, and for that reason always have to show men, that love is the first and most necessary, to understand and to be able to recognize my word as fatherly voice. Because love only elucidates the spirit and makes you receptive for my word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4339.


Book 51 4340

"Become as little children." – Strong faith.

18. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4340.

Become as little children. Any conceit must fall away from you; humbly like little children you must come to me, entrusting yourselves to me and let be led and taught by me; you must completely leave your upbringing to me, always only trusting my love and being certain that everything is right, what I let happen to you, because I as father well know what you need, to still reach the destination on earth. And if I let suffering and trouble come over you, so do not see it as a sign of anger, as a punishment, which is to hit you, because you are sinful. Believe in my love, which never ever wants to let you suffer, but for the sake of reaching of your maturity cannot spare you the suffering, because it is an effective means to let you flee like children into my arms and to establish the right relationship with me, which must be between us if you want to become happy. Therefore never rebel against your fate, otherwise you also rebel against me; be certain that I do not forget you, that I am always, also in greatest suffering, with you, that I lead you by the hand and pay attention to every request, every thought towards me, to help you, if you believe. Become as little children. And so you also must keep a childlike faith, which does not begin to totter, even so if people wanting to be wise do not want to accept it. World wisdom wants to teach you otherwise; it wants to prove to you that your thinking is erroneous, because world wisdom is infinitely far away from truth, because it goes a different way – that of researching, where the way of love must be treaded. And so one wants to solve all spiritual problems worldly, pull all faith teachings to pieces and want to put as unfounded. Then hold on to your childlike faith; let yourselves be guided by the feeling of your heart, and remain loyal to me, he who speaks to you through your heart and who, as father, truly does not let his children walk in error, if they desire truth. Become as little children. Faith is the right of a child, which itself cannot judge, because it is not able to do so. But I help you recognizing also that what you are to believe, but always under the prerequisite that you come to me like children and let yourselves be taught by me alone. Then I will explain everything to you so that also your child heart can understand and accept it, that you become of convinced faith and that you also stand firm over against world wisdom, if it wants to shake your faith. See in me your father from eternity, who loves you, who protects you like children and does not want that you suffer at your soul; then you will also trust me unconditionally and let yourselves be guided by me, and your way will truly be the right one. Amen. B.D. NR. 4340.


Book 51 4341

Media beings - "Deliver us from all evil"

18. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4341.

The direct contact with the spiritual kingdom can only take place when spiritual powers are called in thoughts or prayer, why therefore the transmission of spiritual material is always an act of free will, if the good powers are to be effective, while evil powers seek to eliminate the will of man, to push their direction of will on him, what is then the case when a man gives up his will, therefore is in the unaware state at the mercy of those powers, which are far from truth. It is now imperative for such men plagued by dark powers, to commend themselves in the conscious state to the love and favour of God, to ask him for his protection and help against those beings, which besiege him, and to call upon the light spirits that they take particular care of him and stay near him. This call for the good beings gives them the right to help him, and then the dark powers are powerless. Human will is too weak to resist, if it is about men with media tendencies, i.e. open themselves to the opposite world and its influences, therefore feel attracted to invisible beings. The powers of darkness have particularly influence on their body, of which they now want to take possession, as soon as the will of man gives up its resistance. But the taking of possession results in that the ability to think flags, that man is like in a dream state and now no longer expresses the own thought material, but that of the power ruling him, completely in the characteristic way of this spiritual being. It is therefore as it were another soul in the body, while the own soul sleeps and it therefore also can remember nothing in the awake state afterwards, what man has spoken or done. Man is not called to account for this time, because the spiritual powers are stronger than him, nevertheless he is supposed to protect himself against this rape through dark powers, by handing himself over to good beings and also to God himself, by him always praying: "Deliver us from all evil." Because it is an evil when man is ruled by those beings and his thinking and acting is no longer his own, but transmitted upon him through a strong-willed power. The bad powers must always be repulsed, because they are constantly nearby and seek to make use of every opportunity, which is then offered, when man, who seeks the spiritual kingdom in thoughts, does not before establish the union with God and is therefore without protection, if the powers of darkness besiege him. The call upon Jesus Christ against the enemy of the souls must always initiate every spiritual connection, then man does not need to fear to fall into the hands of bad powers, because the numerous light beings hear the call and hurry over to act protectively and didactic, and the access is then refused to the bad powers, because the name Jesus Christ banishes all beings, which are against him, but as he also gives to those increased power, who are for him and voice his name full of rapt attention. Amen. B.D. NR. 4341.


Book 51 4342

Love – Happiness. Giving – Fulfilling. Common work.

19. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4342.

The spiritual unification with me can only take place if man has formed himself to love. How then could I condemn a union, which has love as basis? I want it that a feeling flares up in you, which is to give you a gleam of cognition, what I feel for you, you who have emerged out of me. Love of the heart is something holy, something related to my original being; even so man can never feel love in that degree, as it fills me. Love is therefore wanted by me, and also blessed by me, as soon as it lifts up you men and you seek to make each other happy. And if true, deep love flares up, I will always be present, because then you also give full expression to my word, which love teaches you. Every man is your neighbour, whom you are to love like yourselves – if you give him more love than yourselves, then you can always be sure of my pleasure, because then the most holy feeling drives you, and you will understand it that I demand love from all men, because I want that they become happy – because love is happiness as soon as it is given, as love is also happiness, which is getting fulfilled. The loving man will at the same time give and fulfil, but nothing else than again love, and then it is also approved by me; then I bless who love each other, and my blessing is also recognizable by the perpetual help where it is necessary. My love includes all my children, and a father heart is glad if an intimate relationship is established between those who are close to him. I therefore want to connect mine and direct their will that they strive towards each other in times of greatest trouble; I want that intimate communion exists when a working together is necessary, and that a separation is impossible for the sake of their purpose. Because I have chosen who are to carry out my work; I will therefore bless a union, which guarantees spiritual cooperation, and I will show it to you so clearly that I have appointed you as my workers – and without resistance you will fall into line with my purpose, because the time is soon fulfilled; then you must start your office and together be active for me and my kingdom, what necessitates deep, pure love between you. Because you will draw power out of love, because I am constantly present to you, if you are glowed red-hot by the feeling, which also I feel for you, if you love with the passion of your heart, if you connect to make yourselves happy, and you by this come close to me in the heart, for I myself am love and can only reveal my identity to a loving being. Amen. B.D. NR. 4342.


Book 51 4343

Inner thoughts and feelings. Retiring to solitude.

20. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4343.

Go into solitude and let me speak to you, and you will hear the wonderful in abundance; a world of thought will open up to you, which otherwise remains foreign to you, because I myself introduce you to areas, which are new for you and still appear attractive to you, if you have once entered them. A spiritual instruction is extremely valuable, because it remains with you for ever; you truly have a greater benefit from it than from every extension of earthly knowledge, because all this sinks or falls into oblivion with the moment of the death of your body, but spiritual knowledge radiates like a bright light and spreads mild shine towards which completely ignorant souls strive, because it touches them beneficently. Therefore you are allowed to receive spiritual knowledge out of my hand, if you withdraw into quietness, if you have a quiet dialogue with me in your little chamber. You are to seek solitude, i.e. leave the world out of you, leading an inner life with union with me on many occasions. And I will be an always prepared teacher for you, who imparts knowledge to you that you need, that you lack and that makes you happy. As long as the world entices you, you will find it difficult to get into spiritual contact with me, because I stand outside the world, however reachable for you at any time when you turn away from me. I am always there, but whether you have time for me remains up to you, but every minute is beneficial, which you use for me. Therefore collect spiritual wealth for you, which is extremely valuable, and use your time the right way; know, that it is never used wrongly, when you get into contact with me, when you withdraw from the world, but that you only acquire sham goods with every work which the world demands of you. Only love towards the neighbour has the same value, because it likewise results in the connection with me and I can have an effect in you. Have a dialogue with me on many occasions if you want to collect for yourselves treasures for eternity. And I will always allocate the right work for you; I will lead you there where you can be active in love; I will lead people to you who you can prompt to debates, which again direct the thinking to me; I as your teacher will impart that knowledge to you, which you are to pass on to those, and I will always be with you, because every connection from earth to me is a blessing and helps you up. Because my promise is: "I abide with you till the end." Understand these words and know that you yourselves must make it possible that I am present to you, through your will, that you must withdraw to quietness and lift your thoughts to me. Then I will be and remain with you until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4343.


Book 51 4344

Temptations of Satan. God’s protection.

20. and 21. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4344.

You are not allowed to let yourselves been pulled into the nets of Satan, who seeks to hurl you from above into the deepest abyss. He wins power over you, if you do not resist him through stronger will or, if you are weak, intimate prayer towards me. He is not able to do anything over you, if you do not admit to it. Because I have taken this power away from him. Therefore strive after, that you become and remain strong-willed through the call upon Jesus Christ, who increases your will any time if you just aspire to it. My opponent’s aim is defection from me is and a walk of life without love. He will achieve both if you lack my power, my support and my favour. You are entitled to everything, but not against your will. If you now want that I help you and pour out my power and favour over you, then you must request in prayer, what you lack, and I must tell you again and again, how you are supposed to pray – full of humility and devotion towards me you are to ask and believingly trust the father like children that he fulfils the request for you. Then Satan will completely step out of your horizon, i.e., he will no longer besiege you, because you are surrounded by guardian spirits, whose luminous power is unbearable for him, and he lets up with his temptations. Nevertheless you must be on your guard, because he comes again and seeks to bring about your downfall. For that reason do not give him a target; extricate yourselves from him and flee to me – and I will protect you, (21.6.1948) because his power is little, if I appear as his opponent, and my protection you are to secure for yourselves. The time of the end brings increased danger, because he once again exploits all might and power to increase his kingdom; temptations of all kind will approach you; the world will present all attractions to you; the body will beseech you and cherish wishes, of which the fulfilment is a danger for you, but you will be able to resist all this, if you remain with me, if the desire of your heart is meant for me and you seriously strive for soul maturity. Then you will again and again get into contact with me; you will listen to me, when I speak to you, and Satan will truly not stand up to my words; he will flee, if you oppose him with my word, if you bury yourselves in my word in hours of distress and temptation and work for me. Because my word is power out of me, which he rejects, and that is your strength. With me you will always defeat Satan; with me withstand any temptation and with me reach the aim securely. Time hurries, and every day is valuable, that is why you are to use it and work for me and my kingdom, and leave all earthly wishes unnoticed; content yourselves with what I want to give to you, and I will truly not give you badly. But do not let my opponent win power over you; resist him and come to me, and I will reward you for your loyalty and give you what is helpful for body and soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4344.


Book 51 4345

Common work for God.

21. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4345.

I light a flame in your hearts, which will flare up to highest heat; you will know yourselves in my care and be united in the love towards me, because what you feel, that drives you to me; love will ennoble you, and you will strive for high spiritual aims, because I myself put into your hearts the impulse for perfection, if you have united yourselves to the common work for me. But this I set to you as the task that you think of the poor, whom you can help spiritually, who live along without love and are therefore also without knowledge. If you have an effect together, many doors will be open to you, through which you can enter, and it is my plan from eternity that great trouble will lead men together, who are to work for me, whom I have determined for spiritual activity and who are able for such through a life in love. And no matter if it appears as if talent for a teaching activity on earth is lacking – the time is coming, where the tongue will come off and my servant will express fully convinced whatever I feed into him, because I myself equip my servants for the spiritual activity, so that they do not carry out their work unsuccessfully. And I know mine and let them often go through a hard school, so that they themselves join me and I now never ever lose them. But I will increase the power of the individual, and for that reason I also want that you unite in love and my power can flow through you, which you will feel as increased joy of life with the aim of spiritual maturation and activity at the work of redemption of Christ, to help erroneous souls to truth. My will will rule you, because you subordinate yours under me, and because of that you can confidently walk your way of life together, because I myself lead you and determine your fate, which you cannot change yourselves, but just contribute that it fulfils itself. And your work will be blessed, because you have found to me through deep trouble and remain with me, who keeps watch over you until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4345.


Book 51 4346

Incomprehension of men without love.

22. June 1948 B.D. NR. 4346.

Only that man can have full understanding for truth, who lives in love. Understand this and do not be surprised over the incomprehension of the general public about your explanations and teachings; understand it that they lack the key to truth, as long as their hearts are untouched by love. Because they walk without me, I who am love myself. But I and truth are one, why truth without love is not thinkable. Truth goes out from me, how can it therefore find entrance there, where the door is closed to me myself through lack of love, where I myself cannot penetrate in form of love. No matter how clever and wise a man in the world can appear, he can have a great world knowledge at his disposal, but if he does not have love, then he walks in error; his view is blinded; he only sees real things, but not the spiritual world, and where he turns the look towards it, there he only sees illusions; he cannot recognize truth, because he lacks the power of recognition for it, which can only be won through love work. And so one can with men, who stand in world wisdom, rarely and mostly without success speak about spiritual subjects, because they close themselves and reject, as long as they are not driven to love from within. My work is certainly also to be mention to them, so that they do not remain without knowledge, but more success you will not be able to record, because world knowledge is in the main contradictory to your knowledge. A change of their conviction can now certainly also occur, as soon as man becomes aware of the uselessness of world knowledge and lets his thoughts wander to the time, which still lies ahead of him, as soon as he seriously deals with thoughts about death and raises the question: What becomes afterwards? What is the success of earth life? Then doubts can emerge in the correctness of what he has supported up to now; his heart can become soft and receptive; he can feel driven to love work and also find a slight understanding for truth, which can now deepen according to his life walk, if he no longer doubts truth, but believes. Science however mostly holds their supporters on to earth, provided that they lack love work. Where love is companion, there the world knower will also cultivate spiritual knowledge at the same time and be able to unite both, because I enlighten the thinking of him, who is connected to me through love and who will always walk in truth, spiritually and earthly. But you must carry out this examination, if you preach my Gospel; you are not allowed to be put off by clever seeming counter talk; you must recognize whether the love spirit speaks out of them, and you will also recognize it; you will feel it where love lacks, and also have understanding for their rejection, if you think of my words. Then you are not allowed to become despondent or leave yourselves to the impression of their words, but you must know that it is not possible otherwise, that understanding can never be there. And that is why error is so spread in the world, because men no longer know love, because they are only worldly-minded and they lack all understanding, nevertheless I try to still win some few for truth, and for that reason send you among men, to whom you are to impart it. And because of that you are to be eagerly active to its spreading and know that it is always my will, when you speak, even if you find little attention or have little success. Amen. B.D. NR. 4346.


Book 51 4347

Spirits low at the end. Busy work necessary.

22. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4347.

In which trouble your fellowmen are, will only then be comprehensible to you at the end of the days, when you will experience the destruction of the old earth and see the innumerable victims and you now realize which lot they are heading for through the banishment in the creations of the new earth. You are indeed instructed about it, but since you have not yet experienced something similar how the act of destruction will take place, you are also not yet aware of the extent and the effect of this work of destruction, if you really believe in it. But you also lack the faith, although you see the crisis of men daily and you have proofs all the time that the world is ripe for the end. But towards the end this state will still get considerably worse, and men will still not believe in an end, exactly because they stand so low spiritually, and one sign of it is that they are completely turned away from spiritual knowledge. So if a certain degree of low has been reached, the last day has come, which I have announced in word and script. And then there is no longer any help and rescue for men standing completely far from me; judgement will irrevocably be passed on them, and it is: Banishment in solid matter. Only the spiritual awakened knows about the fate of men, who deserted me, but he finds no faith, and his admonishments and warnings are unsuccessful. And for that reason it is also pointless to extent the time until the end of the old earth, because the last time no longer achieves any conversions, far more likely the defections from me increase, and the opponent has an easy job of winning men, because he entices them with matter, and so they themselves create the state through their desire for it, which causes them most bitter agony. The misery of mankind is gigantic; it lives along and still could change, but has lack of will; has lack of love and therefore also power to want to do and act right. And for that reason it still must be worked hard on the hearts of men; still much seed is to be sown, so that some fields are still be cultivated to take up the seed and to bear fruit. Do you now understand why I still need many workers for my vineyard, why I still woo shortly before the night overtakes, and why I promise a good reward to those who in the end still enter my service? Much work is still to be done in consideration of the great spiritual misery, and who is now prepared to help, him I accept and assign his activity to him. Because where a heart is still to be won, also my love is intent on granting every help, so that the terrible lot may be spared to the soul, and can leave earth as happy being on doomsday. Because of that you, my servants on earth, are to be active ceaselessly and work for me and my kingdom; you are to always think of the great spiritual trouble and seek to decrease it, where it is possible, because the end comes with gigantic steps towards you; it is the last time and your work therefore so urgent and important. Amen. B.D. NR. 4347.


Book 51 4348

Earth rotations. Earth tremors.

23. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4348.

Already a considerable time the earth moves in enormous speed about its own axis. The constant rotations are indeed in no way recognizable for man, but only for that reason, because he is on earth and it could only be followed outside of earth. Nevertheless changes are noticeable in the cosmos, which have that phenomenon as cause. It is like a regular tremble, which is to be felt weaker or stronger, when the body is inoperative and sensitive for the finest movement. This phenomenon leads to the total dissolving of earth after inconceivable long time, but is supported through human effect, why the end of this time period is to be attributed to human influence, although it is planned for eternity in the divine plan. Earth would actually have an inconceivable long life-span, i.e., its existence would be secured for endless times to come, but God’s will lets itself be determined by human will; God lets men carry out what brings about the greatest damage to them themselves. In his plan from eternity all changes in the cosmos are fixed according to his wisdom and love. But scientifically trained mankind wants to know nothing of a change with inconceivable effect, and it still takes place constantly. This change – an over fast rotation of earth – also triggers the natural event, which is announced since the beginning of the redemption period through seers and prophets and is also now again revealed through the spirit of God. The process is humanly not really explainable, but, simply said, the rotations will increase and stop for seconds, what is expressed in form of earth tremors, which are of such enormous effect that men will believe the end of the world has come. A parallel for it on earth cannot be found, because it is a power expression, which comes from the universe and is unknown to earthly science. The properties of the heavenly bodies trigger such powers, and the interior of the earth is touched by them and as it were the earth therefore moved extra-legally, what is always expressed in a destructive form, however is allowed by God temporarily for the purpose of dissolving of most solid matter, which is to release the spiritual banished in it. And this act is soon near, but will only be the play of few seconds, but with preceding signs, which alone already are to be described as a disaster, because they trigger an indescribable panic among men and are therefore to be counted to the time-period of the disaster. But everything is predetermined for eternity, and God’s plan comes true, as it stands written. Amen. B.D. NR. 4348.


Book 51 4349

Besieging through earthbound spiritual.

23. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4349.

The still earthbound spiritual in the hereafter besieges men continually and urges them to acts according to their nature. But it is only earthbound then when it is still earthly materially minded, when it cannot break away from things, which it strove for in earth life, when the earth as it were does not let it go and appears to the being again and again with its goods. These beings now seek in men of equal convictions an opportunity of carrying out of their will. They besiege him and exert great influence on him, if the man does not defend himself or ask spiritual beings for help, which protect him from all influence. But mostly they are men who themselves have the same desires, and then they are willing objects to the spiritual besiegers, who now want and act like those. God warns men against such spiritual seducers, and he gives them the advice to always take their refuge with him and to ask for protection and help. A pleading thought is already enough that light beings stand by him, that he soon recognized the evil influence and withdraws from it. The soul of man must try to fly over those spheres to get in touch with light beings, then it can resist those powers, because then it finds support and has also increased strength at its disposal; it can even help the earthbound beings to also raise themselves to other spheres, and the souls will let up in the besieging if they are prayed for. If the will of man is recognizable, an earthbound being will stay near the man through the favour of prayer and see the own wrong idea through his striving towards the light and upwards and seek to change. That is why such earthbound souls can also be helped through quiet intercession and mental instructions, which do not go unheard in the opposite kingdom as soon as a man remembers the souls, which languish in darkness, and he wants to help them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4349.


Book 51 4350

Different mission of the workers of the Lord.

24. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4350.

On spiritual ways you can unlimitedly receive knowledge from all areas; nothing will be withheld from you, and that is why you will also be equal to all objections; you will be able to refute every counter talk, because the knowledge imparted to you spiritually gives you at the same time the ability of being able to apply it the right way, and you therefore need to fear no opponent. If spiritual knowledge is imparted to you, spiritual beings are active, who stand in fullest wisdom and hand out their gifts so that they can take root in you, therefore become your spiritual property. Because only then can you use the knowledge in free speech when it itself has become conviction in you, which also requires understanding. To impart knowledge alone to you is pointless when it finds no ground in you where it can become stronger. For that reason not only the instructions from above are necessary, but spiritual work from yourselves must also start; with heart and intellect you must think through what is received, only then you have the right use of it and can apply it, if opportunity for it is offered to you. And God constantly provides this opportunity. He leads men towards you in the way to whom you are to offer the spiritual material; he himself gives you the ability to speak for him; he lays the urge in you to spread the knowledge, and he will also bless your work that it does not remain unsuccessful. But every worker in the vineyard of the Lord has his particular mission, according to the eagerness, which he develops with his service for God. Everyone is found suitable who offers himself to him, but the strength of will of the individual is decisive, which circle of work is allotted to him. Everyone’s task is different, however every activity necessary, so that therefore no one of the workers in the vineyard of the Lord is allowed to feel himself unimportant, even so only a small circle of men is allotted to him as field of work. Every word, which comes from above and is passed on, is a blessing for mankind, and God needs many workers, who carry his word further, who talk, where opportunity is offered to them. The Gospel can be spread, the divine love teaching, but as also deep knowledge is supplied to men through the messengers, who have been instructed in truth by God himself. And understandably the task of those, who therefore want to fulfil their mission on earth, will be of different kind, according to their knowledge, their will and their degree of maturity. But who has to fulfil a great mission, to him also the power will be given for it, as soon as his will subordinates itself to the divine will, he therefore is prepared to be active for God and his kingdom. Because more necessary then ever it is to supply knowledge to men, which is according to truth, because the time of the end will have such confusing influence upon the thinking of men that only pure truth gives explanation and it is also requested by many men. Then you men are to be active, you who want to serve God; then you are to utilize your knowledge and to pass on the gift of favour, then you are to talk on behalf of and with the support of God, and you will also be enabled for this by him, because God wants that truth is spread. Amen. B.D. NR. 4350.


Book 51 4351

Servants of God children of light. Spiritual communication.

24. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4351.

Children of light are all who serve me and want to be loyal workers for me in the last time before the end. And they are also looked after and guided on all their ways by light beings. For that reason they will also reach their destination securely, and their work will also be successful. But their mission is of greatest importance, and because of that it cannot be carried out by a man, who has not yet reached the maturity of the soul, which in connection with me is necessary to be able to receive my word. My servants must indeed go the same way on earth, i.e. also gain soul maturity for themselves in free will; they must overcome matter, i.e. resist the attractions of the world; they must be purified through suffering and strokes of fate and therefore cover a difficult way as man, until they reach that maturity, which makes them suitable for their mission, but their souls are willing, and the desire for the spiritual kingdom is particularly strong in them, and so also help can be granted to them from the spiritual kingdom, through which their ascent development progresses faster. And every one of my servants has his guide, who looks after him full of love and devotion; who directs him and influences his thoughts, who constantly looks after him and seeks to imparts spiritual wealth to him first mentally, until the connection with the spiritual kingdom is so established that the light beings can express themselves audibly according to my will. And so my servants are getting trained and instructed by me directly as also on my behalf by the light beings, so that they can carry out in the last time before the end their teaching activity, which will be extremely necessary. Because mankind will demand truth in view of the great trouble, which goes over earth; and only my servants will be able to give pure truth, because as children of light they themselves stand in truth and are now also able to and want to impart it to help fellowmen in their love, whose great spiritual need they recognize. Because the children of light endeavour to light up darkness, and deep darkness is lying over the earth; mankind lives in dark night and needs light. And so the spiritual world is eagerly active to utilize the connection with earth, which is established through my servants, to bring men the Gospel through their mouth, why therefore also my servants always must be prepared being a speaking organ for these light beings, as I also want to speak through them myself, where the desire for me is so great that I myself would like to express myself. I can embody myself in light beings, but for men on earth it will merely be a pure human act; they just hear my servants and accept my word as thought material of him, who expresses it. But my servants always radiate light, and the light is felt beneficially by all who strive for light. These will also recognize my word as voice of the father from eternity; it will not remain without impression, and therefore souls are still rescued through the love of my servants on earth, before the end comes, and that is why I bless my servants as well as their activity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4351.


Book 51 4352

Union with God. School of suffering.

25. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4352.

A longing incomprehensible for you for the union with my creatures causes me to let you constantly go through a school, which is to bring in soul maturity to you, because without a certain degree of maturity the union cannot take place. My love is truly intent on your well-being only, but that I apply means, which let you doubt my love, is wanted by yourselves even so unconsciously, because your attitude towards me provokes this application, because you do not adapt yourselves to the laws of order, which promote your soul maturity without suffering – because you do not fulfil the law of love, which cannot be avoided if you want to mature. And so my means of education will become sharper and sharper the further you go away from love. But now the time of school has expired, and each one man will have to pass the examination. Who passes it, he will become happy in the union with me, but who fails, to him a further school could not be spared, which he must complete under harder conditions if he once wants to reach his goal. I do not drop my creatures, and the final union must and will once take place, but endless times can still pass, and the point of time of redemption man determines himself, because in free will he must enter into the union with me; I can only help him, but do not force him. Let this be said to you, that I love all my creatures and my love never stops, but that I nevertheless carry out my plan from eternity, even so you man can discover no love in it. But it is about yourselves, about your spiritual ascent; it is about an eternal life. You, you who now live on earth, are still spiritually dead, except for some few, who are spiritually born again. You still feel nothing of life in you, and if you end your earth life in this state, then you deteriorate into a powerlessness, which means death for you; you are in deepest darkness and completely powerless and weak, but know that you are. This state is so agonizing that my love would like to spare you this, and that is why I seek to stimulate you to life already on earth; I seek to give you light, so that you aspire to the state of life in free will. All resistances of your life are to help you that you become active, and activity is life. Earthly activity ends with the moment of the death of the body, but you are to be active in the spiritual kingdom, and for it you must have passed the school of the spirit, which must also be a school of suffering for you, otherwise you do not mature. Nevertheless I give you the assurance that I love you and every event, which has a sorrowful effect upon you, is just found on my love. I want to educate you to my children, because my father love does not want to lose you and because I want that you as my creatures do not stay in the distance from me, but unite with me and become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4352.


Book 51 4353

Dissolving. Work of Destruction. New Banishment.

25. June 1948. B.D. NR 4353.

Spiritual progress can never be noted in a world of hate and lack of love, and the earth misses its actual purpose to help the spiritual that is embodied in it toward upward development. Therefore the time has come that the manifold creations that are to fulfil this purpose will be dissolved and the spiritual released for the purpose of new shaping. But for mankind this dissolving means a fall from the height that was already reached into deepest depth, it means a shifting back into hardest matter and a renewed walk through all works of creation on the new earth. Due to their lack of love men are completely ignorant and have no understanding for what lies before them and also no will to think about it when knowledge about it is submitted to them. They do not concern themselves with spiritual problems and this is likewise a sign that the time of the dissolving of the old earth has come. They are approachable for no enlightenment at all; they live only for their earthly interests and reject every spiritual conversation. And therefore admonitions and warnings are unsuccessful. As there is no possibility that a spiritual change takes place on earth, when a spiritual impetus completely has to be ruled out, then only total ruin can be expected, but God does not let this happen first but reshapes the earth already before that, it will be combined with a total work of destruction but is intended in the plan since eternity to again give the totally degenerated human race, i.e. the spiritual that is bound in it, the possibility of an ascending development, because God's endless love drops nothing, even when it is absolutely insubordinate to him. Therefore the last destruction of the earth will be an act of greatest compassion but will irrevocably take place to prevent an even deeper degeneration of men that in their lack of love have already broken off every bond with God and have widened the gulf between him and them and therefore lack all power to develop upward. And that is why God comes to their assistance, he robs them of their outer form and binds the spiritual anew so that the endlessly wide gulf that the free will of man has produced, will again be decreased in the mandatory state so that the spiritual again comes closer to God in the bound state and so that it one day will again be given the possibility to use the freedom of will the right way to reach God even after an endless long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4353.


Book 51 4354

Leadership of God. Demons in the time of the end.

26. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4354.

All steps are in vain, since you do not let me walk next to you, so that I direct you right and you do not go wrong ways. A perpetual fight of the demons about your soul takes place, and therefore they stand enticingly at the way; temptingly they seek to distract you that you no longer pay attention to the way and walk a wrong way imperceptibly, which leads you far away from the destination. If you let me walk next to you, then the demons do not dare to approach you; the fullness of light blinds them, which emerges from me; they shrink back and let you go past unmolested. Just remember this, that you are constantly besieged by powers, which do not wish you well, but that you do not need to fear them in my protection, because then they are powerless, and you are stronger than they. In the time of the end they rage particularly violently and also do not stop before the spiritual striving man, because the light, which radiates from you, if you seek or spread truth, annoys and outrages them, so that they seek to extinguish it and therefore besiege you terribly. But with me you are secure, because I lead you so that you reach your destination on a short way. But the way is more arduous; it is not level and hemmed in by fields, which uplift your eyes; the earth way is a hard pilgrim way, and if it is to be seen appealingly, the danger lurks behind the beauty. But with me you do not pay attention to the toil and hardships; you do not look around you, but just above you; you look forward, where your eye sees splendours, which you seek to reach. And that is why you are not allowed to go on the way alone, but you must call upon me all the time for my leadership; you must always go in my company, then the earth way will be easy for you; the hostile powers will not be able to besiege you so, although they again and again try to determine you to dismiss me and to walk the way further alone. Your will must be and remain strong, then you are victors – your will must be meant for me, then I strengthen it and keep you, if you are in danger to fall. The fight of the demons about your soul will intensify the more the end nears; but you will also stand firmer in faith in me and encounter every temptation with resistance, and the power the enemy applies towards you will be less and less, because the light of my presence radiates lighter and lighter and the dark powers feel it clearer and clearer that the Lord of creation faces them, whom they cannot force. And they will flee from you the nearer the end comes. Then your strength of faith will be so deep that nothing will any longer be able to shake you and make you renegade, because then you know that I myself come to you visibly and fetch you up, as I have promised you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4354.


Book 51 4355

Supplementation and Explanation to No. 4348.

26. and 27. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4355.

Explain yourself the process this way: The faster the earth moves the shorter is the time it requires for a revolution and the stronger the atmospheric pressure becomes that it releases through its move. Normally this atmospheric pressure should be felt on the surface of the earth but that is not the case. Therefore already here a deviation of the laws of nature takes place that is not scientifically explainable out of which already arises that the laws of nature valid for the earth are losing their validity outside of it. Still this fast revolution has an effect that is noticeable on the surface of the earth insofar as a crust is formed that is the suitable breeding ground for the vegetation so that therefore a perpetual living up of the surface of the earth is only possible through perpetual rotation, through generation of a power that has an effect on the ground, that therefore does not spread and exude outward but acts from the outside towards the interior of the earth. This power is life arousing, but it cannot be explained by human reason because it develops extralegally and also has an extralegal effect. If the earth would cease its speed then all life would freeze on it, but on the other hand an increased speed favours an abnormal growth but also has a deeper effect into the interior of the earth and brings about eruptions there that endanger the core of the earth and jeopardize its continued existence. Such an increased speed is now noticeable and will soon also make itself felt in its effects. If the last effect is now to be prevented then the surplus power has to find a field of activity - it has to have an explosive effect in places, which will happen in form of a natural disaster. Through it the speed of the revolution will decrease a little, the now again generated power finds new breeding ground that it can enliven vegetable and animal wise and the existence of earth is again ensured for a short time until then again through human will powers will be triggered that are not yet finally determined by them and that have an effect that destroys everything because they are so to speak to be addressed as counteracting forces, i.e. working from inside to the outside and the working against one another of both forces means total destruction, this can well be explained to men but will not be understood by them. Spiritually advanced scientists can easily explain themselves this process because they do not anymore view an extralegal activity of natural forces in such an unbelieving manner because for them the sphere outside of earth is a field that cannot be determined with earthly intellectual thinking because other laws of nature than the ones being valid on earth are governing this. Each star is a world on its own and in each star the love will of God has expressed itself differently because countless thoughts of him are realized through his might and power, and every single thought of him is witness of deepest wisdom. According to human judgement such a manifold diversity of God's creations cannot exist as the power of imagination is limited, but with God there is no limit to his thinking and no inhibition of his creative power. It is now entirely impossible that man, the inhabitant of one of God's innumerable creations, could completely fathom his rule and work in a rational way because he immediately rejects what seems to be impossible but to God it is always possible. So also the earth in its movements, in its motion, its constitution, can be calculated and researched time wise but always only insofar as the natural laws governing the earth that are known to man are taken as a basis. Beyond it his knowledge and intellect fails. But there is something beyond it, otherwise earthly science could exactly determine when and in which form, out of which cause the final destruction of earth will happen. It is unable to make this assessment but with this no proof is given that the destruction of the earth does not take place. Here faith is set against science - he who assesses science higher denies what faith affirms. God announces the end of this earth period; he announces a complete change of the surface of the earth that includes the disappearing of all life on, in and above the earth. This process is completely unknown to science - therefore a sign for a taking place of an extralegal work of God; extralegal not as far as he is concerned but for men who do not know all laws of nature, all powers in such a way that they could indicate and calculate such events but that research has to be done on the foundation of faith if it is to produce truthful results. Only then scientists will also have access to the field that otherwise remains closed to men, then spiritual co-workers are available to him and enlighten him, then he also can gain insight into the plan of salvation of God and much will be understandable to him and acceptable that his intellect would have rejected otherwise. Amen. B.D. NR. 4355.


Book 51 4356

Means of education. Admonition to love.

28. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4356.

Grasp it that all means must be applied, if my work of rescue with you is not to be in vain. Always sharper means of education I must use, and always more pressing trouble will touch men, always less joy of life I grant to them, because it is necessary, because the end is approaching. Apathetically men remain in their attitude towards me, which is not for and not against me; I must shake them up out of the lethargy of the spirit, so that they turn in one direction; they must feel a pressure on their will, but which must decide itself. Increased joy of life does not fulfil this purpose, and that is why trouble must approach them, and so I am caused by you men yourselves to show myself as strict God, where I would like to be recognized as loving father. And still my love is cause also for this means of education, because your rescue out of spiritual night is essential. Long time does no longer remain for you on earth, and if you would know about your lot in the world beyond, then you would bless the suffering understanding it thankfully, which I send to you to win you. But so you grumble and complain and doubt my love and also my existence. And so enlightenment is given to you, you reject, without thinking about it; you become embittered and pay no attention to the misery of fellowmen, because you only think about yourselves. But every act of love shown towards the neighbour would make the lot on earth easier for you; it would brighten your thinking, let you recognize me and give you power. But without love you sink deeper and deeper, and the end surprises you. Let you be warned and listen to my voice; do not only remember your trouble, but look around you and seek to help, where it is necessary. For only love can rescue you; I only want to kindle love in you, then you do not need to fear the end, then you are rescued from eternal ruin, then you will use the short earth time the right way; you will receive power and despite all trouble hold out; you will recognize me and remain loyal to me also in the last fight on this earth; you will stand firm until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4356.


Book 51 4357

Marriage. Before God and before the world.

28. and 29. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4357.

You must find yourselves in love, otherwise a bond is not blessed by me. Marriage is togetherness, a living together in most intimate harmony; marriage is a state, which cannot be created by law, but always has deep unselfish love as precondition, but which, once it has been aroused in the heart, can never ever go out, because right love connects the hearts; it is no love of the body, which seeks its fulfilment in the intoxication of the senses; it is no demanding love. A constantly giving and wanting to make happy, love is the foundation of a marriage, which is blessed by me. Marriage is intimate communion of two people, whose hearts feel pure love towards each other. Such a marriage is indissoluble, because right love can never pass. And this marriage becomes concluded as soon as two people recommend themselves to me that I bless their bond. Then they are regarded as husband and wife before me, and they are to remain together until death separates them from each other. Who has entered into such marriage, he will always have a feeling of belonging to the other, although outer circumstances separate people. My blessing will rest upon them, because the holiest feeling, which has its cause in me, has given rise to the relationship, which is first condition for a marriage wanted by me. (29.6.1948) But pure love is to be found on earth only still rarely; but marital relationships are nevertheless established, and this is also not contradicting my will, because the human family is to reproduce itself, because innumerable souls wait for being procreated into human flesh, to cover their last course of development in the world of matter. The relationship of two people must therefore be brought into a form recognizable from the outside, into a form, which encloses certain laws, obligations and rights, because men without such, too easily violate the order wanted by me and as a result endanger a right education of the descendants, but which is of greatest importance for the spiritual development. Therefore the marriage ceremony according to legal form corresponds with my will, but if my particular blessing rests upon it, depends on the degree of love of both husband and wife to each other; but my blessing on the other hand is decisive whether a marriage is concluded before men or before me. If a marriage is concluded out of other motives without mutual deep love, then the relationship certainly is valid before the world, and I will, so it is requested, not deny my help, but it is no marriage in the right meaning of the word, which is to my liking; it is not the state of union wanted by me, which becomes an act of happiness through love, which I bless. Because the principle of giving will always be predominant where pure love is, and therefore I am never eliminated in such a marriage, I who am love myself, and my spirit will rule men and have an effect in those who therefore step before me and request my blessing as husband and wife. Amen. B.D. NR. 4357.


Book 51 4358

Right direction of will. Love command. Truth.

30. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4358.

You children of my love see in me your father from eternity, who never ever withdraws his love from you, to whom your spiritual and bodily trouble is known and who wants to help you in every way. I very particularly make your spiritual trouble my business, because the last aim is the final union with me, which you can only reach if you become perfect. I always want to help you to this, and for this purpose you must go the course through earth life. As you now as man live through the last stage of your development on earth, where you are to use your free will the right way, my care is always only meant for this right direction of the will. And for this reason I will have an effect on you in every way that you come to recognition and aim at me out of free drive, that you seek truth and also may recognize it. I will never drop a man, who makes an effort to do what is right, and I will put it into his heart what is right and what is wrong before me. My commands, which just demand love from you men, will constantly be the guide line for your walk of life, and if you fulfil these my commands, you cannot go wrong; you must reach the destination. But if you set humanly enacted commands over my commands of love, you do not reach the destination. Because your soul only shapes itself to perfection through love, but never does something else than love contribute to the maturity of the soul. Love work brightens the spirit and gives man the ability of recognition and the feeling of repulsion against everything what is wrong. And so every man demanding truth will recognize what contradicts truth, if he is active in unselfish neighbourly love. Unacceptable it will appear to him what has not been given to men as command by me, and his will to reject will increase the more willingly he fulfils my commands of love. Then I come to help him, by me presenting truth to him through word or through Script, and his heart will agree; his intellect will become active and his thinking stimulated, and therefore he is introduced to truth by me, which touches him agreeably, because with heart and intellect he can approve of it. I like the doubters, because they seek truth and will therefore also find it, but who, without thinking, accepts what is offered to him from fellowmen, he is no truth seeker, and the light of truth will never shine for him. That is why I will also never damn a man who cannot believe blindly, rather bless him and help him to a strong convinced faith, because he is truly more serious about the improving of the salvation of his soul than the man who is gullible and accepts everything, who does not express his opinion to the imparted spiritual material. Latter will never reach truth, but to the former I myself offer it to him, and truly so that he will no longer resist to accept it, because he recognizes it as truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4358.


Book 51 4359

Light Phenomenon before the Disaster.

1. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4359.

A great spiritual action precedes my intervention that is to strengthen the faith of those who are mine and last evidence to the coming natural phenomenon. My heavenly messengers have been given instructions to draw the attention of those who are mine to themselves in the form of light phenomena that they will see clearly and distinctly in the heavens so that all self-delusion is eliminated and the ones who are mine will see the same phenomenon while the unbelievers see nothing and hints referring to it they mock as fantasy. And this is the last sign. Then you can safely prepare yourself for the hour of my revelation through the elements of nature. Then let everything earthly take its course and only look after your souls. Then absorb my word in yourself with devotion, let me speak to yourself through the word and connect yourself closely and deeply to me so that I can be in your presence in deepest trouble that very soon will befall you. Then still take care of those that are around you and fearfully observe the changes in nature, briefly give them an explanation and refer them to me, speak of me as a God of love who takes care of every man and leaves nobody out who calls on him for help. And then wait for me; don't be afraid when my voice sounds with a strength that makes people tremble. Remain calm and sensible and know that nothing happens to you when I don't want it and that I have promised my protection to you when you connect to me in prayer. Then I will be present with you and distinctly you will feel my nearness. And what I have announced to you through my spirit is then fulfilled. For my word is and remains eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4359.


Book 51 4360

Parable of the good shepherd.

2. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4360.

A parable I want to give you, and you are to learn from it, how I want my word to be understood. My earth children are like a heard of scattered sheep, which through the evil will of an enemy were chased out of the horizon of the shepherd and scattered in all directions. And now the shepherd goes, because he loves his sheep, looking for them; he searches for them in the most hidden corners; he climbs on mountains, climbs down into mountain clefts; he calls and lures and does not rest, until he has again his herd together. He helps the little sheep, which have got lost and can no longer get back alone; he goes far ways, where they have already gone too far away; he takes the tired little sheep on to his shoulders and carries them back; none he abandons to its fate, his enemy, that he robs it from him and attributes its falsely to his own herd. Because he knows his sheep; and his sheep know him and follow his voice. And the heart of the good shepherd rejoices, so he has found all his little sheep again, so his stable holds his complete herd, so every little sheep has found home, which was lost. All of you are my sheep; you belong to my herd, which however have free space to run round in, and for that reason also can lose their way, if they strive for another aim than me. The hostile shepherd is my opponent, who seeks to alienate you from me. And he will often succeed. My sheep are carried off course from that way, where I walk with my herd; they seek to climb the heights. Honour and wealth you men seek, and for such you deviate from the way; you fall into gorges and abysses; the vices and lusts of the world imprison you; you sink to the deep step by step and can be thankful when you get stuck at hedges and undergrowth – when still little doubts emerge in you, you do not shake off such and so remain protected from the deepest fall, until your rescuer comes. Others again graze on foreign fields; they get lost and no longer find back into their stable – these are those men who walk through earth life without thinking, who are beneficiaries from acts, which are not according to my will, but bring in great earthly advantage for them. These think themselves not being bad; they are lukewarm, neither turned towards me nor against me; they walk through earth valley unmindful of their earth task; they must be disturbed and chased back that they again flee into my arms, I who as good shepherd am always prepared to receive them. Everywhere I must seek my little sheep, which were lost; my call must get through everywhere, and for that reason my voice must sound again and again – again and again I must come in the word to men and call them home into the father house. My word is the good shepherd’s call; my word is supplied to men in love; my word gets through into all corners where it just finds entrance into the hearts of men. And who does not follow my call, he gets stuck more and more or sinks deeper and deeper. And nevertheless the arm of the good shepherd will once reach him, even so times still passes about it. Once also that man returns to me, who long remained in resistance – once he will be tired of his error and lets himself be lifted on to my shoulders; once also he will follow willingly the good shepherd, the sound of his voice will lure him – he will recognize it as the father’s voice and follow me, and I will guide him into the father house and prepare a meal out of joy that I have found again what was lost. Amen. B.D. NR. 4360.


Book 51 4361

Satan's Might Before the End.

3. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4361.

The demonic influence is particularly strong in the last times before the end and inevitably you men are ensnared by it when you do not turn to me and look for my company. Great might is granted to my enemy that he uses in every way and he even exceeds the limits of his authority. But the power is not granted to him by me, but men themselves grant him this because they do not defend themselves though they can do this because power and help from me are over-abundantly at their disposal. And as the will of man himself is decisive they themselves give my enemy predominance. But I do not curtail his might, but likewise try everything to get men to turn to me and so to escape from the power of my enemy. Loving beings on earth as well as in the hereafter support me and likewise seek to influence men presenting to them again and again my love towards my creatures and my willingness to help when men feel too weak to fight back. All dangers of the world are shown to men and simultaneously they are urged to aim high so that they are to decide between me and my enemy. But he already thinks himself to be the winner but will still be defeated by them and with him his followers that he drags along into the abyss. The last fight will be conducted in all strictness and he will win many that fall away from me and join his camp because his might is great. Again and again I tell you that you can acquire far greater power when you ask me for it. I am just waiting for your call, for your prayer, to be able to strengthen you because as soon as your will turns towards me, as soon as you talk to me in thoughts and send an imploring call for help up to me you will be helped. And when you have to go through trouble then understand that it is just a means to get you to do this calling for help because without trouble you think too little of me and easily run the risk to dismiss me and then my enemy has an easy job with you. But you are to defend yourself so that you will not be defeated because the smallest counter will secures my power for you that you yourself can increase indefinitely. Do not become a victim to the demons, do not give the victory to them as it is only an imaginary one because I will still win in the end and the ones who are mine will rejoice and triumph and receive the wages of their loyalty. And my enemy will be bound and with him all who were in bondage to him and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4361.


Book 51 4362

Original state. Fall. Love. Perfection. Will.

4. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4362.

My uninterrupted wooing about your love you fulfil if you let the love flame flare up in you and express this in active neighbourly love. Then you join me; then you are mine, because now you have again brought your nature into line with my original nature, out of which you have emerged. Because you are the product of my love, and to what love gives birth to, can always only be again love. But as being freely put into existence with free will, you also could change and turn your nature; otherwise you would have been imperfect beings, if you had to remain in that state, in which I have created you. Because this is the sign of the perfect that in the possession of free will it is full of might and power. How it now uses both the will as well as the power is up to the being itself. That the use now was one contradicting my will, has just yielded for the being itself the withdrawal of the power and the free will, because as divine creature it could not remain imperfect, but a possibility was offered to it of my never ending love, to again change to perfection. If it now wants to again reach this original state, then it must again become that, what it was – love. And so the feeling of love can never be something contradicting my will, as also all acts, which are carried out by being supported by this feeling. Love is that what marks man to a God-like being; love is also the bearer of power, and the being will again be powerful, if it has fashioned itself again to love. Love wants to be active; it wants to create and build up, and love never wants to destroy or take something, therefore the original state of the being was happiness in full measure. That the being created by me could also fall, although it was equipped with richest power of recognition, is to be explained thus, that the being possesses love towards me and self-love in equal parts, because the free decision was necessary, because the being was created perfect and had to first prove itself through a test, by striving for perfection itself. Therefore it had to be able to fall into the deep, but as it also could assert itself in the height through wrong or right application of its will and its power. The entity, which is embodied as man or in the creations of earth, has failed – and its love became a wrong love – self-love predominated, and the being fell. That is why love must be one rightly directed; it must be meant towards me and again be expressed as power; in the stage of free will the being must use the life power at its command in a giving, building up activity, in unselfish neighbourly love, and this is the purpose and aim of earth life, that man fashions himself to love, to again adopt his original being and to partake of eternal happiness. For that reason do not suffocate the little flame of love, if it flares up in you; give it food and let it become a bright flame, which turns over on the eternal love, which makes you to perfect beings, which you were right from the very beginning . Amen. B.D. NR. 4362.


Book 51 4363

Prayer: "For the sake of Jesus Christ", "In his name."

4. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4363.

Who let himself be nailed to the cross, gives all love to men, who call upon him for help. He will leave no-one in trouble, because he has spoken to you the words: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." He will help you carrying the cross; he will take upon him the burden for you; he will stand by you with moral and practical support, if you believe in him and in it that he has died for you, that he has suffered so that you do not need to suffer. You are to turn to him, because He himself calls you with the words: "Come unto me." He promises you his help, his comfort and his strengthening. And so follow his call and accept his offer of love. He will truly not let you plead in vain; he will be comforter for you in trouble and suffering and take the burden from your shoulders, which presses you, because he loves you. His love is unchangeable; he is divine love, which knows no limitations; he does not apply the standards of men, but he knows no measure; he gives where only his favour is demanded, and you can entrust yourselves to his love. And that is why you are to turn to him always, when you need help, because he and the father are one, the father from eternity has chosen his cover as stay; he has connected himself with him for ever. And so you call the father, if you call upon Jesus Christ; you call the most powerful spirit from eternity, which truly can fulfil for you everything and also wants to fulfil everything, to testify his love and his power to you. He has embodied himself in the man Jesus; he himself spoke the words through him to you: "Come unto me, all." And so every call, which you turn towards the cross bearer Jesus Christ, is directed at the father from eternity himself. And therefore you will do no wrong request; for the sake of Jesus Christ you will be helped in every spiritual and earthly trouble. You are to pray in his name, because his name is blessed until all eternity, and who voices his name in all devotion, he will also feel the blessing of his name himself. He will be helped; what he request will be fulfilled for him from God for the sake of his holy name. Therefore call upon him if you are in trouble; think of his words and keep to them that they were spoken in love and are also kept in love, because his promise is further: If you ask the father in my name, he will give it to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4363.


Book 51 4364

Union with God. Renouncement.

5. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4364.

The complete union with me lets you like to do without everything joyfully, what belong to the world. Because then your soul is already in the spiritual kingdom; it feels my nearness; it senses my power and is glowed red-hot by my love, and all earthly sinks into nothing, even so it still stays on earth. Its desire for me is so strong that it no longer listens to the body, if it still cherishes worldly longings. But what belongs to the world that hinders the soul at the union with me, and of it you men can judge what you are to avoid and for what to strive for. As long as the connection with me remains kept up, as long as your desire is directed at me and the spiritual contact, as long as you wish to be taught by me, as long as you keep dialogue with me and you entrust all your troubles and cares to me, you are not in danger to become a slave of the world, because then I own you, and I truly no longer allow my right to my possession to be disputed. But the world will no longer be desirable for you, although it demands the tribute from you, which you must give, because you stand in the midst of the world and must assert your place, until I myself take the place of you. But if the danger exists that you forget me over the world, so you are prepared to give me up, to exchange something earthly, then caution is advisable, then watch and pray so that the tempter does not overcome you. I am always near you, but if you do not call me, I also do not emerge for your own sake. I deny you nothing as long as there is no danger for your soul, but for its sake I sometimes must take from you what you possess, to cause you to a close bond with me. For that reason you are to be attentive and flee everything what belongs to the world, if you want to possess me completely, if you seek to join me. You only give up little, but what you receive, that will compensate you thousand fold. Flee the world so that you instead take the spiritual kingdom, which is far more magnificent and offers various joys and blessings. And content yourselves with that what I give you, because if I give you on earth scantily, I keep ready for you a more beautiful life in eternity, because I give you what the world can never ever offer you, if you give it up voluntarily and demand nothing more than just being united with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4364.


Book 51 4365

Free will. Fate.

6. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4365.

Nothing in human life is without influence on eternity. Every act, every omission, every thought, every direction of will has an effect on the development of the soul, and consequently everything can be drawn into the area of the fateful what appears in human life. Man has free will, and the use of this will is determining for eternity. Every act or omission, every thought is first preceded by the will, and its decision is decisive for his course of life. Because although he also cannot direct every event earthly, since God has reserved it for himself to direct his course of life according to wise discretion, his will has still already been considered from eternity, and fate is based on it. The free will of man is doubted, because the carrying out is not always made possible for him, but it is the wanting, which cannot be restricted to man, even if the possibility of the carrying out is taken from him. The direction, which the will takes, determines the development of the soul, the failure of a taken plan does not abolish the will, and for the will man must answer some day, even so the carrying out of it has not taken place. The change of the will out of the wrong direction in the right one is the purpose of life and the assignment of life. And therefore also the smallest event of this change of will is beneficial and wanted or allowed by God, no matter whether it is the effect of a wrong or right used will. And so this must be comprehensible for you men that you must accept every stroke of fate as long predetermined and only helpful for your ascent development. You must now examine yourselves how far your will itself has favoured it and whether this will was right or wrong, how far it was in accordance with the divine will, and so you must reap the benefits for your soul out of the smallest experience, so that fate really has an educational effect for you and also, so it is difficult, is bringing in success for your opposite life. You are always in God’s hands, i.e., he makes your course of life his business, as he wants to draw you to himself after all and win you for ever. So you accept everything out of his hand, always being mindful that they are means of education, which a loving father applies to his children, you will always want, think, speak and act according to his will, and your earth life will not be lived uselessly, because then you subordinate your will to the will of God, and you then cannot help it than to use free will the right way – as your life task requires it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4365.


Book 51 4366

Office of mediator – Responsibility. Invitation to communion.

7. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4366.

The office of mediator is involving great responsibility, and who is to hold it, he must have a strong will, to constantly establish the connection to the spiritual kingdom, to constantly let me speak in the word and to constantly hand out, what he receives from me. He is to impart from me to men, who not themselves come to me and whom I want to help to find me. He is to announce my will to them and therefore serve me, by him as my servant performing the work, which must be done to make the hearts of men receptive for my love radiation, for my word with its power. Because without latter they cannot become happy. Men’s hearts must be worked on, like fields they must be cultivated and be fertilized, so that the field bears fruit at the time of harvest. It is a work, which must be carried out by men, who represent me on earth, because it is my word, which as seed is to be put into the hearts of men. I myself must speak to them, however through you, because I myself cannot yet express myself, before man has reached a certain degree of maturity of the soul. So you must represent me on earth; so men must speak to men, but on my behalf and with my support. And so you want to be loyal workers for me, servants, who only carry out the will of their Lord, your work will also be blessed; it will not be performed unsuccessfully, but the seed will come up and produce magnificent fruit. But you are not allowed to become lukewarm and indifferent in your activity for me and my kingdom, and that is why you also carry a great responsibility so you once have put yourselves into my service. You must let me speak to you so that you can talk. And this your own will must cause that I express myself to you, because against your will you will not hear my voice. And that is why you must always and again and again let your will become active, because my word sounds in you only, if you turn your heart up out of own drive, so you open heart and ear and therefore prepare yourselves for the reception of my word. I will hear the faintest call and follow it; I will not leave your desire unsatisfied; I will always come to you if you open the door of the heart to me and have desire to be fed by me myself. I will always keep communion with you and therefore hand out to give you the possibility to administer your office of mediator, to impart the gifts to you, which you yourselves are now to hand out to the poor in spirit. I need you, you my servants on earth; you are to spread the invitations into the world and call all to communion, because I want to fill all with the bread of life; all I want to serve with the food, which they are in urgent need of, to cover the pilgrim way on earth with success. Carry the announcement to them that the table is set, that everyone is to refresh himself of it and that they cannot get happy without my feeding. Impart my word to them, and so be loyal workers for me, whom I will once pay, as I have promise. Amen. B.D. NR. 4366.


Book 51 4367

Way crossing. Inner voice. Right leader.

8. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4367.

Man goes his own ways and in the main does not keep to the direction, which is set for him. He also has his eye on no firm destination, but relies on luck, that the way guides him there, where he hopes to find advantage. And this aimless walking misleads him – because invisible powers push him, as soon as they are not resisted, away from the right way, and to these he hands himself over, as long as he lets himself be carried along. His will power is little and he will also lack it, if he comes before a way crossing and must decide which way he now chooses. Then he chooses the most comfortable and does not consider that a level way does not lead to the height, but which he must reach, if his earth course is not to have been futile. But if he would pay attention to the inner voice, he certainly could make the right decision, because it always answers, if man’s will is undecided, and gives him the right direction, in which he is to move. This voice also introduces him to advantages of the way impassable for him, and truly not unclear or unfounded. Who lets himself be warned or enlightened by it, he does the right thing, because the inner voice is an expression of the right leader, who knows all ways and would like to lead man to the destination on the shortest way. But who disregards the voice, who does not hear it or contravenes it despite better knowledge, he must also take the consequences of his own acting and willing upon himself. Indeed, now and then he will also go along with a lighter foot, but his way will be long und unsuccessful and lead away from the destination, because it is only reached on the exhausting way, and only overcome resistances let the man mature at his soul, because earth life remains a fight, if it is to bring in success for the soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4367.


Book 51 4368

Change of the Earth. Reshaping. Dissolving.

8. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4368.

You have to bear in mind that nothing is of continued existence that belongs to this earth and therefore also the earth itself is unsteady, so has to change itself if it does not completely dissolve itself into the primeval substance. The latter happens after endless long time but a change of the earth is approaching fast. As all earthly materiality goes through its upward development in such a way that an existing form dissolves to again emerge in a new form so also the earth as such is subject to a temporary change and all creations on it enter a new stage of development because not just the spiritual alone that is bound in all works of creation strives upward but also matter itself undergoes this ascent development by constantly becoming softer, therefore it assimilates as container the spiritual that can escape a form already faster due to its maturity. And so also the hard matter has to once experience its dissolving that exists already unchanged since endless time. The development has to progress in softer matter and new hard matter has to be created for the spiritual to stay that failed in the state of knowledge - as man - and has gone over to the camp of the enemy of God. Such complete reshaping of the outer forms on earth only happen in certain periods of time and are therefore implausible to men because every one of such a reshaping was so long ago that it cannot anymore be ascertained and asserted as true. Because a development period is endless long but still once reaches its end. And it cannot be proved and calculated by men when the end is to be expected but it can also not be denied but God demands the belief in it because he himself has announced it to men by his word and has pointed again and again to the end through his seers and prophets. The reason that the downfall of the earth, i.e. its total reshaping, is only a matter of faith is that man has to perform the change of his soul in complete freedom of will, but that this freedom of will would immediately be interfered with when the time of the end could be calculated. That is also the reason why the distance is so wide from the beginning to the end of an earth period because man has to decide to believe in it or to completely reject it so that there is no compulsion exerted on him. But as soon as he thinks and considers all rise and fall in the whole of creation, he sees the proceedings of dissolving and reshaping repeated so often that he also has to grant this change to the work of creation of earth and it is easy for him to believe in the end. But when, that will never be put forward to him, because this knowledge would be detrimental to his soul. But God announces a speedy end of this earth and well is he who believes his word and prepares himself for it, he will not be surprised by the day, the thought of the end will not be awful to him given the blissful state that God has promised those who are his after the change of this earth. Amen. B.D. Nr. 4368.


Book 51 4369

New Earth. Creations. Paradise.

9. and 10 July 1948. B.D. NR. 4369.

The new earth will again be formed according to the infinite love of God and his unsurpassable wisdom. All creations are again bearer of the spiritual that now can continue its uninterrupted course of development and also bring it to the fastest completion because matter is of less long life span, i.e., it is likewise in continues change; beginning and ending alternates in shorter time and therefore the spiritual can leave the form quite fast and move into the next form. And again the purpose of every single work of creation is to serve the preservation of other creations. Men of the new earth will be incessantly busy in exceedingly great will for love and therefore will need all works of creation so that these can fulfil their serving purpose completely. Moreover matter as such will also have no great resistance except the hard matter of basic creation, that, because it bears in it the spiritual that is insubordinate to God, that was sentenced to new banishment, is almost an indestructible mass that again requires endless time to dissolve if not God in his great mercy would accelerate the liberation according to the wise plan for the spiritual that is to be redeemed. The forming of the spiritual can happen faster on the new earth because men are already in a state of maturity so that also the spiritual that is bound in the animal and plant world submits to them voluntarily. It feels the love of men and therefore gives up the resistance much easier, it serves them even if under mandatory law still voluntarily and therefore proceeds quicker upwards as well. And so matter also passes quicker on the new earth, i.e., the beginning and ending of constantly new creations is successively fast, that is the reason for all creations being especially charming to look at and they make men happy in their versatility and forms that please the eye. Who still has stayed on the old earth, so who at the day of judgement belonged to the raptured, cannot marvel enough at the variety and the wonderful things of the new earth and it is a true paradise for him because only good powers are at work and every influencing of powers turned away from God is impossible. These men will be able to assess and appreciate best the wonders of God because they still have memories of the old earth with all what was good and bad. The following generations will only hear about the old earth and, the more time advances, view the creations of the new earth more and more as a matter of course and so also the love for God subsides even though a long time passes where the new earth can still be called a paradise, where love dwells among men and God himself stays among the ones who are his. It is really also worth the hardest life on earth to experience this time because God himself has set a limitation for men; he will keep his stock to be turned to him and faithfully will lead until the end of this earth through suffering and trouble. And he will shorten the time so that the ones who are his will be happy. But everything will be forgotten by the inhabitants of the new earth because the bliss makes up for the time of misery thousand fold. And again and again the warning has therefore to be called to men: Endure and remain loyal to God - he will reward you eternally - and his love will give you power when needed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4369.


Book 51 4370

Words of God to servants on earth. Representatives.

10. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4370.

As long as you reject my word, you also cannot call yourselves my servants, because these truly know the voice of their Lord. But you are also never allowed to assume that I withhold from you the ability to recognize my word; that you do not have the gift to understand my word, as I want it understood, but you must feel yourselves guilty insofar as that you only pass on spirit material taken over by men, without having asked me before for the enlightenment of the spirit. But as I now send to you my messengers, who are to announce to you my word, my will, then you are not allowed to reject without seriously examining, because you are always obliged to examine from whichever side spiritual knowledge is offered to you. To accept unexamined lets you get into error and this applies particularly to knowledge acquired through study, which is so passed on to you, as it comes from men. And you are always to consult me, if you approach the examination of spiritual material. I will certainly not let you remain in wrong thinking, if truth seriously matters to you. But how can you assume that I do not speak to men, seeing that you know about my promise after all that I will send to you the comforter, the spirit of truth. My love towards you and my care about the salvation of your soul is so great that I offer you truth also without this desire for truth – whether you want to accept it, is up to you; you are not forced to it, but just lovingly admonished by me to listen to my messengers and to then rely on your inner voice, which will truly show you correctly. Approach the examination of it without all prejudice what is offered to you as sole truth. Do not fear the influence of demonic powers, but consider that love is always only put in the foreground, that the word supplied from above to earth is nothing else than the pure love teaching of Christ, as it was taught on earth and as it was recorded by my first disciples . What deviates from this truth offered by me, has been added or is wrongly interpreted by men, and that is why I always impart the unadulterated truth to you; I give you enlightenment, how I want my word to be understood, and seek to constantly instruct you only in pure truth, so that you reach the destination through truth, so that you win eternal life through it. If you want to be my disciples, then you first must seize pure truth for yourselves; you must yourselves be instructed correctly, to be able to teach correctly. And you have chosen a responsible office for yourselves; you want to lead men to me, and I bless this will. But so that you are also able to do it, I want to show you the correct way, to receive the knowledge, which you want to spread, from me. And if you are mine, you will also recognize my voice; otherwise I reject you as my representatives on earth. For if you want to serve, then you must obey your Lord and fulfil his will. But your will is free; I can only warn and admonish you, but I will never seek to direct you by force. Amen. B.D. NR. 4370.


Book 51 4371

Indications of the Disaster (Restlessness of Men and Animal).

11. July 1948. B.D. NR 4371.

A great restlessness will seize men shortly before I appear through nature. The events will announce themselves in a way that men and animals are agitated and feel inside that something is making preparations in nature. Especially the behaviour of animals will be noticeable, they will try to flee in a certain direction and suddenly return again as driven by an invisible force. And this behaviour also has a frightening effect on men who recognize by this that there is something on the advance that they are not able to resist. And so everything is in anxious expectation of things to come. And you, my servants on earth, are to use this time diligently because there still is a short reprieve where listening to what you have to say is still there because they are seeking an explanation for the unusual feeling of man and animal. Then call their attention to my word, prepare them for my appearing and refer them to me that they take refuge in me when the hour has come when I speak. And then also you unite with me in thought so that you are strong and can be a support for those who are unbelieving or weak in faith. You have to prove yourself and you will also be able to do it when you before already call on me and in the hours of greatest need. I point the indications out to you before, I will give you the opportunity to observe your surroundings and you will see that everything comes as I have foretold you, that a sense of anxiety and restlessness will weigh down on men, the cause of it is known to you and therefore you can also speak successfully where necessary. And again you will experience that the man who has love will believe you while the man who lacks love will well listen to you but does not make practical use of it for himself. Until the hour has come where I let my voice sound from above. And there will be a roar and rage where nobody will anymore pay attention to someone else but will be concerned for his own life only. Everybody will try to flee and will hear the same roar and rage from all directions and depending on his attitude towards me the act will have an effect on him - he will remain alive or will be snatched away by the natural disaster as my wisdom has known and determined since eternity. And even if it is seemingly quiet and still no indications are recognizable - do not think you are safe from it because the day irrevocably comes that brings to you this event of nature and the doubter will have an opportunity to convince himself of it when the possibility to think remains with him. I have spoken through my spirit and have announced it and I will speak through nature with a voice that all will be able to hear. Who does not believe the former will have to hear my voice from above. Also then he is free to experience it merely as a play of nature or to think of my predictions and to believe that I want to make known myself so that you are to hear me who do not want to recognize the voice of the spirit. And blessed is he whose life is kept because a short reprieve is available to him that he can use to make up for what he up to now has neglected to earnestly prepare for the end that will follow the nature event in a short time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4371.


Book 51 4372

Right prayer. "Father, Thy will be done."

11. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4372.

No prayer is futile, which rises up to me in full trust upon my help. Because this trust testifies to the faith in my love and my power. And man has also established the right relationship to me through such a prayer – he approaches me like a child his father. But a father never refuses to give himself to his child, unless the child requests something completely disadvantageous for it, then the father will protect it, but also teach it so that the child is not disappointed in its trust. The teaching happens in the way that doubts arise in man of his own record, whether his prayer was really appropriate, that he himself doubts having the right to express such request, and then a right child will always add to its request: " Father, Thy will be done." And I will give it what is good for him, and fulfil his request in another form, because my love will grant and make happy if I am appealed to the right way. And that is why you are always to seek to increase your strength of faith, because then the fulfilment of every request is guaranteed for you. Increased strength of faith will always have increased love activity as concomitant; increased love activity secures increased knowledge, and therefore man will also stand in knowledge and in truth, asking nothing, what is disadvantageous for him, and consequently always find fulfilment, because he believes. Know that you can stand in no other way than in right thinking if you have the right faith at your disposal through love and send up a prayer to me in this state. And remember my promise: "Ask, and it shall be given you; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." And so you are allowed to present your requests to me any time as right children, and I will never let your faith be wrecked. Amen. B.D. NR. 4372.


Book 51 4373

Competence to judge depends on love life.

12. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4373.

Who wants to check and judge the value of that what is offered to him through my imparting, he must stand in love himself, if he wants to be qualified to check, otherwise every man would pass a different judgement, however always rejecting, because love alone enables a man to a serious examination with truthful success. The serious will can certainly be there, stand in right thinking and therefore want to eliminate that what is not in accordance with truth, but only love enlightens the spirit, and only then much will be comprehensible to man, what he before does not grasps and therefore rejects. Competence to judge without love is weak; his thinking is on the wrong track, his view is dull for all what is right and true, he still is too much under the influence of those beings, who fight truth, and consequently will himself fight against that, what is supplied to earth by the powers of the kingdom of light, and for that reason his judgement can never have the force of law and therefore does not need to frighten or influence the representative of pure truth. Just pay attention to whether a man is lovingly active, if you want to measure the value of his objections und the credibility of his assertions. Do not let yourselves be swayed, if you are attacked by doubters or mockers, and only take the judgement of him seriously, who leads an exemplary love life and who takes pure truth seriously. To him you are to listen and debate with him, and you will succeed to convince him of the truth of that what I tell the man through you. You will win him as follower of my teaching; he will become of convince faith and support pure truth out of me. Again and again you will have to resist sharp objections; again and again you will have opportunity to outdo the intellectual sharpness of a man as long as he does not stand in love at the same time, because love sees sharper than the brightest intellect, and for a loving heart the most difficult problem is easily solvable; it recognizes and understands everything what is incomprehensible to the other man, and his judgement is therefore alone final. (12.7.1948) If now hostile resistance grows up for you, if your spiritual work and its results are made out to be erroneous, own thought product, if one wants to prove error to you, then do not shrink back and do not let yourselves be intimidated, but let them talk and express their opinion, and you will find many targets, which give you the opportunity so refute everything, what they present. And I myself will put the words into the mouth for you and be a sharp opponent to them, whom they cannot countermand. And again and again you are told that you can beat them every time, if you support me and my teaching, because then they no longer have you as opponent, but me myself, and they will truly not be a match for me, no matter how clever and superior they think they are. People seriously striving for truth I will win for me, but he for whom it is just about to treat you with hostility or to eliminate you, he will only have to expect defeat, but no profit, if he claims to criticize my word and to pass judgement, which he is not capable of doing. He then does not attack you, but me myself, if he expresses his view against my word, and for that reason I will also answer him through you if it is necessary. Amen. B.D. NR. 4373.


Book 51 4374

Flood. Time of the end. Worldly ascent.

13. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4374.

As at the time of the Flood, so it will also be shortly before the end. Men will be attached to all worldly pleasures, indulging in their bodily desires and vices; they will lead a dissolute and immoral life and turn no thought upwards, to the one who is Lord over heaven and earth. Because they will no longer have faith. There will be a spiritual low as it has still never been reached before since the beginning of this development period. They will face the few believers with scorn and abuse, treat them with hostility and persecute them and deny them everything what they need for their support. But they themselves will feast and revel, live and love – but their love will be a wrong one, their walk of life be a false one, because they are devil servants, who populate earth in the last time, and the dissolving of the earth will only make an end to a state, which no longer allows an ascent development of men. It is a time of sinfulness, as it cannot be imagined any more badly. God will be completely driven out and they will be after the blood of those who believe in him. And God himself will end this time, and the last day will come suddenly and unexpectedly, in the midst of the transport of delight of the world, in which men in the last time live all the time. For that reason an ascent will be noticeable before; men will be offered everything worldly; the desire for the world will be over strong, and unscrupulously everyone will grant to himself, after which his senses long for; it will be a fight of the strong against the weak, and victor will be he, who, destitute of all love, appropriates what he is not entitled to, because he has Satan himself as patron, who favours him materially and drives him to increased life pleasure. Sin will increase alarmingly and judgement will strike when no-one suspects it. Because men must be exterminated from earth, if they have arrived at this level of development, because then they have become true devil servants and completely deny God. And then comes the hour of responsibility for all sinners; the day of justice of God comes; the day of judgement comes for all, who belong to the opponent of God, and the day of payment for the few loyal to God, who stand firm and have not fallen victim to the temptations of the world – as it is announced through word and Script. A redemption period comes to an end, because mankind is ripe for destruction. Amen. B.D. NR. 4374.


Book 51 4375

Office of the right servants of God.

14. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4375.

To every one of you, who wants to serve me, I have allocated an office, which you are to perform conscientiously, so that I can bless you as my servants and can receive you as loyal servants in my kingdom, when your hour has come, where I separate the soul from the body. Because your stay on earth is not anymore of long duration, even so you experience the last end. The world is already now ripe for destruction, but some few souls are still to be rescued, for which I need you. And this alone is your assignment that you spread truth, which you receive directly from me. This is the reason why I again and again lead men to you, to whom you are to announce my Gospel, whom you are to bring my work with you to their notice and to whom you can give enlightenment to questions, which they ask concerning their after-life and the purpose of their earth life. There are many asking men, to whom a right answer is a great help in their spiritual development, and for the sake of these I still hesitate with the last work of destruction and give them time and opportunity to find to me. But you, my servants on earth, must look after those men, because only through the mouth of man I can talk to them and give them the right reply. Take this your assignment seriously, and be loyal co-workers for me in the short time, which is still granted to you on earth. Because soon the time is over; soon also you have overcome what presses you; soon you will be allowed to receive the payment, which I promised you as my co-workers – soon suffering and hardship has found its end. Belief this and create and work and take advantage of every opportunity to inform your fellowmen, that also they are to prepare themselves for a quick end. Give them information, even so you find no faith, and consider, that every unused opportunity can mean the loss of a soul, that you can bring light into spiritual darkness, so that the soul finds the way, which leads to me. And so be eager in your activity; place your spiritual work in front of every earthly. And also the latter will be blessed for you, so that you can easily overcome it with my support, because I need you for the spiritual cooperation and bless you, if you serve me conscientiously and joyfully. Amen. B.D. NR. 4375.


Book 51 4376

God’s care for his servants.

14. and 15. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4376.

You will cover the way until the end at my hand, and no worry needs to press you, if you just believe. You have entered my service, consequently I take over every care about you, earthly as well as also spiritually. Your will to become mine I possess, therefore you are not determined by me by force, to want, think and act, but I direct this will, which you yourselves have put under me, to right thinking, wanting and acting. Therefore you will always do what brings you salvation and you can confidently drop all worry, which is still meant for your earthly life. I determine your further life; I ordain it as it corresponds with your mission for me, because you still have to do a great work, and so that you can carry it out, I very particularly look after you, so that your earth way is not too arduous, so that you can perform the work for me and my kingdom happily and cheerfully. And so you also do not need to worry at all, in which way you are to carry out the spreading of my word; I already go with you the ways, where you are compelled to speak, and you need to do nothing else, than to follow the inner urge, i.e., to speak, if it drives you to this from the inside, or to remain silent if you feel persuaded to it. It is always my voice, which tells you to do or to leave something, and you are to always just follow the inner urge, then it will also be right how you act, then I can have an effect in you and do it, because you want that you fulfil my will, and so I put my will into your heart. (15.7.1948) I want to help you to inner rest, so that you can carry out your work for me in peace, because it is unspeakably important in the coming time. Consider this and believe, that I want to give you the inner peace for the sake of your work and that therefore all worry is unnecessary. What you need, you will receive; what is withheld from you, you do not need, because I know the use and the damage of all things for your soul and truly give you so as it is helpful. Who wants to follow me, he may take his cross upon him – so let your little cross therefore also not press you, which you believe you must carry; also burden myself with the smallest load, if you need help, I am always prepared to take it from you, but be eager in your work for me and my kingdom. As you measure out, so it will be measured to you, therefore give spiritual gifts to your fellowmen, that their souls do not need to live in want, and do much love to them, so that they imitate your example and are therefore won to my kingdom – and you will receive likewise. What you hand out spiritually and earthly, will be repaid to you thousand fold; you do not need to live in want earthly, and spiritually you will be given in all fullness. And therefore you can go your earth way without worry, until the end has come, which is near to all of you shortly. Amen. B.D. NR. 4376.


Book 51 4377

Serious admonition. (Falling silent of the voice?)

15. and 16. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4377.

A serious admonition is still sent to you from above, before the turmoil begins, which will take every calm thought from you. Prepare yourselves; the day draws to its close. Take these my words seriously; do not pass over them lukewarm and indifferently, but regard them as a last indication on my speedy intervention. And prepare yourselves in all seriousness that you are heading towards an exciting time, where my call will appear to you as redemption, because you think to be abandoned by me, because you no longer hear my word from above. I draw your attention to this time and therefore talk to you once again insistently, that you are to familiarize yourselves with the thought that a complete change of your life situation is inevitable and you get into great trouble, but this must be, before I myself appear. But then be steadfast and just remain turned towards me in the heart; call upon me, and if I do not hear, call louder. I want it that your call gets through to me, but I want to be called in the heart and do not pay attention to what just the mouth speaks. For a long time you will not hear me, because you are not able to listen into yourselves to my voice, but I am always with you, and I am always prepared to help. Your prayer is therefore to be intimate and trusting in my help, and I will hear you and reveal myself, so that you are of strong faith and bear the earthly trouble. (16.7.1948) That it will come like this, for it I want to supply a proof, which will convince you. I want to reveal myself to each one of you, my servants, the same way, so that you can no longer have doubts about the truth of my words. My voice you are to hear at the same time, which will once again call my words into memory for you. But I want to strengthen your faith, and you are to pass every test of faith; for that reason I have an extraordinary effect upon you, although you still do not yet possess the maturity of the soul, which lets the unusual appear. But it comes to an end. And I need you, but you are to stand firm even in the most difficult time, and you are to work for me continuously and draw power for this out of me, if you can no longer receive it in the form of my word. Because every possibility you will lack at times, to withdraw into silence, to hear my voice, which touches you mentally. But the sounding word can ring out everywhere and at any time, and therefore you are to wrestle about this very particularly, and your longing for it is to be awakened, when you can no longer hear me mentally. But believe that I am nevertheless close to you and know about your desire – and also comply with it so as it is helpful for your soul. But the time will come where also you must pass tests of faith, you who have penetrated into spiritual knowledge, where you must acquire the gift of favour, which you have received, for yourselves, where I seemingly withdraw myself from you, but you force myself to you through firm faith, where I let myself be found by him, who seriously seeks to win me. And because of that you are to knock louder, if I do not answer to quiet knocking, because in this way you prove faith in me that you do not let up to call, if I supposedly do not hear. To the persistent caller I open the door, and I let him in and he will receive what he desires from me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4377.


Book 51 4378

Inner voice difficult to hear. Turmoil - Peace.

17. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4378.

You will always hear my voice if you devote yourselves to me and attentively listen inwards in the desire for my word. This assurance I have always given you, and I never hold back with my gift of favour, if you desire it intimately. But as long as my voice still does not ring out sounding in you, but just touches you mentally and therefore requires full attention and therefore seclusion to the world, it depends on you yourselves whether you hear it. For that reason I draw your attention to the coming time, which will so take up all of your time that only the strongest will asserts itself to shut himself away and to listen to my voice in stillness. The trouble of the coming time will often take the inner peace from you, although I help every slave willing to serve to comply with his task. I am always close to you, and if you retain the consciousness of my presence despite greatest trouble, my voice will also always sound to you, because then your faith is stronger than earthly trouble and then you banish it any time. But I want to draw your attention at it that a great turmoil is in store for you, which captures all your thinking and has such an effect that you will only scarcely be able to establish the connection with me. But then read my word; receive power out of my word, and you will noticeably feel it that I am close to you. Again and again try to become immersed and to listen in silence to the voice of the heart, and you will win, if you want and your desire for me is mighty. And draw power out of my word before; use the time; do not become lukewarm and indifferent, but believe it that a great danger besets you, that you are shaken up out of the worldly peace and a great world event is preparing itself. Always depend on my help, and you will never call me in vain, because I hear you, you who, as my children, call for the father in your trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4378.


Book 51 4379

Communion. Spiritual meaning. Flesh – blood.

18. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4379.

The perpetual desire for feeding at the table of the Lord secures you his love. And so I again and again invite you to take communion with me, as often as you have a longing for it. My table is always set for all, who hunger and thirst and want to be refreshed, and they will be able to fill themselves with the bread of life, with the manna, which comes from heaven. And every feeding at my table is communion; it is the union with me, without which the presentation of my flesh and my blood – my word with its power – cannot take place. You therefore, you who receive my word, supplied to you directly or through my messengers, you communicate if you receive this my word in the desire for it in your heart. Then my spirit connects itself with the spirit spark in you; then the marriage takes place, the joining together, the spiritual communion. Then I myself hand out the bread of heaven; I give you food and drink; I keep communion with you – you experience the same event as my disciples, for whom I broke the bread and served the wine with the words: Take, eat, this is my flesh, take, drink, this is my blood. Do you now understand what meaning I have put into these words? How unspeakably important is it that you receive communion at my table because my flesh and my blood gives you the power to attain eternal life. You have to be fed with soul food so that your soul matures, so that it secures eternal life – it has to permanently receive power which it can only get directly from me and which I impart to it any time when it connects with me. Then I break the bread and serve it to it, and so it therefore eats my flesh – my word – also the power flows through the blood of it – with which I have blessed my word. A man will never need to hunger and live in want, who carries desire for soul food, who wants to be my guest. I myself come to him and invite him; I stand before the door and knock, and if he opens for me, I go in to him and keep communion with him. I feed him at my table and he will truly be filled and never need to suffer lack. And so everything is to be understood spiritually what I have spoken on earth. I taught my disciples, and they understood me and carried my words further into the world. And because men were taught properly, they understood and lived according to my will, according to my word, in fullest cognition of it. And therefore my church, the assembly of the believers, was at first build up completely in accordance with my idea. But this was then no longer enough for the over-keen representatives of my word; they wanted to stand out towards the world. And so processes, which were just to concern the soul, were made out to be visible to fellow men; external acts were combined with it, which perhaps were at first not to be condemned, because they were carried by the spirit, because men were serious about my will and its fulfilment. But men changed and with them also the nature of my church. What was supposed to be deepest inner experience became outward appearance; the external acts were given special emphasis, and the deep, spiritual meaning got lost – until the simple process of spiritual communion, the union with me and the direct receiving of my word was no longer understood by men, so that they now no longer considered a direct transmission of my word to be possible, although I myself promised them clearly and intelligibly my direct work through the spirit, although I myself – the flesh that became word – pointed out to them the feeding with the bread of life, with the manna, which comes from heaven. Men no longer understand the simple meaning of my word and in their blindness also do not want to accept the simple explanation. But he who wants to hear and understand, he will recognize, and the truth will make sense to him; he will strive for establishing the union with me; he will be my guest, and I will have communion with him and he with me. Amen. B.D.NR. 4379.


Book 51 4380

"Where two or three in my name."

19. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4380.

I am in the midst of my community, i.e. of those who believe in me and are in living touch with me, who have entered this connection with me through works of neighbourly love and therefore receive life awakening power out of me. The spiritual life is meant with it, and therefore I am in the midst of those who come together in spiritual striving. "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." So is my promise – what does it really mean: in my name? When can they assert their entitlement to my presence, because not a certain place guarantees this presence to them, but men must be in a state, which is according to my walk of life on earth; they must take me as an example and therefore live in the succession of Jesus and gather together in this endeavour, to remember me and to fetch power from me in prayer. Then they are therefore connected to me mentally and can now request the same what Jesus has requested, and they will find hearing in every trouble. I myself am close to them, because their striving to follow me attracts me; they have the aim to belong to me, and their walk of life will then be according to my will. They must be completely convinced of my mission; they must see in me the divine redeemer, who walked on earth, but as they must also recognize in Jesus the deity and therefore must call upon him as God. And my name must be holy to them and favourable hearing of their prayer must also always be expected by them for the sake of my name. Men must believe in the power of my name, which gives you the guarantee that I myself am among you, if you voice it believingly and remember me. For the sake of my name I assured you of the fulfilment of every request. Who is deeply believing and expresses my name full of fervour, to him I am present, and therefore I will always be there, where men are together, who have found themselves in faith in me and also want to work together for me and my kingdom. They will never lack power, because my presence always means supply of power for all, who desire power. Amen. B.D. NR. 4380.


Book 51 4381

Divine order. Basic law. Love.

20. Juli 1948. B.D. NR. 4381.

Immerse yourselves in my teaching, and you will recognize that I only have taught that what establishes the eternal divine order, that I only give you men enlightenment about the eternal basic laws, which are not allowed to be violated, if no disorder is to be brought about. Everything what is against it has an effect in decline and in destruction, while there is to be only building up and progress according to my order from eternity and this causes happiness with the entity, which fulfils my law. That is why I set guidelines on earth, because mankind had already so often contravened the divine order that it itself no longer recognized the divine will as well as also the meaning and purpose of the basic laws given by me. I taught men above all the first basic law, love. I taught them that divine order will always be established where love spreads, that never can be sinned against divine order, if love is determining to the wanting, thinking and acting. I taught them further that recognition will also be there where love is, because according to my order wisdom emerges out of love. If now a man makes my teaching his business, he will lead a love life and as a result of it also know about everything, about my plan from eternity, about my original being, about his earth task and purpose and aim of each work of creation. He will know about my will and do everything what I demand, and therefore live in divine order. Spiritual ascent, soul maturity, will be the effect of my teaching, which I gave to men. And that is why it is necessary that my teaching is again and again announced to men, otherwise no spiritual progress is to be recorded among mankind. For that reason my word is also continuously supplied to earth, as soon as the will of man has deformed and confounded my pure teaching, which I preached on earth, with human thoughts, which are not according to truth. Then that disorder enters, which is destructive, and I again and again encourage men to restore order, and impart pure truth to them from above. And if a man has serious will to live in order, he will also pay attention to my word from above and make an effort to live it out – to enter into the state of eternal order and to lead his walk of life according to my will. And he will recognize eternal truth; he will enter into the state of light, because light and wisdom are also absolutely necessary where divine order is spoken of, because light and wisdom trigger happiness, which is the last aim of all that, what lives on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4381.


Book 51 4382

Destination of man. Love towards God. Mutual love.

20. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4382.

It is a high aim, which is set for you men as culmination of your earth life that you win the father’s love for yourselves, i.e., that you feel it, that it floods through you with all power and makes you to happy creatures. To reach this aim is your life assignment, because you yourselves must enter into a state, which makes you worthy of the love of God; although His love belongs to all His creatures and never ever ends, so He can still only then give it to you when you fulfil the conditions, which allow an overflow of the love of God. You must get ready to be containers, which can receive God’s father love in them; you must fashion yourselves to beings, which, as having become love themselves, can unite with eternal love. You must change to creatures, which again adopt their original qualities, beings full of love and power, light and wisdom. These beings are produced out of God’s love power, and His father love belongs to them until all eternity. But the love of God can only have an effect in full return, because love, which is one-sided, will never make happy, but continuously woo for counter love. God will not rest until love is given to Him from the side of His creatures, only then can His love power become effective in man, only then man has won the most beautiful for himself, father love, which continuously gives and continuously makes happy. Who reaches his aim on earth, that he forms himself to a receiving vessel, which holds the outflow of divine love in itself, he is filled with His spirit, which now works as love power in man. The love radiation of God takes on form in His word, which is imparted to men through His spirit, who make themselves worthy of the love of God through a love life. Therefore the highest aim on earth is to reach the state to be able to hear the divine word; this is a proof that God’s love surrounds man, that He expresses it in His word and that therefore every receiver of the divine word also has acquired His love for himself, therefore the aim on earth is reached, which was set for him, and that he can now work as light being already on earth and with his demise enters the spiritual kingdom, as it is his purpose. Amen. B.D. NR. 4382.


Book 51 4383

Presence of God. Love. God’s word.

22. July 1948 B.D. NR. 4383.

My work with you must be proof to you that I am close to you, that you have gained my favour and that I give you a sign, so that you are aware of it. But nothing is without meaning and purpose what happens, but everything is based on deepest wisdom. Therefore also my work with you must be according to a certain purpose. But the purpose must also be clear to you, otherwise you would heedlessly go past my gift of favour, therefore my work would be without success for you. I approach you myself so that you feel my presence; you are allowed to see into my eternal plan of salvation; I inform you about my rule and work; I impart deepest knowledge to you; I constantly instruct you and therefore express my love towards you. I am always prepared for you and express myself, as soon as you desire my love. But you receive this greatest miracle, my gift, which my love offers you, like a matter of course; you therefore certainly hear my word, but do not feel the power, because you are not touched by my love, as it is to be felt by you. Again and again I offer my love to you, but you do not return it in that measure as I demand it; you owe me much love and because of that you will also not feel the happiness of love, but which would be your share, which I would like to prepare for you. And nevertheless I remain close to you, because I do not give you up and seek to win your love. And so you will find me all the time prepared, if you call me; you will receive my word constantly, if you desire it, and you will also be allowed to feel my love, if you give your love to me, if you unite with me through love activity and so therefore pay tribute to me as it were, which I demand – if you offer your heart to me, so that I can take possession of it. Then you will feel the happiness of fulfilled love, and you will become aware of my nearness and it will make you happy, and your desire will increase the more I give to you with the outflow of my love, with my word, which I impart to you constantly, because you need it if you want to become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4383.


Book 51 4384

Research. Truth. Walk of life.

23. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4384.

A research like result can only then be accepted as truth when the researcher himself has entered my will, he therefore puts his thinking, wanting and acting under me, i.e. always asks for my help whatever he tackles. Then the result of his research work can also be accepted unobjectionably, then he has undertaken his research under the assistance of my spirit, and his train of thought is guided right through it. You men can consequently pass judgement for yourselves if you consider this factor and honestly make an effort to stand in truth, so that you can at least condemn rightly what is brought to you by men, who obviously lead a walk of life contradicting my will. Because such men can never ever give truthful enlightenment about still un-researched things. So they will also not be able to teach fellowmen as long as they are unsuitable as teachers, because they are without knowledge themselves. A right walk of life is first precondition so that also his intellect works in the right direction. For that reason a deeply believing man, fulfilling my love command, will be able to solve much easier all problems still unsolved, and his researches will bring results, which can be accepted without hesitation, as also every man will stand in right thinking as soon as his walk of life is the right one before me. This knowledge will make the assessment of human thought material easier for you, which is supplied as truth to you and which you must examine before you accept it. Although sharpest intellect was active, it can have produced error, if the intellect was not combined with love. The intellect can indeed seek to substantiate logically what it represents, nevertheless love will see sharper and discover where the intellect has drawn false conclusion. And for that reason the judgement of a man standing in love must be respected more, and truly wise will be that man, who listens to the voice of the heart, to that, what seems to be acceptable emotionally. Because he will be closer to truth. Again and again it must be emphasised that love and truth cannot be separated from each other, that love is the key to wisdom and that outside of love truth can never be found despite sharpest intellectual activity. But you men must be on your guard that error is not presented to you, when you seek truth and do not go the way to me. Because then you will be blinded through apparently most lucid knowledge, which however as hallucination can never stand a serious examination. But if you want to check, then mind what I tell you – always apply love as standard, and your judgement will be right. Then you can accept without doubt or reject; then you check with me, and I truly give you information and guide your thinking right. Amen. B.D. NR. 4384.


Book 51 4385

Work in the vineyard of the Lord.

23. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4385.

Teach the ignorant; enlighten the erring; help the weak in faith, and build up mine, and you administer your office according to my will; you work the fields of my vineyard. And your activity will not be unsuccessful; everywhere you will be able to lend a hand, because the ground must be cultivated; the weeds must be removed; weak little plants must be straightened up and find a foothold, and also the plants thriving well must be looked after if they are to withstand every storm and please the eyes and hearts of men. But it is important that a good seed is spread on my field, and your Lord will supply you with this, and you are to take no foreign seed on it than only that, which you receive from me for the sowing. Then also at the time of harvest the field will bear good fruit, and the barns will be filled, if my workers are eager for me and look after a good harvest. And so your activity is of greatest importance as the hearts of men are to be made able to receive me, my word, which I want to offer them, which is to take root in their hearts as good seed. But I tell you that I will pay for the work of my servants, as I have promised. The faithful servants, who put themselves at my disposal at the end of this earth period, must gain their faith out of themselves, and that I assess particularly high. To them I reveal my identity in the word, which I supply to them so that they can carry out their work. Who is of good will, he recognizes it as my word, and consequently he will also not act wrongly, when he makes an effort to provide me with good fruit with this my pure seed. Through my word he will be so stimulated for his activity that he has much success. According to my will he cultivates the fields, and where the seed has once penetrated the soil deeply, there the good result will soon be shown, and fruit is gathered at the time of harvest according to your diligence and your work. Amen. B.D. NR. 4385.


Book 51 4386

Power of the word before the end. Trouble.

25. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4386.

Drink out of the spring of life; refresh yourselves with the bread of heaven, and therefore receive the power out of me, which you will urgently need in the coming time. Because it is a great action, with which I introduce the last phase on this earth; it is something so powerful that you must be full of resistance if you want to remain master of the situation. I have set the time for eternity – it is fulfilled. Mankind has reached the spiritual low, which causes the end of this earth, and that is why I prepare you that you experience this end in a state of the soul, which is according to my will and secures you the entrance into the kingdom of light. The few men striving towards me I will protect from spiritual fall; I do not want that they succumb to the hardship of the time, that they doubt me and completely lose their faith through the great misery, if they have no explanation for it. Because no man would become happy, if I did not want not remain in connection with them through my word and impart the knowledge about what is to come. Because unbelief is far greater, and it is already difficult for the believers to withstand in the coming time despite my enlightening word. But my word will give you power any time; you will always find a support with my word, which gives you a foothold, when trouble burdens you severely. My word will be feeding for the soul, and through my word you also have knowledge that you will be helped in every earthly and spiritual need. And in this confidence I want to keep you until the end. Whatever may come, everything will pass quickly; it will be a time full of agitation that you no longer have earthly time estimation, and if you always just keep to my word and constantly draw power from it, the time of the end will bring you no damage to the soul, but you will mature and with increased soul maturity feel the earthly misery less and less, until the end is there, which brings you rescue earthly and spiritually. I always just admonish you to keep up the connection with me, if you want that you do not become weak. Because all power goes out from me; in me you find a loyal helper, a support, which does not leave you, to whom you can entrust yourselves without hesitation and who alone can decrease and avert your trouble and also does it, if you ask him for it believingly. And as soon as you let me talk to you, as soon as you listen to my voice in you or receive my word differently, you will be filled with power and feel my presence, because I myself am in the word with you, and where I am all misery will be bearable. But I will remain with you until the end, as I have promised it to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4386.


Book 51 4387

Personal words.

25. to 27. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4387.

What the spirit announces to you is my word, and this you are to hear. I speak with you any time, if you have spoken before with me in the spirit and in truth. And therefore I do not answer to that what just your mouth speaks, but what you feel and think in the heart, that gets through to me and finds counter expression. And if you now ask me, you will receive my answer mentally. You can now confidently consider your thoughts as coming from me and also take them to heart. I want that you understand everything and do not get into doubt. And so I also want that you know in which relationship you are to stand to each other. I want to give you an advice, which you are to consider seriously, so that you then decide freely. I want that most intimate soul harmony is established between you; I want a pure relationship between you, which is borne by love to one another, a relationship where everyone is prepared to give to the other and every desire is eliminated. I want that you remain in contact, until death separates you, because your earth way is nothing but short. You have aspired to a common aim, and you are also to seek to reach it – the spiritual marriage, which survives everything, which means bond in the spiritual kingdom, which consists of common work and of the same power consciousness. But this bond requires the same degree of maturity and therefore the same light radiation, consequently also the same love and the same knowledge. And for that reason the endeavour of two people, who want to work in the spiritual kingdom together, must be on earth, to make directly possible the supply of light and power, of spiritual knowledge; my spirit must be able to work in them and teach them, i.e., they must receive my word through the voice of the spirit. And it is certain that only through love work you bring the spirit in you to awakening, which now teaches you. Men now, who are connected to each other by true, pure love, open the spirit in them, who is my share, the door of the heart; they prepare themselves to the receiving vessel of my spirit and can be taught persistently. And so also you are destined to cover the way upwards together, because you then, if you live in harmony of the soul, are extremely receptive for the power of the spirit, for my radiation, for my word, which is now directly imparted to you. Who receives my word directly, he must pass it on, and he will do this the more eagerly, the more he is filled with love towards fellowmen. Moreover the word offered in love will find reception there, where again love is aroused. And love is to be nursed, because it is actually already power, therefore growing love also means growing power. (26.7.1948) Your journey of life is nothing but short, and that is the reason that every day is to be used for the mutual work for me and my kingdom. But common work requires also fullest conviction in spiritual questions, in thinking, understanding and assessment of that what is presented to you as truth, through the spirit. But right thinking always presupposes the work of the spirit, and my spirit can again only work there, where love is. Therefore let love never become one-sided, because then the one partner will lack the understanding for spiritual truths, if he stands outside of love. You are to make an effort to show love towards the neighbour out of love towards me; therefore you must practise giving love, making happy, and if it is therefore returned, an exchange of power takes place, which has an effect earthly and spiritually. And this you are to achieve, by you admonishing yourselves one another to love, by you yourselves being intimately attached to you, by the sense of belonging together becoming so strong in you that you no longer can imagine a life without each other. (27.7.1948) Then you experience the greatest miracle on this earth, you hear the sounding word at the same time. Then no separation exists for you any longer; then my spirit works in you constantly, then all doubt is turned down, the truth of my word shines towards you so brightly that you are nothing but filled with it and joyfully work together for me and my kingdom. For that reason you are to devote yourselves completely to my guidance; you are nothing to do willingly differently, than you feel inwardly urged; you are to always let yourselves be guided by your feeling only, because I lay my will into your heart, and the urging of your heart is the expression of my will. If you comply with it, then you submit to my will; if you act against it, then your will is stronger, before which I want to warn you, because my will will always lead to the aim, your own will on the other hand lead away from it or lengthen the way for you so, that you lose time, because it is shortly before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4387.


Book 51 4388

Intimate prayer. God’s help.

28. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4388.

Always rely on my help, if you are in spiritual or earthly need; I am always prepared when you call me. And remain with the thought that I prepare you for the time of your work for me. This thought will be explanation for you in all situations in life, because great demands will be made of you, which you can only fulfil with my help and because of that you must always seek the connection with me. And this you must learn to always turn your thoughts towards me, although you move in the bustle of the world, when incitements of all kind or trouble and oppression approach you. You must learn it to concentrate so that your soul can swing itself aloft for a short time into the spiritual kingdom to again and again fetch power. You must learn it to speak a short intimate prayer at any time, which climbing up out of the heart will always get through to my ears. The earthly world is never allowed to become stronger than the spiritual kingdom, you must educate yourselves for that purpose, if you want to serve me consciously and be active for me. For this reason also temptations of all kind approach you, which you must withstand, which are not allowed to push you away from me. With me you will be able to overcome everything, but without me the world again ties you up to it, and you succumb to it. But who recommends himself to me at any time, he does not need to fear to become a victim of the world, because I hold my protecting father hand over him, and every temptation will just serve him to will strengthening. But I admonish you again and again through my word to seek refuge with me and in the spiritual kingdom, where help is granted you always in earthly and spiritual misery, if you just believe – because my servants on earth I do not leave in trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4388.


Book 51 4389

Power of prayer.

29. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4389.

The power of prayer is used too little, because you men do not stand in right faith and that is why you can test it too little. You can request everything and also achieve everything, if you believe, if you would present your requests to me without doubts and full of trust wait for their fulfilment. Prayer is the bridge to me, which I have built myself for you and which you are allowed to enter any time to reach me. A right prayer, a prayer in spirit and in truth, will always meet with response and not remain unsuccessful, and the strength of your faith guarantees you secure fulfilment, consequently the fulfilment of your requests does not depend on my will, but just on your faith strength, and consequently you are determining yourselves to what extent your prayer is heard. I am telling you again and again that you are to turn to me in all matters, and therefore you can truly have a far easier earth existence, if you would make better use of the power of prayer. But if you say the prayers without thinking, as you are taught many times, you will be able to ask constantly and wait for the fulfilment of your requests in vain. Then your prayer does not reach my ear, because it is not a right prayer; the power of faith is missing. Then I cannot work with my might, because I myself have taught you the right faith; I made it a condition, if your prayers are to be heard. I cannot release you from this condition; I must demand faith in me and my work, otherwise I would myself be disloyal to my law from eternity, otherwise I could also not mention the power of faith. You could achieve everything and just need to make the test, but before you must acquire deep faith, you must be convinced from within that you never do a wrong request, that I can help you and want to help you. And I will fulfil every earthly request for you, if you pray the right way – in faith, that I grant you what does not harm the soul, and you are fully convinced that I only give you that what is useful for you, because I love you. Therefore you must also be capable of renunciation if my love refuses you something – also this attitude must be represented in a right prayer, then your prayer is right, and you can always count on the granting of your requests, because I myself have given you the promise: Ask, and it shall be given you, knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4389.


Book 51 4390

Spiritual retrogression. Sign of the end.

30. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4390.

The spiritual retrogression is recognizable clearer and clearer and must already alone be for you the explanation for the earthly trouble, because it alone is still the means, which could shake up men and cause a change of lifestyle as well as of thinking. Men only still strive for earthly good, and they let matter rule them, instead that it would be the other way round, that they would win in the fight against matter. Again and again I therefore keep the foolishness of their striving before their eyes, by me showing them the transitoriness of the earthly. But the smaller events are of no use; the individual does not change his thinking and ignores his soul life, because he only reckons with earth life and has completely lost his faith in a hereafter. Deeper and deeper mankind declines; more and more shallow faith becomes; rarer and rarer the connection with me, their God and creator from eternity. And this will particularly clearly become evident in a short time. The day of the complete change of living conditions approaches more and more, the day where everything experiences a change, because my will now becomes active in an obvious way. Nothing will men be able to protect what I do not want to protect for them, and powerlessly they will face my might and get into greatest trouble. But the misery is blessed when it only affects man earthly, when his soul is not in danger – when man believes. Then he does not need to fear this earthly trouble; then he can only win despite earthly loss. But for the unbelievers a difficult time sets in, because they will suffer unspeakably through the loss of earthly goods and must give up all hope for recovery. They will have no compensation by spiritual goods, because they do not strive for these, but reject them, if they are offered to them. But this suffering must go over earth; it is inevitable and only the start to the last event, to the complete destruction of the old earth, which all of you will experience, if I do not take you prematurely out of life, as I consider it favourably for your soul. The believer will see and recognize all signs of the end; the unbeliever will go past them; he only sees the earthly misery and its effects upon earthly life and more and more turns away from God. And in the coming time therefore spiritual striving and completely worldly minded men will separate and also this will be so obvious that the awakened man already recognizes thereby the time of the end. With gigantic steps it goes towards the end, and you will experience the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4390.


Book 51 4391

Great trouble. Crossroads. Reprieve.

31. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4391.

Take note of this that a new time begins; a time of privations and tribulations, as the world has not yet experienced before. And you will stand at the crossroad, because two ways you can go; aim of one is a new improved earthly world, which you want and therefore also believe to be able to create – aim of the other is the kingdom outside of earth, which promises you a better life after the death of the body. And only few will go this way, but of which the aim is secure, while the masses flow the way of the earthly, which leads into certain ruin. Believe my words that the time has come, and adapt yourselves already now to give everything and to be satisfied with the simplest lifestyle, because now you still possess much compared to the coming time, where only few keep their possessions, but cannot enjoy them, because it is now taken from them by fellowmen, what I leave to them. No-one wants to hear it that an ascent is just illusory, that you only still live a short time in bearable circumstances, that a great change lies before you, which robs you of all zest for life and will confront you with hard life demands. But it quite certainly comes, because the time is fulfilled. And when my favour before already points it out to you then this just happens for the purpose that you are to free yourselves from earthly desires, that you make no future plans for yourselves, but strive for spiritual goods with increased eagerness, which alone make the coming time bearable for you and will be of use for you. Because with them you can work, when trouble is great and men are in despair. But I cannot turn it away for you, because you men really completely forget your God on the constant pursuit for earthly good. You just think of your body and let the soul live in want, and so I take from you, what you intended to give to the body, and offer you however delicious food for the soul as compensation. If you accept it, so you are rescued for eternity; if you reject it, then body and soul is lost, because you cannot preserve your body out of own strength. But I have decided an end of it and just give you a last reprieve, in which you are to become aware of the seriousness of your situation. And for that reason I constantly point it out to you, until the day will have come, which will change everything. Because what I have announced, fulfils itself, and I send to you men only for that reason seers and prophets, that you become awake and in all seriousness think about your soul, which is in greatest danger. Amen. B.D. NR. 4391.


Book 51 4392

Redeemer. Faith. Freedom of will. Compulsion.

1. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4392.

As long as you do not want to believe, you will also not be able to believe. Every man can fashion his soul life according to his will, i.e., no compulsion is imposed upon his thinking, feeling and wanting, it will never have to move in a certain direction, but man chooses the direction himself. But so that the direction of thought and will chosen by him may correspond with my will and my eternal order, help is granted to him constantly, it is as it were offered to him, so that it is easy for him, to turn to the right direction, if he first of all devotes himself to the ruler of infinity, no matter in which form he acknowledges him, therefore first believes in him. Even without any instruction he can intellectually present to himself the questions regarding his origin, and this question will also be answered mentally for him so that he is turned upon the right track – his thinking will come close to truth, because I myself want it that man stands in truth. And if he himself, as thinking being, as a work of creation of a still to him unknown master, puts his trust in him mentally, he announces the will to truth, and it will become his. Wanting to believe also secures the capability to believe, but man is never to think himself being able of being capable to fathom truth intellectually and to eliminate me and my help then or to completely reject me and to nevertheless stand in truth. If you would be able to prove my existence as also everything what I demand of you to believe, then the act of the free will decision, which is meaning and purpose of your earth life as man, would be invalid, because man must submit to a being ruling everything, because he feels himself inferior to him. Then he is so to speak driven by fear, if he does not resist openly and as a result once again plunges into the depth. But I do not want this decision of man, but he must strive towards me in fullest freedom; he must want that a power is over him, to which he submits voluntarily. Therefore he must well be able to believe, but he is not allowed to be forced to faith, therefore my existence is not allowed to be able to be proven to him. And consequently the whole soul life of a man is left up to him, i.e., thinking, feeling and wanting is not subject to force, but to the direction of the will of man, as a result of which it is now also comprehensible that a fight is waged in the spiritual kingdom about the will of man, by both powers, between whom he is to decide. Because the defection from me came into being through influence of a counter power, but which originally also was the product of my love, fully equipped with everything what marks a divine creature. That and why this being turned away from me, can likewise only be explained to you men metaphorically. But the defection let the being become my opponent, upon whose influence numerous spiritual entities rebelled against me, therefore fell out and out. I woo this defected spiritual with all love, but the opponent wants to extract from me, what I already own again partly. And for that reason a spiritual fight rages persistently, which certainly ends with a complete defeat of my opponent, however also with the relapse of many beings into darkness, because they once again have abused their free will – therefore could also not be forced by my opponent, but have freely decided themselves for him. Men now, who despite their will could not believe, would therefore to be considered as forced beings, as excusable. But compulsion neither takes place from me nor from my opponent, why it is therefore possible for the wanting to believe, but faith is never allowed to be proven. But once man has won faith by virtue of his will, then he will also win the knowledge about truth, which can only be won on the way of faith. Because I as the eternal truth must be acknowledged to be able to hand it out. Men, who doubt my existence, can use their intellect no matter how eagerly, they will draw wrong conclusions and become obsessed with completely erroneous thinking, because they research and ponder without me and are at the mercy of the influence of my opponent, who now uses every opportunity to wage the fight against the light – against truth. Freedom of will is the explanation for everything. Freedom of will is also explanation for the greatest mystery, for the becoming of man in Jesus Christ. That I descended to men, has only the reason that the power of my opponent had become too great, because mankind was too weak, to use their will the right way and to resist him. Compulsion took never place from the side of my opponent, but men were, since they lived without love, which is power in itself, no longer able to give the right direction to their will, because they no longer recognized it. The opponent took advantage of the weakness of will of men and exercised stronger and stronger influence on them. They could have resisted, if they had led a life in love, and that is why an example had to be given to men, what man is able to do, if he increases the power in himself through a life of love and transfers this power on the will. Faith sinks, as soon as the degree of love is a low one; on the other hand doubt rises up as attack signal of the opponent, and soon he overgrows faith and suffocates it. A man therefore must show fellowmen, which life task is set for them and how they can comply with this task – a man must use the will in the right direction and receive the power for it out of love. It is a simple solution, and it is also comprehensible that the products of my love moved me to pity, as creator and father from eternity, that they, certainly out of own will, no longer became free from their tormentor, who abused his power, which he received from me, to shameful work. It must also be comprehensible that I sought a way out for the unfortunate creatures, that a work of mercy met with my approval, which wanted to accomplish love for the unfortunate. I love all my creatures and seek to again win all back. Under compulsion it would be a work of a moment, but I do not apply force for the sake of the perfection of that what has originated with me. For that I let a proof of the right use of will be sufficient for me, which the deep love of one man wanted to supply to me for his fellowmen. I saw the great love of this one man, and for the sake of this great love mercy took the place of justice. I re-routed the power of love as power of will upon weak men, who put their trust in Jesus in their weakness and ask him for help. I therefore regard men who recommend themselves to Jesus as connected to him, as a member of him; I no longer make a separation between these sinful men and Jesus, but I regard them as one whole, whom I forgive the sins for the sake of the great love of Jesus – i.e., from whom I take the weakness of will, to whom I give power for the right use of their will. I help them, to use the will right, but do not force their will through the supply of power. Man must still redeem himself out of the state of defection from me; now he can do this, if he asks Jesus Christ for help, therefore acknowledges him and ask him for the supply of power for the sake of his work of redemption. Only so the work of redemption is to be regarded. Only the love of the man Jesus was decisive, which he expressed through his death on the cross. He further proved to men that death is something that is overcome for a man, who through love was so perfect that he could enter eternal life, that he therefore in reality did not die, but lived in increased light, what he has proven to men through his ascension. I therefore accepted his love, and for the sake of this love I help the debtors to get free of their guilt through the supply of will power, although the complete redemption still is incumbent on man himself that he freely decides for me and strives towards me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4392.


Book 51 4393

Right prayer in spirit and in truth.

3. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4393.

If God does not hear your request, if you find no fulfilment, then you have not prayed right, and you therefore must call once again and present your trouble to him, if you ask for the trouble to be averted. Because you just need to believe that God does not leave you without help, then you will also be helped. It is then always lack of trust; faith is not deep enough, and therefore God does not hear your call, i.e., he does not take notice of it, so that you are to recognize what you lack. Spiritual and earthly misery he will turn away from you if your prayer gets through to him in spirit and in truth, if you speak to him full of trust, like children speak to the father, and you present your trouble to him. If you stand in this right relationship to him, so also the fulfilment of every request is secured for you. But a right child leaves the way of help to the father in the knowledge that his wisdom and love will always do the right for the child, and therefore the request for action to improve matters is enough and man himself does not need to worry in what way help happens. Und so God will also remove the trouble of the soul, if it is permissible, then that need of the soul, that need, which does not concern earthly material things, but the state of the soul, the right application and utilization of spiritual gifts. Feelings and faith troubles are often imposed by God upon man to bring him to spiritual development, and they are therefore a blessing at times, but are likewise averted through intimate prayer, because God never denies his help to that man, who like a child takes his refuge with him. Trustingly devote yourselves to him, and expect believingly the averting of that what presses you, and you will not be disappointed, because God does not let deep faith to be wrecked. Amen. B.D. NR. 4393.


Book 51 4394

Spiritual mission. Truth. Final fight.

4. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4394.

You will be full of wisdom, if you want to be active for me and my kingdom. In that measure, how you use the knowledge, how you teach fellowmen yourselves, so spiritual good will be sent to you, and your knowledge will increase unlimitedly, because I then always work in you and provide you with everything what you need, with spiritual and bodily food, as I have promised you. And then your mission will be recognized by him who just has the will for it, because your wisdom will appear obviously; the treasure of knowledge will be worth of astonishment, which cannot hide its spiritual origin. But if you are going to teach, men are also hungry for spiritual food, because they are in extreme trouble. And they will open their hearts and listen to you, however with different success. To many my word will be explanation for the trouble through the great event, which has upset them; they will be thoughtful and consider my word in the heart. Others again will well listen to it, but doubt or believe it lukewarmly; the trouble certainly moves them to accept it, but they are not hundredfold with the heart with it, but also look at the world, and its goods are more desirable for them. And still others completely disapprove of you; they dismiss every spiritual word, every teaching, which touches spiritual areas; they have lost all faith through the event, because they have never carried it before in the heart, because they just believed outwardly only and this faith was a form faith without all value. And these will speak against you; they will seek to harm you and still accomplish nothing at first, because you are protected from those who acknowledge your knowledge, who have accepted it and felt it to be beneficent. And so your work will be successful in the first time, until then a force comes to power, which will stop the freedom of speech through measures and laws, which are directed against all spiritual. Only then the great trouble will begin, which means the last end. Then a fight will be waged from the side of the world against every believer, against every school of thought, but particularly against you, who spread pure truth. But then I will obviously help you and appear so that you still win many followers and your work can be continued, because then you will be able to prove to fellowmen, which power lies in faith and in love, which an unbelieving and loveless man never has at his disposal. An open separation will take place of believers and unbelievers; two camps will be formed, which fight against each other. My army will be small in number, but strong and full of resistance, because I myself as army commander am always on the side of mine, while the opponent is certainly superior in numbers, but accomplishes nothing against mine, who fight with me and for me. But the last fight must take place, if the separation of spirits is to be carried out before the last day dawns, the day of judgement and of dissolving of the old earth. Who remains loyal to me until then, he will experience my coming in the clouds, but the deserters will certainly live earthly the high life, however will be dragged out in the middle of their frenzy and fall into the bottomless pit, into the deepest abyss, when the end has come. For that reason withstand all temptations and attacks of the world, serve me with all eagerness, let yourselves daily be fed and watered by me with my word, and pass on what you receive from me. And you will be for me right servants on earth in the last time, and your work will always be blessed by me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4394.


Book 51 4395

Different schools of thought. Teaching of Christ.

4. and 5. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4395.

In no school of thought will absolute truth be able to be represented as long as it cannot show the word from above as origin of its teaching, although not everything can be described as error what every movement represents. Those men will always be followers who take it seriously, as soon as they have removed themselves from church organizations and turn towards such school of thought. And that is why the opportunity is also offered to them again and again to come close to truth, because what they have once recognized as such, that they hold on to and are therefore more loyal members of spiritual unions than the followers of the church, who is officially made out to be my institution, but are in the main just mere supporters or form believers, who never desire to penetrate deeper into the eternal-true, into my love teaching, which I describe as nucleus of my church founded by me. Only the word from above is pure truth, and this word also Jesus received and spread on earth, and therefore his teaching was the only true one, and it will remain so until all eternity. Who now preaches the teaching of Christ, is my representative on earth, and he will be able to give information to every school of thought, how far it is in truth and which opinions are erroneous. But in the time of the end the right representatives of my teaching do not need to occupy themselves with other denominations and communities, because all of them will be fought from the side of earthly rulers and also certainly lose their followers. My servants are to just gather the seceded and seek to win them for me and for my kingdom; they are to impart pure truth to them and use every opportunity for the enlightenment of misguided men. (5.8.1948) And I will give them opportunity for that; I will guide them to those who are still to be won, who are still undecided and just need truth to turn to the right track. Truth speaks for itself, and no-one will be able to invalidate it, but where erroneous teachings occurred, there a defection is always to be expected, if a trouble approaches man, a trouble, which they can escape through the laying down of faith. Because in the last time the great trouble will only affect the believers, who want to remain loyal to me and are therefore treated with hostility by the world. The world will demand complete rejection of faith in a God and creator from eternity, who directs the destiny of every man, and who gives up his faith, his trouble will be removed. Who withstands, will have to suffer in an unusual way. But who has the right faith, who stands in truth, which he has received from me myself, he also remains loyal to me, because he knows that the trouble does not last for ever and then gives way to a joyful state in happiness. He knows that the earth experiences its end and with it those men, who give up faith for the sake of the earthly. The truth received from me has imparted that knowledge about the coming to him, and this knowledge gives him power to hold out until the end. Only truth gives power; only who stands in truth, he will hold out, and that is why it is so urgently necessary to supply truth to men, because it alone gives understanding for everything what happens. Who does not have absolute truth, he will become undecided; he will doubt everything and prefer the world with its pleasures to his doubtful knowledge. But I want to give to men pure truth to help them to overcome the last end in the firm belief in me, in my wisdom and love, which wants to prepare a paradise for mine after the destruction of this earth. Who is informed about my plan of salvation from eternity, to him everything will be comprehensible; his view will, always turned towards me, be able to see into the spiritual kingdom, and he will receive power and favour to hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4395.


Book 51 4396

Demonic influence. Bearers of truth.

5. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4396.

The demonic influence will particularly be able to be recognized where the light seems to break through, where truth comes to light, where bearers of truth seek to correct erroneous thinking, where therefore truth is supplied out of God to men through messengers of God, who receive his word directly. As soon as willing listeners are found, the work of the opponent is obvious, because a counter spirit will always arrive and seek to belittle truth through objections; the bearers of truth will always be resisted, may it be through words or through obstacles, which clearly reveal his influence from below. Where truth seems to penetrate, the bearer of truth is opposed with open hostility, and often under the cover of piety the servants of God, his by himself chosen representatives, are marked as blasphemers, to weaken the power of their words. And all love from man to man wanes, although the servants of God make an effort, to carry out their mission in love, and wanting to make man happy with truth. Nevertheless again and again it must be tried to pass on the word of God, the light out of heaven, and to also supply it to those men, who think of standing in the light, who believe to stand in truth, because they accepted what had been offered to them without checking it. It is an unusual task to be supposed to teach men, who themselves are active as teaching workers, and it is still necessary to also give to them knowledge of the work of God on earth in the time of the end. If their will is good, they will not close their mind to a knowledge, which must indisputably be called too deep and thorough to dismiss it as own thought material of a man. And the messengers of God are appointed to give enlightenment in all circles, to knock on all doors and to give light where it is dark. But darkness is spread over the whole earth, and even where it is apparently light, it is just blind lights, which darken the right way and lead astray. That now the light from above is lighted, to illuminate the right way brightly, is very particularly necessary in the last time, because where blind lights are, there many men gather, who seek the right way and cannot find it. There the right leaders must now also stand with their light, which sends its rays far out and breaks through the darkness of the night. That there now always men will arrive who seek to extinguish the light, should not put off the servants of God, because the light out of the heavens cannot completely be extinguished, because God himself protects it. Moreover the demonic powers are always recognizable, because the light from above illuminates everything and also the masks of those who dare to speak against the word of God. But God will give his representatives the power to also take actions against the best speakers; he will enlighten their spirit; He will put the right words into their mouth so that they refute with skill whatever is replied to them. God himself will speak through his servants, but men will always be free to profess their faith in his word. Because although his work is obvious, he does not force men to believe, but lets them have their freedom, but he will always give power to his servants, to work against the demonic powers, so that they cannot exert force, but men decide freely. Amen. B.D. NR. 4396.


Book 51 4397

Fate according to will.

6. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4397.

He who gave you life, he also knows about your will, and he fashions your life according to this will. You therefore have to expect only the fate according to your will, which I recognized from eternity, what however does not exclude that you have to answer for this will, because it is free, and you are not forced to your thinking, wanting and acting. If you are therefore now willing to live to my pleasure, then your life will also give you abundant opportunity to carry out this will; in every life situation you will place me in front of all and always lift up the look to me. And since I know about this will for eternity, your fate is accordingly. My hand will again and again be held out to you, which you just need to seize; you will always feel me near you. The fate of life drives you towards me, and you drift out of free will; you do not resist; I am your aim, and this aim you will reach. But as I also know from eternity about your wrong will, I still do not make it unfree during your earth life. Also now you can make use of it for or against me; again and again fate brings you into situations where you can find me in free will, and compulsion takes place from no side. But that you turn away from me voluntarily and direct your eyes there where I am not, is no influencing by me, but inner inclination from you, for which you must answer. I therefore certainly have knowledge of the direction of your will, nevertheless give you ample opportunity in earth life, to change the will. And so you just make the least preparations and enter my will, I am prepared to help you and to strengthen your will. That I know about the wrong direction of your will, does not give you the right to the assumption, that you now must act according to the wrong will, but so as I have taken from you the reminiscence to the past stages, so I also let no influence be exerted upon you by me and by an effect opposite to my will of – your will is not allowed to be forced in any way, why you still have it easier to live according to my pleasure than your fellowmen. The circumstances, the life situations, will always drive you to right acting. If however your will is stronger, then you also take the responsibility for your acting and thinking; you can therefore never claim of having been forced through fate and my will, because I make it very particularly easy for you, but leave you full freedom. I know the direction of the will of every man and give my love and favour to all equally. But mine, who experience the end, must nevertheless enter my will out of own drive, although they seemingly have to show no resistances. To them the freedom of will is certainly also granted, but the temptations exceedingly strong, which they however withstand, because they strive towards me and have Jesus Christ as support and power contributor, who safely leads them to the destination. Every individual person can therefore reach his destination; whether he wants to reach it, is however up to him, but no-one can claim having to act so as he does it, because this is supposed to be fatefully caused. I loosen all my laws where I seek to win souls, and every soul can freely decide until the entrance into the spiritual kingdom without all compulsion of the will. But that I know about its decision has nothing to do with the free development of man. I certainly help him, but I do not determine him, but he himself determines his degree of maturity and his life in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4397.


Book 51 4398

Workers in the vineyard. False doctrine - truth.

7. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4398.

A far field of activity is at your disposal, which you are to work on in my will, both calculating the number of men as also the false doctrines, which have spread among men. You can therefore look around into every school of thought and everywhere will have to lend a hand to clean the field from weeds next to the new sowing, which is to be spread towards all sides. And you will be able to do it, if you have the firm will to serve me. My spirit will support you; its work will appear so obviously that a mission from above must be recognized also by men, who want to reject you, because your teachings are too plausible, if they are thought over seriously. But it will be a hard work, which requires a strong will, patience and staying power, because every school of thought will confront you with their teaching, and each of them will want to lay claim to truth. The opponents will use their intellect, where alone the heart is able to check. And that is the sign of absolute truth that it must be felt, that it is recognized as truth emotionally, but is then also accepted by the intellect as truth, while a false doctrine emotionally is rejected by a man demanding truth, if he at the same time calls upon the intellect for checking. Man must therefore, to understand that right, not only think something to be possible, but be completely convince inwardly that it is so! If man now approaches an examination seriously, then he will get into doubt as soon as a teaching is not pure truth, while pure truth completely satisfies him and also gives him the certainty to think right. And therefore it is your assignment to shake the thinking of men, to put them into doubt on account of truth of that, which they possess. Against false doctrines can only be fought so that pure truth is held against it and man is prompted to think about the worth or unworthiness of that, which he supports. If you now yourselves stand in truth through the receiving of my direct word from above, you will also have to recognize and denounce every deviation, and the inner conviction will also let you speak convincingly. You will therefore represent what you feel emotionally and can substantiate intellectually, while a false doctrine cannot withstand both examinations. You have to do a great work and cannot do this out of yourselves, because the spiritual darkness has already become too great than that a ray of light penetrates. But you have the light from above of which the rays are bright and penetrating; you work on my behalf, therefore with my support, with my power you carry out the work in my vineyard, and I truly give you all into the hands what you need for the successful work. You are active as my tools; you are my servants, who constantly just need to fetch instructions from me to carry out the work according to my will. Because the field must first be cleaned from weeds, before it can receive good seed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4398.


Book 51 4399

Fullness of favour. Father love unchangeable.

7. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4399.

You stand in the fullness of favour as long as you directly receive my word from me. You cannot evaluate this favour because as man you do not have the right idea of the infinite love, which is expressed in this gift, and you would also on earth not be able to bear the measure of my love, if you would be able to measure the depth. I speak with you – a miracle is performed with you, an obvious revelation of my love, omnipotence and wisdom, also recognizable to men. You men, you who are surrounded by earthly matter, you who can comprehend at all only what is material, you can hold dialogue with the greatest spirit of infinity; you can receive instructions which stick in you, even so you are again completely in the material world – they have become your property; they are spiritual treasures, which never pass. When you now receive my word, the most loyal father love embraces you; it leans towards you; it gives itself to you and makes you unspeakably rich, because to possess my love is the worthiest striving for for my creatures, although they cannot grasp it as men. You hear me, and I am therefore present to you. And so I am with you, you can achieve everything from me. I hear your request, every call, and I will refuse you nothing, because I love you and prove this love to you, by me talking to you, by me myself being present with you in the word. Where is a father, who loves his children and does not fulfil their requests? Where is a child, which is not happy near the father, whose love it possesses? The whole fullness of favour I pour out over my children, so they listen to me and want to receive from me words of love. And I do not leave you; I remain near you always and constantly, because I do not give up my children, but I seek for always more intimate contact, until they are united with me inseparably for ever. The happiness of love is foreign to you, because you cannot bear it on earth. But one thing I want to tell you, that there is nothing more blessed than fulfilled love, love, which gives itself, which does not refuse to give itself and which strives for intimate union. This love I give to you, and although you still do not feel it, so you still possess it, so you receive my word, so you listen attentively, what I speak to you through the voice of the spirit. Then the love of the father embraces you, and it never leaves you, because you have come out of my love, and my love towards you will not decrease in eternity; it will not change; it remains as it was in the beginning, unchanging, and is meant for you until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4399.


Book 51 4400

God’s love. Radiation. God’s word.

8. and 9. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4400.

You are children of my love who got lost to me, who became disloyal to me and gave up their adoption right through this. And as a result you got into trouble, into a trouble, which is to drive you again to me. Because you must do without my love and cannot become happy without my love, because you have forfeited your strength and power and therefore are weak miserable creatures, which need the supply of power. But I nevertheless love you and want to make you again to my children; I want to win you back to let my father love have an effect upon you. And I will not drop my plan, and even if eternal times should pass because of it, because my love towards you is exceedingly great and cannot become smaller for ever. This has to be mentioned before the following, so that you grasp into which situation a man must come sometimes, to again return to me completely. My love has been spurned by that being, which was the product of my love, and consequently I could no longer transfer power onto that being. But without power transference it lacks all cognition; it is without wisdom, without knowledge, and consequently cannot carry out right activity, and therefore it also cannot redeem itself. And it would be banished out of my nearness for ever, because it could not bear my light radiation. (9.8.1948) Everything what now contributes to let my love radiation have an effect on the being, is fixed fatefully, i.e., the whole course of life of man unwinds so that my guidance is always apparent, that therefore man, if he wants, can recognize the steering power, which proves my existence to him. It now can certainly be assumed that the course of life of the individual takes place lawfully, that therefore the individual events and conditions of man repeat themselves naturally and approach the individual in a certain order, that therefore an intervention and directing of a deity can be doubted or is a thought developed by man himself, that a ruler of the universe collaborates. And for that reason a further sign must be offered to man from me, that every doubt is suffocated. Such a sign or speaking proof of my existence is my word, through which I reveal myself to man, which cannot be denied. This sign shows a being able to think, which expresses itself towards its creatures. Once the connection of a creature with its creator is obvious to the former, then the life fate of the individual is also not to be seen as chance, then an unwinding as planned must be far more credible, otherwise all order could be overturned, because where my spirit and my will does not rule, there everything will get into chaos, and therefore also men would soon refrain from all conformity to a law and in a short time sink into chaos; there would be no up and down of life fate, but only a perpetual downward drifting; nothing would dissolve and change, but only get worse, while I as ruler of fate again and again see to it that man after a low also comes again into light heights and again and again can recognize myself, particularly then when he listens to my word and compares this with his earth life course, which now becomes explainable to him in connection with my word and proves my guiding father hand. I want to win you men back again as children of my love; you are to recognize my love towards you, love me back and strive towards me in free will. And that is why you must have the possibility to recognize me and my work, what can always only happen in daily life, but which only then touches you when it does not pass you by monotonously, but also brings you inner blows of every kind. Then you seek a ruler and entrust yourselves to him. Then you seek me, and I let myself be found. And so I win back what was once lost, to then never drop it for ever, because it is closely connected with me and never ever voluntarily separates from me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4400.


Book 51 4401

Fight of darkness against everything full of light.

10. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4401.

Once you have decided in favour of me, then your fate is also sealed, and you will reach the aim. But you must go through trouble and affliction until the end, although every individual can decrease for himself the measure through believing prayer and right attitude towards me. The fight of darkness against light is constantly increasing, and particularly the bearers of truth will be badly oppressed by immature spiritual, which wants to oust truth and spare no means to achieve this. But it is a gift of favour, like my transmission of my word to earth, my direct work and will never ever be able to be hindered by powers of darkness. And therefore every bearer of truth is to let it become clear to him, that he possesses the greatest and strongest weapon against the spiritual hostility, that he has me myself as constant protection at the side and that all hostility is powerless against me and can accomplish nothing. And you have so little trust in me. A firm faith in my help makes you strong and robust; but you are anxious and doubt and as a result become weak in the struggle for life. Hand all suffering over to me; call on me that I help you, that I carry your cross, and wait patiently for my help – and it will become yours. The fight against darkness must be fought through, but victor remains inevitably who fights with me, he only is not allowed to isolate himself from me, otherwise the powers of darkness oppress him too hard and he can lose. He must remain united with me, then the enemies soon give up the fight, because they are not able to fight against me and you as my truth bearers stand obviously under my protection. Stand by me, and I will keep you that you do not fall. Amen. B.D. NR. 4401.


Book 51 4402

Overcoming of matter in free will.

10. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4402.

Whether you let matter rule you or you make yourselves free of it, is alone your free will. Even if matter is taken from you through my will, this still does not mean the severing from it on your part, it only can lead to it. Because you must give up every desire of the heart towards it; you must remain completely untouched or make an effort to no longer feel the thoughts towards matter as painful, but be also able to think full of equanimity about lost goods, only then you have overcome matter. But you must also not seek to win back the lost full of eagerness and forget your actual purpose of life about it. You are certainly not refused to work earthly and to utilize your earthly work; you are to be active and make use of it for useful things, therefore you are to help it and the spiritual in it to get ascent development, but never is your striving for it allowed to put aside the spiritual striving or make it completely impossible. Because then you are still standing under the spell of matter; then it rules you, and in eternal times you do not get away from it. Because it will also pursue you into eternity; also after the death of the body you will still desire it with all senses and have to lead an agonizing life in the hereafter, because the desire for matter fills you all the time and you are now controlled by pretence goods, what means a state of torment for you; you will never see the desire granted and lose the state of torment not sooner until you yourselves miss out the desire to possess earthly goods. The becoming free of matter on earth is so worth striving for, because it allows an entry completely free from care into the spiritual kingdom, because in the same measure as you hand out earthly goods, therefore lose yourselves from it in the heart, you receive spiritual goods, which are far more valuable and make your entry into the opposite kingdom to a state of happiness. And I want to help you to it by me taking from you what you would hardly give voluntarily; I want to free you from matter, but it is always your free will, and you can always also abuse it and again eagerly strive for increase or winning back that what has gone lost for you. Then my will has been in vain, and matter controls you. But what you do not achieve on earth, will still cause you far greater difficulties in the spiritual kingdom, but you must overcome them once, if you want to become happy, it can just last eternal times, because in the spiritual kingdom such means of help are not at your disposal as on earth, and a quite strong will belongs to it, which you rarely will muster in the spiritual kingdom, why you do not rule matter, but matter rules you and makes you unable for ascent development, if help is not granted to you through prayer out of a loving hearts. Amen. B.D. NR. 4402.


Book 51 4403

Standard of neighbourly love: Self-love.

12. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4403.

What you want to receive, what you wish that it is given to you, that you must also give to your neighbour, if he asks you for it. This is that neighbourly love, which is allotted according to the love towards yourselves. If you give from abundance and with it you do not have the need to make fellowmen happy, then this is also no neighbourly love according to my will. The feeling of love must always drive you to your acting and that is why I have given to you the standard of self-love as comparison, because also as you give, is determining for the degree of neighbourly love. So as you wish, that it is given to you, so you are also to hand out, if you want to find favour before my eyes. And so you are therefore sparing of proofs of love, so you always just want to receive yourselves and never satisfy the desire of the fellowman, you do not fulfil my command, which demands love and then you also cannot receive, what goes out from me as proof of my love – you can never receive my word directly, and if it is offered to you from worthy representatives of my teaching, you will accept it without the intellect; you will certainly listen to it, but it will not get through towards the heart, because the spirit in you is not awakened as the result of unselfish love activity. And so I tell you again and again, observe yourselves; practise love and sharp criticism of yourselves, in which degree of love you stand towards the neighbour, and then put your self-love back and sacrifice – give that what you love and from which you do not like to separate. And if your heart tears itself away from that, what you would like to keep, and love drives you, to do without it, then you have progressed already far in development, because then the spirit is active in you, which introduces you to all wisdom. And you will receive, if you hand out, spiritual and also earthly good; but who is sparing of and let his fellowmen live in want, although he has the possibility to make them happy through love work, he will also come away empty-handed, because he does not fulfil my command, on which I also make the measure of my gift of favour depending, because my word says: "As you measure out, so it will be measured out to you." Amen. B.D. NR. 4403.


Book 51 4404

Work of the servants of God. Continue to carry the light.

14. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4404.

I have chosen you to my servants, and therefore you are to administer your service loyally and do everything what is incumbent on you in spiritual work. And so you now have the assignment to spread my word; you are not to be timid, but always speak in my name, in my place, where it is feasible. Because the world wants to be conquered; the spiritual kingdom must be brought to men’s notice, because they themselves no longer know it, where and how it is to be found. Everywhere are men who desire truth; everywhere are men who live in love and who want to get in contact with me, only through inadequate faith and inadequate cognition do not do the most simple – to listen inwards or to recognize my word in thoughts. They wait and hope that truth is supplied to them, therefore you, my servants, must carry it to them and therefore speak, where opportunity presents itself. It will never be unnecessary; you will always be able to give and win listeners; every word which you impart to them from me, will broaden his knowledge and mean light for him. And if he is only seeking truth, he will find truth, because the word itself will speak to him. But who rejects, he does it on his own responsibility – to him pure truth will not immediately be offered again, if he spurns my gift and does not listen to you. Spiritual darkness is great, and who is of good will, seeks to come out of darkness and follows the weakest ray of light, which breaks through darkness now and then and touches him beneficently. And around him it will soon be light until the sun of the spirit rises brightly and he has escaped the night. You, my servants, will therefore often have to bring the light into darkness; opportunity is often offered to you for the work for me and my kingdom, you are just not allowed to become lukewarm and indifferent and put the world above my kingdom. Your work will only then start in full extent when men are shaken up from their sleep through my voice from above, through my expression through the elements of nature, as a result of which I soon will reveal my identity to all doubters and also to the believers, so that they increase in strength of faith. Then you will have easy speak, because then you are not opposed with so much repulsion; they will listen and consider your words, because their souls are frightened and receptive for every word, which is sent to them from me through you. Then I need many workers for my vineyard; I need you, so that you work on the field and sow my seed, so that I then can hold harvest on the day of judgement. But also already before you must be eagerly active, to win men, who join you in the difficult time before the end and are likewise active in my name. Because the field will be large, which you have to till, and so that a good harvest is prepared, still many workers must be hired, which you are to help through the spreading of pure truth in my name. May the work also often seem to be unsuccessful, it is not done in vain, because the coming time sees by itself to it that all words come into the memory to men and they seriously express their opinion on it. There still seems to be peace in the world, a state, where men only seek to acquire earthly matter and goods and have a low opinion of spiritual goods. But soon the cognition will come to them how fleeting and worthless earthly good is. And they will pay more attention to the spiritual, and because of this time you must already now be active ceaselessly in my name, and your work will be blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4404.


Book 51 4405

Material and spiritual creations. Activity of the inhabitants.

14. and 15. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4405.

The visible world holds the unredeemed spiritual and consequently has to show material creations in which the spiritual is to mature. The material world is therefore necessary as long as there must be a form, which serves the spiritual as envelopment, which it is to feel as constraint, because the urge, to get rid of this form is occasion to an activity and this again necessary to mature. The entity in the form serves through this activity according to its destiny and develops through the serving, even so in the mandatory state, slowly upwards. If the entity would not be bound in a form, it would remain inactive, because it is still in resistance against God and as a result is weak, while as living being, which necessitates the outer form, it also receives the live power supplied, which makes being active possible for it. That is why a constant change is noticeable in the material world, because activity always means a change of that, which is to be mentioned as matter. Evident is this perception in the stage as man, where a perpetual activity is condition, if the bodily life of a man is to be preserved. A state without activity is already a state of death, although the body can still be called living, but inactivity is a sign of unused power, which is then completely taken away from man, because an inactive life contravenes the divine order and must have an effect accordingly. Only through activity an ascent development can take place, but it is purpose and aim of earth life, both for man as well as for the whole earthly creation, in which the spiritual must occupy itself helpingly. (15.8.1948) And so earthly creations will exist, as long as spiritual still must be redeemed, what takes up eternities. Every earthly creation is only the likeness of a spiritual work of creation; it is that form, that the spiritual can see in its weak degree of cognition, while the pure spiritual can only be seen by that being, which is mature, which stands in cognition, in the light and can see all spiritual as with bodily eyes. These creations are far more marvellous to be seen; they are of diversity and fashioning, which can find no comparison on earth. The seeing man can enjoy constantly and is then himself in a consciousness of power, which urges him to a creating and fashioning activity. Spiritual creations also need no space and are consequently also unlimited in their extent. "What the eye of no man has ever seen and the ear of no man has ever heard, I have prepared for those who love me." This promise fulfils itself with the looking at those creations, which testify to the unsuspected love and wisdom of God and are accessible to every being standing in the light. Since they are pure light creations, they also radiate light in the direction of all sides and are consequently light sources, which illuminate the cosmos, although the creations themselves are not visible. But the light radiation manifests itself and gets into the universe, to take its way to lightless, material creations, to therefore become visible as spiritual to the beings, which certainly need light, but still cannot produce such themselves as light bearers, that is, can receive a direct light radiation out of the spiritual kingdom. Creations, which are shining, are to be seen as spiritual creations, therefore not consisting of earthly material substances, but visible to only him, who is able to see spiritually, while an imperfect being can only see that light, which these spiritual creations radiate. Spiritual creations can also become form, as soon as they come into an area of judged matter, when therefore a new creation is to be formed through God’s will, which again must hold judged spiritual, and these creations are put into the cosmos by the light beings as own idea, but according to divine will. Because matter is spiritual, having become form, which is always somewhere first compressed, but is originally spiritual, therefore power out of God. At which moment now the spiritual assumes form, therefore matter is formed, that is beyond the knowledge of that being, which, as embodied man, lives in the midst of the material creation and whose knowledge corresponds to its degree of maturity. Only as light being it grasps the process of the originating of matter, if it simultaneously also has knowledge of the spiritual creations and can itself be active creatively and fashionably. Then many questions are solved and answered for it, which he could solve as man, and there will be no end of his praising the eternal creator. Amen. B.D. NR. 4405.


Book 51 4406

"And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

16. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4406.

"And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." But all forces of the underworld will storm against you, you who want to spread my teaching. But then you will be certain of my protection, and my power will be at your disposal; you will be able to speak and testify about me, and my spirit work will appear obviously. But the fight of light against darkness increases in the last time before the end, and where a light shines, the powers of darkness seek to extinguish it; where truth is, the prince of the lie comes and seeks to drive out truth. And my messengers on earth must stand firm; they are not allowed to let themselves by frightened, because I, the light from eternity, stand behind them, and I will not tolerate that the vessels of my spirit are made unsuitable for the reception of that, what as power radiation from me is to be supplied to men in their great spiritual trouble. And every way is prescribed for you; every step is according to my will, because you have placed yourselves in my service in free will and consequently I can now transfer my will upon you, so that you carry out only that what I tell you to do and for which you feel driven inwardly. So you therefore are to speak for me, so you are to supply my word to men, you will always only act as I feed it in to you, and you can therefore set your mind at rest, even so the world, i.e. the representatives of error, wants to take action against you or strongly besiege you with counter speeches. You speak for me and in my name, and so that what you speak will also have power and have a convincing effect there where the will for truth still exists. But the others are representatives of the prince of the lie, and they will not succeed to silence you, as long as I speak through you. Because you are the representatives of my church, which I have founded myself and which is only built up on deep faith and a love life. But it will not be able to be overpowered by the gates of hell, although it also appears as if they have superior strength. Numerically well, because mankind stands under their spell; men no longer stand in truth, because they no longer stand in love. And therefore they follow those, who serve the prince of the underworld, and they close eyes and ears to the light, which is offered to them through my representatives on earth. But I will gain the final victory, and sink into darkness, who have shunned the light, because darkness appealed more to them. But you are to always be mindful of that, that I protect whom I have chosen as my representatives for myself, and that you are therefore to speak freely and openly, as the truth supplied by me to you requires. Amen. B.D. NR. 4406.


Book 51 4407

My kingdom is not of this world.

17. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4407.

To you, my faithful, I shout: Avoid the world, because it is a danger for you; consider that my kingdom is not of this world, that my kingdom has nothing to do with this world. But mankind stands under the spell of the world, and seeks to destroy me and my kingdom, but it will not succeed, because where my spirit works, where my true church is, there the world has already lost its attraction. The followers of my church just seek me and no longer do let themselves be captivated by splendour and shine, which is the mark of this world. For this reason I want to announce to you that all striving for outer splendour, all building up of material works, which are supposed to be dedicated to me, are useless, because I myself intervene again destructively, because mankind no longer recognizes me, but is supposed to recognize my hand, which gives a clear sign of my will. But you are to make yourselves free of all external appearance, if you want to be right servants for me; you are to strive for my kingdom only; you are not allowed to be tempted to consider your knowledge as implausible through objections of those who still stand in the midst of the world; you are to seek me alone and let yourselves be taught by me and reject and drop everything what still stands in connection with the world. If you want to fight for me and my kingdom, then you must see in my word everything, and you will need no outer form, no visible acts of the world; you just need to connect with me in thoughts, accept my word and carry it forth in love to those who are of the same spirit as you or who are still to be won for me, who have no pleasure in splendour, who are inwardly and who seek. To them I bring knowledge of my kingdom, which is not of this world; to them I tell the Gospel, because you will be successful with them. But who turns the look to a conduct, which obviously bears pagan character he is not candidate of my kingdom, if he still attaches the smallest value to this conduct. I am not in the world; I am not in splendour, but I dwell there, where the world is not respected, where a believing heart keeps itself prepared for the receiving of me myself and this heart I capture; I take possession of it and never ever leave it. And for that reason also you, my servants, are to avoid all outer shine; you are to only withdraw yourselves into silence and establish contact with me, and my kingdom will be with you; I myself come to you in the word, and great blessings will arise out of every connection with me. My kingdom is not of this world – recall these words, and you will know, what you have to think of events, which obviously have a worldly character and therefore must be condemned by those who belong to my true church, the church, which I myself have founded and which alone will remain existing until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4407.


Book 51 4408

No man can serve two masters.

18. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4408.

No man can serve two masters. Who wants to get in contact with me, will never be able to turn the eyes to the world, because I am only to be found outside of the world, and if I am to let myself be found, then the desire for the world must be put back; it must remain completely unnoticed, because the world belongs to my opponent; it is his area, where he rules. And his endeavour is truly not to guide men to me through the world, but he seeks to displace me; he constantly seeks to put the world in the foreground, so that I am to be forgotten. Who now among you is serious about ascent development, he can’t impossibly still pay to the world its tribute – he indeed still stands in the middle of the world, which makes great demands on him, to which he must comply, but a difference has really to be made between fulfilled duty and own world desire. Former is completely according to my will, because earthly tasks are set for you, but next to it you can completely fulfil your spiritual assignment, the maturation of your soul, if the desire for the world does not predominate, which consists in that respect, that earthly pleasures and desires predominate the desire for spiritual goods, so that man forgets me above all this, indeed the thought of me is uncomfortable for him and he therefore rejects me. Who strives for creating for himself, i.e. his body, an over-large sense of well-being, may it be through fulfilment of bodily desires, senses and flesh pleasure or also through accumulation of material goods and does not think of the neighbour then, who therefore only strives for himself, he is captured by the world; he is a willing tool of my opponent, and he will never find the way to me, if he does not give up the desire for the earthly world, internalizes himself and strives for spiritual goods. Both together is not possible, because then he serves two masters and will perform no duty right. When you seek me, also your look must be directed towards heaven, because I am up, not down. But down is, where my opponent has his kingdom, where you still dwell according to the body, but your soul can any time swing upwards into my kingdom, towards me. But if the body is still in the kingdom of my opponent, then the soul, your thinking, feeling and wanting, can still always rise to spheres, which lie outside of earth, and that I demand of him, who wants to find me, who wants to serve me and therefore be mine. The spirit spark in him then connects with the father spirit from eternity, because so he strives in all seriousness towards me, also his heart is filled with love, which has nothing in common with world love. And this love will express itself towards the neighbour, and then man already contacts me – he renounces that, what belongs to the world; he gives and so serves the neighbour and, because I have enacted this command, also me as his Lord. But world love is a form of self-love, that love, which man is to fight, if he wants to become happy. Therefore he must also fight love towards the world and seek to fulfil the wishes of the soul, which, driven by the spirit in it, will affect spiritual goods and express love towards me. For I alone am Lord, whom you are to serve, if you want to become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4408.


Book 51 4409

Without God no truth. Enlightenment of the spirit.

18. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4409.

The deepest truth remains hidden, if you do not receive it from me. What can men perhaps teach you, what can you perhaps receive of knowledge from them, if you exclude me, therefore do not ask me before for brightness of the spirit, which guarantees you at the same time the power of judgement. Because if knowledge if offered to you from fellowmen, you must first ask yourselves, which origin this knowledge has, and then check yourselves, whether it perhaps withstands your criticism. But all examination must have been preceded by my call, otherwise you just check with the intellect and you then hardly recognize truth. But I must admonish you explicitly, to call upon me in the spirit and in truth. You men do not realize, what this expression means. You speak with the lips or also in thoughts, but you heart is not with it, and such a call does not touch my ear. But so your heart is with it, then you really speak with me, like a child speaks with the father. Then every word of yours is life, and then I hear you, because it is my spirit, which speaks to the father spirit and through which I answer my child, and truly so that it is comprehensible to it. Therefore I can then also impart the deepest wisdoms, because you are able to grasp them, because my spirit works in you. I want to teach you and impart knowledge to you in all fullness, which makes you happy already on earth. I want to lighten a light in you, of which rays you feel beneficently. But you can never ever receive such from men, unless the same knowledge is imparted to you through my messengers, which are active on earth on my behalf. But these I bring to you as confirmation of what you receive mentally through the call for enlightenment of the spirit. Because also they are taught by my spirit, and what comes from me, must always be and remain the same, and it will also always be recognized as the word of the father, which has the same origin. Who is therefore taught by me, he will truly be wise and can teach the other people, even so they stand earthly in high knowledge. Spiritual knowledge can only that man possess, whom I myself teach directly or indirectly; spiritual knowledge starts from me and flows towards those who as my children strive for the love of the father, which is now expressed in the form of my word. And so spiritual knowledge can only be received through my word, why men stand in fullest truth, to whom I can supply my word through the inner voice. They will carry my word further, and nevertheless also now again the call must take place in spirit and in truth, if man wants to recognize the offered word as radiation of myself, and consequently, where my word is received, will wisdom be found, knowledge, which makes happy in its depth and which still becomes fully comprehensible for all, who strive for truth and full of faith entrust themselves to my guidance. But the knowledge brought from the outside to man must completely agree with the directly offered word, otherwise it must be rejected as error from those who strive for truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4409.


Book 51 4410

Inner voice.

19. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4410.

If you believe, you will also be able to hear my voice in your heart. But one thing must be noticed, that it sounds so fine and gently, that you must listen quite attentively, what requires an intimate burying and complete termination from the world. Who waits on it that I express myself loud audibly, he will be disappointed, so he waits in vain. And he could still hear me, because I am always prepared to speak to my children on earth. And I always reveal myself, if I am asked about it in prayer. Who is able to pray intimately and to hold dialogue with me, he is also able to hear my voice because it is a continuous dialogue with me, which he now holds, if he gets absorbed in everything what he desires to hear. I know mine, and who wants to speak with me, he belongs to mine, if the heart drives him to this. But mine are to be taught right, for that reason I give them answer to their questions myself, which they ask the spiritual world. And if it is necessary that you get information about it, I announce it to you, and it will stand before your eyes crystal clear. But how many questions are sent up to me, which I would like to answer and also do it, but which are not understood, because the questioner does not pay attention to his thoughts, which circle around him and which he would just have to accept. But such questioners are often erratic; they do not listen into their hearts, and can therefore also not hear my voice. Then I can only give them answer through my messengers; I can let impart to them the same, what my messengers have heard. But you men are to try again and again to hear me directly, by you praying intimately for enlightenment of the spirit and entrust yourselves mentally to me, so that I not absolutely audible need to announce myself to you, but your thoughts are right and you therefore could feel yourselves enlightened if you show attention to your thoughts and grasp them as my answer, what they then also really are, if you would just believe. Amen. B.D. NR. 4410.


Book 51 4411

Fight with the sword of the mouth. Help of God.

20. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4411.

My spirit will be above you, if you will testify for me and my kingdom. For that reason fear no spiritual debate, which is held with you from earthly minded people, but firmly believe that it is not you who speaks but that I myself speak through you, because it is necessary that men are taught in a way, that they are to begin to wonder. The fight with the sword of the mouth will be conducted victoriously by mine, because I am with them myself and no-one can resist me. But it is always still up to men, to acknowledge me and my work, and so it is also my plan from eternity, that my Gospel certainly finds entrance everywhere to men, but it is still free will of the individual, whether they want to become my followers through the Gospel. Truth comes from above, and it is also recognized as mission from above, and so men are truly offered the pure Gospel, which they could accept without thinking and also will do it, so they have the right attitude towards me and in prayer always ask for my advice and help. Then truth is acceptable; they will seek spiritual debates and fetch again and again enlightenment, where it is still dark in them. I offer to all the bread of heaven; who accepts it as food for the soul, he will get healthy and draw power; his soul will mature, increase in recognition and completely turn away from the world, because his foot has already entered the kingdom, which is his true home, which is far more desirable to him than this world. My work is for him too obvious; he believes all my revelations and constantly increases in wisdom and power. Amen. B.D. NR. 4411.


Book 51 4412

Fire of love. Divine.

20. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4412.

The fire of love cannot be extinguished, once it has seized the heart, because love can touch man in manifold shaping (manifold degree). Love is an eternal fire, which ignites without any cause, because it is the original power, which let everything come into being and sustains everything. Therefore a little spark of this original divine power glows in every man, which can light to a gigantic great flame according to the will of man, but as it also can be suffocated or take upon another form in so far, as that the love in man develops to a degeneration, which has no longer anything divine in it – that it just becomes self-love, therefore is a spark, which just glows, but does not go up in flames, which consumes with its passion that what comes near it. A right fire will have an exceedingly beneficent effect and radiate enlivening warmth; it will shine in a far surrounding area and brighten the darkness of the night. And therefore also right love will enliven every man who is touched by it. Because right love is no self-love, which just seeks to satisfy itself, but it communicates with fellowman; it is like a jet of fire, which consumes what comes near it. And it will not be able to be suffocated, but flare up brighter and brighter, because it is something divine, that does not decrease, but always increases. For that reason right love cannot decrease, and no matter if eternities go by, it remains unchanged, and as soon as it has once seized an object, it will never give it up. For that reason do not fight against this most holy feeling; let the flame flare up higher and higher in you; give it always new food and know, that love is at the same time a fire of purification, which removes all slag from the soul. The love flame seeks to unite with eternal love and therefore to consume every obstacle, what separates it from the eternal fire. And you are to constantly give food to love in you; you are to open your hearts and grant admission to the flame of love; you are to seek not to suffocate the smallest little flame, but let yourselves be seized by it and your heart glow through, because it is the divine, which is to be ignited in you through your will. But who has love, he is also close to God, therefore you are not to fight against this feeling, which marks you to divine beings and which is to fill you completely, if you want to blend yourselves into one eternal love. You must become love, only then the unity with God can take place, who himself is eternal love. Only then you have reached the aim; you have changed to love and have therefore again entered your original state, as it is your destination. Amen. B.D. NR. 4412.


Book 51 4413

Do not hide before me.

22. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4413.

Do not hide before me, because I will at any time know to find you. Nobody will be able to flee from me, because my arm reaches far, and my eye sees sharply; but I want that you do not fear me, but trust me that you openly confess where you stand, to be able to stand helpfully by you in times of need. Because I am a God of love, not a God of anger. But who fears me and hides before me, he has not yet recognized me. But who hides from me? Everyone who believes to be able to deceive me, who does not approach me in fullest truth, who speaks and acts differently than he thinks, who wants to shine before me as my child and still turns his eye towards the world. For he hides his true face under a mask. But I know him and just want to warn him, so that he drops the mask and turns towards me with an open eye, asking for help that he remains truthful. Do not hide your face before me, you, who believe in me, but do not desire to hear me myself, but you who accept the evidence of my love, you who do not reject me, but also do not seriously strive for me. Are you not afraid that I find you and uncover what you want to hide before me, although I am a God of love and not a God of anger? Do you not fear truth, which once comes to light? Why do you hide and do not openly confess me? Since I obviously really speak with you? You hide behind walls, which are to describe my kingdom; but you do not seek me behind them, because you know that I am outside. What do you seek? Is the wall to just hide you before me? My look penetrates it, and therefore I still see you, and I want to lure you out of the hiding place, because I want that you come to me, that you confess me before those who likewise keep themselves hidden. I want to bless who approach me with raised head, who do not fear the world and do not fear me as God, but love me and for that reason come full of trust near me. I want to bless who acknowledge only me as law giver and put no power of earth above me; I will bless who desire to hear me and to whom I can express myself in direct form. But those who hide, I do not notice, but I know where they keep hiding themselves, and so they are also to know that they cannot deceive me, that I see through all walls and know of every hiding place – that I do not let myself being deceived, because I see into the hearts of men and do not notice that what the mouth speaks. But who understands me, may he let these words go to the heart, because my love lets them come to those who need them – because I want to lose no-one, but win all, who believe in me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4413.


Book 51 4414

Earthly care unnecessary. God’s father love.

22. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4414.

Why do you worry about your earthly life, which I have shaped for each one of you for eternity? Not the least of it you are able to change, because my will has determined it, as my wisdom has deemed it good for you, and so, as it comes over you, so it is good for you. For that reason go your course on earth carefree, because every day goes according to my will, and every event is planned for eternity. But with this it is not said that you are to be idle and are allowed to neglect your earth assignment, because also this belongs to the fate determined for you, and every activity has blessings. But do not worry about the outcome of what you do; and so you are also allowed to burden me with every burden, which I willingly bear for you; you are allowed to entrust every wish to me, you are allowed to express all doubts, everything that presses you I will take from you and you are to go your earth way quietly and happily, because no matter what may come, I know about every event and have so predetermined it, and what I do, is truly right. All worry is unnecessary as soon as you once have devoted yourselves to me, so you recommend yourselves to me and my favour. Then I, as your father, take over all worry for you, my children. But for your soul you must care for yourselves. I cannot take this care from you; I can only advise you and offer you all opportunity, which you are to utilize for the salvation of your soul. But the more you make this your business, the less you need to worry about the well-being of your body, because I take this over, as I have promised it to you. And on that you are also to recognize the truth of my word, that I cover all needs, which you will have as my children, because as such your needs are also little, while the children of the world demand a great deal, which I must deny you for the sake of yourselves. But I do not let my children live in want, because they are to always recognize the love of their father in heaven; they are to become trustful in the knowledge of my love, and their faith is to reach that strength, that I can give them everything what they ask, for the sake of their deep faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 4414.


Book 51 4415

Spiritual work more necessary than earthly. God’s care.

23. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4415.

To create lasting values for eternity is by far better than all earthly activity, unless that these works exist in unselfish neighbourly love, which follow the soul into eternity. Who now has been entrusted with a spiritual task, this is to precede all his others and he is to be constantly active for God and his kingdom. Again and again you are told how exceedingly urgent the spiritual collaboration is needed in the time of the end; again and again the great spiritual need is pointed out to you, the remedy of which necessitates your work, and again and again admonitions are sent to you, not to become lukewarm and indifferent in the service for the Lord. And you must strictly keep to his word and work eagerly for his kingdom. A time will come, where all earthly activity will be impossible for you, because you must bring all power into action to spread his word, and you will also then be able to survive, because God knows all your needs and provide for you, if you are active for him. It is his will that much preliminary work is done as long as the actual spiritual activity cannot yet be carried out. And this preliminary work consists of eager spreading of what is sent to you from above as his word. Work eagerly, miss no opportunity; speak where it is possible, and seek to announce in writing his extraordinary work with you for the wellbeing of mankind. And you can be sure of the divine blessing; he will not leave you in need; he will help you also earthly and take every worry from you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4415.


Book 51 4416

Words of Love are Signs of the Work of the Spirit.

23. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4416.

The work of my Spirit is always recognizable by me talking in love to my creatures, that I well admonish them and have warnings sent to them but always in words out of which my love speaks which is why also my creatures, my children on earth, are to come trustingly to me when they have a request for me. The work of my spirit will therefore never be able to be regarded as the work of Satan by those who do not want to believe that I make myself known to the children on earth. Because Satan puts well a mask on, he hides behind lies and misleading speeches that are to feign piety but love never speaks out of his behaviour and also not out of the words that men speak who are influenced by him. Moreover he is not able to make himself known in a way that shows supernatural work. With men in fact that are in bondage to him he will also be able to do unusual work and carry out signs and miracles but always for the purpose to fight God and it is far too noticeable what power he uses. The affiliation of a man to him will clearly come to light by the life that he leads because this completely contradicts my will. But where my spirit works there also earnest striving for me is apparent and the reason my words of love can only sound is because love is practised, but love belongs to me and is never the weapon of my enemy. My spirit therefore works as long as love is practised and love is taught and this work also guarantees my presence. But love will always enliven my word, it will be allowed to be considered to be the climax, it will therefore certify myself and therefore also me as author of that what is revealed to men through my spirit. And therefore you can believe every prophet and consider him to be my servant who urges you to love, who imparts love teaching to you as having received it from me. And you men need to have no doubt at all about the truth of my word; you can show belief and trust for those who speak for me because they do it on behalf of me driven by the voice of the spirit that is the expression of my love from eternity. Therefore do not deny him the work of the spirit who hears my voice and can reproduce the words but believe that he has the assignment from me to teach the fellow humans, that he will be qualified by me for it by him being trained for a teaching activity and that he only reproduces what will be imparted to him through the voice of the spirit that is my voice. And you are to listen to him and believe that he speaks in my stead because he is only the organ that is enabled through his will and his life of love that I can express myself through him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4416.


Book 51 4417

Favour and love allocations.

24. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4417.

All are partaking of my love and favour who do not turn away from me. I truly have no other aim than to make happy who emerged out of me and have deserted me before eternal times. Who puts up with my help, he will also become happy. An excessive amount of favour is available to the deserter, and my never ending love constantly supplies him with this treasure of favour. What you once were, you can become again, and your former destiny also remains the last aim. Like me you are to be active creating and fashioning in highest bliss, in possession of my love power and in constant connection with me. For this high aim you walk through this earth, because the distance to me is still too wide; but you can decrease it, if you have the will for it, because this will is free. You can achieve everything, if you want it yourselves; every help is granted to you; all means of help are at your disposal, but wanting you must yourselves, and the reaching of the aim depends on your will. To now stimulate this your will to the right activity, my word is supplied to you and this is a favour of highest value, because through my word my will is announced to you; through my word you are taught about the effect of the right or wrong applied will. Through my word you increase in knowledge, and you can now conduct your walk of life according to your own discretion. And therefore the supply of my word is a favour, which expresses for you my deep love towards you and enables you to reach your destination. But it again only depends on your will whether you accept or reject my word. The acceptance of my word also guarantees you the reaching of the destination, but if you reject, then there is no possibility to reach the destination, because then you lack everything – favour, love and power. If you do not listen to me, then I also turn away my face from you, although I do not drop you completely, but then one redemption period is not enough for you, one earth life does not shape you to candidates of my kingdom. Then you still must walk through earth endless times in all forms, and your redemption out of form will require eternities, because you do not have the will for it yourselves, to let yourselves be helped, and I never force the will, because you have been free creatures, and as free creatures you must again cover the way to me, if you want to become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4417.


Book 51 4418

God’s care for his servants.

25. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4418.

He who has taken you into his service, he also determines your ways, and his guidance you are allowed to entrust yourselves safely. And that is why you do not have to worry at all about your future; you need to make no plans and take no precautions, which concern your earthly life, but you can always rely on the help of him, who you want to serve. A looking after from your side is completely unnecessary, because you do not know what comes; but he knows it, and he ordains everything good and right. And so he will also allocate to you your mission and care for, that you are free earthly, that everything is so far arranged that you can completely devote yourselves to the spiritual work, if it is necessary. He will put men at your side, who grant you support in every way; he will lead you ways, which you are to go and where your help is needed. Because all your wanting, thinking and acting then stands under his guidance, because you are prepared to give up your will, and he can therefore already work in you. For that reason completely rely on his guidance, and you will walk no wrong track. Amen. B.D. NR. 4418.


Book 51 4419

Serious admonition to soul work.

26. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4419.

A rich treasure is at your disposal, but men pass it by indifferently. Every hint towards it will well be listened to, but leaves no impression. From all sides knowledge reaches you about a forthcoming life change, but you do not believe it, and time passes, which is still to be seen as last time of favour. You men draw no use out of it; you do not pay attention to my voice, which touches your ear in different ways. And so I see myself induced to let it sound so loud that you must hear it, although you are also then still not forced to pay attention to it, because your will is free. But the time has come, which means the end, because men are no longer willing to change despite their ability to change. They completely live without faith; they stand so far from me, that they are without all spiritual power supply and therefore can achieve no spiritual progress. Their earth life has become completely pointless, because they do not utilize it for eternity, but it is just self-purpose for them, therefore contradicting my eternal order. And for that reason I want to make an end, so that the earth again rises anew, so that the spiritual development of men inhabiting it can again take its progress and I can again dwell among my creatures and let my love power flow upon them, because they love me and strive for my presence. And so the last time for this earth has irrevocably come – it is an exceedingly serious time for all men, because it is responsible, because it brings life or death – but not just for the body, but for the soul, which must suffer for ever or can also become happy. You men, listen to my word, take it seriously, prepare yourselves, seek to win faith by you thinking about it with a serious will, about that what you hear through my messengers; do not resist, if you are urged to love work, because this alone brings rescue for you; it brings about an inner change and is the life of your soul. Pay attention to the need around you, and intervene helpingly, where it is possible; put aside self-love, and pay more attention to the neighbour, who is in the same trouble as you. Help him, and also you will be helped, and believe it that the end is near. Then you will also make better use of your life; you will occupy yourselves with the thought of death and a living on of the soul, and your earth walk will be directed into the right course by itself, because the sense of responsibility grows in you and you strive for the salvation of your soul. I just want to always admonish you for your own sake that you think about your soul and make its well-being more your business than the well-being of the body, to which I give what it needs, if you just strive for the light, for truth, for me. Because the time passes quickly, which still remains for you, but unspeakable much you can still achieve with good will, because I help everyone, who believes in me and seeks to fulfil my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4419.


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