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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 32

B.D. NR. 2275 - B.D. NR. 2419
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Book 32 2294

Announcement of Last Judgement. Paradisiac State.

9. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2294.

The time of life on earth that is full of grace is coming to an end and therefore the war between the two powers against each other is getting stronger and stronger as each of them seeks to still win many souls for itself. And this time is also recognizable by outer signs so that men pay attention and know that the time is nearby that was announced in word and writing. And he who pays attention to the signs he will also not be surprised but will prepare himself for the last judgement, for the end and the decision. Because God announces the time before and this is a renewed blessing for mankind. His love and his compassion apply to his creatures until the last hour and he accepts every sinner who still his way finds to him and asks him for mercy; untiringly he is prepared to hand out favours which men have to just make use of to escape the final downfall. But only few men will appeal to him for mercy because God is not recognized anymore and mankind completely lacks faith in him. And that is why final judgement is inevitable – it has to come and destroy everything what is still living on earth to make possible a reshaping of the earth so that the work of redemption of the still immature spiritual can again begin in accordance with the divine will. Because the beingness that has not yet reached the last stage as man is hindered in its upward development and so new possibilities have to be given to it in which this beingness can further mature. The age that now begins is again like the paradise because men are living in peace and create by their love for each other an existence on earth that is harmonious and free of suffering on which the blessing of God rests evidently because men meet his will and their hearts go out to him. The time of war is over and a time of serving has begun in contrast to the time before which only brought struggle because mankind would not anymore decide on serving. And the new generation of men will be flushed with love towards God and this prompts God to dwell amidst them because he is there where love is. The decadent beingness that misused anew his will will also be banished anew; free will will again be taken from it and men cannot anymore be pressed by the adversary who uses these weak beings who are in bondage to him to have an unfavourable effect on believing men. This power has now been taken from him and men can now easier develop themselves upwards and reach a state of maturity on earth that was previously not possible to reach. The fight of the world of light has now reached an end for a short time because these light beings are now not anymore meeting with resistance but men devote themselves of their own free will to their influence and now live according to divine will – in love and in spiritual solidarity. Amen. B.D. NR. 2294.


Book 32 2296

Divine intervention. Destruction of possessions.

10. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2296.

The meaning of earth life is the final liberation of the soul out of form. God demands nothing impossible from his creatures, and when he has assigned this task to man for the duration of his earth life, then he also makes available all means for him to be able to meet this task. And nevertheless men fail and leave the time and favours of their embodiment pass by unused. And this lack of will moves God to an intervention of enormous consequences. He destroys that what men hinders to fulfil their actual purpose. These are earthly possessions, which so imprison the thoughts and the will of men that they fail to comply with their earth task. In no way do earthly possessions need to be an obstacle when they are used the right way on earth. On the contrary, they can still help the soul to be liberated when it overcomes the desire for them and makes use of earthly possessions in the service of neighbourly love. Then the soul has conquered the greatest resistance on earth, has therefore liberated itself from it, because it has overcome matter. But as long as possessions still increase the desire for them, they are a fetter for the soul, which prevents every freeing. What God has decided in his wisdom is, seen earthly, a work of destruction of enormous extent and robs men of their anxiously defended possessions. It therefore liberates him from a fetter, and now the ascent upwards of the soul could be easier when it makes the right use of this divine consignment, when it recognizes the transitoriness of it and now gives its attention to those goods which are immortal, therefore have eternal value. The will of man now decides, and man is responsible for this his will. Of what he has been robbed earthy, can be replaced thousand fold for him when he devotedly submits to divine will and desires spiritual gifts as substitute. In the face of the great misery, which the divine intervention results in, many men will recognize that earthly goods are not to be striven for and only serve man for the testing of his will. But men are at the moment totally devoted to matter, and the more heavy the work of destruction will hit, and the winning back of the goods will be their thought and wish. And so a time will follow this divine intervention, which obviously characterizes the spiritual state of men. With increased willpower they will seek to again form their earth life so that it corresponds to the body and its sense of well-being and the fetters of the soul cannot be loosened and release the soul. Only some few will stop and think and follow the divine voice, which sounds to them admonishingly and warningly and stimulates them to thought about the actual purpose of earth life. And for the sake of these few God lets this great suffering come over men, which could help everyone out of the trouble of the souls. But the will of man is free, and he can decide according his own choice. Amen. B.D. NR. 2296.


Book 32 2301

Fight for spiritual sovereignty.

13. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2301.

Serious is the fight for spiritual sovereignty, which will flare up to an extent as the world has not yet experienced. The bad spiritual wants to repress the good through measures of violence, and this is truly such an undertaking that divine love no longer wants to watch idly and will itself bring the fight to a head. All efforts aim for besieging the spiritually seeking people so that they give up their striving, that they turn towards the world and then so to speak the world is to carry away the victory. Should the world succeed to wipe out faith in a substantial divinity and in the divine redeemer Jesus Christ, then it would have carried away the victory over the other believers, and the effect of such a victory would be incalculable, because then the entire mankind would be ready for destruction because any spiritual upward development would be out of the question. Already often this fight has been waged, however never in so ruthless form as it is now prepared. Because now the adversary himself works, i.e., he is afraid of nothing to start the rule over mankind, and he finds willing representatives, i.e. men who are prepared to execute everything, and so misery will be great into which the believers get. Without reason and cause sharpest measures will be taken and to seek to make life unbearable for those who still carry the belief in God and the divine redeemer in the heart. Because these are superior to the unbelievers and mockers and can refute every objection, and because in the coming time God wants to use the body of willing earth men, who are exposed to the attacks of worldly power, he will not allow that these who want to serve him are so besieged that they give up their faith – on the contrary, he will give them great power and strengthen their faith, and now they will go off to war on their part; they will fight for the name of God, and both parties will find their followers. And now a struggle flares up with all sharpness; the good spiritual side wrestles with the bad elements over the sovereignty, and seemingly the worldly power remains predominant because it will succeed to frighten men and they now declare themselves willing to give up their faith only for that reason because they believe not being able to bear the measures. And in this trouble the love of God is constantly concerned about mankind. He certainly will protect his small herd and not allow that it becomes a victim of these powers, which now obviously wage the war against God. Amen. B.D. NR. 2301.


Book 32 2302

Heart and intellectual thinking. Truth.

14. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2302.

Every man who represents a view, which he has formed for himself intellectually, thinks to stand in cognition. But this view does not need to always correspond to truth. God gave intellect and free will to man; but he also gave him a heart. As long as the intellect wants to solve a spiritual question without the heart, he will hardly come close to truth, because truth goes out from God and can only be received by the spirit, but not from the body, which is really matter. Intellectual thinking is merely a function of the body – but the heart is the seat of all feelings; the heart also holds the divine love spark in itself and therefore the spirit, which is part of God. A thought, which is born in the heart, of which the starting point is therefore the divine spark of God, will also always have the claim of truthfulness, because the spirit only imparts purest truth. But whether the thought is born in the heart or is just the product of intellectual thinking that depends on the love ability of the heart. The deeper man can love, i.e. strives for the unity with God through works in love, the clearer the thoughts will emerge out of his heart and come to the awareness of man. Because these thoughts are spiritual power, which flows out of the beings united with God and flows to the heart of him who also unites with God through love activity. Whereas intellectual thinking is merely the function of bodily organs, therefore a use of the life power sent to man, which man can also use who lives on without love, i.e., whose heart is little able to love. Therefore one has to separate intellectual thinking from heart thinking. The latter will always achieve truth, whereas intellectual thinking does not need to be truth, even though one can speak of well-developed intellectual thinking. Love only is decisive, i.e. definitive, for truth. Man is too little informed about the nature of thought, and that is why this difference is not becoming clear to him. The thought born in the heart has only one thing in common with spiritual goods won intellectually, that it also has to be lead to the brain so that it penetrates the consciousness of man, and that lets man come to the assumption that every thought has its origin in the brain, therefore has been obtained intellectually. It is however the thought material of a loving person, therefore of a person whose life is a constant love work, completely differently to be evaluated than pure intellectual thinking of a man who is little able to love. The former will come close to the truth, whereas the latter offers no guarantee at all for truth and knowledge. Because God reserves himself truth for himself, and he only distributes it to those who acknowledge him, desire him and express this through work in love. Consequently that can undoubtedly be assumed as truth what flows out of a loving heart because such thoughts are subject to a certain control through spiritual beings standing in knowledge, whose duty it is to impart thoughts and who therefore conscientiously watch over, that man stands in right thinking. Because through his love activity man acquires the right and the entitlement of assistance of the light beings who protect man from thoughts which contradict truth. Amen. B.D. NR.2302.


Book 32 2304

World-view with Jesus Christ.

16. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2304.

Only a world-view which approves of Jesus Christ and consequently builds up on divine love teaching will be a blessing to a nation and guarantee a blossoming and flourishing both spiritually and also earthly. Because a nation, which adopts such a world-view, remains deeply united with the announcer of divine love teaching; it will mature spiritually and earthly it will not be exposed to so great hardship because it makes an effort to live according to the will of God, and therefore also requires no great suffering, which is to change it. A nation, which takes the divine redeemer as a model, which acknowledges him and therefore adapts itself approvingly towards him, does not only live a worldly life and will consequently have not just material interests, but it also strives for spiritual goods; it leads an inner life and strives up, because through its faith it is also more knowledgeable because faith demands love effort from it and this wins it knowledge. And knowledgeable people live their life consciously with God, i.e., they will never turn away from him and never pay their tribute to the world. They therefore have already become overcomers of matter, because they, caught by the love of God, see their aim in life in the unification with him. A nation, which therefore has liberated itself from matter, stands on a high degree of maturity; but it will never try to assert itself against other nations. It is peaceful and helpful; it does not seek to increase its power or to show its advantage; it lives quietly for itself and in seclusion, will therefore have little standing in the world, but stand in high reputation with God. Such a nation will also never be able to understand that another view can pave the way, which negates everything what is of divine origin, which therefore also switches off the divine love teaching and wants to replace it through human teachings. But the latter will have no continued existence, and the nation will get out of hand, which adhered to it, because nothing survives what is not of divine origin, to which also a world-view without Jesus Christ has to be counted. And no matter if people will wage war against him, his teaching, divine love teaching, they will never be able to destroy, and a world-view without Christ will disintegrate in itself, so as also a nation, which adopts this view, heads for decline in longer or shorter time. Amen. B.D. NR. 2304.


Book 32 2309

God’s protection. Right thinking. Truth or fallacy.

22. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2309.

Thought activity in a soul which forms itself to love is under divine protection, and when man wants to be good, he will always take up the right thoughts, when they rise up from the heart and desire to be recorded in the brain of man. The will of man who strives for love approves good thoughts and rejects bad thoughts, and God strengthens this will, because he recognizes the striving of man and seizes everything wanting to turn towards him, therefore complies with man who aims at him. The good man cannot think wrongly when his thought material has been born in his own heart, i.e., everything what is unclear for him and triggers questions in him will wake up truthful thoughts in him and therefore can be called thought material won by him. But when instructions have preceded from a human side, which deviate from truth, then the soul does not unreservedly devote itself to eternal truth, which there is God himself – it does not desire enlightenment, but thinks to be enlightened. The thoughts have not been born in the heart, but have been planted into it – the will of man cannot make itself free from it, and the love of man does not turn exclusively towards the eternal divinity, but it also belongs to what man’s wisdom lets come into being. So man is not free of earthly love. But man must be prepared to give up everything he owns when he wants to receive eternal truth. But he is compensated for everything what he gives up. Thought activity is left up to him, is therefore not inevitably steered in a certain direction as long as man himself wants to be active. Only when he also hands over his thinking to the guidance of God, when he asks for his protection and blessing and recommends all thought material, which he receives, to his care and favour, his thinking will be guided by God and inevitably move in truth. And man does not need to be afraid to have to give up something what God pleases, because as soon as he is already in truth, he receives it again as thought material. The heart only refuses to let that rise up to the brain, what does not correspond to divine truth – i.e., man then rejects such thoughts purely out of will, because he no longer can fully approve them. And God separates truth from error and gives to man, who hands himself over to him full of faith, the knowledge of what truth and error is. Who wants to draw wisdom out of the books of the world, will never reach wisdom for ever; but who asks God for truth in intimate love, his wisdom will exceed everything, what was won intellectually. And therefore a characteristic has been set up when man moves in truth. But the same truth will always be offered to those who ask God, as eternal truth, for right knowledge. Amen. B.D. NR. 2309.


Book 32 2310

Weakness of will – Shortcoming. Responsibility. Word.

22. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2310.

The smallest resistance decreases the effect of the power radiation out of God, because the fullest will is necessary to be able to receive the gift of God, otherwise the supply of power would be given to the being against its will and would mean an ascent development under compulsion. Only the life-force which is necessary for the sustenance is given to every man also without his will, but for ascent development he can also leave this life-power unused, and he therefore has to first let his will become active for making use of this life-power brought to him. Weakness of will is a shortcoming for which the being itself will be made responsible as long as man stays on Earth, therefore what man wants that he also can carry out when it is aimed at the transformation of his soul. Because it just requires a life in love – but every man can form himself to love when he just has the will for it. He can be good against his fellowman, and that is all what God demands from men as proof of his love towards him. And in order to be good, man just needs to want, then he will also be able to do it, because God gives to him the power for it, by having given him life and sustaining it. He demands from men nothing but love, because men came into being out of love, and after endless long time of separation they are to return again to him, who is love in himself, and this again they can only do through love. The radiation of power out of God is a supply of divine love, therefore an act of favour, provided receptivity and willingness, because the radiation of love out of God can only be given to those who prove worthy of the love of God, desire it and therefore open the heart for the divine current of love. Divine love does not refuse to give itself to them; it gives itself to them in the word, which is and will remain the greatest proof of love of God to men until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 2310.


Book 32 2311

God’s word. Deed of God’s mercy.

23. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2311.

Which gift of favour men receives with the passing on of the divine word is difficult to make them understand because the word is the connection between God and men still far from him – it is the word as it were a cooperation of God to men who still make no move to come to him. The man who accepts the divine word has no doubt established this connection, but the word does not only come for him to Earth, but through him to all men, also so those who by themselves have not looked for being close to God. This is a deed of mercy, which is incomprehensible for men. Man is to decide for God out of free will and on his own initiative and strive for union with him. But his will is very weak and the effect of the adversary strong and he seeks to win the will of man for him. And man would be lost if help would not be brought to him through the word of God. Everything he misses on his own initiative is suggested to him through the word. He is strongly admonished to let his will become active after all; he is introduced to the importance of a will used properly and the way is clearly outlined to him, which he is to go on Earth to finally become free for eternity. The infinite love of God expresses itself; it descends to Earth itself and gathers its little sheep. This word would certainly not be necessary when men would form themselves to love on their own initiative because then they would also go the right way without advice; they would become knowing and also receive the power from God directly through being active in love, to lead their life in spiritual striving. But the will to love activity is very weak and therefore also knowledge minimal. And lack of power is the result because power is a supply of God, which is caused by the will of man. Only the will to love activity on his own initiative and the reception of the divine word let the power out of God flow to him. But to be able to fulfil the Earth task according to the will of God, man needs the power out of God, and that is why God again and again seeks to supply it to men through his word and to prompt them through it to love activity. Without these permanent admonitions men would be lost because they are still too much exposed to the influence of the opponent of God, who strives to remove them completely from God. And so two powers wrestle against each other and try to win the souls for them. But the will of man is free and can decide for every power, and they would inevitably become slaves to the adversary of God when God would not come to their aid through his word, which he again and again directs towards Earth in love and over great mercy. Amen. B.D. NR. 2311.


Book 32 2330

Life-circumstances correspond to the degree of maturity of the soul. Knowledge of the being about that.

10. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2330.

The favour of embodiment as man is only then granted to the being when it is prepared to go the last way, i.e., when its will decides in favour of it. When the being has covered the course of development in all previous embodiments, it has reached through that the degree of maturity, which is the condition for the last embodiment as man, which is of course also different and therefore also causes different life-circumstances in the last stage. And life on Earth is introduced to the being – to the soul which is created through the joining together of different substances – which it has to live through for the purpose of the final liberation, and it is still up to it whether it wants to go the walk on Earth or not. Fully aware of the Earth-task it now takes up Earth-life, prepared to conquer every resistance in this state and to make itself free from form. It also knows about the fate, which it has to bear; but at first it only sees the outer life-circumstances, not its spiritual development and feels completely strong enough the overcome Earth-life. Corresponding to its degree of maturity, which could had been achieved previously in the most different gradations, but always allows an embodiment as man, Earth-life is now granted to it, and more or less full of grief and full of self-denial. Because the final possibilities to mature must be offered to the soul in such a way that it can form itself in this short Earth-life to the light being, when it uses it. But its life-circumstances will always be so that it has opportunity to lively love activity, and its maturing will depend on to what extent it fulfils its life with work of love. In all life-circumstances it is offered opportunities for that; man can also be willing to help and to serve, who lacks knowledge, who therefore does not know anything about the effect of his walk on Earth in eternity. The soul only has to decide for good or evil on Earth, and it can do so in all situations in life, also in most primitive conditions. But the earthly conditions are caused through its development in the pre-stages. When the being before has been exceptionally carnal, then it has to fight against its desires in Earth-life and needs for that corresponding life-circumstances, in which the soul can cleanse itself. The soul is in no way disadvantaged in possibilities of an ascent development, even though it looks like it that the earthly conditions are an obstacle to it. The resistances, which Earth-life offers to every individual man, must be overcome, and many a soul needs great resistances, and that is why the outside life-circumstances have been so allotted to it, as it is helpful for it. God knows about the formation of every soul at its embodiment as man; he also knows about its will power, and his love seeks to make the course of development easy for every soul. When the soul makes an effort to use every possibility, then the fate allotted to man will also be easily bearable, and God will shorten his journey through life, when he makes an effort to mature spiritually. God’s love brings men together so that they can serve each other, that one can instruct the other, that one can give to the other what he lacks, and so also a spiritual gift is offered to every man, even if in most different form and most different degree. But what is offered will always be enough to show him the right way, which he is to walk, and his willingness alone is decisive, which advantages his soul draws from this. Knowledge about God is also suggested to all men – when not from man to man, then the spiritual beings are active and give him indications mentally, and it is always up to him to accept a spiritual gift or not, i.e., to believe or to reject that what is imparted to him mentally or through men. And because God has given to every man intellect and free will, so he is also responsible for how he uses both. Every good will is recognized by God and help is granted to him accordingly. Already before this help was already given to him through endless times, and the being also knows before its embodiment that the power and love of God aids it. But Earth-life must be covered without any retro-memory to not endanger the free will of man. But no soul embodies itself without knowing about its course on Earth, and it takes up this last embodiment with full will, in the desire to finally become free of every outer form. Amen. B.D. NR. 2330.


Book 32 2340

Divine justice. Intervention. Disaster.

19. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2340.

Divine justice will be revealed through the effect of that event, which is granted to mankind in the coming time, because those countries will be severely hit, whose rulers have started the fire, which has taken its extension over the entire Earth. The fault of these countries is to be revealed by an event now being in store for them, which the will of man cannot avert or lessen. Men of the entire world are to recognize that the justice of God lets nothing unpunished and he intervenes when the measure of injustice is full. God gave free will to men, which is now abused in a way, which demands revenge, so that men, thinking and acting right, recognize the hand of God and detest that, what those approve of. The wrestling of the nations has spread far, and the fire cannot be extinguished that easily. And that is why God himself stops this fire, by him taking away from men every possibility to continue the wrestling, through a natural phenomenon, which is inconceivable in its effect. He makes powerless, what was before full of power and mighty, and shows them that his will and his power is stronger. And who has not yet become completely a slave to the opponent of God, he will also recognize where his work was, and make a great effort to cultivate a right way of life. Amen B.D. NR. 2340.


Book 32 2341

Suffering and hardship afterwards. Power of faith.

20. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2341.

How the spiritual low level of men will have an effect, will be recognizable with this intervention of God. Everyone will just think of himself, and only few will, in their own suffering, also think of fellow men and want to help them. And still help will again be demanded of those who think themselves mighty, and they will use their power and take measures, which still increase the suffering because the weak man will not be able to defend himself and will have to comply with the strong man’s wishes and relieve his misery, while he himself remains without help in the greatest hardship. And this again proves the great unloving nature, which was cause for the divine intervention and will also not be remedied through this. But this time will be bearable for those men only, who leave themselves in the care of God, believingly and full of trust, who call upon him in prayer and ask for his help and favour. The help of God will be granted to them, and no matter how great the outer misery seems to appear to them, they will not be defeated, but feel the protecting hand of God over them. And the power of faith will be revealed, because the believer will have power to overcome the heavy life on Earth and need not fear earthly power, while men without faith are almost threatened to break under the measures of those who try to improve their own fate with the help of those men who are not able to resist them and are almost destroyed on it. But it will become obvious to the world that earthly power achieves nothing because God will let his voice sound exactly there where he himself is respected too little – where honour and fame alone is desired and it was only pretended that faith was still tolerated. And all believers will be besieged, and this means the beginning of a new period. And in order to make it easy for men on Earth to believe, he first announces what is about to happen to the world so that they profess their faith in him when everything comes as it was announced. Amen. B.D. NR. 2341.


Book 32 2342

Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross. Expiation sacrifice.

21. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2342.

Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross was the greatest love sacrifice, which a man has ever offered on Earth. It was no expiation sacrifice of a guilty man; it was not deserved punishment, but a sacrifice, which was offered for the sin-guilt of other men out of deepest love for them. It was a voluntary expiation sacrifice, which was to buy out fellowmen from their well-deserved punishment. The death on the cross was unspeakable agonizing, and Jesus still chose it, because his body wanted to suffer out of over-great love to mankind. He wanted to do something, which men were not able to do; he wanted to take torment upon him to spare it fellowmen. He knew that the fate of men after death is suffering and torment as just punishment of their defection from God, i.e. of the will opposed to God, and in his love he wanted to decrease these sufferings and agonies by him wanting to impose them on himself, therefore him bearing suffering voluntarily, so that those did not have to bear it. And so he chose the most agonizing death – death on the cross and devoted these unspeakable agonies sacrificingly to his father in heaven. He brought to him the expiation sacrifice by him suffering and dying for sinful mankind. And this sacrifice was pleasing to God. Because Jesus was pure and innocent; he was without sin. He was without the slightest guilt, but he chose death, which atoned for the most severe crimes, which was unspeakable agonizing and dishonouring. He had his pure body nailed to the cross by men who were followers of Satan in their state away from God, and his soul, beside the body, suffered unimaginable agonies through this. Because his pure soul felt every sinfulness as agony; the soul, which had become love, suffered under uncharitableness – and it still took these agonies upon itself to make the fate of men more bearable through this. The sacrifice was brought in merciful love to God, and God pleasingly accepted it. The man Jesus had to completely give up his love towards the world before he could bring this sacrifice; he had to make himself free from every desire; out of free will he had to be prepared to give up everything, only then he was able for this sacrificial death. His love was so great that it aimed at fellowmen only, but not his own body. And because this over-great love made him bring such sacrifice, God accepted it. And therefore Jesus redeemed mankind from eternal death through his suffering and death on the cross, which exceeded every other death in pains and agonies, because his love was so great that he was prepared to bear everything for the sake of mankind, which would have to suffer throughout eternities without his work of redemption, without this sacrifice on the cross, when it wanted to atone itself for its incomprehensible great sin-guilt. Amen. B.D. NR. 2342.


Book 32 2343

Activity of light beings. Imparting of knowledge

23. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2343.

In the world full of light, loving activity is a perpetual one, because light beings tackle every spiritual work which promises the least success for them. They are constantly prepared to help because in their love they always want to give, make happy and prompt gladdening activity. And because their love does not wane, but deepens more and more, their activity must also increase. And their activity consists of the spreading of light, i.e. knowledge. Consequently knowledge must be conducted constantly to Earth through the resplendent world, which has such effect that truth is taught to men everywhere on Earth through Earth children able and willing to receive, that what is offered to them from above, therefore without human help or contact with earthly-knowing men. And what the light beings impart to men goes far beyond the limits of book knowledge, because this wisdom touches problems, which a man would never be able to solve right, and the donors of this wisdom, exactly these light beings, impart their gifts so to men, that these can completely enter in the truth out of God, when the will becomes active in them. And the light beings try to influence this will so that men only want that what earns them divine wisdom. And because the light beings are active incessantly, also the body will soon get to feel it to the extent that it no longer has the desire for earthly goods, but the won spiritual goods appear so desirable for him that his receptiveness willingness and receptiveness ability become greater and greater and consequently always deeper divine wisdom can be sent to Earth. Men who make an effort to live according to the will of God will also mentally be guided into full truth, and when now the fight against spiritual striving and against faith flares up, many people will advocate their faith, and that corresponding to the received truths, because everywhere the light beings will announce the same truth. Consequently the way will be paved among men – men will stand in the same thinking and so spread the same, because they will want to inform fellowmen about nothing other than what is conducted from the hereafter to Earth in direct instructions – mankind, when it is willing, will be guided in right thinking through those light beings, which look after those in deep love who are willing to receive truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 2343.


Book 32 2349

Thought-transference. Work of light beings.

27. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2349.

The powers opposed to God influence the thinking of men, who live their life without God – who neither recognize God nor are active out of themselves in love – who neither seek God nor have the desire for spiritual knowledge – who therefore only belong to earth, i.e. are filled with pure material thoughts. To them it will also be given according to their desire; they will be monopolized by those powers, which are also far from God, and their thoughts are so directed that they deviate more and more from God and cause men to increased lack of love, as also to increased desire of earthly goods. It is this comprehensible, since the opponent of God strives to win the spiritual for himself, and in this he only then succeeds, when man strive for the same, namely matter, which still holds in it things far from God. The thought material of those people will therefore be exclusively of earthly content, because as soon as something else is brought close to them, the bad spiritual powers are particularly active, by them seeking to present the uselessness earthly-like. The opposition power of God can particularly successfully have an influence on the thought world of this man insofar, as he likes to deal with that, what belongs to the world, because he mostly strives for earthly aims. And the earthly aims are always in opposition to the one great aim, which is set for man for earth life – the approach to God. For this demands setting behind of all that, what is desirable earthly. But the opponent of God seeks to move all these things into the foreground; he seeks to awaken in man the desire for it and to influence him to just strive for these earthly things. The thought activity of such men will now be directed to these goods, and then the counter power has won the game. Spiritual questions they do not ask, and every attempt of good spiritual power or knowing men fails, because their will subjugates itself to the will of the counter power. The more materially now mankind is adjusted, the greater influence has that power, what can be seen that the wrong thinking and the wrong will is far more represented, that therefore the majority are earthly minded and only few men strive spiritually. Consequently an ascent development can no longer be recorded. A total spiritual standstill occurs, of which the result is a retrogression of spiritual development, as soon as mankind is not still led to cognition. The God-idea must be brought close to mankind – it must come into a position by force, where it considers the possibility of the existence of God and where it learns to consider earthly goods as changeable, and now a wrestling will again start both of the good as well as of the bad powers, which direct man mentally on the right way, i.e. lead them to cognition. And the will of man is decisive. If he again turns to the earthly goods and to that, what the world offers him, so he has again devoted himself to the influence of the God-opposing powers and recognizes their rule. Then his thinking is the same as ever erroneous; he agrees with the will of the opponent of God and increases the distance from him, who is to be striven for by man during the time of his earth career. And then the opponent of God has carried away the victory and won back the souls, which escaped already his influence and his power through the endless long course on earth. And the last embodiment as man has brought no progress to the being, but earns him renewed imprisonment through unthinkable time. Amen. B.D. NR. 2349.


Book 32 2350

Wrong thinking. Work of the opposite pole of God.

28. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2350.

And this is significant, because only the course through earth life can cancel the separation from God, and only the time of the embodiment as man can earn the being the conscious coming together with God. And particularly for that reason it is also significant, to which things the thought of man turns in the earth time and to which powers access is granted. Thought-transference is that weapon, with which the spiritual wages the war. Light and darkness seek to transmit power onto men in the same way, precisely in the form of thoughts, and both powers are successful according to the will of man, according to his kind of nature and his attitude to God. Every man approving of God will fashion his nature so that he strives to be good, and therefore his will is turned to the good, divine, and the result of it is the receptivity for spiritual power radiations, which the good, i.e. the beings full of light, want to impart on men. Thought-transference through the light beings can therefore take place without resistance, without obstacles; the thinking of man moves in truth and never ever needs to be doubted. But the same receptivity is characteristic of those men, who through their God-farness turn to the opposite pole of God. They can receive the radiations of the bad spiritual powers exactly the same way, because they open themselves for it through the desire for worldly things, which are share of him, from whom man is to turn away. Such men will always lead a life in lack of love, and their hearts will willingly receive the currents, which drive them to increased lack of love. And therefore the thoughts of such men will achieve no approach to God, but increase the distance from him. Then darkness wins over light. The beings of darkness are supported by the will of man himself; their expression of power is opposed with no obstacles, and therefore they can also become effective, what is expressed in completely wrong thinking of men and therefore in spiritual low of mankind, which again can only be removed through influence from the outside, i.e. through difficult suffering and hardship, through which men are forced to mentally express their opinion, and this can still lead to a change of their thinking. For man cannot be led to right thinking against his will. His will is decisive, and according to his will are also the events, which come over him and which, no matter how full of suffering they are, can still have a favourable effect for the soul of man. Amen. B.D. NR. 2350.


Book 32 2352

The power of evil does not refer to creations.

30. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2352.

No spiritual forces, which are under the influence of evil powers, can express themselves as long as the spiritual is still in bound will, because the counter force of God is powerless with regard to these beings. It can put itself to the test on the soul of man only, therefore on that spiritual, which stands in the stage of free will, and also does it in a most substantial way. Therefore always men will be besieged by the power opposing God, but creations will never be able to be influenced, which hold the still undeveloped spiritual in themselves. These creations are subordinated to the will of God alone, and everything what is carried out on these creations is to be attributed to his divine work. Therefore it is totally wrong to attribute phenomena to satanic power, which run contrary to divine order, therefore come to light at creations. Every change of God’s creation also has his will as cause, because the power of the opponent of God never applies to those visible creations that God had come into being through his will. And that is why the work of that power can only find expression at the human soul. It certainly can, through influencing the human will, cause it to act destructively in creation, but then always man will be the executing one; he therefore will as it were do something on behalf of the evil power, what it cannot execute itself, namely acting somehow against the divine laws of nature. When it is therefore assumed that the power hostile towards God can obtain belief with men by the fact that it carries out things, which presuppose divine power, then God would have to first give this power to his opponent, and this would not correspond to the nature of eternal divinity, which leans towards all its creatures full of mercy and love and would like to bring to them help in their spiritual trouble. Because it would certainly be no help when men could be misled in their faith and recognize God even less. Then it would almost be made impossible for men to believe; God would pass his creatures to the opponent; he not only would leave them to his opponent, but push them to him from whose power he wants to free them. But the love of God lasts for ever. He helps mankind, and he will always stand by it in its fight against evil; but will never bring his creatures into such trouble that they assume God in the work of him who is his greatest enemy and opponent. The power opposed to God will always be recognizable by men who think and act right, and therefore these will also not come into trouble to regard the opponent of God as God himself, unless they are so devoted to him through their complete wrong walk on Earth, which takes every power of judgement from them. But these are no longer his children but children of Satan because they are subject to his will and completely opposed God. Amen. B.D. NR. 2352.


Book 32 2353

False Christs. Signs and miracles.

31. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2353.

False Christs will rise, and they will do signs and miracles in my name. I have announced this to you, and my words are truth. But how wrongly do you try to explain these words to yourselves when you assume that an evil power, an envoy of Satan, is possessed by the same power, which let me work wonders during my walk on Earth. Heaven and Earth are always subject to my will; they are ruled by my will, and this my will sustains every creation, because a will opposed to mine would mean the decline of that what I let come into being when I would grant him power over it. But still signs and wonders will be done, but which always only appear to men as such, who are his followers, because these are blind in spirit, and they do not know about the true connection of all things, and they will consider everything to be signs and wonders what seems to be unusual to them, but what is possible to every men summoning up all his willpower. All of you have abilities in you, which you just have to develop to be able to carry out much. But your weakness of will hinders you making use of your abilities, and therefore something seems to be a wonder what is just within the bounds of possibility of everyone. And so all signs and wonders, which I mentioned, will be explainable to every man who walks in the light, but supernatural power is indicated to those, who still walk in the darkness of spirit. And they will grant divine power to those who are my opponents, but appear under my name to blind mankind. The deeper the night of spirit surrounds men the easier it will be to let them believe in wonders; every unusual work of evil powers they will accept as such; but not acknowledge the unusual work of light – of men whose will is turned towards God - , and that alone is already a sign that mankind is under the spell of him who seeks to fight God. And they will still make use of my name – i.e., they will announce themselves as bringers of salvation; they will promise mankind rescue out of every trouble through them and their teachings, because only so they seek to win them for themselves that they describe themselves as envoys, as representatives of him, who has all power over heaven and Earth. And every one of them is a false Christ who preaches a false teaching under my name – and tries to reinforce this teaching through unusual work but which is never to be considered as miracle. Amen. B.D. NR. 2353.


Book 32 2354

Right successors of Christ. Life of love.

31. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2354.

My right successors are imbued with my spirit, and when they work signs and miracles in my name then I myself work through them. And their walk of life must be the same as my walk on Earth as man, it must therefore be a life in works of love, and so they now preach my teaching and call upon me for the reinforcement of what they teach, they will also be able to work like me, therefore work miracles by which men recognize the truth of their mission. But when men come in my name and want to bring salvation to the world – when they pretend to be Christ, but do not also live as Christ, then also their signs and miracles will not be genuine, i.e. not a work with the help of the power out of me, but men will know to make use of the powers of nature, but not openly confess their abilities but will leave men in the belief that they have all power at their disposal as envoys of God, so that they find great following and can increase their earthly power. Because the false Christs and the false prophets just seek recognition, fame and honour on the part of men. They strive for worldly riches, for power and reputation; they do not give God the honour, but seek to oust him and to place themselves in his place. And you men are to recognize their doings that they certainly preach in my name, but do not work signs and miracles in my name, which could really be described as miracles. Because everyone will be able to work false miracles, but only those men want to work who are completely without faith, therefore stand in closest connection with the prince of darkness, who uses his power to make the will of man submit to his will. And this use of the will causes things, which appear to man as miracles, as long as he himself is in spiritual darkness. B.D. NR. 2354.


Book 32 2355

God feeds what is his in times of trouble. Favours.

1. June 1942. B.D. NR 2355.

Which fullness of favour flows out of the directly received word of God, that you men will only recognize when every possibility is taken from you to receive the word of God anywhere else. Times will come where nothing still admonishes the activity for the spreading of faith teachings, which were offered to men openly up to now – a time will come were men will only get together in secret to hear about the love of God, about his will and his work, and men will have to be afraid that these meetings will be counted to them as crime. And that is the time, which God has foreseen and has caused him to work unusually to be able to serve these men the bread of heaven in direct form. As men want it, so he lets it happen, but he helps those who must suffer under that will. And what is taken from them by men, that God himself gives to them again; he himself comes to men and feeds and strengthens and comforts them. He does not allow that they must starve, but he gives them food, which is imperishable; he feeds them with the bread of heaven; he supplies them with food, which is direct power transfer from God. Because he knows that men need such; he knows that they come into situations where their faith is in danger; he knows about the weakness of faith in the face of such dangers, and that is why he offers his word to them, which lets all fear and worry go away. Because in the word he himself descends to Earth and therefore is in the middle among them, who believingly accept his word. And therefore men, strong in faith and undaunted, will let everything wash over them and nevertheless be happy. They will let themselves be reviled; with patience they will bear all prosecutions and just recognize in them the truth of the divine word, and their strength will increase; their faith become deeper and deeper and more and more unshakeable. And they will no longer fear the world when they have submitted to him who also rules over the world. Where the word of God is offered there dwells the Lord in the midst of men, and he gives them refreshment and strengthens them for the fight, which they are to wage about his name. The time is close where the adversary gets ready for this fight, where he induces the will of men to unscrupulous action against all men who stand in faith. The time has come where the bad spiritual powers seek men submissively dependent on them, through whom they can work unhindered. And it will be their greatest ambition to prevent everything what favours spiritual striving, and destroy everything what points towards God or acknowledges Jesus Christ as the redeemer of the world – therefore to stop all knowledge about divine wisdoms, on the other hand show themselves to their best advantage with satanic cunning. And the followers of the world will comply with their wishes; without hesitation they, as already being far from God, will give up all spiritual, and content themselves with earthly consumptions, therefore pay tribute to the opponent of God, who wants to elevate himself to the throne. He will rule a time, but the power of faith is to be revealed with those who resist him and acknowledge God alone as their Lord. Because what the opponent of God offers them will always only be worldly good, because it has no continued existence. He will promise honour and fame to men who comply with his wishes, and threaten the others, who are loyal to their faith. And therefore he takes a stand against God. He is his adversary, his enemy, who devotes everything to win supreme power over the human soul. But he will not succeed in this with the souls, which are devoted to God. Only where lack of love predominates, there he will have a great triumph and present himself as god to them, and the blindness of them acknowledges him. But the ones who are God’s, he protects from his influence, by him imparting his power to them also then when the opponent of God wants to prevent this. He supplies his word to them and is with them himself in the word, distributing power and favour and blessing them, who are loyal to him and want to serve him. Because one thing is necessary in the coming time – that the divine word is distributed, which he supplies to men himself and which he has blessed with his power. Amen. B.D. NR. 2355.


Book 32 2358

Divine word. Source. Love. Knowledge. Light.

5. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2358.

Only that can correspond to the will of God what has the commandments of divine love and of neighbourly love as guiding principle because when man lives according to these commandments he will never violate divine will. Consequently a walk on Earth, which is not based on divine commandments, which therefore contradicts the will of God, is useless for the soul, because it does not yield ascent development. The soul is therefore then in a state of immaturity, which can only be remedied through the supply of favour, and this is sent to it through the presentation of the divine word, which introduces the soul to the fact that it is in danger and lives its Earth life wrongly. This supply of favour can now be accepted, but also rejected, according to its will; but it is the only means that man changes his Earth life and submits to divine commandments. And for this purpose he must be introduced to the result of a wrong life, as well as life in the light, which a soul expects, which has submitted to the will of God. But these results can never be proven to man in such a way that he must believe, consequently the source of the divine word can always be doubted when man wants this. He will place in opposition, that it is always the work of man what is distributed as divine word, and will never be convinced that a man has drawn from a source, which has been made accessible to men through God’s great love, to impart a knowledge to them, which corresponds to truth. They will only be able to understand and believe this when they live right, a life in love, which earns them knowledge. Then it will no longer seem to be surprising to them that God himself is the source who lets men have streams of living water – then they will also be able to believe without proof what is being taught to them about the results of a wrong life and live according to the will of God out of their own initiative. They will lead a life in love and know that they then can also draw from the current of life persistently, that they receive divine wisdom out of his hand. Therefore a life of love will always be determining for the degree of maturity of the soul because it increases the degree of knowledge and the resplendent state of the soul depends on knowledge. Consequently the commandment of the love for God and for the neighbour is not to be switched off and must be fulfilled first, so that the result of a life of love expresses itself in increased knowledge, and that is why men must be urged to love and this again through imparting of the divine word, which admonishes and educates men to love. When the unbelieving man, who would like to deny God as origin of his word, is active in love, every doubt will dwindle for him. He will have to consider the word as expression of God, because his heart, able to love, accepts it and at the same time gives him the understanding for it. And now it is no longer possible that man is seized by doubts when he leads a life in permanent love work. Because God now draws him to himself, who indeed is love himself, he also recognizes his word, his voice, and he accepts without opposition and without reservations everything as truth what is offered to him through God’s love – what is imparted to him as divine word. The divine word educates to love; love activity earns man knowledge, and increased knowledge again increases the love towards God and towards his creatures. And always brighter light, i.e. an always more clairvoyant state, will be the fate of him who is active in love on Earth. And that is why wisdom can never be found with the world-wise when they lack love, while they however will recognize truth as such when they lead a life in active neighbourly love at the same time. Because these will also acknowledge God as source of his word; they can do no otherwise because through life in love they have as it were already united with him and therefore also recognize his work. Amen. B.D. NR. 2358.


Book 32 2359

Responsibility. Mental transmission of the word of God

7. June 1942. B.D. NR.2359

And that is why man is also responsible how he lives his life because through the word of God knowledge is given to him about his will. Because God also speaks in another way to men than just through direct imparting. He steers the thoughts of every individual so that they can know God when they are only willing. He has created countless works of wonder around men, which are all witnesses of their creator; therefore direct the thoughts of men again and again towards him. These thoughts can indeed be rejected or dropped. Man is not forced, once they emerge, to muse about them, therefore also now the recognizing of the eternal divinity depends on the will of man to approve them, because the willing man spins such emerging thoughts further out and through this gives the light beings caring for him the possibility of having an effect on him, i.e., they direct his thoughts towards the right recognizing and stimulate him towards always new thought activity. That is why a man, without any influence from the outside, without transmission of the divine word on the part of fellowman, can be far closer to truth and has this so to speak acquired through thought, because he has not resisted the work of light beings, who have instructed him mentally. So is every work of creation, every event and experience around man suitable to send him to the recognition of the eternal divinity, because through all this God himself speaks to men, to then still reinforce it through the directly spoken word, which he sends to men, so that man again and again can fetch from latter the confirmation, that his thinking corresponds with truth. Then he will so long not deviate from truth, as he devotes himself without resistance to the work of God through light beings. As soon as he feels an inner resistance and gives in to this feeling, therefore takes an unwilling view of what if offered to him, he has already become a slave of the counter power, which feeds this will into him, therefore wants to turn him away from God and the recognition of him. As soon as the thought of a highest and most perfect being, with regard to which man has to answer for his life, annoys him or is unpleasant, the opponent of God already influences the man. And then the light beings take increased action insofar that they now send the word of God through the mouth of man to the man, who is in danger. He is now warned and admonished, and that what does not want to appeal to him mentally, is urgently introduced to him, but the decision remains his, because he must live his Earth life in fullest freedom of will, otherwise it cannot earn him the final spiritual freedom. But from God all possibilities are offered to the being, all favours and means of help made available, which it just needs to use as long as it walks on Earth in the embodiment as man. Amen. B.D. NR. 2359.


Book 32 2360

Born again of the spirit.

7. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2360.

The turning point in life is the new birth of the spirit – the moment where you consciously become aware of the power of the spirit, which flows towards you through my love. As soon as you feel that you are inseparably connected with me, as soon as you become conscious that there is no existence for you without me, as soon as you feel me near you and this awareness now determines your entire life, the spark of the spirit pushes you towards me as its father spirit, and now you are awakened to actual life, you are born again in spirit. And now you consciously strive towards me; your wanting and thinking is turned towards me, your acting corresponding to my will. And now I seize you and draw you up to me. I no longer let you go one step alone; everywhere I accompany you; I am around you and pay attention to every thought, which seeks me. I hear every question of your heart, every intercession, every sigh for my love, and I help you, even so you do not feel it immediately. Love towards you is limitless, and my care for you is permanent, and so I let not one of my creatures without aid. And I especially think of my children because these are my children who have found me, who out of their own initiative put their trust in me. My entire love belongs to them. Spiritual new birth is like the rising Sun – it appears at the firmament more and more gloriously, until it stands in the sky in its entire splendour, providing light and warmth and radiating through to my work of creation and awakens new creations to life and keeps them alive. When man is born again in the spirit, then there is no longer any standstill. More and more bright and radiating it becomes around him, because my power of love, my spirit, radiates indeed through him. And therefore he permanently increases of light and power, and he also radiates his light upon everything what surrounds him. The spiritual new birth is the awakening to eternal life, and he who is spiritually born again will also be able to awaken those without life to life because where his light falls there it interpenetrates darkness with its bright shine, and where there is light, is life – where light is, am I myself, and I bring life to everyone who desires it, who demands it consciously from me, who also longingly turns towards me, therefore recognizes me. I give to you my word and thus the visible sign of my love; I give you power, which again expresses itself in increased desire for me because this desire is the sign that my father spirit draws to itself the spirit spark in you – and so you are to be happy when you feel longing for me because my spirit pushes towards yours in exactly the same way. And your hearts can no longer separate from me because I do not leave them, once they have devoted themselves to me.

I am the spirit of truth; I am life; I am love and the original reason of all existence. Whom I present with my love, he will be from eternity to eternity. He will live and be in fullest truth; there will be no deceit and no appearance where he is; he will be what I am – a spirit full of power and strength out of me. He will radiate love and be unimaginably happy to be again able to impart my spirit to creatures, to be again able to awaken to life what was lifeless. He will be similar to me in everything because my spirit flows through him, and therefore he can be nothing else, than I am, a being full of love, power, wisdom and might. And therefore you will be the happiest people in eternity, united with each other in love and always close to me. And what you desire, you will receive, because you will just desire my love, and it radiates through you permanently, so that you can be active for you infinite happiness in my kingdom, which is part of everyone who unites with me in time and eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 2360.


Book 32 2361

Bringing to an end the struggle between nations.

6. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2361.

A gigantic wrestling of nations finds its conclusion after divine decision. This is by no means according to the wishes of the nations; on the contrary, these will see the outcome with horror, which completely contradicts their expectations. But the will of men is powerless where God’s will is expressed. And every day before means still another gift for men, when they use this day for the salvation of their soul, if they would turn away from the world and towards God, before God obviously makes himself known. Unspeakable severe suffering has hit men already and has still only led few close to the eternal divinity, because mankind does not pay attention what God brings toward it, but what the world offers it. So it does not make use of the favour of God, but seeks to increase earthly good all the time. And even where possessions of men are destroyed, all their striving concentrates to win back what is lost. And the bitterer the wrestling against each other becomes, which can never be fought earthly and therefore has to be ended by God. Because men lack faith in a just and wise God, otherwise they would have to recognise already by the affairs of the world how far mankind has removed itself away from God and why such world events have been allowed by God. Because his will does not hinder the will of men to carry out what they have brought about through their lack of love. But the coming event will give rise to great doubts about the existence of a divinity, which itself destroys what it has created through its power. But their doubts will only emerge where man is not active in love. Loving man on the other hand will be enlightened and know that nothing can happen without God’s knowledge, that nothing will be send across Earth without purpose and meaning and that everything will somehow bring salvation to the soul. He will also be strongly shaken by the largeness of the event, but he will also recognize that mankind has to be shaken up out of its unbelieving existence so that it sees the light and follows a different way of life to come closer to God. And blessed is who still benefits from this coming event for his soul, because he loses nothing but only gains, even though his earthly possessions are destroyed. Through this he has found God and won infinitely more than he has given up. Amen. B.D. NR. 2361.


Book 32 2362

Bread of heaven food of the soul. Seek ye first the kingdom of God.

8. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2362.

Men are not allowed to disregard spiritual feeding because it is the most important in life on Earth that the bread of heaven is supplied to you for food of your souls. The physical body cannot exist without food, likewise also the soul, but it needs food still more urgently because it is immortal and the lack of spiritual food has an effect in an inconceivable agonizing state, which is far worse than the passing. Every building-up substance for the maintenance of the body it supplied to it through earthly food, and even so the maintaining of it has only one purpose, to grant a stay for the soul, so that it can fulfil its purpose. But to be able to fulfil it, the soul has to be supplied with food , which gives it power, and this food is the bread of heaven, the word of God, which God’s love offers it as food for the way on its walk through the valley of the Earth. And no soul, which desires such, will need to be hungry and thirsty. Myriads of God serving beings hand out the divine gift, the bread of heaven, to men on Earth. Everywhere on the way of the Earth walker they stand and offer it to the hungry and thirsty, so that they refresh themselves and can continue their way strengthened. And the bread of heaven is the word of God – it is the delicious gift of favour, which God has ready for you men, and you will become aware of its power when you are in big trouble. As a fresh drink refreshes you so the divine word will refresh and strengthen you always because that is the promise of Jesus that he who drinks of the water, which he offers to men, will never be thirsty for ever. And his word is truth. God himself is the source out of which the living water rises. God himself is the bread of life, which he offers to you as food for the soul so that you receive it and refresh yourselves. And that is why spiritual food is to be desired first. Earthly food is then supplied to you at the same time because God does not let you starve bodily, you who first think of the soul, what he also has promised with the words: Seek ye first the kingdom of God, everything else shall be added unto you. You never need to be afraid about your bodily wellbeing; you also do not need to worry in which form you are supplied with food when this seems not to be possible earthly. God’s word is truth and when you believe this his promise gets fulfilled. He will always give you, spiritually and bodily, when you unite with him and want to receive his gifts. But you must first desire the spiritual food because your soul needs this on its way up, and for the sake of your soul God has given you Earth life, which also necessitates earthly food. Therefore God will truly give what you need for the keep of the body when you strive to maintain the body for the sake of your soul. And the spiritual food, the word of God, will also be able to preserve the body, because this is power out of God, which flows towards man directly through his word, and this power preserves everything; it also preserves the body, when food is taken away from it. Because it is the power of God, which preserves every work of creation, which has been produced out of this power. So when man receives the direct power radiation then he will also have no need for other food and still be able to exist when it is the will of God. And in the coming time it will be the will of God that the power of the divine word will be revealed through unusual phenomena, which flow towards those who believe firmly and unshakeably and keep God’s commandments. Because when man is willing to first consider his soul, and desires for it the bread of heaven, then he will be satisfied spiritually and bodily because God’s love is unchangeable and his word is truth: Do not worry what you will eat and drink, but seek ye first the kingdom of God and everything else will fall to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 2362.


Book 32 2363

Thought apparatus. Flow of good or bad power.

9. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2363.

Persistently thought material flows towards you out of the kingdom of the spiritual, which you just need to receive to adopt it for yourselves. Your will is determining of which kind the thought material is, which you register, because you can adopt both, the spiritual transmission of light as also of darkness, according to your will. The thought apparatus of man is so constructed that it is activated by every radiation, i.e., as soon as thoughts flow around him like a wave it becomes active by him receiving what appeals to him, is therefore favoured by the will of man. Because he decides – he as it were gives entry to a part, while he rejects the other, and this according to his attitude to the good, divine or to the power hostile to God. Because the flow of thoughts from both powers, from the ones full of light or the dark spiritual powers, man now perceives as benefiting or unpleasant and therefore accepts the ones, while he rejects the others. Therefore the basic attitude towards God is decisive which thought material the will of man takes in, because what his thought apparatus has once received that remains in him at his perpetual disposal because it always comes to the surface when man wants to occupy himself with it. When now the will of man is turned towards the good, then also his thought material will be accordingly, i.e. keep only such communications in oneself, which flow to him out of the kingdom of light, therefore do not contradict divine will. Man will occupy himself mainly with spiritual things and disregard worldly things; he will feel spiritual hunger and therefore receive that from spiritual communications what corresponds to his desire, while not taking any notice of the other. And so every man forms his own thought material; it will be carried to him from all sides, i.e., good and evil powers make an effort to make their world of thoughts accessible to man and to make him inclined to the acceptance of that what they offer to him. When now a man unites in thoughts or in prayer with God then he will understandably also receive the thought material, which is send by powers united with God, and these powers fight against the influence of the counter power, and this again is expressed in the will of man who therefore now adapts himself to the thought material offered to him affirmatively or negatively. And that is why the man who desires God can be reassured that he also stands in right thinking because through the desire for God he makes himself able to take in the spiritual flow of good powers and experiences the thought material of the counter power as wrong and worthy of rejection. The good spiritual powers eagerly develop his faculty of judgement for good and evil and keep watch that the willing man does not become a slave to bad influence. Amen. B.D. NR. 2363.


Book 32 2367

Power of faith in time to come.

13. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2367.

The power of faith will be revealed in a way, which will even make the most rejecting people wonder. The believing man will be the living testimony of the truth of what he supports because he will achieve things, which run counter to the laws of nature – under calling on the name of Jesus Christ he will acquire the power of his, and now the Lord himself works through him. Because man will get into situations where only strong faith in God will keep him going, and God does not allow this faith to be ruined. And therefore the believers can face the coming times undoubtedly; despite all hardship they will stand under the protection of the Highest of all, and where earthly measures seem to be unbearable, power is sent to them to get them under control. And also this time is planned for eternity; mankind is to recognize that God is with those who stand by him; it is to recognize the truth of the divine word and be able to convince itself what the power of faith is able to do. The believing man will have a weapon against which the opponent will be powerless because even the powers of nature will be subject to his will when he needs these for his protection or for reasoning of the truthfulness of the divine word. And he will be able to ward off evil when it wants to harm him. Visibly he will stand under the protection of God although his earthly destruction is planned. And also this time is announced in word and script because God foresaw the time and the necessity of his obvious work through men, and therefore he used who are loyally devoted to him, and equips them with great power so that his promise is fulfilled: “You will still do greater things” and “What you ask the Father in my name that he will give you.” And trouble will bring strong faith because the followers of Jesus will get into bad difficulties, and the word of God will be the only donator of comfort and power. And from it they will draw, and the power will noticeably flow over upon them. Undauntedly and confidently they will receive everything, always aware of God’s help, of which they are assured through his word. And therefore the word has life, it proves to be true, because it is awakened to life, because men live exactly according to it and therefore also the promises have to fulfil themselves in respect to them, as it is announced before. And who calls this deep faith his own, earthly power dashes to pieces at him because he always holds against it the power of God and is without fear and assured of the help of God. And therefore he will be invulnerable of such, as long as he is a fighter of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 2367.


Book 32 2374

Spiritual exchange of thoughts is beneficial.

19. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2374.

Every spiritual exchange of thoughts brings a success for the soul because it enriches knowledge, or it corrects mistakes and therefore spreads truth, and that is why it is extremely valuable insofar as men are stimulated through it to thinking, while instructions from just one side easily let people become tired because thoughts stray when mutual exchange cannot take place, which rather has an invigorating than tiring effect. Without question this is more valuable because only what wins life can have a beneficial effect for the soul.

The spiritual world can only be fathomed through mental questioning because the answer to that is given by the spiritual beings themselves, and man is supposed to make use of his time to devote himself often to mental instruction, therefore to let thoughts roam over spiritual fields and expect an answer to that. When man now exchanges ideas with his fellow men about that, the flight of thought into the spiritual kingdom is very favoured because speech and reply again and again steers the mind towards the spiritual field. From the earthly side no proof can be given to him that his thoughts correspond with truth, however the agreement of the results of thinking of those who strive spiritually and whose aims of research are the other world, is greater certainty for truth than earthly presentation of the evidence. And they go their way with convinced certainty, always escorted by those beings to whose care they are entrusted and who also bring together people that they support each other on this way; because when they walk together they cannot go wrong. Spiritual exchange of thoughts between like-minded men furthers the maturity of the soul; it increases knowledge and also the eagerness to spiritual activity because the teachings and admonitions, which are sent mentally to them from the side of light beings, they also implement into action, spurning on each other and stimulating to work on the soul. And again and again they seek to draw men into their circle because that is the clearest proof of a right spiritual attitude – a right connection with God and the light beings – that they want to give to men what they receive themselves. Therefore they cannot lock up the thought material in themselves but they are driven to work with it, to pass it on and bring fellow men to accept that what seems to be valuable to them. This exchange of thoughts is double valuable because it is the best opportunity to also bring other men into connection with the spiritual world, which they now establish through thinking about what they heard, through questions, which they ask themselves or fellowmen and which are apparently answered by them all right, but which are indirectly already the transmission of spiritual thought material of light beings on the other side. When men now devote themselves to these considerations, which reach into the spiritual world, then they do not need to fear wrong explanation as long as they are earnestly willing to come closer to the truth, and have God as the aim of their striving. The inner affirmative attitude to God protects them against wrong transmissions because it has the excluding work of those beings as a result, which are united with God and therefore stand in truth. To mentally research and brood with the heart turned to God is the safest guarantee for right, i.e. truthful thinking because it is not them who answer, but knowing powers go into action in the form of mental transmission, which therefore have to correspond to truth. When men now find together who are of the same spirit, i.e., who stand in earnest desire for truth and acknowledge God in the deepest heart and desire him, also their thinking will not deviate from each other, and only men turned away from God bring counter objections, or for the clarification of certain questions an apparent uncertainty in one or the other is still there, which is removed through mutual exchange of thoughts and is to only again cause increased thinking (stimulate). And that is why it is very beneficial for the spiritual development that men find together, to let their thoughts roam together in spiritual fields, because the mutual exchange of these thoughts is exceptional beneficial for every individual, because it brings the confirmation of the truthfulness of that to him, what is given to him mentally, which cannot be offered to him any other way. Amen. B.D. NR. 2374.


Book 32 2376

God’s love sends suffering, but also help.

21. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2376.

All things work together for good to them that love God. You well worry about your daily life, and you even do not take any notice of your soul; you only remember your earthly worries and are still little convinced about it that they indeed only have been send by God, so that you are to remember him. God seeks to win your love and comes himself in form of suffering and trouble to you, but you do not recognize him – every suffering, every worry can be a rung on the ladder upward when they steer your thoughts towards God; then all things work together for good. You overcome them with easiness; you must not fear failure of your power because he who imposes them upon you also helps carrying them when you only remember him with a silent petition for his help and favour. The heart of man often despairs where it could be happy and cheerful because misery is never so great that it could not be removed with God’s help. God masters everything, everything is subject to him. His will rules, and therefore He can well also take suffering from man when He wants it. And that He wants it is alone in your hand. When you present your worries to him and ask for his help, he is prepared for it because He loves you and is intent on your welfare, for the sake of your spiritual welfare, which is only then your share when you are united with him. And that is why He wants that you establish this connection, that you unite with him in prayer, that you call him, so that He can be with you and stay with you. And when you become lukewarm and it is the danger that you forget him, He must again guide you back to him through suffering and worries, until you no longer can be without Him and devotedly leave yourselves in His love and care. The walk on Earth with God is much easier despite apparent outer difficulties because divine love gives you power. His love turns towards those who carry him in their heart, whose thoughts seek Him and whose requests get through to his ear. He will always be a helper for them in every trouble; He will stand by them in earthly miseries and worries, and He will let serve everything to the salvation of their souls, to spiritual progress, which is meaning and purpose of life on Earth. Because His love persistently seeks to awaken counter love, and who turns towards Him intimately, he is seized by His love. And no matter what overcomes man – it is His will and only serves him for his perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 2376.


Book 32 2381

Requests of poor souls for prayer.

24. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2381.

Let the requests of the dead speak to you. Do not refuse them your intercession when they recall themselves to your mind, and know that they have to suffer namelessly without your help. The lot of an unredeemed soul is exceedingly sad, and none of you knows whether a soul is redeemed or languishes in this agonizing state and needs your help. Only through prayer you can bring help to these poor souls because they then feel your love, and it gives them power to improve their own lot. They change their will, and this is necessary first to bring about a change of their sad situation. The souls are grateful also for the smallest support because they are dependent on you only or on the compassionate activity of those souls, which have already reached a higher degree of maturity. But these are only allowed to give their help to them when their will desires a change of their present state. But the will is weak with those souls when not even completely inactive, and that is why they can often have to languish inconceivable times when they do not receive support through intercession, which earns them power to change the will, i.e., to let it become active. When you would know about the trouble of such souls then you would not let them ask in vain. Because every thought towards a deceased is something, with which they bring themselves into remembrance and call for help in their misery. Mankind is so loveless against each other and without faith in an after-life after death. That is why they also do not remember the deceased, under which these suffer exceedingly. They again and again push themselves into the thoughts of man and through this want to cause him to remember them in prayer. The misery in the hereafter is great, and that is why also the souls of unknown deceased push themselves close to him who remembers the poor souls full of compassion. For they feel every supply of prayer as favour, as increase of their power and will to turn upwards. And men who are full of compassion on Earth are continuously surrounded by souls needing help because they hope for help from them. The will to help such souls is already a supply of power for them, and every loving thought, which surrounds them, strengthens their will. And then beings in the hereafter who enjoy giving, come to help and impart power to those who need it to decrease the indescribable suffering in the hereafter. What gift of favour prayer is, men do not know to appreciate correctly. They can achieve everything through correct prayer because God himself offered this favour to them and has set no limitations to it. But in the hereafter the soul cannot help itself but depends on help, and you are to give them this love and help to snatch them from the most agonizing state and to make the start of their self-redemption possible for them. When the soul has overcome the point of lack of will-power then its striving is only aimed at the ascent, and its greatest misery is removed. But the power must be supplied to it from a loving side through intercession, because only the work in love brings redemption to the soul, and where it is itself too weak to be able to work in love there man is to stand by it lovingly so that it gets passed on that power, which it needs for ascent. And that is why you are not to forget the poor souls – they constantly ask you urgently for it that you might help them. Amen. B.D. NR. 2381.


Book 32 2388b

Coming event. Intervention of God. Time of trouble.

29. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2388b.

The beginning only:

Few people only will draw benefit for their souls from this event, which will repeat itself in short intervals three times. It will rob men of their ability to think because it is so powerful that every thought wanes and gets into a chaotic confusion. Only his children the Lord obviously protects because he needs them afterwards to work for him.


Book 32 2396

Diffferent results. Born again of the spirit. Appointed by God.

5. July 1942. B.D. NR. 2396.

The spirit, which distributes wisdom, can only be of divine origin, and that is why this spirit can never be mistaken. Consequently everything is to be believed that has come into being through the work of the spirit, even so it is difficult to accept. It only remains to be checked whether that what was created is the work of the spirit or human product. And this can be established very easily. First it must be considered, which purpose man pursues with it that he informs fellow men about it – whether earthly advantages are to be achieved by this or the will to give merely drives him. Further it must be checked whether that what has come into being touches spiritual or earthly subjects; the way of coming into being must be observed and the attitude of the man, whose work of the spirit is to be checked, towards God. A work can never come into being purely intellectually, which is of pure spiritual content, without the help of God, therefore the work of his spirit. Because the will to solve spiritual problems already results in the work of the spirit, and when this will is turned towards God, then the man must inevitably stand in right thinking, i.e. accept the thought material from the spiritual world, which flows towards him from the spirit world likewise united with God. And so only the question remains open why different results could be spread, which all were made out to be the work of the spirit. A difference has to be made whether a man has been appointed to accept divine gifts of the spirit and to spread them, or if he thinks that he himself has been appointed to this – whether he himself acquires an office before he has established the intimate union with God, before he has been born again in the spirit. Being born again in the spirit must have preceded it, before the spirit can have an effect in man. But being born again in the spirit has not always gone first, and nevertheless spiritual questions were raised and answered, and therefore teachings came into being, which deviate from each other and all of which claim to be acknowledged as truth. So spiritual problems were just solved intellectually, but which truthfully can only be solved from the spirit out of God. But the spirit of God can only be effective when man is born again in the spirit, when he stands in intimate, simple inion with God and longs for nothing else than receiving divine truth in the deepest awareness of his belonging to God and in the hot desire for final unification with him. Purest truth flows towards him, and the results of such people must inevitably agree. The degree of devotion towards God men cannot judge, but God sees it, and he elects who are to serve him, because he recognizes their will and their preparedness for this. An intimate relationship must exist between man and God because this intimate relationship is prerequisite for the effectiveness of the spirit in him and through him. But the intimate relationship can also be established just apparently before men, by those, who believe to be appointed and still are not. Because neither intellect nor rank, neither denomination nor office are decisive for the working of the spirit, but only the composition of the heart, but which does not remain hidden before God. Consequently wisdom and truth cannot be sought and expected there where human will has made an occupation out of it, because this appointment must come from God alone, and that man will be appointed, who makes himself worthy of his favour through the work of love, who through works of love undoes the fetters of the spirit, therefore opens his soul to the spiritual influx from outside. These God elects to his co-workers by imparting truth to them so that they can pass this on by teaching. And who therefore is taught by God, his knowledge will agree and will contain no deviation from each other. But these people will be found mostly outside of those who take up the right for themselves to teach. They will not belong to those who believe having acquired knowledge through study; they will be found in the ranks of those who walk their Earth way unnoticed; they will have no offices or aspire to such; they will not desire the world and its goods, but acquire the greatest favour for themselves through voluntary renunciation – to be allowed to receive the word of God and to be taught by God himself. So to be born again is first indispensable; the state must have occurred that man consciously seeks the connection with God, that he wants to serve him because he feels to be his creature and desires unification with him in the knowledge that this was his original state and his original initial purpose. This knowledge makes the work of the spirit possible in him and man also receptive for truth because without knowledge truth would be incomprehensible for him, and it would never ever be recognized as truth. School like truth can certainly be imparted, therefore passed on, but to be able to grasp it, the spirit of God must be able to work in man, which necessitates first love activity. Men who feel called to teach are however not always active in love and able to love, therefore also incapable of teaching because they can only pass on what they own. They however lack wisdom, as they lack love. And what they hand out can never be considered to be divine truth because God reserves this for himself to offer it to those who he chooses because they are worthy of his favour. Amen. B.D. NR. 2396.


Book 32 2401

Contact with the deceased. Souls in Earth nearness.

8. July 1942. B.D. NR. 2401.

Countless souls are in Earth nearness, whose state of maturity is a very low one and that is why they still have the desire for Earth, because higher spheres are still not accessible for them. These souls are often still not yet aware that they no longer belong to Earth, i.e., they still do not know it that they have ended bodily life on Earth, and that is why they still stay in their old surroundings and want to communicate with men, without however being heard by them. And sometimes it takes a long time before they realize that they no longer have anything to do with Earth. It takes a long time until they have put up with their new surroundings and finally stay away from Earth. This stage of ignorance is little fulfilling for the soul, because nowhere it finds understanding and help, because it turns to those men who cannot help it in a way as it desires help. Only the realization that it is dismissed from Earth for ever and that men can only help it through prayer, causes the soul to think about its present state and to consider the possibility that it can change this state itself, and it now pays attention to every opportunity, which earns it a different degree of maturity. Only now it goes into itself and seeks to account to itself, and then it is often seized by bitter remorse, that it has not made use of life on Earth as God wanted it. And in this mood of remorse it is often visited by light beings, which however come to it in a covering, that they are not recognized as light beings. These draw its attention to the suffering of the other souls and seek to awaken in it sympathy for these. And now its inner cast of mind is decisive, whether the light beings give it power or leave it again to its fate, until sympathy for needy souls outweighs the own suffering and the light beings now once again have an effect upon it and then with success. Earth is surrounded by countless beings which so to speak still live on Earth, but unrecognized by men, who declare that for not being, what they cannot see and take hold of, and who therefore also do not want to believe that the souls of the deceased surround those men who were left behind. Because only the spiritual eye could see them, but the bodily eye is blind, consequently the souls can in no way attract attention, because men do not react to that, because they depend on the divine laws of nature, into which God himself has put them. They see and hear only with bodily organs, but the souls of the deceased want to be seen with spiritual eyes. And therefore there is no connection between the souls of the deceased and men on Earth, understood in pure worldly meaning; there is just a pure spiritual connection, which can only then be established when man on Earth has the will to harmonize with souls, i.e., when man on Earth believes in a survival of the soul and seeks to communicate with these souls as a result of this belief. This conscious initial contact with the spiritual world is precondition that a contact can be established between men and the souls in the hereafter, through which a mutual communication is possible. And now it depends who is more knowledgeable, man or the soul in the hereafter. Because the knowing part is supposed to instruct the ignorant part. When the soul in the hereafter is in a very immature state then man can impart his knowledge to it by speaking with the soul, what the souls can hear very well. But when man is ignorant, then he is instructed by knowing spirit beings, when his will desires instruction. And therefore men on Earth can beneficially work on souls, which are near Earth, because in the main these have a poor maturity, with little knowledge and therefore little power. They can be helped insofar through transference of knowledge in loving remembrance as that the souls now separate from Earth more easily and now turn their attention to the likewise suffering souls in the hereafter. Love can be awakened in them through this and they are now guided into further knowledge through the light beings, which recognize the change of attitude of the souls and now on their part stand helpingly by the souls. Amen. B.D. NR. 2401.


Book 32 2402

Consciously requesting favour through prayer. Not wanting to believe.

9. July 1942. B.D. NR. 2402.

Conscious utilization of divine favour earns highest spiritual success. When man requests God’s favour in prayer, his soul professes his faith in God, and divine power flows constantly to a being turned towards God, because the soul cannot bring itself up without this power. But God wants to draw the being up to himself and for this reason will always be prepared to help this being that it reaches its aim. Man only needs to want to receive to now also receive what is needed for his ascent development. But prayer proves man’s will towards God and so every means of help – divine favour – can be offered to him, and the ascent up is made easy through this. But men very often do not take up this favour to which they are entitled. They do not unite with God in prayer to request his power for their way of life, and that is why they also cannot mature spiritually, because the supply of favour cannot take place when it is not desired consciously. Indeed, God’s love and favour has constantly an effect and without difference towards men insofar as these again and again come into situations where they could seek the connection to God in prayer, but this requires the belief in a power, which is willing to help and able, and mankind lacks this faith, and therefore it does not desire the flow of power of an entity, which it does not acknowledge. But to believe in this entity is easy when man seriously thinks about it. But thinking is left to his will, and consequently lack of belief is inexcusable. One can never speak of not being able to believe but rather lack of faith is a not wanting to believe, which therefore also makes the flow of divine favour an impossibility because it is not consciously demanded in prayer. And that is why man, who cannot pray, is a miserable, unfortunate creature, whom only can still be helped through loving intercession, that his mind may change and he may come to cognition. Favour can be supplied to fellowman through intercession of man, but to make use of this is again up to him, because a being to which divine favour would like to flow against his will, would be pushed against its will into a higher degree of maturity, which would not appeal to him because the being feels the lack of freedom, it therefore feels that his state was changed over against his will and that this means no happiness for the being. Inexhaustible are the favours, which are available to man, but the will of man must consciously request them. Without prayer the supply of favour is impossible, even though the entire life on Earth is to be considered as one great favour, because it was granted to the being through God’s over great love, so that it can come close to him. But also this favour can remain unsuccessful when man is not conscious of this, that life on Earth, the embodiment as man, is a favour – when he values life on Earth purely earthly and therefore also makes use of it only earthly and leaves every spiritual ascent development unnoticed. Amen. B.D. NR. 2402.


Book 32 2403

Divine spirit work. Fight against lie and error.

10. July 1942. B.D. NR. 2403.

Out of broad heights the spirit of God sinks down to bring light into the darkness of Earth. And it fills the hearts of those who desire to walk in the light and want to carry it further. To walk in the light means to be knowledgeable, to be in eternal truth, to stand in right thinking and to receive divine wisdoms. Therefore the spirit of God always and permanently hands out truth out of God to men – it enlightens them and gives them knowledge on all fields and answer to all spiritual questions. The spirit out of God never errs, but gives eternal truth in a clear understandable way to men who desire to receive truth. And no limits are set to this receiving because the divine gift can be accepted unlimitedly because it is something perfect and a limitation or restriction never accords with perfection. But divine spirit work can only there appear where a man strives for perfection because this is precondition that the being earnestly desires to approach the eternal divinity – who therefore consciously strives for a state, which excludes lacks and mistakes. The will to become perfect is therefore the first condition when the spirit is to pour over man. And man must now let this will become active and make an effort to a walk of life, which is wanted by God – he must lead a way of life in love and closeness to God; he must fight all bad impulses, strive for everything divine, good and therefore form himself that he becomes a receiving container of the divine spirit that its work comes across no obstacle and can pour in all fullness into the container opening itself to it – into the heart of man striving for perfection, who bears desire for the wisdom out of God. The spirit of God works everywhere, and unmistakeably there, where man wants to serve God consciously, because God needs truth carriers on Earth who offer to pass on truth. Only few men recognize the importance of this task, and that is why also only a few men offer God this service, and the will must decide to serve out of its own initiative. This willingness to serve causes the supply of favours, which man can hardly estimate because God’s love seizes him and trains him for a task, which is of immense importance. (10.7.1942) It is essential to lead the fight against the lie, against error on Earth, and instead to spread the pure truth out of God among men. For this purpose error must be eliminated and for this reason recognized as error. And this is again only possible when truth is opposed to error, when therefore truth can push error away. Truth must so speak for itself that error is liked to be given up for it. The lie and the error belong to Earth, but truth comes from above and must be passed on to Earth, and this by willing beings, which serve God. But in the same way truth must be received on Earth by men willing to serve. Only the submission of the will under divine will has as a result that the power of God, his spirit, can overflow from being to being and therefore also to Earth. And this influx of power expresses itself with man as increased knowledge, as recognition of the eternal divinity. Man is introduced into divine truth, and this through the spirit out of God, which descends upon those men who desire the work of the spirit longingly and believingly for the purpose of enlightenment of such people who are still completely ignorant. Amen. B.D. NR. 2403.


Book 32 2408a

Strong or weakened will for receiving. Love towards God.

13. July 1942. B.D. NR. 2408a

The conscious burying of self into a spiritual state demands increased will power and therefore must be practised always and constantly and that is why man is not to give it up to not become lukewarm and unable for a task, which causes such burying. Man must practise shutting out of all thoughts when he wants of hear the fine voice in himself; and further must he listen attentively inwards. The spirit of God is always prepared to offer divine gift, but the soul not always able to absorb what is offered to it. And so the soul does not open itself completely, the spirit cannot impart the divine gift to it, or else the soul hears only unclear and not properly comprehensible to it, what the spirit out of God wants to tell it. But the spirit is willing to give, and it has to hand out valuable goods and that is why the soul should make use of every possibility to receive the valuable gift. Because it means spiritual riches for the soul, which is immortal. No limits are set for the receiving Earth child when only the will of man is so strong that he completely separates from the earthly world. When he succeeds in this, the spirit out of God can express itself already and now teach man. The hearing inwards requires greatest self-overcoming because all thinking must be shut out, so that only spiritual good can be supplied from the heart to the brain. And this favour is the result of right walk of life before God and increased love work, and that is why man will be able to shut out his thoughts the easier the more active he practises neighbourly love. The clearer and more comprehensible thoughts will flow towards him until man reaches the state without effort where thoughts flow towards him uninterruptedly and without break and can just as well be reproduced because then the work of the spirit is so strong that it inevitably must earn man a rich knowledge. But first man still must wrestle and pray very much, and indeed the more he finds it difficult getting into intimate initial contact with God and his beings in the hereafter. Through intimate prayer he can demand the power out of God, which he needs for his soul that it hears the voice of the spirit in it and therefore can receive the divine gift. Amen. B.D. NR. 2408a.


Book 32 2408b

Strong or weakened will for receiving. Love towards God.

14. July 1942. B.D. NR. 2408b

The effectiveness of the spirit is lessened when the will of man is not strong enough to resist the influences from outside. The spark of the spirit inside man certainly receives the influx out of the spiritual kingdom, but it is not able to make the gift of the spirit comprehensible to the soul of man, or also, the soul of man is not able to hear what is offered to it, because the will is not exclusively intended for the divine gift. And that so long until it has summoned the strength to turn away from everything what appears to be desirable to the body. Every connection with the spiritual world is an act of complete devotion to it, therefore the earthly, the bodily desire must be put back, and where the will for this cannot be summoned, there an unhindered work of the spirit is not possible, otherwise the favour of God would flow to man against his will, but it must be completely turned towards the reception of this favour. The will of man alone is determining, because it testifies to the degree of love of the heart. The love towards God is always expressed in the will of man, and so the will to receive will also correspond to the love of man towards God. When the heart pushes towards God, then also the will is strong to overcome any obstacle; but if the will is weak then also the desire of the heart towards God is not great, and therefore the currents out of the spiritual kingdom cannot become so effective that they can be imparted to the soul. Intimate prayer indeed increases will power, but also this intimacy depends on the love towards God, so that it is understandable that the ability to receive is not always the same when man is not in always the same will of love and work of love. Man must want to give all the time because then he will also be allowed to receive all the time, because first his will towards God testifies to his will turned to him, which is precondition, that the spirit out of God can work. And the deeper and more intimate the devotion is the more comprehensible the soul hears what the spirit wants to impart because it then loses every union with the earthly world and accepts the gifts out of the spiritual world. Spiritual gift is valuable good that is now also to be desired and received correspondingly and that is why the undivided will of man is needed to be able go over into his possession. The greater the will of man is to receive, the greater is also the will of the spiritual beings to give, which can impart the spiritual gifts to him, but which are subject to the divine laws, therefore can only have an effect with fullest agreement of man, which is expressed in a strong will. Amen. B.D. NR. 2408b.


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