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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 41-42

B.D. NR. 3125 - B.D. NR. 3275
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Book 41-42 3133

Earthly or spiritual expression of power.

25. and 26. May 1944. B.D. NR. 3133.

Full believingly you are allowed to accept every single announcement because they are purest truth, because God himself sends them to you. And when something appears incomprehensible to you then present it to him who will not leave you without answer. And his spiritual assistants are always prepared to enlighten you where there is still darkness in you because God’s will is to make you knowing, and God’s will is always fulfilled by those light beings – light beings are receivers and suppliers of the power out of God – their activity consists of fulfilling everything without power with the power out of God when these turn to God out of free will. But this power will always have a spiritual effect, and that is why this power will not become visible so obviously that it is recognizable to man who stands far away from the spiritual. The spiritual beings, who only fulfil the instructions of God, will always order the intellectual activity of men who turn to God himself in the desire for truth. This is the spiritual work of these beings, and this work is always successful when men do not put up resistance to it. But resistance exists then when man is either indifferent towards truth or desires such under eliminating the eternal divinity, therefore seeks to penetrate truth purely intellectually. Then those beings cannot approach him because he is surrounded by beings of darkness who want to guide him in erroneous thinking and therefore find welcome reception for their mental insinuations. Because against their will, therefore without willingness to receive, men will not be instructed by light beings, otherwise it would be an inevitable development. Therefore the dark beings can also have a mental effect upon men, but can never execute a spiritual process, which requires power, which therefore is also visible to men – by something coming into being what was not there before and goes beyond the natural ability of man. It is different with the execution of activities, which as such lie in the field of human ability and only require more or less bodily strength. These are carried out with the life power flowing towards man, which can also be increased through his willingness for those activities. This life power is also imparted to him through spiritual beings according to his willingness for good or evil. Without interruption light beings have power out of God at their disposal, which they receive all the time and pass on, as also the dark beings receive such from their progenitor, who receives his power from God, but uses it for God-opposing work. The attitude towards God or towards his opponent is determining from where power flows towards man, as also human will now uses it for good or evil acts. An expression of power can affect natural or supernatural accomplishments; but it will always have to be described as life power because in every case these acts are carried out by men, where a certain ability is typical of them and which is just considerably increased through the supply of power. The process of a transmission of spiritual thought material in such a form that the results are also visible to other men, therefore audible, is however insofar to be evaluated differently, as it is about a pure spiritual power radiation, which contributes neither to a conservation of bodily life nor for the increase of body power, but promotes only the ascent development of the soul. And such a power transmission can only take place on the part of those beings, who are themselves power receivers out of God. But the beings of darkness lack spiritual power, and that is why they cannot hand out such, and even much less can they cause man to an activity, which requires spiritual power – that something comes into being , to which man without spiritual power supply is not able. Because then every man would have to be able to make writings without any means of help and at the same time about the same subjects, even when differing of each other, as the powers of darkness would have the same power at their disposal to instruct men. They use the strength which is at the disposal of these powers for works of unkindness and of hate, but error they seek to spread through mental influencing, however also only there where the will of man is turned towards evil. And that is why a transmission of power in this form, where spiritual knowledge is imparted to men, is always to be addressed as work of spiritual powers who stand in the light, therefore are light and power receivers out of God, and therefore allowed as instructing powers, i.e. are directed by God to bring light among men and to spread wisdom, therefore truth out of God. The opponent of God will certainly spare no means to supply lies and error to men, but he uses worldly minded and material thinking men, and he also influences them in pure worldly and material ways so that they pursue all other aims than spiritual ones; and those recognize neither error and lie nor desire they truth. They are inclined towards the mental insinuations of bad powers, and they are now active out of their own will spreading them, by using their human abilities to impart erring teachings to fellowmen in word and script. But these impartations do not reveal any extraordinary things; one cannot talk of extraordinary work and supernatural power, which however spiritual writings certainly reveal. Amen. B.D. NR. 3133.


Book 41-42 3142

Law giver. Divine order.

1. June 1944. B.D. NR. 3142.

The law, which the love of God gave and which is based on divine wisdom, must also let love and wisdom be recognized. The law giver must want to achieve something, which blesses his works of creation, because he loves them; in wisest cognition of defects of the creations he must have determined the divine order so that these defects are removed when the creature pays attention to this order. The latter is for the phase where the being is embodied as man, because in the previous phases the being can do no other way in creation than to keep up this order, because it is in the mandatory state, in a state, where its will is bound and the being is directed by the will of God, therefore must fulfil divine law. But in the last phase the being is able to recognize both, the love as well as the wisdom of God; it is able to live in divine order as also to contravene against it. But it also possesses the ability to recognize intellectually both, love as well as also the wisdom of God, why it can be easy for it to remain in divine order. But if it does not use the gifts of the intellect, by leaving the rule and work of God unnoticed, then neither divine love nor divine wisdom becomes visible to it, and then it also makes no effort to fulfil the laws as it was put before its eyes during its walk on earth. Then it violates them and understandably cannot reach the aim to become perfect and be given eternal happiness by God. Because love and wisdom truly chose the right means – and these are the creations, which are based on divines laws. Every adaptation of these divine orders on the part of man must perfect him, while a violation against them inevitably means a spiritual backward step or standstill, depending on the way of this violation. Because then man violates love, and he does not respect God’s wisdom, and this means for the being a renewed rebellion against God in the phase of free will, which was given to him to finally join the eternal divinity. Every word, every thought and every act must therefore be adapted to divine order, which means so much as that they also have their origin on love and always recognize the wisdom of God; otherwise they would be directed against divine order. The entire life on earth must unwind in accordance with divine order, then the being will clearly recognize in the end of life on earth both the over great love of God and also his superb wisdom, which wanted to help him to unknown splendours and therefore gave an eternal law, which fulfilment earns him such splendour. This law is easily to fulfil by the entities embodied as man when he forms himself to love, then he feels nothing as compulsion, but only as predetermined way to happiness. On the other hand the loveless man will feel every demand of God as depressing for him and limiting his freedom and withdraws from the fulfilment of those laws; he will feel driven to violate the divine order; he will see neither wisdom nor love in it and rebel against it all the time and that is why he will also never ever reach the last aim because God does not deviate from his demands, which certainly just affect the last phase of embodiment, while in the previous stages one cannot speak of demands, but the will of God, his law-giving, rules all creatures, therefore the being can no other way than to live in accordance with this divine order, and consequently fulfils the divine law in the mandatory state. And in these pre-phases no creature will rebel against the divine order because it has before expressed its will before the respective embodiment became its. But as man his will is given freedom again, and the counter power of God seeks to win him again for himself. Therefore the counter power of God puts the divine order as compulsion to man, from which he is supposed to try to flee. But God has given him intellect through which man can observe the love and wisdom of God and through this win faith in God. But faith also earns him the power to live in divine order; it earns him the power being himself active in love and to view the law no longer as compulsion but as an applied means for the winning of eternal happiness in love and wisdom, and now it will be easy for him to fulfil this law. And that is why man must also answer for when he listens to the ideas of the opponent because he can use his intellect and does not use this gift, otherwise he would have to recognize the groundlessness, the incorrectness of those ideas. But the will of man is free, and neither love nor wisdom of God forces men to cognition when will is not well-disposed to him. B.D. NR. 3142.


Book 41-42 3151

Intervention of God

6. and 7. June 1942. B.D. NR. 3151.

Excerpt only:

And that is why God lets his voice sound directly after the exucution of a plan, which surpasses everything in atrocity what men have thought of up to now. There is still just little time; horrifying happenings must first take place so that the entire world pays attention and the more audibly hears the voice of God.


Book 41-42 3169

Premature decease last favour.

24. June 1944. B.D. NR. 3169.

Uncountable souls go in an immature state at their decease into the spiritual kingdom, and that is why their lot is little enviable. The kingdom of light is closed for them, and they are in a surrounding, which suits their immature state – but that does not appeal to them at all because in these souls self-love is especially strong developed, and that is why they also on earth practised little love for the neighbour and could not reach a high degree of development. Self-love now lets them feel their poor fate particularly severe, because nowhere will they be able to satisfy it. Their own desire certainly lets them imagine everything what it desires, but as soon as it tries to seize it, it recognizes that they are just hallucinations, and this recognition is the more agonizing the more demanding it desires the earthly goods. It has not yet overcome matter in earth-life and it takes the desire for it with it over into the hereafter, and consequently it also does not have the need to hand out and to make the souls happy, which share its fate, because also on earth it had little sympathy for the sufferings and worries of fellowmen. And yet God still grants also these souls favours and gives them once again possibilities to develop so that they can also reach higher maturity in the hereafter. Because through their tendency towards earth, which is characteristic to all immature souls, they still mainly stay near earth, and they can now see the destructions carried out through the hand of man; from it they recognize the worthlessness of earthly goods; they see the earthly misery on earth and as a result can even feel caused to express their will to help. And therefore the earthly misery contributes to a change of thinking with individual souls, and they overcome their self-love and now stand at the beginning of their ascent development in the hereafter. Today this favour is still granted to uncountable men by God that therefore the lack of love of men certainly causes their earthly end, because earth-life is not used for the purpose of ascent development, but that the deceased souls are nevertheless allowed to stay close to earth to now change their mind at the suffering and misery of men, to realize the worthlessness of earthly goods and suppress the desire for it. But when self-love is extraordinarily strong then also this earthly misery does not contribute to a change, then the desire for the goods of the world will just become more and more violent, and his own phantasy will lead him to believe in all things, which the being longs for. But then the state is also extraordinarily tormenting, and the soul is in greatest danger to develop back and to no longer use the last favour in the kingdom on the other side. This danger is great, and yet the death before the last end for such immature soul is still a favour, because then there is no longer a possibility to mature in the hereafter despite the low degree of maturity. That is why the premature death is proof of divine love, which still wants to bring rescue to such souls, because they failed in earth-life. It is a last means to change to love, and God tries every means to still bring rescue to all beings before it is too late. But how they use this means is left to their will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3169.


Book 41-42 3195

Light spheres. Different light intensity. God’s adoption.

20. to 22. July 1944 B.D. NR. 3195.

There are many gradations in the spiritual world, many degrees of happiness, which are visible as light radiations in the most different intensity and correspond to the degree of maturity of the souls. As soon as the being, the soul, has entered the kingdom of light, happiness and blessedness is its part because it can receive the power radiation of God, what always means bliss, even so the soul can only be given little according to its maturity. But the blessedness increases in accordance with the work of love of the being, which always means an increase of its power, therefore an increased radiating through of divine love. And the being can be active without limitation; it is in a state of life, of freedom and permanent love under permanent use of the power out of God because divine power flows towards this being constantly and the reception of power triggers deep happiness in it. But the being is now active continually; it again works in love by passing on the power and with it makes uncountable beings happy and promotes their spiritual progress and at the same time develops itself to always greater perfection, what again results in increased supply of power out of God. And the rays of light are always brighter, which now surround the being. There is no limitation in the kingdom of light, and spheres if light are everywhere there where the beings have reached the degree of maturity that they can absorb the divine radiation in themselves, that they are radiated through by his power of love. But because the fullness of the reception of power corresponds with the level of the degree of maturity, the spheres of light will also show different light intensities because the more perfect the being is the closer it is to the eternal divinity, which as original light radiates an unimaginable fullness of light upon every being. But because the perfect spiritual knows no limitation, the being can always come closer and closer to the eternal divinity, therefore progress continually; it can receive the radiation of love directly, and it is nevertheless not completely united with it, when it has not reached the adoption of God. Because this means complete fusion with the original light; it means unlimited reception of power and therefore highest happiness. Every being in the kingdom of light is unspeakably happy and still can receive always deeper happiness the more it expresses its love itself and increases through this its light and power reception. But the being, once it stands in the light, does not know limitations in the hereafter, and this awareness is exactly so extremely gratifying that the being can strive for always higher perfection and that the divine love is also unlimited in its radiation of power. But the receiving of power from God must always be evaluated differently than the final unification with him, which earns the being the adoption of God, because it is one with God, and its activity in the spiritual kingdom is another one than that of light beings. They are completely creating out of themselves and form actively and extremely happy because this activity requires the highest degree of love and therefore increases its happiness immeasurably. (22.7.1944) The entry into the kingdom of light therefore takes already place as soon as the soul has reached the maturity, which allows a radiating through with light. But then there are uncountable degrees of perfection and therefore also uncountable levels of happiness and that is why the soul can always enter new spheres of light , which increase always and permanently. Because there is no limitation of that what is perfect. The soul always hovers higher; it approaches the original light, and nevertheless it is not completely one with the original light when it has not earned the right of the adoption of God upon earth. But the joining together with God it has found from that moment on where it feels his love radiating through it, where it is so purified that it can absorb power and light rays in itself. Because from now on it also has eternal life; it can be active, therefore work in love, and it can ascend into immeasurable heights; it can accept light and power from God and through joining together with equally mature spiritual increase those and be unspeakably happy. But as the fullness of light is unimaginable for man on earth, so there is also no possibility to compare for the happiness of the beings, which have found the entrance into the spheres of light. Because man, as long as he dwells upon earth, is an incomplete creature; he only sees and hears with the eyes and ears of the body and cannot imagine the spiritual world, which lacks all matter; which exists only spiritually and therefore can only be seen and grasped by the spiritual in man, by the soul, but also only then when the soul has reached a certain degree of maturity. And that is why mankind has no idea of the spiritual kingdom; it can only believe, and this only then when it is willing and lets itself be instructed without inner resistance. But it can strive to receive enlightenment, and then much will become comprehensible to it. Because then the first rays of light already start to have an effect, and as upon earth from now on a slow maturing of cognition, of light, is recognizable, i.e. of knowledge about pure truth, so also in the kingdom on the other side the development of the being increases – it becomes more and more perfect; it more and more joins God – it is unspeakably happy. But the adoption of God is a higher degree of perfection, and it includes infinite delights. It is the right of those who already on earth strive for God with all senses, who love him out of the entire heart and want to serve him in most loyal dedication, who in devotion take upon themselves suffering and earthly troubles, who seek to fulfil his will and are active in love all the time and continually, because they seek to become like the eternal divinity already on earth, and that is why God’s love seizes them, and it levels the way to him for them. Their fate is not easy on earth; they must pass many tests; they must fulfil tasks on earth, which require great power and a firm will to reach God. But the divine favour is available to these souls without measure so that they reach the aim when they only strive for it. Amen. B.D. NR. 3195.


Book 41-42 3209

Signs of the last days. Fight against spirituality. Chaos.

1. and 2. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3209.

To want to determine the time of the spiritual turning point would not be beneficial to mankind as an exact knowledge about it is an interference with free will because then man would feel to be urged to change his way of life when the predetermined time draws near. But this is not according to the will of God that men get informed in advance when the day and the hour has come when he sits in judgement on them, but they are only to know that the end is near and to recognize this end by the signs of the times. But when believing men ask him for insight he will answer them as it furthers the salvation of their soul. The last judgement is preceded by the end-time and this comprises a period of just a few months which are marked by an extremely severe fight against spirituality. When the war against spirituality will be made quite openly, when all secrecy is disregarded and action is taken against all spiritual striving openly and ruthlessly and orders and decrees are issued that outlaw all spiritual striving for men, when also none of the divine commandments are anymore respected and when a persecution against all believing men will start and when they are not anymore granted any rights, then the end-times has entered the final phase and the last judgement is to be expected any day and hour. But before this war against faith will break out, mankind will be in a spiritual and earthly chaos; only decline will be detected everywhere whatever is taken into consideration. And this decline will be caused by men who are dominated by Satan. It will be expressed by earthly destructions and devastations, decrees that lack love, a lifestyle adverse to God, rebellion and outrage against ruling authority and brutal suppression by this, restriction of personal liberty and evasion of law and justice. This state of affairs however will occur after a powerful earth upheaval that will take place by the will of God to bring a struggle between nations to a close that human will does not end. For the affected people this earth upheaval will mean a change of their usual life, a time of greatest restraint and hardest living condition, and this time will be well suited for the spreading of the divine word, but will definitely not mean an upturn for a worldly churchy power. But men will be very busy striving for an earthly improvement of their living conditions. These efforts will however not be agreeable with spiritual striving, the belief in a power that calls them to account and the divine commandments that demand love. And therefore everything will be attacked that is in the way to restore the old good living.

And that is why the war against faith will commence not long after the divine intervention that directs world events into different channels. The events will quickly follow one after the other because the spiritual low of men is accelerating them and the spiritual low is recognizable by the uncaring actions of men, their thinking that testifies to their deepest corruption and prepares acts that are to be addressed as being satanic. And by this you men will recognize the time where God’s intervention is to be expected. By the world affairs themselves you will be able to do the timing, by the acts that men are capable of doing you will see that they have completely left God and this will clearly refute the opinion that a spiritual flourishing is still to be expected of this humanity. Those men who remain faithful to God will strengthen their close relationship to him; they in fact will be his church that will assert itself through misery and hardship. The band of those is however small, but the world denies God, is hostile towards everything that is for God, and this spiritual misery is typical of the near end. Therefore pay attention to the signs of the time, pay attention to the behaviour of humanity, to their falling away from God and their inclination to the world, as men are obviously under the influence of Satan, as they are in bondage to him and do everything that violates divine commandments, as nothing is sacred to them neither the life of the fellow human being nor his belongings; as the lie is very successful and the truth becomes unpopular, you know that the end is not far away. You will then be able to observe the events as it is prophesied to you because it will all take place in the age of a man who is accelerating as it were the dissolving, who pays tribute to the destructive principle, who is therefore not constructive but destructive. And with the end of this man also the end of the world has come, i.e. the end of the earth in its present form and the end of men who live on the present earth, who are outside of those who belong to God. And so you know that no long time will pass, that no long period of time is given to you, that the end is approaching quickly. And that is why you have to prepare yourself you have to live as if every day is the last one, because you do not know when you will pass away and if you will experience the end on earth. But when you are needed as fighters of God during the time of warfare then God also directs your thinking right and you will recognize when the time has arrived – the time of the divine intervention through the triggering of the elements, the time of the spiritual warfare and the time of the last judgement. God wants that you call men’s attention and so he will also enlighten your spirit and direct this thinking so that you will recognize what is right and only voice and impart to people that what has been recognized as being right. Amen. B.D. NR. 3209.


Book 41-42 3210

War Between Light and Darkness. Last Decision.

3. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3210.

The light fights the darkness incessantly. This spiritual fight is so significant but men do not know this and they rather support the power of darkness than to offer resistance by striving for the light. And this spiritual war reaches its climax just before the end of this earth because then the spiritual fight will not just happen spiritually but in public so that also ignorant men observe it and support it or ward it off according to their attitude. Because the spiritual struggle – the war between light and darkness – takes on a form in the fight against faith that will be waged without consideration man against man. It is this an era that forms the conclusion for present mankind. The fight against spirituality is inevitable, as it is to bring the last decision - the decision of individual man for or against God. Since eternities the spiritual struggle between light and darkness exists in that the powers of the spiritual domain, good and bad, try to influence the soul of man, try to transfer the thoughts, that they themselves have, to the soul of man. And so the beings of light try to lift men up, to ennoble their thinking and to cause them to strive for perfection while the evil forces try to pull them down, want to plant earthly desires into their heart and to completely force aside their spiritual aspirations. And the decision maker in this fight is the will of man. Those spiritual forces are the victors over the soul to which he gives himself over. The will of men is weak and therefore the enemy of God is strengthened in his might and now he tries to completely win mankind for himself by undermining the knowledge about God and his power, wisdom and love, and stopping all spiritual striving. And all the keener the beings of light work; to the same extent men are supplied with light from above and this no longer only pure spiritually but it will be given in such a way that it is perceptible as light working, that a visible sign of the love of God will reach men. His word will be distributed on earth by light beings, perceptible and apparent to all who want to recognize and see it. And this word points to the coming faith contest, to a contest that aims at the spiritual striving of man only, a fight that on one side has the complete annihilation and wiping out of all spiritual as its aim, and on the other side only aims at the final goal to preserve and reinforce the faith in God, in Jesus Christ and his teaching among men. And this struggle will no longer be carried out secretly, but the whole world will be stirred up by it, different in its form, but forcing all men to take sides. And now the good and bad powers of the spiritual realm will be again active to a remarkable extent. Those who are in connection with the beings of light will support the faith and will now be strengthened by those, power will be supplied to them that enables them to extraordinary actions because for the sake of faith men have to be given signs so that they can believe if they only want. In the same way the spiritual forces from below will be active. They will get men to do merciless deeds and also provide them with power to carry them out. And so good is fighting against bad and vice versa. But the light is going to win, despite the fact that only a small proportion of men will emerge from this war as winners because the losers will find their temporal end and that means banishment into hard form for them. Because they do not give up their resistance and therefore rebel again against God who gave them every opportunity to give up their resistance against him. They have become slaves to the forces of the underworld und therefore have to walk the endless long development course once again on earth until they again are given free will for the final decision. The faith struggle is inevitable as the end of the redemption period has come where a clear separation of the spirits has to take place. But to every man the possibility will first be given to emotionally and also rationally take a stand on the most important question of their earth life - God or the world. And who has not so far given himself an answer will now be forced to the last decision - and good as well as bad forces will whisper the answer into his ear. But it is up to his will to which powers he will listen. Amen. B.D. NR. 3210.


Book 41-42 3217

Blessing of Divine Gift, the Word of God.

9. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3217.

Short excerpt only:

The chaos of the end-times will separate many people and will put them into earthly trouble and misery that seems to be unbearable.


Book 41-42 3219

Increased Divine Work during the End of Days.

12. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3219.

Short excerpt only:

And in this time you are not allowed to become lukewarm and sluggish, you have to strive in all seriousness for perfection; you have to withdraw from all worldly attractions and are allowed to think of your aim only because this is no longer far.


Book 41-42 3220

Refutation of the re-embodiment teaching. Justice.

12. to 14. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3220.

A bright light will be given to you when you have the will to let it shine. A time of chaos also confuses the thinking of men, the capacity to think becomes weaker, and they can no longer recognize spiritual truth as such, and so a perpetual supply of it is necessary and this requires receptive men, through whom spiritual knowledge can be transmitted to the seekers. Such an instruction can now take place in different ways; it can complement a knowledge which is already available; it can be offered as completely new knowledge when a man beforehand stood in wrong thinking; but it also can clear an area as refutation of before wrong teachings about which still uncertainty prevails among men. But the prerequisite is always that forces turned towards God impart the spiritual thought material to a man who as intake vessel of the divine spirit declares himself ready to serve God through the spreading of truth. And this prerequisite is given as soon as close prayer for supply of pure truth precedes every spiritual instruction. All good spiritual forces only have one aim – to unite the beingness embodied on earth with God, i.e., to help it with this. But spiritual unity only exists in the state of light, i.e. in the state of recognition, which is the result of a life of love. To reach this state man has been given life on earth, in which he can develop the abilities which are only weakly developed in the beginning of his embodiment but according to his will can experience an ascending or also a descending development. His life gives him full opportunity to this development; but it does not depend on more or less developed gifts of the intellect, but alone only on the will for the good, on the attitude towards God and therefore having a loving effect – the striving for connection to God through good works. Only alone through this man can reach such a high spiritual stage of development that he already on earth enters into a light stage, i.e., that he reaches knowledge. Then the adaptation towards God has already happened, and this state secures the soul of man at his death the entrance into the light kingdom, into spheres where it can take part in the redemption work of Christ, where it is again able to help other souls to wisdom, to light, by teaching love and is therefore active in redemption. So this degree of perfection can easily be reached by men who just have the will for the good and who establish the connection with God through close prayer. That men have different perceptive faculties, that they are more or less intelligent, is not at all determining for this will to the good. For the spirit spark in man is brought to an awakening through love. But love is born in the heart, and it can be exceedingly active in a man whose intellectual activity is considerably behind that of another man. And even where light, the recognition of truth, does not come remarkably to the surface during life on earth, the soul can at the entry into the otherworldly kingdom be flown around by light, i.e., knowledge can come to it as quick as lightning and an overabundant knowledge can now enable it to eager activity of love in the hereafter. And that is why the objections are invalid that a less developed intellectual thinking could impede the maturing of the soul, that therefore to every soul the opportunity must once be offered to make use of advanced bodily abilities to reach a higher maturity on earth. It is true that such souls can have an exceedingly beneficial effect on earth insofar as they put their extraordinary intellectual abilities in service of the fellow man to impart to him spiritual knowledge and stimulate him through this to heightened love activity. But also without special stimulation a man can bring love to highest development, and this man will indisputably reach highest maturity. But his thinking can be completely uncomplicated; it needs to show no higher wisdom, and still he is guided in his thinking and action by good spiritual forces, which give him according to his perceptive faculty and urge him on all the time to increased love activity to reach his union with God. For love is the first; wisdom will only be born out of it, and this wisdom is the share of the soul as soon as it enters the spiritual kingdom. But love can bring a single embodiment on earth to full development because love can be practised in every situation, in every fate, in every bodily and spiritual condition because the only prerequisite for this is that the divine spark in man is lighted and that the most primitive man can do this when only he has the will to be good. But the knowledge of good and evil is in him because both forces, good and evil, fight for his soul and so is his thinking influenced by both spiritual forces and those forces carry the victory over him, to which his free will turns. But how his will decides, that is to a certain degree dependent on his faith, on his attitude towards God and to Christ’ work of redemption, when he has knowledge about it. Jesus Christ died the death on the cross for the weak, which were not able out of themselves to find the will to the good. But no-one is to think to be strong. Although he has to show high spiritual abilities, he still needs the favours of the work of redemption, the strong will bought by Jesus Christ to be able to mature to a light being during its earth life. And that is why Jesus Christ has created the compensation so that all can become happy who are of a good will. It is true that mankind is very backward in its spiritual development, and it pays no attention at all to possibilities of progress. This is an unmistakable process of cooling off, but which has its cause in the free will of man and for which he also has to answer. Therefore man cannot expect a privilege for something what has happened out of his own fault. But it would be a privilege when he could just as he likes make up for the development, which he through his own fault missed or neglected, in a renewed embodiment on earth. For he did not use his free will the right way, but for which he was able in every situation through Christ’s work of redemption, who has broken the superiority of his opponent over the will of men through his death on the cross. There is therefore no reason for a renewed earth life walk of an imperfect soul which could be based on divine justice because as soon as man has failed despite the supply of favours he cannot lay claim to any repetition of an embodiment on earth to reach the same degree of maturity which a man can reach with a good will during his life on earth, but he must then cover the far more difficult ascent in the hereafter as just compensation for his wrong will. Men certainly have different cognition, different knowledge and different earthly abilities, and this often lets them come to the wrong opinion that the maturing of the soul takes place according to these abilities. But then it is disregarded that only love activity is decisive, so only the effect of love promotes the ascent development. But every man can practise love because for this only the will of man is necessary; this is an urge of the heart, which is in no way connected with a certain degree of knowledge or a specially developed activity of the intellect. That the cooling off of love understandably also has a reduced knowledge as a consequence is indisputable, and that is why also the dark spiritual state appears because it is the result of the lack of love, for which the soul therefore has to answer. Only then can one speak of an ascent development when the soul has united itself with the spirit, when it therefore practises love and through this awakens the spiritual spark in itself to life, which now remains in permanent activity, i.e. stimulates the soul to perpetual love work. Therefore without love work a standstill of the development is to be reported or even a decline by obvious lack of love. But the same measure of favour is available to every man, and the same opportunities are given to him for the maturing of the soul. When he now does not use these and he also ignores the favours, that they cannot become effective for him, then he also must bear the consequences according to divine justice, i.e., he has to cope himself in the hereafter with the state into which he got as it is his fault, therefore deservedly. It then would be as it were an injustice when he, who has not utilized the great favour of the embodiment to the salvation of his soul, would have been given once again the same opportunity, to make up for what he has neglected. This would be an injustice towards those who fully utilized their earth life under disregard of their body, under accomplishing of renunciation and permanent abstinence of the joys of the world. The deeper knowledge is not absolutely necessary, however love activity is, and that is why also the most ignorant man can develop up when he is active in love, because knowledge is then supplied to him as he has need of it for his fellow men or he enters the spiritual kingdom. For then he can make the souls in the hereafter happy with his knowledge, which is imparted to him as quick as lightning, so that he again can have an effect as light bearer in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 3220.


Book 41-42 3221

Acknowledging Christ. Weak Will. Demon.

15. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3221.

The demon rages and will take more and more possession of the souls of men and men do not defend themselves. They have no sense of responsibility. Their will leans towards evil and their thinking and acting is equivalent to this will. And so they themselves head for the abyss, they accelerate the process of dissolving and therefore their own ruin. As spiritual beings they can however not cease to exist but they will be robbed of their freedom of will because they misused it during the time of their partial freedom. And this misuse of the will is the result of the weakness of the will that the enemy used to influence them the wrong way. The weakness of the will however, which is the reason for the decline and spiritual downfall, can only be banished by the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ and his work of redemption. But the world rejects him. Even if it acknowledges him according to the word, even if people call themselves followers of Christ, they are far from grasping the work of redemption and it is still even much less likely that they make use of the favours of the work of redemption which earns men a strengthened will, therefore also supplies him with power of resistance against evil. To recognize Christ and his work of redemption means to know about the importance of the life of love that Jesus lived and now, in order to be able to receive the favours of the work of redemption, to also live the same life – so to know that only love can redeem and that is why only such people acknowledge Jesus Christ and his work of redemption who decide on this life of love. Mankind lacks this knowledge and again that is why it also lacks love. And the result of this is an extreme weak will that is not able to resist the power of evil. The world cannot resist the demon because it forfeits itself the power through the rejection of Christ. Christ and his work of redemption have to be acknowledged otherwise the world walks towards its ruin when it has knowledge of him. And the knowledge of Jesus Christ has been spread on earth. But the acceptance of his teaching does not alone exist in confessing through words but in a life of love. Where men are acting in love among each other there is true Christianity and in these men the will also will be strong to get to the top, to the light, and the power to resist evil will be supplied to them because the works of love carry this power in them and convey it to men. These therefore make use of the favours of the redemptive work even though they lack knowledge of the suffering and death of Christ on the cross. But if they have this knowledge then they will acknowledge Jesus Christ without fail as love is living inside of them and this recognizes the eternal love that was embodied in Jesus Christ. But the world does not have this love in itself; men who belong to the world only love themselves; and therefore they hand themselves over to the adversary of God. They reject Jesus Christ because he preaches neighbourly love to them; their will is hardened as is their heart, but the hard will hands himself over to him who wants to destroy it. Man has a will that is at once ready to do evil acts, but no will power at all to do good deeds because love alone can achieve these. But good works are a following of the love teaching of Christ, close prayer for power joins good deeds and the follower of Jesus has the favours of the redemptive work at his disposal. But a follower of Jesus is every man who lives in love, who therefore follows him and acknowledges his work of love on earth. He will be able to resist the work of evil and he will muster a stronger and stronger will when the last days have come. He will also acknowledge before the world that he belongs to the church of Christ and he will stand firm when Satan is raging in a most evil manner. He receives his power from God himself and this certainly will be enough to overcome him who wants to corrupt his soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 3221.


Book 41-42 3232

Fulfilment of the Predictions.

25. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3232.

I have sent knowledge about the forthcoming end to all men because I also inform my opponents so that they can’t say one day it has remained hidden from them. But when they close their ear, when they mock and scoff at what touches their ear in the form of prophecy then my warnings and admonitions are in vain because I force no man to believe. But these will shake when the end is nearby because they will recognize their wrong thinking and also the hopelessness of their situation. Mankind does not want to accept anymore what is offered to it from the spiritual sphere; it is so worldly minded that every sense for spiritual quality is lacking but I cannot offer men more than they are prepared to accept. I cannot force them to believe through visible miracles because they are my creatures that originally were active in fullest freedom of their will and they would completely lose their freedom through a compulsion of faith and therefore remain imperfect until all eternity. I can only express myself through the mouth of man and have to leave it to them if they want to recognize my word through absolute desire for truth and unselfish activity of love. Because now my word will sound to them and they recognize the giver of the word in every admonition and warning and so they also follow it. But what lack of willpower controls men just in view of these spiritual announcements. They take nothing seriously and believe that God will direct events so that they meet their will and their deliberation. And as a result how little are they doing for the shaping of their being. And the hour will come without them being prepared for the near end. They only observe world affairs and draw their conclusions. But I will startle them and show them that I am ruling the world and that I indeed determine as it is expedient for you men. And everything will unwind according to my plan from eternity – as I announce it to you men through my servants on earth. And men will now have to recognize that I was only intent on their welfare, that I wanted to save them and found resistance from them only. For only the will towards God connects their souls with me. But the will towards me also gives them the understanding for my word, for my action and working in the last times before the end. And only then my word will be followed, when it is still time, because what I announce comes literally true because through the spirit I direct knowledge to earth that agrees fully with the truth. And that is why everything must come true what I announced to you men before a long time so that you recognize when the end is close. Amen. B.D. NR. 3232.


Book 41-42 3234

Power source. Work of creation bearer of power.

27. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3234.

All creations must be seen as collection points of spiritual energies, but those are obviously expressed in the works of creation, which show life, so where a permanent activity proves these energies. So at these creations powers are recognized, which work in them, but the origin of power is regarded differently – and not rarely completely independent form the works of creation. That God himself is the source of power, from whom all life goes out, is in the main denied – when man cannot believe simple-mindedly. A power is certainly recognized, but it going out from itself and represented as to be result of itself. Because intellectual thinking only reckons with things which exist demonstrably, but not with such, which existence is not proven. This is a stage of spiritual ignorance, even though man is considered to be knowing. The power, which is sent to every living thing, is for the present clearly recognizable, because without it the being would be lifeless. But this power is also in every other work of creation; otherwise it would dissolve slowly like the cover of a living being after its death. But as long as it exists and is visible to the eyes of men, it is also bearer of spiritual power, which of necessity must have its starting point somewhere. Because this power is indestructible – it certainly can flow towards a container or flow from it, but it can never evaporate into nothing. The coming into being and the passing by of creation now obviously witnesses to the flowing in and flowing out of this life power – therefore the power must have its starting point somewhere. And this starting point is the power centre; it is God himself – no matter what term man uses for God. When every work of creation would be producer of the power itself, which it enlivens, then the work of creation could never ever pass by as such, because a power does not stop to exist. Therefore also man as such would have to be eternally immortal when he himself, independently of a power sponsor, would be viable out of himself. Because as he is bearer of a power during his life, but power is eternally indestructible or unsolvable, he as self-producer of this power would already be immortal as man. But when the power flows out of him, then it flows back from the primary source, or a new receptacle is fed with it, however again out of the primary source. Otherwise death and birth in human existence would have to replace itself directly, or at least the death of man would cause the birth of a new being at the same time. A source of power must always be acknowledged from which a power radiates in certain conformity to natural law and feeds the respective receptacles. And everything has to be considered as receptacles what is visible or perceptible in creation. Every work of creation is power bearer; every work of creation receives power out of the centre of power and becomes alive only through this, i. e., it can carry out an activity which is its duty; an activity which is purpose of existence and requires continuous power supply. How one now calls the source of power, how one imagines it to be, is unimportant, when it only is acknowledged and the dependence of all what is created on this power source is recognized. Then man, who is equipped with intellectual thinking, will also be able to grasp the connections; what he can never as long as he thinks himself to be independent of the power which sustains him. The power always and for ever remains as it is; it never changes, is not used up and does not lose effectiveness – it is there and cannot vanish by itself. And because continuous death and continuous passing is visible in creation, this must have a flowing out of this power as cause – therefore this power must also once have flown into creation – but the source must be sought somewhere else than in the created things themselves. But the power source is of eternity and will remain till all eternity. The power source is God himself, a being, which stands in highest perfection, is full of power, might, love and wisdom and radiates this power persistently upon everything what has been created from his love according to a superb plan full of wisdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 3234.


Book 41-42 3235

Unification of the soul with the spirit.

27. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3235.

It is an exceedingly important process when the soul of man unites with the spirit in it because then the change has so to speak occurred; the material existence has been overcome, although man still dwells on earth, and the spiritual world is predominant for the last part of his walk on earth. Now the soul can receive every expression of the spirit; it is able to understand it, and it makes fullest use of its ability. It allows itself to be instructed and therefore enters the state of knowledge. The spirit in man is constantly intent on imparting richest knowledge to the soul about fields, which are otherwise closed to the soul and which it can enter only with the assistance of the spirit. But every material fetter is an obstacle to reach this knowledge; consequently the soul must first have overcome matter because the unification of the soul with the spirit is a pure spiritual process, which goes with no earthly relationship. Matter has an effect upon the soul that it is unable to hear the voice of the spirit. The soul must completely come off it and completely leave itself to the spirit in it; completely without resistance it must surrender to its power, which is now becoming effective at it as power out of God. And so the soul is guided into cognition; divine wisdom is imparted to it because the spark of the spirit in it is part of the divine spirit, whose gifts are of highest value and which for that reason must help the soul to perfection. The soul is now developed according to divine plan; it is introduced into knowledge, which means spiritual progress for it. Because the more the soul stands in knowledge the freer it becomes and the abler to utilize this knowledge. And therefore it is now active in love, by passing on this knowledge to its fellowmen. Knowledge, which man receives from fellowman, must first be checked for truthfulness; knowledge on the other hand, which man draws out of himself, which the spirit in him has imparted to his soul, carries the absolute truth in itself, and the soul feels this and therefore supports such knowledge full of conviction. And this knowledge will also not remain without impression upon fellowman, because it is presented full of conviction and fully comprehensible for everybody, because it carries truth in itself and this also imprisons fellowman, when he earnestly desires truth. And that is why the unification of the soul with its spirit is so important, because it not only helps one man to truth and therefore to maturity, but has beneficial effects upon wide circles, because truth paves the way and is also recognized as such by men, who again strive for it, however have not yet established the unification of their soul with the spirit. But this unification will not be difficult for them when they have the earnest will for this, and this will again is stimulated through truthful instructions of a man, whose spirit is awakened. Amen. B.D. NR. 3235.


Book 41-42 3237

Divine revelations. False doctrine an obstacle.

29. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3237.

A direct revelation of God is marked through the direct word of the father to his child, and this word is to be believed when the receiver of the word is a man who stands in faith and in love, who therefore strives for God. The pre-condition is however not always given that wisdoms can be offered to a man, may it be that he does not listen persistently enough inwards or he is also imprisoned by teachings, which are not completely in accordance with truth, so that he would consider every correcting teaching as work of the opponent of God. And that is why the divine revelations only apply to personal admonitions and warnings, but nevertheless must be acknowledged as such. The desire of a man to stand in personal connection with God, and the belief that this is possible, are the first pre-requisites that God reveals himself fatherly. In what way now that depends on man’s powers of comprehension and willingness to receive and also on the task, which is given to him for his earth life. Is he supposed to be again active in teaching and makes himself available for this office to God, then the divine revelations will take place like an instruction and therefore also contain deepest wisdoms because man must himself first have knowledge before he can spread such. Complete lack of resistance however belongs to this, i.e., the spirit of God, the giver of truth, is never allowed to come across resistance, when it imparts truth to man. But resistance is every false doctrine when it is not given away unconditionally and makes place for truth. But a man can now be deeply believing and fully convinced to stand in truth, also his life walk is in accordance with the will of God – but he is not able to spread pure truth as servant of God because he does not own it himself – because he does not ask and desires answers and expects them, but thinks himself to be the bearer of truth, and therefore erroneous thinking cannot be corrected. He now certainly can hear the voice of God because he loves him and a loving heart is able to receive the divine spirit, but the spirit of God gives man in accordance of his desire – comforting, admonishing, warning or educational father words, which announce his love towards the earth child, or also instructions full of wisdom and deepest knowledge to that man, who is open-minded for that and makes himself worthy of it. The desire of man decides, and that is why everyone is so given how he desires. Fatherly exhortation is enough for one, and he ends his listening inwards, while the other listens to every word in thirst for knowledge, which divine love gives to him. God does not limit his gifts; he gives, as long as it is desired; but man himself sets the boundaries because as soon as his desire flags, as soon as his will is no longer active, he therefore ends his listening inwards, also the inner voice no longer sounds, the supply is interrupted and can only then again take place when man through listening inwards declares himself willing to receive the divine gift. And that is why man himself determines the measure of knowledge and also the way in which it is offered. A man interpenetrated by spiritual knowledge will mature extremely fast, and that is why it is definitely more advantageous to let God himself provide this knowledge than to appropriate it through study, because latter does not necessarily need to be truth, because men are transmitters and these are never free of error. But who clings to this spiritual material taken over from men and not even considers the thought that also error can have been imparted to him, to him deep knowledge cannot be given because he would not let it be regarded as truth, but infers to erroneous givers, when it does not agree with his old knowledge. And for that reason only such men are to be trained to bearers of pure truth who are completely free of erroneous spiritual material and who therefore all the time desire to be instructed by God himself to be very certain to receive pure truth because God can also give to them in all fullness and make them his representatives on earth, and these are they who are now to teach and pass on the deep knowledge to fellowmen, because they are able to do it and have the firm will to help their fellowmen. These will be abundantly provided with knowledge; the divine master teacher himself instructs them, and he trains them so that they can now teach in his name, always and everywhere, where men are open-minded to pure truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3237.


Book 41-42 3239

And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

31. August 1944 B.D. NR. 3239.

And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it - the small flock of my believers - because they will remain faithful to me even in greatest earthly difficulty, their faith will remain so deep and unshakable that even the forces of darkness will shake them in vain and they will not succeed in conquering them. Because they that are mine will have myself as their commander and against me even hell is powerless, a power that is not to be underestimated otherwise. But strong faith is like a wall that withstands all assaults, and all those that belong to my church have this strong faith. He who strongly believes in me has no need any more to fear something, from whatever side it may come. Always the bad forces want to shake this strong faith and willpower is required to resists them. But he who has faith also knows about my love and my omnipotence and therefore he fears no enemy but opposes him courageously, he conquers with my power. But this power he draws from the faith in me, he knows that I am near him, he relies on my help, and I reward his strong faith. He can count on my support. And so the believer will emerge from the last battle as the victor, he will survive the end, while the unbelievers will perish; he will feel the power of faith and he will also be able to proof this power to his fellow human beings, while the unbeliever will be weak and helpless at the sight of the downfall of the earth, but the believers do not have to fear this because they remain unscathed where thousands and thousands lose their life. As brutal as the final onslaught will be first made so that one can really speak of hell, hell will not triumph because as small as the number of believers may be, it cannot be overpowered because strong unshakable faith will prevent this. Because the believer is fighting with me and I am the most secure protection he can have. The gates of hell shall not prevail against them. I have given this promise to my church and my church consists of those strong believers who have a living connection to me and who will also continually feel my nearness, who recognize me in the word and who are therefore without fear because they feel the power of my word and they oppose the enemy of their souls with this word. No matter how severely he will rage, his power will be taken from him, and he will use all means, he will open all gates and determine his accomplices to cause man to fall; he wants to take firm faith away from him, but it will be a wasted effort. Those who believe in me are my children and I do not let these down when their soul is troubled. I give them power and strength to endure; I help them so that they follow me even closer the more the enemy wants to separate them from me. And in vain he will charge against the bulwark that strong faith is and that strong faith will remain for all forces of the underworld that will never be able to pull down this bulwark as it is built on firm ground, on a strong rock, on convinced faith that can never get lost once a man has won it. Because convinced faith recognizes me and bases its hope on me. And the man who has strong faith does not drop me, he is loyal to me on earth and keeps faith with me until the end and no force of the underworld will ever have power over him, not even the most evil hell, i.e., the prince of the underworld is powerless in the face of him who believing in me requests my support. Amen. B.D. NR. 3239.


Book 41-42 3243

Blessing of prayer. Power out of God.

3. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3243.

That is the power of prayer that you unite with God and open your heart as a result for the reception of power. You enter the bridge to him, and he comes to meet you, and he hands out what you lack, what you now can receive from him – power out of God. Because you need this, and it can only be supplied to you when it is requested, when you acknowledge God through prayer. Because through prayer you prove faith in him, in his might and his love, otherwise you would not pray to him. And faith is first precondition that the power of God can flow towards you and have an effect upon you, because only in faith in him and his might and love you open yourselves to the influx of his power and therefore receive it consciously. You do not put up resistance against it, and your soul will feel this power as stimulus, as striving for perfection. This is the blessing of prayer, even so it is an earthly request, which God does not fulfil for the sake of the salvation of the soul, because the power, which grows out of the connection with God, is of benefit to the soul, it brings about its spiritual progress, because every connection with God carries its blessing in it, not always recognizable outwardly, but felt beneficently by the soul. When an earth child prays it has escaped the power of the opponent; a praying man is seized by the love of God, and he stands in his protection. A praying man is humble and therefore also receives favour, because when man is of arrogant spirit he does not pray, or else his prayer is form, without deep feeling, because the humility of the heart belongs to the right prayer, the admission of weakness and the subjugating to the will of God. But God gives his favour to the humble. And to stand in the favour of God must earn spiritual success to the soul, because to receive favour always means to be certain of God’s help, which he needs for his ascent. When man prays he decreases the distance from himself to God; he approaches him, and God does not withdraw from him. Full of love he bends down towards the child pleading with him, and every approach towards God strengthens the soul, because power radiates from God upon the being, which desires such. And that is why prayer is the first to be able to mature spiritually; the conscious connection with God is an unconscious confession of faith, and believing man can continuously be certain of the help of God, even if help is offered to him in other form than he has desired it. But a prayer never remains without effect upon the soul, because it will always earn it power out of God, without which man can never mature, and because this power is the most delicious good, which can be imparted to man on earth, because it earns him spiritual maturity, which is absolutely necessary for eternal life. B.D. NR. 3243.


Book 41-42 3249

Freedom of will. (Predestination teaching)

9. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3249.

The sun of the spirit is to rise and chase darkness away – where darkness is, it is to become light; where incomprehension and ignorance rules, there the word of God is to give information because it is God himself who instructs men when they want to receive his word. And he certainly gives them this instruction in the right form, complying with their will to truth and corresponding to their receptivity and worthiness. And this is his word: Try to think of the divine will as fundamental principle, according to which everything takes place in heaven and on earth – try to let this divine will be regarded first, and you will then look at all happenings from this side only, that divine will cannot be uninvolved with this because without (his) God’s will no other will can gain recognition – even if it is completely opposing. Every will, whether good of evil, must first be sanctioned through his will before it can become active; therefore divine will is used as a basis for every happening, which however does not say that God approves what is born out of evil will. Nevertheless also evil will could not be when man would not be enabled by God; therefore every will is based on the will of God. But God never determines man to want good or evil but the direction of his will remains up to him, and this is free will. That man can want, is God’s gift, God’s determination or also a favour of God – but what he wants is his own determination; in it God leaves full freedom to him, even though he can certainly also be prevented to execute that what he wants. Nevertheless his will has become active; he has announced the direction of his will towards God, and this direction of the will it is for which he has to answer. And divine commandments are the standard for good or evil will. God will therefore never try to influence human will to violate his commandments; however put the thoughts into his heart to express his opinion to one of the commandments. Therefore good and evil will always approach him; the will in man will also become busy according to divine determination – but it is left up to man how he decides. And through earthly happenings God will cause him to express his will, and that is why earthly happenings approach him in such a way as they are most favourable to the decision of his will. And this is his fate, his predetermined course of life, which takes all his aptitudes into account and gives him the greatest possibility to let his will become active in the right direction. Very often the freedom of will is misunderstood because it is related to the execution of earthly activity and a prevented execution of that what a man wants is called unfree will. The possibility of execution is completely independent of will itself. This is free, i.e., man determines himself the direction, which the will takes, and the freedom of his will will never be touched by God. But the freedom of will can be abused for God-opposing work as well as for God-opposing thinking. Also then man takes up the power out of God, i.e. life power, which flows towards him, and consequently in a certain meaning the approval of God because nothing can happen without his will and without his will man would also not able to think. And nevertheless one cannot say that God has determined the will of man to his thinking and acting. Even when God himself has put the will into man, then he has still not directed this will to good or evil acts. And this must be kept apart, otherwise a free will would have to be negated and man could never have the claim to perfection. Most of the time men relate freedom of will to pure earthly acts, thoughts or events, and in this they often experience that they are very unfree because acts, thoughts and events do not always correspond to their will. Then the will of God expresses itself obviously, and they eagerly dispute the teaching of free will. But even then will and possibility for execution are different terms because man can any time give the will that direction, which he likes. But in spiritual respect will will always be able to be carried out because what man wills, for that also the power is supplied to him, only that also his will determines the origin of power, that the power can be supplied to him from above or also from below; he therefore hands himself over to that power to which his will is inclined. But also then God gives his approval, i.e., he does not prevent the course of development of man, although it leads away from him because he has given the being the freedom of will and will never abolish this freedom, when it lives the last stage on earth as man, which is to earn him the last maturity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3249.


Book 41-42 3250

Freedom of will. (Predestination teaching)

10. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3250.

I do not rule human will, but I leave it its freedom. I certainly remain active with it, by supplying that power to it all the time, to be able to want, think and act as independent being. And therefore I am originator of its life, as also of its thinking and wanting. Because what once came into being out of my hand, I also must continuously place it into a condition to be able to fulfil its purpose, on which every work of creation, every product of my love power, is based, otherwise wisdom of my work could be denied, which however becomes undeniably evident everywhere, where man has reached a certain level of cognition and has an open eye for my rule and work. But when I supply permanently everything created with life power to be able to exist, then understandably all life, all activity, depends on my will and consequently also all organic activity of man, which only my will lets come into operation, and therefore it is me who works in man – both the wanting as also the accomplishing; because I gave man as highest work of creation on the visible earth this ability. But without this gift man would be no free, independent being and consequently also not able to develop himself up. But I also gave him the freedom of his will, i.e., it is up to him to make use of the gift of wanting and of accomplishing in every direction, and he will never be forced through me to turn to this or that direction, only so guided lovingly on his course of life that he is to decide because this is the purpose of his earth life that he makes right use of his free will. I want to make happy creatures out of all men, but happiness depends on the will to good. To decide for good in all freedom of will earns the soul the highest happiness. But when man is good as a result of an influencing from me then he is not any more a free, independent being, and without freedom there is no happiness. It is free will, which is to be kept always and permanently, both in the earthly as well as the spiritual kingdom, when all beings are to form themselves to my image in the days to come. And the question about free will is so exceedingly important that also always an answer is given to man as a result so that his thinking is not moving in error and the redemption teaching becomes completely incomprehensible to him by this. I always instruct you men in truth when you trustingly turn to myself for information of such questions, and I supply you with this truth when you do not hear it in yourselves because your knowledge is lacking when you are falsely instructed in decisive questions and then want to build up upon it. Never is freedom of will to be allowed to be denied otherwise you disparage yourselves to machines, which must let everything wash over them will-lessly what I, the Lord of creation, want. My will is certainly decisive but I never determine the course of development of the individual being, as I also never push his will into a certain direction and consequently restrict the freedom of thinking but the decision is left to man himself, and as his decision is, so is also his state of maturity. I supply the favours to every individual unmeasured, and so also his will is alone decisive for the acceptance of my favours, how far these can become affective with him and which power is now available to him, to implement his will into action. My love is meant for all my creatures, and that is why I also supply to all creatures the same measure of favours, but how they utilize it is up to them because I certainly rule over heaven and earth but I do not force human will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3250.


Book 41-42 3251

Chaos. War Against Faith.

11. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3251.

Excerpt only:

And when the last days have come suffering and trouble will not come to an end, so that man puts an end to the world’s pleasures, so that he turns his thoughts towards eternity, so that he learns to despise the earth and recognizes its spiritual purpose only. And then an unspeakable sad occurrence will take place committed against the believers who remain loyal to God. This will mean a last assault against faith, a deprivation of rights will be introduced that is to expel all believers from the circle of the general public; a time of unspeakable sufferings will come for these believers, but will only seem like it to the fellow human beings because the believers themselves do not feel the suffering to such an extent that it gives the impression of being because the power of God gives them support and enables them to bear their imposed lot. The depth of their suffering will depend on their level of faith. The suffering appears to the world to be unbearable but to the believer it will not be such a great burden that he will not be in a position to endure it. But the world tries to celebrate victory, men will be more materially-minded than ever, they will be after worldly pleasures, they will take unscrupulously what appears desirable to them without consideration for their fellow human beings, and they will heap wrong upon wrong and sin upon sin and will transgress against the commandments of God because they do not anymore accept God and express this by openly carrying on warfare against the believers. And it is only a small group that lives scattered among the people that recognizes the near end and expects it calmly. Because they know that the end also brings the coming of the Lord and they wait full of faith for him who is to bring salvation from deepest misery.


Book 41-42 3252

Recognizing Jesus Christ. Binding of Satan.

11. and 13. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3252.

The spiritual collapse is unavoidable when Christ is not anymore acknowledged and when men are not anymore establishing the right relationship to God because then they are disoriented and in greatest spiritual misery as they are headed for their downfall. Spiritual decline is followed by earthly breakdown because everything dissolves when its spiritual basis is taken. Without God nothing can exist. But where the spiritual is pushed completely into the background there also God is no more acknowledged and this is the worst that men can do, that they deny God as they also accelerate their own downfall though this and they also weaken or lose for the time being their power of knowledge and perception and do not recognize the trouble they are in. They are only anxious to comply with earthly requirements and relinquish for the temporary world everything that would lead them higher spiritually. And the result is a spiritual and an earthly collapse and a terrible physical and earthly end. Faith in Jesus Christ could prevent this but without him mankind does not find the power for change and sinks further and further and so inevitably draws its way to the end because nothing can exist without God. The power of Satan is great because men themselves grant him power over themselves but only that man can defeat Satan who through Jesus Christ has such strength of will available that nothing can resists this willpower. But where the faith in Jesus Christ is lost there the enemy rages with increased might. And his weapons are hate and lack of love and in every way they have an effect of destruction and annihilation but this effect only exists through the will of man because the enemy of God has no power over the other works of creation. And therefore he uses the will of men who are in bondage to him to kill and destroy to set free the spiritual that is banished by God in creation against the will of God. And this spiritual that has now become free, and that is in a state of a low degree of development, also exerts disastrous effects on its environment as it is the world of nature, plants and animals, or also men. Unparalleled chaos develops, a chaos that is not suitable for a further development of the soul of man and also not for the still banned spiritual in creation and if God himself would not assert his power and puts an end to the goings-on of Satan then this chaos would lead to the final destruction of all that which is accessible to the will of man. From that point of time when men dare to take action against God himself, i.e. announce to challenge everything that is divine and spiritual and especially to eradicate the faith in Jesus Christ among men, God’s action will also appear openly and the more the war against God is advancing the more the action of God will make itself felt.

If man is to retain the possibility to develop further then also the knowledge about God, who descended in the man Jesus to earth to redeem mankind, must be preserved, otherwise men would be completely at the mercy of the rage of Satan and would inevitably have to perish, spiritually and physically. The decision that is the purpose of life on the planet earth could not anymore be demanded from them because they would only get to know the one thing – evil – and the other thing – the good, the divine – would remain hidden from them. But the moment Satan takes action against God himself God lets him feel his power. God wrests the power from Satan and binds him for a long time. And this binding takes place in such a manner that he together with men who are in bondage to him, who were his servants on earth, who carried out acts of hate and acts that lacked love, things that he demanded, will again be banished in the new creation into hardest matter, that remains his imprisonment so that he cannot harass the good spiritual that now has a much easier road to advancement for a long time. Spiritual advancement requires strength and resistance, requires a decision between good and evil, and therefore good has to be countered by evil, so that men can make up their mind and get their free will into action.

But men on the new earth are all under the sign of the cross, they are all heartily followers of Christ, have closest contact with God, have already made a decision under oppressive conditions, where they remained true to God, and now do not need a counteracting force against which they have to stand their ground. And as long as they remain in this close relationship with God also the enemy of God will remain in his imprisonment, whose chains will be loosened again only by the will of man. As the connection with God starts to weaken, the senses of man will turn again towards matter, which contains the fallen spiritual, and with their yearning they loosen up its fetters and so the enemy of God slowly again takes action through the will of men. And the spiritual fight, the fight between light and darkness starts anew again. And Jesus Christ always has to stand in the centre if the fight against darkness has to end in victory; because that what is full of light on earth as well as in the hereafter is the spiritual that was redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, and the light can definitely only be reached by him who acknowledges Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world and as the son of God, otherwise the power of Satan is so strong over him that he will draw him down into darkness for eternal ruin. The denial of Christ will always lead to the physical and spiritual collapse because mankind then makes a pact with the opponent of God as it then completely leaves God and this then means the dissolving of all form that now does not anymore fulfil its purpose, the further development of the soul and therefore vanishes through the will of God, i.e. changes in itself when God again assigns to it a new purpose. Because God’s power will overcome every opposing power, he will bind the enemy when his time has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 3252.


Book 41-42 3255

New Course of Development. Banishment of the Spiritual.

15. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3255.

The course of development of the spiritual will be broken off by divine will. What through infinite times had been in a continuous upward development and now fails at the end, i.e. has come to a standstill or backslid, that will be prevented from further decline and again bound anew. Because a decline or a standstill of the development can only take place in the state of free will while the bound will always means an upward development, in a mandatory state, but also largely adapted to the will of the being that is visible to God at all times. The binding of the free will now again requires new outer forms that are in accordance with the hardness of the insubordinate will and now have to hold again the spiritual in it that begins the course of development anew. Only an upward development can exist in God’s eternal order and law – where his will is active; and only the free will of man can change this order. Up to a certain degree God does not intervene in man’s free will, he allows man complete freedom how he makes use of his last embodiment on earth for his spiritual development. However if there is danger that all spiritual upward development is prevented, that also the spiritual that strives towards God is dragged into a state of darkness, then divine will puts a stop to it by God then depriving the spiritual that violates his will of its free will - by binding it again into hardest form to give it every opportunity to change its contrary will that irrevocably has to happen once, even if it takes eternities. Because every decision has to be done in free will and the prerequisite for free will is always a state of maturity where the spiritual can embody itself again as man. Eternities pass for the beingness that again and again lets this free will get active in a wrong way and that is why always harder and more difficult assignments must be given to it so that it finally gives up its resistance against God and turns towards him in a state of free will. Understandably as a result an exceedingly strong raging of the spiritual that is turned away from God will always start at the end of a development period because it senses that it is soon robbed of its power and because it now tries to also gain control of the one that is full of light because it believes it will reduce God’s power by this. And this fight with the light takes such shape shortly before the end that only a violent intervention of God protects the one that is full of light because the power of the opponent has become exceedingly strong due to the voluntary support of mankind and this always means the end. For God takes the power from it as soon as the war against the light comes undisguised to light, as soon as the people who strive for the light are supposed to be forced to turn to darkness. Then the fight of Satan turns against God himself and then he finds his master. The binding into form deprives all the dark spiritual of all its strength and power. In none of the works of creation it can now be busy by its own will but it now has to be active by the will of God, it must serve in a mandatory state and through it walk the course of upward development, in an endless long time it must bring itself again to that state of maturity that will earn itself the last embodiment on earth – as a human being, using free will. As long as the divine will alone is decisive there will be no retrogression and therefore the beingness has to mature as long as it is in the bound will even though the degree of the rebellious will determines the outer form and therefore the measure of the suffering of being bound. Only when God withdraws his will from the beingness in so far as he gives it the freedom of its will so that it can determine its own life, exists the danger of experiencing a standstill or a decline in the upwards development and this again until that limited that God has set. Then he aborts the course of development for the beingness and it now must again begin the development anew in a new earth period that is again destined for its final redemption, so it makes the right use of it in the last stage. Because only the perfect can get rid of its outer form and only through the right kind of use of its free will can the spiritual in man become perfect. Amen. B.D. NR. 3255.


Book 41-42 3256

Poor souls. Remorse. Loving help.

15. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3256.

When you men have covered life on earth and entered the spiritual kingdom then the time of your walk on earth appears to you just as a moment when remembering back is given to you about the infinite long time before your embodiment as man. And then you also recognize the great favour, which the last stage of your development have been for your soul, and blessed he who has used it and whom it earned entry into the kingdom of light, who needs not to blame himself that he left the favours of earth life pass by unused. Because remorse in the hereafter is double painful because the soul recognizes that it can no longer correct what it has missed or neglected on earth when the soul recognizes, which unimaginable agonies the endless long course on earth has contained and on the other hand how easy the short life as man was, which it has not valued appropriately. Remorse about such a wrong lived earth life is so agonizing and pressing for the soul that it alone through this already unspeakably pays for and aggravates its agonizing state; but earth life with its many possibilities to mature is now over, and the soul must take the consequences upon itself in accordance with its earth life walk. It must now in the hereafter continue the course of development, but under far greater difficulties than upon earth, when the entry into the kingdom of light is still denied it. You men do not know how poor such a soul is, which still dwells in darkness, and which merciful love it needs when help is to be brought to it. And all of you are to have pity on such souls; you are to give love to them otherwise they cannot be redeemed eternally because alone they are too weak; because love alone gives them power and the souls expect and request this love from men. Because the spiritual full of light can only then assist these souls when they declare themselves willing to help other souls. But to let this will arise in them, their will must be strengthened, and this is only brought about by the power, which is supplied to them through the love of men on earth. Unredeemed souls, therefore such, which have not taken right advantage of earth life or have lived on earth completely without spiritual striving, are in greatest danger because they are completely powerless and have a completely weakened will. To assist these souls is one of the greatest works of love, which man can carry out. Persistently he is to pray for such souls; in thoughts he is to hold up in front of them that they must occupy themselves lovingly also in the hereafter; again and again he is to preach love to them; he is to talk to them in thoughts and supply to them power through his love, which is felt beneficently by the soul because it relieves their state of suffering. And the souls thank men for it eternally, which redeem them from their agonizing state through loving help. As soon as they can participate themselves in the work of redemption, as soon as they can decrease the suffering of other souls through supply of spiritual knowledge, but which they first have to earn. Through their will to help their greatest misery is removed, and their remorse decreases to the same degree as the will to help increases. Because now it recognizes that it is needed in the spiritual kingdom, and its eagerness lets it forget the own suffering. It strives for gathering spiritual goods to be able to hand them out again; it has created a new sphere of action for itself and now seeks to catch up on what it has neglected on earth – to give love. And now it continues its course of development in the spiritual kingdom, thanks to the help, which has brought the loving remembrance of men on earth to it, for which they are thankful for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3256.


Book 41-42 3264

New Miracles of Creation of the New Earth. Brittle Matter.

22. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3264.

In every individual development phase the beingness is kept bound till it has reached the maturity that it needs for the last embodiment as man, so - it again begins chained in hard matter when it has failed as man in the previous development phase to again walk the course through the world of the minerals to that of the plants and of the animals and up to man. The spiritual however that has not yet reached that last stage in the previous period, but became liberated through the last destruction of the earth by God, will be bound in outer forms that correspond again with its maturity, i.e., the interrupted course of development in the old period will be taken up again in the new development phase – on the new earth. And that is why the new earth will again be equipped with various creations but of a completely new kind that differs from the one of the old earth. And so again new miracles of creation take place that become visible as miracles to men who first live on the new earth – as proof of the glory of God, as proof of his love, omnipotence and wisdom. Because that what the new earth will have to show will very much astonish men and in their admiration they will praise God, will love him and thank him from the bottom of their heart. And the beingness now moves forward in its development. But that what is bound in firm matter experiences its fetter as a great agony and tries to break it. Its success will be according to the hardness of its will or its attempt will fail; but God takes the will of the beingness into account as the matter on the new earth is of greatest strength and hardness so that the will of the beingness that is bound in it will be broken so that the beingness finally will give up its resistance. That is why the smallest change in will causes the form to loosen – meaning earthly wise that solid matter on the new earth is extraordinary hard but also very brittle and therefore can accordingly easily crack and shatter when the liberation from this imprisonment is intended by the will of God. And in the same way also the other creations are of a shorter life span because a quick change of the spiritual is to happen, that is also possible, it however depends likewise on the willingness of the spiritual to be of service. Only the spiritual is to reach the last forming as man faster than in the development phases so far, if it is not of complete insubordinate will towards God. And that is why the first men of the new earth will experience miracles over miracles they also will be touched by them so that the love towards God in them will constantly increase that through this love they more and more closely follow him and live in his favours but these miracles are also comprehensible to them, they know, that they are merely signs of the exceedingly great love of God who wants to win all spiritual for himself and offers it every possibility for a change of its will. And this will be so for a long time until also that that at first still was bound in the plant and in the animal world reaches the state of embodiment as man. Then more and more the understanding of the miraculous of the divine creation will vanish in men, the sense for matter will again be awake and through it also the influence of Satan on man becomes stronger due to his own lust for that what still holds immature spiritual in it. And then the connection to God will decrease and the fight between light and darkness will again increase that first could rest because everything what lives on earth in free will was flown through with light. Because the course of development of the beingness remains the same in every phase – the spiritual has to stay in solid form until it is willing to go the way of service through the works of creation that do not anymore mean such hard fetters and it now has to serve in these until it has reached a certain maturity that earns it a state where it is to serve in free will but is not anymore forced to it as in the previous stages. And then it must not fail otherwise the whole course of development before was a futile one. Because the free will of man decides whether this is his last embodiment on earth or whether he again has to go through the whole creation anew, whether he turns to the light in the last stage or lets the forces of darkness imprison him and has to be banished again into solid matter for eternities. Amen. B.D. NR. 3264.


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