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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 28

B.D. NR. 1835 - B.D. NR. 1969
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Book 28 1836

Workers in the vineyard of the Lord.

2. March 1941. B.D. NR. 1836.

Who makes it his assignment to preach the Gospel to fellow men, who uses every opportunity to canvass for the kingdom of God, who always only makes himself aware of the great suffering in the hereafter which souls face which did not find to God in earth life, and therefore want to help men as far as it is in his power, he does the greatest work of neighbourly love and in days to come will reap great award in eternity. The purpose of all creation is the redeeming of the spiritual, and when man contributes to the redemption, he fulfils the greatest and most important task of his earth life. When through the mouth of man the divine will is imparted to mankind, permanent instruction of men is possible, which remains in the framework of the natural, and innumerable souls can take part in this instruction, both giving as well as receiving. The one who gives exercises love through this, and the one who receives, prepares himself for love activity because the one who receives will, when he has recognized the worth of the gift, do the same – he will want to give where he can because love again urges him to this. And so all spiritual participates in the work of redemption, and this is certainly the most beautiful work of love for which the souls of men can be active. This is that field which is to be cultivated all the time, the field from which first the weeds are to be removed and good seeds are to be sowed, so that ripe fruits can be harvested some day. And man is never to leave a field untilled; he is to never pass a man who is in spiritual need because his soul pleads for help, and it thanks him thousand fold when he grants this help to it. As long as man dwells on earth neither the misery of a wrestling soul nor the happiness of a redeemed soul is visible to him but when he has entered the spiritual kingdom he recognizes how much a man can contribute to lessen the spiritual need on earth and to help souls to happiness in the hereafter. And that is why the time on earth is to be used for soul work; constantly it is to be canvassed for the spiritual kingdom; it is to be fought for the name of Jesus and his teaching, and everything is to be done to rectify the state of darkness in mankind. By no means does it need to be servants of God sanctioned by the world which announce the Gospel. Every man can do this when he just has the will to serve God and to lead souls to him. Because this will will enable him to always teach what serves the soul to its salvation. God will give to man, who wants to be active to redeem, the right knowledge to put the right words into the mouth, lead souls to him, which need his help, and give him power to be active for him because when he offers himself for service, he will be accepted as worker in the vineyard of the Lord, and the work will always be assigned to him so as he can manage it. Because the Lord needs many harvesters when the harvest will be ripe, and he takes on everyone who offers himself for service. Amen. B.D. NR. 1836.


Book 28 1846

Eternity idea. State of light. Unredeemed state.

13. March 1941. B.D. NR. 1846.

Excerpts only.

The eternity idea is incomprehensible to man as long as he still dwells on earth; but with the moment of death his soul is free, and he now grasps the incomprehensible. There is no space and time law; there is no bodily restriction; everything is like an endless ocean, which encompasses past, present and future; the spirit is rid of all fetters and also lord over time and space. Where it wants to stay, there it can be; what it imagines, that is present. Nothing is preventing him to stay in regions, which are shining, bright and clear, provided the soul has reached a degree of maturity, which allows the swinging up into regions of light. It leaves everything behind what appeared desirable to it on earth, ...

For everything unclean that still clings to the soul, keeps the soul back like chains to earth; it longs for it, takes part in suffering and pain of its relatives and through this is hindered from its flight up. And whether it also longs for the light, it yet has not the maturity to be light bearer and light giver, and this is now a long walk in the hereafter, which it also feels as a long time at the time and space law is not yet completely abolished and therefore also the idea of eternity is still unimaginable to the soul. Who enters into light, he only leaves behind on earth what he has overcome, and he certainly does not long back for it. But who leaves earth in lack of soul maturity, he is still very much in earth nearness, and seeks to get into contact with his loved ones.



Book 28 1855

Free will. Mandatory state. Giving away of it.

21. March 1941. B.D. NR. 1855.

Only man is able to use his free will, i.e., he is the only creature which is in the state of imperfection and still has free will. It is a privilege which can only be assessed properly when his fleshly cover is taken from him and he has entered spheres of light. Only then he recognizes God’s infinite love, which gave him opportunity to use this his will as he sees fit. The time of the earth walk in free will is indeed a great danger for him when he misuses it; it can however also earn him highest soul maturity when free will is used right. And that is why every good deed is valued particularly high when not some force is cause, but it is carried out in complete free will. But when man has given himself once to God as his own, then also his will is always and permanently the same as divine will, and then his earth walk is no longer responsibly because God himself looks after man when he has sacrificed his will to him. What was mandatory state before embodiment as man is to be striven for in the stage of free will – the complete subordination of the will under the divine will. Therefore man is to dispose of that what actually is the privilege of man against all other works of creation. What the being has desired in the endless time of imprisonment, when it languished in bound will, that it is now to give up voluntarily, only then it can become truly free and enter light, because only the giving up of the will means spiritual freedom because it spawns becoming perfect. The being must face God in deepest humility, then it will reach the highest heights because then it accepts divine will and now carries out everything what brings about union with God. Free will was cause for the falling away from God and must now also again cause the return to him. As the being carried out the separation from him in free will, it now must again also seek the union in free will. This is indispensable because every forced state is something imperfect; the being can thus nevermore be judged, but must first shape itself. But likewise the possibility must also remain for it to use its free will wrongly, because this is the very thing that marks the state of freedom. But man always has the opportunity to overcome the weakness of the will through demand of spiritual power. Innumerable entities help him when he is threatened to fail. Intellectually they present to him the great danger of the spiritual fall and so urge him to make proper use of free will. Therefore no being is unable to subject its will to God – it can fulfil its assignment which is given to it on earth by virtue of its free will when it gives up this will on its own initiative and is now relieved of all responsibility for earth life. Amen. B.D. NR. 1855.


Book 28 1856

Spiritual kingdom. Forms of pictures according to maturity.

21. March 1941. B.D. NR. 1856.

Man can only then be allowed to go into the spiritual kingdom when his faith is so strong that there is no longer any doubt for him about the survival of the soul. This faith about further life after death requires also a kingdom which exists outside of the earthly. And only now the desire in man awakens to know about that kingdom, to be taught about the stay of those souls, both the perfect as well as the imperfect souls. When such a desire becomes active in man then the now following questions and contemplations are cause for instructions in this field. Because no question which man asks spiritually remains unanswered by knowing powers. Man only needs to expect the answer and pay attention to the voice in him. It is man who often withdraws into his innermost, surrounded by the beings on the other side, which all want to declare themselves to him and also only then can be heard when man acknowledges the presence and the work of these beings. But no being can express itself without the will of God, and it again depends on the degree of maturity of man, which powers now use his will, and the knowledge will now also be imparted to him accordingly. Provided pure curiosity causes man to contact beings on the other side, spiritual results will hardly satisfy man fully – therefore he soon will again leave off from his undertaking and again turn only to the earthly world. But if the desire for truth is predominant, then the knowing powers surrounding man are prepared to answer every question and to give him information about everything what is outside of earth. And the explanations will reach him so that they are understandable to him and a picture comes into being before his spiritual eye, according to the instructions. These explanations can also only be given metaphorically because man is unable to imagine the spiritual kingdom so as it really is. According to the maturity of his soul he will however form the pictures himself. The strength of faith brings these pictures again and again closer to truth, i.e., the deeply believing man will imagine something mentally, what is very close to truth. The believing man will also look for the deceased who are close to him in this kingdom, and when one or the other expresses himself, he will always only make that known to men what is allowed by God. And so also those announcements can be fully believed, even if these do not describe life on the other side detailed or exhaustively, man only must desire pure truth, and he must desire it for the sake of pure truth, then all that will be imparted to him what appears worth knowing to him. Amen. B.D. NR. 1856.


Book 28 1862

Father words. The believing prayer und intercession.

24. March 1941. B.D. NR. 1862.

Who full of faith entrusts himself to me, his prayer I hear. Life without struggle brings about no maturity of the soul; man must fight, and only then the struggle can be spared for him when he, out of his own initiative, puts all his life into my hands, when he entrusts himself to me and believingly builds upon my help. Then he is so as I want my earth children to be – he acknowledges me as his father whose omnipotence and love is so great that he does not leave his child in trouble. And he never walks alone but always calls me to his side – he is not afraid and doubting but full of confidence; he is not afraid but he believes. And that faith I do not disappoint. Who so believes in me, he will do no wrong request; I will stand by him and fulfil his hopes, and through this his faith will become deeper and deeper and always more unshakeable – there will be peace in him because he no longer fears anything; he knows that he is never alone and deserted. The power of prayer will be felt by him for whom the prayer is meant for. It will cause spiritual lightness and strength of faith; men will feel that power reaches them, and the spiritual eyes will be directed up. I myself will send a lightning of recognition into the hearts of those for whom the believing prayer of my children is meant. What they pray for will be granted to them, and my love watches over the weak and in need of help that they do not fall or go astray. Because those on earth who pray for their loved ones and who plead for the salvation of their soul, transfer the power of prayer to those, and therefore favour can now be imparted to them because intercession is a work of neighbourly love; intercession is the most effective means to help them. My spirit now seeks union with them and directs them toward recognition. What man cannot do out of his own power, that a believing prayer is able to do, which is sent up for him to me. And I specially look after these souls; I do not leave them in ignorance; I overshadow them with my favour, with my spirit, because the love of a human being does not plead in vain for my help. And so be unconcerned; everyone goes the way he has to go to his completion – as it comes, so it is good for upward development of the soul. And when you believingly trust me, I lead you through all misery towards the eternal home. Amen. B.D. NR. 1862.


Book 28 1863

Do not consult the dead

25. March 1941. B.D. NR. 1863.

The contact with the world on the other side is a bone of contention for many people because they are not able to separate the pure spiritual contacts and the pure earthly desire to hear something about life after death. While the former is wanted by God, the latter does not correspond to the will of God, man will however never be charged for it as sin as long as it is not misused to harm fellow man. A connection with the immature being can only harm the own state of the soul, and that it is before which it is to be warned. Men have the belief that every connection with the spiritual world is wrong before God, and this attitude robs them of the greatest favour to request the transmission of power of those beings and to receive it. All good spiritual imparts this power; consequently the connection with it is to be established. All bad spiritual seeks to harm man, therefore dealings with it is to be avoided. Everything what is earthly minded attracts the like-minded in the hereafter. However the will directed towards God attracts the spiritual that stands in the same will with God. And so man himself draws the borders through his desires. He erects a partition-wall between himself and the bad spiritual world provided he longs for God. Mostly in their ignorance men reject everything what comes from the kingdom of the spiritual, always being afraid of evil influence. But they close their mind to every explanation regarding this with the comment that man is forbidden to consult the dead, and do not know that the meaning of this word is a completely different one than the meaning they give to it. Who wants to teach must be knowledgeable; no wisdom is to be hoped from the ignorant. Consequently questions are to be asked from those who stand in knowledge, but do not walk in darkness. The knowing and ignorant state is also found in the hereafter. Knowing will be who stands in the light, i.e. is connected with God and receives his radiation, therefore receives power and wisdom – ignorant are those souls who are still far from God and consequently also cannot receive light. But light is knowledge –and when the soul lacks light then also its knowledge is poor, and that is why it will not be able to distribute because it owns nothing itself. The soul is dead in spirit because only then when it knows, life starts for it in eternity, and consequently such a soul cannot be asked for truth, for it can never give an answer truthfully. That is why questions which concern eternity are also not to be addressed to the deceased, because a right answer requires a degree of maturity, but man never knows whether and when the soul of the deceased has reached this degree of maturity. But earthly questions are likewise not to take place because God himself has laid a veil upon things which lie in the future, and wanting to penetrate into an area that God has veiled in his wisdom, is wrong before God. Consequently the desired connections with the hereafter are not to be condemned but only the purpose of them when it is a pure worldly one. All beings are connected with each other, hidden to man only for so long, as he is not searching spiritually – and that is to cause him to search. But the beings announce themselves to the questioner and searcher, and also the ignorant souls press forward to such announcements, but only find access there where curiosity is the driving force of the attempts to get in touch with beings on the other side. Men, who desire truth, devote themselves to God, strive up, erect an impenetrable wall around themselves for such immature beings through their attitude towards God and consequently do not need to be afraid to be pressed or instructed by immature beings. The good spiritual is full of power and might, while the bad spiritual is powerless to him and has influence only on just such men who have no spiritual striving in them at all, but are only devoted to the earthly world and its pleasures. And men should consider this before they judge hastily and would like to declare something to be against God which reveals good spiritual power and brings unspeakable blessings to mankind when it is recognized as that what it is – as expression of good spiritual beings which carry out divine will, therefore are active on his behalf. Amen. B.D. NR. 1863.


Book 28 1864

Free decision

25. March 1941. B.D. NR. 1864.

That is divine will that man decides freely which way he walks – that it is left to him to go both ways, up or down, and that he now decides himself, without any force. Because only this has worth before God what he thinks and does freely out of himself, to which he gives his consent completely uninfluenced. Because his entire nature is reflected in this. He is neither forced to the one or the other, but to which his heart drives him, that is decisive for eternity. And therefore neither external living conditions nor divine stroke of fate are determining for the higher development of the human soul, but solely his free will decides these, and therefore the same possibility is given to every man to reach that state of maturity on earth when he makes use of his free will properly, i.e. uses it for the approach towards God. Because when the will is directed towards God, so he will also subordinate himself to God in his thinking and acting and do all that what leads him closer to the eternal divinity, and then also his higher development is ensured. Man is indeed instructed what he is to do; his thinking is directed towards the right path, however the free decision is incumbent on himself. He is also always at liberty to do and to think otherwise than it is divine will – because it would not earn him spiritual progress to fulfil this in a forced state, and that is why only that is to be valued what man does out of innermost impulse. When he fulfils the ordered task only purely as in duty bound, then they only have the value of a performance of a duty but which can earn man no higher degree of maturity, whereas the least act of neighbourly love in free will, i.e. without incentive or hint for an reward, put the soul into a higher degree of maturity, because the gift of free decision was used in a way pleasing to God. One man can seemingly perform great works of neighbourly love, but when he does it in a certain compulsion or under influence through other men, then he will still earn no great reward, because only that degree of love is decisive, in which the act was accomplished, therefore how far love of a man determines the will of him to his acting. A man able to love also lets his will become active because who stands in love he also longs to God out of innermost impulse, therefore love, free will and approach towards God always go together. Where the one is, is also the other, but the state of compulsion, no matter from which side it would be exerted, is always hindering the maturity of the soul. Therefore divine will is allowed to be taught, but never be urged through coercive measures to be obeyed because this would be no spiritual progress at all. Amen. B.D. NR. 1864.


Book 28 1871

Bad thoughts. Unkindness. Frame of mind.

2. April 1941. B.D. NR. 1871.

The conscious rejection of bad thoughts is the most secure means to lift the frame of mind, because then resistance is set against those powers which muster their entire influence to make man turn God away. This certainly requires the entire will of man, and when this is weakened through giving in, therefore going into such thoughts, man must suffer, i.e., a cheerless mood comes over him, which presses and burdens him. And evil triumphs because its influence becomes greater and greater, weaker and weaker the will of man and his power of resistance. Such hours are a certain danger for the soul, and on the other hand man must free himself from it. He must pray, intimately and full of confidence that God would free him from this situation. The will of man also belongs to the prayer, but when the soul wrestles to be freed from this situation, the good powers of the hereafter stand by it, provided man turns to them pleading for help, provided he himself longs for to become free from this pressure. But mostly man becomes listless and does not defend himself, and all the more difficult is his liberation out of the power of darkness, and the fight becomes more and more necessary, the state of suffering more and more unbearable. Strong faith is the best means, and man can leave himself to the good powers in fullest calmness when he just approves of their might and power. They very certainly help him and do not allow it that the bad powers gain the upper hand over him. A giving in, provided bad thoughts emerge, is a shortage of faith because bad thoughts are directed against divine commandment. Who believes firmly fulfils any commandment, which God has given to men, who however is weak in faith, he will also ignore the divine commandments, and therefore his thoughts will be directed against these commandments; he will be void of any love, therefore foster unloving thoughts, and the adversary aims at this. For with that he gets man in his power. In such state of mind it is often difficult to find back to the way of love; man has done a wrong when he entertains unloving thoughts, and he now must make good this wrong, by him, forced through suffering, wrestling in prayer for the supply of divine love, which any unloving thought had repulsed. The will to God will let man recognize his wrong, and then it will also be easier for him to pray to him – but the will itself must become active; it cannot be directed, i.e. steered again to God compulsorily. Amen. B.D. NR. 1871.


Book 28 1887

Spiritual and earthly explanations of world disaster.

13. April 1941. B.D. NR. 1887.

However small it may seem to you men that changes take place in nature, this is still of greatest importance because these are the omens of great events. Each event must have both a spiritual and also an earthly explanation, i.e., what takes place in spiritual life must also be able to be consistently explained earthly and again have the proof in pure natural processes. Therefore the becoming free of the spiritual out of solid form must be connected with a phenomenon of nature understandable for men, and this phenomenon of nature must again be able to be explained earthly (humanly) – and this for the reason that man is not forced to accept the event, which takes place for the sake of the spiritual beings, as divine sending. An extraordinary event for which no explanation is to be found would force men to faith compulsorily, and such a faith is not wanted by God. But where man can give an explanation to himself, he is not easily inclined to see a divine sending in a natural disaster. If he still does it, then his faith is a complete free one and therefore right before God. Now countless signs precede the great world disaster but only a small part is noticed by the believers, and therefore still great surprises are in store for the world. To the believing man the spiritual explanation of a world disaster is easily comprehensible. But he also must accept it without that it can be proved to him. But the earthly explanation will also be understandable to the unbelieving man because he has the possibility to check it. And so the phenomena will increase which announce a violent change of the surface of the earth. The deviations from the laws of nature are still small, but divine decision also abolishes the law of nature when it appears to be necessary. Every event has its purpose, and so many phenomena of nature trigger a sudden disaster which takes place in the framework of the natural through divine will, exactly not to force men to faith. When now the interior of the earth starts to move then always certain displacements of the surface of the earth preceded. The earth will therefore show increased masses of water in places, which look for drainage and can find it nowhere. Consequently they push upwards and with elementary violence create for themselves a draining off. This is the prelude to the coming disaster which takes place purely naturally. Amen. B.D. NR. 1887.


Book 28 1919

Celestial bodies. Different luminary power. Their purpose.

15. and 16. May 1941. B.D. NR. 1919.

Which purpose the infinite many celestial bodies have is unknown to men, and an explanation about it is also only to be given in faith and also in faith only to be accepted as truth, because proof cannot be furnished as long as man belongs to earth. The celestial bodies have the same missions as the earth – to give further development possibilities to spiritual entities, but they are so different and deviating from earth in their kind, however serve all the same purpose, to place the immature entities in a higher state of maturity. And this task is always determining for the nature and form of every world body. Every celestial body is therefore first inhabited, and that is of such beings, which still need visible works of creation, because they still lack soul maturity. The way of activity of those beings on a heavenly body outside of earth cannot be made understandable to men. However it totally deviates from the earth assignment of the beings because this assignment needs matter, while the other heavenly bodies are creations where neither earthly laws of nature are applied nor works are demanded of the beings inhabiting them, which are equivalent to those on earth. But man imagines something similar as long as he cannot put something different for it. Consequently only this way enlightenment can be given to men, and it is divine will that mankind is also be given enlightenment about this. Where your eye reaches, you see divine creations, but you do not see the spiritual, which is held in it. This spiritual goes through so endless many stations before it joins him from whom it went out.
(16. May 1941) The course through the invisible work of creation of God can be enough to earn the spiritual again the state of perfection in which it once was; than it needs no further school of the spirit. In the kingdom of light it can join likewise spiritual mature beings and through it develop higher and higher. But countless souls do not use earth existence as they could; leave earth then in deficient maturity and are unable to enter the kingdom of light. A further possibility of development must be given to these because God’s creation is infinitely great, and there are certainly enough places of education of the spirit. Each place corresponds with the state of maturity of the souls, which now stay there. They only differ among themselves in different intensity of light, i.e., they are more or less luminous because the illuminating power of each heavenly body depends on the maturity of the beings inhabiting it, because their degree of maturity is decisive for the light radiation they receive. There are celestial bodies which are lightless because completely ignorant beings are inhabiting them, which are also not willing to receive light, i.e., which refuse to have anything to do with the instructions offered to them. But knowledge is light. These lightless celestial bodies are most densely covered with souls because innumerable souls leave earth, which have absorbed no spiritual knowledge at all, and these therefore can also only be assigned to those heavenly bodies where there is still darkest night. They however mostly feel the darkness as torment, and then the possibility is given that they desire and seek light. And then the higher development can also start with those souls, and they can be transferred to regions having a little more light, i.e. upon heavenly bodies having a low degree of illuminating power. But for all celestial bodies the same law is valid – that the beings are active in love - because this brings in light, i.e., light in form of knowledge now flows towards the beings being active in love. There are celestial bodies which have an incredible illuminating power. There are therefore those souls, which have brought themselves a high degree of maturity of the soul through their walk on earth pleasing to God and their service in love or made an effort to make up their neglected duties on earth on other heavenly bodies and who are now light bearers, therefore can constantly receive and distribute light. These spiritual beings need no stay in visible creations. They are now enabled through their high degree of maturity to create and to shape, and do this now to their own happiness. Consequently those celestial bodies are filled with exceedingly attractive creations. These are no earthly creations, therefore consisting of matter and consequently of solid form, but they just correspond to the stay of the beings in spiritual regions, so as also the lightless celestial bodies hold no material creations, however are likewise perceptible for the beings, because everything is there in existence what the beings desire in their dark state. In front of their spiritual eyes also earthly creations arise because their will, their desire for them lets these creations become visible, however without being in existence in material reality. And that means an agony for the being, to stand in desire for something and to never have it tangibly or perceptibly in front of them but in imagination only. Through this the transitoriness of the earthly is made clear to it so that they learn by themselves to overcome the desire for it, because without having overcome this, the being can never enter spheres full of light. But in the state of perfection the creation and forming of things is something else. These are spiritual creations, with no connection at all with earthly desirable things. The different heavenly bodies are consequently the stay for the souls standing in different degree of maturity, which have departed from earth. And there are millions upon millions of heavenly bodies of such different illuminating power that certainly every one soul finds the stay corresponding to its degree of maturity to be able to develop further, that therefore only the will of the being is decisive whether it covers the course up in shorter or longer time. God lets no being fall and gives it again and again possibilities to develop also outside of earth, therefore in the hereafter. However the unused earth life is never to be made good completely – because the being can only on earth reach a state of perfection with a will used right, which earns it the highest inheritance of the heavenly father – the childhood of God. There are infinite degrees of happiness, which the beings can gain through the course of higher development in the heavenly bodies. However they will never be able to enjoy the happiness which is prepared for a child of God. For this God gave men earth life, that he, as long as he has free will, and power and favour is available to him unmeasured through this, can gain the highest – God’s childhood. Because you all cannot grasp what this word means. And still you must walk through earth life without the knowledge about the meaning of it, so that in completely free will you strive for the union with God already on earth to some day become the happiest creatures in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 1919.


Book 28 1920

Love and wisdom of God determining.

16. May 1941. B.D. NR. 1920.

The wisdom and the love of God determine divine will, and that is why everything what reveals divine will, also testifies to the love and wisdom of God. An expression of the will of God can never be directed contrary to divine love, and it can never achieve something imperfect what could question divine wisdom. But because wisdom and the love of God are now determining, men are not allowed to worry at all, whatever life may bring. Because God knows about everything; he intimately loves his creatures and will always provide for them so, as the state of the soul needs it. Because his wisdom has a view of everything; he knows about what has passed, as he knows what is coming, and he will always decree it so that men can find to him when they just want to. When men always keep this in front of their eyes, that every happening is established in divine love and wisdom, no plaintive cry would pass their lips, because then they also could not worry. But every worry is doubting the love and goodness of God and also doubting his omnipotence and wisdom. Every worry is lack of faith. But God wants to be acknowledged as the wisest, most powerful and most affectionate being and that is why he demands faith in himself. Who believes, he unconditionally leaves his life to the eternal divinity, and it rewards man his faith. What divine love and wisdom does, will never have a damaging effect on man as long as everything is devotedly accepted out of the hand of the father. Man must be unshakeably convinced that the most divine and most loving being looks after him and that man therefore already is in good keeping because God can really no otherwise than show love to his creatures. From the side of man the love can only not be recognized properly. But it is never to be doubted that even suffering and affliction lead to higher development, and he therefore is to bear it silently and devotedly because what God sends is already considered by his love and wisdom since eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 1920.


Book 28 1921

Thought. Parallel.

17. May 1941. B.D. NR. 1921.

Before the creation of the world God was, because he is from eternity, and he will be until all eternity. This mystery will remain a mystery to men, because beings, whose existence takes place in the middle of what is material, cannot grasp that which is outside of matter, so completely independent of it. But the material creation is only a small kingdom of entities, which need things having become form to be again able to join the spiritual kingdom. But the spiritual kingdom has no space and time restrictions - it is always and everywhere - because in it is God, and God is always and everywhere. The only explanation, which would to be given to you men, is to make out thought as parallel to it, the thought, which is nothing visible and nothing tangible and still constitutes the greatest in human existence. What would man be without thinking - a machine-like being, which despite outer activity would have to be called dead. Only thought is what is alive in man, and it is still something for which man can give no explanation. As it were man has only become a free being through his thought activity because neither compulsion nor influence from outside can determine the thought of man. Thought is his sole good, which can never be taken from him; because thought is something spiritual, something, which in itself has nothing to do with matter, which therefore also remains when the being has become free from all matter. So man can be in the midst of matter and still switch off everything around him and dwell in the spiritual, as soon as he lets his thoughts take their course. Even when the thought turns towards earthly things, it still remains something spiritual, because thought as such is nothing material, it is spiritual power, which is just wrongly used. As soon as man, unimpressed by his earthly material surroundings, lets his thoughts wander, it does not matter where, the beingness in man moves in the spiritual kingdom, and therefore it will now be understandable that all material, all visible, can dwindle and still the essential remains - that the thinking beingness needs no material surroundings - only that is of importance, to which aim the thinking of the being turns. B.D. NR. 1921


Book 28 1925

Allowance of wrongdoing. Deliver us from all evil.

19. May 1941. B.D. NR. 1925.

Nothing can happen on earth without the will of God, therefore this will has to be first based on everything what happens, may it be good or evil. Even what men do to each other would not be executable when divine will would prevent this. And it would still be wrong to claim that God wants the evil, because he lets it happen. And it definitely does not find his approval, but God does not hinder the will of man so that he develops freely and therefore can decide. The last stage of embodiment can only be covered in this freedom of will; consequently it is not allowed to be curtailed, which would however be the case when every bad action, before it gets executed, would be prevented. Because then only the good would be in the world, but the possibility to ascend would be taken from man. So the implementer is only seldom prevented to act according to his will, unless it is a wrestling man, pleading to God, whom God’s love protects before thoughtless acts. Otherwise every freedom of will is granted to him, although it has much earthly suffering as consequence. Therefore it is to be seen more as an allowance of God, because God does not set his will against it. These events are more caused by human will, to which God sets no barriers. So the act can be carried out, but does not need to be always effective. How the bad deed has an effect on man, that alone is divine will and depends on the necessity for the maturity of the soul, for whom the evil act is meant. The more man strives for spiritual maturity the more ineffective all actions will be, which evil human will has intended for fellow man. Therefore he must correspondingly suffer more who has no spiritual striving at all, but little impressed remains that man to whom the salvation of his soul is important. And so divine will changes all things in their effect according to the state of maturity of men. So finally also that serves as means of education which is born out of evil will, again correspondingly to the will of man to let himself be educated because the spiritual striving man is conscious of his poor state of the soul and asks God for the attainment of the maturity of his soul, consequently he also devotedly receives what is sent to him, what however never excuses the evil will of him who carries out bad deeds on fellow man. God does not hinder the counter force when it applies all means to weaken human will or to prompt it to bad acts. He does not hinder man himself to do that to which the will drives him. But he protects his before all too violent attacks of those who stand under the influence of the opponent. He does not prevent evil acts but gives fullest freedom to men. However man is never defenceless at the mercy of unscrupulous attacks. His own will can weaken the effect or also counteract it completely when he turns to him who is Lord of everything. His will alone is enough to avert all evil from him, and he also does it when he prays intimately: Deliver us from all evil. Amen. B.D. NR. 1925.


Book 28 1927

State of light and darkness after demise.

20. May 1941. B.D. NR. 1927.

As soon as you end earth life a change takes place around you and your surroundings. The bodily eye dies; what you now see, you see with the spiritual eye, and it is now, according to the state of maturity of the soul, able to grasp what is around it. It will be able to take in everything when man on earth has striven spiritually and the soul has already reached a certain degree of maturity accordingly; it will however see little when the soul is still immature. Because then its spiritual eye is still closed. And therefore it is still dark and lightless around such a soul. It sees everything like shadows and it now wanders about in a despairing state trying to find the way, like a man robbed of his eyesight, who nowhere finds his way. It is a sad situation, and the soul is now far removed from looking at its surroundings as divine kingdom. Restlessly it wanders around, until after a long time it comes across souls, which are in the same state. Now the souls can tell their trouble and also do it, according to their knowledge. They will moan and grumble or despairingly remain in complete apathy. And still the coming together with such souls is the only possibility to improve their state, by them advising one another and considering means to come out of this lightless area. And as soon as this desire becomes active in them, light beings appear in a cover of their light gestalt and give advice to them for the improvement of their situation. In this despairing state the souls grasp every possibility when they are not completely hardened and they then get into darker and darker areas, instead of coming to the light. There is so much misery and suffering in this lightless kingdom that many a soul feels the desire in itself to help and now does everything for its part to soothe the suffering. Then their love activity begins, which they neglected on earth. And with this love activity also the spiritual eye begins to be able to see. The soul will be able to see more and more around itself, and it will therefore also become more knowledgeable because it now sees what spiritual knowledge brings in; has desire for more and more bright light, through this gets into contact with light beings, receives broadened knowledge from them, passes on the knowledge in its urge to help and is therefore constantly active in love. Therefore it now strives up; it becomes more and more brighter and clearer around such a soul, and soon it has escaped from the dark kingdom, to now being in the light permanently. Once the soul has decided on love activity through the suffering of the souls surrounding it, then its state is no longer hopeless. But it is bad for the souls which permanently remain in their inactivity, which only think of their own terrible state and which remain completely untouched by the suffering of the others. They also cannot be left in this state; otherwise other stirrings can never develop in them. That is why their state becomes more and more lightless; their agonies more and more unbearable so that they finally try to flee their surroundings so that also the sympathy for the suffering of the others awakens with the own suffering. Because the soul can only redeem itself through love activity, i.e. free itself out of darkness and climb up to the light. In such a state the soul is particularly needy of prayer of the people on earth – because this imparts the power to it and strengthens its will up. These souls are so pitiful, and extraordinary help can be given to them through a prayer in love; but how many souls must do without prayer – which have never been lovingly active on earth, few good thoughts follow them into the hereafter, and that is why their state is also so remarkably hopeless. And still the wrestling on the part of the light beings about such souls does not decrease. And also the already further advanced souls look after them and try to bring help to them because what is full of light descends constantly to darkness to redeem what is not completely opposing. Amen. B.D. NR. 1927.


Book 28 1944

Faith and trust in God’s help. End of sufferings.

8. June 1941. B.D. NR. 1944.

Whatever earthly life may bring to you, never forget him who is your father from eternity, who loves you intimately, you who are his children and who therefore wants to help you that you reach eternal happiness. How incomparably blessed must be for you the thought that you are always looked after by this love – that the eye of God watches over you and that his arm protects you from every hostile power. And when you are full of faith and entrust all your sufferings to him, he will also take these away from you and lead you through every danger; because his love does not want that you suffer. But if you do not reach your aim on another way, he reaches for the last means, for suffering, to help you. Because a life in happiness and joy on earth means spiritual descent for you. But whatever comes, faith in his help banishes any harm, which wants to approach you from outside. Every affliction you can see into the eye without fear when you believe, and the adversary cannot prove himself with a deeply believing man. Consequently suffering is no longer necessary for him, and so it will be taken away from him, when he intimately prays for it. And God knows about all plights of men; God knows about the maturity of the soul of every individual; he knows about their earthy suffering, and he will send energetic help when it is necessary. You only have to try to permanently establish the connection with him; you have to seek contact with him in prayer, then you will also feel the power of prayer. Inner peace will be assigned to you, and then trustfully you hand over your earth suffering to the father in heaven, and all suffering gets changed into joys, because your faith alone has helped you. The father knows all the worries of his children. But he also wants that the children approach him for help; he wants that they flee to him in all need, to then be able to let them have all his love, so that they recognize him, so that they long for him, and then he gives his help in excess to those who believe in him, who love him and believing in his infinite love expect his help full of trust. Amen. B.D. NR. 1944.


Book 28 1956

Overcoming of matter in the hereafter

17. June 1941. B.D. NR. 1956.

Coarse matter is the last obstacle which the soul must overcome for the last liberation. The change through all forms now finds an end with the death of the body of man; but the desire in the hereafter is still for the same things as in earth life if the soul has not completely overcome matter on earth. But now a change takes place. The desire for it is strong – it therefore effects that everything, what he longs for is before his eye – seizable close – and when he now wants to satisfy his desire, it has vanished before his eyes. The agonies of becoming unsatisfied are unimaginable; however the only means that man learns to overcome matter. As soon as he now starts to realize that everything just reflects before his spiritual eye, he curbs his desire; therefore starts to despise earthly things, and only now he thinks about his sad situation, and only then he can reach up. This struggle against matter is to be fought out as much as possible in life on earth, by suppressing the desire for goods of the world already early and spiritual good is striven for. Thousands of years belong for it before the soul has wandered through matter, and its former cover introduces itself once again in life on earth in everything what surrounds man, so that the soul now finally separates from what was its stay through endless times. And it does not pass the test when it lets itself again been caught by what it is to give away out of free will. If it does not succeed in this, then matter tortures it anew in the hereafter, but in a way which means pain and agony for the soul, while in life on earth the overcoming only demands its will and can be replaced through spiritual good, which is also offered to it and – when this is accepted – suffocates the desire for matter of itself. You cannot serve two masters it says, and this also applies to spiritual and earthly good, i.e. for that what the soul is offered from above and what is accessible to it on earth as matter. Who desires one, drops the other, and to be able to own the one, the other must be sacrificed. But when the soul takes the desire for earthly good over to the hereafter, then the walk on earth was in vain. It stands there where it stood at the start of its embodiment as man, and to now purify the soul from the last dross, painful means form part of it, and life on the other side is first a state of unspeakable agony. Amen. B.D. NR. 1956.


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