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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 50

B.D. NR. 4053 - B.D. NR. 4176

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Book 50 4053

Sin against the spirit.

31. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4053.

As sin against the spirit has to be considered when men recognize the word which is offered to them by me as truth and they still do not want to accept it, i.e. reject my servants on earth or set no value on receiving my word. It is a special favour when my word is imparted to man because it is the bread which comes out of the heavens and therefore is also of special effect on the human soul. It is given through the voice of the spirit; it is my spirit which units with the spirit spark in man; it is highest spirit material, a gift of favour of such incomprehensible value, and is to be received with thanks and also be valued as delicious gift of favour by him who recognizes it as my gift, who feels touched by the truth, who has to recognize it as valuable content wise, as being of divine origin. And such a man understandably sins against the spirit when he receives my word indifferently, when he resists making the content his spiritual property by thinking about it and commenting on the content. Because I myself approached him, and he does not pay attention to me; I have knocked at his door and desired admittance, and he does not receive me; I talk to him, and he does not listen to me; I offer him bread and wine, my flesh and my blood, and he rejects what is to be refreshment and strengthening for him for his earth life. And whom I once approached without having found reception, he will have to wrestle a very long time before the favour is again given to him; he will not be invited again easily by me to communion because he did not accept my first invitation. And the sin against the spirit is exceedingly serious because it can result in complete lack of knowledge; man can completely go blind in spirit because I myself then take the ability to gain knowledge from him once he tries to put out the light through his refusal because he well perceives the shining of the light and still does not go the way which is brightly lighted for him; because he prefers carrying on walking the old way from which I want to guide him over to the right way. Who can recognize the effect of the spirit, he also has the duty to take note of the content of the announcements which come from my kingdom because I certainly offer delicious material to men on earth, and when faith exists that the spiritual material originated from me it also must be valued as divine gift, it must be received joyfully and spread everywhere so that fellow men are blessed by my revelations, who are not themselves able to hear the voice of the spirit in them. And those who receive it as my gift will be blessed because they receive myself and stand from now on in my favour. I myself am now with them, and my presence secures them permanent guidance, permanent help in every want and a degree of favour which they themselves can increase through their love for me and securely reach their aim on earth – that they form themselves to a being of light because my word imparts power to them at the same time, that is why understandably every man comes away empty-handed who sins against the spirit. Amen. B.D. NR. 4053.


Book 50 4054

Transmission of the Divine Word on the New Earth.

1. and 2. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4054.

It will only be a small flock that expects my coming before the last judgement; only few men who I can count as mine, who remain strong in faith and who confess me before the world and who therefore will receive hostile treatment in every respect and would have to fear for their life if they would not look towards the spiritual and if their thinking would not reflect on spiritual things. But this small assembly knows about the end, it expects me in deep faith and therefore endures the extreme times of need with steadfastness, confesses Jesus before the world as son of God and therefore I will fetch them up to me and give them a paradisiac place of residence until they are allowed to again step on the reshaped earth. It is the assignment of this small flock to pass on my word to their descendants so that it will again be presented unadulterated as I have imparted it to men and as it is to remain on the new earth as the basic teaching of Christianity. Because I also continue to care for the ones who are mine and to them belong all who submit to my will, who strive to reach me and are therefore active in love as the desire for me is already the expression of their sense of love that expresses itself also towards the neighbour. These therefore fulfil my commandments and to these I send my word directly and indirectly. My word contains the teaching that Jesus Christ preached on earth as he was permeated by my spirit of love since the man Jesus had found the unification with me already on earth and so that also men on the new earth are to achieve this complete union with me, they have to be taught the teaching of Christ, so the pure truth, that is now offered to you men from heaven, must be passed over as my word to the new earth where it will be recognized in all its depth and wisdom as the message from above, as God’s direct instruction. And that is why it will remain the basic teaching for a long time until men again will become more material and will again as far as they are concerned carry out corrections and changes to my word that already will be again the next occasion to give up their knowledge and to darken their mental state and induce me to again send my word to earth. But for the time being it will remain unadulterated and gain currency. Every word will be considered to be a gift from me and men will love me and serve me, they will give love to each other and will be happy on earth. Because they live in constant contact with me and are therefore also receivers of light and strength because my nearness will have such an effect that they become strong and wise as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 4054.


Book 50 4055

Father words to his servants on earth.

3. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4055.

All of your worries are invalid if you take into consideration how near the end is. Who has decided to work for the spiritual kingdom, he is to always think of which task is allocated to him and what power of will he needs for it, if he wants to carry out this task completely. And therefore he is to just always strive to receive increased will power; he is to turn to me and request such, and I will truly not leave his prayer unheard; I will have an effect in him through my spirit; I will influence his thinking, steer his will in the right direction and so show him the way to me, and he will turn to it, because my love pulls him. He is my property; he has given himself to me as property, and what I once possess I do no longer give free for ever; I draw it upwards with increased power; I let it go no wrong track because I walk next to it all the time supporting and holding it when it threatens to become weak or is in danger to fall. What is mine that can do every step on earth confidently because I spread my hands under its feet and carry it over all dangers of life. It has become my share through its will, and what is mine can no longer get lost. And that is why you must fall into line with every change of your life situation; you must recognize my will in everything that is granted to you and know that my love is especially directed towards you and it determines me to intervene when the world wants to push itself forward and seeks to cast its spell over those who are mine. Go your way carefree, and do not forget that I always walk with you, that I lead you ways rich in flowers, because my love also wants to give you joys on earth, but as you also must go over thistles and thorns because my wisdom recognizes this as blessed for your souls. And therefore just let me be your constant leader and companion; call me when you stand at a crossroads ignorant of the way, and you will obviously find out that I stand at your side and gently push you on to that way, which you are to follow until the end – which leads you to me, into the spiritual kingdom where happiness and peace expects you, which you will never ever find on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4055.


Book 50 4056

Cooperation for the kingdom of God. (Personally)

5. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4056.

In full harmony you are to live and make my commands to the guiding principle of your way of life; you are to carry out all conceivable assistance if you are showing love by this towards fellowman and awaken love again. You are not to separate, not walking individual ways, but walk with each other, as I have determined it for eternity. The more intimately you are connected in love the more you open your hearts to spiritual currents because these can only work there where love is. But then your earth life will also be covered successfully for the souls, if love is predominant, because where love is, also my presence is guaranteed, and my presence means ascent to the height, happiness already on earth and in days to come in eternity. Do not leave each other out of own drive, but remain connected as long as I do not separate you through my will. You have an assignment, which you must fulfil, and it requires cooperation – you have to carry out a mission, which requires full commitment from you, and because of this mission I brought you together, and it is truly not my will that a change is made by you yourselves before I do not intervene with changes in your life, because the time must first be fulfilled, and in this time your common work is of greatest blessing, although you do not yet recognize this now. But the time will be there much too quickly of which it stands written, and then you will understand the necessity of your relationship; you will put your trust in me completely and can do this only in firm faith in me, which you still have to bring to greater strength for the sake of the mission, which awaits you, why I steer your steps so that they are inexplicable to you for the time being. A short span of time still passes, and you are to use it to eager love activity, both in the face of fellowmen as well as among yourselves alone. You are to give what the other thinks to be desirable; you are to be prepared to help and fear no lack of power because I give this to you in increased measure, as soon as the hour of your work for me has come. And then you will understand how important your cooperation is in the service for the kingdom of God. Then you will love me in all intimacy; you will recognize it as my work and rule, which is only meant for the redemption of the unfree spiritual, to which also you men belong, which I want to rescue from destruction, before the end has come. But you are to serve me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4056.


Book 50 4057

Effect of the power out of God.

7. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4057.

That the power out of God communicates with men, who open their hearts to him, if they pray in spirit and in truth to him, is recognizable by the will of men, who constantly turns more and more towards God, strives for good and detests evil. Because the power out of God always has a promoting effect; it will always lead to God; it is to a certain degree the attractive means, which God uses to again steer his creatures towards himself, and who therefore lets himself be flowed through by the power of God, who receives it consciously, because he intimately desires it, he will also reach his aim with certainty; he will find the unification with God, because the God-power flowing through his being shapes him so that it becomes like the being of God, becomes love and bridges every cleft that it finally abandons itself completely to God and so unites with eternal love, which for that reason would like to impart power to men unmeasured, to win them by this for ever. But how the power out of God expresses itself that depends on the will of man; he can ask God in the recognition of his insufficiency, and that causes God to help him in every weakness, therefore the help for man comes in form of strengthening, which becomes apparent in increased earthly activity as well as also in increased spiritual striving that man goes along the way with a naturalness, which leads to ascent. He no longer can have another thought than that to reach his aim on earth and to fulfil God’s will, and his striving is directed towards God and leaves all earthly unnoticed, as far as it does not belong in his circle of duty, into which God himself has put him. God draws him because he wants to make his creatures happy, and therefore it is a favour, it is God himself who makes the spiritual in man turned towards him, provided that the will of man concedes to him the right, subjugates himself to his will out of his own drive and at any time places divine will in front and shows this through his prayer, which earns him power and favour unmeasured. Amen. B.D. NR. 4057.


Book 50 4058

Difficult Living Conditions. God’s Guidance and Help.

7. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4058.

Complete different living conditions will also cause a complete different life style and men will be faced with tasks that seem to be impossible and that still have to be solved as they are essential for life. And now the ones who belong to me have to prove themselves, i.e. they will have to put the power of belief to the test and they will have to expect God’s help by implicitly trusting him and they will be helped. This is the time where men who have strong faith will testify to the unbelievers of the ability of a man who trusts in the help of God, who in strong faith leaves himself to God and takes the greatest tribulation in prayer to God. They will be helped and life will be bearable for them even if very difficult.

But I also gave them the promise which I now also bring to mind: that I will shorten the days for the sake of those who are mine. And so the hour is approaching more and more when I will come in the clouds and this my coming again will mean a true redemption for those who are mine, who are in a most difficult situation and in need of my visible help. As long as they live on earth they are exposed to suffering, i.e., they are not completely insensitive to molestations and threats by the world. But the strength of their faith lets them bear all suffering more easily even though it sometimes touches them very much. And so men will divide themselves into two camps, there are those who do not believe and who therefore have little connection to the spiritual world and those for whom the connection to me is everything and who do not start anything without having asked my blessing and who therefore also obviously will recognize my guidance because due to their love for me they also feel inside of them my nearness and my nearness always means power and therefore an easier overcoming of that what without the power from me burdens men much more. And now those who are mine will also recognize each other by their strength of faith and they will unite and will console each other with the coming of the Lord. They will be awaiting me full of hope and long for me in their love and they will strongly believe that I am coming and I do not disappoint their faith, I help them where help is needed, and come to fetch them when the trouble becomes unbearable so that they do not fall away from me so that they remain steadfast until the end and so that they can enter paradise on the new earth because they remained loyal to me in deepest trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4058.


Book 50 4059

Call for activity for the kingdom of God at night.

8. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4059.

It is an incomparably beautiful task to be active for the kingdom of God. Who is deemed worthy of this task he is to use all power on it, and no earthly bond is to hold him back when he feels called by the voice of God. And he will clearly hear the call in his heart, but then he is not allowed to delay, but he must put himself at the disposal of the divine Lord and master; as an obedient child he must follow the call of the father; he is not allowed to resist or only follow reluctantly, but he is to perform the work with a joyful heart for which he has put himself at the disposal of God. He possesses a rich treasure, which has been imparted to him so that he can fulfil his assignment, so that he can be active in teaching, therefore carry out his duty for God for the blessing of fellowmen, who are in spiritual trouble and urgently need help. God himself has taken him into his school; he has taught and trained him as teaching worker, and now it is up to him how he himself utilizes this treasure, but he must give an account of the valuable gift, which he received and was to pass on to men, who are ignorant. And God is calling you to this activity when the time of work has come for you. The call will occur at night where no human voice touches the ear and therefore the voice of God can be heard clearly and unambiguously. And the Lord will instruct his servant; the maidservant will get her assignment; everyone, who wants to serve God, will be accepted and the work allocated to him according to his ability, and then no-one is allowed to hesitate or be undecided what he is to do – what God demands is to be carried out because God will know to create replacement for every earthly activity. But the spiritual work cannot be carried out by every man, but spiritually prepared men belong thereto, who therefore also have the duty to use the knowledge received from God, otherwise they would have to answer to God some day. But this the servants are to know that God has prescribed their journey through life according to their spiritual assignment on earth that therefore also the work in the vineyard of the Lord can be carried out with best success if that one just has the will to place the spiritual work in front of all other work, then God will also take care of the compensation; he will take over all earthly worry. And the spiritual task will also be practicable because also the good powers out of the spiritual kingdom are involved and help the servant on earth in every way; spiritually and earthly they will provide for him; they will support him with power, and he will be able to fulfil his task both spiritually as well as earthly; he will be able to serve in every way as soon as he just entrusts himself to his divine creator and asks him for his blessings. Amen. B.D. NR. 4059.


Book 50 4060

Conditions to the work of the spirit. God closeness through love.

9. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4060.

You can receive knowledge from all fields if you desire this and allow the voice of the spirit to teach you. But condition is that you first fulfil what I demand of you, what is announced to you through my servants – that you therefore accept my love teaching and act accordingly. That is the precondition to then also penetrate into deep knowledge. If you receive through human instructions the same knowledge without previous love work, then you will not know what to do with it; you will also not be able to pass it on live to your fellowmen because since it has itself not yet found entrance into your heart, you lack both the gift of reporting about it as also the eagerness of inner conviction, and it goes unheard completely without effect in the ears of those who listen to it when not the love work, to which it is made a condition, enables the hearer to receive the wisdoms with heart and intellect. Then my spirit works as in those men; he is instructed by the spirit in him even so through the mouth of him who is himself full of understanding for that what he passes on. The right attitude towards me, towards my commands, is basic condition to stand in truthful knowledge, no matter in which way and in which form it is offered. And that is why these announcements, which are imparted to men out of the spiritual kingdom as mental spiritual-material, can never be checked by a man who lacks the main thing – the God closeness through love. A just examination and a just judgement cause irrevocably the work of the spirit, and my spirit only has there an effect where all influence on the part of the opponent switches off, where the divine spirit spark establishes the connection with the father spirit, what is only possible through a forming to love. In every life situation man can form himself to love, and therefore also every man can let his spirit become effective, but the receiving of the spirit material must also be practised, otherwise the voice of the spirit is not audible, as also the thought must be respected if the spirit cannot express itself audibly. It is no language of the world, which the spirit leads; they are words of light and of love, words, which impart recognition, express deep knowledge and purest truth and God’s great love, which a good father speaks to his children. And therefore the heart must receive these words, because the intellect alone can certainly receive the content, but never grasp it in its depth, because the divine word must be felt, not only allowed to be heard. And this is a matter of the heart; otherwise the love of God cannot be recognized and also not become effective. The human heart is the residence of the feeling, i.e., the soul communicates through the heart with the body, and therefore also the spirit wants to express itself through the heart. The spirit intervenes into the feeling life of the soul and so likewise wants to be presented to the body; it wants so to speak unite with the soul to the same work. It wants to pull the soul over into the spiritual kingdom and also make the body submissive to its will. And therefore man must help with this uniting of the body with the soul; he must want that he is provided from the spirit in himself, that he is instructed, and do everything for it to hear the voice, what is only then possible when, through an unselfish love life, he has formed his soul so that it now leans more towards the spirit than the body, that it is driven from the heart to desire light and love, so that its desire is now fulfilled. Because that is condition that the gifts of the spirit are desired. But the intellect alone will certainly check or judge, but will never be influenced by feeling; the intellect alone demands proofs, which cannot be supplied in spiritual truths; but the heart contents itself and lets its feeling pass as proof and will therefore judge more reliably and more correctly and recognize truth as truth. It therefore possesses an ability upon which the intellect cannot lay claim to. And so it is therefore understandable that only then it can be judged right over the results of spirit work when the examining person himself consults the spirit in himself and when he makes himself worthy of its expressions, i.e. fulfils all conditions, which earn him the work of the spirit. Because now also his knowledge becomes deepened and extensive, and all connections become clear to him, which he can never fathom with just intellectual thinking. Because God hides from those men, who still stand far from him, so that they come to him and ask for his help; that they call upon him for enlightened thinking, because this call comes out of the heart and will also earn the heart what is useful for the soul to the uniting with its spirit. The heart will be allowed to receive love and favour and never come away empty-handed if it opens itself through intimate prayer to God, who will always hear it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4060.


Book 50 4061

Work of the servants of God with the form-believers. Christ’s church.

11. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4061.

Your task is to have especially an effect upon the many believers, who feel belonging to the church and still are not to be counted to my church, because they no longer stand on the foundation of faith. They have built their church on sand, which will melt under their feet when faith is to be put to the test. They think themselves believing and also confess everything with the mouth what the church orders them to believe. Nevertheless no faith teaching has become in them to deepest conviction; they would be able to agree to none of them completely, if they would have to seriously take a stand on it. And this form-belief, which was just accepted and is not dropped because of the outside world, is almost still worse than unbelief, because with an unbelieving man information can be given in form of debates, even in a contentious way, while with the former there is little opportunity to teach him, because he again confesses everything with the mouth only and is still far away from being a convinced representative of that what he confesses with the mouth. And he will belong to those who fall away when the faith decision is demanded of them. Because only now he takes a stand on the contentious questions and will have no knowledge and consequently also not recognize the meaning and the value of right faith and in completely ignorance give up the most valuable, the faith in me as creator of heaven and of earth, the faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world and faith in living on after death, which would cause him to lead his life on earth according to the responsibility, which he owes me as father and judge from eternity. But they will find no mercy in my eyes, because the opportunity is offered to them on many occasions to penetrate into faith truths and acquire for themselves a living faith, but they accept no instruction and also do not appear in public with counter-opinions, but they always just leave fellowman in the belief to belong themselves to that church, which I as man founded on earth. I summarized the believing community in the word "my church" and will always only consider those men belonging to my church who call a living faith their own, because my church is no worldly organization; it is not made recognizable outwardly, but it is merely the unification of believing men on earth; it is my community, which is certainly small, but exceedingly dear to me. But the form-believers stand outside of my love current circle, but can any time be incorporated to my community so that, what they believe to be, has become reality, so they possess the living faith and are happy in its possession. And this is a sign of living faith, that they speak about divine things with joy, that they seek spiritual conversations and have them full of eagerness and that give enlightenment where fellowmen grope in the dark. Because who once belongs to my church, he also knows how to appreciate my treasures; he knows about the importance of the time and about the near end. He will remain loyal to my church because for him nothing on earth exists any longer what would be desirable. Living faith has opened this knowledge to him, and he also knows about the alarming effect of form-faith, about the lot of souls in the hereafter, and he will also contribute everything to draw their attention to the danger in which they are; he will try to make it understandable to them so that they can still reach the living faith in the last hour. But if that is successful merely depends on the will of man whose freedom is not curtailed if the soul is to develop upwards. And it is still your task, to have an effect as far as possible upon the form-believers, because they are still in greatest danger, and that is why they are in need of help because they lack knowledge, and where help is required, it should be given, so that no-one can say, the favours of divine compassion have passed him by. I want to help all men, but whether my help is accepted, men determine that themselves, and I leave them their freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4061.


Book 50 4062

Hell. Judged matter.

13. and 14. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4062.

As long as the spiritual is bound in solid form, one can speak of judged matter, of the soul, which is in judgement, because it is banished through the decision of him from whom it once went out as power. Judged matter is therefore everything what in endless long spaces of time still has experienced no essential change or dissolving; what therefore so to speak reveals no life, because the spiritual bound in it is completely powerless and suffers dreadful agonies, because it cannot free itself. And this is a pitiable state; it is a state, which can be called hell; which becomes eternity for the being and only then improves when the being strives towards the light, i.e., when a support offered to it is no longer declined. (14.6.1947) It is the surroundings, which torment the being indescribably, because it is in deepest darkness. Matter keeps it imprisoned – it is bound and remains all the longer in resistance against God and becomes more and more powerless, because the being lacks the love power of God, which keeps far from him, and lack of love power of God results in constant hardening, and so the dungeon imprisonment of the spiritual does not become more bearable with the length of the time, but rather more aggravated, because the being is to really find back to God again, from which it went away in free will, although the possibility was offered to it to approach him. This state of hardening of matter occurs when God withdraws his love power from the spiritual, and seeing then that the being has power out of God as origin, everything divine is happy, but unhappiness is a state of pain, so that what is far from God can be considered as hell, because it completely contradicts the original state and the purpose of the entity having gone out from God, although it also lacks the consciousness of its I in the furthest distance from God, but still feels any agony. But it lacks cognition, because it is the inevitable result of distance from God, in which the entity stands. Consequently also the change of its state, an improvement of its situation is a question of endless long time. It is an eternity for the bound spiritual, and a change would never occur if the being should achieve it alone through its will, because it is weakened to extremes and experiences no lift, if help is not offered to it on the part of divine compassion. And this happens inevitably, but what times God needs to determine the spiritual, which rebels against him, to give up its resistance, that is not measurable by men of this earth, but God’s compassion drops none of his creatures completely, because they have emerged out of his love, and the love of God never ceases. Material creations are a constant proof of the love of God; they are an expression of his deepest compassion and really also a testimony of his righteousness, just as the great offence of a sin against God demands a punishment, a serving of sin debt. And the term "eternal times" is used again, because a man can detect no passing or dissolving or change of certain creations during his lifetime, and it is these, which hold that spiritual in them, which is damned to hell. And still also for the hardest material work of creation the point of time of bursting once comes, which releases the bound spiritual being held in it. Once God’s compassion is greater than his wrath; and once also the spiritual enters again into the ascent development process; once the agonies of hell ease; they decrease when guilty atonement has been completed to the righteousness of God. Then the love of God comes again into force, and it again lifts up to itself what had fallen most deeply. Because the love of God radiates over everything; the love of God allows no eternal damnation; there is no permanent separation from him for the love of God, because he longs for his creatures, and he does not leave them, but seeks to make happy, because they are and will remain his until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4062.


Book 50 4063

Power and magnificence of God. His love.

15. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4063.

Great is the power and magnificence of God; endlessly deep his love, unsurpassed his wisdom, and nothing equals his excellency, neither in heaven nor on earth. And, nevertheless, he stands in closest contact with the small, on account of its imperfection unimportant creature, man. Man is one part of him, and for the sake of this part he does not let him get lost; he stretches out his arms towards him to draw everything, what is of a mind turned towards him, to his heart and to make it happy for ever. He climbs into the deepest depth to lift up that what has left him, sank into the deep, to move it into a state, which allows the creature to stay in his nearness. He is accommodating towards the weak, helpless and supports it with his power. He increases the power of him who receives it from him; he works through his spirit in those men who love him and seek to adapt themselves to his nature because he wants to be connected for ever with that what he has created, what has emerged out of his love power and walks on earth for the purpose of perfection. Because his love is boundless. It is expressed in his word, which flows out of his mouth as power, takes the way to his creatures on earth and has an effect there according to the will of the receiver – spending power and light everywhere to him who receives it with a hungry heart, und directing the way of all men to him so that they walk this way and become happy for ever. His endless love wants to give to all who are in need; it wants to lead to perfection what is imperfect; it wants to unite to make happy, because only love spends happiness; only love is perfect, and what is without love, is also not worth of the nearness of God, because eternal love can only unite with something equal, with creatures which have likewise become love. And therefore the love of God let creations come into being, whose only purpose it is, to receive the imperfect entity and to develop it according to its purpose to beings, who recognize God and learn to love him and now consciously strive towards him. And if now the creature has arrived at the degree of maturity, which is self-conscious, able of recognition, his love now supplies it also with the power in form of his word and grants it all support, so that it reaches its destination. But the word testifies to himself; the word gives knowledge about his might and power and magnificence, the word expresses his love and imparts his wisdom; it spends light and power and leads everything towards eternal happiness, what only has the will to reach God, the father from eternity, who wants to be united with his children for ever, because they have emerged out of his love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4063.


Book 50 4064

Activity of the light beings. Connection to earth.

17. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4064.

Light beings impart exceedingly extensive knowledge in the will of God to men on earth, if they are prepared to accept it. But latter is precondition; otherwise the process of transmitting out of the spiritual kingdom cannot take place. Because the knowledge offered by God’s great love, would, without the will to accept, have a faith-forcing effect upon men, if with the knowledge also the power of recognition would be given to them, which is only the key to wisdom for the man prepared to accept, but which he always receives with the knowledge, if he is given spiritual gifts through divine will. But then he is unutterably rich already on earth, because he possesses something immortal, something, which has eternity-value – he possesses a knowledge, which is in accordance with truth and which can never ever be taken from him, because it fills him completely; it is received by heart and intellect and can be increased constantly, because no limits are set to man from God. And still only very few men stand in this knowledge; only very rarely light beings can conduct spiritual knowledge to earth; only very rarely men hungry for knowledge are connected to God, that his will deems them worthy to receive spiritual material; only very rarely therefore pure truth finds entrance with them, and darkness on earth shadows light, even so it can never bring it to go out. But everything has to bow down to one law, in heaven and on earth – the inviolability of free will. And that is why light beings can only work there where in man himself the will stirs to receive spiritual knowledge, divine truth. Then they seize every opportunity to communicate with men on earth, because this is the noblest love activity of these beings, to go on carrying this light, which lights the way for them and makes them unspeakably happy, to bring brightness to dark places, to spark light in the hearts of men, to break through the night of the spirit and to make hearts glad and happy. For divine knowledge makes happy and satisfies him, who hungers for truth. But God will never withhold his gift from him who desires it, but everyone is given according to his desire, and that is why one can call a comprehensive knowledge his own, while only little is offered to another, because the desire of the former is greater, why he is also surrounded by many light beings, which instruct him mentally and give to him what they possess themselves. They are busy in their activity; love towards the ignorant drives them to feed knowledge to them constantly. But they find only few hearts willing to accept, why extraordinarily amply is given to these few, so that they likewise take part in the work and impart spiritual good, if it is received willingly. And this is one of the greatest love works for the neighbour – to make truth accessible to them, which takes its start from God and is also to lead back to God again all what is unredeemed, which still walks along in ignorance and can therefore also not be happy. This is God’s will that truth is spread, so that spiritual night gives way to a bright morning, to which soon the light of the day will follow. Amen. B.D. NR. 4064.


Book 50 4065

Journey through life set – destiny according to will.

18. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4065.

Every way is set for you, and even if you believe to choose it yourselves. You certainly seem to determine your journey through life yourselves; you can form it at times according to your will, but I know from eternities about this will and have allowed for it, and therefore your destiny is according to the will, i.e., your life unwinds so that the will can turn towards me and has exceedingly rich opportunity to profess its faith in me. But how it decides is your very own matter, and I do not force it, otherwise you men would not just need to go the journey through life, if I would like to create perfect beings for myself through force. I only have the aim to help the spiritual to highest possible soul maturity; however I come upon resistance on all sides. But men can change nothing about their course of life and must therefore humbly accept everything, if they want to gain advantage for the soul. All rebellion against it, all complaining and grumbling decreases the success for your soul, because it testifies of a will still turned away from me or of highest weak recognition of him who gave you life. Because if you would recognize me as eternal love, you would also know, that I do not let you suffer when it is not needed for the salvation of your soul. And that is why you are to suffer and to tolerate and leave your earth life to me and go along carefree every day; only do not switch me off out of your thinking; then I take over the leadership, and your life will truly be no idling; you will one day also thank me for the difficult hours and days, because they earn your soul more advantage than quiet, carefree days. And I know about it; I know about the degree of maturity of your soul; I know about your will, about your weaknesses and your faith, and I let everything come over you so, that no day is needed to be lived in vain, that you can mature in a short time and reach your goal still on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4065.


Book 50 4066

End of an Era no Further Development in the Hereafter, but Banishment.

19. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4066.

The walk on earth that the soul has to go through is only unique during a redemption period, i.e., that the soul develops out of hardest matter upwards to the state as man - that it stays during this earthly course of development always on earth, i.e. in earthly creations. But with the end of the human existence the soul also ends this earthly course of development and then goes into the spiritual realm, irrespective of its state of maturity. Because the spiritual realm receives perfect and also imperfect beings except that the spheres are completely different, that there are therefore spheres of light and also permanent eternal darkness, that now the souls that stay in the dark spheres can mature likewise, but that this requires exceedingly more time as the beings lack strength in this state of imperfection. And the great danger exists that they due to their weakness of will sink still deeper since the dark forces affect them and try to pull them down into the darkness. But then it is their own fault as it has means to be helped through the love and grace of God so that it can just as well strive upward. The beings of light give it their support and let also their rays of light shine in the darkness to stir up in the souls the desire for light with which the ascent then begins. So there exists in the hereafter, in the spiritual realm, the possibility after all to step out of the state of imperfection into the state of perfection and to continue in the spiritual realm the missed development on earth. But it is different with the expiration of a redemption period. Then there is no further development in the spiritual realm but only a development upwards that starts on the lowest level that requires again the walk through the entire creation of the earth. Because then the soul has reached a low that makes it impossible for it to dwell in spiritual spheres and that therefore results in the banishment in hard form. This low happens when it completely hands itself over to the enemy of God, when it itself takes action against God by fighting everything that is spiritual on earth, tries to push God aside as it were. This is a degree that does not anymore allow an ascending development in the spiritual realm that also souls can have that do not stay on earth until the last end but left already before that. But God’s love and mercy does not let the spiritual fall completely into the hands of Satan, he once again leaves it up to the being to change its will and he banishes it in the new creation and therefore takes away from Satan the power over it, he liberates it as it were from Satan’s bonds and gives it a chain that is subject to his will and his will certainly is intent on the redemption of the being, not on its eternal imprisonment. In the hereafter however an ascent out of the spiritual low would not be possible anymore as the soul has sold itself completely to Satan through its bondage and as it is completely without power in the spiritual realm and would never turn its will up. But as the ascending development in the spiritual realm is likewise depending on the will of the being it would either remain forever in the completely lightless and powerless state or it would sink even more which would result in a hardening of the spiritual substance, but would take so infinitely long that it could not be estimated and the consequences are beyond human judgement. So when a development period is broken off and replaced by a new one then this is a work of enormous love of God towards his creatures because he wants to shorten their time of suffering even though the beings themselves still always determine the length of time that they need for their perfection since the period of free will always replaces the time of the mandatory state and can now be exploited or can be wasted. It is always the will that is decisive both during the time of development on earth as well as in the realm of the spirits and God knows when the will has reached the necessary strength to strive upwards. Many people already lose their temporal life before the end of redemption period but the ones who remain, who will still live on earth to see the last day, are either connected to God or are complete devils for whom an ascent in the realm of spirits due to their own spiritual low has become an impossibility. And that is why the last judgement will separate the goats from the sheep - only good and evil people will be there to judge. The good ones God fetches to himself and lets them experience the new earth in paradise while the evil ones receive their punishment and still also this proves the love and mercy of God. Because also these he wants to make happy one day as he wants nothing that is his from the beginning to be eternally separated from him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4066.


Book 50 4067a


21.-23. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4067a.

Powers, which develop in nature, can be seen as an effect of the eternal power of the creator, as a consequential result, which is understandable to every man who intellectually deals with it. The power current of God is conducted into infinity, and this power must become evident somehow, otherwise it would not be recognizable as power. It must let things come into being or set in motion; it must generate life. This power development is therefore an enlivening of all that what has emerged out of the hand of God and is to again reach the state in which it was in the very beginning – where it was active creating and forming. Therefore, through the perpetual pouring forth of the power of God, also perpetual works of creation must come into being, as also in these a constant activity must be recognizable. This activity is so to speak the life of the spiritual embodied in the works of creation, which, so it is recognizable to the bare eye, classes the work of creation into the category of living beings. But there are also tiny and most tiny living beings, which the human eye cannot recognize, and which, even so the eye would also be extraordinarily sharpened, therefore are not to be recognized, because they move with such speed that they cannot be followed. But they are of unimaginable power and form so to speak the core of the whole of creation; so far it is recognizable to man as matter. They form the basic material, the first form of the power starting from God; they are compressed radiations of God, living things in innumerable variety, which are certainly visible as matter in joining together, but which have not yet entered into this joining together, and which therefore move in extreme speed, because they seek each other and push to each other. These are therefore spiritual substances of incomparable strength, which buzz around unbound and free, and can assume no form so long, until they have found to each other and now compress each other more and more. (23.6.1947) Power starting from God is actually not divisible, nevertheless its effects are single creations, which again decay into innumerable substantial particles everyone for itself, if they would be subdivided up to the (smallest) finest. And these tiny substances are in constant motion, they can therefore be nothing bound, which powerlessly depends on help. Only then it becomes this when a spiritualization of these substances takes place in endless long time, i.e., when they are determined to be bearers of spiritual entities, which only occurs, when they formed forms after joining together, no matter how small the extent is. Power out of God therefore then compresses itself to form, and this is the coming into being of matter, which certainly needs inconceivable long time for formation, before it becomes visible to the human eye. Every form receives spiritual, which is to develop upwards. As soon as man can therefore establish small and smallest particles through research, they are also already enlivened, otherwise they could not be proven substantially. And the spiritual enlivening these electrons is that imperfect spiritual, which begins the course of development on earth, which becomes bound in form. There is no more powerful discovery during earth life than the establishment that in the most infinite reduction the beginning of powerful creation is to be found, that every work of creation could therefore be broken up to the most infinite, provided this plan would be undertaken with God’s help. But men with only intellectual thinking go there so far as to a field, which they will never control completely. And this puzzle will also no longer be solved as long as the earth still stands. Amen. B.D. NR. 4067a.


Book 50 4067b


23. and 24. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4067b.

And nevertheless to man hungry for knowledge information is given, if he turns to God asking, because God withholds from man on earth no knowledge, although it touches fields which lie far away from spiritual knowledge. (24.6.1947) One must not fail to recognize that God, the creator of heaven and of earth, himself leans towards his creatures, to instruct them in truth, as soon as it is about spiritual knowledge. Worldly knowledge however is also supported by God as long as man is also connected to God in earthly activity, i.e. also subjugates his earthly work to the blessing of God and therefore testifies to the feeling of belonging to God. Then he can any time direct his questions towards God, and they will be answered for him. On the other hand it is different when man wants to satisfy his thirst for knowledge to extent his earthly knowledge, therefore spiritual knowledge is not considered. Then God will leave it up to him how far he penetrates into truth, provided he wants to fathom it purely intellectually. But then limits are always set for him, because God alone opens these for him, because he does not want to be ignored in the research of things, which God seemingly keeps hidden from men. But spiritual questions he solves any time, and all the more comprehensible the more mature the soul of him is who seeks information: The laws of nature are exactly against each other as the divine principle in man, love, is to the eternal divinity, the original power, i.e. God and love are not to be thought without each other, and man, who wants to reach God, must also bear love in himself, otherwise he could never ever get into contact with God. Just so it is with the laws of nature – the one is the completion of the other and all laws produce the divine order. A violation against it creates disorder and means at the same time distance from God, who himself stands in the highest perfection and order. And so also the build-up of the whole creation is made in highest order and perfection, unsurpassable wisdom put up this order, and deepest love underlay it. Consequently also the entity, if it started its development career, had to reach its destination in this order and legality, to become perfect. It had to let itself be penetrated up to the smallest substance by the power current of eternal love, otherwise it remained unable for a task, but which is purpose of the earth course for the entity. But the entity, through its former falling off from God, was no longer able to get into contact with God himself, likewise also not with his power, which is really only a radiation of God and therefore something divine, which cannot unite itself with what is imperfect. Therefore something had to be created for the time being, what is suitable for the receiving of the immature spiritual, what therefore held so much divine that the entity could be fed when it carried the desire for power, which it lacked. And so God conducted his power radiation into the universe that it touched the whole infinity, but in tiniest measure, because this was already enough to fill the whole of infinity with his power. Therefore an unimaginable life started, a movement in the universe, because the power of God actually causes life, eternal activity. And this life increased through joining together of tiny power sparks; it seized the dead, powerless in the universe, to pull it into the activity process, if it wanted to be seized. The living surrounded the dead; the living kept the dead imprisoned, but not in hate, but in love, because the power of God is love and never changes. As long as these tiny power sparks still buzz in the universe, as long as they are still free, i.e. in constant movement, one cannot yet speak of matter although it is the start of it and the power sparks – electrons – are so to speak the original components of matter. They only become matter when they once have consolidated themselves, i.e., when through the immature entity, which now hinders the electrons in their mobility, a process of hardening occurs, as a result of which the entity is now bound and the power radiation of God lets up in its effect for a certain period according to the will of God, until the bound entity starts to tire in its resistance. Then the power also again stirs, and a quiet life becomes apparent also in hardest matter, if the time of banishment has expired. Therefore electrons are in their state of mobility certainly spiritual substance, however no substance of the soul of man, which develops after infinitely long time, while immature substance, the bound entity, has to be counted to that, because this entity now starts its ascent development process, which ends with the stage as man. Electrons are purest power out of God and therefore indestructible; they are so to speak the boundary crossing out of the spiritual into the earthly kingdom, a radiation of God, which assumes form with the entry into the earthly kingdom, just as one can speak of form in the incomprehensible smallest extent. The pure divine unites with the imperfect out of love and compassion, because otherwise the latter could never develop upwards, because it is totally weakened and nevertheless resists God through non-acceptance of his power. And therefore the power seizes the imperfect, binding it, and making the results and the agonies of the refusal of divine power perceptible to it, so that it changes its will itself and desire God’s power, to again reach his nearness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4067b.


Book 50 4068

God’s care for his servants.

24. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4068.

You, who are to spread my word, you I will not leave in trouble of the body and the soul, so that you can rule your office carefree and peacefully, so that you do not become unable to be active for me and my kingdom. You can only speak if you yourselves are full of inner calmness, if you so to speak can move freely in thinking and acting, without to feel the pressure of earthly troubles too much, because your mission is a too important one than that I let it be endangered by me imposing earthly burdens upon you, which distract you too much from your spiritual activity. I no longer leave you to the world and its temptations, but as I on the other hand grand you everything what contributes to make you being in cheerful spirits so that you like to work for me joyfully and not with difficulty and depressed. For cheerful calmness will also contribute to success, because the word is to speak for me and you yourselves; if you are penetrated by my word, you can also pass on the word with cheerful look and will have more success with the souls of your fellowmen. That is why I grant to you what does not contribute to harm your soul. And so your life destiny is determined for eternity, and you can change nothing about it through own shaping of it, and if you consider this alone already, you will win inner peace; you will not at all feel depressed, but walk your way cheerfully and carefree; you will have quietness and peace and also radiate it upon your surroundings, and you will be active on my behalf and promote my kingdom, and my love and favour will always be with you. I will bless you, you who want to serve me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4068.


Book 50 4069

Doubting the existence of God in the time of the end.

25. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4069.

An extraordinary sharpness of intelligence is needed to bring scientific proof that the existence of God is to be doubted or denied. And this attempt will be made to solve the greatest problem in a scientific way – the question: Is there a God? – This is also a sign of the end-time that mankind takes a stand on the most important question, however far more in the negative sense, because they are willing to follow this disputed question und its reasoning, because their faith is, if at all existing, only very weak, and the smallest stimulus is enough to let it become shaky – Is there a God? – No question is more important, and so it is asked seriously by seeking men, I am prepared to give enlightenment, and the seeking person will truly be satisfied with the knowledge that is sent to him and which he now also convincingly supports. But if the question is not raised by seeking, but by men who want to know-it-all, who only want to accept the answer, which is easy for them, and who do not want to bring the proof, that I am, but that I am not, they will never come to the truthful result, despite much apparent valid evidence. They already belong to the counter power who want to leap onto the throne themselves and oust me. And this is the beginning of the end, because according to the law from eternity I wrest power from my opponent if he oversteps the boundary granted to him, what is then the case if he seeks to oust me completely from the thoughts of men. It will be a hard fight, which is waged about me; with powerful words one is trying to convince those who are mine that they chase a phantom; all religious faith clauses and teachings will be pulled to pieces, and get lost piece by piece to those men who do not stand completely firm, because the opponent knows how to set his words so that they do not remain without impression, and as the majority of men lack knowledge, as they themselves walk along in spiritual blindness, they do not recognize the error with the opponent, but as they also cannot seek and find truth in themselves. And they become shaky and fall, if they do not join me in the last hour, if they do not ask me (in the last hour) for enlightenment, which I very much like to grant an asking person, if he just has good will for what is right and for truth. But who trusts in himself, who also seeks to create enlightenment intellectually about this greatest problem, he will be stuck in darkness, because he chases after a delusive light; he believes the convinced words of the world-wise and admires the sharpness of their intellect and its conclusions, and he gives me up – and judges himself. And because I know about this fight for eternities, because I want to help the weak as also those who seek me, I bring the truth close to them already before, and who applies himself to this truth, who makes himself worthy to receive it, and strives towards it in free will, he will outdo the intellectual sharpness of the world-wise; he will become knowing; he will receive power of judgement; his spirit will become enlightened, and nothing will be able to take his faith, his conviction, because he is taught by myself, and he has the proof that I am and that I want to win all my creatures for eternity. And he will remain loyal to me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4069.


Book 50 4070


26. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4070.

Endless deep is my love towards you men, and your earth life is to be proof for you for it because I give it to you to also win your love, which you have denied me, because you did not recognize me. I so long court your love until you offer yourselves to me, until you have become mine for ever. Love is happiness; love is a sense of a common bond and the desire to make happy, to give. And if you men on earth feel love, you will not rest until the object of your love is in in your possession, and then you will be happy. And you can only feel quite weakly, because you cannot bear the fullness of love, which I am prepared to give you and which determines me to approach you again and again, so that you are to recognize me and I win your love. And that is why I will never condemn something, what has love as motive, because if you carry the most holy feeling in the heart when you feel pure love, then that is already becoming like my being, it is a sign that you have lighted the spark of divine love, which was your original nature, because you have emerged out of my love power. What therefore unites in love has my blessing, for it cannot pollute, because love is pure and noble, as long as the will not to sin drops in on man. But if you have your doubts, you are unable to tell the difference between right and wrong, then ask me, and I will answer you. And again I say to you: Cultivate love – it is the divine, it is my share, it carries you over everything, it leads you upwards, it leads to me, it can also only drive you to good thoughts and acts, otherwise it would be no love. For love, which assumes a wrong direction, is certainly also a desire for possession, but a person striving spiritually will truly have the right feeling for it, whether love is right or just self-love, which only desires and does not want to give. Giving love is always divine and has my blessing; but demanding love never thinks of the other, but only of oneself. And that is the characteristic of love, which is blessed by me, that it blesses and increases, that it seeks to make happy and that it does not dispel love towards me, i.e., that I am not switched off from the thoughts, what however will always be the case when love takes a wrong direction, when it is just self-love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4070.


Book 50 4071

Admonition to become immersed in God’s word. Power giver.

27. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4071.

Trust in my power if you feel weak, and all weakness will fall away from you. And then become deeply immersed in my word, and the power will flow over upon you, why you need nothing further than only my word and this word is able to give you everything, although this is still not comprehensible to you. All power is contained in my word, and everyone is able to feel it who receives my word in himself in deep faith in me, for I gave you the promise: "Whosoever believeth in me shall be happy." And there is only happiness in connection with me – but my word is I myself – my word is my radiation, which means power for everyone who therefore approaches me in deep faith. You do not need to be powerless; you need to fear no weakness because bodily and spiritually I strengthen you through my word, and you recognize the truth of my word if you have reached the degree of maturity that you devote yourselves to me boundlessly and no longer let doubts arise on account of your weakness and apparent inability to do something what seems to exceed your power. Only what still stands far from me still lacks power if it has not sunk so far that it receives power from below, from my opponent. You do not know it how powerful you can be, if you believe. And that is why I teach you again and again, wrestle for strong faith, do not let up in prayer, and live in love because then also your faith grows stronger and becomes alive – and then there is nothing more invincible for you; and use every day and every hour, for soon the time has come where new troubles and worries approach you, which you will only be able to conquer and bear in deep faith in me. Then you will still need much more power and also receive it from me, if you turn trustingly towards me and ask for favour and supply of power. You would be full of restlessness if you would know the day and the hour where I will express myself, and that is why you are to make use of the short time if possible to increase your soul maturity, because then you must step out and teach fellowmen at every opportunity, especially then when questions are asked, when despairing people face the events and its consequences helplessly and call for God and are still unbelieving. Then you must enlighten them and emphasize my love towards men, which are in danger to get completely lost, and cannot be guided on the right way in any other way. And then you must have the conviction yourselves; your faith must be unshakable, otherwise you cannot promote me and my kingdom, otherwise you are no suitable workers in my vineyard. I will fill you with power any time, if you feel yourselves weak and call upon me for help. I help you in every earthly and spiritual trouble so that you recognize me visibly and believe. Amen. B.D. NR. 4071.


Book 50 4072

Spiritual rebirth.

28. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4072.

To experience spiritual rebirth is to be your aim and your desire; then you also step into union with me, and your ascent is secured for you. You are born into flesh, and the spark slumbers in you, which is my share, but this spirit spark has not yet life, although you live on earth; you must first give it life, therefore the spirit in you must experience its birth, and this is your work alone. It is your assignment, on which fulfilment depends your life in eternity. To be born again in the spirit therefore means to give the spirit in you the opportunity to step into your life quite independently from bodily life, therefore as it were to also take a share in everything what you think, speak and act. The spirit in you, which is my share, wants to have an influence on your earth life; it wants to advise, lead and teach you; it wants to obtain a hearing and draw the soul over to it and therefore help you finding the unification with me, so that you become happy. But how do you awaken the sprit in you to life? By you doing the will of him who gave you life and who has put the spirit spark in you to establish through it the connection with you, you who still stand far from me and still are to find the unification with me still on earth. And my will is that you keep my commands, that you love me above everything and the neighbour like yourselves. Then the rebirth of the spirit will take place very quickly, and it will be able to have an effect in you. And its work consists first in ordering of thoughts, which from now on turn towards the spiritual kingdom. Your thinking will be spiritually directed – you will, in contrast to your earth life before, deal with spiritual things; you will no longer place the world in the foreground, but your desire will be directed towards those things which concern the life of the soul; you will remember life after death; you will seek me, and I will let me be found. Because the spirit spark in you seeks the unification with the father spirit and wants to cause you to the same striving; it wants to remove you from the world and open the attractions of the spiritual world for you, and it will succeed in all this if you give it the opportunity to have an effect. Then you are reborn in the spirit, and then you also reach your destination safely, because I am united with the spirit spark for ever, and consequently you are also connected with me, if you let yourselves be drawn by the spirit in you, if you once awaken it to life and then devote yourselves to its influence. Soul and body will now draw advantage from the connection with the spirit spark in you; soul and spirit will give up the earthly world to unite with the spiritual world, and soul and body will push towards me, because the spirit spark now determines the thinking, feeling and wanting and the spiritually reborn man completely abandons himself to the influence of the spirit. Who therefore is born again in the spirit, he will no longer walk in darkness for ever; he has found light – he has become alive and will never ever lose his life – he will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4072.


Book 50 4073

Light Phenomenon in the Sky. Christ’s Cross.

30. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4073.

You are to watch the phenomena of the last times. And so soon changes in nature will attract your attention, you will be able to observe a strange play of forces, a phenomenon that will make you think when you observe it with the right attitude towards me, the creator, who also lets these phenomena take place to direct the attention of all men to himself. And you will notice how few men have the right attitude towards me, how they try to explain everything worldly and remain unimpressed even by extraordinary phenomena. This will be a phenomenon of light that will be visible during the day, that will become visible in the sky without prior notice and that does not allow any other explanation than a reference to Christ’s work of redemption because it is in the form of a cross with the unmistakable countenance of the redeemer. And this light phenomenon will give rise to many discussions and then my servants are to prepare themselves because this phenomenon is the introduction, it is so to speak meant for all men as it can be seen by all men. But how very differently will it be considered and how little understanding and interest is shown in it. I let a visible sign appear in heaven and still find too little attention, I put the work of redemption in front of their eyes so that they believe in Jesus Christ and get saved but the faith in him is already as good as lost and also this phenomenon of light will not let men find any belief or increase it. Because men are too worldly orientated and do not want to believe since they would like to reject all responsibility but cannot do this if they would believe in Jesus Christ. And so also the phenomenon of light will again only be a sign from heaven for few men, a sign of the last times. An inner anxiety will probably take hold of most people but only for a short time to be replaced by an intent attention which will however only apply to the phenomenon itself. They do not believe that the nearby end has anything to do with it and they only mock the believers that announced these predictions of a nearby end to the people to get them to prepare themselves for the end. They will find little faith but still are not allowed to drop their work for my kingdom because such opportunities are special favours for men on earth so that they think about things and take the thought into consideration that supernatural forces want to have an effect on men through phenomena of nature of exceptional kind, that I deliberately want the phenomenon to happen to direct men towards the end. Science will give an explanation and it will also be accepted but whoever strives spiritually will recognize me in this and will shout for joy and rejoice on account of the nearby end, because the world has nothing to offer him anymore, but his heart is full of hope for life after death and he longs for the last hour which will also redeem him from earthly misery as I have promised that I will come in the clouds to fetch home my people into my kingdom. He knows that then the hour has also come when the earthly trouble increases and when no earthly help is to be expected anymore. Then I shorten the days so that the ones who are mine remain loyal to me and are steadfast until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4073.


Book 50 4074

Past – present – future.

30. June and 1. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4074.

The concept past, present and future is ruled out in the kingdom of pure spirits, i.e., when the degree of perfection is reached, the idea is invalid for the soul; everything in eternity is in a way timeless. So the soul can again experience everything looking back, it will not have the impression to stand in the past but as spirit the idea for time vanishes, for time and space is something disassociated and therefore not to be separated from the state of imperfection. But something limited cannot be concomitant in the state of perfection because there are no limitations for this state. And that is why then also the time and space concept has to cease to apply because it always includes a limitation in itself. But man cannot form an idea, but it has to be made understandable to him because this contributes much to the explanation of mysterious phenomena, which man is not capable to believe otherwise. Mature men, also due to a mission, can have visions, which reach far back into the past and are still given an account of close to life without ever having had a connection with prehistoric times. And then only that explanation can be applied that the degree of maturity of that man enables him to see past experiences, that he therefore then becomes detached from earth, his soul with the spirit in it dwells in spheres of light and there has the most marvellous experiences while looking back and can give an account of, in so far as this is beneficial for man through God’s will. Then therefore the soul so to speak still lives on earth but is already a candidate of the spiritual kingdom, except that his soul again and again returns to earth, to be able to also give an account on earth of the impressions out of the spiritual kingdom, to awaken or enliven the faith of fellow men. This is a mission which likewise requires a maturity when man wants to serve God and pass on his experiences to encourage fellow men to eager soul work, to reach the state of perfection on earth. Because men need convincing hints, teachings and also reprimands, when they take it too lukewarm. From time to time men need unusual phenomena which prompt them to think, and when they do the latter then they are also to get true enlightenment when it matters to them. But the putting back into the past is only possible in a high degree of maturity, and it is a sure sign of perfection which already entitles to the entrance into spheres of light, and such a person only still dwells on earth because of his mission, otherwise the imparting of past experiences would not happen without faith compulsion but that is not allowed to happen according to God’s will. That is why also such obvious proofs of divine work often take place in all naturalness, only always leaving that problem open how a person comes to such knowledge when the idea of spiritual seeing is not yet understood by him. Spiritual enlightenment is always only to be given, and the concept of space and timelessness can also only then be understood when man has likewise reached a higher degree of maturity through his own striving which earns him spiritual knowledge. Then also the enlightenment about mysterious phenomena will be understandable to him and only deepen his faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 4074.


Book 50 4075

God’s call to activity - Mission.

1. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4075.

My voice you are to obey if the call to you will be enacted to serve me and therefore to fulfil your mission. You will feel it clearly in the heart, and every lack of clarity will shut out; you will also feel inwardly pushed to be active for me, and then you are to comply with this urge without hesitation, devote yourselves to me unquestioningly, abandon yourselves to my leadership. And you will now do as the heart inspires you to it, because through this I announce myself. Like clear thoughts you will hear my call and not know whether I spoke the words, which echo in you. And my call will make you glad and happy, and you like to give up everything to obey me. Then the world will certainly approach you with its demands, but also these you will be able to fulfil with my support, but always will the work for me and my kingdom be your main work, which you place in front of every activity, and so also this will be blessed and not keep you back from spiritual work. And that is your assignment that you speak wherever you just have opportunity, because you can give much, because you possess much; you can teach, because you are knowing, and you can always and constantly announce my will to men; you can teach them love and therefore bring the Gospel to them, which you have received from me – you can show the right way to fellowmen and speak to them about the end. You will never need to think what you are to say, because if you want to work for me, you are also filled with my spirit as soon as you are just spiritually active, and then also your thoughts are directed right, and you are protected from erroneous thinking and can abandon yourselves carefree to my guidance; you are just not allowed to defend yourselves by you refusing against better knowledge, by you fearing the world and not trust in my power and strength. But then the world also still has imprisoned you, and you are not suitable as workers in my vineyard. But who loves me, he also listens to my voice and likes to follow me, and I very specially take care of him; I help him that he breaks away from the world; and also earthly life I make bearable to him and enable him to spiritual work; I bless it and constantly guide men to him whom he is to help in spiritual trouble. But I tell you this all before, so that you are to be attentive, so that you are to prepare yourselves for your new office and hear my call, which will soon go to you, because time is drawing to its close, as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4075.


Book 50 4076

Rejection of men. Knowledge of God’s plan of salvation.

2. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4076.

That men take such a negative view of my writings is justified with it that they shrink from carrying out an examination, although it would dispel all doubts if they would take it seriously. Nevertheless it must be brought home to them; they must have knowledge of the extraordinary effect of God and his love, which is meant for his creatures. For once the hour comes where they recall your words since they have no other rescue anchor anymore than this my love, which you are to announce always and constantly. And then people here and there can still find me, if they just call upon me for mercy. I obviously want to grant them my help, but they are to know about meaning and purpose of earth life, so that they then submit the question to themselves: How do I have utilized my life? – It is yet only a short time, which remains to you until the day where I appear for the first time. These are just still days of death which mankind now experiences, because it does not utilize the time, as it would be necessary, and that is why I still want to make one step of concession. I certainly do not seem to approach you as a God of love, but if no love would participate, I would have given you up already a long time ago, and would never ever wait until you return. Only love determines me to this. Look at the devastations, whose originators were men, and believe me that I could never ever do the same – just taking, what is dear and valuable to you, and to give back nothing. But I want to give to you incomparably more valuable treasures than you had to have to give them. For the sake of these favourable supplies I allowed the destruction through the hand of man, although this is still incomprehensible to you. You have to give away what gets in the way for the receiving of my gift of favour. Therefore you must devotedly fall into line to my will when you have to go through suffering and affliction and lose everything. You, you who are mine, I enlighten about my plan of salvation from eternity; to you I give knowledge about what is coming so that you can also teach your fellowmen, and again and again I admonish you to do the latter, even so men decline or listen to you indifferently. The time is coming where your words will find an echo in your hearts, and not with all they will be spoken in vain. Surprisingly fast a change will occur, and then alone my word will offer you men comfort and impart power. For every receiver of power life will still be bearable. I tell you this before so that you can adapt yourselves to it, but you will not be able to make earthly provisions, but your soul alone can prepare itself for it that the coming time does not press you down, that you live through it with the look directed upwards. It is the time of the end, and it no longer lasts long; it is the time of the great sorrow, which I have always and constantly announced through seers and prophets and which I now also again predict to you with all urgency and admonish you to eager spiritual striving and warn of lukewarmness or complete worldly minded thinking. And for that reason announce everywhere what I have told you; speak without shyness of my work, and make their soul work urgent to men, because the spiritual misery is still greater than the earthly, and you are to help to remove it, although man also rejects your help by virtue of his free will. But you are to do eager work for my kingdom, and I want to bless you for it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4076.


Book 50 4077

Increase of knowledge. Co-workers of Jesus.

5. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4077.

Only that knowledge is imparted to you men, for which you are receptive, but you can increase the latter yourselves if you desire a deeper knowledge. But you must then before connect yourselves intimately with the giver of truth; you must be servants willingly devoted to him, who receive his instructions without argument. Your thinking and striving must remain the spiritual kingdom, and then you can also receive knowledge out of the spiritual kingdom unmeasured. And then you will also be able to fulfil the most beautiful assignment as teacher of your fellowmen on earth – a mission, which makes you to co-workers of Jesus Christ. You can continue the work of redemption, which he has started, already on earth, and also be active immediately in the spiritual kingdom according to your purpose. It is only alone up to knowledge how far you can be active to redeem, and for that reason seek to increase this knowledge, and make use of every opportunity to establish this connection with God to be allowed to receive eternal truth, the most valuable spiritual material, from himself. But the reception of this spiritual material requires strong will, an overcoming of earthly pleasures and overcoming of matter; it requires devotion to God, love towards him and the neighbour and a deeply humble heart, which therefore completely submits to the will of God. If you have love in you and remain through this in constant connection with God, who is eternal love himself, then a short deep sigh towards him is enough for his favour and power, and your love will be returned; the love of God will flow towards you in form of his word, which is blessed with his power, and his word is truly the most valuable for earth life, what can be offered to you, because you mature in your soul; you will reach a degree still on earth, which makes light beings out of you, so that you, at the ending of the life of the body, can enter into those spheres where the light radiates through you and makes unspeakable happy. And for that reason use your will; make yourself able and want that you become light bearers already on earth, that you hear the divine word in you and through it mature in knowledge, that you stand in truth and have great knowledge at your disposal. For spiritual knowledge is a wealth, which you can take over with you into the spiritual kingdom, which is immortal and means a treasure for you, with which you can work if you want to be active to redeem. Amen. B.D. NR. 4077.


Book 50 4078

Spiritual sun.

6. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4078.

The spiritual sun has risen for those men who reach God-knowledge after a struggle through prayer and love work. It has become light in them; a glorious morning has replaced the dark spirit-night, and the day will last for ever; no night will follow it because who once stands in cognition, for him it will remain in eternity. Only when the sun of the spirit shines upon a man, finds his heart inner peace, because when it is day all worries and anxieties of the night fall off; it is the feeling of security that dominates man, and this feeling gives rest and peace. Now and then a little cloud can still cover the rays of the spiritual sun; gloomy moments in the life of men can worry him, but the rays of the sun will always break through; they will shine brighter and brighter and more and more piercingly, until in the end man is completely radiated through and everything unclean, falsity is eaten up by its heat, until the rays find no longer resistance and man is completely spiritual. Then man will live – he will live in eternity. For the sun awakens everything to life, and nothing can be alive without its rays. Who walks along in the rays of the spiritual sun to him a life will open, which blesses him because he will stand in deepest knowledge, and he will himself be able to radiate this knowledge , therefore so to speak become light bearer himself, a little sun, which is fed by the big sun, which, spiritualized by its rays, can hand out a spiritual material, because the rays of the spiritual sun do not lose its power, and the spiritual material offered as light will be able to be imparted to men so that also for them again a bright morning can break after a dark night. But not many walk in the spiritual sun because the majority of men avoids the bright light shine and withdraws. And these are those men who avoid every spiritual discussion, who do not desire truth, but are rather stubborn or satisfied if they know nothing about continuing their life. But others receive the knowledge and do not utilize it, i.e., they just hear it with the ears, but not with the heart; they do not feel the favour of the rays of the sun, because they do not expose themselves to them, and for that reason they are also not alive, because they lack love, which would also make the favour of the spiritual sunrays comprehensible to them. They do not see the sunrise; they remain in their state of doze, because they do not desire the light, and therefore it will also not rise for them, because they flee from the circuit of divine love. Others again are completely indifferent if the light from the height is offered to them. They feel well in the darkness and never seek to change the state, and that is why it remains eternal night in them. But the night is no man’s friend. Where spiritual night is, the soul gets into extreme trouble; the light of the day must have an effect on it if it is to feel free and happy; it must be illuminated by the spiritual sun, if it wants to live in eternity. And it can escape from the night; at any time it can go towards the radiating morning, because it is just up to the will of man alone that he makes an effort to reach God-knowledge, that he practises love, connects himself to God through love work, even so unconsciously that he now feels God, calls upon him in prayer and recommends himself to his love and favour. All this must go first if man wants to reach right knowledge, if he wants to stand in right thinking and in truth, if he wants to become knowing and be taught by God himself through his spirit. But then he stands in the light; then the sun of the spirit has risen for him; then night is no longer; no darkness is spread over him; he will find shining light everywhere; he will walk the right way in the light of the day, which leads to the destination; he will free the soul out of spiritual misery; he will give it life, and nothing will any longer frighten it, because always and everywhere the One accompanies it, whom it has recognized in the light of the morning, who is the light from eternity himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4078.


Book 50 4079

Word of God flesh and blood. Bread of heaven. Becoming one.

7. and 8. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4079.

The desire for spiritual food is a sure sign of the upward impetus, and this desire will always be fulfilled insofar as I hand out my gift and satisfy men with heavenly bred, that I take them to my table and offer them communion, that I let them taste my flesh and my blood, so that they refresh themselves at it and become blessed. They will reach the target very safely, a high maturity of the soul, which secures them my nearness on earth and in the spiritual kingdom. Because who has my communion he is already closely connected to me, and he will feel my nearness because he hears me; he accepts my word; he eats my flesh and drinks my blood, and therefore he receives me myself when he lets himself be fed in the desire for me with the bread of heaven which my love gives to him. I am the bread of life, and who eats it he will never die in eternity. I have spoken these words to men, and they did not understand me because only he will grasp the spiritual meaning who has love in himself. But they were without love and therefore received literally what had to be understood spiritually. The same way people of the present time have not yet fathomed the depth of my word, they also do not understand the spiritual meaning and therefore have the wrong view of communion, of the feeding at the table of the Lord. They might make an effort to act according to my word and receive communion, but they do not know my will, and when I announce this my will through my awakened servants they do not believe it and stick to what they have already taken over as wrong. I offer myself to them in the word, and who with a hungry heart receives me in his heart, he receives communion, he will be fed by me and be given to drink, he eats my flesh and drinks my blood, i.e., he receives myself with the word, me who is the word from eternity that has become flesh. My blood is the power which flows through him when he receives me in his heart, but he must desire it, otherwise he just hears the empty sound, otherwise the word does not become alive in him. But he who longs for me and desires to hear my word, he also lives in love, because love and I are one. And no-one will desire and love me who is a stranger to works of love. But I always speak of the desire of the heart, not of the stammering of the mouth, of empty words, which say the same, however are not felt in the heart. And this is to prompt men to earnest criticism, whether and when they desire my word in the heart. Because only then they receive communion; only then they can say convincingly: I am myself with them in the word. And then they experience the greatest mystery; they unite with me through love. The desire for my word expresses the love, which they feel for me, and love attracts me; love expresses itself in the face of me and fellow man. The loving man will untiringly be busy and serve the neighbour unselfishly, and therefore he will fulfil my will, as it is pleasing to me. And I will constantly give to him the bread of heaven; I will constantly supply him with spiritual food; he will never come away empty-handed from my table; he will constantly unite with me, therefore communicate at every receipt of my word because I am the word myself and closely join together with him when his heart desires spiritual food and spiritual drink Amen. B.D. NR. 4079.


Book 50 4080

God’s love and compassion in the last time before the end.

8. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4080.

God’s great love and compassion will obviously become visible in the last time before the end where the believers live in hardest distress. It will be a time of most bitter misery for men, who want to remain loyal to him, because the opponent will take rigorously action against everyone who stands up for his faith and for Jesus Christ and his teaching. The measures which will be made to enforce faithlessness will be of such sharpness that men resist little and almost exclusively deny God. But those who stand in knowledge about truth, who live in love and therefore also in the right God-knowledge, who call upon Jesus Christ as redeemer for his help, they will also recognize him in the measures who is announced as Antichrist for the last time before the end. And they will therefore stand all the firmer and wait for God’s help and his coming full of confidence, and these will also not be disappointed. God’s great love will be revealed to them because he is close to them at any time, so that also the unbelievers could recognise him if they would not be of bad will and therefore completely in the hand of Satan. But who is still weak and did not completely desert God, him the pity of God still seizes, and many proofs of divine work are offered to him so that it is made easy for him to believe and to stand up to all threads through the world. Only good will is not allowed to be missing, and then the hand of God stretches itself towards him still in the last hour. What is happening in this time that is difficult to predict to men, because Satan again and again invents new plans and outdoes himself in atrocities, in inhuman decrees and evil deeds against the believers. The lot of the believers is apparently unbearable; and still they will get so much power from God that they can bear all burdens and do not feel the misery so, because their look is directed towards heaven, and the world and the earthly no longer tempts them. In addition they hear the voice of the Lord – they know that he shortens the days, because his promise has given them comfort, and therefore they count with that day that redemption will be theirs out of earthly trouble. And nevertheless the last day comes still unexpectedly also for these; it will come when no possibility exists any longer to win souls, and this will be the case very quickly because the separation will be carried out soon, the courage of one’s convictions is just small, and the decision for or against God is demanded in a short time, and that is why it will also be the start of the end, because the hardship, to which the believers are now exposed, demands the help of God, otherwise also the little flock of his would be overcome by weakness and God never ever allows this. And so he will come as rescuer in highest trouble and fetch his to him. And then comes judgment, as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4080.


Book 50 4081

Remorse of the soul in the hereafter.

10. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4081.

Enormously burdening for the soul in the hereafter is the awareness of having itself to be blamed for its situation and being robbed of every possibility to change its state out of its own power. But this awareness it has only then when the desire appears in it to create an improvement for itself. Before it is apathetic, neither strives up nor down, only feels an unprecedented agony and has no will of its own, until an opportunity is again offered to it, through the help of light beings, which approach it in disguise, to meet other souls, and the drive now awakens in it to get into other surroundings, in the belief to then also have escaped the painful state. And only now it becomes clear to it that it must make up for what it neglected on earth, that it must work in love. And now it also recognizes its idleness on earth, and the remorse about the many unused opportunities is exceedingly deep. With good will it will soon feel an improvement, because as soon as it feels remorse it also uses every opportunity to be lovingly active towards the needy souls, because a soul which is hardened, turns more down and also never feels remorse about its own guilt, because such a soul can never realize its wrong through influencing of evil powers and therefore also feels no remorse. Only the recognition of its guilt enables the soul to stimulate it upwards. And then the love work also starts, which supplies power to it for the ascent. The awareness of its guilt is always the result of pity for the souls, which, like it, have to endure an agonizing state, and this stirring already earns the soul the help of light beings, which now do not let up until it has found and entered the way to the height. And the further the soul progresses in recognition the busier it complies with love work in the hereafter and helps all those who still stand under it, because it knows about their agonies and would like to help to decrease them for them. And this love activity has the own remorse now becoming weaker, as it now has the opportunity to still mature likewise, and when it also can never reach the highest degree, the adoption of God, which can only be acquired through a love life on earth, so it is still happy in the awareness of being able to serve God, whom it now loves above all, until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4081.


Book 50 4082

With God nothing is impossible.

11. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4082.

Where earthly help seems no longer possible, there the love of God is often clearly recognizable, which even lets that happen, what seems impossible, so that men learn to believe in him and love him over everything. For God there are no limits to his power, and what he wants, that happens. Therefore there is also nothing what would be unrealizable, because with God everything is possible. Men therefore often struggle unnecessarily through earth life, because if they want to be able to do extraordinary things, they just need to approach God for help. He can always help, and he will always help. But this faith they can only win through exercising neighbourly love, because every good work establishes the connection with him and by this receipt of power is secured, which also must inevitably lead back to God as radiation of God. And he must learn to believe and will also do it, if he strives towards the height with serious will. In the last time before the end the most wonderful things will happen, which look supernatural and still just find their explanation in the will of men and the power of faith. In them lies the whole explanation of all that, what you think being incomprehensible, but what actually is just the result of a right walk of life before God. And therefore it is not enough that men call themselves Christians according to form, that they declare themselves for the church to which they belong, if they do not live Christianity, if they do not testify through their walk of life that they belong to the community of the believers, which forms the right church of Christ. Living faith is demanded and working neighbourly love, to let the power of the spirit become effective. But then man also has extraordinary power at his disposal, because it is the power out of God, which flows through him and for which there is no limitation. Consequently man can achieve unusual things with the power out of God, but as also God can appear himself in the form of aids, which seem supernaturally, because they often occur then, when no hope for help exists any longer. With God nothing is impossible. Man is to say this again and again in every severe life situation, and then his faith will experience a strength that there are no serious difficulties any longer for men, that he banishes every misery with his attitude towards God, with his deep unshakable faith in His help and therefore faces every trouble carefree and confidently. And then God will also help him, because he does not let a strong faith be ruined. With God nothing is impossible. He can achieve everything when he wants, and he wants to achieve everything when his children call upon him as their loving father and trust him unconditionally. Then he covers all needs of those who are his and helps them in all earthly tribulations and difficulties. For he is a God of love, and love will always give and help because it wants to make happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4082.


Book 50 4083

Consequences of the observance as well as the lack of respect of divine order.

12. and 13. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4083.

Fulfil the law from eternity, and you will live in eternity. Former means living according to the will of God, on which his law of order is based, and thereby to find the unification with God, who guarantees eternal life. And so the law-maker must first be recognized and acknowledged; man must submit to his law; he must want what God wants, therefore subordinate his will freely to the divine will and therefore announce his complete belonging to God and push towards him in free will. Then the resistance is broken, which left the spiritual embodied as man remain in separation from God for an endless long time. But separation from him is death, unification with him life. And who once as man has found unification with him, he will be no longer separated from eternal love for ever, which draws everything to itself what does not resist it fundamentally. But it is now of special merit for a man if he makes an effort to do more on earth than what is his actual task – to not only work on his own ascent development, therefore to live according to God’s will, but to also make the wellbeing of the soul of fellowmen his business and to take over a task, which is extremely blessed, because it is a work for the kingdom of God. The task exists in presenting the divine will to fellowmen and to show them the way, which leads to the destination, the unification with God. Therefore man must be instructed about the consequences of the observance as well as the lack of respect for the divine order, so that he now strives for eternal life and does not become a slave of death. This is a mission, which absolutely corresponds to the divine will, but which is not offered to man, but is purely an act of free will. It is therefore an increased degree of love towards God and the neighbour, which determines man to offer himself to God for this mission, and his will will be assessed doubly by God and awarded accordingly on earth already through extraordinary supply of favour, which again urges man and also enables to carry out the teaching office linked with this work. But the supply of favour is the divine word, which moves man into increased knowledge and trains him for this teaching activity. Consequently the day must also undoubtedly come for a man, who receives the word of God directly imparted by him, where his mission starts, and a man, who directly receives the divine word, is also definitely called by God, when the time has come for his activity on earth, for the work for the kingdom of God. (13.7.1947) For not until men is given knowledge of the will of God, of the law of eternal order, can they be called to account. But before this knowledge is not opened to them, it cannot be counted as their wrong, if they offend against the divine command. That is why you as workers for the vineyard of the Lord must be eagerly active and seek to transmit the Gospel to your fellowmen – announcing the divine will to them, to grant help to them by this, if they are in great spiritual misery and neither know about meaning and purpose of earth life nor about the urgency of a change according to God’s will. Only then they can fulfil the law; only then they can associate with God and receive extraordinary favours. And blessed who still receive in themselves the word of God before the general dissolving, for it will be easy for them to get to know the law of God and they will cause great blessing with those, who are still dead in spirit. For these can be awakened to life and secure eternal life for themselves in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4083.


Book 50 4084

World – sham goods. Spiritual treasures in the hereafter.

14. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4084.

The world with all your treasures can never replace for man the feeling of the nearness of God, as it can also never secure for them an eternal happiness in the spiritual kingdom. They are just sham goods, which it hands out; and these sham goods disintegrate into nothing if man departs from earth. What on the other hand he receives out of the spiritual kingdom is lasting; it is a treasure of greatest value because he can work with it and increase it constantly through this, but as he also can hand out and make constantly happy who are poor, and he will still lose nothing of his wealth. If men on earth would think how little their earthly directed desire and their earthly activity earns them in comparison with spiritual work, then they would win already much, because the recognition of the worthlessness of earthly goods is already an increase of spiritual good, and their striving for that would increase with this recognition. But man gives little attention to especially these thoughts, and so he remains ignorant, and at the end of life he will go over empty and poor in darkness of spirit into the spheres where only spiritual wealth is valued. He has acquired none because materially minded men lack love for the most part, which creates compensation. For all love work on earth is stored as spiritual wealth and earns the soul its reward in the hereafter – knowledge and therefore a thought material, with which it can work. That is why love is the most important thing on earth, because its effect in the hereafter is light and power and light and power means happiness and blessedness for the soul. For light and power is the radiation of God; it is the proof of the nearness of God, his love and his magnificence. The deeper and more intimate love of a man is the firmer he joins God, and the more delighted he feels his nearness, the response of love and the awareness to possess light and power in fullness. But all this gets lost to the souls, which leave earth life in darkness of spirit, to which no works of love follow into eternity and which therefore stay in extreme poorness and poverty in spheres where is night and where there is no spark of light, as long as not love awakens in the souls, love towards co-sufferers, towards those souls, who are in the same misery. Has the soul the need to give to them in order to help them, then it will also be able to receive and to give away, however without love it will remain in spiritual poverty, endless long times, and able to acquire no goods at all. For love remains on earth as in the spiritual kingdom the first law, which must be fulfilled without fail. Amen. B.D. NR. 4084.


Book 50 4085

Fullness of divine favour.

16. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4085.

In fullness you can take favour by favour. Which promise lies in these words. Not allocated will be to you, but you are allowed to determine the measure yourselves, which is allocated to you. Think about this that my love imposes no limitation upon you, but gives to you unmeasured, that it leaves it up to you how you want to be given, and that you receive that measure according to your will. You are allowed to increase it at any time; but you can also leave my promise unnoticed and take up nothing of that what reaches you. But then you will suffer long and find no sympathy or help, because you rejected me when I offered you the great gift of favour. Your life passes by unsuccessfully for your souls if you do not use the favours, which are at your disposal. Therefore you are certainly not called to account for by me, because it is your free will, which I do not touch, but I leave full freedom to you. But you have little success, because it merely depends on the favour, which man takes up for himself. I.e., as under favour every means of help is to be understood, which I give to you, to reach the height, so the success of progress must fail to arrive, if deep faith in me and my supply of favour lacks in the time of the end. Because the lack of faith brings about that the supply of favour is not used, that it is not increased through the will of man, and this is standstill, which can also become retrogression. I give to you what you need for the ascent to the height; I help you always and constantly as long as you do not withdraw your will and do not face my gift of favour heedlessly. But you must yourselves be prepared to receive my gift of favour; you must request by asking and receive with thanks what my love offers to you, and you must always imagine that you cannot for ever advance without my supply of favour. But your aim is the unification with me, which then earns you power in all fullness so that you will live and can never ever die, because your spirit will be awake and give you life; you will be born again in the spirit and have reached your destination. But the fullness of my favour lets you reach this aim already on earth; therefore request it and use it, and let yourselves be given my love so that you become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4085.


Book 50 4086

Complete Dissolving and Reshaping of Earth.

17. and 18. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4086.

Within a very short space of time the complete dissolving of the earth will take place because the forces that come into effect are so elemental that nothing resist them, that everything will be destroyed what exists as creations of any kind both on the face of the earth as well as in the interior of the earth. A partial dissolving is therefore out of the question but the development of forces extends over the whole earth and so the entire earth is one centre of fire that destroys everything as everything is seized by the fire. And so the fire will possibly spread slower at individual places, according to the wisdom of God, there in fact where still in the last hour the souls are given the opportunity to call on God for help, where therefore men live whose mind is still changeable before the end. But the earth will be destroyed totally, i.e. the core possibly continues to exist but the entire surface of the earth experiences a change that is so powerful that one can talk of the cessation of existence of all works of creation. A reshaping of the old earth is also only then necessary and possible when all creations of the old earth have ceased to exist and out of the remains the creations of the new earth are to be formed that again are to hold the spiritual that still is in the middle of its development. And to its great satisfaction this spiritual becomes free because it asks for an ascending development, to make use of the favour of a life on earth as man and it presses towards this last embodiment. So the new earth will not have any old creations but these will be totally destroyed and reshaped and the process lasts only a very short time. And in fact this destruction takes place in front of the eyes of men but in their state of great horror they only pay attention to themselves, i.e. in their fear of death they are only anxious to escape but that is impossible. On the other hand the believers, who God raptures before the total destruction, will be able to observe the work of the downfall of the old earth because it will happen in front of their eyes so that the power and glory of God becomes revealed. But the emergence of the new earth remains hidden from their eyes because when God leads them to the new earth then all creations are already in existence and a many-sided picture is presented to the eyes of the believers, completely unknown creations, wonderful to look at and exceeding in their functional nature all the creations of the old earth. But the duration of the emergence of these creations is not measurable by men on the new earth because during the time of their stay after the rapture all sense of time was taken away from men and in the same way the concept of time will initially be absent on the new earth as men already have a high degree of maturity and the result of this is that past, present and future is just one idea for them until men again become more material and through this again are subject to the laws of time and space. And so the new earth is in its development completely withdrawn from the eyes of men but in a spiritually way the explanation is given to them and they can take from this any time the most important of the divine teaching but on the other hand this will also be given to men themselves directly because God will dwell in the middle of men who love him since they have formed themselves to love and God himself as well as his bright angels teach men on the new earth. And so the original light stays right in the middle of those who are his and hands out light to all those who are worthy of it. B.D. NR. 4086.


Book 50 4087

Short time in free will. Long time in mandatory state.

20. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4087.

Unthinkable long times were necessary before the spiritual was allowed to incarnate, to which the embodiment as man was granted based on a certain degree of maturity. This degree of maturity it had to gain before and this through serving in works of creation, of which purpose was the preserving and reproduction of other creations of God. In this long time there was for the spiritual only a subordinating under divine will to now being able to use its free will in the last embodiment as man. But the time of free will for the spiritual is very short calculated in relation to the extremely long time before. The short time can now bring complete maturity for the spiritual; but it can also earn him renewed banishment if the being allows itself to be incited by bad forces, which seek to encourage it mentally. But if man is strong enough to resist this dark influence, then he walks very quickly to the height. The tribulations and troubles of the last time of his embodiment can achieve that he seeks to approach God in free will and voluntarily submits to God. Then human existence is not fruitless for him; he reaches his aim on earth, a high maturity of the soul and release out of form; as free spirit being he enters the spheres of light. This state now corresponds to his original state, being able to work in fullness of power in unlimited measure to his own happiness. And this state lasts until all eternity. Therefore also the endless long time before the embodiment as man is again only a short phase in relationship to eternity. It is a transition out of the material world into the spiritual world, which certainly stretches over a certain time, but is no longer felt as a long time in the state of light, because in the state of happiness every idea of time is switched off and the soul also feels the previous suffering gratefully as help of God, which makes the ascent to the height possible for the spiritual. Therefore only the imperfect will always feel the time; that what has become perfect on the other hand recognizes everything as beneficial, what has preceded and resulted in the state of perfection. The whole ascent development process consists of such phases, which each of it certainly represents an eternity, however only means a short time in comparison to eternity for the complete being and seen gratefully as proof of the love of God, who wants to help to redeem the imperfect, therefore guiding it to perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 4087.


Book 50 4088

Spiritual death. Idea "life".

22. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4088.

Man can live and still be spiritually dead, but as the other way round he also can die and still enter eternal life, only that this is a spiritual life, while former only concerns the body, in which the soul is in the state of lack of light and consequently also without power, therefore a state of death is its lot, even so it lives in the midst of surroundings full of joy. Because earth life is just a pretence life, which does not last, but man who is spiritually dead, is also without knowledge and therefore puts the pretence life before the actual life, the life of the spirit in eternity. But what are you man fundamentally? You are spiritual, only surrounded by a material cover, and as soon as this cover drops, which is passing, the spiritual in you is free, no matter in what state the soul leaves the body. It is free of its outer form, but not every soul is able to want and to create. But the wanting and the ability to create out of itself is its happiness; it is that state, which was originally its purpose and which got lost. But wanting and being able to create is synonymous with life – being able to be uninterruptedly active according to its will. On earth "life" means an ability to be active unhindered through bodily weaknesses and afflictions, because an earth life, which has latter as company, is not fully valued and is regarded as shortcoming, as long as man does not stand in right knowledge about his earth task. But on earth also the inactive man mostly creates a compensation through fulfilment of earthly desires and so helps himself over his state of weakness or over conscious inactivity – idleness -, robbing himself of one day over the other, which was given to him for the ascent development of his soul. In the spiritual kingdom on the other hand the soul must do without all anaesthetic; it must feel the state of its inactivity as depressing; it must become an agony for it so that it seeks to flee from it. Its lack of power prevents it from an unauthorized change of its state; it is poor in every respect and must live in want, until help is brought to it in its trouble through the prayer of men on earth being close to it. Because where love forwards such a prayer into eternity, there the soul gets a glimmer of knowledge like lightning. If it makes use of it, then the light around it will soon become stronger and the terrible agonies of the lack of light let up. But the desire for life awakens now in it and stimulates it to activity; but activity in the hereafter is: working in love, as also on earth the soul can win eternal life through a love life only, which only gives its soul the right life. And so death never ever needs to frighten a man, who makes an effort on earth to walk in love, because he will not die, but live in eternity. But the others, who only value earthly life alone, death will keep its thorn, because they are really in the state of death after their demise; only that they are not completely wiped out, but that the awareness of their existence adheres to them extraordinarily and often so that they think of themselves only and pay no attention to the misery of the souls around them. And then they are in deepest danger of having to remain in the state of death throughout eternities, because only love can give life, because the law of love must be fulfilled on earth as in the hereafter, because without love there is no life and man can never become happy. Therefore life and death can be close together; the demise of a man does not need to mean his death, as also life of a man can only then be called life, when the spirit is active constantly, when man sets himself a spiritual goal and follows it eagerly; when he works in love, as his spirit tells him to do, because he will not die, but live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4088.


Book 50 4089

Pure divine love principle to give. No sin.

22. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4089.

Direct your look inwards; sharpen your spiritual ear and listen to what I announce to you through my spirit. Then you will also hear my voice and see my image deep in the heart; you will experience my love in every way, which I give to those who entrust themselves to me; to whom I want to be a leader through the entire earth life. But my love expresses itself specially in the increase of their soul maturity, which is certainly reached through my love and favour, but which also results in increased love towards me, so that therefore my love lights theirs and lets it become a bright flame and man is pushed towards increased love work. When therefore love is enflamed in you, then you also know that I am myself in you; otherwise you could not feel love – therefore I am close to him who gives love and practises love. And his wanting, thinking and acting I determine through my spirit having an effect in him. Let this be said to you that love ennobles everything, that it can give birth to nothing bad and that it always guarantees my presence. But when is love pure, therefore divine? When is it to be valued and recognized as love radiation on my part? – When it is no self-love; when the principle to give is predominant and when the thoughts of man are meant for me, even though they also concern the well-being of the neighbour. Because right love will always also have an effect earthly, as long as you men live on earth. There are certainly few among you, who turn their look towards me exclusively. But as soon as the neighbour steps into their way, giving neighbourly will also be practised, and because this is a law from eternity, that love must have an effect, that it drives to give, that it seeks to make happy and finds its own happiness in the making the neighbour happy. And this love is divine; it finds my pleasure, and it will be blessed by me. And I will never condemn him, who stands close to me through love, who carries me myself in himself, who fulfils my command to love the neighbour as himself, who binds me myself to himself through love. I will remain with him, because he has got his heart ready for me as residence, he has become mine through love and can never ever lose my love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4089.


Book 50 4090

Reasons for loss of earthly goods.

24. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4090.

Completely unbound you must feel, if you want to reach the highest level of knowledge on earth. You must as it were be able to renounce earth life to exchange for it a better life, if I take it from you, and you are not allowed to feel the smallest regret at the thought of having to part from your surroundings, from all close to you, as well as from everything what you love. You must be able to give up everything and willingly, then no earth attachment exists any longer, and your spiritual ascent is secured for you. Relinquishment is therefore the first thing you have to practise, and so I therefore take something from you on what your heart is chained, so I just help you, because you find it difficult to do without it voluntarily, and if you love me, you also must fully trustingly resign yourselves to everything what is destined to you for eternity; you must bear your fate without complaint, want to serve me and abandon yourselves completely to my leadership. Then the soul will mature, and you will find rest and peace already on this earth, because I only take from you that, what means a danger for your soul, what still chains you to earth and what to give up is an act of free will, which is still developed weakly in you and which I want to strengthen thereby. And consequently you know why I diminish you of earthly goods and why you had to go through a time of loss of earthly goods and which reason I give to let you recognize truth also intellectually. Because all what happens is based on deepest wisdom, and to you, who are to spread my word, to you I want to also give a truthful explanation, as you are still often affected by the fate yourselves, but which touches men almost without exception in the last time. You are to give enlightenment to fellowmen, as it is incomprehensible to them after all, that everything is taken from them and the eternal creator has allowed such. It is for your best, because you are still too closely connected to matter and therefore need a support for my part, which I have also done for you, although you cannot recognize my love and wisdom in it. But you do not know in which danger your soul stood, and that you can only win, although you would lose that what you love on earth. Your life is soon over, and nothing of earthly goods follows after you into eternity. That is why it is not too great a sacrifice to give up voluntarily what prevents you from spiritual ascent, and you will thank me for it when the end has come and you feel free of all earthly lust. Amen. B.D. NR. 4090.


Book 50 4091

(Private matter).

25. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4091.

What God brings together, that man is not to separate. This I say to you, in whose power it lies to bless a bond or to dissolve it. I tell you this so that you are to recognize from it that neither your own will nor a coincidence brought you together, but that my will alone was decisive and that you must subjugate yourselves to this will, if you do not want to sadden me and disobey me. Both of your fate is prescribed to you, and it unwinds so as it is determined for eternity. You have only still little time and are to serve me in this short time with a whole heart, and you can do this only in complete agreement, in being completely absorbed in one for the other. And therefore much love is required towards each other, because the same thinking, the same wanting and the same acting is precondition for a spiritual cooperation, which exceeds the framework of the natural. But how do you want to be active when my spirit cannot have an effect in you at the same time? Because you are dependent one on each other and therefore must live together in harmonic understanding, and that requires pure deep love for each other, which you must look after like a delicate flower, which you must tend like a precious stone, because love alone makes it possible that I am myself with you and prepare you for your assignment, for your work in my kingdom. If you want that I take possession of you completely, then you must step into the circuit of my love through love work and seek contact with me perpetually. And you find opportunity for this always and constantly, because daily life offers and requires much love work both mutually as well as towards fellowmen. And you must not forget that you owe each other love, that everyone is entitled to the love of the other. And that is why you are to work together for me and my kingdom, because I need hearts willing and able to love and have recognized these in you. Take my words seriously; let yourselves be admonished to constant union, so that you can work together with joy and devotion towards me, who will bless you and your spiritual activity, as I have promised it to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4091.


Book 50 4092

Exemplary love life of the servants of God on earth.

27. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4092.

In times of most blatant lack of love fellowman must very particularly be influenced through an exemplary love life, so that he recognizes his mistakes and weaknesses, so that he takes for himself an example, if the neighbour approaches him with a request. No man escapes suffering and trouble; everyone will be dependent on the help of the other, and then everyone is to also prove himself; love work is to be stimulated at him and come into force. A good example can cause more blessing than just instructing words; a good example often wins a hard heart. And you, who stand in my service voluntarily, you know about the effect of a love life; you have become receivers of power and light, and therefore you can be active in love earthly and spiritually – you can give any time, although spiritual gifts are not so valued by fellowmen, who do not live in love themselves. But also the handing out of earthly goods, help in daily life, is very particularly important with your work for my kingdom. For where you hand out such, you will also find open hearts for the spiritual gifts and awaken counter-love. The great lack of love can only so be influenced that those who are mine are recognizable through work in love, that they obviously step out of the framework of the general public, that their walk of life stimulates fellowmen to think and to imitation. For love is a power, which never remains ineffective. In love work my power radiation becomes evident, and so I work myself where love is practised, and where I work also success can never fail to appear. The awakening of the smallest degree of counter-love is already a success, which cannot be valued high enough, for then man connects already with me and extricates himself from my opponent through the smallest love work, whose sharpest counter-weapon love is. He cannot withstand love, and a continuous love work pushes him completely away. If now a man starts to change, if he gives up lack of love and makes a great effort to smallest love services, he noticeably feels the coming off from that power to which he was enslaved up to now. If he pays attention to and continues the way of love, he also feels freer and drawn towards God; he then strives towards me unconsciously. For the knowledge about his start and his purpose will not yet earn him the feeling of the presence of God, but love work lets him suspect what was hidden to him up to now, and that is why it is extremely important to kindle the love spark in fellowman, so that he senses the feeling of God-closeness and seeks to increase it. And where he does not do it automatically, there it is to be presented to him through a good example, and if his heart has not yet been hardened completely, an act of love shown to him will not remain without effect, and then one more soul has been won for my kingdom, which otherwise would have been inevitably lost for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4092.


Book 50 4093

Spiritual conversations influence of light beings.

27. to 29. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4093.

All spiritual conversations secure a success, just not always directly after it. A time can pass over it before they are exploited, but they do not remain completely without impression, provided mutual interest is existing during the conversation. If however one part only listens reluctantly or he rejects it inwardly, then the success is doubtful, unless fate puts him into life situations where he remembers such conversations. Then success is also to be recorded, and he will be grateful for the explanations, which arose out of the spiritual conversation. And that is why my servants are to use every opportunity to promote my kingdom. They are to seize every opportunity to give fellowmen knowledge of my work; they are to teach where explaining is possible, and always take into consideration that spiritual powers are likewise active and haven an effect on the thoughts of those who hold spiritual conversations, and that these powers also seek to assert their influence later by intervening again and again into the thoughts of men and recalling the words to the mind of them and therefore my servants on earth helped them to direct the thinking of man towards a spiritual direction. And this spiritual activity is incumbent on you, because only then full understanding for the spiritual material offered by me is at hand, when man settles a matter mentally, and that is only the result of debates of spiritual content, provided that the will is available to hear truth. (28.7.1947) If men are prepared for spiritual conversations, then the direction of their thoughts will be directed towards a subject as by itself, which the light beings want to explain to them, so that those advance in recognition and knowledge. They certainly believe having raised this question themselves, but the influence of those beings preceded, because these stand in knowledge about the spiritual state of men entrusted to them, which they now seek to instruct according to divine will. But an open heart absolutely belongs to it, therefore man must have the will to extend his knowledge; he must desire truth. Then the light beings train him; they now often intervene in his thoughts. (29.7.1947) Who now makes the spiritual kingdom to the aim of his thoughts, he will always be guided by his spiritual attendants so that the opportunity is offered to him to spiritual conversations, that he now can express his thoughts and as a result both draws himself profit from it, as well as also the speech partner can enrich his knowledge according to his desire. And consequently also the light beings determine so to speak the fate of man, i.e., they also intervene into the earthly experience, however with the aim of spiritual progress of those who are entrusted to them as charge. But they always direct man according to the will of God, so that therefore the fate of man is determined by God for eternity, but carried out by the light beings, as the will of man himself is decisive for his fate. Then they will have an effect on the thoughts of man so that he undertakes that what is of advantage for him for his spiritual ascent development. There is no force which is exerted upon man, only a presenting of these and those thoughts, which man can now freely take up or let exude, and he will also use his free will, when he feels little compulsion and still listens to the spiritual influences, although he believes he shapes his life himself through his free will. The spiritual attendants are full of love towards their charge and also direct their life fate so that the spiritual development can always be promoted, that great danger to the soul can be averted and the connection with God established and eagerly cultivated, but always respecting the free will of man, therefore never exerting compulsion upon his decision. But if man is pleasantly touched by spiritual conversations, he seeks such or does not evade them, then he will win unimaginably much, because now it can with certainty be inferred upon the spiritual work of light beings, and then he is also sure of his ascent, because where light beings can work, man is relieved of every danger – he will proceed upwards in his development; he will reach the aim on earth; he will contact God and never ever be without spiritual protection and help. Amen. B.D. NR. 4093.


Book 50 4094

Referring to the End. Event of Nature.

31. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4094.

Only a short period of time will pass till the end of this world. And in this short time I make use of every means to get you to reshape your soul. I make myself heard by men before yet the day of the last judgment is to be expected. So the first thing you men have to expect is this expression of mine before you can reckon with the last end. But this follows very quickly after the previous one. Again and again I have to announce the same thing otherwise you do not believe my words; again and again I have to point this out to men because you men are at the moment too little spiritually orientated, you also assess words that are offered to you from above not much more differently than human utterances, it is even more likely that you acknowledge and follow human statements than instructions whose contents stand you in good stead for your soul only. What then am I to do to forcefully hold in front of men’s eyes that what is necessary for their soul’s salvation? When my word is not capable to get you started on the work of your soul then my voice has to sound much louder so that you get a fright and call on me in your fear and trouble that will attack you in view of the end. And in great urgency I point out to you this event that takes place in nature as only this event after all gives my word the confirmation of its genuineness - which men mostly doubt. But already before that I want to work on the hearts of men that are receptive to my love and blessings, that recognize my word as a sign of love and blessings and therefore also accept it with joy and thankfulness. These will be doubly blessed by the last sign of exhortation and warning. Their own faith will receive a big boost and that is why they will be eager and convinced and will support my word and can successfully take part in Christ’s work of redemption. Because now the eyes of all believers are directed towards the end that they expect with conviction and therefore they are also steadfast in every fight against me and my kingdom. This is what I intend to achieve with my frequent previous announcements that all men will still receive a last sign of my love and mercy even though it only rarely will be recognized as such. But it is understandable to those who are mine, that and why I speak from above to men and they therefore reckon every day that my voice will be heard. But I have my fixed plan and I speak when the time has come, when you least of all expect me, when you think me to be inactive, when seemingly an earthly trouble has been averted. But it comes true what has been predicted in word and scripture. I will let come to pass a natural event of unheard-of magnitude and extension that will claim countless numbers of lives. And still this is just a small omen of the destruction at the last day, only that I now do not express myself visibly, while I will come myself shortly before the end to make happy those who are mine and to fetch them home into my kingdom. But who will survive the natural disaster before, will gain a firm belief when he is serious about it. And I want to achieve that a believer who has strong faith now advocates towards his fellow human beings everything that is relevant to the last end. For this will not be long in coming. When my voice will be heard from above then you will be approaching the end fast. For many the hour of death will have already come with the outbreak of that natural disaster which will take a huge toll on human life but for the sake of the survivors I announce this as their souls are to benefit from this, they are to learn to believe and learn to recognize me as their creator and sustainer, father and divine friend, they are to call on me of their own accord, and when they have received my visible help they are to aim at me; they are to try to gain me with a loving heart after they recognized me and make my will their own; they are to never give me up after they have found me but be faithful to me until the end. And that is why I allow that the earth is partially affected by an exceedingly great storm of destruction so that the thinking of those who survive changes and turns to me who longs for my creatures which are still away from me and yet have my love because they once went out from me and are again to return to me. Because my love does not decrease, my love never stops, it is eternally meant for what was created by me even if it has not found its way to me. Then I again and again show it the way and offer myself as guide to those who entrust themselves with my care and want to follow me so that they once reach their aim so that they are united with me for ever as it was their primeval destiny. Amen. B.D. NR. 4094.


Book 50 4095

Magnificence of the spiritual kingdom.

2. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4095.

And I have no greater care than to make you participate in my kingdom, which with its magnificence, with its spiritual creations, offers unimaginable happiness, which for that reason is worth striving for above all measure. To be able to offer you all this, you men must just be informed about it, in what the eternal magnificence exists, so that you strive for it, to reach happiness, and fulfil all conditions, which I have attached to the reaching of eternal happiness. You must unconsciously or consciously fulfil my will, i.e. being driven to love activity from the inside or practise love activity, educate yourselves to love, if you do not carry it inside of you. And because you have a totally weakened will and would certainly never fulfil these my conditions, if earthly life would give you complete satisfaction, so I come to your help in a way that you certainly do not recognize my help, but rather still doubt my will to help, as also me and my existence itself. You have remained so far back in knowledge; you stand in knowledge of those who are no longer in connection with the original power, from which they started. You have no power of judgement any longer yourselves and therefore believe what is presented to you, without giving an account to yourselves in how far the things offered to you correspond to truth. And that is why my first care about the salvation of the soul is the imparting of pure truth. You have to receive it first in your heart; otherwise you also do not acknowledge eternal truth itself and strive towards it. And that is why I come to your help in every way; I bring to you the light for the inspiration of the still dark way; I bring to you eternal truth. I supply it to you through my word and confirm it through my visible effect. I fulfil what seers and prophets have announced already long before. I still lay stress upon my word by me placing innumerable men into a state of fear, out of which they still can flee to me in their trouble. I apply so to speak the sharpest means to have without force an effect on man, who is not yet completely of bad will. I inflict much pain on men, who are still too very fond of earthly matter, to them learning to overcome latter. Because in order to be able to enjoy the spiritual kingdom in all magnificence, matter must have been completely overcome before. My aim is your happiness, and that is why I must now inflict a misfortune upon you – but one day you will recognize my care, my love towards you, and happy those, who then stand at the gate of heaven, who no longer let the world delude them for the sake of the spiritual kingdom. Happy those, who already on earth are convinced of my love, who devotedly take upon themselves all misfortune and know that I only send that on to them what brings about the best to them. Because these stand in faith, and they belong to mine, otherwise they would lack knowledge. But who knows about my love for my creatures, he is also not affected by misfortune, by suffering and miseries, which have an effect earthly, although such approach them, because the hope and firm confidence upon my help always remains with him with all difficulties in life, because he also recognizes my love in suffering and throws himself into the arms of the father like a child and hopes of his help. But he also knows that earth life is just a school for life in eternity and that it therefore must be difficult, if man is to reach highest soul maturity on earth. And he sticks to my promise: "What no man’s eye has ever seen and no man’s ear has ever heard, that I have prepared for those, who love me." I truly know no greater joy than to make my creatures happy, because I love them from the very beginning and will never stop loving them. When my creatures have left me, then I still do not rest to win them back. For I do not give up in eternity what was once mine, and surely also achieve their return, however often only in immemorial long times. But in order to shorten the time of their being far from me, which is also a time of misery, I apply all means. And so also in the last time before the end, because now there is great danger that they no longer recognize me, that they no longer love me and therefore even deny me out of a mind turned away from me when I do not help them in a way that they must recognize and can love me, if they are just of good will. But everything what I do is based on my love, which never ever ends and is meant for my creatures for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4095.


Book 50 4096

Serious admonition to Christian neighbourly love.

3. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4096.

Recognize your weaknesses, and seek to eliminate them – do not become impatient when it is essential to put yourselves in the position of the other, and be lenient – do not hurt the others, and take the command of love seriously when the neighbour needs you, may it be for active help or also cheering up encouragement. Give no rise to strife, but seek an agreement in love; take an example from me, who I approached all men with a loving heart, to win them for me. And so you are also to always make an effort to win the heart of the other; you are to omit nothing what can awaken love because only in love can also full understanding for the weaknesses of the neighbour become evident. And so test yourselves one at the other; leave no opportunity unused where you can give joy with a loving word or a loving acting, because if you keep suffering away from the neighbour, if you give him inner peace, you truly do a work of Christian neighbourly love, which will earn you a blessing, because through it you strengthen him bodily and spiritually. He himself is put in the state of love; he feels counter-love, and he will not delay letting his love become active. He will give up self-love. Have patience and be gentle, peace-loving and humble, and your life will be an easy one, because love is the best weapon against hostility, and love forgives and endures; it gives and makes happy; it connects the hearts; it heals the wounds and will never be without understanding for the weaknesses and mistakes of the neighbour and still win finally, because love is power, which gains everything what it wants. Amen. B.D. NR. 4096.


Book 50 4097

Creation of the world. Moses. Metaphorical language.

4. and 5. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4097.

Do not allow yourselves to be carried away to a judgement as long as you are not of a fully awakened spirit. There is so infinitely much which would burden your intellect if it is to process it, but which is still divine wisdom, therefore knowledge that completely corresponds to truth. Man in his insufficiency can comprehend no little part of it; he also cannot receive light about it through no matter how sharp an intellectual activity, but he must desire and receive enlightenment about it on a spiritual way. He must let God speak to him directly or in the form of thoughts, which arise in him after intimate prayer for enlightenment. What is fully comprehensible to one man, can be darker knowledge than deepest night to the other, and therefore the latter will reject, what the former recognizes and accepts as pure truth. But a debate about it can also give enlightenment to him, if he desires such. Just so can God also in form of instructions through fellowmen hand out truth, if he can express himself through an organ or dictates to him in the pen, what is necessary to know: - There are different explanations about the scripture text of the creation of the world, and each can be truth, if it has taken its start from him who himself is eternal truth. And consequently it depends on the degree of maturity of him who is instructed, which explanation he needs. He can look at the days of creation as he wants; he can want to recognize a pure spiritual connexion and will be instructed accordingly – but he can also consider himself as centre of all material creations and interpret the handed down expressions of Moses correspondingly or shelve them as for him incomprehensible for the time being, i.e., until his insight maturity is increased through a way of life according to divine will. On earth he will never reach complete understanding, because divine wisdom is inexhaustible, unfathomable, before man is not perfect, although God enlightens man and can impart to him comprehensive knowledge through his spirit. The creation of the world cannot be explained to man otherwise than through images. Men at the time of Moses were familiar with metaphorical language, so that they not only understood the earthly, i.e. the material development of the earth by that, but could also comprehend the spiritual connexion, if they wished to learn it. The words of Moses are not given superficially, and they can therefore also not be understood according to their wording, but God himself spoke to Moses, and that is for the whole mankind of one whole redemption period, which covers an endless long space of time. (5.8.1947) And his speech was so made that it could be applied to present, past and future. It enlightened both the time from the beginning until the end of a redemption period as well as the prehistory and the time epoch still to come, which was clearly and surely foreseen by a man like Moses who sees spiritually, even so man as such does not know about future things. But to the spiritually seeing man everything is uncovered, and his acting is accordingly. Therefore Moses gave mankind a light; he stood in fullest agreement with the will of God, and therefore he could also express what urged in him to express: God now wanted to announce to men the sequence of earthly creation, whereby however it must be born in mind that endless long time was needed for it and this time must be in relation to both the spiritual as well as the earthly development. The spiritual development always concerns ultimately the entity in the embodiment as man. Consequently the ascent development as man also has to be compared with the slow development of the earthly creation, and as the former is accomplished in divine order, it must be equal to the course of development of the earthly material world, which also took its course in the order wanted by God. Only the spiritual striving man comprehends the connexion and can make this establishment, and he also understands the meaning of the words of Moses according to the spiritual importance. However a more intelligible explanation is not to be given as long as the parallel of spiritual and material ascent development is not sought. To explain the development of the material creation to men was truly not of importance, and the knowledge about it does not enlarge man. Nevertheless its beginning corresponded to the spiritual state of the entity. Everything following resulted from what has already been said. But it is not at all to be denied that God constantly gives instructions to men about their destination, about their life purpose – the ascent development of the soul. Through Moses the same happened in exactly that way that man’s attention was called to the rise of the earthly creation with regard to the spiritual aim. And the man Jesus explained the words of Moses the same way, driven by the spirit in him, and the spiritual development of man was for him of greater importance, so that he explained everything with regard to it, to cause men to attach the lesser importance to the actual creation of the world than to the spiritual correspondence, the parallel, which every earthly happening has to show and which has to be heeded far more, if man wants to record success for his soul. Still many other explanations can be offered, and this is also the case that the receivers of spiritual announcements receive different expositions about it through the work of the spirit. But then a discussion is needed from time to time, and where the same opinions, the same explanations are to be found, there one can also speak of sure work of the spirit, because every explanation must agree with the other and ultimately always concern the ascent development of the spirit man, even so in easy or difficult to grasp portrayal. Where the spirit of God itself can work, understanding is also guaranteed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4097.


Book 50 4098

Spiritual knowledge imparts cognizance of divine will.

5. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4098.

Much is still hidden to you, but my love sets no limits to your knowledge if you seek to exceed it in free will. But I must demand one thing from you that you believe my words, that you acknowledge the instructions as divine and utilize them accordingly. For you must say one thing to yourselves, that I do not speak to you out of despotism, but my wisdom and love sees the necessity – that I know about your helplessness and want to eliminate it. And what I now announce to you from above has absolute education value – it is to shape your soul to perfection. Consequently I will not burden you with knowledge of which possession does not specially contribute to the increase of soul maturity, for this knowledge you receive in the spiritual kingdom, as soon as you have become light and power receivers and as such also able to utilize it for yourselves and for the needy souls handed over to you for your care. But what you lack is the knowledge about my will. And that is why I impart this as the first and most important thing for your earth assignment. I introduce you to my will, which merely concerns the fulfilment of the divine order, and bring the blessing of unselfish neighbourly love home to you all the time, as also the other way round the misery of the soul, if you do not heed this command. Through increased love towards me you can now deepen your knowledge, but you must also possess a certain spiritual maturity to properly benefit from it. Without this state of maturity the knowledge is completely useless for you, and that is why I always only give according to the state of the soul of man, but each word is sheerest truth, which is sent to you from above through my love. And the more believingly you accept it, the deeper you penetrate, and the greater peace and rest overcomes you, if you recognize my love and wisdom and put your trust as it were completely in me, to receive further knowledge , but let yourselves be made happy by me. You can still mature by much and accept divine truth, but then your striving for it is not allowed to ever stop; you must always think about your aim and use every opportunity to accept the content of the announcements so that you also come into the undivided blessing of it, so that you learn to love me and eagerly work on your soul shaping. Amen. B.D. NR. 4098.


Book 50 4099

Mission of the last disciples before the end. Striving of God for workers.

7. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4099.

And you are to be witnesses of the last event on this earth. If I have called you for that, a mission therefore approaches you, the last, which my disciples have to fulfil on this earth before its end – that they once again establish the connection between heaven and earth, that they are mediators between me and men in the time of hardest distress of the believers and deepest spiritual trouble of the unbelievers. This mission requires workers willing to help on earth, who make themselves available to me in free will, because otherwise men would have to be influenced in faith compulsion and this would be unsuccessful. And since I need very many workers in my vineyard, I strive after such uninterruptedly; still late in the day I still step among men to hire such servants for the last hours. Who makes himself available to me? – Only few want to do a work, which certainly seems to be hopeless and still is of greatest blessing, although only a small success would to be recorded, because a rescued soul already thanks its helper in eternity that it has found back into the father house and no longer needs to take upon it the infinite agonies of a renewed earth course. Time hurries; the end suffers no postponement any longer; the day of last judgement is near, and innumerable souls languish in spiritual darkness, to which light is still to be brought. And that is why every worker is welcome by me, and everyone, who takes care of the spreading of my word, can consider himself as my servant, who is exceedingly valuable to me, if he willingly does work for me. Work and create as long as there is still day – bring light to men; lead them through the night to the brightness of the day, give them knowledge of the urgency of your work, by you announcing the near end to them, by you pointing them to eternity, to life after death and to the state of their souls. Admonish and warn them, although they listen to you unbelievingly, laugh at you or seek to oppose you with their world wisdom. The time is coming very soon where they will think about your words. Because for this reason I lead them first to you in the way that you already are to do the preliminary work, which blessing will only then be recognizable. And for that reason do not grow weak; do not let yourselves be held back through the duration of the time until the fulfilment of my prediction, and do not tire, because your work is urgent; it must be done, and you are therefore to be busy constantly. Amen. B.D. NR. 4099.


Book 50 4100

God’s compassion is greater than his wrath.

7. to 9. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4100.

God’s compassion is greater than his wrath, and his love is endless. And although the last judgement is to be seen as punishment, although it inflicts a terrible lot upon the condemned persons, it is still the start to a new redemption period; it is the conclusive necessity for a renewed ascent with the final aim of complete redemption out of form. And that is why God is not angry for ever, but the compassion of God replaces the wrath; he again helps the fallen to the height, even if a long time passes because of it. God’s love and compassion outweighs the justice of God, although it is complied with through the agonies of being banished. He is not eternally angry, while his love remains for ever and is meant for what has emerged out of his power. Therefore the spiritual is the product of his love and wisdom and can therefore never ever pass; it can well be banished for a long time from the face of God by the wrath of his, but God always again turns his face towards it, because love understands all and forgives all. (9.8.1947) What deserted him is weak, and this weakness moves him to pity, because God’s nature is deepest love, and love can never ever turn itself away, but only finds happiness in the unification with that what as spark once separated itself from the eternal fire, from God, who himself is love. His heat increases and consumes everything, what approaches him, and makes it to the happiest beings, and where what once went out from him languishes in misery, there love deepens and full of compassion leans towards this unhappy being – love does not condemn for ever, because this means eternal distance from God and this is never possible, because God himself is love. But the state of union cannot occur as long as the fallen entity resists it, because love also never compels, but only seeks to make happy. But then the being also remains unhappy, and this state, which means God-remoteness at the same time, where the being no longer feels the love of God, is so to speak a judged state, a state of banishment and therefore to be described as standing in the wrath of God, where the entity must do without all love radiation of God out of its own fault. But that this state cannot be a continuous state arises therefrom that always new creations come into being and that these again testify to the love of God, whose compassion has determined these as stay of the spiritual resisting him; that in them again the love power of God becomes evident and gives the entity in it the possibility to decrease the state of God-remoteness and to enter into always closer union with the original power, to join in free will this original power completely after endless long time. Then the love of God becomes more and more obvious for the being, if it, embodied as man, is able to recognize the love and favour of God. And now it can also love God and in free will seek union with him. And then it will become happy, because what once is seized by the love of God, what once no longer has to fear the wrath of God, remains for ever in his favour; it has kindled itself at the fire of love and has become a flame itself; the fusion with eternal love takes place irrevocably, as soon as it submits without resistance, as soon as it has changed itself to love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4100.


Book 50 4102

Word from above of divine origin - Sounding word. Power of faith.

11. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4102.

My word reaches you from above, i.e., spiritual beings full of light impart it to you, if it is not offered to you by myself. And this origin you must accept, if you seek to fathom it, because it is wisdom, which is offered to you; it is knowledge, which cannot be imparted to you on the part of man, because man can never win it without my help with the sureness of absolute truth. But if you believe in divine origin, then it must also be extremely valuable to you; you must value it as most precious good and seek to increase it; you must accept it as purest truth and live and act in accordance with it. Therefore you must believe and accept every word as outflow of myself. Then it will also not remain without effect with you. You, who are believing, to you I could also offer the word directly from above, I could speak to you loud and audibly without influencing your faith inevitably, but it is still to reach a firmness; it is to withstand every onslaught, and that is why it must be tested again and again and also be exposed to test through my gift, because only if you accept every word from me as truth unconditionally, the connection between you and the spiritual world is so deeply established that a permanent traffic can take place without all preparation, because it is necessary in the coming time, where mine are dependent on the strengthening from above through my word, where they will need my encouragement, my comfort and my help in every life situation, where they are oppressed and therefore need my help. Then they can only find it through the receiving of my word, and then they must be very strong in faith, that I can express myself sounding, without increasing their faith forcibly. The depth of faith must be won by men themselves, through intimate prayer and unshakeable conviction that they stand in the midst of divine work. No doubt is anymore allowed to arise in their hearts about the truth of what I offer them; they must always and continuously recognize my voice and know that they are surrounded by beings of light, which prevent every disturbance, if man just has the serious will to stand in truth and to be instructed by me. Only then my word will have the fullest effect upon mine; only then will they be aware of my presence and find rest and peace in this awareness, although they stand in the midst of the hostile world. Weak faith however has an effect in doubts, and where my gift from above is doubted there no right success is to be recorded, neither with regard to oneself nor fellowmen. For there my word loses its effect, and the speaking to you from above was in vain. Believe firmly and undoubtedly, and you will have an astonishing success for your souls. My love will speak to you words of love, and you will understand them and be happy. My love will give you pieces of advice, and you will be able go through life easily and free of worries, and if I give you an assignment, you will fulfil it without hesitation and be my loyal servants and slaves on earth. For that reason you must before gain a strong faith, and to do it you are frequently exposed to tests of faith, but which you can pass, if you constantly seek connection with me and ask me for help in every trouble of body and of soul. Because I never ever leave you, who receive my word from above. And I am permanently present to you and audibly, as soon as you desire to hear me. And all my servants in the spiritual kingdom support me and help you men where help is required. Amen. B.D. NR. 4102.


Book 50 4103

Voice of the spirit God’s voice. Protection against erroneous thinking.

12. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4103.

That the voice of the spirit instructs you right, you never ever need to doubt, because it is God’s voice. You never need to assume that others than beings turned towards God can influence you, if you recommend yourselves before to God in prayer. The connection, which you establish through prayer with God, protects you against those powers, which would like to impart other things than pure truth, and your own train of thought will never lead you astray, because good spiritual powers protect you from it that you receive the thought material of unclean beings. And still you always need to be intent on that you switch off yourselves a bad influence through your will, so that the fight between the light world and the powers of darkness cannot even start flaring up, so that only good beings have access to you, what only the will of man can manage. Because it alone is decisive, which powers approach him. Is your will turned towards truth and therefore also to God himself, then your thinking will always be right; it will be according to spiritual material, which you receive through the work of the spirit in you; the voice of the spirit will always instruct you in divine truths, and everything what you think, do and speak, will be according to the will of God, who works himself in you through his spirit and through his presence permanently keeps away from you all imperfect spiritual and prevents to oppress you or to win you. You can think yourselves completely safe of his protection; you can also be certain of his love, which guards you against all damage to your soul, and you can always consider all advice, all instruction and all other announcement as his word, as his proof of his love expressed by him, which he wants to give to you constantly, so that you recognize and love him and remain in perpetual connection with him. Because he likes to stay where a human heart opens to him, loves and desires him intimately. And there is no more intimate union with God than through love. Where love is practised, there God will always be present and repay the earth child its love thousand fold. But the most beautiful reward on earth is his word, which resoundingly rings in the heart of man. Who reaches this state, he can deem himself extremely lucky, as he has yet the undeniable proof that God loves him and wants to make him happy and announces this through the sounding word. But then there is no longer any doubt; then man has already reached that degree on earth, which his soul needs for the unification with God. Then he just still lives to fulfil a mission assigned to him, but his longing is now perpetually meant for the spiritual kingdom to be and to remain most intimately united with the aim of his longing, with God, until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4103.


Book 50 4104

God’s will - Voice of the heart. Intimate urging.

13. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4104.

You, whom I love, because you strive towards me, to you I will put it into your heart instinctively, what you are to do and to leave. And so you put your trust in me in prayer, express to me what presses or moves you mentally, you will feel it in the heart, and to what you now feel pushed or after which you desire, that do, and it will be right before my eyes. When you recommend yourselves towards me in prayer, then you no longer can sin, because then I no longer allow a sin. If you ask me for my protection, then I grant you this, and you can then confidently abandon yourselves to the voice of the heart, i.e. do after what your heart carries desire. I am your father; I want that you come to me full of trust, and I want to give to you truly as a loving father does; I want to give to you what makes you happy, provided it does not cause you harm. And since you cannot judge it yourselves what is good for you or harmful for your soul, so come to me; give yourselves completely to me for myself; present your troubles to me, no matter if spiritually or earthly, and I will answer you, i.e. put my will into your heart, so that you therefore will to want the right thing, what you then can also carry out. And so you can come to me with all requests, and you will never remain without answer, because I put it into your heart. You only need to pay attention to the voice of the heart; you must know that all inner urging is always the influence of powers, which want to determine you to carry out or to refrain from something. Powers of darkness will want to tempt you to sin; powers of light to action pleasing to me. Let the powers of light win influence over you, and then you can never sin. And you abandon yourselves to these powers as soon as you always seek connection with me in prayer, so you keep dialogue with me and ask my advice in all your needs. I love my creatures and only have the salvation of their soul as aim. And where this is not in danger, I grant to him everything, also earthly pleasures, if they do not harm the spiritual striving. But I always want to be your mentor; always you are to leave the decision to me and ask your heart after intimate prayer, and it will truly guide you right. Amen. B.D. NR. 4104.


Book 50 4105

Self-love. Love your neighbour as yourself.

14. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4105.

God has instructed you to love one another; he has given you a command, which you must fulfil, if you want to become happy. And this command demands nothing but love towards him and towards the neighbour. But it comprises the whole work about your soul, which you are to put into the degree of perfection as long as you still live on earth. All your thinking, speaking and acting is to be according to this love command; it must be expressed in wanting to give and to make happy, in helping, comforting, lifting and protecting – man must do for fellowman what would make him happy himself, if he would be needing help to the same degree. Love your neighbour as yourself. And therefore God has granted to man a degree of self-love by which he can always measure how far he fulfils the command of neighbourly love. If the love of man towards himself is great, then he also has the duty, to give to fellowmen in increased measure, if he wants to fulfil the will of God. Then his love activity must therefore also be increased. Is the self-love lesser and man cares about the fulfilling of the divine will, then neighbourly love will surpass the degree of self-love, and this will be easier for man, because he can easily separate himself from earthly good and give it to fellowman. But it is always demanded of you men, that you practise unselfish neighbourly love, and therefore you also must be able to renounce; you must be able to sacrifice in favour of fellowman, whom you want to make happy. And you will be able to do this the easier, the more love you feel to fellowman. But so that the feeling of love to fellowman awakens in you, you must imagine that you all are children of one father, that you all have started in the same power and therefore are all creatures out of God’s love. Then you will learn to consider fellowman as your brother; you will show love for him; you will want to help him if he is in trouble, and your willingness to help will make you happy, because it actually blesses and earns you spiritual knowledge. If you give to the neighbour what is desirable for yourselves, then also God gives to you what is his. He gives truth to you; he gives you light and power and favour – he makes happy and gives to you equally only goods, which come from his kingdom, which earthly cannot be offered to you. But also earthly he blesses your possessions by him increasing what you sacrifice if it is useful for the salvation of your soul. If you therefore give up in love to the neighbour, you will not need to live in want, because the love of God gives you equally if you are in need, and he does not give meagrely to his, but he hands out his gifts unmeasured – provided also you sacrifice without anxiously calculating what you can spare. If love drives you to give, then you will not hesitate or meagrely hand out and therefore also be given plenty by eternal love. And if you are not able of the feeling of love, then you must train yourselves to unselfish love activity; you must look around you, and where you see need, intervene and helpingly lend your support. So it is God’s will, and you are to make this will your own, then the love activity towards the neighbour will make you happy in every way – you will yourselves arouse the love inside you, until it becomes a bright flame, which seizes everything, what comes near it. Because love is divine; it starts from God and leads back to God. And for that reason the commandment of love towards God and the neighbour is the most distinguished commandment, which must be fulfilled on earth as in the hereafter, to be united with eternal love and to reach eternal happiness thereby. Amen. B.D. NR. 4105.


Book 50 4106

Allocation of earthly goods. Provisions not God’s will.

15. and 16. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4106.

As long as you men are not of the same opinion, you are also not of the same spirit, because the voice of the spirit will always only announce truth; it will never contradict itself, therefore express itself with all men concurrently. Who therefore listens to the voice of the spirit, he can also be convinced to hear truth as answer to questions, which he is asked. But I withhold no answer from you, if you approach me myself because of that; I give it to you through my spirit, if it can have an effect in you; I give it to you in the form of clear thoughts if you do not hear the voice of the spirit yourselves, or also through my servants on earth, whose instructions you are allowed to accept confidently as pure unaltered truth. What is sent to you in form of thoughts must therefore agree with that what my messengers impart to you, otherwise you are still not enlightened, therefore have not desired my reply but your thoughts are the result of intellectual thinking alone. This difference you must make that you can very well have a reply ready to spiritual questions, which has no claim on absolute truth, if I am eliminated then insofar as that you have not required my opinion before, before you formed an own opinion for yourselves. And that is why always different opinions are to be found with men, and now the question arises: Who is enlightened by my spirit? Which result is pure truth? And in the case of doubt there is again only one answer: Present the question to me, and I want to answer it for you, so that you come to clarity. I hand out my gifts unmeasured, but always keeping in mind, how they are used by the receiver. I can give, I can deny. First, where the gift is used according to my will, latter, where one does not recognize my love and my work and for that reason also does not appreciate my gift. I can hand out little or also much, and both again depends on the receiver and his absolute faith in me. Therefore a believing man will be allowed to receive from me all the time and need to fear no need, because I myself never wear myself out, therefore always have gifts prepared, which I can hand out, also if this appears to be impossible earthly, because I am still Lord over all creation, and I am free to also allocate the fruit of my creation according to my discretion. And one can have while the other comes away empty-handed, and this at times of serious earthly difficulties as well as earthly prosperity, because the allocation of earthly goods is alone my duty. And that is why a believing man does not need to make provisions, because this is my worry alone, about what a man is to have at his disposal. (16.8.1947) And so you have a look at the different allocation of earthly goods with your fellowmen, you have to admit yourselves, that this does not depend on man alone, but in some respects happens fatefully, that man himself does not always have got it in the hand to create the living conditions according to his wish. And in the end you, if you believe, must regard this allocation going out from me, that I cause both good as well as bad life situation for men, according to the necessity for the maturation of the soul. In the same way the care for the body is therefore my work and happens according to the strength of faith. And the man weak in faith will not build so unshakeably on my help and therefore also be fussy in the care about his body, where he just would have to ask me full of faith to be free of every care about his bodily well-being. Planning to take precautions on long-term basis is not according to my will, because my aim is to develop you to highest strength of faith, and rarely you men will recognize that I obviously stand by your side, that I keep you and cover all your needs, often in a way, which completely steps out of the frame of the natural, to strengthen your faith exactly through that and to bring it to such strength that there is no longer any doubt about the fulfilment of every request and that man needs to care not at all about the keeping of his body, as long as he lives on earth. This strength of faith also guarantees complete supply in accordance with the mental condition of the general public, however also adapted to the needs of the individual. I truly know what men need, and very especially I look after mine, i.e., those who strive towards me in free will and acknowledge me as their father from eternity, and I will prevent that their faith is wrecked. And that is why I often take from men what they have gathered together with the intention to provide for themselves for later times, since they otherwise need long time to renounce it to me in deep faith and to ask for and expect my help. Because I want to be recognized by men; I want to be a loyally caring father to them, and my children are to carry every matter to me, entrust themselves to me and believingly expect my help. And they will never ever suffer need because I have given them the promise: Seek ye first the kingdom of God; everything else will go to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4106.


Book 50 4107

Who keeps my commandments - to him I will come and reveal myself.

19. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4107.

Let me speak to you at all places, at any time and in all life situations, in joys and in sufferings, in needs and worries of the body and of the soul, by you turning your thoughts towards me and desiring to hear my voice. And I want to speak to you, and everyone is to hear me, who expects my speech. Because I have given you the promise that I will reveal myself to him who loves me and keeps my commandments, who therefore pushes towards me and lives in love. Who fulfils my command, he will also recognize my language; he will receive my revelations and be happy in the knowledge that I speak to him. The awareness of hearing words of love from me, will make him happy, and the more intimately he will strive towards me and in quietness listen to my word always more desiring; he will open his heart to me, and I will myself move in to him, take residence in his heart and unite with him and cultivate constant contact with him. And that is that state, which all of you men are to strive for on earth, to be in constant contact with me through the word, to establish this connection mentally and to enjoy my flesh and my blood with me in happy unification, i.e., to receive my word with its power. If you have reached this state on earth, then you can confidently feel yourselves as my children; with every matter you can come like a child to the father; you are allowed to know being loved by me, and in no earthly trouble you need to be frightened or feel deserted, because I am now permanently with you; I guard every step which you go; I guide and protect you, and I fulfil every request for you, which you direct towards me in spirit and in truth. Because I hear your call, and no matter how secretly it is send up to me. Because I love you, you who carry the will in you to come to me. And since extremely great love connects me with you, I will also not allow that you go astray, if at a crossroads you do not know where you are to turn. Very gently I push you towards the right way; I take you by the hand, so that you do not stumble; I lighten the way for you, if it has become dark and you are no longer able to recognize it. And again and again you are allowed to hear my voice, and this is to give you certainty that I am myself with you. You are to consider earth just as transition station to reach on it that degree, which allows my nearness. But when you have reached it, you need to fear nothing at all earthly, because then you have been put down as candidates of the spiritual kingdom, and these reach their destination irrevocably. What therefore is still imposed on you earthy, that is not to frighten you, because that is only a temporary period of time of an extremely short duration, which you no longer cover alone, but constantly accompanied by me is also immune to all disaster. Hearts, in which I have taken residence, are inevitably mine, and what has become my property, that I do not let from me forever, and this assurance is to make life more bearable; you are to believe it and to always feel as my children, who securely return into their father house under my guidance. Amen. B.D. NR. 4107.


Book 50 4108

Comment to event. Chaos. Speedy coming.

21. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4108.

Expect my coming soon, because there is no longer much time until the end. You will experience things shortly, which confirm to you, what my love has announced to you already long – that the last phase before the end has already taken its start. You will ask yourselves, why I still allow such disaster, why I let such great trouble come upon men, and I can always just give you the answer that it is necessary for mankind, which still has not recognized me and looks at all events only with earthly eyes, but never brings the spiritual development of man in connection with it. They are irrevocably the last contractions, and irrevocably the end comes also soon. And again and again I point out to you men, should you yet not go through earth life with a worldly directed mind, which only still lasts a short time and can be of greatest importance for you, if you still think your purpose over in the last time and you take advantage of life accordingly. You men are however lukewarm and indifferent in the face of my admonitions and warnings, because you do not believe in my word. And I can give you no further proofs of the truth of my word, because you must go the right way without influence; of your own accord you must feel driven to do that what is my will, otherwise you cannot mature at your souls. But one obvious proof you can gather from the coming events, because I approach you exceptionally in this way, me revealing myself to those, who have tidings of my gifts of favour, and therefore confirming these to them, so that they can recognize me. And this I say to you, you who want to serve me, with firmness, that you have no more a long life-span and that a mission is your duty, which no longer tolerates delay, and that you are to convince yourselves before of the truth of my word for the sake of this mission, so that you can spread this without any inhibitions. And so you will see everything come true, what I have announced to you in word and script. And you will learn to despise the world and occupy yourselves more detailed with the spiritual kingdom, to your advantage, to the reshaping of your soul. Numerous light beings are at my disposal, and through them I again and again have an effect upon you men, by me continuously steering your thoughts towards what is coming, by me letting you go through trouble and misery so long, until you yourselves long for the destruction of the world, to escape from the hard oppressions through fellowmen. And then you also slowly prepare yourselves for the end, because now you believe in it and make an effort to live on earth to my pleasure. An indescribable chaos will replace the time, and then confidently expect my help out of greatest trouble; because I have promised it to you and do not let your faith be wrecked. And therefore you have, through these my words, the greatest assurance that no harm befalls you, although it will storm towards you from all sides. But you must give me your love, and if you love me, you will long for me, and that is why I come to fetch you from the place of ruin into my kingdom, where you are never ever persecuted, where only I alone rule and evil is allowed no entry. And all trouble will end for the believers, but for the others trouble is just going to begin, as I have announced it – they will be damned into darkness – they will be banished on the new earth in creations, which you cannot imagine, until you will inhabit the new earth yourselves. Amen. B.D. NR. 4108.


Book 50 4109

God as father, friend and brother courts love.

22. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4109.

I want to be a loving father to you, a wise leader and adviser, a loyal friend and brother; I want to give everything to you, what you need on earth; I want to give you spiritually and bodily; I want to look after you incessantly, and never ever you are to believe to be deserted by me; I want to stand by you in every need and protect you against all attacks of your enemies, may it be spiritually or also earthly; I want to heap all gifts of favour on you, and you are to always recognize my love, which I cherish since earliest beginning for you and which never ever will decrease until all eternity. But one thing I demand of you that you give yourselves to me as my own and that you strive towards me, that you love me like a child loves its father. If I just have this love, then I can seize you with my love power and win you completely for ever. And I solicit this love incessantly. And that is why I seek to guide you into truth, into the recognition of myself and of my plan of salvation from eternity; because you must know first, that you are my creatures and in which connection you stand as my creatures with me, the eternal creator. You must be aware of the great responsibility before me and now live accordingly, so that you find favour before my eyes. And your heart must drive you to this, only then I recognize your love, and then you belong to mine, to whom I have promised my kingdom, because then you will seek me, and when you have found me, no longer leave me; then you seek the unification with me, and you ask me for power, because you recognize me as your Lord and creator. And humbly you will step in front of me, and you will be so as I like you, full of love and trust, in all childlikeness portraying your needs to the father. And I will hear your requests; every matter I will fulfil for you, because my love expresses itself to you so that I want to make you happy already on earth and some day in eternity. And that is why you must listen to my word, because you get to recognize me through my word, as soon as you absorb my word in your heart, think about it and now live so that I like you well. Then you will also love me and see your happiness in the possession of my love towards you. And then I can come myself to you; I can make you happy through my nearness time wise and for ever. I can give to you spiritual gifts according to your worthiness; I can receive you in my kingdom, when you have ended earth life, and make you happy until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4109.


Book 50 4110

Recognition of the worthlessness of the earthly. Afterlife.

24. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4110.

What can earth life still offer you, if you have recognized that life in the spiritual kingdom is much more valuable, that it is really the actual life, which is only preceded by a time of preparation – life of the soul in the embodiment as man. And when this time of preparation draws to a close, then every thought must direct itself towards the afterlife; this afterlife must be expected with longing because it takes the place of life in the last cover and the soul enters as free spirit into spheres, which touch it extremely agreeably, if the soul has only reached a certain degree of maturity. In the face of this recognition all earthly must lose its attraction and every day only seen as intermediate station. And therefore man can also not be touched by fright by the knowledge about the near end, because if he stands in knowledge, the cause and the purpose of it is known to him, and the knowledge about it just contributes to the quicker coming off from everything what belongs to earth. Man must become quiet in his inner being; he must just concentrate on spiritual knowledge; he must strive for evading all temptations, and give himself completely to God so that he is seized by his love, and then he will just live in God, and his earth course will not have been in vain. But knowledge about eternal truth is a gift of favour, which man can and must purchase himself through unselfish neighbourly love; but it is always an overcoming of I-love and therefore a renunciation out of own drive of earthly joys and pleasures. Consequently man must first give up something before he can receive; he is not allowed to see earth with its attractions as desirable, but he must learn to disdain it, only then he renounces himself of that what is still valuable for fellowmen. He gives it to needy neighbours and for it receives something pure spiritual – the spheres of light open themselves to him and radiate this into his heart, which now frees itself more and more of the earthly and exchanges spiritual knowledge for it, which now causes him to strive for spiritual life. The end will not come as a surprise for such men, because through knowledge they stand in deep faith and through faith again in knowledge about the eternal plan of salvation of God, about meaning and purpose of earth life and about the worthlessness of earthly matter. They live deliberately and with God and with joy will exchange life against eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4110.


Book 50 4112

God as master teacher.

25. Augsut 1947. B.D. NR. 4112.

The gracious act of spiritual instruction cannot be denied, if a man takes insight into spiritual material of comprehensive extent and seriously thinks about it. He must then acknowledge a power as origin, if he cannot explain it natural to himself. The spiritual awakened man can certainly give an explanation, because he knows it that the way of life of the recipient makes instructions possible – he knows it that God instructs every man who acknowledges him as master teacher and makes his way to his school. Nevertheless it remains a favour of greatest importance, which not every man can show, when the kind of instruction goes on in a way that it makes the recipient happy in form of writings, that it is therefore also extremely meaningful for fellowmen. Then it can certainly be recognized that God makes a point of the spiritual state of men, that he not only wants to instruct the individual, but also gives to his environment the possibility to draw from the spring of eternal truth, because spiritual instructions are irrefutably purest truth, why, who wants to stand in truth, must have the spirit of God as teacher. Is the will to truth in existence, then also the spirit of God is always prepared to have an effect at and in men, and it guides them into truth, even if in different manner. But it is always a gift of favour which man receives, and this gift of favour must be desired and received with thanks. This is precondition that man is guided into right thinking and also wins the inner conviction to think right, if he is not yet instructed about the work of the spirit. The knowledge about it is already an increased degree of soul maturity, a proof just for this man himself, but not for fellowmen, to whom the knowledge could not yet be imparted. For as long as they do not strive for truth themselves, also their power of recognition is still weak. And consequently they must first be stimulated to seek truth and to call upon the giver of truth that he imparts that to them, that he takes them into school himself and instructs them. And God will not let himself being asked in vain. Amen. B.D. NR. 4112.


Book 50 4113

God as master teacher also through mediator.

28. Augsut 1947. B.D. NR. 4113.

What you receive from me, is not just meant for the individual person, for the recipient himself, but everyone, who hears through him my word, is so to speak my pupil, whom I instruct myself. That the ability to receive is different and is often lacking completely, does not entitle to the assumption that man is not offered the possibility to penetrate into truth, as the other way round the other does not become wise because of that, i.e. is full spiritual knowledge, because he stands in direct contact with me. Decisive alone is only the will of man to penetrate into truth, and the way of life in unselfish neighbourly love. Therefore I also answer every man, if he desires such. For the first time through transmission of my word to my servants on earth, to whom I also give, besides the ability to hear my word in the heart and to write it down, the ability to recognize and utilize everything right, i.e., to freely speak about it in proficiency in languages. Therefore also taught by me is he who receives my word through a mediator, because he will recognize it as my word. But if the case has occurred that my word has lost its purity through more often transmitting, then also the man demanding truth will no longer be fully convinced, but want to raise objections, which then only can again be refuted by my awakened disciples. Pure truth will always have a convincing effect upon a man instructed by my spirit. Where would love remain, my wisdom and my power, if I would not like to grant it to a seriously desiring man? In what relationship would I stand towards you, my children, if you would be helplessly abandoned to the despotism of my opponent? I just demand your will that it turns towards me in full seriousness – that you recognize inwardly how ignorant and imperfect you are, and for that reason ask me to guide you to knowledge of pure truth. This expressed will also inevitably earn you truth. But only very few men muster this will, and I still cannot influence them against their will to right thinking, because my opponent has a share in them as well and they have freely granted their will to him. Therefore the separation from him must first have been carried out deliberately before I can have an effect on man with my power of favour. But then I am only intent on making the recognizing of the error easy for man, because it is the greatest obstacle to reach soul maturity. What comes from my opponent with the intention to oust me can never be allowed by me, but it must be fought with perseverance and patience. And that is why my opponent will never triumph where just the smallest will to truth is in existence. Amen. B.D. NR. 4113.


Book 50 4114

God as master teacher also through mediator.

28. to 30. August 1947. B.D. NR. 4114.

Mediators of me to men will always only be able to be those, who cultivate a busy activity also in earthly respect. They must be willing and able to a continuous work. Because this I demand, if someone starts work for me, and must demand it even more, if it is essential to train a servant serving me and to prepare him for an activity. Only who is dutiful and busy earthly, he can be brought in to a work, which certainly touches spiritual, however also requires use of physical strength, therefore so to speak can be called earthly. Who is therefore found suitable for this work by me, to him my gift of favour is turned, which can then be seen as having emerged out of his hands, as long, until fellowman himself sets about a work – to form his soul according to my will, which is announced to him through the gift of favour offered from above. Then he grasps the urgency of a transmission from above, and he recognizes the pure spiritual task of him, who is active on my behalf. But who disregards this soul work, he will never consider the announcements as coming from above, but only see an earthly work in it, which is completely useless in his opinion. But I set great store by it, and do not let up to also bring the urgency home to my servants, and I always admonish them anew, to be extremely active and not to be put off by disparaging speeches of fellowmen, because it is about the highest, it is about the lot of the soul in eternity. Who brings this home to himself seriously, he also pays more attention to the announcements and they will not remain without success. (29.8.1947) But to be able to receive the announcements, the recipient must first believe that they come from above. Is this belief missing, then it is also not possible that light beings intervene in the thoughts of the recipient. And fellowman is then also inclined to believe in an influencing from human side, and he rejects it. The faith in my work in man through my spirit is absolutely necessary to be given such a gift of favour by me. And therefore it will be rare that I can express myself in this way, despite the will of men, to live in my will, and despite faith in me, my love, omnipotence and wisdom. Because only faith causes man to listen inwards, and then he can hear the inner voice if he is sensible, i.e. can utilize every feeling. Because to hear the inner voice is refined feeling and also a necessity, because to establish connection from the earthly to the spiritual kingdom requires a thinking turned towards the spiritual kingdom, but which must be combined with the firm will to serve God. Both earn man refined feeling ability, and only through this it is possible to hear my voice. But the coming time is so difficult and will make men stagger who are gullible and weak in faith. But I give the possibility to every man, (30.8.1947) to take note of the eternal truth, and for this reason do not only speak directly, but through mediators to all men, therefore these receive so to speak the same as my servants on earth taught directly by me, only that I speak to them through their mouth to eliminate a forced faith with those who are still weak in faith. Because the word spoken by me must be offered to them so, that they receive it in free will or can also reject it. And that is why I also reserve myself the way of transmitting, by me putting also the words into the mouth of my servants so, as they are most useful to fellowman to stimulate him to think. And that is why the conversations will also take the course which I consider favourable, i.e., my servants will speak so, as it is my will, if they stand up for my word, if they are active for me, therefore have conversations within the framework of the spiritual. Where man is sensitive, he must be touched, if the words are not to remain without impression, and where he is in incorrect thinking, there the struggle must start, because error is the first thing that must be fought, and this is not achieved with tolerance, with consideration for old tradition. Who fights for me, he must fight with the sword of the mouth; he is not allowed to become disloyal to me for the sake of men; my word must be more important to him than the affection for a man, whose life or views contradict my word. And that is why I choose fearless, intrepid fighters on earth for me, who uncover the smallest contradiction against my word; who stand up with eagerness for everything, what they have heard through the inner voice, which, once they have recognized my truth, no longer deviate from it and use every opportunity to spread it. And their work will be blessed. How far however it is successful for fellowmen, is completely left to their will and desire for truth. Because their will is free. I want to help men to recognize truth, and offer it to them, however to accept it, to that I do not force them, but leave their freedom to them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4114.


Book 50 4115

Take, eat; this is my flesh and my blood.

31. August and 1. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4115.

I call out to the ones who are mine: Get ready and reckon with, that you are called soon and have to set to your work for which I have engaged you. The days are counted, and there are few, which are still allotted to you. And then you will be able to convince yourselves of the truth of my word and become strong in faith. But until then you will still be exposed to all sorts of difficult situations which partly come from outside and partly from inside, so that you join me closer and closer, and I can fill you with power, which enables you to defy all opposition and become willing workers for me. I permanently push you to eager soul work because I know how necessary it is for you that you do not become lukewarm. I am with you myself, and I direct your thoughts again and again to the spiritual kingdom; I encourage you to seek union with it, and send messengers towards you who, coming from the kingdom of light, teach you all the time according to your ability to grasp. And I myself give you information over whatever you just desire such. I do not want that you worry about doubts, therefore I want to chase them away through the supply of pure truth, and when you are now enlightened and are convinced by yourselves that you own the truth, it will be easy to work for me because then you support what I am teaching through my spirit in man. And it speaks in you as I myself would speak to you when I would dwell right among you. And therefore you can ask me any time, and the right answer will come to you. Because as soon as the call goes out to you, you have to put earthly work on the back burner and for the time being do what I tell you through the inner voice. And first of all I want to take from you all doubt which still burdens you and which you are to give up. I want to answer your questions, even when you do not speak them out aloud, because I know about all your most secret thoughts, about the strength of your will and faith: (1. September 1947) First keep to my word which is offered to you from above. This word comes directly from me, or it is supplied to you through light beings, who only carry out my will and teach you so as it is my direction. Along the same lines also the man Jesus taught on earth because he was also a light being, and he spoke in the place of me to men, therefore also in my will. Therefore his word was the same word that went out from me, and so he could rightly say: Who hears me, he hears the Father, because the Father and I are one. My voice sounded in him, my power worked in him, and my spirit took complete stay in the man Jesus, who consequently, as radiated through by me, was completely united with me. And this union was the result of an exemplary life of love, of a life in unselfish neighbourly love as I demand it of all men, who want to become perfect. Therefore a life in love results in the complete unification with me and this again in the imparting of my word, the radiation of myself. I am the word, therefore the word is God. To receive and accommodate the word is spiritual feeding – it is bread of heaven, which is offered by me to him who feels hunger and thirst for it. And so I offer men the bread of heaven, I say: Take, eat, this is my flesh and my blood, because I myself am the word – flesh and blood in accordance with the spirit. On the occasion of a bodily feeding, the communion with my disciples, I sought to make the spiritual feeding clear to them; I wanted to encourage them to take spiritual food quite often, to enjoy my flesh and my blood in remembrance of me, because then they always could unite with me and be full of power. That I at the same time broke the earthly bread and drank the natural wine with my disciples, that was not so important, because my disciples understood me, because they were of awakened spirit, because they lived in love and therefore also had understanding for the figurative comparison. Besides they were to take me as an example – handing out of all material to fellow man, who needs it – to feed them bodily and spiritually, and I attached the promise to it, to give myself to them – they were to find full unification with me through handing out of all that what they owned and what the neighbour lacked, so that they then received my word, through which I reveal myself to all those who are united with me through work in love. That out of my words men have created proceedings which can only be considered as pure external, which only then have the right to take place to give the gist of it, when man for the time being has secured for himself my presence through a life of love, I have not hindered, as I will also never do that, to not cut the freedom of will; but through spiritually enlightened men I constantly give to men the right explanation, who now also have the right understanding for my words and will pass them on. But without these they just fulfil a form, which is as such irrelevant and only then wins value when the spiritual meaning is remembered, when men receive my word hungry and thirsty, when they therefore let themselves be fed by me with the bread of heaven, with my flesh and my blood, to be and eternally remain united with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4115.


Book 50 4116

End of old earth, experience in the flesh. Admonition.

2. and 5. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4116.

This I announced to you that you will experience the end of the old earth still in the flesh, and I repeat it so that you believe. Your faith is weak, and inwardly you fight against that you stand in the last time. But my spirit speaks always again and again to you and gives you the point of time of the end as imminent. Why don’t you want to believe it? As you otherwise still cannot ignore the truth of my announcements? And why do you hope and expect an ascent, with an improvement of the earthly conditions? Why appears the thought of an end, combined with a total destruction of the old earth, implausible and unacceptable to you? Because you yourselves would still like to live, because you are still not prepared and because you become too little immersed in my word, which explains to you in all clarity the necessity of a total remodelling of the old earth and guides you to deep faith, if you become immersed with a will turned towards me and receive every word as coming from heaven and live accordingly. Even you, who are to spread my word, let yourselves be troubled by doubts, and therefore do not represent my word convinced enough; you let yourselves be weakened by counter objections. Your faith is not strong enough, despite your good will to serve me. Life approaches you with its reality, and it is not possible for you to bring it into line with the spiritual purpose of men, and the result of this is that you do not support it eagerly enough, what I announce to you, regarding the coming time. You do not take my word seriously enough yourselves, why I must speak again and again the same to you: urgent indications to the near end. You will still experience it in the flesh. – Doesn’t that tell you enough? Do you know how high your age will be? Couldn’t also a short life be allotted to you? I alone know the day, which will be the last, and I keep it secret, however I will announce to you, that it is no longer far and that you will serve me until the end. Therefore you must experience the day, and this you are to believe! And you will be good workers for me, because a convinced faith also lets you speak convincingly; and such servants I need on earth, that they insistently have an effect upon men and present to them how necessary my work is on earth and in which spiritual need mankind is in, if help is not brought to it. You receive my word, and you are therefore already advanced in recognition – and you do not want to believe, although you do not reject it or adapt yourselves opposing. (5.9.1947) And that is why I always more urgently talk you into believing, because a deep faith is necessary if your words are to have success with fellowmen. If you have the conviction yourselves that that what you hear through the voice of the spirit is full truth, you are also right representatives of my word on earth, and you then just lend me your mouth that I can express myself through it. And this is your assignment in coming time that you are the voice organ for me, because I cannot reveal myself differently to men, but it is absolutely necessary that they hear me myself, although they are not always able to recognize my voice. The trouble of the last days approaches men in such severity that they would have to despair without my help, without my word. But if I talk myself to them, then they will be strong and also be able to resist the greatest trouble, because my words will impart power to them, and that is why you are to serve me, because without all compulsion men must be influenced and because I can always be present myself where you involve men in spiritual conversation as mediators and therefore contact is established between me and the people to be instructed, who urgently need my word, if they want to hold out until the end. And the end comes soon. This I again and again shout to you, and you are to believe my words and approach the future in fullest safety, which will reveal itself so as I have announced it to you already long before through word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4116.


Book 50 4117

Great suffering - Great favour.

7. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4117.

Extreme suffering is a special favour, although this is incomprehensible to you; because my love does not want to let you men sink into the dizziness of the world and confronts it with hours of dark trouble to cause you to think things over, otherwise the soul would turn out empty and would have to show no success in its spiritual development. Suffering is always to be seen as a means to make man helpless and aware of his weakness, and as soon as suffering contributes that the soul turns towards me, that it asks me for help and humbly entrusts itself to me, it is of great blessing and therefore to be seen as gift of favour. Because suffering leads to me, while the opposite is reached through the pleasures of the world as well as every earthly enjoyment. Suffering causes man to pray, and without prayer no connection is possible from you to me. Without prayer the gift of favour cannot be supplied to you, because prayer announces the will and the desire for me, and therefore I can be accommodating towards man and in fulfilment of his request give him what he needs. But if man escapes suffering, then the body remains in resistance of the spirit, if it would like to announce itself to the soul, so that man can receive the right guidance and instruction. But latter is absolutely necessary for the spiritual ascent, for the reaching of a high degree of maturity of the soul, that it is instructed by the spirit and therefore the soul unites with the spirit. But I must really grant help for that with my power and therefore first be asked for it, because free will of man is decisive, but it is pushed towards the decision in suffering. Suffering can also harden the heart of man, the man is carried off course and no longer strives upward, and then there is no other means which would be more successful. But mostly suffering leads to me, mostly man perfects himself through suffering, and then it has fulfilled its purpose. But then you also should be grateful towards me for it and also acknowledge it as favour, because earthly suffering is no permanent state of affairs and extremely beneficent, if you yourselves just want that you mature. Then you will thank me for ever, and in the state of recognition earthly life is also easier explainable, and you also find your way in the time of great trouble, because then you no longer live your life alone, but with me, because you open yourselves up to me in prayer and now receive power, which you can again use according to your own will and will certainly use for the spiritual ascent, as it is you purpose. Amen. B.D. NR. 4117.


Book 50 4118

Influencing of light beings on destiny. Truth of divine word.

8. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4118.

All announcements have their origin in me, as soon as they are perceivable after intimate prayer as voice of the spirit. It would therefore be absurd to assume that I could ever contradict myself, and for that reason it is necessary to attach value to every announcement, and so also their meaning becomes more easily comprehensible. I provide spiritual attendants for you on earth, and I also give them the right to have an effect on your earth life insofar as that they guide you on your earthly ways, that they steer and direct your destiny according to my will. And so your earth life will always form itself so, as it is helpful for the maturation of your soul. One can certainly hardly speak of a complete fulfilment on earth, because then the maturation would be called into question. Rather continuous fights must take place through which man can mature, who is serious about his spiritual ascent. But as soon as it is striven for and the danger no longer exists that man again gets lost to the world, they also allow for earthly wishes, because this is my will; and also then a spiritual ascent development is guaranteed, although an earthly happiness is in agreement with a spiritual work. But then it is my will, which the spiritual attendants carry out, and then man can enjoy his happiness on earth with his mind at rest; it will earn him no spiritual disadvantage, if the prayer of man always is: Father, thy will be done. An extreme desire can certainly influence the spiritual work of man, by it being carried out less eagerly, but then the spiritual attendants are active accordingly, to apply limits to the desire, i.e., they form life fatefully and determine man to renunciation, however never by force, but only through mental influence, to make him give up extreme strong desire and to again heap my gift of favour on him, so he is devoted to my will. But a child striving towards me I like extremely and will be loyally protected by me until the end. And I also yield to every request of it; I see to all its wishes and on earth already I give it happiness and joy if it just longs for me and does not eliminate me from its desire, as it approaches me with love and presents every request to me trustingly. Because my love is always prepared to give and also creates for mine on earth a state of happiness and peace. Amen. B.D. NR. 4118.


Book 50 4119

Recognizing the voice of God.

9. and 10. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4119.

Who loves me, he also recognizes my voice, and he will obey it. But who loves the world, to him my voice is strange, because it does not sound as he wants. And that is why my voice from above will also not be heeded, because only few men turn away from the world; but most of them are still slaves of the world and therefore unable to recognize my voice. And yet I also express myself to them to disconcert them. For they are tiny few where you, my servants on earth, will have success, (10.9.1947) because men completely lack faith that I speak to men on earth in a form, which announces my love towards them. It is only the great love towards my creatures, which leads me to reveal myself, because they are in great trouble and I want to help them; because I do not want to influence them by force, otherwise I would speak audibly from above in a way that they would have to recognize me. I want to be recognized, but the will for that must go out from my creatures themselves. Then I approach them so obviously that it is easy for them to believe in me and to show me love. And then also the right relationship of my creatures to me is established, the relationship of a child to the father – then I can seize it and take into my special keeping; I can give to it what it needs, and I can initiate it to truth, and it will be recognized as starting from me and find full faith. And he will be a willing servant for me, who has recognized my voice once, because he is happy to be able to serve me, because he loves me. And so love and the gift of recognition will always be together. Only who feels love towards me, he will be able to recognize in my word my gift of favour from above, the divine origin and therefore to accept it as a revelation, which is certainly directed towards all men, but which requires the will to truth before it has an effect on men. They will experience the blessing of my voice by themselves; they will be happy already on earth and can never become powerless, because who receives a gift of favour from me myself, he is my child, whom I will always help to get power, so that it does not go weak through earth life and can fulfil its earth life purpose. Amen. B.D. NR. 4119.


Book 50 4120

John 14: 15-26.

11. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4120.

And in every spiritual trouble I am close to it and strengthen and comfort it; I eliminate every earthly trouble, as soon as it is useful to its soul. But it always hears my voice, if it listens inwardly and wants to hear me. Because I as loving father am always intent on making my child happy in form of my word, which expresses my deep love. And so I will also enable my children, striving towards me in love, to hear my word, and they will recognize it as the voice of the father. And by this those who are mine are recognizable that my gift of favour, my word, is extremely dear to them, that they no longer want to miss it so they have heard me once, and that they receive it gratefully from my servants, who are mediators from me to them. Because all are instructed by my spirit; in all of them I can have an effect, even though in different kind. Who loves me, he fulfils my commands, and who fulfils my commands, he draws me near to him, and I can reveal myself to him. But my revelation is the most precious gift of favour, which a man can receive on earth. I myself communicate with him; I talk to him; I instruct him, and I never ever leave him out, and so I will move into his heart; I will take residence with him and unite with him – I will fill him with my spirit, with my power, and the union with me means happiness on earth already and in future in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4120.


Book 50 4121

(Personal matter.)

12. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4121.

And so walk together your way until the end, under my guidance, with the assurance of my help in all life situations, in every earthly and spiritual trouble and especially in your spiritual work, which is now to be purpose and aim of your unification. And let no doubts arise in you over the veracity of that what is imparted to you through the voice of the spirit, because in the deep undoubted faith lies your strength and the secure success of your spiritual work. Whatever you start, consult me; do not live your life without me; let me be your companion daily, and ask me for my blessing. And I will never ever go from you; I will look after you, give you information, where it is necessary, and be a wise and loving adviser for you all the time, a friend and brother and extremely good father, to whom you can entrust yourselves totally. And since you now know about my will, so obey it; do not loose time, which remains to you to work for me and my kingdom, and consider that you must be united before I introduce the end with my intervention; because a time follows it, which is very difficult for all, in which you really must work, if you want to have success. And this unification must have taken place both inwardly as also outwardly for the world, what will then also become fully comprehensible to you. You still do not know about what is coming, but I know about your fate, about your life situation and therefore also know what is necessary for you to be able to fulfil your assignment, for which I have chosen you. Because the time is short and every hour precious. For that reason use it, and obey my advice. Unite yourselves intimately, and be certain of my blessing, which accompanies you on all your ways. Amen. B.D. NR. 4121.


Book 50 4122

Teaching office - Teacher - Truthful knowledge.

13. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4122.

A teaching office can only be administered by men who are prepared to acquire the knowledge necessary for it; otherwise they can never be active as teacher. It is now extremely important that these teachers are instructed by people who are really in the know, i.e., the instructing person must himself stand in truth; he must have knowledge that enables him to pass such on, and for that reason it is understandable that highest knowledge, divine truth, must first have divine origin, that he who receives this knowledge is therefore truly instructed, because the origin, God, is eternal truth himself, that therefore God himself is to be seen as master teacher and for that reason also the spreaders of divine truth must be taught by God, if they want to teach again on earth among men. He will also always choose those men himself, who are now active on his behalf and spread the Gospel throughout the world, and he will know to prevent it that his pupils receive wrong knowledge or pure truth is offered to them incomprehensibly. Furthermore he will also protect the teachers chosen by him from erroneous thinking or erroneous insinuations of bad powers, but as he also the other way round will instruct the light beings, i.e. knowing powers, to influence men spiritually, who are once to be in charge of the teaching office. And these light beings can again only hand out pure truth out of God, because they only fulfil the will of God and as light beings receive knowledge constantly and can utilize it. But who has once been decided on for the teaching office, him God never ever leaves out, as the calling through God has only taken place after voluntary devotion of man towards him, after subordinating of the will under divine will, and therefore the striving towards God was announced so obviously that God now never ever lets him sink back into the state of separation from him. He seizes that what voluntarily returns to him and now takes it in constant care as his property. And he entrusts it with a task – to work for him on earth and to be active as spreader of divine truth. Therefore he first instructs man according to his assignment – he trains him as teacher; he gives him that knowledge, which he is now to pass on to fellowmen, so that these become free of error and acquire pure truth out of God. But who is taught by God, he must inevitably also be acknowledged as teacher, although he lacks worldly study and he was never instructed by men. Right knowledge must come from God himself. But it can be passed on and now brought to men, who certainly can also disfigure pure truth, if their will strives for such. God does not hinder them, but he will always directly conduct pure truth again to earth, and this obviously, as soon as a man is prepared to be instructed by him. Because it is always his will that truth is spread, and therefore he chooses his servants on earth, who are to spread the Gospel throughout the world. Amen. B.D. NR. 4122.


Book 50 4123

Increased wrestling of a receiver of light on earth – compensation

15. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4123.

Who has the ability to receive the word directly from God, i.e., who succeeds to concentrate that he Is able to hear the extremely fine voice of the spirit, he understandably will be able to achieve a higher soul maturity through this gift of favour, if he has the serious will for it. But he will have to wrestle and fight so much the more; in a certain way he will have to compensate his spiritual advantage through severe life situations, through troubles of the soul and earthly oppressions, to earn the gift of favour lawfully, therefore he must in a way acquire the spiritual good, which secures him a quicker ascent, and stand firm in the fight about it, otherwise it would be an unequal allocation of the ascent possibilities as far as God is concerned. Every man is offered by God that, what helps him to mature his soul. And one needs less, the other more resistances by which he is to mature, however the aim, perfection on earth, every man can achieve, because gifts of favour are allotted according to will. Is the will good, i.e., if it seriously strives towards God, then his life will be an uninterrupted chain of receptions of favour, and also the temptations through the world, the onslaughts from outside, will be lower. But a soul which does not have to fight becomes lukewarm and indifferent and does not mature, but stops on its level of development. And God wants to prevent that, and therefore he seeks to stimulate the receiver of spiritual gifts to separate from everything earthly and to just create spiritually; he seeks to increase the desire for the latter; but he also shows to man the world with its attractions and lets him test himself on it. He constantly leads him by the hand over ways, which are stony and thorny; he guides him, and his guidance is truly the right one, although man cannot comprehend it, why burdens are from time to time imposed upon him, which appear to be sheer unbearable. Through permanent inner wrestling man makes himself able to take in the divine word, as also for the supply of power, because the trouble drives him towards God, to the father, and the connection with the father through intimate dialogue is always successful, because God never releases an asking child without strengthening it. What is offered to man out of the hand of God, is always precious and must be utilized accordingly. God knows about everything what is still hidden to men; so he also knows what is useful to them who receive his word; he will help where help is necessary; he will take the pressure from them, which burdens them, if the time has come, and he will bless everything, which contributes to it to let man become inwardly. The firm connection with God is man’s first and last aim; for that sake of which the life of the individual will often be more difficult, however let up immediately where the purpose is fulfilled, if man has got into contact with God through intimate prayer or trusting presenting of all needs and worries to the heavenly father. Then his fatherly love will become again revealed; the sun will break through dim clouds; there will be a day, glorious and fine, where the soul revives again and is prepared to serve God and supports its spiritual work with enthusiasm and in this way serves him as loyal worker in his vineyard. Amen. B.D. NR. 4123.


Book 50 4124

Truth of the announcements.

15. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4124.

And that is to become certainty for you, that my gift of favour can never ever be spoiled by you, as long as you are connected to me, that the receiving of my word is the result of intimate prayer, that you ask me for enlightenment of the spirit and you approach me trustingly, asking for my help in earthly and spiritual need. The call of your father in heaven protects you from erroneous thoughts, from wrong rendering of the received and lack of understanding of that what my spirit imparts to you. You can confidently make my word your own; you can support it as purest truth and make it the guideline of your daily life; you do not need to fear that I allow a misleading through bad powers, as you also are never to assume that I face earthly needs indifferently and leave you in such, because this would question my great love towards you. But I just want your happiness, and my word is to help you to a happy life. I will never misguide a man through my word, however seek to guide one mislead to truth, and so must my word be truth. And that it is my word, follows therefrom, that I always only admonish you to love, because you, if you obey this my admonition, will also recognize light and clearly that you can only have contact with light spirits, because love never wants to harm or allows damage. If you practise working neighbourly love yourselves, then you will also be fully convinced of the originator of the spiritual mission, and no doubt will any longer be in you. Because who should admonish you to love, if not he who is love himself? You can certainly make a separation of announcements of spiritual and earthly contents, but never think the latter being impossible, as long as I as your leader and adviser have also taken over the care over your earthly life and therefore instruct you in a spiritual way, what you are to do and to leave. Also earthly I have promised you my help, and since I want that you come like children to the father with all your matters and needs, I will also answer you like a loving father and help you where my help is necessary. And therefore do not doubt the truth of my word, but accept everything as given by me, and depend on it, and you will live according to my will; you will go no wrong ways, but permanently be guided by me until the end of your life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4124.


Book 50 4125

Last Judgement. Spiritualization of Earth.

16. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4125.

A severe judgement will be held at the end of times, i.e., a time is coming when the nature of earth cannot anymore be called earthly matter but where all materials have become spiritualized so that also the earth has become a more spiritual creation as there are infinitely many in outer space that however every one of them claims for itself to be an educational institution for the spirit. And also the earth remains such an educational institution for the spirit only that both its creations and its occupants can be called spiritualized, that the life of the creatures happens under different conditions and also its purpose is not comparable to the present one. Also the present earth has to go through such an epoch after an infinitely long time and about this epoch Jesus talked to his listeners on earth. Every material creation goes through this development course, i.e., it is only judged matter at first and rises in infinitely long times, in eternities, that men are never able to guess, to a complete different level; it spiritualizes itself more and more and can in the end only be called a spiritual creation. But these periods of time are immeasurable long because before all banished spiritual has to go first this earthly material way so that then matter can be considered to be completely overcome. And therefore also now still an endless long time will pass until the complete spiritualization has happened on earth. And this time until then comprises again separate development phases that every one of them on its own has to be considered by the still ignorant men as an eternity because many generations have to come to maturity in such a phase to reach a certain degree of maturity that then comes up to the spiritualization on earth. Each phase starts with men of high spiritual maturity and ends with men whose inclination downwards is so strong that it gets fulfilment that they get banished again in creations of the following new earth. Endless long for human concepts are also these development phases but they always once find again an end and again and again an epoch of development starts anew. But in the end of times the spiritualization of the former material creation happens faster and faster and the tests of will, every one period belongs to them, can diminish more and more because all creatures are then experiencing the same – they all long to see the face of God and therefore strive for God more and more fervently or alternatively they have been already carried away by the counteracting force too far than to still find back to God. And that is why later these have to stay in places also as spirit in spiritual creations where they are drawn to and this is the hardest punishment that can hit the spiritual that is resisting God as it is after all a state of complete blindness, a state of slavery where service only takes place against the will of the servant, but man cannot go any other way than to continually serve until he gives up his resistance. This is also a divine law that every process happens on a small scale and then repeats itself in infinite multiple modifications. Jesus foresaw the end of this time but you men can only set sight on times where everything humanly possible is intended. You all reckon with only one last judgement. But this will be repeated again and again as long as redemption periods find their conclusion according to divine will. Every tribunal ends with the condemnation of that what belongs to the opponent and with the reception of those into the spheres of light who remained loyal to God even in greatest tribulation. And so also the last judgement will bring along a total disturbance of all that that is still material but a complete spiritual new earth will emerge but only after such an infinite long time that it is not necessary to mention it, to not let men now lull themselves into a false sense of security and to announce a new time of development to them in that they in their opinion could make up for omissions. The judgement comes irrevocably soon, that separates one redemption period from the following one. This is to be announced by the seers and the prophets who are appointed by God for this, to whom he himself makes it known through his spirit, because it is necessary for all of mankind that they keep the nearby end in mind, change their way of living and work on the soul because soon the time will be over that still remains as last gift of mercy for mankind. Soon the last hour is here and with it the judgement that will execute a complete separation of the pure from the impure. Amen. B.D. NR. 4125.


Book 50 4126

Silence Before the Storm. Visible Appearance of the Lord.

16. – 18. and 19. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4126.

A time of anxious trouble and suffering is ahead of you and you can consider the previous time, the time in which you now live, as the silence before the storm where you live a life in the framework of the traditional, where you also can still speak of prosperity compared with the meagreness and the want that still is in store for you. And still it is a time of favours, a time where I am obviously recognizable, where life will only be bearable when you connect in thought deeply with me because then you are never alone but can always have me as protection and shield around you. And I will also visibly disclose my identity to you; I will approach individuals in the form of him that contained me in fullness. And where love towards me is strong there I will be recognized also when I stay as man among men because my eye tells them who I am and their hearts will stir up in hottest love towards me that they would never be able to present to a fellow human being. And I come towards them with hottest love, I will enlighten them where they are ignorant and will console them in hours of need and they will overcome most difficult situations and not despair because they feel my help and where I approach them visibly there they are full of power and deep faith. And when a heart of a man is filled with this then there is no pressing need anymore because they now always rely wholeheartedly on me and I certainly do not disappoint their faith. But he who walks without me will hardly be able to bear the misery of the time. I cannot leave him in the spiritual need and therefore have to hit him hard with earthly trouble until he decreases his resistance against me, until he believes and expects help from me. So you are all exposed to anxious miseries and sufferings through which I want to win you completely. However also power and favour are at your disposal in all fullness that help you to win me. I only want your love and when I have it then I come towards you – also visibly in the last days to strengthen your and your fellow human being’s faith because you need extraordinary strengthening and consolation. And that is why you do not have to fear the hard time that lies ahead because with my help you will overcome it. Nevertheless it remains a time of favour and the load that I place on you can be light when only you make right use of the allocation of favour. To win me, to be allowed to see me with bodily eyes, truly is also worth the cross that you have to bear until the end. But I offer myself as a cross bearer also to those who turn to me and ask me for my help. And for the sake of those I shorten the days till the end. I know about all the troubles of the individual and those who are loyal to me are my proper children that truly do not call to me in vain for help. Therefore do not get a fright on account of my announcement, single-mindedly and calmly walk towards the future, come off the world and expect me. And I will come – first appearing to individuals, to then to fetch up who are mine into my kingdom – to remove them away from the place of destruction into the kingdom of peace where they will live a blessed life like in paradise. Amen. B.D. NR. 4126.


Book 50 4127

Cross. My Yoke is Easy, and My Burden is Light.

20. and 21. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4127.

Take your cross upon you and follow me. And I will walk next to you and help you carry it, because my love does not let you suffer where it can take the suffering from you, without harming your soul. But if the cross presses you, then know that this is necessary for your soul maturity. And consider that I know about your spiritual trouble and seek to remedy this first, because the soul is in greater danger than the body, if the hour of death has come. Consider that all trouble has an end with the end of this earth and that this end is not anymore far. And therefore seek to so form yourselves that the stay in spheres of light is then secured for you, that you give away the earthly body with joy and exchange it for a life in the hereafter in full freedom as you have passed the test of will on earth. And this life will compensate you for all what you have suffered on earth and you will never anymore long for this earth. And the more suffering presses you, the sooner you will have to (be allowed to?) lay down earth life and still being purified for the spiritual kingdom. And you will thank me for it for ever that I let you suffer for the sake of yourselves. Nevertheless I give you one consolation, that suffering can be averted for you through intimate prayer towards me, that I take it from you, if you come trustingly like children to the father. Then I lovingly take care of you, and I carry the cross for you, i.e., I find a solution, (21.9.1947) which is equal to a reduction of the trouble. I make the cross easier for you that it no longer presses you so heavily, and you will be able to carry it, because you receive the power for that out of me. My yoke is gentle and my burden light. I myself gave you this word. Do you want to doubt its truth? Therefore always believe that every cross is bearable for you, if you just carry every burden with looks turned towards me, and if you think it is difficult, consider it as a sign of my love towards you, because those I let suffer without guild, to them I want to make my kingdom accessible already on earth, because I know about the direction of their will, about their love work on earth and about the state of their soul, which I want to increase. And therefore receive all suffering patiently; it is imposed upon you just for your best, and you will never reach your destination in the same time, if you escape from suffering, if you get burdened with no cross, if earth life gives you fulfilment of all your wishes and others more. And so know about my word, that it is a sign of my great love towards you, if you get into earthly trouble, which almost lets you despair of life, so do not complain and grumble, but submit to your fate and think, that your father in heaven certainly does not burden his children with suffering, if it would not be carrying fare greater blessing for your soul, of which maturation is the aim of every man on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4127.


Book 50 4128

Only who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him.

22. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4128.

Love must flare up in you, if you want to be united with me. Only who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him. And so you must feel being driven in the heart, to give love to fellowman, to make him happy and to win his affection; you must find yourselves in constant harmony with him; you must be the friend and brother of the neighbour; you must share joy and suffering with him and always make an effort to make his lot on earth easier, and your will must always be to guide him spiritually right, because this is the most important and most beautiful confirmation in love to rescue and promote his soul. If love drives you, you therefore feel in the deepest inside pushed yourselves towards love work; I am closely united with you, because the feeling of love is already my taking possession of you; it is a flowing over of my love power upon you, which is the result of your will, which turns towards good, therefore the turning towards me unconsciously. I certainly can draw all of you to my heart; I can kindle love in you in a moment and would then win all of you for me, if I wanted this – but then I would have no creatures, which would be my image, but just judged beings, which lacked free will as sign of their divinity. But I want to work and create with perfect beings; I want to give them highest happiness, because my love towards them is infinitely deep, and can this really only to a certain degree, which men are to and also can reach on earth. And that is why I must constantly admonish you to eager love activity, because I want to be united with you, to only then being able to work in you in all fullness and to so increase love power, so that you yourselves become divine beings, as it was your very original purpose. I want to be one with you, but you must accomplish this becoming one in free will. And that is why you must practise love yourselves; you must incessantly make a great effort to perform good works; you must change your feelings, if they have not yet flared up as love in you; you must want to be good, then you will also be able to it, because I bless such a will and give you power to carry it out. You must want to be united with me, and I will come to you and take possession of you, to never again release you and me to break away from you. Because my love is so deep that it does not give up until the complete unification has taken place, because this was the original state, because my creature took their start from me, because they are power out of me, which inevitably must return to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4128.


Book 50 4129

(Words of the Father) Chaos. Assignment of the Workers for the Kingdom of God.

23. and 24. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4129.

The chaos will be beyond description that still awaits men who will survive my intervention, the raging of the elements of nature, and nobody will have the strength to be busy building up except those who are mine who can ceaselessly draw strength out of the connection with me. These will also be conquerors under these hardest living conditions they will achieve much because they will obviously receive help by exceptional workings from my side because their strong faith in me allows such workings. And this will let them find plenty of work all about. Everywhere there will be people who stand helplessly around unable to cope with the severe circumstances. And to bring these to a belief in me and my love, to give them a weak recognition of the truth, to prompt them to become active in neighbourly love, and therefore to give them knowledge of my word, will be the task in this coming time of suffering that you can carry out well when you want to be good workers for me and want to work for me and my kingdom. But then you yourselves also have to go through the times of suffering, I can’t keep away from you plight and misery where the whole of mankind is affected by it but I have to confine myself to fill you with power so that you cope with the time of need. But this requires continuous contact with me, strong faith and love for the neighbour. Then you can act as teachers for me and you yourselves will be guided as my will and my wisdom has determined since eternity. And therefore you are to talk everywhere wherever it is possible because what I once say comes to pass to the chagrin of an enormous number of souls that are still far from me and to the joy of those who have found their way to me. To them you are to bring the Gospel, you are to bear witness to them about the time of grace until the end, about my work of extraordinary nature and about the great spiritual success of the fulfilment of my will that I announce through you men. You are to instruct them about the effect of a life of love, about the consequences of right thinking and acting. And as you succeed to bring them to the faith and to win them for my teachings you have worked successfully for me and you yourselves will be blessed spiritually as well as earthly and therefore being paid already on earth through a grant of extraordinary blessings during the extremely difficult life situation of the last days. You will have no shortage neither earthly nor spiritually, you will be able to work for my kingdom filled with power and you will withstand all temptations and will also be able to stand your ground in the face of the world and you will be courageous and confident and not at all bow under the measures of those who are hostile to me and you will receive my word always and constantly and this will be the greatest blessing that will let the days until the end be bearable for you. Because you will feel myself, you will be conscious of my presence and because of this be happy beyond all measure because I will also show myself to you when increased strength is required for you. And that is why you, who are mine, will also endure the last and most difficult days and patiently hold out until I come to fetch you into my kingdom. But unspeakably difficult they will weigh down on those who have no faith in me and who therefore have hopelessly become slaves to my enemy. For a terrible end waits for them. They remain under his control and will be banished anew so that one day they can become free from his reign of power even if it will take ages. Amen. B.D. NR. 4129.


Book 50 4130

Capacity for spiritual announcements. Change of mind.

25. to 27. September 47. B.D. NR. 4130.

As man adapts himself to the spiritual transmissions, so is also his capacity for these announcements. And so two people can receive the same knowledge, and it can still touch them differently. The announcements in themselves are certainly easy comprehensible for every one striving spiritually, however for a man, who is purely earthly minded, a completely foreign field. They come from the spiritual kingdom and also have the spiritual kingdom as its content; therefore they also appear to the worldly man improbable, as all spiritual seems to be unreal for him and therefore incredible. A closer explanation will also not be of success for him. He cannot grasp it, because he also does not want to become engrossed in a field, which frightens (26.9.1947) him. Because his soul rejects everything what goes beyond its power of recognition. It rejects it as completely contradictory to its state; it does not want to subjugate itself to demands, which are contrary to its will. But the wanting of a worldly orientated soul is always orientated towards matter, and spiritual striving is not attractive to it, but is a hindrance to its worldly interests. Its aim are earthly goods, and that is why it neither desires spiritual good nor does it utilize such, if it is offered to it without desire. And that is why rarely understanding is to be expected from a man of the world, unless the world disappoint him so much, that the soul now seeks compensation, and that is instinctively there, where immortal things are handed out. Such a change of mind can occur after earthly failures, after affliction and great earthly trouble, which would then have fulfilled a high purpose, for which the soul is extremely grateful towards its creator after its recognition. But in free will it must seek connection with the spiritual kingdom through thinking or continuous love activity; then it will also have understanding for the announcements from above, and also its power of judgement will be according to its desire for truth; it will mature in knowledge; it will receive a treasure of spiritual knowledge; it will never ever want to miss it and make an effort to fulfil the will of God and therefore to live in divine order. But then it also has already become candidate of the spiritual kingdom, from where the knowledge is imparted to it. It has become bearer of truth, a light receiver, and it can now hand out truth; it can let the light shine – i.e., man can use his knowledge and instruct other ignorant ones; he can work for the kingdom of God. But also only that man is to be mentioned as worker for the kingdom of God, who has contact with the spiritual kingdom, i.e., who has received knowledge from above, or if it was supplied to him through men, light beings must have had an effect in such a way on him that it has completely become spiritual property. He is not allowed to just having it received with the ears, but heart and intellect must have become active after the receiving of the spiritual material; only then it has earned him recognition, and only then spiritual gifts – announcements of spiritual content – are utilized rightly and secure spiritual ascent to man – an increased degree of maturity of his soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4130.


Book 50 4131

Justice. Equal rights. Mutual love.

28. and 29. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4131.

Also the sense of justice is subject to a law. An increase in many ways is certainly possible; nevertheless also a restriction is advisable in cases where it is about equal rights. Because it must always be taken into account that both giving as also receiving are first subject to the law of love. Giving is determined by love, that is love must be the driving force of giving, and so every gift must awaken love in the receiver. Because love is the original substance of all that what is visible to man; as it also must flow constantly towards all works of creation, if they are to remain. And that is why the power of love is necessary, if that what is offered is to awaken mutual love and so the power to be increased in itself. Giving proves love; but the receiving can also proceed without love, but will then remain accordingly without effect; unless the receiver takes part in spiritual gifts out of own drive, which come from above and again lead upwards. Earthly gifts can only have an earthly effect, i.e., the giving part must expect, (29.9.1947) that his gift is certainly accepted, however is not differently valued than a naturalness and therefore also awakens little or no mutual love, what would have to be mentioned as spiritual failure. Then the will of the giver alone is important, but not the act in itself. The degree of love is always decisive, which pushes a man to give, and that is why giving cannot be generalized, since the degree of love is not always and towards all men equal; man must rather practise strict self-critique, otherwise he sees actions as love activity, which are merely effects of education or habits, which do not have love as driving force towards fellowman. There is no doubt that the behaviour of men in latter form is commendable and therefore should also occur; however every act, which is carried by love, has eternity value, because its effect is increased soul maturity. Acts of love increase the spiritual state of mankind on earth; acts of justice can certainly be combined with love, are however mostly driven by the feeling of official consideration; they can be carried out mechanically, without the heart being involved in it, and will therefore also never follow man as act of love into eternity. Just thinking and just acting is demanded of men, because the opposite has a damaging effect upon the neighbour and therefore is lack of love; it is a violation of the law of love. Consequently just thinking and just acting can be regarded as fulfilling of the law of love. But under justice equal rights are not always to be understood – because claim to absolute equality cannot always be raised and by all men. Because also there laws exist, which are subject to divine will. Man should certainly be intent on not overbearing himself in any direction, therefore not to demand for himself more than he wants to give; he is to send to the other what he himself thinks is desirable, this will however must be remaining free lasting; it is not allowed to be inevitably steered in one direction, what is however the case when the reason of giving is a form acquired by education, which is complied with. (29.9.1947) For that reason check seriously, which feeling drives you, when you let your will to give become action. Do not be satisfied with a correct act, which lacks all warmth, but follow the urging of your heart, then love will determine you, and all thinking, wanting and acting will be good. But act just in cases of need, where not only one depends on your help, but this is necessary everywhere. Then do not deny giving to one while you give to the other, but make an effort of a just allocation and assessment. Give great pleasure where you can, and seek to hold no anxious limitation, because this suffocates love; it awakens no mutual love, and where love is missing, is no spiritual progress, although you have earthly created order so to speak, but divine order must first be fulfilled, and according to divine law love is first. Where it is respected, all other good qualities will follow, in which also justice is included. Amen. B.D. NR. 4131.


Book 50 4132

Fulfilling of divine will. Obeying of divine word. Love.

30. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4132.

Who does not bow under my will, he will also hardly inherit my kingdom, because he can never completely enter the unification with me as my child. It is, however, the own matter of each man how he adjusts to me and my will, therefore to my commands, and that is why he is neither forced nor hindered at the practising of acts, which prove the direction of his will. He can freely decide upwards or downwards, but he is responsible for his decision, because knowledge was before imparted to him of my will, which he should respect first. And my will is announced to you through my word, which you can hear loud and clearly directly, offered by my never ending love to men, who stand in deep faith in me and my power. Towards these I can express myself and still only within the bounds of the natural, to not touch the freedom of the will. But I give to men a proof of the truth of my word by me giving them the possibility to inform themselves first of events, which take place in nature according to prediction. I speak through a man to the entire surroundings. Who listens to me, he has won much, because what I promise a man will indeed come true. Who listens to me, he cannot get lost; he is in contact with the spiritual kingdom and will never ever remain without guidance on the part of the light beings – who listens to my word. However not only with the ears, but receives it also with the heart and obeys it. And so he now obeys it, he fulfils my will; he bows under the law of love, of which fulfilment I demand only, but first, because eternal happiness depends on it, the complete unification with me and the complete reshaping of your nature to love. Everything, what man does, to fulfil my will, must therefore be dictated by love, if he is to have success for his soul, otherwise it would be a humanly enacted command, without value and effect for eternity. But I smooth the way to happiness for you, by me announcing my will to you. Because of that, make my will your business, and you will thank me for it until all eternity, that I make it easy for you to do as I wish. And believe that I have great power and want to use it for my children, to whom I want to prepare a kingdom in eternity, which opens all splendours to them. Believe this and make an effort to do everything what is in accordance with my will, so that you become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4132.


Book 50 4133

Spiritual communication substitute for renunciations and disappointments.

1. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4133.

The spiritual communication must offer you substitute for that, what is denied to you, because you receive my word as sign of my love, and you can, out of the union with me, always draw power to renewed love work. It is certainly a renouncing, which is not caused by my will, however not damaging for the soul, insofar as that it pushes towards me the more intimately and is also seized by my love. Because I do not refuse to give myself to my creatures; I draw towards me what does not resist me, and make happy what devotes itself towards me. And as you therefore receive my word, I no longer veil my face, but I let it shine, and its rays fall into your heart. And they will arouse enthusiasm; the fire of love will be blazing fiercely and scatter its sparks in all directions, and they will no longer be able to go out, because their passion is too great; it is a fire, which originates from me, the eternal fire, hot and immortal love. And therefore love must awaken everything to life, what steps into its circuit. Nothing can resist love, because this is my will and in my plan from eternity that is also planned, what brings arousal of love. Right love balances and does not refuse to give itself, it tolerates and pardons, it gives and makes happy, it takes an interest in the sufferings and needs of the other, but as it also sees the highest happiness in union. But who has my word, he is not to do without love; he is to just entrust himself to me and let me rule alone, and his way of life will be well ordered; he will recognize, what helps him to get maturity of the soul, and never ever doubt my love and favour, which grants everything to him and wants to deny nothing. Amen. B.D. NR. 4133.


Book 50 4134

Wooing of God for workers for the vineyard. Spreading of divine word.

1. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4134.

Enormously important it is to care for the spreading of my word at a time where entire mankind has arrived at the low in spiritual respect. No-one takes my word seriously; no-one establishes the right relationship towards me; even who think themselves to be believing, seek me in the distance, and the few to me devoted men, who have the right living faith, are not taken seriously; they are laughed at on account of their deep faith and listened to only unwillingly, if they stand up for me and my word, to bring me home to them. It is a state, which cannot remain, because men lead a life without me, although they preserve the appearance and outwardly profess to be united to me. But they do not know me and that is why they cannot be radiated through by my love. They lead a life which is equal to the state of death – un-awakened spirit, complete spiritual blindness. They do not know what is in store for them; they know nothing about the time of the end and its appearances, of the demands, which both earthy life as also I myself make upon men; they know nothing of my love and favour, of my mercy and constant willingness to help – they live but are still dead in spirit. And that is why, wherever it is possible, my word must be supplied to them; the blessing of love must be preached to them; they must know about my will and about the state of their soul, so that they start the work of a change of their soul, because there is no longer much time. But only men on earth can inform them, and these again I instruct myself, and I put into their mouth, what they are to say, as I also direct their steps always to those who are in need and accessible to my gift of favour from above. Because I know about the spiritual state of each man and take all conditions into account. But if my word is offered to them and they do not accept it, I cannot help them in another way, because with my word they reject me myself. But he who wants to receive me, he must also take note of my word, otherwise he can also not grasp the meaning of my presence. And that is why I incessantly woo willing servants on earth, because my word is to find entry among men, who are of good will. And therefore take advantage of every opportunity, you, who you have offered yourselves to me as workers in the vineyard – do not shrink from talking about me and to mention my extraordinary work; present to fellowmen the end, the importance of the last time and the Last Judgment, and so work for my kingdom, and I will bless you. Because this work is so urgent that all other work is to remain unnoticed, before the spiritual work has not been carried out. My word is absolute truth, and who depends on it, he truly needs to fear no death, although it is close to him in the face of the end and the work of destruction, that will come through a great shaking of the earth, which is allotted to you soon. Take my words seriously, because they will no longer sound long, to then be heard down from above. But then it will be terrible, because only few stand in faith that they await this disaster calmly. But I want to disturb the whole world in its peace, and it will happen as I have announced it. And you are to prepare men, as long as there is still time; you are to speak as if the next day could already bring the disaster. Then your speech will not remain without impression, and some few will let themselves be advised; they will not resist and therefore be seized by me. And I will reward you your activity for me and my kingdom. But the most beautiful reward will be the thanks of the souls, which have through you found back into the father house. Amen. B.D. NR. 4134.


Book 50 4135


4. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4135.

Signs and miracles happen to those who want to belong to me, because I look after those myself, who entrust themselves to me in their needs. I do not remain far from them, but I hear their call and give favourable hearing to their request. And since I have assured you of my help in spiritual and earthly needs, so you are to also experience it obviously, because you, you who want to serve me, you are to give announcement to fellowmen of my love and care, of my work with you and of the truth of my word. And that is why I also let you come into needs, out of which only my help can rescue you, where there is no other escape than that I take care of you and make the hearts receptive for all gifts of favour, whereto also the expression of my will belongs, which I have charged you with to observe for the sake of yourselves. There is only still a sort time, which is given to you to prepare yourselves in quiet living together, in spiritual education and shaping of your souls. Then life once again approaches you in all severity for a short time, but you will cope with that. This assurance I give to you, so that you can keep to my word, so that you are strong in spirit, take heart from each other and never ever leave one another. What you want to do, you will be able to carry out, because the power of love works in you and no longer allows weakness. And I give the time to you at the moment your mission begins. A time of greatest excitement will precede; the world will direct all attention to itself; men will be afraid of the future, because the see a fire arise, which is not easy to extinguish. But all this must precede; otherwise too little attention is paid to my intervention, because I appear when the peak is reached, when there is no longer an escape than limitless destruction. Then men are to hear me, and then also you will have to be prepared and announce me to all those I lead to you. And then do not hesitate, but serve me; go the way which I lay down for you, and work for me and my kingdom, because time hurries, and there are only few days until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4135.


Book 50 4136

Forerunner of the Lord Before His Coming. Help Urgently Required.

5. and 6. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4136.

Unusual gifts of grace can be offered to men and they walk past them as if they encounter an everyday occurrence. They do not go to the trouble of an earnest examination but hear what is presented to them as most valuable gift of grace but do not apply it for themselves and therefore do not educate themselves according to my will. And so the time of grace passes without resulting in a blessing worth mentioning. The end is near, in every way I draw their attention to myself, all measures I apply to open their hearts so that I find entrance there in them to be able to teach them myself and therefore double work is necessary for the coming time and my servants are to take seriously their assignment and in no way deceive themselves and believe to have done a good job. The short time till the end requires exceptional work for my part and exceptional enthusiastic activity of my servants on earth should the souls be saved that are in extreme trouble. The success will be small for you so it seems because many will reject you but your work will not be done in vain. But one will come and speak the same words to men that you received from me. And men will compare und be taken aback because they recognize the same contents of what already has been given to them in speech and in writing. And again men have been given a great opportunity to change the conduct of their life and to form themselves according to my will. Because the announcements from above are obviously concurring with the Gospel of him who is my forerunner at my last coming. Only a small flock recognizes the exceptional light and knows what hour has come. But most of them go past a gift of grace that again and again is offered to them through my love. They can’t however anymore be helped because it is their free will that accepts or rejects and I will never force it. But the time of grace is soon over, soon the hour is come and the last stroke will sound. And what has not found its way back to me until then will still remain far from God for ages and so in an unfortunate state that my love again and again tried to ward off – but the success is with you men yourselves. Amen. B.D. NR. 4136.


Book 50 4137

Urgent admonition of God.

8. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4137.

I want to heal the sick; strengthen the weak, pick up the fallen, comfort the depressed; I want to be a father to the deserted; a teacher to the ignorant, and where a wandering soul remains helplessly by the way, there I want to offer me as leader myself to warn it of the mistake, which leads it into the abyss. And all men, who need my help and want to be helped, will obviously experience it, so that they believe, that a God is in heaven, who takes care of them and does not leave them alone in need. They are only not allowed to resist me, because then I withdraw my will, to not curtail their freedom of will. I could very well still then impose my help upon them, but it would then be no right help, but just an obstacle to the ascent of their soul, which must cover the way up in fullest freedom, if it wants to become happy. And that is why I can inform you men only through my word of my love towards you and my will to help. And so you now come to me by yourselves, my love can become active with you, and you will thank me for ever that I have taken care of you. And so all needs and sufferings are a burden on you yourselves, if you do not want to be helped, and then life on earth is unspeakable difficult for you, and you will hardly reach your destination, when my love cannot become effective with you. But even so I do not leave you, and if I am not successful in this earth life, then you certainly still have to go through a new walk on earth, but once you will reach the destination and allow my love to seize you, and your trouble will be removed for ever. But now I once again direct the admonition to you very urgently, to obey my word and to entrust yourselves to my guidance, because not much time remains no longer for you on earth. Use every day for the approach towards me; listen to my advice, and let yourselves be instructed by those who are my right representatives on earth, who supply my word to you, which they receive from above, from me, to supply it to fellowmen. Listen to them, because they are my servants on earth, who speak in my place and are to announce my will to you, my work and my love towards you. Listen to them, and obey my will, and very soon you will be led on the right way and surely reach your destination in the short time, which remains to you until the end. Let yourselves be seized by my love, and you will be happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4137.


Book 50 4138

Spiritual servitude.

9. and 10. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4138.

Where spiritual servitude is predominant, little success is to be scored for my representatives on earth, because knowledge is withheld from men in an extensive way, but on the other hand they are bound to traditional customs, which they never ever want to give up and which however oppose that what you, my servants on earth, represent and seek to impart to them. A tremendous work must be brought into action, to separate the pure teaching given by me on earth to men from additional human work. Where now freedom of the spirit rules, there clarification can be created through speech and reply. Where however man is hindered through commands and suppressions to freely decide for himself, there a purification of the forged teachings is difficult to be carried out, and there it will also not be very easy to win men for the revelations from above, therefore for pure truth. But in spiritual servitude remain all men as long as they unconditionally accept what they are taught, without thinking themselves about it, otherwise they would come across contradictions, which might give them reason to doubt the absolute truth of what is imparted to them. Doubt must first start before man is receptive to pure truth, if he is in error. And error is everything what does not agree with the teaching offered by me myself. Therefore you men can always take it as guide line for you, because what is announced to men through the voice of the spirit is pure, absolute truth and can any time be represented as such. However also from that side proofs will be brought of the correctness of that what contradicts pure truth. But these proofs are not adequate; they come partly from human representations which have been sanctioned, but partly also from unclear reports, upon which consciously the stamp of credibility was pressed, to strengthen the foundation of an organisation through it, which wanted to adopt a position of power. And so the members of this organisation have themselves been steered into a wrong thinking, out of which they do not want and can free themselves. Every carrier of truth, who makes an effort to refute erroneous teachings or to just present as doubtful and to illuminate, will have a difficult stand towards those, because undoubted faith is commanded to them in the correctness of that what is taught them, and therefore they are spiritually unfree; they are in a servitude, which is wanted by Satan and tolerated by men without resistance. And they cannot free themselves out of this servitude as long as they do not have the firm will to reach truth, and call upon me for my help. Then they testify to me the will turned towards me, and then the power will also truly be sent to them, to break away from the power of him, who is the enemy of pure truth. (10.10.1947) Then they will also get into doubts out of the inside over the truth of that what they are taught; they will desire truth, and I will sent it to them in a form, that it can be accepted by them. And then also those have lost their power who stand in the service of him, who fights against truth. Then they will not belong to the crowd of supporters, who accept without hesitation what really is to be thought through, but feel far happier in the possession of pure truth, which they will also recognize as such. But the opportunity is offered to all to express their opinion on the spiritual material imparted to them, because each one will come into the situation to discuss disputed questions, but how long such move their thinking, depends again on the free will of man. And that is why everyone is responsible for his spiritual material, although also the teachers have to answer who hand out spiritual good, which has not become their own thought material, but was also passed on by them recklessly, without that the teacher had acquired the inner conviction for the truthfulness. But who practises a teaching office, he must also be able to represent the thought material, which is only always possible, if he concerns himself with it mentally. If he refrains from this, then he has to answer to me as the eternal truth himself, which I offer to each of them, who just carries seriously a desire for it, to invalidate my opponent, whose most eager striving is to undermine truth and to guide men into erroneous thinking. And I will truly win the victory, because my opponent will be defeated at the end of the days, while my word, the light out of heavens, pure truth, will remain in existence, although heaven and earth will pass away. Amen. B.D. NR. 4138.


Book 50 4139

Resisting the will of God. (Persosnal)

11. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4139.

Who resists my will, he will find no rest in this life, if he once has recognized that I as Lord and creator rule the whole world and that I also lean towards the tiniest being if it needs my care. And this recognition will come to every man who once received my word through the mouth of a servant on earth and had it speak to his heart. Who has remained untouched by my word, he will not make himself guilty if he does not fulfil my will, although he is driven to it from inside; but he is lacking recognition, and therefore he is also not called to account. But where the power of recognition for deeper knowledge was also acquired, a violation of my will is a non-observance or open rebellion against me myself, which also has to be atoned for accordingly. And so you have to expect that I withdraw my gift of favour from you, that your eye will be blinded and that you lose the spiritual wealth and a great emptiness will remain in the heart, which will make you unhappy and weak in the face of earthly life, until the desire for my love and favour overcomes you and you intimately ask for the sending of my word; and then my favour will again light the way for you, provided that you obey my will and do what I have commanded you. For my will is irrevocable, and I truly know it best what is necessary for you to become loyal workers for me and my kingdom. And so let yourselves be admonished, and obey my will, and do not become careless in your striving; work eagerly, and seek to make my gift of favour accessible to your fellowmen; receive yourselves what my love offers you, and utilize it, otherwise you are weakened in wanting and in carrying out of that what I demand from you through my word. Fetch the power out of my word, and you will be loyal and willing workers for me and always fulfil my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4139.


Book 50 4140

Inner word – Gift of favour. Doubts. (Personal)

12. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4140.

Why do you doubt my word? Which gift of favour you receive, that you cannot yet grasp, because the inner voice is a great gift from me, which I indeed grant everyone, but requires an extreme high degree of maturity, which men today no longer show. Nevertheless my love towards you, my creatures, is so great that I would like to reshape you to my children and that is why in a time of spiritual low my word, the light from above, is indispensable. And that is why I give you men a gift, by me having chosen you (singular) to be mediator between me and you (plural). And I also gave you (singular) the ability to receive and understand my word; it is a great gift of favour, although your (singular) will just made this gift possible. And such a gift is to make you (singular) glad and happy; it is to give you (singular) power and comfort in no matter how difficult a life situation; it is to be a support for you (singular) when earthly supports fail, and you (singular) doubt the truth of the word, which is sent to you (singular) from above? Give yourself completely to my own, and every doubt will fade away from your (singular) heart. What else can I indeed want, than to keep you (singular) for a task, which is extremely important in the time of deepest crisis of mankind. And suffering presses you (singular) then this is to also just contribute to let you (singular) strive more intimately towards me. But you (singular) will always be able to be certain of my help, because I want that you (singular) work for my kingdom, and I will never let you (singular) become unsuitable for it through excessive suffering. And when I give you (singular) the assurance that you (plural) work together in the coming time, so quash all doubt and believe, because the power of faith also guarantees the certain success. I want no separation; I also want no decline of your (singular) spiritual life; I want that love strengthens because without love no work is possible in you (plural) as far as I’m concerned. You (singular) therefore give up the fight; let me rule, and entrust yourself to me and my love totally, because I never deny myself to me; I am always prepared to support you (plural), and I know about every need, which your (singular) soul lives through, but I also know what is best for you (singular) and causes it to mature. But I can only advise you (plural) and announce my will to you (plural). And so you (plural) obey my advice, also my blessing will always accompany you (plural), and you (plural) will be happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4140.


Book 50 4141

Task of the servants of God. Mediators between God and men.

12. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4141.

That you have been confronted with a spiritual task, you must also believe undoubtedly, and you are on no account allowed to easily ignore it or be tardy in the fulfilment. To be allowed to serve God is a special honouring, which indeed requires the will of man, however also a higher degree of maturity, which enables to an unusual work. But to be allowed to serve God also binds to do it with fullest commitment; it binds to eager activity and greatest willingness, to fulfil the set task conscientiously. And the fulfilment of such a task is again extremely important and significant, because the spiritual need of mankind demands it that latter finds help, that God himself brings it help through exactly his servants on earth. And this service in the face needy mankind is to be taken seriously, as really uncountable souls have to rely on help. But the help exists in that respect that a man is mediator between those and God, who announces through this mediator his will to mankind and seeks to lead men to right thinking and a walk of life in love. But since men are no longer able to establish the connection with God themselves, so a man must declare himself willing for it to get in contact with God as mediator to now receive his instruction and to pass it on so to speak to men for their salvation. This task is so exceedingly important and its fulfilment so urgently necessary that God gives every possibility to him who wants to serve him, to comply with his task, and that he therefore also grants him every protection, every help and every favour, so that the mediator can rule his office in peace and can do permanent work for the kingdom of God. And that is why you are not allowed to doubt at it that you have to fulfil a mission, and if you believe, you will also be eagerly active and miss no opportunity to work for God and his kingdom wherever it is just possible. Then you will put spiritual work first to everything, and you will never need to regret it, because if you work for God and his kingdom, he will also reward you – he will send an excessive amount of favour to you, so that you can take part in the redemption work of Christ already on earth and in future in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4141.


Book 50 4142

Spiritual communion. Proceeding. (Birth)

13. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4142.

Spiritual communicating is a proceeding, which guarantees unmeasured supply of favours, because it is the unification with me myself, he who hands out favours in excess. Through spiritual communion the soul of man steps into a stage of transfiguration; it no longer belongs to earth, but is so intimately in contact with the spirit in it that it so to speak is spiritualized itself and feels in this state the happiness of the connection with the father spirit, without that man feels something with his bodily senses. It is merely part of the soul, which has separated from earth and as it were also from the body and stays in spiritual spheres. I myself seize it full of love and also radiate love into it; I fill it with power, which enables it to feel and to think completely spiritually and to only want that what corresponds to my will. Spiritual communion is a state of complete devotion of will towards me, because being united with me can only that soul, which has given up all resistance and devotes itself towards me in deepest love, therefore takes up my original nature and becomes love itself. This reshaping of its nature takes place through love work of man first, which then follows intimate desire for me myself, which is so strong, that the soul desires to hear and to feel me. Through this desire the soul draws me myself towards it, because love seeks and finds unification and because I, as eternal love myself, know no other aim than being united with my creatures and to make them happy with my love. And that is why I comply with every desire of a loving soul, and make it happy, by announcing to it my presence through my word – so that it feels my presence, so that it is certain of my nearness and receives an undeniable proof of my love – my radiation, my word, my flesh and my blood. Spiritual communion is the intimate unification with me, which can never remain without results. The soul becomes born again; it steps out of its cover; it becomes free out of a dungeon imprisonment; it steps into life, because my spirit unites with it and awakens it to life; it becomes spiritually active, and it receives gifts of favour – a rich knowledge, which comprises eternal truths. It no longer is in the state of death, but it lives a new life, in light and power, in knowledge and in love. And I am constantly united with it, because who once spiritually communicates, he no longer wants to miss the unification with me; he constantly longs for my presence and my love, and his longing will constantly be fulfilled. Because the soul of one who is born again constantly returns again to its start; as spirit it feels belonging to the kingdom of spirits; as child it feels closely united to the father; it remains in constant love and therefore no longer separates from me for ever. And earth only keeps it still bound for so long until it has handed over to its fellowmen from its spiritual wealth, from its treasure of favours received through the spiritual communion, to also provide them with the unspeakable happiness of the spiritual unification with me, to help them to get bliss, which it has found itself through love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4142.


Book 50 4143

Process of the imparting of the divine word. Spirit – soul - body.

14. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4143.

When the soul unites with its spirit, the body has lost the right to the soul, i.e., the soul rejects bodily wishes, because they contradict the wish of the spirit. That is why the act of the connection of soul and spirit is only in such times possible, where the body is not so taken up that it must carry out earthly activities, where the thinking and wanting, therefore the soul, is completely meant for this activity. The activity of man can indeed fulfil divine will, however the effectiveness of the spirit depends on the complete devotion of the soul to the spirit, why a withdrawal of man into quietness is required, where the spirit can gain the attention of the soul, especially then, when the spiritual material imparted to the soul is also intended for fellowmen, therefore is to be written down. Therefore the announcements out of the spiritual kingdom, which are therefore radiations of the father spirit upon the spirit spark in man, are to be received in seclusion only, where the soul can devote itself to the spirit unrestrained. Then also a complete connection between soul and spirit can take place, so that God himself can express himself through the spirit, that the soul spiritualizes itself and receives his word in the moments of the connection with the father spirit from eternity, understands and can then present it to man, who has the desire to hear the results of the seclusion. Only then the soul establishes the union with the body and tells it what it has received out of the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4143.


Book 50 4144

Activity and ability of the being in the mandatory state.

15. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4144.

Also the most inconspicuous creature on earth enjoys God’s love and care, because it has emerged out of his love power and is for ever inseparably connected with him. But it also has to fulfil a purpose of existence, and that is why life was given to it, may it be as man or animal, in the free or in the mandatory state. To every creature a task is assigned, which it must fulfil. If it now complies with this task, then it becomes free from the respective form and can embody itself anew again in a higher form. Therefore every creature must perform an activity, which however always deviates from the previous, because different abilities must be developed, which certainly repeat themselves during infinite many embodiments, but are always adapted to the degree of development of the being. Before the embodiment as man the activity of those creatures is subject to the will of God and is therefore subject to a certain legality, why the same abilities are always typical of the creatures, which then mark the nature in a formation. And so there are infinite many formations before the embodiment as man, and the task of the being is in each of them different, and every activity agrees with the divine will, his unsurpassed wisdom and his exceedingly great love. It results in the maturation of the creatures, the certain ascent upwards, to the last embodiment as man, whose purpose of existence is again the ascent development of the soul. And in this last period of development divine love looks very specially after its creatures, who now must carry out an activity out of their own drive, no longer subject to the mandatory law, but which is to always secure the ascent development of the soul. But all activity as man must prove serving love, then it complies with the will of God and will also be blessed. Also now the love of God is unswervingly turned towards his creatures. And it expresses itself particularly in that respect that it creates opportunity to man, where he can busy himself by serving. Every earthly work is such an opportunity, and according to how man is minded towards his work, is also his spiritual development, always depending on the degree of love, which inspires man at the practising of his activity. But the divine will ends the course on earth of each soul at a time determined by it in its wisdom, to then move the being, whether perfect or imperfect, into the spiritual kingdom, where it is further looked after by its love and also now must work in serving love to become perfect and to finally find the union with God as aim, the only purpose of each being on earth and in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4144.


Book 50 4145

Admonition of God to his servants.

16. Oktober 1947. B.D. NR. 4145.

Remain loyal to me; open your hearts to me, and let me take entry; let me work in you, who I have chosen for cooperation, so that my work can appear well, but is veiled for men in dark spiritual night, because bright light would blind them and could just have a damaging effect for their souls. I need you for help, and therefore I must prepare you so, that you are suitable tools for me in the coming time, which will be extraordinary difficult for the entire mankind, but for you bearable, because I am with you and smooth your course of life, that you can cover it sure-footedly until the end. I want to make you happy with my word all the time; words full of fatherly love I want to speak to you; I want to give you comfort in hours of need, which can also not pass you, because one alarming experience will replace another. I want to strengthen and encourage you for tireless work for me and my kingdom; I want to loosen your tongues, order your thinking, and I want to work in you through my spirit and give you brightest light, clearest recognition and deepest knowledge; I want to lighten your hearts to a great flame of love, so that you look after fellowmen who live along in great spiritual distress and need your help. Let me stay with you continuously; call me, so that I can come to you, and get familiar with my name, as it is a dispenser of power, a refreshing draught and feeding for the soul, and remain intimately connected to me in prayer, then you never need to fear to become a slave to a weak state, and be master to every life situation. Just one thing I demand of you, that you make my will your own, that you do not resist me, but just keep my commands – love me above all and your neighbour like yourselves. But think about it what these commands require – and then fulfil them, and my permanent blessing, my love and favour will certainly be yours, and you will remain loyal to me and hold out until the end, and you will be willing servants for me, through whom I myself can work, where my work is necessary. Amen. B.D. NR. 4145.


Book 50 4146

Fate. School. Tightened means.

17. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4146.

He who gave you life, also determines your fate, and under his will are both your earthly as well as your spiritual life, latter indeed insofar as depending on your will that you create your degree of your perfection yourselves, however your spiritual maturing promoting through perpetual spiritual impressions, which so to speak are caused through earthly impressions, why fate of every man is predetermined according to the will of man for perfection. And so on earth you must always go through the school, which your soul needs, because God has recognized it from eternity which course your spiritual development takes; he also knows about the degree of maturity, which the soul has reached at its demise; he knows about the life-span of the individual, and often he must apply tightened means before the death of the body to promote the soul in its development. Then life approaches man in all its hardship and forces him through it to free himself from all earthly desire, so that the soul desires nothing but God and so gives up its last earthly fetter, to enter the spiritual kingdom completely free and cleansed. At times a state of extreme need is necessary for a soul so that it entrusts itself completely to its creator and ruler and dissolves all ties with the world. But then it reaches a high degree of maturity, which earns it complete happiness and therefore plenty compensation in the spiritual kingdom. Thousand fold it receives spiritually again what earthly was taken away from it or denied. And man is to think about it that God does not let him suffer arbitrarily, but always only pursues one aim, to make him happy for ever. And if the school which he has to complete is not to remain without success, then often all strictness has to be applied, otherwise man could not educate himself spiritually in a short time, which still remains for him until the end according to the purpose from eternity. And since the end is not long in coming, misery now starts in a way, which often lets a God of love find lacking. And nevertheless the infinite love of God itself determines the way of education, which the soul must go, and that is why man is to always commend himself to the love of God, then his soul will draw its use from every experience; it will mature in a short time and enter the spiritual kingdom in a high degree of development, as soon as it leaves its body, its last cover, and after infinite long time of being bound can enjoy eternal freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4146.


Book 50 4147

Gift of receiving remains, gift of teaching can be taken away.

18. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4147.

Only rarely can I express myself in the way that a regular transmission of my word to earth takes place through the will of a man, who ministers to me. Only rarely such a connection is established, which not only produces mental results but leads to written records, which can be put at the disposal of men. And only rarely therefore the possibility exists to give enlightenment to men and to answer every spiritual question. It is a connection between heaven and earth, between me and men, which obviously has an effect as a sign that a natural contact with me is possible and that it visibly results in the granting of my word. And therefore it is understandable that such a connection is never dissolved as far as I am concerned, but that I favour it and look after that man full of love who establishes this connection with me, and that I help him in every way, that he finds his way on earth both earthly as well as spiritually to not lose him, because a great task awaits him, which can precisely only be carried out by such a man who completely devotes himself to me and therefore is also free of sin, so that my spirit can express itself through him. Who is now active for me, he never ever needs to fear that this gift of favour is taken away from him, because, who once stands in this intimate connection with me, cannot lose his way so far that he makes the work of the spirit in him impossible. He will not be disobedient to me willingly; he will consult me in every matter of human life and therefore also never need to do without my word, because he can never so desert me that he consciously resists me. But I can well take the gift away from him to enlighten fellowman, when he makes himself unworthy of my teaching. Because the way of the rendering of a imparting depends on how far the deeper knowledge is comprehensible for fellowman. And therefore the receiver can very well keep the gift of receiving of divine wisdom and be instructed continuously with my full will, but the listener can remain little impressed, and my gift of favour passes him completely ineffectively, and he will feel this state as agonizing and live in want, however seize every opportunity where he again can feel my spirit work and pursue it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4147.


Book 50 4148

Loving father words.

19. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4148.

Receive what my love offers you, and strengthen yourselves on it any time. And if earthly worries press you, consider them as imposed on you by me, and bear them with submission; and so they appear to you unbearable, come to me, and I will help you to carry them or completely take them from you, i.e. give you power or send help, so that the need is removed, which has burdened you. And so you will never come away empty-handed, if you turn to me, because a father does not refuse to give himself to the children, which love him and want to gain his love for themselves through fulfilling of his commands. And that is why you will find me any time prepared to make you happy with gifts of favour; you will always hear words of love from me, if you take stock of yourselves and your inner attitudes. You will never need to live in want and also never lose my love, because I am always prepared to give and want to hand out my goods, both spiritually and also earthly, to those who need them. I let no-one come away empty-handed, I however hand out my goods differently according to the will of utilization of the individual. And so you are also not to be anxious in giving and always consider that it is me who can bless and increase all your goods, whether earthly or spiritually, that I can give you again, of what you give up, and that I will also do it, only handing out with other measure, if you give out of love to the neighbour. You will lack nothing, if you do not leave the neighbour in need, because my goods are not limited and my love still much less, and therefore you will be allowed to receive unmeasured, if you just utilize your gifts right and therefore use them to work in unselfish neighbourly love. And do you then need to worry about your needs if I give you the assurance to cover them? Do you need to fear that you could tire in the fight of life if I help you and you never need to believe to be deserted by me? Just believe in my love, and all worry will fall off you; believe in my omnipotence, and you will no longer doubt that I can help you in every trouble and also want to help you, because I love you. Believe in my wisdom, which only shapes the life for you so as it is good for your soul. And so you can accept gifts from me all the time; earthly I will give to you and spiritually not let you live in want, as soon as you accept my word and draw all power out of it, which you need for your earth life way to be able to cover it according to my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4148.


Book 50 4149

You will harvest as you sow. As you measure out, it will.

21. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4149.

You will harvest what you sow, and you will always have to recognize me as just judge if I allow that the fruit of your sowing – the results of your way of life and of your work on earth, shows itself clearly as sufferings or joys, as needs or blessings of all kind. I want it that you recognize me, that you regard nothing as coincidence, but always and continuously see my providence, my hand, whatever overcomes you. And I want it that you account to yourselves how far you are to blame for your fate yourselves if it appears to be difficult for you to bear. All lack of love results in spiritual weakness; every act of love has an effect in increased knowledge. And so you can, with strict self-criticism, measure at your spiritual state, how far you practise love. You will always be happy to strive towards me, to seek to broaden your spiritual knowledge and therefore to desire to hear me, directly or through my servants, if you give – spiritual or earthly goods. As you measure out, so it will be measured towards you, i.e., you will have to record no shortcoming, if you endeavour to get into contact with me through love. But where love lacks there my work is also not possible – to hand out spiritual or earthly wealth, and where lack of love predominates, also that will still get lost, what man possesses. The acting of a man must have an effect on himself; it must have repercussions on him, otherwise my justice would be questioned; fruit must be in accordance with the sowing, even if it is not immediately noticeable now and then, because my patience often delays, to give the opportunity to men to think things over and to change when their thinking is not right. And if a man is serious about his spiritual development, about the increase of soul maturity, about spiritual progress, broadened knowledge and approach towards God, also his life must be an unmistakeable work of love; he must make an effort to give love to his fellowmen, to hand out what he possesses of earthly and spiritual good; he must give and make happy; he must be active in love in the meaning of the word, then he will also collect the fruit of his walk on earth, because I am just and give to everyone who is worthy of my gifts. Amen. B.D. NR. 4149.


Book 50 4150

Lack of trust. Ask, and it shall be given you.

22. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4150.

You certainly hear my word, and you can make my will your own by this; you are also willing to serve me and see to the spreading of my word – you also live consciously and strive for a higher state of the spirit – you also make an effort to live in love, and on many occasions are mentally in contact with me, but one thing you still lack: the limitless trust in my help in every trouble of body and of soul. But exactly this trust is really the characteristic of my children that they come to the father and present their troubles to him in the belief in my certain help. Not the smallest doubt is allowed to arise in you; you must put yourselves in the position of the love of your father and creator and preserver towards his creatures. Are you able to feel to be seized by the love of the father, so all doubt will also fade in you, because then my love explains everything to you, then you know that I cannot act with you differently than to grant you everything what you ask, because right love never refuses to give itself, but wants to see itself united with the object of its love, and that I therefore always want to grant to you what is good for you, so that you are not hurt. But your intellect does not grasp it, and you are still too very much active with the mind, where your heart alone is to decide; your mind asks and ponders and badly arrives at a satisfying result. But your heart has the right feeling, and it tells you again and again that only my love is decisive and that this love is meant for you for ever, if you just desire it. And that is why you only need to make yourselves worthy of my love, and you will then never do a wrong request, because I grant everything to you, if you can just be counted to mine through the fulfilling of my love command, to those who no longer have a home on earth, but see their true home in the spiritual kingdom, and who therefore long for a connection with me, their heavenly father from eternity. You must just always think of my love, and your trust will increase, and then you have yourselves the guarantee for the fulfilling of every request, and then you will no longer doubt, because I have given you the promise: Ask, and it shall be given you; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4150.


Book 50 4151

Power of love.

23. and 24. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4151.

The power of love is overpowering, and still it is too little recognized and used. It is like a raging torrent, which seizes and carries with it everything; it is like a fire, to which nothing stands up, which consumes everything, what comes near it. An unusual strength lies in love, but it must be pure love, otherwise it is triggering off impulses, which drag down. Pure love can and must awaken again counter-love, as one force also provokes a counter-force. And that is why it will also find reaction, even though not directly as consequence, but only then, when love had an effect on fellowman. It must so to speak first touch his heart, before counter-love awakens and therefore radiates back. This is an original law that love has an effect as force and that it as such also has an enormous power. It is an original law that must double, as soon as two beings feel drawn to each other, but that the one behaves passive, the other active and that therefore love of the one must be stronger, otherwise it would not be building up, therefore would be noticeable as power. Love is going out from God and therefore to be describes as divine so long, as it only strives for spiritual good. But love of one man can be meant for fellowman, and also then it still can be divine, if the principle of giving love is predominant. Then it will also awaken counter-love; but it must then be completely free of self-interest, and its aim must always be to give and cause happiness. (24.10.1947) Who carries love in him that wants to give and make happy, he is truly connected to me and obtains continuously power out of me. Because such love will always push to activity; it must give up its power, and this impulse results in perpetual activity. But activity is life, and consequently man only then stands in the state of life, when he is full of love. Because only love work ends the state of death, which surrounds the soul before. Love work is an activity that starts from the spirit, which cannot be compared with earthly activity, even so it has an earthy effect. The influx of power out of the spiritual kingdom will always drive man to increased love work, and consequently the power continuously increases in itself. Man is indeed not specially touched bodily by this, but his entire life of feeling receives a deepening; he is exceedingly sensitive and therefore hears the voice of the spirit in him, which just sounds quietly and fine and cannot be heard by the bodily senses. This voice of the spirit is therefore the effect of love activity and love activity again the effect of loving feeling in the heart, this again a radiation of me myself, which I let flow towards him who loves me, i.e., who fulfils my commands, who makes an effort to fulfil my will, who consciously strives towards me, i.e. acknowledges me and believes in me. Love is always power, whether is starts from me and touches my creatures or returns to me in form of unselfish love activity. And this power will uninterruptedly exude into space, because I myself, as eternal love, wants to give and make happy and raise my creatures into the state of happiness; I want that they live and accept and hand out the power out of me through continuous activity because it urges to give and wants to make happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4151.


Book 50 4152

Harvest. Harvester. God as master teacher.

25. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4152.

Spiritual striving is to connect you and no longer allow separation. Common experience is to let you mature, and everyone is to strive up out of innermost urge; everyone is to feel as agent of God, who has to fulfil a mission, and ask God for power and favour, to be able to carry out this mission according to his will. And you will find plenty of work, if you put yourselves into his service, because he needs wiling workers for the cultivation of a field, which is to bear rich fruit. He needs men for the sowing, as he also needs harvesters for the time of harvest, who serve him and are eagerly busy. Has God chosen you, then be yourselves aware of this honouring and make yourselves worthy of it. Because it is a special favour to be allowed to accept his word, which prepares you for that mission, which makes you knowing and able to pass the knowledge on to your fellowmen. For that reason be aware of this gift of favour, and accept full of thanks what God’s love offers you; but also fulfil his will, which is announced to you through his word. Every spiritual conversation will further you; it will bring in extended knowledge to you, and this knowledge will make you happy, because it is offered from above, from God himself, who directs his servants to instruct you, and who reveals himself to you as master teacher, takes you in a school and imparts divine wisdom to you. As he himself instructs you, you are far from all error, and truth flows towards you in purest form, because his love is exceedingly great; his wisdom is unfathomable and his power unimaginable. But love and wisdom and omnipotence you can detect in every announcement and for that reason be happy that his personality is disclosed to you and you possess the ability to grasp what his spirit announces to you. And for that reason appreciate this gift of favour; make yourselves worthy of it; do not become lukewarm and indifferent, but desire it out of the whole heart, and receive it with thanks, then your spiritual striving will earn you blessing; you will advance in your development and reach your destination safely – complete unification with eternal love, which wants to win you forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4152.


Book 50 4153

Relationship of a child to the father.

26. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4153.

You are to become mine and to no longer separate yourselves from me; you are to contract a union with me, devote yourselves to me and desire nothing more than my love, and when you have arrived at this stage of renunciation of all earthly, you can safely leave your life, because then you have passed the last test on earth, and you are ripe for the spiritual kingdom. But what is necessary for that, that you reach this degree of love towards me, which makes you happy for ever? You must stand in the relationship of a child to the father, then you will desire nothing more differently than being united with me, because the child only demands towards the father, because it feels his fatherly love and knows itself safe and secure with it. The child is weak and demands protection and help; it demands gifts, which only the love of the father gives to it, and trustingly it comes to him and asks him full of childlike humility and the father denies nothing to the child, because he loves it. You all must feel yourselves as my children and have this trust in me, that you present all your worries, needs and sufferings to me and believingly wait on it that I take them from you, that I eliminate them and shape your lot on earth bearable for you. And so you contract an alliance with me, your father from eternity; you entrust yourselves to me, and through it you feel yourselves so close to me that you speak without shyness and also make an effort to gain my pleasure and through it again my love, and you will have yourselves also the awareness as my children to possess my love, and this awareness will give you inner peace and power in all fullness. And nevertheless you will not be overbearing; you will remain deeply humble and be showered with my favour – I can now work in you, I can speak to you through my spirit, and you will be able to hear me – the connection with me will earn you richest blessing; you now belong to me, and I no longer let you from me for ever. The unification has taken place, which is to be the aim of all men on earth, so that they can enter into the kingdom of peace, when earth life has ended. Amen. B.D. NR. 4153.


Book 50 4154

Mental radiations. Spiritual powers.

27. and 28. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4154.

Secret powers work all the time, standing in connection with the original power, the creator of the universe, with God, to whom everything is subject to, not only in the spiritual kingdom, but also in the material world. These powers it is which are active unswervingly and have an effect upon the thoughts of men, which are entrusted to them for care. Thoughts are spiritual currents, which are transmitted by those powers to men; but whether they are received by them is the duty of men themselves. And that is why the spiritual powers seek to direct the will of man in a certain direction, so that the will is now prepared to receive the thought waves, which play around him, and to present them to the mind for processing, so that then both the soul as well as the mind gain by it. These powers are now working to achieve a total transformation of the thinking, and they use every opportunity to help man by admonishing and warning, and that is why these powers, spiritual light beings, firstly try to direct the thinking of man towards the spiritual kingdom, and for this purpose earthly life is made more difficult for them fate wise, so that they give it up more easily and seek replacement there where they cannot be disappointed. (28.10.1947) Many times men certainly chain themselves still more to earthly life after bad buffets of fate, and then it is difficult for the spiritual powers to find a hearing, because the mental radiations are not accepted. Man remains in his complete material thinking and is lost for the spiritual kingdom. But where only few find together and mention that what moves their thoughts, where just one man touches spiritual spheres conversationally, there also those powers can have an effect and express themselves mentally, and men, who do not resist, will acquire a mental knowledge, which will satisfy them inwardly and be recognized by them as truth. And to get this knowledge imparted in a mental way is enlightenment of the spirit, which is the allowance of favour of every man, who directs his will to the spiritual kingdom in the desire for knowledge, for truth, and gets these supplied from God through his light beings. Right thinking does not come from the mind, but the spiritual kingdom; the spirit out of God is active to awaken the slumbering spirit spark, which is his share, in man and to now instruct the soul through it, which then presents itself to man, what now also requires intellectual activity, so that the knowledge of man becomes spiritual property. So that now men’s spirit can be enlightened, it is necessary that he is steered towards the field of the spiritual through some impressions or conversations of fellowmen, that he mentally deals with spiritual problems and now the knowing powers of the spiritual kingdom carry out the instructions of God and can have an effect upon the thoughts of men, impart the truth out of God to them, which alone leads to God and secures eternal life for men. Amen. B.D. NR. 4154.


Book 50 4155

Disappointment of Men - Improvement. Divine Intervention.

29. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4155.

A great disappointment will be experienced by those men who are hoping for an improvement of the situation in life and carry out all work in view of a better time. They think they can reshape life for themselves through human hands and human will, they believe in advancement in every respect, all the work they carry out amounts to a provision in the long run, they exceedingly labour at unimportant things, but they ignore the things of greatest importance – caring for the life hereafter. Their thoughts permanently revolve around earthly duties, earthly pleasures, earthly prosperity. But they are completely indifferent to spiritual life and so it is understandable that they are drawn away from God although they talk about his name because the attractions of the world are stronger and the world is part of him who works against God and wants to oust him. And as they grant more rights to the enemy of God through their desire they will receive what they desire but he also takes possession of their soul and a breaking off from his power requires a willpower that earthly minded men do not muster. The disappointment will be exceedingly great for these men when the earth will be hit by divine will, when the natural disaster destroys all their hope and puts them into an exceedingly poor situation in life that contradicts all their plans and hopes. It will be a bitter time for all worldly men that will hardly be bearable for them because now they see the impossibility of a better life and are incapable of any constructive work. They grumble and complain and reject a creator and sustainer of all things because they have no capacity to recognize God in that misery that followed the work of destruction. A spiritual explanation of the time to come they do not accept because their worldly attitude robs them of any capacity of a proper assessment and so they are at a complete loss in the face of the new situation until God takes pity on them and either takes them from the earth or gives them anew the possibility to take note of his word to earnestly change their attitude - if they summon up the will for it. Nevertheless it is the only possibility because the inclination to the world is too great to be given up if God had not at the same time combined a relief campaign with this work of destruction to give them the opportunity to separate from matter. Because this must first be overcome if man wants to be blessed, if he wants to get to know on earth his actual assignment and if he wants to strive for its fulfilment. The divine intervention through nature is the last remedy to turn in free will to spiritual striving and to learn to overcome the earth with its attractions. Amen. B.D. NR. 4155.


Book 50 4156

Time of harvest. Harvesters. Workers in the vineyard. Prophets.

30. and 31. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4156.

You will experience the time of the harvest of which it is written that the wheat is separated from the chaff and the fruit of the fields is gathered into the barns. And the Lord will instruct his servants to do their work in accordance with their duty; He will send them out that they bring in the harvest as hard workers, that they are intent on filling the barns of their Lord, and rest not until the last fruit has been brought in, until they can tell him: Lord, the work is done. (31.10.1947) This time is near, and all who work for the kingdom of God, all who want to bring souls to God, who seek to spread his love teaching, who announce to men the rule and work of God, these are his servants, which he has hired so that the work gets done, which it urgently necessary before the end, before the day where the chaff is separated from the wheat. And this day is no longer far, again and again it is told men through the mouth of the prophets, through the mouth of those who serve God and completely put themselves at his disposal. Again and again God makes use of them to speak through them to all who want to listen to him. But the time will pass quickly; an exceedingly busy activity will have to start to still save a rich harvest until the last day. But the reward will truly be worth the work. In the last hour God still needs workers for his vineyard, and he courts those incessantly, because the urgency of the end requires excessive work, and that the more the greater the spiritual need is among mankind. Who puts himself at the disposal? Who does not shrink from the work for God and his kingdom? Who has mercy with the erroneous souls and wants to help to rescue them from eternal damnation? Who hears the voice of the Lord, who calls servants to duty for him? All of you will experience the time where God will harvest, and all of you are to listen to his call and put yourselves at his disposal. The work is certainly hard, and it requires much patience and love towards fellowmen, but thousand fold God blesses your effort, and demands not more from you than you can do. And he showers all with his favour, who enter his service, because the end is near, and hurry is necessary, because the day is determined for eternity, where the Last Judgement is held. Amen. B.D. NR. 4156.


Book 50 4157

Sounding word.

1. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4157.

To hear the sounding word in the heart is the most unmistakable sign of my love. It sounds like a softly spoken word, fine and delicate and still high and clear. It fills you men with hearty joy, because it is so unusually agreeable that you desire to hear it continuously, if I would not like to bring you down to earth, so that you can also stand steadfast in earthly life. Because the happiness to feel my nearness robs you of calmness, and that is why I must also always approach you veiled, whether in the word or in my presence, and protect you from becoming of effusive mind, which is not suitable for this world. Love towards me is indeed kindled in you like a fire that cannot be quenched, but I do not let it flare up in bright flames for your own sake. But I know when your heart is able of deep pure love towards me and when I can then therefore express myself sounding in you. But you do not know the degree of love, which allows this surest sign of my love, and that is why you must be driven to increased love and often through suffering, which is to push you into my arms. Because whom I have seized with my love, him I no longer leave for ever; but I also do not let him stay on the same level of development; I want that he approaches me, that he becomes more and more perfect, that he finally just still desires me alone – and this presupposes a heart completely free from dross, opened towards me. Do you understand that I just want to help you to get it and you must go through schools of purification to be able to be happy in my nearness? To be able to hear my spoken word and therefore to be completely convinced of my presence? Do you understand why you must go through suffering and misery, why I admonish you to constant love activity and give the possibility all the time to you to work in love? Do you understand why you must serve to be able to rule in future, why you must give way in humility to be raised up by me? If you hear my word sounding in you, you will understand all this and thank me from the whole heart, because then you also stand in mature knowledge, and you will have all understanding what happens in the world, around you and also at yourselves. Everything just has its roots in my exceedingly great love; everything just has the purpose to make the approach towards me desirable for you and to help you to get it. Because only in association with me you can become happy. The becoming one with me is your aim, because you are my share from eternity, which I never ever give up or want to let my opponent have. And if you just have the smallest will towards this unification with me, then you also safely reach that aim, because my love seizes everything what strives towards it, and the highest aim of love is the final unification with me for ever. And if you would know about the depth of my love, then a peace would flow through you which makes you happy. But you are to wrestle and ask for power; you are to be busy acting and working on you to reach highest perfection. But then I myself will stay in your hearts; I will speak to you, and you will be allowed to hear me any time and at every place, as often and as long as your soul takes this, as long as you still stay on earth. But in future you will be allowed to hear me continuously, be able to stay continuously in my nearness and continuously be made happy by my love, and your happiness will take no end – you will be blessed for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4157.


Book 50 4158

Mediator between God and men. Jesus Christ.

2. to 4. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4158.

The mediator between God and men was Jesus at a time where the connection with God by men was no longer established and it therefore was impossible that God himself could announce himself to them through the inner word. A link so to speak between them and God had become necessary, and the possibility had to be created to impart to men the will of God, and this could only happen through a man, who stood in such high degree of maturity of his soul that he was able to hear the inner word, that God himself therefore could express himself through this man, without that the freedom of will was endangered through that. This act can only take place in fullest agreement of the will of man with the divine will and therefore total submission of the own will to the will of God, and this total submission has the ability, to lead to hear God’s voice, and since the divine voice (3.11.1947) sounds extremely fine and tender, only that man is able to hear it, who attentively listens inwardly. The man Jesus was full of love towards his fellowmen, he himself heard the voice of God in himself – (4.11.1947) and in his love he sought to give fellowmen information of that what he became imparted by God himself. Because God spoke to all men through Jesus, and therefore he was only the cover through which God expressed himself. The connection from God to men had become so urgently necessary, because without imparting of the divine will no-one was able to follow his purpose on earth, to form himself according to the image of God, to shape himself to love, because men were at the time of Jesus Christ completely devoid of love and by it endlessly far away from God. A chasm existed, which was only to be bridged through love work, and men would have been lost inescapably if God would not have sent to them a saviour in Jesus Christ, who overbridged the chasm as empowered by his great love towards men, who established a way from men to God - the way of unselfish neighbourly love. In this way they were to come again into the state to hear God’s word, to hear himself and to recognize his speech as divine and to obey everything what God demanded from men. However men of this time did not establish this contact with God himself; they neither practised unselfish neighbourly love, nor did they believe in a God, who wanted to talk to them. Jesus knew about this state of men and wanted to help them by offering himself to fulfil the conditions, which were directly tied to the hearing of the divine word. And therefore for the first time he formed himself to love and by this means he stepped into such intimate union with God, that he was chosen as mediator, that God himself moved into his body as cover to hide his brilliance, his all-consuming love fire before men, who went along in such dark spirit night that bright light was unbearable for them. God used a man, and he spoke through his mouth. Nevertheless he was only recognized by few. Only few lived according to divine will so that they also recognized the divine in the man Jesus and accepted his word as spoken by God. The majority put doubt into his word; they did not recognize him because they were sinful and without love. And in this same misery are also now again those men, who have no faith in God and are so far away from him through their loveless (nature) life that they cannot hear his word. (4.11.1947) And again they need mediators – servants, through whose mouth God can express himself to send to men in their spiritual need admonitions and warnings, to give to them the command of love and guidelines for their walk of life, so that they are not pulled into the abyss by his opponent, but reach eternal happiness. And these servants must be connected to God so intimately that they are able to hear his word; they must have acquired this ability through love work and a will turned towards God; love towards fellowmen must determine them to the help of spiritual and earthly kind. In addition they must be completely independent of religious organisations, i.e., they are not allowed to be pressed into wrong thinking which can prevent them to receive the pure word of God and to reject contrary teachings – because they are to seek to spread the word received from God with all eagerness as sole, eternal truth. To be a mediator between God and men, to establish the connection with the spiritual kingdom, is certainly the most beautiful task on earth and puts in the shade every earthly activity. It is a task, which brings in a wealth of favour of inestimable value, but such an office is also binding, because who has much must also hand out much, and he will also be made responsible for his wealth, how he has administered it. To be a mediator between God and men is truly of greatest importance; it is the reducing of a chasm, which has become already almost unbridgeable through the lack of love of men. But the love of a man can build a bridge, and innumerable men can walk on this bridge and become again able to hear the divine word. And that is why God will bless his servants on earth who offer themselves in free will to do a service to fellowmen, which has an effect for eternity, and he will always be intent on helping them with love and favour, so that they can fulfil their mission – to be a suitable tool for God, who wants to talk to men in times of deepest spiritual need, who wants to help them, because they urgently need his help, because the time comes to an end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4158.


Book 50 4159

Gift of prophecy.

5. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4159.

The gift of prophecy is only awarded to that man who makes use of it in the right, i.e. way wanted by God – who announces to his fellowmen what he is able to see and to hear as servant of God. A judgement never comes over men without announcement beforehand; they never remain un-admonished. But warnings and admonitions must be sent to them through the mouth of man, because men are to decide in free will for good or evil, and so they also must be allowed to judge the predictions freely and be able to adapt themselves believingly or unbelievingly; it must be left to them to change themselves on the basis of the predictions, i.e., to decide to a walk of life pleasing to God; by no means are they allowed to feel to be forced to that end, and therefore the predictions are to be imparted to them in a way, which does not influence their free will. The mouth of man expresses them on behalf of God, and every believing man will believe the man of God without doubt, but generally little faith will be shown to his explanations, because a predicting of great events is thought to be impossible, as also that God himself expresses himself through seers and prophets about things of the future. But since only in spiritual interest men’s attention is drawn to coming events for the sake of their soul work, the ability is given to individual men to see into the future, what however cannot be generalized, but only persons standing in the service of God can be believed, why men are not to claim wanting to uncover future things, who do not have the instructions from God thereto. The spirit of God must announce to them what is to be revealed to fellowmen, and admonitions for a walk of life pleasing to God must be connected with these revelations, otherwise they are futile, if not even harmful, because to satisfy earthly thirst for knowledge with it, God lets no seers and prophets arise among men. But since the spiritual low of mankind makes judgement necessary, men are warned before, and the knowledge about the development of earthly events is made accessible to them, however always in connection with the spiritual wellbeing of men, why seers and prophets will always arise among men, when men are in danger to fall victim to a coming judgement, and they are to still remember their soul, before it is too late. But who is called by God to work for him on earth, to him also the favour is given by God to predict future things. And they can be fully believed, because soon also the proof will be brought to them, because all predictions will come true. Amen. B.D. NR. 4159.


Book 50 4160

Fight between light and darkness.

6. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4160.

It will remain an eternal fight between light and darkness, i.e., eternities will pass until light has completely overcome darkness and just only an infinite kingdom of light exists, where no darkness can any more enter. But then also no fight of spirits against each other will any more take place, but deepest love unites all spiritual beings in common work for God. The striving for perfection will never cease and consequently a new basis will be created for the activity of all beings in the spiritual kingdom. Because it is then no longer meant for the redemption of erroneous souls, because the kingdom of light only holds redeemed souls, but it is a mutual encouraging to always greater perfection, a continuous union of equally mature spiritual and strengthened work through continuous increased power, which is exclusively used for the approach towards God – to eager love activity, because work in love remains for ever the first law in the spiritual kingdom. But it mainly turns to the creation and shaping of spiritual creations, to making spiritually like-minded souls happy, which find themselves in union to let new creations come into being by means of increased power, which again help other spiritual beings to always higher perfection. It is a constant life, i.e. constant activity in surroundings of fullest light, however driven by the desire for the face of God, for his love and his word, for constant radiation of God, which provokes unspeakable happiness. And this desire finds constant fulfilment and still never becomes less, because the love of God will always remain worth striving for also for the perfect spiritual most full of light, and that is why happiness will also come to no end, the beings in the spiritual kingdom will be happy in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4160.


Book 50 4161

Love awakens requited love. Love wins.

7. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4161.

The power of love is great, and it gains the victory. And when man feels weak, then his love is not strong enough, otherwise power would flow through him and he would be master of every situation. Because love forces everything, and it even wins its opponent for itself. It awakens requited love, provided it does not give up the fight prematurely, i.e., provided man lets up in his courting the love of fellowman. Then he himself gives up the power; the opponent, fellowman, is stronger than him; he does not use the power of love, which forces everything and can never be unsuccessful. It must set itself a goal, but this goal must also correspond to the will of God, as that it does not switch off or exceed the love of God, and the love towards God causes complete subjugation under his will. Therefore love can certainly be meant for the neighbour and have the union with him as goal, but the strongest desire should always be sacrificed to God and out of his hand accepted, what he gives to man. And according to the strength of love and of faith also the power of love and of faith will appear – love will win – because God himself as eternal love now has an effect, and he wins for himself what he once has seized in love. Love is something divine, what can never be without power, and no-one can withstand love. But a union in love can also only then take place when God himself approves it, when he himself joins this union, by him considering it as salutary for the soul of man, when it does not endanger its development. But this is never the case when man submits to the divine will without resistance. Then his soul is no longer in danger, and then God can and will grant him what his heart desires; he will let love flare up; he will unite himself with man, and all resistance will be given up, because when God himself wants to seize possession, love will no longer be refused to him, and the bond will be firm and of eternal duration, because love is the greatest power. Amen. B.D. NR. 4161.


Book 50 4162

Relationship towards God - love or reverence, respect, admiration.

9. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4162.

Every man has the right as far as I am concerned, to determine himself which relationship he wants to adopt towards me. He can consider me as father, as brother or friend, but as he can also see in me only his God, the highest perfect being, to whom he wants to submit himself and whose commands he wants to fulfil, because he acknowledges me as highest power. But this latter relationship will never have the deep love towards me as company, but only reverence and admiration, respect and veneration. But I want love; I want to know an intimate relationship towards me being established, because love alone is happiness. How poor is a man who is without love, and how rich is he to be called, who possesses it. I certainly have joy in the humility if him who submits to me as highest power, who acknowledges me and wants to arouse my pleasure; I will also come to meet him and give him my love, but my gaol is always only to change his attitude towards me into the right relationship – into the relationship of a child towards the father, of a bride towards the bridegroom, into the relationship, which has love as its foundation. Because I can return it; I can give up that what is my original nature; I can let my love radiate, therefore make happy with my original substance, which flows as power towards the object of my love. I can seize my creatures and draw them towards me – I can make them happy for ever. But every man has free will; I court his love, his trust and come to meet him as father by me giving him my care, looking after him in trouble and distress and constantly giving him my favour. But where my love does not find the same return, where the heart does not press towards me in hot desire for union with me, where the child does call for his father and approaches him in childlike trust, confidently awaiting his help in every spiritual and earthly need, there I can also not reveal myself in my father love, although I will always be recognizable as God, as all creating and preserving power and do not let my creatures come away empty-handed, who strive towards me. Nevertheless I do not let up to court their love, to push them into the right relationship towards me, certainly always respecting free will, but bringing man into situations, where he can flee as child to the father and he therefore can establish a trusting relationship and win me completely for himself. Only then he will make progress quickly, because my love power can now flow upon him unhindered and this means ascent development of the soul, which is aim and purpose of his earth life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4162.


Book 50 4163

Spiritual need. Come to me and I will give you rest.

10. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4163.

Receive spiritual nourishment as often as it is possible for you. You stand at the beginning of such a difficult time that you must be intent on making yourselves robust against troubles and sufferings of all kind. You will need much power, if you want to comply with both your earthly as well as your spiritual task, and my word imparts this power. That is why I admonish you again and again to utilize my gift of favour; I draw your attention to the troubles of the coming time and warn you men just of it to lead a happy-go-lucky life without thinking, to fulfil all wishes to the body and to let the soul live in want, because it is merely about the welfare of the soul – about your life in eternity. I would like to help you to become happy, but your will must become active, and you are not allowed to believe that eternal happiness can be acquired effortlessly, that it falls to you against your will, without you being involved. You must be aware of that with the death of your body the possibility is over to work out of your own power, that you will bitterly regret every unused opportunity, when you come to the recognition what earth life has been for you. Only a very short time is still left to you, but it is enough if you have the serious will to mature your souls, because I take care of that a thousand and one possibilities are offered to you to fulfil your actual life task, the work in unselfish neighbourly love. But one thing you are not allowed to refrain from, to adopt my word, to draw power and comfort out of it, because you, you who let my word speak to your hearts, unite yourselves with me myself and as a result you receive great blessings for your soul. Do not be satisfied that my word is offered to you now and then, but seek yourselves with a hungry heart the opportunity to put yourselves in its blessing - "Come to me and I will give you rest." Let me speak to you on many occasions; do not be lukewarm and indifferent, but hurry and create in yourselves a supply of power, so that you become strong in faith and can go cheerfully and peacefully also the most difficult way of life, remaining continuously aware of my presence and therefore walk with me towards the destination – to be completely united with me in the kingdom of light. Take every word seriously, which is supplied to you through my servants on earth; think about how urgently you need my admonitions, in what danger you are if you let up in your striving, if you attach too little importance to my word, which is offered you in deepest love in the face of the great trouble. You stand in a great extraordinary favour that you receive my word – use this supply of favour; feed your soul with the bread of heaven; let it not live in want, because it needs spiritual nourishment. For this reason pay more attention to your soul than to your body, pay more attention to the spiritual than earthly life, because the latter will bring you great disappointment, to you who attach too much value to it. But to you, who strive spiritually, also a difficult earthly life will not need to frighten you; you will cover it with me, if you let me speak to you always and constantly in the word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4163.


Book 50 4164

My kingdom is not of this world.

11. and 12. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4164.

My kingdom is not of this world. And so also everything what is to lead or contribute to the gaining of my kingdom will not be of a worldly kind, but can only have spiritual character. My words, which I spoke on earth, are only to be understood spiritually, and the obeying of my word must have an effect spiritually, as it must also only be expressed by this, that every act is always heart impulse, i.e., inner stirrings alone are decisive how far man takes possession of my kingdom. Neither worldly customs can increase the right to my kingdom nor working help, which is done to the neighbour without that the heart is participating in it. My kingdom is not of this world. Do you perhaps believe that I then demand worldly and symbolic acts to make this my kingdom accessible to you? Do you believe that I can get pleasure from external appearances, which are rather a danger, because deep inner stirrings die down in man in this way, but the external appearances distract and finally only alone are still observed. Through my word I have certainly given no stimulus for it, but men are not satisfied with the inner union with me, through which they reach high soul maturity and therefore can already take my kingdom on earth, and they set great store by the fulfilment of certain customs, which however are completely of no importance for the gaining of my kingdom. Who keeps my commandments – loves me above all and the neighbour like himself, he can also rightly call himself a candidate of my kingdom. But it is never possible to win this if my commands are not respected. How often however do I miss the obeying of my love command with those, who strictly hold on to external appearances, who strictly keep to the commandments, which were added to my love commandment on human side. How exactly it is often kept what men command fellowmen, but I do not pay attention to this, as long as the soul does not take part in it – (12.11.1947) although I also bless the will of those who believe to serve me through this, because truth was not yet brought to them. But my will is that truth might penetrate and displace what contradicts it. My will therefore is that he supports truth who receives it from me. My will is that error is denounced, that men are getting enlightened who are still in erroneous thinking, that information is given to them by those who are my servants on earth, whom I have chosen for this, to spread truth, who hear my word and consequently are instructed in pure truth from me myself. Because it is about the quicker development of the soul. You only still have little time and still can win a considerable lead if you live according to my will – leave all externals unnoticed and work intensively on your soul, as soon as you base all thinking, speaking and acting on my love commandment and receive my word wherever it is offered to you. To hear my word is urgently necessary, and where it is offered to you, there you will also receive blessing, if your soul hungers and thirsts for it. And you are to hear my word. For the sake of my word you are to go to that place where it is imparted to you, if you are not directly instructed by me or my word is supplied to you through my servants. By no means you are to feel bound to laws, which have not taken their start from me, because the law giver from eternity is me, and my law from eternity is: Love me above all and your neighbour as yourself. Then you will certainly win my kingdom, which is not of this world. Amen. B.D. NR. 4164.


Book 50 4165

Truth only origin in God.

12. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4165.

Only that is truth what has its origin in me as eternal truth. There is only one truth, and it will be conducted to earth by me myself through my spirit. You men, comprehend this, that truth can never ever take its start from men, because man as imperfect creature is so long removed from truth, as he is not united with me, because truth cannot be outside of me. The distance from me also means wrong thinking, ignorance and lack of power of cognition. Consequently man will not be able to distinguish truth from error; but always lean towards error in the state of distance from God, because it corresponds to his imperfect nature. Only when he is united with me he accepts truth out of me and also recognizes it as such. And whether truth from me is also not offered to him in extraordinary form through the inner word, so his train of thought will still be right, because thinking is directed by the spirit; he will be enlightened and therefore also stand in truth. Therefore the union with me must always be established first, and this requires seclusion and inner burying in spiritual problems, questions, which man wishes to answer for himself, intimate thoughts towards me and requests for my help, for right thinking – for enlightening of the spirit. He therefore then desires truth, and then it will also become his. But then man must also draw comparisons to spiritual good, which was offered to him from human side, and he will recognize that latter deviates considerably from that what is imparted to him from me. Because to hand out truth I reserve for myself. But what comes from me, what obviously starts from me, that can be accepted as pure truth with greatest certainty and also be supported, and that is why I choose for myself servants on earth, who receive knowledge from me directly, which must be addressed as pure truth, because it has demonstrably no other origin than the spiritual kingdom, since the act of transmission happens extraordinarily, therefore eliminates human thought material. And now the spiritual good, conducted to earth by me, can confidently be placed as standard for knowledge to be examined. What agrees with it is truth, what deviates from it can be rejected as error and also denounced accordingly. Because error is sowing of Satan; error is a means of my opponent to displace me from the hearts of men and to increase his power. You men are too lenient against error; you do not recognize its great danger, and that is why you do not fight it, but you tolerate it. But I cannot tolerate it and therefore order my servants to fight it mercilessly and to drop all tolerance, when it is essential to uncover error and to oppose it with truth. I demand that my servants fight with the sword of the mouth, and provide them with all gifts to successfully take action against everything what contradicts truth out of me, what does not have its start in me. Only I alone hand out truth, but I give to all who want to stand in truth, because the desire for truth also proves the desire for me myself, and I will never refuse myself, but as I also demand as counter gift that the receiver of truth stands up for it to fellowmen, who still stand under the power of him who fights against everything what comes from me, and who as prince of the lie will always be concerned about undermining pure truth, so that I am no longer recognized, so that men walk in darkness and flee from the light, which again and again shines for them through my love, to all who desire to stand in the light. Amen. B.D. NR. 4165.


Book 50 4166

Act of forgiveness of sins. Jesus Christ as redeemer.

13. and 14. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4166.

The act of forgiveness of sins can also only be seen as ceremony when the spiritual prerequisites for the forgiveness of transgressions are lacking. As soon as man feels sinful and carries his transgressions to God, as soon as he sincerely repents of the sins and asks God for forgiveness, the sin will also be forgiven him by God and for the sake of Jesus Christ the sin remitted, because the man Jesus Christ died for it on the cross that the transgressions of the entire mankind of past, presence and future was redeemed. And so the faith in the redemption work of Christ is therefore the first prerequisite for the forgiveness of sin and the will, to belong to those, who have been redeemed from their transgressions through the blood of Christ. Sincere repentance to God and therefore the recognition of having transgressed against God through the sin, of having violated his command of love, is a further precondition to justify the act of forgiveness of sins. Man can certainly announce regret with words, while his heart is not touched; he therefore does not suffer under the pressure of his sins and therefore also does not recognize how severely he has transgressed against God and his commands. Then the transgression can also not be taken from him; then he remains marked with his sin, (13.11.1947) until he is aware of his guilt and it presses him, so that he asks God for forgiveness. Man however has no reason to mention his sins to fellowmen. (14.11.1947) This has certainly the one thing to be said for it that he practises humility, if he openly confesses his weaknesses and mistakes, but this open confession to a man has nothing to do with the forgiveness of his sins. "Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained." This saying of Jesus you quote as reason, but you do not consider then that Jesus has spoken to his disciples, to those who had reached a spiritual maturity through their way of life, which made them clairvoyant and clairaudient. Jesus further spoke of those sins which consequences were bodily visible and cause that the sinners sought help from the disciples, whom they recognized as men of God, i.e. averting of their sufferings. The ceremonial act of general forgiveness of sins after the confession of the sins to a man originated out of this, but which again is just to be seen as a reshaping of the teaching of Christ, as a misleading insofar as men mostly believe (make) the forgiveness of their sins dependent on the confessing the same, but this confession becomes on many occasions a formal matter, while the deep inner remorse, the confessing of the guilt against God and detesting of the sin and serious wish of a reform only touches the heart of man in a weak hint , but the forgiveness of the sins only depends on this alone. This inner confession of guilt must take place to God. No mediator is necessary for this and consequently the auricular confession is again just a command added to the teaching of Christ by men, but which finds extremely strong observance, stands however in contradiction to the will of God, who wants to have every external appearance replaced by true inner devotion to God, through complete spiritual experience and giving full expression to his commands. Because every external appearance is a great danger for man that they observe themselves too little, only make humanly added demands their business and as a result become superficial and lukewarm in their soul work. Because the spiritual fall of men proves that the will to detest sin, which is the result of deep remorse, does not exist or has become action, what would absolutely be the case when the act of the forgiveness of sin would not have been brought into such a form, but would always just be the inner matter of each individual. Then man would educate himself to an improved way of life, if he would just be of good will. But so also those being willing become lukewarm and indifferent through wrong instructions and portrayal of the forgiveness of sin, which is not so wanted from God, as it is made out to be to men. Before God only true inwardness has value, and every outer form does not find his pleasure and therefore not his approval. Amen. B.D. NR. 4166.


Book 50 4167

Fight Against Spirituality. Decline of the Works of Men. Church of Christ.

14. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4167.

During the last days before the end we shall see what power of resistance men will muster who belong to the true church of Christ in contrast to them who pay more tribute to the works of men and who will see it disintegrating in the sight of the fight against spirituality. Because it will be a time where there are no compromises, where everybody has to make a clear decision, where the faith doctrines will be absolutely torn to pieces and as a result require some thinking and where all formalities will not stand up to criticism and will therefore be condemned and rejected. And then men will recognize how worthless it was and what grace and power is contained in the right kind of faith and in the close relationship with me which is free of all formality. Men will see something fall apart that they make out to be lasting and they will have to recognize that the faith of those is far stronger who are without any kind of compulsory commandments and who are closer to me through their life and their will, that is constantly seeking me and striving for me. And all church executions will fall under the measures of those who are fighting the spiritual and then only that man will prove himself who longs for me out of his deepest inner being, who receives my word and with my word also my power. Then many things that people deem to be important will cease and they will have to give it away und make do with a quiet inner reflection without outer action, without splendour and pomp and without teaching personnel that were not enlightened by me and were therefore unsuitable for the office of minister. And they will have to acknowledge my servants on earth as being chosen by myself to teach the fellow human beings and to supply them with the truth. And blessed are those who then accept the truth, who make an effort to live according to my will and to use the short time till the end to develop their soul because these will stand firm and hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4167.


Book 50 4168

God’s word purest truth. Doubts. God’s love.

15. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4168.

The teachings, which you receive from me, guarantee you purest truth, and still you oppose them with doubts. But you are to create the proof for yourselves and can do this only if you live strictly according to my word, therefore become active according to my will. Because then your life will be an uninterrupted love work, which earns you clearest recognition and an absolutely save feeling for truth. And make it your business, to constantly ask me for right thinking, and I will not let you go astray; at every step I go next to you if you just leave the leadership to me and confidently entrust yourselves to me. The term truth can only be applied to one thing – to knowledge which is imparted by me myself to you men. This knowledge you can accept without any examination, because it is surely comprehensible to you that an examination of my word from your side would be a presumption, since the examiner as man does not possess the ability to judge rightly, and he further has no right to subject divine revelations to an examination. He must rather unconditionally accept also contrary to his own opinion, because otherwise he questions his faith in a work of God in this way; does he believe in God and his love, wisdom and omnipotence, then he must use this belief as a basis and conclude that the love of God wants to supply men with pure truth, that the wisdom of God presents the right knowledge to men, which is for them necessary and helpful for spiritual progress; and that the omnipotence of God stops every misleading through bad powers, as soon as man asks him for his support. You men make yourselves urgently aware of all this, then you will oppose my words with no doubts anymore, because my father love towards you, my creatures, is exceedingly great; it wants to rescue you, but never let you sink into thinking, which has a damaging effect for your souls. Call upon me in thoughts; speak with me and listen to what I sent to you as answer. And then firmly rely on it, because I have both the power as well as the right to reject and keep away every bad power, and that I do it, for that my love must be guarantee for you, which you could deny me otherwise, because does a father let his children in darkness, when they demand light and he can let them have light in all fullness? Will a father have the heart to send a teaching infiltrated with error to a child, who obeys him and wants to fulfil his will? – Consider this, and all doubt in you must fade. My love in you is limitless, therefore it will give you only that what you need and lets you mature spiritually – pure truth, which starts from me and never ever can be spoiled by lower powers, as long as you unite with me in prayer and ask for enlightenment of the spirit. Then my spirit will sink upon you and instruct you according to fullest truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4168.


Book 50 4169

Divine revelations can be accepted without examination. Love.

17. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4169.

A divine revelation should and must be taken seriously, otherwise the receiver is not worthy of it. There are certainly different possibilities to solve earthly problems; earthly things can be considered differently; an earthly questions can be answered differently, it all depends on how man adopts himself to it, however in spiritual respect there is only one truth, there is only one solution, and God himself gives this solution to those who desire it and are worthy of it. And despite the worthiness the transmission of truth through revelations of the spirit is a very special favour, which must be acknowledged, as also that what God imparts to men through revelations is beyond all criticism and is therefore allowed to be accepted without all examination. As soon as God himself is acknowledged as source of spiritual revelations also no doubt will be set against his transmissions. But particularly the source of spiritual revelations is especially doubted on many occasions, and then man is also not completely convinced that the content is according to truth. But the word itself speaks for itself; and it speaks a language, which is well understood by all, who live in love. Men, in whom love is inherent, who develop themselves constantly higher and higher, can also adapt themselves totally affirmatively to the content of the announcements, because they grasp truth and are completely on the right track in their thought material; nothing will seem to them to be implausible, but they accept every word with full conviction and arrange their life accordingly. But a man finds it more difficult to believe unconditionally if he lacks love. Because to them the work of God is incomprehensible, and in exactly the same way they also cannot summon full understanding for the content, because love is the key to truth; love is indispensible if man wants to penetrate truth and that through acceptance of divine revelations. And only the one advice can be given to these, to practise in love work, because only in this way everything becomes comprehensible to them, and all doubt fades. Through love he unites with God and can consequently also be instructed by God himself. And then he will stand in truth; he will be allowed to receive deep knowledge; it will be easy for him to believe, because truth speaks for itself, and the word of God will always be pure unspoilt truth, because it starts from him, who is eternal truth himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 4169.


Book 50 4170

God’s call in the heart.

18. and 19. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4170.

The order of the hour you must obey, i.e., you must keep yourselves ready, so that you, if my call sounds in your heart, are ready to serve me without hesitation, because the hour is near, where you are to start your office. And this is the sign and the proof of truth of my word that no worldly obligations seem to be important to you, when you have heard my voice, which clearly instructs you what you are to do. You will have no desire for this world, but find your joy in nothing but the spiritual work, and you will be helped to comply with it, because I want it so. A spiritual drought will precede; a time where you will hunger for my word, for busy activity in the spiritual field and where you lack every opportunity to hold spiritual debates. My word you will indeed receive, and my love will always and constantly look after you, but you will stand alone in the midst of a world lusting for life, which is not able to give you anything. You will find little understanding with fellowmen and be despondent as a result; but firmer join me, and therefore the hunger for my soul feeding will become stronger and stronger until you suddenly will hear me in yourselves. And then your hour has come, the hour where your mission begins. And I will take care that you can start the office; that every inhibition falls off you, every reservation and all fear leaves you. (19.11.1947) Only according to my will you will speak, think and act; you will represent me myself on earth, i.e. speak what my spirit puts into you; you testify of me as living representatives of my word; you will step again before men as my disciples and announce my teachings to them with the addition, that the end is near and that I myself will come to fetch mine when the time has come, which I have determined for eternity. And so that you can speak freely and unhindered, I put men at your side, who are to be a support for you worldly, who accompany you as loyal satellites, who are protection for you before the world, although you stand all the time under my protection and I do not leave you until the end. But my care is also meant for you pure earthly, and you are to rule your office in carefreeness, because your mission will completely use up your power, and for that reason you are to be free of all earthly worry. But one thing I demand of you, that you pass on the gifts you receive from me and therefore make them accessible to your fellowmen; that you carry my word into the world both in writing as well as verbally, that you spread truth and therefore announce my work to fellowmen, so that their thoughts are directed towards the spiritual kingdom. And I will bless you, as soon as you serve me; I want to give you power until the end and reward your work in future in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4170.


Book 50 4171

Work for God and his Kingdom.

20. November 1947. B.D. NR 4171.

And so a new era begins for you, a time of busy activity for me and my kingdom – and you will not regret having offered me your service because you will feel a blessing of the work, you will increase my church, the circle of believers around you will grow and you will be able to teach and continually my spirit will make itself known through you, you will always be sure of my presence and this awareness gives you confidence facing people that are hostile towards you. Because it will remain a fight of truth against the lie and the wrong as mankind is already deeply ensnared in the last one. Still men will listen in the beginning and the time after this natural disaster has to be used as you then can speak freely, unhindered by earthly authority. And that is why I need for this time loyal workers, that is why I continuously recruit such ones as help has to be brought to those who have been hardened by fate and who seek everywhere and want to give themselves an explanation for cause and purpose of that natural phenomenon as they still have little faith in divine justice and it is then especially important to consider these people and to give them that what they desire: light and power, full knowledge and living faith in me, who myself speak to them through you to draw them to me and to make them happy through my presence. You will have to do great work and will therefore be earthly guided in such a way that you can devote yourself entirely free to that work. And that is why you are to keep yourself ready and wait for my calling and when it sounds inside of you do not hesitate to follow it. For I will direct your fate in such a way that you can volunteer any time for me because urgent work is required at that time. You are to have a good eye and a refined feeling and so are always to know where your work is required and where it will be successful. And I will lead the people to you to whom I want to bring help through you and who have the good will to believe. Because I take care of all men who are not yet completely controlled by my enemy and who are of good will. I approach them with my word, I want to speak to them through you, and I want to win them for me and my kingdom so that they are eternally blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4171.


Book 50 4172

Apparent contradictions in the word of God.

22. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4172.

Do not take offence at contradictions, which are apparently contained in my word, but consider that your intellect does grasp everything what the spirit out of me imparts to you. Accept everything in good faith in me and my love, wisdom and omnipotence, that everything what is offered to you from above cannot be compared to earthly wisdoms; that even that what seems to be impossible to you is possible in the kingdom of the free spirits. They are two worlds, the spiritual and the earthly world, and both are in conflict with each other. But my aim is to spiritualize the earthly world, to form it in that way, that it can join the spiritual world, to finally be itself a spiritual world. And on earth, in the midst of the earthly world, a spiritual world can also be created through union of those men, who are in contact with the spiritual world, receive spiritual good, strive spiritually and therefore are turned away from the earthly world, only just fulfil the activity, which has been assigned to them for their earth life. These therefore will also be in conflict with the worldly minded and the men belonging to the earthly world, and also their thinking will apparently contradict the thinking of the general public, because a view directed towards the spiritual world sees differently, the ear hears differently, and the soul feels differently than otherwise usual, and the earthly minded man does not understand him. Then two worlds lie next to each other, and their inhabitants can stand in different distance from me, although they are together. To one it will be comprehensible what he hears from me, the other it is and remains inaudible or foreign, if it is imparted to him. And this you have to accept if you want to judge my gifts from above. What I give to one is in accordance with his spiritual maturity, and it needs by no means to be wrong, if it appears incomprehensible to the other. Then the gift itself is not to be doubted, but the degree of maturity of man insufficient to be able to grasp spiritual good. It is then about a knowledge, which exceeds earthly knowledge, not about commands or announcements, which are to explain my will to men, but about deeper wisdoms, which touch fields, which lie outside of human knowledge. Then my word must be guarantee for truth, because neither examinations nor own knowledge can create a proof for you. But men of awakened spirit can believe it, i.e. accept it with fullest inner conviction as truth, because they let their intellect speak less than their heart. Because the heart is connected with me; man feels the truth, and he does not take up the intellect to seek a proof of that, what is inner conviction to him. Strive for the spiritual world, and your thinking will be directed spiritually, i.e., you will also be able to grasp spiritual good. Create already on earth the world for you, which is your actual destination. Break away from the earthly world, by you no longer desiring it, but just try to fulfil your earth assignment – to form yourselves to beings, who see their highest striving in love towards me and towards the neighbour and approach me in this way; who seek to bring their nature into line with mine through works of unselfish neighbourly love. And you will be of bright spirit and able to grasp deepest wisdom, but which never ever comes from the earthly, but only from the spiritual world and is exceedingly valuable. And nothing will any more appear to you as contradiction, what is offered to you from above; you will be able to believe, i.e. be fully convinced, you will stand in truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4172.


Book 50 4173

God’s care for his.

22. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4173.

Who entrusts himself to me, he needs to fear no failure; I will truly represent his matter and help him, although it appears to be hopeless according to human opinion. And I repeat it, that I do not leave mine in trouble and that I also direct their steps earthly and smooth their ways, because I am a friend and brother of those who are mine and always prepared to help. And I tell you, who have become mine through your will and your spiritual activity, you stand under my special protection and have no cause to dejection. Believe it that it is good so, as it overtakes you, and be thankful towards him, who holds your fate in his hand. Sufferings and joys will alternate in your still short earth existence; receive both with thanks and know that it is my will so, as it comes, and that nothing happens without my approval, because I know what your soul needs to mature. But you are allowed to come to me in every trouble, and the depth of your faith, the confidence in my loving help will always be rewarded – you will be helped, because I love you and are your loyally caring father. That you are to be active for me and my kingdom on earth and I train you for this, must be proof for you, how close you stand to me and that I never ever want to lose you as workers in the last time before the end. But who once stands in my services, he is also to be able to administer his service, and as his master I also take over all worries about him and therefore also those worries, which press him, because he still lives on earth and still cannot break away from it completely. And so I give to him what is desirable for him, as soon as it does not harm his soul. Therefore believe and hope and entrust yourselves to me, and you will experience my help visibly. Amen. B.D. NR. 4173.


Book 50 4174

Call to activity. Mission of the servants of God.

23. and 24. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4174.

In which way you will hear my call to activity for me and my kingdom that depends on the state of maturity of each individual of my servants on earth, because I need many workers for my vineyard, and everyone, who is willing, will get that work assigned, which he can deal with, according to his ability, which again depends on the maturity of his soul. One will feel inwardly pressed to talk about spiritual things, to court for me and to lead fellowmen to faith; him I call through inner urge; I so to speak put his task into his feeling, and he will make allowance for this feeling and obey the inner urge. Another will hear the inner voice; he will follow a train of thought also driven to it inwardly. He will not get away from thoughts, which now move him, that he must speak about it, and I will lead him men into the way, whom he will now inform about his thinking and have spiritual conversations with them, which make the fellowman think and is so therefore also recruited into my kingdom. But I will also present myself sounding to my servants, where a particular high state of maturity allows this. I will clearly and comprehensibly announce to them in which way they are to be active, whereto they are to direct their steps and what they are to teach. And these have a very special mission – they must announce my word there, driven by my spirit in them, where my opponent obviously works – where erroneous teachings are spread through men, who certainly also call themselves my servants, however still have not received pure truth from me, because they do not want to accept it. (24.11.1947) This mission requires a particular ability – a good oratorical gift, which the one serving me does not need to possess, but which falls to him at the time of his work for me, because he has reached a certain degree of maturity, which allows the work through my spirit. But the man must at the same time grasp intellectually what he, driven through my spirit, expresses. He must be a match for hostile attacks and be able to refute everything what is placed in opposition to him upon the presentation of my word. He certainly has only the assignment to spread my word, pure truth out of me, but he will also have to speak freely, because speaking and reply arise – a busy intellectual activity being indispensible. In addition the opponents, who have a comprehensive knowledge at their disposal, must acknowledge a spiritual superiority of my servant, if they are to pay attention to what is offered to them, because the arguing is about great, deep problems, but which only an awakened man, enlightened by my spirit, will be able to solve, who has me myself as master teacher and therefore also appears confidently and is not afraid to contradict those who think to be clever and wise. A particular call will go to these servants; they will hear my voice sounding in them, so that they themselves are completely certain to know about my will, and now subordinate themselves to it completely. If they win one of those teachers for me and my teaching, for absolute truth, which they can only receive through me myself through you, then a great spiritual success is to be recorded, because he will then also support truth and be active teaching in a greater circle, and in this manner my word is supplied to many people in purest form for the blessing of all. Who is appointed to this mission, he can call himself with full conviction a servant of God, because he will speak in the place of me; he will only do that what is my will; he will be directed by me and go every step in my company; he will only be the organ of speech for me, so that I can announce myself to men, without touching their freedom of faith and will. And that is why I urgently need such servants devoted to me in the last time before the end, because everywhere and constantly work must be done to make my pure word accessible to men, which is blessed with my power, but that also comes from me directly and is supplied to earth to free mankind from error. Amen. B.D. NR. 4174.


Book 50 4175

Jesus boy God and man.

25. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4175.

Request information, and it will become yours. Upon whom the spirit of God descends, he is also able to give truthful answer to questions, which he is asked spiritually. The mystery of God becoming man is such a difficult problem for earth men that it can never be completely taught, unless they receive the explanation from the spirit of God himself, so that they are well understood by the receiver of spiritual messages, but cannot be sent comprehensibly to fellowmen. The man Jesus was indeed born in a miraculous way, and his birth was accompanied by supernatural appearances of all kind. Nevertheless the body was and remained for the present earthly material; the soul came from the kingdom of light and had therefore come to the world without sin, and consequently God could reveal himself through this soul; he could have an effect because there was nothing what would have opposed his work as obstacle. Therefore God and man was at the same time in the Jesus child – everything visible to the human eye was man, but he who gave the child life, who attracted men and caused them to worship through his nearness, was God. The eternal divinity itself revealed itself and was also recognized by those who were of good will, whose hearts were able and willing to love and who therefore opened themselves to the spirit of God for the work in them. At the time of Jesus’ birth only men came into his nearness, who were led there by the spirit of God, who God himself therefore deemed worthy to see the child; whom he approached through the child and in whom he also awakened the awareness to be in the nearness of God. But to another one as such man the child would have appeared pure humanly, not differently as other children, as it also was according to his earthly body. And so also men saw him in his youth and in later years, because he obviously did not emerge in his divinity, with his nature filled by the spirit of God, although he always united himself more and more with God through his exemplary love life, which also spiritualized his body and made it to a receptive vessel of the divine spirit. But it was the man Jesus, who had to shape himself through love activity to a worthy cover of the God spirit, so that it could hold itself in all fullness in him and have an effect through him unlimitedly. What spoke out of him, performed miracles and even commanded death, was God himself, what was visible to men was man. The faith in the divine sending of the man Jesus had also men recognize God in him, both as child as well as in his years of teaching, where also those recognized him, who themselves were of the same spirit, who therefore led a life according to divine will and therefore also opened themselves to his divine nature. For them it was without doubt that God held himself in him and had an effect through him. But the human outer form also caused in them from time to time doubts, because also they could not grasp the mystery of God becoming man and the complete unification of God and man, as it also cannot completely be explained to men, who are not spiritually awakened. They would certainly be able to grasp it with their soul, it can however never be described pure intellectually so as it would be necessary to be fully understood. But the divinity can and is never allowed to be denied to the Jesus child, because it was worthy of the highest favour, that God held himself in him, that he revealed himself to those who loved him and lived according to his will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4175.


Book 50 4176

God becoming man.

26. and 27. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4176.

God becoming man in Jesus Christ is the most powerful problem. And still a man with childlike faith can pass over it without intellectual difficulties; it can appear simple for him, exactly because he believes – for him Jesus Christ is God, and he also believes it by full right, because divine is what through love has joined together with God. That this joining together was really the final aim of the man Jesus, reached in short earth time by a man, remains however also a truth, which neither the sharpest intellect nor the believing heart can deny, because to reach the degree of perfection, which makes a soul divine, a love life must really be lived in free will, out of own drive, and indeed in the stage as man, and in no way it is allowed to have an effect on the will in a certain mandatory state. An already perfect being enters earth only for the purpose of a mission. It will also fulfil this mission, but never on the basis of its already high degree of maturity before the embodiment as man, but its life must, equally to every other man, be a fight waged in freedom of will against weaknesses and mistakes of all kind. He must freely want the degree of perfection, which marks him a divine being, strive towards it and reach it through love work, which he also can omit, as he also could direct his will downwards, because he can use his will freely. Exactly as he can be good he must be able to be bad, as also every decision is taken into account in future. In no way has God an effect on such a soul, but as he also does not allow that it unwillingly becomes a slave to the opponent, therefore being forced by him to break with God or to act against his will. This freedom of decision also had to be granted to the man Jesus, if his work of redemption was not to lose value, as also his divinity had to be the merit of a man wrestling for perfection, who is to serve the entire mankind as model and to encourage to imitate his way of life. (27.11.1947) Jesus held up a life according to divine will as an example to men, consequently it must also be possible for a man to reach the same perfection. He was mediator between God and men, consequently it must also be possible to reach God under the assistance of Jesus Christ; therefore Jesus also had to be close to men humanly; he had to have been walking the same walk on earth and stand in an intimate relationship to both, God and men, in a relationship, which was supported by deepest love, that he felt such a great love for men, that he wanted to help them; but as he also felt the love for the eternal divinity, which God demanded, to give him unlimited power and fullness of strength, that he himself united with him, but what always requires, that Jesus was a man, who reached his aim – was born as man and ascended as God to heaven in all magnificence. In no way was he equipped favourably that the success of his human existence would have succeeded without all effort and as complete matter of course, on the contrary, he had to fight unusually against temptations of unclean spirits, which knew about his mission on earth and sought to prevent it. The temptations approached him in all ways, and his entire strength of will was required to stand firm and to bring his bodily wishes into line with the wishes of the spirit and the soul, because his outer body was man with flesh and blood, his senses felt in unusual measure the beautiful and the attractive of the earthly world, and they desired fulfilment, and he still denied them to the body out of love towards needy mankind, to whom he could only bring help through devoting himself sacrificingly, by achieving an increased degree of maturity of his soul through renunciation and abjuration, which led him to union with God. But the union with his father of eternity enabled him for the first time to his mission, to spread the divine love teaching on earth and to announce the divine will to men, but as it also on the other hand gave him the power to bring the most difficult sacrifice which a man on earth has ever presented to God and men – to innocently take upon him the death on the cross and to suffer terribly spiritually and bodily out of love to mankind, to bring help to it, which, in great transgression, had to expect a dreadful lot in the hereafter, and to protect it from an eternal damnation, from a sinking into deepest darkness. The man Jesus put spiritual life before the earthly; his will was stronger than his bodily desire, and so he was victorious in the fight against himself and thereby won the highest prize – the love of the eternal divinity, which gave it him for himself, which flowed towards him without restriction and had an effect on him as power. And he became powerful and wise; he was filled with light and power; the nature of God completely took possession of him. I.e., body and soul formed themselves to love and consequently became divine, because the original substance of the eternal divinity is love and consequently must be a divine being, who carries love in himself and therefore unites with God, eternal love, - Jesus was God and man – God was his nature, man was his body, which held the divine being, love, in itself. If one therefore speaks of Jesus as God, then his nature is meant, the spiritual forming of his soul, the becoming absorbed into pure, selfless love and by this means shaping of his soul to the image of God. And since Jesus had gained victory over himself, his body spiritualized itself and completely subordinated itself to the will of the soul. And therefore Jesus was radiated through with light, flowed around by light and he ascended after his death to heaven as purest spirit, but through his will also visible to the disciples. Because he had overcome death; he had redeemed the world out of the state of weakness, into which it had got through sin. He had accomplished the work of redemption as man, because otherwise it would not have been a sacrificial death and no cancelling of the enormous transgression, into which mankind had got. Amen. B.D. NR. 4176.


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