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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 31

B.D. NR. 2134 - B.D. NR. 2274
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Book 31 2142a

Celestial bodies. Spiritual and earthly substance.

6. November 1941. B.D. NR. 2142a.

Only that man gets closer to the problem of the creation of the world whose thoughts are turned towards God, because he broods about the coming into being of the cosmos, about infinity and the creator of all things. He will not draw quick conclusions; he will conjecture and ask questions in thinking, and mentally he will also receive answers as soon as he pays attention to his thoughts. The smallest willingness to be instructed by certain powers, God rewards in a way that he instructs them to direct the train of thought of man into the right path, and therefore his thinking will correspond with truth, and he will as it were draw wisdoms out of himself. The spirit out of God instructs him, and therefore man stands in truth. The world is the product of divine will. It is the thought of God having become form. Everything tangible and earthly visible belongs to earth, the kingdom of matter. But outside of it is the spiritual world, not visible to the human eye, however came likewise out of the divine power of creation. For the cosmos holds innumerable creations, its raw materials are spiritual substance, which human eye cannot perceive, because it can only see earthly matter. Would man be able to see these spiritual substances, then a great knowledge would be opened to him, however his free will endangered, because what he would see, would be determining for his entire earth life. But the knowledge about it must remain hidden for him, so that he can cover his life walk on earth completely uninfluenced. God’s will, wisdom and love let constantly creations come into being, which appear to man only as really faraway heavenly bodies, which he therefore suspects in the same composition like earth. However these heavenly bodies are of such different shaping and completely inaccessible to the inhabitants of earth. Nevertheless human spirit can also roam into these creations and, what he sees and hears, take down to earth. And this is an extraordinary favour of God because man as such will never be able to reach that kingdom, and that is why he would completely lack the knowledge about it. But this way the spirit instructs him in the following way:
B.D. NR. 2142a.


Book 31 2142b

Celestial bodies. Spiritual and earthly substance.

7. November 1941. B.D. NR. 2142b.

There is nothing in the cosmos what does not have its origin in God. Consequently everything must announce divine wisdom, i.e., it must correspond to a plan which God has devised in his wisdom. Therefore nothing is futile in the cosmos, no matter how it may appear to man. The heavenly bodies now correspond to their purpose like earth, although they are formed differently. Everything in the cosmos gives the still unfree spiritual the possibility to develop up. That is the only purpose of every work of creation. But one must now by no means assume that therefore all works of creation are of the same substance, that therefore only earthly substance, matter, can be the reception station for the undeveloped spiritual, because this assumption would postulate that everything in the cosmos consists of the same earthly substance. It would further postulate that all celestial bodies are inhabited by the same beings, men, but this would mean a remaining in always the same state, therefore in the undeveloped state of lifelessness, i.e. inactivity. It would further mean permanent darkness, and therefore all celestial bodies would have to be lightless creations. But the higher developed beings would perceive this creation as unbearable force because they would find no beings willing to receive their light delivery; therefore the striving towards God would never find fulfilment when the being would not be redeemed from its earth bound state and came into free regions where an activity without the cover of force is possible. Therefore creations must also exist, which no longer mean force for the being. But every earthly substance is a force for the spiritual existing in it, consequently this must be ruled out, and creations must exist, which can only be explained pure spiritually because they are only pure spiritual substances. They exist, however not visible to human eye, but only perceptible to the spiritual eye. So they are to be addressed as spiritual creations, which means so much as that they can only be seen after life on earth, that they hold spiritual beings, which have already covered earth life and are to develop higher. But the degree of maturity of the beings is different; consequently also the creations must be different, which now serve as stay for the beings. Amen. B.D. NR. 2142b.


Book 31 2143

Celestial bodies. Spiritual and earthly substance.

7. November 1941. B.D. NR. 2143.

For the ascent development of the spiritual the serving activity is decisive, and that means also a certain activity is demanded of the being depending on the place of the stay, and this again corresponds to the nature of the celestial body, which has those beings as inhabitants. Earthly visible and tangible substances also postulate an activity, which again bring about what is visible and tangible, and consequently also the soul, the spiritual, must be in a cover, which is tangible and visible. But the activity can also only exist in pure spiritual work, i.e. not bound to a form or earthly creation and yet be likewise a serving in love, through which the being reaches perfection. Consequently the maturing of these beings does not need to be made dependent on earthly creations, i.e. material creations. On the contrary, the ascent development can proceed faster and easier in spiritual regions. However the activity in spiritual surroundings is difficult to describe to men. One cannot make it understandable to them because man cannot imagine a life without bodily outer form, but no thing is impossible with God, and therefore he created things, which appear unacceptable to human intellect, which would have to be declared as not being according to human ideas, however cannot be imagined as non-existent in the universe and therefore also cannot be denied. And these are those celestial bodies, which are visible to men standing as stars in the sky. These stars are at infinite distances from each other; they are always a world of their own. God’s omnipotence, wisdom and love testifies to every creation; but man does not grasp the way of the celestial bodies as long as he dwells on earth, because he cannot imagine what does not consist of earthly substance. But the spiritual in man is also a substance completely independent on earthly matter, and it leaves behind everything what is earthly tangible or visible on earth, as soon as it goes through the gate of eternity into the spiritual kingdom. And therefore the stay of the soul after the death of the body is no creation out of earthly substances, but the innumerable heavenly bodies are intended for it, which are visible to the human eye as shining celestial bodies, but in reality cannot be seen by the human eye because they are no earthly creations, but which yet were created by God for the ascent development of the still imperfect spiritual. Amen. B.D. NR. 2143.


Book 31 2144

Reorganization of the outer form after bodily death.

8. November 1941. B.D. NR. 2144.

Man needs life power for carrying out every activity, therefore being active means also life. When this power is taken away from him then he is unable to transform himself or other things – he is lifeless. But the outer form still changes in itself, as soon as man has become lifeless. It dissolves, and this process lasts so long until every substance has again been taken up in a new outer form, i.e., when the spiritual has flown out of the form, then the remaining form will certainly be relieved of its former purpose, must however fulfil a new purpose – it must contribute to the increase of any new outer form. The substance dissolves to be associated with a new outer form. This process needs again longer time. So the old form seems to dissolve, but in reality the spiritual substances, out of which also the earthly outer form is composed of, establish contact with other spiritual substances and form a new outer form, because the spiritual, which has condensed itself to the outer form, must likewise go through the ascent development course on earth, because it still stands at the beginning of its development. As soon as the spiritual gets now again assigned to this new outer form as its stay, its serving activity starts, therefore the form awakens to life – because activity is life. Out of God the power flows to every work of creation so that it can work in service, no matter what way, and every activity earns the spiritual in the form the ascent development. Consequently, what lives – therefore is active – must unquestioning progress in development. Only the state of death means a standstill of its development. But every matter has life in itself, because it changes, only in different long time duration. Even the most solid form is stimulated to activity through influence from outside, which is connected with the light radiation – therefore the work of light bearers, although this is not recognizable to the human eye. But also in this form life is active and achieves changes, which therefore confirm life of them. That is why matter cannot be called completely dead, although it appears to be lifeless to man. And there is still a state of lifelessness, and that is in that stage as man. In that stage the greatest extent of life power flows towards the being, which it is supposed to use for a serving activity. And man can still go through earth life in complete inactivity – as soon as he does not use the life power sent to him, to fulfil the assignment, which is the purpose of his earth life – when he neglects or refrains from that what earns him the ascent development. When he disregards work in love – that activity for which execution God lets the life power flow towards man. Then a standstill in his ascent development sets in. This means a state of lifelessness, of death, and this is the worst, because this state can only be removed through the being itself – but the state of death is a state of powerlessness, therefore the being can no longer liberate itself out of this state, because before, as power was reaching it, it did not want to. For the outward form death only means a transformation to a new form, therefore as it were a further possibility to ascent development of the spiritual substance, out of which the external form is formed. But to be spiritually dead is the most terrible thing, because the last favour, which is at the disposal of the being, is been left unused – because the life current, which God supplies to this being, is not used for serving activity and the being remains on the same level of development on which it stood at the start of the embodiment as man. A spiritual progress is not possible without activity; the being has become powerless through its inactivity and enters the hereafter powerlessly. Amen. B.D. NR. 2144.


Book 31 2145

Fear of death. Moment of decease pain or happiness.

9. November 1941. B.D. NR. 2145.

Man can live and still be dead in spirit, and he can equally lose his bodily life and awaken out of the sleep of death to eternal life. And both are left to him; he decides himself about death or life of his soul and still attaches so little importance to this privilege of a free decision during his earth life. The state of death is for every man an uncomfortable thought when he stands in the middle of life. And still the fewest men do something for that to make this thought less uncomfortable. They can do it with ease by living so, that there is no longer death for them, that they are born again to eternal life. And then death has lost its sting for them, and the moment of departure from earth can be the most marvellous moment , without fear and terror or worrying uncertainty about his further fate. To give up earthly life does not need to be painful; the soul can detach itself from the body without any death throes when it did not respect the body and the unification with the spirit was its striving on earth. Then already during life the spirit hurries on ahead into the spiritual kingdom because it recognized it as its right home. It will also now describe this home to its soul that it also has a longing for this kingdom, and so nothing more keeps the soul and the spirit back on earth. But the body is also in a certain state of maturity with such men and no longer oppresses the soul. Consequently the soul easily withdraws from it and goes into the kingdom of peace. But where the body did not yet give the spirit in it the freedom, there it will also still exert greatest influence on the soul, and as the body clings to earth, so it will also transfer this desire to the soul, and the soul now only sees that it has to leave the stay it is fond of, and as it cannot stop or avert the hour itself, a great angst of the afterwards grips it. Because in the hour of death it clearly recognizes what it has done wrong and that burdens it extraordinarily, and the hour of death becomes an agony for it because it enters darkness where bright light could shine for it. And its state is now miserable and full of terror. Man has lived on earth for his bodily welfare only, and therefore he now reaps the fruit of his life. The body and the soul suffer great agonies because the soul cannot enter the kingdom of light, consequently it is damned to inactivity while the souls in the kingdom of light are allowed to be active uninterruptedly and the activity alone is already infinitely blessed. Life or death is the lot of the souls which leave earth life, and man himself determines life or death during his earth life. And blessed is he when he still lets his will become active timely that he learns to despise the world and works on himself tirelessly. Then also to him the hour of death will be welcome because it means for him awakening to eternal life – it is for him no hour of terror, but the final redemption out of the bound state. Amen. B.D. NR. 2145.


Book 31 2146

Fight against Christ. God’s help. Doubt. Tools.

10. November 1941. B.D. NR. 2146.

Only few people will be found who courageously and openly stand up for Christ in the time of the fight against Him because faith in the help of God is small, and therefore men fear for their life and for their freedom, and finally they even give up their faith because they love their life more than their soul. And only few will dare to speak so as they think, and only few will plead for God’s help and confess Jesus Christ without fear before the world. But these few are strong in faith. They know that the time has now come which the Lord announced with his walk on earth, the time where he again descends to earth to again rescue mankind out of deepest trouble. They know that fellow men are in great misery and help must be brought to them, and they clearly recognize their earth assignment and seek to fulfil it. Therefore they must speak freely and openly that the thinking of fellow men is incited and induced to free decision. They are not allowed to fearfully ask about the effects of their actions; quite frankly they must declare themselves for God and therefore fulfil His will first, before they carry out another obligation. And now they will be put to severe tests. The divine word will be pulled to pieces in a way that nothing more survives and also the believing man will be attacked by doubts on account of the genuineness of the teaching of Christ. And in this mental trouble He will express Himself and bring power to those who become fickle because He recognizes their will to serve Him. And now man is just a tool in the hands of God. Because he carries out what God wants; he speaks and acts according to God’s will, and he does not fear the world and its might, but puts himself under divine protection. And that is his strength because who goes with God to a fight, he conquers every resistance; he will be strong where others become weak; he will speak where others are silent; he will work even if it is forbidden, and he will know that he acts right and he cannot act otherwise because the inner voice tells him what he has to do and to leave. Amen. B.D. NR. 2146.


Book 31 2165

Prayer for souls in the hereafter which have acquired no love on earth.

24. November 1941. B.D. NR. 2165.

The way of suffering of an unredeemed soul is not describable to men, and still they are to know that it is an inconceivable miserable state, which it has to bear, and this knowledge is to urge men to helpfully stand by such souls, and that is why the exhortation goes to them again and again, not to forget these souls. They thank men thousand times who bring help to them in their agony through prayer for them. The souls in the beyond, which after their decease leave behind men, with whom they were connected in love, have an advantage with regard to those who have acquired no love for themselves on earth. Loving thoughts follow the former and pious wishes, or power is sent to them through intimate prayer for such souls, and their situation can improve considerably through this. Every loving thought is felt beneficially by the souls and awakens again love, which now expresses itself with regard to the likewise suffering souls. But such souls must immensely starve and suffer, which have lived on earth without love. They are forgotten quickly, or they are thought of only in unkindness, and this has a dreadful effect on their state in the beyond. Every good thought of men on earth towards the souls in the hereafter eases their agonies; every bad thought increases it, and the souls themselves cannot defend themselves or force the love of men. Now love or unkindness has therefore a perceptible effect and makes the struggle upwards for the soul easier or more difficult for it. The souls, which must do completely without the love of earth men, are dependent on themselves alone in the dark surrounding, and their misery is unspeakably great. These souls are particularly to be remembered on earth that also they feel the blessing of intercession, that they perceive the power of love in them and by it a change is going on in them. Because as soon as a loving thought touches such lonely souls, they pay attention and turn to the starting place of that thought; they come near the person who thought of them mercifully, and observe him and his nature, his acting and his train of thought. They will also never harass a person who does a good thing for them, although they are able of little good stirrings themselves. But they ponder about the cause of that, that their state of suffering decreases near those people and they feel a noticeable relief through the prayer for the struggling souls in darkness. And they learn to recognize that love is the only means of improving their situation. And when the soul has won this realization then it becomes soft and willing to also help with regard to the other souls, and it has escaped the bitterest distress. Men on earth can redeem infinite many souls from their misery when they try to imagine the helplessness of these souls. Because so they feel a spark of love in themselves, the great suffering must touch their heart and stir their will to help those souls. Men are to include these poor souls in their prayer, which lack power to help themselves; they are to call on God for favour and mercy for those souls; they are to turn their love to them and never think of a deceased in unkindness to not increase the agonies of him. Because the soul is in greatest danger that it hardens completely and every good stirring dies in it. But souls are to be redeemed, and men on earth can contribute to this immensely much. Amen. B.D. NR. 2165.


Book 31 2169

Loosening of solid form through God’s will.

29. November 1941. B.D. NR. 2169.

An infinite long time passes before the being is allowed to embody as man on earth, this time is to be called the most painful during its course of development. Because although the outer form as man also means a compulsion, it is still to be called little with regards to that of the many outer forms before. Particularly painful for the being is the stay in solid form because before these covers are dissolved inconceivable times pass. However, only for a short space of time is the outer form as man intended for the soul, the being, as cover, and also man does not feel this time so much as agony, because the body, the outer form, can also create pleasantness for itself, which lets the stay on earth seem to be not particularly as agony. That is why the body does not perceive existence on earth as depressing as long as it can create fulfilment for itself. It also does not perceive the bound state because nothing binds it, than what men put on it as fetters through demands, which the body cannot fulfil easily. But then for the soul the body itself is the fetter, which makes it unfree, and it would like to get rid of this fetter. That is why the soul will suffer so long under its outer form as it complies with its demands. But it can loosen the fetters any time the less it pays attention to the body and its demands. In the early stages the being has carried out its activity forcedly, which God had determined for it, and it still was like a favour for the being, when it was called to an activity, i.e. was allowed, because the being had to first also bear this state, that it was completely inactive – and that in the solid form, which was assigned to the being as first stay on earth. The solid form encloses the being for ages, and it has to bear this painful state, because it still opposes God. But the being can do nothing to that end to dissolve the solid form, to free itself out of it. The change of the solid form depends on divine will and is not undertaken as you like, but depends on the willingness of the being to carry out a serving activity. When God sees the readiness of the banished in the solid form, then he loosens this form and assigns some activity to it, which is conducive to the maturing of the spiritual in the form. But the change of such outer forms must be preceded by a certain act of compulsion because these forms do not release the being held in them. God’s will is enough to destroy or dissolve solid forms, and the will of God will loosen these outer forms everywhere where the will to serve is present. But eternities pass before a solid form has changed in itself so far that it no longer presses the being as fetter. That is why God himself often intervenes to liberate the being out of the hard form, and that is through methodical changes of the surface of the earth, which always then take place, when God wants to give the being the opportunity for ascent development. Such changes are always observed at times where the already more mature spiritual does not fulfil its earthy assignment, which exists in overcoming the final outer form, when the being, in the embodiment as man, does not strive for further development, but leaves the actual purpose on earth unnoticed. Then the still completely immature presses for serving activity. It demands privileges, which have a release out of form as a consequence. And God determines this willingness to serve to loosen the hard outer form of the being and to give it therefore the possibility to make itself free. And now the being can cover the way on earth in serving activity, and it progresses in its ascent development. The stay in the present outer form now lasts no longer so long as formerly in the solid form, but still inconceivable times, until the being can start the last stage as man, which can earn it the complete liberation out of form. The last time as man on earth is just a moment measured against the long time before, and it is not an impossible achievement to free itself through right life before God. But it is up to him how he lives his life on earth, except the bound state is not ended arbitrarily when he has not used life on earth according to divine will, and then life in the hereafter will likewise mean a kind of forced state for him, and this will earn him incomparable agonies in the hereafter. Amen. B.D. NR. 2169.


Book 31 2172

Intercession for men far from God.

2. December 1941. B.D. NR. 2172.

In furthest remoteness from God are those men who think themselves too superior to call on God for help – who can neither believe in a power, which is ready to help and omnipotent, nor see in prayer a bridge, which leads to the eternal divinity – who therefore also establish no connection and consequently stand completely lonely when difficulties approach them where earthly help is no longer able to do anything. Because when man in this trouble does not find to God, this is a proof that he still remains in gross resistance against God, that earth life has not yet yielded ascent development for him; that he therefore is in a very needy state when he has to give up earth life. He has not yet consciously done anything with himself to reach a higher level. He also lacks power for it because he has not requested this in prayer. And still also those men are to feel the blessing of prayer because they will be able to notice a distinct flexibility of their nature as soon as a fellow man prays for these. This intercession is able to do very much, and the greatest part of mankind would be redeemed when one would ask God for love and favour for the other. Then the will of refusal would no longer be so great because God hears the prayer, which shows unselfish neighbourly love, when for the gift of recognition is prayed for fellow man. God’s infinite love is immediately prepared to fulfil such prayer because it bears witness to the love towards fellow man. But the remoteness of God is only to be lessened through love, and when the being itself fails, then it can be helped still on earth through intercession and the right way be shown. The remoter man is from the eternal divinity the more incomprehensible is for him also the thought of help. And that is why he also does not turn in prayer to God. But because only through intimate prayer a change of thinking can be achieved, man is to miss no possibility to pray intimately for his fellow man who is still weak in faith. The power of prayer is enormous, and through believing prayer man achieves everything, and especially on the spiritual state it has an effect, i.e., man will give up his resistance against all spiritual; he will become contemplative and now think over that what he before refused all the time, and come to another result than before. Man who prays for his fellow man for spiritual enlightenment has extraordinary influence on latter, and this is expressed so that he now willingly hears what is imparted to him, even if he was at first opposed to it, that he thinks it over, and when he later becomes again aware of it, accepts it gladly and with pleasure. And through this the remoteness of God is decreased. Intimate prayer earns greatest power and therefore must have an effect on fellow man when this prayer was for him. That is why people remote from God are not hopelessly lost because when someone is found who recognizes their great spiritual misery and wants to liberate them from it, he has himself an effective means at hand – the intimate intercession with God, which the before unteachable man feels to be extremely beneficient and he cannot close his mind to this love. And he will be led to the right way and still come to enlightenment even if often only after a long time; but he is not hopelessly at the mercy of the influence of the enemy but the good wrestling beings will gain the victory and help to redeem the man out of his state remote from God. Amen. B.D. NR. 2172.


Book 31 2173

Intervention of God necessary for the more mature and undeveloped spiritual.

3. December 1941. B.D. NR. 2173.

In his infinite love God has decided to stop the spiritual decline of mankind and for this he uses the wrong will of men, i.e., that, which men do under the influence of the adversary, that God lets become the cause of unspeakable suffering and bitter misery to have an effect on the spiritual state of men. Mankind no longer finds back to God, and it is in greatest danger to be completely ruled by the adversary. And this determines God to the intervention on his part, which earthly certainly has an extreme serious effect, but can be beneficent for mankind in spiritual respect. Where there is suffering there the love of God is always expressed although this is not understandable to men. Earth is to be the education station of the spirit, and it also is it, as soon as earthy experience contributes to it, to place the soul into that degree of maturity, which it needs for life in eternity. But men can also remain completely unimpressed by earthy experience, and this is then the case when they have no faith in a life after death, when they view earth life as self-purpose only and completely neglect the work on the soul. Then their earth life has been lived in vain, and this unused earth time can never be made up or evened out, and the effects of such an earth life is so serious that God has mercy with these souls and would like to stand by them before it is too late. And his help is apparently a work of cruelty and still decided by his over great love since eternity. God destroys apparently, to rescue. He lets happen what men consider to be the work of destruction; but what in reality aims at a spiritual building up, a spiritual progress, which for man certainly depends on the free will of him – but is certain for innumerable beings, which are still undeveloped, i.e. stand in the beginning of their earth career. Because for these the possibility of an ascent development is given through this, and that is why this intervention of God is greeted joyfully by them, because they are redeemed out of endless long imprisonment in solid form. God’s love wants to stand by every being, both the one still standing at the beginning of development and also the one already more mature spiritual, which is in greatest danger not to pass its earth life test. And that is why the coming event is inevitable, no matter how sorrowful an effect it has, because there is still the possibility that men come to recognition and are rescued from eternal destruction. Because divine love wrestles for every soul, as long as it dwells on earth, so that it is spared untold suffering in the beyond. Amen. B.D. NR. 2173.


Book 31 2174

Gratitude of the souls redeemed through prayer in the hereafter.

4. December 1941. B.D. NR. 2174.

The more willing man remembers to help the souls in the hereafter the more intimately these souls join again the man, because they recognize in him the rescuer out of their plight. They only then sever the connection with earth when they no longer need the help of men, when they so to speak are more mature than those and now connect with the souls in the beyond, which are in the same state of maturity. But then they again helpfully stand by man, however no longer desiring earth nearness, but they seek to guide the spirit of man away from earth up into heaven, because they are happier in that kingdom and the earth has lost every attraction for them. But they do not forget men on earth, and they especially stand helpfully by those who decreased their state of suffering and have redeemed them out of their misery and pain through prayer and intimate memory. When these souls are redeemed then they have themselves much power available to them, which they can impart to earth man, and the wrestling of him on earth will become easier and easier, and his spiritual progress will be recognizable without difficulty. Because now the redeemed souls draw from an inexhaustible fountain. It is their happiness to be able to help, and their love will turn towards men on earth who still have to struggle for the salvation of their souls. They clear off their gratitude the same way; they help the unredeemed that it becomes free of its constraint. How easy can men make the striving up when they have acquired the love of the beings on the other side through their willingness to help and their love is now repaid to them. Men can then enter the beyond in a state of light, and the painful state of the imperfect beings remains spared for them. Because this is also spiritual good what man acquires on earth. In the hereafter he finds again his loved ones; there is no separateness of those who were united in love on earth and whose love was also not finished with the death of the body. Intimate understanding and blessed love also now unites the beings because the same spiritual state of maturity is the effect of the mutual loving memory. What it means having contributed to the redemption of a soul that will only be understandable for souls in the hereafter, when both the state of happiness and also the state of suffering comes home. And that is why the redeemed being in the hereafter is always prepared to help the unredeemed, and its love extends to both the kingdom on the other side and also upon earth. And that is why men on earth are to acquire friends in the beyond through their constant readiness to help towards the souls, which are still dependent on their help and love. Because what they do for them out of love will be repaid to them many times over. B.D. NR. 2174.


Book 31 2175

Eruptions are acts of liberation for the spiritual in solid form.

5. December 1941. B.D. NR. 2175.

Eternities have already passed, and eternities will still pass, before the spiritualization of all that has taken place, what is original substance of creation. This process is so unimaginable arduous, and it requires infinite long time, because the initial resistance of the spiritual cannot be forcibly broken but this must decide itself to give it up, and that is why in no way can there be an accelerated intervention. Only though extraordinary hard pressure can its will of resistance flag, and that is why the visible creations are of a composition that they seem to be nearly indestructible in their initial stage and their dissolving again only possible through violent events. Such violent dissolving through the will of God takes place then, when the spiritual has become obedient so far that it no longer needs the unbearable forced state. Then God loosens the fetters of those, by the former solid form disintegrating and new outer forms joining together again, but which no longer means the so painful state for the spiritual than before. Every violent dissolving of former solid form is an act of liberation for the spiritual banished in it, but at the same time also such creations are subject to change, which hold already more mature spiritual in it. Because a violent dissolving of the hard substance is a process, which is noticeable for all spiritual in furthest surroundings. It is not a gradual decay in itself, but an elementary outbreak of the spiritual, to whom God gives freedom for moments, which it uses to blast that what keeps it imprisoned. Such eruptions bring enormous changes of creation with it, which are affected by the destruction. All spiritual, also that already further developed, gets rid of its old form, unites with spiritual having become free and again takes up residence in a new outer form, according to the will of this spiritual to fit into a serving purpose. And so, through such a violent dissolving, the spiritual is again caused to perform a serving activity, which means a loosening of its previous fetter for the spiritual. That is why each violent destruction is connected with a release, or ascent development, of the spiritual banished in form, and it is happily welcomed by it. Only for the spiritual standing in the last stage of development it is a painful event because this spiritual is robbed of every further possibility of development on earth and that is why it produces terror and horror when this has not made use of the last stay in the form, as long as it was possible for it. But for the sake of the immature spiritual such eruptions are necessary, which cannot be redeemed differently out of its solid form. Because as soon as it decides to serve after infinite long time of resistance against God, God also gives it the opportunity for it. B.D. NR. 2175.


Book 31 2205

Answers of question through knowing beings on the other side.

7. January 1942. B.D. NR. 2205.

Every spiritual thought establishes the connection with the spiritual world on the other side; every spiritual thought is an expression of power, whose activity is in that respect to impart power to the beings, which are powerless. Because knowledge is power, and the beings on the other side, which stand in knowledge, also want to transfer the knowledge to men in form of thoughts, therefore answer questions of them, which they mentally direct towards knowing powers, even if they also do not request the reply consciously. Man asks questions unconsciously when he thinks about something what is beyond his understanding. When he now dwells on a question for some time, the knowing powers get into action – they mentally whisper the answer to man, i.e., thoughts spring towards man, and because he is not yet informed about the nature of the thought, he sees himself as the originator of this thought and the result as the product of his own intellect. Yet he still builds up on this thought – he therefore remains in contact with the giving beings on the other side – he is instructed by them, while he is in the believe having solved the problem intellectually, which caused him to ask that question. What thought really is, cannot be explained to men that conceivably, and that is exactly why these messages so often come across resistance. Own thinking is attributed to the origin of the work, and that is why also the credibility is doubted of what is superior to every doubt. And only when man realizes the nature of thought, he ascribes deeper values to these impartations. And nevertheless man will be able to feel the power impartation himself, because when he receives thoughts which correspond to truth, his soul feels them as being beneficial, and it drives his will to communicate the result of his thinking to fellow men, and therefore man now also has an effect as power giver, by him passing on the knowledge, which basically and in principle is power out of God. Power stimulates activity; consequently no-one will be able to be inactive who receives power. Every thought imparted to man out of the spiritual kingdom will cause him to speak about it, and so man puts himself unconsciously in the service of mature spiritual by him contributing to the spreading of what knowing powers have imparted to him. Consequently the earthy world is permanently in contact with the spiritual world, because latter seizes every thought and tries to answer it, when the inquirer dwells on his question some time. Amen. B.D. NR. 2205


Book 31 2206

Growing and passing away

8. January 1942. B.D. NR. 2206.

Passing away is the lot of that what is visible to you, and nevertheless it cannot be called senseless and purposeless because transitoriness of every single work of creation is at the same time condition to the growth of new life. This is to be understood both spiritually as well as materially, because as soon as life escapes from its form, something new comes into being out of the outer form through union with other likewise dissolving outer forms, and the escaped spiritual enlivens again, increased in itself with similar mature spiritual, new outer forms, and therefore again and again new creations come into being, as soon as old creations seem to dissolve. Growing and passing away is the eternal succession, which aims at an everlasting ascent development. But growing and passing away only refers to what is visible to you – the spiritual held in it is everlasting; it remains existing until all eternity. Consequently all what is visible, matter, will certainly release the spiritual after a fixed time, but the spiritual itself seeks a new form, i.e. again earthly matter so long until it no longer needs such. Only then actual life starts, which never again stops, but lasts for ever. Throughout eternities lasts the succession of the spiritual through the form because for human ideas this time is so long that one can speak of eternity. And nevertheless it is only a fleeting moment in comparison to never ending eternity in the free state. All visible strives towards this free state; all what is free in comparison with it turns again towards the visible, i.e. towards the spiritual banished in it, and creates new possibilities for it to become free. Therefore the free spiritual lets visible creations come into being for the unfree spiritual, which the unfree spiritual has to overcome to get liberated out of it. To let such creations come into being is the activity of the spiritual, which uses the power out of God, in the state of perfection in the will equal to God, for the creation and enlivening of works of creation of most different kind. Therefore coming into being and passing away again depends on the free spiritual, but which lets that come into being, which is most useful for the spiritual, in love for the unfree spiritual and in deepest wisdom, as it corresponds to divine will. That is why the coming into being and the passing away of the visible works of creation will also show certain lawfulness, because deepest wisdom is then active and nothing what creation shows comes into being without a fixed plan or without sense and purpose. And that is why also a so methodical creation offers highest development possibilities to the immature spiritual; the passing away of the visible must be exactly as necessary and successful for the spiritual as the coming into being; the passing away must not mean an end of that what is, but only a change, because that what emerged from divine power of creation can no longer pass away, although it appears so to the human eye. Therefore only a constant change takes place of that what holds spiritual in itself, as also the spiritual changes constantly insofar as it increases in itself, by the spiritual, which escaped out of form, uniting with what is alike and for that reason also always needs new outer forms, in which it can reach the following degree of maturity, which again results in the union with equally mature spiritual. The seeming breaking-down of visible creations therefore means spiritual building up, i.e. union of spiritual power, and therefore the passing away of all visible is exactly as necessary as the coming into being of new creations. And no matter whether eternities pass in the meantime, through the love of the already free spiritual every development possibility is offered to the spiritual still banished, and therefore also this spiritual will be released some day and again stands by the unredeemed spiritual. And so long also the visible creation will exist, which constantly changes, because only through constant change is the further development of the spiritual possible. Growing and passing away. Without these there is no redemption. Because all what is unfree only then becomes free when it awakens to eternal life, when it has covered the course on earth through the creation, through permanent change of its outer form, through everlasting growing and passing away. Amen. B.D. NR. 2206


Book 31 2211

World judgement. Rapture.

14. January 1942. B.D. NR. 2211.

The world judgement will descend upon men suddenly and unexpectedly. And it will snatch away from earth every creature because earth will change in itself. Through a glowing current of fire everything will be destroyed what can be called living, and earth will receive a different appearance, inconceivable for men who inhabit earth now. But this is to be announced to them because there will be some among them who will experience both the old as well as the new earth, and these are to testify which miracles God has done to them. Because they will experience the destruction of the old world in the flesh and still not be affected by it because the Lord approaches them, and he lifts them up away from earth. These few are strong in faith and in love devoted towards God; they live according to God’s will and are pressed extremely by men who lack every faith. And so they are in greatest danger, and out of this the Lord rescues them by him coming himself and fetching them upwards. And a separation takes place; the good is separated from the evil, the believing from the unbelieving. God wrests the power over the spiritual from Satan by him banishing it anew in solid form. And so earth is formed newly. There is nothing what remains in existence in its old form because the time has ended which God has given the spiritual for the liberation out of form. It is a new epoch in the time period of redemption, and men will notice this with surprise who are led to this newly formed earth to form the stock of a new race. These know about the old earth and now experience the newly formed earth. And they recognize the greatness of God, his wisdom and omnipotence and his infinite love. Because a picture if offered to their eyes, which they receive in themselves with surprise and are awestruck. A kingdom of peace, to be seen lovely and pleasantly, exceedingly charming creations of most varied kind, still completely divergent of those of the old earth. And men will shout for joy and jubilate and cheer that they have received the great favour to experience the new earth. And they will forget the horrors of the world judgement which they experienced although they were not afflicted by it. For God lets that event happen in front of their eyes, which brings destruction to everything what lives on earth; but they themselves emerge uninjured out of it because God transfers them alive to a place of peace, until he has finished the work of forming again and leads them again to earth. Love, peace and unity will now unite men who are allowed to experience this process of change; they will praise God, thank him and worship him in deepest awe; they will live according to his will, and God will bless them and let a new race emerge out of them, which cannot be pressed by the adversary for a long time because all power is taken from him. And this time will be a time of peace and community with God because God dwells in the middle among them because his love lives in these men. Amen. B.D. NR. 2211.


Book 31 2212

Spiritual decline.

15. January 1942. B.D. NR. 2212.

Men of the present do not recognize where they drift. They live and are still dead in spirit. They find no connection with God because they do not seek him. The earthly world means everything to them, but their course of thought does not go beyond this. And that is why every day is used in vain in a spiritual sense – the upward development is called into question, even a spiritual step backwards is often noticeable, which has an enormous serious effect. And whether men are also pointed to their actual assignment on earth, they do not listen to such ideas because again the world and its demands alone seem to be important to them. And therefore their earthly walk is unsuccessful; for these men earth is not that what it is supposed to be. And God’s love and wisdom does not allow that men misuse their earth life, that they give it another purpose than God has determined, because his orders are wise and unsurpassable. But when man no longer recognizes the wisdom of God, then he also ignores his orders, and this can only lead to the downfall of that what is supposed to develop upwards. But an upward development can only then happen when man gets in touch with the spiritual and leaves the world unnoticed. But mankind is de-spirited; it hastens and chases after earthly aims; it is unable to a spiritual connection because it is not willing, because to strive for the spiritual seems to be worthless to it because it brings no success. And this is spiritual decline – this is a state which God does not look at idly, but which he tries to rectify by him shaking up men from the spiritual lethargy through events, which strongly shake the thinking of men. God has all power, and he will certainly also prove to men his power, so that they recognize him and seriously try to think about the meaning and purpose of earth life. And therefore he first takes from men that what claimed their thinking up to now – earthly goods and earthly pleasures. On the transitoriness of it they are first to recognize the worthlessness and after times of disappointment to think about the only valuable – about the relationship of man to God. He tries to awaken in them the desire for the everlasting goods, by him abandoning all that to decline, what up to now ruled their thinking. And that is the purpose of the coming events, which God must inevitably let come over men, so that they still make use of the rest of their life for the salvation of their souls, which up to now had to do without all care. Amen. B.D. NR. 2212.


Book 31 2213

Father words. Fearless Fighters.

16. January 1942. B.D. NR. 2213.

Who is love in himself, gives you (singular) the following message: To be active in my kingdom is a job, which requires courage and determination, because a work for me attracts the hostility of the world. Who now has the will to fulfil this job to help mankind, he will certainly have nothing to fear, that he will ever lack power. And I will strengthen him and let him find spiritual superiority when he is exposed to such hostilities. And then he will appear courageously and full of strength; he will not timidly consider the consequences of his resistance, but he will know that he fulfils my will, and this certainty makes him calm and certain of victory. Every thought which touches me, connects him with me, and where I am present, there certainly no defeat is to be feared. I only want that I am remembered trustingly, that man takes his refuge in me when danger is threatening him. Because every thought calls for me, and I am immediately prepared to help my child because it remembers me. And I will certainly not leave in trouble and distress those who want to serve me and are in need of my power and support. And when the call is now received by you (singular; all yous in this message are singular) to mention my work, then no objection is to hold you back, then confess freely and openly that you are active for me, and do not be afraid – but believe that I am close to you and put every word into your mouth and that you therefore can speak nothing false but expresses what I want to say to men through you. I have to use a willing man who completely subordinates himself to my will; I cannot talk directly to them because men are too unbelieving and do not get in contact with me. The inhabitants of earth I also have to remember earthly, i.e., I cannot approach them spiritually and therefore also offer them nothing spiritually. But when man is willing then I can impart my power to him, so that he now carries out what I instruct him to do – that he speaks what I want to say to men so that he acts as I would act when I would be in the midst of them. Who is thus willing to work for me, him I give my power in richest measure, and he will express freely and without doubts that he stands in my pay. Because I need courageous fighters who appear so fearless that the world pays attention. I need fighters who unite and are not afraid by the measures of worldly rulers. Towards them I send an army of my angels when the fight threatens to become hard, and never will one of my fighters be exposed defencelessly to the opponent. I am with him myself, and my power is certainly invincible and my love for them overwhelming who stand up for me and fight for my name. And whatever might come, I know about everything, and everything has to come so as I think good and profitable for the souls. I still seek to save many souls and for this I use those who offer their services to me out of free will, because those alone I can use as my tools. And I reward their devotion with my love. I let my power overflow into them and take all fear away from them. I give them a courageous heart. I put the confidence into this heart that I am always close to them, and they will now speak intrepidly and confess me before the world. Amen. B.D. NR. 2213.


Book 31 2216

Earthly surroundings, abilities and knowledge inconsequential for the maturing of the soul.

19. January 1942. B.D. NR. 2216.

It is without importance for the upward development of the soul in which surroundings it goes through its embodiment on earth. It is also completely inconsequential which earthly abilities man has and on which level he stands in earthly knowledge. Man can earthly have the highest merits; he can be well experienced in all earthly areas and abilities; he can also stand in a high degree of knowledge, and he can still stand considerably lower spiritually than a man who does not have all these merits in earth life and is highly developed spiritually; yes, often the spiritual maturity is far more likely recognizable there, where all earthly merits are ruled out because these people are more inwardly and more connected to God because they are not reduced in their soul work through any outer influences. From time to time it appears as if a well-shaped soul can only live in well-shaped body, as if truth could only be there where wisdom is taught or received, and as if the degree of knowledge depends on more or less highly developed intellectual thinking of man, and still exactly those apparent privileges can be an obstacle which jeopardize the maturing of man. The man, whose thinking is otherwise sharp and logical, can hold greatest error exactly in spiritual respect, but error will never help to spiritual progress. Only the life in love brings such, and that is why man definitely needs to have no worldly recognized merits and still can stand on a very high level spiritually because he possesses love, but only this really elevates man. The will to serve God can be just as strongly developed with a man who stands there quite small and low earthly, because precisely this will attracts God as eternal love, but this helps man or his soul first to spiritual maturity, and therefore a well-shaped soul can far earlier develop with a man who does not share his attention between spiritual and earthly experience. As it were he has it a little easier because the challenges from outside do not besiege him so, while the world man, who has exceptional abilities, but does not use these for the benefit of his soul, can stand far behind that soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 2216


Book 31 2217

Necessity of suffering.

20. January 1942. B.D. NR. 2217.

Suffering is to have you men come to your senses that you still walk wrong ways on earth, that you are still not purified in your thinking or that you are still a long way from God. When you do not work on yourselves, when you believe to no longer need upbringing, you stop in your spiritual development, and then God must send suffering to you, so that you become conscious of your faults and you join him intimately in prayer. Only then a small measure of suffering will be necessary that you seek the closeness with God, and he can take it again away from you when your thinking is straightened out. But mostly mankind stands in furthest God distance, and then it also does not find back to him through suffering. Then men rise up against the power which they powerlessly stand facing, and then the more they have to bear greatest suffering. Because if God takes suffering from them, then they fall back into their old faults and their arrogance; they neither recognize God nor their imperfection, and so they do not strive towards God by trying to shape themselves to perfection. There are only few men to whom suffering can be spared because they consciously work on themselves, and there are only few who God can approach, that he helps them bearing the suffering when such also cannot pass them for the sake of mankind. And that is why earth will be afflicted in a way that one sorrowful event takes over from another, and a great distress will come over men whose earth walk does not correspond to divine will. Because hard misery will change man when it appears unbearable to him, and that is the purpose of suffering. God is always prepared with his help when men call upon him, and they can soon make the greatest suffering ineffective themselves through intimate prayer. But how seldom find men the way to him; how seldom a deep, childlike prayer rises up to the father in heaven that he can lean towards the petitioner and fulfil his request. Men become hard and reserved where they trustingly asking can achieve everything. And that is why they increase the measure of their sufferings; they drive themselves so to speak deeper and deeper into trouble and misery, and they do not recognize with this the love of God, which wants to help them. Amen. B.D. NR. 2217.


Book 31 2229

Intellectual opinion to faith teachings.

5. February 1942. B.D. NR. 2229.

It is a spiritual inability, a lack of spiritual knowledge and power of recognition, when man thinks to stand in truth, who has received his knowledge from men without ever having expressed his intellectual opinion to it. Faith certainly means thinking something is true what cannot be proven. Nevertheless everything what is demanded to be believed must be seriously thought over; but when everything what is taught is accepted blindly, then this is no living, no convinced faith, but only a scheduled transferring of a teaching and a thoughtless accepting of it. And such faith certainly cannot survive before God. It is not enough when objections are refuted against faith teachings with expressions, which again were thoroughly learned, i.e. were adopted, but do not substantiate a teaching sensibly or convincingly. Truth must be substantiated quite clearly and irrefutably; as it were it must speak for itself. But something cannot be truth what has been put up as faith teaching incoherently and without reasons, and every thinking man has the duty and the right to demand explanation when a faith teaching is incomprehensible or appears unacceptable to him. When this explanation cannot be given to him in a satisfying way by men, then he is to ask God himself for enlightenment, and only then when this is given to him intellectually, when he himself can approve of the faith teaching in his heart, then one can speak of convinced faith. God does not demand blind faith – because then the words "I believe" would just be empty words – but man can also have deep faith in something what cannot be proven to him when his heart adjusts with it in the affirmative. But this is only the result of thought, and thought about every faith teaching is demanded because otherwise man would have to believe everything what is presented to him. That the adversary is now anxious to infiltrate every truth with error, and his plan is not fought from God, then it is now man’s duty to examine the teachings sent to him for truthfulness, i.e., to think them over and to then only accept what appears acceptable to him. And now it is up to him whether he requests divine assistance for this. This request will earn him power of recognition because without the assistance of God his ability to judge is certainly too little. When his will is good and therefore turned towards truth, then he will know very well to differentiate whether pure truth or error is offered to him. Amen. B.D. NR. 2229


Book 31 2234

Struggle for existence. Struggle in the pre-stages. Struggle as man.

13. February 1942. B.D. NR. 2234.

Every struggle for existence contributes to upward development of the soul when man overcomes resistances, i.e. develops his power to remain victor in the struggle. Struggle is making use of power, which flows from God towards every living being. The living power, to which every man is entitled to, is used right, when it is used for the overcoming of all resistances. Life without resistances would demand no development of power, therefore also cause no use of life power, and then the soul could also score no progress, because latter can only be possible with support of God – i.e. through flow of divine power. In every stage of development before the embodiment as man, the being must pass this struggle; it must make a stand, because it will always be besieged in a way which results in the development of its power. And it will always defeat the weaker, and this is allowed by God’s wisdom, because in this way new possibilities of upward development are again created. Therefore it is also wanted by God that the weaker succumbs in this struggle because every creature only develops upward and never reaches that degree of maturity on earth, which would make a new shaping unnecessary. Therefore the being will stand so long in the struggle with the stronger until it turns into its last shaping as man. But then its struggle is no longer a pure external one, i.e., one man is not allowed to destroy or defeat the other by virtue of his strength, so that in the end only the strong on earth could assert itself, but the strong has to use its strength in another way – it must support the weak; the strong must help to defeat resistances so that it serves the weak. Then man applies his power well; he uses it according to divine will by him certainly fighting resistances, but not wanting to completely defeat the weak, because otherwise he abuses the power out of God; then he uses this power to a work, which contravenes against God’s order and against his divine love. He sins insofar as that he treats something without affection, which strives upwards like him, by wanting to take from him the possibility to develop upwards – when he uses his strength to dominate the weaker. Man is to try to control the resistances, but he is not to seek to overcome like outwardly what resists him, because it is truly an act of greatest power development, when he tries to acknowledge in love everything, also the weak, also as a creature of God and he now struggles against that what harms his spiritual upward development and therefore overcomes it. Amen. B.D. NR. 2234.


Book 31 2235

The word of God is blessed with his power.

14. February 1942. B.D. NR. 2235.

Which power the divine word, which comes from above, radiates, man will become aware of only then when the trouble on earth will be so great that only from it they draw comfort and help. When no earthly power can bring help to them, then there is always still one prepared to help. And this one then comes in the word to men and brings them refreshment and power when they are threatened to be defeated. He has blessed his word with his power – men will feel that and receive his word full of desire because with it the power out of God flows to them. And they will need this power; they will get together also at hidden places to receive food and drink out of heaven because on earth it is no longer allowed to be offered. They do not want to do without and praise God with a thankful heart that he takes care of their trouble and supplies them with spiritual power, which is indispensable to them. Because their hearts hunger for it; they hunger for the words of love and favour, because God’s word gives them knowledge of his care and everlasting readiness to help, and the word deeply penetrates into the heart of those who desire to hear it; it gives men confidence and hope; it deepens their faith and increases their love; it encourages their striving and connects them with the spiritual word, and this connection makes the transfer of power out of God possible and this also effective. Divine power cannot remain ineffective when it is accepted with a thankful heart; it must have a beneficial effect; it must affect man invigoratingly and can in no way be replaced through human gifts because what men offer will always only have a bodily effect – but the word of God is power for the soul; it strengthens and enlivens the soul although the body is meagrely provided and therefore has to suffer misery. But when the soul suffers want, then suffering is over-great, and only the divine word can banish this suffering and give rest and peace to the soul. That is why the desire for divine comfort will be great in the coming time and increase to intimate longing, and God will satisfy this longing and let comfort and help come to men through the word; he will impart power and favour to all of them who unite with him through the acceptance of his word. He will not let them suffer want but satisfy their hunger, and who therefore is fed by the Lord himself, he will not lack power in the coming time – he will constantly turn the sight up, from where help is coming for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 2235.


Book 31 2242

Last Judgement.

23. February 1942. B.D. NR. 2242.

The demon of hate and of lack of love poisons the world, and this means the start of the spiritual collapse, of spiritual decay - it means the downfall both spiritually as well as earthly. What has completely become lacking of love must be regarded as being lost for eternity, i.e., it cannot acquire on earth eternal life, but death, therefore complete lifelessness is its lot for eternal times. Consequently the earth has become unnecessary as redemption station for the spiritual, because it has used no possibility, and that is why the time of stay has ended for the spiritual on earth – a redemption period finds its conclusion, so, as it is announced in word and script. A time of development lasting millennia ends with a judgement, with a separation of the redeemed and the unredeemed – of that spiritual turned towards God and that completely far from God. God judges his creatures, i.e., he finally separates his from the followers of Satan; the former he gives a free life in happiness and binds the opponents anew in form, in matter, which they desired and forgot God because of it, therefore became completely estranged from him. These are the living and the dead – which are now judged, which receive their award and their punishment from God according to his words, because God is just, and he gives out according to merit. Those will live who have recognized God, who love him and fulfil his will; but being damned to eternal death those who did not acknowledge him and turned towards his adversary and whose life was just lack of love. God certainly has infinite patience with his creatures, and he still postpones the day; but his patience is not valued by mankind because those who do not acknowledge God, they also lack every faith in a judgement of God, and every hint at it is unsuccessful. And so it will come unexpectedly for men who have no faith, and trigger greatest horror, but brings rescue in greatest trouble to the believers because they are in extreme distress for the sake of their faith. And now the separation has to take place because no possibility of improvement exists any longer for the unbelievers who vegetate in fullest lack of love, because all tests before, suffering and earthly misery, are unsuccessful and the power of Satan immense, because they submit to him and seek the life of the believing people. This is the time of the complete decay which precedes the last judgment, which means the end of the present earth and the beginning of a new time epoch, which is exceptionally significant spiritually, because God banishes evil anew for inconceivable long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 2242.


Book 31 2243

Last Judgement. End of epoch of redemption.

24. February 1942. B.D. NR. 2243.

The entire mankind will be judged at the Last Judgement, and everyone, whether good or evil, will receive his wages. And therefore there will be a separation of the good from the bad, the just from the unjust, the believers from the unbelievers, and God himself will sit in judgement and reward or punish everyone according to merit. This judgement is inevitable and concludes a significant period, a time of favour, which was granted to the unredeemed on earth through God’s over-great love. This time was a time of constant wrestling of the luminous spiritual with darkness; it was a time of struggle of all beings which strive up, and in this time the beings had the possibility to develop themselves to light beings so they just wanted. But God also imposed limits on the beings by the period being determined beforehand for eternities, which was available to the beings for redemption. And this time was certainly so apportioned that it was completely enough for the total redemption, however it was not used in that measure as it could have been used, and no notice was taken of countless possibilities because the beings did not make use of their free will or abused it and chained themselves anew to the power from which they were to free themselves. On the day of judgement the being now has to answer for this free will and its use, and according to its will it will turn towards heaven or towards hell – to light or to darkness – nothing else will be its lot than what it has created through its will for itself. Spirit will be in all freedom when it has striven for this on earth, or again be banished in hard matter, which it desired on earth with all its senses. The former is a state of happiness, the latter a state of agony and inconceivable suffering – renewed imprisonment through endless times in most agonizing remorse and helplessness. But God is just – because in his love he made an effort through eternities to guide these beings to freedom. All aids were at their disposal, the favours of the work of redemption he acquired for the beings through his becoming man and his death on the cross; he was infinitely longsuffering and patient, but he had to leave one thing to them – free will. And according to this he now must also judge men when the day has come, which ends this time of favour. Because this free will is degenerated; it is only still used for the work for the opponent, and therefore it must again be bound for endless times. The Last Judgment is the beginning and the end – a new epoch begins, and the old has ended; earth life has found its conclusion for all beings, which were embodied on earth, partly in the works of creation, partly in the flesh. But a new creation comes into being, which again holds the spiritual in itself, which has not yet finished its earth way, was however close to the last embodiments. Because this spiritual has not yet been given back its free will, therefore can also not be held responsible on the day of judgement. But the entire mankind will have to answer God on the last day, and its sinfulness will be revealed, and only a small number of righteous will be able to hold their own before the eyes of God and enter into the kingdom of peace. Amen. B.D. NR. 2243.


Book 31 2246


28. February 1942. B.D. NR. 2246.

The approaching stormy weather disaster is of decisive importance for all men insofar as also world affairs experiences a change through this, but men are now to face other tasks and events, which do not have a less serious and sorrowful effect. It is a scared time, which the survivors at first go through, because they do not know whether and when this natural disaster will be repeated. Many people also know nothing about the whereabouts of the people close to them; many will remain behind completely alone and deserted, and affliction and grief will be found everywhere, and there will hardly be a house which does not hold sad people, and in that country, where the voice of God has spoken, no city, which has to show no ruins. And then love will have to prove itself, and one will help to bear the suffering of the other when men form life more bearable for themselves and not despair completely. Suffering on earth has just assumed other forms; but it cannot yet be taken from man completely as long as they do not convert to God and strive to fulfil their spiritual assignment. And that is why now also those have to be affected who remained untouched through world affairs up to now. And therefore an unimaginable difficult time replaces the time of the world fire, everywhere noticeable, where lack of love predominates. Men cannot imagine a natural disaster of that extent, as it is near to earth, and it will also not be recognized in its extent initially, because it will need a long time before knowledge about it has hastened through the world, and this uncertainty increases the suffering and the worry, because every connection with the surroundings is cut off and difficult to be established again. And men will be put under pressure by the ruling power and will be brought in for the carrying out of performances, which almost go beyond their strengths, and they will not be able to defend themselves and lead a hopeless life without prospect of improvement. And such suffering is still necessary when men are to be led towards their actual purpose, i.e. establishing the connection with God and asking advice and help there. And then the word of God is to be made accessible to them; then it is to be preached to them about the work of God, about his will and his divine love teaching; then they are to be referred to life after death, to the transitoriness of all earthly, to the purpose of earth life and their assignment, which consists of shaping of their soul and in an earth walk which corresponds to the will of God. Soon the hour has come when God will speak to men in a way that the entire world will come into turmoil. Because one night will bring unspeakable misery upon men, whose countries will be affected by this disaster, and the dawning day will be horrible because it will show the survivors a picture of devastation, which surpasses all fears and all imaginations. But the will of God is unchanging because he knows about the necessity of a shock of human thinking; he knows about the trouble of souls, and in order to help them in this trouble, it will be carried out so as it is determined since eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 2246.


Book 31 2261

Renewed course through creation. Solid form.

15. March 1942. B.D. NR. 2261.

Unspeakable painful is the stay in solid form because the spiritual feels the compulsion and cannot free itself from it. But the resistance against God is so great in this spiritual that another outer form would never break it, and therefore solid form, rock in its most diverse kind, was added to the spiritual as cover so long until the resistance is broken and the beings in it prepared to cover the course on earth in service. Only this willingness earns the beings a relief namely a loosening of its outer cover and therefore a somewhat less solid outer form. Therefore it is up to the beings themselves what time they want to languish in this agony because their will makes them free; their will changes the agonizing state into a more bearable one. That these solid forms have such an infinite long duration of their existence is alone because of the rebelliousness of the spiritual which is inherent in it, which could change its state any time when it would like to give up this resistance against God. Consequently this spiritual does not have to bear undeserved suffering, but it is itself the originator of its torments through its wrong will. And God knows about its will and that is why he has embodied it into those outer forms, which correspond with its rebellious nature. The beings, which give up their resistance against God faster, inhabit mainly such kinds of rock which reach dissolving faster, i.e., which are again and again blown to pieces as a result of natural disasters or earth eruptions and therefore release the spiritual, which is held in them, in shorter time. The being’s rebelliousness is known to God from eternity and therefore the entire course of development is likewise laid down from eternity, that is why no beings have to bear an undeserved state, but are surrounded by the outer cover according to their attitude towards God, which is to change their will even if this is only the case after inconceivable long time. And such an agonizing stay will be the lot of innumerable men who now still inhabit earth, who forfeit all right to live in spiritual freedom through their complete lack of love. i.e., being allowed to be active. Through millennia the way was shown to them and the possibility given to acquire this spiritual freedom for themselves, but in the last stage of their development they abused anew their free will and that is why they also must cover anew this infinite long way to becoming free, because it is their own will, and the new stay only corresponds to their acting and thinking on earth in fullest lack of love. Amen. B.D, NR. 2261.


Book 31 2262

Spiritual ties.

15. March 1942. B.D. NR. 2262.

Spiritual ties among men are of greatest advantage for the soul of the individual because man gets stimulated to spiritual activity, to thinking about things and to work on his soul. He is not at all forced to do this, but out of his own drive he will seek to perfect himself, and then the word of God has an effect on him and faith becomes alive. Mutual exchange of ideas is the right transmission of the divine word, because everyone, who stands in knowledge, is to give and the ignorant to ask and to receive. Then no systematic transferring of faith teachings takes place but every word has life and will again awaken life. And that is why the contact with spiritually striving men is to be cultivated because only this way truth paves the way, which is supplied to men through the word of God. And only then the word is translated into action; love is practised, and love progresses in its upward development. And then also peace and harmony will be among men, because who is receiver of light and the power out of God, he will want to again distribute it in all love and have an effect on men in a pleasant way, and that will awaken requited love and therefore trigger a state among men, which corresponds to the will of God – harmony and connectedness and a mutual serving in love. The word of God is given in love, and it brings up in love, consequently every lack of love must be banished there where God himself speaks to men in the word. And that is why men will always keep together and stand by each other in suffering and trouble because love unites them, and so also all suffering is to be borne easier where simultaneous spiritual striving lets men become sisters and brothers. In a world where it is sought to stop spiritual striving, spiritual ties are double beneficial, because they give men power to resist and incentive to spiritual activity, while the individual is in great danger to succumb, i.e., to give up his resistance and to surrender to the power besieging him. But man is strong when he knows to be united with people of the same spirit. He again draws new power out of mutual exchange of ideas because when true deep spiritual striving connects men there the spirit out of God will be effective among them and expresses itself, and power and favour will flow towards the souls so that they form themselves according to divine will because everything must mature what strives up together. Amen. B.D. NR. 2262.


Book 31 2263

Faith difficulties and God’s help.

16. March 1942. B.D. NR. 2263.

The voice of God will be heard in the whole world so that all men recognize the Lord of creation and learn to fear him. Because he is certainly a God of love, where however his love is not respected there he will be a God of strictness and speak to men with a brazen voice. And then it is still time to turn towards him because a short time of favour follows his last admonition, which men can still use extensively. This time will certainly be bitter and hard because men will have to live in want and change completely to the living conditions which now occur. They will have to humble themselves with a meagre life which will be little consumption and the more trouble and work. And they will believe that they are not able to bear such a life and lose all hold when they do not find this in God. And then men will again separate in such who come closer to God by thinking about their situation , and such who then drop all faith and say ‘no’ to everything what is connected to God and spiritual striving. But for the sake of the few who still find to God this time of favour is still given to earth. And it is fulfilled as it is written. The spiritless world now fights against the few believers to get them off their faith, and it applies all means to reach its aim. Because it sees an obstacle in the faith in God, a hindering for its disgraceful plans, which are to be carried out for the reestablishment of the old living conditions. And therefore the world, i.e. those men who are devoted to the world and only strive for worldly wealth and consumption, wants to wipe out all faith, and for this every means is right for them. They take away all food from the believers and refuse them legal advisers; they fight crueller against them as an enemy against another and through this seek them to defect from the faith. And that is the time where God makes great demands on the faith of men – where faith is to prove itself and will bring about great things. For God does not leave his assembly; he stands by it in this great trouble, and he will provide for it well when they just trust him believingly. And those will often be strengthened miraculously from whom everything was taken away; they will get the power out of God directly, and they will draw it out of the word of God, which is and will remain the source of power also in this coming time, which certainly makes high demands on the faith of men but is also over-rich in favour – because God’s might and power and love will become obvious. Amen. B.D. NR. 2263.


Book 31 2270

Ruling power according to the people.

20. March 1942. B.D. NR. 2270.

The weak has to fall into line with the will of the stronger and bend before its force. But this is not right before God because he has determined none of men to judge and to rule over fellow man, except that power, which he has put over the people to rule, who are no longer able to take divine laws as guiding principle. Such people need a head who lays down what they are to do and not to do, and the ruling power will take the stricter action against the people the less these keep to the laws, which exist since eternity and whose law giver is God himself. However also this ruling power is commanded by God to discharge the duties of its office in love. And when it keeps to this, its government will be just and lead the people so that they automatically return again to discipline and order and no longer need a strict government, therefore is also freed from it. But if the people have become completely without love, then they will also have a supreme power completely without love, which torments the people, often up to unbearableness and this is still allowed by God so that such people still come to enlightenment. It is certainly not according to divine will that a power allows itself encroachments, which contravene all love commandments. And everything what contravenes divine will also have a corresponding effect. Men must know what is right before God, and that is why they must detest every act, which quite obviously shows the work of a power opposed to God. They are not themselves allowed to consent or to approve the way of acting of those, but must see to it that if possible the lack of love is decreased; they must see to it that no opportunity is given to the power hostile to God to be able to develop its power and might. Therefore men must train themselves in love, then also the strict supreme power will have no long duration because God takes it again when men form themselves so far that they no longer need a strict government. But the other way round the pressure through an earthly power will become stronger and stronger the less men practise love, and people who have become completely without love will hardly have to expect alleviation. To their regret they will have to submit to the ruling power because lack of love again triggers lack of love, and such people will hardly reach discipline and order. Amen. B.D. NR. 2270.


Book 31 2271

Rejecting the word of God is turning towards the opponent of God.

21. March 1942. B.D. NR. 2271.

The opposite pole is striven for when man shuts himself off from the divine word, because then he defends himself against the flow of power out of God, and that already is a turning towards the opponent of God. Who rejects the word of God, he also rejects God himself, because God is the word. And when he talks about God then this is just a phrase which he uses without recognizing God. But when God himself approaches him, he sets his will against it, and cannot be led to God compulsorily. And even so he believes to use his will right and to be loyal to God when he has grown up in a wrong idea, and he remains loyal to only this wrong idea. With toughness he clings to his old ideas and cannot be convinced that he represents an erroneous teaching because this conviction cannot be taught to him compulsorily, but must be won by him out of his own drive. The heart must be active; he must feel the drive in himself to ascertain truth, and to get into intimate touch with God himself, then he will recognize whether and when he walks in truth. The word of God will enlighten him about everything, but he can never get clarity when he rejects the word of God. But the opponent of God reinforces his will to rejection; mentally he will go for him, and he will also be successful because the will of men is much more likely inclined to accept his teaching infiltrated with error than divine truth. And so man stands in association with the opposite pole of God, and his thinking and acting corresponds with it. He will not be active himself, but remains in what was offered to him before, and that is his mistake that he has acquired something without examining seriously, and now shrinks from a serious examination because he wants nothing else than what he owns – he is afraid of recognizing the flimsiness of what he owns and supports it the more eagerly. But God again and again tries to also guide these men to the way of truth, and he again and again comes close to them when they raise their thoughts towards him. Because only through serious thought can they come to truth, and he will again and again cause men to thought to snatch them from the power of the opponent and to be able to present his word to them and with this word also the power. Amen. B.D. NR. 2271.


Book 31 2272

Refuting opposing opinions. Teaching activity on earth.

22. March 1942. B.D. NR. 2272.

Every opposing opinion stimulates to thought and therefore can be of advantage for the serious researcher because only thought creates spiritual ownership, while only now a mental result sticks and man, when he has once expressed his opinion, can now also talk about it. Spiritual ownership one can only now call what has penetrated so deeply, that it cannot be switches off from memory as you like – and what is acceptable and fully comprehensible to man. This is spiritual property, which is immortal, but what can also again be handed out, without being decreased. And the giving out of such goods will happen with full conviction, because what is comprehensible and acceptable to man himself, that he will understandably also pass on to those who are still untouched by it. And this is a beneficial project, which will always have the favour of God as a result. There are only few teaching workers on earth; but these must be able to believe themselves what they speak; and where faith is not yet very strong, man must be led to strong faith. And that is why often resistances are put in his way in form of opposition, which man seeks to refute and through this he gathers strength in his opinions. Denying his right that he is in truth will of course often happen. But man will recognize himself when his thinking still goes wrong ways. God directs truth to earth for the purpose that it will be passed on, and that is unadulterated, as God himself has taught men. Different opinions indicate that not all men stand in truth, and the latter depends again on to what extent men have desire for God, because those alone are in possession of truth. But the exchange of different opinions is for that reason of advantage because men express themselves and can now get a clear picture, which gives them information about truth and untruth. And when man is thinking right, he will also have the right feeling about the value of the contentious opinion and now support its content with fellow men according to importance and therefore be active in spreading truth and in the struggle against the lie. Amen. B.D. NR. 2272


Book 31 2273

Different schools of thought. Truth depends on degree of love

23. March 1942. B.D. NR. 2273.

In every school of thought a grain of truth is hidden, assumed that it has the striving for God as a condition. But the reason that the different schools of thought do not agree is that they are mostly build on intellectual thinking. And the thinking of men does not always go the same ways because the degree of love of men is different. And so God is closer to one man than to another when he joins together with God in work of love, and consequently this man will also be closer to truth, because God himself it truth. But where love grows weaker, however much intellectual thinking can be trained, it will still deviate from truth, and the result of thinking is different from the first. And therefore it is understandable that not all opinions agree, although they touch the same problems, therefore relate to the nature of the eternal divinity and its rule and work. But the seeking and researching in this area is pleasing to God, and he will never shut himself off from such seekers. He will give them according to merit and their desire for truth. The one researching with human intellect does not live so much in the spiritual world. He seeks to build up a building out of existing writings and traditions, he so to speak takes a grain of truth with him over into his work and now builds on it, but he is without inner enlightenment, without inner connection with God, and that is why he will never be able see clearly and brightly and always grope in the dark, although he represents his opinions as truth. But when a man stands in love, then he is connected with God; he will receive his power, and power is light. He will know about truth because his spirit teaches him, and then he can think no other way than true. And a school of thought being formed and won in such a way corresponds completely with truth. When such an enlightened person now succeeds in moving the representative of another school of thought to walk right before God, so that he first places himself into a higher degree of love, then he will not object to the teachings of the first. He will drop his opinions and join the ones, which were won under the right assumptions, because then he recognizes them as truth, because love activity will always result in truth and the recognition of it. This is understandable because God is in him, and where God is, also all darkness will dwindle. And that is why man will always join that school of thought which has come into being under the same prerequisites which also substantiate his nature. Increased love activity must bring true thinking. But where this is lacking, there man stands in wrong thinking. But the will to solve eternity problems finds the approval of God and will therefore be paid with truth, as far as this is allowable, therefore corresponds with the degree of love. Amen. B.D. NR. 2273.


Book 31 2274

Fight for Jesus Christ. Army of God’s fighters.

24. March 1942. B.D. NR. 2274.

The army of Christ’s fighters fights the just fight. It defends the believers against the followers of the world because they are besieged in the extreme. And because this fight is a just one, victory will also be on the side of those who defend Jesus Christ. And it will be fought with the sword of the mouth, and the Lord himself will be the leader of the army, and his fighters will follow him wherever he leads them. And whether he also just has to show a small crowd, which march off to war under his banner, they will nevertheless be superior in power to the others because where God himself blesses the fight there it is never to be feared that the fighting crowd is overpowered and the opponent emerges as victor. Because His crowd has great power, and it draws this power from faith in Jesus Christ. And God does not disappoint their faith, and invisibly he intervenes there where danger threatens. Because it is his will that the fight is for his name, and therefore he will not leave his fighters without support. And so he now puts together his army, and he admonishes them to be firm in faith so that he can work through them, even so they are still not yet free of their bodily fetters. Because God wants to win the souls which are still weak in faith; he wants to make the transitoriness of all earthly things understandable to them so that they direct their thinking and striving towards the important things – to the deep connection with the God of love, omnipotence and wisdom. They are to approach him in intimate prayer and ask for their spiritual welfare, then he is prepared for every gift of favour, and he also strengthens their faith. And when now the fight starts they are also willing as right fighters for him and his name to fight because they will be strong because they believe, and his name will be holy to them, and that is why they will also fight for Jesus Christ in the coming time. Amen. B.D. NR. 2274.


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