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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 43

B.D. NR. 3276 - B.D. NR. 3355b
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Book 43 3276

Time of Grace. Speaker - Forerunner of the Lord.

30. September and 1. October 1944. B.D. NR. 3276.

Hear, what the spirit of God tells you. A time of Grace has begun - the blessing of it you can feel when you are willing to strive for the kingdom of God. A perpetual work of the beings of light is recognizable, they transfer gifts of grace from the spiritual kingdom to men on earth; beings of light are embodied on earth that serve men in the later times as spiritual guides; the thinking of men who strive towards God will be enlightened and because of that they will be closer to the truth; the love of God will be expressed in times of earthly need by bringing help where such is requested. Believing people will accomplish unusual things and the power of faith will be revealed. And therefore grace above grace will be recognizable because from the opposite side likewise all means will be employed and men will get into spiritual difficulties where God wants to bring visible help to them. And in this time of grace a man arises whose spirit is from above, whose soul is completely one with the spirit in it and therefore he will speak what the spirit reveals to him Ė fullest truth in most understandable form. God himself will talk through him, he will admonish men to endure or he will warn them to abandon him. And this speaker is the forerunner of the Lord. When he turns up the coming of the Lord is not far off. And through this man the measure of grace is considerably increased because he will mean a great support for the believers and the unbelievers will have the opportunity to become believers through him. Because he will have great influence on people who listen to him because he is full of power and might. His words will arouse enthusiasm and will spread like wildfire through the country in which he will be active. He will speak without fear and timidity and he will enlighten men and he will point out to the people the coming of the Lord in the clouds and the Day of Judgement. But he will find little faith because the majority of mankind does not want to know any more about God and spiritual things and their whole thinking is therefore wrong. Therefore they do not recognize the exceptional gift of grace and will therefore not make use of it and that is why the end is unavoidable since the abyss opens and everything that does not recognize God and rejects his word will be devoured. Ceaselessly God gives and what he gives is an undeserved gift of grace meant to help man to reach maturity Ė also in these times of trouble. If it is suffering or joy, it always serves man to lift his soul to God, it is always a pointer to God, a luring and guiding onto the right road - it is always grace. And when this man will come, the measure of grace is also increasing for men because light is flooding around him and he radiates this light that comes out of the spiritual domain. He hands out knowledge his word is full of wisdom and power and can easily be accepted because it is presented with great conviction and comprehensible to men who will only listen to him attentively. God in his love makes it easy for men to be able to believe by sending his messengers who have exceptional power at their disposal and this already is a sign that allows recognizing them as messengers from heaven. But he will be attacked from every direction Ė an only a few recognize his mission and will stick to him, only few strengthen themselves through his words; but these receive power and grace in excess and they are able to withstand against all challenges from the world, against all the hostilities which now come to light in public. The last times will be exceptionally difficult but also full of grace because God will come out into the open where only a heart open to grace is in need. And therefore it will be possible to get successfully through the last battle on earth - that the soul can emerge without danger from it, that it wins eternal life should it depart prematurely from earth or holds out until the end of this world and is fetched from the Lord himself from this earth with an alive body to begin a new life on the new earth. B.D. NR. 3276.


Book 43 3289

Measures of the World Against Spiritual Striving.

11. October 1944. B.D. Nr. 3289.

Worldly endeavours will always find approval from the children of the world but those who are turned towards the spiritual domain will condemn them because they are directed against everything spiritual and are therefore an assault upon those who strive spiritually. The children of the world do not aim at spiritual endeavours they are in their way and therefore they agree that the latter will be fought. And so very soon men will be divided in those who are the children of the spirit and those who are the children of the world, the latter however will be predominate the former numerically and therefore force through their measures because the others are too weak to oppose this. And this results in a powerful oppression of those who are believers and therefore strive for the spiritual sphere and for the sake of their faith they are exposed to much suffering and trouble. The children of the world are completely faithless, they think they are enlightened and that they are spiritually superior and so they feel that they are entitled to take action against those and to stamp out all faith because they donít know the blessings they forfeit through their faithlessness. Their thinking and striving is for material goods only and they donít think of their souls because they donít believe that after their life on earth their souls will enter the realm of the spirit. They do not acknowledge a spiritual kingdom because it canít be proved. And for the body to profit from the earth as much as possible is menís only concern. And so these two parties are facing each other, numerically little the one, but strong through faith in an almighty God who in his love will help them - and the masses who appear to be strong on the surface but are too weak to struggle against faith, to talk the small flock out of it or to make them submissive. For the strength and the power is with those who are fighting with God and for God. The more the children of the light persevere in their faith the more the children of the world will persecute them. Because the children of the world are also the children of Satan and he is doing everything possible to snatch from God his followers. And that is why he makes use of the world and its attractions.

A time of severest trouble arrives for the believers which they could easily get rid of if they would submit to the demands of the world. And therefore it will take a fight to remain devoted to God in the face of the enticements of the world and the extremely meagre living conditions from which the believers have to suffer. But the world will not be able to uproot the followers of the faith. They already have conquered the world and have no more joy in things that are temporal and which do not come from the spiritual realm. They have experienced the grace of the spiritual sphere and they never exchange it for worldly trinkets, for temporary goods and for everything that belongs to the world. Because even during times of severest trouble the gifts from the spiritual kingdom keep coming flooding to them and they make up for all restrictions and misery that result from the worldly measures. The hostile assault will be vehement and call for strong faith but the small flock of Godís fighters are in close contact with Jesus Christ and he leads them victoriously out of the struggle. Because he supplies them with power, he leads them into the battle and helps them to cope with all hardship so that they never can be overcome, no matter how strong the enemy is and how cruel he acts. Because in the faith in Jesus Christ lies the greatest power and they fight with the weapons of love and against them the enemy is powerless. Whoever loves the world will become a slave to it but those who do strive for the spiritual kingdom will not be lured into the world and therefore they also only receive the gifts from the spiritual kingdom, but they are also supported by the powers of this kingdom, and its might is indeed greater than earthly power. The time of the fight is short and therefore also the time of trouble for the believers. But they will win the day because they will live for ever, while the children of the world find their death bodily and spiritually Ė but they will never cease to exist. And this spiritual death is torture and they owe it to the world which put their souls in chains and from which they were not able to come off. They sought the world and found death with it. The believers however will conquer the world and find eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 3289.


Book 43 3291

Godís Voice. The Work of Satan. The Fight About Faith.

12. and 13. October 1944. B.D. NR. 3291.

A small while still and your thinking will be forced upwards, you who are only entangled in physical matter and who do not want to separate yourselves from it. But you will have to do it because God himself will take everything away from you so that he turns your mind to himself. You men do not take advantage of this troublesome time that overcomes you; you do not ask yourselves what the occasion is for the misery and trouble and so you do not change, because you do not know yourselves. And therefore the troubles of the time did not yet have an influence on your soul life and so God takes stronger means to cause a change of your mind. He takes everything your heart is set on from you, both men and possessions - and this in no time. And so God reveals himself in a way that seems to lack divine love. But you men yourselves want it that way because you do not recognize the love of God when it was expressed. His word which is love radiating from God you did not accept and in your blindness you did not recognize that God himself walked towards you in his word. So he comes in bitter suffering, again not recognized by those who are bound by matter because they do not seek God and so they also cannot find him. He again reveals himself but in a most painful way. He comes in the rage of the elements and lets his voice be heard, powerfully and horrific, and all are to hear him. And where this voice will sound there will be great trouble afterwards because severely he will hit those men who do not want to submit to him under the law of love and who therefore are now to feel his severity. For the law of love is ignored to the point of inhumanity. God always and permanently taught love, his enemy preached hate, God gave men the truth, his enemy interspersed it with lies and errors and now the enemy gains the upper hand because men listen to him while they reject God. They ignore love, they do not strive for truth anymore and all their thinking and doing is influenced by the enemy of God so that man is not any more receptive for the truth from God. And still he reveals himself to them so that they are to recognize him. Because his work will be so obvious that a higher power should be recognized in it. But now the questions and doubts about the existence of God set in, who himself destroys what he has created. And this uncertainty is used by men who abandoned God to prepare the ground for war against faith - the work of destruction through the elements offers a welcome case for that. And the men of the affected regions are the first who pay attention to them - they dismiss their old belief and with increased strength they aim again at matter, i.e., as quick as possible they seek to restore the previous conditions. And this time is marked by the most severe spiritual conflicts. Now men let their anger out. Who is in possession of grace, who lifts up his sight and who accepts the grace that flows towards him will well stay away from the goings-on and will be shocked to observe the worldly events. For he recognizes God and recognizes the acts of men that are adverse to God. He tries to explain wherever he finds an opportunity. But he will have little success because the voice of the world will drown him and men will rather pay attention to the worldís voice. But when God lets his voice sound they can pay attention and they could think of these warnings of their fellow human beings and this can save their souls. Because the time of suffering afterwards, the misery and meagre life, the seemingly hard struggle for existence and survival, can have a positive effect on man in so far as he loses the love for matter and learns to recognizes spiritual striving as purpose of his life. But the majority will more than ever strive to own the goods of the world and will not be afraid to use any means to acquire them. And only then the lack of love of the world will come to light undisguised. And this will mean a terrible life for the people who are still able to love because they will permanently be threatened and receive hostile treatment and become unpopular and they cannot defend themselves because they are weak and powerless against those who live according to the world. Times will be hard but also bearable where the power of God can work, where the will of men strives towards God and where man requests strength from God - because God does not leave the ones who are his and the harder the plight the closer and more noticeable is his help. And that goes to show the fellow human beings the power of belief and Ė if they are not too stubborn - have them thinking. The love of God woos every soul and makes it really possible for it to get enlightened. But as man must use his free will to make the decision, only in the form of suffering can one work on him when he does not listen to gentle warnings and admonitions. And as men do not pay attention to Godís word that easily helps them to get understanding, he now has to bring his power to bear and try to move men in this sorrowful way to repentance. This is the last remedy before the end and therefore especially painful for innumerable people but it is planned since eternities because all men are opposed to God in their will that cannot be broken by means of gentleness and goodness of God. And when this event does not bring a change of will then there is no salvation for souls on this earth and they have to bear the consequences of their disobedience. The soul has to again go the course through the creation of the new earth and take upon itself an unspeakable hard lot until Ė after a very long time Ė it is again allowed to use its will and make a free decision. Amen. B.D. NR. 3291.


Book 43 3305

Prayer of the resurrected. Fulfilment.

24. October 1944. B.D. NR. 3305.

Hear the divine spirit: In every way God is intend on helping men to the salvation of their souls, and everything what happens, what he himself does or leaves, is a means to this. And that is why everything must be accepted thankfully out of the hand of God, also when the body feels it as suffering, because it serves the soul. And this thought is also to determine your prayer; you are to pray only for the wellbeing of your soul and leave the wellbeing of your body to the will of God because his love and wisdom only thinks of the your soul and eternal life is the soulís aim and purpose of all that what comes over you. Therefore you are to pray that God might protect your soul from every danger, and you are to hand over your body completely to him; you are to leave it to him how he provides for it, and always trust his love and wisdom, which must be guarantee for you that everything is good what God sends over you. This is valid for the resurrected man who knows about meaning and purpose of suffering and who also recognizes the spiritual need of mankind and knows its consequences for the souls. His requesting and pleading is to always be meant for the spiritual wellbeing; it is to be a permanent prayer for light in darkness of the time; it is to be wrestling for spiritual goods, for firm faith, for cognition of truth and for spiritual knowledge, because this alone removes spiritual need and also earthly need at the same time, because this is a consequence of the first. Who stands in understanding his prayer is to be a request only for rescue out of spiritual misery Ė nevertheless he can also bring all earthy needs to the heart of the heavenly father by handing himself completely over to his guidance, by him believing that as his child he is lovingly protected by him. His faith in the love of God must be strong, then also every earthly worry will disappear because when a child knows to be loved by the father it no longer fears anything because Godís love turns it away from him when it is beneficial to his soul. Man must be certain of the love of God. And he will be this when he himself stands in love. According to the degree of his love towards God and towards the neighbour and its confirmation the love of God fills him and is also noticeable for him. And the man active in love will be completely carefree also in earthly misery. Because he firmly trusts and therefore does not know worry. And that is the power of divine love, which flows though him when he himself is active in love. He will no longer believe to be able to master anything out of his own power, but hand himself completely over to the father in heaven and so also lay all earthly worries before his feet because he knows that only God can relieve him of them, that only God directs his fate so as it is good for him. And therefore he trusts that God in his love does not burden him to carry more as it is necessary for his soul. And his prayer will be a devotion to the divine will; he will not demand but humbly submit to Godís will and purpose. Nevertheless also the soul in great bodily misery can flee to God and call upon him for power and strength because this trouble often comes upon a man to move him to intimate initial contact with God when he is in danger to deteriorate in prayer. (24.10.1944) And then God reveals himself by him fulfilling the requests because the power of prayer is to be proven to men so that the divine promise is fulfilled: Ask, and it shall be given you. Because God looks after all his children who see their father in him and announce this through believing prayer. But God knows when his children are in trouble; he knows their earthly and spiritual flaws and gives to them accordingly. It will be given to the one asking, and the intimacy of the prayer also guarantees the fulfilment. But the power of prayer is increased when the fulfilment of every request is left to the will of God; when man humbly submits to his will then he moves completely into the guidance of God, and then everything contributes to the salvation of his soul. Godís word states: Ask, and it shall be given to you Ė therefore man is allowed to ask for everything; he is allowed to come to the father with earthly and spiritual matters Ė he will always be given according to his faith. But if he is prepared to refrain from the fulfilment from his request when this corresponds to divine love and wisdom, then he completely submits to the will of God. And he truly has only the best for man as aim. In most cases he will also have fulfilment because he has already advanced so far in knowledge that straying into the world is no longer to be feared; and then God will give to him spiritually and earthly; he will turn every trouble away from him; every trial he will make easy for him and accompany him full of love on his course on earth, and he will have no need to fear that God does not hear his silent prayer. Because Godís will is then also his will as soon as he has placed himself under him, and Godís will also directs his thinking Ė he will then only pray for that what is advantageous for his spiritual development, and no longer think of his body, and then God gives him what he needs for soul and body. Because his promise fulfils itself to the word. Amen. B.D. NR. 3305.


Book 43 3306

Despite evil will men are Godís helpmates.

25. and 26. October 1944. B.D. NR. 3306.

The leadership of the world will not at all be able to stop an event that divine will has determined since eternities but it will unconsciously contribute to it, i.e. human will is the cause to what Godís will executes even though manís will expects and intends a complete different outcome. Men plan something that opposes God and God allows it to happen, but directs the effects as it were towards the good in so far as the human soul can derive advantages from it if it does not obviously oppose God. Man is responsible for earthly thinking and acting against God so that he recognizes the effect of wrong willing and endeavours to change this wrong will. But what God has decided in the end canít be stopped anymore by the will of men. And even worldly power has to recognize its helplessness towards an event that unwinds without human intervention and testifies for a power that reigns over everything. Worldly power therefore can make decrees unhindered but it canít through them avert or ward off anything when the plan of God is different. And Godís plan envisages an upheaval that is spiritually important but that also will be noticeable physically. Because only by shocking the thinking caused by physical trouble and misery is a spiritual change of men achievable. And therefore God uses the wrong thinking of men as an opportunity for an event that is an exploding of nature. Destruction and annihilation caused by the will of men will trigger the powers of nature, an event with which mankind has not reckoned. Human will is planning an annihilating work of dreadful dimensions and divine will lets it come to pass to an extend that is incredible as he commands the spirits of nature to rebel against human will of destruction, they are now active with such an enormous might that the earth shakes and innumerable humans lose their life. And human will is not able to put a stop to it, human intervention fails and the earthly powerful one recognizes his helplessness in the face of the creator of heaven and earth. But he does not recognize him and he does not acknowledge him and he rebels against the power that is stronger than him and through this he completely falls into the hands of Satan to whom he was already in bondage before. And now Satan uses him for an open fight against God. And this is the start of the coming struggle for the beliefs of men which is unavoidable by God taking on his opponent Ė in which the loyal supporters of God are fighting against the children of Satan and will gain victory under the leadership of Jesus Christ. It is the last struggle that the enemy will conduct on this earth because it ends with his capture. As he has misused his power in such a way that he tries to push men into a thinking that is completely adverse to God, his power is gone because the action against God himself can result in nothing but him being chained anew because otherwise the creation would not anymore fulfil its purpose because the spiritual that has reached the last stage of development would be without the opportunity to make the last decision Ė the final release to freedom from form. Because this last decision is a matter of free will that can turn up or down but for this purpose also really needs to have knowledge about both poles it can head for. But through the work of Satan this knowledge is kept away from it when all knowing about God, about Jesus Christ, his teaching of love and his work of redemption will be undermined and when Satan uses men for this purpose that bear his God opposing will in them. Because this is a danger for all that is spiritual that has to be prevented under all circumstances by taking away all power from the enemy of God and a time of spiritual peace and bright light takes over from a time of fighting between light and darkness. For the power of God is greater and his will reigns in heaven and on earth. And even when men on earth think of themselves as powerful because they donít want to acknowledge a higher power, they will with their measures and decrees always just remain servants of the highest power, they work with an opposing will but they will still be used for the work that God himself has intended since eons. Because all powers have to serve him, bad ones and good ones; voluntarily or involuntarily these services will be rendered because they are all subject to Godís will. And so also world affairs will run their course according to divine will, even when menís will turns completely against God and does works that are the works of Satan. And God does not stop them but they unintentionally take part in the execution of the plan that is determined since eternity. They themselves accelerate the judgement that will befall them, that means an end for this earth and for all men living on it and also for all creatures except a small flock of fighters for God who the Lord himself will fetch and take home Ė before the end has arrived. Amen. B.D. NR. 3306.


Book 43 3307

Extent of Sin Prevents Entrance in the Hereafter. Banishment.

26. October 1944. B.D. NR. 3307

The extent of sin that mankind incurs increases daily and all men are to be named guilty who execute or approve acts that deny all love for the neighbour. Where hate and lack of love gain acceptance there men sin because they violate of Godís order, they offend against the commandments to love God and the neighbour. And so they increase the guilt with every act that is bad; and the one who does not detest such action but consents to it is sinning as well. Men do not consider the consequences but they have to take them upon themselves on earth or in the hereafter, and as sin rises immeasurably it is not repayable, not on earth and neither nor in the hereafter, because the time on earth is too short and in the hereafter an upward development can only proceed from a certain stage and men who are sinning to such an extent that they are all the time committing new acts that lack love do not anymore reach this stage. And that is why they have to remain on earth, they cannot come in the spiritual realm after their death but their death will only mean a change of their outer form, their souls will receive different wrappings and continue to move on earth, only in a completely subjected state. Because due to the great extent of their sin they have forfeited all freedom and they end up in a painful imprisonment from which they will not be able to free themselves. But the extent of sin demands atonement and as they would have to spend eternities suffering and languishing in the spiritual realm in order to get rid of their wrongdoing it is a work of Godís mercy that God prepares another possibility to atone for this sin and at the time again aim at freedom even if it will take an endless time before the soul is given renewed freedom of the will. But nevertheless in a mandatory state it will be prompted to activity that simultaneously denotes higher development whereas in the hereafter, in the spiritual realm, due to its own fault, the being lacks all strength and its will for activity is also brought to a complete standstill. And so is this seemingly most cruel work of the divine creator also a work of love towards the fallen spiritual that has increased its former sin many times over due to actions opposed to God which it commits in free will on earth. And as long as men do not turn round and change to love, they accumulate sin and the results are dreadful because they inevitably mobilize Godís punishment and deprive themselves of all freedom. Because they must make amends in accordance with Godís righteousness, they have to bear the consequences - they again have to go the course through all of creation until free will is given them anew in order to be used for final liberation from form. B.D. NR. 3307.


Book 43 3308

Inner pushing Godís direction. Subordinating the will.

27. October 1944. B.D. NR. 3308.

God announces his directions through your heart. As soon as you feel pushed in a proposal, as soon as it drives you from out of the inside, it is always the voice of God, which gives you directions, provided that you make an effort to live in the will of God, therefore aim at him and put your trust in his guidance. His will then directs you by you carrying the same will in yourselves because you have consciously put yourselves under his will; and then you are allowed to just yield to the pushing of your heart, and your acting will be right and wanted by God. But examine yourselves seriously which power you grant the right to direct you. Intimate prayer towards God protects you from the counter power; but what you do, without having asked Godís blessing, what you do to merely support the wellbeing of the body, what you do, you who completely stand afar away from God, that is not his direction, but that of his opponent, and they contribute to the harm of the soul. He who aims at God will never need to fear to think and act wrongly because his attitude towards God also grants access of the spiritual powers to him and now gives them the legitimacy to protectively stand themselves at the side of man, therefore to also repulse the influence of bad powers. Only the desire for God secures man divine protection, and who stands in divine protection, he cannot go wrong; he can only execute what is good for his soul. God himself guides him, and every way which he goes is important and leads to the goal. Man certainly acts according to own discretion; his will drives him to this or that act, and it is still the will of God, which expresses itself through his will as long as man yields to the inner pushing. When he however leaves these pushes unnoticed then he resists; he becomes undecided; his will is not yet completely subordinated to the will of God. And he must be wary of this because this is always the result of decrease in prayer. The more intimate his connection with God is the clearer he sees the way marked for him and the more willingly he follows the directions of God, which his heart announce to him. Only the distance to God robs him of the fine feeling for the divine will because then he is thrown back on his own resources and unsecure what he is to do and what to leave. And the opponent of God utilizes such states by him intervening into the thoughts of man by him trying to determine him to base every act on his own advantage. And then man must fight; he must bring himself to re-establish the connection with God, which earns him clear thinking so that he can resist the temptations. Who seeks God he will not go wrong; who however turns off God, his way goes astray. That is why without prayer for Godís blessing nothing should be set about, then also the thinking of men will be guided right, and every activity will bear the will of God in it. Amen. B. D. NR. 3308.


Book 43 3314

Spiritual Hunger. Short Time of Freedom of Faith.

1. and 2. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3314.

Spiritual hunger will set in when it appears to men that earthly life is not worth living anymore and then the time has come when Godís servants can successfully be active. Then every opportunity has to be used so that the kingdom of God is brought to men, that Godís word is announced to them, and that they are informed of his will. The belief in God must be awakened in them or must be strengthened, and they must be urged to pray, to connect to God, who only then can hand out his power which they need for their development. And people will listen at first willingly to the servants of God because the world appears to men to be transitory and their desire is for the time being for things that are lasting. And the people will be alert spiritually and will eagerly accept the word of God. But this willingness will only last a short time and therefore has to be utilized in every way. And everywhere the love of God must be mentioned, everywhere their purpose on earth has to be pointed to the people, they must be encouraged to activities of love so that they soon sense the blessing and the power of it. It has to be pointed out to them that they have to prove themselves in the coming war of faith if they want to obtain eternal life. So the believers have to be very busy for the kingdom of God because very soon an end will be put to this freedom to believe through measures and decrees that stop every spiritual publicity and activity, or make them completely impossible. And from this time on mankind is in greatest danger, i.e. mankind can also avert this danger when it complies with the demands of the worldly authorities. Then it has nothing to be afraid of but it sells its soul Ė which is immortal. But the soul of man senses this and is frightened and is afraid of the coming time. And that is why it is so open because unconsciously it feels that the word of God safeguards its existence in blissfulness and that it is the only source of power that can provide strength in times of trouble. And every endeavour that is not effective in reaching his sanctified word becomes invalid due to this. For the word of God alone gives the necessary power to men to stand firm against all measures that are directed against the belief and therefore against God.

The demand of men for the food of heaven will be great, but only with such men who recognize God in the divine intervention Ė in the raging of the elements - who regard this event as a visible sign of God, that he condemns the behaviour of men and wants to lead them on another way. The events will leave their mark on these, they will lift their hearts to God and seek his word because it gives them consolation and strength, enlightenment and stimulus, because only now they recognize the connection of all that is happening in the world, and of the spiritual state on men. And to these the bread of heaven should be offered even if at first it is heavy-going for the ones that are still weak in faith. But it will still help them in accordance with their will to move upwards. And so that this will gets developed, that it distinguishes between good and evil and decides for what is right, the workers of the Lord are to be busy all the time and are not to let themselves put off when they meet with opposition and they are to carry on regardless and offer the bread of heaven to the next one and hand out food and drink everywhere where the needy wait for food. Because the time of these free activities is short. Satan is in a great hurry and he spares no means to oust God. And therefore shortly after this time the war against this free activity commences. And the measures are of far-reaching significance as they are aimed at terminating all spiritual striving and at changing the thinking of men completely. And now he will prove himself who was eager to absorb the word of God because he does not want to miss anymore the heavenly food, he will not come through without the consolation and strengthening of God; he will hold his ground because he longs for and receives that what gives him strength to resist everything that is hostile towards his soul. The more eager the workers of the Lord are during the times of trouble the more successful will be their work for the kingdom of God. Because when they can bring the word of God with conviction then it will also take roots and it will not be uprooted from the hearts of those who are receptive. And once the seed has fallen on fertile ground it will also blossom, grow and thrive and bear good fruit. And therefore God needs many workers, he needs men on earth who volunteer for his service and who are willing to be taught by him and who then are ceaselessly busy to use every opportunity and time to work for the salvation of men, where they supply men through the giving of the divine word with what they urgently need Ė light and power - and understanding and a firm will to resist when the time of decision has arrived. Amen. B.D. NR. 3314.


Book 43 3316

Different spheres in the spiritual kingdom.

3. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3316.

Directly after the death of the body the soul leaves the body and disappears into the spiritual kingdom, which according to the state of maturity can be close or far off from earth. That is certainly not to be understood spatially but the distance results from the difference of spheres, which certainly all belong to the spiritual kingdom because they are far away and outside of the earthly-material world and the soul, which is still immature, has to go a very long way time wise before it reaches the spheres of light. A mature soul on the other hand is moved like lightning after its death of the body into those spheres because it neither needs time nor space to overcome the distance from earth into the spheres of light. Alone that power is enough for it, which its state of maturity of the soul has earned it. The imperfect souls on the other hand are not able to separate from earth so quickly because for once they are powerless to swing themselves up, and then are also still tied up with their senses to earthly things. They do not want from earth and therefore remain for a long time near earth, mostly in the surroundings, which they called their own at lifetime. Hence they also do not immediately feel the change out of the earthly to the spiritual kingdom. Because their place of stay still seems earthly to them and the souls are also often not aware that they no longer have a bodily life. But that does not appear strange to them that they no longer can establish the connection with people on earth, that they cannot obtain a hearing and are left unnoticed by men. This circumstance causes the slow recognition of their situation, to recognize that they no longer stay on earth but beyond it in the spiritual kingdom. As long as the soul is still earthly minded it however is not able to remove itself from this surrounding; it is still earthbound, and this is an agonizing state for it because everything is unattainable what it desires or believes to possess. And it is now supposed to slowly overcome the desire for earthly goods; only after it has succeeded in this it removes itself more and more from earth; the spheres take upon themselves different shapes; the eye does not see earthly but only spiritual creations according to the state of maturity, i.e., the spiritual eye of the soul is able to see spiritual things, which the incomplete being is not able to see although they exist. If however a more mature soul departs from earth then it is immediately able to differentiate its surroundings in the spiritual kingdom because the spiritual eye has this ability as the result of its soul maturity. Such a soul will also recognize those souls, which it meets in the hereafter, while the other way round the immature souls cannot do this, i.e., they only recognize the souls of those also walking in darkness, which therefore are in the same imperfect state. Beings full of light however are invisible to them, and even when they approach them with their light being covered they do not recognize them. Only in a certain state of maturity the spiritual eye makes itself accessible, but then light is also around the soul, while spiritual darkness is around the souls, which are able to see nothing, because the spiritual sight is still locked for them. Earthly things on the other hand stand visibly before the eyes in accordance with their desire; but these are just figments of the imagination, which do not really exist, but appear through the desire of soul to it, to disappear however like a shadowy figure as soon as the soul wants to seize and use it, because the soul is to recognize by its transitoriness that it is to strive for something higher than earthly-passing goods. As long as therefore the soul still desires such, also no light beings will approach it, because material-minded souls do not listen to the words of the light beings when these come in the cover and want to bring them the Gospel. Only through the prayer of a man can help be brought to them in this situation, only then they turn away from matter, and then they seek a substitute in the spiritual kingdom. Beings willing to help come to meet them, which instruct them and show them the way up. And the more willingly they accept the instructions of the light beings the sooner the spiritual eye is opened to them, and they have now been raptured from darkness Ė they have entered spheres where they are allowed to receive and hand over light. They have covered the way, which can last a short but also a very long time, according to the stubbornness, with which the soul strives for material goods, which tie it to earth until they are overcome, and can now be introduced into pure truth by the light beings, to now be able to work in the hereafter for the kingdom of God, by the soul now handing out that knowledge to needy souls, which still walk in darkness of the spiritual. Amen. B.D. NR. 3316.


Book 43 3318

Powerful Voice of God. End of the Struggle.

4. and 5. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3318.

The voice of God will be loud and urgent and the fate of the nations will be settled because God himself will pronounce judgement through the elements. And nobody will be able to oppose his judgement because it will be just and hit men who are to blame for the great misery and who do not want to recognize their wrong. It will be an exceedingly sad event und many men will lose their life but the event is unstoppable because nothing what the will of men manages can shake men anymore and therefore have to get shaken up through an event that the will of man cannot avert or bring to an end and that therefore causes great dismay because everybody is confronted with death and has to prepare himself for the end of life. And this event gets closer and closer, day after day passes without mankind changing and Godís patience still hesitates to give men still the opportunity to turn back before Godís voice rings out. But now the world events are drawing to a close because nature is preparing, because the interior of the earth gets into a state of turmoil and only waits for the moment when God gives freedom to the elements so that they can unleash. Men do not find an end and so God steps in and puts a stop to it. Awful things end but more terrible things are the consequence of it as men get into dreadful misery und are completely in a state of helplessness exposed to the raging elements. They neither can flee nor ward off or decrease their rage, they are at their mercy and have only one rescuer in whom they can trust, on whom they can call in their despair and who has the power to help. But only few acknowledge him, few feel guilty and wait in the realization of their sinfulness for his judgement. And God will also take care of these few at the hour of destruction which is due to Godís will because the spiritual misery canít be removed any other way and the earthly misery is constantly forced up by human will. And as men do not find an end God will determine the end of a struggle that preoccupies the whole world. And a cry of despair will reverberate over the earth that will make men freeze because the extent of the disaster will cause everybody to sit up and take notice and be terrified of a repetition. And this is what God aims at so that the entire human race takes an interest; that they listen to his judgement, that they recognize the guilty and Godís righteousness. Because every fighter still imagines himself to be right, still might alone counts and not the law and Godís blessings canít rest on activities that are despicable because they are against the divine commandment to love.

And God will punish men with the same that they do - itís just that his work of destruction is even vaster so that they will recognize him at it. † Also the spiritual is outraged, that still not being free will be torn out of divine order and finds this state agonizing because despite of coming free through human will, it canít enjoy its freedom because it is not the freedom of perfection but the opportunity of an activity was taken from the spiritual that causes its outrage. And it will be active when it is given the opportunity. But in particular it will unite with the spiritual that is still banned and try to seek to persuade it to also break its shell and it will assist it to do so. That way it tries to force men to be active again and rebuild things so that the opportunity is given it again to move into new creations in order to continue the course of development. And God does not hinder the spiritual that has become free by human will and he also gives his consent when matter in the interior of the earth moves as the spiritual strives for the light and seeks to burst its casing. God withdraws his will for a short period of time and he lets the spiritual take its course, this however means a work of destruction of enormous extent because this spiritual is completely immature. And so the human will is opposed by a will that outdoes it, that seems to lack all divine love and wisdom and that finds the complete approval of God. But mankind does not submit to God, does not stop its war of extermination, is demon-stricken and allows them to drive it, more and more it is bewitched by evil powers and demonstrates this by its works and measures. And to call a halt to this decline Godís will and omnipotence takes obvious action. He shakes the earth and with it mankind so that it comes to its senses and changes. Because it is the closing date that still can be used for the souls. And that is why God lets his voice hear - loud and powerful; and he calls out to men: stop your rage that brings disaster on your souls; change before it is too late and think of him who reigns over heaven and earth, who is your creator and supporter and whose love you trample on. Collect yourselves on your end because it is approaching soon. Amen. B.D. NR. 3318.


Book 43 3321

Last Judgement. Sin Punishment and Act of Mercy.

7. and 8. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3321.

Fear and terror will attack men in the face of the end and in their helplessness because except of the few faithful all lack faith in a loving, wise and almighty God, in survival after death and in a spiritual domain. They only belief what they see and see its downfall and therefore their state is hopeless. They overrated earthly life and now they recognize that they cannot even extend their life by one hour and the imperfection of their souls gives them a terrible fright because they fear death. Unconsciously they feel that the soul is heading for an exceedingly agonizing state, that there is no obliteration for the soul and the insufficient maturity of their soul forces them fear the end or to become believers. The believer approaches the end with calmness because he knows he is protected as long as he lives on earth and also life after death does not frighten him because it is the real life for him that was the purpose and aim of his life on earth. But the last days will be terrible because all the powers of darkness will unite and rage against the light on earth to drag it down into darkness. And the believers get into greatest difficulties where death seems to them to be salvation. And therefore they long for the last hours; they wait calmly for the recall from earth and hope for the coming of the Lord that precedes the last judgement. And from this they draw their strength to offer resistance. But Satan rages until the last hour has arrived. Men vie with one another in cruelty and take outrageous action against the believers. Then judgement catches up with them. Flames burst out of the earth and consume everything they get hold of. And men face death from which they canít escape. But their misery and fear does not compensate for the measure of the sin they got themselves loaded with during the time of persecution against the God-fearing because this measure is full to overflowing and can only be paid off by the banning into hard matter so that the beingness settles in it the guilt through a long time of imprisonment. And no man will escape his fate that he created for himself through his life. The fear and the dismay will be exceedingly great for the guilty; the happiness at the coming of the Lord likewise for the believers and all want on earth will have an end for a long time. Men canít get an idea of the proceedings that will happen at the Day of Judgement. Godís might punishes everything that rebels against him. Satan himself will be bound and with him all powers that were in bondage to him. And the earth will be at this time a place of living devils completely under the control of their lord. But they were not forced, they followed him voluntarily, and therefore they are enemies of God and will now feel the wrath of God. They must pay for their sinfulness; they must take upon themselves exceeding agony because they are extremely far away from God and this means total powerlessness and hardest imprisonment, a state which is incredibly agonizing for the spiritual that once was powerful and could move in freedom, because it does not lose the consciousness of existence. But still also this act of banning into hard matter is an act of mercy to help this spiritual to get liberated after all, to give it the possibility to again reach the original state. But the extent of sin determines the measure of agony; the sufferings are possibly a punishment, a repayment for the sins, but at the same time a means of improvement, a means of transformation of the spiritual that is totally removed from God into beings that strive for God. That this means is of such a severity, which appears cruel to men, is caused by mankind itself in the latter times on earth because the spiritual that is already in the state of free will retrogresses into the darkest abyss despite all the accommodating help of God which wants to protect the spiritual from it. Men sneer at the love of God, they do not respect his word, not his servants and prophets, all earthly events that pass by make no impression on them; their free will turns downwards, to him, who fights against God, and so they become like him. This can only result in a complete banishment from God and this complete banishment is always a state of great agony because only the nearness to God can bring happiness to the being and remoteness from God is the exact opposite of the original state of the beingness. When now God wants to give the fallen beingness the opportunity to again return to him then this has to get a taste of the pain of the farness from him so that it changes of its own will and strives again to God. At first it is so opposed to God that it will not muster this will and therefore the stay in hard matter lasts an endless long time. But God knows when the stubbornness of the will begins to decrease and he then also slackens the casing of the spiritual and the quicker the more compliant the spiritual in the form shows itself. This is the only way on which the spiritual can again acquire the state of free will that now again is faced with the decision. Because this must absolutely be made in complete freedom of will. So also the coming judgement is only an act of recovery of the spiritual even though it is connected to a severe expiation of sin that men incur in the latter times before the end. An upward development, therefore a change of the will on this earth, does not exist anymore, and therefore all life will be brought to an end. A time of closeness to God and innocence will again begin for the few who God will take from the earth, whom he has chosen for the reproduction of the human race after the physical life of all other humans is taken, so that they canít anymore harass the few good men who remain true to God. Because this is the end where God separates the good from the evil, that he rewards the good and punishes the bad, so that the former are allowed to live a paradisiac life on the new earth and the latter are sentenced to endless long imprisonment. Amen. B.D. NR. 3321.


Book 43 3324

Spheres of light. Reunion. Blessedness.

10. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3324.

Like a cloud of light the mature soul will rise after the death of its body out of the earthly area into the spheres of the hereafter, and then it has overcome all matter, then it is free of every fetter, it is again what it was originally, a free spirit being full of light and power. Visible and recognizable it is only to the likewise spiritual, which therefore is able to see spiritually, while it remains invisible to the immature spiritual, can therefore also not be recognized by it. And that is why between the mature and the immature spiritual, therefore between the souls departed from earth, which enter the hereafter in a different state of maturity, there can also be no reunion so long until the immature has reached a certain degree of maturity, which opens the spheres of light to it. The immature spiritual is certainly recognizable by the light beings, because they see everything and nothing is hidden to them; therefore they also know those souls, which are still in darkness of spirit; but they cannot be recognized by those. But the longing of the souls for their loved ones is sometimes so strong that it is a driving force for ascent development in the hereafter, when the soul has entered the state of recognizing and knows about the possibility of ascent in the spiritual kingdom through work of love. Then it is ceaselessly active because the longing for the souls close to it constantly drives it up. Because it recognizes its own and therefore knows that it will also see its loved ones again, and this awareness gives it again and again power, and this power is supplied by those beings, which are the goal of its longing; they can supply power to souls but unrecognized by them. When they approach them to give them helping advice then they cover themselves because the immature souls cannot bear their fullness of light. So those see themselves surrounded by beings, which are however foreign to them and which apparently do not belong to any other spheres of light than they themselves. But because they help them with advice and action, the incomplete souls are thankful and well-disposed to them, and they obey their advice. And so the mature beings draw their loved ones to themselves, until they have reached a degree of maturity where they become receivers of light. Then they are also able to see spiritually; they recognize their surroundings, they recognize light beings of equal maturity, and their happiness increases all the time because they can unite with them, because they see their loved ones again and now on their part help those again who languish in the darkness of the spirit. Only when that degree of maturity is reached, which allows spiritual seeing, the soul is free from every burden because then also it stands in the light, in knowledge of pure truth and in love. And every activity, which it now executes, makes happy, because only love drives it to it and love work always triggers happiness. The melting together with equally mature souls, which complement each other in most intimate harmony, is the actual happiness because it is most intimate love, which seeks and finds union. And love always makes happy when it is meant for the pure spiritual because it is giving, not demanding. And still this love culminates in the desire for God, in final union with him. And this desire is always fulfilled because any time the being is allowed to desire God, and it is also allowed to count on the stilling of its longing because God gives constantly, he hands out his love constantly and through this makes the inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom to happiest beings. Their happiness is unimaginable because love and light fill those spheres where the beings are allowed to dwell near God who is eternal love and the original light himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 3324.


Book 43 3330

World Renewal. Not One Stone will be Left Upon Another.

14. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3330.

The renewal of the world can only then take place when the old world is completely destroyed and so the word finds fulfilment: There shall not be left here one stone upon another. This has a spiritual and a physical meaning, a total spiritual upheaval will take place and therefore also spiritually a disruption, a state of dissolving must happen first, as also physically nothing that before existed will continue. And both will be executed by human will itself. Material creations will be destroyed by the will of man, worldly facilities and conditions will be untenable and therefore many worldly changes will take place which at the end will have an effect as the dissolving of materiality. And in the same way spiritually the dissolving will be noticed because initially all schools of thought are going against one another, one will be hostile towards the other, against every one of them action will be taken by the authorities, and in the end the war against everything of a spiritual nature will break out that will make any spiritual striving impossible. On the part of men it is the wish to wipe out all belief in something immortal, in something of a spiritual nature and in higher power. And God also allows this because all this has to precede the spiritual change since something new is supposed to be come from the chaos, something pure, chastened, strong and spiritual, and this requires final destruction and dissolving of the old world. Not one stone here will be left upon another. When man pays attention then he will recognize the decay and will also know that the end is not far away. And even if everything looks like perishing in the spiritual and earthly chaos man himself is supposed to rescue himself out of it, stand firm, and not allow this decay to spread to himself. And even when everything around him is sinking he should keep his head above water; constantly he should hold up his hands, he should allow the divine love of the father to draw him so that he does not go down when everything is sinking. He is to want from of the bottom of his heart that he will experience the new world, that he emerges unharmed from the spiritual and worldly chaos, has a healthy soul and is full of hope for the new era which is spiritually and worldly peaceful because God himself is close to people who survive this last time of disintegration. Because the bad will fall, it will not anymore be able to rave on earth and therefore also not anymore hassle men who are united in love with God. And that is why the world is renewed, it is not anymore the old earth, because not one stone will be left on another, and the old earth must go through this process of reshaping, it must become a new earth also material wise, creations must past and new ones arise because the spiritual renewal also requires a renewal of earthly creations - nothing can remain as it was before because a new purpose will be assigned to the creations and that is why the old creation must be dissolved according to Godís eternal plan of salvation. Everything will be changed, but not cease to exist for ever, it will take on a different form because the old form does not anymore fulfil its purpose. And this must happen because it is destined to be so since eternities - and because the will of mankind has arrived there where it is more active in destruction than in building up and because this is an offence against divine order. So this must have an effect that earthly and spiritual chaos arises and this is the end of the old earth. But from this emerges a new world - a world of peace, a spiritual and earthly paradise - in which love reigns because eternal love itself dwells among men who have remained loyal to it even during toughest conflict. B.D. NR. 3330.


Book 43 3333

Spiritualizing the substances of the body.

17. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3333.

The body is to help the soul to spiritual maturity by giving itself up, by suppressing every desire and only letting the desire of the soul come into play, which, when the body releases it, devotes itself completely to the spirit in it, therefore yields to its desire and pushing. The more the body joins the desire of the soul the more therefore also the material outer form of the soul spiritualizes itself, and it then no longer needs to cover such long course on earth, whereas a completely earthly minded body still needs a long time after the death of the body before it has overcome its desire. The spiritual substances of the outer form of those souls are as it were improved; they are no longer so coarse-substantially, although they are still earthly matter. The soul too draws it over into the area of the spirit, to whom it has granted every rule over itself, and the body willingly follows it; it renounces everything what otherwise appeared desirable to it; it is completely without resistance and therefore also no longer turned towards the world. And a man will mature quicker when body and soul are subject to the spirit in it. It now rules them in love and wisdom Ė what it demands the soul and the body executes, and this contributes to spiritual progress. Because the soul will be able to hear the voice of the spirit because the body is simultaneously prepared by it keeping every disturbance away from the soul, by putting itself into the state that the voice of the spirit expresses itself. Because the body must completely break away from the world; it must close the bodily ear and leave the listening to the soul, so that it then imparts it to it. The less the soul is hindered by the body the more audibly the voice of the spirit sounds to it. But the body also gains great success from it. It overcomes matter much easier; it is so to speak strengthened through the food, which the soul receives; it more and more spiritualizes itself, and with its departure from the world the soul takes up in itself spiritual substances of the body. The earthly material components of the body will not have to go through such a long maturation process, will sometimes even be allowed to contribute to the forming a new human soul, where they can completely spiritualize themselves. Where soul and body push towards the spirit, such a spiritualizing is guaranteed when also the eternal order of God is observed in the ascent development of the spirit. The course of ascent development can however be considerably shortened when the resistance of the spiritual is broken, i.e., when the spiritual itself gives up every resistance, which is always the case when the body breaks away from everything, which it otherwise strives for, when it makes the spiritual striving easier for the soul, by it joining itself to it and seeks to break every earthly fetter through conscious devotion and submission to the spirit in it, draws soul and body to itself, and a quick ascent development of both is now the resultB.D. NR. 3333.


Book 43 3339

Spiritual power. Bread of heaven. Hunger.

21. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3339.

Spiritual food has to be received by hungry hearts otherwise it remains ineffective. God offers food to the soul, but as the body demands earthly food so also the soul must bear desire for heavenly food, and the degree of desire determines also the degree of the effect. A hungry soul is the right receptacle to receive spiritual food; it will process the food out of the heavens and also feel what power and strength flows to it with the heavenly food. It will not need to starve when it just demands; it will also have no need to economize because the soul is never satiated of spiritual food when it opens up completely to take spiritual food and drink. But the body then no longer seeks earthly pleasures; its desire for them decreases the more the soul strengthens itself at the source of eternal life. Because now life on earth no longer means so much that he wants to obtain earthly pleasures all the time. His thinking and striving is the spiritual kingdom, spiritual food and strengthening of the soul. And a man who desires such will be well looked after spiritually and also bodily because he will lack nothing because he puts the salvation of his soul before the welfare of the body and he lets earthly food not be enough for him, which the body certainly needs but contributes very little to the maturing of the soul. But when man desires spiritual fare then also bodily food will not be without influence on the development of the soul because then it draws out the spiritual substances from everything what the body takes in, which join it and increase its spiritual power. The spiritual fare is offered to men by God himself directly or through his heavenly servants who stand in full possession of spiritual power and distribute food and drink continually to them who are needy and joyfully receive their gifts. He who hungers and thirsts he will also not turn down the bread of heaven; he desires it with all senses because he believes to have to languish when he is not fed, and that is why he will not receive the exquisite gift indifferently which is offered to him from above. He will ask and thank for every gift and never pass the table of the Lord because a communion is offered to him which seems to him to be more exquisite than all the goods and pleasures of the world. And he is always invited to join, through divine love the bread of heaven is offered to him always when he has a desire for it. And who has once eaten the heavenly food, he will no longer want to miss it, because it is exceedingly delicious, and puts the soul in a state of maturity because it makes it able to work for the spiritual kingdom. The heavenly fare gives power and stamina, courage and determination. Man will become strong in faith, busy in works of love, fearless in confessing his faith before the world and therefore active for the kingdom of God. Because all weakness falls off him when he receives spiritual fare, which God himself prepares for him and offers to him in his love Ė the heavenly bread, which is exceedingly and effectively touches the human soul Ė his word, which is supplied as spiritual fare to those who desire it and receive it with a desiring heart out of his hand, which is always prepared to give. Amen. B.D. NR. 3339.


Book 43 3340

Shortening of the End-Time.

22. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3340.

Great is the number of those who oppose me, who have no spiritual connection, i.e. moving their thoughts in worldly ways only and therefore are not listening to the messengers of heaven so that their thoughts could be directed towards the eternal destination and these lay themselves open to a welcome attack from my enemy. For they listen to the whispers of his personnel. And so he wins them for his camp and gives them orders for the warfare against me. I still take care of them until they challenge me severely. Where I still know a weak soul I give it the opportunity to come to knowledge and I do not stop to court this soul, I make my word accessible to it, I let my messengers get in its way and I use every opportunity, as long as it does not turn away completely from me, to change its thinking. But such souls are in the majority and they wreak havoc to the fright of my children and rage under the influence of my enemy. And the number goes up daily because also the undecided still fall away who are not firmly established in the faith and who are living lukewarm and listless from day to day even when they are still devoted to me judging by the word but in the heart they are still far from me and therefore canít resist the temptations. The world will attract them more than their salvation and so they give me away when they are faced with the decision. And those who remain faithful until the end are only a small crowd. For the sake of them I shorten the time because whether the tribulation grows stronger and stronger none of my enemies will be moved to abandon the hostility against me and to come into my camp. And therefore the time shall be shortened for the sake of those who are mine so that they do not give in and are sacrificed to the enemy of souls, so that their sufferings do not last longer than is necessary for the completion of the last events on this earth. And I will help them in the great trouble and strengthen them through my presence, I will be among them visibly and invisibly and they will feel my nearness and remain strong until I come and rescue them from their misery. And then the end will be for every creature because only the ones who belong to me survive whereas everything else goes down, i.e. will be banished anew in the creations of the new earth for the purpose of their further spiritual development so that also that that has fallen away from me finds the way to me, even if it is after an endless long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 3340.


Book 43 3343

Shared love work in the times of the end.

24. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3343.

The ones who are mine will have to join together closely when they do not want to become weak and disheartened. They must give fresh heart to each other and give courage; united they must ask for my help and expect it believingly; every opportunity they must use to hear my word, to practise love and to commune with me intimately, so that they again and again can go strengthened to the dayís work and cope with the demands of the world, as far as they cannot be avoided. Because the time will be hard for everyone, and who does not fetch the power from me, who does not let the power of my word have an effect on him, to him it will appear unbearable and press him to the ground. But I have for those who are mine all the time the power giver ready Ė my word, which is offered to you out of heavens. Who has this, he will also be able to hold out these times; he will not pay attention to the hardship and not feel the trouble too much; again and again he will be guided out because I myself spread my hands over him that no harm befalls him Ė I myself guide him by the hand that his foot does not stumble, and I raise him up myself and comfort him through my word when he is despondent and his heart wants to be anxious. And that is why my word will be the only source of power, and you have to gather together for my word, you must allow me to speak to you at any time, in trouble and affliction, in anxiety and hardship; you must listen to my voice and do what I demand of you Ė giving love always and permanently because only through works of love the trouble is to be alleviated. Because then you draw me to yourselves, and with me you will overcome everything. And when you also oppose your enemies with love you will also be able to gain spiritual successes because where you give love you win the hearts, and you weaken the power of the opponent. And you will have many opportunities for this because the trouble puts all men into the situation to ask for help for them. Then you will have to prove yourselves; then you will set a good example to each other and have to practise love practically, and I will give you the possibility to be active helpfully so that you encourage fellowmen and educate them to love. And every circle is to know to be protected by me, which joins together in spiritual striving, which is prepared to serve me and eagerly absorbs my word in it. I will always be in the midst among men, who aim at me; I will obviously come to help them in trouble; I will guide the individuals to one another so that they can serve me together; I will grant them all protection so that they never need to be anxious because the trouble will never be bigger than he who lets it come over men. Who acknowledges me as Lord and creator of heaven and earth he only needs to raise his thoughts believingly and trustingly to me, and I will not disappoint him. His faith is also the guarantee for my help; his faith calls over my presence, and his faith lets my fatherly love become revealed Ė he will not call to me in vain; he will find a hearing in every misery. And therefore approach undauntedly the coming times; let me rule and do not be afraid because my love and omnipotence will end the time and lead you, my loyal ones, through to eternal happiness, and you will thank me and praise me that you were allowed to live through this time of favour because it earns those who remain loyal to me increased blessings Ė a paradise on earth and a blissful life in days to come in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3343.


Book 43 3344

Fullness of divine favour in the times of the end

24. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3344.

The fullness of divine favour will flow towards men in the end-times when they are especially needy of them. There is nothing invincible for man when he makes use of divine favour, and this favour is also withheld from no man who requests it in prayer, who calls upon God for help. And it only depends on whether man opens himself to the flow of divine favour, whether he sends a desiring thought to God, or he completely resists him coldly Ė and therefore closes himself to every gift of favour. When he steps into union with God only through the will turned towards him, then he will also be able to have favour at his disposal because he is then boundlessly entitled to it. But when he stands far away from God then also the favour of God cannot be send to him because it demands the will of man, the acknowledgement of God through prayer. One thought turned towards God is already enough that he turns towards man full of love and gives him his favour Ė but this can never be offered to man who is minded to oppose God because then the favour of God would be a forced means for the change of man. Favour is certainly always an underserved means of help, a gift, which is send to man through the love of God, nevertheless this gift presupposes the will of man, to accept a gift, and this will God demands, to not make him unfree. Men will be able to make use of an over-measure of favour in the end-times because the greater the trouble the more lovingly God gives to those who pleadingly draw near to him, and he also sends favours to those who are still of stubborn heart. But they can only become effective when man himself is willing to accept them. And that is why the fullness of favour only that small circle of those will recognize, who are loyal to God and bear him in heart. These will be exceedingly rich supplied because they ask and wait upon the fulfilment of their request Ė because they carry all their troubles before him and ask for power on their earth life way. Their request will not go unheard. Help will become theirs in every trouble, in all life situations and at the right time. And this is favour that God obviously helps those who are his, that he strengthens and comforts them, that he always lets them find an escape in earthly needs, that he looks after their bodily and mental needs and that he sends his word. He will work obviously and speak to men through his tools so that they become full of power and courageous through this and resist all temptations. He will bring together men that they are to help and to strengthen each other. And all this is favour; they are means of help, which are to earn them the maturity of the soul and make the difficult time before the end bearable. But who does not desire it he has also no part at the supply of favour because the flow of divine love only seizes those who turn to him, but the others stand outside of the circuit of Godís love, and this through their own fault. Because God pushes no-one back who approaches him; he withdraws from nobody who acknowledges him; he hands out all the time to him who wants to receive his gifts of favour. But he who rejects them, he will come away empty-handed and will have to bitterly pay for that at the end of his days Ė on the day of judgement he will fall prey to destruction, divine favour can protect him from this when it is accepted and used in the knowledge that it alone can rescue him before the eternal ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3344.


Book 43 3348

Natural Phenomenon. Good and Evil Human Victims.

27. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3348.

In the hour of greatest need people will cry out to God but not every cry will proceed from the heart because the dangerous situation in which they are takes away their mental capabilities and so they will only approach God with their lips and their prayer will remain unheard. Only those who will send their thoughts to God, even if it is just for moments, will God help, either to save them from bodily want or to grant a favour before the end. Death is not always to be regarded as the greatest evil because when man still has found his way to God in the face of death then it was an effective means to save him which is worth more than the preservation of bodily life in the darkness of the spirit. And that is the reason why countless people will lose their life before the end partly as a warning to others and partly because of their own spiritual need. But also righteous men, whose life has ended according to Godís will, will pass away from earth. Because where God himself can be recognized, where the forces of nature which are subject to God get into a state of turmoil, there his will is also decisive who will fall a victim to this event. Mature and immature will have to leave the earth but when a soul has still recognized God before death its further spiritual development in the hereafter is also safeguarded and the completed life on earth is just a blessing for it. And earthly plight will be great and still offer the possibility to all to find God. For the natural phenomenon will announce itself. Unusual signs will point to an exceptional event so that every man can think about things beforehand and others will also point out to him the highest power, the ruler of heaven and of earth so that he has got time and opportunity to connect with him through prayer. But now the farness of mankind from God becomes apparent because only few accept him, only few turn to him in their anxiety and distress for protection and help. Most of them reject him consciously and unconsciously, they follow the spectacle of nature always hoping that it will soon end and the hour of trouble hits them all the more severe because they feel completely abandoned as they are without a trace of faith. But also many of these men who are far from God will stay alive; God still gives them the opportunity to get knowledge afterwards. Good and bad men will lose their life and good and bad men will keep their life because this natural disaster is not yet a separation of spirits but only a last warning before the final judgement from which every man is to gain spiritually. But it is up to them how they utilize this last warning - they can come to understanding before or after the disastrous night, but they also can hold on to their old way of thinking and the great event can make no impression on their soul. And so men who are hostile towards God will be active also afterwards to destroy any faith in God and they will produce this natural phenomenon as greatest proof of the non-existence of God, they will emerge as greatest deniers of God from an event that was to lead them back to faith, and therefore the warfare will break out visibly between those who the event made strong and believing and those who survived it despite their unbelief; and so everything goes towards its end after mankind is granted a short period of grace afterwards until the last judgement. Amen. B.D. NR. 3348.


Book 43 3352

Godís adoption. Excess of suffering on earth.

30. November and 1. December 1944. B.D. NR. 3352.

To win Godís adoption on earth man must form himself to love and make himself able to establish the union with God already on earth so that he can enter the light spheres on the other side completely matured, when he departs from earth. Therefore he must have purified his soul so through works of love that God himself can take home in it and his spirit unites with the spirit of the father. And then man has solved his task on earth completely and reached his goal and as light being found entrance in the spiritual kingdom where it now creates and works. But this degree of maturity demands a complete renunciation of earthly goods. When man still clings to matter, this fusion with the eternal divinity is impossible because the heart is still not completely purged from desires and therefore also not yet prepared for the receiving of the divine spirit, and then man must take upon himself much suffering to bring about the last purging of the soul, and that is why also upon the exceedingly good and devout men much suffering will be imposed so that the purging of the soul happens. Where a particular difficult suffering oppresses men and still deep faith appears, there the soul can have - before its embodiment - chosen a particular difficult earth life to reach the last goal on earth, Godís adoption. Because this aim must be striven for and reached on earth, and it will always require the most difficult living conditions because the soul must enter the kingdom of the hereafter completely pure and without dross and this requires a particular effective purification process. Because suffering is always a means of help to reach the spiritual aim. It is to lead to God when the soul is still turned away from God, or it is to purify and crystalize the soul that it can come into the nearness of God as purest being to now being able to enter the happiest union with him. Suffering and love must work together for the spiritualizing of a man on earth, and that is why man, who stands in love, is not to fear suffering, but devotedly take it upon himself in remembrance of the high aim, which he can reach on earth because he himself has chosen his walk on earth in the knowledge that it helps him to the highest maturity when his will does not resist. But the delights of Godís adoption outweigh all suffering in life on earth in a thousand ways. And earth time is short; it is like a moment in the space of time of eternity. And when man stands in deep faith he can also always receive the power from God to bear everything what is imposed upon him because his prayer will then be directed intimately towards God, and God himself will strengthen him and make him to be the overcomer of earth life. God himself fetches his child to him when it has passed the earth life test and now departs from earth as pure being. But his earth course will always be marked through love and suffering because without such the soul does not become completely pure for the reception of God in the heart of man and this intimate union with God must already take place on earth otherwise the soul does not withstand the temptations of the world, otherwise also suffering cannot win it fullest purification because the power is lacking to bear this suffering without complaint, and on the other hand all grumbling and rising up against it shows that the complete subjugating under the will of God is still missing. But the soul must become one with God Ė it must stand in the most intimate union with him; it must want the suffering itself and also receive it as a gift of God thankfully in the knowledge that it pulls down the last barriers between God and itself and that only an overcoming of it earns it the highest happiness Ė to become a child of God with all rights and duties. And this is the aim of all men on earth but only few reach it. Only few are so intimately united with God through love that they also in suffering recognize his exceedingly great father love, which wants to prepare for them the most blessed fate in eternity. Their fate on earth is not enviable but in the kingdom on the other side they take up the highest level Ė they are in direct nearness of God and therefore unspeakably blessed because as his right children they can manage according to their will, which is also always the will of God. They can create and fashion and again and again contribute to the redemption of that, which still far from God needs the most different creations to develop up. And this is the most blessed fate, which compensates fully and makes up for the suffering of earth life and that is why it is to be the aim of all men on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3352.


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