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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 34/35/36

B.D. NR. 2733 - B.D. NR. 2776
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Book 34/35/36 2733

Conformity to law. Order wanted by God. Perfection.

11. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2733.

What is visible to man testifies to certain conformity to law, but it is seen by him as natural because he does not know it differently. Therefore the coming into being and the passing away of all things can already be discovered in its different phases, i.e., man knows about every event, about the development and growth of all things, which are visible to him, when he pays attention. This conformity to law therefore makes research easier for man, because they can draw the conclusions out of this and build up their knowledge upon them. But men only fathom the laws of nature, they only research that it is so, but not why it is so as it is. They certainly think the natural consequence as purpose and aim of the cause, but do not know that the cause as well as the purpose of all conformity to law is to be only sought and found spiritually, that the spiritual development stipulates everything natural in its conformity to law. And spiritual life also unwinds in certain conformity to law, i.e., only one will is valid in the spiritual kingdom, and according to this will spiritual work is carried out in the entire universe, in the earthly and in the spiritual kingdom. And as this will is combined with unsurpassable wisdom, it also must be constant, i.e., it cannot change all the time because that would not accord with the unsurpassable wisdom of God. And that is why also constant ascent development in the spiritual kingdom is subject to certain conformity of law, and that this is to be understood pure spiritually, that everything is carried out in an order wanted by God and the spiritual kingdom is therefore the quintessence of perfection, when the spiritual subjects itself to this order, therefore has adopted the will of God. Earthly creation is an idea of God that became form, which is to initiate the imperfect spiritual into divine order; it must go the course through all the works of creation, therefore be forced to adapt itself to the divine order, because it cannot overturn the conformity of law of nature, as also man as such does not achieve this, even if he accomplishes works of destruction, which are a violation against the divine order, against the will of God. But he is not able to overturn or abolish laws of nature. In the spiritual kingdom the spiritual can likewise exclude itself from divine order through its rebellion, therefore remain in its own will away from God. But it will then never be perfect, therefore being able to belong to that spiritual kingdom, which means happiness and fullest harmony, because divine will and divine order rule this spiritual kingdom, but it will isolate itself and still again be forced through divine will to cover a further course of development in a certain conformity to law, until it still in the end adapts itself voluntarily to divine order. The creations of nature upon Earth give the best proof so that everything must pass away what rebels against the divine law of nature. The laws of nature are inexorable, and where they are not followed, death and dissolving are in the main the result. And that for that reason that also man will become aware that nothing is arbitrary, but that one will stands above all, which expresses itself in every work of creation, i.e. in its conformity to law, and which has to be respected. And that this conformity to law is founded upon the deepest wisdom and love of God because it is as it were the precondition to perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 2733.


Book 34/35/36 2734

Visible appearing of the Lord. Where two or three are gathered in my name.

12. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2734.

God reveals his identity when he is respected; he stays in the midst of them, perhaps invisibly, but for the strengthening of faith he reveals himself in many ways. He speaks with men mentally or also audibly through his spirit, therefore he stays in the word among men, who love him and keep his commandments. But he will also appear visibly to a few, whose love towards him is deep and who are ready to make sacrifices. But only few will also recognize him, because he will be among them in simple form, and only the love of the heart will recognize him, because it strongly feels drawn towards him and thereby recognizes the nearness of the Lord. There will be calmness and peace and harmony among men where the Lord appears visibly, and everyone will approach the other in love, and as like-minded person he will suddenly be in the midst of them and radiate love and make men happy. His eye will rest on those who are his full of mildness and goodness, and his word will be comforting and administering power, and calmness will seize man, and every heart, full of love, will be turned towards him, every ear receive his words. And suddenly he will disappear before their eyes, and thereby they will recognize who has stayed among them. And his appearing will strengthen the faith of men; all doubts will disappear, and full of courage of their convictions they will now support his cause and his name; nothing will frighten them, no matter what is undertaken against them, because they feel accompanied by him whom they would be allowed to see on all ways. The Lord will come to his, when they are in great trouble, visibly and invisibly, but always noticeably in the heart of them who love him. He will show himself to everyone who gathered in his name, or also to individuals, who are particularly strong in faith and stand in love. And so also one individual will be able to see him, while the others cannot see him. But he is always present invisibly where two or three are gathered in his name. And therefore everyone can draw strong faith from this promise when he always keeps these his words in mind: Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. His word is truth, and where the Lord stays there man has no need to be afraid of the world. Everywhere God will reveal himself; where there is a small community of God-fearing and deeply believing people, there he will also disclose his identity in coming time to strengthen them for the fight, which will break out for the sake of faith. And that is why he descends long before already in the word to men to Earth and proves through this that he stays in the midst of them, that he comes to every one of them, who wants to hear him, that he supplies his word directly and indirectly to them, so that they take note of his always caring love for his, who he has chosen as his fighters. And when it is necessary, he will also make a visible appearance, when his word in their hearts has aroused love towards him and they have become able through love to receive his picture in them, to see him with the bodily or with the spiritual eye. And the picture will dig itself deeply into the heart, and man will always be able to see him when his faith needs strengthening. And again and again he will be able to draw comfort and power because the love of the Lord is persistently with him who loves him out of the whole heart. Amen. B.D. NR. 2734.


Book 34/35/36 2736

Thought-transference from the kingdom of light to Earth.

13. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2736.

Through thought-transference from the kingdom of light to Earth an extraordinary knowledge can be imparted to man in a way, which does not seem supernatural at all. And men also do not object to it because they regard the thought material as won by themselves. And still the beings out of the spiritual kingdom are active; otherwise man would be completely without thoughts Ė not including the pure earthly thoughts, which are merely functions of bodily organs. Man does not know what thought is; he regards himself as creator of every thought and is still just a reception station for the radiation of the beings in the opposite kingdom. Consequently thought is the everlasting current of power, which indeed can now be of good or also of bad effect, according to the will of man as the source of this current of power. Just as men on Earth exchange their thoughts mutually, so also the beings on the other side seek to express themselves, and they can this only mentally, because thought activity is their actual life. The actual thought from man to man is also first born in the heart, before man expresses it. And it must first be laid into the heart by those powers; consequently first as it were the being on the other side speaks with man, however not audibly, but merely mentally, and according to the will of man he makes use of the thoughts. The content of the thoughts, which are imparted to men, is also according to the degree of maturity of the givers. The light beings transfer deep spiritual knowledge upon men, and they enlighten him in all questions and doubts, which concern God and eternity; they give him enlightenment about their actual task on Earth. They only hand out purest truth full of light, because they stand in direct association with God. But beings, which have not yet reached this degree, which are themselves still ignorant, because they are imperfect, also seek to transmit their thoughts upon men, because the urge to communicate is inherent in all of them. But these thoughts do not correspond with truth because they themselves do not know truth and stand in erroneous thinking through God opposing influence. And consequently they also seek to push the thoughts of man into a direction, which corresponds more to the will of the opponent of God; they steer them upon earthly things because this knowledge is closer to them. Therefore also the earthly thoughts are influenced in a certain way by beings on the other side; immediately they are taken up and worked up by the thought organs, while spiritual thoughts are born in the heart, because then light spirit speaks to light spirit Ė because the spirit in man, the divine spark, receives the expression of the light beings and now directs them from the heart out to the brain, where the will of man places them in his thought material. It is always an exchange of thoughts from the hereafter to Earth, but which beings express themselves, that is determined by man himself through his will. In the desire for the world he is accessible to the influence of those beings who are still earthly minded and who therefore have little spiritual knowledge, and when they express themselves over there, only supply erroneous thoughts to man. On the other hand the man who demands truth, whoís striving is meant for spiritual knowledge, is provided for by carriers of truth only. They will transfer power in form of thoughts upon man, and man must become knowing, when he respects such thoughts. Because they did not proceed from himself. Thought is spiritual material, therefore something immortal, which does not stop with the death of man, but continues to exist in the spiritual kingdom, just corresponding to the will and life of man, holding truth or error. And the beings of the hereafter seek to transfer both to Earth by influencing the thinking of man. Amen. B.D. NR. 2736.


Book 34/35/36 2742

Religious organizations. Transitoriness.

16. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2742.

The complete disintegration of religious organizations will not be long in coming. Men stand already too far away from spiritual striving to enable the religious institutions to have much meaning for them, and when through earthly measures the latter are to be dissolved, they do not resist it but still support those measures through silent toleration. Only those people will rebel who, even so to be called believing, are still not inwardly enough to recognize that spiritual ascent development does not depend on human institutions. For these are still too attached to formalities, to traditional activities, which are for them the quintessence of religious feeling. They did not yet get deep enough into spiritual knowledge otherwise they would remain untouched by those measures, which certainly can destroy the outer shell but never the inner core. Because it can far more likely come to maturity without the shell, which is already just the work of men and does not favour spiritual ascent development very much. The many organizations have not shown great spiritual successes because mankind became more and more de-spiritualized, despite these human institutions, thus the elimination of these will not mean a drop in the spiritual development. On the other hand it will become clear how far the individual will now make it his business to strive spiritually, because only this has real value before God. Faith in a loving, wise and almighty creator is to be made accessible to men and his expression of will, the divine commandments, is to be announced to them. And for this certainly no organizations are necessary, as they have come into being on the human side. These teachings can be announced to men always and everywhere when a man is knowledgeable and wants to pass on his knowledge in love to fellow man. But when men are completely unapproachable to such teachings then they fade away at the ears, as the other way round the willing man is approachable and will always make an effort to follow the teachings. But mankind of the present time turns away from all spiritual, not last of all because they these worldly-churchy organisations do not appeal to them, because they only see the work of man in them and the core remains closed to them, which would justify these institutions. Too much great store is set by formalities, and consequently one seeks to destroy that what man does not like. Everything will be the victim of earthly measures, also the efforts to spread truth will be stopped, which is a sign for de-spirited mankind, which no longer wants to accept anything what lies outside of earthly matters. And still God allows all these human encroachments, because on the other side they are suitable to cause men to think. And this will be necessary with those who were still too lukewarm and outwardly and are now forced to an opinion. The hangers-on are still without opinion, but then they have to stand up for themselves; standing outside of their organization they must clarify their relationship to God; they have to seek the connection with God for themselves, and their way of life must correspond to the will of God, which is known to every man sufficiently and which they only need to fulfil to also feel connected to God and to belong to his church, which is not to be understood worldly, but spiritually. Big changes men will have to expect because the time of decision approaches more and more, and everything still has to be fulfilled before that, what God has announced in word and script Ė no stone will remain on the other; nothing will remain to exist what is because men let it come into being and the work of man is transient. Amen. B.D. NR. 2742.


Book 34/35/36 2744

Un-researched forces of nature. Elementary effect of them.

17. Mai 1943. B.D. NR. 2744.

Men can certainly turn the forces of nature to use; they can utilize them and make use of them for their plans; with the help of these forces of nature they can let things be built again, but they are not able to fathom them completely. It remains hidden to them in which connection these powers stand with each other and what they basically actually are. And they will never be able to gain information about this because this knowledge means a penetrating into a spiritual field, which cannot be entered purely by research. Because the original ground of every force of nature is to be sought in the spiritual and for that reason not explainable as long as the spiritual way is not treaded nor faith in spiritual work exists at all. Enlightenment in accordance with truth inevitably touches the spiritual sphere, the sphere, which men in the main want to dispute. And therefore they will be able to fathom the powers of nature only in so far as they are explained and substantiated earthly. So men can only arrive at such results scientifically, which can be proved, i.e., they certainly can establish the effects through their experience, but never the cause. They so to speak come closer to that what expresses itself earthly, and this they can observe to the details and therefore now also prove research wise and no build up upon it and utilize these powers correspondingly. But from where they come, what they actually are and which purpose they have, is still an unsolved puzzle for men and will also remain as long as the spiritual way is not treaded. And that is the reason why they also are not able to research the elements of nature, when they romp extraordinarily, because they do not know about the origin, the time and the manner of their eruption is unknown. They certainly infer from the influence of the Sun and with it substantiate the powers of nature unexplainable to them. Their knowledge remains incomplete and shows especially in this field great gaps. They certainly have far advanced research wise in so far as they can calculate and establish numerically the effects of the powers of nature, but they will never be able to fathom the cause, and that is why they will again and again be surprised and not be able to name before whether and when these powers become effective. But they will also not be able to turn off the elements of nature; neither will they be able to hinder nor determine them time wise, because the powers have an elementary effect, undeterminable in strength and vehemence, as also the time and manner cannot be determined at the moment the powers of nature come to the breakthrough. On the other hand men who are of awakened spirit can recognize foresightedly both time and also place, without any scientific researches, however only then when a time and indication of place is of advantage for the development of men, but which is in the main not the case, why God withholds the knowledge about this from men, until the hour is come, where he himself reveals his identity through the forces of nature. Because the knowledge about time and place would just result in an unimaginable chaos among men, a fear and panic which would hardly contribute to promote the ascent development of souls. God only gives approximate knowledge to men to point them to the elementary rage of the powers and to move them to the right attitude towards him. But the people through whom God directs the knowledge to Earth are already so far spiritually mature that they know about the origin of all powers in the spiritual kingdom, and that is why they can receive the announcements in the proper faith and also spread them in the right faith, what however the intellectual researcher does not acknowledge because for him as researcher the origin is unknown and he does not accept spiritual explanations. And even so the announcements of the foresighters will correspond to truth, what will be proven through the arrival of that what was received spiritually, while the intellectual researchers will be surprised, because they had no grounds, which indicated the eruptions of the powers of nature. Because this remains hidden to them because divine will only gives enlightenment to those who seek spiritual connection with those beings who can give enlightenment about everything, and because understanding of that what is otherwise hidden to men can only be won in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 2744.


Book 34/35/36 2745

Godís help. Favour. Benefit from free will.

18. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2745.

The worldly minded man makes no use of the favour of God. It certainly is at his disposal at the same measure but he does not use it; he has no desire for it and that is why he also does not request it. To stand in the favour of God means to get all means for the ascent development of the soul, therefore to find help always and everywhere, which makes the maturation of the soul possible. The worldly minded man does not strive for the state of maturity of the soul, consequently he also does not take notice of means of help, he does not need them; he leaves the favour of God unnoticed and is too weak without divine help to reach his aim on Earth. Permanently he will go past all opportunities, which would be beneficial for his soul. Because whether also man makes no use of the favour of God at all, God nevertheless does not let him live in want, he therefore does not withdraw from him completely, by leaving him unnoticed, therefore now excluding him from the supply of favour, but through all life he brings himself again and again close to man; he again and again shows him the right way; he brings his servants to him; he so to speak again and again offers favour to him because he wants to win man for himself. But the free will of man must become active to accept the favour when he wants to have success spiritually. He must consciously take up the help of God. But in the main the worldly minded people are without all faith, and consequently they do not take up something what is founded on faith alone. They do not ask for help because they themselves do not think to be in trouble and because they also do not acknowledge any power, which could help them when they need help. They do not feel their spiritual need; earth life is completely enough for them, and they use every life power to create an earthly life of pleasure for themselves. But their spiritual development lies so far away from their thinking that they do not raise the smallest strength for this and also do not feel their lack of power, consequently also request no help from it and consequently also do not grasp help when it is offered to them in form of enlightenment of knowing people. Because every attempt of a spiritual striving person to bring the worldly fellow man upon the same way of striving is already a favour; it is a help, which God sends towards the latter through a person when he himself obviously does not express himself to not endanger the freedom of belief of man. But when man refuses then he has not accepted the favour of God; he has spurned it and for this reason remains spiritually standing on the same low level because active help must be offered to him in his de-spirited state and without such he can never ever overcome his love for the world, but which is an obstacle for spiritual striving. Man as such is too weak to overcome all his mistakes and desires; but he can this with the help of God, with the favour, which is again and again offered by his love and which he just has to use to mature spiritually, as long as he still dwells upon Earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 2745.


Book 34/35/36 2746

Godís adoption. Their activity in the hereafter.

19. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2746.

Man is to strive forward and not to remain on his development level. The short earth life was given to him for perfection; his soul is to mature to get free of its last fetters. That man who is not aware of this, who shuts himself off from the knowledge about it when it is offered to him, does not use his earth life power for the actual purpose, and that is why he lives earth life in vain. Although he has opportunity to also mature in the hereafter, he will never be any more able to make up for the lost earth time because the spiritual success of a properly used earth life is a completely different one than the one he can achieve in the hereafter through a laborious ascent. A way of life on earth, corresponding to the will of God, earns the soul Godís adoption; it can reach highest perfection on earth; it can form itself to the light being, which is allowed to enjoy all wonderful things of eternal life. To become a child of God is only possible for those beings, which have covered earth life in most loyal fulfilment of Godís commandments, in practising most unselfish neighbourly love and righteous walk before God out of love towards him. Godís adoption is the qualification for all rights of a child, and the child of God has re-established the right relationship as it has existed in the original beginning. The being will be able to create and form out of its own strength; it will be perfect as the father in heaven is perfect. Never will a being reach this degree of perfection, which has not lived in accordance with the will of God and has therefore developed itself upwards. It certainly can remove its poor state in the hereafter, also then it still can work on itself and become light and power receiver, therefore also reach a high degree of happiness, but its activity in the hereafter is a completely different one than it is that of proper children of God. These receive direct power from God, and their fullness of light is unimaginable. Their will is equal to the accomplished act because with the power flowing to them out of God they are able to do everything what they want, and therefore can create and shape like God. They themselves are a part of God, produced by his power and again returned back to the original power and turned into the extremely powerful angel being through fusion with the original power, because the will and the thought has remained with it and is consequently a free light being aware of itself, which is now extremely creatively active. Every thought becomes action because it is in agreement with the will of God and the power to execute is permanently at its disposal. The creating and shaping is the most gladdening activity because it is also based on deep love, love towards the unredeemed, to whom the light-full spiritual, the children of God, again gives new possibilities for redemption by them permanently letting new creations come into being as cover for the still unredeemed spiritual, so that it can develop upwards. The children of God are penetrated by deepest wisdom; purpose and aim of every work of creation is known to them, and they also know about the degree of maturity of every being, which is allowed to embody in the creation of Earth, and therefore also about the most appropriate means for maturing. And they themselves can bring every means to employment; they can want it and also complete it; every thought they can want to become work; they are completely unhindered in their work, always filled with the power of God, and their will is equal to the will of God. And they also stand in fullest harmony to each other because love is everywhere in the kingdom of light, which there is the power out of God. The love of God radiates through all beings and drives them to always more busy activity; it pushes the light beings to each other, to unification, and because all are animated by the will equal to Godís to let new creations come into being, to redeem the imperfect, divine power flows incessantly into the cosmos. It produces new creations all the time, which are received and carried out by the light beings as thoughts of God and which therefore again testify to the superb wisdom of God and his overwhelming love, because the creators and shapers of them stand in closest association with God, which always and permanently fulfil his will on Earth as in the hereafter. Amen. B.D. NR. 2746.


Book 34/35/36 2754

Remodelling of Earth. New Earth. Time law.

25. and 26. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2754.

In which way the remodelling of Earth will happen, that men of the present cannot grasp. And that is why it also appears to them as impossibility that men of this Earth are to inhabit the new Earth, even if the rapture of the believers is comprehensible to them. Men of this Earth only accept what is based on the laws of nature. But with the remodelling of the Earth surface divine will is active in a way, which is incomprehensible for man when he could experience it, i.e. could look at the process. It is so to speak a change, which is not bound to time and space, because the will, the power and might of God, is effective outside of law. It is certainly a progressive development, but which is carried out in a time, which would mean a speed for men, which would be incomprehensible to them. For space and time exist only for the still incomplete being and especially for the most developed one, however incomplete being, for man. But when man himself no longer is Ė when the raptured as only living men are taken from Earth Ė also the law of time is invalid, therefore God can immediately let his will become action when it is in accordance with his wisdom. He therefore can put his thoughts as creation into the world; he can banish the spiritual rebellious to him into creation, which is helpful for its further development, and he can have these creations come into existence in a moment because his will alone is enough for it. God himself is the law giver in his infinite creation, and his laws are the result of his superb wisdom. But the purpose of the legality is always the maturation of the spiritual and that is why it must submit to divine laws when it is to mature. But when a redemption period has found its conclusion with the last judgement, with the final separation of the spiritual that strives towards God and that rebels against God, then the latter is bound anew in form while the first can now leave form and only through the wisdom and the will of God still keeps the outer form for a time, for the establishment of a new generation of men. But the renewed binding into form needs no span of time because it does not happen before the eyes of men, who certainly will experience the destruction of the old Earth, but not the remodelling of it. But the concept of time is taken from them so that they are completely unclear about how much time has passed until they were again led towards the new Earth. The memory of the old Earth is not taken from them, and that is why they recognize the power and strength of God and his love and praise and magnify him and are devoted to him in deep thankfulness. Through their deep faith they grasp the miracles of the new creation, i.e., they know that with God nothing is impossible, and therefore take up everything with childlike matter-of-factness, because through love they also stand in the right relationship of a child to the father and acknowledge his rule and work. Their faith is so deep that they have an explanation for everything miraculous in the omnipotence, wisdom and love of God, and therefore nothing appears to them impossible; they do not doubt; they do not brood and think how the work of remodelling has happened and what time God has needed for it, but they consider everything as the will of God having become form, because through their faith and their love they have become knowing and they also look at the new creation as that what it is Ė as the cover of the spiritual, which is still undeveloped and is to reach maturity. And who knows about this, for him nothing is miraculous, because in the purpose of creation he finds the explanation for every event. Amen. B.D. NR. 2754.


Book 34/35/36 2755

New redemption epoch. Paradisiacal state. Renewed fight.

27. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2755.

A time of great chaos is now replaced by a time of deepest peace because everything what lives there in free will is for God, therefore of a will turned towards God and hence neither suffering nor tribulation is needed as means of education. It stands in love and therefore is close to God Ė and the God nearness means peace and harmony and a state of happiness already on Earth. And this is the beginning of a new redemption period in which the opponent of God still has no influence upon men because he is bound for a long time. It is a paradisiacal state because men stand in recognition, because faith and love earn them knowledge and they are happy in the recognising of truth. Every event on Earth is comprehensible to them, error is banished; they hear the voice of God in themselves, which carries on instructing them, and their love towards God is increasing and is expressed in unselfish neighbourly love. And this harmonic state lasts a long time. But the creations upon Earth are again carriers of the spiritual, which is to develop upwards, and therefore they also must give it the opportunity to serve. And hence they will dissolve like the creations of the old Earth and change in themselves to release the spiritual in it, that it can shape itself again anew. Consequently also men of the new Earth must carry out a certain activity to support this continues development of the spiritual. But the spiritual is still very immature and pushes men in a certain state of maturity, i.e., it seeks to steer the mind of men to itself, and when they let themselves be influenced by it, they remove themselves from God. These are only the coming generations, whose souls are still holding immature substances in themselves and who therefore must wrestle more to reach spiritual maturity. Knowledge of God is dulled accordingly; they are indeed not completely far from God, but they are no longer able to hear his voice clearly, because their senses are already splitting, because they are no longer undivided orientated to God, but are also distracted by earthly things, and this results in a darkening of the spirit. And then the opponent of God has again influence upon the souls of men, and the fight about the spiritual starts anew; a new redemption period sets in; a renewed wrestling of the world full of light against the threatening darkness and also a heavy earth life for men, who are in danger to get lost at matter. God certainly speaks to men and announces his will to them, but the more they strive for matter the less they hear the divine voice, and therefore they remove themselves from him. But divine love draws them again and again to him, and again and again he comes closer to them to make the complete redemption out of form possible for them, which certainly is not achieved without fight, why God again grants power to his opponent over the souls of men, but to whom he makes his power available in the same measure to resist him. This is a redemption period of shorter time because the spiritual must cover its renewed course on Earth under particularly severe conditions; it must atone for its rebellion far more severely than on the old Earth and it decides faster to give up this resistance. Consequently it covers each following phase of development considerably faster and can accordingly embody itself as man earlier. But also this life as man brings him only then final redemption when he testifies to the giving up of resistance through continues work of love, for what he also has again plenty opportunity. Because as long as Earth is the stay and station of schooling of the spiritual, the opportunity is also given to this spiritual to leave it as perfect being of light. But it is incumbent on itself how long it needs for this because the spiritual as man is equipped with free will and this can now be used by him the right or also the wrong way. Because the new Earth will make the same demands upon men Ė to redeem themselves through love towards God and towards the neighbour. Amen. B.D. NR. 2755.


Book 34/35/36 2756

The spiritís power.

28. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2756.

So let yourselves be instructed, and do not resist the transmission from above. Consider that you are ignorant and that right knowledge, truth, can only be supplied from above to you, that you must receive it directly or indirectly when you want to mature spiritually. But as long as you are only letting your intellect be active and do not take up the spiritís power, you will hardly stand in truth because truth is and will remain my part, which can only be supplied to Earth through my spirit. Truth can only go out from me because it has its origin in me. But it can also only be transmitted there where the hearts open up to me, where therefore consciously this radiation Ė this work of my spirit Ė is desired. The will in man must have become busy to stand in connection with me, then the connection with me is already established through this will insofar as that my power in form of right thoughts flows over to man and he just always pushes towards me more eagerly. And these thoughts are already transmissions out of the spiritual kingdom; these thoughts are beneficial for the soul, and through these thoughts also my will is revealed, and you will then fulfil that what I mentally demand of you, because you recognize that this is my will. Seek to deepen the connection with me through prayer when the world wants to hinder you doing it, and listen what I tell you mentally. And the commandment of love will always sound in you; always you will hear my voice, which prompts you to love work, and when you follow this voice, you connect yourselves always more intimately with me, and you also hear my voice more and more clear; your thoughts are clear and ordered; your knowledge increases; you stand in truth and your soul matures. Because my spirit, my power, becomes effective in you, and my spiritís power only achieves this that you progress on the way of development, my spiritís power only imparts truth to you and pushes you to love work. Amen. B.D. NR. 2756.


Book 34/35/36 2757

Will of God and allowance of God.

28. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2757.

Against divine will the will of man fights in vain. This is certainly free, i.e., he can want to do something, but not always execute what he wants. And consequently he will never be able to accomplish something by virtue of his will when the will of God is opposing it. Because everything has to submit to his will; his will rules heaven and earth, and human will will never be able to outdo his will. But in the main God does not set his will in opposition to human will, and he also does not hinder man bringing his own will to execution, then he can enforce his will, but then he must also take responsibility for it. What God himself wants, that is exceedingly wise and therefore also always good. What man wants, can certainly be allowed by God, but for that reason does not need to be always good. And that is why a difference has to be made between the will of God and the allowance of God, because what God allows always has the will of man as cause and very often lacks wisdom and also love. Therefore God so to speak gives his agreement to a defective project; to a project whose dominant theme is neither to be seen in love nor in wisdom and which therefore must contradict divine will. God tolerates it but he never ever approves of it. But if he would oppose it with his own will, then free will of man could never be enforced, therefore also not acknowledged; but on the other hand man could never be called to account because then he could never execute something what is bad, and he would have to perform good things under a certain compulsion, because he would be hindered by God to do the opposite. And that is why the greatest chaos can be on earth; divine will will not take action against it, as long as human will creates this chaos himself because God aims to achieve through his toleration that man himself comes to recognition and changes his will, that he submits to divine will and turns back to divine order by himself, i.e. stands in God-equal will and acts accordingly. Only if the will of man becomes more and more wrong, when he removes himself more and more from divine order, then God sets his will against it. Then the will of man is powerless and cannot come up against the will of God Ė then he cannot execute what he wants, and nevertheless he must take responsibility for the wrong will, because it is free. The power for the execution is always supplied from that side, to which his will is turned. God supports him when his will is good; but the opponent gives him his might and power when the will of man declares himself prepared to work for him, by him being willing to accomplish things, which run against divine will and divine order. God however lets his will become deed when human will completely fails and this means a danger for entire mankind. Then the will of God steps into action visibly, and the will of man is not able to resist divine will because he alone rules in heaven and upon earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 2757.


Book 34/35/36 2775

Incarnation. Instinctiveness. Pre-stages.

15. June 1943. B.D. NR. 2775.

The incarnation of a soul can then take place when all substances in it have gathered, which have covered the course on earth in the most different creations and therefore have developed upwards. Every work of creation must be represented in its soul substance to now being able to enter into the incarnation, i.e., the human body now becomes the cover of such a soul, which holds all works of creation in miniature. The endless long walk on earth before has achieved the joining together of all these substances, and these now wait for their last embodiment. They are assimilated as soul in the human outer form to undergo the last stage of their development. This incarnation is of different long duration, according to the state of maturity of the individual substances, which also had a certain freedom in their pre-stages, although they busy themselves in the mandatory state according to the will of God. In the last stages before the embodiment as man however this mandatory state was relaxed more and more so that certain instincts could be realized tempered or also increased and this resulted in a higher or lower degree of maturity, which now again determines the length of the last embodiment as man. But all soul substances aspire to this last embodiment on earth because they, as soon as they have united to the human soul, know about that the human outer form is their last material cover and after this they can be free of every earthly fetter. And that is why the soul stays only there where opportunity is offered to it to incarnate. Understandably it will take its stay there where the nature of men suits its state of maturity, i.e., where the same instincts and qualities of men are found, which mark its own nature, what however does not exclude that a soul, which has a different disposition, seeks to embody itself with beings which are foreign in its nature to accelerate this embodiment. But then it often has to struggle with greater difficulties during its earth life because its nature is not taken into account and it cannot cope with the demands, which it has to face. But because the soul knows before about its earth life way, it is not hindered when it makes its choice because in every embodiment means of help are at its disposal to gain its last maturity. Through the most different workings before it has every aptitude in itself, only in different strength, and can now increase or decrease these in earth life, according to its will. It is therefore not unable, and the power for this is imparted to it also in accordance to its will. But if it is lukewarm in itís striving, then it remains in the same state of maturity as before its embodiment as man, then the incarnation has earned it no ascent development. It certainly becomes free of the bodily cover at its decease, but is still bound to the material world through its desires and instincts, which it was supposed to overcome in earth life. It has therefore not used its incarnation upon earth, and this earns it an indescribable state of remorse when it recognizes that it has lost the right to Godís adoption and also no longer can gain it; even though it still has infinite possibilities in the hereafter of gaining the view of God. But an incarnated soul must some day answer for before God how it has used the possibilities on earth and which spiritual successes it can show at decease, because the embodiment as man is a favour, which cannot be valued high enough; it is a gift, which is also supposed to be valued accordingly, by man doing everything what serves his ascent development because he does not come back to earth once he has left it. Amen. B.D. NR. 2775.


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