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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 27

B.D. NR. 1735 - B.D. NR. 1834
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Book 27 1735

Love. Wisdom. Power of insight.

11. December 1940. B.D. NR. 1735.

What seems to be incomprehensible to man he would, seen in the light of the spiritual, well be able to grasp, and also only on the way of the spiritual it is possible to give him clarity because his train of thought can only then be steered so, that one after the other becomes intelligible, that he now can adapt himself positively to that what he formerly thought of as unacceptable. The fundamental idea of all existence is love. Everything came into being out of love; through love everything is enlivened, and love is the key to the knowledge of all that is. Love is the gate to eternity, as also love was the start. Everything was out of love, and everything is to become again love what separated itself from eternal love. And when man now wants to come to knowledge, when he wants to know about truth, wants to find the solution in every problem, which touches divine things, spiritual questions or creation, then he must without fail first form himself to love, only then he can stand in enlightenment. Knowledge about truth depends on the degree of man’s love. And when all truth would be presented to man, when everything would be explained to him, what he desires to know, and he would not have love, then he would understand nothing of it, he would deny everything, he would reject it as greatest error, because he cannot grasp, because the light of insight is not ignited in him, what again only love accomplishes. That is why first this little flame has to be nourished that glows in him under rubble and ash. Man must be prepared to serve in love. There is no other possibility to penetrate into eternal truth, and the man who desires truth must therefore practice love at the same time, to be able to receive it. But love is something spiritual; it is something that expresses itself in the life of feeling; it comes out of the spiritual kingdom, as it also again leads into the spiritual kingdom. As soon as man connects this spiritual with earthly activity, therefore expresses the feeling in himself, that he now carries out an activity which is earthly recognizable, he again receives something spiritual, that is the love activity of the beings on the other side is now expressed. Man is introduced into the knowledge about divine wisdoms. He is now allowed to walk in the light. Without fail love has to be first expressed before a spiritual connection can be initiated because a man, who lacks love, does not even hear the softly spoken inner word. Men without love are worldly; they have no desire to find out how the world outside of earth is constituted because they simply reject this. Also about a continuation of life in the spiritual kingdom they want to know nothing, because their love is a wrong one and is only aimed at themselves and the increased life of pleasure on earth. When this is in some way represented to them as being worthless then this hits their self-love, which they however do not want to give up, and that is why they reject everything what could point to a life outside of earth life. Love towards God and towards fellow man will always illuminate the spiritual state, but self-love will bring all light to be extinguished, which could shine in spiritual night. Also the power of recognition of man will be correspondingly, because who is active in love, to him truth will be imparted and with it at the same time the power, to also recognize it as truth. Everything will however remain unintelligible to the others, and no matter how clear it is offered to him, he does not grasp it. To increase his knowledge man must claim the love of the spiritual beings, who are willing to hand out truth to him who works lovingly like them. Because everything that stands in love seeks to unite, consequently man must increase in knowledge when he makes an effort not to also slacken in the work in love. The gates of heaven open for him, and he is taught all wisdom according to the will of God, who wants to spread truth on earth and therefore blesses the connection from the hereafter to earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 1735.


Book 27 1739

Transfiguration of Jesus. I and my father are one.

15. December 1940. B.D. NR. 1739.

The problem of the transfiguration of Jesus after his death on the cross is with the right solution at the same time also a (making) becoming understandable of the words of Jesus “I and my father are one.” God brought himself as a sacrifice through a man, who overcame all what is human out of love toward God and who therefore formed his soul in such a way that God could make a home in him in all fullness. His outer form, his body, obeyed fully the will of the soul and was at the same time only turned towards the divine; therefore all substance was spiritual turned towards God so that it no longer needed the earthly course of development and therefore could enter the kingdom of the spiritual in all completeness after the bodily death. All perfect spiritual unites with the original power and becomes one with it through most intimate fusion. The course of development of the spiritual beings once fallen away from God lasts endless times and will also lead in the hereafter via innumerable steps up, but the outer form, the still less developed spiritual, will always stay behind and release the soul, which then, as spiritual being, seeks the joining together with likewise mature beings in the hereafter. The outer cover dissolves, and the individual spiritual substances contact again similar ones to continue their course of development. But the body of Jesus had already achieved spiritual perfection in its purity and its love work, and the immense sufferings at the cross were the last purification process for the spiritual having become form, so that it, completely purified, could join the perfect soul, therefore was not obliged to remain on earth, and now the God spirit, the soul and the body united, therefore became one. The man Jesus was the mediator between God and men – but God and Jesus Christ is now one – they are not two entities who are to be thought to be side by side, but it is only one being, which includes everything perfect in itself. The divinity Jesus is not differently conceivable than the eternal divinity itself, which only has incorporated the outer form of the man Jesus to itself, i.e., his spiritual substances were allowed to fuse with the original power because they had already reached the degree of perfection at the death of Jesus, which is precondition for the most intimate union with God. The body of Jesus became the overcomer of all matter through the disdain of all earthly pleasures and strict self-discipline and consequently needed no further course of development. All spiritual substances which were deformed in him could join the soul and leave with it the earth valley at the same time to enter heights of light. So from now on most radiating light was the environment of this soul, consequently the body and the soul of Jesus had to leave earth in the transfigured state, because a being, which is completely fused with God, now also had to receive light and power from him and had to radiate it the same way as the eternal divinity itself, because it now was one with God, consequently also light and power in all fullness. This process of radiating light remains otherwise hidden from men, but the infinite love of God towards men had the transfiguration of Jesus happen visibly to give them a sign of his might and glory, to give them a sign of his power and glory, to strengthen the faith of those who were to announce his might and glory in the world, and to give to men the proof that Jesus had overcome death – that there is now no longer death for those men who follow him, who make an effort to go the same way on earth. The transfiguration of Jesus has been a much disputed question for mankind, and it was mostly rejected as fable because men lack every spiritual understanding for the final aim of each being – for the final union with God – for the becoming one with him – but Jesus says: I and the father are one. Because in him the union had already happened; his soul was so formed that it could receive God in itself and therefore was already light and power receiver out of God; he therefore could teach all wisdom and could have an effect through divine power. He was perfect as his father in heaven was perfect, and could create and form like him. His nature was love; his words were love, and so he could work by virtue of his great love towards men. Because everything what is and happens only love accomplishes. His course on earth was an endless series of miracle acts without splendour and glamour, but which he ended in radiant light – by transfiguring himself before the eyes of those who are his and ascended up to eternal glory. Amen. B.D. NR. 1739.


Book 27 1741

Agonies of the soul in the hereafter. Desire for earthly goods.

17. December 1940. B.D. NR. 1741.

In what desperate situation a man is whose desire is meant for the world only and its goods that will only become really understandable after his death. Because what he now desires, is unattainable for him, and still the desire for it torments him inconceivably. The inordinate desire for it is far greater than on earth, exactly because it remains unfulfilled. The desire for spiritual goods he does not have; he only strives for to win that what seemed to be desirable in life on earth, and calls in all these things in thoughts. Such desirable thoughts are now also met, i.e., everything is there what he desires, however no longer available, but only in his imagination, so that his inordinate desire rises to the highest and still remains always unfulfilled. These are true torments of Tantalus as long as he becomes aware of his despairing state and he overcomes his desire, i.e., until he recognizes that he chases phantoms which remain unattainable for ever. Only then he starts to think about the hopelessness of his state and to consider the possibility of a change, and now he also finds support of the beings from the kingdom of light, which first need that state to be able to intervene with help. But the desperate situation of a soul can last endless times until it finally comes to the recognition of it. And as long it is also near earth; it cannot free itself from the known surroundings, and that is why it often applies its own desires to weak-willed people of the same nature. It seeks to prompt them to the same what seems to be only desirable to it. And that is why prayer cannot be pointed out enough for such souls, which is help for them in the painful situation by letting the desire for earthly goods become weaker and at the same time letting the soul feel the power of such prayer by it now starting to become thoughtful and so can now do the first step into the spiritual kingdom. The prayer for the deceased is always to be meant for the still weak will of them and thereby the power to be bestowed on them to strengthen this will that it desires to ascend. Amen. B.D. NR. 1741.


Book 27 1742

My job. Refreshment of the needy.

17. December 1940. B.D. NR. 1742.

In humility accept every gift which is offered to you from above, then you fulfil the will of God and serve him. For what he wants you to have, requires only your unrestrained devotion to him and your will to obey him. Innumerable souls on earth struggle for knowledge; alone they no longer find the way which leads to God, and they urgently need help. And you are to bring this help to them, by you calling their attention to God’s love and goodness, which expresses itself so visibly. And so, as you give, you will be allowed to receive. And your soul will be able to receive plenty of nourishment and will never have to starve. And the bread of heaven will never be withdrawn from you as long as you feed the needy. Again and again new power will be imparted to you and will always and constantly make you happy. Parched and dry is the earth without the living water; empty and without joy the life of the soul which remains without refreshment of heaven. And you are to help these souls; offer to them the drink of refreshment and use every opportunity to distribute the delicious gift of God because great need is eliminated in that way; truth is spread; light shines and radiates bright shine, and this shine again attracts souls which would like to flee darkness. And God will bless your effort; he will give you power to carry out your office; he will guide you in accordance with your job, and he will equip you with all gifts you need to work for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 1742.


Book 27 1757

Thoughts are spiritual power.

30. December 1940. B.D. NR. 1757.

Standing in enlightenment, man looks at his range of thoughts as no longer acquired by himself, i.e. as coming from himself, but as that what it really is – as the radiation of spiritual beings, who want to hand over their knowledge to man and therefore try to impart it to him until he has acquired it for himself as thought goods. Consequently every thought is spiritual power, therefore something spiritual, that has made its way out of the opposite kingdom to earth, to be received by the thought apparatus of man, and which now comes to his consciousness. Consequently the thinking of man must correspond to the spirit of the being, which takes possession of man – or to whom man leaves himself. The power radiation of the spiritual beings is enormous, but good and evil beings are in like manner intent on sending this radiation to earth, and this radiation will always be received by like-minded earthy beings. So every man will therefore be supplied with the mental transmissions, which corresponds to his nature – always that will be handed out, what is desired, and therefore is truth there offered where man is hungry after truth, but the lie there, where the lie is likewise at home. Consequently the thought material of man will be in that condition, as man himself wants it, since he is also provided for by the spiritual beings according to his will. Man can bring forth nothing of his own; he is completely unable to let thoughts come into being out of himself, exactly because thoughts are spiritual power, but this power has to first be given to him out of the kingdom of the spiritual. Only the ignorant man believes he is the originator of his thoughts. He only repeats the words of the opinion of those who are of the world, that thinking is merely a function of certain organs and comes about completely independently of foreign influence, that consequently man cares for all his thoughts himself and thinking is based on no direct or indirect influencing – that therefore good or evil, deep or shallow thoughts always start with man himself, thus being one’s own merit. The spiritual power he denies because such he does not acknowledge at all. And that is why such men are also not easily convinced of truth, when it was imparted the mental way, because they do not yet really grasp the process of thinking, therefore also cannot believe. The actual nature of thought is still some incomprehensibility to them and will also remain until they recognize their own shortcoming, when it is a matter to solve deep problems – when the train of thought fails, when man is to give the final explanation out of himself. Only when he trustingly turns to the spiritual beings desiring truth, and asks them for enlightenment, he will experience in himself how spiritual power in form of thoughts now flows towards him, and he will recognize that he cannot be the originator of such thoughts, but something spiritual is imparted to him from spiritual beings out of the opposite kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 1757.


Book 27 1796

The living word must be requested.

30. January 1941. B.D. NR. 1796.

To hear the living word is an extraordinary favour which has to be requested constantly since it cannot be imparted uninvited. When the desire of the earth child ascends out of the deepest heart to the heavenly father it will be considered just according to that desire. But the way to him must first have been walked; prayer must establish the bridge from man to God; the opened vessel must have been prepared so that the divine gift of favour can flow into it. And so God offers himself to men in the word because God is the word from eternity. He connects himself with every man who seeks him and desires him, however not always so obviously because he dispenses his gift so as it is in accordance with its purpose. At times men have to be offered unusual proofs of his love to let faith become strong in the ones addicted to doubt or to convert the complete unbeliever to faith. Everything belonging to the daily appearances of life loses its effect. The word of God offered to men in this form would also soon become the ordinary and therefore remain without impression on most of the people. That is why this process is only then also recognizable outwardly when it is divine will, i.e., when the necessity exists to supply to erring mankind the proof of the visible work of God, but then the earth child will be allowed to hear the divine word at every hour, at every place and in every situation, when only its will establishes the connection with the heavenly father and listens attentively what the father announces to it. To hear his voice is to be most intimate desire; nothing else is to be longed-for and all available time to be used to serve the Lord and to receive highest favour at the same time. Amen. B.D. NR. 1796.


Book 27 1797

Duty to spread divine revelation.

30. January 1941. B.D. NR. 1797.

It is indescribably commendable to spread the word of God. That what is imparted to men through God’s favour is not to remain sole property of the individual, but to be passed on to the many men who need it for their soul’s salvation. Mankind is in tremendous trouble; it stands so far from God that it also no longer recognizes his will and goes through earth life in complete ignorance. But the earth task of man requires the knowledge about that what God demands of men, and consequently it has to be imparted to them. And that is why God chooses earth children who are prepared to serve him and gives them the order to announce his will to men. He first instructs them himself so that they now can pass on their knowledge to fellow men. Without active help mankind perishes, and only the word of God can be active help. But at present everything is rejected by men what reminds of God or is taught about God in customary, traditional way. And that is why God gives his word anew – he gives them information about their purpose and their job – he wants to come closer to them through his word, he wants to familiarize them with everything what creation holds; he lets them recognize the connection of all things and gives them the commandments, which are basic condition for the ascent to God. And willing men are to help spreading the divine gift; they are to eagerly be endeavoured to make the divine revelations accessible to mankind; as keen servants of God they are to always and constantly announce his work; they are to let fellow men take part in the delicious gift of favour so that the divine word finds entrance among men, strengthens their faith and prompts them to do everything to live a life well pleasing to God – consequently to fulfil the commandments of love towards God and the neighbour. When man knows about the will of God he can only be called to account when he does not fulfil these. The ignorant cannot be called to account, but they also cannot use their earth life and reach high spiritual maturity, or else they have to be extraordinary active in love out of own inner drive, i.e., love must be in them but then they will also know about the meaning and purpose of earth life and about their assignment. Because God announces his word to everyone who desires it, not only always externally visible, but in form of mental transmission. But those who reach the word that they can write it down also have the very special duty spreading this word, because they receive great favour and that is why they are also to give. They are to announce the Gospel to all who do not turn it down. Amen. B.D. NR. 1797.


Book 27 1798

Hour of death.

31. January 1941. B.D. NR.1798.

For many people the moment of death has become an object of insurmountable fear; they are afraid of it and start back from every thought at that, and this is always a sign of a lack of soul maturity. Unconsciously the soul feels its poor state and also recognizes the death of the body as end of its earth career – it feels it instinctively that it has not properly used earth life, and that is why the thought of death is something terrible for man. The uncertainty after death worries him; he is full of doubt about life after death, however also not again completely convinced that life has come to a close for good. And exactly this uncertainty about the hereafter it is what lets man fear the hour of parting from this world. The more mature man is, the less the thought of death touches him, and this has its explanation in the recognition that actual life only starts after bodily death. It is precondition for entering into spheres of light to be able to give up earth life with a light heart, because then man no longer clings to earthly goods; he has overcome matter. Everything man leaves behind on earth are earthly goods, and that is no longer to be desired, but given up with pleasure and joyfully. Everything man loves on earth he must be able to give up with a light heart then his parting from the world is easy. Nothing shall be to which man commits his heart and soul otherwise detaching himself from earth would always be a struggle. And that is why every desire must be overcome early so that death can approach man at every hour and never surprise him. The will towards God is also decisive for the bodily end of man because who longs for God he is happy when his earthly life is brought to an end. Spiritually he is already in those spheres and just longs for the hour which finally brings him there where the spirit desires where his true home is. And that is why the hour of death can mean anxiety, fear and horror for one but for the other it can be the granting of that what man has already dreamed of and hoped for a long time. For him it is the freeing out of all form; for him it means the entrance into the eternal kingdom, into eternal glory. And what man considers to be death, can be for him the entrance into eternal life when he has lived earth life consciously, i.e. with God, and is therefore mature for life in eternity. But it also can really mean death for him, and then the soul feels this and starts back from that hour, but which comes inevitably when the time of earth life, which God has set for man, is past. And that is why every man is to think of the hour of death and live his earth life consciously in view of it. i.e. work on his soul that it reaches that degree of maturity which guarantees an easy and painless going across from earth into the eternal kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 1798.


Book 27 1800

The secret about the divine rule and working.

3. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1800.

The secret about the divine rule and working in creation is hidden to you men, i.e., it will not be recognizable outwardly for you, how the development of all entities takes place, how spiritual and earthly working stands in context with each other and which development possibilities the entities have, to prepare itself for the final goal in eternity. This also must so to speak remain a secret, as long as man does not have deeper interest in lifting this secret – however he is not hindered to penetrate into something unfathomable for the general public. There are certainly barriers set, but which man can tear down when he wants it. As it were a curtain is drawn, which masks what mankind would not grasp. Who however wants to have a look behind the curtain, to him this is not refused; on the contrary, information is given to him most extensively; he is allowed to lift the veil that is spread over the rule and working of God, as often as he wants. That God now withholds knowledge about it from the general public has its wise reason. Empty knowledge – which only the intellect of man but not the heart would receive, has no spiritual value at all, and would just lead to unparalleled confusion of human thinking. Spiritual work can only be grasped with the spirit, and again nothing is to be understood in creation as long as the spiritual purpose is not laid clear, because the earthly work of creation is based on spiritual causes. The will to get to know the deep importance of all that, what is created, also results in the making knowledge accessible; then man learns to recognize the earthly purpose of the works of creation as unimportant and to attach the deeper importance to the spiritual purpose. And now he lifts the veil because he wants to become knowledgeable. The will is the basic condition. Something is not to be spread before the eyes of the one who does not want, what delights indescribably him who wants to know, but would be received completely unimpressed by the former. What now remains a secret to him, is like an extremely informative book to the man who desires knowledge, into which he can become engrossed in any way he wants and draw deepest wisdom from it. He now begins to grasp the spiritual currents; he recognizes the work of God; he recognizes the context of the individual works of creation with each other and their purpose; and now he also grasps his mission. He lives consciously while the one without knowledge lives futilely, i.e. only fulfils his earthly task. He runs outside of the curtain; he passes it by and does not know which treasures are hidden behind it. Divine love withholds from no man the knowledge about God’s work and rule. God only makes conditions. Therefore man sets the limits for himself. When he fulfils the conditions then also the gift is unlimited, which is offered to him. But otherwise he removes himself; he closes the eyes, which could see, and the ears, which could hear. He does not take advantage of the divine favour, to his own harm. This spiritual won knowledge could now be imparted from man to man, but also now the curtain would again push in front because man, who does not want earnestly, also lacks the power of recognition. Therefore the will is again necessary to be able to understand that what is laid before him about the work and rule of God in creation. Man can cover earth life without having won the smallest knowledge about this divine secret, but once it will be revealed to him when he has reached the height in the hereafter. But indisputably faster in the upward development goes he when he already on earth acquires knowledge about it, because now all his thinking and acting can become a blessing to him, because he lives life consciously, because he uses the spiritual currents and therefore stands in intimate contact with the spiritual power and its donator, who also as it were has reached the aim what had been set for every work of creation by God – the conscious turning toward God – which is the aim and purpose of all creation. The knowledge about everything makes it easy for man to turn to God; the smallest will toward God also imparts to man the knowledge, therefore always the will must first become active, but then man can record greatest spiritual success, because he becomes knowledgeable and through knowledge and its imparting he also intimately connects with God. Amen. B.D. NR. 1800.


Book 27 1801

4. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1801.

The love of God allows it that spiritual perfect beings get into contact with imperfect earth men. In his will threads are spun from the hereafter to earth, and still only little attention is paid to these connections. It should be the greatest experience for man when he receives news that God expresses himself and announces his will. However it hardly touches most men, and only a very small number acknowledges this event as something extraordinary and is delighted through the obvious supply of favour of God. It is like an impenetrable fog, which has spread over the souls of men, and the rays of the spiritual sun are not able to break through this fog. And it is again as if men defend themselves against the recognition. They do not really want to be led out of darkness to the light; they feel the state of their soul not so lacking, that they would like to repair it; they feel happy in their ignorance and therefore demand no knowledge, and that is extremely regrettable, because the most valuable gift of favour passes them by unused. And even those who seek God lack right understanding, because these are not impartial. They have become obsessed with their own opinions and can no longer free themselves from them. They certainly take notice of the divine work, but their hearts do not hunger after divine wisdom, and therefore they also cannot receive it, or else they do not see this miracle as such. They consider the received wisdom as human thought product and therefore do not attach the deep value to it. They also do not give up one iota from the teaching, which men imparted to them, and this cannot be completely united with the divine teaching. However they refuse to give up the old false teaching, and no matter how visibly the expressions of God are taking place, always only those men believe, who are completely uneducated in the spirit, i.e., whose degree of knowledge is unimportant and who are therefore never respected by the world. These will have a finer feeling and also clearly recognize the ribbon, which God’s intimate fatherly love has formed with men on earth. And this ribbon is unbreakable. God’s love lets something come into being what is to have continued existence through infinite times. He wants to bring salvation to many men through this, lead them to knowledge and to a living faith, for who recognizes in this event the visible work of God, he must also without fail reach deep, living faith; that is the surest sign of the divine sending, that it requires faith in an unsurpassable divinity and that this faith has greatest success as consequences. When man can find this faith, then it will also be easy for him, to acknowledge and to understand God’s work, because he then also acknowledges a kingdom outside of earth, and the connection between the two is for him nothing impossible at all, because he then also believes in the infinite love of God and finds in it the reason for everything what is. God gives his word to men, and this is the surest sign of his love, and happy who take it in deep faith and respect God’s will, which he announces thereby. Amen. B.D. NR. 1801.


Book 27 1803

Connections from Earth to the hereafter in the state of maturity.

6. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1803.

No uncertainty is to be allowed that only the spiritual advanced man can establish the connection with powers on the other side with success, that divine wisdom and unlimited knowledge is imparted to him. When connections with the other side are established without the necessary spiritual maturity then also immature beings of the hereafter make use of such opportunities likewise, and the success is conscious and unconscious misleading through bad and ignorant powers. One can only warn of such connections because they bring spiritual advantages neither to men nor to the beings on the other side, but are a great danger for them. At any time men are allowed to appeal to good spiritual powers for protection, for assistance and also for mental instruction. And these will also always be prepared for the earth children. But then also the silent call of thoughts is enough. But when man seeks to establish a visible connection with the expectation that the powers on the other side express themselves visibly, then a certain spiritual maturity is precondition that knowing powers now announce themselves, and that those powers express themselves who are desired and appealed to by the earth child hungry for knowledge. Spiritually immature men do not have the desire for pure truth but only seek information about earthly questions, and their entire thirst for knowledge consists of finding out as much as possible about earthly life, the future and earthly successes. And therefore such wishes are fulfilled by likewise minded beings of the hereafter. But understandably such announcements cannot bring success for the soul, and that is why they would better not have happened when they do not stimulate man to think about living on after death and the actual task during existence on earth. Then also such connections can mean an advantage for the soul provided that man does not immediately discard such thoughts but they are now the cause that man stops and thinks and now changes his life correspondingly. Then also such connection made thoughtlessly earns a blessing when man then earnestly establishes the mental connection with the good, knowing powers because he now believes in them and appeals to them in the fullest belief in their work. Amen. B.D. NR. 1803.


Book 27 1804

Measures of earthly power against the faith in Jesus Christ.

8. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1804.

It remains a hopeless beginning of the world to completely separate men from Christ, therefore to alienate his name from them and to wipe out his teaching. It will have the appearance as if worldly power succeeds but only to a certain limit it will be able to impose force upon men, to deny Jesus Christ, but then in the same measure as it is worked against it, it will be worked for it. And the disciples of Jesus will also have at their disposal a power, which surpasses worldly power by far. Just by invocation of his name they will accomplish things, which are impossible for the worldly power, and this will increase the crowd of Jesus’ followers, and now the faith of men will become a living one, and the reputation of the worldly power will dwindle to the same extent as the faith in Jesus Christ will grow. And the earthly power will not look at such with pleasure; it will rather try with all might to shake the faith in Jesus Christ; it will assume a threatening attitude and threaten with most severe punishments those who support the spreading of the divine word and therefore confess to be followers of Jesus. These are supposed to bow to the earthly power and will be exposed to great oppressions. But it may also appear earthly wise as if all power is on the side of those; they are able to do nothing against the power of faith of those fighting for God. These will express themselves through obvious signs and miracles which God himself works in and through the believers. And where the believers no longer know any means, there God himself will appear and tell the people what they are to do, and men will speak when and how God wants it, and all measures, which the world and its representatives take up to wipe out the faith in God, in the divine redeemer, will be weak work of men. They will have little success, and this will increase their indignation that they take decrees over decrees, but without proper success, without reaching the aim. In this time certainly many will fall away from the faith in Jesus Christ, but those who stand firm and confess him, their faith now endures the most severe tests; they no longer give up what they possess because Jesus Christ means far more to them than what earthly power can ever offer them. Amen. B.D. NR. 1804.


Book 27 1805

Teaching of Christ. Fulfilling of Ten Commandments. Commandment of love.

9. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1805.

Seldom is man to be induced to accept a teaching which appears to be cumbersome to him, and that is why it has to be offered to him in such a way that every discordant note is avoided. First, relevant reasons have to be given for it, and man has to recognize that only God’s love gives such teaching for the sake of his refinement. Man is shown what he is to do and how he is to be to become perfect. He has to be instructed; commandments have to be imparted to him, and everything what is demanded he has to undergo willingly. Then the teaching from above is successful and then it brings in that what is its purpose – that degree of maturity of the soul which is prerequisite for entering into eternal life. The teaching of Christ now comprises all commandments, whose fulfilment contributes to the forming of the soul according to God’s will. Guiding rules are given to men to which they have to keep to; they are taught by God what is right and what is wrong, what they are to do and what to leave. And when they now want to live well pleasing to God, want to serve him, obtain his love for themselves, then they have to keep exactly to the fulfilment of these commandments, even if they do not particularly appeal to them. The fulfilment of God’s commandments will always demand self-control; it will require renunciation or conquest, and men will always have to give up something when he wants to comply with the divine commandments fully. Because the fulfilling of the commandments always means self-denial. God has issued these commandments because men just aim at the opposite of what God wants and expresses through his commandments. Therefore he has to impose a certain pressure upon men; they must as it were fight against a strong desire in them, what they however would not do when it would not be required by God, and the result of this would be that they would yield to the inner desire and their state of maturity would be highly endangered. God has stipulated everything in his commandments what is necessary for men to heed, and he has summarized these commandments in his commandment of love: to love God above all and the neighbour like oneself. Who faithfully fulfils these two commandments he will do everything voluntarily what God commands men to do through the ten commandments. And so the divine teaching will always only be suggestive of love, and who endeavours to live in love he also lives completely according to divine teaching. He does not need to be given particular commandments because he will out of himself also show his love to every man because he lives in love; he will shrink from everything what goes against the divine commandments because he has already formed himself to love; he also cannot but give love and his life will always fulfil divine teaching. Amen. B.D. NR. 1805.


Book 27 1821

Illuminating power of the sun.

20. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1821.

A still unexplored field is the illuminating power of the sun, which is certainly bodily felt by every man and is also visible to the human eye, which is accepted as some matter of course and still found no explanation which is in accordance with truth. Men may investigate so thoroughly and exactly, they will never be able to solve this problem by use of their human intellect. Because man is only able to discover what is on earth and in its surroundings as far as it still belongs to the globe. But apart from this human research is insufficient. Man starts out from laws of nature which are certainly all the same everywhere on earth, but no longer control all creations outside of earth. And so for the first time the basic conditions for a research of unknown works of creation would not exist, consequently also the results cannot be perfect, because they have been established on a wrong base. But people are convinced of the correctness of these results of human research, although with deeper thought, provided they believe, would come upon contradictions. They are either not deeply believing or else they do not think. And then also the error cannot be corrected for them, and that is why an opinion is propagated among men which is to be called downright wrong compared to truth. The body of the sun holds living beings on its surface area like any other heavenly body, is therefore inhabited. Consequently this body cannot be a burning mass which constantly sends its shine to earth. This thought is almost to be called naïve because a solid body which is constantly burning loses its solidity, and it consequently would also lose form. Likewise it has to be considered that every burning of a mass requires combustible basic raw material – so that there must be some matter which is seized by the fire and consumed accordingly. Everything what the Sun holds would therefore have to be earthly matter, so a raw material which would be destructible through fire, through an element which is likewise dependent on earth. But as now both the matter as well as the element is omitted, no explanation exists for a luminous heavenly body. But everything what is outside of earth is never subject to those laws of nature, which are in force on earth. Human intellect only grasps what can be verified to it with likewise earthly laws of nature. But that there is much in God’s endless creation for which that, what is available to earth-man, is certainly insufficient, will have to be acknowledged by every wise and believing man because earth is just a very tiny work of creation compared to infinity. And it is understandable that the inhabitants of this earth cannot be completely initiated into the processes and nature of every work of creation. Things which exist on earth, to which no parallel can be found on earth, are understandably withheld from the intellectual knowledge of man; he cannot reckon with laws of nature which he does not know, which are unknown to him for that reason because the conditions for it do not exist. He therefore also cannot imagine their effects, therefore also cannot make out a calculation because it would lack every basis. Nevertheless information about it can be given to man spiritually; he just has to believe, because, as long as he lives on earth, nothing can be proven to him. However also the ones researching worldly cannot prove their results; they likewise have to be only believed, and they are believed because human intellect is not sufficient to recognize and reject false conclusions. And upon such a fallacy an entire thought structure now builds itself up and now adopts form through established teachings. An earthly-worldly opinion is submitted to men; an assertion is made about a process which would be a very defective explanation for the coming into being of light – of the rays of sunshine. And men now live in this wrong opinion and are content with such explanation. They gain a wrong picture by it because the final aim of the human soul is completely unknown to them. But on the other hand they do not accept the enlightenment about the last, again for that reason because everything is exactly explained to them earthly, i.e. as natural effect, as it is done through such erroneous teachings. When man believes, then he hesitates to accept human wisdom, although he also cannot give himself a better explanation. But the spirit in him warns him to accept such human teaching. Then he considers creation outside of earth to be an unsolved puzzle, and that is much better than to form completed opinions for himself about it, which completely contradict truth. Because someone who is asking, the proper explanation can always still be given through spiritual powers who know – for a person who believes to know already, it is hard to give enlightenment corresponding to truth. And still much depends on the right knowledge about it. Amen. B.D. NR. 1821.


Book 27 1822

Process of light radiation.

20. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1822.

The process of light radiation is to be compared to a continual love work. This is insofar quite understandable as light rays are visible, therefore cannot be denied as existing, although it is no work of creation needing space – but that love work is an act which as a product would have to result in a new form. But light is to be seen as more than a process, than a form, because it is not seizable, yet perceivable. Man would also not be able to build a form out of it, and this is again proof that light is a power out of the supernatural kingdom because everything what is earthly can be shaped to form, if human will is seriously active. But to shape light rays somehow, a certain state of maturity of spirit beings is required whose duty it is. These beings must be completely independent of earth and its laws; they must have decided on an activity which requires deep love; they must be prepared to permanent giving, and that wanting to give from a power which likewise flows towards them. This power starts from God; as a result it is spiritual substance which is luminous in itself because everything which is from God has an unimaginable illuminating power. Because God himself is light. Therefore every ray of sunshine is first the power out of God which is led to earth through innumerable beings, which again fulfil their mission by them acting as carriers of divine power. But secondly the rays of sunshine are the proof of untiring activity of these being; they are so to speak a reservoir out of which everything in creation is constantly fed. A process happens here which is only then understandable when it is recognized that without this forwarding of the power out of God creation would have to vanish, it therefore depends on the activity of those beings who have as their duty this imparting of power, the forwarding to everything needing the power of God – that it therefore requires a high degree of love to permanently give what these beings receive themselves. So this mission is therefore a love work of the perfect being towards the still imperfect beingness, which is banished in creation and needs the supply of power out of God, which the spiritual, redeemed out of form, receives in excess and imparts to the unredeemed always and permanently in virtue of its love towards it. This is the pure spiritual explanation for a process which is earthly still unclear. Amen. B.D. NR. 1822.


Book 27 1823

Eruptions. Difference of celestial bodies.

21. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1823.

A natural law is valid for the universe – the indestructability of that what is. Nothing can vanish, but only change according to the will of God. And this change again happens so that something becomes invisible to appear again somewhere else visibly. Every, no matter how small a work of creation carries this law in itself so that therefore the seemingly decay just means a transformation of that what had been before. Consequently also great works of creations like heavenly bodies can assume another form, this is however a process which stretches over a vast time period which requires thousands of years according to earthly chronology, which therefore can never be observed by men, insofar it is about fundamental changes of a work of creation. Mostly eruptions of individual works of creations are then the cause of new shapes of identical creations in reduced measure. These new creations have the same way and nature as that work of creation from which they came. In the vicinity of a sun always such heavenly bodies will exist where identical building up material and identical laws of nature are visible as their affiliation to exactly this sun. Earthly seen the sun can now be nothing but an infinitely enlarged product of identical nature as the surrounding planets because these are works of creation coming from it. Consequently also all these heavenly bodies would have to be populated the by the same beings. But the most enormous differences are now noticeable here. Not one work of creation holds the same living being in itself as the other, and consequently also the outer nature of each of the heavenly bodies is a different one, and exactly always adapted to the living beings which inhabit them. And this now also again eliminates an equal composition in material respects. Therefore it is only the core of each heavenly body a raw material, but the outer cover forms according to the living beings assigned to it. Everything existing in the vicinity of a sun came from this sun, i.e. has been thrust out of it, but has, beginning at the moment of its independence, assumed the nature which corresponds to the living beings to which this work of creations is to become the stay. The infinitely different degrees of maturity of the still imperfect spiritual require also infinitely many creations of different nature so that already is where the grounds lie for the difference of the celestial bodies. Amen. B.D. NR. 1823.


Book 27 1824

Unknown forces of nature origin of light.

22. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1824.

In the great distance of all heavenly bodies from each other and from the sun, which feeds them uninterruptedly with light and power, the explanation is to be sought for the little resistance which the individual creations put up. Consequently no frictions develop, and therefore it is also impossible that any of these creations could be or become light giving. That the light is produced through frictions is a law of nature which stretches over all creations. Compared to it the sun is the mother heavenly body; it is that work of creation which has the task of being heat and light giver for all those heavenly bodies which originally belonged to the sun. The sun is, seen with earthly eyes, a body of fire, i.e., men conclude from the light and heat power of the rays of sunshine that these necessitate an initial place which is fire in itself. This opinion is insofar erroneous as no precondition for such a source of the fire is given whatever. The atmosphere which surrounds the sun is completely divergent from that of earth, and by it powers of nature are again triggered for which man has no understanding because he does not know their existence. These powers of nature are therefore so to speak the originators of the light radiation when one wants to explain the illuminating process earthly. The result of worldly research however does not agree with the truth insofar as man imagines earthly processes, being effective in enlarged measure, that he absolutely wants to give the light and the illuminating power an origin, which he imagines to be earthly, but which is to be sought in forces of nature and laws about which men lack knowledge but which also cannot be imparted to them in the state of maturity on earth. All imaginations which are earthly conceivable are to be ruled out; and any enlightenment about that is unacceptable for man so long until his spirit is allowed to have insight into higher spheres. Only then explanation can be given to him. But as long as man stays on earth he is not receptive of that. Amen. B.D. NR. 1824.


Book 27 1825

State of compulsion. Light – influence on unredeemed.

23. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1825.

The light of the spirit penetrates into every matter, i.e., the spiritual held in matter is permanently influenced by the spiritual outside matter to do that what has to lead to redemption. Therefore it is the spiritual outside of matter which is dominated by the will of God or, rather said, which subordinates itself under the divine will. Therefore it will exert influence so as God determines it. Consequently this spiritual is devoted to the spiritual in matter, which still stands at the beginning of its development, and the latter now carries out what the mature spiritual wants. This is the state of compulsion which every being had to go through before it gets its free will as man. But simultaneously the mature spiritual makes the still undeveloped aware of its state of compulsion in the banished form and stimulates it to activity because the lightless stay in solid form is then an ordeal for the being, and when a light being breaks through this darkness and lets the spiritual in the form have a glimmer of the light, the desire for light is awakened in the being, and then it also willingly carries out what is demanded of it, and so loosens the cover a little. The spirit can now already contact the spiritual outside considerably easier. So light is simultaneously means and purpose. Streaming light means letting become light hungry; desiring light means fulfilment. For light is given to the desiring being. From this it can be seen which love connects the eternal divinity with its creatures that they can let the will become active in them, i.e., they only carry out the divine will in form, it is however of great advantage for the being when the own will is already the same as the divine will, as long as it still stands in the state of compulsion. Such a being will cover the career on earth much more successfully; it will be able to leave again every form after a short stay because it willingly executes what means redemption for the being. But it is difficult to explain in what way however the mature spiritual assists the banished spiritual. These are spiritual currents which every work of creation must feel and which now bring the slumbering spiritual to awaken. Only the complete obstinate spiritual persists in its will opposite to God, and that is why its outer form is still very hard that even the love of the mature spiritual entities is not able to break the inflexible mind because the light gleams only highly seldom to the being persisting in the resistance against God and the inflexible mind can therefore not easily be broken to its own regret because due to its lack of light it does not recognize that there is help for the immature beingness, and that is why it does not desire this help out of its own accord. That is why it is often also jolted out of its stubbornness so that it now gets to know the advantage of a free state in a state of passing freedom and then strives for light all the more, therefore the spiritual mature powers having now access and can suitably successfully influence the banished spiritual, so that it now eagerly follows what is demanded of it, and the hardness of form around it now starts to decrease considerably, now the becoming free out of these forms happens proportionally quickly and the spirit out of God has unhindered access to the spiritual held in matter, which languishes for redemption. Amen. B.D. NR. 1825.


Book 27 1826

Spiritual explanation of eruptions. Serving in light.

24. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1826

To let the spiritual feel its banishment, both the own state of compulsion and also the freedom of will must be made recognizable. The one it must feel as agony and consider the other as desirable, only then it will do its duty to becoming free from the former state, to reach the freedom of will. Therefore the beings of light have to radiate the latter upon works of creation, whose spiritual still languishes in complete darkness. This must feel the ray of light as pleasant and now continue to desire it. Therefore it must desire to go up where light is in all fullness. However every radiation of light is the result of a serving activity, therefore serving in any form precedes, before a regular radiation of light can happen. Every outer form is indeed exposed to the radiation of light, but completely hardened spiritual turns away from it and needs infinite long time before it opens towards the light, i.e. lets it have an effect on itself. But then the desire for it breaks through with elementary power. Then everything what formerly was in the deep presses towards the surface, and strives toward the light, and then all desiring spiritual is released from its long imprisonment through eruptions and continues its course of development in changed outer form. And earth now also stands before such a powerful eruption, of which the bound spiritual entities long for liberation, for light and serving activity. And especially then the spiritual, languishing in the deep and darkness, presses up, when the spiritual on the earth does not use the fullness of light reaching it and this so to speak remains unnoticed. Then the undeveloped spiritual seeks to acquire this fullness of light, and it strives for it with elementary power which is expressed through natural disasters and creates fundamental changes regarding spiritual trends. Because the spiritual, which reaches the surface of the earth, now perceives every spiritual trend to an increased measure and therefore withdraws spiritual power from the already higher developed beings, which do not respect the same and leave it unused, which often means the bodily end of these beings on earth. The undeveloped spiritual takes spiritual power by now considerably changing its outer form, i.e. having provided an access to light. And now this spiritual can cover its course of development on earth, therefore strive for the light unhindered; it just must use the power available to it through serving activity. But once the desire for light is awakened in the spiritual then it also no longer resists serving in any way because it feels this activity as means to increased receipt of light and thereby feels at the same time the loosened fetter of its outer form, and although the course of development now corresponds to a mandatory law, the being is still also itself prepared to go it, its will is, although unfree, concurring with the divine will. Amen. B.D. NR. 1826.


Book 27 1827

Coming in the clouds. Rapture?

24. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1827.

Still a small while and you will see me coming in the clouds, and you will cheer and rejoice and shout for joy that the Scriptures are fulfilled. And the righteous will hear my voice, and it will sound to them lovely. But those who deny me will be paralyzed with horror and want to flee from me. But judgement will overtake them wherever it may be; because so the day has arrived which I have determined for judgement, everyone will be called to account and not be able to escape judgement. And my faithful will sing praise and thanks to me that I reveal myself to them, and they will worship me in spirit and in truth, and when they see me they will be filled with deepest love towards me and serve me with most intimate devotion henceforth. Because I will need willing servants who are devoted to me after the time of judgement. I want to found a community and give an assignment to it; I want that men unite who recognize me and announce my teaching, and when they work together the community shall be powerful everywhere. But I want to eliminate who are intolerant and haughty because these endanger the small group of my believers. I want to be in the midst of these and therefore deep humility and love must dwell in men where I call on. And so I reign in the clouds I will lift up to me who love me thus that their hearts go out to me. And I will lead them to a place where there is no suffering and no affliction. And I want to prepare their new home for them; I want to shape earth new and arrange it for the reception of the servants faithful to me, and they will henceforth be active for me and my will. And now there will be a time of peace on earth; men will live in love; honour and love God; in truth they will be my children to whom I descent myself to celebrate the banquet with them. I will put together men and bless their union, and a new race will emerge that is highly developed spiritually and receives my word from me – that humbly bows before me and still is united with me in deepest love. Amen. B.D. NR. 1827


Book 27 1828

Divine order. Sin.

24. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1828.

Just an excerpt:

To live in divine order means to adapt oneself without resistance to the laws, which God has given for all his works of creation. As it were the inner voice has to be respected, what it stipulates man to do, then man will also be in divine order, i.e. respect and follow divine will. And then he also goes the course of upward development. Every work of creation except man is in divine order because it stands in bound will, i.e. has to do all that what divine will is and also agrees with the laws, which God gave from eternity. Only man is able to overturn these laws, i.e., to offend against these laws because his will is free and this can also be used in a way, which contradicts divine will, divine order. But such a violation of divine order has a harmful effect on his soul in that it endangers the ascent course of development, often even just eliminates it. Because God in his wisdom has ordered everything so that it cannot be changed by men at will without having damaging consequences. Rather the exact life according to divine order is the only guarantee that man advances on his way upwards. When he now lets himself being influenced by the voice of the heart he will never offend against divine order because this is the silent leader and admonisher on his course of life who gets in touch where man is in danger of deviating from the order God wants.
B.D. NR. 1828


Book 27 1831

Joining together with God.

26. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1831.

It is a holy like desire to be united with the divine Lord and Saviour. There is certainly nothing what equals it; there is no more blissful state of happiness than the unification with him, and therefore this unification is to be the epitome of every desire. What belongs to earth is to be given away joyfully and what is the happiest is to be exchanged for it; man is to bear all suffering of earth willingly and remember always only the sweetest reward – the union with God, which offsets all suffering and agonies – which ends all misery and sorrow on this earth. This union is something so inconceivably heartening that all heaviness before appears small against it and – when man would know about it – he would take upon himself still very much more suffering patiently to just be deemed worthy of this heavenly favour. And still it should be every man’s endeavour to bring about the union with God without this knowledge. Love towards him and his neighbour should move him into that state, which is precondition for highest happiness. For he then forms himself to love, and he then must inevitably come closer to eternal love; the beingness in him must blend into the original power, and therefore he must be again as he was formerly – in God. A union with the highest entity now has to earn him everything what is divine share – light and power. And this means eternal glory, happiness and peace. Because to stand in the light means to know about everything, to have escaped darkness and henceforth to be allowed to be active to redeem for one’s own happiness. And to be allowed to take part in divine power means to be able to shape and create like him, to be able to give and hand out, to act and think in divine will and therefore to lead a life, which corresponds to all wishes, because the union with God is the final aim of each being. And men can reach this blissed state already on earth when they shape themselves towards love. Through the hearing of the sounding word in the heart they can receive this incomprehensible favour still at the time of their walk on earth. To permanently make divine will on earth to one’s guiding principle and to always just make an effort to come closer to him, lets the heart become love, but the loving man can give nothing but love, therefore also God gives to him, and that is himself in the word. And when the earth child is able to hear the word sounding in the heart, the union with God has taken place and can no longer be disturbed eternally. Because what God has seized with his love, he no longer lets from him eternally, and that is why man now can no other way than to stand up with his life for his divine Lord and Saviour, for his name and his teaching. He will confess him before the entire world and bear witness to it of divine power, because it flows so obviously upon (into) such a man that he can prove to the world the power and strength of right faith, which he now represents against men, who seek his life. For he does not fear the death of the body, because he has found eternal life through union with the Lord. Amen. B.D. NR. 1831.


Book 27 1832

The sounding word proof.

26. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1832.

The most infallible proof of the union with God is the sounding word. It is like heavenly music which rings in the heart – it is an incomparable beautiful state which produces happiness in man, and it is the feeling of sweetest twosome-ness because man feels the nearness of the Lord. And nothing on earth can be measured in terms of this cheering state; nothing else can give such happiness than the nearness of the divine Lord and Saviour. And still only few men stand in such degree of love that they are deemed worthy of the sounding word. God himself offers the most glorious to man on earth, but only few desire this delicious present, which can form life on earth into a paradise. Only few completely devote their heart toward the Saviour and desire nothing more of the world. Only few are absorbed in love towards the neighbour and share everything, what they own themselves, with him – few give up everything to be able to receive again everything. The more willing the earth child is and the less it puts up resistance against the divine work, the sooner it will be able to hear the voice of God inside because the finest spiritual vibrations have to be noticed, and the heart’s desire must be for God in full intimacy. Man is to strive only for this on earth because when he has reached this, he is immune to all temptations of the evil one. He no longer demands anything from life than only divine love, which expresses itself audibly. All wishes are silent when the Lord himself speaks in the heart of man, and then he teaches the earth child, and when it hears his voice audibly, every doubt stops. But such an intimate connection is also only to be established in deepest faith because when man does not believe that with God no thing is impossible, he will also not listen so diligently into himself to hear the divine voice. And whether also the knowledge about it is imparted to men, their faith is too small, than that they spare no effort to be worthy of such a present. The sounding word earns man inexpressible blessings because with it he goes noticeably up. With the hearing of the word man receives unimaginable power and favour, and the intimate connection earns him inexpressible spiritual advantage because to be united with the Lord already on earth requires a degree of maturity, which earns man entry into the spheres of light with his earthly demise, in which he is allowed to see God face to face. Amen. B.D. NR. 1832.


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