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Bertha Dudde Messages

Author: Bertha Dudde 1.4.1891 - 18.9.1965
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Book 17-18

B.D. NR. 801 - B.D. NR. 984
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Book 17-18 0801

Spiritual chaos. World fire. Messiah. Forerunner of the Lord.

9. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0801.

Unchanged it will be fulfilled at the world as it is written that there shall not be left one stone upon another, because in these days the world experiences a complete collapse of all what had remained through millennia. And oppositions will set itself against all traditions; it will mean a unique chaos, both in spiritual as well as in earthly respect. Men will no longer be able to differentiate between how far their opinions are right or erroneous. They will drift endlessly, and the end will be spiritual wasteland. The most different rumours will emerge concerning the return of the Messiah, and an enormous world fire drives mankind into extreme trouble and desperation. But this misery can be controlled very well through undoubted faith in Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. Who has chosen him as leader through earth life, his way goes past all bitterness, and in the protection of his love the earth valley with all its terrors will only touch him shadow-like, but the misery will be unspeakable great for all who do not carry the divine saviour in the heart, and earth suffering will appear to him unbearable; he will struggle with all confusions of bodily and spiritual kind. And into this chaos a light will shine which will fill all with comfort and hope who stand in this light. Among you a bearer of spiritual truth will arise in these days. He will announce the word, and men will be filled with great hope; he will be a powerful speaker before the Lord, and he will announce his return and preach the word, which the Lord himself has taught on earth, with all eagerness, imbued by the love for men. And he will be a forerunner of the Lord. But his hour will come, and they will try to hinder him to fulfil his mission. The world will be sympathetic over his fate on earth; partly it will recognize his purpose and his work in the will of God – but for the greater part his destruction will be demanded by those who go along in darkest spirit night. And at this time the earth will roar, and God the Lord will admonish and warn men with a brazen voice to turn back and to think of the salvation of their soul, and suffering on earth will assume proportions, and by it men are to see how close the hour of judgement is. You are to stop and think and remember the Lord who has announced this time to you in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 0801.


Book 17-18 0807

Remote effect of thoughts

12. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0807.

In the remote effect of thoughts man has the easiest way to recognize a supernatural power, because he then must see all assistance of man being switched off and admit that there is something at work that he would otherwise want to deny. But when now something comes obviously to light that thoroughly shakes the further will of refusal – when a man gets influenced mentally to carry out something which does not comply with his own will at all, then proof is given through this that another power makes use of the will of man to express itself. People also like to deny this, and they try to give the explanation that man’s weakness of will is a pathological state which is used by the strong willed partner. But even this explanation does not exclude that just after all one man can have an effect on another mentally, but is rather still a confirmation of it – because both, the weak as well as the strong willed man, stand as completely separate individual beings, seen purely externally, in creation, which however does not exclude that a power can determine them to be somehow active, and that this power, when it is requested to a great extent, can also be procured. Every thought is spiritual power, it therefore can be requested, received and passed on – and this could be used on earth from man to man still far more when love would indwell men and an abuse of this power would be eliminated through a certain spiritual state of maturity. But where this power is used in spiritual maturity, the thought life of a fellow man can be strongly influenced already on earth. Recognizing this, great attention has to be paid to thought-transference, because this is proof of the effect of a power which one would like to deny, humanly or earthly seen. Amen. B.D. NR. 0807.


Book 17-18 0814

Mental influencing of the spiritual in matter

17. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0814.

Pay attention to creation in its shaping; see its diversity which is expressed in the varied form fashioning, and then try to imagine all pictures, which offer themselves to the eye, spiritually enlivened – look at everything what you see not as dead matter, but see through this only always the spiritual entity – and you will soon so intimately grow together with all what comes before the eye; you will feel in everything life and be concerned about looking after this life, and to consequently contribute to it that the spiritual in all matter increases through analogous uniting of kindred related creations. That means, he will manage a remodelling of the outer form who looks at nothing as being chance but recognizes in everything the will and omnipotence of God. But this again presupposes a firm belief in the development of spiritual beings in each form. How now man has himself let come into being the most unbelievable creations on earth in virtue of his will of shaping, so it must still also be possible for him to connect each work of creation with its spiritual assignment and to likewise bring spiritual power through mental transference to the spirit beings hidden in them, and this power has to again express itself so that all outer form remains in permanent activity and so fulfils its earth assignment in shortest time and then also devotes itself again to new activity in new form. Amen. B.D. NR. 0814.


Book 17-18 0815

Explanation to Book 17 No. 0814. Effects of the struggle for the soul.

18. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0815.

Men demand justice and do not themselves have the right standard for their own conduct and acting, and when each man would be willing to take the feeling for justice into account then soon all fighting and quarrel would be removed from the world, but often men rather thinks to be entitled to demand consideration for himself, but to deny this to fellow man, and so the latter provokes the displeasure of fellow man, and peace is considerably disturbed. And this again results in men being hostile towards each other, that they decrease love in themselves and build a wall between themselves, and such a state will never contribute to the support of the soul, it will rather be forced into a kind of standstill, it gets lost in thoughts which are completely useless and worthless, and therefore stops the soul from valuable time of work which would be useful for its support. When you men so imagine the effects of a dispute then it would be your earnest striving to avoid all such hostilities and to rather take a wrong upon yourselves than to cause far greater harm to the soul by making an effort to have it out with somebody. You use your will power for completely unimportant questions and their solutions and do not consider that you also do not derive the smallest advantage for the soul from a dispute which ends favourably for you, and that should always keep you away from discussing useless things as they just only produce for you harmful effects for the soul. To leave all such questions to God it is far more reasonable and leads to far greater success.
And now listen to the voice of the heart and receive a more detailed explanation for the message which is incomprehensible to you, which concerns the mental influencing of the banished spiritual in creation. As it is evident and understandable for you, creation, that means everything what is visible to you, just merely serves the purpose to give stay to the spiritual, and this way every thing is spiritually enlivened. This applies to everything being visible to you. When the spirit bearer is now exposed to the human will of forming – therefore all mater, which so to speak again serves man as material, to be reshaped in his hand – man now on his side has the possibility to also have an effect on the spiritual power which is inherent in matter – and he can so to speak influence this spiritual power so that it can end its development course quicker and leave exactly this form. So the striving of man must be to recognize the banished spiritual in all matter, to support this spiritual and take care as much as possible that a permanent change and utilization of matter lets every spiritual in it become free – that man as it were contributes to shorten the lifespan of matter in unchanged form – it must become clear to him that nothing in the universe keeps its form for a long time and that a constant change of the outer form helps the entity to ascend. Who looks at everything in this sense and is helpful on his part by seeing in all works of creation covers of spiritual substances and therefore is himself active to reshape this cover all the time, and this in full awareness to support the spiritual entities, his assignment is through this really fulfilled, because he is not only still active for himself and his spiritual welfare, but at the same time for the helpless beings, which cannot yet liberate themselves consciously, whose way is then considerably shortened. Because when man believes that all creation is and remains spirit bearer, then it will also be clear to him that he, also being spirit bearer, has to find a connection with the spiritual entity by him subjecting the outer form more often to a change and everything, what comes into being under the hands of men, is as it were allowed by God’s will, always for the shaping of a new outer form which is entitled to again receive the spiritual substance in itself. Only the will of man is necessary for this. And only the belief that all creation is spiritually enlivened, as well as all striving for love which is meant for the liberation of the spiritual substance, is a helping factor for these beings which cannot be valued high enough. And every work which you tackle in this awareness will also bear the blessing of God in itself; because they all are his spiritual co-workers who are active for the redemption of the beings, both on earth as also in the hereafter. Amen. B.D. NR. 0815.


Book 17-18 0816

Change of outer form. Change of the spiritual.

19. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0816.

As on earth a constant change of all form takes place, as nothing remains all the time in the same shaping, so must also every spiritual holding itself inside of form experience a same change, which certainly does not visibly take place for the human eye, but is clearly recognizable in the spiritual world. The spiritual beings very soon perceive when such a spiritual change upwards takes place, and use every possibility to support this upward development by them lovingly taking care of the being striving upwards. On the other side it is just too understandable that all spirit bearers on earth, that means all matter and all living things, have to record spiritual progress always then when they let themselves being mentally influenced by higher spirit power, because then a united, therefore strengthened, spiritual power has an effect and has as such to record adequate greater success. Wherever a spirit bearer is influenced favourably, it must strive upwards, and everything striving up joins again together as it were and contributes to the increase of spiritual power. Such an increased spiritual substance has to also have understandably an outer form externally adapted to itself, which is why therefore every change of spirit also calls for the change of the outer form. And therefore it is so to speak recognizable in all works of creation to what extent the spiritual substance is inherent in it, because also the outer form will appropriately be greater and more perfect the more developed its soul is, that means all spiritual in it. Now it is also understandable to man why the body, that means the flesh body of man, has to show much similarity with animal bodies which are already quite developed, because the soul of the latter is already so far shaped that it only needs the unification with substances it misses to be able to fully satisfy the requirements which are demanded by it for the embodiment as man, which is why also the outer form of man so to speak unifies everything what has been taken from every form wandered through until now. It is not given to man on earth to comprehend this because there are innumerable entities or soul particles which have formed themselves a whole during the stay on earth – but man does not have the ability to be able to intellectually think through all stations of his becoming, and also not the capacity for the versatility and forming ability of a human soul. He will certainly let himself being convinced with good will, that the soul has reached human form through endless changes, but never being able to grasp this spiritual miracle in its whole greatness and loftiness, as long as he dwells on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 0816.


Book 17-18 0817

Active will. Freedom of will.

19. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0817.

Every thought directed into the spiritual requires the full will of man and is therefore the will of man having become active, no matter whether the activity expresses itself mentally or in the execution of works of love, which likewise requires first the thinking of man. Man always has to turn towards all spiritual out of free will by virtue of this willpower available to him. In every act which is now executed this willpower expresses itself, and when every act is determined by love, willpower will become stronger and stronger, especially when this is requested consciously and believingly. Then also every resistance has to be overcome; man also has to overcome himself because he becomes strong in the spirit the more his will becomes active in him. Man directs his sight up; he finds contact to the spiritual world; it imparts spiritual power to him which again strengthens his will and lets him become active, and so man himself contributes to adapt to divine order when he only really has the will to acknowledge such. That he deals with spiritual things is always a concession of his affiliation to God; he wants to be back to that which is his starting-point from eternity – he wants. And his will is the basic requirement to reach his aim. When the will in man has become active this way then there is no hindrance anymore because God has given him enough assistants which a willing earth child will now use to pass the struggle on earth successfully. Because it has passed the test; it has made use of the freedom of will the right way by having consciously turned towards the father in heaven. Amen. B.D. NR. 0817.


Book 17-18 0819

Perfection of the spiritual. State of maturity. Protection.

20. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0819.

All spiritual has to be perfected. It has so to speak being brought to highest development and has to train itself to a degree of maturity in which it is worthy to unify itself with the eternal divinity. To understand this, man must have already reached a certain spiritual level – he must have penetrated into spiritual truths and must have learned to grasp the development of man, his assignment and his aim already so far, that he now starts to foresee, to what God has determined his creatures from eternity. With full eagerness and out of his own drive he will now want to attach value to the maturity of the spiritual in him; he will continually work on himself to put his spirit in that state of perfection. But he will now also have to struggle with intensified resistances because just the existence of such a struggle is exceptionally beneficial for the soul. The victory over temptations of all kinds, the asserting of oneself in all desires and not least the giving oneself up to all tests is a climbing up from level to level to reach perfection. And the soul has to fight out this struggle completely on its own; another spiritual being can never relieve it of the assignment or fulfil it for it, but only always help with support when this support is consciously requested. Therefore no soul can reach a degree of maturity through patronage to which it has no right; it rather has to be abundantly active and completely fulfil the job assigned to it, when it then is to also get the reward which is set for such striving – eternal happiness in the union with the divine father. So the spiritual entity in man, the soul, is certainly burdened with greatest responsibility but it also has to expect the greatest reward – it must do a good job to receive inexpressible treasures for it, and it is without doubt exposed to great dangers in earth life, but the favours given help decreasing and overcoming these dangers so that the soul can very well fulfil these tasks assigned to it when it is its earnest will and it is able to imagine the unique happiness – but otherwise no possibility is offered to it to enter the eternal kingdom of peace, and from eternity it is the father’s decision that he wants to form his creatures to divine-like beings, which once are to rule the universe with him and in his will and enjoy highest happiness on and on and on. Amen. B.D. NR. 0819.


Book 17-18 0820

Danger of becoming lukewarm. Regression. Extreme wrestling of the soul.

21. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0820.

It is a long way up to perfection. When the soul has asserted itself in the resistance against the power striving for its downfall and recognized its starting-point out of God, then it certainly remains in the permanent care of its spiritual friends who stand by its side ready to help, but its striving for perfection must find the driving power in itself, its will must as it were remain uninterruptedly active to reach perfection. Every deviation from the right track, every lethargy and carelessness has to be made good through double dedication and working on oneself and cannot be replaced through someone else’s power or help. The soul achieves everything with the own will; nothing without its will. That is why also no standstill is allowed to occur in the desire to reach height because a standstill is tantamount to regression. A man, whose soul is no longer active for its own eternal salvation, will definitely turn again towards the world to just have some activity, and re-establish the connection with matter, instead of separating from it, which is his real job. And so the danger of regression is always far greater than that of a standstill because the latter lasts only a short time, and then the man does his spiritual job again, or he departs from it, what everyone should anxiously try hard to prevent. Because the opportunity of regression is immediately used by bad powers, which lurk around him all the time, and for their part have an effect on such a soul with all means available to them. And the fight starts afresh and demands fullest power of resistance and readiness for action. That is why every soul is to just take care that it does not tire in its upward striving; daily it is to ensure the divine favour through continues prayer and trustingly turn for help to the father in heaven in every trouble and in the danger of becoming lukewarm. This already requires the will of the earth child, and as soon as the will becomes active just through prayer, the soul remains in permanent work on itself, and the danger of regression is rectified. Unthinkable long time has its struggle already lasted, and when also great demands are made on the soul in earth life, then the soul should still exactly now untiringly wrestle to pass the last test and to be able to leave its forced state and to see all God’s treasures as free light being and find eternal happiness in the union with the highest entity. And that is why it is supposed to consciously renounce what still connects it with the world, although its body still dwells on earth – but the soul can hurry on ahead into the domains of highest happiness when it just lets its will become active all the time and prevents every decrease of spiritual striving or fights against it. Amen. B.D. NR. 0820.


Book 17-18 0858

Audible inner voice.

12. April 1939. B.D. NR.0858.

Try to hear the inner voice audibly, my child, and devote yourself often to inner contemplation, so that you so to speak go through everything spiritually what is set as assignment for you. Hearing my voice this way is far more vivid and brings you quicker forward on the way of self-liberation from earthly fetters. See, in that night, which preceded my death, I instructed my disciples the same way and gave them fullest knowledge through the audible inner voice. But my suffering and death at the cross robbed them of all certainty, and doubt stepped again into their hearts. And so it was as if a barrier was again formed to the direct connection with me. When I now desire to speak to you in like manner and it is just a matter of your will to hear me, then it must be your most inner endeavour to put yourself into that state which lets you hear my voice audibly. Because then a considerable way up is overcome as it were; this is progress which brings unutterable advantage to the soul that it can step into unhindered contact with me at any time.
It must constantly be the first desire to use the spiritual connection in the most exhausting way, and every opportunity must also be used to be able to have an effect on earth as it is your purpose. The content of life is only then completely satisfactory when all and every possibility is used which brings about the maturing of the soul. And the extraordinary willing acceptance of the revealed divine will belongs to it and the utilization of the divine favour bountifully offered to the earth child. And it is such a favour when the Lord expresses himself audibly to his child. Spiritually it then has the possibility to receive abundantly – it will no longer need to make the receiving of the divine word dependent on external circumstances, which often made the connection more difficult for the earth child, but it will be able to establish this connection at any time and may always be certain of the divine word. And so the exhortation goes out to you to overcome all hindrances and to completely entrust yourself to the father in heaven, so that he can instruct you in a blessed way, so that you step into still more intimate close touch with him and can hear his word directly. On earth such happiness alone is already desirable, in spite of the spiritual advantage, which is inconceivable. Amen. B.D. NR. 0858


Book 17-18 0863

Spiritual influencing. Direct connection. Thought-transference.

14. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0863.

To have an effect on the thinking of men requires great love and patience on the part of the spiritual beings entrusted with this. The further men stand from spiritual problems the quicker they also reject suddenly appearing thoughts, which are the expression of those spirit powers, and hastily turn again to such thoughts, which relate more to their earthly life. Consequently the spiritual power has little influence on such men. It is their duty to only work on the spiritual sphere, to just transfer sheer spiritual thoughts and teachings to men, and precisely these meet with certain opposition in most cases. And hence this office must be carried out with greatest love and patience, if any success is to become evident. A spiritual being cannot always express itself in direct contact from the hereafter to earth and for that reason is also only rarely heard consciously. But thought-transference is far more difficult to be carried out, because man often defends himself, because he just rejects a spiritual instruction, as long as he does not deal with it consciously. The thinking man often has questions for the divinity and is also allowed to receive the answer at any time, but in another way, as it is normal among men; and belief and faith in God belongs to this, to also accept this response, which is sent to him in the form of thoughts, as divine answer. Who really desires truth, he will also get truth. And who recognizes in God highest omnipotence and love, he will not doubt that he gets the reply from above, from where alone man can get enlightenment. Much is so simple and just documents the intimate love of the heavenly father for his children. But the human intellect pulls to pieces everything so, that just then the simple thing can no longer be recognized properly. Man then seeks to fathom highly awkwardly, over which he can be given information easily and comprehensibly, when he just pays attention to his thoughts, which truly explain for him the right answer in the quickest way. Because the spiritual power uses the reception willingness of the earth child, i.e., it is immediately prepared to give and to work, where the smallest question concerning the spiritual also shows the will of man to gain truth. The spiritual beings are glad when they can busy themselves and are allowed to instruct a heart hungry for truth. Only that, what is revealed to men mentally, will rarely be spread as pure truth. Many a man certainly forms an opinion based on this mental influencing, which also corresponds to truth; but these his thoughts, which supposedly are the own product of his pondering, he can very rarely transfer to other men as truth, because men also makes all thinking out to be unreliable, consequently a proof of the truthfulness for the expressed announcements can never be produced. Only in the direct connection from the hereafter to earth lies the possibility to be able to give a credible proof to the unbelievers, i.e., also only then, when they seriously demand truth. And this work is to become such a proof for mankind; everyone is to be able to see into it, who carries the smallest desire in himself for divine truth. And so he recognizes that the ability and knowledge of a man is not enough to continuously write down such announcements, he himself will recognize a higher rule from it – he will now also more and more feel the spiritual influencing of spirit beings well-disposed to him and also be led into truth, because it is his will, which longs for divine truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 0863.


Book 17-18 0864

Work of creation. Solid matter. Atmosphere. Plants.

15. April 1939. B.D. NR. 0864.

All power in the visible work of God’s creation turns as it were into matter and has there an effect for the stimulation of all what is determined by the creator for upward development. Consequently creation has exactly only this purpose that the beings held in it perfect themselves. The more versatile now creation has been shaped through God’s love and omnipotence the greater is also the number of the embodied beings in it, and now also the explanation is to be found for the countless variations of divine miracles of creation. Now it will be understandable that in such diverse shapes of the divine creation the being also has every possibility to develop in all directions, that certain adaptability has to be typical for it in virtue of which it can fulfil each assignment in each embodiment. So the forms of creation are determined as it were by the divine creator to that end to make the most diverse demands on the beings trying to reach upward development. The urge is in each being to leave the present form immediately, and that is why it pursues with increased drive of activity each assignment allotted to it. The stay in each form is limited timewise, however of very different length of time. The beings are often unbelievably long banished in solid matter and often have to bear the most painful state until their liberation so that they expect their release with longing and then mostly stay in an unbound state in the atmosphere so long until the urge in them becomes stronger to go the way through the plant and animal world, which ensures them becoming free of all matter. The desire to come into earth nearness is expressed through weather precipitations of all kind, and so the beings staying in the atmosphere get into direct contact with the ground and through it go into grass, plants and flowers, and consequently the course through the plant world now starts, which again last endless times, however shortens the stay in each form through countless reshaping and therefore the being, which has thereby also increased itself considerably in itself, turns into always greater forms, to go, after a certain maturity, through the same course of higher development in animal life. This is of such serious importance, and only the knowledge about it lets one recognize the divine wisdom – man can, when he now subjects his pre-existence to this contemplation, only appreciate the responsibility, which he bears in earth life, that this endless long way of his pre-shaping was not gone completely in vain, but which would still be the case when man does not fulfil the last assignment likewise, which is now set for him in life on earth. To know that the whole time before would have gone through in vain by the spiritual entities, which then have united to a whole, his soul, - should fill man with a feeling of responsibility, that he summons all wanting and all strength to completely solve his assignment on earth and to bring to his soul final deliverance from matter. Amen. B.D. NR. 0864.


Book 17-18 0876

Efficiency of the soul. Renunciation. Stage before. Spheres of light.

21. April. 1939. B.D. NR. 0876

Duties were assigned to the soul in an indescribable long prehistoric time, which demanded complete achievement, and so the course of the upward development was covered. When the soul in its complete composition has now reached the highest efficiency through endless change of its cover, then also a purpose of likewise greatest extent or responsibility has now to be set for it in life on earth, which it exactly only then can carry out, when it endeavours to use all abilities available to it and eagerly devotes itself to this work. It will be to its unspeakable advantage when it uses every opportunity and overcomes all heaviness because this alone furthers its state of maturity that it willingly takes upon itself, which is imposed on it to its own perfection. So for example a certain time will be needed until the soul has freed itself from all earthly desire, and it can only achieve this when it practises renunciation, when it is always only concerned about a giving in to the demands of the body is always harming the soul – when it equally takes into consideration how very much the soul has to starve when the body is taken into consideration and when it therefore has to summon all power of resistance to help the soul. Man takes responsibility for his soul because on the other hand he also has the ability to refrain from everything or to do everything what is of use to the soul – and it depends again only on the will of man to make the right use of this ability and, when the body demands something else than it is best for the soul, to just set the right resistance against it. Because only so can the assignment on earth be completely fulfilled. And man must fight out this struggle daily and hourly, and he is not to become tired because the highest commitment is necessary – it is about eternity – this concept is incomprehensible for you men because you do not grasp the word in its deepest meaning. But you are to know that you receive infinitely more than you give away – but that you on the other hand in that state, as you are now on earth, cannot receive – that you would not be capable of bearing the magnificence when you have not first shaped yourself so that you can partake of it. So, as the soul had to shape itself first, to now enliven the human body – as its present composition is completely different from the stages before where the course through the countless single beings brought about the unification in inconceivable long time to now embody itself in man – likewise the soul must now try to reach the state in earth existence that it can leave the dark stay in matter and rise to light regions to be able to bear exactly that fullness of light which is the epitome of happiness. To receive highest bliss and enjoy unlimited happiness the desire of the body on earth must receive greatest resistance. The soul then makes use of its ability the right way by always striving for life in eternity and considers earthly life only as education station. Amen. B.D. NR. 0876.


Book 17-18 0877

Adoption as child of God. Final goal of life. State of light.

21. April 1939. B.D. NR. 0877.

Do not forget that you are called to become children of God, and that you are also to enter into the same rights of a child when you prove to be worthy to be called children of God. And therefore it is necessary that you recognize in what your work in the hereafter consists in days to come. It is necessary to make it understandable to you with what eagerness you are to strive for your higher development and how you are to make use of every opportunity which can earn you the adoption as child of God. To be a child of God means to completely bend under the will of the heavenly father, to be devoted to him in all love and humility and to set for yourselves as the first aim the final unification with the father so that likewise the father in heaven turns his whole love towards the earth child, instructs it in all wisdom and lets it take insight into his creation, and that for the purpose of always further perfection, which is essential to completely rightly be called a child of God. The Lord has determined all his earth children to the adoption as children of God, but only very few grasp the true meaning of this word and do not know how unspeakably important it is for man to form this relationship to the father as early as possible. Through an intimate devotion he will soon receive a vivid description of both the earth assignment as well as the activity in the state of light and recognize the final meaning and purpose. With tough power of resistance man will pursue his aim with fullest knowledge about his coming into being and his higher development on earth – he will strive for it, to become a child of God on earth, to recognize in the hereafter his actual assignment and to also try to fulfil it with all power. Because in the fulfilment of the earth assignment does not lie the only and last purpose of life and of the whole embodiment of the human soul. This is rather to be sought and to be found in pure spiritual striving. And such again is to have in view, that man can overlook in the hereafter the entire creation and now contributes on his part to the stimulation of this creation in manifold kind. When this has become certainty to the earth being that an eternal, unchangeable divinity has also destined to him a mission for later and it then also still can create and strive undiminished, however in a spiritual way, the earthly life wins a complete different shaping and will also be used much more profitably for the salvation of the soul, because it recognizes its end goal and will from this time endeavour to serve God as the eternal father and prove to be worthy of the adoption as God’s child. Amen. B.D. NR. 0877.


Book 17-18 0910

Spiritual seeing

12. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0910.

Those who indulge in the world cannot grasp spiritual wealth, but those who live in God will be given in excess. And so it is quite easily recognizable who stands in truth and who is subject to error, and therefore a person blind in spirit will be in no position to judge because he sees with the eyes of the world, and these do not penetrate into spiritual areas. But vice versa a spiritual active man will be allowed to gain insight, and all hindrances will vanish from his spiritual eye and what he sees is not visible with the naked eye and yet clearly and distinctly perceivable to the eye of the spirit. To reach this state is exceptionally gladsome for earth man and he will also not be kept from it, it only needs the strongest will of the person to adopt the gift to see spiritually. Spiritual is hidden in any matter, and therefore this spiritual inevitably has to come into operation. And it is this activity which appears visibly to the spiritually seeing man. It is like a permanent use of spiritual power, it is an exchange of pouring in and emanating power taking place in all regularity and therefore a permanent pulsating of the original power lead by God through all works of creation, to which every being like just every work of creation contributes through itself. What man is capable of seeing spiritually has no sort of connexion with earthly abilities of such beings, but is a completely isolated activity, and only the really spiritually advanced man can transfer himself into that state voluntarily and at any time, where the spiritual seeing is possible for him, and this always also presupposes the will to reap some benefits of such favour, and that is why such is only then allowed by the divine creator, when no longer the danger of an enforced faith is there, when therefore, whatever the earth child is getting to see, this does not exert a damaging influence on the soul of the person concerned. And that is why only such earth children are allowed, who have already a certain spiritual maturity – i.e., the seeing person must be able to describe with awake senses what he sees, and also be able to fully grasp it himself, on which purpose all activity is based, so that he, pure earthly seen, is himself encouraged to the utmost through this perpetual activity to again give the spiritual in himself the possibility to develop. Who is capable to see spiritually, he will also soon have overcome matter and only still remain on earth because of fellow men, because for himself this state will be already a stay in higher spheres, and matter as it were will be left behind because it does not belong into that world – but the conscious seeing into the spiritual kingdom brings unspeakable benefit to earth man and that is why it is to be aspired with full will, as it is really meant to increase the spiritual wealth and to gather imperishable treasures for eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 0910.


Book 17-18 0912

Control of creation. Strong will.

13. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0912.

By virtue of the enormous willpower, which a spiritual aspiring man can acquire on earth, it is possible for him to subdue all creation, and this process depends alone on an extraordinary utilization of divine power. Not man as such causes the subjection, but the will of man, which is made subordinate to the divine will, requests extraordinary power out of God and is now able to have an effect on all creation in such a way that it has to obey his will. And it will willingly submit because it does not have its own will out of its own but constantly stands in the will of God so that nothing is therefore demanded of the respective being but what is intended for it by the eternal divinity. To make the will of God one’s own will, that truly is the key to all wisdom and to all spiritual success – and so man does not have to fear the slightest resistance of any entity as soon as he gives up his will, i.e. has made the divine will his own will because now not man himself steers his will but divine care has so to speak taken all thinking and acting in its hand, and man now as it were lives so, as it is his purpose from eternity. And man was put by God as ruler over all creation – and he has let his right to this position be contested by him who brought about the defection of men from God. The will became weak, but it roused to indignation against the divine will and by doing so was also subject in much respect to creation, which, as bearer of divine will, rules men on its part and so he often depends on activity assigned to creation – i.e. it sometimes has a hostile effect on man as long as he has not reached the spiritual maturity and consequently does not possess the will in the strength possible for him. And consequently man still has to very much fully utilize his life on earth when he bears in mind that it belongs to him to form his will so that complete control over creation is possible for him. And when he reaches this willpower, his way on earth is very much easier because then everything will be subject to him, and also his spiritual influence on the beings subordinated to him will be an extremely healing one and likewise ease the way on earth for the beings because just one will rules everything and no different tendencies influence these beings unfavourably. And so all striving of man will only have to be exactly again for one aim, to recognize the will of the eternal divinity and to subordinate to him wholeheartedly, and all struggle on earth will be an easy, but successful one. Amen. B.D. NR. 0912.


Book 17-18 0914

Fetters of the soul. State of suffering. Saul – Paul.

14. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0914.

It is the soul’s desire to be free from all suffering because it is in a tied up state as long as it still clings to earthly goods. So on the one hand it therefore desires the later and so creates for itself the state which oppresses it, but on the other hand it longs for final liberation and is grateful for any help which is meant for the loosening of its fetters. And so it is each time its own will whether it gives in to the desire for earthly goods or renounces them – and accordingly its state will also be more or less free. But once it has made the observation how easier and freer it feels when it has tamed and voluntarily renounced its desire, then also its will is stronger, and it now consciously strives for this freer state because now a visible change takes place, and now also the good spirit powers are available to it. These seek to increase the striving of the soul by introducing all spiritual advantages to the soul and are always intend on weakening the desire for earthly goods, for matter, and to keep awake the inclination for spiritual truths, and so a total change can be noticed; out of a Saul a Paul can come into existence, and a soul which up to now indulges in earthly pleasures renounce all these and now makes an effort to just only do justice to spiritual duties. Such a change is always the result of a preceding shaking of the soul. Earthly suffering can a have preceded it, but the sudden enlightenment can also be the result of an intimate prayer, which has been sent up in love for this soul to the father of the universe by a fellow man to assist this soul in the earth struggle – in the struggle about life in eternity because such a prayer was sent up to the heavenly father completely unselfishly and therefore has already the power in it because love was the motive. Now love must have a redeeming effect on the earth child, and the soul perceives such quite well – it is sensible of the relief, and now it also becomes easier for it to continue the way adopted because it recognizes the blessing and will now also become active out of itself. The striving of the soul will now only be meant for spiritual life, and from now on it will challenge all matter, and although as man it comes into contact with it still much too often, it will now be able to renounce it with ease of heart and only live for the freeing from its fetters, in recognition that this is greatest necessity and that its life on earth is only meant for this striving. Amen. B.D. NR. 0914.


Book 17-18 0916

Announcement of a being from the hereafter.

15. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0916.

Those who long for me with a loving heart shall find fulfilment of their longing and be extremely happy. The world cannot offer them such happiness, but certainly the spirit of love from eternity, from which everything what exists came from. And when this finds again back to the father then the reunification will mean a state of happiness which you (plural) never grasp on earth. And this certainty is to be a motivation for you (singular) to strive with all senses for my love and for unification with me, and this will earn you (singular) spiritual advantages and be beneficial for your (singular) work.
Now let your (singular) spirit roam into an unknown region. An extremely busy spiritual exchange is initiated from the hereafter to earth and who cultivate it, are all intimately connected to me. They desire spiritual food and stand in continues connection with the teachers of the hereafter to be instructed in love and wisdom. And likewise the ignorant beings in the hereafter are involved with it, as far as their own will drives them to it, to note what is offered to you (plural). Through this the course of suffering of many a soul in the hereafter can be considerably shortened when they make use of all absorbed. And that is why it is understandable that you (singular) are surrounded by innumerable beings to which your (singular) work has brought inexpressible blessing through the perpetual instruction, which likewise comes in to them. Now a being desires to open its heart to you (singular) which stands in direct connection with you (singular) and observes your (singular) spiritual work with greatest attention. And this is my allowance that he communicates who is fond of you (singular) in love, and hence devote yourself without doubts to its words:
The evening was a blessing for me, which let me take part in your (singular) work. I have no person on earth who is so close to me like you (singular) because I left earth lonely and left no-one behind who thinks of me in love. And in the misery of my soul I received help because I perceived the power of your (singular) prayer and as it were was strengthened through this. I have hurried through the universe to be able to be close to you (singular) and find in every connection, which your (singular) will establishes with the spiritual world so unspeakable much help and power that I thank the heavenly father from my heart for the favour, which he let me have through you (singular). He gives earth men according to merit and just as well also us, but your (singular) prayer is visible strengthening for us, and my suffering is weakened the more I am allowed to enrich my knowledge with the divine teaching offered to you (singular). And with all eagerness I now want to make use of what I have received through you (singular), and I want to always refer new souls to you (singular) and bring them to you (singular) and preach to them the Gospel according to God’s will. I only still live for this spiritual assignment and see in every message which you (singular) receive such an infinite gift of favour of the Lord and saviour that I only now grasp in its complete meaning the extraordinary of this proof of divine fatherly love. I would like to stand by you (singular) in the most conceivable way, but my power is not yet sufficient, and so it is today just a special act of favour that I am allowed to communicate with you (singular) and to give thanks to you (singular) for your (singular) loving memory and pleas for the salvation of my soul. And now some words are still to give you (singular) enlightenment: The man who does not achieve his purpose on earth is pitiful when he arrives empty and naked in the hereafter, but as long as the favour of God is so graciously offered to him, salvation can be brought to his soul, and I therefore do not let any opportunity pass unused and remain close to you (singular), asking you (singular), to further think of me in prayer and to give to me the love which you (singular) gave to me on earth and which I respected little; in life I did not find the right connection to you (singular) but now I seek every opportunity where I can attend the spiritual exchange to earth, thanking the eternal divinity, who lovingly grants this favour to me. Who offers his service to the Lord can truly work blessedly on earth as also in the hereafter. Amen. B.D. NR. 0916.


Book 17-18 0917

Spiritual exchange. Explanation of the friends on the other side.

16. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0917.

The host of beings on the other side asks you (singular) to enter into an intimate relationship to it and be misled by no announcements whatever because you are protected from all error as long as you (singular) desire truth. See, in your (singular) circle of friends surrounding you (singular) is an eager endeavour to assist you (singular), and every announcement goes so to speak through the control of your (singular) guide and protector. Therefore you (singular) thus do not have to fear that someone can express himself at will, and just as little can other spirit powers determine you (singular) to a writing down, which does not lie in the will of the Lord, because these are blessed hours which you (singular) dedicate to spiritual work, and in this time the spiritual friends protect you (singular) from all what is disadvantageous to this work. The personal intercourse with the spirit world for the purpose of earthly exchange of ideas is only then allowed when it is meant for giving the earth child a description of the spiritual activity of the beings in the beyond, and that is why an expression is granted to those beings to stimulate the earth child to eager spirit activity. So that being which yesterday announced himself to you (singular) has been in contact with you (singular) on earth and was not well-disposed towards you (singular), but has now recognized the power and favour of prayer and therefore seeks to be near you (singular) all the time, observes your (singular) work and constantly draws strength from it. His range of ideas moved in completely opposite direction up to that time, and so especially with him an obvious proof of spiritual effect was needed, but now his striving is an eager one to tie onto the spiritual threads to progress in knowledge and to impart this knowledge at the same time to the ignorant and erring spirit beings in the beyond. And it is therefore understandable that he liked to announce himself to you (singular) because his striving is earnest and is only meant for pure truth. And so always trust the guidance of your (singular) spiritual friends, and be not misled by words which do not immediately appear to be comprehensible to you (singular). Everything is well checked and given to you (singular) in wise intention – to stimulate your (singular) thinking, to test your (singular) faith and to again and again deepen your (singular) union with the father. So hear a message of love today from us: Who gave life to you (singular) steers your (singular) steps and cares for you (singular) that you (singular) do not go astray, and full of faith you (singular) can abandon yourself to his guidance. Only then do you (singular) find the right trust in him when you (singular) have recognized him as God of love, and when now the word is supplied to you from above, you (singular) can feel hidden in his love and abandon your (singular) life completely to the divine Lord and saviour because he blesses who he has seized with his love, and is constant protection and shelter for them. The suffering of Christ on the cross was the testimony of his great love, and he also now again takes upon himself to rescue them from greatest trouble, and everything out of love to his children, and to protect them from the unspeakable misery in eternity. The power of the highest is great, but love is still greater, and its omnipotence will prevail and redeem mankind from all sin. Amen. B.D. NR. 0917.


Book 17-18 0921

Rendering of prophetic word. Assignment. Audible voice.

18. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0921.

Let your (plural) hearts speak, and you (plural) will hear the voice of God in you, and all doubt will be removed. But an assignment is still in store for you (singular) which to solve is to be your (singular) constant striving. It is about the last sendings or rendering of prophetic words, which the Lord gave to the ones who are his on earth, and for this the fullest devotion to the divine saviour is needed, because this is an assignment, which you (singular) can only then solve entirely when the gift to hear the voice of the Lord audibly is indwelling you (singular), and you (singular) can at the same time look at the spiritual kingdom in virtue of spiritual seeing. And so today we impart to you (singular) an announcement, which is well suitable to serve as explanation to you (singular) how you (singular) can succeed reaching that state. The epitome of divine commandments is to practise love, and this is to be striven for with all strength. Many opportunities are so offered to you (plural), and you (plural) can give love constantly because your (plural) spiritual state just demands busy activity as long as you (plural) still stay on earth. But you (plural) also have to cultivate taking in the divine word which imparts all power to you (plural). From the very beginning the word was the expressed will of God. To receive it means direct supply of all favours and divine power because the Lord has covered his word with it and so with it given to the earth child the heavenly ladder, which guarantees the effortless climbing up. When you (plural) now carry the word of God in you (plural) you will be active in love, practise humility and gentleness, express your (plural) request to the father in heaven by asking like a child, be peace loving and merciful and do everything what God announces to you (plural) through his word as his will. The way home can be scaled easily and effortless when you (plural) fulfil the requirements of God’s word, but it can also be unspeakably difficult and thorny when you (plural) think the strengthening of this word is not needed. You (plural) then have to go through suffering and worry so that you (plural) become small and then yet flee in all trouble to the father in heaven. And your (plural) whole path through life shall just be serving. To serve the father of all creation means to completely submit to his will, to take off everything from you (plural) what is not in accord with his commandment, i.e. to always only do what the father demands - and so you (plural) will also serve your neighbour and have to give him all love when you really want to become one with the eternal divinity because only in deepest humiliation lies exaltation – only who serves will some day be able to rule, and war has to be declared on all arrogance and the favour of God has to be implored in greatest humility. The voice of the heart sounds delicately and faint in you (plural), but you (plural) do not hear it before you (plural) do not have removed all impurity out of you. Where the Lord wants to stay and announce himself audibly there light and brightest clearness has to be; the sounding divine voice must not be resisted, and it will audible ring in the hearts of those who abandon themselves listening to this voice – it will sound like a fine little bell and will be proof of intimate fatherly love to the earth child. The more eagerly you (singular) make an effort to reach the maturity of your soul the sooner you (singular) will be able to fulfil the assignment given to you (singular), and so the admonition is given to you (singular) in all love, to devote yourself to most eager striving so that you (singular) fulfil your (singular) purpose on earth to the fullest and serve the Lord of heaven and earth in time and eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 0921.


Book 17-18 0925

State of weakness of spirit. Diminishing of the ability to receive.

21. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0925.

The state of weakness of the spirit has to be overcome because too great an assignment is necessary to be fulfilled than that listlessness is allowed to be accommodated. And always only the earnest will will be necessary to overcome such a state of listlessness because man is to receive the word of God joyfully – but that spirit, which is weak, cannot also joyfully say yes to a thing which is offered to him. It has such an influence on the teaching spirit beings when the earth child does not fully awake pay attention to the teachings; they cannot easily attract attention and lead the power when the recipient is not receptive. That is why it would not be possible to transmit deep spiritual goods to you (singular) when the spirit is weak and cannot follow attentively. The more willingly the earth child devotes itself to this work the easier it will be for it to take it in, and even when seeming advantages could move man to interrupt the connection from the hereafter to earth for a short time, still a gross negligence of the divine commandment or rather the will announced through God lies in it, because it determined you (singular) to receive the word and it was completely up to you (singular) to take over this office or not. But your (singular) one-off consent also has to remain to be maintained and is not allowed to be withdrawn or made invalid at will because those who teach you (singular) longingly expect daily the moment where you (singular) turn your (singular) thoughts up and prepare yourself to receive. And that is why it is so unspeakably blessed when you (singular) can establish the connection to the Lord quite often during the day, when the state of alienation is never anymore the reason that the receipt is neglected, because only an earth child willing to receive and joyfully expecting is completely in a position to bring such a work to completion because truth is to be desired with a hungry heart to be recognized as such and also to be able to be passed on. Because God’s wisdom is deep and only then to be grasped when the earth child is in fullest agreement with its master teacher on the other side. And then such an earth child will more easily renounce earthly pleasures and enjoyments than to give up the connection with the world on the other side and value the great favour to be connected to its saviour and redeemer and to hear his call, which shows his great love. Amen. B.D. NR. 0925.


Book 17-18 0926

Mental influence through jointly responsible spirit beings. Enlightenment through high-ranking beings.

22. May 1939.B.D. NR. 0926.

In visible earth nearness are those spirit beings active whose assignment it is to give knowledge to men about the continues remodelling of all that what enlivens the surface of the earth. This assignment is only possible in the form of thought transfer, and so their work will mostly extent to make the different products of creation quite vividly clear to men so that they start to become reflective through these and ask questions, whose answering is exactly the activity of those spirit beings and is therefore imparted to men by the spirit beings in form of thoughts. It is now easily explainable that not all so transferred thoughts are also taken up as answers; indeed, often people will discard them as being untrustworthy and not earnestly value them as one’s own thought material. And when now all efforts of the otherworldly spirit beings are in vain then the earth child is exposed to a constant bother, and that from those beings whose mental influence they reject. These beings do not let themselves be put off at will because they stand in a certain connection or spiritual correlation with the earth people and are therefore also to some extent jointly responsible for the spiritual state of maturity of them. And therefore it does not happen seldom that all spiritual allocations depress man, i.e., that he is forced to concern himself with such thoughts which burden him. He will try to drive them away but they emerge again and again either sending the human heart into displeasure or also set it deeply thinking to finally still recognize the truth of such thoughts and to pay more attention to them from now on. The spiritual friends can hold the teaching post and also did it eagerly up to now, but were seldom heard consciously, and that it is what lets man get on only so difficult. But who devote themselves willingly to the helpful workers their maturity state is much sooner guaranteed. Only in extraordinary cases are the earth children taught by quite high-ranking spiritual beings, but this again for the purpose of a general enlightenment of the entire mankind to stand by it in great misery, and then thought transfer happens in such a strange way that man should listen attentively and should make use of such extraordinary supply the greater the trouble is on earth and visibly manifests itself. And whether man refuses to accept spiritual material which is offered that way – wisdom out of heavens will assert itself for the blessing of those who do not resist, and as a permanent warning to those who do consider their spiritual state little or not at all. Once they will have to recognize that they put themselves into resistance against all good spiritual influence and therefore got into bad want, and their struggle will be far more difficult in the hereafter to reach truth because they rejected spiritual help in life on earth, they now must suffer want and now have to exert all effort on their part to achieve that what they could reach on earth effortless. For the struggle in the hereafter is far more difficult than on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 0926.


Book 17-18 0928

Religious war. Method. Critic. God’s protection.

25. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0928.

The fight about the souls is a so difficult one and involving great responsibility that all strength has to be applied when the erring souls are not to get lost for ever. And so the Lord has prudently ordered that all help is granted them where they struggle for knowledge, and all supply of favours is to be expressed there where only the smallest will strives towards truth. This for basic knowledge, from which it then must be evident for you men that only always the infinite love of God is working to redeem mankind and for that reason also has such an unusual effect. In the coming time everyone will have to struggle that he remains true to himself. He will first have to fight the religious war with himself and will have to request for this great power from God that he stands firm when everything around him threatens to stagger. In like manner a general obvious fighting method will be applied which is hostile to and persecutes every spiritual direction which has not gone through the topmost critic. The last attempt will be, irrespective of denomination, wanting to induce man to renounce the old teaching and to join a new direction, which is however incompatible with the teaching of Christ and consequently has to have a ruin-bringing effect on mankind. The general spiritual retrogression will be cause that no great resistance will oppose this striving, and misery will always be greater because the soul removes itself further and further from the only truth and consequently also from the eternal divinity. Because the complete separation is the aim of mankind, but not the unification with it. All the more terrible will be the results of this striving because the gap becomes bigger and bigger, which separates man from truth and right recognition. But in spite of that the bearers of power arrogate to themselves to intervene in divine work – but will also have to bear the results of their conduct while they will be most severely punished for every intervention, because the Lord does not allow action against his will, and he protects, when it is necessary, in a wonderful way, what he seemed to be necessary to give to mankind. And who now willingly serves him and is active with the instruction of erroneous souls, he will likewise be protected on all His ways and be always allowed to be assured of divine protection. For the world is not able to ruin divine will, although its striving is unswervingly meant for the spiritual downfall. Where the will of God opposes their undertaking, there also the greatest ruler will be powerless, however extremely strong and robust that man, who is prepared to serve God and subordinates himself to the will of God. Man certainly can be mistaken and become guilty of the greatest sin by letting himself be moved to act against divine wisdom but the world will certainly not pay him for such that he might have an advantage for ever thereby – but to obey the divine orders will result in a thousand fold blessing because all souls to which the right way up is shown will thank their rescuers until all eternity, and their gratitude will certainly be a reward which exceeds all earthly reward thousand fold. Amen. B.D. NR. 0928.


Book 17-18 0930

Mystery of Trinity. God-father. God son.

26. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0930.

See, my child, I see into your heart and know your will to serve me; I miss however your soul’s faith in the omnipotence of divine love, and so you will always hesitate when obstacles put themselves into your way where absolute faith can remove these obstacles for you, because who desires my love will obviously not be abandoned by me, and when he now needs my help, it will become his and at all places. And when your heart pushes yourself towards me, I will be close to you and keep everything far from you what could disturb the connection with my child. For I need souls trusting in me. I still have much to tell you and that is why I am always prepared for you when your heart longs for me.

And so detach your thoughts from the world and hear the voice from above: The mystery of divine trinity has still been hurdle for man that was his undoing. And that is why an instruction reaches you today again, which, without leaving doubts open, is to contribute to the solution in all clearness and easily comprehensibly unveils the problem to the thinking man. And so the spirit out of God became alive, and the light shone brightly and clearly. For the divinity had pity on mankind and sought to enlighten it in every unsolved question. Man is not able to grasp the one thing that divinity is able to hold itself in all fullness in an entity, but that pure spirit is inseparable and the most unworthy being is most closely connected with it, so that also under eternal divinity only this inseparable spirit is meant and everything coming out of it is spirit out of God – only the sense of belonging to this is no longer properly recognized and therefore separates or removes itself, yet nevertheless is always only divine product, therefore is always and eternally spiritual as original substance out of God. Who therefore goes away from the divinity does no longer recognize himself, but still remains what he is – but who seeks the connection with it, his spiritual feels the relationship and therefore is consciously the same. And now you will be able to grasp that the mystery of the trinity of God can be explained like this: God’s love has made itself known to men as father – therefore as starting-point of mankind. Love has bridged the separation of mankind from its procreator and has therefore embodied itself in a man whose spirit recognized its belonging to God and who therefore was also one with the divine father spirit. And therefore the man was only sheer externally a being of its own, but the spirit was God’s. The original relationship was established; spirit recognized itself; and therefore God was in all fullness in him who became the stay for him on earth to be visible to mankind. The divinity united with the human body had therefore also become visible to let men recognize the distance, which they had created for themselves. So divine love had become active and now also laid divine wisdom into the heart of the God-man. For his spirit was just one with God and therefore also had to be in all wisdom and be able to use all divine power – God’s wisdom had to express itself through the mouth of man, and therefore all work of Jesus on earth was the work of God through the son of man, but not that a second entity expressed itself through it. And the term God the father – God the son is not to be explained differently than that the father spirit from eternity revealed itself through the mouth of man, that therefore God the son is the same as God the father, only having become understandable to man through Jesus Christ, who had overcome the separation from the father spirit exactly though the recognition of the common bond with eternal love. No-one comes to the father than through me. It is probably easier explained than that everyone who wants to unite himself with the father, has to also recognize that the divine spirit in him is inseparably united with the father spirit and that everyone has to find this way and therefore follow in everything the divine redeemer who has set his life as an example to those who long for the father like him. This is not possible in another way that only alone through the following of Jesus, who gave the example as son of man that only alone the spirit out of God has to recognize its belonging to him and that then there are no longer barriers, which separate him from the father. Amen. B.D. NR. 0930.


Book 17-18 0962

Mental activity. Heart. Brain.

13. June 1939. B.D. NR. 0962.

Unite yourselves in faith and pay attention to my words because the spirit in you will express my will audibly to you. And your life will irrevocably lead to the aim when you fulfil this my will. Thought is spiritual power; it travels and is therefore the best proof that it is nothing dead, that it lives and enlivens and stands in everlasting connection with the mental activity of man. The mental activity of man is actually a normal feeding through spiritual power. Man is enabled to receive and so to speak to divert this power current into the heart, which, as the receiving station of all spiritual power, constantly utilizes the food which is supplied to it and so then utilized gives it back into the brain centre and from there sets the mechanism of man as it were in motion. This is a process which is still completely incomprehensible to man because up to now he holds the opinion that the brain alone performs its organic activity and therefore the rest of the body has for the time being nothing to do with it until the will activates itself and now also the body carries out the mental activity – but the heart is the receiving station and only there a removal takes place how far man is willing to receive the spiritual power, so mental transfers, - and this then happens that way that the body and with it just the brain as organ condescends to keep the received spiritual as spiritual material, or it is received hazily and immediately again discarded. And that is why it happens so often that oppositions become noticeable when an especially understanding and receptive soul also wants to impart to the brain what the heart has received. The latter refuses complete acceptance, sends it back into the heart of man, is there received again with depression, send again and again up, until the opposition in the brain flags and this now acts so as it has to act because it is now determined by the power of the spirit – which acts all the stronger the weaker the resistance of the brain opposes it. And mental activity is only completely explainable this way – and this results in the explanation of the question why the same wisdoms, brought to the knowledge of men the same way, are received completely differently, i.e. are believed. That it is merely a matter of the will of man how far he accepts what the heart receives and utilizes it as spiritual material – whether he therefore so to speak offers opposition through the mere activity of the organs by these utilizing the spiritual power only so far as it is necessary for the absolute activity, therefore for pure earthly thinking. However to explain spiritual problems a co-operation of the heart with the thought organs is essential because all spiritual first takes the way to the heart of man before it is passed on, and now also has to be accepted to the full extent by the organs which have the task of thought activity. And on the other hand a heart, which lives in love, will be supplied with spiritual power unspeakably rich and therefore also the man, in whom love dwells, will increase his spiritual knowledge, and he will be in fullest enlightenment. Amen. B.D. NR. 0962.


Book 17-18 0981

Announcement of a friend in the hereafter

25. June 1939. B.D. NR. 0981.

When the day is drawing to a close man goes in for quietness, and his thoughts wander so much the more into the kingdom of the spiritual; the friends on the other side wait for this time, to then grant help to their loved ones on earth, to stimulate the thoughts and to direct to spiritual areas. And a lively activity and a busy spiritual work starts. Every soul on earth has its attendants and spiritual supports, and these leave no opportunity unused to fulfil their task with these. Love drives them continually to spiritual work. The desire to further their state of maturity, to save them great suffering in the hereafter, lets them be active steadfastly, and man now feels the spiritual influence of these beings with the repeated dwelling of thoughts with loved deceased or questions which concern life after death. The more intense man devotes himself to such thoughts the more and easier the spiritual friends are able to have an effect on him, and such hours of inner contemplation are unspeakably beneficent because man then establishes contact with the hereafter, even if unconsciously. But for the beings on the other side it is likewise a need to announce themselves to men. They still have the desire to express themselves, however can do this no longer the way like in life on earth, but the urge to open their heart to their loved ones has therefore not been lost. And where now a willing thought about a deceased draws this one to earth nearness of the man, the being on the other side is happy, and a mental connection now just takes place between him and the man, which remains uninterrupted as long as the will of the man thinks about the friend on the other side. When now the being on the other side is perfect, then its power is also understandably adequate to exert great influence on the earth man and therefore being able to mentally have an effect on him. But less perfect beings in the hereafter have well the desire for their part to express themselves in some way, however their power is not sufficient to establish a connection this way and to communicate with the earth beings in such a way as they desire. And this can only happen with the help of perfect spirit beings on condition that these consider such a mediation to be advantageous for the earth man. But the love of the beings toward each other also lets them help each other so that the desire of each soul is satisfied. And so there are all the time beings near you (singular) who want to express themselves, and they wait for the privilege of an announcement because they partly expect a blessing for themselves by it. They leave no opportunity unused and also remain around you (singular) because it is infinitely comforting for them to have found the visible proof of the connection from the hereafter to earth through your (singular) spiritual work. And so a friend wants to make himself known to you (singular) through the loving permission on the part of your (singular) protector and give to you the explanation himself, so that you (singular) recognize him: This may be my greeting which I offer you (singular) …. Ne verum an dostitium …. God may be with you and strengthen you (singular) for the task which you (singular) are to fulfil. To be single on earth has let me come to a certain poverty because no loving prayer follows me. That is why I feel as a special favour when your (singular) thoughts dwell with me who has done nothing to earn them. I still felt this on earth and therefore was in great misery when the gates of earth closed. I now think of the unused earth time with regret; I see your work, your striving, and your love and would like to be able to be likewise active still on earth. The earth burden has been taken from me but one burden I still carry with me, that I have not grasped the miracle of divine love in time – that I searched, brooded and doubted where I had to feel God’s love – that I have not proved myself and accepted the gift of favour with a heart full of thanks. A period of grace was given to me but I let it pass. O seek me often with your (singular) thoughts, and call me near you, so that I learn to serve the eternal divinity and now fulfil my task properly. And so I am only able to thank you and to again shout to you: Verita table just vitum. B.D. NR. 0981.


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