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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 47-48

B.D. NR. 3687 - B.D. NR. 3821
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Book 47-48 3692

Earthly precautions are useless for catastrophe.

20. February 1946. B.D. NR. 3692.

You have to completely separate yourselves from the world when you are to be filled with my power and want to become aware of this power. And so in hours of trouble you will also be only then strong when you are able to leave all worldliness unnoticed and turn yourselves with all your thoughts completely to me. I will take special care of those who seek this close connection in hours of extreme trouble because they prove to me their faith that I will never disappoint. And you yourselves cannot ward off anything what I allow to come upon you and so all efforts are fruitless that you undergo for the sake of your bodily well-being. To direct your senses towards me and to faithfully expect my help is much more valuable because it earns you certain success and I protect your body and the soul due to you being faithful. And when I express myself through the elements then I will still send you first unmistakable signs of the approach of a catastrophe and then you are to remember my word. You are to collect yourself in prayer and all that you do is to be for your spiritual well-being, do not worry about your body but only seek to establish the close connection to me so that I can have an unhindered effect on you and can guide you without finding any resistance due to earthly distraction which weakens the work of my spirit or makes it even impossible. Do not make any move to care for the body because what I want to keep for you that will survive for you and what you are to lose you cannot protect through your will. I know what you need as I also know what is obstructive to the further development of your souls. And that is why you are to leave to me all worry about you, about your worldly possessions, and only think of our soul because you do not know if also your last hour has come. That is why I still announce myself beforehand to give you in my love still sufficient opportunity to connect yourselves with the spiritual sphere, with me, who holds the fate of each of you in my hand and guides it to your best. Whoever connects himself to me has the most secure protection and he surely does not still need worldly safety measures that can become invalid any minute. I again want to work perceivably; I want to make myself perceptible to those who are mine to strengthen their faith, to train them to become true workers for my kingdom as which they are to appear afterwards. Do not worry, because I care for you; only pay attention to my words of love and to have them respond in your hearts. And exhort your fellow human beings to do likewise, warn them against taking overzealous measures for their worldly welfare and also urge them to turn believingly to God and to recommend themselves, soul and body, to me. And who will heed your words will be miraculously guided through proportionately to the strength of his faith. And therefore fear nothing whatever might really come and no matter how threateningly the situation might be. My arm reaches everywhere to help and also to destroy. Whom I want to keep continues to be kept and whom I want to destroy cannot escape, he is only to worry that his soul does not fall prey to darkness then also he is saved for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3692.


Book 47-48 3700

Thoughts are radiations out of the spiritual kingdom.

28. February 1946. B.D. NR. 3700.

Extract only:

Thought activity is certainly, seen earthly, the function of organs, but which actually just absorb and assimilate that what touches the organs as radiation out of the spiritual kingdom.


Book 47-48 3706

Origin of thoughts.

7. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3706.

You are taught out of the spiritual kingdom. When this thought can be grasped by you, you also stand in faith, and you then receive a thought material, which has no earthly origin, which therefore would have to come either out of the kingdom of infinity or would have to be born out of yourselves, when you do not want to acknowledge the former. And so I will give you an explanation, in which connection your own thinking stands with the spiritual kingdom. You will hardly be able to give a thought in you the right direction, i.e., to truthfully answer a question raised by yourselves when you lack all knowledge. You certainly can give yourselves an answer, however without guarantee for truth. And I now ask you, where do you take the thoughts from, which according to your view cross your brain. I ask you furthermore who has awarded the gift of thinking to you and what thought actually is. You certainly can answer: It is a bodily function, which is characteristic to man, without the need that it is given to man. Thinking is however actually something enormous when you look at a process closer, which takes place without all perceivable activity, which is visible to no other man and which also leaves no perceivable results or consequences. It is a process, which can take place everywhere and at any time, without being able to be controlled by outsiders. It is therefore already a process, which is to be mentioned as spiritually, in contrast to all other actions of man, to what purpose he needs his body in some way. Whatever man does, he uses an organ of his body for the execution of the function allocated to this body part. And this will also always be able to be recognized. But not the thinking of man. This can take place in fullest rest of the body, although man considers the seat of the intellect, the brain, as the organ, which also carries out its function. But its function is merely in absorbing mental radiations when it is touched by them. But where is the origin of thoughts to be sought, particularly then when it is not about earthly perceivable but about spiritual things, which cannot be grasped by the senses of man. Like lightning sometimes thoughts emerge suddenly, without that he has before dealt with it intellectually. And also every answer of a question, which he has asked himself, is as it were a suddenly emerging thought, which therefore must come out of a reservoir, when man already believes that the thought is born out of himself. Somewhere in him himself this reservoir must be out of which he takes the though material by busy intellectual activity. And this thought container would consequently have to become empty and be able to get again filled, when it is to be sought within man, or it must be recognized as being outside of the human body; it must be sought in the spiritual kingdom, from where every thought is radiated into the heart of man, to then be taken up and assimilated by the thinking organs though the will of man. The will of man can be stronger or weaker with which he uses the radiations touching him, and accordingly is also the ability of man, which is recognizable outwardly, to explain things and therefore to be regarded as being known. Whether and when man receives radiations, which correspond to truth, requires further teachings, but that he receives these radiations out of the kingdom of the spiritual, is definite and can also become conviction with some thought. Because nothing, what is not earthly perceivable comes into being by human will, but it is there as something, what has always been; it has its origin in the spiritual kingdom, as all spiritual is radiations of God’s power, which are accessible to man according to his will. But the thought is exactly the proof that man is bearer of the spiritual and as earthly bound being can produce the connection with the spiritual kingdom through thought. He can rise into that kingdom in thoughts; he can detach himself from earth and stay mentally in spiritual areas. And when he believes that such stay in the spiritual kingdom is a product of his own phantasy then the explanation for this is that man can think and imagine nothing what does not exists – that everything whatever man imagines is also in existence somewhere and thoughts are as it were a reflection of that what man seeks to discover by virtue of his will. Just that the pictures can be offered to him distorted, but that is again caused by his will. But the brain of man is never ever the origin of thought, but it is just the apparatus, which must receive the thought material, which comes out of the spiritual kingdom and touches him, when it is to become perceivable for man. Because this must without doubt also be for the non-believing man that he must himself first receive wisdom; that he himself cannot give birth to it, unless it would be in him. But this requires a stronger belief because then he must also acknowledge the divinity in him, which slumbers in him as spark of the spirit and which can also teach him truthfully from the inside. But then the same explanation is offered to him because he is then in direct connection with the spiritual kingdom, with me, with the father spirit from eternity, which himself teaches him. And then he also knows that all thought material is my radiation and that is in fullest truth as soon as he has gotten into contact with me as the giver of truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3706.


Book 47-48 3707

Coming in the Clouds. Last End.

8. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3707.

My coming in the clouds is preceded by the greatest time of suffering that earth has ever seen – as it is announced in word and scripture. And I again and again tell men about this and have done so since the beginning of this epoch to strongly admonish those to repent who are not walking on the right road. And because of these men I send plagues upon the face of the earth from time to time that are to call the nearby end to mind so that they are to think about their souls earnestly and to change. But the last end had not arrived yet; the redemption period had not reached the time that I have determined since eternities according to my plan. The earth was not yet ready for the last work of destruction, the souls of men likewise not for the complete downfall, i.e. for the banishing into creations of the new earth. But my predictions are coming true again and again in times of great spiritual trouble - distress and hardship came over the earth in increased measure so that the end had to be feared at each of these times of trouble. And this was according to my will that it always remained a secret to men when the last end is to come. Such times of trouble were also more or less successful for those concerned so that they found their way back to me and adopted a different approach than before towards me. But they became more stubborn and the distance to me grew and so did their resistance to me. And so the time has come where no presentation, no admonitions and warnings are of use, where mankind remains without impression even in the face of hardest earthly suffering, i.e. where this brings about nothing that men would recognize me and enter into a right relationship with me. They remain opposed to me, they are only worldly orientated and do not strive for any spiritual progress. Not even the hardest trouble is able to change the thinking of men and so the time of the end is irrevocably arriving as I foresaw it in eternity. The earth has stopped to be a stage of education for the spirit of mankind populating it and so it will be dissolved and its creation will be totally reshaped so that the new redemption period can start. And so an exceedingly great suffering will come upon the earth so that still the last ones are gathering themselves together who are recognizing God’s voice in all of this. And the ones who are mine have to also experience this suffering, they will be strengthened by me in remarkable ways but will also be touched by it so that they await eagerly my coming that I have announced always and continually for the end of this earth. And when the misery becomes unbearable, when the believers are in greatest distress and can see no worldly escape, I myself come. And there will be rejoicing among the ones who are mine when they see me in all my glory, but still covered from their physical eyes by clouds that subdue the power of my light so that my followers that are still belonging to the earth can bear me. They will shout for joy and rejoice on account of the fulfilment of my word. But the great trouble before, that I announce again and again through my seers and prophets, through my servants on earth, has strengthened their faith because everything happens as I have foretold it and so they also wait being quite confident that I will come in the clouds. And still I come suddenly and unexpected also for those who are mine. Because I shorten the days of trouble because they become unbearable and I do not want that my people become timid in the face of the great difficulty. And so I fetch them into my kingdom at the right time and then comes the end. Because my word is truth and comes true and the time of the last end has now come. Amen. B.D. NR. 3707.


Book 47-48 3708

Spiritual Change.

9. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3708.

A spiritual upheaval, so a complete change of the spiritual state of men, also implies a total reshaping of all that is bearer of the spiritual. This means that the visible creations have to release the spiritual for the time being so that it can reach higher maturity in new forms. Consequently also the spiritual that is embodied as man must be rid of its outer form because this spiritual is authoritative for the mental state on earth that has reached a low at the moment as never before in this period of development and is therefore the reason for a total reshaping of earth. To start with this spiritual that is in retrogression must be brought into a form that corresponds to its maturity before the spiritual that is now embodied as man can move in a higher spiritual state, before therefore a spiritual turning point takes place in which man is closer to God and all that is far from God is prevented from pressing him. Such a spiritual turning point implies therefore the destruction of visible creations and also the bodily downfall of men with the exception of those who through their faith and their love have themselves connected with God and who are thus close to God and who therefore do not have to fear a renewed walk on earth. These will experience the spiritual turning point, they will, due to their heightened spiritual maturity, be witnesses of the complete destruction of all that lives on earth and the destruction of the outer form of those and yet still not themselves be affected by it. Before that, they go through the deepest depth of human mentality so that they are then led to the height through God’s great love. The previous dark state on earth gives way to a state of brightest light, it will be a change of enormous importance, a reshaping of all thinking of the inhabitants of earth and the right relationship with God will first be established and so also happiness and bliss are shared by men on earth who are now starting a new development period in fullest harmony and works of love. And this spiritual revolution cannot happen before the spirits first have completely made up their minds, before they themselves are aware of the direction of their will. All half measure must decide - an open confession towards God or his enemy must come first, because God does not damn that what does not face him as a fundamental enemy. He takes pity on all weakness of the will and he seeks to repair this, he seeks to bring help to the weak so that he finds the right way and walks on it. But when the being has decided to resist God then also the hour of the end has come, then the die is cast that determines the future of the lot of the spiritual for eternities. That is the day of judgement, the total separation of the spirits and the complete destruction of that what holds the spiritual on earth. Then the point of time is reached that is followed by the spiritual turning point - a state on earth where man only carries the spiritual in him that is turned towards God, where he lives by love and in close connection with God in peace and bliss, where he works and creates in accordance with the will of God - and where all the spiritual that is still bound in form strives upward and continues its interrupted course of development, but where hard matter is bearer of the spiritual that was embodied on the old earth as man that now again begins its course of development through the creations of the new earth and has to cover this on tough conditions so that it one day again reaches the state of free decision making. And that is why you men should not expect a spiritual turning point on this earth because this has become impossible due to the far too wide distance from God that can only still be decreased by the way just mentioned. You must get used to the idea of a complete dissolving and destruction of all creations visible to our eyes otherwise no understanding can be found for neither the last judgement nor for the new earth and its paradisiac state. You have to believe what you are told because otherwise you also cannot await the coming of the Lord that can only seem possible to you through strong faith in God’s omnipotence, love and righteousness that would not find a human explanation and therefore will also take place first only then when the last day has come - when for all that is unbelieving a survival as man will be made impossible and when the miracle of the coming of the Lord does not mean anymore a compulsion of faith for the believer. Because to the spiritually enlightened one everything is understandable since the love and omnipotence of God is an explanation for everything that happens. Amen. B.D. NR. 3708.


Book 47-48 3722

The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence.

23. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3722.

So let me give you an explanation in which way I want my word being understood: The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and only who uses violence takes it by force. Not a practising of violence with fellowman is to be understood, but only the violence over oneself, over one’s own desires, which helps man to the possession, to the capture of the heavenly kingdom in all magnificence. This cannot be given to him, but he must gain it for himself; he must wage a fight about the highest good, about eternal happiness. And as long as man stays on earth, this fight will have to me meant for his bodily desires, of which the fulfilment is always an obstacle for the reaching of the aim – spiritual ascent development. Who wants to win in this fight, he must suffer violence himself. And therefore he must fight with his opponent who will always put bodily desires, the longing for earthly goods, into him, who therefore entices him with worldly splendour and earthly lustre. To refrain from everything what is offered to him in such a manner, requires a strength of will; it requires violence at oneself, but by virtue of which he will very certainly seize the kingdom of heaven, because who sacrifices for my sake, he receives in richest measure, and what is offered to him, what I offer him, is truly of indescribable value. Never ever can the kingdom of heaven come to men who are lukewarm and lethargic, who do not wrestle but let everything go its course – who testify to their desire for the kingdom of heaven through words and wishes only, but who never ever put words and wishes into action. And therefore the time has come where more than ever violence has to be applied when the kingdom of heaven is to stand open to men. But in my love I come to meet all fighters – I help them in their fight against themselves, by me decreasing for them the temptations of this world, by bringing home to them the infirmity and transience of all that what they desired and what requires a hard fight against oneself to give it up – I know about the weakness of man and assess his will, therefore stand by him, when he wants to win me and my kingdom but lacks power, to apply violence against himself and his desires. And so I do not demand more application of violence that he is capable of – I let him go through earthly trouble to make the kingdom of heaven desirable to him, and so he wants to apply only the smallest violence, he will also succeed to seize the kingdom of heaven. But his will must always become active itself. He must fight against his desires; he must learn to despise everything worldly and therefore sacrifice what is dear to him – and when his power and his will it not enough for it, I apply violence – I draw him to me and take from him what he does not want to give up by himself. And when he devotedly resigns himself to my will, he has passed the inner fight. He has also applied violence and seized the kingdom of heaven with my support, which I deny no one who is willing and testifies this to me through his prayer. The kingdom of heaven is open to him, and when he has covered the short earth life time, he will be received by me into my kingdom of magnificence as I have promised, and he will be happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3722.


Book 47-48 3724

Strength of will. Power and might.

24. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3724.

I am the Lord of heaven and earth, and everything has to fall into the line of my will. What resists me renounces my power, i.e., it refuses to accept my power, and thereby is imperfect. But what voluntarily subordinates itself to my will, receives my power unmeasured and can work like me in perfection. Therefore my will and its fulfilment is decisive in which fullness of power the spirit being stands, and so also man on earth will be exceedingly mighty and powerful and be able to make use of his power to accomplish the unusual when he completely adapts himself to my will, therefore completely subordinates his will to mine. Then all thinking and acting is in agreement with my will of eternity, then neither disorder nor powerlessness can be his share on earth, but he stands in the middle of my power emanation and can work unlimitedly in every direction, but only so far it corresponds to my will. For work of lower kind my power is not available because it immediately leaves man when he moves outside of my will. But once man has entered my eternal order, once he has made my will his own, then the return into wrong wanting is no longer possible because the power, which once flowed through him, separated him from the power, which works against my will and seeks to draw all spiritual to itself. Then a use of the power to works against my will is no longer possible because my power keeps him, and he is tied to me untearably; he has reached his goal for earth and also for eternity. Heaven and earth is subordinated to my will. Und nothing can change against my will. But I leave complete freedom to the human will for the time of the earth course; I do not force it to subordinate itself to mine. But once he has entered my eternal order, then this happened in complete free will, uninfluenced and without any force. And that is why I seize this spiritual having become subordinated to me and no longer let it sink back into the chains of slavery, into the state of disorder, even so my opponent is uninterruptedly busy to win back for him what has returned to me. He cannot force the will of man, and any other influence fails at the power, which man now calls his own because he now works in unison with me, and the opponent cannot annul me. But man does not tests enough the power of his will. He could achieve the incredible but his faith is not strong enough than that he would let his will become active, and the weakness of faith does not let the power staying in man having an effect. The power out of me he has at his disposal through his will subordinated to me and this power he does not use enough. He does not know or believe himself how powerful he can be in unison with me. Because he is still so far earthly that his thinking adapts itself to the earthly laws of nature, that he only lets that come to be executed what seems to be naturally feasible to him – he does not exceed the limits, which are set to the incomplete man exactly through his imperfection, but which he can leave unnoticed because he put himself into a state of perfection through the subordination of his will, through the flow of power out of me, which allows him work outside of the framework of the natural, but which nevertheless remains natural because it is just the result of a certain degree of maturity of the soul, which man can also reach on earth. Through insufficient faith he himself sets his boundaries, which are not set for him as far as God is concerned. Therefore man can stand in fullest power and yet use it too little because human earthly thinking holds him back, where he should let his spirit speak alone. Because it will instruct him and seek to strengthen that deep faith in him, in virtue of which he now can execute everything what he wants, under use of the power out of me. Then he will also work for the blessing of fellowmen, only then the power of faith is revealed because then men also acknowledge the source of power (power of the source) out of which the believer draws, and they themselves will desire to drink. Amen. B.D. NR. 3724.


Book 47-48 3727

Miracle work during end-times.

27. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3727.

And in my name you will be able to work miracles, because the power and the authority of my name are to become evident at the end of the days. This is not anymore a compulsory towards the unbelieving world because the people who have turned away from me try to explain themselves everything naturally; but my believers do not lack the understanding and so they know that nothing is impossible when it is executed with my power and is subject to my will. The last times require great signs so that my work is revealed so that the last still find to me, the ones that are weak in spirit, who through it receive strengthening so that their decision is the right one. And my servants on earth will have extraordinary power and can apply this towards the weak and the sick, towards spiritually and physically needy people, who are not completely without faith. Because also my enemy works in a way that he himself expresses himself through false prophets, that he supplies men with power who are in bondage to him to also accomplish things that seem to be supernatural to invalidate the real miracles that I work through my spirit and so to make the believers turn away from me. But my way of supplying power is of another kind, it does not depend on the willpower of a man but on his strength of faith, it has its roots in a strong faith in me and in my help and support and the love of a man activates it while a too strong will without faith in me allows my enemy to influence it and he then does what my enemy wants, what is never done out of love and will never awaken love. Therefore direct your attention to check if the miracles you see are works of love, carried out for suffering fellow human beings in need or if they are works for the increase of worldly goods - if they are pure material works from where no love towards the fellow human being emerges; because if a miracle aims at worldly splendour and advantage then it is not wanted by me and also not worked by me. But if it liberates a man from physical and spiritual misery then I am myself at work and act through my servants on earth whom I give power in increased measure to reveal myself through them. And my servants will feel it when they are caused by me to work miracles - they will not rationally carry out something but will be urged on suddenly from their inside to speak and to act as my power flows through them according to my will. Then they will not resist me but they want to do the same since I tell them so by my spirit and they will speak and act as my organs, they execute my will, visible to the fellow human beings through the person of the servant on earth only, because the times of the end require extraordinary work so that I myself get revealed, my power and strength and love - so that the believers pick themselves up witnessing it and the weak still find to me in the last hour before the coming of the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3727.


Book 47-48 3728

Who eats my flesh.

28. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3728.

Connect yourselves with me in spirit and you will be able to draw out of the source of life; you will be able to satisfy yourselves with the bread of heaven; you will receive power and no longer have to starve despite earthly trouble because body and soul will be strengthened when you receive my word, the bread of heaven – body and soul will live – former as long as I have determined, but the latter in eternity. Only one thing is necessary for you, that you feed the soul, that you supply it with food which guarantees life to it because a dead soul in a body no matter how much joy of living is in it is your ruin when you have to give up earthly life; because a dead soul is powerless, but not without feeling, and it suffers immeasurable agonies in its dead state. That is why you are to create life for it; do not let it enter eternity in that dead state but take care that it lives and can be active in life in the hereafter, that it is full of power and therefore also happy. And the life of the soul requires a permanent supply of food, of spiritual food, so that it becomes powerful and can be active. Permanently I as donator of spiritual food offer you this and wait for your willingness to receive it; permanently I call you to communion to offer you my word, my flesh and my blood, to satisfy you with a food which guarantees eternal life to your soul – and you are to follow my call; with a hungry heart you are to come and be fed and be given to drink by me; you are to be my guests whom I feed with everything what your soul needs to be able to live. You are not to despise my communion; you are not to pass it by and leave the food untouched which my love offers to you – always and always you are to seek the connection with me and let yourselves be given presents, i.e. bear a desire for my present and receive it with thanks. Because I can give nothing to you when you desire nothing, because my food, the bread of heaven, is quite delicious and cannot be imparted to those who do not bear any desire for it. And that is why your heart must drive you towards me; you must seek union with me and ask me for food for your soul; fully consciously you have to step before me and want to receive communion, my word, which I offer to you in all love, which is spiritual food and spiritual drink which I bless with my power and which is therefore life giving for him who enjoys it in the desire for me and my love. And his desire will be satisfied and still always again and again drive him to me because who once has enjoyed my bread of heaven, who once has refreshed himself at the source of my love, he always returns again and again to it; he no longer can exist without the food for his soul; he will be a permanent guest at my table, and I will be able to serve him communion always and forever. And his soul will live; it has overcome death, and it can never sink back into the state of death because my food secures it eternal life as I have promised with the words: Who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, he has eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 3728.


Book 47-48 3729

The church of Christ. Faith – Rock.

29. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3729.

The true church of Christ does not contain the followers of this or that school of thought, this or that organization, but only alone the group of those who stand in living faith. God has made it dependent on faith alone whether man can count himself to the church of Christ. That is why his church will also be able to exist everywhere; it will be spread everywhere where men live, who stand in faith in Jesus Christ and also lead a life according to him, which can be called succession of Christ, which corresponds to the will of God, who walked on earth as Jesus Christ to announce to men his will through his word and his walk on earth as living example of his word. Because who is deeply believing, he also keeps the commandments of God; he walks in love and forms himself to a child of God; he is follower of the church of Christ and therefore candidate for his kingdom. Deep faith and therefore a life in love results in the work of the spirit of God in man, and therefore the church of Christ will always and constantly be filled by his spirit; it will only be able to preach true and right; it will be able to teach wisdom and stand in full power of faith, i.e., it will be able to also convince other men, when they are willing, about its worth, about its work on behalf of God to announce his kingdom to the entire world. But only those who are of good will will recognize this, but to the others its worth remains hidden because they know nothing of the characteristics of the church of Christ – and they also do not know to tell the difference between right and wrong. But where worldly organizations lay claim to be the church of Christ on earth, which was mentioned by Jesus Christ, they only represent the outer form in most cases, but not the heart. They might teach the word of Christ, but only living faith gives to God’s word the right meaning and the right value for the soul of man. And living faith can be in every church organization, as it can also be missing in every one, but follower of his church is only he who calls this living faith his own. But first living faith establishes the right relationship to God through works in love. In that way the spirit in man is getting awakened, which teaches him, and then man can recognize brightly and clearly of what the church consists – he can well distinguish between God’s will and the will of men under the cover of Christian faith. Then he belongs to the church of Christ, which needs no other name, which has to show no outer feature than just the effectiveness of the power of the spirit, which is also outwardly recognizable through a life in love and wisdom. But when man is follower of that church then he is also loyal to that church until the end because who once stands in living faith, he also has light in himself, which shines for ever – he stands in truth and will now also be able to be active enlightening because the spirit in him drives him to that end. His faith is unshakeable and therefore like a rock, which defies all onslaughts – and the gates of hell will accomplish nothing against such faith and never ever shake the church of Christ – as Christ has promised. His church is unconquerable and will remain so until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3729.


Book 47-48 3730

Gift to teach. Teaching office.

30. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3730.

The gift to teach in my name will be granted to you when your mission starts. You will feel penetrated by my spirit and now also be able to speak with conviction because I myself express myself through you. I put the words into the mouth for you, and your intellect will still grasp it what you speak, what you, driven through my spirit, now impart to fellowmen. Because it is the content of my word, which is sent to you from above, out of the kingdom of light where truth starts. And that is why you will only spread pure truth when you teach in my name. Thoughts will flow towards you, which you catch with the heart and with the intellect, and it will fill yourself with inner joy that you are allowed to spread spiritual material, which is exceedingly valuable. And the love of the heart will drive you to hand out what makes yourselves happy. Because the one who teaches is rich in knowledge and therefore called by me for his teaching office. But he must face the false teachers and prophets in all seriousness and seek to refute their teaching in so far as they do not correspond to truth. He is not to fear them to not being a match for them because again it is not himself but my spirit, which speaks out of him. My spirit is superior to every human intellect; it can solve the most difficult problems, uncover and refute the greatest error, and it finds no opponent on earth, which surpasses him in wisdom. But the opportunity must be given to it to work through your willingness, to also take over the teaching office with regard to those, i.e., you are not allowed to resist or let yourselves be shied away when human intellectual wisdom wants to corner you to take care of you or to refute your teachings. Then just enter into intimate association with me, and you will also be able to beat the greatest speakers because it is me who expresses himself through you, and surely no-one is a match for me. Let yourselves be driven by your spirit; it will lead you right; it will let you do and speak right; it will order your thoughts because to whom I give a teaching office to him I also give my help to administer it right. Because I want that truth is spread, that the lie and the error is denounced and that the thinking of men moves in the right direction because only through truth men can become happy. And that is why you, my disciples on earth, are to put yourselves as bearers of truth at my disposal where and when I need you, and this will be announced to you through my spirit so that you are relieved of all responsibility to act wrongly because who has offered himself to me, him I guide and steer myself so that he can fulfil my will. Amen. B.D. NR.3730.


Book 47-48 3731

Teaching activity in the time of trouble – Time of the end.

31. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3731.

A common work must start for all who I have called for that purpose, so that they preach my word in greatest earthly trouble. Everywhere men will be needed who are to announce me and teach fellowmen because everywhere great trouble will be, everywhere men will be despondent and not being able to find their way when they lack all knowledge about my rule and work for the purpose and meaning of that what is imposed on men to bear; because as long as their aim is unknown to them, they also do not know about the means to reach this aim. And that is why I will steer the steps of my servants where their effectiveness is needed, where I know hearts, which are prepared to open themselves and listen to my word. And everyone will be able to work in his circle, and more or less large will this circle be, according to the ability to teach of my servant on earth, who now takes up his office fully conscious of being active for me and my kingdom. That is why no-one is to act prematurely, but everyone is to wait patiently until the call comes to him, until I myself instruct him, perceivable through his heart – because everything takes first its course according to my will. Strength of faith will certainly be required by mine in the face of the trouble, which comes to light everywhere, which seems to be unbearable for many men and which I still allow to turn the hearts of those to me. Mine know about the purpose of the trouble and are to impart this knowledge to fellowmen, and that is why I also allow the trouble for mine to give them the possibility to have an effect on fellowmen through the power of their faith, which lets everything being borne and overcome easier. I stand by mine when they call me, and that is why their trouble will also always be bearable because again and again there will be a way out where humanly no help seems possible. But they are to serve me in this time; they are to speak for me and mention my love, wisdom and omnipotence, they are to confess me before the world and recommend to fellowmen the right attitude towards me, which alone secures their protection and help. They are to teach and announce me and my word, and this always when it is possible, but especially in the great time of trouble, which precedes my intervention on earth and will also follow it. Where you see great trouble, you know that your work is needed, and your common work will not be without success when you are strong in faith yourselves and carry me in the heart always and constantly. Then the trouble will not scare yourselves although you are eye and ear witnesses daily of it. Because you know why I allow them; you recognize their necessity and blessing, which every man can draw out of it. And that is why every individual of you is needed for the spreading of my teaching, and every individual will be able to be active according to his ability, but always certain of my blessing because I need active workers for my vineyard at the time which precedes the last end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3731.


Book 47-48 3732

Practice for the hearing of the voice of the spirit.

1. April 1946. B.D. NR. 3732.

You clearly hear the voice of the spirit in you when you bear desire for it and mentally announce yourselves this desire to God. Because through this mental expression of the will you enable yourselves to absorb mental movements out of the spiritual kingdom. When you desire information yourselves, you can get no information, but God is accommodating towards every desire of the heart and provides for you according to your degree of maturity and your will. But you have to be attentive to your thoughts, which, when you deal with spiritual problems, are sent to you in different ways. They will touch you differently; seem to be acceptable or unacceptable for you, and when you have prayed before intimately for enlightening of the spirit, you can then quite safely accept or drop, whatever drives you; you can then go by your feeling, and you will accept the right thing, but decline what is wrong. According to the depth of the desire for truth the thoughts out of the spiritual world touch you, so that a man earnestly desiring truth will remain untouched by erroneous currents of thoughts, because then the influence of erroneous powers is no longer enough to capture the thinking of man because the light beings then have free effectiveness and man will quite safely open himself to their mental transmissions. You have to practise in this process of spiritual work, i.e., you must pay more attention to your inner life, on many occasions withdraw into quietness and remain in thoughts for a longer time with a problem, about which you wish enlightenment. However this practice must always be preceded by intimate prayer, so that you establish the connection with God and therefore also with spiritual powers, which work in his will and whose work consists of the transmission of fully true spiritual material. This intimate connection protects you from access of erroneous powers, whose endeavours understandably are to cloud and confuse your thinking, because the fight of darkness against light and vice versa underlies everything and will still be continued for eternal times. But who acknowledges God as most loving, wise and omnipotent being, who consciously gets into contact with this highly perfect being, who continuously makes an effort to fulfil his will, and then desires to stand in pure truth according to these preconditions, him God does not let pass to the powers of darkness – he himself instructs him mentally, and man just needs to open his heart, to listen inwardly and pay attention to his thoughts, and he will truly be on the right path and receive information, over which he desires information. Because God as the eternal truth also wants to send truth to his creatures; but God as eternal love also demands the will of men to also form themselves to love, and who strives for this he also strives for truth because God, love and truth are not be thought without each other. And so every man willing to love and demanding truth, is also able to hear the voice of God, who expresses himself through the spirit in man – mentally or in increased state of maturity of the soul also audibly, and always will it be the same truth, which is offered to man, which is one with the word, which God’s great love sends to man on earth directly through awakened servants and prophets, who have offered themselves in free will to him for service to help erroneous souls in greatest spiritual trouble. Because spiritual darkness is exceedingly great, and men need urgent help when they want to become happy. B.D. NR. 3732.


Book 47-48 3740

This do in remembrance of me. Communion.

9. and 10. April 1946. B.D. NR. 3740.

Power, wisdom and also life is initiated by me. And so I have to be recognized as source of power and of light, and union with me has to be sought to reach life through receiving power and light. Therefore I must be able to find myself in you again, i.e., light and power, therefore knowledge about eternal truth and as a result of this, power in all fullness must be in you – my spirit must be effective in you – and therefore I myself be able to be effective in you, only then you will live, but also no longer lose life in eternity. You are then united with me, and this union is true communion. Union with me is essential, otherwise you will neither be able to receive power nor light because union with the eternal original source has to take place when now the flow of my love is to lead up to the heart of man. But to produce that union the will for that is required first to receive something from me. But the will requires mental activity, therefore I have to be recognized by heart and intellect as source and therefore as giver of what man desires, and mentally man has to strive towards me. Only then the will gets active, and it fulfils the conditions which cause the union with me. The will having become active is equal to work in love. But this is essential, and so my love command is never to be passed by those who want to communicate truthfully, who want to unite with me. Hand out gifts; feed and give drink to your neighbour who is needy; make his need your business spiritually and earthly; give as I have given you; refresh the soul and the body of the neighbour; show mercy to the weak and sick; comfort the afflicted; console the depressed; relieve trouble always and permanently, always with regard to me who has set an example of the way on earth to you. Share everything what you own with the poor. Then you fulfil my commandment of love and so the first condition for union with me because only then can I unite with you when you have formed your heart to love, otherwise union with me is impossible, and no matter how many outer forms you heed, which have no influence on the state of your heart. I want to give life to you, to give you power and light in excess, but this is never possible as long as you do not let your will become active, as long as you do not practise love. But how you are to practise love, I have taught you myself and admonished you permanently to follow me. Think of me and my teaching, and then you act accordingly, and you will certainly become the reception container of my spirit; you will therefore let the part of myself become effective in you. Through work in love you draw myself to you, and therefore you unite with me, the original source of power and of light from eternity, and consequently you also can receive without restriction light and power – knowledge and might. (10th of April 1946) Union with me must first be carried out through work in love, then only can I myself be present in you – also in spirit, and only then can I feed you and give you drink with spiritual food, with flesh and blood, with my body in spiritual sense. Because I myself am the word, therefore I hand you communion when I impart my word to you, which is the spiritual food of your soul; you certainly can also receive this food without first working in love, but then it is no communication, no union with me, because then it is still no communion; but it can lead you to it when you receive the word not only with the ears, but receive it with the heart and live accordingly. Only letting your will become active, working in love, establishes the spiritual union with me. But work in love consists of giving, of uninterrupted imparting and distributing of what you possess, what makes yourselves happy to also make fellow man, who is in need of it, happy. And when you do not practise this, when you do not seek to follow me in this, you will not be able to be fed at my table, you will not be able to hold communion with me, because you switch yourselves off as my guests, because I then remain unapproachable until you have changed yourselves to love, which is my original substance and will remain so forever. When you receive communion in the form you men have chosen, then this always only remains an outer act, which only then gets the deep spiritual meaning, when your heart is filled with deep love, but which is not allowed to just move you by intuition, but must be expressed in works of unselfish neighbourly love. Because only he who remains in love, he will remain in me and I in him. Communion is also based on this my word, which is instituted by me. And you are always to keep my conduct in mind and follow me in everything. And so, as you hand out, so it will also be allotted to you, spiritually and earthly; you will be, when you stand in close union with me through love, satisfied and strengthened always. In remembrance of me constantly carry out works of love – and by it produce the secure union with me, which guarantees the supply of my word, my flesh and blood, - that is the deep spiritual meaning of it: Do this in remembrance of me, whom all of you will well understand, when your will is serious to fathom the spiritual meaning of my words. Amen. B.D. NR. 3740.


Book 47-48 3747

Importance of the work of redemption.

Easter Saturday 20. April 1946. B.D. NR. 3747.

The depth of my work of redemption, its comprehensive importance for eternal times, you will never conceive because your intellect does not grasp it as long as you are not borne again, and this in high degree. Nevertheless it can be understandable to you that without my redemption you would be lost endless long time, because to reach the degree, which makes you worthy of the experience of God by yourselves, eternal times would pass, if you would reach it at all. But it would be more probable that you decline deeper and deeper through your weakness of will on earth, which cannot be remedied in the opposite kingdom without my help. For that reason I came onto this earth to redeem you out of a state of agony and eternal hopelessness. What mankind did not achieve in its weakness of will for its spiritual salvation that the will of one man had to achieve, should salvation come to the whole of mankind. This you will be able to grasp, that, should mankind be helped, the way had to be shown to it and that this task had to be solved by one man, otherwise no-one would make an effort to tackle a work when it does not seem to be humanly practicable. As man I had to hold life up as an example, and man, who strives for salvation, has to follow the man Jesus. An extremely strong will belongs to this, but it was weak because mankind lacked faith in a God of love, of wisdom and of omnipotence, at the time of my descent to earth. The lack of faith of men was cause of the weak will, and that is why there was no salvation for them, before they did not learn to believe and also got strengthening of will with faith. And I as man tried to again give them faith; I instructed them; I worked miracles to prove to them the power of faith. I gave them the last proof of truth of my word …. that I overcame death, that I as man rose to eternal life. And therefore I as man had to also be prepared to take the most difficult death, death on the cross, upon me, so that all men could take note of it, to also be able to recognize my resurrection from death as culmination, as success of strong will, to reach God in faith in him. In contrast to men I had to summon strong will; I had to let myself being killed to give to them proof that death can be overcome. And I accomplished this work to redeem men from their weakness of will, which means eternal death and incomprehensible agony for eternal times. For men I died on the cross the most painful, bitter death because I wanted to lead them to eternal life. What the whole of mankind could not achieve, love of one man had to carry out, who was strong-willed in contrast to mankind whose will was completely weakened because they no longer believed – because there was a lack of all connection to me and could therefore supply no power to it. And through the man Jesus I showed the way to the whole of mankind on which they could get unlimited power from me and could therefore also become free out of the state of death. I accomplished the work of redemption as man not for one man but for all who believe. And earth life is enough for them to free themselves from the state of death and to reach eternal life. What no-one is able to do out of own power, that he is able to do with me, in faith in the divine redeemer, in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for men to make them to overcomers of death. Who believes in me, he has overcome death, because I died for him, and his weakness of will he can remedy with my help, with my favour, which I have purchased through my death on the cross as man for entire mankind – and he will not taste death in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3747.


Book 47-48 3748

Continuation of work of redemption. Mission.

Easter 21. April 1946. B.D. NR. 3748.

And my mission on earth has to be continued by announcing my teaching always and constantly to those men who are of good will so that all partake of the favour of the work of redemption so that it becomes understandable to them through work of love wherein redemption consists, so that they can be instructed out of the inside through my spirit about the purpose of earth life and their spiritual task connected with it. At the time of my walk on earth mankind lived in darkest night of the spirit, and this through their own fault because they disregarded love. I showed to them the way to the light and also purchased through my death on the cross the same ability for them, strong will, to walk this way – I taught them to fulfil the commandments of love and guided them through this into wisdom – into knowledge about aim and purpose of every single man and about the means for the achievement of this aim. And those who followed me, to them the door of heaven opened, they became free of the pressure, which had weighed endless long times on their souls. They recognized what it means to possess eternal life – they were redeemed from subjection, redeemed from ignorance, from the lack of power. They came close to me and could receive my love power, which meant light and power fullness for the human soul. But for all times my work of redemption was accomplished. Because earth is always inhabited by immature spiritual, which still languishes in the bounds of my opponent, which still lies tied up on the ground until it gets rid of these fetters through own will. But it must know about its spiritual state, about the servitude of Satan, about its original state and about the possibility to again win it back – the way must be shown to this immature spiritual; information about the work of redemption must be brought to it, which one man has accomplished in enormous love for entire mankind, so that they become free of opposing power. And this knowledge must be supplied to men. That is the mission for which I need servants on earth, so that my work of redemption is continued as long as earth exists. Again and again I awaken servants and prophets, i.e. men devoted to me who are willing to do that work for me whereto I need them. And these are to spread my love teaching and admonish men to constant work in love. Only then the process of redemption can begin; only then man can become knowing and consciously strive for that whereto he otherwise lacks all knowledge as mark of his bondage, as mark of spiritual night in which mankind walks along. Light is to be brought into darkness, and light bearers are to be active on behalf of me to spread my word, so that men are stimulated to follow me so that they believe in me and my work of redemption and make use of the favours of my work of redemption through this faith, so that their will is strengthened and they can cover the walk to the height with my support, with my power, which is available to everyone who desires it and has made himself worthy through love work. And death will be overcome; man will not feel and taste death, he will live in eternity as I have promised it. Amen. B.D. NR. 3748.


Book 47-48 3751

Depth of divine love.

24. April 1946. B.D. NR. 3751.

Words are not able to express the depth of my love towards you, my creatures, and you would also not grasp it how strong the spiritual attachment is between me and you. And that is why I do not give you up, and no matter how far you believe to be able to remove yourselves from me through your wrong direction of will. You do not recognize me, but I know what you are, and therefore cannot give you up because this is impossible because you are products of my love; you are results of my will standing in highest perfection, therefore you are something divine in your original substance; you are a part of myself. You are creatures, very originally called into being in highest perfection, which I must love in eternity. And my love towards you can never ever pass or decrease, but only increase in power the more you try to extricate yourselves from me. What strives away from me possesses my love always and for ever, and what turns again to me out of free will, that I flow through with my love power and never withdraw this from him. None of my creatures I let fall completely because my over great love does not allow this. But you are products of my power of creation freely put into existence, and in freedom of your will you determine yourselves the supply of my love power. But when now my love for you is incomprehensible great and you are trying to imagine this, then peace must sink into yours hearts because nothing can happen to him who knows being seized and protected by my love. Believe in my love – and you are blessed creatures already on earth because this certainty fills you with power and blessed calm. I dwell with every one of my creatures, also when it does not call me, but in whose heart the spark of love has been kindled that he by himself pushes towards me as eternal love, he can constantly be certain of my presence; through his will he pulls myself to himself, and I never ever let him away from me. Believe in my love. Imagine that everything what you see around you only came into being out of my love, which is meant for my creatures for ever, and that my love does not rest until deepest love from the side of my creatures connects them with me, because my love does not want to give them up. The depth of my love towards you cannot be made comprehensible to you, because you do not know this love on earth, but I tell you this, and therefore you are allowed to know that you are loved by your father, by your creator and keeper from eternity, and this knowledge is to give you inward rest and peace, which cannot be disturbed when you firmly believe in my love, because then I dwell noticeably near you, and nothing can happen to you than what is helpful for the salvation of your soul, for the final unification with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 3751.


Book 47-48 3752

Wrestling for faith not unsuccessful.

25. April 1946. B.D. NR. 3752.

And this I say to you for comfort that you are not in vain wrestling on earth when you just strive to reach me. Because I value your will and help you, even when you do not obviously recognize it. I draw you, but you also must yourselves apply power and claim this from me, otherwise you cannot become perfect. And that is why you must sometimes be in the state of powerlessness and strive to overcome it. You must be active yourselves, and I will bless you. And so also your faith will become stronger the more often you seem to lie on the ground and again and again rise with my help. You do not grasp this that faith must be exposed to shakings against which he is to stand firm, and that these shakings are my will or my allowance, because they are to lead man to faith maturity. Strong faith no longer lets itself be shaken, and then man has reached his aim on earth. But as long as he still becomes staggering in cases of trouble, he is still not strong enough, and needs temptations; he needs trials of faith, which he can also overcome in trust in me. Who wants to reach deep unshakeable faith, he will also reach his goal, because I assist him especially lovingly. And earthly trouble will achieve that man thus connects with me firmly and intimately and he is therefore aware of my presence, and then he will trust me unrestrained, therefore never ever doubting me, my love and might. Then his faith is strong, and it earns him inner calmness; he no longer fears anything from the side of the world; he fears no earthly trouble because he opposes everything to my power, which flows through him. He knows that he is not alone, and completely trusts me and my guidance. I want to draw you to me when you only strive towards me in free will. What would indeed be more obvious than that I help you in every way, because I myself see highest bliss therein that you become mine? Therefore no man’s wrestling will be in vain; it will lead him to the goal, and every difficulty, every earthly or spiritual trouble are means to progress because the connection with me becomes more intimately through them, and my power supply is secure in that way. But through whom my power flows, he achieves everything – and who wants to receive power and favour and announces this through intimate prayer, he never leaves empty-handed, and the effect comes clearly to light, when deep faith is to become known before the world. Then that one will not become shaky whose striving was constantly the strengthening of his faith – then my power supply will also obviously appear, so that man makes a living witness to his fellow men of the power of faith, which is accessible to everyone who wrestles for strong faith, whose will is meant for me and whom I therefore draw towards me, because he was mine from eternity and is to remain mine for ever. The will to be able to believe firmly and unshakeably is also guaranty to reach a strong, firm faith, because I bless such will. B.D. NR. 3752.


Book 47-48 3757

Living water. Spring of eternal life.

1. May 1946. B.D. NR. 3757.

Do not search and brood, but live in love. Because what do you achieve through former when you do not have love? Only erroneous results of the intellect, which are useless for your soul, earn the body only sometimes certainly advantage, when your searching and brooding concerns material things. But also earthly thinking will be blessed when you practise love at the same time, but without such entangle the soul still more in matter, from which it is to free itself. To fathom spiritual things, searching and brooding is certainly not enough, but this earns you erroneous results without love, because you then avoid the giver of truth, who is love in himself, who supplies truth to man, who tries to become like him. And therefore seek truth there where love is visible to you, where loving speaking, thinking and acting guarantees you that the giver of truth is himself at work, to also spread it. And there draw and refresh yourselves because there you find the spring of eternal life, the fountain, out of which living water flows, as God has promised. He himself has opened that spring for you; he has made body and soul of man to the bearer of his spirit and guaranteed to you its effect, when you live in love. He also has certainly given intellectual activity to every man, but right activity of the intellect, right thinking he makes dependent on your way of living, because it only, when it corresponds to his will, triggers the effect of his divine spirit in man. The earthly and the spiritual world are two worlds, which stand opposite to one another, just so the intellect of man and his spirit activity is contrary to one another, as long as the earthly world does not subordinate to the spiritual world. Only the merging of both will also result in a same thinking of intellect and heart, i.e., the spirit in man will then control the intellect, when the spiritual world has killed the senses of man for the earthly world and fills his entire being. Then man stands in truth; then knowledge fills him, which is offered to him by the giver of truth himself through his spirit; then he will not need to search and brood, because then eternal love itself instructs him, because his way of life is a work in love and this means overcoming of all matter, therefore a rise into spiritual spheres, a life in God. Then the body of man will be a container of divine spirit, a life fountain, where those can refresh themselves who desires refreshment. And who draws out of it, he will live in eternity, because God has promised it. Amen. B.D. NR. 3757.


Book 47-48 3758

Busy activity of light beings before the transformation.

2. Mai 1946. B.D. NR. 3758.

It is a process of greatest importance, which takes place in the universe through the transformation of earth, which also the spiritual world follows with attention, because the activity of spiritual beings, which stand in the light, has become an extremely busy one through this approaching upheaval, and it will enter a completely different stage after it – i.e., the connection of the spiritual world with the earthly will proceed unhindered; men will always and constantly be able to enter the bridges to the spiritual kingdom and uninterruptedly be instructed directly. And it is the striving of the light beings to still win souls before the transformation, because their great love would like to increase the degree of happiness, which is to be found afterwards on the new earth. To all light beings souls are assigned for care and control, but to win them and to cause them to pure spiritual striving is often extremely difficult when it is not entirely unsuccessful, i.e. fails at the will of man. It is not permissible to break the will by force and to win often impossible, and that is why the fates of the individual are left to the light beings, and their means consist to let men come into distresses to form their souls more flexible and make more receptive for their mental insinuations, which are to change them. And so the light beings always only carry out the will of God, because their aim is the gaining of individual souls for the kingdom of God. The time until the end is only short, thus the work of the spirit beings exceedingly busy, because in their state of light they recognize the great spiritual trouble, and they also know about the effect of it; they know what is about to happen to earth and all creations on it, and they seek to rescue what does not resist their assistance. All spiritual, which stands under the will of God, which through love has become power and light receivers out of God, participates with greatest eagerness at the last rescue action, and so every individual soul is seized by its love will and so stimulated to change its will, partly through mental instruction, partly through trouble and hardship and finally through general trouble, which will still go over earth through the intervention of God. Every remedy is applied to increase the flock of his and to still wrest before the end from Satan the souls, which are still weak, but not completely hardened. Because the approaching upheaval, which means the end of the earth in its present form, is too powerful than that the spiritual world would not take an interest in to a high degree, whose aim and striving is always and constantly the redemption of the unfree spiritual. And when men put their trust carefree in the spiritual beings of light, they will only be able to draw advantages for their souls out of it, because then they are under best protection, and light beings help them spiritually and earthly, who just carry out the will of God, who also promises his protection and his help to all, who full of faith put their trust in him. And that is why men need to fear nothing whatever may come as long as they believe and seek the connection with God and with the light beings, who are just the executives of divine will, which are receivers of power and light from him and distribute such again to those who need and want to receive power and light. Constantly you men are surrounded by these beings, and constantly you can therefore receive power and light when your will strives for this. Because the spiritual world takes liveliest interest in the distress of entire mankind as well as also of the individual and is always prepared to help, because this is God’s will that every human soul stand under the protection of spiritual beings and it can make use of it to a high degree. Because time is short until the end, and to every soul the opportunity is offered to still reach the highest possible maturity, wherefore the light beings are also extraordinarily active to then be able on the new earth to remain in constant touch with those who through loving care reach the degree of maturity, which entitles them to be inhabitants of paradise of the new earth. B.D. NR. 3758.


Book 47-48 3759

Love, wisdom, power of God recognizable in the word.

3. May 1946. B.D. NR. 3759.

Recognize the spirit of wisdom, which speaks out of every word, which is imparted to you through my love. Think about it, and when it touches you beneficently, the power of my word already works in you, and you then also recognize my love, which the word supplies to you, to make you happy. Love, wisdom and power must always be recognizable with everything, what is of divine origin, because love, wisdom and power is the epitome of my being, and what emerges out of me, must testify to my nature, otherwise divine origin could be denied to it. I myself am the word and come to you. I myself offer to you something very delicious – myself in my original substance – love, wisdom and power. Consequently you must be filled with power and wisdom through the acceptance of my gift, and your heart must feel to be pushed to love work, because love will always trigger counter love, and therefore I myself must be in you in all fullness, when you accept my word in the recognition of its divine origin, when you acknowledge myself as giver of truth, which is supplied to you through my word, and therefore accept with open heart, what my love offers you. Because you yourselves are a part of me, only in imperfect state through your will, which turned away from me, so this will can, when it is directed right, change this state of imperfection into a perfect, when you consciously get into contact with me, to receive the radiation of myself, of my love and power – when you therefore desire power and favour from me, which is sent to you in form of my word. Wisdom, power and love will then be your part; you again return into the divine state, which was your original state right from the beginning, because I myself am then in you, because you are then no longer standing outside, but merge yourselves with me through the change of your will. Then I am myself in you, as you are also in me. My word, which I offer myself to you from above, shall put you into this state; you are to hear it, think about it, carry it out into action and therefore live in love. Then you will recognize the origin of the word distinctly and clearly; you will recognize me, my love, wisdom and power and therefore be filled with love, wisdom and power yourselves, because this is the mark of my gift that your nature becomes like mine, when you let my word become effective in you through your will. Because my word is me myself, and where I am love, light and power must be in all fullness. Amen. B.D. NR. 3759.


Book 47-48 3791

Rapture. Four winds. Gospel.

5. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3791.

From all four winds, out of all kingdoms of earth, I will fetch mine up at the end of the days. Because everywhere, where men dwell, mine are represented, who love me with all their heart and also their neighbour and also recognize out of this love the true God, the father from eternity, who is in himself love, wisdom and power. And everywhere, where men dwell, mine know that the time of the end has come, because the spirit of him is awakened, who lives in love, and he is therefore instructed by me through the spirit about that what comes. In all four corners of the earth my word is audible, and it is presented to men out of the kingdom of light, and they receive it according to their ability – they hear it as spoken word in the heart, they receive it mentally, they hear it through mediation of my servants on earth, who are of awakened spirit. And they will always recognize it as truth, because they desire it and make themselves worthy to be instructed by me through their way of life, a way, which corresponds to my love commandment. And so the Gospel is announced in all the world, as I have promised, because I myself look after mine; I myself give them the most needed and the most delicious, what can be offered to them on earth. But to all of them the faith struggle before the end will not be saved, although it will also be carried out differently – they will have to confess me with those, who are without faith. They will not be allowed to keep their love work secret, when such is demanded by them. They will be exposed to hardships for the sake of their faith before the end comes. And all awakened will be able to work in their circle, because everywhere mine will face unbelievers, and to draw these over to them is to be the endeavour of all those who have received truth from me, who have become mine through love. And so the trouble and hardship seems to become unbearable, I come myself and fetch mine to myself into my kingdom. I rapture them with the body alive from this earth, which needs a total reshaping, and bring them again to the new earth, when the work of reshaping is completed. And men of all nations will praise my power and glory, because everywhere, where men live, I will stretch out my hand for rescue, which are in extreme danger, and give them their reward for their steadfastness in faith and for their loyalty towards me. And then the earth will be destroyed in its outer from in front of the eyes of all, who are rebellious towards me. And a new earth will come into being, as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 3791.


Book 47-48 3792

Will to faith. Right prayer. Love work.

6. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3792.

All you little children who are weak in faith, recommend yourselves in the spirit to my favour – when you pray, ask me for strengthening of faith. And your prayer will find hearing. For when you ask, it will be given to you; when you call upon me in spirit and in truth, it will be sent to you what you need spiritually, and also that, what your body needs for its maintenance. And your faith will receive strengthening because you are willing to believe and express this through your prayer. And strong faith will make you free and happy, the earthly trouble will not press you to that extent as the faithless because the power of faith flows through you and makes you resistant against every trouble. I strengthen weak faith; I enliven a dead faith, and I can awaken faith in a faithless man, but your devotion towards me must always go first; prayer must ascend to me or express a thought of desire for right faith felt deep in the heart, then I become active and give man according to his desire. And that is why everyone will be able to believe when only he is of earnest will. He will be able to believe, as soon as he lets mind and heart get active, as soon as he lets his feeling also talk and doesn’t listen only to the expressions of the mind alone. When man wants to believe then his heart will also be moved by feelings, to which he then is to pay attention – in a kind of weakness he will feel a need to follow a strong power and he is to follow this feeling; and he is to devote himself to this power, which he feels spontaneously, which only wants to be acknowledged a little bit to seize man and to never ever leave him alone. But the will must come from man himself. And man will become believing with my help; his initially weak faith will be strengthened; he will become alive as soon as man performs works of love because then it is easy for him to believe because through love he is already connected to me and can no longer reject me. That is why, when you are weak in faith, practise love – increase your love work, and your faith strength will grow, because the power of love is expressed in strengthened faith. Awaken faith to live through works of love, and never ever you will need to complain about weak faith, but your faith will become firm and unshakeable the more you fulfil my commandment of love. And pray – remain connected to me intimately through prayer, through thinking turned towards me, so that I seize you and can never leave you out. Give me your will and give yourselves completely me for myself, and I will give you bodily and spiritually, as it is useful your soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 3792.


Book 47-48 3793

Course of world events according to development.

7. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3793.

Corresponding to the spiritual development also world events are going their course, and therefore also the chaos will become greater and greater because mankind continuously goes back in development. For it removes itself more and more from the love pole and strives towards the counter-pole, which is completely devoid of all love. And this must have an earthly effect in complete confusion, in complete disorder and therefore in unbearable existence for men, in earthly trouble, in lack of understanding, error, wrong thinking and acting and finally complete ruin, because in such disorder nothing can exist for ever. And therefore mankind drifts towards its spiritual and bodily ruin, and that is the end. Where an ascent development is still happening, there also the state of disorder will also not be found to such a degree, but the life of the individual is also adapted to the general state on earth, just more bearable only because he keeps to God and claims his help. But worldly seen one event follows the other, always corresponding to the degree of development of men, and because this development is retrogressively taking place, so also always greater unkindness follow one another, i.e., earthly measures and decrees provoke always more harm for men, suffering and misery get larger and larger, because mankind lives without God and therefore can also execute such plans, which the opponent of God presents to it. And that is why worldly no improvement is to be expected, because where an improvement is striven for, there love must be predominant, but it has grown cold, and unkindness only bears adversity to God. And where an improvement is visible, there only at the expense of fellow-men, who are plunged into greater hardship due to this. The doings of Satan in the time of the end are openly visible and recognizable to everyone who wants to recognize. And the point of time comes closer and closer, where his might will be broken for a long time. But before God gives him full freedom because the will of men is completely turned towards him and itself increases his power on earth. And only those people who strive towards God in free will can withdraw themselves from his power, because they are flowed through by the power of God and clearly recognize the work of the counter power of God. But through world events all men can also recognize him, who is without love, and with earnest will they can liberate themselves from him. Because God has laid the law of love in the heart of every man and given intellect to man, to recognize clearly when this divine law is sinned against. And that is why he also lets the great world event unroll that it can open the eyes for men when they want to see. It is their own duty to acknowledge the good or the bad – work of love or to acts of unkindness. Also his earth life will move more or less corresponding to that order and also the degree of his knowledge. And also the last end will not come to him as surprise when he pays attention to the signs and world event, which takes its course according to the will of mankind. B.D. NR. 3793.


Book 47-48 3794

Freedom of will. Breaching-off of development.

8. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3794.

I leave human will its freedom. What that means, and why it is not permissible otherwise, that you will only be able to understand, when you are born again in the spirit, when you have knowledge of my plan of salvation from eternity, from the redemption of the spiritual, that is unfree. Then only will you see the necessity that men themselves must first change when they want to reach a change of their situation, even though I am the Lord over heaven and earth and everything is only possible through my will or my permission. How man himself adjusts to my eternal laws, how he himself adapts himself to or rebels against my eternal order, so is also the lot on earth and in the spiritual kingdom, which he prepares for himself. I will never ever break the will of man by force; only try to seek to make my creatures to change their will themselves through all kinds of means. And such a means is also the great misery which goes over earth, but which is caused by men themselves through exactly their wrong will. I must let them romp about for the sake of themselves, when I do not want to stop the possibility as free creatures in days to come also to use the will in the right direction and to become perfect. What has gone forth from my power was and remains divine, which can never ever remain in unfree state, even so it has placed itself into this out of its own drive. But when I take from man the freedom of will, then the creature remains unfree for ever; it can never return to its original state, which it can only reach in free will. Or instead I must take all knowledge of its purpose from the creature gone forth from me and guide it then according to my will. But then it is a judged being, which is still far removed from divinity. Should it however come closer to its original state, then the freedom of will must be given to it, and it must now use the will in the right way. For that purpose I gave it life as man; I gave him the ability to think and to act, and I will never switch off his free will before its time of probation on earth has expired. But I must bind anew an abused will for a long time, giving it back its freedom only then when it has again the favour to walk the way on earth embodied as man and to take anew the test of will. This is law for eternity, which I cannot overturn, because this would contradict my law from eternity and completely rob the entity of its divinity, because what went out from me always and for ever remains my portion, to which as last target the reaching of the original state is set, whereto free will is indispensably necessary. And whether this free will bears acts of most blatant unkindness, I will not bind it before the time, only to re-establish order through my will there, where the free will of man is used for the approach to me. But when the hour has come, which I have determined as end for eternities, my will breaks off the ascent or retrogressive development. Only then a state of order is again established, which causes the binding of totally wrong will, so that the redemption of the unfree spiritual can start anew, because I never stop to care for the spiritual, which has gone forth from me and deserted me out of free will, that it may receive back its freedom, that it reaches its original state and becomes happy in days to come. Amen. B.D. NR. 3794.



Book 47-48 3795

Let me take residence in the heart.

Pentecost 9. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3795.

Let me take residence in your hearts; let me become effective in you and therefore be in you in all power. That is your aim on earth that you form yourselves so that nothing hinders me any longer to dwell with you, and you become my children through the unification with me for ever. However first you must remove all uncleanness out of your hearts because I cannot dwell where rubbish is, where my order from eternity is not yet established, which my creatures have overturned through own will. Only where order is, where my law from eternity is heeded, there I myself can also be and make you happy temporal and for ever. But my law from eternity demands love, and to walk along without love also means to live in disorder, which excludes my presence. Therefore you must form yourselves to love, and you fulfil completely my will, and when you keep my commandments of love, you are pleasant for me; I myself approach you; I find good prepared homes in your hearts and can take stay therein, and you are allowed to constantly associate with me. You now carry my spirit in you, recognizable for yourselves because you can hear it constantly and always. Now there is no longer separation between the spirit spark, which rests in you, and the father spirit from eternity, because you carry me myself in your hearts; you have united with me through love. All of you are to seek to reach this aim; already on earth let me take stay in your hearts, and you will be already happy on earth. Because what my spirit is offering you, are treasures for eternity, which make you happier than earthly goods, which you then also no longer desire, when you have received me myself in your hearts. My spirit leads you in all truth; my spirit gives you power of cognition. I myself teach you always and constantly highest truths; I give you food and drink and take over all care about your spiritual and bodily well-being. Because now I am the Lord in my house; I do as I like in you, who have received me in free will in your heart, in my house, which I never ever leave, once you have offered it to me and prepared it well as residence. And my presence is now your happiness. In my presence you feel safe and secure; I am a comforter to the deserted; I am a protector to the frightened; I am friend and brother to mine, as I am the most devoted father from eternity to all my children. And I hand out gifts of favour continually, power and light, as I have promised. I give to mine because they have given me the right to care for them, because they themselves have offered me their hearts and prepared for receiving through love. And so my word fulfils itself because it is truth and will remain truth until all eternity. B.D. Nr. 3795.


Book 47-48 3801

Direction of will determines the influence of spiritual powers.

15. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3801.

To which spirit you turn, that one will rule you. Your own thinking and wanting also determines the powers, which draw near you, and they win influence over you. But you are at any time supported in your thinking and wanting by spiritual powers, because in the spiritual kingdom it is fought about you, and both the good as well as the evil powers seek to win you. But you yourselves are the crucial factor who wins over your souls. And so you take great responsibility for your soul, because your will determines the fate in eternity. As soon as your will is good and just, the counter powers loose power over you, because then the powers of light stand by your side, against which those powers are powerless. But if you turn willingly yourselves towards those powers through lack of love and unjust thinking and acting, then the light beings step back from you, because they are not allowed to determine you against your will, and you are completely at the mercy of the former, which plunge you deeper and deeper into ruin, which completely mislead your thoughts and drive you to acts of God-adverse kind. And therefore take care of your thoughts; be on your guard that they do not go astray; force your will in the right direction yourselves, and know that you find support at any time, if you let the smallest will for good come up in you. You alone are too weak yourselves, and the spiritual powers are always prepared to support. But you have to grant the right to them yourselves to help you, because they are not allowed to become active against your will, according to divine will, which secures the freedom of will. But in exactly the same way also the counter force is not able to force your will to bad thinking and acting. They also can only have an effect if you relinquish yourselves to them through wrong direction of will. Use your will right; strive for the good only; be just in thinking and acting, and turn your will towards God. And you will experience a noticeable strengthening at your soul; you will readily perform works of love; you will approve of the good and detest the bad, because power is now supplied to you to translate your will into action; through love you will also mature in cognition; you will acknowledge Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, as quintessence of love, and your will will never ever turn away from him, but will be reinforced through his favour, because all good spiritual fights to win you for ever for the kingdom of God. Just direct you will right, and success will definitely be yours. Extricate yourselves from the spiritual powers, which want to ruin you, through rightly directed will. Strive towards God, the good, and live in love. And you will also be relieved of all responsibility, because from that very hour of the right direction of your will you are under the influence of spirit beings full of light and can abandon yourselves carefree to them. Strive towards God, and you will reach him; you will find union with him on earth or in future in eternity, because your will has decided, in freedom, for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3801.


Book 47-48 3802

Comforting admonition to faith.

16. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3802.

How timid and anxious you really are, and how strong could you be in strong faith towards me and my readiness to help. No thing is impossible, because my power overcomes everything, and even the impossibly appearing help can be granted to you, if you just believe. And that is why you need to shrink from nothing; you need to let yourselves be pressed down through no trouble or worry as soon as you hand over this to me in firm belief in my love and omnipotence. Then I help you and also solve the most difficult earthly problem. Because I do not leave mine and am their helper in every trouble and danger. Where else should perhaps my love and power appear, if not with those who strive towards me in free will and trust in the father in their child-love that he stands by them in every trouble? – Where else should be the power of faith be applied if not with those who are my children in truth, because they acknowledge and love me and always try to fulfil my will? If you do speak of God’s enourmous love, then it will definitely radiate upon his creatures because love seizes everything and seeks union. And so also the heart of the father presses towards his children and wants to give them love without measure to make them happy time wise and for ever. And the love of the father expresses itself in permanent readiness to help, in the keeping away of all danger, in the forming of the child to deepest wisdom and recognition. But the child must let itself be given from the father without resistance, then it will mature and hang on to its father with intimate love and be unspeakably happy. And can then perhaps exist a trouble for you, which the love of the father would not be able to turn away? So boundlessly trust me and do not become anxious if a trouble approaches you through my permission or my will – I want to test and toughen your faith so that it may become more and more unshakable, and the less you fail the nearer I am you, because I no longer leave you for ever, if you have once found to me. And as it comes, so it is good for you, because you truly do not recognize the urgency and the purpose of what is allotted to you earthly. But I know how you can be helped best, and you can entrust my guidance boundlessly; not one moment you need to be anxious, but to just always resort to my love, which will never ever be withdrawn from you. Believe firmly and unshakably that I help you. And my help will not fail to arrive, so that you obviously recognize the power of faith, so that you feel me and my work and join me more and more intimately as my children, until nothing anymore is able to separate you from the father heart, whatever may happen around you. And therefore you can expect every day completely carefree, and you are to also then believe firmly when a great unrest will become noticeable around you, because you banish every disastrous action through your faith, as I have promised it to you, that the power of faith is able to do everything – that with God no thing is impossible. Amen. B.D. NR. 3802.


Book 47-48 3803

Subordination of the will. Supernatural power.

17. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3803.

A supernatural power is available to you when you make my will your own will. Then I work in you, and indeed things, which exceed your natural abilities. But how must your will be that it completely becomes like mine? You are no longer allowed to want what contradicts my laws from eternity, what is against the divine order, which alone carries my will in itself. You must therefore always make my will your business; you must at all times do what I demand of you, i.e. fulfil my commandments of love. Because love underlies my law from eternity; love moves my will; love is my original substance; love is that power, which sustains everything – and my will can always only be to make the law of love to the basic principle for oneself, but then you are also in full possession of power out of me, who is love in himself. And then you can also work boundlessly; you can achieve things, which are pure humanly not possible, but feasible with the power of love for everyone man who has put himself under my law. Therefore seek to change your nature completely to love, and nothing will be unattainable for your work. You will be able to rule over men and animals, over the elements of nature, because then it is always my will which moves you, and nothing is impossible to my will and my power. Then you are also relieved of all responsibility, because when my will rules over you, because you have voluntarily subordinated yourselves to me, you act according to it, and what you now do, must be right and pleasing to me. And therefore you can be exceedingly powerful already on earth, because you are allowed to acquire my power at any time, when you are of the same will with me, and then you are urged by the spirit in you to this or that thought and act. And you will be able to carry out what you want, because you then think and act with me and with my power. You will be able to avert suffering and trouble when love drives you to help fellow-man, and you will be able to command the elements, be able to heal the sick and work miracles of all kind, because it is only my power, which is then expressed through you, and with my power nothing is impossible for you. Therefore I want it that your will completely subordinates to mine, so that you are then able to want nothing else than I and I now can work through you. Amen. B.D. NR. 3803.


Book 47-48 3804

Vigilance against the enemy of souls.

18. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3804.

You are to be on your guard that you do not fall victim to the enemy of your souls, because he is constantly intent on leading you astray and pushing you away from the right way through all kinds of means of blinding. He also comes in the robe of a leader, and seeks to so win your trust; he promises to lead you safely to the destination, however his destination is the world - he therefore promises you earthly advantages, help in earthly difficulties; he seeks to smooth the ways for you, but everything under one condition – to let him have your soul, therefore to withdraw your feelings and thoughts from God, from spiritual striving. And all his promises will demand acts of unkindness; every man, who wants to gain earthly advantages, will not be able to do this, if he wants to live in love. Therefore he must give up the one or the other; he must know that he sells his soul, if he wants to shape his earthly life to a life of pleasure. He must know that every attempt for it happens upon the suggestions of him, who wants to ruin the soul. And he must be on his guard – he must take his refuge with God, that he protects him from the influence of the enemy; he must ask for the strengthening of his will towards the good and towards the renunciation of earthly goods. Because what do you receive in exchange if you also create for yourselves an earthly life in prosperity and comfort? Only an unbearable lot for the soul in the opposite kingdom. Because when the time of trouble overcomes you, then it also has its wise meaning and purpose as long as it is allowed by God himself. But the enemy of your soul positions the lever precisely in the time of trouble – he now seeks to direct your thought and wish at what you lack of earthly goods; he seeks to strengthen your desire for it and to imprison your thoughts and only the power of your will protects you from it. Because what he promises is just deception; it is only of use for you the few days of your earth life, to then sink into a nothing and to leave your souls behind in extreme poverty. Renounce voluntarily that what only makes the body happy but brings in no use to the soul; live in poverty of the body on earth, and in return for it give spiritual good to your souls, which is imperishable and follows you into eternity. Be on your guard in the face of all temptations, and remain in prayer. Ask for power and favour and strengthening of your will. And your desire will decrease; earthly goods will no longer appear so enticing; you will be able to resist all insinuations of the enemy and can accept spiritual good as compensation, which makes your souls thousand fold happier, because it brings eternal life to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 3804.


Book 47-48 3805

Spiritual low. End of a redemption period.

19. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3805.

No spiritual progress is eternally to be expected when mankind has reached that low that it no longer recognizes and acknowledges God. Because then it is completely separated from God and therefore also without all supply of power, which alone guarantees spiritual ascent. A small distance from God can easily be remedied, because the spiritual then always still stands in the circuit of divine love, and its power inevitably drives it upwards. But if the distance has become too great, that the spiritual stays outside of this circuit, then it is also completely powerless, and an approach towards God is no longer possible for it, because the counter power has then more influence, which pulls it down to it. But if mankind has reached this degree of development, i.e., has it degenerated so far, then the spiritual has also forfeited the right to lead an existence on earth as man, because this has the ascent development as the sole purpose and it completely disregarded this purpose. Then a development period ends therefore for this mankind. The earth so to speak pushes all spiritual away from it, which is on a higher level of development, as soon as it does not live and act according to this level of development. And then a redemption section has ended according to divine will. And every man can himself recognize the point of time, as soon as he pays attention to the spiritual development of the whole of mankind. Is a low reached, where lack of love emerges clearly, is the work of the counter force of God recognizable in that respect, that destructions take place everywhere instead of continuous building up – is the living and doing of mankind completely avers to God and therefore against all divine order, then it is also no longer to be expected that mankind again adapts itself to divine order in free will, and then a dissolving of all that must take place according to the law from eternity, what holds spiritual in it for the purpose of complete new banishment to finally reach the destination in infinite long time, to again stay in nearness of God in free will. There is no other ascent possibility for a degenerated generation of man, as soon as it has reached this low, that all love has cooled, because then the power flow of divine love can no longer be effective and this means complete losing to the counter force of God. But God in his great mercy wrest from his opponent that what has come into bondage to him, by him banishing it anew in creation, upon which the opponent of God has no longer influence. Therefore also the putting back into hardest matter is only a work of divine compassion, because a new possibility is again created for that standing in furthest distance to God to go the way of ascent development, which was no longer possible as man. And once also to him the hour of redemption has come - even so after infinite long time. But he suffers no injustice, when it is put back into hard matter, because the will is so hardened with regard to God that he himself is the cause that God binds him for endless long time. Because he no longer changes when a spiritual low has been reached, where men no longer recognize God. Amen. B.D. NR. 3805.


Book 47-48 3806

God himself comes to men in the word.

20. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3806.

He, who stays in the midst of you in the spirit, to him listen, when he speaks to you. He announces himself to you in a way that you are well able to recognize him, if you are believing, because his words in love do not sound differently than those words, which he spoke on earth himself in the cover of the man Jesus. It is the same teaching, which is now imparted to you through his obvious work through the mouth of man; he uses a human cover to speak to you through it and to bring the always and eternally constant teaching home to you. And his word is truly recognizable as of divine origin, because it only teaches love, which is only represented by beings orientated to God, because love is direct radiation out of God and draws to itself what again stands in love. And if therefore a teaching contains the love command, if it wants to educate man to love, it also starts from him, who is eternal love himself. But if this love teaching is now imparted to man in a way that spiritual power is recognizable, that the supply is carried out on the spiritual way, then God himself must definitely be acknowledged as source, where power has its origin, and faith in it must also increase the effect of that what starts from God. Receive his word as the word of God, and you will draw undreamed–of blessing from it, because then it strengthens you earthly and spiritually, because consciously you accept the divine love radiation. He himself is with you in the word – think about this in the heart and fully believingly devote yourselves to his work of favour. He himself teaches you; he instructs you about his will, about your purpose; he shows you to the right way; he gives you promises and encourages you to live so that his promises fulfil themselves with you; with every word he draws you to himself; he woos for your love and therefore makes permanently an effort to guide you over into his kingdom to make you happy for ever. He is obviously active among his, but to recognize him, you must believe in his love, wisdom and omnipotence – in him himself, that he is and you are his creatures never to be separated from him. Then you will also be able to assess the gift of favour in its value, as far as this is possible on earth. And his word will become effective with you; it will awaken you to life, which you never ever lose and therefore be happy in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3806.


Book 47-48 3807

Deepest knowledge reachable through love.

21. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3807.

All fields will be made accessible to you if you endeavour to research them on the way of love. Then there are for you no limits of knowledge, because these are imposed on the intellect of man alone, but not on the heart, which can accept from the spirit in it the widest knowledge without limitation. Because that is the sign of perfection that it is unlimited. Is therefore the spirit out of God active in you, then also its work must be unlimited, as soon as you yourselves have cleared the obstacles out of the way, which make his work impossible. And nothing is foreign to the spirit out of God; it rules over all fields, and so man through his spirit penetrates into deepest knowledge, as soon as he has formed himself through love to the receptacle of the divine spirit. God is most intimately united with his creatures, if these do not resist him, and therefore his power and his light must also shine through what stays near him. And that means brightest insight into the rule and work of God, knowledge about the plan of redemption, about meaning and purpose of earth life and the destiny of what is created by God. And if man is instructed about it through the divine spirit, also every other connection is clear to him; his knowledge will widen in every direction; no darkness, no ignorance will exist anymore for him, and through his will he will become free out of bondage of him, who is to blame for all darkness of the spirit. But only when man has received the knowledge from the spirit in him, can he in reality lay claim to be knowledgeable. Man can indeed also acquire worldly knowledge through study or supply from outside, but this knowledge is of no importance for eternity, because it fades with the moment of death and does not follow the soul into the spiritual kingdom. Alone valuable is only spiritual knowledge, which touches earthly things little, on the other hand concerns the spiritual world and is therefore immortal. And this knowledge is only achievable on the way of love if it is to be in accordance with truth and promote the ascent development of the soul. And to acquire this knowledge, for that purpose man lives on earth, because the possession of knowledge is the result of a right life, which consists of a life in love. God’s love constantly seeks to impart a right treasure of knowledge to men by him instructing men himself through his right servants on earth. And his word will first of all always preach love work, it will point men to the way of love, so that man then also gains wisdom out of God. Because to be instructed in truth is the most valuable for men as long as they stay on earth. Because then they also recognize their purpose; they recognize God’s exceedingly great love and seek to become like it. But only pure truth achieves the state of recognition, and that is why also only pure truth leads to God, who is truth himself. Truth, love and God are one – where love is, God himself will have an effect as master teacher and introduce men to truth – where truth is, God will be recognized as eternal love and the union with him is sought, and the striving for him leads to perfection, which is destination of every being, which has emerged out of God in all perfection and became imperfect through its own will. For that reason awaken the spirit in you through love, and you will be able to penetrate into the deepest depths of divine wisdom, as God has promised to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 3807.


Book 47-48 3808

Dwellings in the house of the father. Eternal home.

22. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3808.

And I want to introduce you to my father’s house. If I have given you this promise, you are allowed to be happy in the awareness to once enjoy the delights of eternal life as children of God, because my word is truth, and my promise comes true, if you fulfil my will. All trouble will have an end for you, every worry fall off, and in freedom of the spirit, unbound through earthly matter, will you be allowed to stay in those fields, which belong to the kingdom of the blessed spirits and are extremely magnificent. On earth you cannot comprehend the happiness, which is given to the souls in that kingdom, und nevertheless you are to believe my words and live so, that you can move into the father’s heavenly dwellings after your demise on this earth – the dwellings, which the father’s love has gotten ready for his and which will truly become the stay of those who have become mine through their will and a way of life in love. What do you then still worry about your bodily well-being, if you know that your earth life is just a short transition to true life in eternity? Use your earth life only for the right forming of your souls, and your lot in the hereafter will be an incomparable happy one, because everything will be given to you after which your heart carries desire. But worry that the desire of the heart is not meant for the body, because it passes, but what remains for ever, is spiritual good only, and desire it with the whole heart. Then your soul will stay in an extremely beautiful region; it will move in creations, which you are not able to foresee on earth, and it will be in its home, in the father house, where the nearness of the father makes it infinitely happy and his love gives it all what increases its happiness. Because my love towards you, my children on earth, is exceedingly great, and I prepare for all of you a happy life, if you return to me out of free will. Because in my house are many mansions, and all wait for you that you take them and are able to see my magnificence, which I have prepared for you. Live on earth in love, and my love will be given to you in the spiritual kingdom. Give your neighbour in love what he needs bodily and spiritually, and my love will give to you in the same measure, because as you measure out, so it will be measure out to you in my kingdom. And believe in my promise, then the short earth life, which is still allotted to you, will be bearable for you despite all trouble, because what is taken from you on earth – I give to you in my kingdom thousand fold, if you voluntarily give up and separate from matter, to receive spiritual good. Because the time of your earthly trouble is short, but your life in eternity lasts for ever, and the happiness in my father’s house will have no end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3808.


Book 47-48 3809

Spiritual guides. Earth way. Signpost.

23. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3809.

Men ignorant of the right way err and go away from the right destination, instead of approaching it. And that is why they need a good guide, a signpost, who knows the right way and warns everywhere there and admonishes to attention, where there is the danger, to turn into a wrong way and miss the right way. But who knows the way, he also knows the destination and will now help fellowmen full of eagerness to also reach this aim. But the aim of earth life is the spiritual kingdom in all magnificence. And the way to it is laborious and narrow; it is not easily passable, but short, if it is covered without stay, if man does not hesitate or looks back all the time and seeks an easier passable way. Then the destination can be reached quickly, i.e., man can still reach on earth a degree of perfection that he carries the kingdom of God in himself, that the heaviness of earth no longer presses him, that he has found the union with God, before he is free of his earthly body. But then wide fields spread before his spiritual eye, which fill him with happiness, then all events and troubles of the way are forgotten, because they do not offset the magnificence, which is now given to him. And then is the soul thankful of the guidance, which has looked after it on the earth way. But the right guidance is God himself, who instructs men on earth through his word and therefore gives them knowledge of the right way, which leads to him. And he engages willing servants on earth to take over the office of guidance, i.e., to bring his word to men; he instructs his servants before in the right truth, so that these are then mediators as concerns fellowmen, so that also these note the truth, the word of God, which flows from his holy mouth and is directly supplied to earth by him through his messengers. And therefore the guides, which are knowledgeable of the right way, will constantly appear on the way and lead the walkers right, inform them about the dangers, to which they are to pay attention, about the destination and about the power out of God, which is at everybody’s disposal, who walks along the way with the serious intention to reach the destination, which is eternal happiness. And these guides are to be heard; their advice and admonitions are to be obeyed, because they are appointed by God; they are added to men that they do not go astray, that they cannot say not having found the right way, but can walk on and follow it any time, if they are of serious will to reach the destination. These guides announce the word of God to you, which is the right way. Because the word of God is truth, because God is eternal truth himself; it leads towards the destination – eternal life – and who chooses God himself as guide through acceptance and obedience of the divine word, he can never ever miss the right way; he reaches his destination – he will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3809.


Book 47-48 3810

Time of tribulation.

24. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3810.

Already in latest time you will be exposed to renewed hardship; you will come into troubles, which threaten to almost crush you; but then know that I am closer to you than ever. Leave yourselves completely to my guidance, and just remain loyal to me in your heart that you recognize and confess me despite all trouble, then I truly do not leave you, and you can fully believe my word. But the trouble must come, so that comes true, what has been written, so that the time of the great tribulation is recognizable to all men and can also be recognized as last time before the end. The world wants no regulation of the earthly circumstances in love, but it stirs up to renewed struggle and fighting of the nations against each other, and world events enter into a new phase of short duration. A renewed tension of the nations will result in great earthly trouble, which my will will then end, when it is time. But you, you who are mine, need also not fear this time of trouble, although it will also touch you in many ways. It is for you again just a test of faith, which you can pass, if you join me more firmly than ever and confidently abandon yourselves to my guidance and help. What happens in shortest time, will be evidence for you of my word, and then just stand by me, I will help you in every trouble and danger. Because everything can be overcome with my help; nothing is impossible to my strength and power, and no request I leave unheard, if you believe in me and call me out of deepest heart. I am close to you and direct your fate according to my will, and if you believe this, every trouble will be bearable for you. But the surroundings, your fellowmen, who do not find to me, still need greater earthly trouble, if they are to change in free will and call upon me for help. And that is why also this short phase must be lived through by you men, so that your souls make use of it. But my intervention ends it; however another one will follow it, although the former is remedied. It is the time of tribulation before the end, and happy the man, who recognizes the time of the end in it – he will draw comfort and hope out of every one of my words; he will not despair, but unite with me more intimately than ever and go with his soul through all earthly troubles and dangers undamaged, because I myself lead him by the hand, because I impart power and light to him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3810.


Book 47-48 3811

End of tribulation. Judgement. New earth.

25. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3811.

But the time of tribulation also passes, and a time of deepest peace follows it and heavenly happiness for all, who believe in me and remain loyal to me until the end. And so as the time of trouble has come over earth, so true is also my promise of the time of peace, because my word is eternal truth, and must come true; a time must follow again, where no spiritual low exists any longer and therefore also every earthly trouble is eliminated, where men live in closest unity with God and are therefore also happy. But a sifting has to take place before, which has started with the great trouble and continues in the time of tribulation, where men must make up their mind for me or my opponent. And only an exceedingly great tribulation achieves this, because men have become hardened and faithless and need toughest means of education for the purpose of reform. But also this time comes to an end, and that is to be a comfort for mine, that I shorten the days, so that those who are mine do not desert me at the time of greatest distress. A blessed lot awaits them on the new earth. And those who believe in my word, will find power in this my promise and stand up with regard to every onslaught of the world. Because I do not leave those who are mine and come myself to fetch them, when the peak of the trouble is reached. With my power and favour also the most severe days are bearable, but the reward is definitely yours – a happy, peaceful life after this time of tribulation, where you will glorify and praise me, where you will thank me from the deepest heart, where I will stay with you myself visibly and perceptibly, because you are full of love. Therefore do not fear the time of tribulation; bear it in view of the end; take it on devotedly, because it can still mean rescue for souls gone astray and spar them the further earth course through the creations. And recognize out of all what still comes over earth, the truth of my word, because I have foretold it a long time so that you are to become firmer in faith, so that you can prepare yourselves for it and therefore mature spiritually. Recognize my love, although men will be hit painfully through my will or my permission. This time of trouble is of great urgency for your souls, but it passes; it does not last long for the sake of mine – it must give way to a time of delicious peace on the new earth, which everyone will enjoy, who are mine and remain loyal to me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3811.


Book 47-48 3812

Complete devotion to God. Tool.

26. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3812.

In the most complete devotion to me you also find deepest peace. Because then every violence has lost its power over you, may it be men or spirit beings, who are of a will turned away from me. And all good spiritual turned towards me does not besiege you, but it can only make you happy. The complete devotion to me is expression of fullest submission under my will, and then only my will rules you, and it goes out from me, and you can therefore only live in right order, i.e., think and act, what will always earn you the most inner peace. Then the change of your will on earth has taken place; you are no longer in resistance to me, but united with me and can therefore no longer fall back into the state of disorder, which is a state of agony for you, a state of inner conflict, fear and powerlessness. What completely devotes itself to me, that I seize and considerately guide it further on the way, which it has walked along. The complete devotion to me is a sign of deep faith, an acknowledgement of me as most loving power and might, to which man now leaves himself trustingly. And such a faith I need to now also approach through this man fellowmen, otherwise a revelation to them would be impossible, as long as they themselves do not have the maturity to receive revelations. A man completely devoted to me I can now use as my tool, as my organ, through which I will express myself. Because with him I no longer find resistance for my work, and he will, because he is now of the same will with me, speak and act according to my will; as man he will impart to fellowmen that, what I as God want to impart to them, but cannot do obviously to not stop the freedom of faith of man. Nevertheless it is my work, although it appears to fellowmen to be the work of my servant on earth. Through the devotion to me he has become a suitable tool to me, and with joy and eagerness he will now comply with his assignment; he is driven by my spirit to speak and to work for me and my kingdom. Man must have completely given up his own wanting; he must leave himself completely to me, entrust himself to my guidance and all the time desire my presence; he must remain united with me mentally, and I seize him, and all his thinking and acting is now my will, my power and the expression of my love towards fellowmen, to whom I now want to bring rescue in spiritual trouble through him. He has now become mediator between me and those, and his activity will earn him deepest peace, because he now carries my will in him and works and creates with me through my power. Amen. B.D. NR. 3812.


Book 47-48 3813

Fate according to will.

27. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3813.

That you are in trouble and distress of body and soul is not hidden to my knowledge, but as also the direction of your spirit, the will of your heart towards good or evil. And this determines the course of your life; it determines the events, which fatefully approach you; it also determines the effects of the acts fellowmen executed in evil will, as also my intervention according to my will. Because I seek to remedy the trouble of the soul; I seek to bring it rescue, because I know about the consequences of the spiritual trouble in eternity, about the lightless state, which earns the soul far greater agonies than the greatest earthly trouble. Is the will of man good, then the soul needs less severe means of education, and its course of life will not show such great tests, if a certain time for maturation is granted to it. But at the end of this redemption period many souls will have to pass only a short life test, and understandably it will be more severe for the sake of its shortness, so that the soul reaches the destination to maturity. It is this the result of its long resistance towards me, which did not allow it to reach the embodiment on earth sooner; and since according to my plan from eternity the end of this redemption period has been fixed, the time, which is granted to the last men for embodiment becomes shorter and shorter and accordingly more difficult. But the final destination is the same and can be reached by every soul with serious striving for perfection. But also these souls embodied in last men of this earth carry different will in them, partly turned towards me, partly away from me, and this difference of will also determines the different life fates and the effects of the acts, which the will bears. Men will have to carry the most difficult suffering and are threatened with breaking on it, and still also men can live among them who are full of power and who do not think suffering to be unbearable. Because I myself determine the severity of the suffering, the hardness of trouble according to the will of men, which I know and seek to change exactly through such trouble. And because the will of mankind in the time of the end turns away from me more and more, also the distress must become greater, if a success is still to be achieved for the souls. But I give to no man unjustly, because I know about the cast of mind of each individual and take it into account. And that is why I give to mine in the time of the end particular rich gifts of favour, extraordinary power and exceedingly great love, because I know how difficult the last earth life test is for them, which they are to pass to be able to be close to me. I know the will of every man and bless it, as soon as it is good. I give to man every conceivable favour and help him until the end to then fetch him to me into my kingdom. And I shorten the days of trouble for exactly the sake of these who are mine; I end the time of the tribulation with the day of my coming in the clouds, so that my word comes true, which promises happiness to those who hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3813.


Book 47-48 3814

Love and suffering means of purification.

28. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3814.

Love and suffering are the only means of purification for the soul on this earth. And if man eliminates love, the measure of suffering must be increased for its own sake. But at any time mankind can end this state of suffering or make it more bearable, if it makes an effort to fulfil the divine love command, which must be fulfilled whatever happens for the bringing about of divine order. Then man will also live earthly in order; he will escape hard suffering, because his soul matures through love work – it changes itself to love, and that is its actual purpose. The soul is in dark envelopment; it must cleanse itself, before light can penetrate it. It is in complete ignorance and must eliminate all mistakes and defects to reach the right knowledge of truth. And this cleansing happens through love and suffering. Has the soul good will, then it also lives in love, and the power out of God breaks through every cover of the soul, because the supply out of God is a direct result of own love work. But if the soul neglects this, then God nevertheless helps it, however in the form of suffering, which is to put the soul in the state of love work, which is to take all hardness from it, which is to form it according to God’s will. Suffering is indeed a hard means of education, but can lead to success insofar as that the soul gives up its mistakes, which did not give rise to love till now, can melt arrogance, anger, hate, as well as all hardness of the heart, when it is affected by great suffering. Then it can change; it can be aware of its weakness and powerlessness, become humble and call for help. And it is going to be helped, because God is constantly prepared to help, because the winning back of each soul is purpose of all that, what he lets happen. But how much easier could men shape their earth lot, if they would not disregard love, if they would apply the most effective means of purification – love towards God and the neighbour. Who is active in love and has to bear suffering at the same time, his soul will reach a high degree of maturity on earth, but the power out of God always supports it and it also recognizes the blessing of suffering and does not rebel against it. But in particular men can avert much suffering if they would just be active in love. But as long as they lack faith in it, as long as they are hardened in the heart and eliminate love out of their life, they must suffer, and that in increased measure, the closer the end approaches. Because they have not much longer time and need the most effective means of education if the souls are to be rescued from eternal damnation – from endless long time of renewed imprisonment in the creations of the new earth, of which God would like to protect every soul and therefore grants it every help, whereto also the great suffering on earth belongs. Live in love and you will decrease suffering, but without love no-one can become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 3814.


Book 47-48 3815

Draw power out of my word.

29. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3815.

Draw comfort and power out of my word. Again and again I tell you this because only through this you can mature, that with the word you also accept my power, which guarantees your ascent. When I myself speak to you, when you desire to hear me myself, you break away from the world, and through the opening of your heart you receive the radiation of my love, which indeed is power and favour. And you will remain victor in every struggle in life. My word again and again asserts you of my love, which wants to give, which wants to make you happy time wise and for ever. My word is greatest proof of my love towards you, because with my word I give you the most secure means into the hand to become perfect, therefore to also being able to always come closer to me, and my nearness means happiness. Because my word announces to you my love, and my word teaches you love, because you first must shape yourselves to love, before you can bear my nearness. And therefore I draw you with my word to me, and you draw me to yourselves, if you desire my word and accept it with a hungry heart. Then you will also feel the power of my word; you will be able to satisfy yourselves at any time; you will be able to fetch comfort for yourselves if you are in need of it; my word will strengthen your faith, increase your love towards me; my word will encourage you to always busier spiritual activity and lead you to recognition. And therefore draw power out of the source at any time, out of the spring of life; accept my word and refresh yourselves with it, and all weakness will fall off you; you will also master earthly life, because you then work with my power, because I have blessed my word with my power. Amen. B.D. NR. 3815.


Book 47-48 3816

He who remains in love, he remains in me.

30. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3816.

The approach to God takes place through every work of love. Because God himself is eternal love, and if a work of love is practised, the glowing love spark in man unites with the fire of divine love – God himself approaches man who in himself is love and power. To understand this is only comprehensible for the man awakened in spirit and still not explainable differently. But it becomes comprehensible to every man if he practises love himself, then he feels God around and in him; he feels himself close to the nature of God; he no longer doubts God’s existence, because eternal love itself teaches him and gives him the recognition about the nature of love, about its origin and power. Man active in love is in constant union with the original spring of love; constantly he receives power out of God, because divine love itself now works in him. Man active in love can also never be without faith, because what he himself feels inside of him, in that he also believes; consequently he also acknowledges the highest entity, because it has made itself aware to him through love. Because love is no quality; it is the entity itself. This is too difficult to understand for man of this earth, but will be clearly comprehensible to the soul when it gives up the heaviness of earth and enters the spiritual kingdom. It remains a secret for it on earth, which it is not able to unveil; only the awareness of the presence of God becomes stronger and stronger in man, the more he lives in love, and consequently he no longer can imagine love without God and God without love. And so the term God is inseparably connected with the term love, and man approaches the fullest recognition of the nature of love. Whose heart has changes to love, he is therefore also constantly in the nearness of God – God himself stays in him; the unification of the spirit spark resting in the heart of man with the eternal father spirit has taken place, because the love spark has melted together with the fire of eternal love. Now man lives in God and God is in him. But the unification with God can only be established through love work; another connection is impossible, because the nature of eternal divinity is love and only the same can unite itself with it. "Who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him." These are his words, which are to be taken completely literally and which allow no other explanation. And that is why his word only teaches love, so that men establish the connection with eternal love, because this is the purpose of earth life, that they become like God, that they strive towards unification, so that they become happy through love, so that they can dwell in the nearness of God for ever, who himself is eternal love. Amen. B.D. NR. 3816.


Book 47-48 3817

God s intervention. Last phase before the end.

5. July 1946. B.D. NR. 3817.

The difficulty of life approaches you men all too clearly, than that you could not recognize the time of the end thereby. But it must come as it stands written, so that my word comes true. It may be incomprehensible to you that I allow such suffering, that I do not intervene, where lack of love of fellowmen clearly emerges, but the goblet must be drained to the dregs, and in future you will recognize it that only my love was determining to help your souls, which do not want to recognize, which hour has come for them. Only a short time still remains for you till the end of your days, and if you would be safe and secure earthly, your souls would get lost. But I still want to win them for me and therefore do not intervene until the time is completed according to the plan from eternity. And it is drawing to a close. And I obviously announce myself in shortest time; I speak myself with thunder voice, once again warning and admonishing men and giving them the poof that the will of man and the power of man breaks as regards my will. I appear so suddenly that all worldly plans and measures are ruined in a moment. And you can build on this my word, and if you just make preparations to place your souls into that state that you do not need to fear that day, where I will express myself through the powers of nature, you can expect that day unconcerned – it will make you free, so or so – it will bring with itself different earthly conditions for the survivors or liberate the soul from its bodily cover. And therefore cause that your soul really becomes free, by you already breaking away from everything before, what you love on earth, by just remembering it and therefore prepare yourselves for a quick bodily end. Soon the measure of lack of love is full and I stop it. Soon you will hear that the nations arm themselves for a new fight, and then you can expect my judgement daily. Because then the time is fulfilled, which I have determined for eternity; then earth enters the last phase before the end – where mine must prove themselves, where they are to confess me before the world – where my favour and my power obviously becomes evident, where Satan will rage in a most terrible way and where I myself will be in the midst of mine in the spirit, to guide them through all troubles and dangers. And then comes judgement – the end of this earth in its present form and the end of innumerable men, who stand in furthest distance to me and therefore are being banished anew for the purpose of their future redemption. And everything will come as I have said it, because my word is and remains truth until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3817.


Book 47-48 3818

God’s guidance. Future worries.

6. July 1946. B.D. NR. 3818.

I myself will guide and lead you, and therefore do not be afraid whatever may come. My arm is strong and powerful, and I carry every load for you, if you trustingly burden me with it, because you believe in me. And I constantly walk next to you; I do not leave you alone, and in this certainty you can go every way, which you must go according to the purpose from eternity. It will become easier for you if you know me as constant companion near you, whom you can always ask and who also always helps if you are threatened to become weak. It is my will that you are in secure protection when my word fulfils itself. It is my will that you then announce me loud to all who listen to you; that you are active for me in that circle, to which I lead you, because I know it who needs you, to whom you are to bring help in spiritual need. And everything is prepared, why you do not need to worry about the future, because I myself care for you, if you are active for me, like a lord cares for his servants, if these are willing and efficient workers for him. I care for you like a father cares for his children, if you express your belonging to me through your willingness to serve me. And for that reason leave every worry to me because I also think about the smallest needs, because I love you and want to help you in the struggle for life, so that you devote every thought and wish of yours to your soul only, so that you can follow carefree only the spiritual aim and therefore strive upwards. So put trustingly your earthly well-being into my hand. And I will settle and order everything as it serves you, and you will recognize my love, my power and my wisdom. But you are not allowed to doubt, because only the power of faith secures my complete help for you. Full of faith abandon yourselves to me, and I truly care for you now and for ever. Strengthen yourselves always and constantly with my word; live in love; watch and pray, and let everything approach you without fear and anxiety, and act as you feel inwardly pressed. I watch over you and do not leave you; you stand in my protection, and nothing can happen to you than what is best for your soul. For my will directs all events, and my will only allows that what helps you to soul maturity. And my love will make everything bearable for you, if you just believe in me and entrust yourselves to me carefree. Amen. B.D. NR. 3818.


Book 47-48 3819

Fate. Submission to God’s will.

7. July 1946. B.D. NR. 3819.

What has been allotted to you according to divine will from eternity, that you must take upon you, and depending how you bear it, it will be a blessing for you. If you subject yourselves to the divine will, then you take upon yourselves your lot without grumbling and complaining, because then you also stand in faith in God’s love and omnipotence and expect his help without doubt. And then God will also help you. But if you inwardly rebel against God’s providence, if you complain unwillingly and seek to defend yourselves, then the burden will press you all the harder, or also, relief from below will come to you; he will help you, who wants to win you for him, to ruin you. Because with those, who still carry too much self-will in themselves and still do not acknowledge the will of God, he finds good ground for his influence; he gains a hearing, and he has won the soul. The fate of each man is according to his will; that is why also under the same fate the one suffers more than the other, because he lacks the submission to God’s will. To still rescue the soul rebellious to God, trouble must still approach it harder, until it recognizes that a higher will works and now unconditionally submits itself to it. And so you men also never need to believe that you can shape your earth fate easier for yourselves through this or that precaution. Through your own will you can of course change your course of life for yourselves, but never the difficulty of it, because all events approach you in that difficulty, as you need it for your soul, and your measure of suffering you have to take upon yourselves, no matter which way you turn – you do not escape your fate, because this is determined for eternity. Only through the submission of your will you make it bearable for yourselves, because then it has fulfilled its purpose, and you no longer need such painful means, but your life can be finished easier by you. Therefore do not rebel against the will of God; recognize in everything, what affects you, the will of God; do not complain and grumble, but quietly and devotedly bear what God sends to you, and he will again take it from you, as soon as you completely submit to his will. And firmly believe that he can and will help you any time, and the strength of faith will banish every disaster. God just wants to win you, but not lose to him, who is his opponent, who has completely turned his will away from him and also seeks to push his creatures away from him, by him seeking to prompt their will exactly likewise to resistance to God. And therefore do not fall victim to him, who wants to ruin you, but recognize in God your Lord and submit to him – and the hardest fates will be blessings for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 3819.


Book 47-48 3820

Free will.

8. July 1946. B.D. NR. 3820.

You have emerged out of me, and to me you are to return again, to remain mine for ever and to enjoy all bliss of heaven. My plan from eternity has nothing else as aim than the final union of my creatures with me, but which must take place in free will of these creatures, otherwise they cannot be my children, who are to be active creatively and fashionably in all perfection. And if my creatures use their free will to approach me, indeed only a short time is needed for it, to become my image, to become perfect, as the father in heaven is perfect. But if in free will my creatures prolong the time themselves, I do not fight them, but this is really not my fault and my will; however I help them always and constantly to reach the aim, even if by means, which appear to them incomprehensible as long as they still do not stand in understanding. Incessantly I woo the love of my creatures, because this is precondition that they use their will right and strive towards me. Only when the creature is filled with the love towards me, it seeks to unite with me, and then the time until the union with me is still only short – then it stands shortly before the aim. My creatures have emerged out of my love power, therefore their original substance is love, which inevitably must again return to eternal love, if it has moved itself away from it. Because the power out of me is undividable; it cannot get lost; only the creature itself can no longer recognize itself as that what it is and in this ignorance keep away from me so long as it wants to bear the powerless state, which is the result of the distance from me. If it desires power, then the distance from me decreases already, and it strives towards the original state, where it stood in the full possession of power in highest understanding. But my creatures had to, to be extremely perfect, also be completely free in thinking and wanting, and they also had to be also able to use their will in all directions; they had to, as created by me good and perfect, also remain existing in free will good and perfect, and that is why they were given the possibility in every direction, to develop themselves. And no matter if they fell into the deepest depths, if the will expressed itself in the wrong direction, so they inevitably must again reach upwards, but also in free will, because otherwise perfection would be eliminated. And only love towards me, towards the start of their self, lets their will become active in the right direction, why I woo for their love incessantly, why I approach my creatures always and constantly in the state of free will, where it must be put to the test. Nothing gets lost in eternity what has gone out from me; but so that it must not languish eternities in the distance away from me, I apply all means, because only my nearness means happiness and blessedness for that created by me, but all distance from me wretchedness, darkness and powerlessness – a state, which is greatest agony for that what emerged in all freedom and power. But to form true children out of my creatures, who possess all rights of the father and are to come into the inheritance of the father, I can impose no restrictions at all on their will. They must find to me of their own accord; they must love me with all their heart and push towards me, and I will draw them to my heart with joy and make them happy until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3820.


Book 47-48 3821

Urgent admonition for the breaking away from matter.

9. July 1946. B.D. NR. 3821.

Seize the time and arrange your life accordingly. Who in this time is not able to free himself from the goods of the world, he will have a hard time in the last time before the end, because everything will be taken from him, if he does not belong to those completely rejected, to whom everything will be given, so that they completely renounce me. I must then take by force from you that, what you cannot give up voluntarily, if I want to rescue you from becoming completely a slave of him who wants your eternal ruin. Because earthly matter is his share and is never allowed to be your principle of life, but you are to make us of matter only for the meeting of the most needed bodily needs, to be able to give to your souls all the more richly. Because this alone is necessary in the coming time, because only a short time remains for you until the end. But if you take all time with the care for your bodily well-being, then the soul will be given meagrely and has to suffer immensely, if I want to still rescue it from destruction. For that reason take away all dispensable from the body, and give it to your neighbour, who is in need, because the trouble will be great through my permission. Recognize the last time before the end in that, that a great misery goes over earth, which you alone cannot avert and which is still intensified through my will, through my last intervention before the end. Then all of you must recognize that I only want to leave for you the least for the body, that I want to direct your senses more towards the soul, towards the spiritual, and devotedly submit to my will. Leave the body unnoticed, and only still care for your soul, then I take care of your bodily well-being and preserve you until the end, and you will also be able to bear the last section of life, because I help you. And so free yourselves from all earthly matter; break away from it in the heart, and what you possess share with pleasure with the neighbour, who is in need. And despite outwardly simplest conditions you will not need to live in want; you will be able to live and work, because your soul receives double, what your body gives up. I must take the earthly goods from you, if you do not give them up voluntarily; I must manage a solution by force, if you are too weak to separate yourselves from it. But it is however far better that you carry out the separation in heart already before; if you no longer let yourselves be made the slave of matter, but freely out of yourselves leave everything to me; if you sacrifice everything what you possess to me. Then I give back to you what you need, and also make the earthly life easier for you, and you will use the time until the end right for the soul. Because if I tell you that your life is still only short, for what do you then still worry anxiously? All earthly good you must leave behind with the death of your body, but the soul still remains chained to it also in the spiritual kingdom, if it has not broken away from it already before on earth. And I want to help it to this, so that it already on earth learns to overcome and becomes free of all desire for it. Break away from matter. I let this call sound more urgently than ever, because the care for your soul is the most important thing in the coming time. Amen. B.D. NR. 3821.


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