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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 44

B.D. NR. 3356 - B.D. NR. 3452
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Book 44 3358

Progress - standstill - retrogression in the spiritual world.

6. December 1944. B.D. NR. 3358.

In the spiritual world there is neither a standstill nor retrogression when the being stands in knowledge, therefore has entered the kingdom of light. Because there it then receives power incessantly, it is also incessantly active, and every activity is a work in love, which means spiritual progress. Light and power receivers could never remain in inactivity in the spiritual kingdom, which would be equal to standstill, or never thinking and acting unlovingly and therefore cause retrogression. But the being strives up incessantly, incessantly its power increases through its assignment, and it can radiate always brighter light and therefore be unimaginably happy. Because the state of light is bliss. And that is why also once all spiritual must be redeemed from its dark state, because this is the activity of the light beings in the spiritual kingdom, to break through darkness, to bring light to beings without light. Only endless time will pass before all spiritual stands in the state of light, therefore in boundless happiness. And that is why still innumerable creations are needed where the spiritual can mature, and also these creations are products of spiritual love work. The activity of light beings in the spiritual kingdom is varied, according to their degree of perfection, and consists of the imparting of light and power, of the imparting of knowledge to the ignorant and the supply of life power – or also in the creation and forming of earthly creations according to the will of God, therefore a radiation of the power of God in increased measure that this power becomes visible in creations, which bear life in themselves because they hold the still immature spiritual in themselves for the purpose of maturation. These creations are therefore the will of the spiritual having become form, which, in union with God, has a measure of power at its disposal and fulfils and expresses his will through these creations. These creations are the works of God because his power and might become visible with them but innumerable beings work in his will and take part in the forming and maintenance of all material creations because they find highest happiness in this and show the power, which constantly flows to them out of God, to its best advantage. Because they cannot otherwise than being active in love and therefore again and again create new opportunities for the maturing of the still undeveloped spiritual. This is the privilege of the children of God, who come into the inheritance of the father – who therefore can create and form like him, under use of the power out of God, which constantly flows towards them because they stand in most intimate union with him. And there is still no limitation of their happiness for them – their spiritual abilities will never have reached a limit because the unlimited is the mark of perfection. And so they approach God more and more although they are blended into him for ever. But the eternal divinity itself is an entity, which nevertheless is continuously aspired to, because it is perfected above all measures and can never be reached in its perfection. Therefore there is only permanent ascent development in the kingdom of light and always increasing fullness of light, but what is outside of the kingdom of light remains in standstill, or it goes back in its development, because it is powerless and has to fend for itself and therefore can also receive no power, unless it decides out of free will to serve in love. The power will be imparted to it, and then also the unification with other equally mature beings will take place, and the slow ascent into spheres of light begins. But when this will is not there then it remains in the powerless, dark state for eternities, or it falls into deepest depths and hardens again in its substance until it is again banished in new works of creation for the purpose to overcome matter. And this state is unimaginably agonizing for the spiritual; it is inactive, unfree and ignorant; it is far from God and powerless. It must cover the way of ascent development until the stage of freedom of will, until it can again receive spiritual power, which God imparts to it through his messengers, when it is prepared to use it to approach God. Only then the activity of the light beings begins, which now supply the being in love and patience to make the union with God possible for it, to make it mature for the spiritual kingdom, for the spheres of light, in which it can reach the view of God, and is happy because it is permanently fed with his power and therefore feels the nearness of God noticeably, which makes it to the most happy being. Amen. B.D. NR. 3358.


Book 44 3359

Free Will. Knowledge of Good and Evil. New Earth.

7. December 1944. B.D. NR. 3359.

Human will is free. But the utilization of this will requires a clear understanding of what the will is to aim at and also what it can aim at because if the will is supposed to decide then it must be able to be active in both directions. And so it must be possible for man to distinguish between good and bad otherwise the freedom of will would be useless or could be doubted. And for this reason God gave man an intellect. To not make use of the intellect means therefore to also leave the gift of free will unnoticed and therefore it is man’s duty to use the intellect otherwise he must take the responsibility for it. And this also results in the necessity to think about meaning and purpose of life because then also all other questions come up which have to be thought through for the free will decision. And this is absolutely necessary for spiritual development that the inner attitude to God, to good, receives a clarification that man gets to know a sincere relationship to God as purpose of life on earth, so that the free will consciously strives for God and therefore sees the good positively. He therefore also has to know about the power of evil, he also must get to know this to be able to detest it, so to decide on one of the two. And therefore the bad cannot be banished from the world otherwise man could never make this free decision of will. A room to move must remain for evil where it can have its fling. This therefore is the influence of the enemy of God on men which will not be refused him, because it can develop the good powers at the same time, because it prompts the will of man to strive for good or evil. Therefore also the evil powers are subject to God because against their will they help the spiritual upwards that makes right use of its free will. But often they bring their influence to bear beyond their authority - by them, whose work is not stopped by God, trying to prevent the work of the good powers - by wanting to make it impossible for men to freely decide between good and evil - by wanting to keep the knowledge about good, about God, from them, therefore seeking to do violence to the will of man. And therefore God is bringing to an end their work for a long time. He binds the forces that were granted a certain freedom for a long time but at the same time he also prevents those men from using their free will who have not yet clearly made up their mind or those who made a decision that grants evil to gain power over them. And only those remain still alive who out of inner impetus, despite greatest temptation, decided on God, and who therefore do not need any more to be put to the test of their will because they have passed the hardest test. So only such men can live on earth during the coming period of time on which this test of will has been imposed, who also knew about the work of the counteracting forces, were exposed to them but fled from them on the strength of their free will, because only these haven reached a degree of maturity that allows them a time on earth where they are not exposed to the influence of the enemy of God, while the others, the ones who failed, must again cover the long development walk to again that stage where they can make use of their freedom of will. Men must constantly face good and evil and that is why the earth will remain a battleground of both forces as long as immature spiritual is embodied on it. The new earth initially will only hold beings of light, i.e. men of mature state will live on the new earth and have permanently contact with the light beings of the spiritual sphere and the bad will be prevented by the power and will of God to approach men. But the first men of the new earth do not need to be put to the test any longer and that is why the negative forces do not need to be nearby the earth and this will be recognized by the fact that a state of profound peace is on earth, a state of complete agreement and a living together of men in fullest harmony because love reigns and where love is there no being can stay that is opposed to God. However this state will not last forever because later generations will again give power over themselves to the enemy of God, they will willingly comply with the temptations of his and will withdraw to the same extent from God who wanted to give them a paradise on the new earth. And so the fight between light and darkness will start afresh and this will go on again to the end of a redemption period so that men can freely decide whom they want to acknowledge as lord; and they will be awarded in eternity according to this free decision of the will - they will have to languish in darkness or walk towards the light until they are united with the original light. Amen. B.D. NR. 3359.


Book 44 3370

Life power. Lack of strength. Power supply.

17. December 1944. B.D. NR. 3370.

Only through power the will becomes action, therefore power must first be imparted to the being, which is to let its will become active, as long as it does not have it itself. And there exists for the being a state of lack of strength and a state of fullness of power, according to its spiritual state. In the state of lack of strength the being is therefore unable to execute an action despite its will, but in the state of fullness of power it incessantly can let its will become action, and this is a state of perfection, of happiness and therefore of God-likeness. Nevertheless in the state of imperfection, where it has not freely power at its disposal, the being also needs not to be inactive, because it has itself the possibility to acquire power for itself. This is particularly necessary for the last time of its development on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom. It continuously gets power on earth, as long as it lives, i.e., life in itself is already a process of power transmission, which is recognizable by the possibility of execution of its earthly activity. Without power the being, which is now embodied in man, would be able to achieve nothing. Therefore he can continually be active during his earth life, and that is executing every act according to his will, as far as this lies in the area of possibility. Man is now to use this power to acquire the actual power for himself to be able to be active in the spiritual kingdom in days to come. Because spiritual power is different from life power although the source of the power is also the same – the eternal divinity, which wants to snatch its beings from the state of lack of power. Life power ceases with the bodily death of man, but spiritual power remains the being’s own also in the spiritual kingdom when he has made it his own on earth. And that is why the being, which has neglected the latter on earth, relapses after its bodily death again into a state of lack of power, which is unspeakably agonizing for the being because it has known the state of power before. And nevertheless also in the spiritual kingdom it can still acquire the supply of power but then its will must strive for it – it must first submit to the divine law of love, otherwise the power cannot be imparted to it in the spiritual kingdom. But as long as it does not do this, it remains in lack of power; it is unable to activate its will; and mostly this will is also so weak that it remains completely apathetical in its powerless state in greatest agonies and unhappiness. But those beings, which stand in fullest power abundance, do not leave these beings in their misery because it pushes them to share their power with those who need such. But the power transmission can only take place when the beings fulfil the demand of God to decide to serve in love out of own impulse. And that is why a great work must set in at these poor beings before the power transmission; they must be instructed and shown about their assignment in the spiritual kingdom; their former wrong thinking must be directed right and therefore first the foundation be created that the beings change to love because earlier they cannot receive the power until they decide of their own accord to use the power flowing towards them for work in love. Only then power transmission is possible. And that is why also to the imperfect beings the possibility is always open to procure power to then also translate their will into action because only the becoming active of their will makes the being in the spiritual kingdom happy, as the state of lack of power is always a state of agony because the being is originally created to be able to create and form in fullest freedom according to its will. And only the original state is a state of happiness for the spiritual, which is therefore the aim of all beings as long as they have not become direct receivers of power from God and therefore can absorb and also deliver power in all fullness. Only then the being is perfect and has reached its aim – it has joint the original power from which it has emanated. Amen. B.D. NR. 3370.


Book 44 3371

Ending of the fight. Spatial separation.

17. December 1944. B.D. NR. 3371.

Whatever is of use for you, that you will hear when you let yourselves be instructed by myself and therefore pay attention to my voice, which quietly sounds inside of you. You have an extremely wrong opinion of the further course of world events when you believe one of the fighting powers emerging as victor of the wrestling, because my will has determined it differently, because not bodily well-being is to be supported but the salvation of souls, and this necessitates a complete change of their life, but this can only then follow when all earthly plans are invalid and mankind faces an extraordinary event, which shakes their thinking. A normal outcome of the wrestling of the people would not result in a change of the usual life, moreover none of the fighting powers is blameless, and therefore no power is legally entitled to victory. And that is why I thwart the plans of men, no matter what result they assume. All their expectations I make invalid, and I bring a solution, which no-one expects and is also wanted by no one, because I end the fight in a way that it can no longer be continued, even if men would be willing to do it. Because I separate the fighters spatially from each other; I let natural obstacles come into being, which cannot be overcome so easily. And I therefore take every possibility from men to take further action against each other. And therefore the wrestling of the nations against each other is stopped; there will be no decision; there is no defeating of one power, but mankind will realize that its power has come to an end and that divine power must be acknowledged, which is just too clearly recognizable at this outcome. I will bring about the end and still punish the guilty severely through it, because they see themselves deceived in their confidence of victory; they see themselves weakened and without success and face a great misery and great poverty. And I have announced this end already a long time before so that you have the truth of my word being proved to you, which you still doubt. I put an end when the culmination of the cruelty on the part of men has been achieved, so that the world recognizes by this that a God is in heaven, who punishes sin, which so obviously becomes evident – so that it recognizes that not men determine the outcome but I myself – and this differently than men expect it. And the hour is no longer far away. And that is why I announce myself to those who believe in my intervention and know about my plan, whom I commission to draw the attention of men to it, and which I send as prophets among men. Because it is to be warned before, because I never let such event come upon men without giving them knowledge, so that they earnestly think about the salvation of their soul and prepare themselves. Because no one knows who of them will be affected. My intervention will claim innumerable victims everywhere there, where it will take place. Amen. B.D. NR. 3371.


Book 44 3374

The spiritual in solid matter and in the living being.

20. December 1944. B.D. NR. 3374.

An important difference exists between the spiritual still bound in solid matter and the spiritual, which is allowed to enliven the outer form where therefore the cover of the spiritual shows a visible activity so that it is addressed as living. The spiritual in solid matter is still completely turned away from God, therefore resists him, and hence all freedom is taken from it. It must suffer an extremely painful force because the outer form does not give way; it is immovable and indestructible and does not release the spiritual in it. And the spiritual must remain in this state for endless times, until it softens in its resistance against God, until it so to speak bends under him and start to yield to his will. Then also the force softens; the spiritual feels an ease from the outer form, until it is broken through the will of God and the spiritual enters a freer stage, certainly also still in solid matter, but serving a certain purpose, so that it now can already carry out an activity, which initiates its further course of development. The resistance against God must soften more and more all the time; the spiritual must be prepared to go the way of service, then form after form will dissolve until the last solid outer cover falls and the spiritual is allowed to enliven creations, therefore life is recognizable in a creation. Only the outer form is now no longer something rigid, solid, but it is moving, changes all the time and is active in some way, even so this is still difficult to recognize for the human eye at the beginning. And from now on the outer forms change more frequently; the spiritual does not stay in it long, but ascends from level to level, and the form shows more and more life, which it can occupy until life is then so obviously recognizable that one can talk of living beings, to which a certain task is assigned. The spiritual in it is already in a certain degree of maturity and is therefore allowed to an activity, which is of use for another work of creation or for another living being, and therefore the spiritual serves and redeems itself through this from its respective outer cover. And therefore a permanent passing away of the old cover and a permanent coming into being of a new cover must happen, what is also again and again visible in the entire creation of God. And the outer form must again and again release the spiritual, as soon as it decides to serve, what is recognized by God, and that is why he takes the desire of the spiritual into account to assign a new serving activity to it. The spiritual in the living beings is therefore already considerably further advanced, because its will is no longer resisting God, so that it also soon reaches that degree of maturity, which is needed for the last embodiment on earth as man. The distance between this spiritual incorporated in man and the spiritual, which is still banished in solid matter, is understandably very great, and that is why it is a sign of spiritual regression when a man strives for this solid matter, therefore seeks to increase earthly goods and hangs his heart on things, which still hold completely immature spiritual in it. This is a danger for man because the spiritual pulls him into its spell, it pulls him down and so makes the way up more difficult for him, while the man who leaves matter unnoticed is much freer and ascends easier. Nothing holds him back on earth; he can break away far more easily and also wants to leave the last form, and he feels it that he should never desire that what he has already overcome a long time ago. Amen. B.D. NR. 3374.


Book 44 3386

The originally created spiritual and its fall.

31. Deczember 1944. B.D. NR. 3386.

The originally created spiritual stood in highest perfection. It had emerged out of God’s will in highest completion; it was equipped with all gifts; it stood in might and powerfulness because it was created as image of God, which he himself liked and which therefore owned his full love. His love let something come into being what he wanted to make happy; and unsurpassable wisdom and power was expressed in the created spiritual. And this originally created Spiritual stood in free will because perfection cannot be imagined without free will. But free will brought about the downfall of the beingness. Because one thing distinguished the created spiritual from its creator – it received its power out of God who himself was the source of power from eternity. And the spiritual did not want to accept this difference. Its power and might was inexhaustible that it believed to be able to break away from the centre of power, that it believed to be able to exist as giving power to itself and with its own power being able to diminish the power of God, therefore making God himself subservient to it. And because it stood in free will it was not hindered by God in its plan, although it was not executable. But the will was enough to make this originally created spiritual sinful. But the power was still left to it; God did not take it away from it because that what emerged from his hand perfectly never ever became imperfect through his will and the fullness of power belonged to perfection. And the spiritual that became sinful now made use of this. Through its own will and the power out of God it now let again spiritual beings go forth; the originally created spiritual created also innumerable entities likewise in highest perfection because the power out of God was at its disposal for this, and therefore free will was also given to this beingness. But God could never approve of this because the will of the originally created spiritual was to take away from God the power through the creation of the entities and to rise itself over him. It therefore made use of the power out of God for work against him, and it ordered the created beingness to the same action against God. But God also considered the beingness as his property, which had emerged out of the will of the opponent, because it came into being out of his power. But because it had free will it was to decide for itself to whom it wanted to belong. And it decided in favour of the opponent of God because he had put his will into the beingness created by him, which was directed against God. But the original perfection of the beingness also meant full knowledge, therefore the beingness did not desert God out of ignorance, but in the same way out of arrogance and the intention to dethrone God. Therefore also this beingness became sinful. But everything emerged out of the love of God because the power of God was his love. And this love cannot pass for ever. Therefore it also seized the beingness, which turned away from God to again lead it to itself, but because the beingness is equipped with free will, it cannot be directed towards God against its will, but it must itself so feel to be drawn by God’s love that it turns towards him out of free will. And this directing back to himself is God’s eternal plan of salvation, upon which his entire creation is based and which, even so after endless long times, will once be successful after eternities that all beingness has won back its original state and again unites in highest perfection with God, from which it once went out as power. Amen. B.D. NR. 3386.


Book 44 3389

Measures against work of love.

2. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3389.

The world will make demands on you, which you can never ever fulfil when you respect God’s commands. You certainly are to be subject to worldly authorities, but when it is openly demanded that you act against his divine will, that you therefore leave the command of neighbourly love unnoticed and sin through loveless action, then you are to acknowledge God alone as your authority, so that you do not let your soul get lost for the sake of earthly advantage. And that is why you are to firmly commit the will of God to memory; you are to know why you must fulfil it and which results the acting against his will bring in for you. You are to know how exceedingly necessary the work of love is on earth and that only love alone can redeem you – you are also to know how changeable earthly goods are and which unfavourable exchange you go into when you give the salvation of your soul for these goods. You will be pressed badly, and it will not be easy to resist the demands of the world, but you will be able to do it when you ask God for strength and when you join God the more the world wants to separate you from him. Because this alone they aim to achieve with their plans and measures that the Christian love teaching is turned off and therefore God himself is alienated from men, who can only be found through love. Men know nothing about the power of love; otherwise they would try to acquire it. They only know self-love, and they seek to increase their possessions at the expense of the neighbour. And therefore they respect no commandment of neighbourly love, and they demand the same from fellowmen instead of stimulating them to love. And they will press men hard who make the commandments of God their guideline because the latter do not accord with the commandments of worldly authority. And then they are to check earnestly how far the will of God is recognizable in the demands of the worldly authority. What brings about harm to the neighbour is never to be allowed to be carried out when it is to be evaded, i.e., so far man, through forced measures, is not unable to defend himself. And the body is to take suffering and hardship upon itself when it can avert a sinful act through this. Because the soul will once thank it by standing by it in its latter ascent development. Moreover the misery of the body is not of long duration, but the soul must atone for in the hereafter when it did not pay attention to the commandment of neighbourly love and falls into line with the demands of the world for the sake of earthly advantage, which the lack of love demands from men. Because if it rules then the devil governs men, and you are not allowed to subjugate yourselves to him. You must resist him, even if you are severely pressed and have to fear for your bodily well-being, because through this you save your soul before the downfall and through your example also those of your fellowmen when you practise love, even so the world wants to hinder you of it. Amen. B.D. NR. 3389.


Book 44 3390

Spiritual knowledge carries the obligation to pass it on

3. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3390.

Continually you are instructed so that your knowledge increases, and continually you receive power, which you must use again in spiritual work. And for that reason use this power, by you contributing to the spreading of that what is send to you through spiritual instruction; use it by passing on what you have received yourselves. Spiritual power should never rest, i.e., never is man supposed to remain inactive, who has power at his disposal, and therefore also spiritual power is to be used persistently, otherwise it will be taken away from man, who leaves it lying fallow. But spiritual work is everything what contributes that fellowman becomes knowledgeable. It is of no importance by what means knowledge is now imparted to him; only that it is imparted to him is important. And you have this assignment, you who receive the spiritual good from God, directly or through his tools. Everyone to whom spiritual knowledge is offered, who receives it and lets it become spiritual property through thinking about it, has only then a blessing from it for himself when he passes it on in love. Because when it has become valuable for himself then he is also supposed to let his neighbour have some of it, otherwise self-love is still powerful in him and he will feel little blessing from the favour of God. Spiritual good is to never lie fallow when man does not want to get into danger that it is completely taken away from him. Because this is divine law that he receives who gives, because unselfish neighbourly love is prerequisite that man can receive. He who strives for spiritual truth is to be attentive to his feelings – his desire will be fulfilled, but this carries an obligation to also give to him who demandingly desires truth like him. It further carries an obligation to pass on truth also there where there is still fallacy because truth is to displace fallacy. And that is why a carrier of truth must make an eager effort to carry light everywhere where there is still darkness. And this is spiritual work, which is never ever to be allowed to be turned off when man stands in favour to be instructed out of the spiritual kingdom. Because man is always only the organ of light beings, who want to hand out to all men, especially to those who are entrusted to them, to their care, to spiritual guidance. Only seldom can men hear themselves the fine voice of light beings, and that is why they train their tools, which are now to speak instead of them. And a receiver of light is to never neglect this activity; he is to speak where the opportunity is offered to him; he is to communicate through word and writing; he is to use every day and hour and therefore carry out the work to which he has offered himself to God, and permanent success will be granted to him. He himself will be able to score spiritual successes and likewise also those men who receive spiritually from him. This admonition goes to all who are refreshed at the source of eternal life and fetch power and strength in the divine word. Because everyone stands in a circuit of duties in which he can eagerly work, and he is not to neglect this otherwise he makes himself unworthy to be given truth, which is offered to him from above. Because it is valuable good, and it is to be passed on for the blessing of men, so that the great spiritual misery is removed, which is cause to the spiritual decline of mankind and also results in earthly misery and hardship. Amen. B.D. NR. 3390.


Book 44 3404

False prophets. End-time.

14. January 1945. B.D. Nr. 3404.

Only complete immature souls make use of the strength from below and so are also being used by the prince of the underworld for his work. Whatever the enemy of God does to fight against God he makes use of willing men who carry out his will because the power over every work of creation was taken away from him. And therefore he impels men to carry out his will and they obey him because they feel linked to him through their inclinations and desires which hardly differ from each other. So these are souls which are still very materialistic, which are turned towards the enemy of God and with whom he therefore has an easy job of it. Men in whom such souls are embodied are kept completely under his control. But he endows them with much power so that they always can carry out what the enemy of God tells them. Because they have completely turned away from God they are given double the amount of power and they are therefore able to do things that otherwise would be more than they could handle. And so also signs and miracles happen by the hand of men who are opposed to God when they are prepared to let their power be effective outwardly. And then these often are considered to be sent by God due to their miracles and God warns you of them and he has done this always calling our attention to this danger with his permanent reference to the false prophets in the last days because they are a danger for those who are not yet firmly established in the faith and who are not active in works of love. God has always mentioned these emissaries of Satan to announce his might that he will win over men in the later times. He warns his people against falling into the snares of the false prophets and he identifies them due to the fact that also they will confess Christ, the bringer of salvation, but not the redeemer of the world. And that is what you have to watch out for that Jesus Christ has redeemed the world. That Christ however whom the false prophets talk about is still to come and to bring men salvation. And they will mislead many and call out to men: See - here is Christ. But do not follow them, but recognize that they are envoys of Satan from whom you are to flee so that they don’t destroy you. And when they work miracles don’t pay attention because they use the power from below. And you will recognize them because no love is in them, neither in their words nor in their acts. What they are doing only testifies of their power but not of their love and the power is a gift of Satan. And it is easy for you to recognize them when you always make love your guiding principle of our thinking and acting. By the miracles of the false prophets you can also tell that they are not works of love but works of him who comes from hell. When you yourselves walk in love and in faith then you will not be deceived, but the lukewarm are in danger, they do not have these characteristics of love in them. These the enemy of God can win, they will not recognize the false prophets and willingly follow where to they will lead them because the forces from below have power over those who are far from God, who still strive for him according to the word but not according to the heart. And God especially warns these that they do not get enticed by the deception of a miracle. And he gives them a clear characteristic feature that love must always be recognizable where the power of God, which expresses itself through his prophets, takes effect. And where love is not recognizable there Satan has his empire and from that you are to flee because the forces from below will influence every immature man, i.e. every man who thinks and acts without love, and these will be in bondage to those who carry out what the prince of the underworld demands. Because it is the time of the end and this he uses for the work against God and against everything of a spiritual nature that turns towards God until the hour has come when God binds him and all men with him who are in bondage to him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3404.


Book 44 3406

The following is an extract from:

Fight between light and darkness.

15. and 16. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3406.

Because the enemy of God fights with cunning and power and with greatest staying power since he knows that his power will soon be over, since he knows that he will be bound and cannot anymore assert his influence on mankind. And so the earth is surrounded by good and bad forces, by beings of light and beings of darkness, and their struggle is for the souls that are still walking around blindly. The bearers of light on earth and in the beyond work in love and they seek to bring salvation to men languishing in darkness. But the beings of darkness are driven by hate and by acts lacking love they seek to bring disaster on men – eternal night. And so there is a permanent struggle against the souls that will come to an end on the day of the last judgement when the eternal light itself will hold court and separate light from darkness. Because this is the end that the light will shine and completely defeat the night, that truth will win and the forces of darkness with their following will be overthrown into the deepest abyss, into impenetrable darkness, into the sphere of him to whom they belong through their own will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3406.


Book 44 3419

Receiving the divine word act of greatest willpower.

27. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3419.

There are only few people in the possession of the direct word because only few are so strong-willed that they consciously listen to the inside and therefore also have the faith in the work of God in man through his spirit. This faith is precondition; but it has also become alive through practising of neighbourly love, and through the latter man has become a receiving vessel of the divine spirit. But he must also absolutely summon the will to listen to the instructions through the divine spirit. And this requires love and overcoming – love towards God and overcoming of all weaknesses and faults. Continuously man must work on himself and have the will to come close to God. He therefore must put spiritual striving above the earthly, and therefore he must also execute the spiritual work with conscientiousness, and to this belongs first the work of receiving, which requires an exceedingly strong will because the daily receiving of the divine word is an act of greatest willpower, because this must again and again become active anew, because only then the divine spiritual gift can be offered to man. Although man is only the tool of God, which he uses to speak in a natural way to men, still the free will of man is decisive, and he is therefore not forced or caused to write in a morbid state without his will, but he can act completely free and by no means needs to open his ear and heart. But then the receiving of the divine spiritual good is also impossible. And that is why only few men are found, who offer themselves completely voluntarily and who now daily persistently listen inwards – who therefore want and also let the will become action by them secluding themselves from the world, establish the inner connection with God, ask him and wait for the fulfilment of their request. This requires time and the abandonment of that what the body demands for itself. Who loves his body too much, i.e. only in earthly life of pleasure seeks the purpose of earth life, he is completely unable to summon this will because the body will again and again try to weaken it, and in the end man will fulfil the desire of the body; he will become careless and lethargic; he will also have weak faith in the love and goodness of God and not ask him for his gifts of favour, and then it can also not be sent to him. And only few men are prepared to give their will to God and to be completely directed by him. But these few are right workers in the vineyard of the Lord; they have proven themselves as loyal followers of God, and therefore also receive permanently power to let their will become strong; again and again they are anew prepared to listen inwards. And the result is divine spiritual good, which can have an unimaginable beneficial effect when also fellowman summons the will again to let himself be instructed by him. The will must always become active anew because God forces no man to turn towards his kingdom and therefore also his favour. But who summons this will, him God blesses, and he will be able to record greatest successes, both for his own soul as well as for those of fellowman. And he will be a successful worker in the vineyard of the Lord, and power and favour is at his disposal in richest measure. Amen. B.D. NR. 3419.


Book 44 3420

Setback. God stops.

28. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3420.

An incomparable event will produce a change of the serious difficulties because the earthly fight will be stopped through this, to introduce a new epoch, which, however, is not less full of grief. Because to turn away from mankind the suffering on earth it would have to change seriously, but they do not summon the will for this. A powerful setback is to be expected, an event, which comes completely unexpectedly and which has an enormous effect with serious consequences. No power will enjoy a supposed victory; a clear decision will also not take place in the wrestling of the nations, but a solution will follow from a third party – God himself will speak the last word in this fight, which had only earthly aims as cause. God will ruin the plans of men and let his will go into action. But before that a hard examination is still necessary; the fight must still first reach a culmination, which seems almost impossible, but which is of a complete short duration, lets, however, the depravity of men really become recognizable. Then the hand of God intervenes, and it commands a stop. A misery is ended but very soon replaced by another misery, which will press men not less, because the first one has not brought successes. Men themselves are the cause of all suffering, which comes over them, because they do not mend their ways, although they are admonished and warned again and again and again. But his will is done, and not human will determines the course of an event, although human will has caused it. And that is why no matter how careful the plan of men can be worked out, when it does not agree with the divine plan, it will not be able to get executed – God will correct it, and men will have to act according to his will. And men are now at the end of their work because the further course is determined by God himself although men believe to have initiated it. God’s will is decisive, and it will become recognizable shortly because a new fighting time takes its beginning, which does not have earthly, but spiritual aims as cause. B.D. NR. 3420.


Book 44 3421

Intervention of God. Plan from eternity.

29. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3421.

Through world events the spiritual low is to be removed, and the great misery is to contribute to the approach to God – therefore earthly events have the purpose to lead men to their actual purpose, to form them for the actual life some day in the spiritual kingdom. Therefore the entire events are according to the divine plan from eternity, although something will never find God’s approval what human will is to blame for, because it is obviously the work of his opponent. Nevertheless he also takes up this work into his eternal plan of salvation; he lets it happen, so to speak as start of all revolution in the time of the end. There can be only still one improvement for men when they change fundamentally, therefore strive for a higher state of maturity. And when the fate of the individual or the entire happenings in the world have brought in this higher degree of maturity to the soul, then it was not without success, and then even the opponent of God has indirectly contributed to it, that God gets his little sheep back, that they join him and are cared for by himself. And the soul is no longer hopelessly lost. And so everything in the entire universe serves and is subject to his eternal will. Therefore also the powers of darkness are subjugated to God, and consequently God himself determines the course of all that what takes place in the universe, no matter whether it is caused by good or evil will. God is just; he will never commend a bad thought or a bad act, but he lets them be executed so that men are to recognize that they are not wanted by God, that they feel the consequences of such thoughts or acts, to refrain from them out of free will. But he will constantly draw the attention of men to the wrong, and particularly in that way that he does not let the bad plans of men succeed. And so he also now again directs a plan, which is recognizable through human hate and will to destroy, towards a completely different end than men reckon. But he first only shows the depravity of those, so that men think things over, so that they make an effort to change, so that the spiritual low is removed and men come closer to God, who is to be their only aim on earth. Because even though free will is left to them, God still intervenes when this free will is abused and men get spiritually into danger through it. And such an intervention of God will also now direct world happenings into other courses because the will of men let them become a wrong, which clearly marks their depravity. But the misery on earth will not become less because it is necessary, because men do not change and must be brought into situations where they are supposed to and can seek the union with God so that their souls are rescued from greatest spiritual trouble. Because it is the time of the end, which is still to be used before it is too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 3421.


Book 44 3422

Suffering – means of favour

30. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3422.

The time of the end full of favour is not recognized as such by men because they do not know about the blessing of suffering; they do not know that suffering is also a favour through which the soul still can be rescued, which is far from God and cannot reach its aim for ever when it does not decrease the distance to God through work of love. And love-work can be the result of great suffering. God gives men the opportunity to practise love because suffering takes shapes that fellowman is prompted to works of love when he is not completely hardened. What a man would not do automatically in a time of ordered circumstances, that he can still do out of his own drive in the face of over-great trouble. He can take care of fellowman and stand by him helpfully; the little flame of neighbourly love can be ignited in him, and then his soul has drawn greatest advantage out of earthly trouble. God is constantly intent on still leading the souls to higher maturity or to put them into that state that their soul cover dissolves, so that before the end of the days it at least can enter into the state of knowledge into the kingdom on the other side or joins the small community out of its own initiative, which holds out until the end in faith in Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. When man reaches this aim through suffering then suffering is for him the last rescue; it is a favour, which is still granted to him shortly before the end. Because without suffering he remains in the state of being far from God, because love does not become active in him. The means, which God applies to help the souls of man, must be particularly sharp before the end when they are not to be without effect. And men in their spiritual blindness only see the sharpness of those means, but not their blessing. But when they are placed into a light state through works of love, they have entered the group of the fighters of Christ, then they look back upon the days of their bodily trouble full of thanksgiving; they recognize the purpose and the blessing of the suffering and also the love of God, which is always intent on the maturation of imperfect souls. The time until the end is not anymore long, but men stand so low in their spiritual development that they need a considerable longer time to make up for it. Consequently they must go through a school, in which they can mature quicker when they pass every life test, when they use every opportunity. They must pass a fire of purification, the cover of their soul must be melted through suffering and love, then it is possible that they still perfect themselves in this short time so that they belong to those in the end who fight for Jesus Christ. And then eternal happiness is secured to them. And the sooner a man practises love out of free will, to which the suffering of fellowmen is supposed to drive him, the easier bearable the latter will seem to appear, because when the actual purpose is reached through suffering, the sooner man therefore uses favour, the sooner this can also be taken from him. Only in the spiritual kingdom the favours of the end-time will be recognized properly, because man as such does not have the overall view on earth; he does not recognize the great spiritual misery; he does not know in which danger he is when he fails, and what enormous concept it is to have to live through a further development period. This recognition will only be granted to him in the spiritual kingdom, and then he will be thankful for every help, which was allotted to him in form of suffering on earth. Only then will he recognize which measure of favour God has granted to men on earth and that without suffering it was never ever possible to reach the aim. But as long as he lives on earth, the opportunity for the ascent development of his soul is offered to him, and so long also favours are available to him. And suffering is one of the greatest favours, because it is the most effective means to educate man to love activity. And that is why God applies this means before the end has come to still win souls for his kingdom, to help them that they do not get lost for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3422.


Book 44 3423

Progress of misery. Places of peace.

31. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3423.

Men have wrong hopes when they expect improvement from the coming time because it will be bearable for only few men. Only those men who are joint to me through prayer and love-work will be burdened less; the others on the other hand must go through a time of renunciation and most severe life-struggle to prepare themselves for the last earth life test, for the fight against faith. Misery and affliction before is to have the effect that they call me, that they learn to recognize me, that they than remain loyal to me and enter the group of my fighters. As soon as they are joined to me, misery and affliction will be relieved; by virtue of their faith they will overcome all weaknesses, and I will provide them with all alleviation when they have to endure the former for fellowmen’s sake. And that is why in the middle of the greatest misery also a quiet island of peace can be; in the middle of human devils also men joined to God can live, who the former cannot harm, because a thick wall of protection surrounds them, which is formed by good spiritual beings. And therefore there will be places everywhere where my love and favour rules in contrast to those where my opponent has his way and where therefore no peace and no rest can arise. But I myself form the places of peace for me because I know mine and will make their life bearable any time. And these places are also to be recognized by fellowmen as places of peace because I want that they take refuge there in trouble and receive words of comfort and strengthening from those who themselves live in peace and can also now hand out such by them passing on my word, by them awakening faith in my wisdom, love and omnipotence. Because this faith marks the places of peace. But it will be represented very little under mankind, and that is why also only seldom a refuge of peace can come into being because mankind no longer recognizes me, and it is far from me. And where I cannot dwell myself, there is no peace, no happiness and no light. And the world will carry on being in darkness and earthly trouble despite the ending of a fighting phase, which has brought bitter suffering upon men because they themselves are not willing to accept instruction from the side of those who permanently draw wisdom out of the union with me. And that is why the time of trouble is not finished so soon although the earthly fight approaches its end. Because only to him who aims at me can I give and create an easy existence for him. But for the greatest part of mankind earth life still remains a severe struggle until they yield to me and make my will to theirs. B.D. NR. 3423.


Book 44 3428

Right faith.

5. February 1945. B.D. NR. 3428.

Right faith is able to put you in the deepest inner peace because then you leave everything carefree to the Lord and creator of heaven and earth who is your father from the beginning. Who calls deep faith his own he is also intimately connected to him because believing in God means to strive for him, to reach the nearness of the most perfect being. Believing in God also means to love him out of the deepest heart because man acknowledges him as most perfect being. And that is why the believing man will also always receive power from God and through it be put into a state of rest and peace, which makes him happy because he now no longer fears anything but devotes himself trustingly to the father from eternity. Right faith will therefore not be able to be shaken so easily; it is of a strength that it does not sway also in the face of greatest onslaught because the believing man fetches his power out of God, and he therefore thinks that nothing will be unworkable for him; nothing seems to be impossible to him, and he will master everything because the power of faith is unlimited. Because the believing man does nothing on his own, but everything with God; any time he fetches power at the source; he takes it up because through the intimate connection with God he feels as his child and therefore accepts without hesitation what is offered to him. But only the believing man establishes this intimate relationship with God, which also earns him unlimited supply of power. And when man now applies this power, then unconquerable things no longer exist for him; he needs to fear nothing because now he is master of every situation. But man only reaches deep faith through working love. Without love he can certainly also be believing according to the word, but he lacks the power of faith because this power is only the consequence of love activity. Therefore faith only becomes alive through works. Without works faith is dead, i.e. without power; it is no right faith full of conviction, but only a trained knowledge in a God of love, omnipotence and wisdom, but which can only then be called faith when man is so convinced that he establishes the most intimate connection with him and now also desires and receives his power radiation and also then uses it. Then faith becomes alive; its power is expressed, and man can accomplish things, which show divine work because it is the power out of God, which now becomes active and which every man can apply who stands in the right, living faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 3428.


Book 44 3433

Terrible events. Promise. Help.

8. February 1945. B.D. NR. 3433.

Great things are preparing themselves, and your heart will rejoice due to the truth of my word, although you will tremble about the terrible events, which now become revealed to the world. I initiate you into my plan by announcing to you that I now intervene myself before you, my believers, are drawn into these events. Therefore hear my voice: You will escape from every danger and still be in great danger because everything around you is in rebellion. But you will live like on an island under my care, and you will feel nothing of the goings-on of Satan – you will wait anxiously until help comes to you. Because now disaster overtakes those men whose hearts are ruled by Satan, who sacrifice the life of innumerable men for their shameful plans and execute a work of destruction without mercy, which can only still be ended through my intervention. Take this my word as comfort. I will rescue you out of all misery; therefore hope and wait and remain connected to me in prayer, and you will receive power to hold out until help comes to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 3433.


Book 44 3434

Divine power of creation and will to form.

10. and 11. February 1945. B.D. NR. 3434.

Earth in its properties testifies to God’s will to form, who radiates power constantly and lets it win form in his works of creation. Deepest wisdom is recognizable for every man who looks at those works closely, and as soon as he thinks about meaning and purpose of it, he also recognizes the love of God. From God manifesting himself in his works it follows that these works are indestructible in their spiritual substance – that therefore the form certainly changes before the eyes of men, but can never completely be destroyed according to its substance because it is power out of God, which never ever stops to be. But the process of change happens according to divine laws, as long as human will does not act against it. What has emerged out of God will therefore again and again adopt another form as soon as it is visible to the human eye, however always remain the same in its substance – spiritual, therefore power out of God, which, standing in different degrees of maturity, is always unconscious of itself, but can be free or unfree. Originally this spiritual emerged free out of God and, because it was the radiation of him himself, also highly perfect. That it became unfree was the result of it pushing away from God, that it removed itself from God through its will. Yet it still remained power out of God; it could not detach itself eternally from the original source of the eternal power, it only became imperfect through its will. And that is why God constantly lets works of creation come into being; he banished the power in form, which his will as law gave the spiritual as fetter – which was now bound through this, but did not stop to be. Divine power to create is imperishable; it is radiation of God and it cannot be destroyed for ever what emerges out of God, therefore has its origin in him. In earthly creations it is expressed visibly but the visible again holds invisible spiritual, which also must be recognized as radiation of God. Will, wisdom and love of God are constantly active to lead back to himself the power emerging out of him and striving away, what he certainly can do through force by virtue of his omnipotence, but will not do it because his infinite love prevents him from making the original free unfree. Because lack of freedom is the state of imperfection. But God in his perfection only wants the perfect in his nearness. Therefore he seeks to lead the spiritual, which became imperfect through its own will, through its striving away from God, back to himself by him binding it to cause it to voluntarily strive back to him. And therefore he binds it in form, in the manifold works of creation, which his will to fashion lets emerge always and continuously; because the power can never ever be lost, there are only two possibilities – always greater distance from God and ineffectiveness resulting from it or flowing back to the original power, what means highest effectiveness, what results in unlimited power and might for the being, which can now create and fashion like God, i.e. in a will equal to that of God to its own unlimited happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 3434.


Book 44 3438

God’s brazen voice. Phase of the end.

16. February 1945. B.D. NR. 3438.

The greatness and omnipotence of God will be revealed at a time when men are completely without hope and bankrupt. Because God wants to show himself to all those who believe in him, are, however, too weak to represent their faith before the world. He wants to announce himself to his, who full trustingly wait for his help, and he also wants to shake up the unbelievers and still bring light to them in the darkness of the spirit. That is why he reveals himself loud and audibly. His voice sounds powerfully and cannot be missed because he speaks to men through the forces of nature in a way that all must hear him. Before he gives free rein to the will of men; he allows it that they rage against each other and become true devils, but he puts an end to their goings-on when they themselves have confessed to belong to Satan through their works. The will of men itself determines the time of his intervention, and the misery of those who are his finds an end through this. But the world will follow an event and full of horror waits for its end. But God wrecks a plan, however, to bring another to be carried out because he wants to prove to men his omnipotence and his justice, who believe in him. But the suffering and the misery does not come to an end, only that the believers are strengthened through the intervention of God and abandon themselves to God full of trust, i.e. devotedly they take on their fate in the hope that God will give them strength to bear everything what is imposed upon them. And the world events will change, and a completely different solution will surprise men who survive it. The hopeless will draw again new hope; the tiered will gather strength and become active, and to every man it will be distributed according to his desire – earthly and spiritual power, and the ascent will also be accordingly. Body and soul will seek their advantages, and blessed who uses this time for the salvation of his soul. Because now only still a short time remains till the end, and this time must be eagerly used by those who still suffer a low, which endangers their soul. But also the believers must demand much strength so that they pass their last earth life test, so that they stand firm and hold out until the end. Because the separation of the spirits requires a new fight, which is about spiritual goods only – the fight against the belief in Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the world. And the last phase of this redemption period is introduced through the intervention of God. Through it he will reveal himself to men; he will speak to them with a brazen voice, and happy the man who hears this voice, understands it and lets it go to the heart – happy the man who pays attention to world events and tries to explain them to himself spiritually – because the language of God will be comprehensible to him, and he will think of his soul before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3438.


Book 44 3439

Paradise of the New Earth. Struggle of Light and Darkness.

17. February 1945. B.D. NR. 3439.

Only the good proves itself in the last struggle because it is in direct contact with God and therefore will be able to offer resistance until the end. The evil however leans towards the opponent of God, will be seized by him and pulled down into the depth of the abyss. This is the end of the redemption period and at the same time the beginning of a new one so that the upward development of the unfree spiritual progresses in a new time era that again begins with the paradise on earth. Because the good that will emerge victorious from the last struggle, i.e. the humans that have love for God and the neighbour, will now carry off the wages of their perseverance, their loyalty towards God, by being awarded a life on earth in deepest peace where suffering and worry are banished and happiness has taking the place of them. In harmony of their souls they will lead a life full of concord, giving love one another and therefore being allowed to receive permanently love from God who dwells as eternal love among them. They can’t anymore be pressed from the enemy of their souls; because he is together with his following banished for a long time and he therefore can’t influence the people anymore who live on the new earth and are in rapport with God. They don’t know fear and doubt because they are in the light and in knowledge due to their life devoted to love. And this state is a state of perfection and a state that also secures the entering into the kingdom of light. But still a time on earth is given them because they are to form the stock of the new human race that is to live on this new earth. And only good men can be the inhabitants of the new earth because they have given up all proneness to matter since they have recognized God and have love for him in their hearts and they therefore also know about their assignment on earth and their final objective. God can now draw near to them – visibly and invisibly - he can permanently dwell among them in his word, he can teach them and enlighten their spirit because they don’t put up any resistance through their will or through a thinking devoted to matter. And as long as this state remains among men on this new earth, as long as they fetch power and happiness from God himself by remaining close to him, it will remain a paradise where happy men live without suffering and misery. But also this state will experience a change, but only after a long time. Then matter will again hold an attraction for men who will become more lukewarm in their love towards God. And then men themselves give the enemy of God the right to assail them because through the striving for matter they themselves turn towards him who is banished in matter. And he makes use of this; he seeks to turn the will of men more and more towards matter and to force it away from God. For man cannot strive for both at the same time. He will always have to give up one for the sake of the other and there is a danger that men will again set their heart on matter and leave God. And again the struggle of light against darkness begins - the wrestling of the forces that have turned away from God for the power over men. But also the beings of light struggle for their souls, however the will of man itself will always decide which force will get the upper hand, until the raging of Satan will become obvious again and the end of a redemption period has come again. Amen. B.D. NR. 3439.


Book 44 3442

Light beings. Direct call to God.

19. February 1945. B.D. NR. 3442.

All light beings are ministering spirits of God – they are the executers of divine will; they are the messengers who deliver power and light to men on earth, as well as to the still immature souls in the spiritual kingdom. They stand in love and therefore seize everything in need of help when it is God’s will. Because also their dealings are subordinate to divine law, which underlies the maturing of the still immature spiritual. The love of light beings is so great that they truly would leave nothing in misery when there would not be a barrier put for them by God. And the will of man on earth as also of the soul in the hereafter themselves determines this barrier. Every thought turned towards God and every request towards him or the light beings for help tears down this barrier because now they are allowed to be active according to their will, which is also the will of God. Permanently they receive power out of God; they are therefore powerful and that is why they can confer every help to the beings asking and calling them; they can protect man on earth; they can instruct and guide him on the right way; they can mitigate misery but as they also can lead man into severe life situations when he needs these for the sake of his soul. Every thought turned towards God gives them this possibility because now they have also been handed over by God to the care of these light beings, which are always only the executers of divine will, which God lets become active for their own blessing. Because the spiritual full of light has already found the union with him and works and creates out of his power in his will. And that is why prayer towards God for help is always enough in trouble that his messengers are also active and care for and protect the earth child. And just so every good thought sent into the spiritual kingdom is to establish connection with those beings, which use every opportunity to carry out their actual mission to convey thoughts full of light to men, to teach them to pray right, to increase their desire for God, to incite them to love activity and to constantly look after men in in a redeeming sense who are turned towards them through prayer and good thoughts. Man is always surrounded by these light beings, they, however, remain completely ineffective when he establishes no connection, when he does not believe in their existence and their power, therefore hands himself consciously over with the request for welfare and care. Because according to divine law they are prevented to come to the help of man without being called, as this help would bring no spiritual success but the opportunity would be taken from him to ask God for help out of most inner drive, therefore to establish the connection with him, which is precondition to receive power for spiritual maturing. To establish the connection with God is so extremely important that every opportunity should be used for it, and therefore the way to him is to be gone directly, because he himself has given men prayer as bridge to him, which he can always and everywhere cross. Prayer is a favour of God through which he makes himself reachable for every man, and this favour is to be used because it results in an inestimable supply of power, which again is imparted to men through his messengers according to his will. Men can draw from this source of favour because they will never call to him unsuccessfully, even so they do not feel earthly this success immediately. But the soul will never come away empty-handed because every call upon God gives permission to innumerable light beings to be active in loving care, and man matures through this spiritually. Because God and the spiritual full of light are one – what God wants, his angels carry out, and man can know to be permanently protected and cared for when he intimately calls upon God for help and sends his thoughts into the spiritual kingdom asking. Amen. B.D. NR. 3442.


Book 44 3443

Personification of God.

20. to 22. February 1945. B.D. NR. 3443.

Faith in a divinity-being does not at all presuppose a personified divinity, why man is not allowed to have a narrowly limited idea about God, who is omnipresent and above time and space. He fills everything with his spirit, the entire universe, the entire spiritual kingdom – and therefore he is not imaginable as person, which is spatially limited according to human idea. A personification of God is rather to be completelt refrained from when man wants to imagine approximately the highest and most perfect entity of God. God has certainly demonstrated himself in a human form to his creatures by him filling the body of Jesus with his divinity and showing himself to men in transfigured state, so that they now can imagine in Jesus Christ the eternal divinity. But when the soul has laid down its body and enters the kingdom of light, it becomes clear to it that the eternal divinity can never be grasped in its being by human intellect and that the embodiment in Jesus Christ is to awaken or strengthen the faith in a divinity-being during their earth life, because otherwise they would find this faith difficult, but it is necessary to establish a connection with God through prayer. So in Jesus Christ the eternal divinity has become visible to men, which seeks to bring itself close to them in merciful love to cause them to pray to it for the establishment of the connection with it. Jesus Christ was the form in which the eternal divinity held itself for men on earth. In the kingdom of light the same form will be seen by the beings, which have reached the degree of maturity to reach the sight of God. But the divinity-being is present everywhere and for that reason it is never exhausted in a limited form. And that is also why it cannot be addressed as personal divinity because this is an idea, which only applies for earth life, for man himself, who, as individual being standing isolated in the universe, claims the right of the acknowledgement of a personality, therefore always a human being is to be understood under a person. That this idea is never applicable to the eternal divinity follows from the fact that God is a spirit – but spirit is never something limited, bound in a form, when it is perfect. Therefore the highest perfection is free above all ideas and radiates through the entire infinity; it is omnipresent because its original substance is love, which is likewise not limited and therefore also not imaginable as form. Man has only a limited capacity; he cannot imagine more than things, which are existing on earth, as long as he is still of un-awakened spirit. And for that reason he seeks to also imagine the eternal divinity as person when he believes in a God-being, in a God to whom he can pray. And God accommodated this pure human desire by embodying himself in Jesus Christ, i.e. showed men how a man, who lives according to the pleasure of God, can find the union with God on earth and therefore become one with him. He wanted to show men the way to reach the final goal, the complete union with God. The radiation of the divine entity filled the man Jesus, consequently only the outer cover, the bodily form, was still human, but the soul and the spirit divine; they had again unified themselves completely with God, from whom they went out. But the eternal divinity has not been exhausted because this is impossible for the most perfect being that it ever finds a limitation in a form. Nevertheless the eternal divinity is some beingness, i.e. spiritual power, to which will and the ability to think has to be granted, therefore a being, with which man can take up intimate contact also through his will and his thinking. Because the wanting and the thinking of man is also not bound to the outer form but part of the spiritual, which is embodied in human form. As soon as the bodily cover drops off, the spiritual, the beingness, remains further able to think and to want, only that this ability can be weaker or stronger according to its state of maturity, while the eternal divinity as most perfect being executes its will and its thinking in deepest wisdom and unimaginable power. The bodily form of man is just a means for the purpose for the duration of earth life. But who believes in the immortality of the soul, for him it will also be understandable that the outer form, the person, is not needed for the continued existence of the soul. Nevertheless the soul remains an individual being in its consciousness, even so it has united with equal mature spiritual – as also the eternal divinity will in the same way remain the highest and most perfect being also for the highest light beings, which have found the union with it – which are completely united with God and still are unspeakably happy in their own existence because they always and constantly receive and feel the love power of God who as eternal father is connected with them in most intimate union. Amen. B.D. NR. 3443.


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