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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 23-24

B.D. NR. 1353 - B.D. NR. 1519
1380 1382 1396 1398 1405  1407 1412 1418 1488 1493


Book 23-24 1380

Unbearable misery.

10. April 1940. B.D. NR. 1380.

Some time still, and an almost unbearable misery goes over the Earth. This is the beginning of an epoch in which man again becomes more aware of his actual purpose because this misery lets him find towards God, but also lets him remain with him in more faraway times. And this misery will express itself in entirely different form but higher powers will always be the cause, therefore man will never be able to avert or decrease the misery out of his own power. And therefore men find the way to God through this easier than before, and that is why the Lord imparts his word to man so that he may have a support in this time of trouble, so that he becomes strong through this word and gets strength for the time of severe trials. And again it has to be said that only there where the divine word is received – where the light out of the heavens shines – a noticeable relief of the earthly misery comes to light. Man will be able to decrease his state of suffering when his will is directed towards God. This is the first and last motive that God lets such misery go over Earth. And no country will escape from it; all men will have to bear suffering because the meaning and purpose of suffering is the return to God because the thoughts, which have separated from God, are to again turn towards him. But God promises his protection to those who love him. And when faith in this promise is strong, man emerges undamaged of body and soul from all tribulation. The father in heaven himself looks after this child, and he accompanies it through all dangers. It is now obvious from this that only the turning towards God brings rescue out of the most severe trouble, however not all men submit to the divine will, not all men come to the obvious conclusion and decrease their distance from God. Their will is rather meant to an intensified degree for winning back earthly goods and the reestablishment of the old state of living. And therefore the great misery has bought no change of their thinking; the will towards matter, towards evil, has increased considerably, however the thought towards God is minimal or completely switched off. It is unsuccessful to want to bring the word of God home to such people. They cannot be convinced of the transitoriness of earthly possessions differently, and when the complete dilapidation of entire tracts of land did not make them clearly enough aware of this, all indication is in vain. The tendency to matter is greater and will hardly be able to be conquered on earth. But on the other hand the desire for it cannot trigger at the same time the desire for God and his word. Consequently men will reject the last. And this state is far more miserable than before because also the last aid has failed and man cannot be hindered in his free will. These are those souls which Satan has completely under his control; and only prayer for such people can exert a changing influence, provided deep love towards such unfortunate ones wants to liberate them out of the misery of the soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 1380.


Book 23-24 1382

The will of man is judged, not the act. Soul work.

12. April 1940. B.D. NR. 1382.

The heart’s urge is decisive for the acting of men, and every act will therefore mark man, which fundamental attitude is inherent in him. It is however of importance that man can carry out what he intends to do. But often he is somehow prevented from doing it. Then always his will remains the standard of his fundamental attitude, not what he carries out when the latter is not in accordance with his will. Therefore man can well compulsorily achieve a good deed under some influencing, which however cannot be taken into account for him because it was not born out of his inner feeling and because he would have never done it without this compulsion – as the other way round the will for the good deed, which cannot be carried out, will be taken into account as a good deed. And so also here the Lord again judges in strictest justice; he recognizes the hearts of men; he knows every stirring, every thought, and nothing can remain hidden to his eye. When you men now devote yourselves to the belief that all good thoughts are judged as achieved deed, then this will refine your thinking; you will start to always account for your most inner feeling, for all words and thoughts – you will even look at every good deed with critical eyes and always ask yourselves whether it was completely in accordance with your thinking. And that is working on the soul, constantly observing oneself, constantly striving up and acquiring an extremely strongly developed feeling for truth – all this is conscious soul work. Men first has to train himself to love by endeavouring to help his fellow man again and again – he must have a certain spiritual superiority with regard to everything which could outwit him to achieve something which is not in accordance with his most inner urge of the heart – therefore he must, when bad influence would like to press him towards apparent fulfilment of the career of his life, counter this with his entire will and listen to the inner voice which stipulates his proper way of life to him. He therefore must, through his will to serve God, be caused to every good deed; he must make this his business that wanting and acting always agree, that therefore the deed never deviates from the will, but that will and deed always move in the same direction und now his inner self is formed always and constantly until the will has completely become one with the divine will and the deed is valuable before God. Amen. B.D. NR. 1382.


Book 23-24 1396

Insight into the kingdom of the hereafter. Spiritual seeing and reporting. Catastrophe. Prediction.

28. April 1940. B.D. NR. 1396.

Extract only

And so it is only limitedly possible to give information to Earth children, and only the most intimate desire for it removes the veil, which is spread over everything, as long as the being still belongs to Earth. But it is possible for him who strives earnestly, to also lift this veil and to see consciously into the kingdom beyond, but then his departure from Earth is also no longer far. Amen. B.D. NR. 1396.


Book 23-24 1398

Catastrophe. Prediction.

28. April 1940. B.D. NR. 1398.

Undivided attention is necessary to be able to receive the following announcement: Divine wisdom has planned an event which effects are monstrous. Already for the most nearest time a catastrophe is preparing itself which cannot be stopped nor weakened through earthly power. Innumerable spiritual beings will go into action and throw the interior of the earth into turmoil; the earth will split, and masses of water will break through; a work of destruction of catastrophic extent will take place, and this will bring nameless misery over mankind which is affected by it. And this will happen in shortest time. A small while you men still imagine to be powerful and safe from all danger; you only look at the world events around you and think to be secure and out of danger. But you forget that a power rules over everything, in, on and above earth. And because you forget him who rules everything according to his will, so he will speak to you through the powers of nature, and you will have to listen to him because you cannot run away from his voice. You do not pay attention to the direction from above; the suffering of the earth does not change your thinking, but you cannot drown the divine voice because it is stronger than all the noise of the world. And that is why this is announced to you before that you recognize the Lord when his voice will sound. The world certainly does not want to hear of this; pure earthly it will try to steer the great misery but continually deny divine rule. And many will join that opinion and therefore just see the misery but will not recognize the divine will of it, which abandons whole stretches of land to destruction for the sake of a change for the better of mankind. And this will announce the time that an undeserved plague will hit a country and that this country gets badly afflicted, and when earthly escape seems no longer to be possible then God himself interposes and instructs the elements of nature to intervene in earthly measures. And it will become small what imagined being great before because it will need its strength and power to set up what is destroyed. It will need the people for the thorough repair of its own country, which, before flourishing, now devastated and laying fallow and needing many workers. And this will be that time when man occupies himself with other questions than up to now. Because he who survives this time certainly stands in the favour of God. He has testified that he has united with the Lord – he sent his thoughts to the father in heaven in greatest trouble, and the father listened to the prayer of a man who recognized him and found to him in most severe trouble. Because he just sends everything difficult over mankind that it finds again faith in God. And so he now also has to bring up by force the completely wrestled down faith, by him proving his omnipotence to men and showing the world that he is Lord over heaven and earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 1398.


Book 23-24 1405

Receiving of the divine word unusual favour.

2. May 1940. B.D. NR. 1405.

It is an unusual favour to be allowed to receive the word of the Lord because it gives man on earth also unusual power to strive up. The smallest indication, when it is followed, supports the soul in its development and so it is saved from many hours of doubts and faith weakness, which a person has to overcome who does not really find the inner connection to God. For the receiving of the word is always only the effect of the most intimate bond with the heavenly father. And the father will always give to the children accordingly, who come to him in all closeness and who wish to associate with him in a most childlike way. Always the strength of the desire for God is the standard with which also the power of God is allotted. And man can accomplish incredible things the more intimately he associates with God because he also receives unbelievable power. To leave oneself completely to God will bring about a complete penetration with divine power, and then the earth child is able to do what is incomprehensible to fellow men. Only the will is required to serve God and to help fellow men to deserve the extraordinary favour to receive the divine words. Because this will testifies that man makes an effort to fulfil the commandments of God – to love God the Lord above everything and the neighbour like oneself. He desires as it were the word for the rescue of the souls of his fellow men; he recognizes the spiritual misery and wants to redress it by him wanting to influence fellow men with enlightenment. And this will earns him the divine gift of favour because everything wanting to serve God is welcome to God on earth as in the hereafter. Only the serving in love brings redemption, although the fight on earth about the rescue of erring souls is often a difficult one and the good will of man hits most of the time on hard resistance. God’s love is constantly meant for these erring people and when man also stands in love and only makes himself available as mediator for the Lord, the love of God can have an effect through this man, without appearing as compulsion of faith for men. Because it would certainly be easy for God to announce his will audibly to men but the results of this would not be people desiring him of their own free will but creatures fulfilling his commandments in fear and blind obedience, which, as judged beings, could never gain the childhood of God. But when God uses a mediator to whom he reveals his will – these revelations now perplex fellow man on the one hand, but on the other hand do not force him to accept them as divine revelations, then man is left with free will that way; no compulsion makes man unfree, and this is of greatest importance. Every man must come to the father out of free will – he must seek God, then God will also let himself be found, und enough indications to God’s eternal glory are offered to man so that he can send his thoughts to the creator and can also desire him. The awareness to be able to receive power out of God is something exceedingly wonderful; it lifts up man beyond the heaviness of earth, and his earth life is certainly an easier one than without the use of this divine power. Therefore many are called. Everyone is entitled to the possibility to use the power out of God, to contact him and therefore to be bearer of divine power. But only few are chosen – only few use the divine offer and obligingly receive the power through their desire for the Lord. And that is why God can only give to few who intimately connect with him and as it were declare their consent by wanting to work with him and for him. Serving – God and the neighbour – is your life’s task, which you can cope with easily and effortless when you make use of the power out of God. And God imparts it to everyone who wants to receive it. You cannot assess the favour to which you are all entitled, which you just need to use and which brings in unbelievable blessings to you – which guarantees your upward development and can form you to a light being still on earth when you recognize and desire it as such. And when the word reaches you which informs you of the divine will, also the power reaches you at the same time with it to fulfil this will. You are not allowed to worry that you cannot carry out what God demands of you because he himself is with you in the word; he strengthens and refreshes you and enables you to do everything what meets his will. And that is why you are to submit to everything without reservations what he demands of you. Because when you just want to, you succeed in everything what meets divine will. Man is able to manage unbelievable things, whose will is just meant for God – who just strives towards him because God’s wisdom and love recognizes his will and gives him strength for his intention. And the received word will always be the greatest power donator. Who assimilates this in himself will become noticeably aware of the power; his faith will grow strong, his vigour become active and his will always and constantly be placed under divine will, and therefore man will be able to have an redeeming effect on himself and his fellow men. Amen. B.D. NR. 1405.


Book 23-24 1407

Work of destruction through the hand of man.

3. May 1940. B.D. NR. 1407.

Nothing in the universe is hidden from the Lord. There is no work of creation that would not be recognized and wanted by the eternal creator in its minutest constituents; there is nothing in it that escapes his will. There is nothing arbitrary; nothing that would have come into being without the will and knowledge of the Lord. Therefore nothing can go its course of development without being constantly looked after by the eternal creator because nothing happens without his will and also nothing can violate the divine order. Because the whole work of creation is determined by the will of the creator, and no power has control over the least what God has created. Therefore it can now be understood that every event on earth as well as outside of earth happens according to the will of God, as far as it recognizable in nature – therefore events which have nothing to do with human behaviour which have the will of man as condition. God’s will expresses itself everywhere, in every plant and every flower, in every living being, in every event in nature, in everything what is in, on and above earth, on which human will is uninvolved. However the opposite power cannot try itself at the works of creation; it is completely uninvolved at that, although it may seem as if bad powers are active if work of destruction or natural disasters show the rule of a great power. This counter power can only influence the will of man to create the means for himself and to then make use of them to be able to likewise have a destructive and annihilating effect. But these works of creation come into being through the free will by the hand of man, are therefore neither wanted by God nor blessed by God because they are always only attributed to the effect of evil power on human will. Because God does not make use of such means to destroy. His will is enough, and all elements are subject to him. But something can never correspond with his will which is directed against his commandments – to damage or destroy the life of the neighbour or what he owns. Everything is created by God, and the hand of man is not to intervene in his will of creation. Everything is given by God, and the will of man is not to destroy or take away possession from fellow man. Where however the act of destruction is necessary, God’s power and might is certainly big enough to be able to meet the necessity.
And so he will turn away his face from every work of destruction which is carried out by the hand of man and which is to harm fellow man. It is his will that you love yourselves among each other and one makes an effort to do loving acts to the other. You are to turn away all harm from each other; but not cause such to each other. And when one breaks the other’s right when he forces him to defend himself, he commits the greatest sin because he does not respect that commandment which the Lord has given to men as the first and only one. He neither loves God nor his neighbour, and applies his will to serve the adversary who sows hate and lack of love to poison the souls. He has entered his service and sows likewise hate and lack of love among men. The love of the creator left everything come into being ; the adversary himself has no power at all over God’s works of creation; therefore he uses the free will of men to destroy divine works of creation. And God does not command the free will of man until the time of maturity has come – until the hour has come when the Lord puts a stop to the goings-on of the adversary. Amen. B.D. NR. 1407.


Book 23-24 1412

World affairs are cause as well as means for the repair of the spiritual misery.

10. May 1940. B.D. NR. 1412.

In the realization of the predicament of a spiritual sunken mankind, world affairs will also be understandable to you, which is both cause as well as means for the repair of this predicament. An unusual low is noticeable insofar as no moves are made at all on the part of men to prepare themselves for a spiritual life after earthly death. And this indifference may have dire consequences. It is irresponsible when man does not try to get his soul saved. Because his negligence results in his spiritual abilities remaining undeveloped and therefore man lives without being able to see the least spiritual progress and his life is not lived appropriately. On the other hand a natural compensation is offered to the spiritual striving man; he lives his life consciously and therefore it will also not be without joy, only these joys are formed differently than those of the earthly striving man. He finds consolation and edification in the divine word; only now he finds the real content of life, and he lacks no externals because he does not strive for them. He possesses inner contentment; earthly misery does not frighten him because he desires other things than earthly goods. Therefore also world affairs will not touch him to that extent that it disturbs his inner peace; these world affairs will rather contribute to strengthen his faith. But where such an attitude is not there world affairs are cause to complete spiritual decline. Man will never acknowledge the spiritual; at times he well contacts people who know, but only for self-interest. He only hopes to gain knowledge which he can use well earthly wise; but never considers his soul. Without previous knowledge and spiritual attitude he believes to be able to get into a field, which however has the conditions of work on oneself and love activity, and this opinion is erroneous. Because what he now gathers in experience will never let him reach the goal. He cannot use this material; he lacks the key which will only unlock the spiritual field; he receives something which is not comprehensible to him, and therefore is completely unimpressed by it. But he will now not be able to make use of this what he received because spiritual material is only then comprehensible when it is striven for by the heart, i.e. man makes himself worthy to receive. The misery on earth is now to waken that urge in man which only strives for the spiritual – the misery is to form men in such a way that spiritual interest awakens in them and the wish becomes active to educate oneself in spiritual knowledge and for the sake of truth. Then also this misery will be a blessing for men and the spiritual low will be redressed, because God only aims at this that man recognizes his earth job and fulfills it. Amen. B.D. NR. 1412.


Book 23-24 1418

Divine intervention. Prediction.

14. May 1940. B.D. NR. 1418.

It is a futile fight the world wages against each other because it will come to no satisfactory result. The Lord of heaven and earth has decided that it is ended in another way than the world hopes. But this end will be indescribable. The uproar of the fight will still be drowned by the voice of God, which sounds from above. It will cause an absolute confusion among men because no human order will be able to put a stop to it, and helplessly men have to endure the sending. And now it will be up to every individual to recognize the hand of God and to submit to it or to oppose the fate affecting him. Because the thinking of mankind is to be forcibly drawn to God and blessed is he who finds this way and recognizes God as author of all events and recommends himself to him and his favour. But this will only be few because the spirit of men is blinded; their modern enlightenments have left them lose faith in a being that determines everything on earth, and in their superior attitude they have difficulties finding the way back to God, and this spiritual arrogance is their undoing. Only who feels small and powerless and calls upon God for help, he will keep his life whether he also lays it down earthly. But he who does not think to need God’s help, he has lost his life earthly and spiritually. And when God still leaves earthly life to him, it is only an act of greatest mercy so that he still is to win cognition on earth after all. Because the Lord knows the hearts; he looks into the farthest corners; he knows every impulse and does not let perish what is still possible to be rescued. And who calls on God the Lord for help in the middle of horrors, a wonderful calmness will enter into his heart; he will suddenly recognize earthly life as worthless when deep faith is not accompanying it, and this recognition now lets him willingly give up what previously seemed to be desirable to him. Willingly he hands himself over to the Lord and now accepts from his hand – life or death. He however only gives up his body to awake to life in the hereafter. And therefore his departing this life is not ruin but resurrection to a better life. Divine will shows everyone to his place; he will take from the world whose time has ended, and he will give back to the world whose walk on earth is not yet finished. Because nothing what happens is arbitrarily but everything is determined by God’s wisdom and love. But who also then still does not recognize the hand of God his soul is in terrible trouble because there is no means of rescue for it. It has enlarged the distance from God infinitely during its earth life and again strives towards the banished state; therefore its walk on earth is completely useless because it does not recognize God. And for the sake of such souls God lets his powerful voice sound. But when also this call dies away unheard then the fate of these souls is eternal damnation. Amen. B.D. NR. 1418.


Book 23-24 1488

Power out of God

23. June 1940. B.D. NR. 1488.

What the earth child receives is power out of God because the light beings convey this power which they have received before now to those beings that desire such and accept it with thanks. And power out of God is a particle of himself. Power out of God is spiritual substance which again increases the spiritual in man. Power out of God is a connecting link between God and his creatures – and to be allowed to receive this power is inconceivable favour because God himself and his love are expressed in every allocation of the power, which makes the earth child happy. The power out of God has to be desired to be able to be received; it does not reach man without being asked, and that is why light beings try to first awaken the feeling of weakness in man so that he now asks for power and this now can therefore reach him. After the prayer for power man has to open his heart to be therefore ready to receive. Consciously he has to accept the divine influx in himself; he has to be full of love and desire for God and his power; he has to prepare himself that God can work on him, then every supply of power can unhindered enter the heart, and this will be felt as faith and strength of will, as increased love, increased knowledge and boundless surrender to God. And when man now stands in enlightenment to have gone out from God, to be guided by God’s love, to be able to accomplish unbelievable things with faith in God and to be able to form himself in accordance with divine will, then he knows about his earth life purpose, lives in love, and every thought is meant for his creator. And all this is power out of God, which works inconceivably, because it goes out from God immediately and is imparted to the desiring man through light beings. This power is nothing earthly tangible, nothing earthly provable and nothing timewise limited, but it is pure spirit product, which is felt by the spirit only, that is why it is turned down by worldly people as something completely foreign, as imagination. And still this power is the most valuable what man can acquire for himself on earth because it has flown from the divine source of favour and reaches man boundlessly who thirsts for it. The power out of God is his spirit that introduces man to all knowledge. This spirit imparts to him the divine word as greatest gift of favour so that living water flows from this source which again is just the expression of power of divine love. Whosoever drinketh of this water shall never thirst forever. Therefore the Lord promises the earth child that accepts his word eternal refreshment, and therefore the power which flows from his word must outlast all earthly things and have an effect in eternity. And this inconceivable favour the father in heaven gives to those who open their heart and grant him entry in the word. Because the word of God is eternal – it will never perish because divine power is eternally not destructible and is to be desired always and all the time for lifting up of the spirit and for the carrying out of all that what God demands of men. For God is a God of love who gives the power to his creatures to fulfil what he demands, and men are to thank this God of love without ceasing. Amen. B.D. NR. 1488.


Book 23-24 1493

Divine intervention. Explosion.

26. and 27. June 1940. B.D. NR. 1493.

In a period of time of few hours one powerful explosion will follow after another and this will occur early in the day and continue until the next morning, and men will fear for their lives and for their possessions. They will be in a panic and without any support because they do not pay attention to the repeated admonitions which they receive before; paralyzed they look at the work of destruction which they never thought possible. It is a unique chaos which is caused by that voice from above. Great work has however still to be done before. Terrible dangers, which seriously threaten earthly life, will have to be brought home to men to give them already small indications of the transitoriness of it. A timewise change of living conditions must also likewise cause man to think how unsteady earthly life is and everything connected to it. And then the word of God has to be brought home to him if possible so that he is now able to recognize a connection of everything earthly with the divine will, when he wants. Only then he pays attention to the indications and starts to express his view about it, i.e., he decides for or against God. When it is now possible for him to detach his heart from earthly possessions and to recognize a higher purpose of life in his existence then the obvious intervention of God will be a visible proof of the legitimacy of his most inner feelings – to recognize earthly goods as worthless, on the other hand to strive for the knowledge about divine truth and a deep faith as the only desirable thing. And this enlightenment lets him so to speak calmly face the great divine sending. The soul recognizes the necessity of it and accepts it humbly and composed. And now it will be shown how deep the word has penetrated and what power man is prepared to draw from it. This is the most important thing that man makes a certain contact with God, that he lets God himself and his power have an effect on him through acceptance of the divine word and that he now forms himself according to this word. When man would hear the word of God and live accordingly before, then such a powerful intervention would not be necessary, but so this is the only means to move men to accept the word of God. God recognizes the spiritual state of men and in his love applies the last means so that mankind does not get lost completely, what is inevitably the case without God’s word. Many a man wants to rebel, with all one’s might he will try to keep his life; he does not want to bend himself and never acknowledge a higher power; but he will also recognize his powerlessness, and happy is he when he still acknowledges a Lord above him in the last hour and gives himself and his life over to him – when also he lets divine love seize him by him pleadingly stretching up his hands. For God certainly lets nothing overcome men without purpose, and he will help everyone who acknowledges the divine Lord in this sending and subordinates himself to him and his will. Amen. B.D. NR. 1493.


Book 23-24 1508

Crisis. Violent premature ending. Natural disaster.

6. July 1940. B.D. NR. 1508.

Mankind is heading for a crisis which is not harmless because greatest danger exists when it is not recognized as such and no appropriate steps are taken against it. Only very few people can imagine how monstrous the spiritual low has an effect also in the forming of the surface of the earth. It is incomprehensible as long as man does not know what tasks also the entire nature has in the upward development process of all spiritual. Every being has to receive power out of God, therefore this power is also conducted into everything what is visible to men as work of creation. This is first necessary only for the upkeep of what God has created. But the real task is that the spiritual unites and therefore reaches the increase in itself to a higher degree of maturity. This union happens naturally, i.e., divine will determines the individual entities to unite with others by him having assigned to all his creations their destination which are now also to be fulfilled because the entities are forced to do what task God has assigned to them. But the stage of free will is for these beings, which are still in the bound state, a great danger insofar as men can use their will in a way that is working against God and now bring the bound beings in great misery by them ending the course in a form prematurely which still has not ended, therefore certainly freeing the being from the respective form, this however has not yet reached the state of maturity which is prerequisite for the next form. So this now unbound spiritual is so to speak relieved of its activity, which it had to achieve before, cannot yet enliven the next form and therefore has to be inactive inevitably, which is a painful state for the being. For its course of development is now hindered; an interruption has occurred which the being cannot rectify on its own. It now has to wrestle enormously to now become again incorporated into a new form, and this wrestling happens in a way that it enormously presses hard the entity which is still in the form, i.e. drives it on to quicker activity; that therefore the unbound spiritual transfers its urge of activity to the spiritual which is still bound and this is now extraordinarily busy – which is expressed in an unnatural way, i.e. in increased work. This is seemingly therefore an irregularity - a deviation or a change of the existing laws of nature, but still corresponds to divine will because the wrong will of man himself caused it and just compensation has to be granted to the entities who are therefore hindered in the course of development. But the effect of this increased activity will again be noticeable to man, and that in a way which has little appeal to him. What originally was determined to grant the spiritual entities a long stay will now, through increased activity at unfamiliar time, release the spiritual in itself. Therefore extra-legal phenomena of nature so to speak will have unusual results. These are those disasters which are subject to nature, which therefore certainly do not directly depend on the will of man but indirectly are still the result of wrong will. When now the spiritual state of men is so low that they have no connection to God at all, that they neither recognize their earth task nor the purpose of creation, nor the upward course of development of all entities and their own endless long way on earth, they are also not afraid to intervene unauthorized in this creation, which has a different purpose than the one of exploitation through the hand of man, and this intervention, which has dreadful effects exactly on those beings being released prematurely, now entails inevitable consequences, which again have to be borne by men to be fair, although it often does not want to appear understandable to them, that they are the actual cause of the devastating disasters exactly through their wrong will directed against God. And now the earth has to expect such forcible release of the spiritual; this process is accelerated through the conduct of mankind; the violently released spiritual presses to always more lively activity both outside as well as in the interior of earth, and God does not hinder this activity because man himself has intervened without authorization and therefore ended against God’s will an embodiment granted by God in love to the beings. All spiritual, which suffers injustice, is allowed to gain its right, therefore the disasters are, although seemingly completely against the law of nature, in accordance with his will, have to be acknowledged and valued as divine sending. Those men however, who live in accordance with God’s will, who subordinate their will to the divine will and therefore are certainly informed of God’s love, omnipotence and wisdom, can calmly face every sending from above. They will, even when the disaster means their bodily end, lose nothing on earth, but the treasures of God become revealed to them, and they will sing praise and thanks to their creator until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 1508.


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