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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 25

B.D. NR. 1520 - B.D. NR. 1623
1538 1543 1559 1568 1595  1604 1608 1609 1615


Book 25 1538

Course of the disaster

25. July 1940. B.D. NR. 1538.

The teachers of the hereafter make an effort about you (singular) in always the same way and seek to make you easily able to take things in, but your heart is not always willing to receive, and then such obstacles come into being which make reception more difficult. Undivided attention must be shown to the gifts of heaven and all earthly thoughts have to be avoided, then the thoughts of the friends on the other side find easy entrance. Divine love sends messengers on to you (singular) who are to strengthen you in your will to receive. They bring an announcement to you that describes in an understandable way the course of the disasters which are to decide over death and life of the individual. Very few people pay attention to the signs of the coming time. They certainly are amazed at the change or the irregularity which becomes noticeable in nature, but they pass it over with light-heartedness. They see in it no expression of divine will but only accidentalness. And therefore they will also initially not pay attention to the phenomena, when the natural event is approaching. First men’s attention is drawn to a storm drawing near through vortexes. This will come suddenly that man and animal come into greatest affliction because they are hardly able to put up resistance to the vehement storm, and this will be the beginning. Vehement earth jerks will be felt in small intervals, and the sky will darken, a thunder noise will be heard, and this is so terrible that panic breaks out among man and animal that they seek rescue in flight. But darkness prevents them, and the misery becomes greater all the time, the noise gets louder and louder, the earth shocks more and more vehemently, the earth opens, and powerful masses of water force their way out of the interior of the earth. And wherever the eye sees – water and darkness and indescribable chaos among men who recognize their dreadful situation and are in utter affliction. The days before will be radiant that a certain carelessness has seized men, and the upset will come so suddenly that no-one can take precautions in earthly respect, but these would also be completely useless because no earthly power resists these elements. Only the believing man now feels the divine omnipotence – and entrusts himself to his creator. No matter whether his heart worries and is afraid, when he sees the goings-on of the elements, he still waits patiently until help comes to him because he sends his thoughts up to him. Who has grasped the meaning and purpose of life knows that now the hour of decision has come for every man. And he will try to bring spiritual help wherever it is possible; he will comfort the unfortunate and point them to God; he will help by lighting a small light in deepest darkness. Because God will give to those the possibility to work for him – those who have recognized him and offer themselves to serve him, a rich field of activity will be assigned to them, and the seed will fall on good ground because God spares those who respect him or find to him in greatest misery. Amen. B.D. NR. 1538.


Book 25 1543

Emerging of thoughts. Ability to take in.

28. July 1940. B.D. NR. 1543.

Out of the fullness of thoughts always that thought rises up to the surface which adapts itself to the will of man – i.e., the will itself is cause into which path the thinking of man moves. The human brain is full of impressions; all seek to get through to the awareness of man, however the will decides for a certain thought, and this is now developed further or also turned down, it all depends on how the man’s spirit gets in touch with God’s spirit provided that spiritual results are striven for. This is not at all to be understood that man could have only such thoughts as he strives for as just man. Also the spirit out of God can now be active by him also letting the outer impressions have an effect on man, so that each of the upcoming thoughts can be important provided man strives for spiritual knowledge and therefore desires enlightenment. While with an earthly minded man only the thinking apparatus as such comes into operation, therefore the answering of the question asked is irrelevant because they do not serve the spiritual support of the man. So every question can be asked spiritually and therefore also answered spiritually, as well as the same question can also be answered purely earthly. And so the source from which wisdom can be imparted to man is inexhaustible because the spirit out of God will always and permanently distribute such because divine wisdom is unlimited. It only depends on how far the human soul has formed itself to be able to take in what the spirit has imparted to it. It must have put itself into a state that it feels the finest vibrations of the spirit and hears the slightest sounding of the voice of the heart in itself. The spirit out of God always wants to give and teach but the reception devices are not always adjusted so carefully that they hear the slightest vibrations. Man must close his ear willingly to the world; he is not allowed to give space to any earthly thought in himself; he is not allowed to let in any foreign thing as disruption but he must only and alone pay attention to those movements in himself which are caused spiritually therefore want to be imparted by the spirit in man to the soul. At first this voice in the heart of man is not easily understood and requires greatest attention and switching off of all earthly thought. But man can extremely easily acquire the effortless receipt of spiritual messages when he endeavours to switch off all earthly thinking and desires to be taught by the divine spirit only. The world with everything adhering to it disturbs the inward connection with the pure spiritual givers of divine truth, therefore the receipt will always be difficult or be completely cut off as long as earthly problems still affect man and these cannot be completely switched off at the time when a conveying of spiritual goods is to take place. It is of very special importance that all incentives of the world must be avoided when the soul is to be spiritually furthered and man is to increase his knowledge about spiritual truths because every earthly distraction is in the way because it makes the soul of man unable to hear the spiritual voice, and the divine wisdom cannot be imparted to man another way so that it is received undoubtedly. And that is why the separation from the world must have taken place completely when the earth child wants to gain an insight into the miracles of divine creation which will otherwise remain withheld from him according to the wise resolution of the Lord. Amen. B.D. NR. 1543.


Book 25 1559

The gate to eternity can already be walked through before death.

8. August 1940. B.D. NR. 1559.

To whom the gates to eternity open, his earth life does not really need to have ended because he can also already in this life be allowed to take an insight into that kingdom which exists outside of earth life; he can know about everything without being raptured from earth life. Because man can still on earth reach a state of maturity which allows him insight into the eternal kingdom. To be able to connect with that kingdom outside of earth and its inhabitants is proof that the gates to eternity are not always only walked through with bodily death but that for some earth children there are no barriers at all which refuse admittance to the kingdom of eternity. They live on earth and are still just as well also in those spheres at home because the divine spirit in them overcomes every hindrance and can be present everywhere and at all times – it therefore can dwell in the kingdom of the eternal also then when the body is still detained on earth. Such an earth child will also not be frightened by death – bodily death, which frightens men. It will be equipped with knowledge about eternal life so that it only longs for the moment where it can give up every connection with earth. The spirit will move into its true home; it will now permanently be there where it could only dwell for a time during its existence on earth and therefore found entrance into those regions almost only then when the will of man allowed this. But now it can be permanently there where its longing on earth let it roam. And therefore man has then overcome the terrors of death when he consciously tried to penetrate into that field during earth existence, which is the stay of all spiritual after termination of earth life. The uncertainty of the afterlife no longer frightens him; he also does not consider life after death as something doubtful; he stands in the knowledge and that means that he also recognizes the work of the light beings and hands himself over to these light beings, exactly because he recognizes the results of ignorance and wants to free himself out of a degrading state, which is his fate on earth before he works on himself to be able to enter the connection with the spiritual in the hereafter. Man is much better off whose faith let him recognize divine love and mercy and bore the desire for this love and mercy because it was already given him on earth. The earth child was allowed to see an area which bears witness to the infinite wisdom of the Lord; it itself was allowed to hand out spiritual knowledge on earth and therefore tear down the barriers which separate earth man from those light beings – it was already on earth allowed to enter through the gates to eternity. Because it received something what was offered directly by those beings which inhabit this kingdom of light and therefore death loses all terror for those earth children who only want to serve God and became true conquerors of death in the service for God. Amen. B.D. NR. 1559.


Book 25 1568

Coarse material. Form. Substance.

15. August 1940. B.D. NR. 1568.

The coarse materializing of original spiritual substance is unavoidable as long as an outer form is necessary to force the spiritual in this form to serve. The spiritual is also a free being in the unbound state which can decide about itself. However as soon as this spiritual is surrounded with a cover it is hindered in its self-determination. It is bound exactly through a material cover which it now has to overcome in a certain time to be again freed from it. All material around the spiritual substance is compacted spiritual, therefore in itself likewise spiritual substance, i.e. emerged out of the power creating everything, but through divine will having become form which is to hold immature spiritual. Because everything what has come out of God is spiritual substance, only the degree of maturity is different, and therefore a difference has to be made between the spiritual situated inside the form and that spiritual, which has become form. The spiritual in the form is already so far developed through divine will that it is allowed to often change the stay in the different forms, while the spiritual which has become form still stands at the beginning of its upward development. The still undeveloped spiritual makes it possible for the already more mature spiritual – to fulfill the task given to it. Through this it serves this spiritual by also helping it to serve. And so everything in creation progresses in development. The coarse material seems to man to be transitory but is in its substance just as little transitory as the spiritual which is surrounded by the material cover. Because it seemingly disintegrates into nothing, but in reality it just dissolves into its substance provided it has fulfilled its own task. Therefore one has to differentiate a fleeing of the spiritual out of form and an evaporating of the form itself. The spiritual having been released out of the form seeks a new cover according to its degree of maturity – while the form itself dissolves into its original substance and is so long again a volatile element until it again thickens to a new form through God’s will. The coarse material is therefore accordingly nothing but something spiritual which becomes visible for earth man in accordance with the will of God – which therefore assumes that form which God has decided for it and which remains form as long as the will of God needs such for the spiritual situated in upward development. The form is visible as long as the spiritual has not properly solved its task, however becomes invisible when the task is fulfilled. Amen. B.D. NR. 1568.


Book 25 1595

Fulfilling the commandment of neighbourly love without love.

3. September 1940. B.D. NR. 1595.

The commandment of neighbourly love certainly binds you to acts which serve the neighbour but when you achieve these acts without feeling in yourselves the feeling of love towards the neighbour then you certainly try hard to carry out the divine commandment and this will be taken into account for you as good will but such acts miss the redeeming power. It is more the result of you fearing God but not that you love him – that you certainly acknowledge his might but not his love, goodness and mercy. You will fear a mighty lord but a loving, kind and merciful lord you will love again with all intimacy of your heart. And therefore you just acknowledge God as the law giver; you pay attention to his commandment, but you do not hear the voice of love in this word which just would like to let the power flow to you by admonishing you to love. Love is the only way on which you take possession of the most exquisite power out of God; therefore you first have to try to awaken this feeling in yourselves; you have to consider your neighbour as your brother who emerged from the same as you yourselves. You have to make yourselves aware of his sufferings and worries and feel with him and now try to decrease this suffering. You must fulfil the divine commandments because the heart drives you to this and you always have to just imagine yourselves in the same position then you will have compassion with the neighbour and try to improve his lot or help him bear it. And then power out of God can flow to you; the love which you give you receive back thousand fold because as you measure so will it be measured out to you. And to be allowed to receive God’s love makes life easy for yourselves and you will then want to hand out with full hands to him who is in want in body and soul. However you always must kindle love in yourselves - and do everything out of free will, not only to fulfil your duty. Because every work accomplished in love awakens counter love and only then a person has a redeeming effect when love becomes active in him. Amen. B.D. NR. 1595.


Book 25 1604

Earthly worry. Lack of faith and trust.

9. September 1940. B.D. NR. 1604

Men torture themselves with worries which are unfounded when they worry about their life’s welfare, and with that they take away the ability from themselves to achieve work on their soul. It is so irrelevant how the body spends its life on this earth, important however what progress the soul makes, and that is why all your worry is to be for your soul only. And whether it also may appear as if the body gets into trouble, then a trusting prayer to the father in heaven is enough and every trouble will be cleared away. But that it is what you lack, faith, that one can help you and that his love is so great that he wants to help you. But when you do not believe then you deprive yourselves of this help. Man must know that everything – suffering and joy, happiness and discomfort – is imposed by the heavenly father on his child and that everything is a test to strengthen his faith. Only when you consider everything to be divine ordinance, faith will become strong in you, and you will entrust yourselves and your worries to the heavenly father and ask him to take them away from you. Nothing happens against divine will; God knows about everything, and this insight will let you still and devotedly bear what God sends to you. Amen. B.D. NR. 1604.


Book 25 1608

Divine order. Chaos. Steering it to a blessing.

12. September 1940. B.D. NR. 1608.

Only one will is valid for the cosmos. And this will rules all spiritual as well as earthly visible, i.e. his entire work of creation, which came into being through his will after all. So far now as divine will is complied with by the spiritual, both, which is still banished in form, and the spiritual which is free from all fetters, is divine order completely brought about, and now an upward development of all spiritual can be the result of it. But the state of free will, which is granted to the spiritual for the last redemption, is often the greatest danger for it, because it starts to revolt against the divine will. It therefore concedes a certain power to the counterpole of God through its will, which sets itself against the divine will. And God does not force this will, and that is why so to speak the earthly creation is abandoned to another power during the incorporation as man, as soon as man himself gives his consent to it. Therefore now the human will consciously faces up to the divine will and is not prevented from it, but must bear the consequences of the wrong will. The divine will is always meant for perfection, the good, the enlightened state of his beings and the increase of good spiritual power, while the will of the opponent only aims at the opposite and man supports this endeavour through his will, therefore promotes it. And by it it is possible that there is an unequalled chaos on earth, that there is an earthy and spiritual decay to be noted, that the elements of the underworld make themselves so clearly felt and mankind more and more goes to meet ruin. Because the adversary wants it so; he wants to bring everything to nothing what is evidence of God, and seize upon his power. And he succeeds in this insofar as the will of man is pliant to him. However, he cannot force this will, only weaken it so far that it completely places itself under him. That is why the state of free will is a danger for the being insofar that he can set it back into deepest spiritual night, which it now had already overcome to a great extent. But divine will yet still governs everything what exists, although it leaves free will to the being and it does not banish the will of the adversary. It also steers everything caused by this evil and wrong will so that it still can bring in to man the becoming free from the this power. Men themselves cause all harm that hits them, and still this harm can give them again a blessing, therefore free will is cause to the most dreadful processes on earth, and still these can bring to the individual man again the insight – they can be occasion to a complete inner change, to the turning away from him who was the originator of the atrocity. What human will is guilty of can, through divine will. become the opposite of that what it actually was supposed to be. Complete ruin and indescribable chaos can suddenly order the thoughts of man and make them subject to the divine will, and every act, which evil will produced, can lead to the salvation of erring souls by it recognizing the detestable and now turns to its creator full of desire and now finally submits its will to the divine will. Amen. B.D. NR. 1608.


Book 25 1609

Research with and without God’s help. Truth.

12. and 13. September 1940. B.D. NR. 1609.

The only possibility of a complete enlightenment the intellectual researcher rejects with the explanation that for solutions achieved by such ways no guarantee for truth could be offered to him. And still there is no other way to come closer to pure truth than through spiritual research. The earthly scientist can bring evidence right down to the smallest detail, he will still err as long as he lacks credibility and thinks he is able to solve spiritual problems for himself. And that is why the results of such researchers differ very much, as they are also different in their attitude towards God. And it will always be able to support his opinion with conviction, he who approaches the research of such spiritual problems with God’s help, but he will be and remain erroneously who believes not to need God’s help for it. And the researches will only then be in agreement when they are of the same faith, i.e. of the same spirit. Because the right solution from above also reaches them. And still especially this way is passed over because the world of the time of the Now prefers exact scientific work to spiritual won successes, and so mankind accepts these without resistance and pure truth it rejects insistently. And a proceeding of enormous importance, the work of divine spirit, remains unrecognized and unused, and only few believers draw from this their knowledge, and still only these alone stand in truth because they accept what God offers them, pure, unadulterated divine teaching, the pure word of God and consequently fullest enlightenment about everything what divine creation holds while the intellectual acquired knowledge is very full of holes despite alleged presentation of evidence and can never satisfy completely. Especially science has put up theories which more or less contradict truth, and instead of coming closer to the truth, mankind more and more departs from it. And there, where truth can be found, human will builds up an unconquerable barrier for itself. Man refuses to research this way and now definitely takes up intellectual thinking to find an explanation appealing to him for the coming into being of spiritual results. That is why it is impossible to spread pure truth through scientific researchers. Even those researchers who, in deep faith, would like to bring different results, i.e. corresponding to truth, home to the general public, will run into violent resistance and will be fought by their opponents, who only let their own intellect speak und completely switch off God’s work. Such results have no value at all and will still be considered to be the only valuable ones, and therefore the thinking of man is completely educated badly because he draws his conclusions and verdicts from erroneous teachings and therefore comes more and more into erroneous thinking. Only there pure truth is to be received where deep faith has asked for the blessing of God for every spiritual work. These alone walk in truth because they were taught by eternal truth itself. Such a man can never be wrong at all because God himself protects him from this when the man has placed himself under the protection of God through his prayer. So God himself will always and for ever be the core of truth and everything what is started with God will correspond with truth, without God however there will be no guarantee given for such, no matter how eagerly man tries to verify that intellectually what he claims – his intention will deviate considerably from that of him who subordinates himself to God because the results come from different sources and truth can only flow from the divine source alone since God himself is truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 1609.


Book 25 1615

Process of imparting. Gift to write gift of favour.

16. September 1940. B.D. NR. 1615.

An unchanging love causes God to approach men again and again and to impart to them his word because this love does not allow that man walks in error who carries the will for truth in himself. The stronger the demand for truth is the more man draws eternal truth to himself and now hears the divine voice in him, which mostly expresses itself mentally, can however also be audibly heard. It is the spirit spark in man which seeks the connection with the divine spirit, and when man now pays attention to his thoughts he will have the perception that these predominantly deal with spiritual questions and man so to speak answers these questions himself. And the spirit out of God imparts this answer to him. Who cultivates his inner life, who often allows the voice in him to speak, i.e. he lets his thoughts take their own course, however seeks to free himself of earthly thoughts as much as possible, he will be able to record enormous successes. He will think about many problems, and when he has the desire for the solution of them, also finds a quite clear and satisfying solution. He will arrange a picture for himself, apparently arising from his own thinking, it will appeal to him and also completely correspond to truth because the will for truth gave the spirit in him the freedom, to express itself, and the picture he now received mentally is the expression of the divine spirit in man. Because every man desiring truth finds favour before God – because this desire is unconsciously meant for God himself. Man wants to recognize the right thing, and God as the right thing lets himself be recognized. He lets himself be found by everyone who seeks him. The process of imparting spiritual truths bears the stamp of divine love. In the same way will an earth child never be able to receive impartations which do not correspond to truth. Because the opponent of God can well influence the train of thought through his assistants to turn to the lie, when he himself is untrue and turned away from God – but he will never have the power to let writing come into being in such unusual way, because this gift is a gift of favour of God, which can only be acquired through the will to serve God. The generation of the writings as such is a sign of divine love and omnipotence, which cannot be arbitrarily transferred by opposing powers upon men who stand away from eternal divinity, for the purpose of conscious misleading of fellow men. And therefore this origination alone is already a proof of the work of good spiritual power; it is a process which does not repeat itself often and which is also not ended as you like, because the earth child, which has once agreed to it is seized by divine love and will no longer miss the exquisite gift, because the spirit hovers in regions, which are now more desirable for him than earthly life, and consequently man does not want to give up voluntarily something what he thinks to be far more desirable. Divine love is clearly recognizable at the work, and it gives men a proof of its power and might. It incessantly endeavours to move men to faith; it comes to earth nearness itself, looks after its creatures with pity, divine love seeks to make itself understood in the word, it is unchangeable and always and for ever concerned about to make the eternal kingdom accessible to its creatures in all magnificence, and therefore love itself descends to them on to earth and teaches them in word and writing – so that the imperishable pure word of God will be offered to men according to his will. Amen. B.D. NR. 1615.


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