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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 49

B.D. NR. 3901 - B.D. NR. 4052

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Book 49 3901

Good and evil. Law from eternity.

11. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3901.

Also evil is allowed by me, however never my will, because evil contradicts my law from eternity; it is a wrong direction of will, which strives to get away from me and strives for something completely un-divine – a state, which completely contradicts the original state of that created by me. But to strive for good and evil must be possible for this what is created by me, therefore good and evil must exist if the being wants to remain or become perfect out of free will. Everything resisting my law from eternity is evil; everything remaining in my eternal order is good; but that the being can feel or develop in itself its desire in every direction is my will, and that it can feel every eager desire in its heart is my work. But my wisdom and my love underlies that I have created the being so, because I want to guide it to eternal happiness and this has as condition an endeavour to strive for good in free will. To be able to develop power, a resistance must also be existing – to be good, man must also have the possibility to be able to be bad and become or remain good out of own drive, otherwise his perfection would purely be a work of my love, which however lacks the highest degree, because free will is indispensible, but which must be tested before. Evil can never ever be called good and made out to be as having emerged from me, although I also grant space to evil, although I allow it. Evil thinking, evil speaking and evil acting stands outside of my divine order. But if I would prevent it by virtue of my will, that man could think, speak and act evil, then he would not be a free, independent and self-willing creature, but merely a product of my will power, but which could never lay claim to perfection. But I want to form perfect creatures for me, which I want to radiate through with my love power and therefore make exceedingly happy. And for it they must have passed the test of will, out of own drive, to strive for the highest degree of perfection in complete free will. And that also necessitates the possibility to be able to sink into the state of imperfection, the furthest distance from me. My will is and remains good till all eternity, and what voluntarily subjugates to my will, will be and remain good; what acts against my will, prefers therefore evil, and I do not prevent it, however it robs itself of its perfection; it does not pass the test of will and must, if it has also sunk to the deepest depth, inevitably strive again upwards in free will, although it needs an endless long time for it, to again reach the degree of perfection, which allows my nearness. And exactly for it a room to move must be given to its will; to act against eternal divine order must be possible, but what I can never ever approve of and what is also never ever my will. For this reason good and evil will remain existing as long as all spiritual is redeemed, i.e., until all what has come out of me has passed the test of will, to strive for the good and divine in free will, until it has found to me in free will and can now enjoy all bliss of eternal happiness as most perfect being. Amen. B.D. NR. 3901.


Book 49 3902

Signs of spirit work in man.

12. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3902.

My work through the spirit in man is of such kind that the soul strives away from matter more and more and unites with the spirit spark in it. Where I can work, also the desire for the world must decrease and the desire for me increase, because where my power can once develop there all earthly, all material loses in value, because the spiritual over-radiates the worldly and becomes more and more desirable to the soul of man. Where I myself can work in man through my spirit there I also hand out spiritual gifts, which make man happy and let him become more and more inwardly. And so the soul of man unites itself with its spirit, and it now determines all its thinking, wanting and feeling. And the body soon becomes like the desire of the soul, it also steps back from the desire for earthly pleasures and goods; it serves the soul only still for the carrying out of that what the spirit demands of the soul. It only still serves it for the practising of works of neighbourly love, for the imparting of spiritual and earthly gifts for its fellowmen, who need it. And so body, soul and spirit have become one in wanting and working, also the joining together with me is established, because the spirit in man is really my share, because it is for ever inseparable from the father spirit and because I am myself already present where I can work in man through my spirit. Where the world is still desired, where the body and the soul still strives for earthly advantages, there it can never ever be spoken of my work through the spirit in man, there only the intellect alone can be active, even if spiritual knowledge is the object of his activity. And this will never ever correspond to truth or be completely incomprehensible to him, if he has taken over truth intellectually from someone standing in truth. My spiritual work is expressed in the transmission of spiritual truths, but then man needs no supply of his knowledge from outside, but my spirit in him informs him about it – the knowledge comes out of himself, and that is the surest sign of spirit work in man. Because it exceeds the natural ability of a man to fathom something intellectually for which there is no evidence on earth, but is fully comprehensible for that man, in whom I can work myself. He himself no longer needs proof to recognize it as deepest truth, because since he is taught himself by the spirit in him, the power of recognition is also sent to him at the same time, but which all those lack where my spirit cannot be effective. The work of my spirit exists further in exceeding active love activity. Man feels pushed to hand out spiritual and earthly, and therefore my work is there recognizable where love is practised. Because there I must be myself, because I am love myself, and my love power must continually flow over man and get him active in every way. But his activity will always fulfil my will, because my spirit guides him and orders his thoughts. And therefore man will think, speak and act right and mature in his knowledge; he will become knowing, stand in truth and live in love, if I myself can have an effect in him through my spirit; he will find the union with me already on earth and remain united with me inseparably for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3902.


Book 49 3903

Responsibility and remorse of those who do not heed God’s gift of favour.

13. and 14. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3903.

Who once is deemed worthy of the favour to step into the range of the direct radiation of my love spirit, he will once have to defend himself, if he passed the gift of favour without having accepted it, because he had the opportunity to mature exceedingly fast, if he lets my spirit of love have an effect in him, if he lets the light out of heavens penetrate him and can put his trust in my further guidance through obeying of my word. Who rejects my gift of favour and leaves it unnoticed, he also does not remain standing on that level of his development, but he falls back, because the powers of the underworld seize him, unless they render their work harmless through eager love activity as effect of the heard word, which started from me myself and was sent to them. Because the love activity before would also make them eager followers of my teaching, because through love work they are also able to recognize truth and therefore also me myself in the word, which is sent to them. But through my servants on earth I also approach those in the word, who are still away from me through their lack of love and show them the right way to reach up. I sent to them those crying in the wilderness of their life, who bring my word to them, so that their way of life is illuminated; but who does not respect those crying, who rejects their gift, he will miss the right way and still never ever be able to excuse himself having gone astray through ignorance. And therefore his guilt is greater, and his remorse will also be unspeakable, if he comes into the state of recognition in the hereafter and recognizes the great gift of favour, which he left unused on earth. And there are many who do not believe my word, if it is offered to them through you, my servants on earth. You will only find very few followers who deeply believe and to whom also my love and my omnipotence establish my work of love on earth. And there are only few, who recognize my voice, because they themselves are my children through their love and their faith. But also the others can recognize my voice, if they are just of good will. Because I have laid this ability into their heart, and the least will for truth awakens the ability of recognition in them. Then my word will speak for itself; my voice will find an echo in their hearts; it will touch them charitably and stir up the desire to hear again and again my voice – they will go hungry after my word and always come to the source out of which the living water flows. But as only few muster the good will, also the others must answer for the direction of their will, because my gift of favour is a means of help of highest value to give the right direction to their will. But at the time of the end the hearts of men are hardened; their thinking is led astray, and their thinking and striving is only meant for the production of earthly goods, and that is why also my direct love radiation is ineffective with them; they escape the light of the sun of favour (14.10.1946) and for that reason can feel nothing of its agreeable warmth and power of illumination. But the rejection of my gift of favour will be counted as their gross non-observance of my will; some day they will have to take responsibility for it, and their remorse will be great, because it lasts endless long times until I approach them again in form of my word, because they themselves have forfeited the favour, because they themselves have rejected my love, which wanted to help them to redeem themselves in the last time before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3903.


Book 49 3904

Victory of justice at the end of the days – Last Judgement

15. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3904.

Justice will win, and no matter how much it appears to be as if it is defeated. The hour will come where all sins are revealed and where everyone must justify himself, who heaps wrong upon wrong, which apparently remained unatoned on earth. I also leave the devil free range; I let men practise to what the devil in them drives them, so that the measure may become full, which my judge-hand then empties as a testimony of the sin and of the ruin of those who resist me, who keep no law anymore, which is dictated to them by me for eternity. Sin has eternal ruin as consequence; sin challenges my justice, that I uncover it and brightly illuminate it, that I let all scandalous deeds become revealed. And there will be wailing and lamentation, when I will sit in judgement on men, who rage like devils, and this particularly in the last time before the end. Only a short time is still left to them for the carrying out of their shameful will, but they use this time in the most devilish way – they respect no command anymore, neither the love command given by me nor humanly enacted laws; they live and act in accordance with their inner instinct, which is exceedingly evil and knows no limits anymore, which is stimulated by the underworld and equipped with power and can therefore have an effect without hindrance. And mine will be at the mercy of them, humanly seen, but they are sure of my protection and therefore also need not fear those devils whose power is dashed by my power. And what I let put into effect that is not to worry you; you are nevertheless to know of being looked after by me, who I always direct your fate, as it is for your best and as it is decided for eternities by me in all wisdom and love. The time must complete itself and that is why also that must go over earth, what I saw for eternity, what I have announced always and constantly – the devilish work must be able to take place unhindered because I break the power of Satan, when his measure is full. He also must be able to assert his will, where there is no resistance against him from the side of men, where the will of man himself grants him the right for it. But limits are set to his work, and when this limit is reached, I bind him and with him all spiritual enslaved to him. And there will again be peace among men, who are and remain mine until all eternity. A new time will come, a time, where no entry to men is allowed to those because they completely unite with me and therefore stand in most secure protection. But I also promise to all those my protection in the time of his raging before the end, who belong to me through their will, to serve me and to live on earth to my pleasure. And that is why you also do not need to fear the last time, and when you would just be surrounded by devils - an army of blessed spirits, who are equipped with light and with power, surrounds you and grants you secure protection on my behalf, because I have promised you my protection, and I never ever leave you; I am constantly with you when you call me, and my arm defends you from the powers of darkness, to touch you, even so they often and threateningly stretch out the hands after you. They are to romp about, but once the arm of justice reaches them, and it ends their doings. And this hour is no longer far away, what you already recognize that men rage against each other more and more devilish, that misery and suffering gets larger and larger and that men less and less fear him who has all power over heaven and earth. But justice will win; the Day of Justice will come and snatch away from earth what is ready for condemnation, as I have announced it in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 3904.


Book 49 3905

God himself as master teacher. Knowledge about plan of salvation.

16. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3905.

In all fullness you can receive power and favour from me, if you just desire it and open yourselves to it. Therefore also my spirit will work in you according to your desire. And it will guide you in all truth. If you now have myself as master teacher then your knowledge must also be a completed one, i.e., you must be well informed in all fields, which comprise spiritual knowledge. Because if your knowledge is unfinished work, if you do not recognize the connections, also my rule and work will remain incomprehensible to you; you will come into questions of doubt and remain without answer, if you seek to gain the answer anywhere else than with me. And so you must first of all know about my plan of salvation from eternity; you must know about the relationship of the created to the creator; you must first of all be aware of that all what is created must have a destination, otherwise the created would truly not be the testimony of a power full of wisdom – you must recognize the meaning and purpose of the created, because only you can also recognize the creator himself, whom his love and his wisdom has made him let his will become active and therefore his omnipotence rule. If only you know about this eternal plan of salvation then you will no longer lack understanding, if a teaching is offered to you out of the heavens, and your knowledge will be able to be broadened in every direction. The ascent development of the spiritual is and remains meaning and purpose of all that what is visible to you and it is meaning and purpose of earth life of man. But this ascent development must happen in a time period fixed by me, because my divine order must be followed and this requires a limitation of a redemption or development period. Because according to this, my order from eternity, the stage of development as man is only to be covered in complete free will. But a free will can also resist my order from eternity, and a resistance in increased measure results in dissolving – therefore a complete striving away from me and consequently rejection of my power, which preserves everything. And if I withdraw my will and my power from the created, because I cannot supply man with such against his will, then this means a passing of the outer form and a growing stiff of the spiritual in it. Something to develop freely upwards must also have the possibility to resist my power supply, because the ascent development must occur in free will. If now the will is abused in increased measure, therefore active in the wrong direction, then this is a raging against my order from eternity, and it results in complete decline earthly and spiritually. Then a development period must be brought to completion and a new one again started, which again starts in my eternal order and again includes every possibility to approach me in freedom of will. If man knows about meaning and purpose of creation and of earth life, if he therefore knows about my eternal plan of salvation, then he also grasps that these epochs must repeat themselves and this lasts eternities, until all spiritual has covered the course of ascent development up to me – and he will then also know when the state of dissolving has begun; he will recognize it at the spiritual low of mankind, when the end of a redemption period is to be expected, because he will know when the law of the eternal order is violated, as he will also recognize that I can never ever change this state in that way that I make the will of man unfree and he therefore must live in my order by force, but that I must bind his will in another form, that I certainly leave to him the possibility of an ascent development, but no longer as free being in man, but that I banish the spiritual anew in matter and such a banishment requires new creations, therefore also previous dissolving of the old creations, which no longer fulfil their purpose. And this happens period wise, as it is determined for eternity, because I foresaw the direction of the will of mankind from eternity, and my plan of salvation is also fixed accordance to it. Amen. B.D. NR. 3905.


Book 49 3906

Justice against the neighbour. God’s order.

17. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3906.

If you demand divine justice, then you must also be just in all things. All your thinking and acting must be in accordance of my eternal order, therefore testify to love towards me and the neighbour. What you want that happens to you, what you lay claim to in rights for yourselves, that you must also grant to your neighbour; you must give to him equally as you want to be given by him, if you are in the same situation; you must be free of self-love, if you want to do and give to the neighbour the same what you claim for you. And you must always make yourselves aware of, that I give to you according to your attitude towards your neighbour. Think and act just, then you will also be sure of my justice, because if you act against my order from eternity, I must let you recognize the wrong of your thinking and acting yourselves, i.e., you must also feel the effect yourselves, so that you know that you do not live in my order and change yourselves. The world is full of injustice, and still I cannot stop their doing by force, otherwise they could never recognize their wrong and turn away from it. But one time my justice comes to recognition. But then it is an awful judgement for those whose walk has not corresponded to my order. Because every man will have to do atonement for his unjust thinking and acting, may it be on earth or in the hereafter or in agonizing renewed banishment in matter, because since I am highly perfect, I must also be highly just and punish the sinners as soon as they degenerate into devils on earth and are no longer able to any earthly reform. But apparently my justice still remains hidden; apparently I still turn my face away from the great injustice, which is carried out in the world mentally and through acts of most gross lack of love. Apparently I do not see them, but they are recorded in the book of eternity. And no injustice remains unatoned, which forgiveness is not full seriously been requested by a soul wanting to improve itself. And my justice will become revealed on the Day of Judgement, where also all sins become revealed before me and no-one can hide his thinking and acting before me. Then mine will praise me over my justice and fear me the sinners, whom I call to account for their actions. And no matter whether mankind becomes worse and worse and heaps sin over sin – know that the Day of Judgement will demand atonement for everything and that the day is no longer far. But again I tell you, that the measure first must be full, before my love and compassion steps back and justice rules. Because the time is fixed for eternity, which is granted to Satan for his work on earth, but where also each soul still has so long the possibility to find the way to me and to break away from the power of Satan with my support, with my power. Every day is a favour for the imperfect spiritual, but as it also gives to the opponent increased possibility to draw the spiritual into the abyss for eternal times. But the Day of Judgement ends the time of favour and also the time of the raging of that power. And then a just verdict will be spoken, and there will be howling and gnashing of teeth with the sinners, who have raged unpunished before in free will and will be plunged into deepest darkness for it for endless time. Amen. B.D. NR. 3906.


Book 49 3907

Knowledge about cause of embodiment. Not arbitrariness but purpose.

18. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3907.

That I gave you earthly life, you who do not know about the purpose of your earth life, you see as arbitrariness, as a whim of the creator, which put you into the world just for the fulfilment of earthly duties and laws. And since you do not know about the cause of your embodiment on earth, also the last aim is incomprehensible to you, i.e., you do not believe in it, if you do not seriously seek to get enlightenment about the purpose of your existence. The earnest will for such enlightenment also lets you reach it, because my heavenly messengers are always prepared to initiate you into truth, to supply the right thoughts to you and to so instruct you about the meaning and purpose of earth life and your earth assignment. But as long as you do not approach this question, as long as you think to be arbitrarily created beings on earth, as long as you do not feel united with the power of creation itself or seek to establish this union, so long you will also not strive for perfection, i.e. fulfil the assignment set for you for earth time. Because the only meaning and purpose of your earth existence is the reaching of a state of maturity, which makes you free of all material outer form as well as also of all envelopment of your soul, to which you deny the supply of light. First seek to get used to the idea that you are imperfect, that you certainly have emerged out of the eternal power of creation, which radiates out of me as a highly perfect being, that you therefore were likewise highly perfect at the very beginning, but at the time of your earth walk as man no longer have this degree of perfection, otherwise life on earth would not be for you a string of hardships and troubles until the end of life. Seek to get the right explanation about the pressure, which burdens you continuously – that you need a cross, that you need suffering in all kinds of shape, to achieve through it a change and reshaping of your being, and that this is meaning and purpose of your earth life. But do not come to terms with the thought that you are just arbitrarily created earth inhabitants, who come and pass, like all other creations visible to you, because that is your death, because such a thought makes you lethargic in spiritual striving, because then you cannot be other than earthly minded and because an earnest thought about yourselves and about your relationship to the creator belongs for the time being to the change of your being. If you just think yourselves as products of an arbitrarily working power of creation, then the regularity, the order of all works of creation must make you think, which eliminates an arbitrariness, but indicate a wise law giver through its legality, and you can draw the conclusion from this, that a wise law giver does nothing without meaning and purpose – that you are therefore also products of a power working in all wisdom – and you can also recognize the love of this power with earnest thought, if you take into consideration that the meaning and purpose of all creations is always the preservation and existence of other creations and that care is taken of all living creatures, that they can keep their life and become active. The care about all creations in nature you cannot deny the creator of all; you must acknowledge it, although much is not fully comprehensible to you and may appear unwise to you, as long as you lack understanding. But then you must recognize yourselves as beings, which are for that reason not perfect, because they lack deep knowledge. And you must therefore strive for perfection, by you striving for knowledge, by you mentally dealing with problems incomprehensible for you and desire enlightenment about them. Then enlightenment will be yours, and you will learn to believe; you will become aware that you are created from the love, wisdom and omnipotence of a being, which is most highly perfect, and you will strive for this most high being – you will make an effort to put yourselves into a state in which you can approach me, and therefore seek to fulfil your earth assignment eagerly. Amen. B.D. NR. 3907.


Book 49 3908

Course of development of blessed spirit beings on earth necessary for God’s adoption.

19. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3908.

Also the spiritual created by me perfectly and which remained with me in free will, must, as beings freely put into existence, cover a course of development on earth, when it wants to reach the highest degree of perfection, God’s adoption, which raises them to complete similarity with God and which therefore cannot be given to them by me, but must be acquired by them themselves. Those spirit beings are indeed already exceedingly blessed in their state created by me, in which they remained in free will, although also to them the possibility was given, to remove themselves from me and to sink down like the other beings called into existence by me. They stay in brightest light; they stand in fullest knowledge and carry out my will uninterruptedly, which also corresponds to theirs. Nevertheless, they are beings created by me perfectly, which first have to form themselves to my children, to beings, which are for the time being exposed to every influence, good and evil, and have to decide for the good influence completely free to strive for me as self-willing spirit being and unite with me. Only after this test of will, which has to be passed in the flesh on this earth, the spiritual created by me perfectly has reached the highest degree of perfection. As my child it has united itself with the father for ever and stands in highest fullness of light, in power and might; it stands in deepest wisdom and love – it has become like me, my image, which is infinitely happy due to my fatherly love and which also fills my heart with joy, because the love towards these my children is incomparable. When the spiritual, which has remained loyal to me, embodies itself on this earth, then this earth task is at the same time combined with a mission, which is meant for the rescue of erring souls out of deepest spiritual misery. The earth ways of these souls are particularly severe passable, but the soul starts its earth test with full awareness and takes upon itself every lot, once it is willing to attain the degree of God’s adoption by this means. But as far as God is concerned it is not destined to pass the earth test, but also this desire must arise out of complete free will and drive the light being, which feasts in highest happiness, and exchange this happiness for a short, but, for a soul which is unaware of its mission, very severe earth existence. On the part of the light beings every help on earth falls to its share, but also they have to maintain the freedom of the will, otherwise the soul cannot develop upward. Such an earth test requires great will power because the temptation through the world approaches also this soul particularly strong, and the overcoming of matter will cost it many a fight, but a complete sinking back into the power of matter is not to be feared because its desire for the kingdom, which it has left, is stronger in it than the desire for matter, although on earth it is not aware of its actual home. And that is why the light beings can continually help it and grant it every aid for the achieving of its aim on earth. In the last time before the end many light beings are incorporated on earth, because this time is particularly favourable for the ascent development, for the passing of their earth life test, because men need spiritual teachers and this office is mostly assigned to them as mission. It is a strict school of life, which such spirit beings must a absolve, because on their spiritual abilities they carry a far greater responsibility for their souls; they must wrestle and fight likewise with desires of all kind, and their life is a life full of renunciation and self-denials, but which they do not feel so painful, when their upward striving steps into the foreground, what can begin already in earliest youth but also only in advanced age. For freedom of will determines their path through life until the bodily end, which for many light beings in the last time on earth coincides with the last end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3908.


Book 49 3909

Burden of sin in the hereafter. Expiation or forgiveness.

20. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3909.

All sins become a burden on you, which you commit against your neighbour and therefore also again sin against me myself, who gave to you the commandment of love. And you will have to carry heavily on the burden of your sin in the hereafter, when you do not serve it already on earth. That is why you should not believe that you end unpunished, when you sin against the neighbour; do not believe that there is no just judge because he does not bring himself into appearance like you. And do not believe that you are therefore free from all sin because fellow-men do to you the same and disregard my love commandment. You deaden your conscience, however you do not decrease the size of your guilt thereby, because your intellect remains active, and it very well knows to differentiate right from wrong. And your will is not forced to your thinking and acting, therefore you take responsibility for it yourselves, and you burden yourselves indescribably when you heap sin upon sin – when you harm the neighbour, oppress him and act in blatant unkindness towards him, instead of supporting him in his misery, to help him and therefore offer him unselfish love, which alone is pleasant before my eyes. You bring yourselves under the control of Satan who now manipulates your souls according to his will, who pulls you down into ruin and from whom you only feel temporary improvement of your earthly living conditions as reward for your willingness. But what shall this profit your souls? Do not bring the measure of your sins to overflow, because the regret in days to come is horrible. Believe in a just God who calls you to account for all your acts, and ask him for forgiveness of your guilt, ask him for strengthening of your will towards the good, for power for the execution of acts of love – summon up the will to be good, and you will be helped; you will be able to rescue yourself out of the morass of sin; you will find forgiveness already on earth and favour before my eyes. But do not disregard him who gave you life; do not deny him justice, and recognize your sins; do not act against the commandment of love, which I gave myself for your salvation. Have mercy upon the weak and sick, and you will find mercy yourselves with me; ease their misery, and I will always be ready with my help when you are in trouble. Because so as you act towards your fellowmen, so will I also act towards you on the day of judgement, which is imminent. Do not sin, so that the measure of your sins does not become full, so that the burden does not press you down to the ground and you no longer find favour on the day of judgement. Because I know about every wrong; nothing remains hidden before my eyes; you must answer for every thought and every act, and woe betide him who is affected by my judgement, who will feel my justice at himself, when his sins get revealed. His expiation will be hard, but appropriate to his guilt, for I am a just judge, although my patience and mercy are endless. But limits are set for your work, and when you overstep them the hour of judgment has also come, which will demand justice for all sins, as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 3909.


Book 49 3910

Love building up power. Unkindness destroying power.

21. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3910.

The strongest driving power on earth is to be love – but when greediness, which results from self-love, is greater than love, then man misses his earth life purpose, and his embodiment on earth earns him no spiritual success. And that is why one cannot earnestly enough preach love to man, which is the exclusive purpose of his earth life, because the existence as man is just a short phase in the ascent development of the spiritual, but which can also ruin the endless long time of development before, when man in freedom of will does not make the divine law of love to the fundamental principle of his earth walk. Again and again the commandment of love must be put to men as divine commandment, so that they pay attention to it and live accordingly. And when it is therefore disregarded, man acts against divine order, and that has continuously a clearly recognizable effect. Everything steps out of the symmetry of order, to the sorrow of men themselves, who vegetate without love. For even an apparent order of outer living conditions is only maintained through increased unkindness, which will always cause damage for fellowman, for himself or for his possession. All thinking, speaking and acting which has love missing, will have disadvantageous results for soul and body of him, who vegetates without love. But it will at the same time also harm the neighbour, against whom it is directed and therefore kill love, but will not be awakening love. For every unkindness is a driving force which has a destroying effect, opposed to love, which is a power in itself, which builds up and sustains. Because it is divine, and everything divine is invigorating power, therefore unkindness, as completely contrary, a power, which leads to death. The being, for the time being unknowing, man in the beginning of his course on earth, must therefore be informed about the blessing of love, as also of ruin earning unkindness. He must be instructed and love be presented to him as the most valuable thing worth striving for on earth. And when he offends against the commandment of love, he must feel by himself the effects of unkindness. That is why God will never ever intervene hinderingly when men execute acts without all love, which offend every divine order, because love must be carried out voluntarily, and therefore the will of man cannot be curtailed, so that he learns to recognize by the effects of his unkind acting, speaking and thinking, how far he has removed himself from the eternal order, and strives back by himself – so that he changes to love in free will. And that is why the destroying effect is not weakened by God, and therefore only a state of greatest misery and bodily distress can be on earth, when love has faded among men – but as also love work softens the greatest suffering and shows men the right way, to also establish ordered living conditions, when they are just willing to love work. Because unselfish love work works miracles. And where unkindness has caused destruction of greatest extent, there love work can create complete compensation, and those men will live in order, who make the eternal law of love to the fundamental principle, as it is God’s will. But only love reconstructs again order, because it alone is the power which creates, revives and sustains; it alone is the power which makes happy and leads men towards their final goal – it alone earns them success on account of which man walks on earth – he develops upward; he approaches God, who is eternal love, and his soul unites with him through love. Amen. B.D. NR. 3910.


Book 49 3911

Reality of matter. (Christian Science objection).

22. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3911.

What contributes to the enlightening of their thinking, that I announce to men on earth through the inner word, according to the degree of maturity and need of the individual. But not everything is necessary for him to know as long as he walks on earth, as long as he has not reached the degree of love, which enables him to the reception of wisdom in all fullness. But it is more beneficial for man that he stands in smaller knowledge than that he walks in error, and that is why I always want to give explanation where the danger exists that man is prejudiced with erroneous thinking, that he seeks to penetrate into a knowledge intellectually, which he can only receive on the way of love through the heart. It is a big difference whether the world with everything what is on and in it, is seen as my work, as my will having become form, or whether it is considered as not existing in reality, as imaginative forms of human senses, which can be brought into appearance by the world of thoughts of man, which has no duration than that which man himself gives to them. Matter as such is indeed passing, but still my work, which exists so long, as it is held by my will. Also matter is something spiritual, to which I gave a form; it is also a power station of my eternally flowing out love power. It is therefore as if a form, which absorbs my power, like the form itself is simultaneously my power reinforced through my will. It is real, as long as you see it, but not permanent as form, because as soon as my will withdraws from this form, it dissolves, and that is again into spiritual substances, which I again consolidate anew through my will, as long as the development of the still immature spiritual stipulates an outer form. Matter is therefore well fleeting, and its passing you can observe with your own eyes, but as long as you see it, it is also real; it is there and proves myself, i.e., it testifies of my creator will and my creator power. And when you know about the destiny of all matter, of all work of creation, then you will also respect matter and make it possible for it, to fulfil its destiny. But you are not to love matter, i.e. strive for it and aspire to make it your possession. Because it is just the outer form of the still completely immature spiritual, which you certainly should and can help through right use of matter, but which you should not strive for as spiritual standing far below you, to not endanger yourselves. Nothing is without meaning and purpose what I have let come into being, why therefore should I put phantoms before your eyes, to which all suitability could be denied? – So, as your body as matter as such is carrier of your soul, the spiritual, which is to develop upwards, so is also every work of creation visible to you carrier of spiritual, only in different degree of development, although it is passing. As long as you can see it, it is my will having become form. The ascent development can certainly also happen in pure spiritual creations, but earth is a special school of the spirit, and its creations have a particular purpose and also successful effect. Spiritual, that stands far away from me, which is in furthest distance from me, puts itself outside of my love current circle and therefore robs itself also of my power supply. And spiritual which is powerless gets hardened. Therefore it becomes matter itself, and so also the explanation will be more graspable that matter is hardened spiritual, but to which still the possibility is given through my love and wisdom, to redeem itself, to develop upwards, to again enter my current circle of my love and therefore to also receive power, first in small, the in increased measure, and this means softening of matter – what will now also make the difference of creation explainable to you, from the world of stars, the world of plants, the world of animals ascending to man. The passing of the earthly, matter, is therefore no proof of the non-existence of it, because unreal is only what is devoid of spiritual substance, but then it is also no longer visible for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 3911.


Book 49 3912

Destruction of matter against God’s order.

23. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3912.

As the spiritual in matter relates to itself, to matter, so this matter is also to be evaluated. When it experiences matter as fetter then it seeks to flee from it; it seeks to burst it, and so matter brings about that the will of the spiritual changes, that the spiritual decides to serve, to get rid of its fetter. The spiritual therefore experiences matter as judgement. But man in his wrong thinking and wanting strives for matter, which he is to overcome during the short time of his walk on earth. Man in free will can separate from it, only the bodily cover still surrounds the spiritual in him, and this cover is no longer so pressing so that he can bear it and therefore experiences it less as fetter, where his will is active in the right direction. Only the wrongly directed will makes the fetter noticeable because then, through God’s love and wisdom, he is shown that his striving is a wrong one, because he is to recognize the worthlessness of matter through burden on himself, to consider it as unimportant and give only attention to the spiritual in himself. Nevertheless man remains permanently in connection with matter during his earth life because he is to help it, i.e. the spiritual in matter, to detach itself from it – because he is to create a possibility for matter to fulfil its serving purpose – therefore to use it the right way. The love of the heart is not allowed to be meant for matter, but love towards the unredeemed in matter is to move man to utilize matter and to again create forms out of it which are meaningful and useful for the maintenance and existence of other creations, for men and animals. That is why a destruction of matter is against God’s order, as long as the purpose of such a destruction is not a transformation to creations, which are a blessing to the neighbour. Only in this meaning matter is allowed to be desired and utilized, but man is never to seek to enrich himself with matter, it is never to prevent him from gaining of spiritual striving, i.e., he is never allowed to put the gaining of earthly possession in front of the striving for spiritual good, because then he fails to recognize the actual nature of matter, which holds in itself immature spiritual, which still stands at the beginning of development. The slow ascent development of the spiritual, which is in furthest distance from God, can only take place in bound will, because it abuses free will forth and forth and would never ever find back to God. The wrong will of the spiritual must be steered in a direction, which it however does not need to drive when it wants to oppose. Pressure must be exerted upon the spiritual, which the spiritual experiences as unbearable and which it wants to flee. The original spiritual, which was able to work freely, is hindered in its work through a hard counter will, and God himself puts the hard counter will opposite through matter, through an extreme hard outer form, which the spiritual is not able to break through, because it is completely without power in its state far away from God. For the powerful spiritual matter is no opposition, but solvable. Therefore the spiritual in matter must feel its impotency otherwise it would never ever strive towards the source of power from eternity. And as long as it is completely disobedient to God, it remains in the powerless, therefore dead state, until it slackens itself in its opposition, until it is ready to serving activity to improve its agonizing state about a small amount. The harder matter is the more God-disobedient is the spiritual that contains itself in it, and the more harmful the striving for matter becomes effective on man. Only after the resistance against God has slackened considerably, the outer form is also softer and more pliable, and the spiritual can flee from its form in always shorter time to finally go through the last test of will on earth in man, where the spiritual is indeed also still enclosed by a material cover, which nevertheless no longer exerts any force upon his will, but which he now must use right, when he wants to get rid of his material cover and again enter the spiritual kingdom as completely free being, when he wants to reach again his original state, to be active in creating and forming, as it is his destiny. Amen. B.D. NR. 3912.


Book 49 3913

Nothing is meaningless and purposeless. Activity. Miniature creations.

24. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3913.

Without meaning and purpose is nothing, also not the smallest work of creation, which has come into being out of my hands. Only the meaning and purpose is not always visible to men, and that therefore lets them doubt the suitability of certain creations. When the spiritual eye would be opened to you, then you would see a huge activity everywhere where the eye wanders; you would see nothing remaining in inactivity, because even apparently dead matter, the firm rocks, is enlivened by countless beings, which work eagerly and bring forth a slow change of that what appears lifeless to your eyes. But only to the spiritual eye is such evident, because everything is spiritual work; and the earthly activity, which you can pursue with your bodily eyes, only then sets in, when a certain degree of maturity of the spiritual is reached. Nevertheless, also the inactive appearing matter in itself serves in so far as it also promotes the development of that what is banished in it, and that it again offers countless living beings of smallest measure a possibility to live, which your eyes are also not able to see. The ascent development of the spiritual stipulates countless phases of which you have too little knowledge, even when the purpose and meaning of the works of creation is understandable to you. Before the spiritual has reached that degree that its cover lets life to be recognized, that it therefore can take residence in that living being which is visible to the human eye, it had to live through countless other forms in the miniature creations, of which you certainly have knowledge, but which you cannot see with the bare eye. But these smallest and exceedingly small creations you can still not regard as meaningless and purposeless even when the purpose is hidden for you, because my love lets nothing come into being what would not have a destiny for time or also for eternity. And so you can also deduce from this that my will always remains active to create new things, because every work of my hands serves the final redemption of that what was banished for the purpose of its ascent development. For it would never happen in free will, therefore the spiritual is put under the command of the mandatory law for a certain period of time – i.e., according to my will it must carry out a serving activity, which corresponds to its outer form. But it must always have declared itself ready for this before; otherwise it is also not allowed to these serving activities, so that it first has to give up its resistance, before I give it the possibility of an ascent development. And furthermore it will be understandable for you that matter as means for the redemption of the spiritual is to be respected in so far as that it is not destroyed out of mischief or kept away from its serving task, may it still be appearing dead to you or also carrier of living beings of all kind. What belongs to you, what you are allowed to destroy, without having to answer for it, you will recognize sensitively, and what you destroy to give it a different form, which is to fulfil again its serving purpose, will find my agreement and be blessed. But regard nothing as meaningless and purposeless, because with everything, also the smallest work of creation, my wisdom and love have ruled and my will worked. Human creations can certainly let wisdom and love miss; divine creations never, and when you consider all matter, every living being as divine creation, you will respect it and help it to redemption. Amen. B.D. NR. 3913.


Book 49 3914

Highest perfection possible in the short earth time.

25. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3914.

The highest possible perfection you will obtain on earth when you are only of good will. Because the earth life time is fully enough to form yourselves to love and therefore to assimilate yourselves to my original nature, what switches off every imperfection. But because your free will is decisive, you can also spread out this change to love to endless long time, and the assimilation towards me can still lie in such a faraway distance with your death on earth that you need several development periods, because I surely do not curtail your will when it is about the winning of your soul maturity, which can be acquired in free will alone. Your development course before the embodiment as man was endless long and your state agonizing and difficult. But only in the short earth life time information can be given to you; only in the short earth life time can you be instructed about meaning and purpose of life and about your assignment, because only as man you have the ability to grasp the connection and to deal intellectually with your existence. When you now draw your profit from these instructions, by you earnestly thinking about it and seek to adjust your earth life way accordingly, then you will not live unsuccessfully, but be able to soon register a spiritual ascent. You will apply yourselves to fulfil my commandments of love, and your redemption out of the fetters of matter takes its beginning – the change in love redeems you completely from all bondage, from spiritual darkness and from weakness. The being must first be able to think before it can use its free will, and so that man uses it right, he must also be instructed right. That is why an instruction of men through right teachers is absolutely necessary, when they want to reach their aim in life, when they want to become perfect. And I teach everyone who earnestly wants, as I have promised – as it is useful for him. And that is why I gave man the intellect; I gave him the ability to think, which he can utilize according to his will. But when a gift is left unused, then the success must be absent, and man ends his earth life as equally imperfect being as he has started it. But both things are up to him, highest perfection or a state of deepest darkness and ignorance, the state of imperfection. And it is either an eternal life in light and power, therefore happiness, his part or a renewed course of development on this earth, when the being is so deeply sunk that ascent development in the spiritual kingdom cannot continue, but stipulates a banishment in matter. Again and again it must be held before man what great responsibility he carries as concerns his soul; how he can create on one side highest happiness for himself through his will and on the other side lets it go through endless agonies when he uses the will wrongly. And such an instruction stipulates willing teachers, who stand in fullest truth and therefore can also give information to man about your earth assignment in accordance with the truth, about the consequences of a right as well as a wrong direction of the will. And this will also let it become understandable why I myself appear as the giver of truth, why I myself see to it that men are supplied with right knowledge and it finds access to them. And when man is to justify himself then the possibility must also be offered to him to use his intellectual thinking and to let his will become active. He must get to know my commandments of love and now express his view about them out of free will. His success will be accordingly and the duration of the ascent development. But once he reaches his aim – whether it lasts eternities or he reaches perfection after the short earth life time, is left to his free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3914.


Book 49 3915

Misery of fellowman drive for love activity.

26. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3915.

That is to be continuous drive for love work to you, that you see the trouble of fellowman and that your heart is touched by it, so that a flame of love lights up in you and you have the desire to also inflame the heart of fellowman so that his trouble is getting eased spiritually and earthly. For what you do not do out of love is worthless for your ascent development. Without expectation of a reward you must do good to the neighbour, only driven by the feeling to want to help and to lessen the need. Who does works of neighbourly love for the sake of the reward, he still is too much in self-love and his soul has not yet recognized the purpose of life – to shape himself to love. Who is active in love for the sake of reward, he has already received his earthly reward and can expect no spiritual reward. But who practises love driven by the heart, he does it without thinking of reward, even so he is certain of the spiritual reward; and this is the right love, which only gives, without wanting to receive, and still receives, more, than it gives. And that is why also the great trouble must go over earth, to let the right love flame up in the hearts of men, who are often too dull to stir up the glimmering spark in them, so that it might become a bright flame. Much suffering and misery could be eased on earth through right love activity, and the spiritual ascent would be secured for the souls. But men mostly go unmindfully past the misery of fellowmen, and therefore no ascent development is to be recorded, rather standstill and retrogression, and the earthly trouble is getting bigger and bigger through this. The spark of the divine spirit rests in every man, and therefore every man is also created to be able to love, but when he lets the most noble shrivel up, only a caricature of that remains what once was perfect as creation of God. For when love lacks the created being, no divinity is any longer in him, but the smallest compassion for the lot of fellowman ignites the divine spark of love, and the being is rescued for eternity, when it follows its most inner feeling and helpfully confers his love upon fellowman. The small spark can become a bright flame, and the flame will merge with the eternal fire – man changes to love as it is his destiny on earth. And when the great earthly trouble brings such about, it is of immeasurable value for the souls, which still lack love, and it will one day be recognized as a great favour of God, when earth life has been covered with success. Who gives in love will never ever have to fear that he will spend himself out because his gift will be paid back, earthly and also for ever; who shares the little he owns with a poorer, he will not have to fear misery for himself, because God shares with him, and his gift is truly more valuable a thousand times. Who gives with a loving heart, he will awaken counter-love, and what that means, that love is increased in itself, that you do not know. But you snatch from Satan what he already believes to own; you give again life to that what was dead; you supply power to that place where it is missing and by this practise the greatest compassion to the soul of fellowman, who is now also able to love and willing to love and does good for the sake of good. And when you grasp this, the great earthly misery will also be understandable to you; you will see it as divine ordinance and bear it with submission into his will; you will seek to steer it with love activity and as it were also be active redeeming in the last time because only love is the means of redemption; only love gives you freedom, power and light. Amen. B.D. NR. 3915.


Book 49 3916

Sleep of death. Raising out of the graves on the last day.

27. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3916.

The dead rest only according to the body, i.e., the body is relieved of all earthly activity, and the earthly-material fulfils its destiny assigned to it by the creator, by granting countless living beings stay in its process of dissolving, until it is again evaporated completely as spiritual substance. But the soul of man has no part in the state of rest of the body; it can certainly dwell in the hereafter without activity, but this state is no state of rest, but a state of helpless consciousness of its existence; a state of greatest powerlessness, which is agonizing, because it is consciously felt by the soul. That is why one cannot speak of a rest of the dead and even much less of with those souls, which have reached a degree of perfection that they find entry in light spheres. Because the souls are constantly busy and are happy in their activity. And that is why it is erroneous to talk of the sleep of the dead until their awakening on the last day. A raising of the dead will certainly take place on that day – the spiritual dead on earth will awaken out of their sleep, when they will recognize God in his greatness and might and when they will have to justify themselves before his righteousness. But this awakening will be terrible. And so also many who rest in the graves, bodily and spiritually, which already dwell in spheres of the hereafter, will be called to account, because they like the rest of death better than activity testifying to life. Those souls will also be condemned on the day of judgement to renewed banishment in matter, so that they now get to taste retirement, which seemed desirable to them and which they still could flee. Because when a soul retrogrades in development in the hereafter, it strives for matter itself, and its will will be met – that is how the awakening out of the graves on the last day is to be understood. The body of flesh has certainly found its rest in so far as that it no longer needs to serve the soul, but also its spiritual substances have to carry on fulfilling their purpose according to divine destiny. But the souls are to be pitied when they cannot enter the state of life after the death of the body, and the resurrection on the last day to eternal life or to eternal damnation is only so to be understood, that the recognition will suddenly come to those living on earth, the awakening out of deepest spiritual sleep, but the evil to judgement; because the good men, turned towards God and fulfilling God’s will, know about the state of life after the bodily death and do not fear latter, and they also enter eternal life. But the renewed course of development on the new earth through its creations will also many souls have to go, which departed already long ago from this earth, which had exceedingly time in the spiritual kingdom to change their will and to become active, but which remained in their powerless state and gave preference to the rest of death and therefore became more and more powerless, so that the spiritual itself hardened and is ripe to renewed banishment in earthly creations. These arise as it were out of their graves because a new opportunity is offered to them again to come to the light of day even so after immemorial long space of time. Everything what is dead in spirit will awaken on the last day, but not to life, but to judgement. Blessed are who do not rest in this sleep of death, blessed are who are steadfastly active on earth or in the spiritual kingdom and whose activity does not consist in earthly toil, but serves their spiritual development – blessed are who live in the spirit, who do not devote themselves to the sleep of laziness, who do not seek rest, because they will live in happiness and not need to be afraid of the day of resurrection. Amen. B.D. NR. 3916.


Book 49 3917

Short time until the end for the sake of weak souls.

28. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3917.

That a short time is still given to you until the end, you owe to my exceedingly great love, which still wants to create possibilities for you to rescue your souls from eternal damnation, i.e. from renewed banishment in solid matter through endless long periods of time. But men are incorrigible in their blindness; they do not believe in the end and therefore also do not arrange their life accordingly. However individual souls are still weak; their will has not finally decided; they have not yet completely become slaves to Satan, although they also do not consciously and with earnest will strive towards me. And because of these souls I do not give up the stipulated time of the dissolving, although mankind has reached already a long time the spiritual low, which results in such a total dissolving. I hold on to the time determined for eternity, and that is why you still have a short time of favour to expect, which is indeed earthly extraordinarily difficult to bear for you, nevertheless can still bring rescue to individual souls, as it considerably increases the state of maturity of those, who are mine and must live through these difficult times. But for the sake of these the days will be shortened, as I have promised. Because when the time of the end has entered the last phase, there is almost no hope anymore to still win souls, and then my followers are to experience the truth of my word – they will hardly become aware of the time, so fast the days will pass, until I come myself, to fetch them into my kingdom – because in this time the spiritual in man will have decided for or against me. In this last phase the devils obviously stand facing the ones that are mine and the number of latter will be small, but exceedingly large the number of those men who are true devils in human form. And then comes the end. And therefore still make full use of the short time, both for your own soul as well as for the souls of fellowmen, who urgently need enlightenment, to whom my will is to be announced and to whom you therefore must bring my word, who are to be admonished and warned so that they cannot say to have remained completely ignorant. Use the time and work for me wherever opportunity is offered to you. Because I myself bring the people to you, whom you are to help spiritually and earthly; I myself guide you the ways and show you where a person in need of help stays, who needs you spiritually and earthly. Because every individual soul moves me to pity, and I want to help it and rescue it from eternal damnation. And if you just see lack of love, hate and injustice around you, then know that weak souls stay in the midst of devils to whom help must be brought, if they are not to come into the power of those. And take care of these weak souls, show them neighbourly love, impart my word to them, and so give them the only powerful means into the hand to become strong and to rescue themselves out of darkness of night into the light of the day. But irrevocably the day draws to its close, and night will come, out of which no soul will be able to rescue itself anymore. It is already late in the evening, but the brightness is still enough to let lost souls recognize the right way, which guides them to the destination, where my messengers and guides stand, who grant support to all who are of good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3917.


Book 49 3918

Selfless serving in every life situation. Poverty. Willingness to give.

29. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3918.

Everything you do, you are to do in the awareness to fulfil divine will with it. That is why you must recommend all your thinking, speaking and acting to him; you must request his blessing for it and devote yourself completely to his divine guidance – you must completely subjugate your walk of life to his will, therefore only want that it is pleasing to him and always strive for winning his love. Then you will neither be able to think nor speak and act contrary to God, and your walk on earth will truly not remain unsuccessful for your souls. But you fulfil the will of God when you make the love commandments the guiding line of your walk of life, because then you fulfil the most important law, and God will bless you, spiritually as well as also earthly. Your earth purpose is to serve selflessly, and you can do this in every life situation; whether you are poor or rich, big or small, distinguished and mighty or insignificantly weak. You can always serve when you only want to serve. To every man are sufficient possibilities given to be active in serving neighbourly love, and no-one is to believe to always only be in need of receiving, and to stop his willingness to give, because he himself owns nothing to be able to give. Even the poorest can give – because when he possesses nothing of material goods, he can still give love and through this awaken counter-love – his will can be ready to give, and then his will will also be evaluated like a good deed. But God always only sees upon the heart, and no movement remains hidden in it. An outwardly appearing great act of love can still be worthless before God when love is not felt in the heart, which the act shows; and the smallest gift will be pleasant for God when it comes out of a loving heart. And who is truly active in love, he will also sacrifice of the little what is owns; he does not anxiously ask, but hands out. And he will be recompensed manifold, because as you measure out so it will also be allotted to you, says the Lord, and his word is truth. Therefore no-one is to anxiously hold back his possession when he makes an effort to live in the will of God; he is to give with a glad heart because love activity earns him a far greater blessing than his little possession can ever give him, because he receives earthly and spiritually incomparably more – his soul matures; all the time he is led right because God himself assists those who want to live to his pleasure, and because his guidance is security to reach the goal. Only one thing is necessary for you that you live in love – that your thinking, speaking and acting is always guided by the love of the heart and that you commend yourselves in full faith to the favour of him who gave you life for the maturing of your souls. With his favour and his power you can do everything, also in greatest bodily and spiritual trouble you will be able to be active in love when you connect to the eternal love itself through prayer, which lets you have power and favour unmeasured because you want to approach him through work in love. Amen. B.D. NR. 3918.


Book 49 3919

Light bearers protected through light beings until mission completed. Boundary.

31. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3919.

Those who stand in the light do not need to fear darkness. And so also my bearers of truth do not need to be afraid of the goings-on of dark powers, of their instructions and measures, although they have been born in deepest hate, although they impress the mind like threatening ghosts. The light bearers will remain unharmed, because they are subordinated to my protection. And I will truly give you a safe escort and whether you walk in the midst of devils. Because darkness does not drive out bright light, which irradiates you, which is indeed not visible to the human eye, but from which the low spiritual flees, because in the light it also recognizes its Lord, with whom it does not want to come in touch. That is why a light bearer can fearlessly face those who want to do evil to him; he will confuse them in their plan; they will desist from it, even so under threat and curses; because they feel his superiority, although they do not want to acknowledge it earthly. Because many light beings also help a light bearer in every difficult life situation, because they do not let a mission, which is exceedingly urgent, be endangered through human will, ruled by the opponent. When I choose for myself workers for this urgent mission, then the whole kingdom of light is animated by the will to protect these workers, because my will flows through all beings, which belong to my kingdom. And the power of those beings is truly stronger than the powers of darkness; even so earthly this does not really appear so. But the light bearers themselves are to know this that they are untouchable by the powers hostile towards me. That is why they are to be without fear; a boundary is drawn around them, from which every dark being starts back, when it does not want to challenge myself. Only when this mission of the light bearer is fulfilled, when the hour of his death has come, I loosen this boundary, but to the judgement and to the eternal damnation of him, who breaks it – but for the light bearer himself to increased happiness. As long as he works on earth on my behalf he can venture into the middle among the devils and reproach them with the sinfulness of their doings. They will not be able to kill him because he is my emissary, my servant, my messenger, who imparts pure spiritual things to earth men to snatch them back from the abyss of ruin. And this knowledge is to give him courage and power; he is to believe in me and my word and be constantly sure of my presence as long as he serves me with eagerness and rules his office, as long as he is prepared to carry out my Gospel into the world – to bring the light to fellowmen, which he has received from myself. Earth lies in deepest darkness and must be illuminated to let the earth wanderers find the right way. And where such his light shines, there those shunning the light will never stay, but it will flee from the light shine. But in the spiritual world the light is penetrating; it does not shine covered and for that reason will always be felt by the beings of darkness as light, however not desired – why every lustre is avoided because they cannot put out the light; but its shine gives them agonies. Because I stand behind every carrier of light as original source of light – and where I am truly the power of evil is broken. Amen. B.D. NR. 3919.


Book 49 3920

Imitation of Jesus. Life in love and self-abnegation.

1. November 1946. B.D. NR. 3920.

Who is not like me gentle and patient, who does not practise himself in imitation, that he gives up all qualities, which adapt themselves to the nature of my opponent, who does not continually strive for the virtues, which stamp him to a divine being, he will hardly reach the goal, to find the unification with the father from eternity, who is pure love in himself and who can only unite himself with creatures, which have become love like him. My walk on earth is to serve you as example because as man I was exposed to the same temptations like you, because I had to go the way, which alone could lead a soul to perfection. I had to struggle like you against all desires of the flesh, as also against all qualities of an un-divine being, otherwise my walk of life could not serve as example for you, when I could have gone round the testing of my will, being born free of all human faults. I had to live through life on earth in its depth, i.e. have the possibility to the same sins from out of the body, to omit them out of free will and to avoid all incitement for that purpose. I had to struggle against fleshly desires and thereby make the soul in me strong and willing to unite with the spirit. The sinfulness of the surroundings often set my love and patience up on hard tests, but when I wanted to remain gentle and humble from all my heart, then I was also not allowed to be overbearing. And the weakness of fellowmen moved me to pity that they did not resist the temptations, and my love increased. I wanted to help those who were lying on the ground and could not raise themselves up. Because of being man myself I knew about all weaknesses of a man, and this knowledge reinforced my gentleness and patience. Being man myself I could at any time place myself into the soul of him who sinned, although I myself was without sin, although in virtue of my will I myself had remained victor in all temptations of the flesh and the soul. But I took the power for this out of love, and every man who practises love will also summon up the power and the will to struggle against his faults and weaknesses, and also he will carry away the victory, because love itself is the power. And who therefore is active in love, he will also practise all virtues, which mark a divine being: he will be gentle and patient, compassionate, peaceable, humble and just. Because when he offers love to fellowmen, his thinking is also full of love, and he struggles against all weaknesses and faults with ease. Follow me – lead a life like me in love and self-abnegation and you will make yourselves free of all sinful desires; you will not fall into sin yourselves; you will become like the nature of eternal love and find the unification with it already on earth, and you will be sure of reaching of your aim. And therefore you also have to always take the cross upon you, like me, und are not allowed to become impatient, because when you earnestly ask me for help, I help you carry it, and your soul will make itself the sooner free from earthly desires the more willing it carries the cross, which the father’s love has imposed on it, so that it matures. Follow me, and take my life on earth as an example, and you will never ever fall into sin; you will redeem yourself by virtue of your will and love; you will become free, become infinitely happy beings, provided with all divine qualities; you will be full of light and power in the spiritual kingdom and live happily in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3920.


Book 49 3921

Placing spiritual work in front. New sphere of activity.

2. November 1946. B.D. NR. 3921.

What contributes to an increase of soul maturity I truly know best, and your earth lot will therefore always be according to the necessaries of the soul, but which will thank it me at the end of its earth life that I have taken its neediness into account. Earth life lasts only a short time and can never offer you replacement for that what the soul loses when the body with its wishes is taken too much into consideration. Because your soul needs neglect of those wishes; all hindrances for its development must be removed for it, and such will the body always get to feel in a way, which appeals little to it. But always rely on my love and wisdom; believe that everything what concerns you will be recognized by my wisdom as beneficial for you and imposed upon you by my love, and therefore always yield to my will, so that you become happy. But you, my servants on earth, must be very particularly prepared for your office in the last time before the end; you must put the spiritual before the earthly and all the time hold before the eyes that you have put yourselves into my service; that you cannot serve two lords, me and the world. Your spiritual work is to be everything for you; I have called you to spiritual work, and your earth walk will be formed so, that you can complete this work unhindered - that you can eagerly be busy for me and my kingdom, which is not of this world. I will lead you to that circle in which you are to work, and according to the love towards me and fellowmen you will also be able to record the success: rescue of erroneous souls out of spiritual darkness. Consider that this is your most important earth task, for which you have offered yourselves to me in free will; consider that it is much more necessary and urgent than the removing of earthly worries – consider that for latter many men are suitable, but for former, for the removal of spiritual need, only few declare themselves ready and therefore is the need for spiritual workers on earth great. But where I find such, there also my blessing will always be recognizable, and their steps I will guide so, that they can work beneficially, where great need is. You my servants on earth know that the time is only short until the end, and you are to use this time completely for me; you are to carry my Gospel out into the world. And I myself will assign the place for you where you are to carry out your spiritual activity in the coming difficult time, which precedes the last end. Where the spiritual misery is great, I need able workers to cultivate the fallow laying field, to lay good seed and harvest good fruit. And so resign yourselves to my guidance, confidently and willingly subordinating yourselves to my will, because it is the alone right one, not only for yourselves but also for the countless souls, to which you are to bring help in spiritual trouble. Tarry in patience until I call you, and only use every day for own soul maturity; receive my word with a hungry heart, and let its power flood through you; put all your worries and needs, whether spiritual or earthly, into my hand, and let myself care for you, and your earth life will truly be no idling because to fulfil a mission, as the one assigned to you, requires a will turned towards me, deep faith and love towards me and the neighbour. And the soul of him must mature on earth, who is entrusted with this mission, because my favour and my blessing is certain for him. The time until the end is only short, but difficult for every individual. But who draws power and favour from me, he will also outlive it without harm to his soul; he will be able to make full use of it and give up earth life rich with spiritual treasures to exchange a happy life against it in my kingdom where he will be compensated for all renunciations and privations, which earthly life brought him, a thousand times because he remained loyal to me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3921.


Book 49 3922

Strictest self-criticism whether spiritual or earthly thought material is desired. Clairvoyant.

3. November 1946. B.D. NR. 3922.

Do not fall victim to those powers, which I have not directed to impart knowledge to you, which I myself keep hidden from you. Because what I want to say to you, you who serve me on earth, that I say myself to you through the voice of the spirit, and it alone you are to hear. Clairvoyant souls can certainly follow my plan from eternity in its execution, as a result of their state of maturity, but it forbids them of itself to reveal individual fortunes to men, to whom I myself have not yet opened the inner seeing, because my wisdom keeps future things hidden to men, whose knowledge is not necessary for the attainment of soul maturity. You must learn to differentiate pure worldly processes and spiritual work. You must know that my messengers, my delegates, who have a rich knowledge at their disposal, only have the task to work spiritually, i.e., to help fellowman in spiritual need and confirm this help through earthly neighbourly love. Who therefore has been assigned such an earth task by me, his office is truly not to inform fellowmen about things, which I keep secret, because this is more beneficial for the soul. But when a man uses his clairvoyant gift for this, then he is influenced by powers, which are not well disposed to him and he very easily falls into error; his gift of seeing is darkened through the purpose not pleasant to me. And you will certainly have no advantage from a knowledge, which I did not give to you, on the contrary the intellect of man, which steps out of the union with me when it seeks to fathom earthly processes. And so also my servants must practise strictest criticism with their thoughts and if possible avoid every merging of spiritual and earthly problems. This is of extraordinary importance also for all announcements, which are supplied through my love to men. The spirit out of me imparts only spiritual knowledge – and this is pure truth. Every wanting to penetrate into earthly knowledge, every question, which answering is without use for the soul, forces the spirit out of me to inactivity, i.e., the voice of the world drowns his fine voice. And powers, which consciously want to lead man into error, are at work – the thinking of man is directed to pure earthly questions, and then the pure spirit work switches off. This fine difference you, my servants on earth, must always be able to make, and you are therefore not allowed to take offence at writings, which have come into being in less intimate union, when you only have the eye on one thing, whether it contains a pure spiritual truth or a statement, which has nothing to do with pure spiritual knowledge. The transfers out of the spiritual kingdom are subject to a permanent control, and lying spirits cannot take part in this, when it is about the transmission of the divine word. Because I myself watch over it and allow no disfigurement of my word through dark powers. But when the thoughts of the receiver digress and he demands to get explanation of time or number about certain processes or successes, then he does not desire my word; he no longer desires pure spiritual food, which I always offer to him unadulterated, and then his thinking is also subject to errors, because then he is no longer active on earth as my servant, in the sense of the word – he is not receiver of my word, but he uses his intellect as every other man – he thinks under the influence of those powers, which seek to weaken my word. But I give also always explanation about this and just demand strictest criticism by yourselves, then you will also always be able to separate earthly from pure spiritual and be in fullest truth. And such events and doubts are also allowed by me to cause you to that self-criticism because this is of greatest value for the reaching of soul maturity that you disregard all earthly things, when you want to receive spiritual goods, offered by myself and therefore also corresponding to fullest truth, because my will is always to instruct you in truth, but your will must strive for the same, so that you do not fall victim to those powers, who are enemies of pure truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3922.


Book 49 3923

Comforting father words.

4. November 1946. B.D. NR. 3923.

Every way is passable for you with my help. And that is why you need to fear nothing, whatever is demanded of you. That I always look after you, you are to firmly believe and thus give rise to no anxiety when harm threatens. Who carries me in the heart, is everywhere and at every time in securest protection, because I lead him myself at the hand, and the way he goes will be passable despite all hindrances. Believe in me, firmly and unshakeably, and every trouble remains far from you, but weakness of faith still stipulates trouble, so that it gets strengthened through my obvious help. How often have I promised you my protection, you who want to serve me on earth, and fearlessly you must face every danger, when you think of my word. And so that you do not grow weak, often and intimately become engrossed in my word, let me speak to you and receive increased power, by you opening your heart to my love, which feeds you with my word, which carries power inside it. Strive towards me, and let your thoughts continuously wander into the spiritual kingdom, and you will master everything what is demanded of you; you will be able to do your activity earthly and pass the earthly fight of life, but as you will also be able to work spiritually with success. Just remain in constant connection with me, and you will never be without power. Therefore you also need to fear nothing from the side of the world; you need not to be timid over your own bodily weakness, because countless beings help you when you need help, earthly and also spiritually. And everything is truly possible for them, because they are flooded through with my power and animated with my will. What therefore should harm you? What should let you become despondent? As long as you possess my love, you will lack nothing, and you possess my love, as long as you are mine, through your will, through love work and conscious striving towards me – as long as you want to serve me, because your heart presses towards me. And that is why you need to fear nothing for ever, because I do not withdraw my love from you for ever, it is just not always obvious to you, as long as you live on earth and are to pass your last test of will. But my word continuously ensures you of my love; my word promises you continuous protection and continuous supply of power, and my word is and remains eternal truth. And therefore always keep to my word. Let me speak to you, when you are in trouble of the body and the soul, and you will always be able to draw comfort and power, and your faith will be strengthened, until nothing more will be able to shake you, whatever comes over you. Amen. B.D.NR.3923.


Book 49 3924

Love building-up principle – unkindness destructive principle.

5. November 1946. B.D. NR. 3924.

Also the unchangeable law of love can be overturned in free will. It is that law, on which divine order is based and that is therefore in itself eternally unchangeable and its fulfilment ascent development, building-up and preservation of all creations that emerged out of God. When this law is overturned then without fail retrogression and destruction is due. And it is left to human will to place itself under this law and therefore to remain in divine order or to transgress against the law contrary to divine order. Understandably the results of the right or wrong will are of unheard importance for the spiritual, which is incorporated in man for the last test of will. Because to violate the constitution means to destroy the actual element of life, because the original substance of all created is love – a power, which goes out from God as eternal love, therefore is also the original power which sustains everything. And so an offence against love is a non-regarding of this power and its original source; an offence against love is a counter-work and therefore destructive, where eternal love was active building-up. Divine order cannot remain in existence where the law of love it not regarded, and therefore this results in inevitable spiritual and earthly chaos, spiritual and earthly decay, which finally leads to dissolving. This cannot be made comprehensible to the human intellect as long as he himself sins against the divine law. But when he fulfils it, then also this explanation is intelligible for him, because he is not only able to feel the power of love himself but also, having a bright spirit, recognizes all connections and therefore develops upwards. But former completely switches off that power, which alone is building-up and constant, and he remains a dead creature as long as he is not flooded through by love power – in the state of death. Because only the fulfilment of the constitution alone creates life; life without love is unthinkable; life is a state of divine order. Because also earth life as man is spiritual death when it is led without love. The building-up principle remains love until all eternity; the destructive principle is unkindness and hate. And so men can never ever expect a life, a life of the soul on this side and on the other side, in which the last principle dominates. Because life on earth is just a delusive life, which finally crumbles away into nothing. But who subscribes to the divine principle, who pays attention to the law of love and lives accordingly, his life is indestructible; it remains untouched by the destructive effects of unkindness; it is a life full of power, because he is constantly fed by the original source of power, because he unites himself with eternal love through a love life and therefore can never ever lose his life, which is basically just strengthened love power. Who grasps this, he stands already high in knowledge, which only love can bring in, the inserting into the eternal law and therefore life in divine order. Und he does not need to fear death, because there is not death for him, who lives and will live in eternity, united with eternal love, which was his starting point, which as eternal power of creation is continuously active and gives countless beings eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 3924.


Book 49 3925

God’s word – quiet admonisher. Loud voice – natural disaster

26. November 1946. B.D. NR. 3925.

Pay attention to always returning admonitions from above, and do not let them go unheard at your ears. Because every hour and every day is precious if you consider the salvation of your soul and do eager work before the end comes. Do not let me call in vain; do not let me knock in vain on your hearts, but receive me and voluntarily open the door of your heart, when I desire admission. I still come as quiet admonisher to you, when I approach you in the word, but not much longer, then my call sounds loud and powerfully out from above, and you will get a fright from the violence of my voice. It is still left to yourselves whether you want to listen to me or want to let my word fade away at your ears. But then you will have to listen to me, and my voice will touch you awfully. You will no longer be able to recognize my love, but must bow before my wrath, although also then my love is still at work, only no longer recognizable for you as love. But my word is still a sign of my love for you, because it sounds gently and admonishing, like a father speaks to his children, which he wants to lead on to the right way. But when my word is not respected, my power appears, and you will get a fright before it and get into fear of death. And for many the hour of death will also have come, the hour of decease from this earth, and blessed who has found me already before, that he does not need to fear this last hour. And my word aims to achieve this. I seek to attract your love; I seek to draw you to me, always considering your free will, I seek to send you to the spiritual kingdom, and for that reason I admonish you to refrain from earthly matter, from earthly striving. Because I am only then to be found when you renounce the world with its pleasures and seek union with me. Then I myself come to meet you and no longer let you from me forever. For that reason pay attention to my word and do not belong to those whose senses I must direct towards me through my power. Come to me by yourselves by desiring my word and let yourselves be instructed by me; listen to me and pay attention to what I announce to you. Believe in my word and change yourself to love so that you make my will to your own will and can always be certain of my love. Because that I want to achieve through my word that you form yourselves to love, that you work on your souls and become like my nature, which is pure love in itself. And you will not need to get a fright and be anxious when my voice sounds loudly and powerfully, because then you belong to mine, whom I take into my care in hours of highest trouble and to whom I am rescuer and redeemer, as I have promised. The hour comes unexpectedly fast, and all of you will think of my words, because I admonish you incessantly, so that you can still use the short time in every way. Think of your souls and do not take any notice of the body, because it passes, but the soul lasts until all eternity. And for that reason you help, as long as it is still possible for you, to create and work on earth, and the serious will to this will give you strength. You will mature and gain great benefit, that you let me speak to you, that you believe my words and make an effort to live according to my will. And you will not need to fear the day, which will come irrevocably in shortest time – which gives you the proof of the truth of my word, of my power and strength, and which is for the initiated also a sign of my love towards the unredeemed, which I want to rescue from eternal ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3925.


Book 49 3926

Course of development period. Tough struggle for life.

1. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3926.

Great is my power and unshakeable my will, because my wisdom determines it, and my love lets it come to the execution. And what I have recognized for eternity as remedy for the spiritual standing far from me, that I also apply irrevocably to help this spiritual in its trouble, which is the result of its distance from me. And I saw from eternity the spiritual low of men in this time; I saw from eternity the wrong will, which increases the distance from me instead of decreasing it. And where this danger exists, I stop the fall; I break it off to prevent a still deeper defection, which would again need eternities to put the spiritual into the degree of development where it can use free will. And therefore time fulfils itself; a development period comes to an end as it is announced in word and script. And what is now happening is the work of my love, of my wisdom and of my will. And you men of this earth will be witnesses of that what stands written and what I announce again and again anew through my servants on earth. For you are standing in the last time; you will experience great things, terrible for all who do not believe, and overwhelming sublime for those who recognize me and think of my word. And despite of all trouble they will always feel my love and my omnipotence and leave themselves confidently to it. And I myself will lead them that they reach their aim safely. But what happens on and in the earth, that is incomprehensible to human intellect, for all that it is unique and so extraordinary that no-one is able to imagine it, in what way my power and my will appears. Men, who do not want to separate from the earthly, will indeed strive for continuous build-up; they will seek to replace again everything lost; they will create and work earthly to put themselves into the possession of goods, but I will again and again ruin their striving so that they recognize the uselessness of it, apart from it and earnestly think about their souls, the everlasting, as it is purpose and aim of every individual man. And that is why the struggle for life will continue; no-one will come to rest, and no-one will be able to enjoy the fruits of their earthly striving, unless he is completely fallen into the hands of him, who wants to seduce him from me. Then he can certainly stand in a life of pleasure, but he will also be recognizable as relative of Satan, because his acting will only reveal unkindness and hate, and fellowmen are not to take his life of pleasure as an example. But those I still do not consider completely lost, they must fight – and a tough life struggle is to be proof to them that I think lovingly of them and want to draw them to me. I must take everything from you what still seems desirable to you earthly, if I want to win your hearts, your will, which is to turn towards me before it is too late. And that is why the coming time will become harder and harder for you because it comes to an end. But as soon as you unconditionally put your trust in me, as soon as you place your will under mine, as soon as you let me rule alone and completely submit to your fate, you are also certain of my fullest care – and the toughness of life will be bearable to you, who have become mine through your will. But then also the last great events will no longer frighten you; you will know that they are my work and my will; you will also recognize that they are just the last means for the winning of erroneous souls, and you will also know that redemption approaches soon, that the end is soon coming, where I fetch you myself, to prepare for you a peaceful, happy paradise, where all trouble has an end. But my decision is inevitable; time is fulfilled of which it stands written. Mankind does not pay attention to my word and can only become of a changed mind through extraordinary events, and for the sake of them that will come over earth, what appears to be incomprehensible and extraordinarily cruel, but my love and wisdom recognized it from eternity as salutary for the souls, and my will therefore carries out what is determined for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3926.


Book 49 3927

Favourable hearing of prayer in strong faith. "Father, your will be done."

2. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3927.

You can attain everything from me, if you just strongly and unshakeably believe in me. Because if you imagine my exceedingly great love for you, you also know that I leave no prayer unheard. But a strong faith in me also includes fullest trust in me; it includes the certainty that I also recognize everything in my wisdom what is a blessing for you, and that I do not let you be hurt, by me granting something to you what does not bring about your salvation. And that is the reason a deeply believing man will devote himself to me unconditionally, he will leave it to me how I want to give to him; he will not demand, but submit his request humbly to me, always put my will first and recommend himself to my love and favour. And I will give to him in all fullness, bodily and spiritually I will never let him live in want, because I never do not hear the prayer of my child. But if I deny you the fulfilment of a request, still do not doubt my love, because it is exactly my love, which wants to protect you from disaster. And you cannot always recognize yourselves how the fulfilment of a request has an effect. For that reason present your matter trustingly to me, and leave everything else to me, and my love gives to you so that the way to me is smoothed, that you reach your destination safely, that you as my children return to the father house, to lead a blessed life in eternity. But always and constantly use the power of prayer; call upon me in every life situation; come to me if you are in trouble, and also think of me in hours of rest and peace. Do not forget me, so that I also do not forget you; contact me on many occasions through intimate prayer, and so call me constantly into your nearness, because then power flows over to you unmeasured, if you seek me in free will, if your thoughts are meant for me and your heart pushes towards me. You must find the way to me for yourselves and therefore step on to the bridge, which I have built for you from earth to me. You must pray, because in prayer your soul rises into the spheres of light; in prayer you step on to the bridge to me; in prayer the child steps before the father; it establishes the relationship to the father itself as it is my will. And if I am called upon as father, if a childlike heart beats towards me, I listen to every pleading, because I do not disappoint my children, who fully trustingly come to me. And my love communicates with them; my love hands out gifts unmeasured; my love gives spiritually and earthly, and never ever will it need to suffer trouble, as soon as it truly asks childlike, i.e. sends its prayer to me in spirit and in truth. Use all the favour of prayer, because you can achieve everything in deep, lively faith towards me and my love. But do not demand and complain or grumble, if I apparently do not grant your prayer, because then my father love just sees harm in the granting of your request, and to protect you from it, it denies itself. But he who always submits his will to mine, he will never be disappointed, because his prayer is the right one, pleasing to me, if he adds to all his requests: "Father, your will be done." Amen. B.D. NR. 3927.


Book 49 3928

Workers in the vineyard of the Lord. Hour of harvest.

4. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3928.

Concerted efforts you must do and therefore be active for me and my kingdom. You have to fulfil a task and can be certain at any time of my blessing, if you make this work your business. And you will have plenty of opportunity to work for me in the last time before the end; you will find men everywhere who need your encouragement, who desire enlightenment and want to be instructed by you, if you give to them the source of your knowledge, because the misery of the time will contribute to it, that men cling to every straw and also do not dismiss that, that God reveals himself to them through you. They will be able to believe easier if you impart the right knowledge to them, and that the right way. Because men want to be instructed plainly and clearly and reject what is offered to them in the old form, because it does not appear acceptable to them, if the teachers lack the living conviction. And this is to be shining out of all your words; you are to speak as it urges you and make my effect possible through your willingness to work. Because your work is urgent, and by this the possibility is to be offered to many souls to get into contact with me; their thinking is to be directed towards the spiritual kingdom, and their nature is to be changed to love, stimulated through your example, through the announcing of my word, which includes my love teaching, and through the misery, out of which they are to seek and find rescue through prayer to me. Take care of all wandering people, who cross your way; know that I bring them to you so that you can do that work on them, which is to open my kingdom to them. Help them spiritually and earthly, and just teach them love; give them knowledge of the approaching end, and so work uninterruptedly for my kingdom. And you can constantly be certain of my blessing; my favour and my love will flow towards you, and with my help you will also master every earthly life situation, because you, who are active for me and want to fulfil my assignment, I do not leave in trouble. And who partakes in this work, he will obviously feel my blessing; he will mature in knowledge and receive light and power, according to his eagerness to serve me. Because I need many workers for my vineyard. The hour of the end is the hour of harvest, in which I want to gather rich fruit, and that is why I hire servants again and again and assign their work to them. The hearts of man are the fields to be cultivated, which are to receive good seed to bear rich fruit some day. Who therefore serves me, him I will bless and heap my favour on him. Who wins souls for me and my kingdom, he creates for himself a great profit for eternity, because he practises love, he is active with redemption, he awakens to life what walks along on earth without life, and his lot in the hereafter will be happiness without end. Because he belongs to those who are mine, to whom I have prepared all treasures; he is a loyal servant of his Lord, and he will also receive the wages as I have promised him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3928.


Book 49 3929

Fear not, believe only.

5. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3929.

Don’t be afraid; just believe. Where all human power fails, where earthly no longer help appears possible, my power has not finished, and again and again I find ways, which lead out of darkness, out of all trouble and distress, earthly and spiritually. Put your trust in me and my help, and I truly will not disappoint you. In the last time very often difficulty will approach you, but you never need to despair, never to fear, that I am far from you. Because in trouble I am closer to you than ever. You only must believe in my love, which never ever leaves you alone, which never ever abandons you to trouble and misery. You must believe in my omnipotence, which is able to overcome everything and for which there are no limits of creation. You must believe in my wisdom, which does not let you arbitrarily get into trouble and distress, but has very well recognized for eternity what is good for your soul and its perfection. And if you believe deeply and firmly, nothing more will frighten you, because you always feel me near you and put all your suffering and worries at my feet; you submit to me and my favour, and will not expect my help in vain. Don’t be afraid, but just believe. What can frighten you, what can harm you, if you have me, if you have my assurance that I help you always and in all life situations – what can leave you weak and dejected if you can constantly make use of my power, which flows towards you if you just ask for it. Fulfil my will; always fulfil my command of love, then you are also permanently in the possession of power and need to fear nothing more earthly and spiritually, because then you are connected to me, and my presence switches off every trouble and worry, although earthly seen it approaches you. Because I take it away from you, and you can leave yourselves to this assurance full of faith; you can walk every way fearlessly, and no matter how thorny and laborious it appears - I always walk next to you and protect and guard you; I give you power and draw your hearts towards me – and the more you separate from the world and unite with me, the less you feel the earthly trouble. The time of the end has come, which makes great demands on your faith, for that reason just seek to win solid unshakeable faith; therefore pray without ceasing, and pay attention to all help so that you become strong in faith, and you will not need to fear whatever approaches you, because strong faith banishes every harm; strong faith secures you my help, my power and favour in every trouble and distress of body and soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 3929.


Book 49 3930

Receiving of power for the work out of the divine word.

7. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3930.

With my word you also receive the power to work and to create spiritually and earthly. And for that reason every worry switches off how you will be able to master your life. Just refresh yourselves constantly with my word; let yourselves be fed and watered by me, and you are truly relieved of every worry, because I myself take care of you, by me smoothing your earthly ways for you and also secure for you your spiritual welfare, by me guiding you through all danger spiritually and earthly. I want that you receive my word, that you are always and constantly instructed by my word, that you win a truthful knowledge, which only my word can impart to you. I want that you mature in spirit, that you train yourselves to leaders of your fellowmen, and this you only can through perpetual receiving of my word, which ignites brightest light in you and makes you able to bring help to your brothers for their souls. If you want to be suitable servants for me on earth, you must stand yourselves in a knowledge, which is supplied by me to you, and for that reason you must let me speak to you always and constantly so that I can instruct you again and again anew, so that I can speak through you to men, who, still blind in spirit, urgently need enlightenment. And if you therefore want to be eagerly busy for me, you are never ever allowed to switch off my word; you must receive it, wherever opportunity is offered to you; you must use every hour to eager soul work, and I will put everything else in order so that you never ever need to worry about earthly things. I need you to indirectly have an effect on men, who no longer allow my direct work through their lacking faith. I need you, who are to again revive this weak faith through your work for me. Speak to your fellowmen of my love and perpetual care about their souls; speak to them of my work through you; pass on my word to them, and so also transfer the power upon those, who receive my word with the heart. And you will be invigorated yourselves extraordinarily spiritually and earthly; you will fulfil your earth assignment with joy and devotion; spiritually you will be able to score success and also earthly the ways will be smoothed for you, because I give all love and care to my workers, as I have promised. Draw out of the well of my love; refresh yourselves with the water of life; receive power in all fullness through the reception of my word from above; bury yourselves in the rich treasure of favour and unearth it; again and again let my words of love sound at your ear; receive them with the heart, and strengthen yourselves on it at any time, and leave all care to me, because I am your father, who knows all needs of his children and can also cover them, as it is good for you. And when my father-love gives you this promise, then no longer fear earthly trouble, but just think of the trouble of the souls of fellowmen and seek to bring help to them. And my blessing will accompany you on all ways, and you will reach your destination, because it is me, who directs and leads you and at whose hand you can go along carefree, if you just strive to fulfil my will, if you want to serve me on earth and in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 3930.


Book 49 3931

Admonition to busy work for the kingdom of God.

8. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3931.

Where the opportunity offers itself to you, you should speak for me and spread my word, because the misery is great around you, and you can only influence it in this way that you steer the thoughts of fellowmen towards me. I alone can rectify earthly trouble, and I will also do this, as soon as men make an effort themselves to remove the spiritual misery for the time being. They are at the end of the abyss, and only the own will can snatch them back from it, because they first must want themselves that I help them with my favour and power, then also my love is prepared to still help them in the last hour. And for that reason you must announce my teaching to them; you must inform them about my word, so that they know about my will, and, if they accept my word believingly, also seek to realize it. And their souls will be rescued. And so you now know how urgently your work is needed for my kingdom, if you are prepared to do this work to help the souls of fellowmen, it will also be comprehensible to you, that you, as standing in my service, are well looked after, because every master cares for his servants, and that the more caringly the more willingly they are tools for him. And so I again and again shout to you: Drop all earthly worry, only make your spiritual work your business; be eagerly active for me, and I will do everything else for you, what you need for earthly life; I will smooth your earth ways and lead you undamaged to the destination. Every day is valuable, and on every day you are to work for me and my kingdom. Again and again men will step into your way, who go along without knowledge about their earth task; again and again you will be able to convince yourselves of the weak faith of fellowmen or complete unbelief, and again and again you will therefore be able to speak for me; you will be able testify of my great love and compassion – which has announced itself to you through passing on of my word. Everywhere you will have opportunity to speak in my name and give information, to correct wrong teaching and therefore spread fullest truth, as it is my will. How men adjust is left to themselves, but without passing on of pure truth, without knowledge of my word the way to me is hidden for them, and you should point them to the right way; you are to announce my love teaching to them and urgently entrust them that they are to change to love. If they listen to this admonition, then they are already helped spiritually and bodily, because as soon as they themselves make an effort to live in love, also their life situation will experience earthly an improvement, because I then no longer need such hard means of upbringing to help them, if they once have entered the way, which leads to me – the way of love. Admonish them to love and point me out to them and my earth life walk, since I held up a love life for them as an example and have commanded them to live in my succession. Insistently introduce them to the blessing of a love life and the great danger of spiritual ruin, if they do not pay attention to my love command, and announce to them the near end – and therefore the urgency of a change to love. And you will be active workers in my vineyard and can be certain of every support on my part. You yourselves do not need at all worrying earthly about your life fate; as it is good for you, so I lead you and the assurance of my protection can truly be guarantee for a carefree existence, if you just stand in strong, unshakeable faith. But whom I have hired as worker, his faith will also reach that strength, which is needed for his office on earth. I do not leave you in trouble of the body and the soul, you who want to serve me, and my power will flood through you, if you support my name. And therefore do not be afraid and faint-hearted, do not fear earthly burden, but lift up your eyes and hearts to me, I who blesses you on earth, because your love towards me and the neighbour drives you, to be active for me. Amen. B.D. NR. 3931.


Book 49 3932

Body - soul - spirit. Divine spark. Awakening of the spirit.

9. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3932.

You also have the divine spark in you, you who turn away from me, but you do not feel it. It lays in deepest sleep, as long as you do not awaken it to life, and therefore it cannot have an effect in you, and you let the most valuable thing on earth remain completely inactive. And it still is a part of me, which rests in you; it is the connection from you to me, through which you can effortlessly find the union with me, if you allow its work in you. And so you live on earth and still be dead in spirit, as long as you do not give life to the spirit spark in you through love work. Your soul can be determined by the spirit in it or also by the body, the outer cover, to its thinking and wanting. But understandably the spirit will cause it to right thinking and acting, while the body only lets pure material thoughts come up and will mostly stimulate it to disadvantageous wanting and acting in its spiritual development. And for this reason I laid the spark from me for you into the soul, so that it makes the earth way easier for it and is to lead it to its destination safely. But you, who stand far from me through loveless life, you who seek no connection with me through prayer or love work, you leave the share out of me completely unnoticed; it keeps in you the sleep of death, and your soul is only determined one-sidedly – it strives after earthly goods, and seeks to win these on the wrong way, through loveless and unjust acting towards the neighbour, and through this it thickens the cover around it, the sleep of the spirit spark in it becomes deeper and deeper, because only love is able to awaken it. All means of help are at your command; to all men I have given the possibility to develop upwards on the easier way, if they just use my gifts of favour. I myself are in contact with each one of my creatures through the spirit spark, which every man carries inside of him, and I constantly admonish everyone to love, so that you feel the blessing of a love life at the work of my spirit in you. But you do not pay attention to my words; ineffectively you let them go unheard at your ears, and you do not make contacts with me, by you letting the spirit spark in you unite with the father spirit through work in love – and so you remain dead in spirit; your soul hardens; it makes itself unable to hear the voice of the spirit, if it speaks to it through fellowman, and its earth course is idle, which it will recognize with most bitter remorse at the end. But I bless who let their spirit speak to them; who listen to it; who live in love and therefore allow my work of my spirit in them. And they will feel myself, because my share testifies to me; I am myself present to them and protect them from every relapse, from spiritual fall; I draw them towards me, because as soon as the spirit spark in them has wanted to meet me and found me, the soul is unbreakably connected to me; the once awakened spirit spark flares up and connects itself with the eternal fire of my love and can never ever go out or cool. For that reason change to love, you, you who are still far from me; through love work seek the connection with me, and awaken the spirit spark in you to life, so that you are rescued for eternity. And your soul will thank you for it for ever, because then it is rescued from downfall, if the spirit spark can determine it to the leading of life on earth, if it pays attention to its voice and lets itself be drawn by it, if it allows my work in it through unselfish love work and so redeems itself from all evil, from eternal death. Amen. B.D. NR. 3932.


Book 49 3933

Power influx. Receiving vessel. Opening of the heart.

11. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3933.

In the connection with me also lies the guarantee of the receiving of power, because what is indeed more comprehensible than that I assist those who seek me? And everyone seeks me who raises his thoughts to me requesting or asking. My power radiation streams uninterruptedly into infinity, having an effect there, where a container is found for receiving, and every heart of man is particularly to be seen as receiving container, which is of a mind turned towards me. A thought towards me also automatically attracts my power, because I open my heart to every one of my creatures, which does not resist me. And in this lies your strength, the guarantee of continuous help through power supply from me that you just open yourselves towards me, that you just turn your thoughts towards me in the desire to obtain power from me, and it will fill you according to your desire. How this power supply now takes effect, is up to you, i.e. your will to mature spiritually. You can request earthly and spiritual help from me, and corresponding to your request is also my help – according to your request you are filled with power from me, but always so that your souls make use of it. This is to be understood so, that you through the connection with me, which is produced mentally, are always placed in the position to mature spiritually and therefore for that reason not always have to feel the power supply bodily, though you obtain power from me. Earthly I certainly also help you and often assist you obviously, but the maturing of your souls is earth life purpose, and every thought turned towards me, I evaluate so for you, that you can reach the aim on earth – a high degree of development of your souls. And that is why earthly calamities are often necessary, which are to cause you to seek intimate connection with me, so that now the current of power can flow over into to you, for your spiritual salvation. Without connection with me this is not possible; your heart must open towards me voluntarily, otherwise you remain untouched of my power radiation, though the whole infinity is filled with it. And so it will also become comprehensible to you, that earthly trouble is an urgent means to cause you to open your hearts. When your thoughts are meant for me, then you are rescued for eternity, because he who once gets flowed through with my power, he can no longer get lost spiritually; he gets pulled over by me into spheres of light and of knowledge; he never ever goes back into darkness, out of which he has liberated himself through the thoughts turned towards me and his will to get into contact with me. You are filled with power all the time when you live with me, and that in increased measure when you change to love. However a turning towards me in thoughts already presupposes a work in love, because as I am love myself, only a heart filled with love, a heart able to love and willing to love, can seek and establish contact with me. And so everything works together; love and power let you mature, and earthly trouble is an effective means causing you to activity where you can use your love power and increase it by this. Power from me will continuously fill you when you are of a will turned towards me, but how it has an effect upon your soul that you cannot weigh on earth, you can only establish the sure effect thereby that inwardly it will always urge you more towards me, that you no longer want to give me up and that you find your happiness in connecting yourselves with me in prayer – because you pull me myself, as eternal love, to you, which will no longer leave you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3933.


Book 49 3934

Task of those who hear God’s voice.

12. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3934.

Only to few it is granted to hear the voice of God, because only few connect themselves so intimately to him and believe in his love and therefore also in his expressions through the voice of the spirit. But to these few a task has also been assigned in accordance of the gifts, which were imparted to them through God’s love. A firm will to fulfil this task also guarantees the right success because God provides such a man with extraordinary power, which enables him to mature spiritually and perform all demands earthly, which that task requires. He will be able to work unhindered for the wellbeing of fellowmen; he will also himself be able to speak according to the will of God, because God’s power itself has an effect in him when he devotes himself to the spiritual task. And the voice of God will instruct him always and continuously; he himself will guide him on all paths through life because he is now a servant of God on earth whose task is too important than that he would not be sure of every support from God. And his earth fate is also corresponding to his task, it will always so wind up that his spiritual maturing is put in the foreground, that he increases with spiritual power and stands in fullest knowledge of truth. Nothing will remain hidden to him what happens in the environment so that he can clearly recognize the spiritual calamity of men and can steer it as far as this depends on him that he can always appear there where help if required, where the thinking of men is still confused, where erroneous teachings hinder a maturing of the soul, an ascent development, where light is desired and therefore a servant of God can completely fulfil his spiritual task. And that is why a man who is able to hear the voice of God need not worry at all or make arrangement how he is to shape his earth life walk. He is led, always there where he is needed, where spiritual work is possible, where souls are, which just need one help to be guided on the right way. And when he is completely aware of his mission, he can put his fate in the hands of God reassured. He will be to him a loyal guide; he will steer his feet that they always walk the right way; he will always lead him by the hand towards the right aim. Because he blesses every worker in his vineyard; he blesses everyone who has offered himself for the work for the kingdom of God and leads him until the end of his life. Amen. B.D. NR. 3934.


Book 49 3935

No separation from God, only reduced power and light decrease.

13. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3935.

All my creatures are products of my love and can therefore never ever be given up by me, because what has emerged out of my love power is also inseparable from me and imperishable until all eternity. But because that what is created by me is equipped with free will, it can itself determine the intimacy of the union, i.e., it can itself turn away from me, although this means no separation from me, only reduced power and decreased light. I myself never ever push my creatures away, but when they remove themselves from me in free will, then they rob themselves of the power and of the light, by them fleeing from my love power radiation, by them putting themselves outside of the love current circuit and therefore are little or not at all touched by my power radiation. Nevertheless they do not lose my love, because it is meant for my creatures until all eternity, and my continuous care is meant for the leading back of the creatures, which have removed themselves from me, because they are in an unfortunate state in so far as they are without light and power. My care is uninterruptedly meant for those beings, which are now without knowledge and use their will wrongly, and my aim is to change this will that it again turns towards me, that it desires light and power and gets active to attain the possession of light and power out of me. And so my uninterrupted work in the universe and in the spiritual kingdom is an uninterrupted love work for the created spiritual, so that it may become happy. Love is my entire nature, and love therefore also underlies everything, what my wisdom and my will puts into practice through my power. Love also underlies the great misery on earth in the last time before the end, because also it is only a means for the winning back of the spiritual that deserted me, which I do not want to abandon to the eternal ruin, i.e. to let it sink back again for eternal times into a state, where it must suffer unspeakably in bound will. My love towards my creatures is limitless, but my creatures do not recognize it themselves; they do not know about the depth of my love, otherwise they would devote themselves to me unconditionally and reach a high degree of happiness in a short time. But so they often resist me endless long time; they do not allow to be drawn by my love, but flee from its warmth and therefore grow cold through their own fault. Because the ignorance and powerlessness is the result of the resistance against me and their striving away from me. But as long as my creatures are not united with me, I woo them for their love, and I do not give them up – until also the last of my creatures has found back to me, until everything stands in the power current of my love and is no longer able to lose itself from me in all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3935.


Book 49 3936

God’s will to help is greater than the trouble.

15. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3936.

The trouble is never greater than God’s will to help. He knows why he lets it come over you, and as soon as it has fulfilled its purpose that it has caused you to most intimate union with him, he will also remove it and obviously come to help you. Because his power is endlessly great, and his love is endlessly deep. And if you believe that he does not want to let you suffer without reason, that he aims to achieve only good for your souls, you just need to recommend yourselves to him and his favour, and he will help you in every trouble and distress. But the lot of your souls you must always put first; first you must always be intend on maturing the soul, i.e. fulfil the will of God, because only alone for this reason you are in the world that you form yourselves according to the will of God. If you leave his will unnoticed, then through suffering you must be induced to it; but if you meet his will out of free will, then also suffering will always be bearable to you, although you must take it upon you for the sake of yourselves and your fellowmen. For in a time of spiritual low, where entire mankind is careless in the fulfilment of divine commands, where it no longer lives according to divine will, suffering and trouble must come in increased measure over entire mankind, as it is to change and fulfil its earth life purpose. Understandably also now those men will be affected by it, who always make the divine will to the guideline of their life, but for them the trouble will always be bearable; always will God’s help be obviously recognizable at them; always will he let them feel his love and support them by virtue of his omnipotence and his love, which will always be expressed with those who are his. For he wants to strengthen their faith; he wants to reveal himself as kind father, always prepared to help, who does not leave his children in trouble if they call upon him for help. And every earthly and spiritual trouble situation is to move men to call him in the heart, in spirit and in truth. For through the intimate call to God man unites with him and can receive power from him, which is necessary for the maturation of his soul. And again and again God announces himself to his, and who pays attention to it, he can convince himself of his love and care daily and hourly, and he will praise and honour him in the heart and thank him. Because no trouble is greater than the power and love of him, who sends them. He always knows an escape, even if the trouble seems earthly unconquerable. For that reason believe in him and do not doubt his love, for it seizes you and never ever leaves you out, so that you are to recognize him and become and remain his until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3936.


Book 49 3937

Work for the kingdom of God urgent. Large field of work.

16. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3937.

Uninterruptedly strive for my kingdom; think of the spiritual trouble of your fellowmen and do not pay attention to earthly trouble, because is passes, but spiritual trouble remains and causes unspeakable agonies to the soul, when earth life has ended. Only make the spiritual trouble your business, and so contribute to the redemption of the souls on earth, and you carry out the greatest work of love at the neighbour, if you rescue his soul from eternal ruin. And that is why I will also fill you constantly with power that you can meet your earth assignment, for that reason I will always be and remain with you in the word to constantly supply this power to you. And believe that I am with you and that I help you any time, also in every earthly trouble and distress, so that you can carry out your spiritual work in my will, so that you can speak in my name and bring the Gospel to those, who need it and are of a receptive heart, to whom I lead you myself, because I want to bring help to them, because I recognize their will, which wants to turn to me, but is undecided, because men lack all knowledge. And you are to impart the knowledge to them, which you have received from me. You are to bring to them words of life so that they wake up and become active according to my will. Unspeakable important is your assignment in this time, and I take all precautions that you can work unhindered where your activity is necessary. And all weaknesses, all mistakes of men I take into account; I come to their help if I just recognize their will not completely rejecting mine. And that is why you will have a working field where you must do eager work; you are not allowed to become lukewarm and lethargic; you must be active uninterruptedly, because the time is short, and so your work allows no delay. But to whom I entrust my work, who I take into my services, his earthly lot I also direct accordingly to his work, and he never needs to worry himself about his earthly living, because I care for it, and truly so as a good Lord cares for his servants. And who is active for me, he will never suffer lack; he will be able to cover his earth way carefree, if he just directs his look towards heaven, towards me, towards his father from eternity, whose love every child has, which trustingly looks up to the father. I give him power to work for me and my kingdom, and also cover all earthly needs, if he is just active for me and participates in the work of redemption on earth, which is exceedingly important in the last time before the end. Because the time is still short; it comes to an end, and uncountable souls are in trouble, to which help is still to be brought before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3937.


Book 49 3938

Fate. Free will.

16. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3938.

Also in the state far from God the being does not remain abandoned to itself, only that it is not aware of a caring of God, because it does not desire it. Nevertheless, God’s great love and compassion does not drop the creature, but directs it so that it can reduce the distance any time. And in the stage as man this steering of God is indeed the fate, the course of life, which is rich of uncountable events, which offer man the opportunity to approach God. In the pre-stages God himself determines the lifespan as also the activity of the being, and the being itself can change nothing on it or resist the will of God. It finds itself in the state of bound will and must subordinate itself to the divine law of nature, but in this way also reducing the distance from God, until it has come closer to him so far, that it, in the state of free will as man, must now use it for the approach towards God. As man his will is therefore free, but his fate of life is prescribed to him from eternity, because God wants to offer him the greatest possibilities for reaching the destination, to the approach towards God. For his care about the fallen spiritual is a constant one and where the spiritual itself does not push itself towards God, he seeks to draw it into his love current circle, but always under respect for free will. And that is why the life fate of each individual is suitable to help him to the maturity of the soul, if he just utilizes all opportunities and does not resist the loving steering of God. For the own will can also resist insofar that it never adapts to the will of God, that he is never satisfied with its life fate and he rebels against the creator and keeper, that he grumbles and complains and therefore does not want to acknowledge God and he turns away from him, by him using his will to evil acting and thinking, to change the fate, which he does not like, in accordance with his wishes. Then the love and compassion of God has been active in vain; then man wrests himself from his guidance, and on his own authority he goes another way, which leads far away from the destination. But his will is free, and God never forces him. And he also has taken this unruly will into account and determined his earth course accordingly for eternity. But also then God still does not yet drop the being, only that he applies means, which sometimes appear to be loveless and cruel to men, who know nothing about his plan of salvation from eternity. But he seeks to guide back all spiritual, which goes away from him, and no matter whether it lasts eternities; one day it will reach its destination, because God leaves nothing to its fate, what went out from him and has gone away from him in free will – until it finds back to him in free will and can now meet its purpose from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3938.


Book 49 3939

God reveals himself to everyone who wants to recognize him.

17. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3939.

Pay attention to all events around you, and you will also feel me always and constantly near you. Because again and again you will be able to detect the work of those powers, which wish you ill, which want to spread darkness over earth and alienate you from me. And again and again you will also be able to recognize my work, which protects you from those powers, which gives you light persistently and draws you to me. Who wants to see, he also sees what goes on around him, and he knows why earth life is so difficult for men. But who pays attention to me, who seeks to bring everything into connection with my will and therefore also recognizes the will of fellowmen rebellious towards me, he will not stand facing these powers without protection, which also want to pull him into darkness, because I do not move from his side, and I obviously appear to him. He is not to lose faith in me, because I do not want that mine suffer harm at their souls. And again and again I will reveal myself to him, who just in thoughts about me looks around of him, and every event in his life will announce my nearness to him – he will become seeing, because he wants to see. I do not keep myself hidden to mine, and no matter when mankind asks doubtingly or unbelievingly: Where is God in this trouble? – If you want to see me, then you will also see me, but you can only feel my presence, if you seriously desire it; if you, in faith in me, flee to me with all your troubles and requests, because then you also have faith in me, then you do not doubt that I can help you and also want to help. But if you do not carry this faith in you, you also do not come to me in prayer, and then I also cannot reveal myself to you. But pay attention to all events around you, and you will also be able to detect the visible help with those, who believe in me; you will be able to see my work there, because I remove their misery any time, so that also you learn to believe, who are still unbelieving, so that also you find to me and take the way to me in all troubles. Because it is extremely necessary for you that you establish the connection with me, otherwise you remain without power and cannot mature spiritually, as it is your earth task. Look around you, pay attention to the life of every individual and recognize my care there, where you find faith in me. Because these are mine, to whom I always provide for; to whom I give what they need, and whom I guide through all dangers of body and of soul. And follow their example; act like them; think like them, and establish the connection with me, and I want to help you to reach your destination; I want to help you spiritually and earthly if you just acknowledge me and approach me humbly that I accept you as my children. Because I stay visibly near everybody who draws me to himself through intimate thoughts and love work. Everyone who wants to see will also recognize me in the smallest event; he will be able to recognize my love and care; he will recognize the divine guidance in the life fate of the individual; he will be able to recognize myself, because I reveal myself to everyone who wants to recognize me. Amen. B.D. NR. 3939.


Book 49 3940

Power of divine word. Living water.

22. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3940.

To which power you open yourselves, that fills you. When you devote yourselves to the power of my word, when you receive my word with an open heart, then the power from me must also fill you and make you strong and resistant against every assault through the world. And you will be able to master your earthly life; but as you can also spiritually cover the earth course successfully, because the power out of me is stronger than all resistance, may it be spiritually or earthly. The power out of me removes all hindrances; it will always have a building-up effect, and what man wants to carry out – he will be able to every accomplishment, because he stands in union with me, and were I can work, everything is possible. But my power is supplied to you always and constantly with my word, and that is why you are to desire it with a hungry heart; you are to open yourselves to me, want to hear me and conform your life to it; you are to always give me the possibility to fill you with my power through the word, because you always and constantly need power out of me, may it be for spiritual or earthly work. Without the supply of power you will never be able to master what is your task on earth. Because it demands my co-operation because you are weak, powerless creatures, even so you have apparently great life power at your disposal. Without my help you have fallen into the hands of those powers, which exploit your weakness by them also supplying you with power, which is however destructive for your soul. And this power expresses itself conspicuously in earthly help, however spiritual ruin. For the outlet of the power is my opponent, who seeks to increase his own power through continuously taking possession of what has been created by me and therefore testifying to my power. He seeks to force it from me to prevent my power supply and to make it now favourably inclined towards his will. But who claims that power through giving away his own will to my opponent, he is lost for eternal times. Because you must open yourselves to the building-up power, but never to the destructive. And this goes out alone from me and is offered to you in fullness in the form of my word. And therefore always fetch power as often as you need it out of my word, and you will certainly have no state of weakness to record; you will be willing to live and able to live because only one thing is needed by all men that they worry about food for the soul, that they supply to it the power to life, that they receive my word, that they desire it and that the source is continuously opened to them through their desire out of which the living water flows towards them – the living water, my word, that holds power in all fullness. Because I have blessed my word with my power. I am in the word myself with those who receive it, and where I am must all weakness and powerlessness be removed, and every men must emerge as victor out of every struggle for life, spiritually and earthly he will be able to solve his earth task because I myself help him and support him with my power. Amen. B.D. NR. 3940.


Book 49 3941

Who receives the least of my brothers, he receives me.

23. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3941.

Become absorbed with my word, and you will always clearly recognize what you are lacking because in my word I approach you myself, and I announce to you my will. When you are now active according to my will, then it will become a certainty for you that you develop upwards, because you mature in knowledge. And therefore you must live according to my word; you are not allowed to be only hearer of that what my favour and love offers you from above. You must realize my word, and also all my promises will be fulfilled in you. But one of my promises is: Who receives the least of my brothers, he receives me. Therefore I value his love service by his neighbour very highly; I value it as if it is meant for myself, and my reward will also be accordingly. For to be received by me, to be presented with everything by me, what man needs, is indeed the greatest counter-gift, which can be offered to you, and so this promise includes everything; it is exceedingly consoling for poor, oppressed and weak men, when they only always act with their fellowmen like brothers, when they help where their help is requested spiritually or bodily. I will never leave a man who helps fellowman in his need; he will always be certain of my help, and I certainly care for him in every way. Because he has become a doer of my word; he has made my will to the guideline of his acting and thinking for him; he has entered my will, and consequently he can leave every worry to me – I will take it from him because he has received me. And when you just always become immersed in my word, then earth life will also become easy for you, because again and again this depends on your will how far it becomes like mine. And my word announces to you this will of mine. But my word contains not just my demands on you, but it also informs you about the effects of the following of my will. And because this knowledge is imparted to you, a rich treasure is also at your disposal, which you just need to unearth, because you are now earthly and spiritually in my care, and you no longer have cause to be anxious or be worried about, whatever kind they are. I support you as father, as brother, as friend as permanent helper, and my help is the surest guarantee for you that you pass the life struggle and also mature spiritually, because with me and my power you prevail upon everything. Therefore immerse yourselves often and lively in my word; absorb it and live accordingly, and every one promise will be fulfilled with you because my word is and remains eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3941.


Book 49 3942

Task of the messengers of God before the end.

24. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3942.

Announce my word to those who I lead towards you. So it is my will, because time pushes towards the end. And for this reason you will always have to go those ways, which I have prescribed to you from eternity, and you will always recognize my wisdom and love in my guidance; and you will learn to understand that also difficult life situations are required for you to mature on it yourselves, because the higher you stand in the development yourselves, the more successful your work will be before the end, because then you are living representatives of my word. But my word must be made accessible to men; they are to know about the great responsibility, which they have to accept for their soul. Only I myself can give them right information, and this through you, because the mouth of men must announce what goes out from me and testifies to me. Through the mouth of men I want to speak to all men, and you are to be the organ for me, through which I announce my will to them. It is a great task, which is exceedingly blessed for you yourselves and for your fellowmen, and with joy you will comply with this task; you yourselves will have a feeling that makes you happy, if you are busy in my name, and to utilize every opportunity will be your eager striving. But you have to completely abandon yourselves to my guidance; as I direct you, so you must walk, and what I tell you to do through the voice of the spirit, you must carry out without reluctance and for that reason constantly listen to the voice in you, and you will be active according to my will. Uncountable souls are in trouble, because they do not stand in truth, and every error is a danger for the soul. To bring truth to them, is a work of neighbourly love, because truth alone makes free, it abolishes trouble, and only truth leads towards me, he who himself is eternal truth. Who therefore wants to reach me, he is not allowed to go wrong ways; the right way must be shown to him, and he must walk along it. He must obey the word, which directly goes out from me and is conducted through my messengers to earth and spread. And for this reason I myself bring my servants to men, who desire enlightenment, who go along in error, and they will be able to work in all places, everywhere they will find good soil, where they can sow out and cultivate, so that I can keep rich harvest on the Day of Judgement. Everywhere, where there is spiritual need, I send my messengers, so that they bring the pure Gospel to men, as I have announced it myself to them. Because time comes to its end, and great spiritual need can be controlled, if you are willing servants to me, if you stand up for my word and request my blessing and my favour for it. Because you are my supports in the last time before the end; you are my workers, who I have hired for my vineyard; you are my servants, and great work waits for you to cultivate countless fields. Countless souls are to be introduced to truth, and if you help with this, the great spiritual need will be controlled, and every soul, which you help will thank you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3942.


Book 49 3943

God’s will of creation. Spiritual and earthly creations.

25. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3943.

The spirit, which rules infinity, is in uninterrupted activity, because its power radiation never decreases, as it also does not get tired to use the power to create and shape. And so new creations come into being all the time, spiritually and earthly. It lets its thoughts assume material forms for the redemption of the still unfree spiritual, but as it also lets arise miracle works of spiritual kind to make beings of light happy, to whom all splendours of the heavens are opened. Its spirit of creation and its will of creation are superb and never ending and always guided by its over great love, which wants to make everything happy, what has emerged out of its power. No matter if eternities pass, the new creations will not end, because its power must have an effect, to increase itself in itself. The spiritual, that enlivens the earthly – therefore material – creations, stands therefore in constant contact with the centre of power and can, through the reception of power, again enter into the love current circuit of God, out of which it once went away in free will. It therefore increases both the own power as it also favours the process of redemption of the spiritual, which is still outside of the love current circuit of God. All material creations are means for redemption of the spiritual, but spiritual creations the ultimate purpose, i.e. unspeakable bliss of the redeemed spiritual. And God’s will to create never lets up, because his love is infinite. But he also lets creations pass, and this then, when they no longer fulfil their purpose – when the spiritual in it no longer has buoyancy upwards, when it resists God and turns its will away from him. Then he himself dissolves what he has created to let the spiritual reach the destination in other form. But the dissolving of his creations is only planned by period-like intervals, as his wisdom from eternity has recognized it as necessary for the spiritual bound in the creations. On the other hand spiritual creations are immortal; they only change all the time, and always more marvellous objects come into being, as the human intellect cannot imagine and the human heart not dream. But also every new time period always shows more marvellous creations, differing from the previous ones and testifying to God’s love, omnipotence and wisdom, who reveals himself in all creations. Invincible is the power, and for that reason he will never stop being active creating and forming, but the extent of his creations the soul can only recognize in a certain state of maturity, when it is able to see spiritual and earthly creations. Only then it will be filled with reverence and love towards its creator, whose love has also created it, to make it happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3943.


Book 49 3944

State of divine order - Happiness. Love. Original state.

26. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3944.

You are all born to happiness, but not to damnation. Your purpose is a work according to divine order, and such a one always means happiness, why divine love continually seeks to move you to the state of order, if you have left it yourselves in free will. To live in divine order is therefore the first and last aim of all that what has been created by God being capable of living. But then that what has been created is also perfect, as it was at earliest beginning. It is active in love, because only such means life according to the will of God. Is the law of love disregarded, then the creature also stands outside of divine order, because every law is based on love, because without love no law going out from God is conceivable. Therefore love is also the quintessence of happiness, and lack of love means damnation, agonies and eternal death. As soon as divine order is established, the creature also knows about everything; it stands in recognition and therefore in the light – it sees through everything, recognizes everything, knows about the purpose of every work of creation no matter how small, it knows about the connection of the created with its creator, and this state of knowledge makes happy, because it drives towards increased activity in love and continuous power increase, because love work produces power and therefore the creature stands in all fullness of power and can do everything, what it wills. To live in divine order is a state of perfection, a state of freedom and of the bond with God; it is the state of the created at the original beginning, which inevitably must again be reached, if it has ever been left. Because something imperfect cannot remain in contact with God, but the connection with him is happiness. That however the creatures are in an imperfect state was free will, which God again seeks to bring to the state of perfection. And therefore he shows them the way to divine order; he shows them the way to love; he seeks to reshape their will, that it enters the divine order by itself. But he meets with resistance. In their imperfection the creatures of God, men on earth, do not recognize that they disregard the divine order; they do not know about the connection of them to the eternal creator, because they do not live in love, which alone brings light to them. And that is why they are unhappy on earth and also remain so in the spiritual kingdom, because they live outside of the divine order. But once they must adapt themselves, because also the most unhappy creature must return to the father, to its start, also the most unhappy creature God does not drop, but he supports it as long until it has risen by itself, until it has entered the state of divine order, until it has changed to love and now also reaches eternal happiness through God alliance. Because his law from eternity is based on love and love lets nothing get lost, only that the state of imperfection can be prolonged through the will of the creature and the freedom of will is left by God to the creature, but once also the most rebellious creature will return to him; it will walk the way of love; it will adapt to the divine order and become and remain happy until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3944.


Book 49 3945

Right relationship with God. Power and supply of favour.

27. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3945.

In which relationship you stand yourselves with God, so is also the measure of favour and power, which you receive. You can be given unmeasured, if you just have entered the right relationship with the father from eternity, if you approach the father like children and ask him. But you can also adapt yourselves strange to him, certainly asking him as your God, your creator and keeper, and you will likewise not ask in vain, but the current of favour will only touch you weakly, because you do not open your heart to him in undivided reception. An asking child is always ready to receive, it desires, and its desire is satisfied. And the child will come closer and closer to its father; it will love him more and more, trust him fully and never wants to separate from him. But as long as this right relationship of man with God is still not established, he lacks power, and then he seeks to win the power unauthorized, i.e., he uses his life power in increased measure to create help there where he needs it, although it is still at his disposal unmeasured. He then worries over the earthly over anxiously and also remains behind in the spiritual development. Without divine power of favour the spiritual ascent is not possible, while an earthly ascent, the improvement of earthly conditions, can certainly be reached through utilizing of the life power, however then always at the expense of the spiritual development. But the right relationship with God guarantees both, because the heavenly father does not leave his children in the need of the body and the soul; he grants every support to it spiritually and earthly, and therefore a right child needs to fear no lack; it needs to fear no earthly worries, as also its spiritual ascent is secured. Who still seeks God far away, who still has not recognized him as always loving father, who gives power and favour to his children, he will also still have to struggle with great earthly temptations; earth life will still keep him imprisoned with its attractions, and will have to expect many enmities, from which the right relationship with the father protects him. For in the same measure, as man strives towards God, he strives away from his opponent and consequently also from matter, which is share of him, who seeks to bring about men’s downfall. And for that reason the right relationship with God is absolutely necessary, if man wants to overcome the world, matter, which still stands separating between him and the pure spiritual. And so a child requests the power of favour from the heavenly father, it will also be given over richly and far sooner reach its destination on earth as that man, who has not yet established the right relationship with God; because his supply of power is small, because he himself does not open himself to undivided reception. For God hands out his gifts according to desire; unlimited he gives to the one asking, but he does not give against his will, if his prayer does request favour and power intimately, because he as father wants to be called by his children so that his children reach the destination. Amen. B.D. NR. 3945.


Book 49 3946

Opportunity to counter-expression at the announcing of the Gospel necessary

28. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3946.

Every spiritual exchange of thoughts is of use for the soul of man, and that is why it is always more advisable to give a man the opportunity to a counter-expression, than to heap spiritual thought material on him and to make counter-questions impossible. The spiritual material imparted to him will much more easily become his own thought material, what always can only happen through making a statement on it, until it also becomes for himself convincing. Questions and answers make the process of appropriation of thought material easier; the thinking of a man is so further stimulated that the light beings can now intervene and guide the thoughts of men, who are entrusted to them for spiritual guidance. Errors can further more easily be corrected, as also the pleasure is awakened in fellowmen to penetrate into deeper knowledge, if he is enlightened truthfully and he recognizes this by the kind of instruction, which is granted to him. Knowing teachers will always find a greater circle of listeners, and man can only then convince himself of knowledge, when the opportunity is given to him, to ask questions about the knowledge offered to him. That is why the Gospel is, if possible, so to be announced that it causes the hearer to free discussion; he is to be prompted to counter-talk, so that it leaves a deeper impression, so that it is not just absorbed with the ears, but with the heart. Then it will become alive in man; then also the one teaching will be led by the spirit of God; then God himself will speak to men through him; he himself will be in the midst of those who preach and receive his word. Because his promise states: Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. He wants to speak himself to you through the mouth of the individual; he wants to answer your questions and order your thoughts, but for this you men must yourselves also become active mentally, only then the instructions are a blessing for you, only then you draw the right use out of the word of God, which is imparted to you at any time and everywhere, where you yourselves desire to receive it. And for that reason seek union on many occasions for the purpose of spiritual exchange of ideas; seek to gain clarity where you are still unclear through questions towards your fellowmen; ask God for right teachers, who can give you truthful information, and do not be satisfied with the representation of the divine word in a form, which gives too little opportunity to your expression, because only through questions and answers you can increase in knowledge, because only then the imparted wins life and also only then encourages you to obey the divine will. All the time let the master teacher from eternity stay among you so that he himself can direct your thoughts and therefore instruct you so that you are blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 3946.


Book 49 3947

Union of different schools of thought in faith struggle.

29. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3947.

The different schools of thought will, through their deviation from each other, also always lie in silent fight with each other insofar as that each of them seeks to make the claim to truth and therefore will not allow the other. And they will still go together in the last time, so far as they only have the teaching of Jesus Christ as fundamental principle and confess his name; then all other differences step into the background, because all spiritual striving will be attacked and therefore everyone striving spiritually will seek contact to the neighbour who is like-minded. And therefore out of every school of thought the teaching of Christ will be sifted out, and its followers will have to be counted to the communion of God, to his church, which he himself has founded. Through their faith in Jesus Christ they will belong to this church, although they have different schools of thought. Each of them will cast off outer acts and customs and only strive for the inner bond with Jesus Christ; everyone will cultivate love, teach love and practise love. The fight against every school of thought will be carried out particularly brutally so that lukewarm, weak men in faith fall away, when they do not stand in deep living faith, because they cannot resist; they collapse under the burden which is imposed upon them from the worldly side. And the cause of this is the error, which every school of thought shows, with which they fail, when they are forced to think through the earnest action taken against them. Who stands in truth through work in love and right instruction on behalf of the chosen servants of God, he will also muster the strength of faith, and become unsteady in no trouble, because truth imparts power to him, and truth also gives him knowledge. And so he knows about the near end and the rescue out of deepest misery through God himself. But through erroneous teaching he cannot find this knowledge, and will become unsteady in faith and fall away, when he will be let to choose to confess Jesus Christ before the world or to deny him. Then he will be strong who has made himself receptive for the truth out of God through love work; he will resist and need to fear no worldly measure because he hopes for the help of God, and it will become his in every trouble of body and soul. Then the church of Christ will only be small, and followers of every school of thought will shelter themselves in it, and every dispute will be buried, as also all formalities and ceremonial acts will have fallen away in the face of the great persecution, which all followers will have to fear. And also this is good for the spiritual development of the individual that pays attention to the essence only, that he only recognizes the Christian love teaching as this essence and therefore his faith is strengthened the more eagerly he follows this teaching. The flock of the believers will melt down; it will only be a small herd, but they stand in truth, in right knowledge, and they will overcome the last days of hardest tests and emerge as victors because the church of Christ will win, and it comprises all who stand in love and in faith, who acknowledge him before the world and are filled by his spirit as result of continuous love work. And out of all schools of thought the fighters for Christ will enrol and take their stand for the last fight, and God himself will be their commander-in-chief; God himself will protect them, and the shield of faith will cover them and make them invulnerable – they will fight for Christ’s name, and the victory will be on their side. Amen. B.D. NR. 3947.


Book 49 3948

Will towards good - Power supply through divine redeemer.

30. and 31. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3948.

The will towards good inevitably results in supply of power, and that is why every man is also able to execute what he wants, because through his thinking turned towards the good he already gets into contact with the donor of power from eternity. And he will be able to act good who wants to act good. Because this the divine redeemer has achieved, Jesus Christ, through his death on the cross. He purchased for men increased power and strengthened will; he has overcome death, i.e. made bound will free; he wrested the power over the will of man out of the hand of the opponent of God, so that man is well able to give his will to the good and also let it become action. The redemption work of Christ was insofar of greatest importance as that men before were in the power of the opponent of God and could not, out of their own power, free themselves, because the will was again and again weakened through him, as long as they did not answer the opponent of God with the most effective weapon, with love, which is overcomer of also the worst enemy of the soul. And that is why God through Jesus Christ showed the way to men; he proved to them the power of love and purchased for mankind through his death on the cross the supply of power and strengthened will, so that at any time man can flee from the opponent of God, who believes in Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world and who, through love, makes himself to the candidate of the favours purchased through his death. It will well be possible for him, to want and to act well; he will not unresistingly be at the mercy of the enemy of the souls; power will also flow constantly towards him for the carrying out of that what is pleasing to God, if he just strives towards God. For that reason the eternal divinity embodied itself in a man to give to all men the proof that there is a way, which they just had to go to become free out of the dark power. Men have to fulfil a task on earth, and this fulfilment will never lie in the field of the impossible. But before the work of redemption men were in most extreme trouble through their weakness of will towards the temptations and challenging, which were however granted by God to his opponent. Through strong will towards love activity they could have resisted him. And they lacked this, and that is why they remained in his fetters; the striving towards the good just remained mental intention without execution. And some few felt this weakness, and they suffered under the bound will. But Jesus Christ redeemed them through his death on the cross. He went that way, which all have to go – the way of love, which also strengthened the will towards good, because it won power out of God through love and could control all responsibility. He broke the power of death, because dead is what lies bound on the ground, what is powerless and therefore remains inactive. And he not only achieved the work of redemption for men of his time, but for all times he purchased for men the favour of a strengthened will, who believed in him and consciously put themselves under the cross, i.e., who themselves want to belong to those, whom he has redeemed from eternal death. They will not lack power; they will be able to be good, if they want to be good; they will live in love, therefore seek to follow the man Jesus, because they acknowledge him as God’s son, as redeemer of the world, in whom God was in all fullness, because through love he had completely united himself with God and he therefore also possessed might and power in all fullness, to defeat the enemy of souls, to wrest from him the power over the souls of men. Because love alone is the means of redemption out of hostile power; through love alone man becomes strong and powerful, and he can defeat the enemy of the soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 3948.


Book 49 3949

Indication to natural disaster. Urgent admonition to preparation.

1. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3949.

To all of you who receive my word, I call to you: Prepare yourselves for the coming time, which will bring great changes to your life situation, which will place you before great tasks earthly and spiritually and which you therefore cannot take earnestly enough when you do not want your soul to come to grief. Because you must draw already power before because extremely great things are expected of you both spiritually as well as also earthly. Earth life will press so heavily upon you that you can bear it only with me and my help, and therefore you must first remain connected to me; you are not allowed to become wavering in your faith and think that I have left you, because only with faith in me can you find comfort and power, then you will come to me and I will help you. And although many around you will fall away from faith in the face of the great misery, which will come irrevocably – remain steadfast and turned towards me in your hearts, and you will feel me and my presence; always you will find the help, which I have promised you. You are still not able to believe in what I have again and again announced to you; it still seems doubtable to you that I myself appear obviously. But the hour draws nearer and nearer and with it a complete change of the accustomed living conditions. And you are to prepare for this by you detaching yourselves from all matter already before, by you leaving your further manner of living to me alone and only just care for your soul in full faith in me. Because the earthly you cannot keep for yourselves, and no matter how much you care, when I find it more beneficial for you that you lose it. But what I want to keep for you that will also not be touched by the powers of nature through which I express myself. Believe it that I direct everyone’s fate corresponding to my love and wisdom and that every anxious worry of you is unfounded. I myself care for mine so that they can still attain as much as possible high soul maturity still on earth. Because the time towards the end is only short, and this means for many also a shortened earth life time; they are to and can, however, also reach the aim in shorter time because my love opens every possibility to them. Therefore take my words seriously, consider a soon end and the natural disaster occurring before the end, and expect it daily because it comes surprising also for mine. And entrust yourselves to me unrestrained – I do not leave you, for ever when you just think of me, and I hear you when you call me in the heart. But make full use of the short time before; leave all earthly striving, and seek to win spiritual advantages only. And remain loyal to me also in the greatest trouble, and you will have me as the continuous helper at your side; you will obviously experience my often wonderful help because I have promised it to you, and my word is and remains eternal truth. Believe in it and therefore also in the coming great time of trouble, and prepare yourselves for it by drawing continuously power from my word, by you seeking me more intimately than ever, and remain in constant contact with me through prayer and love work, because you will need much power so that you do not become weak when I express myself through the powers of nature. But be afraid of nothing whatever may come because I protect those who are mine so that they become strong supports for me on earth in the last time before the end, who are to help me to spread my word so that those souls are still rescued which are of a good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3949.


Book 49 3950

Cause and Forces of the Dissolving of the Earth (Atomic Energy).

2. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3950.

All conditions for the creation of a new earth must exist before the old earth will be dissolved, i.e., a total change of its outer form can take place. The earth has to experience as it were a process of dissolving that liberates the entire spiritual that is bound in it so that this can again form itself anew into creations where a further development of the spiritual is possible. Therefore the process of the last destruction has to be of such a great measure that it can be described as a total dissolving of matter. Not just isolated stretches can be affected by it but eruptions have to take place in the interior of the earth that have an effect in all directions so that the whole face of the earth will be touched by it that therefore nothing will continue to exist that was before but will be dissolved down to the last detail. And men themselves give rise to this - they go so far into a scientific field that exceeds their mental ability. They do not know the laws of nature and their effects in order to be able to do research on such a field and therefore trigger off forces that they are not anymore able to banish themselves. But I do not hinder them because my plan of salvation from eternity is also based on this human will because then also the time has run out that was granted to the spiritual for redemption. So the event of the last destruction will possibly be triggered off through human will but also meets my will insofar as it ensures a safe upward development of the spiritual that is still bound in hard form and asks for activity otherwise I could let experiments fail to get men off their project. The tests will therefore take place locally, will however have no boundary because the released power cannot any more be contained and therefore has an elemental effect in all directions. Because the earth has a limited space while the released power does not know limitations and everything that comes into contact with it will be destroyed by it. This process is not conceivable to you men in its effect moreover it will take place in a period of time that will take away from you all ability to think unless you belong to the small flock of those who belong to me, in front of whose eyes the last work of destruction is taking place because this is my will that they are witnesses of the end of this earth. But you can form a small impression of it in your mind by imagining that an explosion is taking place that does not leave anything in existence that was joined together so that it completely destroys everything and dissolves it into smallest atoms. But this process, which only needs short moments, is preceded by shock waves and outbreaks of fire that are completely enough to get men panic-struck because they face certain death. And this also makes it understandable that nothing can anymore remain, that no creation continues to exist, but the only thing that is left is matter dissolved into small atoms, and that matter I form anew on the strength of my will and of my power into new unimaginable creations in which the further development of the spiritual progresses. And again there will be creations in different degrees of hardness but the hardest matter holds that spiritual that lived on the old earth as man and that completely ignored its spiritual development. Because their souls cannot expect a further development in the spiritual sphere, they have to cover the course of the whole creation and so a new development epoch begins when the time is fulfilled, as human will goes so far as wanting to release powers whose control require a different mental degree of maturity than men have at the end of this redemption period and that will therefore never express themselves constructively but only destructively. Amen. B.D. NR. 3950.


Book 49 3951

Spiritual Low – Ignorance of the Laws of Nature and their Effect.

3. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3951.

To determine the laws of nature is possible for you men only to a limited extent because this is my will as long as your soul’s maturity has not reached a certain degree. But with my help you can at any time break through these limits that I have placed and then any field is within reach of you, all knowledge accessible, and every single research work possible. Because then you have myself as master teacher who certainly instructs you properly even in fields that require human mental activities to arrive at the right conclusion. And so you have to have a spiritual maturity, you have to be in contact with me in your thinking and in your acting. But as long as there is a lack of this spiritual maturity you will not be able to differentiate between truth and mistake and therefore also be unable to determine the powers, to discover their cause and their effect, and to exploit them appropriately. You can possibly make experiments any time and can increase your knowledge seemingly but you also can work with the support of that force that permanently endeavours to destroy my works over which itself has no power. And I will therefore never give my blessings to such experiments unless they are pure works of charity, experiments to help suffering mankind without being out for one’s own advantage. Then also all powers will become subject to you, then you will be able to make unrestricted use of them and greatest success will be seen because then you have reached a certain spiritual maturity that ensures proper and true thinking and you will be able to enrich your experiences and to be a blessing. But mankind has now reached a low that also the researchers are working without me that they are just mere mentally active and are just only endeavouring to use the powers of nature for the sake of worldly success. And so I have set them a limit that they can’t overstep in their wrong attitude towards me and towards matter. And so their research and calculations will not be free of mistakes even though they are convinced of their correctness and experiment on that. Only partly are the laws of nature known to you because my emission of power is enormous, it flows through the whole infinity and not arbitrary and aimless but in accordance with my basic eternal law distributed to all creations so that their existence and preservation is secured as long as a work of creation has to fulfil its spiritual assignment. Therefore the power is bound so to speak, its strength is adapted to the magnitude of a work of creation and as long as the proper relationship remains established it will have preserving and constructive effects. Therefore the measure of power cannot randomly be increased otherwise the effect will be destructive. I myself as creator from eternity have the authority to abolish the effect or to distribute it in such a way that compensation is created by the generating and enlivening of new creations, man however lacks this authority due to his imperfection and so a force triggered off by his ignorance falls back on himself, i.e., it does not only destroy the ones that are ignorant of my natural laws but destroys the whole work of creation that bears men for the purpose of maturing their souls. I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and will reject the intellect of the rationalizer. As long as research is done by them without me their thinking will be dull and the result wrong. And the consequence will be an effect that was not calculated, a downfall of the work of creation, whose upkeep requires the right amount of power flowing towards it. And so through the will of men, that has not me as its aim but exclusively materiality, the last work of destruction on this earth will be orchestrated without being prevented by me because the time has come and the whole of mankind, except the small flock of the ones who belong to me, is fit for ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3951.


Book 49 3952

State of darkness of the souls in the hereafter and help through light beings.

4. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3952.

And your share will be light or darkness. In the light you will stay if you have granted access to the light, if you let it flow into your hearts and through it chased darkness away, in which you stay until the light out of the heavens touched you. But darkness is your lot if you flee from the light. And spiritual darkness means lonely walking around; it means being alone in darkest surroundings without aim and without hope for change of your situation. The soul, which stays over there in darkness, therefore suffers unspeakably, because before it possessed the bodily eyesight and could recognize everything around itself, but now the spiritual eye is necessary to be able to see the spiritual, but the soul is completely blind in the spirit. And so it will stay in a hopeless desolate area, and if it meets other souls, it will not be able to recognize them and for that reason will have to rely on the help from other souls, that they guide it, that they let it have a gleam of light now and then, so that they recognize their surroundings. But the souls standing in light look after those poor souls; but their help is limited according God’s will, because they are not allowed to give to them light against their will. As long as the soul does not miss the light, it must languish in darkness, and no matter how long time this still lasts. It must bear desire for light, its state must become unbearable for it, and it must desire change of its situation, only then light bearers approach it and let them have a small gleam of their light – they give them small enlightenments and according to their willingness to listen and to accept these, the light now becomes effective in them. The unbearable situation can awaken or strengthen in it the willingness to help, as soon as it meets other suffering souls. Their suffering will be visible to it, although it is not able to recognize much, and as soon as the suffering of these souls stimulates its willingness to help, it becomes lighter in it, and it finds opportunity to help that soul. Now it feels an inflow of power, and it uses this power to help and is now itself supported on the side of the light beings, which now never ever leave such a soul. It receives, because it gives, because love in it is awakened and every love work on earth as well as in the hereafter results in the reception of power, but power and light are always together – its will is strengthened, and it matures in knowledge. Darkness is broken and has given way to a dim light for the time being, that is followed by a golden morning – so the sun of the spirit has risen, i.e., knowledge of every field is given to it from the side of the light beings, which makes the soul happy and drives it to constant love activity, i.e. to the handing out of that what it owns itself, to the souls, which still languish in deepest darkness. Every soul can flee from darkness, every soul can redeem itself, but a loving thought must always give cause to the imparting of light, because without it the light beings are not allowed to hand out gifts, because free will must strive towards light, otherwise eternal night remains around the soul and a sinking into the deepest depth of darkness can be the result. But light belongs to happiness, and so the spiritual sight is opened to a soul, it will recognize its task and see splendours and never ever sink back into darkness. Amen. B.D. NR. 3952.


Book 49 3953

Light bearers on earth organs of spiritual light beings. Their activity.

7. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3953.

Light beings always stay in earth nearness in the expectation that a soul opens itself for the light beam from above. But only rarely men turn their thoughts towards the spiritual kingdom, and that is why also only few can be mentally influenced, as it is helpful to their souls. The will of men is far more turned towards the earthly world, and it drowns out the voice of the spiritual world. And for that reason voices must also sound on earth, in the midst of worldly bustle, voices must become loud, which announce the same what the light beings would like to impart to men. Men must give again to men what they have received out of the kingdom of light, and therefore they are so to speak the organs, through which the light beings announce themselves, through which they obtain a hearing for the spiritual gifts, for their mental radiation, which is to touch through them all men, who open their hearts to the spiritual inflow. Constantly the light beings are active, because their help is urgently required in the last time before the end. And so they seek to direct the thinking of men towards the spiritual area; they seek to initiate them into truth, by them leading the ignorant to the knowing or to cause them to spiritual communication, to now have a mental effect upon the ones teaching and listening, to then exert their influence themselves upon all, whose thoughts remain with the questions raised. Then the right answer can be sent to them; it can be imparted to them from the side of the light beings, then the light beings can have an effect according to their assignment; they can express their love towards men through imparting of pure truth; they can be active and hand out continually what they have received themselves from God – spiritual knowledge, which is according to truth. Every spiritual communication on earth is work of these light beings, which eagerly make an effort to guide earth children to right thinking, and seek this therefore through mental imparting when men do not resist through all too worldly attitude, through worldly desire or conscious resistance of spiritual thoughts. As soon as now light bearers work on earth for the kingdom of God, the spiritual light beings can now successfully work, by also the light bearers among them being so influenced, that they express the right thoughts towards fellowmen and have a stimulating effect on them through instruction. And so uninterruptedly spiritual work is done, on earth as in the spiritual kingdom to decrease the trouble of men, to guide them mentally on the right way, because in the last time before the end it has become urgently necessary that men are instructed from above, that a light is lightened for them, that truth is brought to them, so that their souls seek and can also find the kingdom of God. Because the time comes to its end, and the spiritual need on earth is so great that all spiritual full of light is prepared to help on earth as in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 3953.


Book 49 3954

God’s word most personal expression of himself. No death - Eternal life.

9. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3954.

They are words of eternal life, which are given to you, because they come out of the mouth of God, who wants to reveal himself to you, his creatures. But God is himself life from eternity, therefore also his life power flows uninterruptedly into infinity, and it takes form upon itself in his creations and as personal expression of himself in the word; he himself speaks to you men a language, which you all can understand, if your heart listens to his voice. And if you hear it in the heart sounding or mentally, you will live and never ever taste death in eternity. His word is life itself, because it goes out from eternal life. Because God is from eternity to eternity the constantly creating spirit, the uninterruptedly working creator of heaven and of earth – i.e. spiritual and earthly works of creation, which carry his life in them and testify to his never ending power. And so also his word is power and must also work as power in him, who receives it in his heart. And he must escape from death; he must himself get into a state, where he can be active continuously, where he can create and enliven, because he is flooded through by the power of God. And therefore you men have a source of power, a spring of life, out of which you can draw always and constantly, and every powerless state must be foreign to you, if you refresh yourselves at the divine word, and you need to fear no weakness, neither earthly nor spiritually, because God himself speaks with you through his word, and this means increased supply of power, if you are deemed worthy of this favour, if you desire this favour and listen to his voice, which fine and quietly sounds in you. You will live and never ever have to fear death, and life means to possess power in fullness and be up to every demand, which is confronting you spiritually and earthly. To live bodily, you must consume food and drink; but your spiritual life demands the same – food and drink for the soul. God provides you with it through his word. He gives to your soul that food, which keeps it and lets it mature, which helps it out of a weak, powerless state of death to a free, powerful state of life. He feeds and waters you, so that you live. Enjoy the food often, which is offered to you from heaven, know that it is the most delicious what can be offered to you on earth; eat the bread of heaven and drink from the living water, and thank the father in heaven for his love and favour, which he gives to his children on earth. Because he wants that you live in eternity, that you do not become a slave to the state of death, where his power cannot touch you, because you yourselves close your hearts. You are destined to eternal life, and only his word can initiate you to it, therefore accept it, let the word itself speak to you, and be aware of the extreme great favour, which God himself gives to you, because he loves you from the earliest beginning and wants to win you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3954.


Book 49 3955

Instruction through God himself. Sounding word. Disciples of Jesus.

10. and 11. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3955.

Your knowledge can get extended in every direction when you entrust yourselves as pupil to me and want to be instructed by me. Then you can ask every question and it will be answered. But you must listen to the inside, otherwise you cannot hear the answer. But how this listening is going on that is foreign to you because you do not practise it and therefore do not hear my voice, although it talks to you. You first have to withdraw yourselves into silence, i.e. separate so far from the world that your thoughts can occupy themselves unhindered with the problem wanted to be solved. You further must connect yourselves mentally with me through intimate prayer that I become present to you, so that you therefore can have a dialogue with me, that you can talk with me like a child to the father, like a brother to the brother or friend to the friend without any shyness. And then you must occupy yourselves mentally with the problem that preoccupies you. And it will become light in you; you will have thoughts yourselves, which seem acceptable to you, of which correctness you are convinced and which are also therefore right because you have entered into union with me myself and you therefore concede the right to me to steer your thoughts in the right course.But you can also hear my voice directly in you, but this process wants to be practised because it requires perseverance and complete seclusion from the environment, i.e., your thoughts must be able to completely separate from everything what is around you. Then you can hear softly spoken words, likewise mentally or also sounding, according to the degree of your maturity and receptivity. The sounding word strikes down all doubts in you, and when you reach this state that you hear my voice in you sounding, you are the most happy men on earth, because then there is no longer any question for you, which remains unanswered for you, then you can speak with me and receive answer where you go and stand, then my voice is louder than the voice of the world and will always and continuously drown it. And my disciples on earth heard this sounding word, and therefore I could instruct them in all silence and give them answer to every question also after my ascension into heaven. I was with them in the spirit and also dwell with you men in the spirit until the end. And that is why you are to wrestle about the state of soul maturity on earth, so that you can hear my voice in you sounding, and you are to practise yourselves in the reception of my word; you are to remain continuously connected mentally with me and leave all questions to me to be answered; you are to hear inwardly, and the answer will be given to you; the eternal master teacher himself will instruct you as he has promised it that he guides you in all truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3955.


Book 49 3956

Matter ineffectual power. Redemption through increased effective power. Hands of men.

12. to 14. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3956.

Judged matter is the power of God having become form, which has become completely disobedient to him, by the spiritual being created by him no longer recognizing the purpose, which was incumbent on the spiritual. Therefore matter is the spiritual standing in God-farness, which was bound through God’s will, i.e. robbed of its original freedom and power, because it itself, therefore out of its own will, fled from the power of God. Consequently matter is certainly to be addressed as once power radiation of God, however without power effect; it is power remaining unused for the period of time of the existing form and therefore does not correspond to the divine basic order, as everything what adjust itself in disobedience to God cannot stand in his eternal order. But power that once went out from God will not be able to remain without effect through eternities because this would mean a decrease of divine power and this is not possible for ever, but increased effective spiritual power out of God is placed in opposition to this power having become ineffective, so that the process of power development, the moving of power laying fallow, begins. The spiritual, that has become form, matter, is stimulated through influence of divine radiation to activity, which however now no longer correspond to its own will but to the will of God. The spiritual that is adjusted in opposition to him must subjugate itself when it wants to take part of the power supply from outside, when it wants to be again allowed to activity and thereby, even so after endless long time, wants to reach its original state, unlimited use of power in freedom of will. The transferring back into this original state can only take place through extraordinary power development and supply on the part of this spiritual, which works in the will of God, otherwise the hardened power, matter, would remain for ever in the will disobedient against God and remained unredeemed for ever. Love towards the unredeemed must trigger an increased power effect and thereby the bound spiritual must be caused to give up its resistance against God, only then the power, which was formed to matter, is also transferred into an initial stage of activity. (13.1.1947) Increased counter-power influencing matter results that the power banished in it revives, that it seeks to express itself, that therefore a small change at matter itself is felt through life awakening in it. The bound spiritual becomes aware of its actual purpose; it feels a reinforced urge in it for activity, and it seeks to satisfy this urge. In no way, however, can it work freely, but the way of power expression is stipulated to it, i.e., it must be active according to divine will; it must subordinate itself to the law of eternal order; it itself cannot want in freedom, but it carries out every activity in a certain mandatory state, presupposed, that it wants the power in it to have an effect. For it can also oppose the power flowing towards it with resistance; then the motionless state of matter continuous; then it is in a state of death, therefore seemingly completely without power and life. And still it is fundamentally power going out from God, only without any effect and therefore contradictory to eternal order. Therefore matter can in itself never be something desirable for the more mature spiritual, but it must be recognized as something God-rebellious, as long as no serving activity is its duty. The purpose and meaning of a work of creation, resulting from the hand of God or man, also gives to matter first the worth, because it proves the will of the banished spiritual to activity. (14.1.1947) Matter therefore is something unredeemed, it is a power station, which so to speak is put out of action and which first must again be put into action through a strong willpower from outside. It is further a gathering centre of exuding life power into the universe, which, as effectively increased, seeks to unite with the ineffective power to bring forth increased performance, as which now all growing and life in nature as well as also useful creations, gone forth out of the hand of man, are to be viewed. Matter is hardened power, while the exuding life power as directly going forth from God into the universe still is in fullest effectiveness and therefore exceedingly active and life-awakening and can drive all those inactive powers to activity, so far as it finds access to them. But the will bound in matter decides this. For the hardening of matter was the result of the God-rebellious will, of the beings created by him, therefore the softening of matter must take place correspondingly to the giving up of their resistance against God. As far as the entity in matter is concerned, it would never give up the resistance, but through the supply of power, which carries divine will in it, a change of will of the entity, which is bound in hardened matter, can occur, because it feels the benefit of an effective power and this is incitement to an activity, where its power can come to development. Matter is therefore something disobedient to God, as long as it is not admitted to serving activity; but it has given up its resistance as soon as the creations formed out of it perform a serving purpose. And hence it follows from this that also man contributes extraordinarily to the redemption of matter, as soon as things emerge from his creative hand, which are earmarked for the use of man and animal, as soon as he assigns a serving activity to them, which gives the possibility to the entity bound in it, to once free itself and to flee from the form covering it, as soon as it has fulfilled its serving purpose, therefore has become completely useless and waits for a new form. That is why the untiring activity of men is of greatest importance, because man means for unredeemed matter and for the entity bound in it that increased power expression, through which the unused power is incited to activity, so that redemption of that which is bound can begin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3956.


Book 49 3957

Visible creation kingdom of the opponent of God but who has no power over this

16. and 17. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3957.

Although everything visible testifies to God’s power and creator will, creation is still part of the opponent of his, because its substances are the spiritual interpenetrated by his will, which therefore has adjusted itself against God. And so every visible creation has to be counted to his kingdom, only man, although likewise material creation, can already during his earth life flee from his kingdom, though his body is still earthbound and still not restlessly free from movements of will, which let his influence recognize. But the soul of man can already have completely fled from his world and dwell in the kingdom, which is its actual home, where the power and will of God is active alone and where therefore also earthly creations no longer exist, which carry God-rebellious will in them. But the opponent of God has no power over the visible creations on earth, although it is his kingdom. They are substances related to him, from which the creations are assembled, but completely inaccessible to his influence, because God’s will alone rules these creations. And that is why the spiritual bound in creation can continue its spiritual ascent unhindered once it has started; it will in no way be able to be disturbed by the opponent of God in its course of development, because he has not the slightest power over the visible works of creation. But for that reason he continuously seeks to have an effect on the will of man, because the influence of him is allowed and he now seeks to make full use of his power. His striving now goes to this effect to influence human will so that he aims for the destruction of creations of all kind. And as this is mostly the effect of a loveless conduct, he therefore first of all seeks to kill love in man and to awaken in him the inclination for the world which drives him to get pleasures at the expense of his fellowmen. As soon as man once allows himself to be carried away to loveless action, he has gone under the control of the opponent of God, and his thinking and acting is adverse to God. And then he will open himself more and more to that influence and be a willing servant to it on earth. The material world is his kingdom, i.e., the spiritual is banished in it, which still carries his will in itself, therefore is God-rebellious, but nevertheless strives to the height in mandatory law. This spiritual he now seeks to free, so that it might again return to him and helps to increase his power. And that is why he seeks to prompt man to the destruction of works of creation for the reason of unkindness. For also on the orderly way a destruction of matter can happen and be according to the will of God when love is the driving force of every activity of man and a destruction of matter only has the purpose to let new works come into being, which are useful and can therefore be reckoned as works of love. Then the spiritual in matter is just helped to further ascent according to God’s will. And then also the time has expired, which is fixed for the spiritual in every form; while the opponent of God seeks to bring this development to an end prematurely and he needs the will of man for this, because he himself has no power over the created, which is out of God’s will and his power, which serves for the ascent development of the spiritual, which once seceded from him. But only loveless activity towards the neighbour leads to the destruction of matter in his way of thinking, and therefore the opponent of God has twofold plans, which he seeks to carry out – to free the spiritual and to hinder it in the ascent development and at the same time to also win man himself, by him ruining his complete development before, through his compliancy, and he again becomes a slave to him in the last stage, who is cause of his incomplete state and who seeks to supply all the power out of God to himself to increase his power. But in free will man himself can ruin these his plans when he puts himself into a state of perfection through love activity and therefore completely liberates himself from the control of his former tempter and at the same time also contributes to the redemption of the spiritual standing under him, when he changes matter to useful things in serving neighbourly love, by him seeking to protect matter from mischievous destruction and gives it all the time the possibility to fulfil its purpose, i.e., to serve men, animals and other creations of God in accordance of its form. Nothing is without meaning and purpose, and every work of creation of God is based on a wise destiny; and that is why also man in his activity is to let pass love and wisdom – under his hand only such creations are to come into being, which bring about the best for the neighbour, and to the destruction of other works of creation, emerged out of the hand of God or man, he is to offer his helpful hand only when that to be formed anew guarantees a further development for the spiritual bound in matter. Mischievous destructions of any kind liberate unspeakable many spiritual entities, which, according to their maturity or God-rebelliousness, take revenge or have to endure agonies, until they are again formed anew and can continue their interrupted development. But often these entities, which have become free against their will, express themselves in a way that troubles men, namely not bodily perceivable, but influencing the soul of man, directing it excessively towards matter and therefore triggering urges and lusts in it, which are extremely harmful to its ascent development and let the enemy of souls triumph over his success. Because he does not relax in the fight about the souls of man, and he approaches them with all temptations. But love makes man free, and who lives in love, to him also matter will no longer be desirous; he will be active restlessly and contribute to the redemption of these through his activity, and the tempter will never win the victory over him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3957.


Book 49 3958

Raging of Satan in the time of the end. Falling off from faith.

19. and 20. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3958.

The number of unbelievers will increase in the time of the end and almost threaten to crush the small flock of believers. And with the falling off from faith also the raging of Satan appears more and more because men lose the last feeling of responsibility in the face of a just judge because they do not believe in him. And for that reason God appears obviously to first strengthen the faith of his, so that they do not become wavering in the face of the godlessness of the unbelievers and their worldly successes. But he also still wants to give them the possibility to think things over, and therefore assists his so obviously that also an unbeliever can recognize the power of God, that he can win back faith, which he has lost when he just summons up the smallest will for that purpose. God will do signs and wonders through his tools on earth. His servants on earth will therefore apparently accomplish the extraordinary but God himself expresses himself through them; he announces himself, and he even dwells visibly among his as a sign that the end is near, but recognized only by those who love him out of the whole heart and keep his commandments – who have formed themselves to love on earth and are exceedingly busy in their activity for his kingdom. And unusual power will also be inherent in them because God himself can take residence in their hearts and his love power fills them. The unbelievers will be able to convince themselves of this power; they will have to admit that a higher power is at work inasmuch as they are just willing to think about the unusual appearances which the last time before the end will bring with it. But they are too much focused on the world and do not pay attention to them; they despise the believers and persecute them and thereby bring them into severe miseries and distress out of which only the obvious help of God supports them and them lets persevere. Because the work of God among his will be so obvious that they rally and resist all the assaults of the world; firmer than ever they will be in faith and completely surrender to God and his guidance that they neither fear trouble or death, and therefore also bear everything more easily what will rush in upon them. Where God himself has once appeared there the opponent of God no longer has a target because their faith is no longer shakeable. And God will be near to his as he has promised. He will give them comfort and power; he will instruct them and hold out a prospect of his quick coming; he will drive them to increased love activity because his presence, whether worldly or spiritually, will fill men with love towards him and towards fellow men and therefore also with power. But in the time of the end the obvious work of God is necessary because also this contributes to the separation of the spirits. The still lukewarm and undecided can decide to which camp they want to belong because for this a last impetus is still given to them. They can convince themselves about the power of faith, which will also be master of the greatest earthly trouble, and change their attitude towards God, i.e. establish the right attitude towards him. Where God appears obviously, there will be peace and hope despite all trouble, and because the lot of the believers is an extraordinary severe one, the former will let the unbelievers be taken aback. And who respects his word, who listens to his servants on earth, his will will change, and every willing soul then seizes God in his love and compassion, and he helps it and rescues it from eternal darkness. He will enliven their still weak faith and give them the power to endure until the end, until he will come in the clouds and takes the flock of his believers to himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 3958.


Book 49 3959

Love towards God. Delicious counter-gift – his word.

21. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3959.

Blessed who carry me in the heart, who flee to me in all troubles of the body and the soul and desire my protection and my love. To them I will always be a faithful father. I repay them their love to me thousand fold because what I give them that makes them happy for ever. I myself come to them in the word. Again and again I tell you this that you must love me on earth to be again loved by me and be showered with my gift of favour, which guarantees eternal life for you. But when I come to you in the word, you also must open your hearts and ears to receive, and for it I want to prompt you perpetually and admonish you to never leave unnoticed the delicious gift out of my hand. It must always remain the most delicious for you what you own on earth; it must be desired by you with a hungry heart when it is not to miss its effect. Because I certainly offer you nothing shallow, nothing half-done, and that is why you are also not to accept it indifferently, but desire it with all passion of the heart in the awareness to be supplied with the bare essentials by your heavenly father, what you need for the achieving of soul maturity. Keep to my word, and everything earthly will lose its attraction and value for you. Listen to my voice, and the voice of the world will only still touch you faintly. With the word from me receive power, and you will also be able to cope with all earthly demands – but always strive for that I am and remain present to you in my word. Make me to be king of your heart, who takes possession of everything, and be subjugated to him in love and reverence. Then he will govern you in fatherly love; he will announce his will to you; he will reward you princely for your loyalty and love. He will talk to you, and his word will make you happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 3959.


Book 49 3960

Redeeming activity greatest work of brotherly love.

24. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3960.

To be active on earth in redeeming is greatest brotherly love and therefore pleasant to God. It is an activity which is meant for both the body as well as the soul of fellowman. Because the misery of the body will decrease the more eagerly work is done on the soul. But redeeming activity is everything what helps the soul to freedom; everything what serves that it wrests itself from the power of Satan and develops to the height; everything what helps it to become perfect. But every man can carry out this redeeming activity and therefore practise an exceedingly blessed brotherly love; especially in the last time before the end, where uncountable souls are in spiritual trouble, which are to be helped to free themselves. When you men stop and think about it that a totally weakened soul urgently needs help then your heart must decide to supply this help when you just feel a spark of love in you, because this weakness of the soul is no passing state, but lasts for eternities, until help is brought to it from outside. The soul is certainly able to redeem itself in the stage as man when it places itself under the will of God and keeps his commandments. But because it did not do it, it lacks all power, and help can only fall to its share on the part of fellowmen, because a direct effect of God has become impossibility, precisely through the will of men themselves, who is directed completely wrong. But God still also seeks to change this will in the last time, and that is why he sends his messengers to men, that is why he admonishes them continuously to be active to redeem on earth, by them bringing information to fellowmen and through good example stimulate them to a life in love, because only through this souls can redeem themselves. Therefore love is necessary to take part on earth in the work of redemption, and every man will be blessed by God who practises this love on the neighbour, because this love is truly unselfish, and redeeming activity can only be carried out by those who renounce themselves, who have overcome the inclination to the world and who are in truth workers in the vineyard of the Lord, who have offered themselves to a work, which has no earthly successes as consequence, but is only meant for the spiritual wellbeing of fellowmen, and such a brotherly love must show successes, it will not remain without effect, the work on the soul of the neighbour will not have been done in vain, as long as the will of him is not completely in resistance to God and he therefore also resist the efforts of fellowmen. Then his soul is lost for eternity because the spiritual trouble is so great then that it can be eliminated in the short time on earth, which still remains to men for the redemption of souls. Then a new banishment is the lot of the souls in resistance to God, a course through the new creations of earth, which will again last endless long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 3960.


Book 49 3961

Impartation of spiritual knowledge corresponding to his worthiness.

24. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3961.

Each individual receives spiritual gifts according to his worthiness and his desire, and the understanding for it will also be accordingly. Man may certainly now and then rise to spiritual spheres, but he nevertheless can be far more materially minded than others, and the receiving of spiritual goods can certainly take place at times, but it does not become spiritual property, because it does penetrate deeply enough into the heart. The world with its demands presses for attention and lets the spiritual fade. Men can therefore certainly place themselves in the possession of spiritual gifts at times through indirect receipt, but such will not be able to become very effective for them, because they do not place the desire for it in front of everything else. But likewise can the desire also be bigger, but the way of life does not always correspond with the will of God. Then the spiritual gift can only be offered to him limitedly, however always in that measure that power is supplied to him through this and he therefore can live according to divine will, when he seriously strives for this. Man can only be given in accordance with his worthiness, otherwise his ascent development would be influenced, i.e., his will would be forced to a life pleasing to God and therefore also spiritual progress. But spiritual gift, as power radiation of God, means a secure means for the ascent, as soon as it is received desirously. Man himself increases or decreases the receipt of power through his will, and he must therefore always work on himself, when he wants to ascend. But God takes the smallest movement of will into account; he draws him with his love, as soon as man just does not put up resistance, as soon as he does not cling too much to the world and with it makes the gift of favour ineffective. For God does not force the will of man because only in free will is a becoming perfect possible. Amen. B.D. NR. 3961.


Book 49 3962

Spiritual death – agony and darkness. Help and mercy of God.

25. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3962.

In the night of death the spiritual will have to languish, which resisted me in free will, which rejected my love and made no arrangements to redeem itself. It does not strive for life, but spiritual death, and therefore it sank into the state of deepest darkness, night closed in upon the spiritual, and this will keep it imprisoned as long as my love and favour again supplies it with a small glimmer of light, to awaken the desire for light in the spiritual. The night of death will be very painful because the spiritual has already stood in the light insofar as it could receive instructions in the stage as man, that it could think and judge. However it takes nothing over of the knowledge into the night, but the darkness tortures the entity exceedingly. But only through a state of agony can it be brought to a change of its will, otherwise the being would hold out for ever in the unredeemed state and would never ever strive up. It is a sleep of death, which means no rest at all for the spiritual, but only incessant agony, impenetrable darkness and complete lack of power, and the being cannot flee from this state because it does not muster the will for this. It is totally weakened, and as long as no help is brought to the spiritual through the supply of power, its state it hopeless – it is darkest night; it is a sleep of death of that what lived before in power and partial knowledge. But in a period of time determined by the being itself, it will again enliven itself; it will be incited to activity through the supply of light and power; it will exchange the dark night with small dawning because my love and mercy lets nothing suffer for ever, but seeks to bring help in trouble to the deeply fallen and dwelling in darkness. And therefore also the now coming night will one day give way to a morning; a time will come where matter releases the spiritual banished in it and it can again start the walk of ascent. Then the dark night will be broken through; then a tiny ray of light will touch the spiritual and incite it to activity; then it will wake up out of the sleep of death and be given back to life, although it is still not aware of it because the state of recognition is only reached in the last stage because only then the being learns to grasp and comprehend what its actual purpose is. Only then it will become day in it, and this day it can itself form to one full of light and brightly shining, but as it also can pass by the spiritual incorporated as man just in the light of dawn, of the sun of the spirit, according to its will. But once day has dawned the possibility also exists that the sun of the spirit radiates through it, that therefore the spiritual finds complete redemption, that it can enter the kingdom of light and remains full of light in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3962.


Book 49 3963

Direction of the thinking and wanting of the soul. Spirit and body.

26. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3963.

The less resistance the soul puts up against the spirit in itself, the more obviously it can express itself, and the clearer is its voice for man, because then the soul also determines the bodily senses and organs to its functions, which then correspond to the influence of the spirit. Therefore the thinking and the wanting of man must first refer to the inner life, so that the spirit in man can become effective. And so a man can never be filled by the spirit of God whose thinking and wanting is predominantly meant for the preservation and the life of pleasure of the body. Because then neither the soul is able to hear the voice of the spirit in itself nor could it impart spiritual good to the intellectual organs, because he would likewise be unable to absorb it. And so the earnest will to be instructed by the spirit in itself is the first precondition that it expresses itself, because the will goes out from the soul and can be meant for the spirit or the body. And the will determines the thoughts, which however then go out from the spirit in man, as soon as the work has been made possible to it. But then man can completely leave himself to its influence; he will always think and act right when he fulfils the conditions, which allow the work of the spirit. First therefore the thinking and the wanting of man must be directed towards his inner life; he must want to give to the soul and not to the body. In addition he must realize that he has to fulfil a task on earth; he must realize that he must make the divine love commandment to his guiding line of his walk of life to fulfil the will of God; he must further desire the purest truth and seek such inwardly – he must listen to the inside what God as giver of truth imparts to him through his spirit. He must ask for his loving instruction, otherwise the most delicious gift of God is withheld from him, because he does not appreciate it accordingly. And therefore the soul must always work on itself, i.e., its thinking, feeling and wanting conform completely to the will of God and so form itself to the receiving vessel of the divine spirit, who can then work unlimitedly in it. The process in itself is a power transmission out of the spiritual kingdom, i.e., God himself directs his radiation into the heart of man, who therefore now holds divine things in himself, which must appear in the form of knowledge, of deepest wisdom, therefore cognition full of light. The state of knowledge is already assimilation to the eternal divinity, which is in itself pure light and power. Light will always flow around men, in whom the divine spirit can work, but only recognizable to him who is able to see spiritually, while the bodily eye perceives nothing special, only from the external effects, from the increased knowledge, can man infer divine spiritual work from. But when light flows around a man, then he is also light bearer himself; he has become a power station as it were standing in connection with the spiritual world, which can now again on its part emit and therefore pass on the divine radiation there, where it is received without resistance. Every power and light supply needs the willingness of the receiver. The smallest resistance however prevents it; but resistance is opposed with thinking and wanting – through a turning away of the soul from the spirit in it and a turning towards the body, i.e. an accepting of its wishes and desires. Then the soul unites with the body, instead of establishing the unification with the spirit in it according to its task, which is then seeing to a complete unification with the father spirit from eternity. Therefore it is left to the soul in which direction it turns; it always finds support from the spirit side, however never from the body side. This one continuously demands, while that one gives and as only service in return demands giving up of resistance, to be able to have an unhindered effect, i.e., to show its influence upon the soul to its best and complete advantage. When the soul with the help of the spirit succeeds to also make the body being inclined to do its wishes, then also the spiritualization of the body is guaranteed, i.e., its material substances also enter into the state that allows radiation through light, every resistance is given up, and this results in that the soul hears the voice of the spirit in it in all clarity and can also report it to the bodily ear audibly that therefore man hears the divine voice sounding in him and stands in the brightest light, i.e. is filled with the deepest knowledge, because God’s love power flows through him in all fullness, because the unification of the spirit in man with the spirit of the father from eternity has taken place and the soul has matured and can enter as light being into the spiritual kingdom to undreamt-of happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 3963.


Book 49 3964

Prediction for the speedy end. Weak faith in it.

29. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3964.

You know that you have to expect no long earth life and that every day is a favour for you, so that you can still mature, when you use the time right. You know this through my word, but your faith is still not deep enough that my word encourages you to most eager striving; you doubt the truth of my word, so far as it concerns the near end. And you still should work on yourselves with all eagerness because the end is near. Again and again I approach you with this admonition and warn you of a lukewarm living along; again and again I shout to you: Pay attention to my word; become deeply involved in it and live accordingly. You do not know when the last hour has come for you; you do not know what time still remains for you until the end, and therefore you are to live as if every day is the last for you. I always send my ministering spirits towards you, who send thoughts full of light to you, who steer your mind into the spiritual kingdom; on earth I send my messengers to you, who are to inform you of the near end; who are to draw your attention to the signs of the end-time and are to awaken the firm belief in you, who are to impart to you my word directly conducted to earth. And therefore I continuously seek to make the seriousness of the situation clear to you, to make a happy end possible for you, but all of you do not take my words seriously enough; your faith is still too weak than you leading a life in accordance with my word, even though your will is turned towards me. And that is why I again and again admonish you: Bury yourselves in my word; let the thought about the near end become alive in you; prepare yourselves for it, and take all earthly things less seriously in the face of the end, in the face of the great spiritual trouble, which is still becoming greater the closer it comes to the end. Enlist all power to develop yourselves spiritually upward, and full of faith leave all care about your body to me. Use the short time until the end; constantly be active in love; fetch power out of my word at any time; admonish and instruct your fellowmen to do the same and therefore help yourself mutually to reach the sight on earth, which I have set for you; help each other to become perfect since the time is only still short until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3964.


Book 49 3965

Erroneous faith teachings – Truth out of God.

31. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3965.

Do not burden yourselves with erroneous faith teachings when truth is offered to you out of the heavens, out of the kingdom of light, where there is no error and no lie. And that you are in contact with the kingdom of light you recognize that only words of love are imparted to you, which admonish to striving for perfection, that God, as eternal love, is made the aim to all striving, that enlightening knowledge is imparted to you and you are therefore instructed in such a way that God’s rule and work is understandable to you and you also receive fullest clarity about your purpose of being. And this knowledge will also appear acceptable to you, as soon as you check it earnestly with the will and the desire for pure truth, while erroneous spiritual good gives you no fully satisfying explanation and you either must blindly believe or continuously fall into doubt when you take it seriously and want to ascertain truth. What God himself offers to you from above, is comprehensible and therefore also to be received without doubt, and it will contribute to the increase of your knowledge, but erroneous thought material is more easily a burden because it can overwhelm man when he seriously thinks about it and is not enlightened truthfully. That is why also blind faith is demanded from the human side, because right enlightenment cannot be offered, because the teachers themselves still stand in defective knowledge and therefore cannot properly instruct fellowmen and introduce them to truth. Who is deemed worthy of truth out of the kingdom of light, he will also be able to give information to all questions, because pure truth originates from God and that is why it must also enlighten man brightly, who is therefore in contact with him through the imparting of truth, because God himself is light, and his nearness means being radiated through with light, therefore right thinking and the ability of recognition of the thought material presented by himself. And therefore the knowledge sent to men from above also guarantees fullest truth, and therefore that can without hesitation be given up as error, what does not agree with spiritual material coming from above, for only truth comes from God, and the divine origin of knowledge is recognizable at any time, which was not acquired through scholastic or human instruction. Amen. B.D. NR. 3965.


Book 49 3966

Complete dissolving. Love work of God for the fallen.

1. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3966.

Eternal love leans compassionately towards its creatures, which languish in deepest darkness and go towards destruction. And that is why it prepares an end to the development stage of the spiritual, to prevent a further decline and to create a new possibility for it to climb up. The greater the spiritual misery is, the more urgent the help of God has become, and another help than complete dissolving is unsuccessful in the face of the complete resistance of the spiritual towards God. And yet is the dissolving, the destruction of the great work of creation Earth, an act of greatest compassion and love of God and at the same time a just compensation for the evil doings of men, who leave the last possibility of maturation completely unused and abuse their will to acts of most glaring lovelessness. The spiritual decline must be ended; a new development phase must start, so that what is still bound in solid matter can begin its ascent. Because all spiritual stands close to the heart of God; everything once came from him and is to again return to him, and his infinite love always makes the effort, to help it to return to him. Because the separation from him cannot last forever and by itself that what once broke away from him does not find back to God. Eternities can indeed pass, and these eternities are made of more or less long development periods, which again and again start with spiritual high standing and end with spiritual low level, because the latter is cause to stop such period and a separation always takes place at the end between that what is turned towards God and that what is renegade spiritual to him, so that the new period always starts with those men, who belong to God, therefore are already spiritually highly developed. But the free will of man is cause that they do not remain in this state united with God and thus let always enter a larger distance between themselves and God and this also means descending development, which adopts such extent that God himself makes an end when the spiritual low level has been reached, which determines the dissolving of matter as bearer of the spiritual. And that is why the start of a redemption period will always mean a paradisical state, while the end is a time of most bitter misery, tribulation and spiritual darkness. And above all the compassionate love of God rules. Only the enlightened man can comprehend the context, and he has also received the task to instruct fellowmen and to make the time of trouble understandable to them, so that also they recognize only the love of God and are to turn towards it. Because God wants to be recognized in his love, in his power and in his wisdom, because only the recognition of his entity awakens the love towards him in men and spurns them on to strive towards him. But in the end-time it is difficult to muster understanding for spiritual instructions, and that is why God often approaches individual man in a different way, in the form of great bodily miseries, which are to cause him to turn towards him in free will, so that God can grasp him and draw him towards himself. But where bodily trouble does not achieve this, is every help excluded, and the process of dissolving must start when mankind stands in such God-distance that they are no longer able to recognize him. Because his compassionate love does not let that go towards total destruction, what once took its start from him. And therefore he creates new possibilities for ascent development – he lets a new earth come into being and enlivens it with creations of most marvellous kind – he creates for his a paradise on earth, and he gives new forms to the still immature spiritual to also help it to future redemption. Amen. B.D. NR. 3966.


Book 49 3967

Faith struggle last phase.

2. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3967.

And when the bulwark of faith will be rattled at, the time of the end is come and on every day the Day of judgement is to be expected. The faith struggle will be waged in a form that you men can recognize unmistakeably which hour has come, because it is a visible action against everything what is for me and testifies to me. It will be a fight, which has nothing else as aim than to undermine the knowledge about me as the eternal power of creation, as creator and sustainer of all things, and take from men all faith in a most perfect being, in a power, which is unsurpassable in its wisdom and power. And this last fight is of greatest importance, because it is a signal for the overthrow of my opponent, for the binding of him for a long time. For he now oversteps the boundaries, which I have set for him; he seeks to completely eliminate me and to swing himself upon the throne, to make through this the redemption of the still unfree spiritual impossible, which can take place only, when man strives towards me in free will. But for this the knowledge about my existence is absolutely necessary for him, because when he is to choose his lord, he must get to know him and have the possibility for it. But this possibility my opponent seeks to take away from men, by him raging in the world that he influences men mentally, to reject me, i.e., to declare me as not existing and therefore to enormously widen the gulf, which already exists between man and me. But my opponent is not entitled to this right, and therefore I withdraw his strength and power from him for a long time, by me binding him and with him that spiritual on earth that has become a slave to him, which was open to his influence and has separated itself from me out of free will. But first I let him rage, so that his plan is visible to all, so that they themselves are to take a stand on me or on my opponent, when they are put before the last decision. And the test of faith will be hard, but inevitable. Only few will pass it, and indeed only, who are instructed in pure truth and have recognized me as loving father, as wise creator and powerful driver of the universe. These will not become shaky, but stand fast in the face of all demands of the world, to confess or to reject me. But it will become difficulty also for these because Satan works with all conceivable means to push away from me those who are mine. With cunning and violence a separation from me will be tried to be reached, and my opponent will find support from all sides because men themselves no longer want to be under a higher power; they believe to be able to free themselves from it when they reject it, and do not consider that they have to give account on the day of judgment before this power. But who has penetrated into truth, who has been instructed through his spirit, he will also be able to follow the faith struggle and through the agreement of it with my predictions recognize the truth of my word, and he stands firm because he fights with me in full consciousness of my leadership, my protection and my victory over Satan. Nevertheless he will also have to fight himself with the sword of the mouth; he will have to defend himself against all attacks of the enemy, but the shield of faith will cover him, and his soul will emerge undamaged from the last fight. But who does not stand in full truth, he will not pass, but all too easily go over to the camp of the enemy; he will become shaky in faith because he lacks knowledge, which gives him explanation for everything, what - as apparently not of divine origin - is cause to doubts or unbelief. Who stands in knowledge about pure truth, he also recognizes the context of all happenings with the development of all creatures, the ignorant however lacks knowledge, conviction and therefore also faith. And that is why constant attention of the servants on earth, who work in the last time on my instructions, is to impart the right knowledge to men about the meaning and purpose of creation and the task of man on earth; they are to explain the contexts to them and constantly work towards that my will is announced to them, because then they will mature in knowledge, and their faith will become strong and unshakable, and they will also emerge as victors from the last fight of faith on the day of judgement. Amen. B.D. NR. 3967.


Book 49 3968

Contemplation inwards. Removing from the world and matter. Success Truth.

3.-5. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3968.

The greater the desire of man is for truth the deeper he penetrates into truth. To God, as giver of truth, nothing is unknown, and therefore he also knows about every question which moves the heart of man and he answers it; and therefore it is easy for you men to increase your knowledge, when you only let God, as eternal truth, speak to you, i.e. when you listen to the inner voice, which always instructs you right. Into yourselves you must look for the answer; you are not allowed to expect it coming from outside, then you are instructed directly, and you can be certain of fullest truth. Therefore pay attention to what he speaks to you: Do you want to serve me or the world – do you want to gain my pleasure or put yourselves in reputation before fellowmen? Your will alone determines your acting and your most inner thoughts, and that is why a spiritual rebirth can always only then take place, when the deepest desire moves you to stand in union with me, when you seek me and completely withdraw from the world to unite with me. But how do you remove yourselves from the world, when you still have to live in it and see yourselves being put in front of an earthly task, which you are not to neglect? How do you establish the intimate relation with me where you still continually dwell among fellowmen and are still taken up through this again and again? Only through contemplation inwards, through a withdrawal into seclusion, which however can happen everywhere and anytime in accordance with your will and which happens the more intimately and unhindered the less outer impressions man takes up inside of him. (4.2.1947) Most inner union with me demands withdrawal from all matter, because I myself as pure God from eternity am standing outside of matter, even though matter in itself is firmed power out of me, but always standing in a certain distance from me. Who wants to seek and find me, he must first turn away his will from matter, and because he nevertheless dwells in the middle of matter, because he himself has a material cover, he must withdraw himself into his innermost. Then he will find me, and the total withdrawal from matter is then going to happen when every impression from outside is held away from the bodily eye, when he closes himself and absorbs no more material images, because these reflect themselves in the soul of man and disturb it in the quiet consideration and unification with its spirit. Spirit and matter are opposite terms and will also always remain standing in opposition to each other, and since I myself want to work in you as pure spirit, you must first carry out this inner separation from matter and you will approach me, but will never be able to establish the inner connection with me, as long as your eye and your senses are imprisoned by outer impression. (5.2.1947) I want that my nearness alone is desired, that nothing anymore finds place in your hearts and that you muster the will, to give up all earthly things for me and my nearness, that you mentally withdraw from that what is directed against me. And all matter is spiritual that is directed against me. I also want that human customs are evaded if possible, for they distract from an inner composure, when they are not carried out without thinking, or they are executed purely mechanically and are also worthless. Who earnestly seeks me, he must first sever the connection with the world, and everything belongs to the world what is not spiritual, what stands in contact with earthly matter, what is absorbed with the bodily senses of man, what therefore keeps the soul imprisoned, what hinders it to connect with the spirit in it. Only when this withdrawal is executed, is it able to talk to me, as it is my will, so that I myself can work in the heart of man with my love and favour. And truly, the quiet, deep veneration is the one I love most, and it can never be replaced by outer customs and acts, which influence the thinking of man spontaneously, which must distract him from the real thing, from the pure spiritual connection with me. I see into the heart of every man and truly need no outer evidence of your love towards me, and so, as you approach me, you can be given my love and favour, and you yourselves determine the measure. That is why you will commit no wrong acts through outer ceremonies, through human customs, however harm yourselves, by you decreasing the supply of my love and favour yourselves, as long as still another thought than me is found in the space of your heart. In spirit and in truth you are to approach me, then my eye will rest on you with pleasure – and then you will feel yourselves the blessing of such intimate connection in you, then you will feel me being present and be happy. And yet you will remain deeply humble in your happiness, because you are aware of the extraordinary favour, which is given you that I take up residence in your heart, and the humility will increase the measure of favour. Amen. B.D. NR. 3968.


Book 49 3969

Lot in eternity according to the will. Matter false love.

6. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3969.

After which man strives, that he is to have, because his will alone determines his lot in eternity. When you strive for the kingdom of God, then you will also take it and be co-ruler of all worlds – but when you strive for the world, for fulfilment of earthly wishes and desires, then you also have the world, i.e. not leave the earthly good, although you have entered the hereafter, because your wishes also create your surroundings for you, in which your soul dwells. You only will not be happy with the possession of those goods, because you will very soon recognize its un-realness, therefore find no more fulfilment of your desires, however continuously desire, and this desire will torment you, and that is why you must strive to get rid of such desires already on earth; you must desire spiritual goods, when you want to be happy in future. After which you strive, that will be your part. And so every man creates his lot himself, and he is therefore to be aware of the great responsibility, because there are eternities that lie before him, eternities, which he can spend in happiness or has to live through wretchedness. Because eternities can pass until he has overcome earthly matter, because in the spiritual kingdom the temptations are still very much worse because he resists them little, while on earth he can very easily get rid of them, when he only wants earnestly. A soul, which has overcome and enters the kingdom on the other side, is inexpressibly happy, because far more marvellous pleasures are waiting for it, of which you men on earth have no idea. It will also desire, however find continuous fulfilment, because what it desires is spiritual good; it is the love radiation of God, which makes it infinitely happy, which is its continuous desire and given to it constantly. And this love radiation of God spiritualizes its whole being; it more and more becomes like the eternal love and feels being attracted by it constantly; it continually desires the nearness of God; to be connected to him until all eternity and also to be unspeakably happy. Men on earth demand earthly pleasures, bodily consumptions and only strive always for material possession. And everything finds its end with the death of the body. Nothing they can take over into the spiritual kingdom, when they have not gathered spiritual goods, which however are only to be won by neglecting earthly wishes. And when they can still separate themselves from the world before the bodily death, when they still have recognized its worthlessness before and deal with thoughts of the hereafter, they can consider themselves blessed because then the way up is no longer closed for them in the spiritual kingdom, even so unspeakable difficult to climb, but then they no longer strive for earthly goods and no longer have to fear the bad temptations, through which a soul becomes weak and unable to resist. Then they will very soon find support from the light beings’ side, who help them, by them handing out spiritual goods to them, even so in certain limits, until the soul itself makes an effort to increase, until it has recognized its task in the spiritual kingdom and strives to comply with it. What it desires, will be granted to it. The will alone is decisive, and so that the will decides right, men will constantly be instructed by God of his will, but they do not listen to him, they further desire the world and bring their souls into great danger. That is why God takes pity on them, and he obviously shows them, which value earthly matter has, by him allowing that it gets lost to men, by taking from them again and again what they possess and on what they hang their heart, without being aware that it is a wrong love, which slumbers in them. He takes from them what they do not want to hand over voluntarily, to show them already on earth that it can be overcome to help them to free themselves from the desire for it, to content themselves with little and to turn their love towards spiritual goods, which are far more valuable and unchanging. Every earthly loss which affects man is a help of God; it is a gentle admonition to turn away from it, and a sign of transience of all earthly things. And who looks around with open eyes, he can recognize God’s work everywhere, who wants to help men to steer their thinking and striving spiritually, so that they learn to despise matter already before the death of the body and only strive for spiritual goods – so that they create a lot for themselves in the hereafter which means happiness - so that they become happy, because it is their will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3969.


Book 49 3970

Development of Beingness. Beginning and Ending.

7. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3970.

It is a considerable progress in the spiritual development of the beingness to be redeemed from the solid form, the hard material, and it means a new phase with easier conditions than so far. Because now the beingness takes up a stage where it can get active so that this is already apparent to the human eye when also now still different degrees of development also cause different activities; however the state of inactivity is overcome and the being can serve in accordance with its purpose. And now it also passes through the course of various creations in always shorter periods of time, it does not need a certain form for such a long time and it can with every change unite with other beingness to carry out in the following form an always more apparent activity. And that is the explanation for the constant birth and death of the creations of nature. And the now forthcoming total dissolving of all creation on earth results in the liberation of all the bound spiritual for the time being so that it gets into a state where every possibility to serve is taken away from it and that it perceives this state as agony because it is not yet perfect, possessing power and the ability to use it according to its will. It is still robbed of its strength and now on top of that also feels robbed of the vitality that made a little activity possible. And this spiritual raves therefore in an unimaginable way which expresses itself in enormous storms until it is banished again by the will of God into new forms. The occurrence of the new creation will therefore be accomplished in the shortest of time so that the released spiritual can continue with its interrupted course of development according to its destiny and no human eye will be able to observe this process that therefore also does not take a long time but through the might and power and will of God requires only a moment and a completely new creation will arise that is testimony to his strength and glory for all generations that will now inhabit the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3970.


Book 49 3971

Heart – God’s temple.

8. Februar 1947. B.D. NR. 3971.

That earthly life was given to you is a favour for which you have to be continuously thankful towards me, even when suffering presses you and you have to show no earthly joys. It is just a phase of short duration in which you can reach the degree of completion when you live right on earth. But to use a gift of favour right, you must be instructed right by the giver, in which way he wants this gift of favour be utilized, otherwise also no advantage can grow out of it for you and you also cannot be called to account. Therefore the knowledge about it must have been made accessible to you, and that is why I must speak to you directly or through my servants on earth. Und you must listen to me or pay attention to the words of my servants, because otherwise the knowledge about my will cannot be imparted to you. For also the written word has gone out from me and becomes only then understandable for you, when you acknowledge me and want to be instructed by me. And where you now receive my word from me or also from my servants on earth, there I am present myself in the spirit, and I speak through the mouth of men, therefore also the place must be blessed, where you let me speak to you, where you listen to my servants, to whom I put my word into the mouth, as soon as a human heart bears a desire for it, to take note of my will, otherwise you cannot fully utilize the gift of earth life. But now my will must be obeyed and my word given full expression, as a result of which man puts himself into a state to hear my voice directly in him. Then he can mentally question me everywhere and every time, and he will be answered, because his own heart has become the place where I am present and instruct him. And since my direct word guarantees purest truth and deepest knowledge, he now truly does not need receiving the knowledge about my will anywhere else, then his heart itself has become the temple where I dwell and can hand out spiritual gifts. And as soon as man himself has got himself ready to a temple of God, he needs no other places for the receiving of my word, then he calls me to himself through an inner thought, and I am present, wherever he dwells. All of you therefore let your heart become the temple of God, let myself enter into you, and open your heart to me, when I knock and desire entrance. As soon as you once have heard my word through my servants on earth, which announces my will to you, and you make an effort to live according to my will, you make a move to open your heart to me and to arrange yourselves to be the house of God – and when you are of good will, I help you, because with my love and favour I am constantly with you, my creatures, to whom I gave life to lead them to perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 3971.


Book 49 3972

Struggle of Light with Darkness.

10. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3972.

Also in the spiritual sphere the battle of light against darkness rages in heightened measure before the end of this earth because Satan seeks also there to still win the souls that are not anymore able to offer him resistance. He tries to rouse worldly desires in them and to let them go through agony that way, to induce them to a constantly increasing opposition against God and so to increase their distance to him. But also the light beings are at work and in their great love towards the unredeemed give them their support so that they are not defencelessly exposed to the attacks of the enemy. And again and again love fights against hate, also in the spiritual realm, it comes to the fallen’s assistance and often goes and stands protectively between the weak souls and their attacker. And also this battle will find its end with the day of judgement, also in the sphere of the spirits a time of peace will replace the previous time of warfare because also their a separation of spirits will be executed by a likewise renewed banishment of that what is completely far from God for the purpose of the redemption to-be. This is an extraordinary favour that the spiritual that is opposed to God is given the opportunity once more to develop itself upwards even if being subject to mandatory law. It is a favour insofar as the will of the fallen spiritual again gets bound so that it can’t anymore fall further away from God, so that also from Satan the power over this spiritual is taken away, even though it is in bondage to him. God himself takes the spiritual again into his school that will inevitably again, even if it takes an exceedingly long time, earn it an increased degree of maturity which in the end also ensures its free will. So after the last judgement on this earth a time of peace and quiet will arise where the beings of light alone will be active on earth and on the other side as well, where they can emit light because they don’t meet with opposition - where also in the spiritual kingdom the imperfect is willing to accept their advice, where also men on earth will have permanent contact with the inhabitants of the sphere of the spirits and where direct instructions and spiritual gifts are nothing unusual since the high degree of maturity of their souls also allows an extraordinary working of the spiritual beings without compulsion being exerted on such souls that way. Because Satan has lost his power for a long time, he can’t harass anymore men on earth who have proved their affiliation with God in the last battle on the old earth. And also the spiritual in the beyond is removed from his sphere of power because what was in bondage to him is banished in the new creation and the still weak but willing souls have been wrested from his power through the luminescent spiritual. And there is now in the spiritual realm only an upward development, no falling back any more, and in fact as long as men on earth remain in close contact with God and therefore also enter the realm of light when they pass away from earth. Only when the closeness of this connection decreases, when men will begin to put matter again next to God they loosen the bonds of Satan through it, they themselves give him freedom and as a result hand themselves again over to his control. Then the struggle between light and darkness will also again commence in the spiritual realm because then his influence is also again greater on the souls of those who ceased to live on earth that he again tries to win by cunning and force. Light and darkness will always fight with each other but always the light will carry off the victory in the end. And woe to the spiritual that has sunk so low down into darkness that it has to expect a new banishment into hard matter. Its upward development is an endless chain of suffering and pain but it is still an ascent because the prince of darkness has no influence anymore on the spiritual in this phase of development since it is placed under divine mandatory law and the upward development of the spiritual is for evermore supported by the will of God until during the last stage the being itself can decide if it chooses God or his enemy as its master. And only when all beings acknowledge God as their only Lord will the struggle of the light against the darkness end and there will be a state of eternal peace. Amen. B.D. NR. 3972.


Book 49 3973

Representatives of genuine Christianity in the end-time.

11. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3973.

There are only few believing Christians in the last time, and it is therefore to be valued many times more when these few hold out and remain in their loyalty with God, because it will be made extremely difficult for them from the side of fellowmen to believe in God and especially in Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world. For these seek to draw down everything and to portray it as unreal; they seek to shake faith in its foundations; they seek intellectually to prove to the believers their erroneous thinking, and who does not completely stand very firm, he will fall over. And that is why the knowledge about truth absolutely belongs to that, that this truth can be set against the endeavour of the unbelievers and proven to them just as sharply, that he moves in error. Only who is in possession of pure truth out of God, he can resist; only he is able to instruct the wrong-thinker and to impart power to the one, who still is a weak believer, so that also he remains loyal to God. Many people will certainly still call themselves Christians out of old tradition and yet no longer be one, because to be a Christian, also a love life has to be led. Only then Jesus Christ and the importance of his work of redemption is recognized and fullest faith is given to him. But as long as men lack love, the smallest stimulus is enough to put aside all faith, and therefore the representatives of genuine Christianity will only still live in small number on earth and therefore lead an extremely difficult life, because also these few are still supposed to join the thinking of those and on the part of the world everything is getting under way to eliminate Christianity. But then it will be shown which power lies in love and in deep, undoubted faith – and which strength the believers have at their disposal in the last time before the end. And that is why the instructing of men in pure truth cannot be taken seriously enough; for that reason truth will be offered to them directly from above so that the willing man can also recognize and accept it as truth. And therefore busy work for God and his kingdom is necessary, because there remains little time until the end, but the number of the ignorant is gigantic and is still to be decreased by the number of those who are certainly weak, but of god will, so that they do not become victim of the last assault, but believingly persevere and become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 3973.


Book 49 3974

Prayer for poor souls.

12. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3974.

Do not forget those who have gone over into the hereafter in the misery of the soul. Because they need your help. They are too weak to be able to help themselves, and grateful to you for ever, when you stand by them and give them power through your prayer. Love must be cause for this prayer, love for the weak, unredeemed, which you do not want to let to suffer, to whom you want to decrease suffering as far as it stands in your power. When you on earth could have a look into that kingdom of unredeemed souls, deep compassion would fill your heart and your will stimulated to help, when only a spark of love glows in you. For their lot is an unspeakable sad one, which, even so their own fault, urges every sympathetic soul to help. They stay in alarming darkness, depending on the degree of their imperfection, and their surroundings are, when they are able to recognize it faintly, deserted and unfriendly, and yet they are themselves too weak, to leave the place of their stay and to create a better state for themselves, and that is why their misery is exceedingly great, because everything causes them agonies. And these agonies you can decrease for them by you looking after the poor souls in prayer, by you, full of compassion, seeking to imagine their great hardship and thinking of them in intimate prayer – by you further presenting the Gospel to them in the spirit, i.e., by seeking to make plain to them the blessing of love and representing love to them as only means of redemption. As soon as you succeed igniting the love spark in a poor soul, it is rescued for eternity, because then it can receive power directly out of the kingdom of light, whose inhabitants are likewise busy active with those souls, but can only then get into action when in the soul a small desire for light and a small spark of love is recognizable and when love is so expressed that it wants to help the souls suffering with it. Then power is supplied to it in increased measure, and now the ascent starts in the spiritual kingdom. But never ever are you allowed to leave the souls to their fate because only love redeems, and only a thinking turned to them in love can give easing of their suffering to them. And that is why your prayer must come out of the heart; it is not allowed to just be a lip prayer, but love towards the weak, helpless must urge you, to intimately ask God for favour and help for these souls; you must yourselves be urged by the feeling to make their lot easier and on many occasions you must turn your thoughts towards them, who feel this already as relief and feel every loving prayer as supply of power. Do not forget these souls because they need you and will thank you for it for ever when you have helped them to arrive out of the deep at the height, out of the night of their surrounding into the light. Amen. B.D. NR. 3974.


Book 49 3975

Changed Situation in Life. Worldly Men.

13. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3975.

A thinking that is completely orientated towards the world will hardly get into the spirit of the changed situation in life and will only constantly concern itself with the improvement of that situation and this will also prevent man from all work on his soul. Who lets matter become his master will also never overcome matter and to whom the loss of earthly goods was not a help to overcome these will rush towards these possessions with increased eagerness to increase them again and if he is to be helped again then this can only happen through renewed loss so that he learns to recognize the impermanence of matter and mentally profits from this. But increased worldly striving will result in the loss of all faith and this already will establish different camps which are recognizable outwardly. Men who are believers feel their worldly harassed state of affairs to be send by God and are therefore not anymore anxious to increase their earthly possessions while the man who strives for possessions has lost faith in a power that wants to reveal itself through events that brought him material loss. His desire for the world is greater and therefore he does not recognize God and also does not arrange his life according to his will. And so an exceedingly busy activity will begin and men will want to improve their life situation which has become exceedingly difficult due to the will of God. And the thinking of a man will now become obvious - the one who lives a life of love will help his neighbour to make his life bearable but the uncaring one will only want to arrange anew his own life, he will do everything to gain again prosperity and he will stop at nothing to achieve this at the expense of the neighbour. And soon it will be obvious from whom he receives his support and who gives him strength for worldly work and who has in return taken possession of his soul. But the believer will also find help in every difficulty but not visible outwardly but the power of God will inundate him, he will get every situation in life under control and remain in contact with God all the time, his faith will deepen, love for material things will decrease, and this is by far a greater progress than the increased worldly possessions of the unbeliever. Because he who sells his soul for the sake of an earthly life reckons only with the short time of life on earth which can come to an end for him any day. And he does not consider eternity which will be terribly agonizing for him because matter will captivate him the same way as it did on earth. And that is why man has to try to free himself from any form of desire for matter he is to take upon himself the difficult time with submission to God’s will and to follow God the more closely the more he is helpless worldly wise. For God will help him and will also reveal himself through the often miraculous help. And for him the time of trouble will be short but endless long the life in the spiritual realm where he, being rid of all material things, will be unspeakably happy because he already became an overcomer of matter on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3975.


Book 49 3976

Spiritual seeing. Activity of the spiritual in matter.

14. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3976.

Everything what you see has eternity value only when you look at it with the spiritual eye, when you are able to see the spiritual life in it, which the visible matter keeps hidden from the bodily eye. This spiritual life is immortal, but must first work itself through matter to be able to create and work in the stage of freedom without end. As long as it is still covered by matter, it is indeed also not completely inactive, but this activity is minimal and time-conditional; it changes continuously and is not appropriate to the power, which the spiritual originally had at its disposal, and that is why it is an imperfect state for the spiritual, as long as its activity is subject to a limitation, while the perfect spiritual can create unlimitedly and is exceedingly happy in its power consciousness. And then it is also no longer subject to the law of time, but it remains busy active in its way inconceivable for man, because for him the fullness of power of a light being is inconceivable and unimaginable. And that is why the spiritual is also unhappy as long as it is surrounded by matter, which on the one hand hinders it in its free work and on the other hand lets it recognize the degree of powerlessness in which the spiritual is. And man, who is able to see spiritually, will hardly be able to see the activity of the spiritual in hard matter, but only in such creations, which mean a less hard cover for the spiritual – in the world of plants and animals, where life is already recognizable also for the bodily eye, but offers to the spiritual eye a far more extensive activity. It is exceedingly instructive to be able to gain an insight into this activity and not till then really the seeing person opens to the purpose of creation. But a high degree of maturity of man also goes with it to be able to see the spiritual work also in the material creation. But then he also recognizes God in his exceeding great love, in his unsurpassable wisdom and his fullness of power. He has then himself already become a light being, which is allowed to stay in God’s nearness, and his stay on earth is not anymore long, because the degree of maturity, which makes spiritual seeing possible, makes the further earth life unnecessary, provided man has not to fulfil a mission, which still keeps him a longer time on earth. But in virtue of the spiritual seeing he is already happy on earth, since he can any time put himself in a state, which allows a stay in the spiritual kingdom and is no longer earthbound, he therefore also no longer feels the envelopment of his soul through the bodily outer form as burden, because he can free himself of it at any time, until he completely takes off his body and as light being can enter into the spiritual kingdom to be likewise active there in all power for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3976.


Book 49 3977

Love work. Strong faith. Physical upkeep.

15. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3977.

In every situation in life you can do good when the heart urges you to it. And so the coming time will also bring you into situations where you are yourselves in need of help, however you will also always be able to practise love towards the neighbour; always will you be able to give, when you are prepared to give, because according to your love-will help will also be granted to you from above, and what you give, will be given back to you many times, spiritually as well as earthly, and you will be able to alleviate much misery with my support, because I want that you already win a firm ground through this to preach the Gospel to fellowmen, to also draw their attention to the blessing of the work in love, and you can now be active for me and my kingdom, as it is your task. And fellowmen will be able to recognize the truth of my word by you yourselves; they will be able to strengthen their faith by the continual help on my part, as soon as they are just prepared to likewise fulfil the commandment of neighbourly love, and their will therefore turns towards me. The hardship will be so great that you can recognize every help as extraordinary because your earthly situation is not enviable and yet can be bearable for every individual who just full of faith leaves himself to me and trustingly puts his fate into my hands. For I evidently look after him, as I have promised you; I help him earthly and spiritually; I lead him ways, which will always be treaded successfully, because I walk next to him and truly know where I lead him. I will give you what you need earthly, to preserve your body, but as I also will daily feed you spiritually so that you will never be without power. Who therefore believes, he will have no hardship, and who boundlessly abandons himself to me, he no longer needs to worry about the physical upkeep, because I take care of him. But you must firmly imprint my word into memory; you must win a strong faith by imagining that I never tell you an untruth and that you therefore can firmly rely on what I have promised through my word to you – my continuous protection and shelter and most loving care by my children. Make your way to me, and all misery will stay away from you. Only one thing is necessary that I have deeply believing representatives of my word on earth, who through their faith confirm my word themselves, because through such deep faith also fellowmen can be won for me and my kingdom, and the number of mine can be increased. And so your work in the coming time is so exceedingly important that you can be sure of every support for my part and yourselves need fear no misery, although you lose everything through my will, because what I take from you, I can give back to you at any time, when you just believe firmly and unshakeably. Amen. B.D. NR. 3977.


Book 49 3978

State of perfection - Light and power fullness.

16. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3978.

In the state of perfection there is no lack of power and light, i.e., for the being every act is executable and all knowledge belongs to it, therefore it is neither limited in its power nor in its wisdom. And this means a working according to the will of God, because wisdom can acknowledge nothing else than God’s will and therefore uses the power according to its determination. Power and light fullness is therefore the aim, which is to be striven for for eternity. Power and light go out from God and power and light fullness means tightest God-closeness, therefore a God-like state, a becoming like his being, which is love in itself. And therefore that, what is perfect, must also bear deepest love in itself; love must first have formed the being for the reception of light and power – only in the state of love can the being possess divine power and deep knowledge. And therefore emerges from this that you men also cannot get introduced to the last knowledge as long as you have not completely become love, that you therefore will never on earth penetrate into everything, what appears to you worth of knowing, although this lies within the bounds of possibility, which presupposes an exceedingly intimate connection with God and fullest absorption in his will. But as long as man stays on earth, the earth also still keeps him bound, and God in his love takes this state also into account, giving power and light to man always so as it is of advantage for him bodily and spiritually. For before a being is not perfect, it would abuse light and power as soon as these exceed its degree of maturity. Man would not know what to do with a knowledge that outshines his degree of maturity or not utilize it according to the will of God, and therefore it would also not make him happy, rather confuse his thoughts, but on the other side he will receive information about which he desires information, because his desire for it is decisive, whether God gives him information through his spirit. And his desire will always be according to his love activity and willingness. But there is also a knowledge, which uncovers things, which are still completely hidden to man; there are wisdoms, which reveal God’s greatness and magnificence and which are reserved for the army of happy spirits, which stay in God’s nearness; there is a knowledge which makes infinitely happy and towards which all what is full of light aims at, which the intellect of men on earth is not able to grasp; a knowledge, which also requires an excess of power to be utilized in accordance of the will of God. And therefore it requires an exceedingly high degree of maturity, which you men on earth hardly reach. And so your knowledge on earth therefore depends on your soul maturity, and you have to continuously strive for to increase it to strengthen the light and power supply, and you must know that you determine the knowledge yourselves which is offered to you; that there are certainly no boundaries as far as God is concerned, but that you set the boundary yourselves, which is the measure of perfection of your soul. Strive for becoming perfect, and more and more new areas are being opened to you, however always appropriately to your earthly capacity, which you indeed can increase continuously through formation to love, because love is first precondition for the reception of light and power in all fullness. Amen. B.D. NR. 3978.


Book 49 3979

Reason for Suffering and Misery in the Latter Days.

18. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3979.

A short time of good living on earth can result in a spiritual decline for every single man because as soon as the material fight for survival is eliminated the soul is tremendously receptive to every kind of stimuli and offers therefore also little resistance when the temptations of the world are approaching. And because the last days necessitate an increased struggle for the soul to still reach its goal every opportunity must be taken from it to become lukewarm and sluggish in its upward striving. And that is why again and again the soul will be approached by suffering and misery and every man is to be thankful for this because they are the last means that prevent too deep a relapse. Worldly wellbeing can only be without disadvantage for a soul that is already mature, it however does not need worldly riches, no bodily pleasures and also no obvious good living conditions but it will feel fine in every situation in life even when this seems to be laborious and humble to people as on the other hand also seemingly good living conditions are not enough for an immature soul and it continually lusts after increased possessions, and so does not show regard to the state of its soul and is in great danger. No event approaches man in vain that touches the soul as misery and toil, again and again God tries to win him for himself by him feeling his powerlessness and turning to God for help, again and again therefore events follow one after the other that put a soul in a state of turmoil and turn away the attention of man from worldly pleasures and enjoyments because the soul must struggle perpetually and it is not allowed to become lukewarm. God knows what is useful to the soul and he constantly creates new possibilities for it to mature which is why there has to be a continued struggle for survival. But God never leaves a soul without power that desires it and trustingly turns to God for help. He give it what it needs worldly wise and spiritually but he takes away from the body for the sake of the soul what could endanger the soul. And that is why you men do not have to expect a considerable improvement of your living conditions but again and again one event will succeed another which forces joy to a heightened fight for survival. But it is the time before the end and it is only short and for every man bearable when he gets in touch with his creator and sustainer, with his eternal father. Then he will only draw intellectual benefit from the difficult time for him and he will also one day recognize their blessings, he will thank God for his care, for the suffering, that contributed to the increase of the maturity of the soul, that kept him from eternal ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3979.


Book 49 3980

Presenting the divine word of greatest importance

19. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3980.

That the presenting of my words for you men is of greatest importance is only grasped by few, while the majority pays no attention to my gift. And the inevitable result of this is that men lack all knowledge of the near end or the belief, when the knowledge is imparted to them. My word is the reconciliation for all difficulties, which men of the end-time cannot be spared. My word is the only means of power to overcome all difficulties, and who has my word, who is in such contact with me, that he is able to hear myself through the voice of the spirit, who listens to me, when my word is imparted to him through my servants, to him a treasure is available, which he just needs to unearth – and he will cover the earth way undamaged at his soul until the end – because the end is coming soon – you men, believe my word! Let yourselves be warned and admonished; leave your way of life, and earnestly strive for a cleaning of your soul, change yourselves by turning away your thoughts from the world and earnestly deal with your earth life purpose. Let yourselves through my word be given information about it, and prepare yourselves therefore for a quick end, which can be allotted to all of you, who now walk on earth. Because the time is fulfilled, and what comes now are the last birth pangs before the end. And all worldly events should make you think, because it comes as it is written – it fulfils itself what through prophets and seers has been announced again and again to men – the end is coming. You men contribute yourselves that this no longer tolerates postponement because you no longer listen to me, because you are without faith and therefore go away from me, because you concede too much power and right to my opponent and so make yourselves to his servants and fight against me. But I try through my word to still win you over into my camp, so that you do not belong to the conquered, but can emerge as victors. But you do not pay attention to my word; you attribute no other meaning to it than human words, which you do not hear because they do not sound pleasant to you. And yet I speak myself to you because my love drives me to rescue you out of the power of my opponent; listen to me and rescue yourselves. Muster the will to let yourselves be instructed, and you will recognize the urgency of that, that I myself speak to you from above. You will also recognize your powerlessness, which I want to remedy through my word. And so receive the delicious gift, which I offer to you from above, because it alone is the means to create relief for you in every spiritual and earthly trouble. I come myself to you in the word. Grasp this and respect the gift, which a loving father heart wants to give his children to help them. Listen to my word and obey it, and open your heart to me, when I desire admission. And all the terrors will only touch you vaguely; the days will be shortened so that they do not weigh you down in all severity; you will have strength in you, which you get from me through the receiving of my word and I myself will be with you and lead you until the end of your life, which then will be a happy one, when you go towards it strengthened through my word. Amen. B.D. NR. 3980.


Book 49 3981

Light beings look spiritually after men.

20. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3981.

The beings which are bathed in light in the spiritual kingdom are in closest contact with me and therefore also have the same will, and much strength is at their disposal to carry out their will. And thus they are so to speak the executives of my will; they are my servants, my authorized representatives, whose activity complies with my plan of salvation from eternity. And they take care of countless beings on earth as in the hereafter. Everything what lives, therefore stands in a certain spiritual degree of maturity, must also be taken care of that it reaches its aim, because without help it would never go the right way; it must continuously be led, and this guidance and care and control is the office of all beings, who are radiated through by light and power, whose love towards me and the unredeemed is so deep that they do what always corresponds to my will – to redeem the imperfect. Uncountable light beings are in my nearness and tirelessly busy - therefore also uncountable men on earth can enjoy my care, and every individual fate can be taken into consideration, every event can be steered for man so that he can mature, as it is his destiny. But also these light beings do not touch the freedom of the will, so that despite greatest and most loving care also a sinking back into darkness is not impossible if the being itself resists the will and the care of the light beings, when it therefore does not acknowledge me myself and neither desires power nor light. Then also the care of the spiritual full of light switches off so long until the first turns itself towards me and through this also lets the beings of light have freedom to have an effect themselves on it. But no man on earth needs to do without the help and love of the light beings; no man will be poorly provided for or neglected by me, but the fate of each one corresponds to his own will, and it determines the measure of help and power for redemption. And since the light beings are the executives of my will, their steering is the same as mine and their care also mine. Therefore it can always be spoken of my work and my help, because the light beings, as belonging to me, are a part of myself, although they, as individual beings, feel the fortune of my radiation through with power and light and the fortune of a continuous activity for me. But this activity consists only in the execution of what my love and wisdom recognizes as good and successful for the individual souls. And so the whole universe can be full of souls needing help, not one soul will need to lack divine care because also the kingdom of light is infinite and the happiness of these souls being in the kingdom of light is to receive tasks from me and surpassing themself in the fulfillment. What has become mine through the forming to love, also stands in direct connection with me, and my will, my power and my wisdom fill such a being having become love, so that it no longer separates from me forever and now, full of love, turns toward the spiritual, which cannot share this happiness with it, because of its imperfection, and which urges the light beings to redeem it. It faces the unredeemed with the same love as I myself, from whose love-power everything has emerged. Consequently it will also look after all my creatures, attend to them and steer their situation in life, so that every man on earth has his spiritual attendant and he again, as completely connected to me, cannot want and think anything else than I myself and consequently the creature can feel being led and attended to by me myself and it is also. I stand above all, and an army of happy spirits surrounds me, but also the smallest and most inconspicuous being enjoys my care, my protection and is not forgotten by me, und whether this is also incomprehensible to men, because their knowledge and their power is just limited and they also assume this limitation with me, as long as they themselves are imperfect and are not able to imagine the power and the light of the perfect. Amen. B.D. NR. 3981.


Book 49 3982

Cause of different schools of thought. Doubt. Truth.

21. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3982.

Observe the development of the different schools of thought, and you will have to confirm that first doubts or counter-opinions had to exist, which prompted several like-minded men to thought exchange and which finally led to the establishment of new teachings, more or less successfully, according to the number of doubters and truth seekers. The desire for truth will always possess the seekers, and still there are different schools of thought, therefore faith teachings deviating from each other. And this finds its explanation in the nature of the followers, especially of those out of whom the transforming thoughts have emerged. Their way of life is decisive, how far they are in truth, because from the way of life alone it depends how far God, as giver of truth, takes part in his mental work. When you men want to stand in truth, then you must absolutely through a way of life pleasing to God put yourselves in the state that he himself can impart truth to you through rightly steered thinking, when you do not hear his voice in you, but also stand in the earnest desire for truth, otherwise you do not ask and therefore also cannot get an answer. But doubts will first cause you to ask, and doubts will befall you when you earnestly think about that what you are taught. Therefore it is urgently necessary that you mentally concern yourselves with that spiritual material that is imparted to you from the outside; otherwise a different school of thought could never ever be taken. And it is left to you yourselves, whether your thinking is now directed right or wrong. But it will always be right when you ask God for his aid; when you make an effort to comply with his will, which is expressed in his word, which can be imparted to you everywhere. Seek God and you will find him; seek truth and you will get it, but purely intellectually you will not be able to fathom it, for which the different schools of thought give proof to you. But they are to give you proof for it, that their followers were themselves active mentally, that through doubts about truth of their own possession they felt caused to seek a faith teaching acceptable to them, and that this thought activity is the first prerequisite to reach pure truth. Without own thought it is not to be won and own thought must lead to the awareness of inability to penetrate into truth by oneself, and God, as eternal truth, must be called upon for support. But who finds the way to God he will also always make an effort to live according to his will. And therefore he will fulfil all preconditions – he will live in love, recognize God and bear desire for truth. And when he now pays attention to his thoughts, when he stays longer with the contentious question und then recognizes the thoughts that flow to him as of divine origin, he will be introduced to pure truth, and it will give him full satisfaction. He will have the inner conviction to think right and no longer be exposed to doubt about it. For God as the eternal truth also wants to supply this to men, who are worthy of it. And they will also remain loyal to such a school of thought and can also convincingly stand up for its truth in the face of fellowmen. Amen. B.D. NR. 3982.


Book 49 3983

Presence of God during spiritual conversations.

22. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3983.

Every spiritual conversation calls in my presence as soon as it is held earnestly and therefore an approval, but not a rejection, is recognizable in men themselves. And I take part in every conversation by me arranging the thoughts of the individuals according to their nature, by me letting my spirit become effective in them, so that it will instruct them from within. And that is why spiritual conversations always meet my approval, even when they are held in combat mood, when different opinions are represented. And I myself will then speak through that man who seeks to become like my nature, who has formed himself through love so that he hears my voice in himself or is able to express clear thoughts, which seem to be acceptable for every thinking man. For where spiritual questions are discussed there I stay with great joy, because they are proof that truth is sought and that I stand myself in the centre of all spiritual conversation. Consequently, I seek to send truth to them, arranging their thoughts and directing them so that they follow the right direction and give fullest clarity to men. But the will for truth must exist; it is not just allowed to quarrel to manage to force through own opinions, but for the sake of truth itself because then my presence is guaranteed, but as I also very certainly keep myself away when only earthly interests are cause for a spiritual conversation, where therefore debates are held in the opposing case with the final purpose to drive me out, to shake faith and to supply to men the proof that there is no connection between heaven and earth, between men and their creator – where therefore the argument is also about spiritual things, only in the sense of my opponent. There he himself will also stay and confuse the thoughts of men so that all clear thinking is lost for them, that they can therefore never ever arrive at truth. Where I am acknowledged there I stay; where I am rejected there my opponent stays, and the results of a spiritual conversation are accordingly. But it is beneficial for men even so when a man devoted to me takes part in an opposing held conversation, whom I then can support, through whom I can express myself to instruct men and make them give up their wrong thoughts. Because then my presence is necessary and also possible because a receiving vessel is willing, where I can drop in my spirit. Then a spiritual fight takes places; a fight of light with darkness where men take part; and it is depending on the will for truth, which successes such a conversation has. But I bless everyone who let their thoughts wander into the spiritual kingdom because only then truth can be theirs when they desire this earnestly. Amen. B.D. NR. 3983.


Book 49 3984

Fighting error. Darkness. Truth.

23. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3984.

Unusual trouble necessitates unusual help, and it means unusual trouble when men walk along in error, because error is darkness; error is unawareness of truth and therefore a way, which can never lead to the destination. But the destination is God, and when God cannot be reached, when this is made impossible, help is urgently required. Error must be fought and pure truth offered instead, because only truth is the way to eternal life. Therefore truth has to take an unusual way so that it is recognized as such and followed. It must let recognize the divine starting point so obviously that men stop short and pay attention to what is offered to them, only then will they weigh it against the error and have themselves instructed that they must turn to another way to reach the destination. But as long as they hold on to the error, the blessing of the truth remains hidden to them – the power, which holds and radiates truth. Men must first comply with the commandment of love, only then are they able to recognize pure truth and free themselves from error; because to the recognition of truth as such, and therefore rejecting error, belongs power of judgement, which is the result of unselfish love work. And so that man takes it seriously, because it is necessary, that pure truth penetrates on earth, God conducts this truth on a not usual way to earth through his word, which he imparts through the voice of the spirit to a man, and he urgently admonishes them to love work – so that darkness leaves, so that the way lies before men brightly and clearly, which they are to walk and which securely leads to the destination. Men vegetate without earnestly thinking about the forming of their soul, and still many stand in the belief to comply with their earth task through fulfilment of certain duties and customs, but which increases the maturity of their soul not in the slightest. And that is the error, which is exceedingly harmful for the souls of men and which therefore cannot be fought seriously enough. Only the fulfilment of the divine love commandment contributes to the increase of soul maturity, and as long as love is not practised, every spiritual progress is impossible. But error, under which uncountable men labour, must also be denounced as error; otherwise it cannot be given up and substituted through pure truth. As long as men believe to gain God’s pleasure through obeying human commandments, as long as they consider them to be important and seek to observe and obey the divine love commandment only as second priority, so long they waste power, without getting on one step. Because error does not lead to God – i.e., even if men outdo each other in following humanly enacted commandments, they do not make one step progress closer to God through this, but they must carry out his commandment, which demands love towards the neighbour and which needs no outward confirmation at all, but is only a matter of the heart. To use all power for activity in unselfish neighbourly love is in accordance with the will of God, and who strives for this, he will also be in possession of pure truth and recognize error as such; he will seek to give it up and reach soul maturity; he will reach his objective to come close to God. Amen. B.D. NR. 3984.


Book 49 3985

Value and effect of the divine word.

24. and 25. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3985.

The value of my word you can only estimate after the giving up of your bodily cover, when you will recognize that my word has achieved the maturity of your soul, that it gave you light and power for the way on earth and that it is my direct radiation, which can never remain without effect. And the effect of my word is light and power. You become knowing through my word. The knowledge is certainly also offered in a way that your will must become active, to receive it and to make it to one’s own intellectual creation. You can stand in a high degree of knowledge when you seriously bury yourselves in my word, when you want to still your thirst for knowledge and refresh yourselves with the source of my eternal love in the desire for deep wisdom. Then you will possess an exceedingly rich knowledge at the entry into the kingdom of light and be happy accordingly, because you can use this property according to your will. To possess much means to be able to give much, and much giving wins you increased happiness, because you receive far more than you give. Also on earth you will receive in accordance with your willingness to give. My word will certainly always be offered to you to first stimulate you to the willingness to give; through my word the commandment to love is first announced to you – but truthful knowledge you only receive when you fulfil this love commandment, because love is the fire from where the light starts, and one without the other is not conceivable. And so the light will shine the brighter the greater the flame of love is – knowledge will be deep and comprehensive with him who lives in love. And this knowledge, pure truth out of me, is offered to the loving man so as I find it healthy for the destiny on earth. Exceedingly rich knowledge will be his part when he wants to be active in redemption and puts himself at my disposal voluntarily, because then he needs that knowledge for his spiritual work. But countless souls stand on earth in lower knowledge despite eager love activity, which however stand in fullest insight like lightning as soon as the soul leaves the body, so that they now can be active in the hereafter in accordance with their purpose. According to his desire and his earth task will be the degree of knowledge of a man, and a man thirsty for knowledge will, when he lives right on earth, always walk in brightest light, because I myself look after and instruct him, directly or indirectly. I guide his thoughts right; I supply him with my word. I inform him of my work on earth and speak to him through my word, which is sent to men directly from above. When he asks questions mentally, I will give him the answer, and his knowledge will assume an extent that richly delighted of it he feels pushed to utilize this knowledge in the face of his fellowmen, because right knowledge earns him the insight of the urgency of a help, and he will always be eager to help in his love and therefore likewise take part in the work of redemption, and his will will be happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 3985.


Book 49 3986

Increased knowledge obligates. Explanation for kind of knowledge.

27. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3986.

The possibility is open to you any time to get enlightenment about questions, which preoccupy you, as soon as you only seriously desire an answer. Therefore you can also widen your knowledge any time, and you will never need to remain in standstill – but you must use this possibility. I myself give what I consider necessary and salutary for your souls; I teach you in that measure as it is beneficial or necessary for the fulfilling of your task on earth, but you yourselves can at any time increase the measure through the own will, when you request what seems you are lacking, and I will grant it to you with pleasure, because I satisfy the desire of those who are mine, when it does not bring about harm to them. But increased knowledge also obliges to use it. What you receive from me, you also must pass on, otherwise it remained unused power from me. When you now want to be active for me, by you being prepared to let my power flow over upon fellowmen – by you imparting your knowledge to them, which you have received from me, then certainly no limit is imposed on you from my side, but you will be able to penetrate into all fields, which are otherwise closed to you. I hand out according to the work-willingness of my hearers, and now it will also be comprehensible to you that I first impart the knowledge to my servants on earth, which concerns the time of the end, because in this time they are to discharge the duties of their office, which requires a certain knowledge. It will be comprehensible to you that my servants must give enlightenment about what most preoccupies the hearts of men – about matter, what is still so highly regarded by men and whose value must therefore be examined in detail, so that they learn to understand the events of the time of the end as allowed by me. So that the teacher can also refute every other objection, a broadened knowledge has certainly also been offered to him before, but this knowledge is not absolutely necessary for men, to whom spiritual help is to be brought. These are merely to be pointed to the near end, to the responsibility, which they take with their soul, and to the urgency of a change of their soul-property, to the urgency of busy soul-work, so that it does not come to an end on the day of judgement. The thirst for knowledge of the individual will nevertheless also be taken into account when questions preoccupy him, which he presents to me for answering. What you request, what you trustingly ask from me, that will be given to you, may it be spiritual or earthly good – when you only believe. Because I let neither body nor soul live in want and give to it as it is salutary for both. And no limits are set to the knowledge of him who wants to serve me, as long as he wants to use this knowledge to work for my kingdom on this earth. For this is of highest importance in the coming time, that my servants are restlessly active, because the end is near, and that they help to rescue out of darkness who are of good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3986.


Book 49 3987

God as instructor. He lets himself be found.

28. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3987.

Who seeks me in thoughts, him I approach, and intervene in his thoughts, i.e., the power of my spirit connects itself with the spirit spark in man, and therefore the union with me is established for the duration of his mental activity, which aims at me. And then the thinking of man will be right because my spirit arranges and directs it. And so all questions can be asked mentally, may it be that the man desires answers for him alone or has also conversations with fellowmen – the right answer will come to them because I myself stay as instructor with those who seek me. But how far the striving for me possesses the man, that I truly know best, and that is why I give to every man differently, according to his desire and the fulfilment of the conditions, which make the work of my spirit possible. And often it will seem as if I give to men unjustly when the striving of one is not noticeable outwardly to fellowman. But who withdraws into quietness, he does not need to make a show of his striving, but he finds the connection with me easier, and he can therefore be a more eager learner for me, while the fellowman does not succeed in turning to the inside, because he does not practise and is therefore also not able to hear my soft voice. Then the connection with the world is still too great and this is the hindrance, which must first be removed when man wants to find me and hear my voice. The spirit in man turns away from the world; it only seeks the connection with the father spirit. But that is why I approach everyone whose heart desires me, and let myself be found by everyone who seeks me – because who seeks me, he also has love in himself, and therefore he longs for me, the original source of love. And he will also reach his destination, to be united with me for ever, because who lives in love, he is in me, and I am in him. And he will also feel me as present because I let myself be found by him who seeks me. Therefore he will also be aware of my presence and therefore already happy on earth. The world can now offer nothing to him any longer because his desire is meant for other goods, gifts, which my love offers to him through words, which he will hear mentally or sounding and which are the most delicious for him what he can receive on earth, because they come out of the spiritual kingdom, because it is my voice, which he hears, the voice of the father, who speaks to his child. Who lives in love on earth, he is also the happiest creature, because he never ever needs to miss me, because I radiate my love power through him, and he receives rich knowledge. The spirit in him can now express itself, and it will also be heard and understood, and his soul will unite itself with the spirit and also make the body willing that also its substances spiritualize themselves, as long as it is the cover of the soul on earth. But I draw everything to me what becomes like me by forming itself to love. There is now no longer separation, no cleft from man to me, when he lives in love. Then I am close to him and any time reachable for him; then he can hear my word always and continuously; he can commune with me when only he withdraws into his chamber – when he thinks in peace and quiet and listens to my voice. He now no longer needs to seek me because he has found me, and he now no longer goes away from me because my nearness makes him happy, because my word is highest happiness for him, because he is full of power and light, which flow over to him and testify to my presence. Seek, and ye shall find – knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Commune with me mentally, and you will hear my reply; you will mature and safely reach the destination, for the unification with me in happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 3987.


Book 49 3988

God’s word greatest gift of favour.

1. March 1947 B.D. NR. 3988.

Great favour is granted to you through the supply of my word. You are connected to the spiritual kingdom; you no longer only live in this world, but you can enter the actual home any time and fetch power from there for all troubles and sufferings of earth time. And you can entrust those to me through believing prayer and ask me to carry it for you because you have, through my word, knowledge of my exceedingly great love, omnipotence and wisdom and you know, when you believe, to always be safe in my protection. The knowledge about this I impart to you through my word, and as it is offered to you directly out of the heavens, also the believing in it is made easier for you, because what I announce to you, proves to be true, and therefore you can drop all doubt, you can, when you are still weak in faith, just give full expression to my word and therefore put it to the test, and you will recognize that my word is truth, that it is my word, which is offered to you from above. You receive a gift of favour incomprehensible for you, a present, that you cannot appreciate enough, because it puts you continuously in the situation, to be able to hand out light and power yourselves and therefore perform a great work of neighbourly love and through this do redeeming work on earth and to mature exceedingly quickly at your soul. My love gives you every possibility of a quick ascent, but you must also contribute everything yourselves that the gift of favour can have an effect in you, because this depends alone on your free will, whether and how far you use my gift of favour. You must be aware that it is a gift from me that you do not deserve in your state of maturity, but which supplies you with my love, to make you more worthy so that you can approach me. And that is why you must first follow my word; you must believe it that your state of maturity increases when you do what I demand of you through my word. Then you will also recognize the truth of my word at its effect and thankfully receive my gift of favour as an extraordinary present. Appreciate it; do not become lukewarm and sluggish, but let the guidance of my word be a permanent miracle for you, which fills you with thanks and love against the sponsor; know that you can have an exceedingly great advantage when you do not pass it heedlessly. Bring your unworthiness home to you, and make an effort to become worthy of my love and favour by you fulfilling my will, which I announce to you through my word. Appreciate the gift of favour by letting it have again and again an effect on you; bury yourselves in my word; receive it with a hungry heart, and let yourselves be refreshed, because your soul needs strengthening and refreshment so that it can mature still on earth. And therefore I give you the food of the soul, spiritual bread and living water; I feed and water you continuously through my word, which is offered to you from above because I love you and want to make you happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 3988.


Book 49 3989

Strong faith and trust in God’s help.

2. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3989.

The full trust in my help is the most secure guarantee, and therefore it is always up to you yourselves in what measure you experience my help and with what severity earthly trouble presses you. For I remove it in accordance with your faith, because the meaning and purpose of trouble is to win you and to strengthen in you your faith in my love and omnipotence. Spiritual trouble on the other hand I will remove in accordance with you love-will, in accordance with the desire for me. For spiritual trouble you only feel then as trouble, when you believe in me and consciously strive for me, only then the imperfection of your soul becomes clear to you, and you feel this as trouble and then ask for my assistance, my help and favour, to become perfect. Then you will also never do a wrong request because your will to change is now guarantee for it; you succeed with my help. But to rescue your soul out of spiritual trouble is very much more important, as long as you stay on earth, because earthly trouble finds its end with your earthly decease, but the trouble of the soul remains and can only be removed through one’s own will, but it is extremely weak in the hereafter when it has not already on earth striven for a change of the soul. First recognize your spiritual trouble, and humbly turn to me for help, and then trustingly present your earthly trouble to me, and I will also free you from this. I will intervene so that you can recognize me, and certainly there, where those stay who are mine, where a strong faith firmly expects my help without doubts and reservations. There I am continuously prepared to help to not bring such faith to stagger and to strengthen a still weak faith. And when you are still of weak faith, then bury yourselves in my word, and increase also the power of your faith through the power of my word. For when you let me speak to you, I can at the same time remove spiritual trouble and my word will not be without effect with you; you will, if you are of good will, feel it that I only speak words of truth to you, that my love wants to give to you what you lack, that I want to give to you spiritually and earthly to win you for me, to bring a deep unshakable faith in you to maturity. For it makes you free from all weakness of the body and the soul. Strong faith is your own strength, for then you also know that you are never without help and that you can overcome everything with my support, with my power, which you can yourselves acquire through faith. Again and again I therefore have to impose faith tests upon you; again and again let earthly trouble come, so that your faith now revives; so that you present your earthly trouble to me and now fully trustingly expect my help. And you will get it, because I also want to help you to strong faith, so that you also face greater troubles without worry and fear; so that you always oppose them with my secure help and I now can take them from you. For I certainly never disappoint a believing earth child, which trust in the help of the father. My love will take earthly and spiritual trouble from you when you believe in me and my love. Amen. B.D. NR. 3989.


Book 49 3990

Emergence of the New Earth in a Moment.

4. March 1947. B.D. Nr. 3990.

The downfall of the old earth follows the rebuilding of a new earth. This is planned since eternities and God’s will and power gets active for a work of a most meaningful and practical nature. New creations will give pleasure to men who are worthy to live on the new earth. And these creations will come into being in a moment - but not before the eyes of those men who still stay at the place of peace whereto they will be raptured before the collapse of the old earth. They will well see the old earth perish, they see the work of destruction from which they escaped due to God’s great love, but they do not see the emergence of the new earth but will be brought to it after the completion of a work that is revealing God’s great power and glory. And God accomplishes the miracle work in a moment, his will lets his thoughts and ideas become form because the slow course of development that was followed at the creation of the old earth has now become unnecessary because the spiritual that is to enliven the new creation has already covered this slow course of development, because this course got interrupted and therefore now only works of creation are necessary that receive the spiritual that is waiting for its further development that takes place at the moment of creation. That spiritual that did not pass the last test of life on earth as man will be banished anew in hard matter that however is also put together differently than on the old earth insofar as it has new, for men completely unknown substances, that are as such difficult to dissolve but that will serve men for their use in way that will soon become understandable to them and because of that the spiritual in it is allowed to serve as the material fulfils its serving purpose though this again depends on the will of the spiritual. Also the other creations are unimaginable for the men of the old earth and they will therefore draw loud rejoicing because they delight the eye and the heart due to their beauty and purpose. All the spiritual that has become free will take residency in these new creations and will now be able to continue the interrupted development because men of the new earth will at once realize the purpose of every work of creation because they have a high degree of maturity and as it were get instructed by God himself through the voice of the spirit also in the application of those works of creation in their daily life. It will be a life of joy and peace in God because the new creations contribute considerably to the increase of love of men towards God and them enjoying doing his will. They also will not have to suffer any want because God fatherly cares for them and bestows on them an excess of bodily and spiritual gifts. The sense of time for the length of their absence from the old earth is taken from them so that they do not know and cannot find out what period of time the renewal of the earth has taken. They continue their life as they have lived at the place of peace after the rapture, they are continually active and continually do works of love, they are closely connected to God and do not know any other will than God’s - they live in a paradisiac state of bliss and peace and therefore a new redemption period begins again with spiritual mature men, who are not anymore assailed by the enemy of their souls and who therefore can unhindered go the way up, who developed themselves still on earth into purest beings of light and find complete union with God - who are therefore true children of God and who can already on earth enjoy all the bliss of being nearby God. Amen. B.D. NR. 3990.


Book 49 3991

Fulfilment of divine will - Fulfilment of love-commandment.

5. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3991.

Under the fulfilment of my will always the fulfilment of my love-commandment is to be understood, for this includes everything what I demand of you men. When you seriously consider my permanent demand, to love the neighbour as yourselves, you will recognize every act, which is not right according to my will, as being wrong, because it brings about harm to the neighbour, bodily or also spiritually. Love must always be fundamental principle of your thinking and acting, then you will also never contravene my commandment of love. And you will respect the property of the neighbour, his honour; you will treat him as brother and not seek to harm him in body and soul. Love is therefore the greatest command, and this I preach always and continuously, because you men cultivate it too little and through it become a slave too easily of him who is without love and also seeks to suffocate it in you to separate you from me. And therefore you also do not take any notice of my commandments; you seek to increase your property at the expense of the neighbour; you seek to gain all lures from earthly life, and this often by use of means, which lack all love towards the fellowman. Therefore you violate my command; you do not live according to my will. And then you can never reach your destination – fusion with me through love. Because I have given you the love-command only, to show you the way on which you can come to union with me. My command is especially aimed at those who stand away from me, because he who strives towards me needs no command; he will never contravene my will, because the love spark has already been kindled in him, otherwise the desire for me would not fill him. But who is still devoid of all love, he needs my command, so that he can measure his acting and thinking by it, and therefore guidelines are given to him, so that he recognizes when and how he sins against love, and he will have reliable success when he keeps my command of neighbourly love before the eyes with everything he thinks and does. He will respect the property of the neighbour; he will seek to keep all harm away from him; he will consider him spiritually and earthly as brother, and when he therefore shows love towards his neighbour, he will also love me, because the fulfilment of my will towards the neighbour also results in increase of recognition. I will no longer be foreign to him, and he will seek to get into contact with the being, which has created him. Because love alone creates light for him, and that is why the love command is the only and greatest, which announces my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3991.


Book 49 3992

Living connection. Right prayer.

5. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3992.

The living connection with me is established through intimate prayer. But to be able to pray right, i.e. in intimate love towards me, man must believe in me as in his father from eternity, who, because he is love himself, leans towards every of his creatures when it calls him. In addition he must also believe in my power, otherwise he would not ask me for help in the trouble of the body and the soul. The belief in my love and my omnipotence makes man trusting and confident, and he seeks mental connection with me; his heart opens towards me because it wants to receive me, and therefore I become alive in his heart, i.e., he stands in the awareness of my presence when he prays to me in spirit and in truth – childlike and humbly and still confident hoping for help. The intimate prayer always establishes the connection with me, and the praying earth child will always receive earthly or also spiritual good, as I consider it salutary for it. The more aware this connection with me is now cultivated the more powerful the man will be able to work on earth, and he then also no longer feels weak, because my nearness teaches him differently; my nearness gives him the awareness of power and favour, which starts from me. Man is never allowed to imagine that God is to be sought in the distance and that he as spirit does not connect himself with man on earth. I enter into this connection any time, because I have set every creature the unification with me as the last goal and therefore immediately seize what seeks to approach me in free will. And free will expresses itself in prayer, because man is never forced to pray; the prayer, which comes out of the heart, is always a voluntary connecting with me, which is based on faith in me and my love. And the sure success of a right prayer is power supply for the soul, because the connection with me must have an effect, because my nearness always results in an increased degree of maturity, and this the body will not always feel, but certainly the soul, and it will reach the goal. The living connection with me is the surest means to become perfect, because who receives my power, he also walks to the height; I draw him because he strives towards me. And what I once seize, I no longer leave from me for ever. Who prays like this that he speaks to me in the heart, he will also be able to hear me because I answer all his words and thoughts as soon as he lets me speak, i.e. listens what I want to say to him. Who gets into contact with me intimately, he also listens to my voice; he demands enlightenment, and I give it to my child, because it asks the father for it; I give it bodily and spiritually, i.e., I hear his earthly pleading and do not disappoint it by refusing to give myself, as I also consider his spiritual state and provide the child with what it lacks – spiritual good, which is a help to its soul. For I love my children and give to all who connect themselves to me in deep faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 3992.


Book 49 3993

Reshaping matter. Activity - Blessing. Redemption.

7. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3993.

Divine love is not always recognizable but always working to help man, as well as all spiritual, which still languishes unredeemed in material form. Every change is a help, and that is why man is also to participate in the reshaping of that what surrounds him as matter when it fulfils no serving purpose. Your love for the unredeemed is also expressed in this that you help it in its spiritual trouble, and that you can do as soon as you open serving possibilities to it. Everything that surrounds you suffers agonies when it cannot be active, because the will for it it has and has always been embodied in the form on the basis of its will, which has a serving activity as destiny, therefore man must contribute to it that the spiritual is not hindered to serve, to not lengthen its agony, but to help it, to become free from its form. But man’s thinking and striving is about gaining possessions, to gather riches, and he will consequently only bring a small part of material property to its actual destiny, while the other far greater part of his possessions remains inactive, because it is not allowed to serving activity. And therefore it is to be understood how necessary a dissolving of the form of that spiritual has become, which was already bound in matter throughout the time, without having been brought to its actual purpose; it is understandable that God himself helps the spiritual where man’s help fails, where his greed for earthly possessions drove him to the gathering of material goods, without taking the actual purpose of those goods into account. It is understandable that God has taken those goods from men and he through it gives increased possibility to the spiritual still in matter to serve to redeem itself. And at the same time he puts pressure on men to participate in the work of redemption by him letting him get into situations of trouble, which are to drive him to carry out material reshaping, to make unusable matter again usable. Uncountable possibilities are given to man to be active in creating and forming in times where every possession has been destroyed, and these possibilities he is to exhaust, so that it brings a blessing to him and to the spiritual in matter, so that eager activity starts everywhere. For it alone is redeeming and increases the degree of maturity of the spiritual, while inactivity means a standstill of the development of the spiritual and will never find the approval of God. The gathering of earthly goods will only then be blessed when an increased activity comes out of it, when all spiritual bound in it is allowed to an activity, which is in accordance with its purpose – when the material goods find that use, which is in accordance with their purpose. And for that men must help, because the spiritual in matter is mostly dependent on the help of man insofar, as he must assign the purpose to it or must let new creations come into being through his will and his life power, where the possibilities to serve have been taken from the spiritual. And that is why the work of eager hands is of a great blessing, that is why decreased material possession will always drive to busier activity and this will be of greatest advantage for both the spiritual in matter as well as also for man himself, because the process of redemption of all spiritual can only take its progress, when serving is made possible for it and can through this again and again overcome the outer form, until it, as man, can itself carry out serving activity and can redeem itself finally through this. Amen. B.D. NR. 3993.


Book 49 3994

Light from above. Complete darkness.

9. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3994.

In a time of complete darkness I must send increased light to you men, should you become seeing and find the right way to me. And complete darkness will rule then when men themselves no longer long for truth or when they receive everything as truth what is offered to them, what is severely interspersed with error. The light of truth is my word, because I myself am eternal truth, and from me starts light. But what is imparted to men on earth as my word has lost its bright shine of light; it is just merely the shell, which once held the kernel. With good will the kernel can certainly still be found by that man who seriously strives for truth, because it consists of the pure love teaching, which I preached myself to the people on earth to put them out of the state of lack of light into the bright state, which is purpose and destination of earth life, to guide them to recognizing of truth out of me. Because light is wisdom; light is knowledge about me and my plan of salvation from eternity. Who stands in the light, he will also feel the relief of light; who walks along in darkness, he does not know about meaning and purpose of earth life, and he seeks this in the world; he strives and creates busily only for the earthly and ignores the spiritual. He does not know the way because it is dark around him and he longs too little for light, for the word that starts from me, testifies of me and leads to me. This word is not enough offered to him because he desires it not enough. You men do not know about the power of my word when you receive it in earnest desire – you pay more attention to ceremonies and humanly enacted commands than my word – but this alone is to be taken seriously, the word alone it is what give lightness when you obey it, because light is sent to you with the word, which overflows you from above according to your desire. When you want to recognize error then you must let yourselves be instructed; you must learn to tell the difference between truth and error and, when both is offered to you, decide yourselves what you want to accept. You must also grant access to the light, which my love lets flow to you – you must pay attention to my word, which is offered to you from above, or receive it from somewhere else in fullest will for truth, because it will always be my word when you desire to hear me myself. Grasp it that your desire alone is decisive, whether you receive truth or error. Grasp this so that it is comprehensible to you why mankind walks along in lack of light, why it is no longer in pure truth, which also means light at the same time, because the desire for truth does not exist. And that is why also error finds access and is still not recognized as error. Again and again I try to point men to truth, but shyly they withdraw; they flee from light and content themselves with twilight, which makes all clear knowledge impossible for them. They are satisfied with an inadequate knowledge and could still be introduced into deep wisdom when they would pay attention to my light from above, which is imparted to them as extraordinary gift of favour. They could raise an immense treasure and pass it heedlessly. But they receive error all the time, and as a result they worsen their lightless state. Let yourselves be enlightened; do not set for yourselves limitations of your knowledge; think for yourselves and do not accept without thinking what is offered to you under the cover of my will. Come to me and ask me for the supply of purest truth; do not be satisfied with spiritual good offered by men, but always ask me first for advice; ask me for help for right thinking, and desire intimately to stand in truth – and it will be given to you; you will recognize it as truth; you will feel it pleasantly as light and never ever want to step out of the light shine of my word because my word alone is light, which shines for a long way, which chases away all darkness in you, gives you right knowledge and leads you to me. My word is eternal truth because it goes out from me myself as the eternal truth. And who stands in truth, he will never ever lose it; he will take it over with him as spiritual good into the kingdom, which is his true home, and he will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3994.


Book 49 3995


10. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3995.

Looking from the communist point of view there should be no differences allowed both in external life conditions and also in the lifestyle of the individual. Yet this never corresponds to the will of God, who himself takes account of all kinds of differences in the life destinies of men. Men are indeed to always strive to give to the neighbour the same what they possess themselves and what makes them happy, but man must always be free how he adapts to the commandment of neighbourly love; he is not allowed to be forced to the sharing of his property, but on the other hand his property is also not allowed to be taken from him, if he acquired it legally. And there will always be and remain a difference in the size of the property as long as men’s capacity for work and desire to work vary and these can never be brought to the same measure, when the free development of the individual is not to be stopped. It would be a world full of monotony if God would not have created his creation in different ways and when he would not have given to man the ability to form his life according to his will and his power, because both must be applied; this is purpose and destination of earth life. The will of man can go in different direction; the life power flowing towards man can be used differently, as it is also already distributed differently by God, consequently the activity of men must be different, as also understandably the earthly success, and already through this different life conditions result, because they also must be in human existence. Every man is indeed to let justice happen to his fellowmen in all things, but that never ever means absolute equality. For exactly the diversity of success is a driving means to increased activity, and activity is always blessed, while the urge for activity receives immediately an inhibition, when the success is never increased through it and unused live power also means spiritual standstill or retrogression both for man himself as also for the development of the spiritual bound in matter. Uninterrupted activity guarantees uninterrupted ascent development. And that is why God lets both the life destinations develop differently in general, to increase the urge for activity of the individual – and as he also gives earthly goods, abilities and earthly success differently to men in general. Because in common life the thought of neighbourly love is likewise to be awakened and to stimulate activity. But as soon as men want to create an evening out of the living conditions through expropriation of one and giving to another, as soon as the striving of men goes to abolishing all differences, the urge to busy creation is also stopped, but as also just acting and thinking is called into question. Because men is then no longer given according to their worth, but also the man who has become worthless through his way of thinking or his activity receives in equal measure. Differences must be; there must be high and low men on earth, so that serving neighbourly love can unfold – there must be riches and poverty, otherwise mankind would be without all striving and the will for activity would sink down to a minimum. Only through love can misery and hardship of the individual be controlled, but never through an action, which stretches over many men, which purpose is forcing into line and equalizing of the living conditions, but which would never ever be a blessing for mankind. This would also be tantamount to a wanting to frustrate divine destiny plans, but men will not succeed in this, because wherever earthly an evening out is brought about, God puts heightened demands to men, or his will ruins what the will of man seeks to build up, if this is not according to divine will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3995.


Book 49 3996

Besieging of the bearers of truth by the opponents of God. God’s help.

10. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3996.

To fulfil a spiritual task requires exceedingly strong will because the opponent of God will make a very special effort upon this will to stop man to stand up for pure truth, what is the task of a man who has put himself into the service of God. There will always be two currents among men, followers and representatives of pure truth and such who cling to error; and light will always have to fight against darkness because the prince of the lie always seeks to weaken truth and to put error on its place. The prince of darkness fights against God, the lie against truth, darkness against light. And this fight will last as long as the earth exists as education station of the spiritual, which is to redeem itself. This fight will particularly then become evident when truth is obviously supplied from above to earth. Then the opponent applies all conceivable means to drive it out, and he then also comes as figure of light to creep in deceitfully and to get a foothold where too little resistance is offered to him. And first of all he seeks to eliminate the bearers of truth by him using every opportunity to break their will, by him seeking to influence them to give up the work for God and to find replacement for it in the pleasures of the world. If he does not succeed in attracting a servant of God through the world, then he proceeds tougher by him seeking to undermine all spiritual successes at fellowmen, by having an effect upon latter and influencing them to an opposing attitude and therefore making for the spreaders of light their mission on earth more difficult in every way. And now a strong will belongs to it, to carry out the task on earth in spite of this counter work; an extremely strong faith and devoted love towards God belongs to it, to remain a faithful servant to him on earth, to recognize and to detest the opponent and to carry out the work for fellowmen with staying power and eagerness and to finally face him as victor when the last fight will be passed. But God lets no servants and workers of his un-strengthened; he helps him any time if he is threatened to become weak, if his will is exposed to strong upheavals through continuous effort of the enemy of truth. Then he himself appears as well, and the opponent must retreat from him. Truth will also always displace error when men themselves do not put up a fight and prefer error to truth. Then God leaves the will to them and gives them what they desire themselves. Then the opponent of God certainly gains the victory, but he will not enjoy it for long; he only wins for himself what belongs to him already for long, but not what strives towards God and for that reason is also seized by God and can no longer get lost for ever. But who is representative of truth on earth, his will will receive strengthening at any time through the supply of light from above. And his will will no longer be able to be weakened in the measure that he gives up truth or does not stand up for it. For he himself gets pleasure from his service and full of eagerness he goes about his work, which God himself has instructed him to do and which he for that reason also blesses. But his blessing means continuous help, supply of power and perpetual forwarding of his word, which will also bring in the maturity as continuous source of power of his soul, which frees him completely from the power of darkness and removes him from all influencing of dark powers. And he will be full of power and stand up for God and eternal truth; he will be an efficient worker on earth in the vineyard of the Lord. Amen. B.D. NR. 3996.


Book 49 3997

Defection from God and way of return. Light - darkness.

11. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3997.

You have come out of the kingdom of light and now walk in darkness, and you are to blame. God is the light from eternity, and therefore he was the origin, and what came out of him must again be light, because light radiates and spreads light. And nevertheless that what went out of him sank into darkness, it lost its illuminating power, because it wanted to escape from the original light, because it did not want to be fed from the eternal original source of light and because it recognized itself as full of light and thought not to need the supply of light – because it imagined itself powerful with regard to God, therefore was arrogant. Not ignorance caused that what is full of light to be arrogant against God, because it stood in highest knowledge, and exactly this knowledge was, because all-embracing, cause for its arrogance, and that is why its arrogance was a sin against God of greatest importance, because the creatures of God sought to belittle their creator, the highest and most perfect being, because they no longer acknowledged him. They became sinful and fell into darkness, i.e. into a lightless state, where they lost all recognition, all knowledge. God withdrew his love power from what was created, which wanted to escape from him; he took from it what had caused its arrogant thinking – the knowledge and consequently the recognition, what it was, what it was to be. But he also gave it the possibility to again gain knowledge and to return to its original state, because it is not in accordance with his love and wisdom, to be separated for ever from what he had created. It can free itself from the great sin of the defection from God and in this way also again return to the state of light, but then it has to give up all arrogance; it must strive to be near God; it must again enter into his light and love circle and let itself be radiated. It must want to escape from darkness and desire light. But you men, who embody that what has defected from God, still walk in deepest darkness, because your will does not strive for God, and that is why you also do not enter his light circle, and you are still far away from God – you shrink from the light, and you remain without knowledge, without all understanding. And still you are able to abolish the distance to God in a short time, to over-bridge a cleft, which you have created for yourselves, because God stands by you in every way with his love and favour, to send you back to the original state, which you have left voluntarily. But you must also seek to gain him again voluntarily; he cannot be given back to you against your will, otherwise you would remain imperfect until all eternity. But when you have the will to return to the beginning of light, when you aspire to the light yourselves, then you will also get it, then you step into the state of understanding; you become knowing, i.e., you win back the lost knowledge, and you now give up all arrogance; you approach God in humble love, and his infinite love, which he has never withdrawn from you , accepts you again and leads you to your former destination - you are allowed to work in light and power fullness and will be unimaginably happy. You men on earth, escape from darkness; seek the light, and where a weak gleam of light shines, there turn to it and enter this light, and it will become stronger and stronger, until you are radiated around by the highest light. Take this call seriously, because you will never feel well in darkness, because after your decease you feel it as indescribable agony, and only light will give you happiness, but then it will be far more difficult for you to reach the light. For that reason use the earth time; strive for knowledge; strive for God, the eternal light, and let him again put you into the state of knowledge; approach again the creator and father from eternity in love and humility, and he will accept you and help you to happiness, which you find only in unification with the original light, from which you once went out. Amen. B.D. NR. 3997.


Book 49 3998

Admonition for the spreading of the announcements. Near end.

13. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3998.

Pay attention to the announcements which point to the near end because they are a particular gift of favour, although their content touches you terribly. The last words of admonition are proof of the love of God, who wants to still help you shortly before the end so that you remain protected from the spiritual downfall. And they will become louder and louder, the words of admonition will sound more and more urgently, because mankind is in greatest danger. But faith in the truth of the announcements is lacking, and that is why they are not taken seriously; the divine voice is not recognized, and the admonitions fade away at the ears of men and do not leave a deep impression. Seers and prophets are not respected; the attention of men is directed towards earthly goods; the care for the soul does not occur, and divine love remains unrecognized; men are satisfied with the world of appearance and do not strive for the spiritual world, which alone is valuable and constant. And God can no longer express himself more obviously than through the elements of nature – because these are inaccessible to the will of men, consequently only one power can subjugate them, which is extremely powerful. And this being will reveal itself when the hour has come, which is set for eternity. And God points this out always and continuously, so that they, by the truth of the announcements, can also get to know the giver of it and now submit to him. Because many, who have taken note of those announcements, have the great favour to stay alive, and these will have the proof of the truth and now stand up for it full of eagerness. And that is why these announcements are to be spread; they are to be made accessible to all who cross the way of him who has received them from above; without shyness it is to be spoken about because for that reason God reveals himself through the voice of the spirit that his will is announced to men, and for that reason he announces his plan from eternity to men, so that they benefit from the knowledge – so that they work on themselves as long as there is still time. And time is short. Believe this and live as if tomorrow is the last day for you. And do not let God speak to you in vain; listen to his voice and believe that he himself wants to admonish and warn you in love and care for your souls. He does not want you experiencing the day unprepared where an incomprehensible natural disaster will surprise you and bring to you men a change of life, which you cannot imagine. He will express himself, and everyone will be able to recognize him who is of good will. Again and again and again he requests a hearing and points to that day to which the last end will follow in not too long a time, the day of judgement and of complete destruction of that what is on earth. And those who survive the day of the natural disaster, they can speak of an extraordinary favour, because it is now made easy for them to believe because everything comes true as it has been predicted. That is why that event is to be mentioned eagerly; the announcements are to be spread always with the instruction that no longer a long time remains, that the care for the souls is extremely important and that the earthly is to remain unnoticed if possible because it is vain, because all property will be taken from men who cling to the earthly, so that they recognize the worthlessness of matter and the will of God who can give and take and does it, so as it is healthy for the soul of man, which he wants to rescue from eternal ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3998.


Book 49 3999

Word of God - Flesh and blood.

15. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3999.

Who wants to receive me, who wants to eat my flesh and my blood, he must desire me, not only according to the word, but in the deepest heart, only then I can draw near him and offer myself to him in the form of my word, because I am the word myself, the word is my flesh and my blood. The unification with me can consequently only then take place when man feels love towards me and expresses this love through active neighbourly love. When the heart is filled with love then it must also continuously dispose of its love, and it now turns this to fellowmen, who need it. But through its love it draws me myself to it, and I reveal myself to it; I communicate with it by me bringing myself in the word home to it, so that it connects with me through receipt of it, and this is a spiritual communion – which all of you men should aim for, because you will receive unutterable blessing from the connection with me, which the living word brings in. For you now receive from me myself the knowledge about my will, and according to the fulfilment of my will your knowledge is deepened, because I myself now reveal myself to you, because I lift all veils, which before were spread over my rule and work, over my plan of redemption from eternity. I introduce you to this knowledge, which makes you happy and richly blessed men on earth, which enlightens you about your own destination and which for that reason remains as your spiritual treasure, when you have to give up earth life. I reveal myself to you; I uncover all secrets for you; I myself come to you and talk to you through my spirit. And this can only happen through spiritual communion, through the unification with me through love. Grasp it that I cannot connect myself with a man other than in love, that love is therefore the first condition to receive me myself, to be able to enjoy my flesh and my blood, to receive my word, that it meets with a response in the heart. Because you can certainly read and hear my word, but I can only then stay in the word with you myself, when you have fulfilled the conditions, which I place to a unification with me, which only let the word become my flesh and my blood – when you form yourselves to love and I myself can take residence in your hearts. Intimate desire of my word also shows the desire for me myself and testifies to love towards me, and then I certainly do not hesitate to fulfil the desire and to reveal myself. But then man will also feel my presence; he will feel it that I have united myself with him; he will be happy inwardly through the receipt of my word, my flesh and my blood; he will be able to fill himself and to draw power, and his soul will mature. All this the unification with me must bring about because I can now work in man myself, because now I can fill his whole being with my power, with light and with love – because now I can continuously reveal myself to him, because now I can talk to him through my spirit, that I can guide you in all truth, as I have promised to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 3999.


Book 49 4000

Content of Bible is love teaching. Explanation of Jesus. Records.

16. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4000.

The spirit in you must teach you, otherwise you remain without knowledge. But it can only then become active when you live in love. And that us why my mission as man on earth first existed in the sending of divine love teaching, because it first had to transform man through obeying that the spirit in him could go into action and only then further spiritual imparting was possible. But men had deviated so far from love at the time of my walk on earth that the results of their lack of love had to be pointed out to them again and again and in more detail and the love commandment had to be held up to them continuously, and only few I could introduce to deep knowledge. But it would not be wise of me to impart this knowledge generally to men because without love it remains dead knowledge without effect. And that is why also the records of my disciples have remained in a form through my will, which certainly let deep knowledge lack, nevertheless have the love teaching as content, and who obeys it, he also penetrates into deeper knowledge, when he has a serious desire for it. I myself have certainly handed out on earth knowledge in fullness, but I also knew the hearts of my listeners; I knew about their degree of love, their will and about the recognition of my person, which caused my listeners to accept the knowledge offered to them as sole truth. I also instructed my disciples and made them able, through the pouring out of my spirit after my ascension to heaven, to impart to their fellowmen the same again, what they received through the spirit, and therefore men were also well supplied, to whom the disciples brought the Gospel, but as a love life is always the precondition to comprehend deep spiritual knowledge and to come into the blessing of it, the commandment to love should be passed on to future generations, and that is why this was written down by the disciples on my instructions, so that it remained conserved so, as it was taught by me on earth. And also my walk of life, which should serve all men as example, was content of the records, which remained behind for mankind as estate of my disciples, but which have deep knowledge missing, because this is my will. For he who wants to draw that knowledge out of the book, that certainly holds my word in it, and does not have love, he would not know what to do with it because spiritual knowledge is that light, that is ignited through love, that only can then radiate in fullest illuminating power when my spirit is awakened in man and man is now illuminated from the inside. Passed on school like knowledge would only then have a value when it can be checked and digested to become spiritual property, but what is always only possible under assistance of the spiritual, why love is indispensible. What is therefore more comprehensible than that through me myself on earth, as also through the records formed according to my will, always only love was taught and always only the commandment to love must be introduced to men first and most importantly? What is more comprehensible than that man cannot often enough be admonished to obey this law to acquire maturity of the soul? All further knowledge is just a result of a love life and is imparted to individual man as it is of use for him. Because as soon as his spirit is put into action, he can receive knowledge unmeasured, because he himself determines the degree of wisdom in which he wants to walk, and he then does not need to receive it out of books, but it is offered to him directly out of the spiritual kingdom, but what only that man can comprehend, who has awakened the spirit in him through obeying of my love commandment, what will never be comprehensible to those who live along without love and seek to acquire their knowledge out of books. This is just dead knowledge, but only the spirit gives life – only love gives the full understanding. Amen. B.D. NR. 4000.


Book 49 4001

Prediction, Tomahawk, Last Phase.

17. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4001.

There are higher laws that determine world affairs although human will has a great part in it. It is the lawmaker from eternity himself who directs everything and rules and who adjusts the effects of human will to fit his plan from eternity. And so seemingly the hatchet will be buried but the fire is not yet put out, it smoulders on to suddenly burst out as a mighty fire with devastating impact. And it comes true what has been predicted through the voice of the spirit. A new stage of life begins for men and hail to those who do not assess the worldly life too high, hail to those who have recognized the world of pretension and are not its slaves, hail to those who have knowledge about purpose and meaning of life on earth, who aim at something more than just the fulfilment of worldly lusts and pleasures. These will take up the struggle for survival that the coming times require. They will be and remain victors. Mankind will step into a new phase and a weighty struggle will start for the individual, he will have to go through great earthly miseries and spiritually come through the greatest struggle, the last fight of faith that precedes the last end. And this will come irrevocably as it is announced because the time has expired and the spiritual low calls for a halt, the last day will cut short the whole development of the spiritual on earth so that it can proceed on the new earth. Into this last phase mankind is entering now soon and world affairs will let the initiated that has spiritual knowledge know when it begins. Because before that the worldly events must take its course, the fire has to be kindled anew so that the misery reaches its height and the divine intervention is justified so that God himself reprimands the combatants and that he wrests the weapons from them and that he lets a great disaster come upon them all so that all men will look to those countries where God has spoken clearly. Because he himself will come out into the open and he will speak a language that everybody can understand who wants to understand it. And he also will reveal himself towards the believers, he will be with men in spirit, he will work among them and fill with power those who are full of faith. Because these will need his presence, they will require his help because the trouble of the time will also touch them and the fight against the believers will increase in severity the more the end approaches. The last phase will be of only a short duration but will exceedingly heavy weigh down on men und will be bearable only with God’s help. But everybody will come through this struggle who lives in God and with God, who loves him and his commandments because he is never alone and he will feel the presence of God and can always draw power from his word that he has given to men in his love so that they remain true to God and hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4001.


Book 49 4002

Admonition to spiritual work.

19. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4002.

You must stand in fullest deployment when you want to serve me on earth. And that means that you are to devote yourselves to your task completely, that you are to use every opportunity and work for me, because it is necessary. Only the spiritual work retains its value; only spiritual striving has eternal success, while all earthly activity is invalid with the moment of decease from earth. Earthly duties are certainly to be fulfilled, but spiritual activity to be placed in front of all and to be achieved first otherwise also earthly work is not blessed. And that is why aid is always coming to my servants when they need such for the purpose of fulfilment of spiritual and earthly tasks, and my servants can walk their earth way carefree, because I even out every uneven way where they are to walk; and when I give you this promise then you can truly believe that your way will always be passable because I myself walk with you wherever you direct your steps. You only must always lift up your eyes to me; you are not allowed to turn round after the world, and withdraw from my guiding father hand, because then you easily get on sideways, which again lead to the world, and then you will hardly be able to do the work for my kingdom. But you are necessary in the coming time; your task is of great urgency; it is important and could not be put off, and that is why I admonish you again and again to eager activity, and I will never stop to admonish you, so that you hear again and again my voice and obey what I tell you to do. Your life passes by quickly, therefore do not pay particular attention to it; but the soul is to be looked after for eternity, and you must therefore remember it far more and therefore be exceedingly active spiritually, even when the body is put at a disadvantage by it. When you seek me at any the time, you will always win; when you seek the world, you will lose. But the world offers you no compensation for that what you lose, but what I offer you that is valuable and to be replaced by nothing. And hold on to that and do not allow it to be taken from you by you not resisting the temptations. Remain in eager spiritual activity, and the tempter will not come near you, because former secures for you the connection with me, which protects you from all danger of the soul, which makes you strong and able, to do all work and therefore to be a successful worker in my vineyard. Amen. B.D. NR. 4002.


Book 49 4003

Error and truth. Way of life. Power of cognition. Influencing.

19. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4003.

Man is prevented from recognizing truth as long as he hands himself over to the powers which are the enemy of truth, i.e. it can be offered to him in purest form, but he lacks the power of judgement, the comprehension of its value, because the bad powers confuse his thoughts and he therefore grants access to those thoughts, which are imparted to him by those powers and which are wrong. He certainly could defend himself against this mental influencing when the desire for truth would be very strong in him, but he also lacks this, and he accepts all too willingly that thought material, which contradicts truth. He will therefore also not recognize truth as such, because under the influence of bad powers he also leads a bad walk of life, and from this it follows that the world is full of error, because the entire mankind no longer lives according to the will of God, that the majority of men lack the ability to differentiate truth from error, because it stands under the influence of such spiritual powers, which themselves are blind in the spirit and can therefore not impart truth. The mental activity of men is according to their will; is it turned towards God, then he will also live according to the will of God, then his spirit will also impart truth to him, because it is part of God and he never hands out error or untruth, because man then also stands in contact with all powers, who are receivers of light and can therefore only impart light. And light is truth; light is going out from God, therefore purest knowledge of divine origin. And no bad powers can approach a man, who fulfils the will of God; they cannot influence him mentally; he will reject mental radiations, which radiate around him like waves; he will not grant them access, on the other hand he will open himself to the radiations, which touch him out of the kingdom of light, and also always recognize these as truth, because also the power of recognition flows towards him as gift of favour of God, whose will he fulfils. For God gives back thousand fold what man gives to him – and the fulfilment of divine will is giving up of wilfulness. Therefore he receives purest truth out of God in most different form – through mentally imparted spirit material, as spoken word or also as word imparted through the mouth of man, however starting from God. But it is always truth, as soon as man makes an effort to fulfil the will of God. And that man always walks in error who stands far from God through a walk of life lacking love, contradicting divine will. He will never be in possession of truth because he will not recognize it when it is offered to him, or reject it, because error seems to be more acceptable to him as long until he himself changes his way of life, until he places himself under divine will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4003.


Book 49 4004

Eternal cycle. Permanent unification. Power.

20. and 21. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4004.

In the divine works of creation the power out of God condenses and becomes form. What the human eye sees, testifies therefore to both God’s will to shape and his omnipotence, which can carry out everything what God wants. But omnipotence and will are governed by wisdom and crowned by love. Where love, wisdom and omnipotence work, only highly perfect works of creation can come into being, i.e., meaning and purpose have to be recognizable by them, and also its destiny must again be according to the love and wisdom of God; it must be that what makes perfect what is still imperfect. The power flowing out of God increases all the time; it flows towards the smallest entities whizzing in space; drives them to unification, until endless many entity substances have found themselves, steered by the will of God, and is visible to the human eye as new creation. All entities are furnished with a will, which indeed can no longer determine itself, however its direction can be turned towards or away from God. And accordingly is also the form to which the entity is formed through God’s will and power. For God’s will and wisdom has set for the entity the reaching of perfection as the last aim, the reaching of that state, which results in the unification with God himself. Through continuous unification with equally mature spiritual the power radiation of God is also taken up, because it is that stimulation, due to which the entities seek and unite themselves. The power out of God is love, and love will always awaken the desire for unification, why the whole creation can also be called the power of God having become form. Its original substance is love, as it also always testifies to the love of God to him, who seriously thinks about meaning and purpose of creation and again awakens love in man, when he has recognized God as eternal love through his works. But the appropriateness of creation can only be recognized by man in a certain state of maturity, and indeed then, when the divine power of love can also flow into him, which then awakens again the spiritual in him to life that it likewise seeks to produce the unification with equally mature spiritual. But this unification is then no longer achieved on earthly creations, but now the spiritual in man rises into pure spiritual spheres and establishes the connection with the inhabitants of these spheres. It is therefore so to speak a cycle – the power going out of God flows into space, enlivens uncountable entities, drives them to unification and therefore condenses itself to form, according to the will of resistance against God to solid or easily soluble matter, until the soul of man has been formed through continuous unification, which now again forms itself, through power supply, according to willingness to receive, so that spiritual beings out of the kingdom of light, out of non-material creation, unite with it and draw it over into the spheres of light, that they now can also find the unification with God through increased striving, on earth or in the spiritual kingdom – and now the power, which went out of him, has again flown back to him, increased in itself, because a permanent effective power produces again and again new power. This cycle unwinds according to divine basic law, always repeating itself in the certain space of time, and it is therefore an eternal process of creation; new forms will emerge for ever out of God’s will to shape, since his love, wisdom and power never end, since his love always seeks to make happy, his wisdom knows the right way to put the still imperfect into the state which means happiness, and since his power must develop there, because power is life and God as eternal love himself must be active constantly and he therefore manifests himself in his works. How the process of ascent development happens, can only be comprehended by that man whose spirit is awakened, who has already established the unification of the spirit spark, which slumbers in him, with the father spirit from eternity or makes constantly the effort to establish it, who consciously strives towards God and thus also matures in recognition. To him the creation and shaping of the divine creator has become comprehensible through his works, because to him God speaks through creation, when he cannot be instructed through the voice of the spirit directly. And then the soul of man has also stepped out of its banished state, then it can certainly still stay on earth according to the body, but rise at any time into spiritual spheres, for when it has recognized God, it consciously strives towards him, and its stay on earth will no longer last long. The spiritual in him returns to its start from eternity; it unites with that what is full of light; it unites with God and will be indescribably happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4004.


Book 49 4005

God’s adoption. Exceeding great suffering. Blissful dying.

21. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4005.

The complete redemption of a man on this earth makes the decease of him to a state of highest happiness, because his soul leaves the body without any pain and struggle and rises into the spiritual kingdom, where it is received by countless light beings and brought to its true home. But this complete redemption is the result of an unselfish love work on earth, as a result of which the soul has completely cleansed itself and can now constantly receive light and power, what secures its spiritual ascent. But rarely is a man so penetrated by love that he can be regarded as candidate of the adoption as child of God; because to become a child of God with all rights of a child as his right heirs, much suffering must come over men who strive, however remember their souls not seriously enough. The sufferings must contribute to the complete cleansing of the soul when the soul wants to reach the highest aim. Then God helps it through exceedingly great suffering, that it can already on earth dispose of it, when it has just given up all resistance against God and changed itself to love. Suffering will never be condemned because it can be removed any time, because it reduces itself to the same measure as man urges love in himself to highest development. Suffering or love will always redeem, but love and suffering together put the soul in the state that it leaves the earthly world completely filled with light and can come into inheritance of the father in heaven. Therefore you man are not allowed to grumble and complain when the love of the father imposes great suffering on you, when he gives you a cross to carry, which presses you and strikes you as too heavy, and by it he wants to help you to reach a higher aim. Because only after the death of the body will you recognize the blessing of suffering and be thankful to God for this means, which he used with you and which his love and wisdom recognized as reliable success for your souls, because what it means to be able to enter the hereafter as child of God, that you cannot gauge on earth. It is the most intimate closeness with God, the light and power acceptance out of the source; it is a state of highest happiness, a state of creating and shaping in one’s own estimation, because the divine will also lives in the children of God and they can work constantly with God and in his will unlimitedly and are unspeakably happy in their light and power fullness and they now use these, as the love for the unredeemed feeds it in to them. They will be allowed to hand out and to receive without limitation, and they will enjoy the bliss of the nearness of God and be happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4005.


Book 49 4006

Limits of knowledge. Stepping over them.

22. und 23. März 1947. B.D. NR. 4006.

Spiritual spheres are closed to men as long as they do not lead their life in accordance with the will of God, because a limit of knowledge is set where the natural mind alone works without inner stirring, which, starting from the heart, is first to enliven the mind. But spiritual knowledge can be acquired; the limits can be exceeded on a way where the mind of man does not need to be active, and he will receive thought material, which can by no means be called unimportant, because it concerns knowledge, which indeed cannot be proven, but still reveals deepest truth and can also be substantiated logically. It concerns spiritual spheres, which for that reason cannot be fathomed by the mind, because they lie outside of human knowledge, and that is why it must also be imparted to men out of the spiritual kingdom. This can only happen through thought-transference, but which first touch the heart before they can be assimilated by the mind. But the heart is only then able and willing to receive when it has formed itself to love, otherwise it is no receiving station for the spiritual radiations and therefore a transmission out of the spiritual kingdom cannot take place. But spiritual knowledge is so extensive that man, who is of open-minded heart, could be instructed constantly without that the source would be exhausted, and unmeasured he could receive wisdom. But then also his mind has to be active when he wants to hold on to the spiritual material received and so to speak wants to let it first become spiritual property. And only then it will make him happy, because as long as man stays on earth, also his body and with it the organs must carry out those activities, which are their task and the mind must therefore grasp and assimilate what the heart receives out of the spiritual kingdom, and it will have to assimilate an extensive knowledge and now also be able to pass this on. But who only uses the mind, who closes the heart to spiritual currents, he will also only receive the impressions out of the earthly kingdom and have no knowledge which concerns spiritual spheres. His knowledge will be little, although it is respected by fellowmen because it is completely obliterated when the hour of the bodily end has come, while spiritual knowledge is imperishable, is taken with one over into the spiritual kingdom and means riches for the soul, with which it now can work in the hereafter for its own happiness. Because it is now to hand out knowledge and can this only when it possesses such. On the other hand the soul of him stands poor and ignorant in the hereafter, who on earth, devoid of all love, only let his mind become active and wanted to penetrate with it alone into spiritual knowledge. Because limits have been set for him, which he cannot overstep before he has changed himself to love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4006.


Book 49 4007

Extraordinary supply of favour depending on free will.

24.-26. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4007.

Also spiritual knowledge must be acquired; man is not supplied with it without his will and activity, although it is an obvious gift of favour. But the presenting of this gift of favour presupposes a way of life according to the will of God and the will to let the favour of God have an effect on oneself. Man must contact God consciously through prayer and unconsciously through love work; he must be devoted to the father from eternity in prayer; he must give up the own will and completely submit to the will of God, therefore hand himself over to him. Then God seizes him and gives to him favours in excess. It is an act of free will when man makes contact with him, but which results in unspeakable blessing. The will is in no way forced to move in a certain direction; man can use it completely differently; but when he completely gives up his own will, he only lets God rule and he receives everything devotedly out of God’s hand, then he will truly not suffer; God will give to him in excess, and indeed spiritual gifts, which do not lose their value, with light and power – with a knowledge, which prevails over all earthly knowledge. But a man will never be able to receive this knowledge who himself does nothing for it to partake of the favour of God. What is desirable to him that he will ask for from God in the firm belief that his request is fulfilled for him. But a valuable gift cannot be given to him when he does not establish the connection with him in prayer. But this is only possible when he believes in him as love, power and wisdom – and he can only win the convinced faith through thinking about the creator and the relationship of man to him. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that men express their opinion to such questions, which call for inner contemplation and spiritual research. Thoughtless acceptance of teachings, which touch spiritual subjects, must always be an obstacle, a barrier, which excludes the imparting of extraordinary gifts of favour. The heart of man remains closed; the vessel into which the spirit of God would like to pour itself does not open because man desires nothing what he already believes to possess. Through the supposed knowledge he creates for himself an obstacle; he lacks the will to make use of God’s supply of favour, and therefore he is given according to his will to receive, and when it is weak, he can only receive little knowledge; he will not increase in understanding, but always stand in the same knowledge. (26.3.1947) Of a gift of favour can therefore certainly be spoken about when spiritual knowledge is imparted to man, but he has requested this gift of favour in free will and also made himself worthy of it, and as soon as the freedom of the human will is used in this way that man strives for heightened soul maturity, favour over favour will fall to his share, because God does not limit it, where the will is present to let the favour become effective on oneself. But as far as God is concerned full freedom is left to the human will; it is pressed to strive neither upwards nor downwards; the direction of the will also does not depend on knowledge, because also the man poor in understanding can want, and thoughts are sent to him from every side, good and bad ones – for what he decides is completely up to him. But if spiritual knowledge is imparted to him from human side, it should be so important for him, that he mentally expresses his view about everything, what is to lead him to God. As soon as faith teachings are imparted to him, he is to think about them, what God demands from man, and he is to get himself into contact with him for the time being, then he will also be seized by God and guided into truth according to desire. Therefore the will must be there, to come close to God and to walk the way, which is shown by God, which finds his pleasure. Who strives for this, he will truly not remain in ignorance; he will not be left in error, because his will has opened the door of the heart, into which now the favour of God can flow in unimpeded. The measure of supply of favour is according to the will of man. When the will is strong and completely fills the man, then also extraordinary gifts of favour are granted to him, but which also carry an obligation on the other hand to pass on received knowledge and to make fellowmen attentive that also they walk the way which leads to understanding. And when the receiver of extraordinary gifts of favour declares himself willing to exploit them to the benefit of fellowmen, he will also be given spiritual knowledge accordingly, which projects into all spheres which are otherwise closed to men. For it is the will of God to spread truth, but this can only happen under certain preconditions, which are always based on free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4007.


Book 49 4008

God’s adoption. Jesus Christ’s becoming one with God.

26. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4008.

The spiritual aim of man is to be the gaining of the adoption of God, because the possibility is given to him for it that he can develop himself during the time of his earth life to a brightest light being and departs from earth in complete union with God. This is the becoming one with God, which also Jesus Christ has achieved on earth and which all men can achieve when they strive for it in fullest earnestness. It is not too much for man, only requires strong will to live so, as Jesus Christ has lived on earth in unselfish love towards the neighbour. Jesus preached unselfish neighbourly love to men, and it is and remains the core of the Christian teaching; it is the content of the Gospel which his disciples were to spread in the world. But the effect of a Christian love life is something incomparable marvellous – man has become the child of God, his heir, and it enters into all rights of the father – equally to him it can busy itself in creating and shaping and use its power in highest happiness, which fills it through the intimate connection with God. There are indeed uncountable degrees of happiness, of light and power; according to the degree of maturity the souls are in a happy state, when they are only receivers of power and light, therefore have once found entrance into the kingdom of light. But a child of God is infinitely far happier because it has reached the degree of perfection, which allows most intimate nearness and connection with God. It no longer feels separated from him; it feels to be one with him and still has the consciousness of its individual existence; it still has its free will, but which has completely become like the will of God; it is a happy state of being two, a continuous desiring and granting of the love of God; it is most happy harmony, constant happy making activity and everlasting striving upwards, because perfection has no boundaries, and constant striving also belongs to happiness because it is never unsuccessful. And man on earth can already achieve this highest degree of happiness, when he has the earnest will. But only few strive for it; only few devotedly take the fate upon themselves, which is imposed upon them to be able to mature in a short time. For despite most eager love activity the soul must be cleansed through suffering when it wants to be able to receive the light in all fullness. It must fight on earth and bear much suffering and make great sacrifices; it must walk the way which Jesus walked on earth, love and suffer; it must bear the cross until the end. The soul will then blend into one another with God; it will become one with him; it will be and remain his child until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4008.


Book 49 4009

God lenient but just judge. Expiating on earth.

27. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4009.

It is the poetic justice of God that men, who wish others ill, are often punished through the same evil and they must still expiate on earth, what they have incurred as guilt of their sins. But it is again a favour when the possibility on earth is given to them for penance and they do not have to take their guilt in the full severity over into the opposite kingdom where it is far more difficult to get rid of the guilt. On earth the punishment can let them recognize the wrong; they can regret and as a result atone for easier, while in the hereafter the recognition is far more difficult and through agonies they can just become more and more stubborn. However not always does man see his wrong and regrets it, but now and again he is still more intent on harming fellowman, although he himself has to feel the effects of evil will. But then he has hardened, and he takes his guilt with him over into the opposite kingdom. This must be said first to now be able to understand why infinite many men have to bear great suffering in the time of the end, why they in most bitter misery often get no help on the side of fellowmen, because also they stood unfeelingly in the face of the misery of fellowmen in times where they could help when they would not have lacked the will. And when they think about their sins and omissions and criticize themselves most sharply, when they now recognize themselves and repent of their wrong, their punishment will also be bearable for them, and their guilt can already become smaller on earth, and then the time of misery is also blessed for them, because it brought them favour; they earnestly can consult themselves, admit their wrong in the face of God and ask him for forgiveness. And then the size of guilt will truly be reduced, because God is a lenient judge, and where he sees that man repents of his wrong, he decreases his punishment and forgives him. But without the admission of his guilt he cannot find forgiveness because God is certainly a lenient, but just judge. Amen. B.D. NR. 4009.


Book 49 4010

God’s word substitute for earthly loss.

28. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4010.

Knowledge is granted to you for earthly life, which is to offer you the substitute for that what you must give up, what you must lose, to become suitable workers for me, who have no other will any more than to serve me loyally. It is no longer a far way, which you still have to cover, but full of privation and rich in sufferings. And yet you need not to be afraid as long as you stand in favour to receive my word, which will always impart power to you, to fight through the severe fight of life. It is an incomparable better office to be active for me than every earthly task can be for you, because the success surpasses every earthly happiness and every earthly activity. You are only not allowed to turn away from me; you must carry me always in the heart, and you will also always be blessed by me. Earthly you certainly have to expect no easy lot, but spiritually you climb all the more safely upwards, spiritually you reach a level, which is close to the goal, and once you will realize with which love I have guided you and let you go through schools of purification, so that you are to become happy. Always and constantly strengthen yourselves with my word; do not let yourselves be pressed down by earthly failures and disappointments; as my workers always remain certain of my help and love, and it will not be withdrawn from you; it will always be granted to you when you need help. For your faith can avert much what worries you; your faith is able to change suffering into rest and peace. But always carry your cross in devotion, because everything what comes over you is determined by my wisdom and love and truly just for your best, although you come away empty-handed on earth, but for it you exchange spiritual goods, and these are incomparably more valuable and keep their eternity value. But earth life passes and with it also earthly happiness and earthly riches. Join me firmer and firmer, and it will really not harm you. And constantly receive my word, which imparts a rich knowledge to you, because in the possession of this knowledge you are rich – although earthly everything is taken from you. But that I give scantily to you has its deep spiritual reason, because I need you as workers for my vineyard, and I know it how I win loyal workers, who are prepared to serve me only. And I apply all means, because I need them in the last time before the end and because the end is no longer far. Amen. B.D. NR. 4010.


Book 49 4011

Human determining of time of end. Disciples of Jesus also ignorant. Shortening of the days.

31. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4011.

The human determining of the time of the end is also incorrect when it is intellectually calculated or given by men of un-awakened spirit. When they announce the end in a near future, they come however closer to truth. But they can also still even postpone the time of the end a long way, and this would be a deliberate attempt to mislead, which has detrimental consequences for the soul of men. Because who does not expect the end soon, he will also never seriously set about the soul work, and this is the purpose of such announcements that men make an effort to change and can do this only when they continuously work on themselves and keep the near end before the eyes. That is why God refers to the end incessantly and lets men again always in uncertainty about the time of the end. And even his servants who are mentally in contact with him are not instructed about the exact time, but the firmer they stand in faith the more they live in love, they will also know that they themselves stand in the time of the end, because they pay attention to the appearances, which God himself announced through his son Jesus Christ as signs of the end to earthmen. Also the man Jesus did not know the day and the hour of the end, and his announcements were also to be applied in all times, so that also his disciples expected the near end and the speedy return of Christ, which was connected with the end. Also his disciples were of awakened spirit and could not determine day and hour. And so no secure statement will be able to be made until the end from human side, only the signs of the time can be considered and from them the near end inferred from, which once must come irrevocably, because the divine word must fulfil itself. But earnestly striving persons will also earnestly deal with the thought of the end of the world, the day of judgement and the fulfilment of all prophecies, which refer to it. And the eyes will also be opened for them that they recognize the signs of the end, and their thinking will be right. They will know that they themselves live in the time, that they must familiarize themselves with the thought in order to belong to those who must live through a time of indescribable hardship and misery, because these precede the end. But also to them Jesus has given a comforting assurance that he will shorten the days for the sake of the chosen, so that they will be happy. And when therefore man believes that the time of the end has come and the day of the last judgement is to be expected, he needs not to be anxious – he will have the power to bear everything as long as he strives towards God and belongs to his. But also only then will he recognize the signs of the time of the end, otherwise he will never reckon with the near end because he does not believe. But the believers know which hour has come – they know that the end is near, as God has announced it in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4011.


Book 49 4012

Confessing Christ. Living Christian faith.

31. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4012.

Who belongs to the church of Christ, he must also confess him before the world, when this is demanded of him. He is not allowed to deny Christ; he must stand up for him and his teaching, and he must live himself according to his teaching; he must believe in the work of redemption and through a life in unselfish neighbourly love prove his belonging to him, and only then he can be called a real Christian, only then he stands in the living Christian faith, which does not consist of a belonging to a Christian church, but in the right following of Christ. And the true followers of his church will be badly treated with hostility from the world side; people will persecute them and under threads want to force them to desert the faith. And then they must stand firm against the world; then they must openly stand by him, even when they have to fear to lose their bodily life. A death for Jesus Christ will awaken the soul to life for ever. But who makes concessions to the world, who does not have the courage to resist it, he certainly cares for his earthly life, but he sells his soul, and what the world offers him is worthless for eternity. And that is why the choice should be easy for man in the face of the near end, which will bring a destruction of all matter; and that man will give up everything who lives in and for Christ. No thread of the world will frighten him or persuade him to make a wrong decision before God; he will be courageous and brave in the face of all accusations of the world, and then also the promise of Jesus will be fulfilled: Who confesses me before the world him I will also confess before my father. Man will gain the affection of eternal love according to his promise. Then he will come himself to men and bring the Gospel to them; he will take his stay in the hearts of his, and they will be allowed to receive the greatest reward. God himself will be in man and provide him with richest knowledge; he will be with him in the word until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4012.


Book 49 4013

Will of entity in mandatory state.

1. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4013.

Also in the state of imperfection, before the embodiment as man, the entity has a will, only that it is unfree, that it so to speak turns away from me and turns towards my opponent, but that the entity cannot strive towards the opponent, but is drawn up by me, therefore must compulsorily adapt itself to my order from eternity and so is the distance from me reduced. But the entity can also be completely will-less, i.e. neither strive towards me nor my opponent, then it is now also without resistance towards me, and this state is enough to provide to it lightened development conditions. The giving up of the resistance therefore means that for the time being my opponent has been eliminated, that the being no longer presses towards him, therefore its will no longer seeks in this direction. Then it also no longer resists me, and it can now be touched by my power, which works so that the will only still stirs to connect with the power. But the being itself is not conscious of its will, since it stays in deepest ignorance, therefore a state of spiritual blindness and darkness embraces the being, until its development is already progressed and it slowly becomes conscious of its will. But also then it is not able to use its will properly; it is still determined to activity by my will, i.e., the being cannot otherwise than to use the power according to the law of order, which it gets from me for the purpose of ascent development, until it comes into the last stage of its development on earth, until it embodies itself as man and now the free will is again given back to it, which it has once possessed, but has abused. Up to a certain degree it has now given up its resistance against me, even so it is not yet conscious of this. But otherwise it would never receive the favour of embodiment as man; it would not be admitted to the last earth life test, when it would not have given up the resistance against me insofar as it no longer strives towards the opponent. When I draw it up during the endless long walk through the whole creation in bound will, then it must really continue the walk up in free will, otherwise it can very easily fall back into the state before, where it again turns towards my opponent and is then immediately seized by him and drawn down into the deep. As man the being is then also no longer without responsibility, while it is relieved of the responsibility in the state of the bound will, can only remain for eternities in resistance against me when it, robbed of all power, desires no supply of power from me. Because then the being is in accordance with feeling in an unhappy state, and any supply of power improves this state. But when the being fights against the supply of power, by wanting to undergo no activity, but remains inactive for eternities in defence of the power out of me, it also remains in resistance against me, and it cannot be helped until it no longer resists, but receives the power out of me flowing towards it and becomes active, even so in the mandatory law. But every activity is redeeming and leads up. Every supply of power is love towards the imperfect, and every acceptance of power means giving up of resistance against me and must lead to redemption, even so at first the credit is not due to the being itself, but carries out the activity under a certain force. Nevertheless activity means life, and life means supply of my power. Is now this power supplied out of me to the being in increased measure, then its resistance has become smaller and smaller, until it completely adapts to my will, therefore would also carry out the same activity when this would depend on the free will of the being. But the test of its will is only allowed in the state as man, and then it can use the will consciously, and when he uses it in the right direction, he will redeem himself completely while he stays on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4013.


Book 49 4014

Omen of complete dissolving. Will of men.

2. and 3. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4014.

That the process of a complete dissolving on earth is in the offing, is too clearly obvious, because destructions resulting from the will of men are already the start; they are the first signs, because the world has not yet seen works of destruction to such extent, and that is why they should make every individual think. A time of earthly misery has arisen from it, which touches almost every man, so that also every man can draw the conclusion, which goes to that effect, that the time has come, which has been mentioned from the beginning of the redemption period in word and script. Who looks around, he also sees the spiritual decline of mankind, which inevitably results in a total dissolving. This could certainly still be postponed through God’s great love and compassion, but the misery of the time demands that the development of the spiritual is stopped, otherwise the eternal divinity would not be recognized, rather be pushed completely out of the sphere of human thinking. And this means an enormous retrograde for the spiritual already being in the last stage, which God therefore wants to stop and for that reason releases all spiritual bound in matter, so that it decides anew for God or against him. That now already, before the complete dissolving through God’s will, so much spiritual is illegally released, has been carried out as the work of men or through human will, really points conspicuously to the last great dissolving. Human will is indeed again indirectly the cause, because it is directed against God, which is why it is bound anew and this necessitates the dissolving of all works of creation. And God speaks his judgement according to law and justice. He draws to himself, who carry his will in them, who subordinate themselves to him. And he binds men, who completely have no connection with him, into the creations of the new earth; he helps the still immature spiritual to ascent development; he dissolves that being bound in hard matter and gives all spiritual heightened possibility to develop upwards. It will mean a breaking off of the development for the whole spiritual on earth and just as well a new ascent, because nothing is damned for ever, but has again and again the possibility to again approach God, when it has gone too far away from him. But in a spiritual low, as it is recognizable in the coming time, a total dissolving of the works of creation is of urgent necessity and greatest benefit, it must only start from God himself, and his will must be expressed, so that God is recognized as originator of such a dissolving. What precedes the destruction of all kind, does not have the divine will as cause, but is nevertheless allowed by God, so that men themselves recognize the wrong thinking and acting, so that they are free in their thinking and acting and can let their will be active in one direction. His will now introduces the last work of destruction, after he beforehand once again obviously has revealed his identity, after he has revealed himself to mankind through nature. This will already be a work of destruction of unusual extent, but will still be surpassed through the last total work of dissolving, which will follow soon afterwards. For the inhabitants of the earth have forfeited the right for a long, peaceful earth life, because they do not use it according to the will of God, and therefore a change of the works created by him will happen, and all spiritual will again be embodied in a new form after the dissolving of the old and the creation of a new earth, according to its state of maturity. For God is infinitely loving, extremely wise and omnipotent – and his will is to make all his creatures happy, and his wisdom finds the right ways. Amen. B.D. NR. 4014.


Book 49 4015

Divine revelation greatest source of favour

4. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4015.

No man should be allowed to leave a divine revelation unnoticed, because it is an inestimable source of favour; where God expresses himself, he has the intention to help men in their ascent development, and he wants to lead them on to the right way, because they have turned to error, and God only reveals himself in a time of spiritual trouble when men run the risk to leave him, or have gotten into erroneous thinking. Then he seeks to supply them with truth, and truth can only be supplied to earth by him himself. Is there possibly something more powerful than being directly instructed by God himself? Is there possibly something more delicious than being fed by him himself with food for the soul, which holds all power in it? Can possibly a replacement be offered for it, which would approximately have the same effect? Is the word of God not the most valuable gift of favour, which a man on earth can receive? His word, the direct radiation of himself, is audible by a man and can be sent to fellowman, so that he can likewise gain the blessing of this valuable gift of favour. When God himself talks to men, the drive should also be greater to obey his word; it should drive the will to activity, as in general the will of man should be pushed in the right direction through the word. But this will always only then be the case when men believe it that the word comes from above, that it is a direct imparting of divine truth, because only faith in it spurs man on to lead his walk of life according to the word. And man can win this faith when he earnestly checks and asks God for enlightenment of his thinking. Then he will certainly feel it in his heart which gift of favour he receives. Then the possession of the divine word will make him happy; then he will never ever want to miss it and letting him being fed by God himself continuously with the bread of heaven, with the food which secures the life of the soul and therefore is so extremely valuable and delicious. You are to hunger for it; then you will also feel power, which flows towards you through reception of the food of heaven, and you will never ever want to miss it, because such a valuable gift of favour can be replaced through nothing on earth. Your desire for it will become stronger and stronger and infallibly lead you to God, because God is truth, and God is the word from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4015.


Book 49 4016

I knock and you do not receive me.

Good Friday 4. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4016.

Who does not listen to me, he robs himself of the greatest favour, and he will once regret it, when he has come to understanding what my revelation means for man. I myself descend to earth and lean towards my creatures, which do not make the smallest attempt to reach my nearness. I talk to them like a father to his children talks – words of love – and seek to win their hearts and to make my children happy, by me instructing them and introducing them to eternal truth. I offer them spiritual riches, a treasure, which is indestructible and which you can also only receive from me, for which there is also no substitute, neither on earth nor in the hereafter, and which secures eternal life for you. I make provisions for eternity that it may be blissful for you, that you live and do not become a slave to spiritual death. And that is why I come myself to you in the word, because I want to make you to blissful creatures. And you do not receive me. You let me knock in vain, and you do not open the door of your heart to me, which I would like to possess, because I love you. And you will recognize it once, which valuable gift of favour you did not take any notice of, and the remorse will be great. But I cannot decide for you to accept my word, because you are of free will and must decide yourselves over you, and also the most delicious, my word, I must offer to you so that you are not forced to accept it. And that is why I must impart it to you in a way that you certainly can believe the divine origin, but not prove it, because a proof of it would be a forced faith, which I never apply, when you are to reach the decree of perfection. But it is made easy for you to believe that the word starts with me, who am the word himself from eternity. Because my word only teaches love, and who earnestly checks, he will also only recognize love in it, and the divine origin will be undoubted for him, because love always proves divinity, because love and I am one. But who rejects without checking, he has also no desire for me, for truth, for love, for favour and for eternal life. And he will have to justify himself that he did not listen to me – and he will also prepare himself little for eternity. He will live along without thought, how his life is to be shaped after the death of the body; he will only pay attention to his earth life, and my voice he will not hear, because he lets it drown it by the voice of the world. And the end will come, the day, where everything will be removed and only those are rescued who have become mine, who accept my word and live in accordance to it and therefore have a rich treasure of favour at their disposal, which will make them happy in the spiritual kingdom – in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4016.


Book 49 4017

What is faith?

6. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4017.

Man is to become happy through his faith. But what is faith? When can man say rightly that he believes? Are spiritual teachings presented to him then he will never be able to demand or to bring a proof for it, because the spiritual stands outside of his intellectual activity and will never have to be submitted to proof. Therefore man must, when he believes, think something to be true, what cannot be proven. And nevertheless more is demanded of him than only blind faith, when he wants to become happy, which consists in that respect, that man does not oppose it, he therefore apparently accepts the offered thought material. It is demanded of him that inwardly he completely adjusts himself affirmatively to it, that he accepts a teaching, because inwardly he is convinced of it, also without having proof of it. But this inner conviction will always be the product of an intellectual activity, of an opinion to that what to believe is demanded of him. And this opinion must start from himself without outer force; a teaching must as it were keep him intellectually busy for so long, he must consider the pros and cons, until he has himself managed to come to an opinion, but which he now can also convincingly support himself when he is asked for a statement. The faith teaching must be thought through, before it can become actual thought material, otherwise one can only speak of a blind faith, which is completely worthless before God. What result he reaches through thinking depends on his will for truth and his desire for God, which also drives him unconsciously to love. God will certainly not leave in error a person who earnestly seeks truth, when he makes himself worthy of truth through his conduct. But as error is spread in the world, since the prince of the lie seeks to spread darkness everywhere and would like to put out all light, it is understandable that error has spread among mankind, since God respects the free will of everyone and also his holy word, which guarantees purest truth, is handed over to the free will of men; consequently it must also be left to the will of man to believe or not, when he checks the individual teachings and comments on them. But in order to be able to do this convincingly, he must absolutely examine, i.e. deal with it intellectually, and when his desire is now earnest and he fulfils the conditions, which God makes to be able to hand out spiritual good, his thinking will also be enlightened and it will be clear and plausible to him, to what his heart adjusts itself affirmatively. And then he can also convincingly say without proof: I believe. How otherwise could perhaps erroneous teachings be recognized as such, and how could God perhaps demand responsibility from men, when it would be in his will that the intellectual activity is switched off and unconditional blind faith takes its place? Then men would not be responsible, but only those few who seek to spread this teaching and want to make every resistance impossible through demands of blind faith. But that is not God’s will, because the soul work starts after all also only through mental activity, which in the first case remains mostly unnoticed. Through intellectual activity the connection is first established to the spiritual kingdom, and the light beings can then take action and start their actual enlightening activity, but what is impossible when man believes blindly. And he will certainly come to a satisfying result, when he is serious about true knowledge, about his comment to God and about his soul. For God does not leave in darkness, who seek light, and the mental result will always satisfy man, when he has won it after believing prayer to God, who alone can give him explanation, whether and when he moves in right thinking. When you believe in a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence, then this is completely enough to also win a convinced faith in teachings, which have started from God, as also to recognize, what has been added humanly and how far this agrees with truth. For God as the eternal truth will always help him and order his thinking; he will give him power of judgement, when he is just wiling to recognize what is right and to stand up for truth, for that what he has recognized as truth, in the face of fellowmen – for God wants that truth is spread, because it alone leads upwards and makes happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4017.


Book 49 4018

Right thinking of servants of God. Bringing together for the purpose of instruction.

6. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4018.

Your thinking will be directed rightly when you want to serve me and remain in continuous connection with me through your prayer and working neighbourly love. And so you need not to fear that your thinking, feeling and wanting moves in another direction than pleasing to me, provided your striving is to find my pleasure. Because then you are of good will, and you have given up all resistance against me, then you are already mine through your will. And I will always protect from erroneous thinking those who are mine and also not allow that they spread error through speaking or also silence when speaking is necessary. I make use of my servants on earth to have an effect upon fellowmen, to reproach them for their mistakes in a pure human way, or also to direct their thoughts so that they automatically enter my will, that they take stock of themselves and work on themselves to gain higher soul maturity. And it is any time possible for me to bring to my servants those who need spiritual help, but I will do this always in a way, which does not appear extraordinary to not exert a forced faith on men. And so any conversations can take place; they will cause thinking and can also be of good effect when man is serious about his ascent development. And therefore my servants will only speak and act in my will and their thinking will be ordered by the spirit in them, which is my share, therefore will have to think and speak as it is healthy for fellowman, although he would like to give human weaknesses and erroneous thinking to my representative. I know who needs spiritual help, and do not bring men together arbitrarily, but only for the purpose that they are to complement and instruct each other. And it may also appear as if the one is defeated in his instructing activity, may it also appear as if he speaks out of himself and merely supports his own opinion – he stands in my service and just carries out what I tell him to do, because I also use the most natural means, so that man reaches his aim – a degree of maturity of the soul as high as possible as long he stays on earth. For I speak to all through the mouth of man who need my word, which I can also offer to them in the human way when it is essential to respect free will and still have an effect on men, who still lack the right understanding. Amen. B.D. NR. 4018.


Book 49 4019

Opposing the adversary of God with of a strong will.

7. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4019.

Only a strong will is able to assert itself when it is essential to carry out a mission for the kingdom of God, and resistance is offered to it from all sides. Then the weak man will let up in his activity, while a strong will won’t be put off and keeps to the straight and narrow and reaches his aim. Every activity for the kingdom of God will incur the pursuit of the adversary of God, and his endeavour will always be to stop the work for God or to make it impossible. And so opponents will continuously arise among fellowmen for a servant of God, who seek to convince him of the uselessness of his work for the kingdom of God, to suffocate in him the drive to busy activity. These are those men who are very strongly influenced by the opponent and listen to his mental insinuations. But the opponent of God is an enemy of truth, and that is why he will always fight truth; he will see to it that the servants of God are permanently besieged by fellowmen, that they describe this spiritual work as unimportant and also spread doubts into the hearts of those representatives of the divine teaching. He will be busy everywhere where the possibility exists to win souls for the kingdom of God, and only where the servant of God sets a strong will against him, where he is not to let himself be put off through resistances of all kind, there success will also to be noted. Then he will not let up, and his closeness with God also strengthens his will to activity for him. The opponent of God works with cunning and violence, and where he achieves nothing through doubts with the representative of God, there he seeks to hinder men to accept the divine word; he seeks to steer them in a different direction so that they leave the valuable gift unnoticed or turn away from him. But he continuously spreads weed between the divine seed; through wrong teaching he seeks to undermine and to dispel truth. And by virtue of his will the servant of God must again offer resistance; he must apply his spiritual knowledge and refute every objection when it is possible for him. He is not allowed to become tired, but he must bring the great spiritual misery home, which has induced God to obviously help men, and to now be a loyal servant for him who eagerly works for his Lord to fulfil his will. Because the misery is great, and a good worker in the vineyard of the Lord can achieve much work, and he will also become victor over the enemy of the souls, when only he asks God for a strong will and for help in his own spiritual trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4019.


Book 49 4020

Doubting God’s revelation. Elements of nature.

9. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4020.

How urgent is for you the supply of my Word, and how rarely finds it faith. Continuously you let yourselves be harassed by doubts on account of the truth of that what is imparted to you through my servants. You reject what appears not to be acceptable to you and what still is inevitable according to destiny from eternity. I initiate you, you who are of awakened spirit, into my plan of salvation so that you are to recognize the time of the end and can also point your fellowmen to the end. I set the signs for you and have predicted the effects of the spiritual low since the beginning of this redemption period to give you the possibility to prepare yourselves so that the end will be a happy one for you. But my announcements are not taken seriously, therefore I reveal myself again and again, and indeed not only through the word, which goes out from me and testifies to me, but I want to be also recognizable to those who do not believe my word, who do not let themselves be instructed by my servants on earth and who also face the predictions of a near end completely unbelievingly. I want to approach them in another way; I want to reveal myself to them as Lord of creation whom no human will can resist – I want to confront them with that power, which the will of men cannot break or defeat – I want to speak to them in a language which is loudly audible, with the voice of thunder I want to speak, and the elements of nature will obey me and testify to me. And this is the last word of admonition which I speak, to then let the events go their course until the end. And this last expression of my power and strength is a favour for entire mankind, but it will also be effective for only a small number, because who does not acknowledge me, he also sees nothing unusual in the powerful natural event, but simply a play of nature, even when he sees that he has no command over this play. And still I do not drop my plan from eternity and I announce it again and again that I bring myself in appearance through a natural disaster of such extent, as the world has not experienced yet. Why do I do that? Time pushes towards the end; men walk lukewarm and sluggish through life – they do not grasp the seriousness of time, and that is why they are to be disturbed; I want to approach them myself because in the great misery, which concerns the body when they face death, the thought about the creator will come to them, and some few will find the way to me and walk it. And for the sake of these few it will be fulfilled what is announced in word and script. Countless men will certainly lose their life and enter the hereafter in imperfect state, but I want to be a lenient judge to them and rate the last sacrifice they bring to me through their early death by me offering to them the greatest possibilities to mature in the spiritual kingdom and grant support to them in every way. But irrevocably I will speak through nature, and all of you will be witnesses and be able to convince yourselves of the truth of my word, which comes pure and clear from above, because it is my will that you are not experiencing something unprepared what is so powerful that it should shake the thinking of all, when they still believe a little in a creator and sustainor of heaven and earth. But who is connected to me, he is not to doubt my word, because I express myself through my servants on earth and want that my word is passed on and accepted as pure truth and that all doubt is banished from the hearts of mine, because it is myself, who expresses himself, and will never allow that my word is sent to men interspersed with error, who are of good will – who want to serve me and therefore are hired by me as workers in my vineyard for the last time before the end. B.D. NR. 4020.


Book 49 4021

Undoubted faith of the servants of God. Protective wall - truth.

10. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4021.

You, who are to bring the Gospel to men, you must firmly keep to my word and believe unconditionally that I impart purest truth to you. For so I need servants on earth for the passing on of my word, which I offer to you from above, I select such men for me, who are truthful and therefore fight the bad forces through their will for truth, therefore are not defeated by their influence. I want to train you to be teachers, so that you can carry out your mission and instruct your fellowmen in truth. Therefore you must first receive pure truth from me when you are to pass on such. What is therefore more understandable than that I myself protect my word from erroneous supplies, that I surround my servants on earth with a protective wall of good beings, who prevent the ignorant powers to intervene into the thoughts of my servant? Pure truth is to be spread, and that is why I pass it on from above, out of the kingdom of light, down to earth so that it can be offered unspoiled to those who desire it. And therefore you can accept the announcements from above in full faith as purest truth, because they go out from me, and it is my will that they are passed on, because the time presses towards the end. For I want to warn and admonish men of what is coming; I want to open every possibility to them to prepare themselves because it will come suddenly and unexpected also for the knowing. And that is why I announce to them that they have to experience much trouble and hardship. I announce to them into which spiritual fight they will get shortly before the end; how they have to stand firm as my confessors when they want to become happy. And I announce to them that before I will still obviously express myself to still win those men who are weak in faith or undecided, to which side they are to turn, when decision is demanded of them. This expression is the last admonition before the end, and countless men will lose their life, but my wisdom and love has decided this for eternity, because I saw the spiritual low in which mankind is at the end, and because I also know about the effect of the means, which I apply. But I do not leave men without warning and therefore prepare them for it by announcing the coming event, what I have done since the beginning of this redemption period through seers and prophets. And you men are to believe my word and know that everything will come as I have announced it to you. You are to know that the day is very close and that it will bring turmoil on the whole earth, because it is too powerful, and will result in severe consequences for men, where I will speak loud and clearly and audibly for all. I want to help men to win faith in me, who live along without faith, and I want to help those to the power of faith who are weak and undecided, and that is why I announce my intervention, which consitsts of an extremely great natural disaster, which consequences are incalculable. But it is the time of the end, and irrevocably also this will approach in shortest time. And that is why I try everything first, through which I can still win men for me, and I instruct my servants to mention eagerly what is announced to them through my word and is purest truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4021.


Book 49 4022

Intellectual emotions - trials. God’s love.

13. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4022.

The counter current out of the kingdom of darkness, which touches my servants on earth, is often able to achieve strong intellectual emotions. And yet this is allowed by me because man is driven by this to heightened wrestling, and his soul frees itself all the more from the material world the more it flees itself in prayer to me. This is a necessity, often not recognized by man as salutary, hurting like a medical intervention, but which can preserve life. I certainly care bodily for mine, but every individual has to care for the soul himself, and so that he does not get tired of his work, I let trials come over him, which so to speak force him to become active and still just testify to my love, because the soul reaches already on earth a heightened degree of maturity, when it is turned towards me in every trial and takes its refuge to me. My opponent certainly likewise wrestles for this soul, and he seeks to bring it to defection; he seeks to stimulate it with earthly fulfilments, also has the power to grant earthly fulfilment, which is then applied when the soul gives me up, when the desire for earthly happiness and wellbeing predominates and the world seems to be more stimulating to man than the supply of my love and favour, which man does not feel pure bodily. And therefore man can certainly obtain earthly happiness, but then he sells his soul for it. But those who are mine I no longer let from me; I keep them that they no longer get lost for me, and I give to them what I have promised, the peace, which the world cannot give to them – when they just withstand the temptation, when I am more to them than the world – and the ones who are mine also never ever want to give me up, because the power of my love has already become effective in them and earthly pleasures cannot give them compensation for it. What therefore earth life still brings in suffering and tribulation – accept it as wanted or allowed by me, and know that it is just for your best, that it is just to heighten the maturity of your soul. Do not complain and grumble, but be cheerful in the certainty that you really have my love, which to lose would be an irreplaceable loss, because it means darkness for eternity. But so you will stand in the light; radiated through by my love you will be extremely happy, when you have ended earthy life – you will always find fulfilment of your longing – your soul will live in eternity, and it will never ever need to live in want, because my love grants it everything to make it happy – love, light and power. Because no man’s eye has ever seen and no ear ever heart what I have prepared for those who love me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4022.


Book 49 4023

Favour. God’s word greatest favour.

15. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4023.

Favour flows towards you in excess – because the whole earth life is favour for you; favour is all suffering that comes over you, and favour is that you are continuously led by me until the end of your life. Your whole life is an uninterrupted favour in its individual experiences for you, because nothing approaches you arbitrarily, but everything is imposed upon you by me in foresight of your will, as it is useful for your spiritual development. Therefore it is also a favour when an extraordinary severe earth life is given to you, because then you also have the possibility to mature extraordinarily. But the greatest favour is the supply of my word. Because my word is the most effective aid, and it securely leads to the destination, when you let it become effective in you. Everything that contributes to change your soul, to return your will to me and to let you strive spiritually, is a favour. And so you stand in the middle of gifts of favour during your earth life, which you just need to use, i.e. open yourself to its effect, by you just wanting to, that your earth walk is covered successfully for the soul, by you therefore recognizing me and chose as aim. And then you will also securely reach your aim because who wants there to come to me, him I draw, and the ascent will be easy for him. He is not allowed to forget that he is in the deep and must strive up to reach to me, and that he therefore needs my help continuously, and every means that I apply to make the climb to the top easy for him, is a favour. When you so grasp the meaning of the word "favour", then you will also never have to fear that the aim is unreachable for you. Let yourselves be drawn by me, and just do not resist me; listen to my word; accept it in your heart, and obey it, then you fulfil my will, and then also every supply of favour will be effective for you; your desire for me is strengthened; your faith in me deepened and your love towards me becomes more intimate, because that effects my favour, that you more and more turn away from the world and unite deeper with me, because favour goes out from me and leads you again back to me when man does not close himself to its effect. But when my word is now offered to you directly from above, a gift of favour is available to you, which value you cannot measure – I myself speak with you - is there perhaps something more powerful and more effective than to hear me talk myself and being able to receive power with the word in all fullness? Can there still exist any doubt about this that my word securely leads to the destination? Is my word not the speaking proof for it that I draw those to me who are willing? That I love you and want to guide you to eternal life? When you therefore have this certainty to possess my love, when you feel my love towards you through the receiving of my word, can you then still doubt that my favour is available to you unmeasured, and can you then still be anxious whether you reach your destination? You can receive my word any time and at all places, directly or through my servants on earth, when you make use of every opportunity to listen to me, and now make my will your own, you will always stand in the middle of favour and reach your destination securely; your soul will mature on earth, and you will be able to enter the light, when the youngest day has come for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4023.


Book 49 4024

Powerful natural event – God’s language.

16. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4024.

God will speak a clear language, which should touch all men, when they just listen to it. But who does not believe in God, he also does not recognize him, when he will speak to men from above loud and audibly, and he lets the last admonition-call pass him by; he only observes it purely naturally and seeks to give himself an explanation for a process, which is powerful because in its extent it surpasses everything what mankind has experienced up to now. And he will also give an explanation to himself, because the thoughts for it will be passed to him by the opponent of God, and he willingly accepts them. Only those will recognize the powerful natural event as God’s voice who believe in him, love him and therefore stand in the knowledge about the time of the end, about the spiritual low of men and about the last admonition and warning signs announced long before through seers and prophets, because they see that everything comes true as it is predicted, and so they also know that and why God expresses himself through the elements of nature, and they hear him himself and are not afraid because they belong to his who enjoy his protection as he has promised. But they will find no faith with fellowmen, when they want to explain to them the meaning and purpose of the powerful natural event and seek to put it as God’s will and his voice; they will laugh about the faith of those; they will remain in their unbelief, accept no instruction and do not draw the least benefit from it, but pile up sin upon sin and take action against those who hold on to their faith. Many men will certainly lose their life, and this fact is one more reason for the unbelievers to deny the existence of God, because they are not able to recognize in this a loving and wise creator or else cannot love a God who acts so against his creatures that he takes the life from them under most awful circumstances, without them wanting it themselves. But who knows about the eternal plan of salvation of God, he is not surprised, because he recognizes the necessity of the divine intervention for the salvation of the souls, which are threatened to get lost. Und the love of those will become greater and greater towards God, and they will not leave him, despite them having to lead a far more severe life than the unbelievers, to whom everything is send by the prince of darkness, what their worldly senses strive for. But those no longer demand anything form the world, because their sights are directed into the spiritual kingdom; they just still desire spiritual goods, treasures, which cannot be consumed by rust and moths, which are immortal and therefore far more desirable than all the goods of this world. And that is why they will also not feel the hardship and troubles of the body to that measure as it appears. Because they are filled with spiritual power through their faith and will therefore cope with every life situation, and God will stand by them so obviously that even the unbelievers stop short and become thoughtful. And then the time has come where also they are pushed to turn back and now their will is decisive whether they experience the last end happily or unhappily. God gives to last men uncountable opportunities but he leaves it to them whether and how they take advantage of these possibilities; he helps them in every way, but most clearly his help is recognizable when he expresses himself through the elements of nature, because as soon as men are able to recognize him, they will also strive towards him and live according to his will. And then they are rescued for eternity, while unbelieving men are lost for eternal times, although God also takes pity on these men by him ending the time and so takes the possibility from the worldly orientated souls, to completely sink into darkness, and him granting them a renewed earth course, so that they one day can, again in the state of free will, decide for God or his opponent – for light or darkness. Amen. B.D. NR. 4024.


Book 49 4025

Favour. Will. Measure of favour.

17. and 18. April 1947 B.D. NR. 4025.

Everything that contributes to the obtaining of soul maturity is favour and therefore a gift of God, which is sent to you undeservedly. You must know that you men through the distance from God are in a state, where you unconsciously reject the love of God, i.e. his power radiation, where you are so to speak outside of the love current circle and his power therefore does not touch you, when his over great love would make a grant to you despite your distance from him; you must know that you would never automatically decrease your distance from God. And this grant is therefore an undeserved gift, which God certainly offers to all, however forces nobody to accept it, but which only becomes effective when man is prepared to accept it. So the soul of man can mature, but it can also leave the grant of favour unnoticed and score no spiritual progress at all. But then there are also no means to perfection, because it then lacks power, because it lacks will. God gives unswervingly, because he wants to help his creatures, but as free independent beings they stand in free will and will never ever be forced to accept the aids offered to them, and therefore free will is decisive. Consequently the will is the first, although the whole course of life of man can be called a chain of divine grants of favour, but only then successfully when man wants it himself, only then favour becomes effective and only recognized as favour. But the idea of favour is not yet clear to men insofar as they believe that God hands this out differently, that he gives to men at will, so that they also become happy according to his will, i.e. can mature on earth or remain in their imperfection. For them the word of God means a gift from above, which one receives, while the other comes away empty-handed. And this opinion is erroneous, as it gives a completely wrong idea of the love of God, which is directed at all his creatures equally and excludes none from happiness, therefore also gives all the equal opportunity to become perfect. But the fullness of favour man himself can increase or decrease, according to his attitude towards God, his desire for God’s help and the opening of his heart to all supply of favour. He just has to devote himself completely to God, recommend himself to him and subordinate his will to God, and favour will be sent to him unmeasured, which he will then also use according to the will of God. And the ascent up will then also no longer be difficult for him because his devotion to God also secures him God’s leadership and support, where his earth way has to show rocks and obstacles. And that is the surest sign that God is his guide when man is able to hear his voice, when God testifies his love to him through his word, because this is the greatest favour, which can be offered to a man on earth – to be instructed by him in his will, to receive knowledge from him, which is only offered through the inner voice and being entrusted by him with a mission, which presupposes a certain degree of maturity. An unusual task also requires an unusual supply of favour, but which does not touch men at will from God, but has their complete will turned towards God as prerequisite. And so men can certainly be different receivers of favour in measure, however are never given in different ways from God, but determine the measure of favour which they accept themselves. But the favour inevitably leads man to God; inevitably he can become happy for ever, when he opens himself to divine favour, because a divine gift also has the power in itself, and the effect of this power is the spiritual perfection, the becoming like God’s being, the shaping to love and therefore unification with eternal love, which makes unspeakably happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4025.


Book 49 4026

Beings of the heavenly bodies of light. Angel spirits. God’s adoption.

19. and 20. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4026.

In which fullness the eternal divinity radiates its love into infinity cannot be conceived by man as long as he still stays on earth, because he only knows creations visible to him, which only make up a tiny particle of the whole of creation. But God preserves the whole creation through granting of his love power. Innumerable works of creation are therefore carriers of his power; innumerable heavenly bodies carry beings incorporated in them, whose life is secured through the influx of his love power. And he discloses his identity to all these beings as creator and preserver, as soon as they stand in a certain degree of maturity, which earns them power of recognition. Mostly they are beings of high intelligence, not to be compared with men of this earth, who certainly stand on a lower level of development, can however reach the highest possible aim, the adoption of God, which is not possible to obtain on other creations. But in knowledge they are more advanced than men of this earth. They are led by spiritual beings out of the kingdom of light and put into high knowledge; they also have the ability to utilize this knowledge, and are extremely busy spiritually, because the concept of harmony is highly developed in them and they consider all unevenness as lack of maturity and lack of value of the creatures. And they seek to equalize it through transmitting of knowledge, which is sent to them in a way that it is recognized and acknowledged by them as divine origin; therefore the beings are also linked to God, whom they acknowledge, love and seek to tune to as highest spirit from eternity. Their walk of life is also according to the will of God insofar as it is not led in lack of love, but brotherly love always unites the beings among each other, which see their highest duty in handing out to those who do not possess what makes those happy. Therefore they stand also as it were in the light – (20.4.1947) and are yet beings, which still must mature; which still have to go the way to highest perfection, because what they possess is not acquired through own activity of the will, but given to them as first step to this free trial of the will, when they take another course of development than men on earth, which soul substances had to develop up from the deep through their former falling off from God. There are also originally created spirits, which were not rebellious to God, however have not yet tested their will insofar as that all attractions of the opponent of God are introduced to them and they are to resist them. Only then a being has gone the way to highest perfection when it has passed this test on earth. Innumerable creations exist; innumerable degrees of maturity can be reached through life on these creations, innumerable possibilities are opened to the spirit beings, and all are schools of the spirit, however different in their effectiveness and their requirements. And God’s will to shape has no limits, and his thoughts become action, form, uninterruptedly, and his love power enlivens uninterruptedly these forms, which are just through his will consolidated thoughts. All beings of the light creations are happy, and nevertheless the state of happiness is varying and limited, however only on earth is suffering the companion of the soul and in increased measure in opposite fields where those souls stay, which have not passed their earth life test, which failed in free will; while the beings of the heavenly bodies of light never seriously resisted God and that is why suffering is also kept away from them, until also they go the way on earth for the making of the test of will, to reach the highest degree of perfection. God’s love, light and power fills all infinity, and incomprehensible for men are the variations of creation, the life of the inhabitants and the development possibilities, which are offered to the spiritual to become unspeakably happy. The whole universe is filled by the power of God; the visible and invisible world is product of his love will; it is created for the maturing of the still immature spiritual and for the ascent development of that what has got lost in the deep and is to return to God. But earth has a special designation – it alone offers the possibility to the spiritual embodied on it to arrive at God’s adoption, at the highest degree of perfection; and that is why also the purest angel spirits must go this way to become children of God, which stipulates the passing of a test of will, which can only be made on earth. But then most happy beings will stay near God, which are perfect and can create and shape in free will, which is also God’s will, under utilization of the power out of God – as it was originally initially the designation. Amen. B.D. NR. 4026.


Book 49 4027

Sure sign of end small troop of fighters for God.

21. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4027.

That the time is now fulfilled emerges from the fact that my fighters are to be found only here and there, men, who become so absorbed into their love towards me, into the love to truth and the good, that they no longer have a firm attachment towards the world, but remain in constant connection with me mentally or through work in love – men, who stand up for their faith and have the need to win the souls of fellowmen for my kingdom and for my teaching – who fight for it with the sword of their mouth – who are constantly filled with my spirit and in whom I therefore can work myself. These will not be much found, and where they stay they will go their way unnoticed or will be treated with hostility. And this is a sure sign of the end that those who are mine are only a small herd but to whom I am a good shepherd, who keeps his little sheep together, who keeps watch over them that none loses its way or gets lost. None of those who are mine I longer leave out; they will find themselves and form a little community among themselves, and they will see in this their highest satisfaction that I have taken them into my service, that I entrust them with a mission to be support for me in the last time before the end. Who are good and true those are my fighters, because the good will and the desire for absolute truth characterize my fighters, who will also pass the last fight, because I will never ever leave them who do not leave me, but see in me the loving father who does not let his children come to harm, also when they come into earthly trouble as a result of their steadfastness. Who consider me as their father from eternity will also be fatherly looked after when this time is fulfilled. They will stay in paradise as my right children; they will experience the happy, peaceful time on the new earth, which will replace the last fight on the old earth, as it is planned from eternity. I will gather mine on the Day of Judgement, the few men who remain loyal to me in the fighting time before, who have recognized me and therefore can never ever give me up. And I will fetch them to me as I have announced it. And therefore you men can expect the near end for certain when you look around you and find only few who carry me so deep in the heart that they constantly speak of me, of spiritual things, for which fellowmen have little understanding. But I stay there where I am mentioned in conversations, and I seek to attract the souls of those who stay far from me, so that the number of mine still might increase by a few, before the time is fulfilled, which the last end will bring – the downfall of the old earth and finally judgement, as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4027.


Book 49 4028

Church of Christ. Peter, the rock. Worldly organizations.

22. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4028

Who belong to my church will find themselves and join together closely, and their will will always be to walk in truth, to live in love and to serve me in time and eternity. For they carry my spirit in them; they have awakened the spirit spark, which is my share, to life and they have so become the member of my church, which I have founded myself. And I will bless them forever and ever. Who stands in truth, i.e., who is instructed by my spirit in himself, he also knows that love and faith are the foundation walls of my church; he also knows how I want my word to be understood: "You are Peter, the rock, upon you I will build my church." He further knows that no organization, which men have formed, is to be understood by that, but that my church contains all men who have established the right relationship with me through their will and love towards me and to the neighbour. From men I only require the fulfilment of my love command and strong faith and have promised eternal happiness, eternal life, to those who believe in me – but to believe in me means to accept my teaching as divine and to live accordingly. And to them I promised eternal life. And therefore these must also belong to my church, to the communion of believers, which I call my church. But when they now need a worldly joining together, which is established through the belonging to an organisation, which took its starting point from worldly side? -

This question is of such great importance that it must be looked at in detail. There is no organization which could boast about having their founder in me, but each one can completely affiliate with my church founded by me. Therefore its members could feel as belonging to my church, when they shape themselves to the rock of faith. First of all the character of my church must predominate in an organization; the followers must be filled with deepest faith in me, then the worldly founded church embraces therefore my believers, and these again can consider themselves in any organization as candidates of my kingdom, because they belong to my church, which I have founded myself on earth. My words are to be understood purely spiritually, i.e. they contain only the request to unshakeable faith, and the effect of the spirit depends on it, which is the surest symbol of my church, because he who has the right faith, he also has love, because right faith is only alive through works of love. And the sign of life is the expression of my spirit in men. Who therefore is instructed by the spirit, who is filled by its truth, he can rightly be numbered to my church; he belongs to mine, and fully convinced he will also stand up for my teaching, because he himself has received it with heart and intellect; it has strengthened his faith and made him free and happy, and love drives him towards wanting to give the same to fellowmen.

But now it is not at all a condition that a worldly church organization only makes men to candidates for the spiritual kingdom, because again it is only the heart upon which I look, the will of man and his thoughts. When they push towards me then he also has already found me – when they digress from the pure spiritual, then a church organization will bring about no change of it, because what happens under force, has no value before my eyes. But the desire for me can be awakened in every man only through announcement of my word. That it is why I do not condemn the worldly church organizations but support insofar as that I also support the teachers working in them, as far as it is permissible and their life is at the same time according to my commands. And if one of them belongs to my church founded by me that he therefore firmly and unshakeably believes in my love, power and wisdom, then I fill him with my spirit, so that he can successfully have an effect upon the group of his small community, so that also they desire the word, through which alone they can mature. Nevertheless, it is far more deserving when man out of himself wrestles and seeks; if he pays attention to his inner voice, which will always announce that to him, what is right and will encourage him to work in love. If he obeys this voice then he comes considerably earlier close to me; he has a living comprehension of my word; he accepts it in his heart, and he also gives full expression to it – in truth he will belong to the church of Christ, which is unconquerable and will even withstand the strongest onslaughts, which the power of hell will still undertake until the end. Because I also have given this promise to men that the gates of hell will not overpower them, because my church is unchangeable, and it remains in existence until the end. And it will also be the foundation of all spiritual striving on the new earth. Everyone will belong to my church because only those men will inhabit this new earth, who are deeply believing and love me above all, while all others fall away if they are just members of worldly church organizations, who are without inner life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4028.


Book 49 4029

Antichrist – bringer of salvation? Measures against everything spiritual.

23. and 24. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4029.

That is the spirit of antichrist that approaches men under the cloak of the saviour but is of a will that is completely turned away from God insofar as he does not acknowledge a God of love as he on the whole rejects everything that is spiritual as supernatural and therefore not provable and therefore rejects as non-existent. And the essence of Christ will also be so foreign to him that he will not be able to believe in his work of redemption and in his mission on earth and so he will try to make him out to be an imaginary character only and will take all measures to oust this personality from the hearts of men. His own personality falls short of the personality of Christ and it is therefore understandable that he considers him a spiritual enemy and fights him. The antichrist that is to be expected is a personality that steps out of the limits of the natural; he is an extraordinary talented man whose special strength is his worldly confidence, how he comes across men who are responsible for the welfare of the people. And that is why he will be successful and the supremacy that he is striving for will be granted to him, it will be assumed that drastic changes for the best of the general public can be expected to come through him. And they all will acknowledge him; he will make use of this preferential position for measures of all kinds. But he will take particularly action against the spirit of the supernatural, against every religious connection, also against churches or spiritual movements that have Jesus Christ and his teachings as basic idea. Because he will make charity out to be a state of weakness that has to be fought whatever happens. And who follows his endeavour is likewise considered to be antichrist, is considered opposing God and will turn out to be uncaring towards his neighbour and therefore also go along in spiritual blindness because he belongs to the empire of Satan. But as a ruler over many antichrist will instigate great turmoil through his measures which are without any humanity and are only likely to bear hate and discord among mankind, to suffocate love and to sink into greatest spiritual misery. And then the reaction of God is of greatest urgency and this explains the obvious work of God through his servants because also he must be recognizable on earth by those who belong to his camp, he must work exactly as unusually so that he can’t be rejected, but has to be acknowledged when men are willing to walk the right way and consciously or unconsciously turn towards the creator of heaven and earth whom they ask for help in spiritual want. And then the struggle of good against evil is particularly vehement because the hour of the end approaches and the separation of spirits has to take place until the last day. And this separation can only take place when men are earnestly faced with the decision to acknowledge God or to deny him. This question will force them to make a decision and so that it becomes acute the enemy of God appears openly by influencing his envoys on earth to take and to force through measures that betray hostile thinking towards God. And so the last struggle on this earth begins - the fight about faith, the struggle against Christ, which results in men’s conclusive decision for or against him. And then the judgement comes - because in free will they turn to God or away from him and they have to answer for free will. This battle is unavoidable as it clearly brings to the surface the nature of antichrist after all, how the entire mankind now can make up their mind about the thinking and acting of the one who appears under the mask of a saviour to execute his shameful plans, who openly fights against God and who in return will again be bound for a long time in the earth where he cannot liberate himself before men again help him, who by their wrong love for matter loosen the fetters of Satan. But it will never be possible to oust Jesus Christ, he will remain victor on the last day and his teaching will fill all hearts and his followers will take it with them when they get raptured and so it will also be upheld on the new earth as spiritual knowledge and will be practised and men will have highest knowledge and have a deep love for God. And it can never be driven out by the enemy of God because all power is taken from him for a long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4029.


Book 49 4030

Surprisingly quick coming of world judgment.

26. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4030.

Also for those who are mine the world judgement will come surprisingly quick, for although they also know that the end is near, they do not expect the extremely short time, which is still given to mankind until then. It is only an alarming small time, which is still granted to you men on this earth, because the last phase has already taken its beginning, and it does not last long. And what now still takes place are already the harbingers, and every day shortens the time, because the Day of Judgement is fixed for eternity. But you, who you know about my plan, you are not allowed to form a wrong idea of the time, which still remains for you until the end. Because you must urgently put the near end before the eyes of those who you are to instruct, and that is why you must firmly and undoubtedly believe yourselves in it that no longer much time remains for all of you. And therefore I again and again point out that the period is up shortly and that you will experience it yourself, although it now still seems impossible for you. Very quickly the events will follow each other, which approach the end, i.e., the spiritual low will soon be reached and visible to all who direct their sight spiritually. And so I have spoken through the powers of nature, also the last fight will soon start, the fight against me, which will result in the binding of Satan. And so you, my believers, will very certainly know it that the last hour is soon to come, when this last fight starts, but then your work for my kingdom is most urgent necessity, although you are to work the lands, which are there the hearts of men, already before diligently. For the Day of Judgement comes faster than you assume. And who still doubts, let him be instructed by me that my word is truth and that I have always informed you that I do not offer this my word veiled to men, but it is to be understood literally, because I want that you, who want to serve me, are instructed right, to be able to support yourselves with conviction with regard to fellowmen what you teach in my name. Time has expired, and the day is irrevocably determined. But I shout to you: Reckon with certainty that you experience the day yourselves, and also announce it to fellowmen that they will be witnesses of the powerful work of destruction at the end of this redemption period. And admonish them to the right way of life, so that for them the last day does not become judgement, but redemption. Amen. B.D. NR. 4030.


Book 49 4031

Unification of the soul and the body with the spirit.

27. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4031.

What you are able to hear through the inner voice is important for soul and body and is therefore to be heeded by both, i.e., the soul, the thinking, feeling and wanting of man is to be stimulated by this and also the body to be determined to follow that what the soul now thinks, feels and wants. The body can still resist despite the idea of the soul; man can, although he is internally convinced he must act differently, but carry out what is certainly beneficial to the body, but harmful for the soul, then the recognizing of what is right certainly exists, but the will is too weak to let it become action. The will certainly belongs to the soul, but the will is decisive for the acting of the body. If the will is now strong enough then it determines the body to actions, which are beneficial for the soul, then the soul so to speak draws the body with it into the spiritual kingdom; it is no longer materially-minded, i.e., earthly desires no longer have predominance, although man still lives on earth and again and again has to pass the fight with it. But the spirit in man draws the soul very mightily, and once it has succeeded to hold back the body by virtue of its will from the striving towards the world, once it has succeeded to weaken bodily desire and to make it inclined towards the soul, then the body goes always more and more away from the earthly, i.e., it certainly still stays in the old surroundings, but its desire only has become weaker and will finally only be directed towards that what the soul imparts to it. Also the body will find its satisfaction in the stay in the spiritual kingdom, and the unification of the soul and of the body with the spirit can now take place much easier than before, where the soul still had to wrestle with the body, i.e. where its will was still too weak to resist the comforts of the world, and the endeavours for earthly good were predominant. But this fight must go on; otherwise the spirit in man cannot gain attention; otherwise man is also not able to hear the fine voice of the spirit. And that is why the urgent admonition goes to you men all the time: leave the worldly unnoticed as far as possible; draw from the source of life; let the spirit speak to you, which is able to give you far more than the world can offer you with pleasures and enjoyments. Direct all your thinking, feeling and wanting towards the spiritual kingdom, as often as you are able to do this; also practise earthly activity with the view directed upwards; let your thoughts wander up on many occasions; call upon God and recommend yourselves to his love and favour. And your striving will become more and more spiritual; the earthly will only still touch you so far as it is absolutely necessary for the upkeep of the body, and your soul will mature in knowledge; it will become full of light in you and heavenly peace will enter into your heart, because you have overcome the world. Amen. B.D. NR. 4031.


Book 49 4032

All matter spiritually enlivened.

28. and 29. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4032.

Also matter, actually appearing lifeless, carries life in itself and therefore must be acknowledged as carrier of spiritual, although it is not comprehensible to you that some entity has been allocated hardest matter as stay, in which it apparently cannot develop, therefore is as it were forced to inactivity. But God knows about the will of this entity and has given to it the cover accordingly. But as long as the will of the entity resists God, it is also not willed to carry out an activity according to the will of God; therefore it is also denied the possibility to occupy itself with service. But activity means life; an inactive being will therefore remain in a dead state, and therefore its cover, matter, will remain for infinite long time unchanged. And nevertheless it is inhabited by some entity, which feels its hard outer form as permanent pressure, as fetter, to now be driven to give up its resistance, so that it gets alleviation of its agonizing state. Matter itself is equally spiritual, which resists God, which therefore just starts its course of development. But this spiritual can likewise redeem itself through serving only, and its serving consists in that respect that it is a cover to the already more mature spiritual, which makes serving possible for it. It therefore can, through its preparedness to help the spiritual in its ascent development, mature itself and slowly win that degree, which also earns itself a cover and in which it is allowed to serve. But the procedure of development lasts a considerable time, so that therefore matter as such needs a long time before it is completely dissolved and one can speak of an overcoming of it. But the course of development must now be continued, and this so long, until many spiritual entities have united themselves and what is expressed through always more perfect and greater forms. As long as the spiritual entities have the so-called dead matter as stay, so long the state of these entities is constant, i.e., they remain in a God-resisting will and therefore can expect no change of their surroundings and their outer form. But in the knowledge of eternity matter is so placed that that spiritual enlivens the outer edge of matter, which decreases its resistance at the earliest, why also the small change, which is carried out in endless long time, is lightly visible to the human eye from the outside, while the interior of matter remains unchanged and releases that what is bound in it not earlier until the will and the power of God intervenes and destroys matter or lets it be destroyed. Then also the inner spiritual can take the way to the light, when it is willing. Once it has found the way to the light, then it also pushes towards it, because also hard matter feels the blissful relief of light and more and more decreases its resistance against God. But the state of the spiritual in this matter is a complete different one than the one in the softer form, in the plant and animal world, where life is visible to the human eye and therefore also some entity is recognized in it. Because in this form the spiritual can already move freer and be active, even so according to divine law. However hard matter holds likewise spiritual in it, only therefore lifeless, because it is completely powerless and likewise tied up through the outer cover. Something tied up cannot move and appears therefore dead, until it has broken the fetter. Spiritual substances so to speak fight against each other – matter consists of more immature spiritual substances, which, in joining together, do not want to let the already more mature spiritual escape, because it is their purpose to grant it stay. The spiritual in matter has already a higher degree of intelligence; it is only annulled through its resistance against God and therefore cannot defend itself or free itself from the fetter tiresome to it. But if matter is destroyed, then it escapes and moves into another form, because against God’s will it can neither use the freedom nor feel it agreeably. If the act of destruction had happened in accordance with the divine will, then the spiritual will move into a form, which means further development for it, while with irregular destruction – through human evil will – the spiritual seeks again a same form, despite the agony, which it has endured in it, because before the embodiment as man all spiritual is subjugated to the mandatory law of God. All matter must however be seen as cover of spiritual, which is to develop upwards, as long, as this matter represents something useful, as long as it still can be used for things, which fulfil a serving purpose. If this matter is now used through men for creations of all kind, then man helps the spiritual in matter to serve and therefore to ascent development, and that is why busy creating of a man brings unimaginable blessings in a spiritual sense, because all spiritual in matter pushes towards the state of life, which is only possible in loosened form, after certain spiritual substances have found themselves together for common work. The course of ascent development consequently happens so that all form must be seen as cover of spiritual substance, which changes all the time, however needs a long space of time in the beginning, until the state of activity, the state of life starts, but then the soul substances which are in the form increase, therefore certainly one can speak of a soul, which however is not allowed to be compared with a human soul, because latter unites all soul substances. (28.4.1947) And so you now must imagine that everything what you see is enlivened by spiritual entities, every entity is a miniature little soul, of which innumerable of them form the human soul. Also matter itself will go this course if its substances are matured so far that they now themselves as entity can take residence in that what they were themselves before – solid matter. There are therefore so to speak two courses of development to be covered in the mandatory state – once as matter, but then also as entity bound in matter, only that this second course of development goes considerably quicker, because matter is faster destroyed than totally dissolved, and as long as it is useful – therefore can be made to things, which have a useful purpose - the spiritual in it also does not escape; it only is often for a long time without activity and therefore suffers. If it is then inhabitant of an outer form which betrays more life, then latter will also go through a quicker process of decomposition, because the substances of the outer form are already more mature and soon need an outer form themselves, to further ascend. All spiritual must cover the course through the whole creation; otherwise it could not live in a human soul through the last stage, because it is formed out of all earthly creations in the smallest measure. Everything what man is able to see, is contained in his soul and so elaborately fit together that you will not stop to see and marvel when you look at your own soul as pure spirit beings. You hear it, but you do not grasp it, as long as you stay on earth, nevertheless knowledge is given to you about it, so that you, who are appointed to the office of teaching in the last time before the end, are taught right, so that you can imagine the course of ascent development truthfully and also can give information, when it is demanded of you. But knowledge about it is not absolutely necessary for men, who spiritually strive little and to whom therefore above all the love commandment is to be preached, so that they set about the forming of their soul. They are only to know about the endless long course of their soul before, so that they are conscious of the great responsibility, which they bear towards their soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 4032.


Book 49 4033

Hour of death. Explanation for suffering.

30. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4033.

You never know how your end is, and therefore should implore daily the mercy of God that it turns towards you in the hour of death. Even if you live according to the will of God your end can be a severe one if it is to serve to completely cleanse you and make you free for ever. God’s wisdom and love is directed at you until the last hour on this earth, and if your souls are still able to change, opportunity is still given to you in the hour of death. And that is why men devoted to God often must suffer, and men find no explanation for it because they are not able to recognize the love of God in it, and divine love still gives this suffering to men, because it is the best means of maturing, which in a short time can still earn the soul that degree, which allows radiating through with light in the hereafter, and the soul thanks its creator when it has become free and recognizes God’s great love and compassion. And so all suffering must be seen as a proof of the love of God, and even the end is a happy one, if it is accompanied by suffering, although it does not appear so to man, because the soul certainly comes off with pain from the body, but rises immediately upwards into the kingdom of the happy spirits; it leaves not just bodily, but also spiritually the earth, and it also takes the matured substances of the body with it, because every degree of suffering on earth dissolves the cover, which the soul still surrounds. And happy the man who can still free himself completely on earth from immature spiritual – he has used earth life for redemption, and he also no longer rebels against the will of God. In the hour of death he will certainly wrestle about the peace of the soul, but never feel bodily suffering as unjustified, because his soul knows that it comes to an end, that bodily suffering also has an end and that the soul derives advantage from it, even if it is then no longer able to impart this knowledge to the body. But the body separates from the soul, as soon as it feels its perfection, because then its assignment is fulfilled having granted stay to this soul. For all of you the hour of death can be severe; but it also can be for you a happy falling asleep, to then awaken in the kingdom of light when it no longer needs suffering, when it has already found the unification with God on earth and he now fetches it home into his kingdom, into your father-house, to make you happy. But you do not know it, how your end is, and for that reason ask God for mercy; ask him for his favour and for power, if God still needs suffering for you, and you will also bear the hour of death; only the body will suffer, but the soul will separate from the body full of joy and rise into the spheres of light. Amen. B.D. NR. 4033.


Book 49 4034

Announcements through seers and prophets.

2. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4034.

What I announce to you through seers and prophets is to be taken seriously. So it is my will, and if you want to fulfil my will then do not accept lukewarm and indifferently what my love offers you. But you are indifferent if you certainly hear my word, however do not arrange your life according to my predictions; if you do not seriously strive for a change of your nature and fulfil my love command. Through my announcements I want to warn you of being idle in life; I want to admonish you to still use the time, which still remains to you until the near end; I want to stimulate you to spiritual striving and to direct all your thoughts spiritually, so that you mature in that time, which you still stay on earth. But if you do not take seriously my word, my prophecy, you leave all these instructions go unheard at your ears, and my admonishing and warning was in vain. And so now the hour comes, where you are recalled, you will only be able to demand a poor reference, because you have failed on earth and did not grasp my loving father-hand when it was offered to you. When you have a spiritual attendant, then you must absolutely put your trust in him, because he surely guides you right. But now in the time of the end I myself want to be your leader and attendant, and so you just show me a little trust, you truly no longer need to care for yourselves, neither bodily nor spiritually; because I take over this care myself; you just have to mind that you receive power from me constantly, which guarantees you the way upwards. And this power can only be sent to you in the form of my word. If I now inform you through this word about what is coming, so is it a very great favour for you, because you now have the possibility to gain my affection through the right way of life, in such a measure that I never ever go away from you, that I seize you and draw you upwards. But now I make it especially urgent, because not much time remains for you to change your souls. And that is why I approach you with every revelation, with every announcement, and call you, and so you recognize the voice of the father, you will also follow it; like lost little sheep you will pay attention to the voice of the good shepherd; you will follow his call, and this will be your greatest advantage. But who does not pay attention to my voice, he will also hardly find connection with me, and when now the hour of the end has come, he will be weak and not direct his look towards heaven, because he is still too much earthbound. And I want to avert this from you; I want to help you and therefore send again and again my word to you from above and at the same time also the reasons of my word, so that you take it more and more seriously, so that you hear and read it, wherever opportunity is given to you. Believe my word; believe it that no longer much time is left until the end, so that you set about your soul work very seriously, so that still much favour accrues to you, because the time is deep serious, and it is urgently necessary that you seek to imagine it, that the end surprises you and you have no longer time for your actual earth task. Listen to me and believe my word, and it will fill you with power always and for ever; I will be able to look after you myself, as soon as you seek me in thoughts. And all heaviness you will be able to master, because this is my will that power is sent to those who keep their faith in my power and love, and I help them to spiritual ascent. Amen. B.D. NR. 4034.


Book 49 4035

Mission of the servants of God.

3. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4035.

The power of faith marks the maturity of your soul, and your bond with me will be the firmer the more spiritually advanced you are. But spiritual progress consists in the recognition of your relationship with me, your earth task and your target, the destiny in the spiritual kingdom. Only the advanced man will possess this knowledge, but then also be deeply believing, because to recognize me as his father from eternity must also result in deep faith. And therefore he also must be full of power and be able to fulfil every spiritual and earthly assignment, and he now wants to serve me fully consciously, because the recognition of myself also increases his love towards me, which determines him to offer himself to me for service. And I accept him. I need men who stand in a certain spiritual maturity and are of especially strong faith and firm will, because the task, which I assign to him, requires both to be able to be fulfilled. Only strong faith will manage that he will let himself be instructed on an extraordinary way, and my direct instructions are necessary because their purpose is to spread a knowledge, which only I can offer to them truthfully, which can only take its start from me and therefore can be sent to my servant in an extraordinary way. But this knowledge can only be offered to that man who stands already on a certain level of spiritual maturity, because knowledge is light and light supply can only be imparted after fulfilling the conditions, which is deep, undoubted faith, which is also decisive for his walk of life. Such servants I need in the coming time and therefore educate them for a mission, which is urgent, because men are in great spiritual trouble. But the urgency of their work in the coming time also explains the care, which I confer upon all those who voluntarily put themselves at my disposal. How now this my care expresses itself, that will become clear to you, you who want to serve me, only after the finished mission, when you will recognize how your walk of life, your earth fate, had to pass off, because your mission was connected to it. And you will recognize my love and care for you, which is always directed towards you, even when a load was apparently imposed upon you. I know about your aim, about your ability and about your will, and according to them I analyse you, i.e., I give you the task, which you can fulfil with my power. And so that you request this power, you often have to go difficult ways, but they will always be passable, if you go them with me, if you ask for my help and leadership and completely leave yourselves to me. Because my look is further than yours, and I see you work for me and my kingdom. You are educated for this mission, not only through my word, but also through your daily experience, which is to mature you, so that you become efficient workers for me, so that you speak in my name and bring the Gospel to men. For it is the time of the end, which is to be used for the rescue of souls, which are in their greatest trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4035.


Book 49 4036

Spiritual turning point.

4. - 5. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4036.

Only then can one speak of a spiritual turning point when a time of low is replaced by a time where men stand spiritually on a high level and are closely connected to God, where they develop progressively, contrary towards the time before, where only standstill or retrogression was recorded. But such a spiritual turning point cannot occur, before not also the low is reached, because it must bring the final parting from spiritual high standing and completely immature souls, because before this parting has not taken place, also no paradisiacal state is possible on earth. But it will always be the start of a phase of development; otherwise God himself could not stay among his. Consequently there can be no doubt about it that the last end has come soon when man looks around and pays attention to fellowmen; the great earthly misery must also be proof that the whole of mankind remains in a spiritual low; and only a dissolving of all that what holds spiritual can end this state. And that is why man does not need to doubt that he will soon be witness of a work of destruction as it has never been experienced. Because all signs point to it; the gaps of human knowledge will now be filled by God himself, and as far as anyone can judge the last day is not long outstanding. And nevertheless the day and the hour of the end remains hidden to man. But that a spiritual turning point is to be expected soon follows from it that mankind has already reached the low, which causes a complete change. Would men be willing to change, to remove the spiritual low by virtue of their will, then one could certainly speak of a spiritual ascent, but never of a spiritual turning point. Because the state, which carries the character of a spiritual turning point, must be completely opposite to the state before, and such a state is no longer to be expected on this earth – the state of a peaceful living in God, which is a walk in brightest light, i.e. clearest recognising and deepest knowledge, a state in power and happiness. And it must replace the opposite, darkness of spirit, ignorance and powerlessness and therefore also unhappiness. And these are signs of a near end that men live without God, and without faith and without love they also walk in dark night, in error, and their weakness of will is not able to cause a change. And that is why God ends this state – he dissolves the old earth and ends the life of all creatures on it – he creates a new earth, new creations and embodies all spiritual appropriately to its degree of development, and that means for the spiritual embodied as man on the old earth, a transferring back into hardest form, into matter, because he has failed in his last earth life test, because it no longer recognizes and acknowledges God and is therefore lightless. But on the new earth a high degree of maturity will be found among men, because they live in most intimate closeness with God and happiness and peace. Amen. B.D. NR. 4036.


Book 49 4037

Camouflage of Satan. Personality of light.

7. – 9. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4037.

Also the enemy of God has his camouflage when he wants to bring men to fall and to the renunciation of God. He comes likewise as light personality and blinds men so that they are not anymore able to recognize what is true and do not understand his put-up job. He can always be found where men are gullible, i.e. thoughtlessly accept what is presented to them as truth and therefore also do not think about it when dark forces deceptively pretend to be pious. But also this intrigue can be detected by him who earnestly seeks and wants the truth. But there are only few who value the truth to such an extent that they examine everything and only accept what seems to be plausible to them. And so these dark forces will be very busy at the time of the end to confuse the thinking of men by uniting and accomplishing in a joint effort phenomenon that are to pretend to be angels of light but are really forces of darkness. And they try to influence credulous men to give them error and to lead them on the wrong path and they are mostly also successful with them because they do not get clarity in important questions because they allowed ignorant teachers to instruct them and so have accepted erroneous lessons that lead away from God who himself is the eternal truth. And on such erroneous teachings build those forces that now express themselves again as phenomenon of light and strengthen error to push men aside from God. Men mostly lack the powers of discernment and they cannot distinguish error from truth and so they accept without reservation everything without intellectually going into it in order to discover the error, to recognize it as error using goodwill towards truth. Real believers in whom the spirit has been awakened, that activates its higher hearing and its higher sight, should however be able to unmask these light personalities. Through knowledge about the truth, that was imparted to him by the voice of the spirit, he is able to recognize every error as such and so he will also reject the error as well as the giver whom he will doubtlessly recognize as an evil force even though he is hiding himself underneath the mask of a light bearer because the spirit of God teaches differently and that what does not agree with this spirit matter can safely be rejected as falsehood and can be branded. Moreover the alleged light personalities will also not be able to stand their ground against those who are filled with the spirit of God since they very soon will be seen through because there is no love in them but their effort attempts to turn men towards the world when they already have walked the spiritual path and that the others will be prevented from recognizing the right path for which a life of love is required. That is why you have to pay attention to how these light personalities express themselves, observe if they point to God himself, if they favour the direct contact with God or dismiss God, wanting to see worldly acts carried out which are not contributing to the attainment of soul maturity; pay attention to this and you will recognize and reject all spirit beings that do not come from the sphere of light because those who have the will for truth will really recognize everything that is directed against the truth and his sight will become bright and sharp so that he offers resistance and can also guide the fellow human beings towards the pure truth as long as they are still willing. But the enemy of God will have much power over gullible men and those men who possess the truth and who recognize the dark forces will have a hard time to convince those and so it will be explainable that in the last times phenomenon will increase that do not originate from God but will be regarded by many people as being divine revelations where the enemy of God tries to win men as angel of light putting them that way in darkest night. Because his followers insist on this, they resist when the error is explained to them and even though their soul is not harmed directly they are inaccessible to pure truth. And this is so exceedingly important as truth alone leads to God and as every manifestation from the realm of spirits will be interpreted in such a way as it is intended by the enemy of God since his thoughts underlie the opinion of men and he will always spread error under the cloak of piety and still never refer to the end so that men will be hindered to prepare for the end as it is God’s will. Busy battling with this is to be done, as all the many people which are walking in darkness should be saved from the claws of Satan. Amen. B.D. NR.4037.


Book 49 4038

Bread of heaven. Spiritual sun. Voice of the good shepherd.

10.-13. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4038.

Do not neglect to offer your soul the food, which secures it eternal life; feed it generously with food; do not let up in your striving for perfection. Then you will also gain my pleasure for you, and my love will care for and protect you, and you will lack nothing, bodily and spiritually your needs will be met, and you will stand in fullest truth; you will become knowing and still need no other master teacher than me; you will be able to come with every question to me, and I will never leave you without answer. Therefore desire my word, because this I place as condition, when you want to be satisfied with the bread of heaven, with soul nourishment, which is constantly at your disposal. Desire it; long for it, and if it is offered to you refresh yourselves thereby and persistently draw from the spring of life and you will receive power and light. All weakness will stay away from you and you will be full of wisdom. And thereby you recognize that my gift is divine; you recognize the value of my gift and you will be happy that I look after you in every spiritual trouble and also in every earthy distress. What I give to you is nothing new, but eternal truth, i.e., it must, if it is to remain truth, remain unchanged as it went out from me. But human intellect changes much; it constantly seeks to improve. And since my gift makes all wanting to improve unnecessary, it is understandable that only a change can be reached of that, what goes out from me as eternal truth. Therefore it is also understandable that my word does not remain so preserved and requires again and again purification if it is to be spread as my word on earth. And that is why I myself offer my word again and again to those who hunger and thirst after the nourishment of the soul. And these will stand in truth; they need not to fear to receive an inadequate knowledge or to understand it wrongly, because the transmission of pure truth is my will and my aim, as long as men live on earth, because only truth can lead to eternal life and help the soul to perfection. And that is why I will always be a loyal companion to my servants on earth; I will lead them ways where they meet those men who thirst for my heavenly bread; who have desire for soul nourishment and whose life is love work, why they also long for me. I approach them myself through my servants; I give them information about questions of the heart; I put thoughts into the heart so that they ask my servants for instruction and then I myself speak through these, and therefore hungry men receive the bread of heaven from me myself, full truth, which is spiritual nourishment for their soul. And the soul will develop upwards; it cannot remain behind in development if it receives the food from myself, which I have blessed with my power, which therefore can never ever remain ineffective. And where my servants can be active busily, there bright light will soon illuminate spiritual night, and men will no longer be afraid of darkness because morning has dawned for them, to which bright day will soon follow, where the shine of the sun breaks through and chases away all darkness. And once the spiritual sun has risen for men, there is no longer night, light will then shine for ever and mean an infinite favour for the soul. Because its original state was brightest light and darkness a result of sin against me, a result of arrogance and turning away from me. But now it is united to me in love for ever, and therefore it also must be unspeakably happy. For that reason do not let the soul live in want; give it what it urgently needs – spiritual nourishment, food and drink out of heaven; give it my word, by you raising the will to receive it directly or indirectly. And the soul will take an interest in me, in my word, if your will is turned towards me – do not let the most delicious go past it; do not let the living water exude without you refreshing yourselves with it; draw and drink out of the spring of life and satisfy yourselves with the word, which my love offers you. And if you want to be given very specially, then practise that you are able to hear myself; listen inwards and pay attention to your thoughts, and I will speak to you, fine and quietly, but you will recognize my voice, the voice of the good shepherd, who calls his sheep, because he wants to lose not one of them. As my children you will recognize the voice of the father, and because who approaches me in deepest love, to him I lean with my fatherly love, and the child will feel my love and will be happy in the possession of truth, which it receives from me, and it will come closer and closer to me through truth and finally unite with eternal truth – it has reached its destination and will be happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4038.


Book 49 4039

Weakness of men. Sinn. Love.

13. and 14. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4039.

Protect yourselves from unclean thoughts, words and acts; and you will walk right before God. No commandment is given to you, but only admonitions and warnings, but which are put into your heart as voices of the conscience. You are in possession of free will and can consequently do and leave what you want, and therefore you can also leave the commandment of God-love and neighbourly love unnoticed, despite it being my commandment. But likewise you can also lead your walk of life more or less according to divine will, because this divine will sets as last destination the perfection of the soul, and in order to achieve this, man must work on himself and give up everything what marks his imperfection. The soul must become lord over the body; it must adapt its desire to its own; it must strive upwards, therefore assess spiritual goods higher than earthly ones; it must overcome the world and strive for the spiritual kingdom. The simplest way to this is love. A loving man will always have more desire for spiritual good than for earthly pleasures and earthly possession. But he will yet not overcome the world completely, as long as he still lives in the midst of the world. And this will also not be counted as sin for him, only as an obstacle for the climbing of the last rung on the ladder to heaven. And man must cope with this obstacle himself. God does not condemn him, but helps him to free himself of the desires and vices. He knows about the weaknesses of men and takes them into account because he loves men and a loving father grants his children what does not harm their soul. And so man will also have weak hours, and God will overlook them for him; he will not condemn them on account of his weakness. He does not sin; he only does not strive upwards if he pays too much tribute to earth, and after that the soul work must start the more intensive the more he has belonged to the world, i.e. gave fulfilment to his body. But the measure comes now into consideration because as soon as the earthly desire outweighs the spiritual work, man does himself out of the blessing of God, and then he lacks the power for ascent. (14.5.1947) But who remains connected with God in the midst of the whirl of the world, who leaves no opportunity unused and is constantly intent on requesting God’s favour and help, who comes to him for advice with every matter, him God will not drop in hours of trouble of body and of soul. And his aid is love. Where love is there is no sin; but where love is missing there man will have to pay attention to himself and his thoughts. He is to constantly check himself; he is not to make himself a slave of his carnality; he is to educate himself to love because everything what testifies to love is noble and good, and what is lacking in love, can easily become sin. But God sees the hearts of men, and he always directs the thought of his; he will not allow that they fall into sin – but as he will also be a lenient judge for the weak who love him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4039.


Book 49 4040

Redemption epoch with Jesus Christ.

15. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4040.

The day of judgement is the conclusion of a redemption epoch, which was exceedingly important in the development of the spiritual. For in this epoch Jesus Christ was on earth, the emissary of God, the son of light, who descended from the spiritual kingdom to redeem mankind. The development of the spiritual had come to a standstill; progress was no longer to be noted; striving towards God was no longer there, to the light, to eternal truth. And love had cooled among men – there was a spiritual low on earth, which called for help, otherwise all spiritual got again lost to him who has been cause of the great darkness in the spiritual world. Help was urgently necessary and could only be done in form of a light ray from heaven. A being of light had to cover the course on earth to teach men and at the same time hold up a right earth life as an example as proof, that that could be fulfilled what God demanded of those men who wanted to free themselves out of the power of his opponent. And according to his soul Jesus was such being of light, while his body was man with all weaknesses and stirrings, which mark the nature of man, which he had to fight like every other man. His soul certainly strove towards God, without knowing about its conclusion, because as man all reminiscence was taken from it; the man Jesus had to go the same walk on earth, otherwise his work of redemption could not so be valued, otherwise it would not have been an expiatory sacrifice, which he offered to God for the sins of mankind. And therefore the man Jesus had to wrestle and fight. He had to pass the same fight against darkness, which is demanded of all men, which no-one can be spared, who wants to become happy for ever. And he came off winner out of the fight against darkness and therefore supplied the proof to men that a victory is possible, if it is striven for seriously. For although his soul carried the desire for God, for its true home, his body still had to pay tribute to the earthly, and all progress was an act of the free will; all increased degree of maturity was the result of the overcoming of the world, the reward of the fight against himself, against all earthly desires and renunciation of earthly joys and pleasures. And the man Jesus mustered this will – he freed himself and sought and found the complete union with God already on earth. And he redeemed the whole of mankind at the same time out of the fetters of death, because God accepted the sacrifice, which a weak man gave to him for the whole of mankind. And so this redemption period was of enormous importance for mankind, not only but also for the spiritual, which still languished in matter and still has to cover the long way of development. This spiritual feels the relief and pushed towards its embodiment as man to be able to lay claim to the favours of the work of redemption for the purpose of final redemption out of form. But the spiritual embodied as man pays no attention to it or just very little and lets the time of favour pass, which it should and could utilize with greatest success. Mankind does not grasp the importance of this epoch and remains in sin and guilt. And so an end is intended for the redemption epoch, which is granted to the spiritual for the ascent development, and determined the day from eternity, since an explanation is demanded from the living and the dead – the day of judgement, on which all have to take responsibility for their attitude to Jesus Christ and for their walk of life; on which they receive their reward or punishment according to merit. And you men approach this last day with gigantic steps. Be aware of the enormous importance of this, and still take advantage of the extremely short time for the salvation of your soul. Take your refuge to Jesus Christ, and ask him for help, and he will still redeem you in the last hour, if you want to be redeemed by him, if you believe in his sending and you acknowledge him as God’s son, who has come from above to free men out of the power of Satan. Believe in him and ask him for power, and you will have no need to fear the last day; it will not become judgement for you, but redemption, if you recommend yourselves only to him and his favours. Amen. B.D. NR. 4040.


Book 49 4041

Renewal of the World.

16. May 1947. B.D. NR 4041.

That the world has to renew itself is also explained by the laws of nature because all unsuitable has forfeited the right to be and must be replaced by something better. If and when it is unsuitable can only I alone assess as also works that are apparently not fulfilling their purpose according to human view have a certain degree of suitability and I let them exist as far as I am concerned as long as my wisdom finds them to be good. But as far as it is humanly possible to tell the time of dissolving of unsuitable creations has not come at all because men do not know the purpose of the work of creation in general; and also not the state of mankind which deviates completely from the aim that was given to it since eternities. Man has become the most unsuitable work of creation through his own will; he does not use either the power of life nor his will to execute that what is the actual purpose during his stay on earth; he lives from day to day, does not observe my commandments, does not observe his duty as man, and does not observe his creator and sustainer in eternity. He can’t recognize me anymore as his sight is directed towards that what belongs to my enemy because his mind is turned towards the world only, that was supposed to help him to reach maturity of his soul, that was given to him to put his will to the test and that has now directed his pursuit and striving and craving towards carnality. And so the means to achieve perfection have become useless, man himself has forfeited is right to exist since he as the highest developed of all the works of creation on this earth does not anymore strive up but he is at a standstill or goes backwards in his development. And if I want to prevent a complete sinking into the deepest of depths then I have to put an end to the state, I have to dissolve and form anew that what does not anymore fulfil its purpose as unspeakable much spiritual is striving to get into the last form as man on earth and this must be given the possibility for upward development. But man must again go back into long since conquered matter as he himself strives for this with all the lust of the body, with every fibre of the heart. And this requires the total dissolving of what exists and the new formation of works of creation that correspond with the state of maturity of the spiritual that again is to embody itself in it. Only I can clearly recognize the state of maturity of men but also the spiritual awakened man sees the low of the development if he follows closely the behaviour of men and he knows that the hour of dissolving is close. He also can draw his conclusions from the destruction through the will of man, he knows about the purpose of creation and also about the lack of use of it as defined by the creator and he understands that the destructions could take place and why they took place and that they are only the signs foreshadowing the great destruction through my will which will be followed in a short time by the complete dissolving of the earth. Because the law has to be fulfilled, everything that acts against my law of eternal order has to fall apart when the time has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 4041.


Book 49 4042

A loving man does not get lost.

17. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4042.

Men who make love to the guideline of their walk of life will never get lost; even so mentally they are still on the wrong track and are against pure truth. They are influenced by powers, which especially strongly fight about such souls, and since their will has not yet clearly decided, since man still does not fully consciously strive towards God, those powers seek to have an effect upon him, and they have insofar success, as that the thought activity of him is now less busy, when it is necessary to fathom truth, that man has little will to approach truth. Nevertheless love protects him that he goes astray. Because through work in unselfish neighbourly love he has already given himself to God as his own, who now never ever drops him. Love is the greatest power, and all lower powers fight against it in vain. If therefore a man lives in love, the wrestling of those powers about the soul of him is without success, because God keeps the soul, because he is greatly entitled to it. And he is certain of the recognition of truth, as soon as he just follows the suggestion to mentally comment on the spiritual material offered to him. If a loving men thinks about it, his decision about it will also be right and he will be able to separate error from truth and consciously strive for latter. That is why a loving man can never get lost, because love protects him from it, because through love he is connected to God and he will not deny him. And therefore also God expresses himself towards him, by bringing himself in appearance in a form that man’s thinking is stimulated and he awakens out of the lethargy of the spirit. The spirit in a loving man wants to be active; it is awakened to life through love, but not yet allowed to activity, as long as the will of man is still undecided, as long as man resists thinking about questions which concern the spiritual field. But with the smallest change of will the spirit of man starts functioning, and then it orders the thinking of man; it gives him information from within; it gives the power of recognition to man and so draws first the soul and then the body on to its side, and its influence will certainly not be small. A loving man cannot get lost because God holds him and he does not abandon him to his opponent. Man must only have the will to turn to the way to God. And this way will be shown to him; God steers the fate of every individual, and truly so that he always has the opportunity to enter the right way; he so obviously answers him because through the walk of life in love God is so close to man that he is recognizable any time, and who now seriously seeks, he finds him; he will recognize and seriously desire truth as such, and his soul is rescued for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 4042.


Book 49 4043

Self-sacrifice to God.

18. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4043.

What you love on earth you are to sacrifice to me, i.e. to let me have it of a voluntary heart and leave it to me what of it I want to give to you. Only then your love towards me is so deep that I can reciprocate it so that you are happy for ever. Your will to sacrifice testifies to your love towards me because as long as you still depend on the earthly, your love is only small. I want to be the king of your heart; I want to own the first place in it; I want to rule in you always and for ever because I want to completely fill you with my love power and this can only happen if you banish everything else out of your heart, if you desire only me alone and concede all rights over you to me. And I want to make you happy time wise and for ever because my love is more delicious than everything earthly; my love raises you into spiritual domains, from where you will never retreat back to earth because there is happiness without measure and you get to know the vanity of earthly goods and pleasures. Give yourselves to me for myself and despise the world. Do let yourselves be captivated through a pretence happiness, which is without continued existence, but removes you from me. Keep your heart clean, and prepare it for the reception of me, who want to move in with you, to take up my rule as king. And so gain the victory over yourselves, by you self-sacrificing everything to me, happiness and earthly prosperity, and only desire to exchange me for it. I truly do not want to take anything from you, but only give to you, and therefore my pieces of advice only start from deepest love, because you still do not recognize what my taking up residence in your heart means; you still do not know about the exceedingly great feeling of happiness, which my love triggers in you, when you have become mine completely. But only then you can grasp this when you give room to no other wishful thought than being united with me. And that is why I steadfastly draw you to me; I withhold everything from you so that you learn to overcome, so that you voluntarily renounce that what appears desirable to you, that you give it up for my sake, to win my love through it. Give it to me voluntarily so that I do not need to take it from you and have to inflict pain on you for the sake of yourselves. And I want to give you wealth, which cannot be taken from you; I want to give you the happiness of the union with me which never ever can be surpassed in happiness and which you are therefore to strive for under complete renunciation of that what pleases your heart on earth. Self-sacrifice everything to me and exchange it for my love - and you will obtain unutterable profit for eternity. Amen.B.D. NR. 4043.


Book 49 4044

Thorny way. Favour of God.

19. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4044.

Your way is difficult and thorny, but power and favour is immeasurably at your disposal. And so also the most difficult way is to be covered successfully, if you just use my gift of favour, which supplies you with power in fullness. I myself have indicated it to you, and since everything is based on my love and wisdom, you can truly accept the days free from care, as they approach you; you need not feel depressed, but can constantly hope for my help and my power flowing towards you, when only you just want to use it. You only have to believe in my great love for you, then everything will also be bearable for you; if you feel being carried by my love, also the most difficult will seem to be easy for you, because then you know that you must cover the earth way for the sake of the salvation of your soul, which I have recognized as successful for you, and then peace will overcome you also in the most difficult situation in life, because you always feel me next to you and trustingly lean on me. A level way never leads you upwards, and every ascent is laborious as long as you are without power; but if the power out of me fills you then you can also take every obstacle effortlessly. But at any time you can use the power out of me, if you receive my word, if you refresh yourselves at the spring of life, if you let me speak to you and desire my gift of heaven – if you receive me myself in the word into your heart. Then all weakness will fall off from you; trustingly you will recommend yourselves to me, and I will carry you over all dangers of life, over cliffs and rocks, upward. And all suffering and all trouble will fall off you, because with my help everything can be overcome; with my help you safely reach your destination. For that reason fetch constantly new power out of my word; receive it with a hungry heart; let yourselves be fed and watered by me and know that my word is the spring of power from eternity, because I myself am the word and you can receive power from me at any time in all fullness, as I have promised it to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 4044.


Book 49 4045

Faith. Strong wrestling.

20. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4045.

A perpetual inner wrestling is required to gain strong faith, and this presupposes a strong will, to be able to accept that, what is imparted to men as teaching, i.e., to be convinced of its truth. A right faith can be won, consequently it is also to be seen as a gift, but man must also be prepared for it, to accept the gift, therefore his will must again partake, otherwise man cannot believe. Wanting to believe absolutely also results in being able to believe; will alone is decisive with which strength faith seizes him. In the deepest inside you must win the conviction of the correctness of that what is demanded of you to believe, only then can you say: I believe. But in order to be able to win this conviction, man must also do a certain work before; otherwise that faith can never come to life in him. He must express the will to believe through his way of life, because the will alone, without the act, is not adequate, therefore also not effective. But his way of life is to be a work in unselfish neighbourly love. Through this he now connects himself with God, in whom to believe he is taught. The connection with God now lets him feel his nearness; he becomes aware of a power, which flows through him, even so he can give no expression to this feeling. But as soon as he is connected with God through work in love, the conviction will also rise in him that there is a being full of love, wisdom and power, and he can now consciously say: I believe in this being. Faith has therefore then become alive in him. In addition he must express his opinion to all spiritual material, which is offered to him, what to believe is demanded of him. And again it is love which has an effect in him that his spirit gives him mental information out of the inside, over which he desires it. The thought material imparted to him is therefore so made understandable to him by his spirit or the unacceptable revealed to him that with conviction he now can either accept or reject and then it can again be spoken of living faith. And so is also faith in Jesus Christ as God’s son and redeemer of the world to be understood, that man must receive the knowledge before, that he digests it mentally and now must declare his position himself, that he can do this only if he practises love, if he follows him, so that the spirit can unfold through love, which guarantees him right thinking; and fully aware man now acknowledges Jesus Christ. He believes in him and now devotes himself to him in this faith. Faith must be obtained with difficulty; man must have the good will to be able to believe, and now do everything what earns him a deep unshakeable faith. And for it he must ask for power and favour that his will does not wane, that he walks according to the will of God on earth – as soon as he has already won faith in God. God knows the smallest stirring of the heart, and where he finds the will, which turns towards the good, in that direction he will also steer his favour, which is then accepted and utilized according to the will of man. But the will alone is decisive, which measure of favour he uses, and the will of man will also cause him to prayer, which never remains unheard, but secures him increased supply of favour, which guarantees the ability of recognition and therefore convinced faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 4045.


Book 49 4046

Will guarantees power.

21. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4046.

What is set for you as task, you must want to fulfil, then the power is also sent to you to be able to. And at any time you must be aware that you have to fulfil a special task, which also needs especially a great deal of power, and you therefore have to stand in special favour, but this always necessitates your will. But the task assigned to you is according to the will, which God saw from eternity and therefore also forms your earth fate so that it adapts itself to your task, and your work for the kingdom of God will always be workable in every life situation, into which you are moved according to God’s eternal will. May it also now and again seem as if your activity for the kingdom of God is not feasible, God knows about your will, he knows about the urgency of your work for him in the face of the great trouble; he has no other aim than to help men in this misery, and who wants to help him on earth with it, him he takes into his service and also assigns his field of activity to him, where he can successfully be active. If a man wants to work for God on earth, then he will always be accepted as his worker, as his vassal, who does loyal services for him, and then his journey through life will also be so covered by him that the spiritual work will always arise from the respective circumstances, as it is God’s will. Man just needs to trustingly abandon himself to his guidance and to constantly think of his work. He is not allowed to become lukewarm and lethargic and pay tribute to the world if it tempts him. But he who wants to serve God, over him the world has lost its power, and he withstands their temptations, because God no longer lets him fall, who has offered himself to him for service, because his task is so enormously important in the last time before the end. For men do not recognize God, and even those who seek often go a wrong way; they do not pay attention to the leaders and shouters, and unspeakable much power gets lost, because it remains unused. The power of the divine word also exudes without finding the right vessel, which is placed readily opened. And it is of special urgency to put men into the blessing of the divine word, of that word, that is supplied to earth from above through God’s great love, which testifies to his power and magnificence and his over great love and wisdom, which gives announcement about the eternal plan of salvation, of the compassionate love of God towards the unredeemed. Knowledge about this is so important in the last time, as it gives power to man to resist, when the last life test is demanded of him. And to spread this divine word is the duty of him who wants to serve God on earth. And no matter where his way leads, he will always have the opportunity to make his word accessible to men, because the power of the word is indispensable for every individual, because the last time demands extraordinary power, if man is to hold out and remain loyal to God. And that is why God trains light and power bearers on earth for himself – men who can directly receive his word and pass it on. And he will always give them the possibility to work in his will, because he knows the will of his servants on earth and he will always bless them for their will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4046.


Book 49 4047

Fulfilment of love command demanded by all.

22. and 23. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4047.

I have given you a command that you are to love each other, and if you keep this command, you fulfil my will. But I did not make your soul maturity dependant on the fulfilment of earthly passed commands, what however is clearly taught to men. But it is now much better to leave such commands issued by men unnoticed, than to obey them, without thinking about my commands of love, because the former I do not assess, although they are painstakingly followed. This is of such great importance that men are informed about it, in what my will exists and what is pleasing before my eyes. Because for that they do not have already a long time any more a standard, and their shortcoming in spiritual respect they do not acknowledge. That is why it is advisable to comply with all eagerness and persistence this my command, to adopt my will and to work on oneself that my love can penetrate him and he now only accepts my will. (23.5.1947) The more man makes my will to the guiding principle of his way of life, the more he brings himself into line with my nature, while the fulfilment of humanly imposed commands results in no change of his nature. But my will is to fulfil the command of neighbourly love, as a result of which he also testifies to his love towards me at the same time. And this neighbourly love is to be practised always and constantly. A man can form himself to love; he can be so penetrated by the love towards the neighbour that it causes him to constant work, that it therefore is a driving force of his thinking, speaking and acting. Then he will also be a model for fellowmen; he will not only set an example for the right life pleasing to me on earth, but also the effects of his life of love will be recognizable. He will be filled by my spirit, i.e., he will receive truthful knowledge from me and be able to pass this on to fellowmen. But the effect of active neighbourly love is at the same time a proof of increased maturity of the soul and also a proof for the importance of the fulfilment of my love command. Men do not take my command seriously enough, and still it is the most important of their earthly existence, because the whole life in eternity depends on its fulfilment. What therefore is more comprehensible than that I gave this command to my disciples with the assignment to go into the world and to teach all peoples, to enlighten them about the effects of a love life and the bad results of lack of love, so that they could reach soul maturity still on earth? I myself have preached love on earth; I myself have held up a love life as an example to them and I myself have proved to them to which wisdom and miracle power I reached through love. And I admonished all, who took it seriously, to follow. But men do not care about that, but with fanatic eagerness they observe what men have added to my love command, but what has not the smallest context with unselfish neighbourly love. And they consider my commands as not executable – and through it they give themselves the proof that they do not believe in the truth of my word, in my wisdom and my love, otherwise they would have to undoubtedly accept and also follow every word out of my mouth. What I demand of men that must be executable always and for ever, and be able to be accepted by all men. And only free will can prevent them from practising that unselfish neighbourly love that I demand. And that is why man is to first inform himself about my will; he is to adopt it, therefore to give up self-will and be completely absorbed in my will, but then he will also be able to carry it out, and that is in every life situation, because my command is not just given for individual men, but for all, for whole mankind, which lives along far from love and is therefore also in greatest ignorance, because knowledge is only a result of a love life, which I have made to a command to those, who walk upwards and want to stand in brightest light. Amen. B.D. NR. 4047.


Book 49 4048

Forerunner of the Lord.

Pentecost Saturday 24. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4048.

The favours and the proofs of the love of God that are offered to men during the times of the end can completely compensate for the miseries and sufferings of that time as they ensure their quick ascent when they only make use of these favours and strive for maturity of the soul. It is the time about which it is written that God will be with men in his spirit until the end; it is the time when men will see him coming in the clouds where the connection between heaven and earth will be conspicuous not only in the imagination of man but in reality beings of light will be active on earth and give off light and where men will be instructed from above, where God himself in the word descends to earth and offers the bread of heaven to the ones who are his, where men can always and constantly draw from the source of life because God himself offers them the drink of life to impart power to them. In this time someone will make a name for himself who is destined to be the last messenger before the Lord, who will announce the Lord as his forerunner and who will tell men the truth, who speaks without being afraid though he himself will be in danger to be seized because of that. But the world is worth nothing to him anymore and he willingly exchanges the earthly life against the eternal life, and therefore he does not fear the world since he knows how near the end is and what lies ahead of men who do not believe in it. Also his appearance is an exceptional blessing as their attention will be constantly drawn through him to the near end and therefore stimulated to work on their souls and their eyes get directed towards eternity; and an extraordinary strength will also be inherent in him so that he can heal the sick and help where it is necessary and where it seems to be impossible on the part of the people. Because he will lead an exemplary life of love and he will be filled with the spirit of God. God himself will work through him and whoever listens to him hears God himself, hears God’s word through the mouth of a man, but as it has been declared by God. And this time has come, this last time of blessings, which can bring great success for men who strive for perfection. And even if they have to suffer exceedingly worldly-wise they still benefit if they only make use of the favours because now they also know that the end is near since they recognize in him the forerunner of the Lord and are now expecting joyfully the Lord himself who will appear also soon to redeem the ones who are his from greatest miseries and to lead them into a land of peace as he has promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 4048.


Book 49 4049

Pouring out of the spirit. Disciples.

25. and 26. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4049.

You have to fulfil a mission, just as my first disciples on earth, who I sent out into the world to announce the Gospel to men. But who administers an office on my behalf, he must also have the ability for it from me, and so you as my servants on earth must be trained for this office; you must be very active as my disciples at the time of the end, because it is again essential to bring the Gospel to men. Consequently you so to speak have to receive from me what you are to impart again to fellowmen. And this assignment requires work of the spirit, who as spark of my divine spirit slumbers in man, until it, brought to the awakening through a love life, now wants to express itself, and its expressions can be assumed as absolute truth. The work of the spirit depends on the will of man himself. Not everybody is granted the favour, however not, because I give to one less than to another, but because the favour of work through the spirit is not requested or the divine gift of favour is not respected and this is really the most delicious what can be offered on earth to men as my gift. A gift must be received with a joyful heart; it must be held in high regard and valued accordingly; above all an open heart must be prepared to let the current of favour flow into it, i.e., man must want that God works in him, and makes himself worthy of my work. Then my spirit pours over the man who is chosen for a mission on earth, because he has voluntarily offered himself to me. This pouring out of the spirit took place after my ascent into heaven as opening phase of the work of my disciples, so that they now could comply with their task and pass on the pure word, which I myself have taught on earth. To announce this my word, my disciples had first of all to be taught; they had to have a knowledge at their disposal, that they could give true enlightenment as answer to every question addresses to them. Therefore they themselves had to stand in truth. And my spirit imparts this truth to you men. (26.5.1947) All of you can become receiving vessels of my spirit; over all of you I want to pour out my spirit, if you are willing to form yourselves to the receiving vessels through my work in love. For I myself am love, and my spirit is the power of my love, and so also the vessel into which my power wants to flow must be love; the heart must be willing to love and able to love; and man must form himself for it. This is my request; otherwise I can never have an effect in you. This is a teaching, which I gave to my servants on earth, which they were to spread among fellowmen to cause them to also make the work of the spirit possible in themselves, because where I can have an effect through my spirit, the ascent to the height is guaranteed; where I can have an effect, there is light, and where light is, is also life. I want to give to you men eternal life, that is why I send my servants on earth to you, to whom you are to listen; because they are my pupils, my disciples of the time of the end, who again are chosen by me, because I have recognized, hired them as suitable workers for my important activity shortly before the end. My Gospel is to be carried out into the world again. My wisdom recognizes the urgency; and my love wants to bring help where great spiritual misery is. I myself want to speak to men and need you for this, you who are willing to serve me. And before I have an effect in you before I can introduce men to truth through you. I want to remain with you until the end. Mankind certainly knows about the pouring out of the spirit over my disciples, but it no longer knows that I want to make all men happy with this and that only the will of the individual is decisive whether my spirit can be effective in him. And that is why you, my disciples, are to inform them; you are to let me speak through the spirit in you; you are to pass on what you hear, what you receive out of the spiritual kingdom as direct radiation of myself. You are, in the last time before the end, to let me myself have an effect through you, because I need organs through which I can express myself, so that those are strengthened in their faith who are mine and can win faith who are still far from me or are of weak faith. For soon the end is there and the time of favour expired, as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4049.


Book 49 4050

Workers in the vineyard.

26.-28. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4050.

Only that man can be up to a great spiritual assignment who offers himself for the work for the kingdom of God voluntarily, because he has the will, which also earns him the power. The will to work spiritually is absolute guarantee that he is brought in to such a task, because God needs many workers for his vineyard, but only very few want to accept it. But it can never be loaded on to a man without his will, because the training for this office is a special favour, which guarantees an ascent development, therefore man would walk upwards without his will, what however is not permissible, if he is to become perfect in days to come. And moreover such a task can only be carried out by a man who stands in a certain degree of maturity, and only this degree of maturity guarantees the work of the spirit, as it also results in a complete devotion to God, subordination under the will of God, and always one must complement the other. But subordination under the will of God means constant God-pleasing thinking, speaking and acting and understandably a rich reception of power; so that therefore the will of man completely subordinates itself to the divine will and man is now able to do everything with the use of divine power and can also very easily carry out a spiritual task. (28.5.1947) Man must only offer himself to God for this task. In no way is he allowed to have been influenced by spiritual powers, neither for nor against his decision. Then he himself makes a test of will, which has an extremely favourable effect for his soul. He has then already passed the earth life test and could depart from earth when he would not be necessary as co-worker at the redemption of erring men, whom he, in his love-urge, would like to help in their misery. Because the will turned towards God and the love directed towards the neighbour so forms man that the spirit of God sinks over him. Only a man filled with God’s spirit has spiritual wealth at his disposal in that measure that he can carry out a mission – to teach fellowmen according to fullest truth. This mission is extremely important in the last time before the end, so that God trains every servant who voluntarily offers his services to him. Each one of them he will put into that place where he can work according to his maturity; each one of them will be power receiver according to his love-will and his task, because these can be very different. But God will always bless his servants and allocate to them the field of work, according to their soul maturity, according to their will and according to their love. B.D. NR. 4050.


Book 49 4051

Cross bearer Jesus. "Come all to me."

29. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4051.

He who let himself be nailed to the cross for you men, his love also wants to help you carrying every earthly cross, if you just acknowledge him and want to load your cross onto him. Because he has pity on every man who is suffering, who flees to him in his worries and sufferings, asking him for his support and firmly trusting in his help. "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." That are his words, which full of love and consolation fill your hearts, which you are to call to mind in every trouble of body and soul - "I will give you rest." And so he will take from you all what is heavy; he will help you bear it so that you no longer feel the load. Because his word is truth, and only firm faith in it is precondition that you find help in suffering and trouble, both spiritually as well as earthly. And who therefore takes his refuge in him, who places himself under his cross and calls upon him as redeemer of the world, him will soon be helped, because that is the merit of the man Jesus that he self-sacrificed all his suffering and his pains to God for suffering mankind, that he was prepared to bring a sin offering – that he as purest light being handed himself over to the executors and henchmen, who through their affiliation to Satan caused him multiple agonies, because his purity rebelled inwardly against the black souls of his torturers. But he drank the cup of suffering to the full and brought to God a sin offering for whole mankind, which now could utilize the extreme great gift of favour, which can encumber him with all loads and finds at any time a willing cross bearer, if it just believes in Jesus Christ as redeemer and God’s son. But he shouts to all believers: "Whoever loves me, let him take up his cross upon himself, and follow me." Who like him forms himself to love, him the cross will not press all too much, because the following of Jesus also secures to man the presence of God at the same time, who is present in every work of love – following of Jesus. Amen. B.D. NR. 4051.


Book 49 4052

Love. Sin.

30. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4052.

Dark powers always set themselves against the divine principle of love and therefore have a negative effect on the spiritual, which is in free will on earth. They seek it to be preoccupied with lack of love, as they, however, also trigger urges in man under the guise of love, which pull down and harden the cover of the soul, instead of bringing it to melt. And from such dark powers men are constantly besieged who have made it their principle to fulfil divine will. Because divine will is put to them as not feasible, that man gets into spiritual conflicts if he is to love God above all and the neighbour and at the same time is to refuse a love service to fellowman, which is also for himself a joy. The dark forces are extremely busy in the misleading of the thoughts of him who wants to give himself to belong to God. And nevertheless the love command of God is to be completely fulfilled also by those men who are exclusively spiritually active, as soon as they just have firm will, to belong to God and to serve him. Then they are led by his father hand, and truly the right way, so that they can give love constantly and are also flowed through by his love, which has again an effect in love work upon the neighbour. A high spiritual aim can so therefore be followed; thoughts can be directed spiritually; love can always be practised, and man can also still make fellowman happy earthly and also be allowed to receive in giving. And he will not despise divine will; he will submit to it and also be allowed to be happy as proof of the love of God on earth, without interrupting his spiritual striving, because God himself has taken over the guidance of his life; he will know how to prevent what could cause serious harm to the soul of the spiritual striving – but as he also hands out his gift of favour on earth to those who are his through their will and the love towards him. Who wants to do the right thing before God, he cannot sin, although the powers of darkness would like to tempt him to it, because God places himself protectively between men and those powers; he is so close to man that the principle of love cannot be shaken, since love determines all thinking and acting and that is why everything is also good what man does, who seeks to fulfil God’s will. Because this is determining that man lives in love – then also God will give him his love and do not drop him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4052.


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