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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 46

B.D. NR. 3579 - B.D. NR. 3686
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Book 46 3582

Intercession through fellow man

20. Oktober 1945. B.D. NR. 3582.

How little wise is it to evade the direct connection with God and to want to make use of a fellow man whose prayer it to be of use for him. God only pays attention to prayer, which is send up to him in deepest love for the neighbour, and the power of love now is a help to the needy. But every other prayer is useless. In his compassionate love God sends suffering and trouble upon man to move him to put his trust boundlessly in him, to move him to establish the right relationship of a child to the father, because only then the power of divine love can touch the heart of man and through this supply of power his soul is helped to develop itself upwards spiritually. When this intimate connection is disregarded then the supply of power is only little and also only guaranteed when the intercession for fellow man comes out of a loving heart – otherwise man remains completely without power and his soul must live in want. A man can never achieve for his fellow man the transformation of the nature, but he must become active himself; he himself must turn his will towards God and get in touch with him to be able to receive power. Loving intercession is only useful in this respect that power is supplied to him, which lifts his weakened will – that he therefore receives power through the intercession to turn to God himself. This supply of power is the effect of love of fellow man; but without love every prayer is useless because only deep love can cause that a prayer is sent in spirit and in truth to God, and is then also successful. God demands the connection with him, which every man can establish when he wants. Who relies on the prayer of a fellow man, his will is not yet meant for God, and so also that prayer remains ineffective. With an intimate heartfelt groan man can achieve far more than a long prayer is able to do, which is without this intimacy, as also the intimate thought towards God earns him more power than a prayer of intercession through fellow man. But God values the degree of love of him who prays for his fellow man because love is always power-giving and therefore also a loving intercession does not remain ineffective. And that is why again and again great suffering and bitter misery comes upon individual man because he is supposed to not forget him who alone can help, because he is to establish the right relationship, which alone secures to him the power supply from God, and because he is to become active himself to be able to score success for his soul. And men are not to forget this, that fellow man can never relieve them of the responsibility, that everyone must answer for himself and therefore must also become active with himself – and that they can only execute this activity with the help of God, on whom they have to call for power and loving care, so that they reach their goal, so that their souls mature on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3582.


Book 46 3583

God Expresses Himself Obviously in the End-Times.

21. October 1945. B.D. NR. 3583.

God’s spirit works in the stillness and he makes himself known to those who go themselves into silence and listen to his voice. But he will also speak visibly so the time has come because God wants to reveal himself, to give strength to his people in spiritual and physical trouble. Then his action will be physically visible but will also only be recognized by the believers. For the ones who are blind in spirit do not see because they do not want to see. But God does not leave the ones who are his and he obviously makes known himself through the mouth of a man who quotes his word, who is only his organ on earth, through that he speaks to men to strengthen them, to comfort, to admonish and to mediate words of love to them at which they can recognize the heavenly father. Because the time will be so full of excitement that man will hardly be able to flee into seclusion and therefore the work of the spirit has to appear obviously. Who is able to free himself of the world to hear the voice of God inside himself will be deeply impressed because to him God reveals himself in deepest wisdom and love and he loosens the tongue for him so that he is able to reproduce what God has made known to him. The favours of the end-time are unlimited and everybody can recognize God’s nearness and love who is turned towards him, who opens his heart to his voice and allows him to speak to him. For the end-time requires much help and extraordinary work of God. It necessitates much strength and blessings and God gives generously. And that is why he shows himself clearly and plainly and special believers will also have the opportunity to see him and even if it is for only a short time. But he also stays among people on earth visibly, where the oppression threatens to become unbearable and where his appearing enables people to cope with greatest hardship. And he does this for the sake of the unbelievers who are to recognize by the power of faith the truth of what the loyal supporters of God are claiming - that they are to recognize that God obviously helps those who remain loyal to him. There where he himself appears all unbelieving doubt, all weaknesses of faith will disappear and nothing will anymore be able to shake the faith of those who are his. God does not hide in front of those who want to find him but invisible he remains to all men who reject him and who therefore also forfeit the extraordinary blessings which he keeps for those who are his. In various ways his working will be recognizable for those who see him as their eternal father. He will direct and guide these with a strong hand and will let them overcome the end-time in unharmed body and unharmed soul because where the spirit of God is working the spirit of antichrist has lost all power and God will defeat all evil and sit in judgement on the last day. But the last judgement is imminent. B.D. NR. 3583.


Book 46 3584

Without favour no work in love

21. October 1945. B.D. NR. 3584.

Conscientious compliance with my word is only then possible for man when he approaches me for my favour, when he is conscious of his weakness and asks me for power. Out of own power man is able to do nothing because he is robbed of his power as an imperfect being, i.e., he made himself powerless through his former defection from me. And he can only again come into the possession of power when he has become perfect, therefore stands in closest union with me. Earth life is certainly the means to mature, however man is still without supply of power as long as he is in the state of imperfection, and he is imperfect as long until he has again united himself with me through love work and prayer. Because power and favour I also impart to the imperfect when it approaches me about it. When man however believes to be able to live well and act without acknowledging me and asking me for help, he walks in error, because even the apparent good acts, which he carries out, are then rooted more in self-love than in right love towards the neighbour, which I demand as confession of love to me. Who is able to love and carries out good works in the feeling of love towards the neighbour, he will also not reject me in the heart because he has then already become similar to my nature, and will possess wisdom and the power of recognition. He will already possess a degree of perfection, which secures him my power supply. And he will also be united in thoughts with me, acknowledge me as most perfect being and as creator, to whom he owes his existence and who directs his fate. Because the loving man carries a knowledge in himself, which my spirit imparts to him in form of thoughts. But the loveless man, who only remains in self-love, will hardly fulfil my commandments, even when he wants to pretend outwardly. He lacks power, and what he does are works of self-interest, but not works of love towards the neighbour. Favour and power needs every man, as long as he stays on earth and has not yet changed himself towards love. Without help he cannot ascend because he himself has forfeited the state of power as entity, which believed to be able to go away from me. And now it must inevitably return to me voluntarily to again being able to receive power through which it can work in love. In prayer man must turn to me and therefore bend his will to again approach me, and then I send power to him by means of which he now can perform the works that they arouse my pleasure – that he can perform these works in love. Because love alone makes it really valuable and pleasant to me. Every man must take up my favour; otherwise he remains on that level of development, which he had entered at the beginning of his embodiment as man. The favours are also offered to him but he is never forced to accept or use them. But the greatest favour is prayer – the possibility to get into contact with me to request what he lacks. Who however does not acknowledge me and consequently also does not pray to me, asks me for assistance and power, he also does not have the necessary power for ascent development at his disposal. He will neither be able to be active in love nor reach right knowledge, and the maturing of his soul will not be possible on earth, because where I cannot have an effect with my favour there is imperfection, and the being remains powerless and can accomplish nothing out of its own power. Amen. B.D. NR. 3584.


Book 46 3585

Last test of will.

22. October 1945. B.D. NR. 3585.

Endless times of being bound the entity had to live through, which resisted God, and it is given only a short phase for the test of its will, but this short phase is determining its further state, its lot in eternity. The course through the material world is certainly agonizing for the spiritual because it cannot occupy itself freely according to its will. On the other hand its will is released in the last stage, and consequently also life as man does no longer appear to it as unbearable, indeed in the main it feels comfortable in this stage that it makes no preparations for exchanging it for a free life as spirit, free of all earthly matter and therefore of all fetters, which before held the free spiritual bound. And that is why the last test of will is often not passed, and the endless long course of the ascend development before was in vain when earth life still results that the entity develops back, that it falls back into the hands of its enemy, who is to blame for its slavery. And still the last test must be imposed on the spiritual because it is to strive towards God in free will when it wants to get free and receive back its original power. At the beginning of its embodiment as man it is in a degree of maturity, which guarantees its complete release, therefore every man can extricate himself from the power of the opponent during the short earth life. All possibilities are offered to him for that, and also God’s support is him certain when only he desires it. But for the testing of his will also to the opponent must be entitled to the power to make him submit to his desire because otherwise one cannot speak of a decision of will. And that is why earth life is rich of struggles and temptations, of resistances of all kind, which the spiritual must overcome and also can with God’s help. Therefore man must consciously take up the help of God; the knowledge about the power must be supplied to him, which can everything what it wants, and wants everything what is good because it is love in itself. Man must believe in this power and get into contact with it and ask it for strength full of desire to belong to this power; ask it for strength to reach the aim on earth. Then he will free himself out of dependence, because the love of God seizes everything what consciously and in free will turns again towards it, as it once in free will turned away from it. The spiritual must pass this last test of will, and for that earth life is given to it, so that it finally gets free from the counter power of God and again reaches its original state – that as light being it is intimately connected with God, from which it once went out. Amen. B.D. NR. 3585.


Book 46 3586

Without activity no ascent development.

24. and 25. October 1945. B.D. NR. 3586.

To every creature I assign that activity, which it must perform to become free from its outer form. All works of creation hold spiritual, which is in bound will, i.e. must be active according to my will, the law of nature, corresponding to its degree of maturity. It so to speak determines itself the kind of its activity through relaxation of its resistance against me, therefore the spiritual is only admitted to a particular activity when it lessens its rebellion, its resistance against me. But every activity serves the building up and sustaining of my creation, will therefore only then have a destroying effect when the destruction of one results into the coming into being of other works of creation. Because everything goes according to my plan, which is based on wisdom and love and only aims at redeeming what is unfree. And so a busy activity will be recognizable in the entire creation, apparently dead and living matter subordinates to my law; it falls into line with my will, even though forced, as long as the degree of maturity of the spiritual is still low. But it is always on the way of ascent development because as long as the spiritual is under mandatory law, it can only execute what is my will, and my will is that the spiritual walks up, that it reaches that degree in which I can release it out of bound will and can give it free will, in which it then can execute every activity – building up and also destroying, corresponding to my will or also directed against my will. But then it is also responsible for its activity and its will, while it was relieved of every responsibility before. The stages of development in the mandatory state are endless long measured by the last stage in free will, but the last stage is of greatest importance because it is determining for eternity. The distance from me through the former rebellion of the spiritual was too great than that the spiritual could reduce it itself because through the distance it was also powerless. But the power supply is guaranteed to it during the endless long time in bound will. But it must be used for the reducing of the distance, and therefore the being must execute the activity in a forced way, which it refused before. It must serve – because it wanted to rule before. Its once free will was forced to an activity, which it did not want to carry out on its own initiative. And so it could again reach a degree that its freedom of will could be given to it once again, in which it now must prove itself. When it now carries on serving voluntarily then it is driven to that by love, and in a short time it redeems itself completely out of its form, out of a fetter, which has made it unfree. If it refuses to serve in love, it again seeks to rule in unkindness, then it increases again the distance from me, and it strengthens the fetter; it remains unfree and is again robbed of any power because it uses the will and the power in the wrong direction – every activity must therefore be carried out in serving love; every activity must be a voluntary love service for the neighbour or for the works of creation, then it has a redeeming effect. (25.10.1945) The assignment the being has to fulfil in the bound state, is determined by God; but the earth assignment is left to the will of man himself. He himself can choose his activity, and it will correspond to the degree of love, in which man stands. According to fate he is indeed put on a place, which stipulates a certain activity for him, nevertheless also his will is decisive then, because he can carry it out with pleasure and love, but also with aversion, and his spiritual development is also accordingly. Without activity an ascent development is however impossible. Then the spiritual in man still remains in resistance against God; it does not use the life power offered to him as gift of favour and voluntarily steps back into the state of powerlessness. It does not take any notice of a gift of God and so increases the distance from God, instead to lessen it. And this inactivity in free will is contrary to divine order and has extreme serious consequences and effects on the being. Because it has been active endless times according to the will of God in the mandatory state and so reached the degree of development, which is precondition to the embodiment as man, it is now also responsible for the direction of its will, and a renewed resistance against God results in complete withdrawing of the power out of God, which has an extreme agonizing effect after earth life in the hereafter. Because in the spiritual kingdom powerlessness is an unbearable state for the being, which now can no longer be remedied as long as the will of the being does not itself strive for it. And again the law of serving love applies for the redemption of such souls. What the being has missed on earth, it must make up for in the hereafter under increased difficulties; it is now neither in bound will nor in free, powerful will, but it is left to itself, whether and how it uses its totally weakened will. It must be active to redeem itself, and is unable for activity, because the power for it is lacking, which it left unused on earth as man. This state is far more agonizing than the state of being bound in matter through endless times. But also then God’s infinite love and mercy still gives the spiritual the possibility to make itself free, but the will is always decisive, the will for activity in love. The being is never forced, but opportunity is constantly offered to it, and that is why there is not eternal damnation, only often such of endless long duration, until the being itself has the will to be active in love. Then power is also again supplied to it because it now has finally given up its resistance against God, as soon as it wants to be active in love. B.D. NR. 3586.


Book 46 3587

Not only hearer but doer of the word.

26. and 27. October 1945. B.D. NR. 3587.

Spiritual striving people must make a great effort to adopt a lifestyle, which corresponds to the will of God because this alone wins success and guarantees man spiritual ascent. Who only seeks to reach the goal mentally and does not let his thoughts become act, he remains in standstill of his development. Because only the act proves his will towards the height, towards God. And that is why also only that man can mature in knowledge who lives according to the will of God – who is not just hearer but also doer of his word, which announces divine will to him. His knowledge can only then be increased and become right knowledge when he utilizes the knowledge already received, therefore follows the divine word and busies himself lovingly with the neighbour, may it be spiritually or earthly – when he tries to relieve the misery of the neighbour to correspond to divine will. He can only reach God through love, which he proves to God through love activity with the neighbour. Only this way leads to the goal. The heart must drive him to carry out what is only imparted to him through the intellectual presenting of the divine word. When man does not get active, then he can continuously absorb knowledge intellectually; this does not promote his spiritual development but it remains dead spiritual material because it is not utilized correspondingly. And that is why life according to the will of God is first condition to mature spiritually because knowledge is then increased, also when man does not seek to penetrate intellectually. Because through the use of love the heart of man opens to the inflow of the love power of God, and it promotes his knowledge – by his thoughts being directed right and he therefore takes possession of truth by himself, by it being given to him also without brooding and researching about things, which lie outside of human knowledge. A walk of life just and pleasant before God also earns him the power of recognition to differentiate between truth and error, and that is why a man being active in love will never walk in error because through love he is in contact with God and will never be where error is, therefore God’s presence excludes all error or all ignorance. The feeling of man will always be turned towards truth, even if the intellect is not unusually active, because right knowledge is the result of love, but is not to be achieved through human intellect. When however a man active in love also utilises his intellect, then he can produce abundant successes, by him penetrating deepest knowledge, in divine wisdom, however then for the purpose of passing on to his fellow men, because the divine gift is to be exploited. And this gift is again recognized and comprehended by men, who live in love, therefore fulfil the commandments of God, his will announced to men, who accept the word of God and let it have an effect in the heart – who are not only hearers but doers of the divine word. Amen. B.D. NR 3587.


Book 46 3595

Period of the Creation of the New Earth. Paradise.

5. November 1945. B.D. NR. 3595.

The creation of the new earth will take place in a period of time that would be highly astonishing for men if they would have knowledge of it. But the sense of time is taken from them during their stay away from earth in that kingdom into that the love of God leads the loyal followers of God in order to execute the destruction of the old earth. They live in happiness and peace, not anymore exposed to the persecutions of the enemy of body and soul, and completely devoted to the rule of God because their love and their faith is so deep that they are closely connected to God. And now God executes his work to create a new earth which is to serve again as a home for the faithful. And God does not need the time for it that is otherwise needed for every physical creation but he creates in a moment new forms which hold the still immature spiritual for the purpose of its further development. And because men have lost every sense of time during the rapture from the old earth until the transferring back to the new earth they are able to appreciate the wonderful creation but not the great miracle of its sudden emergence. Out of God’s love and power emerge innumerable creations in a moment that delight the human eye and increase the love and thankfulness to God many times over. Men now start a new life completely different from the life on the old earth because deepest peace is spread over the earth, in harmony and love men are meeting, everybody serves the other in love, and all men’s looks and thoughts are turned upwards because their hearts are closely connected to God, God himself is in the midst of them, teaching them and giving them spiritual goods and they are praising and extolling him without ceasing. And so short periods of time as far as is humanly possible to tell will be enough to produce a total change and men of this earth will have the opportunity to marvel at the new creations and to compare with the old ones. And this will be the men who have knowledge of the word of God and therefore are also initiated into the plan of God for the redemption of the spiritual. They consciously will expect the day of judgement, the rapture and the destruction of the old earth but first go through anxious times of trouble and are then allowed to enliven the new earth as victors as God has promised. And therefore it is to be mentioned to men so that the possibility is given them to note the course of world events of earth and to recognize through it that the time of the end has come so that they make an effort to belong to those that are not perishing with the old earth but find God’s love and blessings as loyal supporters of God and are allowed to start the paradisiacal life on the new earth - men are to know in what times they are living. But the knowledge that is imparted to them does not oblige to believe. It is up to them to intellectually focus on this but it is another opportunity to find God and to secure the life of the soul. Because everything will happen as God has promised since a long time because his word is truth and remains truth until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3595.


Book 46 3606

Time of storm before last judgement. Paradise.

20. November 1945. B.D. NR. 3606.

Beginning and end only:

The last judgement will make an end to all horror, and there will be peace over earth for a long time. There will be a state on earth in divine order where only love rules, where love connects men among themselves, where the love of the individual also guarantees the work of God through his spirit, where every man is able to hear the voice of God and is extremely happy to know God so close – where God will also stay visibly among his, in a way still unimaginable to men of the present time. Men of the new earth will live again in paradise in harmony of their souls, in the longing for God and his love and in constant fulfilment of their longing. And all evil will be banished for a long time.

And when you want to prove yourselves in the last time before the day of judgement, then you still must be busily be active with yourselves; you must get in ever more intimate touch with God; you must fetch power for yourselves daily and hourly and remain in constant prayer so that you also receive power constantly, when you open your heart and desire God’s favour and power. And he will be with his and remain there until the end; he will stay with them in paradise on the new earth and remain indissolubly connected to them until all eternity. Amen. 3606.


Book 46 3607

Right instruction of children. Will.

20. November 1945. B.D. NR. 3607.

The distance from God decreases when the being strives voluntarily towards him. The will already is enough to come closer to him when it is only earnest, because God’s love seizes the entity in the state of free will, which uses this will in the right direction. Power flows towards the being, and it now also gets active according to the will of God – that man works in love, who is of a will turned towards God. God only demands the change of will to then help him with his ascent up. Because now God covers man with his favour – he creates possibilities for him for the maturity of his soul; he gives him power for work in love and helpfully stands by him any time, always considering the spiritual welfare of man, so that the soul redeems itself out of its last material cover. And that is why the will of man must be directed towards God from the beginning, so that his earth life is fully utilized and he can achieve richest spiritual success. And that is why knowledge must be imparted to man about the highest and most perfect being, to whom his will is to turn. He must be instructed so that the time is not going to be lost until man reaches recognition of the eternal divinity through own thought. To think over and to check the imparted knowledge is certainly also necessary but the thought must already be steered to the spiritual field in earliest youth, and this happens through instruction about God as creator and shaper of all things – about his will and the relationship of man to God. The decision then still remains left up to man. Also already as a child he can give his will the right direction; he can strive to God and be seized by God’s love in earliest youth so that his ascent development proceeds much easier and he has greater power of resistance in later life when the decision is demanded and he is to weigh up through his intellectual activity what truth and what error is. The will, which strives for God, earns him the power to decide right; it earns him power of recognition because the love of God now never leaves him out. Also only in later life man can certainly direct his will towards God when the knowledge has not been imparted to him as child but then his wrestling about truth is more difficult, and he has lost much time, which he could use for the welfare of his soul. And that is why it is a great blessing when children are instructed right because the knowledge about both powers – about God and his opponent – is necessary to be able to decide for one of the two powers. And that is why it is a crime with youth to let them walk in ignorance or to want to take the faith in God, the eternal creator and father, already as child – God certainly guides men so that they also then still reach knowledge, to be able to decide freely, but the soul must overcome by far greater resistances, and its ascent is made more difficult. Because the will must without fail first be turned towards God before the power can flow towards man, which he needs to free himself from him out of whose will he has emerged and who has also put his will turned away from God into those beings, which his will called into life under use of the power out of God. Only the will turned towards God decreases the distance from God and guarantees the complete bridging over of the gulf, which through the former defection from God separates the entity from him. B.D. NR. 3607.


Book 46 3625

Men Themselves Determine the End. Low.

11. and 12. December 1945. B.D. NR. 3625.

Since eternities I have intended the end and therefore it will come irrevocably so the spiritual low of men requires it. The end will therefore be preceded by a time where men will go so far away from me out of free will that I cannot anymore have an effect on them through my power of love because they themselves are preventing it. But where my power of love is suspended, i.e. cannot touch anymore the spiritual, there also life - being busy - stops. The spiritual sinks into a state of numbness. For this is the result of lack of power that closes itself to it. Man as such still possesses the life power but because he uses this in the last times in a complete wrong way in that he, instead of having set his sights on me, out of free will wanders away from me, so I also have to still take away this power meaning therefore the physical end of innumerable spiritual beings who are embodied as men on earth that now, robbed of their last form of development, completely freeze again, therefore sink into powerlessness and darkness, until my love again gives him form wherein his course of development can begin anew. The beingness cannot live, therefore be active, without supply of power, but against its will this power will not reach it as long as it is in the state of free will. Man is possibly weak-willed at the beginning of his embodiment or his will is still undecided, and the life power that is given him as a favour he can use in every direction. But as soon as men reach the low, that they do not use this life power to receive spiritual power supply, when they consciously resist the supply of the power from me, then I also take the life force away from them. They have to cover once more the course of development that again starts with the complete powerless state in solid form, in hard matter, the conquest of that again requires endless time. I want to save the beingness this long imprisonment and my love therefore first applies all imaginable means but men are unteachable. When through my servants their spiritual need is explain to them, when they are reproached with the serious consequences of their unbelief, when the end is pointed out to them that is approaching fast, they close their ears. They do not believe in my eternal plan of salvation, they do not believe in me and in my never ending love and so they themselves pull near the end in no time. They not only remain in the spiritual low, but sink deeper and deeper. The own will accelerates the dissolving of that what contains the spiritual, as also the own will lets man again return into that what his soul had already overcome long ago. Not I but the will of men themselves determines the end but I foresaw this will since eternity and so I bind it anew because the freedom of the will is misused. He who has my word knows my love, knows my plan of salvation for the redemption of the spiritual and he also foresees the end because he recognizes the spiritual distress. But he who does not recognize this misery is not filled with my love he is still in spiritual darkness and hardly can step out of this into the light of the day. Because for this he needs my word, the light that brightly shines for him and enriches his knowledge. And he will understand the earthly plight of the times which is caused by the great spiritual plight. He who has my word will also believingly expect the end because everything will happen as I have announced in word and scripture. Therefore pay attention to my word, all of you to whom it is given through my messengers – respect the word that comes from above to earth, that guarantees fullest truth, that emits from me, the giver of truth, and that I impart through all love to you so that you find the way to me, so that you are not getting lost for my kingdom, so that you don’t have to go through the long course of development once again that means great agony for your souls. Pay attention to the word so that you belong to those who are mine that are spared at the end to go into the kingdom of peace that I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 3625.


Book 46 3627

Process of purification of souls in the hereafter.

15. December 1945. B.D. NR. 3627.

The process of purification of a deceased soul in the hereafter starts immediately after the demise of the body, however according to the will of the soul. The souls, which still stand in complete spiritual darkness, feel the darkness as great agony, and these agonies are already the start of the process because they are to contribute to change the will of the soul, what certainly also last different long times, is however always regarded as principle of the process of purification. God’s love gives it continuously the opportunity to change the will but the means for this are often not recognizable for the souls in the hereafter as love work of God, and they can still lead to the gaol in a short time when the soul is not all too rebellious. It must be cleansed completely before it is light permeable, and that is why its state until the reception of light will also be a state of agony, and therefore the lot of immature souls is unfortunate so that not enough help can be brought to it by human side through loving intercession or mental instruction and admonition to love activity. But when the soul is not completely stubborn it will ascend all the time in its development; every agony will melt the hard cover; it will be accessible to help and seek to free itself even if it now and then requires very long time before the purification process has ended and the soul can work as light receiver in love. But also already more mature souls must still form themselves completely light permeable because light can touch a soul in different intensity, according to its state of perfection, which can reach a higher and higher degree. The soul can already stand in recognition so far at its entry in the spiritual kingdom that it no longer needs to stay in dark surroundings, that it can recognize and grasp everything, is in a weak or in a stronger circle of light and can also be active itself accordingly. And still it must form itself to still stronger light reception. Also it must still crystallize until the highest clarity, and this again through work of love with needy souls, because self-sacrificing love towards those unhappy souls purifies the soul and makes it more and more receptive for light, and also the own happiness increases to the same degree about its redeeming activity. As soon as a soul has the will upwards, it eagerly endeavours and is continuously active because through its will to help other also suffering souls it receives also again and again power, which lets it become happy and bustling active. This however always requires that it has risen out of its weakness of will, that the impenetrable darkness around it is broken, that it is accessible to the light rays, which the merciful love of God sends to it in the darkness and that it wants to flee from its dark state. Its wrestling upwards, its agonies and the darkness of its surroundings are counted to its cleansing factors; its cover dissolves; it becomes light permeable, and now its ascent upwards, to the light, is guaranteed because when its own will has decided, God helps it continuously up, until it, radiated by light, can work in the spiritual kingdom as it is its purpose. Amen. B.D. NR. 3627.


Book 46 3630

Cosmos. Changes. Disaster.

18. and 19. December 1945. B.D. NR. 3630.

What takes place in the cosmos is unknown to you and you also will never get to the bottom of the laws of nature to such an extent that you can determine when and how changes occur that have to occur by order of the eternal plan of salvation of God to prepare the work of the reshaping of the earth. And you will always be surprised by events that happen in nature and therefore also now be faced with an unexpected enormous natural event that is understandable to him who sees with the spiritual eye, but that will remain unfathomable to the majority of men because they do not recognize the connection of all events, also the cosmic determined ones, with the spiritual development of men and all beingness, because they also do not know about the forthcoming end and the reshaping of a work of creation   that is to serve the spiritual development only and that at the moment has become useless due to the will of men that has turned away from God. What is getting ready in nature happens imperceptibly and men therefore pay little attention to it. But still they could notice many deviations that should perplex them if they would pay attention and would let creation speak to them more. Changes in the interior of the earth take place that are leading to eruptions which first break out partly so that they lead to a complete destruction of the earth’s surface at a prescribed time to let God’s eternal plan of salvation run its course which his will determines. Innumerable spiritual entities liberate themselves in the interior of the earth and God gives his consent, he lets them become active at a certain time because their activity is not opposed to his eternal law. And the earth will shake when these entities get active. In places it will open and so release the way for the beings to other forms than so far. And great changes will occur on the earth’s surface where this activity takes place to the terror of the inhabitants who are exposed to a great natural disaster.

But this will be only a pre-happening to the subsequent complete destruction of the earth, a last exhortation for all who will survive it and an indication of the nearby end which men first do not believe that it will happen. But God’s language will be understandable for everybody who wants to understand it. Everything that happens in the universe, also every cosmic change, is dependent on the development of the spiritual and even though men do not understand it due to their ignorance they still have to be affected by the work of the beings that are still bound in the interior of the earth and strive for freedom for the purpose of further development. This eruption of the spiritual will take a heavy toll on human life and these souls will arrive in the spiritual realm in a more or less mature state. But also innumerable entities will become free and can soar upwards into other forms. And so the powerful natural event is simultaneously a process of release from endless long time of imprisonment in hardest matter and a transition for the spiritual held in that matter into less agonizing forms but it also makes an end to the course of development of the spiritual on earth that was in the last stage and that could use the free will to get redeemed. Nobody can determine in advance these cosmic proceedings if he is not informed about this through strong faith by God’s spirit because men have no access to the divine laws of nature so the day and the hour will always remain a secret until the first noticeable indications make themselves felt, but these will be ignored for the time being. But when the day is on the advance all living things will be seized by a great restlessness, men and animals will feel it internally and only the enlightened will be able to throw light on the matter but they will not be heard by the worldly minded who will never want to accept a destruction of the earth and who will be completely caught by surprise by the eruption of the elements of nature. And God again and again announces these events, he does not keep men in the dark about what they have to expect in the times to come. And again and again he charges his messengers to mention the things to come. For the day will not anymore be a long time in coming. He who is careful will also recognize the changes and his gaze will be a spiritual one because all what is to come according to God’s eternal plan of salvation aims at the development of the spiritual that is not safe and that God’s love wants to help. Amen. B.D. NR. 3630.


Book 46 3644

Importance of the work of redemption. Past – present – future.

1. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3644.

Jesus died the death on the cross for entire mankind. This was an act of divine mercy and love, which is incomprehensible for men as long as they stay on earth. It was a work of redemption, which was not just meant for men of that time, who lived with him on earth, but in which the spiritual in the entire universe shared, because the love of the divine saviour affected all bound spiritual, to which he wanted to bring redemption from its misery. All men of the time following shared his work of redemption, but as Jesus Christ also brought redemption to the souls, which had already departed before his coming down. For all the way into the kingdom of light was open because redeeming love now could be active on earth as in the spiritual kingdom. Also the still immature spiritual in the hereafter recognized the power of love, also the still immature spiritual had to choose to recognize Jesus Christ or to strive anew towards the opponent of God, and its decision was valid and paved the way up into the kingdom of light or down into darkness. After his death on the cross Jesus descended to hell. There he also lighted a little light in his compassionate love and left it to the souls to use the light. He looked after the souls, which went away from earth unredeemed, which were overcome by the power of Satan and were too weak to be able to resist alone. Love in those souls had not completely been suffocated, and so he stirred up the fire of love by introducing his compassionate love to them, which alone could accomplish the work of redemption. He stretched out his hands towards the fallen that they could take heart from it, which were willing to accept his compassionate love, his gift of favour. And he redeemed them from death. And all spiritual in the universe, all spiritual, which is bound in earthly creations, was redeemed from an enormous pressure. Because its walk on earth could be decided once and end with restless redemption when the spiritual wanted it, while it was not able before to redeem itself from the fetters of Satan. It certainly was not conscious itself of it as long as it was not yet in the state of free will, but the entire creation was burdened with the enormous guilt of sin of the former fall of the spiritual from God. The compassionate love of Jesus eased this load so that also the bound spiritual felt it and pushed towards the last stage of redemption. The ascent development of the spiritual entered a completely different stage through the work of redemption of Jesus Christ; a possibility was given to become free of all form during the short earth life as man. Death had lost all horror because eternal life replaced earth life when the favours of the divine work of redemption are utilized – when man lets himself be redeemed by him acknowledging Jesus Christ and leads a life in love according to his model. And the love of man also flows over to the spiritual in the bound state; it feels its effect and its power, and its resistance starts to flag; it strives itself towards the last state of development on earth; it is prepared to serve in love, and the last redemption is guaranteed once the power of love has touched the spiritual. The work of redemption of Jesus was therefore of incomprehensible importance for the entire world, for the spiritual kingdom as well as for the earthly kingdom, because it was carried by deepest love; it was an act of greatest compassion and the supply of an immense treasure of favour. It was achieved for all times, for the past, present and future. It was a work of compassionate love at all suffering, unredeemed, but which must also be absolutely acknowledged when it is not to remain without effect – as Jesus Christ himself has promised with the words: Who believes in me, he has eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 3644.


Book 46 3645

Constant longing for God. Love – making happy.

2. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3645.

All your thoughts are to flow towards me in constant longing for my nearness, for my love and my favour. Then you have overcome earth life, although you still have to live it out until your hour has come. Your soul then no longer belongs to the world; it has become one with the spirit in you and only still pushes towards me. And only love brings about this state. Who is active in love uninterruptedly, he no longer can feel otherwise; his thoughts will be directed towards me desiring love, because the spirit in him steers the thoughts and directs them uninterruptedly towards the eternal kingdom. Love work guarantees the intimate connection with me, and who has once entered into it will no longer want to miss it. His longing is only still meant for the constant unification with me. There is no happier feeling than that of love; love draws one to another and joins together; love gives always and constantly; it seeks to make happy and finds its happiness by it. And because I love my creatures from the beginning and will never stop to love, so I seek to also guide them to highest happiness, and constantly hand out to them power and favour to make them worthy of this happiness. When the soul now loves me again, it will also give to me – itself, and that is why it pushes towards me, and I draw it to me, to make it happy in my nearness, through my love, through light and power. What offers itself to me of its own accord, I seize and make it already on earth capable to receive light and power, so that it can hand out again for its own happiness and for the redemption of that what has not yet found the way to me. What offers itself to me in free will, goes the way of light, and it can never ever become dark around it. Because as soon as it connects with me through intimate remembrance, prayer and love work, it will also be flooded through by my love, and my love is light and power – knowledge and might. The knowing soul will also be able to let my power flow into it and be able to work through my power, because it works out of me and with me. When my love has seized a creature the powerlessness has fallen off it; it again approaches its original state, which means full possession of light and power, and through it becomes happy, because it can busy itself in love, as it is its desire. And when man already strives for this on earth, then the earthly world steps back, the desire for the spiritual world predominates, because the soul feels that spiritual activity alone is true happiness, that it alone is only valuable and that it is also urgent because the misery of the unredeemed spiritual requires it. And every man who feels this and offers himself to me to help, him my love seizes; it flows through him; it makes him able for suitable work for my kingdom and gives him therefore already on earth the happiness of redeeming activity. And this is to be your striving, you who want to reach the height, that you seek to turn your thoughts uninterruptedly towards me, that you first recommend everything, what you start, also your earthly activity, to my blessing, that you choose always and everywhere me to be your leader and advisor, that you start nothing without having remembered me before, and that you therefore live in intimate association with me, feeling me always next to you, desiring me every time and drawing me through work of love firmer and firmer to yourselves, until no separation between you and me any longer exists, until a firm band is tied, which remains untearable until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR.3645.


Book 46 3646

Earthly and spiritual creations

3. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3646.

Everything emerged from me, what exposes itself to your gaze, what you see and feel, and countless works of creation, which lie outside of the field of your gaze, which fill the entire universe and bear testimony of my love, my power and my perpetual will to shape. All creations are my work; they bear my power in themselves; they are constantly preserved by my power and therefore fulfil their purpose according to my will. But they bear something in themselves what does not yet correspond to my will – they hold the spiritual, which has changed itself against my will, which has left the state of perfection in free will and has sunk into a state, which is inadequate, therefore contradicts completely my order from eternity. And this imperfect spiritual was cause to my creation – my will became active in like manner, only in inverse direction – what wanted to go away from me, I sought to hold back; I sought to send it again towards me in a roundabout way, respecting free will, however aiding it, as long as it is in complete ignorance as a result of its striving to get away from me. My creation is consequently just a means to an end, and the end is final return of that what once originated with me in all perfection and became imperfect through its own fault. As long as this creation is visible to your eyes, it is inhabited by spiritual completely rebellious towards me, which is bound in material form. As soon as this rebellion declines the form changes faster to finally release the spiritual completely, even so it has not yet completely given up its resistance. But then spiritual creations are its stay, according to its state of maturity. And these spiritual creations are so extremely varied and marvellous to look at, when the spiritual has approached me already so far that it can see with spiritual eyes. Nevertheless even then they also still serve the ascent development of the spiritual, therefore also purpose and aim cannot be denied to them because nothing is without purpose what has emerged from me because my will to shape is combined with deepest wisdom, because highly perfect thoughts flow out of me, which I let become form through my will. The spiritual world is the actual world; the earthly world is just a weak distant echo, a creation in minimal kind suited to the spiritual, which inhabits earthly creations embodied as man. And nevertheless also the earthly creations completely correspond to their purpose, and they are the most effective means for the recovery of the spiritual, although it often leaves the means out of consideration in free will. My work is never imperfect; it only can be used by the still immature spiritual too little, and then also the most perfect means miss their purpose. When man has reached spiritual maturity that he is already able to see spiritually on earth, then he also recognizes the great love and wisdom, on which all work of creation is based; he recognizes me as creator of all that what he sees, and reverently he bows before the power, which gave life to him and let him go through creation for his perfection. But the sight of man must be directed spiritually when he wants to learn to recognize me, and creation will speak to him in a language, which goes to his heart. He will extol and thank and praise him in eternity who let everything come into being; he will recognize and love me out of a full heart because he has found me to never ever lose me. Amen. B.D. NR. 3646.


Book 46 3647

Two worlds. Divine law of love.

4. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3647.

The divine law demands love, therefore all unkindness is not divine; it is far away from God; it is part of his opponent who is completely devoid of all love and for that reason also stands facing God as opposite pole. They are two worlds where God and his opponent rule, which will always remain separate as long as the law of love is not getting fulfilled and unites both worlds. Nevertheless the power of God also affects the world where his law is not observed because also everything in this world has emerged from God, has only removed itself from his area of love. And his power comes into play in so far as he also rules in the kingdom of the loveless, i.e. directs all events according to his will. Because even though the opponent of God has great power and might, this is still limited and does not apply to the work of the divine power of creation; it does not apply to those creations in which the loveless has been bound for the purpose of its change to love. In this state the power of his opponent is taken away from the once from God seceded spiritual, and it fulfils the law of love of necessity, even so its will does not yet determine its actions. It then can easier change sides out of the world of the ungodly into the world of God, as soon as it is allowed to this test on earth. But then the power of the opponent of God starts and seeks to preserve the spiritual to his world by cunning and with power. He seeks to further make it stronger in unkindness; he seeks to make it give up the divine; he seeks to withhold the divine law of love from it and to make it completely inclined to his wishes. But God in his compassionate love does not abandon the spiritual to his opponent without a fight. Again and again he gives it knowledge of his laws in the last state as man; he approaches man constantly, demanding love and giving him opportunity to fulfil the divine law. He introduces him to his world, mentally or through fellowmen, and so pushes him to the decision for one of the two worlds, and when he is prepared to follow the demands of the divine law, when he practises love, he also recognizes the right way, which leads into the kingdom of light; he sees the darkness of the kingdom, to which the opponent of God belongs; he sees the results of unkindness, as he recognizes the power of love, and voluntarily he subordinates himself to the divine law – he forms himself to love and therefore is candidate of the spiritual kingdom, the world which belongs to God. He renounces the opponent of God to belong to him for ever who is love in himself because he himself has become love. Amen. B.D. NR. 3647.


Book 46 3648

Language of creation. Entity – power of creation.

5. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3648.

Learn understanding the language of creation. God himself speaks to you through it; constantly he steps in front of you, revealing himself in every work, which emerged from his power of love. And he has given you the ability to see his works, to let your intellect become active – and therefore it is he himself who instructs you mentally when you want to receive his instructions, when you have a look at the creation around you, think about the purpose of it, about the point and purpose of it, about its coming into being and about him who let it come into being. Every thought about it is a question, which God himself answers when you earnestly want to have it answered. The eternal power of creation cannot be denied when you think about the origin of the works of creation. The power of creation must be acknowledged by every man, but about its origin, about its source, men often cannot reach agreement. Not always do they want to acknowledge a perfect being from which the power of creation starts. To them creation has not yet spoken clearly enough; they have not yet understood its language, and their thoughts must first turn to the right direction to come to the right result. What announces itself in creation, what is extremely clearly recognizable, is conformity to natural law, an order, which cannot be surpassed. Something well-ordered always has its start with a strong will, with an entity, which calls this strong will its own. Order furthermore also testifies to wisdom of him who produced it – well thought out laws, which eliminate all rashness; a wisdom, which lets nothing come into being without purpose and lets also recognize the purpose. The being, which is a possibility as originator of the power of creation, must therefore be able to think and able to let its thoughts become form by virtue of its will and its power. It must therefore be something highly perfect, which reveals itself in every work of creation, which wants to be recognized in its perfectness. Which parts with its power to give again to beings able to think a proof of its existence because it stands with these beings able to think insofar in closest connection as that also they emerged from it, that also they are products of his will of creation and his power of creation, which he wants to put into a state of perfection, to also make them to carriers of power in all fullness, that also they can be active as creators and shapers for their own happiness. The close connection of the creator with his creatures must be recognized; man must recognize the connection of himself with the eternal power of creation; he must, a being himself, acknowledge that power, which is infinitely stronger than he himself, as being, otherwise he stands lost in creation, as single being, which alone is able to think and possesses (the) (free) a will and which nevertheless is unable to acts, to which it lacks power. Furthermore it is absurd to assume that a power, which let everything come into being, gives life to beings able to think, while the power itself is not able to think. The same applies to the will, which is inherent in man, but which is denied to the source of the power of nature. What would creation be without entity inhabitants – which purpose would the unsurpassed order have when it could not be recognized by entities, when it would not testify to a highest entity, which wants to be recognized. What would man be when he would lack the ability of thinking and the will – an imperfect creature, which would also need no ordered creations to live. That man can thing and want proves a creator, who is able to think in highest perfection and uses his ability according to his will in all wisdom and in the full possession of power. It furthermore proves that man is not created senselessly and pointlessly and that his thinking and wanting was given to him to recognize and strive for purpose. He must recognize that he does not master earth life in spite of thinking and wanting, he must acknowledge a stronger entity above himself, whose will is decisive, and he must acknowledge its wisdom and love and bow under it. And God speaks to men through the creation; he stimulates them to think about it and gives them complete enlightenment when they desire it earnestly, when they abandon themselves as completely ignorant to the eternal power of creation, which has given to them the ability to think that now also the thoughts are directed right, that they also move in the order, upon which every work of creation is based, but which man himself can reverse, because he possesses free will. But he is supposed to want to live in the order wanted by God, then his will will be respected – and he will be informed about everything what moves him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3648.


Book 46 3649

Love – wisdom. Self-love – error - darkness.

6. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3649.

All darkness will leave you, every veil will fall before your eyes, brightly and clearly God’s love will reveal itself to you, when you make yourselves an effort to live in love because from love wisdom emerges, the recognition of pure truth, and you will become knowing according to the degree of love which you reach. But without love you remain in darkness of spirit; without love you will never come to recognizing; you will never be able to distinguish truth from lie and error; you will never be able to fathom the depths of divinity, and his rule and work will remain hidden to you. And that is why Jesus taught love on earth. That is why he could only introduce those men to truth who followed his love teaching; that is why he could instruct his disciples and impart deepest knowledge to them because they carried love in themselves, which he recognized and therefore chose as his disciples. And love must first again and again be preached to men because otherwise they cannot come to recognize truth. Love is God, truth is God and who is therefore without love he is without God, and walks in error. But to live in love means to be good to one’s fellowmen out of the most intimate heart drive, to confer help to them any time when they need it, to give when the neighbour suffers misery, but always without self-interest, the heart must always drive to it, then love is divine, then it is no self-love, which man must fight as not pleasing to God. Self-love hinders man to works of love at the neighbour; self-love is therefore the greatest danger for man because it leads him to wrong thinking, to error and darkening of spirit. Because self-love once brought about the downfall of the entity. The being standing in fullest knowledge got into darkening of the spirit through the wrong love, it no longer recognized truth and so became the plaything of him, who fought against truth, against God. And that is why every man, who exists without divine love, will be a servant of him who is devoid of all love, and he will be far away from truth as he is far away from God through lack of love, because God, love and truth are one. And that is why on earth only that man can stand in truth and recognize God, who is himself active in love and who is led to wisdom out of his love. All veils will fall before him; brightly and clearly he will recognize the aim because God reveals himself to him; he introduces him to truth and makes him to be a receiver of light and power already on earth, so that he can work in love for the souls of fellowmen, so that he shows them the way, which leads to truth, to light, so that he can impart the love teaching of Jesus to them, of which obeying alone earns right thinking, enlightenment of the spirit, so that also fellowman may recognizes truth and therefore God as eternal truth himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 3649.


Book 46 3650

Handing out of spiritual goods.

7. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3650.

Spiritual riches I hand out myself, to everyone who desires them. No request for it will go unheard; no request will remain unfulfilled, which is meant for the wellbeing of the soul, which concerns spiritual goods, which I exceedingly love to impart to my children on earth. But I also demand a service in return; I hand out the knowledge, which corresponds to truth, under conditions, which for the present must get fulfilled, so that the receiving person proves itself worthy of my gift of favour. I demand hearts active in love, which receive my gifts. And when man earnestly strives to gain advantages for his soul, when he makes the wellbeing of his soul his first business, he will also fulfil this condition; he will be active in love out of most inner drive, because the desire for spiritual good only then occurs when man sets little store by earthly goods, when he has overcome self-love and selfless neighbourly love has taken its place. That is why every man earnestly striving for spiritual goods will make an effort to also live in love, and that is why also no request will remain unfulfilled, because I myself help the requesting person that the spark of love becomes a flame in him; I myself drive him to works of love, without however forcing his will. I put the thoughts into his heart, which he can receive, but also reject, and so spur him on to busy activity in love. Because when man wants to form himself according to my pleasure, when he wants to win spiritual advantages for himself, then also the power for the execution of his will will always be given to him by me, and my supply of power also means increased work of love, because it is the radiation of love of myself. That is why no man will remain on a low spiritual level, who asks for the height. Because he complies with my will; he fulfils his earth life purpose; he makes use of his will in the right direction, and his thinking is steered by me from that very hour, as soon as he tries to climb the spiritual height. But this always presupposes the connection with me, prayer, which is sent up to him in firm faith who hands out spiritual goods. Therefore I must always be acknowledged as giver of light, as giver of truth, as source of power and as quintessence of love. Who is therefore believing, he inevitably walks to the height, and who is weak in faith and sends the request for truth into infinity, also he will find favour, by his weak faith finding strengthening by his prayer becoming always more personal, by him finally holding dialogue with a being, which always reveals itself to him more and more and does not deny the spiritual goods to him. Which also introduces him to truth because it is his will to reach truth – because he unconsciously strives for becoming perfect, because he wants to remedy his inadequate state of ignorance and every desire for spiritual maturity finds my pleasure. Because this is aim and purpose of earth life that you mature spiritually, and that is why no request will be in vain, which you send to the height for the sake of your souls. Amen. B.D. NR. 3650.


Book 46 3660

Power of faith. Help in every trouble.

18. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3660.

Extract only:

But I now send for the sake of your fellowmen and also of yourselves for the test of faith again and again earthly troubles over you, so that you are to prove yourselves, so that fellowmen find to me and through you are to find the proof of the power of faith, so that they also learn to believe and their spiritual misery is reduced as a result. And even though everything unwinds according to my plan from eternity, the believing man still needs to fear nothing because my guidance is wonderful, my might exceedingly great, and my love always finds a way out of every trouble for mine. What is therefore absolutely necessary for entire mankind, what is considered by it as trouble and misery, can completely unimpressively pass by him who fully trusts me; he does not need to be touched by it, although he stands in the middle of the events, which are recognized as disastrous by entire mankind, because he goes by my hand, and it leads him secure and undamaged through. With a firm faith you are able to banish everything, and neither men nor spiritual powers can harm you when you flee to me in strong faith, entrust yourselves to me and unconditionally abandon yourselves to me and my favour.


Book 46 3661

Soul work.

19. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3661.

Do a bit of soul-searching and recognize your weaknesses. And then strive for rectifying them. This is work on your soul that you seek to shape yourselves to men who remain in my order, who live so as it is my will – who therefore form themselves to love. Because every weakness, every mistake, every bad habit, has its cause in unkindness, in self-love. Gentleness, peaceableness, humility, patience, mercy, are signs of love towards the neighbour, and so you lack these signs, you are not filled with love and must therefore work on you busily. But to do it you must recognize your weaknesses and mistakes yourselves as such, and this requires earnest criticism, earnestly thinking things over and correction of the relationship towards me and towards fellowmen. You must acknowledge me as father, but every man as brother, because you all are children of one father. And you children are to love one another, then you will win my pleasure, because then I can stay with you, my children. But every bad habit keeps me from it, and only to your disadvantage, because without me and my presence you remain weak and imperfect and cannot reach your aim on earth. Your aim is perfection, change to love, change of your nature to the original state, which you have left voluntarily. Because only the original state makes happy, and as long as you are removed from it, inadequacy and lack of power is your lot both on earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom. But I want to guide you again to happiness and that is why I admonish you constantly that you aspire to this, that you set about the work of change of your nature, that you learn to recognize through inner contemplation, how little your thinking and acting corresponds to my will, because you still remain in self-love, and that you make a great effort to change this inadequate state – that you practise love, how and wherever opportunity is offered to you for it. Because only through love you can become happy; only through love can you overcome your mistakes and bad habits. And when you still do not feel love in you, then form yourselves intellectually to right thinking men – be gentle and peaceable, humble and patient, and seek to bring help to men – and the feeling of love will awaken in you; it will make you happy and spurn you on to love activity. And then it is no longer the intellect, but the heart, that drives you to it, and you walk to the height. And therefore observe yourselves; do a bit of soul-searching and earnestly ask yourselves, whether you think and act just, and your heart will answer you. And I myself will come to your assistance when you earnestly ask this question to yourselves; I will give you power to carry out what you earnestly want, and the work on your soul will take a favourable progress; you will yourselves find satisfaction in submitting to my will and constantly walk to the height when it is your will to become perfect. Amen. B.D. NR. 3661.


Book 46 3665

King of All Kings.

23. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3665.

The king of all kings reigns his kingdom in wisdom and love and his power has to be feared by all rulers of the world if they do not respect his will, if they are not subject to him in humility and recognize him as their lord. For his power governs all destinies according to his judgement and therefore also the destiny of every nation and its rulers. Because he rules in wisdom and deepest love determines his workings. He lets men have free will and such rulers are allowed to act and to decide according to their will but he will appear as king of all kings at the right point in time when the spiritual and earthly misery on earth makes it necessary which he wants to remedy through his power. Worldly it appears that the time has not yet come because the earth’s princes and kings seek peaceful solutions but they will not succeed in this as they will fail due to the resistance of him who is a servant of Satan on earth. Spiritually however the time has come that causes an upheaval because men do not anymore recognize the greatest ruler and so they are to feel him. And as Satan is active to instigate discord instead of furthering peace the earthly time has come where the king of all kings appears und puts up his will against the will of the earthly rulers. Then there might be a peace among men but no happiness and no prosperity. Then a misery of another kind will begin and also this men have to bear to prepare for the nearby end. The earthly power is broken for a short time but more than ever it rises again and now initiates the last work of destruction – it challenges everything that decides for the king of all kings, it will not accept him, it wants all men to turn away from him to stand by it – by that power that is ruled by Satan and so openly fights God. And then the end comes. He will rule only a short time to abdicate his reign for an endless long time because he will be arrested and he will be deprived of any possibility to rule. And only one will rule and this one will rule in love and wisdom to be a blessing to all who dwell on earth. The king of all kings will be acknowledged by these because they have become his subjects out of free will, they have proved this by courageously acknowledging him and his name before the world, before his enemy, and are therefore rewarded on the new earth with a blessed life in paradise. Amen. B.D. NR. 3665


Book 46 3672

Antichrist. End.

30. and 31. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3672.

The spirit of antichrist is in the world since Jesus Christ has accomplished his work of redemption. Always and constantly he has tried to weaken his work, always and constantly has he fought against the followers of Jesus, always and constantly has he urged men on to commit unkind acts, has therefore been active against the will and the teachings of Christ on earth, partly through spiritual works has he confused the thoughts of men and partly through human form in the guise of knowledge and cleverness. The teaching of Christ was always confronted by a human teaching that was to weaken it and therefore was antichristian and this always was the work of Satan, work of the forces from below, and its purpose was to get men to fall away from God or to bar the way to him. And this antichristian activity is increasing permanently and will be very much in evidence before the end. Satan himself will work on earth in human outer form - the antichrist in person - his activity will be exceedingly disastrous for the whole of mankind. Because he will initiate those laws that are to wipe out spiritually minded thinking, that are to put a stop to all spiritual striving and are to make men completely worldly. And this is the last work of him who fights against God because it is a crossing of the border of his authority and will be relentlessly punished by God. World events will move fast, great worldly changes will take place in quick succession and a ruling power will distinguish itself by wanting to direct the destiny of all nations and instead of order it produces complete disorder, because its regulations are meant first of all to suppress all faith. And he will find many followers on earth and that is the sign of the end, because men do not resist this but almost unanimously stand by him whom they celebrate as hero and victor and whose objective they approve and therefore support. And now the most difficult times begin for the believers. The goings-on of the world appear to them as being just unfathomable, the patience and love of God, that allows this to happen, seems to be unfathomable to them, that his most holy name gets blasphemed and mocked and that the followers of Jesus Christ get outlawed and persecuted in a most brutal manner. But deeper and deeper they penetrate into the truth of the divine word that has predicted all this to them and so they trustingly devote themselves to the guidance of God. Antichrist rages in a most dreadful manner and he deceives men by his actions that he executes with the support of the power from below. Satan himself works through him as counter spirit of him who works love and faith in the creatures, in men who deeply love God above all and have strong faith in him and therefore have to face great tribulations from God’s opponent. They will pay tribute to him, build altars for him, proclaim him to be the messiah from whom salvation is to come; because he will perform acts so that men are impressed by them but it is no work of love but only a work of arrogance and lust for power. He will work as man, trying to explain his power as being human, and fight and deny everything that is divine, that points to God and testifies of God. And his will is over strong. He commands and who offers resistance to his commandments he destroys. He tries to put a stop to all teachings of Christ, all knowledge about him and his work of salvation, he tries to drag it all through the mud and he rewards lavishly those who help him with his work against Christ, but he also acts full of hatred against his followers. The build of antichrist will be recognizable by his outward beauty, by his bodily strength because Satan covers himself so that he is not recognized as the one who he is. And unusual abilities draw the attention of men to him and there will be no end to admiring him. He stays on earth in outward splendour and magnificence in contrast to Jesus Christ who walked insignificantly among his brothers devoid of all earthly goods with a heart full of love towards his fellow human beings. But the heart of antichrist will be coarse and callous towards all earthly misery and still mankind will cheer him deceived by his gloss and his strength. And he will show up suddenly and unexpectedly, he will appear during a time of greatest earthly trouble and seize power with strong hands, promising to bring salvation, and will find no resistance because men pay attention to earthly trouble only but do not note the spirit of that hero who wants to distinguish himself and sets himself up as ruler with the support of men who are of the same spirit. And then the end is nearby because the fight against the faith that now starts is the prelude for the complete work of destruction of this earth. It only lasts a short time but is so vehement that exceedingly strong faith is necessary to not be defeated. But again God himself takes on his opponent. Because in spirit he is in the very midst of those who fight for him and the antichrist charges in vain against the bulwark of faith. And from his throne he will fall down into the pool of damnation. His reign will not last long but cause unspeakable misery among the whole of mankind, the majority of which stands by him, which gives away all faith in God, which believes antichrist’s earthly speeches and in the end also participates in his damnation because mankind is in bondage to the enemy of God and therefore also shares his lot. And this is the end. Jesus Christ remains victor and his church remains to exist in all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3672.


Book 46 3676

Preparation of a place in the heart. Communion. Behold, I stand at the door.

4. February 1946. B.D. NR. 3676.

Oh, just do a bit of soul-searching and do not let me knock at the door of your heart in vain; open it and let me enter and bring salvation to you, and receive me with a glad heart and prepare a home for me in you, make my will your business and serve me by you serving your neighbour in love for my sake. And happiness and peace will move in with me in your hearts, because when you have recognized me you no longer desire the world and its goods but you sacrifice everything for the sake of my presence, for the sake of my love, which I give to you when you receive me in your heart. I bring my word to you; I bring the food for your soul, and therefore you will no longer hunger and be in want and also feel this to be a blessing earthly. Because being flooded with power you overcome all earthly difficulties, because I myself stand by you and transmit the power to you. Because now you no longer walk alone through the valley of earth; you have me as permanent companion once I have taken up residence in your heart, when you have prepared it through your will as reception for me, through work in love. When I knock at the door of your heart and offer my word, only your will is decisive to let me enter. Then this will is directed towards the right aim because it was meant for me at the right time. First you receive me as stranger; then you recognize me and establish the right relationship; you let me be friend and brother; you see in me the father from eternity; deeply you feel indebted to me as my children, and the relationship from you to me will be more and more close until you have found union, until you are united through permanent work of love with me for ever. Let me into your hearts when I knock to bring the word to you – do not resist; receive me with a glad heart and rich blessings will blossom out of your willingness. I leave no-one out to bring salvation to him but who keeps his house locked when I knock, who refuses to receive myself, he will have to expect no longer gifts of favour for ever because his will itself closes its mind to it and will also never be forced by me. But do not let my call remain unheard; open for me for your own sake so that your soul does not need to hunger and starve; offer food to it which I myself bring to you; be my guests; let yourselves be fed and given to drink with my word, with bread of heaven, which power you need to become one with me. Receive myself in your hearts so that I can hand communion to you, that I can satisfy you with my flesh and my blood – with my word, which power must flow through you to be able to become happy. And that is why you are to open when I knock to desire admittance – do not fear that a false prophet wants to lead you astray, that he could offer you food which does not agree with you. My word is recognizable because it preaches love – and therefore it is offered by love itself, by me, who comes in the word to men to help them in their great spiritual want, who desires admittance into their hearts to be able to have an effect in the hearts myself for the benefit of all who receive me and prepare a home for me. Do not let the admonition die away at your ear but pay attention to it, and when I come, widely open the door to your heart and receive me. And you will be inexpressibly happy already on earth and one day in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3676.


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