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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 45

B.D. NR. 3453 - B.D. NR. 3578
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Book 45 3454

Intercession for poor souls.

2. March 1945. B.D. NR. 3454.

The night of death embraces all souls, which are far from God at their decease through a loveless walk of life, through their belonging to the opponent of God and are therefore of complete wrong will. These lose their life power with bodily death and are now completely powerless and lightless left to be the victim of the powers of darkness, which try to draw them deeper and deeper in the spiritual kingdom, i.e., their will will always be more and more subservient to evil, and it can also develop power downwards because this is sent to it from below. But to let the will become active in the right direction they lack power. And therefore these souls would be hopelessly lost when loving beings do not show mercy to them – men on earth who think of them in quiet intercession and impart power to them through a prayer sent in love, which directs their will to good, or also light beings who again and again come near these powerless souls and seek to move them to a change of their will. But only then can power be sent to them from those light beings when they themselves are willing to use this power for work in love. So the will of these souls must first really change, and intercession of men on earth helps to get that. Because the soul is powerless and is not able to change the will by itself. When power is not imparted to it by intercession then it is left to be a victim of the powers of darkness, and the ascent up, the coming off out of the dark power is unspeakable difficult and requires a long time. Because the soul is in deepest ignorance, and that is why it also has no will of its own to change its situation in the hereafter. The prayer for the erring souls in the hereafter is so extremely important when these souls are to get help, and men are to use every opportunity for these poor souls because men still have power at their disposal, which the souls suffering deprivation in the spiritual kingdom lack. It is an act of neighbourly love, which cannot be evaluated highly enough when men help the souls in their greatest misery, in their helplessness, because they are at the mercy of the evil powers without power and without light. Every prayer for them extracts them from those powers, and as soon as the soul has felt the favour of a prayer given to it in love, it is grateful for all assistance, and it also uses the power of the prayer the right way. It turns the will away from evil; it has feelings for the suffering of the other souls and it starts to feel love itself the more love is given to it through prayer of men. Because a loving prayer melts the hardest cover and that is why not enough love can be given to the souls, which have departed in dark spirit night from earth life and remain in complete powerlessness in the hereafter until their fate is lightened through intercession. Then also the effort of light beings is successful, which impart power to them as soon as the soul is ready to use this power for work in love. Because then its will is in the right direction; it strives up, and this will is now also taken into account. But the intercession of men on earth is for the present necessary that the completely broken will may arise and does not become active in the wrong direction. But the power of love brings about a change of will. And then the soul is rescued because it starts its slow ascent; it has escaped the powers of darkness because love is stronger and a loving prayer can snatch the soul from darkness. B.D. NR. 3454.


Book 45 3467

Contact with the spiritual world.

6. and 7. April 1945. B.D. NR. 3467.

Every contact with the spiritual world is useful for the soul when it takes place in purest, spiritual striving, therefore man desiring truth and knowledge, when he strives to win advantage for his soul and not thinks of earthly aims or desires. And that is why it is just beneficial when he seeks to gain an insight into the spiritual kingdom because then he is given information from the spiritual side according to his desire. His soul will always find nourishment, i.e., its hunger for spiritual knowledge will be stilled because this is the activity of the beings in the spiritual kingdom, to hand out knowledge. But this contact with the spiritual world can only be established in the firm believe in latter. When this faith does not exist then no answer will sound out of the kingdom of the knowing, but powers turned away from God seek to assert their influence upon men by them confusing the thinking, they therefore consciously present them with error to repress faith in a kingdom of light. But spiritual powers are always busy which want to seize the thinking of men because the fight between light and darkness never stops, and the will of man itself directs the outcome to the advantage or to the disadvantage of his soul. When man wants truth, wants information about spiritual life, then the powers of the kingdom of light are powerful, and they repress the powers of darkness – because when he seeks truth, he seeks God. But when man pursues earthly aims, seeks to utilize his knowledge earthly, then he is monopolized by those powers which want to alienate him more and more from the spiritual kingdom. And therefore the desired knowledge is offered to him in a form that it does not satisfy him or does not let him recognize error to which he becomes a slave. And so the desire for truth is decisive, for that reason man himself is also always responsible for what is offered to him because through his desire he himself calls the powers which want to communicate. But the will of God will never prevent contact with the spiritual world because every thought is an initiation of this contact; every thought is an establishing of the contact with spiritual powers, which are always prepared to answer questions of men. But as on earth men have valuable or shallow conversations and can therefore enrich their knowledge accordingly, so also in the spiritual world that thought material is conducted to earth, which men desire – valuable spiritual knowledge to the seeking, desiring truth, and spiritual material, which lacks truth or is useless, which likewise is sent in form of thoughts to men, who are only earthly minded and do not strive spiritually. Because the will of man himself determines the spiritual good sent to him. This can bring unimaginable blessings, as it also can really have just as much a harmful und detrimental effect for the souls. And therefore the conscious contact with the spiritual world is only then desirable when the desire for truth is penetrating man; for the earthly minded man however it can be a danger and it is therefore more advisable to refrain from it to make the influence more difficult for the powers of darkness, which seek to completely darken his spirit. Because the state of maturity is decisive, which powers approach man and with which spiritual material they supply him with. But man also gets into contact with the spiritual world unconsciously as soon as he is thoughtful and raises questions, which are now mentally answered for him. But this unconscious contact is insofar less harmful because man believes to be himself the originator of his thoughts, and therefore does not attaches much value to them, while the announcements out of the spiritual kingdom are more believed, what always means a danger for men to which the dark powers have access. But the man striving towards God, earnestly desiring truth, is protected from those powers through his desire. He can listen; he can ask and desire answers, and he can always be certain that he is only instructed by knowing powers – that God himself provides him with truth through those, because he earnestly desires truth and therefore also God who is truth himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 3467.


Book 45 3469

Men in the Last Days. Favours.

9. and 10. April 1945. B.D. NR. 3469.

A countless number of people will leave the earth in a state of maturity that does not mean any progress for the soul, i.e. it will be on the same level as at the beginning of its embodiment and this means extraordinary much in the last days before the end because there can be no ascent for it in the hereafter anymore, every possibility is therefore taken from it to make up for what it missed on earth. This is no injustice or neglect of these souls because extraordinary means were available to them, blessings that are enough to even offset a completely unused life on earth even in the last phase - when man has the will to do it. But if he makes no use at all of the blessings the soul has to take also a greater responsibility, it rebels anew against the love of God and this results in a relapse towards the opponent of God which has an effect that at the end of its life on earth it is completely in bondage to him and that there is no more a possibility for it to ascend but that it has to cover the course through creation again. The enemy of God rages unimaginably in the last days but God hands out his blessings likewise in unimaginable measure so that man is not at the mercy of the former. And the blessing of God also approaches every man but it is left up to him if he wants to accept and use it or if he doesn’t. But his state of maturity depends on his decision at the end of his life on earth because without the use of God’s blessing he will develop backward because the enemy of God has much power over him. And that is why during the last days men who are living without God will be very well recognizable because they are complete tools of Satan who only carry out his will and who live a life on earth to frighten those who are loyal to God. It is just a short time in which Satan is given free reign in his rage but it will require exceptional strong faith and likewise be in need of extraordinary blessings because men will be harassed by the enemy to fall away from God. And only those who have strong faith will stand firm in the last battle. But also those need much help from God and he gave them the promise that the days will be shortened for the sake of the believers so that they are not defeated but emerge from the fight as victors. But who is in bondage to God’s enemy is ready for any atrocious deed and therefore his degree of maturity has sunk so low that there is no possibility of ascent for him neither on earth nor in the hereafter and that he therefore has to remain on earth but bound in the new works of creation in complete lack of freedom of will and in complete ignorance of his actual purpose of which he will only become conscious in the stage as man. God still tries to win those souls and again and again he presents himself to them pointing them to him through suffering and trouble. But only few will listen to what he has to say and will still change before the end. But this is not far because the time has run out that God has granted the spiritual for the liberation from form. And by the signs of the times the believers will recognize it and prepare themselves and God will help them and will lead them through all emotional and physical dangers until the hour of redemption. Amen. B.D. NR. 3469.


Book 45 3479

End of the World.

10. May 1945. B.D. NR. 3479.

The end of the world is the end of a redemption period and the beginning of a new epoch that again has the purpose of redeeming the still unfree spiritual. The earth as such will completely change itself, i.e., its outer form will not remain the same but the surface of the earth will be completely destroyed by the forces of the interior of the earth and this understandably results in the disappearing of all creatures on earth. All living beings, the animal and the plant world, will be wiped out and even hardest matter, the rocks, will experience a change in itself and this means the end for mankind living on earth, the extinction of what is visible to their eyes, even though the earth as a celestial body will still continue to exist. In God’s eternal plan of salvation this change of the earth is intended as a means for the recovery of the spiritual and so inevitably that will take place what God has announced since the beginning of this redemption period through seers and prophets. But men do not believe it and therefore will fall into deepest despair when they will experience this end unprepared. That all events, all works of creation and all creatures, only have the spiritual maturing as its aim, is unknown to men and because they do not observe life on earth through their spiritual eyes they only see the course of earthly events and deny every cosmic change and so also the extinction of the earth. And it is difficult to teach them and therefore they are also not to be persuaded to change their attitude and life in accordance with the coming end and to prepare themselves. All evidence they reject and more than ever they are hooked on earthly goods, the acquiring of which keeps them completely away from spiritual striving. And even plight and misery do not make them more open to ideas coming to them from the spiritual sphere as thoughts or via mediators. And that is why the times draw to a close where the old earth will be dissolved because a change in thinking, a spiritual ascent is not anymore to be expected among mankind. Therefore men themselves are determining when the end is because God saw the will of men from eternity, he saw the complete turning away of them from him and he saw that the continued existence of the old earth was pointless. And in his merciful love he applies new means to win the souls of men. He lets a new earth arise that again holds the fallen spiritual that now has to go again the painful long course through the new creation but has once again the possibility to aim at God in free will and to redeem itself from form. And still in the last days he seeks to save man of the old earth from this renewed course through creation by again and again referring them to the end, to the hour of judgement and the damnation by him letting speakers arise among them who proclaim his word, who are to present to men the consequences of their ways of life to get them to change their will. But in the last days all will be persecuted who preach the word of God and this will be the hardest time for the believers who are to be deprived of all stability by this. But then God reveals himself to his people and his word will be hard by them indirectly and directly, he will stir up among the believers men through whose spirit he will make himself known. And his people will be strengthened and their faith will become strong, they will expect the end full of confidence, they will stand firm and defy all threats of the world because they feel the nearness of their father and all fear and worry fall off from them when his word sounds audibly and distinct. And he will be in the very midst of them who long for him, he will show himself to them and through his presence impress deepest peace in the hearts of those who are worthy of his nearness. And their courage of conviction will grow, without shyness they will stand up for the name of God, they will confess to be followers of Christ and not fear death, they will expect his coming and hope for salvation from greatest trouble. But the flock of believers will be small - in the midst of living devils there will be always only few who have God in their heart and are closely connected to him. And where God himself dwells visibly or invisibly to human eyes the devils will be powerless even though they are out to kill the followers of Jesus and make use of every possible means to make them leave him. The power of God is stronger and compared with it even the enemy of God is powerless. And the end will come when the misery seems unbearable. Then the Lord himself will come in the clouds and fetch home his people into his kingdom. Then the old earth will pass away, there will be extinction for all men who live on earth - the end of a redemption period and the beginning of a new one has come as it was announced in word and scripture. Amen. B.D. NR. 3479.


Book 45 3486

The End of the Earth.

24. and 25. May 1945. B.D. NR. 3486.

The end of the earth is that all inhabitants of the earth will be destroyed who do not belong into the kingdom of God, the believers however will be taken from the earth with their body alive. So the end has arrived for the inhabitants of the earth as it was announced in word and scripture. The surface of the earth experiences a total transformation that happens in such a way that no living being can survive on it, that men, animals and plants will be destroyed, i.e., that their material substances dissolve themselves while the spiritual in it receives new encasings assigned by God so that it can continue its course of development in different outer forms but on the new earth that God lets come from the old earth. So the earth as such is not going to cease to exist but only change completely; in the same way the spiritual that was banished in the works of creation will not cease to exist however all works of creation will have found their end, so also the end of the world has come for the inhabitants of the earth and with it the redemption period is closed while a new redemption period has its beginning. The flock of believers that was raptured from the earth will be allowed to experience this end, the destruction of the old earth will take place in front of their eyes because due to their faith they are in a state of maturity, that they live with understanding and God’s eternal plan of salvation is comprehensible to them. They are in close contact with God and therefore also with knowledge about his love and wisdom, they recognize his power and worship and praise him and his glory. And therefore they also know about the poor state of spirituality of men who live on earth during the end in a state far away from God, they recognize the necessity of the transformation of the old earth and are prepared to contribute to the redemption of the banished spiritual. And so they will receive on the new earth again an assignment even though they are mature enough for the spiritual kingdom and do not need anymore the life on the new earth. The banished spiritual however must again be given the opportunity for further development - and this will be again done by human will. Life on earth is progressing but under completely different conditions. The earth has become a paradisiac place of residence for men where they are acting in love and where they are exceedingly happy - it is a place of peace and of harmonic solidarity where God’s blessings are evident. And men are left with the memory of the old earth, their inhabitants and the hard struggle before the end, but only as a silhouette does it touch them because they have overcome all heaviness, they have emerged as victors from those fights and are so closely connected to God that they feel to be full of power and are free and happy. And a new redemption period is beginning because all spiritual is supposed to reach one day this happy condition and the love of God towards his creatures has the final liberation of them as its aim and he again and again creates the opportunity to achieve his aim without interfering with the free will of man. And that is why a new earth will come into being. New creations will contain again the spiritual in them and help it to further development. And the old earth has to die to release all bound spiritual so that this can again embody itself in the creations according to its state of maturity. A change has to take place insofar, as the spiritual that was in the last stage of development and was supposed to take the last test of life on earth as man, in which it failed, will again be banished in hard matter while a new embodiment will be given to the other striving spiritual in which it can mature faster and can reach the last stage sooner. Mankind will possibly be destroyed at the end but the spiritual continues to exist and has to again start anew its course of development on earth because it completely again turned towards him from whose power it was supposed to free itself. The last course on earth as man must be walked in free will, which man can use at his own discretion. If this will however is directed the wrong way then he also has to bear the consequences because every possibility is given him to live according to the right direction. And during the end the earth will be so full of devils that it must be dissolved if the spiritual that is contained in those devils shall ever find salvation. Only a short time is still left, a time of hardest tests and suffering, which could be enough to change even the wickedest devils if they would only make the right use of their will. But with the expiration of this time inevitably the end of the world has come, i.e. for the earth in its present arrangement and for the inhabitants, for whom there is no upward development given in the hereafter, but the necessity of a new course through creation. Amen. B.D. NR. 3486.


Book 45 3492a

Fight between light and darkness.

5. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3492a.

Good and bad powers fight over the soul of man and great power has been given to both by God because both the light beings are penetrated with power as also the beings, which are turned away from God because the latter receive the power from the opponent of God, to whom it was unlimitedly available as original created spirit being and which is also not reduced by God. But the light beings can win victory when man leaves himself to them by his will being turned towards God and as a result does not oppose the work of the light beings. Man himself must establish the predominance through his will. When the will is now inclined towards evil, it increases its power, and his soul is beaten by the work of the opponent of God. But man is never defenceless at the mercy of evil powers but light beings are constantly prepared to wrestle for his soul; permanently the light beings put their power against it, and permanently they seek to direct the will of man towards God to establish the predominance and to conquer the evil forces through it . But that the latter was granted the right to press the souls is necessary for the redemption of the fallen and therefore bound spiritual because otherwise it would not be able to use the will in which alone redemption can take place. And now both powers seek to win the will of man for them; both try to assert their influence upon the soul but in different direction. The light beings are penetrated by the will of God, and their endeavour it is to transfer divine will upon men, i.e., to direct the thinking of man so that it completely falls into line with divine order, that human will is completely under divine will. In the same way the bad powers strive for their aim – they direct the thinking of man to earthly things, to the increase of earthly goods, and through this they try to unleash earthly desires in man, which are adverse to God, i.e. are lacking all love towards God and towards the neighbour, are however only born in self-love, who always pull man down into the kingdom of the opponent of God. B.D. NR. 3492a.


Book 45 3492b

Fight between light and darkness.

18. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3492b.

And the fight of light against darkness will assume forms, which point to the near end because evil wins power over men, who do not request power from God and are only through it able to put up resistance to it, to emerge as victors at the end of days. There will be deepest darkness in the hearts of those because the lord of darkness seeks to destroy all light, and he will succeed because the world shuns light; but the light alone only earns the power to resist. Because God himself is light; God himself is truth, and where truth is there light shines and breaks through the darkness of night. Power comes from God alone, and every man receives it who accepts truth from God in the desire for it. But to make men powerless and inclined to his wishes, the opponent of God seeks to repress truth and to involve men in the lie and the worst error. And men do not put up a fight because the lie appeals more to them, because it is of worldly spirit and man only lives for the world, but not for the spiritual kingdom. And that is why the majority of men will stand outside of it, and only a small part will seek the kingdom of God and ask power from God himself for the last severe trial on earth. Light and darkness fight against each other, in the spiritual kingdom as well as on earth; light has charitable influence where the hearts of men open themselves to it; but darkness destroys everything and creates an inexpressible chaos; it darkens all ways und leads far away from the goal towards the kingdom of him who rules over darkness, who is full of the lie and coldness and as antipole of God has for that reason his kingdom in the deepest depth where there is only unhappiness, agonies and depravity. Mankind drifts towards darkness because it does not take in light, which lightens up the world like a flash of lightning and sends its sparks everywhere that they find nourishment and are to flare up again as light. Mankind turns away from brightness because the spiritual kingdom no longer means anything to it, because spiritual knowledge, pure truth out of God, does not appear desirable to it, because souls are no longer able to feel the effect out of the kingdom of light, but have become a slave to the powers of darkness. And the time of the end has come – the powers of darkness are getting banished and with them everything what is in bondage to them. And the light will shine – the lie and the error will be displaced by truth because only God will rule and live in the hearts of man who have emerged victoriously out of the fight of light against darkness. Amen. B.D. NR. 3492b.


Book 45 3493

Change. God’s Intervention.

19. and 20. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3493.

That a change will occur already shortly is my will, which is determining in the complete universe. Since eternities my plan is laid down because since eternities I know about the spiritual state of men of this earth in the last days before the end. And unstoppably now my plan unwinds that is considered in all wisdom and led by my love. I foresaw the total decay of mankind I saw its move away from me and its carnal passion towards my enemy. And I therefore put an end to mankind that very consciously goes away from me and turns towards my enemy. And now the time has come and my love takes the last resort to point out the end to men, to still pull them back in the last hour from the abyss to which they are heading. Through love and suffering I try to win them, gently I admonish them and where these gentle warnings are fruitless I try to have an effect on men through suffering because I feel sorry for them and because I want to prevent their complete ruin. But there is little result to be seen and the time is running out. And so a redemption period is closing whose end means the complete dissolving of what is visible to the human eye - a vanishing of the earth’s outer form and of all living beings on the face of the earth. But before that I point out again the last events by letting local changes take place to a great extent so that men get a graphic description of the last end and by granting them a time of grace, a reprieve, which they can use for change if they get impressed by that event that is to clearly prove my might. I want to reveal myself ones more to men, in a most painful way, but only such a means can have success. I want to demonstrate to men that they are not just exposed to the will of men which has a destructive and annihilating effect but that they have to fear the will of a higher power which nobody can call to a halt. Through this I want to draw their attention to this higher power so that they get into contact with it through prayer. I want that they call on me in their trouble so that through my help my presence becomes perceptible to them so that they start believing in me. When this last resort fails then there is no salvation anymore for the souls of men on this earth und they must inevitably once again walk the course through creation of which my love wants to prevent them. And therefore this last resort is, although it seems to be cruel, a work of my love and compassion that nevertheless will be recognized as such by only few. I have to plunge mankind into greater misery as the suffering before brings about no change of their will; I have to place further burdens on them, I must let them get into living conditions that seem to be hardly bearable to get them to call upon the one who can and will help them to endure, but who also wants to be acknowledged in order to approach men with help. And therefore know that I will speak strongly and powerfully, that nothing can anymore ward off my intervention because the will of men that is turned towards me alone is able to do this but this is farer off than ever. And because my enemy seeks to increase his power and does not find resistance among men, I will show myself openly and will speak from above with a brazen voice so that it will not be difficult to recognize me - for everybody who is willing. And who calls on me will receive help in spiritual as well as in bodily need. Amen. B.D. NR. 3493.


Book 45 3495

Spiritual and material creations.

22. and 23. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3495.

Innumerable worlds exist in God’s creation whose purpose is the ascent development of the spiritual, which is to find back to God. And innumerable worlds are therefore bearers of this spiritual, which is partly bound materially, partly inhabits these worlds in spiritual fetters corresponding to its state of maturity. They are not just earthly material creations, which have the purpose to hold spiritual, but because there are different degrees of development, the spiritual does not always need matter, but it can also continue its ascent development in spiritual creations when it is gone through earthly matter. But also still then the spiritual must fulfil tasks, which need some creations, which expose themselves to the spiritual eye and are unparalleled in their versatility, kind and purpose. The spiritual can put itself to the test at all these works of creation; it can let its will of love become action according to its power and light fullness. The spiritual creations are only then visible to the spiritual eye when the being stands in a certain degree of maturity. Before it is in worlds – provided it has left earth immature – in which it can recognize no creations at all because it is completely dark around the being. Therefore also the miracles of creation increase with the state of maturity so that the being can look again and again at new creations throughout eternities and recognize the infinite love of God at them. The spiritual creations are much more extensive and completely unimaginable to the human eye. Permanently they bring tidings of God’s will to fashion, of his love, which continuously seeks to make his creatures happy, and of his unsurpassable wisdom. They are also indestructible, however variable in themselves because the spiritual does not rest but is in constant activity and the spiritual creations are again the expressions of power of perfect light beings, which work and create all the time to give possibilities to the spiritual, which is undeveloped or stands in a low degree of maturity, to progress in development. Completely immature spiritual needs material creations; but beginning with a certain degree of maturity these are no longer necessary, but they are replaced by spiritual creations, but they likewise give possibilities to the entity to reach brightest light. The further away the being is from God the harder is the cover by which it is surrounded, and the more material is also the creation to which it is assigned as inhabitant. Has the being left earth in the same state far from God, then it still feels surrounded by the same material creation, although the spiritual kingdom is now its stay. (23.7.1945) These creations stand before its spiritual eye because the desire for them is still so great that the soul creates for itself material things in thought and it now believes to move in them. They are therefore no spiritual creations, emerged through the will of God and light beings, but they are bubble objects, which the soul leads itself to believe in through its will, which it therefore does not see in reality with its spiritual eye but lets arise in its senses only in remembrance of earth. It will also never be able to enjoy these objects because they always disappear as soon as the being wants to use them, so that the soul very soon recognizes the transitoriness of its creations, which is the purpose of them. The spiritual creations however are immortal, only in continuous change, i.e., they always arise perfect before the spiritual eye of the being the further it ascends in perfection. They are again and again new objects, which it is allowed to see, in unsuspected splendour displaying the love, wisdom and omnipotence of God and still also again prompting love activity because all these spiritual worlds hold beings, which develop upwards through supply of power and therefore strive towards the being of light looking at them, attracted by the fullness of light, which radiates from these light beings. Material worlds are mostly lightless and need increased care of the beings of light, but the care for the inhabitants of the material worlds is an act of mercy of the beings of light, in which also simultaneously lies the delight because love continuously drives them to be pitiably active. Spiritual worlds radiate light themselves because their inhabitants are receivers of light in different degrees of maturity. And that is why spiritual worlds are connected to material worlds; they share their light with the places of darkness according to the willingness of the inhabitants to receive, which can see the spiritual worlds as shining celestial bodies, which circle round the lightless star in certain orbits. But the radiation of light only happens spiritually and is therefore only felt by the inhabitants of the material world, which bear desire for light and form themselves as receiving containers through their walk of life. Only in the spiritual kingdom the light radiation is visible to the being, which is able to see spiritually through its soul maturity. And so innumerable creations came from God’s will to fashion, which his infinite love let come into being, to lead the imperfect spiritual to perfection and to make the perfect spiritual happy. And his power and glory is expressed by all his works of creation. But it nevertheless only becomes recognizable in its entire greatness to that being, which in the spheres of light enjoys the happiness to dwell in the nearness of God and to be constantly flooded by his love power. Because that is happiness to feel God’s power and might, to be seized by his love and to be allowed to be active in the same will with God till all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3495.


Book 45 3496

Signs of the End-time.

24. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3496.

Pay attention to the signs that will increase and which announce the near end and you will recognize in what phase of the last days you are in. You should not let worldly events cloud your spiritual vision but should establish a connection between them and the spiritual low, which marks the behaviour of men in the latter days. The uncaring actions of men against each other reveal that low which is the immediate reason that the redemption period is brought to a close. But at the same time the spiritual low of men lays open the deepest darkness in them, complete turning away from God, from spiritual striving and therefore also ignorance that they are living in latter times, that the end is not anymore far. But you who strive and try to fulfil divine will, who lead a spiritual life beside the earthly, you are to pay attention to the signs and prepare yourselves for the end. And daily you will go deeper into spiritual truths, you will grow in understanding and the connections between current events and the eternal plan of God’s salvation will become comprehensible to you. And in worldly events you will also recognize the rule of God, who uses everything, also the greatest suffering, as a remedy so that it can still be a blessing for the individual. God has always mentioned these times, he has pointed out to men the times of the end and predicted their signs through seers and prophets – not to determine in advance the earthly course of world events but to illustrate to men the spiritual want which is also cause of earthly suffering, of chaos and of worldly decay. The spiritual want is to be recognized and it is to be opposed. The spiritual want however is to be recognized by the signs of the time. And therefore you are to watch out for these signs and you are to know that you are to apply all your care towards your souls and the souls of the fellow human beings. For they are in greatest danger. During the times of the end the soul will have to suffer privations due to the exaggerated care for the body, it will even completely be kept away from spiritual striving and from God himself by forces opposed to God. And in this time of spiritual want the enemy of God has great power over souls, but the will of men himself can break this. And that is why the times of the end are permanently mentioned and why the attention is directed towards the signs so that the will of man is urged to resist so that man sees the danger in which the soul is and so that he learns to believe that God has put an end to the earth when the spiritual low has arrived which testifies to the complete affiliation to God’s enemy. You are to observe the signs that announce the near end and you are not to carelessly walk past but you are to prepare yourselves because the end will be terrible for all who are not listening to the warnings and admonitions coming from God and who are heading for their spiritual and bodily downfall. Amen. B.D. NR. 3496.


Book 45 3498

Spiritual guides.

26. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3498.

Spiritual guides are assigned to men on earth, partly self as men among them embodied, partly influencing them spiritually; therefore no man is completely left to himself during his earth life walk. These spiritual guides go constantly into action as soon as man is in trouble of the soul and does not stubbornly resist their assistance. I.e., man must want to be helped; he must feel his trouble and strive to get out of it; he must feel the spiritual state as inadequate and carry desire to remedy it, then the spiritual guides are ready and also entitled by God to assist him. The assistance is given to men in form of enlightenment about earth life purpose and their earth task. Because knowledge about it must first be presented to men so that they then can comply with the earth task. Men must be entrusted to a spiritual guidance because in their lack of knowledge they walk completely blind and would never find the right way of their own accord. Therefore guidance coming from God will always be associated with them, but unconsciously to them, which kingdom is their home. The spiritual leaders living as men among them are also not recognized as such because otherwise a certain pressure of faith would be exerted on them, which would be an obstacle to the spiritual development. Nevertheless every teacher on earth must be an envoy of God; otherwise his teachings could be doubted. But the counter power of God also seeks to win influence on men, and this influence will always be inconsistent with pure truth out of God. Therefore it is necessary to check whose share that is what men seek to present to their fellowmen as truth. The right spiritual guidance will always be recognizable that it tries to distract the thinking of men from the earthly and wants to turn it to the spiritual kingdom. The spiritual guidance seeks to have a mental effect; it seeks to prompt to love activity; it seeks men to give up material striving, and it puts the loving, wise and omnipotent divinity into the foreground. The spiritual guidance takes little share in earthly life, but without interruption steers the thoughts towards the spiritual kingdom. And as soon as a man aspires to this aim, as soon as he seeks to introduce fellowman to the spiritual kingdom, he is by God given to men as leader and well suited to assist them in spiritual need. Because he just prepares the field on which the spiritual invisible leaders can sow their seed and can introduce man through mental transference into spiritual knowledge, so that they prompt him to works of love and therefore can practise their office of leadership and look after souls, which are entrusted to their care. When however men are of a mind turned towards the world, then they do not listen to the spiritual guides – neither fellowmen will be able to teach them nor spiritual powers have influence upon them because the voice of the world drowns out the fine voices out if the spiritual kingdom. And when man is still bound by matter, he lacks all understanding for spiritual gifts. Then it is difficult to win their souls; they withdraw from the care of their spiritual beings which look after them; they pay no attention to their thoughts and are not active in love and willing to love. On the other hand they listen to them who let themselves be used as tool of the opponent of God to supply men with error. Because error is acceptable to them because it goes with their wishes and desires, with their worldly senses. But their knowledge is ignorance; it lacks every truth; it is work of men and human thought material, which misleads fellowmen and clouds their power of recognition. Truth only comes out of the spiritual kingdom, and it is only imparted by spiritual guides sent by God. But their work depends on the will of men themselves. Amen. B.D. NR. 3498.


Book 45 3499

Gathering spiritual treasures. Sham goods.

27. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3499.

All that what the world offers are sham goods, which are without any value and without survival. They are only added to man for the examination of his will, which is to turn away from them to strive for spiritual goods, which are of lasting value und imperishable. The man who lives in love learns very quickly to recognize the worthlessness of earthly goods, while a man who lacks love towards the neighbour carries increased desire for it, his love is therefore wrongly directed, which strives for what it should overcome. Before he does not fight this love, spiritual good is not desirable for him. But at the end of his life he must part with all earthly things, and this parting he will find difficult or find it easy, depending on his attitude towards the sham goods of the world. Having overcome them means an easy separating from earth; but like with chains man will be held back to earth who has lost his heart to matter, to dead goods without value and continued existence. His soul cannot disconnect itself, and it means a difficult fight for it, in which it is defeated when the end has come. And now it enters the spiritual kingdom completely poor and naked, which only offers it that what the soul has desired on earth – that is again sham goods, no longer material but as bubble products, which pester it continuously, by increasing the desire for them, while the fulfilment remains denied to the soul, so that it is to recognize the worthlessness of that what it strove for on earth. But spiritual goods the soul does not possess because it has gathered non on earth. And its lot is not very enviable. Nowhere does it find what it seeks, and poorly and scantily it now stays in hopeless surroundings. It can hand out nothing because it owns nothing itself, and that is why is also receives nothing because this is the law in the spiritual kingdom that every soul is given according to its will to love, that only he receives who gives, and the receiving as the giving is blissful. Loving souls certainly offer it also spiritual gifts to help it but a soul, which has not yet overcome earthly matter and demands to possess it, does not accept spiritual gifts, because it still does not recognize its value and desires them just as little as on earth. It must have killed its own desire before; it must have recognized the worthlessness and now strive for lasting goods, only then it will pay attention to them, when they are offered to it; and only then it seeks to gather spiritual treasures. Who achieves this already on earth, he enters the hereafter carefree; and the spiritual goods, which he has acquired on earth, he takes with him into the spiritual kingdom. And because he now has treasures at his disposal, he can also work with them; he can hand out and receive new treasures all the time for his own bliss, because love drives him to use that what he owns – he hands out and makes souls happy, which are needy, but want to receive to be again able to give. The treasures of the world are so valueless, and they are still desired by men and striven for with all eagerness. But they pay no attention to the spiritual treasures, and that is why they are also afraid of the bodily end because they only think of the body and not of the soul. And God comes to their help by showing them the transitoriness of earthly goods to cause them to think. He also gives them spiritual gifts and seeks to move them to accept them, but he does not force free will, but he leaves to man his freedom to decide for the goods of this world or the gifts out of the spiritual kingdom. But according to the decision of their will the end will be and the entrance into the spiritual kingdom because the soul creates its lot for itself according to its desires. Amen. B.D. NR. 3499.


Book 45 3500

Desiring the divine word.

28. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3500.

Pay attention to my words: Who desires to hear me he consciously strives towards me, and my father hand draws him lovingly up to me. Because love has become busy in him, which drives him towards me, and so the spell is broken, which kept the being imprisoned for a long time; it stepped out of spiritual darkness into the circuit of my love and now inevitably finds the way up. Who desires to hear me, may it be through the desire for my voice, which sounds for him in the heart, or desire for my word, which he wants to take from the book of books, may it be through communication through the mouth of man who announces my word – he has already proven his belonging to me through the desire, and I remember him from now on, and I look after his soul full of love that it might no longer sink back into the night of death, but live for ever. And I also send to him the power through my word at any time, he will always be strengthened, no matter, in what way he receives my word. And who has a conversation with me in the desire to be connected with me, his thoughts I direct right when he is not able to hear my voice. I order them and direct them through my spirit, which can now have an effect in him. And so every thought turned towards me will result in rich blessings because my love sizes him who approaches me in thoughts and in the act. No-one will sink into the deep whose heart has found to me, whose will seeks me and who gets into contact with me through works of love, good thoughts and intimate prayer. He also hears my word, in whatever form it is offered to him. And he recognizes in it the voice of the father from eternity, and therefore he is rescued for all eternity. The desire for my word testifies to the desire for me who is the word, truth, and eternal life. Who desires my word, he also desires truth and he seeks to escape darkness and therefore spiritual death. He finds the way to life which is shown to him in the word. Because it teaches love. But love redeems all what is unfree, enslaved and makes it free and happy. And that is why I gave my word to you because I want to make you free and happy, and the aim will only be reached by him who hears my word and follows it – who lives in love as I command it through my word. But only that man will desire my word who is willing to love and able to love. He respects my word; he tries to live it out; he strives to fulfil my will because the love of his heart is meant for me and he wants to live to my pleasure as long as he stays on earth. Who desires my word he feels as my child, which wants to be united with the father for ever. Because who is of a mind turned away from me he does not listen to my word, he flees from me, and he remains without power to reach the aim of his life. But without my word no-one can become happy, without my word he is powerless to mature spiritually, and without my word he is far from my love, which expresses itself in the word. I myself am the word, and I will only be there where I am desired in the deepest heart. Because my presence would be an intimidation for man who does not long for my nearness because my presence means love radiation, which would then seize man against his will and lead to perfection. But I do not touch the free will of man and therefore can only give my love power to those men who desire it intimately in the desire for me. And that is why the reading or hearing of my word without inner heart urge is useless; it gives man nothing; it imparts no power, no knowledge and no spiritual success. I myself want to be desired with my word by a loving heart, which presses towards me. The slightest call I respect; the smallest desire I still, and the tiniest love spark I kindle to the greatest passion so that my creature feels my love once it has desired me in the heart. And I let my word sound everywhere there where a slight thought towards me has emerged to make myself known and to fan the flames of love towards me. And who has once received my word in the desire towards me and has drawn power from it, he will remain at my word for ever because I approach him again and again and again, and his desire will be increased until he no longer can live without my word and establishes the intimate union with me, which earns him power and supply of light uninterruptedly and secures eternal life for him. Who desires my word he desires myself, and I will be in the word with him until the end of the world and in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3500.


Book 45 3501

Overcoming the world.

29. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3501.

The tendency towards the world decreases the flow of spiritual goods, and that is why worldly minded people will come less in contact with spiritual gifts; they stand too far from the spiritual kingdom and do not recognize its envoys when they approach them. Because God brings people together; he leads his servants on earth towards those who are willing to accept the word of God, who are worth to be candidates of the spiritual kingdom through their will not being completely turned away and turned towards the world. They are certainly not forced to accept the divine word, but they have to recognize the spiritual gifts as such and open themselves voluntarily to them. As despisers of the world they also recognize the value of divine revelations and make their hearts accessible to them. The man of the world however will also have the opportunity to give his attention to those, but his senses feel nothing of the divine breath, which touches him, and indifferently or brusquely he declines because he thinks the world offers him more valuable things. And so valuable gifts remain unnoticed on earth, which constitute the entire richness of his soul in the hereafter, because only the spiritual eye and ear sees and hears something , but these are completely undeveloped with men of the world, and in the hereafter this ignorance has an effect of fullest darkness, which means an agonizing lot for the soul. People striving spiritually have a fine eye and ear for spiritual gifts; they feel the origin because the divine-spiritual touches their souls beneficently, and that is why the servants of God are recognized by them as envoys of the spiritual kingdom and their gifts accepted with thanks. Nevertheless the representatives of the divine word are to spread it throughout the world; they are to try again and again to also win men of the world, even though this is a work which requires patience and love because they are often rejected and can score little success. But the world does not always satisfy men completely, and every man comes into situations where he is open to a communication out of the spiritual kingdom. And these opportunities are to be used so that they still decide to change their will in times of earthly trouble. Because it approaches all men because God leaves none of his creatures to his fate but again and again seeks to win influence upon their souls. The smallest stirring of the will and thoughts turned towards the spiritual kingdom also increase the opportunities to accept spiritual communication because God pays attention to them and gives to everyone according to his desire. But the world must be overcome to be able to fully appreciate the value of spiritual gifts. All spiritual wants to be seized by the spirit in man, but it slumbers where the world still imprisons man. The release of the spirit, its awakening causes the abandoning of that what is worldly earthly, and desire for the spiritual kingdom, the actual home of the spirit. And that is why he must despise the world who desires to approach the kingdom of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 3501.


Book 45 3504a

Development of earth before men.

1. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3504a.

The beginning and the end of a redemption period lies so far apart that one can speak of an eternity about those men who hold both points of time in front of their eyes. It is an infinitely long space of time because the development of the individual works of creation of God require a certain time because everything is based on God’s laws and the slow development is also a requirement of divine love and wisdom to guarantee this ascent development also to the spiritual, which is held therein. Since the beginning of creation all visible works of creation are based on these laws because the spiritual, which deserted God, stood in such stubborn resistance towards God that it had to start its course through the works of creation completely robbed of its will and therefore completely will-less, i.e. of bound will. And this could only happen in such a way that they were forced to adapt themselves to the divine laws, which just completely contradicted the will of the once free spiritual. The free spiritual is constantly busy; therefore the unfree spiritual had to remain in idleness; it had to be banished in an outer form, which denied it every activity. So a free spiritual flowed into infinity and in free will went away from God. But through the distance the spiritual substance grew cold; it grew stiff and let no longer anything go free in itself. God withdrew his love heat from the spiritual, which had left him and all life, all warmth flowed out of it, and only a cold lifeless mass remained – the original start of creation. Endless times passed before this lifeless mass let a hint of life be recognized – endless times passed before spiritual entities decided to give up their stubborn resistance against God, before they bore desire for light and made themselves susceptible to light through giving up of resistance. But the littlest change of will loosened their outer form, their fetters, and a quiet move started in the lifeless mass, a hardly noticeable activity – the solid mass changed, in places it gave way to the pressure of the spiritual in itself, broke up and gave the spiritual the possibility to be slightly active. In again infinite long periods of time forms and shapes of most marvellous kind came into being – the spiritual busied itself according to divine laws of nature; its activity was determined by divine will and brought about creations of most diverse kind. The resistance against God subsided constantly, and that is why the activity became more and more extensive and the corresponding creations more and more many and diverse, at the same time also more and more able to dissolve because their substances were no longer so hardened because the subsiding resistance meant light and power supply from God, therefore life and activity and through its loosened fetters, i.e. softer outer forms, which did not need so long periods to dissolve. But unspeakable long time passed before the spiritual had reduced the endless distance from God so far that it was admitted to the last test of will as man. Therefore endless long time passed from the beginning of the material creation until the first man, equipped with intellect and free will, was allowed to take this test of will. And only now the period of time started with which men reckon; only now started the fight of light with darkness. The spiritual, which had covered the endless long course through the creations, had to prove to itself whether it wanted to finally give up its resistance against God or again turn away from God in free will and become afresh a slave to the opponent of God. B.D. NR. 3504a.


Book 45 3504b

Earth test. New earth and its coming into being.

2. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3504b.

So an epoch of development of the earth preceded the era of men, which only formed the creation so that the living conditions were created for man on earth because this was precondition that man could now start his spiritual ascent development. Because the spiritual, which was now embodied as man, had to serve in love to finally become free out of bondage, which was a deserved state for its former will to rule. Because it did not have recognized God as its starting point, as its creator and producer, because it did not want to accept him, but believed to be able to create and shape out of its own power and control his creations. It did not acknowledge that these arose under the use of the power out of God and therefore everything was subordinated to the eternal divinity what was produced out of the will of the opponent Lucifer and the power out of God. It did not submit and for that reason must now as man summon the degree of will to acknowledge God as sole lord and creator and submit unconditionally to his divine will. The earth was now in a state where the divine creation required human activity to give to men the possibility to live. God himself instructed first men in their earth assignment of which fulfilment guaranteed their last release out of form. But now the power of the opponent of God started who had no power over the spiritual in the development period before. Man was equipped with free will, and the opponent of God sought to win this will for himself. But this test was allowed by God because man was to decide in fullest freedom of will for him or his opponent. He sought to distract man from serving in love and to determine him to be active according to his will, which is often also the will of man himself. As long as men stay on earth they stand as object of struggle between light and darkness. Because their souls are wooed by both sides, which want to direct the will to them. The spiritual, which before in the mandatory state strove for God, can reduce the last distance from itself to God, but also increase it, but it must inevitably bear the consequences of its decision. Earth offers innumerable possibilities for the spiritual ascent development but also a sinking into the deepest depth is possible, and both the will of man determines himself. But also this development period has an end as soon as human will no longer uses any possibility – as soon as he leaves the spiritual ascent development completely out of consideration and he therefore no longer fulfils his earth assignment. Then the spiritual strives again back, towards that state, which it had overcome endless times ago already. And God puts it also in this state as soon as the end of the redemption period has come. He again lets a new earth come into being and enlivens the new creation with this spiritual, which has failed in the development period before. And that is that every substance is dissolved which holds spiritual. This is synonymous with the complete destruction of what is visible to the eye as earthly matter. But the build-up of the new earth does not happen the way as at the start of creation because the new human race no longer needs the slow pre-development because it has passed the test on the old earth and stands so far in knowledge that purpose and aim of every work of creation is understandable to it, therefore new creations can come into being before the eyes of men unobjectionably, without them being a spiritual hindrance for perfection for them. Therefore the new redemption period is just a continuation of the previous one; it only causes a change of the outer form, a reshaping of the surface of earth for the purpose of new development possibilities through the coming into being of new creations. Because the earth in itself remains as it is, it only releases the spiritual according to divine plan for a short time, which is again banished in new creations to mature quicker for the next reshaping. Men of the new earth stand in a state of maturity, which earns them a paradisiacal life, and they are always prepared to be active in serving love. Consequently they are initially exposed to no resistances, but which indisputably would mean for them a slow development of the new creation. God creates a paradise for them on earth, and it presupposes creations of incomparable beauty and most charming magic. And these creations are works of one moment. Uncountable thoughts of God his will sets as work into infinity in one moment. In exactly the same way the new earth will come into being, without needing time, because nothing is impossible to his power and his will and because everywhere his love and wisdom collaborates where his will is active. But human intellect does not grasp this; it bases its own insufficiency also on divine work. But only the imperfect man applies this standard. But because the new earth will only carry spiritually mature men as inhabitants, their thinking is free of doubts in the greatness of God, and nothing is incomprehensible to them. They praise and extol God and his glory, and earthly magnificence only contributes to deepen their love towards God, which secures for them a peaceful life on the new earth where God dwells in the middle of them, because he is everywhere there where love is. Amen. B.D. NR. 3504b.


Book 45 3505

Influence of immature souls who died early

3. and 4. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3505.

Countless souls stay near earth, which departed without recognition of the eternal divinity, which entered the other kingdom blind in spirit and, still unaware of their miserable state, stay near men, who were in their surroundings on earth. And often these souls drive, through their wishes and insistences, men to acts and speeches, which correspond to their will, i.e., they transmit their thinking upon men, who do not resist them, who are of the same spirit and therefore susceptible to the influence of those souls. The quick departing from earth, often in the middle of life through the effect of demonic powers, to which countless men fall victim, puts the still immature souls from a state of power to a state of complete powerlessness. They feel, that they can no longer accomplish anything according to their own will, and therefore seek to transfer their will upon living men to still show through these to advantage, to determine them to execute their will. And this unfavourable influence out of the spiritual kingdom of darkness has a very exceptional detrimental effect on earth because through it the number of the deceased becomes greater daily and the possibility is taken from many men to reach their state of maturity on earth. At the moment earth is besieged by dark characters, which seek to refuse entry to earth even to the powers of light and are successful there where men stand indifferent facing the spiritual. The immature souls still strive for the same on earth, and they transfer their desire upon men, (4.8.1945) who have the same thoughts, the same desires and the same state of maturity. And these are willing executioners of that what they receive mentally whispered to them. An increased mortality, which is unnatural, therefore the result of human hate and human unkindness, will also increase the darkness in the spheres next to earth because men still have not utilized their earth life; they still cannot score the spiritual successes, which can earn them a long earth life; in the main they are happy-go-lucky and belong to the world, and according to this is also their desire after their bodily death, when particular difficult living conditions have them still not recognize the worthlessness of it in the last hour and their thinking still changes before the entry into the spiritual kingdom. Then the soul will also not be embraced by deepest darkness, but sees rays of light now and then, which it follows and soon comes into lighter surroundings. But then its desire no longer aims exclusively at earthly matter; it easily parts from earth and its earlier surroundings and finds a substitute in the spiritual kingdom, which it thinks more valuable. But the immature souls cannot rise into these spheres; they are held on to earth like with chains and also always near their relatives or like-minded men on earth. And the spiritual state of them is unlikely to lift as long as powers from the hereafter assert their influence. And their ignorance is not suited to have an enlightening effect upon men; moreover they make access for the light beings to them more difficult, and only the earnest will of man himself frees the way for the light beings. And that is why an earthly chaos, initiated through human will and claiming many victims, also has a spiritual decline as consequence, because also after the death of man his thoughts still have an effect. And men are to protect themselves against the influence of immature, untimely deceased men through prayer for them and asking for protection through light beings, for right thinking and God’s favour and power. Then the efforts of the dark spiritual powers are in vain; they meet with no response with men and can cause no damage to the soul. Because it is again the will of man himself, whether he strives for the good, to be in contact with the good powers, or abandons himself carelessly to the pushing thoughts of bad powers. Man can protect himself; but he must have the will for this and consequently detest bad thoughts and acts. He himself must walk a way, which corresponds to the commandments of God, then every influence out of the spiritual kingdom is without effect, which is done by low powers. Because rays of light penetrate everywhere where light is just desired, where the good is aspired to and spiritual progress is longed for. There the light beings are constantly active, and they chase away all dark characters around men because their power is great when man grants this power to them through his will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3505.


Book 45 3506

Fatherly love. God’s guidance.

5. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3506.

What are you afraid of and what scares you? Do not I take an interest in your fate by me always promising my help? Just put your full trust in me and let yourselves be guided, and my guidance is really right. You can cheerfully walk by my hand; the love of the father protects you and does not let you fall. But small difficulties you have to overcome so that you take all the firmer hold of the hand of the father, so that you do not forget his guidance, brake away and want to cover the way on your own. Because that is a danger for you. Because of that do not shrink from the difficulties, which daily let the way seem to be exhausting to you; take all obstacles in full trust of my help and you will easily overcome them and be able to again go calmly your way. For I always and constantly accompany you as soon as you want to accept me accompanying you. And from my nearness power will flow over you, and therefore you need not to be afraid of anything whatever the world is threatening you. It is my will or my allowance that men still get into bad trouble for the sake of their souls, which are still turned away from me. But I care lovingly for mine although they have to take part in the suffering and the misery of the general public. Let me take care of you, and free your hearts of all worry of the body. And only think of your souls that they do not need to live in want; remain in contact with me; pray and practise love, and you will never ever be without power because I do not forget those who are mine, and every call to me I hear and listen to. And firmly and undoubtedly believe that nothing is impossible for me and that in greatest trouble I am closer to you than ever. But in my plan from eternity this trouble is intended, however only as help to the gone astray souls, which otherwise get lost. But who believes in me, in my love and omnipotence, he can drop all worry because he as my child will be allowed to constantly feel my loving father hand, which carefully looks after it on its course of life. The spiritual low of men requires a time of trouble, which is so drastic that it hardly seems bearable to men. And still you, who are mine, are not allowed to be afraid of this time of trouble because as long as you remain connected to me through intimate prayer and works of love, through your will to live to my pleasure, you are also protected from the corrupting influence of him who wants to bring about your downfall. And therefore also the powers of darkness who want to have an effect through men have little influence upon you. They certainly can frighten you but they cannot harm you because I stand in front of you and turn away every disaster from you – provided it is not necessary for your soul. Therefore believe and trust; keep to me, and my father hand leads you carefully out of every danger. Amen. B.D. NR. 3506.


Book 45 3507

Inner contemplation. Prayer granting.

7. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3507.

Lift up your eyes to me, where your help comes from. I think of mine in greatest trouble, and I grant them my protection. And what I promised you, that fulfils itself to the word. But my promise is: The father does not for ever leave his child, when it does not leave him. He trustful caringly leads it by the hand, so that it emerges out of all dangers unharmed of body and soul. For that reason do not become anxious and despondent when trouble grows and threatens to crush you. Let everything go its course, and just listen to the voice of your heart, so that you become noticeably aware of my nearness and draw consolation and power from the awareness to never be forsaken. Often have contemplation in your inner being and talk to me, and I will answer you; I will chase away all doubts and anxiety and make you cheerful and confident because out of the connection with me you constantly draw power and favour. And this you lack when you are afraid and fearful. When you are able to hold intimate dialogue with me then you are also of strong a heart because you do not feel to be alone but constantly surrounded by my protection. But when you pay too much attention to the world, to the misery around you and its effects, then my power cannot flow upon you without resistance, and you feel to be weak. Only the intimate connection with me makes you strong. Always speak like children to me, which unreservedly entrust everything what presses them, and like a father I will listen to you and come to your help. But do not doubt my love and power – I can help you and I want to help you as soon as you trust me unconditionally and ask me humbly childlike. Because I love you from the beginning, and my power is unlimited and banishes every disaster instantly when this is my will. And therefore hope and believe; come to me in every trouble and distress, and do not stop praying for the power of faith. Trust me that I will give you greatest fatherly love, that I hear you when you have intimate dialogue with me and desire my favour and power. Amen. B.D. NR. 3507.


Book 45 3510

Spiritual food. Seek ye first the kingdom.

10. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3510.

God feeds the hungry and waters the thirsty. To the soul and the body he gives what they need for the course on earth because his love does not leave his creatures in trouble. To the soul he gives the bread of heaven, and when it accepts this and gratefully refreshes itself with it, he also takes over the care for the body, to offer to it at its time that what it needs for life on earth. He feeds the hungry – who carry desire for food for the soul. This is precondition because the food, which he passes down from heaven to men, is valuable and is not wasted on men who do not respect it, who are full of worldly consumption and have no desire for food for the soul. But God also does not look after them in earthly needs but he leaves the care about it to them. They will also be able to cover the needs of the body because the counter power helps them to tie them up all the more to the world and therefore to himself. But it will always require the power of man himself, his life power, to obtain that what he needs. But God supplies to his what they need provided they first desire the food for the soul. His word, which announces to them the will of the father in heaven, which preaches to them his love, wisdom and omnipotence, which instructs them, spends comfort and power and true refreshment for the soul of man, who absorbs it with a hungry heart. He will be able to confidently leave the care of the body to God who truly knows what he needs, and cares in fatherly love that his children do not suffer lack. He offers his word, the food of the soul, in love to men so that they fulfil their earth assignment and can cover the walk on earth walk with success. He wants to make it possible for them to reach the aim to become free of every outer form and to enter eternity as beings of light. That is why he gave life to man – therefore he will also sustain it until man has reached his aim when he earnestly strives for it. And therefore he will also give to the body what it needs for the sustaining; he will provide well for it so that it can meet its earth assignment. He feeds and waters men spiritually and earthly. But he requires hunger and thirst of the souls. This is a condition which man must fulfil to not lose the fatherly care; he must desire spiritual feeding because this is desire for God himself. It is a gift of favour of immeasurable value to be fed by God himself. But God never hands out his gift to unworthy, who do not respect the giver and also spurn his gift when it would be offered to them. The spiritual food is incomparably more valuable and life of the soul more important than the preservation of the body, the earthly flesh and bones, which is transient. But God does not let the mortal cover of man go hungry and live in want when its soul strives for winning eternal life – when his soul hungers for the bread of heaven, for food, which the fatherly love offers to it as God’s word, which gives power for ascent development. He gives to the body what it needs when man puts the food of the soul before all other needs, and he will guide man through all trouble of the time according to wise discretion, always considering the spiritual life of man; he will give to him as it is good for his soul because his promise is: Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you. Amen. B.D. NR. 3510.


Book 45 3511

God’s will or allowance. Trial period.

12. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3511.

Everything good is my work because out of my power and my will can never something bad emerge because my love works as power with every creation, with all events, which are based on my will. But the will of my opponent works without love and that is why it can only give birth to bad things. His love is blatant self-love full of worst desires, which only strive for ruin to increase his power, and his will is therefore extermination and destruction of what has emerged out of my hand, what is good and perfect and a work of infinite love. But limits are set to his power. Original-initially he abused it for the creation of new beings, which were to help to drive me out, to reduce my power and to subjugate me to him, in what he will not succeed for ever because I as Lord of heaven and earth can any time take away the strength and power from him when this is my will. But my love takes pity on the entity, which was produced out of his hand, out of his evil will under use of my power. My love tries to free it out of the power of my opponent; it tries to snatch it from his will to destroy and to help it to get eternal life. And that is why I took the power over the entity away from him, which must cover the way back to me in bound form. And therefore he has no power at all over works of creation; he can destroy or exterminate nothing what is my work, because I alone am entitled to this power and I apply it where my love thinks it to be good. Because my work is always good, even when it is not recognized. But the area of power of my opponent is the earth in the stage of development of the entity where it must pass the last test of will embodied as man. Therefore he has power over the will of man in this time, and he seeks to use it in every way. He seeks to weaken the will for the good; he seeks to develop in man the desire to destroy and to exterminate to cause him to carry out what is his will – to destroy my work. But I gave fullest freedom to the human will – and therefore man is able to follow the influence of my opponent or to also resist it, according to his feeling of belonging, which he develops in himself. And man can now carry out the worst deeds without being hindered by me, as he on the other hand will find however all support when he wants to resist my opponent, when he himself is turned to the good, he seeks me and therefore proves his belonging to me. The bad will expresses itself destructible, the good will building up – all destruction through the hand of men is the work of Satan although it requires my allowance to be carried out. But because earth life as man is a test of will, I must also give him the opportunity to give full expression in every direction. I am not allowed to hinder him practising bad deeds, as I will also never force his will to good acts. And that is why the power is left to my opponent by me to have an effect upon men during earth life, and this power he uses the more the less resistance he finds. But a work of destruction will once be carried out, which is based upon my will. Works of creation will be destroyed without the influence of my opponent. But even then my will is still good and my having an effect an act of love and mercy, because this work of destruction only means a reshaping of what exists for the purpose of spiritual ascent development. It is progress for the affected works of creation and also a means for men of gaining soul maturity, when they stand in a will turned towards me or gain it through this. But my opponent has never ever a part in this, what is an eruption of the power of nature, but his work only affects what the human will puts into effect. And he seeks to influence it all the time and constantly. And in the time before the end his influence is gigantic. And that is why I wrest the power from him, also over the will of man – by me binding again all immature spiritual in form, in new works of creation and completely take away the mature spiritual from his power – by me binding him himself in hardest matter for a long time, until mankind has again gone away from me so far that it gives him through this the freedom to have an effect upon it. Then I do not hinder him so that the will of men puts itself to the test anew. Amen. B.D. Nr. 3511.


Book 45 3512

God reveals himself through creation.

13. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3512.

Divine will of shaping lets works come into being, which are visible to the human eye to reveal God in the works of creation. It is his aim to guide man to recognize him, to then win his love and his will to turn to him. As soon as God’s greatness and magnificence, his love, omnipotence and wisdom are recognized, man also strives towards the highest entity. But without this recognition his mind turns to things, which appear to be desirable for life on earth. Man carries a love in himself, which can however be a wrong one, when it is meant for that what is perishable. He will always strive for something, and the object of his striving is to be divine – something spiritual, which is perfect, then his love is right. God himself is the most perfect spirit being, which requires deepest love to be striven for. That is why he must also be recognized, and that is why he reveals himself to men by letting creations come into being before their eyes, which testify to his love, omnipotence and wisdom. And man, who attentively looks at God’s creation, must learn to love him. He must feel God’s love and his wisdom, which has assigned its purpose to every work of creation, and in the face of his greatness and unsurpassableness he must sink into reverence. The recognition of the eternal divinity inevitably results in love towards him, and man consciously strives towards God; he seeks to get in touch with him; he offers himself to his progenitor as his creature to remain in connexion with him because he loves him. The love towards God is the driving force of eager striving; without love man belongs to the world because it owns his wrong love. But to be able to love God he must be recognized, and God himself helps man to learn to recognize him – he shows himself in his greatness and power. In his creations he is within reach for men because everything what came into being out of his will is spiritual power in its original substance, therefore outflow of what he is himself – the power centre, an inexhaustible spring of love power. God is eternal love itself; he is power and therefore present in every work of his creation, what is comprehensible to man when he has recognized God when he has fathomed the nature of love through own work of love. When he has reached this level of cognition to grasp the nature and the power of love then he also seeks God not just in the distance but he is near him in every work of creation, and his love towards him grows constantly and lets him mature all the time in insight. And every man can come to recognize the eternal divinity with earnest consideration of his works and serious will to fathom the otherwise for him closed area – God’s work and rule in the universe. God satisfies the thirst for knowledge of man who seeks to fathom in the desire for truth and striving for knowledge. Because he wants to be recognized; he wants to reveal himself to men that they can get into contact with him; he wants to be loved by his creatures, and that is why he reveals himself as himself a being full of love, which stands in highest perfection and can claim with full right the love of his creatures. But he does not want to force men to love, and that is why everyone is free to let the divine creation speak to him or to go past it with indifference. God is always close to men in his works but only tangible to those who seek to recognize him and therefore give fullest attention to all things by which they are surrounded. These will feel him and are passionately in love towards him; they will seek to fathom him; they will let their thoughts wander into infinity and raise questions, which are answered from the spiritual side, and they will reach knowledge, which results in a striving for perfection to be able to approach the highest and most perfect being because man feels it that this is the final gaol of his earth life that he unites himself with God out of whose power he once emerged. Amen. B.D. NR. 3512.


Book 45 3513

Last phase before the end.

14. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3513.

Mankind has now entered a development phase which is extremely significant because it precedes the last end according to God’s purpose from eternity. Complete spiritual blindness marks the last time before the end. Men are in fullest ignorance about their earth life purpose and their task; they foster no spiritual connection at all; they stand far from God through lack of care and their complete wrong thinking; their care is meant for the world, the achieving of earthly goods, and the spiritual life is totally disregarded. It is therefore no time of ascent development but a standstill has occurred, which changes to degeneration of the spiritual, which stays on earth in this last time as man. The earth as development station of the spiritual has so to speak become invalid, and this is a state which cannot have a long duration because according to God’s eternal love and wisdom only a permanent further development is to take place and he therefore creates again a new possibility which guarantees this further development. It is a time of greatest spiritual blindness, which can also hardly be removed because the will of man itself resists when light is brought to him. Because in the darkness in which they stay will-o’-the-wisps flash, towards which men aim at. It is the world with its brightness which they long for and which imprisons their thinking completely. With the spiritual standstill, with the degeneration of all spiritual development men will recognize how near the end is provided they are associated with God and with the spiritual eye pay attention to world events. They will know that the coming of the Lord is no longer far. But they have to pass a hard time of fighting because it is essential to achieve a separation of spirits. The wheat has to be separate from the chaff; he who has still not completely decided must realize where his will strives to. The last fight must be fought out, which will be extremely hard. But those will emerge as victors who carry God in the heart because God is always near them; he himself leads them through this fight. There are only few men, but these stand in the light; they are knowing and also draw power from the knowledge for the last resistance against the enemy of their souls. And therefore light is fighting against darkness. When this fight is taking place openly then the coming of the Lord is to be expected daily because the misery will be great for those loyal to God, and in the greatest trouble he will appear as rescuer and fetch them home into his kingdom. And the earth in its present shaping has fulfilled its purpose. It will be destroyed in its outer form through God’s will and completely changed to again being able to take up its function as education station for the spiritual according to God’s plan full of wisdom. Men of the present time stand already in this last phase of development, and therefore the end is no longer far. But God’s infinite love and patience always still forgives; he still gives to men every conceivable possibility to step out of darkness into the gleam of light of his love. But the end comes inevitably because men do not respect his love and care because they are farer from God than ever. But he who joins him he can expect the end without worry; he will not go down because God protects his soul, and he also takes over care for his body as it best serves his soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 3513.


Book 45 3516

Faith struggle last phase of end-times.

17. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3516.

The opponent of God works his field with success. He wipes out what is good, and spreads bad seeds, and the weeds overgrow every other plant. And as the time of harvest has come, only few good fruit will be to be rescued, and all weeds will be burned. How often has God already mentioned this time and pointed out the power of Satan with men. How often has he already announced the signs under which Satan’s work will be successful to warn men, to admonish them to be attentive with his traps. But these predictions remain unnoticed as also his power over men does not let them attend in which danger they are. Willingly they abandon themselves to his influence, and willingly they carry out what he demands of them – loveless acts which suffocate all good feelings in them, which make them ripe for the downfall. It is the time of the end, which lasts as long until the spirits have separated – until also the lukewarm, undecided have decided for up or down. Because this separation of spirits still must take place. Innumerable men still have to realize to which spirit they want to cling to because many men still have not clarified this – they are blind in spirit, they express the name of God and think to belong to him although their thinking and acting completely contradicts his commandments – while individuals still wrestle for knowledge, start to detest evil and can still find the way to truth and to life when they refrain from the pleasures of the world, when they seriously remember their souls. And the time of the end still has to achieve this final separation, and that is why it will be a time of horror, a time where all desires develop, good and bad, but latter in superior numbers, so that the good will have it hard to assert itself. The door will be opened to all vices and desires, and the world will find more and more followers through whom the opponent of God entices with success. But also God calls his, and who hears his voice he will also follow it because he recognizes it as the voice of the father. And he gives to his great power to resist; he strengthens the weak; he helps the weak in faith that they are able to believe firmly; he entices and calls the undecided and shows them the right way, and he takes care of all men who earnestly strive to be good and to resist against the bad forces which besiege them. And the separation of spirits will take place – more and more clearly the conflict between good and bad will become apparent, between men turned towards God and turned away from God because an open enmity will start; the bad will take action against men who follow God, and seek to destroy them. And then the last time has come, the time of the end has entered the last phase as soon as the fight starts against the believers. Then the work of God appears visibly so that his come through this time, so that they emerge victoriously from the last fight, which finds its end in the coming of the Lord in the clouds, where he will fetch home who are his into his kingdom and will pronounce judgement over earth – to make happy who believe in him, and to bind into fetters the followers of his opponent whom he will likewise bind for a long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 3516.


Book 45 3517

God’s work in man. Power.

18. and 19. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3517.

Man must be prepared to give everything when he wants to receive the power of God completely, when he wants to let it flow into him in all fullness and through this be able to achieve the supernatural. Who gives everything, who has completely loosened his heart from earthly goods, from the world and its attractions, he has overcome self-love, and his love can be nothing but the right one, love towards the neighbour and therefore towards God, and he will always and constantly busy himself in love work; through this he will get into closest contact with God and be able to receive his power radiation directly. For no obstacle exists any longer; his will is turned towards God, and his actions are in accordance with the will of God. To withdraw from the world means uniting with God – but this separation must first have taken place before man opens himself without resistance to the power supply out of God. The will for this must be proven by the act because the will for unification can also exists with lukewarm men, still turned towards the world; but it must first come to the execution through earnest overcoming of that what seems to be earthly desirable to man. But then he receives more than he has given because the power radiation out of God will make him infinitely more happy; he will master earthly life in the full possession of the power out of God, however lead a spiritual life first and have treasures at his disposal, which give rich meaning to his life, which he never ever wants to miss and which prompt him to permanent activity in love. He will call a knowledge his own that has its origin in God and that is why it is purest truth; he will stand high in understanding, and it will make him free and happy. He will no longer know weaknesses, no fear and anxiousness, because the power out of God does never ever give rise to such, and his constant striving will be to fulfil the will of God, to serve him and to help the neighbour to the same happiness on earth, which is granted to him. But the power out of God will also enable him to achieve things, which are extraordinary and exceed the power of a man – his will will reach that strength, that he, in the faith in the power of God having an effect in him, is able to achieve everything. When there is no longer an obstacle in him for the flow of the power of God, then there are also no limits for the work of it, because it is now God who works in him, and the will of man will now also be the will of God, when the unification with God has taken place. Uninterrupted unselfish love work and restless giving up of earthly desires earns man the unification with God on earth, and now also the love of God obviously has an effect in man and gives him spiritual goods unmeasured – with the supply of the divine word, which is the greatest source of power as the direct radiation of God, with which he now can strengthen and refresh himself. (19.8.1945) God himself works in him – and man must now be full of power and might. His will will only carry out what is God’s will, and God’s will becomes action through a man, who stands in the power of God. But to fellowmen it appears supernatural because they do not feel the power of God in them and also have no understanding of its work. But if they themselves would overcome earthly matter, if they would like to likewise rid themselves of it, the same things would be possible to them and the process of extraordinary work through men explainable, because light flows towards man with power at the same time, the knowledge about spiritual work. Light and power are one, and that is why to the knowing man nothing appears to be supernatural, but just as increased degree of spiritual progress. He knows that all what is imperfect is powerless and lightless, but that power and light is part of him who earnestly strives for perfection and develops himself up step by step. And that is why the knowing man also loses every fear in the face of the world, because he knows that he is standing in intimate union with God and can take up his power at any time and is therefore immune against the attacks through the world until that hour, which God’s will has set for him for his bodily end. And that is why he is not afraid of anybody, is however able to instil fear into fellowmen, who face his power and might unknowingly. As overcomer of matter also from him every fetter of matter falls; he stands in spiritual freedom, and that also means power over matter because it is subject to the will of God, which is expressed in man flown through by power. God works in him – and the state of man must be happiness – being able to be completely devoted to the work of God and to be continuously active according to his will. He will only use his will for the work in love, to point fellowmen to the love of God, which gives exquisite gifts to the man, who unites with him, who overcomes matter and therefore lets unhindered power out of God flow into him through continual work in love. He will point men to the power of love, which expresses itself now in obvious ways; he will initiate them into the power and might of the divine word, which educates to love and is the signpost towards God. He will introduce to men their earth assignment and seek to move them to likewise withdraw from matter, which is worthless and passing, so that they can receive spiritual goods – so that the power of God is also expressed with them – so that God himself can have an effect in them. Amen. B.D. NR. 3517.


Book 45 3518

Gaining of wisdom. Searching and brooding.

20. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3518.

Do not search and brood but pray and listen into you, when you want to become wise. Because wisdom is spiritual knowledge, which corresponds to truth, which can never be won through searching and brooding, but is offered to you with pleasure and in all fullness by the spirit in you, which is God’s part of eternity. Get into contact with the spirit in you by you making its work possible, by bringing it to awakening through love work and then listening attentively what it announces to you. Only that man can understand this process who has experienced it himself, who fulfiled the conditions, which the work of the spirit requires – which is active in love on earth. And he has had the experience with himself that the voice of the spirit expresses itself in him as soon as he shuts himself off from the world and attentively listens inwards until it expresses itself. But without love work the spirit of God cannot become effective in him; man will therefore also never become wise who searches and broods. He will think a process to be impossible, which earns him true knowledge, as long as has not made the test himself, which promises him rich success. The spiritual connection must be established to receive spiritual knowledge, which corresponds to truth. And spiritual knowledge alone is valuable; spiritual knowledge alone is constant and is therefore to be striven for first. Earthly knowledge will then likewise be sent to man according to need, as soon as he first strives for wisdom, for knowledge, which survives everything earthly. Also earthly knowledge will be sent to him according to his earthly assignment because the spirit in him now steers all his thoughts as soon as man makes its effectiveness possible. But he is never allowed to strive for earthly success for the sake of earthly wages, but again the love for fellow-beings must drive him to also be eagerly active earthly. And every desire that springs from the love of the heart will be fulfilled because the spirit of God can now have unhindered effect in him because the danger exists no longer that man loses his heart to the world and therefore also earthly success can no longer jeopardize him. Because man assesses earthly success not differently than increased joy of being able to give and hand out to the needy. And when earthly knowledge is used to make fellow-man happy, to help him in bodily misery, he will also be blessed, and also spiritual knowledge will be guaranteed to him, and only then will he be wise – he will possess wisdom, offered by God, but never acquired through searching and brooding. God places his conditions on the acquiring of wisdom, the true knowledge out of God. And who fulfils this condition he can truly draw from the spring of wisdom. And his thirst for knowledge will be satisfied, and he will be able to again instruct his fellow-men; he will also be able to show them the way to reach right knowledge. He will preach love to them, which alone allows the work of the spirit and therefore is to be practised whatever happens when man really wants to be wise. Amen. B.D. NR. 3518.


Book 45 3519

End of the World. Day of Judgement.

21. and 22. August 1945. B.D. Nr. 3519.

The end will come when nobody is expecting it. It will be a time when men who have turned away from God revel in the pleasures of the world while the god-fearing are in trouble and are expecting the coming of the Lord. But the former do not spend any thought on the approaching end, they live from day to day having no scruples, they know no bounds in earthly delights, revel and sin and are completely under the influence of Satan. It will be a time where seemingly an improvement of living conditions has occurred, where the earthly neediness is corrected for the people who yield to the demands of the authorities, where only those have to suffer who are outlawed due to their faith. And in the middle of all these ecstasies comes the judgement – unexpected also for those who are loyal to God, because nothing before looks as if a change is going to occur to their sad situation. Mankind is full of sin and guilt, it has completely turned away from God and towards his enemy, it has received his part on earth, earthly joys in excess, and thoughts and wishes of men are constantly getting worse and concentrate on acts against the believers who are getting pestered without mercy and are helpless against their power and brute force. They completely support Satan and men are ripe for their downfall. And the end comes as it is foretold in the word and scripture. It will be a day full of horror for men, the earth will split and fire will break out of the interior of the earth and all the elements will be in turmoil. And men will try to flee and run into indescribable panic, but wherever they turn everywhere it is the same, certain ruin. The end has come for all who are of a God opposing mind - and salvation from greatest misery has come for those who are the Lord’s, who will be raptured with their bodies remaining alive and so escape the bodily end. Already a long time ago God has announced the time but his prediction is not respected and so men will see themselves suddenly in a terrible situation from which there is no escape. The downfall of the old earth is decided since eternity but when it happens is hidden from men and so they experience it at a time where they believe to be save and to be the rulers of the world, where they seek to win pleasures from life whatever is possible, where they are completely captivated by the world and therefore dismiss God from their thinking. And so God makes them remember him. He calls to account what has sinned against him because it does not acknowledge him. He holds court of all men and separates them from each other by fetching up to himself into his kingdom those who are his and the others he again puts into banishment - by letting them find their bodily end in a terrible way and captivating their souls anew, i.e. binding the will of the spiritual so that it - without free will - again has to cover the course of development in the new creation. It is a horrible occurrence but still an act of divine righteousness because the sinfulness of men has reached its climax. They are in the service of Satan and have themselves become pure devils that don’t deserve anything but bodily extermination and spiritual imprisonment, so that the righteous get rid of them and can live a life of peace and unity on the new earth. And even whether God postpones and again and again is patient while the sinfulness increases – the end comes irrevocably and at a time when it is not expected. Because also the believers will stop short because everything worldly seems to asserts itself because the power of those increases who are representing the world and the believers have become powerless and without rights through them. And so the world seems to stand firm but still so close to its downfall – until the day has come that God has prescribed since eternity, that nobody can determine in advance and that still will bring the final dissolving of that what is on earth according to God’s plan. God alone knows the day, men are always to expect it and prepare themselves for it so that they belong to those who God raptures first so that they do not belong to those who are getting damned on the day of judgement as it is announced in word and scripture. Amen. B.D. NR. 3519.


Book 45 3520

Powerlessness of the Strong Against Natural Disaster.

22. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3520.

The power of him who is powerful on this earth will accomplish nothing against the raving of the elements when God will speak through them. Small and weak will he be and he has to submit to the natural disaster because one is stronger than him. The one who is Lord of heaven and earth. His strength will be recognizable and no man will be able to oppose him and call a halt to nature in its raging. Because they obeys the will of God only but where the will of God itself is active and brings the elements into commotion to prove his strength and power there he also determines the end and the course of an occurrence that is incomprehensible in its extent and effect. But men are to learn to recognize God; they are to sense a higher power at whose mercy they are and to connect to it by recognition and silent calling to it for help. They are to recognize further how small and weak man is compared with him even if great authority is given to him on earth, even when his power seems to be unlimited on earth. Before God the mightiest is small and insignificant and he can destroy his power in a moment. Whereas the weakest man on earth can be powerful when he uses God’s power and works with it. Then he can act in the will of God and command nature and it will obey him. Because then the will of man is subject to the will of God and then God himself acts, who has authority over everything, heaven and earth and all elements. But these will seem to be small and insignificant on earth because their strength lies in faith and in love, in a childlike disposition that always and permanently seeks contact with the father in eternity. Their strength is in the humility of the heart which never tries to be something on earth but which goes along still and modestly and which therefore never wants to make itself felt as a ruler before its fellow human beings. But who is strong and mighty on earth seeks to rule the world but he lacks the spiritual strength. And that is why he has to recognize his helplessness when God’s voice sounds from above and as a weak human being he will be afraid of the elements because he is helpless in the face of them. And so he could start to believe in a higher power which he should recognize to exist above him. But his arrogant character mostly prevents him from submitting. He does not want to surrender his power, he wants to rule and give orders. And that is why he has to feel his powerlessness so that he might gain cognition in the last hour and he might surrender. Then the terrible hours also have become a blessing to him even if he loses the life of his body as soon as he submits to him in the face of death who has created him and who for his sake lets his voice sound to win him for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3520.


Book 45 3529

Form Faith. Convinced Faith.

30. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3529.

At times of greatest earthly misery the spiritual state of individual men will be settled insofar as faith will either become firmer or gets lost completely when it previously has been just a form faith that could not yet convince people. Many fall away from the faith, their eyes are still too much on earthly things and they can’t bring in line world events and their own fate with the eternal divinity from which they just expect a happy life on earth due to their ignorance. They only want to recognize a God who gives them all the comforts of life but they can’t understand that they themselves forfeit a well-being on earth by their way of life, by their farness from God. The more they have to face up to tribulation the more they withdraw from him, they reject him, do not resign themselves to their fate but grumble and complain and seek to relieve themselves from their state of calamity by unfair acts and uncaring procedures towards the neighbour. Their belief in God was just a form belief that did not stand up to a serious examination that nevertheless also was useless and first has to become a convinced faith. Only few men will come closer to God in times of trouble because they strongly believe in him and are not going to be talked out of it. They regard the sufferings as that what they are, as a means through which God wants to win unfaithful men. They ceaselessly ask God for strength and are now also able to bear the suffering. Faith is giving them this strength and God does not forsake those who are his, i.e. who believe in him and flee to him in every trouble. But the state of those unbelievers is hopeless as long as they only pay attention to the earthly occurrences and do not think about the purpose of it all. But a clarification has to take place because a formal faith is no faith as God requires it to be - it is formally applied to men and has not become alive in them; it is a dead belief that does not encourage the soul in its development and therefore in need of a strong examination so that man sorts out through it his thinking and his attitude towards God. He who rejects him impressed by trouble and earthly events, by one’s own fate, will have to undergo greater trials in order to still win faith after all or he will be lost and at the end belong to those who are damned, who are ranked among the enemies of God and who therefore receive just punishment and who have to walk again the course through the new creation for the purpose of their redemption. Also the believers will be exposed to severe trials but a convinced belief is not shaken that easily and God supports those who remain faithful to him, who stand firm in all trials and who draw all the closer to God because they firmly believe in him and in his love, omnipotence and wisdom. And this firm belief will be rewarded at the day of judgement where God himself leads them to paradise, where all misery finds an end and where they are exceedingly happy in the presence of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 3529.


Book 45 3535

Time of the End. Predictions.

2. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3535.

Excerpt only.

Irrevocable is the decision of God to reshape the earth and to let new creations come into being that are to become carriers of spiritual entities for the purpose of redemption. And since eternity also the time has been fixed when this reshaping, that is preceded by the dissolving of the old earth, is to take place because God knows since eternity when mankind will have reached the low that makes a new shaping of the earth necessary so that the spirits will finally be separated from each other, that are close to God and far from God. Eternities have passed in this development period but because God himself has put an end to it this end has to occur once, even though it seems to men to be incomprehensible. But God has announced it since the beginning of the time epoch in which men live on earth.


Book 45 3537

I am who I am.

4. and 5. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3537.

I am who I am, from eternity to eternity. I am without beginning and end. Because I am spirit who is power and love in himself, from which everything emerges what is, who possesses will and the ability to think and therefore works in all wisdom. I am who I am – without me there is nothing, and without me nothing can exist what is. I am the power which flows through the entire universe, the will which rules everything, and the love which sustains everything what has emerged from my power. From me everything took its starting point what fills visible and invisible creations of the universe, and that what was created by me remains in connection with me for ever, because power is not divisible, it cannot be separated from the source of power; it remains what it is – radiation of myself. All creations are will having become form, which has an effect with power and lets my thoughts become action. But I myself am creation and creator at the same time because it holds my power, the original substance of myself, in itself, therefore I myself must also be everywhere where creations of me come to light. I am a spirit which is almighty, full of love and wise, which is constantly active and therefore works in love and wisdom, to which nothing is impossible because the power of love is unimaginable and it knows no limits. I am a spirit and therefore without time and space; I am from eternity and everywhere; nothing remains hidden from me, nothing is unreachable for me because I am the most perfect being, and out of me only what is perfect emerges. What took its start in me was spiritual, which was shaped as my image in all perfection and was enlivened from my love power. It was a part of me, indissolubly connected to me; it was my radiation to which I gave form, which now could create and shape like me as free, independent being through my power, which constantly flows towards the being. And my spirit flows through all beings, which emerged from me. And therefore I am myself in them, and I will never stop to be as also the entity, which took its start from me, can never pass, because it is a part of me, of my love power. And so everything testifies to me what I have created, as everything holds my power in it because without it nothing can exist. I work visibly and invisibly to the human eye, and my work is always the expression of power of me, he who is from eternity to eternity. Who has recognized me, he sees me everywhere; he knows me everywhere being present, and he feels me because with every breath he receives that power from me which shows him my nearness. And every thinking man should recognize me because nothing is what does not testify to me. The existing and the becoming into being of every work of creation depends in me, and every creature is enlivened with my power and my spirit, and life alone is already proof of me existing; it is proof of a creator, who gave life to his work because no being can give and sustain life to itself. And life carries everything in it what is visible because even dead matter lives; nothing remains unchanged in its outer form, therefore it is active in itself, even though in minimal degree, and activity is life. I was, I am and I will remain in eternity – the most perfect being, which is able to do everything by virtue of its will, its love and its wisdom, which occupies itself by creating and forming, which has created innumerable entities and wants to make them happy until all eternity. Never will a being come up to the standard of my perfection, and even so I draw everything up to me into my nearness to spend happiness through my radiation of power which flows through everything what carries the desire for its origin – therefore has found the unification with me through direct power transmission, I who was, I who is and will remain from eternity to eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3537.


Book 45 3538

Dead matter. Activity. Life.

5. and 6. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3538.

The change is unnoticeable, which occurs at seemingly dead matter, and that is why man can detect no life in it. But in long spaces of time also this matter takes on another form because every activity, also the most minimal, causes a new shaping or transformation and activity is life. The process of transformation, when it is not carried out through the hand of man, is often of very long duration with works of creation, upon which the human will has little influence, therefore with creations of nature, because it will occur according to the divine will. God knows about the resistance of the spiritual bound in matter, and the rigid lifelessness decreases according to its will to activity; the activity starts according to the will of God, and matter changes even if in hardly noticeable ways. And there is nothing in earthly creation, what would not have to show this slow transformation, although the human eye does not see it because it occurs exceedingly slowly. But everything in creation on earth is in slow ascent development, subject to mandatory law. Consequently also nothing stays in the same form but it changes, partly slowly, partly quickly, according to the resistance of the spiritual in the works of creation against God. And therefore there is nothing dead on earth, i.e. lifeless in itself, but everything holds life, because also the spiritual in hardest matter has the urge for activity, and it only depends on its will whether it can carry out this activity, in contrast to the state of death in the hereafter where the spiritual lacks all power for activity, where it remains completely inactive but is nevertheless conscious of its existence. That is why the state of the bound will in matter is still to be preferred to the state of death in the hereafter, because it once improves even if after endless long time, because the spiritual in matter has the urge for freedom and just needs to steer the will in the right direction, whereas the will of the being in the hereafter is completely weakened and is therefore no longer of use. It remains completely will-less in the dead state and sinks more and more to the deep, until it is used as cool mass, as cover of the spiritual, as matter itself, which now depends on the will of the spiritual held in it, how long matter exists unchanged. Because a difference must be made between the spiritual, which is bound in matter, and matter itself, which is likewise spiritual, but much more rebellious against God. Hard matter in itself could therefore be called dead, but the spiritual held in it gives it life, so that also for it the process of dissolving starts once and therefore also the start of ascent development in a new redemption period. The spiritual in matter can flee out of it as soon as it is destroyed, and continue its development in a new form, which is less hard, but matter itself is not yet dissolved and it is again enlivened by spiritual in corresponding will of resistance, so that matter often grants stay to such spiritual for endless long times before it can dissolve itself. The state of death is so agonizing that it means deepest hell, and the powers of the underworld are only then satisfied when they have brought the soul into this state because it means extreme distance to God, therefore withdrawal of all power out of God. But God also takes pity on this spiritual and gives it the possibility to redeem itself again out of the dead state. But eternities pass before this process of redemption starts, which requires again infinite times before it is ended. Amen. B.D. NR. 3538.


Book 45 3539


6. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3539.

The love and the favour of God is inexhaustible, and therefore nothing can get lost because God is always prepared to help that that finds back to him, which lost its way. The help, which the lost receives undeservedly, is favour, and men are boundlessly entitled to it because God’s love wants to win them for ever. As long as man lives on earth he can take up the treasure of favour; it will never be denied to him but the larger being available to him the more it is desired. Divine love is always prepared to give, and therefore it also hands out favour unlimitedly, and who now makes use of his favour, he is rescued from eternal ruin; he has found the way which leads to God; he has accepted the help of God and can no longer go wrong now. Every man is allowed to desire God’s love and favour; it will also flow towards him, and he just needs to use it, and it will become effective with him. Therefore only the will of man must be prepared to open the heart for the flow of love and favour – he must want to receive to be given by God abundantly. And that is why he must pray for the supply of favour. Through this he testifies to God his will to allow to be helped by him; weak and humbly he steps before him in prayer, and he will certainly not turn out empty because the prayer for supply of favour will always be fulfilled because it concerns the spiritual well-being and it always finds hearing. Who ask for favour he recognizes his inadequacy and wants to remedy it with God’s help. He is not of arrogant spirit but of humble heart, and God gives his favour to the humble. Everything what feels weak is strengthened by God, and this is favour. What is helpless will find help with God because his love leans towards the weak, helpless and he stands by him. It is a gift, which is allocated to man because of it he got into the state of weakness and God wants to help him to rise out of it. But because he is a gift of God, favour must also be asked for consciously; the giver of the gift of favour must be asked for so that his love gives to man what he needs to again reach the height. That what got lost is to again find back to God, and it cannot do this out of its own power. That is why the love of God has pity, and it opens the spring of favour; it hands out boundlessly – it gives to men all means of help, which make his return to God possible, and this is favour. Everything what helps man to the height is favour. And his love will never end and again and again give favour to man until he has reached his last aim, until the return to God has taken place, which is first and last aim of man on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3539.


Book 45 3540

Effectiveness of favour.

8. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3540.

The faintest resistance prevents the flow of divine favour and its effectiveness although divine love wants to always and continuously bequeath to men gifts of favour. The opening of the heart, the will and the desire for God’s favour, is absolutely required that it becomes effective with man because God’s favour is a secure means for the reaching of spiritual maturity, which man must strive for and reach out of free will. A gift of favour offered to him without his will to receive would promote his development, without that his will would be changed, which is purpose and aim of his walk on earth. To what extent now the most inner desire of man is to be supported by God, also God alone can judge, but already the smallest will he takes into account and grants man his help. He gives him his favour, and it will also have its effectiveness in him. The cognition of one’s own inadequacies is the first step to wish for and to request the favour, the help of God, because in the awareness of one’s weakness he stretches out the hand in the desire for rescue, and therefore he opens himself to the flow of favour, which God hands out boundlessly to everyone who desires it. Every means of help, which promotes man in the development of his soul, is favour, offered to him through God’s great love so that he might become happy. It is a gift, which is however only handed out to the weak, needy, who are aware of their state and who step before God humbly in their weakness asking for his favour. This condition must be made by God because he respects the free will of man, but a gift of favour against the will of man means a compulsion, which restricts the maturing of the soul. God puts every conceivable means of help at the disposal of men, but he does not force it on them, but requests the willingness to receive it, and to respect the giver in thankfulness and love, but then man will cover effortless the way to the height and be able to score rich success for his soul. Because what God gives in his infinite love to men must earn success provided it can become effective with them through their will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3540.


Book 45 3542

Hardness of the fight against faith.

9. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3542.

Great confusion will exist during the last war of beliefs among men who do not have a living faith but only accepted a formal faith out of tradition and did not let it become alive through love and through the use of their intellect so that the faith in them would become a convincing one. Things will start happening very fast and many will become unsure of their faith because they are lacking knowledge due to want of loving activity. Because this results in wisdom, so also in recognition and knowledge about God’s eternal plan of salvation that underlies all happenings. Men are making too little use of the gift of the intellect by neglecting to think about faith teachings that have been given to them from outside. And such faith teachings have not yet become intellectual property, they have not been seriously verified and their truthfulness has not been examined and they therefore cannot be defended convincingly, on the contrary, man will be strongly shaken and he himself will be in danger to throw away his faith and that is his own fault. God has given man the gift of the intellect so that he makes use of it, so that he thinks about all spiritual goods that are offered to him by his fellow human beings. When a man does not take a stand on faith teachings he receives and accepts them uncritically then they are not his own spiritual property and they will not offer resistance when the thinking is exposed to strong shakings that the coming war against the faith will bring. Then men will be seriously exposed to questions which they will have to answer for themselves and for the world and their answers will contradict strongly the faith teachings and, because their faith is a dead one, they will drop it without hesitation. Even the ones that appear before the world to be believers will not stand firm because they themselves lack conviction as they are without deeper knowledge and understanding. At a time when decision is demanded the spiritual poverty comes particularly to light. Because even those will fail who assume to be certain in the face of threatening behaviour through the world. Because in this time only one thing gives strength - the word that God himself sent to earth, that reaches man due to his close connection to him as the result of a living faith. Because this word gives men full knowledge and therefore convincing faith so that they stand firmly by God and even severest threads will not cause them to budge. And this word must be heard when the still dead faith is to become a convinced, living one. It is a source of power, the ones that are getting weak can derive strength for themselves from it, out of it they can always draw knowledge that gives them bright light and that lets their faith grow to such strength that they never give it away for the sake of earthly goods, that they offer resistance to the craving of the world and remain faithful in their love for God whom they confess before the whole world. The time of the struggle will be short but severe but nobody will remain without strength to resist who hears the pure word of God and accepts it because it will earn him the strength of his faith that conquers everything and God himself will be with him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3542.


Book 45 3543

Establishing the connection with the spiritual kingdom.

9. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3543.

No spiritual gifts can be sent to those men who establish no spiritual connection with light beings of the spiritual kingdom or with men who are direct receivers of spiritual gifts. Because they are not to be handed out like material things, which are visible and tangible for men, but are goods, which are solely to be mentioned as thought goods and which therefore can only be transferred as mental transmissions, therefore require thought activity of a man to be able to be taken into possession. As soon as therefore man steers his thoughts into spiritual areas, he unconsciously contacts those powers, of which activity exists in influencing thinking. And then spiritual gifts can be received by these. Because this is therefore precondition, man himself acquires spiritual riches, or he remains in spiritual poverty. Indeed, spiritual goods can now be supplied to man through fellow men in form of writings or through speaking. But the accepting of these requires without fail one’s own thought, therefore again the connection with spiritual powers. Because word or writing remain dead and therefore without impression when they have not first become spiritual property of man through mental activity. And with this it is to be explained that the word supplied by God to earth finds so little reception because men have no desire for spiritual goods and therefore neglect to establish the connection with the spiritual world, because they mostly only hear the word without thinking about it, and it therefore goes completely unimpressive unheard at their ears. And that is why it also remains without effect; it is just a sounding word, which does not become spiritual property; it is no spiritual power as long as it is only heard with the ear and not with the heart because the intellect of man does not digest it. Therefore it is a spiritual gift, which is not recognized as such, and therefore remains without effect. But God respects the free will of man and does not force it to accept his gift, which would however be the case when it would also take effect with him without man himself testifying to his will through thinking to receive the spiritual gifts. God leaves free will to him; he leaves it to him how he wants to utilize the spiritual gifts, which only then earns him spiritual riches when he himself contacts knowing powers, which instruct him in spiritual truth. Only then he recognizes also their value, although they are not earthly visible or tangible, and then they have a beneficial effect for him; he recognizes them as divine gift, which earns him maturity for the soul, and he seeks to become worthy of them through a God-pleasing walk of life. Amen. B.D. NR. 3543.


Book 45 3544

Examining the origin of spiritual knowledge.

10. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3544.

In the absence of right knowledge man often supports pretence knowledge, and that with a toughness, to which only the representative of right knowledge is entitled. But this is also an effect of the powers from below which try hard spreading error in the world, and for this use every man who through his low degree of maturity is prepared to take up their thoughts. It is an eternal fight between light and darkness, between truth and lie. And this fight is the more waged, the more men are inclined to one or the other. But in the time of the end the fight rages in a way, which evidently points to the end. Because under the cover of spiritual striving many representatives of false doctrines believe to be called to impart their knowledge to fellow men, and it will require oversized work on the part of the spirit world full of light to refute this knowledge and to make pure truth accessible to men instead of it. Spiritual influx of right knowledge will always be recognizable by the representatives themselves because right knowledge will only be there where a right life of love is led according to the commandments of God who demands unselfish neighbourly love from men which always results in the penetration of divine wisdom. And it must be noticed whether deeds of love are carried out in complete unselfishness because every self-love is a welcome target of the opponent of God, the prince of the lie, who has a mental effect upon man, lets him believe in his intrinsic value, increases his self-love through this and makes him unsuitable for recognizing of truth and error. Man must exercise most severe criticism; he must strive for perfection all the time and ask God in deepest humility for favour and power, for protection of erroneous thinking. But if he is conceited about his thought material, then he must earnestly table the question to himself from which source it flows – whether it is pure intellectually required or whether it has flowed towards him without intellectual activity because pure truth will enlighten man like lightening, often without pondering und research, and then they are radiations of pure spirits which touch him when he desires truth deeply and intimately without any selfish thoughts. When on the other hand knowledge is offered to man in an obvious way, without mental activity, in clearest understandable form, then such knowledge is to be accepted as absolute truth, because then the transmission upon man is a process of power radiation, which only light beings, therefore carriers of knowledge, can have at their disposal, while thought material, which man has won through mental activity, can also be influence of beings of darkness and they require a severe examination. Light and darkness will permanently fight against each other. But light is recognizable for everyone who just wants to recognize it. But the dark powers seek to weaken the will of man for pure truth and to strengthen self-love in him so that he clings to the thought material supported by him with toughness, because he believes to have required it through increased intellectual activity, through the ability to solve deep spiritual problems. This is a sign of arrogance, which suppresses deep humility of the heart and allows the powers of darkness access to the heart of man. And that is why it is earnestly to be tested which origin spiritual knowledge has, and God is to be called upon for the enlightenment of the spirit, when knowledge is offered to man, which lays claim to truth. And God will help man to recognize what is right; he will help him to separate truth from error when he earnestly desires truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3544.


Book 45 3545

Rejecting the Word. Natural Event. Remorse.

11. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3545.

And who takes offence at my word has still not recognized me. Who doubts that I obviously speak also does not have faith in my love and omnipotence otherwise he would look at that for the explanation. And who so regards my word as the work of the enemy or as the work of man is not in contact with me through acts of love and prayer otherwise he would recognize me in every word that he gets through my will. And I can’t approach him more recognizable than by the natural event that is to bring to him the confirmation of what I have proclaimed before through my word. This proof is enough to let him recognize the truth of my word however it will rob him of all strength should he lose his earthly life at the same time. Then unimaginable remorse is his lot in the spiritual realm and the state of complete darkness. But when my mercy lets him remain alive then this is a favour of inestimable value since he then has on earth still the possibility to support the word that he first rejected because he did not recognize it as my word. He can become a keen representative of my word in the last time before the end and he will then thankfully accept the great favour that I left him alive. Also the event of nature will contribute to the separation of spirits because it will shake the thinking of many who are not firmly established in the faith, whose knowledge it too small to recognize in it my love and wisdom. The difficult situation in life afterwards will cause them to confront all spiritual and they willingly will comply with the request of the world to give away the belief in me and to take action against all who remain loyal to me. And then my word that they have heard beforehand will have a beneficial effect because who has knowledge through it about my plan and about the forthcoming natural event will see the truth of the word being confirmed and will believe even firmer in it and also the ones who were still weak in faith will be strengthened by it. I furnish proof to men but it will be felt very distressingly by those who unbelievingly are faced with my word. Nevertheless I also take pity on these and their lot will be in accordance with their will. Everybody will come to the recognition of truth but when this takes place only in the hereafter then his lot is exceedingly pitiable because the remorse is then very great when he thinks of the chance he missed on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3545.


Book 45 3547

Explanation of the process of writing

13. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3547.

The presentation of my word is a pure spiritual process, which can only be made by a man who establishes the intimate connection with me and now consciously listens inwards. Because so man himself does not need to become mentally active, but is just receiver of mental radiations, he must place himself into a state that these radiations can touch him, and this state is the one of complete detachment from the earthly world and becoming immersed in the spiritual kingdom, i.e. a conscious turning away from the earthly and turning of the senses towards my kingdom, which is not of this world. The spiritual radiations now touch the heart of man in form of thoughts, which the receiver now can write down. The easier man is able to come off from his earthly surroundings the more unimpeded the transmitting of spiritual thought material proceeds. The disputed question from which spirits the transmission of thoughts comes from answers itself through the content of it. Where love is taught, where my work of redemption is dealt with in detail, only I myself can be the starting point, and the mental transmissions must be acknowledged as my word. Every presentation of my word must be preceded by intimate prayer, otherwise the process cannot take place, otherwise man would have to achieve a pure earthly achievement, but which would also then still be free of error, because also the thoughts of man are directed by beings of light to prevent an endangering of the word, which is to be sent to men. This only applies to cases where the connection with me is less deep because a man who is appointed by me for the work in my kingdom, who is appointed to be mediator between me and men, who strives for me, he is examined by me, and his thinking will not go astray, because his will is good and he will therefore serve me. That spirits of deceit and lies use his will and his hand I prevent, as also access to him is denied to every ignorant being, when he wants to be active for me. And every acceptance is an act of the freedom of will; it is the attestation of his will to serve me, and so I grasp his will and direct him, and then man executes my will only. This spiritual material is not to be compared with human thought material, which is acquired through own thinking, without the conscious devotion of the will to my will. Because man has free will, he can also give his thoughts the direction, which he likes. He is not forced by me to right thinking, as he is also not prevented to think wrong. And therefore also all spiritual powers have access to him, which he now favours through his will. But when man consciously gives his will to me then he can only still carry my will in him because I will never leave him to those powers, which still stand in a will opposed to me. What longs towards me that I take possession of and leave it no more from me for ever. And only when a man consciously offers himself to me, therefore gives his will to me, can I appoint him to an office on earth where he is to be active for me. But then he is also protected from erroneous thinking, from bad spiritual influence, because it is essential to receive and spread my word, which my love directs to earth, and I will indeed protect my word from unclean, untrue content, which wants to be presented to men by the opposing side. Where my word is received, there is truth, and erroneous teachings are ruled out because erroneous thinking is thinking of bad powers, which have no entry to a man who wants to serve me, as long as he is active for me. A pure spiritual event can only unwind pure spiritually; a thought-transference must take place whatever happens because own thinking, i.e. use of intellectual activity requires longer time to bring spiritual results in this form. Therefore an expression of power is recognizable, which can always only start from power donors, therefore light beings, which are receivers of power. And this also guarantees pure truth because everything full of light stands in truth, and I myself am eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3547.


Book 45 3548

The mystery of divine revelations.

14. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3548.

The mystery of divine revelation is that God reveals his identity in an obvious way to men, who represent no official school of thought but prove to be followers of the church of Christ only through their way of life – who therefore live as Christ taught men on earth, and through this are filled with the spirit of God like him. Moreover they must believe in the work of the spirit, in God’s eternal love, which wants to announce itself to men. They must believe the intimate contact with God is possible; they must believe that God expresses himself as soon as he is approached because of it, and because this faith is only seldom found divine revelations always remain something mysterious for men, although they are just a natural result of deep faith and an intimate connection with God. Everything remains mysterious for men what he cannot explain to himself earthly. A divine revelation comes from the spiritual kingdom and will therefore also only find the explanation spiritually. But that is why man must lead a spiritual life himself next to his earthly, to be able to establish the truth of divine revelations for himself, so far as the work of the spirit is explained to man through it. And when he then earnestly works on himself, i.e. leads his way of life according to divine revelations, which express God’s will, he will himself belong to those who are deemed worthy of direct divine revelation. For himself it is then no longer a mystery but only a gladdening knowledge being intimately connected with God that he can hear his voice. That God now wants to present a knowledge to men through his revelations, which corresponds to truth, presupposes a mediator, a man who is able to receive the word in intimate connection, and willing to carry it further into the world. And therefore he elects his servants on earth. He makes them to his apostles to whom he again teaches his word and trains to carriers of truth on earth. And the way of his teaching is mysterious, however only for the unbeliever and the ignorant because he does not acknowledge God and therefore also does not want to recognize his work. But who believes in God, in his love and omnipotence, for him nothing is impossible and unfounded what appears exceptional. And this faith also enables him to receive the divine word. He therefore lets himself be taught by God himself – and consequently he receives divine wisdom. God reveals himself to him through his spirit. This is something so powerful , exalted; it testifies to the over great love of a being, which in its highest perfection condescends to its creatures having become imperfect, by speaking to them. An over favoured process for man who feels as his child and who finds an explanation in the love of the father, and a mysterious process for him who does not know the power of divine love, however cannot turn away the revelation. Who is therefore appointed to receive it, he belongs to the chosen, which have to fulfil a mission on earth. And because they stand in knowledge, they are willing servants of God; they let themselves be guided by him and do not resist him; they have subordinated their will to God and are only the organ through which God himself speaks to men because they urgently need his word. God always reveals himself in times of need, and this must always be acknowledged as work of the spirit who can only develop there where faith is deep and the way of life of man corresponds to divine commandments – where the teaching of Christ is followed and man through this stands in intimate association with God, who now fills him with his power and now works himself in him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3548.


Book 45 3549

No annihilation – Reshaping only.

15. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3549.

It is in my power to destroy everything that is against me and so I ought to challenge men who do not acknowledge me, who violate my commandments and are therefore against me if not my love towards my creatures would hold me back from this and induce me to help them so that they find me. Because the love towards that what I have created remains eternally and it always finds means to recover what believes it can leave me. My love and mercy are anxious to give back life to that that is dead in spirit. Because what is out of me I eternally never destroy, it remains existing only in a more or less blessed state. And therefore my love and my compassion take the place of my might and strength. I spare the perishable and gives what is imperishable the chance to find its way back to me. But the spiritual itself determines the length of time by the duration of its resistance against me. The spiritual has been given a time for its liberation that it can shorten or also lengthen by its own will according to its attitude towards me. Has this period run out and the spiritual is not redeemed then I still does not let it drop completely, I keep it from destruction even then and helps it again to get new possibilities to reach its last aim and to become free from form and to enter the spiritual realm as a blissful being. But this process of liberation does not happen voluntarily but unwinds according to my eternal plan of salvation. And so every event is already predetermined since eternity because I know since eternities about the state of maturity of every single soul as also of the whole human race, I know about the maturity state of the spiritual in the whole university and my will and my power also gets active accordingly. Permanent possibilities to change are a precondition for the spiritual for its development and constant reshaping are therefore my will and my work. As long as a form is utilized for further development it remains in existence, if it remains unused its materiel part disappears and the spiritual moves into a new from corresponding to its will of activity. When now the state is reached that all of my works of creation on earth do not anymore fulfil their purpose, that materiel creations through the will of my enemy by the use of the will of men are getting destroyed, that men themselves through abandonment of their will to my enemy are not using the time on earth for liberation, for the last redemption, then also the earth does not anymore remain in its present form, but the spiritual in and on it needs other forms, and my love meets this want. It lets the old pass and something new arise so that the will, the state of maturity and the love of the spiritual on the old earth are taken into account - that it again enlivens that form that its love and will is meant for. And whether it also appears as if my might and my will is busy to finally destroy what is disobedient - my love and my mercy create only new possibilities for the spiritual that does not yet recognize this, that it can develop itself upwards because my love does not rest until the spiritual has reached its goal, that once went out from me and is again to return to me. B.D. NR. 3549.


Book 45 3550

Responsibility for thought direction.

16. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3550.

The will of man himself determines, which direction his thoughts take, and that is why he is also responsible for his thinking. Many different thoughts certainly intrude oneself, i.e. different spiritual radiations touch the human heart in form of thoughts and want to be received. And now the will of man must become active and open his heart to the thought material, which flows towards him, and he now can accept or decline …. i.e. longer stay with the thoughts sent to him or quickly reject them. And this will corresponds to his nature, his spiritual state of maturity. And the more mature man will remain with good thoughts, while the still immature man gets pleasure from thoughts of bad kind, but nevertheless would also be able to receive good thought material, to overcome himself and to switch off the bad thoughts. Certainly all men are tempted by bad spiritual powers seeking to gain access and asserting their mental influence. But their attempts fail at the will of man so the man is good and does not enjoy the mental radiations of the bad spiritual world. Most people certainly do not realize what thoughts actually are. They believe to produce them themselves through activity of the intellect, and would also with this idea be responsible for their thoughts because also then the will would be determining for the direction of the thoughts of man. And this will can, when it is weak or undecided, be strengthened through prayer about right thinking. That is why man is not defenceless at the mercy of the spiritual powers, which want to cause him to think badly but so his will is just good, also his power is increased to defend himself against spiritual material, which is disadvantageous for his soul. Because thoughts are originators of acts and therefore also of the way of life, which man leads on earth. And that is why he is to watch over his thoughts; he is to always account for in which direction he is pushed through thought material, whether it prompts to good or evil actions, and he is to defend himself against latter; he is to have recourse in prayer when he is to weak, and he will always receive power for resistance; he will be lead in right thinking through spirit beings, which look after him, and just wait for a call of request to be able to unfold their power and might, to restrain the beings, which besiege man, and to impart that spiritual material to him, which starts from them and is good and valuable, because these spiritual beings are carriers of light and truth and their mental radiations guarantee spiritual ascent development when they are received. And as the will of man is so is also his thought material because the will alone is decisive. Amen. B.D. NR. 3550.


Book 45 3551

Last decision. Confessing before the world.

17. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3551.

And so your will will have to decide before the end, and only the choice between me and my opponent remains for you – because now I demand a clear decision and are not satisfied with the appearance of faith but man must openly declare his support for me, and only the deeply believing will be able to do it, who does not fear the world in full conviction of my support and courageously stands up for me. But the lukewarm and bogus believers will break away and turn towards the camp of my opponent, and more and more who are mine will separate from the great group of the followers of Satan. Because there is no longer much time left, the separation must take place and this will mean a time of most bitter trouble for the believers, but who stand in the knowledge and therefore also expect the end and my coming calmly, who therefore hold out until the end and become happy. It is still up to every man to get in touch with me, to check what spiritual material is offered to them, and to approach truth with a good will. But the time is not used, until men are then pressed for a decision and they throw away all faith without hesitation because they never have taken an earnest stand inwardly and they therefore declare the spiritual as worthless and turn towards the world more than ever, which promises them everything when they confess the world and drop faith. And they only think of the life of their body, but not the life of the soul, and they sell themselves to the counter power, which only strives for this aim to separate men from me. And therefore it will become clearer and clearer how few people carry me in the heart, and on it alone already the end is visible because the earth cannot continue to exist where my supply of power is no longer received because the will of man prevents this as soon as he no longer believes in me. Therefore also the earth will stop to be that what is was up to now – it will temporarily be relieved of its purpose through my will; it will be changed in its outer form to again serve the development of the spiritual in new form, as soon as the separation of the spirits has finally taken place. And you, my believers, are to pay attention to this that I announce all this to you before, so that you do not become shaky in faith – that you are not allowed being afraid of the trouble because you stand under my protection, and you must let wash everything over you for my sake because I pay you thousand fold for this, when you persevere and remain loyal to me. Whatever the world might offer you it is all transitory, and your life only still lasts a short time; but what I offer you is lasting and will make you happy in all eternity. And as you are now forced to an open decision then do not become anxious and of little faith, because I have predicted all this to you to make you strong in faith and to prove the truth of my word to you so that you draw power out of this in the last time. And I always promise you my protection and my help, and therefore you can confidently leave yourselves to my guidance and hope for my coming in convinced faith, which will redeem you out of greatest trouble. Because I do not leave mine for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3551.


Book 45 3552

God’s guidance and support.

18. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3552.

So rely completely on the guidance of your father in heaven, and only strive for fulfilling his will. Always call into your memory that your life is laid down for you and that you must cover it as it is God’s will, but that you also can make suffering and misery bearable for you when you do not lose the close touch with God because then they only touch you shadowy, suffering will not depress you but just toughen you and make you robust for the hardship, which the last time brings with itself. It is nothing but a short fight, which you have to pass, but which requires all your strength. And you will also fight out this triumphantly when you always rely on the help of the heavenly father. Because he is with everyone who desires his nearness. Draw strength out of this certainty, and do not be afraid whatever might come – under his protection you are very secure, even though outwardly your situation may appear to be however dangerous. Because you have his word, and therefore you camp at the spring of power and are allowed to draw as soon as you have desire to strengthen and refresh yourselves. It is his will that you are fed and watered when you are hungry and thirsty, and that is why he has opened the source for you, the well from which living water flows unstoppably, which consumption protects you to sink into eternal death. And when you strive for winning eternal life, you never ever need to worry about the preservation of earthly life, about your fate and about earthly events – because all of this God directs according to his wise judgment for your blessing; he himself guides you by the hand, and he also instructs his heavenly messengers to look after you spiritually and earthly. And so cover your earth way without worry; believe and trust and fear nothing what appears to be insurmountable to you – you will master life with the help of God because he does not leave you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3552.


Book 45 3553

Last fight. Religious warfare.

19. and 20. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3553.

Do not comply with the request of the world when it contradicts divine commandments, when it is directed against the divine will or endangers the faith in Him. And do not be afraid of the threats through worldly rulers, which are to force you to the abandonment of your resistance. Remain with what the voice of the heart commands you, through which God himself urges you to remain loyal to him. And do not be afraid that you are defenceless with regard to the rulers because the One protectively stands by your side whose power is greater and who can destroy everything what thinks to be great on this earth. And when you know that he stands by your side your power will grow, and you will be and remain victor. And that is why you are to seek to penetrate into deeper knowledge about your earth life purpose, about God’s love and his plan of redemption. And that knowledge will let you become of convinced faith, which nothing can shake, also not the onslaughts, which you have to expect for the sake of faith. And when you are also provided scantily and your body seems to be exposed to greatest trouble, God will also make the earthly trouble bearable for you and present to you what you need for the maintenance of the body, so you just remain loyal to him and hold out, because he will be giver of comfort and power himself; he will also know to preserve the body miraculously when it lacks everything through human will – his power is greater, and his love does not leave his in misery. And whether the world and its rulers also think to be strong and supported by the powers of the underworld in the work against God and against the earth children clinging to him – God sends his messengers to earth so that they come to the aid of afflicted men, and they will work visibly and invisibly, and the believers will feel save in their protection, because they recognize them as envoys of God and because God himself speaks through these messengers and imparts power and comfort to them. The greater earthly misery is, the more perceptible will also be the presence of God for his, and they will take on everything what is allotted to them by the earthly rulers, but always with the happy certainty that it only last a short time and God himself will redeem them out of their trouble. The complete destruction of the believers is seemingly contrived but their faith is firmer than ever because God himself appears so obviously that through this power for resistance arises for them. Who wants to see, he will become seeing; who wants to hear, he will hear the voice of God, and every anxiety and fear will dwindle out of the hearts of his. Like a stronghold the faith and the teaching of Christ will be challenged but those will stand firm and remain victors who have Jesus Christ as their commander-in-chief, who are his fighters on earth and because of that are fetched home by him into his kingdom. For that reason do not be deterred by whatever is undertaken against you – flee to God in your trouble, and he will hear your call; he will not let you without protection because you are to be the supports; you are to serve your fellow men as witnesses what the power of faith is able to do so that the weak take heart from you and win strength of faith and that the opponents recognize their powerlessness in the face of you and your faith. It is the last struggle of light against darkness on this earth, which you men have to fight, to then enter the kingdom of peace as victors, into paradise on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3553.


Book 45 3554

World of being. World of appearance.

21. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3554.

The soul steps out of the world of appearance into the world of being, into the spiritual world, which is the actual kingdom of the soul. But it is not always able to recognize this spiritual world because when it parts from earth imperfectly, it still takes the world of appearance across, but no longer materially but as mental phantoms, therefore still more appearance world, which passes in front of its eyes into nothing when it wants to take possession of the goods. But for the perfect soul only now true life starts; it recognizes itself in its consistency, knows about its spiritual purpose and only through knowledge has become a being, which is conscious of its power and for that reason also happy. It now also knows that every phase of development before was necessary to reach the aim, true life of the soul; it knows that before it was just a life of appearance, a transition out of the spheres of darkness into the spheres of light; it knows that darkness is no eternal state, while light is and remains in all eternity. Because what once stands in the light will never any more fall back into darkness; it will live for ever and recognize every state before as lifeless state – it has overcome this state and has returned into the world of being, from which it once went out. The life of appearance wants to put itself into the foreground, and the soul mostly gives itself power over to it, i.e. it is willing to do everything what provides the comforts of the life of appearance to the body, and for itself it does nothing because the work for itself would be the effort for true life, but which it completely disregards. And that is why through God’s will the life of appearance will again and again approach the soul in all severity; God himself wants to show it what the earthly world actually is by him letting the body often be caught in trouble by taking from it what it desires as valuable, by him letting collapse what man has built up for himself to show him the unsteadiness of what he makes to be his goal of his eager striving and his work on earth. He wants to guide him to the cognition that the earthly world is a world of appearance only, which has no lasting value for him at all, to make him aware of the necessity of the work on his soul, which secures a constant life, a life in the spiritual world, which not only shines but is what it represents – the world of light where everything is run through with power and is happy, where there are no longer any offences, no retrogression, no misery and no ignorance, where everything lives and is active in the will of God, whose love supplies the perfect unlimitedly and makes it happy, which stands in intimate connection with God as inhabitant of the spiritual world and finds its highest happiness in the fulfilling of his will through everlasting activity in the world of being – in the world, which never ever passes but remains what it is until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3554.


Book 45 3555

Only love redeems on earth and in the hereafter.

22. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3555.

Neither on earth nor in the hereafter is a spiritual ascent possible without love activity because love alone leads to God; love alone decreases the distance from man to God, and love alone achieves the unification with God. That is why the greatest commandment on earth is to be active in love, otherwise earth life is lived in vain and the soul enters the hereafter in the same distance from God, as it stood before its embodiment as man. But earth life is the last favour for the spiritual on the earthly world – then life starts in eternity, in the spiritual kingdom, which can also be a state of death, a state of powerlessness, which never can be called life. And now there is again just the only possibility to ascend through love work – but a work in powerlessness is impossible, and that is why the soul is in greatest trouble because it first must receive power to be able to work in love. And this receiving of power again depends on its will, which must be directed towards love activity for other souls. But a powerless soul is exceedingly weak in will, if it is not even of a will completely turned away from God and dedicates itself to the powers of the underworld. And a weakened will is hardly able to strive for a change of the situation for itself, the soul thinks of the co-suffering souls even less and uses its will right, i.e., it carries the will in it to help them. But only this will, to be active in love for needy souls, imparts power to it, which it now can use and through this walks itself along the way up. Before the soul does not develop the love will, its state is miserable and hopeless, because only love alone brings redemption out of agony. And that is why ascent in the hereafter is a lot more difficult than on earth, and endless time can pass before the soul decides to work in love, while on earth man is in full possession of his life power and the smallest cause can drive him to an act of love, which he therefore can also execute immediately because he is able to do it. The inability of a being in the hereafter is a state of extreme agony because the being feels it after earth life as a fetter, of which it cannot get rid. And because on earth it walked without love it also does not know about its power. It is now dependent on the help of other souls, which attempt to move it through suggestions to the right will, and on prayer of men on earth, that power is supplied to it, which is meant for its weakened will. Redemption through other beings can never take place; the soul must redeem itself through love. This is divine law, which never ever can be evaded. And that is why God creates uncountable possibilities, which are to serve to kindle love in man, so that he now works and through this matures his soul, so that he does not enter the hereafter as powerless being, but is already power receiver, i.e. can enter eternity himself as light being even so in different light intensity, but always able to work with his power in love with needy souls and to constantly increase the degree of light. Because love must be practised on earth as in the spiritual kingdom; it is the binder between the souls and God because God himself is love and the being only finds the unification with him when itself has become love. Amen. B.D. NR. 3555.


Book 45 3556

Faith in Jesus Christ. Fight.

23. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3556.

The faith in Jesus Christ as God’s son and redeemer of the world will experience a severe examination but it will remain; it will not be able to be eradicated despite all efforts of the world. It will be upheld by a small troop loyal to God, full of courage and determination, because Jesus Christ himself gives them power to represent his name and his teaching to confess him before the world. Without Jesus Christ there is no redemption because the power of hell is too great and wins power over men to whom help is not brought through a still greater power, through Jesus Christ who as true child of God on earth took the death on the cross upon him to break the power of evil. Only through him man finds rescue out of the fetters of those; and only who believes in him, he can be redeemed; only who believes in him, he calls upon him for help, for strengthening of his will, and he is able extricate himself from the power of the opponent of God. And that is why God will never ever allow that faith in Jesus Christ gets lost, that it is stamped out through the will of men, who is just the executioner of the satanic will. And when faith is earnestly endangered that men abandon it for the world, God will break the power of Satan himself because he fights against him with undue means – he seeks to withhold the knowledge about God, his love and his work of redemption from men, and therefore this is a force of free will of man who must know about the effect of both to be able to decide. And that is why the end will come as soon as action is earnestly taken against faith. Because of that, this last fight will mean a severe examination for the believers but these will remain victors because Jesus Christ himself fights with them, because he imparts power to all who want to remain loyal to him, who take refuge in him and put their trust in him in deep faith to find rescue with him. In confessing the name of Jesus and his love teaching man decides, and he finally renounces his opposition. But for this he must summon a strength of will which he never has at his disposal out of his own strength; but when he confesses the divine redeemer before the world, his will is already strengthened through him who died on the cross to redeem men out of their weakness of will, to buy a strong will for them with his blood. And no-one needs to fear not to pass the last fight because when he believes in Jesus Christ and wants to fight for his name, he belongs to the small troop whose courage of confession will grow the more severe earthly trouble approaches him because that is the work of God with him that the power of the spirit comes over him, which again can only become effective in faith in Jesus Christ, which lifts him over all earthly trouble, makes him strong and able to defy the world and its requests, which lets him fight out the last fight with success and earns him the final victory. And faith will remain until the end of the world, and on the new earth it will again be preached about Jesus Christ as God’s son and redeemer of the world. Amen. B.D. NR. 3556.


Book 45 3557

Coming in the Clouds. Rapture.

24. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3557.

An unusual roaring will fill the air when the day of judgement is on the advance. And this will be the last sign for men but as such only be recognized by the believers whom it will fill with great joy. For now they expect the coming of the Lord. Strong faith is needed to expect God coming in the clouds because it is an occurrence of such an extraordinary nature that the ungodly just sneer and laugh so they are told about it. They will possibly also hear the roaring but they will not see the Lord in the clouds and that is why they pay little attention to the unusual uproar in the air and they do not let it bother them in their life, they are exuberant and unscrupulous and are enjoying themselves. But the believers will compose themselves and prepare themselves with a glad heart to welcome the Lord. They are at the end of their earthly strength and know that their time of suffering now has come to an end and unanimously they profess God in the last hour although this is to mean the loss of the earthly life because the world mercilessly takes action against them. But the appearance of the Lord thwarts the plans of the ungodly. Because suddenly they watch the band of believers rise from the ground and float upwards. And at the same time terrible thunders sound and men seized with horror become aware that something awe-inspiring is happening to them. Frozen by the unusual event of the rapture they are unable to think, they try to flee and see everywhere the same - flames of fire burst out from the earth from which there is no escape. And they find an end in the most awful manner because there is no rescue for men who like devils rage on earth and are full of sin. The group of the faithful however see the end of the old earth; the divine work of destruction happens in front of their eyes while they themselves have escaped from it and stay safe and secure at a place of peace as God has promised. This is the end of a redemption period and the beginning of a new one as the old earth is again formed anew by the will of God. Then the faithful will live on as stock of the new human race with whom the new redemption period begins. Only to the knowing, to the man who has deep understanding will the event of the rapture be comprehensible and therefore believable but it crowns a time of anxious miseries and sufferings, it is the conclusion and proof of the glory of God who prepares a lot also for his people that testifies to his glory. It is an act of deepest divine love towards his creatures that recognize in him their father from eternity, who have found their way back to him and have become one with him through love - among whom he himself now can stay because there is no obstacle to divine love when man himself has become love. Amen. B.D. NR. 3557.


Book 45 3558

Right prayer. Hearing.

25. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3558.

Demand from me what you want, I will give it to you – but always consult first the spirit in you whether your demand corresponds with my will, whether you endanger your soul by this. And the spirit in you will teach you and put the right thoughts into your heart, so that you completely leave the fulfilment of your requests to me and therefore also be supplied with by me as it serves you. I fulfil every request which ascends from the deepest heart, as I have promised you with the words: Ask, and it shall be given you – knock, and it shall be opened unto you. But prayer must be directed towards me in the right way, and to that end belongs also the complete submitting into my will – otherwise it is no prayer but only a demand, which does not correspond to my will and which fulfilment is also no blessing for you. But as soon as you stop and think and let my spirit speak to you, as soon as you devote yourselves boundlessly to me and ask me for assistance and power, I prove to you my preparedness to help and my love, and fulfil your request because of its total devotion. Every right prayer finds hearing, and whether your prayer is right, that the spirit in you will announce to you, when you give it the possibility for it by you withdrawing into solitude and listen to it, i.e. demand information in thought of me, whether you are allowed to approach me with your request. And the spirit in you will steer your thoughts as it is right, and when you now pray your father in heaven will hear you. Uncountable prayers ascend from earth, and still only few touch my ear, because men neglect to consult the spirit in them; because they believe they are allowed to request always that for themselves what their body lacks, without earnestly remembering their soul. And therefore they do not recognise the misery as admonition to work on their soul maturity, and the fulfilment of their request would be no help for them even if it would appear earthly as if. The intimate relationship of a child with the father must first be established, and then also the prayer ascends the right way to me, because the child knows that the father fulfils every request of it, which does not harm it. Because the right relationship also guarantees the work of the spirit because the father does not leave his child without assistance, instructs and educates it, and this through his spirit. And a right child will leave everything to the father and still carefree trust him that it is safe in his fatherly protection and walks the right way. And then the child will send no prayer in vain to me; it will find hearing in every trouble of body and soul, as I have promised. Amen. B.D. NR. 3558.


Book 45 3559

Perfection. Divine order. Love.

26. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3559.

What has formed itself to love is one with God. And because the unification with God is the aim of man on earth and of all spiritual in the hereafter, love work not only on earth but also in the hereafter must be divine law, which must be fulfilled. But where this law is contravened, the distance from God is great, and it can only be decreased by the being itself through subordination under the law of love. The love of God expresses itself also in unchangeable order, and the spiritual, which occupies itself lovingly, will always remain in this order. When the law is reversed then this also results in a state of disorder, a chaos and finally decline. This is to be detected on earth in times, where the thinking of men has become loveless, as also in the spiritual kingdom, where disorder likewise has an effect in the state of the souls, which dwell in darkness. The nature of love must be recognized to understand that without love nothing can be perfect, nothing harmonic and nothing what makes happy. God is love, and what wants to unite with God must likewise be love, otherwise it does not move in the order, on which creation was based from the beginning, because what came into being out of the love of God, could show nothing imperfect, and perfection is synonymous with perfect order. And therefore also life of man on earth as of the soul in the hereafter must go its course according to perfect order, then it will also be led in unselfish love, it will have love work as basic principle, and consequently the being approaches the original state; it again forms itself to love and can unite with God, who is love in himself. Divine origin is only recognizable in love work, then the power out of God predominates, which is original substance of all creation, while a loveless life lets the will recognize, which is turned away from God, whose starting point was from the opponent of God. His endeavour is and will remain the dissolving of order for ever, therefore a separating of what emerged out of God from God, what means complete disorder and imperfection. Where therefore love is disregarded, where disorder and chaos prevails, there is also the regime of him recognizable who stands against God. There the affiliation to him is proven whose will used the power of God for work against God. And there the unification with God can never ever take place because the beings without love can never bear the presence of God, because they have completely stepped out of divine order, because they do not bow to the law from eternity, which demands perfection and acknowledgment of the law giver, otherwise it is banished as opposing God into the farthest distance. God’s love is unchangeable, and so also his law is unchangeable, what has its reason in love. And all what is loveless will remain separated from God, until it has again formed itself to love. Only then the unification with the original reason of love can take place – with God. Amen. B.D. NR. 3559.


Book 45 3560

Knowledge About the Time of the End.

27. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3560.

It is tremendously wrong to declare that the time of dissolving is far away and this mistake is detrimental to the souls because they do not pay attention to the admonitions and warnings of the last days. But just as wrong is it to want to determine the time because this knowledge is hidden from men. That is why God through seers and prophets always points to the nearby end to motivate men to live according to a quickly approaching end and to become aware of their responsibility towards their souls and permanently prepare themselves for the end. The end is near but the day is known to nobody but God. The signs of the time point to the end but it will come suddenly and unexpected for all men, including the believers, who are knowing and who make an effort to live according to the nearby end. Human sense and human mind will never be capable to comprehend the divine plan from eternity and therefore not be able to determine neither the time nor the kind of end. Only where the spirit of God is active God does it teach men in what way the end is going to happen but always leaving the day and the hour open when it will be. Because God has reserved this for himself and therefore the knowledge is hidden from men. The believers are able to recognize the time of the end by the low of the spiritual development and when they daily expect this and also the coming of the Lord and are in close contact with God then they will also feel when the day of judgement is approaching. But he who wants to first determine the time, he who believes he is initiated without the obvious activity of the spirit, he will be wrong with his announcement and men are not to believe him because he just contributes to the strengthening of the disbelieve in the end. Even the forerunner of the Lord, who is sent to earth by God himself for the salvation of the still undecided, even he himself will not provide a day. Also he will announce the nearby end and admonish men to expect it daily and hourly. He is enlightened by the spirit of God, and the spirit of the Father that expresses itself in him and through him, knows indeed the day and the hour. But also he keeps this a secret still from men because it is no good for them to know about it. And so the hour will come suddenly and unexpected as God has announced it – in the middle of the ecstasies of the world his voice will sound, to the fright of the unbelievers but to the consolation and joy of the believers. Amen. B.D. NR. 3560.


Book 45 3564

Weak will. Mortal danger. Natural events.

1. October 1945. B.D. NR. 3564.

Man is weak and helplessly exposed to the powers of darkness when he does not call upon God for help. But this weakness only has an effect on his soul, why he can be strong and mighty on earth and seemingly does not need help. It is his body, which is supplied with power from below, when he does not pay attention to God and as a result confesses his belonging to his opponent. But the soul is weak and despondent; it is tied up and feels the fetters as agony, without being able to break away from it because of its weakness of will. And only the call to God, the call to Jesus as redeemer of the world, can help it to willpower so that it can determine the body to change its lifestyle and to turn completely to God, i.e., that the body agrees with the soul and now follows other aims than worldly ones. Without God’s help and favour man achieves nothing, and his soul remains in thickest cover, in darkness and therefore without knowledge. And although his earthly life shows no lack of power, the death of the body ends the state of power, and the soul enters the other kingdom completely powerless. It has lived earth life in vain, without any spiritual success at all; its earthly successes are transitory and without influence upon life in eternity. And so countless souls will go into the hereafter, dwelling naked and bare and in darkness, because on earth they do not acknowledge God and call upon him for favour. And God remembers these souls by him wanting to announce himself to them very specially, by him wanting to reveal his identity in an unusual way. He puts them in a position where earthly power and strength is able to do nothing, where they are helplessly exposed to another power, where the elements of nature embody this power for them and they seem to be hopelessly at the mercy of them. He puts them in a position where they must call upon him, without however forcing their will. In the face of the danger of death in which they are they are to find to him; they are to learn to recognize his power, which is stronger than every earthly power, and to devote themselves to this power in believing trust that it will help. The hour of the danger of death still can achieve a change of mind of individual men, and then these are rescued, even so they lose the life of the body, because they enter the hereafter with a changed mind and can find the way there easier, which leads up. But those who stay alive can use this until the end to their spiritual maturity. For the sake of the few God will speak and show himself to mankind; he will employ the last means before the end, which still can bring about a change of thinking with those, who are not completely of stubborn and hardened heart. And for the sake of these few he still hesitates with the final destruction of earth, because every soul he seeks to save from the further course through creation, which wants to be saved. But he who even then has still not recognized him, he must without mercy cover that way; for him there is no longer a possibility on this earth to change because he has completely devoted himself to the powers of darkness and therefore also enters his kingdom, into the kingdom of the banished spirits, which must suffer for their sins through endless long time of being bound in solid matter, in the creations on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3564.


Book 45 3571

My Voice will Sound from Above.

8. October 1945. B.D. NR. 3571.

And my voice will sound from above. It will be powerful and men will have to hear it even when they normally don’t respect me. They will have to look up to heaven and according to the state of their soul willingly or unwillingly. Because they see themselves at the mercy of a power from which they can’t escape anymore. My language will touch however the heart of only few. But they will be helped even when bodily help does not take place. But mostly only anxiety and worry for the physical life will predominate and my voice is not enough for them to follow it and turn back to me despite greatest trouble and distress. They don’t want to recognize that my voice is meant for those who are far from me and with stubborn heart they will try to escape but they will remain helpless in the face of the elements. They will lose all support because the ground will sway, the air will be filled by a roaring storm and everybody will have to look after himself because nobody can give the other his support. And my voice will sound from above. With a thundering voice I will speak and all elements of nature will obey my will, they will speak for me and testify to my power. I am obviously opposing men and do not force them to believe in me because it still remains up to them to accept the work of the forces of nature but to deny myself as that being that also guides the forces of nature according to his will. And so also the last means of education before the end will not mean to be something that forces men to believe though it should obviously speak for me and is also recognizable for those men who are of good will, who are not completely in bondage to my enemy who wants to separate them for ever from me. It will come true what I have announced through my spirit. The earth will shake and the elements of nature will cause immense damage and claim innumerable victims. But this is determined since eternity because also this event is a measure that I use to still win men for me because the misery and the distress of a different kind is not enough for them to return to me and I have to wield a sharp rod over hardened mankind. And that is certainly true that I will not rest until I have won back all my creatures. And so my love never ends that wants to save them from destruction even when the love is not recognizable in my work. But who abides by my voice will feel my love and will thank me in all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3571.


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