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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 37

B.D. NR. 2777 - B.D. NR. 2932
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Book 37 2781

God as master teacher. Power of cognition.

20. June 1943. B.D. NR. 2781.

Wise is who lets himself be enlightened by God, who therefore takes up his power, which his love and favour permanently wants to supply to men. Because he who receives a gift from God, he cannot remain in his degree of maturity; he must develop upwards; he must become knowing when wisdom is offered to him by God himself. Having God as master teacher guarantees deepest knowledge and purest truth. And God will be the master teacher of him who wants to be taught by him because the will alone is decisive which powers seek to transmit their thought material to men. Every instruction, no matter how unimportant it appears, completes the knowledge of man, when divine power supplies it to him, and divine power is always then at work when the receiver opens himself to this power, when he desires truth and aims at God. It is an erroneous thought that also powers turned away from God can supply spiritual gifts to earth when access is obviously not granted to these powers through a walk of life completely opposed to God. Because powers turned away from God will always want to negate the eternal divinity; they only want to give enlightenment to men in earthly things, and this also in a way, which would soon let their ignorance be visible. But when spiritual questions are asked, they are unable to express themselves, and to man striving for truth it is immediately recognizable when fellowman proceeds to the influence of such powers. But man striving for truth can unwaveringly abandon himself to the mental influences from above; he will always be shown right. The power of knowing beings in the hereafter is so great that they can keep all bad powers away from man. They watch over truth and the protιgιs entrusted to them when their desire is directed towards being taught by God himself. And they increase in wisdom and power of faith – because he who is knowing, he will also be able to believe firmly and unshakeably because with the knowledge he receives at the same time transmitted to him the power of cognition, which also lets him accept the knowledge as pure truth. To let himself be instructed by God is also the only way to truth because even when truth is imparted to him through fellowmen, man must ask God for enlightenment, for illumination of the spirit, so that he recognizes it as truth. And then he is taught by God; he has called upon him for help, and God as the eternal truth now initiates him into the knowledge, no matter which mediators he uses for this. And that it is what men mostly neglect that they ask God for the illumination of their thinking. They research and brood and believe being able to absorb wisdom intellectually; through books and writings they seek to appropriate knowledge, and all this can be dead material and therefore earn them no knowledge when they absorb it without having asked the assistance of God before. Men must turn towards God who himself is truth when they want to receive truth and also recognize it as such. God himself is not allowed to be ignored; the power of the spirit must be requested from him, otherwise it cannot be effective in man and the thinking of man just remains intellectual thinking. But man striving towards God will do nothing without having requested his assistance, and when he now recommends himself to the favour of God in believing confidence, his thinking will be illuminated; he will recognize truth as such; he will be convinced of it and show commitment for it also towards fellowmen; he will be able to represent truth because he has penetrated the knowledge which the love of God imparted to him because he desired to be taught by him. Amen. B.D. NR. 2781.


Book 37 2784

Lack of spiritual knowledge

22. June 1943. B.D. NR. 2784.

The lack of spiritual knowledge will become especially visible in the coming faith struggle because men will now represent or accept what they can convincingly approve of, and the ignorance on the spiritual field is the reason why they reject every faith and crusade against it. Only the knowing man knows the connexion of all things; he knows about the meaning and purpose of creation and the earth task of man. And because he now deeply believes and represents everything convincingly, he now also recognizes the guidance of God and his will, and therefore his earth way is much easier despite hostility through the world; and he will victoriously pass the tests of faith. Because knowledge is his weapon, his power and his strength. Nothing can depress the knowing man when he knows being united with God. The knowing man has also no doubts about the outcome of the faith struggle, whereas the man without spiritual knowledge is permanently subjected to doubts and reservations because the conviction of the believers makes him timid and he himself certainly suspects but has no guarantee for the correctness of his suspicion. To the knowing man every phase of the faith struggle is intelligible; nothing surprises him because he knows that everything must come so as it has been announced to men through the word of God. Because he himself became knowing through the word of God, and therefore he also knows about the outcome of a struggle, which is only meant for the spiritual light because darkness crusades against everything full of light. And so it will be fought on one side in blind rage against all representatives of divine truth; neither wisdom nor love will be recognizable in the decrees to which men is supposed to submit. No building up is aspired to but merely a work of destruction takes place, which is meant for all spiritual knowledge, which especially concerns the organizations, whose teachings urge to faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world, because the most brutal fight will be announced to these – and the ignorant man will have no explanation for this – he will even give away the shallow faith in God and listen to the explanations of those, who are even more ignorant, but very few will ask advice from the believers, who alone could give enlightenment to them. And still only knowledge can make world events clear to them; only the knowing man can truthfully present the necessity and the appropriateness of the faith struggle to fellowmen; only the knowing man can comfort fellowmen and point them to the one who can and will help them when they put their trust in him and stand firm against the enemies. And these knowing men will be able to speak convincingly; and God himself will speak through their mouth to still win the weak, undecided men for him, whose will is not yet completely turned away from God and who therefore also cannot deny him. And that is why God directs before already this knowledge to earth; he trains his fighters for himself by initiating them to truth and gives them knowledge about the coming time so that they grow strong in the truth of his word when the time has come where he needs them for work for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 2784.


Book 37 2867

Intercession and favourable hearing.

2. September 1943. B.D. NR. 2867.

Devote yourselves to the work of the spirit, which initiates you to all truth. And where doubt depresses your heart, where a question emerges in you, there seek advice by the spirit in you – i.e., ask God for illumination through the power of his spirit, and you will receive enlightenment and be taught according to truth. The need on earth is indescribably great; there is almost no man who remains untouched by it; but earthly need is just small, measured by the spiritual need, the consequence of which is not obvious to man and which he therefore considers little or not at all. Earthly need is limited because earth life is for every man only of very short duration when the standard is applied to the endless long time in eternity where an imperfect soul languishes in the bands of darkness. And God wants to turn away these torments from the soul through earthly need; he wants to purify the soul still on earth to save it the much more bitter suffering in the hereafter. God certainly can spare mankind on earth but this would be a lack of love, which the souls would feel painful in the hereafter, as the other way round some day the souls look back upon the time of suffering on earth filled with thanks, which has saved them unspeakable suffering in the hereafter. Because suffering on earth is to lead men to cognition; suffering on earth is to let men to seek connection with God and cause their will to lead the life on earth agreeably to God. Only then suffering can be taken from them. Therefore the spiritual need must first be removed before God can turn away the earthly need from men. And this spiritual need must be cause for intercession. In cognition of this spiritual need and its consequences men must pray for these misguided men; they must ask God for power and favour for those, so that they come to cognition of their serious difficulties and strive for the light out of free will. Because earthly need is for these men a favour, which exactly this cognition is to cause. Man is easily inclined to believe that earth suffering is a punishment for men, who do not live in accordance with the will of God. And that is why they ask God for mercy; they ask for the ending of earthly needs, for shortening of the state of suffering and therefore as it were for averting of the means of favour, which are really to help men to the maturation of the soul. Such intercession is certainly determined by love for fellowman, but this is supposed to be only meant for the spiritual well-being of man, then they prove their deep love for them, and then God can also hear the prayer by supplying them with favours to an increased extent so that they can come easier to cognition. But he cannot turn off the freedom of the will. Men themselves must have the will, to turn to the right way before God, only then the intercession earns them the blessing that they receive light and that the suffering on earth is not in vain. Amen. B.D. NR. 2867.


Book 37 2868

Power of intercession.

3. September 1943. B.D. NR. 2868.

As soon as men pray for each other their hearts are able to love, and because love is power, this power flows over upon the man love is meant for. The prayer now has an effect by man, for whom intercession is meant, noticeably feeling the flow of power by him now either feeling relief of his earthly troubles or being up to them through the power flowing towards him. And therefore God already fulfils a prayer, directed towards him in love for fellowman, purely earthly. But far more beneficial is that prayer, which is only meant for the spiritual perfection, the cognition and striving for light and truth. Also then again the prayer has an effect in form of power, which fellowman just has to accept willingly to being able to count as greatest spiritual success, and through this understandably also earthly trouble is reduced, which is indeed supposed to fulfil the same purpose – to achieve a spiritual maturing. But as soon as man leaves the power, which was given to him through intercession, unnoticed, God can also not reduce the suffering for the sake of man, whose soul he wants to rescue and who without such gets completely lost. Man wants to help fellowman who is in trouble. But God is love – and it will also come to the aid of man. And his love and wisdom recognizes suffering as the only means to win man for eternity, and this love and wisdom must understandably leave the prayer for suffering fellowman unheard when it questions the maturity of the soul, which is purpose and aim of earth life. And that is why the fulfilment of prayer is also always to be left to the will of God because God truly knows best through what a soul accrues the greatest spiritual advantage. God certainly acknowledges love but when in human ignorance this love wants to end a suffering, which the love of God puts upon man, he will certainly acknowledge the first, however not listen to the prayer according to his judgement to bring redemption to the soul, and therefore leave human will apparently unnoticed. But the power of intercession is a help to them by their thinking being able to turn more easily towards God when the will of man is not completely reluctant. And that is why everything, suffering or joy, is to be left to God and everything to be accepted devotedly out of his hand because he truly knows best what serves men, and directs everything so that it can serve the soul to salvation and man can reach maturity of the soul when he has the will for it. Amen. B.D. NR. 2868.


Book 37 2873

Teaching of re-embodiment is wrong. Law.

7. September 1943. B.D. NR. 2873.

The divine laws have been laid down since eternity, and according to these laws the whole upward development takes place in the material as well as in the spiritual world. Creations of most varied kind, at the same time material and spiritual, exist. And all these creations have only the purpose to again lead the spiritual, which is far from God, back to him. But every stage of development is different, as also the individual creations are different. So they will also always serve the spiritual as residency, to which degree of maturity they are adapted in their nature. An upward development of the spiritual will always be recorded when it walks through the material creation in the mandatory state. A standstill or a decline of the development can occur in the last stage of the material creation, as man. But then the spiritual comes inevitably into the otherworldly kingdom, which no longer has material creations. Also then a standstill or a decline can again occur because also in the spiritual kingdom the being keeps the free will, which is only extremely weakened when the being has only reached a low degree of maturity. But the upward development depends as in the existence on earth on an activity, and this activity it is, which is completely unclear to men on earth, and also has to remain so because they do not grasp its importance, but which on the other hand will be made dependent on earthly creations. So men believe that every activity causes earthly, i.e. material creations. And therefore they take the view that the soul goes back again into that sphere where it before disregarded its upward development, that it therefore comes back to earth to continue there where it had stopped – that it therefore can repeat its interrupted course of development any time until the last perfection. And this assumption leads to a teaching, which does not correspond with truth at all, but which meets everywhere with approval and is therefore widespread – to the teaching of re-embodiment on earth. Only few men can assess how disastrous exactly this teaching is for mankind when it is not refuted and corrected. Because of this the divine law is overruled as it were, that everything has to progress according to the plan of divine wisdom when it wants to reach up. A re-embodiment of the soul on earth would be a retrogression which would take place by God, so would have to completely contradict the divine law, which proves, requires permanent progress. The being itself can therefore certainly develop retrograde out of free will, but it will never be moved back through the will of God into a state, which it already once had overcome. And it will never be allowed to repeat a process just as it likes, in which it had failed before. For it still has thousands upon thousands of possibilities to develop, however always on other creations on completely different conditions. Amen. B.D. NR. 2873.


Book 37 2874

Delusion. Spiritual working group.

8. September 1943. B.D. NR. 2874.

In the spiritual world the soul itself is the creator of its surroundings. It moves in a kingdom, which it creates itself through its wishes and desires, through its thoughts and its will. Only that all things are no longer material, but also not spiritual everlasting, but they are phantoms, they are ideals, they cease to exist the longer the soul is turned desirously towards them. And in this self-created kingdom the soul can now, exactly like on earth, fight the desire for matter and conquer it, but also succumb to it and desire matter more and more, which in its state of darkness it imagines to be really extant. So the soul can believe it lives on earth and remain endless long times in this delusion to then either recognize slowly its poor state and to give up its desire for the goods of the earth or get entangled deeper and deeper in this, which is equal to spiritual retrogression, which finally ends in the banishment in hard form. For the desire of the spiritual will always be fulfilled insofar as that matter, which the being desires, also becomes its cover. Retrogression in the hereafter therefore earns the soul the reincarnation; it once again has to go the endless long course of development on earth to again, after millennia, be able to pass the last life test on earth. Whereas an upward development in the spiritual kingdom is independent from the material surroundings, because the soul only steps up when it has freed itself from the desire for it. But then it no longer needs a stay on earth because it has the same possibility to be active in serving love in the hereafter; it so to speak has been joined to a spiritual working group, which is tremendously busy in a way, which is not yet comprehensible to materialistic men. To all beings the opportunity is offered in the hereafter to strive up, and in the state of recognition these opportunities are also used with much eagerness. But the souls which are still in fullest darkness must strive towards God in the freedom of will. And to let this will become active in them is the function of those beings which are in the light, whom their perfection has earned the knowledge which they now try to also impart in love to those, who are still of a darkened spirit. And so there are certainly enough possibilities in the spiritual kingdom to still help the souls to spiritual maturity. Amen. B.D. NR. 2874.


Book 37 2875

Phase of development is unique in one redemption period. Embodiment of light beings. Mission – adoption as children of God.

9. September 1943. B.D. NR. 2875.

Every phase of development of the spiritual is only unique in the period of time of one redemption period, even if it does not make use of the state of free will. Then this phase of development passes without result for the spiritual, and its consequences it has to bear in the spiritual kingdom. But to the completely God resisting spiritual, to which the endless long course on earth was not able to break the resistance, the opportunity to do this is once more offered in a new creation epoch, where it in an again beginning earth period, embodied in hard form, can experience a new phase of development. And then therefore the spiritual, which again develops upwards in the mandatory state to the soul of man, is granted the stay in a human body for the last test of its will. So this re-embodiment can take place, but is an event which has such far-reaching implications that it should be presented to men as the most dreadful thing, even if it is a mercy act of God, so that the spiritual, after endless times of imprisonment, is to be released. But that the human soul, after it has already covered the way on earth, incarnates again on the same earth for the purpose of maturation, is wrong. If God transfers a soul which already belongs to the spiritual kingdom of light again to earth, then this is only an act of helpfulness, because such a soul is to apply itself to an assignment, which has to be fulfilled for the redemption of the unfree spiritual on earth. So a being of light embodies itself on earth, which already has reached the maturity of the soul, to now have a beneficial effect on earth, even if it now has to seemingly cover the course of spiritual development exactly as every other man. A transfer back to earth for the purpose of maturation, to make up for what it neglected in an earlier life on earth, would not correspond to the wisdom of God, because the ascending development would be interrupted through this; the transferring back from the spiritual into the material state would be a retrogression and this a sign of wanting to go away from God, therefore reflecting no spiritual striving. But for that which strives towards God there are certainly enough possibilities in the spiritual kingdom where the spiritual can prove itself and therefore mature and develop upwards. On the other hand spiritual high standing beings, which however have not reached the degree of adoption as children of God, can reach the adoption as children of God through an embodiment on earth for the purpose of a mission, which is then also linked to unspeakable difficult living conditions, but which always already requires a certain degree of maturity in the hereafter. The re-embodiment teaching is a teaching set up by men, which corresponds to their wishes and which therefore is again and again and again championed because the truth which is passed on to earth is not understood by many and therefore is changed in such a way as it seems desirable to them. For the desire for the this-earthly world is still too great with those, and that is why the thought is comforting and reassuring to once again be allowed to return to earth. But this teaching of re-embodiment is an inhibition for the spiritual development of man, and that is why again and again it will be fought by those who are to spread the pure teaching. Amen. B.D. NR. 2875.


Book 37 2881

Embodiment of light beings. Mission.

13. September 1943. B.D. NR. 2881.

The human soul only embodies itself once in the period of one development period, except it takes upon itself a renewed life on earth in free will for the purpose of the fulfilling of a mission. So re-embodiment is only possible after the course of a development period, as this is necessary to bring the completely God-far spiritual, which has failed on earth, still into God nearness. But such a re-embodiment does not at all correspond with the will of the being, but would be felt as mandatory state, to which man would never agree in free will. The renewed embodiment as man also requires the course through all works of creation, which is unimaginably painful. But when a light being is prepared to fulfil on earth an assignment, which is necessary for the spiritual development of men, then it can re-embody itself on earth and that way also reach a still higher degree of maturity, so then the course through the works of creation before is not applicable, the soul incarnates from above into a body of flesh to now mature under the same conditions as man to such a degree, which then makes the execution of the job assigned to it possible. Such souls are always assigned to souls which are in spiritual want; they are leaders on earth, men who have knowledge of God and through this can help men in their spiritual development. The greater the spiritual want is the more light beings embody themselves to help them. But they no longer need the way on earth to first develop to a light being but their soul is a soul of light, only without knowledge about its spiritual state and therefore full of striving up, because something like it is of greatest importance for fellow men that the way is to be shown to these which leads up. So one cannot speak of a reincarnation for the purpose of perfecting, and that is why the opinion is also wrong that a soul can embody itself just as it likes for the purpose of further development. For only a perfect soul, a light being, takes voluntarily the material cover upon itself, because it has become love and love for the unfree spiritual determines it to return into an imprisonment from which it has escaped long ago. But a soul still in need of maturing would resist to return to earth because it feels removed from the heaviness of earth as soon as it already stands in knowledge, and the latter also means for it knowing about the possibility of an ascent development in the spiritual kingdom and it by far prefers this to a renewed life on earth. The development possibilities in the spiritual kingdom are however adapted to the state of maturity of each soul. The more willing the soul is, the more it strives for ascent development, the more active it is and the more it spiritualizes itself, i.e., it needs neither material creations nor does it get hold of such through its desire, when also only in its illusion. It more and more separates itself from it, and also earthly wishes diminish more and more. Accordingly it now lives in spiritual spheres, in surroundings, which can only be addresses as a spiritual creation. Every possibility of higher development is offered to it, and it certainly has no need of a renewed stay on earth and also does not desire it because it considers life on earth as a state of its development it has overcome although it did not earn it the maturity which was possible for the soul to reach. But it was for it a tied up state of which it now feels freed and which it would never strive for. It is different with a still completely materialistic soul which separates from earth without any knowledge and is still chained with all senses to earth. These souls certainly long for the earth but never to mature spiritually but only to be able to enjoy it pure bodily because the love for the material world and for the own I fills the soul and lets the longing for the earth become greater and greater. But these souls are to overcome the love for matter and have to do it in the hereafter, because they neglected it on earth. Through their desires they create for themselves an earthly world in the spiritual kingdom; they see and own everything what they want, but not in reality, but only in their imagination, and in fact as long as they reach knowledge that they only chase after mock goods and they now overcome their desire for them. Only then their surroundings change, and only then they begin their activity in the spiritual kingdom, which guarantees them an ascent development. Amen. B.D. NR. 2881.


Book 37 2915

Destruction of solid form. Start of development course.

9. October 1943. B.D. NR. 2915.

The will for serving activity frees the spiritual out of solid form, out of hardest matter and makes the possibility for ascent development accessible to it. And this liberation out of form is a process, which always becomes obviously visible and which is mostly connection to powerful expressions of the forces of nature, used by God for the destruction of hard matter. After endless long time the spiritual is freed out of the first cover; the form is blown up so that the spiritual is scattered in uncountable little particles; that it certainly still remains in the same matter, but to which now a serving activity is allocated, either again as matter for new creations through the hand of man or also in smallest reduction in size for the reception of plant matter, according to the nature of its property and strength of the will to serve. This is so to speak the start of the development, which now happens again and again in changed outer form. A work of destruction is always wanted by God when it happens without human effect or a destruction of matter is carried out to be able to form things, which fulfil a serving purpose. So it first depends on the will of God when the spiritual starts the course of development, because this spiritual then has announced itself its will for a serving activity. But the spiritual in solid form can also become free through the hand of man and the will of man, through exploitation of the earth, through digging up of treasures, which the interior of the earth holds; and also this process of dissolving or freeing of matter is wanted by God; but prerequisite is always that exploitation is meant for the welfare of mankind, that therefore the dug up treasures are intended to serve men, to cover their needs of life, and are therefore essential. Then the freeing of the spiritual out of solid form is equal to the process of destruction through forces of nature, through eruptions, which churn up the interior of earth and carry it to the surface. Such eruptions happen mostly there where the hand of man finds little access, indeed, through such often an area only then comes into being, which can be made inhabitable by men, so that the opportunity is offered to the spiritual now showing willingness to do a serving activity. The spiritual in the last phase of development, man, is always in direct connection with the spiritual, which starts its course on earth. The latter needs the first, and through this it gives the possibility of ascent development to it. Eruptions of earth mostly bring men into a need, which lets them become exceptionally active, and so increased possibilities are given that the spiritual having become free can stay in new formations, because the activity of men is needed to form things, which again fulfil a serving purpose. But through divine will also the spiritual comes to its serving purpose, which cover is not accessible to the hands of men. In nature it always serves among itself because everywhere possibilities are created by God that the spiritual can maturate in every form, once it has expressed the will to serve. Amen. B.D. NR. 2915.


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