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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 19-20

B.D. NR. 985 - B.D. NR. 1168
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Book 19-20 0987


30. June 1939. B.D. NR. 987.

The spirit guides you into truth, and all thoughts therefore are, when you desire truth, announcements of the spirit in you that is awakened to life. When you now acquire this you heard from the spirit, therefore make it your spiritual property, you stand in the middle of truth and in the middle of knowledge. So first try to listen to the voice in you, i.e., allow your thoughts to take their own course, and what your heart is willing to accept that seize because the Lord lays into the heart the right feeling for what is right, and you therefore can feel no differently in the heart than pure truth. Only where your intellectual thinking drowns the voice of the heart, there you are in danger to misjudge what is right and become a slave to the spirit of falsehood. Allow yourselves to be guided by feeling, and you will not be on the wrong tracks when the desire for truth fills you. When you always pay attention to this precondition then you are protected against all error because the eternal divinity, which is truth in itself, does not allow falling into error him who desires to stand in truth. His fatherly love wants to impart truth to the child on earth, and his power prevents all uncleanliness, falseness access to the heart of the truth seeker. And the source, the start of truth, is always and forever only to be sought with him. Who now entrusts himself to the eternal divinity is in the circuit of his love, and he is fed with his power. A free relationship with him, born out of love and the desire for his creator, also makes the access to all spiritual power free, and the spirit in man can get into contact with the divine original spirit and impart everything visible to him as a sprit; it will however not reveal something to man what does not agree with truth because awakened spirit is in itself truth, and only the un-awakened spirit does not know the light, which is called truth. But man, whose spirit is still un-awakened, does not deal with spiritual things, but still hangs on to the earthly world, or tries to fathom spiritual things scientifically, therefore pure material thinking, therefore does not desires truth for the sake of truth, but for the sake of honour, fame and earthly goods. And because God and all spiritual has nothing in common with matter, so truth from God as the eternal truth himself can never reach him who rummages in matter. And again you (plural) recognize the limits which the Lord has drawn, that he recognizes Him and truth, who, averse to the world, turns to the spiritual only, that he will always and all the time be the bearer of truth and for that reason the word can be believed unconditionally, which is imparted to those who seek the Lord in all childlike nature and confidence – that the father in heaven is their constant guide and He only gives pure truth to the earth child through the God-spirit, which he himself brought into awakening through active love and desire for truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 987.


Book 19-20 1006

The soul chooses its stay itself.

14. July 1939. B.D. NR. 1006.

The soul has chosen its stay in the flesh itself, and consequently the objection is unwarranted, man is forced to be what he is on earth. The being even has received a description of earth life before; the way on earth has been introduced to it, in like manner also the degree of maturity, which can be reached in the very same life, and consequently the being has put on the flesh body in fullest consent and consciously became that to what it had given its assent before. When now due to acting wrongly the walk on earth does not bring it the maturity, then this is only to be attributed to the will or rather the unwillingness of man, who does not use life in that way as it can be used. Who neglects to be lovingly active on earth, his life has been lived in vain, and this activity in love is exactly to most necessary thing to reach the state of perfection. And when the soul considers this, that the embodiment as man adds fetters of all kind, when it considers, that opportunities are offered everywhere to loosen these fetters, and reach a true high degree of maturity in a short time, then the recognition of the misspent life is so unspeakable bitter for it that the remorse for the neglected opportunity means true hell for it. And all spiritual power cannot succeed to spare the soul this state of remorse, and that is why it takes quite a lot out of the soul still during the earth existence – and seeks to influence an astray going being, both spiritually and also bodily, and to awaken the feeling for responsibility of the soul, so that it recognizes its assignment on earth and pays more attention to its work of liberation. Once man has imagined that only his will frees him from his fetters, but that on the other side also the wrong will endangers the later life of the soul, then he would no longer live unthinkingly from day to day, but seeks to gain spiritual advantages, and at the same time he uses all opportunities for the performance of love towards the neighbour, because the soul feels especially in this its actual assignment, moreover it also likes to dwell in the spheres, because it does not feel the body pressure. It certainly has taken up life with the intention to use it to reach perfection, but wrong thinking in earth life mostly comes from the soul not coming quickly enough to reach this state and consequently indemnifies itself earthly, i.e. considers the artificial goods as real goods and fails to recognize true destiny on earth, but then seeks the supposed fault in an earth life which burdens it unusually, while it creates this burdening state itself. A proper life on earth which is agreeable to God, in active neighbourly love, will let man so rise above himself that he no longer at all becomes conscious of the seeming difficult circumstances and therefore the self chosen life in the flesh brings him fullest redemption. Amen. B.D. NR. 1006.


Book 19-20 1008


16. July 1939. B.D. NR. 1008.

The effort of the world wise is in vain to get a clear picture about the inner construction of the works of creation which are outside of earth. It is not enough to establish numerically the proportions of other world bodies in comparison with earth, it is also not enough to want to establish the influence upon these world bodies and the light intensity through degree meters. Rather men are needed for the research of these world bodies who have an enormous knowledge, and such a knowledge can only be acquired in spiritual ways. There exists no connection from earth to any world body, and eternities can pass, such a connection will also not be created, however spiritually again there are no boundaries, which separate one world body from the other. Wide space between two world bodies is no obstacle that spiritual beings can communicate with each other and give one another information about the world they inhabit and its composition. To give a clear picture about the planet most kindred to earth, Saturn, is the task of a higher spiritual being inhabiting it, and a description is offered to you men on earth which indisputably gives information to him who desires information. No earth citizen has yet succeeded to establish the size of this world body because the size cannot be proven numerically since men have no scale for the circumference of Saturn. It is a concept which goes far above all earthly estimates and almost reaches infinity for you men. The raw material of this celestial body also does not agree with that of earth – it is transparent, light glittering metal of unimaginable illuminating power. All beings in the range of this shining matter are in a state that they agree with the radiating light. They have an extremely fine feeling for spiritual trends and are relatively far advanced spiritual beings, who however have not reached their light state through conscious striving but are well educated beings through God’s will. The task of these beings is likewise to look after earthly spiritual. A similar bodily life like on earth is also typical for these beings, only that also the proportion of the covers, which serve the beings as stay, is incomprehensible for human ideas, but therefore is also the spiritual power indescribably effective. However the beings have to also fulfil an activity, and this is in accord with its respective embodiment because also these beings are in different outer form on the surface of the world body, only that they have an adaptability which by far surpasses that on earth, by them not enlivening any outer forms as imperfect spiritual beings, but can change as it were their cover at any time to be able to execute a task given to them in a different cover easier and better. Consequently Saturn holds living beings, however standing in a certain degree of maturity, otherwise the stay on this world body would not appeal to them because the fullness of light presupposes a certain light receptivity. It is difficult to describe these beings to men on earth because certain laws are counting there, which are completely unknown to men on earth. It would probably be possible to give you a description however only in the form of pictures, which illustrate the activity of the beings. And this activity again is in a certain connection just as necessary for men on earth because the permanent enlivening of the entire flora is the task given to these beings, however in a connection which is not yet really understandable to you. The beings among themselves lead a similar life as on earth in fullest harmony and spiritual solidarity, also their homes are correspondingly perfect, and marvellous creations of their own intelligence form the surface of the celestial body to an exceedingly charming stay. Creation has to show innumerable celestial bodies and still everyone deviates both in the forming of the surface as well as also in the living conditions of the beings inhabiting it. In like manner also the raw materials are of always different kind – but one divinity rules and directs all these creations according to its will. And innumerable possibilities are so available to the being out of God, so that it can receive and in like manner distribute bliss in eternity always and constantly in busy activity in accordance of its perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 1008.


Book 19-20 1013


21. July 1939. B.D. NR. 1013.

What now brings about this extraordinary brightness? What connections exist with these powers to kindle simultaneously unexpected bodily and spiritual effects and to light an unusual light and to therefore remain inimitably in every way? How do the spiritual currents relate to each other, and which visible or earthly explainable natural power underlies this luminosity? All these are questions which so deeply loom into spiritual knowledge that human intellect is certainly too little if it wanted to answer it itself. Only there where simultaneously pure spiritual knowledge is aimed for, enlightenment about this can be given because only in the effect of these spiritual powers lies the explanation of these wonders of creation. Incomparably sublime is the awareness that man has a right so to speak, to receive insight about it that he is allowed to and also can fill every gap of his knowledge and that there are therefore no limits for him when he is interested in any questions related to creation. Exactly the sun with its radiation effect is indisputably the greatest mystery for men in nature, and still they desire little or no instructions which are offered to them from above and which again can only be important because only divinity itself can explain something in detail and intelligibly what has its origin infinitely far away from earth. The neutral union of two elements results in a new substance – and this law underlies everything. On the other hand the union of unexplored powers produces certain frictions because every power wants to express itself and drive out the other. Where now such frictions develop the body standing in the centre has to catch fire whether it is of a hard kind or not, i.e. rebel against the power pressing it. So therefore every light appearance is an opposing of one power towards the second power wanting to express itself. And in the same way it is with every spiritual power current. Amen. B.D. NR. 1013.


Book 19-20 1015


22. July 1939. B.D. NR. 1015.


Now follow three excerpts from B.D. NR. 1015:

Not seldom do assumptions lead to false conclusions, and also science has erred incredibly when it assumes that there are any glowing masses in the central point of the sun.

The radiant effect of the sun is to be attributed to completely different laws.

The power of God himself shines without any effect from outside. The power of God is light in itself; this power passes daily and hourly into space without interruption, taken in through countless spirit bearers and passing on again through any being, visible and invisible. And that is why you receive in these rays of the Sun directly the power of life out of God - that is why the Sun has to distribute this power for the thriving of every living being, and this happens in a way, which is completely foreign and incomprehensible to human ideas, as long as men set too little value on the spiritual, because the radiant effect of the sun is a pure spiritual event, which however at the same time is also outwardly visible to men. While all other spiritual is hidden to them, earthly covered, an activity of the mature spiritual world is visibly expressed towards men, but not recognized as such.



Book 19-20 1024

Miracles of strong faith and power of prayer.

25. July 1939. B.D. NR. 1024.

And you will have to testify to the world that the power of God works through you. At their unbelief you will test this power, and they get astonished about that, but it has to be proved to men that he has power who has deep faith – the miracle of strong faith and the power of prayer has to be shown to them. Suffering will be expelled by virtue of this faith; nature will obey him who stands in the service of the eternal divinity, and the power out of God will be expressed towards those who want to rule out of worldly power to the detriment of the believers. And all this will be necessary because of the God-renegades. Who seeks the divinity will see a light in it and follow Christ, i.e., his heart will recognize truth and go the way of truth. And for the sake of these the Lord gives to his on earth such power. And therefore there will be greatest astonishment about the unusual work of men, but through which God himself works. When you therefore get the instruction to act according to God’s will, then do not resist the divine word, because the Lord needs his servants on earth to make himself known to men. Rather believe firmly and steadfastly, and in everything obey the directives of the divine saviour because only the full trusting obeying of the divine will also produces the unusual power in you. You will work things in this faith which lift you above yourselves when you just always remain active in the spirit. Do not forget that the Lord himself gives you the task, that he does not demand more from you than you can fulfil, and let your will become active so that you execute what you are instructed to do. And without hesitation all you join together and work with united power. Speak openly and to everyone and hear their requests also when these are meant for earthly needs because you are of course to supply them with proof that the father in heaven can fulfil every request when it is advantageous for your soul. In an earthly quiet period turn every thought towards the divine saviour. He rewards you your love and will give you unusual power when you talk about his word and are active rescuing erring souls. And all uneasiness will fall off you, and clearly and intelligibly you will announce to men what the father orders you because his will will direct you when you do not oppose him. Amen. B.D. NR. 1024.


Book 19-20 1055

Prediction of a great event

13. August 1939. B.D. NR. 1055.

May your (singular) beginning be blessed. For the sake of mankind an enormous eager activity develops which can work redeeming. And so an event is again in sight which will excite all minds or will have a paralyzing effect on the spirit of creation. And the resistance of many a person will fail at this great experience - many a soul will find back to the father, whom it recognizes as originator of all earthly events. And for the sake of these the Lord lets his power and his might appear. He, who knows all hearts, also knows which souls can still turn towards him, and gives them his signs of such a kind that certainly numerous men lose earthly life, but also many win life, that life, which lasts for eternity. And now this time which now comes over earth, is rightly to be called a time of struggle because many a person will also lie in a fight with himself. On the one hand he does not want to give up his opinions, but on the other hand recognizes a power and a will and does not want to and cannot resist this will. And man has to fight to get through this struggle. Out of free will he has to give up his own thinking; he has to give up preconceived opinions; he must try to get the thoughts of refusal that emerge in him under control and finally he has to show complete commitment for which he feels in the heart to be truth, and therefore follow only that voice in him that will just guide him on the right course, and when this victory has been won then men have not died in vain, whose bodily end was determined. And this is so shortly imminent that also the knowing will be surprised, and therefore take note: Where the Lord appears, giving and teaching, there is the limit of events. He will remain untouched who walks in the spirit of the Lord, but the earth will be hit within the Reich which counts the days and boasts of its power. Again a turning point of time has come, and the world again looks upon this country, and the spark which shows the divinity begins to fall on the country. The spark, which sets the fire ablaze and which will not be brought to a head, because the attention of the world turns toward that event, which is far greater than all dispute and quarrel of the world. They no longer pay attention to the things human will brings on, but only to the direction from above, and a door will be lifted from its hinges, which did not allow a view till now. And only now man recognizes the greatness and omnipotence of him who directs and guides all life on earth – and happy for whom this admonition does not come too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 1055.


Book 19-20 1058

Nature of matter

15. and 16. August 1939. B.D. NR. 1058.

To man matter appears to be incorporeal and incorporeal everything what does not hold visible life in itself. And he does not consider how serious especially for all spiritual the stay in matter is – how just matter is the gathering place of all immature spiritual and what important designation therefore is intended for matter by the eternal creator. And therefore matter itself must have come into being out of the will of God. As form coming from the will of God it consequently has to be something which is permanent; it cannot again arbitrarily sink back into nothing but it must remain – and therefore is imperishable however changeable in itself. And everything, what is imperishable, has to be spirit, out of the spirit of God. And this spiritual out of God is surrounded with a cover visible to you men, therefore is that, what is visible to you as matter, something hidden, i.e. covered spiritual, whose cover however is exposed to a permanent change for the purpose of union of the spiritual and therefore permanent increase. This clear explanation gives you information about the contentious question whether and how far matter is incorporeal, and it explains adequately the importance of all that what comes visibly to light in creation. What exists is all spirit out of God, but for men on earth though all spiritual remains invisible, however has to be made recognizable to the human eye and therefore be seeable pure outwardly. And that is why the idea of matter cannot otherwise be made understandable than that innumerable spiritual entities took stay in visible covers created by God for a purpose. And it is now the task of these entities to break through the cover, therefore to become free of all cover – i.e., to overcome matter. Nothing in creation is without purpose, and nothing visible remains unchanged, also the spiritual changes all the time, however not visible to the human eye, and this lets man come to the assumption that matter does not hold any entity, any living thing in itself. Man cannot follow the process of matter in the short earth time because quite often unbelievable long time belongs to it before an old form has dissolved and changed into a new form. And that is why all that what needs long time to change appears to man as completely dead, as incorporeal, because where man can observe a permanent reshaping, there he already admits certain life in it, and where life is ascertained, there one also acknowledges already more the spiritual power which is exactly the epitome of life. The more now man gives space to these thoughts in himself that everything created is also God’s breath, but that the breath of God can never be something dead, something incorporeal, but power inciting to life always and all the time, which incites everything to activity, but never remains in inactivity, then he never looks at the form visible to him as incorporeal mass, and the connectedness of all works of creation becomes clear to him because all these works of creation are bearers of innumerable entities which strive towards unification in themselves and who need for this a long time as well as an outer form. Amen. B.D. NR. 1058.


Book 19-20 1072

Question – Answer. Mental activity spiritual work.

26. August 1939. B.D. NR. 1072.

Now and then man desires enlightenment in things, which move his thinking, and he does not pay attention to the thoughts streaming in to him, which as if emerge automatically and would just like to be seized. Man would now receive the clear answer to all questions; he would so to speak be truthfully instructed about everything, what appears to be desirable for him to know, of course always on condition that he believes and desires to stand in truth. When man would like to pay more attention to all his thoughts, he would soon notice that an answer in form of a thought always follows some question, which man though rejects as given by himself, but which often emerges as thought again, therefore pushes itself again and again into awareness. All such thoughts, which touch problems, which often occupy man, are insinuations of beings in the hereafter, which cannot announce themselves differently than precisely in the form of thought-transference. The need of these beings is exactly as among men dwelling on earth, to exchange themselves, and therefore all spiritual beings can express themselves mentally. So now the will of man exists, to receive such expressions, a regular spiritual exchange can take place. Now indeed also those beings can express themselves, whose knowledge is not enough and who therefore also instruct men wrongly. But there the desire of man for truth itself sets the limits. Who desires truth for the sake of truth, has to fear no transferences of such immature spirit beings. For the desire for truth only attracts the beings standing in fullest truth, which are extremely willing and make an effort to guide men on earth into all truth. And consequently the spirits of the lie have only influence on such people, who are rather concerned about anything else than pure truth. Man shall ask himself: What is the thought – how does it come into being, and what is cause to such infinite different formulation of thought? - And the answer must be his that thought is spiritual power – and that therefore spiritual power is imparted. And indeed the one imparting must possess this spiritual power in fullness to be able to let the receiver have it. The owner must therefore be in the advantage to the one demanding. And therefore every question is a demanding and every answer a fulfilling. Spiritual power is nothing tangible, but just spiritual perceptible stuff, and therefore the thought is something, what certainly every man can receive and still not see or feel. And it must now be comprehensible to man that as outlet of the thought precisely only spiritual beings are possible, which want to share that what they possess in fullness and also can do this, and only a certain willingness to receive must be there on the part of man, which is founded on faith. For only the believing man recognizes and approves of the work of spiritual beings in such a way and finds the right explanation for thought-transference and in general for all mental activities. Amen. B.D. NR. 1072.


Book 19-20 1086

Mission of the work. Numerical prediction. Transmission of incomprehensible importance.

8. September 1939. B.D. NR. 1086.

It is a powerful work which is to come about through your (singular) co-operation, and some day the strangest opinions will be formed about the origin of the work, and it will be supposed that all writings could only come into being in such a way that the literary talent developed through a concentration in a distinct school of thought and everything that came into being would now therefore in a way be the result of this mental concentration – and a work of supernatural powers was only a morbid imagination of the writer. However the Lord prepares now something which will also make those doubters think. Numerically he now lays down the total extent of the work. 2000 (two thousand) chapters are first offered to men, which all explain sufficiently what is necessary for man himself to be able to instruct again the ignorant. But after that the work gets a specially prepared announcement through which something will be presented to men which is completely new and extraordinarily informative to them because he who receives this announcement believingly will also recognize a special mission in it which becomes a task for the writer. The Lord himself will dictate words which never yet reached mankind. These are those words which the Lord spoke in the most difficult hour to those who are his, but which were never brought home to the world because mankind lacked up to now the ability of enlightenment for these words. What Jesus did on earth was written down but not these his words which are so full of meaning that even a trained spirit cannot give them but the divine Lord and Saviour alone has to be the mediator of these words. And to receive this sending an exceedingly willing heart is needed which only bears in itself the desire to be able to accept the Saviour in itself, and whose senses turn to only this holy experience, and only under these preconditions such gifts can be imparted to the earth child. The more intimate this heart beats towards the Saviour the clearer and more intelligible that word will be able to be imparted because this requires an exceedingly willing heart ready to receive and strongest faith. And when this sending reaches the writing earth child a mission of such enormous importance is fulfilled, which you men cannot appreciate. And this work is then to remain in existence throughout endless times and perpetually testify for the infinite love and goodness of God towards his children, for the forbearance, patience and compassion of his. And after the end the fight against the divine word sets in, and now it will be shown and become obvious that nobody can refute these divine words. And it will be completely welcomed there where until then resistance was still recorded. And so the work will find entrance among mankind and impart power and favour to all those who do not hide from the content of the announcements and therefore willingly welcome the favour of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 1086.


Book 19-20 1108

Effect of the spiritual current on the beings around us.

23. September 1939. B.D. NR. 1108.

Walk your way without hesitation and give yourself into God’s protection, then every walk will be beneficial, and all gates, which lead to knowledge, will be open for you. And consider that spiritual surrounds you and feels every turning towards God and takes as it were an interest in every spiritual current, which touches you. The living solidarity with God is of such mighty effect because spiritual power flows all the time from God to earth, and all beings which surround you are filled with this power. And that which so imparts itself to the living things which are developing upwards, contributes again to mature the spiritual in them. All creatures, all plant world and all rocks groan under the burden of their outer form, and mankind could give to all these entities much when it would set itself into spiritual solidarity and would impart the power current flowing towards it also to all spiritual in the surroundings. And that is why all creation also stands under the effect of the wrong life of men. It also feels the spiritual fall of mankind and likewise suffers under it because mankind lacks all power of love which has a redeeming effect, and this consequently lets also the beings starve to which too little love is given. Everything which is active in love has to receive power and distribute power – the light which illuminates, also has to shine in the wide circle, and who therefore requests the power out of God in solidarity with God will be bequeathed so abundantly with it that also he again can share and also does this unconsciously. And this power revives what comes into contact with it, what opens up to absorb it – it knows no hindrances, it penetrates through all pores, it is in every breath of air, it is transferable like a thought, it enlivens and stimulates again to activity, and so everything is co-receiver of what has been requested from the father by the believing earth child. And when you can weigh the omnipotence of this power, you would be lifted up high through the thought of being able to help everything in its unredeemed state what is around you; you would be helpful towards the tiniest being because you then recognize in everything the same – a work of God’s creation which course of development you have already covered an endless long time ago. And your will would be to help these spiritual beings all the time, which thank you at the right time. Amen. B.D. NR. 1108.


Book 19-20 1118

The divine word.

27. September 1939. B.D. NR. 1119.

Extract only

The development of all other creatures is according to God’s will. The development of man however or of the human soul, is their own will alone – and depends on how their attitude towards the word of God is.


Book 19-20 1119

Diversity of creations.

27. September 1939. B.D. NR. 1119.

Creation, so as man sees it, is only a negligible small part of the work of creation but does not at all allow drawing conclusions from the miracles of divine creation which are hidden to the eyes of man and also have to be because these are not of such kind that man could grasp them. What man is able to see always suits his intellectual capacity, however the whole of creation shows so diverse miracle works which are of complete different kind and form than Earth. Viewing the numberless creations, which are accessible to man, the question has to be raised whether only these forms exist on Earth or the same law also still governs on other celestial bodies or world bodies and also the same creations exist. And this has to be denied. In innumerable variations the celestial bodies are created, and man cannot form a picture of this, how diverse each celestial body is in itself and how they, which are still subordinated to the one law giver – hold so diverse creatures and still again all these creations serve the same purpose, to contribute to the perfection of the soul. Everywhere the creatures have a certain ability to change their outer form, and they therefore enliven the star to which they are assigned, and there fulfill their task, which was given to them from the beginning. This has to be explained first before man can have insight into the many-sidedness of creations, which are not visible to him. And this is also only allowed for the purpose that they pay more attention to the earthly phenomena in the coming time, when the coming into being of creation is made understandable to them and also the coming changes are illuminated from the spiritual side….
B.D. NR. 1119.


Book 19-20 1120

Research work. Celestial bodies. Venus.

28. September 1939. B.D. NR. 1120.

The most untiring research work does not come closer to this aim as long as help is not desired at the same time from the spiritual side because the researcher goes without knowledge to a work, which is to be achieved only spiritually. Out of human view all works of creation, also those outside of Earth, would have to have the same material legality, and they further would have to be subjugated to the same laws of nature because otherwise an existing and arising is not imaginable by men. But all creations are for the first time now based on other laws of nature; then also the composition in material respect is so entirely different with every individual work of creation and moreover also the basic condition for the possibility of existence of the beings inhabiting the creation so deviating from each other that human science would stand here before a completely unsolvable puzzle when they would approach the research of this work of creation pure scientifically. And all results until now are completely worthless because they approach truth not in the least. The mind of man, the capacity and the ability of judging does not stretch beyond the Earth sphere, and only few possibilities are there to explain other creations so that they are grasped by man. The basic elements, which man has to know for the understanding of their effect, are completely meaningless in other celestial bodies, and that is why the knowledge cannot be used for the establishing of any phenomena, which one would like to settle. In order to penetrate into the secrets of other works of creations a complete detaching from the earthly sphere is needed first, liberation from all what is visible on Earth; man must connect himself with the spirit powers of those worlds and receive all explanations regarding this as newcomer. And now test whether you will succeed in this. A star of indescribable attraction is the heavenly body, to which you have given the name Venus. You are never ever allowed to imagine a structure which is like earth; in regular distances there are light landscapes, which seem varied and extremely charming to the observer. These regions are inhabited by beings of strangest kind according to human concepts. The stay in these regions is only temporary for these beings, because also this heavenly body serves the entities to further development. The whole surface of this heavenly body is seen to be charming and offers a happy stay for a short time to their inhabitants, because they change it all the time. This world differs so much from what is earthly understandable that only a spiritual experience, a seeing, can impart to man the impressions and that it is also then still unspeakably difficult for man to report these impressions, that fellowman can form a picture of it. And still a spiritual connection exists also between that heavenly body and earth, which makes it possible to be instructed, only a certain spiritual state of maturity belongs to it, which replaces the lacking human knowledge and is therefore first condition to penetrate areas, which otherwise remain closed to man. Amen. B.D. NR. 1120.


Book 19-20 1124

Prayer. Power of the spirit.

2. October 1939. B.D. NR. 1124.

To stand in direct connection with spiritual power promotes tremendously the spiritual development of the soul, which urgently needs the support in the imperfect state. A conscious request for this power is of invaluable worth and therefore also has to bring results, which are clearly recognizable. But an incorrigible denier of this power does not find this support, and the state of his soul is inevitably affected by it; i.e., the soul has no opportunity to bring itself up; it cannot develop and therefore remains what is was before it enlivened the human body. And in this the explanation is again to be found why the spiritual state of men has such low level. It is explainable that exactly man, who relies on his own power, no longer advances, but always remains in the same state and therefore his life can be called a useless one when there is no enlightenment from one side. Therefore it first has to be pointed out to man that unlimited power is available to him, but that this power only then appears when man, through his prayer, announces his will to receive it, and therefore it is now given to him, even if tons of obstacles are set against it. Uninfluenced by earthly obstacles this power gradually gets through to his soul that it noticeably feels the relief, that it imagines itself from now on to stand in the light, that it eagerly pursues a certain way, which promises the safe goal - and that it is now suddenly enlightened by this light, which is eternal truth. It no longer seeks because it has found – it does not doubt because it believes – it does not search because it knows. It accepts everything what the spirit announces to it, and therefore the divine power expresses itself in it and made the ascent easy for it. Therefore this power is never a phantom, it is rather tangible and of such extraordinary effect, that this is also pure outwardly already recognizable – because also the entire outer life of man assumes other forms. Man simply cannot remain in the old when the power of the spirit works in him. This has an effect that everything advances, not only the development of the soul but also bodily a greater sensibility for everything what is spiritual – and therefore it makes man suitable for spiritual seeing and experiencing. It makes the soul receptive for everything high and pure; it guides it into higher spheres and opens its sight for everything perfect – because it has some day the same mission and therefore has to experience an everlasting increase. It must desire to stand in the light and is not allowed to hide this light under a bushel, so that it shines in the vicinity and therefore serves as it were as signpost to the still mistaken. Amen. B.D. NR. 1124.


Book 19-20 1126

Prediction. Natural event. Devastating sickness.

4. October 1939. B.D. NR. 1126.

I still grant you a shortest respite so that you deliberate and leave the way, which you walk now on earth. And when the hour has come, which is to bring about the downfall of those, you will recognize it by the light of the day, how it retreats at an unusual time and you will see the darkness as the last sign. You will be warned for the last time and again admonished to turn back because the individual can still avert eternal ruin; the possibility is still offered to him to rescue his soul and then he only gives up his life to receive it again. But this hour will be terrible due to the quaking of the Earth; water gushes forth and floods the land with roaring and raging, and mankind recognizes that it is powerless in the face of the activities of the powers of nature. And the despair will be great and the horror indescribable when the approaching end is recognizable to them. And a great condemnation of the divinity will sound but they do not remember their own sin. They remain of stubborn mind even in this great trouble except for few, whom I will help visibly. Because those are not to be completely destroyed who show honour to God the Lord and confess their sin to him. And judgement will only be short, and when the sun again bursts forth through the clouds the horror of the night is over – but earthly damage incalculable. The sun will shine more radiant than ever; the air will be felt to be calm and mild, and everything will be presented to the eyes of the survivors in the light of dawn, but the horror will not let men be happy before they have not handed over themselves to me and let me have all further ways. And my spirit will enlighten these weak; suddenly they will become seeing, and the horror gives way to higher knowledge; they praise me and are happy and grateful that I have mercy on them and have chosen them for the propagation of the race – and their love towards me will kindle, and they will compete to offer their services to me, and I will choose them to be my servants, and now spiritual food will be offered to these, and an end will be put to the exceeding great misery and a new age begins, which puts spiritual striving in the foreground and lets only weakly realize worldly desire. Those who take part in this divine event will remember this until their end because the divine creator expressed himself plainly. A messenger of God goes through the country and lets his warning cry sound first. Full of horror the world will first shun the country, which transmits trouble and misery to all men through sickness and pestilences of all kind. A devastating sickness will befall men, and they will find no rescue, and this will be the beginning of the end. And when now the new kingdom has arisen, a just judge governs it, a gracious wise monarch, who, without finding resistance, is acknowledged everywhere, and no matter whether the world of appearance still rules everything, it will fall apart and have to give way to the new age, and truth and justice will be the mark that a separation has taken place from all what is unclean – that the lie and pretence had to give way because it was my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 1126.


Book 19-20 1140

Nearness of the divine Lord. Coming in the clouds of heaven.

17. and 18. October 1939. B.D. NR. 1140.

Do not fight the thoughts which announce the nearness of the father. Because everything, what points you to transitoriness, is a call of admonition of his love, and the more powerfully he seizes your heart the more noticeably the father expresses himself, and he stretches his hands towards you so that you are to seize them. And that is why you are to pay attention how this his love again and again announces itself to you by him steering your thoughts to everything what has him recognized. Because when man is willing, he recognizes his rule and work in everything what surrounds him. (18.10.1939) He recognizes him and gives himself him for himself because he now also knows for what purpose earth life was given to him. And he only has the desire to proof himself worthy of God’s love; humbly he submits to his will and so remains in closest union with the eternal divinity to whom he owes his existence. The father in heaven would like to know that all his creatures are standing in association with him; he would like to transfer his infinite fatherly love to all his creatures and help to decrease the distance of them from him and so he chooses means which are certainly painful but will be successful for many earth children. He also approaches you in a way that you will feel him and which partly makes happy, partly horrifies. Because he will attract the attention of those who only want to have him come into play as a fabulous creature. Suddenly a light will shine for them, which changes in form and illuminating power, and this light will exert a beneficent influence on the still not completely stubborn. But to believers he will announce himself through signs, which will have all doubts of his love and omnipotence go silent; because he will come in the clouds of heaven; visibly he will descend and enter the hearts of those who love him and trust him believingly. And this entering will be like a coronation. Because who gets to feel the nearness of the divine Lord will feel lifted up into the fields of eternal happiness, and no earthly king will equal him because his relationship to God brought him the most wonderful, which can be allotted to him in earthly life – food and drink out of heavens, offered by his angels and servants in heaven. And God the Lord himself descends and brings himself to his children, and he will be able to see him who desirously expects him – he will feel him who longs for his nearness, and every child will be deemed worthy of his fatherly love who desires it. Because the father gives there where he knows his real children are waiting for him; he strengthens who lack deepness of faith; he increases the will power of those who want to serve him, and he forcibly intervenes there where up to now he was not respected. Because now the world will have to pay attention when the Lord considers the time has come. And it is close – the divine work already takes its start. Therefore do not defend yourselves but come to meet the father lovingly when he wants to offer his love to you, and all of you place your hearts into his hands so that he blesses you and guides you all to the true goal. Amen. B.D. NR. 1140.


Book 19-20 1141

Way to truth. Spiritual influence. Thought – emanation.

19. October 1939. B.D. NR. 1141.

All are to walk on the way to truth because only through this you reach real enlightenment. Who, in firm trust in God, directs the question towards the knowing powers, his thoughts will also be supplied with the right knowledge. Who however conjectures, advances this and the other thought and again discards it, he does not stand in faith in God, and therefore his thinking is not precise and clear but confused and changing. Because thoughts are just spiritual transmissions of those beings, which influence you, and that spiritual power gains control over you to which you hand over yourselves. Your turning towards God shows your will, to abandon yourselves to divine influence, but who turns God down or ignores him, he calls the opposing powers himself und hands himself over to their control. And so all thinking of a deeply believing man, who devotes himself to God, can only advance in truth because the divine powers impart purest truth to him, and so man himself is the originator both of right as well as wrong thinking. He himself determines the degree of truth in which he intends to walk. The various opinions among mankind are all founded on the fact that the attitude towards God – faith – is formed completely different. The more superficial the relationship to God and the shallower faith is the more men remove themselves from pure truth. While faith, becoming deeper and firmer all the time, also leads men to always deeper enlightenment. And that is why all intellectual knowledge is of no use to man when he does not, at the same time, recognize his starting and his end in the eternal divinity – when therefore deep faith is rooted in him so that he as God’s creature stands in a certain relationship to him and this relationship causes also a certain conduct towards the divinity in the time on earth. Only the believing man turns with all questions which occupy him with intercession towards God that he might be enlightened and that is why also only the believing man can be deemed worthy of the real answer and truth therefore imparted to him most clearly. Everything that is perfect stands in closest union with God, can therefore nothing but radiate what is willed by God. And every thought is the emanation of divine beings which man can receive on earth and also reject. The willing man, turned towards God, will however accept because he recognizes the truth of what is imparted to him because his will desires truth and therefore such is supplied to him. And he will always reject what might be imparted to him from a dishonest spiritual side because it is the spirit out of God which has an effect in him. And this spirit is very well able to tell the difference between truth and lie. It defends itself against the lie and therefore turns down every wrong thought because it is itself the emanation of divinity and can never get into the spell of the lie but at any time it will profess truth, which is really likewise divine and is therefore recognized by the divine spirit in man because man consciously contacts eternal truth in faith in God. This event explains in an understandable way when man is walking on the way towards truth and when pure truth is guaranteed to him. Amen. B.D. NR. 1141.


Book 19-20 1153

Natural phenomena. Temperature. Star. Prediction.

30. October 1939. B.D. NR. 1153.

Time rushes, and the mind of men does not change; innumerable souls perish when the Lord does not still offer his love to them in the last hour and makes them aware of the dreadful destruction of all earthly things. And therefore pay attention to the days which will fundamentally differ from the otherwise usual season. The lower the sun stands the brighter a shine it will express, and an unusual temperature will astonish men. And this will bring about all kinds of assumptions. Partly they will happily look forward to the coming time full of hope, partly they will have doubts, and man will be inclined to acknowledge a supernatural rule. However least of them remember their relationship with God. They do not recognize that God himself wants to turn their thinking towards him; they also make no effort to seek a connection in the unusual natural phenomena. Yes, very quickly they get used to them and do not draw the smallest advantage for their soul from them. Because if they would just pay attention, the call from above would be understandable to them. But when they do not remember their relationship with their creator, they remain earthly minded and accept nothing spiritual offered to them. And all these unusual natural phenomena are expressions of the spiritual work of those powers which are subject to God and willing to serve him. Again spiritual trends will become noticeable and they will appear to men in manifold ways, and still mankind’s thinking will deal little with this because also the power of darkness works enormously, and it fights against all spiritual enlightenment – it seeks to weaken the divine, and so mankind will only always pay attention to earthly events and face the work of the divinity in nature indifferently although men are touched by it in obvious charitable ways. Only a small number sees God’s hand stretching towards men and seeks to enlighten fellow men, but only the favour which is bodily felt is acknowledged, but not a direction from above which is to effect a change of human thinking. And an event belongs to this time of feeling of wellbeing, caused by unusual effects of the sun at an unusual time, which should also make every spiritual blind think. A star detaches itself from the firmament and changes its course. This star will have an illuminating power which exceeds all others by far; it will brightly shine forth at night and approach earth, so that also this phenomenon is again unusual for men and still at the same time evidence of the creator of heaven and of earth having all power and therefore also commands the stars their course according to his will. When this star is visible, mankind approaches more and more the spiritual point of change. So much help is offered to it in spiritual respect that it certainly only needs its will to acquire this help, but its mind becomes more and more stubborn, its thinking more and more blinded. And the time is no longer far which the Lord mentioned that a door will be lifted out of its hinges when man closes his heart to all spiritual trends. The light will also shine there where it is avoided because the ray of light will be so bright that it penetrates everything , and also the spiritual blind will have to see, only his will will still be refusing, and the end will be that he will be consumed by the light. Because everything that is bright, light and clear banishes darkness. And light conquers darkness insofar as darkness has to yield where the light of truth has once forged ahead. And the lie and pretence will fall to the ground, however truth will remain forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 1153.


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